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Title : Roswell Junior
Author : Jeremiah
Rating G-PG 13
Category : Everyone(But since im a dreamer, M/L centered.)
Summary : What the group would be like in elementary school and them growing up and facing the changes that come with it.

Part One

Lizzie's POV

Hi my name is Lizzie Parker, Iam a whole five year old! yup thats 'ight im a big girl! And me and my 'riends ars startin Roswell Elementary! Thats right I startin kindergarten! I am such a big girl! Yeah I know that I already said that that but its true! Sorry I is excited! Well back to were Iwas,me and my friends we are startin 'chool. Wel who are my friends you ask. Well I will tell you, be patient. First of there is my Chica 'Ria Deluca, we are the bestest friends we tell each other everythin', same with Alex, I love those two,specially when we play hide and seek! so much fun! Then there is Isabel, Mikey G and Kyle and Tess. We's been 'riends I can 'mber. And how cans I fget Maxie! His name is not maxie, he dosent like it when I calls him that , I dos cuz I know it bugs him, and I loves giving him a hard time cuz its fun! me and max(thats his real name) are always like that. Max is my bestest friend besides of 'ria and alex of course! He and I just click on some strange level, he is the bestest. See the whole group is close, but he and I are well a pair, we are close. I just hope we are in the same class, that would be so cool!

"Lizzie, are you Ready, breakfast is done, come down and eat."

That is my mommy, she wants me to have a really good day at school, that she is making my favorite breakfast! French Toast! Yummy that is my favorate!

"I'll be 'ight down mommy!" Lets see do I have everything, my back pack, whooo that is with my little ponies on it, see aint it pretty! and my dress it is red wit little cupcakes on it. My mommy made it for me, yeah I know the dress sounds totally gay, but I has to wear it for mommy, I doent want to hurt mommys feelins, sh worked hard on it.


I better go, I got to go to school! wish me luck , cuz im startin Kindergarten!


Maria's Pov

Oh my god, do I really have to go to 'chool today, I am so going to miss watching the care bears! I love tenderheart, hes my favorate! Oh sorry I dont mean to rude. Hi I am 'Ria Deluca, and today is the first day of 'chool, and im sorta scared. But please dont let anyone know 'pecially mikey g.He makes me so mad!!!! at times, and there are times when we get alon' and then we dont. He pisses me off, oops dont tell mommy tht I said that she dodent like it when I say those kind of words(roll eyes). 'kay goodie. Well im "ria like I said 'fore, im this old(holds up 5 fingers) and my bestest friends are Isabel evans, her brother max, mikey g, when he is not pisses me off, oops there I go again, sorry! kyle valenti and tessie(aka The Gerbil as I like to call her, 'kay I know shes my friend, but I couldnt help it, you would call her that when you see her face, she does look like one.) And of course cant forget my chicas lizzie parker and alex whitman! they are the bestest, they truley are my friends I look to them as they are my family. See dont get me wrong my mommy is the worlds greatest mommy, but she had to raise me since my sperm donor left me and my mommy, and she is all that I had until lizzie and alex came into my life, they are truly the best.

"Maria, are you ready for school?"

That is my mommy, she is taking me to the crashdown so I can go with my best friends to school, so I guess I will see you when I get home, wish me luck!


Alex Pov

I hope that izzy is in my class, I wonder what she is goin to be wearin, I bet it will be bootful.Oh hey, sorry ther I got a little distracted. Hi I am alex witman the third part of the three muskaeers..or wait is...not tht is not it ..musakttteers, thats 'ight its its not that oh well you know what I mean. They are my friends well more like my family as the same as the previous mentioned isabel evans , and her brother max .Plus michael, kyle and tess. Today is all our first day at Roswell Elementary, and I cant wait I am looking forward to it, I know I am a geek but thats just me! I cant believe we are startin school. well I better go so I can go get ready, I am going to the crashdown first so I can go with lizzie and 'ria.

"Alexander, are you ready ?"

If you couldnt tell that was my mommy, she wants to know if I would be ok at school, I know that she is nervous about me going off to school for the first time, but I keep tellin her that am goin to be fine, but you know mommies. well nuff said I got to go, wish me luck.


Max Pov

Hi everyone, My name is Max Evans. I am 5 years old. I was born here in Roswell, New mexico. And today is my first day of school! I cant believe it, it seemed like only yesterday that we were all 4 years old. Now we are all off to school. And you might wonder who I am talkin 'bout . My friends, thats who I am talkin silly. We known each other all of our lives, and that is a long time. We are all close, but I have to say that my bestest friend is Lizzie Parker. oh ..there is that feelin again.. when ever I think of her my tummy gets that funny thing goin on. I dont know what it is , but I kinda like it.Lizzie is the greatrest girl out there, besides my mommy and my sister(But please dont let her know that because she already thinks that and her head will get a lot fatter.) She is the smartest and prettest....oh there is that feelin again..what is it? I dont know what it is.Oh well lets continue shall we.

"Mommy wants to know if you ready." Isabel asked her brother.

There she is my sister, isabel just becuse she is older then me by a few seconds, she thinks she is boss.

Isabels Pov

There he goes again! talkin bout Lizzie, I just wish he would shutup already. dont get me wrong lizzie is one of my bestest friends it is just that he goes non stop bout her! always lizzie this, he so has a crush on her its so cute yet it is icky! I mean my bestest friend and my brother!Ewwww with a capital Ewwwwwww!

Back to Max's Pov

I wonder what izzy is starin at me , I bet its that she thinks she is better then me! Sisters are so so mean! I hope that we are in the same class , I know that sounds silly since I just complained 'bout her, but she is my sister and even though we fight she helps me when I need it and she is a comfort when I need it, but again please dont tell her that . Well I am off to school now, I hope I get lizzie in my class..There is that feelin again.


Authors Note: I know that this is short, but I want to get feedback before I continue. And to those that read my other stories,Reversal and Simmer, dont worry I plan on updating those soon, But I got this in my head and I couldnt stop so I had to go with it.SO please Feedback please, the more fedback I get the more this story I will write. Thanks. Jeremiah

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Authors Note: I just want to say Thank you to all the people that left me feedback it is greatly appreciated:

LANA LANE - THank you for reading this, and also Reversal. Thanks![*happy*





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SPICY TRINIL- I hope I got that right!*big*



I so gratly appreciate all the wonderful feedback that I recived. Thats why I wanted to give you guys a new part as soon as I could. So if you want any new parts, just remember to leave me feedback, sorry I am just a feedback junkie! Enjoy.

P.S I want to show our fave gang starting of as little kids, and I want to apologise to you ahead, I will try and spell them talikung as little ones as best as I can.So now enjoy.........


Part Two ....... The First Day.

Lizzie's Pov

Hi its me again. Well were all here at school. Our first day. Yup, our first day with...wit...without our mommys! Oh my god, what am I going to do? What if I have an accident and I get a boo-boo, who will make it all better? Thats it I wanna go home, forget this whole 'chool thang, its just wat too scary. I want my Mommy!

Max's Pov

Wow Lizzie sure looks bootful! Her dress is full of cupcakes, yummy! Wait a second she looks like she is about to cry! I cant have tat! I wanna make her feel better!

Lizzie's Pov

Maxie is comin over. Tats good at 'east. But I still want my mommy! oh look he brought me a daisy! How cute! I am startin to feel better already, Maxie always knows how to make me feel better, thats why he is my bestest friend.

Max's Pov

Look, she is smilin', oh wait there is that feelin in my tummy again, man I wonder what that is ? She looks like she is likin my fower I gots her! Yeah! I hope that we are in the same class cuz that would be so cool! I wouldnt know what to do with myself if we aren't in same class.

Lizzies Pov

Hey, we are in the same class! That is wight! We All are in Mrs.Guber's class. Tat is so great I am a happy girl! Max is starin at me again,but you know what? When he did tat I got a something in my tummy. I wonder wats it is, I already ate this mornin.


Maria's Pov

WE are all in same class! That makes me very happy I love all my friends and I am so glad that we are together! well maybe 'cept Michael. You know how I said last time we have a Love-hate, thing goin' on well today it is full blown HATE! You will never know what he did to ME this mourning.

Michaels Pov

It was just a joke! Man I didnt know she woulds take it 'his 'ersonal! Oh by the way Im michael Guerin, or what my so called friends like to call me is mikey g. I guess you can call me that. Man I cants believe im talkin to myself! by the way im this old if you are wonderin'(doing by one finger at a time.)


Man what a witch, I wasnt even tryin to flip..oh what the hells im 5 years old, and my life already sucks. Welcome to my world.

Maria's Pov

What a complete jackass! Oops, ther I go again! Im tryin, so dont tell. I cants believ that mikey would cause so much trouble on the first day. Oh wait yes I can.


Isabel Pov

Is this dress too long, how is my hair? Oh my god! I got split ends! I think im going to die! Oh god, I will always be known as the freak with split ends, I will

Alex Pov

Wow, she is bootful, why is she cryin, I better go find out.

"Hi Isabel, whas wong?"


"Come on tell me."

"I have split ends!"

And I think to my self, " what the hell is split ends?"


Tess Pov

Hi everyone, my name is tess harding. Im about 5 years old And im startin my first day of school! And the best part of it is im in the same class as my friends. But what is more exciting is im with max! Wells im not with him persay, but I thinks he is so cute! we are goin together, no matter whats it takes!


Mrs. Guber Pov.

Oh my! what a buch of little rascals! I look at my class, and I am totaly amazed. These arent your typical kindergarteners. Especially tht Michael Guerin! I cant believe would know how to use the bird! He is only 5! I wonder what his parents teach him at home. Then there I that Isabel Evans I believe, I hear that she is crying, I figured I would go console her, being this is her first day of school, I figured she just misses her parents, so I go over there and I find out the real reason, as she tells it to that little boy, whats is name, oh wait that is right alex whitman, you can tell he has a crush at her, boy he is young too! I can tell he will follow her around, any way it turns out that she is crying about .. Get this split ends! Oh my god! can we say premadonna? Her brother and his friend liz parker, they seem to be nice ones, besides the fact that when he looks at her, its more like a horny teenager, then a 5 year old little boy. Man I wonder what kind of parents these children have!They are acting like way beyond their years! hell I wasnt even this bad, when I was 40! And dont get me started on the little Gerbil..oh wait I mean that harding girl, sorry but her face does make her like one. She is looking at The Evans boy with such want, I mean she is only five and I can already tell she is going to be a bitch. Well I guess I should get started, man this is going to be a long year!

I know this might be a little short, I plan on making the new part( only if I get feedback of course!) longer. Now I have a question to ask of you. Now I plann on making this story about how they grow up and change, now do you want the next part to be a few years later or did you still want to see them as liitle "sweet" ones? Please let me know! Thanks Enjoy! Feedback Please!

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Authors Note: I want to say that I am so grateful that you guys are liking this story. I am working on the next part of this story and for Reversal also, I should have at least one or if I try both parts up by today! Thank you again and to those of you that havent read it yet, please give it a try! Thanks Jeremiah
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Authors Note: Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!*big* So I decided to update all my stories today so I hope you enjoy this chapter.Just FYI I plan on making them a little bit older in the next few chapyers, but dont worry I have alot in store for our favorite little gang!

Part 3- In Class

Lizzies Pov

Hi yeah its me again! Miss me? I thought so. Well it is class time and so far it is going good. We had readin time and thats was ok! I likes school so far, its fu, well except for ones thing. pam troy! She is such a slut!( I know hang around "ria too much!) but she is! she was all tryin to move on max! flirtin wit him! I couldnt have maxie be scred of the bitch, oh well im sorry I wont try and say those words, its just gettin harder when I see pam! So I told pammy to stay away and now I am in the corner!in time out! cant you believe it! How was I suppose to know if you cut some ones hair it dosent grow back right away!


Max's Pov

Lizzie is in trouble and now im sad! that was soooooo unfair of Mrs.Guber to punish Lizzie like that, pam was all her fault, that skank! Oops sorry, hangin round maria long nuff. See pm troy was talkin to me and givin me this smile, what does maria call it? oh thats right "the look at me I am a whore smile." She was just scarin me, so lizzie just defended me and now she is in trouble. Well im goin to go sit in a courner so lizzie knows that I notice and that I appreciate her bein my friend.


Maria Pov

I cant believe that old hag, punished lizzie! I personally think that pam the skanky slut troy gots what she desreve! I laughed so hardi think I wet myself, oh well, the look on pams face when lizzie cut some of her hair off, was priceless! talk about cryinlike a baby! Waits what is michael doin! No! Noooooo! Michael, thats it he is dead meat!

Michael Pov

That was soooooooooooo funny!!!!!! Maria was so embaressed! oh no here she comes, oh my no , I cant believe she just did that! im goin to die!


Mrs . Gubers Pov

What a Class from hell! First liz parker cut pam troys hair, but then the object that they were fighting over max evans sat in a courner, by liz. I tell you that boy is so whipped! Oh and dont get me started on th Diva of the class, she refused to play with the other toys, o she stood up in the middle of class and said that he was allowed to play with it, and so I told her that if she dosent play right she can go take a nap in time out! And you know what she told me? She told me that me that I could kiss her... you know what! I cant believe she talks like that! And of course I cant forget the horrible satan spawns now can I? After they pulled each others pants down, they started to make snack time into a food fight! so know I have all 8 of them in courners and not all are happy! I dont care that alex, kyle and ger..tess didnt do anything, they just oh my god! I need a vacation! and this is only the first day.

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Thanks to everybody that has left me feedback! Like I said before, im a feedback junkie, so please............give me so more!!!!!! LOL Enjoy this next part.

PART 4 - The Third Grade

Lizzie's Pov

Hi everyone, how are you doing? You are! Thats good. Yeah it's me again. I know I havent been around that much lately, seems like the last time was well I was in kindergarten, so let me catch you up. By the end of our kindergarten year, Our teacher Mrs.Kinkel, oh wait that is right you dont know? See Mrs. Guber was our first teacher, but one morning we went to class and we was told that the wench went on a permenat vacation, and that we gets a new one. I wonder if she went to that place, I heard my parents sayin, the looney bin? Well I dont know, sorry im getting off target so forgive me please? Ok well we passed kindergarten, then came the first grade and Mr. Samuel was our teacher, to tell you the truth he was kind of kooky in the first place. I bet you are tired of me talking about my teachers, and you want to hear whats been going on with the gang, ok I will tell you!

First My Chica, Maria, see I can say her whole first name now! Arent you proud of me! Thank you. well Guess what , she has a new dady and the new daddy is no other then Kyles daddy! Yup Ms. deluca Married Mr. valenti last spring, it was so romantic! I love weddings, me and maria was brides maids as well as Izzy. Maria and Kyle are adjustin to each other, but let me tell you if kyle was smart, he will never wake up Maria when she is sleppin again, cuz that is just plain dangerous!

Then there is my Guy chica! Alex , he is livin with me now! I got a brother. See this is what happened , his dad is in the milatary, I think that is how you say it? Right? Well he got moved to a new base in Germany and alex's mom was too sick and so his daddy decided to let alex live with us, because his mommy is too sick to look after him and he wanted to see his little boy taken care of cuz he would be too buzy so that is how alex is living with us!

Then there is Izzy, see people might think of her as nothing but a blonde bimbo with the only hing going for her are her looks but they dont get to see the real izzy, she might be a bitch to others but not to us. she is really nice when you get to know her, well any ways, Izzy is still Izzy sumthings never change. I guess.

Then there is Mikey G. Same as Izzy, dont let a book be judge by its cover as they say. Turns out he has a little crush on my Maria, he just dosent want anyone else to know. But it came out when we all played truth or dare, he rather tell the truth, then accept the dare( Which was kissing Tess on the lips, dont know why he didnt do it?) so he was asked if he had a crush anyone and that was how it came out. Lets just say Maria was speechless, and if you knew her that was a FIRST!

Well of course there is kyle, he is in the same boat as Maria with their parents being married and all, he is our little jock! I swear that boy can play all kinds of sports, and talks about sports, I bet he even dreams about sports! besides the crush he has on tess.

Tess. I know that we are all friends and usually tess and I are fine. It is just when she....uuuuhhh I cant even say it! Yes thats right I know about her little thing for MY max! I know we are just best buddies, nothing more will become of it...gee I wonder why my hearts is hurtin...never mind its just that I look out for him becuse he is BEYOND shy and quiet. And I dont want to see him get hurt. And miss Tessie thinks she is goin to have him not on my life!

And there is Max. What can I say about max that I havent said before. He is my best friend and I wouldnt know what to do with out him I know what you guys are thinkin, what is she talkin about she is only in the thirds grade and she cant be using these kinds of words and feelin these feelins but havent you guess by now that we are a special kind of a group and we dont like to follw the rule? Ma xwill always be just my friend, and I am thank ful for that. gee could I get anymore sappy!puleesee.

Well that is what happens so far, to everybody, I just wonder what the third grade will bring. what ever it is I just hope that we will still be friends.


Max's Pov

Hi there! It is me again, miss me? Oh my im startin to sound like Liz! Even though that is not a promblem I wouldnt mind having. see we are all in the third grade, now we are becoming bigger and on some becoming even more bigger if you get my drift. I wonder if liz knows that she is the most prettiest girl in the world, see I finally figured out what was wrong with my tummy, my tummy started to get thes funny feelings when ever I would think of liz, its called love! I heard my parents talk to the valentis, about love and they described the symptoms. See the problem is that all liz wants to be is friends, and that is fine cuz I just have to have her in my life in some form, and I know what you are sayin, I too young to know what love is since im only 8 years old, but I do too know ! even maria and michael are sorta together, when they are not fightin, which is about always, lucky bastard, he already got the girl of his dreams, I wonder if I will ever get mine.

Authors note: I hope you like this part, I dont really think is that good, I just wanted to see what you all think.And please I am asking for moore feedback, if I dont get any more I will stop writing . so please please leave me fb! Thanks Jeremiah

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Authors note: I want to thank you all for the feedback! I was planning on posting another part tonight, I just didnt like it at all and I finished the improved version and hopefully I will have it posted by tomorrow, and another part for my other stories as well. Thanks.
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Authors Note: I just want to say thank you to all the terrific feedback I recieved, so thank you goes out to:














SO thank you for all the feedback, I hope that you guys enjoy this part.

PART 5 ( I just want to thank Lana Lane for this because it made me realise what was wrong with the last part, so I want to see if I can fix it!*happy**happy*)

Lizzies Pov

Yes its me again, how are you? I am glad. Oooohhhh I something to tell you. As you can tell I am sorta getting better with the whole talking thing. I better be since im in the fifith grade now. Time to start growing up , one more year to middle school so no more being a little girl, and start acting like abig one, even though to me I have always been a big girl. My parents talked to me last night about getting older and not pulling imature acts as they so lovely put! Just because you cut someones hair ONCE! I might add, they think you are immature, well I still dont regret what I did to that bitch! But any way off the subject. That is right one more year of Roswell Elementary then its of to Roswell Junior High. Dont you just love the original names! I swear couldnt they name them, im not suprised that they didnt name them after something that is related to aliens, this is Roswell after all! Im excited about this year, but to tell you the truth im scared. That is right ladies and gentlemen, Lizzie Parker is scared, im scared that every thing is going to change and I dont want it to. But for some unexpainable reason there is that other part of me that knows change is inevitabe and I am actally looking forward. God! I hate this growing up crap! why couldnt I stay little forever, but you know life happens and you just have to go with it. And look, im sorry about the last time we were together, I really didnt give you that much info about what happen with my friends, Its just sometimes I forget about them when I am thinking about max. I know that is pretty lame its just I had these feelings for him and I was so confused, in fact I dont know what is going to happen with max and myself, but I have the feling that is ONE of the things that is going to change, and I am not sure if im ready for that.


Maria's Pov

Hi Chica's! I know its been a while sense I last saw you! sorry about that, it wasnt like I tried or wanted to stop, its just im trying to adjust to my new wonderful life! Well in case you forgot my mom and kyles dad got married, almost two years ago. I thought that was bad, getting kyle for a brother, please I think I would rather get rabies and had to be put asleep! But to tell you the truth, it hasnt been so bad to get to know kyle even more then before, in fact its pretty cool to have him as a brother. And jim is cool too he is really good for my mom, I see that he really does love her and me too. To tell you the truth, I was scared that when they got married, jim would wie up and leave us, like my dad did, but he hasnt and now I believe that he wont, because that is what family is for, and that is what we are. Ok enough emotional stuff already, I feel like im going to lose my lunch. So I bet you are wondering about me and the jackass, well to tell you the truth, I dont know, I havent known sice the third grade when we played that damn game! You might say maria why dont you not know after all these couple of years.? well I will tell you, im afraid, fraid to get hurt, and that is the one reason or I should say chance that I refuse to take.


Alex's Pov

It's me alex whitman here. Sorry its been awhile. And to tell you the truth, im glad. Dont get me wrong, I love talking to you, it's just been a rough couple of years for me. First my mommy got sick, then my dad got stationed in germany, so I had to come live with the parkers, dont get me wrong I love lizzie and her family, it's just been really hard not to have mine. Well sice my dad got staioned over there, my mom was to sick to travel and my dad he didnt know what to do with me, so he shipped me off to the parkers, which is great, I love lizzie like I said before. Well a few months after my dad left, my mommy died. She is in the heavens with my grandma and grandpa, I just hope that she is really happy, I hope that she still thinks about her little boy that she left behind, cuz I think about her everyday. Ok I dont mean to depress you, in fact that is the reason that I havent been in touch, but with the help of my frinds, my best friends I might add are helping me and being there for me, which I am so totally grateful. Ok now, of to a better subject, school, we are all atarting fifith grade, wow we are almost done with elementary and next year its going to be Junior High, I cant believe it, time sure goes by fast.Oh there is liz, were going over o marias now, so we can go to the movies now,so I guess I should go, an thank you for listening.


Max's Pov

Hello, I know we have been here before, for how many years now. The same old thing over and over. Tommorrow we start the fifith grade, wow we are almost to junior high, time goes by fast. As you can see im really excited! yeah right. well I know that you want to know what is going on with me and liz, but to tell you the truth I dont know my self. See I know that I love her, but I dont know if she feels the same way. im talking about being more then just friends, if you wanted to know. And why am I thinking about this at such a young age, I have my whole life in front of me, hell its not like im an alien king or something like that! I guess im just scared about what the future brings but I know that if I got my friends that I will be ok, and I decided that im not going to push this liz thing, in fact, I came to realise that liz and I are just meant to be friends, and nothing more. As long as I have liz in my life that is all that matters, not in what form, if I just have her friendship that would be ok to. Maybe I wont be alone too, I seen the way that Tess has looked at me, maybe, just maybe.


Michael Pov

Hey, whats up? I know that I havent been around that much, I just want to make sure that I wasnt going crazy, plus I really dont talk much about that mushy crap, because if you look at me, I have a penis which means I am a guy and I dont talk about my feelings. Unlike max who is just a big emotonal mess everytime I see him. The way he pines away for liz, talks about liz and dreams about liz, talks about liz, I could tell that he has it bad, dont get me wrong I love liz as she is like my sister, I just dont want them to grt hurt, and for petes sake if they want to get together, I wish they would just get it over with. Please like this is some over the top soap opera on UPN, please this is real, and if they dont do somthing soon and stop all this worthless mooning, im going to go insane! What about maria? Were diffrent and we are not as bad as them, we are a completely diffrent story. well its late I have to get ready for another terrific year at Roswell this school blows big elementary, yippee!!!!


Isabels Pov

Excuse me how is my hair? please tell me I finally got it straight! I dont like it when my hair is curly. Don even get me started on those damn split ends! You see Im entering the fifith grade tommorrow and I got to look good, so every one can drool. see that is part of the job of being the best looking girl on this planet! I know some people think that is stuck up, but who cares have you taken a look at this body, see I rest my case. Plus I have to look good for alex, oh my god, please dont tell me that I just said that! I think im going to go lie down now.


Kyle's Pov

Hello, I know that I havent really done this before but I just wanted to let you guys know that I am here. We are all about to start fifith grade and well im scared , im just glad that I have my friends with me. And I guess I should tell you tess, well I know we are friends but I know that I her more then as a friend. The problem is that she dosent look at me, like that , she looks at max with that look and I hate it, why cant she look at me like that what is wrong with me and so right about max?


Tess Pov

Hello its me. I just want to say that I am having the best summer ever, me and max are getting closer, were spending alot of time together, I wonder what that means? well I am sure not complaining, just that yesterday liz saw us together playing and she looked sad, I wonder what is wrong, see liz is my friend and I dont want her to be sad, yet I know that I want max and if liz gets hurt by it , im sorry but they arent a couple and I have every right to claim max. But the thing is kyle is also upset too, man I dont know what is everyones problem! well I have to go, I think im going to suprise max! see ya!

Authors Note: Please dont kill me. I am A total Dreamer so no worries there in that department, I just want to also say if kyles part sucked, I dont know how to write for him. so I hope thay you enjoy this and please please please leave me feedback, sorry being the feedback junkie that I am I need my daily fix! LOL! Hope you enjoy.

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Authors Note: I just want to apologise that its been a while since I updated, like I said yesterday I plan on updating all my fics today, so enjoy!

Part 5

Liz's Pov

Yeah, you know the drill, its me again. Notice anything defrent? do you? well im going by Liz now. no more Lizzie, well my friends call me that but I want to be liz, because im getting older and that is what you do when you get older. See im in the fifith grade now, and I want to be older and not a baby any more. Well ok well I should explain what fifith grade as brought upon us. See this is our last year in elementary school, then off to middle school, can you just feel my excitement. Just kidding, I really am, it is just never mind you dont want to hear it? Do you? well ok but let me tell you that it is the worst possible news ever! It literally makes me sick , when I even have to say it, but here it goes. Max and Tess, thats right they are a couple now, going out, it is the talk of the whole fifith grade, dosent that just make you sick! Agggghhh, I just think about the betrayl! I cant believe they did that to me! I thought they were my friends, but I guess not, with friends like that I dont need enemies. Least I got the others, Like Maria and Alex, Isabel And Michael and Kyle. Their my friends , they wouldnt do this to me! Expecially Max I am so dispointed in, wait there is a knock at the window, oh god its the man slut!

"What do you want Max?"

"Hi Liz."


"I just want to see if you want to do anything."


"Because, we havent done anything in a while and today is thursday, you know what we do on thursdays, it's movie day."

"Sorry, I cant, im busy."

"What? we always do something."

"See Max, that was before when we were best friends, and see that were not friends , we dont need to do anything, so I will see you later."

"WHAT? Of course were best friends, why would you say that?"

"Because its the truth, so now can you please get The HELL out of my room thank you!" Liz said as she pushed Max out the window, and he landed in the mud.

Im so sorry you had to witness that, it just was building for so long, I just didnt want to admit that I lost my best friend, and now that I know, can you excuse me I am not feeling so well,I will see you tommorrow.


Max's Pov

what the hell just happened here? What is wrong with Liz? I have no idea. I cant believe she would say that to me and then push me in to the mud! what did I do! I never saw Liz so mad before! And she was mad at me! She was never mad at me before , I wonder what cause it! Look at me im so covered in mud and its raining. That was part of the reason that I wanted to go over to Lizzie's , that and that I missed her, I havent been around much for her, se I guess I should tell you that im going out with tess now. I know what about my feelings for Liz, well as you can see by what just happened Liz hates me...Liz hates me....Im not going to cry...Im not going to cry...sorry I have to go now..ok...see you later.

P.S I know this is short, im sorry I plan on posting a longer one later, maybe if I get enough feedback I will post tonight even. Thanks.
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Part 6 Teaser

Maria's Pov

Hi its me, Maria! I know you must be wondering why lizzie isnt the one that is starting this. Like she always does, well that is because she is rehearsing for the school play that is about to take place. You guss it, she is the lead. How did you know, maybe she just gives off this vibe, that you know that she is a star, I always believed that and so does alex, because we known her for like forever. This play what is it you might ask? well it happens to be none other then that of romeo and juliet. Liz is of course Juliet and you might not know who is playing Romeo, No it's not Max, It's actually Michael! I know I was in shock too you know, saying that couldnt be the same michael guerin that in kindergarten pulled my pants down or the one one that caught mooning the principal in second grade, Ever since we left roswell Elementary and came to junior high, I dont know the gang is falling at its seems. Take Liz and Max for instance , They were the best of buds, until that good for nothing back stabbing hoochie mama skanky trash gerbil AKA known as Tess got her claws in to Max, things havent been the same for him and Liz, see personally I dont care for less about tess, she just pisses me off by breathing, I just put up with her for every one else, but now every one is seeing her for her true colors. I have to admit something to you that I havent told anyone, not even liz. See Tess wanted the part so bad tht she was willing to do anything to get it, she even changed the times of the rehersal for liz so she could miss it. Liz dosent know about it, Tess claims it was an accident, an accident my ass! well you see let me tell you guys all something about a maria deluca, if anyone and I mean ANYONE trys and hurts one of my friends, lets just say im not that pleasent, and tonight tess will get a taste of that. See you at the play.

I just want to see if im taking this in the right direction, so please leave me feedback and I will probably post more later if I get a lot of feedback for this teaser to part 6.

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Authors Note : I want to thank all the people that left me feedback, I so greatly appreciate it. I hope you like thi part, here is were my dreamer side really kicks in and I hope you really enjoy this part.

Part 6

Well tonight is the night. The night of the play. Everyone has been working so hard over these last couple of weeks. Especially Liz. She wanted it to go over so well, she poured her heart and soul into this, trying to make this the best play that the whole school has ever seen. Well only thirty more minutes, the play starts at 8:00 p.m. Enjoy the show.

7:30 p.m

Everyone backstage was nervous as hell. This is the night they have been all waiting for the past couple of weeks. Michael looked like he was going to be sick. he was way beyond the nervous stage. He was actually petrified, about going in front of the whole entire school and in tights, no less! How the hell did he ever get in this mess. If it hadnt been for the damn bet with kyle, he wouldnt be in this situation. you see, it took place right before try outs, Kyle bet that Michael couldnt make Alex, dress like a monkey and dance in the libary at study hall, Michael thought that he would be able to convince alex to do it, but as you can tell that worked really well. damn the both of them. And he had to play against Liz, of all people. Boy he thought that Max was going to kill him! max wanted to play romeo against liz's juliet. But that didnt happen, Max missed the audition, by a mere ten minutes and everything was were it is now, Michael in a mess, and Max one pissed off guy.
Michael was so lost in thought that he didnt even see Tess come by him. Tess was still a little upset that Liz got the part and not she, She wanted the part so bad, that she is angry and totally blames Liz, that is why she has come here tonight. She was going to teach Liz a lesson that she was not going to forget. Tess reached Liz's dressing room, were she knew that the costumes, that liz had to wear, they were in the room, Tess decided that liz was going to humiliate herself in front of the whole school! That is what Liz deserves after all, she stoled the part away from Tess. Or so that is what Tess thought. She took a few of the costumes and made a few adjustments to them. Tess left the room with a smirk on her face, not knowing that Maria and Isabel were around the courner when they noticed Tess go into Liz's Room. So they decide to see what she was up to and to their horror they finally realised what their former friend was really about. And they decided to pay Tess back, so they went to go find The director, and told them about a few changes of their own.

7:50 P.M

The director was about to lose his cool. It was less then ten minutes till the play began and he was told that his leading lady was sick, and couldnt perfom. He was screwed! He had no other choice then to call The understudy to take Liz's place and that understudy happens to be none other then tess harding. he wasnt happy about that either, Liz was the star, and he didnt want to replace her with a no less then the town gerbil her self, who he happens to think totaly sucks!

8:05 p.m

The play was going on, perfectly well. Lot better then any one thought, being that tess was now in the lead role. Tess was beyond exicted to say the least, this is what she wanted, The play and Max of course! she got everything she desevres. What she didnt notice was that that is what she would be getting in a few minutes, and irony would have it be by her own hands. Tess was in the middle of a montaloge when the moment happened.

Her Dress, ripped in half, in fact the whole thing was falling apart. It was also the kind of outfit, were you couldnt allow to wear anything under it, other wise it would show. So there was Tess standing on stage all in her naked glory, Embarresed beyond belief. She was so shocked and humilliated that she was frozen , she couldnt move if her life depended on it. The whole audience was laughing hestercally. The parents were all wispering about how sorry they felt for the poor girl. While all the students were saying that the bitch got what was coming to her. Tess was finally moved and ran off stage past all the laughing crew members, the cast and even the director himself. Tess was beyond humiliated , she just wanted to crawl into a dark corner and die. She was busy running with her head down that she didnt even notice that she was about to run in to some one, actually in to two some ones. Liz and Max.

Tess bumped into liz, she finally looked up and into two faces that were covered with betrayl. max was furious to say the least, even more then liz. How dare tess think she could get away with trying this on his liz! he regrets ever going out with her.

"We are so over, Tess tht we need a new word for it."

"Max!" tess was about to pout when max interupted her.

"And just for the record the only reason that I was going out with you was to make liz jealous,so she would notice me, and that was all, I had no feelings for you at all, besides friendship, but tonight I dont even feel that for you. You make me SICK! How could I ever see that you were kind or nice, now I know and so do our friends see you as, a back stabbing manipulative BITCH!" max bellowed.

Both Tess and Liz were shocked to hear Max speake like that. Tess was about to walk off, when liz called her.

"Tess wait."

Tess turned around." What is it Liz?"

"I got something for you."

"What, another lecture."

"No, just this." Liz urned and slapped Tess across the face so hard, it left a mark, on Tess face.

"You really are a bitch!" liz spat at the girl she once considered a friend. Tess just left in tears, leaving Max and Liz alone.

"Im so sorry Liz."

"For what?"


"Max, you didnt know that your girlfriend would be some one as mean and caculating as her."

"I know, but."

"Max, stop it! Now I have to know , if what you said to her was true."


"That the only reason that you went out with her was to make me jealous."

Here at this moment was the moment of truth for Max.

"Yes." he went with his heart.


"Because I love you."

"Max. wow I cant believe you just said those words to me."

"It's True Liz. I love you."

Liz was truly speechless, this is what she wanted for so long, that the only way to respond was to kiss. the kiss lasted about a few seconds, but it left an lasying impression.

"So I guess this means..."

"We are together." Liz said a she said with a smile as she noticed one on Max's face as well.

P.S Please I hope you leave feedback for this part! I would greatly appreciated it. I know thi might be short, but I will try and get another one out later tonight if with I get feedback and a lot of it! The next part I planned was possibly another school shot, or a first date type of thing for max and liz, so please leave feedback with your answer. Thanks.

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Authors Note: Thank you for all the wonderfulfeedback!

Part 7

Liz's Pov

Hi its me again.Notice any thing deffrent about me. Well the deffrence is that I am so beyond happy it is so so, well I dont know how to put it in exact wors, just that I am happy. Now you are wonder why am I so happy. Expecially finding out that a former friend of mine turned out to be diffrent then ayone of us realised. I will tell you. I have a boyfriend,not just any boyfriend. Max and I are finally are together.That is right, we declared our feelings for each other night at the disater we like to call the play. Well execpt the last part, like I said before, when max and I finally got together. I swear it felt like we were the lead couple on a teen drama or something, we had all the ingreadents for it. The angst , the bitch trying to keep ua apart. I swear I have had enough of this drama! Well just to let you know, we happen to be the top couple of school, it seems every one wants to talk to us, and some even want o touch! But I cant blame them we are great are we? Just kidding, I am not turning into Pam Troy. Speaking of Pam, she still hasnt got over the hair incident, cant you believe that! I mean talk about holding a grudge! I mean that was kindergarten, so ages ago. Oh well I mean I am not going to let any one ruin my mood, I refuse to do it! Well it was nice talking to you guys again. I have to go, im going over to Max's house to "study." Yeah right.

Max's Pov.

I am on top of the world. I have the girl of my dreams. And she happens to be my best friend in the whole tired world. And in a way I have to thank Tess, for finally bring me and Liz together. I mean if she hadnt shown us her true colors, we wouldnt be were we are today. Dont get me wrong, I was going to end it with tess, sooner then later(more like the next day.) But what she did to liz, was untolerable and I couldnt even stand being with her a second longer. Thank God! I didnt even touch her, let alone kiss her. see we had thee kind of relationship were we just hanged out, and went to movies, but we never did what other couples did. I guess even a small part of me still had hoped that I would do that with Liz, and now I am! I am so so happy, I cant even put it into words, all I can say is that I finally feel like I am me again.

Maria's Pov

They are finally together! Dont get me wrong, I love them to peices, but after a while it was getting tired of the whole starcrossed lover thing, talk about a total soap opera moment! I mean like people arent like that, you would only find that sorta of thing on t.v.But I should know diffrent, they are max and liz fter all, why expect any less. I am happy, they deserve it! Plus I am so glad that Tess got revealed as the bitch that she really is! Talk about a huge relief, I mean I no longer have to prtend to like her. I think the only person that is haviing a hard time with this is kyle. I mean he did like her and as more then a friend way too. I mean what would you do if you found out that the person that you really liked turned out to be not so what they claimed to be? Yeah it's rough. I feel bad for him. Well im sorry, but I have to go, im meeting michael , we are going to the movies. I know! But I dont want to hear ONE word from you! I know im totally hopeless, what can I say I have a thing for bad boys, with bad hair.

P.S I know this is really short and I plan on making it up to you guys, but I have to go now, I plan on trying to update later tonight or tommorow. Thanks.
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Part 8

Have you have ever been in love? You know that feeling you get when you look at some one. How you want to spend all your time with them. Dosent matter what you are doing, you could just be watching tv, reading a book, eating breakfast, and just look over and you feel totally amazed. Love is an amzing thing. The one thing that is completely sure about it is, it dosent judge on what your age, race or sex is, it is all that matters, and you cant choose who you are meant to be with, all it will do is lead you to the right person.Some people call it destiny,or fate. Som people also call it being their soulmate. What ever you like to call it, the thing is that everyone needs it.

Liz and Max have been together since the the sixith grade. Well that has been since they finally admitted their feelings for one another. deep down, they knew what they felt, but were to afraid to admit it to each other afraid if they were getting rejected. But it was the night of a betrayl of a friend that they thought they could trust, it turns out that it all turned out tfor the best. At first they couldnt believe it them selves, that they were actually together, but they knew that their dreams were finally coming true. Their first date was a night to remember. You have to remember that even though this sounds like a love story for a grown up but they were still in sixth grade at the time. They didnt even have there drivers liscense yet.So they still had to have their parents drive them to the movies and dinner. Their parents thought it was the cutest thing in the world! Max bought Liz some choclate and roses, white, he knew that those were what she liked. Jeff and Nancy including Phillip and Diane made them stand together and pose for pictures. Both children were embarresed beyond belief! They had dinner at the new resturant senor chows, and ended up missing the movie, but they didnt care, all that matter was that they were having a good time and it was with each other.

That was about three years ago. Now they were about to embark on the scary thing called high school. Every one was excited and scared all at the sametime. Max and Liz were about to face a summer apart as well. You see The Evans were going away to vermont for the summer, and Max and Liz werent excited about the idea. Max threatened not to go, but in the end he ended up on that plane looking out the window and saying goodbye to liz for the summer. He realised that he was indeed in love with her, he knew it all along, but it wasnt untul that moment that he really truly knew what love meant. It sucks! At times, but most of the time it is beautiful and that is what amases him. And he knew when he came back that even though things might change, things will also stay the same.
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Part 9A

Liz's Pov.

I have to tell you guys something.This summer officially BLOWS! I cant believe I have to be apart from Max! How cruel and unusual punishment is that! I wonder if he misses me, as much as I miss him. I doubt it! I do hope that he is having a great time, because I wouldnt want him to suffer like I am. Well maybe just a little. See Max got to go spend his Summer in Vermont with realitives, while I ended up as a conselor at a summer camp! Talk about sucking major! I just hope I am not stuck with Major Brats! I mean dont get me wrong, I love kids, just not when they are pissing me off. But I am grateful that I am not alone. Maria,Alex, and Michael Are with me as well. Kyle got shipped off to some football camp in Wisconsin. Well any ways, back to were I was. This whole camp thing, well I dont know what it is about, but I guess im going to find out. I just wish Max was here with me.

Maria Pov.

Hi Everone how how has it been. Well I have to welcome you all to Camp Hellhole. Oops, I mean Camp wonder. What Crap! These kids are such little brats! I mean this one girl, oh my god! she can not shut up for the life of her! Her name is Melanie. I swear this space cadit, is really out there. Not to metion her little boyfriend, Jerry. I mean those two never stop fighting! I mean they will find anything and everything to bitch and moan about, I mean who does that? Well besides the satan spawns, being with my friends is basically the only saving grace! And I cant believe I forgot this! Guess you runs this dump! No guess , alright it is none other then Mrs.Guber! remember her! She was the hag that we had for a teacher in kindergarten, She is like almost in her sixitys, and bitchier then ever! I mean what rotten luck! And...Wait, I will be right back! I have to go stop Melanie and Jerry. " Stop it you too! why dont you guys go out and play in traffic!"

Mrs. Guber Pov.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! IT is the spawns of satan, well at least the four of them! I so thought I could get away! I mean why am I being punished! I was a good, girl lived my life not in sin, well maybe that on time, but nothing else! Oh god, were is my gun when I need it! I think, I should just go! Thats right I will go and hide! No one will find me, especially those brats! I wonder if they changed at all. I take that back. They are still the same.

P. S I know this is short but I promise you more, tommorrow! Please leave feedback!
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It has been a week and a half since they told him.He hadnt talked to them since. HOw could they do this to him! On the Summer Vacation that he was forced to take and be apart from His Liz! And then last night they came and told him and Izzy the real reason that they were out here. They were moving out here! They were leaving roswell and coming out here! can you believe that crap! How could they do this! Even if it was for a better job! That was Bullshit! Pardon his language, he is upset! All summer he was looking forward to seeing Liz and now he cant see her in person to tell her ...goodbye.

God how is he going to do this? How is he going to live with out seeing his beautiful angel. How is he going to breath with out holding her hand? He dosent know. He was thinking about running off back to Roswell but his parents caught him and grounded him. The nerve of them doing that!Since this was all thier fault!

He cried, and begged to go back. But his parents refused. They apologised to him and said that he could go to Roswell for visits, but not at this time since school was about to start. He was about to start High School and without Liz. He always pictured that Liz and Him would always go to the same school, he evened imangine that he and she would be elected King and Queen at the homecoming dance. Now that wasnt going to happen! Not if he lived on the east coast and she in the southwest! God he hated His Parents!

It has been two days since he called. he called and broke her heart into a million pieces. he was gone! And he wasnt even going to come back! He promised her that he would go out there for visits, as much as he could. But it wasnt the same. They were going to be a country apart, he was going to live on the east coat while she was still stuck here. And now they werent even going to go o the same school anymore. A part of her dreamnt that she and he would be elected king and queen at the homecoming dance. They would also be validectorians at graduation. Now that wasnt possible. Not together any way. She felt the tears of sadness coming from hi, and knew that this wasnt what he really wanted, that he too was forced to be apart from his one true love, and that he hated it with as much as she did. But there was nothing to be done. His parents were doing what was best for thier family, but not for her. He was her Max, and she was his Liz. and now it is over. They stayed on the phone for what seemed like forever.But it was time and they hated it, but they knew that it wasnt going to last forever that they and their friends would be together again.

They said goodbye.

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Authors Note: Wow! I want to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback! It means a lot to me. I am a Total Dreamer, so you guys dont have to worry much!LOL I just need to see how you guys want this to go, since im writing this for you. you see the problem is im not sure were to take this, so if you guys want please leave me messages, on what you want to see happen. I think that was Jason Katims problem during year two! So if you please leave me some what you want to see, or you can also bmail me, Thanks!
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Part 10

I cant believe that my mother got me a journal. Who writes in a journal. well I guess I do now.

Dear Journal,

Where do I begin? well I guess I should tell you my name. name is Liz Parker, and about six months ago, I died. well Obvisouly I am still here, or I wouldnt be writing this entry. What I meant was that my heart died, when my boyfriend Max Evans moved away,he moved to Vermont and out of my life. The Love of My Life is gone. Dont get me wrong, we tried to make it work, we really did, but you know how these sorta things work out in the end? Well I wanted to put a end to it, before the two of us got hurt anymore, then we were. Max tried to change my mind, and to tell you all a little secret I did for about a second, but I changed my mind again. You see it is not like I dont love max , it is the polar oppisate, I love him so much that it seems that sometimes I forget to breathe and to tell you the truth, that scares me.

I know I dont make sense, what do I mean if I love him and yet am scared at the depths of how much. I know I confuse my self at times, but you see I totally believe that I am going to spend the rest of my life with Max, but to be able to do that, I have to find who I really am, who Liz Parker is without Max Evans.

I was totally pissed at max's parents , and a part of me is still am, for decieving max and isabel. But a part of me is also glad for them, you know what I mean.

Of course you dont know what I mean, but I will try to tell you. I swear, I will.

Max and I , we grew up together. He was my best friend, we were close to all of the others in our cool little group, but I guess me and him we just clicked on a level that was beyond what was normal. And I am so grateful for it, but back to being scared thing. When you are around 7 or 8 , how do you know that you are in love? Come on, 8 years old I realise that I was in love?

I hate that damn part of me, I wish that it would just go away and leave me alone. But I know that it will only do good for me in the long haul. Because I have only myself to look out for, and if I get to attached and Max hurts me, I know he probably never will, but in case he did, I would totally be destroyed. And where would I be then?

This seperation, is for the best. And not just for me, but for Max as well. I love him with my whole heart and soul, that is the other reason I let him go. I want him to enjoy his life, and he cant do tht if he is just moping around the house, I cant stand to see or make him upset. I ...Like I told you before and I can swear to you that it wont be the last time either, but I love him. I want him to enjoy high school, do I want to be with him at the school dances, the assemblies, study hall. Hell yes, but I wont be and that is not fair to Max, to make him wait, and be alone. I can already tell you, that there is no other for me, I will only one man, and that man happens to be Max Evans. What can I say the man is my destiny.

P.S Let me know what you guys think.........
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Authors Note: Sorry for not updating, but I will update this tommorow. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!
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Part 11

Have you ever been decieved by the people that are suppose to love and respect you. Because I have. My Parents lied to me, about coming out for the Summer. It turns out that the only reason that we came out here was because of some damn job that my father got. That was almost eight months ago. And still I feel anger towards them. Why couldnt they just tell me the truth? No they had to go around and lie to my face. They claimed they did it out oof my best interest, they said they knew how hard it would be for me to leave Liz. Damn Straight! It has been like a hellish nightmare that I cant wake up from.

You Know if they would of just came clean about the whole damn thing to me in the beigning, I would of been upset, but I would of understood, and maybe I could of spend the summer with her. But no they had to go lie. I dont think I will ever be able to forgive them.

And Liz. How brave is she. When I told her what was happening, it broke my heart to hear her cry. Liz should never have a reason to cry! Never! I cant stand the thought that I was the reason.

Back to what I was saying. Liz, she is so brave, I am extremly proud of her. Even with her own heartache, she tried to tell me that what was best was that if I moved on.

Like that was ever going to happen. I learned my lesson from the whole mess with Tess. No other girl will do it for me. Come on, how can you replace your Soul mate? There is no way. And I have no intention of doing it either.

Of course I am not the only one that feels this way. Isabel feels the same way with Alex. Turns out that our favorite Ice Princess actually had feelings for Alex. I am glad because with him around, Isabel dropped the bitch persona.

She too is pissed of at our parents. God they had to go mess, everything up! I will never forgive them.

Now I am about half way of my freshman year, at Richmond High, I so rather be at West Roswell. This school is so beyond gay, that I have no words for it. Meaning that there is nothing wrong with being gay, I meant it as a figure of speech.

It's Probably because I dont have my friends around me. No Maria and Michael to bitch and moan. No Kyle talking about endless sports and no watching Alex mooning over my sister.

And of course no Liz.

Well that I going to change.

Come tonight, I will be on a bus, headed for Roswell.

I might be pissed at my parents, but I love them still, I will leave a note.

I am pretty sure Isabel will come with me, if she knew.But I am not going to tell her. It will kill our parents to know that both of their children are gone. So she is the one to stay.

God, I am starting to sound like a pompous ass king of another planet.

Ok, been watching to many Sci fi shows again.

Well. this is it, next time I see you I shall be in Roswell.

Wish me well.

P.S tell me what you think.
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Part 12

Tonights the night. The night that everyone has been looking forward too. The Last Blast Dance. It is tonight, and all the school seems to be so damn excited for it. Normally I would be too, it's just that since my boyfriend is on the other side of the country, I can t help about being just a little depressed, you know. I was suppose to be here with Max. He was suppose to be here so he can take me in his arms and we could dance all night long. But he isnt here. He is some were in vermont. I just hope that he is having a great time. He deserves it. because he is her Best Friend above all, above everything, they made sure thier friendship would last. Max desevres to be happy, he is still in high school after all, he will have all the time that he needs. And you never know, maybe they will get thier chance later in life.
At least she hpoed so. It nearly killed her to tell him, that it was for the best if that they moved on with thier lives seperately.

There is Michael and Maria. Dancing and having a great time, she was happy for them. Especially for Maria, knowing how long it took Maria to knock the wall that Michael Stonewall Guerin had around. They deserve to be happy. And there was Alex. He was taling to some girl they had in thier english class, he too looked like they were having a good time as well. If she wasnt allowed to have a goodtime, she was glad that here friends were having a good time. Then a song came on , that reminded of Max.

There you are in the early light of day.
There you are in the quiet words I pray.
Ive been blessed by the simple happiness of the perfect love we made.

Everytime I turned around I am lost or when I am found, like an angel standing guard, there you are.

Liz was standing by the punch bowl, when she was pulled into some ones arms.

"Excuse me, what the hell..."

"Did you miss me?"

Liz turned around, not believing what was in front of her, could it be? could it be him?


"It's me baby."

liz was stand there feeling not knowing what to do. All she did was what came naturally, she kissed him.

"Now, that is what I am talking about."

"How, are you here? please tell me I am not dreaming."

"No this is Real, It is Real."

"I missed you so much."

"Can I have this dance." Max asked, as he pulled Liz on the dance floor.

Every time I take a breath, and when I forget to breathe, you are watching over me, There you Are. When I am looking for the light, in the middle of the night.

Searching for the brightest star. There You Are. There You Are standing in a crowded room. There You Are the Earth and im the Moon. I have a desire to stand by the fire that burns in side of you.

-There You Are By Martina McBride.

"I Love You." Liz said as she looked into Max's eyes.

"I Love You So Much." Max said as he bend down to touch her lips with his.

"This is were I belong." Max said softly into Liz's ear, as they continued to dance.

P.S I hoped that this part dosent suck! so please leave me feedback !
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Authors Note: I just want to thank all the wonderful people that left me feedback! I just want to let you know that THIS is probably my favorite story that I have written,I was sad at the prospect of ending it so soo, so I decided to see if I can make this a little bit longer, then I intentionally planned. I am sorta getting a few ideas for the sequel, so please behr with me, and I also plan on updating this tomorrow, so again thank you.
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Part 13
Maria's Pov.

God! How romantic is that??!!!!!!, Max came back to town, with out his parents even knowing so he could be with Liz! Man and I cant even get Space Boy to hold my hand in public! Liz is so lucky to have a boyfriend like Max, I mean come on! I am so Happy for her! I could tell she was appsolutley miserable with out him. I still cant believe what his parents did to him and Isabel, tricked them into going, what kind of parents are they? I wonder if they realise that he is missing? Well it is only a matter of time, before all hell breaks loose. Got to go, Space Boy owes me a dance, and I got to co collect, before he tries and figures a way out!

Michaels Pov.

Damn that Maxwell! Now Maria is going to expect me to some romantic crap! Oh god, I can see it it all now, the whining, the look and the attitude. God, why do I put up with her? Duh,smart one, it's because I love her. Here comes the Hurricane. I better be prepared.

Alex's Pov.

I am so happy for Liz. To have Max back is doing something good for her. I know that she was miserable without him. I also knew that Max was miserable without her too. In fact he told me that so, when I was on the phone with him. To tell you the truth, I already knew about Max's Suprise. In fact he told me himself. The hardest thing for me to do was to watch, My best friend sulk and be in so much pain, but Max wanted it to be such a suprise that I knew in the long run, it would make My Lizzie happy, and that is all that I want. And I also feel bad for keeping it from Maria, but Max wanted it to be a suprise and if she knew then Liz would of been waiting at the bus station. Dont get me wrong, I love Maria, but she has a big mouth. But she dosent look so upset, hey is that Michael dancing! Oh My , Hell has froze over,...Wait...oh ... I cant believe that there dancing THAT way....come on guys, this is suppose to be a G rated event!

Liz's Pov.

I will never ask for anything for the rest of my life. I already got all that I ever wanted. Max. He is here. I still cant get over it, he is in my arms, and I wouldnt want it any other way. I wonder what his parents think about this. I wonder if thier back, or Max snuck back into town to just see her. Well either way she dosent care, she has Max back and she is just happy for that. God when did she become such a sap! This is so amazing, to be in love with your best friend. There are no secrets, no lies, the other one knows everything to know about you. It is the most amzing, and wonderful thing. And she prays to god that what she and Max has will last forever. Wait what is the racket. Oh My God! it couldnt be.

Max's Parents.

It's short, but I wanted to give you guys something for reading my story.

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I will probably update this tomorrow, along with 'Time' after I get off from work, Reversal most likely Saturday, Life after Saturday as well , A whole lot of attitude maybe not until next week!
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Since im free all day tommorrow, I will be able to update.
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Part 14

Damn! I nearly shit bricks when I saw them. Standing in the door way to the gym. My parents were here! Damn they are good, I wonder if Isabel told them, No that couldnt be, she would never betray his confidence for nothing. God the look on thier faces, they are beyond pissed, I swear they never looked this mad before. A part of me is sorry that I did what I did to them, by sneaking out of town, they must of been worried sick! But then I remember what they did to me, when they tricked me into leaving, and leaving Liz behind. They might have a reason to be mad, but so do I. And I am not going to afraid of my parents, im going to take it like a man, when they yell at me, saying how much I disapointed them, but you know what I really dont care any more, they need to hear what I have to say for myself. Even if it kills them. Because no one and I mean NOONE takes my Liz away, and not to suffer the consequences. Here goes nothing.

God, I cant believe that his parents are here! And believe me when I tell you, they are not happy campers about Max coming to see me, The look in thier eyes are what scares me the most. They are so full of worry and relief, but yet at the same time, I cant look at them, knowing that I might not be so nice to the people that hurt my Max. Oh NO, looks like he is on his way to them, I cant let him go at it alone. I will No I need to be there for him, and I also got to make them realise that Max dosent need the blame. I will do what ever it takes to be with him. NO Matter, come on lets go face the firing squad.

Oh wow this is going to be BIG! I cant believe it, now all hell well break loose. I just hope it turns out to be good, I dont think my Lizzie could handle any more time being sepreated by her one true love. I mean come on! how can two people so much in love, that sometimes makes a person gag, have so much trouble to be together. I Know that if there is no trouble getting together, then there not soul mates, but still how much more can they or for a fact any of us take?

I Never saw Max's Parents become so angry in the whole time that I have known them! God I am so glad that I am not in his positon , same goes to Liz as well. Were is Maria I cant believe she is not here to see, this all Takes place. I really do hope that nothing comes to tear Max and Liz apart, I know this sounds like I am a some what alien? I Know I never showed emotion before, but Liz turns out to be a very good friend, and I love Max like he is a brother, and I want them to be happy! They did deserve that much, didnt they? Well here it comes the fireworks! Let the Games begin!

p.s Let me know what you think!

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I will probably be able to post another part,But since Reversal is long over due for a new part, that one will probably come first, then Roswell Junior.
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Thanks to all the wonderfulfeedback! I greatly appreciate it!

Part 15

Liz's Pov.

Hi everyone, how are you? I bet you guys are all wondering what went on between Max and his parents right? Well I guess ii should tell you, but in a little bit. I have some news to share, My Parents just annonced to me, you are never going to believe this! My days as an only child are going to be over in about nine months! Yes that is right, my lovely parents decided to act all teenage and hump like bunnies so I am especting a new baby brother or sister in the fall. How great for me!


Can you tell im excited!

I guess it wont be to bad. I guess, At least I still have Max.

See I told you I would get back to that.

Well the night of the dance, when we saw his parents standing there it was like hell was freesing over. You could feel the anger and worry come over them in waves.

It was actually pretty scary.

Oh poor Max, the look on his face was like of that of a dead man. His face went pale and his entire body was shaking with fear. I tried to calm him down by trying to hold his hand, that seemed to help but not as much as I liked.

Well His parents took us out to their rental car and that was were the screaming began.

They were ashamed.

They were angry.

They were hurt.

They were disapointed in him.

That is were I had enough! No One talks that way to My Max and gets away with it. I just told them that maybe if they hadnt lied to him that none of this would be happening, that they should respect their childs wish and that if they didnt want to lose him, they needed to understand, and I told them to apologise to him.

As you could imange that went over REAL Well.

Max was happy, he was touched that I would stand up to his parents for him. He gave me one of his famous smiles, and then he gave me a gentle kiss.

It was worth the look on his parents faces!

After a night of arguing, they decided that max could stay with The deLucas while they are in vermont.

The day the Evans left was an emotional one, for Max. Because as much as he was mad at his parents, he was going to miss them not seeing them everyday.

I tried to make him go.

But He didnt listen.

Im Happy that he didnt.

P.S Well I know this is short, and I know it sucks but this is just an transtion part, this part sorta helps me wind this story to the conclusion. I have enjoyed this so much and I appreciate all the feedback for it, I have a couple parts to this and then it is finished! As much as I love this one, I am glad I will be finishing one of my stories, that will give me more time to finish the others so I can work on the Sequel I have planned for this. So I hope you guys stay tuned and continue to read this. Thanks.
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Part 16

Have you ever realised when all your dreams have come true? Because that is how I am feeling right now. As I look at the sight of my beautiful wife. Wow Wife, I still cant believe that I get to call Liz my wife, let alone live with her, Get to take care of this wonderful angel that was sent into my life, which I Thank for everyday of my existence. It has been a little over two months since we got married. that was the best day of my life.

Now you are all wondering when we got married. Well it was the day after we graduated from High school. Yeah I know we might be a little young to deal with it, some people might agree, mostly are parents, but if you know what is going to happen why delay the inevitable? that is what I told My parents and Liz's , when they tried to talk us out of getting married, but they even could tell finally that they were losing a battle that they would never win.

God she was so beautiful in her wedding gown. Her hair was up in curls with roses around the top of her vail. Her dress was simple but elegant at the same time. It was just right on her. And when I saw her coming down the aisle, it took my breath away.

After all these years , im finally getting my dreamgirl. How could I ask for anymore then what has been given to me?

I could tell the look in Mr.Parkers eyes, that he still wasnt ready to let his little girl go. it also showed that if I didnt take care of her, I am dead.

If I fail her in anyway, I will kick my own ass,that is a promise, Mr.Parker.

And when I finally got to look into her eyes, I could feel all the love that she has for me. And I couldnt help the tears that were coming down my face slowly. She loves me and she is willing to spend the rest of her life with me. Some one has perfect and pure was willing to share her life with me,and I had to ask my self again, How could I ask for anymore then this chance at a happiness so right.

When we said our vows, It was more like a promise to everyone, saying that they could count on Max Evans and Liz Parker to prove that they might be young, but they found a love of a lifetime, all they had to do was look next door. They know that THIS is it for them.NO More NO One. Just Them.

Who would of thought when we were starting school for the first time, when we were in Mrs.Gubers class that we would still be standing here. Even back then I sorta knew but I was just to blind to see it.

Well im no longer blind. I can finally see. it is like a burden that has been lifted, Knowing that they have promised to love and cherish each other until death did them part. And that was the only way that would happen, and If One of them did die, the other one would shall follow not far behind, dying from a broken heart.

Like I said before, I am a lucky man, and I want o thank you all for coming on this Journey with us, It has been a long and tourtus ride, but it is one that hasnt been learned from. So thank You For all your Kind words, and your time. I just hope that you guys will come back and see what we are all doing in a couple of years. I got to go, my wife is calling me.

God. I love that.

P.S I plan on writing a Part that shows them what and were they are all at in a few years, I also plan on that it would help launch the sequel, so please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful feedback! Now I want to know something. Since The next part is the conclusion, I was wondering if you wanted me to do the pov's again for the sequel, or do you want none. for the sequel I was planning on doing their kids perpective as well atheirs, let me know.
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Authors Note: I just want to thank everyone that has left me feedback with this story. You will never know how truly it has meant for me. This is my fourth story that I wrote , and this happened to be the first one that I got so much response from. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. You are all awesome! And for all the writers out there across the board, you guys have truly taught me what a really good story is. I would never compare this to all the master pieces out there, but I have learned so much. Thank You! I just hope that you all that read this, will Read the sequel " Roswell Junior 2: The Next Generation." Thanks Again. Jeremiah.

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Now on to the Last Part of Roswell Junior.

Part 17.

Being able to enjoy your childhood when you are able to, goes by in a flash. When you are a kid, all you ever want to do is grow up.And when you are grown,all you want to do is to be able to be a kid once again. For these six friends, their time went by in a quick as a flash. They still look back when the moment arises, but they moved on. From little kids entering Kindergarten for the first time, to first crushes, to first fights, to first plays, the first heartbreak. They all learned and remember.

Maria Pov's

Hi, its me again, never thought you hear again from me since this was the Max and Liz show! Uh? Just kidding, I love my girlfriends! Well to catch you up, we all graduated from College! cant you believe that! I mean god! were does the time go? It just seems like yesterday we were starting our first year at roswell elementary! Now we all had to be come adults! I know this sucks! Who ever wants to think that it is time to leave the fun years behind! Well see that is what is diffrent with Maria DeLuca-Guerin! I will never leave the fun behind. Yeah you werent hearing things when I said DeLuca-Guerin! I finally got Michael To propose to me! Who would of ever thought Mr.Stonewall would settle for marital life! I sure as hell didnt, I thought hell would freeze over!

Now we are expecting our first child sometime in november! Triplets!! Cant you believe that! God Michael must have super alien sperm or something! Well there goes all our kids in one full swwoop, so that is it after this! I mean come on? Triplets?

Michael's Pov.

I wonder if maria quite her bitching yet! I mean I love her and all, but ever since we found out that she is pregnaut, I mean it is like living with a time bomb! One moment she is happy, the other she is pissed! Then she his crying! treanting to cut off my balls if I dare touch her again! I mean it is Maria, so I can actually picturing that happening.

Alex's Pov.

I dont think I can take anymore of this! I mean there is only so much you can take! And Alex Charles Whitman is at the end of his rope! I never pictured this! I mean come on, a guy has dignity too!

I mean, I know I have daughters.But I am getting tired of having to play dress up! I mean I can only fit in a size 8 dress for so long!


Alex is so cute when he plays with our girls! you should see his face when they are playing dress up! He dosent know it yet, but I have it on the camcorder! Just in case he misbehaves!

I just love living in Florida! I mean it is completely diffrent Roswell. I mean that is waht attracts me here. I was the ice Bitch back there but now I can start over, with a clean start! It feels so good to be myself, and not to be afraid of what others think of me . I can honestly say that I love being Isabel Evans Whitman!

Max's Pov.

She is due anyday now! And it cant come sooner for me. Most men want their wives to give birt as quickly because of the mood swings, but not me. I have all the little moments caught on camera. To Me there is nothing more beautiful then having the woman of your dreams carrying your child. It is the most amazing feeling. To seel the product of the love that you feel for each other and then have anotherlife show for it, it is both mind boggling and breathtaking. I am One Lucky Man. I have my beautiful wife, who happens to be my wife, My Best friend,My Lover, and most important My Life.

There is not a day that goes by that I dont realise that Max Evans is one Lucky man!

Liz's Pov.

Being pregnaut blows! How can some one so tiny come through that small passage! I mean it is against all laws of pain! Oh God!

There I am alll better. I feel so much better now that I have vented. I am so lucky to be the woman to have Max Evans as my husband, My best friend, My Lover, and My Life.

I am so thankful that I am being allowed to have his child.

I Just hope that this child knows how lucky he or she is going to be to have Max as a daddy! He is already so loving, so tender! so percepive. I am one lucky woman.

When I look back over these last years and I realised we all have come so far. We all changed, grown up. But the one thing that hasnt changed is the bond that happens to be between the six of us, it is a pretty amazing thing.

To be able to have a group of close friends that I have, it is a miracle in life. I Am so thankful

To be able to have a baby brother ,it is great as well. It is nice to not being the only child. I just wish That Jason could remember our parents. He was only a year old when they died, and I had to take care of him. I just wiished they were to see him grow up, to meet theur grand child as well.

Max, is so caring and Loving. I dont know what I would of done, with out his love and support, I wouldnt be the person that I am today.

And I am Liz Parker Evans, And I am happy.

P.S Let Me know! Please! Again thank you for all the wonderful feedback! watch out for the sequel!

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