Title: Secrets and Sidekicks
Author: bel_83
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights or the characters to either Roswell or Dark Angel.

Summary: A Roswell and Dark Angel fic with Liz as the central character. There will be lots of twists and turns. The couplings are undecided at present.

Side kicks... All the super heroes have one, if they don’t, they should go out right now and find one. The side kick is usually the brains behind the brawn. Except for Robin he’s an exception. If they really knew me they would realise that I’m not just a side kick. But they don’t, I’m just little miss Parker, scientist and side kick extraordinaire. I’m like the Willow of the gang, minus the witchiness, although I do have a few other things up my sleeve. Things no one knows about, not even Max. Not even Ria and I’ve known her for most of my life here in Roswell, New Mexico. So that’s me miss Liz- side kick, cheating ex of superhero Max - Parker. Highest GPA in the school, boring looks, boring dress sense (if only they knew)and boring life. Ha. You see the reason why I became miss Liz- cheating -Parker, was because I had a visitor from the future, telling me I had to make Max fall out of love with me, that the future of the world as we know it would depend on it. So what do I do, I go and pretend to sleep with Max’s arch nemesis and let Max find me in bed with him. Hey I told you I didn’t want to be the brains of this superhero combination! So In the process of losing Max, I lost everything. My love, my dignity, and the respect of everyone around me. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it, and then I see Maria and Michael, Alex and Isabel and of course Max and Beast girl -no hostility there, no not at all - and I know that it had to be done. That’s the way it was supposed to be. The four of them were stronger together, as a unit.
So that’s one of the secrets I’m carrying around, I saved the whole damn world. And if you thought that was a doozy wait till you hear the next one...

I too carry around a secret that could destroy me if the wrong people found out. I’m more like them then they will ever realise. their secret exists in their alienus. My secret exists in the barcode on the back of my neck. That one barcode is the key to all my secrets. Not only secrets but pain and torture, that even they would not be able to comprehend. Except maybe Max. But most importantly that barcode holds the key to my past, my memories. Memories that if I allow myself to forget them, I know I will become what I never wanted to be, but what they wanted me to be. A killer, a soldier, an assassin.

You see like Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess - can I have some hair to go with the bleach- Harding, I am different. Like them, if the wrong people found out I’d be locked in a cage and experimented on. I am from what was known as the X5 series. My designation...X5 458. I was implanted into the embryo of a young girl...my mother. I have super DNA, you wouldn’t believe the mix I have in me! They’re aim...To make a super soldier.
I’m a transgenic warrior, designed to fight; designed to kill. I may not be able to blast things to smithereens but trust me when I say that I can hold my own in a fight. I can run faster than a speeding bullet, I have catlike reflexes, and I heal faster than the average person. For eight years of my life I was taught, instructed how to fight. How to kill. I was tortured in ways even they wouldn’t believe. But I wasn’t alone.
I had thirteen others with me. They may not all have been biologically related, but they were the people I grew up with, we protected each other, and we were with each other when we escaped. We didn’t know what the outside world was going to be like, we just knew It had to of been better then this.

We escaped nine years ago, I lost track of them after the escape, but I know they are out there, and when the time comes they will make themselves known. I was picked up walking alongside the road, I was cold and I was scared, but I was a soldier, I wasn’t allowed to show emotions. I was picked up by a newlywed couple who were on there way to start a new life in Roswell, New Mexico. They are the people I am proud to call mum and dad today; Nancy and Jeff Parker. Owners of the Crashdown, a cafe in which I work and live. It was there my life changed. But you all know that don’t you? I got shot Max brought me back to life, blah, blah, blah...don’t think I’m not grateful, because really I am, If it wasn’t for Max I’d be dead. But it just got so complicated from there. With the shooting, the orbs, and the arrival of Tess, I never had the chance to tell anyone what I really was, what I was capable of. And It’s not like they were going to question me, I never gave them anything to question me about. But I‘ve been getting this feeling lately that something’s coming, It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 years time, but whatever it is, we will need to be prepared. Because this will be like something none of us have ever seen or experienced before. Maybe that stunt I pulled to prevent the end of the world wasn’t worth it, you just can’t mess with things like that, sure destiny, in some way, can be changed. But to change the fate of the world, to alter natures path, I think I may have gotten in over my head.
But who would I have been to say no to the one reason I am still here today, to the love of my life?

So there you have it. I’m a freak, a genetic mutant. An X5 warrior, a killing machine and a science geek all packed into one stealth package. I am Liz Parker.

I feel like there’s something I’ve missed telling you. Something you really should know.
Oh that’s right, I have a sister, a biological twin sister. Back at Manticore, my living hell, something happened when they were messing around with the DNA, and somehow they made to of us, two exact replicas. Of course there are some minor differences, appearance wise, but other than that our DNA is identical. No one there ever found out how it happened, but trust me when I say they tried. I still experience nightmares from what they did to try and find out, but they never could. It was labelled a freak accident, a one in a million chance. Imagine the time they could have saved, creating two soldiers at a time, imagined the trouble it could have caused. We were an accident, but all the pain, all the torture, all the experiments were worth it, knowing that I had a twin sister. X5 459, or Max as we named her. Max was introduced to the world first, and then 4 minutes later I came out. We were the first and the last set of twins born under the dark roofs of Manticore. Apparently there was a prophecy surrounding us, we never found out what it was.
We got separated in the escape of 91, but I know she’s out there, and we will be re united. We have to be. I just hope wherever she is, she’s safe and she’s happy., and she’s got some one understanding who knows the truth about her and is helping protect her. Maybe It wouldn’t be so bad if they knew, maybe we could save the world together. Maybe someday I will find the courage to tell them, just not today.


So I’ve been thinking about things. You know the whole sidekick concept, I’ve decided that maybe it’s better to be a Robin than a Willow or a Lois. They’re never given any credit, and they’re always coming up with the vital information that saves the day. They, I have decided, are under rated and definitely under valued. And that’s the way I feel. Ever since the ‘incident’, my opinion had come to mean nothing. Only when they need something do they come to me. Maybe I was never meant to be anything more to them then the science nerd. but I know I’m more to others out there. My brothers and sisters. I don’t think I really told you much about them did I? I have seven brothers and five sisters wondering around out there somewhere. You know Max, my identical twin. Then there is Tinga, Brin, Kryt, Ali, Sil, Ben, Alec, Seb, Cal, Trist, Catch and of course big brother Zach. Zach was the leader of the unit. The CO or commanding officer, he was always looking out for us, he was the first of the X5’s, and the best. So that’s them, my brothers and sisters, my fellow transgenics, and the only people in the world who know the truth about me. But lately I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time to let the others in on my little secret. I’ve become isolated from them, and I know we were always taught not to let our emotions guide us, but it hurts. It hurts bad. Ok I think you know enough back ground info, for the real story to get started. Just remember me transgenic, them alien, others human. And if the wrong people find out, well that would be bad.

“Hey Ria, what ya doing there.”

“Hey Lizzie. Babe. We haven’t spoken for ages. So what’s been going on with you girl? I look around and I see everything falling apart. Max is moping round like a puppy dog giving Kyle death glares. What is that about anyways. Geeze can we all say jealous much, you think he’d have gotten over the fact that you and Kyle went out for like two seconds, plus you dumped him for him, only to get your heart trodden on. More then once might I had. And then there’s Tess, I wish that girl would just give it a rest already. Oh Maxie what about our destiny, Maxie I am your queen, you are my king we are destined to be together. Maxie would you like me to stick my nose anymore up your ass, I really wouldn’t mind. What is with that girl? Can’t she see he is like totally in love with you? And then there’s Alex, we so have to get that boy a backbone! He’s still following Isabel around like a puppy dog. And the Ice Queen herself, what a bitch leading Alex along like that. What gives her the right, she may be some alien princess from another planet, but right now she is on our planet. And of course there’s my very own stonewall himself, Michael. It’s on, it’s off , what does he think I am? A light switch? I don’t think so, from now on Maria Deluca is taking no crap from no one. So anyway how ya been chica?

“Maria, seems like you’ve had a lot of time on your hands lately. You shouldn’t think about things so much. How about we go do something together tonight. Just us girls, you me and Alex.

“Hey I take offence to that, I protect you with my manly muscles, and watch out for you with my piercing blue eyes. I’ll have you know, a lot of girls would pay a lot of money, for a piece of this. So how are my two favourite girls anyway?”

“Hey Alex, where did you come from? What’s wrong did you lose Isabel did she escape from your masculine grasp, or did you scare her away with your piercing gaze.”

“He, he, he. Good one Lizzie. I didn’t think you had it in you. I didn’t realize your scientific brain took time out for fun and games. Who is this person, who stole my innocent brown haired, doe eyed Elizabeth away. Who corrupted this once lovely specimen of a girl, into this fiery, sarcastic witch. I think you‘ve been hanging around one Maria Deluca too long.”

“ Shut up you Bitch.”



The jingle of the Crashdown bell draws our attention away from the friendly banter that has been so non existent since all this began.

“I think the room just got a whole lot chillier.”

In walk the pod squad. Max avoids all eye contact, gee that’s gonna hurt a while. The other three send me death glares. If they had ray guns for eyes, I can tell you I’d be dead by now. They sit at the usual booth, of course its in my section.


“Sorry chica, they’re in your section and I've got my own issues with them at the moment. You’re gonna have to handle this one yourself. You have to face him sooner or later anyways.”

I reluctantly drag myself over to their table, forcing a smile on my face as I approached them.

“Hi my name’s Liz, I’ll be your waitress for the evening.” That’s right that's me cool, calm and collected.
Of course Max had to go and make eye contact, now I’m trapped his amber orbs drawing me in. Come on Liz, you can’t just go weak at the knees whenever you look at him. You were trained to kill, you were tortured and beaten for goodness sakes, and this of all things sends you weak at the knees. Look away Liz, slowly drag your eyes away from those gorgeous depths of green and specks of gold that seem to drag you in so deep. Just. Look. Away. Damn how does he draw me in like that. I spot movement out of the corner of my eye, which forces me to look away and break eye contact. My attention is drawn to the corner of the cafe. The room starts to spin, as I see a familiar pair of green eyes looking at me.



It couldn’t be. Could it? Zack wouldn’t just show himself like that, after 8 years. My mind is in a spin as my feet unknowingly take me across then cafe. I feel six pairs of eyes on me as I walk towards him, but I can only focus on one. He hasn’t changed a bit, he still carries himself like a soldier. I can see the hardened look in his eyes, that shows me that he hasn’t been able to let go of the past, and the squareness of his jaw that shows whose in charge. I wish his eyes weren’t so dim. I know when we were back in that place he copped it the worst. he was the leader, our Commanding officer. I think, no I know, he protected us from further hurt. He’d take our punishment for us, and he would never accept a thankyou. Emotions were a weakness back then. And by the looks on his face, It appears that nothing has changed.
Before I know It we are standing toe to toe, face to face. Bright green eyes staring into chocolate brown eyes. Before I have time to stop myself, I find myself in his arms, tears streaming down me face.

“Zack. Zack. Zack.”

I repeat his name over and over, like a mantra, afraid that if I look up he will be gone and it would have all been an illusion.

“Zack, Is it really you?”

“It’s me Lizzie. It’s me.”

I cannot believe it, it really is him. All through this exchange I notice that he is not returning my hug, my arms are around him, my face in the crook of his neck, whilst his arms remain limply by his side. I feel how uncomfortable he is and I curse Manticore once more for the impact it left on all of our lives. Yet I remain where I am, with my arms around my brother. My brother. Who I haven’t seen for 9 years who I didn't think I would ever see again. I know I hoped, but for it to be so soon that was a dream.
I feel six pairs of eyes boring into my back. But I don’t care, I finally have one of my brothers back. I feel Max’s jealous stare, I know what he’s thinking, another guy that I probably slept with. If only he knew, that finally after all these years I was in the arms of a brother. I wait for the scene that I know is about to take place. I turn around expecting to see Max, only to find Michael’s stony glare in my face.

“Liz. You want to introduce us to your little friend here?”

I know what’s going to happen next, I mean what are big brothers for, if not to beat up guys who are in their baby sisters face.

“And you would be?” Cold hard green eyes meet cold hard brown eyes as Zack steps out from behind me, in the process moving his body in front of mine. I know this could get ugly. I mean lets face it, neither of these guys are known for backing down, are they.

“I would be Michael. And my best friends girl so happens to be in your arms right now.”

“Michael, back off she isn’t mine, not anymore.”

I could see the pain in Max’s eyes as he makes his appearance known, behind him stand Tess and Isabel, waiting for any sign that might show that there powers are needed. Not like they could defeat Zack anyway. I put my hand on Zack’s arm, I can feel him tensing up getting ready for a showdown with these foreigners that appear so threatening in this instance of time.

“Zack. They’re my friends. It’s ok.”

“Ok guys, before we fight this one out, why don’t we get acquainted. Guys this is Zack. Zack this big burly bloke here is Michael, beside him is Max, Isabel and Tess.”

I call out to Maria and Alex who have now been joined by Kyle. I spotted them a while ago in the back room. Maria’s head popping through the door, attempting to look discrete as she tried to listen in.

“Guys this is Zack. Zack these are my best friends Maria, Alex and Kyle.”


“Hey. A man of very few words I see, I guess being friends with our Lizzie here it would be pretty difficult to get a word in edge wise. She’s gotta make up for all the time she’s with Maria and doesn’t get a word in.”

I laugh as Maria punches Alex in the arm.

“Man Michael, how do you put up with it. This one has some serious muscles for a gal.”

That's Alex always pulling a wise crack to try and clear the air. I don’t think it worked though. I notice Michael and Zack continuing to size each other up. I realise I better step in before things get out of control and all our secrets are revealed.

“Guys, I just think everyone should settle down. We’re all friends aren’t we?”

“Well we were before you decided you couldn’t wait for Maxwell here and jumped Kyle.”

Trust Michael to not be able to keep his mouth shut! I wait for the outburst which I know is going to come from Zack’s corner. I feel Zack start to move forward, I hold him back, and wait for the speech that I know is about to come.


“Lizzie, you know we aren’t supposed to get involved, emotions are a weakness. Why can’t you see? You have Maxie, you have me, you have Tinga, you have Ben and Alec and all the others, isn’t that enough? You endanger yourself by staying here, and you endanger them by becoming attached. You were always the responsible one, you know the dangers you know what could happen, and you’re willing to risk it all. For these people, these so called friends. You shouldn’t be looked down on Lizzie, you’re better than that. You’re not some sidekick, who pounces whenever you’re needed. They don’t know the real you, and they don’t deserve to.”

I watch Zack’s back as he walks away.

“Zack. Zack don’t walk away from me, not again. Zack.”
I turn towards the stunned group.

“I’ve gotta go after him guys, we’ll talk later.”

Once again I feel seven pairs of eyes follow me as I turn and run after Zack.

“Ok what was that?”

“More like who was that?”

“Maria, Michael, I’m sure she’ll explain everything. She is after all little Lizzie Parker. And plus if she doesn't say anything I can always mind warp it out of her. We do need to know who our enemies are after all.”

“There will be no mind warping, I’m sure she will come to us in her own time.”

“Maybe Alex, or maybe we already pushed her to far way. I didn’t believe in her, I didn’t trust her, I threw everything in her face. Maybe that Zack guy was right. Maybe she is to good for us.”
“But Maxie, she slept with Kyle.”

“It doesn’t involve you, I shouldn’t of dragged you guys into it. It should have stayed between me, her and Kyle. But I did drag you all into it, and what did we do, we all turn on her. She has done nothing but stand by us, through thick and thin. All of us. And we just throw It in her face. Maybe I don't deserve her.”

“You might not deserve her, but you definitely need her. As much as she needs you.”

The gang turn to where the new voice was coming from.

“Only it might be to late for you to fix any of that.”

Seven mouths drop to the mouth. What seems like hours later Max finally speaks up.

“You. We thought you were dead.”


“Your eyes can sometimes deceive you. Things aren’t always as they seem. I would have thought that you of all people would know that. I guess you’re still the naive little boy you were when I left.”

“Quit it with the cryptic messages would you? we saw you die. Max saw you dead. We disposed of your remains.”
Michael stepped forward, arm raised as if to challenge the new visitor.

“How do we know you are who you appear to be. For all we know you could be an illusion, or a more viable answer; a mind warp.”
Michael’s gaze lifting off the visitor and dragging over to Tess.

“Hey, I thought he was dead too!” Tess voices her innocence, raises her hands and steps back.
“Anyway I wouldn’t use a mind warp on my own people. I wouldn’t need to.”

“Yes. The first part of what she says is true. This time she does not lie. I had to become invisible to you. I had to become dead to you.

“But you were like a father to me.”

“Tess. You are just a very small part of a much larger equation. I couldn’t risk you slipping up in one of your attempts to win the king over. I know you would have used such privileged information to do so.”

“If all of you thought me alive, you never would have grown into your roles. And by the looks of today, I’d say you all still have a lot of growing to do. At that stage when you believed me dead, it was for the good of all of you. I never realised how important that decision would become. I ever predicted this. At this point in time it has grown to mean something more, more forces are at play. It was vital you all came into your own, on your own. You are all still vulnerable however. You trust to easily. You find out I am one of you, that Tess is one of you, and you follow to easily. You pushed your suspicions aside because we were the same as you. It shows how weak and vulnerable you are. Trust, is something that must be earned. Wouldn’t you agree Max? Or should I call you Zan?

I know once I told you that human lives are expendable. I have been to new places and learnt new things, in the time you believed me to be dead. I have learnt and know for a fact that there are some out there with secrets. Secrets like yours that could ruin them. These people walk among you, but you don’t know who they are. Like you they appear normal, but they are not. They are different. You did not know this, but a while ago, before you came out of your pods, I was involved in a secret Government organisation. It was a project with an aim. I cannot tell you what this aim was or much more about the organisation, but I can tell you this; These people walking among you, they were products of this secret organisation. And they can help you. It might however be to late. They are closer then you realise. Human, but not. You must find them and work with them. Only then will both our planets, Earth and Antar, survive.”

“Listen hear buddy. it was a great speech and all, but come on. We don’t need anyone else and even if we did, how are we supposed to find these freaks of nature. And Trust must be earned. Your words remember, why should we trust you anymore, and why would we put our planet in the hands of some freaks from some government agency?”

“Ah Rath, as stubborn as ever. You never could accept anyone else advice, or anyone else's assistant. That was your strongest and weakest point at the same time. It was your downfall and still you haven’t learned.”

“But he does have a point. Why should we trust you now, after last time?”

“So the king does have a mouth after all, I was starting to think you might have been mute. You can trust me, I can show you your past. There are things you still don’t know. But not yet. In time these things will come to light, and I can tell you this boy, you will regret a lot of the decisions you have made, and are still to make on this earth. I was with you then, backing you all the way, that was my mistake. I was assigned to be your protector on earth, and I may not have been there when you came out of your pods, but everything happens for a reason. things have happened that would not have happened if I had been there when you hatched. Vital things, things that have made me understand more about the future, and more about the past. Everything links in, the puzzle will continue to shape itself, just as the future will. These humans around you, have become more important, as they have become more important in your own lives. Whilst once I believed them unworthy, they did earn your trust. Did they not, and they are still standing here beside you now, are they not? They will be important in the long run, but by the looks of things here. It appears one human is missing. The girl, the one the king saved.”

Maria finally steps forward.

“Well apparently trust is just as easily thrown away as it is earned.”

“The girl, Liz I believe her name to be, she needs to hear all this. Where is she.?”


“Zack, Zack. Wait a minute. Please. ZACK.”

The last call hit a nerve, as Zack pauses just long enough for Liz to catch up to him, just outside the alley of the cafe.

Liz pleads with her eyes.

“Zack, we need to talk. Its been eight years. You suddenly show up out of the blue. I don’t understand. Make me understand.”

“Not here Lizzie. do you know somewhere where we can talk. No interruptions? There’s a lot to say. we both have a lot to say by the looks of the scene back in the Crashdown. There’s a lot we’ve learned, a lot you don’t know... a lot that you need to know. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be here.”

Zack pauses as he sees Liz’s reaction to this.

“Lizzie you know I wouldn’t come unless I had to. I wouldn’t risk all of our lives just to catch up.”

“But I really did miss you Lizzie.”

“I’ve missed you too Zack. The others, do you know where they are? What they’re up to? Are they all okay? Have you spoken to...”

The questions tumble out of Liz’s mouth.

“We can’t talk here Liz. It’s to open.”

“Ok. Come to my room, we’ll talk there.”

“What about your parents?”

“They’ve gone away for the week. Some convention or something.”

“They go away often?”

“Yeah but I’m ok with it. I like to be alone sometimes. Think about you guys and Manticore for a bit. It keeps me real. It keeps me honest.”

We make our way up the fire escape to my bedroom. I can feel the tension, It’s coming of zack in waves. But what more could I expect? I guess my expectations were to high. I mean I’ve waited so long for this. I’d kinda hoped that Zack would have found someone to help him. To help him find his emotions, to help him let go of manticore, to help him trust. Obviously that hasn’t happened. I open the window and we both climb through. I make myself comfortable on my bed. Zack stands in the middle of my room, just observing. Nine years at Manticore makes you do that, check your surroundings whenever you walk into a room. He stands in silence for a couple of minutes.

“You’ve done alright for yourself Lizzie.”

He looks at me and I look back, searching for any signs of emotion. Eight years out in the real world, and still he is the same. I realise the effect manticore really did have on him. He was our Commanding Officer, but most of all he was our brother and protector. He protected us from so much. He obviously couldn’t protect us from everything. Especially me and Maxie. He hated that, he hated that he couldn’t stop them from hurting us. He doesn’t realise that in so many ways he did save us. He saved us from ourselves. He gave us names rather than designations, he made us people, rather than subjects. He planned the escape, and he lead us to freedom. If it weren’t for him, we probably would have become the assassins that they wanted us to be. I don’t like to think of that though. because he was there, and he did save us.

“Take a seat Zack, we’ve both got a lot to say.”

I notice how he didn’t sit until I told him to, and I remember the reason why...

We’d been sparring. I was paired up with Zack. I used to be paired up with Maxie, but we were to predictable, we countered each others moves. We moved as one. We couldn’t break each other. They didn’t want that. They wanted us to feel defeat. To feel pain.


“X5 458.”
“Sir Yes Sir.”
“You’re looking a little to comfortable there on the ground. Did I say you could take a seat?”
“No sir.”
“And yet there you are, slacking off again, and you call yourself a soldier. Explain yourself.”
“I wasn’t fast enough for 471’s counter attack sir. Za...I mean X5 471 startled me sir. He grounded me.”
“Have you been slacking off again 458? Because it looks to me like you’ve been slacking off again.”
“No sir.”
“I think you have 458, and you know what happens to slackers...”


“Permission to speak sir?”
“Permission granted 471.”
“I take responsibility for 458 sir. I allowed her a short break, to gather further energy for a higher level of combat.”
“So what you’re saying 471, Is that you told 458 to sit down?”
“Yes sir.”

“Well 458. It looks like you got yourself out of this one. 471, you know what happens when you give orders that you are in no position to give?”
“Sir yes sir.”
“You may be Commanding Officer out there 471, but in here you listen to me. You take orders from me. When I am around, you are nothing 471. You got that?”
“Yes sir.”

“Men, take 471 to isolation, I think he needs a little reminder of who is in charge here. You will keep him there for...
You there, how long can an X5 survive in isolation without food and water?”
“Approximately seven days sir.”
“471, you will remain in isolation for seven days. You will revieve no food, no water, and you will have no contact with anyone or anything except for the rats which will be feeding off your wounds. You are sewer scum and you will be treated as such, until you realise your position. Got that 471?”
“Yes sir.”
“You will have no light or knowledge of time. You will have no possessions on you, what so ever, including clothing. Let this be a warning to all of you X5’s. You will remember your position. We started your lives, and we can end them just as quickly. Take him away, get this scum out of my sight.”

I remember Zack as he was dragged away. I remember him when he returned after eight days, they wanted to test him. See how long he could really last. He was on the brink of death when they finally pulled him out. He reminded me of a nomely. That eight days it shattered him. I had always though that Zack couldn’t be broken, but finally that had done it. It was not long after that he planned the escape. I never found out what happened to him exactly down there, but I know something did, because that was when Zack really closed off. He’d always been closed off, but never from me. I think once again he was protecting m. It should have been me down there. I wish It had been me.

I take the time to rediscover Zack as he finally takes a seat across from me. His eyes are still the same as I remember them. A beautiful green, with a hardened edge. His eyes, like all the X series give him away. He may be able to hide his emotions through his tough attitude, but never through his eyes. It’s true what they say, the eyes are the window to the soul, and Zack’s soul is tortured. I wonder if he will ever really recover. His jaw is square, that to is hardened. I try and remember a time I saw him smile...I can’t. I wonder if he ever has, or even if he knows how to. I know that sounds ridiculous, because everyone knows how to smile, I just wonder...He has grown his hair a lot, like I’m sure all of the X5’s who escaped have. It’s short enough to allow him to keep his well groomed look, but manage a hardened edge. But It’s long enough to cover the only physically recognisable mark from Manticore. If only I knew. I wonder, as I study him, what he ahs been through these past eight years. I wonder if I even want to know. By the looks of him I don’t. But I know that I have to know, and I know that soon enough I will find out. I know he will tell me some today, and I try and prepare myself. But I don’t think anything can prepare me for what he has to tell me. And I know I won’t find out everything today. He’s not ready for that. But when he is, I will be here, and I will be waiting. And for once I will comfort and protect him.

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