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Chapter 1

I peeked from the side of my locker as the popular kids filed into school.

Alex Whitman, captain of the basketball team but not a dumb jock. He was really into computers and had the second highest GPA in school. Second to mine that is. He was tall and lanky, not exactly cute but he had a charm, a somthing, that the girls seemed to like.

Maria DeLucca, co-captain of both the dance and the cheerleading teams. Average student. Lived on the wrong side of the tracks but was accepted because of her bestfreind, the sweet and beautiful, Liz Parker. She was short with long blond hair and and pretty green eyes. She also had pouty pink lips that all the guys talked about.

Then, there was Micheal. No last name, just Micheal. Like Madonna or Shakira or Brandy. Just Micheal. He was the model of a typical bad boy whose whole warddrobe consisted of blue jeans and white T Shirts.He was accepted into the group along with his girl, Maria. He is also very close to Liz. Not a good student but a very capable artist. No one except me, Maria, and Liz know that.

Then there was her, Elizabeth Shane Parker, who lived on Wiccer Av. above her families resturant The Crashdown. She was the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams with her best freind Maria. Had the third highest GPA in the school. She was very interested in Biology and hoped to become a scientist or a micro engineer some day. She was small, couldn't weigh more then 115. She had huge round brown eyes the color of burnt honey and long ebony hair. She was absoluetly gorgeus.

Then that's it, the A group, the popular kids, the shining stars of Roswell High.

Oh, I forgot to mention one person, me. I'm Maxwell Evans, Max for short. I'm not a shing star of Roswell. I doubt more then five people even know I go here. I'm tall about 6 feet with broad shoulders and big ears that stick out on the side of my head and make me look awkward.

I wear all black, all the time and if my freinds, Tess Harding, Sean Jones, who happened to be Marias cousin but that's a story for later, Isabel Evans, my sister, and Kyle Valenti knew how I felt about Liz Parker. I don't know what they'd do.

We're the Goth's. we listen to Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, NiNE Inch Nails. If we ever saw Britney Spears, we'd probably try to kill her.

Theres no reason in the world why I should be in love with her. Someone so high above me, someone so loved, appreciated, wanted by all.

She passes by me and her freinds stay looking strait froward except for the loud comment from Micheal, "Freak."

They all laugh except her. She turns toward me and smiles. Now I know why I'm chasing the uncatchable. Loving somthing that could never really love me back. Because when the others laugh at me, she offers me comfort in the only way she can at the moment.

In the form of a smile.

Chapter 2

I followed her into the library at lunch and tried to keep my eys away from her, this was really becoming unhealthy.

She scanned the fiction section as I selected a table at the corner farthest from her. She plucked one of the books from the shelf and went around the corner of one of the stacks. I craned my neck to try and follow her but couldn't see where she went.

I sat back dissappointed and was about to gather my things and leave when I heard a voice behind me, "you come here often?"

I looked up into her heavenly gaze and couldn't find the words to respond, this was the first time in 3 years that I'd ever heard that voice directed at me and I was stunned.

"Tongue tied," she said as she touched the tip of her index finger to the tip of my nose and grabbed the seat next to mine.

"You have Mrs. Henleys Literature class with me right?" I still didn't, couldn't respond, else I'd wake from this dream that felt so real.

"Cause I really wanna bring my grade up and you're like the only person in there who has an A."

"Yes." the first word I'd ever spoken to her.

She beamed at me, "I'm L............" "I know who you are," I interrupted, "I'm Maxwell."

She seemed slightly thrown off when I said that and I wished I could take it back. If she knew that I already knew what year she was born in, that she'd skipped the second grade, that I knew her mothers maiden name, I'm not so sure she'd take that so well.

"I mean I already know of you. You're somewhat of a legend in the makings around here. You and your freinds that is."

She looked away and I waited until she began to speak again, the happiness back in her voice. I might've been crazy but now it sounded, pretty............forced.

"Well can you please help me to understand what's going on in this book it's a little confusing."

I smiled at her and tried to keep the look of pure joy from my face as we discussed the book.


I walked from the library after I finally got up the guts to speak to him. I'd noticed him since freshman year but he was a goth and I wanted so badly to be popular.....I stopped lost in the memory of my first year.

All the try outs, the contests, the lieing. High School is a blackhole and I'm beginning to anticipate getting out of here.

I heard Maria's voice and spun towards her and Micheal. She was so lucky, everyone knew they were in love and not the typical Highschool love but the real thing. I really envied her.

I put on a big smile to cover my thoughts and linked my arm in hers, "You ready to go blow them away at the Crashdown?" She laughed and we began to skip toward the car. All prior thoughts vanishing from my mind.

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Chapter 3

I stepped from the jeep that I'd driven off in an hour after Maria had dropped me home. Elmers Lake was so beautiful at the beginning of the school year and no one was ever here at this time in the season.

I glanced around me to make sure none was around and pulled my yellow halter over my head. It was quickly followed by my jeans, bra, and panties as I ran and jumped in the warm water.


I walked silently down the deserted street and barely caught sight of her car out of the corner of my eye. It was descretly parked beside a stand of trees and I debated whether or not to go and see what she was doing at the lake this time in the year.

Then it crossed my mind that maybe I should leave her alone. We weren't freinds, I had no buisness to go and check up on her but even as I thought this I realized my feet were quickly and quietly carrying me closer to her.

I heard an audible splash and froze as I saw her nude body climbing back out of the lake and running toward the small land that overhung it.

I watched as she swung her wet stands of hair out of her face and the gentle sway of her small round breasts as she ran up the crest of the hill back toward the jump spot.

My mouth went dry and I felt my pants constrict as the star of all my wet dreams frolicked before me in the buff.

She stretched her arms over her head as she reached the top of the hill and her breast thrust forward as if they were a gift to me.

I hadn't realizedmy hand had gone to the zipper of my jeans until I felt the metal against my straining erection and hissed in pain.

She looked up and froze all ofthe sudden.

I slowly went behind a bush and waited for what she was going to do next.


I spotted what looked like a shadow in the trees and called ut to them, no one answered back I waded toward the edge of the lake.

I was scared now. What had I been thinking, it was to early in the afternoon to go skinny dipping in the lake and expect no one to show up.

You can out I screamed hoping to lure the person hiding out, it wasn't their fault they'd caught a girl naked.


I was trying to keep my breathing regulated, she was calling me out to her. I pinched myself hard on the forearm to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Maxwell Evans, being called out to a naked and dripping wet Elizabeth Parker. I felt my cock get harder and tryed to think Lizless thoughts without much luck.

I heard her call out to me and again and decided then and there that I was going out to her. I stepped from the trees and awaited her surprised reaction.


I focused on the person that'd just stepped from the shadows and immediately saw it was a guy from the height and build of the outline of his body.

His face was still covered in shadows until he started toward me. I gasped deep when I saw his face and went to cover my breasts, Max! What are you doing here?

Chapter 4

I was shocked when I was actuslly out in the open, face to face with her. "I um..............," the words I was forming in mind wouldn't form in my mouth.

"I live a little up the road, I walk past here everyday." There were no words until she smiled at me and seemed to rerlax her stance.

"You should probably ask me what I'm doing out here, skinny dipping." She whispered the last two words and I had to laugh, "It's cool, I skinny dip out here all the time."

I watched as a mischevious smile came across her face and glinted in her eye. "You skinny dip," she asked,"you skinny dip all the time?"

I laughed nerveously and nodded my head, trying with all my might not to turn beat red. Why had I admitted that to her?

"I just never thought you and your freinds were the type to skinny dip." "They've only done it with me once, I like to go alone."

There was another long silence after that last revelation and I was about to excuse myself when she asked somthing I never even contemplated she would ever ask me.

"Wanna come in?"


I have no idea why that question came out of my mouth, I hardly knew this guy but ever since he came toward me from the bushes my figers had been itching to feel his cool wet skin beneath them.

He seemed as if he weren't sure if I really had asked him so I repeated the question.

He looked as though he might decline but surprised me when he sat down to untye and pull off his sneakersand socks.

I twirled in the water to hide my smile and the blush creeping up my cheek. he had removed his shirt and jeans and was slowly walking to the waters edge when I stopped him.

"If you plan on getting in this water with me," I pointed to the boxers he still wore, "those have got to go."


I looked down at the white cotton covering me and blanched at the idea of taking it off. I looked back at her and saw indiffrence but I could see anticipation those eyes. That's what made the decision for me as I pulled them down my legs and threw them to the side as I ran and jumped in beside her.

Chapter 5

He dragged his boxers down his body and I watched as he revealed himself to my probbing eye. Then............there it was. the vocal point of his entire body, his manhood. The thing that made him so diffrent from diffrent from me.

I found my mind wandering for a moment on how he was bigger then average and if he'd fit in me. I shook them off quickly and glanced at him as he ran and jumped in beside me, I couldn't face him, afraid he'd read my thoughts from my face.

"It's freezing he yelled as he began to swim around to ward off the fridgid temperature of the water." "I know, that's why I like to skinny dip this time of the year, the waters so invigorating."

I then began to swim beside him, all my stiffness disappearing in the wake of this new found freindship. I smiled with the glory of it. years of watching him out of the corner of my eye and pretending not to notice him.

All that time we were mere feet from eachother while he was walking home and I was swimming. To think, years of pining could be solved just by skinny dipping with a perfect stranger.

I laughed at the irony of that sentence, no guy had ever seen me naked except this guy who's last name I'd just learned earlier today.

"Come on," I said and splashed him, "let's go jump." He looked at the overhang and I watched as a huge smile lightened his usually dark face and felt his hand enclose mine as he dragged out of the water and to the hill.

We jumped and I screamed with happiness, it'd never been this much in the summer with my freinds or in the autumn, as it was now, by myself.

I waded over to his floating body and pulled him beneath the crystal water with me.He pulled me back up to the surface and I laughed in his arms.

I looked up into his face and saw he was no longer smiling, but had a serious determined look there now instead.

He ran his thumb across my bottom lip as if I were some long lost Roman Goddess that needed to be treated gently or she might break.

Our nudity came crashing back to my mind as I felt my nipples tighten against his chest and his his cock stir against my thigh.

"I think I wanna kiss you," he whispered against my lips. I couldn't think of a reply but none was needed. Before his lips came down hard on mine.

Chapter 6

I couldn't beleive this was happening, did I say that already cause I really didn't ever expect to be kissing a nude Liz Parker, naked in a freezing cold lake. Draems really do come true.

I slowly slid my hand down the curve of her shoulder to the soft mound of her right breast. She moaned against my lips and I took the opportunity to plunge my tongue into her mouth.

I gently massaged my tongue against hers until she imitated my movments with her own. I squeezed her breast and slowly rolled the tightened nipple between my thumb and ring finger.

I felt as she began to slowly circle my nipple with her finger and dragged it down to the line of hair that went to my pelvis bone.

She slightly pulled on the soft curly hairs gathered there. I kissed her harder, this was all I'd ever dreamt of, all I ever wanted. She just had to say the words to make everything right.

To make what they were about to do acceptable, to make him the happiest man on earth. To say, Max I love and will belong to you forever.

Just thinking of her saying the words she always said before I made love to her in my dreams, the things she said while we were being married and having our kids and growing old together.

The same words, every time.

"Say it," I muttered against her lips as I pulled her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. "What?"

Tell me that you love me, tell me that you belong to me." She stopped kissing me then and just stared. "I can't say that," she said quietly, "I don't really even know you."

I stood there then, in the cold depthes of Elmers lake and felt.........empty. I looked away from her then and let her body slide down mine as she stood up on her own.

We were quiet fro a moment, thinking on what we'd almost just done and the thing was, she was right.

We didn't know eachother. In not one of my fantasies had we just met and did it. We'd known eachother and loved eachother and ......... it just wasn't like what we were about to do.

I stepped from the water and threw her her clothes as we both dressed in silence. She walked toward her car as I called out behind her, "wanna come to my house? Me and my freinds are having a little party"

I don't know what made me make the offer but it just came out. I couldn't have stopped it if I'd tried. She was about to say somthing but hesitated. There was a stretch of silence before she turned to me with a smile. "I'd love to go to your house and meet your freinds."

Chapter 7

As I walked by his side to his house I started to regret my hasty answer. These people I was going to see, these people hated me.

They weren't going to open up and love me especially since I hung out with people who made it their own mission in life to make their way as hard as possible.

"We're here," he said as he grabbed my upper arm and led me toward a small two story ramshackle home in the middle of nowhere.

I was beginning to wish I'd driven my car here, in case I had to make a quick getaway. There were tall dark trees surrounding us on all sides and the wind was making a scary low keening noise.

This was a horror movie in the makings.

He walked me up the stairs to the front door and pushed it open. The first thing I saw was the empty dark living room.

He looked at me and smiled slightly, not as happy as he'd been at the lake, "They're all upstairs in my room."

I nodded and he led meup the rickedy, warped wood steps that were bound to break any moment under our combined weight but somehow held us.

He led me down a short stairway and we stopped in front of a door on the left side of the hallway and pushed open the door onto the faces of his freinds.


I Isabel Evans, was shocked. He'd brought that.......that.....prissy bitch back here.

To my home, to my freinds and there she was. In the middle of the room smiling like the asshole she was. Expecting us to bow at her feet like the sheep at that port o potty named Roswell High.

Boy........did she have another thing coming.

I smiled sweetly, "who's this Max, brought a freind home?" He looked at me suspiciously and answered yes.

"Well I'm glad, it's been awhile since you brought one to our little.....gatherings."

"Yeah," Tess said, secretly glancing at me with a mean glint in her eyes, "and the person you brought back, none other then the Queen Bitch herself, Elizabeth Parker."

I softly laughed and looked as she tried to cover up shock, I felt myself beginning to wonder if she had come here with good intentions but pushed them away. She was probably going to go home to her rich freinds and they'd put on their tiaras and laugh at us.

Laugh at us with our old, ugly, wood house in the middle of the woods and our peircings and our make-up and laugh. Laugh at us, I would never allow that to happen, not in my own house.

Not even for Max.

"What were you thinking bringing that..........,"Kyle looked at Liz, apparent disgust written onto his features, "Thing back here to our place Max?"


I had been expecting this, I knew they wouldn't welcome me, but why did this hurt so much?

I looked into their angry faces and glanced at Max, head downturned and not speaking up for me. Had this been some sort of sick payback for me not saying I loved him, some way to amke himself and his freinds feel bigger, better then I was.

"I only came here," I said through clenched teeth, "because I thought Max wanted to make freinds, that he wanted me to meet his freinds but this was all a big joke. We can never be freinds, we can never get along and it's not all because the popular crowd won't accept you.

It's because you guy's don't really want to be accepted."

Tess stood and looked directly into my eyes, "No, we don't want to be accepted. Especially if it means we'll have to be with rich, snobbish whores like you and your freinds."

"Oooooooh," Kyle said while shaking his hand, "burn, good one Tess." She turned toward him beaming, "Thanx."

I looked at Max and he wouldn't meet my eyes. I looked back at his freinds and ran from the room only to hear Kyle cal after me, "took you long enough to get the picture you weren't wanted here.'

There was a burst of laughter as I flew down the stairs and from the house, was Max laughing to? Was he looking out his window right now with them, pointing at me and laughing?

I didn't even look up to see as I ran through the maze of trees and tried to find my way back to the car.

Chapter 8

I feel into the dirt and tried to get my eyes to focus on the sky above me. My eyes were dryand blurry as I rubbed them and concentrated on where I was.

The clearing of trees I was laying in was totally unfamiliar and I felt myself beginning to cry. It had been about an half an hour since I'd ran from the house and now I was utterly lost.

The sun was quickly sinking behind the clouds as I pushed back the fear trying to claw it's way up my throat. I climbed tomy feet and began to walk again.

I was bound to run into civilization at some point.................right?


I almost tripped as I ran down down the stairs and out of the front door.

They'd tried to make a joke about forgiving my lapse of judgment by bringing that girl there and it hit me.

Liz had just run out. She was gone, the love of my life who'd just been in my arms not an hour before was now out there right now.

Hating me.

I turned to go and find her when Tess sidled up beside me, "where you goin?"

I gently but firmly pushed her away and replied, "I have to find her." "By 'her' I know you don't mean Miss Teen U.S.A, she doesn't belong here."

I tried to pull away, frustrated that none of them seemed to understand that the heart wanted what it wanted and that you couldn't choose who you loved.

"She can never love you and she won't ever love you, not after what just happened here with her." I stopped at that, Tess was right. I'd stood here, stood here and let them say those......terrible things about her.

Liz would never forgive me.

I took a look out the window and noticed the sun going down. I vaguely wondered how long I'd been standing here before it hit me.

She could be in trouble. Liz had never stepped foot in these woods before, she could in trouble. Someone could've grabbed her, something could have her right now.

"She could lost out there, you know how confusing those woods are in the day to us. It's about to night and she's never been out there before."

"Let her go."

Those three words that slipped so easily pass Tess' lips are the things that set me going, and here I was. Running through an, now, almost pitch black forest in leather and make-up looking for all the world like a satan worshipper searching for the girl of my dreams.

I reached her car and looked through it. No one there. It looked like it hadn't been disturbed in hours. I began to shake with worry as I looked around desperatly searching for anything that could mean she'd been here bur left the car behind.

I ran my hands through my hair and set out on the search for her.

Chapter 9

"Where the hell am I?"

I've been runnign throght heses woods for what seems forever and yet there is no end. I sat down when I once again came to the same clearing I'd passed about 10 times and put my head in my hands as warm fat tears began to fall down my cheeks.

Was this where I was going to die?

"Liz. Wake up."

I felt someone shaking me and I turned over away from them.

"I don't wanna work today mom."

I heard a chuckle and my eyes flew open when I remembered where I was.


He smiled at me and for a moment I forgot all of the ugliness that had occured and just wanted to fall into his arms. I realized that he was already pulling me toward him and I smiled. I felt safer here than I had in a very long time.

But that feeling faded almost as soon as it had come and I pushed him away.

"Don't touch me Max. I know all of what happened between us was some big joke and if you'll even consider doing me one favor in life it would that you keep your mouth shut about it and never speak to me again."

She watched a surprised look come across his face and fought the urge to comfort him.

"Good bye Max."

With that she turned and began to walk away.


I watched, for the second time in less than 24 hours, as the love of my life tried to walk away from me. I stilled my self and went after her. Little did Liz know that I had no intention of letting her go without a fight.

I got up from the ground and grabbed her by the forearm.

"No Liz, I am not letting you go and I will never promise to not ever speak to you again."

She sneered at me and tried to pulled out of my grasp.

"You showed your devotion to me last night when you let your friends talk about me."

My mouth dropped open because I knew it was true. She smiled meanly, "exactly." With that she tried to pull away again but I held fast.

"I know what I did was wrong but I came after you. I left my sister and my friends and came after you. Doesn't that make a diffrence?"


I felt all my anger seeping away and made a grab for it.

"No Max, it doesn't mean a thing because yet and still when it came down to it, you choose them over me. There are no second chances when it comes to that game."

I saw pain enter his eyes but ignored it, I'd felt the same way last night when he'd stood there and let them burn like they did. He deserved a little taste of his own medicine.

"I'm sorry Liz."

He whispered as I walked away. I shouldn't have heard it, it'd been so low, but I did anyways and I turned back toward him without thinking.

"It hurts doesn't? To be betrayed by someone you thought cared for you."

"You care for me?"

"Don't turn this around Max. You know I care for you."


I felt white hot light shoot through my body at her admission of affection but I pushed away.

"Then if you care for me, you should be able to forgive me this one mistake. I'm begging you Liz."

She turned back toward me and for a moment neither one of us said anyhting. Then I felt like the wind had been knocked from my body as she flew into my arms.

"I'll fogive you Max," she whispered.

"Just don't let it happen again."

I smiled and twirled her around once before letting her fall to her feet and grabbing her hand.

"I'll walk you to your car."

Part 10

I walked toward her table with a huge smile plastered across my face. We were together. As in me and THE Elizabeth Parker.

{{Sigh}}...could life get any better?

"It's the boy Liz is slummin' with. 4:00."

They all turned towards me and burst out laughing. All except Liz who just wiggled out of her chair with an embaressed look on her face.

"Come on Max, let's go off campus and eat."

I wrinkled my nose at and flipped off the preps ahe was friends with simultaneously as she dragged me out of the quad. "But you always eat in here. I was going to sit at your table." I said the last part with a smile and saw some of the embaressment melt from her face.

She grabbed my arm, "I just wanna be alone with you today."

I smiled at her even though I knew that wasn't the truth, the whole truth atleast. She just wasn't ready to scream out our relationship to the whole school. I was O.k. with that, I'd give her the time that she needed.

"I know this tiny Italian Resturant in East Roswell," I threw a smile her way, "they serve the best Alfredo."

She laughed, "are we going to get back her in time for next period though?"

I saw the pinched quality that came to her face and frowned, she was to young not to have any fun.

I shrugged, "If we're not back in time we'll just cut the next class."

I watched her about to protest and clamped my hands down on her shoulders, "We're young Liz, we have to live a little."

She thought about it as I stared down at her, already knowing the answer.

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards my jeep, "lets go."


I stared at the small white house as he brought me inside. "Baltidono's Cafe."

I liked that name, it had a certain ring to it.

"How may I help you?"

The host was a handsome young italian guy, maybe 20, with jet black hair and a nice build. I grabbed Max's forearm and beamed up at him as he smiled down at me, he had nothing on my Max though.

"We'd like a table for two."

He smiled and led us to a small table in the center of the room. "The waiter will be here shortly."

With that he disappearded and I was left to take in my surroundings. The table was covered with an eggshell white cloth and adorned with with white flowers and a single candle. The room was dimly lit giving you a feeling of privacy and making you think you could be in a four star resturant, but it was to cozy for that. She smiled across the table at her date, who's face was currently looking through the menu.

"We're going to have to have to come here more often."

He glanced up at me, "what?"

"I said you're going to have to bring me here more often."

He smiled broadly, "anything you want."

We sat there for a moment staring across the expanse of the table at eachother when the moment was broken by the waiter.

"May I take your order?"

He took a deep breath and turned from me, "Yes. I would like the three cheese Alfredo and my date would like........?"

I looked down at the menu and realized that it was all in Italian before I put it down quickly and looked up.

"The same as him."

The waiter nodded and made his way to the back.

"You know that entire menu's in Italian? How did you read that?"

He smiled at me and leaned across the table as if he was sharing a secret with me.

"I'm Italaian."

With those two words he leaned back into his seat and started looking back over the menu.

"You're Italian?"

I never knew that. It added another dimension to him, and yes this was stupid but it somehow made him seem that much sexier.

"Yes. I lived there until I was 8 when we moved here. Italians my native language."

I smiled broadly, "You speak it well, no accent at all."

He beamed atme proudly, "that's cause I'm smart."

I laughed as the waiter put our food in front of us.

"You are," I said as if I didn't already know and dodged the napkin he threw at me, "I didn't know that."

"Yes I am Liz. There are alot of things you don't know about me."

He bent his head back down to eat and I studied him for a moment. I was pretty sure that that statment went deeper than just being Italian.

Chapter 11

"Say something in Italian."

The meal had been fantastic and when they'd left the comfort of the resturant they couldn't see themselves driving back to school and being locked up until 3. Instead they went to Roswell's City Park and were now sitting on a bench with Max's head in Liz's lap while she fed the ducks with their extra garlic bread.

"Why?" He dragged the word out in a very juvenille fashion and Liz playfully slapped his shoulder.

"Because I asked you to."

"Penso ti amo."{I think I love you.}

She smied down at him, "what did you just say?"

Max bit his bottom lip and she noticed the scarlett that had begun to creep up his neck.

She gasped dramatically and threw the back of her left hand against her forehead, "did you say something...dirty? Maxwell Evans I insist you tell me what you just said right this instant."

He rolled his eyes at the flamboyant southern accent she'd adopted at some point during her speech and continued, "Non posso aspettare il giorno che posso rendere ad amore voi."{I can't wait for the day that I can make love to you.}

She pushed him into a sitting position and grabbed the front of his shirt, "tell me right now what you're saying or I swear I'll....I'll make you sorry."

He put his face as close to hers as he could without touching and whispered his next words.

"Desidero baciarlo."{I want to kiss you.}

She shut her mouth, even though she wasn't sure what he'd said, something in her must've recognized what it because she felt her stomach twist and her breath catch.

"I'm not sure what you just said...but I liked it."

His face smoothed out into a soft smile and he moved into her for the kiss he'd asked for.

"Excuse me kids."

They practically flew apart and they both looked up into Sheriff Valentis disappointed face.

"I expected better from you Liz, cutting school." He tsked at her and slowly turned to Max.

"It's nice to see you again Mr. Evans. I had almost begun to think that my favorite truent had quit on the job."

Max rolled his eyes at the man and looked out onto the water. This was absolutely the last thing he needed. Hisrecord was already a mile long. He glanced over at Liz and winced at the pure panic that was now occupying her face. He was even sorrier for bringing her into this.

Sheriff Valenti watched Max watch Liz and was slightly surprised by the emotion there. Could this kid really care for the girl the way she deserved? He was sure that answer was no.

He'd been the one who'd been picking up Max and his buddies for truency, he was one who arrested Max for public drunkenness, he wa the one he went out to his home every other night on domestic abuse calls.

This boy could never treat the girl the way she deserved, he'd just hurt her.

"Why are you with this kid? Huh, Liz."

Max took a deep breath and let it out slowly, if he was going to take tham in, he just wished he'd do it and stop with the chatter.

"He's very nice." She looked over at him as if he were the sun and Valenti was very disturbed by this. He'd always thought she and his own son, Kyle, would one day get together.

Jim looked from Max to Liz with a digusted face, "You could do better."

Max snapped.

He'd known what Valenti had been hinting at the whole time, that Liz was to good for him. Jim was saying that as if he himself didn't already know that but when he activally tried to take the only good thing away that he had ever had. Well, Max went a little psycho.

He didn't even realize he was up and swinging until Jim had him on the ground and was handcuffing him.

"You are under arrest for trying to assult a Police Officer."

Max didn't hear the rest, all he could see was Liz's pinched worried face as Valenti dragged him toward the Cruiser, threw him in, and walked back toward Liz.

"This isn't Max's first time with violence. If you wanna know some more about his past...." He went into his pocket and took out his card.

"Call me."

They looked at eachother before he turned, got into the cruiser and drove away with Max in the back. Liz looked down at the thin strip of paper as if it were position but instead of throwing it down, she pocketed it and made her way home to call his parents.

The song in this chapter is By Linkin Park, it's called My December

Chapter 12

*This is my December
This is my time of the year
This is my December
This is all so clear*

Liz sat on the phone as it rang for the fifth time and was about to hang up when someone spoke.


She didn't say anything for a moment, cursing her luck.

"Hello? do you speak english?"

"Chi è questo?"{Who is this?}

Liz was about to ask again when she heard Isabels voice on the other side.

"You're not 'posed to pick up the phone granma. Who is this?"

Liz was quiet for a moment but when she thought of Max in jail she spoke up, "it's Liz Parker."

For a moment there was such a silence that she thought Isabel had hung up on her until her icy voice filled the line once again.

"Maxwell isn't here."

She was about to hang up again when Liz stopped her.

"I know Max isn't there," she took a deep breath and plunged ahead. "He was arrested today."

There was nothing from the otherside again until an older womans voice came over the line.

"Who is this?"

Liz realized this must be Max's mother and even though this was a very serious situation she was a little daunted at speaking to his mother for the first time.

"Liz Parker. We were at the park and he got into it with Sheriff Valenti, he took a swing, and he was arrested."

*This is my December
This is my snow covered home*

"When did this happen? The school day isn't over yet."

Even through the thick accent Liz could the accusations laced in that sentence.

"We were...um...off campus for lunch."

That wasn't a total lie. She was speaking again but in Italian and Liz waited for her to come back on the line.

"I want to thank you for calling and ask you to do something for me."

Liz perked up at that, "anything. I'll do anything to help Max."

His mother took a breath and said something that Liz had never expected.

"Don't ever speak to him again. Isabel has told me about you Ms. Parker and I beleive that you are a smart sensible girl. The only place that boy can bring you is down and if you ever want a life I suggest you let go of him."

With that she hung up.

*This is my December
This is me alone*


Max sat in the cell and waited until he could make his call.

It was all starting again. The fights, the stealing, the lies, the incarcerations. He'd been in jail more times than he could remember.

*And I
Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something I missed*

The only diffrence this time is that he'd gotten Liz involved. Whta would her parents say if Valenti decided all of the sudden to call them?

*And I
Take back all the things I said
To make you feel like that*

He took a deep breath. They'd been having so much fun, then he had to mess it up. All he'd had to have done was get Valwnti away from them or even let him arrest them but he had to take the swing.

*And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to*

The Sheriff was right though. Liz *was* to good for him. The only thing he was going to do to her was bring her down. Max took a deep breath and looked out of the tiny slit in the wall they called a window.

*Give it all away
To have someone to come home to*

The one good thing he could do for Liz was to let her go. She wouldn't understand and she'd probably be hurt but it would be for the best. When she got older she would start to understand why they had to be apart.

*This is my December
These are my snow covered dreams*

She would start to understand that the only place he could've ever brought her was down and she was actually happy to be rid of him.

*This is me pretending
This is all I need*


Liz stood outside of the jail and watched as his family went into get him. She didn't care what his mother said. He wouldn't bring her down, they were meant to be.

She watched him walk out with his head down and called out to him.


He looked in her direction then put his head back down and kept walking.

*And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to*

She watched his back as he got into the car and they drove away. She looked around her a moment before sticking her hands in her pocket to retreive her keys.

She pulled out a rumpled peice of paper and swiped her tear blurred eyes to get a better looked at it.

Sheriff Jim Valenti


The paper burned in the palm of her hand as she took out her cell and dialed the number.


She was quiet for a moment.

"Sheriff Valenti. It's Elizabeth Parker."

He was silence for a moment but the smile wasunmistakable in his voice when he came back on the line.

"Do you wanna know about Mr. Maxwell Evans?"

She took a deep breath, knowing deep in her heart she was making a pact with the devil.


The smile was even more apparent.

"Then come on over darlin'."

*Give it all away
To have someone to come home to*

P.S=This chapter is rated strong R

The song is by Massive Attack-Dissolved Girl

Chapter 13

Liz sat across from Valenti, looking anywhere but at the figure sitting behind the big mahogany desk.

“I’m glad you decided to see me Ms. Parker. You should know about this boy before you get involved with him and his…element.”

She looked down at the small slip of paper in her lap that she was currently ripping to shreds. She stopped herself, what had it ever done to her?

“Would you like to see the file?”

Now was the time, she could get up and leave this place without ever hurting Max. She could go to his house and force him to talk to her. Force him to let her back in his life. Force him to let her help him.

If Max ever found out he’d be so hurt but when she saw the manila folder he had grasped in his right hand a terrible curiosity coursed through her.

‘Who was Max Evans?”

The answer could be right in front of her.



Max tried to wipe some of the hot pink lipstick that was smeared all over his face off without Tess seeing. She was currently sucking on his neck so hard he was sure the skin would be gone tomorrow but who cared?

The more Liz saw the easier it would be for her to let them go.

For him to let her go.

“Max, do you wanna………?”

He bit back the grimace that wanted to burst onto his face. He didn’t wanna……you know with her but what else was there to do? Why should he not take advantage of this moment, forget his problems for a while.

“Sure. Why not.”


Liz hugged herself as she crossed the street in front of the jail and started to walk home. So many bad things had happened to Max, so many things that nobody deserved to have done to them was done to him and shed some light on how he was.

Why he was so closed off, so angry, so unhappy.

If those things had been done to her she would be exactly the same.

She would go over to his house, tonight. Make him talk to her about why he’s been ignoring her. She would tell him her secrets and he would tell her his secrets.

She smiled to herself and sped up towards home. She would get her parents car and drive out to his house. Thing’s between them would change tonight.

One way or the other.


He slid into Tess’ warm welcoming body and couldn’t stop thinking if this was what Liz felt like.

*Shame, such a shame
I think I kind of lost myself again*


He ignored her and tried to think about earlier today, earlier today when his world had seemed so bright. When, for and instant, he thought he just may have a beautiful future ahead of him.

That was over now,

*Day, yesterday
Really should be leaving but I stay*

“I love you Max.”

He looked away at her words and pushed deeper inside of her. His thoughts kept coming around to Liz.

She was so beautiful.

*Say, say my name
I need a little love to ease the pain
I need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came*

Her hair, her legs, her breast…everything was absolutely perfect.

He looked down into deep chocolate eyes, “Liz?”

*'Cause it feels like I've been…
I've been here before*

Tess smiled up at him and raised her hips to meet his ever increasing thrusts.

“If you want me to be.”

*You are not my savior
But I still don't go*


Liz drove down the path toward Max’s face 30 over the limit. Tonight was it, she was going to make him understand that he didn’t need to hurt anymore. That she would protect him and they could be together.

*Feels like something
That I've done before*

She pulled up in front of their two story ramshackle home and quit the engine. She could see a light on on the second floor and she jumped from the car and made her way to the porch.

Liz knocked and knocked for maybe 3 minutes before she pushed and the door swung open. There was a noise somewhere upstairs and she felt the hair on the nape of her neck rise up as she began to follow it.

*I could fake it
But I still want more*


He buried his face in her neck as he felt his impending orgasm coming on. This was so wrong, to her, himself, Liz, and he knew that this was not the best it could be but so what. This was sex with no strings. Love without the possibility of pain.

*Fade, made to fade
Passion's overrated anyway*


He pushed himself up on his forearms and looked down into her eyes.

They were the wrong color.

*Say, say my name
I need a little love to ease the pain*


He bit his bottom lip and threw his head back as he came and felt her walls convulse around him.

*I need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came*


The voice was different the that of the woman’s beneath him and he turned toward her stricken face in the door .


*'Cause it feels like I've been
I've been here before*

They looked at each other before he realized what was going on. Liz had seen him, seen them. It was happening all over a gain, he was losing her. Max wanted to chase her but his head was throbbing, maybe that bottle of Jack had really impaired his judgment.

*You are not my savior
But I still don't go, oh*

He touched his pounding forehead.

“Are you O.K Max?”

He looked at the blond blue eyed girl under him and was once again stunned by how different she and Liz were.

“No I’m not.”

*Feel’s live something
That I've done before*

She smiled and cupped her hand on his cheek, “it’s fine now. I’ll take of you.”

He looked away and nodded as he heard her car pulling away from his home.

Tess was as good as anyone else to be with.

*I could fake it
But I’d still want more*

Chapter 14

His mouth tasted like grass and he rolled out of the twin bedto jump in the shower.

"Where you going?"

Max nearly jumped out of his skin.


She narrowed her eyes with worry.

"What's wrong? Are you sick or something?"

He looked at her curled up in his sheets and suddenly felt his stomache turn over. Yes, something was definitely wrong.

"What're you doing here?"

She sat up with a confused and slightly suspicious look on her face.

"We slept together last night Max. Don't you remember?"

He searched his mind frantically.

He remembered leaving the jail and seeing Liz, He remembered getting into a fight with his parents, he remebered leaving and buying the Jack, He remebered seeing Tess and he remembered bringing her home to drink with him. Then nothing.

"All I remember is bringing you home to drink with me.

There was silence for a moment until she burst out laughing.

"I should've known. You never could hold your liquor."

She wanted him to think that it was said as something friendly but he heard a underlying bitterness to it.

"I could've just left this morning, not like you woulda remembered and it wasn't like you would've went to Liz after what she saw."

Before the sentence was finished he was on her.

"What did Liz see?"

He was hoping like madit was him leaving the staton but the mack sad look on her face said it all.

"She walked in on us then left."

Max slipped away from her and held his head in his hands on the edge of the bed.

"on't worry about it Max," she finally said.

"Everythinghappens for a reason."

He turned toward her slowly and when se saw the look on his face she backed away and with good reason. He was a hairs breath away from hitting her.

"Look," she said suddenly.

"This was both of us, not just me. Don't put this on me."

He looked away, winceing at the throbbing of the pain in hid head, reaching toward his drawer for a bottle of asprin to chew.

"What are we going to do?"

He turned toward her and said as nicely as possible.

"I'm going to see Liz. Your getting out of my bed and then out of my house."


Maria watched Liz fly across the diningroom floor with something akin to awe. She didn't think Liz had ever worked this hard in her life.

"What's up chica? Excited about yors and Alex's date tonight?"

She looked up sharply.


"Remember about 2 weeks ago when Alex asked you to Pauly's house party? You said yes."

She looked around, "yeah, that's it. I just can't wait cha know?"

Maria nodded, not beleiving her for one minute. She was about to tell her something else when the bell over the ntrance rang and all the laughter and the talking in the dining room quieted.

"What are you doing here fag?"

They weren't sure whitch football it was that said that but they rushed from the employee lounge to see Max Evans.

He never answered and Maria noticed that his and Liz's eyes were locked. She looked up at the jock that had spoken and identified him as Alex himself.

She saw him notice the eyes too.

There was going to be trouble.


Liz looked at Max.

She was too tired to be angry so she was just....pissed?

He stepped toward her and Alex stopped him.

"Are you looking at my girl freak? I'm going to make you pay for that."


They looked over at Liz who was suddenly between them.

"Move," Alex said in a gruff voice.

"Touch her and die."

It was spoken so softly, so matter-of-factly that Alex backed away unconciously.

Max turned toward her after a moment.

"Can I speak to you?"

She wanted to say no but if she left him Alex and buddies were going to do something stupid.


She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the employee lounge.

They were quiet for a moment.


She stopped him, "don't."

He nodded and they sat on either ends of the couch for a in silence until she turned her body toward him.

"Was last night your first time?"

Chapter 15


Max had been expecting alot of things. Screams, curses, anger, but not that question.

"Was last night your first time?"

At his blank look she went on, black impatience shimmering underneath each word she said.

"Was last night your first time cheating with her or was this a regular Tuesday night thing?"

He shook himself.

Max was quickly losing control of this conversation and things weren't going the way he'd planned for them to.

"Did you do it often?"

The customers were beginning to sense something going on. He could make out their faces through the order window glancing toward the back where they were.

"Um, Liz..."

"Did you both talk about how you had that stupid Liz Parker actually beleiving that you loved her? Did you two laugh at me?"

Her voice was increasing and he could feel them at the door. Maria, Alex, Kyle, Micheal all of them. Laying in wait, seeing what was going on before they tried their damnest to beat him to death.

"Liz..that's not how it was but..but.."

He really had nothing to say, he couldn't remember the actual sex but he did remember walking out of the police station and having the notion that she would get nothing but heart ache from him and that they shouldn't be together.

The longer this scene played out the more he could understand that line of logic. If he and Liz stayed together this was probably how it would always be because when one person in a relationship was inferioer to the other, things could never really work out in the end.

"Are you going to answer me?"

Her voice had turned shrill and rough and he shied away from it. Maybe if he didn't speak this would all end up a dream. A terrible dream. He looked into her hopeless angry face and saw that this wasn't a dream. It was reality, horrible reality, his reality.

"Me and you being together was never a joke Liz. I love you but last night...God...I was drunk."

He knew it was a lame excuse but that really was why he thought he did it. Because he was drunk and bored and she had been there.

She leaned back and looked at him incredulously, "If you're going to lie you might as well leave."

With that she got up and passed through the swinging doors into the resturant. He was up and after her before he realized it and turned her back toward him.

"Get your hands off of her."

He was vaguely sure it was Alex screaming at him to realease the hold he had on her forearm but no oner came barreling into him and he was far to concentrated on Liz to really hear what was going on around him.

"Waht do you mean if I'm not going to tell the truth? I did tell the truth, I was drunk, as dumb an excuse as it may be it's the truth."

"Oh, you may have been drunk, probably was in fact, but that's not why you did it."

She tried to pull away again and he pulled her back, angry that she thought she knew him so well.

"Then why don't you tell me what happened with me Liz since you think you have the inside track."

He let go of her arm and she rested her balled up hands on her hips and tilted her head at him.

"You didn't sleep with Tess because you were drunk." She heard a low murmur and gasps go though the room at that but ignored them. "You slept with her so you could ruin us."

His mouth fell open in surprise.

"You knew I was going to come to your house after I saw you at the jail and you went home and did this so I would see and this," she said indicating the spectacle they were making. "would happen. Even if all that was sub-conciously that's why you did it."

"I don't think you thought I'd be so loud about it though, did you think I'd sit back there, cry, beg you stay?"

She screamed and threw her hands over head, "DID YOU THINK I WOULDN'T MAKE A SCENE?"

"To tell you the truth I wasn't really thinking at all."

She resumed her earlier pose with her hands at her hips and looked at him with a sad expression.

"You're severly self-destructive and you need intensive therapy Max, seriously."

He didn't really have anything at all to say to all of this, she was right.

"I thought I might be able to help you. I thought me being with you would fix you."

He reached toward her and she moved out of his reach.

"That's not your fault though. I can't fix you just because I care and now I know that and you know it too."

She sighed, "maybe this was for the best."

Max looked down at his ratty tennis and realizd that everything she had said was right, he was crazy and when he tried to break them up maybe that was the right choice.

He was no good for anyone, especially Liz Parker. Look what he'd brought her to. Screaming in the middle of a resturant like they were at home.

"You're right Liz, I do need help."

Her stance relaxed and the look on her face was a mix of relief and confusion.

He started to back toward the door and looked at her, really looked, one last time before running out.

Maria came up and wrapped her arms around her.

"You made a mistake with him chica but now that's over and you can be with us again."

Liz looked from her to Alex, to Kyle, to Micheal and saw their small, sympathetic, forgiving smiles.

what were they forgiving her for, crossing the tracks? She felt angry but let herself sink into Marias arms, she had no place else to go.

Shre looked out the door he'd left and couldn't stop the tightening in her chest.

The thought that maybe she'd made almost as big a mistake as Max had.