posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:31:28 PM
The Summer That Changed Everything

Author: Kari

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Disclaimer: Do I really need to tell you that I don’t own anything Roswell-related? Cause I don’t. None of us do. It’s a sad, sad world…

Part One

Liz Parker here. Small town girl extraordinaire. And I’m about to head out on the biggest journey of my life. Me and seven of my best friends are going on a road trip from Seattle to Miami.

We’ve all been planning this and looking forward to this since junior high…and now…we’re high school graduates. We have a whole summer of fun and friendship ahead of us before we have to all go off our separate ways to college or real life. Before we take that big step out into the world, alone.

Maria will be going to New York to pursue a singing career. Michael will be going to study art in Paris. Max is going to go to UCLA, but he doesn’t know what kind of career he wants. Isabel is going to go to become a lawyer. Kyle is going to open his own garage. Tess is going to start up her own fashion line. Alex is going to do some technical computer thingy that none of us understand. And I’m going to go to Harvard to become a molecular biologist.

We all know that this summer may very well be the last time that the eight of us will be together. This may be our last one big hoorah, you know? So we have to make the best of it.

We’ve decided to do this diary/journal thing. This notebook that I’m writing in now will go with us on our trip. Everyone has to write in it and everyone has to be honest.

The thing that I wonder is…after the summer is over, who gets to keep this? We’re all gonna want it. Oh well, we can deal with that when the time comes. Right now I want to write down some of the plans we’ve made for our trip.

We know for sure that we are going to go bungee jumping and sky diving. I want to see the Sears Tower, so we’ll have to stop in Chicago. Michael wants to see a rodeo. We are going to go camping a lot of the time too. Oh, and Maria wants to try to find a ‘real’ haunted house.

But for the most part…we’re just going to hit the road and go where the wind takes us, you know? We’re just going to be ‘free spirits’, as Maria would say.

Right now everyone else is packing. Me? I’ve been done packing for over a year now. That sounds really pathetic, now that I’ve written it down and can see it front of me on paper. Oh well.

I guess I should get some sleep. We leave tomorrow! We’re taking Michael’s pickup and Mr. Evans’ big camper thingy.

Ok, I’m really going to stop writing now and try to sleep. Try. Ha! I won’t sleep a wink.

This summer…this summer is going to be perfect. I just know it.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:32:51 PM
Part Two

And…we’re off! No, not really. We’re all still hanging out in the Evans’ driveway, trying to get all the girls’ luggage packed into the camper or the pickup. But it just ain’t working.

Oh, Alex here. Yup, me, the one that is going to go off and do the technical computer thingy that no one understands, as Liz so wonderfully put it.

I’m sitting on the front porch, writing, while Kyle and Michael try to convince Tess and Maria to leave some stuff behind. And from the way Maria just stomped off and is sniffing cedar oil like she needs to get a high off it…I’d say Michael has been unsuccessful, but has pissed off Maria. They’re actually quite amusing to watch. Kyle seems to have had a little luck though, cause it looks like Tess is going to leave behind a suitcase.

Isabel, surprisingly, packed light. And so did Liz. But Liz always was the practical and economical one in our group.

And us guys? Give us a fresh change of boxers and a toothbrush, and we’re ready to go. Kidding. We really did pack more than that.

We all packed two changes of underwear.

Oh, uh, everyone is starting to say goodbye to their parents, who are spread out across the lawn, so I guess it’s time to go…please excuse me while I go say bye to the ‘rents.


Ok, I’m in the camper, sitting at the tiny little table, and we’re about to head on out of Seattle. I can’t believe this is really happening! We’ve all been dreaming about this and waiting for this for years, and now…it’s just hard to soak in, you know?

Max is in the cab of the camper, so I guess he’ll be driving it, at least at first. And Michael is driving his pickup. Maria, Kyle, and Tess are with Michael. Isabel and Liz are back here with me in the camper. Thank God or Buddha or Satan, or whoever you pray to, that Kyle and Tess aren’t here with me.

They’re like bunny rabbits…always trying to go at it. It’s quite sickening, really.

Um, back to the road trip…we’ve gone down the driveway and we’re heading down the road. We’re really doing this. Wow.

Oh, uh, Isabel is begging to write in here, so I guess I’ll give her the notebook.

Peace out! XOXOXO

-Alex C. Whitman
posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:34:10 PM
Part Three

Well, we’re off. I didn’t want to admit it to the others before, but I’m really excited about this trip. I haven’t had a lot of time to hang out with my friends the past year…what with cheerleading, student council, and trying to keep up with latest in clothing and hairstyles…

But this summer I’m going to kick back, relax, and just enjoy myself. I need to be free, something I don’t think I’ve ever truly allowed myself to be before. After all, if I don’t relax and just have fun this summer, when will I? In law school? Ha. Hardly…

And don’t even get me started on how much I’m starting to not look forward to that…

But back to the topic at hand…our road trip! I have no idea where our first stop is going to be, and frankly I don’t care. I’ll be with my best friends in the whole world, and I’ll know I have a whole summer ahead of me with them.

Nothing can bring me down now. Nothing.

Except…hold on…be right back…


Well this is just perfect! Fifteen minutes from home and we have a flat tire! Max had to call our parents to come out with a spare. I’m sitting on the side of the road now, writing, as I watch my dad, Michael, and Max ATTEMPT to change the tire. You’d think three grown men wouldn’t have a problem with doing something like that.

Maybe we’re going to have send Alex and Kyle in to help.

Ah, never mind, I think they got it.

We’re off again!


Well, no one else has written in here yet, but we’ve been on the road for a whole afternoon and evening now. We stopped off for lunch at a rest stop at about 3 pm, and then continued on, not finding anywhere interesting to stop and sight see. We stopped at a small roadside diner for dinner, and now we’re off again. In a few hours we’re going to stop at a campground and set up our tents.

This should be interesting… Me? Camping? I can almost guarantee that everyone else is placing bets on how long I’ll last ‘roughing it in the wild’. I’ll just have to show them that Isabel Evans is a bit more complex than they thought.

In fact, I think we’re all going to learn a lot about each other this summer.

Like Liz said…this summer is going to be perfect.

-Isabel A. Evans
posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:35:41 PM
Part Four

Camping. You wouldn’t think it’d be THAT hard for some people to do.

You’d be wrong.

We arrived at the campsite and almost immediately we knew we were in trouble. Why?

Spaceboy forgot to pack the tents.

He kind of just looked around at us and said, “Oops.”

OOPS! Oops doesn’t cut it, buddy! Urgh, I had to sniff my cedar oil for like 15 minutes because that LUGHEAD has to mess up everything!

Well, we managed to decide on who would sleep where in the camper and the truck, which are convenient, but NOT made for eight people to comfortably sleep in. After the sleeping arrangements were made, us women decided to take it upon ourselves to relax while the guys made dinner.

What? We all need to embrace the changing roles of men and women in this time of new and exciting sociological change.

Or so my mom has told me.

Anyway, Liz, Tess, Isabel, and I sat around a fire that Kyle had so graciously built for us and we talked. It was nice, finally being able to sit and talk to my three best girl friends without one of us having to run off to do homework, to work, or to go to an interview for a college. We just kicked back and relaxed…until Alex started his shoes on fire.

Yeah…that…was not good. Smelled pretty bad too. Burning Nikes are NOT on my list of soothing and calming odors.

As for Alex’s feet, they’re ok, thank goodness. But our steak tasted like shoes.

Well, after that bit of excitement, we were all tired. It had only been our first day on the road, and already we were exhausted and ready to just collapse into whatever dreams were ready to embrace us. But we all needed to pee.

So us girls took it upon ourselves to find the public restrooms that were supposed to be down this one path near the campsite, while the guys just went all cavemen and peed in the bushes. Anyway, according to the brochure we had gotten months ago for the campsite, the path we took would take us directly to the restrooms in a 10 minute walk.

We walked for two hours.

And we really really really had to pee.

Finally, ignoring my internal voice yelling at me that I was being barbaric, I just went in the grass, off the side of the path. The other girls did the same.

I hope to Buddha (do I sound like Kyle, or what?) I never have to do that again. Talk about gross and unsanitary!

Well, after that it was decided that it would be pointless to continue to try and find the restrooms, and the guys were probably worried sick about us, so we headed back down the path at a jog.

Lucky for us…our flashlight went out. So there we were, stuck in the middle of the forest, a forest home to hundreds of wild animals, not excluding bears, in the middle of the night, in the dark.

I think I was sniffing my cedar oil so hard I just sniffed it all right up my nose. I’m not kidding…I was so freaked out and on edge. I was even hoping that big, dopy, long-haired, arrogant, rude Spaceboy would come save us.

But of course, Michael can’t be counted on for ANYTHING, and so us four girls had to stumble along, all of us in tears, back to the campsite. I’m seriously amazed we survived, much less found our way back to the guys. Immediately Alex was at Isabel’s side, Max at Liz’s, and Kyle at Tess’s.

Where was Michael?


Of course.

Count on the jackass to be sleeping instead of worrying about where I’d been for the past few hours.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:36:49 PM
Part Five

This diary/journal thing is such a dumb idea. I mean really, like it’s not bad enough that I have to go off to college in Paris soon and work my ass off, now I’m supposed to write during the summer?!

All I have to say is:

Maria, stop calling me Spaceboy!

And hey, excuse me for falling asleep while you and the girls were out peeing. I didn’t know I had to stay awake for that!



To be continued...