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Title: To a New World

Author: Katrina

Rated: PG- PG13

Couples: C/C, POVs of all characters

Spoilers: Everything through Season 3, this is a future fic

Disclaimer: I do not own the Roswell characters. They are owned by various different people and companies. I borrowed them to write this story.

Summary: Each part begins with how each person feels as they die. Each part is a different person’s POV. This actually starts in the middle of Season 2 but then will jump to the future. Nothing from Roswell is different. Something strange is occuring throughout the story and will be solved in the end.

**If you read this part, the summary will make more sense.

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*P.S.~ Want a short little fic? Just read Chapter One, it can go by itself... it was by itself originally until I pursued a full-length story...


To A New World
Chapter One

I see the crash.

My feet stay planted when all I want to do is stop my own death.
I am a bystander.
This I must accept or watching this event take place will be too much.
I couldn’t not look as I saw my life end.
My life has ended before my eyes.

This last event of my life is like a silent movie.
I am the audience.
I watch as my car turns and almost stops in the next lane.
The lane of oncoming traffic.
I watch as the truck drives into my car and kills me.

I watch the truck driver leap out of his semi and stand in awe looking at the accident.
The driver is gawking at the scene.
The time he stands analyzing seems like it is lasting a lifetime.
This accident has ended my lifetime.
But it wasn’t an accident.

I watch as blond beauty overlooks what has occurred.
I watch her smirk.
I watch her eyes sparkle in delight.
There is no remorse in those eyes.

I watch her drive away.
The blond that has killed me.
Her power of mind control has been my demise.
The length of time it takes her to kill me is so clear now.
If only I knew three month before the car crash.
I would still be alive today.

What is alive?
I’m not alive.
The gerbil made sure of that.
Being alive is overrated anyway.

Is my “not alive” status why a bright white light is starting to shine?
I thought the light was to make a surrounding area bright enough to tape a show for Oprah.
I guess I will never be on TV after all.
Not even on Oprah.

The light is calling to me.
Calling me to leave this world and join the next.
Should I go?
Can I leave the only world I have ever known?

I glance back at the accident.
There are now ambulances and cops surrounding the scene where my death occurred.
I see a familiar body.
The body is being zipped into a bag.
A black body bag.
I am officially no longer alive to this world.
No point in me going back there.

So I say “Adios” to this world I used to call home.
I am ready for the next.
For the next world I call home, that is.

When will the others join me I do not know.
But when they do, a great reunion will be celebrated.
For this I am sure.

I glance back one more time.
The odor of death is now settling in the air.
I can’t help but hope my murder is avenged for the sake of my friends.
I do not need revenge for I will be in a better place.
In a place where revenge is not required to become happy again.
I will be in that better place.

I turn back towards the light.
The beautiful white light.
This light is so alluring.
Alluring just like that blond ice princess that I know.
The princess that I loved here in this world.

I reach the light.
I walk through the light.
The life I have known has ended.
The world I have known is gone.
I have no regrets.

I am Alexander Charles Whitman.
Away to a new world I go.

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A New World

Chapter Two

I was taken.

It took them two damn years before they kidnapped me.
I was in plain sight all along.
Why they took me now, I do not know.

Do they know that I hear from my son and his friends every few months?
His friends.
I guess they’re my friends too.
No, they aren’t my friends.
They are my family.
Well, two of them are literally my family.
I’m just close to the others like families are close.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I married the lovely and spunky Amy Deluca a little less than a year ago?
Best thing I ever did was marry her.
Too bad I was ripped away from her side.
We were still in out “honeymoon” phase.
That seems to be the best part about being married sometimes.

Anyway, the rest of the group is my family, too.
And the unit will never find out where they are from my mouth.
Not that I know where they are.
Cause I don’t.
I couldn’t even tell them where to begin to look.
I don’t know the whereabouts of my runaway family.
My powers can’t even tell me where those closest to me are.

Yeah, that’s right, powers.
I developed powers last summer.
Amy saw them a month later.
She freaked.
She’s heard of alien powers and all from Liz’s journal.
But she had never seen them live before.
Until she saw my newly developed ones.
I hoped my captors wouldn’t find out about them.

But they did.
Damn those government superiors.
Damn them for their ignorance.
Everyone knows they’re freaked about the truth about aliens.
Well, a few people know this anyway.

Those people are experimenting on me.
I feel like a caged animal.
In a testing lab.
There’s a cage and everything.
Just for me.

There are even punishments for when I don’t cooperate.
Or do their bidding.
Which is often.
Punishments are torture.
Punishments caused my extinction.

I watch as they bruise my body
And break it one last time.
They knew I was too weak to live.
They did it anyway.
They did not care.

I stand by the wall watching.
Just watching.

I see my arms in strange shapes.
I will never play music with those arms again.
Or drive around in my police car as deputy.
Deputy of the damn alien town of Roswell.

I watch the large man as he checks for a pulse.
If they find one, the beating the crap out of me will continue.
Of course, there isn’t a pulse.

But I can’t leave here yet.
Amy needs me.
The Parkers and the Evans still need my comfort and advice.
But Amy is my first priority.
Amy is my life.
Or she was my life.

Oh, God, I’m gone.
I’m dead.
It’s just now sinking in.
No more joyful days with friends.
No more watching out for my family.
No more hoping that they will soon come home.
And, worst of all, no more Amy.

Oh, God, I didn’t get to say good bye to her.
The damn bastards took me before I had a chance to say good bye.

But I realize I will see her again.
I will see her in the distant future.
When her turn comes to leave the world.
I will see her again.
I will be in her arms again.

I am ready to leave now.
I turn around and see a bright white light.
It’s a dazzling beautiful light.
Almost as beautiful as my Amy.
I walk towards the light.

Glancing back just once, I see a limp body.
My limp body.
The room is almost completely deserted now.

The only other thing in the room is a shadow.
A very familiar shadow.
It’s of a young woman with curly hair.
It seems to be looking at me.
With piercing eyes.
But you can’t see those eyes.
I shake my head a little in confusion.

I continue walking toward the light.
The beautiful white light.
Good bye cruel and inhumane world.

I see dear Alex smiling and waving at me.
I smile back.

I, Jim Valenti, have stepped off the only world I have ever lived on.
I am stepping onto a new one.

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To A New World

Chapter Three

I saw the bullet.

I saw the man take the shot.
I watch as my physical self takes in the piece of metal.
The bullet hits my stomach.
How ironic.
The shot hit the exact same spot as where Liz was shot six years earlier.
I can no longer protect her.
I can’t protect anyone.

The others watch me fall as the bullet hits me.
Just like I am.
But no one knows that I’m watching.
It’s my own fault I was shot.
I said ‘Let’s go outside and relax for a while.’
It was my idea.
How was I supposed to know the area would turn war-like?
It happened in a split second.
No chance to react.

Oh God, the pain.
I’ve never felt anything like it.
It’s this sensation that’s not really there.
I wasn’t even the intended target.

Now the people are reacting.
It’s a bit late for that.
Liz is running towards my body.
My stunning wife.
Even three years later, it feels surreal.
We are a happily married couple.
Or were.

Now why can’t I heal myself?
Then all would be fine.
I’m trying so hard.
But there’s nothing.
Am I dying?
Is this the way it feels?

And I always thought I would be killed by some alien enemies.
Or tortured by the FBI.
But never by an accident.
Accidents could always be repaired by powers.
Mine have failed me.

But I could always be healed by love.
Liz is hovering over me now.
The others are slightly behind her.
They’re all sobbing.
Tears are wracking their bodies over my life’s end.

This so reminds me of when I healed Liz.
It’s the exact same scene.
Me hovering over her just like she is doing to me now.
Saving her.

Before everything fell apart.
Destiny, Tess, Zan, my first death
On Earth, not Antar, that is.
These moments all flash through my mind.
I failed myself all those times.
I failed Liz.
That’s why we’re where we are now.

Liz is trying to talk to me.
I see her lips moving.
But I can’t hear her.
How I wish I could her voice one last time.
The sweet voice of my savior.
That’s my wife Liz.

I look around the area.
I see an odd looking shadow.
It’s a person, female.
And it seems to be staring at me.
Why does that image look so familiar?
I brush it off as a memory of some kind.
Or maybe it’s nostalgia.
I decide to look elsewhere.

My eyes land on a peculiar white light.
Its strange shape mysteriously attracts me.
I walk toward it helplessly.
I think that I won’t see my friends ever again.
I’ll never see my true destiny.
Unless this is my destiny.
I’ll never see Liz again.

I look through the light as I get closer.
Guilt comes over me with what I see.
I can’t help it.
I have no control over my guilt.
I see Alex and know that it’s my fault that he’s not with his friends and family.

I’m confused at why I see another familiar face.
Why is Valenti standing next to Alex?
Is he dead too?
Did I cause another death?
Kyle’s only family is dead because of me.

I start walking toward them as if it’s my fate.
But when I’m five feet in front of them, I stop abruptly.
I start moving backwards instead.
But I’m not moving my feet.
It’s like I’m floating.
The strange white light is starting to dissipate.
I close my eyes as I’m sucked backwards.

I hear a sweet voice.
The voice I never thought I would hear again.
That’s what the voice said.
Liz’s tone is an awed sort of whisper.

I open my eyes slowly and stare into her dark chocolate pools.
I’m in my physical body again.
She healed me.
My love saved me from death’s grasp.
I smile weakly at her with appreciation.

Do I have a story to tell her!
But with that thought, my memory of death is already rapidly fading.
I know only to things to say:

I am Maxwell Evans
And I have gotten a glance into the new world.
Only to be kept in the old one.

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To A New World

Chapter Four

I watched my slow coming death.

When in my body, the disease was painful and slow.
The pain was a constant burning.
Sharp constant burning.
I watch as my body gives up slowly.
Crawling through the desert was just too much effort.
I leave my body as it collapses.

I had finally been on my way.
After over six years.
I was on my way back to Roswell.
I was on my way back to finding love.
I had found it.
And it was only to lose it a year later.

Serena is a believer in all things.
She loves me.
She loves my human side.
As well as my newly found alien side.
She’s never scared.
And she believes in Buddha.
She is unique.

And everyone loves her in return.
Especially me.
She went on the run with our group.
With me.

We were engaged when I found out.
I found out many things.
I found out I was sick.
That was the most important.
I became ill with an alien virus.
One that could not be healed.
Not even with the healing stones.
If they hadn’t exploded a long time ago that is.

Max nearly died during this time.
Liz then healed him.
Always trust her to save his ass.
Their love was a jealous kind of special.

Max insisted that he saw my dad.
With Alex.

That has to be impossible.
My father can’t be dead.
He had so much life left.
At least before we left Roswell he did.
I just can’t accept that he’s dead.
Oh, Buddha, he can’t be gone.

I had to go to Roswell and find out.
That’s the only thing I can do.
No one wants me to go.
They say the FBI will get me.
I say, ‘Does it matter?’
I’m dying anyway.
They grew silent at my answer.
I kissed Serena passionately.
Then I ran away.

I’m so close to Roswell now.
Why did I just give up?
Pain can be tolerated in theory.
Buddha’s theory.
But it can’t in my reality.

I left my love.
Just to not make it to my destination.
Why didn’t I just stay?
I watch my breathing slow.
And my heart stops in the middle of the desert.

A chilly wind blows on this warm day in New Mexico.
How can that be?
I call it chilly but can’t even feel the breeze.
Oh, man.
This has to be a nightmare.
The gerbil,
As Maria calls her still,

She’s standing in front of me.
She’s looking pretty angry.
Almost frustrated.
And just like that, Tess disappears.

I have to smirk.
In her place, a white light is shining.
Buddha had never foresighted this one.
I gawk.
I look deeply into the light.



They’re both smiling at me.
They’re gesturing for me to come in.
What’s up with them?
They’re dorks!
And what’s my Dad doing there?

Well, here I go.
For answers and to live on.
Goodbye alien friends.
Normal friends, see ya soon.
I love you, Serena.
Now I’ll walk on through.

Kyle Valenti left the building.
He died alone.
But he will be with everyone before long.
In the new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Five

There was blood everywhere.

I felt pain at first.
After a couple of minutes, the pain stopped abruptly.
I look around as the scene unfolds.
A body is pinned under the car.

It’s my body.
The bones are bloody twisted pretzels.
Jesse is trying to reach for my body.

My husband and I were reunited about seven years ago.
I felt so alone.
Those first few years after we left were torture.
I was shunned into my silent world.

All I did was change my appearance.
About twenty times a day, I changed something.
Hair, nails, clothes, it didn’t really matter what.

My face remained the same.
It was stoic.
My expression reminded me of Michael.
He taught me that distorted face.

After a year, I started to dreamwalk Jesse.
I watched him dream of us together.
He still dreamed about me.
His dreams looked like the perfect life.
Believe me when I say the water works were going as I watched the show.

It took him about three months to realize I was watching him.
The real me.
Was he shell-shocked!
Gone was the dream image of Isabel.
I took her place.

Now the dreams seemed so much more like reality.
I began to sleep more and more.
Twelve hours was my average sleep per night.
Just to be in that fantasy world.

My brother Max understood this.
He stuck up for me when others started complaining.
So did Liz.
Those two could do anything together.

But my dreaming was not enough before long.
I wanted my dreams to become a true reality.
And Max and Liz just let me go.
That’s how well they understood me.
The others let me go grudgingly.

My dreams immediately became a reality.
I was in Boston.
I was happy.
Until today…

I look at Jesse.
He holds our son Philip Alexander so tightly.
He’s sobbing into our son’s shirt.
Falling apart over his loss.

I can’t help the tears from falling.
My husband and child are alone.
Without me.
I’m officially gone to them.
What will they do?
What will I do?

I look around the scene.
A shadow catches my attention.
That shadow is near my bloody body.
Evil-looking a gloomy is how I describe it.
Must look elsewhere.
I must look elsewhere.

And that’s when I see it.
A bright white light stands in front of me.
It’s so alluring, I can’t help but walk towards it.

I look back at the totaled car.
The evil machine that killed me.
With the ugly shadow next to it.

Kyle should be up there by now.
I heard he was dying in the few times Max had called me.
Just to keep me in the loop.

Tears are pouring down my cheeks like waterfalls.
Life is not fair.
I’ve had to leave my family and friends twice now.
Once because of the FBI.
Again because of a stupid car crash.
My son I have left for the only time.

I wipe my cheeks sloppily.
I look into the light.

My first love is looking into my eyes.
How I have missed him.

That goofy guy.
I haven’t seen him that happy in such a long time.
Perhaps I’ve never seen him that happy.

Jim Valenti.
You could see my shock on that one.
That man who always was defending us.
He’s dead.
He’s up in the next world.
Where I’m now going.

I step into the light.
One small step for Isabel Evans Ramirez.
One giant leap for the Antarian-Human kind.

To the new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Six

My hurting is at its end.

Cancer is so weird.
One day I’m well and happy.
The next I can’t get up and am about to die.

Mommy and Daddy got so worried.
They were afraid for their little girl.

I’m only nine but I understand them very well.
I don’t think they understand my perception of them.
They only know that they’re losing their baby.

I hope one day they can get over this and be at least semi-happy again.
It’s not like I’ll never see them again.
When it’s their turn to leave this world, we’ll be reunited.
We have to live for that day.

They’re life here is not over.
They must help Uncle Max and Aunt Liz.
They have the world on their eight shoulders.
They must make things right on Earth again.
So they can be in Roswell happy again.

My time, on the other hand, has come.
I’ll miss my parents a lot.
And my annoying brother Benny I’ll miss, too.
He’s five.
And he always was getting into my stuff.
I hope he’ll always remember me.
I will always remember him.
And I’ll watch over him.
I’ll watch him grow up.
The way I was never able to grow.

I voluntarily step out of my body.
Around the body are my parents.
They’re practically sitting on me.
They both feel my leaving.

Mommy’s sobs grow louder.
She clutches my lifeless body helplessly.
Daddy’s eyes are full but don’t shed any droplets.
He has on hand behind my head.
The other is around Mommy’s shoulders.
He must be strong for them both.
A ‘stonewall’ Mommy always calls him.

I feel bad for their pain.
I can do nothing for them.
A tear travels freely down my cheek.

I know they wish Uncle Max was here to heal me.
But he and Aunt Liz are temporarily unreachable.
I love them almost as much as I love my parents.
They used to be around me all the time.
When they’re back in contact with my parents, they will help each other cope.
I know they would do this without any doubt or question.

Uncle Max would probably feel guilty that he wasn’t here when I needed him.
My cousin Josh will feel guilty too knowing him.
He’s eight but is a good healer like his father is.
They will lean on each other for support.

Goodbye, Mommy.
Take care of Daddy and Benny.
I love you.

Buh-bye, Daddy.
Mommy and Benny both need you.
Stay strong for them.
I love you.

Benny, Benny
Be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy.
And stay out of my stuff.
I love you always.

Your lil’ Pixie Jr. will be in a happy place.
Where some of your friends already are.
They will take good care of me.
Until you guys come.
And we see one another again.

A blazing white light appears in front of me.
I take a look back.

A shadow makes me shiver.
It reminds me of the stories Mommy used to tell me.
She called them “The End of the Gerbil” stories.
Daddy didn’t like her telling me those at all.
I laugh slightly at the memory of my mom imitating the evil lady.

Then I walk towards the light.
I promise to say hey to Uncle Alex for everyone.
I blow a final kiss to my parents.
I walk until the light cover me completely.

I see Uncle Alex.
I run into his arms happily.
He will help me into the new world.

My name is Claire Elizabeth Guerin.
Off I go.

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To A New World

Chapter Seven

I remember the explosion.

Five minutes later, the building collapsed.
It collapsed on top of us.
As in my husband and I.

There were so many sirens.
It was so bright with all the lights beaming onto the building.
The events went in slow motion.
Each second seemed like a lifetime.
I wished time would just speed up already.

Glass from the windows pierced my skin.
The pain was becoming unbearable.
The pain was sharp and stabbing.
The pain was so unbearable that I fainted and fell into a pool of darkness.
Everything is so fuzzy right now.

Where’s Philip?
I try to think through my head’s pounding.
But it is all I can concentrate on.

How I wish I had healing powers at this moment.
Just to help the few people moaning in pain around me.
And to help Philip.
Wherever he is.
He should be by my side right now.
But he’s not.


Doesn’t my son have a healing power.
I try to think.
He healed Liz Parker… er Evans now.
That day fifteen years ago, he saved her from a gunshot wound.
How time flies.

My, how I wish he was here now.
He’d help all these people without any hesitation.
It’s just the kind of person he is.

I miss him so much.
Seeing his face.
Embracing him
Listening to his scientific thoughts.
Watching his face turn deep red in embarrassment.
Those were the days.
Before he had to run from the FBI.
I started to loathe the government after that day.

The FBI also took my Isabel away.
At least only for a few years.
There was so much happiness and joy when she went back to Jesse in Boston.
To live a much needed normal life.
And to have a son.
My grandson Philip.

My heart broke when she died in the car accident.
Leaving her loved ones behind.
And I know I have to do the same thing now.

As I crawl out of my body, I hope Philip comes through and lives on.
He could live on for both of us.
Hoping our only son and his family and friends come back to Roswell.

I slowly stand up.
I look down.
I gasp at the body I once called my own.

Blood is everywhere.
Glass is in every inch of my skin.
Wood and metal stakes are penetrating through my stomach.
The condition of my remains is making me turn green.
The eyes are so wide and glassy.
The skin is so pale.
I can feel my death in the air.

I can’t take looking down anymore.
I look up gratefully.
A womanly shadow is to my left.
The shadow makes me shudder.

A bright white light is to my right.
I know that’s where I must go.
One foot in front of the other.
Eight feet to go before I enter the light is when I stop unexpectedly.

I have an urge to look back.
At all the bodies.
At all the death.
At all the destruction.
And then, I see him.

My handsome husband.
He’s looking down at the ground.
Both of our bodies are laying there.
He’s looking sickly at what he sees.
He look up when he can’t take it anymore.

He see me.
I smile.
Philip smiles back.
Love and sadness are both pouring out of his heart.
It takes just two quick strides for him to reach me.
He kisses my forehead gently.
After so many years of marriage, he still makes me sway by his kisses.
And by his love.

We admire one another.
I grasp his hand tightly.
We walk to the light side-by-side.
He kisses me again.
This time it’s tenderly on the cheek.
I do the same in response.

Philip and Diane Evans walk into the new world together.
Lovingly hand-in-hand.

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To A New World

Chapter Eight

I watch myself lie down.

I know this is my final night.
It’s just something you know.
It’s like the knowledge of everything in suddenly in my conscious mind.

All I feel is happiness throughout.
And exhaustion.
But it is mostly joy.

My daughter came home yesterday.
After twenty years of hope and want.
She finally came back to us.
But in a way she did not.

Liz is older.
She’s married.
She has her own children to tend to and love.

My grandchildren:

They each look like their parents.
A dark hair color like their mom’s.
Amber eyes like their dad’s.

They came to the Crashdown yesterday afternoon.
What a festive celebration.
Meeting the grandchildren.
And hugging my dear child.
Jeff and I were beyond surprised when they walked in.

My daughter.
A woman.
A wife.
A mother.
She excels in all.

The one tearful part was Max.
I don’t mean the fact he was there.
I mean that we had to break some heart-wrenching news to him.
His parents died two years ago.
When a bomb went off in a building.

He seemed to turn stoic when we told him.
He look a lot like his best friend Michael in a way.
He then said his sister was also gone.
That made my tears fall.
His family is gone.

What he has left is a wife and children.
And he has Jeff as a part of that.
I would have joined the family, too.
But I am going.

My heart is ready to give up.
It ceases to function.
At least my daughter came back to me in time.
To see me.
Alien she is.

But she is still my beloved daughter.
We didn’t get much time, I know.
The time give was enough, though.

Time for my soul to rise from the body and the bed.
I look over at Jeff.
He look so peaceful.
Just sleeping, sleeping.
It’s the first time in twenty years.
I’m glad.
I hope his restful slumber will continue when I leave.
I will watch over them all.

A bright white light begins to appear in front of the wall.
It is time to go.

Goodbye my grandchildren.
I never got to know you.

Goodbye Liz.
I’m glad you got here in time.

I love you, Jeff.
Hold on to one another for strength.

I peer into the light.
I see so many familiar faces.

Jim Valenti.






A small child.

And Jeff’s mother Claudia.
I hadn’t thought of her in quite a while.

They all look at peace.
I yearn for that peace, too.

Nancy Parker steps into the light.
To join the serenity of a new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Nine

I watch the darkness come over me.

Then I leave my body.
I understand that it’s my time.
I’m sort of glad it is anyway.
Life has not been the same since Claire left me.

My child was so ill.
Though she was always so damn cheerful.
I never knew why she was that way.
So mysterious.

She got that from her father.
Not me.
Cause I’m not mysterious.
Nope, sorry, she did not get that from me.

I rise from the pool of water.
I leave my body at its bottom.
That husband of mine has just jumped in.

Took him long enough to rescue me.
He should have done that a minute ago.
Lazy ⊕$$.
It’s too late now.
But I love him anyway.

Max is nearby.
He’s shouting orders at Michael.
Once a king, always a king.
He’ll probably try healing me.

That will probably get my mom excited.
She’s never seen a healing before.
And she won’t get to see it now.
It’s too late for me.

I see Liz crying.
She looks so guilty.
Her and Max are so alike it’s sickening.
It wasn’t her fault anyway.
So she left the water and me alone a bit early.
Who knew what could have and did happen.
Nope not her fault.

She looks like she needs my cedar oil.
She just needs to reach into my purse for it.
Come on go get it.
Of course she’s not going to.
Poor chica.
She’s losing her best friend.

It’s about time for me to go.
Michael has my body out of the water.
He lays it gently on my mom’s deck.
This was once her and Jim Valenti’s house.

I never saw it with him in it.
I never saw them married.
Never saw them happy together.
Poor Jim is gone.
My mom’s heart broke then.

It’s about to break again.
Because I’m dying.
I am leaving the familiar behind.
I look back at the attempted healing.

It is such a failure.
Max and Liz are both at my body’s side.
Michael’s yelling at them to fix me.
Liz is trying to wake me up.
Max is trying to connect with me.
Of course, he can’t.
I’m already gone.

Mom is sobbing.
She and Michael are in an air tight embrace.
They’ll suffocate and join me if they don’t let go soon.
She’s asking why I’m not waking up.

Michael’s yelling.
As usual.
He saying he needs me.
He yells to the sky to not let me die.
He says a war is coming and he need my love and support to go on.
Always the selfish one.

Liz is crying louder.
She knows it’s too late.
Max stands up in defeat.
His eyes glisten with tears.

I left before the war.
FBI vs. the people of Antar Smackdown.
I ditched them.
I am so sorry.

Liz walks over and hugs her children tightly.
The simple gesture reminds me of the child waiting for me.
I search for an entrance.

That shadow is staring at me.
I just squeal ‘BOO!’
I’m practically a ghost anyway.
But I glance at the shadow a second too long.
It’s smirking.

It’s gotta be her.
Who else would look so vile and evil?
And who else would be a stalking shadow?
I hope she is happy where she is.
I hope she paid for what she did to Alex.

Ooh, Alex.
I’m going to see him again now.
Let’s go.
Hurry, hurry.

Where’s the entrance?
A bright white light.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Time to see Claire.
To see Alex.

Goodbye everyone!
Till I see you again.

I, Maria Deluca Guerin, leap into the light.
As my daughter and my best friend smile welcoming me into the new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Ten

I saw a flash of light.

The flash lasted only a second.
The second lasted a lifetime.

A lifetime of happiness.
But a lifetime of memories most of all.
I went through my memories as death lurked near.

My childhood.
It was blissful until age eight.
That’s the year my parents died.
A plane crash took them away.
That kind of crash is so unlikely in today’s world.
But that’s what my parents suffered through.

Dying on impact.
Crashing into the Pacific.
They were on their way back to their child after vacationing in Hawaii.
They were coming back to me.
The plane endlessly haunted me since that day.
Or until I was twenty-three years old.

It took me fifteen years to get over my parents’ deaths.
What changed that year?
As those years passed by in my memory flashes, one thing I saw was distinct.
Kyle was in each and every important memory.
I met the love of my life that year.
I became happy for the first time in like forever.

I also met his family and friends.
Who cares that they were different?
They were caring and loving.

But I couldn’t just stay happy.
Kyle left me.
He deserted me.
And he died in the desert near Roswell.

Remembering that makes the pain from the bolt of energy surge.
It burns.
That’s the only word to describe what is killing me.
Sensations from inside trying to get out makes me collapse.
It just pushes and pushes.
My body temp bursts on fire.
I’m burning from inside out until all that is left is ash.

I must go back to my memories.
To help dull the pain.

Nothing was the same after Kyle died.
He never fathered the child that lay within me upon his death.
He left me unknowing to my health condition.
My pregnancy.

I was grateful to the family and friends around me.
His family and friends.
They knew what how to help.
I’m glad they had children of their own.

He never got to meet his amazing son Bryn.
A.k.a. Kyle’s clone
He became more and more like his father as each day passed.

Not long after Maria’s dreadful drowning, the War came.
Antarians came by the thousands.
They easily annihilated the Special Unit and many alien-hating humans.

By this time we were in Roswell, New Mexico.
A.k.a. Kyle’s hometown
The Antarians left this small area of land alone.
It helped that Max ordered them not to.
Being a former king must have its rewards.

And now we come to today’s memory.
Khivar landed on Earth today.
We went out to confront him peacefully.
He obviously didn’t get the memo.

Shots of bright energy were shot everywhere immediately after he landed.
And they missed their targets.
Well, except for one:

This is where I am now.
Lying after being shot.
As Max is trying to reach me, he is shielding the others.
I could laugh.

Always the protector,
That’s our Max.
I wish I could tell him to stop.
To tell him that it’s too late for him to save me.
My time has come.
The middle of a war zone is the last place I stood.

Bryn will be taken care of.
I have no doubt of that.
He’s an adult anyway.
He can take care of himself.
I trust him to do that.

I must join my husband now.
And leave this painful world.
Kyle and everyone else are waiting for me.

I roll out of my body.
I am relieved from the excruciating pain.
I stand slowly.

Khivar has finally stopped his rampage.
He’s smirking at Max and the others.
A shadow stands beside him.
A shadow who looks proud to be called the enemy.
She won’t be proud for long I’m sure.

A bright white light appears in front of me.
I see Kyle inside.
He looks so handsome.
His hair.
His cheeks.
Everything about him.
And he’s glowing.

Is that his father next to him?
He’s not bad looking either.
And there’s Maria and Claire.
Some people I will soon meet join them in their welcoming ceremony.
They’re welcoming me.
I grow giddy in anticipation.

I, Serena Brown Valenti, step into the light.
Into a bright, peaceful new world I enter.

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To A New World

Chapter Eleven

Too much blood.

First I see a bright bolt of energy.
Next a pool of blood is around me.
Then the pain comes.



Through the center of my being
My heart
Blood no longer passes through there.
It’s just holes and shreds.
The blood spills around me like red spurting waterfalls.

The pain is slowly numbing.
My body goes into shock.
It is my time to leave.

Images play across my mind.
My childhood
A teenage pregnancy
Maria’s birth

Watching my baby grow into a beautiful woman
Her spunkiness
Her sneakiness
I loved her, the good and the bad.

More memories
Jim coming into my life
Our love blossoming
Our marriage

But with these joyful memories come sadness.
Maria leaving without saying goodbye
Her death so soon after she came back to me
Never meeting my granddaughter

And my husband’s leaving
Taken by the FBI
I never knew how inhumane the government was.
Until Jim was taken
And he was killed.

At least I think he was.
With no…
No evidence
What if he is not there?

I’m on my way.
I’m happy that I’ll see my family.
I’ve been alone for so long.
But if Jim is still on Earth,
I’ll never forgive myself for leaving him.

The pain has left completely now.
I hear moans all around.
This brings me back to the horrible reality around me.

Humans around me
Murdered by that horrible man
What was his name?

I, myself, am included in that massive number of people.
Serena, too, is in that group.
She was shot not more than thirty minutes ago.
I must follow her lead.
Take courage to leave my body.

I hope I will see Jim.
And Maria
And Jim’s son Kyle
And meet that little darling Claire

I hope Michael and the others will live through this battle.
That they take revenge over their biggest adversary
Max and Liz must live for their children.

I step up and out of my body.
I see Khivar.
I hope they kill the bastard.
The asshole has taken so much from me.

That shadow next to Him looks so familiar for some odd reason.

A bright white light appears.
Love is pouring out.

I see Jim.
Oh, God, there’s Jim.
He did die.

Maria, my baby
She’s such a sweetie
Smiling and holding the hand of a little girl
My grandchild
I can’t help but chuckle at the sight in happiness.

I, Amy Deluca Valenti, am going to a new world.
I’m outta here!

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To A New World

Chapter Twelve

I saw the body parts fly.

Not just some person’s limbs.
They were my arms, legs, bones.

It happened in an instant.
No chance to feel pain.
I just have to accept what has happened.

Max just stares at where I once stood.
He shouldn’t be so surprised.
He knows I’m impulsive.

Yes, I admit it.
Why are you so surprised?
I know that I think before I act.
I always have.
And to my dying breath…

It’s so strange watching.
I am not the sideline sort of guy.
I need action.
But there’s no more for me.

Liz is looking shell-shocked.
Well, I did step in front of her.
I couldn’t just let her die.
So I got myself hit instead.

She has more to live for anyway.
She has Max, her children, her family.
If she died, Max would have too.
Then, where would I be?

I, on the other hand, have almost nothing to live for.
All I would have had was guilt for not saving Liz.
Which would lead to Max’s demise.
It would have been my fault.
What a way to live, with guilt.

So it is a better option to end my life.
To go join my loving family.
Maria and Claire.
So now is my end.

I watch and wait.
Smirking at a pissed Khivar.
He missed his target.
Dying was so worth it just to see the look on his face.

Max is finally coming to his senses.
He put a shield up in front of his family.
Maxwell, Maxwell
He works way too slow, that so-called once king.

He will be forever grateful to me, in my debt.
No worries there.
He can start paying me back when he joins me.
Serving me.
Yeah, doesn’t that sound ironic?

I hope no one expects me to participate in activities once I leave this world.
That is so not going to happen.
Not even for Blondie’s sake.
Nu-uh, no way.

Max, Liz:
Hope you kill that sucka.
And live longer memorable lives.
Make Antarians proud.
Not that they do anything for us.
It’s quite the opposite.

Did I ever say I wanted to go to Antar?
I’m glad that I never did.
It’s a death wish.
Having them here is bad enough.
No one cares either way anyway.

What did Khivar do to the place?
Or so-called King Zan did eighty years ago?
So, scratch making Antarians proud.
Hell, I don’t care anymore.

I’m leaving this God-forsaken planet and the war.
No offense to those still living.
Not that there are many with his war going on.

Geez, since when do I observe?
Yeah, I’ll stop now.
Anytime now.

White light begins to shine.
Yeah, yeah, so I didn’t stop.
I have problems.
Leave me alone, will ya?
Now back to the light.

What’s with the crap filling in my head?
My mind says, ‘Go to the light.’
What the hell?
I can’t help but follow its command.
I want my mind back, ya hear me?

I glance to the side.
Oh, just Tess’ shadow.

Back up.
Who’s shadow?
If she’s not dead.
Maxwell better bitch and kill her.
Slow and torturous.

She deserves it.
She killed and messed with minds.
Damn her.
I blink and she’s no longer there.

Oh, hell, I’m confused.
Continue my involuntary trek to the light.
I said I couldn’t help it.
Glance inside.

What has the world come to?
Me observing once again.
Oh, shut up already.

There’s blondie.
Yeah, Maria.
And her mini.
She is.
So what if she’s my daughter too?

I, Michael Guerin, am going to the new world.
Screw this one.

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To A New World

Chapter Thirteen

I watch myself concede to death.

I don’t want to give up.
I can’t give up.
I must give up.
To continue living would give hope.
There is no hope.

I stand here.
Bound to the wall by a great power.
I am too weak to go on.
The poisonous gag forced into my mouth releases deadly liquids.

Inside a chamber where no one will look is where I stand.
In the cave where it all started.


Khivar looms above me in great anticipation.

Why is it my time?
Why is the world so cruel?
I will never see grandchildren.
As it is, my own flesh and blood are in the vicious war.

This man in front of me caused it all.
He started it with a war on Antar.
When he usurped the government and the throne.
And King Zan was killed.
Max’s first life.

The poison is leaving scorching marks at it travels in a downward trend.
My body begins to boil as its temperature rises uncontrollably.
I feel fire inside my body and out.
Khivar enjoy this entertainment:
My slow, inevitable death.

I close my eyes tightly to keep the tears inside.
I can’t show weakness.
It resembles my end.
It resembles his victory.

I can’t help as flashes of my life skip through my mind.

My childhood memories:
They are all joyful so I am so naïve of the surrounding world.
Flashes from watching the mysterious Max Evans from afar.
Hurt that he never wanted to become good friends.
Upset that he never seemed to be close to any people.
I was still so young.

The next memory is of when my life began.
The bullet lodging in my stomach.
Max looming over me as my eyes begin to drift closed.
Him begging me to look at his face.
Our connection roaring to life.

That is my most beautiful memory.
All my sacrifices were worth it to just see Max’s soul.
They just weren’t sacrifices if I could see something so bright and innocent.
This is my most cherished memory.

Memories afterward were of my newfound life:
My first kiss from Max.
Max drunk.
Max captured by the FBI.
Our mission rescue.
The night we professed our love for one another.

The subsequent memories were from a rough spot in my life:
Tess coming to town.
Future Max coming to me.
Max’s face when he saw Kyle and me.
The prom.
Alex’s death.
Finding out Tess was pregnant with Max’s son.
Discovering Tess was a murderer.
Max’s search for his son.

My powers surfacing.
Me running away from Max to Vermont.
How I felt when Max died and I no longer felt him within me.
Max’s “rebirth” in Vermont.
Seeing Tess and Zan.
Seeing Tess’ suicide.

Max’s proposal of marriage.
Running away at graduation.
My wedding.
Max’s vows to me.

Running around the country in a van.
Max’s near death experience.
Having Max’s three beautiful children.
Saying goodbye to Isabel when she moved to Boston to be with Jesse.

Returning home after over a decade of running.
My mom’s death in her sleep so soon after our arrival.
Maria’s drowning in Amy’s pool.
Each of my children’s high school graduations, all with honors.
Each graduating from West Roswell.
Max watching me when he believed I was sleeping.
He seemed to be keeping vigil over me.

The War.
Khivar showing up in Roswell, New Mexico.
Michael sacrificing himself to save my life.
Khivar kidnapping me two months later.
These are all major moments in my life.
Ones that I can’t help but comprehend.

And now standing here absorbing poison.
I wish I could say goodbye to those I love.
I start to drift away from my body.
The battered body droops acknowledging its end.
I cry silently at what I will miss on Earth.

A white light slowly begins to mold into shape.
I must accept my death.
But I am not ready for this.
Khivar just can’t win.
He’s killed thousands of people, both Antarian and human.
I can’t be a part of those statistics which he holds so dear.
I keep thinking how this cannot be.
How could he have gotten away with all he has done?

Did I just hear something.
“Didn’t you hear me?”
I guess I did.

I look up.
I stare straight into the eyes of my greatest nemesis.
My greatest enemy.
“Are you going to face me or cower like the chicken slut you are?”

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To A New World

Chapter Fourteen

My stance straightens.
I brace my body in case she decides to pull something.
I wish to God that I had my alien powers.
That I didn’t leave them in the body that is crumpled on the floor.

I hear some sizzling.
I look down and lift my hand slightly.
I’m giving off green sparks.
Thank God.

I lift my hand up in satisfaction.
A green spark shoots out from within me.
Bulls eye.
The power hits Tess with a splat on her chest.
She flies backwards landing on her bottom.

She shakes it off and stands back up.
“Is that all you got?”
She has great resilience I suppose.
Sparks start emerging from her skin.
As Michael would say, “I’m in deep shit.”

I hear some rock movement suddenly.
I turn towards the cave’s entrance.
It’s opening slowly.
Why would anyone be out here now?

My name is softly but strainfully voiced.
“Oh, God.”

Tears start falling freely from his beautiful amber eyes.
I feel his tears.
His wet streaks are also mine.

He is at my body’s side in a second.
He immediately places his gentle hands onto my chest.
His cries sound like loud pitiful moans wretchedness.
It’s a mixture of sadness, fear, guilt and most of all, love.

I have no clue on how he could concentrate on his healing attempts.
He looks to be concentrating so hard.
Oh, he is in so much pain.
All I want to do is hold him and make his hurt go away.

Tess’ laugh comes full force.
“The asshole actually fell for it.”
Realizing she spoke, I look at her blankly wondering what she was talking about.
She gestures at Max still smirking at the scene before her.
I look in that direction.

Oh, no!
Khivar’s still here.

“Max! Max!”
I scream until my chest aches and my face is blue.

Tess is finding this hysterical.
“He can’t hear you, dumb ass!
“You’re dead!
“And you’re supposed to be so smart!”

I look at Max pleadingly wishing she were wrong.
But she’s right.
He continues to look at my limp body in sorrow.


I watch as Max look up, surprise written across his face.
Then his expression changes in realization of this trap.

“We end this now.
“You’ll be following your lowly human mate very soon, Your Highness.”
Khivar sends out a jolt of energy.
Max quickly reflects it with his shield.
He covers both himself and my body with a dome.

I pray:
‘Max, please get through this.
‘Get out of here.
‘Go back to the children.
‘Grieve with them.
‘Help everyone cope.
‘Get my father through this rough time.’
I pray long and hard.

“You know that that will do no good, Liz.”
I reply in an even tone,
“Shut up, Tess.”
“Fine,” she replies.
“But I will find you again and we will finish what we started.
“Tell Max he will pay for giving my son up.”

I stare at her.
Is she leaving?
Is that why she’s here in the first place?
To avenge over Max giving Zan up?
She smirks in the direction of Max and Khivar.

“Since Max is coming, I might as well wait until your whole group is together.
“Then I will get my revenge.”
And she disappears from sight.
I watch as she turns into a shadowy image and then disappears all together.
I stare at where he stood for a moment.
She is so twisted.

I turn back toward Max upon hearing someone land on the ground.
My tear flowage rejuvenates.
Max is lying on the ground.
He lays beside my body.
Blood surrounds him.

Oh, God.
I gasp as pain, grief, and shock all come over me.
I run over to him.
I crouch down.
I move transparent hands over his body.
I concentrate hard.

Heal… heal.
I urge myself to use the powers he gave to me.
Nothing happens.

No light.
No flashes.
I can shoot at Tess but can’t heal my husband.
How does that work?

I grab at his shirt tightly.
My hand go straight through.
I can’t touch him.
I fall forwards and cry into his shirt.
No wet spots show but they’re there in essence.

I hear my name again.
It’s in more of a relieved tone than frightened.
Max’s voice is angelic.

I feel a hand on my shoulder.
I turn my tear-streaked face.
Max is glowing.
His eyes are shining in tears.
I stand slowly.

I grab onto him for dear life.
Or is it death?
Max holds me just as tightly.
We stand in each other’s arms in silence for what seems like forever.
Khivar is still around but we don’t care at the moment.
All we care about is each other.

A white light appears.
I admire it’s beauty.
Max is tugging me.
“Let’s go.”
He’s been here so many times that he knows what to do.
I nod slowly, still hiccupping from the earlier tear shed.
We clasp hands.

Elizabeth Parker Evans looks into the light and smiles at the familiar faces.
She knows that the people who remain on earth will be able to live on.

Maxwell Philip Evans guides him and his wife to the new world.
They will be together for all eternity.

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To A New World

Chapter Fifteen

The light is beautiful.
It is so white and peaceful.
I can stay in here forever.

Liz and I keep our hands clasped as we float through the light.
Not walk,
We can’t wait to see our friends.

All we see is bright light.
It can be blinding if our eyes had not adjusted.
We float on for five minutes.
The stop was so abrupt that we both nearly fall over.
We catch ourselves.
Our hands unconsciously hold on to each other more tightly.

We look around the new world.
It is clear and sunny.
Townspeople are bustling around us.
Each person seems to be at peace.

Liz is shifting from one foot to the other impatiently.
She gives me a peck on the lips.
She smiles broadly and says, “Let’s go find everyone.”
I nod and smile at her.

I can’t believe that she’s here.
I can’t believe that we are together.
We were both killed by Khivar in the same location.
I brush the thought aside.
We could think and discuss Khivar later.

I look at Liz.
She looks so at peace here already.
I give her a quick hug and kiss.
Then we walk through the quaint village.
Curiosity is strumming through my veins.

This place is so beautiful.
And I’m here with the most beautiful woman in the universe.
She seems to be concentrating very hard.

She’s looking at each person’s face carefully as we pass them.
I help her by also looking for familiar faces.
But each looks stranger than the last.
I grow more disappointed with each new face.
Do they live around here?
Did they even know that we were coming here today?

Liz seems to be getting more agitated too.
Her hand tightens more and more around mine.
It’s as if she is trying to break it.
I’m not saying that it hurts, though.
It feels like a strange tingling sensation is coursing through my hand.

After two hour of searching, I grow hungry.
I hear Liz’s stomach growl and smile in amusement.
“Hey, Babe, let’s get something to eat, kay?”
She nods slowly.
Okay, I guess we can take a break.”

We walk down the narrow street a little more.
I spot an outdoor café.
“Let’s go there.
“That way we can still look for the others.”
Liz’s eyes brighten slightly.
“That’s perfect.
“Great idea.”

We walk onto the patio where some tables were.
We take seats at a two- person table.
I reach across the table.
I grab Liz’s hand.
She smiles slightly.
She sighs.

I can tell she is disappointed.
We relax in silence.
We just enjoy our love’s company.

“Well, are you two just going to sit there?
“Or are you going to find the others?”
I look up.
Liz turns around in her seat.
Liz’s eyes light up in joy.

She jumps out of her chair.
Liz embraces her log lost family member.
“Oh, Honeybear.”
The reunion hug goes on for a few minutes.
They release one another at last.

Liz turns to me.
She holds her hand out.
I take it graciously.
I stand up.
I look at the woman that my wife is so fond of.
Claudia Parker.

She smiles brightly in my direction.
“Mrs. Parker.”
I return the greeting with a smile just a big.
“Oh, please, Max.
“We are in this world.
“We are not on Earth.
“Call me Claudia.”
I nod.

Liz’s smile reaches to her eyes easily.
“So Grandma,
“What is there to do around here?”
“Oh, anything you want to do is here, my dear.”
She replies lightly.
“I believe we should go and find some people who could enjoy a day with us.”

I am grateful to her suggestion.
At least someone knows where everyone is.
“Where is everyone?”
“Just follow me, Lizzie, Max.
“It’s not far from here.
“We will be there in no time.
“They should all be at home anyway.”

That’s what this new world is now.
As long as our family and our friends were here.

My stomach rumbles.
Well, there’s always time later to eat.

Well, here we go.
To see my parents.
I haven’t seen them since that fateful graduation.

To see my sister,
Whom I haven’t seen since we left her in Boston.
To see the Guerin’s and all the Valenti’s.
To see Liz’s mom.

What a reunion this is going to be.
In the new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Sixteen

What are we going to do?

That has been the question for the last month.
I sit here.
A heated rage comes on every so often.

It’s our job to fix what has happened on Earth.
To stop the Antarian invasion.
To stop the FBI’s cruel objectives.
To save the humans.
To save the universe beyond.
To save the future.
To enforce the status quo.

The problem is how to reach these goals.
How to stop the raging war.
The universal war.
Where innocent people are being killed each day.
Alien, human, and animal

The war where some of my dearest friends were killed…
Michael was killed.
My newfound friend Serena was also turned to dust.

I watched as each came to the new world.
Both happiness and fear were shown on their faces.
I welcomed all my friends as they came.
Only a few remain on Earth today.
I hope that they accomplish their goals before they reach the point that I am at.

I sigh in frustration over my lack of progress sin solving my problems.
I’m the whiz.
I should be able to figure this out.

I hear a squeal from the hallway.
Why did I let the Guerin’s step into my house?
Claire is sweet but she’s just like her mom.
She’s way too perky and talkative.

I hear someone running.
Heavy steps shake the ground.
I take a deep breath.
I prepare for the play zone.
I walk into the hallway.

Claire is running right at me.
I immediately take her into my arms.
I tickle her to my heart’s content.

“Uncle Alex!”
She whines my name over and over.
She giggles uncontrollably in between.
Finally, I put her down on her feet.

Just in time for her father to grab her himself.
She cries in joy

“Thanks for catching her, man.
“I would never have caught up to her.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
I reply smiling at the pair.
They could act so juvenile sometimes.
They are so happy together.

Claire spent too many days alone with me.
And now she has her family.
All snug and warm.
They do warm my heart at least.
Maybe that is why I let them live here.

Isabel also lives here.
We’re the best of friends.
She IS married.

The Valenti’s live down the street these days.
Yes, all generations in one house.
The Evans’ and Mrs. Parker live next door to me.
They have room for Max or Liz for when they come.
Claudia Parker lives in an apartment downtown.
She’s lived there even longer than I have.

I look in the hall mirror.
No point in doing that.
I look the same as I did when I arrived all those years ago.
It’s really for decoration.

“Hey, is anyone home?”
Claudia Parker’s voice rings through the rooms.
I smile slightly in amusement.
What is she planning now?
She’s always up to something.

I walk into the front hall.
“Grandma Claudia, hey.
“What brings you here?”

She replies cheerfully.
“Just bringing some newcomers by.
“Do you mind?”
“Not at all.”

Silently, I wonder what was going on.
It’s not like Claudia to play tour guide,
For that matter, why would she bring people here?

Arms come around me.
The tight cocoon is choking me.

I sputter and cough but her hug becomes even tighter.
“Hey, Honey, I think your suffocating him.”
King Max to my rescue.
My savior.
What else is new I ask you.

Liz’s arms loosen slightly.
“Alex, I missed you so much!”
“I missed you lots, too, Lizzie.”

I can see Max.
He’s trying to keep his laughter inside.
You could see his struggle.
It makes me want to laugh myself.
“This is so not funny, Max.
“A little help here.”
He nods slightly.
I can see he’s about to burst.

He pulls Liz off me.
“Finally I can breathe.”
I joke smiling at Liz.
My smile tells her that I’m not serious.

“Max, my hero.”
Max just shakes his head.
It was not that funny.

“I didn’t know you guys were coming in.
“And you came together?”
I should stop talking.
Shouldn’t babble so much.
“Not separately.”
Any minute now.
“Was it a car crash or something?”

Max’s face sobers visibly.
Liz’s eyes darken greatly.
I said a bit too much, I guess.
My warnings couldn’t even stop me.
Sore subject, I can tell.

“Not exactly.”
Max sighs.
“We have to stop someone.
“Before he hurts anyone else.
“Or he takes over Earth.”

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
I guess the new world isn’t a vacation anymore.

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To A New World

Chapter Seventeen

Here I can get any and all I want.
Tons of stuff

Izzy and I shop, like, hmm… everyday!
Me because I gotta keep my boy on his toes.
Her because…
Because she’s Isabel, Queen of Shopping.

She’s even helpful when I pick my outrageously sexy outfits.
Yep, that’s my new outlook on life.
I shop till I drop.

“Maria, I think you should think about wearing more than a boa.
“Michael might die of shock seeing you in that.”
It’s not like he can die.
I examine myself appreciating the lack of clothing.

“I think the boa is just enough.
And red definitely works.”
I giggle at Isabel’s apparent disgust from her mental images of Michael and I.

And you think “Isabel and Maria shopping TOGETHER?!”
Well, I do need a very female opinion.
Can’t let my Spaceboy get bored with me.

Serena is so not a “girly-girl” as she says it.
Watch as my fingers quote.
Nope, I can’t get her to shop.

That must be why she loves Kyle “the Dirt Boy” Valenti.
Just face it.
He smells funky.
And he’s my step-bro.

So that leaves Isabel.
She IS the expert.

I put the boa in a canvas bag.
I redress slowly.
Kinda like a reverse strip tease.
Iz just rolls her eyes.

“Let’s go already.”
Impatient much??
Just some lip-gloss
And, yeah

Ready to see my sweetie.
Okay, he’s not really a sweetie.
He’s my hot, sexy lover.
Is that what you wanna hear?
Let’s say it together,

We walk down the street to our house.
Yes, we live together.
Me and Izzy
One big happy family
Yeah, right.
It’s crazy to have only three bathrooms with five people having to use them constantly.

And all those visitors,
They practically live in my home.
Can’t a girl get some privacy?
We walk into the house.

Claire bounds up to me.
I, of course, give her a hug and a smooch.
“And how was your day?”
Uh, oh.
Big pouty lips
“What’s wrong now?”

She is so tiresome when she’s like this.
Isabel gives me a “you spoil her” look.
Hey, that’s MY baby I spoil.
And I didn’t get to spoil her before.

“Daddy said to stay outta the study.
“I wanna know what they’re doing in there.”
“So he and Alex are locked in the study, huh?”
Hide and seek, my ass.
Or they’re ditching the kid for male bonding.
Ooh, they are so going to get it.

“Uncle Max said that they had to talk about grownup stuff.”

Iz’s eyes bulge out.
So I must repeat,
“Uncle Max is here?”
Claire just bobs her head.

“He, Daddy, and Uncle Alex had to make some plan.”
I close my eyes.
Max is here.
Liz, my bf, is alone on Earth.
She’s, gulp, vulnerable.

“… and Aunt Liz told me to get a snack.”

Wait, did I miss something?
I open my eyes in an instant.
“Whoa, back up.
“Aunt Liz told you top get a snack?
“Aunt Liz is in this house?”

Claire sighs.

“That’s what I just told you.
“Sheesh, Mom.”
She takes my cheeks in her hands as she stands on her toes.
“Weren’t you listening?’
I didn’t get to reply.

I finally seemed to open my mouth as Isabel, who was shell-shocked, opened up.
“They’re here?
Her questions are driving me bananas.
Of course they’re here.
Didn’t she hear my and Claire’s conversation?

Of course, I don’t get to say that to her.
As soon as I open my mouth, again I must add, she flies out of the room.
Any guesses as to where she’s going?
Come on, I’ll give you one guess.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
Off to the study we go.

Instantly, she’s in my arms.
If she holds me any tighter, she’ll squeeze my guts out.
I heard, “She’s doing it again!”

Liz’s cheeks become rosier.
“Ha, ha!”
What a sarcastic reply.
I put on my best confused face.
She’s “doing it again.”
So don’t get that.
And I better soon.

Iz is hugging Max tighter than death itself.
I decide to put on my hundred-watt smile now.
“Hey, Max.”
Cheerful me, yea
Now let’s turn serious.

My face grows stern.
“Claire tells me you guys are having a “grownup” talk.”
I quote with my fingers again.
“So what’s going on?”

I put my hands on my hips.
This is going to be quite an interesting answer.
So let’s have it.

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To A New World

Chapter Eighteen

I glare at the guys one last time.

How dare they tell me how to hug my best friends?
Every last one of them deserves the evil eye.
By them I mean Michael,

And Max.
Yes, even my "darling" husband gets one.
He IS the one who started making fun of me.
So there.
Now back to the plan.

I divert my attention to Maria’s talking.
“…How can we do anything about Khivar if we’re up here?”
Was that blunt enough for ya?

I can tell Alex wants to reply.
Isabel beats him to the punch though.
“We could go into his dreams, couldn’t we?”
Alex smiles at her.

He is obviously so in love with her still.
Anyone half blind could tell.
The shine in his eyes just gives it away..
“That’s what we were thinking too.
“I think that’s the only link between the worlds.”
Alex, always the logical one.

Max then speaks up.
The pain in his voice makes my heart break at its sound.
“We would have to all connect to get onto the dream plane together.
“Then we have to find Khivar.
“IF we find him, IF, then we go for the kill.”
Ooh, tears enter my eyes just hearing him.
I want to take all his pain away.

Michael butts in with his thoughts.
“We kill him in the dream.”
He pauses for emphasis.
“We kill him physically too.
“I say the plan sucks but it’s the best we’ve got.”

I nod.
We are all in agreement.
I say just that.
“We’re all agreed then.”

Isabel looks around.
You can so tell she has something on her mind.
“When are we going to do this exactly?”
Told ya she was thinking about something.

We look at each other.
Max, leader and beloved husband answers her question.
“We do this tonight.
“We have one shot and it has to go perfectly.”

Maria glances at everyone.
”Should we tell everyone else?
“Kyle and Serena aren’t even here.”

I look hard at Max.
We need to visit everyone anyway.
He understands my thoughts and agrees.
“Liz and I will tell them.
“We should go visit them anyway.”

Isabel hugs Max again.
She whispers something into his ear.
I couldn’t hear what she said.
Max mumbles something back.
What are they saying???

Everyone else is leaving the room.
Maria gives me one last squeeze in silence.

I walk up to Max as Isabel leaves.
I embrace him for a long time.
“We will work this out.”
He broke the silence with that statement.

I reply in the same serious tone.
“I know.
“It has to.”

We have to save the Earth one last time.
To preserve it for the next generation is our duty.

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To A New World

Chapter Nineteen

“Damn it.”

I switch the lamp on.
It’s so frustrating.
Here I am with my wife.
In the bedroom

The house had seemed so quiet.
A pin drop could be heard.
And when Serena and I decide to do something about it,
Nope, no can do.

Talking and squealing is going on in the foyer.
No squealing in the BEDROOM.

This is what I get for living with my dad.
And Amy.
No privacy whatsoever.
Him and Amy are so loud ALL the time.
They drive me crazy.

I hear a giggle from below.
I glare at her.
I throw all my anger onto her.
It just makes her laugh louder.
What’s with this?

“That must be pretty painful.”
She’s pointing and I look to where her finger leads me.
I groan.
Time for a bathroom break.

“While you’re in there, I’ll see what’s up.”
I just give her another look.
My looks can kill you know.
She just bursts laughing again.
When she finally calms, she gives me her innocent smile.
She puts on her robe.
Then she’s gone.

I just sigh and head to the bathroom.
When will I get to have all the fun?

By the time I flush, I hear more giggling.
What’s with this house and giggling?
I roll my eyes as I reach for some sweats.

Some people…


I walk out of the bedroom and down the stairs.
And there they are.

Standing in this house.
And everyone’s catching up.
They’re talking to Serena, Jim, and Amy.

God, I’m interrupted JUST because Liz and Max decide to join the party?
That’s so not a good excuse for me having to relieve myself in the bathroom.
So I walk down the rest of the steps.

That’s Liz for you.
Wanna know what I replied?
Of course you do.

“Did I really have to get out of bed for this?”
Geez, that girl’s got an arm.

“Ouch, Serena!”
“Oh, please.
“Just shut your trap and hug them already.
“I didn’t punch you that hard.”

What can I say?
I just grumble and follow her orders.
Afterwards she pulls me back.

“It’s so good to see you guys.”
Serena, always the cheerful one.
And the optimistic one too.
Can’t forget optimistic.

“You, too.”
Liz replies kinda half-heartedly.
What’s going on?
“Uh, so what’s up?”

King Max takes action from there.
His highness of giving too much information.
And he lives to his rep.
“We have to save Earth.

My mouth drops open.
Is that all my mouth can say?
One worded answers?

Liz answers for Max.
“Khivar’s taken control.
“We have to stop him.”

“And how in Buddha’s name do we do that?”

They smile and look at one another.
They’re making me sick.
Shoot me now.

“In his dreams.”

Did I just hear ‘in his dreams’?
What the hell?

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To A New World

Chapter Twenty

Deep breaths…

Nope, these are not calming my nerves.
Who thinks they really do?
Breathing just makes me think of what I am about to do in a sharper focus.
It is up to me after all.
To connect everyone together in the dream plane is not a simple feat.

What if I blank out?
What if I betray everyone with Khivar?
No, I cannot do this.
I won’t do this.

I feel a hand touch my shoulder.
I glance to my left.
“Don’t blame yourself for what Vilandra did, Iz.
“You are not her, you are Isabel.
“Just remember that, okay?”

I look at Liz’s hard.
She stares back unwavering.
How did she know what I was thinking?

“That blank stare really can tell a million words you know.”
She cracks a light smile.
I smile back in understanding.
How was I so lucky in the sister-in-law lottery?
I sigh.

“I know I’m not Vilandra but sometimes I just can’t help thinking what if I am.”
Liz nods in understanding.
I take another deep breath.

I turn toward everyone in the room.
I have to do this for my child.
My little boy who is still on Earth.
For my brother’s children.
I have to do this for everyone’s children.

I straighten my back slightly in a take-charge fashion.
The talking ceases around me.
We all sit on the floor in a circle.
Another deep breath and I start.

I take Liz’s hand in my right.
Alex’s hand is grasped in my left.
Is he staring at my hand?
I look up at him abruptly.
He instantly shifts his gaze to Maria who is next to him.
What was that about?
I put the thought aside temporarily as I close my eyes.

I clear my mind.
All I think of is Khivar’s face.
Every little contour comes into a distinct focus.
The others have their faces scrunched in concentration.
I know that they are picturing the same image in their minds.

I search through the depths of my mind to reach the dream plane.
I sense Khivar around me.
I don’t know how, but I just have this instinct.
I know this is the exit into his mind.
So I walk through the “doorway.”

Khivar is sitting on a throne.
He’s giving orders all while smiling evilly about himself.
He glares as each servant acknowledges his orders.

I grow angry at the sight.
Is this his plan for Antar?
To be the dictator?
My hands tighten into fists at the thought.
Not if I can help it, Khivar.
I look on for several minutes.

Suddenly, the others appear before me.
There’s Liz and Max.
Next to them are Kyle and Serena.
Michael, Maria, and Alex complete our octet.
And with them, our circle reemerges.

We’re all holding hands again ‘Ring around the Rosie’ style.
What’s with that?
My hands are getting all sweaty from this contact.
Do we really need this contact?

I nod toward Max.
He nods at Michael.
One of Michael’s hands leaves the circle.

He let go of Serena.
I hold my breath in anticipation.
This is really happening.
Khivar is going to be defeated after so many years.

Michael holds his hand out as his energy is pooled together.
Sweat appears on his brow as his concentration on his power deepens.

Tick toc.
Tick toc.


The energy is released.
And what a sight.
Sight, yeah right.
Smoke is everywhere.
I cannot see a thing for the life of me besides gray and fog.

Why won’t the air clear already?
Maybe it’s magnified in dreams.
A person can dream, right?

Ho hum…
The air is slowly clearing.
I scrunch my eyes as I look around me.

No way…

A red shield stands in front a very entertained and perfectly unaffected Khivar…

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To A New World

Chapter Twenty-One

“I applaud your attempts, Rath. It is a shame you chose to stay on the losing side. If you had chosen mine, you could have been great.”

Michael looks at Khivar in disgust. “I could never join your side.”

“True. You are much too loyal to King Zan here.” No one could believe this guy. Was he for real?

A voice enters each person’s mind, a deep voice.

“At the count of three, we shoot together at the shield.”

Everyone looks at one another in aghast. How can Max talk inside their minds? This has never happened before. Kyle slaps his head on its side to make sure he isn’t imagining anything.

Did Max actually say that aloud and not inside their heads? No, Khivar would have heard and reacted in some way. Whether by a shift in his facial expression or an attack, Khivar would have let them all know that he had heard Max. Realization comes to each at the same time. They all stare into the shield and nod slightly in a silent agreement.


Energy begins to pool together within each body.


The energy in each body meets at one location — into the five fingertips of the right hand.


Multi-colored bolts of energy are thrown out simultaneously. Each hits the shield in a different location.

Khivar stumbles slightly at the sudden shot of power. The shield waivers faintly but continues to stand strong. Khivar steadies himself easily. A smug smile appears on his face.

The Pod Squad and Company slump in exhausted defeat. They are failing miserably and know it. Each looks down in terrible sorrow.

“Well, well, well, I told you we would meet again, Liz.”

Liz did not even bother looking up. She is beginning to get pissed. Her pulse starts to throb throughout every inch of her body. Everyone notices Liz’s sudden transformation.

Even Tess detects the sudden change in the air around them. She cowers considerably in an unknown fear.

Max looks at his wife in shock and confusion. Through their connection he can feel the sudden changes. He could feel her sudden determination. Her anger is becoming clearer as it is now being aimed at both Khivar and Tess. Her hope, love, and desire are all shining in the background. Max and Liz hold onto to each other mentally in newfound strength. They revel in their renewed power. Max’s spirit is now rehabilitated.

“Tess, what the fuck do you want?”

Six heads shot up in surprise. Liz is the only one not shocked by her husband’s sudden outburst. She herself had contributed to his voluminous vocation.

Max’s voice had so much venom and hatred. His words had bellowed out of his tiring frame. The words were so strong that even his best friends and family would beg for mercy if he sentences were directed at them.

But that wasn’t what made everyone gawk in awe. No, something else was pushing them to the edge. Max just SWORE.

Tess just stares for a moment to recompose herself. She has never heard Max speak to her in that way, not even the fateful day in the granolith. She collects herself slowly. She finally starts to speak, a tremble is evident in her voice. She forces the words out of her mouth with as much command as her petite body can handle anyway.

“I told Liz the last time that I would be back. You gave my son to strangers, Max. I asked you to take care of him but no, you took the easy way out of it and gave him up. He was an innocent boy, Max who deserved his father’s love and care since I was too DEAD to take care of him. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have children of your own with this, this measly human. You gave up strength for weakness, Max. You must pay for what you have done.”

She continues gaining courage with the stillness around her. “But I can see that dear Khivar here is doing a fine job for me. Although he rejected me on Antar, killing you eight will surely give him my full forgiveness.” Tess stands arrogantly because everything was finally going so well for her.

“On the contrary, your Highness, I do not wish for your forgiveness.” Khivar’s sudden reply made everyone jump.

“You shall be joining you little friends, Ava.” Tess looks at Khivar confused at his proclamation.

Michael laughs aloud for what he thought that sentence implied to. “How can she join us? You cannot do anything, we are all already dead. She,” he says pointing toward Tess, “belongs to Satan already anyway and he deserves her.”

Michael rolls his eyes at Khivar and mentally pats himself on the back for voicing the obvious to everyone.

Seven people glare at him to shut up instead of commending him.

“What?” Michael barks wondering silently why they thought he said something wrong. Maria slaps him upside the head. How could he be so stupid as to say something like that aloud?

“Rath, dear, boy, always speaking before thinking has been your greatest weakness. It is true; I cannot kill any of you since you all have already had that pleasure. I have a better plan instead.”

“You nine shall become slaves of my mind. No one will ever leave its confinement. You will all do my bidding for all eternity and never be able to return to your bodies on your ‘new world.’” Khivar is very proud about his announcement. No one saw that coming.

Tess’ jaw drops in astonishment. “You, you… it’s impossible. No one can enslave with their mind.” No way was she staying in this bastard’s mind forever.

“Ah, my dear, you are terribly wrong. I can indeed keep you all here to never awaken again in your precious worlds.

“My, my, what will people think when they hear that King Zan is serving Khivar. The entire royal family is to serve me. And those people shall serve me in return.”

While he was speaking the shield began to lower gradually. Khivar is comfortably sure that they all were too weak at the moment to be a lethal threat of any kind.

Each one clung to their significant others: Max to Liz, Kyle to Serena, Michael to Maria, and surprisingly, Alex to Isabel. Tess was left to the vast space around her.

‘This shall be quite fun,’ Khivar thought to himself, ‘imagine what I could do with these women. Vilandra and Ava, I can care less about but the other three —each are spunky fresh meat just for me.’

Khivar speaks aloud, “This one, I shall take her to the recesses of my mind first.” He points at Liz. She clutches Max tighter in response. “After all this action, you will do me good.”

“I’ll never sleep with your dirty ass,” Liz spat.

Khivar looks at Max who is giving him a murderous look. “Spiteful, isn’t she? I can’t see how you could ever control her, Zan, though she must be great in bed.”

Max’s eyes flame in anger as Khivar grabs Liz by her ponytail.

Liz yelps due to the sudden pain. “You monster!” she snarled. She begins to pool the little energy she is currently surviving on. No way can she stand for this. It does not matter that everyone has given up. She’ll do this herself if she has to. Uncontrollable green sparks begin to surface. Liz takes aim. But she never has the chance to shoot at him.

A blue light comes out of nowhere and envelops Khivar. He lets go of Liz abruptly and collapses. He disappears without another word.

Another stream of blue surrounds Tess. Black streaks are mixed in. Tess does not seem to be surprised by this. She stamps her feet in frustration.

“Damn!” she whined. “This is not over. This will never be over.” She disappears before their very eyes.

“What happened?” Maria is the first to question the past few minutes events. “God, where’s my cedar oil when I need it. Spacebooooy!” She moans on. “Maaax! What the hell? Who the hell?”

Alex speaks up the first chance he gets after Maria closes her mouth. “I think we all want to know what has happened.” He looks pointedly at Maria. “But we have to calm down to figure this all out.”

Maria stamps her foot and clings to Michael before nodding in agreement. Everyone else agrees to think calmly immediately.

Kyle speaks for the first time in a while. “Can we get out of here first? This place is kind of creepy.”

“Iz, can we get out of here,” Max asks just as desperately as Kyle sounded.

“Yeah, let’s just hold hands and we can get back.” She says nothing more. Hands quickly grab at another. Getting out of Khivar’s mind as soon as possible is their top priority.

And they are home. Eyes slowly open. Confusion fills the air.

“You know, I have never seen blue power like that before,” Serena breaks the muteness with her observation.

“That’s because it isn’t normal.”
Everyone turns toward the unfamiliar voice’s owner.

Questions now fill the air about this unexpected guest in the new world.

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To A New World

Chapter Twenty-Two

“And who are you?”

This blond is staring at me like I have grown an extra head.
Hmm, I wonder if I could?

The man with the same amber eyes as mine calls out this name.
It is more a statement than a question.
My father.

“That name is nice and all but I rather go by Caleb.
“My name is Caleb Andersen.”

All eight look at me wide-eyed.
It seems that that is all they do.

“But you’re not human.”
The tall brunette looks at me in disbelief.

Well, it seems I can’t get a word in.
The man with the messed up hair speaks.
“Max, it’s your kid.
“Fuck, it’s your kid.”
Can’t this guy say anything else?

“How is it possible that you’re alien?”
This petite brunette comes straight to the point.
I guess they are all sure about who I am.
I am this Zan.

I can see that I already like this woman.
And Max, my father, and her seem to have something going on.
You can just tell by their body language toward each other.
They protect one another.
They compliment each other.

“It happened during my adolescence.”
She nods.
“That kind of makes sense.”
She is so calm about this.
Hmm, I wish she was my birth mom.

“How’d you do that blue thingie?”
Ahh, the lanky guy speaks.

“It’s my power.
“I blow people and things up from the inside.
“There aren’t any explosions.
“Just disappearances;
“What’s left is so tiny that it can’t be seen with the naked eye.”

Now everyone looks intrigued.
Why did I come here again?

The blond who spoke to me first comes up to me.
“Ooh, another Max.
“What will this world come to?”
She embraces me tightly.
She doesn’t even know me and she’s already hugging me.
“Oh, I’m Maria.”

She let’s go of me slowly.
“You make me feel so old.
“You’re Max’s son but you’re an adult.
“I’m getting gray hairs from this.”

She goes on and on and never stops.
How does she do that?
Anyways, she must be old.
I’m twenty-seven after all.
She must be at least fourty-five.

Then, Max comes up to me.
Uh, that guy’s getting pretty teary-eyed.
“I never thought I’d see you again.
“If I ever did, I was going to ask if you had a good life?”
“That I made the right choice in giving you up?”

I wipe a tear off my face.
This is my father.
I’m actually standing in front of the man who took part in my birth.
My paternal father.

“I had a great life.
“You did make the right decision.
“Although I didn’t always think so, I do understand why you made it now.”

I crack a smile.
It’s the least I can do.
He hugs me tightly in return.
But, then, he pulls back abruptly.

“You’re still so young.”
I nod not knowing where that sentence is going to take us.
“Why… how did you end up here?”

Everyone around us gasps in realization.
They just figured out that I’m kinda not alive anymore.
Why are they around us still?
Don’t they have lives to attend to?

How can I tell him, my father, this?
Will he be guilty or angry or neither?
I don’t know how he will react.
I don’t know this man at all.

“I was, er… searching for answers.”
He’s trying to push me along.
He wants to get the answers out of me.
“Yeah, about, uh, you and my birth mom.”

I lower my head.
Max closes his eyes.
You can see he’s trying to control his temper.
And keeping the guilt down, too.
Everyone walks away at this point.
I think they finally realize that this is a private conversation.

Before the petite woman leaves, she gives Max a soft kiss on the forehead.
I can tell she’s trying to soothe him.
She whispers into his ear.
In reply, I can hear him say, “I love you, forever.”
She walks away.

Now I’m alone with this man.
What is he going to do?

“Did you find your answers?”
He speaks to me quietly, a little strain is in his voice.
His teeth are clenched but he’s still pretty calm.

“I did find stuff about you.”
But not about your mother?”
“No, where is she?”
He closes his eyes in pain.,

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that.
I am about to say never mind when he answers.
“Your mother was very troubled.”

He sighs.
“She loved you deeply, always know that.
“But she only cared about herself.”

I have to ask this.
Why was my father with her then?
“Did you love her?”

He sighs again starting to sound tired.
“I loved her for giving you to me.
“No, I did not love her.”

I close my eyes.
So I wasn’t born out of love.
I shouldn’t have expected it.
So what?

“Where is she?”
I repeat my original question.

He replies right away with no emotion or hesitation.
“You see, she killed a good friend of mine.
“All she wanted was to get home.
“To go home to Antar at any and every cost.
“She didn’t care what got in her way as long as she got there.
“And she got her wish.”

“Then what happened?”

“She gave birth to you.
“You were born on Antar.
“You were to be the future king there.
“You were human though and rejected.”

Max closes his eyes again.
That must have been a troubled time for him.
And it’s my fault.
I was born and not wanted.

“Don’t blame yourself.
“None of this was your fault.”

He knew I was playing the guilt card.

“I feel guilty all the time.
“I shouldn’t.
“Not everything is my fault.
“But I feel it anyway.
“I guess you got that trait from me.”

He then continues on with the story.
“She came back to Earth.
“She died to save you from the FBI.
“That is the one right thing she ever did.”
I can tell it was hard for him to tell me this story.

I am ready to hug him but he blurts something out.
“She was the one you shot today.”

I freeze.
I sent my own mom back to the hell that was now her home.
That bitch was my mother.
The one who gave birth to me.

“Don’t hate her, Caleb.”
He says those words so softly to me.
But not hating her is so hard.
How can I?

I shot her to save the Earth.
I sent her back to her own world to save this world.
And I embrace that fact.

As Caleb Andersen, I accept who I am.


And so this tale has ended.
People come and go.
Just know this:
Someone is always waiting for you.
You are always wanted.

I am Alexander Charles Whitman.
I am waiting here hoping to see you one day.

I just wanted this posted somewhere all together... yeah and it is FINISHED! Yay! I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as I did writing it... *big*