Hi all, some of you may remember this fic from a long time ago. I started writing this under my old name, Ragingred_99... well guess, what I'm bringing it back, but only if you want. So if you want to read more of this I had better hear from you!!!! *happy*

Title: I Can’t Get No… Satisfaction
Author: Ragingred_99
Rating: R for now
Author’s note: I don’t know about you guys, but I always loved those dancing movies, with the main characters always dancing in the hottest clubs and they new they hottest dances. I always wished I could dance like that… now I’ll be able to through my fanfic!!
Summary: There are no aliens, just two groups, the hot-shots and the “losers” who end up being the hot-shots on the dance floor.
Category: Mainly M/L, but with everyone

It’s funny how I always thought that when I got into college that everything would change, I wouldn’t be the loser anymore, that people would actually see me for what I am. And it could have happened if Tess, Maria, Alex and… Max, hadn’t attended the same college as I did. Well, actually, that was just in the beginning, by the end people knew us, excepted us. Max except me, Max became everything to me. In all, actuality there’s more then just me, I mean there’s Michael, Isabel, and Kyle too. They are just like me, all misunderstood, nobody knowing our true potential.
It all started in high school; we weren’t in the ‘in’ crowd, at least not in person. They loved us in our costumes, loved to dance with us, but they never knew it was us. We were Roswell’s best kept secret, no one could figure out who we were. We were the biggest mystery during those four years, no one ever knowing where we would show up next, who we would dance with, and most of all who we were. It was an easily kept secret though, no one ever noticed us. Unless you count them, the highest of the high and they made sure that you knew it. Tess was the worst, and what was funny was she was the lowest in the ‘ranking’ of all of them. Max, oh Max, he was THE GUY in high school, you know the guy every guy wanted to be, every girl wanted have. That included me, that especially included me. Max wasn’t like the other; he never said anything to us, nothing bad that is. He was actually very nice, when he was alone, but with the group, he would just ignore you and ignore them. He was the one who had the power to stop it all, but he never did. He told me once that he was sorry about how his friends, and I use the term friends loosely, treated me.
On the dance floor, when he didn’t know who I was, I had him. I had his devoted attention, I had his arms around me, I had him swaying, grinding, rocking with me at every step, and most of all I had his lips. That’s why I could never give him up, his lips were like heaven, and they were mine. He didn’t date anyone during high school, I heard him tell someone that the mysterious dancer owned him, I owned him. I always found a way to let him know when we would be dancing next and where, because the only guys I would dance with were Kyle, Michael and Max. I mean I had to dance with Kyle and Michael, they were part of the ‘mysterious dancers’, along with Isabel. The people in the clubs loved to watch us dance together, but I loved dancing with Max, and I was dancing with him when I wasn’t dancing with the other.
I once gathered enough courage to actually tell Max who I was; I was going to do it at prom. I was going to ask him to dance and them show him who I was, but then Tess came and poured punch down my dress, saying it served me right for getting too close to a group that didn’t even want to breath the same air as me. It hurt, but I kept telling myself that Tess was just angry. Tess wanted Max, made no reserves in telling everyone, including him, of that fact. And it pissed her off to no ends that he didn’t want her, that he only wanted the mysterious dancer, that he only wanted ME!
As I was saying, we kept our secret for four year, and decided that in college, we would take off the masks. I mean, we never in a million years actually thought that they (Tess, Maria, Alex and Max) would be going to Purdue University too, and would be dancing in the exact club as we were. Well, they did, last week they entered our club and finally figured out who the ‘mysterious dancers’ were…

Part 2

One week earlier
“Come on!! This is it, Club Trini, this is where they’re dancing!!” Maria excitedly squealed.
“Supposedly dancing, Maria. Get it right.” Tess snottily shot back, giving Maria a disgusted look. She couldn’t believe this! She was looking forward to taking Max’s mind off that dancing bimbo, and now it looks like they follow them. Of all the places, of all the colleges, the dancing frumps had to go to the same one they had chosen. She really hoped that Max’s ‘dream’ girl is a real dog… major bow-wow material.
“Yeah, supposedly, what ever… it’s them. You heard that guy describe them, the same beginning number, the same costumes, same masks. The only difference is that they reveal who they are during the song,” Maria clapped her hands, giving a little shiver of excitement. “I mean think about it, after four years of wondering, we’re finally going to get to see the real them. I mean, come on!! MAX!! YOU should be the happiest of us all!!”
Happy didn’t quite describe what Max was feeling… scared shitless was more like it. “I am Maria, I can’t wait, I mean she means so much to me…”
“MEANS SO MUCH TO YOU!!??” Tess sneers. “Heeeellllllllloo! You don’t even know who she is, for all you know she could be the dog of Roswell, or the slut, or the pot head… you have no F***ING idea who she is!!” Tess screams. “Part of the reason we came here was to get away from them, to get YOU away from HER!!”
“Wrong. The reason Maria, Max and I came here was because we got full ride scholarships. And as for why you came her, well it had to be a desperate final attempt to get Max. Well, if you would have asked any of us, we could have told you to save yourself from the humiliation. ” Alex states level headedly. “And to your comment about who Gypsy could be, is totally preposterous.” Gypsy was Alex’s pet name for the ‘mystery girl’. Max thought it fit perfectly, she seems every bit of a Gypsy.
“Ok, guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m going in. They are going to be dancing in a few minutes and I for one don’t want to miss it! Anyone with me?” Maria looks pointedly at Max.
“You know I’m with you, Spunky,” Max answered, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and dragged Alex after him.
Tess shot darts at Maria and Alex’s retreating back. If it was the last thing she did, she’d make sure that Maria and Alex got theirs.
Inside the club
“Ok, folks, and now what you’ve been waiting for!!! Here they come!!” The DJ screamed out. The crowd went crazy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
The four walk slowly through the crowd, swaying their hips. They we’re wearing these white robes things, with brightly colored masks. They stop at the center of the floor, rolling their hips slowly. The girls' ran their hands over their bodies.
I think I did it again
I made you believe we’re more
than just friends.
Oh baby
It might seem like a crush
But it doesn’t mean that
I’m serious.
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, baby
At the same time their heads snap up, looking at the crowd. The girls go to the guys, running their hands over their chests’, taking the robes off at the same time. They move behind the guys, sliding down their bodies’, as they stand back up, they’re hands are in front of the guys masks, taking them off.
Oops…I did it again
I played with your heart,
got lost in the game
Oh, baby baby
Oops… you think
I’m in love
That I’m sent form above
I’m not that innocent
The girls are dancing now by themselves. Flinging their heads back, arching their backs at the same time. Raising their hands to their hair, rolling their heads from side to side. One of them reaches for the ground, while looking up at the crowd and the other throws her hands above her head at the word “above”. Then, what everyone was waiting for, when Britney sang “I’m not that innocent” they throw their robes and masks off, flinging them into the crowd. Max just happened to catch Liz’s mask.
Max is in shock. Liz Parker, it was Liz Parker. He couldn’t believe how different she looked. How could he have been so blind? He sees Tess give him an evil smile as if to say, “I told you so!” Too bad that she was so wrong.
By this point of the song the dancers split up, going into the crowd. Liz goes from guy to guy, rubbing herself against them. Acting out the part, making them think they had a chance, and then when they started to pull her closer to them she would shove them back, sometimes they landed in a chair, sometimes the floor. She’d always leave them with a coy smile. One guy, she actually grabbed by the shirt and yanked him to her, feeling him up and down and then shoved him away.
You see my problem is this
I’m dreaming away
Wishing that heroes, they
truly exist.
I cry, watching the days
Can’t you see I’m a fool in so
many ways
But to lose all my senses that is just so typically me
Baby, oh
Liz dances to the side of the room that Max and the others were watching from. She keeps getting closer and closer to where Max was. Surely she had to have seen me, he thinks to himself.
Oops… I did it again
I played with your heart
got in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops… you think
I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent.
Liz had no idea that her next and last ‘victim’ would be Max. She was always more seductive with the last one, and this time it was no different. She grabbed him by his belt loops, yanking his pelvis to hers. She never looked at his face; she always saved that for last. She look hold of his shirt, pulling him to the floor with her. She made sure that he was on the bottom, and rubbed herself against him. She got to her knees and arched backwards, running her hands down her chest. She grabs his shirt again, thrusting him towards her, and then shoving him away, finally looking at him. She almost lost her footing as she was getting up. In shock, she looked him in the eyes. She staggers away; finally regaining her steps, and stiffly swayed to Isabel.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
“All aboard”
“Britney, before you go, there’s something I want you to have”
“Oh, it’s beautiful, but wait a minute, isn’t this…?”
“Yeah, it is”
“But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end”
“Well baby, I went down and got it for you”
“Oh, you shouldn’t have”
“Oh, my God!! Isabel, they’re here!! They’re here!!” Liz cries out hysterically.
“Who’s here?” Isabel asks. Liz just pointed and Isabel saw four very familiar faces looking right at them. “OH, MY GOD!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!!” But before they were able to finish, the song started up again and they started to dance, wobbly at first, but with more confidence as they went on.
Oops… I did it again to
your heart
Got lost in this game,
oh, baby
Oops… you think that I’m sent
from above
I’m not that innocent
Oops… I did it again
I played with your heart,
got lost in the game
Oh, baby baby
Oops… you think
I’m in love
That I’m sent form above
I’m not that innocent
There was total silence at the end of the song. Suddenly the crowd went wild, clapping and cheering. Liz and Isabel smiled quickly before running off, leaving a baffled Michael and Kyle behind them.

Part 3

“Ok, what just happened there??” Michael asked when he walked in. He was encountered with Liz pacing back and forth, wringing her hands in anxiety. And Isabel was leaning again the wall, looking like a deer trapped in headlights.
“They’re out there, Michael. They know who we are.” Liz ran up to him and clinched his shirt in her hands, shaking him with each word.
“LIZ!! Calm down!! Who’s here?” Kyle asked, he walked in as Liz grabbed Michael.
Michael tore Liz’s hands from his shirt, “What are you talking about?”
“It’s them, they know, and they will make our lives here hell!!” Isabel screamed.
“For God’s sake, who’s here!!” Kyle asked, throwing up his hands.
“We are,” said a voice behind them.
“They are,” Liz meekly stated.
Michael and Kyle sneaked a peek behind their shoulders, and then turned fully around when they saw who was there.
There, at the doorway stood Max, Maria, Alex and Tess. Max was still in shock, but was actually happy none the less. He should have known it was Liz, everyone knew that Liz’s mom was a dancer, of course Liz would take after her mom. Maria was just plain shocked, she couldn’t believe it. But, she had to admit that Michael looked really hot out there on the on the dance floor. Alex was in the same state Maria was in, he never in his wildest dreams never thought that it was Isabel that he was pining for. Tess was past the shocked stage, she thought that the rest were finally going to stop raving after these four, now Max would be her’s.
“Oh, shit,” Kyle whispered.
“Oh, hell,” Michael murmured at the same time as Kyle.
“Yeah, that was my thought exactly when Liz told me,” Isabel covered her face with her hands hoping it was all a dream.
“Ok, Liz, how did you find out that they were here?” Kyle asked.
“Well, you see…” Liz started, but Max interrupted her.
“She danced with me, only she didn’t know it was me until she was done,” Max said.
“Ok, well, what are you guys going to do now?” Michael asked.
“What do you mean ‘what are we going to do?’, we’re going to tell all of Roswell, that’s what we are going to do!!” Tess rubbed her hands in anticipation.
Liz, Isabel, Michael and Kyle looked at her in horror.
“We are not going to tell anyone in Roswell, Tess!” Max yelled.
Liz looked at him with hope in her eyes. “Ok, so the four of you know about the four of us, now we need to figure out what to do.”
“Actually it’s going to be the three of you,” Kyle said, “I know that this isn’t the best time to tell you, but dad wants me back in Roswell, so I have to go.” Liz, Michael and Isabel looked at Kyle in shock.
“You can’t leave us!! Who will we get to take your place, I need a partner!” Liz screamed.
“I’ll do it,” said a voice.
Everyone looked at that person in amazement.

Part 4

“AAAHHHH!! That’s IT, Max! How could you even think about that, I mean you dancing with HER?!?! Come on this is Liz Parker we’re talking about, she’s nothing, a nobody…”
“SHUT UP, TESS!!” Max yelled. “How many times have I told you that I didn’t want you?? I have told you time and again that I was going to find out who Liz was and as soon as I did, I’d do everything in my power to be with her. Do you really think that would change just because Liz doesn’t live up to your ‘popular’ stereotype? You know what, I didn’t want you then and I definitely don’t want you now!!!”
“MAX!! You can’t mean that!! How can you actually choose her over me?” Tess yelled.
“I made that decision a long time ago, I just didn’t know that Liz was the girl of my dreams then.” Max smiled at Liz as her eyes widen.
Tess turns to Liz; “You’re going to pay for this, bitch. Just you wait and see, you f*cking bitch!” With that Tess shoved Max, Maria and Alex out of her way and stormed out the room.

Part 5

Everyone was in shock after Tess left. There was a long period of silence where everyone just looked at each other in amazement.
Liz was worried… very worried. She knew what a bitch Tess could be and knew that Tess always followed though on her treats. After all, she, herself, was a walking, talking testament. Memories of that fateful prom came to her mind, along with a dozen other occasions.
Max, sensing Liz’s uneasiness, went to her. Her back was to him, and he couldn’t help but notice how nice her posterior looked in those tight pants. Giving himself a quick mental shake, he gently placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards him. He leaves one hand on her shoulder, while the other gently lifts her chin up so that he can look into her eyes. He was instantly taken back, her eyes spoke volumes, they told him that she was worried, weary, but most of all he saw a look of hope in her eyes that he’s never seen anyone’s eyes before. Max decided then and there that before that night was over, that look of hope would be gone from her eyes, only to be replaced with a look of utter… satisfaction.
“Liz, I’m really sorry about Tess. I know that she can be a major bitch at times…”
Maria and Alex cut in, “At times???” they ask with raised eye brows, and a doubtful look on their faces.
Max laughs, and Liz was entranced by the way his whole face lit up with that one simple expression. “Yeah, your right guys, she’s a total bitch all the time!” Max said, while winking at Liz. She returned his gesture with a shy smile. Max was instantly mesmerized, and his fingers lightly traced her lips, as he tell her, “I wasn’t kidding, nothing has changed, except for the fact that you amaze me even more then when you were masquerading. I became infatuated with the Gypsy, now I’m ready to fall in love with the real thing.”
“Ahhh!! That was so sweet!!” Maria and Is said at the same time, giving each other a quick surprised smile.
“Ok, enough with the lovey-dovey stuff, it’s giving me heartburn,” Michael grumbles, Alex laughs in agreement, while Maria and Is throw each of them a glare of warning.
“Oh, shut up, you over grown ape. You have no idea what we women want to hear,” Maria glares at him.
“Well, why don’t you come to my place tonight and tell me just what exactly women like you wants to hear,” he asked, looking like the wolf that he is.
“Ok, come on guys, this is actually very serious. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I would take Kyle’s place when he left. I mean, as far as I see it I’m your only choice.” Max says.
“What do you mean by that?” Kyle asked.
“Well, as I see it, I’m the only other person in this room that’s danced with Liz as much as you two have. I know how her body moves, I know what her strengths are as well as her weaknesses, which I mainly only see when she’s not dancing with me.” He said with a waggle of his eyebrows at her; she just laughs, shaking her head at him. “I also know most of your dances and the ones I don’t know completely, I’ve seen enough that I should be able to pick them up pretty quickly.”
“He has a good point,” Is said.
“Well, I don’t mind, but it’s up to Liz, I mean she will be the one dancing with you most of the time,” Michael replied.
All eyes were focused on Liz as she answered, “I’ve been dreaming of this for four years, dancing with you, and you dancing with me, while knowing who I am.”
Max leans in to kiss her, only to be interrupted before it even started, by a loud squeal of excitement.
“OH MY GOD! I have the perfect idea… do you think you have room for two more new members?” Maria asked in excitement, jumping up and down.

Part 6

Two hours later…
“No, no, no!! Maria, Alex, it doesn’t go like that!! And why are you guys dancing so far apart? You guys act like your scared to touch each other!!” Michael said with an exhausted sigh.
“It’s not that, it's just that this is ALEX!! He’s like a brother to me… it the whole yuck complex!” Maria explained, whipping that sweat of her brow.
Michael, Alex and Liz were trying to teach the others one of their newer dances and one of their easier ones. They wanted it finish before the night was out so that they can at least perform that one the next night. Alex and Maria couldn’t seem to master the dance, or better yet couldn’t seem to master the idea that they had to dance all sexy with each other. For some reason, whenever they would dance with Michael or Isabel, they always performed that dance perfectly, but as soon as they faced each other, they became like clowns fumbling around. On another note, Max had the dance down, so they finished along time ago, and just watched the others and tried to help any way they could. During the dance Max held her close, closer then he’s ever held her before, and he hadn’t let up yet. His hands seemed to be everywhere; on her arms, shoulders, midriff, thighs and butt. He seemed to really like her butt. There were about three different occasions where they almost kissed; they were a breath away from heaven, only to be interrupted by Michael or Isabel asking for one of them to help. Max was coming close to dragging Liz out of that room, taking her into a secluded room and kiss her until she had nothing left to give. It wasn’t that they’ve never kissed, they have a lot, but Max never knew who he was kissing; he was never able to whisper her name when it was over, was never able to run his hand through her hair. He was never able to do any more then just kiss her on lips, and he really wanted to discover what the rest of her tasted like.
Max was just about to kiss Liz again, he was so close, he could feel her sweet breath on his lips. Only to be interrupted yet again by Isabel.
“Oh, come on guys, we’re all very happy that you guys are finally together and are out of your misery, but cut it out, we need some help here!”
“Did you just say we were out of our misery? While, for the record, I’m not even close to being out of my misery! And I won’t be until I can get Liz alone and have some personal one on one time with her!” Max growled with frustration.
Liz placed a reassuring hand on Max’s knee as she said, “Why don’t you just switch partners? Maria, Alex why don’t you dance with Isabel and Michael?”
“You know Liz I’ve come to really like Michael in these few short hours, but not enough to dance with him,” Alex said.
“Ha, ha, very funny. You know what I mean, Alex and Isabel, and Maria and Michael. They seem more comfortable with you guys anyway.”
“Ok, I don’t mind as long as you guys don’t” Isabel said.
“I don’t mind.”
“Neither do I.”
“Fine with me.”
“OK, is that settled?” Max asked. When everyone nodded their heads, Max grabbed Liz’s hand and started to drag her out of the room. “Good, we going to find somewhere private to talk, don’t look for us!! We’ll find you!! Until tomorrow, guys, have a good night!”
And with that Max swept Liz out of the room and out of the building and into his car. Taking her out into the night.

Part 7

The car had barely stopped before Max was out of it and rushing Liz into his apartment building. Max was a guy on a mission, and he wasn’t going to stop until he achieved it. Max’s landlord was downstairs as they ran past, he tried to say hi but Max just pushed him out of the way and ran up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. Liz was laughing the entire time, she’s never seen anyone act like this, she still couldn’t believe that he was like this because of her. It was all of her dreams come true and then some. She always imagined what it would be like to be with Max, and now she was going to find out! Now mind you, she had no intention to have sex with him, at least not yet, but snuggling in his bed for the rest of the night was definitely in the picture.
Max stopped in front of his room, fumbled with his keys with shaky hands before finally opening the door. Max couldn’t even wait until they got into his apartment before kissing her. He swept her up in his arms, closed the door and pushed her against it.
He’s hands were everywhere; in her hair, around her waist, on her butt, before finally grabbing her legs and wrapping them around his waist. He couldn’t believe how good she felt, they’ve never kissed like this before, she was always scare to let things get out of control. But not anymore, she was his now and forever.
Max trusted his tongue into her mouth, taking everything she had. He rubbed against her, not unlike when they would dance. Liz was in heaven; weaving her fingers through his hair, running her hands down his back, pulling his shirt up from the back and felt his muscles ripple against her palms.
Max grabbed her butt again, pulling her tighter against him, while she tightened her legs around his waist. He stumbled backwards until slammed against the kitchen table. He quickly turned around, and sat her on the table. He quickly looked into her eyes to make sure that she was all right, and seeing her smile at him through her eyes, gently pushed her down until she was lying on the table. His lips attached to her neck and didn’t want to let go. Liz quickly pulled his shirt over his head and through it to the ground. His lips travels down her neck, and lightly kissed the tops of her breasts through the thin shirt.
Max couldn’t take it anymore and quickly ripped her shirt down the front. Liz gasped in surprise. “You can wear one of mine tomorrow,” he murmured against her stomach. He didn’t take off her bra, as much as he wanted to, he knew that he couldn’t rush into things with her. He knew very good and well that Liz wouldn’t be making love with him tonight, he knew what kind of girl she was, and that made her even more precious to him.
For some reason, Liz didn’t know why, she wasn’t scared. She knew in her heart that this was as far as they were going to go tonight. Max made sure she knew that; by his lazy kisses, the kisses started out passionate and intense, and now they were just sweet and passionate. He seemed very content at the moment.
Liz sat up on the table, gave his a quick kiss, before hopping off of it. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the couch. She laid him down before crawling on top of him, giving him a quick kiss on his chest before closing her eyes to sleep.
Max smiled to himself. He fulfilled his promise to himself; there was only satisfaction in her eyes when she looked up at him before falling asleep. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her closer before he too fell asleep.

Part 8

*The Next Day*

Liz woke up with the sun shining and the birds chirping. She tried to get up, but there was something stopping her. To be exact, there was someone stopping her. Liz looked around her and was surprised to find herself in the bedroom. She knew very well and good that they didn’t make it that far last night. She looked down at herself, realizing that he had finished undressing her, because she was only wearing her bra and panties. Sometime last night, Max must have woken up and moved them to his room. They were sleeping in the spoon fashion, with his arms and legs wrapped around her.
Liz knew at that moment that this is what her life was supposed to become. She was destined to wake up every morning in his arms, to feel his sweet breath against her neck, to feel him tighten his arm around her waist when he was waking up. She turned over to her other side, and waited for him to open his eyes.
“Good morning,” she murmured against his shoulder as she gave she gave him a sweet kiss.
“Oh, good morning doesn’t even describe what I feel right now,” he said against her mouth as she kissed her. He tightened his arms around her and pulled her to him to deepen the kiss. He ran his hands up and down her back, before one hand tangled in her hair and the other settled itself on her butt pulling her closer. Liz gladly complied; throwing one of her legs over his, and snuggled even closer to him. “Oh, God, Liz… we have to stop, before it’s too late for me to. I’m going to love getting use to waking up with you in the mornings.”
“Oh, are you now? What makes you think that I’m going to spend a lot of nights with you?” she asked with a teasing smile. “Your going to have to convince me that it will be worth my while.”
“Really? You want to be convinced?” he asked. “Well, get ready, baby, because after this you may never want to leave this bed again!”
With that he threw himself over her and began licking her navel. Liz giggled, then gasped in sweet pleasure, when he started making love to her navel with his mouth.
“Do you need any more convincing?”
“Oh, yeah, most definitely! You have to make it perfectly clear that you’re all I need.”
That was all Max needed to hear. He gently lifted her into sitting position so that he could reach the clasp to her bra. He settled her back on the bed before removing the bra and revealing her beauty to him. Max was mesmerized; nothing could ever match her beauty. Max hesitantly ran his hands over her, almost as if he thought he was unworthy to have the pleasure of being the first to touch her, because that was exactly what he was thinking.
Liz smiled at him before running her hands through his hair, and lowered his mouth to her waiting peaks. Liz gasped in pure pleasure; he didn’t hesitate, but took all that he could of her at once. Liz was in heaven, Liz was in hell… it was sweetly sinful.
But Max wasn’t done yet, he looked into her eyes as he gently raised her hips and lowered her panties down her legs. When she smiled and helped him, he smiled back in relief. He ran his hands down her leg and up her thighs, before resting at their juncture. He very gently drew her legs apart, incase she changed her mind, when she only opened them farther he glanced at her with a lusty look. He kissed his way down her stomach until he reached his destination. He wasn’t gentle when he thrust his tongue into her, but very passionate. He made her crazy with this act; he licked the length of her before circling her clit, he took love bits, and then kissed away the tiny sting. He loved her so thoroughly that it didn’t take long before she hit her peak, thrashing against him, rocking her hips against his face, and screaming his name into his pillow.
“So are you convinced?” Max smirked ten minutes later when she finally came down off her high. He was promptly hit over the head with his pillow.

Part 9

Later that day…
“Liz! Max!” Maria ran up to them, when she skidded to a stop in front of them, bending over putting her hands on her knees quickly trying to catch her breath. She had run all over the campus trying to find them. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait until tonight’s performance to tell them. She was running around Hovde Hall, when she suddenly remembered that Max and Liz were going to meet up at the Union for lunch and then head over to his apartment. She made it to the Union in record time, three minute, running as fast as she could across the campus. She finally found them in The Sweet Shop, having their lunch.
“Maria! What’s wrong?” Max asked, standing up and began to rub Maria’s back soothingly. He knew something had to be up to get Maria to run all the way over here.
“You won’t believe what I’ve got!” She squealed in excitement. She quickly rummaged through her backpack, before finding a piece of paper and waving it in front of their faces.
Liz quickly snatched the flier out of Maria’s hand and quickly skimmed it. “Maria, it’s just an announcement for the annual dance competition, Purdue’s holding it this year. The competition rotates between colleges every year. What’s the big deal?”
“What’s the big deal? Well, obviously we need to enter! I mean we’re the best, we have some awesome moves, we could so win this baby!” Maria said.
“I don’t know why we couldn’t? Liz what do you say?” Max asked, looking at her across the table at the same time taking hold of her hands.
“We’ve never been in a competition. We never really thought about it, but if the others don’t mind I don’t.”
“GREAT! I’m going to go find Isabel and Alex, ask them what they think about it. Now, the question is whose room would they be in. You know, I still haven’t gotten over those two; Alex has never been such a horn dog. I called this afternoon to ask a question, and he was still in bed…” Maria quickly lowered her voice to a whisper, “with Isabel, I heard her in the background asking Alex if he was enjoying what she was doing! Then Alex quickly apologizes before handing up on me! I guess I don’t much room to speak considering that I was with Michael… Oh, I guess you guys didn’t really want to hear about that did you?” She quickly ran out of the restaurant.
“Now you know why we always call her “Whirl Wind Maria”, we came up with that nickname in elementary school and she obviously hasn’t improved much.” Max laughed watching her run down the hallway, obviously on a mission. “Come on, let’s go to the apartment, we can rent a movie and watch it before going to the club for the gig tonight.”
Liz just laughed, before taking Max’s hand and leaving The Sweet Shop, wondering if they were actually going to watch a movie or entertain themselves in a more ‘entertaining’ way.

Part 10

~ At Max’s Apartment~
“Ok, what are you in the mood to see? I have adventure, horror, and comedy. Sorry, but I don’t have any girl flicks.” Max asked as the walked into his apartment. They both had the afternoon off, only having morning class, and decided to spend it together.
Max walked into his little kitchenette, grabbing a pack of popcorn and throwing it into the microwave.
“Oh, something scary, I think. I in the mood to do some cuddling!” Liz said while she took two cokes out of his frig; she gave him a saucy wink over her shoulder.
Max came up behind her when she stood up and pulled her to him. “Did I tell you how happy I was to wake up this morning with you in my arms?” he asked, nudging her hair off her shoulder with his nose, before adoring the spot with a kiss.
“Did I tell you that it was a dream come true to wake up in your arms this morning?” Liz answered with a counter question. She turned her face up to his and gave him a sweet kiss. They broke apart reluctantly when the microwave buzzer went off. “Why don’t you go pick out the movie you’d like to see while I put this into a bowl.” Max said, nudging her towards the living room.
Liz went to his movie collection and searched for a movie she wanted to see. Finally she decided on “Fear”, after remembering the roller coaster scene and thinking about how much fun she could have with Max during that scene, she put the movie into the VCR before settling onto the sofa.
Max walked in during the credits. He set the popcorn on the table in front of the couch, before settling in himself. He sat down next to Liz, stretched his legs out onto the table, and then pulled her to him so that she was leaning against him with her head on his shoulder and her legs curled under her. “What did you pick?”
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” She teased, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
The settled in and started to watch the movie, Liz making a few commits here and there about how buff and good looking Mark Walberg was, Max retaliated by tickling her side until she said that he wasn’t as good as Max. Finally, the roller coaster scene came and Liz decided it was time for some fun.
Max was watching the screen in fascination when Reese pushed Mark’s hand under her skirt, when Liz suddenly throw herself over him, straddling his legs. “Have you ever fantasized about doing that before, I mean, having a girl take control? Having her tell you what to do and where to touch her and how to touch her?”
Max could only nod his head. “Good, because so have I, with you.” She whispered against his ear, before giving it a quick nibble and then soothing it with a lick. She felt Max shudder under her. “And I’ve decided that I want that fantasy to come true, now!”
Liz was very glad at that moment that she had decided to change into a skirt when she got home that morning. She looked straight into Max’s eyes to make sure she hadn’t overstepped the line, when she only saw intense lust in his eyes; she leaned forward and initiated a passionate kiss. She trusted her tongue into his mouth, sucked on his lower lip, biting it gently. She picked up his hand before placing it between her spread thighs, curling his finders towards her until he moved her panties aside and thrusting them inside her.
Liz quickly lost control of the situation. She placed her hands behind her, grabbing onto his knees, and arched her back, giving him free reign over her. With one of his hands still inside her, he lifted her shirt, pushed her bra up and ran his tongue over her aroused nipples, before sucking on it. Liz went wild, she began grinding herself against him, rocking against his hand and his jean covered erection. Max couldn’t believe it; just as she reached her climax so did he.

Part 11

(Still the same day)
Liz stood outside the door. All she had to do was turn the knob, ‘just turn the knob, Liz, and get if over with. That’s the hardest part of this, just get it started and he’ll take it from there.’ Liz still couldn’t believe that she was trying to work up the courage to do this. At this time yesterday she was daydreaming about him and about what she was about to do, ‘that is, what you are about to do, if you stop being a chicken shit!’ Had everything actually happened in less then 24 hours? Did all of this really start just last night? It seemed like it’s been forever, with how everyone was, we all are so comfortable around each other, the couples that hooked up, seemed to be together forever; Maria and Michael, Alex and Isabel, and definitely her and Max. Was it really only last night that they shared their first kiss; that kissed that quickly turned into a hot and heavy petting session? Wasn’t it last night that she told herself that she wasn’t ready for sex? What the hell happened during her sleep that made her change her mind? She had no idea; all she knew was that when she woke up in his arms something took over her body, something very… passionate. She went from deciding she was going to stay a virgin, to letting Max go down on her, to making Max touch her, and now finally, trying to get enough courage to walk into that room and make love with him. And she knew that if she didn’t work up that courage of hers it would be too late, Max would be out of the shower and the opportunity would have passed.
After their very heated fore play, Max became very embarrassed with the fact that he lost control so quickly. He gently lifted Liz off of him and left to take a shower, a very cold shower. And now here she stood, out-side of the bathroom door, trying to work herself up to open the door and walk in. Liz heard the shower running and heard Max’s quite moan, all she could think about was him under the current of water, gloriously naked. That was all it took, just that image, to get her to open up the door.
Liz stepped into the dimly lit room. She could see his outline through the curtain, he was Adam reincarnated, and she was ready to be his Eve, deciding then and there that no snake (Tess) was going to ruin their Eden. Liz quickly glided out of her clothes, taking a step toward the shower with each garment she dropped.
“Would you like any help? I could scrub your back for you.” Max quickly turned around, almost slipping before balancing himself against the shower wall. He was star- struck; there she stood in all her glory. Max’s eyes devoured every inch of skin, as he gave her his hand to help her in.
“Oh, God, Liz. Are you sure? Because if you’re not we can wait. I don’t want you to feel rushed, I want our first time to be for both of us.” Max asked, even though he was slowly running his hand down her back, caressing her butt, before running his hands back up her sides grazing her breasts.
Liz moaned at the sensations Max’s hands were creating. “Yes, Max, I’m sure. I’ve wanted this for a very long time. Believe me, I’m very ready.” She said before reaching up and kissing him with everything inside of her.
They tried to stay at a slow speed, but that didn’t last long. Max’s mouth quickly found her hardened nipple and sucked it into his hot mouth. Liz shuddered at the contrast, as Max said he was taking a very cold shower, but his mouth and hands were warming her up quite efficiently. Liz ran her hands down his back, memorizing every crevice along the way. Her hands finally found their destination, his butt, his ‘to-die-for’ butt. Liz squeezed his ample flesh, loving the feel of him. As soon as Max felt her hands on his backside, he almost lost it, ‘how could such an innocent touch make me go crazy? That’s an easy one, because it was Liz’s touch.’ Max quickly grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it around his leg, opening her up so that his throbbing heat could rub against her soft wetness. This had to be the hottest of hell and the sweetest of heaven rolled into one.
But Liz wasn’t done; she still had a few fantasies to fulfill before she would let him take charge of the situation. Liz quickly removed her leg, making Max moan in desperation, then the next second making him moan in ecstasy when she dropped to her knees in front of him. Max looked at Liz with half-mast, passion filled eyes. Liz stared at the sight in front of her with amazement. ‘Oh, my God, he’s HUGE!’ Liz nervously licked her lips, which set Max into another moaning fit. She gently took him in her hands, surprised at how soft, yet at the same time how hard he was. Liz stroked him up and down, testing the pace, before finding one her liked, adding a few squeezes in for good measure. Then Liz did what she dying to do, with one quick move she took him into her mouth.
Max was in heaven, Max was in hell, Max didn’t know where the hell he was, all he knew was that he was having the time of his life! He had the most beautiful women in the world on her knees in front of him, stroking him, teasing him, making him go crazy. “HOLY SHIT! OH, MY GOD! OH, FUCK!” All of a sudden she was covering him with her sweet, hot mouth. Max stumbled backwards, leaning against the wall, his hands reaching for her, tangling his fingers through her silky hair. “OH, GOD, LIZ!” She lightly grazed him with her teeth, before smoothing it with her tongue. She was doing the most incredible things to him; there was no way that this could get any better. “OH FUCK, LIZ! OH, HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN, I’M GOING TO COME IF YOU DON’T STOP THAT!” Liz had created a suction on his erection; hollowing out her cheeks, increasing her pace, all the while making sure that her teeth, or tongue never make contact with him.
Max couldn’t take it any more. He quickly pulled her up, turned around until her back was against the wall, and wrapped her legs around his waist. “You made me crazy! We’ll take it slowly next time, I can’t wait any longer!” With that Max quickly sealed his mouth with her and trusted into the core of her.
Liz gave a quick squeal of pain, but as quickly as it came it left. All she could feel was Max; he was finally inside of her. “Oh, my God, Max… that’s it… oh that feels so good!” “Oh, God, baby. You’re a dream come true. You’re so wet, and hot and oh, God, are you tight!” Max thrusts became deeper and harder with each stroke, but Liz was matching him move for move. “Oh, Max! I’m coming, I’m coming!” Max could only thrust harder and deeper, until she exploded around him, taking him to heaven with her.

Part 12

Max and Liz stumbled out of the shower. Liz was leaning against Max, she was sure that her legs would go out on her at any minute. “Oh, God.” She moaned softly before quickly grabbing Max for another, and in her mind, last passionate kiss for a while. Max wrapped his arms around her, pushing her against the wall, and ravished her mouth.
“Mmmm, Max, we have to stop. We have to meet the others in an hour.” She murmured against his shoulder. He was already doing wondrous things to her breasts, lightly grazing his fingers around her nipples, before quickly pinching them. Liz gave a startled squeak, while Max pushed himself away from her with a laugh. “Oh, you! You did that on purpose.”
“Guilty as charged. But you deserved it, getting me all hot and bothered only to cut it short.” Max laughed while grabbing two towels, throwing one over his shoulders, and wrapping the other around hers. He began to rub her arms, drying her the best he could.
He dropped to his knees before her and started to dry of her stomach and thighs. All too quickly he was done, but that didn’t stop him.
Max dropped the towel to the floor, running his hands back up her stomach, grazing her breasts again. Only this time he quickly covered one of them with his mouth, while stroking the other. Liz moaned in ecstasy, grabbing his head, running her hands through his thick dark hair. Max maneuvered them so that her back was to the sink, “Liz, could you hop up onto the counter?” he asked. Giving his a questioning look she hopped up onto the sink’s countertop.
“ I’ve been dying to do this again!” With that Max quickly parted Liz’s legs, spreading her folds with his fingers, before slowly circling her clit with his tongue. “Oh, God, Max… Yes!” Moaning and grinding against his face, she lifted her feet to the edge of the counter, spreading her legs apart further. She leaned her head against the mirror behind her, while her hands were trying to find something to grab onto finally deciding on his shoulders.
Max slowly ran his tongue up the length of her, before suckling on her clit. While driving her insane that way he quickly thrust two of his fingers into her, finding a fast rhythm that quickly took her mind away. Liz grabbed onto the edge of the counter for leverage as she lifted up her hips and started to thrust against his mouth and fingers. “Oh, God… Max stop… I need you. OH, GOD, OH, GOD, OH, GOD… MAX RIGHT THERE, OH, YES, THERE, HARDER MAX, FASTER OH, GOD, FASTER MAX!!!” Liz didn’t know how he did it but somehow Max had found the most sensitive place inside of her and she going crazy. “MAX, YES… NO!!! WHAT THE HELL! MAX GET YOUR ASS BACK DOWN THERE, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!”
“I’m just no ready for you to come yet,” he told her casually, then with a wicked twinkle in his eyes, he finished saying, “Can’t let you get your satisfaction that easily now can I!”

Part 13

. “Oh, God… Max stop… I need you. OH, GOD, OH, GOD, OH, GOD… MAX RIGHT THERE, OH, YES, THERE, HARDER MAX, FASTER OH, GOD, FASTER MAX!!!” Liz didn’t know how he did it but somehow Max had found the most sensitive place inside of her and she going crazy. “MAX, YES… NO!!! WHAT THE HELL! MAX GET YOUR ASS BACK DOWN THERE, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!”
“I’m just no ready for you to come yet,” he told her casually, then with a wicked twinkle in his eyes, he finished saying, “Can’t let you get your satisfaction that easily now can I!”

“Wanna bet? You can’t make me!” Max teased.

“You’re right I can’t make you. So I guess if you’re going to leave me so unsatisfied, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!” Liz smirked.
“What do you mean by that?” Max questioned wearily.
“I’ll have to finish it myself. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to finish this. If you’d please leave, oh, and don’t worry if you hear me moaning someone else’s name. I mean, if you can’t satisfy me I’ll have to fantasize about someone who can.” With that Liz jumped off the counter and started to shew him out of the bathroom.
“Now, wait one god damned minute. I never said I wasn’t going to finish.” Max argued.
“Oh, yes you did, in your own words… ‘Wanna bet? You can’t make me!’” With that said, she shoved him out of the bathroom, quickly shutting and locking it.
“I swear to God, if I hear you scream another guys name I’ll break this door down!” Max yelled pounding his fist against the door.
“Hush now, Max, you’re making me lose my concentration!” Liz started grabbing her clothes. “Ohhh, yessss…” Liz moans as she puts on her panties and bra. Liz giggles to herself as she hears Max groan through the door. “Yeah, that’s it… Ohhh, that feels sooo good…” Liz is doing everything she can to not laugh as she puts on her jeans, as she hears a thud against the bottom of the door. She quickly pulls on the sweater she was wearing. “Ohhh, mmmm, OHHHH, YEAH…” she quickly crosses to the door, yanks the door open. She realized what the thud was, Max must have fallen to the floor, because right now he was sprawled on his back, his upper half inside the bathroom and the other half still in the hallway. “Ohhh, Max… you are soooo gullible!” Liz laughs as she steps over him leaving the room.
Max watches her pass him in a daze, suddenly everything came clear and he jumps up and ran after her…

Part 14

Max quickly jumped to his feet and pursued Liz. He caught up with her just as she entered the living room. At this point, believing words were a waste of time, he simply grabbed Liz by her arm, spun her around, wrapping his arms around her waste and through her over his shoulder. Liz gave a startled squeal as Max spun on his heels and marched them towards his bedroom.
“Max! What are you doing we have to meet the gang in 20 minutes!” Liz muffled through his back.
“Well, you made it quite clear that you wouldn’t be left unsatisfied. And as for the time facture you should have thought about that before your little act back there in the bathroom. And I’m going to make sure that it’s MY name that you scream out!” He stated before tossing her on the bed. He jumped onto the bed, landing on his feet in a crouched position, before switching so that he was on his hands and knees at the bottom of the bed. He eyes gleamed with a mixture of lust, and mischief. He slowly prowled towards her, reminding her of a lion stalking its prey.
“Max, what will the others say when we get there late?”
“Frankly, Liz, I don’t give a damn.” He cut off and more potential protesting, by slanting his mouth over hers, shrouding hers in a long, blistering kiss. His lips feasted on hers. Her tongue darted out to meet his. The heat between them built, fueling itself on their mutual desire.
“I want you,” Max murmured, peeling his lips from hers to pepper kisses across her face. When he reached her ear, his teeth nipped at her lobe, eliciting a quiver that shook Liz to her core. “Tell me you want me just as much.”
“Oh, God, Max… I do… You know I do, that I always will.” She choked, barely able to speak past the lump of longing lodged in her throat. “I want you so badly, Max.”
“Oh, baby,” he whispered. “I’m going to love you like nobody has ever loved you before, or ever will again. From this moment on, Liz, your mine!”
He was caressing her now, his hand skimming the length of her body, creating chock waves in its wake. Her lips trembled beneath his. Liz’s hands rose of their own volition, her fingers fumbling blindly with the buttons of his shirt. When her hands finally ran up his chests, Max’s groan was akin to the rumbling purr of the great jungle cat he reminded her of earlier. He aided her quest, shrugging quickly out of his shirt and tossing it onto the floor, his lips never breaking contact with hers.
Given free rein, her hands roamed at will, exploring all of him, delighting in the textures, warmth and the muscles rippling beneath the surface.
His lips left hers as he swiftly tugged her top over her head. Before she could cover herself his lips were tracing the lace trim of her bra, his tongue lapping at the exposed flesh along the inner edges. His tongue explored the valley between her breasts, then swept up the slight slopes to seek out the peaks, first on and then the other. As if by his command, they leapt to alert attention. She clutched at his shoulders as an intense ache raced through her.
With deft fingers, he unhooked the latch of her bra and swept it aside. He palmed a breast in each hand, his long fingers surrounding each in a tender embrace. His thumbs reached out to caress the rosy centers, his eyes darkening as he watched the nipples pucker even tighter.
“They’re like the most delicate of rose buds,” he breathed, as if in awe of the treasure he’d uncovered. “So pink and pretty and dainty.”
He lowered his head, his hair tickling her breast as his lips sought out the rigid crest. His tongue swirled around it, over it, dampening it. His breath cooled it even more. Then, as if to heat it again, he drew it into his mouth suckling gently at first, then stronger.
With every tug on her breast, the sweet ache built within her. Growing. Expanding. A yearning that curled low in her stomach and spiraled outward, until it engulfed her whole body. When he released his hold, she graded his head, trying to force it back to her once more.
She heard him chuckle. “Like that, do you?”
All she could do was plead. “Please.”
“Oh, I intend to, baby. I’m going to please you like you’ve never been pleased.”
His lips clamped down on her other nipple, sucking with such force that a good portion of her breast was pulled into her hot, damp mouth. Liz gasped, her back arching nearly off the bed as a lightning bolt of desire shot through her. Fire sped through her veins, searing her from head to toe.
He had her pants undone and sliding down her legs before she was aware that he’d moved. His mouth left her breast, blazing a trail of flame across her bare stomach. His hand slipped between her legs, nudging them apart. His fingers found her through the sleek satin of her panties. Rubbing. Teasing. Then his mouth was there scalding her through the thin cloth.
It was heaven and hell wrapped into one delicious torment. Max whisked her panties off, hooked her long legs over his shoulders, and with something that sounded like a growl, buried his face between her wide spread thighs. Suckling, licking, spearing her with his tongue, he led her to the edge of ecstasy. She writhed, she whimpered – she fell into the whirling pit, spinning helplessly out of control.
By the time she could think and breathe again, Max had rid himself of the rest of his clothes and was lying beside her, stroking her damp hair from her forehead and smiling down at her. “Lady, I love the way you lose it.”
“Only with you. Only for you.”
As he sprinkled kisses across her breasts, he reached for his jeans. Seconds later he was ripping open a foil packet. Her hands reached to help him slip into the protective sheath, and to guide him to her own.
He entered her slowly, surprised at how tightly she still gloved him. She grabbed his buttocks, urging him onward.
“I wasn’t thinking, I don’t want to hurt you. It’s too soon for you after the last time.”
“I want you. All of you.” She arched upward, engulfing him further.
It was more that he could withstand, and in one swift lunge, he buried himself to the hilt. Her sigh echoed his. They lay motionless for a moment, savoring the exquisite sensations, until she shifter her hips restlessly beneath his. He answered her siren’s call, retreating only to plunge deeply again- and again, and again, in a driving rhythm that lured them ever higher. Blind, breathless, driven by the ruthless demands of their bodies, they surged toward the pinnacle. Together, they hurled past it, into a fiery abyss, welcoming the flames that consumed them.

“God! They were right!” Liz panted.
“Who was? About what?” he rasped.
“In high school, the announcers for the football games, they claimed when you’re on your toes, you can really drill it.”
Max gathered enough energy to chuckle. “I wonder what they would have said about you? You’ve drained me dry.”
“Will you do me a favor?” she asked laying limply at his side.
“As long as it doesn’t require any energy, yes.”
“Just raise you head, look down, and see if either of us smokes after sex, will you?”
Max laughed outright. “You screwball!”
“No, I think that’s your department!”
“Why don’t you go get ready, while I call the gang and tell them that we’re on our way.”
“I should shower first, so I’m not doubly sweaty at the end of the night.” Reluctantly, Liz got up, wobbling weak-kneed to the bathroom. “Dang! My legs feel like over-cooked spaghetti! I sure hope the fire alarm doesn’t go off anytime soon!”
“Me, too, because I sure as heck don’t have the strength to carry you down five flights of stairs. In which case, we’d just have to slide down the banisters.”

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