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Title: The Cat Burglar And The Cop
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L (Does any other exist?!!!)
Disclaimer: They should belong to me so I can worship them but they don’t!
Summary: A Cat Burglar and A Cop, duh can’t you read? *tongue*

Here I am sitting in my car waiting for her to strike. The Cat Burglar!!! Who’s the cat burglar? Let me give you some insight into what exactly is going on. I don’t usually like doing stakeouts but this was different. I was waiting for her. This started about a month ago with this woman who managed to break into places but she never took anything. She would just prowl around the room and record herself doing it. Then she would leave the tape behind as a clue and to mock me. Oh yeah, did I mention that she would leave the tape addressed to me? Yeah she did. In a neat penmanship she would write: To: Detective Max Evans, From: The Cat Burglar Vixen That Robs You Of Your Dreams. Isn’t that some fucked up shit?! Any other time I would ignore this woman as some weirdo and let someone else look into it but I’m drawn to her like no other woman. I mean what she wears in these videos makes my dick so rock hard I need an hour and to jerk off twice to calm down. Is she that hot? Let me describe her for you and you tell me. She has a shapely but petite figure. She wears low hung, hip hugging leather pants, a skin tight leather vest that pushes her tits up so it seems like they’re about to fall out and you just wanted to be there to catch them. She has a diamond belly button ring and leather boots that go all the way up to her thighs and sport a spike heel. The boots alone say ‘I need you to fuck me.’ She wears a mask that covers her eyes but gives her an exotic look. Her lips are full and ruby red and dying to be kissed, but I also wouldn’t mind if she wrapped them around my rod. From what can be seen of her eyes they’re a beautiful chocolate brown. She has long brown hair that looks silky and thick. She has purple and red streaks running through her hair. To finish off her ensemble she has leather gloves that go up to her forearms. All in all, frankly, I wanna fuck her and make her scream and I want her to return the favor. But that desire is warring with my duty to uphold the law. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Getting her pegged down has been difficult since she hasn’t been predictable. Besides the tapes there’s no method to her madness. So how do I know she’s going to be here? She told me so. In the last recording she told me date, time and place where she was going to strike. So here I am waiting for my date with a burglar. Wait a second, did I just see movement in that building over there? A light just went on let me go see. I’m supposed to call for back-up but I want to do this alone. I look all around the area and there’s no other living soul any where. I walk into the building and look around. It’s an old warehouse said to belong to a rich woman by the name of Liza Parks. She gave us special permission after she heard that this was going to be used for a possible crime scene. I look around when I hear a noise and see a door open. I walk up to the door and walk in. I’m stunned at what I find. The room is spacious and there are lit candles every where. White rose petals strewn all over the floor. There’s a table set up in the middle of the room with a linen table cloth, an ice bucket and champagne. Two flute glasses are also on the table with candle light dancing off of them. I walk further into the room and look around. There’s nobody there but me. The room has no closets for somebody to hide in to then jump out at you. In all this time I’m looking without having pulled out my gun.

“Good evening Detective Evans.” A soft voice says behind me.

I swallow and turn around slowly. There she is standing at the door. Her legs are slightly parted and her hands are behind her back. She has a coy look on her face and a smirk on her lips. She’s wearing an all white leather outfit, mask, boots, vest, pants and gloves are all matching. I can already feel myself getting hard. Her eyes are traveling up my body. They linger on my dick that at the moment is very prominent with my arousal. He eyes continue up my body until she’s looking directly into my eyes.

“So, Max…It’s ok if I call you Max, right? I mean we know each other so well.” She said.

I have no control over my voice box so I just nod my head yes to let her know she can call me Max. At that point she could call me anything. She grinned.

“Good. Now as I was saying, Max, I’m glad we’re finally meeting face-to-face. A video tape is so called an impersonal. What I have in mind would entail heat and physical contact.”

As she was speaking to me she never broke eye contact and she was slowly walking to me. The video tapes didn’t do her any justice. She was so much more enchanting in person and her voice was pure honey. By now she was right in front of me and she brought her hands to the front. I broke eye contact with her to see what she was giving to me. She held a white rose in her hand. I looked up and into her eyes as I took it from her hands. She smiled at me again. A lot of things were running around in my head but reading her, her rights wasn’t one of them. I don’t know where but I finally found my voice.

“Why did you do all of this? Why did you target me?”

“Because it was you. There’s something special about you detective, something so special that I want it for me. I want you detective.”

At this point our faces are inches apart. Her breath is hitting my face, and it was so sweet.

“What makes me so special?”

“Your innocence and strength. You give everybody a chance and still seek out justice”

By now I’m completely aroused and shocked.

“If my seeking out justice attracts you then you must know I have to arrest you. You didn’t steal anything but you did break into all of those places. Breaking and entering is against the law.”

She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“You’re right detective, breaking and entering is against the law and as an officer of the law you must enforce the law.”

As she said this she is circling around me as a panther circling their prey. Her hand was moving around my body in little caresses. She was now standing behind me and her arms snaked around my waist and brought my body up against hers. We were pressed together. Her lips were touching my earlobe. She took a quick swipe at it with her teeth.

“So, detective Evans, do your job and read me my rights.”

After she said that she turned me around so I was facing her. She grabbed my face in her little hands and brought it closer to hers. She made as if she was going to kiss me then she stuck out her tongue and licked my lips. She let go of my face and ran her hand down my chest then grabbed my hands and pulled me towards a wall. Once there she let go of my hands and turned around. She leaned her hands against the wall and spread her legs, assuming the position of somebody that was getting arrested.

“All right, detective Evans, I’ve assumed the position and I’m ready to be searched.” She purred.

I didn’t need to see her face to know she was wearing a wicked grin. Was it me or was it hot in here? I walked up to her and started at her boots. My hands first went up one leg up to her thigh and then I searched the other. My hands got a mind of their own and go up and over her ass. I squeezed both cheeks and she moaned. My hands then traveled to her hips and go to the front to her covered mound. My hands cupped her and I squeezed. She threw her head back and moaned again. Her hip then thrust into my hand as if seeking a release. I rubbed her mound for a few then let me hands travel upward to her breast. Once there I squeezed them both. I’m very thorough at my job. I squeezed them and mold them eliciting sounds of pleasure from her. I let them go and moved my hands over her soft and velvety shoulders and up her arms to her hands. Once there our fingers our intertwined. She throws her head back and brings her body flush into mine so that her ass is on my arousal and she moans some more. I let go of her hands and spin her around and push her against the wall. She was gasping for air and her chest was heaving, making the swells of her breast more tempting. Before I could go on I shrugged out of my jacket and unhooked my gun. I placed them in a bundle against the wall and then go back to her. I do something that I’ve been needing to do for a while. I grasped her face in my hand and bring her lips to mine. Her mouth held an open invitation for my tongue and we drank from each other and moaned for each other. I buried my hands in her hair, that was as silky and soft as I thought it would be. The only thing hindering me from complete freedom from her hair was the mask. I went to pull it off but she stopped me. I pulled away from the kiss to look at her.

“Not yet baby, but soon.” Was her only response.

She brought her lips back to mine and her hands started moving all over my body. We continued to drink from each other’s lips. Her lips were doing wonders to mine. Her tongue was pure nectar. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away breaking the kiss.

“Why, detective Evans, aren’t you going to read me my rights?”

We were both gasping for air. I looked down at her body wanting to make it mine.

“Of course. You have the right to scream from pleasure. You have the right for me to lick your pussy and eat you complete, then suck you dry. You have a right to multiple orgasms. You have a right for me to lick and suck your tits. You have the right for me to fuck you and be fucked by you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve explained them to you?”

“Yes, detective Evans.”


I then grabbed the front of her vest and yanked it open, sending the buttons flying every where. She was wearing no bra. Score one for the good guys. I pushed her against the wall and lowered my head to her chest. I grabbed one of her breast into my mouth and suck hard while I squeezed the other with my hand. She was moaning and running her hands through my hair as she pressed my face to her chest begging for more. I took a few licks at the nipple then switched to the other breast and give it the same treatment. She kept screaming my name over and over. I let go of her breast and trailed kisses down her rib cage and stomach until I reached the button to her pants. I looked up to her then and she looked at me and nodded. But I could see she needed to be more comfortable so I pulled her down to the floor. She laid her body on the rose petals. Her body writhed with pleasure. I kneeled between her legs and looked at the beauty in front of me. She opened her eyes to see what was wrong and saw that I was staring at her. She smiled a sweet smile up at me and extended her arms as an invitation. I accepted and brought my body down over hers. But before I could kiss her she stopped me and pushed me up a little.

“I think we need to even this out a little more, Max.”

I loved the way her honey voice said my name. But before I knew what she meant by even out she hooked her hands into my button down shirt and yanked it open, sending even more buttons flying. She pulled it off and threw it over my shoulder. Then she pulled me into her arms and covered my mouth with hers. Our chests were pressed together and rubbing against one another. I pulled my lips away and started to lick and kiss her neck. She threw her head back to give me better access. She brought her nails down my back as she purred from pleasure. I slowly made my way down her back to her pants. But before I could enjoy the feast that was waiting for me there I had to take off her boots. At another time we would go into my fantasy with those boots, because there was going to be another time. I slowly unzipped the boots and pulled them off. I then grabbed the snap on her pants and opened it. I pulled of her pants along with her thong. There she was completely naked and opened before me. The hair that covered her mound was neatly trimmed and wet with her juices. I was salivating. I grabbed her legs and opened her wide. Her scent came up to greet me.

“Take what’s yours, Max?” She whispered to me in a voice heavy with desire.

I needed no other prodding. I threw myself face first into her steamy core. I gave her a hard lick first. Then opened her womanly lips and started to lick even more. I grabbed her clit and rubbed it. All she kept repeating was “Oh God, Max, yes.” Her hips were thrusting to meet my licks so I held her hips down. Her legs were holding my held in place. I licked and sucked until she couldn’t stand it no more. I brought her to orgasm hard and she screamed my name. Her legs went limp as I lapped up her spicy juices and she tried to come down from her orgasm. After I sucked her clean I made my way up her body with a trail of soft kisses. I ended up at her mouth and kissed her deeply. While we were kissing she pushed me onto my back. Her hands roamed over my body and stroked and caressed me. Pretty soon she was kissing my all over. Her hands traveled down my stomach to my arousal and she gave it a squeeze. I moaned into her mouth. I heard my zipper going down, then I felt her hands in my pants, then inside my boxers circling my dick. She started to rub it.

“It’s time for me to return the favor.” She whispered against my lips.

She moved her body down over mine until her face was even with my dick. She opened the button on my jeans then started to pull them down until they were off. She then brought her face back up and opened her mouth and sucked in my dick. At first she played with the head in and out of her mouth, then she would lick me from the head to my balls, then suck on my balls and then lick up to my head again. She did this for a while then she took me all into her mouth. She started pumping me with her mouth and her hand. She proved my assumption to be true. Her mouth was made to give good head, but it was made for me and no other man. She continued to pump me and I could feel I was coming to my breaking point and tried to pull her off. But she just shook her head and continued sucking with that glorious mouth of hers. Pretty soon I was done and she brought me to the biggest and longest orgasm I’ve ever felt. I let loose and she drank it all in. She returned the favor and licked me clean. After a bit she brought her body along mine and laid next to me while I came down from my euphoria. She gently caressed my face and looked at me with a smile on her face. She brushed my bangs back off of my head and continued to look at me I turned to her and returned the smile. I grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss into her palm.

“Max, please make love to me.”

With those words I looked into her eyes and was blown away by the pure love I saw in them and I knew right then and there that I was in love with her as well. I gently pulled her into my arms and kissed with all the love I felt in my heart. I gently pushed her onto her back and she pulled me with her. She wrapped her legs around me and put her opening in contact with my dick. In one smooth hard motion I entered her and we were completed. I didn’t move for a second because I wanted to memorize the feeling of being one with a person. With being one with her. I started thrusting into her and pretty soon she was meeting my thrusts with her own. I claimed her mouth and made love to her mouth. It was slow gentle and exquisite. We went over the edge together screaming out our passion. I went to pull out of her but she tightened her legs around my waist and kept me there. I looked at her and she looked at me. I tucked her hair behind her ear and placed several kisses all over her face. When I pulled away all she could do s smile.

“Now can I have the pleasure of knowing who I just made love to?”

She switched our positions so she was straddling me. She lifted her hands to her mask and pulled it off.


“Hi, Max.”

The woman I just made the sweetest love to and who has tormented my dreams for a month was none other than Liz Parker the woman who owned my soul. We were high school sweethearts that shared many firsts including our first sexual experience together. I sit up and wrap my arms around her waist.

“Liz, why?”

“Because I needed and wanted you back in my life. My God, Max, I missed you.”

“Well, you could have just come to see me instead of breaking the law. I’ve missed you too.”

“Well I didn’t know if you wanted to see me. We broke up over something stupid and we let it get in the way of us.”

“I always want to see you but now we have this mess with the breaking and entering.”

A sly smile tugged at her lips.

“Not necessarily. All those buildings plus this one belongs to me. So, I don’t think I’ll press charges against myself.”

I smile at her right before I cover her lips with mine. Pretty soon we’re ready for the next round.



As I’m lying here and gazing at a sleeping Liz I can’t believe so much has happened. The Cat Burglar disappeared quietly never to be heard from again except for in my bedroom. Ever since that night Liz and I were inseparable. We got reacquainted and four weeks later ran off to Las Vegas and got married by Elvis at the Elvis wedding chapel. After we moved in to a new house and baptized each room in our own special way. We make sure to tell each other I love you every day and night. We just got the news yesterday Liz is pregnant. Life can’t get any better than this. Who ever said crime didn’t pay didn’t know about my little cat burglar.


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First thanks for the great feedback.

Now my question is would you like to read the sequel?
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Sorry for the delay but had a bad week. It also didn't help that this fic had the nerve to take a life of its own. So there will be one more part after this if you want it..

Title: Lunch Time Nibble (Sequel to Cat Burglar/Cop)
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L (Does any other exist?!!!)
Disclaimer: They should belong to me so I can worship them but they don’t!

Detective Max Evans walked into the office building and nodded to the security officer. He took the elevator up to the executive offices and got off on the 15th floor. He walked directly to the CEO’s office and once again nodded to the secretary and walked right into the office without breaking his stride. He closed the door quietly behind him seeing that she was on the phone in what seemed to be an important phone call. He leaned back against the door and just looked at her in action with a smile on his face. Her back was to him so she didn’t know of his presence yet. That was fine by him because then he could enjoy the feast that was in front of him. She was wearing a black skirt that came just above her knees showing off her shapely legs that were covered in black stockings. She was wearing a black vest that hugged her figure and black high heeled shoes. Max made a mental note to himself to pursue that little fantasy of her wearing nothing but her “fuck me” boots and him obliging her and fucking her to no end. The idea alone made him hard. He slowly walked up behind her as she bent over desk to get a pen to take down some information. His eyes immediately went to her ass wanting nothing more than to stroke and squeeze it to his heart’s content. As she straightened her body upright Max pulled her body back along his snaking his arms around her waist. She quickly turned her neck to see who it was. A quick smile came to her lips and she covered the mouthpiece. She brought her face close to his.

“Hi, sweety.” Liz Parker said right before claiming Max’s lips in a passionate kiss.

A moan escaped them both as they deepened the kiss but Liz pulled back when the person on the other end of the line asked a question.

“I’m sorry can you repeat that please?” Liz said into the phone, very flustered.

Max wasn’t making it easy. His hands were every where stroking and teasing and feeling. Liz tried to get away from him long enough to finish up the phone call but he wasn’t having any of it. He was too engrossed in nibbling on her neck and inching his hands up her skirt to his treasure that was hidden underneath her skirt and covered in panty hose and thong. He was driving Liz wild and she could barely continue the phone conversation. She covered the mouthpiece several times to try to get him to stop.

“Max, please, let me finish this then I’m all yours.”

“Uh-uh, you’re mine now.”



It was useless Max was enjoying himself and wasn’t about to give up his treat. She got a reprieve when he let her go to take off his jacket, but it was short. As soon as he threw it onto a chair and double checked to make sure he had locked the door to her office his hands were back on her body. He undid the button at the back of her skirt and lowered the zipper and let it pool at her feet. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her slightly and kicked the skirt under her desk. He then set her down and turned her around to face him. Liz was biting her lower lip with a smile on her face as she looked at him and shook her head as if to say ‘I don’t believe you.’ But she let him have his way barely able to continue her phone conversation. He just gave her a big grin and hooked her fingers into her stocking top and pulled them down quickly, pulling them off along with her shoes. He stood up and looked behind her on the desk. Seeing a spot he lifted her up and placed her on the desk. He hooked his foot on a chair and pulled it up so he could sit down. He opened her legs and put one on each shoulder. He took his hands and opened up her lower lips and placed his tongue at her opening and dipped it in. Liz fell back against her desk clutching the phone to her ear.

“What? Oh, yes, I’m fine it just seems to have gotten really hot in here all of a sudden.” Liz said breathlessly.

She bit down on her lip to keep the groan from bursting through her lips. As Max continued eating out her core she realized she couldn’t continue the phone conversation.

“Umm, yeah, listen I seem to be a little distracted. Why don’t I look over those numbers again and get back to you in a couple of days? Ok? K. Bye, bye.”

Liz didn’t exactly wait for a response before she hung up the phone and finally let the moan she was holding back pass through her lips. Max was sucking so hard on her cunt that it felt like he was sucking out her essence. When he thrust his tongue into her core it almost felt as good as when he put his cock into her; almost being the operative word. Nothing could replace the feeling his cock gave her when it was inside of her pussy. It was just the right size, being so big and thick. Liz was being driven over the edge with each suck. Max drove her crazy licking her pussy from point A to point B and then teasing her clit. He hit all her points and then some. As if that wasn’t enough he inserted to fingers and started thrusting them in. Liz let out a deep mean crying out “Oh God!’ so much you would take her for a deeply religious person. As it was in the realm of sex Max was her god bestowing his glory in between her legs.

“Come for me baby.” Max said as he continued to finger her opening.

In the next moment Liz went over the edge her pussy walls tightening around his fingers. Her juices poured fourth over his hands as she let out a slight scream. Max pulled out his fingers and licked them, then he put his mouth to the source and sucked her dry. Liz was slowly coming out of her love haze and gasping for breath as Max stood up between her legs and leaned over her placing a hand on each side of her head. He just stared at her as she calmed down. He watched her breast heave as she tried to catch her breath and the flustered yet happy look on her face, with her hair fanned out around. She was the embodiment of all that was beautiful and delicious in his world. She was his goddess. Liz finally opened her eyes and looked up at Max. She smiled at him as she raised her hands and framed his face. She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him with all her heart. They broke the kiss because oxygen was a must. But she didn’t let him take his face too far.

“The appetizer was good but now I want the main course being served for lunch.” She whispered to him against his lips.

She pushed herself up and put her hands on the button to his pants and wrenched them open and let them fall to his feet. As she lifted her faces to his for a kiss she eased her hands over his hips to his ass and as their lips made contact she pulled his body to hers and plunged his big cock into her waiting womanly core. At the point of connection they both took a deep breath as if smelling the sweetest of scents, but really breathing in each other’s essences. Max fell back into a chair with Liz straddling him and they started the dance of soulmates in love for the first time. For Max and Liz it was always the first time. Liz rose and fell, impaling herself over and over again on Max’s big and think cock. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning and groaning Max’s name. Max was lost in his own abyss of pleasure watching Liz. Her expressions and moans aroused him more. He hooked his hands into her vest and ripped it open as a starving man would a bag a food. He eased his hands on to her back and brought her forward so his mouth could feast on her breast. He took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could and then slowly eased back until he was at her nipple. He rolled it gently between his teeth before catching it between his lips and pulling on it and suckling it. He did that for a bit then switched over to give the other breast the same treatment. Liz had her hands on the back of his neck keeping his head in place. She didn’t know what would do her in first his deep and hard thrusts into her pussy or the ecstasy he was giving her at her chest. She was just riding the wave till it got her to paradise. Max let go of her breast and let his mouth travel up to her neck. He trailed his tongue and hot little kisses all over her neck leading up to her mouth. He delved deep into her mouth devouring her lips swallowing her moans. They dropped from the chair onto the floor not breaking the kiss. Max slipped his arms under Liz’s and buried his hands in her hair, while she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist so his dick could go deeper into her pussy. She let her hands travel to his ears and pulled his face away from hers breaking the kiss and they peered into each other’s eyes as he continued to thrust. They stared into each other’s eyes as their breaths mingle in their gasps with their lips centimeters apart. Liz smiled up into his eyes and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

“I love you.” She whispered against his lips.

“I love you too.” He responded then buried his face in her hair and thrust deeper into her.

The thrusts were quick and deep driving both of them over the edge. In the next minute the both saw the white hot explosion as Max explode into Liz and she milked him for all he was worth. They rode out their orgasm together, clinging to each other. Their hearts beating as one.

“I can’t believe we did without this for so long.” Max said into Liz’s hair.

Liz chuckled as she stroked his hair and tried to catch her breath.

“Well we’ll never do without again.” Liz said and placed a kiss on his neck.

They slowly pulled apart and Max pulled out of Liz, both instantly missing their connection. Max stood up slowly and pulled up Liz in his arms.

“Now I call that a productive lunch.” Max said before sealing her lips with his.

She smiled against his lips.

“Well, Mr. Evans, prepare yourself for dinner tonight.”

She gave him a secretive smile before laying her head against his chest. Her eyes traveled to a Kenneth Cole bag holding a very special purchase that she was going to use that night.


(Look out for “These Boots Were Made For…..)