Title: Stargazers/Stargaters
Author: jane
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Category: AU, Futurefic, Crossover(Roswell/Stargate SG1)
Rating: PG13 (A few swearwords)
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series (but who we are frustrated with, for messing up the beautiful, 1st season story line!). Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. I have written this story for entertainment purposes only and no money whatsoever has exchanged hands. No copyright infringement or disrespect is intended. Not to be archived without permission of the authors.
Summary: After college, Alex and Liz (from Roswell) join the SGC. As the Stargate gives up its secrets, will their new colleagues in SG1 learn about the secrets the two friends still carry? Will they ever “dial up” one planet’s address in particular? Read and find out!

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 1

June, 1998

Liz Parker made her way through the crowds of her fellow students and their families as she tried to find her own parents and friends. They had all traveled from Roswell, New Mexico to Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts to see her receive her Ph.D. in microbiology. Being short, hardly five feet one though, Liz worried that she would never find them before the reception for the graduates ended. Just then she saw a familiar tall, dark head sticking out above the sea of faces and called out.


“Liz!” Alex Whitman, one of her best and oldest friends called back, grinning.

“Lizzy!” Maria DeLuca her other best and life-long friend cried out at the same time.

A path opened up in the crowd and Liz ran to them to be hugged and kissed on the cheek. Alex was tall and thin, with short black hair, an outgoing personality and a quick mind. Maria was of medium height and slim, with shoulder-length blond hair (this month), more curiosity than a cat and a motor-mouth to match. Both were the same age as Liz, twenty-eight, had known each other since they were in grade-school and were so close that they had been dubbed the Three Musketeers, by their parents, years ago.

“Lizzy!” Jeff Parker; Liz’s father called out too, as he and his wife, Nancy waited to hug their only child as well.

“We are so proud of you, Liz!” Nancy Parker told her daughter. “You’ve wanted this degree almost your whole life…and now you have it.” Nancy squeezed her dark haired, petite daughter again.

“Congratulations, Liz.” Charles Whitman, Alex’s father said as he reached out to shake her hand.

Alex had just received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from MIT the day before and so all of their friends and families had come out to attend both ceremonies.

“Thanks, Mr. Whitman.” Liz craned her head up to meet the gentle, bespectacled eyes of Alex’s father, who towered over her at six feet six or more.

“Congratulations, Liz!”

“Kyle!” Liz grinned as she hugged her third best friend, Kyle Valenti.

Although Liz had not known Kyle as long as she had known Maria and Alex, the two of them had casually dated for several months during high school and Liz was grateful for the strong friendship which had grown between herself and the dark haired, star quarterback and high school wrestling champ, over the years since then.

“Wow, it’s so great that all of you could attend Alex and my graduations. Thank you!” Liz told everyone.

“Mom is sorry that she couldn’t come, Liz, but she didn’t think that both of us should be absent from the shop.” Maria explained.

Since graduating from high school, Maria had taken some business courses at the community college and now helped run her mother’s alien-themed gift shop in the alien-capital-of-the-world, Roswell, New Mexico.

“Yeah, we took a chance that Janet would be able to handle everything at the Crashdown, especially since Maria wouldn’t be there as an emergency back-up manager but we weren’t going to miss your big day.” Jeff said.

Both of Liz’s parents owned and ran an alien-themed café in town, in which Liz and Maria had worked as waitresses during their high school years and which Maria still occasionally helped to manage.

“Yeah, and you know Dad; he doesn’t trust his deputies to take proper care of ‘his’ town.” Kyle spoke for his father, the Sheriff of Roswell, Jim Valenti.

“I understand.” Liz said.

“I just wish you would change your mind about coming home for the summer.” Jeff said.

“I will be coming home, Dad.” Liz said.

“Just to pack up the rest of your things.” Jeff replied and Liz sighed.

“Dad, Cambridge is my home now; it has been for the last ten years, while I worked towards my degrees and now that I’ve been offered the professorship here at Harvard…I will spend some time with the two of you this summer, but between finding an apartment here and moving into it and helping Alex move so that he can start his new professorship at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, I’m going to be pretty busy…” Liz explained again.

“I know honey, it’s just so hard to see my little girl all grown up and living on her own and a professor at Harvard University. I…we will miss you, but we are so proud of you too.” Jeff said, hugging his daughter one more time, releasing the tension and allowing them all to enjoy the rest of the reception.

A few days later, everyone had returned to Roswell and Liz was over at Alex’s graduate dorm, helping him pack. The U of C ⊕ CS was helping him to find an apartment and he would be flying out there that weekend to look things over.

“Have you had any luck finding an apartment, Liz?” Alex asked.

“Kind of…the University Housing Office has a list of apartments for me to check out in the next day or two.” Liz answered in a soft, sad voice.

“Are you okay, Liz? You’ve been really quiet lately.” Alex asked.

“It’s just that so much is changing. This’ll be the first time I’ve ever really lived on my own and you won’t even be nearby, ready to lift my spirits and make me smile.” Liz said.

“I’m sorry that I have to move away from you, Liz.” Alex said. “This is going to be hard for me too…but I keep telling myself that I’ll be doing fascinating work, plus the teaching will be fun. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity; no more than you could pass up the offer that Harvard made you”

“I know you’re right, Alex. I’m just going to miss you. You’re the only one here, who I can talk to when things get…bad for me.” Liz said and Alex nodded in understanding.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since…since Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael left and it’s difficult to talk about them over the phone, even to Maria or Kyle. Boy, how the years have flown by.” Alex replied.

“It seems like only yesterday that they received the call from Antar, begging them to return.” Liz said, tears starting to pool in her large, chocolate-brown eyes as she thought about her other four friends; Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding.

Friends who had turned out to be aliens…as in not-of-this-earth-aliens…whose ship had crashed out in the Roswell desert back in 1947. The four of them had been placed in incubation pods and their protectors had hidden them within a cave to grow and mature over the next thirty years until they had emerged from the pods as six year olds, in 1977. Max, Isabel and Michael had emerged at the same time and wandered away from the pod-chamber, but when they saw a car’s headlights coming towards them, Michael had run away from his two friends. Philip and Diane Evans had been in that car and took the two little children home with them and eventually adopted them. Michael had been found soon afterwards but he was placed in a foster home. Tess had not emerged with the three of them, but their one remaining protector was there when she did come out and had raised her while searching for the other three.

The three young aliens had grown up into teenagers, keeping to themselves and keeping the secret of whom and what they were…until that fateful day when two men had come into the Crashdown Café, in which Liz and Maria were working. One of the men had been carrying a gun and when they started arguing, it had gone off and Liz had been shot. Max, who had had a secret crush on Liz all his life and who had the power to heal, had rushed to where Liz lay on the floor, pressed is hand over the bullet wound in her abdomen…and had healed her. After that day it was only a short time until Liz, Maria and Alex were let in on the young alien’s secret. But the aliens did not know where they came from or why they were on Earth and together with their three human friends; they searched for answers to their questions…and fell in love. Max and Liz; sweet, romantic and intense…soul-mates. Maria and Michael; fiery and passionate. Isabel and Alex; slow and hesitant but deeply committed.

During the spring of their sophomore year in high school, the FBI came to town and so did Tess Harding; bringing with them danger, intrigue and a few answers…and a lot of heartache. Tess had been taught by their protector, Nascedo, that she and Max were destined to be together…as mates. But Max was in love with Liz. In the middle of that struggle, Max was captured and tortured by the FBI, until all of the friends, Sheriff Valenti and Nascedo, working together, rescued him. But while the group was trying to interrogate rogue-agent Pierce, Kyle was fatally shot and Max ended up healing him as well…and another member would join their group.

But while the Sheriff took his son home to recuperate, Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and Liz received a prerecorded holographic message from Max and Isabel’s alien mother. She explained who they were; Max had been the king of their world, Antar, Isabel his sister, Michael his second-in-command and Isabel’s fiancé and Tess was Max’s young bride. Liz heard the message and was thrown into a tailspin, which she did not recover from for several months. Liz spent that summer with her aunt in Florida and when she returned, Liz was determined to stay away from Max…but Max was equally determined to get her back…and he had almost succeeded when Liz received a visit…from Max…from fourteen years in the future.

Future Max told Liz that unless Tess and his younger self were together, all life on Earth would be wiped out by Antar’s enemies, fourteen years later. Liz did her very best to make Max fall out of love with her and to push him towards Tess…Liz even made him think that she had slept with Kyle…and for a while it worked, but eventually the truth came out and by that time, Max and Tess had admitted to each other that they could only be good, close friends to each other, because Max loved Liz and Tess was falling in love with Kyle. The group came to understand that the four aliens need only live close by each other, so that if their enemies attacked they could form the Four-Square, a fighting stance through which they could link psychically and multiply their powers…and defeat their enemies, the Skins and their leader, Khivar. After Tess and Max came to their understanding, Liz allowed herself to be pulled back into Max’s strong, loving arms and adoring heart; returning his emotions and commitment fully…until just after their high school graduation, when the call came.

The civil war which had been raging over their entire planet for forty years was at a critical stage; it could be stopped now or it could explode into all-out anarchy and lead to the total destruction of their world. With much anguish and heartache, the eight young people had decided together that the four aliens must return to Antar…and that it was too dangerous for the four humans to accompany them. Max had promised Liz that he would return to her if he could, but it had now been ten years and the four left behind had mostly given up on ever seeing their loves again…and yet they had not really moved on emotionally. Liz and Alex had thrown themselves into their studies and graduated with bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in record time. Maria and Kyle had taken some college courses and found professions for themselves and all four of them had dated…a little…in Liz’s case, only when her college roommates harassed her into doing it…but none of them had formed any long-term relationships with members of the opposite sex. And now Alex was moving away from Liz.

“Liz let’s make a promise to each other, okay?” Alex suggested, seeing the tears gathering in his friend’s lovely brown eyes and fearing that they would start to do the same thing in his own eyes. “Let’s promise each other that we will try, try to treat this move and these new jobs as new beginnings for ourselves. We’re going to meet new people and experience new and wonderful things, right?” Liz looked down and bit her full lower lip; her silky, long brown hair falling forward over her shoulders to partially hide her face. “Liz, promise me you’ll try.” Alex said, placing his index finger underneath her chin to raise her head and make her look up at him. Liz gazed deeply into his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Okay, Alex…I’ll try. Ouch!” Liz made the promise and then let out an exclamation.

“Liz…what? Oh no not again!” Alex said as he saw the lightning which was flickering between her fingers and up and down her arm.

“It’s okay, Alex…it’s going away.” Liz reassured her friend.

“That only happens when you’re really upset Liz. You have to calm down so you don’t hurt yourself.” Alex told her, drawing her into a brotherly hug and rubbing her slim back.

“I’m trying, Alex…and it’s going away. Phew!” Liz breathed out a gust of air and moved back from Alex. “I’m okay now.”

During their emotionally charged junior and senior years, Liz had started to develop “alien powers” such as astral projection and the ability to throw things away from her. These powers grew in intensity when she became upset, confused or angry. Liz and Max figured out that she had developed them because Liz had almost died before Max was able to heal her of her gunshot wound. The same case applied to Kyle who developed powers shortly after the four aliens had returned to Antar. Plus, Max had healed others with less critical injuries and they had never developed powers. Liz’s powers developed before she and Max ever made love together; ruling out sex as a way of transmitting alien powers. Neither Alex nor Maria ever developed powers even though they had made love with Isabel and Michael, respectively. Max and Liz had worked together to gain some control over her powers and now she rarely ever experienced an unwanted surge.

A few weeks later, Liz was in Colorado Springs helping Alex move into his new apartment. It was not large, but it was in a nice clean building and so far the other tenants he had met were all very friendly. The apartment had two nice sized bedrooms, one bath, a modest galley kitchen, a livingroom/diningroom, with a wood burning fireplace and a great view of Cheyenne National Park.

Liz was at the door to the apartment with a clipboard, directing the movers where to place Alex’s furniture and boxes when four people came out of the apartment next door. Three of them walked by, on the way to the elevator; a tall, handsome, older man with short, salt and pepper hair and an air of authority, a pretty blond woman, perhaps in her late-twenties, early-thirties and a large black man wearing a black ski-cap pulled low over his forehead. The fourth person; a very handsome man, also in his early-thirties, with longish chestnut-brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a great body, as far as Liz could tell…and wearing round, wire-frame glasses stopped by her and smiled sweetly.

“Um uh hi…are you um just moving in? I…live right next door.”

“Hi, no, it’s my friend, Alex who’s moving in. I’m just helping him. My name’s Liz.” Liz answered, sticking out her hand to shake his.

“Oh uh yes, um…I’m Daniel, Daniel Jackson. Nice to meet you…Liz.”

“Liz Parker and this…” She motioned to her friend, who had just come to his front door…”is Alex Whitman. Alex, this is Daniel Jackson, your neighbor.” Liz introduced the two men who shook each other’s hands as well.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” They were saying to each other when someone impatiently bellowed back down the hall.

“Daniel, let’s GO!”

“Coming Jack.” Daniel called back to his friend. “Um…I’ve gotta go…I look forward to…”


“…getting to know you, um…later.” Daniel finished saying before he took off jogging down the hallway.

“For Pete‘s sake, Jack.” Liz and Alex heard him exclaim, before he rounded a corner and disappeared from view and from hearing.

“Well, well, well; you can count on me coming to visit if you promise that I’ll be able to see Daniel each time I do!” Liz chuckled before going back to work.

“Great, I’ll make sure I get to know my new neighbor, then.” Alex quipped before he went back inside.


A week before Christmas, Liz flew from Cambridge to Colorado Springs to spend a few days with Alex, before they drove down to Roswell together. She could have flown into New Mexico directly, but that would not have given her the chance to see Alex’s handsome neighbor, Daniel again. Alex picked her up at the airport and drove her to his apartment. After she settled into his guestroom and freshened up a little, Liz walked out to the livingroom where Alex was just setting down a tray with a coffee carafe and two mugs on it.

“All settled, Liz? I thought you might like some coffee.”

“I’d love some, thanks, Alex.” Liz smiled at her friend as they both sat down on the sofa. “Hmmm…this is good coffee. Is it a special blend?”

“Yeah, actually Daniel got me onto it. That seems to be all he lives on.” Alex grinned.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“I’ve seen him at the bulk-health-food store several times and all he’s ever buying are his coffee beans that he then grinds himself…and if I ever see him in the elevator with grocery bags, they’re from that store and they’re filled with…”

“Coffee beans!” Liz giggled. “And now he has you hooked too?” Liz asked.

“Yup!” Alex grinned, sipping from his steaming cup.

“I want to hear all about what you’ve been up to of course, Alex, but first, what else have you been able to find out about your new neighbor? You haven’t really told me much during our e-mail conversations, since you moved.” Liz reproved. “I can’t help think I’ve heard about him somewhere else.”

“Well…I haven’t been able to find out all that much about him really. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not home a lot. He did tell me once that he’s an Egyptologist and linguist; a Ph.D.…and I’m wondering if he’s with the military somehow. I’ve seen him wearing those green fatigues they wear and several of his friends do too.

“What would the military want with an Egyptologist, Alex?” Liz asked frowning…a memory was trying to surface in her mind.

“I don’t know, since he also seems to be sort of a klutz!”

“What?” Liz giggled.

“Yeah, just about every time I see him, he has some cut or bruise…or a cast somewhere on his body…he has a broken leg in a cast as we speak.” Alex said.

“Oh no; the poor guy!” Liz said, sincerely.

“Yeah, I thought that would be your response so I thought you might be nice and go get his mail for him; I’ve been picking it up for him each day so he doesn’t have to hobble downstairs on his crutches.” Alex suggested.

“What a good neighbor you are, Alex and a good friend for thinking of me…but tell me first, doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” Liz asked.

“I’m not sure.” Alex said thoughtfully. “There is this one lady…military-type who comes over a lot and I think she’s spent the night a few times…but I’m not really sure. I mean, maybe she’s his sister or something; we’ve never been introduced.”

“Does this lady have short, blond hair, rather pretty?” Liz asked.

“Um, yeah she does; how’d you know?” Alex asked.

“I saw her with two others that day you moved in. The three of them seemed to have come to pick Daniel up. Remember, one of the guys yelling down the hall for Daniel to hurry up?”

“Oh yeah…pity I missed seeing her.” Alex said.

“Well, let me run downstairs and get his mail and then when I get back you can tell me all about what you’ve been up to.” Liz said, getting up off of the sofa.

“And vice-versa.” Alex said, getting up as well to give Liz the small key to Daniel’s mail-slot.

“Be right back.” Liz said as she left the apartment.

Liz took the stairs down, got Daniel’s mail; the usual junk-mail and a few bills, Liz saw and then she ran back up the stairs, a chance for some exercise after her long flight. When she came out of the stairwell, Liz saw a small woman and a young girl knocking at Daniel’s door; they must have come up in the elevator Liz reasoned. When Daniel opened the door, his face broke into a grin when he saw the petite brunette and the girl. The young girl launched herself into his arms for a hug and then they moved to go inside the apartment.

‘Better go now and give him his mail so he doesn’t have to get up later.’ Liz thought to herself. Daniel and the girl were obviously close, were hey his ex-wife and daughter? She hurried forward before his apartment door closed.

“Knock, knock.” Liz called out as she rapped her knuckles on the door.

The door was opened by the little girl.

“Um hi, I’m Liz; I’ve brought up Daniel’s mail for him.” Liz explained.

“Hi, I’m Cassie…Cassandra. Do you want to come in and give it to him? His leg is broken and he just sat down.”

“Sure, thanks…Cassie.” Liz smiled at the girl and walked into the apartment.

‘Wow!’ Liz thought to herself as she walked in. ‘This is definitely the home of an archeologist.’

The apartment was set up much like Alex’s, but it was totally filled with things. The bookshelves were stuffed to overflowing with books and small artifacts. The walls were hung with ancient objects as well; and larger pieces of antiquity were scattered around the room, on the floor…but in an orderly way, which allowed her to see each piece clearly.

“Uh high…Daniel…I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I’m…”

“Alex’s friend, Liz.” Daniel said with his sweet smile as he looked up at her from his seat on the couch.

“Yes.” Liz grinned. “Um Alex told me that you’d broken your leg and asked if I’d go get your mail for you…while he finished working on something…on his um computer.” Liz made up the story as she placed his mail on the side table near him. “How’s it feeling…your leg, I mean?”

“Oh it’s getting better; right Doc?” Daniel asked the woman who was standing nearby. “Oh I’m sorry; let me introduce you to my friends…Dr. Janet Fraser and her foster-daughter, Cassandra, who I guess you met at the door. Janet, Cassie, this is Liz Parker, a friend of my neighbor, Alex Whitman.”

Nice to meet you Liz…As Daniel knows very well, Cassie is more my daughter than a fosterling; I’m working on adopting her…right Cassie?’

“Right, Mom!” Cassie hugged the lady and Liz smiled, but her eyes were sad as she remembered three other fostered/adopted children.

“You okay, Liz?” Daniel asked seeing the sadness in this young woman’s lovely face.

“Yeah, yes, Daniel, I’m fine, thanks.” Liz plastered an almost believable smile on her face and turned to the two females.

“So Cassie, are you from around here?” Liz asked, casually. Cassie however tensed and looked from Janice to Daniel before she answered.

“No, I’m originally from…Toronto, that’s in Canada.” Cassie said and then she pointed her index finger ceiling ward.

“Oh? I’ve heard that Toronto is a very nice city.” Liz managed to get out through clenched teeth.

It had always been a joke between her and her alien friends that when they pointed skyward to indicate that they were “not-of-this-world” everyone thought they were saying that they were from Canada…and Cassie being a foster-child, like they had been…?

‘Get a grip, Liz!’ She ordered herself as her hand started to hurt from the electrical charge which was starting to build up in her system and she quickly stuck it behind her back.

“Well actually…it wasn’t that nice.” Cassie started to say.

“What’s wrong with your hand, Liz?” Janet asked, concerned but also cutting off what Cassie had been about to say.

“Hmmm? Oh nothing really.” Liz brought her hand out from behind her back and flexed it. “I just had a cramp in it. I think from the carpal-tunnel syndrome I’m developing from all the computer and lab work I do.” Liz managed to smile.

“Lab work? What do you do for a living, Liz?” Daniel asked.

“I’m a microbiologist and a professor at Harvard.” Liz told them.

“Wow, that’s impressive, Liz.” Janet said. “Hey are you the E. Parker who wrote the article on…” Janet went on to mention an article she had recently read in one of her medical journals.

‘Why yes I am.” Liz said and the two women launched into a discussion about Liz’s findings.


Over an hour later, Liz returned to Alex’s apartment.

“Wow, you and Daniel must have really hit it off!” Alex teased her.

“Well yeah, I guess we did, he’s very nice…but mostly I was discussing microbiology with his friend, Janet Fraser, M.D. and…” Liz paused.

“What, Liz?” Alex asked.

“A couple of things…Janet has an almost adopted daughter named Cassie. When I asked her if she was from around here she answered Very hesitantly that she was from Toronto, Canada and then she pointed her index finger towards the ceiling…”

“And that reminded you of Max…right?” Alex asked.

“Yeah.” Liz said sadly.

“Well at least Cassie didn’t say she was from Czechoslovakia!” Alex grinned and Liz tried to join him in the joke.

Back in their teens, Maria had come up with the code-word ‘Czechoslovakian’ to use instead of saying ‘alien’ when they were talking about Max, Isabel, Michael or Tess.

“But Alex there’s something else. Remember I told you that I thought I had heard of Daniel Jackson somewhere? Well, I just remembered where I’ve heard of him. Three years ago, he presented a paper at an archeologist’s conference. His theory stated that the Egyptian pyramids were much older than anyone thinks they are and that there was a cross-pollination of ancient cultures…made possible because he believes that…aliens built the pyramids of the Egyptians, Aztec and Mayans!”

“Liz!” Alex exclaimed with a grin.

“I know; it’s ludicrous!” Then she sobered. “Daniel was laughed out of academia after that.” She said sadly.

“So maybe he got desperate enough to take a job with the military.” Alex suggested. “They probably need linguists rather than Egyptologists and Daniel is reported to be very gifted…they say he can read at least twenty-four…oops…ancient languages. What would the military want with someone whose specialty is ancient languages?”

“I don’t know…” Liz replied thoughtfully.

After that, by silent, mutual consent the friends changed the subject and caught up on each other’s lives for the rest of their holiday together.

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