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Through thick and thin: Repost
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, they belong to UPN… sob sob!!!!
Author’s notes/Synopsis: after season 2 max doesn’t know the truth, just that Liz didn’t sleep with Kyle. Maria does though, as does Alex who isn’t dead and came back early from Sweden. Liz and max are dating. Tess didn’t leave. No baby! Feed back is a lovely thing!!!!!
Rating: PG
(Crash down Liz and Maria are working. It’s the rush hour.)
Liz: Maria get table 2 I'm still serving table 4
Maria: sure babes…. You going to see Max later.
Liz: possibly, if I’m not too tired.
Maria: sooo… what’s going on with the 2 of you, you are more then friends right?!!!
Liz: you could say that….
Maria: and…
Liz: yeah… we are back together, finally, I couldn’t stand to be away from him, and it hurt too much!!!!
Maria: yeah… and I’m guessing he was hurting too, am I right or what?!!!
Liz: you are right, pleased with yourself?
Maria: whatever-
Jeff parker: girls back to work there are a lot of customers waiting for you to serve them.
Liz & Maria: yes boss (and they salute him)
As they are walking back to the counter Maria whispers to Liz
Maria: your dad is such a slave driver. Work, work, work that’s all we ever seem to do don’t we even get to have a social life?
Liz just nodded her head. They then heard the jingling of the door as someone walked in; Liz looked up and smiled a radiant smile. Standing there was her knight in shining armour. Max.
Liz walked over to the booth that he always sits at whenever he comes to the diner, which is like everyday.
Max: hey you!
Liz: hey yourself.
Max: what time do you get off?
Liz: half hour. Why?
Max: isn’t a boyfriend allowed to ask his beautiful, adoring, sexy girlfriend when he can spend time with her?
Liz: well when she comes in I’ll be sure to tell her you asked for her ok? She says with a grin on her face.
Liz turned to walk away but then felt a grip on her right wrist and felt herself being pulled into Max’s lap.
Max: you think you are so funny don’t you Miss Parker? He said while nuzzling her neck Liz being in a world of her own couldn’t even concentrate on what he had just said. She still couldn’t believe how strong their love was for each other; even after 2 years it was like they had first fallen in love, all over again. They were connected to each other by an unusual phenomenon, but it didn’t scare her, she actually dwelled in it. They truly were soulmates, an expression Maria gave her and Max’s love, but it was true. She loved Max with all her heart as did he, and she couldn’t wait to get off work to see what surprise Max had in store for her. Whenever he asked when she gets off work it usually means that he has planned something for them and won’t tell her what it is. But Liz could try her luck, even if she knew there was no point.
Liz: why did you want to know?
Max: sweetheart I’m not telling you what I’ve planned, you’ll just have to wait for another say… hour! He said while have a firm grip around her waist and leaning his chin on top of her head, as she leaned into his chest and took in his scent. The Max smell, nothing could be more beautiful.
Max: I love you
Liz: I love you too
And then they shared a sweet but heart warming kiss, that both were reluctant to end.
Liz: I better get back to work
Max just looked at Liz with a look he gave just to her, full of love and want and a bit of need. He then just simply nodded and left to go home and get ready.
Max: see you in half an hour, my love
Liz: Yes! She said while a slight smile played on her lips.
He gave her one last kiss on her lips and left knowing that if he stayed then she’d never work and he wouldn’t leave.

Max and Liz are in the jeep and Max is driving, Liz is just contempt in watching him. They drive for a little longer and then the jeep comes to a top. Liz looks around not recognising the place.
Liz: where are we?
Max: patience is a virtue honey!!
Liz: fine, fine she said through her giggles.
Max: ok ma’am I’m just going to tie this around your eyes, so you can’t see what I’m doing.
Liz was a bit apprehensive but then gave in to him. How could she not when he looked at her in his trademark way, you’d have to be blind and insane not to give in to it.
As Max was doing whatever he was doing, Liz closed her eyes contempt with the peace around her. She then felt a hand on hers and felt herself being taken out of the jeep. Then to her surprise she was being lifted up.
Liz: Max put me down, I can walk you know!!
Liz couldn’t believe how easy it was for Max to be able to pick her up so easily as if she was as light as a feather. She then felt herself being lowered to the ground, felt the blindfold coming off.
There in front of her was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Max had set up a little candlelight picnic for them with champagne and dessert and everything. Liz turned to look at him with tears in her eyes and pulled him into a fierce hug.
Liz: I love you so much you know that.
Max: I know, but you deserve this.
Liz: wh-
Knowing what she was going to say.
Max: because you accepted me when everyone else didn’t you let me into your heart and let me feel what true love really is, and well I guess I just wanted to say thank-you.
With that Max placed his lips upon Liz’s and gave her a heart searing, passionate kiss which contained all the love he had for her and Liz kissed him back with as much intensity.
Max took Liz’s hand and led her to the picnic. While eating they kissed and ate and talked about their love for each other and life in general. Just before they started dessert Max took out a small box from his jacket pocket, he especially wore this jacket knowing it was Liz’s favourite.
Max: Liz, I love you-
Liz: I know that
Max: shh let me say this with no interruptions, I love you and to mark this love I got you this. (He slowly opened the box to reveal a beautiful gold ring). Happy 2-year anniversary Liz.
Liz who had tears cascading down her cheeks pulled Max in for the most passionate kiss either of them had ever experienced.
Liz: I don’t know what to say she said looking into his eyes. I love you too, my heart belongs to you, and you are so special to me that everyone else is second best. Saying I love you isn’t enough because what I feel is much more then that.
That evening ended with Max and Liz falling asleep in Liz’s room with their arms around each other, each having a happy, contempt smile on their faces.

The sunlight was streaming through liz’s window. This caused liz to wake up. She turned and faced the most glorious picture ever. Max could feel her staring at him so he woke up too. Suddenly they heard a knock, startling them.
Liz’s mum: liz honey are you awake your shift starts in half an hour.
Liz: yeah mum I’m up, I’ll be down in a sec.
Mum: ok dear
Max: I guess that’s my cue to leave right?
Liz: yeah
Max: see you later, I’ll come round when the café is less busy to get served by my favourite waitress.(he says with a side ways sexy grin).
Liz: I’ll make sure Maria’s waiting for you then!!!(she says trying to hold in her laughter).
Max: funny!
Liz: I try!! (she says shrugging her shoulders as if to not be caring).
Max: ok, I’m gonna go otherwise I am not going to leave.
Liz: ok bye (she says while turning around. She then feels herself being tuned around and being deeply embraced by Max.)
Max: ok going now (he then leans in to kiss her, sweetly and simply)
Liz: again (he kisses her again)
Liz: again (he happily oblidges)
Liz: again (he gives her one last kiss)
Max: that’s it, no more kisses for you young lady (he gives her one last sentimental, lingering kiss and then hops onto her balcony and down the fire escape)
Liz falls down on her bed with a sigh filled with complete and utter happiness. She then gets ready for work. She can’t wait for Max to come into the café.

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