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I didn't think to put an address to the trilogy and I wish I had because some of you are going to the Crashdown to read it and it's all messed up over there. I've tried to get them to fix many times, it but I think they are just way too overwhelmed to do it.

So here is the address to a site that has the whole thing all in tact for those of you who still haven't read it. Hope it helps.

Well this is my little gift to all of you wonderful readers out there. Thank you for all your support and wonderful feedback and encouragement over the years.

I decided to do a short Christmas piece, but am going to use my M/L from my trilogy.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays my friends!

All I Want for Christmas
Author: Linda (Crazy4Roswell⊕

Rating: NC-17 (Pure fluff!)

Disclaimer: Don’t own M/L. If I did Roswell would be moved to HBO or Showtime and no dreamer would be in pain.

Dedication: To all Dreamers and everyone who believes in the real magic of love.

Author’s note: This is just a small fluff piece I decided to do for all of us. This M/L come from my trilogy, so there never was a Tess or anything nightmare like from Season 2 or 3. This is about ten years after the twins were born.


Liz sang to the local radio station as she swayed to the music in the kitchen. She wiped her brow and turned the fan towards her, lifting the hair off of her neck and closing her eyes in relief.

She couldn't believe it was December! They were in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, where it should have been much colder this time of year, but they were having an unusual heat wave for this time of year. Here she was, trying to make Christmas cookies to surprise Max, and the oven only heated the kitchen even more.

Liz looked at the time and smiled seeing she still had a few hours before the kids would be home from school for the holiday break. She looked over at the picture of all of them above the kitchen table and smiled happily. The twins were so big now. They had just turned 12 this past year, and then her eyes went to the next little face in the picture and she saw Jacob, 9 years old and next to him was Joshua, 7. Liz put a hand to her stomach excited about the newest little gift they were going to have, and how she couldn’t wait to tell Max. Not only was she going to get to tell him he was going to be a daddy once more, but that they were going to have another little girl again. They hadn’t had one since the twins.

Liz wasn’t showing yet, so she knew it would be a total surprise for Max. They had not planned on this little package, but she knew their little girl would be much wanted and loved. She couldn’t wait to tell Max.

She planned on telling him later tonight, when it was just them, their time together.

Liz lifted her wet t-shirt away from her body and let the fan cool her momentarily before she had to open the oven, take out the first batch of sugar cookies and put in the next.

That was the scene Max came upon when he stepped into the kitchen, tired and hot from his stint playing Santa for the kids at the hospital where he worked. He had gotten off early and had rushed right home to surprise her. His mouth dropped open and his blood pressure skyrocketed as he watched the sexy little angel before him.

There she stood, in her bare feet, an old pair of jean shorts barely covering her cute little butt, her small white t-shirt clinging wetly to her hot little figure and swaying seductively to some music as she padded around in the kitchen. Even after four children and twelve years of marriage, she hadn’t changed that much from the young girl he had saved all those years ago. She still had her tiny figure that drove him crazy.

Max swallowed as he watched her arch back, sending her silky hair flowing down her back, which left her glistening neck bare for his eyes to feast on.

Her own eyes were closed and she sighed, and her little sexy mouth parted slightly as she felt the relief of the cool air on her hot skin.

Max's whole body tightened at the sight of her parted lips. She always looked just like that when he was deep inside her and she was ready to come apart in his arms.

He moved toward the vision before him, unconsciously drawn to her as he always was. The pull between them had always been strong. It had been since the first moment they'd met in third grade, and had been completed when Max had saved her life all those long years ago.

Liz gasped and jumped, her eyes flying open when she felt the heat of Max’s lips on her neck.

She spun around with a smile, but her own mouth dropped open at the sight before her.

Max, his hair all plastered to his head with sweat, and his piercing eyes burning into hers were the first things she noticed, but not the last. Her eyes took in the rest of him and she was torn between surprise and pure lust, as she looked him over.

He was wearing red Santa pants and black boots, but the rest of him didn't fit the Santa image in the least! The black suspenders that Santa was famous for were down around Max's hips and his chest was completely bare. That wonderful, spectacular, carved from granite chest and abs that made her mouth water and her hands ache to reach out and caress the sculptured planes.

She knew he hadn't gone to the hospital like that and glanced behind her to see the other layers of Santa clothes bunched up on a chair by the door.

Obviously this Santa was too hot to wait very long before getting out of his suit.

Liz smiled slowly, an ever-widening smile as she took in the delicious vision of the endearing sweaty "Santa" before her.

Max saw the flash of passion in her eyes and he too grinned. He loved knowing he had the same affect on her that she had on him. He slowly took the sticky spatula from her hand, his eyes never leaving her deep chocolate pools that completely drew him in every time he looked into them.

He lifted the spatula and with one finger, wiped off a piece of dough and slid it into his mouth.

Liz’s eyes hungrily watched jealously as Max's finger went into his mouth and he sucked on the sweet dough.

"You made me Christmas cookies?" he smiled gently. "Thank you, they taste great."

Liz just nodded and watched his mouth as it released his finger and he spoke.

Max felt the heat of her eyes on his lips and knew what she wanted. What they both needed.

"But you taste much better." He said in a husky, deep voice as he wrapped his arms around her small form and drew her up against him.

They both sighed at the contact. It was always like that. Instant completeness.

"Kiss me, Max." Liz whispered, rising up on tiptoes to reach his mouth.

Max had no problem with this request and captured her mouth, devouring it with his own. Their tongues dueled, and the heat rose. They both loved to kiss for hours. Max let his tongue tell her what he planned to do to her.

He stroked the inside of her mouth, and then dove in deep to the back of her throat. He slid his tongue in and out, and then traced her lips.

Liz sighed. Her head spun at the first contact with his hungry mouth, and the familiar tastes and scent of Max. Her own tongue teased the back of his throat, and she heard him groan. God, she loved the taste of him. As her knees started to give out, she reached up and curled her arms up around that strong, sexy neck she adored and then wound her fingers through the soft hair at the nape of his neck.

Max released her lips, both of their breathing ragged, as he met her heavy-lidded eyes with his own. His eyes left hers and were drawn again to her now swollen parted lips and he groaned again. He could never get enough of the taste of her mouth. He slid his tongue along her swollen bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth before sliding his demanding tongue between her lips to mate with hers. He wanted to make love to every recess of her mouth with his hot probing tongue. Just kissing Liz was better than doing anything else with anyone.

Liz let her hands wander down his back, over his hard muscular curves and down to his trim waist, and then around to the front where she let her hands run up his stomach ridges and cover his erect nipples. They both sighed into each other's mouths as her hands found his tight nipples and her fingers began to roll them the way she knew he loved.

Liz loved running her hands up and down Max's perfect physique. She could hold him and touch him forever. Even after these many years of marriage, they still couldn’t get enough of each other.

Max let Liz know how much he loved her little hands on his hot body, as he delved deeper into her mouth and thrust in and out, letting her know what he wanted to do to the rest of her.

They finally released each other's mouths long enough to suck in air, and again just held each other's eyes. His eyes burned into hers as she teased his nipples with her fingers.

Shifting to make room, he returned the favor. He slid his big warm hands up under her little t-shirt and found her perfect perky breasts that always made his mouth water and his body harden.

She hissed and groaned when Max's wonderful hands covered her needy flesh and he too played with her tight nipples.

Max watched Liz arch back at his touch and his eyes were drawn to her beautiful, vulnerable neck. In the next instant he opened his mouth against her neck and sucked lightly on the spots he knew drove her wild, and swirled his tongue on the flesh he held in his mouth. At Liz’s louder moans, Max moved lower and arching her further over his strong arm, he released her nipple with his fingers and closed his hot seeking mouth over one pouting raspberry tip.

As he sucked her harder into his mouth, and caught her nipple against the roof of his mouth and made love to her tip with his tongue, Liz could only cry out as sensations shot desire, heat and need from her breasts to her inner core, making her whole body tighten and ready for her one and only mate, Max.

Lifting his head once again, he met her wild, passion-filled eyes and smiled knowing he'd put that look on her face.

When the buzzer went off suddenly, Max spun around, keeping her in his arms, and turning off the oven, he pulled out the cookie tray and tossed it on the stove. He looked with amusement at how Liz didn't even seem to notice.

She finally opened her eyes, curled her arms around his neck once more and played with the back of his hair lovingly.

She heard a song start to play in the background and her eyes widened. It was one of their songs.

As 24/7 began by Kevon Edmonds, her eyes met Max's that were burning with love. "Dance With Me?" She asked in a raspy, low voice.

"Always." Was his answer as he pulled her tightly into his embrace and began to sway to the music with Liz’s head on his chest.

Baby it's no mystery
You're bringing out the best in me
And though I've been in love before
I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure
I never thought that give and take
Mentality was right for me, hmm
You made me open up and see
That it's for real
And there's no other place I'd rather be

Max sighed as he let his big, gentle hand glide down her silky long dark hair and he just watched how she fit against him so perfectly, with her head tucked into his chest. He remembered the first time he'd danced with her to this song. He'd sung it softly to her, close to her ear and at the end he'd told her that was how he felt about her.

I think about you all the time
24-7 babe
The love I have inside for you
Is more than any words can say
Thanking God on bended knee
We'll always be together babe
You and me

Liz listened to the magic of the words and gently kissed Max's still glistening chest lightly and lovingly as he held her in his strong embrace.

Tears threatened to spill over as she too remembered their first dance to this song.

When I'm in my nine to five
A smile goes across my lips when I
Daydream about the night before
I count the minutes till I'm in your arms once more
My friends they don't understand, no
In me they see a brand new man
I give you props and tell them that
My shorty's bout it
She personifies the love she gives

Their eyes locked as the next verse began and they continued to say to the music.

Oh how I've waited for this moment in my life
It's you that I adore
Baby with you I am secure
My life is in your hands
And now I understand
What it means to be in love again, oh
Never gonna let you go, oh no

Liz sighed. The rhythm of the music, and the beat of their own bodies, blended into a seductive dance. She closed her eyes as the song continued, and leaned against Max's chest, letting the music and his body guide her.

The pulsing of the music, Max’s heart, and her own blood seduced her. She could feel the matching beat throbbing in her most feminine place. She knew that Max’s body was ready too. She could feel him hard and strong against her stomach. He, too, was pulsing to the music, and their heartbeats. Liz snuggled closer to his hard body.

Anything can be babe
I'll be there for you to pick you up off your feet, yeah
Thanking God on bended knee
We'll always be together babe
You and me...

As she opened her eyes toward the end of the song, she saw his erect nipple right next to her cheek and instinctively, lovingly took it into her mouth and sucked on him. When she felt his arms tighten around her, and felt the deep rumble in his chest at his pleasure, she began to lick away the salty sweat that was still on his beautifully sculptured chest.

Max closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of Liz’s hot little mouth loving his chest, neck and stomach, her little tongue flicking out covering every inch of exposed skin she could get to.

She couldn't get enough of the tastes and textures that were Max. She leaned down to swirl her tongue into his adorable belly button, knowing he loved that and she smiled against his abs when he growled in approval and let his hands gently caress her soft hair, letting it trickle through his fingers like silk.

Liz leaned away from him and slid to her knees before him. When she met the huge erection pressing against his Santa pants, she grinned up at him seductively.

"Is this for me?" she asked teasingly, with her huge doe eyes.

Max’s own eyes, half-lidded with blazing fervor sparkled with love and amusement as well.

"Yeah, oh yeah. It's all yours." He said deeply, his voice low and raspy with passion.

"Oooh! An early Christmas present. And I even get to unwrap it." she said huskily as she looked again at the huge proud bulge tenting the suit.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Liz slid her hand between the heat of his skin and the Santa Suit, and closed her fingers around Max’s very hot, very large, eager flesh.

At the first touch of Liz’s hands against his raging flesh, Max's head fell back and his eyes closed. He loved her hands. He loved everything about her, but he loved her hot little hands all over him. She was so eager to touch him everywhere. He'd never met a more sensual, sexy woman than Liz.

And she was his. Only his. And since the day he'd first set eyes on her he'd been only hers.

Liz slid her hand up and down his smooth, hard arousal, loving the way his flesh came alive in her hands. It jumped and pulsed and she eagerly watched the beautiful part of Max she was loving. When she saw the liquid silk drop that escaped his control, she sighed and bent her head forward to lick up the moisture that had formed on the tip of his head.

Max cried out and tightly gripped the counter behind him, trying to let her have her way, and yet trying not to let himself lose total control. Not yet.

Liz ran her mouth down and around the throbbing flesh and enjoyed these tastes and textures of Max as well. There wasn't one inch of him that she didn't love to taste and explore. He was perfection to her. She loved just looking at him, all naked slick muscles, chest heaving from her explorations, and eyes glazed with passion.

When he couldn't take another second he lifted her gently to her feet and swooped down to kiss her mouth deeply and lovingly. Letting her know how much he adored her.

"Thank you for my Christmas present Santa." Liz said softly and with a sweet smile as she leaned into Max and let him hold her tightly to him.

He looked down into her sparkling eyes and he chuckled. "That's not your only gift little girl." He teased with a wink.

"Oooh! But you're all I want for Christmas." She sighed and smiled wider when Max lifted her and held her up with just his arms till she was face to face with him. His Santa pants slid the rest of the way down his hips and he stepped out of them.

Liz wrapped her arms and legs around him and let him walk them to the couch. Then she grinned at him when he sat with her still wrapped around him. She could feel his hard-unsatisfied erection pressed up against her hot center even through her clothes. She thought it was erotic having him completely naked beneath her while she was still dressed.

"You didn't let me finish taking care of that for you." She frowned as she slid her lower body against his raging arousal.

"Cause it's my turn now." He groaned and tried to hold her still as she teased him by rubbing against his engorged throbbing flesh.

"I want to unwrap my Christmas present now." He said hoarsely, eyeing her hotly.

Liz swallowed hard and only nodded. She could never refuse him anything.

Max smiled devilishly as he slid them to the floor and gently placed Liz near the Christmas tree they had put up just last night.

"What are you doing?" she asked with amusement when he spread her hair out around her.

"Setting up my present under the tree so I can unwrap it." He answered in a deep ragged voice.

Liz sucked in her breath at the hot look in Max's eyes and trembled with anticipation.

Max just looked at her for a minute, watching her tremble with passion, as his own body throbbed to fill her.

Liz’s breasts were quivering and her rosy, proud nipples pouted up at Max, begging for his attention. He didn't disappoint them. He dipped his head and feasted on her breasts right through her still wet t-shirt.

He feasted on her until he couldn't stand not touching her flesh. He ripped his mouth away, and with a ragged breath, he pulled her shirt off and threw it toward the couch, leaving her breasts bare for his greedy gaze. His tongue licked and swirled around her waiting nipples. He heard her moan for his mouth on them, but he teased her by nipping and licking all around those pert buds, but never touching them.

Finally Liz grasped his head and pressed his mouth to them. Max chuckled, and gave her what she so desperately wanted. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked strongly. Liz sobbed with relief at the feel of Max's hot mouth on her naked skin. She felt his teeth and tongue alternately on her rosy peaks, and then the strong sucking again.

When Max lifted his head, his breathing was ragged and deep. His chest was heaving. She was spread out before him, still half dressed, and he wanted her so bad. Her body was completely open to him, completely vulnerable.

With total trust, Liz waited for Max's next move. He was teasing her, playing with her, and Liz wanted him wild and uncontrolled.

When she suddenly reached down between them and cupped Max’s sensitive balls and gave them a caress, he cried out and gave up that control. With eyes burning, Max went down her body.

Liz had only a second to prepare before she felt her shorts yanked down. She held onto his shoulders and could only scream when his tongue shot up into her ready body! My God, the man did love to do that! She thought and she could only dig her fingers into his shoulders and hang on, knowing that Max's staying power was incredible. Max *loved* to feast on her.

His blood was pounding in his ears, and all he could do was taste and hear Liz’s cries. He lavished her with his tongue, alternately licking, sucking, and dipping into her moist center. He flicked his tongue around her hot swollen nub, and sucked hard. When Liz bucked, he grabbed her hips and followed, never taking his mouth from her. Liz was totally out of control, and her cries turned to screams as Max brought her up and over several times. Never once stopping.

He really amazed her! Max only came back up when Liz had screamed her release for the third time, and begged for him, by pulling on his hair. He came up, his eyes black and dilated with passion. He loved the taste of Liz. He enjoyed that as much as she did.

"Max...I need you now!" Liz exclaimed in a raw voice.

She ran her hands over his wide chest, and squeezed his muscles and nipples.

Max gasped and his eyes were molten. His muscles strained against the urge to just slam into her. She was ready, and he knew it.

When Liz sobbed his name, he gave her what she was asking for. With the help of her tiny hand fisted around his throbbing arousal, he slid home.

With their eyes locked, Max slowly, ever so slowly, slid in and out of Liz's hot, tight moistness. He groaned as he felt her use her muscles to contract on him and milk him as he slowly slid in and out. He loved to tease her, and knew what drove her crazy. He pulled almost all the way out, until only his swollen head was inside her. And waited. He smiled at her, and she didn't disappoint. Liz moaned, and her muscles contracted, squeezing his enormous head. Max growled in pleasure, and thrust slowly back in, going as far as he could. He couldn't get deep enough. He lifted her long silky legs that he loved and placed them on his shoulders, giving him more depth. Bracing one hand on the carpet and one hand on her hip, he continued the slow torture in and out. Shallow to deep.

Max continued, taking his time, using all his experience to prolong it until Liz had climaxed twice. He only stopped long enough to let her come back down, kissing her neck and dipping into her ear, while waiting for her to relax again. Then, he started up again, and grinned when she only widened her eyes in amazement. He was giving her everything he had tonight, and then some. She was amazed at his stamina.

As Liz felt herself going over for the third time, she cried out for Max to be with her all the way this time. Max, as if waiting for her plea, complied. He picked up speed finally, and threw back his head and let himself go. He moved faster and faster, making sure Liz was keeping pace with him. She was coaxing him on, and sobbing with pleasure. She was clinging to him now. Her legs and arms wrapped around him. Their bodies, drenched in sweat, slid against each other in rhythm.

"Max.... Now!" Liz cried, and could only hold on as a third orgasm hit her harder than the other two since Max was out of control now, and with her. She watched through glazed eyes as he threw back his head, muscles straining, and cried out until he was hoarse. Max gave her everything he had.

Neither moved for a long time. He had put his head on her chest when he had finally collapsed. He was still between her legs, but he kept his weight mostly on his hands, which had moved from her hips to the carpet beside her.

Max was still inside Liz, and he felt every after tremor she was still experiencing. He too was experiencing after tremors, especially when hers did. He could also feel the tears that had rolled down her face onto his neck. She was still shuttering and swallowing sobs. Max kissed her neck and the tears from her face.

He lifted his head finally; to make sure she was all right. He was sure she had been with him all the way, but had to double check. Her eyes were still closed, and she continued to draw in deep breaths.

"Liz love?" Max's voice came out in a croak. His own release had been so powerful, he had cried out till he was hoarse.

Liz was still experiencing an overload of sensations and all of her muscles were quivering. The sound of her lover's voice opened her eyes. Her heart turned over at the sight of Max. He was all sweaty. His hair was in wet strands over his forehead, and his own breathing wasn't completely calm. She could still feel his chest slide against hers as he inhaled deeply and his body still throbbed within hers. He was looking down at her with such love and a questioning look as he gently wiped her tears away with a finger.

Liz knew what he was asking. It had been so intense for both of them, and at the very end, Max’s control had completely snapped. He had made sure she was with him first, but still, he had to be sure now that he hadn't hurt her. Liz, her love for Max, glowing in her eyes, placed a still trembling hand to his strong jaw, and smiled.

"Wow!" she whispered.

Max turned his face into her hand and kissed it.

"I love you, Liz."

"If I didn't already know that, I do now," she sighed.

Max gave her a lazy smile, his own eyes blazing with love.

"I didn't hurt you did I? "

Liz leaned up to kiss her husband’s neck as she shook her head in the negative.

He sighed and gently took her head in his hands. She met his gaze and opened her mouth to his. The kiss was long and loving. The passion always there, but banked with their recent lovemaking. This was a kiss of love and thanks.

Their emotions were so strong, the only way they could express themselves was with their bodies. Their mouths clung and loved each just reveling in the taste of the other.

Max suddenly flipped them over and Liz found herself sprawled out on top of him. He held her quivering body close, running his hands lovingly over her back as she lay collapsed on top of him. He kissed her cheeks and neck, and then gently kissed her lips. Their eyes met and both just smiled.

"You really are all I want for Christmas, Max." Liz murmured as she looked up into his amber eyes that she loved so much.

Max smiled and kissed her hair thinking he couldn't agree more. He had everything he could ever ask for in life.

“I do have an early present for you too my love.” Liz finally said smiling up at him.

Max raised and eyebrow and waited, he couldn’t imagine needing anything, but the look of excitement in his wife’s eyes told him he would want this very much.

Liz took his big, but gentle hand and after kissing it lovingly, she placed it on her flat tummy.

“We’re going to have a little girl Max. Another little girl to wrap you around her finger with.” Liz’s eyes were warm with love and happiness.

Max’s eyes filled with tears as he looked from Liz’s flat tummy where his hand was pressed, and back to the dark pools of her eyes that he adored.

“Aw Liz…love.” Was all he could get out before his mouth covered hers in a kiss filled with love and thanks and joy.

“Merry Christmas, Max.” Liz said and brushed back a still went strand of his hair, when he finally lifted his head.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Liz Evans.” He whispered against her mouth before he took it once more.

~Finis ~

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I put this note at the beginning too. Here is an address that had the trilogy all correct. The Crashdown has it all messed up and although I've told them many times it's all wrong, they haven't changed it. I think they are just too overwhelmed on that board to do it. So here's a site that has it done correctly. Don't read it on the Crashdown it's really missing a LOT of parts! The parts they have labeled are not even the parts they should be. sigh...

go here if you want to read the trilogy. Thanks!