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Summary: I don’t know entirely where this is going to all I can tell you is that it takes place on Antar.

“Yes Commander we have infiltrated the base and we are gathering our prisoners as we speak.” A tall man with brown eyes and raven hair spoke into his communicator.

“Well done Mervoy. Report back when your mission objectives are complete.” A strong voice came over the communicator.

“Yes Commander.” The man known as Mervoy Lewis responded to his superior and one the men he respected most.

“Sir you might want to see this.” A young soldier told Mervoy as he put his communicator away. Mervoy followed the younger, smaller man to a remote room off of the main room of the enemy base.

“What’s in there?’ Mervoy asked the soldiers standing around him.

“You won’t believe it sir.” The young soldier responded as he opened the door to reveal its contents to Mervoy. Mervoy looked into the room and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Wow. Dobbs who all knows about this?” Mervoy asked looking to the three soldiers looking at him.

“Just myself, Marling, and Striker, and now yourself sir.”

“This is now deemed classified. None of you will ever mention this to anyone other than myself, the Commander, or the King himself. Do you understand?” Mervoy looked sternly at the three soldiers; they were good men and great soldiers. All three saluted him and shook their heads in understanding.

“We’ll need to transport the cargo to headquarters immediately. Striker I need you to go get a transport. Dobbs, Marling you two stay here and guard this door. I will go seal off this wing so no one will disturb us. I will send the other troops on back to base with their prisoners and any information that we have recovered. When Striker comes back with the transport I want you three to load the cargo, then Dobbs you and Striker should head back to headquarters. Marling and I will remain behind everyone and see to it that the last objective of this mission is accomplished.” Mervoy instructed his soldiers. Marling just smiled he was happy that he was going to be the one to blow this shit-hole off the planet.

Mervoy looked back into the room one last time then walked off to seal off the wing. “Unbelievable” was the last thing the three soldiers heard before they split up into their groups to get the cargo ready for transport.

Michael had just walked into the dining hall to have dinner with Max, Isabel, and Tess when he was approached by one of his soldiers. The other three people in the dining hall watched as Michael listened to the man then looked up at them shook his head and walked out.

“We never get to see him anymore.” Isabel sighed as she began eating her salad.

“Well this war keeps him pretty busy.” Max said knowing that it wouldn’t make his sister feel any better.

“I know, it’s just at least I’d like to see him for a meal every once in a while.” Isabel poked her salad with deadly intent while Tess and Max watched, both of them felt the same but with the war Michael spent most of his time with his men.

Michael took a transport from the palace to his military headquarters. Upon entering the base he was saluted by his men as he passed by. Some of the newest recruits hadn’t seen the great Commander Guerin before and stood saluting the man with a look of awe on their faces. Michael found Mervoy waiting for him.

“Mervoy, I assume mission is accomplished? I won’t have to worry about that base any longer?” Michael asked as he walked next to his right hand man.

“Yes sir the base no longer exists.” Mervoy told Michael. “But we found something very interesting.” Mervoy lead Michael to the restricted area of the base. Michael looked puzzled but followed. The two men walked down several corridors until they came to a large guard watching a door. “Stand down Striker.” The man did as he was told and watched as his Captain opened the door for the Commander to see inside.

Michael walked into the room and looked around, something was wrong.

“Where’s the power signatures?” Michael asked looking around the room.

“Sir they’re humans.” Mervoy informed Michael. Again Michael sweeped the room and found not a single bit of power signature on the beings.

“You’ve classified this correct?” Michael asked and watched as Mervoy shook his head yes. “How many know?”

“Myself, Striker, Dobbs, and Marling. All good and loyal sir.”

“Good. I’m going to call the King.” Michael said as he left the room. The guard resumed his position to at the door. Michael walked several paces from the men and took out his communicator.

“Max I think you should come over to the base. There’s something you need to see.” Michael informed his leader and best friend.

“I’m on my way.” Max responded.

Max made it to the base in 20 minutes and was lead to the restricted area. When Max and the soldier leading him made it to the door that entered into the restricted area the soldier stopped.

“I’m sorry your heinous I cannot go any further. Commander Guerin said that I should lead you here and someone else will take you to him once you’ve entered.” The soldier bowed and watched as Max put his palm to the door and was granted access. On the other side of the door another soldier bowed to him.

“Your majesty. Commander Guerin has asked me to escort you to him.” Max knodded his to the man and followed him down a series of halls. When Max caught sight of Michael he noticed the look of amazement and awareness.

“Commander what do you have for me?” Max asked in what Isabel and Tess called his leadership voice.

“Look at this.” Michael said as he instructed Striker to open the door. Max walked into the room and scanned, his reaction was much the same as Michael’s.

“Where are they’re power signatures?” Max asked looking to Michael.

“They don’t have any, they’re humans.” Michael informed Max. Max just turned back to the room that held around 10 or so people…humans.

“How many are there?” Max asked.

“Nine of them your heinous.” A man that Max hadn’t noticed answered.

“Thank you….”

“Mervoy your heinous.” Mervoy supplied for his King. Max continued to stare at the group. One of the female humans stood up.

“Are you just gonna stare at us and walk out too? All you people seem to do is gawk at us then walk back out!” She ranted. Max looked at her she was amazing looking. Michael growled beside him and Max looked over at his friend.

“Its okay Commander. They don’t know who I am.” Max informed Michael.

“I don’t care who you are mister! God at least we got food at that other hell hole!” She continued to rant while another a male next to her stood up and tried to get her to sit down.

“Maria stop.” He said into her ear.

“No Kyle I will not stop. I’m sick of this.” She tried to push him away. All the other humans in the room tried to get as far away from her as possible. They didn’t want to be punished along with the girl for her actions.

“Forgive me. You are right I’m sure you are very hungry. I will have someone bring you some food. I’d like to introduce myself. I am Max.”

“Well then um thank you Max. The food is very nice of you.” With that she allowed herself to be pulled back down to be seated.

“Not at all. You’ll have to excuse us, it’s just that we have never seen humans before and it was a little bit of a shock.” Max tried to explain to the room. All the others in the room seemed to cower when he looked their way. All of them but the blonde from before and the male that sat beside her, both of them seemed to scowl. “Well I should be going, I will have someone bring your food as soon as possible.” Max told the group then walked out signaling to Michael to follow. “We should discuss this with Isabel and Tess.” Max said as he let Michael lead the way out of the restricted area, stopping long enough so they could instruct Mervoy to feed the humans.

The transport back to the palace was quiet. Once back at the palace the two went and found Isabel and Tess to have a meeting with. Once everyone was in Max’s private office they began talking.

“Max what in the world is this about I was just about to go to a dress fitting.” Isabel huffed as she took a seat on the couch in the office where Tess was already sitting.

“Well we have a small situation. Today Michael’s troops uncovered something at one of Khivar’s bases.” Max began.

“What? What did they find?” Tess asked.

“Humans.” Max informed them. The two girls just looked back at him for several moments.

“Humans? As in from another planet?” Tess asked.

“Since there aren’t any Antarian humans then that’d be a yes.” Michael told Tess sarcastically which earned him a glare from her.

“What are they doing here?” Isabel asked.

“We don’t know. We’ll have to interrogate them further. Perhaps you can get some information from the blonde one Michael.” Max suggested.

“That one is nuts. She’s just as likely to try and kill me.” Michael told Max.

“Sounds like a smart human to me.” Tess retorted under her breath but Isabel heard and giggled.

“ We need to figure out what to do with them.” Max said as he looked over at the two girls giggling.

Back at the base the humans had finished eating.

“What are they going to do with us.” One of the adult humans were asking as they paced around.

Maria, Kyle, Alex and Liz sat in a corner talking quietly. One of the men walked up to them.

“You…you better start watching your mouth girlie. I’m not going to be punished or killed because of your smart mouth. You better learn where your place is.” The man sneered as he looked down. Maria stood up in front of him.

“If you want to just sit back and take it then that’s fine but I’m not going to. If they are going to kill me they’re gonna have to fight me.” She bit out. The man pulled back his hand but Kyle stood up behind her. Although he was younger than the man Kyle was in good shape. The older man sneered.

“You’re lucky your boyfriend here was watching you, but he won’t always be around.” They were interrupted from any further arguments when the door opened and the man scurried away to hide. Kyle and Maria remained standing not letting the aliens get the satisfaction of scaring the poor humans. They watched as the man Max and that other mean looking alien walked in.

“I hope everyone found the food edible enough. I wondered if I might speak with you?” Max asked looking at the girl from earlier. He had thought about talking to someone less hostile but he knew any of the others would be too scared to hold a conversation with him. Even as dangerous as she seemed he knew she was the best bet.

“She doesn’t go anywhere without me.” The boy behind her spoke up. Max looked to Michael. Michael just knodded.

“Very well, you both may come.” Max said then turned to walk out of the room hoping that the two humans were following. Michael waited for the two humans to walk out then followed behind watching carefully for any signs that they may attack his King. The four walked to a room just down the hall and entered shutting the door behind them.

“Make yourselves comfortable if you would like.” Max said as he sat down at the table in the middle of the room. The two humans looked around the room and then decided to sit. “My name is Max and I am King of this planet.” He began. Both Kyle and Maria looked at the way he was dressed in a pair of Black Leather like pants and a black button down. Max watched them look him over. “Guess I don’t look much like a King.” Max confessed as he used his normal voice instead of the “leadership” voice.

“Do you have names?” Max asked.

“I’m Maria.” The girl spoke up.

“Kyle.” The boy replied.

Max couldn’t help but stare into the eyes of the girl. The girl noticed this.

“What the hell are you staring at?” She asked Max annoyed.

“I’m sorry it’s just your eyes. They are beautiful. I’ve never seen green eyes before. On Antar we have brown eyes, except for people of noble blood they can have brown, hazel, or blue. Yours are an amazing color of green. I’m sorry for staring.”

“Yah, well don’t. It makes me self conscious.” Maria said as she looked around the room her eye landing on Michael. “Does he ever speak, or is he limited to barking orders?” Maria asked.

“I only speak if it someone worth speaking to.” Michael retorted and smirked at the human girl. Max shook his head and continued to try to talk to the two humans.

“How long have you guys been here?”

“I don’t know I guess about six months. Liz would know she keeps track of all that kind of stuff.” Maria replied off handily as she continued to gaze around the room.

“Where are you from?”

“Earth.” Kyle spoke this time. There was a knock on the door and Michael opened it slightly to talk quietly with the person on the other side. Michael turned back around to the room.

“Your majesty everything is ready.” Michael informed Max.

“Thank you. Okay here’s the deal. We are going to move all you from this location to the palace where you will all work.”

“Great more slave work.” Maria muttered.

“No Maria not slave work. You will be compensated and live in the palace. We would let you out on your own but we are in the middle of a war right now and as humans you couldn’t defend yourselves. We don’t want to risk your safety. At the palace you would be more protected. I’m sorry that Khivar brought you here to be slaves but I can promise no Antarian will think of you as a slave. When this war is over you can live among us or we will work to find a way home for you.” Max finished explaining as he got up. “We’ve got quarters set up for everyone at my palace and we are ready to move you now.” Signaling to Michael he opened the door and lead Kyle and Maria back to the holding cell where Liz and Alex were waiting for their return. Max walked in behind them and his eyes landed on Liz and lingered for a brief moment. “Everyone if you will line up we will be moving you to another location. There you will be given more information.” Max looked at Liz one last time then looked to Kyle and Maria. “I have special arrangements made you the four of you.” He whispered and left the room with Michael trailing behind.

“Max are you sure this is the right thing. We don’t know if they are dangerous or not.” Michael said as they walked side by side.

“Michael their humans I really don’t think they are much of a threat to us. Besides if we just put them out on the streets they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. I will not bring myself or my people to Khivar’s level by making a weaker species my slaves.” With that Max left for his transport leaving Michael to lead the transport of the humans to the palace.

The humans were taken to the palace and led into a room where they would be given jobs and told the details of their stay in the palace. Michael walked up behind Maria and leaned down into her ear startling her with his breath on her neck.

“You and your friends follow me.” Michael said into her ear. Smirking at how she tensed from his presence. Just as long as these humans knew who to fear then he was fine with the arrangement. Maria, Liz, Alex, and Kyle followed Michael to another room. The room was gorgeous; one wall was covered by floor to ceiling windows that were open to let in the beauty of the night. In all the time the humans had spent on this planet they were never allowed to go outside. The room was lit by soft lights all around the room that brought out the accented murals on the walls and ceilings. The continued through the room to another door that lead to a smaller more intimate room but no less beautiful. The humans looked around to find Max and two gorgeous blondes sitting at a table.

“Maria, Kyle please will you and your friends sit down?” Max asked as he gestured to the other chairs. “Let me introduce you to everyone. This is my lovely fiancée’ Tess and my sister Isabel. And then there’s Michael who you already know.”

“This is Liz and Alex.” Maria introduced them to Max. She didn’t know where this was heading.

“Welcome.” Isabel said as she smiled at the humans. Alex smiled at the blonde sitting across from him.

“Max why have you separated us from the others?” Kyle asked wanting to get down to business.

“We have special jobs for you four. We would like you to work for us personally. We would like to get to know you better. To be honest none of us have ever known any humans and we would like to get to know more about your race. Would you like to work for us?” Max asked.

Liz and Alex looked to Kyle and Maria who were looking into eachother eyes seeming to have a private and silent conversation. Finally Maria shook her head and looked down at the table in front of her. It looked like Kyle had won.

“We will work for you your heinous.” Kyle answered for the group.

“Wonderful. Liz you will work with Tess. Alex you are with myself, Kyle you will go with Michael and Maria you and Isabel will work together. We have already set up quarters for yourselves that are close to ours. I know you must be very tired, but if you are hungry we can have something made.”

“Max I think that they should have a bath first.” Isabel offered looking at the four in front of them who looked like a bath had been denied them for long amounts of time.

“Come on Liz we’ll get you bathed up and find you some clothes.” Tess told Liz as she got up and walked over to stand next to her chair.

“Thank you, um… I’m sorry I don’t know how to address someone of your station.” Liz confessed as she looked down at her hands.

“Please call me Tess.” She replied with a smile. Liz shook her head and got up to follow Tess out of the room.

“Maria would you like a bath too?” Isabel asked trying not to sound like she was ordering Maria around. Max had told her that she seemed to be the volatile one of the group. That was why they had picked Isabel to take Maria. Tess was just too nice to handle a girl like that. Maria looked down at herself and the took in the torn and ragged clothes that she was wearing.

“Yes.” With that short answer she got up and waited for Isabel to lead her to her bath.

“Good. I’m sure I have some clothes that you can wear as well.” They could hear Isabel listing off all the things that she would like to have done for Maria. Well at least she had someone else to bug for a little while Max thought to himself. Max looked around the room and noticed Alex and Kyle looking at the doors that the two girls had been lead through. Kyle watching where Maria had gone and Alex watching where Liz had gone.

“They will be fine. Isabel and Tess will treat them very nice. But I’m sure the two of you would like to take a bath as well. I will have Yancy show you the way and find you some suitable clothing. Do you think that the girls will want to eat after they have finished their bathes?” Max asked.

“Maria and Liz can eat a ton so I think that they will. Just don’t tell them I told you that.” Alex said with a smile, while Kyle glared at him. Max chuckled he liked Alex and Kyle seemed just the one to put up with the Guerin pissiness.

“Well then I’ll have some dinner prepared.” Max said as he got up and talked to his butler that was standing near by. “Gentlemen if you’ll just follow Yancy he will take you to your bathes and find you some fresh clothes. I’ll have dinner taken to the dining room.” With that Max and Michael walked out of the room. Leaving Alex and Kyle to follow Yancy.

Later that evening Tess sat in her chambers waiting for Liz to emerge from the bathroom. The door opened to reveal a timid Liz coming out of the expanse bathroom.

“Oh Liz you look wonderful. And you hair is so gorgeous, who’d have thought that you had such beautiful hair under all that gunk.” Tess exclaimed as she ran her fingers through Liz’s soft hair. Liz was wearing a pair of Tess’s leisure dresses, much like the own Tess was wearing herself. It was made of soft cotton like material that flowed. It was fitted at the top and flared out at the empire waist. Tess looked over Liz and the dress noticing that the dress was a little large at the top she went to use her powers to fix the dress to fit better.

“Is it okay if I use my powers to fix the dress to fit better?” Tess asked. Liz thought for a moment then shook her head yes. Tess quickly ran her hand over the dress to make it fit the proper way and stood back to look at Liz. “You look like a true Antarian, even the eye color is right.” Tess noted looking into Liz’s brown eyes.

“Thank you. I feel so much better. I didn’t think I was ever going to get all that stuff off.” Liz commented and Tess giggled.

“Liz I hope that you can be happy here. I know it isn’t home and I have no idea what it is like to be on a strange planet, but I hope that you can be comfortable here. I’m sorry that Khivar had to be the first exposure you had to our planet but not all of us are like that animal. I was just hoping that we could be friends and maybe learn from eachother.” Tess said being serious with Liz.

“Thank you Tess. Since we’ve been here in the palace you have been so kind and Max seems so kind. You are lucky to be engaged to him.”

“Well let me tell you a secret, its kinda funny being engaged to him. We grew up together and always thought of eachother as friends even family but then a year ago our parents told us that we were going to be married. I still can’t see Max as anything but my friend. So should we go eat? Max said that dinner would be ready in 45 minutes so that leaves us about 15 minutes to get there. I’m sure you’re anxious to see your friends.”

“I would like to see them.” Liz said as she and Tess walked out of the room talking like old friends.

The boys were already in the dining room sitting around talking. Kyle was wearing a black pair of pants like Max with a blue shirt that matched his eyes. While Alex was wearing a pair of maroon leather pants and a black shirt. Michael was still wearing his military fatigues that were black pants, army boots, and a black T-shirt. Tess and Liz walked into the room and Alex jumped up and ran to pick her up in a hug and Kyle followed to hug her as well.

“You guys look great! I almost forgot what you guys looked like under all that dirt.” Liz joked as she held both the boys’ hands. The three walked over towards the table and sat down Liz sat next to Tess and Alex sat across from her.

“Liz you look very nice.” Max commented.

“Thank you your majesty.” Liz replied with a blush.

“Please call me Max.” Just as Max finished Isabel breezed into the room with her normal grace and was followed by Maria. Isabel was smiling and Maria looked indifferent. Isabel was wearing a dress much like Liz and Tess while Maria was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants and a green T-shirt. Isabel smiled at the group in front of them at the table.

“Liz you look wonderful and you boys look fabulous.” Isabel commented as she sat down. Maria followed suit and took a chair next to Kyle. They smiled at eachother.

“Nice look ‘Ria.” Alex complimented.

“I thought she was going to punch me for suggesting that she wear a dress.” Isabel commented.

“Maria.” Liz admonished.

“What?” Maria countered. “I thought these pants were hot.” Maria said looking down at herself. Tess and Liz giggled and Isabel couldn’t help but giggle too. Maria looked at them trying to find out what was funny.

“You should have seen my surprise when I found out that she had such pretty blonde hair.” Isabel told Tess when they had quieted down. “But the green eyes are the best. Their beautiful.” Isabel was interrupted further when the doors opened and their food was brought into the room. The humans looked at all the food and smiled. Dinner was fairly quiet as everyone ate. Michael kept looking at the humans one by one. He smirked at the blonde who would have thought that the human could actually be slightly cute.

After dinner everyone parted ways. Kyle and Maria were the hardest to get to separate from eachother. Max led Alex towards his room so he could see it for the first time.

“Alex can I ask you some questions?” Max asked as they walked together.


“How long have you four known eachother?”

“All our lives. We are all from the same town. Liz and I were neighbors and Maria and Kyle their twins.” Alex answered as they came to a door and walked through.

“This is your room. I hope you like it.” Max said as they entered the room.

“Wow. Its great, thank you.” Alex looked around the spacious room in awe. “Can I ask you a question now?”

“Of course.”

“Why are you treating us like this?”

“We just want to learn from you guys. I got to tell you Maria was the main reason why we picked you guys. All the others were so afraid of us they would have just submitted themselves to us. But you can take one look at Kyle and Maria and know that those two won’t submit to anyone.”

“You got that right. Those two don’t know the meaning of giving in, not even to eachother.”

“I don’t doubt that. Well Alex good night. If you need anything at all during the night you can just push this communicator and someone will help you with whatever you need. Tomorrow I will take you on a personal tour of the palace. There should be clothes for you in the closet and in the dresser if there is anything else you need just ask. Your bathroom is behind those doors and the balcony is through those doors.” Max pointed all the things out to Alex and handed him the communicator.

“Thank you.” Alex said as Max left the room and shut the door behind him. Alex turned and walked over to his balcony doors and opened them. The cool night air rushed in as he walked outside and sat down on his chair that sat by the door. He looked up into the stars and made a wish that his parents were okay.

Tess led Liz to her room.

“We got lucky. My room happened to have an empty room next door so we will be close to eachother. Isabel and Maria also have rooms that are next door to eachother. Tess opened the door to a large room with many windows.

“Wow.” Liz said as she looked around.

“Isn’t it beautiful. I wanted this room when I first got her but then I noticed that the room next door had much bigger closets and bathroom, so I picked it instead. Do you like it?”

“Tess its perfect.” Liz exclaimed as she sat on the bed and tested its softness.

“Well your bathroom is in there and you have a balcony through there. Tomorrow you and I will work on getting you some clothes. So I guess I’ll leave you alone so you can get some sleep. There should be a night gown somewhere.” Tess said as she looked around spotting the nightgown on the dressing table. “There it is. Umm here is a communicator in case you need anything you can also just come next door and knock on my door if you need anything.”

“Thank you Tess. I can’t tell you enough. Thank you so much.” Liz said.

“You’re welcome. Now get some rest and tomorrow we’ll spend the day hanging out with Isabel and Maria.” With that Tess left the room.

Down a few halls Isabel was showing Maria to her room.

“Our rooms are next to eachother so if you need anything you can either use the communicator to call someone to assist you or you can come knock on my door. But I have to warn you I’m a deep sleeper so I probably won’t hear you.” The girls walked into the room and Maria walked to the bed and laid down on it.

“Well. Umm you have your own bathroom and balcony. We’ll get you some clothes tomorrow but somewhere you’ll find a nightgown to wear.” Isabel knew that the girl was going to be difficult but she didn’t expect this. “Well I guess that I’ll leave you alone” Isabel turned to leave but then turned back to Maria. “I don’t even presume to know what it is like to be away from you family and on a strange planet. I don’t know how Khivar treated you I can assume it wasn’t very good considering the source, but my brother is nothing like Khivar, none of us are. I’m sorry for whatever he did to you. I don’t expect you to like me but I hope that at least we can work on getting to know eachother. I would like to get to know you Maria. Besides Tess I don’t get to have too many people to talk to. Well I’ll talk to you later. Goodnight.” With that she turned and walked towards the door.

“Thank you Isabel.” Maria said from the bed. Isabel smiled and left the room.

In another wing of the palace Kyle and Michael were walking together.

“How do you fit in the picture?” Kyle asked as they walked.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked not evening looking at Kyle.

“Well Max is the King, Isabel is his sister, and Tess is his fiancee’ but who are you?”

“Not that it is any of your damn business but I’m Max’s second in command I command the armies. Tess is my twin sister.”

“Well then that explains why everyone is always running away from you and cowering.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked.

“You don’t notice when you walk down the hall that everyone in your way scurries away?”

Michael just grunted.

“This is your room.” Michael said as he opened a door for Kyle to enter.

“Thanks.” Kyle said and Michael began to leave. “Oh Commander…I’d watch out for my sister. She’s got a mean right hook and she hates to be looked at.” Kyle said then shut the door and walked over to the bed and laid down, falling asleep almost immediately.

The next morning everyone met in the private royal dining room for breakfast. Isabel and Maria were the last ones to arrive since it took Isabel forever to get Maria to wake up. Maria had apologized but Isabel wasn’t mad she could understand how tired she figured Maria was from her stay with Khivar and his troops. When the two girls entered the room they looked around to see their friends all talking. Liz and Tess were at one end of the table whispering back and forth occasionally they would look at Max, Alex, and Kyle who were at the opposite end of the table and the two girls would giggle. The boys were too lost in their conversation to notice. Michael wasn’t anywhere in the room Maria noticed; not that she really cared or noticed she told herself…she was merely trying to keep tabs on the “aliens”. Then it occurred to her suddenly that she and her friends were the aliens not the other way around.

Alex was the first to notice the two girls that stood in the doorway watching them. He got up and made his way towards them.

“Morning Maria.” Alex said as he walked up to them.

“Good morning, Alex.” Maria returned with a smile.

“Good morning Princess.” Alex greeted turning all his attention to Isabel.

“Morning Alex, but please call me Isabel.” She corrected as they stared into eachothers eyes. Alex then held his elbow out for Isabel to take and he led her to the table the two leaving Maria behind.

‘Great, I’m already being replaced.’ Maria thought.

Alex walked Isabel over to the end of the table by Liz and Tess where she sat down and immediately jumped into the conversation; Alex sat down beside her as well and laughed along with the girls. Max and Kyle watched the scene and smiled. Maria looked at her friends and realized that they were happy. Even her brother looked like he belonged with the group. She knew that they all missed their home and families but they were happier here than they had been with Khivar. Maria herself felt safer here but she worried for her friends and their new friends. Soon Khivar would find out what had happened. Maria knew her friends were safe, but she knew that she would never be safe and that soon he would come for her. She had to leave before she let her friends and their new friends get hurt. She would miss Liz and Alex and Kyle even more but she had to do what was best to keep them safe.

Maria was shaken from her thoughts abruptly when the door behind her was thrust open hitting her in the back.

“Ow!” She yelped turning to glare down her unknown attacker that was walking through the door.

“Then don’t stand in doorways.” Michael told her with a smirk.

“Well most people don’t’ just throw doors open and plow over other people!” Maria argued back drawing the attention of everyone at the table. Michael could only stare at the angry flash in her green eyes and the way she set her jaw with determination. Her whole body hummed with the anger she was feeling.

“You know you’re kinda cute when you’re mad.” Michael joked with Maria. Maria jumped at his words, her mind remembering all the times that same line had been told to her.

“Please don’t ever say that again.” Maria quietly told Michael with a sad lost tone in her voice. Turning Maria walked away and sat across from Kyle at the table. Michael shrugged thinking what a strange human she was and walked over to the table taking a seat next to Kyle.

Just as Michael sat down the servants entered the room to serve breakfast. Each person was served individually. Maria looked up and saw that the man serving her was one of the humans that she had been imprisoned with. Many times that same man had tried to beat her and would always yell at her. There had been many times that if Kyle hadn’t shown up from his work duties when he did the man would have beaten Maria to death. The man stared at Maria with hatred in his eyes. The man opened his mouth to say something to Maria when he was interrupted by a strong voice.

“I think you’ve served Maria her food now you should be going back to the kitchens. “ The man quickly looked across the table at Michael and recognized the emblem on his shirt from his orientation meeting; this man defending the slut was the Commander Guerin and the Kings right hand man. Knowing that the Commander wasn’t someone you messed with he let his eyes wonder to the left and saw the look that the slut’s brother was giving him. Casting his eyes downward the man turned and walked away from the table. Michael had been watching the entire scene.

“Thank you.” Maria smiled at Michael. Michael just grunted and began eating. It wasn’t like he did it because he cared or anything…not at all he just wanted to eat and get out of here, that sounded like a good reason to him. No sense in letting her get the wrong idea about him, he wasn’t a nice guy. He wasn’t really, he only defended her because he wanted to have a little fun with the human, no wait that wasn’t the reason he told himself earlier, well it didn’t matter he wasn’t a nice guy. Max watched from the head of the table as Michael ate and looked like he was having a mental debate with himself. Boy did that girl have a strange hold over his best friend. Max found it interesting how the humans were affecting his friends and blending into their group. Even Isabel the ice princess was taking to Maria. Although it seemed that Maria was still keeping herself on the outside of things. Max smiled and looked down the table and met eyes with Liz. They stared for a moment and she smiled at him then turned her head to listen to something that Tess was telling her.

Breakfast went by quickly with everyone except Maria and Michael enjoying conversation together. The two of them just ate in silence only speaking if they were asked a direct question.

“I think its time we girls went shopping.” Isabel announced when breakfast been cleared. Maria snorted and shook her head.

“Maria.” Kyle reprimanded from across the table.

“Kyle.” Maria retorted mockingly. The two engaged in another staring match where it seemed they were actually having a conversation. Again it seemed as though Kyle won. “Fine.” She spat at Kyle before turning and smiling at Isabel. “Where are we going?” She asked.

“We’ll go into town.” Tess said jumping up.

“I don’t know.” Max said taking on his “leadership” voice.

“Oh Max don’t worry we’ll surround ourselves with some of Michael’s men. We’ll be fine.” Isabel said getting up and beginning to walk out with Tess and Liz following. Reluctantly Maria got up and walked around the table between Michael and Kyle and gave her brother a hug. Michael could smell her light perfume and it made him light headed. Maria turned and blew Alex a kiss good bye. Then she caught up with the other girls.

“Michael will you summon some of your best men to come with us?” Isabel called as she walked out. “We’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

“That should be an interesting trip.” Alex said once the girls were out of sight and he had moved to the end of the table that the other guys were at. “Maria hates to shop. Liz used to have to drag her to the mall.”

“What’s a mall?” Max asked.

“You have to have malls.” Kyle said astounded that they didn’t know what a mall was.

“It’s a building with lots of shops inside.” Alex explained.

“No we have markets with our shops. No malls, but that’s a good idea.” Max said.

Michael watched the exchange. He liked Alex he was good natured, he and Max were similar but Alex seemed to have a sense of humor. Kyle on the other hand seemed like he would have a great personality too, only Kyle seemed a little more guarded and protective of the other humans. Kyle would have made a wonderful soldier if he’d only been born Antarian.

“Well I better get going, Isabel will be supremely pissed if I don’t’ get her the guards she wanted and knowing her she’ll go off into he markets by herself and drag along Tess and the others with her.” Michael said getting up. Looking at Max he knew what his King was going to say so he went ahead and did it without being told. “Come on Kyle, at least you’ll get to see some of the grounds.”

Within half and hour the girls were all waiting out on the porch for the guards to arrive. Liz and Maria were staring out into the gardens while Tess and Isabel watched.

“What are you two staring at?” Tess had to finally ask.

“We’ve never seen your planet before. Khivar kept us inside at all times and we didn’t have any windows or anything. Your planet is so beautiful. It looks a lot like earth but there are some differences.” Liz explained.

“Like what?” Isabel asked standing up to go stand by Maria who had been silent since they came outside.

“The color of the flowers. They look like some of the ones we have at home but they are colored different.”

“You have two moons and the air smells so clean. Even the weather is perfect. It’d be perfect…” Maria whispered the last part hoping no one heard what she was about to say, but Isabel did.

“It’d be perfect if only it were home?” She asked so only Maria would hear. Maria shook her head gently letting Isabel know she was right.

“Your highness. Commander Guerin has sent us to accompany you and her Ladyship Tess on your shopping trip today.” A man said from behind the group. Maria and Liz recognized him as one of the soldiers who found them at the base yesterday. He eyed them. “Your highness are the humans to accompany you today?” He asked.

“Of course…is there a problem with that Captain Mervoy?” Isabel asked taking on her ice princess quality.

“Of course not, I was merely inquiring.”

“Good now lets go.” Isabel instructed.

The trip to the market didn’t take very long since it was located right outside of the palace gates. The girls had been shopping for awhile. Liz, Isabel and Tess enjoying themselves while they dragged Maria with them. It seemed that everywhere they went everyone was staring at Maria and she hated that.

“What the hell is everyone staring at?” Maria finally couldn’t take it anymore. Isabel and Tess looked around and sure enough everyone was staring at Maria. It finally dawned on them what everyone found so interesting.

“Maria, remember you have green eyes. No one on our planet has ever seen green eyes before.” Tess tried to explain.

“Yah well its annoying as hell that they keep doing that.” Maria said as she took the dress that Isabel handed her and walked into a dressing room.

“Don’t be too upset with Maria. She hates to be stared at and hates shopping almost as much.” Liz explained.

“I can’t blame her about the staring thing.” Isabel agreed. “But shopping!” Tess and Liz giggled at Isabel. Maria came out of the dressing room to show the dress off to the other girls and they all approved.

The girls shopped a few more stores then headed back to the palace to relax. Isabel and Tess very pleased with the clothes that they had all gotten. When they entered the grand entrance servants immediately came to assist Isabel and Tess. Once they had dismissed the servants with instructions to take the packages to the correct rooms and have them put away the girls headed to the gardens to sit down and have some relaxation time. Outside on the garden patio the tall trees around the sitting area shaded it with a slight breeze blowing to keep it cool.

“I wonder where the guys are?” Tess asked. Maria just closed her eyes. Isabel and Tess looked at her then turned to Liz. Liz just motioned for them to be quiet and to watch Maria. Maria smiled a let out a little giggle making Isabel and Tess think she was losing her mind. Then Maria opened her eyes and looked over at Liz then at the two other girls.

“They’re in the billiards room. Kyle says that Max is as bad of a player as Alex is and that he and Michael have beaten the King and Alex so bad that neither one of them will even play anymore. Oh and Isabel Alex insisted that I tell you hello for him. So hello.” Maria finished with a smile. Tess and Isabel stared at Maria with mouths wide in awe.

“What the hell was that?” Isabel asked looking back and forth between Maria and Liz for an explanation.

“Cool.” Was Tess’ response.

“I know! The first time that Alex and I saw them have one of their conversations we were like okay that was weird but then one day we were with Kyle when we were all in the 8th grade and he just jumped up and ran into the school. We followed him and found him beating up one of his friends. The guy had tried to kiss Maria and Kyle saw it.” Liz told the two girls.

“So you can read eachothers minds?” Tess asked.

“Sometimes but its more of a telepathy thing. We can talk to eachother with our minds.” Maria supplied. Outside of Liz, Alex and her parents no one else ever knew that her and Kyle could do this. It was kinda strange sharing it with others, but the way she saw it the Antarians all had powers so it wouldn’t be anything to different for them to see.

“Wow and I thought Max and I had a connection, but you guys blow us out of the water.” Isabel laughed.

“You can talk to Max?” Maria asked excited.

“Not very often sometimes I hear his thoughts but that’s about it. Usually if we try we can tell what the other is feeling. Like right now if I try I can tell that Max is feeling….” Isabel paused while she searched her connection. Then she smiled. “He’s feeling embarrassed. Max hates to lose.” The girls all smiled. “But Max isn’t nearly as bad as Michael when he loses. Michael is the worst loser ever.” Isabel announced.

“Oh I don’t know you’ve never seen Kyle when he loses.” Liz added with a smile.

On another part of the planet deep underground.

“Sir its been confirmed. The base that the Royals took yesterday was the base with the girl and the other human slaves.” A man told the Khivar.

“Guerin you bastard. He just waltzes right into one of my bases and took my slaves. He can kill all the others for all I care but that girl is mine!” Khivar raged as his men tried to step back from the maniac. “We have to work on getting her back. I need her. Where are her and her twin being kept?” Khivar asked the man to his left.

“WE don’t know yet…but I’ll find out.” The man quickly added and left the room before Khivar could take his anger out on him. Khivar left soon after and went to his private quarters where he picked up a surveillance picture of Maria in her Crashdown uniform.

“I’ll have you back, my Maria.” He said as he caressed the face of Maria in the picture.

The group of humans had been with the Royals in the palace for two weeks now and everyone was adjusting well. Tess and Liz were close as sisters, which made Maria a little sad, but she was glad that Liz would have someone she could be close to. Max and Liz also seemed to be forging a very strong friendship, which worried Maria since Max was engaged to Tess. Alex and Isabel were having a great time together and Max was really making Alex feel at home. Even Kyle and Michael were getting along well. Michael still tried to keep everyone out but Kyle and him were just too much alike to not get along. All in all Maria was very happy for her friends. At least this way it wouldn’t be too hard on her friends when she was gone.

“Maria!” The calm of the palace gardens was broken by the sound of a raised voice. A couple servants gathered around the door to the garden to listen to the fight that was sure to insue. Some of them knew the siblings fights from being locked up with them for months and the other servants had only seen some of the arguments in the recent weeks. “Maria! Get your scrawny ass over here.” Kyle yelled then listened for his sister. “Maria I know you’re out here Liz told me where to find you.”

“Oh brother dear. I didn’t know you were out here.” Maria said in a sweet innocent voice while she arranged the flowers in her hands. She was wearing a pink dress and had flowers in her hair. Kyle would’ve fallen for her act if he hadn’t known her so well. Maria looked up and smiled at Kyle brilliantly. Looking at him she had to stifle he laugh. He looked plain ridiculous. “Well dearest brother I have to say that’s an interesting look.” Maria laid the charm on thick, Kyle was extremely mad.

“Shut up! Look what you did to me!” Kyle exploded.

“Oh really, what makes you think it was me?” Maria put her hands on her hips.

“Don’t try to act innocent with me, I know you too well and I know you are never innocent.” Kyle threw back at her.

“Oh and you are?” Maria started to get mad…after all it was just a little prank its not like it wouldn’t be fixed really easily.

“At least I don’t go around wrecking people’s faces. Look at me Maria!”

“No you just put dye in other peoples shampoo turning their hair green.” Maria shouted.

“Oh that nothing compared to this, look you’re fine.” Kyle pointed to her blonde hair with the flowers in it.

“That’s because Isabel fixed it! The dye you used was permanent you jackass!”

Kyle opened his mouth to retort when he heard hushed voices and the sound of retreating steps.

“Looks lie you two drew quite the crowd this time.” Kyle and Maria turned to look at Michael. Michael cracked a huge smile that made Maria’s knees weak, maybe she was just getting weak from not eating. “Nice look Kyle. Thinking of going out to work the street corner?” Michael asked as he walked up to the siblings.

“Damnit!” Kyle yelled as he stalked back inside mumbling things to himself. Maria and Michael watched on with amusement. Michael turned to Maria.

“Why was Kyle wearing make-up? He looked like all he needed was a dress and he’d be ready to work the street.” Michael looked to Maria for answers but she was giggling.

“Revenge.” Maria stated and walked further into the garden with Michael following. He had come outside needing to talk to Kyle but Michael found himself wanting to stay and talk to Maria. He noticed the light pink flowers in her hair that matched her dress and how her dress flowed around her. Maybe this Maria chick wasn’t so bad Michael thought she cleans up nice.

“Revenge for what?” Michael asked watching her smelling the flowers then occasionally picking one. “Who’re the flowers for?” Michael asked and Maria smiled up at him. Neither one of them noticed the storm rolling in. Maria studied Michael. He really wasn’t all that bad she thought. He was wearing a pair of black leather pants and black T-shirt. Maria could see the outline of his muscles. “Maria?” Michael asked trying to gain her attention. Little did he know that he was all her attention was on.

“Oh they’re for Isabel.” Maria answered him and turned back around to finish gathering flowers for the bouquet.

“Isabel? What for?”

“To thank her. She helped me when Kyle turned my hair green. Plus she’s never had a handpicked bouquet given to her. Every Princess should know what its like to have a hand picked bouquet given to her. I’m surprised you haven’t ever done it for her.” Maria said.

“Me? Why would I do something like that?” Michael asked.

“Because she’s your fiancee’ and she deserves them from the man that loves her.” Maria answered as she added the flowers from her hand to the basket beside her so she could carry them in and arrange them.

“I…ah…how do you know that?” Michael asked his engagement to Isabel hadn’t been announced yet.

“Oh Tess told Liz and she told me.” Maria answered as she stared into his golden hazel eyes. Thunder clapped loudly around them, causing Maria to jump. “Where did this storm come from?” Maria asked looking up at the gray sky as the first rain drop fell on her face, then others came down as it started to rain harder.

“We should go inside.” Michael said.

“Go ahead I’ll catch up.” Maria answered as she put her basket of flowers under a nearby stone garden bench to keep them dry and protected.

“What’re you doing?” Michael asked as he watched her.

“I’m going to feel the rain.” Michael looked at her like she’d lost her mind. “Haven’t you ever just sat and felt the rain? The way it sounds, the way it feels hitting your body?”

“No.” Michael answered her. The rain was falling harder now. Michael and Maria were drenched.

“Don’t you feel it Michael? It feels like your body is being cleansed.” Maria said as she raised her arms above her head.

“You’re a crazy one Valenti.” Michael said as he smirked as the girl in front of him. Maria just smiled ant him. Maria’s eyes wondered from his eyes to his hair, it was wet and hanging in his eyes like he just stepped out of the shower. Her eyes traveled down to his shirt that now clung possessively to his every muscle. Maria shivered from the sensations in her body.

Michael also found his own eyes searching her green ones then traveling down her body. The dress she was wearing was now see through just enough that Michael could see Maria nipples showing through the thin pink material. Her nipples were erect and he noticed a shiver that ran through her body. Taking one step Michael wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her smaller body tight against his own. Instinctively Maria wrapped her arms around his neck. Maria pulled his head down to hers and tentatively touched her lips to his. The kiss was slow at first. Maria could feel his thick arousal against her body and she moaned. Michael deepened the kiss. Maria felt his tongue against her lip and opened her mouth to give him access. She moaned again as the kiss became more passionate and demanding. Nothing Maria had ever felt was so good. She felt Michael’s hands on her lower back holding her close. Her own hands were wrapped tightly in his hair holding him against her. The sound of Maria’s moans fueled Michael’s passion. She felt so right against his body, it hummed with excitement. Thunder clapped overhead and reminded Maria where she was and who she was with. Coming back to herself she pushed him away. Breathing heavily both of them had to come back to their bodies.

“No. I won’t do this to Isabel. She’s my friend and doesn’t deserve this.” Maria stated as she grabbed her flowers and looked at Michael before she ran inside. Michael just stood there in the rain watching the spot where she had been.

“Damnit.” Michael muttered then headed inside to change clothes.

Maria ran to her room she had to get away from him. How did he have such an affect on her? How could she have been so weak? Isabel was just starting to become a friend to her. She had done nothing but be nice since Maria and the others had come to the palace and Maria had just betrayed her by kissing Michael. With shaking hands Maria removed her wet dress and covered herself with the thick robe that she’d gotten only a few days ago. Isabel had knocked on Maria’s door one evening when, and when Maria had opened the door Isabel was standing there with beautifully wrapped box. Together the girls sat on the bed as Maria unwrapped the gift. The robe was an emerald green and the softest material that Maria had ever felt. Instantly it became on of Maria’s favorite things. Returning from to herself Maria smiled as she tied the sash and turned to the basket of flowers on her bed. They were beautiful, elegant, and delicate…perfect for a princess and friend. Maria gazed around the room to find a vase to arrange the flowers in. As Maria’s gaze passed over her window she caught sight of the rain and it reminded her of the kiss ant the way Michael looked out in the rain. Maria shook the image from her mind and told herself that it would never happen again, no matter how good it felt. Isabel was such a good friend and her as well as the rest of the Royal Four had been so kind to her and the others. Maria would not jeopardize any of it no matter how good it felt for the few moments with Michael. Finally finding a suitable vase and arranging the flowers Maria went to the closet and got a fresh dress to wear. Maria still preferred her leather pants to the dresses it but Isabel and Tess had taken so much time and care in helping her and Liz get a wardrobe together, although Maria would never admit it but the dresses did make her feel pretty. As Maria left her room a servant passed by.

“Excuse me?” Maria said trying to get the girls attention.

“Yes ma’am?” The young servant asked turning her attention to Maria.

“Do you know where Is…I mean her Highness Lady Isabel is?”

“Oh yes. Her Highness is in her study.” The servant informed Maria.

“Thank you.” Maria told the young girl then turned to go to Isabel’s study a few rooms down the hall. Maria knocked on the door quietly then waited to hear the voice from inside.

“Come in.” Maria heard Isabel’s reply. Walking in the door Isabel had her back to Maria, so she walked up and placed the bouquet next to Isabel. Isabel turned away from her documents to see what had been placed on her desk. Seeing the flowers her eyes widened and she looked over at Maria.

“They’re beautiful!” Isabel exclaimed as she jumped up and hugged Maria. “What florist are they from I’ve never seen an arrangement so beautiful!”

“I…uh…picked them.” Maria admitted shyly.

“Maria! That’s so…wow! I’ve never had handpicked flowers.”

“I know I remember you telling me. I’m glad you like them.”

“I love them, thank you.” Isabel said and hugged Maria again before sitting down and smelling the flowers one last time.

“So what’re you doing?” Maria asked looking at Isabel’s uncharacteristically cluttered desk and sitting down.

“I’m just going over some reports. War reports and things. Keeping up on Khivar’s movements.” At the mention of Khivar Maria shuddered.

“It must be hard. War is never good, no matter what planet you’re on. Sometimes however it is what has to be done for the greater good.” Maria told Isabel. “I think all four of you guys are doing great.”

“Thank you. I hate to read these reports sometimes. Thank goodness for Michael. Without him our empire would have fallen long ago. Max and I may rule this planet but really it’s him who is the true strength. Michael is who keeps Max and I in power.” Isabel looked at Maria. “But enough of those things for now. What do you say we go find Tess and Liz? Then we can hassle the boys. By the way I loved Kyle’s make over!” Maria and Isabel laughed and talked together as they went in search of the others.

It didn’t take long to find the other girls. Isabel and Maria found them walking in form the conservatory with Alex and Max. Liz and Max walked in first deep in conversation with eachother. Behind them Tess and Alex were laughing at something that Alex had done.

“Well I see your being as charming as ever Alex. You’re not being fair to Max though.” Maria commented. Max and Liz stopped talking and looked at Maria when they heard his name.

“And how is that Maria?” Alex asked.

“Well poor Max is having his fiancé charmed away by you. Lets face it no one can refuse the Whitman charm. Afterall you already won Liz and I over long ago.” Maria smiled at him.

“All part of my plan. I will dominate the world and I’ll do it by charming every woman in the world one by one!” Alex cheered dramatically.

“Better watch it, Isabel, you might be next.” Liz chimed in then giggled.

“Who says I haven’t already been charmed?” Isabel admitted and Alex blushed. Just then they all were startled by a loud whoop followed by Kyle’s voice.

“Hand it over, Guerin.” Kyle crowed. The group all followed the noise to find Kyle and Michael in the billiards room.

“What’s going on?” Max asked as Michael reluctantly handed Kyle some Antarian credits.

“I just beat Michael here.” Kyle gloated.

“Its only one game Valenti.” Michael grumbled.

“Oh please.” Maria huffed walking over to the table.

“What Maria?” Kyle asked.

“Like you boys can even play and just hitting the ball and hoping to sink something doesn’t count.” Maria taunted. “What do you think, Isabel, wanna show these…boys, how it’s done?” Maria asked walking over to stand by the blonde. Everyone else in the room just watched in amusement. The lines had been drawn.

“Oh Maria you silly girl.” Isabel said and giggled. Michael released his breath he’d seen her play and Isabel was good…for a girl of course. “Of course I want to play.” Isabel finished and Michael gulped, not that he was worried or anything. At least he could try to fool himself. After all Kyle was a good player too and Michael was sure that Maria would be no match for both him and Valenti so between the two of them they could take Isabel…he hoped.

“Awesome chica! Rack ‘em boys.” Maria announced as she chalked up her cue stick.

Across the room Max and Liz found a seat on the couch and Alex sat by the boys while Tess joined the girls side. Isabel and Maria decided that Maria would go first. When Michael finished racking the balls Maria walked to the table to break.

“So, Iz, which one do you want to be stripes or solids?”

“I don’t know Maria. How about stripes.” With that Maria took her breaking shot and sent two stripes into the furthest corner pockets. Tess clapped happily. Maria walked around the table to make her next shot. Just as she moved her cue to hit the cue ball she lost her concentration and scratched.

“Kyle! Dammit stay out of my head!” Maria yelled.

“What? I didn’t do anything.” Kyle defended himself as he backed away from his sister a little.

“Be warned if you do it again I’ll send pictures of myself naked into your head!” Maria threatened, Kyle paled and Michael thought that it didn’t sound like such a bad punishment.

“You wouldn’t do that.” Kyle retorted.

“Wouldn’t I? Lets see maybe I could even send you one of me making out- with Alex!” Both Alex and Kyle groaned.

“Why drag me in, Maria? I didn’t do anything.” Alex whined.

“Sorry Alex. Rules of engagement and right now you have the wrong kind of plumbing so you are in the target zone just the same as Kyle and Michael.” Maria quipped.

“Fine Maria you win. We stay of eachothers minds.” Kyle said as he lined up for his shot. Maria called Tess and Isabel into a huddle.

“Tess I need a favor.” Maria said.

“Sure.” Tess answered.

“Since we can’t do anything to distract the guys we’re gonna need you. If we start to fall behind we’re gonna need you to distract Kyle. Then it’ll be Michael against us both. Will you do that?”

“Yes.” Tess liked this plan to distract Kyle. “But what do I do?” She asked them.

“Be a girl.” Both Isabel and Maria answered.

“Hey, Iz, you’re up.” Michael called as the girls giggled. “So what was that all about?” He asked Isabel as she walked past him.

“Oh nothing much just girl chat about girlie things. Nothing you’d like.” Isabel talked slowly as she took two shots sinking two and missing on her third. Michael looked at her critically to tell if she was telling the truth. He couldn’t help but wonder if Maria told her about the kiss. The whole time he ad been trying to ignore how Maria had felt kissing him, but it was hard to forget something like that. But seeing Maria chalking up her cue then bending over the table to break hadn’t help in in trying to forget the sensations that had be flowing through him. Looking around he noticed for the first time Max and Liz talking quietly on the couch, how Isabel gazed at Alex and how Tess and Kyle were sneaking glances at one another. His thoughts were broken when his thoughts were broken by the hand of one Maria Valenti.

“Ouch.” Michael grunted.

“Please like that hurt, now shoot it’s your shot.” She commanded while smiling at him. Looking at the table he saw that Kyle hadn’t done too bad his last turn at all. With this turn he and Kyle would probably pull ahead of the girls. Bending over Michael started to line up his shots sinking a combo in the side pocket then moving positions and starting to line up his shot again. Maria knodded to Tess who sauntered over to Kyle and moved in for the kill. Maria and Isabel just smiled there wasn’t much they could do to distract Michael but Kyle wouldn’t know what had hit him. Unconsciously Maria licked her lips in anticipation not realizing that the movement was seen out of the corner of Michael’s eye. Focusing in Maria's lips Michael ended up scratching.

“Dammit.” Michael cussed mad at his inability to concentrate when all the girl did was moisten her lips.

“No need to get all tied up in a twist, Michael, it happens from time to time.” Isabel soothed. The girls were only a stripe and then the eight ball from winning with Kyle’s turn coming up. Kyle walked to the table where and leaned over to take his shot if he could get this combo then he and Michael would still be able to beat the girls before they got their next shot. They all watched as Kyle concentrated on his shot and pulled his cue back to make the final thrust of his shot. Suddenly they all jumped at Tess shriek just as Kyle started moving his arm forward. The shriek caused him to start and the cue ball just barely nudged the solid that he was trying to hit for the combo. But Kyle didn’t even notice what was happening on the table.

“Oh my god, Kyle, look at your arm!” Tess exclaimed. Kyle looked at his arm thinking that there had to be something on it for Tess to shriek like that. Then Tess’ hands were on his arms. “Do you work out? I mean look at these muscles. I bet you’re a very handy guy to have around.” Tess went on as Kyle just took in all the attention she was giving him. Isabel and Maria were trying hard not to burst out laughing. Michael just stared on in disbelief at his fellow man and how he could be so easily distracted, conveniently forgetting that he was recently distracted as well.

“That is so not fair. Kyle should get to go again! He was distracted.” Michael finally bellowed.

“So it’s not our fault that he can’t keep his concentration.” Isabel countered as she walked over and took her shots. Winning the game Maria and Isabel just strutted around as Alex looked on with amusement. Michael looked pissed. He smelt rematch one of these days.

Part 5

It was such a beautiful day on Antar. Maria, Liz, Alex and Kyle were all sitting outside under a large tree enjoying eachother. Liz’s head was in Kyle’s lap, Alex sat strumming his guitar as Maria sand along quietly. Working on music with Alex was something that Maria had missed since she came to Antar.

“I haven’t been this happy in such a long time.” Maria mused as Alex stopped playing to look up at the sky above them.

“Looks like a storm is coming.” Alex commented as dark clouds started to move over a nearby hill. Liz and Kyle just smiled.

“Nah, it won’t storm. I won’t let it!” Maria joked as she stood up and put her hand out like she was halting the storm. When she turned around to smile at her friends and brother they weren’t behind her anymore. Maria looked around her in confusion.

“Very funny guys.” Maria said looking around her. “You know Kyle if this was your idea I’m going to have to kick your ass.” Maria kept looking around for everyone else. Then she heard a noise over the hill. Thinking that it might be the others she began walking towards the sounds. As she got closer the noises got louder. It sounded as if there was a fight going on. When Maria cleared the top of the hill she looked down into a valley that was being ravaged by a battle. Maria was almost in a panic as she started to frantically search for her family and friends.

“Kyle! Liz, Alex!” Maria yelled as she ran across the battlefield trying not to get hurt by the stray power blasts flying around her from the alien weapons. Maria was nearly in tears when she finally found the others. Maria watched horrified as she saw three aliens come up behind them and grabbed them. Kyle and Alex fought to get away but the alien captures were too strong for them to get away from.

“Maria help!” Liz shouted. But the being holding her shot her with an energy blast causing her to jolt from the electric charge.

“Liz!” Maria shouted as she tried to run to her friend and help her. From behind Maria was grabbed. Both of her arms were pulled behind her to keep her from getting away. “Let me go!”

As Maria watched her brother was shocked as well, then they shocked Alex as well. All Maria could do was watch as her friends were tortured. Liz was crying and her brother was trying to act tough. Alex was trying to get to Liz to protect her. Then he looked over at Maria as another bolt of energy was shot through him.

“This is all your fault Maria!” Alex told her with more venom then she had ever heard from him before.

“What?” Maria shouted hardly believing what he was saying.

“He’s right Maria. You could have kept this from happening.” Liz shouted at her as well. Maria looked to her brother for support. She tried to reach out to him through their connection.

“Don’t look at me, I won’t help you. You’re the reason that this is happening.” Kyle winced, as he was shocked again, this time barely able to stay conscious. “If you had only gone to Khivar none of this would have happened. We would have been safe!”

Tears started to fall down Maria’s face, as she looked at her friends all abandoning her. They blamed her, she had known all along that this was her fault.

“Go to Khivar Maria, it isn’t too late to save us! Please!” Liz begged as a trickle of blood came from her nose.

“I’m so sorry Liz.” Maria moaned as she watched them all get shocked again. From beside her a voice spoke into her ear.

“My dear Maria, don’t let this happen any longer than it has to. Just come back to me. All is forgiven. You and your friends are safe here with me. Just come back to me. Without me look at what your friends will have to live with.” Khivar pointed to her brother and friends. Each of their faces was twisted in pain.

“No please!”

Maria found herself sitting up in her bed as her body shaked. She looked around her room in the palace. Maria breathed a sigh of relief that her friends weren’t being tortured. Getting out of bed Maria walked over to her balcony and walked out. Staring up at the stars Maria tried to calm herself.

On the ground below Michael was walking back to his room from a debriefing at the base earlier. Khivar had gained a little more ground to the south, but after the last base that Michael and his men had taken, the one that the humans were held in, Khivar had lost some of his hold. Michael’s attention was drawn to movement above him. Stopping under the cover of a bush he looked up to see Maria walk out on her balcony. She looked tired to him. He watched as she looked up at the stars for a few moments until the tears started falling. With a visibly shaking hand he saw her wipe away her tears, but more just fell in their place. Michael found himself wanting to go to her and make it all go away. Shaking his head to get rid of those kinds of thoughts he made his way to his room. Michael Guerin didn’t do soft or comforting. What the hell was wrong with him? First the pool game earlier that day he had let her distract him and now here he was wanting to go comfort her! No definitely not he didn’t do soft.

Maria stayed up most of the night and watched the sun come up. Getting up she went to get ready for her day. Maybe a walk before breakfast would help her to clear her mind.

The walk through the gardens helped Maria to relax enough that she could clear her mind so that Kyle didn’t immediately pick up on the fact that Maria hadn’t slept hardly at all the night before.


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