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Title: The Truth About Santa
Author: Jenn *tongue*
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell. The Kids names belong to me, as does the story line. *happy*
Summary: Max and Liz's twins find out the hard way that there is no Santa Clause.
This is a Fan Fic challenge by SugarPlum17.

AN: This is for Shorty828 for asking me to write this!

Liz walked up the stairs to check on her children. She wanted to make sure they were asleep before going downstairs to put the gifts under the tree. Max told her that he had a big surprise for her so she couldn't come into the living room just yet. She didn't mind though because this gave her time to check on Caleb and Lucas.

The boys were nine now and Liz knew that they probably didn't quite believe in Santa anymore but she made sure she said that most of the presents were from the big man not wanting to spoil their childhood dreams before she had to. Every child deserved to believe in Santa until they found out he wasn't real and she didn't want to ruin that for her boys.

She opened the door slowly not wanting to make any noise and quietly walked into the room. They shared a room right now and Liz peered into their beds. The angelic looks on their faces brought a smile to Liz's. Her young men were terrors but she wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone thought it was surprising that she and Max could have children who got into so much mischief since they were always the perfect children but they managed to get hellions.

She kissed each of their foreheads and headed back towards the staircase. She wanted to get the gifts out quickly since the boys would be up early so they could open them up. They always got up at about 5:30 wanting to open gifts and since it was already 12:30 Liz wanted to get a move on.

"Max? Sweetie can I come down now?" she asked quietly not wanting the boys to wake up.

"Yeah come on down," he answered just as quietly. He loved Caleb and Lucas more then anything in the world but he didn't want them to wake up and spoil his plans.

Liz walked into the living room and smiled at her husband. They'd been together since sophomore year of High School, and they got married after their first year of college.

"Max what are you doing?" she asked him taking in his appearance. He was dressed in a Santa outfit, beard and all. She thought he looked very cute but she was curious as to what it was all about.

"I just wanted to play Santa. I never got a chance to do it before because working with my dad kept me at the office late. But this year, I got off and I just wanted to play. And besides, Santa has a special present for you," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

Liz laughed and slapped Max's shoulder lightly. "Behave Santa, I mean we have to put the kids gifts out first."

"No, I think Mrs. Evans that you need your Christmas present first," Max told her laughing.

"Well, if you insist," she giggled playing along.

Max slowly advanced on her the desire evident in his eyes. He wanted his beautiful wife more then anything in the world. Even after fourteen years of married bliss all he had to do was look at her and he got aroused.

He remembered the day she told him she was pregnant. Nine years ago, it had been an accident but it was the best Christmas present he could have ever gotten. She told him that she was pregnant on Christmas morning, two months pregnant and he of course asked how, and she said that she must have forgotten to take her pill one day. It amazed him how one little miss could have created the two most beautiful children in the world but it did.

"You Mrs. Evans have been a very good girl all year, and it's time you collected your special present," Max said as he stopped right in front of her, all thoughts of his children left his mind.

"Ooh, what did you have in mind Santa?" she asked seductively.

"Well you'll have to unwrap the present to see," he whispered stepping back to show a large ribbon on his pants.

Liz laughed softly at Max's wonderful notion and pulled the ribbon off pushing his pants to the floor. They were both really turned on and this little play was making Liz want to role-play more often.

She kissed Max hungrily and he welcomed it. He was just as hungry for her and his hands were touching her everywhere causing Liz to moan into his mouth. At the first moan he groaned stiffing even more.

She unbuttoned the Santa shirt and pulled it off his shoulders running her hands down his muscular chest and stomach. At thirty-three he was still as firm as he was back when he was twenty, and Liz knew his body inside and out making their sexual escapades more interesting.

She scrapped her fingernails over his nipples causing him to hiss through his teeth. She knew exactly what to do to get him excited and he knew that so he had to turn the tables on her. Max quickly picked Liz up causing her to squeal and laid her down on the floor positioning himself over her. He continued kissing her and only paused to remove her shirt and pants. She didn't have a bra on and Max fastened his lips on one of her nipples the moment it was exposed.

She let out a breathy moan and held his head to her breast. She loved when Max suckled her breasts since they were so sensitive. Of course they were a bit larger now then when she was younger, after all she had two children.

"Oh Max," she moaned as he kissed his way down her stomach reaching the waist of her panties. He flicked her bellybutton with his tongue and she gasped threading her fingers into his hair. He smiled against her stomach and continued down her body taking her panties off with his teeth.

He massaged her legs with his hands while making his way back to her core needing to taste her. He never got enough of Liz's taste and tonight was no different. He lapped at her folds causing her to trash about on the floor. Settling his mouth over her clitoris he began to suck and nibble on it and Liz had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out how good it felt. He juices were running down his chin as he tried to lap them all up.

As her orgasm started to subside Max entered her in one swift motion. His need to be inside of her made him an impatient man. It did things to him knowing that he was ever the only man to know Liz in this intimate manner. Of course she was the only woman who has ever known him intimately too but he preferred it that way.

"I love you," he whispered into her ear causing her to smile.

"I love you too," she said breathlessly tightening her grip around his waist locking her ankles behind his butt.

~*~*~Boys Bedroom~*~*~

"Come on Lucas, I heard a noise downstairs. I bet its Santa. If we go quickly we can see him and then tell everyone that there is a Santa and Peter Troy doesn't know what he's talking about," Caleb said to his brother.

"I'm tired Caleb and besides what if Santa sees us. He might take back all the toys because we were bad and snuck out of bed," Lucas tried to reason.

"He won't take back the gifts. COME ON!" Caleb said grabbing Lucas's arm dragging him out of bed.

"Fine!" Lucas snapped. "Let go of me."

Caleb let go and together they walked down the stairs. They each sat down to slide over the one that makes noise and continued their trek. They both smiled at one another enjoying the fact that they were doing something they weren't supposed to.

They stopped on the bottom step waiting for the perfect moment to stand up and look into the living room. They didn't want to scare Santa or anything.

"Oh, God!" Liz cried out as Max hit her magic spot. "Right there."

Lucas looked at Caleb, "Wasn't that mommy's voice?" he asked.

"I think so," Caleb replied.

They both got the same idea at the same time and stood up. They saw Liz on the floor with Santa on top of her. They didn't know what they were doing and a part of them wanted to help her but another part of them was afraid. They thought about running to get their daddy because to them it looked like Santa was attacking their mommy.

"I think we need to get daddy," Lucas said turning towards the stairs.

"Yeah good idea," Caleb said walking up the first couple of steps, before running the rest of the way. Lucas was right behind him and they didn't stop until they got to their parents door.

Max grunted as his orgasm washed over him. His orgasm triggered Liz's and she bit his shoulder to hold in the scream. Max winced a bit but didn't say anything. He knew why Liz bit him and smiled. He kissed her forehead and placed his weight on his arms.

"Merry Christmas Mrs. Evans," he said playfully again.

"Thank you Santa. That was the best Christmas present ever," she replied.

"DADDY!" Lucas yelled.

"Shit," Max mumbled rolling off Liz. He threw her her clothes and pulled off his Santa suit. He pulled his boxers and T-shirt back on and rushed to the steps. He took them two at a time and stopped as he saw the boys in front of his door.

"What's up pal?" Max asked Lucas picking him up.

"You've got to help mommy! I think Santa was attacking her," Lucas said the tears streaming down his cheeks.

Max's face turned eight shades of red. He couldn't believe his kids saw that. He was mortified.

"I'll go down there right away buddy, I promise. Now you go back to your room, and let Caleb know mommy will be all right and we'll both be in to see you in a minute, ok?" Max said putting Lucas on the ground.

"Ok daddy, but hurry," Lucas hiccupped.

"I will," Max told him running down the stairs.

Liz saw the expression on Max's face and wondered what was wrong with the boys. She was placing gifts under the tree but stopped when Max walked back into the room.

"What was that all about?" she asked him.

"Uh, well the boys I guess wanted to see if there really was a Santa and they saw us, well you know, and thought Santa was attacking you," Max blurted out in a rush.

"Oh my God!" Liz exclaimed. "What are we going to tell them!"

"I have no idea. I mean we can't say mommy and daddy were making love, but we can't tell them that Santa was attacking you. They have to know it was me," Max said sadly. "This means that they will know there is no Santa."

"It'll all work out Max, just wait," Liz said getting up. "Come on lets go talk to the boys, let them know I was all right and then finish putting out the gifts."

Max and Liz walked upstairs holding hands and walked into they boys room. Caleb and Lucas jumped out of bed and hugged their mommy the minute she walked into the room.

"Mommy! You're ok. Daddy saved you," Caleb cried.

"Sweetie, mommy wasn't being attacked by Santa. You see Daddy and Mommy were playing and Daddy dressed up as Santa and he started tickling mommy, that's what you saw when you peeked into the living room," Liz said thinking quick on her feet.

"Yeah, and you know how ticklish mommy is," Max said smiling at his wife. Nice Save, he mouthed.

"Yeah we know. Ok, but way was daddy dressed up as Santa?" Lucas asked.

"It was a game I wanted to play with mommy, and since it is Christmas Eve, Santa was the prefect person to dress up as," Max said.

"Ok, goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy," the boys said climbing back into bed.

"Good night," they replied walking back down to the living room to put the rest of the gifts under the tree.

~*~*~NEXT MORNING~*~*~

"Come on wake up!" Caleb and Lucas yelled jumping onto their parent’s bed.

Max groaned and rolled over. "DADDY!" the boys shouted.

"All right, all right, I'm up," Max said climbing out of bed.

The four of them walked down stairs so the boys could open their gifts. Lucas looked at Caleb every time he opened a gift from "Santa" and Caleb did the same.

Max and Liz noticed the boys looking at one another and wondered what was up.

"Mommy, daddy, we know that there's no Santa now. We snuck back downstairs last night and saw you both putting the presents under the tree," Caleb said.

"I figured as much," Max said. "It's ok guys, you were bound to find out sooner or later. Are you mad?"

"No, you and mommy buy good gifts," Lucas said smiling. "So it's ok that it's not Santa bringing us the toys."

"Well that's a relief," Liz laughed as she watched the boys rip open the rest of their gifts. "I've got a surprise gift for you as well," she whispered to Max.

"Oh really? What is it?" Max asked.

"You'll have to wait and see," she smiled.

Max handed Liz a nicely wrapped box and the boys walked up to see what it was. She unwrapped it and inside was a diamond ring. Max couldn't afford an engagement ring their freshman year of college when he asked her to marry him.

"Liz Parker Evans I know you married me all those years ago, but will you make it complete by wearing this engagement ring?" Max asked from one knee in front of her.

Lucas and Caleb were laughing at their daddy's silliness and Liz was crying.

"Oh Max! Of course I will," she said launching herself into his arms.

He caught her and hugged her close. They shared a kiss which earned them a yuck from the boys. Max smiled and kissed Liz again softly.

"Max, I've got some news to tell you," she said.

"What news?" Max asked getting alarmed.

"Well, I'm 12 weeks pregnant," she told him. "Merry Christmas!"

The End.

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Sugarplum17....Thank you for coming up with the challange. I just hope that I did it justice. *happy* I had fun writing it. And thank shorty828 for asking me to write it. LOL

Jenn *tongue*