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Title: Long Day
Author: Me, of course! Meagzie
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Rating: Uhm… PG?
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, or any of its characters. I don’t own Matchbox 20’s lyrics to “Long Day”. I’m just burrowing, okie dokie? Okie dokie!
Notes: Sorry guys, no summary for this one. Just a word of warning, it’s kinda sad. I’ve had this plot swimming around in my head for a while, and I started it about a month ago, and I finally finished it. It’s only a short, one-part, Post-CDB story. For whatever reason, Long Day by Matchbox 20 inspired me. So, uhm… I hope you like it! Feedback is ALWAYS greatly appreciated.

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The figure stood beside the dirty grave, it’s grimy headstone staring mockingly at him. The words long ago embedded on it, now washed away by the repulsive work of miniature bacteria that rested there. Once green, promising grass was now faded into a dull, yellowish shade, bordering the long length of the grave.

He looked up towards the sky, familiar with the gray overtones it represented. Angry clouds glared at the earth, almost as if punishing it by furious storms and seething thunder. Yes, soon rain would fall upon his body in a torturous upheaval, but he wouldn’t leave. He didn’t want to leave, so he wouldn’t.

His tired, wrinkled hands waved just above the headstone, and instantly the stone became unsoiled again. His weary eyes felt the fresh tears swelling, so close to breaking the barrier as the deafening words that were imprinted in stone stared at him. So deafening without saying one word out loud. How could that be? How could this be?

He sat down on the dry grass, staring at the grave that lay before him. He placed the bouquet of white, unblemished roses on top of the thirsty ground, morbidly noticing the dark contrast. Something that was so beautiful, so innocent, and then left in an environment that appeared hungry and poor.

He had spent many nights and many days thinking and dreaming, wishing and hoping. It was senseless, he knew, but it held him together all these years. The pain, the agony, the endless deaths, the continuous struggle… it was nothing. Absolutely nothing compared to losing her. After that, nothing was ever the same. Nothing could ever be the same again.


~“What the hell do you mean?” Maria screamed. She was pacing back and forth in the front room of Michael and Max’s apartment. The whole group was gathered in the room, all of them staring at Liz with expressions of shock and outright disbelief on their face.

“I won’t believe it! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” Maria shrieked, her body trembling in hysterics. She was finally standing still, but her hand was fatally gripping a couch arm. She stared Liz right in the eye, trying to discover an absence of truth in Liz’s eyes.

Liz stepped forward, holding her arms out to Maria. Her stance was strong, brave like always. She even cracked a smile for Maria, trying to ease her with the warmness only her lips could form.

“Maria, it’s all right,” Liz soothed. She took another step towards her best friend, but Maria stepped back. Maria shook her head, tears forming in her eyes. A look of fear and the desire for disbelief engulfed her, and Maria couldn’t handle it. She just couldn’t.

“No, it’s not all right. I am not losing you, Liz. I lost my best friend already… I can’t go through that again… I just… can’t…” Maria slowly fell to the floor. Tears cascaded down her unblemished cheeks, and she wrapped her arms around her body. Liz went to lower herself to the ground, but Kyle’s voice stopped her.

“How…?” Kyle asked her, his voice obviously strained. He stared at her, not sure if this was actually what he was hearing. Things were supposed to be all right now. Max wasn’t dead. Clayton Wheeler and his wife were the ones who were dead and out of their way. Nothing else was supposed to happen. They were going to be happy now. They were going to be normal finally.

Life was cruel. Fate was cruel. And destiny… well, destiny was just a pain in the ass.

“My mom, she, uh… she was telling me I looked sort of pale, and thin ever since I got back. She forced me to go back to the doctor. He found something this time. He thinks he found, well, you know… cancer.” Liz took a deep breath, knowing this was going to be rough on all of them. She wasn’t that scared, though. At least not for herself. She was scared for Maria, she was scared for Kyle, hell, she was scared for all of them. But most of all, she was terrified for Max.

“See, the thing is that the doctor was surprised. He thinks I’ve had this disease for a long while. That it’s gradually gotten worse, but hasn’t shown any symptoms until recently. It’s… a different kind of case. He said that it might be an undiscovered type of cancer.” Liz ran her hand shakily through her hair.

“So I went home and took a blood sample, studying it myself. I figured that with my new powers that my blood cells would appear green, and could even be the cause of the disease. But they’re not green.”

“So? What does that mean?” Michael asked with a grunt.

“Well, the doctor says that it looks as if the disease has been spreading for a long time.”

“Without you even suspecting it?” Jesse questioned from beside Isabel. They both were perched on the loveseat, although seated a few inches away from each other. It seemed that since Max had died and came back, Isabel and Jesse weren’t sure how to deal with the whole situation.

As for Max, he was standing in the corner, with his eyes closed and arms crossed. Thoughts flooded his mind and he was not sure if this was truly happening, or if this was just a horrible nightmare. One long, horrible nightmare that seemed to be his life.

“Yes, without me even suspecting it. He thinks it may have been spreading for almost two or three years…” Liz’s voice trailed off for a moment as she stared worriedly at Max. She had noticed the cringe Max experienced when he realized the impact of her words. “The doctor was surprised that I lasted this long. He said it was probably because of it spreading so slowly.”

Valenti stepped out from his own dark corner, and faced the group. He carried the same stance as Max, with his arms crossed and an emotionless look on his face. “So then what do we have to do to beat this?”

Liz’s features softened, and she smiled towards the once sheriff. She knew that she wouldn’t have to face this alone, and that no matter how soon fate chose her, she would always be surrounded by the love of her friends.

“The doctor wants me to go back to the hospital, do some more testing and such. See if they can figure out what it is.”

“When?” Max’s monotone voice asked.

“Tonight.” Liz bowed her head, unsure if she was doing the right thing. But this was what she wanted. She had thought about it, and asked herself every question possible, yet still she came out with the same answer every time.

“I’m not going.”

Wide, fearful eyes whipped upwards to look at her, questions and disbelieving terror aimed directly at Liz. She could feel it being absorbed into her body, and it made her shiver. It made her feel sick.

“What the hell do you mean you’re not going?” Maria asked through tight lips. “You’re not going to just sit around and… and… and… what? Just wait to die!

“Maria, I know you can’t understand this now, but this is what I want. I don’t want to go for endless testing, getting needles poked into me, putting chemicals inside of my body for useless hope. We all know why I’m… well, why I’m sick. It’s not something some human doctors are going to be able to diagnose. They can’t cure something they have no knowledge of. Beside, half of my symptoms consist of alien powers.”

NO!” Maria screamed. Her hands were covering her ears and streams of tears were once again running down her face. Both Michael and Kyle stepped towards Maria to comfort her, but she moved away. Taking a long glance at Liz, she closed her eyes in deep sorrow and ran out of the apartment. Liz took a pained step forward, but Michael held his arm out to stop her.

“No offense, Liz, but I don’t think she could handle you talking to her.” Liz bit her lip, knowing Michael was right. When Maria became this sensitive, it was best not to aggravate her more. Michael took off in the direction of where Maria headed.

Liz sighed heavily and turned back to the group that was left. None were able to look at her, all staring off in another direction, trying to avoid her gaze. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel about it. Either she could feel hurt by their obvious avoidance, or ask them just to stick by her side until the end.

Too bad the end seemed to be very soon.

“Look, I can understand if you don’t want to help me, but I’m telling you this now. I’m not going to a hospital. Before you know it, they’re getting doctors and scientists to check me out. And what if they find out this… disease, or whatever it is, is not human? We could have FBI knocking on our doors. I don’t want to live my life that way.”

“But if you don’t, you won’t have a life to live,” Kyle replied quickly, fiercely.

“I won’t have a life to live if I’m taken by the FBI.”

“How do you plan on… escaping?” Jesse asked curiously. “Your parents will be coming after you.”

“Not if they don’t know where I am,” Liz said quietly. She sat down on a chair, her whole body becoming mind numbingly tired. “Can’t you just understand? This is not the way I want to live my life. I won’t. I just want to die in peace.

“Either way, I’m not staying. You can come with me and help, or we should all just say our goodbyes now.”

“No.” Max’s rough, torn voice sounded through the room, as if it had cut the air with its sharp blade.

“Wherever you go, I’m going with you.” Liz finally smiled, looking up at Max through a film of tears. He felt his heart tear for the millionth time since his Liz had uttered her news. He quickly made his way towards her, and kneeled in front of her. He didn’t notice his own river of tears that stained his cheeks.

“I did this to you, and I’m not leaving you when you need me. Not this time. I’ve done that too many times as it is.” Max reached for Liz’s petite hands and entwined her fingers with his callous, clumsy ones.

“Max…” Liz whispered quietly. She heard the others exiting the room, all knowing that this had become a quiet moment between her and Max. Max and Liz continued to gaze at each other, as if they were already having a private conversation with just the communication of their souls. Eyes always were the windows to the soul.

“I’m so sorry, Liz…” Max half whispered, half sobbed. Liz’s hand reached out to his face, and she wiped his damp cheek. She trailed one of her slender fingers down the path of his jaw, trying to memorize every feature of his. She wondered if she would be able to remember in Heaven. She wondered if there even was a heaven. She would soon be finding out.

“This isn’t your fault, Max.”

“Yes, it is. I healed you two years ago. I did something to you and you’re going to die from it.” Max wept the last part out, burying his head in her lap. He felt her tender fingers find his again, entwining them together. He looked back up at her, into her warm, moist chocolate eyes. A small smile fell on her lips, but Max saw the sliver of fear behind it. She was scared, and she had every right to be.

“Whether I die from that or not, it doesn’t matter,” Liz whispered to him in the soft, tender voice only she had. “I wouldn’t have changed my life for the world.” Liz brought her other hand to his face, lovingly cupping his face and running the pad of her thumb across his trembling lips.

“Do you remember that night when we rescued you from the FBI? When it was just you and I in that van, talking, and you looked me in the eye. With dead honesty, you told me I make you human.” Liz paused to let a quiet sniffle sound. “Max, you make me alien.”

Max stared at her with round eyes, a cloud of confusion covering his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but Liz stopped him.

“You make me alien. And I couldn’t thank you enough. I know now what it’s like to be you. I know how important life is. I know what means the most in my life. I know what is it to love-” Liz pulls Max’s hand up to her lips, and kisses each strong knuckle with a softening kiss, “-and what it is to be loved.”

A quiet tear falls down Max’s cheek, forgetting any sort of foolish manly pride. His heart felt torn to the tiniest pieces, knowing that this was his last chance. His last chance for the hope of the tiniest glimpse of love from the only one he could imagine it from. Seeing as how fate frequently tossed him and his love through whirlwinds of chaotic disaster, he knew that there wasn’t going to be much time for them. Yet as it may seem fate is the one to blame for all their hurt, Max knew he would forever be grateful for this last chance. This was his last hope, which was not something he was going to give up. He would welcome tragedy greatly if he could just have one last moment, one last touch, one last kiss, one last word. One last love.

“If you let me,” Max whispered back to her in the gentlest voice he could muster, “I’ll love you until the heavens fall. I’ll love you until there’s not one drop of water to be found on our world. I’ll love you until the stars stop twinkling in the skies. I’ll always love you.”

Losing her grace, she suddenly collapsed against him in tears. A loud, choking sob erupted from her body, and she fell to the ground beside him. Liz’s arms were tightly wrapped around his neck, her grasp strong and pulsing with aching fear. Max’s arms immediately drew up to her back, enfolding her petite, shaking body close to his own equally terrified body.

“I don’t want to die.” Liz’s tears cascaded harshly down her face and into the increasingly damp texture of Max’s shirt. Her desperate whimpers came out muffled against his body, and her whole being continued to shake incessantly.

“I’m so scared, Max…” Liz mumbled to him, her slender arms tightening even more so around his neck. He buried his head in her hair, not sure if he was trying to give her comfort in his embrace, or find comfort in the silkiness of her hair. Either way, he knew it was going to be a very long road to normality. If he ever reached there, that is.

“Me too, Liz. Me too.”


The ever-welcoming sun soon retired for another night, and the eerie chilliness of a desert night consumed the hearts and minds of its travelers. How a once warm and friendly world could turn so wicked so quickly had melted Maria’s mind, and she sat with a blank expression now. She could not even begin to understand fate’s foul decisions, and she wasn’t even sure she wanted to. Fate was being a pain in the ass, and that was that.

“Maria,” Liz sighed with a slightly irritated and tired tone. “Will you stop doing that?”

“What?” Maria asked, continuing to stare out the window of the quickly moving car.

“Looking like I just shot your dog,” Liz replied. She leaned against her best friend’s shoulder, lying her head down. Both sat in the back of Max’s now deeply black Chevelle, with Max and Michael seated in the front, talking quietly to each other. Jesse, Isabel, and Kyle were following in another car a little while behind them.

“Well, someone might as well have,” Maria mumbled silently to herself but Liz had heard it. Liz shrugged it off, as her body had grown much too tired to deal with problems now. Her body’s strength had quickly deteriorated since they had left Roswell, which was about a month ago. They were all tired, but other than Liz, it wasn’t so much the physical stress of moving often, more like the emotional stress of watching Liz’s energy dwindle further everyday. Her face, and even her whole body in general, sagged with each passing moment as her clock was quickly ticking away.

The appearance of Liz’s sickness had opened many more frightening doors for the group. Was Kyle going to develop this illness? Would it kill him too? Was Valenti after Kyle? It was paralyzing to think that their tight knit group was slowly expiring with every breathing moment. Who was going next? Who was going to get to stay? It was a vicious game of time, and they all had to play it, whether they wanted to or not.

“What are you thinking about?” Liz asked through a tiny yawn. She stretched her thinning arms above her head and slowly lowered her head into Maria’s lap. Maria affectionately stroked Liz’s long strands of hair, distantly smiling at her, knowing that she had to cherish every moment she had left with Liz.

“Life after death,” Maria replied softly. She let out a deep sigh, and asked, “What do you think? Is there life after death?” Liz shrugged her shoulders slightly, a sad smile overcoming her face.

“I don’t know, but it looks like I’m going to find out,” she said jokingly, but it came out laced with sadness. Maria noticed the tone, but she said nothing to Liz. There was nothing for her to say to Liz. She knew Liz was having her complicated, mixed up feelings of her own right now, and she was more than entitled to them.

“You know, I could be jealous of you,” Maria stated. Liz raised an eyebrow and looked up at Maria, wondering why in the world would Maria be jealous of Liz.

“You and I both know that the moment you get to heaven, Alex is going to be waiting there for you with the biggest hug you can imagine,” Maria answered. She tried to fight off the tears that her overwhelming emotions were creating, but failed miserably, and tears trickled down her flawless skin.

“Oh Maria…” Liz cried softly. She pulled herself upwards and leaned in to give Maria a warm hug. Soon Maria’s tears encouraged Liz’s own tears, and both were crying in the back seat, both rocking each other in the other’s arms.

“Oh chica, what am I going to do?” Maria mumbled tearfully into Liz’s embrace. “I already lost Alex, I can’t lose you too, Lizzie. I just can’t. I can’t do it.” Maria’s quiet sobs echoed throughout Liz’s whole body, causing her nerves to tingle with tense sensation.

“Maria, you’ll be okay. You’ve got Michael, Max, Isabel, and Kyle. It’ll all work out, you’ll see.” Liz pulled away slightly, and looked into Maria’s weeping eyes. She gave her best friend an encouraging smile. “Besides, even if I’m not here with you, you know Alex and I will be around. You can’t get rid of us that easily.” Liz offered another smile, although her streaming tears seemed to keep interrupting.

“Well, I’m glad,” Maria replied with an emotional grin. “You just make sure you and Alex have those gates open for me when I come, because I’m going to be running in like a bat out of hell.” Liz grinned at her, and pulled Maria back into a tightening hug. If she could just have a few more moments like these she could die a peaceful woman.


“How’s she doing?” Kyle asked worriedly, his hands restless, and his eyes overflowing with undeniable trepidation. His feet continually shuffled from foot to foot, and his hands were by his side, then in his hair, then crossed over his chest, then back at his sides.

“Kyle,” Isabel replied, annoyed. “Will you calm down? She’s fine. She is still a little bit tired, but she said she didn’t want to nap anymore. She’ll be out in a second.” Isabel pointed to a small bench that sat outside of Liz’s motel room, indicating Kyle to sit there and wait. Kyle just rolled his eyes, and shooed her away. As soon as Isabel was out of sight, he knocked on the motel room door and slipped inside.

“Liz?” Kyle called out, although a bit hesitant. They may be close friends, but he didn’t think it would be appropriate for him to see her naked or something. That, and Max would probably kill him, even before some deadly illness inhabited his body.

The thought of gaining this alien disease frightened Kyle until he couldn’t breathe a single ounce of air, and he felt his whole body being cut off from oxygen as his fingers, toes and all other body parts lost complete feeling. He didn’t want to die. He didn’t want Liz to die. He didn’t want his dad to die. He didn’t want anyone to die, damn it.

Kyle could curse everything that was Max Evans. He could leave all the blame on Max, say how none of this would have ever happened in the first place if Max Evans had never entered any of their lives. Alex would still be alive. Tess would have never hurt them. His dad would still have his job. Maybe even Jesse would have been spared.

But then again, it would all have been over before anything ever began.

Liz would be dead already.

But that wasn’t the only reason Kyle had for not blaming Max. Kyle saw the suffocating guilt Max experienced every time Liz winced in pain, or when she lost control of her powers. Kyle saw the cloudy ache in Max’s eyes when he had been watching Liz without her noticing, knowing that Max was once again thinking of the future he was never going to have with Liz. Kyle even saw the love shining in Max’s eyes when Liz smiled at him.

Yes, Kyle saw it all. And Kyle knew that Max loved Liz with every single fiber of his being. When Max had been healing any of them, whether it had been Liz or him, Kyle knew that Max had done it because he cared.

So, no, Kyle was not going to blame Max. He wasn’t going to blame anyone or anything. He was just going to take things in stride. He had to deal with the right now. And right now was Liz Parker.

“Kyle?” Liz’s weak voice called from the bathroom.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Kyle waited patiently, sitting down on the tough mattress. Moments later he heard the sound of the toilet flushing, and the water faucet turning on, then off.

A very thin, weak Liz Parker came out of the bathroom. Although her face still held the vibrant smile that only she could possess, the rest of her body was withering away with quiet anger. Kyle took a closer look at her, examining the slow steps of her walk, the round, full bags packed underneath her eyes, the cracking dryness of her lips. Liz was dying, and the fact of it was staring Kyle dead in the eye.

“How are you?” Kyle asked softly. He moved over to offer her a seat beside him, but Liz waved him off and walked over to the front window. She pulled open the hideous curtains and sighed a happy sigh when the brilliance of light hit her face. She closed her eyes for a moment and silently basked in the sun’s glory.

“You should sleep some more, Liz,” Kyle suggested, ignoring her obvious silence. “You still look tired.” He heard the irritated sigh from Liz.

“Kyle, lighten up, will you? I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in bed. I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I want to listen to the busy noise of a traffic jam. I want to hear the tranquil sound of a bird chirping in a forest. I want to smell the scent of fresh rain, mixed with the scent of growing trees.” Liz’s arms crossed over her chest, and she leaned her forehead against the dirty coolness of the windowpane.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get to feel these things again. Who knows what heaven is like?” Liz said in a quiet voice. Kyle felt a shock bolt through his body, all his nerves coming back to life.

“How can you be so calm about this?” he asked.

Liz turned her head towards him, and smiled at him. “It’s better than trying so hard to find a reason or an answer, and then running out of time.”

Liz looked back out the window, watching the rest of the group forming outside in the small grass area. Michael and Maria were resting on the lawn, their shoulders leaning against each other as they talked quietly to the other. Every so often Liz would notice Maria’s hand moving about as she talked animatedly with her hand expressions. It warmed Liz’s heart, and she tried to burn the picture into her soul forever.

Isabel and Jesse were a few feet away from Michael and Maria. Isabel was sitting on a creaky swing while Jesse stood off to the side. It seemed as if they were having a heated discussion, every few minutes each one letting an angry statement out and then followed by faraway, furious glance. Liz felt a twist in her heart at the sight. She wished with all her might that they would pull through. It wouldn’t help Isabel’s already broken self-confidence anymore if she became just another part of the statistics of divorce.

Lastly, Max stood off to the side, his arms hanging loosely and his head angled towards the sky. A loud, pondering look covered his face and the sheer innocence that shimmered through his contemplation gave him the young, little boy appearance Liz had fallen in love with so long ago. Just like a small boy making an assessment about the wonder of how sunlight sparkles on the surface of water, or the cotton candy appearance of dreaming clouds. Liz unconsciously lifted a hand to the window, and lightly traced the outline of Max’s face with her fingertips. She curved her fingers over his luxurious lips, and her fingertips brushed Max’s precious eyes as if their amber flecks were absorbing directly into her skin.

Liz hoped Alex was watching them, because if she was unable, for whatever reason, to forget the beautiful, breathtaking gaze that Max was holding, she hoped Alex could remember for her.

“Today,” Liz whispered.

Kyle looked quizzically at Liz. “Today what?”

“It’s going to be today.” Liz’s direct statement left Kyle in a state of silent shock, and he felt his body unable to function. She couldn’t mean… no, she couldn’t. There’s no way she could know.

Was there?

“But Liz-”

“I just know, Kyle. I can feel it,” she said to him. She turned to face him with a peaceful smile on her face. No tears clouded her vision, no pain was etched on her face, and not even the bags under her eyes dirtied her appearance. Kyle stared at her, trying to sort through all of the emotions erupting throughout his body. She couldn’t leave them, she just couldn’t…

Liz took a few shaky steps towards Kyle, and placed her hands on the side of his head. She placed a very tender kiss on the top of his head, and then grinned at him with an almost childlike expression. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go be with the person that needs me the most.”

Liz took her slow, but now steady steps towards the door and opened it. Sunlight poured into the room, and a dark outline of her body was shadowed on the motel floor. Tilting her head up towards the sky, she let out a serene sigh and stretched her arms high above her. From where Kyle was sitting, it was as if she was touching the sky with the grace of an angel. With one last glance back at Kyle, she gave him a happy, peaceful smile and shut the door. ~


“Do you remember what you said to me that day, my love?” He whispered to the cold grave. His fingers traced the dim letters on the grave, the words angrily screaming at him with a harsh silence. It had taken him so long, so long to get back here, back to her, that he wasn’t even sure he was there. It was frightening how this present reality seemed so blurry and indistinct while his memories were sharp and tuned to perfection.

“The first words you said that day to me was, ‘It’s going to be a long day’. If only I had known what you meant that day. But I suppose there’s no way to prepare yourself for something like that. What would I have done differently? Regrets plague all of us, my dear, and we both know that I’ve got too many to count.” He leaned in closer as his words became softer, almost silky.

“But I will never regret loving you. And I know I cannot regret saving your life that day in the Crashdown. You simply will not let me, because I know you’re up there-” Max’s head turned upwards, staring at the billowy clouds, “-and you’re telling Alex, Valenti, and Kyle that you love me as much as I have loved you my entire life. You’re telling them…” Max’s voice cracked, and he couldn’t push back the tears anymore. Loud, gasping cries emitted from his throat, and he fell completely to the ground. His body covered a portion of the grave, and he continued to wail his lonely misery to the soundless gravestone.

“Just tell them… tell them I’m sorry. Tell them I’m sorry I let all this happen. I’m sorry I made you all spend your lives up there, rather than down here.” Max took a hard, choking breath and he clenched his eyes close.

“But you tell them I did it. My love, I did it. I won. No, we won. Michael, Isabel and I. We went back to Antar. We rid it of the evil doings of Khivar. It’s a free planet now, my love. Khivar and everyone who worked for him, they all stole time away from us, my love. They took away time I could have spent proving my love to you, cherishing you like the queen you should have been. My queen.

“We were there for ten years. Ten years, trying to fight for a planet I hardly knew anything about. It took eight years to finally find our way to Antar, and another ten years to give it what it wanted. For me, time meant nothing. All I knew was that it was another day without you, without breathing in your scent, without seeing the twinkle in your eye, without touching the bare softness of your skin. But for Michael and Isabel, it felt like lifetimes.

“Maria and Jesse had to stay behind. Can you believe it? They waited ten years for Michael and Isabel. Even Jesse, because he knew he loved Isabel. We fought and fought for Antar, and when we finally felt our war had been won, we made the easiest decision in our whole lives. We came home.

“Michael went to Maria’s open arms, and Isabel to Jesse’s. And me? I came here. It’s been almost twenty long years, my love. Twenty very long, very tiring years. Are you ready for me? Are you opening the gates? Will you show me the shining brightness of your wings? Because I’m coming for you, my love. I have completed my duty, driven my life by the force of my head. But I have no more use for that anymore, and I haven’t had my heart since the day you left me. Without either, I am nothing. I am no one. My body cannot function.

“I have fought many battles since your parting. I’ve killed, and have been faced with life-threatening situations. I’ve seen more blood than the entire world could produce, and I’ve smelt the stench of death. I’ve watched with my own eyes, and preformed with my own hands, the odious act of a death of another. Yet through all my horrifying experience, my entire body has never been able to forget the day you passed.

“You had been lying there, so peaceful, with your head comfortably lying my lap. I thought you were sleeping. I thought you were just sleeping…” Max sighed heavily.

“And I guess in some ways, you were just sleeping. But you never woke up, my love, and my heart fell asleep with you. Not today though. I’m waking it up. I’m coming to you, and I’m giving you my heart forever so I know it will never stop beating again.

“So do you hear me? I’m coming to you. I’ll always come to you.”

Max’s wrinkled hands found their place on each side of the gravestone. Using muscles he hadn’t used in what seemed like lifetimes, he gave a small, weak smile. Lowering his head down to the glacial stone, he shut his eyes again. His whole body slowed to relaxation, and then slowed even more so. With the last few breaths in his body, he whispered to the chilling air, “Liz Parker, I love you.”

It's sitting by the overcoat,
The second shelf, the note she wrote
That I can't bring myself to throw away.
And also
Reach she said for no one else but you, cause you won't turn away
When someone else is gone
I'm sorry 'bout the attitude
I need to give when I'm with you
But no one else would take this shit from me.
And I'm so
Terrified of no one else but me
I'm here all the time
I won't go away.
It’s me, yeah I can't get myself to go away
It’s me, and I can't get myself to go away
Oh God I shouldn't feel this way

Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out some hope for me
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
And no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep you trembling
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
Well I'm suprised that you'd believe
In anything that comes from me
I didn't hear from you or from someone else
And you're so set in life man, a pisser they're waiting
Too damn bad you get so far so fast
So what, so long

Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out some hope for me
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
And no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep you trembling
It's been a long day, always ain't that right

It's me, yeah and I can't get myself to go away
It's me, yeah and I can't get myself to go away
Oh God I shouldn't feel this way

Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out some hope for me
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
And no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep you trembling
It's been a long day, always ain't that right

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