Losing Control Part 1

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕aol.com)
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Max loses control...
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Part 1
Max's POV

All men wanted her. Actually all males wanted her. Except for the males who still thought that girls had cooties... All teen males and adult males wanted her. Even our male teachers and our principle wanted her. They all wanted her. I wanted her also. I know they only care about having sex with her... But I wanted to love her. Of course I wanted to have sex with her but I wanted to love her. Love her like no one has ever loved her or anybody else.

She was 17 years old. Young right? She dropped out of high school to make her rich parents angry. She only had one last year. She then ran away from New York and moved to Roswell, the Alien Town. Roswell was where Aliens crashed in the desert in 1947... She worked as our school nurse. She was kind and beautiful. She was smarter than a person who finished college.

Every night, she would go to the library and read... I would watch her from a far distance... I know... It's like I'm stalking her... But I'm not. I go to the library every night before she came to Roswell. I wanted to study and get smarter and maybe work my way up to go to Harvard...

I know all the guys at school pretended that they were sick so they can get near her. Her name is Liz Parker. Liz is short for Elizabeth. Her family is rich. She felt like a doll. She was cooped up in her home, forced to behave like a goodie goodie two shoes. She wanted out so she dropped out of school and ran away from home. She moved from New York to Roswell to live on her own and to get away from her parents.

One day, while I was at school, I got sick. I was not pretending... I was really sick! I asked for a pass to the nurse and the teacher gave me a pass. The guys in my class whistled at me. They thought I was pretending but I wasn't. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the nurse's office. I opened the door and saw her sitting in a chair with her legs open. I swear I thought I saw her wearing a thong! She closed her legs as soon as she saw me. She was blushing! I don't think I ever saw her blush before...

I handed her the pass, my hand softly grazing against her hand. I watch her read the pass and then look up at me and smiled. I felt my heart pounding. I could hear it in my ears. I watch her get off the chair and walk towards me. She pushes me to sit on the bed. Her soft hand laid across my forehead to feel my temperature. "You're a bit warm"she said. She turned around and reached up for a box of thermometers. My eyes watch her reach for the box, which is on the top shelf. Her white nurse dress hikes up. She was wearing a thong! Black thong... I could feel my manhood growing harder.

Oh god... I got off the bed and stood behind her. I grabbed the box and placed it in front of her. I soon realized that I was pressed against her body. I quickly moved away and scratched my head. I quickly pull out of shirt out of my pants to cover my hard erection that was very visible to one's eyes...

"Thanks"she said. "No prob."I said. She opened the box and took out a thermometer. "Open your mouth"she said. I did and she put the plastic stick inside my mouth. Minutes later, she took it out of my mouth and looked at it. "Your temperature is normal"she said. "It is?"I said. "Yep..."she said.

"Oh ok..."I said. I watch her turn around and pull off her hair band... Her hair tumbling down. I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through her soft shiny hair... She took out a lollipop from her desk and stood in front of me. "Here..."she said. I grabbed the lollipop from her. I felt like I was gonna explode. Her breasts looked like they wanted to pop out from her tight nurse dress. I put the lollipop inside my backpack. "Bye"she said. "Bye"I said. I turned around to leave but then... I locked the door. "Um..."I said, turning around. "Yes?"She said. I stood right in front of her. I watch her look at me. I then cupped her face and kissed her.

She struggled for a minute but then gave in. Oh my god! I was kissing Liz Parker! She tasted better than I thought. I placed my arms around her waist and hoisted her up onto the bed. I felt her arms wrap around my neck. My hands traveled to her breast. I cupped her and squeezed it gently. I hear her moan. I ripped open the nurse dress. The buttons popping.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

I groaned loudly when I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I suck her nipple into my mouth, my hot tongue swirling around it and sucking on it hard.

She was moaning and grabbing my head, closer to her nipple. I pulled away from her nipple and kissed her again. I felt her hands on my shirt and then my shirt was ripped off of me. She also unzipped my pants and took it off of me. I pushed her thong to the side and pushed my finger into her heat. I heard her gasp. I began to move my finger in and out of her. She screamed with each thrust I make with my fingers.

I pulled the thong away from her legs, dropping it onto the cold marble floor. She tugs on my boxers and pulls it away. I hear her gasp loudly as my manhood sprang free from the boxers. "You're so big..."she said. She grabs my manhood in her hot hands and began to move it up and down. I moaned with each movement she makes. I watch her reach for a condom. She rips open the seal and placed the condom on my manhood. I moved my manhood close to her heat and pushed up hard. She gripped on my shoulders and cried out!

I groaned out loud, feeling her hot wet walls surround my shaft. I moved out until only the tip is touching her clit outside and then pushed back into her hard. She screams into my ear and tugs on my hair. I moved out once again and pushed in hard. She kept screaming. She was a screamer! Oh god... I moved in and out over and over again.

In and Out. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.

I pushed into her one last time, thrusting into her as hard as I can. A smack echoes throughout the room.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

I hear her scream and I let out a scream as I feel her hot tight walls clench hard around my shaft. I exploded into the condom. I felt her shiver and let out a louder scream. I feel her warm cum dripping off the condom and dripping onto my legs. I kept a hold on her, afraid to let go because this might be a dream. I kissed her and ran my fingers through her hair. I pulled away and watched her. Her breathing was labored just like mine.

"Wow..."she said, her voice all raspy. "Yeah wow..."I said, choking out. "This is wrong..."she said. "I know..."I said. "But it feels so right, doesn't it?"I asked. "It does feel right but this is so wrong..."she said. "I'm your nurse... I can't be with my students..."she said. "I know..."I said. "What happens now?"She asked. "I don't know"I said. I pull out of her and I can hear the small whimper.

I watch her grab a school blanket and lay down on the school bed. I discarded the condom and laid down next to her. She placed the blanket over her and me. I kissed her again, hearing her moan once again. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes. We soon fell asleep together in each other's arms.
* * * *

Liz quitted being a nurse. Of course, the males at West Roswell High were disappointed. But not really. They were disappointed that they can't always see her like they use to... Liz became a student at West Roswell High. She caught up quickly... She was smart like me... Liz and I are in the same classes. In all the classes. Let's say we share about the same IQ. Males at West Roswell High were jealous of me... Why?

At first, Liz and I pretended like we didn't know each other. Then later we became friends. One month later, we went to school with our hands linked together. That meant we are a couple. Of course, the guys at school wooed Liz but Liz just waved them off. Why? She had me... We dated for quite a while... We went to the prom together. We were Prom King and Queen.

Now, we are 21 years old now. We are in the same college together. Guess what college we're in? Harvard. We both worked hard and now we are in Harvard. I proposed to Liz on the day before the first day of college.

"Liz?"I said. "Yeah?"She said. "I love you..."I said. "I love you too"said Liz. I got on my knees and took out a black velvet box. "Elizabeth Parker... Will you marry me?"I said. I watch her eyes widen. Her lips turning into a full-blown ear to ear smile. "YES!"She screamed, throwing herself onto my body. I collapsed to the ground with her in my arms.

We are gonna get married after we finished college.

Have I told you that Liz and I are now Nymphomaniacs? Yep...

"I love you"I said, hugging her hot sweaty naked body to mine. "I love you too"said Liz, kissing me on the lips.

The End!
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