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Title: Baby Be Mine
Author: Roswelllover
Disclaimer: own nothing it all belongs to UPN and Jason Katims
Category: AU, M/L
Summary: max and Liz are popular as are Michael, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Maria, Isabel and Serena, max and Liz hate each other but seemingly fate brings them together.


Liz, tess, Isabel, Maria and Serena walked down the halls of West Roswell High in their cheerleading uniforms the rest of the student body stooped and stared, it was the daily routine the guys worshipped while the girls either envied or bitched.
The other girls left towards the school gym while Liz went to her locker, Liz was getting her books when someone came and leaned against the lockers next to her, and she knew exactly who was there

“Piss off Evan’s I have cheerleading practice” Liz said without glancing at hi.

“No need to get pissy Parker” max said while smirking

“Is there something you want” Liz asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“No” max said still smirking

“Don’t you have football practise, they need their captain you know” Liz said

“Yeah I do have football practise but I'm sure they won’t mind if I'm a little late, besides I think my teams getting to clingy I feel like I'm in a gay cult” max said

Liz mumbled something

“What was that” max asked

Liz slams her locker door and walks off towards the gym and max heads to football practise



After cheerleading practise the girls are packing their stuff to go home “hey guys you wanna do something tonight’ Liz asked.

“Sorry Liz I have plans” Isabel said

“It here Michael's taking me out” Maria said

“Same here, I have a date with Kyle” Serena said

“Your bailing on me and Tess” Liz said

“There our boyfriends Liz were sorry but them taking us out is like 1out of 100 chance of happening and where taking advantage of it” Isabel said

“Fine, Tess it looks like it’s only you and me” Liz said

Kyle, Michael and Alex come into the gym

“Hey” Kyle said

“Were ready to go” Serena said

The three girls picked up their bags and walked to their significant other and before they left they said goodbye to Liz and Tess

“Lets go” Liz said and they headed home

Liz and Tess had finished watching scary movie 2 and the fast and the furious on dvd and were now eating ice cream and talking

“So Liz, why do you hate max so much” Tess asked

“Where is this coming from” Liz asked

“ I don’t know just curious I mean you guys looked like you hated each other even before I first came to Roswell” tess answered as she ate a mouth full of ice cream

“I think it started in junior high, I liked him then and before then he was sweet and everything you’d want in a guy and then one day he turned up and he’d changed his attitude said ‘im the man’ and that pissed me off and so now we both hate each other, I mean none of his friends are like that why is he” Liz said

“ I don’t think so, I think he’s HOT” Tess said in a dream like faze

“OH MY GOD! I just so not here my best friend say that my worst enemy is hot” Liz shouted flabbergasted.

“There’s nothing wrong with him” Tess said

“ Nothing wrong, are you blind Tess, there’s his whole attitude and his presence that’s wrong” Liz said trying to defend her opinion.

“Ok, Tess let’s just move away from the subject of Max Evans” Liz said disgustedly.

“ So who you going to take to the prom” Tess asked

“I don’t know, there’s so many guys out three who’d probably want to go with me but I'd choose Sean I guess” Liz said

“Sean.... He seems like your type” Liz said.

“Who you going to go to prom with’ Liz asked

“I don’t know, I'll figure out something when the time comes” Tess said

“Fair enough” Liz said

2 hours later Tess left to go home and Liz went to sleep.


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West Roswell High had won 64-52 against South Roswell High with max scoring the winning goal now there was a ‘after party’ at Paul Newman's house.
Everone was now at the party after going home and changing, Isabel is dancing with Alex, Maria with Michael and Serena with Kyle, max; Liz and Tess were dancing with random people
Max walked outside to get air, when he saw someone come and stand beside him

“Hi max” Tess said

“Aren’t you suppose to hate me” max asked narrowing his eyes

“Just cuz Liz does doesn’t mean everyone else has to” Tess said smiling

“Oh, just figured you being Liz's best friend you would too” max said surprised

“Nope, do you want to go sit down” Tess asked

“Sure” they moved to the garden bench and sat down

“So is there are reason you came out here” max asked

“No, just needed some air” Tess answered

“Same” max answered

“Max you free Saturday night’ Tess asked

“Yeah” max said

“I'll call you on Friday” Tess said

“Lets go back inside’ max said as he took Tess’s hand and headed back inside and danced together
Liz started getting tired so she stopped dancing and went to go find tess, she saw her in the corner making out with someone *looks like tess’s found someone* Liz thought smiling, she went to her and tapped her on her shoulder knowing tess wouldn’t care for interrupting her but tess didn’t acknowledge her and continued on so Liz called he” tess, girl you’ve given your tongue enough exercise” Liz said

Tess groaned and pulled away, Liz gasped when she saw who exactly Tess was ‘sucking face’ with Max Evans the one and only

“What the hell” Liz shouted over the music, with the rest of the partiers being oblivious to the scene around them

“Hey Lizzie” max said

Liz ignored him

“You could have picked any guy and you choose HIM” Liz said talking about Max

“Liz...” Tess got cut off by max

“Tess you don't need to explain anythin to her, she aien’t your mom” max said

“Stay out of this Evans” Liz said

“No, you know what stop being a bitch and controlling people” max said as he dragged Tess away with him



Liz’s POV
There’s only 2 days until prom, Sean asked me and I said yes, I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad there is no way I'm going stag, there’s one thing that is nagging me you see not only did tess make out with max she’s NOW going out with him it’s been 2 weeks and I seriously can not get over that, I mean think about it your best friend going out with your enemy since junior high, just not working for me arrrg he’s only doing this to piss me off and you know what it’s working but I'd die before telling him that, I'm over at Isabel's preparing for the prom the good thing is her dick of a brother isn’t home god, if your out there listening I love you., well not really but .......

The girls were getting ready at Maria's house and from their dates would come and pick them up and they’d all travel in a long stretch limo to vae dinner first than go to school where prom would be held the guys rang the door bell to Maria's house and Amy opened the door and greeted them inside “come on in, the girls are nearly ready” any said

Amy went upstairs and came down a few minutes later with Isabel who was wearing a blue strapless dress with blue heels, Serena who was wearing a black off the shoulder dress with black stellios, Maria who was wearing a pale green Chinese wrap around dress with pale green heels, Liz was wearing a red spaghetti full length dress with red strappy heels and her hair put with curly strands
And tess who was wearing a light pink strapless dress tat ended at the thigh with 3 inch heels the girls went to their dates and were given their corsage Amy took photo’s and they so left but before they left “ be back my midnight” may called out giving them a look that said ‘do as I say or else’ Maria shouted a yes to her mom and rushed out the door before they were given the sex speech

After dinner they all headed to school where it was going to be held, the 5 couples went in and everyone separated and went to the dance floor.

“ Ladies and Gentleman it’s time to announce this year’s prom King and Queen” everyone gathered around the stage and one of teachers came to announce them “he’s the captain of the basketball and football team give a hand to Max Evan’s this years Prom King” the teacher announced everyone cheered for him as max made his way up to the stage and they played the crown on his head
“No for our prom Queen she’s the captain of the cheerleading squad give a hand to Liz Parker” the teacher announced, Liz groaned the year she gets Prom Queen the king had to max she stood rooted in her position until Maria pushed her al heads were turned her way “ go get your crown girl” Maria said
And Liz went up on stage forcing a smile on her face

“This is something I have to see” Kyle said

“Now it’s time for the king and Queen to have their dance” the people moved to make room for them and the light shone down on the spot, max and Liz went out onto the dance floor everyone was waiting to see what would happen since the to could never be civil with each other Edge of the ocean by Ivy started, Liz looked at max as she out her hand on his shoulder “this is the one and only time I am letting you be this physically close to me” Liz pointed out.

“ I hate this as much as you, I want this to end as fast as it can so I can go back to my date” max said as he put his arm around her and rested his hand on her back.

Liz couldn’t help but feel giddy that max was this close to her, they’d never been near each other physically as much as they were here, she scowled at her self “ shut up, he’s your enemy” Liz wasn’t showing that she was liking it though her expression was blank as they danced to the song, soon everyone around them joined in and danced with their respective other, tess and Sean danced together since their dates were already dancing tess wasn’t feeling happy for her friend though she was curing her in her head *bitch stole my crown, and has her hands on my boyfriend that'll be over soon though* tess smirked

“I'm doing this to keep my reputation up; I've wanted to be prom queen for a long time, so don't get any ideas” Liz said as they danced

“I'm not getting any ideas, and if I were I wouldn’t be thinking of them with you’ max said back

“Is that your hand on my ass” Liz asked

Liz stood on his foot” OW!, what the hell” max whispered fiercely.

Liz lifted her brow “sorry” she said sarcastically

Max didn’t do anything else as he was still recovering form his foot injury but he’d get her back before the end of the night it was now his mission too.


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when the song ended max and Liz pulled away from each other as fast as lightning, Liz walked back to Sean and max walked back to tess who pulled max to her to show he was taken, Liz kissed Liz and congratulated her then Maria came up to her “oh chicha your dream came true” Maria said as she embraced her.

“Thanks Ria” Liz said smiling,

Tess came and embraced Liz as soon as Maria pulled away “I'm so happy for you Liz” Tess forced out and put on a fake smile.

“Thank you Tess, that means a lot” Liz said

“Lets go dance” tess said pulling max onto the dance floor as few minutes later tess looked at max after forming a plan “ max you know you Liz can’t be prom queen cuz she doesn't like you” tess said

“Aren’t you suppose to be Liz's best friend last time I checked cuz, why yo breaking her moment of happiness not that I wouldn't like to break it but I'm curious as to why you are” max said

“I am Liz's best friend but you’re my boyfriend to and I think it's fair if we followed the rules and have a queen that you like” Tess said sweetly

“What do you want me to do” max asked

“Go tell Ms Harlin that Liz can’t be prom queen and that you nominate me to be” Tess said

“Ok” max said being the dense jock he is and went to find Ms Harlin

“Ms Harlin, I nominate Tess to be prom queen cuz you can’t have a queen that doesn't like her king and well Liz and me don’t like each other” max said

“Well that’s too bad Mr Evans because your going to have to either withdraw your position as Prom king or live with your ego, there is nothing in the rules that say prom king and queen must like each other” Ms Harlin said and walked away
‘Bitch” max mumbled as he walked back to Tess

“What’d she say baby” Tess said as she snaked her arms around Max’s waist

“She said that there’s no rule that says that prom king and queen have to like each other, if it bothered my ego as she so well put it then I have to withdraw as king” max said

Tess's smile faded* looks like fate stepped in the way Lizzie, but don’t be so sure* Tess thought “it’s ok max, maybe next year” Tess said
Across the hall Maria looked on at max and Tess in disgust “ does she ever stop being a whore” Maria thought out loud “and could max be any less dense, those two are sickening I tell you”

“ I thought you liked her” Michael said

“No, I only pretended to because she’s one Liz's Best Friends’ Maria said then saw a pissed Liz making her way to max and tess

“ I wonder what got her pissed” Maria said concerned
Liz had went to get refreshments when she heard max tell Ms Harlin that she couldn’t be Prom Queen because they didn't like each other*how dare he* Liz thought and dropped her cup in the bench and made her way to him,
Max saw Liz coming and boy did she look pissed he knew that he was the one who’d receive it and prepared himself for it

“MAX EVANS WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!” Liz shouted and lowered her voice

“You knew how much I wanted to be prom queen and you make up some shit about me not being able to because we hate each other, well you got the hate but right didn’t you” Liz said

“Hey it was Tess's idea” max said



Tess smirked as she watched the two shout at each other * Lizzie parker, if you really knew how I felt you wouldn’t be defending my honour, cuz bitch I'm not backing down until I take what belongs to me* Tess thought





Isabel had invited Liz, Maria, Tess and Serena over to her house they were having a sleepover, meaning Liz was going to have to see Isabel's asshole of a brother for more than 8 hours of any normal day

“Guys, do you think I should hold a pool party this weekend” Serena asked

“Yeah that’d be great cuz it’s so hot now” Isabel said

“Yeah and I need to test out my new bikini” Tess said

Maria rolled her eyes, could you make me gag she thought

“It’s settled then, how ‘bout this Saturday” Serena asked

“Great” Liz said

“Dinners ready girls” Diane shouted

The girls made their way downstairs, Liz sat as far away from max as possible and they had a glaring showdown, Diane smirked she never understood her one's and Liz parkers behaviour to one another but now found amusing they were acting out their feelings for each other through anger she could tell how much her son was mitten with Liz, she didn't like tess though she seemed to clingy and she didn't like it, Liz was a good influence better than tess

Everyone finished eating and Liz and Maria stayed behind to help do the dishes but Diane waved them off and said that they were guests and that they didn’t have to do them she then called max

“But mom, why doesn’t izzy have to do them” max whined

“Because she has guests and has keep them company” Diane said handing the dishcloth to him

“But Maria and Liz offered to” max tried again

“Max you do the dishes or I'll make your shores far worse” Diane said

“Fine max” mumbled

After max was finished he had to stack them away Diane started talking to her son

“So max how was it at Michael's yesterday” Diane asked?

Liz was coming down the stairs when she heard Diane's question and answered it for max

“You were at Tess’s max remember, she told me herself that you were at her house last night” Liz said innocently

Diane gasped “is this true” she asked max open mouthed

Max glared at Liz “yes mom” max mumbled

“Maxwell Evan’s how could you lie to your mother” Diane asked

“Liz, honeys could you excuse me and max for a while” Diane said

“Yeah, Mrs Evans” and smirked at max from behind Diane and walked away

“Max, ma and your dad are going to have a talk with you” Diane said

Max walked up to his room and slammed the door *she did it on purpose the bitch set me up ‘you were at Tess’s max’ got me grounded for a week* max thought as he flopped onto his bed.

Max heard the door open ” go away!” Max shouted thinking it may be Liz coming o rub it in or Isabel to see why he had slammed the door when he saw his door shut he looked up to see tess smiling

“Hey baby” Tess said sweetly


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Serena had held a pool party it was Saturday and al the jocks and cheerleaders were invited
Maria was walking around in a red bikini, Isabel in a pale green, Liz in a yellow one, tess was wearing a black thong, Pam troy a ice blue thong and her other fellow worshippers wore the same
Thing, Serena was wearing a light pink bikini she headed to Kyle who was in the pool and swang her legs in the water making it splash.
After prom Liz went out with Sean more but she would consider him as her boyfriend he wasn’t her type he was great to have fun with but she couldn’t see herself going any further
Tess was annoying the hell out of Max, when he said that she could go and hang out with her friends she insisted to stay with him, when he played football with the guys she’d cheer him on and now she was standing way to close for his liking, he didn’t know why he was feeling like this he never minded when girls threw themselves at him but this was just sickening, he was really reconsidering his decision about going out with her in the first place, and her bikini looked like it was the only size in the store for her it looked like 2 sizes too small how much skin can a girl show without making a guy gag, max started looking around for a distraction and found one, Liz parker *god she’s hot* max could feel his body start responding to hers just by watching her laugh with her friends , he willed himself to calm down in case tess got the wrong idea.
Liz on the other side stopped laughing as soon as she saw max, she couldn’t help but stare at his well-built chiselled chest it was stirring feelings in her that she had never felt before, it’s one of the reasons she kept her distance from max it, made her feel things she didn’t want to feel, she’d never seen his shirtless for a long tie period and as much as she wanted to deny it she liked it, she walked to the edge of the pool and went in to cool down.
Max watched Liz as she got in the water and dived n and come up for air max knew he shouldn’t stare but he couldn’t help it Liz attracted a force within him and like a magnet it was pulling him to her.

Tess saw max looking at Liz and knew why, she wasn’t dense she just acted that way

‘Max come on lets go dance” Tess said as she pulled him towards the dance floor, which was empty

“Tess it’s 35° degrees dancing is the last thing on my mind” max said giving tess a ‘I can’t believe you suggested that’ look

“Yeah I bet I know hat’s the first” Tess murmured, but max didn't hear her

“Max can you go get me something to drink I'm really thirsty” Tess said sweetly

“Tess you have legs do it yourself” max said now getting irritated

“Maxxxxxx please I'm going to die form dehydration” Tess said

Max groaned and moved towards the refreshment table murmuring something about some of the female gender being to lazy they couldn’t even get their own drinks, but Tess didn’t hear.

It was 9:00 and everyone had gotten changed into something warmer as it had gotten colder

“Whoever wants to play 10 minutes in Heaven make your way to the closet down the hall on your right” Serena yelled before the music started again, there weren’t many people left as they had gone home because of other plans so everyone there decided to play, once everyone had made it to the room that had the closet Serena gave everyone a piece of paper and a pen to write there name on then had them be put in 2 different bowls one for the guys and one for the girls.

“I will draw your names out form each bowl and then you have 10 minutes in the closet to do whatever” Serena said

Serena and Kyle pulled the names out one by one then smirked when they saw the two names of their friends.

“Max Evans and Liz parker”

Groans could be heard from both max and Liz as their names were called out

“There is no way I'm going in there with him” Liz sad as she crossed her arms in front of her chest

“Ditto” max said

“Come one guys it's 10 minutes it won’t hurt you besides you can argue with each other if you have to were not asking you to have sex in there” Maria said as she pushed them inside and locked the door

“Maria let me out, now, Maria wait till I get out of here you are so dead” Liz yelled through the door, she looked over at max and saw him leaning against the closet wall “ you know you could be useful you know and help me here” Liz aid giving him a glare

“What’s the point they obviously want us in here so wait 10minutes not going to kill me” max said

“Kill you, no it’ll kill me cuz 10 minutes is like 10 centuries with you” Liz said

“Chill out Liz, you got PMS or something” max said

“PMS, Evan's push the damn door you’re a jock now be useful “ Liz said

“Who’s sexist now” max said


“It’s locked Liz give it up” max said trying to get through to her

“So” Liz said

“This closet is too small for my liking especially if you’re in here’ Liz said as she only had half a metre space away from max.

Max rolled his eye “do you ever shut up parker” max said

“It’s a free country there’s nothing...” Liz was cut off by Max's lips being placed on hers roughly, she tried not to respond Liz gasped as she found herself against the closet door feeling the cold wood hit her back giving max the chance to plunge his tongue inside her mouth, Max's hands were in her hair, and Liz's arms found their way around his neck.
Everyone was worried something must’ve happened to max and/or Liz, as they couldn’t hear any voices like before so Tess went and opened the door.
Max and Liz fell out of the closest onto the floor max on top of Liz, max looked up and saw everyone looking at them.

Everyone looked at them and saw their dishevelled appearances, max and Liz's hair were tousled their lips were red and swollen they could see now why they were so quiet

“Care to explain why my boyfriend and Best friend were doing that’s made them look like they had just been interrupted in make out session” Tess asked with a raised eyebrow

“I kissed her cause she wouldn’t shut up then she wouldn’t let go” max said as he got up dusted himself off leaving Liz still on the floor

Liz huffed “Jerk! You’re the one who kissed me and wouldn’t let go’ Liz said pissed; she glared at him, as she stood up on her own.

“ I know you liked it” max said smirking

“Go to hell, your worst than a dried up fruit” Liz said as she pushed past the crowed and stormed off.


It was Tuesday and so far Liz had managed to avoid max, if she did she didn’t know what she’d do kiss him senseless or hit him til her hearts content it was lunch and Liz was walking down the hall when she got pulled into an empty classroom she turned around to see Max Evans the one person she did not want to see

“WHAT THE HELL IS YOU TRYING TO DO EVANS” Liz shouted when she saw max lock the room.

“You’ve been avoiding me” max said

“Avoiding you, Evans you should be lucky I haven't seen you cause then I'd be off your case” Liz said not letting max get to her as she tried to make it seem like she wasn’t avoiding him.

“Oh no lizzie I love you being on my case it just turns me on” max teased

“Does everything have to Turn into sex with you” Liz said rolling her eyes

“Not when it’s to do with you” max sneered

“Whatever” Liz said as she headed to the door, when she felt her self being turned around and pushed into the wall soon with Max's lips attached to hers, Liz moaned at the intensity of the kiss, and found herself opening for him, she knew she wasn’t in the state to be around him especially after Saturday and now especially after this, max knew this taunted Liz being startled upon was not something she liked and this was exactly what max was doing after she gave up her fight physically she felt the loss of Max's body heat and opened her eyes to see the door wide open, he had just left her there, Max Evan’s know knew one of her biggest weaknesses ‘max himself’ and he’d use it every chance he gets.


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It was Friday and Liz was glad tomorrow was going to be Saturday, se and Tess were planning on going to the mall in Santa Fe for the weekend.

She saw Tess at her locker and headed towards her “hey Tess you set for tomorrow” Liz asked

“No I'm going to Las cruses with max” Tess said

“But Tess we planned this 2 weeks ago” Liz said starting to get pissed of at Tess’s attitude

“Hmm.let me see do I want to go with my boyfriend or you” Tess said pretending to think

“I think max out weighs you Liz” Tess said smirking

“Yeah well ever since you started going out with max, he’s out weighed me!” Liz shouted

“Look Liz, I don't need you anymore take a hint, I have max now and I don’t need you to be popular anymore” Tess said as she closed her locker shut and turned around to leave.

Liz pulled her back and slapped her “BITCH, YOU USED ME, I GAVE YOU MY FRIENDSHIP AND YOU THREW IT BACK IN MY FACE WELL FUCK YOU TESS I DON’T NEED YOU OR ANYONE ELSE EITHER AND IF MAX DUMPS YOU THEN DON’T COME CRAWLING BACK TO ME!” Liz shouted the students in the hall stopped and watched on as the two closet friends fought, but now knew Tess had only used her. And they never were friends at all

“HE WON'T DUMP ME, NO ONE DOES, as for you Lizzie your going down, I’ll take what’s mine very soon” Tess said to Liz as she went to slap her but Liz caught her wrist before it hit her face

“Here this tess there is no that’ll happen because guess what it never was your's now go back to Maxie and be the whore you are and leave me alone” Liz spat out threw her wrist fiercely and walked away leaving a pissed and dumbfounded tess at how easily the tables were turned and watched after Liz, forming a plan to bring her down.

Max was in the lunch quad with the guys

“Max I heard your taking Tess to Las cruses with you” Michael said smirking

“No, I only told her I was going to go to Las cruses but she invited her self” max said pissed

“Max man I feel for you” Kyle said and burst out laughing

“Why you going out with her anyway” Michael asked

“Do you want to rather hear rumours of me being GAY no thanks” max said?

“You resort yourself to, to much torture max” Alex said

Serena, Isabel and Maria came to the bench “hey did you guys her about tess and Liz fighting in the hallway 0 minutes ago” Maria said ecstatic
“What” Michael said you mean Liz finally told that god for nothing whore to piss off” Michael said grinning like a little boy whom just walked into a candy store

“Yup, that’s my chica” Maria said

“Guys could you not talk bout my girlfriend like that” max said trying hard to sound convincing

Everyone looked at him shocked “what” Kyle said

“She may be annoying at times but she’s still my girlfriend “ max said getting up “I have P.E next I better go before I get detention for being late again” max said as she picked up his book bag and went out of the lunch quad.

“What just happened” Michael said

“I think max has finally realised what he’s got himself into” Maria answered

Liz walked in after and sat next to Maria “we heard, you ok chica” Maria said

“Yeah I'm fine, I always knew somehow she didn’t appear to be who I though she was, I think I've just found out who my friends are” Liz said smiling at the people at the bench

“You know we don’t care about the popularity” Maria said

“ We may but we wouldn’t sink as low as Tess wouldn’t and besides you’ve known us way longer we got this reputation together” Isabel said

“Thanks guys”

Tess saw everyone sitting at the bench except for max, she also saw Liz but decided to ignore here and went over

“Hey guys” Tess said in her oh so annoying voice

No one said anything or made her presence known

“Do you know where max is” Tess asked them louder thinking they may not of heard

“Look tess you may be Max's girlfriend but Liz's our friend and what you did to her is so low than anything I have known some one can do so don’t talk to us anymore you are no longer wanted, do what you want now but your only allowed anywhere near us if you are with max is that clear good bye tess” Maria said venomously.

Tess huffed and glared at Liz “bitch you haven’t won yet” Tess said before storming off

“That felt so good” Maria said

And everyone else started laughing


It was Friday night and Max and Isabel were getting ready to go to their cousin’s house in Las cruses, phone rang and Max picked it up

“Hello” Max answered

“Hey Maxie it’s me Tess” Tess said

Max groaned “hey...Tess” Max said

“So what time are you picking me up tomorrow” Tess asked

“10:30” max said

“That late” Tess asked

“yeah” Max said

“ok....Great” Tess said

“umm...Max I have to go” max said

“oh ok, I'll seeya tomorrow then” Tess said

“yeah, bye” Max said and hung up quickly
Isabel was in her room and called Liz

“hello” Liz answered

“hey Liz, it’s me Isabel” Isabel said

“hey Iz” Liz greeted

“Liz do you want to come with me to my cousin’s house for the weekend” Isabel asked

“ohh, yay I love Uncle George’s house” Liz said

Isabel laughed “I knew you would so I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8:30” Isabel said

“yeah” Liz said “I have to go my mom’s calling me so I'll seeya “ Liz said and hung up
it’s 8:30 and Isabel had just gone to get Liz , she came back 5 minutes later with Liz.

“hello Liz” Diane said smiling at Liz

“Hi Mrs Evans, thanks for letting me come” Liz said

“any friends of Max and Izzy's friends are always welcome” Diane said smiling

“mom, me and Liz will be upstairs to get my stuff” Isabel said

Isabel and Liz went to Isabel's room

“hey Iz is Tess coming” Liz asked not wanting Tess's presence to ruin her weekend

“no, not that I know of mom would’ve told me” Isabel said

“ok good, I really didn’t need her ruining my weekend” Liz said

“I know the feeling” Isabel said and smiled

“kids we have to go now” Diane shouted t Max, Isabel and Liz who were upstairs

Liz and Isabel went out the door when they saw Max come out of his room

“what she doing here” Max asked

“I invited her Max” Isabel said as she dragged Liz away before another confrontation started

It was 9:00 and they left to go to Las Cruses
At 11:00 Tess called Max

“you have reached the Evan’s, we are in Las Cruses for the weekend please leave a message and we’ll get back to you when we get back thank you” beep

Tess hung up the phone “he left me behind !” Tess shouted to no one

“he left without me, no one leaves without me” Tess said pissed to her self
The car ride to Las Cruses was in silent only filled with small chit chat once in a while, most of the talk was between Liz and Isabel, Max was sitting behind them listening to his Discman.

An hour later they got to The Evan’s house in Las Cruses

“hello, Phillip, Diane” George said as he came out to greet his brother’s family

“hello George, it’s been along time” Phillip said as he greeted his brother

“were are my nieces and nephew” George said and looked to see Max, Liz and Isabel standing at the car

“Isabel you’ve grown up to become a beautiful young lady, so have you Liz, and Max my, aren’t you quite the young man I bet all the girls chase after you” George said

“you wouldn’t know how true that fact is” Isabel muttered

“hi Uncle George” Isabel said as she embraced her uncle
“hi Uncle George, it’s great to be back here, I love this place so much” Liz said as she thought back to when the last time she had come which was when she was 14

Nick and Kirsten walked out of their house , Nick was the same age as Max and Isabel and Kirsten was a year younger than they were

“hey Max man, glad your here” Nick said as he slapped Max on the back

“Hey nick, it’s great to see you again” max said

“ah and you fine ladies whoa re you” Nick teased winking at Liz and giving her a flirtatious smile which Liz returned, Max frowned

“Nick Evan’s you know exactly who I am, your charming personalities don’t work on me” Isabel teased

“that hurt Isabel” Nick said smiling as he put his hand over his heart

“hey Max” Kirsten greeted as she embraced her older but HOT cousin

“hey Kirsten” Max said returning the embrace

“hey Iz, Liz” Kirsten said smiling at Isabel and Glaring at Liz, Liz knew that Kirsten didn’t like her but didn’t know why.

Sally came out and invited everyone inside
Tess saw Sean sitting in a booth in the crashdown by himself

“hey Sean what you dodging sitting here by yourself , where’s Liz” Tess asked as she sat down

“she went to Las Cruses with Isabel” Sean replied drinking his blood-alien smoothie

“how’d you know” Tess asked frowning

“Maria told me when I walked in her and asked for her” Sean answered
It’s 4:00 in the afternoon and Nick and Max are playing basketball outside

“hey Max I'm surprised your not with Liz” nick said

“as you may have forgotten nick we don’t like each other” Max said

“then hook me up” Nick said as he shot the ball but missed the hoop

“I'm not you date planner Nick” Max said as he shot the ball which went through the hoop

“fine I'll do it myself, though I do think she likes me, a lot she is HOT ” Nick said

Max dodged the ball and pushed Max “sorry man” Max said

“it’s ok” nick said as he got up


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“Hi it’s nice to meet you” Tracy said smiling at them, and eyeing Liz wondering who she was to Max as she had ignored her presence

“I was wondering if it’s ok if I hung out with you” Tracy said sending her flirtatious smile to Max

“Yeah, sure” Max said smiling back, while Liz rolled her eyes

“Do you want something to eat, drink” Nick asked

“No I'm fine” Tracy said

After a while Tracy was getting bored and put her hand on Max's thigh and smiled at him when he looked at her, Liz looked on when she saw her hand travel upwards “god I think I'm gonna be sick, this is a public place Evan’s go fuck her somewhere else” Liz said glaring at both of them.

“Lets go, were not wanted here” Max said getting up and taking Tracy’s hand in his and left

“Finally I can now eat without having the urge to throw up” Liz said and popped a fry into her mouth

Isabel rolled her eyes, while Kirsten glared at Liz, nick looked at Liz, Kirsten and Isabel and shook his head ‘you can never understand girls’ he thought to himself.

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and everyone decided to go home.

“I had a great time” Tracy said smiling

“Yeah so did I, it was nice meeting you” Max said

Tracy then kissed him; there they were in front middle of the car park engaged in a kiss when Isabel interrupted them. “Come on Max, say goodbye to Tracy before mom and dad come back” Isabel said
Pulling on her brother' shirt

Tracy and Max said their goodbyes and everyone left to go home.

After they had finished dinner Phillip, Diane, George and Sally were getting ready to go out for the night leaving the 4 teens at home, Nick had gone over to Jake’s house as he had called and told him to so Liz had offered to do the dishes, Diane then told Max to help her as he was a guest in the house too

“Oh but mom” Max whined

“No buts Max you are a guest in this house and you will help Liz it’s not going to kill you” Diane said

“Ha, would you know the likes of that happening” Max muttered

“What was that Max” Diane asked

“Diane leave Max alone he doesn't have to do t then Kirsten can” Sally said

“Sally , you will not spoil Max, he will help Liz he’s gotten out of doing chores to many times using his charms but they don’t work anymore” Diane said facing Max

Max groaned “fine” Max said

“Mom, dad, go have fun” Isabel said pushing Diane, Phillip, sally and George out of the house

“Izzy you seem quite keen to have us out of the house what do you have planned” Phillip asked narrowing his eyes

Isabel chuckled “nothing dad, just go before you miss your movie”

“Behave” Diane said to everyone

“We will” Max, Liz and Isabel shouted back

“Kirsten, that means you too” Sally said right at the door

“Yes mom” Kirsten said

After being reassured that their children were going to be fine and hadn’t planned anything illegal they left, Kirsten and Isabel had retreated to their rooms while Max and Liz had to do the dishes.

Max was complaining about how much him having to dry the dishes was unfair

“Evan’s shut up ok this couldn't be my ideal Saturday night either, and what makes it even worse is the fact that your here but we are so just stop complaining, geez and you think I don’t stop talking” Liz said and turned back to washing the dishes.

“If you only had kept your big mouth shut, I wouldn’t be in this position what is with you and volunteering” Max asked.

“What is it with you and dating whores, could that girl have been any similar to Tess” Liz retorted back

“Why you jealous” Max smirked

“ Ha you wish, me jealous of them” Liz said and returned to her dishes and ignored him, soon the dishes were done and Max and Liz sat on the couch

“That was so tiering” Max said

Liz rolled her eyes and groaned then switched on the TV and started channel surfing she turned to the movie channel

“I've seen this, will you change the damn channel it has 109 channels there has to be something else” Max said

“Shut up Evans and just watch” Liz said

“Here give me the remote parker” Max said

“No” Liz retorted back

Max got up and went to Liz's side of the couch

“What the fuck you going to do Evan’s” Liz said

Max lunged at Liz and started ticking here, Liz was tossing from side to side trying to avoid his ticking fingers she pushed him and got free and ran Max recovered and ran after her

Kirsten or Isabel couldn’t here since both of them had their stereos on full volume.

Max was catching up with her as being captain of the football and Basketball team he had to be the best runner Liz saw a corner on both sides then dodged the one on the right and went to the left hallway Max knew and did the same thing and was on full pursue after Liz, Max then caught up with her he caught her arm and turned her around Liz lost her balance and they both tumbled onto the floor Liz looked up at Max as Max looked down at Liz, Liz looked up at Max's eyes and got sucked into his deep amber pools and found herself inching forward to Max's lips, Max meet her half way and the first contact of their lips electricity coursed through both of them and Liz shivered at the passion of the kiss, the remote was long forgotten and their hatred feelings were pushed away they soon came up for air, Liz looked at Max and saw what had just happened , Max let her push him off her and she turned to Max and glared at him “take the remote it’s yours” and threw it at him and walked out of the room Max shook his head trying to clear his dizzy state and headed to the lounge, Liz went to her room and out a CD into her CD player and laid down on her bed as she was still left with the feelings of the intensity of the kiss.


Max sat on the couch surfing through the 109 channels but actually thinking about what had happened he made Liz parker lose, but the memory of her sweet luscious lips and her silky strawberry scented hair was burned into his mind he could still taste her lips on his max stopped his train of thought ‘this is Liz parker, you do not have feelings for her’ max scowled at himself for even thinking such a thing.
The next day Isabel, Max, Liz, Phillip and Diane had arrived in Roswell 2 hours ago, Tess is in the crashdown when she sees Liz.

“Look your girlfriends back” Liz told Sean

“Yeah I know” Sean said as he got up to go to her, Tess got out of the booth and headed to the Evan’s house.

“Hey Liz’ Sean said when he reached the backroom.

“Hey Sean” Liz greeted with a smile

“How was Las Cruses” Sean asked as he sat down on the couch

“OK, I only went for Isabel but it was great to go back and see them all again” Liz said as she busied herself.
“What did you do” Liz asked

“Nothing, went out with the guys hung out with Tess” Sean answered

“Tess” Liz looked at him incredulously

“Yeah she’s not so bad” Sean said

“Yeah that's if she wants to be in your pants” Liz said “look I gotta get back to work” Liz said

“Ok, I'll call you” Sean said as he got up from the couch

“Yeah” and went out of the back room.
Tess walked up to the Evan's house and rang the doorbell, Diane answered

“Hello Tess, come in” Diane said trying to be friendly at her son’s girlfriend

“Hi Mrs Evans” Tess greeted sweetly as she walked into the house

“Max’s up in his room” Diane said and left Tess to go to the kitchen

Tess walked up to his room and walked into the opened door and saw Max putting his shirt on just freshly showered “hey” tess said closing the door

“Shit” max muttered when he heard Tess’s voice behind him

“So, what happened about Saturday” Tess asked folding her arms in front of her chest

“Sorry Tess but my mom said Family only” Max answered without thinking

“Is that so then what the hell is Liz, Family” Tess shouted

“No, look my mom said it ok, I don’t know why she gave Isabel an exception but she did” max said as he picked up his clothes off the floor
“And you expect me to believe this” Tess shouted “I’m not blind or dumb”

“Look tess I've had a long day ok, and I don’t want to be here right now so if you don’t believe me then you can damn well just leave” Max said frustrated


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“in that case were through tess, I have had enough of you and this relationship” Max said frustrated he was tired and he wanted to be left alone not here arguing with Tess.

“Max you don’t mean that, I forgive you” Tess cried out as she rushed over to max and laid her hand on his chest

Max stepped back “NO tess I'm serious you are possesive, manipulative and I don’t like you , I feel like I'm suffocating in this relationship now I've told you nicely but you won’t listen now get out of my damn house” Max said

Tess shook her head “NO! max no, that bitch fed you with lies didn’t she, don’t belice her max she’s only out to get me” Tess cried if she lost max, she’d lose everything

“Get away from me Tess, it’s not Liz it’s you I’ve tried to work things out but I can’t stand this anymore this......this slave labour I want out Tess” Max said

“I LOVE YOU MAX” Tess shouted

“I DON’T LOVE YOU TESS, you don’t love me, I don’t need attachments” Max said as he opened his door.

Tess sighed she’d think of a plan “You’re making a big mistake max and I’ll be there when you come crawling back” Tess seethed.

Max slammed the door and sighed as he ran his hand through his hair “at least now she’s out of my hair” Max said to himself.
Max turned on his CD player and the sounds of Linkin Park filled the air.
After being cooped up in the house for 4 hours max decided to head to the Crashdown.

Max came in and sat down at a booth and Maria walked up to him “Hey max how was Las Cruses” Maria asked

“Great, where’s Liz” Max asked.

“she’s out back , why” Maria asked

“oh no reason, I'll order something later” Max said

Maria nodded and left to wait on the next table

Max got up and headed to the back room he opened the doors to see Liz going through her locker, when Liz heard the doors open she looked up to see max

“what are you doing here, it says employees only Evans can’t you read oh that’s right you didn’t pass English” Liz said

“you're ignoring me” Max said

“and how do you figure that I only got her 7 hours ago “ Liz said

“no, only that as soon as you saw me you snuck into the back room” Max smirked

“Get over yourself Evans” Liz said as she shut her locker door and tried to make her way pass amx ubt max caught her arm and pulled her back

“ your ignoring what happened in Las Cruses” Max said

“NO I'm not ignoring what happened in Las Cruses because there is nothing to ignore, it was a mistake max you violated my space you asshole, I could charge you with sexual harassment” Liz said firmly

“you wouldn’t, I know it means more to you than your saying” Max said trying to get a reaction out of Liz.

“GET OUT! max, I will never so much as feel more than hate towards you no leave before I have you banned from the Crashdown” Liz said glaring at him.

Max didn’t budge, liz was about to move and get her manager but Max put his hands up in surrender “ I'm Leaving Parker” max said as he backed out of the back room.

then Max sat down at Liz’s section and Liz walked up to him 3 mins after "what do you want” Liz asked in a tone that said she didn’t want to be there.

“Is that a way to treat a customer Liz, I could get you fired for not obeying the rules” Max said smirking

“shut up Evan’s there’s no way I can be fired, are you only here to taunt me or are you going to order something, I have other customers to attend to” Liz said getting irritated

“Fine, I'll have a cherry cola, and space fries” Max said “And don’t spit in my food” max added

“I won’t be so sure if I were you” Liz said and walked away.


Liz groaned and sat down on a stool finally glad that the rush hour was finished

“what’s up chica” Maria asked as she put her tray of dishes on the table top and sat down next to Liz.

“nothing, just tierd from the rush hour and then Max” Liz said as she ran her hand over her face wearily.

“you didn’t tell me how Las Cruses was” Maria asked

Liz groaned again as the thoughts of Las Cruses filled her head “I'm guessing not great” Maria said

“yeah, no” Liz said

“Kirsten still being a bitch to you, I thought she’d grow out of it as soon as she’d hit puberty guess I was wrong” Maria said trying to lighten up the mood.

“Yeah there’s that” Liz said not wanting to go any further

“and come on Liz this is me your talking to” Maria said giving her a pointed look.

Liz was in thought having a conflict with her inner self ‘I mean it’s ok for me to tell her it meant nothing, he started it, he violated your space’

‘but you liked it, why’d you kiss him back’

‘shut up, I did not kiss him back’

‘why did I kiss him back’ Liz thought she sighed and gave up there was nothing wrong it was innocent kiss, a mistake that will never happen ever again this is Max, her rival enemy since junior high, but what if old feelings of him were starting to suppress you had a crush on him remember you could be playing with fire Parker’

“Liz, hello, earth to Liz” Maria said waving her hand in front of Liz

“oh sorry” Liz said once she was broken out of her thought ‘I'm not a freak I don’t need therapy for talking to myself’ Liz said reassuring herself again

“LIZ!” Maria shouted for the second time to get her attention

“yeah” Liz said

“are you okay Liz” Maria asked concerned

“Yeah” Liz answered

“so you gonna answer my question or not” Maria pushed knowing that this must be a big deal to have Liz space out like that.

“I guess, everything would of been fine if it hadn’t of been for Max” Liz started

“what did max do, please don‘t tell me you two had sex” Maria said

“MARIA!” Liz yelled

“sorry, it’s just you look so torn, I couldn’t help but think” Maria said


“so, he’s kissed you, even so heated you feel out of the closet what makes this any different” Maria said, thinking back to Serena’s party

“this wasn’t just any kiss, like full on mouth to mouth, we were making out Maria, can you believe the asshole did that” Liz said

Maria smirked “you two are worst then horny bunnies” Maria said

“MARIA!, I don’t need this from you” Liz said pissed

“what do you want me to say that he’s to blame Liz, kissing involves two people Liz, not one” Maria said “besides it didn’t mean anything, so why are you worrying right” Maria asked

“Yeah course, nothing it will never happen again” Liz said “Thanks Maria it feels great to have that off my chest” Liz said

“I'm here for you no matter what always” Maria said smiling
After locking up and saying goodnight to her parents Liz headed to her room she shut the door behind her and headed to the bathroom when a figure appeared at her window outside her balcony

“YOU!” Liz shouted


“YOU!” Liz shouted

“shut up will you, I don’t want to have an encounter with you father” Max whispered loudly

“What the fuck are you doing 12 o clock midnight in my room, if you try anything I will scream which will wake up all of America” Liz threatened.

Max rolled his eyes “I have better things to do then rape you” Max said frustrated

“what do you want” Liz said putting her hands on her hips

“Will you talk to me without having to bite my head off” Max said

Liz looked at him as if he’d grown another head “fine” Max said knowing it would impossible for her to be nice to him.

“you have 1 min and time is passing by Evans” Liz said

In that moment max took two long strides to Liz and fused his Lips with hers fiercely he walked to her bed backwards and fell on it with him landing on top of Liz, Liz still in shock didn’t respond but started to protest as she felt his hard chest against her she tried to push him off but him being to strong for her it was impossible for her to get out of this one, Max felt Liz try to push him away but he wasn’t going to give in this time, he had come to her room hoping to talk to her rationally but looking at her al fired up he just couldn't help but Kiss her, he stopped fighting this pull to be with her it was now Liz’s turn to do the same, max sucked and tugged at Liz’s lower lip and groaned at the taste of her strawberry flavoured Lips he moved down her neck suckling on her skin to find her skin taste Like vanilla he smiled a her choices she was nothing Like tess, rough and clingy she was her own independent self and he was finding himself falling for her, Liz was about to give in when she heard max whisper “ only wanted to Kiss you” against her ear sit up and leave through her window al while Liz felt the wind hit hr hot face and she sat up in shock staring at the window that Max had gone through.

Meanwhile Max descended down Liz’s ladder with a grin on his face, it wasn’t what he had intended to do, but it was much better than his original plan he got into his blue convertible and went speeding through the streets of Roswell back home.


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Michael and Maria are making out in the car at the drive in when Maria pulled away

“Maria” Michael whined and tried to pull her down again

“NO Michael, damn I just remembered, Michael we gotta help Max and Liz get together” Maria said the wheels starting to spin in her head.

“We are not going to talk about Max and Liz on our date ‘Ria” Michael said sitting up.

“Look Michael there our friends and they don’t see that they have feeling for each other there just too blind enough to see it” Maria said

“Maria don’t play match maker with Max and Liz that’ll just cause havoc on everyone’s lives, let them sort it out themselves” Michael said and moved to kiss her neck, Maria moved away

“Michael, if you don’t do this it will be the end of our date” Maria threatened, Michael groaned “fine, what‘s your plan” Michael answered.
Liz had been bitch mood to everyone ever since school had started it was lunch and Liz wasn’t looking forward to seeing Max.

“Liz, chica what's with the foul mood” Maria asked as she walked up to Liz

“huh, oh don’t know I got a B on my history essay” Liz lied

“ oh chica, you’ll do better next time” Maria said

“yeah” Liz answered as Maria hooked her arm with Liz's and they headed to meet the others for lunch
Tess walked down the halls of West Roswell High and heard Pam troy and her gangs conversation and couldn’t help but eavesdrop

“Can you believe it, I mean she has Sean already worshipping her just like the rest of the school, but have you seen Max that guys seems to look like he’s falling under her spell, if she takes Max than it’s all over” Pam said to her friends

“I heard he dumped Tess, I mean she’s so much better than Liz, why he dumped her I don’t know” Tori said

Tess grinned at least she hasn’t lost everyone because of Max and Liz “Hey” Tess walked up to them.

“Oh hey Tess” Pam said with a smile.

“so I heard you’re bitching about Liz, mind if I join” Tess said
Liz walked back to her locker because Maria had dragged her away she couldn't go to her locker, she was glad she didn’t see Max at Lunch actually none of the guys were there as they had to go to a football meeting and Liz was thankful for that she opened her locker and started to take the contents that she needed about of her locker.

“Hey” She felt Max's body move in behind her and his warm breath on her neck

Liz shivered “Are you cold” Max smirked

Liz could tell he was smirking “Take that smirk off your face Evans, don‘t mess with me” Liz gritted out she didn’t want to be here.

Max moved to her ear “I like you Liz a lot now I need you to listen to yourself and give in, I'm not going to take let you hide behind that bitch attitude anymore, cause Liz Parker I'm coming for you” Max said huskily and ran his hands down her arm which caused Liz to shudder again but this time Liz caught his hand and pulled it away from her.

“I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you, your charms won’t work on me ,if you come any where near me from now on you will wish you never did is that understood” Liz said firmly

“your stubbornness won’t get you anywhere Liz, you’ll just halt the progress of your feelings, you can’t control your feelings Liz your threats mean nothing to me” Max said calmly and walked away, leaving a more pissed off Liz than before.


The girls had all meet up for cheerleading practise as the Roswell comets had a game on Friday, they were talking when Tess arrived in the gym and all went silence

“May I ask what your doing here” Maria asked ferociously

“cheerleading practise” Tess answered

“Oh no your not” Liz said standing up “I’m captain and I say we have a vote who is in favour of having Tess say yes and who isn't say no, Maria” Liz said

“no” Maria answered

“Serena” liz asked

“No” serena answered

“Isabel” Liz said

“No” Isabel said

“Pam” liz asked

“Yes” Pam answered

and the votes went on with 3 yes’s and 4 no’s

“We have spoken Tess, so I suggest you bring your uniform back tomorrow” Liz said

“Bitch, you may be able to stop me from being a cheerleader but I will win” Tess said still believing she’d have a chance

“Run to Max tess oh whoops you can’t can you because he grew a brain and dumped you” MAria said

“Tess huffed out of the gym

“Why did you have to be such a bitch to her Liz” Tori said

“If you have a problem Tori I suggest you go after her and come back with your unfirm tomorrow too” Liz said

And tori said nothing and stood back

“good” Liz said “now lets get started”

The guys had changed and were heading home after football practise, Maria stopped Max

“MAX!, we need your Help there’s something wrong with Isabel” Maria said

“shit where” Max said and sped off after Maria
Liz had gotten changed and was waiting in the girls changing room after Maria said she’d needed to talk, she heard the doors open and lock then Max rush over

“Where’s Isabel” Max asked looking around frantically worried about his sister.

“what do you mean where’s Isabel, she’s gone home and what the hell are you doing in the girls changing room” Liz asked

“she’s where, but Maria said something happened to her” Max said heading to the door and pushed it to find it locked

“Shit, Michael, Maria Let me out you two are dead if you don't open this now” Max shouted

“What you mean let you out” Liz said and tried to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge

“MARIA DELUCA OPEN THIS NOW!” Liz said knowing this was al Maria's idea

“No you two won’t be let out until you can be civil to each other” Maria’s voice floated across to them

“Maria is this some sick joke” Liz asked

“No, we are sick and tired of you two bickering when we know you have feelings for each other now sort them out and let people be at peace” Maria said again.

Liz kept on shouting at Maria threatening her to open the door but nothing was working

“so this is the girls locker room” max said aloud, looking around the never before seen room

“Yes this is the girls locker room now you can make up some sick twisted fantasy” Liz said pissed at the days events “I can’t believe this have had enough shit for a day now I have this to top it off” Liz said and sat down on the bench.

“Look Liz life doesn’t revolve around just you” Max said
“It’s silence Maria, you know second time they could kill each other” Michael said

“Oh no, I'm not falling for that again we thought that before remember and we caught them making out I am not going to interrupt them is their having sex” Maria said

Isabel groaned “Thanks Maria just the information I needed” Isabel said
“Can I ask you something” Max asked

“yeah, just nothing personal and don’t go all sentimental on me” Liz said

“what do you see in Sean” Max asked

“didn’t I say nothing personal, why you getting jealous Evans” Liz said

“Answer the question Liz” Max said and sat next to her, Liz felt the proximity of his presence waver on her which was making her dizzy, she wouldn't deny it he did effect her and he was now but she was hiding it.

“He’s a great guy” Liz said

“Is it serious” Max pushed

“No” Liz answered falling into Max’s trap, Max moved closer and Liz saw him but didn’t stop him

“Liz” Max whispered

“Yeah” Liz whispered back

“Don’t fight it anymore” Max said and leaned down and kissed her, this one much intense then the others as Liz gave in willingly this time, she opened for Max and he plunged his tongue in a explored every recess of her mouth and made love to her tongue, Liz moaned at the feelings Max was arousing in her, she felt this need to feel Max’s lips on hers again and consequences be damned she was going to fell them again.

Liz moved so that Max was tying on top of her without releasing the contact of their lips, Max was loving the fact that he was able to taste her lips again and moved down to her neck, Liz had her head thrown back giving Max all the access he wanted to her neck, Max sucked Kissed and bite at the sweet kin that was revealed to him leaving her marked by him, Max groaned at how responsive and willing Liz was and a certain part of his atonomy(sp) came to life as they continued their passion , Max moved his lips back to Liz’s he kissed her with a hunger unknown to both of them, Liz, had her fingers buried in Max’s hair tousling it even more, Liz then came up for air and looked up to see Max’s flushed look, eyes still black with desires and his hair tousled as if a hurricane had gone past them.

“We shouldn’t have.....” Liz started

“No you are not going to regret this” Max said firmly

“Were two different people max” Liz said

“Different how” Max said pushing for an answer.

“We have been at each other’s throat for over 4 years” Liz said

“And that stops us how” Max asked

“Don't do this Max” Liz whispered

“Don't do what, Feel Liz, don’t have feelings for you” Max answered

“You can’t have feelings for me what you have is LUST Max” Liz shouted and got up from the chair, having Max so close to her wasn’t helping the situation.


“YOU CAN’T STOP ME” Liz shouted back.

“Liz” max said defeated “just look me in the eye and tell me, tell me that you don’t have any feelings for me other than hate or lust tell me that and I will stop pursuing you” Max whispered

Liz nearly had tears in her eyes at Max’s dejected voice and couldn’t speak, Max was about to ask her again thinking she hadn’t heard got cut off by Liz

“I can’t do that” Liz whispered back with her back to him.

“Why” Max asked

silence was meet again with Liz’s voice “because I can’t deny this anymore” Liz whispered feeling defeated and tired.

Max walked up to her and snaked his arms around her waist and put his chin against on her shoulder

“Can we try and make this work” Max whispered

Liz nodded seeing that her breath had caught in her throat the instant she had felt Max’s body against hers, Liz laid her hands against Max’s and leaned back into him, Max was over joyed in the inside she had finally given in he just hoped that she’d grow to Love him just as he did now.

“Thank you” Max said against her ear and kissed her neck, Liz turned around and embraced him fully now in tears “I'm sorry.......I was such a bitch to you.........I’m...I’m so....sorry” Liz said

Max stroked her hair and waited till she calmed down after she did Liz pulled back.

“I’m sorry for crying on you” Liz said chuckling embarrassed as Liz Parker never cried in front of someone.

Max tilted Liz’s chin up and looked at her “Don't be sorry, you can cry on me anytime’ Max said smiling

Liz chuckled and hit him on the arm.

“Come here” Max said pulling her back into the embrace

“You never told me why you really hated me” Max asked as they had sat down on the bench holding onto each other.

Liz giggled at the memory “What’ Max asked his heart warming at her smile.

“I had a crush on you back in Junior High but then I think that dissolved once you started to get that ‘I'm the Man’ attitude” Liz answered.

“My attitude, you were the one who suddley became whore of the year” Max teased

“who you calling whore Evan’s” Liz said teasing back knwoing none of the words they said meant

“I guess our hatred was out of jealousy huh” Maxi said

“yup, it grew when we started saying things at each other and I think after that point I didn't thin you had emotuins” Liz said “But I was wrong” Liz added looking up into Max’s eyes.

“We both said things we didn’t mean,lets put that in the past now ok” Max said putting the strand of hair that had fallen onto her face behind her ear

“That’s fine with me, what time is it” Liz asked feeling tierd formt he emotinla stress.

Max looked at his watch “5:25” Max answered.
Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Alex and Micheal decided to let Max and Liz out seeming that had been and hour since they had locked them in and opened the door when they steped in the gasped at what they saw.


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Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Alex and Michael decided to let Max and Liz out seeming that had been and hour since they had locked them in and opened the door when they stepped in the gasped at what they saw.

stepped in the gasped at what they saw, Max and Liz sat cuddling on the bench and everyone’s jaws fell to the ground until Maria got over her initial shock

“OH MY GOD you two are finally together!” Maria shouted jumping up and down and pulled the couple apart to crush Liz in a fierce embrace.

Liz chuckled “Ok Maria Let go, I need to breath” Liz said

Maria pulled away “I’m so happy for you two” Maria said and then pulled Max into the same embrace, Max chuckled “well looks like Maria approves of this ” Max said.

“So I guess this means no more bickering from both of you” Michael said receiving a hit from Maria “What, look congratulations ma, Liz but seriously this has to be a good thing right......wait this isn’t some joke is it” Michael asked sceptically.

Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist “No, it’s not a joke we stopped denying how we felt and decided to work this out” Max answered looking at Liz and never leaving his eyes away from hers

“Well it’s about time you two we were wondering when you’d stop being so damn blind” Isabel said with a smile and embraced her friend and her brother.

“So you guys aren’t freaked out or anything” Liz asked

“Nope, this nothing to be freaked out about, we knew it was bound to happen sometime” Kyle answered.

“Thanks, it means a lot that we have you on our side too” Liz said
“Come on let's go celebrate it’s on Max” Kyle said

“Hey” Max shouted to the others retreating voice.

“that went well” Liz said as she picked up her bag

“yup well I think I expected that from them as being supportive of us I guess we were the only ones who were dense and blind huh” Max said as they started walking to his car.

“I guess so but at least now we figured it out” Liz said as Max put his arms around her shoulder and Liz cuddled against him.
They reached the Crashdown and all entered and sat in a booth and ordered their food when they saw Pam, and the ‘Pam’ clan walk over to them.

“So Liz got sick of Sean already that your with Max now” Pam said in her sugar coated voice that can make anyone scream in annoyance.

“What do you want Pam” Maria asked

“Nothing of your interest, so Max is this what you dumped Tess for” Pam asked

“Pam, it’s none of your business why don’t you take your fan club and yourself back to the sewer where you belong” Max answered not wanting to have any conversation with them.

“Suit yourself Max, you’ll regret it” Pam said walking out of the Crashdown in a huffy.

“The whole schools going to know about this before 3rd period” Isabel said

“Were prepared just like always” was Liz’s answer.
It was 7 and everyone decided to go home, Max walked Liz up to her apartment “So are you free tomorrow” Max asked

“Why” Liz asked smiling

“I just thought we could go out on our first date” Max said smirking

“where” Liz asked

“dinner, movies the usual first date stuff” max said

“You better not treat me like your other girlfriends:” Liz warned

“how can I, your different” Max said smiling

“good” Liz answered

“So it’s a date” Max said

Liz nodded “What time” Liz asked

“I'll pick you up at 6” Max answered

“ok, I'll seeya at school then” Liz said turning to go

“Wait!” Max shouted back Liz turned around and Max planted his lips on hers to give her a passionate, yet gentle loving kiss, not as heated as the other ones they had shared, Max pulled back and smiled “I really needed to do that” and kissed her on the lips tenderly before leaving, leaving a speechless Liz behind.


After Dinner Liz had gone into her room, to finish her history assignment at 8, Sean arrived at the Parker’s apartment he knocked o the door, Nancy opened the door.

“Hi Sean come in” Nancy said inviting him inside

“Is Liz home” Sean asked

“Yeah she is, she’s in her room” Nancy said, Sean thanked her and headed to her room, he knocked on the door.

“come in” a voice shouted from the other side of the door

Sean opened the door , Liz looked up to see who it was and her face smile faded away. “Hey Sean” Liz greeted.

Sean walked over to Liz and kissed her, Liz waned to gag how on earth could she have ever stood to kiss him before, somehow Liz cursed Max he’d ruined it for everyone else, she’d never be able to accept kissing just anyone they’d have to be Max’s lips, Liz pulled away.

“Sean” Liz warned

“What” Sean said It’s been a 3 days since you arrived and I haven't even seen you let alone kissed you so don't give me that tone” Sean said.

“Sean there’s a lot that’s happened in those 3 days though” Liz said “Sean we can’t.....I can’t.....this thing we have isn't working” Liz finally said.

“Who's the new guy” Sean asked knowing there was something up.

“Sean, if there was another guy or not this thing isn’t even a relationship, I mean we have nothing in common, your probably only dating me to be popular and you know it was just a spur of the moment thing” Liz answered.

“It’s fine, I knew it wouldn’t work out anyway, but seriously Liz who’s the guy” Sean asked smirking when he saw Liz biting her lip.

“Max” Liz whispered softly.

Sean’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect that one “Max, you mean the Max Evans the one you have hated since junior high the same Max you said you had no feelings at all for , Max” Sean said in disbelief.

Liz laughed at his obvious bewilderment “Yes Sean, the same Max, ironic huh” Liz said

“You kidding whoa, where are the pigs flying” Sean said looking out Liz’s window, Liz hit him on the arm “This isn’t funny” Liz shouted chuckling.

“ well Liz can we still be friends” Sean asked

Liz nodded" I'd Like that” Liz replied

“Your wrong you know about me only going out with you to be popular, I guess it was just a spur of the moment thing” Sean laughed “Evans should be one lucky happy guy” Sean said

“Why would you say that” Liz asked

“Cause your one in a million” Sean answered.

“Is this your way of sucking up to me” Liz teased

“What’s there to suck up for’ Sean answered.
Max saw Liz and made a beeline for her, she was shuffling through her locker.

“Hey” Max said as he leaned against the locker next to her.

“Hey” Liz greeted back and kissed him.

“This is weird, your usually here in the morning trying to ruin my day” Liz said

“Nope I don’t find this weird at all I mean here I am with the hottest girl in school what could be so weird about that” Max said kissing her neck.

“Yeah go Evans” Were yelled at him as the new revelation about the new couple had made it's way before that very morning by one very pissed Pam Troy. when either of them had walked into school that morning they were the talk of the day but like always Max and Liz had gotten used to it so they didn’t care

“Will you ever be able to stop mauling me every second ” Liz said

Max pulled back “Hey I resent that I'm your boyfriend it’s my job to pleasure not maul” max said

“Pleasure this is not pleasure, I'm trying to find my damn history book while your relieving your sexual needs ” Liz snapped

“You know you love it” Max said moving back to her neck and sucking on her bare skin.

“It’s the reason why I’m never going to find my history book” Liz said frustrated “I swear your lips should be banned” Liz said as his tortuous mouth moved to he sweet spot causing her to moan.
“Look at them Maria, no maybe not, This is all your fault, if you hadn't of put then together in that damn locker room they would be biting off each others heads rather than moaning like they are now I prefer there banter better than there moans my poor virgin ears” Michael said

“Virgin huh” Maria scowled “Shut up, let’s go” Maria said dragging Michael to their new class.
Liz had reluctantly found her history book after many protest against an eager and now pissed Max, it was Lunch time and Liz knew Max would still be sulking.

She walked to Max’s locker to find him hunting through it, Liz walked up to him and snaked her arms around his waist and laid her head in his back, Max ignored her and kept looking for his books

“I’m sorry “ Liz whispered “I was grumpy you have to understand I didn’t mean it, you don’t maul me, I love it when you show your affection” Liz said and kissed his shoulder.

Max turned around and looked at her “It’s ok you don’t need to be sorry I was just being a kid” Max said.

“I'll meet you and the others in the lunch quad I need to go to my locker but I felt really guilty and had to tell you’ Liz said sympathetically.

Max kissed her on the lips “Go on, I'll seeya then” Max said, with Liz noddnig a yes.
LIz was getting her spanish text book out of her locker when she herad the voice of her worst enemy

“Hey lizzie” Tess spat out sweetly.

Liz ignored her.

“Bitch, who the hell do you think you are stealing my boyfriend” Tes shouted, the students in the hall way stopped and watched n.

“Tess why don’t you just leave now and save the embarassment” Liz said still not looking at her.

“oh no, your not winning this time!” Tess shouted.

“Tess, he dumped you get over it, even a gerbil wuld” Liz said.

“SO we moved down to elementary school you know Liz Max likes em old not 7 but if you want to play name calling then we can” tess said

“All I want you to do is leave me alone” Liz said

“That’s not going to happen though until you tell me what the hell your doing with him, he’s mine, your some alien aren’t you, your using some power to control him” Tess said

“The only alien here is you” liz said

“Give him back bitch” Tess said
Max, Sean, Kyle, Michael, Maria, Serena, Isabel and Alex were waiting for Liz at the lunch quad when a guy came running through the doors.


“Shit” Max cursed and jumped off the bench and ran towards where he could see people moving to while the others followed behind.
“He’s not some kind of object he’s a human who doesn’t need a possesive little pansie like you, he’s not your and never will BE!” Liz shouted trying to make Tess get some sense, but deciding to just walk away she did but of course Tess being her bitch self turned her around and slapped her.

“That’s for last time” Tess said glaring at her.

“That’s it, I have told you time and time over again to never touch me, talk to me or even be in the same line of vision as me but since you jump the doctor your hearings gone and so will your head after I’m finished with you” Liz shouted.
Liz hit Tess and Tess pulled back “AH Bitch you broke my nose” Tess screamed holding her nose with her hand.

Liz was about to hit her again, when she was stopped by a pair of strong arms holding her waist.

“She’s not worth it babe” Max whispered against her ear. Liz slumped back against his chest and sighed

Tess was about to strike when she was pulled away by Sean “ Tess, stop “ Sean shouted.

“she broke my nose” Tess shouted.

The others turned to the crowd “There’s nothing to see her anymore” and moved them away, Sean had dragged Tess away from Liz wanting her to calm down and take her to the nurses room.

Max saw Liz’s right cheek had gone red and stroked it, then leaned down and gently kissed it “She won’t hurt you again babe I’ll amke sure of that” Max said

“You ok chica ” Maria asked

“Yeah, just tierd” Lzi said.

The bell had gone to signal the end of lunch half an hour later, The others had sat and talked as Max had held Liz, tes was taken to the hosiptal to get an x-ray on her nose, Sean had told them it was really bad but none of them had cared as they knew it was Tess who had started it, they moved to theri classes, Max had made sure Liz was okay and then they split up to go tho their classes knowing they had chemistry together last period.