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Title: Ugly Duckling or Graceful Swan
Author: AvengingAngelIQ
Disclaimer: If it were mine the S2 that happened would not have happened. When I say I'm a dreamer I mean it.
Category: I only know how to write for one couple M/L (A/U)
Rating: We shall soon find out.
Summary: This fic is Roswell meets the Maury Povich show meets the movie Some Kind Of Wonderful (I think that's the movie with Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson). These three equal parts mixed together give me this fic.

Part 1

Liz Parker looked over to her best friend Max Evans to see how he was doing. They were sitting in their third period math class with the teacher droning on and on about triangles and measurements. In plain english he was boring the class. Liz noticed that Max wasn’t paying attention any way. He was staring at his obsession once again. Two words – Pam Troy. Pam Troy was one of the popular girls in school who had it all: looks, popularity, grades and the captain of the football team, Sean Deluca, as a boyfriend. Max knew this but it didn’t hinder his attraction to Pam or all his fantasies of her. Liz was Max’s best friend since the third grade and she had heard all about Max’s infatuation with Pam at nauseaum. She tuned him out most of the time. Just then the bell rang and everyone was rushing out of the class. Liz walked over to Max’s desk.
“Snap out of it, Lover boy, because you know you’re never going to do anything about your little attraction to Pam.”
At Liz’s words Max snapped out of his semi trance and looked up at her.
“Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.”
“Yeah and maybe I’ll be Miss America.”
“You and a dress? I would pay big money to see. When was the last time you even wore a dress? Oh yeah, the pie dress your mother made in the second grade.”
“Shut up Max. I’m just not a frilly girl that wears dresses all the time.”
That was an understatement if Max ever heard one. Liz was always in jeans, a shirt with a plaid shirt over it, sneakers and wore her hair in a sloppy ponytail. She was every bit a tomboy.
“The closest you come to a dress is your uniform at work.”
Liz was a waitress at her parents alien theme restaurant.
“Whatever! Any way we weren’t talking about me. We were talking about you and your little Pam syndrome. Why don’t you just ask her out already?”
“Oh sure a little nobody like me walks up to Pam and just asks her out. Why didn’t I think of that?”
“You’re not a nobody. Stop knocking yourself down.”
Max sighed. “It doesn’t matter anyway she’s going out with Sean Deluca.”
“Who cares? He’s all brawn and no brain. All you ever see him doing is eat crackers. You’d think that’s the new dietary supplement for the football team.”
Max couldn’t help but laugh at Liz’s accurate description of Sean.
“I knew there was a reason I kept you around Parker. But seriously Parker, you just don’t know how it feels to want to be with somebody who wants to be with or is with somebody else.”
As Max kept walking towards his next class Liz fell slightly behind a sad expression on her face and her were trained at the back of Max’s head.
“That’s where you’re wrong Max. I know exactly how it feels.”
Max turned around and smiled at Liz.
“Are you coming, Parker?”
“Yeah, I’m coming.”
As they rounded the corner to go to their next class loud voices could be heard.
“Sean, you were drunk and then you threw up all over me.”
“Pam, I said was sorry.”
“You’re always sorry, but you do it again.”
“Will you get off my back about it.”
“Get off your? Get off your back? Fine!!! I’ll get off of you period. It’s over and we’re through.”
“You heard me. Oh, yeah, you can find yourself another date to the spring formal.”
“You’re not serious?”
“Dead serious.”
“Fine, but don’t come begging me to take you when you can’t find yourself a date.”
“I don’t need to beg you. I can find a date right now if I wanted to.”
“Prove it.”
Pam turned and looked at all the guys in the hallway. Her eyes landed on Max and she had a smirk on her face. She walked over to Max.
“Malcom, would you like to go to the spring formal with me?”
“It’s Max.”
“Whatever, well would you?”
Max didn’t think twice because this was his dream come true.
Pam turned and looked at Sean with a triumphant smirk.
“See, I’m going with Malcom.”
“It’s Max.”
But Max was ignored. Sean stormed out to the quad. Pam turned to Max.
“Meet me during lunch so we can make plans.”
With that said she turned on her heel and walked away. In her wake she left behind a very happy man and a devastated woman.

Part 2

For the rest of the day Liz walked around in a red haze. She couldn’t believe that in a matter of seconds her life took a huge nosedive with Max now going with Pam Troy to the Spring formal.
“Hey, Liz wait up.”
Liz turned around saw her two best female friends making their way towards her.
“Hey Isabel and ‘Ria.”
Isabel was Max’s sister and also one of the beautiful people. She liked to keep people at a distance with her ice princess routine but she had a warm heart. Then there was Maria her best friend since birth. She was the only other person Liz felt as close to as she did Max. All four were best friends since birth and had been there for each other through thick and thin. But Maria was the only one to know how Liz really felt about Max.
“So, what’s this rumor I hear that Max is taking Pam Troy to the Spring Formal.”
“Her and Sean were having an argument and Max and I sorta walked into it. One thing led to another and in the blink of an eye Pam asked Max to take her to the formal and he said yes so now they’re going to the formal.”
Maria gave Liz a sympathetic look. This was not lost on Isabel, who had her suspicions about Liz’s true feelings for her brother, but she wouldn’t embarrass Liz by pointing them out. She would wait till Liz came to her. But she couldn’t help feeling bad for her.
“Hey, why don’t we hit the mall this afternoon.” Isabel asked.
“I can’t I have to work at my parents restaurant this afternoon right after school.”
“Well Liz, well go and shop in your honor.” Maria joked.
“Gee, thanks. I’ll see you guys later.”
Liz gave them a final wave and walked away.
“My brother must be blind and stupid.”
“What are you talking about Isabel?”
“Maria my brother may be blind to what’s in front of his face but I’m not. Liz may not have told me but I know she’s inlove with Max.”
“Ah, you noticed that too.”
“Like I said you have to be blind not to notice and obviously my dear brother is.”
“Well, what if we gave him the power of sight once again when it deals with Liz?”
“What are you thinking ‘Ria?”
“Come Isabel and step into my office. I say it’s time for operation: Love Match.”
Giving each other big grins and nods they made their way out of the school.

Liz made her way into her parents’ restaurant the Crashdown, an alien theme restaurant. She headed straight to the back to get ready for work. She changed into her uniform quickly. She opened her locker to put on her antennas. She peered into the mirror looking at herself. She patted her hair as if putting it into place. She pulled the scrunchy out of her hair and started passing a brush through it. Just as she was about to put the hair tie back on she stopped and smiled at her reflection and tossed her head as she had seen Pam do countless of times. The smile slowly left her face.
‘Who are you kidding, Liz. You can never be any kind of competition for Pam Troy. Why would Max give you a second glance. Besides you’re his best bud. That’s all he’ll ever see you as. One of the guys.’
Liz slammed her locker closed. She put the scunchy and antennas on her head and went out to work.

Part 3

Liz worked her shift as if she were on automatic. She went from table to table taking orders and delivering the food mechanically. She answered questions posed by the customers to their satisfaction but she had no clue as to what was discussed. Her mind was only on one thing, rather one person: MAX EVANS. He was controlling her thoughts. He was causing her to have silent arguments in her mind. She could think of a million reasons as to why Max shouldn’t go to the Spring Formal with Pam Troy. Pam Troy the most obnoxious and stuck up bitch of all West Roswell High. She didn’t even know Max’s name. She called him Malcom. Max and Malcolm sound nothing alike. She needed to get his name straight.
‘And Max what’s wrong with you?’ Thought Liz to herself. “You’re so much better than her and you deserve better. First of all, you deserve somebody who knows your name. Somebody who thinks of you as first choice, not as second best, or an instrument to toy with to make your jock boyfriend jealous. You deserve someone who will understand you for you and love you for the sweetheart that you are. For your beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes and body, and your dumb jokes. Someone who will love Max Evans!!! You deserve ME!!! But then again you deserve someone who at least can be termed as cute. That’s not me.’
This brought tears to Liz’s eyes. She tried to blink them away but she was losing that battle. The bell over the restaurant’s front door jingled as someone came in.
“Liz!” The person called out.
It was Max. He walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gave her a squeeze, pulling her body close to his. Liz just wanted to stay in heaven for the rest of her life.
“How’s me best friend in the whole wide world?”
These words were bittersweet to Liz’s ears.
“I’m fine Max.”
Max noticed the catch in her voice and he could see in her eyes that she had been crying.
“Liz, what’s wrong? What happened? Did someone do something to you?” He asked urgently.
Liz was touched by Max’s concern and almost started crying again.
“No, Max, none of the customers bothered me or anybody else for that matter.”
“Then what’s wrong? I know you were crying.”
“I’m fine Max. It’s just one of those days where my tear ducts needed to get rid of excess water.”
Liz knew she was babbling and not making sense. But she couldn’t tell Max the real reason for her tears. He’d buy this story.
“I don’t buy it. You don’t cry just to cry, Liz. It takes too much to make you cry. I know you Liz.”
“Max, please, just drop it. I’m fine. It’s not important.”
“If it’s important enough to make you cry, it’s important to me!”
“Max really I’m fine. What brings you by tonight?” Liz asked trying to change the subject.
Max looked at her with a worried expression knowing that something must be bothering her. But he let it go not wanting to upset her anymore for the night. But he would find out what’s wrong.
“I just came over to see if you wanted to hang out and see if you could help me out with a problem.”
“Sure we can hang out after I finish cleaning up. But what’s the problem that you need help with?”
“Well, now that I’m actually going to the formal I have a slight problem.”
As Max mentioned the formal a sad look passed through Liz’s face. But she masked it quickly so Max wouldn’t notice.
“Oh, what’s the problem.”
“I don’t know how to dance.”
Liz looked at Max for a minute then she couldn’t hold it in. She burst out laughing holding her sides. Max was not amused.
“Gee, your sympathy overwhelms me.” He said sarcastically.
This only made Liz laugh harder.
“Well, thank goodness I can always count on my friend to help me out.”
Max turned to the door as if to leave.
“Max, wait. I’m sorry. I’ll stop.”
Liz struggled to calm herself down. She brought her laughter down to a few giggles and chuckles.
“Alright, you don’t know how to dance, what do you want me to do?”
“Liz, you’re the best dancer I know. I want you to teach me.”
Liz couldn’t argue with Max about her being a great dancer because it was true. It was her hidden talent and passion. Now teaching him was another story.
“Max great point about my dancing, but teaching you? Umm, I don’t think it’s possible.”
“Please Liz. You’re my only hope.”
“What am I now, Obi wan Kenobe?”
“Sure mock my pain.”
“What’s my incentive in all of this young Skywalker?”
“Liz, no more Star Wars for you. As for an incentive you’ll be helping me. Liz hasn’t there ever been a person you wanted to be with and hoped that by some miracle they would wake up one day and notice you?”
Liz looked at Max and swallowed hard.
‘Yeah, you.’ Liz thought to herself.
“Well, Liz that’s what Pam is for me and I don’t want to look like an idiot. So will you help me?”
“Yeah, Max, I’ll help.”
“YES!!! Thanks Liz, you’re the best and I’m so glad you’re my friend.”
He grabbed Liz and hugged her. Liz hugged him back with the saddest look in her brown eyes.
“What are friends for?”

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Part 4

The next day at school Isabel and Maria started their preliminary attack for Operation: Love Match. They met up early for school and went over their plans. They waited at the front doors of the school for Liz. When she arrived they attacked right away.

"Hi, Liz." They greeted her together.

"Hi, Isabel and Maria. What are ya up to this morning?"

"Umm, nothing." Isabel answered quickly.

"Ya know Liz, we were wondering are you planning on going to the spring formal?" Maria asked.

"Me? I don't think so. Everybody will be going in couples. I don't exactly have guys beating down my door trying to ask me out, much less to the formal. Anyway the person I do want isn't going to ask." Liz mumbled

Isabel and Maria looked at Liz's sad expression and their hearts went out to her. This strengthened their resolve to follow through on their plan.

"My brother is a jerk, Liz."

"What?" Liz asked, looking at Isabel as if she were an alien.*wink*

"He has to be if he doesn't see you for the great person that you are. He should consider himself lucky if he were to go with you to the dance."

"Isabel, what are you talking about. Max and I are friends."

"Yeah but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how you feel about him." Isabel said

"Yeah, chica, we both noticed you have the 'look' in your eyes when you look at Max. And we also saw your face when you talked about his date with Pam for the formal." Maria added.

Liz felt embarrassed and cornered by her friends.

"I…I don't know what you're talking about. I don't look at Max in any way. I have no 'look'." Liz said, sidestepping them and entering the school.

But Isabel and Maria weren't going to be put off. They followed after Liz till they reached her locker.

"Come on, Liz, we're not blind. We want to help you get Max. We want YOU to go to the formal with him." Isabel said.

"Look, I said you were imagining things. So, just drop it, ok?" Liz snapped as she yanked her locker door open.

Maria stepped up to her. "Liz, we've known you forever. We grew up together. Are we not your bestfriends, after Max?"

Liz stopped pulling books and looked at Maria then Isabel.

"Yes you are." She sighed.

"Exactly, so if you can't be honest with us who can you be honest with? At least be honest with yourself and to your feelings." Maria said.

Liz looked down. She could feel the tears at the back of her eyes. She looked defeated. Isabel and Maria crowded around and hugged her.

"Liz, we didn't mean to make you feel bad or make you cry. We just want to help you."

Liz pulled out of the embrace and looked at the girls. She wiped at her eyes.

"Fine! You're right but it doesn't matter because Max only has eyes for Pam Troy. I don't have a chance with Miss Perfection. I'm not Pam Troy." She said the last in a whimper. Tears started to roll down her cheek.

"Liz Parker that's enough!" Maria exclaimed.

"Yeah, Liz that's enough. You're great being Liz Parker, future microbiologist of the world. Besides, Maria and I have a plan to yank you out of the world of the fashionably challenged and into the world of the fashionably elite. In the process you just might yank my brother out of his Pam cloud and onto planet Liz. Bonus would be making Pam eat your dust." Isabel said with a gleam in her eye.

"What exactly is it that you want to do to help me?"

"Hmmm, just a few changes to your lifestyle. Trust us it would all be good and worth every minute it took."

"I don't know. Can I think about this?"

"I don't think there's anything to think about but fine." Maria said.

"Hey, aren't you Malcolm's little friend?" A voice behind the girls asked.

They turned around to find Pam Troy behind them. She looked at them as if she were snooty look on her face. She gave Liz a once over with a look of disgust at her clothes.

"No, I'm not friends with any Malcolm. I do have a friend named MAX, 'M' 'A' 'X', Max. Three letters easy to remember." Liz said.

Pam rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just be a nice and let him know I'm looking for him. Oh, since you're his sister you can also let him know."

"Oh, would you also like us to get your dry cleaning for you?" Maria asked sarcastically.

"Cute. Just make sure he gets those messages." She shot the girls a dirty look then walked away.

"You know what? I thought about it long enough. I'm not an insect and don't deserve to be treated like one and I'll be damned if that fake ass Barbie doll will get Max. I'm in to what ever you want to do to me. What can it hurt?"

Isabel and Maria squealed jumping up and down.

"Ok, ok, ok we start today after school." Maria said.

"Ok…Oh, no I can't I'm meeting Max for his dance lesson."

"Dance lesson?" Maria and Isabel said at the same time.

"Yeah he asked me to teach him how to dance for the formal."

"Of all the insensitive…"

"No, Isabel, this is perfect. Liz you meet Max tonight but tell him you won't be able to do another lesson till next week, ok? And then afterwards come to my house we're going to have a nice old fashioned slumber party just us three girls."

"Ok. I got to get to class I'll see you later."

Liz waved at the girls and left to her class.

"Alright Maria, how was that excellent?"

"Liz only thinks we're going to fix her looks and that's all she needs to know. But we're also going to fix her up with your brother. But what better way than those lessons to make them spend tons of time together?"

"Ok, I'm scared of you and your mind. Excellent."

"Yes, I know. By the time we get through with Max and Liz they'll be naming their kids after us."

The girls giggled as they made their way to their classes.


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Part 5

The rest of the school day went pretty quick for Liz. She was anxious to see how the first dance lesson went with Max. The final bell rang and she went to her locker to drop off her books and pick up the ones she would need for that weekend.

"Hey, Liz, are you ready?" Max asked Liz from behind.

Liz closed her locker and turned around to face him.

"Yeah, we can go now."

They headed out of the school towards Max's jeep. The joked around for the whole time it took to reach the Crashdown. They took the back stairs that led to Liz's apartment above the restaurant.

"Liz, are you sure this is ok? Your parents won't be home right?"

"Relax, we have the whole apartment to ourselves. My parents are away for the weekend at a convention. So know one will see you."

Thanks, this means a lot to me."

"You're welcome. Well let me drop my stuff in my room. Why don't you look over some of the CDs and put something on we can practice to."


Liz left the room and Max walked over to the CD stand. He looked through all the CDs. His eyes lit up at seeing one. He took the CD out of its casing and put it in the CD player then pressed play. As the lyrics came on his body started to move. Liz was in her room putting on another pair of pants to make herself comfortable and more flexible for the lessons. She was putting on her sneakers when she heard the music Max picked. A look of shock came over her face.

"Oh. My. God!!!"

She quickly finished tying her shoe and ran towards the living room. She couldn't believe her eyes or her eyes. Max had the theme for Saturday Night Fever blasting and doing a good impersonation of John Travolta in the movie. He was swaying his hips and moving his arm, slashing it diagonally with his finger pointing up and down. He was also singing off key with the song. The sight was too much for Liz. It started off as a slight giggle and turn into a full laugh with her doubling over. Max heard the sound behind him and turned around to see Liz in tears from laughing so hard.

"I'm glad I amuse you."

"Oh, you do, you really do." Liz said in between giggles.

She finally got herself under control by taking a few deep breaths but a few giggles were heard to have escaped from her mouth.

"Ok, first lets bring you in to the present decade and our generation."

Liz went over to the CD player and took out the Max's selection and replaced it with her own. The beats came on and Liz started to sway her hips. She turned to make and and held her hands out to him.

"Ok, now this is what you should be dancing to. Come on show me what you got."

Max started dancing but it all looked the same to Liz. He looked like he was dancing the disco duck.

"Alrighty then, it looks like I have my work cut out for me."

For the next few hours Liz took Max through the basic dance moves. Max was a fat learner and Liz was a great teacher. Pretty soon they were dancing well together.

"Woohoo, go Max. You finally got it. Spin me."

Max took Liz and spun her around. They were laughing and just having a good time. The next minute they tripped and fell. Liz on the bottom and Max on top but they were still laughing.

"Ok, we have to make sure your dance partner stays up right Max." Liz said with a giggle.

"Except if it's you Liz you kind look good in this position because then I can tickle you."

Max started to tickle Liz and make her laugh even more and harder.

"Max, no stop."

"Will you laugh at me any more about my dance steps or music choice?"

"No, ok, now stop."

Max stopped but they were still laughing and he was still on top of Liz. They were starting to calm down when Max took a look at Liz. Her face was flushed and her eyes were bright and shiny with laughter. He just looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. Liz noticed Max staring at her.

"Max, what is it? Why are you staring at me?"

"Nothing, it's just…." His voice trailed off as he took a strand of hair and put it behind her ear.

"Just what?" Liz whispered back, slightly off balanced with the way Max was looking at her and his touch.

Max took one last look at her then stood himself up and offered her hand to help her up. When he pulled her up he took a step back.

"It's nothing. Umm, so how did I do?"

"You did great for a first timer and after you exorcised the ghost of John Travolta from your body."

"Ha-ha, very funny. So, since the weekend is here I guess we can practice this whole weekend."

"Actually, no because I have plans this weekend with Isabel and Maria. I won't be able to do this again until next week some time. I'll let you know."

"Oh, ok. Well I have to go. I'll call you later."

"Umm, I won't be here going to a sleep over at Maria's. It's me, her and Isabel."

"Oh, ok. I'll see you in school on Monday."

"Alright, see ya Max."

"See ya Liz."

Max grabbed his book and walked to the door. He turned and gave Liz one last wave then left. When he got to his jeep he looked back towards her apartment.

'What happened in there when I was on top of Liz.', he thought, 'She's my bestfriend. I must be crazy.' He shook off the thought got into the jeep and left.

From upstairs Liz watched him leave. She thought about what happened when he was on top of her and she loved the feeling of their bodies pressed together and the look he had given her. She turned from the window and walked over to her phone. She dialed a number and waited for the person to pick up.


"Hello, Maria, I'm on my way and this plan better be good. I'm turning myself over to you and Isabel. I'll be there in a few minutes."

She hung up the phone and had a satisfied smile on her face.


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I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for the amazing feedback you leave. It's great to see your reactions considering I thought this was a silly story. Thank you soooo much for the feedback it's welcomed and appreciated. I'll be working on all my stories so this will be updated this weekend again along with all my others.

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Part 6

Later on that night Liz, Maria and Isabel were talking. They were lying around Maria's room in their pajamas looking at fashion magazines.

"So, Liz how did the dance lesson go with my brother?"

A slow smile came to Liz's face at the memory of this afternoon.

"It went ok."

"Nope, it went more than ok by the smile on your face."

"Yeah, chica, spill and do tell us in gory detail what happened."

An image of Max dancing to the BeeGees came to her mind and she started to giggle."

"Alright Liz what happened? What did my brother do that was so funny? Talk or we attack with the ticklers."

Isabel and Maria knew that Liz was very ticklish and they could get information out that way. But Liz hated to be tickled because she would laugh so hard she would snort.

"Don't you dare!! Fine, I'll tell you what happened. First of all, Isabel, I need to drag your brother to the 21 century. I left him in the living room so I can put on clothes to practice. I told him to put on music to practice and he selects something from my parents CDs. I come back to find him dancing like John Travolta to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. All he needs now is to strut down the sidewalk and he's all set."

Maria and Isabel were cracking up at the image Liz put before them. They could barely breathe. When it seemed like they were calming down they would look at each other and crack up again. This went on for about half an hour. They finally calmed down and Liz continued with the story.

"Other than that it was a pretty fun afternoon. Max learned the moves quickly once I exorcised him from the disco ghost. He twirled me and then we tripped…."

She stopped right there, not finishing the sentence. But Isabel and Maria could tell there was more to the story by her dreamy expression.

"Then you tripped and then what? Don't stop now Lizzie."

"Then we tripped and we fell with Max on top of me."

All was quiet in the room for about five seconds. The girls looked at one another then started squealing.

"Then what? Then what?" Maria asked.

"For a minute we just lay there laughing. Then he just started staring at me with this weird look. Then he got up and left."

"Hmmm, methinks you and my brother will be having fun during these lessons."

"Yeah right. We'll probably have fun as buddies because I'm still no Pam Troy."

"Thank God. You don't need to be Pam you need to be Liz and get him as you, along with some help from your fairy godmothers Isabel and I."

"Now, you're cleared to stay here with us for the weekend right?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, I don't have to work this whole weekend."

"Good!! Maria, I believe there's no time like the present to begin."

"Isabel, I do agree. Let us begin."

So it started that night. Liz was put through the Isabel and Maria ringer for the whole weekend. He hair was washed and put into various styles. Isabel went over different types of makeup to show Liz what was good and what wasn't. What colors she need and the others to stay away from. Saturday and Sunday were spent at the mall buying new clothes. Sunday they went to Liz's house and raided her closet getting rid of the clothes the girls called socially unacceptable. They got Liz into her first set of heels. At first she was all over the place but she finally was able to walk in them. They showed her how to sway her hips like a lady and not clop around like a man. They showed her how to sit and to flirt. She was waxed, manicured, pierced and tweaked. If it didn't belong on her body they got rid of it. On Monday morning Maria and Isabel arrived early at Liz's apartment to help her get ready for school. They picked out her outfit for the day. Maria did her hair and Isabel did her makeup. By 8:30AM they were set for school. They piled into Maria's car and they were off. They arrived at the school ten minutes later.

"Guys, I don't know if I can do this."

"Yes you can Liz. We know you're nervous and scared but when Max and others get a load of your new look they're going to fall on their ass. Just remember when you get inside keep your head up. So, come on lets go." Isabel said.

The girls got out of the car and went into the school. The whispers and looks started the minute they walked in. Liz clutched her books to her chest and kept her eyes forward looking at a distant spot. She didn't dare let go of her grips on her books because she knew she would start shaking. If she would have taken a look around she would have noticed the appreciative looks she was getting from the guys.

"Looking good Parker." Shouted a jock.

Liz turned and gave him a sweet yet bored smile like Isabel taught her but then she kept on walking. Something caught her attention. It was Max and he was talking to Pam Troy.

"Ok, Liz here's your chance to show Max exactly who Liz Parker the sexy bombshell really is." Maria said.

Liz swallowed hard and then took a deep breath and walked over to where Max was standing with Pam. She stood right next to him before saying a word. She tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Hi, Max."

He turned towards her.

"Hi, Liz." He said giving her a quick glance then turning back to Pam to say something. But he never got the word out when he turned his whole body around to look at Liz again. His face was shocked.

"Liz, is that you?"


Max And Liz 4 ever!!!
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First I must say thank you for all the feedback that you've all left. It takes my breath away. Secondly I apologize for my taking so long with this chapter but I had writers block galore. I'm going to be better about updating all my fics. If your reading my others they will also be updated today and a new one will be introduced. I hope you like this chapter.

Part 7

Max couldn't believe his eyes. Was this his best friend? Was this beauty the same tomboy he was hanging out with just a few days ago? He was completely stunned by her beauty.

"Max, are you ok? Max?" Liz asked.

His stare was making her nervous.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea,' Liz thought. 'Maybe he doesn't like it.'

Max noticed two things: he was making Liz uncomfortable bu staring at her and his mouth was hanging open. He cleared his throat and tried to speak.

"Liz" He squeaked.

He cleared his throat and tried again.

"Liz," he said in his usually deep voice, "Wow! You look beautiful."

This brought a thousand watt smile to Liz's face. Max gasped. The smile just made her even more radiant with a special glow all around her.

"Thanks, Max."

"Is there a reason why you're dressed up this way? Is there a special occasion?"

'Yeah, you!!!' Liz thought.

"No, no special occasion. I just thought it was time for a change."

"Change is good. In your case it's radiant." Max said giving her a warm smile.

That statement left a smile on both of their faces followed by a mutual silence with them looking into each other's eyes. Pam was fuming. With this interaction between Max and Liz, Max completely forgot he was talking to and standing with Pam Troy. Pam didn't like being ignored, especially by people she considered inferior to herself.

"Malcolm, now that you gave your little friend a few polite compliments out of friendship duty we need to get back to what we were discussing." Pam said in a sugary voice, breaking the spell between Max and Liz.

"Oh, Pam, I completely forgot about you." Max said.

This earned him a death glare from Pam and snickers from Maria and Isabel. Pam tried to regain her composure and show these little wannabes her power.

"Malcolm," she said sweetly, "why don't we you walk me to class so we can discuss the spring formal?"

"Uh, sure Pam." He turns towards Liz. "Well, Liz, I'll see you later."

"Right, see you later Max."

Max turned and started walking down the hall. Pam turned to Liz once and gave her a smirk then caught up to Max grabbing his arm and wrapping it around her waist. This put a smile on his face. But it also put a frown on Liz's face and sadness in her eyes.

"Chica, don't let Pam get to you." Maria said coming up to Liz and wrapping her arm around Liz's shoulders.

"Yeah, Liz, did you see the way my brother looked at you and the compliments that were flowing from his lips?" Isabel joined in.

"Not only him but other guys have been taking notice of you too."

"Why, hello there Parker." Said a deep voice behind the three.

The three girls turned around to see Sean standing behind them. He was looking at Liz up and down with a hungry look in his eyes.

"Why, Liz Parker don't you look lovely today."

"Thanks, Sean."

"Sean what do you want?" Maria asked.

Besides being Pam's ex-boyfriend he was Maria's cousin, who she could not stand because he was so obnoxious. She wasn't going to standby and let him go after Liz.

"Cuz, I'm hurt I just wanted to let Liz know she looks good."

"Fine you did now go away."

He acted like he didn't hear Maria and turned to Liz.

"So, Parker how would you like me to walk you to class?"

"Ummm, no thanks. Maria and Isabel are walking with me."

"Yeah, Sean, and besides that Liz can actually find her way around the school on her own. She had been able to do so for the past three and half years." Isabel said sarcastically.

"Come on, Liz, let me walk you to class. I can make it worth your while and maybe we can take a detour in the eraser room." Sean said with a cocky and self assured grin.

"EWWWW, Sean, can you be anymore obvious or stupid." Maria hissed.

"Maria, mind your own business I was talking to Liz."

"Sean, no I don't need you or want you to walk me to class." Liz said and turned to walk away but Sean grabbed her arm.

"You don't know what you'll be missing."

"Let her go."

Liz swung her head around to see Max standing next to them. She gave a him smile of thank you. Sean let go of her arm and she quickly walked over to Max and stood a little behind him, as if she were using him as a shield.

"Evans, why is it you're around every time I'm with a girl. Are you into my sloppy seconds?"

"Liz was never yours and she's far from sloppy. She doesn't want you around her so just go away." Max said through gritted teeth.

He turned his back on Sean and turned to Liz. His expression softened and he offered her a smile and his arm.

"How about I walk you to class, my lady Liz."

Liz felt like she was walking on air and her smile was so bright people needed sunglasses to look at her.

"That would be great, Max."

She took his arm and they started to walk down the hall without giving Sean another look or thought.

Isabel and Maria had grins on both their faces as they saw Max and Liz walk away.

"What the hell just happened?" Sean asked.

Maria turned to Sean and smirked.

"Why, cuz, you just saw true love bloom. And we just saw you crash and burn. There's justice in this world."

Isabel and Maria burst into giggles as they walked down the hall to class.

"Well cuz, we'll just see about that. Nobody burns me!" Sean said already coming up with a plan for getting Liz.

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Part 8

The day so far was a complete success as far as Liz was concerned. She mentally kicked herself for not doing this sooner. A lot of guys had come up to her and complimented her on her new look. A few of them even went as far as asking her out on a date. She very graciously turned them down. She was even more shocked when they had a disappointed look on their face, as if her little refusal was the end of their world. But what really had her walking on cloud nine was Max's reaction to the new Liz Parker. She kept replaying his statements over and over in her head. What even made her smile even more was when Max rescued her from Sean Deluca. Thoughts of Sean wiped the smile off of her face. He made her skin crawl and she has asked herself quite a few times how can Maria be related to him. He was such a creep; a creep that deserved Pam Troy. The smile returned to Liz's lips as she remembered how Max stepped in and called her his lady Liz. The way he offered her his arm. Then he walked her to class and left her after he made sure she was seated and nobody else bothered her. Her heart fluttered at his words and actions, placing her on a fluffier cloud. Now she was making her way to the quad for lunch. As she got there she looked around to see if she saw anybody; translation Max. She didn't see anyone so she went and sat at a empty table and started to eat her lunch. Three guys walked out to the quad.searching for someone. Their eyes zoned in on Liz and they all walked over to her. They all had huge grins on their faces ready for the game and conquest. Liz was lost in thought when she heard a deep voice behind her.

Well, look what we have here boys, a new sexy vixen has come to West Roswell High. You think we have a chance?" One of the guys said.

Liz put down her sandwich and peered over he shoulder at the one who had spoken and smirked at him.

"Kyle Valenti, we can be the last two people in the entire universe, the human race dependant on our consummating our relationship, and procreating more people, and I would be horny as hell and desperate for any man and you wouldn't even stand a chance with me."

By the time Liz finished the other two guys, which were her friends Alex Whitman and Michael Guerin, along with Isabel, Maria and Max, who had joined the group at the table, were hysterically laughing. They all fell to the ground laughing their asses off.

"Ouch, Liz, when you want to strike a blow you go for a direct hit to the jugular."

"Yes, Kyle, I do, but in your case it's done out of love."

"Liz, please don't love me that way. Kyle can keep it all to himself." Alex said chuckling.

"Count me out of being loved that way too." Agreed Michael.

"Nah, you two are well taken care of. Alex, you're covered by Isabel and Michael, you're covered by Maria." Liz said.

"Yeah!" Isabel and Maria agreed.

Now, on the other hand we have Kyle, who is swinging in the romantic loveless abyss. So, I must give him some, as harsh as I may seem." Liz said with a smirk.

"What about me?" Max asked.

Liz turned to Max with a shy smile.

"What about you, Max?"

"Who's going to love me? I have nobody." Max said looking deep into Liz's eyes.

"Well, Max, if you really look you just might find the there's a girl ready to love you right in front of your eyes." Liz replied in a husky voice.


Liz nodded her head. "Really."

They were looking deep into each other's eyes. Their friends were looking at the situation unfold in front of them, afraid to breathe or make a noise in case they broke the spell. They kept smiling as they looked at their friends fall inlove. They should have stood as guards in front of them. That way the intrusion could have been avoid and who knows what else would have happened between Max and Liz.


The shriek heard around the world broke the magical spell between Max and Liz. They all turned around to see Pam Troy headed in their direction. With the exception of Max and Liz, everyone rolled their eyes and cursed the day Pam Troy was born. Liz looked down at her lunch feeling sad and Max was looking between Liz and Pam feeling torn. Pam finally arrived at the table and zeroed in on Max while avoiding the rest of the gang.

"Malcolm. We have too much to discuss for you to hang out with certain people."

"Pam, I'm in the middle of lunch. Can't we meet after school at the Crashdown and talk?"

"Well, if it's more important to you to speak to your little friends here so be it. May I'll find somebody else to go to the spring formal with me. Someone who knows how to keep their word."

Liz knew how important this was to Max. This was something he was waiting for all his life.

"Max, why don't you go with Pam? We can always catch up later." Liz sad with a smile.

"Are you sure, Liz?"

"Yeah, we'll catch up later."

Max got up slowly and grabbed his stuff.

"Ok, well, then I guess I'll see you guys later." He said and walked away with a smirking and triumphant Pam.

In the mean time Liz was fighting back tears. Isabel and Maria quickly went to Liz's side and comforted her.

"Chica, it's ok. It's going to be all right."

"Yeah, Liz, my brother didn't want to go with her, he wanted to stay here with you."

Liz smiled at them, thanking them for their effort but she felt so alone at the moment with Max now no longer sitting beside her.

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Part 9

After lunch Liz was still in a fog and remained that way for the rest of the day. The guys were still complimenting her but she wasn’t getting any enjoyment from it. She went from class to class with a mopey face. She was finishing her last class of the day which she just happened to share with Max. She would cast glances at him through out the class and would be surprised that sometimes to catch him looking at her. He would smile at her then go back to his work. Those smiles would warm her heart and improved her mood. Soon class was over and Liz went directly to her locker. Someone tapped her on her shoulder and she turned to see Max smiling at her.

“Madamoiselle, I know you happen to be the star of the hour but I do believe we have a date this afternoon.”

Liz gave Max her first real smile since lunch.

“Yes, Monsieur, we do have a dancing date this afternoon. Will you be leaving with me or will you meet you there?”

“I’ll be meeting you there because I have to do something for my mom.”

“Ok, I’ll see you in an hour at my house and be prepared to learn slow dancing, Mr.”

“Woohoo!!! Get to do some dirty dancing.”

They both broke up laughing in hysterics.

“I’ll see you later, Max.”

“See you later, Liz.”

Max and Liz stared at each other for a minute before Max blinked and smiled shyly at Liz.

“I’ll see you later, Liz.”

He gave her one last smile then turned and walked away. Liz looked at him leave until he turned a corner and disappeared from her line of vision. She sighed and her face held a dreamy smile.

“Do you think that he actually likes you?” A voice said from behind Liz.

She turned around and there stood Pam Troy with a smirk on her face. Liz just turned to her locker and got the books out that she needed.

“He likes me and you’re only his pathetic little friend. Did you think this make over was going to make him fall for you? To me there’s no major change. You’re still dorky and a nothing, while I’m beautiful and popular. So I would strongly suggest you stay out of my way and don’t distract Malcolm.”

Liz was fed up and she had enough.


With that said Liz didn’t give Pam a chance to respond. She threw a glare at her, slammed her locker and walked away. Liz was so mad she walked all the way home and didn’t realize she was home until she was upstairs and slammed the door shut to her apartment. The slam knocked her out of her Pam mood. She looked around dazed for a minute then took a deep breath and walked to her room. She quickly changed into something more comfortable to practice dancing with Max. She then walked back out to the livingroom. She looked at her CDs for a second then selected one to help her relax and put her in a better mood. The song started filtering through the speakers and Liz closed her eyes to let the lyrics wash over her as if to cleanse her heart, body and soul.

I can stand with the weight of the wind on my shoulders
I can fight with the toughest of the tough
I can laugh in the face of all my insecurities
anytime, anywhere, anything...I'm strong enough

As the song continued Liz’s body started to sway to the music. She flung her arms up and twirled around. A smiled played on her face as she danced as graceful as a swan. She was completely into the music, so she didn’t hear the door open and someone walk in. Max was hypnotized by the vision in front of him; the world stopped existing as far as her was concerned as Liz continued to move her body to the music.

but when you're holding me like this
I'm carelessly lost in your touch
I'm completely defenseless baby, it's almost too much
I'm helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly falling in love

Liz continued to dance unaware that she had an audience. She twirled her body an kept on spinning until her body met a wall. She looked up startled to see Max was there looking at her with an expression she wasn’t familiar with, passion.

so let consequence do what it will to us, I don't care
let the stars stand as witness to it all
say the word and tonight, I will follow you anywhere
I just can't pretend anymore I'm too sturdy to fall

“Max I didn’t hear you come in.”

But Max didn’t respond verbally, he just smiled as he took Liz’s hand and pulled her body to his.

“I believe this is my dance, fair Lady Liz.”

'Cause when you're holding me like this
I'm carelessly lost in your touch
I'm completely defenseless baby, it's almost too much
I'm helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly falling in love

Liz raised her hands and wrapped them around Max’s neck. Max wrapped his arms around Liz petite waist. The bad parts of the day were forgotten as their bodies moved together to the music and their eyes were locked on one another.

I am not afraid, I am not afraid

Cause when you're holding me like this
I'm carelessly lost in your touch
I'm completely defenseless baby, it's almost too much
I'm helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly falling in love
I'm helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly falling in love

As the music faded away and their bodies stopped moving the enchantment was woven into their lives and fate was locked in.

“Max, the music finished.”

“Yeah, I know.”

But neither moved to release the embrace. If anything their heads were leaning forward and their faces were inching closer. Both lowered their eyes to each other’s lips. They were in sync to each other’s wants and needs. The need to kiss.

“LIZ! ARE YOU UP HERE?” Maria shouted before she barged into Liz’s apartment.

Maria interruptus struck again. Max and Liz jumped apart before Maria noticed there was anything to interrupt.

“Oh, hey Max. I didn’t know you were busy, Liz. I’ll just come back later.”

She made to leave but Max stopped her.

“No, it’s ok Maria I just actually came to tell Liz I couldn’t be here today for the dance class.”

Liz quickly turned to him raising her eyebrow in question.

“I have to go to out with my mom. So can we reschedule for tomorrow. I definitely don’t want to miss it tomorrow.”

Liz smiled knowing the secret meaning behind his words.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Max.”

Max smiled at Liz.

“Bye Liz”

He turned to the door and left.

“What was that all about?”

Liz sighed.

“That was me stuck with a bestfriend with lousy timing.”

With that Liz turned on her heel leaving Maria open mouthed in the livingroom.

As Liz got ready for beady she though about the dance and a goofy grin over took her face. She was so happy. She fluffed her pillow and then laid down, pulling the covers over herself. She fell asleep instantly.

Dreams within the still of night
On wings of hope take flight
Inside of me
There upon some distant shore
We want for nothing more than what will be
And you and I
Here we are
I wonder as we get this far

Liz was in a dance studio with the music pumping out of no where, because she was all alone in the room and there was also no stereo. The music was just there and she was dancing her heart out.

If I could only read your mind
Tell me the answers that I'd find
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

She stopped to take a breather when she felt his hands on her shoulders easing down her arms until he reached her hand. He spun her out till they were just connected by hands. Then he spun her back into his body so that she was pressed to his chest.

Love has found a magic space
A deep and hidden space
Where time stands still
Now, I hold you in my arms
You know you hold my heart
And always will
And you and I
Here we are
It’s a wonder that we've come this far

They were once again in the position of the afternoon before. Their bodies were pressed together and their faces were inching together, their lips reaching for one another. This time there wasn’t anybody to interrupt them. They closed in for the primal ecstasy.

And after that we've been through
You've leaned on me
I've leaned on you
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

His mouth enveloped hers unleashing his tongue in her mouth. Her tongue reached out to his and danced the dance of love. Both of them moaning their pleasure to be sucked in by the other. Their temperatures were rising to a scolding heat as Max lowered Liz’s body to the studio floor. Clothes were quickly discarded. Naked flesh met naked flesh. Caresses were felt and exchanged. Sensations were absorbed.

If I could only read your mind
Tell me the answers that I'd find
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

Max was covering Liz’s body with his own and positioning himself so he could touch and enter her hidden treasure that had never been touched before. He entered her in one sleek thrust. Delicate tissue unused to this treatment tensed for a moment. Then Liz sighed softly and slowly relaxed the tension out of her thighs so that she could draw him in deeper into her body. Max responded with a husky groan. After that it was a perfect example of intimacy. Mouth close to mouth, breast to breast, hip to hip, they began to move as a single living and breathing entity. Her eye were captured by the burning flame of passion in his gaze, so everything else seemed to cease to exist

And after that we've been through
You've leaned on me
I've leaned on you
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

In their dream state both Liz and Max had smiles on their faces as they dreamed of love and passion.

Do you dream of me?


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Thank you so much for being so patient. I had a word or two with my muse and showed her who's boss. *big* But she just wanted to give me new stories to post and I told her no, not until we get rid of half of the ones I started so she agreed and she gave me this chapter. Now I have to coax her into giving me the next chapter of Love Born of Indiscretion and we're in business. The song I used in this chapter I owe the lyrics to Calico Cat and Latahart for finding them for me so I dedicate this chapter for you. I'm not saying the title of the song until afterwards. But by then you'll know it. I'm just gonna say I don't own it or have any rights to it.

Part 10

The next day found Liz breezing through the day in a happy mood. When she got to school the first person she saw was Pam, who shot daggers at her with her eyes, but all Liz did was grin at her and wave, causing the other girl to stomp away. Liz couldn’t help it she started to giggle. She giggled herself all the way to her locker. She was still giggling when Max found her.

“Hey, Lady Liz, what’s with all the giggles?”

Liz nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Max’s voice behind her. The dreams from the night before popped into her head and a blush crept into her cheeks. She took a deep breath and turned around to face Max. In his hand he was holding a white rose and was looking at her with a sweet smile on his face.

“Hey, Max, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. But you didn’t answer my question. What are you giggling about?”

Liz remembered Pam’s face and the arguement from yesterday but she gathered Max didn’t know anything about it. She wasn’t going to be the one to tell him for fear that he would be disappointed with her.

“It was just something funny I was thinking about. What’s with the flower?” Liz asked to quickly switch topics.

Max looked at Liz strangely for a second then shrugged his shoulders.

“Actually this flower is for you.”

He pressed the flower into her hand. Liz was completely shocked.

“For me? Why?”

“Because I ditched you yesterday to go help my mom, and I know you’re doing me a big favor of showing me to dance.”

Liz nearly melted at how Max was being so sweet and considerate.

“Max, I understand that things come up. You didn’t have to do this.”

Max’s expression became very serious and he looked deep into Liz’s eyes and he nodded his head.

“Yeah, Liz, I did have to do it.”

Liz swallowed as she found herself drowning into Max’s deep amber pools.

“Max, dear.” A voice screeched, snapping Max and Liz out of their haze.

They both turned to find Pam coming their way.

“Pam you learned my name?” Max asked with a shocked expression.

A nervous giggle escaped Liz and she was rewarded with a death glare.

“Of course, Max, I knew your name I just always thought you looked more like a Malcolm.”

“Oh, ok. So, Pam, what can I do for you?”

“I thought we could get together this afternoon and just hangout. You know go to the Crashdown and snuggle in a booth together.”

As Pam said this she threw a smirk at Liz knowing she worked there after school. Liz had to bite her lips to keep herself from calling Pam a few unkind phrases.

“Sorry, Pam I can’t I have plans to hangout with Liz.”

This response shocked Pam and Liz who were not expecting Max to respond this way.

“What? You’re ditching me for her?”

“I’m not ditching you. Liz and I had plans for this afternoon that cannot be broken.”

“They can if you want to go with me to the Spring Formal.” Pam insisted.

“Well, Pam, if that’s the way you feel about it, and that’s the only choice you’re giving me, then I guess you better find yourself another date.”

Liz couldn’t believe what was unfolding right before her eyes. Max was choosing her over Pam. She knew he wanted to date Pam for the longest.

“Max, hold on. We could always meet later. I know how much this means to you.”

Max thought about it for a second and he realized that he would be more disappointed if he let Liz down than he would if he let Pam down. There was no choice to make.

“Like I said we have plans this afternoon, Parker and I expect you to keep them. Now, we’re almost late for homeroom so grab your books and lets go.”

Liz quickly turned to her locker in shock. She grabbed some books automatically and closed her locker. Max wrapped his arms around her shoulder and they walked down the hallway to their class without directing another word to Pam.

“Sucks being dissed be those two doesn’t it?” a voice asked Pam from behind.

She turned around to find Sean standing there smirking.

“What do you want, Sean?”

“Revenge, how about you?”

Pam turned to look down the hallway where Liz and Max disappeared. She turned back to Sean and slowly walked up to him with and evil smile playing on her lips. She pressed a hand to his chest and started to stroke him.

“Revenge is sweet.” She whispered just before she pressed her lips to his.


As Max and Liz entered their class and grabbed their seats Liz was still dazed at what happened in the hallway. She turned to Max to make sure what she thought had happened, happened.

“Uh, Max, did you just choose me over Pam? Me, your bestfriend over Pam, the girl of your dreams for the last, oh lets say, 10 years of your life?”

“Why, yes, yes I did.”

“Max this was the chance you were waiting for, a date with Pam Troy. You’re going to regret this.”

Without any hesitation. “No, I’m not.”

Liz did a double take.

“Alright, who are you and what have you done to my Max.”

Max chuckled and grabbed Liz’s hand.

“I’m still old crazy me but I’ve just had my eyes opened slightly over the last few weeks and I’m going with this feeling that I’m hoping to pursue.”

“What feeling?”

“I need to check it out some more before I tell you. But trust me if it pans out you’ll be the very first to know. But we’re still meeting for our dance class this afternoon.”

“But if you’re not going to the dance any more you don’t need to learn to dance.”

“That has nothing to do with it. I still need to learn how to dance so I don’t get caught out there again.”

“Alright, but the class is happening here in school. I convinced Mrs. Swayze to let us use her dance studio so you can get used to dancing on the floor like the one in the gym.”

Just then the bell rang signaling time for the next class.

“Ok, so I’ll meet you at the studio after school.” Max said as he scooped up his bag.

“See you then.”

With that they went their separate ways to their classes.


The day passed quickly for Liz and before she knew it the school day was over. She walked over to the dance room and found it deserted. She quickly changed into her practice clothes and did her warm ups while she waited for Max. He still hadn’t arrived when she finished so she turned on the radio looking for a song. She stopped at the Easy Listening station and smiled at the song that just started. She moved to the center of the room and let her body go.

Heal me, my darling
Baby I'm hot just like an oven
I need some lovin'
And baby, I can't hold it much longer
It's getting stronger and stronger

Memories of her dreams crept into her mind for the second time that day and a vision of Max’s face crapt into her mind’s eye. Her move became more sensual and she lost herself even more. She was so lost that she didn’t here Max come in or hear his steps as he walked over to her.

And when I get that feeling
I want Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual Healing baby, is good for me
Sexual Healing is something that's good for me

When Liz felt a pair of strong hands touch her shoulders she nearly jumped out of her skin as she whirled around and found herself looking into the amber pools she loved so much.


Max didn’t let her say another word as he placed a finger over her lips to silence her. He eased both of his hands down to her waist and pressed her body closer to his. She eased her hands up his until her hands were wrapped around his neck. Their faces were inches from each other.

Whenever blue tear drops are falling
And my emotional stability is leaving me
There is something I can do
I can get on the telephone and call you up baby, and
Honey I know you'll be there to relieve me
The love you give to me will free me

Their bodies swayed to the music, eye contact never breaking. Max’s hands massaged and stroked Liz’s back as they whirled and twirled to the music. He buried his hands in her hair, drawing her face closer, resting his forehead on hers.

If you don't know the things you're dealing
I can tell you, darling, that it's Sexual Healing
Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, let's make love tonight
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, 'cos you do it right
Baby I got sick this morning
A sea was storming inside of me
Baby I think I'm capsizing
The waves are rising and rising

He raised his head and eased his hand out of her hair. His hand moved under her arms and he lifted her up high, so that he had to look up at her as he turned them around and her hands were pressed on his shoulder.

And when I get that feeling
I want Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing is good for me
Makes me feel so fine, it's such a rush
Helps to relieve the mind, and it's good for us
Sexual Healing, baby, is good for me
Sexual Healing is something that's good for me

He slowly eased her body down his length. When their chests were pressed together she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her. His hand snaked back to her head. He slowly walked forward until she was pressed into the wall. His face slowly descended towards her. His lips stopped mere inches from hers as if asking for permission.

And it's good for me and it's good to me
My baby ohhh
Come take control, just grab a hold
Of my body and mind soon we'll be making it
Honey, oh we're feeling fine

Liz slowly nodded then bridged the gap between them. She pressed her lips to his in a gentle kiss. Max let his tongue lick the length of her lip. He was asking to be let in to the deeper treasure that was behind her lips. She gladly let him in. The kiss was deepened.

You're my medicine open up and let me in
Darling, you're so great
I can't wait for you to operate
I can't wait for you to operate
When I get this feeling, I need Sexual Healing

As the song finished on the radio so did the kiss. They slowly pulled out of the kiss as Liz untangled her legs from around Max’s body. Their lungs pulled in air as their eyes remained locked and their arms wrapped around each other. Liz was the first to break the silence.

“That was some kiss.”

Max nodded his head.

“Yeah it was. Wanna do it again.”


They both smiled as their lips acted like two magnates drawn to each other. This kiss sealed their fate as they kissed their way across the line from friendship into lovers.


Marving Gaye-Sexual Healing!!!!! No this was no dream. It happened in real time. Hmmm what shall happen next?
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Part 11

Time flew by for Liz and Max in the studio. One kiss kept leading to another. Hands kept stroking bodies that were pressed together with no possible room for air. One song passed into another but dancing was the farthest thing from their minds.

“Max, we have to stop.” Liz said in between kisses.

“Yeah, we really should.” Max responded.

But neither one was ready to let go of the other’s lips. Finally Liz grabbed Max’s head and gave him a deep passionate kiss, then she pushed him.

“Max, we need to stop and understand what we just did.”

Max raised his eyebrow as he looked at Liz..

“I think it’s pretty obvious what we just did. It’s an act as old as time it’s called kissing.” He said with a smirk.

Liz swatted his arm.

“Smart ass, you know exactly what I mean.”

Max chuckled and walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He became serious seeing how nervous Liz was. He hoped she didn’t regret the kiss. Correction, kisses.

“Liz, are you sorry about what just happened.”

Liz looked up into his worried eyes.

“God, Max, no way. If you only knew how long I’ve been waiting for this. You don’t know how much I wanted this or something to happen. But your head was stuck in Pam’s big boobs.”

Max ducked his head embarassed about how he fawned over Pam in front of Liz.. He framed Liz’s face with his hands and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Forgive me. The toxic fumes in he head blinded me to what was right in front of me all this time. I was blind not to notice the beautiful, dark haired angel with the biggest brown eyes.”

Liz looked at Max and was shocked he was talking to her this way.

“Wow! Max, you do realize that you’re talking to me, Liz Parker, your bestfriend of many years?”
“Yes, Liz I know exactly who I’m talking to. You’re so beautiful.”

Liz pulled away and turned from Max.

“So, I had to get this makeover in order for you to open your eyes? Tomboy Liz wouldn’t be good enough for you to date and be interested in.”

Max walked over to Liz and spun her around to look at him.

“Do you really think that? That I would only be interested in your looks?”

“You have to admit Max. You didn’t give me a second thought until after this makeover.”

“Well, guess again. I noticed you when you were sweaty and smelly.”

“Hey!!! Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Max chuckled.

“It’s the truth. If I had to pinpoint when my feelings developed and came to me it was when we were dancing. Then the other day when I saw Sean bothering you and then I saw you dancing I had to face I had to face what was in front of me. I have strong feelings for my bestfriend and want more than friendship.

“But why would you want an ugly duckling like me?”

“I only see a beautiful and graceful swan, who every time she dances she captivates me more and more.”

His words brought tears to Liz’s eye and they slowly rolled down her cheek. He wiped them away.

“So what do you say? Are you willing to see where this takes us? We can go slow. But I promise you this, no matter what, I’ll always be your bestfriend and you can turn to me for everything.”

Liz tried to speak but the watermelon wouldn’t let her. So she did the next best thing and jumped into Max’s arms. He held onto her tight.

“I think I’ll tae that as a yes.”

“Yes” Liz squeaked out.

Max held her tight placing a kiss on top of her head. He pulled back a little.

“Liz you remember when I said I was pursuing a feeling and that you would be the first to know?”

She nodded her head. Max smiled down at her.

“Well, now you know.”

She smiled back at him and gave him a kiss to seal the deal.

“Mmmm, you taste so good, Miss Parker. But I need to ask you a big question.”

“Oh, really? What’s that?”

“Will you be my date to the formal?”

Liz stared at Max for a minute, then she yelled and started to jump up and down and dancing in circles around Max. He laughed and just watched her in all her glory. Liz did a pirouhette and then leaped into Max, talking a mile a minute.

“Yes, I’ll go to formal with you. Oh, but I have to call Isabel and Maria and we have to shop for dresses and accessories. My hair, how am I going to get it done? We have to get our nails done too. Damn I wonder if we can still get an appointment at the salon?”

Max just looked at Liz and wondered if this was the same girl who would wake up and put on the first thing she found not caring if it matched. She was still babbling so Max stopped her the only way he knew how, he kissed her. Life was just getting interesting for them. They were so involved they didn’t see the two pair of eyes that had watched their whole exchange with malicious intent.


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My muse apparently has grown fond of this fic. Hmm, very strange. Plus I bet it has something to do with the blackmail/challenge place in front of her by WinterRain.*tongue*. Anywho here is another new part. And for those also read Love Born of Indiscretion a new part is out as well.

I've been good so I don't have to update again till June right?*angel*

Part 12

After their heavy makeout session in the dance studio Liz was just too excited to go home. She wanted to share her good news with her friends. She remembered that Maria was going to be at Michael’s house so her and Max headed over there. Once they got there Liz jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs to Michael’s apartment. Max could only smile and shake his head. He followed at an easier pace after Liz. When Liz got to Michael’s door she knocked once then just walked right in.

“Maria, I got news...”

“Jeez, Liz!” exclaimed Michael.

Him and Maria were currently on top of each other on the sofa and it looked like they were going for something heavier than a makeout seession.

“Oh, sorry am I interrupting something?” Liz asked.

“Actually...” Michael was about to respond but Liz didn’t give him a chance.

“Of course I wasn’t.”

Liz then walked over to them at the sofa and sat between them and grabbed Maria’s hand. Maria looked at Liz like she was crazy and Michael was ready to kill for the discomfort in his pants.

“Hey guys.” Max said as he entered the room.

“Jeez, are we having a party and somebody forgot to tell me?”

Everybody ignored Michael as Liz started jumping on the sofa.

“Maria we have to go shopping for Spring Formal dresses. Max just asked me to be his date.”

Maria looked at Liz then at Max. Then the loudest screech known to man escaped her lips. Her and Liz got up from the sofa and started jumping around the room. Michael walked over to Max and slapped him on the back.

“Way to go, Max, but couldn’t you have done this while we were all at school? Then Maria and I wouldn’t be interrupted by your girlfriend in the middle of our fun.”

Max chuckled in pity for Michael.

“Sorry, but Liz was just too excited and she wanted to see Maria right away.”

“Now we have to find Isabel.”

Michael perked up after Liz said that.

“Definitely, chica, then we could talk formal clothing motif.” Maria agreed.

Liz stood up and walked over to Max. She placed a kiss on his lips the n pulled him after her through the door. Maria followed them shrugging into her jacket.

“Wait, Maria you’re leaving too?” Michael squeaked.

“Yes, Michael, as you can see something important has come up.”

“Yeah, but something important was up before Liz came in.” He said gesturing to his pants.

“Well some fresh air will do you some good. Grab your jacket, Spaceboy, and lets go.”

With that said Maria walked out the door. Michael growled, grabbed his jacket and followed Maria.

The small group made their way over to Max and Isabel’s house where a repeat occurence happened. Maria and Liz jumped out of the cars and walked right into the Evans’ home. They raced up the stairs to Isabel’s room and barged right in. This time they only interrupted a kiss between Isabel and Alex.

“Ok, you two just scared me. I thought you were my mom.” Isabel said.

“Sorry but we needed to see you. I have some big news.” Liz said.

Maria turned to Alex.

“Alex, Max and Michael are downstairs. Why don’t you go and join them? It would be in your best interest to do that. Trust me.”

Alex looked at Maria, then Liz, then Isabel. He’d seen this expression on their face before and knew he was better off going downstairs. Arguing would be futile.

“Fine I’ll just wait down stairs for whatever.”

He left the room and went to see where the other two guys were. He found them in the living room. But before he could say a word to them the second loudest scream known to man was heard from upstairs.

“What the hell was that?” Alex asked the other two guys.

Max and Michael looked at each other then turned to Max and responded together.

“They told Isabel.”

Alex nodded his head in understanding but was completely confused. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Isabel raced over to her brother and gave him a behr hug.

“I’m so proud of you and it’s about damn time.”

“What happened?” Alex asked not liking being out of the loop.

Isabel stood up and walked over to Alex to explain.

“Max is taking Liz to formal.”

“Damn, it’s about time!” exclaimed Alex.

Everyone started laughing. Then all the girls started talking at once about plans for the formal. What they would wear, should they get a limo, what colors they want their dresses. The guys just sat back and looked on knowing they were out of their element. In the midst of the mayhem the doorbell rang and Max went to answer it.

“Hi, Max?”

There stood Pam Troy with a big grin on her face.

“Pam what are you doing here?”

“To discuss our plans for Spring Formal silly.”


Trust me.*wink*
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First thank you everyone for the fabulous, ego building feedback. It's loved and greatly appreciated. Also thank you for the bumpity bumps. People just ignored my note about me not updating until June.*big**tongue* But lucky for you my muse attacked me this morning. She woke me up at 5:30 am and said "This is how we will proceed with this fic so get to typing." She has some nerve bossing me around.*shy* But without further ado here's the next part. Oh, BTW the delay in the next part will be because I need a good trick and have no ideas. So you want the next part I need help!!! PLEASE.

Part 13

Max stood there looking at Pam for a few minutes completely dumbfounded at how he could have ever been interested in her and how dense Pam really was. But before he could go with the urge to slam the door in her face she slithered her way past him and into his house.


Max tried to stop her but before he could get to her she walked into the living room where the rest of the gang were. All talk stopped as she stood in the room with all eyes on her.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” Isabel rudely asked. She did nothing to hide her distaste for Pam.

Pam looked around the room and dismissed everyone with a look until her eyes found Liz and the smirk on her face grew. Looking right at Liz she said her next words.

“I’m here to discuss plans with Max for the Spring Formal.”

A stricken expression came to Liz’s face as she turned her eyes to Max. Max quickly crossed the room and took Liz into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held on tight.

“Pam, I thought things were left quite clear between us this afternoon. You made me make a choice. I did. I chose Liz and you said we weren’t going. So my plans have changed and I’m now taking Liz to Spring Formal.”

His strong words cause a fluttering in Liz’s heart and brought smiles to Maria and Isabel’s face.

“Max, I was just kidding about before. I mean who am I to stand in the way of you and you little friend.”

“She has a name! It’s Liz. And she’s not my little friend but my BEST FRIEND and even more now!”

Seeing that she wasn’t getting anywhere Pam dropped all pretense of Miss Goody.

“Look you agreed to go with me to the dance so you will take me or I promise you, that you and everybody else in this room will have the worst time for the remainder of the school year. I will make your lives miserable.”

“As opposed to any other time your in the vicinity. Your mere presence does it for me all the time.” Maria quipped.

Pam swung around to snap at Maria but before she could Michael stepped up.

“You don’t want to go there, trust me.”

Pam was secretly afraid of Michael but she wasn’t about to give him or anybody else in the room the satisfaction of seeing that.

“Whatever. Look, Max, you have until tomorrow to decide if you’re going with me, or your friend. Choose the right way or suffer.”

“I’ve already chosen and nothing will change from now to tomorrow.”

“Something better change.”

With that said Pam stomped out of the room and slammed the door on her way out of the house. The group was quiet for a bit.

“Max, what are we going to do.”

Max looked down into Liz’s big brown eyes and smiled. He kissed her softly on the lips then answered her.

“You’re going to go shopping for the most beautiful of dresses. I’m going to rent a tux and we’re going to Spring Formal together.”

Liz grinned up at him and flung herself into his arms.

The next day at school Pam slinked her way to the eraser room for a private meeting. When she walked in Sean Deluca was there waiting for her. She shut the door behind her but not quite.


“Well, the geeks were all together yesterday and the plan is in motion. If Max knows what’s best he’ll agree to go with me to the dance. Then you’ll swoop in comfort poor Liz because she got dumped. Then they’ll both receive the night they’ll never forget and learn not to disappoint either one of us again.”

“That’s my baby.” Sean said with a wicked grin.

He pulled Pam into his arms and gave her a strong, sloppy wet kiss. They were interrupted by the bell signaling for the next class. Pam pulled away from Sean quickly.

“I got to go because Evans is supposed to give me his answer now.”

Pam pulled open the door but Sean pulled her back for a quick kiss, which was a good thing considering the figure that heard their conversation didn’t want to get caught as they ducked behind some lockers. Pam pulled away from Sean, checked the hallway and left. Sean left a few seconds later after doing the same. This was all observed by a lone figure who nodded their head as they watched and heard as everything happened.

“Alright Pam and Sean, I’ve got your number now and understand everything. And your numbers are both up. Payback is such a bitch and you’re going to find out how much”

The person whirled around making a beeline for a particular person to set a plan of attack in motion.


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Araxie HRH= *tongue* Thank you so much for calling me a smartass. It's way preferable to a dumb one.*wink**angel*

Calico Cat= You're getting a little too attached to that smiley but since it's you my partner in crime it's ok.

Thank you, all of you for the amazing feedback you are loved and appreciated for it

As for who overheard the convo, read on to find out.

I dedicate this next part to ladybug001.

Part 14

Pam was quickly walking down the hallway looking every where for Max. She couldn’t find him earlier so she was making a point to find him now. She stopped in mid-stride to as she heard loud voices floating her way. She couldn’t believe her ears but sure enough one of the voices she was listening to was the person she was looking for. She ran the rest of the way to see what was going on.

“Damn, Liz, I never knew you were so clingy. My decision is made. I’m going with Pam to the formal. It’s only one night. Don’t you trust me?”

“Clingy? Trust you? Hello, Max is anybody in there?” Liz was knocking on Max’s forehead.

“You’re supposed to be my boyfriend. You asked me to the dance. But now I’m just supposed bow down and let you go out with somebody else for one night and be happy about it?”


“God, I never knew you could be so dense. So, oh wise one, can you please enlighten me? What am I supposed to do about the formal at this late date? What, am I supposed to do, stay home and twiddle my thumbs while you take out the she-devil from hell?”

“Don’t you talk about Pam that way!”

“Aha! Now we get to the meat of the matter. You still like Pam!”

“You’re delusional!”

“Oh really. Now it all makes sense I was the standby while Pam waited to make up her mind. She only needs to snap her fingers and you go running like a good little dog.”

By now the hall was full of students including Sean, Pam, Kyle, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex. Sean and Pam were enjoying the show while the rest of the gang looked on in horror. They had no clue what happened between Max and Liz to make them argue like this and were worried where this was going.

“I’m nobody’s dog. But I don’t really want to go to the formal with one.”

Quite a few gasps were heard through out the hallway as his meaning sunk in. It happened in a flash. Liz lifted her hand and slapped Max across the face.

“I would have expected that from anyone but you Max. But so be it. Not only are we over as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as far as I’m concerned we’re no longer friends and you don’t exist.” Tears started to roll down Liz’s face.

She bent for her bag and quickly raced through the school door. Maria and Isabel shot a death glare at Max before they raced down the hallway to go after Liz. Kyle, Michael and Alex went to talk to Max but he only brushed them off and stalked down the hallway. Pam had the biggest grin pasted on her face. She caught Sean’s eye and nodded to him slightly to follow after Liz. He nodded and walked away in the same direction Liz had. Pam turned on her heel to go after Liz.

Sean walked around the quad looking for Liz. He first ran into his cousin and Isabel.

“Hey, cuz, where’s Liz?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just want to see if she’s alright.”

“Yeah right. Liz wants to be alone right now. She doesn’t even want to talk to us, her best friends. So the chance that she wants to talk to you is minimal.”

“I can speak for myself Maria.”

They all turned around to find Liz standing behind them.

“What do you want, Sean?”

“I just wanted to make sure that you were alright.”

“Why? You never cared about me before.”

“As my cousins best friend I always cared about you. What Evans did to you was horrible. I’m so sorry. But I don’t want you to just sit at home alone during the formal. So why don’t you go with me?”

“I knew it. Sean you’re such a snake. Trying to take advantage of Liz, that just makes you even lower than I thought.”

“Yes, Sean, I’ll go with you.”

“WHAT?” Both Isabel and Maria screeched.

They walked over to Liz and flanked her to make sure she wasn’t going crazy.

“Liz you can’t do this?” Isabel stated.

“Yes I can. Max thinks he can treat me like dirt and get away with it I don’t think so. Sean you can pick me up for the dance. If neither one of you can understand that’s your problem. Sean call me.”

That said Liz walked away leaving two of her friends rooted to the spot and a smirking Sean.


Meanwhile inside of the school Pam was about to claim a small victory. She followed Max into an empty classroom. Max threw his bag on the floor and cursed out loud. Pam walked up to him and placed a hand on his back. Max turned his head in her direction then sighed deeply.

“What do you want Pam?”

“Now, Max, no need to be that way. I see you made the right decision and Liz should’ve accepted it gracefully. This is her own fault.”


“Alright, lets not talk about her we have plans to make. Lunch time is almost over why don’t we meet after school.”


“Good, and, Max, don’t worry this will be a great formal. One you will never forget.”

Max nodded then Pam left the room. Max turned back towards the front of the room as a smile formed on his lips. The ideas in his head made him smile even more. He heard the door at the back of the classroom open again. He turned his head and looked to see who was coming in. It was Liz. She was leaning against the door. Her big doe eyes boring into his body. They looked seriously at one another. She pushed herself away from the door and slowly walked towards him. Max stood up straight and waited for her to reach him. She stopped right in front of him. She slowly lifted her hand and placed it against his cheek and stroked it. He leaned his cheek into her palm then turned his face and kissed it. In the next instant he placed his hands under her arms and lifted her body against his. She wrapped her legs and arms around him. He walked in three steps to the nearest wall and pinned her against it. He buried his hands in her hair and then covered her lips with his, devouring her completely. Liz met his passion with her own. They slowly came up for air. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“Pam bought it.”

“So did Sean. Idiots.”

A giggle escaped them both before their lips were sealed in passion once again.


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Thank you everyone for the fantastic feedback and all that bumping. I'm happy that you enjoy the story. On with the story.

Part 15

For the rest of the day Max and Liz kept up their pretense of being broken up. And they knew their hoax was a success because for the rest of the day people would give Liz sympathetic looks and Max would get death glares, especially from Maria and Isabel.. That’s the only part that bothered both of them; their friends didn’t know. But they would soon remedy that. Until then Max put up with the dirty looks knowing it was for a good cause. Getting even with Pam and Sean. Just thinking about those two and what they had planned for him and Liz made his temper go up. But what they planned calmed him down and placed a smirk on his face.

“I’m glad you can find something to smile about at this time.” A voice snapped at Max.

He turned around and came face to face with hurricane DeLuca and tornado Isabel. As he looked at their faces he could have sworn he saw smoke billowing out of their ears. He cleared his throat as he prepared himself to face the firing squad.

“Hey, what’s up?”

They looked at him as if he had grown another head. Maria turned to Isabel and started talking to her as if Max weren’t there.

“What’s up he asks? Did he just really say what’s up to us? Are we in some sort of parallel universe where what happened earlier never happened and he was just an innocent bystander?”

“Of course, Maria, we were part of a quantum leap where my brother is an innocent babe who didn’t rip out our best friend’s heart and stomp on it.”


Max let out a long sigh then tried to speak to them.

“Iz, Maria…”

But Max didn’t get very far before he found himself pushed up against his locker by the two and fingers pointed into his face.

“Maxwell Jason Evans you have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of explaining to do. Do you know how long Liz has liked you and you just stomped away at her heart as if it were a pillow? Do you?”

Before he could respond to Isabel Maria grabbed his chin and turned his face so that he was looking at her.

“Do you know how long we had to persuade her to let her beauty shine on the outside to reflect her beauty on the inside? Do you know how much she went through to improve herself fashion wise just to impress you? You’re such an ungrateful slime ball.”


But they weren’t interested in hearing about. Isabel grabbed Max’s chin and turned his face in her direction.

“Max Evans I was always proud to call you my brother but today you have so disappointed me. I’m ashamed to let anybody know you’re my brother.”

When Isabel finished speaking her and Maria let Max go and Isabel had tears in her eyes.

“Isabel, please…”

But Isabel wasn’t having any of it. She grabbed Maria’s arm and they walked away from Max without a backward glance. Max’s threw his head back against the locker. He never felt so bad or lower in all his existence. He hated to see his sister cry or have her be ashamed by him. He lifted his head and looked around the hallway, his eye landed on Liz. By the look on her face Max could tell she saw and heard everything. She quickly looked around the hallway and mouthed to him to meet her in the eraser room. He nodded his head slightly to acknowledge what she said. He saw her walk away, then after a few minutes he followed her to the eraser room. Doing a quick check of the halls he slipped in. After he secured the door he turned towards Liz, who rushed into his arms.

“Max, I’m so sorry I heard everything they said.”

“It’s ok. I knew when we came up with this it was going to be hard. But I just didn’t know how hard.”

“Don’t worry this afternoon we’ll clear things up with the rest of the gang.”

“I know but it just hurt to hear me sister say those words to me with so much venom.”

Liz gathered Max in her arms again and gave him a strong hug and placed kisses all over his face. The last kiss she placed on his lips and she poured all the love she felt for him in that one kiss. That kissed coursed through Max’s veins straight through his heart, making it grow bigger and bigger. As they slowly pulled their lips apart they took a deep breath and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Thanks, I really needed that.”

“Well don’t be so fast to thank me I did that for purely selfish reasons. My lips miss yours when they have no contact with them for a while.” Liz said as she traced his lips with her finger.

He gently placed a kiss on the tip of her finger then let her go slowly.

“As much as I want to continue this I have to go.”

Liz reluctantly let him go.

“Yeah me too. I have to go to class. But we’re meeting tonight right?”

“Yeah at Michael’s place.”


They gathered their books, but before Max opened the door to leave he quickly turned to Liz and placed one more kiss on her lips, taking her breath away. She licked her lips after he pulled away. Max growled.

“I’m leaving before we get into trouble.”

Max opened the door and stepped out of the eraser room without looking.

“Max, what the hell are you doing in the eraser room? Better yet who the hell are you in the eraser room with?”


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Another part for you.

Part 16

Max quickly whirled around and stared into the eyes of the furies. Well technically it was only Maria and Isabel, but all in the same they could drive a man insane with their screeching.

“You know this just gets better and better. How could you Max?” Maria screeched.

Max quickly looked around the deserted hallway before he grabbed Maria’s arm and dragged hr into the eraser room. Then he turned and did the same with Isabel before she could say a word. He quickly secured the door and turned around to face them, only to be attacked by two pairs of swinging arms.

“Maria, Isabel cut it out!”

Maria and Isabel stopped their attack by hearing a familiar voice calling to them. They were pushed aside as Liz made her way over to Max to make sure he was ok after being battered and bruised.

“Max, are you ok.”

“Yeah, thankfully nothing pertinent was hit.”

Liz turned around to Isabel and Maria with a death glare of her own.

“Don’t you ever, and I mean ever lay a hand on my Max again. Or you will have to deal with me. Do we understand each other?”

Both Maria and Isabel had shocked looks frozen into their faces at the fact that Liz was the one in the eraser room with Max and the way that she just spoke to them. They tried to say something but they were both struck speechless. Their mouths moved but nothing came out. Max tried to fight it but he dissolved into a hearty chuckle. All the girls turned to Max with a questioning look.

“Mark this day down in history my sister and Maria have no words. Michael is going to be so pissed he missed it. Hell, all the guys are going to be pissed they missed it.”

Liz let out a giggle finally seeing the humor in the situation. Max grabbed her around her waist and pulled her to his body.

“My hero.” He teased.

Liz smiled as she turned to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Nobody messes with my man and gets away with it.”

She placed a soft kiss on his lips and would have gone deeper, but Maria gained control of her vocal chords.

“Excuse me but what parallel universe did we just step in?”

Isabel was still dumbfounded so she just nodded. Max and Liz eased apart and turned to face Maria and Isabel.

“We were going to tell you after school but since you stick your nose every where we’ll just tell you now.”

“Hey, I do not.”

“Do too.”

“Do not.”

“Do too.”

Max stepped in seeing that this was about to really get heated between the two.

“Ok, enough. I think I should shed some light on this whole situation.”

Max and Liz quickly explained to Isabel and Maria what they found out and why they acted like they broke up. As the two girls listened at the events that unfolded their temper started to rise again only this time it wasn’t directed at Max but at the two people who really deserved their fury to be thrust upon their person.

“I’ll kill that sonofabitch! I can’t believe we share the same blood.”

“Maria calm down. Max and I decided we had to do something quick to put a plan in motion, hence our public break up. But we were going to meet with you afterwards to let you all know what was going on so you can help us. WE want to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.”

“Well, whatever it is you count me in.”

“Me too.” Isabel said.

Isabel turned to her brother and felt ashamed at all the cruel words she said to him,

“Max, I’m so sorry I said those nasty things. I should’ve known you weren’t capable of those things and there had to be a reason.”

Max smiled and gave his sister a quick but strong hug.

“It’s ok Isabel, I’m just glad Liz has friends like you to protect her.”

“Max, I’m sorry too for that locker incident. And, chica, sorry for getting nasty a minute ago.”

“It’s ok. Aww, group hug.”

And they all embraced but Isabel broke it up.

“OK, cheesy moment has passed. We now have plans to make.” She looked down at her watch. “And since we missed our last class why don’t we head out to the parking lot to wait for the others. Better yet Liz, Maria and I head out to Michael’s place. Max you wait for the others and meet us there and we can start brainstorming. Maria you have a spare key to Michael’s right?”

“Yeah right here in my purse.”

“Good, so now we have a plan. I think right about now you all should thank me for being a planning Nazi.”

Everyone groaned.

“Oh, alright, enough of that.”

They all giggled.

“Let’s get out of here before we’re caught.” Maria said.

Isabel slowly opened the door and made sure the coast was clear. Her, Maria and Liz stepped out of the room and quickly made their way to the front doors. Max waited five minutes before he stepped out of the room. With the coast clear he made his way out of the building just in time to see the girls leaving in the jetta. Liz smiled at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled and headed to his jeep.

“Hey, sweety, what put that smile on your face?”

Max stopped in his tracks. Sitting in the front seat of his jeep was Pam Troy.

“Did I just see your sister with Liz and the Maria chick?”


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Hello everyone. No I didn't forget this fic. It's my baby. I finally got the prank but I can't it down onto the computer screen. So I'm trying really hard to get it done. What I want to do right now is ask if someone can be my beta. I need help urgently. What I have planned will have you in tears but I'm having difficulty getting it out. So please if you want to be my beta bmail me. Thanks.
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Hello everyone here's a part to get you and myself back into the swing of things another part should follow soon. Thanks to my Beta JDreamer.

Part 17A

Max was startled at finding Pam in his jeep, not to mention that she had seen Isabel drive off with Liz and Maria. He tried to come up with something so she wouldn't become suspicious.

"Umm, yeah that was them. They were bitching at me some more at what I did to Liz. Boohoo, who cares? I'm going with the best looking woman to the formal. They'll just have to get over it."

It worked like a charm. Max flattered Pam and she forgot about everything else with a toss of her head and a giggle.

"Well, enough about them. To what do I owe this grandiose honor?"

Max was laying it on thick and Pam was eating it up.

"I thought that we could get together this afternoon and see about finalizing our plans."

"Oh, I'm sorry Pam, but I already have plans for this afternoon."

"Really, with who?"

Before Max could respond a voice filtered over to them with a response.

"With us."

Max and Pam turned around to see Alex, Michael and Kyle walking towards them. Pam immediately dismissed them with a flick of her wrist.

"Max, I really think it's more important that you get together with me than hang out with them," Pam said with disdain in her voice.

"I would like to but we already had this thing for this afternoon."

"Thing? What thing?"

"A guy thing." Alex replied.

"What guy thing?"

"Things that guys do without chicks around." supplied Kyle.

The whole conversation was making Pam mad.


"None ya," replied Michael with a gleam in his eye.

"None ya what?" Pam asked walking right into the trap.


Alex and Kyle started roaring with laughter at the outraged look on Pam's face. Max had to try real hard not to laugh right along with the guys. He took deep breaths and bit down on the inside of his cheek. He swallowed a few times before turning and facing Michael.

"Michael, don't talk to Pam that way."

"Pffftttt. Whatever Maxwell."

Michael and the guys jumped into the jeep making themselves comfortable. Max turned to Pam with an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm so sorry about that Pam. I'll give you a call later ok?"

"Fine, do whatever you have to do to get rid of these animals. Where's my bag?"

No sooner did she ask for it when it landed at her feet. Her face was red with rage.

"Who tossed my bag on the floor?"

All three guys pointed a finger to themselves and smiled to Pam.


Pam yanked her bag off the floor and stomped away.

Max turned to the guys.

"You were just so mean to Pam and treated her like dirt. I'm so proud of you." He quickly shook each of their hands and laughed.

"Yeah, well I received a phone call from Maria and got a condensed version of what was going on. When they were pulling out of the lot they saw you get cornered and told us to come save you and then go to my apartment," Michael said to Max.

"Yeah, Max, what's going on?" Asked Alex.

Max jumped into the jeep and turned on the engine.

"Well boys, it seems like Liz and I were going to be puppets for Pam and Sean but now we're going to turn the tables on them and have fun while we teach them a lesson. But we're going to need all of your guys help? Are you game?"

"Hell ya," all three replied at once.

Max smiled as he pulled out of the school lot.


Transition before the fun begins.

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Part 17

The guys arrived at Michael's apartment 15 minutes later. When they stepped into the apartment they found chaos in the form of Maria ranting and raving about Pam and Sean. Both Liz and Isabel were trying to calm her down but they were fighting a losing battle because Maria was in full hurricane mode. At this point she was cursing any possible children Pam and Sean may have in the future. Michael took immediate action. He walked up to Maria and covered her lips with his own. The effect was swift and silence reigned supreme. Isabel and Liz both breathed a sigh a relief as they made their way across the room to their respective boyfriends, finding a safe haven in their arms. Max's arms circled around Liz's waist, bringing her body closer to his. He gently placed a loving kiss on the crown of her head and whispered sweet nothings in her ear that made her giggle. On the other side of the room Alex embraced Isabel in a lover's hug and twisted a piece of her hair around his finger pulling her head closer for a kiss. Kyle saw that he was in dangerous territory and he would have to break the loving mood. It was times like these that he yearned to have a girlfriend that he could love as much as the guys obviously loved the girls. But these times also made him uncomfortable because he felt as if he were intruding in a private moment. Any way he wanted to find out about the plan that would embarrass those two losers Pam and Sean. With a mischievous gleam in his eyes he cleared his throat.

"Oh, this is so romantic. Let me get a tissue," he said acting as if he were crying.

But the tactic was successful snapping the couples out of their loving stupor. They all turned and glared at Kyle for being intrusive. He simply shrugged and smiled at his friends.

"If you're all quite through sucking face and being all gooey with each other I do believe there are some plans to be made."

After throwing Kyle another glare for interrupting his Liz time, Max addressed the group.

"Kyle, in his own warped way, has a point. We have to get down to business and make plans to settle the score with Pam and Sean."

Everybody scrambled for a seat. After everyone was seated they all turned their attention to Max and Liz. Liz took the initiative and quickly explained to the group more in depth what exactly happened that day and the whole scene between her and Max. By the time that she was almost through Mt. St. Maria was ready to blow again but Michael rubbed her shoulders to calm her down.

"Now that all of you know what's going on Max and I really need your help to get even with these two jerks and make them sorry. We want something to happen at the formal that will really embarrass them and put a permanent dent in their popularity armor."

"We can always do the Carrie bit, but instead of pigs blood we can't get glowing silver paint. It would take them a minimum of two weeks to wipe it off," Alex offered.

But Max was shaking his head.

"Sounds great Alex, but I want utter and complete embarrassment. The kind that will make them bury their heads and bring them down quite a few notches."

Maria made her presence known abruptly.

"Follow their asses until something comes up."

The whole group turned to her with questioning looks.

"What better way to find out about a person and the embarrassing aspects in their life than by following them. How did the world find out about George Michael, ending his enjoyment of pulling his monkey? Because he was followed. How does anybody find out the embarrassing secret of the famous and popular? By following them and just plain being nosey."

Liz nodded her head.

"Ria's right. I mean come on we all know Pam goes to that spa like thing in town. Who knows what we can find in there? Maybe she has six toes on one foot, or she gets her face bleached to cover up facial hair."

"Well, they're really doing a crappy job because in a good light you can see she has a five o'clock shadow," Isabel said dryly.

A snicker passed through the group at Isabel's comment.

"Ok, so are we going to do this? Are we going to actually follow them in hopes of finding dirt?" Max asked after they had all settled down.

"You bet your cute little ass, girlfriend. Nobody messes with my best friend and her boyfriend. Especially not after we've waited so damn long for you two to get together," Maria ranted.

"OK, then folks I do believe we have a plan. But how are we going to do this? Who follows who?"

Liz stepped in, as she was the best in actual planning.

"I say us girls cover Pam, and you guys cover Sean. Maria, don't you know someone at that spa thingy that can possibly help us?"

"Hey, yeah, I do. It's one of my mom's friends from her aroma therapy group."

"Oh great, we'll have to deal with a quack," Michael quipped.

Maria proceeded to slap him on the head.

"As I was saying, she would let us in as long as we didn't bother any of her customers or employees. I can just say we're looking at possible careers or doing a report of some kind."

Max and Liz grinned at each other thoroughly pleased with the plan. Liz turned to Alex.

"But Alex, don't think we tossed the paint bit aside. Get the paint, we're going to put it to some use."

The girls looked at one another and smiled as if they each got an idea at the same time and started to giggle. The guys all gulped knowing it wasn't good and they were happy they were on the right side.

"Operation Get Even starts immediately," Liz proclaimed.

For the next two weeks the group maintained a constant surveillance of Pam and Sean. They followed the pair every where that was humanly possible and some that weren't. But they were determined to get the goods. Unfortunately they reaped no rewards from their hard work. Liz and Maria were currently at the Mythical Spa waiting for Pam to arrive.

"Maria, we need to find something soon. The formal is on Friday."

"I know chica, but don't worry we'll find something. Oh, here comes the devil herself now. Quick, hide!"

Liz and Maria quickly hid behind a curtain until Pam passed into a room marked waxing. After Pam had disappeared into the room the girls move next to the door to see if they heard anything, but all they could hear was murmuring.

"Maria, we need to find out what's happening in there because at this rate we'll have nothing."

Before Maria could respond the door opened.

"Yes, Miss Troy we have that special treatment for that little problem you requested help with. Let me just run and get it. You just lay back and relax. I'll be right back."

The spa employee took off but left the door opened up a bit. Maria and Liz saw this as their chance and peeked in. At first they only saw Pam seated on a chair with her eyes closed. Feeling bold they went into the room and stood very close to Pam. Pam had on a green facial mask and a little robe. She let out a sigh and raised her hand to scratch her chest. When she lowered her hand her robe opened up and exposed her chest. The girls covered their mouths to hide their gasp at what they were exposed to and knew that the golden opportunity had just arrived. Maria quickly extracted her camera from her bag and since there was plenty of lighting no flash was needed. She took five photos. Liz pulled Maria out of the room as soon as she saw the spa worker was on her way back. They quickly snuck out and ran out of the facility.

"That was gross" Maria yelped.

"I would say she has a big problem that needs lots of treatment. Eeeeewwww, how can she be with anybody with that... that... stuff on her like that."

"Hey, Liz wait a minute we had something on Pam and Sean for a long while we just didn't know it."

"Yeah, think back to two nights ago. Remember when us and the guys ran into each other because Pam went over to Sean's and they got frisky and we thought they were role playing..."

"Oh, OH!!!! Eeeeewwww, your cousin is even sicker than I thought."

"Yeah, but we're set Liz. I do believe revenge is at your fingertips. Let's call everyone and fill them in."

"Yes, they're going to so pay."

The girls ran off giggling like two schoolgirls knowing they could finally put their plan in motion


Next stop formal.
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Part 18

The week flew by quickly for the gang. Before they knew it, the day for the formal arrived. The week had been a hectic one for all but especially for Max and Liz. They kept up appearances and endured being in the company of Sean and Pam. They also had to make sure all aspects of their revenge were set. To avoid trouble with the school they approached the principal with the idea of having a pictorial at the formal. Since they were seniors and this was going to be the final dance of the year before prom, it would be a great way to commemorate the year and bid good bye to some of the students that were leaving. Or so the principal was told. The only hitch was that the students would have to sign a release saying it was ok for their pictures to be used. So Isabel and Maria went around taking pictures and they made people sign, including Pam and Sean. They were so sure they were important to the project they searched for Isabel so they could sign the form. With the signing of that form, Sean and Pam sealed their fate. The pictures the gang had of the two were priceless. The same day Maria and Liz received their windfall so did the guys. The picture of Sean they took that night was perfect and really went against his tough guy persona.

On the day of the formal all the girls gathered at Liz's house to get ready and the guys gathered at Michael's apartment. Both Max and Liz fixed it so they would meet their "dates" at the dance. Pam wasn't so pleased but, just to stick it to Liz, she agreed to it. But what Pam and Sean didn't know was that the gang was going to meet at the Crashdown and take pictures together. Besides the memories that were going to be produced at the dance, they wanted the ones that were going to be special to them. By 6:30 the guys arrived at the Crashdown dressed in their tuxedos.

"Well, don't you all look dashing," Mrs. Parker greeted them.

"Thank you, Mrs. Parker. Are the ladies dressed?" Max asked.

"Yes, they are. They were just waiting for you to arrive. I'll give them a call to come down."

Mrs. Parker called upstairs and let the girls know the guys were there. A few minutes later all the guys needed their mouths closed as the ladies stepped through the door.

Liz was wearing a cream colored dress, with spaghetti straps holding it up and a slit that went up to her mid thigh. The dress hugged her form and the color made her glow. Her hair was curled with white rose petals woven into her hair. She looked absolutely exquisite to Max.

Maria was dressed in a blue dress that also hugged her for and had a slit but three rhinestone straps held
it on one shoulder. Her hair framed her face giving her an angelic look.

Isabel was dressed in a red strapless dress made of satin. Part of her hair was up with a few wisps pulled
out and curled adding to her supermodel persona.

The guys were stupefied by their girlfriends. They knew they were beautiful but on special occasions like these they were surprised that they can even bring out their beauty more. Max and Liz met each other half way. Max had a hard time finding his voice but he did.

"Wow! Liz, you're perfect. I brought you these roses but they seem insignificant compared to you."

"Max, they're perfect."

Liz placed a kiss on Max's lips enjoying the feel of them on hers. She pulled away and traced his lips with her finger as a smile graced her face. She turned slightly and passed the roses to her mom. Max had a corsage for Liz, but he wouldn't be able to give it to her until after they executed their plans. The others gave their girlfriends flowers as well and received sweet rewards for their troubles. They quickly went through the process of taking pictures as a group and as couples. Kyle arrived with his date and joined in the festivities. Pretty soon it was time for the dance. The group bid good bye to Liz's parents and made their way out. Liz left with Maria and Michael. Max left with Alex and Isabel.

Once they arrived at the school Liz sought out Sean and found him in the hallway. Her prey was in sight.

"Hey, Sean," Liz said in a seductive voice.

Sean turned to Liz and looked her up and down like she was his evening meal.

"Hey, Liz. You look very nice."

"Thanks, you look very hot yourself."

"I know," He responded cockily.

Liz resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She walked up to Sean and placed a hand on his chest and smiled up to him.

"Sean, tonight is a special night. I want to make it very memorable for you. So I need you to trust me ok?"

"Trust you?"

"Yes, because tonight I'm feeling risqué. I want to try new things, get new experiences if you know what I mean?"

As Liz was saying this she was being very suggestive with Sean. Him being so intelligent and believing his own hype, nodded. Liz smiled while grabbing his hand and pulled him into the dance. On the other side of the room Max handed Pam a glass of punch.

"So, Pam, how do you like your corsage?"

Max had given Pam a corsage of silver painted daisies. The poor flowers looked more dead than alive. It was atrocious. The look on Pam's face was priceless. The dreadful thing clashed with her yellow dress.

"I've never had anything like it before."

Max smiled behind his cup.

"Well, I just want to make this night memorable for you in every way. Oh, I also have a very special surprise for you later on that you will never forget."

"Oh, Max, really? What is it? Give me a hint."

Max shook his head.

"Oh no, Pam. I want to see the expression on your face for this surprise."

"Fine, Max, you tease."

Max grabbed her hand and moved with her to the dance floor. The time went very slowly for Liz and Max. The time had finally arrived for the pictorial. Maria moved to the front of the room. She climbed the steps to the stage and approached the microphone. She tapped on it to get everyone's attention.

"Evening everyone. I hope you're all enjoying yourselves at this wonderful dance. But right now I would like to take time to show you a special pictorial that we put together that pretty much everyone was aware of. My friends and I got together and thought that this would be a great idea to commemorate our senior year and have fond memories of this dance. Before we go on I must thank my boyfriend Michael and our friends Alex, Isabel and Kyle for their help in this project, and all the participants as well. But I must also thank and bring up onto the stage the two people who had the brilliant idea to put this together. Max? Liz? Can you please join me on stage?"

Max and Liz parted company with their dates and walked towards the center of the room towards each other. Once there, Max offered Liz his arm and Liz accepted. They threw Sean and Pam sly glances before proceeding to the stage. Liz stepped up to the microphone first.

"I thought this was the best way to see the true side of some of our classmates. Let me remind you that each and everyone of you signed the release stating we could use your pictures and we also told you that it could be any picture. Whether you were at your best or not."

When she said the last part she was looking directly at Pam. She stepped back from the microphone so that Max could reach it.

"Yes, and some of these pictures may seem like our revenge. But really who would go through plans of revenge that's so second grade. Well then, let the show begin."

The lights were dimmed slightly and a screened appeared with a picture. That was the beginning of the roaring laughter in the room with each picture Max, Liz, or Maria would tell a little anecdote, making everyone laugh. But then it was time for the moment of truth. Liz stepped up knowing what the next picture was.

"As wonderful as all these pictures are we have some that are even better. You know there's always a girl in school that you envy because she seems to have everything. The boys trip over each other to be with her. She has looks and popularity."

As she said this a picture of Pam came up. Pam smiled smugly thinking that Liz was admitting her envy in public and that she had achieved sweet revenge. But it was about to turn sour.

"But does she really have these things? And who should be jealous a man or woman?"

The machine clicked and another picture of Pam appeared. It was the one from the spa. The one of her with goop on her face and wearing the robe that was slightly opened. The picture was a close up. There was no doubt it was Pam. Everyone gasped. There on the screen was Pam Troy in all her glory with a chest full of wiry hair that would make any man jealous.


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Part 19

The room was in shock to see Pam Troy looking anything but perfect on the screen. The room was very quiet, but that soon changed. Starting with all the girls whose lives Pam made miserable to all the girls in Pam's clique, the chorus of laughter could be heard miles away. Pretty soon all the guys joined in. The whole room was just about ready to pee in their pants. Looking around, the whole group was pretty proud of themselves for pulling it off. The death glares sent from Pam's eyes to Liz only served to make Liz laugh harder. Pam whirled around and stormed out of the room. The peels of laughter followed her out of the door. Max looked around the room for Sean. He found him laughing right along with the rest of the room. That just would not do. Max stepped up to the microphone so that his voice could get though the laughter.

"Ok folks, we're not finished. So please, let's all calm down. That was very funny but we still have more to show."

It took a few minutes but people started to calm down. They wiped their eyes to clear up the tears from laughing so hard.

"Now, lets cut through this hairy mess and get on to the next picture," Max quipped.

That remark earned him a few giggles here and there.

"Alright, now even us guys have to admit that we, ourselves, get jealous over the athletes from our school. I mean they're so macho, get the girls, they receive tons of recognition, get the girls and they're tough. Did I mention they get the girls?"

"YES!!" The audience shouted.

"OK, just checking. Anyway, lets see some of the great athletes of our school."

On the machine a few members of the school's teams came up on the screen, including Kyle, who was on the basketball and football team. The next picture was Sean. That's when the evil glint in Max's eyes appeared.

"AH, look who we have here. It's Mr. All American himself, Sean DeLuca. He's a real tough guy. Never backs down from anything. He's a man of steel. With a look, he can make a man shake in his boots. A great man."

As Max was speaking Sean was showboating and smirking to his heart content. But then it happened. The machine clicked and the next picture came on screen.

"As we know every great man deserves inspiration. In this case, for Sean it's his teddy and his wooby. Wow, Sean, are those real Spiderman jammies?"

The picture of Sean on screen had him lying in his bed in Spiderman pajamas. He was sucking his thumb, and held in a death grip was a teddy bear and a blue blanket that had seen better days. Around his thumb sucking you can see a smile of utter peace on his face.

"I won't touch that thumb sucking with a ten foot pole. But as is tradition behind every great man is a great woman."

The machine clicked and yet another photo of Sean came up but this time Pam was in it as well. This is the picture the gang put aside as role playing, because in it Sean was rubbing his face and placing kisses on Pam's hairy chest. The people in the room couldn't hold in their laughter or disgust. People were literally rolling on the floor and leaning against walls. As they were laughing, they would point to the picture, then Sean and laugh even harder. A few people left the room running for the bathroom because they were sure they were going to pee on themselves.

Sean was furious. He made a move to go to the stage to get Max but was met with Kyle and Michael as roadblocks. The looks on their faces were daring

him to try to get through them. Any other time Sean had his boys covering his back. But at the present time they were on the floor laughing at him. Disgusted and not stupid enough to get into it with Kyle and Michael, he left the room. Michael and Kyle turned to each other and shook hands and joined the rest of the group on stage.

"Well folks, that's all she wrote. We hope you enjoyed our pictorial and that the memories will last you a lifetime. Speaking on behalf of the committee, I can tell you we enjoyed ourselves and will remember this for a lifetime. Right everyone?" Max turned to the group and everyone nodded.

Maria stepped up to the microphone.

"We, now, return you to the festivities at hand. Enjoy the rest of the night because we sure will."

The gang walked off the stage to a standing ovation. They gathered into a corner talking all at once over the success of their ploy. They were hugging and laughing, pretty proud of their achievement. In the midst of all this they heard a clearing of a throat and turned around to see their principal standing behind them with his arms crossed and looking at them sternly.

"I do believe that this whole pictorial was a set up for a prank and I was an unwilling helper. Since no true harm was done, I'll let it go. But no more, are we understood?"

The gang swallowed and nodded their heads.


He started to walk away when he looks back towards the gang with a twinkle in his eye.

"Excellent pictures by the way."

Then he walked away. The whole group burst out laughing. Max grabbed Liz and whirled her around because he was so happy. He placed her on her feet and gave her great big kiss in front of the world. They came up for air a few minutes later after their friends started to tease them.

"So, Ms. Parker I heard you don't have a date. I don't have one either, would you be my formal date?"

"Hmm, let me see. I do have a long line of substitutes but I guess you'll do."


Liz giggled and pulled Max in for another kiss. But Maria interruptus struck again.

"OK, you two enough. We have a dance to enjoy now that our work is done."

Everyone agreed. Max slipped a corsage onto Liz's wrist made of white roses. Liz thanked him and then pulled him onto the dance floor. For the rest of the night, they enjoyed the formal. They had their pictures taken and had a good time. But then the end came and they all had to leave. Everyone at the dance complimented them on their pictorial as they made their way out of the door. All the way to the cars the group kept laughing at the facial expressions on both Sean and Pam and knew they were quite successful in their revenge.

"I wonder if I should put Sean's pictures in my family album? After all I'm so proud of my cousin," Maria said.

The whole group cracked up at Maria's antics.

"That's so funny cuz. I nearly fell over from laughing."

The group whirled around to see a pissed off Sean and Pam standing behind them.

"Now that you've had your fun it's time for ours."

With that said Sean started to advance towards Max.


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Part 20

Sean's advance toward Max was cut short. He stopped in his tracks as he saw the group form a semi circle of unity. The guys stepped forward to shield the ladies in their group, but a look of determination appeared on the faces of all the women. Sean didn't want to appear like a coward so he put up a bravado he didn't feel.

"What's wrong Evans? Can't you fight your own battles?" Sean sneered.

"Sure I can Sean, but it wouldn't be a fair fight. You don't have your teddy with you. Or are you depending on your spidey senses?"

A snicker flittered through the group at Max's taunt.

"Shut up, Evans."

"Yeah, Max, we don't want to make him cry," added Michael.

Snickers and giggles were going through the group. Pam pushed Sean aside seeing he wasn't getting the revenge she wanted.

"How could you do this to me Max? I mean I understand why the tomboy would do it. She's jealous of my beauty..."

At this point Liz spoke up.

"Yeah, I'm so jealous that I don't have chest hair that I can braid."

The group were out right laughing at Pam and Sean. This did not sit well with either of them. Being that they shared the same pea brain they thought of the same thing at the same time. They each lunged for their prey. Pam went for Liz and Sean for Max. But Liz and Max were prepared and side stepped Pam and Sean's attack, causing both to bump into each other and fall as a tangled heap into a puddle of murky water. This caused the group to go into hysterics. Alex stepped forward with two cans in his hands. He walked over to Max and Liz and extended a can to each one. They looked at him with a questioning look. He smiled.

"This is a speciall prom present for you two just in case anything happened and we couldn't pull off the master plan. Read the label."

Max and Liz read the label and started laughing. the label read Silver Glowing Paint.

"Thank you, Alex. But Max and I couldn't pour paint on them even though they deserve it."

Pam should have just quit while she was ahead. But no, she had to open her mouth.

"That's right. You can't because you don't have the guts to do that to me."

Liz arched one of her eyebrows as she looked at Pam. She then turned to Max and he shrugged his shoulders. She started to advance towards Pam. Once she was standing right next to her Liz popped the top and pour the contents all over Pam. The result was immediate as Pam was completely coated and she started glow in the dark night. Everyone started laughing even Sean. This did not please his cousin Maria very much. Maria yanked the can out of Max's hand and walked over to Sean, and before Sean can offer a protest she poured the paint onto him. This caused even more laughter, but by now it was even worse because it wasn't just a small group of people watching their embarassment but a large crowd of people from the prom. The faculty that was their conveniently turned away as if they never saw or heard anyhing. Pam and Sean tried to stand up but they just kept slipping and falling and wallowing in their mess.

"From now on leave us little people alone," Liz said.

On that note the group piled into their cars and left to continue their fun night. They didn't even spare the silver couple a glance as they pulled out.


The group gathered at the Crashdown for a bite to eat and go over events. The night was already memorable but Max had a surprise for Liz to makethe night even more memorable. After an hour with the group he excused himself and Liz. He asked Liz to meet him upstairs on her balcony for a special surprise. Liz eagerly raced up the stairs. She made her way through her apartment to her room. She slipped off her heels and stepped to her window. She noticed a curtain hang on the outside of the window. She opened her window and started to step out.

"Wait Liz."

She stopped her actions as she heard Max's voice. All of a sudden he appeared before her.

"Miss Parker, would you please be so kind as to close your eyes?"

Liz wanted her surprise so she closed her eyes tight. She looked so adorable to Max that he couldnt resist placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. This brought a smile to Liz's lips. Max grabbed both of Liz's hands and guided her out of her room onto her balcony. He pulled to about the center of the balcony so that she would have a perfect view too see everythng.

"Ok, open your eyes."

Liz opened her eyes and looked around. She gasped at the beauty surrounding her. Candles were lit every where all around her balcony. A soft scent of strawberries emanated fron the candles. White roses were gathered around the candles. Near the farthest wall of the balcony was a table with five candles and a dozen white roses. Nestled within the roses was a crystal figurine. Liz stepped closer to see what it was. It was a swan caught in mid flight. It's wings were spread and free as the wind whipped through it's wings. The emotion was too much to bear for Liz at such beauty and tears started slip down her cheeks.

"Liz, what's wrong?"

Liz tured to Max and wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head against his.

"Nothing's wrong. Everything is fabulous. Know this Max Evans I love you."

Max smiled at her words.

"Liz Parker I love you too."

Max leaned in and kissed Liz with all his love. He broke the kiss long enough to lean over and turn on the radio. A sweet medoly started playing. Max gathered Liz into his arms and their bodys swayed to the music as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Max, thank you for loving this ugly duckling."

Max shook his head.

"No, you were always my graceful swan."

With that he leaned and kissed his one and only true love.


That's all folks.