Title: Encounter Between Strangers
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They should be mine but they’re not.
Summary: Two people meet at a gym
This is just a fluff piece to get my juices flowing for my other fics.

“Why the hell do I put myself through this crap?” Liz thought to herself as she pumped her legs on the stairmaster.

She joined the gym to stay in shape but hated doing the actual work. She looked around the room to look at the other people, but was oblivious to the appreciative looks she was getting from the men in the gym. Many male eye lingered over her sleek body that was accentuated by her gym clothes that were skin tight. One particular set of male eyes were pasted on Liz from the moment she arrived at the gym. They followed her around the room watching her every move as if he were worshipping her. The amber eyes at the same time were eating her alive and feed the brain vivid images of what he wanted to do to her body if he ever got the chance. He could see himself stroking her body with his hands as well as licking her from head to toe screaming out her orgasm. These thought were making him so hard. He watched her complete her workout and move towards the sauna area. He watched her go through the women’s entrance so he made a beeline for the males. Liz needed to relax and relax her sore muscles and a little time in the sauna was exactly what she needed. The steam and the heat would melt away everything that was bad. So she quickly undressed and wrapped herself in a towel and headed towards one of the rooms. She looked through each window to check for occupants. She didn’t want to be disturbed by other’s endless chatter. She found an empty and slipped in, silently hoping the wrong people didn’t enter to disturb her. She poured some water over the coals to make more steam rise. She then walked over to the bench and stretched out. A satisfied sigh escaped her lips as someone opened the door and stepped in.

“Damn I knew I would be interrupted.” Liz thought.

“Is it alright if I joined you?” A deep male voice asked Liz.

The voice went right through her and made her tremble from arousal. She opened her eyes to see a Greek god. His muscles were chiseled and he was tall and just all around mouth watering to Liz. He smiled at her and raised a sexy eyebrow.

“So, is it ok?” He asked.

It was then that Liz noticed that she was staring at him and never answered his question.

“Yes, please come in.”


He came in and closed the door. He then walked over to the coals and poured more water to generate more steam for the bit that was lost when he opened the door then he sat in a bench across from Liz. Liz sat up and readjusted her towel. They sat in silence for a few minutes.

“My name is Max.”

“I’m Liz.”

They gave each other a smile then there was a few minutes of silence.

“So, Liz, have you been a member of this gym for long.”

“Just for the past few weeks. Needed to work out the stress from the job. What about you?”

“Just about the same, for a few weeks but I need to tone up make sure I still looked appealing .to the female eye.” As Max said this he passed his hand over his flatboard stomach.

Liz was eating him up with her eyes and wished it was her hand touching him.

“Well, I personally feel the need to tone up my thighs and legs and make them more appealing.” As Liz said this she bent down and ran her hand up her leg to her thigh.

Max’s eyes followed the trail paved by the hand. When she got to her thighs she pushed the towel up to stroke her thighs. Max had to swallow hard. He was mesmerized. Her voice brought him back to earth.

“Yeah, after a workout I like to come to the sauna and relax and let my muscles relax. But this would be even better with a massage.”

“Well, if you would like I could give you a massage. My wife says I have magical fingers.”

“I bet you do.” Liz thought to herself.

“Well if you don’t mind that would be great.”

Max got up and walked over to Liz.

“Well stretch out on the bench and I’ll get to it.”

Liz stretched out on the bench. Max leaned over and laid his hands on her shoulder. Liz almost moaned from his touch. It was electrifying. He rubbed her shoulders and neck, warmth seeped into her skin. He massaged her neck and shoulders for a few minutes then moved down to her legs. He rubbed her feet then moved up to her legs. Liz was almost over the edge, moisture was collecting in between her legs. She then felt his hands on her thighs and there was no stopping the moan coming from her lips. Max heard it and grinned.

“Liz, are you ok?”

“Yes.” She choked out.

“If you need me to stop just let me know.”

“NO! I mean no, don’t stop. I’m fine. You’re wife is a lucky woman and she’s right you do have magic fingers.”

Max grinned and continued the massage. He continued up her thighs until he reached the edge of her butt.

“Liz, that’s as far as I can go.”

Liz raised herself up on her elbows and peered at Max over her shoulder.


“Because you’re wrapped up in the towel.”

“Well, we can fix that.”

Liz stood up and grabbed another towel and stretched it out on the bench. She then opened the front of her towel, folded the towel so that it still covered her butt and then laid her body down on the towel that was on the bench.

“There, is that better for you Max?” She asked in a husky.

“Much better.” He responded in an equally husky voice.

He leaned over and started to massage her back. But to Liz it felt more like a caress. She bit down on a towel to keep from purring. Max was not immune. He was rock hard. Her sweet scent of peaches and vanilla was driving him crazy. He wanted to flip Liz over and take her hard and run his fingers through her hair. He wanted to hear Liz scream his name. He brought his hands to her sides and he stroked her. His hands eased up until he was touching the sides of her breast. His fingers lingered there and Liz had to bury her face into a towel to bury the moans. Max eased his fingers off of Liz and backed away. Liz wanted to yell at him not to stop instead she lifted her head and looked at him.

“Why did you stop?”

“Because soon I wouldn’t be able to stop?”

Liz looked at Max, then her eyes traveled down his body to the tent that was now in the front of his body. Liz looked at Max in his eyes as she slowly stood up and dropped her towel standing completely naked. She walked over to Max and gripped his towel and pulled it off so he was naked as well. Liz saw his erection and licked her lips. She placed her hands on his chest and slowly eased them up his chest and wrapped them around his neck. She pressed her body to his, feeling his erection against her stomach. She raised her face so it was mere inches from his.

“Who said I wanted you to stop?”

With those words Max’s thin strip of control snapped. He grabbed Liz and gave her a deep and passionate kiss. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his body. The kiss was never broken. He walked over to the bench with Liz in his arms. He broke the kiss because they needed air and to place Liz on the bench. He stretched her out then placed his body over hers. Liz loved the feel of Max’s body enveloping hers. She grabbed his head and gave him a fiery kiss on the lips. Her hands were not idle stroking him every where and pressing him closer. Max raised himself slightly and looked down at Liz.

“Liz, are you sure you want to do this here?”

Liz responded by pushing him onto his back. She then laid her body on top of his so his front was to her back. She took both his hands into hers and placed them on her shoulders. She turned her head to the side to kiss him. She intertwined her hands with his and started to slide them down her body slowly, passing them over her breast. He moaned as she had him touch and squeeze her breast. Their hands continued down her body as they both moaned from the sensation their hands were causing. They eased down her chest to her stomach, down to her hips and further down south to her wet core. Once there Max untangled his hands from hers and took over on his own. He opened her wet lips and dipped to fingers into her opening. He rubbed her bundles of nerves causing her to grind her butt into his erection. Her hips were moving against his fingers as they penetrated her opening. She opened her legs more to give him more access. He pumped his fingers in and out. Liz moaned almost at the edge of ecstasy. Max gave her a few more strokes and she went over. The waves of the orgasm over took her as her body shook. Max gently placed her next to him then lowered himself to her core and lapped up her juices sending her over the edge again before she could catch her breath. When Max was finished lapping up her juices he eased back up her body stroking her as he went. When he came to her breast he grabbed one in his mouth and the other in his hand. He sucked, licked and squeezed both breasts making Liz whimper and beg for more. He eased further up licking and nibbling on Liz’s neck.

“Max, I’m so ready for you please.”
“Ok baby.”

He settled his body between her legs. He placed his tip into her tunnel. He grabbed her face and kissed her hard. Then in one fluid motion his thrust his stiff rod into her. They both cried out in ecstasy at the completion. Liz wrapped her legs around Max pushing him deeper into her body. Max’s thrusts were hard and deep and Liz met everyone with her own. They drove each other to the cliff and jumped into the sea of orgasmic completion. It took them twenty minutes to come down from their high. Max leaned down and kissed Liz gently on the lips. When the kiss ended they looked each other in the eye with smiles on their lips.

“I think we better get up before we get caught.” Liz said reluctantly. She didn’t want this to end.

“Yeah, you’re right let’s not push our luck. Besides I have to get home to my wife.”

“Yeah, I need to get home to my husband.”

“You’re husband is a lucky man.”

“So is your wife.”

“Well so as not to draw suspicion why don’t you leave first.”

“Thanks Max. Will I see you here again?”

“We’ll see.”

Liz leaned up and gave Max a kiss on the lips and then walked out of the sauna.

Max took a deep breath, waited a few minutes then walked out. He took a quick shower then got dressed. As he was leaving the locker room one of the gym employees stopped him and let him know his wife was in the front waiting for him. He walked to the front desk and there she was.

“Hi sweetheart.” He said and gave her a quick kiss.

“Hey! Are you ready?”

“Yeah. Let’s go grab a bit to eat before we go home.”

”Yes, some Chinese would be good.”

“Whatever you want.” Max said with obvious love for his wife.

They left the gym hand-in-hand. The two attendants at the front desk look at them wistfully wishing to be the woman in the relationship wishing they could trade places with her. One turned to the other and was heard to have said.

“Liz Evans is a lucky woman to have Max Evans.”


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