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Title: Christmas Gifts of Love
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. I would treat them with love as they should be.
Summary: Max and Liz give each other the gifts of the heart.
Rating NC-17

“Maria!” Max yelled.

She came running through the swinging doors at the back of the Crashdown.

“Max what is wrong with you? Why are you shouting like that?”

“Maria, you need to speak to your boyfriend. I don’t need this stress right now. I’m trying to get Liz’s gift perfect for her and he’s talking about going to a dirt bike race right before. He’s me second and I don’t need him getting there late. I have ignored Liz this whole week so she wouldn’t get any flashes in our kisses of me pulling this thing together. I haven’t felt her lips or gotten to run my fingers through her hair. We haven’t been on a date and I can tell she’s just about at the end of her rope. Now the moron you call your boyfriend wants to pull a ‘Maxwell since everything isn’t happening till Christmas Eve at night I’m going to go to a dirt bike race in Las Cruces but I’ll be back.’ But I’m not supposed to freak about this and rip him apart.”

“Max, alright you need to calm down because you’re sounding like me. Relax, Michael isn’t going to some stupid race. Isabel and I will make sure of that. Is everything else set?”

“Yeah, I just double checked everything. How about the details you and Isabel were in charge of are they ready?”

“Max who are you talking to? Of course we’re ready and everything is gorgeous. They tried to give us trouble but between Isabel, your mom, Liz’s mom and me we searched and destroyed. In the after math there was pure beauty.”

“Good. Kyle and me have everything ready on our end I just hope she loves it. I got to go and do some minor last minute details. Handle Michael as only you can, Maria, please.”

Maria got up and gave Max a hug.

“Babe, I’ll handle it. Now go handle your business.”

She pushed Max towards the door. He gave a quick smile then left.

She shook her head and turned around to go back into the back of the Crashdown when she ran right into a confused Liz.

“Liz, what’s up?”

“Was that Max?”

“Uh, yeah it was.”

“Why didn’t he go upstairs to look for me? Did he ask for me?”

“No he didn’t. He was here to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”

“Just something to do with Michael. You know how spaceboy gets sometimes and Max seems to understand him.”

“Oh, but that still doesn’t explain why he didn’t come to see me.”

“Chica, he was distracted and I had him busy with my problems.”

“Yeah, that seems to be his MO lately.” Liz said with a sad expression.

Maria walked over to her and gave her a hug.

“Lizzie, Max loves you. But you know during this time of year everybody gets distracted.”

“I guess you’re right but it still hurts. Especially now that I found out…” Liz stopped herself before blurting out her news.

Maria looked at her waiting to continue.

“Especially now that what? What did you find out?”

“Especially now that we’re together and I found I’m happy more than I was before. I mean we’re together in every way. We’ve shared our souls, hearts and bodies. And it just feels for the last two weeks Max has distanced himself from me and I just don’t understand why. It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and he hasn’t made any plans with me. He was in the Crashdown and he didn’t even come to see me.”

Tears started to roll down Liz’s face. Maria went up to her and hugged her.

“Chica, I know he has to have his reasons. I know he loves you and you mean everything to him. Listen why don’t you just go wash your face and we’ll have a girl’s night. I’ll call Isabel and we’ll just go crazy and forget about men for tonight.”

Liz smiled and hugged Maria back.

“I can always count on you Ria.”

Liz went upstairs and Maria ran to the phone. She dialed a number quickly.


“Max, it’s Maria. You need to call Liz now.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Is she ok?”

“No, she’s not. She needs reassurance and love from you like now. Insecurities are playing leap frog with her emotions. Call her now.”

“Ok, Maria”

Maria said bye and hung up on him then dialed another number.

“Hello, Isabel. We have two very big tasks ahead of us and I need you to meet me at the Crash in like ten minutes.”


As Liz walked out of the bathroom her phone rang.


“Hi, Liz, it’s me.”

“Oh, hi Max. So you remembered my number and my name. I’m honored.”

Those words cut right through Max. They had been through a lot and had barely made it through together, but they had. Until recently they had been extremely close, spending every waking minute together. They had both decided to take a year off before going to school to spend time together and strengthen their bonds without the threat of destiny and runaway brides and illegitimate children. They dealt with Tess and made her disappear permanently once it was established there was no child and there was never a possibility of one, especially from Max. Their bond grew, as well as their love, which is why Max was going all out for Liz’s present and he hoped she liked it a lot. But he didn’t like to here the pain in her voice or be the cause of it

“Liz, I know I’ve been distracted lately and haven’t had time for us but I promise I’m going to make it up to you. I love you.”

“Yeah, well I hope whatever has you distracted is worth it?”

“After tonight Liz you’ll know what has had me distracted. This is the last night we’’ ever be separated again I promise.”

“Max don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“I’m not. Liz please trust me. Tomorrow everything will be cleared up I promise. Have faith in me and in us.”

“I want to.”

Max could here she was crying.

“Liz please don’t cry. To make sure that I keep my promise how about we make a date for tomorrow night. How about I pick you up tomorrow say 8:00pm and give you a Christmas Eve to remember?”

Liz could feel his voice send warmth through her body. She wanted nothing more than to give in to him. But the distance between them hurt her so much.

“Are you sure you’ll have time for me?”

“Liz, please let me heal you.”

Liz closed her eyes and was quiet for a few minutes. Max on the other end of the line was really worried.

“You better be here at eight o’clock sharp, Evans, or you’ll be sorry.”

Max breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

“Yes ma’am. Liz Parker you are my life and I love you. Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it you are always in my mind and my heart. I will spend the rest of my life proving it. I love you.”

The tears streaming down Liz’s were now more of relief and of happiness. Max heard her sniffling.

“Please baby no more tears.”

“I missed you and was so scared.” She said through her tears.

“I’m sorry and I’ve missed you too, but tomorrow I’m all yours and I’m going to put the biggest smile on your face.”

“Ok, I love you.”

“The most beautiful music to me ears.”

This finally put a smile on Liz’s face.

“They’re cute little ears too.”

“Cute, possibly, but my ears are far from little.”

Liz started to giggling..

“That’s what I want to hear, you happy. No more tears.”

“When I’m with you I am. Listen, Max, I really need to talk to you.”

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“No it needs to be in person.”

“Ok, can it wait till our date tomorrow.”

“Umm, yeah it can.”

“OK, so tomorrow we’ll discuss anything and everything you want.”

“Good! Then I’ll see you 8pm sharp. I’ll be the on in a red dress.”


“Max, you have more power over me than any other person. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t Liz.”

“OK, then I’ll let you go. I have to get ready for a girl’s night with Maria and Isabel. What are you doing tonight?”

“Umm., I have to work and do some last minute Christmas shopping.”

“Ok, so I’ll see you tomorrow then. Love you.”

“Ok, tomorrow then, love you too.”

Liz blew a kiss into the phone then hung up the phone feeling much better. She took a deep breath then smiled at what she had to tell Max.

“I hope you like your Christmas gift.”

The next night at eight o’clock Liz was sitting and waiting for Max. She was completely relaxed. Last night after their talk she was able to enjoy the girl’s night with Isabel and Maria. They laughed and talked about everything from boys to future plans. She enjoyed it immensely. Now she was here ready for the night that Max had planned for them. A man in a chauffeur’s uniform walked into the Crashdown and looked around the restaurant. As soon as his eyes landed on Liz he started to walk over to her.

“Miss Parker?”

Liz was shocked and forgot to answer for a minute.

“Yeah? I mean yes I’m Liz Parker.”

“If you’ll come with me please.”

“Umm, I can’t do that I don’t know you.”

“Mr. Max Evans sent me. He said he would explain everything to you once you saw him. I’m to take you to him right now.”

“And where exactly is that?”

“I was instructed to just take you there but not allowed to tell you exactly where we were going.”

Liz was confused.

“Well, I guess if Max sent you it’s ok?”

The man nodded and waited for her to lead the way. Liz got up and walked out of the restaurant to the waiting car. He opened the door for her and closed it after she got in. They were on the road for about twenty minutes then the driver pulled up to the front of a church. Liz looked around and even more confused. The driver got out and came around to her side and opened her door. She stepped out of the car and looked around.

“OK, where am I supposed to go now?”

“Into the church, Miss Parker.”

Liz was going to question him further but gave that up knowing he wouldn’t give her any info. She walked up the stairs and into the church. Inside the site the greeted her was beautiful and very serene. There were candles every where as well as white roses and white ribbons. It was beautiful.


Liz whirled around at the sound of the voice that can warm her heart and protect her. Max was standing at the front wearing a black tuxedo. Liz smiled and walked up to him and threw herself into his arms. Max wrapped his arms around Liz and held her tight. They both felt like they were in heaven. Liz leaned back slightly and gave Max a deep kiss. They broke it when they both had a desperate need for oxygen.

“Wow, I gave that up for two weeks?”

“Yeah, you did Mr. Evans, but now you’re here with me and I’m not letting go. By the way, why are we here?”

Max grinned down at her and took her hand. He pulled her towards the front pew and sat them down. He enveloped her hand into his and looked into her eyes.

“Liz, its been four years since you saved my life. That day in the Crashdown you may have been the one with a gunshot wound but I was the one with the whole in my heart. The day I saved you I saved myself from a lonely existence devoid of love. But you saw the real me and loved me with my quirks and all. You stood by me and sacrificed for me but the love held strong. You have my heart, soul and body. I want and need you in my life for the rest of my life. I want us to be committed to each other for life. I want you to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. I want to make all your dreams come true. When you’re in pain I want to make it all better. I want to dry your tears. I want to be the one you turn to for support. I want to sacrifice for you. I want to bring you up when you’re down. I want to fill up your heart with love and make sure you feel loved, appreciated and important. You are my number one priority and I want to spend my days proving it to you. I want us to have kids who look like you without my ears because they don’t deserve that punishment. I just want to give you a good life. I can’t promise to be perfect, but I can promise to give you my all. With that said Liz Parker will you do me the honor tonight of being my wife?”

By this time Max had gotten down on one knee in front of Liz with a diamond ring in his hand. Liz was crying her eyes out from happiness unable to say a word because she was choked up. All she could do was nod her head yes. Max slipped the ring on her finger.

TBC???? (Want the wedding and Liz’s present for Max?)

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Part 2

After Max slipped the ring on Liz’s fingers they looked into each other’s eyes and leaned in to kiss.

“Freeze! No, uh-uh, not gonna happen.”

“Jeez, Maria no wonder you’re known as Maria interruptus.” Michael said dryly.

Maria walked up behind him and gave him a quick slap against his head. Then she turned to Max and Liz and grabbed Liz’s arm and started to pull her away.

“You can do all the kissing you want afterwards. Right now we have a wedding to put on and you both have to get dressed. The guys will be quick because they only have to slip into their tuxes and pass a comb through their hairs. Well, Michael will need extra with his Chewbacca hair and Max please make sure he does comb the grunge out of that mop. But back on topic, we ladies, especially you Liz still have to do our make-up, put on the dresses, stockings, etc. You know the deal, so Liz wave to your fiance for now you’ll see him in a couple of hours. Guys go to your side of the church and go get ready and we’ll go to ours. Bye.”

With that said Liz threw a look and a kiss to Max before she and Maria disappeared through a door in the church. Michael walked up to Max still rubbing his head where Maria had slapped him.

“Well, Max, you heard hurricane Deluca lets get you ready. But one question, are you sure about this? I mean she could turn into Maria and then what.”

Max had been staring at the door Liz left through but turned his head to look at Michael.

“Michael, there’s only one Maria and she’s all yours. Enjoy.”

Michael threw Max a dirty look. Max just laughed and walked to his side of the church with Michael following behind.

For the next few hours there was a flurry of activity on both sides of the church as the wedding party got ready. On the grooms side Max, Kyle, Michael, Jim, Jesse, Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans were helping each other get ready and easing nervous tension. Mr. Valenti, Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans were giving Max a pep talk and advice for a happy marriage, along with the dire threats to make sure he made Liz happy. On the brides side there was also a flurry of activity. Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Deluca, Mrs. Evans, Isabel and Maria first helped Liz get ready first. When Liz saw her gown she cried it was beautiful, the bodice was made of lace and it fell off her shoulder and it hugged her hips. Then the skirt, which was made of satin, flared out like a bell down to the floor. The veil was long and fell far behind her. She looked like the queen she was about to become. For her something new she received a pair of pearl and diamond earrings compliments of her parents and new in-laws. For something old a handkerchief that belonged to Grandma Claudia. For something borrowed her mother gave her a pearl necklace. Finally for something blue she had her garter. So she was dressed and prepared so the ladies set about getting themselves ready. The dresses for the bridesmaid and maid of honor were a beautiful deep red that flattered both. Hair done make-up in place, they were ready to begin. Maria ran to the other side where the guys were getting ready. Once she checked that they were ready, including Michael’s hair properly combed. She sought out the priest and organist to let them know they were ready. Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Deluca, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Valenti, Mr. Evans all took their seats in the pews. Max came out and stood in place with Michael by his side. Jesse was recording the ceremony for them. The first ones down the aisle was Isabel and Kyle, followed by Maria walking by herself. Then the back of the church doors closed and the organist started to play the wedding march. The doors opened up again and there stood Liz with her dad. She was an angel as far as Max was concerned. As she made her way down the aisle with Mr. Parker they only had eyes and smiles for each other. Just before she got to the alter Mr. Parker stopped and Liz turned to see they were by her mom. Mrs. Parker hugged her and kissed her cheek. They smiled at each other then Mr. Parker walked on till they reached Max.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” The priest asked.

“Her mother and I do.” Replied Jeff.

Jeff placed Liz’s hand into Max’s and held them together.

“Make each other happy.”

He gave their hand a squeeze and turned and sat down next to his wife. Max took Liz’s hand and walked to the altar in front of the priest.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Marriage is not an institution to be entered into lightly. But in speaking to Max and Liz’s family and friends I am told that these are two people well prepared for this responsibility. I am told Max and Liz are the embodiment of true love and soulmates. So with this in mind I now ask Max to say his vows to Liz.”

Max turns to Liz and takes her hand.

“When I was in the third grade and got off a school bus my eyes landed on this beautiful brown haired and brown eyed beauty and right away I lost my heart. I loved you from afar thinking I could never have a chance. Then through circumstances we were thrown together and you gave me life. You saved me from be alone and that I was worthy enough to be loved. You pulled me from behind the tree. You showed me how to laugh and smile and that it was ok. You made me love myself and who I am. Through the good and bad times you were there spiritually if not physically. You are my life, heart and soul. I’m an idiot without you and we know this. I need you in my life. I want you in my life. As I told you earlier I want to be everything for you and do everything for you to make you happy and be there to make you better when you’re in pain or sad. I would go to the ends of the earth for you. You are my temple and I will worship you. I vow to you my life, heart and soul.”

By this time there wasn’t a single dry face in the church. Michael tried to be a macho man but there was no mistaking the wetness on his face. The priest turned to Liz.

“I will now ask that Liz say her vows to Max.”

“Max I love you. You hold the power to complete me. You also hold my heart, soul and life. When Maria used to tell me that you were staring at me I doubted that to be true, because how can someone so handsome be interested in plain Liz Parker. Then I got to know the real Max Evans and I connected with you and you showed me the beauty you saw in my. In your eyes I was beautiful and your dream girl. You brought the stars into my life and comforted me when I lost my grandma Claudia and helped me to say good bye in a way so special that she died knowing that I truly loved her. Thanks to her I knew I had to follow my heart to you and that you were my soulmate. You are my first thought when I wake up in the morning and the last when I go to sleep. Yes you are an idiot without me but you’re still my idiot and I won’t let anybody hurt you. I also want to be the on to heal you of your hurt and pain. You are my temple where I will worship. I vow to you my life, heart, soul.”

The rest of the ceremony was a blur for Max and Liz because they were so engrossed in each other. They didn’t snap out of it till the priest said it was time to kiss the bride. Max eagerly complied with a long gentle yet passionate kiss.

“I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Max Evans.”

Everyone started clapping and hooting. Max and Liz hugged their family and friends but never let go of each other’s linked hands. Soon they were on their way back to the Crashdown for a small reception. For the next few hours toasts for the happy couple were made, tears were shed, and people danced. The smiles lighting the room could be seen from miles away. Pretty soon it was time for Max and Liz to go to the hotel where they would spend the night, then the next day would leave for a two week honeymoon to Paris. They quickly changed their clothes and came back down. Liz first tossed her bouquet that of course was captured by Maria and then Max tossed the garter that was caught by Michael. Max and Liz left to a shower of white rose petals and a chorus of well wishes and byes. They were taken via limo to their hotel room. Once they checked in Max took Liz to their room and carried her over the threshold. Once in the room he gave her a deep kiss.

“I love you, Max.” Liz said after coming up for air.

“I love you too.”

“I can’t believe you put all of this together so quick.”

“Well Maria and Is helped me out.”

“But it was your idea and I will love you always for that and more.”

She drew his face down for another kiss, which quickly turned to more. Their hands started to travel over each other’s bodies and clothes started to quickly be shed.

“Max, I need to give you your Christmas gift.” Liz said breathlessly as Max released her lips to travel down to her neck.

“Later, I just want you now.”

Liz was set to protest but he cut her off with more kisses and his hands on her body set her on fire. Pretty soon they were both naked. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist while her arms wrapped around his neck. They had weeks to make up for and neither one wanted to waste any time. Max walked with Liz in his arms to the bed. When he felt the edge of the bed he lowered their bodies to it, but he never relinquished his hold on her if anything he tightened it. Their lips couldn’t get enough of each other. Max finally let go f Liz’s lips to love the rest of her. He placed kisses all over face and traveled down to her neck. From her neck he trailed down to her breast. He took first one nipple into his mouth and loved it thoroughly while his hand loved the other. He then switched and gave the other the proper attention. He was very thorough before placing kisses on a trail to other parts of her body. When he got to her stomach Liz lifted her head to look at Max. He was so gentle and placed many kisses there. She smiled. Max continued down until he reached the apex between her thighs where her wet core waited for his kisses. He gently opened her lower full lips and breathed in her scent. He lowered his head and gently took her into his mouth as if in a kiss. His tongue dipped into her driving her crazy. He was so gentle that Liz cried from the pleasure. He flicked her small bundle of nerves and triggered her orgasm. She screamed out his name and the dam broke loose on her female wetness poured forth into his waiting mouth. Liz’s body continued to tremble as Max slowly crawled up her body and enveloped her body with his. She didn’t fully recover when he entered her up to the hilt. He swallowed her gasp as he sealed her lips with his. He started to thrust into her but she quickly turned the tables on him by pushing him onto his back. She trailed kisses all over his face and sat up with him still inside of her. She looked deep into his eyes as she took both of his hands into hers and lifted them up slowly and placed them on her stomach. No words were said as the looks spoke volumes. At first Max gave Liz a questioning look, but upon seeing her smile and the happy tears in her eyes he understood what she was saying. A surprised look came into his eyes as he lowered them to look at their joint hands over her stomach. He closed his eyes as one lone tear fell. Then he sat up and quickly gathered Liz into his arms and placed a flurry of kisses all over her face, lips and hair.

“Thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeated to her over again and again.

He leaned back and cupped her face while she smiled into his eyes.

“Merry Christmas, baby.” She said and kissed him gently.

She pushed him back into the bed and they continued to consummate their marriage, knowing everything they needed at that moment was in the room. They loved each other thoroughly for the rest of the night and their lives.

Seven months later on July 4 Liz and Max were graced with triplets: Maritza Claudia Evans, Nicolette Marie Evans and Donovan Alexander Evans. Three years later on the day after their anniversary, on Christmas day, they were graced with another little boy: Xavier Jeffrey Evans.