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Inside My Heart
By Linda

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Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Category: M/L [Do I write anything else? ;)] and everyone else thrown in.
Summary: Liz’s Grandma was the first person near the Crash sight in 1947. What if she helped a wounded alien hide the pods and agreed to protect them? What if she knew the story of their past lives and how important they were to their planet? What if there were FIVE pods, only one was slightly damaged and opened six years earlier then the others were supposed to open, making this podster an infant when she emerged from the pod?
Author’s note: Other than the ship landing with the pods in 1947, everything else is my version of Roswell. Which means, among other things, that NOTHING in season 2 happened!!! THANK GOD!
Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to Melinda Metz, JK, and UPN.

Dedication: I also have to thank Mel (LizParkerEvans⊕ and Lyn (LaHelton4⊕ for helping me get this story started and giving me not only feedback, but help with the ideas for this story.

And to my wonderful friend Anne M. (luv2luvmax⊕ for all her encouragement and support.

Part 1

July 3, 1947

Claudia Newell always went out into the desert to write in her diary or journal, as she liked to call it. At 15 years old, she was a serious teen who already had high goals for herself. She knew what she wanted to do when she got older and how she was going to accomplish it. She liked having a plan.

It was a hot night and she took a sip of water from her canteen and stretched out on her blanket with her flashlight and journal. She was enjoying the peace and tranquility on this July 3rd night.

After writing her thoughts for a few minutes, Claudia put down her journal and just looked up at the stars. It was so bright tonight. So different from the storm of last night.

Suddenly she thought she heard a moan and a scraping sound. Claudia froze and listened carefully. Out in the desert sound traveled and she wanted to figure out in which direction she had just heard the moan. There was no wind so she couldn’t blame it on that.

When she heard it again she turned her head in the direction she thought it was coming from, and slowly got to her feet and waited again. Her eyes and ears were now straining to a clump of brush about 200 feet away.

When she heard the moan again, she thought she saw the brush sway a little and she swallowed. Fear was her first emotion. She knew it wasn’t an animal. It sounded like a human moan.

That made her move. If a human was somehow injured out here, she had to help!

Cautiously Claudia turned on her flashlight and staying still far enough away from the brush to feel safe, she shone the light on the area in question.

“Hello?” She whispered. “Is somebody out there? Are you hurt?” she called out.

“Hurt. Yes. Help please.” She heard in her mind.

That was all she needed to go the few more feet and move aside the brush.

When the flashlight caught upon the figure Claudia froze and gasped. She blinked several times to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing and then she started to back up, her feet feeling like lead from her fear of the unknown.

If she hadn’t been so terrified, she thought later, she would have run screaming and maybe not come back. But it was her fear that kept her there long enough to see the small creature reach out a strange looking hand and beg with his eyes for help once more.

Claudia had a soft spot for any wounded souls, and this one was crying out to her and looking helpless.

Later she was amazed that the totally bizarre looks of the creature hadn’t sent her running. But at the time, it was like he was drawing her to him with his pleas for help and his huge, soulful eyes.

She didn’t even realize until later that the alien didn’t have a mouth and was communicating to her through her thoughts.

Lying on her bed later that night, shivering from the after affects of all she had seen and done, Claudia was amazed and overwhelmed.

She had found out that the small creature’s craft had crashed the day before and that he was injured quite badly. He had trusted her because he was desperate and he had been watching her and had felt she had a good soul.

She knew that if it had been for himself, the little creature would never have made it so far or let himself be known to her. But it was for the tiny fetuses in the pods that he had risked getting caught.

Somehow he had convinced Claudia to help him back to where five pods were waiting in a row. He must have gotten them that far, because if their craft had crashed the pods would not have been so neatly lined up.

She had then helped the wounded creature drag the delicate pods carrying the fetuses into a cave not too far from them. It was so well hidden that Claudia, who had spent many a years in the desert, had not noticed the out jut of rocks that led to a small underground cave like area.

She wondered later if the alien had created it himself but she never knew for sure. After they had gotten the pods to safety, the little creature had made her help him get as far away from the pods as he could. Claudia had her dad’s old truck and even though she wasn’t supposed to drive without a licensed driver, she often took the old truck out into the desert not far from her home at night.

After she had helped him to lie down several miles from where they had hidden the pods, he had given her a book and told her a bizarre story that sounded like a fairytale of some sort.

The book was written in English and in another language that she had never seen before, but that sort of looked like Chinese or ancient hieroglyphics. The English was in translation below the other language and all of it was carved into the strange material that was neither metal nor wood or paper. It made of something she’d never seen before.

He had made her promise to keep it safely hidden and asked her to keep watch over the pods. He told her that they wouldn’t mature or hatch for another 42 years but it was critical that they were kept safe and hidden. And he was terribly worried about one of the pods that seemed slightly damaged in the crash. He kept telling her that the queen’s damaged pod needed to be watched carefully. That it was very important that nothing happen to it.

Claudia realized, when looking back, that this alien must have been very desperate to trust a young girl with the responsibility that would span over 40 years.

But she had given her promise and taken the book, and asked if she could do anything for him. He had waved her away; saying that he couldn’t be helped and he wanted to die knowing the pods would be looked after.

And he wanted her to be as far away from him as possible when he was found. He had known he would be, and didn’t want her to be associated with any of the events.

Later she heard about the crash site that was discovered only hours after she had helped the little creature. That a local sheep farmer Mac Brazel and his young 7 year old neighbor had come across the crash site on his land.

After that it became the biggest story around for years and years. And Claudia followed all of it with great interest and didn’t tell a soul what she had seen and done that night, July 3rd 1947.

She had cried when she heard the stories about alien bodies found and autopsied and all the rumors and speculations that were running around. She hoped that the little alien had already been dead when the military found him.

She watched as the military completely set about covering up the whole incident and she was at first shocked and then accepting of the fact that her own government was keeping things from the public.

Her one time thought to join the military when she was old enough, and to travel the world that way, was destroyed that week in 1947.

Claudia instead became an archeologist and writer. She still traveled the world and wrote about old ancient civilizations and burial sites. She followed the stories of lost civilizations and the theories of how some of them might have been old alien civilizations or locations of sightings.

Over the years her books became well known as did her archeological knowledge and accomplishments. And in all those years of traveling, she would continually come back to Roswell to check on the precious, entrusted pods as she had promised.

Thirty six years later…

October 1983

Claudia Newell Parker didn’t know what had woken her, but once she was up she knew she had to get to the pods.

She was visiting her son and daughter in law in Roswell after having finished another dig in Mexico the week before.

Having her son live in Roswell, New Mexico was a stroke of luck for Claudia. Now she always had an excuse for coming to Roswell to check on the pods.

Life had not been easy for the once young girl. She had married and actually settled down for several years in Roswell herself, and had had her one and only child there as well. But after her husband had died of Cancer 10 years ago, she had gone back to traveling and writing.

In all the years of marriage, she had never shared her secret with her husband. She had never shared the secret with anyone. Ever.

But on this night, that would all change.

She quickly dressed, as the urgency to see the pods became greater. She slipped out of the house so as not to disturb her son or his wife, and quietly made her way out to the well traveled path she knew would take her to the cave.

When she entered the well-hidden cave, she turned on the flashlight and made her way into the chamber that held the glowing pods.

At first everything looked like it always did. Just as it should, until 1989 sometime, her alien friend had told her.

But when she looked closer she saw the larger crack in the one pod that held the ‘queen’ and she gasped and brought her hand to her chest.

Over the years she had become just as protective of the little pods as her alien friend had been. The thought of something happening to one of them, and the ‘baby queen’ especially, was devastating.

Claudia stayed the night, monitoring the pod that not only seemed to have developed a larger crack, but was now glowing erratically.

By morning she was staring frighteningly down at a small infant that looked human. She had known it would, from what the little alien had told her all those years ago, but it frightened her to realize that this little pod was early. It was not supposed to hatch for another 6 years! And what was she supposed to do with an infant?

She had been frightened enough at the thought of dealing with 5 six year olds in the coming years, but now to find herself with an infant, and not knowing what would happen since it had hatched prematurely, she was terrified.

It wasn’t until almost 10 hours later that she came to her decision, and brought the infant back into Roswell with her.

She glanced at the small bundled little girl and prayed that her son and daughter in law would listen to what she had to tell them, and take the tiny girl into their home and hearts.

She was betting they would because they had been so desperately trying to have children and had recently been told they couldn’t.

She only prayed that when she told them the truth about the infant, that they would still want the small bundle that was only half-human.

She had contemplated not telling her son the truth about the baby girl, but knew that if anything were to happen while she was away, they would need to be prepared. And she had no idea what might happen or what differences this child would possess.


Part 2

Sept. 1991

Eight-year-old Elizabeth Parker peeked out from under her bangs, at the new boy at school, while she pretended to be tying her sneaker. What was it about him that drew her so? She frowned trying to figure it out. She usually wasn’t interested in boys. They were still creepy most of the time, except for Alex and Kyle who were nice to her and Maria. So why was she drawn to this one?

She had been playing with Maria on the playground this morning, when she had suddenly felt something and had turned to find a new boy who had just gotten off the bus, staring at her with deep eyes that seemed to pull her in. She had stared back, unable to look away.

She had felt as if some force was pulling her towards him, but as she had been about to move to go to him, he was pulled away toward the office of the school by another new girl.

Since then, she had been feeling goose bumps whenever the new boy was around. And it fascinated her.

She had been listening to her teacher and passing messages with Maria when she’d first felt the goose bumps and had turned toward the door to see the new boy standing there with the Vice Principal. He had stared right back at her for a minute, and then quickly turned away when Liz had stared back at him.

And for the rest of the morning, Liz had felt something in the air and was just so aware of the new boy that it puzzled her.

Now, on the playground again at lunch, Liz was trying to figure out what it was about Max Evans that made her feel this way.

“Hey Liz, that new boy is staring at you again?” Liz heard the voice behind her and realized she had been pretending to tie her shoe for way too long.

Sighing and standing up, Liz pushed her bangs out of her eyes and turned to her best friend Maria Deluca. “I know. There’s just something about him Maria…it’s weird.”

“I think he likes you Liz.” Maria giggled and turned to look directly at the new boy.

She laughed again when he looked startled at being caught so blatantly, and then he put his hands in his pants pockets and walked off.

“Maria!” Liz sighed when Max walked off.

“What? You WANT him staring at you?” Maria asked and tilted her head as she realized it was true.

“Liz! Oh my gosh! Do you like the new boy?” Maria asked, her eyes widening in surprise. Liz never looked at boys that way. Maria was always joking about this boy or that one being cute, but Liz was always totally uninterested.

Liz just shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s…just weird.” Was all she said. She didn’t understand it herself and couldn’t explain it.

Max Evans felt his whole body hum every time he saw Liz Parker. First on the playground when he’d first gotten off the bus, and then again when he’d seen her in his class. He didn’t understand it, and it scared him, but he was also fascinated with her and couldn’t NOT look at her. It was like she drew him to her. And he’d never felt that way before.

He knew she had been sneaking peeks at him all day too, and wondered if she felt the same things he did.

“What’s wrong with you Max? You’ve been acting strange all day.” Tess Evans asked, staring at her brother as they sat down at the table to eat snack after school.

“You mean he’s acting stranger than he always does?” Isabel Evan’s teased her two siblings as she reached for the Tabasco sauce to put in her juice.

Tess laughed but Max just ignored both of his sisters. They wouldn’t understand and he certainly wasn’t going to try to explain it. It would probably freak them all out if he told them he was getting these strange vibes from a human.

Tess frowned when she finally got the Tabasco sauce from Isabel. “Hey mom! We’re out of Tabasco sauce again!” she called into the living room where her mother was surrounded by moving boxes.

“That’s because you are a pig and eat it all.” Isabel said with a sniff of disdain.

“Me! You are such a hog with the sauce Isabel and you know it! No one can get any until you got it!” Tess pouted.

Diane Evans came into the kitchen smiling and took down another bottle from the pantry.

“Okay girls, enough fighting. I’ve learned to buy these in bulk since you three drink it like water.” She teased and brought it to the table. She ruffled her quiet son’s hair and he looked up at her.

“How was your first day at school honey? Isabel and Tess couldn’t wait to tell me about their first day. Did you have any problems?” Diane asked with concern showing in her eyes at the thought.

Max saw the worry and quickly reassured his mom that nothing “funny” had happened. That their secret was still safe.

“It was fine mom. Just school you know. Nothing much to tell.” He mumbled.

Diane let out her breath and nodded. “Yeah, I know.” She smiled and squeezed her son’s arm lightly before she headed back to the living room to continue unpacking.

Diane looked around the new house and all the boxes still to unpack, and then back at her children in the other room. They were acting just like normal children, but they were anything but normal.

Diane Evans looked over at her children and sighed. She was so grateful that she and Phillip had found them that night over two years ago. She thanked the stars everyday for giving them these children, and yet she worried constantly that they would be discovered and she and Phillip would lose their babies.

At first the fact that the three couldn’t speak English had worried her, but they’d learned quickly over the last two years as Diane taught them at home. She realized that everything had happened the way it had for a reason. She believed she and Phillip were meant to find these three and take care of them.

Two years ago, Phillip’s law firm had laid him off and they had been heading across the country to Albuquerque to start over. Neither one of them had any other family, so it had been just the two of them starting fresh.

It was on their way across the New Mexican Desert, right outside of Roswell that they found the three children wandering along on the deserted road.

At first it had been strange to find these three naked children out in the middle of nowhere, and then to find they couldn’t speak any language. But it was when they realized these children had ‘special abilities’ that they knew what they had to do.

Phillip and Diane had been getting the children into the car and wrapped in blankets when they had all heard the hissing of a rattler. If Isabel hadn’t lifted a hand and sent the snake flying through the air across the desert, it would have attacked Diane as she had moved to protect the children. That was when she and Phillip realized that something was definitely not normal here, and they decided to keep the fact that they had found the children a secret.

Since they were heading to a new city, where no one knew about them, they felt safe enough just letting everyone assume the kids were theirs.

Being a lawyer, Phillip Evans had ways of making the children appear legally theirs and they had gotten birth certificates and all the paperwork needed to make the children seem normal.

Over those first two years in Albuquerque the Evan’s had learned that these children not only had amazing abilities, but that their blood was different as well.

Diane, who was studying to be a doctor was able to get samples of their blood and they realized that whatever the children were, they could NEVER be exposed or they would be studied and experimented on. So they taught the children to keep their abilities to themselves and to be very careful and to always act as normal as possible.

And now, after two years in Albuquerque, Phillip had gotten transferred to the town closest to where they had found the children in the first place. Diane sighed hoping everything would be okay. She worried constantly that her children might be taken from her.


Liz Parker raced up the stairs to her family’s apartment above the restaurant they owned, with her best friend Maria right on her heels.

“Liz? Is that you honey?” her mother called when she heard the door open and she saw the time.

“Hi mom. Maria and I want to go to the park for a little while is that okay?” Liz asked as she raced into the kitchen to greet her mother and grab some cookies for her and Maria.

“Sure but be home by 4 okay? Oh and guess who called and is coming to visit this weekend?” Nancy Parker smiled down at her beautiful daughter and lovingly pushed the hair out of her daughter’s eyes.

“Grandma Claudia?!” Liz’s eyes lit up and she squealed when her mom nodded and laughed.

“Oh I can’t wait! Liz your grandma is so cool!” Maria clapped her hands and jumped around with Liz.

Liz hugged her mom and raced out the door with Maria, both of them excited and still talking about the upcoming visit.

Nancy Parker watched the door slam and sighed. She closed her eyes and hoped that Claudia would not decide that it was time to tell Liz about her past. Liz knew she was adopted, but nothing else, and so far Claudia had agreed with Jeff and Nancy to keep it that way. But she knew that one day Claudia would feel it was time to tell Liz about that night so many years ago. And she didn’t want to face that day. Not yet. Sometimes it was so easy to forget the incredible story Claudia had shared with her and Jeff the night she had come back with the small infant girl.

Day to day Liz seemed like a healthy normal human child and Nancy would convince herself that Liz was not from an alien ship or another world. Her beautiful daughter showed no signs of alien-ness, except for her blood, and she thanked God that Liz never got sick, since she could never let Liz go to a doctor without risking her daughter being taken from her.

She didn’t know how Claudia had managed it or what strings she had pulled, but she had gotten a doctor to falsify records of a normal checkup for Liz to go to school. Claudia said that the Doctor could be trusted and that was all she said. Nancy didn’t care to know more. She was just happy that her daughter was safe and that the secret was safe.


Claudia Parker paced her hotel room in Cairo. She would be heading back to the states in a few days; back to Roswell and her pride and joy, Liz. But she knew that she was also going back for another reason that was not a happy one. She HAD to continue her search for the other children that had been in the pods.

She cursed herself and once again begged the little alien to forgive her for having lost the other pod children. They had been her responsibility too, and she had failed.

Claudia had known sometime in 1989 that the other pods were to hatch. So she had made one last trip abroad on the request of her boss, in early 1989, having gotten him to agree to let her take a leave of absence from her work for the rest of that year.

She had not expected to contract Malaria and be sick and out of it for months. When she’d finally gotten well enough to remember where she was and what she needed to do, and was strong enough to travel, 6 months had passed.

When Claudia finally arrived in Roswell and had gone to the pod chamber, she remembered how devastated she’d felt upon finding the empty pods with no sign of the remaining four children at all.

And so, on and off for the past two years, she had been searching for some sign or clue as to where the other children could have gotten to. She had decided on this trip back, to start with the surrounding area for adopted children or children brought to orphanages that year. She would find them no matter how long it took! A whole alien planet was relying on her, as well as the people of earth if what the little alien had predicted ever came true.


Part 3

By the end of the week Liz couldn't wait to see her Grandma Claudia. She waved to Maria as Maria rode her bike away from the park, and she jumped on her own bike to head in the opposite direction.

"Hey! If it isn't little Liz Parker." A voice said from behind her, making her pale.

"Let go of my bike Steve." She tried nicely at first. She never knew what mood Steve would be in.

"What if I don't want to Lizzie?" he smirked, coming around to face her while she stood with her bike between her.

He knew she hated the name Lizzie, which was why he used it. He was a bully and Liz, like everyone else, was afraid of him, but tried not to let him know it.

"What s'matter, Lizzie? Cat got your tongue?" he laughed and pulled on one of her braids.

Liz yanked her head back and her hair fell out of his grasp. "Leave me alone Steve. I need to get home." She tried to look bored, but inside she was shaking. Steve liked to hurt people, if not mentally, then physically. And since Liz didn't let names bother her, he usually liked to pull her hair or push her around.

"I don't want you to go home just yet Lizzie. I want to play some more." He laughed. Steve was 10 years old and not only much bigger than her, but also just down right mean.

Liz saw Steve's attention switch from her hair to her bike and she made her move.

She pushed at him and caught him off guard. Then she jumped up on the pedals of her bike and started to ride off.

"You little brat!" she heard Steve yell and then suddenly he had the back of her bike again and he yanked on it and sent Liz and the bike skidding and sliding across the black top.

Liz was shocked at first, to come face to face with the pavement, and then she felt the stings of scrapes all over her body. Her face, elbows, hands and knees were raw and she tried not to cry in front of Steve as he came to stand in front of her.

"Leave her alone." A tight voice said from behind Steve.

Liz just stared at the new boy Max. No one stood up to Steve. Especially not kids smaller or ones younger than him. And here was Max, much smaller in size than Steve, looking ready to kill.

"Oh yeah! Who says?" Steve smiled and turned to the new kid with pleasure. He looked the smaller kid over and laughed. He was going to have fun beating this little one up.

"Me. I say." Max stated and came to stand face to face with the big bully.

Steve grinned and shoved at Max. Even though Max had been expecting it, he was shoved back a bit but kept his balance and remembered what he'd learned about fighting. It was all in the moves. And in how much faster you were.

"Go away little boy. Me and the brat here aren't done playing." Steve laughed when he saw how easy it had been push the new kid.

Max suddenly charged and brought his head into the larger boy's stomach, catching him off guard and sending him flying to the ground with Max on top of him.

Liz just gasped at Max Evans as he attacked the much larger boy. But then cringed when Steve easily tossed Max off of him and jumped on Max and started beating on him.

Liz's eyes narrowed in anger now, and she jumped up and ran and dove on the back of Steve as he continued to beat on Max who was able to reflect some of the blows, but not all.

"What the hell!" Steve suddenly screamed when he felt little fingernails claw into his face and neck.

He was more stunned than anything else, and when he finally just shrugged Liz off of him, Max took the opportunity to send one more fist flying into the bigger boy, and he closed his eyes determined to make it a good one.

When the bigger boy went flying back about 50 feet, Max swallowed and paled. He realized it must be something to do with his special ability since it had caused the bully to be thrown so far, and he didn't even know he could do that.

Liz watched in amazement when Max punched the bully and knocked him back until he was stunned.

"What the hell…?" Steve said and shook himself and stood up. His jaw hurt and he knew he was getting a black eye. But he saw that the new kid didn't look so good either, so he figured he'd won for now.

Steve backed away, still stunned by the last punch the smaller boy had packed, and then to save face he pointed at both of the younger kids.

"This isn't over. I'll get you both, count on it!" He said and strode away.

Max was on his feet and ran to help Liz get to hers as soon as the bully turned away. "You okay?" Max asked gently. He looked at all the bloody scrapes on Liz and wanted to go back and kill Steve this time.

"Yes… are you?" she asked equally worried and she saw the already swelling eye and bruised cheek Max was sporting.

Max nodded, then blushed when Liz looked him over and then smiled widely. He wasn't used to a lot of attention, especially from someone so pretty and sweet, but he loved her smile. It did funny things to his tummy.

"Thank you Max." Liz said softly, and then hugged him suddenly.

Max, caught off guard froze and then automatically hugged her close to him and smiled. The black eye and bruised cheek were definitely worth it for this.

Liz jumped back and then bit her lip as she felt her face where it was bruising and bleeding.

Max hated to see her in pain and he reached up and touched her cheek gently. All he wished to do was take away some of the pain if he could, but as he touched her cheek, he noticed the cut starting to fade, and then their were flashes.

Max saw Liz as a baby in her mother's arms, and then the flash ended.

Liz saw Max standing on the highway looking at a pair of headlights. And then her flash was over.

Max pulled his hand back and his eyes widened. Did he do that? They both just stared at each other for a minute. Then he looked at her hand and gingerly covered the bloody raw cut that he knew must sting something awful, with his own hand.

Liz's eyes widened as she felt the sting and pain disappear when Max touched it. She looked from his face to their hands and she gasped when he removed his hand from on top of hers and there was no longer any sign of a raw scrap on her hand.

She had also gotten another flash of him being wrapped into a blanket by a woman.

Max had gotten a flash of Liz crying as she hugged some older woman goodbye.

Both Max and Liz looked from Liz's hand to each other and just stared. "What…?" Liz finally started to ask. She didn't know what to think.

Max just dropped her hand and stepped back as if burned. He was as shocked as Liz was. He HAD done that. He had healed her. And he had seen her when she was younger. Had she seen anything of him? He couldn't tell, and was afraid to ask.

Liz saw that Max was just as shocked, and she knew he was ready to bolt.


Max shook his head and looked at Liz with desperate eyes. "I don't know." He whispered looking scared. "Please… please don't tell Liz. Please." He begged.

Liz nodded to reassure him. "I won't. I promise." She said and he knew she meant it. Liz would never tell.

Then he stepped forward again and lifted his hand to her cheek once more. He didn't want her to have a scar on her beautiful face.

Liz stood still, her eyes wide and meeting Max's intense ones. She knew what he was doing and she was humbled by it. She didn't understand it, but she knew Max was making her better. And she knew that her pain was Max's pain.

This time she didn't get a flash, but more of a feeling. A feeling of Max's pain as he looked at her in pain. She was confused by it all and pushed the thought aside. It was too much for her to comprehend.

Max felt her pain becoming absorbed into him as he healed her. He welcomed the pain if it meant it was leaving Liz. And then he continued on to her elbows and knees as well.

Liz just sat in shock at all that was happening, but she wasn't frightened. She had never felt safer or happier than she did now with Max Evans.

She felt as if she knew him. And she knew he felt the same way. She could FEEL what he was feeling. He'd been lonely and scared, but now he too was feeling happy. She knew he felt as if he'd known her forever as well.

Max walked along side Liz as she walked her bike toward her home. He didn't want to leave her alone in case Steve came back when he was gone.

At the door to the café, Liz smiled brightly and once again hugged Max as if she'd known him always.

Max hugged her back, swallowing at the emotions running through him just having Liz Parker in his arms, and it was a grinning Max that headed home.


Michael Guerin showed up for the first time that week on Thursday. Everyone was used to his absences for days at a time, and he knew the school never questioned his stepfather about his son being sick so much. He realized that the school believed whatever they wanted to believe so they could avoid problems.

Hank had finally gotten drunk enough to let Michael sneak out and go to school today. Earlier this week he'd had to be at Hank's beck and call as he drank and yelled.

With his head down, Michael entered his classroom. He didn't really care for school, but it was better than staying home with Hank, so he welcomed the place as a refuge. And he found it easy to learn, so he didn't have to put much effort into it.

Max was sneaking looks at Liz again when he felt something to his right. The desk next to him had been empty all week, but he'd known it belonged to someone since there were things in the desk. When a boy sat down next to him Max felt himself drawn to look at the kid.

Then his eyes narrowed, wondering why the other boy looked familiar, but then they widened when Michael Guerin stared right back at him.

"You?" Max whispered.

Michael too narrowed his eyes and then widened them in recognition.

Michael went back to the day he had pushed himself out of the funny chamber and had seen the other boy standing there while two other children were also pushing out of their chambers.

The four of them had spent two nights out in the desert only communicating in their heads. None of them had talked. They hadn't even known what that was. But he would never forget the two nights he'd been with the only family he felt he had.

He knew he was different, and had always wondered if the three other kids he'd been with those nights two years ago were like him. Different. He always hoped he'd find them again and now he had.

"I'm Max." Max stated, feeling overwhelmed but grateful that he had found the brother he felt he had lost that day two years ago.

"Michael." he mumbled and then gave a half grin when Max grinned.

Liz and Maria were sitting on the counter stools in the Crashdown Café on Friday afternoon, just beside themselves waiting for Saturday and Grandma Claudia's arrival.

They were drinking milkshakes and laughing, their feet dangling from the tall chairs as they swiveled them around.

When the bell above the door jingled, Liz felt goose bumps and swung her chair around toward the door to see Max Evans enter.

Liz's whole face lit up and she smiled as Max came to sit beside her. "Hi Liz." He said softly, then looked over at Maria on the other side of Liz. "Hi Maria." He said with a shy smile.

Maria grinned and stared at Liz and Max as they stared at each other. Seeing her friend so interested in this boy just amazed her. Maria admitted he was cute, but all boys were cute, so what made this one so special.

"Hi honey, what can I get for you?" a waitress asked as she noticed the boy who had come in.

Max reached into his pocket and took out some of his allowance and asked for a Cherry Coke.

Max and Liz didn't say much, they just smiled when there glances met, content just to sip their drinks and be near each other.

When the door jingled again, Maria's attention diverted from her friend and the new boy, to the man and the young boy who entered.

While Hank Guerin asked to speak to Mr. Parker, Michael came to sit at the counter as well.

"Hi Max." he mumbled, hating having to come in here with Hank. He liked Liz Parker okay, but Liz's friend just made him mad all the time. She was just too nosey and weird. And right now he knew she was staring at him.

"Hi Michael." Max finally noticed his newfound friend and brother, and greeted him.

"Hi Michael." Liz smiled over at the other boy. "Do you want something to drink or something?" Liz asked.

Michael shook his head and lowered it. "No thanks Liz."

Maria's eyes narrowed and she realized that Michael probably couldn't afford it. Hoping down from her chair, she went around the counter and started filling a glass of Cherry Coke.

The waitresses were used to Liz and Maria helping themselves around the restaurant, so they didn't even pay attention.

"Here, it's on the house." Maria said and slid the glass across the counter at Michael Guerin and then smiled.

Michael glared at the drink and then Maria. "Don't take charity either." He stated irritably.

Maria didn't like the way Michael glared at her as if it was her fault he didn't want the drink. So she frowned back at him and shrugged. "Fine! Don't drink it. See if I care." She threw at him and then walked back around to sit again.

Now both Maria and Michael were glaring at each other.

Max and Liz just continued looking at each other with shy smiles, oblivious to their friends, as their sneakered feet lightly hit against each other’s as they swung their legs.

Part 4

“Hank Guerin came in today wanting to know if we still needed a cook.” Jeff Parker told his wife that night at dinner.

Liz quit kicking the table leg and looked up at that.

“That poor man. He still hasn’t gotten over the loss of his wife.” Nancy said as she reached over and put some vegetables on her daughter’s plate.

Liz wrinkled her nose at the offensive beans, but knew she would have to eat them.

“Did you hire him?” Nancy asked as she sat back down.

“Yeah, I’m not sure it will work out, considering he’s been hitting the bottle a lot since his wife died, but we’ll give it a try. He has to take care of his boy somehow.” Jeff answered and winked at his daughter as she gave her vegetables a shove with her fork.

“I’m glad you’re giving him a chance honey. If not for Hank, then for his boy.” Nancy smiled and took her husband’s hand in hers and their eyes met and held.

Liz looked from her parent’s hands to their smiles and their eyes and right then, with her fork frozen in the air, she made up her mind that she was going to marry Max some day.

If she had to live with someone like her parents did with each other; she wanted to live with Max. There was something about Max. Something that seemed so familiar to her. She felt so safe when he was around, like she was home when she was with him. She didn’t understand it, but she knew she loved Max. That he was special. She wondered what Maria would say if she told her. She smiled at that thought and poked at her vegetables again.


Liz was swiveling around on a counter stool with Maria waiting for Grandma Claudia the next day.

“Oh my Gosh!! Liz ‘boys are boring and dumb’ Parker is in LOVE!” Maria stopped spinning around on her stool and stared at her best friend.

“Shhh! Maria! You promised you’d keep it secret!” Liz begged looking around to make sure no one heard.

“And besides, most of them ARE dumb and boring.” Liz threw back at Maria and lifted her chin in defiance.

“Who’s dumb and boring?”

They both turned to see their best buddy Alex coming in the door.

“You are.” Liz and Maria said in unison and then laughed at Alex’s pout.

Alex jumped up on a stool and frowned. “Oh yeah? Well how come I can beat both of you at swimming races, bike races and dodge ball!” he defended himself.

The girls exchanged looks and smiled. “Okay Alex, we take it back. You’re not boring.” Maria gave in.

Alex smiled at them and then frowned again. “What about dumb?”

“Don’t push it.” Maria said and Liz laughed. Alex just stuck his tongue out at them.

“When’s your grandma supposed to be here Liz?” Alex asked. Watching the two girls spin was making him dizzy so he turned to look around the alien themed Café. It always amused him that people thought that aliens had crashed outside of Roswell. But he loved the Café’s decorations. He thought they were cool.

“She said she’d be here around noon sometime.” Liz grinned and stopped spinning when she saw the Sheriff and their other best buddy coming in.

“Hey Kyle! Hey Sheriff.” Maria and Liz called out.

Kyle jumped up on the stools to join his friends and punched Alex on the arm. “Are they abusing you again Alex?” he nodded to the girls.

“Always.” Alex sighed and then grinned at Kyle.

“Hello girls, Alex. Liz is your dad around?” The Sheriff asked.

“No Sheriff. Daddy went to pick up my Grandma Claudia at the airport earlier. But they should be back around noon. Do you want to speak to my mom? She’s upstairs, I can go get her?”

“Nah, that’s okay Liz. I’ll talk to your dad later.” Sheriff Valenti smiled and gave Liz’s arm a light squeeze in thanks and headed back out of the café.

Liz froze when she felt a sudden wash of worry coming from the Sheriff. She frowned and tried to comprehend what had just happened. As soon as the Sheriff had released her arm, the feeling went away.

“Hey Liz, do you think your grandma brought you back something really cool from Africa again?” Maria asked.

Liz shook off the incident with the sheriff and grinned at her friend. “Yeah. She always brings back something really cool.”

“I hope it’s a skull or some dead bones.” Kyle said and brightened, as did Alex.

“Eeeeww!” Maria exclaimed and shivered. “You two are just gross!”

Liz put her elbow on the counter and leaned her chin on her hand. She wondered what Max was doing today? She figured he was probably still helping his mom unpack, since he had told her they were still unpacking just yesterday.

She wanted to talk to him again. She wanted to find out how he had made her cuts go away and she knew he was just as surprised about what had happened as she was. She could only imagine how scary it must be to realize you could do something you didn’t know you could do. That you had no control over it. And mostly, Liz just liked being around Max.

When the bell rang on the front door again Liz was brought out of her thoughts by Maria’s squeal. Liz looked up and her eyes met her Grandma Claudia’s.

“Grandma!” Liz cried out and jumping off the stool she ran into her Grandma’s open and waiting arms.

“How’s my little Honey Behr?” Claudia hugged the little girl close to her, so glad to see her again.

“I’m great! I’ve missed you so much!” Liz admitted.

“Well let me look at you.”

Liz stood back and smiled shyly as Claudia gushed about how pretty she’d gotten and how much taller.

Alex and Kyle snorted at the taller comment. Liz was the smallest kid in their class. She threw a pout at them and then stuck out her tongue.

“Ahhh… the other three musketeers.” Claudia laughed as she noticed all three of her granddaughter’s friends waiting to greet her as well.

“Hi grandma! Did you bring us something?” Maria ran to Claudia for her hug.

“Of course I did!” Claudia laughed. She loved this little spitfire as well.


Sheriff Valenti looked up when he heard the knock on his office door.

“Jim, what’s up? Liz said you came by.” Jeff Parker said as he came into the office.

Jim Valenti could tell his friend was tense and tried to reassure him. “It’s nothing really Jeff. I just thought you might like to know, someone from out of town came into the Record Office yesterday and looked up all adoptions within the last 10 years.”

Jeff Parker turned white and gripped the chair in front of him.

“Hey Jeff, it’s probably nothing.” Jim said softly and stood up to put a hand on his friend’s arm.

He knew that Liz had been found by Jeff’s mother, for they had had Jim Valenti quietly put out a search for any missing infants at the time. When nothing had turned up, they had decided to keep the baby themselves and tell people that Liz had been adopted through a private agency. Jim had helped and kept it quiet, knowing how much the baby had meant to his friends and since no one had reported any missing infants, he didn’t want to see the infant have to go through the system.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, but I thought you’d want to know.” Jim tried again to reassure his friend.

“You’re probably right. Do you know who the person was?” Jeff asked raking a shaky hand through his hair.

“I got the name and am running it through the computers but I don’t think we’ll find anything.” He explained.

Jeff sighed. Jim was right, it was probably nothing. Jim didn’t know that it couldn’t be the birth mother, since he didn’t know how Claudia had found the baby, so Jeff knew that his friend just thought he was worried about that.

But Jeff had to go tell Nancy and his mother about this. They had to make sure that it wasn’t someone or something looking for the alien pods after all these years. His mother had told them of the possibility of the alien enemy knowing of the Pods’ existence and that one-day someone might try to locate them. He just prayed that this really was nothing to worry about. That it was just a coincidence.


Max sat on the floor in his room surrounded by boxes. He was supposed to be unpacking, but instead he had just told Michael what he’d done to Liz Parker’s cuts the other day.

Michael looked shocked and nervous. “You shouldn’t have done that! Now she’ll know you’re different!” Michael swallowed and looked around. He was terrified of being different and being taken away.

“I didn’t KNOW I could do that so how could I have helped what happened. And besides, Liz won’t tell anyone. I know it.” Max said quietly and with total assurance.

Michael looked down at a scraped elbow he had and then at Max.

Max took a deep breath and put a hand on Michael’s elbow.

They both held their breaths, and when Max took his hand away Michael was stunned to find the scrape gone. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Max, but to actually see it…

“Do your sisters know about this?” Michael asked still looking to where the cut had been.

“No, not yet. Can you do anything? Have you ever tried?” Max asked.

“No. And I don’t know if I can do THAT!” Michael swallowed and then looked at a scar on his finger and tried to heal that.

Max waited, holing his breath. But when Michael moved his hand the scar was still there.

“Maybe it doesn’t work with scars.” Max said when he saw Michael’s disappointment.

“You try it.” Michael said and watched Max.

Max nodded and focused on the scar on Michael’s thumb.

When he removed his hand, the scar was gone.

“So you can do this healing. I wonder what I can do, if anything?” Michael chewed on his bottom lip.

“I know Isabel moved that snake across the desert that night two years ago, but I don’t know if she’s tried anything like that since cause our parents told us not to act different.” Max said with a frown as he thought.

“We need to see what we can do Max. It could be important.” Michael said staring at his friend intently. “So we know what NOT to do in front of people next time.”

Max nodded. “But we have to be careful Michael. We don’t want anyone to know or see us.”

“What about Liz Parker? Does she know about the pods? About the symbols on the cave or anything about all of us coming out of them?” Michael asked nervously.

Max shook his head. “No. I…I didn’t get to talk to Liz too much after I took her cuts away. But if she asks, I’m going to tell her what I know.” Max said stubbornly.

Michael sighed and rolled his eyes. His friend was nuts over the Parker girl and he knew it. He didn’t understand it, to him all girls were pains, but Max just seemed to have this thing for little Liz Parker. Isabel and Tess told him that Max usually never talked to strangers and especially had never showed an interest in girls before. So they didn’t understand it either, and Max wouldn’t answer any of their questions about Liz Parker.

“I don’t think we should tell ANYONE Max, and I bet your sisters would both agree.” Michael stated.

Max shrugged letting Michael know he wouldn’t talk anymore about Liz.

Soon after that, Michael left and Max just sat where he’d been on the floor. He didn’t know what it was about Liz, but he trusted her completely. He just felt happy when he was around her, and he loved to talk to her. He wanted to talk to her about all of this stuff. He didn’t understand what was happening but knew that if he talked to Liz he would feel better. He didn’t know why, but whenever he was around Liz Parker, his tummy felt funny. Not bad funny, but good funny. And that too didn’t make any sense to Max. But he liked it and he liked Liz a lot.

Just thinking of Liz made his tummy feel ‘good’ funny, and he smiled. He had always thought that when he grew up, he’d never want to be with any dumb girl like his dad was with his mom, but now he knew he wanted to be with Liz forever. He somehow knew that the funny feeling in his tummy would always be there with Liz Parker, and he liked that, it made him feel happy and safe.

A man waited in a hotel room for his partner to return. He stared out at the open desert and frowned. He hated the desert but this assignment was important. They had to find those pods and what had been in them.


Part 5

Claudia Parker looked lovingly down at her little granddaughter and lightly smoothed a hand over the soft shiny locks as Liz looked down at her Grandma’s journal.

“Some day, I can read this?” Liz asked in awe. She knew her grandma wrote down all of her exciting trips and findings in this book, and she cradled it to her at just the thought of this gift one-day.

“Yes Honey Behr. One day that book will be yours. But until then, I’m going to keep it hidden so that only you and I will know about it okay?” Claudia looked down at the huge doe eyes that nodded solemnly up at her.

“But Grandma, how will you be able to keep writing in it if you hide it?” Liz asked with a frown as she caressed the locked journal in her little hands.

“Well, I will start another one. But in the meantime, this one will be safe. So that you can read it someday if I’m not around.” Claudia smiled and hugged Liz to her.

Claudia was afraid of the people looking for the adopted children in the area. She herself was here to gather information on any adopted children, and she knew that somehow, these other people wanted to know for the same reasons she did. She didn’t know what the little alien had done to her way back then, but she had a sixth sense about anything that had to do with the pods or the children in them, and she knew to trust these instincts.

And this one was telling her to be careful and to make sure that if anything happened to her, that Liz know her future or what was in her past.

She still hoped to find all of the other pod children before she saw her last day, but she had to prepare for anything. What she was doing, and hiding was dangerous and she knew that. She knew that there were others out there looking for the information she had and the children from the pods.

“So how have you been sweetie? Tell me what’s new with you?” Claudia asked as she came and sat on her granddaughter’s bed with her.

“I want to be a archeologist like you when I grow up Grandma. I decided it last week and told my science teacher. She thinks it’s great.” Liz smiled and hugged her grandma.

“That’s good honey, I know you can become anything you set your mind to. You were born to be important my beauty.” Claudia hugged her tightly to her.

Liz frowned as she sensed a fear and worry and something else coming from the older woman. She leaned back and met Claudia’s eyes.

“Is something wrong Grandma?” Liz asked softly.

Claudia met the girls intense eyes and was taken back. They looked so full of understanding. So much older than they should all of a sudden. She took in a deep breath thinking it must be her imagination, but she was always aware that this child could develop differently, so she swallowed and carefully looked Liz over just as intently.

“No sweetie. Nothing’s wrong. Why do you ask?”

Liz didn’t know how she knew, but she knew her grandma wasn’t telling her the truth. And this worried her. Liz felt her grandma’s intense look, and suddenly felt like she was being studied herself. As if her Grandma had a secret or knew something about her and was trying to figure it out.

Liz thought of Max’s secret and wondered if her grandma had somehow found it out. Liz looked down in panic and then jumped off the bed and over to her doll collection by the window. “Did I show you my latest doll that mom and dad gave me for my birthday?” Liz asked grabbing the doll and trying to distract her grandmother with that.

Claudia’s eyes narrowed as she wondered if Liz was hiding something from her. But her granddaughter was so honest that she knew if it was something important, Liz would tell her. For now, she would just watch over the child and keep her safe.

And she would gather the information she could before she had to leave again, and try to find the other children somehow.

Claudia came from the sheriff’s office with a twinkle of hope in her eyes. Sheriff Valenti had shown her all of the files on adopted and fostered children in and around 1989 through now. He thought she was just curious as to what the other people had been looking for, so he’d been happy to show them to her personally.

Now she was heading back to the Crashdown with a short but hopeful list. Only one name really seemed promising, but she would research all six of them.

The top one on her list was the one that matched the best with the time frame. She glanced down at the name and caressed it. She hoped she had found at least one more of the children. And maybe this one would know of the others and lead her to them. She could only pray that she get so lucky.

Michael Guerin.

She looked at the name and held her breath. She knew that this boy’s foster father worked at the Crashdown! She had remembered her son introducing her to Hank Guerin just this morning on her way out of the Café. And now it said right on the slip of paper she had, that a Hank and Judy Guerin had become foster parents to a 6 year old boy just two years ago.

The timing and the age were perfect for what she needed, and she couldn’t believe her luck. Now she just had to figure out a way to find out without letting the boy or his family know. For if he wasn’t one of the five alien pod children, she had to be careful. Very careful.

From what the little alien had told her all those years ago, she knew she was looking for two boys and two girls. She wondered, since this was one of the male children, which one it was. Was it her granddaughter’s king? Or was it her granddaughter’s brother? Either thought had her heart racing. To have maybe found another one, so close was such a miracle. And yet she was also afraid that if she had found the child, then so might the other people who had been searching just two days ago.

Claudia pushed the door open to the Crashdown Café and smiled when she saw her son cleaning some tables after the lunch rush.

Jeff stopped cleaning at the look on his mother’s face, and swallowing, he realized she had found something.

Claudia motioned for him to follow her up to the apartment above the café so she could tell Jeff and Nancy together and in private.

She saw that Hank Guerin was in the kitchen, and that a waitress was quietly filling salt shakers and that the café was quiet at this time of day. She wanted to go over to Hank Guerin and just ask to see his son, she was so hopeful and yet wanting to protect the boy if it was him, but her caution and good sense made her hold on until she talked with Jeff and Nancy and they decided what to do.

“Oh my God, Jeff!” Nancy whispered as she held a hand to her throat. The thought that one of her daughter’s friends could be like her was overwhelming.

Jeff shared a look with his wife, knowing they were both overwhelmed, and then looked to his mother. “How will you know for sure mom? You can’t just go up to the boy and ask him where he’s from?” Jeff tried to say calmly.

The reality of all of the alien stuff was hitting them again and still had the ability to shock both Jeff and Nancy. Day to day it was so easy to convinced themselves that Liz was just a normal child since that’s all she ever seemed, but it was this part, that brought them back to the reality of what they would have to face someday with their little girl.

“Liz is too young to have found her husband from before!” Nancy swallowed and sat down in shock. She couldn’t lose her baby yet!

“Nancy, I don’t know if this is Liz’s husband or brother, if he turns out to be either, but we need to know. We will deal with what we have to tell Liz after we find out if this boy really is from Liz’s ship.” Claudia tried to comfort her.

Claudia didn’t want to tell Liz either. She was just as selfish in wanting to keep things as normal as possible for her grandchild, for as long as possible. She knew it might be wrong, but she felt that as long as Liz didn’t know of her past she was safer that way. She had hoped not to have to tell her granddaughter anything until she was old enough to face the truth and danger that came with that truth.

“Jeff, I’m not sure yet how to approach this with the boy Michael. I know that all of these children have distinct markings on their bodies, but I’m sure they are in easily concealed places since their alien families wanted them to be safe. So I’m not sure how to find out about any markings on this boy.

“You mean he might have a marking like Liz does on her right bottom cheek?” Nancy gasped.

Claudia smiled. Even though this was a serious matter, the thought of how she would figure out who the other children were without asking them to drop their pants was ironic to say the least. “Liz and her mate will have the same identical markings of their royal crest, while the others will have similar markings, but will be slightly different so that the Royal mates will be known.

“Great! How the heck are we supposed to know if this Michael boy has a marking on his butt?” Jeff exclaimed overwhelmed again. In this day and age you did NOT go around asking to see kids bare butts without being arrested.

Claudia sighed as she too realized this. Short of asking the boy out right about who he was before he had been fostered, she didn’t know herself how to tell. She wasn’t supposed to have lost them to begin with.

Liz sat at the counter in the café writing in her own journal. She had decided to start one after yesterday, when her Grandma had told her that some day she could have hers.

She was planning on writing down her most important thoughts and findings just as her grandma did, and she would keep it hidden as well. For no one could know about her Max and what he could do. She couldn’t wait until school tomorrow so she could talk to him again. It had been a long weekend.

She looked at the time wondering when her grandma would finish talking upstairs with her parents, because she had told Liz when she was done that she would tell her some of her adventures this past year.

Liz carefully wrote about Max and the secret they had discovered, and how she wouldn’t tell anyone. She chewed her pencil as she thought of what Maria would say if she found out Liz had kept something from her. In all their lives they had told each other everything. But with Max’s secret, Liz didn’t want to tell anyone in case something happened to Max because of her.

The door jingled and Liz turned to see Max coming in with eyes only for her. Her whole face lit up and she smiled widely as he came toward her with his own shy grin. Liz’s tummy did flip flops that felt good whenever Max smiled or looked at her. She didn’t know why, but she loved it.

She almost didn’t notice Michael had come in with him until they both jumped up on stools and greeted her.

“Hi Michael, Max.” she said Max’s name softly, closing her journal as casually as possible and locking it.

“Hi Liz.” Max said shyly, but sent her a grin and met her eyes with his intense ones.

Michael watched the two of them and didn’t get it. Why was Max so crazy about a girl? Girls were dumb. He admitted that there was something about Liz Parker that made her okay for a girl, but he didn’t see what Max was crazy about. Sure, Liz Parker had something. She made people feel good and she was nice. And there were times when he actually felt down right protective of her when someone tried to be mean to her, but he figured it was just cause she was nice and different from other dumb girls. But even with all that, Michael couldn’t imagine getting all gooey when she was around. So he continued to stare at his best friend as if he had two heads.

After Max and Michael had their sodas, Liz turned to Max and looked at him worriedly.

“You okay Max?” Liz asked tentatively. She didn’t want to say anything in front of Michael, but she also couldn’t wait to make sure he was all right after what had happened the other day.

Max knew what she meant and smiled shyly. “Yeah. I’m okay, and Michael knows Liz. I told him.” He admitted.

Liz nodded and tried not to frown. Was Max going to tell everyone?

As if reading her mind, Max continued. “Only Michael and you know about it Liz. And I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll tell my sisters, but that’s it.”

“Okay. You know I won’t say anything Max. I just want to make sure you’re okay. Do you know how or why it happened?” she asked looking around to make sure no one else was listening.

“Maybe…could we talk after school tomorrow at the park?” he asked.

Liz’s eyes widened and she nodded vigorously. She would love to spend any time she could with Max, and she wanted to know what was happening.

Max finished his soda touched his sneaker to hers for a second before he jumped down from the stool. “See you tomorrow Liz.” He said softly as he turned to leave.

Michael followed. He hadn’t said anything more to Liz about what Max was saying, but Liz was used to Michael being so quiet. She knew it drove Maria crazy when Michael just sat and stared at everyone without saying anything, but Liz didn’t mind. For some reason she felt comfortable around Michael and she didn’t know why, because most of the kids at school didn’t.

Claudia came down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. She figured the first thing to do was to talk to Hank Guerin and find out what he could tell her about the boy he’d taken in. She’d just found out from her son that Hank had recently lost his wife and was having a hard time with that, so she really felt for the boy who had lost family twice.

“Hi Hank. Smells good in here. I’m glad my son was smart enough to hire you.” Claudia smiled as she saw the quiet man cooking.

Hank looked up, startled and then his expression relaxed a little as he realized someone was talking to him. Most of the time he found himself in his own world these days. Without his wife, he was lost.

“I hear you have a boy who is friends with my Liz.” Claudia started casually as she leaned against the counter and tried to look relaxed and just pleasantly chatting instead of probing.

“Yup.” Was all the man said.

Claudia groaned silently. She would have to deal with a man of few words. “I think it’s wonderful of you to have taken the boy into your home. He came from an orphanage right?”

When Hank looked at her with eyes wondering why she wanted to know, Claudia smiled again. “Liz was adopted but it was from a private adoption. We didn’t know the family but I heard that her family died.” She said softly.

Hank grunted but turned with interest to Claudia Parker, having never heard that story before.

“Michael wasn’t put up for adoption at the time we got him. No one knew if he had family or not. He was just found on the side of the road out in the desert somewhere and since he couldn’t remember anything before that, they didn’t know if he had family or not. So he’s just being fostered in case they find his real family. But I doubt they will. Someone probably just dumped him in the desert to fend for himself.” Hank told Claudia.

Claudia felt goose bumps rise on her arms and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. THAT WAS IT! She had found another pod child! She was sure of it.

“Poor thing. Well I’m glad he has someone now.” Claudia managed to say without losing her casual stance. Inside she was jumping around.

Now she just needed to know if Michael was Liz’s mate or her brother. And what she would do about the knowledge, if anything.


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Part 6
“Claudia, they’re too young!” Nancy exclaimed in a desperate whisper as she slowly sank into the couch as Claudia told Jeff and Nancy what she was thinking.

“I know that Nancy. I just don’t know what else to do. I have to keep looking for the others, and I have my job, so I can’t watch over the kids all the time. And I don’t know if Michael has grown like Liz, without any alien-traits, or if because he stayed in his pod the whole incubation time, if he already has some kind of trait that could lead others to him. And he should know what it is that is happening to him.” Claudia sighed as she paced the living room.

She remembered how the alien had told her that the children would emerge from the pods and slowly start to develop the gifts they had as they matured. But she didn’t know if they had started yet or not. She knew she couldn’t go by Liz since she hatched earlier and might just be slower than the others at developing her gifts.

She didn’t like the idea either, but she couldn’t think of anything else to do. She knew Liz was still relatively safe, since she showed no signs of her alien side, and Jeff and Nancy were around to watch over her. But she worried about the boy. If he was the King, or even the brother of the Queen, he was part of the Royal family and needed to be protected and kept safe too.

What if he was in danger and didn’t know it. She had to somehow warn him to keep him safe. But if she did talk to him, what could she say? He was too young to understand all she had to share, and she didn’t even know if he knew he was different. He might be just like Liz, and have no idea. She just wished she knew! She had to meet the boy.

“There might be another way Mom.” Jeff said with a sudden idea.

When he saw he had both women’s undivided attention he smiled a little and raked a hand through his hair. “Look, I know we agreed to tell no one else about this, but if you want to keep that boy safe, and keep him and Liz from knowing the truth right now, this is the only way I can think of.” Jeff started, already prepared for a fight with his mother about telling someone else.

“Go ahead.” Was all she said, and rather calmly.

“Well…Jim Valenti is a good guy and a great friend, as you know mom. He could help us. He has ways of knowing things that are going on that could help us protect Michael as well as Liz. He can be trusted. Now I know his father was alien obsessed and it ruined his career and family, but Jim’s stronger than that. He wants to know the truth for his father’s sake, but he’s not obsessive.” Jeff continued.

Claudia frowned but thought about what her son was saying. She so did NOT want to talk to the kids yet. Not only did she think they were too young to know their past and future, but she knew they couldn’t handle the dangers that they could face once they knew. And she also knew that until the five of them were all together, that they would not have the power they would need to fight the danger that was inevitable. She knew for all intent and purposes, that keeping the children in the dark for now was the best way to protect them.

But she still wanted to meet Michael and talk to him. Try to figure out if he had any alien traits or not. Tomorrow she would meet the boy but for now she had a decision to make.

“Alright Jeff. I trust Jim. He’s been a good friend to you all these years and I’ve always liked him. We’ll talk to him tomorrow.” She sighed and headed to bed. She just hoped she was doing the right thing.

Jim Valenti looked from Claudia to his friend Jeff and slowly sat down in his office chair. He could tell by their faces that they were not kidding him. This was real. He knew he had to say something, but he was speechless. His father had been right! All these years he’d been right!

Claudia looked at her son and understanding passed between them. They could tell by the paleness of Sheriff Valenti’s face that he was still in shock and would need a few minutes at least.

“He was right.” Was the first thing Jim said when he could speak.

Claudia smiled softly and nodded sincerely.

“So Liz… She looks so… Normal. No indications what so ever that she’s….” Jim knew he wasn’t completely coherent yet, but they knew what he meant.

Jeff nodded but didn’t smile. He himself had trouble remembering that his little girl wasn’t normal even if she seemed it now. “No indications yet. The… the little alien that my mom talked to at the crash, said they would develop these powers slowly after they hatched. That they would need to be told about themselves and it’s all in this book she has. So far we’ve been lucky with Liz. She’s too young to deal with all of it anyways, so we haven’t told her anything. And we think that she might develop even slower since she was hatched prematurely. She doesn’t know… anything.” Jeff explained.

Jim nodded. “And Michael Guerin? You think he’s one of the children you’re to protect, Claudia?” he asked still trying to piece it all together.

“Yes. I’m quite sure of it. I haven’t seen the boy yet, but after talking with his foster father, and listening to the story, I know he’s one of them. I just don’t know which one.”

“And we would rather not tell him either, but he does need protection. Protection from whomever is out there looking for them. The alien warned Claudia of the Pod children’s enemies, but I also think that we have the government after them too still.” Jeff sighed.

Jim nodded. He knew about the alien hunters and FBI investigations. The investigations were supposed to be over, but he knew they were still actively looking around Roswell secretly.

“I’ll do my best to help watch over the boy Claudia. Hank’s not that reliable since his wife died and that boy could use a good influence. Between Jeff and I, we’ll make sure he’s okay.” Jim promised, exchanging nods with Jeff Parker.

“Thank you Jim. You don’t know how much this means to me. Until I find the other children, they really shouldn’t know. But… if Michael does develop any of his alien gifts, he might need to be told ahead of time. If you and Jeff can now watch out for him and keep me posted when I can’t be around, I’d be so grateful.” Claudia smiled in relief.

Now she could leave without worrying as much about Michael. He was in good hands with both Jim and Jeff watching out for him.

“Since Hank is working at the Crashdown, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep an eye on Michael. I’ll just tell him he’s welcome to bring Michael along while he’s working.” Jeff explained.

“And I’ll keep an eye out for him when he’s with Hank at their trailer. Make sure the boy is okay.” Jim promised.

Claudia smiled with tears in her eyes. Now she could leave when she needed to, to find the other children and continue her work. But first, she had to meet Michael.

Maria screamed and held on to Liz as they helplessly watched the older boys, Steve and his friends Clancy and Julio throw rocks at a baby bird in a tree on the playground. Maria had already tried to stop them and been pushed to the ground, only to be helped up by Liz.

Tears were streaming down their faces as they watched the poor defenseless bird being hit with rocks.

“Stop! Please stop! You’re hurting it! You’re going to kill it!” Liz sobbed.

The boys laughed at the small group of younger kids starting to gather around, some in fascination, others, like Liz and Maria, in tears.

Tess saw the poor bird starting to fall out of the nest, and knew if the boys got a hold of that poor baby bird it would be hurt worse. She ran back into the school to quickly get help.

Max was playing basketball on the other side of the playground with Michael when he felt pain. It wasn’t physical pain, but emotional pain. He froze in confusion. Then he knew. Liz.

Michael followed as Max suddenly dropped the ball and ran, calling Liz’s name.

When the two boys came upon the scene, they were horrified and furious. Without thought, they both ran to block the path of the boys as they started toward the now fallen baby bird at the bottom of the tree.

“You again? Get out of the way punk!” Steve laughed at Max.

“Back off.” Michael said through gritted teeth. Max just stared Steve down. Neither Michael nor Max was going to move willingly.

“What’s going on here?” They heard the Vice-Principal call out as he came over with Tess close behind and in tears herself.

“Nothing Mr. Phillips” Steve tried to bluster his way out of the situation.

“Steve, Clancy and Julio, my office right now.” The vice-principal ordered not liking the situation at all.

When they had left, most of the students wandered away. But Liz, Maria and Tess ran toward the bird lying on the ground breathing erratically.

“It’s dying!” Tess whispered as she knelt down next to the poor creature.

Liz sobbed and held on to Maria.

Max looked around, saw no one else was looking, and he carefully knelt by the bird and gently picked it up.

He met Liz’s wide eyes and knew she was worried about him getting caught using his gift. But he hated seeing the little thing suffer, and he hated Liz’s tears even more. They tore at his heart. He concentrated on the bird and closed his eyes.

Liz, Michael and Tess held their breath while Maria looked at Max with a confused frown.

A minute later, Max let the bird go, and it flew off.

Liz smiled brightly as she looked up at the sky as the bird flew away, and then back to Max who was smiling shyly at her.

He saw her tears and did the only thing he could do. He went to her and lifted a hand to gently wipe them away. “It’s okay now Liz. It’s okay.” He tried to soothe her.

Liz sighed and looked into Max’s calm captivating eyes and lost herself for a moment. His touch was so gentle, but she still felt his shared pain with her.

“Thank you Max.” She whispered and Max just naturally held her as she put her head against his shoulder as she slowly calmed down.

“What…? How…how did you do that Max?” Maria asked breaking the moment.

Liz stiffened but Max just turned to Liz’s friend. “I just did Maria. I don’t know how, but I can make some things better.” He said quietly.

“Don’t say anything Maria. Please! They might hurt Max or experiment on him if anyone finds out.” Liz pleaded with her friend.

Maria just nodded and stared at Max. “Wow…how come you can do that?” she asked.

“You ask a lot of questions.” Michael said with a frown. He was scared that another person knew about Max.

“Well how else do you find things out!” Maria exclaimed with her hands on her hips.

Michael just sighed and looked around nervously.

Maria suddenly softened and walked toward the hostile boy. “Thank you for standing up to those horrible boys Michael.” She said with a smile.

Michael, not used to being complimented, just shrugged, uncomfortable.

“I won’t say anything about Max. I promise.” She said knowing he was worried about his friend.

Michael met her eyes and for the first time, he saw what Liz saw in Maria. Honesty, and loyalty. How many times over the last two years had he seen her come to her friends’ defenses? She stood up to everyone and was afraid of no one. Michael had to admire that. He nodded and looked away.

Maria took that as a positive response and smiled at him.

Michael turned red as Maria continued to look at him like he was a hero or something.

Tess just stared at her brother and Liz Parker. Isabel had already given Max the third degree about the Parker girl since his preoccupation with her was so obvious, but Max had just ignored her. Tess hasn’t understood what Isabel was so upset about, but now, seeing the bond between her brother and the girl, she was stunned. She had never seen Max take to anyone outside of the family before. But seeing him with Liz Parker was almost …natural. She suddenly felt as if this was meant to be. That she had seen this before and it was right.

She shook herself and realized she was having one of her funky fantasy moments as Isabel called them. Tess would often go into a dream like state of mind, where she felt things that hadn’t happened and they seemed so real. And for a second, seeing Max and Liz together had seemed familiar. She knew if she told Isabel about this she would just laugh, so she wouldn’t tell anyone about this. It was just her wild imagination again anyways she told herself.

Claudia watched Michael Guerin as he sat at a booth with Maria, Kyle and Alex after school. She could tell Michael was a quiet and defensive boy, and she knew he wouldn’t be easy to talk to, but she had to try. She needed to meet him and make contact somehow.

Who are you Michael? Are you Liz’s mate or her brother? And do you have powers yet? And where are the others? Do you know? Would Liz’s reaction to him let her know who he was? She would have to observe them together. But then again, maybe Liz just didn’t have any instincts yet. She prayed this was true, since Liz having any alien traits right now would not keep her safe.

Claudia had so many questions, and yet she knew she couldn’t just ask him any of them outright. She sighed and decided to start with an introduction to the boy. She walked over to the table and smiled down at her granddaughter’s friends.


Part 7

“Hi grandma!” Maria called as she saw the woman approach their table.

“Hello Maria, Kyle, Alex.” She smiled back at them. Then she turned and smiled at Michael who just looked at her.

“Hello. You must be Hank’s son?” she started. “I was talking to your dad earlier and he said you were my granddaughter’s age and would be hanging around here after school now since he worked here.” She smiled again and tried to meet his eyes and reassure him that he was safe.

“He’s not my dad.” Was all Michael said.

“Michael! Don’t be rude. This is Liz’s grandma and she’s so cool! She’s an archeologist and travels all around the world.” Maria beamed at the older woman.

“Yeah and she even digs up dead bones!” Kyle piped up with wide eyes.

“If they’re buried of course their dead.” Alex teased his friend and received an elbow in the ribs from Kyle and a laugh from Maria.

Michael just looked up at the woman with new interest. “You investigate old tribes and people?” he asked.

Claudia nodded and felt the pull of his curiosity. “Yes. And some have been said to have been left by people from other worlds.” She tried casually.

Michael froze and then looked down. “Don’t believe in that stuff.” He said with now fisted hands in his lap.

Claudia took this in and her eyes narrowed. Did he know he was different? She couldn’t be sure. He might just be one of those children that had a fear of aliens. A lot of people in this town either didn’t believe or they scared the children with horror stories of invading aliens.

“A lot of people don’t.” was all she said.

“But you believe Grandma don’t you?” Maria asked loving this stuff. After all, she grew up with stories of aliens and she believed.

“I think…anything is possible Maria.” Claudia said carefully and saw Michael look up at her again with measuring eyes.

She met his look and smiled lightly but couldn’t tell what the boy was thinking. He was a cautious one and she didn’t want to scare him away if he thought she was probing.

“Well I hope to see you around Michael. It was nice meeting you. If you get bored down here all day, come up to the apartment and I’ll show you some of the things I’ve found.” She offered casually.

“She has some really cool stuff!” Kyle added with a grin.

“Yeah, like bones that are dead.” Alex threw in getting another elbow in the stomach.

Michael watched Liz’s grandma walk away and his eyes narrowed. What was it about her that sent him on alert? He didn’t know why, but he felt like she was trying to find out all about him. And she had mentioned aliens. Did she know something? Was everyone going to know about them before Max was through?

He thanked God Maria didn’t know all of it yet. Cause he knew if she’d known that Max’s gift was because he was an alien that she would have told Liz’s grandma. He was even more unhappy about the fact that Max was, at this moment, in the park explaining everything he knew, to Liz.

Liz stared at Max in fascination and Max clenched his fists tightly at his sides with nerves. Would she be scared now? Would she run screaming? Would she think he was a horrible creature?

Liz suddenly felt Max’s wave of fear and she almost cried out at the feel of his pain of rejection.

“Max!” Liz started and had to reach for him. She needed to reassure him that she would NEVER reject him.

Liz tentatively reached for his closed fist and uncurling it, she slid her own small hand into his.

Max looked down at her hand in amazement. As if he couldn’t believe she would want to touch him now that she knew he thought he was an alien from another planet.

Liz felt all this and smiled at him. “Max! You can heal people. You’re so special, and you’ll always be my Max,” she admitted with a shy smile.

Max blushed but his stomach flipped at her words. He knew she meant them. He could feel the honestly coming off of her in waves. Why did he always feel things with her? With ONLY her.

“Liz…I don’t know why or how I knew you were upset on the playground earlier. I can’t explain why I know things about you.” He tried to reason out.

Liz frowned. “I know Max. I feel things about you too. I… I saw you when you were found. The other day when you took away my cuts. I saw things about you.” She told him.

“You did too?” he asked in shock.

“You saw me?” she asked shyly, wondering what he saw.

“Yeah. I did. I…I saw you with an older lady and you were crying as you said goodbye.” He explained.

“My Grandma! I always cry when she has to leave. Oh Max you have to meet her! She’s wonderful!” Liz beamed.

Max nodded. Anything for Liz. If this was someone important to Liz he wanted to meet her.

Liz let go of Max’s hand and went back to her bike and retrieved her backpack. She came back and sat next to Max again and smiled as she took out a hard covered book.

Max looked at her with curiosity and waited.

“Here. I wanted to share this with you.” She said with a shy smile and ducked her head.

“What is it?” Max asked, taking the book but still looking at Liz. She looked so cute when she blushed.

“It’s… it’s my journal. My grandma writes down everything she sees and finds on her trips around the world, and she writes about everything interesting that happens. So I decided to write one too.”

“Okay.” Max said with confusion. Still not sure why she wanted him to see it.

“I put things about the other day in there. Things that happened and questions to ask you and my theories. But now I have to add what you told me too.”

Max was shocked at first, then looked worried. “You’re going to write it down?” he asked.

Liz realized what he was feeling and showed him the lock. “I keep it locked and have a secret place to hide it. But if you don’t want me to put down what you told me I won’t.” she said and bit her lip. She didn’t want him to think he couldn’t trust her.

Max sensed her worry and how she thought she had done wrong and he shook his head. “No. It’s okay. If you keep it hidden. I’d like to see your ideas and stuff.” He said with interest. He knew she was smart and he loved that about her.

“We could write stuff down about any other gifts you find you have. Since you want to experiment. We could use this as our experiment book.” She grinned loving the thought of sharing it all with Max.

Max liked the idea of having someone to talk to about this and to figure it out with. He smiled and nodded and held the book tighter. “I’d like that.” He whispered still amazed at how Liz accepted him so completely after all he’d told her.

They spent another hour reading over Liz’s notes and adding new ones and made plans to meet again after school tomorrow at his house this time, to try some experiments. Liz had blushed and looked wide-eyed and fearful when Max came across her note about marrying him someday. She had forgotten that part in her excitement to share her theories with him.

But Max had grinned and met her eyes even as he too had blushed. Then he’d written in the margin by her own words. “Me too.”

Liz had held her breath and only released it when Max had looked back at her with his face as red as hers.

Finally Max looked at the sun and knew it would be dark in another hour. He sighed, stood up and held out his hand.

“Come on, I’ll walk you home. It’s getting late.” He said regretfully.

“We have our bikes.” Liz reminded him.

“We’ll walk those too.” He said and grinned as he squeezed her hand.

Liz felt those butterflies in her tummy again and realized that Max just wanted to walk so they could hold hands.

She didn’t know what was going on. She had never been interested in boys before. What was it about Max that made her trust him so completely and want to be with him all the time?

Max smiled as he saw Liz blush but she held his hand just as tightly. His own stomach flipped when she smiled and glanced at him under her lashes. Her hand in his felt so good. So right. Why did he feel this way about her? Max had never thought he’d be interested in a girl. At least not until he was much older, like his dad had said. But with Liz… everything was just …different. He felt different. And he knew she did too.


Claudia sat sipping her coffee and writing down work notes in the booth she had taken up residence in not too far away from Liz’s friends. This way she could observe Michael interact but not be noticed staring at him. She knew he was one of the children from the pods. She had no doubt of that. Even if she hadn’t heard his story from Hank, she suspected her instincts would have told her. She’d learned to trust these instincts over the years and not to question them.

Her eyes were suddenly drawn to outside the front of the café. She smiled as she saw Liz walking her bike up to the door. And then she noticed that Liz was talking to another young boy, and that they were holding hands.

Her goose bumps rose again and she sucked in her breath. Other than the fact that Liz never showed any interest in boys up until now, and have never mentioned this one before, she wondered why she was getting the goose bumps. That was usually a sign that her pod children instincts were kicking in. But that couldn’t be could it? Could she be this lucky?

She sucked in her breath as she watched the two park their bikes and come into the café, Liz leading the boy straight to Claudia, her hand still firmly in his.

“Grandma! I want you to meet my new friend, Max.” she exclaimed with excitement.

Claudia saw the way Liz lit up and how her eyes danced with a light she’d never seen before. Her instincts were on alert.

She turned to the boy next, and met his intense eyes. She almost gasped out loud at the feeling of ‘something’ she felt when she looked into his eyes. She didn’t know what it was, but something was telling her there was something about this Max. She moved slowly, carefully, to make sure she didn’t scare the boy with her excitement, and held out a hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Max. So you are a new friend of Liz’s?” she asked as casually as she could.

Max nodded and couldn’t look away from the woman’s eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt some sort of energy coming off of her and it puzzled him, but didn’t scare him.

“Yeah. My family just moved here last week from Albuquerque.” He explained.

Claudia nodded slowly; glad the boy wasn’t as cautious as Michael had been. Now, to find out if he had been adopted or fostered.

“Did you always live in Albuquerque?” she cautiously asked.

Max, used to questions and the answers he’d given so many times over the last two years, let them flow out naturally. “Yeah, mom said I was born on their move to Albuquerque.” He smiled.

Claudia’s heart fell at his words. He wasn’t adopted. Which explained why his name hadn’t come up when she’d looked up all adoptions and fosters in New Mexico over the last 2 years. But she had this feeling! Her instincts were screaming at her. She had never had them fail her yet, but he couldn’t be one of the children.

And yet, as she watched Liz with this Max, it was just ‘something’. There was something around them that she couldn’t explain, but it just seemed as if they were connected, or that her granddaughter had a more completed or content air about her now.

She realized she must be going crazy. He wasn’t adopted Claudia, she tried to tell herself. But continued asking questions anyways.

“How do you like Roswell now Max?”

Max smiled shyly and glanced at Liz. “I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but now I’m really glad we moved here. My sisters are still not as happy here, but I’m sure they will love it here soon too.”

Claudia’s hair went up again. “Sisters?” she asked carefully.

“Yeah, I have two sisters. We’re triplets.” He grinned. He was used to people being shocked that he was one of a set of three, especially after people saw the three of them together. They didn’t look anything alike.

“I see.” Claudia said, bells going off in her head so loud she could barely hear anything else.
She didn’t care what Max had just told her. She was SURE she had just found the last three pod children. And she KNEW without a doubt, that Max was Liz’s king.

Part 8

“Well Max. I would love to meet the rest of your family. Perhaps Liz’s parents could have you all over for dinner some night, to get to know you all. I’m sure you’re mom would love to meet some of the neighbors.” Claudia said, her excitement humming inside of her.

“Yeah, I’m sure mom would love that. She hasn’t gotten out much yet. She’s been so busy unpacking and stuff.” Max said, and then looked up at the time. “And I better get home. It’s almost dinner time and I promised I’d be home by 5.” He stated looking regretfully at Liz.

Liz met his eyes with understanding ones and nodded. Neither one of them wanted to be separated. Liz knew this strange connection should scare her, but it just felt too right. Too good for there to be anything scary about it. She just accepted it because she wouldn’t want it any other way. Now that she had met Max, she couldn’t imagine how she’d been without him. What had her grandmother mentioned about soul mates before? She would have to ask her again. She had a feeling she had found hers.

Max gave her hand a light squeeze and then released it reluctantly. He too felt the bond and although it did scare him, he didn’t want to not feel it. It felt too good when he was with Liz.

Claudia watched the two unlink hands and she could almost see a light dim in her granddaughter’s eyes. She watched in total fascination as she witnessed this overwhelming chemistry and connection before her. It couldn’t be more obvious. Those aliens sure knew what they were doing when they had recreated these children and sent them here.


“You’re sure about this mom? Even though it looks like this Max Evans was not adopted.” Jeff asked pacing the living room.

“I know there’s no proof that Max or his sisters were adopted, but they HAD to have been. The feelings I’m getting from him are just too powerful. And Liz! When you see her with him it’s just too unbelievable! Their bond is already so strong!

At that Nancy gasped and sat down as if her legs had given out. Not her baby! She was too young to feel bonded. Too start feeling her alien-ness. Nancy wasn’t ready to let her go.

As if knowing her thoughts Jeff sat down next to her on the couch and took her cold hand in his.

“We still have her Nancy. She still needs us. Now more than ever. If she is starting to develop some alien traits, she will need our love and protection even more. We knew all of this when we took our baby girl into our lives. We can do this.” He assured her.

Nancy nodded. She knew she would do anything for her baby. But she just wanted more time with her safe and normal. It scared her that this alien side seemed to pull Liz away from Nancy. Hearing of the bond between her daughter and this Max Evans terrified her. She was afraid of losing her little girl and it was too soon.

“We’re not losing her Nancy.” Jeff said, knowing her fears. “She’s still our little girl and always will be. Only we have to share her with Max. After all, she was his long before she was ours.”

“But they are too young!” Nancy whispered still in denial.

“And I agree.” Claudia stated. “I don’t think we should tell them anything just yet. If the others know anything about themselves, they’ve learned by now to keep it secret. But if they all knew the whole story, the bond between them all might become even more noticeable, and they would be easier to find. It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Evans are protecting their children very well. There isn’t even any proof anywhere that they were adopted. And I know with you and Jim Valenti watching over Michael, he should be okay. And as long as Liz is in the dark, she should be safe. Other than her natural bonding to Max Evans, she hasn’t shown any other alien traits, and she might not for several more years. So we should wait until they are all older to deal with this. I’m sure my instincts will tell me when the time is right.” Claudia assured Liz’s parents.

Nancy sighed with some relief, but she realized that this was the beginning of her daughter’s journey into the alien side of her life.
“Isabel! Hurry we’re going to be late!” Diane called up to her daughter as she looked at the time. They were to be at the Park in 10 minutes and she hated being late anywhere, especially as a first impression.

She was thrilled when Max’s school friend’s parents wanted to welcome them to town and get to know them. Diane welcomed friends in this new town and thought the idea of a Saturday picnic was perfect.

“I don’t want to go.” Isabel sighed as she came down the stairs dragging her feet.

“Why on earth not!? Isn’t this a classmate of yours? Isn’t she a friend of yours too?” Diane asked surprised.

“No! She’s not in my class. She’s in Max’s class and she’s his FRIEND. Or should I say…girlfriend!” Isabel threw at Max who was waiting quietly by the door.

When his parents turned to stare at him Max turned red and then glared at Isabel. “Liz is my friend! I like her. And she’s nice. You should get to know her Is.” He frowned.

“I think she seems really nice. I want to get to know her.” Tess piped up as she came out of the bathroom.

“You like everyone Tess.” Isabel sighed.

“And you don’t like anyone Is.” Tess threw back at her with a pout.

Isabel just shrugged and then suddenly went from looking disinterested to vulnerable. “She’s gonna think we’re weird. Max TOLD her everything! She won’t like us. She only likes Max cause he’s a boy and he makes goo goo eyes at her.

Max turned read again. “I do not!” he defended and wanted to crawl in a hole as his parents stared at him again.

“Max explained that he didn’t mean to just tell Liz. He didn’t know he was going to be able to heal her. I’m sure she’ll want to be your friend too once she gets to know you.” Diane tried to comfort her daughter who liked to pretend she didn’t care about anything, but was just afraid of being rejected.

Diane and Phillip exchanged worried glances about Liz. That had been worrying them nonstop since Max had told them about how Liz had found out about him. She was only a child! How did they know she would keep their secret? They feared for their children and were very anxious to meet Liz and see for themselves what was going on.

Max had been going to invite Liz over yesterday, but Diane had had errands to run and the kids had had to go with her.

Now she was anxious to meet the girl and judge for herself what she was like. Usually Max was a very level headed boy, and if he was so sure Liz wouldn’t tell then maybe he was right. But with Isabel saying Max had a crush on this girl, they couldn’t be sure if he just wanted to believe what he wanted.


Liz sat with her hands tightly folded in her lap and tried not to jump around. She was nervous and excited that Max and his family were coming to the park to meet her family. She wanted Max to meet her mom and dad so much, but she was afraid to meet his parents and really talk to his sisters. What if none of them liked her? She bit her lip and swallowed.

Max’s sister Tess seemed nice enough, but his other sister seemed like she didn’t like Liz already. Isabel had given Liz a mean look yesterday at lunch before she had turned away to sit with her sister and some of their classmates.

Claudia watched Liz and met Jeff and Nancy’s eyes. They were all nervous too. Claudia was anxious to meet all the children, which was why she had suggested to Nancy, the idea of a picnic before Claudia had to leave. But she was also anxious about meeting the Evans. She was sure they were wonderful to have taken in three alien children and she knew that they had to know, so she was just not sure if she would talk to them about anything or not. Jeff and Nancy weren’t ready to discuss it with the Evans. They wanted to get to know them and see how they felt, and maybe wait until Claudia told the children about themselves.

She had assured them that she too would wait and get to know these people. That she would give it time and see how it went. But she knew that sooner or later she would and should talk to them about their children. After all, she had information that they had every right to know. But again, the danger of everyone knowing too much when the children were still small would put them at risk of danger. So she would wait and see.

Claudia smiled as she watched Maria, Kyle and Alex running around playing tag. They were great friends of Liz’s and she knew they would help to make the new children feel welcome as well. Then she looked at her nervous granddaughter and went to her.

“Go play with your friends Honey Behr. The others will be here soon. Everything will be fine.” She said and smoothed back Liz’s hair.

She watched Liz smile up at her and nod. Then she took a deep breath and got up to join her friends.

“Here they come Claudia.” Nancy said from behind her. She sounded nervous.

Claudia knew Nancy was anxious about meeting the boy who had been her little girl’s husband in there past life, and just how strong that bond was in this life.

Claudia focused on the last two pod children first. The two girls were both blond and looked so different from their brother and from each other as well. One looked excited to be there, and started running toward Liz and her friends immediately. The other one dragged her feet and tried to look uninterested in her surroundings. But Claudia could see that her eyes were fearful.

She, like Liz, was afraid of not being liked. Claudia smiled as Diane and Phillip Evans came toward the picnic area that Nancy and Claudia had set up.

Introductions were made and the women started putting out the food while the men started the grill for the hot dogs and hamburgers.

Max walked toward where Liz and the others were with a smile on his face. His eyes finding Liz and he grinned even wider when she turned as if knowing he was there.

Liz gave a yelp and ran toward Max and stopped directly in front of him, their eyes locking.

“Hi Max.” Liz said out of breath and shyly.

“Hi Liz.” Max said back softly. He was happy just being with her again.

“Did you meet my parents?” she asked.

Max shook his head. “Not yet.” He said and turned red when she realized he’d come straight to her.

“Come on.” She smiled again and taking his hand, she led him to the picnic table.

“Mom! This is Max.” Liz exclaimed to her mother as the two came up besides the women.

Nancy had watched the quiet boy head straight to Liz and had held her breath when Liz had turned just knowing he was there. It was as if they were a homing beacon for each other. Now she looked down at Max and couldn’t help but find him adorable. He was so young and innocent that Nancy couldn’t find him a threat as she’d thought she would. The closeness between these two was innocent and beautiful and Nancy couldn’t help but be awed by their “presence” when they were together. Now she knew what Claudia had meant. She couldn’t say just what she saw in her daughter’s eyes, but there was something more there. Some brighter light or whatever, that shone only for Max.

“Hello Max. I’m glad to finally meet you.” Nancy finally said and held out her hand to take the serious boy’s hand in hers. She also noticed that his other hand stayed in her daughter’s grip.

“Hi Mrs. Parker.” He said seriously up at her, hoping to make a good impression.

“Max…this must be Liz.” Diane said coming back from the car with the last load of blankets. She too held her breath as she met the small delicate little girl that held her childrens’ lives in her hand.

Liz’s hand clenched in Max’s as she met his mother. She so wanted the woman to like her.

“Hi Mrs. Evans. Yes, I’m Liz.” She said softly. And when Mrs. Evans held out her hand and Liz took it, she immediately sensed Max’s mother’s emotions.

She was afraid. She was very afraid that Liz knew Max’s secret and might slip and tell cause she was so young. She could feel the love this woman had for her kids and how scared she was for them. Liz wanted to tell her it was okay, but not in front of her mother.

She moved back to stand next to Max, and then noticed Isabel sitting at the table just watching the other kids running around.

Liz moved over to the girl and sat down next to her. “Hi Isabel.” Liz smiled, trying her hardest to be friends with the girl.

Isabel turned to Liz. She was surprised to see the girl had come over to her, so she just stared at Liz.

“Want to come play tag against the boys. They think they are so good, but I know we can beat them.” She smiled looking over at how Kyle and Alex were arguing with Maria and Tess about who had won.

Liz tried not to look nervous as the other girl just started at her. Did the girl really hate her? And why would she?

Isabel wanted to play. The others looked like they were having fun, and they had readily accepted Tess in their game. She started to stand up but dropped her bracelet.

Liz reached down first and picked it up and handed it to Isabel. As Isabel reached to take it from Liz, their hands touched and Liz felt Isabel’s fear. She saw a flash of Isabel being screamed at for being a scary monster.

Liz gasped and let go of the bracelet and moved back a little. It wasn’t that Isabel was mean or didn’t like Liz, she was just scared of what Liz knew. Just like her mom.

“I love your bracelet that’s so pretty.” Liz tried to reassure Isabel without coming right out and saying she wouldn’t hurt her with what she knew.

“Hey Parker! Get yourself out here! I need some competition, Deluca and Tess aren’t any match for Kyle and me!” Alex called out all of a sudden.

Liz laughed and put her hands on her hips. “Right Whitman. You mean their winning and you want an excuse to start a new game.” She called out.

“That too!” Alex admitted happily and grinned.

Isabel couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Come on. Let’s show them that they shouldn’t try to win against us girls.” Liz smiled and led Isabel out to the field.

Max had watched the exchange between Liz and his sister and was amazed at how Liz just knew how to handle Isabel. Even he didn’t know how to handle her when she was in one of her moods. He just grinned and went to join the gang on the field. Maybe he could catch Liz!

Tess looked at Kyle from under her long bangs as she pretended to tie her shoe. She thought he was cute and nice and funny. She wondered if he would ever look at her the way Max looked at Liz. She wouldn’t mind at all. She thought as she looked him over again and watched him and Alex wrestle. She sighed. She knew Max was just different. Most boys their age didn’t like girls yet, and a lot of girls didn’t even like boys yet. She wondered if the difference was because Max wasn’t human? She shrugged and went back to play.

Claudia looked out at the children and found her first wave of contentment since she’d lost them two years ago. They all seemed normal and healthy and happy, and not in any danger. She frowned because Michael was absent from the group. Hank had not brought Michael to the park like he’d said he would. Claudia wanted to go get him herself and was seriously thinking about it when she heard a car door.

She turned and saw Jim Valenti get out of his truck and then saw that Michael was getting out of the passenger side. She smiled as Jim came closer and thanked him with her eyes. He just winked and grabbed a hand full of chips before he headed over to the men at the grill.

Claudia watched Michael trot over to the others as they called him. She watched the pod children interact and didn’t notice any differences between any of the others towards Liz or Liz towards them. It only seemed with Max that she felt the ‘connection’ to her alien side. She was glad. She knew that this could be looked at as just a simple boy and girl crush and no one would suspect anything more. She felt as if she had some time before she had to tell the children about their past and future and what it had in store for them.

When they all came to the table for lunch, Diane and Phillip exchanged glances at how naturally Max and Liz just sat next to each other, and how Tess moved over for her as if she’d done it all her life. They were surprised at how all of the children had taken to Liz and Max’s special friendship. They had watched how close Max and Liz stayed to each other and how they seemed to have their own form of communication. They didn’t understand it, but they could tell that the girl was level headed, sweet and genuinely seemed to care about Max, as he seemed to care about her. Their fear eased a bit as they watched how well Liz seemed to fit in with their children. Even Isabel had loosened up and was laughing with Liz and her friends.


The two men watched from their car as the children played in the park. Their eyes focused on one child in particular…

Part 8

“Well Max. I would love to meet the rest of your family. Perhaps Liz’s parents could have you all over for dinner some night, to get to know you all. I’m sure you’re mom would love to meet some of the neighbors.” Claudia said, her excitement humming inside of her.

“Yeah, I’m sure mom would love that. She hasn’t gotten out much yet. She’s been so busy unpacking and stuff.” Max said, and then looked up at the time. “And I better get home. It’s almost dinner time and I promised I’d be home by 5.” He stated looking regretfully at Liz.

Liz met his eyes with understanding ones and nodded. Neither one of them wanted to be separated. Liz knew this strange connection should scare her, but it just felt too right. Too good for there to be anything scary about it. She just accepted it because she wouldn’t want it any other way. Now that she had met Max, she couldn’t imagine how she’d been without him. What had her grandmother mentioned about soul mates before? She would have to ask her again. She had a feeling she had found hers.

Max gave her hand a light squeeze and then released it reluctantly. He too felt the bond and although it did scare him, he didn’t want to not feel it. It felt too good when he was with Liz.

Claudia watched the two unlink hands and she could almost see a light dim in her granddaughter’s eyes. She watched in total fascination as she witnessed this overwhelming chemistry and connection before her. It couldn’t be more obvious. Those aliens sure knew what they were doing when they had recreated these children and sent them here.


“You’re sure about this mom? Even though it looks like this Max Evans was not adopted.” Jeff asked pacing the living room.

“I know there’s no proof that Max or his sisters were adopted, but they HAD to have been. The feelings I’m getting from him are just too powerful. And Liz! When you see her with him it’s just too unbelievable! Their bond is already so strong!

At that Nancy gasped and sat down as if her legs had given out. Not her baby! She was too young to feel bonded. Too start feeling her alien-ness. Nancy wasn’t ready to let her go.

As if knowing her thoughts Jeff sat down next to her on the couch and took her cold hand in his.

“We still have her Nancy. She still needs us. Now more than ever. If she is starting to develop some alien traits, she will need our love and protection even more. We knew all of this when we took our baby girl into our lives. We can do this.” He assured her.

Nancy nodded. She knew she would do anything for her baby. But she just wanted more time with her safe and normal. It scared her that this alien side seemed to pull Liz away from Nancy. Hearing of the bond between her daughter and this Max Evans terrified her. She was afraid of losing her little girl and it was too soon.

“We’re not losing her Nancy.” Jeff said, knowing her fears. “She’s still our little girl and always will be. Only we have to share her with Max. After all, she was his long before she was ours.”

“But they are too young!” Nancy whispered still in denial.

“And I agree.” Claudia stated. “I don’t think we should tell them anything just yet. If the others know anything about themselves, they’ve learned by now to keep it secret. But if they all knew the whole story, the bond between them all might become even more noticeable, and they would be easier to find. It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Evans are protecting their children very well. There isn’t even any proof anywhere that they were adopted. And I know with you and Jim Valenti watching over Michael, he should be okay. And as long as Liz is in the dark, she should be safe. Other than her natural bonding to Max Evans, she hasn’t shown any other alien traits, and she might not for several more years. So we should wait until they are all older to deal with this. I’m sure my instincts will tell me when the time is right.” Claudia assured Liz’s parents.

Nancy sighed with some relief, but she realized that this was the beginning of her daughter’s journey into the alien side of her life.
“Isabel! Hurry we’re going to be late!” Diane called up to her daughter as she looked at the time. They were to be at the Park in 10 minutes and she hated being late anywhere, especially as a first impression.

She was thrilled when Max’s school friend’s parents wanted to welcome them to town and get to know them. Diane welcomed friends in this new town and thought the idea of a Saturday picnic was perfect.

“I don’t want to go.” Isabel sighed as she came down the stairs dragging her feet.

“Why on earth not!? Isn’t this a classmate of yours? Isn’t she a friend of yours too?” Diane asked surprised.

“No! She’s not in my class. She’s in Max’s class and she’s his FRIEND. Or should I say…girlfriend!” Isabel threw at Max who was waiting quietly by the door.

When his parents turned to stare at him Max turned red and then glared at Isabel. “Liz is my friend! I like her. And she’s nice. You should get to know her Is.” He frowned.

“I think she seems really nice. I want to get to know her.” Tess piped up as she came out of the bathroom.

“You like everyone Tess.” Isabel sighed.

“And you don’t like anyone Is.” Tess threw back at her with a pout.

Isabel just shrugged and then suddenly went from looking disinterested to vulnerable. “She’s gonna think we’re weird. Max TOLD her everything! She won’t like us. She only likes Max cause he’s a boy and he makes goo goo eyes at her.

Max turned read again. “I do not!” he defended and wanted to crawl in a hole as his parents stared at him again.

“Max explained that he didn’t mean to just tell Liz. He didn’t know he was going to be able to heal her. I’m sure she’ll want to be your friend too once she gets to know you.” Diane tried to comfort her daughter who liked to pretend she didn’t care about anything, but was just afraid of being rejected.

Diane and Phillip exchanged worried glances about Liz. That had been worrying them nonstop since Max had told them about how Liz had found out about him. She was only a child! How did they know she would keep their secret? They feared for their children and were very anxious to meet Liz and see for themselves what was going on.

Max had been going to invite Liz over yesterday, but Diane had had errands to run and the kids had had to go with her.

Now she was anxious to meet the girl and judge for herself what she was like. Usually Max was a very level headed boy, and if he was so sure Liz wouldn’t tell then maybe he was right. But with Isabel saying Max had a crush on this girl, they couldn’t be sure if he just wanted to believe what he wanted.


Liz sat with her hands tightly folded in her lap and tried not to jump around. She was nervous and excited that Max and his family were coming to the park to meet her family. She wanted Max to meet her mom and dad so much, but she was afraid to meet his parents and really talk to his sisters. What if none of them liked her? She bit her lip and swallowed.

Max’s sister Tess seemed nice enough, but his other sister seemed like she didn’t like Liz already. Isabel had given Liz a mean look yesterday at lunch before she had turned away to sit with her sister and some of their classmates.

Claudia watched Liz and met Jeff and Nancy’s eyes. They were all nervous too. Claudia was anxious to meet all the children, which was why she had suggested to Nancy, the idea of a picnic before Claudia had to leave. But she was also anxious about meeting the Evans. She was sure they were wonderful to have taken in three alien children and she knew that they had to know, so she was just not sure if she would talk to them about anything or not. Jeff and Nancy weren’t ready to discuss it with the Evans. They wanted to get to know them and see how they felt, and maybe wait until Claudia told the children about themselves.

She had assured them that she too would wait and get to know these people. That she would give it time and see how it went. But she knew that sooner or later she would and should talk to them about their children. After all, she had information that they had every right to know. But again, the danger of everyone knowing too much when the children were still small would put them at risk of danger. So she would wait and see.

Claudia smiled as she watched Maria, Kyle and Alex running around playing tag. They were great friends of Liz’s and she knew they would help to make the new children feel welcome as well. Then she looked at her nervous granddaughter and went to her.

“Go play with your friends Honey Behr. The others will be here soon. Everything will be fine.” She said and smoothed back Liz’s hair.

She watched Liz smile up at her and nod. Then she took a deep breath and got up to join her friends.

“Here they come Claudia.” Nancy said from behind her. She sounded nervous.

Claudia knew Nancy was anxious about meeting the boy who had been her little girl’s husband in there past life, and just how strong that bond was in this life.

Claudia focused on the last two pod children first. The two girls were both blond and looked so different from their brother and from each other as well. One looked excited to be there, and started running toward Liz and her friends immediately. The other one dragged her feet and tried to look uninterested in her surroundings. But Claudia could see that her eyes were fearful.

She, like Liz, was afraid of not being liked. Claudia smiled as Diane and Phillip Evans came toward the picnic area that Nancy and Claudia had set up.

Introductions were made and the women started putting out the food while the men started the grill for the hot dogs and hamburgers.

Max walked toward where Liz and the others were with a smile on his face. His eyes finding Liz and he grinned even wider when she turned as if knowing he was there.

Liz gave a yelp and ran toward Max and stopped directly in front of him, their eyes locking.

“Hi Max.” Liz said out of breath and shyly.

“Hi Liz.” Max said back softly. He was happy just being with her again.

“Did you meet my parents?” she asked.

Max shook his head. “Not yet.” He said and turned red when she realized he’d come straight to her.

“Come on.” She smiled again and taking his hand, she led him to the picnic table.

“Mom! This is Max.” Liz exclaimed to her mother as the two came up besides the women.

Nancy had watched the quiet boy head straight to Liz and had held her breath when Liz had turned just knowing he was there. It was as if they were a homing beacon for each other. Now she looked down at Max and couldn’t help but find him adorable. He was so young and innocent that Nancy couldn’t find him a threat as she’d thought she would. The closeness between these two was innocent and beautiful and Nancy couldn’t help but be awed by their “presence” when they were together. Now she knew what Claudia had meant. She couldn’t say just what she saw in her daughter’s eyes, but there was something more there. Some brighter light or whatever, that shone only for Max.

“Hello Max. I’m glad to finally meet you.” Nancy finally said and held out her hand to take the serious boy’s hand in hers. She also noticed that his other hand stayed in her daughter’s grip.

“Hi Mrs. Parker.” He said seriously up at her, hoping to make a good impression.

“Max…this must be Liz.” Diane said coming back from the car with the last load of blankets. She too held her breath as she met the small delicate little girl that held her childrens’ lives in her hand.

Liz’s hand clenched in Max’s as she met his mother. She so wanted the woman to like her.

“Hi Mrs. Evans. Yes, I’m Liz.” She said softly. And when Mrs. Evans held out her hand and Liz took it, she immediately sensed Max’s mother’s emotions.

She was afraid. She was very afraid that Liz knew Max’s secret and might slip and tell cause she was so young. She could feel the love this woman had for her kids and how scared she was for them. Liz wanted to tell her it was okay, but not in front of her mother.

She moved back to stand next to Max, and then noticed Isabel sitting at the table just watching the other kids running around.

Liz moved over to the girl and sat down next to her. “Hi Isabel.” Liz smiled, trying her hardest to be friends with the girl.

Isabel turned to Liz. She was surprised to see the girl had come over to her, so she just stared at Liz.

“Want to come play tag against the boys. They think they are so good, but I know we can beat them.” She smiled looking over at how Kyle and Alex were arguing with Maria and Tess about who had won.

Liz tried not to look nervous as the other girl just started at her. Did the girl really hate her? And why would she?

Isabel wanted to play. The others looked like they were having fun, and they had readily accepted Tess in their game. She started to stand up but dropped her bracelet.

Liz reached down first and picked it up and handed it to Isabel. As Isabel reached to take it from Liz, their hands touched and Liz felt Isabel’s fear. She saw a flash of Isabel being screamed at for being a scary monster.

Liz gasped and let go of the bracelet and moved back a little. It wasn’t that Isabel was mean or didn’t like Liz, she was just scared of what Liz knew. Just like her mom.

“I love your bracelet that’s so pretty.” Liz tried to reassure Isabel without coming right out and saying she wouldn’t hurt her with what she knew.

“Hey Parker! Get yourself out here! I need some competition, Deluca and Tess aren’t any match for Kyle and me!” Alex called out all of a sudden.

Liz laughed and put her hands on her hips. “Right Whitman. You mean their winning and you want an excuse to start a new game.” She called out.

“That too!” Alex admitted happily and grinned.

Isabel couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Come on. Let’s show them that they shouldn’t try to win against us girls.” Liz smiled and led Isabel out to the field.

Max had watched the exchange between Liz and his sister and was amazed at how Liz just knew how to handle Isabel. Even he didn’t know how to handle her when she was in one of her moods. He just grinned and went to join the gang on the field. Maybe he could catch Liz!

Tess looked at Kyle from under her long bangs as she pretended to tie her shoe. She thought he was cute and nice and funny. She wondered if he would ever look at her the way Max looked at Liz. She wouldn’t mind at all. She thought as she looked him over again and watched him and Alex wrestle. She sighed. She knew Max was just different. Most boys their age didn’t like girls yet, and a lot of girls didn’t even like boys yet. She wondered if the difference was because Max wasn’t human? She shrugged and went back to play.

Claudia looked out at the children and found her first wave of contentment since she’d lost them two years ago. They all seemed normal and healthy and happy, and not in any danger. She frowned because Michael was absent from the group. Hank had not brought Michael to the park like he’d said he would. Claudia wanted to go get him herself and was seriously thinking about it when she heard a car door.

She turned and saw Jim Valenti get out of his truck and then saw that Michael was getting out of the passenger side. She smiled as Jim came closer and thanked him with her eyes. He just winked and grabbed a hand full of chips before he headed over to the men at the grill.

Claudia watched Michael trot over to the others as they called him. She watched the pod children interact and didn’t notice any differences between any of the others towards Liz or Liz towards them. It only seemed with Max that she felt the ‘connection’ to her alien side. She was glad. She knew that this could be looked at as just a simple boy and girl crush and no one would suspect anything more. She felt as if she had some time before she had to tell the children about their past and future and what it had in store for them.

When they all came to the table for lunch, Diane and Phillip exchanged glances at how naturally Max and Liz just sat next to each other, and how Tess moved over for her as if she’d done it all her life. They were surprised at how all of the children had taken to Liz and Max’s special friendship. They had watched how close Max and Liz stayed to each other and how they seemed to have their own form of communication. They didn’t understand it, but they could tell that the girl was level headed, sweet and genuinely seemed to care about Max, as he seemed to care about her. Their fear eased a bit as they watched how well Liz seemed to fit in with their children. Even Isabel had loosened up and was laughing with Liz and her friends.


The two men watched from their car as the children played in the park. Their eyes focused on one child in particular…


Part 9

Claudia hugged her little granddaughter goodbye and swallowed when Liz grabbed her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Don’t go!”

“I’ll be back my Honey Behr.” Claudia promised as she always did, and then stepped back and looked around the café at the others.

It had been a week since the success of the picnic and Claudia was pleased with the children’s lives the way they were. Everything seemed normal and safe, just as she had hoped it would be. She didn’t want to leave, but she needed to get back to work, and she knew the children were all being well taken care of.

Max had stepped up to stand beside Liz to comfort her and she had taken his hand. Claudia smiled at him and winked. “Bye Max. I’m so glad I got to meet you.” She told him sincerely.

Max smiled and then he too hugged Grandma Claudia. “Don’t stay away too long. Liz isn’t happy when you do.” He whispered for only Claudia.

Claudia tried to hide her tears at how Max was so protective of Liz already. Their bond was so precious that it often left Claudia not only speechless, but also teary eyed as well. She felt that her daughter was going to be one lucky girl when she grew up.

She met her son’s eyes and nodded toward Michael who was sitting at the counter, arguing with Kyle about something.

Jeff looked at Michael and then nodded to his mother. He had talked with her about how she wanted him to keep a very tight eye on Michael and make sure he stayed safe.

Michael was the only one she wasn’t sure was as safe, and she was very glad both Jim and her son were going to watch out for him.

She said goodbye to Nancy who was going to stay behind with Liz at the café while Jeff took her to the airport. “I’ll take good care of our girl.” Nancy promised Claudia as they hugged.

“I know you will.” Claudia smiled; knowing Nancy was an amazing mother and woman to have taken in the alien child all those years ago.

“And I’ll watch over Liz’s brother too.” She whispered for only Claudia.

Then Claudia looked around at the faces of all the children and she sighed in contentment. She had found them. She had not expected it to be this easy when she’d arrived, but she couldn’t thank the stars enough for this gift.

“Well kids, I’m off. Next time I see you all I know you’ll all be so much taller and even more beautiful.” She smiled at them.

“Well, most of us will be taller.” Kyle piped up as he glanced at Liz.

The others laughed and Liz stuck her tongue out at Kyle, but she too smiled.

Maria ran up to Claudia and gave her a hug, as did Tess and even Isabel. Claudia had made sure she spent time with her charges this past week and had taken Liz and her friends to lunch and out for ice cream and out to the movies. She had just spent time with them getting to know them, and she had shown them all of her artifacts and treasures she’d collected on her many travels.

“I’ll bring all of you girls back some beautiful trinkets next time I see you.” Claudia winked at them and then turned to the boys.

“Kyle and Alex you two boys behave yourselves and don’t let these girls pick on you too much.” She teased the two as she always did and they too gave her hugs.

Then she turned to Michael. She had spent even more time with him this week since he was at the café everyday after school. It hadn’t taken him long to go up and visit Claudia to see her treasures from around the world and hear her stories. He had seemed fascinated with her work and had listened intently. They had formed their own bond through their love of archeology and ancient civilizations. “Be looking for that book in the mail Michael. I will be sending that to you when I get back to my place in Africa.” She promised.

“I will. Bye Grandma.” He whispered and hugged her as well. Ever since she had arrived he’d felt like he belonged somewhere. He felt he had ties now, and was around people who really cared about him. And he felt it was all because of Grandma Claudia as she’d told them all to call her.

Later, as Claudia took her seat on the plane, she closed her eyes. She could finally go back to work with her mind not on the whereabouts of her charges. She was looking forward to her next project. And knowing the children were safe made her new project all the more exciting.

The two men sat poring over files they had collected the past few weeks, and sighed in frustration.

“Anything?” The one who hated the desert asked his partner.

His partner shook his head and then threw down the papers and got up to pace. He was getting sick of the hotel room and even sicker of just watching a bunch of kids all day. But he knew it was important. Not right now, but later. Later it would become crucial to find and follow the one they were looking for. But for now, all they could do was wait and watch the one they knew about, hoping he could lead them to the one they really needed. And when they found the one they needed, they would still have to sit and wait, wait until the time was right and the one they needed grew up.


Max finished his test and glanced over at Liz. He could see her frowning over her paper and every once in while, chewing on the end of the pen as she concentrated.

He knew she would ace the test, she always did, so it made him smile when she looked so worried. She second-guessed herself too much he thought.

Max was content to just sit and stare at Liz. It was becoming his favorite past time. He was so glad he sat a few seats behind her and to her left, that way he could watch her without being as obvious as turning around in his seat would be if he was in front of her.

And he grinned again thinking of how many times Liz had been caught by their teacher doing just that. For she liked to look at him too.

Settling back in his seat, he continued to look at Liz. He loved watching her push her hair out of her face, chew on her pen when she was concentrating, and how she bit her lip when she was worried. Today she had her hair straight down and so shiny that it made Max want to run his hand down it to feel just how soft it really was. Max swallowed and shifted in his seat but didn’t stop watching Liz Parker.

She was wearing a cute yellow summery dress with little straps on it, and matching socks, with little white sneakers to finish the outfit. She always wore sneakers on gym class day. Just looking at her legs swinging back and forth as she concentrated made him swallow. She looked so cute with her bare legs and little white sneakers. Max felt his body stir and he groaned inwardly. He HATED this now familiar reaction that he had no control over.

Last year, when it had happened for the first time while watching Liz he’d been shocked and scared and had felt so embarrassed. He had excused himself from class and gone to the bathroom until he had control of his body again. Later that day he had gone to the public library and looked up the things that were going on with him and realized it was natural and part of growing up. At first this physical awareness had scared him, but now he knew it was perfectly normal and he welcomed the pain cause it also felt good to watch Liz. Of course he HATED that it happened when he didn’t want it to, but he wasn’t at all surprised that it only happened when he was looking at or now even thinking of Liz.

He had come to accept the special bond he and Liz had shared since they’d first met. It no longer scared him. In fact, just last week he had realized that if these feelings ever stopped, that would scare him. He seemed to know Liz better than he knew himself and he couldn’t imagine not being aware of her or her of him.

Liz finished her test and her eyes slid back to Max who she saw was staring at her again with that look that made her tummy flip and funny things start to happen to her body. She blushed and turned away momentarily while she processed the tingly feeling she felt all over and tried to breathe normally.

Lately her feelings for Max were becoming even more intense and her reaction to him more physical. She knew from reading up on it, that it was part of growing up, but it was embarrassing to know her body was doing things she didn’t completely understand and couldn’t control.

Max watched Liz’s face turn red and his body hardened even more. He knew Liz was reacting to the way he was looking at her, but he couldn’t stop, and didn’t want to. No matter how painful it got, or how embarrassing it would be to be caught like this, he loved that even his body called out to Liz.

He grinned and tried not to blush himself as he thought of how his body was now drawn to her and only her, as his mind and heart had been from the day he’d first seen her.


“Hey Liz! Over here.” Maria called out to her best friend as she saw Liz enter the cafeteria.

Liz looked over and found the gang had a table toward the back of the room. She nodded and headed over, smiling at them as she slid onto the bench.

“Hi guys! So are we all ready for this afternoon?” she asked excitedly.

“I can’t wait! I already changed into my suit and am ready as soon as school lets out!” Kyle said with excitement in his eyes.

“Me too!” Maria exclaimed and looked around. “So everyone has a cover story right?” she asked.

Tess laughed and glanced at her sister. “Isabel always comes up with great stories for us.” They exchanged smiles.

“Alex, Liz?” Maria prompted hoping they too were all set.

“I’ve got to stay after school for a Spelling Bee.” Alex told Maria.

“WHAT!? No Whitman you promised you’d go!” Maria threw up her hands.

Alex laughed. “No Maria…that’s what I told my mom. Of course I’m going to the swimming hole at the reservoir!” he rolled his eyes and exchanged laughs with the others.

Maria sighed and turned to Liz.

“Liz?” she asked anxiously. She knew that it would be hardest for Liz cause lately her parents had been more cautious than usual for some unknown reason.

“I’m all set. I have a Science Honors Meeting after school supposedly.” She grinned then tightened as she felt Max enter the cafeteria.

He had had gym with Michael right before lunch, so she hadn’t walked from class to lunch with him today like they usually did.

Max homed in on Liz immediately and as usual, his breath got shallower and his heart picked up at the site of her.

“That is just too spooky for words Maxwell.” Michael rolled his eyes as he witnessed Max’s ‘Liz homing device’ once again and followed his friend to their table.

“Maria, we all set for this afternoon?” Michael asked as he slid in next to her and grinned.

“Of course! Everyone is accounted for. We’re going to have a blast!” she exclaimed and her eyes shone with her excitement.

Michael grinned back at his good friend and lightly kicked her sneaker with his. “Way to go Deluca!” he praised her. Leave it to Maria to get all the fun things planned and organized.

Max slid in next to Liz and rested his leg against hers, both of their bodies tensing and then relaxing as they felt the connection and the calming affect it had on them.

“Alex! Did you bring the tubes?” Isabel asked suddenly hoping he hadn’t forgotten.

“I got them Is. Relax. Geesh! Girls.” Alex rolled his eyes and shared a grin with Kyle.

Kyle nodded. “You got that right.”

Tess sighed to herself at Kyle’s words. He was so uninterested in girls still, and it drove her crazy! Here she was almost 12 and she has to like a guy who was totally uninterested in her or any girl. All he cared about was his sports.

“Liz did you bring your cassette player?” Isabel turned to her friend.

“Yep! It’s in my backpack. Did you bring the tapes?” she asked hopefully.

“I’ve got my whole collection.” Isabelle grinned and the four girls whooped and laughed. They had their favorite songs that they usually practiced dance routines too after school, and they knew that meant they could practice out by the reservoir too.

“You brought your football right Kyle?” Michael asked as he leaned over and grabbed one of Liz’s fries.

“Definitely! And I also got a rope from our garage that we might be able to hang over that one old tree and swing on as we jump into the water.”

“Cool!” Michael said reaching for more of Liz’s fries.

Liz slapped his hand away and Michael just grinned. “Get your own fries Michael!” she exclaimed.

“Why? You don’t eat all of yours anyways. They just go to waste.” He threw back and reached for more.

“So! I don’t want your hands in my fries. They are dirty and I don’t want dirty fries.” She complained.

Everyone was so used to them fighting like sister and brother that no one really paid attention.

Liz glared at Michael as he reached for more, but she took one herself and then turned toward Max with the fry.

He was looking down at a book he had picked up but automatically opened his mouth as Liz brought the fry close to him.

“Oh sure! Of course Maxie can share your fries.” Michael teased.

“Maxie doesn’t have your dirty hands and he’s not reaching for them.” Tess laughed and defended her brother. She thought Max and Liz were just too cute and although she envied their relationship, she loved it. It was what she one-day hoped to have.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Whatever!” he sighed.

Maria looked over at Max who sat across from her and tried to see what he was reading.

“Whatcha got there Max?” she asked ignoring the others bantering still.

Max looked up and then quickly showed her the title. “Alien Encounters.”

Maria raised an eyebrow. “You’re reading that here! Right in public?” she said surprised and couldn’t help but look around.

“Maria, it’s just a book. No one will think anything of it.” He smiled warmed by her concern.

He had worried about Liz telling Maria the whole truth, but he needn’t have. Maria was as loyal as they came, and he trusted her completely. He’d learned that having Maria Deluca in your corner was a good thing.

And it helped Michael to know that a human knew about him and still accepted him as he was. With both Liz and Maria knowing, Michael and Isabel had felt much more comfortable and happy as they realized they could be liked for exactly who they were.

Max kinda wished that Alex and Kyle knew too, since they all hung out together so much, but both Michael and Isabel had not wanted to just go telling everyone randomly. Max thought it was because Isabel was afraid of what Alex might think. And yet, Tess wanted to tell Alex and Kyle in the worst way. Max guessed that was because she wanted to share everything with Kyle. Max grinned as he thought of his sister’s infatuation with Kyle and how oblivious Kyle was to it.

“Well, let’s go back to class and meet outside by the bikes right after school.” Alex piped up as the bell rang.

“God it’s going to be so much fun!” Kyle rubbed his hands together. “I don’t think I can wait for the next two hours to go by!”
Little did any of them know that soon the question of Alex and Kyle knowing would be taken out of their hands…


Part 10

It was a warm day even for March in the desert, but it was perfect for the kids at the swimming hole.

The girls were down by the water, giggling as they tried new steps to a song they liked while the boys were playing football above them over looking the large reservoir.

When the girls finally fell to the ground laughing, they decided to take a break and stretch out and enjoy the sun.

“So what do you think you’re parents are going to give you guys for your 12th birthday next week?” Maria asked as she rolled onto her stomach to lean on her elbows.

“I don’t know. They’ve been pretty quiet about it.” Isabel shrugged stretching out and letting the sun tan her long body. She had grown taller than the other girls and was starting to enjoy her body and the way some of the older boys were looking at her.

“Max thinks we might get a computer.” Tess answered.

“And what are YOU getting Max for his birthday Liz?” Maria teased.

Liz just smiled mysteriously and didn’t answer. She knew Maria loved to tease her about Max.

Every year Max and Liz got each other a little something even if they just made it themselves. The others thought it was funny in a cute way.
“Come on Liz! You can tell us. We won’t tell Max.” Tess pleaded sitting up. She loved surprises, but only when she was in on them.

Liz laughed and sat up as well. “To tell you the truth, I haven’t decided yet.” She said with another mysterious smile. She had been saving up her allowance for something special and thought she might have enough money for it by next week.

“Well whatever it is, you know Max will love it.” Isabel smiled as she continued to stretch out on her towel with her eyes closed.

“Hey! Let’s play hide n seek!” Tess exclaimed suddenly.

“Ah… Tess, have you noticed that we’re out in the open here?” Maria looked around.

Tess rolled her eyes at Maria’s comment. Then she pointed over toward the other side of the reservoir where there was a clump of natural trees and bushes and rocks to hide behind and around.

Maria looked over and grinned. “Let’s go!” she laughed and got up.

Isabel didn’t even open her eyes. “You guys go, I want to just relax and listen to music.”

The other three shrugged and climbing to their feet, they headed around toward the treed area.

Max had had a hard time concentrating on the game while the girls had been dancing. He hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of Liz as she danced and floated around below him. Even the other guys teasing him about it couldn’t stop his eyes from continually glancing over at Liz as she danced in the sun, her hair shining like a beacon, and her long slim body mostly bare and tanned from the sun, arching and moving gracefully as she danced.

When the girls had finally sat down to talk, Max had been able to breathe easier and really get into the football game, much to the relief of the rest of the guys.

For the next half-hour, Max concentrated totally on playing ball, his next favorite sport after Liz watching.

Max ran out to catch a long pass Kyle had thrown him when suddenly he felt a cold chill and froze. The football hit him square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him for a second, but he didn’t move. The hair on his body was standing straight up as goose bumps crawled all over him.

“Liz!” he whispered and swallowed a metal taste of fear. “LIZ!” he now shouted as he started to run to where the girls had been dancing.

The other guys didn’t question Max, they just followed, knowing something was wrong.

“Isabel? Where’s Liz?” Max cried out as he skidded to a halt at the bottom of the canyon where his sister was lying.

Isabel sat up and looked around. “I don’t know. Why?” she could tell from Max’s anxiousness, that something was wrong.

“God…LIZ!” Max cried out again in desperation and then zoomed in on the area across from them in the trees. He tore off in that direction followed by the others.

As he rounded the reservoir he came upon Tess and Maria calling out to Liz. “Okay Liz, you can come out, you won…we can’t find you.” They shouted.

“LIZ!” Max shouted again as he got nearer to the girls.

Maria and Tess went white at the look on Max’s face. They knew then that something was wrong. No one doubted that Max knew Liz was in trouble.

Max, frantic now, looked around, took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on Liz. He closed his eyes begging her to let him know where she was.

The others held their breaths in fear as they watched Max. And then they gasped when he screamed out the word ‘Nooooo’ in pain and dove into the water.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Maria mumbled as she ran to the edge of the water with the rest of them and tried to see where Max had gone.

Tess gave a sob and Isabel held a fist to her mouth as Alex, Kyle and Michael dove into the water to help Max.

The water was murky due to the muddy ground and rocks and underground plants that grew around this area, making it impossible for Max to see anything. He tried not to panic and closed his eyes to again concentrate on Liz. Then he pushed off of a rock and headed for her.

Isabel cried out when she saw Max surface suddenly with a limp Liz in his arms. Michael, Alex and Kyle helped an exhausted Max out of the water but he shrugged them all off when he reached the edge and laid Liz gently down and brushed the water out of her face.

She was deathly pale and cold and blue looking. Maria screamed, and Tess and Isabel cried.

“Does anyone know CPR?” Alex shouted hysterically. He knew they were going to teach it later this year in school, but he didn’t know it now.

“No! God! Do something!” Kyle cried out, wanting to jump out of his skin he felt to helpless.

Michael was staring down at Liz shocked at how it felt like a small part of him was dying. He couldn’t imagine how Max was feeling.

Max didn’t hesitate or look around. He leaned down, put his hand over Liz’s still chest and tried to breathe life back into her. He didn’t know CPR, but he knew with his powers to heal, he could make her breathe again.

Alex couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Max hovering over Liz silently, he cried out and mumbled that he was going to call 911 but Isabel’s hand on Alex’s arm stopped him.

“Wait!” she insisted watching Max with her own breath held.

Alex looked at Isabel as if she’d lost her mind, but then heard a coughing and stared over at Liz and Max as Liz suddenly moved and started coughing.

He watched as Max sobbed and turned Liz over to help her expel the water in her lungs.

Michael’s knees gave out and he sat down next to Max and Liz, looking as pale as Liz did. Later he would wonder at his strong reaction, but now he was just numb.

Maria sobbed and came down next to Liz and held her hand as she stopped coughing up water and lay quietly in Max’s still shaking arms. “Liz! Oh God Liz!” was all she could say.

Tess and Isabel closed their eyes in relief and for the first time, Isabel was glad that they were alien and Max was able to bring Liz back.

“I’m…I’m okay.” Liz managed to say, seeing all the upset faces around her. Then she reached for Maria’s hand and grasped it tightly. “I’m okay Maria.” She said again with emphasis, knowing her friend needed to hear it.

Maria just nodded and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she looked over at Michael and frowned with concern. She let go of Liz’s hand and crawled a few feet over to where Michael still sat. “Hey, you okay?” she asked softly and placed a hand on his cold, still shaking form.

Michael nodded and also took deep breaths to calm down. He didn’t want anyone seeing him so upset.

“Max…”Liz whispered finally, looking up at Max and seeing that his eyes were closed and he was still cold and shaking himself.

Max opened his eyes and they burned down into Liz’s with all the fear he’d felt. “It’s okay Max!” Liz cried out at the intense pain she felt coming off of Max. She sat up and since she was already halfway in Max’s arms, she crawled the rest of the way and threw her arms around him. Max just held her tight, his eyes closed in relief.

Kyle finally broke the moment. “Ahhh…can someone tell me what the heck just happened?” he asked in total confusion. Alex too looked around for an answer.

Isabel and Tess looked at each other and silently came to the same conclusion. Neither Max nor Michael looked like they were going to explain, so Isabel took a deep breath and swallowed, hoping that her friends wouldn’t turn away from them when they knew the truth.

“Um…Max healed Liz.” Isabel said softly.

Alex and Kyle nodded. That much they had figured out.

“How?” Alex asked knowing Isabel wasn’t just going to explain if he didn’t ask outright.

Isabel bit her lip and then sighed. “We’re…different. We’re not quite like the rest of you.” She said…still trying to get the words out.

“Different? How different?” Kyle asked now, looking at Max then Isabel and then Tess.

Tess swallowed and seeing Isabel couldn’t finish she did.

“We’re aliens.” She just blurted out. There was no other way to say it.

Kyle stared at her and then laughed. Alex wanted to join him, but he saw all the serious faces around him, including Maria’s and Liz’s and knew they weren’t kidding.

Kyle stopped laughing and looked around as well, then back to Tess. “You’re not kidding are you?” he said slowly.

Tess looked scared as she shook her head solemnly at Kyle. Now she knew why Isabel had been afraid to tell Alex and Kyle. Tess’s stomach was in knots with the way Kyle was looking at her.

Alex and Kyle exchanged looks and sat down. They tried to be calm since everyone was waiting for their reactions.

It was obvious to them that Maria and Liz and Michael knew about all of this. And if they weren’t worried or scared about it, then Alex and Kyle knew they shouldn’t be either.

“Would you…would you mind starting at the beginning?” Alex finally asked calmly for he and Kyle.


" too Michael?" Alex swallowed after Tess finished telling them what they knew so far about themselves.

Michael nodded seriously and held himself tightly together wondering what his friends were going to feel about them all now. He wanted to pretend he didn't care, but he did.

"Max...if you weren't...if you hadn't been able to heal Liz...she'd be... Thank you." Kyle managed to get out.

Max shivered again at the thought of how close he had come to losing Liz. But nodded at Kyle's thanks.

"Kyle, Alex, we can't tell anyone about Max, Michael, Isabel or Tess you know that right?" Liz said just to be sure.

They both nodded knowing the dangers having lived around Roswell all of their lives.

" granddad was right though. All this time." Kyle couldn't help but say.

" did you fall into the water without us hearing the splash?" Tess asked finally.

"I didn't fall in. I thought I could hide in the water and then got my foot caught in a weed and couldn't get lose." she said still holding on tight to Max who gripped her tighter at her words of getting tangled up in the weeds.

" did you know that Liz was in trouble?" Alex asked in amazement. He was still coming to terms with all he'd heard, and had a million questions.

"I...I just knew. It felt part of me was suddenly...gone." he said hoarsely and then hugged Liz tightly to him once more.

They all just stared at Max. They had all accepted the special bond between Max and Liz all this time, but to actually hear about how it worked, shocked them all.

"God Max." was all Maria could say as she realized the true extent of Max's connection to Liz. The others could only silently agree as they watched the two curled up together.


Nancy Parker carried a laundry basket into her daughter's room and placed it on the neatly made bed. She hummed as she took out the folded clean clothes and began to put them away in Liz's drawers.

She glanced at the shelf by her daughter's bed and smiled when she saw pictures and trinkets on it.

There were pictures of Liz and all of her friends, and of her and her parents and of her and her grandma. And there were also souvenirs and trinkets that Claudia had brought back for Liz from many of her trips.

Then she noticed that one shelf had only pictures of her and Max and of little things Max had given her over the past few years. At first Nancy smiled, but then she looked closer at the heart shaped drawings on some of the things Max had given her, and Nancy swallowed.

She tried to calm herself. She knew that Max and Liz's connection was strong and that someday there would be no doubt that they would marry, but to see them admitting their love so early worried her. She bit her lip wondering if Jeff was right, and she should have the "sex" talk with Liz.

Nancy didn't think that Max would ever hurt Liz or that they would do anything foolish, but Liz was getting older now and would soon become a woman. She must be feeling all kinds of things for a girl her age, and with Max so close to her, and her bond to him so intense, Nancy worried that maybe Jeff was right and she should talk to her daughter.

Nancy berated herself for not having faced this sooner. She knew she had been putting it off as long as possible. Trying to hold on to Liz's childhood till the last minute, but knew it was time to at least talk with Liz and let her know to be careful and what to expect from her own body.

She knew it was too soon for Max and Liz to be thinking of adult loving, but she knew that the hormones going though their young bodies at this age must be confusing and that they might just wonder and think about experimenting. Nancy trusted Max not to hurt Liz, but she knew it wouldn't be long before they were in their teens and things would have the potential to heat up.

She sighed as she realized that tonight she would have to have "the" talk with her daughter, whether she was ready or not, for she had a feeling her daughter was ready for "the" talk.


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Part 11

It was a more subdued group that rode back to town later that day. It had taken them awhile to get Max to let go of Liz and let her actually ride her own bike home. He had insisted that Liz ride double with him, but the others convinced him that no one would be able to get Liz's bike back unless she rode it back herself. They didn't want any of the parents to know they had ridden out here on their own, and they especially didn't want to have to explain why Liz hadn't ridden her own bike back.

Liz closed the door quietly to the apartment not wanting to alert her parents to her being home yet. She wanted time to go change. Her clothes and hair were dry, but they felt grimy from having fallen into the water. She shivered again as she remembered struggling to get uncaught from the weeds, and then realizing she was going to die. Her last thought had been of Max and she guessed that was why he had been able to find her and save her.

Liz went into her bathroom and started the shower. She was still feeling cold from her horrifying experience, and just wanted to let the hot water rain down on her body.


Max closed the door to his room and fell onto his bed in exhaustion. The fear and horrible flashes of earlier wouldn't leave him. He had almost lost Liz!

"Max honey?" he heard his mother call as she knocked on his door.

"Come in." he called and tried to look relaxed and not sick.

"Hi honey, the girls said you didn't want dinner?" Diane said as she came to sit on the edge of her son's bed and felt his head.

He smiled up at her worried eyes. "I'm not sick mom. I'm just tired." he assured her.

Diane looked her son over and realized he did look tired. "Okay honey. You rest. I'll keep a plate warm for you for when you get up." she said softly and patted his arm.

"Thanks mom." Max smiled again to reassure her and curled up on his side watching as she started to leave.

Diane hesitated at the door, wondering if she should wait until a better time. She looked at Max's exhausted face and realized that Phillip could put it off one more day before he talked with Max about the dreaded "sex" talk. But she knew it had to be soon. Phillip had told her that at Max's age his hormones were starting to wake up, and with him so close to Liz, they knew they couldn't put it off for much longer.

Max watched his mother close his door without saying whatever she was going to say and he sighed. From the look on his mother's face, whatever it was couldn't have been good.


Liz was doing her homework after dinner when there was a knock on her door. She turned and saw her mother standing at the open door hesitantly. She didn’t like the look on her mom’s face; it looked like whatever she wanted to say couldn’t be good. She swallowed.

“Hi mom.” Liz acknowledged and watched as her mom came in to sit on her bed.

Nancy didn’t know how to start this conversation. She had planned it so many times in her head, but it never sounded right when she actually tried to say it out loud. She realized she should just start.

“Hi Liz honey. Can we talk?” she asked and patted the bed next to her.

Liz looked worried as she nodded and putting down her pen she climbed up onto the bed and sat Indian style facing her mom.

“Honey I know we should have had this talk probably last year or so, but I just put it off and now…well, I just need to say it.”

Liz looked even more confused as she listened to her mom trying to say something that was obviously not easy for her.

“Is Grandma okay? Dad? You?” Liz suddenly asked, her eyes full of dread.
“Oh baby, we’re all fine. I’m making this worse aren’t I. I just need to talk to you about sex.” She finally blurted out.

Liz sat back in shock and then turned red. OH NO! The talk! She hadn’t seen it coming.

Nancy saw the pained expression on her daughter’s face and continued. “I know, no one likes to talk about this with their kids or their parents, but it’s so important that you get all the right information. I know there is so much out there and so many kids have heard so many different things.”

“Mom, it’s okay. I…I read up on it last year.” Liz tried.

“Oh. Well, that’s good. I mean, if you had questions you could have come to me, but I’m glad you were sensible enough to look for the answers from the right places. Ah…what did you read?” Nancy asked gently, trying to make this more comfortable for both her and her daughter.

“Mom!” Liz begged her mom not to ask her to repeat what she’d read out loud.

“I know. Okay, then let me just make sure you know some of the important things.” Nancy held up a hand and then sighing she continued, meeting her embarrassed daughter’s eyes softly. She then pulled the books away from her chest that she had brought in with her and Liz looked horrified to realize that her mom had pictures!

“Liz I know we talked about the changes to your body and your period over a year ago, but we didn’t talk about the other changes you would experience as your body developed and…well…changed.” Nancy began.

Liz was red faced, but waited. She knew she might as well just let her mother finish what she came to say. After all, the “becoming a woman” talk hadn’t been too bad. But pictures! Oh My God!

“Honey, you know that when you become a lady, which shouldn’t be too much longer now, that your body makes those changes to prepare you for…someday having a baby of your own. But…that doesn’t mean you have to start having them right away.” Nancy blurted out then laughed at the shocked look on her daughter’s face and she sighed.

“Oh sweetie, I’m not doing this right am I? Do you know how babies are made?” she finally just asked.

Liz nodded hoping that would help avoid having to look at the book. No such luck.

“Well, since there are so many stories about how babies are made out there, I want to make sure you have the right information.” Nancy took a deep breath and opened one of the books.

She handed it to Liz and let her look at the page that gave step by step pictures in a sensible way on how the process worked.

Liz felt her face burning up but she did look to make sure she did have the right information. Yep…that was what she thought. She put the book down and nodded, not able to look at her mom right then.

“Well, when your body starts to make these changes, you start to…feel things and you start to look at…well boys differently. And I just want you to know that although that’s very natural, you shouldn’t just give in to your…urges. There are so many consequences to having sex.” She continued.

“Mom, I’m not going to have sex.” Liz assured her realizing her mom was doing what she felt she had to in having this talk as uncomfortable as it was.

Liz couldn’t imagine having sex yet. She loved Max with all her heart, but right now she was happy just being around him. She knew her body was readying for him for later, and she had a feeling his was too, but she was not about to have sex! She hardly knew more than the basics, which didn’t sound like too much fun anyways.

“I know you’re not thinking of it right now honey. But you just need to know that as you do get older; your body will want things that might not always be the best to want. You might not think you’ll want sex, but someday you will, when your own body is completely ready, but just remember that you have your whole life ahead of you and if you do anything rash or sudden, you could ruin your whole life.”

“You mean like when Mary Jones had a baby in junior high and her mom sent her away?” Liz asked trying to let her mom know she did understand.

“Yes. Exactly. Her body wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, but she wasn’t old enough for the consequences. And it’s not just about having babies anymore. There are diseases you can get from sex as well.” Nancy said warming up to this now.

“Diseases?” Liz’s eyes widened. Okay maybe she hadn’t read enough. The scientific side of her wanted to know all.

“Well, yes. When two people…become intimate, have sex, they…can give each other diseases that could actually hurt you badly or kill you. You’ve heard of AIDS right?” Nancy asked.

Liz nodded her eyes widening. So THAT was how people got AIDS. “You can die from that.” She said softly.

Nancy nodded but then clarified. “Of course just because you do have sex doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get a disease, there is more to it, but what you need to be aware of right now is that you have to be very careful and not give in to your body’s urges until you know for sure it’s true love and you are old enough and have committed to the man you love forever. That way you both know you’re ready for consequences like Children and the seriousness of intimacy. Don’t ever just give away your body easily and to many men. Find the right one and wait until you’re both sure and ready and much much older!” Nancy again stumbled over her words.

Liz smiled now. She knew her mother was trying to keep her safe. “I won’t have sex with just anyone mom. It will only be with Max. And not until we are much older. I don’t want to get sick or have a baby any time soon. Okay?” she tried to reassure her mom who looked as uncomfortable with all of this as she was.

Nancy sighed in relief at the serious way Liz was handling all this. She wondered if because her daughter was…not of this earth, that the biological drives of these aliens were different. Did all aliens know their mates ahead of time and patiently wait until the time was right? But then she wondered when that was for people of a different species? My God! What if an alien needed to mate as soon as they reached puberty!

Nancy shook herself to stop her crazy thoughts. Liz would be fine. She was a very levelheaded child and seemed to take things seriously and to think things out before acting any ways. And since her relationship with Max was different than anything she’d ever seen or would see again, she figured that she didn’t have to worry about her daughter sleeping around later on. She only had to make sure that Liz and Max waited until they were old enough to face the intimacy and other consequences that went along with having sex.

“And you should know one more thing.” Nancy started hating this part. “If you do…find you can’t wait…wait for when you get married, there are ways to keep yourself safe from diseases and babies.” Nancy said. She really didn’t like to tell her daughter not to have sex but then say… ‘But if you do’ here’s what to do. But she was level headed enough to know that teens did make mistakes and at least they should be cautious and responsible.

“Like the pill or something?” Liz asked having heard about the pill.

“The pill will help you with not having babies, but that alone won’t help you not to get sick.” Nancy said and realized how difficult this was going to be.

“You need to have the man…wear something to protect both of you.” She tried.

Liz was lost. “Wear something?” she asked wide-eyed. Her natural curiosity making her forget that she might not want to hear the answers.

“Yes…well…” Nancy swallowed and then took a deep breath. Oh Lord Nancy. Why did you bring this up? She thought to herself. “The part of the…man that joins with you, has to be protected so that neither of you get diseases and it will also help you not to have babies.” Nancy finished quickly.

Liz thought about this for a second and then turned beet red. “Oh!” she exclaimed and buried her face in her pillow and giggled suddenly realizing just what she and her mother were really talking about here.

Nancy met her daughters totally embarrassed face and she too laughed. “Yeah…oh.” She grinned and shared the moment with her daughter. She knew the laughter was a natural reaction to the intense embarrassment the whole conversation brought on and it was good to laugh.

Nancy sighed realizing that the conversation was basically over and that they’d both gotten through it.

“Well. I know that I didn’t handle that as well as a film might have or a book, but I just wanted you to know how I feel about all of this stuff too. Lots of people view sex differently. Some people don’t think it’s a big deal, others thing you give it to a man to get your way or to keep him loving you, but it’s so much more than that.” She smiled down at Liz suddenly knowing that what Liz and Max had was more than that.

“Do you have any questions that I can answer baby Did you read or hear anything very different from what we’ve talked about that you need to discuss? I know this isn’t easy, but you can always come to me okay? I might not always know how to say things, but I’ll always tell you the truth.” Nancy finished.

Liz smiled and nodded. She guessed she was lucky to have a mom who cared and tried. She too was relieved it was over.

“I know mom, and thanks. But you don’t have to worry about me okay?” she assured her.

Nancy just nodded, hugged her daughter and then left.

Liz sighed and lay back on the bed realizing that she had gotten through the “Talk” in one piece.

Nancy went into the kitchen and leaned against the sink, head down, and sighed, glad she’d managed to get through that and hoped that she’d made at least enough sense to make her daughter more aware of being responsible.

“Oh my gosh, Liz! You had the talk!?” Maria exclaimed the next day at school as they headed toward class.

Liz turned red and hushed her friend, looking around to make sure no one had heard. “Maria, please!” she begged.

Maria giggled. “Sorry, but I can just see you and your mom trying to have this talk. She actually told you about rubbers?” Maria asked still amazed about the talk.

“Rubbers?” Liz stopped and looked at Maria unsure.

“Rubbers, that’s what your mom was talking about that guys use to protect themselves.” Maria smiled knowingly.

“How did YOU know that and how come you didn’t tell me!” Liz accused.

“Oh Liz, I heard some high school girls talking about it at the park once and looked it up. I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant until you just told me about your talk.” Maria laughed.

Liz giggled and hit her friend. Then she stopped when she saw Max standing on the stairs waiting for them.

Maria looked from Liz to Max and sighed and rolled her eyes. “Then again, maybe your mom was right to have that talk with you now.” She teased.

Liz gasped at Maria then realized she was kidding her, and she turned back to Max, her stomach doing those flips again as she approached him.

He was so cute. He had his hands in his pockets and his dark hair falling over his eyes as he stood waiting. But it was his eyes that always made Liz’s stomach do the flips. They were so…she didn’t know, but they made her so happy and feel so good.

“Hi Max.” she smiled shyly suddenly remembering her sex talk with her mom and how it pertained to Max specifically.

“Hi Liz. How are you feeling today?” he asked with concern in his eyes, as he looked her over trying to find any visible sign of her trauma yesterday.

“Good. I feel good Max. I’m fine.” She reassured him with a smile.

Max nodded and smiled at Maria who was grinning at them. “Hi Maria.” He said waiting for the teasing.

“Hi Romeo.” She giggled and headed into the building.

Max gave a lopsided grin to Liz and then met her eyes seriously again.

She caught her breath when he held out his hand for hers. They had never held hands in school before, and she realized that Max was letting everyone else know that he liked her.

There were several kids going out together in their 6th grade class, but Max had never actually said that they were, it was just assumed that they were together, but this was like Max was letting it be known.

Liz just smiled more and her tummy did a dive as she put her hand in Max’s and he led her into the school.


Part 12

Max finished his homework and closed his book. As he went to close his notebook he grinned at the little note Liz had put in the margin of one of his pages.
“Hi my Max.” was in her cute little handwriting with a little heart drawn at the end.

He ran his hand over the words for a second and then closed the notebook and put his books in his backpack for the next day.

He turned when there was a knock on his door and he called out for whoever it was to enter.

Phillip poked his head into his son’s room and smiled casually.

“Hi dad, what’s up?” Max asked unsuspectingly.

“Well Max, it’s that time I guess.” Phillip started as came into the room with his briefcase in hand.

Max raised an eyebrow at the briefcase as his father placed it on Max’s bed and he sat down next to it.

Max looked from the briefcase to his dad and just stared at him. “Time for what?” he asked curiously.

Phillip cleared his throat and took a deep breath. “Time son, for the ‘father - son’ talk.” he finally just said.

Max’s eyes widened and he turned three a little pale. Oh God no! He thought.

“Dad, I read up on this last year at the library, so it’s okay.” he tried to get out of this.

“Oh. Well, that’s good. But I want to make sure you know what’s really important, not just the very basic stuff.” Phillip said taken back at the fact that his son had looked up this information on his own already, but pleased at the boy’s initiative.

“I guess the first thing I have to ask you is...when you were reading how a young man...changes, did you notice if your biological make up was any different?” Phillip asked holding his breath. He didn’t know what he would do if Max was totally different. He knew Max had the same equipment, and no other outward differences seemed obvious, but this was about things he wouldn’t know unless he asked.

Max knew what his father meant cause he too had wondered if he was developing normally like a human, and had been very relieved to find in his readings that he was reacting just like any normal boy his age.

“Yeah. Yeah...ah... it’s the same... from what I read.” Max stammered looking everywhere but at his dad.

Phillip let out a relieved breath and nodded. “Good. That’s good.” he said and now went into logical mode. The rest was easy for Phillip the lawyer as he attacked it as he would any set of facts.

“Well then, we’ll start with the basics and go from there. I want to make sure that what you read was everything that you’ll need to know.” Phillip began as if he was giving a lecture.

Max swallowed in anticipation and his body tensed in dread.

“First, Max, as your body starts to grow and change, your voice will too. At first it will be high pitched and crack a bit, and then eventually it will get lower. And then there’s the body hair that you’ll find that will pop out of unlikely places.” Phillip continued and gave a list of those unlikely places.

Max just waited. He knew this stuff and was relieved to realize that so far, it wasn’t such a bad talk.

“And then there are the urges. I’m sure you’ve already experienced certain urges as your body has gone through the normal changes of growing. I wanted you to know that your urges are normal and it is very natural for your body to be reacting to certain stimuli.” He explained casually, warming up to the lecture he had prepared.

“Also, I’m sure you’ve been experiencing erections for years now son, but now some different things will begin to happen along with the normal hardening of your penis. It won’t just get hard now; a white fluid will start to need to be released from your penis when you’re hard. Of course you might have notice that happening already, have you?” Phillip Evans asked as he would any class he was lecturing.

He had been looking through some notes as he’d read and now he looked over at his very quiet son with curiosity.

He became alarmed as he noticed his son was practically purple in the face, looked like he was choking, and sat with his mouth hanging open in shock. “Max?” Phillip finally realized how totally embarrassing this was for his son.

“Son all of this is very normal and natural and you should not be ashamed or embarrassed about any of this. It’s part of nature and everyone goes through it.” Phillip tried to ease his son’s embarrassment. He had learned that if he was just straightforward with the facts, it would ease the tension of the subject matter. It had worked when his own dad had talked to him.

Max closed his mouth and nodded, trying to look less shocked. He took it back, This was going to be BAD!

“Well, as you’re urges increase, you will want or need to relieve them. Your body will naturally want to find that relief with a...woman, but you shouldn’t give in to those urges until you are much much older or married even. When you’ve found the one and only girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Max’s mind immediately flashed to Liz. That much he had no problem knowing.

“But until you are much older or married even, you should not be irresponsible and have sex with a woman even if she wants it. And they will want it too, as they grow older. Their bodies too are changing and getting ready for the whole process of making babies. And speaking of which, I want to make sure we’re on the same page regarding exactly what you know about making babies.” Phillip said and opened his briefcase and produced a book with a smile on his face.

Max almost choked when he realized he was going to have to look at a book with PICTUES of how people had sex! He thought he would burst into flames if his face got any redder.

Then the book was in his face and he was staring at a drawing of a man and woman fully-grown and naked, facing each.

In the next picture down, it showed the man with an erection, and Max made a muffled choking sound as he could only stare at the naked woman.

He took in the soft rounded breasts and the hair below on the female and the curves as well. He immediately imagined Liz looking like this someday and to make this whole situation even more of a nightmare, he felt his own body reacting the same was as the man in the picture. Max wished he could just crawl in a hole and die.

“Now here is how your body will react to a woman’s body, which is very normal, and then on the next page, we have the actual act that will make babies.” Phillip went on in lecture mode.

“This is what you’ve read about making babies isn’t it?” Phillip asked as the next page showed the couple performing the act in the drawing.

Max could only make a gurgled sound and nod. His face was beet red.

“Now you don’t want to do this until you’re married son. Not only can you make a baby this way, but you can get diseases and get very sick or die if you aren’t responsible and take care.”

Max pushed the embarrassment aside at the last words and swallowed, his curiosity caught. “Diseases?” he asked hoarsely.

Phillip, pleased that his son now seemed to be asking questions, nodded and continued. “Yes. You’ve heard of AIDS haven’t you?”

Max’s eyes widened and he nodded. THAT was how you got AIDS?! “So, everyone who...who does...this...will get AIDS?” Max asked in confusion and dread. Did that mean his parents were dying? That all people who did this were going to die? Liz was going to die if he married her!?

“No. Not at all! But when a man and woman join their bodies there is the potential for diseases to occur. That is why you should have yourself and the woman you finally have sex with checked and the less partners you are with the less chance you have of getting infected with the several different diseases there are.” Phillip reassured Max and then pulled out another book that had pictures of some of the most common Venereal diseases.

Max swallowed and thought he was going to be sick. Boy if these didn’t keep a guy from wanting sex he didn’t know what else would.

“Now you might be saying to yourself that you don’t want to ever have sex, but believe me son, when your body takes over, you won’t even be able to think of anything else but what it wants and needs. So you just have to remind yourself of the consequences of acting on these impulses. You wouldn’t want to get a girl pregnant when you’re both too young to take care of it and you won’t want to give her or yourself diseases by being irresponsible.”

Max swallowed and nodded. His concern for Liz overrode his embarrassment, and he listened more intently. He wanted to make sure he didn’t do anything to hurt Liz. Ever.

“I won’t do that. I won’t hurt the girl I love. I don’t HAVE to do that do I? He asked.

Phillip’s eyes widened as he realized that he had definitely put the fear of consequences in his son’s head. But he also wanted him to know it was natural and going to happen.

“Max, having sex, or rather making love with the woman you love is very natural and wonderful. You will VERY MUCH want that someday. And you should want to love this woman you chose. But you just have to realize that your body will want it long before you are old enough or responsible enough to do it.”

Now a woman also goes through changes. Her body will start to ready itself for making these babies by what is known as her getting her period.” Phillip went on when he realized Max was slowly digesting all of this.

Max’s eyes widened in curiosity. A period? What the heck did that mean? What was going to happen to Liz? He couldn’t help but be curious and concerned.

“I have a pamphlet for you to read on woman’s periods and cycles and why she has them and at what ages she will start this cycle, and I’ll let you read that afterwards. But the main thing is, once she starts this cycle, she can then be capable of producing a baby with any male she has sex with. And you don’t want to bring a baby into this world when you’re too young to be responsible for it right?” his father asked.

Max nodded. A baby! He didn’t want to think about a baby that screamed and needed changing and stuff.

“Now a woman will also start to develop on top, as you’ve noticed older woman have breasts that younger girls don’t have as yet. That starts to develop around the time your own body is changing and it will be very natural for you to notice it and be attracted to it. You’ll get sweaty palms and those urges quite often while you yourself are changing. You will also experience yourself having dreams about girls that will lead to your erection and the release of the white fluid we discussed. As a matter of fact, you will probably spend a lot of your time uncomfortably fighting these urges at the most unwanted times, but this too is all very natural. As your body is growing, it seems to have a mind of its own and you won’t have much control over when it decides to betray you.” Phillip continued.

Max shifted in his seat, his face becoming red again. So his dream of Liz had been normal. He’d felt weird after it and all he’d done in the dream was kiss her and look at her naked.

“Which brings me to my next point. Although you will want to act on these urges with a woman, you shouldn’t for many more years to come. But, you do need to release this sexual tension and there are other ways of doing this.” Phillip reached for another book.

Max jumped out of his chair. He had read about this too and did not want to talk about this in detail with his dad. “I’ve read about that dad, we don’t need to go over that, Please.” He said hoarsely and with begging eyes.

Phillip looked up at his son who looked ready to bolt and took pity. He nodded. “Alright, I’ll just leave this book with you, and you let me know if you have any questions. But just know that this is all normal and what you should do to relieve that sexual pressure you’ll get quite often while growing.” Phillip stressed.

Max choked out a reply and nodded, then sat down again in relief. They must be done now he sighed.

“And lastly,” Phillip began and reached back into his briefcase to produce two more objects.

Max just stared at the objects in his father’s hand and was thoroughly confused. What the heck did a cucumber have anything to do with this? And what was the little package in his father’s other hand.

“When you do finally have sex, hopefully it will be after you are married, but if you don’t wait until then, you should ALWAYS take precautions and protect yourself so that you don’t give the girl you love a baby or either one of you any of those diseases.”

Max was totally baffled and Phillip saw this. He continued calmly. “You will protect your body where it joins with the woman. You will wear what is called a contraceptive or rubber is the more common name for it.”

Max frowned. He still didn’t know what the cucumber was for, but he tried to understand what his father had just said. “So how do people have babies if they are protecting themselves?”

“Well when you and your wife are ready to have a baby, then you don’t wear it. And if the two of you have not had a lot of partners and unprotected sex, you should both be clean and not have to worry about diseases. Not everyone who makes love is going to get a disease son, it only can happen if you sleep with too many different people. But if you and your wife have both been tested and hopefully neither of you have slept around previously, you shouldn’t have to worry about diseases when you have unprotected sex.” Phillip explained and then began to open the foil package.

“Now, this is how you would go about protecting yourself. It’s a good idea to know where to buy this protection and what to do with it exactly.” He began.

When Max realized what the package contained, and what his father had just said he choked and turned three shades of beet red. OH GOD! Not his mother’s vegetables!

“Now we will assume this is the man’s body and it’s ready and needs to be protected. Here is what the protection can look like and this is how you use it.” He began to demonstrate the process for his son. “I’ll actually leave you with a few of these just so you know what they look like and in case you ever, God forbid, need them before you’re married.” Phillip said trying to optimistically hope that Max would wait until he was married, but also trying to be very realistic as well.

Max’s mouth dropped open and he couldn’t take anymore. His mother’s vegetable being discussed with sex was just too much.

When Phillip looked up finally, he realized that his son had had all he could take. He sighed knowing this hadn’t been easy, but he felt he had covered the basics and then some. He felt for his son and finished the lecture at this point. He calmly put away the cucumber and then left the condoms and some of the reading material on his son’s bed.

“You can read over the rest of this and let me know if you have any questions okay? I know this wasn’t easy Max, but if you are going to become a man, you have to learn what that means and what the consequences of acting like one entails?” Phillip finished.

Max could only nod, beyond relieved that this talk was finally over. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to look at another cucumber as long as he lived without dying of shear embarrassment.

As Phillip began to open the door, he saw his wife ready to knock. Max jerked upright, his face turning all different shades of purple and red again.

“Are you guys done? I wanted to let you know that dinner is ready.” Diane Evans smiled and gave her totally embarrassed son an understanding look filled with pride and love.

“Good, I’m starved. What are we having?” Phillip smiled relieved himself to have the lecture done and thinking it had gone well.

“I’m trying out a cucumber casserole I read about. Which is why I’ve had so many of those in the fridge lately.” Diane smiled and then stopped in alarm as Max made a choking sound and bolted for the bathroom.

“Max?!” Diane asked with concern and then turned to her husband who actually looked a little ill himself. “Phillip?” she asked.

Phillip couldn’t bring himself to explain so he just opened his briefcase and showed his wife the contents side by side.

“Oh My GOD! Phillip you didn’t!” Diane’s laughter could be heard for miles.

Part 13

The man paced the office overlooking the downtown streets of Albuquerque. What was he going to tell his superior? That he had found the one but didn’t know where the others were and especially not the one they really needed.

“What have you got for me Davis?” The man’s supervisor entered the room silently.

“I’m afraid not much Mr. Stewart. We’re keeping our eye on the one, but still can’t find the others. There is one possibility but it seems highly unlikely. Pitt is at the courthouse looking up information as we speak.” Davis informed his boss.

“We MUST find the others! Especially the girl! She is the key. And we don’t have that much longer before it starts. If she and the others are like the one we do know about, then it is only a matter of a few more years. We have to find her and we have to find her before the change begins.” Eric Stewart sighed and sat down behind his desk looking tired. “And we MUST find them before the others do. Or we are all doomed.”


“Hi Mom!” Tess threw her books on the table in the kitchen and dug into the fridge for some juice.

“Hi sweetie, did you have a good day at school?” Diane Evans asked as she looked up from the table where she was studying for her latest medical exam.

“Same old same old.” Tess said and reached for the Tabasco sauce to put in her juice.

“Hi mom, did you get that new magazine in the mail today? I wanted to look at the new dresses for summer.” Isabel asked as she too came into the kitchen and went to the fridge.

“Yes honey I put it on the table in the living room. They have some really cute stuff I think you’ll like. Where’s your brother didn’t he ride home with you two?” Diane asked.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “Bike home with us? Are you kidding? Max is with Liz, who else. But I think they are coming over here.”

“Now Isabel. Be nice and don’t tease your brother.” Diane tried not to smile, knowing her daughter loved to embarrass Max about his crush on Liz.

They heard the door slam and Diane smiled as Max and Liz came into the kitchen.

“Hi mom! Liz and I are going to listen to some music in my room and study for history okay?” Max asked.

“Sure honey, why don’t you bring a snack up with you. Something healthy to keep your minds alert.” Diane smiled at Max and then Liz.

“Hi Liz honey, how are you? Big test tomorrow?” she asked.

Liz nodded and smiled as she walked over to the books spread out around Max’s mother.

“Yeah. Is this all your books that you need for your test?” Liz asked fascinated as she looked at the open books and medical pictures.

“Yep. And my test is tomorrow too.” Diane sighed looking at all the material and notes she needed to know for her test.

Diane smiled as she watched Liz look through the books with curiosity. She knew Liz had a thing for science and knew she was a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders.

Over the last few years she’d watched Liz Parker grow along with her own children and she adored the girl. She was pleased that Max’s first crush was on someone so sweet, honest and smart.

She watched the way Max and Liz had only grown even closer over the last few years, and although she was at times amazed at their very unusual bond of friendship that had now turned into a first crush, she was pleased that her son was so happy. Crush. She shook off her thought that that wasn’t strong enough for what she sometimes felt was going on between the two kids. She knew their relationship was an innocent one, but she sometimes wondered at how connected and aware of each other they were. But as usual, when she started thinking this way, she shrugged it off as her silly thinking. It was impossible that these two sometimes seemed as aware of each other as a long time married couple.

Max carried over some juice for both he and Liz and handed it to her as he too looked down at his mom’s stuff.

Tess brought over a few apples and handed one to Liz and Max, then gave her mom a hug wished her luck and headed off to her own room to study.

“Yeah, good luck tomorrow mom. I know you’ll do great.” He grinned.

“Thanks sweetie. Now go study yourselves. I want my son to do well tomorrow too.” She said softly.

“Mom tell Max he has to leave his door open if he’s going to study with Liz in his room.” Isabel said with a teasing smile and watched her brother and Liz turned red.

“Isabel! Of course they will keep the door open, they always do. Now you go study for your own test Miss. And I don’t want to see you looking through that magazine until your own studies are done.” Diane reprimanded her perky daughter who left laughing.

“Ignore her kids, she just loves to tease you two. Now get out of here.” Diane smiled at the two very embarrassed and sweet kids and watched them leave.

Max led Liz upstairs and cleared his throat, trying to get rid of the blush still lighting up his face.

He and Liz hadn’t been up here since he’d had the talk with his dad two nights ago. Just the memory of it and how it pertained to Liz made Max flush again.

“Maybe…maybe we should study in the living room.” Max stammered as he stood in the doorway and watched as Liz put her backpack on his bed and began to remove her books.

She looked up in surprise and when she saw Max’s red face, she too turned red thinking of about what Isabel had meant with her teasing.

“Um, okay, if you want.” She said and pushed a strand of long dark hair behind her ear.

Max saw this and sighed. He knew she did that when she was unsure of things. “Nah, let’s study here, that way we can listen to music too.” He said and grinned, not letting his sister’s teasing get to him.

No matter how much Isabel or the others loved to tease them, nothing would ever stop Max from being with Liz.


“Hey Liz! Wait up!”

Liz turned to find her best friend running up to her as she stood in front of her locker. Now that they were in middle school, they got cool lockers to put their stuff in.

“Hi Maria. What’s up?” Liz asked with a smile as she watched Maria turn and give Pam Troy a glare.

“God that girl is annoying!” Maria complained.

“Why? What’d she do now?” Liz laughed knowing how Pam loved to push Maria’s buttons. She always had.

“She is all over the guys this year. It’s disgusting!” Maria snorted in disgust.

“You mean she’s all over a CERTAIN guy.” Liz couldn’t help but tease.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Maria looked at her wide-eyed and started to walk off.

Liz laughed and closing her locker she caught up with her friend. “Oh come on Maria. Tell me you don’t like Michael and I’ll eat my math book.” Liz challenged.

“You better be hungry Liz cause that’s totally ridiculous! What do I care if she’s all over Michael Guerin! He’s the one who’d be unlucky to get stuck with her.” Maria rolled her eyes.

Liz just smiled at the way Maria tried to lie to herself about her growing feelings for their friend.

“And I’d like to see how nice you’d be to her if she started going after Max!” Maria threw back at her.

Liz just laughed. “She has. I just ignore her and so does Max, well, as much as he can considering he’s not the kind of guy to tell a girl to get lost.” Liz smiled knowing how sweet Max was.

“Yeah, well, you don’t have to worry about Max being interested in that no morals Pam Troy!” Maria sighed.

“Maria.” Liz said softly. This was the closest Maria had come to admitting that she liked Michael but he didn’t seem to be interested in her as any thing more than a friend.

“Hey! There’s the gang, come on, let’s go to lunch!” Maria said changing the subject and putting a huge smile on her face for the rest of the gang as she went out into the courtyard.

Liz sighed and followed. She wished that her friends could all be as happy as she and Max. She knew that Maria liked Michael, and Tess liked Kyle, but neither guy seemed interested in return. They only saw Maria and Tess good friends. And she also suspected, although Alex acted totally casual and just a buddy toward Isabel, that he was starting to feel something more for her as well. Except Isabel only noticed older guys, not any of her buddies.

Then she saw Max watching her approach and how his eyes lit up as he grinned at her. Even from a distance she felt that piercing gaze and she sighed now used to the things Max made her feel when he looked at her. She smiled as she met and held Max’s eyes with her own.

“I don’t get it! Why would anyone want to go to a stupid dance?” Kyle shook his head as he looked over at the flyer Isabel had in her hands.

Maria came over to the table and sat down next to Isabel. “Oh let me see!” she exclaimed in excitement.

“What are you going to wear?” Isabel asked Maria.

“I don’t know! Gosh and we only have a week to shop!” Maria gasped.

“How do you know you’re going to go? What if you don’t get asked?” Tess asked sneaking looks at Kyle who was dribbling a basket ball on the cement next to the table they were sitting at.

“We’re going to go either way!” Isabel explained casually.

“Oh. Well who will you dance with?” Tess asked wide-eyed.

“With each other.” Maria smiled and started talking about where they should go to shop for dresses.

“Liz are you going to get a new dress?” Isabel looked up from the flyer. “I saw a totally cute one that you’d love!” she exclaimed with excitement.

“I guess. I hadn’t thought about it.” Liz said as she sat down next to Max when he moved over to make room for her.

“Next Friday doesn’t give us much time to find something.” Maria sighed.

“So you girls are all going to the dance whether you’re asked or not?” Alex looked at them like they were crazy.

“Of course! There will be music and dancing and tons of guys who are just too shy to ask, but who will be there to dance with.” Isabel said raising her head in the air as if she was talking to a moron. Which she felt most boys were anyways.

“Besides, the 8th graders are going too, and I think Scott Jenkins will be there and he just broke up with Pam Troy, so he’s fair game.” Isabel said with a sparkle in her eye.

Alex rolled his eyes and looked over at Max and Michael. “Are you guys going?” he asked.

Michael scoffed. “Yeah right! Dancing’s for girls, it’s dumb!” he said as he tried to kick the ball away from Kyle.

“Well I’m sure Max is going aren’t you Max? You’re not going to let Liz dance with other guys are you?” Maria teased.

“Max already asked me and yes we’re both going.” Liz smiled and Max reached for her hand under the table.

“Of course Romeo is going to go and ruin all of our reputations.” Kyle said staring at Max.

“What reputation?” Tess couldn’t help but say dryly.

Kyle just looked at her. She didn’t usually get feisty.

“Oooh I see you’re all talking about the dance!” Pam Troy squealed as she came up to their table with a few of her other friends.

“Yes, too bad you broke up with Scott.” Maria said innocently.

Pam glared at her and then laughed. “Oh him! He was boring. I dumped him no matter what he tells you otherwise. I’m ready to find someone more fun!” she said and flipped her long dark hair back.

“What about you Michael? Are you going to go? We could have fun together you and I.” Pam smiled at Michael and batted her eyes in a flirty way.

Maria clenched her fists but sat stiff and silent.

Michael looked at Pam as if she was crazy. “No.” was all he said and then went back to trying to get the ball away from Kyle.

Pam just huffed at Michael’s rudeness and when she caught Maria’s little smile she narrowed her eyes.

“Well, I’m sure we can find a way to have fun at something other than a dance Michael, see you later.” She said and brushed by Michael and ruffled his hair as she passed.

Maria glared at Pam’s back and wished the girl’s hair would all fall out.


Later that day Liz sat at the counter in the Crashdown doing her homework. The rest of the gang were going to come over and they were all going to ride to the park, so she wanted to get her homework done first.

She didn’t look up when the bell above the door jingled but suddenly she felt someone standing over her.

“Hey doll face.” Steve Delaney said in a low voice near her ear.

Liz jumped as he lightly touched her arm and frowned at him. “What do you want Steve?” she asked the older boy who was still a bully. Only now he was much bigger and scarier.

His high school buddies laughed as they went to sit down and watch Steve harass Liz Parker.

“What do I want? Hmmm interesting question. You’ve really started to grow up little Lizzy. You look good enough to eat.” He said with a sneer and again whispered low in her ear.

Liz leaned away from him and pushed his hand off of her arm. “Leave me alone Steve.” She swallowed. Even though she was in her families restaurant, she knew her parents were out making a supply run and only Agnes was in the back taking a break, making her feel scared of what Steve might do next.

“Back off Steve.” She suddenly heard from behind her.

She turned and smiled with relief as she saw Michael coming through the back door ready to use physical force if necessary against the older bully.

“Guerin.” Steve sneered and looked the boy over. Guerin was big for his age and could fight. Everyone knew his reputation of not backing down from a fight, and having an attitude at school. If he didn’t have his friends around he might have thought twice about needling him.

“Geesh what’s with you Lizzy, even when your boyfriend isn’t around to fight for you, you’ve got this one here too. You must be some hot babe honey.” Steve again leaned toward Liz.

Michael stepped closer to Liz and Steve backed off noticing the sparks of anger in the boys’ eyes. He knew when not to push anymore. He just laughed, shrugged and walked back over to his still laughing friends.

“Thanks Michael.” Liz smiled as he sat down next to her and glared at Steve’s retreating form.

“No problem Liz.” Michael ruffled her hair a little in affection. Since Michael had spent so much time over the last three years here at the Crashdown after school, he and Liz had become as close as brother and sister. At least that’s what Michael realized he felt toward Liz. With Isabel and Tess, he saw them as his friends, and Maria he didn’t even want to think about how weird their friendship was getting, but with Liz he felt a closer bond, the bond of a brother to a sister relationship.

“Max is going to kick his ass.” Michael smirked as he looked over at the high school boys sitting in the booth talking.

“Michael! Max will not! He will not start a fight. And I won’t have you provoke him or Steve into one either.” Liz warned.

Michael just rolled his eyes at his goodie goodie friend but didn’t argue.


Phillip Evans looked compassionately at his wife after he told her the news.

Diane just stared at her husband for a full minute before she finally sat down on the couch. “Oh Phillip! When?” she whispered.


Claudia picked up her phone on the second ring.

“Hi Mom.” She heard her son’s voice on the other end.

“Jeff honey how are you? How is everyone?” she smiled to herself. She missed her family and was hoping to make her yearly trip back to Roswell sometime later this year.

“Everyone’s fine mom, only something’s come up, and I think you’ll want to come back here as soon as possible.” Jeff’s voice was not happy.


Part 14

Liz felt awful. In all her years growing up she didn't remember ever being sick and now she had to feel sick the day of the dance. She threw herself down on her bed and burst into tears.

"Liz? Honey?" she heard her mom's concerned voice from the doorway.

Liz just continued to cry.

"Liz what's wrong?" Nancy said as she came to sit on her daughter’s bed and soothe her by rubbing her back lightly.

"I never feel sick and now I feel sick and my first dance is tonight." Liz mumbled into her pillow in between sobs.

"Sick? Where does it hurt? Liz?" Nancy raised and eyebrow and became worried. Liz had never gotten sick and Nancy assumed it was because of her genetic makeup. Now she wondered what Liz was feeling.

"Liz sweetie, where does it hurt?" Nancy asked again, as her daughter just continued to cry.

Liz finally turned over and looked at her mom. "My tummy hurts bad. I can't sit up." she explained and then thought about missing the dance tonight and started crying again.

"Your tummy hurts? What did you eat?" Nancy asked with a frown. Normally her daughter was a very picky eater. Nothing seemed to taste very good to Liz. She couldn't imagine what she'd eaten that could have caused this.

"I don't know. Nothing since lunch." Liz mumbled suddenly doubling over into a curled up position as another sharp pain hit her.

"Cramps! Are you having cramps?" Nancy exclaimed as she watched her daughter's actions.

"Yes. And I want to be well enough to go to the dance tonight! Now I won't be able to cause I can't even stand up, never mind dance!" she started crying again.

Nancy relaxed thinking she knew what was wrong with her daughter. It wasn’t some alien sign or problem, just the natural order of life.

"Liz, honey, I think you're going to be fine." Nancy smiled and explained it to her daughter.


Phillip Evans drove a chatty group of girls and a quiet Max to their first dance. He tried to smile and pretend nothing was going on. He and Diane had agreed not to talk to the children until after their dance.

Max shifted nervously in the front seat next to his dad and kept looking behind him to see Liz who was surrounded by his sisters and Maria as they all chatted happily about the night to come.

He was amazed that they actually let him go in and get Liz by himself when they’d gotten to the Crashdown. For a moment he thought maybe it was a community date and wondered if he’d have any time with Liz.

Liz too kept sneaking peeps at Max who looked so good her mouth almost dropped open when she’d seen him. He’d given her a little corsage and she’d given him one, and they’d laughed as they’d nervously tried to put each other’s on.

Then Max led her to the car and her waiting friends. She couldn’t wait to get to the dance so she could actually dance and talk to Max. The girls didn’t seem to give her a minute to ask how he was and to tell him how good he looked.

“Liz, so you’re okay now huh? Wow…did it like hurt really bad?” Tess asked biting her lip. Maria had filled them in on the fact that Liz was now the second of their group to have ‘become a woman’, since Isabel had become one 5 months ago.

Max sighed and rolled his eyes as he heard only low whispering going on behind him. He couldn’t wait to get to the dance and get Liz alone. He wanted to tell her how pretty she looked and how happy he was that she was going with him.

After his dad dropped them off, Max took Liz’s hand and ignoring the other girls’ chatter, he led Liz into the already crowded gym.

Liz held on tightly to Max’s hand until they found an opening where they could stop and stand.

Max turned to Liz and smiled at her, not letting go of her hand, but pulling her other hand around and taking that one too.

“I didn’t get to tell you how good you look tonight Liz.” Max smiled, his eyes adoring her.

Liz blushed at Max’s intense gaze but smiled and looked up into his eyes. “You look really good too Max. Thank you for taking me to the dance. I know the other guys gave you a hard time about it.” She said.

“If it means being with you, I don’t care how much teasing they give me.” He grinned and squeezed her hands briefly before he looked at her again more intently.

Liz stopped smiling as she saw Max’s all of a sudden serious expression and intense look. “What?” she asked wondering if she had something in her hair or on her dress.

“Are you okay?” he asked looking her over and again meeting her eyes intently.

Liz frowned in confusion. “Yes. Why?” she asked not knowing what was wrong with Max.

“I don’t know… you just… something seems different. You seem different. You sure you’re okay? Nothing’s happened?” he asked seriously. He didn’t know what it was, but he sensed something was different about his Liz.

Liz’s face turned red and she stiffened. “Max!” she cried out suddenly and throwing her hands over her face she ran for the bathroom.

Max was shocked and then started to follow worriedly. What had he said!?

Maria saw Liz cover her face and run crying into the bathroom and met Max at the door to the bathroom.

“Maria? What’s wrong with Liz?” He asked in total confusion and with worry clouding his eyes.

“What…what did you say?” Maria wanted to know. She had seen the stunned look on Liz’s face even though she couldn’t hear what they had been saying.

“Nothing! I just asked if she was okay. That she just seemed different.” Max answered in bewilderment.

Maria was taken back by Max’s admission and then she got a funny look on her own face. “Oh my God Max. You know, sometimes that little Alien Liz Radar can be down right spooky.” Maria said and started to go into the bathroom after her friend.

“Wait!” Max exclaimed even more confused. “What’s wrong with Liz! What did I say?” he asked desperately.

Maria took pity on him and finally sighed and smiled lightly. “Well Max, your Liz Radar was too right on tonight I guess. Something did happen to Liz today.” She smiled actually enjoying the idea of telling Max and having him get all flustered.

“What happened? Why didn’t she tell me? Is she okay?” Max asked in sudden panic. He had been right!

“Relax Romeo. Liz just became a woman today.” Maria said with an amused look.

“What?” Max looked baffled still.

“She got her period Max. And she’s a little sensitive and emotional right now. I don’t think she was planning on sharing that with you but your radar is just too intense when it comes to Liz.” Maria laughed when she saw Max turned pale and then beet red and she left him standing in front of the bathroom with his mouth open.

Claudia sat down on the Parker’s couch after they had told her the news.

“I went to pick Diane up for lunch the other day when Phillip had just finished telling her he’d gotten transferred to Los Angeles.” Nancy explained as she too sat down and started wringing her hands.

“We decided not to tell any of the children until after their dance tonight.” Jeff finished and stopped his pacing to look at his mother who was still silent as she digested all they’d said.

“What are you going to do Claudia?” Nancy couldn’t help but ask for both of them.

Claudia at first had been just as panicked as her son and daughter-in-law at the news that some of her little charges were going to be taken away. But as she thought about it she thought that this might actually keep them safer until they were old enough to deal with all they would have to deal with. If they were not all together, they would be harder to find, if indeed someone was looking for them. And the little alien had told her that their enemies definitely would be looking for them.

“I think I’m going to talk with Diane and Phillip and let them know everything. Then we will go from there. This move might not be such a bad idea from a safety point of view. And as long as the Evans know the truth, I’ll be able to keep in touch with them and they can let me know if they suspect anything.” Claudia explained.

“So you won’t be telling the kids yet about themselves? You won’t tell Liz yet?” Nancy held her breath.

“No. As long as she continues to show no signs of her alien side, and doesn’t start to ask questions, we can keep this from her. The longer she is unaware, the safer she and the others will be. But the minute she starts to show signs of her alien heritage, you let me know. That will be the time to tell her.” Claudia said getting up and getting her coat on.

“But you’ll tell the Evans all of it? About Liz too?” Jeff asked.

“Yes. I think they will need to know. I’m not completely sure how this strong connection between Max and Liz will affect them once they are separated. We need Phillip and Diane to keep an eye on Max as you will with Liz and let me know if anything happens with either one of them because of this, and then we might have to rethink our plans.” Claudia sighed and headed for the door. “I might as well talk with the Evans while their children are at the dance as well.”


When Liz and Maria came out of the bathroom 10 minutes later, it was to see a sad Max slumped against the wall near the bathroom.

Liz’s heart went out to him. It wasn’t his fault he was so connected to her and he hadn’t meant to embarrass her. And here it was their first dance and she’d ruined their night.

She took a deep breath, done with her stupid bout of crying, and telling Maria with her eyes to go on into the dance, she headed over to Max.

“Hi Max.” she said softly and a little shyly still.

Max straightened up, his face turning red again as he met her eyes. But there was also regret in them as well.

“I’m sorry Liz! I didn’t mean to embarrass you!” Max jumped to apologize.

Liz smiled but turned red too as she took his hand. “It’s okay Max. I’m not mad. I…I just get kinda upset easy too with…ah…the changes.” She tried to explain and had to look away.

Max only nodded and then when she looked at him again under lowered lashes, Max smiled back at her and squeezed her hand.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m going through changes too.” He whispered.

Liz looked up surprised at his admission but thought it was sweet since he was so hesitant about having admitted it, but wanting to put her at ease.

“I know…my mom told me about…about the changes guys go through when she told me about girls.” Liz swallowed thinking of those changes and blushing again.

Max turned red to the roots of his hair realizing Liz knew what he was going through, but then chuckled.

Liz met his eyes in surprise. “What?” she asked wondering what he could possibly find funny about all of this.

“Sorry, I was just remembering my dad’s talk last year and how mortified I was. It was a nightmare!” he remembered solemnly and then chuckled again.

Liz giggled, glad that the tension was lessened between them. “Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed myself.” She agreed.

Max nodded and then looked seriously at Liz again. “Liz, let’s not worry about this anymore tonight okay? Let’s just have fun. After all this is your first dance, and we haven’t even danced yet.”

“Okay.” Liz smiled relieved that Max still wanted to dance with her and be with her after the way she’d made him feel tonight.

“I’m sorry I got so emotional Max.” she started to say again.

“Shhh…. It’s okay Liz. I understand. And from now on, I’ll keep my big mouth shut if I ah…sense anything again.” He blushed.

Liz looked alarmed. “No Max! Actually, I kinda like knowing that your “Liz Radar” is strong. I’ll always feel safe knowing you can sense things about me like…like at the reservoir last year. If you try to ignore your radar, who knows what might happen. No. I promise to be honest with you if you sense something and aren’t sure what it is okay?” she smiled shyly.

Max swallowed realizing how much trust Liz was giving him. “Yeah, okay. And Liz, there isn’t anything you can’t ask me either.” He promised, meeting her eyes just as seriously.

Liz nodded feeling even closer to Max at this moment. No secrets between them, she liked that.

“Now come on, I’ve got the prettiest girl in the world to dance with and I’m going to show her off.” He teased and led her back into the gym.


“Oh my God. No wonder Max was drawn to Liz from the very first time he met her.” Diane Evans exclaimed. She placed the cups of coffee on the living room table and slid into a chair at the information Claudia had just given them.

“So this alien entrusted you all those years ago.” Phillip said in awe.

Claudia nodded but looked sad. “Yes, but it looks like I failed him. I almost lost them all for good.”

“Oh but if you hadn’t, Claudia, we’d not have our babies right now! I for one am so GLAD things turned out the way they did. I couldn’t imagine life without our kids.” Diane choked back her emotions at that thought.

Claudia nodded and realized that maybe things had worked out the way they should have.

“So what do we do? Just let you know how they’re doing?” Phillip asked putting his hands in his pockets as he paced, reminding Claudia of Max at that moment.

“Yes. I think that would be fine for now.” Claudia said.

“You don’t…you don’t want to tell them about themselves yet? Or tell them about Liz?” Diane asked.

“No. Max and Liz’s connection is strong as it is, if they knew all about each other I doubt we’d be able to keep them apart at all, and I think for right now it’s not a bad idea if all of the children were separated for awhile. There will be less danger if someone is looking for them.

“Well at least Phillip is only being transferred for three years. Then we’ve been promised this location permanently.” Diane sighed in relief.

“When do you have to leave?” Claudia asked.

“Phillip has to go right away, but we can wait until after the holidays to join him. The kids will start at their new school after the winter holiday break.” Diane explained.

“You will let me know of any thing unusual? Or anything odd about Max once he and Liz are separated?” Claudia asked them again. She wanted to be sure they kept her informed.

“Yes! Of course. My God! To know your childrens futures is really overwhelming.” Diane said handing the book back to Claudia.

“I probably would have been more doubtful if you hadn’t shown us that book the little alien gave you Claudia.” Phillip admitted as he watched her tuck it back into her bag.

“I know. Which was one of the main reasons I brought it with me.” She smiled and got ready to leave.

“Claudia…” Diane said as she walked the woman to the door.

Claudia turned back to Diane Evans as she opened the door.

“Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of the children when they were in their pods and so helpless and vulnerable. My God, to think they might have been caught by the government all those years ago and had who knows what done to them.” Diane shivered.

Claudia touched her arm. “But they weren’t. And they have become beautiful strong and healthy thanks to you and Phillips love and support.” Claudia assured her.


Max handed Liz a drink of punch and drank his down in one gulp. They had been dancing to the fast paced music with the other girls all night and he’d actually had fun watching his sisters and Maria and Liz dance around him showing him their new moves. He loved seeing Liz laughing and happy.

Liz too gulped down her drink as she stood by Max and watched her friends still dancing out on the dance floor.

They had gotten some of the boys who had showed up stag, to dance with them, and they were having a great time.

Then the music suddenly slowed and the lights dimmed. Max suddenly put down his drink and looked at Liz.

Liz froze with her drink half way to her lips and met Max’s intense eyes. She felt a shiver and excitement in her tummy and couldn’t help but smile shyly under her lashes at him.

Without a word, Max took her cup and placed both of their cups on the table behind him and held out his hand for hers.

Liz placed her hand in his and looked up from their joined hands to his eyes once more.

They were that intense amber mixed with brandy when he looked at her that way, and she wondered for a moment if her legs would allow her to move, they were trembling so hard.

Max swallowed, his own stomach doing flips as he led Liz back onto the dance floor.

They glided into each other’s arms so naturally, and Liz actually felt a huge sigh go through her whole body as Max’s arms came around her and she leaned her head on his chest. They had hugged before, but never like this. Never held each other like this and Liz realized this feeling must be how it felt to be drunk and she smiled.

Max’s head was spinning with the feel of Liz in his arms for the first time. All he could do was close his eyes, let the heavy slow music lead them, and hold the beautiful girl in his arms. His whole body was humming and so aware of Liz that he wondered if this is what being intoxicated felt like.

Liz felt Max’s body shaking as he held her close, and she looked up at him with such equal longing and amazement.

Max looked down at Liz and sucked in his breath when he saw the yearning in her eyes and how she suddenly licked her lips. His whole body clenched when he realized they were going to kiss for the first time.

“Liz…” Max said hoarsely. He wasn’t sure if he was just saying her name because he couldn’t not say it, or if he was asking for permission.

But either way, Liz lifted her head higher and met Max’s hot gaze with her own.

Both of them were trembling when Max stopped their slow dancing and taking a deep breath, he slowly lowered his mouth to her sweet waiting one.

Max hoped he wouldn’t faint before he actually touched her lips, for his head was spinning out of control and his ears were buzzing.

Liz held her breath in anticipation as she saw Max’s lashes lower over his eyes and he glanced at her lips and then descended his head toward hers.

The first light touch of their lips had them both gasp and pull apart. It was like a spark of electricity. They knew they had both felt it. Then Max was lowering his head again, both needing that contact once more.

Liz sighed deeply when Max’s warm mouth covered hers and she kissed him back eagerly. Her hands slid up around his neck and she hung on tight, afraid she would fall if he weren’t holding her so tightly.

When they finally came up for air, Liz blushed at the dark look she saw in Max’s eyes, but she couldn’t look away. “Max…” she whispered.

“Yeah?” Max whispered back, not sure he could really talk right now. His whole body was humming and spinning with the taste and feel of his Liz in his arms and on his lips.

“Wow…” was all she could say as she held him tighter around the neck.

Max managed a smile and nodded. “Yeah.” Was all he could reply.

Neither one of them thought they could ever be happier than they were right this minute. And they knew that this would be a moment to share with their own kids’ one day.

TBC…Part 15

It was a cold January morning when the gang stood in front of the driveway of the Evans’ house to say good bye to their friends.

Liz was miserable, tears were streaming down her face as she quietly stood beside an equally miserable looking Max who held her hand like he’d never let it go, which was fine with Liz since she was holding on to his hand just as tightly.

Liz had already gotten tearful hugs from Isabel and Tess and Mr. & Mrs. Evans, so she just stood holding on to Max and watched the others all say their goodbyes. She didn’t think she’d ever be ready to say goodbye to Max.

Max noticed everyone else was busy saying goodbye to the large group so he gripped Liz’s hand tighter and led her around the corner of the house.

Liz fell into his arms as he leaned back against the house and pulled her to him. They held on to each other as if they were never going to let go.

Liz sobbed into Max’s chest while Max just bowed his head over her sweet smelling hair, inhaled one last time, and closed his eyes to fight his own tears.

“I love you Liz. And I’ll be back for you. Don’t you forget that.” He whispered in a hoarse voice filled with tears.

“Max. I love you so much my Max. I’ll be waiting.” She whispered into his broad chest. At almost 14, Max had started to fill out and gotten much taller than Liz’s slight frame, making her fit him perfectly.

They had had almost 3 months to prepare for this day, since the day after the dance, but they still couldn’t say goodbye.

Liz thought of this being the last time she would hold Max and have him hold her and comfort her. The last time she’d have him to just talk to and share things with. The last time she’d see his wonderful features and his smile and those intense eyes. With another sob Liz clung even tighter to him.

“I can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t say goodbye Max,” she cried as if her heart was breaking.

Max swore under his breath as he held her shivering form and he just wanted to cry with her. How the heck was he going to live without her for the next three years! He wouldn’t see her beautiful smile everyday or her sparkling eyes or feel her sweet arms hugging him or her gentle hand held tightly in his. He groaned in pain and held Liz tighter to him.

“Max?” he heard his mother call.

Liz whimpered and tightened her grip on Max at the sound that meant they were leaving.

“God Liz.” Max cried out hoarsely not wanting to let go either as he bowed his head over hers and held her tightly, rubbing his arms up and down her cold form.

Suddenly Liz raised her head and looked up into Max’s eyes that were dark with pain.

“Kiss me Max. Kiss me to last 3 years.” She whispered hungrily.

Max looked down at the face of his angel and memorized it. Her huge brown eyes were looking up at him hungrily while still filled with her tears, and her sweet mouth was trembling and wet from her tears as well. Groaning Max lowered his head and gave Liz the first taste of the real passion he’d been holding back from her.

He opened his mouth over her hot one and when she sighed he let his tongue slip in between her lips and when she gasped at the deeper kiss, he slid his tongue in even further.

Liz, after the initial surprised, groaned and opened her mouth to allow Max full access to hers.

Both of them clung to each other and fed off of each other’s pain and love as they shared their first passionate kiss.

Nancy Parker reached for Diane Evans’ hand and squeezed it in pain as they saw the kids. They had come around the house to call them and found them locked in a desperate kiss filled with both pain and passion.

“Oh God Nancy, how can we do this to them?” Diane said hoarsely, feeling their pain.

“You have no choice. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Come on. Let’s give them a few more minutes.” Nancy said softly and the two women went back around the house sadly.

“I’ll wait for you Max.” Liz trembled against him as their lips parted.

“I’ll be back for you Liz.” He promised and thought he would burst from the love and passion they’d just poured into that kiss.

Liz snuggled up closer to Max still not ready to give him up, when she felt something against her stomach. At first she froze, and then her own body called to Max’s.

Max stiffened as well when Liz brushed up against his betraying flesh, but when she looked up at him with eyes that had darkened with knowledge and passion, Max groaned and took her mouth again.

When he finally pulled away from this kiss he knew he had to go. It was either go or drag Liz up to his room and do some of the things he’d only dreamed about with her.

Liz cried out when Max tried to step away from her.

“Liz.” He said softly and bent his head down to meet her eyes. “If I don’t go I’ll drag you up to my room and then I’ll never let you go.” He told her honestly.

Liz bit her lip to keep from crying out that she didn’t care, but only nodded. She couldn’t continue to make Max feel worse. He had to go. She needed to be brave for him now.

Liz stepped back, wiped at her eyes and blinding him with a bright smile, she tugged him back around to the front of the house.


Kyle watched Tess as she stared at him through the window of their car. Why did he feel like he’d suddenly lost something he’d just found? He frowned to himself.

Tess watched Kyle and thought she saw a second of something in his eyes as he’d looked at her, but she was sure she’d just imagined it. She had to face the fact that to Kyle she was just s good friend and always would be.

By the time she came back, she figured Kyle would be Captain of the Roswell High football team and have at least one cheerleader girlfriend on his arm. He was so good in sports, and loved them more than he loved anything else right now, but she knew in a few years that girls would become just as important, if not more, and she mourned not being there when that happened.

Alex watched Isabel as she waved goodbye to all of them. He held back his own sigh as he realized that Isabel was going to come back as one beautiful woman and probably have more than one boyfriend calling her when she returned. He knew she’d never seen him as more than a good friend all these years, but he’d always hoped that one day she would see past the ‘good friend’ and find the guy who’s heart she didn’t even know she held.

Isabel smiled at the sad look on Alex’s face and wondered about the way he stared at her for a second. Did she see something more there for a second? No? She was imagining it. Alex only saw her as a good friend. Alex wasn’t interested in girls. He just hung out with all of them in a group and loved his computer and guitar and music. There was no love interest that she knew of in Alex’s life and never had been. He, like Kyle just wasn’t interested in girls yet. She guessed. Too bad she thought, I would have loved to have been there when you finally noticed girls Alex. She said to herself.

Everyone turned to watch as Max and Liz hand in hand slowly approached the car. Maria swallowed her own tears as she watched Max and Liz’s hands slowly slide away from each others as Max moved toward the car. She saw how their eyes never looked away, even as Max got into the car and it started to back out.

Michael watched his best friend leave and remembered the last words they had shared.

“What over Liz for me. Keep her safe until I return.” Max had asked of Michael.

Michael had only nodded. He didn’t totally understand their bond, but he knew there was no question that he would take care of Liz for Max.

Max, his eyes still on Liz as they pulled out of the driveway sent her one last look and placed his hand over his heart, showing her his half of the heart ring he’d made for them to each wear on their right index finger.

Liz swallowed and did the same, showing him the other half of the heart ring he’d made. She mouthed the words ‘I love you’ and saw Max mouth back ‘Forever’. And then they were gone.

Two Years Later

Liz lay cured up on her balcony writing in her journal. Every night she would write how she felt or what had happened, and then send Max and e-mail with everything important in it.

They kept in touch daily, and hadn’t missed a day of e-mail in the two years he’d been gone.

In the beginning, when Max had first left, they’d been allowed to call each other once a week each, but now that they had both turned 16, they had started working just to earn enough money to call each other more often.

Liz looked up at the stars when she finished writing in her journal and sighed. She missed Max so much. It was like a part of her was missing and wouldn’t be fulfilled until he was back in Roswell with her.

One more year Liz. She reminded herself as she did every night.

She heard a knock on her bedroom door and tucked her head back into her room to call out to whoever it was.

Michael peeked his head in and then grinning came the rest of the way in and joined Liz out on the roof. “Thought you might be out here. Maria was on the phone for you. I told her you were probably out here and that you’d call her when you finished your nightly ritual.” He teased her pointing to her journal.

Liz smiled and swatted him playfully as he sat on one the other lounge chair she had out there.

Almost two years ago, right after the Evans had left, Michael had become a permanent resident in the Parker house. Jeff and Nancy had taken him away from his foster father Hank, and taken over his foster care.

Liz remembered the day Michael had come into the Crashdown and had tried to hide his face, but hadn’t been able to, and her dad had seen the bruise and called him on it.

Once they realized Hank had started beating on Michael, they’d taken him in. And now, in only a few days, the total adoption would be complete. They had talked with Michael and told him what they would like to do last year, and he’d agreed. At first he’d been too overwhelmed with emotion to even answer them, but then he’d agreed with tears in his eyes that he would deny to this day if anyone mentioned it.

“Maria probably just wants to tell me about her date with Paulie, Kyle’s friend.” Liz smiled and pretended to be putting away her journal instead of watching Michael’s expression.

She tried not to laugh at the frown on his face. “That guy is trouble! Why does she always go out with losers.” Michael grumbled.

Liz bit her lip to keep from laughing and just shrugged. “Maybe cause the right guy hasn’t asked her yet.” She answered innocently.

Maria was still crazy about Michael but he continued to treat her like a friend. He used his alien difference as and excuse not to get involved with any girls. He remained, for the most part, date free.

Liz and Maria had started ‘Operation Michael’ about 6 months ago, having Maria start dating other guys and then sharing the stories with Liz, so that Michael would also get the scoop. So far, Liz thought it was working. Michael got more and more agitated every time Maria went out with someone else.

“I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to talk you into going out on a double date with her.” Michael said.

Liz’s left hand automatically started playing with the ring on her right hand. Anytime someone mentioned her dating or Max; she automatically reached for the ring. It soothed her when she was missing him.

Michael saw the familiar gesture and ruffled her hair but looked at her seriously. “He’ll be back soon little one.” Michael said gently.

Liz smiled up at Michael thanking him with her eyes for his understanding.


“Hey Maria!” Kyle called out as he came across the quad to meet up with the group at their usual lunch table.

Maria and Alex were waiting for the others and looked up when Kyle came over.

“So? How was your date with Paulie?” Kyle asked. He had told her to give Paulie a chance since he knew the guy from his football team and thought he was half way decent for a jock.

“He was nice.” Maria smiled at her friend.

“Nice? Hmmm…that bad huh?” Kyle smiled ruefully and plunked down his tray of food.

“Face it Valenti, there’s only one guy for our Maria and he’s too dense to see it.” Alex grinned and elbowed Maria lightly.

Maria blushed and ducked her head. “That’s a hopeless cause.” She sighed.

“And speaking of the helpless cause.” Kyle said under his breath as Michael came over.

“Guerin…ah, or should I now call you Parker?” Alex asked with a smile. He knew how thrilled Michael was secretly, about the whole adoption thing.

“Just don’t call me late for supper Whitman.” Michael joked as he too grinned at the idea of soon becoming a Parker for real.

“Hi Maria.” A voice said from behind her and she turned to find Paulie smiling down at her.

“Oh hey Paulie.” Maria smiled back. He really had been a nice guy last night and funny.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the dance with me Friday night?” he asked a little shyly.

Michael made a light snorting sound that Maria ignored but was secretly thrilled about. “Sure Paulie.” Maria answered. Why not? He was a nice guy and she didn’t have any other plans. But she would make sure she let Paulie know that they could only be friends. She didn’t want to lead him on; he was too nice for that.

Paulie went off smiling and Kyle and Alex exchanged amused looks. Maria just gave them a warning look not to say anything.

“Hey guys.” Liz said coming up to the table and setting her food tray down.

“Hey Liz, Paulie just asked Maria to the dance.” Alex grinned and shared a knowing look with her. Letting her know that her plan to make Michael jealous might just be working.

Liz smiled. “Oh Maria that’s great. He’s such a nice guy.”

"Thanks. You're going to the dance too aren't you Liz? With your usual escorts here, Michael, Alex or Kyle?" she asked hopefully. Liz hadn't gone to too many of the dances over the last two years, but when she did, she usually went with one of their friends.

"I'll take you Liz if you want to go." Alex offered. "I think Kyle is going to be going with his new girlfriend of the week." Alex teased his friend.

"Hey, I date them for more than a week sometimes." Kyle defended himself.

"Really? Who?" Maria added.

"Ah.... Danielle. Last year I dated her for two weeks." Kyle replied with a smile.

"You heart breaker you." Liz teased and winked at him.

"Look who's talking babe, how many REAL dates have you turned down?" Kyle asked Liz.

Liz reached to play with her ring as she answered Kyle. "I don't give anyone false hope Valenti. They all know where I stand and if they ask me they know I'll say no." Liz defended.

Kyle watched Liz twist her ring and was sorry he'd teased her. Just mentioning Max usually got Liz into a quiet reflective mood.

Maria gave Kyle a deadly look as she too noticed Liz get thoughtful and sad, and Kyle slunk down in his seat knowing he deserved it.

"Sorry Liz. You know he'll be back for you real soon babe right?" Kyle tried to cheer her up.

Liz smiled seeing all of them looking at her carefully. They were worried about her and hated when she got really quiet. "Yeah, I know Kyle. I'll be fine. I'll wait forever if I have to." Liz told them.

"But you won't have to. You KNOW Max will be on the first plane out here next year as soon as their dad gets transferred back." Maria smiled at her love sick friend.

"I know." Liz smiled thinking of the last time she'd talked to Max and he'd promised her that.

"Well you can have two dates for Friday's dance then Liz, cause I'll go with you too." Michael offered as well.

They all looked at Michael in surprise. Usually if Alex or Kyle couldn't take Liz someplace she wanted to go, then Michael would, but he never offered to go to a dance on his own.

"What? Can't I want to make sure my little sister is okay at the dance? That no one harasses her? You know Steve and his friends will probably be there." Michael threw up his hands in defense.

Liz tried not to smile at Maria who was thoughtfully looking down trying not to get her hopes up that he was going to keep an eye on her as well.

"Thanks Michael, I think I'll take both of you up on it this time" Liz smiled at the two guys.


Later that night Maria and Liz were walking back from the library and cutting across one of the back alley's when three large shadows came out from behind a dumpster.

"Well...well.... What have we here? Two lovely little ladies." One of the men grinned.

Maria and Liz looked at each other and then at the three men they didn't recognize. They looked to be in their twenties and pretty drunk from the way they swayed and leered at them.

"Excuse us." Maria tried and started to go around the three.

One of them laughed and the other two each grabbed one of the girls. "Oooh this one is a cute little thing and she smells so sweet." The one who had Liz exclaimed and held her tighter to him.

Liz struggled to no avail and looked around for some sort of help. There was no one in sight.

Maria got an elbow into her captor's stomach before he slapped her and quieted her. "This one's a feisty bitch but I like that." Her captor said with a low voice near her ear.

Maria shrieked at the guy and tried again to get free.

It didn't hit Liz that they were in serious trouble until the third guy went to watch one end of the alley and the other one pushed Maria to the ground.

"Hurry it up guys, I want my turn." the guy on lookout hissed out down the alley.

Liz felt herself being pinned to the ground and wet lips land on her neck. She suddenly stiffened and realized that it was up to her and Maria to get out of this somehow.

She closed her eyes and prayed that somehow the guy would get off of her. She didn't care how, only that he did. She tried to visualize him being thrown back against the wall behind him and she smiled at the thought.

Her eyes flew open when the man was suddenly no longer on top of her. Liz looked to see the man fly through the air on his own and land against the wall as she'd envisioned.

Liz froze as she stared at what had just happened. But before she could move, or the guy could get up, they heard a shout at the end of the alley.


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Part 16

It took Michael a second to assess the situation. Liz was just starting to sit up as if in a daze, but Maria was still pinned under one of the guys who had just looked up at the shout he’d given.

Michael’s eyes narrowed in on the man on top of Maria and he charged. “BASTARD!” he hissed as he approached the guy who was now standing and trying to back up.

Michael tackled the guy and the two fought. Then the other two men ran toward Michael and their friend and they Michael up.

Liz and Maria held their breaths as the two friends held Michael while the one he’d beaten started hitting him.

Liz and Maria simultaneously jumped on the two men holding Michael and clawed at them. They distracted the men long enough to give Michael a chance to get free. Then they were both thrown off of their attackers like they were just annoying bugs.

Michael realized he couldn’t fight all three of them and win, and he knew that if he were knocked out they would probably still go after Maria and Liz. Without thinking of the consequences, only thinking of saving the girls, Michael put up a hand and sent all three guys flying backwards into the dumpster as they approached him. He was shocked, but pleased with how well that had worked.

When the three guys, just as shocked, got up, they decided that too many strange things were happening and they bolted.

Liz sighed and crawled over to Maria who hadn’t moved since the one guy had thrown her off of him.

Michael saw this as well and he too ran to Maria’s still form and knelt down to check her out.

He swore when he saw the bruise already showing on her cheek. He felt her head and arms and legs for anything broken and called her name as she started to come to.

“Maria? Come one honey, talk to us.” Michael pleaded. He glanced at Liz who sat next to him holding Maria’s hand. “You okay Little one?” he asked looking her over.

Liz nodded and then focused on Maria as she opened her eyes. “Maria? Are you okay?”

Maria tried to sit up but Michael held her down. “Don’t move until I’ve made sure nothing’s broken.” He ordered.

Maria sighed and waited. No sense arguing with him when her head was killing her. When Michael sat back she met his eyes.

“Am I okay now Space Doctor?” she smiled trying to ease the worry on both Liz and Michael’s faces.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. We’ll talk at the Crashdown.” Michael said and helped Maria up.

Maria moaned and held her head swaying a little as she stood and then felt the world start to spin when Michael lifted her up and carried her.

Liz followed. Her mind in shock as she tried to digest all that had just happened. What had she done!? How had she done that?! She needed to talk to Max. She needed to tell Michael.


Max dragged his feet up the stairs and to his room. He shut the door leaned against it for a minute and closing his eyes, he sighed. God he missed Liz!

He suddenly rubbed his temple in shock. He’d never experienced a headache before so this caught him completely off guard. Then he dismissed it thinking it was because what had happened earlier and that he must just be really angry.

Max could still hear Isabel’s cheerleading friends laughing downstairs and he pushed away from the door and headed for the bed.

Peggy Delanie had never tried to hide her interest in Max, but tonight she had cornered him, thrown herself at him, and catching him completely off guard, she had kissed him.

Max had frozen and pushed her away in disgust.

He threw himself on his bed and grabbed the picture he had of Liz by his nightstand and held it to his heart. He ignored the sudden body aches he felt and thought of what had just happened downstairs.

He could still hear Peggy’s words in his ears. “Come on Max! You’re almost a man and you can’t tell me you don’t need a woman! I can give you the experience that you can then bring to this ‘girlfriend’ you’re mooning over.” She had said in a whisper.

Max looked at Liz’s picture again and saw the beautiful 16-year-old she’d become six months ago, and his heart and body cried out for her. She was smiling at him in the picture and he knew it was a smile she reserved only for him. He grinned and his stomach did a flip as he remembered the only thing she’d asked of him for her 16th birthday. He had blushed at first, but then had felt good as he’d wrapped up one of his t-shirts, unwashed, and sent it to her. He wished he could have been in the shirt when it arrived at Liz’s, but he told himself it wouldn’t be long now before he was with her forever. He was working overtime at work after school and saving for the visit he hoped to take out to New Mexico soon. He was going to surprise her and he couldn’t wait.

Liz finished drying her hair and throwing the huge t-shirt of Max’s over her, she crawled into bed and reached for her phone.

She felt a sudden sharp pain in her head, but when it went away as quickly as it had some, she figured it was just all that had happened.

Michael had taken Maria home after they had made sure she was okay, and Liz couldn’t wait any longer to talk about what had happened. She would talk to Michael in the morning, but right now she needed to talk to Max. She needed to hear his voice and to hear his thoughts on all of this.

She held the phone to her ear but didn’t dial. What if Max had changed her somehow when he’d saved her? She didn’t know for sure. Could she tell Max that that might have been what happened and make him feel guilty when she wasn’t sure that was the truth? She bit her lip.

Liz started to go through all the things she knew and took out a piece of paper and wrote it all down.

As she wrote, she suddenly felt achy all over and again just dismissed it as nerves and maybe pain from when the man had thrown her to the ground in the alley.

When she finished the list, she frowned. She had written down the possibilities of what could have caused her to do what she’d done to that man, and put two possible reasons.

She looked at the side that said… “Max changed me?” and saw only a few things on that side of the list.

Then she looked at the other list and saw the accumulating facts that might or might not add up. “I’m like them.” Was on the other side.

She thought of all the small things she’d been able to do since she was younger. Like just touching someone she could get their thoughts or know if they were telling the truth. Also, she never got sick. Food had always tasted bland and Michael had made her try Tabasco and she liked it, and she too was adopted.

It wasn’t too long of a list, but it still fit with a lot of what the others had in common. She wanted to make sure before she called Max and worried him with thinking he’d done something to her.

With her decision made, she picked up the phone again and dialed a number.

“Grandma?” she said when it was answered.


Michael tiptoed quietly through the apartment not wanting to wake anyone when he finally got back from dropping off Maria. He passed by Liz’s door but didn’t see any light under it. He figured she could be out on her balcony, so he knocked lightly.

When he got no answer he went on to his room. Liz had probably talked to Max about the attack and gone to sleep. He would talk to her in the morning.

Liz lie on her bed in a curled up position hoping Michael would think she was asleep and go to his own room. Right now she had too much on her mind to talk to anyone.

Her talk with her grandma had pretty much confirmed her suspicions. Even though her grandma hadn’t told her anything specific over the phone, just the fact that she had told Liz to promise not to say anything to anyone until she got on the next plane out and came there, told Liz enough. Her Grandma wasn’t surprised and she wanted to talk to Liz before Liz talked to anyone else. She had promised not to talk to Max or Michael or anyone, but she knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She wanted so badly to talk to Max, but she had to wait until she heard it all from her grandma. And when she had sounded like she wouldn’t wait to tell Max, Claudia had warned Liz that Max and all of them could be in danger if she said anything just yet. That had convinced her to wait until she talked with her grandma.


Claudia’s cab pulled up in front of the Crashdown about 18 hours after she had talked with Liz. She had gotten a flight out immediately and had been traveling since. Her own thoughts were all over. Was it time to tell them all? She knew she had to tell Liz, but she wasn’t sure about the rest. She needed to know more about what had happened the other night in the alley.

Liz was at the counter when Claudia came through the door. They just stared at each other for a second. Claudia wondered if Liz was going to hate her for her silence all these years.

Finally Liz sighed and came toward her grandma and Claudia held open her arms for Liz to fold herself into them.

“Grandma.” Liz just whispered and Claudia knew the girl needed answers immediately. She could tell from Liz’s face that she hadn’t slept either since she had called, and that she had worried about it all day.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk in the park.” Claudia said and wrapping her arm around her granddaughter, they headed out.

“What about your bag?” Liz asked with a worried glance at the bag just sitting inside the door.

“It will be fine. Come on.” Claudia assured her.

“But what if mom or dad see it? Won’t they worry where you are and why you came?” she asked.

Claudia met Liz’s eyes and answered. “They already know. I called from the airport.”

Liz realized then that her parents knew all of it. Whatever it was, her parents had known too. She didn’t know what to say. She was just so confused that she nodded and waited until they got to the park to ask anymore questions.


Liz stared down at the special book her grandma had shown her only once before and now knew everything. She was an alien, just like Max and the others. And she was not only an alien, but also an alien Queen and Max was her mate from their previous life.

Liz sat quietly trying to absorb all that she had learned in the last two hours.

Claudia sat and watched the girl, her heart going out to her. She knew that it was a lot for Liz to absorb but she hoped Liz could accept the fact that her parents and grandma had lied to her all these years.

A car door slamming made Claudia look up from Liz’s bent head to see Sheriff Valenti coming toward them. She didn’t like the look on his face.

“Claudia! Thank God you’re here. We’ve got real trouble.” Jim said looking totally exhausted and worried.

Claudia waited, bracing herself for the worst. The kids had been found out?

“I gather Liz told you about last night in the alley?” Jim Valenti began and saw Liz raise her head in surprise. She was wondering how he knew about it since none of them had reported it.

In answer to Liz’s questioning look and Claudia’s worried one, he continued. “Three guys came into the station this morning and told my deputy a nice long interesting story that my deputy just loved and couldn’t wait to share with me.”

Liz flinched. Oh God! The Sheriff knew now! Did he believe the crazy story the guys must have told?

“Did your deputy believe it?” Claudia tried to assess just how far this story had gotten.

“Enough to call the Feds, who have always asked to be kept informed of any strange occurrences that can’t be explained in this area.” Jim sighed and raked a hand through his hair showing just how upset he was.

Claudia turned pale and felt Liz gasped next to her. She put a comforting arm around the girl and met Jim’s eyes. “What is going to happen? Did they get a description of Michael?”

Jim glanced from Claudia to Liz and then back to Claudia. “It wasn’t just Michael they mentioned.” Jim looked grim.

“Oh my God.” Liz whispered and clenched the alien book to her. She was beginning to realize that the sheriff was also in on this secret and had been helping her grandmother for years.

“What can we do Jim?” Claudia swallowed trying to stay calm.

“Well, the three guys were told to stay in the area by my deputy since he knew the FBI would want to talk to them. Then the FBI called me a little while ago and told me they were going to get the three men to do a sketch of the two teens and that they were bringing a sketch artist with them.”

Claudia gasped and then released her breath slowly. “So the three men didn’t identify Liz or Michael enough so that anyone at the station would recognize them right away?” Claudia hoped.

Jim nodded. “I think Deputy Hanson was about to ask them for the description when I came into the station and called them into my office at that point. But I knew who it was as soon as they described the kids.” Jim raked his hand through his hair again.

“What can we do Jim?” Claudia asked again, thinking he had to have some plan.

“All I can think of is to try to convince the three guys that it would be in their best interest to leave town before the feds got a hold of them and made them a laughing stock and interrogate them for who knows how many days.” He replied.

Claudia nodded. “Do you think it will work? Do you know where they’re staying?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way over there right now. Let’s just hope it works. If not, I had to let you know what was up since I went to Jeff right away and he told me you were here.” Jim explained and started walking toward his truck. “I’ll let you know how it goes.” He promised and left.

Liz had been quiet during the whole exchange and now realized the danger that she and Michael could be in, and why her grandmother had said it might be a good idea not to tell anyone about her just yet. Especially Max and his family since they were out of harms way in California.

“What are we going to do Grandma? We have to tell Michael. And Max will know something is wrong. He can sense when I’m upset.” Liz panicked. She didn’t want Max coming back into this mess and risk getting caught as well.

“Shhh… let’s wait and see what Jim Valenti finds out okay?” Claudia tried to soothe her granddaughter as they walked back toward home.


Paul Davis again faced his superior with bad news.

“You’ve been watching that boy on and off for years and you couldn’t prevent him from letting his powers be exposed!?” Eric Steward shouted in frustration.

“Sir, it happened so fast. But we did managed to get a hold of the three men and get them to leave town.” Paul Davis tried to explain.

“But NOT before they managed to tell the Sheriff and not before the FEDS were called in!” Eric Stewart growled out and sat down heavily in his office chair.

“No one will believe them if they are gone. The Feds will have nothing and will leave.” The man named Davis replied.

“But now that the Feds have been called in, there will be an investigation and the feds will hang around asking questions for awhile, and we don’t know if those three men told the Sheriff enough of a description to help him ID the two teens!” Eric Steward went on. Then he started pacing again.

“We FINALLY find the one we’re looking for, who has been under your noses all this time, and now she’s going to be surrounded by the FBI. And I’m sure that this will also bring Kivar and his people into it finally. They have been searching for years with no luck but now we’ve handed those kids over to them without any effort!” Mr. Stewart shouted again and then slumped down in his chair. “We have to do something and do it soon!”


Michael looked around at the Parker’s, Grandma Claudia and Liz and tried to digest all he’d just heard.

Liz was cuddled up in Nancy’s arms where she’d been since she and Claudia had gotten back from their talk.

Liz had taken one look at her mother’s fear and worry and had gone straight to her to let her know she didn’t hate her for the secret. In fact, she couldn’t love them more knowing they had taken her in and cared for her and loved her all these years even knowing who and what she was and how much trouble that could be for them later on. And how they had taken care of Michael since they had found out who he was as well. Liz knew she was lucky to have gotten such wonderful parents and such a special Grandma in Claudia.

Michael sat down heavily in one of the armchairs in the living room and raked a hand through is already messed hair. “God. I’ve endangered us all.” Was all he could say.

Claudia put a hand on his arm in comfort. “Michael you had no choice. You saved the girls from who knows what.” She reminded him gently.

“Michael, you did what you had to do. I for one am grateful that you were there for Liz and Maria.” Jeff added, trying to ease the guilt his son was feeling.

“Michael…I am to blame as well.” Liz said feeling just as guilty.

“You didn’t even know you had powers Liz! You are not to blame! I knew what might happen when I used my powers on those guys and I still did it.” Michael refused to let himself off the hook.

“Michael honey, are you really sorry you saved Liz and Maria?” Nancy said knowing what would make him stop beating himself up.

Michael looked up at that and then gave a rueful grin. Mrs. Parker always knew how to make him realize when he was being ridiculous.

Jeff went to answer the door when he heard the knock and they all held their breaths when Jim Valenti entered to tell them what the three men had decided to do.

“They’re not there.” He didn’t waste anytime telling them. “They and all of their stuff are just gone.” Jim said in surprise.


Max fell back on his bed and groaned. What the heck was wrong with him? He had been on edge all day, like he was going to go out of his skin. He needed something. His whole body was craving something and he didn’t know what it was. It had started sometime last night, right after the headache had started, and had only gotten worse over night and all day today.

His whole body was shaking and he felt all achy. He couldn’t even raise his limbs without feeling pain as if a heavy weight was on them. He hurt everywhere.

He hadn’t wanted to alarm his family, but he could see this wasn’t getting any better. He knew he also had a fever, and he was scared. Was he dying? Was this how they died?


“What do you mean they’re gone!? Did you talk to them?” Nancy asked.

“I mean they were gone when I got there. I don’t know what made them leave, but they were gone. Let’s just be glad. Now the FBI will have nothing to go on.” Jim sighed.

“Except you know they will still try to investigate while they are here.” Jeff frowned and paced.

“I’ll leave.” Michael said determinedly.

“What? Why? Know one suspects you with those men gone. If you leave that will just make them wonder when they come to town.” Claudia reminded the boy.

Michael realized she was right and he let out his breath in frustration. Then he looked over at Liz who had been quiet.

She looked funny. Michael frowned as he looked closely at her. “Liz?” he asked with real concern in his voice.

Nancy looked down at the quiet daughter still in her arms and realized how hot Liz felt. She looked her over and could see the glazed eyes, sick flushed face and then saw she had started to shake. “Liz? Oh My God Claudia! What’s going on?” Nancy exclaimed as Liz’s eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out.

Claudia felt the girl’s head and realized she was burning up. She too was frightened and at a loss. What was going on?

When the phone rang, Jeff went to get it, in a panic over what they could do to help his daughter.

“Mom…?” Jeff said in a strange voice.

Claudia turned to her son who held out the phone. “It’s… it’s the Evans. Something’s wrong with Max….


Part 17

Michael carried Liz into her bedroom and moved back as Nancy and Jeff hovered over her.

“Michael will you get me some clean cloths and some cold water?” Nancy asked pushing back Liz’s hair and biting her lip in worry. “Oh and there’s some rubbing alcohol downstairs in the storage closet.” She called out.

Michael nodded and as he passed the living room, he could hear what Claudia was saying to the Evan’s as well. Max was sick too!? What the heck was going on? Why wasn’t he or Isabel or Tess sick? He wondered and his stomach churned with fear. What was going on?

Michael ran down the stairs into the back of the Café and dug through the closet for something called Rubbing Alcohol. He was in a blind panic hoping that they would both be alright and yet not knowing if this was some alien disease that they would all get, or if only Max and Liz would, and if they would live.

He didn’t hear the swinging door open from the front of the café until someone was right at the entrance to the walk in closet he was in.

Michael swung around feeling the presence in the doorway and froze. Two men he’d never seen before were just standing there waiting for him to see them.

Michael looked around and saw that the cook was busy and the two waitresses were hustling around serving food to hungry customers. No one seemed to notice these two men standing in the back room that was for employees and family only.

He gripped the bottle of rubbing alcohol he’d found and stared the two guys down. “What are you two doing back here? This is for employees only.” He started with a calm reminder.

“We need to speak with you Michael. It’s very important. We’ve been waiting for you in the café for about an hour now.” One of the men said, his voice soft but anxious.

Michael frowned. He’d never seen these two before so he didn’t know how they could know his name. He froze and tried to move around them.

“I don’t know who you are and if you don’t leave me alone I’ll call the sheriff.” Michael tried. He had to get back up to Liz with the bottle.

“You don’t remember us Michael, but we know you. We’ve been watching out for you for years now. Ever since you came out of your pod and got lost in the desert 10 ½ years ago.” The same man continued. “I’m Paul Davis and this is Ryan Pitt.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed and he swallowed fear at the man’s words. They couldn’t know who he was? “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you two crazy or something? I…I need to go …my sister’s sick.” He tried again and lifted the bottle as proof.

The two exchanged suddenly fearful looks and turned back to Michael grimly. “The one you call Liz is sick?” Paul Davis asked in an anxious tone.

“Who the hell are you. How do you know our names?” Michael swore to himself. He was terrified of what these two strangers knew.

“Michael. We don’t have time. You have to trust us. We are just like you and Liz. And we can help you. We know what’s wrong with your sister.” Ryan finally spoke.

Michael just shook his head, not trusting these two. They couldn’t know all about them. They were bluffing to see if they could get him to reveal something. They were probably the Feds, already come to town.

“Look I don’t know who you two are, but I will call the sheriff if you don’t get out of here and leave us alone.” He grinded his teeth and pushed past the men who let him go easily.

“Michael. We we’re the ones who found you in the desert all those years ago, and brought you to the orphanage for safety. We were the ones who faked your medical charts so you would appear like any human boy. We’re from your race. We are loyal subjects to your King and Queen.” Paul Davis said finally and watched the boy stop short on the first step up to the apartment.

“There is only one person who could tell you if we are telling the truth or not Michael, and she’s upstairs dying right now.” The man named Ryan said.

Michael stared at them, torn. They did know so much about them, and although he didn’t remember anything before the orphanage, he’d been told two men had brought him in. And if they knew about them and hadn’t said anything…and if they could help Liz…

Michael swore. “Prove something to me. DO something.” He said in frustration.

Ryan nodded and turned to a catsup bottle on one of the shelves in the closet and raised it in the air and toward Michael who caught it in shock.

“Come on.” He said hoarsely and led them up the stairs.

Claudia was just getting off the phone when Michael came flying into the apartment with two men behind him.

“Michael?” Claudia gasped when she saw the two men. Sheriff Valenti slid his hand near his gun.

“Grandma, they’re like us. Like Liz and I… and they say Liz is dying and can help. He showed me his powers.” Michael exclaimed anxiously.

“Who…who are you men?” Claudia swallowed still not sure of them. This could be a trick.

The man named Ryan saw the fear and knew they had to get past it and win these people’s trust before they could help their Queen or her brother.

“You don’t have to fear us. We are protectors of the Royal five. We don’t have much time if we are to save the queen…” Ryan said and holding out his hand he shattered a glass that was sitting on the end table in the living room making Claudia and Jim Valenti jump and stare at it, and Jeff and Nancy to come out of Liz’s room in panic.

Then the other alien, Paul Davis waved a hand over the shared pieces of glass and the liquid stain on the carpet, and it all disappeared.

“Oh my God.” Nancy swallowed.

“We’re here to help your daughter Mrs. Parker. We’re here to help our Queen.” Paul Davis came forward.

“What…what is happening to her? Do you know? I didn’t read anything about this in the book the alien gave me when I helped him hide the pods.” Claudia said in frustration.

“No…it wouldn’t be in the Royal Book of their History. We didn’t want our enemy to know the one way to beat our King. Only a traitor let Khivar know it all anyways, and that’s why he’s been looking for your Liz or King Zan for quite a long time now.” Paul Davis explained.

“So you KNOW why Liz is sick?” Jeff asked with hope. “You can make her better?”

“We need to find her mate. She needs to be reunited with Our King Zan, her husband in their other world. If we don’t find him and reunite them within a week of the change starting, they will both die.” Ryan explained.

“Oh my God. Max!” Nancy gasped and leaned back against the wall near her daughter’s room.

“We know where he is. And he’s sick too. Why is this happening? The ‘Changes’ that I read about weren’t supposed to cause THIS!” Claudia frowned.

“They weren’t supposed to be separated during the ‘Change’. And not too many people know about this because if they knew, like Khivar knows, they would do anything to keep the two apart so that they can’t make the ‘Change’ and then the Royal couple would be nothing without the other. They must be together to be able to defeat their enemy.”

“Look, we don’t have time to tell you everything. If you know where the King is, he needs to get here now.” Paul Davis emphasized.

“But…they are too young to…mate or whatever this change is!” Nancy panicked.

“The change is a process that takes a year. Their "biological drives" will awaken and the Queen will begin to ready to bear the heir and THAT's what they want to prevent. Around this time, if they are away from each other and their biological drive are pushing them to be together, as Soul mates are supposed to be their bodies will be searching for its other half! Since they are still young, they don’t have to mate yet, but they need to be physically close together. During this process, if they are kept apart or if Khivar can get to the Queen, and can get her pregnant himself, he will then be the father to the most powerful heir. Liz’s child, whoever the father is, will be the most powerful king in history and will rule the planet. If Liz is taken by Khivar and he gives her the son, she will die without her real King within a year, but Khivar will have the powerful heir which is all he cares about.”

“Oh my God…” Nancy trailed off in shock.

“How are we going to get Max out here if he’s so sick?” Jim Valenti finally spoke up.

“We can stop the symptoms temporarily, but they must be together, near each other, for the rest of this change to happen and for the future of our planet. If we can go to our Queen, we can make her better for a short time and this in turn will make King Zan better temporarily until he can get here as well.” Paul Davis explained.

“Max. His name is Max.” Michael said still in shock at all he’d just heard. He had a million more questions but figured they could wait until Liz and Max were okay again. Then he wanted answers to EVERYTHING!

Claudia went to the phone while Nancy and Jeff led the two alien protectors to their daughter’s room.

Liz sat on the swing in the park the next afternoon trying to absorb the rest of what she’d learned from everyone last night after she’d been ‘cured’ temporarily. She blushed again now as she thought of what had caused her ‘illness’ and that everyone knew what she was going through. It was bad enough being a teenager with your hormones going wild, but to have all your family and friends know exactly what you’re body was going through was downright embarrassing beyond words! The only good thing to come out of this was that Max would be returning any time now.

She had asked her family to send Max to the park when he arrived. She needed to see him alone after all this time. Away from all the knowing eyes. She didn’t know if she’d ever be able to look at them all again after this. And she wasn’t sure how she was going to face Max either for that matter. She was afraid. What if she hadn’t grown up the way he’d thought she would. It had been two years since they’d seen each other. They’d shared pictures, but to finally see each other again face to face…how tall was he? What other changes had gone on with Max while he was gone? Would he still think she was pretty? She laughed to herself. Here she was a Queen of another whole planet waiting for her Soul mate and King to come back for her, and she was acting like a regular teenage girl with her insecurities about the guy she loved. Some things never changed she realized with a small smile.

Max stood across the street and just stared at the beautiful girl who’d grown up some while he was gone.

He hadn’t thought he could love her anymore than he had when he’d left her that day over two years ago, but he did. The powerful emotions that washed through him at just the sight of her sitting there alone across the park took his breath away.

It was more than a physical need that drew him to Liz Parker. He loved her with a love beyond the physical, and at least now he understood why he’d always felt this way about her.

And now they could be together again. They had to be together again. He too blushed as he realized that everyone knew what they were feeling for each other and why. Damn! Being a growing teen-age boy with raging hormones was bad enough, without your whole family and close friends knowing every detail!

He was a King of some other planet! He was still trying to absorb some of what his parents told him on the plane ride out here. And Liz…she had been his Queen…she’d always been his soul mate, his other half. He smiled at that. He walked toward his girl. The only girl he’d ever loved or could love.

“Liz…” she heard the soft sound behind her.

Standing and turning slowly, Liz’s breath caught at the first sight of Max in over two years. The first thing she noticed was his eyes. They hadn’t changed at all. They were still intense and full of love for her. She could see it and feel it flowing from him to her.

“Max…” Liz could only whisper as his presence overwhelmed her with a need and love so fierce she thought she’d die.

Max felt her sudden wave of love and need and almost blacked out from the fierceness of it.

He held out his arms, not able to stand another minute of not touching her and Liz cried out and ran into his waiting arms. Strong, powerful arms that enclosed her in their love and safety.

Liz lay her head on Max’s wide chest and just inhaled his scent. She was back where she belonged. They both were.

Max tucked Liz’s head under his chin and closing his eyes he just held her tight, loving the feel of her once again in his arms, and inhaled her strawberry and cream smelling shampoo that she still wore.

“Liz…” Max whispered and Liz lifted her head to meet his eyes. Liz gasped at the burning look in his eyes and her own body responded.

“Max…kiss me!” she whispered back, licking her lips and looking at his own firm beautiful mouth.

Max groaned and placing his hands on each side of her face, he lowered his lips to her waiting ones. God it had been two years since he’d kissed her and he hoped he didn’t devour her and scare her, he thought.

Liz sighed as Max’s mouth came over hers and she wrapped her arms tighter around his strong neck and just hung on as the magic of Max’s mouth made her weak.

At first Max’s lips were gentle as he nipped at her open lips with love pecks, but when Liz wrapped her arms tighter around him he slid his tongue into her moist waiting mouth and drank from her sweetness. Two years! How had he gone two years without kissing or tasting his Liz! Now that he had her back in his arms he couldn’t imagine ever being apart from her again! Max groaned as he felt her little tongue hesitantly search his out and slip into his mouth to taste him the way he was tasting her.

Now Max needed to steady his weak legs and he picked Liz up so as not to separate their kiss, and backed up until he was leaning against a ladder for added support.

They continued to devour each other between whimpers from Liz and growling from Max. Clinging to each other as if they would never let go.

When they finally came up for air their breathing deep and desperate, they smiled at each other and felt whole again.

“Max…I missed you so much.” Liz whispered with tears in her eyes.

“I missed you too my Liz. God it was torture without you. But I’m not leaving you again. And no one can separate us either. We were meant for each other in every way.” He smiled down at her, still overwhelmed by the idea that his Liz was also an alien.

“I have so many questions for Grandma Claudia.” Max smiled as he brushed the hair back from Liz’s face. Her soft, silky hair that clung to Max just like the rest of her did.

“She wanted to wait until you were back before she and the other aliens explained anything further. I have a lot of questions too, and I’m sure Michael does as well.” Liz said not able to stop touching Max. She ran her hands down his large arms and across his wide chest and then up his strong neck and around his head again to play with the little curl at the back that she loved.

Max couldn’t stop touching Liz either. He ran his hands down her arms and through her hair and gently caressed her face and neck with his thumbs.

Rubbing one thumb over her irresistible lips, he groaned and took them again.

When their lips separated once more, Max put his forehead against Liz’s and they both tried to catch their breath.

“We better get back. I have so many questions and want to know more about why this Khivar wants you.” Max sighed and held her tighter. Just thinking of an enemy wanting his Liz scared him.

“Do we have to go back. I don’t think I can ever look at anyone in the eyes again.” Liz whispered remembering everything that had been discussed last night and her face turned red again.

Max saw her blush and he too flushed remembering and then grinned. “We can’t hide from them all forever.” He said ruefully, although he wasn’t looking forward to the knowing eyes either. But he wanted to ease Liz’s embarrassment.

“It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business what our bodies want and need of each other.” Max sighed, and lifted Liz’s face gently to meet his eyes. “But I’m not ashamed of everyone knowing that it’s you I crave and need.” He whispered back meeting her eyes with his burning ones.

Liz smiled. When he said it that way it was hard not to be proud and excited that Max wanted her so much both physically and mentally. She hugged him tightly and nodded.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” She said with a sigh.

Max chuckled. “Yeah, if we take any longer I’m sure Isabel will come out here to get us. She too wants answers, as does Tess.” He smiled and taking her hand in his, Max led them back to the waiting group.


“So if you were to help protect the children, where were you when the other little alien was dying and we were hiding the pods?” Claudia asked the two men.

The group was sitting around the Parker’s living room trying to sort out all they could from the many questions they all had.

Max and Liz were sitting together on a large chair, holding hands and listening intently, while Michael leaned against a wall with his arms folded and Isabel and Tess sat with their parents on the couch.

Nancy brought in tea and sat in another chair while Jeff stood like Michael, impatiently waiting for all the answers.

Claudia leaned against the couch behind the Evans, and the two aliens were seated in kitchen chairs placed in the living room as they tried to answer all the questions they could.

“We weren’t on the ship that was carrying the children and that crashed. We found out after the children were sent that there was a traitor on board and we feared that they would try to sabotage the ship or kill the children. So we followed. But by the time we got here, the ship had crashed and your government had taken any of the survivors and were denying the whole thing. We never heard any talk of alien or human fetuses being found so we assumed they had either perished in the crash or someone had gotten them to safety and hid them. We searched on and off for years but couldn’t find them. But we knew that they were supposed to hatch in 1989 so we stayed around the large desert area near the crash hoping to find the children when they emerged. However, the only one we found was the young one you call Michael. He was wandering alone and couldn’t speak or understand us. We couldn’t keep him then and knew it would be safer if he was hidden where we were the only ones who knew about him so we doctored medical records for him and brought him to the local orphanage asking to be kept up with whatever happened to him. So we were always watching Michael, hoping he would lead us to the others.” Paul Davis explained.

“Who’s this Khivar? And what does he want with us, with Liz?” Max asked tightly. He was terrified that someone wanted to use Liz to get to him.

“In our race, there is a soul mate out there for everyone. And when the soul mates find each other, they become more powerful together. They complete each other. Zan and Elizabeth found each other very early on. Which pleased the king and queen since Zan would be able to one day rule with all of his power already in tact since he had his Elizabeth, his other half already beside him.” Ryan took over the explanations and after looking around at all the very fascinated and tense group, he continued.

“Khivar was the ruler of the third planet in our Galaxy. He was tired of living under Zan’s father’s ruling. He wanted to become King so he set out to overthrow King Helios. Khivar managed to kill our King at which time Zan became King. We tried to protect him with even higher security, knowing he was supposed to die with his father in the accident that killed King Helios.

King Zan ran the planet fairly and with the love of his Queen Elizabeth, our planet prospered and became even more powerful and rich with food, minerals and health.” Ryan smiled proudly at Max.

“It was then that Khivar realized what he needed to do to defeat King Zan.” Paul Davis added.

“Get to Zan’s other half? Elizabeth?” Tess asked biting her lip. She was totally engrossed in the story that the aliens were sharing with them, as were the others.

“Yes. They had a traitor in our midst, and she helped betray the Queen to Khivar.”

“Who?” Max clenched his teeth and held his breath, just the thought of this Khivar with his hands on Liz or Elizabeth, sent chills down his spine.


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Part 18

“The Queen’s private maidservant, was the one who helped betray her to Khivar. Once Khivar had the Queen, Zan’s powers weakened considerably. Both King Zan and Queen Elizabeth could not survive for too long without each other. Once our Soul Mates find each other they are joined for life. They are life mates. If they are separated or one dies, the other one is only half the person they were, and will eventually follow the other in death.” Paul Davis continued.

“So…what happened then?” Isabel asked when the men took a break and looked around. She didn’t want to wait for the rest.

“Khivar weakened and killed Zan since Elizabeth was no longer beside Zan.Khivar planned on impregnating the Queen with his own seed and once the heir was born, he would have the most powerful ruler in the world one day. But before he could sleep with the Queen, she killed herself. She had just heard that her Zan had been killed and so she didn’t want Khivar to win and she didn’t want to help create the next heir as Khivar’s. However, with both Zan and Elizabeth dead, Khivar took over our planet and he is still ruling us today.”

“So if he is the ruler now what does he want with us? With Liz?” Max looked frustrated and sick at the thought of their history and what had happened to them before.

“Khivar rules our planet but not peacefully. No one is happy with him. They will never forgive him for killing everyone’s beloved King and Queen, Zan and Elizabeth. He lives in fear of being overthrown or killed every day. And that is why, when he heard what your mother and her doctor did to protect and preserve our people, he was furious and came to earth looking for the newly created King and Queen and their family.” Ryan continued.

“Us.” Isabel replied for everyone.

“Yes Isabel, you five are the recreated royal family that was killed.” Paul nodded in answer to the girl’s question.

“You mean…we were all there, in the past?” Tess asked wide-eyed.

“And…we died too?” Isabel asked looking sick as well.

“Yes. Khivar wanted no reminders of the once beloved Royal family so he set out to have all of you killed, even the Queen’s brother Rath, who you know as Michael.” Paul answered.

“Did…did we have soul mates too?” Isabel couldn’t help but ask. “Why weren’t our soul mates recreated with us or were they?”

Tess swallowed; not sure she liked the idea of someone out there she didn’t know, already predestined for her. An image of Kyle came to mind and she shook it off. He isn’t for you Tess! Just face it. He was never interested that way, and now…who knows what is meant.

“You three had not found your soul mates yet when you were killed.” Ryan answered with sorrow thinking they felt cheated.

“So…what happens to us? Why were we recreated if…if we don’t have this…power or soul mate or…something.” Tess whispered.

Isabel looked at her sister as if she were crazy to remind these aliens that they might have made a mistake in recreating the other three.

“You were recreated because the whole Royal family has special powers when you are united with your soul mates. And together you can all be one united power that no one can stop.” Ryan smiled glad he could tell them something happy for a change.

“So…. How do we find our soul mates? Are they aliens? Do… do we have to…like…go home?” Isabel asked swallowing. She didn’t like the thought of leaving her family that she knew and loved.

Tess too held her breath hoping that wasn’t true.

“No. We have no idea where your soul mates are. Only that you WILL find them. If you had lived in your other life, you would have found them. It is inevitable. And in this life, they could be anywhere. For when you died, your soul mates died as well, and they too are recreated out there somewhere.”

“But if you recreated their soul mates too, how come you don’t know who they are?” Liz asked feeling her friends’ worry and loneliness.

Max turned to Liz briefly, caught her eye in understanding and squeezed her hand lightly to let her know he felt their pain as well.

Liz then turned to Michael who had been quiet this whole time. Their eyes met and he could see the questions in her eyes. Was he okay with all of this?

Michael gave a quirky smile and a slight nod. She could almost hear him telling her…. “I’m find little one, just absorbing it all.”

“We didn’t recreate their soul mates. Usually we don’t recreate people, but in this case we felt we had to set things right and free our people. And to do that we had to recreate you five. And in the process your soul mates were also recreated automatically. Where you’re souls go so do your soul mates. They are somewhere here on this planet. That is all we can be sure of. I’m sorry.” Paul said softly wishing he could tell them more.

“But, you will know them when you find them.” Ryan added to give them hope as he watched the two sisters faces fall.

“We will? How?” Tess asked and exchanged leery looks with Isabel and Michael.

“At first it might just be that you are drawn to that person. Or a look or a touch could trigger it. Or if it’s a dormant soul mate, you might have to find out by a kiss.” Paul couldn’t help but smile as he watched all of their faces at that.

“So what are you saying… that we go around KISSING every guy on the planet to find our soul mates!” Isabel sounded offended and not very happy.

Tess looked ill and Michael still looked closed off with no outer expression to let anyone know how he was feeling about all of this.

“Usually the two souls are naturally drawn to each other through time. So if you are feeling something toward someone around you, there is a chance that it’s someone close by or someone you will know or even already know.” Paul answered.

“What…what were our names in that other life? And how did we die?” Tess asked.

“You were called Ava and Isabel was called Vilandra or Lonnie for short. And Michael you know was called Rath and was Zan’s second in command and very loyal. You died protecting Zan.” Ryan said looking at the quiet Michael in the corner.

Michael just raised an eyebrow and continued to listen. His mind was in turmoil. He didn’t like knowing that he had a previous life and that this one might be all planned out for him as well. He didn’t like not being in control, and this felt like he didn’t have any control. But he waited, wanting to hear it all.

“Princesses Ava and Vilandra died when their home was burned down. Your mother wasn’t home, so she survived and was the one who had you all recreated and sent to earth.” Ryan went on.

“Fire.” Diane finally spoke her face ashen as she listened to the horror story of her childrens’ past lives.

Phillip reached for her hand in comfort. He too felt sick.

“What does this mean for…for our children now?” Nancy finally asked looking from Liz to Michael and then to all of them.

“Hopefully when the time is right, when they are all older and have all found their soul mates as they were supposed to in their other life, they will then be strong enough to defeat Khivar and take back over our planet.” Paul said looking around at the children before him, hoping that they would succeed this time.

“HOPEFULLY when the time is right?” Michael finally spoke.

“Yes. You see Khivar has been searching for you for a long time. For awhile we hoped he had given up. But we can sense he is still out there and still looking for you all. He will kill you all again if he can. I’m sorry.” Paul explained.

“Is that all Khivar wants from us this time?” Max asked thinking of Liz and he felt her squeeze his hand in anxiousness.

“We hope. But since it’s been within the last year that we’ve felt Khivar’s presence stronger again, it makes me think he might have other plans…” Ryan said with hesitation.

“Other plans? Like the change? And getting Liz again?” Michael asked for them all.

Max’s eyes darkened with rage and fear and put his arm around Liz who had started shaking.

“It’s a possibility that Khivar will try again to gain the most powerful heir.” Paul said unhappily.

“Why Liz? Why will her child be powerful no matter who the father is?” Claudia asked finally. She had been letting the children ask all the questions they needed.

“Elizabeth’s family has for generations had a gene that produces the most powerful off spring. Every other generation the women will behr a child of immense power and intelligence. The whole family is powerful and intelligent, but every other generation a special child is born. Elizabeth and Rath’s Uncle was one, but he was killed at a young age because they knew of the power the child would have one day.” Paul further explained.

As Liz listened, her head started spinning. She was going to behr a powerful child and that was why their enemy would want to take her? The thought frightened her to the point of almost blacking out.

“How can we prevent this! Are Liz and I strong enough together to do this?” Max asked furious at the fates would try to take his Liz from him a second time. And sensing Liz’s thoughts and fears.

“When the change is complete, you will be stronger together. But until the change is complete, Khivar might be able to get to Liz. And that would be the only time he would want to. For after the change is complete, he won’t be able to be a father to your children. Only your soul mate will.” Paul looked to Liz.

“How long…till this…change is complete?” Jeff finally spoke. All of this was too much for the group to take in all at once, but he knew they had no choice.

“When they are 18 it will be complete.” Ryan answered slowly.

“18! That’s almost a year and a half away! You mean Liz will be in danger all that time!?” Nancy said almost hysterically and then calmed when Jeff took her in his arms.

“I’m…I’m sorry…this is just so…” Nancy tried to apologize.

“So overwhelming and unbelievable.” Diane finished for her friend.

“Can Max and Liz speed up the changes?” Michael asked. He didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, but if it could save Liz and Max and possibly all of them they had to know.

“Speed up the changes? How?” Liz frowned at Michael not sure what he was asking.

Michael just stared at her and Max refusing to say it aloud.

“Oooooh.” Liz said and blushed and buried her head in Max’s shoulder. Max too turned red but met the alien’s eyes as he held Liz tighter to him.

“Would that speed up the changes?” Max asked wanting to know anything that would help keep Liz alive and safe.

“No. I’m sorry. If it were that simple we would have mentioned it.” Paul smiled ruefully knowing how embarrassing that was for the children to ask, but they needed to know everything that could help them.

“So…even if Max and Liz were to…make love before the change is complete, it wouldn’t save Liz from Khivar’s plans? Even if Max got Liz pregnant?” Tess asked even though the others all held their breaths at the thought and the answer.

“Liz can not get pregnant until after the change is complete. But for one week after the change is complete, she is fertile to any man.” Ryan explained.

“So even if Khivar took Liz before…the change was complete, he couldn’t get her pregnant. His plan would be to get her before the change so that when the change is complete he is there. There is only a narrow margin of time that Liz will be able to behr anyone else’s child beside her soul mates. Once the change is complete by a full week, no one but her soul mate can get her pregnant.” Paul further explained.

“So we have to keep Liz away from Khivar until 1 week after she turns 18?” Max swallowed feeling ill and furious and helpless at the thought of Liz in danger.

“Will they be considered 18 on the day they hatched out of the pods? Is that the date we go by? And what about Liz since she hatched early?” Claudia asked.

“On the day they hatched they will turn 18.” Ryan answered.

“So Max will turn 18 a year from March, close to the time we found him?” Diane said trying to get it all straight in her mind.

“But Liz hatched earlier. Does that mean she’ll turn 18 first? So she will be safe sooner?” Nancy asked hopefully.

“No. They are both the same ages right now. So whatever the month and year Liz hatched, she will complete the changes 18 years to that day.”

“October 14th. So Liz has until October 24th of next year to be considered safe.” Jeff said for them all.

Max swore softly as he realized how long Liz would be in danger of kidnapping. And then after that he only had to hope that she wasn’t killed.

When no one spoke for a few minutes Claudia sighed and looked around. “Well, if no one has any more questions right now, I suggest we all take a break and get some sleep. We’ve had a lot to absorb already for one day.”

They all agreed.

“Diane, Phillip, Jim Valenti said to come on over to his place when we were done here. No matter what time it was. You’re welcome to stay with him until you can get your house out from under the lease the people have on it.” Jeff explained.

“Thank you. We just have to give our renters a months notice which we already did, and then we’ll have our house back.” Diane sighed tiredly. So much had happened in the last 36 hours.

“Phillip, are you going to be able to get out of your 3 year contract?” Nancy asked.

“No. Unfortunately, I will have to travel back and forth for the next 8 months.” Phillip explained unhappily, but knew they had to do this for the kids.

Diane didn’t look too happy either but she smiled for reassurance at her husband and children. “We’ll manage. It will all work out.” She confidently and rubbed a hand down her husband’s back in comfort.

“I know. I just hate to be away when all this will be going on.” Phillip frowned.

“Hopefully NOTHING will happen dad. It will be okay.” Tess tried to comfort her father as well and gave him a hug.

“We can’t all fit at Jim’s place, can we?” Diane asked.

“No. Max can sleep here on Michael’s floor and the girls are welcome to sleep on Liz’s floor for tonight.” Nancy assured them all.

“What about the rest of the time? Until we get our house? Are we going to stay in Roswell this next month mom? Or do we have to go back to L.A?” Isabel asked.

“We have to go back and pack up the house. I can use your help girls. Max, Max will have to stay.” Diane said and tried to act casually about why he would be staying.

It didn’t help. Both Max and Liz blushed to their roots anyways. And Diane looked at them apologetically.

“Max can stay in Michael’s room.” Jeff said clearing his throat and trying to deal with all of this.

“If you’d like Mr. Parker, I can stay with the Valenti’s for the next month.” Max spoke up thinking the Parker’s must feel very awkward having their daughter’s future mate in the same house.

“No need Max. We trust you and Liz completely.” Nancy smiled at the two children who were more embarrassed than any teen should be at that age.

“Thanks mom.” Liz whispered and smiled shyly from Max’s chest where she’d again hid her face.

“Well, I guess we should all get to sleep then. We will have many more questions over the next few days I’m sure.” Phillip exclaimed. “But for now, I think we all need sleep.” He sighed and everyone nodded feeling equally exhausted with all the new information.

After the Evans and the two aliens had left, Nancy and Claudia readied the rooms for the Evans children while Jeff walked the Evans’ down and out the locked Café.

This left Liz and Max momentarily alone for the first time since the park.

Max’s arm tightened momentarily around Liz’s slight form that was still shaking and she lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Max. I’m scared.” She whispered honestly.

“I know you are babe.” Max said hoarsely, hating that Liz was in danger and he couldn’t do much to change that.

“Max I just want you to hold me and never let me go.” Liz admitted and wrapped herself around Max and snuggled deeply into his strong arms.

“Ahhh me too Liz. God I would love to hold you forever. But I think that your parents would frown on that right now.” He tried to make the situation a little less tense and to get Liz to smile.

She did, looking up at Max with grateful eyes. Then her eyes lowered to half mass as she focused on his own half-smiling lips and her body tensed with sudden need.

Max’s own eyes darkened as he sensed Liz’s needs and his raced to match hers. He groaned and held her close for a second, closing his eyes and praying he could get back under control before her parents came back into the room.

“God Liz…” Max whispered in agony against her hair as he let his lips kiss her forehead. Knowing he wanted to kiss more than her forehead but not trusting either one of them.

As if knowing his thoughts Liz spoke. “You have to kiss me Max. I need you to kiss me and you need to kiss me too.” She pleaded. Her body just needed a taste of her Max. Her soul was craving him.

Max growled, hating that she was right, and quickly swooped down and devoured her sweet, waiting mouth hungrily. He hoped if he could kiss her thoroughly, that would be enough for there starving bodies right now.

Clinging to each other and trying not to moan aloud, they didn’t hear Claudia or Nancy come out of the bedrooms, look at each other and go back into the bedrooms, giving the soul mates a brief interlude.

Liz felt Max’s body’s response against her and whimpered as she tried to get closer to him. She needed all of Max. All of his love.

Max felt Liz start to climb up into his arms as if trying to climb inside of him. And with a painful groan he pulled away and held her gently at arm’s length.

“God Liz! Go to bed Please!” He pleaded hoarsely.

Liz could feel his pain and her own body throbbed with need, but she nodded and after placing one more quick kiss on his lips she flew into her room and closed the door tightly.

Liz turned around to see her mother and Isabel and Tess smiling in amusement and the closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the closed door and sighed. This was going to be a LONG month to say the least she thought.

Max fell back against the wall after Liz left the room. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his raging, traitorous body. He could feel his body ready to explode through his jeans and realized he’d have to start wearing looser fitting pants for the next month at least!

And with that he swore and headed toward Michael’s room hoping he could sleep a little after all they’d absorbed. He was feeling so many different emotions he was a mess and his hand was shaky as it ran through his hair.


Part 19

Maria raced up the stairs to the Parker’s apartment and after a quick knock she opened the door and saw Liz just coming out of her bedroom.

Spotting her friend she ran to her and hugged her. “Liz! My God! You were sick! Why didn’t you tell me before this morning!” Maria asked as Liz laughed and hugged her back.

“I’m sorry Maria. So much has happened since I got sick. But I called so we could catch you up. And…there are some people here who want to see you.” Liz grinned mischievously.

All Liz had done was call Maria and tell her that she had been really sick the other night but was better now, and she needed her to come right over. Now she wanted to surprise her friend with the return of their other friends.

“Come on.” Liz smiled and led Maria toward her room.

“Liz…what?” Maria asked in confusion. People who wanted to see her? And they were all in Liz’s room?

As they passed the bathroom door in the hall, it opened and Michael stepped out with only a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair still wet from his shower.

Both Maria and Michael were surprised to see each other and Maria’s mouth dropped open and her face turned red.

Michael hadn’t been expecting to see Maria so he too was caught off guard and could only stare back. He watched as Maria slowly started at his feet and her eyes climbed up his body, lingering on certain parts, before finally meeting his eyes again with her own huge ones.

Michael turned bright red and he could see Maria was beet red too. Then before Maria could say anything, Michael bolted back into his room and slammed the door.

Liz laughed as she closed Maria’s mouth and with her eyes flashing with happiness she whispered to her friend. “Breathe Maria.”

Maria nodded and let Liz lead her to her room still in a daze.

When Michael slammed the door behind him, Max woke up and looked toward the door where his friend was leaning against it looking flushed.

“What’s up? You okay Michael?” Max asked with a yawn. He wasn’t concerned. He would be able to tell if the vibes were bad ones. His friend just seemed surprised, caught off guard.

Closing his eyes and shaking off Maria’s hot look as her eyes had raked his body, he walked toward the closet and started to dress. “I’m fine. I think Liz started calling the rest of the gang to come over. I saw Maria just now going into Liz’s room.” Michael mumbled as he dug into his drawer for a clean shirt.

“Maria huh?” Max said and Michael turned in time to catch the slow knowing grin that spread across Max’s face.

“Maxwell! Don’t start! Just because you’ve found your mate doesn’t mean you have to start matchmaking me. And speaking of ‘mates’…” Michael said and now dressed, he crossed to his bed and sitting on the end of it he looked down at Max who was still stretched out on the floor at the foot of Michael’s bed with his hands clasped behind his head and looking too relaxed.

“Yes?” Max raised and eyebrow and smiled, his eyes twinkling as he too thought of his ‘mate’.

“You know, it was bad enough watching you moon over Liz years ago and having to watch the two of you look at each other all lovey dovey eyed, but now that she’s my sister… for REAL, well… I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about you looking at her like you want her for breakfast!” Michael sighed and raked a hand through his still wet locks.

Max tried not to laugh. He could imagine Michael’s feelings. “Would it help if you remembered that Liz looks at me the same way?” Max teased knowing that would make his friend crazier.

Sure enough Michael’s eyes widened and he jumped up from the bed. “No! God no that does NOT help damn you!” Michael said and walked out of the room and slammed the door again.

Max laughed now as he got up to get ready for a shower himself. He couldn’t help it. He was too content and happy. Just being close to Liz was enough to make his whole body hum. He could sense her happiness and it felt good to know she was happy and safe and close by.


After the wild greetings from Isabel and Tess, Maria sat on the bed and just smiled and looked around. “I can’t believe this! How come you didn’t tell me they were coming Liz?” Maria asked.

“Uh…it’s a long story Maria, and we really should only tell it once. So when Alex and Kyle get here, we’ll tell all of you.” Liz explained.

“Something’s up isn’t it.” Maria said feeling the hair on her body start to stand up. She could always sense when something wasn’t right.

“You could say that.” Isabel said and exchanged glances with Liz and Tess.

“Okay guys spill! Now! You can’t leave me like this!” Maria demanded and looked from one to the other.

“She’s right. And besides, I’m sure since mom and dad stayed with the Valenti’s last night, they filled the Sheriff in on what he missed, and probably told Kyle too.” Tess said.

“Okay…it’s really complicated but does make sense, sort of.” Liz bit her lip, turned to her friend and began.

Michael met his parents in the kitchen and turned to see Grandma Claudia also coming out of her room to join them in the kitchen.

“Claudia, join us, we’re going to go downstairs. The Evan’s and Jim Valenti are going to meet us there and we’ll have breakfast together in the café.” Nancy explained as Jeff and she started toward the door.

She gave Michael a quick hug as she passed him. “Besides, we’ll give the kids time to catch up on everything. Don’t worry we’ll send Kyle up when he gets here.” Nancy said to Michael who nodded and hugged her back.

“Have fun.” He mumbled and stuck his head in the fridge, still peeved with Max and the whole situation.

Maria sat on the bed numbly when the three girls finished taking turns telling the story. Then she looked to her best friend who looked at her with a small smile, wondering if she was taking all of this okay.

“Liz…wow…you too? Why didn’t you tell me what you did the other night in the alley?” Maria asked.

“Maria…I wasn’t sure what I had done, and you had been pretty hurt if you remember. It wasn’t until I got home and called Grandma Claudia that I figured it all out.” Liz explained hoping that Maria wasn’t upset.

Maria then laughed as she stared at Liz again. “You’re right. Part of it does make TOTAL sense now!” she rolled her eyes as she teased Liz.

Liz laughed knowing Maria was referring to her and Max’s obsession all these years.

Then she watched as Maria got suddenly quiet and her eyes turned sad.

The three girls watched their friend and looked at each other with concern, wondering what Maria was thinking.

“Well, that also explains why Michael has never looked twice at any girl in Roswell ever. He’s…he’s waiting for his soul mate. His other half that will make him feel like…like Max feels for you.” Maria swallowed finding it painful to even think never mind say out loud.

Tess and Isabel’s faces showed realization of Maria’s feelings for Michael and then sadness for her.

Liz hugged her friend and shook her head. “You don’t know that Maria! His soul mate could be anywhere. Why…it could be YOU.” Liz tried to cheer her friend up and truly started to wonder remembering how Michael and Maria had acted around each other for years. There was something there… she knew it. But she didn’t want to overwhelm her friend with too much all at once. “But let’s not think about that right now. Michael is not ready to find his soul mate.” Liz winked at Maria who tried to smile back but only half succeeded.

Then there was a knock on the half open door and a voice calling out… “Alright ladies, what is so important to get me out of bed early on a Sunday morning?” Alex asked and pushed the door open the rest of the way.

Alex froze in the doorway when he saw that there were two other girls in the room as well as his two good friends. He didn’t recognize the smaller one right away, but he recognized Isabel the minute he saw her.

Alex sucked in his breath and held it forgetting to let it back out. His eyes couldn’t help but travel over the girl he’d known would someday be beautiful in his eyes.

“Isabel?” Alex said with a hoarse voice.

Isabel had stood up when she’d first seen Alex come in. She too was in shock. He was so tall and handsome and wonderful to see. She thought to herself. She swallowed trying not to look nervous as she met his eyes. This was ALEX! Her childhood friend, she shouldn’t be nervous. But Oh My God! She thought to herself. He’s so cute! And the way he was staring at her as she pretty much figured she looked staring at him, made her feel better and she smiled. “Hi Alex.” She said shyly.

Liz, Maria and Tess exchanged knowing looks and held back their laughs as they too greeted Alex.

By the time Max came out of the shower, dressed and eager to see Liz, he found that most of the gang was in the living room.

Liz turned to Max as the bathroom door opened and she smiled brightly.

Max felt as if the sun had blinded him, and he grinned back as he walked slowly, like a predator who has found his mate, to her side.

As he took Liz into his arms and held her close, he could see that both Maria and Alex had been told the story already by the way they were watching Max and Liz in fascination.

Max ignored their inspection and raised Liz’s chin with his fingers. “Morning sunshine.” Max whispered for only Liz to hear.

Liz smiled brighter and leaning into Max she inhaled his clean fresh scent and looked up into his wonderful eyes. “Morning sleepy head.” She teased back, her eyes flashing with delight at having him here with her again.

Max watched Liz run her tongue over her bottom lip and he jealously followed it back into her mouth and then groaned and repeated the gesture with his own tongue before tilting her head back further and taking her mouth with his needy, hot one.

Liz sighed and melted into Max’s arms and his kiss. When had he gotten this unbelievable muscular body? She couldn’t help but wonder as she held on to him tightly.

Max devoured her lips and then slid his tongue into her mouth to find her cute little tongue.

They heard Michael clear his throat and came up for air. Liz laughed and blushed when she saw Michael’s glare and Alex and Maria’s wide eyed fascination, Isabel trying not to laugh, and Tess’s huge grin.

“God this is going to be a long month!” Michael growled and frowned at both Max and Liz, which caused everyone to laugh.

Part 20

There was a rap on the door and Kyle stuck his head in. “Partying without me huh?” He grinned and came into the room. He saw Liz and Max first and grinned at Max.

“Figures you two would come up with the best excuse for HAVING to stay together.” He joked and Max playfully punched his old friend in the arm and then they hugged.

Kyle then turned to Liz and smiled at her. “Little Liz, not only do you turn out to be one of these Checz’s but a QUEEN besides? You don’t do anything half way do you kiddo.” There was a special twinkle in his eye for his good friend and girl pal that he’d known forever.

Liz blushed at Kyle’s teasing but smiled and kept her arm around Max as he held her tightly to him still. “Go jump in a lake Valenti.” She joked back with a feisty lift of her head pretending to be queenly.

Kyle laughed and then turned to the others. “So where are my other two little playmates?” Kyle joked and saw Isabel standing over him and he stopped smiling. “Damn! What are they feeding you guys? Thank God Maria and Liz are still smaller than me.” Kyle teased and hugged Isabel as she laughed and came forward.

“Watch it Valenti, you’re talking to a princess you know.” Alex quipped with a grin.

Isabel rolled her eyes and blushed. She wasn’t comfortable with all the Royal stuff, let alone around her friends.

Then, chuckling still, Kyle turned to the quiet girl behind Isabel “Okay where’s the little squirt? Is she an Amazon too?” And when Tess stepped out from behind Isabel, Kyle sucked in his breath.

She hadn’t grown very tall, but she HAD grown! His little squirt had definitely become a young woman on him. A DAMN hot looking woman. Kyle felt an immediate pull and sudden overwhelming need curl in his stomach. This was his good friend! His little squirt! He shook off the feelings and then grinned again and pretended he felt nothing unusual.

“Squirt! You’re still little!” He grinned glad to be able to tease her like he used to and ease his own confused thoughts. She’s your old pal Kyle, back off! He told himself. She’s not one of your babes that you love and leave. And besides, he reminded himself soberly, she had a soul mate out there somewhere. She was a princess of a planet and he was just a lowly earth boy. Her soul mate would probably send green lasers into me if he knew my thoughts. Kyle thought to himself.

Tess was frozen in place. She had been since the minute Kyle had popped his head into the apartment.

GOD he was so HOT! Breathe Tess Breathe! She told herself and tried to relax and look calm. Her palms were sweating, her stomach was doing flips and her throat was dry. She was terrified of what he would think of her now. She’d heard from Maria and Liz how popular he was with the girls, and how he didn’t take anyone seriously. She swallowed and tried to smile casually when he turned his attention to her.

Stop it Tess! You’re over your school girl crush. He’s a star quarterback and he’s casually dated almost half of the girls at Roswell High in the two and a half years he’s been there. He’s not going to look at puny little you, his best pal from grade school, and an alien to top it all off!

Kyle sucked in again as he met her vulnerable looking eyes. Damn she could pull at him with those sweet, vulnerable looking eyes. He could tell she was nervous and so he wanted to make them both more comfortable in what was turning out to be an awkward reunion. “Squirt! I guess I should change your nickname now huh? Princess?” he said with a teasing glint in his eyes.

Tess knew he was trying to ease the tension and that he was kidding with her, so she smiled and laughed at the nickname.

Then he grabbed her and hugged her to him, thinking to just treat her like he always had. But the minute she was in his embrace his mind and body betrayed him. She felt so GOOD in his arms! So perfect! He felt something pull at his heart and for a second he held her tighter to him, and breathed in her sweet, unique scent.

Then he panicked realizing what he was thinking and feeling, and pulled away suddenly.

Tess felt his rejection of her and how he almost shoved her away in his hurry to get away from her and her stomach dropped. Don’t show how much it hurt you Tess! She screamed at herself when he turned away casually, pretending nothing unusual had happened.

“So, are you guys all back for good? Your parents I know said they had to go back and your mom had to pack up the place you guys were renting, but that you were staying here Max. Where are you girls staying?” Kyle tried to ask casually.

“We’re going back with our parents for the next month. We have to give the people who are renting our house here, time to move out and we’re going to help mom and dad pack up.” Isabel said with a sigh. She hated packing.

“Oh.” Kyle said, not sure how he felt about Tess leaving again so soon. “And Max, you lucky dog you! You don’t have to go back and help pack?” he teased his friend.

Max looked uncomfortable now. He felt bad that he wasn’t going to be helping his family, but he knew he and Liz physically couldn’t be apart for very long right now.

Liz blushed again and felt guilty for keeping Max from helping his family.

Tess glared at Kyle and he realized he’d said something he shouldn’t have.

“Hey I’m just kidding you guys. I hear you two were really sick? This must be just as scary for you two huh?” Kyle said soberly now. He knew that his friends had actually been close to death and he was sorry he’d teased them.

Max hugged Liz closer to him and smiled lightly at Kyle. “Yeah. It’s something to get used to. But there could be much worse things that I’d have to do besides stay close to Liz.” Max said and gave Liz a light squeeze to make her realize he was not sorry in the least.

Liz smiled up at him and their eyes met. A sudden flame swept through Max and his nostrils flared and his eyes lowered with passion.

Liz sucked in her breath and was mesmerized by Max’s sudden need. Her body responded and her knees almost buckled with her own sudden wave of passion.

If Max hadn’t been holding her so tightly to him, she would have fallen to the floor when her knees grew weak.

“Easy babe.” Max said for her ear only, and tried to take deep breaths to calm them both. They seemed to have no control over when they would get these strong needs.

Luckily everyone else was too busy chatting and reacquainting themselves with each other to notice, or they were just used to Max and Liz in their own world.

Michael was busy watching Maria with a frown on his face. She hadn’t looked at him since he’d come back out of his room earlier. He didn’t think she was embarrassed still, Maria was usually too feisty to let something like that keep her from meeting his eyes. So he couldn’t figure out why she was practically ignoring him. She was quiet too, and not acting her usual perky self. He wondered if she was still feeling ill from the attack the other night, for she looked awfully pale to him.

Maria tried to smile and put up a good front for her friends. She was truly excited to have them all back, and for the whole group to be back together again, but she just couldn’t let herself look at Michael. Every time she did she would remember that he was waiting for his special someone who was out there some where probably looking for him too. That she was nothing to Michael and never could be. And every time she thought of that she felt sick. Get over it Deluca. Michael was never yours and he never will be. Deal with it girl! She told herself.

“Well, I guess we no longer have the pleasure of Liz’s company to dances or movies or to be her protector anymore huh?” Alex said with a sad face but teasing eyes toward Michael and Kyle.

“Heck, we’ve been protecting her for two years. No way! Evans can tag along but we’re not giving up Liz.” Kyle teased.

“I’m not giving up protecting my sister. If anything, I’ll need to protect her even more now from Max here.” Michael said with a mock frown.

“Michael!” Liz exclaimed and gave him a “no way are you keeping me from Max” look which only made Michael grin and wink at the two of them. He knew Max would never do anything to hurt Liz.

Max chuckled at all of his friends’ possessive attitudes towards Liz and really did appreciate how they had looked after her for him the past two years.

“Well, I guess as long as I can still ‘tag along’.” Max smiled down at Liz and winked at her.

Their bodies were still humming with need, but they were fighting it. Even though Max was still holding Liz up, and she was gripping him tightly with her nails almost digging into his back where her arm was wrapped around him.

Yep…Max thought looking around. This was going to be a long month!


Later that day they all stood outside the Crashdown to say goodbye to the Evans for one more month.

Diane pulled Max to her and hugged him tight. “It’s going to be so strange and lonely without you in the house this next month honey. I’ll miss you.” She said with tears in her voice.

Max smiled softly at her and reassured her. “It’s going to be okay mom. It’s only for a month and I’ll call often. I’m…I’m sorry about all this mom.” He said sincerely. He knew that everything he was had and could continue to hurt his mom.

“Oh sweetie! You have nothing to be sorry about! You and your sisters have been nothing but a total joy for us and you always will be. You and Liz can’t help what’s happening to you. I’m just glad that it’s Liz that shares your heart and soul. You two have always been so perfect together and she’s an angel. I’ve always adored her.” Diane smiled truly glad that it was Liz his son was going to spend the rest of his life with.

“She’s MY angel mom.” Max whispered with reverence in his voice that had his mother catching her breath. She was still amazed by the power of her son’s love for Liz Parker.

Liz hugged Tess goodbye and took the opportunity to whisper assurance in her ear. “Don’t worry Tess, Kyle won’t forget you any time soon.”

Tess released Liz from her embrace and met her eyes with vulnerable worried ones and bit her lip. “Oh Liz…is it that obvious?” Tess asked now blushing. She didn’t want to seem like just one of the many girls to fall at Kyle Valenti’s feet.

“No. Don’t worry. Kyle has no idea how you feel. I just know you.” Liz smiled at her friend with a knowing glint.

Tess returned the smile ruefully, remembering why they were more connected with their thoughts and feelings. “How could I forget. No wonder I’ve always felt so close to you Liz.” Tess grinned and hugged Liz again.

“Watch over him for me.” Tess whispered once more before she let Liz go.

“I promise!” Liz smiled back and turned as Diane Evans came up to her.

“Mrs. Evans…I’m so sorry I’m keeping Max from…”

“Liz, hush!” Diane reprimanded gently and with a smile. “You and Max are so much alike! You two have nothing to be sorry about. You can’t help what’s happening. And besides, if Max has to be with anyone other than his family, I’m glad it’s with you. He’s loved you all his life honey, and I know that he’s been miserable the last two years without you.” Diane said and pushed back a strand of the sweet girl’s hair.

“I love him more than anything too Mrs. Evans, and I’ll take good care of him.” Liz promised Max’s mother.

“I know you will love. And take care of yourself too.” Diane smiled with serious eyes this time and hugged the love of her son’s life tightly to her.

“Well I guess it’s good bye again. I think you girls just love the dramatics of it all.” Alex teased with a wide grin as he faced both Isabel and Tess one last time.

“Don’t think you’re going to be rid of us for that long this time Mr. Whitman.” Isabel teased with a twinkle in her eyes.

Alex stopped smiling and let Isabel see the guy behind the cheerful goodbye. “I certainly hope not Isabel Evans.” Alex said meeting her eyes intently.

Isabel sucked in her breath at the suddenly intense look coming from the usually casual Alex.

“Don’t go finding your soul mate while you’re gone you hear?” He said with a grin and swallowed trying to make sure that it came out as sounding like a joke instead of a desperate plea.

Isabel tilted her head to the side and met Alex’s eyes with her own serious ones.

Alex thought he saw a sudden realization come across Isabel’s face before it changed to a wide smile. “I don’t think that’s possible Alex.” She said mysteriously and after quickly hugging him, she jumped into the rented car that would take the Evans to the airport.

“See you Princess. Don’t get into too much trouble while you’re gone okay?” Kyle swallowed and tried to keep a casual smile plastered on his face as he said goodbye once again to Tess Evans.

Tess smiled brightly back at Kyle, her own heart hurting at the thought of not seeing him again for a month. “Good bye Kyle. I won’t even bother telling you to be good.” She joked even though she really wanted to plead with him to wait for her.

Kyle wanted to tell Tess that he would not only be good, but that he would wait for her. But he bit his tongue and reminded himself that she was a Princess and had a soul mate out there. Which was one of the main reasons why he decided to keep calling her princess. He figured if he said it enough he’d remember that she wasn’t for him, and never could be. Kyle had never wanted to promise himself to one girl before, but with this little blue eyed one, he wanted to promise her everything. Only he didn’t have anything to give the princess of a whole planet, one who was destined for greatness and a prince at the least. And here he was just a lowly human guy from a small nothing town.

Nancy hugged Diane goodbye and met her worried eyes with knowing ones. “Don’t worry Diane. We’ll take good care of Max.” she promised knowing the pain the other woman was going through. She didn’t know what she would do if the situation was reversed and she had to go off and leave Liz.

“I know Nancy, and thank you. Knowing that you and Jeff will be taking care of him does help.” She smiled and both moms looked over at their children.

Max and Liz had said their goodbyes to everyone and had automatically drifted back toward one another with Liz snuggled closely against Max’s heart once more.

They both looked sad to say goodbye, but there was always a healthy, happy glow around the two of them when they were touching even casually. Both moms sighed together as they realized that it was something they would have to get used to.

“You know you can trust Max don’t you?” Diane said to Nancy. She could see how close Max and Liz were, but she knew Max would never hurt Liz or disappoint or betray the Parkers by doing anything foolish or rushed with Liz.

Nancy knew what Diane meant. “Yes. If I didn’t have total faith in him I wouldn’t let him stay with us. I’d send him to the Valenti’s.” Nancy teased and the two shared a knowing smile.

“I trust them both, but they are teenagers. Don’t let them be alone for too long together.” Diane laughed as she again looked at the two children who were practically glowing.

“No! Not more than 5 minutes the most before I interrupt.” Nancy laughed back. She too remembered how tempting it was to be a normal teenager in love with a boy and alone with him, never mind two teens whose bodies were literally crying out for each other.

Tess finally got to Maria and hugged her tight. Then she pulled back and looked her friend in the eye. “Don’t give up on Michael.” She said softly and seriously.

Maria ducked her head and shook it. “It’s no use. I’ll be okay.” She tried to shrug off Tess’s concern.

Tess looked over at the quiet Michael who seemed to be watching Maria on and off all day with hooded eyes.

“I…I have this feeling. I’m not sure what it is, but…don’t give up on Michael.” Tess admitted with a small smile. She wasn’t sure if she should have told Maria that, but her dream last night had seemed so real. However, since not all of her dreams meant it was something from the past, she didn’t say more to Maria than not to give up completely.

“I…I don’t know if I can.” Maria finally admitted with a sad look at Tess.

Tess glanced at Kyle who was joking with Alex and then back at Maria. “Yeah, I know what you mean.” She sighed and Maria caught the look and squeezed her friend’s hands in understanding.

“Do you really think that the rest of you might have soul mates who aren’t…aliens?” Maria finally asked. She hadn’t wanted to hope that it was so after she’d heard it was possible, but now she needed to hang on to something.

Tess again looked over at Kyle and back to Maria. “I hope so Maria. God I hope so.” She said sadly and biting her lip, she gave Maria one more knowing look and she too got in the rental car.

“He hasn’t taken his eyes off of you sis.” Isabel said softly to Tess when she joined her in the car.

Tess looked surprised. “He looks at you when you’re not looking.” Isabel smiled at her sister’s look of hope.

Then Tess sighed and shared a look with her sister. Only one more month and then they would both see what the future held for them as well.

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Part 21

Liz bit her lip to keep from groaning in the shower at school a week later as she tried to ignore the changes that were taking place in her body. Usually just a casual touch from one another and Max or Liz would find that their changes were again behrable, but since it had hit in the middle of gym class, and she couldn’t go to him right then, she could only squeeze her eyes shut and pray it would pass. Liz’s body was burning for Max. It was screaming for him, and only him.

She tried to concentrate on imagining him with her, holding her and helping her though this. She focused on how his eyes would look down at her with that burning love of his and soothe her and comfort her. She took deep breaths and tried to ride out the storm of passion screaming through her veins.

There were other girls all around her showing and changing and she prayed no one wondered why she’d been standing under an ice cold shower for the past 10 minutes with her eyes closed tight and her hands gripping the tile wall in front of her. Maaaaaax. She moaned to herself. She was afraid. It had never been this strong before.

Max was taking notes in his English class when he felt the sudden jolt of lust run up his body and begin to burn through him. He swore, as his pants became immediately, painfully tight, and he gripped his pen, closed his eye and took a deep breath to try to control the sudden needs surging through his body.

Then he felt Liz’s panic. His eyes flew open and he knew she too was trying to fight the sudden wave of need. He could hear her crying out for him in his mind, and he grabbed a book put it in front of his very swollen pants and asked for a bathroom pass.

Kyle looked up from the seat next to him and then did a double take when he saw his friend’s face. “Oh shit.” He mumbled under his breath and tried not to laugh as he saw how tense and desperate Max looked.

After Max bolted out of the room Pam Troy, who was sitting in front of Kyle, turned to the girl sitting next to her and gripped her arm. “OH MY GOD!” she whispered, her own eyes wild with what she had seen. “Did you see Max Evans! He was so hard! He was…oh my God that guy is HUGE!” Pam said fanning herself and then she too jumped up asking for a bathroom pass.

Since Max had returned to Roswell a week ago, all of the girls had been drooling over him, including Pam. But after today, seeing him like that, Pam knew what she wanted and what she was going to get. The hell with sweet little Liz Parker! Max Evans obviously wasn’t getting what he needed from her! Pam thought evilly and her own body shivering with lust, she left the classroom to go find Max Evans.

Kyle watched Pam bolt out of the room after Max and he sat with his mouth open in shock. Oh God Max you’re in trouble now. Kyle thought to himself and again, tried not to laugh. He hoped Max found Liz before Pam found Max. Then he wished he could be there if Max did run into Pam first, and watch him freeze her out cold with a look. Max didn’t even see any of the girls round him in school other than Liz. She was his focus, his reason for breathing.

He couldn’t wait to tell Alex, Maria and Michael over lunch what had happened and to find out if Pam had cornered Max before he’d gotten to Liz.


Max shot down the hall, following the need he felt coming from Liz, letting that be his guide. Then he remembered what class she had now and he headed out to the gym.

As he pushed open the doors to the building to head across the campus to the gym, a figure suddenly blocked his way.

He tried to apologize and move aside, but the figure stepped in front of him again and then she was plastered against him.

Max, losing momentary focus on Liz at the interruption, looked down confused to see who was refusing to move out of his way.

He widened his eyes when he saw Pam Troy smiling up at him with hot, lusty eyes of her own.

Pam took advantage of Max’s total attention for once, and smiling sexily, she leaned into him and almost fainted at just how big he felt! “Hi Max. Can I help you out there, big guy?” she purred and snuggled up into his hard body pressing her own heat into the front of Max’s huge swollen pants.

Max, over the momentary shock, frowned in disgust and he felt his body reject the girl at the same time his mind did.

Pam felt him suddenly deflate, and was shocked. Never had that happened to her before! How had he lost that lust so completely and so suddenly? She looked up at him in shock.

Max pushed Pam back none to gently and excusing himself, he turned his back on her without another thought, and again, his whole focus became Liz as he headed toward the gym across the courtyard.

Pam would have fainted had she seen how quickly and fully Max had hardened again at the thought of Liz.


Liz was still clutching the half wall of tile surrounding her when Maria, all dressed and ready to go to lunch, came over to her. “What are you still doing in the shower girl? What’s wrong with you we’re supposed to meet the guys for lunch now… you know… that tall dark and handsome guy who adores you will be there?” Maria teased and finished buttoning up her blouse and finally looked at Liz.

“Oh my God Liz! What’s wrong?” Maria said seeing how pale and trembling her friend was.

“Maria! This is so horrible! I…I can’t move. My knees will give out.” Liz said through chattering teeth. The ache was so great.

“Liz? Oh MY GOD! It’s your change isn’t it? Oh GOD! This is horrible! Hang in there babe! I’ll get Max. Hang on!” Maria said and bolted out of the now deserted room except for her and Liz.

She slammed right into Max as she pushed open the door to the ladies locker room, and felt a whoosh of air almost knock her over. Then two strong arms caught her to keep her from falling backwards.

“Where is she?” Max asked urgently and looked around the empty locker room.

Maria straightened up and pointed toward the showers. “There. I should have known the Liz radar would be working. I’ll keep everyone out of here but hurry! The next class is probably due to arrive soon!” Maria warned and ran out of the locker room and closing the door, she stood in front of it.

“Liz!” Max called out and started toward where he heard the water still running.

“Max!” Liz called out and sobbed when she saw his wonderful face come into view.

Max stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Liz still IN the shower. He knew if he moved any closer, he’d see all of her.

“Max…please. I need you to ho…hold me.” Liz shivered with agony.

Max swore and grabbing a towel on a nearby bench, he came to her, wrapping her in the towel and grabbing her to him at the same time.

“Liz! Shhh… it’s okay now baby! I’m here. Hang in there honey!” Max soothed as he rubbed her arms to warm her frozen body up. He reached up to shut off the water and felt how cold it was. He swore again and lifting her in his arms, he carried her out of the cold shower stall and over to a bench to sit her on his lap.

Liz wrapped her arms around her big strong Max and lifted her head for his kiss.

Max brought his mouth down over her still trembling one and groaned as they connected and he felt her agony, and his own, start to ease immediately.

He made love Liz’s mouth with his own, searching out every recess until she started to heat up and stop shivering.

Liz sighed into Max’s mouth and clung to him just as desperately as he was her. Then, coming up for air, their foreheads met and they gasped for breath.

Max could tell the crisis was over. They were both full of lust, but now it was the normal lust of two teens that were making out.

“Ahhh… Liz. I hate to let you out of my arms already honey, but you have to get dressed. Another class will be coming in soon and Maria can only hold them off at the door so long.” Max smiled at the thought.

Liz giggled as she lay against Max’s chest and pictured Maria standing outside the door guarding it. Then, sighing, she let Max help her up.

She swallowed as she realized she only had a towel covering her, and she blushed and looked down.

Then she gasped when she saw Max’s own proof of the effect she had on him, and she blushed more, and began to have trouble breathing again as she couldn’t look away from the beautiful, sexy sight of Max hard and ready for her.

“Liz! Go! You’re killing me here!” Max groaned and gently moved her toward the dressing area.

“But Max I…I…” she still couldn’t take her eyes off of his magnificent body and was amazed at how huge he was.

“Does it…does it hurt?” she asked in fascination.

“Liz! Please!” Max half laughed half groaned as he pleaded for her to stop looking at him like that. “We’ll talk all you want later. But right now, go get dressed!” he begged.

“You…you promise we’ll talk about…that and everything…later?” Liz asked swallowing and dragging her eyes back up his enticing body to meet his begging eyes.

“Yes! Now go! Hurry! I’ll wait outside for you.” He promised and ran out of the locker room as if he had the devil on his heels.

When Max slammed out of the locker room and fell back against the nearest wall, he heard Maria shout with laughter.

He frowned at her. “What?” he asked not understanding what could possibly be so funny about all of this right now.

“You. You look like she ravished you and now you’re running to save your self from her.” Maria kept laughing while she tried to explain.

Max smiled ruefully and then chuckled at how accurate that statement was and how he must look right now.

He knew he and Liz were never going to live any of this down.


“What the hell took so long?” Michael frowned as Maria, Max and Liz finally joined them at the lunch table in the courtyard.

Kyle made a funny noise from behind his hamburger and tried to look innocent when Michael looked at him curiously.

Max sat down and pulled Liz into his lap and they just held each other. Now that the frantic need was gone, they could just enjoy touching each other again, however lightly or casually since it always seemed to calm them.

Maria sat down next to Alex across from Michael and tried to avoid his eyes. She didn’t want him to see the pain that still lingered in her eyes when she thought of his ‘already set course’ in life. She pretended to pull out notes and look them over so she wouldn’t have to look at him or anyone else.

Michael frowned as he watched Maria ignore him again. She had barely talked to him or looked at him since last week. He hadn’t realized how much Maria’s friendship had meant to him. He’d tried to talk to her several times, but she’d always managed to be busy and run off. Tomorrow night though, they both worked a shift together at the Crashdown for the first time in a week, and he planned to talk to her then no matter what!

Kyle was dying to know if Max had seen Pam, but he held off asking, until he could ask Max alone. No sense upsetting Liz if he hadn’t told her or if he hadn’t seen Pam. And no sense letting Michael know what had taken place earlier in class either. Ever since Michael had found out that Liz was truly his sister, he’d gotten so protective it was humorous.

Michael saw the tired look in Liz’s eyes and knew something was wrong. “What happened?” he asked bluntly.

Max and Liz exchanged looks with Maria and Michael frowned. “Max?” Michael demanded now.

“I had another…I needed…” Liz couldn’t say it so she buried her head in Max’s chest and just breathed him in.

Max cleared his throat and met Michael’s eyes with his protective ones as he held Liz closer to him.

Realization dawned on Michael and his eyes swept over his sister to make sure she was okay now.

“Damn! In school!?” Alex finally blurted out, figuring it out himself and looking from Max to Liz to Maria.

“Any time it damn well feels like it!” Max said with gritted teeth, and then when he felt Liz’s eyes look into his worriedly and he calmed down.

“Sorry Alex. It’s just so frustrating not having control and not knowing when I’ll need Liz or she’ll need me.” Max sighed and raked a hand through his hair.

“I totally understand!” Alex said with a wave of his hand. “Gosh I’m sorry guys that must be awful.” He said honestly.

“Yeah, you should have seen Max suddenly run out of English class a little while ago.” Kyle couldn’t help but add.

“Kyle!” Maria kicked him under the table.

“Ouch! What? What’d I say! I felt bad for Max!” Kyle tried to amend.

“You okay little one?” Michael looked down at Liz worriedly. He knew for Max to go running out of class, Liz must have really needed him.

Liz nodded and blushed. “Can we just talk about something else. I hate this!” she mumbled into Max’s neck as he rubbed her back in comfort.


Later that night Michael, Max and Liz were watching a movie in the living room of the Parker’s house.

Max and Liz were cuddled up on the couch while Michael took the chair.

Liz looked over at Michael’s brooding face and elbowed Max who looked from Liz to Michael and nodded.

“Michael? You okay?” Liz asked as Max shut off the TV.

Michael looked up startled and then sighed. “I guess the whole thing you guys are going through, and all the soul mate stuff has me thinking about me too.” Michael admitted.

“I can imagine.” Liz said softly and with compassion.

“I mean, I don’t know if I want a soul mate that I’m literally tied to like you two are. I don’t want to be out of control, and I want to choose my OWN girl someday.” Michael admitted his fears to his two good friends.

“If it helps any Michael, when you do find your soul mate, you won’t want anyone else, and you won’t feel like your STUCK with that person. I wouldn’t give up Liz for anything or anyone. I couldn’t imagine wanting anyone else.” Max explained understanding his friend’s fears.

“Yeah but you two fell in love the minute you met! If I haven’t met this… this soul mate yet, what if I become interested in…someone else before…I meet this…soul mate.” Michael said with a frustrated sigh.

Max and Liz exchanged knowing looks and Liz smiled at Michael. “Maybe…the person you meet and …become interested in will be your soul mate Michael. We were told that our race mates for life.” Liz said gently.

“If there’s someone you’re interested in Michael, the odds are pretty good that she could be the one. Since our race mates for life and have soul mates, I’d be willing to bet that you will only become interested in your soul mate.” Max added.

Michael digested this as he worried his bottom lip. “So…you think I could have met my soul mate already and just don’t know it? What about you two? You knew it the minute you two saw each other.” Michael asked confused, admitting his biggest worry. That if he had met his soul mate already, he would know it.

“Not necessarily Michael. Don’t forget, Liz and I were already together and married in our other life. So we probably recognized each other immediately because of that. But you, Isabel and Tess had not met your soul mates yet in that life, so maybe you’ll figure it out slower than we did.” Max explained and hugged Liz closer to him and absently caressed her arm with his hand.

Michael thought of all this and wondered if this could be true. Could he have met his soul mate already? Could he be as lucky as Max and Liz and find his soul mate right under his nose?

“You really should find out if Maria is your soul mate Michael.” Liz finally said aloud.

Michael’s head came up quickly and he met Liz and Max’s knowing eyes. He was about to argue but knew it was useless.

“How could I not know! Maria has been a part of my life forever! Wouldn’t I have known?” he asked in frustration. He was afraid to find out. What if she wasn’t his soul mate? Did he want anyone else? Would Maria even care that he finally realized he was interested in her as more than a friend? She wouldn’t even look at him now, so how could he expect her to even help him find out if she was his soul mate. She’d probably laugh in his face.

Michael sighed and rose from the chair. “I’ll think about it. I’ll talk to you guys in the morning.” He muttered and headed for his room.

“He’ll figure it out Liz.” Max soothed Liz as he saw her frown with worry as she watched Michael go into his room.

“I know. I just might have a way to speed things up is all.” Liz smiled suddenly and Max groaned.

“Oh no! I don’t like that devious little smile.” He admitted with a sigh.

Liz chuckled and then turned to Max with suddenly serious eyes. “Max…you said we could talk…about earlier.” Liz reminded him and swallowed as she looked at Max intently.

Max felt a punch of hunger when her big doe eyes looked deeply into his with a combination of want and love.

“Do you really want to TALK about earlier?” Max swallowed, his eyes tracing her lips and tongue as she ran it across her bottom lip.

“No, but Max…I want to do more than kiss you.” Liz admitted in a whisper.

Max sucked in his breath and looked from her lips to her eyes. “Liz! We can’t! Not in your parent’s house. They trust me! I could never betray them like that.”

“Well… we don’t have to actually make love do we? Just…maybe… I want to know more of you Max. You excite me and make me want to see you…all of you.” Liz admitted with burning eyes.

Max groaned again and pulled her onto his lap. “God Liz! Don’t think I don’t want that too. But we can’t. Not while I’m in your parents house. They tr…”

“I know… they trust you.” Liz sighed and snuggled up against Max’s chest and buried her nose in his sweet strong neck.

Then she nipped at it and her hand slowly slid down to his lap where he was almost always hard and ready for her.

Max felt her hand lightly explore him and he jumped up and put Liz down in front of him. “Liz! Honey please!” he begged again this time hoarsely.

Liz gave a pretty pout and looked up at him through her lashes teasingly.

Max groaned and lifting Liz up till she was face to face with him, he backed her up against the wall near her bedroom and then his own hot mouth swooped down and ravished hers.

The passion that Max let Liz feel from him made her whimper and cling to him with her arms and legs as he made her head spin with his need, love and passion.

Max delved deeply into Liz’s sweet mouth, to the far recesses and drank from her like a thirsty man.

Liz held on and could only feel. She loved the taste and feel of Max and she reveled in his love for her.

Then she moaned and shivered when he let the part of him Liz so wanted to explore, push up against her own heat, giving her a little taste of what they would one day experience.

Liz’s body responded and she felt herself melt from the inside out and she whimpered and dug her heels deeper into Max’s tight butt to bring them even closer.

Max knew if he didn’t stop right then, he would lose control completely. He slowly released Liz’s mouth and let her slide back down the wall. They were both breathing hard and their eyes were burning into one another’s.

“Go to bed Liz.” Max whispered in a demanding voice.

Liz sighed and looked down to where Max was still hard and ready, and then her eyes widened and became glazed over with more passion. “Max…” she whispered.

Max saw where her eyes were looking and the surprised expression in them and looked down wondering what she saw that was new since he was always like this around her.

Then he saw the wet stain and realized it was Liz’s. Max groaned, closed his eyes tightly and almost lost it. “Go to bed Liz! Please!” he begged again and this time Liz nodded, quickly kissed him on the cheek and whispered her love. Then she was gone.

Max leaned against her door and swore under his breath. He knew he wouldn’t get any sleep unless he went and took a very long, cold shower. Then, he put his fingers to his mouth, kissed them and placed them on Liz’s door, before he headed for the bathroom.


Part 22

Michael woke the next morning feeling like he had a hang over. He hadn’t fallen asleep until the middle of the night, and then he’d had nightmares on and off the rest of the short night. He’d dreamed that Maria was in front of him one minute and he was asking her what was wrong, and then the next she was backing away. Michael would hold out his hand for her to come back, but she would disappear and he would call out for her but she was gone.

Groaning and realizing he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, Michael decided to get up and shower and maybe see Maria earlier today, before school, and before they had to work later this afternoon and tonight together.

Throwing back his covers he did a double take when he saw Max on his floor asleep, lying on his back with one hand over his eyes. That was nothing surprising, but what did shock him was seeing Liz stretched out literally lying on top of him with his other hand protectively around her and her arms curled around his neck clinging to him even in sleep.

Michael just stared at them in shock, and then amazement. There was such a peaceful aura around them. Their breathing was totally in sync and their expressions were so serene that they almost glowed. For a minute the two blurred together for him and he could have sworn they were really one.

Then he realized that they were. As close to being one as they could be. Not physically so much as spiritually. Michael shook his head and wondered about that. Could he really feel that way about Maria? Was something like this possible for him with ANY woman? Did he want it to be? Hell, if he looked that peaceful he guessed it wouldn’t be so bad. Then, he remembered he was a protective brother and not just a fascinated spectator, and he frowned at them.

“What the hell!” Michael cleared his throat. Were they so dense as to sleep together right in his room with him? Why the hell hadn’t they at least had the decency to spare him this and use Liz’s room? He growled as he sat up and with hands on his hips he called out to them loudly.

“HEY! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked in a loud enough tone to wake the couple, but not their parents in the other room.

Max awoke first and stiffened recognizing anger in Michael’s voice. Then he realized someone was sprawled all over him, and knew immediately who it was. His eyes flew open and he looked at Liz in surprise.

Liz yawned and frowned as Michael’s voice penetrated her sweet dreams, then realized where she was and whom she was draped over; she gasped and sat up.

Michael saw the surprise in Max’s eyes and realized he hadn’t heard Liz had come into their room and crawl up onto him any more than Michael had.

“Ahhh…. Liz?” Max asked sitting up too, and putting an arm around her shoulders as she buried her face in her hands in embarrassment. He glanced at Michael and saw that Michael was calming down and looking at Liz with worry, not anger now.

“I didn’t know! I can’t believe I walked in my sleep.” She whispered.

“It’s okay baby. No harm done.” Max assured her with his soft morning voice and pulled her onto his lap. He hated when Liz felt embarrassed by their feelings for each other and the way it got out of control on them even in sleep it seemed. He glanced at Michael asking him to do something to help ease Liz’s self-consciousness.

“It’s okay Liz. I just was startled that’s all. I thought that you guys didn’t have the decency to at least make out in your room instead of mine.” Michael added with a half smile.

Liz looked up at her brother and realized how it must have looked. Then she giggled. “I’m the one who’s sorry. Invading your room like this and pushing myself on Max and…”

“Hey! Shhh…..Obviously I didn’t mind. It was so natural for me to have you in my arms that I didn’t even wake up when you crawled up on top of me in the middle of the night.” Max laughed and hugged her again easing her discomfort.

“Oh Max! What are we going to do!?” Liz sighed.

“We’ll just deal with it as it happens. It’s okay my love. We’ll figure something out.” He promised her and gave her a light kiss on her brow, and watched her get up and go to the door.

“I better get out of here before mom and dad wake up.” she sighed and slipped out as quietly as she’d come in.

“Oh God Michael! What ARE we going to do?” Max asked running a hand down his face in frustration after Liz left. All he had wanted to do was take Liz in his arms and make love to her sleepy warm form when he’d realized she had come to him last night, but instead, Liz had had to wake up feeling humiliated and out of control.

“It’ll be okay Max. The rest of us will just have to help you guys out here somehow by running interference. We’ll work it out. Obviously this is going to be a very tough year and a half.” He sighed himself and then chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Max frowned not seeing the humor in any of this.

“You should have seen your face pal, when you woke up to find my sister stretched out all over you.” He chuckled again.

Max turned bright red and buried his head in his pillow with a groan as he pictured it and again his body reacted to the feel of Liz sprawled all over him nice and warm from sleep.

Michael chuckled as he headed to the shower, leaving Max to his swearing.


Max didn’t get to talk to Liz again about the incident before school. By the time they had all showered and eaten breakfast with the Parker’s, it had been time for school and Michael who was driving, wanted to get there a little early.

Max tried to get Liz to meet his eyes all the way to school, but she wouldn’t. He frowned in frustration and waited until Michael separated from them on the school steps mumbling about stubborn little Pixies.

Liz started to her locker, still not looking at Max. Max watched her and then rolling his eyes at her ridiculousness, he gently took her arm and led her away from her locker and down the hall.

“Max! What?” Liz started but was suddenly in front of a door, which Max slid his hand over and unlocked and then he was gently easing her in ahead of him.

Liz looked around and realized it was the Eraser room! Of all places!

“Liz I’m sorry but we needed a place to talk. What the heck is this place?” he asked looking around now and smelling chalk dust in the air.

“The Eraser room.” Liz mumbled still looking down.

Max frowned when Liz still wouldn’t look at him. He sighed and stepped toward her where she had backed up against the wall of the small room.

Her hands were crossed in front of her defensively and Max’s eyes softened when he felt her vulnerability.

“Liz…” he said gently and with love.

Liz heard it, felt his love and looked up to meet his eyes which were full of love and desire for her.

Liz swallowed and went into Max’s outstretched arms.

“I’m sorry! I can’t believe I threw myself literally on you last night! You’re trying so hard to keep my parent’s trust and here I go and jump you in the middle of the night.” She bit her lip but held him tightly to her.

“Aw Liz.” Max said softly and ran a hand down her soft silky hair soothingly. “Honey, I’m not sorry you came to me. God to think that even in your sleep you crave being near me. I just wish I could have woken up and kissed you senseless this morning. You looked so beautiful all warm and sleepy and clinging to me.” Max admitted and lifted her chin with his hand so that their eyes met.

“I adore you Liz Parker, and I love that you need to be near me like that. I need you just as much. I want you so much Liz that I ache all the time.” Max admitted in a soft voice near her ear as he kissed her cheek gently.

Liz shivered and wrapping her arms tighter around him she moved her face so their lips were touching. “Max.” she sighed and didn’t get any further before Max opened his mouth over hers.

Liz sighed as Max’s mouth devoured hers and she scooted even closer to him, rubbing herself up against his hard, tented jeans, trying to ease the ache for both of them.

Max felt himself spinning out of control. Liz rubbing herself against his craving body only heightened their passion and he lifted her legs up and wrapped them around him so that he was even more snugly between her legs.

Liz could only shiver and arch into Max as he rubbed himself into her causing the friction of his bulging jeans against her panties to make her almost explode.

Max too was about to let go, their long awaited passion ready to boil over. But there was suddenly a rattle of the door and voices right outside.

Max felt like cold water had been thrown on him. He pulled away from Liz, still holding her to his chest, but now letting her legs down and hiding her from prying eyes.

“Damn! Why do they always lock this door!” they heard a male voice, frustrated on the other side.

“Because they don’t WANT any of us to make out in there silly!” a female voice giggled and sighed as they wandered away.

“This is a make out room?” Max asked in a whisper when they had gone.

Liz looked up at Max’s flushed face and frustration clearing obvious in his eyes and could only nod. Her body was still fighting the frustration of being unsatisfied but coming so close.

“Aww Liz. God I can’t believe what I almost let happen! This is not the way I want us to do all these firsts.” Max sighed and lifted her chin with his finger.

“You okay love?” he asked gently knowing she was as frustrated as he was.

Liz nodded again and then hugged Max closer to her.

Max swallowed and it took all of his strength to lead Liz back out of the Eraser Room, without finishing what they had started.


At lunch, Max looked around waiting for Liz to show up. Maria sat next to him and elbowed him playfully.

Max turned to her and she smiled. “Relax Romeo. She said she’d be a few minutes late coming from the library.” Maria teased.

Max smiled ruefully at their friend and nudged her back. “I know. But damn. This is just getting crazy.” He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face remembering earlier.

“Why? What happened now?” she asked with amusement lurking in her eyes. She loved seeing Max when he wasn’t in complete control.

“Didn’t Michael tell you? I thought he was going to try to talk to you this morning?” Max asked looking at her in surprise. Michael has seemed so determined.

Maria stopped smiling and turned away briefly to pretend to pick a piece of lint off of her clothes.

“I didn’t see him this morning.” She said casually, but cringed at the lie. She had seen him right before he’d seen her this morning and she’d hidden in the bathroom until the first class has started and he’d had to leave her locker to get to class.

“Oh… well…I attacked Liz in the Eraser room this morning! Geesh! I can’t even keep my hands off of her long enough to hold a conversation with her when we’re alone.” Max swore.

“Max…” Maria smiled, “I’m sure the attack went both ways. Liz wants you just as bad you big stud.” She teased trying to ease his guilt and make him laugh.

Instead Max flushed to his ears, making Maria laugh out loud at that. No wonder Liz was so crazy about him, Maria thought, he was adorable!

“The thing is Maria, since I’ve gotten back, I haven’t even taken Liz out on a real date. All we’ve done is grope each other. I want to treat her like a girlfriend should be treated, hell, she’s going to be my future wife. She deserves to be treated with respect and to let me show her how much I love her, not just want her.” Max sighed in frustration again.

Maria felt for both of her friends. She knew that this was an unusual high school relationship and not completely fair for either of them. She stopped teasing Max and put a hand on his arm in comfort.

“I know, I’m sorry. So why don’t you take her out on a date? On a real date like this weekend.” Maria exclaimed excitedly wanting to help her two friends plan this.

“You think?” Max smiled slowly as he thought about it.

“Oh yeah! I think! And I know just the place.” Maria said, her eyes twinkling with her plans.

Later that night the gang sat in a booth and watched Maria and Michael dance around each other while they worked at the Crashdown. They observed with amusement how Michael tried to get Maria to talk to him and she kept bouncing around from table to table and place to place.

Liz sighed as she came over to find Alex, Kyle and Max grinning at the shenanigans their friend was going through just trying to get the little hot head to stay in one place long enough to talk to her.

Max pulled Liz onto his lap and chuckled. “I feel sorry for Michael. Maria’s really giving him a run for his money.” He whispered in her ear, causing her to shudder with desire.

“This has got to stop! They need to talk. Maria needs to listen to Michael. She’s so afraid of what he might say that she isn’t paying attention to what his eyes are telling her.” Liz frowned at her friend in frustration.

“Well, what was your plan?” Max asked her and gave her a squeeze before she stood up to get back to work.

“Hmmm… you’ll see. Those two will talk no matter what I have to do.” She smiled suddenly and sauntered away leaving Max drooling after her cute little rear as she swung her hips teasingly for him.

Alex and Kyle snickered. “Boy those two woman sure have you two just where they want you huh?” Alex grinned beyond amused.

Max threw a frown at his friend and then grinned, knowing Alex’s time was coming. He knew his sister Isabel, and he’d seen the determined look in her eyes when she’d said good bye to Alex last week.

“Man I’m GLAD I’m not hung up on some chick.” Kyle said stretching with relief. After watching his two friends’ squirm the past week he’d been glad he’d never gotten too serious with any one girl. Then a flash of Tess’s vulnerable blue eyes made him suck in his breath and stop smiling. Damn! He needed to find a new girlfriend that was all. He’d been without a steady for awhile now, he thought to himself with sudden determination.

Liz had had enough. She walked up to Maria with an empty Tabasco bottle. “Maria, can you run in the back and get the big refill bottle of Tabasco for me? We ran out again.” She said innocently.

“Sure.” Maria said looking for any excuse to keep busy and away from Michael. And she bolted for the back as she saw him trying to approach her where she was standing with Liz.

Michael swore as he reached his sister and saw Maria fly into the back room. “How the hell am I supposed to talk to her if she won’t stay still! She must hate me or something. Maybe I should just forget it. If we were meant, wouldn’t she feel it too? This is just not working. I better just give it up. I don’t really want to find this soul mate anyways.” He mumbled and started away from Liz.

Liz saw the hurt in her brother’s eyes as he tried to brush off the whole thing casually and she narrowed her eyes with even more determination.

“Michael, could you run into the back and get us some more Tabasco?” she asked shaking the empty bottle in front of him.

“Yeah sure why not.” He sighed and headed to the back.

Liz followed and saw Michael step into the big supply closet and peaking in to make sure Maria was still in there, she slammed the door shut on the two of them. Then, with a quick thought, she tried to fuse the door closed with her hand, and was pleased when her powers seemed to work.

It was a satisfied Liz that walked back out front to take care of the customers by herself for awhile.


Maria heard the door slam behind her and twisted around from her high perch on a stool as she reached for the Tabasco refill bottle.

When she saw Michael there looking at the closed door, she frowned. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? Open that door! This is not funny!” she said jumping down from the stool and facing him with her hands on her hips.

Michael stared at the door and realized who had closed it and why. He grinned and then turned back to the spitfire in front of him.

“Finally.” He grinned back at her. Now that he was standing in the same close proximity as Maria he felt that hum that made him think that maybe it was possible for Maria and him.

“Back off Space Boy! This isn’t funny!” Maria tried again; figuring anger was the only defense she had right now. “I’m busy! Move aside.” She demanded.

“Why the hell won’t you talk to me? Or look at me? What the hell is going on with you all of a sudden?” Michael asked finally. He put his arms out wide and stepped a little closer to the prickly girl in front of him.

Maria’s eyes widened as Michael stepped closer and she bit her lip. All she wanted to do was run into his arms and admit her feelings for him and beg him to forget about his supposed soul mate and let her make him happy.

The thought of his revolted reaction to that made Maria back up and turn on him again with anger in her eyes. “Michael if you don’t open that door right now I’ll scream. I’m just busy! What’s the matter with you!?” she tried to just sound bored and tired with all of this.

Michael met her eyes for a minute and stared her down. For a second he thought he’d seen a vulnerable look in her eyes, but now she just stared back at him in boredom.

Michael closed his eyes in defeat and swearing to himself, he turned around to open the door.

He turned the knob and lifted a brow in surprise when it wouldn’t open. There was no lock on this door.

“Well!?” he heard Maria demand behind him.

He turned back around to her still trying the door. “It’s locked.” He said in amazement.

“WHAT! Get out of the way! There is no lock!” Maria said and pushed Michael aside and tried the door herself.

“What did you do?” she swung around on him with narrowed eyes.

Michael tried not to smile but couldn’t help it. “I didn’t do it. Your best friend did. She sent me in her to get some more Tabasco sauce, and that’s when the door closed behind me.”

Maria’s own eyes widened as she realized her own friend had done this and she flew back at the door and pounded on it.

“Liz! Get back here and open this door right now! You are so dead girl!” she tried to threaten through the door.

Michael chuckled and this brought Maria’s anger back to him.

“Why the hell can’t you unlock this with your powers if you’re such a big shot royal alien huh?” she spit out.

Michael wondered if that was what was bothering her. The fact that he and the others were supposed to be royalty.

“I can’t. She must have used her own powers to meld that shut. She must want us to talk.” Michael smiled again planning on thanking his sister later.

“OOOOOOOOOHHH!!!” Maria screamed in frustration and started pounding on the door again.

“Is that what’s bothering you? The Royalty crap?” Michael asked thinking he’d figured it out. “You don’t feel worthy of us anymore?” Michael stupidly added really trying to figure it all out.

“WORTHY OF YOU! Oooh! You stupid egotistical SPACE Pig! You should bow down to ME! You and your FRIGGIN soul mate wherever she is!” Maria spat in fury.

Michael felt like a sledge hammer had suddenly hit him over the head. “Friggin’ soul mate?” he repeated with raised eyebrows and a slow grin starting on his face.

Maria gasped as she realized what she’d given away and she turned back toward the door, her hand over her mouth.

Michael looked at the vulnerable way Maria hunched over facing the door away from him and his heart melted. He knew he was a goner, and he now had a pretty good idea Maria wasn’t uninterested either.

Tired of talking, and talk not being one of his best traits, Michael slowly turned Maria around and pulling her to him, he finally just did what he’d been dying to do and kissed her.

Max and Liz shook with laughter as they stood just out side the door of the supply closet and then grinned at each other when it finally quieted down.

“I think Michael gave up trying to talk to Maria.” Max said, his voice filled with humor.

Liz smiled and leaned back against Max. “Thank God! It’s about time!” she folded her arms around Max’s arms as they were crossed over her.

“Now can we focus on us.” Max said in her ear and Liz turned around and slid her arms around his neck.

“Just what did you have in mind Mr. Evans?” Liz smiled up at Max with lowered lashes and her flirtiest look.

Max swallowed and looking around, he lifted Liz onto the counter behind him and slid in between her legs. “Will you go out on a date with me on Friday night?” he asked as he leaned in closer to her, but just short of her parted, waiting lips.

“What?” Liz asked already fuzzy with passion from Max’s nearness and boldness as he pressed against her.

“Go out with me on a date Friday?” Max rolled his eyes teasingly at how easily Liz was distracted.

Liz saw that and punched his arm lightly. “Why should I!?” she threw back at him now with her chin raised jauntily.

“Because I love you.” Max smiled and captured her lips not waiting for her response.


Tess woke up from a nightmare with a sudden gasp. She looked over to where Isabel was still asleep and she ran to the window to open it and take in some fresh air.

She hoped it had just been a dream and not a premonition of something to come. God please let it have just been a dream! She prayed as she looked up at the dark night and the stars winking down at her as if they had a secret.


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Part 23

Liz turned the page in the book her Grandma Claudia had given them and continued to read, fascinated.

In all the commotion over the last week and a half, none of them had had a chance to actually read the special book the little alien had given her grandma all those years ago.

Claudia had explained a lot of it, as had the two guards, but the details were what had Liz enthralled. They had NOT been told everything.

Liz looked up from the couch where she was snuggled up reading, as the door flew open and Michael and Max came in.

“Who let them out of the storage room!?” Liz demanded to know with raised eyebrows. She was going to give Michael and Maria another half-hour before she went down and unmelted the door, if she could. “And where’s Maria?” Liz frowned worried. Had it not worked? Was Maria now on her way home in hysterics?

“I should kill you for what you did Liz.” Maria said coming through the door behind the two guys who were now staring at the frowning Liz.

“God she’s so cute when she’s pissed.” Max grinned and teased Liz, but his eyes were warm and honest with his love as he headed toward her.

“Maria…what?” Liz stood up wondering what had happened and looked from Michael still standing by the door, to Maria with her arms crossed standing in the doorway, and she couldn’t read either of them. She swallowed.

Michael suddenly let his sister off the hook because he couldn’t not hold Maria another second. He pulled her into his arms and Maria sighed as she came against his chest and rubbed her nose into his neck.

“But…I won’t. I guess I owe you babe.” Maria smiled and sighed, tears in her eyes as she mouthed thank you to her friend sincerely.

Liz let out her breath and smiled widely. “FINALLY! So…I guess you two are done fighting your fate?” she laughed as Max swooped her up in his arms and spun her around.

“My little matchmaker. Now you’ll never let us live it down that you were right.” Max sighed teasingly and then kissing her soundly on the lips, he put her down and hugged her to him.

Maria left Michael’s arms to run to her best friend and they hugged happily.

“You realize that we will be sister’s some day for real now?” Liz smiled, saying softly, and held her friend at arm length to meet her eyes.

“Well…I…we haven’t…”Maria blushed at that.

“You are his soul mate Maria. I felt it. Now you and he know it too. It’s just a matter of time.” Liz whispered and hugged her friend again happily.

“Thank you Lizzie.” Maria squeezed her best friend tightly and swallowed tears of joy.

“I owe you big time little one.” Michael said looking down at the two girls he loved and then hugged his sister as Maria let her go.

Max laughed at Liz’s overwhelmed face after the two had thanked her and were back in each other’s arms. Then he pulled Liz down on the couch with him and sat her on his lap.

“Maybe now that Michael has his own girl he’ll be a little bit less watchful of us.” Liz teased and she nipped at Max’s bottom lip.

“You wish!” Michael said with a grin at his friend who frowned up at him in between kisses from Liz.

“What’s that Liz?” Maria asked as she saw the book next to where Max was sitting.

Liz looked to where Maria was pointing and held up the book. “Oh! I was reading the book the little alien gave Grandma Claudia all those years ago. It’s fascinating!” she said jumping off of Max’s lap and coming to stand near Maria to show her some pictures.

Max sighed and stretched out on the couch just content to watch Liz moved around all animated and happy.

Michael slouched into a big armchair and exchanged content looks with Max. Now he knew how Max was happy just to watch his girl. He enjoyed watching Maria as she talked with Liz as well.

“Oh… and look at this… I found this fascinating! Max…do you have a birthmark on your butt?” Liz asked looking over at him under lowered lashes playfully.

Max stopped smiling, caught off guard and looked from Michael’s surprised face to Liz’s teasing one.

“How do you know?” he asked and then raised an eyebrow. “The book tells you THAT!?” he asked and sat up now interested as well.

“What the hell?” Michael too sat up straighter in the seat, his own attention now focused on the book his sister held.

“Can I see it?” Liz asked Max as she slowly walked over to him.

“Liz! No! Your brother and…” Max exclaimed red faced.

Liz laughed and then jumped back in his lap. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” she said nipping at his sexy neck.

“Yours?…what?” Max said pulling back and meeting her now serious eyes.

“What…what kind of birth mark?” Michael asked still seriously looking at Liz and the book she held.

“Is yours on your butt too Michael?” Liz asked with a knowing smile.

Maria perked up and raised an interested eyebrow at Michael and grinned devilishly.

“Mine is in there too!? Damn!” Michael shook his head at the strange feeling it gave him to know something so personal was in a book.

“Of course! You see they sort of branded us when they podded us. Max and I should have the same symbol and you Michael should have one from our family crest. Isabel and Tess will have one of their family crest…but mine and Max’s are a little different to show we were the …well… you know.” Liz said with unease. She still found it hard to think of herself as royalty.

“King and Queen.” Maria finished for her with a grin at her friend’s discomfort.

“Mom and dad found the marks on us kids fairly quickly when they found us and we assumed that the reason my birth mark was a little different from theirs was because I was the only male child. We all have it on our left cheeks.” Max answered, then grinned as he leered at Liz playfully now that he had gotten over the surprise.

“So we have the same birth mark huh? Is yours on your little tush too?” he said softly and looked at Liz intently.

“Yes.” Liz said blushing now. She didn’t like when the tables were turned.

“Hmmm…. We’ll definitely have to compare one of these days.” He said in a deep voice near her ear.

“Over my dead body until you’re married! Even if I have to watch you all the time!” Michael piped up receiving a frown from all three of the people in the room.

“Michael, don’t tempt me to go over your dead body.” Liz muttered and glared back at him.

Maria laughed and then gasped as Michael pulled her onto his lap with a grin.

“Don’t you just love to see the two of them squirm when I remind them that they are too young even though they were married in another life.” He asked Maria.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh now that she knew he loved torturing his sister and friend. Then she punched him in the arm. “You are horrid!”

Michael just nodded and kissed her suddenly.

“You aren’t really going to follow them around everywhere are you?” Maria asked against Michael’s lips as she glanced over at her friends who were looking intently into each other’s eyes again.

“To tell you the truth, I’m surprised Max has held out this long against Liz. I’ve got a wager with Alex and Kyle on when he will finally cave.” Michael admitted with a sly grin against Maria’s lips and stopped her giggle before the couple on the couch heard them.

However, the couple on the couch was too involved in each other to have heard anything.

“I am going to see that birthmark Max. It’s only a matter of time. And not too long a time either.” Liz promised Max as she looked down at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Max swallowed knowing one of these days he would not be able to fight Liz off. And he wondered if he was insane to be trying so hard to keep them from going any farther.


“I don’t care if the three eye witnesses have left town. I still want my two best agents on this sighting. Three men had the same story and now they’ve just mysteriously left town after reporting it to the local sheriff. I know Valenti; he’s a sharp one. If he had wanted them to stay they would NOT have been able to just leave like that. Something is up and I want to know what it is.” The Director of the Special Unit of the FBI spoke into his phone as he swiveled around in his big office chair and stared down at the big city below.

“Yes! You heard me. I want Topolsky and Pierce on this right away and they are to report ONLY to me!” The director barked into the phone before he slammed it down.

He stood and faced the huge window that overlooked the city below. “I know they are out there. And I think they are in Roswell, right under everyone’s noses.” He said softly and narrowed his eyes.

Max put down the phone smiling and looked up as Mrs. Parker came into the kitchen.

“How’s your family Max?” she smiled at him warmly. She had thought that having Max stay would have been more uncomfortable, but he was fitting in like a son to both her and Jeff. He was kind and thoughtful and caring, and the love and respect he showed Liz only strengthened their belief in Liz’s future with him. And they were very impressed with how well he managed to keep Liz happy, and yet not cross the line in their house or the promise he’d made to both sets of parents.

Nancy smiled to herself ruefully as she realized it was due to Max’s strong character that nothing had happened, since she knew her daughter was not making it easy on poor Max.

“They’re good. Mom thinks they might be out here in another week or 10 days. The people in our house here will be out in about a week.” Max said quietly.

Nancy smiled understandingly down at Max and sat down next to him at the kitchen table.

“And you’re not sure if you should be happy that they will be here or sad to leave Liz.” Nancy said knowingly, surprising Max completely.

He stared at Liz’s mom in shock then looked down at the table with a small half smile.

“Yeah. How’d you know?” he asked looking back at Mrs. Parker.

“Because I know how much you two mean to each other Max. I’ve seen the way you two are when you’re together and it not only leaves me in awe, but it humbles me. I don’t think my daughter could have found a better man.” She said sincerely knowing she was embarrassing Max, but wanted to get it out in case she never got the chance to tell him again.

“Thank you Mrs. Parker.” Max said softly and took her hand and kissed it gently. “Your acceptance means a lot to me and to Liz.” He replied with emotion thick in his voice.

“Max, I’ve known since the day Liz came to us that she had a whole other life ahead of her, and I’ve dreaded it all these years, knowing I would need to get used to it, but not really wanting to. Until I met you and have seen you with Liz. Now I can accept this other life Liz has been predestined for. I’m still terrified of all of the things that you two or rather all of you will have to face, but if she has to face it regardless of what I or Jeff do, then I’m glad she has you and Michael by her side.”

Max was about to thank her again, still amazed by her honesty, when Liz came into the room and crawled into Max’s lap.

She rubbed her eyes sleepily and yawned. “You were gone when I woke up.” She mumbled as she nuzzled her nose into Max’s neck.

Nancy smiled and exchanged knowing looks with Jeff as he entered the room and then with Max. They all knew about Liz’s nightly sleep walking now. And since it was harmless they didn’t complain. After all, they were in the same room with Michael.

Jeff winked at Max and shook his head in amazement. “You are truly a saint Max.” he chuckled seeing how much Liz was putting Max through and she didn’t even fully realize it.

Max just smiled ruefully at Liz’s parents and held Liz close to him, soothing her by rubbing his hand down her back. “It’s worth it.” He whispered and kissed the top of Liz’s head as she dozed back off in his arms.

“The sleep walking might be okay for now, but what happens when Max moves across town?” Michael asked coming in and grabbing Orange Juice out of the fridge and pouring some for everyone.

They all looked at Michael startled as he leaned against the counter. They hadn’t thought of that.

Max looked stunned. “You don’t think she’ll sleep walk all the way across town do you? She’ll have to wake up.” Max tried to assure them all.

“Yeah…at some point. But what if it’s as she pitches over the balcony?” Michael said drinking calmly.

Max turned deathly pale, as did both of the Parker’s.

Then Jeff saw how calm Michael was and turned to him. “So what’s the solution Michael? Obviously you’ve thought this through and come up with an idea to solve this, son.”

“Not exactly, I mean, it won’t come to her hurting herself. We can rig something to her so we will know if she starts to move around without knowing it in the middle of the night, but we do have to think of something better.” Michael said looking at his sister as she still slept peacefully in Max’s arms without a care in the world.

“Tie something to her? Like bells or something?” Nancy gasped. She could just imagine how well that would go over with her stubborn daughter. She’d be up half the night thinking Liz had taken off the ties and would hurt herself.

“Well, the only other thing I could think of is kinda crazy too, and I’m not sure I like the idea either.” Michael admitted with a sigh and raked a hand through is hair.

“Okay Michael, what? Anything’s got to be better than tying bells to Liz like some dog.” Max sighed himself and held Liz closer to him. He also knew his girl enough to know she would NOT stand for that and he would be terrified all the time that she would get herself killed.

Michael cleared his throat and looked around at the three people whose attention he had. “Well…the only other thing I could think of is to let Max and Liz stay together like they are.”

“Michael! I’m sure Mrs. Evans will NOT be ready to have her son move out of her house permanently yet! I know I wouldn’t be able to have Liz move out just yet.” Nancy exclaimed holding a hand to her chest in dismay.

“No…I figured that out, knowing Mrs. Evans is like you are mom.” Michael nodded agreeing. “So…I thought, they could spend one night at each house, or a week at each house.” He added and braced himself for their reaction.

Max just sucked in his breath. He would NEVER imagine getting that lucky. He couldn’t imagine all the parents agreeing to something like that so he said nothing, just held his breath waiting.

Jeff and Nancy were deadly silent as they looked from Michael to Max and then to their daughter who was so contently and peacefully sleeping in Max’s arms.

“We’ll have to talk with the Evan’s before we make any rash decisions.” Jeff finally sighed and just shook his head. He and Nancy had known that having a daughter who was an alien was going to make their lives different, but he hadn’t realized just how different they would have to see things.

Nancy just nodded her agreement with Jeff. They would just have to wait and see if they could come up with anything safer for Liz, and acceptable for them all. She didn’t mind Max staying here, but the thought of her daughter not sleeping here for probably the last two years she would be with her parents was hard on them.

“Well, I’m going to go get Maria. We’re going to have breakfast together before our shift this morning.” Michael announced and putting his glass in the sink he headed toward the door.

It had been two days since Michael and Maria had found each other, and Nancy and Jeff smiled happy for the two kids. “I’ll be down a little later to help with the lunch rush” Jeff called to him as Michael waved and headed out.

“I’m so happy they found each other.” Nancy sighed smiling. She knew how much Michael had been worried about his future after he’d heard it was predestined as well.

“And to think that Liz locked them in the supply room to get those two to realize what they meant to each other.” Jeff chuckled and shook his head.

“Have you talked about Liz’s ability to melt that door shut?” Nancy asked Max as she thought about her daughter’s growing powers.

“Not yet. I think we all need to experiment with our powers and see what we can do and can’t.” Max replied. They had so many things to do and they didn’t know how much time they had before this supposed enemy would come after them. For Max knew it was only a matter of time before their peaceful world was turned upside down.

“What are your plans today Max?” Jeff asked as he accepted the coffee his wife got up to pour for him.

“I’m thinking of looking for a job in town. The UFO center right across the street is looking for help.” He explained.

Jeff raised and eyebrow at Max and Nancy stared at him as well. “UFO Center?” Jeff said dryly.

Max chuckled. “Yeah…ironic as it is, I think it would be a good place to work. After all, who would expect an alien to be working there?” he grinned, pleased with the idea.

“He’s right about that.” Nancy laughed. “And tonight’s your big date night huh?” she smiled at Max.

Max blushed. “Yeah. Our first date since we were kids really.” He smiled down at Liz’s sleeping form and hugged her tightly to him.

Jeff and Nancy just smiled at each other, amazed at the reverence Max felt for their daughter.


Khivar paced the ship as he thought of what was to come.

“Sir, we should be arriving on earth in about a week to 10 days.” A guard stated as he came forward with the message from the bridge.

Khivar nodded and narrowed his eyes as he thought of his plans.

“Are you sure this means they are alive?” The woman sitting on the lounger asked of her lover as she watched him pace their spacious quarters anxiously.

“Yes. I’ve always suspected they had survived the crash. There was never a mention of pods being recovered from the ship. And now that there has been another incident in the Roswell area and a report worthy enough for the Special Forces to come into Roswell for, I think it’s definitely worth checking out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were under all of our noses all this time in Roswell, New Mexico. What better place to find them then were it all began.” Khivar said and dismissed the guard and turned to his lover Vilondra with excited eyes.

“This is it my love. If we succeed this time, you will not only be a mother to the most powerful child in the world, but a queen as well. For you and I will take the child I create with Elizabeth and we will become the king and queen of Antar instead of King Zan this time.” Khivar smiled coldly, the smile not reaching the cold black eyes.


Part 24

“Maria! Stop fiddling with my hair! I’m so nervous that your puttering is driving me crazy!” Liz sighed and sat on the bed twisting her hands in her lap.

“Liz, you have nothing to be nervous about! This is not your first date with Max. And the man beyond adores you!” Maria smiled at her friend and put a gentle hand over her friend’s nervous ones.

“I…I know Maria…it’s just…this is our first date as well grown people. We were just kids before.” Liz said looking down at their hands that were clasped.

“Liz? What’s really bothering you?” Maria asked meeting her friend’s eyes knowingly.

Liz smiled and held her friend’s eyes. “You know me too well. And it’s really annoying sometimes.” She said and then looked down at her hands again as Maria sat on the bed next to Liz.

“What is it Liz?” she asked softly. She couldn’t imagine what could have Liz so upset when she was going on a real date with Max, the man she had loved all her life. The man who would do anything for her in return.

“I…I wonder if I disappoint Max in some way.” She bit her lip after confiding her biggest fear.

“What?!” Maria said softly and turned Liz to her by the shoulders. “Liz! How can you think that?”

“It’s just…Maria…Max is so controlled. He won’t do more than kiss me. I know he says he wants to keep my parents’ respect…but…he won’t even do more than kiss me! I cant’ help but wonder if now that we’ve grown up that there is something about me that disappoints him.” Liz admitted with a sigh that was a half sob.

“Oh no you don’t! You will not feel sorry for yourself! Max LOVES you and you do know that. Deep down YOU KNOW THAT and always have! Liz? Where is this coming from?” Maria asked stunned and yet adamant. She was not about to let her friend go down this ridiculous path.

“I don’t know! You’re right. I know he loves me! And I know he wants me just as badly as I want him! I don’t know why I said that Maria! What’s wrong with me!? I’m so moody and unsure lately. I don’t know why I’m like this!” Liz sucked in her breath shakily and then the tears started rolling.

Maria just took Liz into her arms and let her cry. She didn’t know what to make of Liz’s odd behavior either. Liz have never doubted Max or his love for her even in the years they were apart. So where was all this insecurity and crying coming from? Then Maria raised an eyebrow and pulled back to look Liz in the eyes.

“Chica? Are you due for your period?” She asked.

Liz looked surprised at the question and then thought about it and nodded. “Next week. Why?” she asked with a frown.

“I think it has something to do with your hormones and your changes. Now that you are going through the changes to your body, I’m sure your hormones are even more wacked out. And lots of women normally over react and are sensitive during their periods. So…It could be that.” Maria explained.

“But I’ve never been one of those women that gets weepy and moody before.” Liz frowned, not liking the thought.

“But you weren’t going through these crazy changes either.” Maria reminded her with a small smile. “Right?”

“Right.” Liz sighed and nodded. Her friend was probably correct. Then her lip trembled and she burst into tears again. “God I’m a mess! Now Max will have to fight me off when I get the urge and listen to me cry and whine the rest of the time! He WILL hate me soon at this rate!” she sobbed into Maria’s arms again.

Maria raised her eyes to the ceiling looking for help. This was going to be a long year and ½!


Max paced the café as he waited for the time to pass. He had showered and dressed earlier and left the house so that Liz could get ready and he could come knocking on the door like a real date would. He was borrowing Maria’s Jetta since his jeep was still in L.A and Michael’s motorcycle wasn’t right for this first date.

He looked at the clock and then paced again.

“You’re going to wear out that floor Maxwell, if you keep that up.” Michael said from where he was sitting on the counter watching his friend’s nervousness with a half smile. “Besides, what are you so worried about? It’s just Liz? You two have known each other forever and dated for two years before you left.” Michael asked trying to figure out why both Liz and Max were a bundle of nerves.

“It’s different now Michael. Liz is …we’re grown up now and this is our first date as well, almost adults. And I want this to be special for Liz. I want her to remember this date always.” Max answered and caught the corner of his lip between his teeth as he worried.

Michael sighed and jumped off the counter. “Well, come on Romeo, it’s show time. It’s time to go get your girl.” Michael winked as he slapped Max on the back and they both headed up the stairs to the apartment above.


At the knock on the door, Nancy turned to Jeff with a smile, her eyes twinkling with amusement and with a growing high opinion of the young man on the other side of that door.

Jeff winked, agreeing with his wife as he opened the door to find Max and Michael at the door.

Michael breezed in and shrugged at the knock when he lived there, but no one questioned Max’s reason for knocking.

Jeff let Max in and smiled at the nervous looking young man he had come to know very well and highly respected like his wife did.

“I’ll let Liz know you’re here Max.” Jeff said formally and winked.

Max let out a breath and nodded, trying not to be so nervous. Like Michael said, this was Liz. And they loved each other and had dated before, even though the last time they had actually had a date was about 3 years ago.

“Lizzie! Max is here.” Jeff called out and went into the kitchen to join Nancy who stood in the doorway.

“Max you look great.” Nancy nodded sending him reassurance with the look.

“Thanks Mrs. Parker.” Max gave a small grateful smile and then looked toward Liz’s room as the door opened.

Maria emerged and came into the room, going to sit on the couch next to Michael who was now slumped over there watching the show with amusement in his eyes.

Liz came out of the bedroom and Max’s breath caught. Liz was always beautiful to him, but tonight she was stunning. Max looked her over, speechless.

Liz had on a thigh length satin dress in red that complimented her skin and body beautifully. The spaghetti straps leaving her delicate arms and neck bare for his inspection and hungry gaze. Her hair was down the way he loved it, looking like satin and curled at the ends gently. She was a vision and Max couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Liz finally looked down under the intense scrutiny of Max’s gaze and he finally could move. He cleared his throat and came to where Liz was still standing outside her room.

“God Liz…you take my breath away.” Max admitted honestly and reached for her hand.

Liz looked back up with a radiant smile and extended her hand into his big, strong warm one.

She was startled when Max raised it to his lips gently, and just ran his half-open mouth across her knuckles briefly before turning toward everyone and tucking her hand into his arm.

Everyone was smiling at them with a mixture of amusement at the first sweet awkward moments, and awe at the over whelming glow the two always had surrounding them when they were near each other.

“What time should I have her home Mr. Parker?” Max asked politely as he faced her father and mother.

“I think midnight will be fine Max. You two kids have a great time.” He smiled and waved them toward the door.

Nancy stepped forward and hugged Liz. “You look beautiful honey. Have fun.” She said and stepped back, tears of happiness in her eyes.

They turned to say goodbye to their friends and Max tried not to laugh out loud at Michael’s stunned expression. He bet Michael had never seen Liz all dressed up before and was just as shocked as Max.

Maria shared an intense look with Max, telling him with his eyes to keep Liz happy. Max nodded at the unspoken words and winked.

Liz mouthed thank you to Maria and then they were out the door.

As the door closed Michael was the first to speak. “When the hell did she grow up!?” he exclaimed in astonishment.

Maria giggled and Michael turned to her with a light in his eyes. “You think that’s funny?” he asked her.

“Extremely!” Maria laughed again and then screeched when Michael started tickling her as they rolled around on the couch.

Jeff and Nancy grinned as they went back into the kitchen to give the two some time together.

Michael finally let Maria sit back up and he met her eyes intently. “I cant’ believe it took me this long to realized what you mean to me.” He admitted gruffly and then felt awkward and looked down at their hands that were clasped.

“I can’t either Michael. It should have been obvious how special I was from day one.” Maria teased with a twinkle in her eyes. She knew to make it light since Michael was embarrassed by his honest feelings.

Michael knew she was making it easy for him and he smiled and let her know he appreciated her realizing it was still sometimes difficult for him to talk about his feelings. Living with the Parkers had helped open him up a lot, but he was still hesitant to be so open with his feelings in case they got trampled on.

“I love you Maria.” He whispered and then took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.


Max took Liz to a fancy restaurant that Maria suggested since Max didn’t know any place fancy. They drove to the next town over to find one as it was.

Max seated Liz and then moved his chair until it was right next to hers and sat down and took her hand.

Liz beamed at him and her smile shined in her eyes making her almost glow.

“Hello Sunshine.” Max smiled back at her. He could never get enough of just looking at Liz and knowing she was his and always would be. He loved that she couldn’t live without him and he couldn’t live without her. He loved that they craved each other’s touch even in sleep. For he knew he did too. One night Liz had gone to Maria’s for a girl’s night and he couldn’t sleep at all without Liz on him. It was a joke now about how Liz didn’t just sleep NEXT to Max, but always slept on him. But Max loved it. He craved her closeness just as much as she did his.

“Max, my Max.” Liz said softly as she reached out a hand and caressed his cheek and jaw lightly with her fingers.

Max sucked in and his jaw tightened. He knew Liz was just touching him casually and lovingly, but he suddenly got an urge and had to clamp down on it.

Liz’s eyes widened and her hand froze on his jaw as she met his now heated gaze.

“Guess we can’t hide much from each other huh?” Max bit the side of his lip with his teeth in that nervous gesture of his.

Liz shook her head, agreeing with him. His powerful feeling of need had rushed right from him to her and now she too was needy. “Max…” Liz started, not knowing what to say.

“It’s okay love. Let’s just take deep breaths and enjoy our first real dinner date together okay?” Max said softly and took her hand in both of his and caressed it and then kissed it gently. All the while his eyes never left hers.

Liz smiled in agreement. She took a deep breath and it was shaky, but just touching Max helped their need.

During their dinner they talked of everything and anything. They could never run out of things to say to each other. They talked of what they wanted in the future and the past two years without each other, and the funny little stories each had missed while they had been apart.

Then Liz’s eyes turned serious. “Max…we haven’t talked about…our powers…my…my powers that are starting to awaken, and how important all of these senses and gifts we have will be when our enemies…”

“Liz.” Max interrupted her. “I know we haven’t talked about that yet. And we will. We’ll get together with Michael and then again all of us when Isabel and Tess get here. But tonight is our night and I don’t want to think of feuding worlds and enemies. Tonight it’s just Max Evans and the woman he’s loved all his life, on their first grown up date.” He smiled gently at her, his eyes caressing her soul as she met his gaze.

Liz was mesmerized by the look and could only nod. Then she smiled and tilted her head a little in a flirty way. “Just how grown up of a date is this Max?”

Max knew what she was asking and his own eyes heated up again, and then he saw Liz’s eyes dancing with suppressed laughter and he knew she was flirting with him and he loved it, and wanted to give her something.

“Hmmm…. Probably not as grown up as you’d want, but more than when we were 14.” He answered in a deep husky voice as he leaned in closer to her to whisper near her ear.

Liz caught her breath realizing Max was letting her know that they were finally going to do more than just kiss tonight. Her heart started racing and she couldn’t breathe.

She met Max’s eyes and saw his narrow as he felt her rush of passion and excitement. He tightened his grip on her hand for a second and then let it go completely as he stood up.

Liz saw the unmistakable need Max’s body couldn’t hide and her eyes widened in fascination and hunger.

She looked from his sex up to his eyes and saw Max looking down at her with half-lidded eyes of burning need himself and also amusement as he watched Liz stare at him. He wasn’t embarrassed at all to have Liz know how he felt about her or see what she did to him. After all, he was hers completely, even if they hadn’t cemented that yet.

Max saw Liz blush as she was caught staring but he just chuckled and then held out a hand for her. “Dance with me.” Max said softly.

Liz looked up again and took his hand; almost in a trance with the hot burning looks Max was giving her. She stood up and followed Max to the dance floor.

Liz sighed as Max pulled her tightly into his comforting arms and she rested her head on his chest. The way she was so used to doing now, and listened to his heartbeat. This was usually how she fell asleep now, with the sound of Max’s heartbeat in her ear. But right now, she could hear his heartbeat racing in time to match her own, and she could feel the brush of his erection against her stomach as Max held her tightly against him.

Liz smiled, loving the fact that tonight; Max wasn’t trying to keep his body away from her so as not to tempt himself or her too much. She wiggled closer to him, caressing his hard erection with her tummy as she did, and grinned up at him when Max moaned low in her ear and she felt the rumble in his chest.

“I love you Liz.” Max smiled back down at her, knowing exactly how much Liz loved teasing him and having the freedom to.

“I know Max. My Max. I love you so much too!” Liz admitted as Max smiled and pulled her even closer.

They swayed to the music for a few songs, not even paying attention to the words…just the beat of it, and the matching beat of their hearts. Max looked down and noticed Liz’s eyes were closed as she peacefully lay her head on his chest and swayed with him. He smiled himself at the rush of contentment that went through him, and he leaned his chin gently on Liz’s head and closed his own eyes and just enjoying having Liz snuggled close in his arms.

As they drove away from the restaurant, their hands were clasped on Max’s thigh and both were humming with suppressed hunger.

Liz knew she was going to burst if Max didn’t kiss her soon and she knew he was feeling the same way but the way he was holding her hand so tightly and his other hand was fisted around the steering wheel so tightly.

She could feel the rock hard granite of his thigh under their hands, and the flexing of his jaw as he tried to hold it together. Their connection made them aware of the others need, which only fueled them both even more.

“Where are we going Max?” Liz asked, the first words she was able to say since they had left the restaurant. Her need was so great she could barely talk.

“The reservoir, is that okay?” he asked in a deep husky voice. It was almost raspy from the passion burning him.

Liz just whimpered and keeping her hand in his, she turned to rest her head on the cool glass window and nodded. “Just hurry.” She finally managed to say.

Max pulled into the quiet dark area, hit the lights off and turned off the engine. “Come here.” He said hoarsely as he gently pulled Liz into his arms and she climbed up onto him to face him.

Max just moaned and opened his mouth over hers and thrust his tongue into her sweet dark recesses letting her know what he wanted to do with their bodies.

Liz clung to Max and sighed deep into his hot demanding mouth.

Max couldn’t get enough of the taste of Liz and he ran his hands into her hair on either side of her face and held her closer for his devastatingly deep kisses. God he loved the sweet and dark tastes of her.

Liz couldn’t get enough of Max either, and her tongue dueled with his and chased his back into his mouth so she could now explore all of Max’s tastes and desires. She didn’t even realize when she started moving on him.

Max froze for a second when Liz began rubbing against him in a hard motion, but then he knew he couldn’t stop it and didn’t want to. If he couldn’t make love to her, at least he could give her pleasure. He mentally kept himself in check as he helped her movements with his hands on her tush.

When they had to come up for air, Liz threw her head back and arched into his chest with hers, almost at a peak already with the friction they were creating between their hot bodies.

Max’s hands trailed up from her cute, incredibly tempting tush to her back and then around to her front slowly.

Liz whimpered when she felt Max’s hot hands just resting on her hips, and then slowly glide up to cup her fullness in each hand finally.

Max was shaking with his own need and his fear of not pleasing Liz, but the feel of her soft round little perky breasts in his hands was almost his undoing. Groaning he leaned into her arched body and opened a mouth over one cloth covered mound. He was able to feel her nipple pucker under his hot open mouth as he wet the material and he groaned against her.

Liz cried out at the contact with first his hands and then his hot mouth and his name raced across the open desert as she wrapped her fingers through his hair and held him closer.

Max tried to keep under control enough to measure Liz’s level of pleasure and feel what pleased her and what didn’t, and he concentrated on loving her until she was complete.

Liz was almost there…she could feel her world start to tilt and her head start to spin. She closed her eyes as her own wet heat rubbed harder against Max’s throbbing erection and she threw here head back on a gasp.

Just before she went over she felt Max fighting not to join her and she lifted her head, opened her eyes and met his burning ones as he watched her come apart in his arms.
“No Max! Please…come with me. Please!” Liz begged and she let him know that she too would fight the pleasure if he wasn’t going to be with her.

Max knew she meant is and he gave up the fight. With a deep growl, Max lifted his hips to add to their already fiery bodies’ friction, and opened his mouth over Liz’s again and held her tight as felt them both went over the edge.

Their mouths broke apart and both of them cried out at the unbelievable feelings that shattering them into a million pieces them as they came together.

Liz was shaking uncontrollably and sobbing as she fell back into Max’s strong arms and he closed them around her. His own breath was shaky and his heart and throat were so full of emotion, he couldn’t speak.

He couldn’t believe he had lost control like that. He had planned to just take Liz up here and please her, thinking he could keep himself in check. But that went out the window the instant her beautiful doe eyes pleaded with him to come with her.

With eyes still closed, Max ran a hand down Liz’s back and pulled her even tighter to him. Neither could speak from the intense, earth shattering emotions still coursing through their bodies.

Finally Liz whispered against his heaving chest. “Wow…”

Max could only grunt in agreement as he kissed the top of her head and held her, memorizing every sight, sound and thought on this night of firsts. And only the first of many firsts to come.

“God, I love you Liz!” Max said when he could finally manage to say anything.

Liz lifted her head and her own love hit him full force taking his breath once more.

Liz just smiled. “I love you my Max, thank you.” And then she let her mouth open up under his once more.

“We better get back.” Max finally sighed and helped Liz shift off of him.

Liz giggled at the mess between them and Max chuckled. He should be embarrassed for his lack of control, and with all their clothes on, but nothing he did with Liz could ever be something to be embarrassed about.

With a hand he waved it over both of them and there were no signs left of any of the intense pleasure they had enjoyed.

“Handy!” Liz laughed and then straightening her dress, she sighed as she reseated herself in the passenger seat and met Max’s eyes that were blazing with love.

“Can we do this again tomorrow night?” Liz asked shyly and her answer was a groan and a hard kiss before Max pulled back out onto the road leading back to Roswell.

He wondered if Michael would let them borrow the motorcycle tomorrow night.


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Part 25

Hands held tightly together, Max and Liz made their way into the apartment. They had both expected someone to still be up since it was only 1am on a Friday night, but the house was dark and quiet. Only a small light in the kitchen was left on to guide them.

Max led Liz into the kitchen and went over to the fridge. “Are you hungry?” he asked softly, not wanting to wake anyone else up.

Liz shook her head and sat down at the table with a soft content smile on her face.

Max gave her a side ways look and couldn’t help the small satisfied grin that crossed his face as he realized Liz had been like that since they’d left the reservoir.

He was hungry, but couldn’t decide what to eat. Then it hit him. He opened the freezer and took out the ice cream, a plate and a spoon. He pulled down the Tabasco sauce and came and sat down next to Liz at the table with a smile on his face.

Liz had been watching Max just enjoying the view of his tush as he faced the fridge and moved around getting things. She was content, but the stirrings of need for Max were never far under the surface.

Max lifted the spoon of chocolate chip ice cream and took a taste that was smothered in Tabasco sauce.

He sighed as it hit the spot and closed his eyes for a second to enjoy the flavor.

Liz felt a jolt of desire run through her at Max’s totally pleased look, and swallowed as she just continued to watch.

Max opened his eyes and saw Liz’s awareness simmering in her eyes.

He sucked in his own breath and then dipped into the bowl for another scoop and when he brought the spoon back out, he placed it before Liz’s lips.

Liz smiled and opened her mouth unable to resist Max or the ice cream. She had only recently learned to adore Tabasco, wondering all these years why food was boring to her, until Michael had put some on her food when he’d first come to live with them.

Max watched the spoon disappear into Liz’s beautiful rosy mouth and he swallowed as he watched her suck the ice cream off the spoon and let him pull it back out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm…” Liz sighed and leaned closer for another taste as Max dipped the spoon back in without taking his eyes off of Liz’s rapturous look.

His gut tightened as he repeatedly fed her the ice cream until it was almost gone. He was in agony, but he wouldn’t have stopped watching or feeding her for anything.

Liz suddenly took the spoon from Max and began feeding him the last few scoops, thoroughly enjoying watching Max eat off the spoon as she knew he had enjoyed watching her do.

Max could feel Liz’s humming need added to his and knew they were both feeling the want to be close again.

Max cursed himself for allowing them to go so far in the Parker’s house. He knew better than to tempt himself with Liz like this in the house. But after their night of closeness, his guard had been down and he’d wanted to continue to please Liz and watch her, and just enjoy their fervor simmering in the air.

Max groaned when Liz’s huge eyes skimmed over his body and landed on the huge erection he was sporting once again.

He jumped up and tried not to cry out when Liz licked her lips, continuing her perusal of his tight pants with her usual doe eyed mix of curiosity and excitement.

He put the bowl in the sink, rinsed it and hoped he could get back under control before he turned back to Liz. He blamed himself for getting them all worked up again. He should have known better than to try to watch Liz eat again after the affect dinner had had on him.

“Max…” Liz whispered from behind him. “I’m going to bed. You coming?” she asked quietly, knowing Max was working on his control.

“In a minute.” He said hoarsely and without turning around.

Liz just nodded and was glad he didn’t turn around to see the smile on her face as she walked toward her room.

She quickly undressed and got in a tiny spaghetti strap t-shirt and her silk blue boxers that she knew Max liked, and then climbed out her window and onto the balcony to wait for Max.

Ever since everyone had realized that Liz was going to be sleeping on Max whether they tried to stop her or not, they had agreed to let Michael have his own room back and for Liz and Max to share Liz’s room, providing the door stayed open. That on top of everything else kept Max respecting the Parker’s wishes. Their trust in him was unbelievable and he swore he would never break it. He would never take Liz in the Parker’s house until they were married.

Max finished the dish and had nothing else to do but head to the bedroom. He didn’t want to turn on the TV and wake anyone in the bedrooms off the living room, so he braced himself as he went into Liz’s room, leaving the door open as usual.

He saw the bathroom was empty and then looked and saw she wasn’t in bed either. He smiled and went to join her on the patio.

Sure enough Liz was snuggled up in a lounge chair writing in her journal. She beamed when Max approached. She sighed when he scooped her up, and sat down and cuddled her against him as he stretched out to watch the stars.

Liz continued writing as Max just ran a hand up and down her shoulder as he put his head back against the chair and closed his eyes drinking in the quiet night. The hum of need was still there, but they both knew they could suppress it as long as they were touching in some way.

Max couldn’t wait for the day when Liz was legally his and he could take her back into their bedroom after a peaceful night outside like this, and make love to her all night long. Really make love to her.

Liz froze and held her pen tightly as she felt and saw Max’s thoughts. Max realized too late that they had connected in his mind, and his head flew back up off the chair and he met her eyes.

“I’m sorry baby.” He said sincerely. He had not meant to get either of them worked up again tonight. Not at the house.

Liz sighed knowing he couldn’t help his thoughts, just as she couldn’t help hers and she smiled shyly looking down at his chest instead of his eyes.

“It’s okay…I have the same thoughts and dreams.” Liz admitted.

“I know, I’ve seen them as well when you’re asleep sometimes and I’m awake, just holding you close.” He admitted too, and smiled wider when Liz looked up at him with large eyes.

“You never gave me a kiss goodnight at the door Max. It was our first date and you didn’t kiss me at the door.” Liz said suddenly.

Max’s own eyes widened and he smiled. “Well, we can’t have that!” he whispered and moving closer to her lips, he caressed them once, watching how red and sweet and wet they looked waiting for him. He moaned and opened his mouth over her offering one, giving her all of the love he was feeling.

Tonight had been very special. The first of many firsts for them. Max had been overwhelmed by the passion between them tonight and still couldn’t believe how easily Liz opened to him and trusted him in every way. He showed her again how much he loved her with his mouth and poured his emotions into her as he dove deep into her darkest recesses to enjoy all of her flavors.

The taste of Max, their passion and the ice cream and Tabasco all sent Liz spinning and she dropped the journal and clung to Max as if she would fall if she didn’t.

Max’s arms tightened around hers as he too felt his head spin at the tastes and sounds and feel of Liz all around him. He knew he would be a very content guy if he could just kiss Liz for the rest of his life. Just kissing Liz was better than anything else with anyone else in the universe.

Finally, Max carried Liz back into the bedroom and laid her on the bed and then moved back to pull out his clothes from one of the drawers he’d gotten. He smiled at her as he watched her stretched out on the bed looking happy, and then headed toward the bathroom to change.

“Max!” Liz whispered and sat up leaning on her hands. Max met her eyes and knew what she wanted. They had become so much closer tonight, and she wanted that to continue. And he wanted to give her that. He wanted them to be closer, more intimate, even if they couldn’t cement their love just yet.

Smiling shyly, but still meeting her eyes he gave in and changed in front of her.

Liz’s eyes opened wide and she swallowed as she realized Max was going to give in to her plea.

She watched as he unbuttoned the shirt he had on and shrugged it off, her breath catching as she looked at his chest. She saw it all the time, but it always took her breath away.

“Max…you must have really worked out while you were in California.” Liz couldn’t help but say softly as her eyes caressed his sleek, powerful build.

Max chuckled and grinned at her. “I had to do something to work off all that excess energy I had being away from you.” He admitted.

Liz smiled brightly at that and then her eyes narrowed as he began to undo the button on his pants and let them slide down his legs.

Liz bit her lip to keep from crying out for Max when she saw his huge erection tenting his boxers. He was so beautiful to her!

Then Max took a pair of light cotton pajama pants and slipped them on.

Liz’s look of disappointment made Max laugh. “Liz there is just so much I can take! Give me a break here woman.” He said with love in his eyes.

Liz pouted knowing he was right, but wanting more. However, she smiled as he came toward the bed and she moved over to allow him to climb in and then she sighed as she crawled up on top of Max and claimed her usual place. Max sighed in contentment and wrapped his arms about Liz. He was used to his constant state of arousal around Liz and even when he just thought of her, so he blocked it out and closing his eyes, he enjoyed just being able to be this close to Liz at night.

Liz too was content just having Max in her bed with his arms wrapped around her. She closed her eyes, with a smiled as bright as the sun, and listened to the sound of Max’s heartbeat as it lulled her to sleep as usual.


Liz, Maria and Michael hustled around the Crashdown on Saturday afternoon as the lunch rush just kept coming, even after normal hours. It was such a beautiful day that it seemed everyone was out and about and would stop in to eat on their way to wherever they were going.

Max finished work at the UFO Center across the street, his first day at his new job, and came into the café to sit in a booth to wait for the others to get finished with their shift. He just loved to watch Liz. He could do nothing but sit and watch her all day if he had to.

Liz saw Max come and sit down at their favorite booth; she lit up when she saw him, and quickly finished serving the people at one of her tables.

Maria was free for the moment and it was her area today where Max sat, but she only smiled and turned to take Liz’s next table knowing Liz was heading for Max.

“Hi, welcome to the Crashdown may I take your order?” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Max tried to hold back his own smile and played along. “Yeah, I’m starving actually. There’s this one thing I’ve been craving all day.” He said seriously and looked up from the menu he had grabbed.

Liz was curious and tilted her head wondering what he was going to ask for. “Yes?” she asked professionally and took out her pad to take the order seriously.

“There’s this girl who works here. She’s so hot she drives me insane and I’ve been dying for her all day. She’s all I’ve been able to think about since I woke up with her all over me this morning.” Max whispered and met Liz’s surprised and then excited eyes.

She laughed and Max pulled her into his arms and covered her still laughing mouth with his hot one. He was serious. He had been dying for a kiss from Liz. He couldn’t believe how strong his own needs were. Max found he needed regular tastes of Liz like he needed food and water.

He had started to get edgy right before his shift at the UFO Center had ended and he couldn’t figure out why, until he’d come into the Crashdown and seen Liz. All of a sudden he was calm and at peace.

Liz stopped laughing and moaned as Max took her mouth like a thirsty man. She dropped her order pad and flung her arms about his strong neck and held on.

Michael and Maria exchanged looks and rolled their eyes at the public display that Max and Liz never cared about making.

Maria secretly loved watching the two and knew Michael was very happy for his sister and his best friend as well. But what was a brother and friend for it not to give them a hard time Michael had told Maria just the other night.

“Well, when did we add the free entertainment for our customers?” Jeff Parker said as he came into the kitchen and looked out to where Michael and Maria were looking through the pass through.

Michael laughed and Maria giggled. They knew Jeff wasn’t upset, that he and his wife found it just as amusing that the two were so gone on each other.

“It’s a good thing I love that boy like my own.” Jeff sighed as he turned away from the spectacle. It was still hard to watch his daughter so passionately in love.

“Well it’s a good thing he isn’t yours then isn’t it.” Michael winked and had them all laughing again.

When Liz finally came over to the counter to get Max an order of fries, she raised an eyebrow in puzzlement at the three still in the kitchen laughing.

“Can I get an order of fries for Max?” Liz asked innocently.

“I thought he already got what he came for.” Maria piped up and had them all laughing again.

Liz turned red and then had to laugh with them. She adored her family and friends for how they accepted her and Max’s unusual situation.

“So, you guys are all off in 5 minutes, have any special plans this afternoon?” Jeff asked as he got ready to take over for them.

“We’re all going to the reservoir to swim and play some football.” Michael answered as he began to take off his cooking smock when he saw his replacement coming in the back door.

“Careful at that place kids. You know you shouldn’t be out there swimming.” Jeff said and then just shook his head when they all smiled. He remembered how that had been a popular hang out when he was young as well.

“Have fun and be careful!” He called out as Maria and Liz gave him hugs before they ran upstairs to change, and Michael headed out to wait with Max.

Max was smiling contently and just listening to the music when Kyle and Alex came in. “Oh not again. Romeo just looks too happy these days.” Alex quipped and sat across from Max and gave him a disgusted look but then ruined it with a smile.

“Where are the girls? We want to get going! The days a wasting!” Kyle called out as Michael came out of the back room alone.

“They went up stairs to change.” He said sliding in next to Max and across from Kyle and Alex.

He grabbed the football from Kyle and rolled it around the table while they waited.

“How much football are we really going to be able to play with the girls along.” Kyle asked with a grin.

“They invited some girl friends of theirs from school too.” Max told the two with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Kyle and Alex looked up, startled, and then Kyle shrugged. “Cool. Wonder who they’ve invited?”

“Hopefully someone you haven’t already dated.” Alex teased and ducked when Kyle threw a fake punch at him.

“Who would you like to see there Alex?” Kyle asked. “That Wendy chick is really into you.”

Alex just looked uncomfortable and met Max’s knowing eyes. Nothing had been said between him and Isabel before she had left, but he felt that there was something there, and he was waiting for her to come back to hopefully explore it.

“Okay guys! Let’s go!” Maria called out as she and Liz swung through the back door.

Max jumped up and Liz slid into his arms as they all headed out to the cars.


The phone rang and a hand reached out to grab it before it rang again. “Yes.” The man answered abruptly.

“Everything is in place sir. They have no idea.” Came the voice on the other end.

“Good! Keep me informed.” Was the man’s response before he replaced the phone back in its cradle and smirked.


Part 26

It was a beautiful afternoon with some high clouds keeping the sun from beating down too hard on the open reservoir.

The gang climbed out of the two vehicles they had come in and started for the trail leading down toward the water.

Max helped Liz out of Maria's car that Alex had driven, so Maria could ride on the back of Michael's motorcycle.

“What are so many cars doing here?” Alex asked looking around.

Maria jumped off the back of Michael's motorcycle and met up with Liz at the car.

"I don't know. We just invited Wendy and Barbara from our history class cause they said it sounded like a good day to go to the water. But they probably told their friends." Maria shrugged.

"Good! Maybe they'll be more guys to play football with." Kyle grinned as he tossed the ball to Michael who had just joined them.

"And some cute girls huh Kyle?" Max threw out to him as he led Liz carefully down the trail.

"You got it!" he called out with a smile, but couldn't help the image of Tess that kept popping up when he thought of woman. He swore and shook it off.

Max and Alex dropped the cooler down where Maria and Liz placed the towels, and they looked around. It seemed most of Roswell High was also taking advantage of the warm weather.

"Hi Alex!"

They all turned at the sound of the soft voice and Alex groaned low so that only Max could hear.

Max gave him a crooked half smile of amusement and winked at his friend as Wendy Fisher came running up to them.

"Max...are you coming in the water?" Liz asked as she lifted her t-shirt over her head and kicked off her shorts. She loved to swim and wanted to swim with Max.

Max just stared at Liz as she stripped down to her yellow bikini and then he swallowed.

"Ahhh..yeah.. I think I better... I need to cool off." he said in a tight voice and took off his own shirt.

Liz smiled and walked up to him until their chests were almost toughing. “Hmmm I just love you without your shirt on you know. I love how you smell and how it puts me to sleep at night when I lie against that big strong chest.” She whispered in his ear.

Max growled low in his throat and pulled Liz into his arms till they were pressed intimately together.

“You are asking for it Liz Parker.” He said in a low husky voice, his own lips hovering over her mouth.

“Yes…I am Max Evans. I want it very much. I want you so much.” She whispered back and throwing her arms around him, she pulled his head down for a hot kiss that was full of need.

Max groaned but pulled her even closer, wrapping his arms around her butt and pulling Liz up so she could wrap her legs around his waist as he continued the kiss, delving deeply into Liz’s mouth drowning in her tastes that he lived for.

Liz’s whimpering and wiggling movements against him broke him out of the spell Liz could always weave.

He tore his mouth away from Liz’s much to both of their disappointment, and he remembered where they were.

He looked around and noticed that most of their friends had wandered off to either swim or find a place to lay out.

But then he saw one young woman he’d never seen before, looking at him with hot eyes that raked over his body as she sat about 10 feet away on a blanket. She met his eyes unabashed when he caught her watching, and she only narrowed her eyes more, letting him know she was very interested.

Max swore and turned, with Liz in his arms, and walked straight into the water. He’d be damned if he’d give her the peep show she had obviously been enjoying. And he could not, in his physical state right now, put Liz down without giving the girl more of the show.

Liz too had seen the girl about their age, devouring Max, and she threw a frown toward the young woman as she now faced the girl as Max walked them into the water with her still wrapped around him.

MINE! Liz’s eyes pierced the girl’s warningly, until the young woman finally turned away.

Liz hated her immediately. She was big and buxomly and curvy and had long blond hair and a killer tan and body, that made Liz feel small and childlike.

Max squeezed Liz tighter to him, all of a sudden getting a wave of her thoughts, and growled in her ear.

“Don’t DO that! You are the sexiest woman in the world to me. Don’t you know that? My body comes to attention and screams for yours when I just THINK about you. She’s too tall, too curvy and too blond, and NOT my type.” Max assured Liz with a frown.

He was surprised that she needed the reassurance. Liz had never been insecure of his love and need for her. But then, he had been the model of restraint until last night. He frowned wondering if he was making Liz insecure.

He stepped into the water and waded them in till he was at his waist and Liz’s little tush was just touching the water above his arms.

“Liz?” Max waited until Liz pulled back from her strong grip around Max’s neck, and met his eyes. “You know I love you and you can FEEL how much I want you. What’s wrong Sunshine?” he asked softly, puzzled.

Liz’s eyes filled with tears as she nodded at Max’s words. She DID know he was all hers. And she hated that little insecurity that had popped up. Maria must be right, she thought. Her hormones were wacky now too. Liz bit her lip and hugged Max tighter to her again.

“I know! I’m sorry. Maria thinks it’s my hormones mixing with the alien changes we’re going through.” Liz explained burying her head in his neck.

“How come my hormones aren’t doing that?” Max asked with confusion.

Liz lifted her head from his shoulder and giggled. “Cause you don’t get a period every month that wacks out your hormones even more than usual!” Liz answered honestly.

Max blinked realizing what she was saying and then his eyes widened. “You mean you’re going to have WORSE PMS than some woman have? WORSE than ISABEL? GOD she’s frightening to be around when she’s PMSing!” Max shuddered.

Max was half teasing Liz, but when he saw her bottom lip tremble, he looked alarmed. “Oh God! Are you PMSing now?” he asked in alarm and then in disappointment. He’d had plans for tonight since Michael had said they could borrow the motorcycle.

Liz felt his thoughts and then giggled. “No… next week. We can still do whatever you have planned tonight. I can’t wait Max. I really can’t.” Liz whispered meeting Max’s relieved and hot eyes with her own.

“Me either Liz.” Max admitted and taking her mouth once more, he walked them into the water until it was up to their necks. “Now no one can see the affect you have on me.” He teased with a wink.

“Hmmm… then no one can see if I do this?” Liz whispered and biting her lip she brushed her hand over Max’s solid erection under his suit, that had been making her melt for years. She had so wanted to explore him, and she couldn’t wait anymore.

Max stiffened and his eyes widened. Liz had never touched him there before. He knew she had always wanted to, but she had never been so bold. He figured the water hiding them was making her bolder.

Liz pulled her hand away after a brief touch, and looked into Max’s stunned expression and bit her lip wondering if she had gone to far.

“Max…I’m sorry I…”

“God Liz! Your touch just went through me like lightning honey! Don’t be sorry. Don’t ever be sorry about anything we do. God Liz…how have I lived without your touch until now!” Max groaned in amazement. Just that quick feel of Liz’s small little hand hesitantly exploring him had turned him to stone everywhere! He was as hard as a rock right now and his body was humming so strongly he was shaking.

“Max…I want so much to…” Liz started, feeling the humming need running through Max, which caused her own need to accelerate beyond the normal teen passion. The alien need was starting to kick in again.

“I know honey! I know…tonight baby, tonight I’m yours.” He whispered in her ear with a promise that he hoped would get them both through the day.

“Wow! Are those two ALWAYS like that?” Wendy turned to Alex as she watched Max and Liz from where she and Maria were floating in the water.

Alex turned from his conversation with Maria, to where Wendy was looking, not knowing what she was talking about, and then noticed the intense way Max and Liz were talking and clinging to each other. He just grinned and shrugged. “They’ve always been yeah. Since they were kids they’ve been really close.” Alex explained since Wendy was fairly new to the area.

“Hmmm… must be nice…to be that close.” Wendy smiled now, giving Alex a longing look.

Alex panicked and turned to Maria

Maria had been listening lazily to Wendy and Alex as she floated contentedly in her tube, and now looked sharply at Alex when Wendy had started flirting. She knew Alex didn’t want that from Wendy, and so she tried not to smile at his panicked look when she met his eyes.

“Speaking of close, how’s Isabel doing Alex? She must be so excited to be coming home next week. I’ll bet she misses you.” Maria said.

Alex’s eyes widened at Maria’s words. He didn’t know where he and Isabel stood, and he certainly didn’t want it getting around that they were an item, before she even got back to Roswell!

Maria saw Alex’s panic and giggling, she patted his arm to assure him it was okay.

But before she could say anything, she felt a tug under her, and she screamed as she was suddenly sucked under.

She resurfaced and hit her attacker on the shoulder as she sputtered. “Jerk!” she laughed and then screeched again as Michael grabbed her up in his arms and tossed her a ways into the water, and she went under again.

Alex watched as Michael chased Maria around the water, listening to her giggling, and was happy for them. He was happy for both couples, and hoped he too was soon part of a happy couple as well.

Kyle walked out of the water and up to where Alex was just drying himself off. “So are we going to get a game going or what? I don’t know if Max or Michael will be interested but there are enough others around.” Kyle smirked playfully as he nodded toward their two friends who were still romping in the water with their better halves, or so Kyle like to call them.

“Yeah, and Michael said to shout to him when we were ready, that he would play.” Alex finished putting on his sneakers and went to the water’s edge.

Kyle threw himself down next to his stuff and put on his sneakers so they could go up to the grassy area while Alex called out to Michael.

“Hi.” A soft voice said from behind Kyle.

He spun around not having heard anyone, and then did a double take. A beautiful tanned redheaded young woman about their age smiled down at him.

“Well hey.” He said and stood up brushing the sand off his swim trunks.

“I’m Melody, Melody Smith.” The girl said holding out her slim attractively manicured hand and Kyle automatically took it.

“Kyle, Kyle Valenti.” He said and then pulling his hand back, he tossed the football he had in his hands. “You’re new around here aren’t you?”

“Yeah, My parents just moved us here last week. I heard a lot of the school was going to come to the water hole today and thought I’d get to know some people.” The girl smiled in a friendly way.

“Good idea. Who have you met so far?” He asked looking around as the girl did too.

“A nice girl named Wendy and one named Gina, and another named Rachel.” Melody said pointing out the girls.

Kyle nodded and tried not to wince. He had dated Gina and Rachel and hoped they hadn’t already warned her about him. “Ah yeah… I know them.” He said with a half smile and then clearing his throat he straightened up.

“Well, a bunch of us are going to play football, but if you’d like, we’re all going to hang out at the Crashdown Café later, you could come along.” He invited her.

“Really? I think I might be able to make it.” She smiled and looked up under long lashes and then gave him a shy smile.

Kyle nodded. “Great.” He said and watched her walk away as Alex came up to him.

“Your newest conquest?” Alex quipped.

Kyle turned to Alex and pretended to slug him. “No. She’s new and just introduced herself. I told her to come by later when everyone goes back to the Crashdown.” Kyle explained.

“Hmmm…well the way she looks, and the way she was looking at you, something tells me it won’t be long before she’s your next conquest.” Alex said and started past Kyle, grabbing the football out of his hands and heading up toward the grassy area.

Kyle looked back at the tall slim redhead with the very nice build. She was sexy and seemed nice enough, he thought to himself. But he didn’t feel anything special for her. Not like Max and Michael did for Liz and Maria, not the way Alex obviously felt for Isabel. Not the way he felt about… He cut his thoughts off and swore. Damn! He was not going there again! He was not going to think about Tess that way. She wasn’t for him. He was just a regular guy from a small town while she was not only beautiful, but of Royal Blood as well! He looked at the redhead again and thought…maybe he should ask her out after all.


After a full day of sun and fun, the weary group headed back to town. Max had even taken some time away from Liz to join the guys in a game of football, and many of the Roswell High guys participated, causing quite a large game, and lots of spectators.

Liz was relaxed and exhausted from the water and sun, and leaned against Max in the back seat of Maria’s car as Alex and Kyle talked in front. They were arguing over some new girl but Liz barely heard them, she kept dozing, snuggled up in Max’s arms, and pressed against his naked chest feeling safe and happy.

Max wasn’t listening to the two in front either. He was almost asleep himself, absently rubbing his hand up and down Liz’s bare back and thinking about later that night, when he would get the motorcycle from Michael and take Liz back out to the waterhole.

His thoughts penetrated Liz’s subconscious, and stirring, she purred like a kitten on Max’s chest and nuzzled her nose into his strong neck. “I can’t wait either.” She whispered and dozed back off, her hand now resting over his heart.


That night, after taking showers and getting ready, Max helped Liz onto the borrowed motorcycle and with one intensely hot look, he climbed on in front of her and they headed out.

Liz held on tight to Max as he navigated the cycle down the quiet desert road that led out to the reservoir they had been to earlier. She leaned her cheek against his warm strong back and just inhaled Max and the night around them. Her hands were wrapped tight around his waist and rested on his firm abdomen.

She could feel the power of the cycle under her, and the power of Max all around her. She could tell he was keeping a tight reign on himself, trying to get them out to the waterhole as fast as possible without wrecking them. She could feel Max’s eagerness and desire and she held on tighter and sighed, her own body trembling with anticipation.

“I love you.” Max said in his mind, allowing Liz to hear him. The wind whipping through the air and the roaring of the cycle’s engine made it impossible for them to talk normally. He could feel her trembling and knew she was as anxious as he was, and just as ready.

“I love you too Max.” Liz smiled as she sent her thoughts back to him and rubbed her cheek against his back blissfully.


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Part 27

Max pulled up to the reservoir stopped the engine and just sat there for a second. Liz could feel everything Max was feeling and she held on tight, letting their mutual emotions wash over each other. Joy, excitement, love, desire and nervousness were all rolled into one.

The ride to the waterhole had been wonderful and excruciating at the same time. Liz was wearing a silky loose fitting dress that allowed her to easily straddle the seat, but it also had pressed her heated body against his jeans, and he knew it was only her panties that were between her heat and his clothes.

Finally Max moved. Liz sat back and watched as Max climbed off of the motorcycle, took off his helmet and just looked at her with all of the emotions he felt in his eyes.

Liz smiled for him and waited. Max gently took off her helmet, and placing it next to his, he turned back to her and then slowly lifted her up and into his arms.

Liz wrapped her arms about Max and he lifted her up higher until her legs wrapped around his waist. They just looked into each other’s eyes.

“Let’s go down by the water.” Max said huskily. He grabbed the blanket as Liz grabbed the picnic basket she had made, and then he carried Liz down the path to the water.

“I can walk you know.” Liz teased, knowing Max loved to have her in his arms as much as possible, and she loved it just as much.

“I don’t want you that far away from me right now.” Max admitted in her ear and sent shivers down her spine.

When they reached the bottom, the moon was bright and the reflection on the water was beautiful, like candlelight, and the light breeze rippling across the water added to the peaceful surroundings.

Max put Liz down and spread the blanket. Liz put the picnic basket on one end of it and then found herself in Max’s arms again.

“I adore you and can’t ever seem to get enough of touching you, holding you, being with you.” He admitted hoarsely with emotion.

“Max…I love you so much it hurts sometimes.” Liz admitted and she leaned against his strong chest and sighed.

“Liz…” Max sighed against her hair and then gently lifted her chin with his fingers and met her eyes with his intense hot ones.

“Kiss me Max!” Liz pleaded and Max needed no more. He groaned and covered her trembling, waiting mouth with his own.

God he thought, I could just kiss Liz forever.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s waist and leaned into him to get closer to the kiss.

Soon her hands started to wander over his broad shoulders and down his incredibly strong, muscular arms, and then down his back and to his waist where she once again held on as Max devoured her mouth.

When Max finally released her mouth for much needed air, he continued the trail to her jaw and then down her neck. He was holding nothing back in his quest to love Liz completely. He felt it was time. He didn’t know how, but he just knew.

Max just hoped he could please Liz. What if he couldn’t hold back? He was nearly out of control now. But he had to, had to find some way to slow down. Not for anything, not even the blessed release his body had been demanding for years would he hurt her or rush this.

One hand went to her cheek, cupping it gently, while his thumb brushed her full lower lip in the lightest of caresses. His fingers slid to the back of her head, threading through the silk of her hair as he tilted her face upward again.

Liz tilted her head back farther, her lips parting in anticipation, and he could feel her breath soft and warm against his face. A shiver went though him along with a last flickering doubts at his ability to carry out his resolution. He smothered it; he would do it. He would find the restraint.

He pressed the soft kisses on her eyelids, feeling the tickle of the thick lashes against lips that had never been so sensitive before. Slow… he had to take it slow.

But Liz didn’t know about his plan to take it slow. She tightened her grip on his waist for a second to help her withstand the onslaught of what Max’s loving gentle kisses were doing to her, and then her hands slid slowly up his back under his shirt.

A low, hunger growl rumbled in his throat as her tongue met his again, seeking, tasting.

Max reached around to the zipper of Liz’s soft blue dress and with trembling fingers he slowly slid the zipper down her back.

Max held his breath as the dress settled in a deep blue puddle at her feet, then let out a groaning exhalation as she looked up at him with waiting eyes. Liz was clad only in a silk and lace teddy that was the same color as the dress. The shimmering fabric clung to her lush; trim curves and outlined the taut, aroused tips of her breasts.

Max lowered his head to kiss her yet again, cupping her face in hands that he ordered fiercely to stay there, to ignore the need to move down to that soft, warm flesh.

He managed it, for a moment. Then his hands were sliding down to her shoulders, fingers splayed to stroke the incredible smoothness of her skin. Then farther, feeling the heat of her easily through the thin, lustrous fabric. He grasped the slender indentation of her waist, his spread fingers reaching to the swell of her hips. He tried to stop there, but as if on their own violation his hands moved down to cut the trim, tight curve of her buttocks.

Convulsively, he pulled her against him again, pressing her softness close, groaning as his swollen flesh strained against her. He tore his mouth from hers, gasping for breath caught unaware by the savage sweetness of it.

Not sure how much longer his legs would hold him up, Max sank to his knees and looked up at the beautiful woman before him. She was all his, and he was hers, and he wanted her to know how much he adored her, how much he worshiped her.

He spread his hands around her waist feeling the silk teddy as it bunched under his fingers. He looked up at Liz and saw her eyes lowered with passion as she looked down at him with such love. Her hands slid through his hair and held him to her as he leaned in to press his cheek to her tiny stomach.

He tried to take deep breaths and find the control to go slow, and then he put his open mouth on her belly and nibbled her tiny tummy and waist through the silk.

When Liz’s own legs couldn’t hold her up any longer, she slid down against him and Max laid them both down on the blanket.

Liz reached for Max’s shirt and he lifted up and whipped it over his head and came back down to her.

Liz sighed and her hands ran up and down his bared chest, as she loved to do. So far this was the only freedom Max had allowed her of his body and she loved touching his chest and rigid abdomen. She loved all of him and could never get enough of just touching him.

Max let her caress him for a few more minutes, knowing how she loved to touch him and how much he loved her hands on him, but then he leaned down further and traced a finger across the edge of her teddy where it dipped between her breasts.

Liz held her breath and gripped his strong arms as Max let his finger trail across the silk teddy and to her aroused nipple poking through the silk.

Once Max touched that hard tip with his finger he groaned and opened his mouth over it, not able to wait another second.

Liz cried out and slid her hands from his arms to his head and pulled him closer to her. She shivered at the love Max was giving her and she looked up at the stars above them and felt tears of joy run down her face at the beauty of their loving. And it had just begun!

After Max had treated both breasts to his open mouth, he leaned back and looked at her, gently taking a finger and wiping away the tears. They didn’t worry him. He could feel everything she was feeling and he felt the same.

Max reached to touch her, reached for the silken straps of the teddy and hesitated. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to go slow enough. Once he saw all of Liz he was afraid he would lose it.

Liz knew this and reluctantly pulled her arms from around him and twisted them free of the straps of the teddy. With a sudden spurt of abandon that startled her, she tugged them down farther, then wriggled free of the interfering swath of cloth down to her waist.

“Oh Liz…”

As she lay back, his eyes were on her, glittering hazel and bright. Ever so slowly he moved, his hands going to cup and lift the tender flesh of her breasts and she saw his eyes close as if the intensity of the touch alone was all that he could behr. A tiny moan of anticipation escaped her.

He opened his eyes, no longer able to deny himself the pleasure of looking at her. He saw her nipples tighten and rise under his gaze heard her smothered gasp of pleasure. Her astonishment that just a look from him could do this to her was plain on her face; his own response to that knowledge was cataclysmic. His body cramped with need and every muscle tensed with the effort to slow down. It took a tightly clenched jaw to keep himself in check.

Gently, he traced her full curves with his mouth, feeling them growing taut and firm as he did. At last, unable to resist any longer, he moved toward that delicious puckered crest, deep coral now, and so very tempting. His lips closed over her, sucking, pulling, tasting, the rhythm of his mouth matching the pounding of his heart, until she was so sweetly hard in his mouth that he groaned with pleasure. The taste that was all Liz was intoxicating and Max felt he could love her like this forever.

Liz arched her back, thrusting herself up to him, never guessing what the instinctive movement did to him. She whimpered tiny little cries of delight that fired Max.

“God, Liz,” he said hoarsely, “ your are so beautiful.”

She was kissing him, light sweet little butterfly kisses across his jaw and down the taut, straining cords of his neck. Her hands, slender fingers leaving a fiery trail, moved over his chest, and he jumped in startled surprise when she gently used her fingernails on his flat, brown nipples and a spurt of stunning pleasure shot through him.

But he didn’t stop his own exploration. He couldn’t believe the smoothness of her, the feel of skin so soft and smooth it made the fine silk that had covered it feel like coarse burlap. His hands slid down from her shoulders, his fingers tracing the straight indentation of her spin. Then he was at that sweet curve of her buttocks that was still covered by the teddy, and he cupped that taut flesh eagerly, his body straining once more for the feel of her pressed close.

The world that had been threatening to spin away slowed with the realization that the fluttering sensation he’d been feeling at his belly was the touch of her fingers, reaching for the snap of his jeans.

He swallowed and froze, letting Liz continue just hoping he could hold out. He wanted her so much!

Liz unsnapped his jeans and then slowly slid the zipper down over the already huge erection that she could feel throbbing with a life of it’s own, even through the material of his jeans.

Her hand shook but she wanted to do this. She sat up a little and Max leaned back letting her have room to move.

He expected Liz to slide his pants down and was caught off guard when her tiny little hand slid into his jeans where the zipper was undone, and put her hand over his rock hard flesh through his briefs.

Max jumped and made a hissing sound, closing his eyes and praying for control to let Liz explore him like she’d wanted to for so long.

Liz froze at Max’s sound of pain and bit her lip and her eyes flew up to his face. “Max…” she hesitated now.

Max opened his eyes and tried to smile through his tense jaw. “It’s okay Liz. It just feels so good, too good. I don’t know if I can hold out.” He admitted ruefully.

Liz smiled, liking the fact that Max didn’t have much control left with her touching him.

Liz tugged on his jeans at that thought, and Max lifted his hips to help her remove his jeans and briefs all at once.

When they were tossed aside Liz gasped and Max waited, rigid wondering if she was frightened and had changed her mind. His head was spinning and the blood was rushing in his ears so hard he couldn’t tell what Liz was thinking right then.

“Liz…we don’t have to…” but he couldn’t finish. He gasped when Liz reached out and lightly caressed her fingers down the length of his erection that was pulsing in time with the blood pounding in his ears.

“Oh…” Liz purred “Max…your so…beautiful.” She whispered in awe.

Max could see Liz’s disappointment when after only one slight touch, he had to make her stop or he knew he would lose it. Liz’s little hands on his sensitive flesh like that was something he’d only ever dreamed about, and the reality was killing him. He was about to burst.

Lifting her hand gently off of his ridged flesh, he lifted her fingers to his lips and kissed
them softly.

”Later, I promise, you can do anything you want, touch me anywhere, but right now I don’t want this to end before it begins.” He admitted. He knew he should feel embarrassed at his lack of control, but nothing with Liz was ever awkward.

Then she was up in his arms again, raining hot sweet kisses over him, heedless of where her lips touched, just needing the feel of his body beneath her mouth.

Max’s hand slid down her body as his mouth returned to her breasts. He groaned aloud when his fingers found their goal; Even through the little scrap of her teddy, he could tell she was hot and slick and ready. For him. This undeniable evidence that her need, her desire, matched his own made him shudder in response. His body surged, thick and hard with desperate wanting. His raging flesh knew what that wet heat meant, that with one quick move he could be sheathed in the caressing satin core of her and it didn’t care to listen to any ideas his mind had to the contrary.

Liz had jumped at the brief touch of Max’s fingers between her legs and then they were gone. She whimpered, wanting that touch again.

Suddenly he leaned back and taking a deep breath, he slid the rest of the teddy down her body and off of her sexy long legs. His hands were shaking, as was his whole body when he finished tossing the teddy to the side and looked at Liz completely naked for the first time.

His eyes were drawn to the dark sweet curls that were glistening with moisture from his caresses and her need, and he thought he was going to faint, his heart was pounding so hard.

With a moan, Max let his hands slowly glide up her legs and stop at her thighs.

His hesitation only made Liz love him more, and she could see the uncertainty in his eyes as how to proceed.

Liz helped him out by loosening her legs and letting her thighs part for Max. She was trembling all over at just the way Max was looking at her, and his hands running up her thighs almost did her in. She was so ready she thought she would die. She could see his powerful erection was even larger, if that was possible, as it pressed up against his stomach tightly.

“Max…” Liz pleaded. For what she wasn’t sure, but she just knew she needed his touch.

Max groaned and gently spreading her legs farther apart he fell in between her spread legs and just looked his fill.

“God…Liz…” he said in amazement. Never in any of his wildest dreams had he pictured this much beauty, the glistening of her curls, the little nub of flesh that peaked between swollen lips, and the sweet smell that was all Liz.

Max couldn’t wait another second. He had to touch her. Lifting one finger, he slowly traced her wet, swollen flesh and smiled when Liz moaned and lifted her hips at the touch of his finger to that tiny little nub peaking through her curls.

She had no idea what it did to Max to see her open to him like this. All his for the taking, looking, touching. Max felt intoxicated and so much in love with the beauty that lay so vulnerable and trusting below him.

He ran his finger once more down the length of her swollen lips and then gently, slowly found the moist opening and tested it.

After one shocked still second when his fingers first entered her, he again began to move, to stroke and a small rippling sound of pleasure broke from her. Once, twice, he stroked, until it became a slow rhythm of light, penetrating thrusts.

Instinctively she moved, rocking against his hand in a steady rhythm. A tiny, breathless sound came from the back of her throat, as she felt the probing thrusts of his searching fingers, teasing, stretching her, making her ache for more.

Max came back up her body, keeping his hand inside her, but now he again took her sensitive nipples into his mouth.

Liz felt as if she were floating, mindless, her body suspended, held only by the burning points of fire that were her nipples and that throbbing center of aching need beneath his hand. Her blood was pounding in her veins, the world was spinning away, and in her head was a triumphant cry: this is how it’s supposed to be!

A low, rippling cry that sounded like his name escaped her, hot and sweet against his ears. She quivered, the searing pool of heat deep in the core of her growing, until the fire began to spiral outward, building heat and light and pressure until she thought she would die from it.

She was beyond hearing her own broken cries, beyond knowing she was arching toward him with utter abandon. She only knew she was flying, soaring, straining to reach that unseen, unknown goal and then she was there, shattering into a million glowing floating sparks drifting weightlessly back down until she could feel Max’s arms around her.

It seemed impossible that her body had come to rest in one piece, in its old shape and form. From that sheltered warm place, she became aware of the tension rippling through the lean, strong body beside her. She opened her eyes, knowing they must be wide with the wonder she was feeling.

Max was wrestling with his own feeling of wonder. Just watching her, seeing her respond to his touch, hearing her cry of shocked, rapt pleasure as she went to pieces in his arms nearly sent him over the brink.

Max held her close, only aware that she had opened her eyes by the soft tickle of her lashes against his neck. He lifted his head to look at her. Her lips were swollen from his kisses, and her cheeks were flushed, and she looked wonderfully sated and languorous. Her eyes were filled with the wonder of discovery and he knew he had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in pleasing his Liz.

Liz looked at him, soaking in the tenderness that glowed in his vivid hazel eyes. She saw the sweat that beaded his brow and heard the deep, harsh breaths he was taking. Slowly, she realized that he was holding himself carefully, rigidly and that small tremors seemed to ripple through him. She lifted a hand to his arm and felt the rock hardness of muscles strained to the breaking point.

Concern penetrated the pleasant fog she was floating in, and she lifted herself on one elbow to look at him. As she moved, she shifted her hips and one silken thigh brushed his hot, engorged penis. He sucked in a swift breath, and his eyes closed suddenly, and the expression on his chiseled features bordered on pain.

Liz was suddenly filled with a spreading, glowing tenderness for Max, who had given to her so completely, with no thought of himself. The look on his face, the tautness of his body told her eloquently what her flight had cost him. She smiled as she reached out to him.

Max’s eyes flew open at the feel of her arms sliding around him. He caught a glimpse of a smile so warm, so soft, so loving, that it took his breath way before she buried her face against his chest. Then she was kissing him; sweet, warm little kisses pressed on the heated skin beneath her lips.

Her hands slid downward moving over the taut ridges of his rib cage, coming to rest low on his stomach. His rigid, pulsing flesh burned her fingertips and against the smooth skin of her own belly as she arched upward toward him. She could feel the tickling caress of the dark curls at its base, and her fingers flexed again, convulsively. Yet, frozen, not sure if now was the time to touch him.

Even through his blinding need he read her. His hand stole to hers, covered it, then moved it with exquisite gentleness. He stopped just as the tips of her fingers reached that thicket of dark hair and pressed her hand to his lower belly. She felt rather than heard him swallow thickly.

“It’s okay Liz. Touch me. Please.” He said hoarsely.

That was all Liz needed. Her hunger overcame her and she slid her palm across his skin, her fingers curling instinctively around him.

She heard his gasp, a short, sharp intake of breath that condensed into a low groan. She felt the quick involuntary movement of his hips as he pressed himself against her hand. But it all came through a haze, a fog of shock and heat and shuddering pleasure at the size and feel of him finally!

Slowly, tentatively, she caressed the hard length of him marveling at the taut smoothness, loving the satin weight of him against her palm. A moment of doubt assailed her; would she really be able to take him? Was it possible? Then she knew it was! They were MADE for each other like no one else could ever claim.

The thought sent a rippling wave of sensation through her, a wave that seemed to hit the limits of her body and then careen back, until her entire being was a churning storm of heat and pressure and aching need. Her doubt disappeared, replaced by a frantic need to do just that. To take him inside her, to have that hard, hungry flesh stroking her…piercing her…

Through the mists of his pleasure at her hands on him, Max felt her shudder. The thought that touching him had such an effect on her would have startled him had he not discover that just touching her, just feeling her response to him, was the most overwhelming sensation he’d ever known.

But with Liz, all things seemed possible. Her every move, her every little sound as she responded to him, gave him as much if not more pleasure than the long awaited touch of her hands on his body.

That touch was more confidant now, and he couldn’t stop his hips from moving, pressing forward in time with her stroking caress. She cupped his aching flesh, traced his throbbing length until his breath was coming in ragged, choking gasps.

He was dying. That had to be it. He was spinning off into some misty netherworld, only the feel of her hands telling him that he still clung to life. He’d never been so rigid, so hot, so achingly full: he was hard beyond the point of agony, and she still kept on.

“Liz…stop. You’ve…got to…stop.” He said panting.

She made a small sound of protest, her hands continuing to move, to stroke.

“Please…I want you so much… I can’t take this!”

She moved then, to whisper in his ear, her breath hot and searing. “Then take me!”

The flesh he’d sworn could grow no more could get no harder, quivered and expanded at her shy, but impassioned words. He had not choice, he couldn’t leash the wild demands of his body any longer. He moaned a low, husky murmuring of her name as he moved between her thighs. She opened for him, willingly, eagerly, and his pulse hammered in his ears at the sight of her waiting there for the first touch of the hot hard flesh that had ached for her for so long.

He wanted to go slow, to savor every sweet second as he sank into her to watch her face as she took him in, but the first slick caress of her eager softness destroyed the last remnant of his will. Her body yielded to him, parted for him, then closed around him with searing, clasping heat.

He groaned. “You’re so tight…so hot… I don’t want to hurt you baby.”

Then she moved beneath him, arching her hips upward demanding more of him, her hands sliding down his back to clasp his lean hips hungrily. Then she made the move that sheathed him in her body completely.

When Max felt himself break though Liz’s virginity, he froze and buried his head in her neck. “I’m sorry, so sorry.” He whispered.

Liz stroked his head and then caressed his cheek. “I’m not. I love you Max and I need you as part of me or I’ll die.” She answered truthfully. “It’s okay now, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It only lasted a second.” She soothed, reassuring him, knowing he couldn’t hold back much longer.

Max still stayed absolutely still, fighting a battle that was killing him, until her heard her plea for him. Then he slid a hand between their joined bodies, resting his palm low on her abdomen, almost at the junction of their joined bodies, and Liz could feel the heat penetrate as Max healed her soreness completely. Liz knew that only if he knew she was not in any pain would he be able to lose himself in her like he needed to.

“Now Max! Please!” Liz sobbed and kissed his neck as even the slight soreness went away.

At that, Max finally surrendered without a thought, driving forward to bury himself in her hot satin depths again and again and again.

Liz held on for the ride. Loving the feel of Max out of control and buried deep inside her, making them really one person.

It all boiled up inside him, the months of longing, the years of longing and the enforced restraint of the last weeks when she d been so near and yet so far. Simmering, seething heat uncoiled within him with unstoppable force. Her sweet welcoming body freed it, and it ripped away any lingering through of control.

“Liz!” her name ripped from him, and his fingers tightened convulsively on her shoulders as his hips drove against her again. “I’m sorry…I can’t wait.”

But he didn’t need to, for Liz was there with him. He could feel her starting to go over the edge as well, by not only her body tightening around him, and his connection to her soul telling him hers was flying apart, but also by the nails digging into his back and the little gasping sounds she was making as he brought her that pleasure again.

His body went rigid, his head thrown back as a cry of agonized pleasure burst from him and he erupted into the hot depths of Liz. Wave after pulsing wave swept him then returned ever widening until astonishment tore awed words from him.

“Liz! Hold me…can’t stop!”

Her hands went around him, keeping him close, savoring the tremors that shook his powerful body as she savored the feel of him pulsing deep and hard inside her, as she had savored the savage heat of him as he gave himself to her.

“I love you…”

“Love you so much.” They murmured simultaneously as they came back to earth and held each other tightly.


Part 28

Liz opened her eyes and looked up at the stars. She was still shaking from the aftershocks of their powerful loving, and couldn’t stop smiling or crying.

Liz felt Max’s wet tears against her neck where his head was still buried and his body too was still shaking. The overwhelming feelings of love Liz felt for Max at that moment astounded her. She didn’t think she could possibly love him more than she already did, but she did. Liz ran her hand through Max’s hair and down his back, holding him tighter to her as he shook and she felt his tears fall against her.

Finally Max raised his head and stared at Liz. “God, Liz!” he said hoarsely, still amazed by their incredible loving as well.

He raised a hand and ran it through Liz’s now wild hair gently and then cupped her face with his hand. His thumb swiped at a tear and he smiled, sharing the moment of amazement and joy with her.

Liz shifted a little and gasped. Max was still in her, and she realized he was still semi aroused. Her eyes widened in disbelief. “But you just…” she couldn’t finish.

Max blushed and chuckled. “Yeah… well you have that affect on me.” He said softly, with love shining in his eyes, as he moved within her once and made them both gasp.

“Max…I want you again.” Liz whispered in amazement, her dark eyes widening and clouding with arousal once more.

“You have me Liz. Forever.” Max answered but knew what she meant. He felt himself harden completely at her words and he slowly began to slide in and out of her again. This time he wanted to take it slow and make it perfect.

“It was perfect Max.” she whispered as she held on tight to his strong shoulders as he very slowly moved his hips to slide in and out of Liz’s warm loving body.

Max should have been surprised that Liz had heard his thoughts, but he could tell that they had created an even stronger bond with their lovemaking and that they would discuss what it all meant later.

“Now it’s going to be slow, so I can watch you come apart while I’m inside you. Before I was too blinded.” He admitted dryly.

Liz smiled and then gasped when Max thrusted deeply into her and then almost all the way out. He grinned feeling her shivering passion building even more at his teasing strokes and he felt content. Even in the middle of loving Liz he could be content.

“Max…you are inside me. I can’t believe it. It’s so perfect.” Liz’s voice shook with her amazement as she continued to hold his eyes.

“I know baby, you have NO idea what it feels like to look down at your beauty and be so deep inside you. You feel…like home.” Max tried to explain.

Liz smiled and slid her hands over his chest as he was arched up to watch their loving this time.

“But I do know Max. I can feel what you are feeling. Now feel what I feel.” She said softly and sent him her feelings.

Max sucked in at how it felt for Liz to have the man of her heart buried deep inside of her and how beautiful he looked to her above him.
“I love you Liz. I’ll always love you. Nothing will come between us.” He promised with a shaky voice, as their emotions became overwhelming.

“I know Max. My love, My heart, My King.” She answered back and then Max took her mouth and her body equally as Liz held on for the slow loving passion Max gave her this time.

And this time Max watched with awe and love as Liz arched up and cried out his name as she came apart in his arms. He felt her body squeezed him tighter and then he arched back and joined his love in coming apart with her.

Max wanted nothing more than to fall asleep with Liz just as they were, but he knew they needed to get home. He sighed but knowing that he would be sleeping with Liz when they got home still, made him able to move.

He lifted himself out of Liz and heard her protest as he left her body. He sucked in his breath as the cool breeze hit his hot flesh that was not exposed to the air.

Liz smiled realizing why Max had groaned, and she watched in amazement and love as Max’s flesh again started to harden.

“Oh no you don’t!” Max panicked seeing Liz’s eyes devouring his flesh with lust filled eyes. And he almost jumped away when Liz licked her lips.

“There is so much we haven’t done yet. I want to touch and taste you everywhere. I…” Liz started.

“Not now! God baby, don’t say it. You’re going to kill me! We have to get back home.” He pleaded.

Liz giggled at his plight and then sat up and raked his beautiful body again with her hot eyes.

Max thought he’d come right there just with her looking at him. “How do you do that!” he whispered amazed.

“You do the same thing to me Max. I’m as ready as you are right now.” She admitted.

Max’s eyes widened and he looked to the moistness at the junction of her thighs and he groaned. “Liz! Please baby!” he said and turned away to retrieve his clothes.

Liz sighed knowing he was right, and stood up. She stretched and felt wonderful. Different since they had made love. She wondered if it would be obvious to everyone else or was it just internally that she felt different.

Stretching naked in the breeze made Liz smile and feel free. Just her and her mate out here alone, and naked. She roamed Max’s broad muscular back with pleasure and then narrowed her eyes as she noticed the birthmark on his tight tush

Max felt Liz’s little hand on his butt and gasped and stood completely still. He closed his eyes and prayed she would stop and yet part of him prayed she wouldn’t.

“Your birthmark Max…I want to see it.” She said softly and traced it with her fingers. She could make it out in the moonlight and was amazed at how it exactly matched hers.

Liz smiled as she caressed it with her fingertips lovingly. More proof that they belonged to each other. She liked the physical proof as much as the mental one.

Max felt her smile without even needing to turn around. He heard her thoughts and then spun around and pulled her into his arms. Their naked bodies came together again and they both moaned. Then Max kissed her deeply, quickly and suddenly spun her around to face away from him.

Liz gasped when his own hand wandered down to her tush and Max smiled at her responses to his touch. At least they craved each other equally.

Max leaned back and looked at the birthmark on Liz’s right cheek that exactly matched his. It was his family crest, as they had found out, and Max’s chest expanded at the thought that this was the physical proof that Liz was his! It was stamped on her, on them. He smiled and then let his own fingers lightly traces her birthmark.

Then Liz was turned around again and they hugged tightly once more. Liz lifted her face up to Max’s and sighed with a bright smile.

“I like being branded by you.” She whispered huskily, letting her hands slide up his chest.

Max looked down at her with half lidded eyes that were full of love and hot burning passion and he too gave a half smile, please with the proof that she was his and he was hers as well.

Then Max looked more closely at Liz and his eyes narrowed and then widened and he groaned and held her at arms length to look her over.

“What?” Liz asked. She was totally unshy about being naked and inspected by Max. She was just curious.

“I’m a dead man.” Max said finally, and closed his eyes for a second before opening them again and smiling lightly.

“Max?” Liz looked at him like he was crazy.

“You…you look different Liz. I don’t know what it is exactly, but you look…like…you and I were…completed.” He said with a frown, trying to put into words what he couldn’t.

Liz looked shocked and then giggled. “I do? Well I feel different Max. I feel like my skin now fits and I feel comfortable, and very loved and very content and…. Secure in our love.” She smiled now and Max could almost see her glowing at that moment.

He groaned and pulled her close again, holding her tightly to him. “I feel different too Liz. I…I think what you described it about right. I don’t feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin anymore…like I’m searching for something… I feel deep inside, as if I’ve found it and it’s you… you are still deep inside of me. A part of me now.” Max too tried to put into words what he felt.

“Yes! I feel as if you are still inside of me Max. That you left a part of you inside of me.” She exclaimed in agreement.

Max sighed and realized that if anyone else saw the difference in them, they would know right away what had happened out here, but he didn’t care. He would deal with it if and when he had to. Because for some reason, he KNEW it had been the right time for them.

“Come on love, I’d better get you home. It’s going to be bad enough facing everyone with you glowing so contentedly, but to also bring you home so late would just add to the fire we are already going to face.” He said with a smile and then proceeded to help Liz on with her clothes, and he felt humbled when Liz helped him on with his.

Liz lightly caressed his arousal one last time as she zipped his zipper on his jeans and Max chuckled. “You are a witch! You know that?”

“Mmmmm… if needing to touch you all the time now, knowing I have the right and that you are all mine is being witchy, than that’s what I am.” She smiled softly and leaned against him.

“You will be the death of me is what you will be.” He growled and lifting her up, he stopped her moving hands and led them back up the path to the bike, and home to face the music.


Tess tossed and turned in her sleep and whimpered. There was sweat on her brow and lip and she shivered as well.

Then suddenly she bolted straight up in bed and screamed Max and Liz’s names.

Isabel and Diane Evans came running and Mrs. Evans flipped on the light as they watched Tess rocking as she hugged herself. Her eyes in a daze.

“Tess! What is it??” Isabel asked in terror. They all knew how Tess could foresee the future at times.

“Max and Liz… they are in danger…and Michael… Maria… Alex… and Kyle… We have to go there now Izzy! They need us! We have to prepare!” Tess said in a shaky voice and let her mother hold her tight as she looked over her mom’s shoulder at her pale faced, terrified looking sister.

“We’ll leave tomorrow. I’ll tell your father to change the tickets, it’s only going to be four days earlier. It’s okay sweetie. We’ll get there.” Diane Evans promised as she too shivered. She knew her daughter’s premonitions could be of what was to come. And she also knew that if they knew in advance, they might be able to prevent whatever it was that had Tess so upset.


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Part 29

Max let them into the apartment hoping it would be like last night, and everyone would be in bed.

No such luck however. The minute he opened the door with the key he heard the noise of the TV on and he swore silently.

Liz giggled knowing what Max was thinking, and even though she should be worried about everyone’s reaction, she was too happy to really be upset that everyone might find out that she was now Max’s in every way.

Max held Liz’s hand as they approached the living room and he sucked in his breath, prepared for whatever happened.

But he was shocked to see Michael and Maria making out on the couch with the TV on low, and that being their only light.

Liz smiled and cleared her throat, and then couldn’t help but laugh as Maria jumped up startled and held her hand over her chest to pull the two sides of her shirt closed.

Michael swore and turned on the light, looking at the time first, and then back at Max and Liz.

“A little late aren’t we?” he teased and then frowned as he got a good look at both Max and Liz. He looked from one to the other and then back to his sister who was actually glowing with happiness, and he frowned and then swore as he came to the obvious conclusion and jumped up to face Max.

“Should I be calling you out Maxwell.” Michael said with a tense jaw. He was only half kidding. Part of him had known this was coming, but the other part couldn’t help the protective brother mode that kicked in.

“Michael.” Maria said with a hand on his arm, to gentle him. She could feel the confusion running through him and wanted him to think before he acted.

Maria only looked at Liz and Max and smiled wider. “God I hope I don’t look that obvious the first time Michael and I do it.” She said and then giggled.

Liz tried to give her a dirty look, but she was too happy and could only wink at her friend. But she didn’t like the tension between Max and Michael right then so she came to stand closer to Max and faced Michael.

“Yeah, you probably should call me out my friend. But I love Liz and you know I would never hurt her. And I can’t explain it, but I knew that tonight was the night. It felt right.” Max defended with clenched fists. He knew if he were in Michael’s place he would feel protective too. And he wouldn’t be upset if Michael punched him one. He felt like he had betrayed them all.

Liz felt all of this and squeezed Max’s arm and leaned into him. Then she turned to her brother.

“Michael. It was right. I felt it too. I don’t know how we knew, but it was time.” She said with all the honesty she could in her eyes.

Michael stared at her for a minute longer, probing her eyes, and then he couldn’t help but roll his eyes in surrender. She looked too damn happy and glowingly content, even as she was trying to be serious.

He sighed and they all relaxed as Michael flopped back on the couch where a now buttoned up Maria sat watching Max and Liz with a smirk.

Max too relaxed a little and put his arm around Liz who was still leaning against him.

“What exactly do you mean… it was time?” Michael asked, sensing this was more alien related than sexual desire.

Max sat down in the chair across from the couch and pulled Liz onto his lap.

“That’s just it. I’m not sure. But everything alien in me was telling me, screaming to me that it was time.” Max tried to explain.

“Geesh! Try and explain that one to the folks.” Maria couldn’t help but add looking a little worried now, but one look at Liz’s glowing smile and she couldn’t help but laugh again. “Liz! Will you stop grinning so contentedly! You will not help the situation in the slightest when your see your parents in the morning!”

Liz tried to stop smiling at that, but then the smile spread again and she shrugged. “I can’t help it. I…I feel different… happy, fulfilled.” She tried to explain.

“Oh great!” Michael groaned and ran a hand through his hair. “You’re looking like that tomorrow will NOT help the situation sis.” He told her with a sigh.

Max too couldn’t help but grin when he saw Liz’s beaming smile and glowing happiness. He loved her even more at that moment, and he hugged her closer to him.

“Ahhh… are you two sure you should attempt to sleep in the same room tonight?” Michael asked watching the sparks fly between the two.

Liz clutched Max tightly; thinking Michael might seriously try to keep them apart.

Michael chuckled at her look of panic. “Relax sis, what good would it do? Unless I tied you to your bed, you’d find Max wherever he was by the end of the night.” He teased her.

Liz smiled realizing Michael had been kidding and she smiled at Max who only held her closer and kissed her forehead.

“Liz…we need to talk!” Maria finally said, not caring that the guys were right there.

“Now?” Liz yawned.

“No, but tomorrow. I…I need to know…you know.” She blushed.

“What?” Max said and blushed as well. Was Maria going to get Liz to tell her EVERYTHING that had happened?

“Women will talk Max. Trust me these two don’t keep any secrets.” Michael laughed, amused by the horrified look on Max’s face.

Liz giggled and kissed Max’s open, shocked mouth. “Relax my love, I’ll only tell her what she needs to know to prepare for making love with an alien. She needs to know it will blow her mind.” She whispered to him and he blushed again.

Michael and Maria didn’t know what Liz told Max, but he growled and picking her up he took her into her room.

“Leave that door open!” Michael called out seriously.

Max never shut the door so Michael figured he hadn’t needed to tell Max that, and he frowned when he heard Liz laugh at her brother from her bedroom.

“Well, I guess I’d better take you home Maria.” Michael finally said softly, taking her back in his arms.

“Or we could continue where we left off.” She whispered rubbing against him like a cat.

Michael groaned and kissing her quickly he turned her toward the door. “What and have my parents have two things to flip over in the morning. Finding out about Liz and Max will be enough. They don’t need to find you in my room too.” He said wryly.

Maria sighed and nodded. She knew he was right, but she wanted to spend the night in Michael’s arms, even if nothing else happened.

“Soon, Maria. Soon, we will be together ourselves.” He promised as he kissed her again and then led her out of the apartment before he dragged her into his room instead.


The Parkers were eating breakfast and talking quietly in the kitchen when Max walked in and straightening his shoulders he cleared his throat.

Nancy and Jeff turned to him and narrowed their eyes. Something looked different but they didn’t know what.

Jeff smiled. “Max, did you and Liz have a nice time last night. Come have breakfast with us. We didn’t want to wake any of you kids, you all looked so tired.” He said.

Nancy smiled, and standing, she went to get a glass of juice for Max.

Max sat down, thanked Nancy for the juice and then looking at both of them he took a deep breath.

“Mr. and Mrs. Parker, you know how much I love Liz don’t you? How she will one day be my wife, my queen and that we were already married in our previous life?” he started, scared to death but determined to tell them before Liz came out and they found out on their own what had happened last night.

“Yes Max, we do.” Jeff said looking at Max and realizing he had something important to tell them. Jeff respected the boy who would one day be a leader of a whole race, and he waited.

“Last night, I took Liz out to the reservoir. We were just going to spend some time together, talk, but…something in me told me it was time. The alien side of me told me it was time. Not the teenage boy side of me.” Max blurted out suddenly and flushed.

At first Jeff and Nancy looked at Max in confusion, then it sunk in. They both paled and just stared at Max in shock. Was he telling them what they thought he was telling them? And why was he telling them? And how should they take it?

Before they could say anything Liz came into the room and put her hand on Max’s shoulder for support. She had heard the last of his speech and had wanted to be there for whatever happened next. To support him.

Jeff and Nancy looked from Max to Liz to Max again, and then Max counted to three and watched as both Jeff and Nancy’s eyes swung back to their daughter in shock.

He knew what they were seeing. The glow of happiness and contentment radiated from Liz. She looked so content and basking in an internal love that was hard to explain. Max knew he too had the look, it just was less obvious what it was at first glance. But with Liz she just looked like she’d been filled with a glowing orb of love that shone from the inside out.

“Oh my…” Nancy said and clutched at her chest.

Jeff grabbed his wife’s other hand and just swallowed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Liz. She looked like she’d swallowed a light bulb.

“Mom, Dad, please don’t be mad at Max. I wouldn’t leave him alone last night. I seduced him to the breaking point.” Liz said softly, biting her lip as she watched the shocked way her parents were looking at her.

“Liz!” Nancy, Jeff and Max all cried out.

“Liz! Please don’t lie for me. She didn’t do anything but love me back. She didn’t need to seduce me. For some reason, yesterday afternoon I just knew it was time. Biologically and emotionally it was time to make Liz mine and for her to become a part of me.” Max said swallowing knowing he wasn’t really explaining it right.

“Max…I don’t know what to say…I…” Jeff was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

Michael was yawning as he came out of his room and after one look at the confrontation going on in the kitchen he called out.

“I’ll get the door.” And he ran for the reprieve.

“What the…?” everyone in the kitchen heard Michael say and then they heard the voices of Max’s family as they all started talking at once.

Everyone in the kitchen looked at each other in surprise and then they all went into the hall to greet their unexpected guests.

“Mom? What are you guys doing here?” Max said as his mom pulled him into a quick embrace and held him tight, relief on her face that he was okay.

“Thank God.” Isabel voiced and closed her eyes in relief as well.

“What…?” Liz asked looking around in confusion and saw Tess’ pale face and haunted looking eyes. She knew her friend pretty well.

“You saw something?” Liz said and taking her friend’s arm, she led Tess into the living room.

As they all entered the living room, Max noticed that now his family was also staring at Liz in shock. He sighed. Great all he needed was to face both sets of parents right now.

“Where’s dad?” he asked figuring he’d just get it all over with at once.

“He couldn’t come at such short notice…” Diane trailed off still looking at Liz in shock.

Then she turned back to look at her son and saw the difference there as well. “Oh Max! What have you kids done!” Diane said in a low whisper.

“That’s why I felt less panicky all of a sudden.” Tess whispered.

“What?” Max turned to Tess since it was easier to ask her what she meant than to face them all again with what had happened last night.

“Thank God!” Tess said softly and closed her eyes in relief.

“Tess?” Diane asked looking at her daughter now in confusion.

Tess opened her eyes and smiled at her brother. “You have perfect timing big brother.” She said.

Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

Tess looked around and then took a deep breath. “I had a dream last night… a premonition. It was Khivar. He…he was saying that if he could get to Elizabeth, Liz, before Zan, Max did this time, and he made her his first, he would be taking away the power that Max and Liz combined made when they joined. Even if he wasn’t the one to father her child, he would still have more power than Zan, if he took Liz’s virginity.” She said.

Everyone gasped and Max turned pale and held Liz tighter to him, his jaw clenching at the thought of what Khivar was planning.

“He’s coming Max. He’s on his way…I feel it. I saw him talking with someone in my dream. He’s close. But…in my dream, he made it to Liz before…before… you did.” Tess swallowed and then continued. “And…and he easily killed you with one swipe Max…after…after he made you watch him… take Liz…” her voice dropped off and her face paled again.

Liz suddenly became dizzy at the thought and leaned against Max. He felt her knees give out and he sat her on a chair and knelt by her. “Liz, it’s okay. It’s not going to happen.” Max promised in a soothing voice.

“Thanks to you Maxwell. Who would have thought that you would be doing the right thing by taking my sister at 17.” Michael interrupted.

All three parents looked at Michael with hard looks and then realized the truth of it and sighed.

“I…I don’t know what to think anymore.” Nancy said and sat down herself, overwhelmed by all the new information and how much danger her daughter was in and how much more danger she would be in if Max and Liz hadn’t…she closed her eyes and shook her head. It was too much to comprehend. After all, she was still a mother with a 17-year-old daughter who had just had sex with her boyfriend.

“No…she’s a queen who was overdue to consummated her love with her King.” Claudia spoke from the doorway.


Part 30

“Grandma!” Liz exclaimed and ran into Claudia’s open arms.

“Honey Behr.” Claudia said softly against her granddaughter’s ear and kissed her head. Her arms wrapped tightly around the young woman. She too was relieved that Liz was okay.

“Mom! What are you doing here? You aren’t due back for another few months? You never said anything about coming sooner.” Jeff spoke, so overwhelmed by everything that he too needed to sit down. He stumbled into a chair near his wife and held her hand.

“I felt the kids were in trouble. I didn’t have time to call. I just got on the first flight that I could get. But I think the immediate threat is over.” Claudia said holding Liz at arms length and looking her over, and then letting her eyes shift to Max.

Max knew what she was seeing and could only smile slightly, wondering why he had to face all the grownups at once.

“What immediate threat?” Michael asked frowning at the words… ‘Kids in trouble’. Was Maria in trouble too? He needed her near him now.

Just as he finished his thought, the door flew open and Maria, followed by Alex, Kyle and Jim Valenti rushed in.

“What…?” Diane looked around in surprise too.

“Maria!” Michael exclaimed and pulled her into his arms holding her close, glad she was okay.

“I woke up and just knew I had to be here. That we had to be here.” She motioned to Alex and Kyle.

“But how?” Liz asked with a frown.

“I went into Maria’s dream and told her to come over immediately while we were driving here from the airport.” Isabel said calmly.

“Will someone please tell me what the heck is going on here!” Michael exclaimed in frustration.

“And what did you mean Claudia, when you said Liz and Max were overdue to…to consummate with each other? You said they had until 18!” Nancy couldn’t help but ask. Her head was spinning with all that was going on.

Claudia came further into the room and sat down, looking around at all the waiting faces.

“I guess I have a little bit more to explain.” She said with a tired sigh.

Everyone shifted to settle in for more explanations. Alex felt Isabel touch his hand, and he clasped hers as he looked down to where she was seated on the couch. Without a word he came and sat down in front of her by her feet, their hands still clasped.

Tess looked at Kyle but noticed he wasn’t looking at her. She swallowed and tried not to let the pain that she felt show right now. She tried to concentrate on what Grandma Claudia had to tell them.

“I had Paul and Ryan leave out one part of the history of the kids’ past lives when they explained it before.” Claudia began.

She could see she had everyone’s attention so she continued. “They told me that in their past lives, the children of Antar, when they find their soul mate, marry by around the age of 16, when their biological urges kick in and they are preparing to consummate with their soul mates. Usually, if they have met their soul mate before 16, by 16 they are fully ready to marry, and Zan and Elizabeth actually did marry at 15 ½ so I was told.” Claudia continued.

“Why didn’t you tell us this before Mom?” Jeff asked in confusion and felt Nancy grip his hand in panic at the thought of Liz, when she was only 15 years old, married.

“I knew that when Max and Liz’s bodies were fully ready, they would mate, so I didn’t see the point in panicking everyone about the fact that they were actually past due in their previously life. It didn’t hurt them to wait, and when it was right, obviously nature just took its course.” She said as she glanced between the still vibrant Max and Liz.

Liz blushed and held Max’s hand tighter, while Max had the grace to look down, trying to hold in his smile. He couldn’t be unhappy about the fact that Liz was his now, in every way.

“Grandma Claudia? Did you have a dream about us all being in danger too?” Tess asked quietly after everyone was silent.

“Yes. I didn’t actually see anything, it’s just that I felt there was danger coming and that I needed to get here as soon as possible. Ever since you children were given over to me to protect, I can sense when you are in danger. Any of you. And what I felt was that all of you are in danger, including Maria, Alex and Kyle. I can’t explain why, only that it does include you three as well.” Claudia said sweeping a look to the three human teens that sat wide-eyed and listening.

Jim Valenti swallowed and paled. His son was in trouble too? “What can we do Claudia? Do you know where the danger is coming from?” the Sheriff asked.

Claudia sighed. “No. I only sense danger. Tess? You said you saw the danger to Liz and Max. Did you see anything about the others?” she asked turning to the quiet girl.

Tess shook her head. “I just felt it, like you did. I… I think I woke up before I could see anything more. After seeing Max and Liz’s fate, I woke up.” She swallowed and twisted her hands.

“It’s okay. Of course you did. It will be all right. We’ll figure something out.” Claudia soothed the girl by taking her hand gently and smiling comfortingly down at her. “You were able to help warn us. You have quite a talent Tess. I’m sure now that we are forewarned, we will figure out why everyone else is in danger before it happens as well.”

Tess just nodded, not feeling very helpful. After all, Max was the one who solved his problem all on his own.

Diane put her arms around her daughter and held her tight. She knew Tess was very sensitive and what she had seen and her fear was taking its toll on her.

“Well, we should get some groceries and head over to our house and unlock it. I checked with the Peterson’s before we left this morning and they are out of the house. So we have the house to go to. Then Tess you should get some rest sweetie, there is nothing more that can be done right now.” Diane said in that mother tone and taking charge.

Liz’s heart flipped in fear at the thought of Max going back to his house and her hand squeezed his tightly.

Max too felt his stomach drop at the thought of leaving Liz. They had never found out what the parents had agreed to regarding their relationship or sleeping arrangements. He put a protective arm around her and looked from his mother’s eyes to the Parkers.

Liz was looking at them as well, her eyes wide with panic. Where Max and Liz were holding hands, they started to glow slightly and everyone watched in shock.

Max and Liz didn’t even notice they were too anxious to know what their own fate was.

Diane looked at the Parkers and nodded, and Max realized that their parents had already come to a decision before today. He held his breath waiting.

“Max, you and Liz can stay together. We had decided that before…well before the latest developments.” Diane said looking over Max and Liz again with a knowing look

“But since neither one of us wants to give up our child completely just yet, you will have to take turns at whose house you sleep at.” Nancy finished for them.

Max and Liz sighed visibly and their grasp lightened and the glowing stopped much to the amazement of the others.

“Liz, why don’t you let Maria, Claudia and I help you pack some things, and you can stay at the Evan’s for the first week, since Diane has been without Max for a month already.” Nancy smiled tightly. She was trying. She knew Max was the best thing for her daughter and if Liz had to be in danger, she was safest with Max. She trusted Max completely with her daughter’s life. But it was hard to let her daughter go before she was ready. Not that a mother was ever ready, but she had been thinking at 18, when Liz went away to college. Now she was being cheated by about a year.

“Thank you.” Liz swallowed and hugged her mom. She knew how hard this was for her, and got her mom’s run of confused emotions when she hugged her.
“You haven’t lost me mom. I’m still your little girl.” Liz whispered. “I’ll always be your little girl, even when I’m married and have my own children.” She smiled at the older woman and they hugged again as Nancy let tears fall down her face at Liz’s sweet mature words.

“I’ll go shopping for you mom, make a list. Then you can just go on to the house and open it up and stuff.” Max said, taking charge of the rest of his family while Nancy took care of Liz. He knew they wanted some time. He was more than happy to give it to them. He couldn’t believe how great her parents were about him and Liz. After all, she wasn’t even quite 17 yet, and he had only made 17 two months ago.

“Thank you Max.” Diane said and smiled and hugged him as well.

Jim Valenti sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “So what now? We just wait? Wait and do nothing knowing the kids are all in danger?”

Everyone knew how he felt. They all felt helpless right now. They turned to each other not knowing what else they could do.

“All we can do is stay alert right now. I’m thinking if Tess is rested, she might be able to alert us before danger is imminent. And Sheriff, if you could be on the look out for any new faces in town.” Max took over leadership easily.

Jim nodded. “Good idea Max. Let’s all keep our eyes open.” He agreed.

“And we should all meet again later tonight to see if we can come up with a plan. So that everyone is protected at all times. That none of us are alone at all until we know what this other danger is.” Max finished.

“Everyone come to the house tonight.” Diane said. “We can go over everything then. Say, 6 o’clock?” she asked.

“I’ll bring pizza’s for everyone. Our welcome home dinner for you guys.” Jeff smiled tightly, also trying to comprehend everything and truly glad that he had such wonderful friends and family. Everyone nodded and stood up as the Evans started to leave.

Isabel still had Alex’s hand, and looked at him hesitantly. “We’ll talk tonight okay? You go help your mom. I’m going to check some things out before tonight.” He said.

Isabel nodded and smiled shyly. She was pretty sure that Alex felt what she felt, even though they hadn’t said anything yet. She hoped. “Okay. See you later.” She said softly and followed her family out the door.

Kyle stood talking with Alex, not even looking at Tess. Tess swallowed and willed herself not to cry in front of him. He hadn’t acknowledged her once since he had come in. She felt devastated. What had happened to their friendship? It was almost as if since he found out her future, that he didn’t even like her anymore.

Kyle had been looking at Tess. He could hardly keep his eyes off of her. But every time she had glanced his way he had pretended not to notice or care. He didn’t know why he couldn’t even treat her like a friend right now. He just knew that if he tried to be her friend, he would want to go to her and comfort her. She looked so pale and drawn out. But he knew if he touched her right then, it would lead to his feelings of wanting more to be revealed, and he didn’t want that. So he figured if he stayed away from Tess, that would be best for her future, and his sanity.

Michael let go of Maria’s hand slowly as she smiled at him and went to help Liz.

Only the men were left in the room. Jim and Jeff exchanged looks, sharing feelings of frustration that their children were in trouble and they didn’t know what to do.

Max turned to Alex. “What are you thinking of doing?” he asked his friend, referring to Alex’s telling Isabel he had things to check out before tonight.

“I’m going to look up how we can get some surveillance equipment over the Internet.” Alex explained.

“I can get us some stuff Alex, what did you have in mind?” Jim Valenti asked with interest.

“Well, I was going to see if you could get some of the regular stuff, but I was also thinking of getting higher tech stuff, and the Internet could have it for less.” Alex added.

“Like what?” Michael asked his curiosity peaked.

“Like cameras in strategic places so we will know if someone tries to break in somewhere.” Alex went on.

“Well hell whatever you do don’t put one in Max and Liz’s bedroom.” Kyle teased and got a chuckle out of Jim and Alex, but frowns from Michael and Jeff, and a red-faced death look from Max.

“Alright. Let’s go to my office and we’ll make a list of things we have, what else we might need and order whatever else we can too.” Jim said.

“I’d like to come too. I’d like to help buy these things.” Jeff explained and went to tell Nancy what they were up to.

Max frowned. “I don’t like the fact that all the woman are going to be alone while we’re all over town.”

“I’ll stay and watch over the women here.” Michael offered.

Max nodded and turned to his other friend. “Kyle, I have to go shopping for my mom, but should be over to the house in an hour. Could you go stay at the house with my mom and sister’s until I get there?” Max asked.

Kyle nodded, not hesitating. As much as he was trying to avoid talking to Tess right now, he was just as worried as the others about leaving any of one person unprotected.

“No problem Max, but I have the feeling that both of your sister’s can beat the crap out of anyone that tried to come after them with their powers. And I don’t think they will appreciate you sending me over there to ‘protect’ them.” He smiled wryly.

Max flushed realizing he was being a typical man thinking that it was the women that needed protection. He acknowledged that most of the women around here COULD defend themselves better than some of the men, but he still wanted to know that everything was done to protect everyone, including no one being left alone and that meant Kyle too. “No one should be alone right now, alien or human.” Max restated his purpose, and Kyle nodded.

“Okay…let’s get going and then plan on meeting later at the Evan’s house to go over everything then.” Jim Valenti said and they all nodded.

Max watched them all leave and then started out with his list from his mom. He looked back once more at Liz’s open bedroom door and heard the girls laughing. He hesitated, wondering if he should leave them.

“Hey, I’m here remember? I won’t let anything happen to them don’t worry.” Michael assured Max, understanding Max’s compelling need to protect Liz at all times, now that he felt the same way about Maria.

Max met Michael’s eyes and then feeling relieved slightly he nodded. “Tell Liz I’ll call her when I get to the house.” Max said.

Michael nodded. “I think we should talk about our powers tonight Max. We really haven’t gotten into what we all can do separately, never mind together.” Michael remarked.

Max nodded. “Yeah, I agree. Liz has wanted to do that for a while too. We’ve got a lot to go over tonight.” Max agreed and with one last look at Liz’s room, he left.

Michael couldn’t help but smile as he settled in front of the TV, Max sure had it bad. Then he glanced into Liz's room himself, making sure Maria was okay.


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Part 32

“I’m not sure that it was only Khivar that had me worried and brought me back here so quickly.” Claudia told the group later that night as they all sat around the Evan’s living room discussing their plans for what to do to protect the children.

“I only sensed Khivar.” Tess frowned wondering what she had missed. “What else do you think it was Grandma?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, I just know that even though the immediate threat of Khivar and what he had planned has failed, I still feel you kids are all still in danger. Danger that is already around us.” Claudia went on with a frown of worry.

“It could be the FBI.” Jim Valenti added quietly. He had let them all talk out their worries of Khivar and the danger he presented, and now he knew it was time to tell them more bad news.

“Jim? What is it?” Jeff asked his friend.

“They are sending two people into town to follow up on that incident the other week with Michael, Maria and Liz in the alley. Apparently they still want to come and question my deputy and anyone else who might have seen what happened or talked to those boys even though the boys are long gone.” Jim explained unhappily

“When?” Michael asked paling at the thought of FBI asking questions about three kids being attacked in an alley and the possible connection to aliens.

Maria squeezed Michael’s hands to remind him that he had saved both she and Liz that night.

Michael looked down into Maria’s loving eyes and then smiled lightly back at her and hugged her closer to him. They were both sitting on the floor together.

“Do you know how many they are sending and for how long Sheriff?” Max asked with a frown of his own. He blamed himself for not having been around.

“And what would you have done? The same thing as Michael and then we would still have the FBI coming to town.” Liz whispered to him as she turned to face him. She was cuddled up in his arms as they too sat on the floor.

Max had his back against one of the couches and Liz was leaning against Max between his legs.

Max smiled lightly at how Liz had read his mind and then he too gave her a squeeze. “You’re right.” He said just as softly as he ran a hand down her arm in a light caress.

Liz sighed at just the small caress. Max’s touch always turned her to mush. And she smiled to herself as she felt Max’s arousal straining against her butt knowing he too always wanted her. And she got hotter remembering that Max had promised to give himself completely to Liz tonight. That she could do anything she wanted. Liz bit her lip and tried not to groan aloud.

Max cleared his throat and pushed himself up against Liz’s cute little butt even more, letting her know he KNEW her thoughts and what it was doing to him.

“They didn’t say how long they’d be down here, I imagine until they are satisfied with what they find or don’t find.” Jim sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “All I know is they will be coming in to talk to my deputy the day after tomorrow. Whether they are in town now or not I don’t know. The FBI doesn’t like people to know their every move. Their names are Agent Topolsky and Agent Pierce.” Jim finished, not realizing that Max was behrly paying attention to the answer to the question he had asked.

“I don’t like this.” Nancy said and squeezed Jeff’s hand. She was terrified that Michael would be found out or even Liz, if these agents dug deep enough.

“I’ll try to throw them off if they keep me in the loop.” Jim promised hoping they would. “And I’ll talk to my deputy and see what he is going to tell them and see what I can do about what he says to them.”

“So the FBI AND Khivar are what we have to worry about?” Isabel asked with a frown. All of this was so overwhelming. Not only did they have to worry about alien enemies who were probably much stronger power wise, but now the FBI was coming back into town for more alien hunting.

Alex saw Isabel’s frightened eyes and pale face and took her hand in his and held it tightly.

She met his eyes and hers showed her gratitude and did he see more in those eyes of hers? He knew he wanted to talk to her about them, but tonight probably wasn’t the night. Tomorrow, when they were at school, he would talk to her.

Isabel looked down at Alex’s hand holding hers in comfort and she swallowed back a wave of feelings that suddenly came over her. She was pretty sure Alex was her soul mate, and the more he just touched her, the more she felt it. But she knew they needed to talk, and she wanted to do the final test. She smiled to herself as she thought about that test. What would Alex say if she said she wanted to kiss him to finalize what she already suspected? Tomorrow, tomorrow she would talk to him about all of this. She decided.

“Alex, Sheriff, what did you two come up with for surveillance? And have you thought how we could make sure that none of us were alone while Grandma Claudia and Tess felt we were all in danger?” Liz asked.

“We’ve got camera’s for the outside of the houses and good security equipment for the homes that we ordered, as well as cell phones for everyone. Max, you sounded like you had a plan for making sure none of you kids are even alone.” Jim asked.

Max and Liz stopped their private torturing of each other and Max, still ready to boil over with his need for Liz, pushed the back in his mind for now and nodded. “I had Liz put together everyone’s school schedule to see what classes we were alone in, and as I suspected, there are not too many. And in those classes where one of us is alone, if something does happen that makes us suspicious, we will immediately dial an S.O.S code that we can make up so that any of the others of us can get there right away.” Max began.

The parents nodded liking that. “What about when you’re not in school?” Phillip asked as he reached for another piece of pizza and then he settled back on the couch with his arm around his wife.

“Well, I think everyone should have a buddy that we have to be with when we are out of school. And I can make sure Liz and I are almost always together.” Max grinned sheepishly.

Everyone else chuckled realizing how tough that was going to be for Max and Liz.

Liz smiled too, and snuggled further into Max. She didn’t care that everyone knew how much the two of them couldn’t stand to be apart anyways.

And I figured the rest of the gang could pick a buddy and be responsible for each other. And if the pairs need to be separated for a certain reason like say I have to work and so does Liz, then Maria or Michael can watch over Liz when she works and someone who isn’t working can hang out at the UFO center with me.” Max explained. “And the same for any other pair. We can switch off as needed.”

“God for how long do we have to live like this?” Kyle frowned not liking the idea of having someone always with him. What about if he wanted to date or something? He looked quickly at Tess and winched, remembering he had made a date with Melody Smith, the girl he’d met at the water hole a few weeks ago. He was determined to keep his distance from Tess, and the best way would be to continue dating other girls.

“I don’t know Kyle. But I really think that with what Grandma Claudia senses and what Tess has dreamed, that we shouldn’t take this lightly. We ARE in danger and must not get careless.” Max stated, knowing Kyle was thinking of his dating and normal life outside of this whole mess.

Tess too guessed Kyle was thinking of his dating and normal life being cramped, and she felt horrible. He should have a normal life. But because of her and her family, he couldn’t and he probably would resent and hate her more. And she also hated even thinking of him dating the pretty girls as school while she had to watch now that she and Isabel were starting back at school tomorrow.

“Hey Kyle, we could always double date.” Alex tried to make Kyle feel better. Then he blushed thinking that he was jumping the gun here. He was thinking of him and Isabel as a couple already and maybe he was way off.

Isabel flinched for a minute wondering if Alex already had a girlfriend or someone he dated and she had gotten all the wrong vibes. Was he just being her friend? She frowned as she realized she definitely needed to talk to Alex tomorrow. And she DEFINITELY needed to try that last test…if nothing else; to convince Alex that he was hers! Isabel thought with confidence once more.

Alex glanced sideways and saw Isabel’s frown and his stomach dropped. God was Isabel thinking he was jumping to conclusions about them? Was she NOT interested? He swallowed feeling confused and miserable.

Max and Liz exchanged glances with Michael and Maria as they watched the other four teens talk around what was obvious to the other four. Max and Michael knew they would have to figure it out for themselves, but then Michael looked from Maria to Liz and saw their minds going a mile a minute with unspoken thoughts.

He had a feeling the other two pairs were going to find themselves locked in a closet somewhere as well and he rolled his eyes wondering if he would be around when the sparks flew.

“Well, that last thing we need to talk about is our gifts.” Michael brought up.

Max nodded and let Michael have the lead.

“Max and I were talking about how a lot of what our special gifts are in that Alien book that Grandma Claudia was given, and we need to go over that again and then start testing these gifts and seeing how we can strengthen them to help us against our alien enemies.”
Michael continued.

“I think we all have a special gift that combined will help us defeat our enemies, and from what the book says, once we find our soul mates, it seems it will strengthen our gifts.” Michael went on. Then he and Maria exchanged unspoken looks and Michael caressed her cheek with reverence.

Kyle watched and shifted uncomfortably. And he also had watched Alex and Isabel holding hands. Were his human friends really the soul mates of the their “royal” friends? He understood Liz and Max since they were both royalty and had been together previously, but Maria and Alex were just humans. Could they really be soul mates to “royalty”? And if they were, what did that say about him and Tess? He couldn’t possibly be good enough for Tess. He didn’t believe that for a minute. It not only seemed impossible, but it scared him as well. After all, Tess had been his little friend all his life and he just couldn’t imagine having a ‘soul mate’ never mind that it was someone he’d known all his life.

“So, we get the book and go out I the desert or something and try to work on the gifts we have?” Tess concluded.

Michael nodded. “And I think Maria should definitely be there since she is my soul mate.” Michael smiled down at her again.

Maria lifted up and kissed Michael lightly on the lips and smiled happily as she settled back down in his arms.

“Agreed.” Max said and exchanged looks with Liz with a smile as they watched their two friends.

“I think maybe we should go out tomorrow. I’m not sure how much time we have. I wish my dreams were more visual. I know there was something more to my dream that I couldn’t quite see.” Tess frowned.

“Maybe if we find your “soul mate” soon Tess, you will have a sharper focus on your dreams?” Liz said casually, but Max knew she was bating Kyle.

Tess’ eyes widened and she tried not to look towards Kyle as she nodded slowly at Liz.

Kyle felt himself stiffen for a moment and then swore as he forced himself to stay calm. Nothing showed on his face.

“I…I think we should wait until tomorrow to see who is going to go with us.” Isabel said softly, thinking of her need to talk to Alex. She was pretty sure he needed to be there too, but didn’t want to say anything before talking to him.

“Well, I think we all need some sleep right now. It’s been a long day and I think we’ve worked out as much as we can tonight.” Diane said and sighed as she stood up.

The others stood up as well and started toward the door.

“You kids shouldn’t go out to the desert alone. I’ll tag along if you don’t mind.” Jim Valenti said.

Max thought about this and nodded.

After everyone else had left, Liz turned to Tess and pulled her into the kitchen. Diane and Phillip had already gone up to bed after Max had said he would clean the pizza up and straighten the kitchen.

Isabel and Max started cleaning the kitchen as they listened to Liz talk to Tess.

“Okay, we have to work on Kyle.” She started as she began to pace.

“Ahhh…Liz…I think it’s hopeless.” Tess sighed.

“What!? Are you going to tell me you don’t FEEL something when you’re near Kyle? Something MORE than just attraction?” Liz asked with her hands on her hips.

Max and Isabel smiled at Liz’s determination and how she was going to overpower their sister.

“No.” Tess admitted quietly and put her head down as she played with a speck of dirt on the kitchen table.

Max watched Liz pace and throw her hands on her hips and get determined, and his gut clenched suddenly. Then he remembered Liz’s promise from earlier, and he hardened even more. He groaned quietly and turned to face the kitchen sink as he tried to calm his obvious need for Liz from his sisters.

Liz was staring at Tess when she felt the way of fire pass through her, and she gasped and her eyes widened as she looked over to where Max was facing the sink and washing the few dishes.

Tess looked confused as she too turned to Max and wondered what Liz was looking at since Max was not even looking at them.

“Ah… we’ll talk more about what we will do in the morning Tess. But trust me, I’ve got a plan.” She smiled distractedly and then stretching and yawning she said allowed.

“I’m going to head to bed guys, I’m so tired.” She tried to say casually.

Max stiffened even more at Liz’s words and knew what she was telling him. She was ready! Max’s heart skipped a few beats and then it started beating double time as he tried to breath deeply and not like he had just run a marathon.

“Well, we’re done in here, I’m going to head to bed too.” Max tired to say just as casually, but knew he wasn’t fooling his sisters any more than Liz had.

He saw their smirks and ignored them, practically running out of the room to catch up with Liz.

Tonight Max was going to give Liz everything she wanted. And from what Max knew of Liz’s fantasies, he was going to be getting a lot too. Their first time had been beautiful, but their need for each other had only grown more since last night’s first loving. He couldn’t believe it had only been last night. So much had happened since then.

He smiled as he reached his room and heard the low music already on as he turned the knob on his door.


Part 33

Max slowly turned the knob and entered the fairly dark room. Only one candle lit the area and the music was soft and sexy just lightly playing in the background. His heart was beating triple time as he looked for Liz. She had not been that far ahead of him. She must have used her powers to create all this so fast. That little sneak, he thought and smiled lovingly.

When he saw movement in a darker corner of his room his eyes flew to that spot and waited. He sucked in his breath when he saw Liz slowly come forward wearing a tiny white teddy that showed just enough of her body to drive him crazy.

Max felt dizzy and realized he needed to breathe. He drew in a breath and closing the door behind him, he moved forward slowly.

Liz watched her husband in their former life come toward her and she shivered in anticipation. He was so sexy and he drove her crazy when he just looked at her with those big hazel eyes surrounded by those sinfully long lashes. He took her breath away. Max had her completely under his spell. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She watched as Max stood before her and just raked a hot look up and down her sexy, outfit. She could feel heat wherever his eyes paused, which made her shiver even more.

Max finished his appraisal of her body and raised his now dark eyes to meet hers. He read her thoughts and smiled lightly at her amazement of him. He wanted to let her know it was the same for him so he got on his knees before her and wrapping his arms around her thin waist, he kissed her tummy reverently and then placing his cheek against her trim stomach, he just inhaled her essence and let her know how special she was to him.

Liz swallowed back tears of joy and overwhelming emotions at Max’s actions. She automatically put her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his beautiful hair, holding him closer to her and loved him back.

This was the leader of a whole planet. A King, and he was on his knees before her. It humbled Liz to know that this strong man was hers and no matter how tough he was with others, he was as vulnerable to her as she was to him.

“You are my wife, my queen Liz. I would do ANYTHING for you. You are my whole life. Without you I won’t exist. I adore you my beautiful, sexy Liz Parker.” Max told her as he again read her thoughts.

Liz let the tears fall as she looked down at the man she had loved all her life and apparently in her previous life as well. “Max…kiss me. My lips ache for yours. My body aches for yours.” She said in a whispered plea.

Max was on his feet and had her instantly in his arms. His mouth hovered over hers and she felt his breath against her waiting lips. They were both breathing hard.

Liz opened her eyes when Max didn’t take her lips right away. She met his beautiful expressive eyes so close to hers and saw the sparkle of love and adoration in them as well. “Oh Max.” Liz whispered and tears filled her eyes again.

Max wiped one tear away and then let his mouth descend over her anxiously waiting, trembling one. He slid his tongue past her lips and deep into her mouth, taking possession of her parted lips with one thrust of his tongue.

Liz groaned and dug her fingernails into Max’s back as she tasted him and felt that familiar dizziness that came with being possessed by any part of Max.

Max’s hands ran up and down Liz’s silky body, not knowing where the silky material ended and Liz’s skin began. Both were just as soft. His hands ached to touch her everywhere, and suddenly he lifted her up and placed her on his bed, only then releasing her mouth as he stood up and looked down at her spread out on his bed waiting for him.

Max’s eyes darkened even more, and his jaw hardened as he tried to keep his passion under control, as he slowly began to pull the blue t-shirt over his head.

Liz gasped as his beautiful, sculptured chest was revealed to her greedy eyes, and then she quickly scampered up on her knees and reached for the button on his jeans.

Max felt Liz’s hands trembling as they fiddled at his waist and he sucked in his breath and threw his t-shirt across the room. He looked down at Liz and tried to stand still, knowing she wanted to help him undress.

He clenched his hands into fists for a second to get more under control, and then letting out a deep breath, he slowly ran his hands through Liz’s soft, silky strands of hair as she finally released the snap and lowered his zipper.

Max groaned as her hand pressed against his swollen, hard sex as she tried to get the zipper past the obvious arousal he was sporting for her.

Liz looked up with wide eyes asking him if she was hurting him. Max smiled down at her tightly through a clenched jaw and caressed her face gently.

“It hurts so good my Liz.” He whispered, his words encouraging her to continue as his hips unconsciously arched toward her more begging for her touch.

Liz smiled and her eyes darkened as she went back to her pleasurable task. Unknowingly she bit her lip as she finally got the zipper down over his huge arousal, and with one tug she pushed his pants and boxer briefs down his slim hips, letting his surging penis spring free to stand proudly at attention for her.

Liz sighed and unconsciously licked her lips, causing Max to groan aloud and pull her up to drag her against him. He devoured her lips once again, taking full possession of them and showing her with his tongue what he planned to do to her body. He slid his tongue in and out of the darkest recesses of her mouth and drank of Liz like a thirsty man.

Liz’s hands were everywhere now that her Max was completely exposed to her. She met his bold thrusting tongue with her own while her hands finally slid down his hard chest and past his rigid abs, to the proud stiff sex that was begging for her touch.

She felt the liquid against her palm as she closed around his large arousal and she groaned in pleasure.

Max tore his mouth from Liz’s at her touch and throwing his head back, he sucked in his breath and groaned as well.

Liz took that opportunity to do what she had wanted to do for so long. She pushed him just a little until he fell onto the bed with her, and when he opened his eyes in surprise, Liz smiled devilishly, and with hungry eyes she raked them over his beautiful body that was all hers.

Max swallowed and waited. He knew Liz wanted to explore him. His little scientist was as curious as a cat and he knew she was as in heat as one right now too. He smiled as he sensed her passion and his own nostrils flared with equal need humming through his body.

Max’s eyes darkened and became half lidded as Liz crawled up over him and sat on his thighs just below his stiff, throbbing arousal that was eagerly begging for her loving.

As she slid down a little to get comfortable, Max felt her heat and moistness through her little teddy wet his thigh and he swore as he grew even larger than he thought possible. “OH MY GOD!” he sucked in and thought he would lose it right then. Her hot moisture against his thigh burned him and made him start to shake.

Then he cried out her name and threw back his head when Liz slid her hand around him again and opened her mouth over him and took him between her lips.

“Liz! AHHH GOD!” He swore and clenched his fists in the sheets. He was afraid if he touched her now he would toss her over and take her. And he knew she wanted to explore him first. He just hoped he could live through it. His little sexy Liz was going to be the death of him.

“But what a way to go.” She murmured against his throbbing member as she lifted her mouth above it and then touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of him. She tasted the liquid drops and sighed. She loved all the tastes of Max and this part of him that fascinated her so much, most of all.

“Liz…I’m not going to make it love. Come here.” Max ground out between clenched teeth, reaching for her with his hands.

Liz shook her head and continued to explore his beautiful throbbing erection. She was amazed at how hard and yet silky it was at the same time. She loved the look and feel and the different textures, and she loved how it responded to her every look and touch. “Max…this is mine.” She said possessively.

Even through his fervent haze, Max heard her ownership and laughed. “Only yours Liz. Forever.” He promised her easily.

“Max…I want to watch you.” She whispered as she continued to explore him with her hands and lips. She saw how he was holding himself in control for her and she wanted him to let go.

Max knew he would give her anything she wanted, and this was an easy wish to fulfill. He didn’t mind being vulnerable to Liz. He loved knowing that there was no hesitation between them, that everything with them was open and shared. And he knew he would demand the same from her and she would give it willingly as well.

With that thought, his eyes watched her beautiful lips take him deep into her mouth. He felt the pull of her lips hot and tight around his most needy part, and he let go as his fists gripped the sheets, and he cried out her name as he came. And came and came.

Liz’s wide eyes took it all in and she was amazed. She loved him even more as she watched him arch up and give of himself completely to her. He was utterly vulnerable to her and trusted her fully. Liz worshiped Max with her mouth and hands and body as he continued to come until he was hoarse from crying out.

Liz watched with her huge doe eyes as Max’s penis softened between her hands and she smiled, knowing she had pleased her love. And he had let her see how his body reacted to her loving in every stage.

Then she was being gently dragged up his body until she met his still passion clouded eyes.

“I love you Liz Parker.” He said and felt it wasn’t enough. That he couldn’t really express in word what he felt for this small girl above him. “You complete me. You truly are my other half.” He finished.

Liz felt exactly the same way and smiled and lightly leaned down to rub her lips against his. “Thank you Max for letting me love you the way I’ve wanted to for forever.” She said softly against his mouth.

Max’s nostrils flared again as he tasted himself against Liz’s lips. Then he was flipping her over and looking down into her wide, excited eyes.

Max slid a hand down her body and cupped her heat, amazed at how soaked she was just from pleasing him, and exploring his body with her eyes and hands and mouth. He hadn’t even touched her yet or pleasured her and she was completely ready for him. It humbled him and also made him harden again. Both of them looked down at his body in amazement and then Liz smiled wickedly and Max chuckled.

“Max, you are a horny devil you know that.” Liz teased him, her eyes darkening with overwhelming need as she felt and saw him harden against her.

“Hmmm and you love it you witch!” he growled back and then nipped at her lips playfully.

Liz giggled loving the play as much as the loving, and then when Max took her mouth again she sighed and slid her arms about his neck and held on tightly to his broad back as she rode out the waves of passion just his hot kisses caused. Her body was on fire and the feel of him naked against her still half covered body made her slide against him in blazing need.

“Max!” Liz pleaded as she rubbed her heat against his arousal.

Max sucked in his breath and realized if he didn’t take control, he was going to lose it again. And he had too much HE wanted to do and explore of Liz before he finally slid into Liz for that final completion. He too had fantasies about Liz’s body that he planned to fulfill for both of them before the night was over.

With a need so powerful his hands shook, he slowly began to kiss Liz’s nose, eyes and then he nibbled gently at her lips before he continued with an open mouth kiss down her jaw and onto her silky sweet neck. He sucked on the pulse in her neck that was beating in time with his own heart. And then continued down to lick her upper chest until he nuzzled his nose in between her sweet breasts that he was reverently caressing through her teddy.

Then Max gently eased the thin straps down Liz’s arms as he continued to kiss every new part that was revealed.

Liz died a slow death as Max kissed his way down her body as he exposed each new part of her. She held her breath as he got to her tummy, and then he sat up suddenly. He couldn’t wait any longer to have Liz naked with him. He couldn’t wait to feel her bare body against his once more. Skin to skin.

He gasped as he slid the rest of her teddy down her legs and tossed it aside. He had his first real look at the most feminine part of Liz and he almost fainted. She was perfect. So beautiful in everyway, and his other half. Their bodies had been made for each other and he knew that her pleasure was his as he is was hers. Max couldn’t take his eyes off the nest of soft curls that called to him, but when Liz held out her arms for him to hold her, Max could only go to her. He slid his body against hers and took her into his arms, kissing her again deeply.

He felt Liz’s nails digging into his back and this only fueled his passion. Finally he had to explore her sexy body. All of it. He nibbled his way back down to her alluring sexy breasts and began to feast on his girl like a starving man.

Max was in heaven. He licked, lapped and sucked strongly on Liz tantalizing breasts until her nipples were hard pebbles in his mouth and he had her withering and sobbing beneath him. Until he felt her shaking in need and the ache pooled between her thighs giving up more of her wet silk. When Max sensed this, his hand slid down to find that silk and to seek out another part of Liz he was dying to familiarize himself with. His fantasy was to know every part of Liz’s body better than she did.

Liz was beyond heaven. Between the delicious arousing feelings of Max’s mouth suckling her, and his hands stroking and caressing her most feminine parts, Liz could only hold on to him and sob out her pleasure. She loved knowing that Max was taking over every part of her body. That she was giving up everything to him.

Max reveled in the sweet taste of Liz. Her strawberry and vanilla tastes drove him wild as he continued to suckle at her breasts and the heal of his hand began to press down on her heat, giving her some relief.

He gathered more of her sweet silk with each stroke, each caress between her legs until her scent traveled up to him and made his mouth water for more of her tastes.

With wild hunger and excitement, Max slid down her body and finally prepared to fulfill another one of his own fantasies. One he’d had for many years now while he’d been away from her. One that had made him take many cold showers or wake up with the bed soaked.

He slid between her legs and taking a deep breath, he gently eased her legs wider apart, to get a good look and to get at her better. Liz spread her legs accommodatingly for her love and she held her breath as she watched beneath lowered passion glazed lids as Max looked his fill. His own eyes so dark with need that they were black.

When he reached out with his fingers and parted her already swollen and moist lips they both sucked in their breath.

Both moaned simultaneously when Max finally put his open mouth against her eager, waiting heat and he tasted all of her for the first time.

Liz leaped off the bed with her hips at the feel of Max’s hot mouth against her throbbing center and put a fist to her mouth to keep from screaming at the newest sensations. She was amazed at how wild she felt and then felt her hands reach for his head and digging her nails into his scalp she pushed him closer to her. All inhibitions gone as she begged and sobbed his name.

Max’s own head was spinning with Liz’s erotic taste on his lips and her sweet cries in his ears. He feasted on her like a ravenous man who couldn’t ever get enough of this new, exotic taste.

Liz cried out and lost count of how many times Max brought her over the edge before he finally gave in to her pleas and crawled back up her quivering body and held her tightly, whispering soothingly against her lips as he nibbled on them while she continued to cry out his name.

Then Liz’s little hand captured Max’s throbbing, hard arousal and led him to her ready, needy body.

With one sure stroke Max drove home and they both cried out at the ecstasy that washed over them at the final complete connection.

Holding each other tightly, they rode out the storm together. Max started out with long slow strokes, just reveling in the feeling of Liz’s body grabbing and sucking him in, but soon her cries and wild nails against his back egged him on and he too lost all inhibitions and slammed into Liz, neither feeling they could get close enough. Or that Max could get deep enough.

Max waited until he felt Liz was ready to tumble over the edge of desire again before he threw back his head and let his body pour into his soul mate. He shuddered as he came and came; letting the girl he loved beyond everything, know how much she satisfied him in every way.

Liz too couldn’t stop the tidal wave of ecstasy that continued to wash over her as she felt Max pouring into her body. She just held on tight and rode out the loving with Max. Her one and only love.

Finally Max slid out of Liz much to her dismay, but when he rolled over and pulled her on top of him Liz purred in contentment and snuggled into him.

They fell asleep with Max’s hand between Liz’s thighs and Liz’s hand gently holding on to Max’s now soft member, neither wanting to let go of the others bodies where they connected fully.


The next day, Isabel bit her lip anxiously as she searched for Alex before school started. She followed Max’s directions to Alex’s locker and waited there for him to arrive.

She heard his laugh and turned with bright anxious eyes to greet him only to find another girl clinging to his arm as she whispered something in his ear.

Alex saw Isabel waiting for him and nothing else registered. His heart flipped over and his smile widened and his eyes softened at the beautiful sight of her hugging her books against her as she waited by his locker for him.

He didn’t even notice Wendy, who had grabbed his arm a minute ago and whispered something funny about their teacher in his ear.

His eyes were only for Isabel Evans and he now approached her with adoring eyes.

Isabel saw Alex’s reaction to her and she felt better. Her confidence came back and she smiled brightly back at Alex as he approached her.

Wendy watched Alex’s face change as he neared the tall blond standing by his locker and she frowned. She had never seen that look on his face before! She didn’t know who this girl was, but she was not going to give up her interest in Alex Whitman that easily.

With a determined look, she grabbed at Alex’s arm again and hung on as they both came toward Isabel.

Alex looked down surprised and annoyed by Wendy’s bold, possessive move. His stunned look made Isabel realize that Alex was not with the other girl, only that she wanted him to be and was letting Isabel know where she stood.


Tess, Liz and Max headed into the school to meet Michael and Maria at Liz’s locker. They wanted to make sure that they all knew what to do to stay cautious and careful not to be alone whenever possible.

Max had watched Isabel waiting at Alex’s locker until he had appeared, so he knew she too was okay now and he continued on with the others to Liz’s locker.

His hand was possessively against Liz’s lower back and Liz could feel the burn of his hand against her as she walked, and remembering their wild abandoned passion last night, she blushed and heated up again.

Max stumbled as he caught Liz’s hot thoughts and then grinned and threw her a hot look as they all turned to stare at what had halted Max.

Maria rolled her eyes. “God you two have got to be the horniest two teens in Roswell! Geesh!” she teased with a grin.

This brought a chuckle from Michael and Tess but Tess’ smile left her face the minute she saw Kyle, down the hall at his locker, with a girl wrapped around his body.

Liz saw Tess’ eyes suddenly fill with pain and she looked to where her friend was staring.

Liz ground her teeth and met Maria’s also angry eyes.

“Kyle may be one of our best friends, but he also has got to be the stupidest man alive!” Maria exclaimed as she too looked from Kyle to Tess.

Tess just sighed and turned away from where Kyle was and looked back at her friends. “It doesn’t matter. If Kyle doesn’t feel anything for me he must not be my soul mate.” Tess tried to convince herself.

“HA!” Maria exclaimed. Michael raised an eye wondering what that meant but knowing Maria it couldn’t bode will for their friend Kyle.

“He is just being stubborn and stupid.” Liz explained to Tess. “And Maria and I know just how to make him squirm until he comes to his senses.” Liz grinned wickedly, making both Max and Michael actually start to feel sorry for their stupid friend.


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Part 34

Isabel raised an eyebrow at the girl clinging UNWANTEDLY to Alex as they came to stand before her.

“Isabel, hey.” Alex said softly, trying to disengage his arm from the clingy Wendy Fisher without being rude to the girl.

Isabel saw this and her eyes narrowed. She knew Alex was too sweet to hurt someone even if they were too dense to figure out they weren’t wanted any other way. She decided to take things into her own hands since she knew Alex wasn’t interested in the viper.

“Hi Alex.” Isabel practically purred, making Alex’s eyebrows go up in surprise at the obvious flirting.

Alex had thought they were going to talk about what they were to each other, and now Isabel was looking at him like he was already hers. Which was fine with him! He thought as he more forcefully extricated his arm from the girl next to him who no longer registered to him. He just wanted to go off somewhere with Isabel and talk… or whatever.

Wendy Fisher’s mouth dropped open when Alex all but yanked his arm away and moved closer to Isabel, and she was shocked at how he completely forgot she was even there.

Isabel saw all this however, and with another raised eyebrow to the unwanted viper, she took Alex’s hand and walked off with him.

Wendy was left staring at what had just happened. If she didn’t know better she would think that that Isabel creature was a witch and had cast a spell on Alex. She swallowed realizing she was totally out of her league with that woman. She stamped her foot in frustration as she watched Alex take Isabel’s books to carry them for her and then he slid his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer.

At lunch, out in the quad, Maria, Isabel, Tess and Alex were looking over some list Maria had as Kyle and Michael came up to the table, with Max and Liz not far behind.

Michael sat next to Maria where she had left him room, and he kissed her quickly on the lips and wrapped her in his arms. “Missed you.” He said softly in her ear.

Maria smiled at Michael amazed at how lucky she was to finally be more than just friends with him. For years she’d had a crush on him, and now she was really with him instead of just dreaming about it.

“Talk about needing a room.” Liz threw at the couple with a teasing smile as she was pulled down to sit on Max’s lap.

“Ah…Max, there is plenty of room on the bench for Liz to sit.” Isabel said dryly and tried not to laugh.

“Yep, plenty of room.” Alex took the opportunity to pull Isabel closer to him and she snuggled against him happily. Their eyes met and they smiled only for each other.

Max ignored the room there was for Liz and kept her on his lap, and watched his sister and Alex and then looked to Liz who smiled back at him.

“Another down and one to go.” She whispered in his ear.

Max grunted and the smell of Liz so close to him, her cute tush with his brand on it heating up his lap, and her breath tickling in his ear made him think about dragging her to the eraser room and having Liz for lunch instead of his sandwich.

Liz leaned back and her eyes twinkled with amusement and heat as she read his mind and smiled at him.

Max raised an eyebrow in question but Liz shook her head. She let her eyes shift to Tess who was quiet and reminded him that they had a job to do. He sighed and nodded.

Michael and Kyle were bickering about the class assignment they had just been given and Maria looked to Liz who nodded and then she looked down at the list in front of her again.

“Okay…so we have Joey, Dave, Julio, Alan, Antonio, Jose, Mark, Pete, Josh and Paul for starters.” Maria said out loud to the girls as they all leaned over the list.

Michael took his cue and leaned over to look at the list Maria had made. “What’s that?”

“It’s a list of men for Tess.” She said casually.

“What?!” Kyle burst out and then realizing everyone was looking at him he stiffened and shifted in his seat next to Max and Liz. “I mean…what the hell are you doing?”

Tess put her head down to hide the smile she felt at Kyle’s reaction. Okay, so maybe she could enjoy this.

“Hmmm…that’s a lot of guys to kiss in so short a time.” She sighed as she pretended to contemplate the list seriously.

“I think you should try Antonio first. He’s so hot blooded. He’s sure to raise your blood sister dear, and he is not a bad start.” Isabel said as she reached for one of Alex’s fries and slid it into her mouth.

Alex knew she was teasing him and he pulled her closer to him to let her know it was working.

Isabel threw him a smile and then fed him a French fry as well.

“Hmmm… I think you’re right. Antonio with his dark good looks and deep eyes. He’s sooo…Mediterranean.” Tess smiled dreamily as she pretended to think about the guy.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” Kyle looked at all of them as if they were crazy. Maria and Isabel were casually talking about a list of men for Tess to “TRY OUT” and the rest of them were casually listening without complaint.

“We have to find Tess’ soul mate Kyle. You heard what Grandma Claudia and those books said. We are stronger as a unit. We have to start practicing our gifts to see what we can do to protect ourselves from Khivar and whoever else is after us.” Liz explained calmly as she took a fry and dipped it in Max’s Tabasco sauce bowl.

“So what… you plan on her just kissing any regular guy in the school!?” he looked shocked by this. Then he looked to Max whose attention was on watching Liz eat her fry instead of on the thought of his sister trying out a list of men.

“Max! Do you hear what these girls are saying? They want your sister to just start trying out the losers in this school!” Kyle asked in frustration.

“Well, Liz is right Kyle. Now that it’s obvious that Alex and Isabel have realized that they are soul mates that leaves only Tess. And the sooner we have all of us at our strongest, the sooner we can prepare for our enemies.” Max sighed. Just the thought of the real reason they needed to prepare their gifts made him lose his appetite.

Liz hugged him close letting him know it would be okay.

“Oh! There’s Antonio now! I think I’ll go talk to him.” Tess brightened and sat up when she saw the boy cross the quad.
“Good! Go Tess! He’s the hottest one… let me know how he kisses.” Maria exclaimed and pushed Tess up and toward the guy.

“Wait just one second! You are just going to start throwing yourself at every guy in this school and what…kiss your way or who knows what else… through all these until you find this soul mate?!” Kyle said standing up and blocking her way. His heart felt constricted and he didn’t like the pain he felt at the thought of Tess making out with most of the Roswell High guys.

“Well, not all of them. Some I just know won’t be my soul mate.” Tess said with lowered lashes and then she looked up at Kyle with huge innocent eyes. She hid her smile as she saw his eyes narrow and his nose start to flare and his jaw clamp down.

“None of them are right for you! God Tess, you deserve better than a regular normal human guy! You’re royalty for God sakes!” he grinded his teeth angrily and clenched his fists. His stomach revolted at the thought of any of the guys in this school laying their hands on Tess.

“Max! She’s your sister. She deserves better than any of the horney toads at this school!” Kyle tried to appeal to Max’s brotherly instincts.

Max tried to hide his own laugh as he just looked at Kyle and shrugged. “Grandma Claudia and the guardians said that our soul mates were not far from us, so it must be someone around here.”

“And what do you mean by regular normal people not being good enough for royalty?!” Maria exclaimed with her hands on her hips.

“I want to know what you mean too Kyle, buddy.” Alex frowned at his friend.

Kyle looked from Maria to Alex and realized that THEY were just normal regular humans as well, and they were with the aliens. Kyle swallowed and realized that Tess’ soul mate might just be one of the losers at this school. He felt sick and turned back to argue further with Tess, to make her see that this was not the way to go about this soul mate stuff.

But Tess was already heading toward Antonio who had stopped short and was smiling as the cute bubbly girl approached him with a look in her eyes.

Kyle made a choking sound as Tess whispered in the guy’s ear and he grinned and led her quickly out of the quad and back into the school.

Kyle turned to the group and glared at them. They were all casually watching Tess disappear into the school with the first of many test subjects.

“Well, at least if she has to kiss a bunch of frogs to find her prince, some of them are down right cute.” Maria giggled and watched Michael glare at her teasingly, knowing what she was up to.

“All those strong bods she gets to test out. Hmm… maybe I picked you too soon Alex.” Isabel teased and watched Alex raise an eyebrow at her in mock horror.

“THE HELL SHE IS!” Kyle finally burst out and stormed off to find Tess. His heart was hurting and his stomach felt like heaving at the thought of that list of guys all over Tess.

“Well, that didn’t take long at all.” Liz said calmly as she licked her fingers of the hot sauce, but was interrupted when Max grabbed her fingers and put them in his own mouth.

The groans heard round the table turned to one chant as the rest of the group at the table cried out… “GET A ROOM!”


Part 35

Kyle stormed into the school looking around frantically for any sign of Tess or that sorry excuse for a guy, Antonio.

Spying them rounding a corner he quickly followed. His eyes narrowed in anger seeing Tess hanging onto Antonio’s arm as he smiled down at her like a damn idiot.

As he reached them he heard Antonio say in a low voice near Tess’ ear, “And this is the eraser room.”

Tess saw Kyle storming towards them and pretended she didn’t see him. She looked up at Antonio with huge eyes. “What’s that?” she asked pretending great innocence.

Antonio grinned thinking he had Tess just where he wanted her. She had told him a few minutes ago that the student counselor had wanted him to show her around the school since she was new to it, and he’d figured he could get the cute little thing into the eraser room no problem since he knew he was quite the catch around school.

However, Antonio had not expected the wrath of one Kyle Valenti to ruin his plans. As he started to lead Tess into the famous eraser room that he had just opened, he felt a hand swing him around and he met Kyle’s angry face.

“Hey Kyle buddy. What’s up?” he grinned. He figured once he explained what he was up to Kyle would maybe even guard the door for him. Since they were teammates, they all had often guarded the door for each other on occasion.

“Let’s go Tess. If you need someone to show you around, I’ll do it.” He said through gritted teeth, trying not to let his anger blow.

“No thank you Kyle. I would hate to take any of your precious time. It’s obvious you have been too busy lately to even talk to me, let alone show me around. Antonio is very sweet and very willing to help show me around.” Tess smiled up at Antonio and gave him her huge innocent blue-eyed look. Antonio smiled down at her but then took in Kyle’s possessive hand on Tess’ arm, and the anger in his eyes.

“Ahhh…Kyle buddy, is there a problem man? I didn’t realize she was spoken for. I thought you were becoming interested in Melody Smith.” Antonio asked. He didn’t want to hit on one of his buddy’s girls.

Before Kyle could answer, Tess’ eyes narrowed in anger and she jerked her arm out of Kyle’s grasp. “He is NOT mine and I am not his. He has no say over me or what I can or can’t do.” She snapped giving both boys dirty looks.

Antonio smiled, liking the feistiness in the new girl and realized she was even sexier when she was angry.

Kyle too was caught off guard by Tess’ angry attitude and could only stare for a minute. She looked even more adorable when she was angry he thought. But then he saw the look of heat in Antonio’s eyes once more and he clamped down on his jaw and clenched his fists.

“Excuse me Antonio. Tess and I need to talk. Watch the door.” He said through gritted teeth as he practically dragged Tess into the Eraser Room in front of them.

“Ahhh… sure man.” Antonio said in confusion as the door slammed in his face.

Tess turned on Kyle and slapped his arm to get him to release her own arm. “How DARE you treat me like your property in front of your friend.” She hissed not wanting Antonio to hear them.

“He’s not my friend. He’s a teammate, and he’s NOT good boyfriend material. Trust me, he’s not your “Soul Mate!” Kyle hissed back at her.

“What the heck do you know about it? You cannot tell me who I can see and who I can’t see. You have no say over what I do Kyle Valenti and I will NOT let you try to bully me around. Who I choose as ‘boyfriend material’ is none of your business!” she ground out still in a whisper.

“Damn you Tess Evans! Why do you have to be so stubborn?” Kyle said in frustration and raked a hand through his hair.

“Stubborn!? Because I disagree with YOU I’m stubborn? How about I know my own mind and know what I want and if that’s Antonio or any of the other guys in this school it’s MY business and no one else’s!” She said with hands on her hips.

“You don’t know what you want! You don’t know who this supposed ‘soul mate’ is! You even admitted you don’t know who it could be. You can’t just go around kissing every guy in the school! That’s ridiculous!” Kyle snapped back.

Tess raised her chin and met Kyle’s eyes. “I can kiss ANYONE I want to. You don’t own me Kyle Valenti! No one does! I do whatever I want! And if I want to kiss EVERY GUY in this school, that’s what I’ll do!” she hissed up at him, her eyes flashing angrily as she stepped closer to glare into his face.

Kyle snapped. Tess’ stubbornness and taunting anger was too much. “You want to kiss every guys in this school? Well then, by all means, don’t let me stop you! In fact, I’ll help you out. Here’s your first introduction into kissing!” Kyle ground out and suddenly pulled Tess up against him and covered her sassy mouth with his own.

Kyle had planned to kiss Tess the way he knew most of the guys in the school would. Without care of her as a person, only as a sex object, but as soon as he felt her sweet, warm lips against his own, and heard her gasp and then her moan, he was lost. He felt her knees give out and he pulled her tighter to him, holding her up.

He gentled his lips immediately, and couldn’t resist licking her bottom lip and then sucking it into his mouth. He ran his tongue around her lips until she opened more for him and then he slid his tongue into her sweet moist mouth and groaned himself.

Tess gasped when Kyle grabbed her to him, but as their lips first connected, she felt her knees start to buckle. Her eyes drifted closed and she saw bright colors explode behind her lids. Her hands grabbed around his neck and held tight, afraid she might faint as Kyle’s tongue slowly entered her mouth and sought out all the recesses of her mouth.

Her own tongue tentatively searched for and timidly touched his, and she heard Kyle groan and pull her even closer against him.

Tess knew without a doubt that this was what she had been waiting for. Kyle was her other half. Everything felt so right, so perfect and so complete.

Kyle was lost. He couldn’t get enough of Tess’ sweet warm mouth and shy but sassy tongue. He tangled his own tongue with hers and then sucked her tongue into his mouth and drove her crazy until he could hear her little whimpers as she clung to him tighter and started to rub against his hardness that was pressed against her tummy.

It was that that made Kyle stop. He pulled away from Tess and stepped back, feeling like a train had hit him as he stared at her with wide eyes of his own.

“What the hell…” Kyle trailed off. He didn’t know what to say. He’d never felt like that before in his life, especially after just a kiss. He couldn’t even explain what he’d just felt, but it had been powerful. All encompassing. And he knew. He knew right then that Tess was his. And had always been his. And he was hers. They had been each other’s even before they had met over 10 years ago now.

Tess was in shock as well. She had always wanted it to be Kyle. She’d dreamed it since she’d heard she HAD a soul mate out there, but to actually KNOW it and know what it felt like, to find your other half, she was just overwhelmed with emotion.

Kyle too was frozen, but was pulled out of his unmoving state when he saw the tears slide down Tess’ face.

Then he groaned and pulled her up against him once more. This time gently, running a hand down her hair reverently, taking in the feel of Tess against him and how right, how perfect it felt. How complete he felt all of a sudden.

He felt her tears soak the front of his shirt and he gently raised her chin and wiped a tear away with a finger. “Don’t cry Tess Evans. It breaks my heart when you cry. It always has.” He admitted hoarsely.

Tess smiled through her tears and kissed his finger as it trailed down her cheek taking the tear with it. “They are happy tears Kyle Valenti you big idiot.” She teased.

Kyle grinned and couldn’t believe how good it felt to just be holding Tess and joking with her like they used to. How could he have been so dumb? How could he not have known that she was his other half?

“You were scared.” Tess answered his non-verbal thought.

Kyle pulled back and looked down at Tess in shock. “Did you just read my mind?” he asked not sure if he liked that idea.

“I…no…not really. I mean, I didn’t hear your thoughts or anything. Not like Max and Liz can of each other, but I just…I just somehow KNEW what you were thinking. More like a FEELING.” Tess frowned not sure exactly how it had happened either.

“I guess this is just added stuff we need to know more about. All of you have so many special gifts, you probably don’t even know what they all are yet.” Kyle shifted, letting Tess go and starting to pace the small room.

“I guess so.” Tess bit her lip in thought and sighed. She didn’t like not knowing her limits of what she could do and what she couldn’t. Didn’t like not knowing what all she was capable of. But she was glad they were going to go out to the desert this afternoon and try to work some of it out.

“I’m glad I’ll be able to go with you today, to help you figure it all out.” Kyle said not even realizing he’d picked up Tess’ train of thought.

But when he saw Tess’ eyes widen, he realized he too had just KNOWN what she’d been thinking. “How come this has never happened before? I mean, if we were always soul mates…?” Kyle asked in confusion.

“I don’t know…maybe we can find some answers in the book Grandma Claudia got from the little alien, or find out more from our other protectors.” Tess added with a frown, deep in thought. Then she started toward the door.

“I guess we better go tell the others what’s happened and make more plans for this afternoon.” She said as she started to turn the knob.

Kyle stepped in front of her and met her questioning look with a crooked smile that was endearing. “I think that can wait a bit don’t you?” he said softly, looking at her with love in his eyes and heat as well.

Tess sucked in her breath seeing the look in Kyle’s eyes that she’d only ever dreamed of seeing and then she smiled herself.

“Come here Princess. There’s a lot more to the Eraser Room for me to show you.” Kyle whispered and took her into his arms once more. Still amazed at how perfect she felt there.


Liz tried hard to take notes in health class but it was difficult to ignore Max who was sitting right next to her.

Today they were starting a new unit on sex education and how to use protection and what would happen if you didn’t, including pregnancy and diseases.

The subject was nothing new, but talking about procreation was making both Max and Liz’s hormones rage. After all, as the book had told them, their bodies were readying them for procreation.

Liz could feel the energy heating Max’s body and thus heating hers as well. She tried to ignore him, hoping she could stay in control if she didn’t look at him or acknowledge that he was aching like she was.

Max knew Liz was trying hard to fight their mutual feelings so he too tried to concentrate on something else. He blocked out the teacher and everyone else, and started thinking about what they needed to accomplish that afternoon in the desert regarding their gifts.

Maria caught Liz’s eye and let her know she understood what Liz was going through and sympathized with her.

Liz smiled in thanks and then looked at Alex who was seated next to Maria and saw his grin. Liz smiled back and stuck her tongue out at her friend, knowing he was amused at her and Max’s problem.

Max was succeeding in controlling his emotions as he thought of the things they needed to work on later, but he was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a pencil from behind him fall and roll between his and Liz’s seat.

Without thinking, he reached down to pick it up and so did Liz. As their hands touched, they burned and jumped apart, straightening in their seats and staring at each other.

“Excuse me.” A voice behind them finally penetrated the blazing heat building between Max and Liz.

They both turned and saw one of their classmates frowning at them.

“My pencil?” she raised an eyebrow at Max who held the pencil in his hand.

Max realized he had the girl’s pencil and he quickly handed it to her. Then jumped back when she let her own hand caress his as she took the pencil back from him.

Max frowned at the girl and turned back around, the touch from the girl turning him cold.

Liz noticed the girl’s bold move and narrowed her eyes suddenly remembering this was the same girl who had looked Max over possessively that day at the lake, a few weeks ago.

She wasn’t jealous anymore, for she felt everything Max felt and knew she had actually turned him off with her touch, but she resented that the girl had the nerve to try for Max when everyone knew he was hers.

She gave the girl a look of death and was met with only a smug smile, which baffled Liz. Was the girl too stupid to realize Max was completely uninterested? Then she just shrugged it off and turned back around, forgetting the incident altogether as she continued to fight her need for Max and his for her.

*Eraser room right after class?* Max communicated to Liz through their thoughts when they both realized they only had five minutes left.

*I’ll race you!* Liz thought back and they both exchanged hot, needy glances and private smiles.

Joanne frowned as she watched Max and Liz in front of her. She couldn’t understand the two of them. Their relationship was so strong and mature. Their trust in each other so far was unreal. But Joanne was not about to give up on Max Evans. She had plans for the sexiest guy in the school.


Ten minutes later Liz was wrapped around Max completely, as he devoured her mouth with his, having behrly made it to the Eraser Room.

“Max! I need you now.” Liz whispered against his hot, open mouth in between deep earth shattering kisses.

“I know baby. I need you too.” Max whispered against her ear as he began to nip at it. His hands were everywhere at once, but finally settled on her breasts and he massaged them the way he knew drove Liz crazy.

When Liz sighed, Max pulled up her shirt and latched onto a budding nipple through her bra, too eager to wait any longer to please them both.

“Max!” Liz whispered and raked her fingers through his hair and then held him against her. She ached everywhere.

Max was dying to be buried deep inside his Liz. His need was so great he could hear the blood roaring in his ears.

“Please Max love! I need you inside me!” Liz panted and let one of her hands fall between them and reach for and cover his hardness through his jeans.

Max growled and lifted his head, meeting Liz’s eyes with desire filled ones of his own.

Liz could see the wildness in Max’s eyes and knew he too was beyond control. They both fought to remove his jeans and they only got a little past his butt before he was lifting Liz’s skirt and pulling down her underwear and flinging it away.

Liz reached for Max’s pulsing flesh and helped him enter her in one deep thrust as they both cried out in relief at the connection.

Once Max was buried deep in Liz they both felt the desperation calm a bit. Max raised his head from Liz’s neck where he’d buried it as he’d buried himself in her to the hilt, and smiled at her.

Liz smiled back more calm, and giggled when Max kissed her nose.

“We are so bad!” she sighed realizing how desperate they had been only minutes before.

“It’s frightening how much I just need to be inside you and how quickly we both feel relief once we are joined.” Max agreed.

Liz pulled Max closer to her with her legs still around his waist and let him know she wanted more than just the connection now. But it was not the complete devastating need of before.

Max groaned at the feel of Liz squeezing him inside her, and then he kissed her deeply as he thrust in and out of Liz, loving her body the way he loved the rest of her.


Sheriff Valenti looked between the two FBI agents seated across from his desk and kept a straight face.

“I told you, I don’t know why the three boys left town before you arrived. They spoke briefly with my deputy and then went back to their hotel room. The next day when I went to get the description of the ones they described as you had asked, they were gone.” Jim Valenti said with a total poker face.

Pierce exchanged glances with his partner Topolsky, not believing the sheriff’s story. It was too strange that the three boys who had so adamantly spoken to the deputy the day before, and demanded that the FBI be brought in, up and disappeared the next day.

Pierce was glad they had a second back up plan since it looked like the Sheriff’s office was not going to be of any help in this matter. The Alien Hunters unit was always prepared for anything. Aliens had been reported in this area on and off for years, and this was the most solid lead they’d gotten. This time, they wouldn’t leave until they had found the aliens they knew existed in or around Roswell. And this time, they knew they were looking for teens.


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Part 36

The group sat around the old cave in the desert where they had been hidden in the pods all those years ago. Max figured since the pods were never discovered, this was a good place to meet and talk and explore their more alien side.

The eight teens made themselves as comfortable as possible on the boulders around the chamber and waited for Max to start.

Liz smiled at Max as he frowned in thought and looked around at them all. He looked so severe and was taking his leadership quite seriously right then, and only Liz knew how afraid he was of the responsibilities he sometimes felt when they all looked to Max for answers. After all, just because he had been a king in another lifetime didn’t mean, that as a 17 year old in this lifetime, he had all the answers.

“I guess the first thing we should do is think about what gift or gifts we feel we have a little knowledge of, and then other gifts we might have tried but haven’t quite developed.” Max started.

He turned to Liz who was keeping a record of what they were doing. Max smiled at her and as he reached for the “alien book” they had with many of the answers, Liz handed it to him.

“The book says that we each have one gift that we excel at, but that we can develop other gifts or use each other to strengthen the ones we do have. Michael, you have the gift of force strength. With your own will and mind, you can destroy things or use strength without touching someone to move them.” Max looked to Michael.

Michael nodded and motioned toward Liz. “We also saw Liz use a little of this moving people with her mind when she fought off one of those guys in the alley that night.” He reminded them.

Max nodded and held up a hand. “Okay, that might be one of the less developed things we can all do, but I think that it is your greatest strength and asset Michael. So we will put that one down for you.”

Then he turned to his sisters. “Tess, we know you have the gift to predict things that will happen in the future through dreams. And Isabel, you can go into people’s dreams and find out about them.” Max continued and got nods from both of them.

The he turned to Liz and his eyes softened on her. “Liz, I know you have not developed your gifts like the rest of us have, but the book says that your main gift was also being able to read people and see the truth in them or get flashes about them with just a touch of the person or something they have just recently touched. Have you ever experienced this as a child? I mean without realizing it?” Max asked.

Liz frowned and hugged her legs to her chest. “ I don’t know. I don’t remember anything? I never even suspected I had anything different about me, I mean, not like all of you knew.” she tried hard to remember.

“I know you told me you don’t remember ever having gifts, but since your gift could be brushed off as just being very observant…I’ll bet you were perceptive and didn’t realize it was your gift of touch that allowed you to be that aware. I remember once when we were younger you were the one who knew where that lost boy was remember? Little Bobby Miller? When everyone thought he had run away but you knew he had somehow gotten locked in his toy chest?” Max continued.

Liz’s eyes widened and she nodded. “I’d forgotten about that. The Sheriff’s deputy kept asking me how I knew. And I remember just looking at him and shrugging. And now that I think about it, I remember when I was growing up, that I could sometimes tell what people were thinking or if they were telling the truth about something or hiding something. But I just figured I could see it in their eyes. But I probably did touch them or something they had touched.” She agreed wide-eyed.

Max smiled and brushed a hand down her soft silky hair soothingly. “Yeah, I think you did.”

“And of course you have the gift to heal, Max.” Liz stated as she continued to write down their observations.

“And we know that all of us can have some of these other gifts to a certain extent right? That’s what the book says?” Michael asked and started to pace.

Maria put a hand on his arm and he turned to her and stopped pacing realizing he was getting tense.

He smiled and took Maria into his arms and leaned his chin on her head and took a deep breath. Maria, he knew was his calming force.

“Yeah, but I think what we all need to do is test the strength of the gift we know we are the best at first, then we can experiment with our lesser gifts, and the grouping of what our combined strength could do.” Max nodded.
“So what about the rest of us Max? Us non-aliens? Doesn’t it say that your gifts are more powerful once you are connected to your soul mates?” Alex asked and smiled down at Isabel when she slipped her hand in his.

Kyle hugged Tess closer to him in response to the ‘soul mate’ statement, and Tess just closed her eyes and smiled leaning back against Kyle.

“Yeah, so I want each of us to try our gift alone and then with our soul mates possibly touching in someway or thinking together. We’ll try different combinations.” Max explained and they all took deep breaths and agreed to start their experimenting.


Later that night the Evans family finished the movie they had been watching and Diane turned from shutting off the TV and looked around. Isabel had gone to bed a little earlier and Tess was asleep curled up in a chair, and Liz was asleep snuggled in Max’s arms, her head on his shoulder.

She met her son’s eyes and smiled at his content look. “So it went well today?” she asked her son quietly, not to disturbed the girls.

“Yeah. I think so. It’s a start. And I definitely think we are stronger when we work with our partners. I think we’ll wait until we have really worked on sharpening our gifts before we try our combined power as a team.” Max explained.

Diane nodded. “That sounds very wise.” She said and Max knew she was trying not to sound worried, but he could see the concern in her eyes.

“We’ll be as careful as we possibly can Mom, try not to worry okay?” he smiled.

Diane laughed softly and watched as Max unconsciously ran his hand down Liz’s hair and back, in a gesture that was pure love. “I’ll try Max, but as a mother I’m always going to worry.” She told him and then stood up.

“I think we should get some sleep. Tomorrow is another school day.” She reminded him.

Max chuckled and met his mom’s questioning eyes. “I guess it just seems weird that here we are practicing and trying to hone our skills to fight a war, and we still have to go to bed early so we can go to school.”

Diane nodded but her eyes were more sober. “I wish you kids could just enjoy being teens. I know you have a purpose and I am so grateful that your father and I have you in our lives, but sometimes I just wish…”

“I know Mom, me too.” Max said softly and kissed his mother’s cheek as he lifted Liz up in his arms and walked past her.

“I want you to know Max, that we are all very proud of you children. You are dealing very well with all that has been thrown at you at such an early age. And we will always be here for you and will stand by all of you in any way we can.” She promised.

“Thanks Mom.” Max said and squeezed her hand momentarily and then turned and headed up the stairs with his precious bundle.


As the weeks past, the kids slowly honed their skills separately and then with their soul mates. They remained on alert, since they didn’t know when something might happen. The FBI seemed to have backed off, but since they were still in town, the group knew to stay on guard. And the threat of Khivar was always out there although they hoped that with their combined powers, they would know when Khivar had arrived.

Other than practicing their gifts after school everyday, life seemed normal. They went to school and hung out at night and did teenage things. But Max made sure that none of them were alone for long, especially not without a way to contact the others immediately.

Since most of the gang enjoyed hanging out with their significant other, this was not much of a problem, and many times they enjoyed being together as a group.

“Max! I need to go to the library to check out some books for a project in science.” Tess said coming into Max’s room and flopping down on the bed.

Max turned from his computer and looked at her. “Now? I’m in the middle of a report myself and have to get these notes down before I head over to Liz’s later. Can you give me a half hour at least?” He asked. They were spending this week at Liz’s house and Max was home to see his mom and get some homework done on his computer while Liz worked a shift.

“I don’t need a ride Max. Kyle is picking me up, but that will make you alone here.” Tess frowned, hating when any of them had to be alone, but knew sometimes it was unavoidable. Then she pushed that thought aside and smiled and jumping up, she kissed his cheek for being the thoughtful brother he always was. “Remember, keep your pager on and the doors locked!” she patted his cheek and breezed out of his room as Kyle called out from below.

Max heard the door close and lock below and he went back to his report.

Ten minutes later the bell rang downstairs.

Max had been so involved in his report that it startled him. He stretched and figured it was probably Michael coming to keep him company. He figured Tess might have gone over to the Crashdown and let Michael know Max was alone.

Max went to the door and looked out the peephole and then standing up straight again, he raised an eyebrow and cautiously opened the door.

“Max. Hey. I know you are probably wondering what I’m doing here, but the vice-principal gave me your name.” The tall leggy blond said when he opened the door for her.

“Why?” Max said not beating around the bush. He still stood in the doorway not letting her enter. She was new to the school and had been pursuing him quite openly since she first started at the school. He couldn’t remember her name, but he knew Liz remembered it. She was always giving the girl smug or dirty looks in their chemistry class.

“Well, your name was on the list of people who could help me catch up on my Chemistry. You did tell the vice principal that you would be willing to help others didn’t you?” she tilted her head innocently and smiled.

Max had forgotten that he’d offered his help when the chemistry teacher had asked him a few weeks ago if he’d be willing to work with some of the weaker students since he’d been getting straight A’s. “Ahhh…. yeah. Yeah I did.” Max admitted hesitantly. He did NOT want this one too close to him. Not only did Liz not trust her, but he didn’t either. And his reasoning was not the jealousy that Liz felt, but something he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Great! Well I know this is short notice, but could you help me study for tomorrow’s test?” she bit her lip and smiled at him brightly and eagerly.

Max felt in a bind. He had told Mr. Gold, their chemistry teacher, he’d help, and now a student supposedly needed help with tomorrow’s test. One he would be studying for later as well, with Liz.

Max didn’t trust this girl, but maybe if he agreed to help her, he could figure out what it was about her that he didn’t trust. And if things got too strange, he’d call for back up. After all, the enemy could come in any shape or form he knew.

With this thought, Max stepped back cautiously and let the girl enter, but kept his guard up.

“Thanks, oh nice house.” She said looking around and then turned back to Max and waited for him with her books in her arms.

“Ah, I’m sorry but what is your name again?” Max asked sheepishly. She might just be a nice girl and he felt back that he didn’t remember her name.

The girl looked taken back for a moment and then regained her composure and stuck out her hand. “I’m Joanne. Joanne Pratt.” She smiled again looking friendly and harmless.

Max took her hand briefly and wished he had Liz’s powers of touch so he could tell more about this girl.

“Okay,” Max said letting her hand go quickly and turning toward the living room. “I guess we can go in here. Let me just go get my books and I’ll be right back. Do you want anything to drink?” he asked as he started towards the stairs.

“Sure, thanks.” Came the response as Joanne placed her books on the coffee table in the living room and watched Max nod and head up the stairs.

“I’ll get us some drinks in a sec.” He nodded and went up the stairs.

Joanne watched Max disappear at the top of the stairs and she smiled to herself. Things were going just perfect she thought.


Michael frowned over his homework as he sat in a booth at the Crashdown and waited for Maria and Liz to get off work. He and Maria were going to go to a movie when she was done with her shift. By then, Max had said he would be back over here so Liz wouldn’t be alone.

“Hey sexy, what’s the frown for?” Maria said in his ear as she passed by with an empty tray.

Michael looked up with a grin and pulled her onto his lap. “I hate English.” He whispered in her ear as he nibbled on it.

Maria giggled and wiggled out of his arms and stood up. “Poor baby. I must admit that it’s not your best quality.” She teased and then gave him a hot look. “Well I’ll be done in about a half hour and then you can get a reprieve.” She promised him and rushed away with a laugh when Michael tried to grab her again.

Liz smiled at Maria as she came back around the counter and poured a drink for a customer.

“What movie are you guys going to?” Liz asked as she wiped down the counter around the drink machine.

“We don’t know yet. I want to go to see…”

Liz didn’t hear any more. She suddenly got a flash from Max of frustration and something else, and she dropped her cleaning rag and started to take off her apron.

“Liz? What’s up? What are you doing? Hey! Where are you going?” Maria called out as Liz went into the back room.

Maria followed her and watched Liz grab her purse and turn back to Maria.

“Can I borrow your car? I need to see Max.” she said with a frown.

“Can you…. Ooooh an urge huh? Sure Chica! Here you go. I’ll cover for you.” Maria smiled and laughed at Liz’s frantic urgency.

Liz let her believe that at the moment so she could get away without having to explain it to Maria. She grabbed the keys and headed out the back so Michael wouldn’t see her and try to get her not to go alone.


Max was frustrated and trying hard not to be out and out rude and throw Joanne out the door, but he realized after her last antic, that that’s just what he had to do. He sighed as he grabbed his notebook off of his computer table, having gone back up stairs again to retrieve it. He’d decided he’d give her his notes to study with for tomorrow and send her on her way.

In the hour she’d been there, she’d made more than one pass at him, and the last one had been a bold move where she had brushed her hand against his crotch. When he’d frozen, she’d tried to apologize as if it had been an accident, but then she’d smiled when he’d met her eyes.

He was disgusted with her antics at trying to seduce him and he was determined to just throw her out. He turned from his desk when he heard the door close and then sighed when he saw Joanne leaning against it with a smile on her face.

“Look Joanne…” Max started and then stopped in surprise when the girl unclipped one part of her summer dress and the whole thing slid to the floor. She had only a small pair of thong panties on and nothing else.

Max was amazed at this woman’s nerve and stood there for another second, long enough for Joanne to move up to him and touch his chest and caress it.

That brought Max out of his startled response and he grabbed her hand tightly, but didn’t hurt her, and held her hand away from him.

“I think you need to leave. Now. I’ve made it clear I’m not interested and yet you continue to try to pursue this. You know Liz is my girlfriend and that I love her and I’m not interested in you or anyone else.” Max stated knowing she knew cause he’d just told her so just a few minutes ago after she’d pulled her last stunt, and even though she’d promised to stop her flirtations, he’d decided to go get his notes and send her on her way.

“Oh come on Max. I’m not talking about love here. Surely you should know that. Being the handsome sexy guy you are, I’m sure you had a lot of girlfriends the past few years you were away at the other school in California.” Joanne smiled and flung her arms around Max tightly. “I don’t want your love. You can give that to Liz Parker. But what I do want is a taste of you. She doesn’t have to know.” She whispered in his ear.

Max was now totally out of patients and he none too gently pried her off of him and stepped around her to open his door.

“Get out.” Max ground out. It was all he could say without losing all of his temper at that moment.

Joanne frowned and put a pout on her face. “You can’t really mean that. No one turns down free sex!” Joanne exclaimed with total disbelief on her face.

Max’s fists clenched at his sides. He was amazed that this dense girl was still trying to reason with him. He wanted to bodily lift her up and throw her out the door, but didn’t want to touch her.

“Max might not want to kick your pathetic butt out the door being a gentleman and all, but I’ll have no problem doing it.” Liz said from behind Max as she stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest.

Joanne smiled thinking she’d gotten Max at least into a sticky situation and tried once more. “Oh dear! You weren’t supposed to be here. Sorry you had to find out about us this way.” Joanne said casually picking up her dress and slipping it on.

Max rolled his eyes at the girl’s total stupidity and nerve. Didn’t she realize that she was now dealing with his pissed off queen?

Liz stepped into the room past Max and could feel his frustration but also his amusement at the thought of what she would do to the dim-witted girl.

“If you think you’re pathetic sleazy attempt to seduce Max is going to make me think he was part of this you’re even more stupid than I thought. Now, for the last time, get your skinny, pitiful self out of here!” Liz stood in front of the blond with fury in her eyes.

Joanne looked from the fury in Liz Parker’s eyes to the amusement in Max’s and realized that seducing Max was not now or ever going to work. She narrowed her own eyes and clenching her jaw, she stomped out of Max’s room and down the stairs to retrieve her stuff and go.

Liz turned to Max then and they both walked to the top of the stairs to watch the girl exit the house in a fit. Then Max turned to Liz with a smile on his face.

“How’d you know to come here?” he grinned and took her in his arms.

“Your frustration was screaming at me Max.” Liz laughed and slid her arms up and around Max’s neck.

“Izthatso.” He mumbled as he buried his head in her neck.

“Hmmm…” Liz replied and then gasped and giggled when Max lifted her up in his arms.

“God you’re sexy as hell when you’re mad.” Max explained as he carried her down the hall to his room and slammed the door.


“Okay, we know from our source that they’ve narrowed down the list of possible subjects to these twenty kids at Roswell High. We know it was one guy and two girls that attacked the three guys in the alley that night, and that at least two of them used “unusual” force on the boys, as they stated.” Pierce said pacing around the room they had set up their command post in on the outskirts of Roswell.

Agent Topolsky frowned down at the list and nodded as her partner thought aloud. “What we need to help us figure out who to focus our time on is something we might have overlooked. Like why is Valenti trying so hard to thwart us? We know he had something to do with the three boys disappearance.” She said thinking aloud as well.

“Right. So why would he be so interested in us not checking this out?” Pierce said stopping and leaning over the table before the other agent. He had an excited gleam in his eyes like he’d figured something out.

“What?” his partner asked knowing his look.

Pierce stood up and smiled down at Agent Topolsky. “The only think I can think of is maybe his son is somehow involved. If not directly, than indirectly.”

Topolsky suddenly smiled herself and tapped the file in front of them. “Perfect. Let’s start narrowing this list down by those associated with Kyle Valenti.” She agreed with excitement in her eyes.


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Part 37

Khivar smiled as the ship landed quietly and invisibly in the quiet New Mexico desert night. He stared out at the barren landscape with a calculated yet satisfied look on his face. He was finally going to find the Royal family and capture the Queen. Except in this life he would not allow Elizabeth to thwart him by killing herself before he could take her.

Khivar knew the family was around Roswell somewhere. Now he just had to let his people do their work. They were already infiltrating most of the town of Roswell, and would soon be in position. Then he would know for sure who the Royal family was. And when he did, it was only a matter of time before he captured the lovely Elizabeth.

He knew all he had to do was give Zan up to the FBI and Elizabeth and the others would not be able to stop him from getting to her. And, when he had Elizabeth he had the power over all of them. For they didn’t know that their Queen was even stronger in her powers than any of the others, but that without her King, she was weakened considerably, as was Zan without his Queen.

He knew as long as he kept Zan and Elizabeth apart, he would be more powerful and would go home this time with the child he needed to help him rule not only Antaria, but their five planets forever.


“Focus Liz!” Michael sighed in frustration as they worked on their powers together at the cave.

“I am!” she growled back at him in sisterly irritation.

Michael dropped his hand that was held out in front of him and turned to his sister with a frown.

“No. You weren’t.” he said with hands on his hips.

Liz put her own hand down and turned to him with her stubborn chin raised in the air, ready for a fight.

“Look you two,” Isabel said as she stood up from where she had been seated watching them. “You BOTH need to concentrate.” She told them, her own impatience starting to surface.

She went to stand next to Alex who was leaning against a cave wall sipping a drink and watching them quietly.

“Liz isn’t concentrating!” Michael said and threw up his hands as if he was done.

“Me! You are the one who isn’t concentrating!”

“Ha! I’m totally focused!” Michael yelled back.

“Yeah, focused on something else completely. You need to get laid!” Liz yelled back.

Alex caught off guard spit out his drink and some of it landed on Isabel who shrieked, slapped Alex’s arm and then turned her anger on Liz and Michael.

“WHAT!? I can’t believe you said that! You’re one to talk with your raging hormones driving all of us crazy and making Max a raving lunatic who foams at the mouth for you every five minutes!” Michael yelled back.

Liz gasped and slapped Michael’s arm in anger as his remark cut as he’d meant it to.

“GUYS! Whoa!” Isabel said trying to stop them from going any farther.

“Besides! Who told you to read my mind huh? Isn’t reading Max’s enough?!” Michael said feeling guilty for jabbing Liz where he knew she was vulnerable, but now he couldn’t seem to stop. He was embarrassed that his sister must have read his thoughts about Maria.

“HEY!” Came the shout and a whistle and they turned to Alex who had been quiet up until now.

None of them were used to their quiet friend yelling, so they just stared at him in surprise. Even Isabel had an eyebrow raised as she waited for him to continue.

Alex smiled now that he had their attention. “Don’t you guys see how this can make us weak? If you let the tension and weariness of this practice get to you, think how much more vulnerable you will be if you have to use these gifts against the enemy, and you’re emotions are leading you instead of your gifts.” Alex said calmly but seriously.

He had watched over the last week as they had all practiced their gifts separately and together and he noticed that when any of them worked together and their emotions were charged up and more connected, that they began to bicker. He too had picked a fight with Isabel once a few days ago when he’d been helping her enhance her gifts.

Liz realized how right her friend was and she felt ashamed. “You’re right Alex. God I’m sorry Michael. I don’t know why I’m being such a bitch!” She sighed and rubbed a hand over her weary eyes.

“Because it seems that when we work in pairs, and our emotions are charged, and we connect with each other, we aren’t used to being so close to each other emotionally and it makes us strike out. All except you and Max that is, Liz.” Alex smiled again and saw Isabel roll her eyes at this.

“Why not them?” Michael asked now calming down himself.

“Because they have been connected since they were kids remember?” Isabel looked at Michael like he was crazy to have forgotten.

Michael snorted in response.

“Look, we really need to concentrate and work on making our combined energy work for us, not against us.” Alex continued.

They all nodded knowing he was right.

“Yeah well it would help if your highness here would stop reading people’s private thoughts.” Michael couldn’t help but tease now.

Liz laughed and stuck out her tongue. “Well maybe if you kept your private thought’s to yourself I wouldn’t be forced to have them screaming at me.” She tossed back and they all laughed when Michael just blushed and rubbed a hand against the back of his neck with a sigh.

“Okay, now can we get back to practice? We need to make use of all the time we have. As it is, only half of us could be here, let’s make the most of it.” Isabel agreed with Alex and they all agreed.


Kyle heard the whistle from the coach and stopped running down the field. He put his hands on his hips as he took deep breaths after his long run, and then looked up to the stands and caught the bright blue eyes he needed to see.

Tess’ eyes twinkled back at him and she waved as she watched Kyle play. They had to act as normal as possible with the FBI around, so Kyle had to go to practice and the others had to keep to their work schedule. She wanted to be out in the desert honing her skills, but didn’t want to leave Kyle alone after school since both Max and Maria had to work and the others were all out in the desert.

She smiled dreamily as she watched Kyle walk over to the bench and retie his sneaker as the coach talked to another player. Then her smile faded and her eyes narrowed when she saw the girl who approached Kyle below.

Kyle was glad practice was almost over and after glancing up into the stands to find Tess still okay and waiting, he began to tie his shoe.

“Hi Kyle.” A soft voice said from behind him.

Kyle turned around surprised and then stood up and nodded to the cheerleader. “Oh hi Melody.” Kyle tried not to groan out loud. The tall redhead had not taken Kyle’s rejection very well after their one date, and Kyle didn’t want a scene with Tess around. He didn’t know what she would do to Melody and he was afraid to find out.

Luckily the coach blew the whistle again and Kyle smiled lightly and nodded. “Gotta go back to the game.” He said with relief.

“Sure. See you later.” Melody called out as Kyle ran back onto the field.

“Much later.” Tess said suddenly from right behind Melody now.

Melody frowned and spun around to face the smaller girl. She hadn’t seen her around, but should have known the girl wouldn’t be far from Kyle. They were nearly inseparable since they had started dating.

“I should have known Kyle’s puppy dog wouldn’t be far from him.” Melody sneered looking down at the shorter girl, trying to intimidate her.

Tess just smiled up at the Amazon and shrugged. “Careful Melody, you’re jealousy is not attractive. It’s down right pathetic. Don’t you know when to take no for an answer?” Tess asked casually and watched the other girl’s eyes narrow in anger.

She thought Melody would say something else, but then the girl just stalked off leaving Tess smiling after her.

Then she turned to find Kyle’s worried eyes across the field and she just waved and threw him a kiss, causing him to chuckle and wink.


That night as the gang lounged around the Parker’s living room watching a movie and eating popcorn, the doorbell rang.

Jeff Parker who was in the kitchen making the newest batch of popcorn called out that he’d get it and he went to the door.

“Paul?!” Jeff Parker gasped as he helped the man into the apartment. “Nancy! Kids! Come quick!” Jeff called as he tried to hold up the badly beaten Paul Davis.

Max was the first one to grab the other side of the falling man and help Jeff bring him to the couch where they laid him down.

“My God Paul! What happened?” Max asked as he helped their badly beaten protector to get more comfortable as Nancy Parker came back with a wet rag and ice.

She placed it against some of the bruises on the protector’s face and met Max’s worried eyes.

Paul looked up at all the worried faces and took a deep breath. “I think it’s the FBI. I think they might have found out about us. About Ryan and I. They’ve been tracking us for years, but they never made a move before now.” Paul said between groans of pain.

“What happened? Where is Ryan?” Michael asked not liking this at all.

“He’s…he’s dead. I barely managed to get away. I had to come warn you. They might have found out about all of you too. But I don’t think so, or they would have come to you first. You have to be very careful…very careful…” Paul said and passed out.

Max felt for his pulse and gave a relieved nod to Liz who was right beside Max now. “I think I can heal him. He’ll be okay.”

“But will we be?” Maria asked aloud what they were all thinking.

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Part 38

Liz finished brushing her teeth and putting her toothbrush back in its holder absently, she frowned into the sink.

It had been two days since Paul had come to them and Max had healed him. They were more on guard then before, and had doubled their practice time on their powers. Liz was exhausted and figured that was why she had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right.

They were now back at the Evan’s house since Diane Evans had to go back to California to join her husband at a party for his promotion and she didn’t want any of them to be alone in the house without each other. Max and Liz agreed to stay there at the house to be with Isabel and Tess, even though both the girls felt they could handle everything just fine without Max.

Liz smiled as she remembered how insulted both girls were when Diane insisted Max and Liz stay with them. Liz knew that Isabel and Tess could handle themselves, but knew that Diane wanted them all to have as much protection as possible if she was going to leave them at a time like this. Finally the girls realized this was the only way their mom would leave Roswell for the weekend so they agreed.

She didn’t know how long she stood there in thought, before sturdy arms came around her waist and a deep voice whispered in her ear. “Hey sexy, penny for your thoughts?”

Liz leaned back against Max and smiled dreamily as her head curved into his neck and she met his eyes in the mirror. Then she put her own hands on his muscular arms and ran her fingers absently up and down his strong forearms. “A penny huh? Is that all my thoughts are worth?” she teased still meeting his eyes in the mirror.

She saw Max’s eyes light up and he turned her around to face him suddenly, lifting her onto the counter near the sink and stepping between her bare legs. “What else did you have in mind other than money?” he said in a low husky voice, his lashes now half-mast as he met her large surprised brown eyes with his own hot ones. He loved that she was only wearing one of his long tee shirts to bed.

Liz wrapped her strong little legs around Max and pulled him up against her heat, and throwing her arms around his neck, she tilted her heard back and her own eyes heated up as they met his. “You.” She whispered and buried her head in his neck and started nibbling on it.

Max sucked in his breath and closed his eyes. God he loved this little woman who was as strong as she was tiny.

“Liz…” Max hissed as she continued up his jaw and to his ear with her tiny teeth. His hands tightened on her hips and he let his own hips push up into her heat. He could feel her need through his boxers and her panties.

Liz sighed and melted as Max’s erection brushed teasingly against her moist center. She leaned her face into his strong neck once more and just inhaled his fresh shower scent and let him glide back and forth against her to tease them both for a few more minutes until their need for each other became too much.

“You know what drives me crazy?” Max whispered, continuing to rub his throbbing length against Liz’s dewy center, and said into her hair as he began to pant.

“Mmmm” was all Liz could manage as she started panting herself and gripped Max’s shoulders even harder, her little fingernails digging into his bare skin.

“The scent of you…of us, when we need each other like this. Or just the scent of you alone.” He managed to get out as he groaned and before Liz knew what he was doing, he slid down on his knees and spread her legs further.

Liz gasped and hoped the bathroom door was locked as she wildly looked around and felt Max lift her up to remove her panties and then she felt his hot breath within millimeters of her own throbbing center.

“Liz…Liz…you drive me insane. I love you. I love all of you.” He panted and finally let his tongue run one lap against her moistness, enjoying the tastes that were only Liz.

Liz jumped and yelped but quickly caught the sound and put a fist to her mouth. Max’s sudden and fierce loving tongue almost sent her over the edge right then.

Throwing her head back, she released her fist from her mouth and grabbed onto Max’s head as he continued to love her with his tongue and hands.

“Are you guys ever going to come out of there? I’m gonna use mom and dad’s bathroom, but I need my stuff. God you guys, can’t you wait till you get to your room!” they heard Isabel on the other side of the door.

Liz slammed her legs closed and Max growled as he slowly stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow with his arm. “Damn! Why did I have to have sisters?” he grumbled.

“I heard that!” Isabel’s voice said from the other side still.

Liz giggled and sighed as she closed her eyes to calm her heart rate and other needs.

Max grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. Even though he still had his boxers on, they didn’t leave much to the imagination.

He pulled Liz down and put her panties back on, and then taking her hand gently, he unlocked the door and glared at his sister now smiling at him pleased she had gotten them out of the bathroom.

She breezed in, and taking her own stuff, she headed back out and into their parents’ bathroom. “Thanks. That’s all I needed.” She said over her shoulder.

Max growled again and then when he heard Liz giggle from next to him he turned to her and seeing her still passion glazed eyes, and swollen lips, his nostrils flared and he pushed her into the wall and took her mouth in a deep kiss.

“Ugh! Couldn’t you at least wait until you made it a few more feet into the bedroom?” Tess said as she came down the hall heading for the bathroom herself.

Max lifted his head and then leaned his forehead against Liz’s as he sighed.

“Is everything locked up downstairs?” Max finally asked.

“Yes, but Alex and Kyle are staying downstairs and Isabel and I are going to stay with them. We’re going to all crash in the living room.” Tess said calmly as she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

“What!? You think cause mom’s gone for the weekend that you can just invite boys over!? Think again!” Max said coming out of his fog and stood in front of the door to the bathroom yelling through it.

Liz’s mouth fell open and Tess suddenly flung the bathroom door open as she too looked disbelievingly at her brother.

“You are kidding right? I did NOT just hear you say that.” She said calmly and with her eyes blazing and ready for a fight.

Max realized his mistake and gave a wry smile and now looking sheepishly down at the ground, he rubbed the back of his neck feeling foolish.

“Ah…guess not.” He mumbled and then was pulled into his room by a now laughing Liz.

When the door closed it was Liz’s turn to push Max up against the door and look up at him with laughing eyes that were still heated.

“What!?” Max asked defensively. He already felt foolish, he didn’t need Liz laughing at him on top of it.

“You are so sexy when you are being a protective brother, you know that?” she said huskily as she leaned into him.

Max let his head fall back onto the door behind him and he lazily watched Liz run her hands up his chest and then down to his waist to remove the towel.

She smiled even wider as she realized that even when yelling at his sisters, he hadn’t lost his passion for her.

Then looking at Max from under lowered lashes, she gave him a hot look and a wicked smile and then she slid her hands into his boxers and possessively wrapped her hand around his throbbing length. “Ahhh…. mine…all mine.” She sighed and then it was Max’s turn to chuckle as he lifted Liz up and carried her to the bed and they both fell on it with a laugh.

Later, Max lay staring up at the ceiling letting his breath calm, and lightly caressed Liz’s bare smooth back as she lay on top of him in her usual position for sleep.

“You never did tell me what you’re thoughts were.” Max finally said quietly.

Liz recalled her earlier thoughts and frowned again.

“What?” Max asked feeling her tense and also sensing her unease and confused thoughts. “Liz?” he asked and lifted her chin until their eyes met.

“I’m not sure. I just felt…like something was wrong. It was just a feeling. I couldn’t say why. Nothing in particular.” She explained and started caressing Max’s chest absently as she searched his eyes.

“A feeling or a premonition?” Max asked worriedly.

“That’s Tess’ gift remember? I have to touch someone or something to get those feelings.” She reminded him with a small smile.

“Maybe you did touch something and aren’t aware of it. What did you feel?” Max asked.

“Just…unease. Nothing else.” Liz shrugged.

Max sighed and kissed her forehead. “God I sometimes just wish something would happen. I feel like we’re sitting on the edge of something and it’s driving me crazy waiting for someone or something to strike.”

Liz felt his frustration and fear for them all and she nodded. “I know. But the longer we have to practice our powers the better.” She answered as she lightly kissed his chest where her hand had just caressed.

“I think we’re starting to see progress.” Max said feeling better after this afternoon’s practice. They were all starting to push out the emotions and visions they got from each other and just focused on their gifts. Thanks to Alex’s insight, they were doing much better now. But they still had a ways to go.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. I want to go out to the cave and practice all day.” Max said with a frown.

“I don’t think it will be a problem getting dad to agree to let Maria, Michael and I to have off to practice.” Liz said and leaning up she lightly kissed Max’s lips, running her tongue once more over them to get more of his taste, and then sighing she laid her head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat, she slept.

Max held Liz tightly to him and soon drifted off to sleep to the sound of her own heartbeat as they now beat as one.


Tess’ eyes flew open and she swallowed. She was glad she hadn’t wakened the others with a scream. It has stayed buried in her subconscious. Or so she thought.

“Tess? What?” Kyle whispered as he sat up and leaned over his girl as they snuggled up in a sleeping bag.

Tess shook her head. She didn’t want to remember her dream.

“Tess. You know I can find out by concentrating. Don’t be stubborn.” Kyle whispered and pushed back a soft strand of her hair.

They had all four talked until they had fallen asleep just cuddled up with their soul mate, and now they didn’t want to wake Alex or Isabel who were not too far away on the floor from them.

Tess sighed and then gave a little smile. She was not used to sharing her every thought. But she had envied Max and Liz’s closeness and could only smile thinking of her and Kyle’s own closeness that was building with each practice.

“Come on, let’s go outside and talk. We don’t want to wake the others.” Tess said, and stood up.

Kyle jumped up as well, and grabbing the sleeping bag to put around them in the cold, they went out on the back patio and sat in the swing.

Kyle pulled Tess against him and kept them both warm with the comforter type bag.

“I had a dream.” Tess began.

“I gathered that.” Kyle said wryly and waited for her to continue. He could sense her mind trying to sort out what it had seen.

“But…I think that’s all it was.” She said frowning as she tried to piece together what she’d seen.

“Tell me.” Kyle said softly.

“Well, it was strange. I saw Liz and Max, and it looked like Liz was leading Max out into the desert, but the weird part was that it seemed like she was purposefully leading him to his death.” Tess got out shaking her head at how ridiculous it sounded.

“What!” Kyle whispered loudly his eyes wide with disbelief.

Tess nodded. That’s why I knew it was just a dream. It was nothing Kyle. Just a dream. I guess we’re all just tired from the heavy training we’ve been putting ourselves through. I sometimes get nightmares when I’m really tired.” She explained.

“Well I’m glad I was here for this one. Come on, let’s get you back to sleep. And I’ll be there to hold you so you won’t have another.” Kyle smiled and kissed her softly as he led Tess back into the house.


Monday morning, it was a tired group that met around the lockers before school. They had worked overtime all weekend on honing their skills as individuals, in pairs and as a group. They had only touched on their skills as a group, but knew that they needed to go slow with that, cause it was very powerful and took a lot to control.

“I don’t want to go to gym first hour. I’m so tired I can’t imagine running around the track.” Tess pouted as she leaned against Kyle who had his arm around her.

“At least you don’t have to worry about falling asleep. We have Mrs. Soprano for English.” Alex rolled his eyes, referring to he and Kyle. And Kyle groaned at the thought.

“If you fall asleep, we can dream walk.” Isabel whispered to Alex but loud enough so everyone could hear.

They all chuckled and Alex’s eyes widened and then he grinned liking the idea. Isabel slapped his arm playfully. “Kidding! God not in school!” she exclaimed and rolled her eyes.

Alex just grabbed her and kissed her silly until she was left speechless. Then he grinned at the others. “Later.” And led Isabel away.

“Does everyone have their cells and pagers? Remember, anytime one of us is alone, keep that pager open and the cell phone charged.” Max said as they all started to head toward classes. He took Liz’s books from her and began to lead her to class as the bell rang.

“You’ve been quiet this morning love.” Max said softly as they stopped before the class they had together to talk for a minute.

“I’m tired.” Liz smiled wearily and leaned into Max and lifted her head for a kiss.

Max frowned feeling guilty for Liz being tired. If he hadn’t kept her up making love again last night after they had trained all day she wouldn’t be this tired. He thought.

“Yes I would. And I wouldn’t have as wonderful a reason for being tired.” Liz answered him, reading his thoughts and still waited for her kiss.

Max grinned and kissed Liz softly before he started into the class.

“Oh, I’ll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom.” Liz stopped and let go of Max’s hand.

“Not alone you’re not.” He said and began to follow her.

Liz laughed. “Ah Max, you can not come into the girls bathroom with me.”

“No, but I can wait outside.” Max said seriously.

Liz gave Max a smile and rolled her eyes. But let him wait outside while she ran in.

When Liz came out a few minutes later Max stood up from his lounged position against the wall and grinned. “It’s about time. I was about to come in and see if you fell in.” he teased.

Liz laughed and suddenly grabbed Max’s jacket. “Max, let’s skip school. I don’t feel like going to school. I want to go somewhere. Just the two of us.” She said with excitement.

“Skip? Ah but we have that big test in History today.” Max said in surprise. A minute ago Liz was so tired, and now she was bouncing around.

“I know, but if we call in sick, we can make it up. Come on! I just want to show you something. I promise it will be worth your while.” She purred looking up at Max and running a hand down his chest.

Max smiled with amusement at Liz’s play, and then laughed. “Why not. Lead on Ms. Parker.” He teased and let her take his hand and lead him out of the building.

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Part 39

Max glanced over at Liz as they drove out into the desert where Liz said she wanted to take him. They never went this way, so he wondered how she’d known about it, but she said one of the girls at school mentioned it and she wanted to show it to him.

Half way down the highway Max started feeling a tingling, like something was wrong. Liz had been bubbly and talking constantly and entertaining him since they left and he’d barely had time to think, but now he was feeling something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what.

“You’re so quiet Max. Aren’t you looking forward to spending some quality time with your girl?” Liz whispered as she brushed up against him and kissed his neck.

Max almost slammed on the breaks, but quickly compensated and pulled over slowly.

“What? What’s wrong?” Liz looked worriedly at him.

“Nothing. I just want to do this.” He said calmly and tried to put seduction in his voice. If he was right about what he was feeling, he had to be careful.

He watched Liz’s face go from worried to wide-eyed and then lower to passion as he reached a hand out to her and ran it through her hair gently.

Liz smiled now and leaned in closer, happily wanting more.

Max let his hand brush down her neck and he felt touched her skin. His heart leaped in panic and he tried to hide the knowledge in his eyes by lowing his lashes. THIS WAS NOT LIZ! When he touched her there was nothing. And he finally realized that the tingling that was bothering him was that he no longer felt Liz with him, in his mind.

Liz leaned in for a kiss now, wrapping her arms around Max.

Max pulled back slightly, trying not to alarm her, and her eyes looked up at him questioningly. “What’s wrong Max?” she asked in a strange voice.

“Nothing…I just…if we want to spend the day wherever it is you want to show me, I guess we should get going.” He said trying to think how to get the upper hand here.

But before he could do anything he felt a pinch in his neck where the girl’s arms were still wrapped around it.

He swore when he saw the girl pull away now and had a needle in her hands. “Too bad Max. I was hoping we could actually have some fun before I turned you in.” the girl sighed sadly, and then turned back into the girl he knew as Joanne Pratt.

The girl just laughed as Max’s eyes went from shock to realization that the needle left him paralyzed and then she watched the last look of worry cross his eyes before they closed over. “Liz…” he was the last thing he whispered.


Maria and Michael waited for Liz at her locker after first period so Maria could walk to gym class together with Liz. She frowned when she looked at her watch and noticed Max and Liz should have been here by now.

She noticed Michael was starting to look around as well, and she got a bad feeling, a tingling in the back of her neck.

Michael too felt the hackles rise on his own neck, and his nostrils flared as he sensed trouble. Liz. He couldn’t feel his sister in his mind anymore. They had only just recently started noticing that they could sense each other in the recesses of their minds, all eight of them but mostly the aliens. He searched his mind for Isabel, Tess and Max. He felt Isabel and Tess right away, but not Max, and not Liz.

“NO!” Michael hissed and started looking around, trying to decide where to start. He just KNEW both Max and Liz were in trouble.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Maria started to panic. She too has sensed the danger and now with Michael’s panic she knew it was true. Something had happened to Max and Liz.

Suddenly Isabel, Kyle, Alex and Tess were running down the hall toward them from both ends. Isabel and Tess from one end, Kyle and Alex from the other. All of them had felt Michael and Maria’s fear.

“Where are they? Where are Max and Liz?” Isabel hissed as she grabbed Michael’s arm. She didn’t know anything other than Michael and Maria were panicked and Max and Liz were not with them.

Isabel tried to search her mind for either of them but couldn’t detect them and her eyes widened with growing horror.

Tess was shaking and Kyle had to hold her or she’d collapse.

Alex looked at all the panicked faces around him and realized someone had to remain calm. He gently touched Isabel’s arm as she began to pace, and stopped her nervous movement.

“Okay people, let’s try to calm down here. We need a plan, not this all out panic. First off, are you SURE they are in trouble and not just having some time alone?” Alex asked and looked between Michael, Isabel and Tess, the ones who could feel Max and Liz the most.

“They aren’t there.” Tess said in a shaking voice.

“Aren’t there?” Alex frowned not understanding.

“In our heads. They aren’t in our heads anymore.” Isabel explained and held onto Alex’s arm tightly to gain strength.

Alex put his arm around her and held her close, realizing why they were so full of terror. He took a deep breath and swallowed. He could see Michael was ready to bolt, and the only thing stopping him was he didn’t know where to start.

“Okay. Let’s think here. Could they just be unconscious? Or asleep?” Alex tried.

“Not asleep. We’d still feel them.” Tess murmured against Kyle who was practically holding her up now. He knew she was feeling to blame for not telling them of her nightmare the other night.

“Unconscious then? Isabel, can we try to dream walk them? See if we can find them that way?” Alex asked.

“I don’t think it will work, but we can try…” Isabel hesitated, afraid they would fail, but knew they had to try something.

“We should get out of here first.” Michael said and with his arm around a distraught Maria they started down the hall.

The others followed but they all halted when Michael stopped dead in his tracks in front of one of the girl’s bathrooms.

Isabel and Tess felt it too, and then they were slamming the door open to get into the bathroom, Maria on their tail.

Michael couldn’t wait, and was right behind them. When he got into the room, he saw Isabel opening a stall door with her powers, and they all gasped when they saw an unconscious Liz.

Michael pushed passed them and growling, he lifted his sister up in his arms and carried her out of the stall carefully.

“I’ll make sure the way is clear.” Maria sobbed seeing how pale her friend looked, how still she was.

Maria stepped out into the hall and met Kyle’s eyes.

“Alex went to bring the car around front. Everyone is in second period so we might make it without being seen.” Kyle told Maria as they looked around the quiet halls.

Maria nodded and Kyle swallowed. “Is she okay?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

“I don’t know.” Maria answered in anguish. “Something’s not right.” She said remembering how limp and unmoving Liz had been in Michael’s arms.


Max woke up with a headache that made him close his eyes again quickly and put the back of his hand over them to ward off the light.

Then he remembered what had happened and he jumped up to a sitting position, only to find himself alone on a cold tile floor in a room that seemed to have no doors, but had a big mirror on one side. It reminded Max of interrogation rooms he’d seen on TV only this one seemed to have no doors. He tasted fear in his mouth but that was quickly washed away with thoughts of what they might have done to Liz.

He stood up on shaky legs and notice he was wearing only a pair of what looked like hospital scrubs and he was barefoot. He walked to the huge mirror and knew someone was on the other side. He felt like a specimen in a jar and his helplessness made him angry.

He pounded on the glass in frustration. “What have you done to Liz?! Where’s Liz!” he yelled his first thoughts. He tried to connect with her but to his terror he didn’t sense her. She was still not in his mind. Max tasted the fear again, but this time for Liz.

He pounded on the mirror again and swore. He didn’t know who had him. Was it the FBI or Khivar? What if Khivar had Liz right now? What if he was in here helplessly while Liz was being tortured or harmed by Khivar.

Max pounded harder on the mirror in terror and cried out Liz’s name over and over feeling totally helpless.

He remembered the last thing he’d seen was a shape shifter changing from Liz back into Joanne Pratt, and figured he must be in Khivar’s clutches, and that meant Liz was with Khivar.

Not caring what happened to him, he stood back and aimed his hand at the mirror, hoping to blast a hole in it.

When nothing happened he was shocked. He was powerless.


“We have to do something!” Michael exclaimed as he paced in front of Liz’s bed where she still lay as limp as when they’d place her on it. No one had been able to wake her and they couldn’t find any signs of head trauma. They had tried their powers and nothing had worked. They didn’t know what kind of drug Liz had been given, but it was powerful.

“We’ve called Paul, he’s on his way. We just have to wait to see what he can tell us about whatever this drug is that they gave Liz.” Claudia tried to calm the group as they all crowded around Liz’s bedroom.

“Claudia, do you think he can help us? I mean, if the kids can’t use their powers to help Liz…how can Paul…” Nancy swallowed, just as frightened as the rest of them.

“Nancy, let’s just hope he can. Let’s try to think positive.” Claudia said hugging her daughter-in-law.

“Let’s try again.” Tess said and bit her lip. She let go of her mother’s hand and stood up from the couch to head toward the open door to Liz’s bedroom where Maria and Michael were hovering.

“Honey, don’t wear yourselves out. Wait for Paul. He said he might know what to do for Liz. If he’s right, that it may be an alien chemical, he might know more about it than any of us.” Diane Evans said as she closed her eyes and put her head in her hands. Jeff put a comforting hand on Diane’s shoulder and the other on his wife’s.

“You called Phillip?” Jeff asked Diane.

Diane nodded keeping her head in her hands. “He’s on his way.” She sighed.

A knock at the door made them all jump. They hoped it was Paul.

Maria turned toward the bed where Liz lay so still and she exchanged glances with Isabel. “Isabel, why don’t you and Alex try to dream walk Liz again. Maybe the chemical is wearing off and you’ll be able to get through.” Maria hoped.

Isabel nodded and looked to Alex. “I think she could be right.” Alex said and took Isabel’s hand to walk over to Liz’s bed.

“Don’t!” Paul called out from the door way as Kyle let him in. “If this chemical is what I think it is, it’s specifically designed to harm Liz more if you try to use your powers on her.” Paul exclaimed as he came rushing to his Queen’s side.

“Oh God! Khivar! He must be here. I can’t feel him, but he must be near.” Paul sobbed and held his little Queen’s hand reverently.

“What the hell do we do?! Does Khivar have Max?” Michael exclaimed in frustration as he raked a hand through his hair as he helplessly stood by doing nothing. He was a soldier. He was their protector, and he was doing nothing!

“Michael. I can use you, Tess and Isabel’s help.” Paul turned to the distraught young warrior.

“You have to help me get Liz out of here. I have to bring her to my superior, Eric Stewart, and our hideout. But you cannot come with us. You cannot see where it is. No one can know where Mr. Stewart is keeping cover. But I need you three to help create a disturbance outside long enough for me to get the Queen out of here.” Paul explained.

“You’re taking Liz?” Nancy and Jeff asked together.

“Paul? Is it wise to split up the rest of the kids?” Claudia frowned.

“No, it’s not, but it’s the only way we can get this drug out of Liz’s system without it harming her more. We have a lot of anti-drug chemicals where we are hidden. If I can get Liz to Mr. Stewart, and he can undue the drug in her system, then I can bring her back immediately so she can help us find our King.” Paul said with a sigh. He had no other choice but they could tell he wished he had.

“What do you want us to do?” Michael asked with a sigh.


Paul drove out of town looking constantly in his rear view mirror to make sure he wasn’t followed. Then he looked back at the still unconscious form of the Queen in the back seat, and smiled.

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Part 40

Liz woke up slowly, feeling like a freight train had hit her. Her muscles could barely function properly and she felt like her limbs were very heavy. She frowned trying to remember what had happened and where she was. Then she remembered going into the bathroom and someone coming up behind her and stabbing a needle into her neck, and the last thing she remembered was looking up into the wicked eyes of Joanne Pratt before she lost consciousness.

Her eyes flew open and she gasped. “Max!” She called out knowing something must have happened to him if she had been rendered unconscious.

“Easy my Queen.” She heard Paul’s voice from somewhere in front of her.

Liz closed her eyes against the glare of sunlight when it gave her a blinding headache, but she needed to know where Max was. And if he was okay.

“Paul? Where am I? Where’s Max?” Liz asked weakly and then forced herself to sit up as she realized she was riding in a car.

“Thank God you’re okay! Liz we were so worried!”

Liz frowned and met Paul’s eyes in the rear view mirror as he drove them along the highway.

“What happened? Where are the others? Where’s Max!?” was all Liz could ask.

“Michael and the others found you in the bathroom at school, you were unconscious. They didn’t know what to do and nothing they tried would wake you. So they called me. Liz you’ve got some kind of alien drug in your system and I’m taking you to my superior so we can give you an anti-serum for it. Then we need you to help us find Max.” Paul explained and looked haggardly at her.

“OH God! They have Max! Is it Khivar? Does he have Max?” Liz paled even more than she was, and looked around frantically. “I’m okay now. Let’s turn around and get back to the others, we have to find Max!” Liz exclaimed.

“We’re almost to our facility. We must get the remaining stuff out of your system. Here have some water.” Paul said and motioned to the water bottle on the front seat.

Liz leaned over and took it in her hands and smiled. “Thanks.” She said softly and realized she was still very weak.

“Where are Michael and the others?” Liz asked between sips.

“No one can know where our facility is. If any of you are ever taken and tortured, at least you can’t give up our hideout.” Paul said watching Liz slowly sip the water and look around still in a daze.

*Damn you Liz Parker! Why did you have to wake up so soon!* The alien, who had taken over Paul’s body when he’d killed both Paul and Ryan the other night, thought to himself. That drug was supposed to last longer than this! He needed to have her drugged until they reached Khivar because they could not risk this Queen, Liz Parker touching him and guessing what they were up to before she was in Khivar’s clutches. But she was unaware and totally trusted him right now, so he hoped he could keep it that way until they reached Khivar. Then they would have want they had been waiting forever for. Their side would have won. The King had been neutralized and they would have his Queen.

Liz took a second sip of water, realizing whatever drug they had given her left her very thirsty. Then she suddenly saw a bright light and her hand gripped the water bottle tighter, spilling a little of it on her.

Paul looked back when he heard Liz gasp and he frowned. “Are you okay your highness?” he asked worriedly.

“Yes…yes I’m fine Paul. Just still shaky and the water spilled all over me.” She laughed at herself and smiled warmly at the man who was calling himself their guardian, Paul.

But it wasn’t Paul. Liz had gotten a flash from touching the water bottle and she saw this alien kill both Ryan and Paul and then take over Paul’s body and come to them looking beaten up with the story he’d concocted. Liz tried to keep her features calm as she realized she was most likely in the hands of the enemy and on her way to Khivar. She did NOT want to alert the alien to the fact that she’d figured it out.

“How much farther Paul?” she asked worriedly. “We have to get me back to help find Max! Do you think Khivar has him?” she asked trying to gleam information out of him.

“I don’t know your highness. I wish I did. It won’t be too much farther till we get to my superior.” The alien who called himself Paul said.

Liz nodded and looking weaker than she felt, she laid her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. She knew the alien was watching her for any signs that she suspected anything, so she had to keep her breathing normal and herself as relaxed as possible.

She concentrated on contacting Michael and the others as soon as she closed her eyes.

*Michael! Isabel!? Tess?* Liz tried anxiously.

*Liz! My God you’re back! Thank God!?!* She heard Isabel say nearly hysterically.

*Yes…yes but we have to find Max!* Liz replied.

*Of course! Are you and Paul turning around?* Tess added.

*No…no that’s another problem. This is not Paul. He’s another shape shifter, just like the one who gave me the needle in the bathroom and led Max away!* Liz explained frantically.

*WHAT!* Michael finally joined the conversation he’d been listening to. *I KNEW there was something strange going on!* he swore.

*Never mind that now! I’m going to give us car trouble in a minute and then I need you guys to get out here as fast as you can to help me. This alien doesn’t know I know he’s not Paul yet, so we can catch him unaware.* Liz explained. *How long do you think it will take for you to get out here? I’m not sure how long we’ve been driving on this road, but we’re on 285 going North.*

*Yeah, we know. We’re only about 2 minutes behind you Liz. You don’t think we would let you out of our sights just cause Paul was worried we would know where his hideout is. And it’s a good thing since I had a feeling something more was up. DAMN!* Michael swore again.

Liz swallowed in relief and silently thanked her brother and friends for not trusting anyone! *Okay…I’m going to make the car stall out. Since I don’t see you behind us, I’m guessing you’re far enough away not to have been spotted. We are just passing mile marker 56. Calculate how far back you need to stop so that your car won’t be spotted and then come upon us on foot.*

The three aliens and three humans in the car following Liz smiled at how like a leader she sounded.

*Are Maria, Alex and Kyle with you?* Liz asked.

*We’re here Chica.* Maria’s warm voice soothed her.

*Good! I think we’re going to need our powers combined since we don’t know yet what powers the enemy have.* Liz explained.

Liz, with her eyes still closed concentrated on making the car stall and when it started to cough and spit, she opened her eyes and looked surprised and worried.

“Paul? What’s wrong?” she asked sitting up in the back seat.

“I don’t know. Damn! We need to get to the facility! It’s only about another 15 minutes! Let me get out and see what I can do.” He said swearing and figuring he’d be able to use his powers to fix whatever it was.

“Yes! Oh God hurry! We must get back to help Max soon!” Liz said in a hysterical tone, and she too got out of the car.

“What are you doing!? Stay back! I mean, you’re still weak, go wait in the car your highness.” The alien caught himself.

Liz leaned against the car and nodded, not getting any closer to the alien. She didn’t want to panic him. “I am feeling light headed still.” She said and headed back toward the door of the car.

The alien nodded and sighed in relief and then lifted the hood to see if he could fix the problem.

Liz concentrated on keeping the car stalled and prayed that this alien couldn’t fix the problem too soon.

Liz sensed when the others were near and she hoped that they could all neutralize the enemy. It would be a good test of their abilities and what they would be up against once they faced more of them.

Without a word she knew when the others were going to spring out, and she too stepped toward the front of the car.

The alien was taken completely by surprise. He had been concentrating so hard on trying to get the car to start, and had been totally fooled into believing he had the Queen fully in his power.

It was over almost before it began. Michael sent a beam of force directed at the alien from behind and concentrated on making it a stun shot. They had been practicing death shots and just stun shots. The stun shots worked best when Maria was holding on to Michael and giving him her help.

Maria saw the alien go down and letting go of Michael’s arm, she ran to Liz. “Oh My God, Chica! Are you okay?” she cried hugging her tightly.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. But we HAVE to figure out where they’ve taken Max!” Liz said hugging her friend back and then looking at Michael who stood over the enemy making sure he stayed knocked out.

“Michael. Can we take him with us? Can we keep him immobilized? I want to ask him some questions about Max if we can.” Liz asked her brother.

“We can try Liz. I’m just not sure how long we can keep him out. Or if we can keep him under control if we let him wake up. We don’t know what to expect from the enemy yet.” He said.

“Well, this could be the way we find out right? I mean, we know we can all do the shield thing, so if worse comes to worse we take turns holding him in a shield bubble while we ask him questions.” Liz said.

“And when we’re done with him?” Michael asked.

Liz swallowed knowing what he was asking. “Let’s cross that bridge when we have to. Right now I just want to see if we can find Max. God! If he’s up against Khivar all alone!” Liz sobbed suddenly and her legs gave out from under her.

Alex caught her and held her to him. “Easy Liz. I’m sure that shot is still affecting you somewhat so don’t get too upset. We need you to stay strong.” He said gently.

Alex exchanged looks with the others and they all realized it was more than the shot that was making Liz weaker and paler by the minute. It was her lack of contact with Max in over 12 hours now. It was starting to affect her physically. Which meant it was probably doing the same to Max.

“Come on. Let’s get you back home and decide how we can help Max,” Alex said with a worried frown.


Max had used all of his anger on the window and to no avail. Now he sat trying to think of a way to get out of wherever it was they had him. He knew that sooner or later someone would come for him and then he’d make his move. But the waiting, and wondering what was happening to Liz was killing him. And that he couldn’t feel her or any of the others was torture too. He hoped it was just his powers being neutralized that made him not able to sense Liz. For he would die if something had happened to Liz. He already knew he was physically getting weaker because he needed to be with Liz, and he knew that meant she was weak and probably at the mercy of Khivar.

Liz! Max’s mind cried out in agony.

When the wall near him finally slid open, he was shocked to find it was one of the FBI agents Valenti had shown them a picture of. Max swore to himself. He wasn’t with the alien enemy, but with the human ones, and he was powerless!

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Part 41

“Well well, Max Evans. We’re so glad you could join us.” The one called Agent Pierce said smiling.

Max slowly got to his feet and waited, standing with his back to the wall, so he could be prepared for anything.

He looked from Agent Pierce to the female Agent Topolsky. He said nothing. He was going to wait for them to tell him what they wanted.

“This is our first encounter with an alien so you must give us a moment to stare in fascination and bask in the capture.” Agent Pierce said smoothly and with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Max’s eyes narrowed at that. First alien? What about the shape shifter who had brought him here? Had Khivar infiltrated the FBI without them knowing it? He tasted fear again. He had to figure out what he could do with this information and until then he would say nothing.

“So Max. Where are you from?” Agent Topolsky asked finally speaking.

Max looked at her and just stared.

“Oh don’t be shy Max. We know you’re an alien. We already did tests on you before you woke up. So you might as well tell us what you know. It will be much easier on you.” Agent Pierce smiled again. He was enjoying it all.

Max wanted to ask where Liz was, but he didn’t know if they knew Liz was part of this. What if the alien had given him to the FBI and Liz to Khivar and the FBI had no idea that Liz was an alien. He was not about to let them be led to her or the others. But he had to talk to the alien again. He had to find out if he could bargain with the one called Joanne.

“Who is Joanne Pratt?” he finally asked.

“We ask the questions Max.” Topolsky snapped at the boy. He was not cooperating and she didn’t want to be this close to the alien for too long.

“Alright Max. We’ll answer that easy question and hopefully you will answer ours as well.” Pierce said calmly and walked around the room a little, making Max follow him warily with his eyes.

“Joanne is an undercover FBI agent. She works for the bureau and since she looks so young, we’ve often used her to get into the high schools. This assignment worked out perfectly. We knew the attack on those boys awhile back was done by teens, so it was only a matter of time before our undercover agent would figure it out for us.” Pierce explained.

Max thought they were crazy. They really thought this girl was just a human and had figured out that fast who the aliens in the school were. He knew the only way she could have known so fast was because she too was alien. But he didn’t tip his hand about Joanne yet. It might come in useful later. And if Joanne had wanted to she could have turned them all in. He wanted to know what her game was, and if she had indeed turned Liz over to Khivar. For if she had, she was dead. Max thought with burning fury.


Liz held tightly to her Grandma Claudia as they all watched Isabel and Alex lie on Isabel’s bed and try to sleep walk Max.

Michael stood by the window frowning out into the night in thought, holding Maria tightly to him.

“Anything?” Diane Evan’s mouthed as she appeared in the open doorway.

Claudia shook her head letting Diane know they were still waiting.

Diane nodded and headed back down the hall to let the others know the status. They were all relieved to have Liz back, and were just as shocked to find out Paul wasn’t Paul. Diane peeked into Max’s room and saw that Tess and Kyle were still guarding the alien who had taken Liz. She shook her head to let them know there was no word yet, and continued on down the hall to the Parker’s and Jim Valenti.

After 10 more minutes of waiting, Isabel and Alex came awake and sat up.

Liz looked at them anxiously.

“Nothing. I thought I felt something for a second, but it was too faint.” Isabel said in a frustrated and frightened voice.

“They must have him under a drug of some sort too.” Claudia said softly, trying to keep the kids from giving up or panicking. “Try again since you felt something, and this time bring Liz in.” she suggested.

Liz came forward anxiously, her face haggard and pale. They could all tell that Liz being away from Max this long was affecting her physically more and more by the minute and they could only imagine what it was doing to Max as well.

Liz fell to her knees by the side of the bed and reached for Isabel and Alex’s hands as the two on the bed lay back again.

She closed her eyes and let them pull her into their dream world. *Where are you Max! Come to me!* Liz pleaded silently.


Max was lying on a table strapped down, and tense waiting to see what the two agents would do next. They had finally ordered him to be tied down, and men had appeared and forced him on a table they’d rolled in. When he’d tried to fight, Pierce had only laughed telling him they had taken away his powers.

Now that it was just Pierce and Topolsky and he again, Max waited wondering what they planned to try to get him to talk.

“Well Max, you look human, and you have a human skeleton but your blood is alien Max. So why don’t you tell us how it is you are part human and part alien? How many more of you are there? Were you born of an Alien who has taken a human female or the other way around? Are your people slowly taking over the human race? Are we going to be annihilated someday soon?” Topolsky gritted her teeth.

“Max, if you don’t talk, we’ll be forced to take a different course here and MAKE you talk. We have state of the art drugs and painful tools to help you start talking.” Pierce smiled, his eyes filled with hope. Max could tell he wanted to use those things on him.

“I wonder what a half human, half alien is capable of? Do aliens mate like humans? Obviously your mother didn’t die giving birth to you. Was she the alien? Or was your father?” Topolsky asked walking around him on the table and looking him over like a specimen.

Max knew he had to say something or they would start to use the drugs and tools, and that would just weaken him even more. He had to stay alert. He knew the others would come for him. He didn’t want them in danger, but he knew with every beat of his heart that the others were looking for them. And he needed to stay strong to get out of here and find Liz! He needed to tell the others that they had to find Liz first. That she wasn’t with him. He hoped Isabel could get through to him in a dream walk. They had been practicing that the past week, and when Alex was with her, Isabel was able to dream walk a person when they were awake. He knew they would try it. So he hoped it would work. But since it had been hours, he didn’t even know how many, he figured it might not work with whatever they had done to neutralize his powers. He swore. He’d never felt so helpless in his life! He didn’t even care what they did to him. He just was sick at the thought of Liz in Khivar’s hands. Alone and helpless like he was. And he knew she had to be getting as weak as he was with them being apart. He concentrated on staying as alert and strong as he could. So he started talking. He started making up things.

Suddenly he felt a niggling in the back of his head and he felt Liz. Liz! He thought. He stopped talking and closed his eyes. Trying to concentrate on her.

“I think he’s told us enough for now. Why don’t we let him rest, as well as he can on that table, and we’ll come back in a hour.” Topolsky said eyeing the boy with nervousness. Being this close to an alien, even one they were sure they had neutralized of his powers, scared her. She was terrified of all she’d seen and heard about aliens all her life. She’d seen first hand what aliens had done to some other of the FBI agents over the years, and she feared them and hated them passionately. She was relieved to get away for a little while.

Pierce looked the alien over and frowned. He did look weaker than when he’d been brought in earlier. Maybe taking his powers away was draining him. Maybe they did need to let him rest. If they let him get too weak they’d never get anything out of him.

He still wanted to have fun with the tools, but as long as the boy was cooperating, he figured he’d let the kid talk and THEN he’d have fun with the tools when they did experiments after they were through getting information out of him.

“Very well. Have a nice rest Max. We’ll be back in an hour.” Pierce said and followed his partner out the door that silently slid open.

Max was relieved when the two left and keeping his eyes closed, he let them think he was resting as he concentrated on Liz.

*Liz! Baby! Is that you?* he cried out desperately.

Suddenly he heard and felt Liz back in his mind where it had recently been so empty of her.

*Max! Oh my God Max! Are you okay? Where are you? Max! We’ll come get you don’t worry! Do you know where you are?* Liz rambled on in his head and he heard her fear and pain at the separation between them.

*Liz! Where are YOU! I thought Khivar had you! Do the FBI have you? We? Are you with the others than? You’re okay?* Max asked feeling relief that his Liz was alright.

*Oh Max! I’m fine. Yes I’m with the others. Isabel and Alex are here with me. That’s how we were able to get through to you. Don’t worry about me. I’m not with Khivar or the FBI. Max please…can you tell us where you are?* He heard the desperation in Liz’s voice and the tears.

*Don’t cry Liz, don’t cry my love.* Max soothed softly. He wished he could be holding her, but he knew his soul was reaching out to hers. *I don’t know where I am exactly but I do know that Joanne took me North on 285 about 7 miles before we stopped and she drugged me. It was right around mile marker 56. After that I don’t know how far she drove.* he finished.

*Don’t worry Max! We’ll find you! Have they hurt you?* Liz asked and Max could feel her hysteria starting to surface at the thought.

*NO! No I’m cooperating, telling them lies, anything to keep them from trying to drug me. I don’t want you coming here Liz! Please love, it’s too dangerous.* Max pleaded anxiously. Just the thought of Liz in the hands of these people made his stomach turn.

*Max! You’re not thinking straight.. Unless you and I are together again soon, we won’t be strong enough to fight these people who have you. And we both need to be together soon Max…or we won’t survive. Either way I need to be with you Max. And soon!* Liz reminded him.

Max sighed realizing he had to let Liz come after him. They all needed to come after him so that they would be stronger. Stronger as a unit. *You’re right Liz. God baby, be careful! If anything happened to you…* he let that trail off.

*I know Max! For me too my love. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine once I’m with you again. I have a plan Max, but I need you to help us out here. I need you to start asking the FBI where I am. If I’m okay and do they have me too. Act like you believe they have me and you won’t cooperate fully until you can see I’m safe.* Liz explained.

*Liz! No! I won’t endanger you that way! They would come after you if they knew you were part of this!* Max swore.

*Exactly Max. How else will we find you? We have to let them bring me to you. And the others will follow behind me. Then when you and I are together, we will be strong again and we can help the others get us out.* Liz continued calmly.

Max was proud of Liz suddenly. He knew she was right and that she was calm and using her head instead of panicking.

*Now I know why you are my queen.* he said softly to her, love in his voice.

*I love you Max! I’ll be at my house waiting. Hopefully they will come get me soon. Make sure you get them to come after me soon!* Liz stressed and then sent her love to Max in a huge wave, with all the strength she had left.

Max almost cried out at the emptiness in his head again when Liz suddenly left him. It seemed that almost his whole life Liz had been a part of him. He hadn’t recognized what it was when they were younger, but he now knew Liz had always been with him mentally. And since he’d been neutralized he’d lost that and he felt empty and lonely and frightened. But soon they would come for him and they would be together again. In mind and body.

When the door slid open a few minutes later, Max opened his eyes and was surprised to see Joanne standing over him.

He glared at her but didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry Max. They can’t hear what we’re saying. They let me come in here to try to seduce you, to see if you’d tell us more if we were lovers.” Joanne smiled.

Max snorted in disgust. He knew she couldn’t seduce him. It was impossible. So he just gave her a look of loathing.

“Oh don’t worry your highness. I know I can’t seduce you. You can’t love anyone but your destined queen. But they don’t know that.” Joanne laughed.

“Then what do you want? Why are you doing this? Who are you?” he asked finally.

“So many questions Max.” Joanne smiled as she walked around the table and let her hand trail over his body lightly. She was enjoying having the King of Antar at her mercy.

“What do I want? Why you and Liz apart of course. That way Khivar will be able to destroy you and take your queen. He should have her by now. And when her mating time is here, he will give her his seed and she will have his child. Then we can all return to Antar as the rightful rulers with the power we will have. For not only will both the king and queen of Antar and their followers be dead, but we will have the powerful son of Queen Elizabeth to lead the people with. They will love Elizabeth’s son. As they loved Elizabeth. Stupid peasants that they are.” Joanne spit out.

Max clenched his teeth trying not to shout out at hearing the plans Khivar had for Liz again. Instead he concentrated on the fact that Joanne thought Liz was with Khivar.

“See Khivar was the one who cleverly thought of bringing you to the FBI so that you would be out of the way while he went after Liz. He’s so clever isn’t he.” Joanne smiled with affection in her voice.

“He’s a sick sadistic bastard! Why do you follow him? What does he have over you?” Max asked truly amazed. From the things he’d heard about Khivar, he sounded not only evil, but unable to feel any emotions. He was ruthless.

Joanne smiled and leaned down to stare in Max’s eyes. “He’s my BROTHER.” She said in a hiss. Then smiled as she started walking around again.

“What if I tell the FBI who you are?” Max asked studying the girl as she stood at his feet now.

She just laughed. “Go ahead! They won’t believe you. They have total faith in Joanne Pratt. They would never question her loyalty. Which is why Khivar had me kill her and take her place.”

Max wondered if they would believe him. Would they at least wonder enough to test her? He knew now that he couldn’t bargain with her for his release since she was Khivar’s kin. He knew he had to go through with Liz’s plan. He had to give Liz to the FBI….

The both turned when the door slid open and the two agents returned. “Well, I see Joanne has been keeping you company. I hope she didn’t tire you out too much?” Pierce smirked.

Topolsky shuddered at just the thought of the FBI agent agreeing to try to seduce the alien.

“Well Max, you ready to tell us more?” Pierce asked.

Max tried to stall them. “How did you neutralize me? What did you do? How did you know what to do?” he asked hoping maybe Joanne had told them and they would start to wonder how she would know.

“You’re not the first alien the FBI has captured Max. Over the years the special unit has experimented on many of your kind. We know how your brains work better than you do. And we know how to neutralize the part of your brain that uses your powers. And we also know how vicious and deadly your kind are and how heartless! Your people have killed many humans over the last few decades, and now we are going to put a stop to all of you.” Topolsky spat at him.

He looked between the two agents surprised to hear aliens had been killing the humans for years. He knew it had to be Khivar’s people. He looked to Joanne and saw the look in her eyes that told him he was right. She looked pleased but hid it well.

“What if I told you all aliens aren’t killers. That it is our enemy that are trying to destroy humanity and you need me to stop them.” Max tried. What did he have to lose?

Pierce laughed and Topolsky just looked at him like he was a bug that needed squashing. Max knew Topolsky’s hatred was based on her fear of the evil aliens she’d heard about all these years and he hoped that could be to his advantage if she believed he could help get rid of those aliens. But how to make them believe him. He didn’t have enough time. He had to get Liz and the others here. There was no other way he sighed with a sick feeling.

“Where’s Liz? I won’t say anything else until I can see her. Have you hurt her in any way?” Max suddenly shouted trying to push up from the table and fight against his restraints.

Joanne looked at him in shock and her mouth dropped open. What was he doing!? He KNEW where Liz was. That Khivar had her. What did he think he could accomplish by letting the FBI know about Liz.

“Liz? Liz Parker? You’re girlfriend? Does she know about you Max? Joanne told us she was nothing? Is she one of you Max?” Pierce said suddenly in Max’s face, his eyes lighting up at the thought of capturing the girl too. If nothing else it would make Max talk if they threatened the girl. He had wanted to grab her even when he’d thought she was nothing. But Topolsky and Joanne had talked him out of it. Saying Joanne could seduce the boy if his girl wasn’t around. He should have gone with his own gut.

“We don’t have her Max. But we will. Thank you.” Pierce smiled suddenly.

“NOOOoooooo!” Max yelled, his eyes widening as if he just realized the mistake he’d made.

Joanne frowned trying to figure out what Max was up to. She was confused and knew not to trust this King. She wasn’t panicked though because she knew that the FBI wouldn’t find Liz. That she was safely in Khivar’s clutches by now. There was no way Max and Liz could be together to regain their strength against Khivar. Her brother had made sure of that she smiled to herself.

Pierce laughed and started for the door. “We must send men to go get the girl. It’s late. She’ll probably be asleep and not know what hit her.”

Max watched as the two agents left, followed by one of his enemy. He knew she was confused but thought she still had the upper hand.

He put his head down and closed his eyes. He tried not to be sick knowing that he had led the FBI right to Liz.


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Part 42

“How much farther?” Maria asked as they traveled what seemed like forever on 285.

“Can’t be too much farther now they’ve slowed down ahead of us which is making it difficult for me to stay just out of site.” Alex explained as he drove. He looked over at Isabel who in turn exchanged looks with him and tried not to look too worried. Maria and Michael were a bundle of nerves for everyone. She looked behind her at Michael and Maria and tried to reassure them with a smile.

“It’s going to be okay. I’m still in contact with Liz. She says they’ve slowed up and might be getting ready to turn off soon.” Isabel told the two in the back.

“Can’t this dump go any faster Alex!?” Michael growled angrily and felt helpless not knowing what was happening to Max and knowing that the FBI now had his sister in their car and was taking her God new where. And that both Max and Liz were getting weaker and weaker apart.

“Just be glad my dad’s car is a big old thing that can fit us all.” Alex snapped back. He was just as upset and frustrated as Michael. Liz and Max were his best friends too, and he loved Liz like a sister as well. “And besides, if we go any faster Michael, the other car will see us following them.” Alex finished.

“There turning!” Isabel cried out and Alex slowed down as they tried to stay out of sight of the car ahead of them.

“Liz…Liz come on babe, where do we turn?” Maria said softly as they all waited for Liz to let them know where the turn off was. Alex was going really slow looking for the turn Liz was describing to him and Isabel.

Suddenly Alex pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and stopped.

Kyle’s car pulled in behind Alex’s and he and Tess jumped out. They still had their “prisoner” with them and were guarding him.

“Why did we stop now!?” Michael asked in frustration.

“Liz said they turned right up here and we have to give them a few extra miles or we’ll be seen. It’s a deserted dirt road with no other cars on it.” Isabel explained for her and Alex.

They had been holding hands and in constant contact with Liz the whole time. Isabel had learned that with Alex’s help she could mind walk someone when they were awake which came in very handy now.

When Kyle pulled over, Tess checked the back to make sure the skin was still unconscious from Michael’s blast earlier, and then started to get out of the car to see what was up. She saw the others get out of their car and not taking any chances she called Michael and Maria over to the car.

“Make sure he stays out.” Tess said with a shiver.

Michael nodded and grabbing Maria’s hand he blasted another stun shot at the enemy. Part of him just wanted to destroy their enemy, but he knew Max might want to use the guy for information or something. He knew Max by now.

The others filled Kyle and Tess in and they all agreed to wait until Liz gave the okay for them to turn onto the road.

Michael paced and Kyle and Alex looked just as antsy. They did not like having to just wait.

“How close do you think we should get to this place?” Kyle asked running a hand through his hair.

“Liz said she’ll scope out the terrain around the facility and let us know where would be a good place to stop. Then we’re to wait until we get her okay that she and Max are together again and then we make our move on the place.” Alex explained.

All of them were feeling the strain. First Max had been taken by the FBI, one of their all time nightmares come true, and now they had to give Liz up to the same fate.

“I still don’t know if this was such a great idea.” Michael frowned and sighed. He’d been against letting them capture Liz.

“It’s the only way Michael and you know it. Do you think Max would have agreed with this if he didn’t know it was the ONLY way to get this to work?” Maria reminded him and put a hand on his arm to soothe him.

Michael wrapped an arm around Maria and blew out some frustrated breaths. “Yeah… I guess. I just don’t like that both Maxwell and Liz have to be in the hands of the FBI at all!” he swore and the others said nothing, feeling the same frustration.

An hour later they continued down the dirt road knowing they had to be going the right way, for Liz was slowly getting stronger the longer they traveled in this direction. It was hard to see on the dark dirt road and the tension in the car was high.

Michael wanted them to shut off the lights on the car and drive blind, but Alex assured them that if they ran into something it wouldn’t do them any good being without a car.

Michael swore worrying if they were being watched as they headed further and further out into the open desert. They all felt like sitting ducks, like eyes were on them.
“What if they can see us coming miles ahead of time?” Maria voiced Michael’s thoughts.

“We don’t have much choice. We have to keep going.” Isabel reminded them.


Liz was scared. Even though it had been her idea, and she knew it was the only way for them to get Max out of there, letting the FBI purposefully take you was frightening. She wasn’t scared so much for herself, but for Max if things didn’t work out the way she’d hoped. They could have easily decided to drug her all the way to the facility in which case she wouldn’t have been able to keep the gang up to date on their movements to the facility, and she was afraid that her weakness, which was continually getting worse, would hinder her from using her gifts at all. And to think of yourself weak and helpless in the hands of the enemy was also terrifying. Liz had played down her growing weakness as much for herself as the others.

That was why when the FBI had come for Liz; she’d played the weak and frightened helpless girl so they wouldn’t feel they had to drug her. And she was thankful that that had worked.

Liz knew the only reason Max had agreed to this was for her. If Liz could have continued to be safe away from all of this Max would never have let her be taken. But knowing that Liz was weakening the longer she was apart from him, and that this was saving Liz, Max had agreed to this plan that he and Michael hated.

As they got nearer to the facility Liz felt humming throughout her body and realized she was getting closer to Max. She tried not to cry out in shear joy that she felt Max and realized they would soon be together again and then they would be able to get him free.

She still played the weak frightened girl in the back seat next to one of the agents who had come to get her, but inside she wanted to jump up and shout. She was starting to feel stronger both physically and mentally. Max! My Max! Soon love! She chanted to herself.

*Liz! God Liz! I feel you baby. God I miss you. Are you okay? * She heard Max all of a sudden.

*Yes! Yes Max! I’m coming! Be ready my love we are here to get you out! Are YOU okay?* Liz called out back to him. For the last 6 hours they had gotten so weak that they couldn’t communicate. That too had emotionally drained Liz and she was sure had affected Max as well.

*Fine. Better now that you’re near. * He said softly to her. *God I can’t wait to hold you in my arms! *

*Hold that thought Max! I’m coming! * Liz said and tried not to sob out her joy, as she felt closer to Max.


Max’s concentration with Liz was broken when the door to his room slid open again. He frowned when he saw it was Joanne.

Max didn’t even try to get up off the floor mat where he was sitting in a corner of the room. All he had was the floor mat again. They had taken the table they had put him on out of the room, to his relief. He wondered what Joanne was up to now, but knowing Liz would be here soon he stayed looking weak and defeated on the mat and just watched as she approached him.

“Well your highness I wonder what is going to happen to you when the agents return without your precious queen.” The girl smiled brightly as she came to stand in front of him.

Max wondered what she would do when Liz did show up. He just stared at her, not saying a word.

“Max you do look worn out. I’ll have to make sure Khivar doesn’t try to completely disable your queen’s gifts if this is what will happen to her.” Joanne frowned looking down at the now weaker King that her brother was so afraid of. He was just a boy! Joanne smiled again knowing that soon her brother would be welcomed back to Antar with open arms when he showed he’d not only defeated the boy King, but had the queen and the queen’s baby with him. She was just annoyed that they had to wait other year before the queen would be “ready” to conceive.

“I wonder what the FBI will do with you once they are through with you Max. I know once they realize they can’t threaten to torture Liz for your information, that they will just have to rip you apart to get the information they want.” She smiled again. She was still bitter that she hadn’t been able to seduce him. No one had ever before failed to fall for her charms. One of her own gifts was her pheromone. She was able to lure any male she wanted into her trap with her changeable pheromone. But it had not worked with this boy King and for that she wanted to see him tortured.

“What information do they want? They obviously got enough about our people in the past to know how to disable our gifts.” Max finally said. He figured if Joanne was in a talkative mood, he might as well get some information out of her.

“Why, I told them that you are the leader of a planet of aliens and that you are just waiting for your time to strike out and take over this world.” Joanne laughed. “I told them I over heard all of these secret meetings and saw you using your gifts. They are very eager to stop you and your people.”

Max snorted. “Don’t you mean that is Khivar’s plans.” He said keeping her talking so that she wouldn’t find out until the last minute that Liz was indeed going to be here soon.

“Oh Khivar is planning on taking over these silly weak people here on this planet. But he’s waiting until your queen can conceive since he will be even stronger with her by his side and carrying the ‘special child’.” Joanne spat out.

Max gritted his teeth just thinking of Khivar’s plans but also held back the smile knowing Khivar’s plans would fail. And now he knew what else Khivar was planning and that when they got out of here they needed to prepare for a battle right here on Earth! Unless they could stop it before it began.

“I thought your brother was so powerful already? What does he need Liz for other than to bring this ‘baby’ back to rule Antar?” Max asked behrly getting the thought past his lips without gagging. Just the thought of Khivar’s plans for Liz always filled him with rage.

“Nothing really.” Joanne laughed knowing Max hated the idea and was trying to hid his anger at the thought of what her brother had planned for his queen. “But he figures with you dead and the queen captured, the rest of your party will hesitate in coming after him if he has their queen by his side and pregnant.” She said.

Max knew she was lying. There was another reason why Khivar was waiting to attack and take over this planet. If he had captured Liz from now, what would have stopped him from using her to hold his people off right away? Why was Joanne saying Khivar was still going to wait another year to attack the planet? He must be waiting for something…but what?
Before he could ask, the door slid open again and Topolsky came in with a smile on her face.

“Well it shouldn’t be long now Max Evans. Your girlfriend is on her way and should be here any minute. She didn’t cause any trouble at all so I was told. She’s cowering and frightened and totally cooperative. This will be easier than we had hoped.”

Joanne frowned and glanced at Max and then at Topolsky. A growing thought of fear going through her. “You’ve heard from the agents?” she asked agent Topolsky who was staying quite far away from Max. Her fear and hate was obvious.

“Yes. They will be here any second now. They’ve just cleared the gate. It’s just a shame we have to involve human civilians in this fight against you…. vile creatures.” She spat out.

Max watched Joanne’s face go totally white as she realized that Khivar’s own plan must have failed. And that soon the king and queen would be together again.

Joanne couldn’t believe her brother’s plan could have failed. They had sent their man looking like the queens’ protector after her! What could have happened? Last she had heard their man had gotten away with the queen! She tried to think, tried to figure out if this was somehow a trick of this Kings. But how? And if Liz was on her way here, then she had to stop it. She looked around frantically and then met the cold hard eyes of Max Evans.

And she knew what she would have to do…

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Part 43

Joanne’s eyes narrowed and she stepped back a little from both Max and Agent Topolsky and for a second Max thought she was going to try to make a run for it. Then his eyes narrowed as he realized what she was about to do.

Max stepped forward and then remembered he was helpless to stop her if she wanted to kill him or the agent. He gritted his teeth and waited to see what she planned. Would she reveal herself? Of course she would. She would have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If she killed them all she could take Liz and she’d think she’d won. Obviously Khivar and his people didn’t know that Liz couldn’t live away from him.

Just as Joanne raised her arm toward Max with a smile, the door opened and distracted her. She turned toward the opening door and swore as Pierce entered pulling Liz behind him.

With no time to waste, Joanne turned to Max first, and blasted him.

Liz, seeing this, screamed and ran to Max as he fell and took him in her arms.

Their immediate connection revived them enough to revive their powers and Liz healed Max before Joanne even had time to register it.

Joanne was too busy for she was now facing a furious Pierce who, shocked at her sudden powers, raised his own weapon.

Joanne quickly blasted Pierce and killed him with one shot, and then turned to Agent Topolsky who stood shocked by this turn of events. She was now facing another alien!

An alien had infiltrated them! Topolsky sucked in her breath as she realized that the girl was about to send her to hell with Pierce.

“The FBI was so easy to fool!” Joanne laughed at Topolsky. “Your fear and hate for all aliens allowed us to make you capture a King whose goodness was his weakness.” She gloated as she raised her hand to kill the female agent next. “Now my leader will be the rightful King.” She smiled as she shot a blast at the terrified agent.

Agent Topolsky stood in shock and watched in slow motion as the blast came toward her. It took her a few seconds to register that the blast exploded with light all around her, but she was still standing.

She heard a scream of rage from Joanne and saw the girl turn to Max and raise her hand again. This time, both Max and Liz blasted the other alien and she crumbled to the floor. Obviously dead.

It was then that Topolsky realized there was some sort of shield around her, that had saved her from the blast, and it was Max Evans who had put the shield there.

She watched in amazement as the two kids turned to each other and the air practically crackled with their energy. “It’s true…” she whispered almost to herself as she continued to stare at the two in front of her.

Max took Liz into his arms and just breathed her in. He closed his eyes for a second and just buried his head in her hair.

Liz clung to Max and buried her head in his chest. Whispering her love as she lightly pressed a kiss to his strong neck.

The door suddenly flew open as guards came rushing in having heard the loud blast, but Agent Topolsky stopped them. “Stand down!” she shouted and they halted.

Max turned from the dead Joanne back to Topolsky and frowned. As if he was contemplating what to do with her next.

“You won’t kill me.” Agent Topolsky said suddenly and very calmly.

Max raised an eyebrow. “How do you know?” He asked intrigued. He knew he couldn’t kill her in cold blood but wanted to know how she knew. He removed the shield from around her and waited for her answer.

“You may leave us.” Topolsky said to the guards and waited until they obeyed and closed the door before she continued, never taking her eyes off of Max or Liz.

“We don’t have much time. I’ve got to get you both out of here.” She whispered and looked around. She frowned knowing that even though the guards had listened to her just now, they were still right outside the door and weren’t just going to let her walk their captives out of here. And when they realized two of their agents were dead they would probably want to kill the aliens. And she definitely couldn’t allow that!

“You what?” Liz started in shock at the agent’s words and actions. Her arms were still wrapped around Max, her body totally reenergized and in heaven back in Max’s arms.

Max held Liz tightly to him and looked cautiously at the agent himself. He didn’t know if he could believe her or not. Had she just changed sides or what?

“Do you really mean that? You’ll help us escape?” Liz finally asked taking the chance.

“Yes. We must move quickly now!” Agent Topolsky said as she tried to think of a way for them to leave this room. “You two don’t…. shape shift do you?” she asked suddenly.

Max looked surprised and shook his head.

“No!” Liz verbalized for both of them.

Topolsky sighed and started going through the two dead agents’ clothing for their weapons and communication devices.

Max wanted to believe the woman. He looked down at Liz and she understood. She carefully stepped away from Max and toward the agent.

Liz helped the Topolsky gather the weapons and communication devices and was able to bump against her lightly in the process. Liz felt the sincerity in the woman and also her panic on how she was going to get them past the guards and to safety.

Max watched quietly ready to act if necessary and waited for Liz to let him know what she’d found out.

When she stood up and smiled at Max he relaxed and nodded. Then he held out his arms for her to return to him once more. After being apart for so long he couldn’t stand to not touch her right now.

Liz smiled and snuggled her head back into his chest. She too couldn’t stand to be apart from him. She just wanted to get out of here so she could completely love him and touch him and hold him for hours and hours.

*GOD! Hold that thought my love! * Max told her silently and hugged her tighter.

“Okay, we have friends, close by. They are just waiting for us to give them the word and then they will help us out of here.” Max said to the agent now that they could trust her.

“How are you going to let them know?” the agent asked curiously but nodded that that would help them.

“We can communicate telepathically.” Liz told her trusting her completely now.

The agent blinked at this but only nodded and looked again towards the door where the guards were on the other side. “Can they get in here?” she asked.

When both Max and Liz nodded she smiled. “Good. But could you have them not kill any of the guards. They are all decent people. Just misled.” Topolsky explained.

“Of course.” Max nodded and then he and Liz put their heads together and called to their friends.


The rescue was anti-climactic. With their combined powers, the gang was able to get into the facility and knock out all the guards as Agent Topolsky told Max and Liz who in turn told their friends, where they would find guards as they entered the place and then led them directly to Max and Liz.

Topolsky looked at the group as they were all gathered around Max and Liz now in the room where they had led them. She could see how much Max and Liz were much more than their leaders. They were all family. She could feel the bonding and closeness in the air as she had felt the electricity between the two earlier.

Liz turned to the agent who stood just watching them and asked again the question that they were dying to know. “Why did you agree to help us?” she asked.

Agent Topolsky smiled and realized they had a few minutes but not much more than that. “We don’t have much time. Once this place was breached, a silent alarm went automatically to the home office and they will be sending people here. But we do have a few minutes.” She said.

The gang waited while the agent continued. “My father was an agent for this branch of the bureau many years ago. He was in fact one of the men who helped capture the original aliens back in ’47. He was young then, told me everything much later. The government managed to get enough information out of the aliens to know that there might one day be a war on this planet. There were two aliens captured that day long ago, and one told them of a great king who he had protected and brought to this planet for safe keeping and that one day that king would help the humans in a fight against enemy aliens that would try to invade this planet and kill all humans and aliens who fought against them. At first my father didn’t know if he could believe the alien or not, and the government certainly didn’t want to believe it, so they ignored his warnings and killed him after he told them all he knew. But he wouldn’t give out the information on where this king was, so they have been looking for you ever since Max.” Topolsky continued.

The group listened intently.

“The second alien was different from the first one, in that he could shape shift where as the first one could not. They were definitely two different races even though they were both aliens. And the more they studied the two aliens the more what the one alien had told them made sense. At least to my father. It was he who got me interested in the FBI in the first place. He told me to make sure that if this ever came true, to try to do everything I could to help the right King prevail since that king would help the humans to survive.” She finished.

“You acted so afraid and full of hate around me. I don’t sense that was an act.” Max said quietly.

The agent smiled and met his eyes. “No, you’re right. I was afraid and full of hate when you were first captured. Actually when I first heard of you. For Joanne or whoever she really was, told me you were the king planning to take over the earth, and I thought you were the one to fear. And my father was eventually killed by an alien, a shape shifting one, so I still want revenge on them.” She explained.

Max nodded at that. Liz frowned. “What made you realize that Max wasn’t that king?” she asked back in Max’s arms after having been hugged by all the others.

“The shield. The way he automatically protected me from the other alien. And what Joanne said just before she blasted Max.” Topolsky explained.

“What will happen to you now once they find out we’ve escaped? And what about these two?” Michael looked at the still two dead agents on the floor.

“You will have to knock me unconscious as well. And when the back up arrives and they wake me I will tell them that it was Joanne who was the alien and that she killed Pierce and then knocked me out and in the process you two escaped.”

Max smiled. “You’ve thought this all out.” Then he frowned. “I don’t relish rendering you unconscious.” He added.

Topolsky nodded in understanding but smiled at this good but still young King. “Believe me, it will be the only way I’ll survive is if they think I had no part in your escape.” She told him. “And just one more thing.” She said as she prepared for the blast that would render her unconscious.

“What’s that?” Max asked.

“Don’t let the others win. Don’t let them take over the planet. And if I can ever be of any help, here’s my cell phone number. You can contact me at any time. Just use my father’s name, “Howard” and I’ll help you however I can.” Topolsky said and gave a slip of paper with her cell phone number on it to Liz.

“Thank you. We won’t let the others win. We’ll do whatever it takes to save everyone. We have many loved ones who are human too.” Liz smiled warmly and pressed the woman’s hand before stepping back.

Max nodded his promise too, and then looked over at Michael to take care of the agent. “Thank you.” Max said to the agent and took Liz’s hand and stepped out of the room for the last time.


It was a weary group that pulled up in front of the Evan’s house later that night. Max and Liz had slept most of the way home just reveling in being together again and from all they had been through.

Their parents who anxiously had waited for them greeted the group.

“Oh Liz! My God!” Nancy exclaimed in tears as she held her daughter tightly to her.

Diane who was now crying into Max’s shirt as she smoothed down his hair was also relieved. “You’re all right? You’re sure?” she asked over and over.

“What do you want to do with Paul, since he betrayed us?” Kyle asked as he Michael and Alex brought the still unconscious shape shifter into the living room.

Max frowned and Liz shivered. He pulled Liz to him again remembering how close she had come to being in Khivar’s hands. “I thought he was really on our side.” Liz said softly and sadly. “How did he fool us so completely.” She frowned.

“Does that mean we can’t trust anyone but ourselves? What do we do?” Isabel asked biting her lip.

“I think Paul was our trusted friend and protector. Both he and Ryan were genuine. I think that the enemy got a hold of them and killed Ryan and Paul and then one of Khivar’s men pretended to be Paul to get to Liz.” Max said quietly. He’d been thinking about it ever since Liz had explained what had happened.

“You are correct your highness.” A deep voice said from the doorway making all heads turn sharply toward the huge stranger.


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Part 44

Max instinctively stepped in front of Liz and raised his hand to put up a shield around the whole group. Max noticed Michael added his energy as well. Truly his second in command Max thought with approval.

“Do not be alarmed your highness. I’m Eric Stewart. Paul Davis and Ryan Pitt’s supervisor and the head protector over all of you.” The big man with the white hair said quietly.

“How do we know this is true? How do we know you’re not one of Khivar’s men, a shape shifter?” Michael asked with a dark frown. His shield was still up and he was alert and wary.

“There is only one way for you to know. The Queen must touch me. Then she will know the truth.” The man who called himself Eric Stewart stated with calm, clear eyes that met Max’s without wavering. He knew it was up to this King to decide.

Max felt Liz gently squeeze his arm and he turned to look down at her briefly. When their eyes met he saw her feelings in them. She wanted to find out. She already felt she could trust him just from the vibes she was getting.

Max trusted Liz’s judgment instinctively and nodding to her, he lowered his hand and the shield just around him and Liz disappeared.

Max walked with Liz up to the big man and met his eyes with ones of warning.

The big man knew that if he so much as twitched funny, the King or his second would destroy him. He could see the king’s second tense up even more as he watched his sister approach the stranger.

Finally, the man shifted his eyes from Max’s to Liz’s huge gentle ones and he let her see into him. And he waited, completely still, for the young Queen to touch his hand or arm.

Liz could sense a quiet, peaceful soul inside the large man in front of her, and without fear, she reached out and touched the man’s arm lightly and held it as she stared up into his steady eyes.

She saw flashes of him talking with both Paul and Ryan and saw another man telling him he was now the protector of the five and would go with them to Earth. She felt and saw the truth and knew the man was who he said he was, and could be trusted completely.

Max saw Liz relax completely and he too let down his guard and then looked to Liz as she released the man’s arm and smiled up at him.

Max smiled back at his Liz, proud of her, as he always was to have her by his side, and then extended his own hand to the big man.

“Welcome Mr. Stewart.” Max said with a smile now.

Eric Stewart, his eyes twinkling, did not hold out his hand, instead he bowed his head to the boy King out of respect and then smiled back. “It’s an honor your highness.” He said honestly and with deep feelings. He had waited so long to finally meet his charges and was only sorry that it was under these circumstances that he had to meet with them before he was supposed to.

Max shifted uncomfortably at the title and the way the man bowed to him and Liz and he cleared his throat. “Please, call me Max.” he said softly.

“Well you sure took your sweet time coming to our help.” Michael said sarcastically. He was angry now that he knew this was their protector and he hadn’t been around when they’d needed him.

Max frowned at Michael but the protector just gave a small smiled at the belligerent youth. “Forgive me Michael. I came as soon as I realized Khivar’s people had replaced my men. And now I’ve come to warn you.”

“A little late for that.” Kyle said half under his breath. Tess pinched his waist lightly to make him behave.

“Yes and no. You are still in danger. All of you. Khivar now knows who you are and where you are and now that his plan to capture the queen has failed, he will become more aggressive.” Mr. Stewart explained with a serious bearing.

“Well if he’s pissed about that wait till he learns Max and Liz killed his sister.” Alex blurted out swallowing and turning white.

The adults in the room gasped and looked even paler as they listened to what was happening around them.

“Oh my God, Liz honey!” Nancy said as she held onto her husband for support before she collapsed into a chair in shock.

Diane Evans fared no better as she listened with wide eyes and it was only when Jim Valenti helped her to sit that she realized she was about to fall onto the couch behind her.

“You killed Kira?” Eric Stewart raised an eyebrow in shock.

“Is that his only sister? A girl parading as a Joanne Pratt said she was Khivar’s sister and was the one who led Max to the FBI.” Liz asked and sent her mother and father a soft look, feeling bad that she had to worry them so much.

“Yes, that was his only sister. My God, we have to get you all out of here tonight!” Eric Stewart said looking alert and extremely concerned.

“Out of here? Where are we supposed to go?” Maria asked looking worried as well now, and she grabbed Michael’s hand tightly at the thought of having to leave.

“There is a place I can take you that I’m positive Khivar and his people no nothing about. I’m the only person who knew of this place, and it was the backup if something were to happen to Paul and Ryan. We figured eventually Khivar would find you and we would have to move you to a safer location, but we were waiting as long as we could hoping it wouldn’t be necessary quite this soon.” Mr. Steward explained.

“What…. what about our families?” Liz bit her lip looking around at her parents and all of the adults in the room with apprehension.

“I’m sorry, but for their own safety, they must come as well.” Eric Stewart said as he turned to meet the eyes of all the adults around the children.

“What!? How can I just up and leave this house and what about Phillip! He’s still in L.A?” Diane exclaimed still trying to take in all she’d heard.

“Easy Diane. Phillip is probably safer in California right now.” Jim soothed her gently as Claudia went and sat next to the distraught woman and took her hand in comfort.

“I’m so sorry mom. For all of this.” Max said with anguish in his voice as he watched his mom try to deal with this new threat.

“Oh Max, none of it’s your fault. Any of you! I just don’t want you all in danger. Of course we’ll go wherever we have to to keep you kids safe.” Diane said calming down and being strong again for her children who she realized were just as terrified as she was.

Tess went and sat on the other side of her mom and hugged her tight. And Isabel put her hand on her mother’s shoulder as she leaned over the couch behind her.

“What are we going to do with our business?” Nancy couldn’t help but ask. All of this was so sudden.

“I don’t want to run.” Max said finally and everyone looked to him.

Liz squeezed his hand still at his side, and waited like the others to hear what he had to say.

“Your highness…” Eric Stewart began only to be interrupted by Max’s raised hand.

“No. If this Khivar is coming after my family and none of us are safe, then I say we go on the defense and fight him, not run like cowards.” Max said angrily.

“Your highness, Max,” their protector corrected, “You are not strong enough yet to face Khivar and defeat him. If you faced him now, you would all be destroyed.” Eric explained much as he didn’t want to. He could see the frustration and anger in the young King’s eyes as he explained to him he wasn’t strong enough yet.

“Even with all of us and our combined powers?” Isabel asked with a frown.

“Yes. Until you all are past your ‘changes’ and become adults in this life’s bodies, you will not be able to use your full potential powers against Khivar. He is very strong and has had many years on all of you to masters his powers and perfect them.”

“When exactly will we be past the changes? And will we all go through… what Max and Liz are going through?” Tess asked blushing as she looked around and then met Kyle’s piercing eyes and then his wink as he stood next to his father.

“To a lesser degree, but yes.” Eric answered.

“Will…will we go through it too? I mean, since we’re not … aliens?” Maria bit her lip worriedly and asked for her and Alex, and felt Michael’s arm tighten around her.

“Yes. You are now connected with your soul mates and will feel the pull just as they will. But you will all feel it to a much lesser degree than the King and Queen.” He explained further.

“When will we reach the age of adulthood in these bodies to have our full power?” Max asked with a frown. He hated the idea of being vulnerable to Khivar.

“When you are all 18.”

“The same as when Liz can have a baby?” Maria asked for her friend.

“Yes, you will all be able to procreate at age 18, and that will be when your changes are over.” Eric continued and paused as if listening for or to something.

“Mr. Stewart?” Liz asked keenly aware of the sudden tenseness in the man.

Then their protector relaxed suddenly and looked at the young queen. “It’s okay your highness.” He said softly and with deep respect in his eyes. He already knew how strong this young girl was. He’d seen into her soul too, when she’d seen into his. “I was listening to reports from our people. They tell me they have Khivar under surveillance and he doesn’t yet know that his sister has failed and that Max is not still with the FBI.”

“Please call me Liz, Mr. Stewart!” Liz said blushing. It was too much for her as well and she met Max’s understanding eyes as he squeezed her hand and winked at her.

“So when do we leave? How long before Khivar gets word that his sister is dead?” Michael asked getting antsy. If they had to move, he wanted to do it now.

“We should have at least a few more hours. Enough time for you all to pack a few things before we need to go.” Eric said to the second in command and then looked around at the rest of them.

“Are we going to have to stay in hiding for a year and a half?” Jeff asked worriedly as he too thought of their business and what would happen to it.

“I’m sorry, but none of you are safe here any longer. And if you did want to stay, you would be used as a means for Khivar to get to the children. He would not hesitate to capture all of you and torture you to bring the children out of hiding.” Eric made this clear.

Maria gasped and thought of her mother who knew nothing of any of this. Michael hugged her tighter knowing her thoughts.

“What…what about my mom?” Maria asked softly.

“She too will need to leave. Anyone that might be used as a weapon to get you out of hiding has to leave as well.” Eric said and then turned to the other earth boy. “What about you Alex?”

“I only have my dad and he’s been in Europe for the past year working on a project for his company. He’s not due back for another two years.” Alex explained, glad for the first time that his dad was away.

“Very well, we leave in three hours time unless I hear differently from our people who are watching Khivar.” Eric said.

“Three hours!!! Oh my God! How am I supposed to explain this to my mom in that amount of time! And then get her to pack to leave for God knows how long!” Maria exclaimed distraught.

Michael frowned. “Don’t worry Maria, I’ll go with you. She might not take it as well at first, not having a lot of time to come to terms with it, but she will come with us.” Michael said with a certainty that let Maria know he would make sure her mother was with them when they left.


Liz sat on Max’s bed as he quickly packed clothes he figured he would need for the mountain climate that Eric had told them they could anticipate. That was all he would tell them until they reached their destination.

Liz had packed her few belonging she’d had with her since they had been staying at Max’s house this past week, and now she waited for Max to finish so they could go to her house to get the rest of her things.

Liz looked around the room she considered part of her home now and bit her lip. This was the first bed she and Max had made love in. The only bed, and she hated to give up the comfort and memories.

“We’ll always have the memories, Liz.” Max whispered as he came to sit beside his girl and gently take her hands.

“I know. It’s just…”

“Scary to leave what we know is safe and home.” Max finished for her.

Liz nodded and tears pooled in her eyes for the first time since they had been told they had to run for their lives. Liz had been the strong Queen at her Kings side when it had been necessary for her to stay calm, but now, in the privacy of their room she let it out to Max.

“Aw Liz…baby, it’s going to be okay. We’ll all be okay. And we’ll come back someday and live a normal life. I’ll give you a house with a white picket fence and anything else you want.” He promised fiercely.

Liz smiled through her tears and held tight to Max and kissed his neck. “I don’t need a picket fence Max Evans, I just need you by my side, always.” Liz mumbled into his chest as she sighed and leaned against his steady beating heart.

“That I can promise you Liz. Always.” Max whispered and lifting her chin he nudged her lips with his and slipped his tongue into the sweetness of his angel.

Liz opened to Max with a desperate need and pulled him down with her as she lay back on his bed.

Max growled low in his throat as he crawled on top of her, both realizing how long it had been since they’d been together. Max’s kidnapping had taken a lot out of them, and made their need for each other even greater.

Their eyes met and a their need blazed. “I love you Max Evans.” Liz whispered, as she gently caressed his beautiful face, never tiring of looking at him or touching him. She knew she would never get enough of him in this lifetime or any other.

“I love you back Liz Parker.” Max whispered back just as intensely and pressed a kiss into the hand that caressed his cheek.

“Max…the time…” Liz bit her lip thinking of the danger.

“We have another two hours. I want to love you all night and into tomorrow, but for now we’ll have to settle for that. Cause I need you so much my angel.” Max answered hoarsely with his need.

“Oh yes Max…please. Love me Max. Now!” Liz sighed and arched her back to allow their bodies to touch from head to toe. She purred as she felt Max’s hard erection against her own aching body.

Max growled and swooped down to cover her waiting warm lips once again as he began to remove their clothes.


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Part 45

Liz helped as they fumbled with their clothing in their hurry to have their bodies touching completely, skin to skin. Only when Max slid his hard body into Liz’s waiting one did they both sigh in relief.

Liz’s arms were wrapped around Max’s neck and she had tears of relief in them as she looked up at her one and only love. Her other half.

“Don’t ever leave me again Max.” she pleaded even knowing that what lie ahead could make the plea impossible for him to promise.

“Never! I swear Liz. No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side, or die trying.” He said seriously. “You’re my everything Liz. You’re my angel, my Queen, and my one and only love forever.” Max whispered softly and huskily against her ear and then kissed a tear off of her cheek.

“Love me Max! Make love to me before we have to leave.” Liz sobbed and wrapping her arms and legs tightly around Max, she reached for his hot mouth again. She needed his taste like she needed water to live.

Max slanted his mouth over Liz’s trembling one and groaned into her recesses as he drank from his angel.

Max moved slowly in and out of Liz until the need grew like a burst of energy ready to explode, and the pace quickened along with their breaths.

Max leaned up on his hands and began thrusting into Liz with deep quick thrusts that left them both crying out the others name as they exploded into ecstasy together.

Max collapsed onto the bed and rolled Liz onto his chest, never breaking contact with her. He tried to catch his breath as Liz clung to him, not letting him leave her body yet. Max was in no hurry to separate from her so he just ran a hand gently down her soft silky hair that he loved so much, and took deep breaths, his eyes closed as a small smile played on his lips.

Liz clasped Max with her arms and legs, not ever wanting to let go, as she too closed her eyes and just listened to Max’s heartbeat slow. Her heart matching his perfectly beat for beat.


Maria bit her lip as she walked into the living room where her mom was going through a new shipment of alien themed stuff for her store.

“Oh hi honey. You’re just in time to help me figure out what all I ordered this time and where I can put it in the store tomorrow.” Amy smiled glancing up briefly to see her daughter and Michael enter the apartment.

When neither of them said anything Amy looked up again and frowned when she got a good look at her daughter’s face. “Maria? What’s wrong? You look so pale! What? What’s going on? Michael?” Amy looked from one to the other. She’d known Michael for years as he’d been a childhood friend of her daughters for forever, and she was thrilled when Maria’s first real boyfriend turned out to be Michael. She knew he would take good care of her daughter.

“Ummmm…. Mom, I need to talk to you… but we don’t have a lot of time, so could you …. could you just…like listen to everything I have to say before you say anything.” Maria asked, as she sat down across from her mother on a two-seater couch and started wringing her hands.

Michael sat beside Maria and held her shaking hands to calm her.

Amy looked at the two teens and their clasped hands and their pale faces and her own face drained of color and then flooded with anger.

“Oh my GOD! You’re pregnant right!? Oh Maria! Michael! How COULD you! I trusted you two and if you couldn’t keep your teenage lust under control there was always a way to be careful! Maria I even gave you some protection and now you come to me with …with THIS….” Amy ranted and stood up to start pacing.

“Mom!” Maria interrupted, her face red with embarrassment since she hadn’t even slept with Michael yet. “I’m not pregnant!” Maria shouted to be heard over her mother’s ranting.

“Oh.” Amy said and took a deep breath and then let it out with a smile. “I knew I could trust you honey.” She said and sat down again.

Maria rolled her eyes at Michael who tried not to laugh. Maria’s mom was a character but he loved her and knew where Maria got her wild ravings.

“Mom, can you PLEASE just listen. Hear me out, and then…then you can…. well, respond.” Maria said suddenly exhausted and she hadn’t even told her mom the story yet.


Max and Liz hand in hand walked into Liz’s place quietly and saw Liz’s parents looking around the small apartment and hugging each other sadly.

Liz’s lip trembled as she watched her parents and she felt guilty. It was all because of her that her parents had to give up their lives, their home and their business.

“I’m so sorry mom, dad.” Liz swallowed and as they turned to her, she ran into their arms.

Nancy looked at Liz with surprise and then shook her head. “No Liz! It’s not your fault honey! Your dad and I don’t blame you are Michael, or any of you.” She said including Max in her look.

Nancy kissed the top of her daughter’s head and held her tightly and then held her at arms length to look into her daughter’s eyes.

“Your dad and I thank God everyday for having brought you into our lives. You are the most important thing in the world to us and nothing is more important to us! We will miss this place and the memories of watching you grow up here, but you and Michael are all that are important.” Nancy said seriously, wiping a tear from her daughter’s eye.

“Your mom’s right Lizzie. We love you so much. We don’t know what we would have done all these years without you. I’m going to have a close friend of your Grandma Claudia’s watch the business for us and it won’t close up. And someday we hope we’ll be back. But keeping you safe and being with you is all that is important to us.” Her dad agreed.

“Grandma Claudia has someone who can continue running the Crashdown?!” Liz perked up. She didn’t want her parents to lose all their hard work and money and time they had put into the restaurant.

“Yes, my friend Tim will be glad to help out.” Claudia said as she came from the guest bedroom with her own bags.

“Grandma! Are you coming with us?” Liz brightened.

“No honey Behr, I’m sorry. I need to get back to my work in Africa. But I will keep in touch with you all through Mr. Stewart, but it might be awhile before I can come see you. We don’t want anyone following me to you.” She said softly and with a gentle smile.

Liz’s eyes filled up again at the thought of not seeing her grandma for a while.

“Oh Grandma!” Liz swallowed and ran to the woman for a big hug.

“It won’t be for that long honey. Just until you are all settled in to your new place and we know for sure I’m not being watched.” Claudia explained and stroked her granddaughter’s hair softly.

“I am glad that I’m leaving you in such good hands with your parents and Max though.” Claudia smiled and then hugged Max too as he came closer to comfort Liz.

“You can count on me Grandma.” Max said seriously, meeting the woman’s eyes.

“I know I can Max. I’ve never doubted it. From the first moment I laid eyes on you.” She smiled and Max and Grandma Claudia shared in the knowledge of how much they both loved Liz.


“Okay Maria, for a moment you had me going there, now can you quit joking around and help me with this shipment.” Amy laughed after Maria told her about her friends being aliens and why they all had to leave immediately.

Maria looked from her mom to Michael for help. Her mouth open in astonishment that her mother’s reaction was so calm and that her mom didn’t believe her.

Michael could see Maria’s mother was in shock and denial and he swallowed as he looked at the time and knew they needed to leave soon! He knew they had to still pack up Maria and her mom for who knew HOW long a stay away from here, and he stood up to take care of that.

“Mrs. Deluca, I’ve never lied to you and I wouldn’t start now, not when this is something serious. I know this is a lot, but you have to believe us and start packing. You need to leave with us. You are in danger too.” Michael said as he started for Maria’s room to get her packed, leaving Maria to finish with her mom.

Amy’s mouth dropped open at Michael’s casual, but serious words and she stood up and then sat down again looking from where Michael had gone, to her daughter still sitting on the couch across from her very upset and shaken.

“Maria?” Amy swallowed realizing her daughter had not been kidding. She shook her head to clear it but still couldn’t get past the ringing in her ears as she tried to comprehend that her daughter was serious. Her daughter’s friends were aliens and in danger from another species that was trying to take over the planet and kill all of them.

“I…I…I can’t just leave! My business! Our apartment? My stuff? You… you have school tomorrow young lady and this is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard you use to get out of it.” Amy started again, still unable to take in all she’d been told.

“Mom please…you must start packing, we don’t have any time. I’m so sorry to spring this on you all at once, but we just don’t have any more time!” Maria exclaimed anxiously, biting her lip and wringing her hands again. How was she supposed to get her mother over the shock and packed within the next half hour!

“Maria…Tell me this is all a dream….or a sick joke?” Amy pleaded as she looked at her stricken daughter with her own stricken features.

“Mom…” Maria didn’t even know what to say anymore.

“Amy…” they both heard a deep calming voice and turned toward the door.

Maria sighed in relief at the sight of Jim Valenti. He was here to pick them up and she knew that he had come early to help her with her mom.

“Jim!? What… I…what are you doing here? We don’t have a date do we?” they had just recently started dating and Amy was hoping she had not forgotten a date with him.

“No…. I’m here to get you all so we can leave. We don’t have much time.” He said evenly as he approached Amy Deluca who now stood in the center of the room looking lost and still dazed.

Amy looked up at Jim Valenti like he had two heads and then realized that he was a serious as her daughter.

Amy swallowed and met Jim’s understanding eyes and then she fainted.

Jim caught Amy to him and sighing he told Maria to go pack for her mother.


It was still two hours before daylight would break though the stars when the group headed out of town in the four vehicles led by Eric Stewart in Max’s jeep.

Max looked back as the lights of Roswell got smaller and smaller as they drove away from their homes, maybe for good. He wanted to be positive and think they would be back some day, but was afraid. The future was unknown. He was the king of another planet with a very powerful enemy out there trying to hunt him and his people down and destroy them and Earth. How could he have faith in the future even being normal again.

“We WILL be back someday, Max. And we’ll all be okay.” Liz whispered softly up at him as she lifted her head from his chest and put a hand to his cheek.

Max swallowed down at the huge brown eyes that held his soul and he hugged her small frame to him tighter. So much strength in one little body he thought. It never ceased to amaze him and make him proud of his Liz.

He suddenly knew she was right. They would be okay. As long as he had Liz by his side they would be okay. No matter what the future had in store for them.

The end…

(The Sequel will follow soon)