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Author: Kari

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or anything even remotely related to it…don’t sue me, I don’t even have a job!

Summary: This is a sequel to Freaks and Geeks of Roswell, so I highly recommend reading that first or else you might be totally confused. This fic is mainly like one huge flashback and tells what happened to the Royal Six after they mindwarped Kyle and Tess and left Roswell. Enjoy!


Liz smiled down at the child in her arms, still in disbelief at having created this wonderful being with the love of her life, Max Evans. As Harmony fell asleep in her arms, Liz thought about how she and Max had been brought together.

It had been under very weird circumstances. Liz, a sophomore in high school, and her twin brother Alex, had been the ‘Geeks of Roswell’ for practically their whole lives. But then the popular crowd—Maria, Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess—had come along and changed everything, flipping their lives upside down.

Alex started dating Isabel and Liz went out with Max. On that very first date Liz had fallen in love. She’d been so scared of what she was feeling that she pushed Max away. Well, she tried to push Max away, but it didn’t work for long. He felt the same thing for her and they ended up going to the Spring Fling dance together.

Liz smiled as she remembered that dance. She remembered how hostile she’d gotten towards a girl, Ericka Tortilini, who had been hitting on Max. She and the girl had gotten into a pretty big fight and everyone had been so surprised…Liz was the quiet, passive type. Not the type to lash out and start a ‘bitch fight’ as Michael had so eloquently put it.

That night she’d been having fun, dancing with her friends…and with Max. And then, within a few seconds, everything she knew and believed in came crashing down around her feet. They kissed, a mind-blowing kiss that took her breath away. And then she saw. She saw flashes, images, of Max and Maria as children, using some type of powers to fly a kite. She saw a large spaceship crashing to the desert below, hundreds, no, thousands of military men running to cover up the ship, not wanting regular American citizens to see anything. She saw Max and Maria being adopted, terrified of what lay ahead of them.

Liz had passed out at that point, too in shock to do anything else. Max helped her out of her faint, but she was scared. She was terrified by what she’d seen, what she now knew with every cell in her body. The boy she was so in love with was an alien. An alien from the 1947 Roswell crash, to be exact.

He’d explained everything he knew about himself and the others to her. She was even more terrified when she found out that Michael, Maria, and Isabel were aliens. She had fled from Max, confused and scared. She’d grabbed Alex from Isabel’s arms and they ran to their uncle. The Sheriff. That was the biggest mistake Liz ever made in her entire life. She, and Alex, although he was really just along for the ride, told their uncle that there were aliens in Roswell. Liz even gave all the names. She went home that night and wrote in her journal and then cried herself to sleep.

As soon as Max knew that Liz was going to the Sheriff, he gathered the others and they went out to the pod chamber. Their special cave. Liz didn’t know about the cave until the next day, when she found out the truth about herself and Alex.

Alex had been having weird episodes that night and the next morning, almost as if he had powers. It seemed that every time he said out loud that he wanted something, it came to him. He told Liz, but she didn’t really believe him, not until she saw it happen with her own two eyes. Tess came into the Crashdown shortly after that and they demanded that she take them to see the four aliens. Alex needed answers…he thought Isabel had somehow done something to him.

Tess told Alex that Isabel had only gone out with him on a dare, breaking Alex’s heart that day. He remained strong though, and Tess took them to the pod chamber. Kyle, their older cousin, had somehow already gotten there and passed out when he found out that there really were aliens in Roswell.

Alex stormed into the cave, demanding an explanation. Liz remembered that well…the way Alex had just gone in there, as if he wasn’t terrified of being in a cave with four aliens.

But then they soon found out that being in the cave was nothing to be scared of. They were aliens too. Together they formed the Royal Six. Liz was in denial. She claimed it couldn’t be so; she had no evidence of her having powers, and besides, she’d said, she and Alex weren’t adopted like the other four were.

Kyle spoke up then, saying that they were adopted, but weren’t supposed to know. Although everyone was still trying to handle the shock of finding each other, they worked together to formulate a plan to try and get the Sheriff off their backs.

Liz and Alex had gone to the Sheriff and told him a story about how they had gotten drunk and their claims at knowing four aliens were false. Their uncle didn’t believe them and he even called in the FBI to help in a search for the aliens. They all went back to Max and Maria’s house, and decided that the female aliens, Isabel, Maria, and Liz were going to mindwarp Tess and Kyle and then the Royal Six were going to leave Roswell.

Kyle wasn’t too keen on the idea, but finally, with some persuasion by everyone, he agreed. They all went home to pack a few belongings and write notes to their parents saying they wouldn’t be back. In her note, Liz confronted her parents, telling them that she and Alex knew they were adopted, but they still loved them.

They met back at the pod chamber and Max showed Liz and Alex the pods from which they’d hatched and he showed them the aura room. It was a small cave room with walls the colors of their auras. Isabel was violet, Maria was orange, Michael was green, Max was yellow, Liz was red, Alex was indigo, and when they all joined hands, it would form a beautiful blue color, more pure than the color of the sky.

The girls then joined hands and mindwarped Kyle and Tess into not remembering knowing anything about them being aliens. They had to hurry because Michael was yelling at them that he saw the Sheriff’s patrol car and some FBI cars coming towards the cave. They all finished the mindwarp and ran for Maria’s Jetta and Max’s jeep and drove to the city limits, dumping Kyle and Tess there and then driving on.

Since that day 10 years earlier, none of them had set foot in Roswell, New Mexico. They’d been running for most of those 10 years. They’d grown stronger and grown to love each other. They’d had the biggest adventure of their lives…

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~*Part 1*~

"Nope, sorry Max, I still can't see your jeep," said Maria, straining to see ahead of her. They were in the middle of a traffic jam and the Jetta had gotten separated from the jeep. They'd been traveling for three hours and were right outside of Albuquerque. It was the middle of rush hour and traffic was practically at a standstill.

"Ok," said Max. "Well, there's no need to wear out the batteries on our cell phones. Call if you spot us."

"Ok," said Maria, hitting the talk button on the cell phone and dropping it into her purse. She turned to look at Liz and Isabel in the back seat. "How're you doing?" she asked.

"I feel like I'm being baked alive in an oven," groaned Isabel, shifting uncomfortably. The Jetta's air conditioning wasn't working and they couldn't get it to work because they'd used all of their energy to mindwarp Tess and Kyle just three hours earlier. They were all sticking uncomfortably to the worn pleather seats of the car.

"Hopefully it won't be much longer until we find the guys and get out of this traffic," said Maria. "Then we can drive faster and actually have a nice breeze blowing in the windows."

Liz, who wasn't in the best of moods, rolled her eyes and said, "Maria, you've been saying that for hours now. We've probably moved 10 yards in the past hour. We aren't going anywhere fast, which is just making it all the more easy for the FBI to find us!"

Maria shuddered and turned back around. "Please Liz, don't talk about the FBI right now. I really don't want to think about that."

"Sorry," muttered Liz. She was the most exhausted of the three of them. Within the past 24 hours she'd discovered that there were four aliens in Roswell, and then discovered she and Alex were the fifth and sixth, and used her powers to perform a powerful mindwarp, and was now fleeing from the FBI. 24 hours ago she'd been a regular teenage girl, excited about going to a dance with the boy she loved. Now she was probably one of America's Most Wanted.

'Life never fails to throw me a curve,' she thought sarcastically, using a tattered map of New Mexico to fan herself off.

Liz and Isabel slowly drifted off to sleep while Maria continued to search for the jeep. Finally she thought she spotted it, but she wasn't sure because of another truck that was obstructing her view. She picked up her cell phone and dialed in the number to Max's cell.

"Hello?" he asked, sounding rather grumpy.

"Hey, I think I see you. I need one of you to stick your head out of the left back window." Maria waited as Max told Michael what to do.

She spotted Michael's head sticking out of the window. He spotted her in the Jetta and smiled. "Great," said Maria. "Michael and I see each other. Now we just need to stay within sight of each other until we're out of this traffic."

"Ok," said Max, hanging up and sighing. What he wanted most at the moment was to be alone with Liz, to talk to her about what was happening. She had to be so confused at the moment…and then there was the fact that she'd practically called Max a horrible monster. Would she say she was sorry for that, now that she knew she was an alien too? Max hoped so. He loved Liz and he couldn't stand for her to be disgusted by him.

Slowly the traffic began to move again and it got going fast enough that Max moved a lane to the left and then Maria moved a lane to her right so that she was right behind him. They drove this way for close to 6 hours, stopping once to go to a rest stop and switch drivers. Michael and Liz were the new designated drivers.

They eventually pulled into a parking lot of a small run down motel and gathered around their cars. "We need to change the colors of the cars," said Max. "And the license plate numbers too."

Michael and Max rested their hands on the cars and changed the Jetta to a dark blue color and the jeep to a bright red. They changed the license numbers and headed into the motel lobby to get rooms for the night.

They all agreed on two rooms with a connecting door in the middle. They got their room keys and found their room. Then there was the problem of the beds…

"I get this bed," said Michael, flopping down lazily on one of the small twin beds.

"And I get this one," said Alex, leaving no place for Max. The same thing was going on in the girls' room. Isabel and Maria had claimed the beds and Liz had nowhere to sleep. Liz threw open the door to the guys' room and peeked in.

"You guys not have enough room either?" she asked, noting Max standing angrily in the middle of the room.

"Uh, yeah," said Max. "I need a bed."

"Why don't we just get another room?" asked Liz, and then realized what she was saying. She was asking Max to share a motel bedroom with her…

Max was a bit surprised by Liz's offer. "Are you sure?" he asked her.

"Yeah," she said. Together they walked back to the motel lobby and asked about getting a third room.

"All we have left," said the man, "Is one room with a twin bed."

Max and Liz looked at each other and Max said, "You can have the bed. I'll sleep on the floor. You shouldn't be all alone in the room."

"Sure," said Liz. They got the room key and entered the room. Liz collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, but not really sleepy. Max lay down on the floor, trying to find a good position. Nothing seemed comfortable…the floor was cold and dirty and really really hard.

"Max," whispered Liz. "Would you like the bed?"

"No," he said back. "It's not right for a lady to sleep on the floor."

Liz smiled and then said, "Well, would you like to come up here and share the bed?"

Max swallowed nervously, sure that Liz could hear his wildly thumping heart. "Uh, if you're sure," he croaked.

"Yes, I'm sure." She moved as far over to one side of the bed as she dared and let Max climb onto the other side. They lay facing each other. "Max, I…I want to apologize for getting so upset last night. I was confused and I didn't know what else to say."

"It's all right," said Max. "It was a normal reaction. I'm sorry you found out that way…"

"If I hadn't seen the flashes when we kissed, would you still have told me. Like, eventually?"

"Yes," said Max. "Liz, I love you."

"I love you too, Max." Max reached over and ran one of his hands through her silky chocolate-colored hair. "Kiss me Max," she whispered.

"Yes ma'am." He slowly leaned towards Liz until they were so close they feel and taste each other's breath. Max slowly and tenderly touched his lips to Liz's, amazed at the warmth and softness of her mouth.

Liz ran her tongue seductively over Max's lower lip, begging for entrance. He opened his mouth and met her tongue with his. Their kissing soon became frantic and hungry as if they couldn't get enough of each other.

Finally, as all good things do, it came to an end. They lay there, panting for breath, staring into each other's eyes. Liz cuddled up to Max and fell asleep in his warm arms.


Isabel sighed and turned over again. She just couldn't get comfortable. Finally she whispered into the darkness, "Maria, are you awake?"

"Yes," hissed Maria. "I can't sleep with you tossing and turning every two seconds over there."

"Can I talk to you about something?" she asked.

Maria sighed. "Sure chica. Is it about Alex?"

"How did you know?"

"Girl, I know you. You are totally obsessing over the boy right now."

Isabel sighed again. "I don't know what to do, Maria. He can't seem to see past the fact that I originally asked him out on a dare. I mean, doesn't he realize that I kept going out with him because I truly liked him. I love him!"

"I'll have a talk with him when I get a chance, ok?" said Maria. "I'll try to get him to see how you feel about him."

"Thank you Maria, you're the greatest."

"Ain't that the truth?"


The next morning they all showered and met back at the cars. Everyone seemed to notice a glow around Max and Liz that hadn't been there the day before.

"$10 says they did it last night," whispered Michael to Maria.

"No way! Eew…that's my brother you're talking about, you meathead! And besides, Liz isn't the type to move that fast!"

"So, you gonna bet on it or not?"

"My $10 says they didn't." Maria and Michael explained the bet to Isabel and she agreed to be the one to hold the money. They all piled into their cars, but this time it wasn't girls in one car, guys in the other.

In Maria's Jetta were Maria, Michael, and Isabel. In Max's jeep were Max, Liz, and Alex. They all drove to a McDonalds to get breakfast and ate in the parking lot. Then they got down to business. Max and Maria pulled out their maps and everyone began to discuss where they were going to go.

"I say we head for Florida," said Michael. "I want to check out the Miami babes!"

For that comment he earned two thwaps on the head from Maria. "First of all," she said. "I am your girlfriend and I don't want you 'checking out the Miami babes'. Secondly, we're running from the FBI, you shouldn't even be thinking about 'babes'!"

"Why don't we head for Seattle?" asked Liz. "It's a big city, so we can blend in. But it doesn't seem like the type of place the FBI would look for six alien teenagers."

They all agreed and worked out the route they would take to Seattle. As they were getting back into their vehicles a large man in a black suit walked quickly towards them. "HALT!" he yelled. "FBI!"

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~*Part 2*~

The six teenagers stared at the man for probably only a second before reacting, but it seemed like an eternity. The FBI had found them. They were already captured. They were going to be taken into captivity and were going to be poked and prodded and eventually dissected. It was all over. They were all only 16 and 17 years old and their lives were over.

Liz shook her head quickly and was the first to react to the man. ‘Play it cool, Parker,’ she told herself. “Are we in trouble sir?” she asked.

The FBI agent studied her for a few seconds and then said, “I just received word from a Sheriff Jim Valenti in Roswell, New Mexico that six teens have fled because…well, that’s not important now. The thing is, you’re in a group of six and you all seem to fit the description. I have colleagues all over the parking lot now, so do as I say. All of you face this car here, put your hands up and don’t move.” Everyone did as he asked, sending worried glances at each other.

The FBI agent leaned down and inspected the license plate on the Jetta and then the one on the jeep. He looked up at the six teenagers and said, “These are your cars, right?”

“Yes,” said Maria.

“Well, the ones I’m looking for are red and black, and these aren’t the right colors and the license plate numbers and states are different. These plates say you’re from Ohio. Can I ask what you kids are doing way out here?”

Michael spoke up, “We were going on a road trip, sir. Can we go yet?”

The agent nodded his head. “You’re free to go, I’m sorry to bother you. But if you see a group of teenagers in a red Jetta or a black jeep, call the police immediately. These kids are extremely dangerous and are of great interest to the federal government right now.” The man walked away and everyone looked at each, happy to be safe, at least for a while, but in disbelief in how easy it had been to get rid of the guy.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Max. Everyone got quickly into the cars and they began to drive towards their destination…Seattle, Washington.


Max drove down the highway, stealing quick loving glances at Liz every chance he got. Which wasn’t often, what with having Alex sitting in the back, watching every move he made. Max got the impression that although they were friends, Alex still wasn’t comfortable having Max going out with Liz. Which he could understand. He had a sister too. But he was getting seriously annoyed with Alex. Every time Max even looked at Liz out of the corner of his eye, Alex would kick Max’s seat.

Liz was also aware of Alex’s overprotective behavior and found that she really didn’t mind. She was glad she had a brother who cared so much who she was with and who was so willing to make sure she was happy and safe. Liz sighed and looked out the window, enjoying the feeling of the warm breeze blowing in through the window and causing her hair to whip all over the place. The sun was shining and they were passing sunny meadows and pastures with cows and horses. It was so quiet out here, yet not lonely at all. The wildlife kept you company.

Finally she turned to Max and said, “So, what are we going to do when we get to Seattle? Are we all going to get an apartment together, or what?”

Alex cleared his throat. “Yes,” he said. “We should all get one big apartment.”

Liz rolled her eyes at her brother’s comment and waited for Max’s response. “I think,” said Max. “That we should discuss this without Alex around. Because I’ve been thinking that we should have our own place.”

Liz smiled, happy with Max’s response. That’s what she wanted too…she just didn’t know if she was ready. She was only 16…was she really old enough to live with a guy? But she did love him…and he loved her…

She shook her head and looked out the window again, catching sight of Maria’s car ahead of them. She could see a lot of flailing arms and giggled as she realized that there must be a big argument going on in the car.


“No, Michael, you can not have the rest of my Mountain Dew! I don’t care if you are dying of thirst, I don’t care if you threaten me, I don’t want you to have the rest of my soda! What if I get thirsty!?”

“Come on,” grumbled Michael, slumping down in his seat. “I’m so thirsty! Are you really going to dehydrate your boyfriend because you’re selfish?”

“Yes,” she said. “It’s my soda and I can do what I want with it!” This argument went on for about 15 minutes before Isabel totally lost it.

“Will you two shut up!?” she screamed. Then she promptly leaned forward, grabbed the Mountain Dew, and threw it out the window.

“What the hell?” said Michael, turning angrily to confront his sister. “Why’d you do that? Now both of us will be thirsty!”

Isabel rolled her eyes and wished she were with Max, Liz, and Alex instead. At least a car ride with them would be semi-peaceful. “Maria,” she said.

“What?” snapped Maria, angry at losing her soda out the window.

“Are you going to talk to Alex today?”

Maria’s tone softened and she looked at her friend through the rear-view mirror. “I’ll try chica.” She sighed and continued driving, trying to ignore Michael’s mutterings about his thirst and Isabel’s sighs of lovesickness over Alex.


Finally they made their way to an inn for the night. They had reached Denver, Colorado and were all exhausted from the day of driving. They got their three rooms and then met down in the restaurant for dinner.

They all ordered and as their salads and soups were being served, Max said, “Why don’t we hang out here for a while? There are some great ski trails nearby and we all need to have a little fun before reaching Seattle.”

“Are you crazy!” barked out Michael, dropping his salad fork with a clatter. “The FBI is chasing us, Max, in case you didn’t notice. We need to get to our destination as soon as possible, not make this a free for all, joy ride road trip!”

“I agree with Max,” said Liz. “We got away from that agent so easily this morning, I’m not too worried. I think we should hang out here for a day or two. Loosen up a little and have fun.”

Michael looked around the table at everyone and realized by the looks on their faces that they all agreed with Max. He sighed reluctantly and said, “If you all want to, I have no right to stop you. But I don’t like this idea, and if anything happens, I reserve the right to say I told you so.”

“Thank you Michael,” said Maria, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. “And sorry about not sharing my soda in the car,” she whispered. Michael smiled back, knowing that when Maria apologized it meant heavy making out later that day. He couldn’t wait to get back to their room…


Everyone finished their desserts and Maria stood up, Michael standing up immediately after. “Michael,” she said. “I’ll meet you in the room a little later. I need to talk to Alex.”

“Ok,” he said, walking off. Maria turned to Alex and grabbed his arm, dragging him to the lobby.

“What is it, Maria?” asked Alex.

“It’s about you and Isabel. She really loves you Alex. The dare no longer matters. She wants to be with you. And everyone else already knows this…tonight you share a room with her.”

“WHAT!? No, I won’t! She used me on a dare! She hurt me! I am not spending the night in a room with her!”

“Alex, get over it! How many times do we all have to tell you? The dare means nothing now. Isabel loves you! She loves you Alex!”

Alex stood still, staring at Maria, letting this information soak in. Isabel loved him. The dare didn’t matter. He was going to share a room with her tonight. He shook his head, not ready to deal with this yet. “I need to think,” he said, walking away from Maria.

Maria sighed, knowing she’d done her best. She hurried towards her room where she knew Michael would be awaiting her.


Max and Liz were the last two remaining at the dinner table. Max grabbed Liz’s hand and said, “Do you want to go for a walk?”

“Sure,” she said. He led her through the lobby and out the main doors. They walked hand in hand down the side of the highway, deserted at this time of the day.

“That was a really great idea you had,” said Liz. “Staying here for a while. Having fun. We all really need that.”

Max smiled and noticed Liz shiver. “Are you cold?” he asked with genuine concern. She nodded.

“Just a little.” He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her. He didn’t have a jacket on to offer her, but he preferred holding her close anyways.

Liz stopped walking and looked up into Max’s eyes, amazed at the outpouring of love she saw directed at her. She stood on her toes and kissed Max, threading her fingers through the hair on the back of his head.

Max kissed her back, still getting the feeling like when he’d first kissed her. Every time he kissed Liz was a wonderful, one of a kind experience. They drew apart to catch their breath, and Max smiled down at Liz.

“So,” he said. “About us getting an apartment?” He looked down at her, hopefully awaiting her answer.

Liz said, “I’ve been thinking about it. We are young, Max. Very young by some people’s standards. But we’re in love. And we’re on our own now. So I say yes. When we get to Seattle, and if we decide that’s the place we want to stay, we’ll get an apartment together, just the two of us.”

Max stroked Liz’s cheek, smiling down at her. “Thank you,” he whispered. “Thank you for agreeing. And thank you for loving me.”


Alex sighed and decided it was time to head to his room and face Isabel. He stood up from the chair at the bar where he’d been sitting for an hour and walked slowly to the elevator. The elevator ride seemed too fast. He walked as slowly as he could down the hallway to the room he had and opened the door with the key, stepping in.

Isabel looked up in surprise, quickly swiping at her cheeks with a tissue, trying to conceal the fact that she’d been crying. She went into the bathroom and shut the door, calling out to Alex, “I’m just going to get ready for bed now!”

He didn’t respond, but flopped onto the bed nearest the window and flipped on the television. He couldn’t find anything he wanted to watch, but didn’t care because he was mostly paying attention to the sounds coming from the bathroom.

Even as he heard the hair dryer going, he could hear Isabel crying. He closed his eyes and tried to convince himself that he wasn’t the reason for her pain. But he knew he was. He was causing her to cry like that. He didn’t want her to cry, but he wasn’t ready yet to talk to her and make up. He was still hurt too.

After a few minutes Isabel came out of the bathroom and climbed into her bed, turning off the light on her side of the bed. “Good night Alex,” she said quietly, facing away from him.

“Good night Isabel,” he said, turning off the light on his side of the room. He lay in the darkness, listening to Isabel breathing. He could tell she wasn’t asleep, even hours later. She obviously thought he was asleep because she didn’t try to conceal her quiet sobs.

Alex tried not to hear her crying, but with every sob, his heart softened. Why was he being so stupid? She loved him. She was crying because of the way he was acting. He should be glad he had a girl like Isabel in love with him. He slowly stood up from his bed and lay down next to Isabel on her bed, taking her into his arms. They lay like that until Isabel stopped crying, neither of them saying a word. They fell asleep like that, smiles on their faces.

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~*Part 3*~

The next morning Liz and Max walked hand in hand down to the lobby, where everyone had agreed that they’d meet. They looked around and then down at their watches. Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex were nowhere in sight.

“Are we early?” asked Liz.

“No,” said Max. “I wonder where they are…if they don’t get down here soon, we probably won’t be able to make it to the ski lodge in time to get rooms.”

Liz nodded her agreement and then said, “Well, as long as we’re waiting, let’s get some breakfast.” She grabbed Max’s hand and dragged him towards the small restaurant to their left.

They ordered pancakes and orange juice, laughing and flirting throughout the meal. They finally went back to the lobby…to find that their friends still hadn’t made an appearance that morning. Liz looked at Max and smiled.

“What?” he asked.

“I think I know why they’re not down here yet.” She smiled again and Max’s eyes opened wide in realization.

“LIZ! Do you really think they…did it?”

“Well, maybe Maria and Michael. Probably not Alex and Isabel.”

Max grimaced in disgust. “Yuck, Liz, Maria is my sister and Michael is my best friend! That is not a picture I want running through my head!”

“What don’t you want running through your head?” asked Alex, coming up behind them.

“Never mind,” said Max. “Where have you and Isabel been?”

“We overslept and then she had to spend an hour and a half in the bathroom, primping and pampering.” Alex snickered as Isabel walked up and gave him a glare, after hearing his comment.

“Well, where are Michael and Maria?” asked Liz.

“We haven’t seen them,” said Alex. “But our room is across the hall from them…and let’s just say that they are probably very exhausted right now.”

Liz’s eyes opened wide. “They…”

Alex giggled and said, “No, I don’t think they went all the way, but they were…uh…having fun!”

As this discussion continued, Isabel stood there silently, studying Alex. She was somewhat surprised that he had comforted her in the night. At the time, she’d thought maybe he’d forgiven her. Now, she wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t mentioned it once since they’d woken up in each other’s arms. He’d hurried disentangled himself from her and went into the bathroom to shower. Every time their eyes would meet, he’d look away. Isabel sighed as she realized that they weren’t traveling far today…just to the ski lodge. Which meant she probably would get a room with Alex again. Not that she minded being with Alex…it’s just the way he minded being with her.

Isabel was whipped away from her thoughts as Liz snapped her fingers in front of her face. “Earth to Isabel!”

“Sorry, Liz. Did you say something?”

Liz gave her a weird look and said, “Yeah. You and me are going to go get Michael and Maria, while Alex and Max pack our bags back into the car.”

Isabel nodded and followed silently after Liz into the elevator. Immediately after the elevator door shut, Liz turned to Isabel, a concerned look in her eyes. “Did something happen between you and Alex last night?”

“Geeze…nosy much, Liz,” grumbled Isabel, crossing her arms over her chest and staring straight ahead at the door.

“Sorry,” said Liz. “It’s just that Alex seemed to be totally ignoring you and you seemed off in some other world. I was just concerned.”

Isabel sighed and turned to Liz. “I know you’re concerned. And thank you for caring. I guess I’ll tell you…I was crying last night. I didn’t mean to cry with Alex in the room, but that just made me cry more. Knowing he was only a few feet away, yet so much further. I thought he was asleep, but I guess not, because he got out of his bed and into mine. He held me all night. I thought that maybe he was beginning to apologize and to realize that the dare meant nothing…that I really love him. But this morning he’s been ignoring me, he never makes eye contact, and he hasn’t mentioned it. I just don’t know what to think anymore.”

Liz pulled Isabel into a hug and rubbed her back comfortingly. “I’ll have a talk with him. He’s my brother, and I know that the way his mind works can be kind of warped sometimes.”

Isabel smiled. “Thanks, Liz. Now let’s go find Maria and my bonehead brother.” They walked down the hallway in amiable silence, stopping in front of the door of Michael and Maria’s room. They heard nothing from inside the room.

“They’re probably still asleep,” said Isabel. Liz nodded in agreement and then raised her hand and knocked lightly on the door. There was no response. Liz knocked again and heard a dull thump from in the room. A few seconds later a disgruntled Michael came to the door, rubbing his head.

“What?!” he yelled as he threw the door open. A look of embarrassment came over his face as he realized he was yelling at Liz and Isabel…and he was clad in nothing else but his smiley face boxers.

Isabel quickly turned away, not wanting to see her brother so unclothed. Liz snickered and said, “We’re leaving soon. I’d recommend that you and Maria get ready and meet us at the cars in like fifteen minutes.”

“Sure,” said Michael, closing the door again. Liz looked at Isabel and giggled as they went back down towards Alex and Max. As they walked through the lobby towards the front doors, Liz could see Max and Alex packing stuff into the cars. Liz took her time walking towards the doors, just enjoying the view of Max.

They joined the guys outside and stood around the cars until Michael and Maria decided to grace them with their presence. They all got into the cars and headed for the ski lodge that was ten miles away.

Maria bounced up and down excitedly in her seat on the way there, causing Michael and Isabel to give her odd looks. Finally Michael decided that she could end up crashing the car if she continued bouncing and said, “Maria, what’s wrong? Why are you so jumpy?”

“I’m not jumpy,” she said. “I’m excited. We’re going to have so much fun! We can go downhill skiing, and cross country skiing, and ice skating, and snow boarding, and-”

Michael and Isabel just rolled their eyes at Maria, pretending like they weren’t all that interested. But they were. Whether he really wanted to admit it or not, Michael didn’t have much against this little slow down in their trip to Seattle. He really did need to relax and have some fun. He decided he would let down his guard a little and try to have fun. Besides, what were the chances that an FBI agent would be at a ski lodge in the Rocky Mountains looking for six teenage aliens?


"Finally," sighed Liz as she caught sight of the ski lodge up ahead. It had taken them almost the whole day to get there because the jeep had stalled and then the Jetta had run out of gas.

'At least we didn't get stuck in any snow,' she thought to herself as Max pulled into the parking lot, Maria tailing behind. They parked next to each other and stepped out of the cars into the crisp air. The extremely cold crisp air. Liz shivered and noticed the others doing the same.

It made sense though. They had lived in New Mexico. And it was spring. They hadn't planned on ending up in the mountains. They'd have to buy warmer clothing at the small gift shop attached to the lodge.

They trooped inside and up to the main desk. The man behind the desk saw their fairly large group and broke into a grin.

"Three rooms," said Max.

"Certainly," said the man. He made all the arrangements and handed three keys to Max. "I hope you have a wonderful stay here. Expect exceptional service, right now you're our only guests. This really isn't the time of year for many tourists."

Max thanked the man and handed a key to Michael and a key to Alex. Max led Liz off to find their room and Michael led Maria off. Alex shifted nervously from foot to foot, unsure of what to say to Isabel.

Finally she said, "Well, should we go find the room?" He nodded and practically ran to the hallway. Isabel followed after him dejectedly. 'He sure is in a hurry to get away from me,' she thought.

Ahead of her she saw Alex opening the door to their room. She walked in and sighed again as she saw that there was only one large bed. 'I hope he doesn't make a big deal about it,' she thought as she set her suitcase down.

They proceeded to unpack some of their things in silence. Finally Alex mumbled, "Let's go back to the lobby to meet with the others."

They left the room and Isabel was relieved to see Michael and Maria leaving their room too. She hurried over to them, hoping one of them would talk to her.

They all went to the lobby where Max and Liz were waiting for them. Together they went to the gift shop and bought heavier coats and boots. Then they headed back to the lobby to decide what they wanted to do first.

"I want to go ice-skating," said Maria excitedly. Michael agreed and they went to the rental desk to rent ice-skates.

Max looked at Liz and said, "How about we hit the slopes right away?"

Liz looked at her feet in embarrassment. "Actually, I've never been skiing before…"

Max grinned. "Well then, I'll have to teach you."

Liz glanced at Alex and Isabel and then said, "Actually, Max, I need to talk to Alex first. Why don't you and Isabel go ahead? I'll come out a little later."

"Sure," said Max, leading Isabel to the rental desk.

Liz turned to Alex and glared at him. He looked back at her nervously, but didn't say anything.

Finally Liz blurted out, "Geez Alex, do you have a brain? Or, here's a better question. Do you have a heart?"

"Liz, if this is about Isabel, then-"

"Damn straight this is about Isabel! Do you have any idea of what you're putting her through? She loves you! You're acting like she's not even alive! Grow up, Alex! Yes, she was dared to ask you out. So what? She wasn't dared to fall in love with you. Yet she allowed it to happen! And whether you're willing to admit it or not, you love her too. So just give up this stupid game, Alex. Apologize for being the ass that you've been and tell her you love her."

"Liz, it's not that simple. I-"

"Yes! Yes, it is that simple! Have you been paying attention the past few days? We're part of the Royal Six. We have the FBI after us. We mindwarped our cousin and Tess and we're high school dropouts! This isn't some big game! Who knows how long we have to live or be together. So give up this childish crap and love her and let her love you!"

Liz stomped off without letting Alex get in a word edgewise. Alex stared after his sister and collapsed onto a nearby couch. He held his head in his hands and willed himself not to cry.

What Liz had said had been like a punch to the stomach.

Grow up, Alex!

It was true. He was acting childish.

She wasn't dared to fall in love with you!

His heart warmed as he thought of Isabel loving him.

Who knows how long we have to live or be together.

He'd never thought of it that way. It was true. They could be captured or killed tomorrow.

But he couldn't do it. He couldn't let what Liz said convince him to forgive Isabel. She'd hurt him and no matter how immature everyone thought he was acting, he couldn't let the dare go.


Maria let go of Michael’s hand and stepped onto the ice, gliding to the middle of the deserted rink. She looked behind her and yelled, “Come on, Michael!” She skated back towards him and grabbed his hand, trying to get him onto the ice.

“Maria, I, uh, haven’t been ice-skating since Isabel’s tenth birthday party.”

“I wouldn’t even call that skating,” she teased, remembering that party. She, Isabel, and Max had been skating for hours, but not Michael. Every time he got on the ice he fell onto his butt. Mr. and Mrs. Evans had been teasing him about having a pillow attached to his pants so that he wouldn’t hurt himself too bad every time he fell.

Michael smirked and said, “Ha ha. So, are you going to help me out here, or are you just going to tease me about something that happened more than SIX years ago?!”

Maria smiled sweetly up at Michael and said, “Aww. Poor Michael. Of course I’ll help you.” She held onto his hand and stepped back on the ice, trying to hold him up as he slipped and slid all over. He couldn’t get his balance though, and fell to the ice, dragging Maria down on top of him.

She burst out laughing and tried to get up. She kept sliding and falling back down on top of Michael. Finally he grabbed her wrists to stop her movements and looked up at her. He tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at her beauty. She was flushed from laughing and trying to get up. Her hair was wild and untamed. Michael couldn’t think of any time when she’d looked more perfect, not even three nights ago at the Spring Fling Dance.

Michael smiled as he realized what feelings Maria was evoking in him. He had always taken Maria for granted, thinking she’d always be there. They’d been in an on-off relationship since he had been 14 and she’d been 13. But for the first time, Michael fully realized what Maria truly meant to him. He loved her.

He leaned up slightly to kiss her and for a moment he felt like the Grinch when he was listening to all the Whos down in Who-ville singing on Christmas morning and his heart expanded to three times its size. Michael’s heart was expanding.

He broke the kiss and before Maria had a chance to get up, he said, “Maria, I love you.”

She looked down at him, a shocked expression on her face. For a second Michael thought she was going to burst out laughing. But what she really did surprised him even more. She burst into tears.

Michael quickly got them into sitting positions and hugged her. “Shh…what’s wrong?” he asked. She looked into his eyes and seemed to study them for a few seconds.

“You really meant that,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said, looking down at the ice nervously.

She gently guided his face to look at her and said, “Michael, I love you too. I’ve loved you since I was thirteen. Everyday, I’ve dreamed of you saying you loved me.” She leaned in and kissed him again, then got up and helped him stand.

They got off the ice and took off their skates. Both of them knew that the skating lesson was over for the day.

They walked in silence to the rental desk and returned their skates. They sat on a couch in the lobby to put their shoes back on. With a suddenness that surprised Michael, Maria said, “Make love to me, Michael.”

Michael, unsure of what to say, looked around nervously. Finally he managed to say, “Maria, we’re in the lobby of a ski lodge. I’m not sure the people walking through here want to see-”

“In our room, Michael,” said Maria quietly. “I know I’m ready. I want you to make love to me, Michael.”


Liz pulled on her gloves and giggled as she watched Max trying to help Isabel get down from the ski lift. Eventually they both were off and they skied over to Liz.

Isabel sighed and said, “I’m not as good at this as I thought. I’m taking a break.” She left Liz alone with Max. He looked down at her feet and said teasingly, “Well, I see you got your skis on correctly.”

She swatted at his arm and said, “So, are you going to teach me to ski, or what?”

Max nodded his head and proceeded to give Liz pointers on how to move her feet and body and how to use the poles.

She finally said she thought she was ready to give it a try. They went to a beginner trail and Liz went first. When Max caught up to her at the bottom, he was breathless.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” he asked.

“I’m sure,” she said.

“Wow…well, you already ski better than I do!”

Liz giggled as they got on the ski lift and went back to the head of the trail. They skied until well past sundown.

Finally Max, who was extremely exhausted, said, “We should stop now. Let’s go back to the lodge.”

Liz agreed and they returned their gear to the rental desk. They were heading back to their room when a mischievous look came into Liz’s eyes.

“What?” asked Max.

“Why don’t we go relax in the hot tub we saw in the back?”

Max nodded his head, afraid to open his mouth for fear that he’d squeal like a schoolgirl. He was going to be in a hot tub with Liz…

As soon as they reached their room they ran to their bags to search for their swim suits. Liz went to change in the bathroom, and while she was gone, Max quickly slipped into his swim trunks.

When Liz came out of the bathroom he had to quickly grab a towel to hold in front of him. He liked what he saw…and his body was very obviously responding to seeing Liz.

She was wearing a red two piece suit. The top was like a tiny little tube top and the bottom was a tiny little pair of shorts.

“Ready to go?” asked Liz, grabbing her towel and walking to the door.

“Y-yes,” Max croaked out. He hurried to the door, still holding the towel in front of him. They walked together to the hot tub.


Alex opened his eyes and smiled weakly at Isabel as she entered their room. Isabel said quietly, “Hey Alex. Sorry, I didn’t know you were sleeping. I’ll be quiet.”

Alex shook his head and said, “No, it’s ok. Actually, I was just waiting for you. We need to talk.”

Isabel nodded and sat down on the bed across from him. He must have noticed her shivering because he said, “Hey, if you’re cold, we can go to the lobby to talk. There is a big fire going in the fireplace now.”

“Sure,” said Isabel, following after Alex. As she walked she tried to calm herself down and convince herself that just because Alex wanted to talk to her didn’t mean he was forgiving her. But she couldn’t stop smiling and she truly believed he was going to apologize for the way he’d been acting and say he loved her.

They reached the lobby and sat on the couch in front of the fire, reveling in the warmth and coziness. As she looked around she saw Michael and Maria standing up from another couch and going in the direction of their room. Both looked happier than she’d ever seen them. ‘I wonder what the story is there,’ she thought to herself and then realized Alex had just said something to her.

She blushed. “Uh, I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“I just said that I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating you lately. You apologized and explained to me that the dare meant nothing, but I was too stupid to realize that you really love me.”

Isabel sighed with relief. ‘He’s apologizing!’ her mind screamed excitedly.

“The thing is, Isabel, that I don’t think we should be together…as a couple. This whole Royal Six thing is still sinking in. I just…can’t handle being in a relationship now. I just want us to be friends.” He held his breath in anticipation of Isabel’s response. But he got none. She stood up and quickly ran back to their room.

She tried to blink back the tears that were threatening to spill down her cheeks. She managed to make it back to the room before bursting into tears.

Friends?! He just wanted to be friends?! Didn’t Alex realize how much she loved him. She couldn’t just be his friend! Every time she saw him, she’d wish for more…she’d want to kiss him or have him hold her.

No…if Alex didn’t want to be with her, he just wouldn’t be anything to her.


Max carefully stepped into the hot tub after throwing his towel over the back of a nearby chair. He sat down quickly to try and hid the bulge in his swim trunks and waited patiently for Liz to get in. She slowly lowered herself into the water and smiled at Max.

He smiled back and said, “So, about getting an apartment together. Do you think we’ll be able to pay the rent?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah,” she said. “If we keep doing what we have been, we should be fine.” When they’d been getting ready to leave Roswell, all six of them had withdrawn all of their savings from the bank in one-dollar bills. As they needed money, they used their powers to change the one dollar bills to ten dollar bills.

Max sighed. “Ok. But as soon as we can support ourselves without doing that, we should. It’s dishonest…”

Liz leaned over and lightly kissed Max. “I know,” she said. “But right now we have to.”

He nodded and then said, “Let’s not talk about money now. Let’s talk about us.”

Liz raised her eyebrows. “What about us?”

“Well, I just have to say that you look absolutely perfect in that swimsuit.”

Liz blushed as Max pulled her closer. “Thank you,” she said. “And you don’t look so shabby yourself.”

Max flexed his biceps and said, “I know. I’m quite the stud, aren’t I?” Liz just laughed and pulled him closer for another kiss.

Max growled teasingly and pulled Liz onto his lap until she was straddling him. “Max…” she moaned quietly as his kisses moved to her neck and collarbone. She inhaled sharply as he nipped playfully at her.

His hands moved up from her hips until they were very near her breasts. “Liz?” he asked, wanting to be sure she was ok with it.

“Yes,” she said quietly. One of his hands roamed up to cup her left breast. He continued to kiss her, trying to taste every crevice of her mouth. He was intoxicated by the flowery smell coming off her hair. One of his hands cupped her butt and pulled her closer to him. Liz gasped as she felt Max’s erection beneath her.

She pulled away slightly from Max and looked into his eyes, trying to catch her breath. His eyes were glazed over with a combination of love and lust.

“Max,” she said. “I think we should stop before we go too far.”

He reluctantly nodded his head. “I’m sorry, Liz,” he said.

She smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. “You have nothing to apologize for, Max.”

They got out of the hot tub and ran back into the lodge before they got too cold. They ran back to their room and toweled off. Liz took a shower first, then Max. They probably would have found it amusing to know that they both took cold showers.


Michael opened the door to their room and flipped on the light, locking the door behind him. Maria went over to the nightstand, where there were a few candles. She rummaged around in a drawer until she found a pack of matches. She lighted the candles and said, “Why don’t you turn the lights off, Michael?”

He did just that, admiring the way the flickering candlelight accentuated Maria’s features.

They both approached the bed on the left because it was the closest and looked down at it. Maria giggled and said, “Wow, uh, maybe we should push the two beds together.”

“Yeah,” said Michael, helping her push them right up next to each other.

Maria lay down on one of the beds and looked up expectantly at Michael. He quickly lay down next to her and pulled her into a kiss that left both of them breathless.

They kicked their shoes and socks off without breaking lip contact. Maria purred as Michael slipped his hand below the hem of her shirt and pulled it up slightly to expose her stomach. He kissed around her naval, teasing her. She lifted her arms above her head so it would be easier for Michael as he completely removed her shirt.

His eyes took in the sight of Maria below him, her lacy bra just barely covering her chest.

He slipped one of the straps down off her shoulder and left tender kisses along her shoulder down to the mound of her breast.

In one quick movement he reached under Maria and unsnapped her bra, throwing it to the floor next to her shirt. He lowered his head and tentatively sucked Maria’s nipple into his mouth, waiting to see what her response would be. When she moaned his name he knew what he was doing definitely wasn’t wrong.

As he lapped at one breast with his tongue, he gently massaged the other with his hand.

He sat up quickly and pulled his shirt off. Maria’s hand glided over his smooth chest, admiring him.

Their mouths met in another kiss, their tongues clashing. He slowly kissed down her chin, down her neck and chest, down her stomach, to the waistband of her pants.

He slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them, keeping eye contact with Maria. She lifted her hips slightly so that he could slide them down easier.

Michael got harder, if that was possible, when he saw that Maria wasn’t even wearing any panties. She lay below him, completely exposed, looking like a temptress, a goddess.

Maria sat up and looked into Michael’s eyes while fumbling with the zipper on his jeans. “I need to see you,” she breathed into his ear. As Maria worked at his zipper with trembling fingers he reached into his back pocket and took out his wallet, lying it on the bed beside him.

Maria finally managed to get his fly open and was pushing his pants down impatiently. He helped her slide them off and then she giggled.

“Very appropriate boxers,” she said, referring to the smiley faces. “Because what’s in the boxers seems very happy to see me.”

Michael smiled as he pushed Maria back down and kissed her. With one hand he gently eased her legs apart and tickled her inner thighs. She moaned and wiggled around below him. He gently inserted a finger into her, amazed at how wet she was. He added another finger and increased the pace, using his other hand to gently massage her breasts.

Within a very short time Maria was gasping for breath. “Michael,” she croaked. “I’m gonna-”

Her back arched and she shuddered as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Finally, when she had caught her breath somewhat, she opened her eyes to look up at Michael. “God…”

He removed his fingers and she moaned at the loss of him inside her. He removed his boxers and Maria’s eyes opened wide as she took in the sight of him.

“Will…will that fit?” she asked skeptically.

Michael chuckled. “I guarantee it’ll fit.” He reached for his wallet and removed his one and only condom. He opened the package and Maria grabbed it out of his hands.

“I want to do it,” she said shyly. Michael grinned as she sat up and got closer to him. She rolled on the condom, amazed at how hard he was.

Michael groaned as Maria’s fingers brushed him, practically making him come right then.

She finished and lay down again. Michael leaned over her, supporting most of his weight with his hands. He used his knee to nudge her legs apart and lowered his head to her ear.

“I’ve always wanted you to be my first and me to be your first. I don’t want to hurt you.” He gently slipped inside of her until he reached her barrier. He looked down at her and she nodded. With one quick thrust he broke her barrier and he was fully sheathed in her.

He kissed her before she could cry out in pain, not moving, wanting her to get used to having him inside her. She moved her hips slightly under him to signal that she wanted him to continue.

He slowly thrust in and out. He started to increase his pace as Maria met him thrust for thrust. He began to feel lightheaded as he got closer to the end. He wanted to hold on until Maria was ready though.
She flipped over quickly so that she was on top of Michael. She lowered herself up and down as Michael guided her hips. Finally he felt her begin to clamp down on him and they both fell into oblivion together, spiraling towards the heights of pure delight.

Finally they came down to earth again and Maria fell onto Michael’s chest, amazed at what had just transpired between them. They fell asleep like that, Michael still within her.

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~*Part 4*~

The group spent a total of three days at the ski lodge. Isabel spent almost the entire time moping in her room. She’d even refused to have Alex sleep in the same room as her, so he slept on the couch in the lobby, much to the annoyance of the manager. Maria and Michael hadn’t left each other’s sides for almost the entire time, although they hadn’t made love since the first time. Max and Liz had skiied everyday and everyday, afterwards, they’d relaxed in the hot tub.

On the morning of their planned departure, all six of them packed up their bags and agreed to meet in the lobby of the lodge at 9:00 a.m. to check out.

Maria surprisingly, was the first one to finish packing up, so she headed down to the lobby. Alex followed after her, lugging his suitcase behind him.

“Hey Maria,” said Alex. “Is anyone else ready?”

“Does it look like it?” she snapped. She’d been angry at Alex ever since she’d found out that Alex had told Isabel that he only wanted to be friends.

Alex walked over to an armchair and sat down, watching Maria pacing back and forth as she waited for everyone else to join them.

As they waited in silence, a man walked into the lodge and up to the front desk. He and the manager seemed to be having a serious conversation. Alex strained to hear them, but they were speaking in whispers. Something was making Alex uncomfortable. The man that had walked in seemed like a very authoritative character. He had raven black hair, swept back off his forehead. He was an intimidating six and a half feet tall. He was wearing a suit, and what worried Alex was the bulge under the man’s jacket that could only be a gun. What was a man with a gun doing at a ski lodge?

Alex’s eyes opened wide as the realization of why this man was here struck him. He stood up quickly and was about to call out to Maria, when the tall man whipped out his gun, pointing it at Maria, and said, “Move again, and she dies.”

Maria yelped in surprise and silently begged Alex with her eyes for him to not do something stupid which could result in her getting killed.

“What do you want from us?” asked Alex quietly.

“You damn well know what I want from you, you freak! I’m Agent Pierce from the Special Unit of the FBI. I’m an alien-hunter.”

“Aliens don’t exist,” replied Alex.

“Don’t give me that crap. We’ve been following you since you left Roswell. We saw you change the colors of your cars. That FBI agent you met a few days ago also belonged to the Special Unit. He was a rookie and for letting you go, he was killed. It’s very easy for us to kill…don’t make us kill you. Now, if you’ll both raise your hands above your heads and come with me. And don’t you dare try to use your powers. The parking lot is full of my colleagues.”

Maria and Alex slowly raised their arms and walked out the lobby doors, Agent Pierce right behind them, his gun ready to shoot.

He walked them over to a nondescript black van, where four other agents were waiting. “I need someone to go back in with me,” said Pierce. “There are four more of them in the lodge.”

“Please, leave our friends alone!” yelled out Maria. Agent Pierce turned quickly slammed her up against the van. He stared menacingly into her eyes.

“I’ll do as I damn well please. Your friends are also aliens, and I intend on capturing them.” He began to choke Maria. “Can you understand that?”

He got no response, just the sound of Maria trying to get a breath of air. After a few more seconds, he threw her body to the ground in disgust. Alex leaned down to help her up, but Pierce grabbed him by the collar to stop him. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave her alone and just stand here like a good little alien.”

Alex weakly nodded his head as he looked down at Maria with concern. Agent Pierce and one other agent, a woman, walked back to the lodge.

As they were halfway across the parking lot, Liz, Max, Michael, and Isabel walked out. They spotted Maria and Alex by the black van with men all around them, but didn’t’ see the guns or recognize the danger they were in.

“We have to go now,” Max yelled over to them.

“Run!” screamed Alex. “It’s the FBI! Run!”

“No!” yelled Michael. “They have Maria!”

“Come one!” yelled Max, spinning Michael around to get him running in the right direction, towards their cars.

Agent Pierce and the woman broke into a sprint, trying to catch up to the other four aliens.

“Halt!” yelled the woman. When none of them stopped running, she took out her gun and fired.

Without discussing it, they all knew they were going to leave the Jetta there. Isabel was the first to reach the jeep, then Michael. They climbed inside, and as Max reached the jeep, he realized that Liz wasn’t behind him. He looked back and was horrified to see her lying on the ground, a rapidly growing pool of blood around her. Without a second thought he ran back to her, picking her up as gently and quickly as he could, running back to the jeep. He just barely made it, and only because Michael had managed to create a barrier to hold back the agents for a few seconds.

As soon as Max had jumped into the jeep, with Liz in his arms, Isabel had sped towards the parking lot exit. The agents fired shots at the jeep, but all Max could concentrate on was Liz.

He placed his hand over the bullet wound that had tore into her stomach. He was scared at how much blood there was. He didn’t think anyone could bleed that much and survive…

‘Stop it!’ he ordered himself. ‘Don’t think like that! Heal her!’ He closed his eyes and concentrated on creating a connection. A flood of images met him, but he pushed them away so he could concentrate more fully on healing her.

He slowly dissolved the bullet, which had stopped just mere centimeters from her spine. As soon as he finished that, he began to repair her internal organs that had been injured, returning them to their former selves. Finally he repaired her skin. He slowly removed his hand and was relieved to see that her stomach appeared normal except for the blood.

He removed his shirt and used it to clean Liz off as best he could. Max shifted slightly so that Liz’s head was resting on his leg and she was sprawled out on the back seat.

Michael turned around and for the first time, Max realized that they were all crying. No wonder. The FBI had Maria and Alex. Michael was Alex’s friend and he and Maria were in love. Isabel loved Alex and Maria was her best friend. Fresh tears came to Max’s eyes as he fully realized that one of his friends was captured…and his sister.

Isabel continued driving at a crazy speed for the next few hours, until they had to stop to get gas. As Isabel filled up the car’s tank, Michael went into the small convenience store and bought two cheap souvenir tee-shirts. He got back to the car and handed them both to Max. Max pulled one over his head and then, in a gentle and respectful manner, removed Liz’s bloody shirt and replaced it with the fresh one.

Isabel got back into the jeep and they began driving again, but not towards Seattle. The FBI may have heard them discussing that at some point, so it wasn’t safe. As much as they wanted to go back for Maria and Alex, they knew it would just be an invitation to be killed. So Isabel headed east, unsure of exactly where she was going, but knowing that everything was different now and that life had just gotten a hundred times more complicated.



“Damn it!” yelled Pierce in frustration as the jeep sped away. He turned to the woman agent, Topolsky, and said, “That was a good shot.”

Pierce walked up to the other agents. “Shouldn’t someone follow them?” asked one of them.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Pierce. “We’ll get them eventually. We’re going to put out a story on America’s Most Wanted, claiming that they murdered someone. Anyone who sees the show and then sees them will call in. Right now, let’s concentrate on the ones we have.” He looked over at Alex, who had wrapped his arm protectively around Maria, who was rubbing at her neck where bruises were forming from when Pierce had choked her.

“Give them their first injections and put them in the restraints. Get them in the van and let’s get them to the base.”

Maria and Alex didn’t struggle or fight back at all as two agents walked up, holding syringes containing a red liquid. They were injected and almost immediately a feeling of lethargy settled over them.

The agents roughly put them into straight jackets and seatbelted them firmly into the back of the van.

Neither Maria or Alex said anything as they began traveling to the base. They stared ahead blankly, oblivious to the agents who were pointing guns at them. Part of it was whatever they’d been injected with and part of it was their recognition and acceptance of their capture. As far as Maria or Alex was concerned, their lives were over.


Isabel pulled over to the shoulder of the highway. “I need to sleep. Will you drive now, Michael?” she asked.

“Of course, Iz,” he replied in a dull, monotone voice, reflecting no emotion. They both opened their doors and got out to walk around to the opposite side of the jeep.

Michael pulled back onto the highway, going right below the speed limit. Max, still holding onto Liz, studied Isabel.

“How are you doing?” Max asked.

“I’m tired,” replied Isabel, giving no impression that she knew Max was actually asking how she was handling knowing that Alex and Maria had been captured.

Max just nodded, watching the sun set. He felt Liz shift and he looked down in anticipation. Her eyes fluttered open and she met Max’s gaze.

“How are you doing, Liz?” he whispered. She smiled and ran her hand along Max’s cheek and down across his jaw. She pulled him down to kiss him.

“Thank you,” she whispered back. “For my life. I love you.”

Max held her closer, his face buried in her hair. “I love you too,” he said.

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~*Part 5*~

Maria and Alex were roughly shoved into a small dark room complete with gray walls, rickety and rusty cots along a wall, a dusty window far up in the corner, and a small toilet and sink in another corner. They both climbed onto a cot and Maria huddled close to Alex, seemingly forgiving him for the moment for having broken Isabel's heart. The agent who had led them to the room didn't take off their straightjackets, he just closed and locked their door and walked away.

Maria tried to grasp onto an emotion, anything, whether it be anger or fear, anything she could use as a foothold. But nothing came to her. Whatever they'd gotten a shot of had made Alex and her completely indifferent to the events unfolding around them. She knew she should have been brought in here kicking and screaming, she should be terrified. But she wasn't. And in a way, that was ok.

What wasn't ok was that the injection had somehow disabled her powers. Although she and Alex had been put into straightjackets and had been warned not to try anything, she had tried. She'd tried to mindwarp the agents. That hadn't worked. Then she'd tried to open the complicated clasps, buckles, and belts on her straightjacket. Not a thing happened. She was completely helpless against the agents.

"Alex?" she said quietly, looking at his wiry form next to her. He had his eyes closed and she wasn't sure if he was asleep or not.

"Yeah Maria?"

"Are your powers disabled too?"

"Yes," he said, finally opening his eyes. "God Maria, what are they going to do to us?"

As Alex's eyes looked into hers Maria was overcome by an onrush of fear. She gasped and her body jerked, causing her to land painfully on her back on the floor. She lay there and tried to calm down but she couldn't. Tears streamed down her face and her vision was completely blurred.

"Maria, are you ok?" asked Alex. "I can't really help you up."

"We're going to die," said Maria quietly. "They're going to cut us open and torture us and do experiments and when they're all done, they'll kill us. We're useless to them after they have the information they want. We're nothing more than lab rats to them. They think we have no souls, that we're not at all human. They think we're terrible horrible monsters who want to cause them harm. They don't trust us. They hate us."

"Stop it," said Alex.

"No," said Maria. "Whatever they injected into me wore off quickly. I felt emotions again, and most importantly, I had my powers. All these images and thoughts from the agents came to me. Some of them are right out there in the hall now. I know what they think, what they feel, what they're going to do to us. We're going to die in here, Alex."

"Stop it Maria!" screamed Alex, standing as quickly as he could and staring down at Maria, who was still lying in a crumpled position on the floor. "Just stop it, damn it! I realize we're going to die! I realize we're going to be tested and probed and that they all hate us! Will you just SHUT UP?!" Alex kicked Maria's leg and flopped back down on the cot, facing the wall. A few stray tears traveled down his nose and dripped onto the moth-eaten sheet covering the cot.

Maria fell silent and looked at Alex's back. She wasn't mad that he'd kicked her, it hadn't hurt and he'd been upset. She was surprised because she'd never seen Alex pissed off before…or scared.

Time passed. It could have been a few minutes, it could have been hours. Neither could tell. Finally Maria struggled into a sitting position on the floor, grimacing as she realized just how much dust and grime she'd been lying in. She looked at Alex again, who's back was still towards her. His shoulders were shaking slightly, in a way that could only mean one thing. Maria knew that Alex wasn't crying because of being tested on and killed. He was crying because he'd never get to see Isabel again.

"You love her don't you?" Maria asked quietly.

Alex slowly opened his eyes and stared at the gray wall in front of him, studying the cracks in the paint and plaster. "Who?" he asked.


"Does it even matter now?"

"Do you?"

"Yes," he whispered. "I love her."

"Then why did you do what you did?" asked Maria, a bit perplexed.

"Because I love her so much," was Alex's simple reply.

"Alex, that makes no sense. If you love her so much, why do you only want to be her friend?"

"I DID want to be her friend. Now I wish I'd never said that, that'd I'd apologized for being an ass and taken her back. I did it because the way I feel about her…I've never felt that for anyone before. It scared me, and I didn't know if it was real love or just lust. I mean, before Isabel, I'd never gone out with a girl. I'd never kissed a girl."

"You hurt her."

Alex groaned softly. "I know. I didn't want to. God, I don't want her to remember me as the guy who broke her heart because he couldn't get over some stupid dare."

"Alex, I have something I want to say, but I'm not sure you'll want to talk about it. It's more of a topic for a girl to with about."

"Hey, I can be a part of a girlfriend talk."

"Michael and I…we made love."

"Uh, wow. Um, ok."

"Alex, I just…I sort of know what you're going through ok. You want to be with Isabel and I want to be with Michael. Especially now that he told me he loves me and we gave each other the ultimate gift."

Alex sighed. "We can't always have what we want, Maria," he said.


Max helped Liz sit up and smiled at her. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Ok," she said. "That nap I took was refreshing. How far have we gone since I started sleeping?"

"We've traveled another 60 miles," said Michael. "Making a total of 240 miles."

Liz nodded weakly and clung to Max's arm, resting her head on his shoulder. She stared blankly out the window. Max gently kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer.

Isabel saw Max and Liz sitting all cuddled up through the rearview mirror and had to bite her lip to choke back a sob that was trying to escape. They were lucky. They still had each other, the one they loved.

'No, that's not fair,' she thought. 'They're hurting too. Alex and Maria are Liz and Max's siblings.'

But she couldn't help the pang of jealousy that flared within her. She wanted Alex to be with her right now. She wanted him to hold her, and for her to know he was safe. Of course, if he was safe, he wouldn't hold her, not the way she wanted to be held. After all, he only wanted to be a friend to her, nothing else.

As she attempted to stop the train of thought she seemed to be trapped in, she stared out the window at the sun reflecting off the hood of the jeep. The jeep was now a deep magenta color. As they'd been driving Max had stuck one of his hands out a back window and touched the side of the jeep, changing the color when they were on an empty stretch of road. He'd also changed the jeeps appearance, causing it to have a lower roof, a wider rear end, and it now rode lower on the wheels.

Liz sighed and said, "I'm hungry."

"We'll stop at the next gas station and pick up some food," said Michael distractedly. Isabel looked over at him through the corner of her eye and saw the pain etched in Michael's eyes. Before this she hadn't realized just how much Maria meant to Michael. Sure, she'd known that Maria loved Michael, but she'd never been too sure about how Michael felt. Her brother wasn't one to open up and profess his love to people, especially to her, his younger sister.

"We'll get them back," said Isabel quietly, stealing another glance in Michael's direction. "When it's safe to go back, we will."

"When will it be safe?" asked Michael angrily. "In five years? In ten? By then they'll be dead! We're going to have every FBI agent in this whole freaking country searching for us! If we try to go back, we'll be captured! And where do we go back to? They could be taken anywhere, to any of the bases here in the US. We hardly have a chance."

"Don't talk like that," said Max from the back seat. "We have to have faith that we'll find them and we'll all be safe. Maybe they'll try to send us a signal or something."

As this conversation was going on, Liz was looking at Michael. She could only see the back of his head and the right side of his body. But as she studied his face she noticed the slight altercations that she hadn't noticed over the past few days, which were now disappearing. He'd been bright-eyed and smiley for days, and so had Maria. Liz hadn't asked any questions because she'd been to wrapped up with Max. But now that she thought about it, they'd both seemed more…

"Michael, are you in love with Maria?" Liz asked suddenly.

Michael blinked back tears, and concentrated on driving. He took a deep breath. "Yes." Everyone looked at Michael.

"Have you told her?" asked Liz.

"Yes," said Michael. "On the first day at the ski lodge. And then…"

"What?" asked Isabel.

"Never mind," said Michael. "Max is Maria's brother, he won't like hearing this. Neither will you, Isabel, cause you're my sister."

Liz thought about this comment for a few seconds before her eyes opened wide in recognition of what Michael meant. "You two…did it?" she asked.

"Yes…I mean, no."

"Well, did you or didn't you?" asked Liz.

"We didn't just do it…we made love."

Isabel and Max groaned, not because they thought it was a bad thing, just cause they really didn't need to know about their siblings sex lives. In all actuality, they were happy for their siblings that they'd found a love that great.

Silence fell over the jeep again and the sun slowly lowered in the sky. After a while Michael stopped at a small gas station and Max went inside to get some water, bread, lunch meat, chips, and donuts. He came back to the jeep and this time he drove, with Liz sitting beside him while Michael and Isabel took the back.

Michael and Isabel fixed everyone a sandwich, passing them out along with the other food. No one said a word as the sun finally set, turning the most horrible day in their lives into night. And they drove on.
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~*Part 6*~

Alex opened his eyes slowly, unsure of where he was or how he'd gotten there. As he looked around it all came rushing back to him. He saw Maria lying on her cot across the room, sleeping peacefully. A small slant of early morning sunlight fell through the window high up near the ceiling, chasing back some of the darkness of the room, but not enough to eliminate the depressing look.

Alex stretched and sat up, shivering slightly as his blanket fell to pool around his hips. He slowly shuffled over to the toilet in the corner, quietly drawing the curtain they'd put up for a small attempt at privacy. He went about his business and as he shuffled back towards his bed the door to the room was flung open and an agent dressed in scrubs ran at him, throwing him on the bed. A needle pricked his arm and as the agent stood up and rushed to do the same to Maria, he realized that he was very very tired again...


Michael pulled into the parking lot of a large inn and turned off the jeep's ignition. "Well, here we are," said Michael. "Chicago."

Everyone climbed out of the van, looking around in interest. They walked towards the inn's main doors and stepped into the air-conditioned building. "Two rooms please," Max said to the woman behind the counter.

As Max was setting up their room arrangements, Isabel pulled Liz aside and said, "The FBI will be looking for us. We need to dye our hair and cut it. Would you be willing to cut a lot off?"

Liz hadn't thought of that before, but she slowly nodded her head yes. "If it'll give us a better chance of not getting caught, sure."

Max came over to them and handed Michael a key. "You and Isabel can share, and me and Liz will share."

Everyone agreed and they headed up to their rooms, which had an adjoining door. Liz lay down on one of the beds, hugging the pillow to her body. "Are you tired?" asked Max, sitting beside her and rubbing her back.

"No, just really scared about what's going to happen to us and to Maria and Alex. What kind of things are they going to have to deal with?"

Max swallowed nervously, unsure of what to say. He had a sneaking suspicion that whatever happened to Maria and Alex wasn't going to be good, but he didn't want to frighten Liz any more than needed. She'd been shot yesterday, she must be under tons of stress as it was. "I'm sure they'll be ok," he said quietly.

Liz turned onto her back and looked up into Max's eyes. "You don't believe that," she said.


"No, Max, you don't have to lie to me. How bad is this situation? What could happen to them? To us?"

"Liz, I don't know. I think that we should just hope for the best and-"

"Max, answer me!"

He sighed and looked down at the girl he loved. How could he tell her what he really thought? How could he tell her that he thought that his sister and her brother would probably die? But he had to do it. She deserved a straight answer.

"Liz, I don't think they'll make it," he said, tears forming in his eyes. He swiped at them angrily. He couldn't cry, not now, not ever. At least not in front of Liz. He had to be strong for her. Who else could be strong for her?

Liz tried to hold back her sobs, but couldn't as she realized that Max was going to cry too. How the hell had their lives come to this? How the hell had everything changed so drastically so quickly? A little over a week ago she and Max had gone to the Spring Fling Dance together. That seemed years ago, an ancient memory, something in another life.

Max pulled Liz into his arms, thanking whatever god there was for not taking Liz away from him and praying that Maria and Alex would come back to them alive.

Their moment of silence in each other's arms was shattered as Isabel came barging into their room, a frantic look in her eyes, her hair tousled, tears mussing her makeup. "Quick, get in here!" she said, running back into her room.

Max and Liz jumped off the bed and followed after her, sure that something terrible had happened to her or Michael. But as they entered the room they saw Michael and Isabel sitting next to each other on one of the beds, watching TV.

"What is it?" asked Max.

"Shhh!" said Michael, pointing at the TV. Isabel picked up the remote and turned up the volume.

"...reports have just come in that four runaway teens are behind the shooting at a Denver area ski lodge that occurred yesterday morning. These teens should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have any information about their whereabouts, you are urged to contact your local FBI headquarters immediately. When we return, we will show you recent school photos of these newest criminals, here on America's Most Wanted."

"Oh fuck," muttered Max, sinking down onto the bed closest to him.

"Oh fuck is right," said Michael. "What the hell do we do now?! Everyone in America is gonna see our faces! As soon as we go outside, someone's gonna be calling the cops! I bet that lady down at the main desk is calling them now!"

"Michael, not everyone watches America's Most Wanted. We should be ok until we can dye our hair and cut it."

"When did we decide to do that?" asked Michael. "And besides, that's not going to help much."

"It's the only thing we can do," said Max. "But we need to get the hair dye immediately."

"I'll get it," said Isabel, walking towards the door.

"No way you're going alone," said Michael. "I'm coming with you."

"Ok," said Isabel. She turned to Max and Liz. "We'll be back as soon as we can."

Liz and Max nodded and went back into their room. Max flopped onto the bed while Liz went into the bathroom.

As she stepped in she saw her face in the mirror and was surprised at how haggard and tired she looked. She gripped the edge of the porcelain sink, leaning on it for support and studied her face in the mirror, noting the bags under her eyes and the way her skin was all pasty. She ran the faucet until the water was lukewarm and then splashed it onto her face, trying to bring back some color to her face, to make her look more alive.

She turned off the water and looked around for a towel, spotting one hanging on a hook up next to the mirror. She grabbed it down and as she brought it down towards her face she noticed a flash of silver in the mirror. She froze and tried to decide if she'd really seen that. She slowly brought the towel to her face and dried it off. She set the towel down on the closed toilet seat and placed her hand on her stomach.

She'd seen a flash of silver when she reached up and her shirt had ridden up slightly, exposing her stomach for a split second. She curled her fingers around the hem of her shirt and closed her eyes. She slowly lifted the shirt up and tried to tell herself that when she opened them all she would see in the mirror would be her stomach, looking totally normal.

She opened her eyes and gasped. There on her stomach was a handprint. A silver handprint. A glowing silver handprint. A glowing silver handprint exactly the same size as Max's hand.

"Oh wow," she whispered. "Oh wow." She took a deep breath and then called out, "Max? Could you come here for a second?"

She heard the bed squeak as Max stood and then she heard his steps as he crossed the room. "What is it?" he asked as he slowly opened the door, peering into the bathroom.

"This," she said, turning around and exposing her stomach to him. His eyes opened wide and he pushed the bathroom door open all the way.

"Does...does it hurt?" he asked, tentatively stepping forward and looking down at her stomach with concern.

"No," she said. "But it is a little tingly. Kinda like if your leg falls asleep."

Max slowly reached out his hand and placed it over the handprint. A perfect match. "This is kinda...weird," he said.

"Will it be permanent?" asked Liz.

"I don't know," said Max. "I've never healed anyone before that got a handprint. When we were little Maria and I would get bumps and scrapes and I'd heal them all the time, but this never happened. Of course, I've never healed a gunshot wound before."

"Max...would I have died?" asked Liz, looking into his eyes.

He pulled her into his arms. "I'd never let that happen," he mumbled into her hair, closing his eyes and breathing in her special Liz scent.

"But if you hadn't been able to heal me. Would I have died? I really want to know."

"I...I think so," he said. Liz pulled back from his embrace and turned to face the mirror again.

"I almost died yesterday," she said to the mirror, as if she were talking to someone else. "I almost died, but Max healed me." She turned to face him again, tears shimmering in her eyes.

"Thank you for saving my life," she said. He brushed away her tears and pulled her into his arms. He never wanted to let her go, ever again.

"You're welcome," he said. "It was my pleasure."


Isabel and Michael returned a half an hour later with six bottles of hair dye and two pairs of scissors for cutting hair.

"Guys first," said Isabel. "I'll cut Michael's hair and Liz, you can cut Max's hair." Isabel led Michael into their room and Liz closed the door adjoining the rooms. Max sighed and sat down in a chair that had been sitting near the window. Liz stripped a sheet off one of the bed and wrapped it around Max's shoulders so that when she cut his hair it wouldn't get all over his clothes and down his shirt. She picked up the pair of scissors and took a tentative few snips at his hair, trying to figure out what she was going to do. She'd have to do it slowly or he'd probably end up with no hair on one side of his head and a scraggly mess on the other. She slowly cut his hair until it was much shorter than it had been.

"All done," she said. "Now we can dye it." She led him to the bathroom and made him lean his head over the sink. She read the directions on the box of blond hair dye. She went about dying his hair, stopping frequently to reread the directions. She'd never died anyone's hair before and she didn't want to turn his whole head green or anything.

Finally she finished and they returned to the main room. They went into Michael and Isabel's room and Liz was shocked to see that Michael's hair was jet black. Michael was trying not to laugh at Max's blond hair.

Isabel and Liz rolled their eyes at Michael and Max's reactions to each other and Isabel said, "Ok, Liz, I can do your hair now."

Isabel cut and dyed Liz's hair and Liz did the same to Isabel's. Basically the final result was that Isabel's hair was now brown and cut to right below her ears, while Liz's was a strawberry blond color and was barely grazing her shoulders with layers and bangs.

Everyone was a bit shocked by how different they looked with just that little work and they were all happy with the results.

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~*Part 7*~

Maria groaned and clutched at her stomach. She felt like she was going to be sick, but she couldn't find the strength to get off of the cot. She groaned again and rolled over to stare up at the ceiling.

"Are you ok?" asked Alex, his words sounding oddly slurred.

"I think I'm gonna hurl," she muttered, trying to calm her stomach.

"How charmingly put," said Alex. "It might be because of the injections we're getting to stop our powers. It could just be a side effect."

"Probably," said Maria. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. When she was asleep she didn't have to feel the stomachache. Most importantly, when she was asleep she didn't have to think about how she and Alex were being held by the FBI and she didn't have to suffer through wondering if she'd ever get to see Michael or any of her other friends again. She could just forget and dream about a better life, one where she was normal.

But she couldn't fall asleep. Something was bothering her, but she didn't know what it was. There was something in the back of her mind trying to say something to her, but she couldn't seem to hear it.

As she lay there she heard a slight whisper, "Mommy…"

Her eyes opened and she glanced at Alex, wondering if he'd said it in his sleep. But Alex wasn't sleeping, he was lying there, looking at her in concern.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Um, yeah," she said, deciding that he must have not heard the whisper and he most definitely wasn't the one who'd said it. She lay there and tried once again to fall asleep.

"Mommy…" Where the hell was that voice coming from? Maria rolled over and decided to herself that the drug she and Alex were being injected with must have odd effects on her brain as well as on her stomach.


As the days passed Max made sure that the four of them not in captivity stayed hidden from most people. They went out in public as little as possible, and after two days at one inn or motel, they would move on to the next. Somehow Michael and Max had gotten papers with new identities for all of them, complete with school records, driver's licenses, and other odd information.

Max's new name was Trevor McCormick. Isabel's new name was Layna Milton. Michael, deciding that it would be suspicious if he and Isabel had identities that were linked as brother and sister as in real life, was John Gendler. And Liz was Felicity Roberts.

When they did have to go out in public they made sure to call each other by their new names, but quite a few times they almost slipped up and used their real names.


Michael woke up and sighed as he realized what day it was. It was June 5. His eighteenth birthday. And he'd have to spend it without the girl he loved. He probably wouldn't even get a birthday cake. Great fucking birthday.

He rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom, intent on taking a long hot shower to wake him up. Isabel was still sleeping in the other bed, he could see a tuft of her brown hair sticking out from under the blankets. As he passed by her bed he thanked his lucky stars that at least he still had Isabel, his baby sister.

He stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. He stepped out of his boxers and turned on the shower, stepping under the water and almost immediately starting to wake up a bit more. He grabbed a bottle of the cheap motel shampoo and started to shampoo his hair. As he was just finishing that task he broke out in goosebumps. He felt like there was another person, no not another person, another MIND in the room with him. He cautiously stuck his head out from behind the shower curtain. Nope, he was still alone in the bathroom.

"Odd," he muttered.

He was just finishing his shower when he heard a voice whisper, "Daddy…"

He practically slipped and fell, the voice had surprised him so much.


"Wow," he muttered. "I need to stop letting Isabel talk me into drinking those funky coffees, they're doing a number on my brain."


Isabel sat on the floor, her brother and friends surrounding her.

"You can do this Isabel," said Michael.

"And if you need my help, I'm right here," said Liz.

Isabel was going to attempt to dreamwalk Maria. They'd figured out the time difference between Chicago and Denver (they thought that where ever Maria and Alex were being held had to be close to where they'd been captured in the Denver area) and they knew that it was now one a.m. there, so Maria would hopefully be asleep.

Isabel took a deep breath and gathered her power. Basically what she did was pull all the power in her body to one spot, her mind, so that she could concentrate better. She'd be very drained when she was done, but it was the only way she'd be able to reach all the way to Maria's mind.

She concentrated on Maria and the dream plane and all of a sudden she was in the dream plane. She easily picked out Maria's dream and stepped into it.

As she stood there she saw something that she didn't understand. She knew this was Maria's dream, yet Maria's mind wasn't controlling the dream. Someone else was. All she could see was a bright light encircling the body of a small baby girl.

She stepped closer and the baby opened her eyes. Isabel gasped in shock. Those were Michael's eyes…yet they were Maria's.

"Oh my god…" she said as she realized what she was looking at.

She snapped back to reality and all of her friends were looking at her.

"Did you reach her?" asked Max. "Do you know where they are? Are they ok?"

"I don't know," she said. "But I saw…something. I'm not sure but…Michael, I think Maria is pregnant with your child."

Michael fainted.
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~*Part 8*~

As Maria slept, Alex studied her. She'd seemed very weak for the past few days, very fragile. And she'd seemed distant and closed off, even more so than could be expected from someone in their situation.

Several times during the past few days, when they'd talked, it had seemed to Alex as if she wanted to say something to him, that she HAD to say something to him.

And although neither of them had mentioned it, he could swear that last night he'd heard her talking to someone else. Alex hoped that the drugs they were being injected with weren't causing Maria to go crazy…


We HAVE to go back! We have to find them!" Michael yelled at Max. It was a few days after Michael had found out that he and Maria had created a baby girl, and everyone was gathered in one of the hotel rooms.

"Michael, we don't know where they are! We don't know if it's safe! Have you been paying any attention at all? There are FBI agents after us…and we're on the America's Most Wanted list!"

"No, Max, don't make me look like the fool in all of this! Maria is pregnant with our child! We can't let the FBI take or hurt the baby! Think about it Max…this is your niece. And Isabel, it's your niece too. Don't you want to help?"

Isabel sat on the bed, hugging her legs to her chest, staring down at her knees. She wanted to help, she really did. But she didn't want to be killed…and therefore she just couldn't do it. They had to stay in hiding for a while longer, they had to plan and try to find out what military base Maria and Alex were in. Was she being selfish? Maybe. As she glanced up at Max she could see that he felt the same as her. They couldn't help yet, they just couldn't.


"Rise n shine, freaks!" yelled a guard, walking into the room, carrying two trays, each containing a carton of milk and two slices of unbuttered toast…Alex and Maria's breakfast.

By this point the guards knew that Maria and Alex's powers were gone and they now only needed one injection a day to keep it that way. Also, they were too weak to fight back against the guards anymore.

Maria and Alex hurriedly ate their food as the guard stood in silent watch at the door.

Finally they finished and the guard left with their trays. He came back seconds later with another guard and two straight jackets. Alex and Maria, too tired and weary-minded to fight back, sat still and let the guards strap them in to the straight jackets.

Alex and Maria were ushered out of their cell, leaving it for the first time since they'd arrived there. They walked down a dingy whitewashed corridor, taking a few turns every once in a while.

As they kept walking, it finally hit Alex and Maria as to how big this military base was. "Take them down to sublevel five," said one guard to the other. "I'll go get Agents Pierce and Topolsky."

The guard led Alex and Maria into a huge elevator and pressed a button labeled S5. Alex studied the button panel and realized that only one of the seven floors in this base was above ground. They were deep underground. There was no way their friends would be able to find them.


"Michael? Can I talk to you?" asked Liz quietly, tiptoeing into the hotel room shared by Michael and Isabel.

Michael sighed heavily but followed her as she went into the empty hallway. "What is it?" he grumbled. "It's two in the morning, Liz!"

"Michael, I'm willing to go back to try and find Alex and Maria."

Michael stared at Liz in shock. "Why?" he asked. "I mean, Isabel and Max do have a point…it's dangerous."

"I want to find my brother," said Liz simply. "And I think you and I should leave and go without Max and Isabel."

Michael rolled his eyes. "Liz, I appreciate your support, but you aren't thinking! We have one vehicle. We can't just take it and leave Max and Isabel without anything. I mean, if they have to run from some FBI agents I don't think they'll get far on the local bus or taxi system!"

Liz smiled and held up a keyring with one key on it. "I got us a car."

"What!? How?"

"Easy," said Liz. "I've been working alone to try and do stuff with my powers and I've grown stronger. I used my powers to open up a car from out on the street and then I melted our hotel room key and kinda shoved it in the ignition. It cooled and hardened into a key fitting the car."

Michael stared at Liz, speechless. Finally, he said, "You're a genius!" He grabbed the key from her and ran down the hall.

"Hey, wait for me!" yelled Liz. She reached into her pocket, took out an envelope, and slipped it under the door to the room she had shared with Max. Then she chased after Michael down the hallway.


Maria opened her eyes groggily to see Alex leaning over her worriedly.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" asked Alex.

"Tired," she said. "Um, the last thing I remember is being put into a straight jacket and dragged down the hallway…what happened?"

"Nothing much," said Alex. "You passed out. They took a few blood samples while you were out and returned us to our cell…Maria, did you know that you're pregnant?"

Maria sighed and looked at the wall. "I was pretty sure…the baby has talked to me."

Alex smiled. "That's amazing!" he said. Then he frowned. "If Pierce or Topolsky finds out, they could want to take it away from you."

"No," said Maria with determination. "No one will take my daughter from me. I still have hope that we'll be saved and then me, Michael, and the baby can be a family."

As Alex listened to Maria talk, he came to a conclusion. If, god forbid, Michael and the others never found them, he would be a father figure to Maria's baby girl.


Michael and Liz drove in silence. Well, it was silent as far as conversation went, because Michael insisted on blasting the radio, especially when he heard a Metallica song. Liz didn’t really mind. She knew this was Michael’s odd way of relaxing…something he needed right now. Besides, she kind of liked Metallica.

Just as dawn began creeping over the horizon, Michael noticed Liz yawning. “Hey,” he said. “I can drive now. You can lie down in the back and get some sleep.”

Liz nodded and pulled over. She hopped into the back and Michael slid into the driver’s seat. “Thanks,” said Liz. “When do you think we can get back to where Maria and Alex were picked up?”

“If we don’t get held up in any traffic and we take the most direct route…I’d say tonight sometime…maybe around midnight. We can switch off driving every few hours.”

“Ok,” said Liz. She curled up in the backseat, using her sweatshirt as a pillow. As her mind drifted off to sleep her thoughts turned to Max. She’d left him in the middle of the night to go on a crazy trip across the country to save her brother and her best friend and she didn’t even know where they were. Was this really the best plan she could have come up with? Should she have tried to talk Max and Isabel into going along too? Would they have even listened?

These questions slowly faded from Liz’s mind when she finally slipped into unconsciousness. She dreamt of the life she had led just a little over a month ago. When she considered herself a geek. When she and Alex hadn’t known they were aliens. When she wasn’t running for her life. When her life was normal.


Maria tried to quiet her sobs. She didn’t want Alex to know she was crying. She didn’t want him to think she was weak. She couldn’t let herself think she was weak. After all, what kind of mother would she be if she couldn’t at least pretend to be strong?

But obviously Alex could tell she was crying, because seconds later he was at her side, sitting on the edge of her cot, pulling her into his arms.

“Shhh…Ria…it’s okay. I’m here,” said Alex comfortingly, smoothing back her hair.

Maria kept trying to stop crying, but she just couldn’t. She was so scared. Scared for herself, for Alex, for her daughter. And she was worried about her brother and friends.

She knew Alex was trying his best to comfort her, especially now that he knew she was pregnant, but it wasn’t enough. No matter how hard Alex tried it could never be enough, because the simple truth was…he wasn’t Michael.

She needed Michael.


Max stretched and reached over to the space next to him on in the bed, but found it empty. He slowly opened his eyes and yawned. Figuring Liz was in the bathroom, he stumbled across the room and knocked on the door to Michael and Isabel’s room, wanting to see if one of them would go with him to get something from the hotel breakfast bar downstairs.

He knocked again, but no one answered. He slowly opened the door, not wanting to surprise Isabel or Michael if they hadn’t heard him. When he’d opened the door far enough, he could see Isabel still lying in bed, but Michael wasn’t around.

“Isabel, rise n shine!” whispered Max.

That was all it took for Isabel to wake up. She slowly raised her head and brushed some hair out of her face. “Max!” she said angrily, pulling her sheets over her head. “What are you doing? Can’t I have some privacy?”

Max smirked at her. “Isabel, you were just sleeping. It’s not like you’re naked or anything. Where is that brother of yours?”

“Considering you just woke me up, how would I know? I don’t keep track of him while I’m asleep.”

“Ha ha,” Max said. “Get dressed and we’ll go down to breakfast. I bet Michael’s already down there. He always was one to hog the food.”

“No, Alex was the food hog,” said Isabel. Suddenly Isabel shot out of bed and hurried into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Max sighed as he heard her bursting into tears.

Alex’s decision to ‘just be friends’ must still be a fresh wound with Isabel, and the fact that he’d been captured by the FBI wasn’t helping. As Max returned to his room he decided to try his best to keep Isabel’s mind off of Alex. He would just try not to mention Alex at all.


“I can drive now,” said Liz impatiently.

“I’m fine!” said Michael, very obviously getting irritated by Liz.

“Damn it, Michael, you’re falling asleep at the wheel! You’ve been driving all day. Just let me drive for a few hours while you sleep.”

“But I want to do it, I mean, you don’t know where we’re going and-”

“Excuse me? And you do know where we’re going? NO! Neither of us have any idea where we’re going!”

“That’s not what I meant!” said Michael defensively.

“Oh, so what was that then? A sexist remark? Like, women always get lost or something?” Liz exclaimed, climbing into the front passenger seat. “Just let me drive, Michael!”

“Fine!” he yelled, jerking the car quickly over to the shoulder of the highway. He opened his door and got out, and Liz smiled triumphantly, sliding over into the driver’s seat. Her smile fell when Michael didn’t get back into the car, but instead stomped off down the highway.

Liz sighed and put the car back into drive and accelerated gently until she was rolling alongside Michael.

“Michael, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Are you going to walk all the way Colorado? Or are you going to hitchhike with a fat old truck driver who smells of garlic?”

Michael stopped walking and spun angrily to face Liz. “You are not funny,” he said in a low voice, then turned and continued walking.

Liz followed after. “I’m sorry. Come on, Michael, what’s wrong? Just get in and sleep. I can drive.”

Michael stopped and laughed. “You know what, that’s not even true! You don’t even have a valid license, just your learner’s permit!”

“Yeah, but before we left Roswell I was a week away from my driver’s test…I can drive!”

“Ok, and what if you get pulled over huh? We’ll be turned over to the FBI right away and you’ll be in trouble for driving without a license.”

Liz studied Michael’s face and then said, “Michael, what’s this really about? You really don’t care that I don’t have my license.”

Michael looked at the asphalt and then off into the horizon and Liz could swear that he was trying to fight back tears. He didn’t respond, so Liz put the car in park and got out. She walked up to Michael and threw her arms around him.

Michael seemed truly surprised to find himself being hugged by little Liz Parker, but when he realized that she was crying, and that he too was crying, he didn’t fight it and he hugged her back.

It was good to have a friend like Liz.

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~*Part 9*~

"Liz and Michael are gone!" Max yelled, bursting into Isabel's room.

"What?!", screeched Isabel. "I thought you said Michael was downstairs getting breakfast?!"

“That's where I thought he was, but while I was getting dressed I saw this envelope under the door.

Max handed Isabel the envelope and letter.

The note read:

Dearest Max and Isabel,

Michael and I decided to go search for Maria and Alex on our own. Neither of us agreed with you that we should wait longer to find them. Maria is pregnant and that puts her in even more danger. We’re their only hope, and neither Michael nor I will give up until we know they are safely back with us.

Max, I am so sorry for leaving and telling you this way. Please remember that I love you. Michael and I love you both.

If you decide not to come after us we’ll understand. Just know that we are heading for Colorado. By the time you read this we'll probably be halfway there.

Isabel try to contact us with your powers to find out our exact location.

-Love Liz and Michael

Isabel read the note silently and then studied Max's face. He looked weary and broken, and no wonder. This wasn’t what either of them were expecting to find upon waking.

"We have to go after them," said Max, determination in his voice. Isabel knew from his tone that there was no way she could argue with him and win.

"Ok," she sighed. "I can pack up my stuff in 15 minutes. I'll meet you out at the jeep."

Max nodded and returned to his room to pack up his belongings and the few that Liz had left behind. All he could think about was Liz, out there with no one to protect her but Michael. True, he trusted Michael, but everyone knew that Michael didn't have the best control over his powers. And Liz: her powers had barely begun to surface.

If anything happened to them, Max knew he'd never be able to forgive himself. It was his fault that they'd felt that they had to leave in secret. If he would have just listened to what Michael had to say and realized how important it was to get back to Maria and Alex, none of this would be happening. Not only would the four of them still be together, but they'd have a greater chance of being able to find Maria and Alex.

Max finished packing, ran down to the lobby to pay their bill and ran out into the parking lot, where he saw Isabel waiting for him in the jeep.

Max wondered if his life would ever slow down and be like it used to be. When all he had to worry about was getting Liz to go out with him. When they weren't running.


Neither Liz nor Michael said a word as they passed by the sign that read 'Welcome to Colorado!'. They were here, but yet still so far from their friends that it didn’t seem like much of a victory at all.

Without warning Michael said, "Let's go back to the ski lodge."

Liz swerved to the side of the road, slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, and smacked Michael upside the head.

"OW!" he yelled, holding a hand to his head. "What was that for?"

"How the hell can you even suggest going back to the ski lodge?! Are you crazy?! That's where Maria and Alex were captured! That's where I was shot! They might expect us to come back looking for clues! If we go back, we could be walking right into a trap. There is no way I'm going back there!"

"Liz, they won’t expect us to go back there. If anything, they probably think we'll stay far from the ski lodge. They may have left some sort of clue there to where they went, something we can work off of. The ski lodge is our only hope of finding Maria and Alex."

Liz didn't respond to Michael. She just sighed and stared out the window, watching a few cars whiz past them.

"Liz, you know I'm right. The ski lodge is our only chance."

Liz clenched her jaw and blinked back tears. She slowly nodded her head. "Yeah, you're right. You drive."

Michael agreed and they switched spots. "It'll be ok," said Michael reassuringly as they got back onto the main road. "We'll find something or someone who can give us a clue and we'll find them."

Still, Liz didn't respond. She couldn't argue with Michael, because she knew he was right. But she didn't want to admit it out loud. She thought it was pretty pathetic that their only chance of finding their friends was to go back to the scene of where the capture had occurred.


Maria hurried over to the small toilet in their cell, stooped down, and let out the small breakfast she had just eaten. Almost immediately, Alex was at her side, holding back her hair and rubbing soothing circles on her back. When Maria was sure she was done being sick, she allowed Alex to help her to her feet. He helped her back onto her cot and ran to the door.

He knocked and when it cracked open slightly he asked, "May we have an extra bottle of water please?" Maria heard the guard grumbling, but soon enough, Alex was at her side, helping her to sit up and sip the water.

She gratefully accepted the cool liquid, letting it wash out the disgusting taste in her mouth and slightly soothe her nausea.

When she had finished drinking she collapsed back against her small, unfluffed pillow and sighed. "This sucks," she mumbled.

"I know Ria," said Alex, smoothing some hair out of her face. "But most pregnant women have morning sickness. And besides, from the way things are going, I think alien pregnancies go faster than human ones. So this might only last a few more days."

"I hope so," she said, absently rubbing at the small mound that was growing every day. "And I think you're right. Just days ago I wasn't showing, and now I am. If this was anything like a normal pregnancy I wouldn't be showing for a few more months yet."

"We'll have to get ready for the birth soon," said Alex. "We don't want to be unprepared."

Maria blushed at the mention of the birth. Besides the fact that she was scared to death of giving birth here, where one of the agents could at any time take her daughter from her, she knew she'd be embarrassed to have Alex deliver the baby. She knew Alex would be helpful and that he only wanted to help her, but it still made her uncomfortable to think that Alex, one of her newest friends, would be seeing her give birth and assisting her.

She shook her head to clear those thoughts from her mind. She knew she was being silly, but there wasn't much else to think about. She didn't want to dwell on escaping because she didn't want to raise her hopes too much. For all she knew they might be stuck here for life. To be poked and prodded and dissected.

Alex could tell that Maria needed some distraction from thoughts of birth, so he got down on the floor.

"Alex, what are you doing?" asked Maria, giggling.

"I'm going to do a headstand," said Alex, but his words were all jumbled together because his head was tucked in and his chin was smooshed against his chest. He kept falling over, but he kept trying, just happy that he'd thought of something to do to keep Maria smiling and not worrying.

Finally Alex gave up on trying to do a headstand, and flopped back down on Maria's cot. "So girlfriend, heard any good gossip lately?" he teased, doing his best impression of her.

But Maria wasn't smiling, nor was she laughing. Her face had turned pale and she was clutching her stomach. A cold sweat had popped out on her skin and she looked faint.

"Maria?" said Alex, instantly concerned. He grabbed one of her hands in his own and was alarmed at how cold and clammy her skin was. "Maria, what's wrong?"

"I think it's the baby," she gasped out. Her eyes met Alex's and he gasped. He'd never such helplessness and desperation in someone's eyes before. "Alex, something's wrong with the baby. I think she's dying."


Michael jerked the wheel to the left, taking the car into the next lane, almost hitting two other cars in the process. Then he jerked the wheel to the right, taking the car back to the lane they'd just exited.

"Michael!" Liz yelled. "What the hell are you doing?!"

Michael began to shake uncontrollably, almost as if he were having a seizure. Liz grabbed the wheel out of Michael's hands and steered them to the shoulder of the road, setting the parking brake.

"Michael!" she yelled, shaking his shoulder. She got no response from him.

Michael continued to shake. Finally, after what seemed like forever to Liz, he slumped back into his seat, sweat running down his face.

"What the hell happed?" asked Liz.

"The baby," he answered.


"The baby. Maria doesn't have enough energy to keep the baby alive. So she somehow started drawing power from me. She still is dying, but she's at least got enough energy to last her a little longer."

"Oh my god," murmured Liz. "Can you sense where the baby is now? Can you sort of follow the trail of where your power went?"

"I- I think so," he said. "But you better drive, in case that happens again."

"Of course," she said, helping Michael to lie down in the back seat. She began driving, with Michael directing her. For once they seemed to know where they were going. Liz was just glad they hadn't reached the ski lodge. She hadn't wanted to see it. She never wanted to see it again.


To be continued
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~*Part 10*~

“When are we going to do the preliminary tests?!” Pierce demanded of Topolsky as he stormed into her office. Before Topolsky answered, she studied Pierce. His hair was flying out in all directions as if he’d either just come in out of the wind, or he’d been sleeping for a long time and hadn’t yet combed his hair. His clothing didn’t look crisp and fresh as it usually did, it was rumpled and a bit wrinkled. There were bags under his bloodshot and droopy eyes. He didn’t look at all healthy.

“I was planning on bringing them in sometime today,” said Topolsky nonchalantly. “You know…just to ask them some questions and to find out what they know about alien pregnancies. As far as the actual preliminary tests on their powers…we’ll have to wait longer before we can do those.”

“Longer! How much longer do we have to wait! We’ve waited weeks already!” Pierce leaned across Topolsky’s desk and glared at her angrily.

Topolsky didn’t bat an eyelash. “You know as well as I do that we can’t test their powers as long as we’re shooting them up with Agent X. The drug stops theirs powers totally. And we cannot even think of taking them off Agent X until the new holding cell is developed. If we took them off Agent X now we risk exposing ourselves, as well as them, to sporadic power usages. Their powers will come back fast and they may not be able to control them, potentially opening the door to death for all of us. It’s just too risky.”

“Well then,” snarled Pierce. “When is this bloody new holding cell going to be developed?”

“Technicians and engineers are working on it as we speak,” sighed Topolsky, knowing Pierce already knew this information. “There will be flame-retardant walls as well as no windows and only a small hole with a flap over it, which locks from the outside, which we can use to slip them their food and pills. Oh yes, I didn’t tell you…Agent X is now being made into pills. It’s just easier that way.”

“Oh of course,” muttered Pierce to himself. “Make things easier for the damn aliens. Make them comfortable in their new little specially made home. Treat them nicely.”

Suddenly, Pierce leaped forward at Topolsky, slamming his fisted hands down angrily on her desk, upsetting a glass of water that had been sitting there. “Well I’m sick of treating them nicely!” he bellowed. “I’m sick of treating them like they actually mean anything! They are just disgusting little aliens who probably want to mess with our minds or take over our planet! Why can’t anyone else see that?! Why can’t you see that all they are good for is studying…and then killing? Am I the only sane one around here?!”

Pierce stormed out of Topolsky’s office in a rage, muttering obscenities under his breath to himself and cursing at anyone he passed by in the hallway.

“You’re the only insane one around here,” Topolsky muttered, shaking her head sadly as she watched his retreating back. “You’re absolutely looney.”


“Can you try it one more time?” Max asked, looking down at Isabel in concern. She’d been trying for the past hour to contact either Michael or Liz, hoping that one of them would be sleeping, but she was having no luck. And she wasn’t having the usual problems when trying to contact someone who wasn’t sleeping. This was different. Almost as if Michael and Liz had no powers right now.

“Yes,” Isabel sighed. “But it won’t do any good, Max. Something is wrong.”

“Just one more time,” he stated, squeezing her shoulder encouragingly as he steered the jeep with one hand. “And if you absolutely can’t contact them…we’ll just have to head for Colorado and pray that somehow we meet up with them or can find Maria and Alex on our own.”

Isabel nodded her head in agreement at Max’s words and then closed her eyes one more time. She slowed her breathing and calmed her heartbeat, clearing her mind. When she was certain that her concentration was at a high enough level, she slipped herself into the dream plane. She glanced around her but could not spot Michael or Liz’s dream bubbles. Well, they must still be awake.

She concentrated harder, now trying not just to step into their dreams, but to step into their minds.


No response at all.

Isabel sighed and returned herself fully to the jeep, opening her eyes and blinking against the harsh light from the sun, which was now much higher in the sky.

“Did you contact them?” Max asked hopefully.

“No,” said Isabel. “How long was I out?”

“About two hours.”

“Two hours! Are you kidding?” exclaimed Isabel.

“No, really. Look at my watch.” Max held his wrist up in front of Isabel’s face.

“Damn,” she cursed quietly. “That probably totally drained me of all my powers.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it,” reassured Max. “You were doing the right thing in trying to contact them. Just rest now and I’ll wake you if something comes up, ok?”

Isabel nodded and yawned, realizing how tired she was. She fell asleep seconds later.


“Holy cow…” Alex whispered in awe, holding his arm out in front of him.

“What?” mumbled Maria, still half asleep.

Alex glanced up at her and screeched.

“What?!” Maria screeched back.

“I can see them!” Alex exclaimed.

“What can you see?!”

“The auras! Before we left Roswell Max took Liz and I into the aura room in the caves and told us someday we’d be able to see them. I see them! I’m like…this indigo color…and you’re bright orange!”

“Goodie,” mumbled Maria sarcastically, turning over to go back to sleep. “I’ve seen ‘em all my life. Woohoo. So exciting.”

“You could be a little more happy for me, you know,” said Alex. “This means my powers are developing.”

“I don’t know how that’s happening,” slurred Maria, almost dozing by now. “We keep getting that drug to stop us from using them.”

“Hey, yeah…I didn’t think of that,” said Alex, studying his aura again. “Weird…”


“Daniels, bring patients 77 and 78 to conference room 4D. Please restrain them and give the male a double injection of Agent X.”

“What about the female?”

“Only one dose. We aren’t sure yet what the effect is on the fetus.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Daniels, saluting Topolsky and walking briskly down the hallway towards the holding cell of Maria and Alex.

Topolsky turned in the other direction and walked down the hall a bit before stopping at an unmarked door. She slowly opened it and stuck her head in.

“Pierce, I’ll have the aliens in conference room 4D soon. If you’d like to join us, please feel free to.” Then she shut the door behind her and marched off down the hallway again.


“Holy crud!” Liz yelped in surprise, pulling the car over to the side of the road.

“What? What is it?” asked Michael, instantly alert and on the ready for an attack of any kind.

“This is so cool!”

“Liz, what are you blabbing about?”

“The auras! I see them! I can finally see them, Michael! I’m red and you’re green!”

“Geeze, is that all? I thought maybe you saw an agent or something! Way to scare me!” yelled Michael.

“Sorry,” mumbled Liz. “I just thought it was cool.”

Liz pulled back onto the road, making faces at Michael in the rearview mirror.


“Ah, hello,” said Topolsky in a sweet voice as Agent Daniels led Maria and Alex into the small conference room.

Maria and Alex, wearing straight jackets, could do no more than glare at Topolsky and Pierce. Daniels seated the aliens and then left to stand guard outside the door.

“Well, let’s get down to business,” said Pierce, rubbing his hand together in glee. “Tell me about your powers.”

Maria and Alex remained silent.

“Tell me about your powers,” repeated Pierce, his evil smirk slipping off his face and a frown taking its place.

Still no response.

“Don’t be difficult,” he snarled. “We can easily kill the baby.”

Maria’s eyes shot up to meet his. His eyes told it all. He wasn’t lying. If she or Alex didn’t talk, they’d kill her child.

Maria took a deep breath and started to talk. “Well, I first realized that I was different one day when I was on the playground and…”
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~*Part 11*~

Two Months Later…

“Alex!” Maria screamed. Blindly Alex half fell, half stumbled off of his cot, groping in the darkness for the flashlight he had next to his bed, the one thing the guards let them keep in their cell at all times.

Flicking on the small beam of light, Alex was able to make his way to Maria’s cot, where she was curled up in a ball, her hands gripping at her abdomen as a look of pure unadulterated pain flashed across her face.

“Maria?” asked Alex in fear.

“I’m having the baby, Alex,” Maria gasped out. “Please…help me…”

Alex knew without asking what kind of help Maria wanted. His powers. Somehow, even though he and Maria had been receiving injections and pills of what the guards called ‘Agent X’, Alex’s powers had continued to develop. Together, he and Maria had managed to keep it a secret from the guards and agents, but never before had he ever been asked to use the powers. Occasionally Alex would receive what could only be described as a burst of his alien energy, which he would aim into the toilet in their cell. The water would churn and bubble for a few seconds as it absorbed the heated energy source, and then calm down again, leaving no evidence behind that something otherworldy had just occurred. But now…he was being asked to use his powers.

He and Maria had already discussed how he would need to help her get through the delivery of the baby, but Alex didn’t think he was prepared now. His powers were still quite shaky and he didn’t want to risk hurting Maria. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t even be able to conjure up his power enough to do Maria any good.

“Maria, I don’t know if I can-”

“Please, Alex, you have to,” Maria gasped. “The baby is going to die if you don’t. Do you remember what happened when I first found out I was pregnant, Alex?”

Alex nodded his head, remembering the time Maria had woken up screaming that her baby was dying. How she’d had to reach across a vast amount of space in order to draw power from Michael in order to keep their child alive. Maria didn’t have the strength to beckon energy from Michael now. It was up to Alex to give her his power.

“All right,” said Alex, nodding his head in agreement. He placed the flashlight on the bed near Maria’s head and gently grasped one of her small and delicate hands in his. He looked into her warm emerald eyes and concentrated first on erasing the pain from her eyes, making the labor more endurable for her.

As Maria visibly relaxed, Alex began the harder task. Sending his energy through Maria into the small unborn girl residing within her. As he sent his power, he connected with Maria, something that had never occurred before between them, even after the months of living together in confinement.

Alex’s eyes filled with tears as he sensed Maria’s loneliness and utter want and need for Michael’s presence. He knew how she felt…he missed Isabel in the same way.

Alex sent every last bit of energy that he could through Maria and into the baby, finally releasing Maria’s hand from his. Alex sat back on the floor, gasping for breath, the room spinning in crazy circles before him, as Maria clenched her teeth and rode out another contraction.

When Alex got his bearings back, he sat up again, close to the bed, and wiped a few strands of hair out of Maria’s face. He looked into her eyes and said, “Squeeze my hand as much as it hurts, Ria. Let me know. Let me take all of the pain that I couldn’t erase, ok? And just remember to keep breathing. You aren’t going to go through this alone, ok? I’ll be here for you, and when it’s time to push, you will. And nothing will go wrong. In a little while you’re going to get to hold your beautiful baby daughter.”

Maria smiled up at Alex, thanking whatever God there was for his friendship. Maria clenched Alex’s hand harder as she felt another contraction coming. She hissed in pain as her muscles contracted sharply.

“Breathe, Maria,” commanded Alex gently.

Maria did as he asked, squeezing his hand harder still. Finally the wave of pain subsided and she was left feeling woozy and tired.

Together Alex and Maria rode out the contractions for another two hours. Eventually Maria looked away in embarrassment and said, “Alex, I uh…think maybe you should see how far dilated I am.”

Alex nodded. He knew it needed to be done, so she’d know when it was time to push. Still, he knew this was going to be weird for the both of them.

Alex sighed and moved Maria’s blanket down off of her to rest on the foot of the bed and slowly raised her nightgown. As fast as he could, Alex calculated how far dilated she was.

Alex looked at Maria with a smile. “Maria, you could push on the next contraction,” he said. “I see a head.”

A look of fear encompassed Maria’s face and she turned pale. “I’m not ready, Alex!” she said, panicking.

“Yes, you are Maria,” said Alex reassuringly. “We’ve talked about how you’re going to do this. You know what to do. Just remember, I’m here for you. Now when you feel the next contraction, push. I’ll guide the baby out.”

Maria shook her head and then screamed as the most powerful contraction yet ripped through her lower body.

“Push Maria!” Alex yelled at her. “Push! You can do this! Just keep pushing!”

Although Alex was a bit grossed out by the sight of a child coming into the world (after all, he was a teenage boy), he was also amazed. Amazed that Maria, this small and petite girl, could bring a life into the world. That she could endure this.

Alex caught the baby as the head emerged, helping the tiny girl to get out past her shoulders and then let her slip out the rest of the way. He immediately wrapped her in a blanket and put her into Maria’s arms.

Now it was time to get the guards. The umbilical cord needed to be cut and the child’s nose and mouth needed to be cleaned out so she could breathe properly.

Alex ran to the door and pounded on it. Finally a guard came and Alex said, “Maria’s had the baby, get the supplies!”

This guard, Jake, was the only guard who had ever showed Alex or Maria any kindness and had told them that he would have supplies ready for them when Maria had her baby. Alex didn’t know how Jake had come across these supplies and he really didn’t care.

In a few seconds Jake had rushed into the room and, with the small bit of training in medicine that he had, went about making sure Maria and her daughter were taken care of. Jake placed the tiny baby into Alex’s arms as he helped Maria deliver the placenta and got her cleaned up.

Alex could only stare down in wonder at the tiny being in his arms. She wasn’t a crier, which didn’t surprise Alex at all. After all, Michael and Maria were her parents, and they were tough cookies. She probably would be too.

In fact, the small girl didn’t look at all unhappy or disoriented. She looked up groggily at Alex and just stared. Alex couldn’t remember ever seeing such blue eyes before, and was instantly entranced by hers.

Finally Alex broke his gaze from the small newborn as Jake stood up.

“Please let me hold her now, Alex,” said Maria wearily, holding out her arms to Alex.

“I’m sorry,” said Jake, gently taking the baby from Alex. “I’m under strict orders to take this child directly to Agent Pierce.”

“NO!” screamed out Maria in utter anguish as Jake walked out of their cell with the child, shutting and locking the door behind him.

“You can’t do this!” screamed Alex, kicking and hitting at the door. But to no avail. Jake did not return with the baby.

Alex went to Maria’s bedside, sitting next to her on the fresh sheets Jake had placed under Maria, and pulled her into his arms. Together they cried for the helpless child who was now under the care of Agent Pierce.


“Damn it,” Michael shouted, running his hands through his already spiked up hair. “We’ve been searching for two months! Why can’t we find them?!”

“Michael, calm down,” said Isabel, placing her hand gently on his shoulder. “We will. I’ll contact Alex or Maria eventually and we’ll find something out.”

Liz sat on the hood of Max’s jeep, leaning back against Max’s chest, watching sadly as Isabel tried to comfort Michael. She knew it was pointless though. Michael couldn’t be consoled. Not until he found Maria would he be even semi-calm.

Liz remembered back to when she and Michael had left Max and Isabel in the middle of the night, stealing a car to drive to Colorado, determined and sure that they would be able to find Maria and Alex. A week later they’d met up with Isabel and Max and began to search with them, night and day.

And not one single clue had arisen. Not a single bit of information to point them on the right track. They had absolutely no ideas as to where Maria and Alex were, and day by day they were all beginning to secretly lose hope that they’d ever find them.

None of them knew anything about alien pregnancies, besides, and were all worried that Maria’s pregnancy could be farther along than a normal human woman’s would be in two months.

Just as these thoughts passed through Liz’s head, Michael said, quietly, “I hear her. She’s trying to tell me something.”

“Who?” asked Max, instantly at attention.

“My daughter,” said Michael in astonishment. “She was born and now she’s calling out for me.”

Liz, Max, Isabel, and Michael all looked at each other in shock. Liz almost passed out as Michael said, “I know where Maria and Alex are. Get in the jeep.”


To be continued...