Disclaimer: I don't own any g/h and that stuff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: isabel and alex have a secret wedding
Category: a/I

alex:walks to front door of isabel's

isabel:answers door hey sexy

alex ::sexy?

isabel:: hey alex strip for me .

alex:: let me in first and lets head to your room or something

isabel:: kisses alex and runs up stairs

alex:: comes w/ isabel

isabel closes door w/ alex and she tells alex to strip
since her mother caught him on her birth day

alex::ok,ok .

alex:: first takes of jacket and shirt and second he slowly takes his pants off w/ smile and isabel makes room on the bed for him.

isabel::kisses alex slowly and starts down below and than stops.

alex: starts kissing her neck and he goes down and star kissing her chest and she tells him to stop and he does.

isabel :: alex I'll get some drinks and food and whatever ok.

alex:: ok .

isabel walks to kitchen grabs whatever.

alex:: pulls out ring .

isabel runs up sees ring puts food and drinks down.

alex isabel will u marry me?

isabel :crys yes alex charles whitman I will

alex :: puts on the ring on isabel

isabel :: walks down stairs.

alex:: isabel where u going?

isabel:: I walks stay here

alex: ok babe

isabel: heads out

alex:: eats some food and drinks snapple while thinking
about isabel

isabel:: smiles and goes back in alex .

alex:: isabel? what.?

isabel :I got you a puppy I named him charles

alex:: runs down thank you isabel but I can't .

isabel:: puts the puppy down

alex:; looks at the puppy

isabel::alex charles whitman!

alex: what? izzy?

isabel:: take it please

alex ::sure ok

isabel:: well I guess we should go to the crashdown .ok

alex::sure iz.

isabel :: well sits in back w/ alex.

alex:: well here's our honeymoon

isabel:: starts grabing stuff to slep on w/ alex

alex:: kisses isabel your so beautiful

isabel:: kisses back more ok I love u too u hott little geek

alex:: smiles

isabel:: takes off jacket ok alex


isabel: we are ready to go to sleep or make out more and more.

alex::kisses isabel gently

isabel:: knocks him down and kisses rough

alex:: wow!

isabel : laughs

alex:: so what u want to do?

isabel: I dunno?

alex:: lets stargaze

isabel:: ok sexy

alex : fixes telescope

isabel:: nice work hands alex

alex:: laughs izzy

isabel:: glazes in telescope
alex look

alex:: looks a shotting star

isabel: makes a wish

alex:makes a wish

the end

nice cones

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