Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
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Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.


I'm Liz Parker and today is the most difficult day of my life, it's the 3 month anniversary that my parents died. Yeah, that's right, my parents are dead. They died in a car crash. And that's not all, my favourite cousin in the whole world died too. Her name was Buffy Summers. I never really saw her much after she moved with her mom and sister Dawn, to Sunnydale. I used to visit her once every 3 months and we got along great. We were like sisters. Dawn was like a sister to me too. She was a little young, but she was fun, even though sometimes she could be annoying. When they moved to Sunnydale, I couldn't really visit her, so we wrote to each other and called every once in awhile and talked about what was going on in our lives and so on. I was absolutely devestated when she told me her mother died. I always liked Aunt Joyce. She was my Aunt on my Dad's side. Then I was equally crushed when Buffy died. First, Mom and Dad, then Joyce, then Buffy. I supposed you think I cried, but I didn't. I just stood there in a state of Catatonia and felt numb. I could feel anything except anger, anger for Mom, Dad, Joyce and Buffy. Why did they have to die? They didn't deserve to have their lives taken away from them. And I felt really angry for Dawn. She was alone. I knew I had to take care of her and I did get the chance. Buffy had a will stating that if anything happened to her, I would get legal guardianship. Her dad would've gotten it but in my opion he was a jack ass, who didn't give a damn about his kids. He was in Spain, with his secretary. I felt disgust towards him. So anyway, I took care of the necesssary arrangments to take care of Dawn and I moved her here from Sunnydale. At first I felt a little bad because she might feel sad from leaving Buffy's friends. I met them when I went to get Dawn and they seemed pretty nice. We got along okay. But I got along with Willow the most, she was still grieving from Buffy's death. They all were. Willow and I talked for a long time and I told her she could come and visit Dawn anytime she wanted. She thanked me and said she would take me up on that offer. So I got Dawn, and we went back to Roswell. I inroduced her to Kyle and Mr Valenti. At first Dawn was a little withdrawn since she didn't know them that well, but afterwards, she got along with them great awhile after. Kyle was like an over protective big brother to her. Once he caught a guy at the mall trying to hit on Dawn and she didn't like him. Kyle, least to say, got pissed. From waht Dawn told me, he grabbed the teenager by his shirt and slammed him into the wall and told him to keep away from his sister. Dawn told me she was grateful and hugged him. I'm thankful for that, I would've beaten the kid up too if I found him sleazing over Dawn. I guess you're probably thinking, 'Liz Parker, beating up a kid? Yeah right.' But it;s true, I would and could. Now, you're probably thinking, 'What the hell is she talking about?' I'll tell you, Guess what, I'm the slayer. yep. Seems when Buffy died she activated a new slayer and that's me. I found out a week after we got back from Sunnydale and I started having these weird ass dreams. In them, voices kept telling me, you're the 'Chosen One'. I'd wake up screaming and Dawn came into my room and found me muttering "Chosen One." And she knew, she knew then I was the next slayer. I asked her if she was crazy and she told me to come with her. I didn't have any other chice if I wanted to find out what was going on. So we both got dressed and walked to the local cemetary. I was confused andasked Daw what we doing there. She told me to wait and then gave me a pointy sitck. She said it was a stake. I just grabbed the thing and was about to ask her if she was serious when there were these growls. Dawn and I both turned around to see four vamps looking at us like we were ther next meal. I acted on instinct and pushed Dawn out of the way and started fight these 'vamps' better than Bruce Lee on steroids. I punched, kicked, flipped and jumped like no normal human could. Then I noticed I still had the stake in my hand and I stabbed it into the vampires' chests, turning them to dust. I was confused at first. I didn't know what was going on. Dawn came up to me and told me we had to get back home and she would explain more then. I followed her home, still thinking about what I did. When we got there, she told me to sit and I acted like a robot and did as I was told. Dawn then started telling me all about slayers, and how Buffy was one and then she told me about Faith and how she was in jail working towards her redemption. I was shocked to say the least. I asked Dawn if I was the next one and she said yes. I wanted to know more, but she said the real expert was Buffy's watcher, Rupert Giles. She went and phoned him, despite how late it was. Mr Giles came to Roswell the very next day, and he told me everything I needed to know about slaying and the histories of them. He told me about demons and my destiny was to kill everything evil. He gave me this giant, thick book that read "Vampires." on the front cover. He said it was the slayers handbook and I was to read all of it. I told him that I wanted to tell Kyle about all of this. He refused at first and said it wasn't really something that should be shared with everyone. I told him Kyle was a very trustworthy and loyal person. He relented and agreed. We called Kyle and he came over and we told him the whole story. He didn't believe us at first but then I showed him my super strength and smashed the coffee table. He was stunned and Giles asked him if he believed us now. Kyle was only able to nod. Giles then looked at Dawn and told us there was something else that he needed to tell us about. Dawn knew what he was going to tell them because she was became a little uncomfortable. Giles told us how Dawn was the key to the world and how she was created out of Buffy, so she could protect her. He also told us about Glory and how Buffy died saving the world. Again. We were all silent for a moment until Dawn spoke up and asked me and Kyle if we thought differently of her now. I instantly went over to her and pulled her into a hug, telling her no matter what, she still thought of Dawn as her family and would take care of her for Buffy. Kyle then came up to her and said the same goes for him and he hugged her too. Giles smiled and told me I was just like Buffy in spirit. I smiled in response and asked what was going to happen now. He said we needed to train and test my skill to see how strong I was. Then he said, he needed for me to be moved to the next hellmouth since Buffy closed the Sunnydale one forever. Until then, I would patrol around Roswell and keep the town safe. Again, we silent once more until Giles spoke up again and said he wated to see how I fought. I agreed and Kyle said there was a workout room at his house that him and his dad used a lot. We nodded and I got into some more suitable clothes for training. When we got there, we started with some stretches and then to the harder stuff. For hours I seemed to shock, astound and stun Giles, Dawn and Kyle. Giles said that even Buffy herself couldn't do what Liz did in 5 hours. Dawn agreed and said if she was some kind of super slayer, Giles said he would have to look in his books and call the council for information. I just stood there with a look of pride and pleased look on my face. We started to train a little bit before Giles said we should go to the cemetary so he could see how she would do in a fight. Kyle and Dawn stayed behind, and me and Giles went to the cemetary later that night and we saw 2 really ugly demons there getting ready to kidnap a couple walking by, but I stepped in the way and beat the living shit out of them. Giles was again stunned when I finished and asked me if there was anything he could tell me that could explain her possible stonger strength for a slayer. I started searing in my mind and then it hit me. Max, when he healed me and Ava said I was changed. Holy crap. Liz started to panic and decided that she needed to tell Giles. She did and he was astonished to know aliens exsisted. Then he started doing what Dawn used to call 'Giles thinking Mode.' and started to polish his glasses. He said it actually could be the reason why I'm so much stronger than the other slayers, he said he would have to look into my strength again at training tomorrow. We walked back to Kyle's house and saw him and Dawn playing his playstation. They saw us come in and asked us how patrol went. Giles started to explain what happened and for the third time that day, Kyle and Dawn were shocked. Over the next few weeks, I started to train a lot more and the location of the new hellmouth was still unknown so we were still stuck in Roswell. I was getting stronger every day, and every night I would kill evil demons and vamps with ease and skill. I managed quite a reputation around the state already according to one of Giles' sources. One night at patrol, I was near UFOnics when I heard the sound of a struggle. I headed into the alley of the sound and saw a girl struggling against a vamp that was about 3 times her and my size. I ran to them and pulled the vamp off the girl and kicked him into the wall. The girl stood back and watched. I fought the vamp and staked it. I turned around to the girl when I heard her speak up my name. I knew that voice. I steeped closer and saw it was none other than Ava. She ran forward and hugged me. I hugged her back and when we pulled away she asked what the hell that guy was and I started to walk her to my place. On the way, I told her about how I was the slayer and that was a vamp. I told her everything. I knew she was trusworthy like Kyle so she was good. She was shocked, like I expected but not for too long. I asked her what she was doing back in Roswell and she said she got tired of going around by herself and decided to come and visit me. I smiled and began to tell her about Dawn too. When I was finished she said she looked forward to meeting her and Giles, as I mentioned him too. We got back to my place and saw Giles, Kyle and Dawn in the living room. Dawn was watching tv, while Kyle and Giles were reading and researching some demon stuff. I took Ava into the living room. Giles, Kyle and Dawn looked up at us and were all confused as to who this person was. I explained who Ava was and Giles stepped forward and began asking Ava questions about if she knew more about my 'change'. Ava said she didn't know much, just that it would've changed me and Kyle somehow, not enough to have powers but to have some extra energy and strength in them. We decided to test Kyle and see how much his strength was, and when he went to spar with Giles, we were surprised to see that he had some moves and extra strength alright. We spar occaisionally now. Kyle can hold his own against me, but that's only when I'm going easy on him. Ava became one of the group then on. Giles is officially my new watcher and I'm glad. I've taken a liking to him. That's my life so far. I guess you're probably wondering what the hell happened to the pod squad and Mara, huh? I'll tell you, they left when I found the destiny book translation. Maria went with them because she didn't want to leave Michael. I'm glad though, Ever since Alex died, we haven't really been all that close. Especially with me and Max. Or as Kyle calls him, His Royal High Ass. I'd gotten over Max a long time ago. I realized he wasn't the guy for me. Maybe there is one out there for me, maybe there isn't. I guess I'll never know until I keep searching. I want a guy that doesn't have his own destined bride, will love me for who I am and is willing to stick by me no matter what. Well, this officially is the longest journal entry I've ever written. I've gotta go now, We have a group meeting with Giles downstairs.

"Okay, so what's the big meeting you called for?" Liz asked walking down the stairs and sitting next to Dawn.

"It seems Giles has found the new hellmouth." Kyle answered from the table, drinking a bottle of Gatorade.

Liz looked at him for confermation. She saw him nod his head.

"Yes, It happens to be in Seattle. We are to go there abd keep it closed. The council has provided us with a large victorian house and I've got a new job at a local magic shop there as the manager."

"So we gonna be going to Seattle. I've heard they have a lotta cool clubs. I'm down with that." Ava said as she smiled broadly.

"Yeah, cool!" Dawn said.

"There's more," Giles continued "It appears that Faith has been released from jail and will be staying with us in Seattle to continue with her redemption. And also Willow will be staying with us too. She wants to help us out there since her and Tara broke up." He looked at them for their reaction.

Liz, Dawn, Ava and Kyle simply nodded. "Are we sure that Faith won't go phyco on us again?" Dawn asked nervously. Liz grabbed her hand and gave her a reasurring squeeze.

"Er, yes from what the council told me, her time spent in jail has been quite a wake up call to her and she's trying to make up for her crimes and do her job."

Dawn felt relieved. "It's just that, I can't forget what she did back in Sunnydale, but I know that she now wants to make up for it so I'm going to give her another chance."

"That's good sweetie." Liz said as she tucked a strand of Dawn's hair behind Dawn's ear.

"So I guess we're going to Seattle. When do we leave?" Ava said standing up.

"In a few days actually. Which means we don't have a lot of time to bloody pack and take care of necessary arrangments." Giles said, taking off his glasses and beginning to clean them with his hankerchief.

"Actually," Liz spoke up. "I've been meaning to sell The Crashdown since I knew we were going to be moving and I've gotten quite a few good offers. If I could call one of them now and get the paperwork to them, I should have it taken care of. I don't really need the extra money since Grandma Claudia left me and Dawn quite a large trustfund, and my inheritance from my mom and dad, heck we're both set up for life, but maybe we could buy some extra stuff we might need for slaying and some more equipment for the training room we'll set up."

"Well, I must say, that is a bloody generous idea of yours Liz," Giles said putting his glasses back on. "If you're sure, I'd be happy to oblige."

Liz nodded and stood up, bringing Dawn up with her.

"We'll I say, let's get packing!" Kyle said as he ran up the stairs.

Part 1

3 Months Later

When Liz, Dawn, Giles, Ava and Kyle had gotten to Seattle, they went to the large house the council arranged for them and saw that it was larger than they thought. It had 6 bedrooms, large kitchen, large living room, dining room, a Study area, an attic and basement and a few extra rooms that could be used for general purposes. They set up the beasement as the training room and decorated the house really well, to make it look as homely as possible.

Willow and Faith had arrived a week after they had moved in. Willow was welcomed warmly by Liz, Dawn, Giles, but she didn't know Ava or Kyle so she didn't know how to react to them. Kyle winked at her and asked her for a date and Liz, Dawn and Willow chuckled. Kyle didn't know Willow was gay so he didn't know what they were laughing about. He turned beet red when they told him, causing the girls to laugh harder. Faith was a little different. She wasn't really that open because she was feeling bad about what she did back in Sunndale to Giles, Willow, Dawn and the rest of the scooby gang and she apologized sincerely. Giles, Willow and Dawn stayed silent for a moment until Giles spoke up and told her she was forgiven, and that if she gave hin the chance, he would like to be her watcher again. Faith smiled and thanked them all for being so forgiving. Willow and Faith had turned two of the spair rooms into their bedrooms, and they had all become a strong family. Each protecting and supporting the others. Faith had become fast friends with Ava, Liz and Kyle. They had become her best friends. Liz and Giles told Willow and Faith about Liz's past with the aliens and how she had more strngth than other slayers. Willow was a little shocked, Faith on the other hand was excited at, in her words, having a 'Super Kick Ass Slayer pal" with her. They sparred at training and they had been getting better with their fighting abilities and so on.

Liz had taken a job working as a freelance photographer and occasionally worked for the local newspaper taking photos for them to put in the paper. She had decided that she was going to take it up when Dawn complimented her on her photography work when Liz had to take some photos for Dawn's school project for her. Dawn had mentioned she had their Grandma Claudia's talent. Liz then decided that she was going to take it up part time. She didn't really need the money but she thought she could use the extra money so she could set up Dawn's colledge fund so she wouldn't have to go into her own trust fund and spend that. Her job had been doing well so far. She had brought in some big clients for some companies when she took photos for them. She even turned one of the extra rooms in the house into a Dark Room so she could develop her pictures. Kyle had taken a job at a nearby gym. Ava took a job at the mall in a body peircing and tattoo parlour. She had convinced Liz to get her belly button peirced, only with the stipulation that Ava would be able to remove it with no problem. Ava agreed. Dawn wanted a tattoo when she found out but Liz had instantly refused and gave her a stern look. Giles and Willow both worked at the magic shop down town that Giles managed. Willow was his partner and opion expert when it came to shipping new orders to the store, because of her high knowledge and power with magics. Faith worked as a bartender 3 nights a week at a bar called The Crash. She liked working there. She said that there were nice looking guys and that were a few vamps she would dust when she got off work.

Liz had also changed her appearance and attitude. She no longer looked like shy, innocent Liz Parker. She was more sexier, and dressed more like a slayer would. Faith, Ava and Willow had taken her shopping when she said she got sick of her old clothes and needed a new, stronger, sexier look. Faith and Ava instantly took her to the mall where the leather shop was, so she could get her slayer clothes, and forced Liz to try on several pairs of leather pants, boots, and jackets, which Liz felt more comfortable in actually. Faith said it was a slayer thing. Liz then raided the store throwing leather pants, boots, tops, and jackets that looked like they were more Faith and Ava and Buffy mixed together. Willow and Dawn had decided to help her out with her more, casual day wear. By the end of the day, they had maxed out Liz's credit card, with all the shopping they did for her. Faith then commented that Liz needed a change in attitude so people wouldn't think she was a shy little girl. Liz agreed and said she was tired of being called a shy little nobody back in Roswell, so now Liz had a quicker tougue, and she was more open about her feelings. She still was the same person she was, just a little tune in her attitude and wardrobe. When they showed Kyle, he throwed a large fit, saying that the girls he thought of as sisters, should not be wearing things like this. Dawn made him shut up by threatening him with telling Giles about his playboy stash under his bed. Kyle retaliated just by, saying then if they Liz would put on a little modeling show for him. Liz simply threw her empty Starbucks take out cup at him.

"Faith, are we patrolling tonight?" Liz yelled from the Dark Room, into the living room where Faith was watching tv on the large entertainment system.

"Yeah, Giles said we have to patrol on the West side. We can go now if you want."

"I'll just finish developing this roll of film, then I'll go change. Pack a few stakes and weapons!"

"Sure!" Faith stood up and went to the training room where Giles was sparring with Kyle.

"Hey, you and Liz patrolling now?" Kyle asked as he threw a punch at the punching bag as Giles held it steady.

"Yeah, just came to get some weapons." Giles and Kyle both nodded and kept training, as Faith filled a bag with a few wicked looking knives, an axe and the usual stakes and holy water.

"Where's Dawn, Willow and Ava?" Faith asked, zipping up the bag

"Dawn's doing her homework, Willow surfing the web for any possible demon info we need and Ava is in the bathroom soaking in the spa." Giles as he followed Kyle away from the punching bag, then began to throw punches with him.

Just then Liz came into the room, wearing a pair of dark navy blue leather pants, black boots and a baby tee with stylish jacket over the top. Kyle caught sight of her and because he was to busy doing that, he didn't have time to block the punch that Giles had thrown at him, and it hit him squarley in the face, knocking him to the floor.

"Kyle! Are you alright?" Liz asked as she moved to help him up.

"Yeah," he groaned. "Giles, you throw a mean punch."

"Ah yes, thank you, Sorry. You were losing your concentration."

"I can see why. Liz you are looking sharp and eagerly ready to kick ass tonight. Love the pants." Faith said eyeing them

"Thanks! We going now?, I'm itchin' for some killin'!"

They both chuckled, and walked towards the door out the room.

"Be careful!" They heard Giles and Kyle yell to them before they shut the front door.

Liz and Faith walked to the West side cemetary and waited for any vamps and demons to show up. Faith was telling Liz about her job at The Crash.

"It's cool. The boss is good, the pays pretty great. Some of the regulars seem nice too. There's this one gang. They come in with some pretty hot looking guys. I mean smoking your pants kinda hot. I was tempted to just ask one of them for a date, but I wasn't sure he would accept."

"Why not?" Liz asked as she played with stake in her hand.

"Come on, who's really gonna want a girl like me? I mean, I've been in jail for murder, not exactly known for my nice personality. Oh, and my personal favourite, I'm a slayer."

"So am I."

"Yeah, but what about the other stuff? You have a squeaky clean record for what I've seen."

"Actually, I don't." Liz said smiling nervously

Faith looked up from where she was staring and raised and eyebrow at Liz. "What do ya mean?"

"I've been arrested once."

"For what?"

"Possession of Alcohol. I was at a rave when it was raided by the cops and I got caught with a bottle of tequilla."

Faith laughed. "And here I thought I was the bad girl."

"So back to what we were talking about before, who is this guy you talk so highly of?"

"I don't know his name but his female friends seem cool. I think my favourite is the one called Max. She's five by five in my book."

That was when the turned towards a loud growl behind them, interupting them from furthur conversation.

They looked over and saw two pretty large vamps learing at them.

"Oh look, a fresh meal." Said the dark haired one, looking at Liz seductively.

"Oh look, a fresh kill!" Liz quipped, sizing the vamp up. Faith was standing there with Liz not looking scared at all. She kept fingering something in the back of her pants. A stake that was unnoticed by the two vamps.

"Seems you get cocky before you die." The other vamp, a blond, said taking a step forward.

"No, we get cocky before we kill." Faith said smiling a a fake smile at them.

"What are you? Some kind of bitch?"

Faith fake smile disappeared, being replaced by a scowl. "Hey Liz, we should just stake their sorry asses now. What'd ya say?" She took out the stake of the waistedband of her pants.

Liz grinned and took out her stake as well. She smirked. "You know what, I think that's an excellent idea Faith."

The two vamps looked scared now. "You're the two slayers?"

"Yeah, we really don't like to brag, but if you'll excuse us, we have to send you to hell now." Liz said as she and Faith ran forward to the vamps and started to fight.

Liz gave the blond vamp she was fighting a roundhouse kick with her right leg to his face before giving him a hard right to the face, which the vamp staggered back from the strong force of the hits. He tried to punch her, but Liz blocked it and gave him a high side kick to his head with her left leg, and then she flipped over him and kicked him in the back making him fall to the ground.

"That all you got?" Liz asked with a smile on her face.

The vamp got up and went for her and Liz just back hand punched him across the face, then gave him a cresent kick to his face with her right leg, sending him to the ground again. Liz picked him up and threw him across the cemetary, crashing him on a tombstone. Liz ran to him and jumped high in the air over a large tomb. She went to the vamp and slammed the stake through his chest, turning him to dust. Liz stood up and looked over at Faith to see her punch the vamp she was fighting, then stake him too.

They both walked towards eachother and high-fived. "You did great!" Liz said and smiled broadily.

Faith smiled back. "No biggie. You didn't do too bad yourself there."

Liz shrugged and they both started to walk back to their weapons bag and head out the cemetary.

"So you were telling me about your new friends before." Liz asked looking at Faith.

"Oh yeah, her and her friends work at this messenger sevrice called Jan Cony or somethin'. " They both turned towards their street where their house was.

"Jam Pony?" Liz asked stopping looking at her. Faith stopped too.

"Yeah, how'd ya know?" She said looking confused, they both started to walk again up to the house.

"Seattle Times wanted me to take a few pictures of it's rider and the place since they're doing an article about it for god know what reason. And I mean come on, Jam Pony? It's a messenger service, not a gay horse-riding club." They both walked up the steps to the victorian house.

Faith snorted in laughter. "Hey, the boss could actually be gay ya know?, it would explain the name."

"You know," Liz said stopping at the front door to take her key out. "I think you might be right." Liz opened the door and they both walked inside, laughing.

Part 2

"Okay, guys, I'm leaving for work! Dawn come on, you're going to be late." Liz yelled up the stairs to the gang. She heard yells of 'byes' and was putting on her sunglasses and grabbing her camera equipment, when she heard loud thumping behind her.

Dawn ran down the stairs up to Liz, "I'm only late by a few minutes, can you give me a ride to school though? Giles is already at the magic shop with Wills." she asked grabbing her backpack, and putting on her coat.

Liz opened the front door and walked with Dawn to Liz's brand new black Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. "Sure, do you want me to pick you up after school? I'm going to get off my photo assignment then."

Dawn opened the passenger door as Liz got in the other side. "No that's okay, I'm going out with a friend to the mall. I'll be back before sunset."

Liz put on her black Rae Ban shades. "Alright, but be absolutely sure you are back by sunset. Deal?" She started the engine.

Dawn rolled her eyes, "I told you I would." then she changed the subject, "Hey, you're wearing the new outfit me and Willow chose for you that time we went shopping with the girls.": She looked at Liz's outfit and saw she had on a mini black leather jacket, with a purple halter neck top that left her stomach showing a little, some navy blue hipster jeans and her black Doc Martens.

Liz smiled and stopped the car at the stoplights. She looked at herself. "Yeah, I think this change is doing good for me, don't you think?" She pushed down on the accelerator and past the green light.

"I do." Dawn then looked at the road, then back again at Liz, "Are you patrolling tonight with Faith?"

Liz pulled her car up in front of Dawn's school. "Yeah, I'm going to go to The Crash and check the place out. She's been going on for weeks how the bar is 'five by five' and there's always some vamps out to stake, so I might do a little dusting. Now hurry up, you're late already."

Dawn got out of the car, "Ok ok, I'll see you before sunset, back at the house." She shut the car door and headed into school as Liz drove off to work.

Max, Zack, Alec, Krit, Syl and OC were leaning against the lockers at Jam Pony on their morning break.

"So do any of you wanna come to crash tonight?" OC asked, eating an apple.

"Yeah, got nothing else better to do." Syl said "What about the rest of you?"

Alec, Zack, Krit and Max nodded. "I'll be there, I might be a little late though. I gotta bounce off to Logan's place after work." Max said

"Anything we should be worrying about?" Alec said, smirking, making everyone know what he was talking about.

"Shut Up."

Zack, Krit, Syl, OC and Alec just laughed untill they heard Normal's voice.

"Come on people, Bip!, Bip!, Bip!. I've got the photographer comin' in from Seattle Times. We need to look hardworking, people!"

Krit looked at the others in surprise. "Seattle Times wants to do a photo shoot here?"

The others just looked as surprised as he did. "Hey Normal, Why the hell would any one want to do a photo shoot here!?" Zack called to Normal, who was giving a messenger a package to deliver.

"Because they want to do an article on what it's like to have one of the toughest jobs in the city, you schmuck!"

The X5s and OC snorted in disbelief. "Yeah right, why is that?" Max asked

Normal looked irritated now. "Hey, you never know when somebody could pull out a gun when you're delivering a package out on the street and mug you. So technically, it is a dangerous job."

The X5s and OC still weren't convinced, so they just went about and started making conversation.

Liz pulled her car into Jam Pony and and grabbed her camera bag. She got out the car and took a look at the place before walking in the front door.

"Hey, I'm looking for the boss!" She yelled out, hoping someone could direct her where she could find him.

Alec and the rest of Jam Pony looked over at Liz. Alec looked at the girl with long, dark brown hair, sunglasses, black Docs, hiphugging navy jeans, leather jacket and halter top that made her look hot. He walked over to her with a smile on his face. He would have to make her his next conquest.

"Well hello there, I'm Alec, who might you be?" He looked at her and saw her taking off her sunglasses, to reveal the most beautiful chocolate pair of brown eyes he had ever seen.

"I'm Liz Parker, I'm the photographer doing the assignment for Seattle Times." Liz looked at the very hot male specimen in front of her and she liked what she saw.

"Oh you're her? Normal, the boss, should be out of his office in a minute. Why don't you let me show you around."

Liz smiled and walked over to the front desk and put down her camera bag. Alec followed her and leaned against the desk. "Thanks, but I think I might just wait for the boss. I meed to know where I can set up."

Alec stood back up straight. "Well if you need any help, I'll be around. Do you wanna meet some of the people?" Alec wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

"Sure, I guess that'd be okay. Oh do you know anyone named Max around here?" Liz said and took off her jacket.

Alec immediantly went to look at her chest and smirked, 'Firm C Cup. Nice flat, smooth looking stomach. She is one mighty fine woman.' he thought in awe.

"Yeah, do you know her?"

Liz shook her head and followed Alec over to a wall of lockers. "No, but we have a mutual friend."

Alec nodded and took her to see Zack, Max, OC, Krit, Syl, and Sketchy, who was talking with them.

"Hey, guys, this is Liz Parker, the photographer Normal was talking about. Liz meet the gang," He started pointing towards each person as he said their name. "Zack, Krit, Syl, Original Cindy and that's Max."

"Hey." they all said politely.

Liz smiled and looked towards Max. "I've heard a lot about you from my best friend."

Max looked suspicious but tried to look as polite as possible. Zack and the other X5s looked suspicous too. "Oh really who?"

"Faith. She works at The Crash. You met her a few times." Liz said

"Faith, yeah she's cool! Tell her I said hi will ya?" Liz nodded. "Is she workin' tonight?"

"Yeah, I'm going with her just to check the place out. Never been there before. We just moved."

"From where?" Zack asked with a fake smile, he was getting suspiscious of this girl. She seemed off. He should check for a barcode later.

"Roswell. Me and my cousin moved here with a few friends for a fresh start." Liz said somewhat uncomfortably, which they noticed, but didn't mention it.

"The alien town? Ever met an one?" Krit spoke up from his silence.

Liz laughed nervously, trying not do her best to look uncomfortable, and fiddled with her hair. "Alein? No, no aliens. Just a tourist trap. My parents used to own a restaurant called The Crashdown there, that's all. No aliens, nope none at all." She paused for a moment. "Say where is that boss of yours?"

The others nodded, confused by Liz's reaction and her question was answered when Normal appeared out of his office. Liz walked towards him.

"Yeah, who are you?" He asked giving Liz the once over.

Liz frowned, 'He obviously isn't getting any lately.' She pulled out her hand. "I'm Liz Parker, the photographer."

Normal all of a sudden looked embarressed. The next thing he said you could tell he was sucking up. "You're the photographer? Excuse me for being rude, it's been a hectic morning so far," Liz nodded. "Would you like some coffee? Tea?"

Liz was about to say no, when Normal shoved a coffee mug in her hand and grabbed the pot nearby and poured her coffee. Liz didn't want to offend him so she said thankyou and took a sip, only to spit it right back in the mug, unbeknowest to Normal. She thought that was the worst coffee she had ever tasted. She would rather drink Dawn's made coffee anyday. She turned her cringe into a fake smile as Normal looked at her before he took her arm.

"I'll show you where you can set up. If you need any help, don't heitate to ask." He laughed.

Liz shook her arm easily out of his grasp and tried her best not to look rude. "Thanks, but if you could just tell me which rooms are which, I'll take some shots and if it's okay with you, take some photos of the riders."

"Oh, sure no problem. I'm sure they won't mind." He turned towards the messengers, whom some were eyeing Liz suggestingly. "Hey, listen up people!, This nice young woman would like to take a few pictures of you, I'd appreciate if you would take a minute of your sweet ass time for a lousy picture!"

Liz was annoyed that this was how Normal treated his employees. She was starting to want to hit him. She was confused when all of a sudden a bunch of unknown male messengers swamped around her, looking her over and grinning like idiots.

"Hi, I'm Druid. I'd be glad to voluteer first." Druid stood in front of her, despite how some male messengers were trying to push him out the way for some unknown reason to Liz.

Liz laughed, "Uh well, if want to line up over there," she started point to a section near the lockers, where Alec and his friends were watching her. She didn't even get to finish her sentence, as the male messengers, ran straight over to the lockers and started to line up, pushing each other occasionally.

Liz shook her head, in confusion, still completely oblivous to the attension she was being given.

Normal went up to Liz as she was getting her Nikon camera out of her bag and bagan putting on the extension lens. "Say you know, Would you be willing to take a few pictures of me and my golden boy?"

"Your golden boy?" Liz asked in confusion, arching an eyebrow.

Normal smiled proudly. "Yeah, Alec. He's my best employee."

Liz was surprised, "Alec is your 'golden boy'?"

"Yeah," He turned to where Alec was waiting in line with the other males. "Alec! Come here, we're going to be in a few pictures together."

Alec came running up to Normal, "Really? That's great, let's do that now." He looked at Liz to see her looking at the two in disbelief. He grinned.

'This Normal is definately gay. I wonder if Alec knows.' Liz thought to herself just before snapping out of them. "Oh, sure let's go over here." She walked towards the lockers and started to take photos.

Liz had finshed taking the riders' photos at lunch and decided to call Willow and see if she could bring her a coffee from Starbucks since she couldn't stand the coffee Normal gave her. She pulled out her cellphone and flipped the ear piece up so she could dial.

"Hi Willow, it's me Liz....... yeah the assignment's doing good, uh listen do you think you could come by and bring me a cafine shot from Starbucks? The coffee is reall, really bad over here....... You will, thanks, I'll see you soon." Liz flipped her phone shut and turned around to see Alec.

"I see you don't like the coffee." Alec said, smirking.

Liz shifted from foot to foot, "Oh, no, The coffee's okay, just that it's...."

"Bad." Alec finshed for her

Liz relented. "You have no idea, have you tried it?"

"Once, Only I made it myself and it tasted bad, so I feel for you if you tasted Normal's coffee. Everyone else here gets their coffee from elsewhere too, Don't worry."

Liz smiled. "Thanks."

Alec smiled charmingly back, "Do you want to sit with us for break? It would be a shame to see a beautiful woman like yourself sit alone and work."

Liz blushed, "Thanks, I'd like that. I'll introduce you to Willow when she gets here."

Alec smirked, watching her blush, "Come on, let's go sit with the gang."

Liz went and sat with Alec, OC, Sketchy, Zack, Max, Syl and Krit. They talked for awhile discussing various issues and so on. They were stopped from furthur conversation when Sketchy looked up, "Who is that?"

They all turned to see a beautiful woman, with shoulder length red hair enter Jam Pony holding two Starbucks take out cups. Liz smiled and stood up from where she was sitting. "Willow!" She called. Liz smiled and walked towards Willow.

Willow looked towards the sound of her name and saw Liz walking towards her. "Hey, got your caffine intake, Double chocolate Mocha." She held up the cylophome cup.

Liz grabbed the cup and took a large sip, "Oh, Willow. Thank you, you have no idea how bad the coffee is here."

Willow grinned, "So bad that you'd be willing to drink Dawn's home made batch of coffee?"


Liz and Willow started to talk a bit more while the X5 group, OC and Sketchy were talking about the latest visitor.

"Man, I'd like to score a date with that red head knock out!" Sketchy said, not taking his eyes off of Willow.

"I'll give you 20 bucks if you go over there and tell her you want a date. But she has to accept." Max said as she put her feet up on the table.

"You're on! What woman has ever denied The Sketch huh?" Sketchy got up from his seat and went over to Liz and Willow as they were making their way to the group. The X5s and OC sat back and watched.

Willow and Liz stopped in front of Sketchy as he began to talk. "Uh, I'm Sketchy, would you like to go out with me on a date?" He asked Willow.

Willow and Liz burst out laughing, leaving Sketchy confused.

OC and the X5s were also confused when the two girls burst out laughing. And saw Willow pull Sketchy in for a whisper, once she and Liz stopped laughing. Sketchy's eyes bulged and he slowly made his way back towards the group. Liz and Willow started laughing again.

Normal came out of his office then and came to stand next to Alec and the rest of the group. "What's all the laughter about? This is a messenger service, not a comedy club?"

"The Sketch, has been rejected." Max boasted, grinning because she won twenty bucks and Sketchy was humiliated.

Sketchy stopped in front of the group, still as a statue. "I wasn't rejected."

"Was she seeing someone?" Zack asked.


"Then what?" Alec asked as he took a sip of his soda.

"She's gay."

This made Alec spit out his soda right into Normal's face causing everyone to laugh. "Sorry Normal."

"She's gay? I'll be damned, 'cuse me Boos, I've got to get a date with a fox." OC grinned.

Normal just muttered something about being humiliated by his golden boy then going to the front desk to get a towel.

Liz and Willow made their way over to the group. "I see by Alec's reaction, you found out about Willow?" Liz said ready to laugh again.

"Yep." Syl replied holding her laugher in.

"Willow this Zack, Max, Alec, Syl, Krit, you know Sketchy, and OC."

"Hey!" Willow chirped, then looked towards OC.

"Hey there yourself, I'm Original Cindy, call me OC. It looks like you and me have somethin' in comin huh?"

Willow was confused for a moment before it clicked. "You're gay too." It was more a statement than a question.

"Yeah, how bout you and me go and have a chat?"

Willow gladly accepted and followed OC over to the other side of the room.

"Well, it looks like they are going to be getting along quite well!" Liz said making everyone laugh. Normal came out of his office, his face clean of soda now and walked to the front desk, just as Liz's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me." Liz said as she pulled out her cell phone. "Hello?" She listened for a minute until she scared everyone in the room by screaming, "WHAT?!!!!!" Everyone looked at her in alarm.

"Ok, don't worry I'll get Willow and we'll see you at the house." Liz flipped her cell phone shut just as Willow ran over to her.

"What happened? What's wrong?"

Liz pulled Willow to the side of the room where they could have some privacy. Or so they thought. The transgenics could hear every word that was being said with their enhanced hearing.

"Willow, Giles just called and said Dawn's been kidnapped. He said Dawn was waiting out side the school for her friends and some kids said they saw Dawn being pulled into a passing van. Screaming. And that's not all, the kids said they swear the thing had horns on it's head and yellow skin." Liz started to panic as Willow stood there shocked.

"You think it's a demon?"

"I know it is! What if some of Glory's minions are still out there? Or, Or someone or something evil wants to destroy Dawn because they know she's the key?" Liz whispered angerly.

"We'll get her back Liz, I know it. Let's go back to the house and make a plan to get her back." Willow said determenly.

"If anything, I mean anything tries to hurt her, I swear I will torture and beat the living shit out of it!" Liz whispered again, angerily.

"Let's go!" Willow and Liz started to make their way out of Jam Pony when Normal stepped in their way, looking irritated as hell. "Hey, you haven't finished doing your job."

Liz had enough. All day Normal had been sucking up to her, trying to get a good review for the paper, and he'd been treating his employees like dirt, and was really rude to any clients that came in too. It made Liz angry, and with Dawn being taken, it made Liz pissed off.

Liz grabbed Normal by his shirt with her right hand and slammed him against the wall. "Listen you ignorant ass of a prick, all day I've been hearing you treat you employees like shit, being rude to people who come in here, and sucking up to me to get this good review. I have had enough of your little punk ass attitude!! Quit being an Asshole and get outta my face before I kick the shit outta your ass!!" She yelled, shocking every single person in Jam Pony, to stand shock still.

"Are we clear!?" Liz glared at Normal.

Normal nodded, "Y-y-yes." He stuttered.

"Good. I have to take care of a family emergency. Excuse me." Liz said rudely and let go of his shirt and started to walk out of Jam Pony with Willow, but not before turning around again and looking straight at Normal, "Oh, and by the way, your review, The grade you're getting is F. For Fucked up!" The she grabbed her bag and walked out the door with Willow.

You could swear that you could hear a pin drop, with the deadly silence that was in Jam Pony. The X5s snapped out of their trances when they heard the sound of Liz's SUV tyres screech out of the parking space.

The X5s huddled together and tried to figure out what was going on. "What the hell just happened?!" Syl yelled at them.

"Looks like Liz was pissed about her 'family emergency' and she took it out on Normal." Krit said.

"About that, did you here what she was talking to Willow about?" Alec asked, still in shock over what Liz did. The X5s nodded. She looked like she couldn't hurt a fly, only she almost beat a guy twice her size.

"I think we should go to Logans and find out what we can, and help get this Dawn back." Max said.

"No Way!" Zack refused flatly.

Max sighed loudly in frustration. "Come on Zack, a girls has been kidnapped possibly by a mutant and you're just going to do nothing about it!?"

Zack still wouldn't budge. "It's none of our business. If we get involved, we could be put in danger."

Alec agreed with Max. "Max is right Zack, this is really isn't any different from the missions Logan sends us on."

"I agree." Krit said.

"So do I." Syl said.

Zack looked at them in disbelief. "You can't be serious?" he hissed angrily.

They all nodded. "It could be one of the mutants from Manticore, or something, we have to help. Besides, you're outnumbered." Alec said

"Fine." Zack grumbled.

"Let's get to Logan's. He can get us an address for Liz Parker."

The transgenics walked out of Jam Pony, past some still in shock messengers.


Part 3

Liz parked her SUV, single handedly and fast into the driveway of the house and shut off the engine.

"Where did you learn to drive like that?" Willow asked in awe, as she was getting out of her seatbelt. She didn't get an answer as Liz was already at the door of the house and rushed inside.

Liz ran into the house to see Giles, Ava, Faith and Kyle in the study area of the house, looking quite busy, looking through books and weapons.

"Ok, what happened?! Where's Dawn? Who's the Son of a bitch who took her?" Liz started to ask frantically.

Kyle, Faith, Giles and Ava looked up to see Liz looking panicked, worried and angry. Willow came into the house then and stood next to Liz.

"We think from the discription that the children told the sector police, that it's a Mocrah demon." Giles said as he was looking frantically in a book, trying to find out any information that could help them.

At Liz's confused look, Kyle continued. "A demon that feeds on power. Thery're really strong and big from what we've seen in Giles's book." He handed a book over to Liz, with a picture of the demon.

Liz took a quick look at the ugly beast and handed the book over to Willow to look. "Okay, so why does he want Da-" Liz started to say, when she remembered what Kyle said about the demon feeding on power. "The key. He knows that Dawn's the key. How?"

"We don't know. Possibly he knew Glory, or was associated with her and wanted to think that this was the only way he could revenge her death. We do know that they have a strong amount of energy, and it has a human form to go out in public. We don't know much other than that. We'll have to do some more research and form a plan to get Dawn back." Giles started to polish his glasses.

Liz stood still for a moment. She wouldn't let anything happen to Dawn. She owed that to Buffy. Dawn was the only family Liz had left. She'd be damned if anyone or anything tried to get their sleazy hands on her. Liz wanted to cry at that moment but chose not to, as she had to stay strong for Dawn and do anything in her power to get her back. Liz looked up from where she was staring at the ground. "Well then, let's hit the books. Willow, I want you to see if you can do a locator spell to find Dawn." Willow nodded and went to get some ingredients.


"Logan!, you home?" Max called as she let herself, Zack, Alec,Krit, Syl and OC into his penthouse apartment.

"In here!" Logan called from his Eyes Only room. They all walked into Logan's computer room to see him searching on the web. "Hey, I thought you were going to be coming by later."

Max smiled and went and sat next to him. The others remained standing. We need you to see what you can find out about a girl being kidnapped at a local school." Alec said as he saw Logan's face turn into one of concern.

Logan turned around to his computer and started to type. "What can you tell me about the girl?"

"All we knows is her names Dawn last name possibly Parker." OC said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Okay, you mind telling me how you found out about this?" Logan asked as his computer searched for information.

Zack started to tell him about Liz and about her phonecall. And what they overheard from Willow and Liz's conversation.

"A demon? She thinks it's a demon? And she beat up Normal?" Logan asked in disbelief.

"What we heard and saw." Zack said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you think she's an escapee from Manticore? Looking for a sibling or somthing?" He asked as his computer beeped, telling him it found something.

"We don't think so, but we're not sure either. What'd you find?" Alec asked and looked at the computer.

Logan tapped a few keys. "I found a surveilance video from a police hoverdrome, but nothing on a Dawn Parker. Only a Dawn Summers enrolled at a local highschool, about a few minutes away from where she lives."

"Could be her. Let's see that video first, then pull up her file." Max said as they all crowded around Logan and his computer to get a closer look at the screen.

The computer played and they saw a short girl around about 15, with long light brown hair. She was sitting on the front steps of the school alone. She looked like she was waiting for someone. That was when they saw a van pull up in front of the steps and a large ugly looking mutant heading straight for Dawn. "Come here Key!" The creature said with an evil smirk on his face. Dawn made a run for it, she didn't get far, since the creature was fast and caught her in no time. The huge creature with yellow skin and horns, dragged a kicking and screaming Dawn, to the back of a black van. They could hear Dawn screaming, "Let me go!! Help!! Somebody!!, HELP!" Then they saw her elbow the unsuspecting creature that held her, in the stomach, and then gave him a kick right inbetween the legs, making the males cringe. The video snowed for a second then back to normal, for them to see the creature stumble over and put his hands to his crotch. Dawn was making a run for it again and was about a few steps away from the school doors, when the creature came up with inhuman speed and grab Dawn again and backhanding her across the face hard enough to send her head snapping back and fall to the ground unconcious. The creature picked her up and took her back to the van and tossed her in the back and then going to the driver's side and taking off, speeding down the empty street. The video ended with it turning to snow.

There was complete silence when the tape turned off.

"Let's see that file." Alec asked as he tried to push down his anger at the creature that hit an innocent girl. The others felt the same way, but didn't say anything.

Logan pulled up the file on the computer. They saw Dawn's picture come up on screen. "Dawn Claudia Summers, 15. Mother Joyce Summers, 43. Maiden name Parker. Deceased from a brain tumor. She worked at an Art Gallery. Sister, Buffy Anne Summers, age 21, Deceased. Reason unknown. Father, Hank Summers, lives in Spain, alive as far as this file shows," Logan scrolled down the page. "And Bingo, lives with cousin Liz Parker, who has full custody of Dawn Summers since her father didn't come back to get her."

The transgenics and OC were silent for a moment before Zack spoke up. "What can you pull up about Liz Parker?"

Logan tapped a few more keys and came up with Liz's file on screen. "Elizabeth Anne Parker. Age 19. Owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV with licence plate number CRL-243. Father is Jeffery Parker, deceased in car accident with her mother Nancy Parker. They owned a restaturant called The Crashdown. Liz has no siblings as far as this shows. Also arrested at 16 for possession of alcohol and given a warning for breaking into high school grounds after hours at age 18. Also graduated early from high school, due to being valedictorian with good grades. Works as a freelance photographer, and occasionally works for Seattle Time taking photos for them."

"Well, she isn't as innocent as she looks." Krit said smiling.

"Oh she doesn't look innocent either. Believe me." Alec said smirking. Everyone gave him a glare as Logan spoke up again, "Wait, here's something strange."

"What?" Syl said raising an eyebrow.

Logan leaned back in his computer chair, "Says here, that on September 17, 1999, The Crashdown had a robbery. Report says that a shot was fired and a waitress fell to the ground, some witness' say she was shot from blood that was appearing on her uniform. Only the waitress mysteriously wakes up after a guy touches his hand on her stomach. She told the cops that she broke a bottle of ketchup and spilled on her uniform, and she hit her head and fell unconcious."

"Weird. What's her address?" Max asked.

Logan pressed a button on his mouse and his printer, printed out a piece of paper. He pulled it out. "Lives at 24 Charleston Ave."

"Let's go." Alec said and started to head out the door, only to be stopped by Zack's voice.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!, we can't just go to them and say, Hey we're transgenics and we're going to be nice people and help you get your family back." he said sarcastically.

"He's right, you're going to need a plan." Logan said as he got up from his chair and grabbed his cup of coffee nearby.

The transgenics sighed, knowing he was right. "Okay, why don't we go to their house, sneek up outside their window and see if we can grab some info as to where they think Dawn is, then go and find her and bring her back to her family." Alec said.

"And what if they don't have any idea where she is?" Zack asked

"Think of somthin' else. I wanna rescue this kid and then take her back to her boos so I can continue that conversation with that bombshell Willow." OC said as she looked at him.

"Wait, who said 'you' were going to get her outta there?" Syl said.

"I ain't saying that I'm gonna get her outta there, me and Maxie's boy Logan can stay in the car and keep watch, until you guys get the girl."

"Fine with me." Logan stated. "You'll need some weapons. Do you have any with you?"

The others nodded. "What about this thing that grabbed Dawn? What are we supposed to do when we see it?" Krit asked.

"See if it's from Manticore, and if we can, see if we can find out what he wants with Dawn. If not, we'll have to kill him." Max said with her hands by her sides.

"Alright, let's get going." Alec said and headed the entire group out the front door.

"Okay, we're here," Logan said as he turned his car off. He waited untill Alec and Zack pulled up on their motorcyles and turned to the others. "Me and OC will stay in the car. You guys, go around to the house and see if you can find out anything. Then come back."

They all nodded and stepped out the car and told Alec and Zack what Logan said they should do. They agreed and walked to the house and crouched behind an open window. They listened in to what was being said.

Liz, Faith, Kyle, Giles and Ava watched as Willow came into the room with a smile on her face.

"You found Dawn?" Liz asked hopefully, standing up. She had changed out of her clothes into some more her suitable ones. Her 'slayer gear'. Which was black leather pants, leather 2 inch healed boots, a blood red tank top and her hair was in a high pony tail. She had on a little dark make up. All in all, she looked beautiful, sexy and deadly.

"Yeah, she's at a warehouse on the other side of town. On Henderson Rd."

"I say, good show Willow!" Giles praised, smiling gleefully.

"Yeah Willow, you rock!" Kyle said and put his arm around Willow, who was looking pleased.

"It's nothing," Willow said being modest.

"Thanks Willow!" Liz said proudly and went and hugged her. Willow hugged back.

"Yeah, Red, you really are more powerful than I took you for," Faith smiled. "Okay, so now that we know where she is, we need to make some sort of plan." Faith said as she got a bag and started filling it with some weapons.

"I think I have one," Ava spoke up.

"What is it?" Giles asked

"Me and Giles will stay and watch outside the ware house and stke or mindwarp any vamps or demons that come by, Faith and Liz will go with Kyle and Willow when they rescue Dawn. They might need some real muscle."

"Sounds good enough for me. We better pack some weapons." Liz said as she and the group made their way to the basement where the weapons were.

The trangenics heard them saying that Dawn was at a warehouse on Henderson Rd and decided that was all the information they needed, so they headed out to their parked bikes and saw Logan sitting in his car waiting anxiously with OC.

"Did you find out where she is?" Logan asked as he rolled down his window.

"Henderson Rd, on the other side of town." Max said as she jumped in the car with Krit and Syl. Alec and Zack were on their motorcycles already, starting the engines.

"Floor it." Syl said flatly as Logan's car and Alec and Zack's motorcycles sped off.

"Everyone ready?" Liz asked the group around her.

They all nodded. "Let's go kick some ass." Faith said as they stepped out the front door to the Liz and Giles' parked cars. Giles, Kyle and Willow headed in his car, while Ava, Faith and Liz headed in Liz's SUV.

Liz sat in the passenger side of her SUV and looked out at the sky. "Don't worry Dawn, I'm coming. I won't fail you." She wispered determenly.

The transgenics pulled up in front of the warhouse. They got out of the car and motorcycles to stand in a circle.

"As soon as we get the girl, we outta there." Zack said in soldier mode.

"Affirmative." The X5's knew this was a mission and they would treat it as one.

"Let's move out."

The X5s grabbed their weapons and headed towards the warehouse. It was already sunset so it was pretty dark. They headed around to a window and had a peek inside. Dawn was locked up in some sort of cell with thick steel bars. The creature was standing in the middle of the room, on the centre of what looked like to be a large pentagram, that was painted on the ground. Around him were some other strange looking creatures with bumpy forheads and yellow eyes, and what looked like fangs.

They heard a growl behind them. They jumped and saw 6 or 7 of the bumpy faced creatures they saw before. Before they even had a chance to attack, everything went dark to the transgenics.

"These tasers work pretty well huh Davis?" A vamp with a taser called to another vamp with a taser.

"Yeah, they look like sleeping babies." He said and motion to the other vamps with tasers to pick up the transgenics.

"Bring them in to the boss. We'll see if he wants us to eat 'em or lock them in the cage with the little princess."

The vampires laughed and dragged the unconcious transgenics inside the warehouse.

Part 4

Liz and the group got out of their parked cars. Liz went over and took charge. She looked at the group in front of her. "Ava, Giles, you two stay here and mindwarp any vamps that come near by. Stake them if the need arises," she looked at Willow, Faith and Kyle. "You three, come with me. Willow, I want you to stay with me in case we need any mojo assistance. Kyle and Faith, you two are going round back. Take care of any demons and vamps you see, then come meet us inside and help. Everyone good to go?"

They nodded. Faith stuck her arm out and placed it infront of everyone. The others looked confused, but then got the message and also stuck their arms out and piled their hands on top of eachother. "We're going to get Dawn outta there guys. I know it!" Liz said positivley. They all smiled.

"Alright team! Good luck!, let's go kick some ass!" Kyle said enthusiastically. They all chuckled a bit and went to their assigned tasks.


The X5s groaned, and felt themselves stirring awake. They got up, and saw that they were in a cell.

"What happened?" Syl croaked out as she sat up against the wall, "I'm tired."

"They shot us with tasers." Zack said as he also sat up. He saw the others groan and sit up as well.

"Well, I'm say we get outta here." Alec said and stood up.

"And how do you plan to do that Einstein? We locked in a steel bar cell." Max said and ran a hand through her hair.

"Good point." Alec said and sat back down.

They heard a soft whimper. They turned to the sound and in the shadows, there was a shadow of a short person.

"Hello?" Zack called as he took a step forward towards the shadow, only causing the figure to shrink back more.

"We aren't going to hurt you. Who are you?"

The figure quietly stood up and stepped out of the shadows. It was the young girl they had come to rescue. Dawn.

"Dawn. My name's Dawn. Who're you?" She said softly, carefully stepping forward.

"We actually came here to rescue you, but we got caught by those...uh.... what were they?" Syl said as she looked at the others.


They looked at Dawn as she spoke.

"Vampires. Don't ask," She said as she saw their questioning and unbelieving looks. "I saw them dragging you all in here. My cousin Liz and our friends are going to get us outta here. But, why did you come? I don't know you."

The transengenics stayed silent for a moment before Zack spoke up. "We're friends of Eyes Only. You ever heard of him?"

Dawn nodded. "I've seen him on T.V."

"Do you know why these vampires wanted you?" Alec asked and stood up.

Dawn stiffened. "N-n-no." She stuttered out.

Max stood up and walked to Dawn. "Don't worry, we're going to get out of here. What did you mean before when you said that you're cousin and your friends were going to get you out of here?"

Dawn was about to answer when a door opened to reveal two vampires dragging in the unconcious pair of Logan and OC.

"Logan! OC!" The transgenics shouted.

The only sign that the pair had heard them, was a groan as they were chained to a wall by the two vampires.

"Let them go!" Zack yelled.

"Sorry, can't do that. Boss wants you all locked up so we can eat you later, if we bahave." The blonde haired vamp said as he laughed along with the other vamp and grabbed a beer from a crate nearby.

They all jumped at the sound of the door crashing across the room.


"Is this a private party, or can anyone crash?" Liz quipped as she stood with a smirk on her face, in the entrance of the doorway. Behind her stood Faith, Willow and Kyle.

"Liz!, Kyle!, Willow!, Faith!" Dawn yelled relieved, with a look on her face that said to the bad guys, 'You-are-so-going-to-get-your-butts-kicked'

Liz stepped inside the room, and took a look at her surroundings. Mainly for Dawn. "Dawn! Don't worry sweetie, we're going to get you out of here."

Alec took a look at Liz's form, he thought she was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Especially in her outfit of leather pants, boots and tight tank top. Not to mention her make up too. She looked beautiful, sexy, deadly and...Pissed off! He would have to ask for a date when this was over, if they even made it out alive though.

Liz, Kyle, Faith and Willow walked slowly into the room more. "Willow, you see if you can get rid of that sacrificial symbol thingy on the floor. Kyle, you help me and Faith fight off the vamps, then you get Dawn and the rest of those people outta here. But the big scary demon's ass is mine!" Liz said as she looked in the room to the dozen or more vamps surrounding them.

They all nodded and began to fight. The transgenics simply stood in the cell and watched in awe. Dawn, meanwhile was cheering them on.

Willow telekinetically threw the vamps that were in her way, across the room and made her way to the pentagram that was painted on the floor, to see if there was anything that needed to be taken care of. She saw that the pentagram started to form a mist of fog around itself. Willow quickley saw that this was a ritual to bring a dark demon forth, so she quickly raised her hands and began to chant a spell in latin, in hopes that it would stop the demon from coming forth.

Kyle was busy fighting off a 6 foot vamp that looked like he could take on a passing truck, but Kyle was doing pretty well in defending himself. He threw a punch to the vamps face and the vamp's head snapped back and he growled and picked Kyle up and threw him back to the floor. Kyle groaned but held his ground. "Alright you Son of a Bitch, you wanna play rough? Lets play rough!" Kyle got up and kicked the vamp in his chest then punched him in the face, twice. Kyle then put his arms on the vamps shoulders, and brought him down to knee him in the stomach. The vamp fell and Kyle grabbed a stake from his jean pocket and staked him. "Alright!" he cheered to himself. Kyle then moved off to the next vamp.

Faith and Liz were fighting off two vamps each. The vamps weren't doing well but tried their best without success.

Faith kicked her vamp in the face and then punched him in the stomach, then the face. The vamp went down and she staked him. She turned to see the other vamp charge at her and grab her by the throat. "Hey honey, how bout you and me get a little dinner afterwards? I heard that slayers taste pretty good. Maybe I'll get a taste of that other pretty slayer over there."

Faith ignored his request and made a face. "Hey pal, there's a pack of tic tacs in my back pocket. Feel free to help yourself to as many as you want. Your breath is a nightmare!"

The vamp growled and went to punch her, but Faith grabbed his arm and head butted him, causing him to lose his grip on her throat. Faith elbowed him in ribs then crashed her boot into his knee cap. The vamp fell and Faith took the advantage and staked him. Faith looked over to see Liz staking a vamp she was fighting, then turn to the next one and she started to beat the ever un-holy crap out of him.

Liz gave the vamp in front of her a punch to the face, then a crescent kick with her left leg, before turning to give him a roundhouse with her right leg to the face. The vamp fell to the ground a few feet back. Liz picked him up and threw him across the room. She ran forward and heard Faith call her name.

"Liz!" Liz turned and saw Faith toss her a stake.

Liz grabbed the stake just as she ran forward and jumped on a nearby crate. "Thanks!" She shouted back. Faith smiled and continued to fight of another vamp.

Liz saw a vamp step in front of her. "You sure you wanna do that?" She asked slyly. The vamp looked confused for a moment before he relized what the short powerful slayer was going to do, but he didn't have time to react to stop it. Liz brought her foot high up in the air and kicked the vamp in the face, sending him flying back into a wall unconcious. Kyle was nearby and he staked him.

Liz flipped off the crate and landed behind another vamp, she turned and gave her a side kick to the chest. She fell and Liz leaned over to stake her but the vamp punched her in the face. "Bitch!" Liz hissed as she turned to the female vamp and punched her in the face.

The vamp was a little surprised that her punch didn't even faze the slayer, then she relized that this was that really powerful slayer she had been hearing about on the streets.

Liz backhanded the female vamp in the face and then the vamp got up just as Liz was about to hit her again. Liz decided on a different tactic, she ran up the wall behind her and back flipped off it, expertly. The vamp was shocked and didn't have time to react before Liz landed behind her and staked her. Liz turned around and took a look at her surroundings. She saw that most of the vamps were gone, but a few were still left and the gang were taking care of them.

"Holy Shit!" Liz heard Dawn yell.

"Dawn Claudia Summers, watch your mouth!" Liz said turning to her, to see Dawn looking behind Liz with her eyes bulging. The transgenics, Logan's and OC's eyes weren't much different.

Liz turned to see the ugly demon that took Dawn. She recognized it from Giles' book. "Holy Shit!" Liz's face turned to one of disgust before turning back to fury.

"So, you're the asshole who took my family!" She saw the demon grin. "I'm soooo gonna kick your ass!" Liz ran toward the demon to grab them and send them both crashing through the wall.

Faith, Willow and Kyle watched as Liz and the demon crash through the wall. "Liz!!!" They yelled and ran through the large hole on the stine wall to see Liz and demon fighting. Faith ran forward and grabbed the back of the Mocrah demon's neck.

The demon shook Faith off and picked her up and was about to toss her to the floor when he heard Liz's angry yell.


The transgenics, Dawn, Logan and OC tried to look furthur from the cell into the next room to see what was going on.

Alec, Dawn and the transgenics heard Liz's angry yell. "YOU ASS!! YOU PUT HER DOWN!" They heard a loud crash, which sounding like something breaking. *CRASH* Then they heard Liz's voice again. "SON-OF-A BITCH!!" The next thing that the ugly looking demon was flying through the wall and onto the floor, with Liz on his heels.

The demon didn't have time to react as Liz picked him up and threw him to the wall, then she brought her right leg up and planted it firmly on his neck. "What did you want with Dawn?" Liz demanded. The demon didn't answer so Liz took her foot of his neck and began running it side to side, kicking him in the face with her boot. She planted it back a moment later on his neck when she saw him start to bleed from his mouth. "Answer me!" Liz demanded agina, this time, more deadly.

The demon looked like he was thinking hard before deciding to answer her. "I wanted to destroy the key." He managed to gasp out.

"Why?" Liz asked as her boot began to make a mark on his skin from the boot.

"Because I wanted to fulfill the great Glory's last wish."

"So, you're one of her last followers?" Liz asked, fearing that more demons knew of Dawn's Key identity.

"From what I know, yes." That was the demon's last sentence as Liz brought her leg down and then surprised the demon by spinning herself and giving him a perfect spin kick with her right leg, sending him crashing tothe ground unconcious. Liz took the oportunity to snap his neck. *Snap*

Everyone but Liz winced at the action. Liz looked up to see Faith, Willow and Kyle walking to the cell which held Dawn and the transgenics. Not before they untied OC and Logan from their chains. Once Dawn stepped out of the cell Liz ran forward and embraced Dawn in a huge hug, almost crushing the life out of her.

"Liz, I'm happy to see you too, but I can't breathe." Dawn gasped out.

"Oh, sorry! Are you alright?" Liz said as she let go of Dawn, checking her over.

"Yeah, these guys kept me company." Dawn [ointed back toward the transgenics in the cell, who were looking still shocked from the display not to long ago.

Liz, Faith, Willow, and Kyle decided that it was time to leave. Liz stepped toward the transgenics, who were standing with Logan and OC now. "I don't know who you really are, or what you're doing here, but thankyou for keeping my cousin safe." Liz paused for a moment before adding, "You can't tell anyone about what you saw tonight, please." Those were her last words as she, Dawn, Willow, Faith and Kyle left the warehouse, leaving 5 very confused transgenics and 2 confused humans behind.


Liz, Dawn, Kyle, Faith and Willow ran toward Ava and Giles, who were waiting impatiently in the cars.

Liz jumped into the SUV with Dawn and Faith, while Kyle and Willow, jumped in Giles' car.

"Thank God! Are you okay? We were about to come in and help." Ava said as she started the car and made a skid mark as she took off, with Giles' car not to far behind.

"Yeah, we're fine, we got the demon and the vamps. Dawn's safe and that's all I care about." Liz said as she hugged Dawn to her.

Dawn smiled and hugged Liz back.

"We also saw some other innocents in the cell that Dawn was in. We freed them and I think we need to get home and talk about the rest." Faith said as she leaned into the front seat and closed her eyes.

Liz and Dawn were in the back seat, Dawn rested her head in Liz's lap and fell asleep almost imediantly.

Liz started to think about what happened with the gang from Jam Pony, and why they were there, but the most person she thought about the most from the gang was Alec. She thought about how she was going to explain this to him and his friends. She was sure that they weren't just going to leave this without an explanation as to what happened tonight. Liz sighed. She would have to think about this later, right now she had Dawn to think about, and she wanted to cherish the time she had back with her.