Title: Things You Never Knew
Author: Justine
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Rated: PG
Category: M/L
Summary: Liz moves to Roswell. Think of Roswell country-style
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Part 1

Have you ever been at this place and suddenly your at another different place? Well, how about this. You go to a rock concert and than you happen to be at a pop concert. You're not happy cause you don't like pop and you like rock. Get it? Something like that just happened to me. But it won't just last for a couple of hours it'll last till it end. I, Liz Parker, a city girl is moving to a small town.

I don't know why we had to move. I mean we had a nice life there. I got friends. I'm not popular or anything. Who wants to be popular anyway? Everything is like fake. It's not my thing. They make fun of us because we're not like them. I am punker/rocker. It's no big deal. Like I said everything was going fine.

One day my parents said we're moving because they bought a diner there. I didn't ask where. I don't like asking questions or being asked. I'll be another city like this. Oh boy was I wrong. Once we got off the plane all I can see was desert. And there weren't much people at the airport. We took a cab. It's was all desert. Then I saw this sign it said,"Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico." So I guess I'll be living here. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

When we got to our diner there were people in there already. When we walked in everybody got quiet. They were looking at us. I guess they don't usually get newbies in their town. This guy came up to my parents and he said," Ya guys must be Mr. and Mrs. Parker." That's us. "Yes, we are" My dad replied. " This must be your purdy daughter Elizabeth" he said. " Um. It's Liz" I said. I don't people calling me Elizabeth. I think I sound old. "Welcome to Roswell and oh and I forgot I'm James Ford, call me James Ford." He said. And then I tuned him out since he's talking about the diner. He got that accent I wonder if everybody here have one.

I looked around the diner and everybody seem to be staring at me. I looked at them and then at me. I guess they're starring cause of my clothes. And the way I looked. Every girl there has long hair. Past their elbow. While my hair in only past my shoulders. I guess it's a trend here. Their wearing these skirts that goes to their knee. Most girls usually wear skirts that are way shorter. And a blouse. All the guys are wearing overalls. Even James Ford is too. It's a guy thing then. I wonder if my Dad is going to start wearing that. They're still starring at me. I'm wearing Blink 182 shirt I got from the concert I went and flare jeans. It's totally not their style.

"Liz, honey" My Mom called. I looked at her. "Let's go check out our place" she said. I forgot to mention that I'm going to live on top of the diner. Hopefully the place isn't bad.

Part 2

Our place isn't that bad. It's like an apartment. I just need to get use to it. My mom said I could pick any room I want. I decided to get the room with the balcony. It's nice. Our whole place smells like I don't know but I definitely need air freshener. We have some furniture that came with the place. They're kind of country looking. Different that's what. My dad said our stuff should be here this afternoon if not then tomorrow. So if it's not here than we have to sleep on the furniture they provided or the floor. Thank god I brought my sleeping bag.

Since I had nothing to do I told my parents that I'm going to look around. I took my CD player and put in Blink 182. Should I go through the diner or the front door? I don't want anybody to stare at me. I never knew I was that fascinating to look at. Back in LA they just glance at you and look away. They figure that you aren't what they're looking for. Why did we have to move here when we are from the city? It bet it's going to be worst at school. Oh yeah you get starring the whole time. I wonder if there's anybody there that's like me? But then why would anybody want to move here anyway?

I don't care what people think. So if I don't then I would go through the diner. Maybe I'll see someone who's like me. So I did it. I went through the diner. My parents are over there looking at something. "Honey" My mom called. I looked at her. "You'll be working here tomorrow after school" she said. Work here? "Uniform?" I asked. My mom pointed at a girl wearing a green skirt that goes up to their knee, a green blouse tucked in, a silver apron tied around the waist and antenna on top of her head.

#1 I don't wear skirt
#2 Blouse tucked in?
#3 Antenna?

"The uniform need to change" I said. The girl who my mom pointed at is walking toward us. "The uniform ain't that bad as what ya wearing" the girl said. Is that an insult? Talk about what she's wearing. I look like what most teen looks like. "I'm fine" I said. "Name Isabel Evan" she said. "Liz Parker" I told her. She got that accent thing too. "Gotta go to the customers there waitin' " Isabel said walking away. "You're still working here" My mom said to me. "Yeah, I'm going out" I said. I just realized that I'm being starred at. I put on my headphones and walked out of our diner.

So far I met two townie. James Ford and Isabel Evan.

Across from the diner there's a place call " UFO Center". I don't know if you know but some alien crash happened here. It's famous for it. I walked inside and this guy came up to me and said, " Did you know that I was abducted by aliens?" I'm surprised that he isn't speaking with that accent everyone had. He got a British accent. "Um…no" I said. "Ah you're that parker family that just moved here from the city" he said. That's us " Yeah" I replied. "Nice to meet you I'm Brody Davis owner of the UFO Center" he said proudly.

"You need a tour" he continued. A tour. Hm. Interesting. " I got to go so I'll get my best man here to show you" he said. I wonder if he's British? "Maxwell" He called. This guy comes and said," What ya need?" Not British. "This is the Parker's girl I want you to give her a tour and speak proper" Brody said to my tour guide. " 'Aite" He said. "I mean yes" he corrected himself. "Good" Brody said going back to his office. "I'm Maxwell I'll be your tour guide" he said. This guy is wearing overalls. " Want to tell me your name?" He asked. " Liz" I said. " Alright let's start" he said.

Part 3

I met 2 more townie. Brody Davis who speak with a British accent and thinks he's abducted by alien and Maxwell Evan my tour guide who can speak normal and that accent that's been going around too much. I think everybody here should or can speak normal and you know accent thing. So Max is giving me a tour of the UFO center. I think so far I learn was that Elvis had something to do with it. Weird. I'm not really listening to him. I'm just looking at these poster, pictures whatever and of coarse listening to Blink 182.

"So, Liz where are you from?" he asked. City. "LA" I replied. I took off my head phone and rest it on my neck. And turn up the volume. It's my favorite song right now. The Adam song. He's looking at me all weird. Guess he never heard of this.
"Are ya going to West Roswell High?" he asked. I think that's the one that I was going to. How many high school do they have here anyway? "Yeah, I think so" I said. He nods his head. "See ya there" He said walking away. The tour is over.

I walked out of that place and walked in front of the diner. Just standing there. CrashDown. That's the name of the diner. Man. I was just about to go in when this girl comes out and push me. The hell? " What the hell?" I said. I finally took a good look at my pusher. Yep she works here. " You're Liz right?" She said. "Yeah" I answered. "Maria Deluca from Florida" She said. O.k. She doesn't have that accent.
"I'm from the city and so are you so we are going to be great friends, did you know how long I waited for someone like you? 6 months. I moved here 6 months ago. In this Hicksville." She said. Whoa. She talks fast. "Well, guess I'm here" I said. " I gotta go back to work but we'll make plans later" She said going back in. Well, at least there's someone here like me.

Our furniture is here. I get to sleep in my own comfy bed. With my comfy poster. Blink 182. Linkin Park. P.O.D. Sum 41. Puddle of Mudd. Incubus. Goo Goo Dolls. Limp Bizkit. And my new favorite Trust Company. They don't exactly have a poster yet. But I'm waiting. That's a lot isn't it? Well, they're comfy. Oh and of coarse the poster of stars. Galaxy thing. It's nice. And those glow-in-the-dark stars on ceiling. Yep it'll be just like my old room.

Things can never be back to normal. The school. The town. The people. What is normal anyway? This sucks. I'm looking through these boxes and looking for my other cds. Where are they? Hey there's 'The book'. It's kinda like a diary. But it's not cause I don't have one. So it's call 'The Book'. I stop writing. I started in 4th grade back when I was preppy. Stop in 6th grade. I don't really like it. But it's still part of my history.

"Liz" My mom called. "What?" I asked. "Pack for school. Don't forget" she said. School tomorrow. Sucks. Time to make some plan with Maria. I walk down to the cafe. "Hey Maria" I called. "What's up Liz?" she asked. "So tomorrow.." I said. "Right, I'll pick you up around 7:30" She said. "O.k" I replied. "See you tomorrow."

Part 4

I meet a townie but not really a townie. Maria Deluca from Florida. I think we can be best friend. Today is the day where I get to meet my fellow schoolmates. I hope everything goes great. She's supposed to be here by now. It's 7:45 now. Where is she?

A red jetta pulls up in front of me. Windows goes down and there're Maria popping her head and greeted me with a "Hi." "Hey" I said getting in the car. "O.k. Liz this is not a place you will like, because you won't, I mean I don't like it but I have to go there anyway so much for going to a public school. So we didn't really talk much yesterday so wanna tell me who you met? I can give you the inside scoop" She said. She can definitely talk nonstop.

"I met Isabel, Brody and Maxwell" I said. She turns the radio volume lower so we can talk. "Isabel is related to Maxwell, twin, Isabel bitch really there is bitch out here, Maxwell, he's supposed to be a girls dream but definitely not mine hell no. Brody, think he's an abducted and I think he has a thing for me." She said. "Wow. So you know everybody here?" I couldn't help asking. "Well, yeah, that's what happen when you're stuck in a small town for 6 months" she replied.

I think we're there cause she's parking the car. The high school looks normal. I look out and I saw a some people. "Maria? There's no dress code right? Cause they look like they're all wearing the same thing" I said feeling all weird. "Nah these nut case people likes wearing these clothes except us" She said pointing to me then her. " Weird." I said. "You can say that again." she said leading me to the office.

"So are you smart?" she asked opening the door. "No" I replied. I see this lady sitting in front of her desk reading newspaper. They got time for newspaper? "You see here there's nothing much to do. So that's way there's all this time and that's why they're reading newspaper. I wonder why they read it. I mean it's not like there's a big story out here" Maria said ringing that little bell on the desk.

"What is it this time Maria?" the lady bites. Attitude. "Well, Ms. Huff we have a new student" she said back. The lady glared at her. Maria turned around and rolled her eyes. I just shook my head. "Name" the lady asked. "Parker, Elizabeth" I said to her. She hands me the paper. "Let me see maybe some class with me" Maria said looking at the paper.

"AP?" She asked. "Smart...hello" she said, "I didn't even know there's AP classes here" I shrug. "There's probably only 2 other person that have AP classes that I know of." She handed the paper back to me. "2?" I asked. What the hell? "People here not into school" she said, "Me just slacking." I smiled. "So who are the other 2?" I asked. Who will be my future classmates? " Maxwell and my good pal Alex" she said walking to this tall lanky guy. "Somebody say my name?" the guy asked. "Alex meet Liz, Liz meet Alex" she introduced. "Hi" I say waving. "AP classes?" he asked. "Yeah" I replied. "Alex here has the need to have new classmate since he can't stand Evan boy" she said walking the other direction she came. "Later." "Time for me to show you the wonderful of West Roswell High" he said putting his arm over my shoulders. " I, Alex Whitman will be your tour guide for $4.50 a class" he said smiling. I laughed. I think this place not gonna be that bad.