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Author: Kari

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Rating: NC-17

Note/Summary: I can't say much except there are no aliens. The Antarians are a tribe of savages and there is a shipwreck...

~*Part 1*~

“Liz? Where did you disappear to this time?” Maria ran down the deck towards their cabin. “Liz! If you don’t get out here right now, you’ll miss the countdown!”

“I’m coming, Maria,” laughed Liz, putting in her earrings and walking behind Maria as quickly as she could with the insanely high heels she was wearing.

They finally reached the stairs and clambered up to the top deck. Liz grinned at the feel of the wind whipping at her hair, enjoying the sound of the water lapping at the ship’s sides.

She couldn’t wipe the silly grin off her face, no matter not hard she tried. She saw Maria ahead of her, trying to get the attention of Alex and Kyle, all of whom were also grinning like idiots. And who wouldn’t?

It was New Year’s Eve, almost 2003. The four best friends were enjoying a cruise in the Philippines on their year off. They’d all graduated from high school the summer before. They’d all agreed to take a year off from school to see the world. That summer they’d road-tripped through the USA and Canada. That fall they’d hiked through the jungle trails and traveled the Amazon in South America. They’d also taken a small trip through Europe. Now they were taking this cruise. Who knew where they’d go next, the possibilities were endless. They all came from wealthy families, had parents who gladly payed for these trips. All of their parents had dished out the cash when they’d said the trips would be “educational experiences unlike anything they’d get in a classroom; something to define their characters, teach them about society, and make them well-rounded citizens.” Actually, it was all an excuse to party.

Liz caught up to her three best friends and Kyle handed her a noise-maker. Alex slung his arms around Liz and Maria’s shoulders. “How are my two favorite ladies?” he yelled, trying to be heard over the pulsating music and the people yelling with excitement.

“Great!” yelled back Maria. “I can’t believe it’s almost 2003!”

Kyle checked his watch. “Yeah, only 30 more seconds!” Liz slung her arm around Kyle so as not to lose him in the crowd as the people around them began a countdown. They joined in.












Alex stopped counting for a few seconds, sticking his noise-maker in his mouth, wanting to make as much noise as he could…he was still such a kid at heart.






Maria hugged Alex closer, just happy to be with the three people who meant the most to her in the whole world.






Liz giggled as someone bumped Alex, causing him to almost choke on his noise-maker.






Kyle prayed to Buddha that every New Years could be this happy, that he’d always have Maria, Alex, and Liz with him.





“HAPPY NEW YEARS!” Cheers and applause broke out. Maria screamed and then giggled as Alex planted a big kiss on her mouth. Kyle did the same to Liz. The four friends slowly worked their way towards the bar, needing to get out of the noisy crowd for awhile.

Alex ordered sodas for everyone. As he was carrying them carefully towards his friends, the ship gave a terrible lurch, causing him to drop the drinks, splashing himself in cola.

Liz lost her balance as the ship gave a few more unsteady lurches, grabbing onto Maria to catch her balance.

As Maria attempted to hold Liz up she heard on of the crewmen yell, “We’ve hit something! We have damage to the starboard side! There’s a leak! Begin lowering the lifeboats!”

Maria stood there in shock. All she could think was, ‘The ship is capsizing!’

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~*Part 2*~

Maria snapped out of her stupor and looked at Liz, Kyle, and Alex. They'd apparently also heard the crewman, because they all looked completely terrified. Without saying a word, the four of them joined hands and ran in the direction of where they knew the lifeboats were.

A large crowd of people in front of them was making it hard for them to get very far. Maria began to cry. She truly believed that they were all going to die. She calmed down a little bit as crewmen began to pass out lifejackets.

The four of them helped each other put on their lifejackets and then held hands again. It seemed to be taking an eternity for the lifeboats to be filled up and lowered. As the number of people on the ship barely swindled, the number of lifeboats quickly decreased.

"This is like Titanic," said Kyle, in an attempt to lighten the mood. He was just met with glares.

"Kyle, most of the people on Titanic didn't get in a lifeboat and froze to death in the water," said Liz.

"Next two!" yelled a crewman, grabbing Kyle and Maria's arms.

"No!" yelled out Liz. "Us four go together!" They were all roughly pushed aside by an elderly couple, eager to get on a lifeboat.

"Get out the rafts!" yelled the crewman to another. He turned back to the remaining crowd of about 200 people. "We have no more lifeboats!" he yelled. "But we do have 50 rafts, so we should all be able to get off the ship safely!"

All of the remaining people waited impatiently for the rafts to be taken out. The ship hadn't sunk enough yet to be very noticeable, and the crewmen were not worried that anyone would drown. They worked quickly to pull the emergency cords on the rafts and threw them overboard, where people on the lifeboats caught them and held them steady. The people remaining on the ship slowly began to climb down a rope ladder towards the water and lowered themselves into the rafts.

Finally, Liz was the next one to go. She took a deep breath and turned around, slowly taking the first step down the rope ladder, not at all liking the way it swung about in the wind. She held on as tightly as she could and proceeded downwards as quickly as she could. When she was halfway down, Kyle began his descent and the ladder moved less. She finally reached the bottom and jumped into the raft that was being held below her by people in lifeboats. She scuttled to the side of the small raft so that Kyle would have room to jump down.

Soon Kyle joined her, then Alex. Maria was next, but waves had started up and the people on the lifeboats were losing their grip on the rafts. The raft that Liz, Kyle, and Alex were in was slowly drifting farther and farther from its position below the rope ladder, but Maria didn't seem to notice. Maria let go of the ladder, expecting to land in the raft.

Liz cried out in fear as she realized what Maria had done and watched what played out in front of her, almost in slow motion. Maria was falling, and a look of horror came over her face as she realized she wasn't positioned over the raft and she was going to fall into the freezing cold water. Liz watched as Maria hit the water, creating a giant splash, since she'd fallen about 15 feet. Her head went under and then Liz couldn't see her anymore.

Liz wasn't aware of people around her yelling, trying to help Maria. All she could see, over and over again, was her best friend, falling into the ocean, fear on her face. Kyle jumped out of their raft into the freezing water, swimming downwards blindly, flailing his arms about, trying to feel where Maria was. Finally, he brushed her arm and he grabbed onto her, kicking as quickly as he could to the surface. He made it up just as he needed to take another breath. Alex leaned over and pulled Maria into the raft and then helped Kyle up.

Liz bent over Maria, sobbing. She took her friend's pulse, hoping against all odds that Maria was still alive. She was met with the faintest of pulses, just barely there. Liz sobbed and held Maria's hand in her own. "Don't die," she whispered.

Everyone was so concentrated on Maria that they didn't notice that their raft was slowly drifting away from everyone else. The waves were getting choppier and the sky was clouding up. Everyone settled in around Maria, whispering encouraging words to her unconscious body, willing her to open her eyes and tell them she was ok.

As they sat, a few drops of water hit Alex's arms. He passed it off as water from the waves. But then there were more and he looked up. "Oh, shit," he muttered. Kyle looked up, then Liz. "A storm is coming."

They all knew what that meant…rough seas. Not something you could survive in an inflatable raft.

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~*Part 3*~

Liz looked away from the sky and back down at Maria. She looked down at her friend with fear and worry. Maria had a slightly blue color to her. Liz pulled Maria's unconscious body closer to her, hoping to keep her warm.

Kyle and Alex huddled around the girls as the wind picked up. The sky was quickly darkening and the water was choppy, the waves high.

"Hold onto the raft!" Alex yelled in Liz's ear, trying to be heard over the waves.

"NO!" she yelled. "I'm not letting go of Maria!"

Alex and Kyle both unbuckled their belts and used them to tie Maria to the raft.

"There!" yelled Alex. "She's tied down firmly! Now grab onto the raft, or you'll go overboard!"

"That'd be so much worse than floating around forever in the ocean," Liz muttered sarcastically. Kyle and Alex didn't hear her and were satisfied when Liz grabbed onto the raft.

The rain began to fall faster then the sprinkling of drops it'd been before. Alex and Kyle removed their suit jackets and laid them over Liz and Maria. Liz smiled weakly as she held onto the raft, another wave rocking them back and forth roughly.

The sky was completely dark now, the moon and stars obscured by the clouds. Liz jumped and let out a shriek of surprise as lightening flashed and thunder boomed loudly. It fell dark again and no one could see anything. Within minutes they were all soaked and shivering. The waves continued to grow bigger and began to wash over the raft, getting all of them wetter and weighing down the raft.

Lightening flashed again and Alex say Liz, sitting near Maria, crying. They were thrown back into darkness.

As if it wasn't already bad enough, the wind picked up again. It took everyone all of their strength and will to stay in the raft, to not fall into the deadly waters just inches away from them.

As the night wore on, the storm worsened. Maria still lay tied to the raft, unconscious, and the others were so cold that they could no longer feel their limbs or tell if they were wet or dry. Liz wasn't aware of anyone else in the raft, besides her and Maria. She hadn't left Maria's side the entire time, but she didn't know if Alex and Kyle were huddled on the other side of the raft, or if they'd fallen off. As the sky began to brighten somewhat, she could make out the shapes of their bodies and knew that they were safe. Somehow, during the storm, they'd managed to fall asleep. Liz was the only one awake now. She didn't mind. Although the storm was just ending and they'd just gone through the most horrible and terrifying ordeal of their lives, she couldn't deny that the water and sky was beautiful.

She reveled in the feeling of the sun coming out, beginning to warm her and dry her clothes. She loved the way the water bounced off of the water and made it sparkle.

She knew somehow that she would have to love all of this. Somehow she knew that they were going to be seeing a lot of water and sky for a long time, and not much else.


For three days they floated aimlessly in the raft, wet, cold, tired, and extremely hungry. During the day they got some relief from the cold, but at night it crept back in the form of rain or wind. They had nothing to eat, not even anything to drink. They’d tried to drink the sea water by the second day, but none of them had been able to keep it down. The salt content was much too high.

Maria slept almost constantly and none of them realized just how close Maria had been to dying. She was slowly getting better, but she needed water and nourishment soon.

Liz had fallen into a state where she didn’t respond to anyone but Maria. She would stare out at the water, not responding to Kyle or Alex, who were very worried about her mental state. She seemed to be slipping away from them.

By the end of the third day they’d almost given up hope of ever being rescued or reaching land. Kyle had prayed to Buddha countless times, to no avail. Alex was terrified of dying in the raft, having to watch his friends die. They fell asleep that third night, depressed and angry at the world for the misfortune that had met them.

Everyone slept that night but Liz. She stared up at the star-filled sky above her, the small waves rocking the raft, lulling her almost to sleep, but not quite. She couldn’t sleep because she had a feeling that something was about to happen. Something was about to happen that would be for the better.

She looked around, but saw no lights, so she knew that no ship was near. She told herself that maybe she was just antsy about being in the raft for so long, that nothing was going to happen. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing, like Kyle had taught her a few years before.

But still she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes snapped open. Something was different with the raft. It was barely moving. The waves were getting much weaker. She frantically searched to see if the raft was leaking, but it wasn’t. She looked over the side of the raft and was shocked to see that, with the aid of the moonlight, she could almost see the bottom of the sea! What was happening? Were they just passing through a shallow area or…

No, it wasn’t possible! But she couldn’t push a new idea out of her head. And so she turned slowly, to look behind her. She blinked several times, she rubbed her eyes, she pinched herself. And then she squealed, waking up the other three people in the raft.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” asked Alex, instantly at her side.

“Alex, look,” said Liz, pointing out into the distance.

He strained to see and then gasped. “Liz, is that…land?”

“YES!” she yelled happily. “That’s land! There’s bound to be people there, people who can feed us and give us shelter! We’re going to be ok!”

The four friends let out yells of happiness, hugging each other and almost tipping over the raft countless times. But would it matter? No, because they could tell that the water was less than 6 feet now, the land was looming closer and closer to them.

Kyle and Alex jumped out of the raft into the cold water and pulled the raft to speed it along towards the island. Finally they made it onto the beach and Kyle bowed dramatically and said, “Your chariot ride is over m’ladies. Please, step onto the land.”

Liz giggled and helped Maria to stand up and they stepped onto the sand, surprised at how hard it was to stand. They hadn’t stood for three days and their legs were wobbly and uncertain. Alex and Kyle laughed and held them up.

Maria cleared her throat and said in a raspy voice, “Well, we found land. But where are the people? If there are people shouldn’t there be lights or something? Shouldn’t we hear something?”

Everyone stopped laughing and talking to look. There were no lights and they heard nothing manmade, only the water, lapping at the beach, and the sound of insects.

“M-maybe they’re farther inland,” said Alex. “We should try to find them.”

“Yeah,” said Kyle, stepping forward as if he wanted to be the leader. “Let’s go find the people.”

Liz and Maria shared worried glances and followed after the guys on their search for people on the island.

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~*Part 4*~

They trekked along the beach until they found themselves face to face with a large cliff and so they had to head deeper into the island. By this point all of Maria's strength was gone and Kyle and Alex were taking turns carrying her on their backs. The sun was beginning to come up in the horizon, turning the sky and water a breathtaking shade of orange.

Liz stopped walking for a moment to look out at the water. It was hard to believe that over the past few days, the water had been her main source of problems, the water was what had made her life hell…and now it was so beautiful and perfect and it looked so innocent. The water didn't look devious enough to take down a whole cruise ship leaving only four survivors…but it was…

Liz thought about this as she walked along. Maybe there were some other survivors. Most likely many of the people that were in the lifeboats had survived. But where were they now? Were they still floating in the ocean, a small spot in the sea? Where those people now waking up in their homes, kissing their loved ones good morning and making fresh coffee? Or were they floating at the bottom of the ocean?

"I, uh, wonder if there were any other survivors," Liz said offhandedly to the others.

"I doubt it," grunted Alex as he tried to climb over a large boulder without dropping Maria onto her butt. "Don't you think we'd have seen someone?"

"She's got a point man," said Kyle to Alex. "There could be tons of other survivors. I mean, we did kind of drift away from all of the others when we were trying to get Maria to wake up."

"I'm sorry," said Maria, tears shimmering in her eyes. "I didn't mean to get us into this mess. I won't blame any of you if you hate me."

"Oh Maria," Liz said, walking up behind Alex and patting Maria on the back. "We DO NOT blame you. You went through something terrible and it was an accident. This was no one's fault, least of all yours!"

"Yeah, but you sure could lose some weight," groaned Alex and he tried to keep walking under the weight of Maria.

"HEY!" she screeched, thwapping him upside the head. "This is not the time nor the place for your comments about my weight!"

"I can take her now," Kyle said to Alex, who sighed in relief and helped shift Maria from his back to Kyle's.

The four of them kept going, and the ground got more uneven. The boulders were beginning to disappear though, and they were now surrounded by plush trees and bushes.

"This looks like a rain forest," said Liz in amazement, always excited about new scientific adventures. Liz started going from tree to tree, from bush to bush, trying to identify them all. When they heard the screech of a wild monkey, Kyle thought Liz would have some form of heart attack from her excitement. She was literally jumping up and down and she was looking around frantically to try and spot the monkey.

"We have to find that monkey!" she said, dashing off ahead of the others.

"What? No!" yelled Alex. "If I do recall correctly, we are looking for HUMANS, not their closest relatives!"

Liz's three friends watched her in mild amusement and she dashed around, looking up every tree to try and spot the monkey. After close to half an hour without finding it, she gave up and continued to walk with her friends.

They were heading deeper and deeper into the jungle now, and the thick canopy of trees overhead was cutting out most of the sun's light, yet all of the warmth was coming through. Alex stripped off his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off his face. (Which Maria and Liz thought was totally gross.) Eventually Kyle got tired and had to hand Maria back to Alex, which Maria didn't like, cause she didn't want to touch Alex's sweaty self. Finally she relented when he threatened to leave her lying under a tree as food for wild monkeys.

They eventually all had to stop to rest. The combination of all the walking and the immense heat was making them tired and irritable. Oh, not to mention that they'd seen no sign of intelligent life on the island yet.

"I'm starving," whined Maria.

"We all are," said Kyle. "But I do have some good news. I think I see water over there." All heads turned to look in the direction that Kyle was pointing. They could faintly hear the roar of a lot of water and Liz thought she saw a spray of water almost as if it came from a…

"I think that's a waterfall!" she said excitedly. Immediately she, Alex, and Kyle were off running towards the waterfall.

"Hey! What about me?!" yelled Maria.

Kyle groaned and turned back around to get Maria. He hoisted her unceremoniously over his shoulder and ran after his friends. "Kyle, this is uncomfortable!" Maria yelled. She began to hit him on the back, hard. "Kyle, I'm getting a bloodrush to the head and I can't breathe cause your shoulder is poking me in the ribs!"

"Will you stop complaining? Cause I could very easily not take you to the water." Maria fell silent. 'That's the trick!' thought Kyle. 'Just threaten her a little and she becomes quiet…I'll have to remember that.'

Finally Kyle caught up with Alex and Liz, who were kneeling in the water, using their hands as cups to drink the cool clear water as quickly as they could. Kyle set Maria down on the ground and leaned down to scoop up some of the water. Ah…heavenly.

After they all finished drinking and had stomach cramps from drinking too much too quickly, they sat by the bank of the river, looking up at the waterfall that was 50 yards away. "It's so cool," said Liz. "Look at the way the light reflects off the water and causes all those little rainbows." Everyone looked at the waterfall appreciatively and then Alex took off his shoes and socks.

"What are you doing?" asked Maria.

"I'm going for a swim," he said. He took off his pants, leaving his boxers on, and jumped into the water, splashing everyone else. He laughed and pulled Kyle in, clothes and all.

Then he also pulled Liz in, who went all the way under and came up sputtering, "Whitman, you are going to die!" They began splashing each other and then Kyle joined in, helping Alex against Liz.

"Hey!" she said. "Why aren't you on my team? He pulled you in too!"

Kyle shrugged. "Us guys have to stick together if we're ever gonna make it in the world with you two around," he said, gesturing to Liz and Maria.

"You're going down, Buddha Boy!" giggled Liz, splashing him in the face and dunking him under the water. Maria sat on the bank and watched everything, a smile plastered on her face. She was happy to see all of her friends having so much fun, considering the situation they were currently in. She was glad that since she had to go through being shipwrecked she at least got to go through it with the three people who meant the most to her in the world.


As the four friends giggled and splashed, another watched them. He stood hidden behind the tall bushes, his spear gripped tightly in his hand. He knew that he should go and get the others, but he didn't want to lose sight of these invaders with too many clothes. He watched them with his dark eyes, calculating their movements, deciding when the right time to strike would be…

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Note: Ears=Max, Spiky=Michael, Icy=Isabel, and Gerbil=Tess

~*Part 5*~

Liz pulled herself up onto the bank of the small river, to lie near Maria while she dried off. Soon after, Alex and Kyle followed suit.

"We need to find food soon," said Alex. He stood up and pulled Kyle up next to him. "We'll go look for something. You two stay right here."

"What if you get lost?" asked Liz, raising her eyebrows in a mocking way.

"Who, me? Get lost? Never!" said Alex haughtily. He stomped off into the trees.

Kyle smiled reassuringly at the girls and said, "I'll make sure we stay close and that Alex doesn't wander off too far."

As the girls lay there they slowly began to doze off. The sun's light was slightly piercing through the trees, warming them. Birds were chirping loudly and unseen animals crashed through the underbrush occasionally.

Neither of them realized the danger they were in.


He slowly lowered his spear. The females didn't seem dangerous, and the males had gone off for food. He quickly and quietly ran back towards the cave where he and the others lived. He had to get his male friend to help him. If they worked together, they could capture the female invaders without the male invaders finding out, and they could perform the sacred mating ritual which could save their tribe from extinction.


"I'm not getting them," said Alex.

"I'm not. You do it," said Kyle.

"No way man. You're stronger than me, you can do it."

"And you're skinnier. It'll be easier for you to climb up the tree and get them."

Kyle and Alex were standing below a large coconut tree, staring up at the coconuts at the very top.

"Rock, paper, scissors," said Alex, holding out his fist towards Kyle. "Best two out of three."

They played and Alex smiled when he chose scissors and Kyle chose paper.

They played again and Alex's smile faltered when he chose rock and Kyle chose paper.

Kyle laughed and did a victory dance the next time, as he chose rock and Alex chose scissors.

"I win!" exclaimed Kyle. "Now shimmy up that tree!"

Alex groaned and walked up to the tree. He studied it for a few seconds and then threw his arms around it, as if he was hugging a long lost friend. He jumped up a little so that his feet rested at angles on the trunk of the tree. He tried to push or pull himself up a bit, but he fell and landed on his butt. He shot Kyle a warning look before he had a chance to laugh.

Alex took off his shoes and socks and once again hugged the tree. He jumped up and this time he found it very easy to push himself up farther. Before he knew it, he was at the top. He grabbed a coconut and pulled it loose. It fell down, barely missing hitting Kyle on the head.

"Hey, watch it!" Kyle yelled up at Alex, running from the wave of coconuts that Alex was throwing down.

As Alex threw down the last coconut, they heard the scream of a wild monkey again, this time very near to them.

"Oh crap!" Alex heard Kyle yell and then Kyle screamed loudly. Alex, not wanting to look down for fear of getting dizzy, couldn't tell what was going on. If he had seen, it would have had him laughing hysterically.

A small wild monkey had attached itself to Kyle's shoulder and was hitting him on the head.

"Chill!" yelled Kyle, trying to get the monkey off him. "We didn't know they were your coconuts! Why don't you attack Alex, too?!" Kyle continued to run around in circles, trying to get the monkey off him.

Finally the monkey jumped off and ran into the underbrush, disappearing from sight. Kyle slumped to the ground and sighs. He had scratches all over him from the monkey's claws and he was pretty sure the monkey may have also given him a black eye. Just great. He was beaten up by a 10 pound monkey.

"Kyle, is the monkey gone yet?" Alex yelled down.

"Yes, it's gone."

"Ok, great, now help me down. I'm stuck!"


"Invaders!" he yelled as he reached their cave.

His sister-female looked up at him in shock and then she called out, "Spiky! Ears say invaders!" The other male came running towards them from deep inside the cave.

"Ears, where invaders?"

"By big water. Two females. Two males."

"We get invaders and perform mating ritual! We save tribe! We make babies!" Spiky yelled excitedly. "Let's get invaders!"

As Spiky and Ears ran back to capture the invaders, Icy went to find Gerbil. If the males could capture the female invaders and mate, then they could capture the male invaders and mate too.

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~*Part 6*~

“Where are they?” asked Liz, pacing back and forth. “They’ve been gone for hours. I thought Kyle said he wouldn’t let him and Alex get lost!”

“Chica,” said Maria, placing her hands on Liz’s shoulders to halt her movements. “They’re ok. They are two big strong men, well, one big strong man and one smaller, weaker man. What was I saying?”

Liz smirked. “You were trying to reassure me that Alex and Kyle would be ok.”

“Oh yeah! They’ll be fine.”

“Well, what about us?” asked Liz. “We don’t have food or protection from wild animals. We’re weak and tired and a few days ago you almost died!”

“Chica! Calm down. We’ll be fine. The guys will be here soon,” said Maria, trying not to laugh at Liz’s ridiculous worries. “Nothing bad is going to happen, Liz,” said Maria.

“Oh. My. God,” whispered Liz.

“Liz? What is it?” Maria turned to see what Liz was looking at. She jumped in surprise and let out a little screech as she saw two men. Two men that looked like…savages. Sexy savages, but savages nonetheless. They were both tanned a deep bronze color. They were carrying wooden spears and wearing loincloths. Very short loincloths.

Maria and Liz both raised their eyebrows in surprise and intrigue as they noted that the men’s loincloths were…tenting outwards.

Maria quickly moved behind Liz and whispered into her friend’s ear, “If they attack, you fight back, and I’ll go find Alex and Kyle.”

Liz snorted in indignation. “Why do I have to fight back?”

“Because I’m a chicken,” admitted Maria.

They both fell silent and watched the two savage men and try to figure out what the men were going to do. The men just stood in the bushes, watching the girls.

“Hello!” called out Liz, finally. She waved her hand in a polite wave. “Do you speak English?”

“Ha-lo?” called back the man with the darker hair. “Ears!” He pointed to the other man. “Spiky!”

“Are those supposed to be their names?” asked Maria.

“I think so,” replied Liz. “Liz!” she called back, pointing to herself. Then she pointed to Maria. “Maria!”

“Mate!” said Ears, stepping forward. Liz and Maria stepped back a few steps. “Mate!” Ears repeated determinedly.

“Uh, we need food,” said Liz. “No mate. Food! Mmm…yummy…”

“Mate! Save tribe! Make babies!” said Spiky, also stepping forward. He eyed Maria, scanning his eyes over her body, focusing mainly on her chest. He winked at her.

Maria gasped. “You…you perverted bastard! Neither Liz nor I will mate with either of you. And neither of us appreciate you two standing there, looking at us like we’re meat while you have hard-ons!”

Liz looked over her shoulder at Maria, and then over at the guys, then burst out laughing. Maria looked very threatening, which was probably why Ears and Spiky had stepped back in fear. Liz’s laughter grew even stronger as she noticed that the guys’ loincloths were slowly lowering. “Way to turn ‘em off, Ria,” giggled Liz.

“Liz! What the hell is so funny? These…Tarzans want us to have their CHILDREN! This is far from funny!”

“No, but it is, Maria! Think about it. We may very well be stuck on this island for like…forever. It’s inevitable that at some point we’re going to want intimate relationships. And you and I both know we’d NEVER do anything with Kyle or Alex. They’re friends and nothing more. Now we’ve run into these guys…”

“Who the hell are you and what have you done with my best friend?! I cannot believe that you just basically said it’d be ok to have sex with these...cave people!”

Liz didn’t respond, but turned back to the men and asked, “Can you give us food?”

“Food!” yelled Ears, running off into the trees, Spiky following after him.

“Come on Maria!” exclaimed Liz, grabbing Maria by the arm and dragging her. “Let’s follow those half-naked men!”


“Please?!” begged Alex. “I can’t climb down from this tree all alone!”

“No!” Kyle yelled back. “I am NOT coming up there to carry you down on my back!”

“But Kyle…” Alex whimpered. Even from where he stood on the ground below, Kyle could see Alex’s lower lip tremble and knew that Alex was going to cry soon.

Kyle could not handle a crying Alex.

“Ok, I’m coming up there to get you,” mumbled Kyle in defeat. He slipped off his shoes and socks and began to shimmy up the tree, muttering, “The friggin crazy things I do for my friends…”

Finally Kyle reached the top, where Alex was holding on for dear life. “Welcome to the top,” said Alex. “Now get me down!”

“Sure,” said Kyle. “Just grab onto my shoulders.” They both shifted a bit, but Alex wasn’t able to get a grasp on Kyle’s shoulders.

“Alex, in order to grab my shoulders, you must let go of the tree,” said Kyle in a tone of voice as if he were explaining this to a small child.

“But then I’ll fall!” said Alex.

Kyle groaned. “Alex, hurry up! We’ve been gone for a long time. The girls are probably freaking out right now!”

Just then they heard rustling in the bushes below them and then they say two figures run out. They were men, but they looked like savages. All of a sudden, Liz and Maria appeared. They ran past Kyle and Alex’s tree, after the half-naked men.

“Maria! Liz! Help get me down!” Alex yelled after the girls, but they didn’t hear him and they kept on running.

“Damn,” said Kyle. “Now I’m stuck up here with you until you decide you wanna let go of the tree and the girls found savage men to chase after.”

Alex grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Kyle. “Hey…you think there are any savage women on this island?”

Kyle smiled. “I certainly hope so!”

“Mine!” they heard a female voice yell. Yet, they could tell it wasn’t the voice of either Maria or Liz.

“No! Mine! You get stick-man!” yelled another voice.

Kyle and Alex gave each other confused looks and then looked down to the forest floor below them. Standing there were the two prettiest girls they’d ever seen. They both were wearing what looked like two-piece swimming suits made of animal skins. One of them was short and had whitish-blond hair. She was deeply tanned and muscular.

Kyle was smitten.

And the other woman had definitely caught Alex’s attention. She was taller and a bit more slim, with well-defined muscles and long blonde hair. She had a look about her as if she should be royalty.

“Our prayers have been answered!” said Alex, grinning like a fool.

“I don’t want stick-man!” yelled the taller woman to the shorter one at her side, apparently not hearing Alex’s comment. Alex tried to ignore the fact that the woman he liked didn’t like him.

‘Come to think of it,’ thought Alex, ‘what did they mean when they said ‘mine’?’

“Kyle, are they CLAIMING us?!” asked Alex.

Kyle grinned. “Nope, they’re claiming ME. Can’t you hear them? They don’t want you stick-boy!”

Alex attempted to hit Kyle and instead managed in sending them both crashing to the forest floor below. They landed with a thud on their backs. After they’d gotten their breath back they both slowly got to their feet, moving like old men with arthritis.

“Mate!” yelled the shorter girl, rushing at Kyle. “Make baby for me!”

“Ok!” said Kyle excitedly as the beautiful savage dragged him off into the trees.

The taller woman stood and glared at Alex. “You are stick-boy. Better be good in sack,” she said as she reluctantly grabbed Alex by the arm and dragged him off.

Alex, intimidated by this woman who was beautiful, but larger than him, whimpered, “Please…be gentle with me. I’m very fragile!”

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~*Part 7*~

Liz and Maria slowed to a cautious walk as they neared the cave that they’d see the savages run into.

“Do you think that’s where they live?” Liz whispered to Maria.

“What do I look like? A savage expert? For all either of us know they live in a thatch hut high up in a tree.”

Liz frowned at Maria and turned back to face the cave again. “I’m going in,” she said.

“It’s been nice knowing you Liz,” said Maria melodramatically.

“Maria! Will you stop acting so weird and just come with me? They’re probably waiting for us in there. And with food no less. Think of the food, Ria. The last food we had was on the ship. That was more than half of a week ago. Don’t even try to deny that you’re hungry.”

“Fine,” mumbled Maria. “But if they turn out to be either cannibals or sex-crazed chauvinistic pigs, I reserve the right to say I told you so!”

Liz ignored Maria’s comment as she grabbed Maria’s arm and dragged her towards the shadowed mouth of the cave. They faltered only slightly in their steady stride as they took their first steps into the cave, but regained some confidence and courage when they saw a bright and warm light shining in the distance.

“Ears?! Spiky?!” Liz yelled. “It’s Liz and Maria! Do you have food for us?” Liz yelled out as she cupped her hands around her mouth. She flinched as she realized how loud her echo was. “Ears? Spiky?” she called out again in a quieter tone.

“Food!” a masculine voice called back.

Liz smiled at Maria and they hurried on, finally stepping into a large cavern. It was lit with what Liz and Maria would call tiki torches. Ears and Spiky were sitting on large, hand-woven mats. Crude clay bowls, scuffed and chipped but useful nonetheless, were in front of them, each containing either fruit or meat.

Liz sat down across from the men, while Maria hung back, her arms crossed over her chest as she leaned against the cave wall.

Liz reached out and grabbed one of the bowls containing food and called to Maria, “Come here, Ria! This is where the food is!”

Maria shook her head stubbornly. “Not until I know that the food is not poisoned.”

Liz sighed. “Ria, these men want to have our children, not poison us!”

“Eat!” Ears said suddenly, grabbing a small piece of fruit and raising it to Liz’s lips. She slowly opened her mouth and allowed the man to place the fruit on her tongue. As he withdrew his hand, he gently and curiously ran his finger over Liz’s lower lip.

“Soft,” he said in wonder, staring at her mouth as she closed it and chewed the sweet fruit.

Ears picked up another piece of fruit and fed that one to Liz, again gently touching her lips. He continued to feed her as Spiky grabbed a bowl, stood up, and walked towards Maria.

“Eat?” he said, holding the bowl out at arms length, looking imploringly at Maria.

Maria laughed sarcastically. “Ha! What, you think you’re going to feed it to me like your friend is to Liz? You think you can just act all nice so you can get me to sleep with you?!”

Spiky blinked and scratched his head in confusion. “No eat?” he asked.

“That’s right,” said Maria. “Nothing gets past you, savageboy.”

“Sa-vage-boy?” Spiky repeated back.

“Yes, that’s what you are. A savage. Uncivilized. And I don’t want your food and I really don’t want to have your children!”

A hurt expression flashed over Spiky’s face for an instant, but then it was gone, replaced by a serious and uncaring look. He took a piece of fruit out of the bowl he held , flicked it at Maria’s forehead, and turned around. He smiled to himself when he heard Maria yelp, then rolled his eyes when he saw Ears and Liz.

Ears was still feeding Liz, but now he wasn’t using his fingers to place the fruit in Liz’s mouth, he was using his own tongue.

Maria turned away from the sight of one of the cavemen practically sticking his tongue down Liz’s throat and stared at he wall across from her.

‘I wonder what Alex and Kyle are up to?’ she wondered to herself.


“Make baby, now!” the savage woman yelled at Kyle.

“Um, yeah…ok. What’s your name? I think if we’re gonna have a family, we should know each other’s names.”


“I’m Kyle. You are?”

“Gerbil. Now make baby!”

“Gerbil? Like those little rodent things?”

“Make baby!” yelled Gerbil, jumping on Kyle and grinding her hips into his.

“Ok, just let me get these clothes off,” stammered Kyle, hurriedly pulling off his clothes. Gerbil did the same and then jumped on him again.

Kyle gasped as her bare flesh came into contact with his. She was grinding her hips into his and to impale herself on him.

“Make baby!” she murmured in his ear. “Now.”

Kyle nodded and let his hands wander to her breasts, but she pushed his hands away. “NO! Make baby!”

“Geeze, I guess you people don’t believe in foreplay, huh?” Kyle grumbled and then slowly lowered Gerbil to the ground, plunging into her as she let out an animalistic yell of victory.


“So, uh, um…what’s your name?” asked Alex, trying to ignore the fact that this savage woman had layed him on the ground, pulled his arms over his head, and was now tying his wrists to a tree.


“Oh. Interesting name. I’m Alex.”

“Alex make baby?”

“Um…well see…you’re really pretty and stuff, but I’d like to fall in love and get married before I have any children.”

“You make baby!” yelled Icy, poking him in the chest.

“Ok! Fine! Just don’t poke! I bruise easily. Aww…look at that. I’m already turning purple. I told you before to be gentle with me!”

Icy ignored Alex as he continued to ramble on and on. She finished tying his wrists to the tree and then proceeded to completely remove his shirt and to remove his pants.

She stood there, staring down at him, inspecting him.

Alex blushed, but couldn’t hide his ‘little Alex’ from her gaze, as he was tied up.

“Not bad,” said Icy in appreciation.

Alex smiled. “Really? You think, AH!” Alex yelled out in surprise as Icy dropped to the ground next to him and grabbed his cock in her hand.

She slowly began to stroke him, seemingly amazed at how he was hardening and growing.

As Alex was about to lose complete control, she let go of his shaft and stood up to remove her clothing. Alex breathed a sigh of frustration, but also a sigh of relief.

Alex gasped as Icy straddled his legs and crawled slowly, sensually, up his body. He was enthralled by her. She truly was beautiful. She had long shapely legs, a flat stomach, and a none too modest chest.

“Make baby?” she asked again, almost whispering this time.

“Uh huh,” said Alex, smiling.

Icy grinned back at him and lowered herself onto ‘little Alex’, letting out a purring noise. Alex groaned as he let Icy ride him. Hey, who was he to stop a beautiful savage woman who wanted to do him?


To be continued
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~*Part 8*~

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!” Kyle exclaimed, flopping down on the ground next to his beautiful savage lover.

“No!” Gerbil exclaimed. “Mate!”

“Can’t I take a little nap?” asked Kyle. “I mean, we mated six times. I’m a little tired. Little Kyle needs a rest, you know what I mean?”

“Nap!” Gerbil said, pushing Kyle down into a prostrate position on the ground. Kyle looked questioningly at his beautiful lover, confused. Didn’t she just tell him she didn’t want him to nap?

Kyle yelped in surprise as Gerbil took his quickly hardening cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip. “Oh yeah,” Kyle whispered to the sky as he lay back fully to enjoy the pleasure this forest amazon was inflicting upon his lower anatomy.

Soon Gerbil seemed content with how hard Kyle had once again become and quickly scrambled into a straddling position over him, lowering herself slowly onto his pole o’ pleasure.

“My god, woman!” Kyle yelled out, closing his eyes as Gerbil rode him hard.


“Mate?” Spiky asked tentatively.

“NO!” Maria screamed. She stood up and slapped her would-be mate over the head. “Get it through your thick caveman head. I will not mate with you!”

“Why?” Spiky asked, truly perplexed.

“Why!? Why?! Well, let’s start with the obvious, shall we? We barely know each other! We haven’t had a decent conversation yet. In fact, you know very little English. You seem to only want me to create your child. And…I don’t know where that thing’s been,” finished Maria, pointing to the bulge underneath Spiky’s loincloth.

Spiky didn’t seem to understand what Maria was saying, or why she was pointing at his loincloth. He stared blankly at Maria. They maintained eye contact for a few moments and then Spiky burst out saying, “Pretty!”

“What are you babbling about?” Maria huffed in annoyance, collapsing into a sitting position on the cave floor.

“Pretty!” Spiky repeated, slowly approaching Maria. He squatted down next to her and looked deep into her eyes.

Maria gasped and then looked away, flustered. She felt a blush creep across her face. Why was the savage looking at her like that? Like she was some rare exotic beautiful flower?

“Maria…pretty,” whispered Spiky, tentatively reaching out his hand and touching her cheek.

Maria jumped a little as his fingers came in contact with her flesh. He was so…gentle. Nothing like she’d expected his touch to be like. He slowly grazed his fingers down her cheek and ran them over her lips and up her other cheek.

Maria turned her face towards Spiky again and surprised herself as well as Spiky when she crushed her lips to his. Their kisses were gentle and unhurried at first, as if they were truly savoring the flavor of each other’s lips. Slowly, Spiky licked along Maria’s lower lip, silently asking for entrance into her mouth.

His wish was granted. Their tongues clashed together, their kisses becoming more frantic.


Across the cave chamber from Spiky and Maria, Ears finished feeding Liz the fresh fruit, but their kissing did not stop. Liz felt like she was floating on a cloud. Ears had an AMAZING mouth. He seemed to be caressing her whole mouth with each gentle sweep of his tongue, with each brush of his lips against hers.

Liz quickly felt herself becoming aroused, and it was only too obvious that Ears was aroused as well.

But Liz was having second thoughts about sleeping with this savage. Yes, she had been the one to suggest to Maria that they go along with what the men wanted. She was the one who started the chase after them. She was the one who had talked Maria into going into the cave with her.

And there was no denying the fact that she was greatly attracted to this man. The sexual sparks were definitely flying. He was dark and tall and handsome and mysterious. He was what romance novels were made of.

And Liz felt that maybe, just maybe, if given more of a chance…she could fall in love with this man. And she knew that she wanted to see if that would happen before she’d ever sleep with him.


“You good, stick boy!” Icy commented to Alex as they lay in each other’s arms next to the tree that Alex had been tied to until just moments before.

“Really? You think so?!” asked Alex, a little too over-enthused by her comment on his sexual performance.

“Yes. Alex make Icy feel good. Mate again?” she asked, facing Alex.

As Alex looked into her eyes, he knew he couldn’t say no to her. She was amazingly beautiful. She seemed to be liking him more and more with every minute that they passed in each other’s company. And she said he made her feel good.

“Well, you make me feel pretty damn good too,” Alex said as they collapsed back into the underbrush for another round of mind blowing sex.


Eventually Icy and Gerbil, exhausted, decided to take Alex and Kyle back to their cave. They met up on a small path and the four of them walked together in amiable silence, under the moonlight, towards the cave.

They reached the cave entrance and Alex and Kyle were a bit surprised to see a light was already on, somewhere farther in the cave. As they approached, they realized it was a fire. And there sitting around it were Maria and Liz…and two savage men.

As Icy and Gerbil led their newly found mates into the large chamber room, Spiky and Ears stood slowly and glared menacingly at Alex and Kyle.

“Who they?” Ears struggled to say, pointing at Alex and Kyle.

“Mates!” Icy exclaimed excitedly.

“No!” bellowed Spiky, lunging forward at Kyle and Alex. Luckily, Maria and Liz managed to grab onto Spiky before he was able to hurt either of their friends.

“Don’t hurt them!” Liz yelled, both at Spiky and Ears. “They are Alex and Kyle. Our friends. No hurt. Friends.” Liz looked anxiously back and forth between Spiky and Ears to see if they understood. They seemed to, but they still looked angry.

Maria looked back and forth between the savage women and the savage men and finally asked, “Are you all like…mates, or what?”

No one answered her.

She sighed and tried again. “Spiky? Do you mate with them?” She pointed at the two women standing behind Alex and Kyle.

“Icy and Gerbil?!” Spiky asked in utter disgust. “No! Sister females. No mate! Yuck!”

Liz burst out laughing.

“I don’t see what’s so funny,” Alex grumbled, still looking warily at the savage men who looked like they wanted to crush him.

“Alex, these men must be the brothers of those women. Spiky and Ears were just playing the whole big brother card. You know…they reserve the right to beat up their little sisters’ boyfriends.”

“No one’s beating up anyone,” said Kyle, slowly stepping towards Spiky and Ears, his hand out. Neither Spiky nor Ears accepted his hand.

“Like this,” said Maria, shaking Kyle’s hand to demonstrate.

Spiky and Ears shared a bemused look and then Ears stepped forward and took Kyle’s hand in his own.

“FUCK!” yelled Kyle as Ears shook his hand. Ears let go of Kyle, smiling proudly. “Um, nice grip you got there,” said Kyle weakly, shuffling back to Gerbil’s side, nursing his injured hand.

Alex stepped forward and accepted Spiky’s handshake, which wasn’t as injuring at Ears’ had been.

“Now,” said Liz. “You all need new names.”

“Why?” asked Alex. “I like my name.”

“Not you dorkhead!” said Kyle. “Liz meant the savages.”

“Oh. I knew that.”

Maria laughed and rolled her eyes. Then she turned to Spiky and studied him for a moment. Finally she said, “Michael.”

“Spiky!” he insisted.

“No, you are Michael now. Michael.”

“Michael?” he asked. Maria nodded and Spiky smiled. “Me Michael!” he exclaimed proudly.

Liz renamed Ears as Max, Alex renamed Icy as Isabel, and Kyle renamed Gerbil as Tess.

Finally, when all the new names were sorted out, they all curled up on the cave floor in their little groups of two, all around the dying fire, and fell asleep.
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~*Part 9*~

The next morning Isabel was the first to rise. She gazed down at Alex and smiled. Then she carefully stepped over and between her siblings and their new mates to get to the fire pit. She carefully built a new fire and when she was satisfied that it was large enough to cook breakfast on, she left the cave. She quickly and skillfully climbed up a tall tree and threw four coconuts down to the ground below. She ran these back to the cave and then scampered into the underbrush to collect fresh fruit.

As she was returning with the fruit, she saw Liz and Maria stumbling drowsily out of the cave, rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They saw Isabel and then Liz looked at Maria, who nodded.

Liz turned back to Isabel and said, “Bathroom? No…wait…uh…pee pee? Where can we go pee pee?”

Isabel didn’t understand a word that Liz had just said, but she giggled. ‘Pee pee’ sounded funny to her.

Maria groaned and muttered, “Liz, she doesn’t understand. Let’s just go into the forest and find a place to go before I explode!”

“Fine,” said Liz, hurrying Maria away while waving goodbye to Isabel. As Isabel watched them hurry into the trees she wondered to herself why these new people had so many new and strange words. What did they all mean?

Isabel snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Spiky…no…Michael grumbling. He would be angry if he didn’t get his breakfast soon. She hurried the rest of the fruit into the cave and set about preparing it with the coconut. This she passed around first, right after Maria and Liz returned. Then she walked further into the cave and picked up one of the large birds Ears…no not Ears, Max…had killed yesterday. This she carried back to the fire and impaled on a stick. The bird had been plucked yesterday and was all ready to be cooked.

As she placed the bird-on-a-stick on a hook over the fire, she noticed how Kyle and Alex were looking at it. Of course! They must like meat…they were men! She ran back further into the cave and retrieved another bird so that there would be enough for everyone to eat as much as they pleased.

Finally the birds were cooked and everyone became silent as they ate studying one another, trying to discover something new about each other.

After the last of the meat was scraped off of the bones of the birds, Michael and Max stood, motioning for Kyle and Alex to follow them. Kyle and Alex, a bit unsure, looked to Isabel and Tess for guidance. The savage women just smiled and nodded.

Kyle and Alex slowly and cautiously followed after the savage men. Liz and Maria wanted to see what the men were going to do, but Isabel and Tess would have nothing of the sort. Isabel and Tess shoved makeshift brooms into Liz and Maria’s hands and the four women set to work sweeping the cave floor until it was as clean as a cave floor can be.

Then the brooms were put away and baskets were taken out. Liz and Maria followed Isabel and Tess out of the cave and into the cool underbrush. They walked down towards a large copse of trees and plants and began to collect different types of food, most of which Liz and Maria had never seen before.

When all four baskets were full, the women set them under a shady tree and Isabel said, “Look. Climb. Big fruit!”

Liz and Maria watched as Isabel climbed up a huge tree to gather coconuts. After she finished throwing down the ripe ones, she climbed down and she and Tess proceeded to give Liz and Maria their first lesson in coconut tree climbing.

Liz was a bit better at it than Maria, who kept losing her balance and falling onto her butt, but both of them still needed a lot of practice before they’d ever be able to reach the top to gather coconuts themselves.

After that, all four women went to the waterfall where Liz, Maria, Kyle, and Alex had been yesterday. Isabel and Tess showed them how the creek had little sections that were hidden from the rest, and in these separate areas the women bathed.

Eventually they all had to leave the cool water, although they didn’t want to, as the jungle sun was scorchingly hot and bright. They shuffled back towards the food baskets and then brought those back to the cave to prepare dinner for themselves and the men.

Just as the food was ready, four hungry and quite dirty men came jogging into the cave.

“What did you guys do today?” Liz asked while smirking at the mud-covered forms of Alex and Kyle.


“Where are they taking us?” Alex panted to Kyle as they continued uphill on the small narrow path through the jungle.

“I don’t know,” replied Kyle. “But I’m hungry already. I should have eaten more breakfast.”

Alex agreed.

Finally, at midday, Max and Michael stopped walking and crouched behind a bush, pulling Kyle and Alex with them.

“What are we doing?” asked Kyle, not able to say more as Max clamped his hand over his mouth and pointed out to where they had just been.

Standing out there, rooting around for something to eat, was a wild hog. A huge wild hog.

“We hunt,” Michael whispered to Kyle and Alex. “We make females happy.”

Kyle and Alex nodded in understanding, wondering how the four of them would be able to capture and kill this hog with no weapons of any kind.

Max gestured for everyone to stay behind the bush as he stepped casually out onto the path, right in front of the wild hog. He clucked once and Alex almost choked on a laugh.

Max was…talking to the hog. At least that’s how it seemed to Alex and Kyle. He continued to make odd noises as he slowly approached the hog, which seemed to completely trust Max now.

Max crouched in front of the hog and clucked again. This time Alex couldn’t back his laughter…and he scared the hog. The hog squealed and began to run away. Quickly Max and Michael were running after it, yelling for Alex and Kyle to hurry and follow.

Hours later the men had cornered the hog again…and Max and Michael had decided they’d give Alex and Kyle a chance to capture it. Alex, always up for a new and interesting challenge, lunged forward, straight at the hog…only to land face first in a mud puddle. The hog rushed at Kyle, who freaked out and jumped blindly at it.

Kyle landed on the hog’s back as the hog began to run faster.

Max and Michael stood together, clapping each other on the back and pointing and laughing as Kyle got the ride of his life on the hog. Finally he managed to jump to safety in a pile of leaves (which he would later discover had been poison ivy). Alex, completely covered in mud, helped Kyle to his feet and watched in anger and defeat as Michael and Max quickly and expertly captured the hog. As soon as it was captured, Alex and Kyle turned away and tried to ignore the squeals of pain as it was killed.

Kyle especially didn’t like the fact that they had to kill animals, but he knew that without doing this, they couldn’t survive here in the jungle. It was a part of life here.

Finally Max and Michael decided it was time to head back to the cave. They found vines that they used to tie the hogs legs together so it would be easier to drag behind them, and headed back to the cave as the sun began to set behind them.

To Kyle and Alex’s embarrassment, the first thing Liz and Maria did when they walked in the cave was smirk and laugh as the girls had asked what they’d done that day.

Alex told Liz, “We just went hunting. Dirty job, you know.” Oh, if the girls knew that Alex had dived into a mud puddle and Kyle had ridden a hog.
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~*Part 10*~

Everyone ate the dinner that the women had prepared, the men grunting and belching in approval when they finished.

Maria gave Alex a disgusted look after he belched especially loud and muttered, “You’re already turning into one of the savages.”

Alex just grinned and belched again, earning a slap upside the head from Isabel. “Hey, watch it,” said Alex teasingly. “If you beat me up, you won’t be getting any hanky panky tonight.”

“Hanky panky?” asked Isabel, thinking this sounded even funnier than when Liz had said ‘pee pee’.

“Yeah, you know,” responded Alex. “Hanky panky. Rockin’ the bed. Floating the love boat. Doing the nasty. The hump n bump. Giddyup and ride it!”

Isabel nodded slowly and said, “Make baby?”

“Yes!” said Alex, happy that she understood. But Isabel didn’t understand. She’d gotten sick of listening to Alex saying those words she didn’t know and had asked him if he wanted to go and try to make a baby again. She smiled when he agreed and then surprised everyone as she picked him up and threw him over her shoulder, running out of the cave with him.

“Man,” laughed Kyle. “That poor guy. I’d never want a girl who could throw me over her shoulder!” Tess stood up then, cracking her knuckles, a mischievous smile on her face. “What are you doing?” asked Kyle, his voice cracking nervously.

Tess said nothing, just flipped Kyle over her shoulder. She struggled under his muscular weight, but managed to carry him outside of the cave before she had to set him down. Kyle blushed red, realizing Maria and Liz were laughing at him. The thing that surprised Kyle was that he still wanted Tess. Boy did he ever.

Before she knew what was happening, he’d picked her up and thrown her over his shoulder, running as fast as he could into the jungle to go do the ‘hump n bump’, as Alex called it, with this savage goddess.

Back in the cave Michael, Maria, Liz, and Max were the only ones left, all of them still sitting around the fire. Max and Liz were openly staring at each other, smiling shyly, as Michael and Maria snuck glances at one another, trying to act indifferent to the presence of the other.

Eventually Maria noticed the longing looks Max and Liz were sharing and so she stood up and said, to no one in particular, “I’m going to go for a little walk now. I’ll be back soon.”

She left the cave, Michael staring after her. “Go get woman,” said Max to Michael.

“She not want me,” said Michael sadly, hanging his head in shame.

“Yes, she does,” said Liz softly, smiling encouragingly. “Now go get her!”

Michael looked back and forth between Max and Liz and realized that they were not only telling the truth, that Maria did want him, at least to some degree, but that they both desperately wanted him to leave so they could have some privacy.

Michael smiled in understanding at Max and jogged out of the cave in pursuit of Maria.

As soon as they were alone, Liz scooted over to Max’s side, smiling shyly at him. “So,” she said quietly.

“Pretty,” said Max, staring into her eyes as he ran his fingers slowly through her hair.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” said Liz, her blush intensifying. “You have beautiful hair too. It really accentuates your…ears.”

‘Why did I have to go and say a thing like that!?’ Liz thought to herself.

Silence fell over the two of them for a few moments, neither sure of what to say to the other, when a thought struck Liz. How could these four savages speak any English at all? How had they learned it? Had someone once been here who had taught them?

“Max, how do you know my language?” she asked him.

“Max not understand,” Max replied.

“How do you know the words I know?” Liz tried again.

“Max and Michael, Tess, and Isabel grow up here all alone, after boat go down.”

Liz blinked in surprise. “You were on a boat that went down? You mean, you guys weren’t born here? You aren’t really savages? How old were you? Were there any other survivors?”

Max laughed and replied, “Yes, boat go down. We not made into babies here, but in land with big, uh, houses. No other people here. This is our land.”

“But how old were you?” asked Liz. Max only gave her a blank look. “How big were you?” asked Liz, making hand gestures to represent different heights.

“This big,” said Max, holding out his hand in front of him.

“Wow,” whispered Liz. If Max was correct, they had to have been no older than 3 or 4 years old when they’d come to the island.

“No more talk,” said Max, gently cupping Liz’s cheek in his hand, turning her face towards his. “Please kiss Max. Max likes to kiss Liz.”

Liz blushed and slowly moved towards his lips, gently placing hers over his, tentatively tasting him for only the second time. His lips tasted perfect, in her opinion. Max slowly licked at Liz’s lower lip until she parted her mouth, allowing him to sensually dart his tongue inside her mouth, his tongue caressing hers.

Liz moaned as one of Max’s hands came up slowly to cup her breast. Max was evoking feelings in her that she’d only dreamed of, but was she ready to go any further than this with him?

No. She wanted to be in love with him and know he loved her before giving him her ultimate gift.

And Max seemed to somehow understand that, as he went no further and didn’t ask anything more of Liz.

After all, he was falling in love with Liz. Making babies could wait.


Maria walked slowly through the jungle, admiring the way the moonlight seemed to intensify the feeling of being completely alone with nature out here.

She had to make a few detours as she walked, as she occasionally ventured too closely to the telltale sounds of Alex and Isabel or Kyle and Tess having what sounded like very wild sex.
A few times Maria had stopped walking, slowly turning in a circle, trying to figure out why she felt as if someone was following her, or at least watching her. She hadn’t heard any footsteps, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling nonetheless.

Eventually Maria got a bit tired and decided to take a break before heading back to the cave. She found a small clear area to sit in, where she could lean up against a tree and stretch out her tired legs.

“Maria?” a masculine voice said, startling Maria.

“Who’s there?!” she asked.

“Michael,” he said, stepping out of the shadows he’s been standing in while waiting to get up the nerve to talk to Maria. “Can Michael sit with you?” he asked.

“Sure,” sighed Maria, secretly glad for his company in the darkness. “Why did you follow me?” she finally asked, after they both sat there in the silence for a few minutes.

“Michael likes Maria,” said Michael nervously. “Michael wants Maria to like Michael. Does Maria like Michael?”

Maria decided to ignore the voice in her head that was screaming that liking this savage was wrong and weird and against everything she believed in and said, “Yes. I like you. But that doesn’t mean I want to have your babies!”

Michael nodded, accepting this answer, at least for the time being. After another few minutes Maria stood up and said, “Come on, Michael. Let’s get back to the cave before people think we’re floating the love boat.”

Michael stood up and spun Maria around, crushing his lips to hers, giving a satisfied sigh as he felt Maria go weak in his arms and begin to return the kiss.

As they broke apart for air, Michael grinned and asked, “You no make babies now, but you kiss Michael every day?”

Maria nodded, agreeing that she would, too out of breath from that amazing kiss to say anything.
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~*Part 11*~

“Oh my God, Nancy get in here!” Jeff Parker yelled back towards the kitchen where his wife, Nancy, was preparing them a light lunch.

“Jeff, I’m busy,” Nancy snapped.

“It’s about Liz’s ship!” yelled Jeff. Nancy dropped the head of lettuce she had just removed from the refrigerator and ran pell-mell into the living room, clutching onto Jeff’s arm with a vice grip.

“What-” Nancy began to ask, but Jeff shushed her and pointed at the television.

“…that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it has now been confirmed that the Santa Luca cruise ship has capsized and it is believed at this time that there are no survivors. We’ll have more on this tragedy at six. Back to you, Bob.”

“My baby!” Nancy cried out, collapsing against Jeff. “She can’t be dead!”

“Shh…” Jeff soothed, rubbing circle’s on Nancy’s back. “Let’s call up the parents of Alex, Maria, and Kyle and see if maybe we can all get together enough money to form a private search team. We’ll find them, Nancy. And Lizzie will be ok…”

Jeff didn’t think he really believed that though.


“We have to teach them some manners, Liz,” Maria whined to her best friend a few days later. Maria watched for a few seconds as Michael shoveled food into his mouth, burping loudly. She turned away from him in disgust and wrinkled her nose.

Liz laughed at Maria’s face and then fell silent. “I think you’re right,” she said, noting Michael’s eating habits. Max, Isabel, and Tess were no better. They’re bad habits and manners were even beginning to rub off on Alex and Kyle, who, after this first week of living with the savages, seemed more savage than the savages. If that made any sense at all.

“All right!” exclaimed Maria, jumping right into action mode. “What’ll we teach them first? How to properly hold those thingamabobs they use for spoons? Or what to say when they burp or pass gas? How about we teach them about how it’s polite to give us privacy when we bathe? Or-”

“Maria,” Liz giggled. “Calm down. We have plenty to teach them, but I think we have plenty of time to do it in. They’ll learn everything…eventually. Also, I want to try and teach them better English.”

Maria nodded her head in agreement to this suggestion. “That would be helpful,” she said. “Their English is pretty limited.”

Lis stopped listening to Maria, who kept on rambling, and met Max’s gaze. Max stopped eating and smiled shyly at Liz, feeling an odd stirring in his chest. He’d been getting this feeling a lot in the past day or so every time he looked at, or even thought about, Liz, and although it puzzled him, he knew that he liked this feeling.

Liz reluctantly tore her eyes from Max’s gaze and turned back to Maria. “Ok, so I think we should work on their English first. That way we’ll have an easier time teaching them about manners. I’ll work with Max, you can work with Michael, and I guess Alex and Kyle can work with Isabel and Tess.”

Maria agreed and hurried over to Michael, snapping at him to finish up his food so she could ‘teach him a thing or two’. Liz smiled at Maria’s antics and walked towards Max, who was standing and waiting for her.

“Hi,” she said shyly, looking down at the floor.

“Hello,” Max said back, grabbing Liz’s hand and holding it in his own. Liz and Max looked down at their connected hands and then smiled at each other.

“Maria and I thought it would be a good idea for us to teach you more of our words.”

“Max learn Liz’s words?” Max asked in excitement.

“Yes,” smiled Liz. “Why don’t we go out by the waterfall and talk?”

Max smiled happily and nodded his head in agreement. He led the way, never letting go of Liz’s hand. A few minutes later they were at the waterfall. A mischievous look passed over Max’s face, much too fast for Liz to catch…and all of sudden Max had jumped into the water, dragging Liz in with him.

Liz came up sputtering in surprise. Max took one glance at the look on her face and burst out laughing. Liz tried to be mad, but of course she couldn’t. She didn’t think Max could ever do anything to make her truly mad at him.

Liz smiled, then giggled, then burst out laughing along with Max. For an hour or so the two young people splashed around in the water, dunking each other and swimming side by side. Finally they both became tired and climbed up on the bank to dry off and rest. They lay side by side in the grass, facing each other.

“Your words?” asked Max, now anxious to learn more of Liz’s language.

“All right,” agreed Liz. She looked around and then pointed to a banana tree. “Banana,” she said.

“Banana,” repeated Max.

“Good,” said Liz. She pointed at a bird in the banana tree and said, “Parrot.”

“Parrot,” repeated Max, learning quickly. For the rest of the day Liz taught Max dozens of new words. As they were standing up to go back to the cave Liz wondered if Max knew the word love. She had realized, while they were in the water, that she loved Max.

It was a glorious feeling and she wanted to share that with him. But she needed him to know what the word meant first. She reminded herself to teach that word to Max as soon as she could.

After all, she wanted desperately to hear him say it to her as well.


To be continued...