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Authors: Angelic & Razeail

Rating:pg:13 xover with X men

Couples: CC

Disclaimer: We don't own Roswell or X-men. However we think Stan Lee might be a secret mutant one of the comic book writing varity

Summary: The aliens are still aliens, but some of the others develop powers.Scared and confused enter two groups fighting over the new mutants affliction: the X-men striving to lead humans and mutants into a peace co existance and the brotherhood of evil mutants - sworn to destroying all of humanitiy to creat a new world order


Throughout history people have been afraid of change and things that are outside of what is deemed the norm.

Mutant (mu-tan-t) n. - one born with the X factor an unidenified gene that emerges during puberty.

The emergence of mutants amoung the population, has caused great unrest in the general population, goverment have authorised anti-mutant legelation such as the mutant control agency and vigilate factions like the friends of humanity.

In our story we find ourselves with a group of these mutants called X-men under the supervision of Profesor Valenti.Even under great threat from the goverment have agreed to take on a very special mission...

"Growing anti-mutant hesteria, today caused the deaths of three people today, whether they were mutants or not remains unknown at this time. With Senator Kellys new position to help fund the new Sentinals program, he leads the polls today with 76% of the vote. He promises new mutant registration laws and..."

"God I can't beleive the stuff they talk about on the news these days, can't they see that mutants are just people too," Liz turned off the TV in her families cafe. Lately she had become very dishearted with peoples views on mutants. She held a secret that only a few other people knew about. It had only happened exactly two year to the day, she discovered that she and her friends could do things that others could not. You see Liz Parker and her friends are mutants and they are not the only ones, all over the world teenagers are discovering that they have new and frieghtning abilities.

Few people know Liz's secret including Maria, Alex and Kyle. Her others friends Max, Isabel and Micheal know their secret as well and just like the others they too hide a secret from the rest of the world. Unlike mutants they are not even from this world, they crashed here years ago and now hide among the popluation of the small town of Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz always believed that no one else would understand her, but she soon found new friends and allies who would soon together face the toughest challange of their lives.

Part 1

*2 years ago*
Liz Pov

"Bye dad we're leaving for our camping trip!" I shouted over the counter to my dad. At 14 years of age me, my best friends Maria Deluca, Kyle and Alex Summers were constantly going on camping trips in the local forest. My mum and dad didn't mind about Kyle and Alex coz they were like sons to my dad and brothers to me and Maria so nothing was going to happen to us together ya know.... Heck my parents encouraged it. They kept going on about how in a few years we won't want to do this coz were grow out of it, but I know we won't!

"Hey Liz!" the gang called over to me. I realised I had been day dreaming and noted that I was already in the car. Kyle was a year older than us and already owned a car. It was a green jeep that he liked to call bob. his argument had been,

"If it was a sports car it would have been called Belinda or something like that. This car is a man car so its called bob. And at the time I was mucking around with me GI Joe toy in a funny German accent going, I am bob ruler of the universe!"

Hey after that we never asked again! Once we were at the camp site we noted that there were 2 other tents there, 2 green ones. Me and Maria hated the green tents we had seen in the stores so we bought a half blue half purple, our favorite colors, (mine being blue!). Inside one tent we heared a girl arguing we her friend,

"Isabel I hate green! Can I please change the color?"

"Fine Tess go ahead but if my brother storms in, or crawls in then its your fault OK?"


At this point we were wondering what they were talking about, but all of a suden the tent closest to us turn a vivid pink.

"Holeycow!" I heard Alex shout thrusting his hands above his head, where suddenly an energy bolt shot out of his hands.

"Alex what was that???" Kyle had to keep blinking at his brother, but I think he blunk to hard at one point as enrgy fired directly at Alex who had to duck.

"Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod" Maria kept reapting with her hands clasped but when she pulled them apart there was a green energy ball floating in them. At this point them members of the tent emergered from them, and I noted one of them was Max Evans who I had a secret crush on. That looked over at Maria's hands,

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU" The spiky haired guy shouted at us. I think his name was mitchell, I'm not sure.

"Us who the heck are you? We saw your tent go yellow from green!" Maria shouted back clapping her hands together making the ball disapear.

"TESS" both mitchell and Max shouted and the shoter of the two blonds. Then eveyone started shouting at eachother! My mind was spining, I could feel something bubbling blow my skin, something I knew I would love but also hate. I needed the spining to stop, the voices they were too much,

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, I felt my eyes change, I opened my hands and was lifted of the floor like I was flying. No-one noticed I wanted them too, the next thing I knew lighting came out of my hands and the rain started to fall. At that point everyone looked at me...


I could feel them all staring at me. This wasn't right I was only 14 what was happening to me, wild thoughts kept running through my mind how was this... no... why was this happening to me? No one could provide answers... at least not yet!

"Liz," I could her Alex's voice but couldn't open my eyes to see him "Liz, you've got to calm down... please Liz everythings okay now!" Alex tried to calm me down but to no avail, the rain got heavier. Lightning struck a near by tree, as it began to topple over Alex insticivly through his hands out towards the tree emiting a powerful burst of crackling ruby red energy towards the tree ripping a hole in the tree, finally landing in two peices, between the two peices stood the prettiest girl he had ever seen "amazing!" I think his words were.

That's when I could take no more, that was it I collapsed to the floor exhausted, what happened next I don't remember but Max later explained, that I was half dead, completely spent by my ordeal. He used a power of his own to heal me back to health. The first thing I remembered was his smile staring down at me "are you okay?" he offered his hand to help me up, which I accepted.

Everyone was okay, but stunned. Max and the others explain to us that they were Aliens who crashed on Earth years ago and that they were just trying to lead normal lives. As for the four of us, we had no explanation as to our powers, nor could be control them by will.

Over the next two years we remained good friends and shared some very happy times. We learnt to control our powers with a little more finess although we still did not have complete control of them and were prone to running wild under more emotional moments, but we learn't about ourselves, we discovered that we are mutants and that society as a whole has branded us as outcasts. Even at school they've tried to teach us that we are to be feared and ridiculd... if only people could understand...

That brings us pretty much up-to-date, the elections are tomorrow and the news isn't exactly promising.

"Liz... Liz... Liz...!"
Suddenly tuning in that someone was talking to her she replied, "Sorry dad!"
"Just finish sweeping the floors, okay"
"Sure, no problem"
"Geez, I hope Kelly gets in, he'll do something about all those lousy mutants!"

The Crashdown was pretty busy that day, but nothing out of the ordinary for a saturday afternoon.

"Liz Parker?", a man was standing across the bar from her. He had pushed a man in a wheelchair in but he was on the other side of the cafe talking to Alex, Kyle and Maria. The man spoke in a Canadian, and he smelt like an ashtray, he was tall but not overly with broad shoulders.

"Are you Liz Parker?", he asked again.
"Yes. Can I help you?"
"No toots, but we can help you!"
"What?" Liz was taken back by his attittude and fowardness.
"That's Prof. Valenti," he indicated over to the man in the wheelchair talking to the others "I'm his... aid... we run a school for gifted children."
"Hey! I'm not a special needs case!", Liz took offense by what the man implied.
"No... we run a school for GIFTED children, like yourself, don't worry we aren't going to tell anyone, but please hear us out."
Reluctantly she agreed and walked over to the table with the others and sat down beside Alex.

"Ahh.. Liz... nice to meet you, thank you Logan," The other man just noded and took a seat at the bar, "I have a proposal for you and your friends... One that I hope will change your lives."

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Part 3a


"What sort of proposal?" Liz asked intrigued by his man siting infront of her, yet weary. She looked over to his companion. Logan a man of what Liz thought was about 5'9ft. Of course Liz noted that as he walked over to the table with a blood of alien soomthy, he walked slumped over. Not with a limp, but instead in a way that sugested to Liz that he was a preditor, almost wolf like. He seemed very cut of from emotion, but Liz reasoned that maybe he was like Micheal, a iron front with a soul able to love. She could read him like a book. The profesor however was another story. He showed no emotion, yet didn't seem closed off. These 2 people here together for the same reason, to change destiny, her destiny, yet so very very different in ways Liz could comprihend.

"I will tell you why we are here once your friends are here Liz."

"But were here, the ones with the 'gift' sir." Liz stated.

"No Liz your other friends. But they are already on the way, I sumoned them here with my power."

"Oh." Liz sat there. She looked over at Maria, Kyle and Alex who just sat there. They all just looked shocked. 'Better just leave them.' "So Logan what is your ya know?" Liz asked. 'Better pass the time'

"Not that its any of your business kid, but I heal real quick, and I have metal grafted to my skeleton, meaning I have metal claws. What bout you? Or is that too much to ask?" Logan answered realy sarcasticaly.

"I control the weather."

"Oh, like sto..." He stoped. He looked over to the door sniffing the air. I saw Max and the guys walk in. I waved and Logan turned to look at me. "Those kid aint even human!"
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"Those kid aint human profesor. They smell to tabascoy to be human. What do we do, or can I go take em out?" Logan asked the proffesor. I thought he was compeletly mental. Max would never hurt a fly, so why take him out? And for that matter I always thought that Max smelled like soap, sweat and spice, the best smell in the world... not that I would know of course.... I smiled over at Max and waved him over. Both he and the rest of the pod squad looked worried.

"Liz are you ok? I need to talk to you and they guys in private about something." His eyes pleaded with me. If I hadn't already known what had happened to him I would have given in instantly. So I ignored what he said and looked away. I pointed to the profesor,

"Guys this is Profesor Valenti, the one who called you here. He's special like me... ya know. And this is Logan. There both here to talk to us about something." Tess spoke up,

"How did you do that? Call us with your mind. It was amasing." She pulled up a chair, and did Isabel and Max. Micheal remained standing. "I have a mind teqnique where I allow people to see objects that aren't there, but nothing to the strength of what you did from so far away! But I would love to learn how to!" Tess seemed exicted. Me and Tess sometimes fought, but for the last two years her and Isabel have been best friends along with Maria. They've been helping with our powers. I never knew that Tess wanted to learn to strengthen her powers.

"Well my dear, that is why I'm here. I run a school for special people such as Liz here. I would like to offer them a place at my school. People on the outside only believe it is for clever and disabled children, but of course it is not." I looked at Max. He looked disapointed that he didn't get asked, or was it something else.... "I would also like to offer you four a place to help with your powers. Being not of this earth I'm sure you need help with them. Well what do you think?" Everyone including me looked shocked!
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Part 4

Slowly a grin grew across Max's face. "I think we could all benefit from this one, what do you think?" he asked looked at Michael and Isabel. They both nodded in agreement, although Michael had his reservations about the Professor, he had no reason not to believe him.
"So it's settled then, why don't you go collect your things and meet us back here in about an hour."

The gang stood up and made their way to the door leaving the Professor and Logan at the Table. Outside Alex decided to view his feelings, "I'm not too sure about this guys, I mean come on a school for mutants.".
"I know it sounds kinda strange but both he and that Logan fella are both mutants too.", Maria reasured him.
"Well I guess if you guys are going then I'm in!" They each went back to their homes and collected their things.

An hour later and Max arrived back at the Crashdown with his back. He was the first one back as he walked in the door is noticed that the Professor had been joined by another man. He was tall compared to Logan, with brown hair, he couldn't see his eyes through the red glasses he wore.
"Ah, Max please... I'd like you to meet Scott, he was my first student," the man extended his hand in friendship which happily accepted.
"Tabasco... The rest of 'em are here now professor," Logan spoke up.
At that moment the door to the Crashdown opened and in walked the others.

A few hours pass...

Stepping out of the car, Kyle looked up at the mansion that stood before him, craning his neck as far back as it could, "Oh... My... GOD!".
"Welcome to your new home...", the professor addressed them, "Come inside, I'll let you all get settled then I'll introduce you to some of your fellow students."

Walking into the house everyone was amazing at the mansion, none of them had known what to expect, but they hadn't expected this, not by a long shot.

"Scott, will you show the girls to their room.", asked the Professor.
"Of course, if you'll follow me."
"Logan will you..." Being cut of mid sentence "Ya... Ya... sure...come on," Logan interupted sounding more bored than anything else.

The girls shared a room, it was nice they had a bath room to themselves, a tv, video, dvd and even a computer. Looking out the window Liz was amazed at what she saw. "You gotta come see this!", the others gathered around her, sharing her view from the window. Outside were two others, one in her mid-twenties, but the other one, "What the hell is that?" Maria blurted out before even thinking about it, "A walking, talking, blue, furball?".

Liz thought for a moment, "Why do I get the impression that isn't the only surprise in store for us!"