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Title: Light To His Darkness
Author: Jessica aka Faith Evans
Category: M/L all the way
Disclaimer: This based on Christine Feehan Dark Book Series, I’m just borrowing the concept for a little while.

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Chapter 1

The characters are not mine you all know who they belong to, if they were mine do you think Isabrat would be the lead while more interesting characters were pushed to the sidelines so that Isabel could moan and whine to her hearts content or Max would be wasting his time looking for that spawn of his while ignoring Liz who is reduced to the role of doormat. Or Gerbil would be on Antar living like a Queen after the way she murdered Alex. No I don't think so.

Summary: Read chapter 1, and you’ll see.

Note: If you’ve read my other story Takin’ Back What’s Mine and you read the Disclaimer, then you know I hate Isabel and Gerbil and just like in the other story, yes I will be killing both here again, what can I say this therapy for me ;)

Chapter 1

Adam was beyond mad, he was 17 years old and yeah while a mere fledging, he was a Carpathian male, he’s word should count for more than a mere mortal human. But noooooooo! What to him was a simple game he’s father had taken to seriously when one of his human servants had told on him, with out letting him explain his side of the story. Life just wasn’t fair.

Stalking into the forest, he had to be alone in order to better calm himself down, letting the image of a bird form into his mind he shape shifted into a large raptor ready to devour the world. He came down on the top of a waterfall, it was midnight and he was supremely hungry seeing a human village close by he let a his body dissolve in to very fine molecules that the humans eye would never detect and floated to the village. Where he fed on three strapping males taking enough blood to feed but not enough to hurt them, since only the evil soulless ones the undead, who gave up their souls and became vampires ever, killed their human prey.

His hunger abated he moved away from the village and back to the water fall, brooding and going over today’s events.

He liked women, but Carpathian males only had one lifemate, one woman that was their other half of their soul, their perfect mate, the one born just for him, as he was born just for her. Lifemates were the light to the male’s darkness, see each Carpathian male must find the light to his darkness. It is his only salvation. Without that woman, his lifemate, he will eventually be forced to choose the dawn and eternal rest, or he will succumb to the madness of the undead and loose his soul for all time. Become vampire. There is only one woman for each man, one other half.

By the age of 200 if not before, Carpathian males lost the ability to see in color, and they lost the ability to feel any emotion only the finding of a lifemate or the hope of finding a lifemate out there kept a male sane. Some young Carpathian males took human females to bed but this practice was frowned upon and viewed as disrespectful to ones future lifemate. Adam had been playing with one of his households’ human servants, she had complained to his father, and Adam had gotten the lecture of his life.

Human Servants were humans who knew the existence of the Carpathian race who pledged themselves to a Carpathian family they protected the household during the day when the family was in the ground in a deep sleep and at their most vulnerable. In return, the humans were protected at night and given a nice piece of land to farm and see to their needs. The blood of such a servants was never taken since it left the door open to mind control a state that was abhorrent to both sides.

So deep in his dark thoughts was Adam he almost didn’t notice a human woman coming out of the river that the waterfall feed, naked in her supreme glory. Intrigued he took a closer look. She was awe inspiring, with beautiful long dark hair, a body to die for with curves all in the right places that just itched to be caressed and the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen. He made up his mind right there he would have her.

She had no idea she was being watched, her name was Elizabeth she was the daughter of their village high priestess and even though she was only 18 years old she was her village best healer. She had just gotten threw one of the most difficult midwifeing cases in her young career, it had been close both mother and daughter had almost died together but Elizabeth had been able to pull them threw, but the healing had left Elizabeth drained, so she had gone to the river to wash and rejuvenate herself. She had no fear of wild animals she was tied to the earth and could direct the minds of animals away from her and violence of the human on human variety was unheard of in her society. She was completely clueless to the danger that was heading her way, dressing quickly, she was about to head back and check on her patients and hopefully get a good nights rest. She spun around in shock at the sound of a deep voice she could have sworn she had been completely alone.

“You know you really didn’t need to do that.” Adam said to her, putting a slight push of compulsion in each word he spoke, hoping to mesmerize her into sleeping with him.

“Do what?” Elizabeth asked she had heard the ‘push’ but she was immune to such compulsions. She knew what he was and realized why she had not sensed him. Now that he was standing in front of her the hair on her arms and neck were standing on end, in a clear indication of danger. He was Carpathian there should be no danger but there was and she wasn’t fool enough to ignore it.

“Get dressed, of course, your quite lovely with out those silly clothes.”

His voice was like music itself, silky and dangerous, and full of sexual promise, he started for her and she held her ground unafraid.

“Stop!” She said firmly. Surprised she clearly wasn’t mesmerized by him he did.

“Go home, Carpathian you are not welcome here, I know what your about and your tricks will not get me to sleep with you, go home and show some respect to your future lifemate.” Her tone was firm and brokered no argument.

He grew angry at her words seeing how she had spoken almost the exact same thing his father had earlier today. “Are you daring to lecture me human?” he sneered. All beauty left his voice instead it was filled with contempt and a hint of anger.

Elizabeth only lifted her chin, unafraid and simply said, “Go home, you have no business here.”

“I’ll decide what is and what isn’t my business, little one.” And with lighting, fast movements he grabbed her and bit her neck draining a good dell amount of blood from her neck. When she went limp, he stopped and closed her wound with his saliva letting her fall to the ground. She was still alive but when she awoken she would be dizzy from the blood loss.

“Maybe next time, you’ll show more respect to those better than you, human.” With that, he took to the air not giving her a 2nd thought until the next day when his life and the lives of his people would forever be changed.

When Adam awoke the next day it was to the news that a member of his clan had died during the night no one knew why or how, shaking his head, he took to flight to feed but a beautiful gray little fairy stopped him. Fairies rarely spoke to anyone outside their own and when they did everyone listened cause they carried the commands of the mother earth herself.

“You have sinned, young Adam.” The gray fairy spoke.

“What do you mean?” He said in a shaky voice, for the first time in his life he was scared for his life.

“In your contempt for humanity, your actions have lead to the death to a daughter of light, one who was destined for great things, and for that you and your people will be punished.” She told him.

“I don’t understand.”

“It is simple, the woman you met by the river yesterday night, who you drained of blood in anger cause she spoke truth to you, died shortly afterward, she was the chosen of mother earth herself, and she took her death very hard…”

“Yes I feed from her but I didn’t drain her completely, I’m no vampire!” Adam protested in total fear.

“Feed you say, you had feed well before meeting her, you had no need of her, she saw you and what you wanted from her, and she refused you and so you drained her enough to make her weak. When she woke she was so disoriented she knew not what she was doing, she ended up in the river where she hit her head on a rock and drowned. She was to be the key between your two people, lifemate to one of your clan, in an effort to gentle your race who are beginning to take humans for granted, with her death mother earth is with holding her protection of your race. Humans will turn on Carpathian, Carpathian women will no longer be able to bear female children and any child born will have a difficult time surviving that first critical year. Your future lifemate will be taken from you, and you unlike the rest of your race will keep your emotions so you will feel in full what you have wrought to your race. Mother Earth has spoken.” She sentenced him.

Weak and horrified he fell to his knees while she danced in the wind in front of his face, crying he begged. “Please I ask forgiveness, I’ll will do anything to make up for my mistakes, please anything! Anything!”

Her eyes flashed green, and she remained silent as he remained on his knees his face to the earth as he begged and begged for forgiveness. After a while, her eyes returned to her normal gray and said.

“Mother Earth is not with out compassion, You will be given two chances Elizabeth will be reborn still human with the call in her heart to find and join with her lifemate, if she finds her lifemate and he accepts her and makes her happy as a lifemate should the fate of your peoples demise will never take place. If for what ever reason Elizabeth dies before her time, your people will begin to die off, Elizabeth for her part will be reborn one last time, she will be born with out the call in her heart for a lifemate. She will be given free will to choose who she wants human and Carpathian alike if her lifemate who survived her last death can win her back she will hold the key to saving your race from complete extinction. You or anyone for that matter can not force her to do it, it will be impossible for anyone to take her blood, it must be her decision to make and no one else’s. Do you understand these terms Adam?”

Adam lifted his face from the earth he stared at her in humble submission, with utter gravity in his voice he said. “Yes, and I thank Mother Earth for this 2nd chance.”

The fairy looked at him with a bit of suspicion and said. “You are not the lifemate, Adam, so get that thought out of your mind. He is being born as we speck since he to died when Elizabeth died last night, you will though recognize Elizabeth she will look the same as she did now, and she will be protected by a fairy until she joins your clan. You must not warn anyone, let nature take its course.”

“I understand.” He simply said.

“Go home and remember this night well, and be sure to never believe yourself above any of the mothers creatures again.”

With that she flew away, Adam did as he was told, the change in him after that night was remarkable and everyone was glad of it, no one ever asked what had brought on such a change in him all were just glad something in this world had had. Adam became his fathers chosen successor for the Carpathian crown, he also became champion to the helpless both human and Carpathian alike. A brooding figure of light he was, his people never knowing he spent his nights wondering which of the identical twin boys born that fateful night Maxwell called Max, or Alexander called Zan held the key to their people future in his hands.

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Chapter 2

200 years later

“Maria lets go!” Liz begged. “If Isabel wants to in danger her health it doesn’t mean you have to!”

Liz was desperate; her best friend in the world Maria was Carpathian and full noon was coming up, and if they stayed out much longer Maria would be to weak to walk back to their village. Liz was human and wasn’t effected by the sun, neither were most Carpathian children, but Maria was going threw the Carpathian puberty which meant that her body was changing. She could no longer eat solid foods, yet she couldn’t eat human blood just yet she was surviving on a diet of diluted animal blood. Another side effect was that while the sun didn’t hurt her yet, but it did make her incredibly weak, if they didn’t get a move on they wouldn’t make it home in time, and Liz was to small to carry her friend back.

“Ahh, just a little longer, Liz, I feel fine I swear!” She heard Maria yell back, heading toward the sound of her voice, 13 year old Liz grumbled under her breath, at Maria inability to think for herself and follow Isabel anywhere.

Liz hated Isabel; she was selfish, cruel, and incredibly self-centered. She was always going on and on about how Liz was only a lonely human and would die in less than 100 years while she Isabel would live forever and be the lifemate of a very important man, maybe the Crown Prince Adam himself. Isabel always went out of her way to be in the spotlight even going so far as to take credit for things she had no part in doing. At 16 Isabel was everything Liz loathed, but 13-year-old Maria followed her around like a lost puppy.

So deep in thought was Liz while jumping over a log she heard 2 terrifying screams that chilled Liz to the core. Heedless of the danger she might be heading toward, she ran in the direction of those screams, with out warning a field of some force stopped her and she landed on her butt. Shaking her head to clear it she looked in front of her and saw she had almost run of a cliff, The trees went right to the edge shielding the huge gap in the earth so well.

With a hesitant hand she tried to feel the field that had prevented her fall, but felt nothing, with no time to dwell on this strange phenomenon she crawled to the edge and looking for Maria or Isabel. She saw a body a mass of blood, and what looked like blond hair, scanning the edge looking for a 2nd body she saw Maria hanging on a ledge a little to the right of her.

Walking carefully on the edge of the cliff until she was over Maria, searching for anything that could help her bring Maria up, finding nothing and with no adults in the area, Liz was becoming desperate until she saw a grand eagle circling above. Liz concentrated on the bird looking at it directly; merging her mind with it, until she was seeing threw its eyes. Directing its thoughts she brought the bird down she gave Maria no warning on what she was doing, too focused was she in saving her friend expending great amounts of energy she couldn’t break her concentration to warn her of the pain coming her way.

The Eagle came down made a circling pass, then took Maria by her shoulders digging it’s talons deep into her shoulders and drawing lots of blood. Liz blocked out her friends screams and readied herself for when the struggling bird brought her up; once Maria was high enough Liz reached for her and brought her down safely on the cliffs edge. Gently she removed herself from the birds mind and with a telepathic call she thanked the bird for it’s help.

Maria was unconscious most likely from the pain; Liz did a quick scan inventorying the injuries, not bothering to think how she knew that she could do such a thing as heal or control animals. She found a couple broken ribs, a few bruises and the claw marks on her shoulders. Stopping the bleeding with a swipe of her hands, she put her hands on Maria’s stomach closing her eyes she concentrated until her hands began to glow. Liz breathing became more labored the healing taking a lot out of her.

Once she was completely healed, Liz slumped over her friend in a dead faint.

# # # # #

Same day, Later at night

“Your highness, I’m sorry for not being able to greet you in the manner you deserve, but 3 of our children are missing, my daughter included.”

“No need to say more, my men and I will help you search.” Adam, Crown Prince of the Carpathian people, said with all concern.

They flew out the door about to join the others in the air to search the land when one of the human women screamed in joy, turning to look at her they saw a black bear walking into the village with 2 girls sitting astride it. One was clearly unconscious the other doing her best to hold her friend up. The Adults ran to them right away, Maria’s Father Talon picked up his little girl in his arms right away while Adam took the unconscious Liz.

His heart constricted as he saw the very young face of the girl he had inadvertently killed 200 years a go. The purple fairy sitting on the girl shoulder only strove to remind him that this small slip of a girl held the future of the Carpathian race in her hands. He quickly checked her over but found no wounds, satisfied she was unhurt he lifted his head and tuned in to what Maria was explaining on what had happened to them.

“…Lizzy wanted to go home, she knew the noon day sun would make me weak, but Isabel wanted to stay longer saying she was stronger than the sun and I wanted to stay with her, Isabel wanted to play hide and seek and lose Liz. I went along with her it was a game, but we didn’t pay attention to where we were going and before we knew it we fell down a cliff, Isabel…Isabel…died when she hit the bottom…” Maria lips trembled as she said the last part but needing to tell her father everything she forced the rest of her story out.

“I…I got caught on a ledge, and then an eagle came down and grabbed me by the shoulders, the pain was so bad, I think I blacked out. The next ting I knew was Liz had her hands over me, and she was slumped over me, she was so white Daddy, I think she healed me, just like she healed those little birds yesterday, I even think she controlled the bird that helped me she hasn’t woken since then.” Taking a deep breath she continued.

“The sun was to high up and I couldn’t do anything, I was so weak, A bear came around and he came close enough I forced myself to go into his mind to help us. I put Liz on his back but it was hard, we rode to a cave and rested waiting for the sun to come down, the bear forged for food, but I didn’t let him go very far. Once the sun was far enough down I got Liz back on and we rode here, I’m sorry Daddy, I should have listened to Liz and come home right away, I promise to never do this again, I swear Daddy.” At that Maria broke down and became a sobbing mess in her fathers arms. Talon soothed his daughter as best he could, sending waves of love and reassurance into her mind, once her sobs were just tiny hiccups did he send a command to sleep in to her mind, she obeyed right away, once asleep he and Adam went inside the house. The rest of the crowd dispersed one of Talon’s soldiers went to Isabel’s mother’s house to inform that family that their daughter was dead, another went to the cliffs to collect the body, hoping something was left and that the wild animals had not gotten to it.

Concerned that Elizabeth made no move to awaken, he was about to send amental push to her to do so, but the purple fairy that was obviously protecting her stopped him.

“Leave her be, Prince Adam, the controlling of the eagle, and the healing of Maria, took a lot of energy out of her, she needs her rest, she will be back to normal tomorrow.” She said.

He heeded her warning and let the fairy direct him to Elizabeth’s room, laying her down, knowing she was greatly protected and no harm would come to her, he went down stairs, he needed to talk to Talon, he had planned for a short visit here, but now that he had found his people’s savior he wouldn’t return home alone.

# # # # #

Liz woke up the next night yawning heavily, the events of the previous day coming to her in a rush, sitting up straight in her bed she cried out Maria’s name. The purple fairy danced in front of her face and soothed Liz’s fears filling her in on all that had happened while she was asleep. Happy her friend was safe, she pushed her hair out of her eyes her eyes wide when she saw the Prince of the Carpathian people enter her room with a hot bowl of vegetable soup in his hands.

She met his gaze, head on, showing a great amount of maturity in her gaze. He sat on the edge of her bed and with a wave of hand formed a little table for her so she could eat on her bed. Hungry beyond words she gave him a grateful smile and eagerly dug in.

“You were very brave, saving your friend Maria the way you did.” Adam said.

“She was my friend, anyone would have done it.” She said with a flush, she didn’t like to be the center of attention, and it embarrassed her that such an important man was looking at her as if she was something special, she was used to people looking at her like she was a freak a human girl with abilities only a Carpathian should have.

He had read her thoughts and his protective instincts rushed to reassure her. “You’re not a freak, and you are very special, Maria was very lucky to have someone with your abilities there to help her.”

“You read my mind, that’s not very nice.” She stated there was slight teasing note in her voice.

“You’re an impertinent little chit.” He teased back. “Tell me why do you think people see you as a freak?” He could have continued to read her mind but he would not repeat the mistakes of the past, he wanted her to tell him, to come to trust him, since he would be taking her tonight to live with his clan, and raise her as his daughter until she choose her lifemate, either Zan or Max. Although since she was only 13 it was a little early to worry about lifemates.

Liz wasn’t one to lie so she told him outright.

“I have no parents I just showed up on Talon’s door one night as a baby, I am human but I can do things only Carpathians can do some of the humans look at me strangely no matter what Talon says to them. Plus I can see fairies, and that scares both the humans and the Carpathians since they all seem to think when you see them something bad is going to happen. And that’s not true.”

“It isn’t” he asked intrigued by her conviction of that last statement.

“Nooooooooooo, see yellow fairies are fairy children. The purple ones protect people. The white ones help you to the other side so when people die they are not alone and they go easy. The greens are tied to the forest, the browns to the desert and the blue to the oceans and sky, the grays are tied to the great mother and stand between the light and the dark pronouncing the mothers sentences and wishes, and the red, they carry out the great mother’s sentences. How can people so tied to the earth be bad?” She said in all innocence.

“I don’t know maybe people fear what they don’t understand.” He answered her.

“But you don’t fear them now right, now that you know the truth about them, right?” She asked hopefully.

“No I don’t Elizabeth, and thank you for that, and I must say all you told me doesn’t make me think you a freak, you are special, and I have something to ask you, if you would listen.”

“Ok.” Curious she asked.

“I talked to Talon, and I want you to come live with me, You have some very strong gifts and I want to help you develop them, and I think you will like it there, no one will make you feel anything but special there, no humans to fear you or look strangely at you…”

“Is Talon mad at me, does he want me gone?” Liz lips trembled at the though of being kicked out form the only home she’s ever known.

“No, no, of course not, he’s very grateful to you for what you did, and you must know he loves you dearly. He wanted to come here and tell you himself but I wanted to ask you this first, I would really love it if you came with me, there are not many children in my clan and we could use someone as brave as you. Please Elizabeth.”

“I don’t know, No matter how some of my people look at me, this is my home, plus Maria…”

“Maria is Carpathian she should be learning how to use her abilities, my clan doesn’t live far from here, she can come and visit you easily…” Seeing she was still far from being swayed he went with the one thing he was sure would sway her, despite saying this was her home, despite some of the people view of her he played the one card as an orphan he knew would sway her.

“Elizabeth, I haven’t found my lifemate, and I’m not sure when I will, and I’d like to be a father, and when I saw you I knew I would love to have you as a daughter, Please Elizabeth you’ll love it there, I swear.”

Liz was flabbergasted, no one had ever told her she was wanted, and he wanted to be her father, the Crown Prince of the Carpathian people wanted her for a daughter she was overwhelmed.

She searched his mind looking for any doubts or untruth but found only sincerity and hope for a positive answer. Which clenched her answer, she would go with him. Liz was always one to trust her instincts and all of them were telling her this was the right choose.

“Ok, on one condition.” Liz said, Adam could feel her joy and knew her answer, and he was relieved beyond words.

“And that would be?”

“Please call me Liz, I don’t really like the name Elizabeth, it oh I don’t know to formal”

“Alright Liz it is.” With that, they shook hands sealing the deal and their fate together.

Hope this wasn’t to boring, the next part will jump a few years and Max and Liz will meet, and it will defiantly be NC-17.

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Chapter 3

Liz couldn’t believe this was happening to her, she had come to live with Adam 5 years ago, never regretting her decision to do so, Maria learned how to shape shift and visited her every chance she could. Adams clan had welcomed her with open arms and no one ever looked at her strangely for being different. And Adam treated her like a well beloved daughter. No she never regretted choosing to come here, although sometimes it felt like something was missing but she didn’t allow herself to wonder what that could be.

She had decided to take a walk to one of her favorite spots in her new home, a well hidden hot spring she sat down on her favorite rock and began to mediate it was a trick Adam had taught her it helped to focus her powers while becoming with the nature around her. When out of no where a beautiful Carpathian male dropped out of the sky and stood less then a foot away, their eyes clicked and something in her heart swelled and leapt in joy. Her heart recognized him, yet as far as she knew she had never met him before this moment.

After a moment of just staring at each other, he finally spoke. “I am Maxwell, I belong to Adams clan, and you are?”

“Liz.” She answered him breathlessly.

“Liz, a beautiful name, Well Liz you are my lifemate, and I’m here to claim you.” He voice was pure music, full of confidence and a good amount of male pride that both annoyed and thrilled her.

Like she said she before she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

# # # # #
Max’s POV

Max and Zan had left 5 years ago, to go on world tour of sorts and had only returned home just now. Zan had changed in that time, he had always been a loner of sorts but something had changed in the last year, and Max had urged that they return in the hopes that one of the elders would be able to help him. That and his heart longed to come back to his home in the Carpathian mountains, something was calling to him, someone was calling to him and he was helpless not to follow that voice.

Maxwell called Max by everyone had come home and he had seen the lone figure of a woman walking away and every instinct in his body told him to follow her. And when he was close enough to her for the first time in 55 years, Max saw color again, not only color but he felt emotions and he knew that meant only one thing, he had found his lifemate.

Carpathian males loose the ability to see in color by the age of 200, Max had lost his at the age of 150, though it had happened gradually. Unlike his brother Zan who had lost his at the age of 100 and in a very rapid amount of time an all most unusual occurrence in their people, but sadly not unheard of. Zan like all Carpathian males needed to find his lifemate, to bring back joy and color to their world, and now it seemed he Max had found his in this beautiful human Liz.

She was so beautiful, and her mind was a soothing calm that healed his soul, yes she was his lifemate and he would posses her. He took the few steps necessary towards her and before long she was in his arms and they were kissing like there was no tomorrow.

# # # # #

Both their POV together

She was in his arms and it felt like she was finally home, This is what she had been missing, this was the thing she had tried not dwell on. She didn’t understand what was happening though, he had called her his lifemate, and her heart confirmed it to be true, but how could that be she was human, he was Carpathian, how could they be lifemates.

He knew her thoughts their minds were merging they had been since their first touch, he to didn’t know how this was so, but he wasn’t about to question it, she was his lifemate, the why or how didn’t matter, possessing her, and letting her posses him was what was important. He broadcasted that to her and she was all eagerness to push such matters to the side and concentrate on becoming one with him.

He lowered her to the rocky ground, but before her soft delicate body could touch the harsh ground Max swept his hand over it and made it a soft grassy field that would never hurt her skin. Once they were on the ground and kissing hotly he swept his hands over their clothes making them disappear, leaving them naked and free to explore each other’s bodies.

He began kissing her face nuzzling his face like a kitten in her neck, her breathing grew deep and he loved the way her breasts rubbed his chest as a result. He lowered his head and took one pert nipple in to his mouth nibbling it gently with his teeth until it was as hard as a little pebble in his mouth. He switched to the other and laved it with the same attention. Once it was nice and hard he sucked the whole breast into his mouth. Her moan of satisfaction was pure music to his ears. The taste and feel of her breast was better than any candy he had ever had and it was just like he had thought earlier her breast was the perfect size for his mouth. Almost as if they had been made just for him.

The things he was doing to her were absolutely wonderful. He laved her with so much attention, being so gentle with her yet she felt his great desire for her and how much it was costing him not to just simply take her here in now and instead take his time with her to guarantee her pleasure first. She gloried in that desire, she didn’t notice that she was now naked laid out behr just for him, she wanted this, she needed this much more then she needed air. And she wasn’t shy in showing her pleasure.

He was in heaven and he gloried in the sounds of her pleasure, her moans were his salvation, her sighs his benediction, her whimpers were empowerment itself. He rolled her breast in his mouth before releasing it to nibble on the side and on the nipple before taking it fully in his mouth once again, swallowing it whole. Once that breast became to sensitive he moved on to the other until both her breasts were swollen and red from his attention. He took his body completely off of her sitting back on his knees. She groaned in protest at the loss of his warmth. He kissed her on the mouth sweetly then he began nibbling, licking, and kissing her behr flesh leaving a wet trail down to her pussy. Liz voiced no protest once she figured out what he was about, she felt a little uneasy having never done this before, but in no way was she going to stop him, she couldn’t find the will to stop this anymore than she could stop the sun form rising.

Once he was in position he placed his hands on her firm round bottom and lifted her to his face upon finding her sopping wet he brought his mouth down hard on her and began gulping down her juices like a drowning man who had gotten his first taste of water in years. The smell and taste of her drove him even more mad with desire and he began moaning and grunting his pleasure on her clit which stimulated her desire even more releasing more of her tasty juices on to his talented tongue. He was stimulating her so well that she quickly came to orgasm letting loose a river of juices which he happily gulped down. Liz had never felt anything as satisfying as the release he gave her, afterwards she tingled from the root’s of her hair to the toes in her feet, her hearing became acute she could actually hear the animals of the night so clearly. Her vision had never been so clear, focusing her gaze on her lover she almost overwhelmed by the depth of love she had for this man who she had only just met.

Tearing himself away from her core was about the hardest thing he had ever done but his own organ was pulsing and dripping pre-cum on the blanket, Max needed his own release. Meeting her gaze and returning the love he read in her eyes in his own gaze he gently lowered her back down and began kissing his way back up. Burring his face in her neck her hands were all over his back caressing him, with his hands he spread her legs wide. He placed one hand by her head lifting his head up he supported his weight on that one arm his other hand took a firm hold on his very erect cock leading it straight to her very wet opening.

Once at the entrance he began pushing it, home she was so tight he knew she was a virgin and he tried to be as careful as possible. Liz began to writhe under him little cries of distress leaving her mouth, she tried to hold them back knowing this was a necessary evil to the pleasure that would be theirs afterwards, but it was hard. Desperately he fought for control the effort tearing up at his guts.

“Shh, Shh I know baby, I know and I’m sorry just let me get it in completely, Shh It will get better I swear…”

Once he got the tip into her tight pussy he pulled out a little rocking his hips a little pushing a little more into her in slight movements that coaxed her muscles to relax. Little by Little, he pushed inside until he hit her barrier. Knowing there was no turning back at this point he placed his free hand on the top of her stomach closing his eyes he concentrated on visualizing her barrier and began dissolving it. Once it was completely gone, he repeated his actions from before until his thick big cock was fully embedded.

She was so tight so hot, so perfect every cell in his body was screaming at him to begin thrusting inside her. But he fought back his most primal animalistic desires and lowered his body into her lush soft one. Taking both hands he framed her face and began kissing her lips, eyes, nose anywhere he could reach giving her the time to become accustomed to his huge size.

Liz took long steady breaths his careful attentions had worked he had eased his way inside herself and she loved him even more for using his powers and making sure she didn’t experience that one big pain most human virgins had to face. It had been rough a few moments there but now her distressed cries were replaced with soft sighs, which were then replaced by moans of deep pleasure at being so deliciously filled, for the first time she was complete. Feeling greedy, she took a little while savoring the wonderful feel of him, but it wasn’t long before she started craving more.

When he felt her bucking her hips trying to bring him in deeper, that was all he needed to feel, he slowly began to withdrawal from her until only the fat mushroom tip was left inside of her and slowly pushed back into her again. She was so tight around him it felt like he was breaking new ground all over again. The feeling of such tight pussy walls caressing his rock hard member was beyond awe inspiring, it was almost as if he was bathing his cock in hot liquid fire, while being squeezed hard by a tight fist. He kept his pace mad-enly slow sweat breaking out of every pore of his body fighting to bring her to pleasure first. He began stirring his cock in slow circles with each of his thrusts almost as if he was trying to stir her juices into a nice froth.

Liz for her part was trashing her head back and forth panting heavily her eyes closed in utter rapture her mouth open wide moaning, whimpering, making all kinds of beautiful music to his ears. She wrapped her legs around his hips meeting each of his slow thrusts digging her feet into his tight ass. After an hour of such sweet torture the walls of her pussy which Max could have sworn could not get any tighter clamped down hard as she screamed her orgasm screaming his name at the top of her lungs. At the sound of her release he hooked her legs on his arms raised himself to his knees and began to pump his cock deep and hard into her with each thrust he picked up speed until he was moving deeply within her his hips were moving in a fast blur.

Opening her up real wide Liz was utterly at his mercy all she could do is spread her arms out wide back fingers digging into the ground back arched deeply back in an attempt to anchor herself. Her breasts bouncing every which way due to his hard thrusts, he was like an animal his own back was arched back his head was thrown back as well as he grunted his pleasure loud to the stars above. Feeling his cock become even harder and bigger inside her and his balls constrict he let out a yell of triumph to the gods above shooting wads and wads of hot cum into her equally hot cunt. It triggered another orgasm for Liz this one so much more satisfying and wonderful because it was them together as one for all time. In the middle of such a wonderful release, he began to recite the lifemate bonding ceremony.

“I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul and my body. I take into keeping the same that is yours.” He could barely get the words out, Liz’s body was convulsing so sweetly so perfectly around him and his release was so strong. But he felt the change in them instantly, they were bonded now, one body, one mind, one soul, and not man, animal or Carpathian could separate them now, only death had a chance now, and even then the other would follow their partner for they were one, one could not exist with out the other now.

Carefully and with shaky hands he lowered her legs back to the ground completely exhausted he laid down beside her never breaking contact with her lower half with shaky hands he caressed her face and murmured sweet nothings into her ears. In complete and utter peace with the world for the first time in his life. After about a half hour of cuddling she opened her eyes looking deeply into his the utter love he saw in them shattered and empowered him, instantly making him hard within her again she in turn gasped in surprise.

Lifting her up, still together, he walked with shacking to the hot spring near by emerging their bodies in the soothing water; he kissed and readied her body for yet another round. The night was young and they had much loving to do.


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Chapter 4

Liz let the healing heat of the pool infuse her skin straight threw her pores, she was also quite sore even if her life depended on it she could not walk, but she wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world. Max had recited the bonding ritual and she could feel the connection melding them together. He was in her mind as she was in his. She didn’t mind that he hadn’t asked her to marry him in the human custom. He had recited the Carpathian bonding ceremony and she knew those words only worked on one’s lifemate. And no other, he could say the words till he was blue in the face to any woman he meet but if she wasn’t his lifemate they wouldn’t work, besides she had never been so emotionally and spiritually fulfilled as she was at this moment.

Max moved a little adjusting his seat on the rocks, and Liz winced a little, Max picked it up immediately.

“I hurt you.” Max stated, his brow wrinkled in concern and she could feel the waves of self-loathing running threw him at the thought, threw their connection.

“Max, it was my first time, it was supposed to hurt, but you made sure I wouldn’t feel the worst of it, so stop that, I enjoyed myself, I MORE then enjoyed myself, or couldn’t you tell?” she teased.

A hint of a smile graced his features but he still felt bad for hurting her.

“I took you in the manner that a Carpathian takes another, I should have been more gentle, I shouldn’t have kept going for so long…” he would have continued but she placed her hand on his mouth stooping the rush of words.

“I didn’t break, Max, Nor will I ever break, I’m a little sore that’s all besides we both have healing powers to take care of that little problem. Now will you drop it, we should be thinking about that the fact that were alone in a beautiful hot spring, any ideas on what we can be doing with each other right about now.” She gave him a down right sultry smile at the last part, which Max automatically responding to. Liz felt him hardening inside of her, but he gently separated them before her soft tissues could protest too much. She groaned at the loss, but he just kissed her gently on the mouth and said.

“Shhh, I want to heal you first.”

She sat astride on his thighs; he caressed her back with his hands in a soothing motion while with his mind he concentrated on her body. Liz felt a cooling breeze run threw her despite the heat of the water, her aches and sores disappeared, leaving her feeling completely refreshed. Liz circled her arms around his neck leaning in to give him a kiss on the mouth.

“Thank You.” She said sweetly.

He deepened their kiss, they tasted and nibbled in no rush this time, they were to souls to long apart and completely enjoying their reunion. Pulling back, he began caressing her skin; they both watched in awe as the skin he touched glowed with a soft yellow light.

“Max, is this normal for lifemates?”

“I’m not sure, our parents don’t really go into it, all they tell us that, once we lose our ability to see color and feel emotion. When you find your lifemate, those things come back to you, Plus you both feel and instant attraction and an over whelming urge to become one, and once you bond their can be no other for either of the pair, they don’t go into details about what happens afterwards.”

Liz nodded her understanding and with a tentative hand, she places it on his chest, slowly caressing his smooth chest, his skin lit up just like hers had at his touch.

Smiling she said, “I like this.”

“Hmmmm.” was his only reply. He moved her forward. Until her breasts were in perfect position for his mouth. His cock pulsed against her stomach; Liz rubbed herself on him loving the deep groan her small movements cause in him.

He cups her breasts pushing them together but instead of suckling them, he just stared at them as if he had all the time in the world.


“You have such beautiful skin, …” he said with a little awe “… it’s so soft, so golden, so perfect…”

“It could just be the glow of your touch.”

“No, it’s you, it’s all you.”

They said no more as Max continued to look his fill, Seeing as he wasn’t in any hurry to move things along Liz took the opportunity to do some exploring of her own. She took his cock in her hands feeling it’s smoothness, running her thumb over the large mushroom tip, with her other hand she cupped his balls gently squeezing. Max’s breathing became that much heavier under her ministrations, Trying to be good he brought one perfect nipple into his mouth, trying to both bring her pleasure and distract himself form what her touch was doing to him.

He swallowed it whole, again amazed by the perfect size of them; he sunk his teeth into the tender flesh with out breaking the skin. He would never feed from her, as he did with other humans, it was deeply ingrained in him not to take the blood of your sexual partners, if you were ill bread enough to sleep with anyone but your lifemate. And although Liz was his lifemate she was also human the blood loss would make her a bit weak and he didn’t want to make her weak, he wanted her strong and healthy for the rest of their days.

She must have been reading his thoughts for she stopped fondling him and pushed herself of him, surprised he looked at her serious face.


“You were thinking about keeping me safe for all our days, but Max how much time can we really have together, You’re a Carpathian, immortal, I’m a human mortal, compared to you I will die very soon, I will grow old even sooner, not exactly the kind of life you should have or were even expecting.”

“Shhh, darling you are everything I expected and wanted in a lifemate plus so much more, and while we may not have as much time together as Carpathian lifemates, it won’t make our time here on earth any less wonderful and special, and when you go into the next life I will go with you letting the sun take me …”

“Max! You can’t say that! You could lead such a long rich life. You don’t have to do that!”

“My Love, though you have lived among Carpathians all your life, there are still some things you don’t understand. Lifemates are forever, there can never be another, when one dies, the other only has two options, turn vampire, or walk into the sun and follow their other half, the emptiness the loss of a partner is to great, there are no other options, it’s the Carpathian way, where you go, I go.” He said it matter of factly, while the very idea of losing Liz was painful to even think about, he knew deep in his heart that when she grew old he would love her just as much as he did now, if not more. And when she went he would mourn her greatly and he would meet the sun happily in order to rejoin with her in the afterlife.

She took in what he told her knowing he spoke the truth, She remembered over hearing conversations where Adam and others discussed the issues of lifemates among themselves, but she had never paid it much mind until now. Regretting the dark turn to their time together, she washed her hands of the issue, deciding to focus on the here and now, the future could take care of it self, right now she was sitting naked on her equally naked lifemate in a beautiful hot spring after an intense bonding ceremony.

She took his hard cock in her hands once again, he groaned and buried his head in her breasts once again he kneaded her backside his has hands. Moving away from him, she stood up the cooler air making her nipples hard and perky just begging for his touch.

“Max, sit up on this rock over here.” Pointing to a rock a little higher up and to his right, he did what she asked, once done he found that now only his feet were in the water and that his hard cock was in perfect position to her mouth. With baited breath, he waited for her next move.

He didn’t have to wait long, she took a nice hard look before placing her had on him, and her touch sparked his member to glow wherever she touched him. It was the most erotic site of Max’s life. With a fingertip she traced the long vein running down his shaft, she watched as it glowed intently.

She was utterly festinated by his sex, having never seen one before, but also the glow that resulted in their touch. Always curious she decided to see if only her hands caused this reaction she placed her lips on the inside of his thigh taking a little nibble there, and sure enough their was a glow there. Moving her lips to the tip of his manhood, she noticed sure enough there was a glowing there to.

Feeling bolder, she grabbed a wet tendril of her hair, and began teasing his shaft with it, and sure enough again, there was a glow there. Liz found all this utterly fascinating, Max found it torture incarnate but he dug his nails into his palm and let her play.

And play she did, she ran her hair up and down his manhood, playing close attention to his highly sensitive sacs, she tickled his inner thighs. Max was hard as a rock cause of her ministrations yet he made no move to stop her thankfully she grew tired of her teasing and began to envelop the warm mushroom tip in her mouth. He was to big to be taken in fully she being so new to all things sexual, mostly right now she was going on instinct and using the little knowledge she had gained from their first experience together.

She worked the head in her mouth, nibbling a little and sucking strongly until she had him straining and rocking his hips for a deeper penetration, but she never took him farther, and Max was not above groaning in protest. She took pity on him and urged him down to a lower rock, the shock of the hot water hitting his shaft made him that much harder, a feat he didn’t think was possible. She placed him at the entrance of her very wet core and slowly worked him inside.

She was so tight, yet so ready he slid home with very little difficulty, wrapping her hands around his head, she slowly began riding him, taking his big cock slowly in measured strokes designed to drive him crazy.

He let her have total control over the depth of penetration, and the speed of her movements, he was rock hard and the shallow way she was riding him was exquisite torture. He tongued her breasts; nibbling the nipples, he worked his hands all over her body. If he weren’t so preoccupied with the way her pert breasts just begged to be swallowed he would have noticed not only that his touch was lighting her skin making it glow with a soft golden light, but what looked like small almost tiny energy burst that left his fingers and entered her skin.

He was oblivious to everything but the softness oh her skin, the perfect way her pussy was swallowing his cock working the head with almost ceaseless pleasure, the way the hot water lapped her skin with each thrust or the way her breast danced and swayed in his face till he couldn’t take it anymore and swallowed one whole.

He steadied her hips when her movements became jerkier and when she came apart in his arms it was all he could do not to cum with her. Once her tremors subsided, he quickly sat her on one of the rocks so that her breasts were floating in the water her legs wrapped high around his back and he began thrusting in her as if his very life depended on it.

His cock felt unbearably hard, and her walls so incredibly tight, it wasn’t long until he spilled his seed in her triggering another orgasm for Liz.

To Liz’s surprise it didn’t take long for him to harden again, lifting her up, he stood up straight and impaled her on him, Liz flung her head back and clawed Max’s back riding him hard and deep, Whimpering with each thrust, in pure ecstasy, until they came together this time.

Shacking he gently lowered her legs to the bottom, he wrapped his arms around her waist, hers wrapped around his neck with her head buried in his chest. Both utterly content, Max looked at the night sky and noticed the moon was high in the sky the night was still young, picking his wife up he walked out of the pool and with his powers he dried her off completely, and dressing her in a simple but beautiful night blue dress. Lifting her up again he took to the air back to Adams palace and with Liz’s directions flew straight to her room. Making sure he made them invisible to anyone watching the night sky, tomorrow was soon enough to let everyone know about their relationship, tonight was just for them, and he had plans for his new lifemate/wife their night of loving was far from over.

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Chapter 5

He landed smoothly in her open window at Adam’s palace, jumping off the ledge and into her room; he gently lowered his precious burden to the floor. Liz turned in his arms wrapping her arms around his neck, Max quickly took her hint and lowered his head capturing her lips in a hot kiss. He ran his hands along her back frowning when his hands caressed the material of her dress instead of her smooth skin, quickly he evaporated her clothes so that she was standing completely behr and warm for his touch.

She gasped her pleasure to the feel of his hands on her body, needing to feel his behr skin against hers she to dissolved his clothes, they both hissed their pleasure at the first contact of skin against skin as her full aching breasts lightly brushed against his chest like the beating of a butterfly’s wings. He deepened their kiss crushing her body into his trying to make them one physically their connection deepened and expanded, they were mind, one body one need and yet they needed more.

He lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his hips as she stabbed herself on his member, taking him in fully in one downward thrust as if they were old lovers who had made love in this way for as long as they have drawn breath instead of newlyweds who’d only just met a few hours before. She wrenched her lips form his, giving them the freedom to take a badly needed breath of air, eyes opened they stared into each other souls as their bodies thrusted back and forth into each other. Her hands held his head in place as she nibbled on his bottom lip, whimpering as he groaned his pleasure they filled the room with their beautiful music.

He spread his legs a bit more adjusting the angle of penetration, he repeatedly hit her sweet spot so that she was now forced to close her eyes as they rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy. He held himself in check, as despite his body’s urgent demand for release, he wanted to see her face fall apart in release in his arms. He soon got his wish as her cries got faster her thrusts that much wilder and it was his name she screamed over and over as she reached her peak.

Her smooth hot wonderful core became that much sleeker for his penetration and he took full advantage, his thrusts became that much more powerful and deeper. His fingers dug themselves deep into her bottom but she felt nothing but the deep push and pull in her cleft, she reached a 2nd even more powerful orgasm and yet he still kept pounding into her. His beautiful face contorted in a mixture of pain and ultimate pleasure until his body finally shook with release he flung his head back and grunted his pleasure to the gods above.

On shaky legs he stumbled backwards until his legs finally hit the stone ledge of her window, he sat down hard legs spread her legs still wrapped around his waist she was glued to his side unable to move still wonderfully connected, her head buried in his neck, both desperately trying to catch their breaths after such a powerful release.

‘Oh God…’ Max couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘… it just keeps getting better each time, if this keeps up not even immortality will keep me alive long…’ Looking down at the exhausted goddess wrapped around him he couldn’t help but smile a deep contented male smile of utter satisfaction as he wrapped his arms more firmly around his love ‘… But ohhhhhh what a way to go’

Always thinking of her comfort he began healing her body of all traces of the hard use he had given it. She felt a cool refreshing wave run threw her body as he healed tissue and skin to it’s former glory. Lifting her head, she looked in to his eyes as she ran her hands over his body returning the favor. His straining muscles from his neck to his toes, muscles that he had put to hard use relaxed and cooled, until he to was completely healed.

“I love you.” They whispered to each other, smiling when the released they had said at the same time. Now with the edge taken off, he began looking at her room with interest. It was nice and tidy; one of the walls was covered by what looked like a large mat weaved of different colored wild grasses in an intricate star pattern. It looked hand made and threw their connection Liz sent a memory of her weaving it when she first came to live with Adam to make the room have a homey like feeling. There were some chests on the walls that must hold her private things, the floor and the bed looked to be covered with beautifully textured animal skins, which were a bit surprising to find in a Carpathian home, since they disapproved of the human custom of eating meat.

“There not real, Adam made them for me using his powers to keep me warm at night since it sometimes gets really cold, and unlike a Carpathian I can’t regulate my temperature.”

Nodding his understanding, he bent his head to her beautiful upturned face forgetting about the interesting things in her room giving the perfect lips a quick kiss, feeling the waves of desire begin to roll in him at that innocent gesture his eyes began to shimmer with hot desire making them turn into a rich deep amber in color. Liz saw the change in him and her body equally responded to it.

“Do you think we should probably move this to the bed?” He asked with a sheepish grin.

“I don’t know we’ll we even know what to do with it?” She teased back.

Lifting up he got to his feet easily carrying her to the bed, lying her down in the center of it, breaking contact he settled himself next to her. With his hand he smoothed the hair out her face so that it was now fanning the bed, slipping his fingers in the smooth tresses he lifted her head up a bit and began kissing her deeply, slowly, taking his time to taste all of her.

He could just have taken her, as his body was demanding he do so and she would have been more then willing. He was learning she was quite a little spit fire when it came to their love making easily taking and returning his deep passions but he wanted this time for it to go slow and easy, he wanted to feel each and every sensation and emotion she caused in him. It was a precious gift, she had given him by returning his emotions back to him by her presence in his life and he wanted to take full advantage of them with her.

He wanted to take this slow, so slow it would seem like they were dying together, until they could no longer take it and they exploded in that beautiful release they could only find with each other.

He broke their kiss lying on their sides they simply stared at each other; his thumb rubbed her check in a simple caress that made her skin glow, breathing each others air, she was so beautiful to him. Her face was beautifully heart shaped. Her eyes were a deep brown large in her face giving her an almost innocent look but when she smiled, that innocence slipped away replacing it with soulful sensuality that completely took his breath away. Well if he were honest with himself, everything about her took his breath away.

He drifted his gaze further down her body taking in the way her pert nipples stood up almost begging for his attention, he moved his hand down from her face to cup one of those pert breasts, his hands engulfed it whole, Liz arched her body into the heat of his hand. She was enjoying his simple exploration of his gaze, she could read his thoughts threw their connections and it made her feel all nice and warm to know he found so much pleasure in her, she wanted to touch him and return the feeling but she didn’t want to break his concentration her time would come soon enough she knew.

His gaze roamed lower taking in her flat stomach, the juncture where her creamy thighs meet and her shapely legs, which he loved feeling wrapped around himself. His hands slowly left her breast and just as slowly run down her body caressing, the skin down passed her stomach and down the side of one leg, only to return just as slowly back up. He took in every feature, every feel with his look and touch, her body radiated with an inner glow that not even the glowing of his hands could out shine.

She was so beautiful so perfectly formed it was almost as if she had been made just for him, so perfectly did she fit him. He thanked the gods above for blessing him with such a wonderful lifemate.

Liz lifted a tentative hand to his chest, his skin jumped at her touch, and it wasn’t until that moment that Max realized how much he had craved her touch. Her touch was light and airy feeling almost like a small breeze was brushing against his skin, drawing Goosebumps wherever she touched. She marveled at the smoothness of his chest yet the restrained power that it poorly hid. The muscles were clearly shaped yet not grossly over shaped; with the tip of her fingers, she followed the lines of those beautiful muscles down to the ridges of his stomach. Needing to see all of him she pushed him on to his back, he stretched his hands over his head in a movement that reminded Liz of a lazy lion stretching in the sun.

She sat on his thighs, continuing her exploration of his body. This was the first time she could see him in full light the room was filled with candles they came on automatically whenever she was in the room one of those tricks Adam had taught her. And while she did have extraordinary night vision, plus the glow their touch created there was something extremely sexy about viewing her lover and husband in candlelight. She spread the fingers of her hand on his stomach messaging the skin, scooting up a bit so that his manhood now rubbed against her stomach she moved her hands further up until she was playing with his male nipples teasing them to hard points. Feeling daring she sunk her nails into his pectoral muscles testing his strength in a way.

Her flexing nails gave no pain, just an incredible jolt of pleasure that went straight to his groin. She sensed this so she did it again this time racking the nails down his chest; his body was shuddering so hard in reaction Max grabbed the top of the bed hard to keep form exploding to soon. Grimacing his pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open as he slowly panted for breath, he waited for what else his little minx had in store for him.

He didn’t have to wait long and he really should have kept his eyes open, for she went right for the part of his body that completely fascinated her, his cock. Scooting back and sitting on his legs, she got down on her arms and tried to swallow as much of his manhood as she could, which wasn’t much. Max’s eyes snapped wide open as he looked down at his wife, her face slightly covered by her hair, he watched as she sucked on the large tip. Her hands alternated between stroking the sides of his manhood or playing with his balls, it was too much the sight alone made him want to cum, let alone the sensations she was causing in his body. Quick as lightening he pulled her off him and flipped her on to her back, he needed to calm down a bit or this would be over to soon, he still wanted to take this slow between them.

He lowered his head to her juicy core, burying his nose in the fragrant hole; he took a long deep breath, inhaling the spicy sweet scent that was his wife alone. He took a long lick of her folds tasting the liquid he had fast become addicted to, Craving more he began to suck those spicy juices growling deep in his throat when even this proved to be not enough. He inserted his middle finger deep into the wet cavern hoping to pump more of her juices out, needing more he inserted a 2nd finger then a 3rd sucking hard like a man starving. She couldn’t take much the pleasure he was giving her was to strong she fell apart to his shout of joy at this new rush of sweet nectar; desperately he tried to drink them all down.

When he finally lifted his head, his face glazed from her passion, she watched as he licked his fingers and face clean threw half closed eyes. Her body limp and boneless he easily turned her over gently placing her on her hands and knees her hands over her head. He kneeled down behind her, his cock in hand he teased her outer lips inserting the head an millimeter or so before pulling out and pushing back in, when she rocked back a bit needing more did he finally slowly inch by slow inch insert the whole thing.

Liz arched her back in reaction, he felt so big in this direction, and she had no idea how she could possibly take all of him in, yet he was so gentle so caring he brought tears to her eyes. Once he was fully embedded with out a millimeter to spare, his balls pressed tightly on her bottom, did he stop, the muscles in his neck corded in strain as he waited for her to adjust to this new position. His gaze was drawn to the sight of where they were so intimately joined and again he marveled that he was here making love with his long awaited lifemate.

Feeling the muscles of her pussy relax around him, with his hands on her hips he pushed her forward as he leaned back pulling out almost all the way out of her, his gaze never left her tightly stretched opening. Liz moaned deep in tune with his deep strokes. Pulling in and out in slow deep thrusts designed to maximize pleasure and drive her and him equally insane. He went on and on as if he had all the time in the world like he had nothing more important to do then drive his big body in and out of her.

Liz moaned, groaned, begged, pleaded for release, but it all fell on deaf ears. Max was a focused lovemaking machine set on giving and receiving the ultimate pleasure two people could give each other, each time he felt Liz or himself was close to release, he would slow them even further down letting the ebb pass before speeding up back to his lazy stroking thrusts.

It was pure torture and pleasure at the same time, voice hoarse with all the beautiful sounds she was making, a shaky Liz wondered how much longer she could go on before she combusted into a million pieces. Her inner muscles mindlessly contracted in a milking motion on his cock, Max shuddered and groaned deep at this action and Liz purposely did it again, getting the same reaction, Liz delighted in finding something that chipped that enormous self control he was using on her right now. Now every time he pulled out Liz tightened her pussy making it that much more difficult for him to exit her body.

It was the final straw her already tight body, tightening even further then he though possible broke the thin thread that was holding him in check, with each deep thrust. He spread his thighs further at the same time he brought her flushed body up full into his never breaking contact, her back arched to his chest. Her head flung back forcing her hair over his shoulder, one hand spanned her stomach the other one on one of her heaving breasts, her legs gripping his legs as best she could in this awkward position as he pounded for all he was worth into her tight body.

Liz felt him hardening and growing bigger much to her dismay in her body until finally he exploded shooting deep wads of cum inside her. His explosion triggered her own release, and it was two shuddering bodies that lowered themselves on to her bed, despite their weakened state, her body continued to be rocked by aftershocks that triggered a 2nd powerful release from him.

Joined and shacking still, Liz lifted her head turning it backward their lips met in a sweet tender kiss that conveyed their deep love and adoration they felt for each other.
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Chapter 6

A Little Earlier That Same Night

It was a heavyhearted Adam that returned to his home after meeting with his father the King. A human tribe to the north was causing his father and his people a lot of trouble. They wanted nothing to do with the Carpathian people, their priestess had called in the help of the spirit world to help drive out their people from their lands, preventing them from feeding or roaming among them.

The safeguards the Lygians were erecting were becoming more and more powerful and his father feared a bit to dangerous, they had tried to send many envoys to get to the bottom of the Lygians hostility but it wasn’t until tonight that they had finally answered. Adam and his father were surprised and grieved though for different reasons, the hostility was rooted in a deep hatred, which started with the death of a beloved daughter of the tribe some 200+ years ago.

The King had tried to explain that no Carpathian could have done such a thing that it must have been Vampire and Carpathian’s always hunted those who had turned to prevent such murders from happening but to blame a whole people for the crimes of one was beyond wrong. The Priestess only response was to turn away form them with a sneer of contempt which Adam knew with out a doubt was aimed completely at him, as she and her entourage began to leave the Priestess words floated back to them ‘It was no Vampire that killed our tribe woman.’

His father had been troubled by those words, but Adam made no move to enlighten him on what she had meant by them and his part in the girl’s death. He just wanted to go home back to his Lizzy who was his people’s only hope for the future, hopefully once she choose her lifemate, Liz would be able to bridge the gap between the Lygians and the Carpathians when they realized their beloved daughter had been reborn and was cherished by the Carpathian people. At least that was his fervent hope.

But Liz wasn’t home the servants said they saw her walking to the hot springs, knowing she was safe on his lands he let her be, instead he walked to the kitchen to make sure the best food was stalked for his human servants and especially his human ‘daughter’. On his way there he came across Zan newly returned from his trip abroad with his brother.

Zan was staring into the fire standing by the fire place arms crossed his face and body as still as stone, his face showed no hint as to what he was feeling or thinking probably because Zan no longer felt any emotion. One of the hardest things to bear for the males of their race who had reached 200 with out finding their lifemate, although Zan had lost his much earlier then was common for their race.

“Zan, my friend, I see you have finally returned home, did your brother come with you?” Adam walked to him and the 2 men embraced.

“Yes he did, but he’s out with his lifemate, now?” Was Zan’s cold reply.

“Lifemate, so you he came home with one that is wonderful…” Adam was happy for Maxwell and he couldn’t help but feel the leap of joy, if Max had a lifemate that meant Zan was Liz’s lifemate, now all he had to do was find Liz get her in a room with Zan and the life of his people would be safe, and Mother Earth’s plan for the Human and Carpathian race can go on with out a hitch.

“No we didn’t come back with Max’s lifemate, he just found her out in the woods just now. And to my surprise she is human, I never thought such a thing could happen.” He said.

“Max found a human lifemate?” Adam said slowly while his heart soared with joy Liz was out in those woods could it possibly be? “How do you know, Zan where you there?”

“No as a twin, Max and I share no shared is a better word now a special connection, since we were very young we have been able to share each others thoughts even feelings back when we had them, Max went out into the woods because something called him there he met a human I only got a sense of her before Max’s mind closed to me. I guess what my parents always said about the bond of lifemates being stronger then any other bond in a Carpathians life is true. Do you know who she is your body language says that you might.” Zan said.

“I have an idea who it might be, I have an adoptive daughter a human by the name of Liz, I know she is out in the woods, it might be her.” He answered carefully though in his heart he was almost certain that is was Liz, it had to be but he wouldn’t rush out there to find out, he would know soon enough when they returned.

“How is it possible for a Human and a Carpathian to be lifemates?” Zan asked though his tone of voice showed some interest, it was a logical question to ask as a Carpathian he had always been taught that Humans could never be lifemates since they were 2 different species. And yet it looks like Max was proving them wrong.

But poor Max to be stuck with a mortal who will die in such a short span of time, who will never experience the wonders the nights can bring, and the powers a Carpathian in his prime can wield, he didn’t know how humans could even exist with such limitations, but they make a good meal so it all works out he supposed. But he didn’t envy Max, as the saying goes since he was incapable of feeling envy, but logically a human and a Carpathian just didn’t make sense.

“That is a long story my friend and one that will wait until I see for myself who Max’s lifemate is for myself.”

“If you say so.” Zan said with a shrug.

“How do you feel about the fact Max found his lifemate before you, despite the fact you have been in need longer?” Adam asked worried, there was just something about Zan that was bothering him for some reason but he couldn’t put his finger on what or why.

“What an interesting question to ask a man with out emotions, I feel nothing you know that Adam, I hope like all Carpathian Males that I will find what Max has found. But I have no feeling over the situation, I don’t feel.”

“I’m know Zan, I know, Just wait my friend I’m sure the great Earth Mother will provide for you soon, she always has a good reason for what she does.”

“I have no other choice my friend, I am not yet ready to go into the dawn, I can survive a while longer with out fear of turning yet. But I will take my leave you Adam the night is young and I need to feed.”

“Of course Zan have a nice night. Avoid the northern country though it’s not safe for us there.”

With that Zan bowed and took to the air, Leaving one very confused Adam on what it was exactly that had bothered him about Zan, maybe one of the elders would know, Tomorrow after he cleared the matter on weather Liz had taken a lifemate was settled he would take Zan to see his father, he would know if something was wrong and what to do.

# # # # #
Back to the present (Liz’s room)

Max came in wearing only a pair of pants; bear foot carrying a big tray loaded with food one of the cooks had told him were his wife’s favorite. He didn’t eat ‘food’ like humans but Liz needed nourishment he couldn’t think to continue their incredible loving with out giving her a chance to replenish her energies, her health was the most important thing to him, he would do everything in his power to keep her completely healthy always. Tomorrow he would ask one of the cooks to teach him all they knew about the preparing of human food so he could start cooking for her and make sure she ate only the best always.

Max walked to the bed his wife was laying just as he had left her; her hair spread out on the pillow her arms over her head, one leg bent completely and utterly nude her perfection laid behr for only him to see. She took his breath away it seemed each time he saw her she only got even more beautiful.

When she saw him she moved to her side he put the tray at the end of the bed and sat against the headboard next to her he lifted her into his arms and sat her astride him. Then with a wave of his hand he lifted the plate in the air and placed it next to him, he took a ripe juicy strawberry and brought it to her perfect lips. She opened her mouth and took a big bite leaving only the stem and chewed slowly a little bit of juice slipped out and using her tongue she cleaned it right up. Max was riveted by the movements of her mouth and the play of her tongue, Growling low in his throat Max’s eyes darkened with desire his hands picked up another berry and fed it to her in the same way.

Moving away from the strawberry’s he moved toward the bean vegetable salad with two chop sticks he began feeding her making sure she ate every bite. Once that was done he moved on to warm vegetable soup he took a small purple and white flower that was added to the side for decoration and but it in her hair behind her ear, and with a small spoon he fed the soup to Liz, he moved on with each item on the tray feeding her by his own hand. Once he was certain she had eaten enough and she couldn’t eat anymore. He moved the trey off the bed with his powers while bringing Liz closer to him, Liz not liking the feel of his pants between them, made them disappear freeing his very hot and hard cock, it sprang free and lengthened to it’s full size and girth, she raised up over him taking him into her hot sheath, Max hissed in pleasure, drawing his legs up he spread them wide feet flat on the bed, his hands took a firm hold on her bottom, kneading the firm flesh he helped her ride him; he drove his body into her small one for all that he was worth, both fought to keep their eyes open as they stared into each others eyes.

When Liz fell apart in his arms he didn’t stop his pumping, Liz head rolled form side to side she made no sound her mouth was open as she breathed in shallow pants. Her breasts bounced in his face oh so temptingly he just had to take one into his mouth to suck and nibble, using his teeth with out breaking the skin; her movements become more and more jerky the pleasure he was creating in her so intense she felt like she was dying a little inside, reading her thoughts he knew it was just a figure of speech for her and didn’t mean anything but the word dying put a measure of desperation to his lovemaking, he was going to have so little time with her as she was mortal, swearing to himself he would live these years with her to the fullest, he tried to drive even deeper into her body, desperately trying to forge them into one body as best he could.

Releasing her breast he moved to the other giving it the same attention, with his hand out of his frame of vision he didn’t notice small short electric bursts enter her skin from his fingers. Hopelessly trying to draw out their organism, but it wasn’t to be When Liz reached her 2nd powerful orgasm the play of her inner muscles finally triggered his, groaning loud for the world to hear Max stopped her writhing body and meshed their lower bodies together as he shot his hot cum into the heart of her, once it was over Max slid down the bed keeping Liz on top of him.

Liz made herself comfortable on his chest, rubbing her cheek on his chest like a contented kitten. Max just rubbed her back as he listened to their hearts slowly calm down.

“Hmm I always like exercising a bit after I eat but this was so much better then some crummy little walk.” She said on a dreamy sigh.

Max couldn’t help but chuckle and the vibrations of his laughter felt so good from were she was lying.

“Tell me about your self, I want to know everything about you.” Liz asked.

“Not much to tell, my parents had been lifemates for 400 years before they decided to have children. And with their first try they ended up giving birth to twins Zan and me. We’re a close knit family my father is Adams nephew. We had a normal childhood, pranks and all it was a happy time especially since our parents loved to travel taking us with them all over the world, I’m 250 years old I lost my emotions 55 years ago, Zan and I have been abroad for 5 years now until something inside of me called me back home, Now I know it must have been you calling me to join with you.”

“I’m glad, I can’t imagine how I lived my life with out you, before now.” Liz said with a long sigh.

“It’s over now, I’ll always be here now.” Max said with utter conviction. After a moment of silence he asked. “How was your childhood?”

“Lonely. I never knew my birth parents I was left on the doorstep of a Carpathian couple, Talon and his lifemate raised me with their family but I was always different some of the humans who lived with Talon never really knew what to think about me, I could do a lot of things only a Carpathian should do, yet I walked in the sun, ate human food, and was clearly human. I made friends with Talons daughter Maria but she mostly liked to follow the lead of Isabel, well until Isabel died that is, so I mostly played and talked to fairies I played with fairy children we learned how to use our powers together, One of the adult fairies a purple one by the name of Lilia was always with me, until the day Adam came to visit Talon he took me home with him, Lilia started coming less and less, I sometimes miss her but I guess she is needed at home and I grew to love it here it was so different from Talon’s no one looked at me like I was a freak, both the Humans and the Carpathians treated me kindly like a long lost daughter, but I always felt like something was missing just like you did now that I have you I know exactly what was missing.”

“You will never be lonely again, and you were never a freak my love you were made for me and me alone you are my everything, you brought me light and feeling taking me away from the terrible darkness that was threatening my soul. I love you my Liz, my beautiful wonderful lifemate.”

“And I love you Max, I love you so much.” They kiss sweetly reaffirming their love for each other; drawing her underneath him they slowly started to make love again.

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Chapter 7

It took a long while for Max to wake from his deep slumber, Liz and him had made love over and over again, healing each other before every round until they had no more strength to continue and they had fallen asleep at dawn locked to each other. It had been pretty close for Max he had had just enough strength to close all the windows and make heavy drapes to make sure not a single ray of the sun filtered in, he then locked the door firmly putting special safeguards so nothing alive could enter the room so as to disturb them.

Though now refreshed he was ravishingly hungry, having not had the opportunity to feed since yesterday. Shifting around on the bed a bit, he was still semi hard and firmly embedded in his wife’s body and it took some doing to disconnect from her and get out of bed and not wake her, but when he was finally free, he walked naked to the windows and with a flourish parted the heavy drapes and opened the windows wide, he could see the land filtering in shadows the last rays of the sun disappearing behind the tall Carpathian mountains, in a few minutes it would be safe enough for him to go out into the world to feed, but he was loathed to leave his wife behind. It just didn’t feel right to just leave her alone.

“Go, Max, I can feel your hunger, you need to eat, plus the faster you go the sooner you come back to me.” Liz said.

Turning away from the window he turned and faced his wife, she was lying on her side, propped up on one arm, the other hand was pushing her hair back over her shoulder, her eyes lovingly roamed his hard body taking everything in while unconsciously licking her lips.

Groaning low in his throat he stalked back to the bed and said. “You little minx, with you looking at me like that, that is an almost impossible request.”

Before he could reach her, with a wave of her hand she froze Max in mid step, Max growled the growl of a predator denied his prey.

“Max be reasonable, your hungry if you don’t go out now and the hunger pangs over take you, you might use me as your next meal, and while I wouldn’t mind I know you would and I rather avoid seeing you overcome with regret.” She said gently.

“I would never hurt you…” Max said.

“I never said you would…” Liz interrupted.

“I know, I know, but looking at you laying their so behr and wanting me, it so hard for me just to leave you, I just want to lose my self with you all over again.”

“I know my dear, I know, but right now you need to feed, and as your wife I insist on taking care of your health first, I’ll be right here when you get back.” By this point Liz was out of bed and standing right in front of him. She took him in her arms, kissing his chest gently, he sighed and kissing her lips he turned away form her, quickly covering himself in clothes he was right about to transform himself into an owl and fly out the window when he felt the gentle touch of his wife in his mind, as she said out loud.

“And no feeding on women, I won’t have you sucking on the necks on any females beside myself.” The teasing note in her voice was clear but so was the serious iron will behind the words. Max couldn’t help but chuckle over it, even the simple thought of feeding off the neck of another woman made him virtually sick, and he knew she knew that, he was incapable of cheating on her, she was his lifemate, the one woman made just for him, just like he had been made just for her. He took to air changing form his wings spreading wide looking for his next meal, in hurry to get back to his wife.

# # # # #

“Lizzie, let me in, I brought in your dinner.” Liz heard Nanny say.

Nanny’s real name was Angelica but every one called her Nanny, she was an 80 years old human and she had midwife’d over a 1000 children into this world both Carpathian and human alike, including Adam himself. Hearing her voice she couldn’t help but smile, finally someone to share her happiness with. Liz wanted to shout it to the world but Nanny would do just fine for now.

Being Max lifemate gave her the power to undo his safeguards and let Nanny in. Nanny came in with a tray of food all vegetarian of course the humans in Adams household didn’t eat meat out of respect for their Carpathian neighbors, and housemates. Liz took the tray and put it down on a near by wooden table. They each took a seat as nanny chatted away.

“Imagine all our shock when we didn’t see you all day today, I was getting worried, your always such an early riser always going here and there helping with the farming, or treating sick people, always so busy until you finally retire for your noon nap so you can stay up with Adam most of the night working and perfecting your powers but not today, why it’s dusk and we haven’t see you all day at all, and Adam gave us all strict instructions not to even think about disturbing you, when it was clear he so wanted to charge up here and find out what was going on himself…” Nanny went on and on gossiping about what all the different theories the towns people had come up with to explain her absence.

Liz just smiled at some of the most ingenious reasons some had come up with, when Nanny finally ran out of steam, Liz took her by the hand and leaned toward her and said with clear awe in her voice, “Nanny it’s better then all that, I met my lifemate yesterday.”

“A lifemate, but your human?” Nanny said shocked.

“I know it sounds impossible as far as I know it’s never been done before but it’s true, from the moment I saw Max yesterday I knew he was the one, and I was filled with this unbelievable feeling that we belonged together. And when he recited the bonding ceremony something inside me changed it was like I lost a part of myself but the void was filled with a part of him, he lives in me Nanny, and now I live in him, even now when he’s out feeding, I can still feel him almost like he is here with me in this room and not out there somewhere, it’s incredible Nanny, words just can’t describe what I’m going threw right now. How utterly wonderful and breathtaking it is, how in love we are.”

“Are you in love, my dear you barely know each other?” She asked with a frown.

“But your wrong, we do know each other, when we bonded our minds merged I saw things not everything mind you, but I saw into his soul, and it was beautiful Nanny, he is so kind, so caring, so loving, he is everything anyone could ever want and so much more he is utterly incredible, again I can’t put it into words he is just my everything…”

Nanny saw how animated Liz was, how she seemed to glow with an inner light, and that she whole heartedly believed what she was saying, with a long sigh she patted Liz on the knee and said, “For your sake, I hope you don’t meet to much resistance there are sure to be more then one person from either species who will object to your union, you know.”

“They can object till they are all blue in the face, but they can not change the fact that we are one and truly bonded. Max is my husband, my lifemate, my soulmate.” Liz answered with total conviction in her voice.

“I believe you my dear, I believe you, now eat my dear you need your strength and when your husband comes back you can set about convincing the entire world with what is clearly the truth.”

# # # # #

“Father, I had no idea you were coming?” Adam turned from the fireplace and greeted his father the King who with out escort or entourage rare for a king entered his front door, clearly troubled.

“I needed some air and before I knew it I found myself over your properties, and I just had to stop by, the meeting with the northern tribe has got me worried, the anger and hatred they feel for us and the reason behind it is so strange, it is rare for a Carpathian to choose to turn it hasn’t happened in a millennia but for them to accuse the death of an obviously beloved tribe daughter on a Carpathian not a vampire, has me really worried…” The King was no longer looking at his son, but was pacing the floor his agitation literally pouring out of him.

“… I know some of my people are beginning to look at humans as no more then food, that some even resent their even being alive in the first place, with no powers and such a limited lifespan they question why in the world mother earth made them in the first place, but despite all that I just can’t believe they would murder a human girl for that reason alone, it just doesn’t make sense, only Vampires kill, so who killed her? What could have possibly have happened that night, 200 years ago?” It was a rhetorical question but Adam tried to answer it with out giving away that he was in fact responsible for what had his father so upset.

“Maybe it was an accident and the death wasn’t intentional?”

“Maybe if that is so, then the culprit should have come forward and said so, to keep such a death hidden is below any Carpathian.”

Adam filched at that, but his father didn’t attribute it to guilt but a natural reaction to the nasty business they were now faced with, The King would have said more but both men were startled by a scream coming from the kitchen.

They both ran toward the scream where they found a young servant girl hyperventilating over the body of an old woman on the floor her head angled an odd angle clearly broken. Adam rushed to the fallen woman and turned her seeing the face of the town’s dear 80-year-old Nanny. The marks on her neck told her gruesome story she had been horribly bitten and the color on her skin proved she had been completely drained of blood.

Adam heart broke at the sight of the woman who had helped bring him into the world but it soon began to beat like a mad man when he remembered he had seen Nanny walk up the stairs with a trey of food clearly for Liz not a few moments before. Dropping her body on the floor he ran practically flew out the room, yelling out Liz’s name, hoping against all hope that she was all right, and the nightmare he had been living with for the past 2 centuries wasn’t coming to pass.


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Chapter 8

Max quickly found 2 male hunters scouting the woods for prey from a party of 5, using a cloaking spell so that they wouldn’t be alarmed by his presence he quickly got in behind them and fed quickly but carefully, he didn’t want to harm them just take enough to sustain himself but not to much and make them sick. He left no hint of his presence just a slight memory of the deer they were stalking running to fast and while chasing him they had fallen on a hidden log hence the their slight dizziness. The tiny pinpricks Carpathian bites left behind were sealed by a swipe of his tongues.

This was a common practice for Carpathians to uses when they fed on humans, humans didn’t like to think of themselves as food, they preferred to eat their prey, not to be eaten themselves. So as not to cause problems they implemented simple harmless memories to hide all evidence they were there.

Carefully he went after the other 3 taking the same care. Once done he took to the air changing his shape back to that of an owl making a straight line home to his wife and love. Halfway there he was hit with a fierce shaft of fear and pain that almost knocked him right out of the sky that he at once knew was coming from his wife, the connection that was always present since their bonding began to diminish. Scared out of his mind he tried to open a straight mental path to his wife only to find the connection to be very weak, and she wouldn’t answer his call.

Never knowing such fear in his life he raced to get home to his wife who was obviously in danger, mentally berating himself for leaving her alone and not taking her with him no matter how inconvenient it would have been for her, but she was living in Adam’s home what kind of danger could she possibly facing and why now, when there had never been any danger to her before? It just didn’t make any sense how could any one hurt sweet loving Elizabeth, who couldn’t possibly hurt a fly.

He was almost there, the trip taking no more then a few seconds when he suddenly felt something big hit him strongly in the chest, knocking him straight out of the air and on to the ground hard. Coughing and struggling for breath he morphed back to his natural form of a man, on hands and knees he rapidly scanned his surroundings looking around to see what possibly could have done this to him, he spotted the form of his brother Zan peacefully sitting on a rock a few feet away from him.

Getting on his feet, shaky and out of breath, he tried to take to the air again, his only thought to get back home to Liz, she needed him, he didn’t have time for anything else. But his efforts were stopped when Zan with a lift of his hand knocked him to the ground again. With a growl of pure rage he turned on his brother.

“What the hell are you doing Zan! I need to get home, my wife is in danger I don’t have time for your games! Let me go! My Lifemate needs me!!!!!” He growled at his brother, his anger and irritation poring out of him in waves.

“I know what your ‘Lifemate’ needs…” the cold way he said lifemate chilled Max to the core. Something was very wrong here Zan was radiating a kind of power Max had never seen in his brother before. “… She’s a needy son of a bitch, quite the lifemate you picked for yourself, there Max.”

Walking up to Max, Zan continued his cold dissertation. “And a human to boot, Tell me Max were you so desperate for a lifemate that you picked the first pretty face you found here, did you bind her to you in order to sponge emotions and color right out of her, and improve your black and white world.”

“What are you talking about, what is wrong with you! She is my lifemate I knew it the first time I saw her, and when I recited the bonding pledge her soul and mine locked to together, who but a true lifemates can do that. Now Zan stop this nonsense let me go, I have to get back to my wife NOW!!!!!!!!” He screamed his connection to Liz was becoming weaker by the moment she still didn’t answer him despite the numerous calls he was sending her way.

“Maybe or maybe you just are making your self believe that, either way we will know soon.” Zan said, they were now standing toe to toe, face to face, two brothers identical in almost everyway, one standing cold and proud, the other ravaged with grief and fear.

“What is that supposed to mean, Are you responsible for what is happening to my Liz, What have you done?” He angrily grabbed Zan by the upper arms lengthening and digging his nails into his brother’s flesh.

Zan didn’t even blink in the face of brother’s unbounded rage, but calmly answered the question as if he were talking about nothing more important then the current weather.

“Slipped a little poison in her food, bitch didn’t even notice…”

At that Max punched his brother hard in the mouth, so hard his brother flew backwards with the force of his brothers punch right into the rock he had been sitting on earlier when he had knocked Max out of the sky with his powers, The rock crumbled under the onslaught. And yet Zan calmly stood up and continued his cold explanation as if nothing had happened.

“I came into the room in the form of the town’s beloved Nanny, changed the wave of my brain patterns to match the old woman’s, using the info I had gleamed on your human in the town the day before I slipped in and talked to her, Let’s just say I saw nothing special in the chit to justify your behavior over her, So I let her eat the poisoned food, what you felt was the poison kicking in. So, so much for all that great power she was supposed to house which the villagers went on and on about, she couldn’t even see what I was doing right under her nose.”

“You vampire pig! You’ve turned haven’t you, you son of a bitch you gave up on your lifemate so you decided to take mine.” Max said with clear disgust.

“Would that make you accept this better Max, You believed I have turned, I see it as saving you from a fate you don’t deserve, You tied yourself to a human who will shiver up and die in a Carpathian blink of an eye, you had no future in the path you have chosen, by killing her I free you to find your true lifemate, not some crummy human substitute.”

“Shut Up Zan!” Stalking his brother, the weakening of his connection to Liz adding fuel to his burning fury for his brother, But he knew if he wanted to get away from him and get to his wife he would have to take care of Zan once and for all, which meant carving Zan’s heart out his chest and letting lightening burn the heart to dust. That was the only end a vampire could have. Max didn’t let himself dwell on the fact that this was his brother he was thinking of doing this to. He only allowed thoughts of Liz to enter his mind, and the need to get to her side and help her.

“Truth hurt brother?” Zan taunted

“Only what you have done to Liz does, and it hurts because Liz is my lifemate and she brought emotion into my life and I can feel her pain along with mine. Have you thought about what would happen if I were right and you killed my lifemate and what that would do to me… or is that what you wanted… me to turn into a vampire right along with you… that’s it isn’t it Zan. You allowed yourself to turn and now you want me to join you, well it isn’t going to happen Zan I will save her, just watch me if I don’t.”

And with that Max pounced on Zan in mid flight changing form into that of a black panther with golden fury filled eyes, and large angry looking teeth which were ready to tear apart flesh to ity bity bits.

Zan barely had time to get out of the way, but he too changed form into that of a spotted snow leopard and the two battled like two savage cats. Claws ripped the flesh of the other, the ground under their feet shook with the full force of Max’s rage. Dark Clouds filled with pounding rain and loud claps of thunder fed by the riot of Max’s emotions filled the land around them, yet the two combatants fought with out interruptions unmindful of the terrible forces of nature going on around them.

Animals scurried out of danger, frightened by what was happening around them. Lightening hit an inch away from Zan’s head sparking a forest fire, which quickly raged all around them. And still they fought, equal in strength and power, not one could get the upper hand over the other. Blood seeped from their wounds and mixed into the water on the ground turning once beautiful green grass into a gross red gory mess.

Once nothing alive remained in the area around the fighters, fairies from far and wide came to Max’s aide Because their powers where tied to the earth they didn’t have the strength to subdue Zan directly so they whispered instructions into Max’s head to lead Zan to a sacred place far away where many of them were collecting in order to pool their strength and help Max bind Zan.

Unawares of the silent communications going on in Max head, Zan thought he was leading Max further and further away from Liz. It wasn’t until it was to late did he realize he was walking straight into a trap. Hearing the chanting of hundreds of tiny voices fast becoming louder and louder until they were a loud deafening roar, Zan was unexpectedly sucked into the belly of a sleeping stone gargoyle carved into the side of a huge mountain carved there by an ancient race of people no longer living on earth’s surface, they the ancients having moved on into a different plane of consciousness, though their ancient power still remained in ancient well hidden sites.

It was one weary Max that fell to his knees after changing form again, one of the braver fairies came up to him and he looked at her with large lifeless eyes.

“Your wife still lives, though for how much longer it is uncertain. Your brother will remain trapped in that statue for as long as it remains in tact, if you stop feeding the storm around us, The Carpathians Adam sent to help you after we told him was going on can finally enter and help take you back to your wife. The storm you made is too fierce for them to make it threw safely.”

Wearily Max took a look around himself, for the first time noticing what he had been unconsciously been doing. Immediately he dissipated the storm clouds and 5 Carpathians quickly came to his side, picking him up bloody mess and all, and making record time to Adams home, hoping they weren’t to late and some how by some miracle Max could still save Liz from an untimely death.
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Chapter 9

Warning big death coming but trust me.

Adam burst threw the door of Liz’s room to the sight of a gasping for breath Liz. He rushed to her side and taking a quick scan of her inner organs, he noticed that her lungs were spasming and not allowing her to take in air properly. Taking quick control of the situation using his powers, he disconnected his spirit form his body and took over the operations of her lungs forcing them to work slowly and properly.

Still inside her body he then noticed her heart begin to work erratically, using all his strength he took over the workings of her heart too, but sooner did he have that under control her nervous system began to spasm causing her great pain, her life force began to weaken as she retreated within herself to escape the pain.

Adam was going out of his mind; he had no idea what was wrong with her or how to cure her he was reacting to each crisis as it happened. He felt his father easing into Liz body helping to take on the burden of keeping Liz’s body alive.

‘Her blood has been tainted by a vampire and is reacting to it, if we don’t find a way to dilute it she will die.’ He heard his father talking in his head.

‘How possibly can we do that, some type of transfusion?’ Adam asked his father.

‘Yes but it can’t be human blood, Human blood isn’t potent enough to fight the ugly taint of vampire blood, it will have to be Carpathian blood preferably the blood of an ancient I am 1000 years old I will give her mine.’ The king explained to his son.

‘But don’t the ancient stories warn against doing such a thing? That a human who receives Carpathian blood goes mad and changes in to a vampire?’ Adam asked clearly worried over his fathers plan.

‘Yes they do warn us against such a thing, but it takes three blood exchanges for the metamorphous to take place. I will stop at two, she will become to sensitive to the light of the sun, and she will have trouble eating and holding down human food. You will have to help her keep her food down, but it will work and she will be alive it is a small price to pay considering, now remain perfect quiet I must be totally focused on her I can not have any distractions.’

Adam nodded and held his tongue, concentrating all his energies at keeping her heart beating and her lungs breathing. After what felt an eternity but was really only a few seconds he kept waiting to hear his father proclaim his success, but it never came.

“Oh Great Mother Earth what is this, she will not let me feed her my blood, she turns away and I can not find the right mental path to force her to feed from what I am giving her. If I didn’t know better I would say she is a bonded Carpathian.” The King exclaimed aloud at a loss of what to do next.

Adam closed his eyes in deep pain, Liz had in fact found her lifemate, it was a well known fact that when it came to feeding most females wouldn’t feed from anyone but their lifemates, it was considered a too intimate an act to share with another of the opposite sex. It was only natural that despite the fact that she was human, she would also share that characteristic, plus the very fact she is human and has a natural aversion to the drinking of blood, doesn’t help any.

Adam just couldn’t believe this after years waiting for her rebirth, then taking great care that she had a nice quite and safe existence something like this had to happen, just when everything was finally falling into place. Opening his eyes and looking down at the pale beautiful face of the woman he come to love as his own daughter, an overwhelming anger over took him, anger directed both at himself and his inability to do anything to stop it.

But it wasn’t over yet if she needed blood, and would refuse it from anyone but her lifemate then that’s whom she would get it from, by god. He was about to call out to his people to go out in search of Maxwell when a trio of fairies one white, one purple, and one gray came into the room by the open window. An early conversation he had had with Liz popped in his mind.

“I have no parents I just showed up on Talon’s door one night as a baby. I am human but I can do things only Carpathians can do some of the humans look at me strangely, no matter what Talon says to them. Plus I can see fairies and that scares both the humans and the Carpathians since they all seem to think when you see them something bad is going to happen. And that’s not true.”

“It isn’t” he asked intrigued by her conviction of that last statement.

“Nooooooooooo, see yellow fairies are fairy children, the purple ones protect people, the white ones help you to the other side so when people die they are not alone and they go easy, the greens are tied to the forest, the browns to the desert and the blue to the oceans and sky, the grays are tied to the great mother and stand between the light and the dark pronouncing the mothers sentences and wishes, and the red, they carry out the great mother’s sentences. How can people so tied to the earth be bad?” She said in all innocence.

The gray one came to float over the room taking everything that was happening with her gaze but saying nothing, The white one circled the face of the comatose Liz, until she disappeared inside Liz head, the purple one came right up to him and spoke.

“Zan has poisoned Liz with vampire blood and is preventing Max from coming to the aide of Liz his lifemate. They are now locked in a life and death struggle in the canyons of the Antarians, he needs help badly they are to evenly matched for either to win and if Liz is to have any chance he must be brought here as soon as possible, for time is limited, Liz can not survive much longer…”

Immediately Adam summoned the closest Carpathians in the area giving them specific instructions on where to find Max and to help him dispose of the vampire Zan. Once the fairy saw that they were off, she continued.

“… We are mounting a defensive of our own in case they don’t arrive in time. But I don’t think I need to remind you what is at stake if Liz does in fact die.”

“No I have lived with that nightmare since my eighteen’s birthday. I know the prophecy well.” Adam replied aloud. His father the King heard him, but since he didn’t see the fairies in the room, he had no idea what Adam was talking about or who to.

“Adam what is wrong with you, why have you called Max how do you know Zan is responsible for Liz’s plight. Who are you talking about, what nightmare, what prophecy?”

Turning his head from the purple Fairy and to his father, all of his layers down, he finally poured his heart out to his father and told him the truth.

“I am the man who killed the Lygians tribe daughter, in my reckless youth. I went out one night angry with you for another lecture on humanity you were always giving me back then. I saw a beautiful woman near a river and I just had to have her, but instead of falling under my compulsion and sleeping with me, she resisted and told me off. In retaliation I drained her of to much blood, and left her on the ground, when she woke up she was to dizzy and fell into the river and drowned.” Taking a deep breath he went on not allowing his father the time to interrupt.

“That woman was a child of light, made by mother earth to become a lifemate to one of our people. She was to bridge the gap between our two people, but because of my actions and the actions of others Mother Earth passed sentence on us, we were to become an instinct race and humans would turn on us. Mother Earth took pity on me and gave me a chance to right my wrongs, the girl I killed would be reborn and it would be my duty to protect her, if she lived and found her lifemate, she would be the one to save our race. If she died again our race would begin to die off, but the girl would be reborn again and if she choose she could save our people but only if she wanted to. Liz there is that girl.”

“You have no idea what is has been like to live with this secret this whole time and once she came to live with me how much I worried that no harm came to her. That she was always happy as I waited for her to choose her mate, Day after Day I agonized that I would fail, and look at her after all of that I have failed, she is dying, already a white fairy is here to take her to the next world…”

He would have said more but six figures entered the room one bloodied almost beyond recognition, but he had eyes only for the pale figure on the bed. Unmindful of what he looked like he stumbled to the bed taking his wife in his arms.

“Liz, I’m here now, I tried to get here sooner but…Liz please come back to me, please I need you here, you can’t leave me Liz, I love you so much, I need you baby, please, please, please…” He whispered in her ear, his voice was filled with grief, love, despair, so many emotions the pair were heartbreaking to watch, but Liz made no move she heard him.

# # # # #
Inside Liz Mind…

Pain… Pure Horrible Pain …

She had to get away form the pain, she could hear people talking all around her, but she ignored all, the pain was to great she needed to get away from it. It was too horrible.

She buried herself deep into her mind, until the pain could no longer touch her. She sat there and waited, she didn’t know what or whom she was waiting for but she knew she would know it when it called her.

So Liz sat on an imaginary rock near an imaginary hot spring, that she knew was a replica of a real place important to her but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember why it was important. So, she sat on her rock taping her fingers on her leg and she waited, and waited and waited…

“Hello Liz.”

Liz turned her head to the sound of the voice, and seeing a white fairy the same height as her standing to her right, the fairy was pure white and she glowed a beautiful white light that soothed Liz like nothing else had ever had. No that wasn’t true she had been soothed by someone else. Someone important to her, who loved her terribly he was her lifemate. But why couldn’t she remember his name?

“It’s time for us to go, Liz.”

“Go where? I can’t go anywhere, I have to wait here, he’s coming for me.” Liz had no idea of whom ‘he’ was but she knew he was coming for her. She was sure of that.

“Yes he will be here, but he won’t be able to help you, you won’t drink the blood Adam and his father want you to drink, and Max will be to week and you will be to far gone, you have to leave with me, Liz.” The fairy gently said to her. Liz shook her head and stayed where she was.

She remembered now, Max was her lifemate, he couldn’t live with out her, no more then she could live with out him. The idea of leaving him and going of with a stranger anywhere away from him was just too ludicrous to imagine.

“No Max will get here, he would never leave me, and I will never leave him.” Liz said with utter conviction.

“Liz you’re dying, Zan killed Nanny, and he poisoned you, Max won’t get here in time, you’ve done all you can in this life well all they have allowed you do in this life again they have killed you before your time. You have one more life, that one will be all yours no more destiny no more saving these lost people, this life will be all yours if you wish.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about but I won’t leave, Max is here, so I stay here.” She argued back at this white fairy, who just didn’t want to understand what Liz was trying to say to her.

“Liz there isn’t much time left, you have to leave with me…”

The fairy closed the distance between her and Liz, and gently caressed her face, a white light flashed and Liz closed her eyes, she could feel herself slipping and she tried to fight back.

“Liz, I’m here now, I tried to get her sooner but…Liz please come back to me, please I need you here, you can’t leave me Liz, I love you so much, I need you baby, please, please, please…”

She heard Max’s voice in her mind and she tried to fight that much harder but it was no use. The fairy tried to soothe her charge as she led Liz to a white portal of light.

“Don’t worry Liz, Mother Earth has plans for you, Max will find you again. All will be well Liz, trust in your love, you will find each other again, I swear.”

“Max…” Liz softly whispered just before the white light engulfed her and Liz was gone…


Note: Yes I know, I know, I killed Liz, now everyone wants to kill me for that. Trust me they will find each other again, and I’m sorry but when I first thought up this story I knew I was going to kill her like I just did, it’s important to the story, in a very big twist that I hope to pull of later. I just ask that you trust me.
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Chapter 10

Intermission – Somewhere a Thousand of years in the future

She had to get away she just had to...

No way was she going to allow them to raise her baby.

They were monsters real life monsters.

How in the world had she ever allowed herself to fall into such people, she always thought of herself as smarter then that, and yet here she was.

She had to get away she just had to…

No way was she going to allow them to raise her baby.

She would die first, before she let that happen.

She knew they were going to kill her, she was never going to be safe again, but as long as she gave her baby a chance, a life away from the crazy monster her husbands family was, it would be enough.

Her baby, she loved her baby above anything else, it didn’t matter that she was a dead woman walking, all that matter was saving her baby.

She was saving her baby…

She was saving her baby…

She was saving her baby…

They would never get a chance to get her baby, Never!!!


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Chapter 11

Present Day - 2002

“Liz come on, I want to get there early so we can avoid the traffic jams you know how Knott’s Scary Farm gets this time of year.” Mikyla screamed to her friend from the base of the stairs where she and her boyfriend Kyle were waiting for there best friend to come down so that they could hit the haunted houses at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Liz Evans, Kyle Valinti, and Mikyla Paige were three best friends on a weekend Vacation in California from Roswell New Mexico. Their parents had sent them to California to have fun and forget about school for a bit. Although Liz was a prodigy and as a result had been home schooled by the finest tutors and University Professors in the country, therefore, she had never gone to the same schools as the other two, but that didn’t prevent the 3 childhood neighbors from becoming the three close’s friends of all time.

These three shared everything; there were no secrets between them. Not even the fact that Liz Evans was different. Different in the sense that Liz could control animals with her mind, that she could heal people with a flashing hand, among all kinds of other pretty strange yet wonderful things. They knew this because they had seen it first hand. Liz and Mikyla had been together almost since they were babies, Kyle had moved into Roswell when he was five. His father had moved his son there so that Kyle could live his final days in a small town where his father the ultra rich business tycoon Jim Valinti could give his son his full attention.

Kyle had a form of brain cancer, that no doctor could cure, and he had had only a few months to live. Jim had moved right next door to the U.S’s most successful Law Attorney family of Phillip and Diane Evans and their adoptive daughter Elizabeth Ann Evans.

One day, Liz and Mikyla had been out playing as all 5 year olds do, when they had sneaked into the Valinti’s backyard. The girls had snuck into the house finding Kyle there they began playing with Kyle in his room when all of a sudden Kyle had gone into some kind of heavy seizure. Liz and Mikyla frightened out of their minds didn’t know what to do. Mikyla ran out yelling for help, but Liz had approached Kyle and her hands began to glow a strange green glow engulfed both of the little kids, and when it was over both children had slumped over.

Jim and Mikyla had witnessed it all. When Kyle came threw it was like he had never been sick in his life. Liz didn’t wake up for another 24 hours. Jim had taken his son to a private doctor that had no idea of Kyle’s past cancer history, and the doctor pronounced him in perfect health. No trace of the cancer was ever found. Jim had come back to Roswell and told this to Liz’s parents and a bond was formed. It was clear if anyone found out what Liz was capable of doing her life would be in incredible danger from everyone looking for a perfect cure. The Evans loved their daughter and this didn’t change that. Jim loved Liz because of what she had done for his son, and between the two sets of parents, they would keep her safe.

The three children were instructed to never discuss what had happened the day Liz cured Kyle, and they were told that Liz might be taken away from them if they broke their promise. The three children listened and a bond was started between them. They were inseparable after that. One never went anywhere with out the other two.

So now here they were in California, Kyle was dressed in a pair of hot and tight leather pants, with a white long sleeved shirt with a few button’s undone at the top that showed his smooth chest to perfection. A black leather jacket over his arm as he sat on the sofa waiting for Liz to come down. His hair was dyed black; Liz had done it using her powers.

Mikyla was standing at the foot of the stairs dressed in a black sexy leather skirt with a strapless leather halter top that showed her trim tummy to perfection, with black fuck me boot’s to complete the outfit. Her own black leather jacket was laying next her boyfriend Kyle. Her whole hair was braided in ultra fine braids which if you weren’t close you couldn’t even tell her hair wasn’t free and flowing it was also dyed an intense black like Kyle’s but Mikyla’s hair had bright red highlights running threw it all of it done by Liz.

Liz Evans finally appeared at the top of the stairs dressed too in leather, her pants were low hip huggers and a short black peasant top, her own firm tummy and cute belly button were showed off to perfection. She had dyed her hair in an intricate cascade of colors, light and dark blue, royal purple, and small strawberry blond highlights to complement the look her hair was done up in fine braids too. Her own leather jacket over her shoulder, as she ran down the stairs in a rush.

The leather was fake; Liz had created their customs earlier in the day. They had decided they were going to dress up and go a touch punk this weekend. They had tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt also known for the month of October as Knott’s Scary Farm. The park would open late at night and stay open till the wee hours of the mourning to better enjoy the haunted houses and the ghouls and monsters that roamed the park to scare the visitors.

“Sorry, Sorry, I just could decide what to do with my hair.” Liz said out of breath.

“Ok girls lets get a move on.” Kyle said clapping his hands. Picking up his jacket, they walked out the door, and got in to a shiny silver convertible, they had money in their pockets, they were young and they were out to have the time of their lives.

# # # #

Kyle and the girls were having a ball. Macho Man Kyle went first into each of the mazes. They found it funny but for the sake of his ego, they let him think he was ‘protecting’ them.

Currently Liz and Mikyla were sitting on a wooden bench behind them was a closed run down grocery store in the Ghost Park district of the park, drinking a coke, a Knott’s worker dressed in full gory Halloween costume in each side. The one on Liz’s side had two heads one was severed, he was caring it under his left arm, covered in blood of course, and his clothes were in rags. The one on Mikyla side was a green hunk of a demon that looked like a cross from Shrek and Godzilla. Their names were Steve and Patrick, and they were completely in love with the girls.

Kyle was off getting them a nighttime snack, the lines were horribly long so the girls had decided to stay here and wait for him.

“So your going to steal me away, and carry me over your shoulder to be your maid slash lovvvvvvveeee slave, huh…” Mikyla teased Sherk aka Patrick. “…I don’t know if I’ll make you a very good maid I might cook your shirts and starch your food, not a very good deal for you.”

“Ahhh I’m sure you’ll make it up to me some how…” Shrek leered while wiggling his eyebrows up and down while twirling a fake mustache at her.

Mikyla and Liz laughed a musical laugh at his outrageous comment. “I don’t know my boyfriend my have some issues with that…” Mikyla chortled out laughing.

“He could join us, ever thought of doing a threesome?” He asked laughing at her shocked expression.

“Why you pervert!” And with that, she began play hitting him. The monsters all around them started laughing at seeing a slip of a girl beating up one of their own. Leaving the scene, they went off and started scaring the daylights of passerby’s.

“How bout you Steve are you going to steal me away to, I’m feeling all left out here.” Liz pouted at her two-headed monster.

“Ahh my dear, have nothing to fear I’ll take you were ever you want to go…” he would have said more but they were interrupted by a female ghost’s loud shriek. She yelled out a few things in a language if you could call it that, neither of the girls understood and took their two monsters away to scare some mortals. Liz and Mikyla just about died watching them being carried away.

Alone again, the girls whipped their tears from their eyes, they sat back down on their bench and got to gossiping.

“So how long are you and Kyle going to keep this charade of dating up. I know you guys have been hurt by your respective ex others but have you thought this thing threw?” Liz asked gently, she didn’t want to start trouble but she was worried for her friends.

The three of them had been together since forever. She didn’t want that to have that changed for anything.

“We both know it’s not serious, it’s just we feel safe with each other, we both know our likes and dislikes, there are no expectations, no showing off, it’s kinda what we need right now…” Mikyla said with a sigh. “Derrick and Pam really hurt us we just need a little break from the dating scene.”

“I know, love, I know, I didn’t want to bring back bad memories I just don’t want to lose you…” Liz said while hugging her best friend.

# # # #
Close by, unbeknownst to the girls…

“Is the target, in sight Major?” A voice asked threw walky talkie.

“Yes, Sir, I have her in my scope now.” A man dressed completely in black answered.

“Good, were sending backup they should be there in 5 minutes, were keeping her guy friend busy so the extraction should be pretty easy.” The voice informed the man in black.

“Sir, what about her powers, we have no idea how strong she is…”

“Don’t worry your back up will have the necessary ‘equipment’ to tame her.”

“All right Sir, I’ll wait for your command.”

# # # #
Max’s POV

She was near by, he could sense her, and he could even smell her sweet scent already. So close, so close, after everything he had gone threw to get to this moment, it was finally here.

It felt weird not to be able to be in her mind, as he had been when they had bonded close to a thousand years ago. A thousand years it was hard to even fathom that much time had passed.

But time didn’t matter; reuniting with Liz was all he cared about, nothing else just Liz.

Note: Yes even more questions I bet your shacking your head at me just hang on things are going to get hairy but, I swear the worst is over. From here on out it’s just challenges, but no more deaths.

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Chapter 12

“What’s taking Kyle so long?” Liz asked looking at her watch for the tenth time, in the past 15 minutes.

“Don’t know maybe he got abducted by aliens.” Mikyla teased.

“Were in LA if anyone has abducted him it’s some acting agent hoping to make him the next big star for his great action movie.” Liz replied.

“Well just as long as the agent isn’t casting for the next Chucky or Valentine movie we should be fine.” Mikyla giggled.

“Oh that smarts I think Kyle could do better then those god awful movies don’t you have more faith in your boyfriend…” Liz continued to tease.

“Hell you can read that boy like a book, he’d make a terrible actor, it’s one of the reason I love him so much, he so cute and honest.”

“True, but if that actor’s and actress in those 2 movies are any indication, talent sure has nothing to do with it. Well except that guy on the TV show Angel he just picked a bad movie to be in…”

# # # #
Near by to the girls…

“A black bag, that’s all you have to help us capture that girl, Are you nuts!” The guy dressed in black asked his new back up team.

“I suggest you keep your mouth shut, until spoken to, now point me to the girl and do as you’re told.” A woman answered from beneath the shadows.

The man in black recognized that voice and instantly was contrite, bowing his head to her, he showed her the way.

# # # #
Back to the girls…

“I have a bad feeling about this Kyla… even the fairies sense it… I say we go look for Kyle now.”

Mikyla looked at her friend in worry, Liz never called her Kyla not since they were small children and Liz had had trouble pronouncing her name, Mikyla never allowed anyone else to ever call her that, and Liz only reverted to it when she was scared over something which rarely ever happened. Liz feared nothing, except maybe being taken away from her parents because of her gifts. Add on the fact that Liz’s fairy guardians who only Liz could see now that Kyle and her were past puberty they were always right, they had on more then one occasion saved them from all the scrapes they had gotten into as children, Mikyla knew something really bad was going to happen.

They took each other by the hand and walked the dark streets of the ghost town looking for Kyle.

‘Stay close together, something filled with darkness is following us, Kyle as just a few feet away, get him and make a run for the exists.’ A purple fairy told Liz as she and two more herded them faster and faster toward Kyle.

“Look I’ve told you and told you it’s just over this bend, you can easily see it on the map, I don’t understand what your problem is your English is just fine to me.” Liz and Mikyla heard Kyle say. They were walking fast toward him when they finally saw him arguing with a man with a clear Hungarian accent, his hands full of food for the girls.

“Kyle, I have a headache, lets go home shall we?” Liz asked her eyes pleading with him. Kyle saw the look and was about to turn toward her when the Hungarian pulled a gun and pointed it straight at Kyle’s head.

“Your not going anywhere, so don’t even dare to move, got me.” The Hungarian said while looking straight at Liz.

“I would listen to him, if I were you.” A voice from behind them said.

Liz and Mikyla said nothing to this; their eyes were riveted on the gun at Kyle head. Liz tightened her hands on Mikyla’s while whispering to her and Kyle in their head to remain calm and when they saw a bright flash of light to start running toward the exit behind Kyle.

It happened quickly the fairies invisible to all of them minus Liz acted quickly flashing a bright white light in the eyes of everyone blinding them. Liz dragged Mikyla behind her and taking Kyle by the hand, they all ran for their lives toward the exit.

“What the fuck is going on Liz!” Kyle screamed.

“I have no clue the fairies just said they were filled with darkness and to run for it.”

They reached a dead stop when they saw men dressed in black waiting for them at the end of the ghost town. Turning they ran to the left and found the beginning of the line for the crypt keeper Horrorwood maze. They barreled threw the line knocking people out of their way, and heading deep into the maze. Workers in costume tried to stop them but Liz made each of them fall on their faces before they got near them. They found a door in the maze with a no trespassing sign on it, Kyle broke it open and they found themselves in a staircase leading down to an underground cavern. One of the fairies took the lead and Liz followed her with Kyle and Mikyla trailing behind her.

One fairy lead them to an exit door, which lead them to the parking lot of the park. Mikyla took a quick inventory of their surroundings seeing a church’s clock behind them a rollercoaster to there right she knew there car was 2 lanes away from where they were standing. She led the way to the car where they saw five men in black standing in front of the car.

The fairies readied themselves to do the same trick they had pulled off on the group chasing them, when they began screaming in horror and pain, before they disappeared into a place where Liz could no longer see or feel them. Turning around she saw what looked like an older woman covered in a black shroud that hid her face, one hand in a black bag and a shimmering powder floating between them.

Kyle grabbed both girls hands pushing them behind him while looking around him trying to see where the next attack would come from.

“I grow tired of this, Liz come with us we have no need for your friends we will let them go with no trouble, just come with us.” A man spoke from behind the shrouded older woman.

“Nice one, forgive me if I believe your speaking pure crap.” Kyle spat out, while taking a firmer hold on both of the girls.

“What did you do with my fairies, I felt their pain, did you kill them?” Liz softly asked, directing her words at the older woman only.

She was trying to from a connection with her kinda like she did with her cats and dogs back home and hopefully direct her thoughts to let them go. She had never tried to control a humans thought's before, but now seemed like a good a time as any.

“I sent them into another realm, don’t worry they’ll find there way out eventually, I must tell you I know what your trying to do and I’m impressed in a couple more years you will be invincible, but for now it won’t work. Come with us now Liz, don’t make me take you by force.” The old woman softly said to her.

Liz sensed the push the older woman had put in her words to force her compliance, but Liz was immune to that, and the old woman knew it when she saw Liz didn’t automatically comply.

“Kill the boy show her I’m serious, I tried doing this the easy way but if hard is the way she wants it, do it.”

All the men obeyed her command and they raised their guns and pointed them at the trio.


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Chapter 13

Before any of them could take a shot, a giant black cat with burning amber eyes threw its self on the trio, forcing them to the ground. Growling loud he quickly attacked and dispatched the group of five men standing in front of the silver convertible. Then moving on to the group who were now standing in front of the older woman in charge, the attack was anything but pretty the smell of blood proved sickening and over powering to Kyle, Liz and Mikyla. But as soon as they realized the car was now free, the trio quickly got up and ran to the car.

The cat had taken down half the team already before the older woman realized what she was dealing with. “It’s a Carpathian you idiots, shoot it with the poison, kill it you fools!” She screamed loud but her men were already in retreat. “Assholes! You act like you’ve never killed a Carpathian before!” She took one of the guns lying on the floor and dug deep in to her black bag and took out a dart, loading it quickly, she aimed and fired it at the cat. The dart was deflected and shot wide to the right. Looking around she saw Liz in the car with her hand out and before she knew it the old woman lost her grip on the gun where it went flying in the air where Liz threw it far away.

Screaming her frustration she to started to retreat with her men, she picked up a small gun off the floor and started shooting off wide shots aiming at Liz, as expected the cat moved in front of them so they wouldn’t hit the girl. Taking two shots in the shoulder the cat went down hard. And the black ops team disappeared from sight. Liz and the others could see the parks security running to the scene and Kyle was yelling at Liz to get back in the car when he saw her running toward the cat.

Once she reached the cat, she noticed it was still breathing though rather heavily and was obviously unconscious, she gently touched him and to her shock, the cat transformed in to the form of a beautiful man. Hearing Kyle yell at her and looking around she saw that security was almost upon them she grabbed the cat/man by the shoulders and using her powers half picked him up half dragged him in to the back seat of the car. Jumping in herself, she placed him into her lap and Kyle hightailed it out of the parking lot. All this took place in a matter of seconds although to the trio it seemed like hours.

Kyle hog dogged it out of the parking lot, and into the open street, where he drove straight for the freeway.

“Were going to have to ditch the car somewhere, no doubt they put some kind of tracking device in the car.” Mikyla screamed out to Kyle threw the wind running threw her hair.

“Liz is there anyway you can look for a device and short it out, we don’t have anywhere we can go and get a new car with out them finding us especially with that wounded man with us. Otherwise well have to steal a car!” Kyle yelled to Liz in the back seat.

“I don’t know I’ve never seen one before, I could short circuit anything that uses electricity but that would effect the car to!” Liz yelled back.

“Then were stealing a car!” Kyle shot back.

Turning the car into a residential district, he noticed a new beige 2003 Ford Explorer parked in front of a house. He parked the car on the other side of the street opposite it.

“Ok short circuit the car and we’ll help you move the man to the Explorer over there.” Kyle urgently whispered to Liz and Mikyla while Kyle jumped out of the car.

Liz did what Kyle told her to do taking a deep breath she placed her hands on the silver convertible and short-circuited anything that used electricity in the car. Once done Mikyla and Kyle picked up the unconscious man and carried him to the Explorer Liz opened all the doors with her powers, moving her hand over the ignition she created a key for the car. Moving out of the way Kyle hopped into the car seat, and Liz closed the door, using her powers again she changed the color of the car from beige to black, and she also changed both license plates so when the car was reported stolen they wouldn’t catch them. Once she was done she hopped back in to the back seat, and Kyle took off. The man had been placed in the back where there was more room for him to lie down.

Thinking quickly, she changed her hair color back to normal and changed her clothes into a pair of jeans and white tee shirt with tennis shoes. She did the same with Mikyla and Kyle. Then she concentrated all her energies into saving the man who had saved them. She checked for injuries and found two bullet wounds on his shoulders. She made his shirt disappear and placing her hands over the wounds, she concentrated on repairing the damage. Her hands began to glow and images flashed threw her mind that made no sense to her and were filled with images of her locked in the throws of passion. However, the images flashed so fast threw her mind she couldn’t be sure she had seen what she thought she had seen.

When she was done and she knew he would be fine, she sat back tired into her own seat where Mikyla was looking back at her worried.

“You Ok.” Mikyla asked.

“Yeah, I dissolved the bullets and I repaired his wounds the bullets were tinted with poison which is why he is out cold, but he’ll live. But he isn’t human.” Liz said tiredly.

“How do you know?” Kyle asked.

“His tissues are all wrong his organs don’t work the same way as ours do, I’m no doctor but I’ve repaired and helped enough humans to know how their insides look like. And he is clearly different.” She answered him.

“Well that would explain why he could change from the form of a cat to a man. I wonder what else he can do.” Mikyla asked.

“I guess we’ll know in a couple hours.” Liz replied.

“Doesn’t matter right now all I care about is returning to Roswell and contacting my dad to tell him what happened he can send a security force to help protect us and get us home in one piece.” Kyle said.

“We don’t know what we are dealing with they took out the fairies with me with a mere powder I never thought there was anything out there who could take them out who knows what else these people have up there sleeves.” Liz said softly.

“I’d still feel better if we were surrounded by bunch of guys with guns.”

# # # #
Back in the enemy camp…

“What the hell was wrong with you! We were there to get one slip of a girl and the lot of you ran like chickens with there heads cut of when confronted with one Carpathian. Like you haven’t killed dozen’s of them already.” The same older woman of before sneered at her men.

The men who had survived looked down shame faced, but made no move to answer. Throwing her arms up in the air, she walked out of the room in a huff, slamming the door behind her. She saw her son waiting for her outside and she snapped a quick command at him. She then regally walked to the operation room to see if the signal put in the girls car was working.

Her son went into the room with a team of three guns blazing the command had been to kill the fools and to kill them now. And Jeff Parker always did what his mother ordered.

# # # #
Back with our hero’s…

“It happened just like I told you, they were clearly after Liz, Dad.” Kyle said.

The car was parked outside a closed mini mall, they had actually found a working pay phone, he was talking to his father, and the Evans threw a conference call.

“But your all alright right?” Diane Evans asked clearly worried.

“Yeah were fine, it’s just the guy who came to help us who took the hit’s but Liz did her thing and he’ll live.” He refrained from telling them about the new guy’s possible non-human status and that he can change his form at will. That was better explained in person then by phone.

“I’m sure our phones are tapped to, so call back in 1 hour, and I’ll send you instructions on how we’ll bring you home, I’m going to have the house swept.” Jim said. They talked a bit more and then they both hung up. Mikyla was standing outside the car when she saw him hang up; she walked up to him and hugged him. Kyle hugged her back and reassured her that everything would be ok.

Liz was sitting in the car, gently rubbing the hair from her ‘patient’s’ head. The lights from the street filtered in so that she could see his face clearly.

He was utterly breath taking, with a strong chiseled jaw, dark hair, and a beautiful sculpted body and lips that looked so soft and kissable. He was every girls dream man for sure and Liz couldn’t stop looking at him.

However, while she admiring his beauty her thoughts were also filled on what had happened in the parking lot. She was so scared, those people had known so much about her, and they had removed her fairy guardians that had been with her since she was baby with a snap of their fingers. This was her greatest nightmare coming to life. They wanted to take her away from her family, from her friends, from her home.

How in the world had they known she even existed, she had been so careful not use her powers where anyone out side her inner circle of people could see her. She had been so careful and now here they were on the run. So consumed in her own thoughts was she didn’t notice her ‘patient’ was awake and staring at her.

When she made a move to walk out of the car and catch some air, he grabbed her hand firmly surprising her in the process she looked at him and almost drowned in his soulful amber eyes.

“Liz…” he whispered softly.


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Chapter 14

“Liz…” he whispered softly.

It was really her, the last time he had seen her she had been dying on her bed. He still couldn’t fathom so much time had actually passed. Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, he forced himself on the here and now.

Liz was here, in front of him alive and breathing looking as beautiful as ever. Her skin felt so warm, he could feel her pulse running strongly threw her veins. The strong beating of her heart was pure music to his ears.

And her eyes, god her eyes, so soft so luminous and beautiful, he could see the full range of emotions run across her beautiful deep brown eyes Amazement…fear…Wonder…puzzlement…Surprise. Only one thing was missing in her eyes, recognition, she didn’t know who he was and that hurt more then anything else in the world. He had been warned that this was going to happen. But it stilled hurt, greatly.

Liz for her part was also taking in everything with her eyes, her patient. Now that he was awake, he literally took her breath away. He was so big he seemed to dwarf the ample space of the back trunk of the explorer. His hand felt so warm and her hand seemed to disappear in his very large ones. However, it was his eyes that really captivated her, they were such a rich amber color and he was looking at her with such love.

Love? Why Love? As far as she knew, she had never laid eyes on him before. Was she just seeing what she wanted to see he was such a beautiful man any woman in her right mind would want such a man like him to look at her with love. But she didn’t know him and now that she thought about it she couldn’t really get a reading from him, usually no matter how much she tried to block people out she could always feel a small smigit of what a person was feeling at any particular moment. But here with him she received nothing. If it weren’t for his wonderful eyes, she would really doubt he even felt anything; he was such a blank slate to her. Then she saw pain enter his eyes, and her heart went out to him.

“Are you in any pain?” She asked him softly.

“No.” He replied just as softly.

“Oh, but something is bringing you pain, I can see it in your eyes.” She said.

Max’s heart broke yet again, she saw it in his eyes, she didn’t read it from him, yet another example on how they were no longer linked as they used to be so long ago. But before letting that pain bring him down, he locked it deep inside. He wouldn’t let himself dwell on it he’d just had to work really hard to change it.

“No, I’m fine I swear, I should be asking you if you’re alright, those men tried to kill you.” Max asked her, he fought hard to control the rage he had felt when he had seen those men trying to take her away while attempting to kill her friends. Max had only felt such rage once before in his life back when Zan had confessed what he had done to Liz all those years ago. But this time it was different it had almost consumed him, for the first time in his life he had killed, sure he had done it to protect Liz but Carpathians didn’t believe in killing and went out of there way to make sure that never happened.

Maybe it was because he was no longer connected to Liz like he used to be, so she wasn’t anchoring his soul to her light anymore, but because he was near her, he still held emotions. It was one giant confusing puzzle he found himself in, he wished he could ask someone about it, but no other Carpathian had ever been in his situation before plus the thought of bringing Carpathians around her again didn’t appeal to him at all. There was too much going on right now and he didn’t trust anyone as far as he could throw them, and with his powers, he could throw very hard and wide. One thing was for sure he wasn’t going to repeat the mistakes of the past again. She was too important to him and this time they were going to have the life they should have had all those years ago.

But one thing was for sure, until Liz and him were rebonded in this life he would be a very dangerous man to cross, when it came to Liz’s life and safety. But he had so little time, so little time, so little time…

# # # #
Back with the Parker’s…

“How in the world did we lose the signal?” Claudia Parker screamed at her technical specialist.

After ordering her son to take out the incompetent soldiers from the earlier raid to get the girl, she had entered the organization’s operation head quarters which was a large room with flat panel screen filled with images of different area’s of the compound on the front wall. Flat panel television screens were all over the ceiling showing of all the major news coverage all around the world, on the ground there were people walking around high –tech computers where they were relaying different information and orders to black ops groups around the world.

This was the headquarters of the Illuminati, the children of the light. They were a secret society that went back 1200 years. The Illuminati were direct decedents of the Lygian Tribe the people who had made it their Life’s ambition to destroy all Carpathians regardless of age, or sex. Since the death of their beloved tribe daughter the tribe had dedicated their lives to vengeance to the race that had killed her. They had scattered themselves threw out the world marrying into each culture they came across spreading their sense of justice and vengeance with them.

No one knows quite when they started calling themselves Illuminati, just that it had always been thus. The Illuminati were everywhere, one couldn’t travel anywhere in this world where the Illuminati didn’t control the goings on in that country. They were musicians, high-ranking politicians, King’s and Queens, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, all the way down to your average trash collectors. The birth of each new member in the family was carefully recorded because one couldn’t join the Illuminati one had to be born into it, it was rare now a days for one to marry outside the organization for outsiders rarely understood the importance and the sacrifice that went with being Illuminati.

A perfect example of that was Nancy Lawrence-Parker, she had married Jeff Parker right out of college the family had decided to keep her out of the origination’s business. They knew she didn’t have the stomach for such work as theirs but Jeff was in love and Claudia had given her blessing. Shortly after becoming pregnant with their first child to Nancy horror found out what kind of family, she had married into and had paid for it with her life. But not before hiding her child where no one could find her.

Claudia had been looking for that child ever since. Now looking around at her staff disgustedly she left the room with a short command to the staff to find the girl known as Liz Evans before the day was out or else. Everyone snapped at her command.

Walking down the hall rubbing her temples, she went to her room and tried to calm down before she killed anyone else on her staff. The Illuminati didn’t look to kindly at members of the organization killing to many other members among themselves, after all they were family, you had to have a very good reason to kill family.

# # # #

Max hadn’t spoken again after his brief conversation with Liz, he preferred to just watch Liz and wait. The others had tried talking to him asking him about his abilities and why he had come and saved them when he did, but Max said nothing, he just followed Liz around with his gaze.

Kyle had called his father as they had planned an hour later, Jim told him to drive to the Burbank airport one of his old army buddies owned a private plane company. With out asking any questions had agreed to fly the kids back to Roswell where a full security squadron was waiting to protect them once they got home.

It was one frustrated Kyle that drove to Burbank after he bought a map at a local mini mart. Max had yet to open his mouth to anyone but Liz and then it was only one-word answers. It wasn’t that Max wanted to be difficult it was just he hadn’t planned on being shot at and exposing himself to everyone so soon, and while he had the complete intention of telling Liz the whole and complete truth. He had been warned that she wouldn’t remember anything from her past life so he wanted to take his time with her and not scare her away. So, he was going over his options very carefully.

Liz for her part had stopped trying to get answers from their quiet passenger, she had sensed no danger from him when she had healed him which was the only reason Kyle was willing to tolerate him. She just desperately wanted to go home, to her own bed, wrap her arms around her mother, and try to forget this day had ever happened.

As if sensing her distress he placed a warm hand at the base of her neck and began caressing the nape with his thumb. Liz felt the warmth of his touch and a vague sense of deja vu passed over her. However, she was to stressed to really notice it instead she laid down in the backseat using his thigh as pillow, she hadn’t realize how tired she was until that moment. Feeling completely safe in his arms, she fell asleep. Max just gently brushed her hair with his finger careful to keep his touch light and soothing. The tender moment didn’t go unnoticed Mikyla took it all in but said nothing.

# # # #
Back with the Parkers…

“Oh dark lord of the underground please answer your humble servant who is unworthy to say your name out loud… (But for those wondering the name is JK alright *wink*)” Claudia Parker began chanting.

“Please answer your humble servant and help her in her search for her granddaughter oh dark one…” It was forbidden for the Illuminati to participate in the dark forces but Claudia Parker had long ago learned that which the organization never knew about never hurt it. So here she was in her room, completely in the dark save for one candle whose flame burned bright green, sitting cross legged wearing nothing but gerbil bones around her neck.

A strong wind passed and a voice answered.

“I told you never to call me again, you are entering the Earth Mother’s domain and I refuse to go down that road with you…” The voice said.

“I ask a simple question.” Claudia said.

“A question if I were to ever answer would cost my life, which the Earth Mother would be more then willing to take as it is so leave me be…” The voice said.

“Is Liz Evans my granddaughter? The surge of pure power I felt today while in her presence, I have not felt since the day Nancy told us she was pregnant. Have I found the child I seek finally?”

“Leave me be, and leave this Liz alone, the Mother herself has given her free will to be or do what ever she wishes, the Mother will not take it kindly if you continue to interfere in her life.” Another cold wind passed and the flame went out. Angry beyond words Claudia ripped up the gerbil bones from her body and threw them far away from her.

She turned on the lights and with a huff she stomps on the bones.

“Argh, your no help just as well I never believed in you anyway, who the hell chooses Gerbil bones as their talisman anyways!”

With that, she got dressed and went back to work.


Note: What? Did you really think a demon with that name was going to be much help or even helpful, nah I don’t think so LOL.

JK if your reading don’t even try to sue me for using your name here all I have to do is show the judge any episode of season 3 and the poor judge will side with me *tongue*

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Chapter 15

Max hated planes, the engine noise was to loud for his highly sensitive ears. He was used to flying on his own power and under his control, and if it weren’t for Liz sleeping soundly on his lap he probably would have gone out of his mind cause of the noise. This century was just so noisy it was a wonder humanity had made it this long.

They were arriving in Roswell safe and sound looking outside the plane’s window and at his watch; Kyle saw they had 3 hours before dawn. Looking over at the girls, he could see the night had taken its tow. Mikyla was asleep in her chair looking very pale and very tired. Liz was asleep in the new guy’s lap, who had still to say anything to anyone but Liz. For some reason the way he treated Liz unnerved him.

Shacking his head he woke the girls up the plane was touching down. Once on the ground the pilot and Kyle looked around making sure everything was secure, Liz for her part took a deep breath and took a reading of her surroundings trying to make sure there was no danger outside. Finding none, Mikyla and Liz held hands and walked outside. Kyle was already with his father and Max took up the rear.

What they found outside was a full team of uniformed security agents, but Liz ignored them all when she spotted her mother. Dragging Mikyla with her she ran to her mother Diane Evans who wrapped both girls in her arms. Hugging them and soothing them like only a mother could.

Jim had fiercely hugged his son to him, grateful to have him home in one piece. Phillip brought of the rear and when Diane finally let go their little girl, he brought her into his arms for an equally fierce hug. Mindful of the danger they were now in Jim told the children to mount up in the cars they were heading home.

Liz turned around to bring their guest with them only to find no one there.

# # # #

Max had looked at the sky outside and knew dawn was fast approaching he needed to find some place safe. He knew Liz was safe for the moment so when no one was looking he made himself invisible to the human eye. That action took out a lot of energy from Max who needed to feed to get his strength back he saw Liz look around for him but he was to weak to really see her face or that of her family.

He took to the air heading out to the desert where it looked safe and quiet looking for a nice hidden place to hide and rest in for the day. Soon he came to a batch of rock mountains with several caves landing down in front of one he took a quick look of his surroundings he noticed a male human working inside one of the caves.

He walked straight to the human, hoping to feed a little to help him get threw the day a bit better. He found him on his hands and knees working with all kinds of tools surrounding him. Tools Max had never seen before. Nothing new there ever since arriving in this time there was so much Max hadn’t seen before, it really sucked to miss a few centuries of time.

He quickly and quietly walked up to the human and when he would have turned him to feed off him, the human shocked him by speaking.

“As a rule its good manners to ask someone if you can use them for food, or maybe it’s just me being funny that way.” The human said.

Shocked Max stopped his approach. The human got up from his work and faced Max with a little smile on his face.

“Hi, I’m Eddie WindRunner and you would be?” Eddie asked in a friendly manner.

“Maxwell.” Was all he said.

“Well, Max I’m taking it that your hungry and if it weren’t so close to dawn right now I’d give you the lecture of a life time but as it is if you give me a hour 45minutes tops I can bring you a nice juicy pig. It’s not human blood but it’s blood you wont find anyone willing nearby to give you any of theirs plus we can smell a Carpathian a mile away. Native Americans in this reservation are a bit funny that way, so what do you say?”

“I’ll be grateful and happy to take the pig, thank you.” Max replied.

“No problem, I’ll go out and get it, make yourself at home in the next cave to your left please, this one is a sacred cave so please no changing anything here with your powers.” Eddie said on his way out.

Max only shook his head in wonder. Oh yeah he was so out of his league in this time. Riding on a plane was difficult enough flying but not under his own power had been scary not to be in control but Liz sleeping in his lap had totally blown his concentration away from that fact. Cars, planes, guns, and humans who could sense your presence this was so not his century. How much the world had changed in his absence.

# # # #
Later in the day, toward dusk…

“Liz you ready to come down, I think everyone is waiting for us.” Mikyla asked by the door.

“Yeah, almost done.” Liz answered. Dressed in a pair of beige khaki pants and a white halter-top, no socks no shoes she was on her way out the door she while pulling her hair up in a loose ponytail.

The two girls walked down the stairs where they saw Kyle, Jim, and Liz’s parents. The girls sat down next to the Evans, Jim Valinti leaned forward and began the meeting.

“I hope you girls had a good sleep, I know how tired you all were.” Mr. Valinti began.

When the girls nodded he continued.

“Alright, Kyle been up for an hour now so he’s given me a lot of details on your encounter last night is there anything you would like to add to it, girls…” he handed them a nicely typed up paper to each of them, they read it over and found it fairly complete.

“It’s just like Kyle said, it was dark we really couldn’t see much I guess I got the closest to the old lady, she was clearly in control and she radiated power.” Liz said.

“Would you say she’s like you in the powers department.” Diane asked her daughter.

“No, she uses powders and toys to get her results when I said she radiated power I meant mentally she seemed in charge of herself and the others under her.” Liz explained.

“And for some reason she was after you.” Phillip mused aloud.

“She would have gotten me if it hadn’t been for the stranger.”

“Speaking of the stranger any one know his name, Kyle says he flew back with you but no one could find a trace of him after the plane touched down.” Jim said to the group.

“He was behind me when we walked out but when I looked back he wasn’t there, as for his name I… I forgot to ask.” Liz said confused.

“Or maybe he was there for a man who can change his form to that of a cat who’s to say he can’t make himself invisible when he wants to.” Mikyla jumped in.

“What, what, what…” The adults said as once.

“Ahh you didn’t tell them.” Mikyla asked Kyle.

“They wouldn’t have believed me if I had, figured I’d wait until were all together so dad doesn’t send me to the loony bin with out you guys.” Kyle joked.

“Will someone please explain to me what you’re all talking about?” Jim bluntly asked.

“The guy who came an saved us, isn’t exactly human at least that’s what Liz said after she healed him. Not to mention when he saved us he did it in the form of large panther like cat, all black with all golden fired eyes, when he was unconscious he changed in to a man.” Kyle elaborated.

Looking around at the kids as if they were crazy they only nodded one by one at him.

“Why do I feel like I just stepped into an episode of the X – Files?” Phillip said shacking his head.

“I bet you didn’t expect all this when you adopted me.” Liz said looking down at the coffee table.

“No, Liz never go there, Your our baby never doubt that.” Diane said while hugging her daughter in her arms.

“I’m just saying it’s all sounds so strange, not that I regret ever adopting you, never that Liz, never that...” Phillip said to his daughter.

Jim and Kyle gave the family a little quiet time for their little moment. Mikyla looked on with a bit of jealously, her own parents had waited until she was 16 years old before splitting on her. No note, no warning, no nothing they were just gone. Mikyla had to move in with Liz until she figured out her situation and how she was going to support herself.

There hadn’t been much to figure out when the Evans had found out what had happened they had taken her in and when college came around, they paid for everything. Nothing had ever been said it just was, the Evans had always treated her like a daughter as far back as she could remember but some part of her always felt lonely.

She was shaken out of her musings when she heard Jim talking about all the extra security they would have to live with until they figured out whom exactly they were dealing with.

# # # #
Outside Max’s cave…

“No Eddie we wait outside it isn’t wise to enter a Carpathians sleeping place they set up all kinds of safe guards he’ll come out soon enough.” Eddie’s grandfather Riverdog told his grandson.

# # # #
In Max’s dreams a flashback…

“Liz, I’m here now, I tried to get here sooner but…Liz please come back to me, please I need you here, you can’t leave me Liz, I love you so much, I need you baby, please, please, please…” He whispered in her ear, his voice was filled with grief, love, despair, so many emotions the pair were heartbreaking to watch, but Liz made no move she heard him.

“Why doesn’t she respond she’s so cold I can barely feel her heartbeat!” Max screamed at Adam.

“She’s dying Max.” Adam answered heartbroken. “You have to make her…”

“He can do nothing at this point.” A gray fairy said. She appeared to Max in a flash of light. Adam looked down to the floor a gray fairy only spoke judgment and the future of his people was now going to be decided for sure.

“…She is to week to take his blood now, she will die in this life nothing can stop that now, Adam your people will now begin to die to. Carpathian’s will no longer have female children; children will find it difficult to live past their first year. The humans will turn on you and hunt you like animals; Mother Earth has turned her back to you. The prophecy told to you long ago will be fulfilled…” Turning to Max, she said.

“… You have a choice Maxwell Mother Earth is not cold she will give you a chance to reunite with your love. Liz will be reborn but her life will be her own, in her like in this life she has the key to save the Carpathian people only difference is if she chooses not to no once can force her to do it…”

“… If you choose to meet her in her next life, you will not be bonded anymore but you will be connected to a point, she will not remember you or any of her past lives. You may not bond her to you when you see her again the bonding ceremony will not work, everything must be by her choice, this is her last chance at life and no one will take that away from her. If you are to bond she must say the words to you for it to work…”

Holding up one of her little hands, she opened a portal in the wall. A full gust of air filled the room, forcing everyone but Max and Adam to turn away from the sight.

“This is a time storm, it will take you to the time Liz will be reborn in. You can only enter if you accept the terms I have stated to you now. If you stay with out Liz by your side your choice is to turn vampire at the loss or to meet the sun as you have promised her you would and hope to be reborn to be at her side. But since children will most likely die in their first year there is no guarantee you will make it, choose now...” The grey fairy stated.

Max broken and bleeding looked down at his wife who was now barely breathing on her own even with help and decided.

“I will go.” He said.

“Good then, you will have a month to court her in the human style then the storm will close and if you have not bonded by then you will be sucked back to this moment in time. Is that understood?” The Fairy asked.

“Yes.” Max replied.

“Then go.” The fairy ordered.

Max with a pained expression on his face reluctantly let go of his wife’s body. When he did so her body disappeared as if it had never existed, in shock and pain he ran to the portal jumping threw and in to time itself, in search of his lost love, he never looked back...

# # # #
Back in the present…

“Liz, Liz, LIZ!” Max screamed.

In a rush he got up from the bed, he had made for himself sweating and breathing hard. Getting a bearing of his surroundings, he realized he had been dreaming about the past. He was in the future and he had only a month to succeed and reunite with Liz. So little, time so little, little time…


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Chapter 16

It was with a sense of purpose that Max came out of the cave once the sun was completely down. He found Eddie and an older man sitting outside the cave waiting for him. When they saw him, they stood up.

“I'm Riverdog, you met my grandson earlier, are you well rested?”

“Yes, thank you. I'm Maxwell…” Max replied respectfully. Without being rude, he took in everything about Riverdog. There was an aura of deep power in the man, though no malice that Max could sense. For some reason he found himself liking the man immediately.

“Maxwell, by any chance are you related to the Prince of your people Adam?” Riverdog asked.

“Yes, I am.” Max answered.

“So you have finally reappeared, that means the savior of the Carpathian people has already been born. None to soon, your people are at the brink of extinction…”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, he had an idea of what he could mean but he still wanted it said aloud.

“Of course, you’ve been gone a long time, there are few Carpathian females now, and if by some miracle they become pregnant they give birth only to boys. Humans, as far as history can record, have been hunting down your people. They consider you all vampires, although most people consider you stuff of legends so it’s only a few humans that actually believe, but those few who do have done a lot of damage. Soon there will be no one left. Plus it doesn’t help that the remaining males are going out of their minds with out a lifemate, it’s so hard for then to fight the instinct to turn…”

‘Everything the fairy said would happen,’ Max thought to himself, he wanted to shed tears over the plight of his once great people reduced to almost nothing. However, as awful as he felt, the call for Liz was stronger. Max put all Riverdog was telling him deep in a corner of his mind; he would deal with all that later. Right now being with Liz was all that mattered.

“… have you found her?” Though he had missed most of what Riverdog had said toward the end, he didn't have any doubt whom he was asking about just now.

“Yes, I have found her. She is in great danger. Yesterday, men tried to take her away against her will; men and women filled with darkness who were lead by an old woman.”

“An old woman, you say. My god! The Illuminati! How in the world could they have found the Carpathian savior so fast? If they take her, there is no hope for your people. I will contact Adam and let him know…”

At the thought of Adam or any other Carpathian male coming close to Liz at this time was unthinkable to Max. Liz didn’t belong to him like she used to, he hadn’t forgotten that the fairy had warned him she was free to choose who ever she wished. If another Carpathian tried to court her away from him, he knew he would be capable of almost anything. He had so little self control as it was. No, until he and Liz had bonded there would be no other males around her.

“No, don’t tell him anything, I will care for Liz. Now that I know the danger, I will take care of it, but until I have bonded to Liz I will not have desperate males looking for a lifemate making my job anymore difficult. Thank you for your hospitality but I must go to Liz now.”

With that, he left the two stunned men behind and flew straight to his love, Liz. The two men just looked at each other.

“You going to call Adam?” Eddie asked after a little while?

Riverdog nodded and answered, “Yes, I can see why he would want to keep other males away, but this is too important and to dangerous for him to take on alone.”

# # # #

Liz was sitting in her room feeling restless; the loss of her fairies was weighing heavily in her mind with each passing moment. Replacements for them had arrived shortly after the meeting with the parents had concluded. They were scared that the same fate that had befallen their previous counterparts would happen to them but they were firm in their duty to protect Liz.

She smiled gratefully at them but something was wrong she could feel it, and it had to do with those fairies. No longer able to take it, she climbed out her window onto her balcony; something her parents and new security staff had told her to no longer do until the danger had passed. She sat crossed legged with a potted plant of beautiful white daises, looking at the flowers she felt a warm breeze come in from the desert licking her skin. She looked up into the sky seeing the sun disappear and the sky turn a lovely shade of red and orange.

Not knowing exactly why or what she was doing she dug her fingers into the soil of the daises. Deep she dug until her hands disappeared into the soil; she heard the whispers of her new fairy protectors asking, begging her to stop what she was doing. But she ignored them, she wasn’t sure what she was doing exactly but she knew she had to continue something was wrong and she needed to right it.

Her mind returned to the night of the attack, she watched as the shimmering powder fell down from the sky, hearing the scream of the fairies as they disappeared. An idea popped into her head and with her mind she brought the clothes she had been wearing then to her. Once the clothes were in front of her, she freed her hands from the potted plant. Hands covered with moist dirt, she took the clothes with her hands and began running her hands across the clothes. Her hands felt the dark magic in the remnants of the powder. Picturing the night again, she felt the warm breeze become hotter and hotter until a huge ring of fire exploded above her head, burning the clothes of that day to a crisp. Three small, blue bodies dropped out of the ring of fire and into Liz's lap.

Taking a deep breath, she willed the fire to extinguish and the hole to the dimension the fairies had been trapped to close. She almost couldn’t do it, the vortex wanted to get bigger, not close down. However, Liz’s will proved stronger and finally it closed. The fire hadn’t touched Liz but she could still feel the heat. Taking long deep breaths, she brought her heart rate back under control. Once she was herself again, she looked into her lap and saw the fairies were still blue instead of the deep purple they had been before. But they were breathing, that was the important thing, even if it was rather shallow. The other fairies took their counterparts in their arms and under Liz's watchful gaze, they buried them in the soil of Liz potted plants. The moment the sick fairies touched the earth they sighed in deep pleasure. True color had colored their cheeks. Once they were completely covered, Liz knew they would be all right. The earth would heal them.

She stood on wobbly legs and almost fell down completely until two strong arms picked her up, hugging her close. She looked up to see who was holding her and encountered two of the most beautiful amber eyes she had ever seen. The eyes of the stranger that had helped save her yesterday from the monsters who had tried to take her away from the only family she knew.

“What’s your name?” Liz asked the stranger.

“Maxwell” He answered.

“To formal, how bout I just call you Max?” She asked.

“You can call me anything you want.” Max replied.

“That’s nice, but right now I think I’m going to faint…” and she did just that. However, for some strange reason she felt safe.

# # # #

She had decided to take a walk to one of her favorite spots in her new home, a well hidden hot spring. She sat down on her favorite rock and began to mediate. It was a trick Adam had taught her. It helped to focus her powers while becoming one with the nature around her. Out of no where, a beautiful Carpathian male dropped out of the sky and stood less then a foot away, their eyes clicked and something in her heart swelled and leapt in joy. Her heart recognized him, yet as far as she knew she had never met him before this moment.

After a moment of just staring at each other, he finally spoke. “I'm Maxwell, I belong to Adam’s clan, and you are?”

“Liz.” She answered him breathlessly.

“Liz, a beautiful name, Well Liz you are my lifemate, and I’m here to claim you.” His voice was pure music, full of confidence and a good amount of male pride that both annoyed and thrilled her.

Like she said she before, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

# # # #

Liz knew she was dreaming but it didn’t feel like a dream, not quite.

She felt the dream change, and tossing in the arms that were holding her, she gasped at what she was now seeing, feeling…

# # # #

Feeling his cock become even harder and bigger inside her and his balls constrict he let out a yell of triumph to the gods above, shooting wads and wads of hot cum into her equally hot cunt. It triggered another orgasm for Liz, this one so much more satisfying and wonderful because it was them together as one for all time. In the middle of such a wonderful release, he began to recite the lifemate bonding ceremony.

“I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul and my body. I take into keeping the same that is yours.” He could barely get the words out, Liz’s body was convulsing so sweetly, so perfectly around him and his release was so strong. But he felt the change in them instantly, they were bonded now, one body, one mind, one soul, and not man, animal or Carpathian could separate them now, only death had a chance now, and even then the other would follow their partner for they were one. One could not exist without the other now.

Carefully and with shaky hands, he lowered her legs back to the ground. Completely exhausted he laid down beside her, never breaking contact with her lower half. With shaky hands, he caressed her face and murmured sweet nothings into her ears.

# # # #

With a start, Liz sat up on Max, seeing she was wrapped all over him she quickly disconnected herself from him and put some space between them. Remembering the graphic dreams she was having while she had been perched on his lap; Liz’s face turned a deep red. Embarrassed as she was she hadn’t noticed the hand that had been resting on the back of his neck had glowed a deep amber before she hastily removed it.

Taking a look around at her surroundings, and keeping her gaze away from him, least he suspect what she had been thinking about just a few minutes before, she noticed she was no longer at her house but what looked liked a tiny mountain river covered by deep green forests.

Confused, she forgot her embarrassment and asked, “Where are we?”

“Near by your home, don’t worry. I felt a nice change of scenery would do us good.”

“I’ve been to every inch of the lands around here, and I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as this place before,” she said in awe as she continued to take in the beauty of their surroundings.

He wanted to say, ‘That’s because I made it just for you.’ But he held back knowing she wasn’t quite ready for the truth, and said instead, “That’s what makes life interesting. There’s always something one has never seen before waiting if your eyes are open to it…”

Liz smiled at that, and turned back facing him, “You sound like my mother.”

“Wise lady.” Max replied with a smile, loving the feeling of having her close by again. Something inside of him softened and melted, he felt completely at ease with himself.

Liz took a long look at him, and Max felt she was trying to read his soul, if they had still been bonded she wouldn’t even have had to try. All she would've had to do was look inside herself, where a part of him would have resided. However, Max didn’t let himself dwell on their loss, he was confident they would have that again, he would make sure of it.

“Who are you?” Liz asked finally.

“Maxwell.” He answered.

“You told me that already. You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I know…” taking a deep breath he answered her, “I am Carpathian…”

“Carpathian, but they are myth.” Liz said confused.

“You have heard of us?” Max asked pleased.

“I’m not exactly a normal human being either. I’ve made it my life study to figure out exactly what I am. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on to do that, from myths and legends around the world to the strangest of the strange of the paranormal. So yeah, I’ve heard about Carpathian’s.” Liz replied.

“Good,” Max said pleased remembering what Riverdog had told him he continued, “… The Carpathian people are very real but they have been driven close to extinction thanks to the Illuminati, the people who tried to take you last night.”

“Is that why you saved me, last night?” Liz asked.

“No,” was all he said.

“Then why?” Liz asked confused.

“Because it was you.” Max said simply.

“Me, but you don’t even know me…”

“But I do know you…” Max stood up and slowly walked up to her until they were standing face to face.

“Don’t you feel it, like a thin cosmic string that is binding us together…” Max raised his hand and brought it down to caress her cheek, “… Do you feel it Liz, do you…”

“Max…” she whispered.

Max saw her open her mouth, felt the breath of his name leave her lips, and he just couldn’t help himself. He lowered his head and captured her lips. It started off chaste and sweet, but soon Max deepened it and with a groan Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and fitted herself to his body.

‘Why does this feel so right, like I’ve been here and done this before?’ Liz couldn’t help but think to herself, but soon all thoughts were wiped from her mind as she completely lost herself to the kiss that was rapidly getting out of control.


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Chapter 17

The kiss was rapidly getting out of control, they fell to the earth, kissing and touching each other everywhere. Again Liz was filled with that odd sense of déjà vu she could have sworn she had been here before that she had been in his arm doing this very thing, but it couldn’t be she had only met him yesterday, it just didn’t make sense.

But it wasn’t until she felt the open air on her back and his hands on her breasts that Liz was startled out of her sexual haze, she pushed him away from her breathing deeply looking down at herself she waved a had and covered herself up.

Both were now breathing heavily and Max had the grace to look contrite for losing control so quickly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring you out here to take advantage of you…” running his hands threw his hair, looking really cute and a bit rumbled, Liz almost forgot herself, she so badly wanted to take him in her arms and kiss the daylights out of him all over again.

“… It’s just that you are so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.” Max honestly replied.

“Me beautiful?” Liz tone of voice clearly stated her disbelief over that statement.

“Yes, so beautiful…” kneeling down in front of her and taking her face in his hands, he continued, “… Your lips are redder then any strawberry I’ve seen and softer then anything on this earth made to be kissed senseless, your eyes are so clear and soft I could spend my whole life looking at them and I would die content. Your hair is softer then any fleece, just perfect to run my hands threw…” and to as prove his point he started running his hands threw the cool strands of hair. “… I could go on but I don’t want you to burst with embarrassment, which you just might with the way you’re blushing.” Max said with a gentle smile.

“I think I’m seeing that legendary Carpathian charm.” Liz tried to tease, and divert his attention away from her.

“No, it’s the pure and simple truth.” Max said with utter conviction, he knew what she was trying to do, and he wouldn’t humor her on that.

Liz ducked her head and blushed profusely, she got to her feet and moved away from him, he let her go, he could tell she wasn’t ready for him yet, he was here to woo her, not overwhelm her.

“I think you should take me home, my family is no doubt worried about me.” She needed some space things were moving so fast and she needed to get her bearings and to do that she needed to be in a place she was comfortable and in control, she needed to go home.

“Alright.” Max said with out complaint.

In a flash he picked her up in his arms, Liz had no choice but hold on to him and hard, Max just looked down at him and smiled a cocky sure of himself smile that sent her pulse racing all over again. He took to the air and Liz felt like Lois Lane in superman’s arms, or maybe she’s been watching one to many Lois and Clark episodes. But the view of the ground was so beautiful unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The closer she got home though; she felt something was very wrong, when they touched down on her balcony she ran into the house faster then Max could catch up with her and found no one home, except Mikyla laying face down in the library unconscious with a note taped to her back that read…

Hi, Liz

We have your parents, Kyle and his father, your security staff did quite well but they were no match for us. Now we know the Carpathian is with you, so meet us at the Old Soap Factory at noon tomorrow and we let your friends go, we want you alive. And just to show how were not all mean we left your friend behind. Enjoy, and hope to see you soon.

The Illuminati

She gave the note to Max, she was on her knees and checked Mikyla for injuries, finding a rather bad bruise on her head she healed her. Max saw her resigned expression and at once set his foot down.

“Your not giving yourself over to them, I won’t allow it.”

“You can’t stop me.” Liz said in a defeated type manner. “I’ve known this day been coming for a long time now, you can’t fight destiny it seems.”

“Sure you can, you put one foot forward and tell it to go to hell, but this isn’t destiny, you can’t trust these people…”

“Stop!” Liz yelled “I’ve made up my mind!”

“And I already said I won’t let you. And if you think your going to use your powers on me to get me out of the way, then forget it, I have been alive a whole lot longer then you have and I know how to use my powers to the fullest, you won’t win against me.”

“Max they have my parents, they have Kyle, I can’t just sit back and do nothing!”

“No one said anything about doing nothing, but you will not be giving yourself over to them, now let me pick her up, and where getting out of here, I’ll carry both of you.” Max said.

She looked at him strangely but said nothing, and funny enough he easily carried both of them back into the desert but this time she recognized where they were going, out to the reservation nearby Roswell.

He set them down, near a rock formation; he took them into a cave, making a bed in the wall to lay Mikyla down.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” With that Max walked out of the cave.

“Yes, sir.” Liz mocked softly to his retreating back, she wasn’t happy with the situation not by a long shot.

# # # #

Max went to the cave next door where he had found Eddie the night before, he knew he wasn’t there now but he was hoping for a clue as to where to find him. Closing his eyes and reaching out with his senses and heard what sounded like someone cheerfully humming and singing off key coming his way, Heading toward the sound that turned out to be Eddie, hands full of tools.

“Why is that you work at night instead of during the day like most people?” Max asked him once they were in talking distance.

“Childhood trauma, which I’m not going to share, so back off,” Eddie said cheerfully “What brings you back here, I would have thought you would be spending your nights winning over your Liz?” Eddie asked.

“The Illuminati took her parents, and her friends I brought her here along with a friend who they left behind as their message they want Liz to turn herself in and I won’t allow her to.” Max bluntly got to the point.

“Sounds just like them, it’s a good thing Grandfather called Adam then, we are so going to need some serious help here.”

“Adam knows now about Liz.” He said it with blank face, in no way showing the seething anger boiling in Max’s stomach.

“Yeah, I know you’re not happy about that, but you’ve been gone a few centuries you can’t find and fight the Illuminati alone, so just suck it up, it’s for Liz safety, isn’t that what matters most?”

Eddie was right, but he still didn’t have to like it. The thought of other males around made his stomach twist, but for Liz he would put up with anything. Seeing Max agreed with him he went on talking and planning.

# # # #

“No…No, Kyle!!!” Mikyla screamed and sat up with a start. Liz quickly takes her in her arms soothing her friend.

“It’s ok Kyla, it’s ok, your safe now, your safe…” Liz said over and over again.

“Liz oh god, Liz they came and took over I don’t know how but everyone just dropped, and when we came to again, they were so mad that you weren’t in the house. They took everyone and then they hit me telling me I was a message for you…” Mikyla rushed out an emotional wreck from what she had seen; all that extra top-notch security and they had just blown threw as if it was nothing. She started crying harder and Liz held her tighter, the guilt formed a huge lump in her throat that because her very difference that had put the people she loved in so much danger. That was how Eddie and Max found them.

The boys waited for Mikyla to calm down, and then they walked to Eddie’s home nearby. When they got there Eddie set them up in one of the guest bedroom, Liz was so tired she fell into a short nap, healing always took out a lot out of her, Mikyla worn out by her emotions did the same.

# # # #

When Liz woke up, she could hear voices raised in anger, arguing over something she couldn’t quite hear. She walked toward the sound and listened in.

“Max I don’t see what your problem is, they will all be mated males, they know what’s on the line here, they want their wives to be able to have babies again to be happy once more, you have no idea how much death these surviving woman have seen, what is your problem.” A man she had never seen before was yelling at Max.

“Damn it Adam, I have so little time with her, forgive me for being selfish here but you can’t guarantee the other males will not be stopping by and start playing tricks in order to get her. I don’t have time for any games. I rather we stay here.” Max yelled back.

“She’ll be safer among Carpathian’s she vulnerable here, after we save her family, Come on Max there’s to much at steak we have to take her to back to the Carpathian Mountains, to force me to pull rank on you.” Adam yelled back.

“I take it your discussing me, I really have no idea where these Carpathian Mountains of yours are but in this country a woman is asked before her future is decided.” Liz said tartly surprising all the men.

“Liz…” Adam whispered reverently when he saw her standing under the doorframe looking irate at the men who are trying to dictate her life with so not so much as a comment toward her way about it.

“Lets get something straight here, this is my life, I will do as I please, and I will not have men dictate my life behind my back, and if it ever happens again, then by god you will be sorry with what you will unleash on yourself. Now I heard something about saving my family, what do you have in mind?” She was blunt straight to the point and they all could tell she meant business. Eddie had to fight hard not to start laughing, at any other time he would be asking her out himself, he liked his woman to know their own mind, but if Max got a whiff of what he was thinking, he would take his head, and he liked it just where it was.

“I have contacts in the Illuminati we are working toward finding out exactly where your family are being held to get them out within the hour we should have news on that score.” Adam said, though he was still staring at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. Max saw that and he stepped forward a bit, giving Adam a good warning glare that Liz didn’t see.

“And once you have the news, then what?” Liz asked.

“We take them out.” Adam answered.

“Just like that.” She stated incredulously.

“Well, no, it will be a bit tricky but we’ve come across these people before the men I will be sending in know what they are doing, everyone will come out alive.” Adam reassured her.

Liz wanted to argue with him but despite her brave words there was really nothing she could really do about it. She had no choice but to trust him. But she wanted to argue, she wanted to be apart of the rescue, this was her family that was in trouble she needed to feel at least partly in control of the situation. Max read her face easily with each moment they spent together he was learning more and more about her, and take in her personality.

“No, you’re not going.” Max sated just when she would have spoken her demand to go with the team. Liz saw red.

“Excuse me.” Liz said shocked.

“You heard me.” Max smirked.

“I don’t remember signing some contract where it says you get to dictate my actions.” Liz yelled. Max only shrugged and said, “To bad, but your still not going.”

When she would have argued more, he got right in her face and made himself clear on the subject. “These people are after you, I will not allow you to be put in a position for you to be taken. Remember what I said about being better able to use my powers better then you, don’t make me give you a demonstration.”

She pushed him away from her with her powers, ready to start World War III. They stood toe to toe, forgetting about everyone else in the room. He dared her to strike, but Liz got herself together enough to back down. “When the info comes you really won’t tell me will you?” She said softly.

“No.” Both Adam and Max answered at the same time.

“Fine. But so much as a hair is harmed on their heads, and you better believe you will give me a first hand demonstration on your big bad powers cause I will be coming after you with all I got.” With that, she turned around and went back to her room, slamming the door behind her.

“Man what a woman.” Eddie said in appreciation. All the men in the room nodded, and Max knew his wooing of her had taken a sever beating in the wrong direction, this wasn’t going to be as easy now, not by a long shot.


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Chapter 18

Kyle woke up in a strange room completely alone. Looking around he found no furniture of any kind, save for the lumpy mattress he was lying on. The room he was in wasn’t that big, but with the lack of furniture left him a lot of room to move around in. However, there were no windows. Nothing anywhere that gave him a hint on where he was or who was holding him here.

He tried the door, making sure he didn’t make to much noise in case they were waiting for him to wake up. Him and the girls had probably watched one to many action movies, but seeing what they had faced in the last couple of days, it had served them all well. Well somewhat, seeing as he was being held against his will. He found the door was sturdy and would take some force to break it down. He sat down on the mattress facing the door, waiting for something or other to happen. He had no idea how long he was kept there, since they had taken his watch. However, he did hear various people walking up and down in front of his door.

He was worried about his dad, Liz’s parents, and Mikyla. Were they in a room similar to his? What about Liz, had they found her somewhere in the house? Was she locked up or were they somehow torturing her; testing to see where exactly her powers came from. That was his running nightmare ever since he truly began to understand what kind of people were out there in the world; people that were quite capable of some truly horrible things.

He was kept waiting a good, long time until he finally heard a scrapping sound and a jingling of keys on the other side. Kyle quickly got to his feet and watched the door slowly open and a girl carrying a tray of food came in. At first when he saw the red hair, he thought it was Mikyla but Mikyla’s hair was a real dark auburn color, this new girl’s hair was a brighter red, and the eyes were clearly different, Mikyla’s were a soft brown this girl’s were a strangely captivating hazel. She was dressed in black. Her pants looked to be leather along with her boots, her shirt was a blank tank top, and her hair was swept back in a tight pony tail. She was about his height, only about a half an inch shorter. She also looked to be about his age. Beautiful, no doubt about that, but Kyle didn’t let himself dwell too much on that fact. She worked with the people who wanted to take Liz; if they didn’t already have her. This girl was evil.

His gaze shifted behind her and he saw two men guarding the door. One had a gun in his hand pointing down at the ground, which could be raised and fired within a second. It was a clear warning that if he so much as tried anything he was dead man. The other guy was a tall lankly fellow who no doubt was more comfortable behind a computer then playing guard but his eyes were trained on the girl and he looked ready for anything.

The girl placed the tray on the bed and turned to him. “I’m Donna. For as long as you’re here with us, I’m the one in charge of your care. I promise you will be well treated here. However, if you give us any trouble whatsoever, Albert there will have no trouble shooting you between the eyes. Do we understand each other?”

“Where’s my Dad, Mikyla everyone who was taken?”

“They’re around. They are being treated just as well as you. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you.”

“And Liz, do you have her?” Kyle persisted.

“Like I said, I’ve told you all I’m allowed to say. Now eat.” Donna commanded.

She walked out the door. The tall, gun less guy closed the door. He heard a few more scraping sounds then all was quiet again. Kyle looked at the food given to him, a box of orange juice, a simple sandwich and a bag of chips. All of which Kyle ignored, no telling what kinds of drugs they added to it. Instead, he sat back and planned.

# # # #

Alex Whitman walked his sister (though in reality she was his half sister. However, he was known to deck a guy who ever tried to make a big deal of that distinction. No closer siblings could be found anywhere.) down the hall to a more open hallway away from the prisoners quarters, where Albert was standing guard.

Once he was sure no one was listening, he turned to his sister and whispered, “I don’t like this.”

“When have you ever liked anything Grandmamma makes us do,” Donna teased.

“Donna, this is different. Grandma is different this time. She’s almost acting crazy, forgetting everything and everyone in her hopes to get this Liz. Killing vampires is one thing, but this there has to be a line even for the Illuminati,” Alex urgently whispered.

“Alex, your to much of an idealist. The days the Illuminati were here to actually help people are long gone. There is no line with them, not anymore,” Donna replied.

“And that doesn’t bother you?” Alex asked.

“Of course it does, but I can’t change the system. Besides, it’s family. You're born into the Illuminati, death is the only way out. So please, Alex, keep your idealism in check. Grandmamma may hesitate in killing her own grandson, but others in the family wouldn’t think twice about it,” Donna said, worried.

“Don’t worry, I know the system, I can play the game. I just don’t have to like it.” Alex sighed.

# # # #

“Donna, my dear, how are our guests?” Claudia asked her granddaughter when she saw her walk in to the control center heading straight toward her.

“They're as calm as can be expected. The Evans are quiet, the senior Mr. Valenti looks like he would like to hit something, and the younger one is taking a more cautious approach; no doubt he will be the one who will prove more of a challenge.” Donna reported no hint of emotion or her natural revulsion showed in her voice as she stood in front of her grandmother.

Donna despite her light words to Alex really hated her job despite being good at it. She wanted out, but there was no out, add on the fact that her Grandmother was thee Claudia Parker, only hammered that nail home for her.

“Well then, I think we better transfer him to more guarded facilities. Besides it’s not always good to have all your eggs in one basket. Move him now and check in with me again when it’s done,” Claudia said.

“Yes, Grandmamma.” Donna answered, as she said she really hated her job.

# # # #

Mikyla had woken up and was sitting with Eddie and Riverdog outside on the patio, waiting for the return of the Evans’s and the Valanti’s. They were also sitting outside to avoid the World War III that was brewing in front of the house. Liz had gotten the idea of probing the minds of the men Adam had chosen to go on the mission. She had found the information she needed and had almost escaped with a truck to help her family and friends escape. Somehow, she had slipped past Max’s watchful gaze and was half way there when Max had found her and dragged her, still in the truck, back to the house. The men were gone and Max and Liz were fighting it out in the front yard. Every so often the house was rained by a great showers of dirt that made all three of them cringe but none of them wanted to see what was happening in the front.

# # # #

Three Carpathian males, all mated, were looking down from the roof of the compound. They were invisible to the human eye as well as any human made electronic devices. They had found a way in, but they were waiting for their fourth member to come back and give them a signal that they could come in. The three on the roof were named Michael, Leo, Nathaniel, and the fourth they were waiting for was Adam.

Adam popped up and gave the signal, and the men walked into the compound. They had information from an inside source and they were heading straight to the prisoners. They quietly and quickly took out some of the guards until they hit a stretch of hallway they knew to be heavily under surveillance by video camera’s getting in wouldn’t be a problem. However, once they broke out everyone, The Illuminati would know what was happening at once. The key to getting out all safe and sound relied completely on correct information.

Once they were in front of the doors, using their great strength, the door ripped as if they were paper. Each of the Carpathian men grabbed the prisoners, freeing them, all but Leo whose room was empty. Alarms sounded all over and they heard the sound of people running toward them.

They dragged Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and the senior Valenti outside. Adam pushed Mrs. Evans toward Leo and he took up the rear, they all had just enough time to escape. Adam made sure they took off from the roof heading in different directions where they would meet up again at a designated rendezvous point. Adam stayed behind dodging men with guns easily. Despite the great toll The Illuminati had taken on his people, they had never faced a full fledged Carpathian in full control of their powers in darkness. Most of their kills were of youngsters not fully trained or of Carpathian’s who’s resting places had been found and killed during daylight hours. And lately of Carpathian woman found during labor where both mates were weakened by the birthing process, a rarity nowadays but with so many Carpathians turning finding bodyguards was hard.

Adam stayed to the last possible moment, searching for a hint of where Kyle was being held but he found no trace of him; no matter how many minds he probed. Defeated and not looking forward to the ass kicking Liz was going to give him for not bringing Kyle with him Adam made his escape and headed to the rendezvous point.

# # # #

The fighting had been intense. Despite Max’s brave words about being able to control his powers better then her, he had found that Liz was more then capable of standing strong against him. He only had a slight edge on her; he couldn’t come close to calming her. Mostly he was deflecting her attacks on him.

Liz was getting tired but she showed no signs of it to Max. The whole front yard looked like the surface of the moon, craters dotted the landscape. All the green grass that had been growing before was gone and no trace of it remained. She knew it was to late to make it and join the men in saving her parents. She knew it was taking a risk by even attempting to go down there by herself but she hated to feel powerless. Besides, she never was good at sitting back and letting others take care of her problems. Which was why she was fighting with Max. It beat sitting around doing nothing. It was a childish thing to do, but hey, after the last couple of days she has had she could afford to be childish. Plus it didn’t help that Adam, Max and the rest of them men had the type of attitude straight out of the days of cavemen. That woman couldn’t do anything by themselves, and must be protected at all times. The testosterone in the house had been stifling and she would be damned if she would allow Max to continue with it. So far, she was holding her own, but she knew she couldn’t hold it for much longer.

After a while the fighting stopped and the two of them stood face to face, both breathing heavily. In that moment the energy they had been using against each other turned sexual but who grabbed for who first was unknown. They soon found themselves in each others arms tearing clothes, biting and clawing.

But no matter how strongly his desire matched hers, he could never bring himself to hurt her. So while matching her passion, he simultaneously tamed and gentled it so that they were hotly, sensuously kissing and caressing each others bodies. Liz healed the claw marks she had left on his chest and back.

Completely forgetting about the world around them, Max drew her pert nipples in his mouth. Liz arched her back, grabbing his head and drawing him closer to her aching breasts. His hands moved to her behr butt and proceeded to kneed the firm flesh in his hands. The ache between her legs grew and intensified and she started humping her behr femininity on his still cloth covered cock.

Max pushed her on her back but before he did that, he restored the lush green grass of the front yard all evidence of their little war was wiped out of site. Liz arched her back and brought his hard body back down to hers. Hands wandered everywhere touching everything and with a soft whimper, Liz convulsed in perfect release under him. The slight tasty whiff of her release called to Max and with a growl, he buried himself in her hot core, where he brought her to another earth shuddering release with his fingers, tongue and mouth.

The taste of her well remembered juices, the beautiful way her body danced in release, plus the soft sounds of her release sent him over the edge and he let loose a river of cum in his pants. Spent he lied on his side next to her, bringing her satisfied body into his arms with little resistance. Safe and spent, unmindful of her own nudity she fell asleep in his arms, the force of her emotions had completely worn her out.

Max though spent couldn’t fall asleep instead he caressed her behr body, taking in every small detail. Remembering Eddie, Mikyla, and Riverdog weren’t that far away. He reluctantly fully clothed Liz and cleaned both their bodies of any evidence of what they had shared. Carrying her into the house, he lied down on the large sofa in the living room, and enjoyed the warmth of her sleeping body on top of his.


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Chapter 19

Liz lazily woke up. Feeling a warm body underneath her, she shifted herself into that warmth and felt warm arms adjust and rewrap themselves around her. Liz sighed in satisfaction and dozed off again. The next time she felt herself waking up she heard voices actively rejoicing. She opened her eyes and saw Mikyla hugging her mother as she entered the door from the back. Liz’s eyes opened wide at the sight. She quickly scrambled off of Max and ran straight to her fathers arms, who was walking in behind her mother. Before long, everyone was hugging and laughing together.

“Oh my god! Thank God. We’ve been so worried, but where’s Kyle and Mr. Valenti?” The girls cried. No one noticed everyone else had cleared out, giving them breathing space and time to be alone as a family.

Including Max who watched for a moment then walked out of the house leaving them to bond as a family. Once outside he found Adam talking to the men plus Jim Valenti. Max kept his distance until the discussion was over. He saw one of the Carpathian’s lead Jim into the house. The others took to the air leaving Adam and Max alone in the backyard.

“So, was something decided? Anything I should know about?” Max asked.

“Not really. I just assured him we would do everything to save his son. We all agreed the Illuminati would dig in after tonight’s break out so that got a little tougher but not undoable. Since they now only have Kyle, they’re not liable to hurt him cause he's the only connection to Liz they have. So he’s safe for the moment, but Liz isn’t. We have to get her out of this country as soon as possible. Something I know from our last conversation she won’t take to well,” Adam said.

Max started rubbing the back of his neck, and a sheepish expression came over his face. “Oh no, she did something while we were gone didn’t she, was it bad?” Adam asked.

“She’s quite powerful. She kept throwing blast after blast of energy at me. She tore up the front yard and aimed it all at my head. Nothing hit me, I was able to deflect all of it but it was close. The worst part is that she didn’t even show one sign of slowing. She’s right about one thing; we can’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. There no telling how many of us she can take if she wished,” Max answered sheepishly.

“That’s not surprising. Liz was always powerful and it is her destiny to lead not to be lead. Unfortunately, were going to have include her more in this operation. It is her life, just as much as ours.” Adam sighed, he was still old school. Despite agreeing on principle with the recent women’s liberation movement, he still couldn’t help but try and protect woman and keep them at home. Especially with the Illuminati’s knack for finding them at their most defenseless. And with so few women left to the Carpathian people most males held the same belief, it wasn’t unusual for their woman to be monitored by their mates at all time.

“I know that, I just can’t help the instinct I have to keep her perfectly safe and under lock and key,” Max said frustrated.

“I understand that, and I completely agree with you but Liz won’t let us work that way. With Liz as strong as you say, the sooner we realize that fact the smoother things will go for us,” Adam replied.

“So I take it your still set we take Liz back to the Carpathian Mountains?” Max asked, still not sold on the idea.

“She’d be the safest there. It would be harder for the Illuminati to infiltrate our lands. We’ve done a lot to insure that. Max, you're not going to win her love just by being the only male around. You have to show her and give her a reason to love you and only you. You can still do that in the Carpathian Mountains.”

# # # #
Other side of the world in the Canyon’s of the Antarians…

“What is taking you so long?” Tess Harding yelled out at her work crew. She got out from her expensive SUV dressed in the latest of fashions. She was a new widow. Her very old husband had died by her own hand. Not that the police could prove anything. Much to her shock, however, her husband had left her nothing in his will except some cash and one piece of land in Europe. His mass fortune had gone to his 13-year-old nephew, whose mother had him under lock and key to protect him from Tess’ evil clutches, since the whole family knew what she had done.

She was appealing to have the will revoked but for right now, she had whored her way into getting some investment capital to build a resort on the lands her husband had left her. The hitch was that her ownership of the lands was being questioned by a local tribe of people who held that the lands were in fact theirs and her former husband had no right to buy, sell, or give away those lands.

The court had already ruled in her favor despite the fact that the mountain was considered by some as an archeological treasure, after some under the table bribes and sex. However, the tribe was still pulling off pranks that were scaring off the workers, delaying and mounting the costs to the resorts construction. What Tess didn’t know was that it’s wasn’t the tribe that was holding back construction but the fairies who had taken it among themselves to protect these lands because here was where Zan was being imprisoned, and had been for over a thousand years. If the mountain statue of the sleeping gargoyle were to be destroyed then Zan would be free in the world. But thanks to humanities destruction of the world’s natural resources threw pollution and the tearing down of forests, the fairies powers were not as strong as they once were. They were trying their best to forestall the destruction of these lands but things were not going well.

“Miss there are ghosts here…” The foreman told her. “… The men are afraid of turning on the equipment and are running away in droves each day. As soon as I hire then, they leave…”

“Of all the stupid… Argh!!!!!” The blond bimbo yelled. “… There are no such things as ghosts!!!” She stomped over to the nearest bull dozing equipment and yelled to the foreman, “Get in! Get in now!!!”

The foreman did what she said. “Now I want you to start this vehicle and start tearing down that mountain, I’ll show these people once and for all there are no ghosts here.”

After a lot more yelling and screeching the bull dozer finally started. The equipment was hit by a forceful cold wind, branches of trees hit it square on, the stench of death hit the air. And illusion made by the fairies which sent all the workers running in the opposite direction. Even the foreman jumped the bull dozer and started running. But nothing-scared Tess, she had planned and scarified too much for a little wind and spineless local workers to stop her. She aimed the bulldozer right for the belly of the stone statue, cracking it. The force of the blow sent her crashing into the muddy ground floor.

The wind stopped and the canyon went completely dead silent. To her shocked gaze the belly of the gargoyle filled with a blue, then a green, and finally a super hot yellow light that forced her to turn her gaze away or be blinded by the light. The whole side of the mountain exploded and out walked a man straight toward her; he grabbed her by the neck and picked her up so that she was facing him. She looked in to the gaze of death itself. It held no compassion, no emotion. His eyes were completely empty, and she knew her time in this planet was at an end.

“Has anyone ever told you, you look just like a Gerbil?” He asked Tess. His emotionless voice sounded husky like it hadn’t been used in a long time. “I have waited there, imprisoned longer then you could ever imagine, with nothing to do but plan my revenge and it’s a gerbil that sets me free. No one ever said life was fair but this is ridiculous.”

He looked at his captive straight in the eyes reading her mind; her life’s memories learning all about the world and it’s many wonders through her and when he was done, he dropped her to his feet. She crawled and coughed at his feet in great pain.

“What an interesting world, you humans have made for yourself. And you’ve been a truly evil girl, killing your husband’s son the way you did was truly hideous, and then to kill the father and hope to profit by it. Nice to see the best of humanity at my feet, and to think my brother actually thought a human was his lifemate.” Zan sneered.

He looked at her crawling around in the muck and he zapped her with painful electricity. “I could make you my human servant, make you feed of the insects and the rotting flesh of my many deserving victims to come. The great earth mother knows your crimes deserve such a punishment but the thought of tying you to me for all eternity sickens me. So I pronounce here and now your death sentence may it be ten times worse then all your victims.”

With that he sent volts of electricity starting low then increasing in intensity until she was little more then finely powdered ash at his feet. Once that was done he went in search of food to bring his strength to full power. Then he would search for his brother, it was time for a family reunion.

# # # #
One of the Illuminati’s many compounds…

“Out of the car. Now,” Donna ordered Kyle. He did what he was told jumping out from behind a van; men with guns flanked him to make sure he didn’t even think about trying anything.

“Follow me,” Donna ordered.

He did, she lead him into a compound surrounded by sharp barbwire. As she lead him through she explained the security to him.

“The outside is fenced in by barb wire and lasers. It alerts the central computer when someone gets in within 20 feet of the fence. There are camera everywhere. Motion detectors are within your room as well as outside.” Kyle looked around and the inside looked like a cross between a very expensive mansion and military instillation. They stopped in front of a room on the 2nd floor. She opened the door and inside was a richly furnished room.

“For the most part you’ll have free, supervised access on this floor and the bottom floor. You’ll be monitored at all times. I’ll let you get some rest, but for the time being, welcome home,” Donna said, leaving him alone in his new room to contemplate what looked like a hopeless situation.

# # # #

Liz found Max sitting on the steps looking out into the backyard. Though she was highly embarrassed remembering what they had done not so long ago, she sat next to him. However, she couldn’t quite make herself look him in the eyes. Max turned toward her, “Liz…” he began to speck but Liz stopped him.

“Shhhh, please let me speck first…” Taking a quick peak to see if he agreed; she blushed when she met his eyes and turned away fast. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “… First I want to apologize for my childish behavior earlier…”

“Liz, you don’t have to…” Max interrupted.

“Yes, I do, please let me. I have acted like a child through all of this and you and your friends have done nothing to deserve that. You didn’t have to save my life back in California; your friends didn’t have go in and risk their lives to save my family. And I pulled a temper tantrum when you wouldn’t do things my way. There’s no excuse for that and all I can say is I’m sorry, truly I am. And to thank you for my life and for that of my family. In my defense all I can say is that I’m a bit of a control freak and it’s always been my biggest fear to be taken away form my parents, maybe it’s because I’m adopted…(pause) anyway… to have my biggest fear come true, threw me for a loop and again I’m sorry,” Liz finished.

“Liz, I know your going through a lot. It wasn’t necessary to apologize but I accept your apology in the spirit it was given,” he said with a soft smile just for her.

“You’re to kind. I know I was a brat, just say so,” Liz said sheepishly.

“Brat?” Max asked, confused.

“Yeah, you know, a little horror, little monster, or unpleasant child. I’m sorry, I know you're not human. I shouldn’t be using slang. Though you have a perfect understanding of English, although you to have a slight accent. How long have you lived in the states?” Liz asked curious, reminded again how little she knew about him yet he had had her naked in his arms not that long ago.

Max was in a dilemma. He wasn’t quite ready to tell her his real past yet. Plus he really didn’t know how he understood her language; it being very different from his own. Yet he had been specking it so well from the beginning, somehow he just knew it. Concluding quickly it was better to stick to the truth as much as he could with out having to lie.

“This is my first time in this country actually,” Max said.

“Really, where do you live? The fabled Carpathian Mountains?” Liz asked.

Seeing as his last home had been with her in the Carpathian Mountains he felt safe answering that with a “yes…”

“I guess I’m really lucky then that you decided to come to the states when you did. Are you on vacation, or visiting someone?” Liz asked.

“No, I’m here for you and only you,” Max said. He saw Liz blush a deep red turning away even further he put his finger under her chin and turned her face towards him. He lowered his face so that their lips were only millimeters apart. Liz was helpless not to look him in the eyes now. Again she was struck with how sexy and handsome he was. There was just something about him that just drew her to him. She didn’t understand it, she had never felt anything like it in her life.

“You feel it don’t you? I know you do. We're connected, you and I. If you didn't feel it, you wouldn’t have laid in my arms as you did as we found beautiful release together,” Max huskily whispered into her mouth.

Liz’s blush turned even redder, “I’ve never done that before with a man I just met, before,” she whispered. ‘I haven’t done anything like this with anyone,’ she silently reminded herself.

He kissed her with a small chaste kiss, that didn’t satisfy her in the least. With shaking fingers, she grabbed his head and brought him in for a deeper kiss. Their mouths meshed, tongues danced and Liz completely forgot the world around her as she lost herself in his mouth.

“Liz, honey where are you?” Both heard her mother call out, they quickly broke apart just when Diane Evans walked out. “Oh, there you are, dear. I’m sorry I don’t believe we’ve met,” she said when she noticed Max sitting next to her daughter.

“Maxwell, madam,” Max said introducing himself.

“Mom, this is the man who saved us in California. Max, this is my mom Diane Evans,” Liz said.

“Oh, my boy let me give you a hug. Thank you so much for saving my daughter. I have no idea what I would have done if they had been able to take her away from me,” Diane said hugging Max like a long lost son.

“It was my pleasure, madam,” Max said with a big smile.

“I’m sorry, I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Diane said.

“No, no, of course not,” Liz said a little to quickly. Diane looked at her daughter and instantly put two and two together like only a mother could.

“Well we just got through talking with Jim and Adam. We’ve come to some conclusions and we wanted to talk to you before anything was decided…” She sat down next to Liz, and continued, “Adam tells us that that the illuminati won’t quit until they get their hands on you. He wants to take you to their home land for a little while for your own protection as they work to get Kyle back and to cut down this organization so it’s safe for everyone again.”

“What about you?” Liz cried.

“I wish we could go with you Liz, but we have clients. We have to find other lawyers to take up their cases if they can. A lot of people are counting on us. We can’t just leave everything, we have to make arrangements. Adam promised us a security detail so that they can’t come after us like before, but it’s you they want, you’re the one we have to keep safe,” Diane explained.

“I’m sorry you’re right, it’s just… I just got you back and now I have to go away…”

“Shhhh…” Diane said taking her daughter in her loving arms rocking her back and forth. She knew quite well of Liz’s fear of losing her family and she reassured her daughter that this was only a temporary situation. “… It’s only for a little while, and you’ll be in good hands. Your father and I will do everything in our power to reunite as soon as we can.”

Liz nodded and got herself back together. It looked like they were in fact going to go to the Carpathian Mountains. Max wasn’t happy about that fact but there was nothing he could do about it. For some strange reason, he got a very strange sensation that something was wrong and the overwhelming urge to protect Liz got even stronger.


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Chapter 20

It was decided that Liz, Mikyla, and Eddie would go with Adam, Max, and Michael back to the Carpathian Mountains. Diane and Phillip would stay behind to take care of their clients; finding them lawyers to take up their cases. Then they would follow their daughter. Eddie was going cause he was bored around the reservation. This looked like a good opportunity to visit new lands and have a nice vacation. Jim would stay behind, working on his own leads and coordinate with Adam in the hopes of find his son faster.

The girls didn’t pack anything; Adam had promised them full wardrobes when they arrived at his home. Eddie took some odd and ends to help worship his native religion as he saw fit while he was gone. Their goodbyes were tearful and long. Liz didn’t want to leave her family but she understood it had to be done. They then got on a plane and quickly left the country.

# # # #

Claudia Parker wanted to roast someone over an open flame, literally. She had been made a fool of. Those dirty Carpathian's had just walked in and without any problem they had taken her hostages. She was so mad she wanted to kill someone! She stalked around her command center. Everyone bowed their heads and tried their best to avoid eye contact with her for fear she would take out her anger on them.

And she was mad enough to do just that. She really wanted to kill someone at this moment. The only good news from this whole mess was that her granddaughter had successfully shipped the boy, Kyle, to one of their other compounds. They still had leverage over Liz Evans, but no doubt, those dirty Carpathians had her under lock and key where they wouldn’t be able to get to her. Well, if they could enter her territory with out any problems, she would be sure to return the favor. An evil smile graced her face. Yes, they would pay for this outrage. She would have Liz under her roof once again and she would know once and for all if Liz was in fact her granddaughter and a true Parker.

# # # #

They arrived at Adam’s home with little trouble and were quickly settled in. Adam worked hard to give the girls a routine to better help them get over the trauma they had gone through in such a short period of time; to try to give them a measure of safety again. Eddie fit in as if he owned the place. It wasn’t unknown to see him roam the countryside talking to people and exploring the countryside around them. Mikyla usually went with him. Liz preferred to stay closer to the mansion and talk to Max and Adam who both helped better control her powers. However, in order to do so, she found she had to change her sleeping habits so she could stay up longer at night. They had been there for a week yet no news from Kyle.

# # # #

Adam walked into his library to find Max standing there in front of an oil painting of Max’s parents. His heart constricted when he thought of them. They had taken Zan turning extremely hard. Max’s jump into the future had almost been the final blow for that couple. But the hope of at least seeing one of their sons again saved them and they lived with that hope until they were killed in an ambush by The Knight's Templar in 1303. It had been a tragic loss. Thousands had been lost mostly woman and children. For the Knight's had attacked during the day when the men had been helpless to do anything and the human protectors had been slaughtered. Most had been burned at the stake for consorting with dark forces. It had been dark times and they had come out of it with their populations cut more then half. Woman were few; children even fewer, that was when the mother's prophesy had fully come to pass. Adam remembered it all well; all of it was burned into his consciences. Each day he went to sleep he could still hear the screams and feel the helplessness of not being able to save any of them, and know all of this was happening because of something he had done in his youth when he had been so stupid.

"You know when I left; I never thought about my parents. What they thought; on what it would do to them, me leaving the way I had. To me it feels like no time has passed. That it was only yesterday that I saw them last and to actually know they're not here anymore, that they haven't been here for such a long time. It's just…"

"Hard," Adam finished for Max.

"Yes," Max sighed.

"I'm so sorry Max. I'm so sorry that my actions brought us to this point." The pain of all these centuries of death he'd lived was evident in his voice.

Max didn't say anything, he just turned away from the picture and Adam and walked out the door. Adam took a deep breath and tried not to cry.

# # # #

Liz got up from bed and took a quick shower. She dressed in a simple flower skirt and white sleeveless shirt that showed the tan of her skin to perfection. Not that she was dressing to capture Max's attention. She didn't bother with shoes. She liked walking bare foot and that too had nothing to do with the fact that Max had told her once that he loved the shape of her feet. Nope all of this was for her own comfort and had nothing to do with Max. She walked down the steps of the castle that would put the French 17century Brassac Castle to shame if Adam allowed the human world to know about this place.

Now she wasn't really looking for Max. It just happened that he was the first person she encountered; not because she was ducking everyone else (which she was, hehe). She found him outside looking out toward the mountains, watching the last rays of the sun sink down behind the mountains. He looked extremely sad, which tugged at Liz's heart strings greatly. She walked up behind him, uncertain as to what to do. Max knew she was there. He always knew when she was near by. He reached behind him and took her hand in his. Together they watched the sun completely disappear and the ground around them became shrouded in perfect darkness.

Liz made some comfortable shoes for herself and together they walked into the woods. Max was careful to lead her into a path she could easily walk. He knew her vision wasn't as good as his was. They found themselves in a clearing where the moon illuminated the ground fully. They sat down on the still warm ground and watched a family of wolves with there pups playing. The sight of them filled Max with a sense of deep sadness as images of what his parents death might have looked liked filled his head.

"What are you thinking about that is making you so sad?" Liz asked.

"My parents," he answered. He didn't look at her; he just took her hand and started studying it as if it was the most important thing in the world.

"What about your parents?" Liz asked gently. There was still so little she knew about him. He looked so sad. She so wanted to help him with whatever that was troubling him.

"Their dead…" He wanted to say how selfish he felt leaving them the way he had, with out even an after thought in their direction. Of the pain they went through because of the direction the lives of their sons took. Mostly for the way they had died. How unfair everything was that the actions of a few almighty Carpathians had condemned the lives of a whole people.

"I've read quite a few human myth's lately. Would you like to hear a Carpathian one?" Max asked her unexpectedly.

"Sure," Liz said confused over his change of topic.

"Once, long ago, humans and Carpathians lived side by side. The two people greatly benefited from the presence of the other, but Carpathians had abilities and powers that humans did not. It made certain Carpathians cocky; I think the word is, when someone is too filled with pride in himself and his people?" He asked Liz to make sure his vocabulary was all right. He had spent a lot of time learning all the new words and the new language he somehow knew since coming here. To make sure he could fully communicate with her.

"Yes, that's cocky," Liz answered.

"So it made certain Carpathians cocky, too sure of themselves. They began to look at humans with a disdainful eye. They began to see them as an easy outlet for sex and a rich sense of food. They didn't kill humans but the earth mother began to fear if this trend continued, that fate wouldn't be to far off. So she made a human woman with some of the abilities of a Carpathian to become the lifemate of a Carpathian male; to bring unity to the two people.

"She grew into a great healer for her people. However, before she could meet her lifemate, a spoiled Carpathian prince found her and lusted after her. When she refused him, he got so angry he drained her of a lot of blood and discarded her near a river. In her weakened state, she drowned trying to get home. The earth mother was very angry that her plans had been so violated. She cursed the Carpathians and she cursed the boy prince whose actions had lead to the death of the girl. It was said after that, humans would turn on Carpathians and that females would no longer be able to bear children; that the few Carpathian children who were born would find it very difficult to live past their first year.”

“Do you believe this story?” Liz asked, intrigued.

Max wanted to say ‘Yes. You were that human girl, and I am the lifemate mother earth gave to you, and even though I only had you one beautiful night and day. I have never loved anything ,not even the parents I so greatly miss right now, as much as I love you. Will you please become my lifemate again? This wait is killing me. To have you so near and yet so far. I only have so little time. I don’t want to return to a world that no longer has you in it, and I couldn’t bear it if I had to.’ Instead he said, “Yes, all of this came to pass. Most of the woman and children were killed by humans centuries ago. Woman now give birth to very few children and most of them are male. It's rare for them to live passed their first year..." Pausing a bit, he took a deep breath before continuing…

"And my parents died at human hands in the most painful way possible or so I'm told. I wasn't there."

"And you blame yourself for that?" Liz asked, now understanding the pain she sensed from him. She removed her hand from his grasp and instead hugged him tight to her. She needed to do something. He looked so sad and furlong and she could tell something else was bothering him; something he wasn't ready to tell her. Max melted in her embrace. Her natural heat seemed to fill his soul giving him a deep feeling of peace and for that moment he could forget that his parents were dead; that he was in limbo between two worlds. He was just a regular man outside in the beautiful moon lit sky with the woman he loved more then life itself. Liz fell back into the grass and she brought Max deeper into her embrace. She cuddled his head to her breasts and softly sang him a song her mother would sing to her when she was little and had woken up from a nightmare needing to feel safe again. Max closed his eyes and for that moment, he was in complete peace.

# # # #

Donna looked in from the doorway as Kyle played pinball like a mad man. Kyle had been in the game room for most of his captivity there. When he got bored by one game he just moved on to another. He never talked to anyone; never looked up to see who walked into the room to watch him. He treated everyone like they were invisible. If someone dared to interrupt his game, he would just move on and play another. It was almost as if you didn't warrant his time and attention. It was damn irritating which was why he was probably doing it. This one way for him to gain some control over his life, something that helped him keep his sanity.

It made sense but something inside her told her that despite his disinterest in the world and those holding him here, his mind was already thinking of some wild plan of escape. Her heart told her to let him down gently and show him there really was no escape from this building. But her head said she was better off letting him carry it out so he would know finally that she and her group meant business. In the end that would be best, but it was one thing knowing it and another to let her heart realize that. It was funny a couple years ago she never would have been thinking things like this; she couldn't understand why she was going soft. Maybe she should stop talking to Alex so much. No doubt he was the reason why she was thinking things like this, either that or she needed a nice long vacation. Either way she was tired of being ignored and one way or another she was going to get a reaction out of him.

"Yo, Valenti don't you ever get bored just playing that game. There are all kinds of other things to do outside this room, you know?" Donna yelled out. Kyle gave no reaction; he just continued playing with his pinball machine.

"Hey, I'm talking to you Valenti." Donna tried again, raising her voice higher, but it made no difference. There was still no response. Annoyed she walked right up to the back of the machine and yanked the power cord out. Kyle just kicked the machine, and with cold eyes, finally turned and faced her, and said, "Why did you do that, bitch?"

"Excuse me. What did you just call me?" Donna asked, outraged.

"Ahhh. Did I offend you? Didn't know one could offend a member of a crazy, murderous, kidnapping, mother fucking bunch of psycho's organization," Kyle sneered, turning away from her and giving her a look that said she was something that belonged on the bottom of his shoe. He went off and started on another game.

Donna was seeing red. No one had ever dared to talk to her that way. She walked straight up to him and was about to give him a piece of her mind (and fist), but Kyle saw her coming by the reflection on the windowpane of the game. He turned around fast, grabbed her by the arms and kissed her long and hard on the lips. Then he pushed her away. He made a show of wiping his lips as if he had just kissed something dirty, while Donna just watched on speechless (it had been one hell of a kiss for her).

"There, that's obviously what you been fishing for. Just don't let it go to your head. I have a girlfriend and unlike you she's not some plastic breasted, fake redheaded member of a psycho cult, so fuck off." With that, he turned away and started the game. Donna just walked away speechless. She wanted to say something but the words just wouldn't come out of her mouth. She needed to regroup and figure out what the hell had just happened there.

Kyle pretended to give the game his whole concentration while trying to keep the smile off his face. He had slipped up his long sleeve shirt; the key card that opened his room. He had seen her use it and now he hoped he could count the number of guards that were outside his room and check where exactly the cameras were and then just maybe come up with a plan to get out of here. It was a plan; it might not work but at least he was trying to get out; not just waiting around to be rescued.

# # # #

Zan looked on as his brother and his new girl where lying around in the grass looking at the stars. They were wrapped in each other's arms, and looked quite comfortable with each other. He stared at the girl with a concentration that was scary in its intensity. He took in every feature in her face and body and marveled that Maxwell had found for himself an exact replica of the girl he had killed all those centuries ago, the girl who had led up to his centuries old imprisonment. And for what really? He had only tried to protect his brother from a terrible mistake, but he was back now and even though Maxwell didn't appreciate what kind of brother he had, Zan would take up again his cause to protect his brother from his terrible choices. After all, they were family.

# # # #

Max's sense's told him something was very wrong but he couldn't figure out exactly what it was that was giving him such a strange feeling. Sitting up, he began looking around trying to see who it could possibly be. Liz sat up with him and she too looked. She didn't see anything but either way she said, "Max, maybe its best if we returned to the house. Something's here and it feels evil." Max didn't reply. That was all he needed to hear. Gathering her up in his arms, they returned to the house. Zan turned away and planned his next move.