The Agreement

Responding to this challenge by Sugarplum17:
Max Evans is a career-oriented kind of guy (you choose the profession in which he’s in). All he thinks about is getting to the top, and he’ll do anything and everything he can to get there. Some say he’s ruthless and cunning, others just say he’s good at what he does.

But unbeknownst to Max, his career-obsessed ways are actually hurting his chances of getting to where he wants to go. His boss (Valenti, Mr. Parker, his dad, or someone completely made up) is looking for a family man to take over the business/company/whatever when he retires. Someone with a wife and kids, or plans for kids sometime in the future.

When his brother-in-law who is one of his best friends, Alex (who also works at the same place), tells him of this startling news Max thinks he’s screwed. That is until a few days later, when he comes up with a plan. They want a family man? He’ll give them a family man.

Enter Liz Parker. She desperately needs a place to live, not that she’s poor or anything. She just has to get away from her crazy roommate (let’s say she talks to the walls like they’re real people, I don’t know, make something up if you want). Anyhoo, she desperately needs a place to live. And one night at a party that her friend, Alex, is throwing at his house, she meets Max.

They get to talking and he subtly drops hints that he’s got an extra room in his rather large apartment. The next day she goes over there to look at the room, and falls in love with the place. And the room is hers. That is, if she agrees to marry Max. She’s convinced he’s crazy but does it anyway. She’d rather live with him in a fake marriage than live with someone who talks to walls.

- Please no first person pov
- NC-17 at some point wouldn’t be frowned upon.
- Give them some ground rules (I.e. He doesn’t expect anything from her sexually. They can date other people so long as they’re discreet about it, blah blah blah.)
- They have to kind of hate or dislike each other at first, but eventually fall in love with one another.
- Aliens or not, I don’t care. You can throw in the rest of the gang wherever you see fit.
- Please make it humorous. I like to laugh.
Summary: as above
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Max & Liz
Disclaimer: if you sued me you would just get an orange bedroom, & naughty thoughts about Colin Hanks

On with the Fanfic J it gets better after the prologue, I promise

Max Evans; typical hard working businessman, does whatever he can to get to the top. Doesn’t have a girlfriend/wife, or any type of love life. His job is his life. Max works for Mr Jim Valenti, Jim is retiring & the word is he wants one of his employees to run his business.

Alex Whitman; married to Isabel Whitman (formerly Isabel Evans). Alex is one of Max’ few friends. Isabel has a child on the way, Alex has a happy non-job-orientated life. Alex also works for Jim Valenti.

Maria DeLuca; fiancé of Michael Guerin. Maria is a smart, quirky woman, who ByTheWay is loaded. Maria loves to sing so its what she does. Maria has a very bubbly personality, & a lot of friends; Alex who she meet at school. Max who she knows thru Michael (she has a lot more, but I’ll just leave it at that)

Michael Guerin; chef, soon to marry Maria DeLuca, best friend of Max Evans since kindergarten. Michael is a romantic, strong-willed guy.

Liz Parker; daughter of Nancy & Jeff Parker. Small-town-girl. Beautiful, smart, funny young lady. A woman with few friends. Liz earns her living by painting. Liz is living with Pam Troy. Pam’s hobby is talking to walls. Liz thinks Pam is crazy & wants to move out ASAP, the only problem is where too.

~Part 1~
~Valenti LTD~
“Hey Max my man!” Alex greeted his brother-in-law, hitting him lightly on the back.
“Hey Whitman, how’s it hanging?” Max asked cheerily
“Good, good, you heard about Jim’s job?” Alex asked, walking with Max
“You bet” Max replied smiling, the job was his *happy*
“Well apparently he’s looking for a family guy, so I think im in with a shot”
“Really” Max asked, maybe it wasn’t quite his
“Yeah, you still coming to mine tonight?” Alex asked referring to a party being held at his house that evening
“Yeah” Max replied, suddenly worried about his job
“Oh, shit, im supposed to meet Iz & im late, she’s gona kill me. See ya Evans” Alex said running for his life, you did not wana keep Isabel waiting.
“Yeah, see you later, if your still alive” Max shouted as he watched Alex run to the lift.

~Liz & Pam’s Flat~
“Hmmmm, yes I see, & how long has this been going on? Oh really well I hope it clears up” Liz overheard Pam talking as she walked into her flat.
“Um, Pam?” Liz asked
“Yeah” Pam said turning to face her flatmate
“Who are you talking to?” Liz asked curious
“Kyle” Pam replied
“Who’s Kyle?” Liz asked (again)
“This is Kyle” Pam said gesturing towards the wall, as if it were obvious
“He’s a bit unhappy, apparently he sprained his ankle playing basket-ball” Pam said seriously
“Pam, it’s a wall” Liz said, giving Pam the once over to see if she was ok
“Shhh, Liz he has a name, & feelings” Pam said annoyed, Liz had just been rude to her friend
“Im, gona go & get changed” Liz said giving Pam a weird look
“Where, you going?” Pam asked
“Alex’ he’s having a party” Liz replied walking into her bedroom


~Alex’ Party~
“Whitman!” Max Evans shouted, moving thru the throngs of people.
“Max! How do you like the party?” Alex asked walking up to Max
“Its good. So your still alive?” Max asked smirking
“Yeah, just but if im ever late for meeting Isabel again then ‘she would make sex hurt for the rest of my life’ oh how I do love married life” Alex replied getting a drink
“Owch! Hey um who’s that?” Max asked pointing to a brunette laughing
“That’s Maria” Alex answered
“No! The other one” Max asked intreged
“Um, that is Elizabeth Parker. Sweet girl having problem with her flat
“Yeah, I gota go mingle” Alex said walking away.
“Elizabeth Parker” Max said to himself before walking over to her
“Hi im Max Evans, & you are?” Max said smiling at Liz
“Um, Liz Parker. Its nice to meet you Max” Liz replied tucking a piece of
hair behind her ear, a nervous habit.
“Its nice to meet you Liz Parker” Max said rolling her name off of his
“So Max what do you do for a living?” Liz asked making small talk
“The same as Alex, what do you do?” Max said gazing into Liz’ eyes
“Im, um an artist” Liz said blushing at Max’ gaze
“That’s a nice job. Alex says your looking for somewhere to live” Max
said a plan perfectly formed in his brain.
“Yeah, my roommate talks to walls” Liz replied smiling
“That’s um, unique” Max remarked
“Yea, its um kinda scary thow” Liz said truthfully
“Yeah, well I mean your looking for somewhere to live & I have a huge
flat, it gets soo lonely, maybe you’d like to take a look around
tomorrow. Here’s the address” Max said pulling a piece of paper out of
his pocket.
“Wow, um thanks” Liz said taking the paper from his hands
“No problem, just come after two. Now I really must go” Max said
smiling brightly at Liz
“Bye Max” Liz said
“Bye Elizabeth Parker” Max replied walking off. Leaving Liz to deal with
the butterflies rising in her stomach.

~Liz & Pam’s Flat~
“Liz, Liz? Kyle asked me on a date, what am I gona where?” Pam asked as soon as Liz was thru the door.
“You mean Kyle the wall?” Liz asked
“Im really tired im just gona go to bed” Liz said hurriedly waking into her room


~Next Day~
~Liz & Pam’s Flat~
“Hey” Liz said walking out of her bedroom
“Hey. Im going on my date with Kyle tonight” Pam said
“Oh, er, what are you doing?” Liz asked
“Renting a movie” Pam said flipping thru a magazine
“Oh, really which one?” Liz asked, she couldn’t help but be curious
“American Sweethearts” Pam replied dreamily
“That’s, um cool” Liz said worried about Pam’s mental health
“It was his birthday about week a go, & no one remembered; so I got him
some pictures, im going to hang them on him” *big*Gracie!*big*
“O-Kay” Liz replied shakily *I hope you don’t put out, ew; disturbing
mental image* Liz mumbled
“What was that?” Pam asked
“I’ve got to go, see you later” Liz said exiting her flat.

~Max’ Flat~
“WOW! This place is amazing!” Liz said in awe, as Max showed her around
his flat
“It’s too big for just me” Max said suggestively
“It’s too big for three people” Liz remarked
“Liz, look, I’ll do a deal with you; I’ll let you live here rent free” Max said
“What your joking?” Liz said, think Max couldn’t be serious
“No” Max giving her one of his award-winning smiles
“Max, why, what would you want me to do?” Liz asked unsure
“Just marry me” Max said seriously
“What no way” Liz said backing away from Max
“Liz wait,” Max said grabbing Liz’ hand, “there is this promotion going at
my office, & to get this promotion, you need to be married, I know it
sounds ridicules, but, I need this promotion, look just marry me, I wont
want you to do anything, just be my friend, that I happen to be married
to” Max said tring to convince Liz
“Look Max” Liz started
“No Liz, your roommate; she talks to walls, I don’t I have any bad habits,
I would stay out of your way. You’re an artist, you have a whole room
For your painting, er, you can use the pool. You can do anything in
this house, just please marry me” Max pleaded
“Max, I need time,” Liz said, her brain running a mile-a-minute
“Ok, you have my number” Max said


* Means thought
NC-17 part

~Liz & Pam's Flat~
Liz went straight into her room to think....
"Ughhhhhhhhh!" Liz heard someone scream *No, oh god no! Pam is,
oh god no! Not for Kyle, no, she is, NO!! Oh good god, she is, she's
wanking for Kyle* Liz thought, disgusted
"Oh, Kyllllllllllllleeeeeeeee" Pam shouted as she came. Liz
shuddered. She quickly reached for her phone & dialled the
number on the piece of paper in her hand. The person picked up on
the third ring.
"Hey Max, its Liz" Liz said nervously
"Oh, hey, how are you?" Max asked
"Yeah, im good, look Max about the thing we discussed earlier..."
Liz trailed off
".... Oh you don't wana move in?" Max said disappointed
"Yes" Liz replied sighing

im evil
"Yes, er, no" Liz said
"Huh?" Max asked confused
"Yes I wana move in. I guess we're getting married" Liz said, glad
to be moving away from Pam & her wall/friend/fuck buddy
"That's, great, wow, cool, im glad" Max almost shouted down the
phone with excitement
"Max, I gota get goin', early start tomorrow"
"Ok, good, see ya" Max said the smile evident in his voice
"Yeah, bye" Liz said putting the phone down, only to hear Pam's
VERY loud climax' *Oh great* Liz thought sarcastically.

~Part 5~ ~3Weeks Later~
/Liz moved in, her & Max are friends, Liz has noticed how involved Max is
with his work. Max & Liz invited all their friends & family over, to meet
each-other~Max & Liz’ Flat~

“Max, Max” Liz shouted at Max as she made her way over to him.
“Yeah?” He asked
“I want you to meet my parents” She said pulling him towards a couple
that looked as if they were in their 50’s or 60’s.
“Daddy, this is Max, Max this is my dad Jeff. Mum, this is Max, Max this is
my mum Nancy.” Liz said introducing her parents
“Its nice to meet you” Max said shaking their hands
“& you” Jeff replied, taking in the young boy’s aperance
“So, how long have you know Lizzie?” Nancy inquired
“What’s it been; a month?” Max asked in thought
“Just a month?” Jeff interupted
“Well, when we met we knew how we felt about each-other. It sounds
strange, but it took only a minute in each-others company to know we
were soulmates” Max said acting his part well
“Hmmmmm, well as long as your happy” Jeff said thoughtful
“Excuse us, but I have to introduce Liz to my parents, its been a
pleasure meeting you” Max said & pulled Liz away

/Two weeks later Max & Liz got married & didn’t have a honeymoon
“Can you believe what we did?” Liz asked her husband
“What?” Max asked confused
“We, got married, we don’t even love each other. We stood before god &
said we would be together & love each other no matter what. I have
always wanted to wait for love & we got married we don’t love each
other, what we did was wrong, why did I say ‘yes’? I hate this, im goin’
to bed” Liz said & went to her bedroom.
“Great, just fucking great” Max said to himself.

~Next Morning~
Liz sat at the breakfast table reading the paper, after just having
Putting Max’ breakfast on the table.
“Hey” Max said sitting down
“Hey Max, im sorry about last night. Its just I always wanted to be
married, & to be with my soulmate. Its stupid I know, im 30 & I’ve only
ever had sex once in my life & im still hopping to find my soulmate” Liz
said looking down ward.
“Liz, its not stupid. Im sorry too.” Max started
“Max, its never gona happen, im coming to terms with it & im happy &
lucky that I can spend my life with a friend. You could be a lot worse”
Liz said with a smile
“See, im not all bad. Now what have I told you about cooking my
breakfast, your not my mum ya’know”

~Later that night~
Max had gone to bed & Liz has just walked into his bedroom; where his is sleeping on his front the covers, lazily draped over his naked body. His left arm dangling out of bed his face turned to the left, his light still on.
Liz watched him sleep before getting her sketch-pad & sketching him, taking in his features, from slightly different angles. The next day she would start painting him.

~2Weeks Later~
It’s a Friday night, Liz has almost finished the portrait of Max & Max has had quite a bit to drink.
“Liz, Liz” Max called out as Liz headed for her room.
“Yea?” She asked turning round, to see Max walking towards her.
“Lizzzz” He slurred, standing in front of her, making her back up against the wall.
“Max your drunk” Liz said, a little scared
“Liz, can I tell you a secret?” Max asked not bothering to wait for an answer, “ Your hot. Really im 31, I havent had or even thought about sex since I was 20, that’s over 10years! & Now, I’ve know you like 2months, & im already having fantasies about you. 10Years, that’s over 3650days! No sex, & now all I think about is you lying under me screaming my name out in ecstasy, you naked, you ridding me, you, you, you!” Max said, the last part in a whisper his lips close to her ear, during this Liz had stiffened. Max pulled away & his lips started to descend onto Liz’.


~PART 6~
Max started to kiss Liz, his tongue parting her lips. Liz let Max’ tongue
caress her own, before she came to her senses & using all of her
strength, pushed Max away
“Hmmmmm, what’s wrong?” Max asked with a wide smile on his face
“Max, you drunk” Liz said turning away
“Hmmmm, & horny, really horny” Max retorted pulling Liz back to him.
“Max, why don’t you go to bed?” Liz asked feeling trapped
“Not with out you” Max whispered into Liz’ ear
“Umm, Max why don’t you go to bed & I’ll be in, in a minute, ok?” Liz
suggested, her heart pounding in her chest
“Hmmmm, ok” Max said making his way to his bedroom
“Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod!” Liz kept repeating
Liz went into her bedroom & got changed into her pj’s. After Liz brushed
her teeth she went into Max’ bedroom & just as she suspected she found
Max lying onto of his bed snoring softly. Liz couldn’t get to sleep easily
that night because all she could think was *did he mean it?*

~Next Morning~
Max ran to the bathroom & deposited the contents of his stomach in to
the toilet. Once Max had stopped throwing-up, he could feel someone
stroking his back & making “Shhh” sounds.
“Are you ok?” Liz asked
“Remind me never to drink again” Max replied groggily.
“C’mon have a shower, then I wana see you dressed in what I’ve left out
on you bed for you.” Liz instructed
“Yes, sir” Max said saluting

~20 Minutes Later~
Max walked into the kitchen in a pair of blue jeans & an old t-shirt
“Like the look?” he asked
“Hmmm, I’ve never seen you look so dressed down before. Come here I’ve
made you some coffee, bacon & eggs” Liz said smiling at him
“I can eat that!” Max said wrinkling his nose up
“You’ll feel a lot better for it. Now, sit & eat!” Liz commanded

~Later On~
“Did I say anything last night that would of um…” Max trailed off
“Of course not” Liz replied quickly
“’Coz I remember some things” Max started
“Nothing Happened!” Liz cut in, almost snapping
The long awaited part 7:
~Part 7~

Max was walking ‘round his apartment in his boxers, he could hear music
coming from Liz’ room down the corridor. He walked into the room, she
had her back to him, she was painting & softly singing along to the

Life goes on, life goes on
Life goes on, life goes on

You sucked me in
And played my mind
Just like a toy
You were crank and wind

Baby I would give till you wore it out
You left me lyin' in a pool of doubt
And you're still thinkin' you're the Daddy Mac
You should've known better but you didn't
And I can't go back

Oh life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong
It's a fact, once you get on board
Say good-bye cause you can't go back
Oh it's a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I'm at, is my life before me
And this feelin' that I can go back
Life goes on

She was only wearing one of his shirts, she had paint on her face, he
wrapped his arms around her stomach & nuzzled into the side of her

Oh life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong
It's a fact, once you get on board
Say good-bye cause you can't go back
Oh it's a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I'm at, is my life before me
And this feelin' that I can go back
Life goes on

Wish I knew then
What I know now
You held all the cards
And sold me out

Baby shame on you, if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You've been a pretty hard case to crack
Should've known better but I didn't
And I can't go back

Oh life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong
It's a fact, once you get on board
Say good-bye cause you can't go back
Oh it's a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I'm at, is my life before me
And this feelin' that I can go back
Life goes on

She stopped singing, put her brush down & turned around. She smiled at him & reached up on her tiptoes to his him. Silently she grasped his manhood & pulled it thru the slit in his boxers & let go. He pushed into her with ease. She wrapped her legs around his waist & he walked over to the wall & started pounding into her. She silently screamed urging him deeper, harder. They continued their silent lovemaking; all that could be heard in the room was the sound of the music flowing thru the stereo speakers.

Na, na, na, na, na
Life goes on
Na, Na, Na, Na,
It made me strong
Oh yeah, got this feeling that I can't go back

Life goes on, life goes on, and it's only gonna me strong
Life goes on, life goes on, and on and on

shame on you, if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You've been a pretty hard case to crack
Should've known better but I didn't
And I can't go back

Na, na, na, na, na
Life goes on
Na, Na, Na, Na
It made me strong

Oh yeah
Gotta feelin' that I can't go back
No I can't go back
Oh yeah
I've gotta go now
I'm moving on
No turning back
'Cause you made me strong.

Max woke up with a start & groaned into his pillow, what was Liz doing
to him?

~The Next Morning~
Max was walking ‘round his apartment at a loose end, board out of his
mind. Liz popped into his head & he decided to find her. He couldn’t find
her in her room, so he decided to try her ‘art room’.
He opened the door & saw her painting, with her back to him. He walked
into the room.
“Hey” he said
“Oh, hey” Liz said with a jump.
“Is that me?” Max asked surprised, he saw the painting of himself, Liz
had been working on.
“Um yeah” she replied nervously
“You made me look um…”
“Im sorry” Liz said tring to cover her work
“No, no don’t, I like it. I look better then I do in the mirror” Max said
“Really?” Liz said in disbelief
“Yeah. Look Liz I’ve started to remember more from when I was drunk &
look I want to know; did I say that I loved you?”



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