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Title ~ My Wonderwall
Rating Pg. to NC-17, probably
Summary ~ Max and his brother Sean don’t get along. Sean has something Max wants. That’s all I’m givin, read to find out the rest.
Disclaimer ~ I own nothing, the characters don’t belong to me. And I’m basing this from a book I read. I don’t know the author, but the book is called Comparative Strangers. It will be something like the book, but I’m twisting things. Also I took the title from Oasis, the song just fits the story....

***** Hey everyone. I never thought I’d write another fic, but here I am. I was cleaning the basement the other day and found a box of books. One caught my attention and it just seem so M/L. So here it is. Tell me what ya think good, bad.

Part 1

She felt his presence before she saw him. Turning to her right she rolled her eyes when finally catching sight of him.

“What do you want!” She yelled.

He emerged from the shadows and stepped closer to her. “Just her to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.”

Liz gave out a laugh. “Max do you honestly think I would hurt myself over your pitiful brother.” She stood up reveling the vodka in her hands.

Max wanted to give a sigh of relief. When he had followed her from Sean’s house he had nearly a heart attack when he saw she was heading to an old abandoned bridge, fearing the worst.

Liz walked along the edge of the bridge, much to the discomfort of Max. “You know I used to come here as a kid” she slurred. Max moved closer to her. But with each step he took closer, it was a step she would take further from him.

All of the sudden she turned around and burst into tears. “How could he do that Max? We were going to get married, and that bastard was cheating on me. And only god knows how long.”

Max wanted to correct her. He knew, he’d always known. But Sean was the golden boy. Perfect in every way. Only Max knew different. Max and Sean were only half brothers, sharing the same father. When Max was six his mother died. His father remarried a year later to a woman named Sandra. Sandy was young enough to be his father’s daughter. Max never forgave his father for that, and it became worse when Sandy found out she was pregnant. Max was immediately shipped away to boarding schools, rarely coming home. It was no surprise that the two brothers hated each other.

Max snapped out of his daydream when he noticed Liz started to wobble. He ran towards her in the nick of time catching her before she fell. She looked up into his eyes and smiled before passing out.
Liz woke up and immediately her hand went to her head. So this is what a hangover feels like. She sat up suddenly remembering what happened. Looking around the room and realized Max most have taken her to his home. She got out of bed, still fully clothed much to her relief, and made her way downstairs.

She spotted Max sitting on his couch, with a pile of medical charts sitting next to him. His eyes shot up as he heard the floor creak.

“Your awake.”

Liz nodded feeling unsure of her self. Max noticed this and moved the charts so she could sit down. “Please, have a seat.” Liz did so and looked at the floor.

“Max I wanted to thank you, if you weren’t there who knows what would have happened. I mean I didn’t go out there to commit suicide, believe me.”

“I wasn’t sure at first, but after seeing the bottle of alcohol, I figured you were just out there to drown your sorrows.”

“Max how did you know I was out there?”

An eerie silence feel over the room. After some time Max spoke. “I had a suspicion what my brother was up too. You see he was with someone I was seeing.”

Liz let out a gasp. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I guess we both lost.”

‘Not entirely’ Max thought. “So what will you do with yourself now?”

Liz let out a groan. “I don’t know. I mean with all the press swarming around…”
Max “Marry me.”
Liz was stunned. “W-What did you just say?”
“Marry me.” Max replied in a calm voice.

Liz “I don’t understand.”
“It’s simple really. Sean is in the spotlight thanks to his football career. Now how would it look to see his fiancée break it off with him, only to marry his brother. It would bruise his ego, and give some revenge.”

Liz “For you.”
Max “I won’t deny that there is no love lost between us, but just think of it as getting what he deserves.”
Liz “Max we don’t even know each other.”

“Well I’m Twenty-nine, a doctor and very wealthy thanks to my inheritance from my father. As you can see from my house it’s big enough that you could have your own wing. I wouldn’t force you to quit your job, but I would expect you to be at dinner parties I throw here. Pretending that we are a happily in love couple.”

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It would be the answer to all her problems. She was struggling along as a social worker, sharing an apartment with her friend Maria. The lease was up soon anyway, they had decided not to resign because of both of there up coming weddings. So she would be homeless, and doubtful she could afford a place of her own on her salary. But Max scared her a bit. When they would have dinners at Max and Sean’s father house he would always stare at her. Almost like he disapproved of her. Sean always told her to pay no attention to it, but still…

“I need some time to think.”
Max stood. “I understand, but Liz this has to be done soon. Sean will be around begging for your forgiveness…”
Liz paled. “Max I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’ll stop by after work, what time will you be home?”
“Come by anytime, I have an early shift tomorrow so I’ll be home by three.”
Liz nodded making her way to the door. Before leaving she turned, “Thank-you.”


Maria pounced on Liz as soon as she entered their apartment. “Chica I want details. How was it? Are you in any pain? I’m surprised you’re even home. Aww Hun did you decided against it?”

Liz closed her eyes and leaned against the door as the events from the past night fell around her. She had finally decided to give herself to Sean. Yup, a twenty-four year old virgin. Ironic how she had held out for so long against the biggest playboy. The papers said she ‘tamed him’ hah! He had just played her like a fool.

“Maria I did not sleep with Sean. When I got their to see him and tell him that I had decided to break my no sex before rule, only to find him in bed with some blonde bimbo.”

Maria let out a gasp. Running over to Liz and hugging the breath out of her. ‘Lizzie I’m so sorry. What an asshole.”

Liz stepped back. “Oh but it gets better Maria.”
They both moved to the couch taking a seat. “I decided to drown my self in some vodka, when Max comes up out of no where. He saves me from almost falling in the river and then I precede to pass out in his arms.”

Maria “Sweetie you’ve had quite a night.”
“Oh just wait there’s more. I wake up and Max tells me he wants to marry me.”

“WHAT!?!” Maria shrieked.

“Yup. Max wants to help me get rid of the press and Sean. Plus a little revenge. You see the woman Sean was with was Max’s girlfriend or whatever. God my life is one big soap opera.”

Maria watched as her friend tried in vain to keep the tears from falling. Liz looked up. “Maria what should I do?”

“Liz I think you should take Max up on his proposal. I mean Liz we’ve already started boxing up our stuff to move out of this place. And we both know your financial situation isn’t enough for you to live on your own. I think you should let Max take care of you for a bit. Plus Sean needs a slap in the face.”

“I think I’m just going to sleep on it.” Liz got up giving Maria a brief hug.

Maria watched her friend exit the room, her shoulders slumped. Maria wanted to go and kick that Sean’s ass. She’d never liked him. But never dared to say anything in front of Liz. This whole Max thing was interesting. While Liz would complain of how Max didn’t approve of her Maria knew different. She had accompanied Sean and Liz to dinner once and saw the looks he gave Liz. They were ones of lust. Maria knew he had it bad for Liz, she could just feel it. She also saw the looks pasted between Sean and Max. Sean had an arrogant way to him, like he was saying ha ha to Max. Rubbing something in his face. Maria knew it was Liz. She had once tried to bring the subject up of Sean and his faults but Liz refused to hear it and they didn’t talk for a week. Yes this whole situation was going to be interesting…

Part 2

Liz walked up the steps to Max’s home, though mansion was more like it. She raised her hand to knock when the door flew open to revel an older woman around fifty with a smile that could light the whole town.

“Ah you must be Ms. Liz. I’m Mrs. Thornlittle housekeeper and such. Oh where are my manners come in, come in!”

Liz couldn’t help but smile as the exuberant woman ushered her into the house.

“Mr. Maxwell will be down shortly, he just got home.”

Liz was shocked. It was well after seven. “But I thought he only worked till three?”

Mrs. Thornlittle just shook her head. “Yeah but he wants to be the youngest Chief of Staff in the history of the hospital. I just tell him he’s gonna work himself to death if he keeps working the crazy hours he works now.”

Both ladies turned when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Max was wearing a black sweater and pair of jeans that fit him nicely.

‘He looks good’

Liz gave herself a mental shake. Where had that come from?

“Mrs. Thornlittle would you mind bringing us some drinks, we’ll be out back.”

Liz watched as the older woman scampered off leaving them alone. Max motioned for her to follow him. He showed her to a quaint sitting area enclosed by different flowers and trees.

“So I assume you’ve considered my offer.”
Liz nodded. “I’ve decided to accept.”

Max couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “Great—
“First though, we should set some ground rules.”
Max “Ok, fine. What did you have in mind?”

Liz “I’d want my own space. Also I plan to continue working. I mean this won’t last long and I’ll need to be able to support myself—
Max “Do you take me as a cruel man Liz?”

It came out a bit harsh and Liz looked up with a start. “No I just…
Max “Listen Liz the room thing is as good as done. As for your job I do expect you to throw dinner parties. Which your job cannot get in the way of, sorry. But when this is all over I do plan to give you some compensation.”

Liz “Max I don’t want it.”
Max “You’re entitled to alimony. Not quit your protesting and let’s get going with details. We shall marry this Saturday.”

Liz let out a gasp. “Max that’s in two days!”
“Don’t worry all the arrangements have been made. All you in need is a dress.”

“This is happening so fast.”
“Liz relax and just enjoy. Get off work next week we’ll be on our honeymoon.”

Liz couldn’t believe how fast things were moving. “Do I even get say in where we’re going?”

“That depends.”

Liz rolled her eyes, but playing his game. “On?”

“Where you want to go.”

Liz thought it over for a minute before looking Max dead in the eyes. “I’d like to go to Italy.”

Max pretended to think it over. When in reality she could have said the Jersey shore and he would have done it. Deciding to make her squirm a bit he asked why.

“Because that’s where my parents are.”

Max was beyond confused. “I thought your parents had past on?”
Liz nodded. “When they died their will stated that they wanted to be buried in the city where they met and feel in love. My mom was from Venice. There she met my father while he was studying abroad. Couple years later they married and had me, moving back to the states in the process. Unfortunately I barely had the money to give them the burial they wanted. So I’ve never been to their graves.”

Liz put her head down; shocked she had revealed so much to a stranger. A stranger who was going to be her husband in two days.

Max was taken back by her admission. With out even a hesitation he spoke. “We’ll then you better get your affairs in order if you plan on joining me to Italy.”

Liz gave Max a tentative smile. Glad he had not said anything about her parents, but rather just accepted it. She didn’t need or want his pity. She was a strong and capable woman.

They both stood making there way back into the house, passing Mrs. Thornlittle. They heard her give a mutter about going threw the trouble of making fresh lemonade.

The both gave a laugh as they approached Liz’s car. On impulse Liz gave him a hug. Max stood their rigid; not believing Liz Parker was in his arms. Before he could respond she pulled away. “Thanks for listening and helping me with all this.”

Max said five words that made Liz stop. “I’d do anything for you.”

Realizing what her had said Max corrected himself. “I mean to help you get away from Sean.”

Liz just smiled before getting into her car and leaving.

Maria “So….”
Liz threw her self on the couch next to Maria. “I’m getting married in two days.”
Maria stood up and started to freak. “Oh my god! How is that even possible?”

Liz dug threw her purse and handed Maria her oils. “Here Maria take this and calm down. Max made the arrangements, I guess he assumed I would take him up on his offer. All I need to do is get my wedding dress.”

“Which you already have. Damn girl you got lucky, I mean how many girls can say they had their fiancée plan the whole wedding. I wish Michael would do that for our wedding.”

“Maria first of all Max and I aren’t in love. This isn’t a real wedding. We plan on divorcing as soon as this all dies down. Second I’m not wearing my Grandma Claudia’s dress. I mean it just wouldn’t be right.”

Maria wanted to scream at the top of her lungs how wrong Liz was. If she would just open her eyes and see how Max looks at her. “Girl I can’t tell you what to do, but I think you should wear the dress. You never know what could happen.”

Liz gave her a pointed look. “Maria I’m going to take a bubble bath and head to bed.”

Maria grabbed Liz’s arm as she past her. “Liz just think about it ok?”
Liz’s demeanor softened. “Ok.”

Part 3

Everything had been a blur. The past five days had come and gone so fast she could hardly believe that she was on her honeymoon. Or she was now Elizabeth Evans.

Liz smoothed down the sides of her dress as Maria walked in the bridal chamber. “Lizzie you look so beautiful. Even though you didn’t wear the dress…”

Liz gave her a look. “Maria I’m saving that dress for when I find the person I’m in love with. Who loves me back and wants to spend the rest of their lives with me. Max and I are just doing this so Sean will leave me alone.”

Maria just sighed. “Sometimes Liz you can be so dense.”

Before Liz could comment the door opened again to reveal Michael telling them it was time to start the ceremony. Liz appraised herself in the mirror one last time. She had gone for a simple slip dress, no frills. After all this was a business arrangement and nothing more. There was no need to wear a stupid tiara or veil. But why then did she feel like she was missing out….
Pushing that thought from her mind she took hold of Michael’s arm and exited her room.

The wedding was very small. Maria was of course her maid of honor, while Michael was walking her down the isle. Max had chosen one of his doctor friends as his best man. Some man named Kyle, whom Liz had never met before.

The organist began to play and Liz made her way down the isle. Liz took a look at Max who had an expression on his face she couldn’t read. She glanced over at Kyle who had a huge smile on his lips.

‘Strange’ Liz thought to herself. ‘Maybe he doesn’t realize this isn’t a real marriage between Max and I. I’ll have to ask Max about it later.’

As they reached the end of the isle Michael gave Liz a peck on the cheek and placed her hand in Max’s.

Liz gave Michael a smile silently thanking him for always being there for her and Maria.

Before she knew it Liz had recited the marriage vowels and it was now time for Max to kiss the bride. The kiss was explosive to say the least. Max’s warm mouth slide over hers as his hands cupped her face. His lips were gentle, but demanding. Liz obliged opening her mouth upon his silent request. As his tongue entered her mouth seeming to memorize every crevice.

Just as suddenly as it had begun it was over. The small crowd clapped their approval as Liz stumbled back slightly. ‘Wow what was that.’ She thought to herself.

Realizing he was probably just trying to keep it real she relaxed and smiled as max grabbed her hand and led her out of the church.

Liz turned around and caught Max staring at her. He was siting on the balcony of the house he had rented for the week, while Liz had opted to take a walk on the beach. She tried to cover herself up with her arms suddenly feeling naked at his hungry stare.

He had insisted on buying this bathing suit for her when they first arrived. It was blue and very small. Not something she would have worn.

Seeing the sun was setting Liz made her way up to the house giving Max a smile as she walked by him.


She stopped suddenly and turned around. “Yes?”
“I made us dinner reservations tonight.”

Liz nodded and made her way into the house to change.
Max sighed. She was gorgeous. Absolutely perfect not one flaw on her body. And he had been looking pretty damn close. But she was not his. Funny how things worked out. She was his wife but cared nothing for him. If it weren’t for Sean finally getting caught they would have been getting married.

Max gritted his teeth. That asshole didn’t deserve her anyway. Oh Max wish he could have seen the look on Sean’s face when he found out that Liz had married him.

‘Oh well. Just getting to spend everyday with her would be enough for now. And maybe, just maybe she could learn to love him half as much as he loved her…”

“You look lovely.” Max said as they sat down for dinner. Liz gave a slight blush.
“Thank you. Everything looks so good.” She said scanning over the menu.

Their waitress came taking their orders before rushing off leaving them in silence.

Max “So what time to did you want to leave tomorrow?”
Liz “Well I think it will take about two hours to get their so we should leave early if we want to make it back for our flight.”

Max nodded as silence fell over them again. Everything was so awkward he thought.

“Listen Liz I know this is really a strange situation to put it mildly, but I think we could at least be friends.”

Liz smiled like she felt the weight being lifted off her shoulder. “That be great.”
Max “Well why don’t we get to know each other, I’ll go first. My name is Max Evans. I’m a doctor at County General and I desperately want to become Chief of staff next year.”

Liz “Well I’m Elizabeth Parker Evans. I’m a social worker for the city and my life ambition is to put a stop to neglected and abused children.”

Liz saw she had stroke a nerve there. Max’s smile had dimmed down some and he was now staring at the tablecloth. “That’s a wonderful ambition.” He said quietly. He looked up and gave her a full smile. “So tell me Elizabeth Parker Evans why did you decide to become a social worker?”

Liz relaxed as she saw the smile return to his lips. “Well my next door neighbor was a foster mother. I remember as a child befriending a lot of her kids, and they would tell me their sad stories. I just remember wanting to help all those children.”

Max “Very noble of you.”
Liz “I just wish I could help more kids.”

‘Well you’ve already started to help this kid.’ Max thought to himself.

Max watched as Liz slowly made her way to the two head stones. She was carrying Lilies. Her mom’s favorite flower she had told him. He wished he could wrap his arms around her and make it all better.

Liz knelt on the ground arranging the flowers. “Mom, Dad it’s me Liz. I’m sorry this is the first time I’ve been able to visit but things have been complicated to say the least. But you probably already know that. Cause I know your watching over me just like you said you would. I know you would disapprove of me marrying Max but I needed to do it. I think this is the beginning of something good for me. Max is a very nice friend to me and we have been getting along well. I hope we remain good friends even after we divorce…”

Liz wiped at the tears as she touched the names engraved in the cold stone. “I love you both so much and I promise to come back.”

With that Liz stood up and ran back towards the gate where Max was waiting with open arms. She flung herself into his embrace as sobs racked threw her tiny frame.

“Shhh. It’s ok, shh.” Max soothed.

Part 4

Two Months Later…

Liz rushed into the restaurant searching for the familiar face. Spotting Maria she rushed over apologies rushing out of her mouth.

“I’m so sorry Maria, I just got caught at the center and then Max called. Plus traffic is absolutely horrendous.”

“Relax Chica I just got here about five minutes ago anyway.”

Liz gave a laugh. “We are two of a kind huh? So how does it feel to be Mrs. Guerin?”

Maria had a dreamy expression on her face as she started chatting away. “Oh I love it. I feel kinda horrible though, I mean the way we did it.”

Liz laughed remembering the voice mail she had received on her phone.

“Liz weddings off, Michael and I are flying to Vegas and eloping. Sorry that you’ll miss it, but my mother is killing us with all these preparations. Oh by the way you wouldn’t mind telling her would you? Love ya girl.

“I never did get to thank you for putting that assignment on me. I swear to god Maria your mother blew a gasket!”

Maria “Uhhh, don’t tell me that. I have to go see her in like an hour.”
Liz “Well good luck, I would definitely bring some type of self defense.”
Maria gave her a look of dread. “It’s a good thing Michael’s going with me… I’ll just tell mom it was all his idea!”

Both girls burst out in giggles thinking of how poor Michael was going to be chewed out by Amy Deluca.

“Oh well I’ll just have to make it up to him” Maria said wiggling her eyebrows.

Silence fell over the girls as they looked at their menus. After ordering Liz looked at Maria smiling. “Married life suits you Maria. You look so happy.”

Maria “Thank-you. But what about you Liz. How are things going with Max?” What she was really thinking was have you realized how much he adores you and kisses the ground you walk on.

Liz sighed. “Max and I are great friends Maria. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.”

Maria shook her head as the waiter came and they dug into their food changing topics.

Liz entered the dark house yelling for Max. Walking into the kitchen she found a note left by him.

Dear Liz,

Something came up at the hospital so I’ll be there most of the night. I sent Mrs. Thornlittle home for the night but she left you some dinner in the oven. I tried your cell phone but it was off. Talk to you tomorrow.


Liz sat at the table suddenly feeling so alone. It was true that Max usually worked late but it was almost eight, never before had he been out this long. Giving a defeated sigh she decided to run herself a bath not really hungry.

Pouring in some of her favorite vanilla bubble bath and grabbing a CD, she sunk herself into the roman style tub. As the words from the CD started to fill the air she though back to the last two months.

Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you shoulda somehow realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now

Things have been going great for her and Max. They found they had a lot in common and really enjoyed each other’s company. And Sean was not even a factor. He had yet to darken her doorstep and Liz was grateful. Though she never did have enough courage to ask Max if he had any encounters with Sean.

Back beat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is
I'm sure you've heard it all before but you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now
And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding

Oh well best to let well enough alone.

There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don't know how
Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall

Why start trouble between them when nothing was wrong.

Today was gonna be the day but they'll never throw it back to you
By now you shoulda somehow realized what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now
And all the roads that lead you there were winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding

She knew Max had a sore spot for his baby brother. She didn’t know all the facts, just that they always seemed to be competing against each for something.

There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don't know how
I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall

Maybe one day she’d actually work up the nerve to ask Max about it.

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall

Feeling that her bath water had gotten cold, Liz grabbed her pink fluffy towel and exited the bathroom.

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me


Max walked through the entryway of his home carefully shutting it. Checking his watch he saw it was almost midnight. He made his way past the living room when a light from inside it stopped him. There on his couch was his beautiful wife sleeping. It looked as though she had tried to wait up for him. Or so he hoped.

Making a quick descion he dropped his brief case and walked over to her. She was a sight to him. Lying with her feet tucked under her and head resting on her arm. Max ran his hand threw her silky hair memorizing the feel. He felt her start to stir and jumped back I surprise.

Liz opened her eyes only to see Max sitting a few feet away watching her.
“Hey, when did you get home?”

Max stood up dusting off his pants. “Just a few minutes ago.”
Liz rubbed her eyes. “What time is it.”
Max “Almost midnight.”

Liz stood up making her way to Max. “Did you at least eat dinner?”
Max “I grabbed something at the cafeteria earlier.”

Liz sighed. “Max that’s no good. If you’re going to be working this late you really should be eating right. Not some junk food.”
Max wanted to laugh at the look she was giving him. Standing there hands on her hips and trying to be stern with him. It was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

Max “Ok I promise next time to eat health foods.”
Liz nodded. “Well why don’t I heat up the plate Mrs. Thornlittle left me, and you can have it.”

Max gave her a look. “Wait a minute you complain about me not eating and here I find out that you haven’t eaten either.”
Liz ducked her head. “Well I had a very late lunch with Maria and wasn’t very hungry when I got home.”

“Well why don’t we share then.” Max asked.
Liz “Sure, I’ll just go heat it up.”
Max “Well let me go change and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

Liz sat the hot plate on the counter just as Max walked threw the kitchen doors. “Ahh perfect timing.”

Liz took in his appearance and found her self liking what she saw. His hair was disheveled giving him a little boy appearance. But the wife beater he wore quickly shoved that thought out the window. It gave a perfect view of his very muscular body. Giving herself a mental shake she sat down next to him grabbing the extra fork and digging in.

“So what happened at the hospital that kept you so late.” She said in between chewing.

Max looked up and Liz could see the sadness in his eyes. “There was this little girl who came in the ER today. She had been out riding her bike when a drunk driver ran his car unto the sidewalk and ended up hitting her.”

Liz dropped her fork and brought her hands to her mouth. “Oh my god! Is she okay?”

Max pushed the plate away no longer hungry. “It’s gonna be touch and go for a while. But she’s a strong one…”
Liz wanted to cry. That poor little girl.

Max looked up to see the silent tears in her eyes. “Hey I didn’t mean to upset you.”
Liz “I know it’s just that girl did nothing to deserve that, but because that moron acted so irresponcibly she could die.”
Max just pulled Liz into his arms. “I know.”

Time stood still as Liz and Max gazed into each other’s eyes. Before they knew it their mouths where on each other…

Part 5

Liz was drowning in Max’s passion filled kisses. She was clutching his shoulders as he ran one hand through her hair, while the other was stationed on her bottom.

She felt Max lift her onto the counter tossing their meal carelessly off the counter. He moved to stand in between her legs, never breaking contact from her sweet mouth.

Max came out of his haze when Liz started to rub herself against his arousal. Deciding he didn’t want there first time together to be on the kitchen counter, he lifted Liz effortlessly with his arms.

Liz gave a surprised yelp before releasing what Max was doing. Part of her rationed what was about to happen was wrong. She didn’t care she just wanted him to relieve the ache in side her. After all, he was her husband.

Max kicked open the door to Liz’s bedroom making his way strait to the bed. Oh how he wanted her.

Placing her on the bed Max followed her down finding her mouth and fusing it with his own. He was addicted to her kisses; he was addicted to her.

They started ripping clothes off one another. Their need for each other over whelming. Max helped Liz remove her shirt before attacking her lace-covered breast. Liz gave a moan of satisfaction as Max continued his ministrations on her.

Liz started clawing at Max’s back, trying to remove his shirt. He pulled back quickly and disregarded his shirt before moving back to her body.

Liz sighed as she felt the strong muscles on his back. Wanting more skin to skin contact she moved her hands to the front of his boxers slowly pushing them down. Max paused as soon as he felt her hands move to his front. He held his breath as she freed his erection, sliding his boxers down to his ankles where he promptly kicked them off.

Seeing Liz still had on her underwear Max moved back to her body. Kissing a trial down to the apex of her thighs. He suddenly stopped and sat on the backs of his legs.

He took his large hands and hooked them on the strings of her panties before lowering them down her shapely legs. Max’s hands went back to her center and felt her excitement. He couldn’t believe how wet she was for him.

Max and Liz locked eyes and he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Removing his hand he crashed her lips with his own and positioned himself to enter her. With one thrust he completely her.

Liz gave out a cry at the sudden pain. She couldn’t believe how much it hurt. Max was to shocked to say anything. He was so sure she had… Deciding not to go down that path he kept a slow a tortuous pace until he came. Max rolled unto his back and threw his arm over his eyes not quite believing what happened.

After a minute Max looked over at Liz to see her crying. He went to place his hand on her when she turned away from him.

“Don’t touch me!” She yelled.

Max was speechless. He couldn’t believe it. She regretted what they had done. Becoming angry Max stood up and grabbed his boxers that were on the floor and walked out of her room slamming the door as he went.

“Maria it was so awful.”

Maria “Liz he didn’t rape you or anything did he?”
Liz shook her head violently. “NO! I mean I thought I wanted it. I mean after wards it was so painful and I just couldn’t believe we had done that. We were getting so close. I just hate to ruin our friendship.”

Maria sighed She knew something like this was bond to happen. “Listen Liz what are you more upset about. One that you slept with Max, or two how you treated Max?”

Liz hung her head in shame. “Maria he hasn’t been here in three days. He just walked out of my room and hasn’t come back here or called since. I’m worried about him.”

Maria nodded her head in sympathy. “Liz give the man sometime. You bruised his ego. Pushing him away was not what he expected after you guys got together.”

Liz “Yea I know you’re right.”
Maria “I’m always right.”
Liz gave a smile and fell into her friend’s arms. “Thanks Maria, your always there for me.”
Maria smiled and pulled back. “No problem that’s what friends are for. Now if you excuse me I have to return to my husband and see what he has planned for me tonight.”

They both stood and made their way to Liz’s door. “So what did Michael do now?”

Maria “Well the insensitive lug made a comment about me burning dinner yesterday. So I believe I told him if he ever wants to eat again he can make it him self.”

Liz laughed. “I think that’s best anyway. No offense sweetie but I’ve tasted your cooking.”
Maria feigned hurt and left chuckling as she went.
The ball whizzed by the hoop completely missing the net. Max retrieved the ball only to slam it down in frustration. He felt like a grade A jerk. After everything that had happened he was too much of a coward to go home and talk to Liz. He was terrified of what she would say to him.

“So Max what’s up?”

Max jumped around and saw Kyle his long time friend standing there in his scrubs. Shrugging his shoulders he replied a cool ‘nothing.’

“Really? From what I can tell you’ve been spending your nights at the hospital, the last three to be correct. First I wrote it off as the little girl who came in, you wanting to see her get better. But her conditioned has improved and I hear she’s gonna make it. So my next thought is maybe it’s that dark hared angel angel you call your wife.”

Max sighed. His shoulders slumped claming defeat. “I slept with her, and she totally regretted it afterwards.”
Kyle sat down next to Max feeling nothing but sympathy for Max. He knew the whole situation and could never possibly imagine living with his dream girl but never being able to really have her.

“I love her so much. And I’m pretty sure she hates my guts.”
Kyle “Max I seriously doubt that. I mean just think of it from Liz’s point of view. You guys are friends and now it’s moved past that. It’s very confusing to her I bet.”

Max “Yea your probably right. When did you get so smart?”
Kyle stood up. “Buddha baby!”
Max let out a laugh just shaking his head. “Thanks man I really needed that.”
Kyle “No problem now lets shoot some hoops.”
Part 6

Max dropped his bag on the floor quietly. His heart was going a thousand beats per minute at the thought of seeing Liz tonight. Words could not describe the self-loathing he had for himself. He couldn't believe the manner in which he had taken Liz. It was so animalistic and wrong. But after finally being with her and realizing that Sean had never touched her, something in him just snapped. It was almost like he has to claim her. He remembered the way Sean would taunt him. 'She's one great fuck Max, too bad I got to her first.' That lying bastard. He should have known better. Sean was nothing more then a lying dog. Shaking his head clear of those thoughts and back to how to beg forgivness from Liz. Groveling would deffinitly be involed.

Taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders Max made his way into the kitchen where he heard Liz’s voice.

He entered the room and saw Liz was on the phone with her back to him.

“No Maria he hasn’t come home.”

He watched as Liz sighed and turned around. He completely stopped breathing as her eyes caught sight of him.

They both stood their frozen in time. Coming out of her stupor Liz talked into the phone. “Maria I got to go. Yea ok. Bye.”

Liz clicked of the phone and looked to Max. Neither knew where to begin. Max took charge realizing he couldn’t be in the kitchen where everything had started.

“Why don’t we go into the living room.”
Liz “Sure.”

They made themselves comfortable on two separate couches before Max began to talk.

“I’m so sorry Liz. I didn’t mean for things to get out of control the way they did, and I never wanted to hurt you.”

“Max I’ve had a few days to think this over and I just want to put this behind us and go on as friends, ok?”

“What pretend like it never happened?” Max asked with uncertainty in his voice.

“No, but I just want to move on. I think we’re both at fault here and I just want things to go back to the way they were. We were at a good place before this mess happened and I don’t want to lose that. You’ve become a great friend to me Max I don’t want to lose that.”

Max wanted to scream. He wanted so much more then to be friends with Liz. Deciding it would be best to take up her offer after what he had done to her. Max made his way to her extending his hand. “Friends?”

Liz pushed away his hand and slipped into his arms.

“Friends.” She whispered.
“So here we are two very drunk med students trying to pick the lock to our apartment butt naked!”

Liz couldn’t control her giggles as Max ducked his head in embarrassment. It was over a week since their incident and Liz was quite pleased to see Max and her back to the way they were. Max had even invited Kyle over so Liz could get properly introduced to him. Kyle was currently telling Liz of their college days and all the trouble they got into.

Liz calmed down enough to ask Kyle if anyone had caught them. She heard Max give an ‘oh god’, and Kyle just continue to laugh.

Kyle “This is the best part. We lived right down the street from a convent and these two nuns got to see the goods, so to speak.”

Max stood up, red as a tomato and mortified beyond belief as Liz continued to laugh at them.

“So what happened next?” Liz questioned.

“Well Max over here turned around and wished them a good day and asked about church services!”

“Max you didn’t!” Liz gasped.
“Thank-you very much Kyle. I think I’ve now remembered why I don’t invite you over.”

Liz “So what did the nuns do?”
Kyle “They ran off yelling something about the devils work…”

Liz and Kyle looked at each other before bursting into another fit of giggles.

After they both calmed down Kyle looked at his watch. “Damn I better go, got an early shift at the hospital. Liz thank-you for dinner. Definitely a nice change from the take out I’ve been eating.”

Liz just shook her head. “You are as bad as Max. Please come over any night your welcomed to have dinner with us.”
Liz and Kyle briefly hugged before Max and Kyle shook hands stating they’d see each other in the morning.

Closing the door Max and Liz made there way up stairs together. Before parting at the top they bid each other good night.

As Liz closed the door to her room she leaned against it. Thinking of the night and how well things had been. It was the first time in a long time that she had seen Max so care free and happy. She liked it. It gave her a warm feeling deep down to see Max so pleasant.

She couldn’t contain the smile on her face as she thought of the stories Kyle had shared about him and Max tonight. She still didn’t know all she would have liked to about her husband. She knew he loved pizza and hated peas. But she knew nothing of his child hood.

Liz didn’t understand why Max and Sean didn’t grow up together. Why Max had chosen boarding school instead of being home with his father and half brother. All she knew is what Sean told her which wasn’t much and she wasn’t sure if it was all true.

Sean had said max had chosen to stay away from his family and was just jealous of him. Liz highly doubted that though. After getting to know Max she realized he wasn’t the cold-hearted person his family made him out to be. On the contrary. She knew how deep he could care, it reflected on his patients. The way he would come home sometimes and just be so sad that he couldn’t do more. No the Max Evans she knew was a sweet heart who would do anything to help anybody. She was standing fact herself.

Slipping herself in between the sheets she realized she was starting to care more or Max then a friend should…

Part 7

Max flopped down on the couch losing his eyes and just relaxing. The last time he had had a day off was his honeymoon with Liz. Which was over two months ago. So today he planned to lay on his couch and do nothing. Fate seemed to have other plans for him though.

Liz bounced into the room in an extremely happy mood. After a lot of hard work and months of paper work she had finally gotten the Calder adoption to go through. Not only that her boss had seen all her hard work and decided to give her a raise! She couldn’t believe her luck.

She immediately noticed Max lying with his eyes closed on the couch. She walked right over to him and sat down beside him.


He jumped up with a start.

Liz couldn’t control her laughing. Max rubbed his face and laid back down. “Your home already?” he mumbled.

“My boss gave me the rest of the day off.”
“Oh really, you must have done something good from the looks of it.” Max noticed how Liz couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“Yup, I finally got the Calder adoption to go through!”

Max sat up and gave her a full-blown smile. He knew how hard she had been working on it and how much it meant for Liz to get it through. “That’s great Liz. I know how much sweat you put into it.”

Liz “That’s why we should go out and celebrate. I mean jeez when was the last time you had a day off?”
Max ducked his head. “Yea well when you want to be chief of staff it doesn’t come by taking your days off. Not even if you own the place…”

Liz eyes almost popped out of her sockets. “What? Did I hear you correctly when you said you owned the hospital? I thought it was run by the state or something.”

Max “Well in the middle of my residency the hospital was having financial difficulty. I couldn’t just stand by and let the people in the hospital lose their jobs. Then think of the patients. County is fifteen miles away from the nearest hospital. I mean imagine all the people who will die because they didn’t make it to the hospital in time.”

Liz stared at Max with awe. She couldn’t believe how passionate he was about being a doctor. She had always assumed it was for his family, trying to show he could make himself a fortune on his own. But in the past week she had come to learn so much about the caring man in front of her. He really was a total sweetheart…

“So I met with the board members, and I now own fifty-one percent of the hospital. Basically I’m the silent partner who gets the final say in what goes on.” Max finished with a smile.

“Wow Max that’s so amazing. I can’t believe you did all that.”

They shared a quiet moment before Liz came up with an idea.

“Max go get your shoes on I’m taking you out.”
Max gave her a skeptical look. “And where do you plan on taking me?”
“Why shopping of course!”

Max gave her a look. “No way. I hate shopping.”
“I can definitely see that.” Liz mumbled.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Max stated hearing her.

“Max you own seriously one pair of sneakers that looked like they’ve been through war. Then there’s your jeans—
“Hey what’s wrong with my jeans?”
Liz gave him a pointed look as she pushed her finger through a worn spot and touched Max’s leg. “Where did you get them, ‘Holes ‘R’ Us?”

“Ha ha, not funny Liz.”
Liz continued ignoring Max. “Oh and then there’s your shirts. I mean jeez what year do you think your livin it because—

Max put his hand over her mouth effectively stopping her from bashing his attire. “Alright just stop. I’ll let you drag me to the freakin mall and play dress up Barbie, but just stop ok?”

Liz lit up like a Christmas tree, giving a little squeal. “This is going to be so much fun. This is on me by the way. And before you start protesting, you’ve done so much for me this is my way of giving back a little. Plus with my raise I got today, I won’t even feel the pinch. Ok?”

Max “Well I guess…”
Liz “Good, now go upstairs comb your hair and put shoes on”
Max stood up and saluted Liz. “Yes drill Sargent.”
Liz rolled her eyes and playfully pushed him toward the stairs.
The two entered the Mall and immediately Liz grabbed his hand and dragged him into Abrocrambie & Fitch.

“Now this is just a starting point, I figure we can go to Kenneth Cole, Calvin Kline, American Eagle, Gap and structure. That way we can give some variety in your wardrobe.”

Max watched her in fascination. He couldn’t believe how excited she was to dress him. He felt her tug on his hand and lea them over towards the store. Max couldn’t get over the fact that Liz had his hand.

Coming out of his stupor he entwined their fingers and gave her hand a squeeze. She looked up to him and gave him a stunning smile. His knees almost gave out. Thankfully she keep pulling him to the store keeping him from embarrassing himself.
Two eyes watched the couple with disgust. He would wipe that smile off his brothers’ face. Oh he had just the plan…

Max and Liz flopped down on the couch completely wiped out after a day full of shopping. They surveyed the damage around both laughing at how the living room floor was covered in at least fifty bags.

Max “I can’t believe we spent so much.”

Liz recalled the day. She had made Max model everything, much to his displeasure. But in the end it was so much fun, which they both had desperately needed.

Liz “But it was definitely worth it. I don’t know when the last time I’ve had so much fun shopping. Thank-you.”

Max looked over at Liz taking in the contours of her face. “Believe me Liz the pleasure was all mine.”

Liz “Well I had better go and call Maria. She’ll kill me if I don’t tell her about my promotion and all.”

Max was stunned silent. She had even told Maria yet? It sent tingles down his body. “You haven’t told Maria?”
Liz “Well I wanted to tell you first.”
“Why?” Max couldn’t help himself as the word slipped from his lips.

Liz stood there nervously. “Just because I’ve told you everything about it, and you supported me. You kept telling me you believed I could do it, and I just really appreciated your support.”

Max just nodded still reeling over the fact that she had told him before Maria, or anyone else for that matter.

“Well I’m heading up to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow. Night.”
Max watched her leave and whispered. “Goodnight my beautiful Liz.”

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Part 8

Liz placed the phone down and rubbed her forehead. She had finally gotten hold of the caterers and fixed the whole mix up. It was time for Max to hold a dinner party for the hospital management and shareholders. Max completely hated planning them and asked Liz to do it. Of course she said she would, but now she was regretting her decision. The caterers had screwed up her dinner order. Instead of the hundred guests there would be the caterers had it down that it would be a ten-guest dinner party.

It was beyond her how they could screw up those numbers. But it was fixed and now the two weeks of planning was finally coming together. Max had told her it was a very fancy occasion, and Liz went all out. She wanted to impress Max’s collages and make him proud of her. She had already gotten her dress with the help of Maria. Maria stated she would be the ‘Belle of the ball.’

Deciding to free her mind from the party nonsense she walked outside towards the rose garden. It was one of her favorite places to be. The fragrance was just so lovely and everything was so calm. Liz continued her stroll thinking about Max. They had become extremely close the last few weeks. It was so amazing how well Max seemed to know Liz. When she needed a friend or just to be left alone.

And Liz had taken it upon herself to make sure Max was not killing himself with hours at the hospital. Plus stopping by now and again to give him some real food. It gave her a chance to talk to Kyle who she had come to think of as her own friend. He was such a sweetheart she could see why Max and him got along so well.

There was a slight rustling noise coming from the bushes that brook Liz from her daydreaming.

She gasped as the figure reveled it self to be her ex fiancé Sean.

“What the hell are you doing here.” She seethed
“Why Lizzie I thought you’d be more please to see me. After all Max must be keeping you here under look and key. Max always was a dull guy.” He answered cockily.

“Max is twice the man you’ll ever be and I happen to love my life. A husband who will remain faithful!”
“Common Liz we both know it didn’t mean anything. I love you I always will.”

Liz raised her eyebrow ad shook her head in disgust. “The only person you love is yourself. Now get out of here before I get Max.”
“Oh you mean the Max that’s at work? I already checked to make sure he wouldn’t be here. Don’t want him to interrupt us when we have so much catching up to do.”

“Sean we are over, we’ve been over and I’m now a happily married woman. So I will ask you one more time before I call the police for you to leave.”

Liz watched as Sean’s shoulders slumped in defeat. ‘Thank god, maybe now he’ll go away.’ She thought to herself.
“Fine Liz I’ll leave you.”

Just as he was about to turn and leave he marched over to Liz and grabbed her. Taking advantage of her surprise he smothered his lips over hers.

Liz stood there frozen for a second before she realized what Sean was doing. Using all her strength and pushed him away from her.

“Living here has turned you to stone, just like he is.” Sean stated before walking away.
Liz ran into the house and locked the door. She had wanted to rant and rave saying that Max wasn’t cold, but she knew it would fall on deaf ears. Liz wiped at her mouth feeling nothing but disgust for Sean. Taking a seat on the couch she ran her hands through her hair and just stared out the window.

So much had changed since four months ago when she had found Sean in bed with another woman. Her life was so wonderful, Max was so wonderful. A light bulb seemed to go over her head as a dreamy smile pasted over her lips. Sean’s visit had been good for her. She now realized how over her feelings where for Sean and that she was in love with Max…

Liz checked herself in the mirror one more time before heading down stairs to greet her guests. Maria was right, she did look good. Her dress was a deep plum color that went the whole length of her. The top of the dress reminded her somewhat of a bikini as it tied up around her neck and showed a decent amount of her breasts. The back was completely bare.

Maria had been over earlier and helped her do her hair into intricate twists. Liz had invited her and Michael to the party but Maria had politely declined stating it was she and Michael’s anniversary.

Liz laughed inward as she thought about their conversation:

“But Maria you and Michael where married over a month ago, how can it be your anniversary?”

Liz watched as Maria turned a deep crimson. “It’s not that kind of anniversary Liz.”
“Well then what kind of—
“The first time we slept together kind.” She blurted out.
“Oh well have fun I guess.” Liz said with a teasing smile.

Maria just rolled her eyes and started laughing. “Don’t worry Liz what I have planned for that man he won’t be able to walk when I get through with him!”

“TMI Maria.” The girls quickly hugged and Maria left Liz to finish getting ready.

Liz had decided not to tell Maria about her feelings for Max yet. She wanted Max to be the first person she told.

The doorbell rang snapping Liz out of her haze. She glanced at Max’s door and saw it was closed. Figuring he was still getting ready she descended to stairs to greet their guests.

The party was in full swing and Liz had yet to see her husband. Every time she would go to find him one of their guests would pull her aside and talk up a storm. Apparently they all were dying to meet Max’s new bride.

Finally detaching herself from the catty women she set off in search of Max. She stumbled upon him in the study talking with some of his coworkers. He hadn’t noticed her. She took a calming breath and walked over to the couch where Max was sitting.

Kyle “Liz finally, I thought maybe you had gotten lost on your way to see me.”
Liz laughed. “Now Kyle you know I couldn’t look anything but my best for you, and beauty takes time.”
Kyle “Well you look good.”

“She looks beautiful.” A smooth velvety voice sad from behind her.

Liz turned to stare into the eyes of the man she loved and her breath caught in her throat. He looked absolutely yummy in his tux. Summoning all her courage she slipped her arms around Max’s middle and stood on the tips of her toes.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” She stated before latching her lips on to his. Max was stunned before he quickly regained his wits and started kissing her back with all the passion he felt for her.

Kyle “Ok you two break it up your around your friends here who don’t need to see what their missing.”

They broke apart and Max could do nothing but stare at his wife. He had no idea what had gotten into her, but he for sure wasn’t complaining. They all retook their seats and Liz perched herself on the arm of Max’s chair. She leaned forward and put her arm around Max’s middle while resting her head on his shoulder. She felt him tense up and then relax.

After twenty minutes of hearing them argue over hospital procedures Liz decided to get up and mingle. She leaned over Max and gave him a good show of her cleavage as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. Liz excused herself and exited the room looking for the nearest waiter with whine. She looked behind her and realized Max had followed her.

She decided to go and talk to him when she was pulled into another clique of women.

The night progressed and Max continued to be one step behind her the whole night, almost, as he couldn’t bear it not to have her in his sight range.
It was just after three when the last of their guests left. Max had walked Kyle out to his car and Liz decided to go upstairs and get ready. She was going to tell Max exactly how she felt about him, and show him. Liz thought with a slight blush.

She removed her dress and slipped on a black silk teddy. Taking the dress and placing on the hanger Liz then went to Max’s room to wait for him…

Part 9 NC-17

Max entered his room not prepared to see the sight in front of him. Liz was sitting on his bed dressed in nothing but a black teddy. His heart stopped and he had to remind himself to breathe.

All night Max had been astonished that Liz had been all over him. At first he thought it was for show, but the way she had kissed him… And now she was dressed in a scrap of silk in his bedroom. He’d have to be an idiot to not realize what she wanted.

Max watched as Liz stood and made her way over to him. She opened her mouth to speak but Max silenced her with a finger to her lips. After everything they had been through all he wanted to do was sink himself into her and forget. They could deal with everything in the morning.

Max led her over to his large bed and gently laid her down. Immediately he went to unfasten her teddy, dying to see her beauty again. He stopped breathing as Liz pulled it over her head exposing her naked flesh.

He started breathing again when Liz started tugging on his dress shirt, trying to get it off him. Max obliged by taking it off and tossing it on the floor.

Max hovered over her just drinking in her body. He bent his head and took her soft creamy breast into his mouth. Liz withered under him reveling in the sensations he was causing with his mouth.

Liz gave him a wicked smile as she decided it was her turn to play. Pushing him onto his back she straddled him. She ran her hands over his smooth chest hard pecks as her mouth nipped at his abs. She heard Max hiss at the pleasure and her smile just widened.

She began to slowly rub herself on his arousal while attacking his lips with her own. Max was the best kisser, she decided. His lips were so strong but tender with her at the same time. She pulled back from him deciding she wanted him inside her.

Liz unbuckled his pants and pulled them down his legs and feet freeing his erection.

All while Max watched with hooded eyes. He couldn’t believe the feelings and desires this small woman was creating in him. He nearly choked when he felt her sweet lips on his arousal. His eyes rolled back into his head as she started to suck him like he was a lollypop.

After what seemed like hours of her sweet torture Max pulled her up to him, he wasn’t going to cum till he was buried inside her. He took a minute to settle his racing heart he flipped them over again He kissed her hard, before making his way down her body to her core. Returning the favor he licked her slip before burying his tongue in her hole.

Liz gave out a moan as Max continued to slide his tongue in and out of her while gently biting on her clit. Just when Liz was about to lose it Max pulled back and inserted himself into her with one powerful thrust bring her over the edge.

He continued though till she had orgasmed two more times before spilling his seed into her and falling onto her body.

After their bodies cooled and Max was able to stop his racing heart, he rolled over never releasing his hold on Liz. She tucked herself into his side using Max’s shoulder as her pillow.

Max looked down at Liz and couldn’t help but smile. She was already asleep tired from today’s events. He soon followed her, dreaming of the rest of their lives together.
Liz awoke in the early morning. The sun was just beginning to rise and Liz looked up to see Max’s handsome face. He looked like a little boy, but his hard body she was lying on proved other wise.

She placed a kiss on his chest and smiled when he mumbled and tightened his grip on her. Liz couldn’t wait for Max to get up so she could tell him how much she cared for him. Then they could really start their lives together.

Liz gave out a yawn and decided to go back to sleep. After all it was still early and lately she had been feeling fatigued…

Liz awoke again, only this time to cold and lonely sheets. Max was no where to be found. Liz just shrugged it off figuring there would be plenty of mornings when she could wake up in Max’s in arms.

She got up and went to her room. She showered and changed into her clothes before heading downstairs. Max was not there. Liz started to worry. She knew today was his day off, so where could he be?

She felt her stomach give an unfeminine growl and Liz went to the kitchen to grab some leftovers. By the time she was done Max was till no where to be found.

She yawned and figured she could catch up on her sleep while waiting for Max to come home.

Liz jumped out of her sleep when she heard the door slam. She saw a Max dash across the hallway and run upstairs. Figuring he hadn’t saw her and was probably going to look for her, Liz made her way upstairs to Max’s room.

The door was closed and Liz decided just to walk in, but to her surprise the door was locked. She started pounding on the door getting worried. But Max didn’t answer.

Liz started to get a heavy feeling in her stomach. What had happened? She turned and walked back downstairs. Liz took a set on the chair in the hallway. She tried to think of what could have happened to Max to have him act this way?

A light bulb went off in Liz’s head. The hospital! Of course, the hospital probably paged him for some urgent case. That would explain his behavior. Liz immediately felt better.

‘I’ll just have to distract him from his hospital troubles’ she thought with a smile.

Liz was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard feet pounding on the steps. She looked up to see Max. Liz stood up, wanting to go and embrace him but something caught her eye. Max had a travel bag in his hand.

“Where are you going?” Liz asked with concern.
“I have some business to attend to in the city.” He answered with cool indifference.

Liz was taken back by his tone. What was going on?

“When will you be back?”
“I’m not sure. A couple of weeks.” With that Max walked out leaving Liz stunned and speechless.

Liz regained her senses and went after Max only to catch the dust his car had left behind. She felt like crying. She just didn’t understand what had happened.

Liz walked around the house trying to clear her head and rationalize what had just taken place. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the trash can lid lying on the ground and went over to pick it up. Looking inside she saw two dozen white roses lying in the bins. For the first time that morning Liz started to cry.

Part 10

Liz lay on her bed as Maria stroked her hair.

“Sweetie it’s gonna be ok.”

Liz sat up. “How can you say that? I gave myself to Max and the next morning he just got up and left. Maria It’s been three weeks and the only thing I’ve heard from him is what Mrs. Thornlittle told me. Which isn’t much!”

“Alright Lizzie calm down. You don’t want to upset junior now.” Maria stated while placing a hand on Liz’s abdomen.

Liz threw herself back down on the bed and started crying. “Don’t remind me.” Liz wailed.

Maria just shook her head and vowed to kill Max Evans. Three weeks ago Liz had called her and told her what had happened and how Max had just left. Three weeks later they were still clueless to why Max’s change in attitude. Maria had a sneaky suspicion Sean had something to do with it. But she remand quiet and tried to comfort Liz.
Max flipped threw the channels not really watching the television. No his mind was plagued with one thought, Liz. He couldn’t believe how she had played him.

Kyle walked in the room breaking Max from his thoughts. Max and been staying at Kyle’s for the past few weeks

“Hey Max. Your day off huh?”
Max just nodded not taking his eyes off the screen.
“So why don’t you go and visit your wife?”

“No.” Was Max’s harsh reply.
“Max you’ve been here for three weeks. It’s time to go home and work out this misunderstanding.”
“Kyle it’s not a misunderstanding. You’ve seen the pictures. Liz has been with my brother. What more is there to understand?”

Kyle just shook his head. “Max talk to Liz you never know—
“Kyle I know.”

Kyle just shook his head and walked out of the room mumbling about changing out of his scrubs.

Max shut off the TV and tossed the remote aside. Kyle was right. It was time to go home and face Liz.
Liz heard the downstairs front door close and she immediately perked up. It had to be Max. Mrs. Thornlittle had already left for the day and Maria had also left with an emergency at work.

Liz wiped at her tears and tried to make her self look presentable. She would not let Max see her cry.

She knocked softly on the study door. “Come in.”

Liz let herself in and closed the door waiting for Max to turn to her. She heard Max sigh before he turned around and addressed her.

“Is there something I can do for you?” Max stated indifferently.

Liz wanted to strangle him but thought better of it. It was time to get to the bottom of what had exactly transpired between them over three weeks ago.

“What happened Max?”
Max gave her a pointed look. “You know what happened.”
“Why did you just leave?” She asked ignoring Max’s sarcasm.

“I’m pregnant.”
Max was stunned into silence. “Is it mine?”

Liz felt like she had been slapped in the face. “What!?”
Max almost believed the shocked look on her face… almost. “C’mon Liz you can level with me. Since I will provide for this kid, I should at least know if it’s mine or not.”

“I don’t understand.” Liz couldn’t believe her ears. Was Max really saying these things to her?

Max looked at her for a second before retrieving a file from his desk. He handed it to Liz. She opened it and gasped. There where pictures of Sean kissing her in the garden. Liz continued to flip through, horrified at what she saw. She came to the last picture that was the most damaging of all. Liz was starring out the window with a dreamy smile on her face.

Liz wanted to burst into tears, but she had cried herself out. She just nodded her head and dropped the pictures before exiting the study. Liz walked outside needing to space herself from Max.

She was disgusted. Liz couldn’t believe Sean had stooped so low. Having a cameraman in the bushes to photograph them. That bastard had planned this. She brought her hands up to her eyes trying to hold back tears but failing miserably.

Liz was so caught up in her worries she didn’t see Sean walking up behind her or the knife he had in his hand.
Max kicked at the pictures. He felt like a jerk. But why should he? Max had done everything and anything for Liz. Still not feeling right about anything he decided to go find Liz and talk to her civilly.

He left his office and nearly choked at the sight before him. Sean had Liz in his arms with a knife to her throat.

“I won’t let you have her!”
“Sean you don’t want to do this.”
“Oh really? And why is that?”

“She’s pregnant with your kid.” Max stated in a grave voice.
“Is that what the little whore told ya? She’s been cheating on us big brother then. Cauze Lizzie here has never given it up to me, believe me I’ve tried.” He slurred out.

Max felt his throat close up. Liz was pregnant with his child! He looked into Liz’s terror filled eyes willing her to see that she would be ok.

“Your right Sean we should teach her a lesson. Give her to me first.”
Sean seemed to ponder it before shaking his head. “No, I know your secret. I almost forgot. You love Lizzie.”

Max watched with horror as Sean took the knife from Liz’s throat and put it to her stomach.

“I think I’ll just kill the bastard child.”

The last thing Liz remembered was a blade piecing her side before she blacked out.

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Part 11

“I think she’s waking up!”
“Maria you’ve said that every time she has even so much as twitched.”
“Listen Michael this is my best friend, you could be a bit more sensitive!”

Liz heard the voices as she desperately tried to open her eyes. She felt like jumping for joy when she opened her eyes and caught sight of her best friend.

“Maria” She croaked out.

Maria stopped her bashing of Michael when she heard the voice of her friend. “Lizzie!” She squealed. “How are you feeling? You had us all scared for a bit.”

“It hurts to breathe.” Almost as if a light went off in her head Liz remembered what had taken place. “Oh my god! Sean he-he hurt me, and my baby.” Liz placed her hands on her stomach and looked to Maria with tears in her eyes.

“Tell me My baby is ok, tell me that bastard didn’t…” Liz couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

“Our baby is going to be just fine.” A deep voice said from the corner or the room.

Liz raised her eyes to meet Max’s. He had said ‘our baby’. Liz’s brain was working a mile a minute and she just couldn’t take it.

Maria saw the distress going threw Liz’s eyes. “Michael why don’t you and Max go downstairs and get me a coffee.”

Michael saw max about to object and stepped up. “Yea Maxwell it will give us a chance to bond.”

Max reluctantly agreed but not before he went to her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I’ll be back soon.” He whispered.
Liz just nodded watching his retreating form.

When the door shut Maria started to speak. “He hasn’t left the hospital since you’ve been here. I have to bully him to leave your room and go get something to eat.”

“Maria how long have I been here?”
“Almost four days. You were very lucky. Apparently Max rushed Sean and it caused the knife to go in your side and not threw your abdomen. You had emergency surgery to fix some of the damage, which is why you’ve been out for sometime.”

“What happened to Sean? Is he behind bars?” Liz asked meekly.
“Well after Max beat the shit out of him they had to take him to the hospital. But he wasn’t here long and he’s in jail right now.” Maria stated.

Liz just started crying. “I just can’t believe this all happened.”
“Oh Liz don’t cry, it’s all over and Sean is going to jail for a long time. And Max has been fussing over you and will continue to I can guarantee.”

Liz started to calm down not wanting to put the baby under any more distress. “How long do I have to be here?”

Maria shook her head. “Not sure sweetie, you’d have to ask your doctor.”

Liz’s hospital door opened to reveal Michael and Max. Max quickly handed Maria her coffee and went to Liz’s side.

Maria gave Michael a look.
Michael put his hands up in defense. “Hey Maxwell pretty much ran from here to the cafeteria, he didn’t want to bond with me.” He said in mock hurt.
Maria just rolled her eyes and stood up. “Well we better leave you two to talk anyway. I’ll be here tomorrow Liz.”
Liz nodded giving Maria silent thanks.

After they left Max immediately started talking. “I’m so sorry Liz—
She put her finger on his mouth to silence him. “Let’s save this talk for another time. Right now I just don’t have the strength.

Max nodded, feeling like a fool. She had been through major trauma and she needed her rest. Taking her hand in his he jus continued to hold it until she fell back asleep.
A week later Liz was still in the hospital. But she was feeling much better. She could now breathe with out feeling sharp pains in her side. Max had basically lived at the hospital only leaving to go shower and change clothes.

The doctors told her if she kept up her progress she would be able to go home in a few days, as long as she got plenty of rest. And with the way Max and Maria where always hovering over her, she knew the orders would be carried out.

The sound of a nock on her door jarred Liz out of her thoughts. She put down the expensive baby clothes magazine Maria had gotten her and yelled for the person to come in.

Liz figured it would be a doctor and was surprised to see a tall attractive blonde walk through instead.

“I’m sorry do I know you?” Liz asked.
“My names Claire. We haven’t formally met but—
“You were the one I caught sleeping with Sean that night!” Liz said as recognition swept over her.
“That would be me.”

“What do you want?” Liz asked with a slight edge to her voice.
“Just wanted to make sure you know what you’ve got.”
“What are you talking about?”

“Max. I want to make sure you’re going to treat him right.”
Liz let out a cynical laugh. “You’re one to talk. Here you are coming into my room and telling me how to treat my husband. When you cheated on him!”
“Sean pursued me. He seduced me into bed before I knew it. That was Sean’s game. To get everything and anything that was Max’s. He just wanted to hurt him.”

“You’re some piece of work. Just get out of here. I don’t ever want to see or hear from you.”
Claire made her way to the door, before she left she spoke one last thing. “Just take care of him, because if you don’t I’ll be there for him in a heart beat.”

Liz watched as she left and took in her words. She wished she could go after that bitch and knock her down a few pegs, but the pain she was feeling held her back. She and Max needed to talk and soon.

Part 12

Liz gave out a satisfying sigh as she felt the warm bubbles hit her skin. She was finally home. After a week of begging and pleading to both the doctor and Max, she was released. Of course with strict orders that Liz was to get plenty of rest.

Liz gave a rueful smile as she remembered the look of determination that had crossed Max’s face. She could see how his mind was working. Thinking of ways to have someone always taking care of her making sure she never got out of bed. Liz shook her head. She would enjoy torturing Max until he caved. But first he needed to come home. They definitely had some talking to do.

Liz had also seen the look on his face when he told her that Maria would be taking her home. Max was disgusted with himself. He hadn’t gone back to work the whole time she was in the hospital. Ironic since that was where he did work.

So Maria and Michael escorted her home, through the throng of reporters waiting at the gate. After assuring Maria she would be fine, and that Mrs. Thornlittle would be there to help Liz, Maria and Michael left.

Mrs. Thornlittle helped her up the steps. Liz had stopped for a minute, not sure of where to go. Mrs. Thornlittle solved her dilemma as she informed Liz that Max had arranged for all her things to go into his room.

Now she sat in the tub washing off the hospital grime. Her wash cloth came to an angry red mark on her skin. It took twenty stitches to close the slit in her stomach.

Liz traced the outline thinking of how four more inches to the right and it could have killed her and her baby.

She shook off the thoughts and started to think of her future. One that included Max and the child they had created together.
Max quietly shut the door. Just in case Liz was asleep.

But he knew she wasn’t.

He dropped his brief case and kicked off his shoes before making his way slowly up the stairs. In truth he was terrified about what was going to happen. Max could hear his heart beating a thousand times a minute. It was now the moment of truth.

He was more then ready to beg and plead for Liz’s forgiveness. Just as long as she didn’t leave him. It would crush him.

Seeing the light in his room gave him some hope. She hadn’t objected to staying in his room.

Max opened the door to his room and his breath caught in his throat. Liz was lying on his bed in nothing but a silk slip. He hair fanned the pillow and she was staring her beautiful brown eyes right at him.

They both stayed like that till Max’s regained his vocal chords.

“How are you feeling?”
“Much better since I’ve been home.”

Max’s chest tightened as she spoke the word home. She is home, and he was going to do everything in his power to make sure she’d stay here. He thought to himself silently.

He made his way to the bed sitting down beside her.
“I don’t know where to begin.” Max admitted.

“Let me start then.” Liz took a deep breath and began her tale about the morning before the party.

“I was taking a walk outside when Sean came out of the bushes. I tried to get him to leave, but he refused. You weren’t here and Mr. Thornlittle was out. So after hearing himself talk for awhile he kissed me. I was so shocked I froze. But then I realized what was happening and pushed him off me. But not before he had someone take the pictures you had.”

“Max I swear to you the night we shared was not meant to trick you or trap you. But it was the night I realized that I love you.” Liz said as the tears fell down her cheeks.

“I love you too Liz. God I’ve loved you for so long.”

Liz flung herself into his arms after he confessed his love to her. “We’ve been fools.” She mumbled from his shoulder.

Max just wrapped his arms tighter around her. “Shhh Sweetheart.” He was trying to calm her down, thinking of what the doctor had said to him. Max rubbed her back as her sniffles began to stop.

Liz pulled back, and Max put his hand on the side of her face. “Now it’s time for me to talk.”

Liz nodded lying back down, but not relinquishing her hold on Max. Instead she brought him down with her.

They laid there nose to nose. Max stroked her hair as he began to talk.

“I remember the moment I saw you. Your face was red as a tomato. You were yelling at some man at the top of your lungs not caring the whole restaurant was looking at you.”

Liz’s face flushed. “Oh god. That was Congressman Harding. He was shutting down an orphanage so they could build a parking garage.”

“I’d never seen a woman as beautiful as you. It was love at first sight for me. But before I could go and talk to you, Sean did. He had seen me watch you and before I could even stand up from my chair he was over talking to you.”

“I had no idea you were there that day Max.”
“Sean and I had some family business to deal with. That was the best and worst day of my life.”
“Oh my god, Max had did you deal with it?”

“Work. I just kept throwing myself into work. A few months later I realized what Sean had been doing. I kept some tabs on him and when that’s where we are today.”

“And then I got those pictures after the best night of my life. It crushed me. I just had to leave and get away from the hurt. I stayed at Kyle’s till he told me I had to grow up and stop running away. Liz I’m so sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I promise I’ll make this up to you.”

Liz hushed Max with a hand to his mouth. “Max it was both of our faults. We’ve both been senseless. But let’s just stop this and be happy with each other. We’ve been through so much to dwell in the past.”

Max gave a fool blown smile and dipped his head to take her lips with his. Liz pulled back. Max gave her a curious look.

“There’s just one more thing.”
Max nodded motioning for her to continue.

“I had a visitor while I was at the hospital. Claire stopped by.”

Max froze. Before he could talk though, Liz continued.
“She said some things to me, and I didn’t understand them then. But now I do. And I’m not going to make a big deal about this but I didn’t want to start off with secrets between us.”

“Now Mr. Evans where were we?”
Max’s smile returned.

“Right here Mrs. Evans, right here.” He said against her lips.

Part 13 Conclusion/Epilogue

“Lizzie Girl you look beautiful!”

Liz twirled herself around and gave out a laugh. “Maria I never thought I’d be able to wear this dress.” She felt herself begin to tear up.
Maria spotted this and grabbed her in a hug. “Oh sweetie everything worked out for you, just be grateful.”

Liz wiped at her cheeks. “God I think my hormones are starting to show.”
Both women started to laugh.

She turned back to the mirror and looked herself over. Liz felt the tingles run through her body as she fingered the silk. The dress was sleeveless, hugging her middle tightly before flowing out.

She checked the clock once again before starting to pace.

“Liz come over here and sit. I mean your acting like this is your first time marrying Max.”

Liz sat next to Maria. “But it is Maria. I mean yes technically we are married. But this time it’s real between us. Max loves me and I love him. Everything is perfect between us.”

“Yea and Sean is behind bars.”
Liz nodded solemnly. It still shook her to the core thinking of him.

Maria felt horrible bringing up that psychotic loser. “So let me see that gorgeous engagement ring one more time.”
Liz snapped out of her daze and gave Maria her hand.

“I’m surprised you can even lift your hand with all the diamonds on this thing.” Maria stated.
Liz looked down at her hand and thought back to the time when Max had given it to her.

Liz lay in bed feeling horrible after a bout of morning sickness. Max of course was a being a total angel and getting her some crackers. After picking her of the floor and gently lying her down on their bed.

She heard Max reenter the room but she kept her eyes closed. Max sat on the side of the bed and handed her a velour box instead of the crackers. Liz opened her eyes and looked up to Max with question.

“I know I already gave you an engagement ring, but this is something that’s been in my family for generations. One of the last memories I have of my mother is her giving this to me. She told me to give it to the one who has my heart. I’ve been putting off giving it to you waiting for the perfect time, but every moment with you is perfect. I promise you as long as I live I’ll always love you with all my being.”

Liz was now sitting up and smiling her hundred-watt smile at Max. She opened the box and gasped inside was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Just by the setting and band you could tell it was old.

“It’s beautiful Max.”
Max “It’s nothing compared to you.”
Liz “Max I love you so much.”

Max slipped the ring unto her finger before pulling Liz into a steamy kiss. Liz pulled back and grinned.

“Max you feel a bit warm. And as your wife it’s my duty to make sure you stay in bed all day today.”
Max grinned. “Your right I do feel warm, I should stay in and rest all day.”
“Who said anything about resting?”

Both shared a smile before leaning in for kiss…

A soft knock sounded on the door snapping Liz out of her daydream.

“It’s time.”
During their day in bed Liz had asked Max if they could renew their vowels. Of course Max, who’d never deny Liz anything, said yes. Now Liz was walking down isle toward the love of her life for the second time. Her breath caught in her throat as Max came into view.

His tux made him look regal. She couldn’t wait to tear it off him tonight.

They reached the end of the isle and Michael handed Liz over to Max.
“This is the last time I’m doing this.” He mumbled.

Both grinned before turning to the priest the ceremony flew by and before they knew it, it was time to say their vowels.

“Liz from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were it for me. You are so beautiful inside and out. I promise in front of god and everybody her I will spend the rest of my life making you happy.”

“Max I never knew love till I met you. You’ve given me everything I could ever want or need. My life is complete and it’s all because of you. I also promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy.”

With the exchange of rings and a kiss the lover’s fate was sealed.
Three years later.

“Mommy, Daddy’s home!”

Liz watched as her energetic daughter ran threw the room before scampering back off to get her dad. Liz just laughed as she heard the squeals delight from Alexis. Deciding to get off the ladder before she was caught she started down.

“Elizabeth Evans! What are you doing up there.”
Max set down his daughter before making his way over to Liz and helping her off.

“Max I was just hanging some things up. I mean our son is gonna be here soon.” Liz said while rubbing her round stomach.

“Next time ask me to do it ok?”

Liz walked over to Max and reached up on her tippy toes kissing away the frown on his face.
Suddenly they felt something pulling at their shirts. “Me too, me too! Don’t f’get me!”

Max reached down picking up Lexy, trying to keep a smile off his face. “Pumpkin we could never forget you.”

Liz watched as Lexy snuggled her head into Max’s shoulder. Max wrapped his free arm around Liz and just held on to his girls.

Everything was perfect. Max had become Chief of Staff shortly after they had married again. Much to his delight. Soon after that Lexy was born and was a joy from the beginning. She had her Daddy’s eyes, her mom’s hair and petite size. She was going to be a looker when she was older. And then their latest addition. Ryan would be here in a short month and their family was complete.

Sean was no worry, as he would be spending the rest of his life in a mental hospital after breaking down in court. And Liz always remembered to send Claire a Christmas card, complete with an updated family photo…