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TITLE: Missing Max
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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing related to Roswell, only a vivid imagination…
SUMMARY: This is pretty sniffly in some parts, since it relates to Max having to go “out of town on business” so to speak and how his family copes with that. However, it also has his RETURN * evil grin * (Part of my “Experiment” universe.)
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A sniffle in the bed next to her drew Liz’s attention to her small daughter that was lying spooned between her and her son, Matthew. “What is it, Belle?” But she knew.

“I want Daddy,” the little voice trembled with emotion.

So do I, sweetie! Liz thought ruefully as she hugged her two-year old closer and kissed the top of her dark head. This was the first time Max has been away for longer than a night or two and could not be reached by phone. The impact on their family was palpable. Max might think that she was the center of his life and his family, but the rest of them knew different. To his wife, his son and his daughter, Max Evans was the sun and the moon.

It had been a long and upsetting discussion between her and Max about whether or not they should go with him to an interplanetary meeting in another galaxy. Of course both of them wanted them all to go together, but they knew that their precious Matthew and Belle-Mari were too young to grasp the need for not telling anyone they had traveled on a spaceship to another planet. So in the end, the decision had been out of their hands, Max would go and Liz would stay behind with their kids.

The days before he left had been awful. Max adored his children. The only person with a bigger place in his heart was his wife. And knowing that he was leaving them behind for close to a month and they were too little to understand why had broken his heart. Added to that was the fact that their children were linked to them and could sense extreme emotions, so Matthew and Belle had known their Daddy was upset and sad, and that worsened their own distress.


The night before he left, Max sat on the floor of their living room with both his kids on his lap in his arms. They were vying for his attention with stories from the day at pre-school. He had smiled at Liz over their heads and mouthed ‘I love you’ at her while he listened.

Not surprisingly, there normally was a tussle about who gets to be in Max’s arms for watching television. Everyone, from Liz to Matthew to Belle-Mari, wanted to be there and it had been quite an adjustment for Liz to have to share his hugs and embraces with their children. She loved them to death, but sometimes she lived for the moments, late at night, when Max was just hers again.

The later it got, the quieter and more withdrawn Matthew had become until the only voice still chattering was that of Belle. Matthew had moved to the couch to sit next to Liz, but Belle was clinging to Max, her chocolate eyes bright, as she told him how another little girl had pushed her off the swing. “I hurt my knee, Daddy!”

Max felt his chest constrict, it was such a stupid little thing, children scraped their knees all the time, but this reminded him of a long time ago, when another girl with chocolate eyes and pigtails had fallen on the stairs at school. It had given him a near heart attack when he saw the blood on her knees. He was 10-years old then and had wanted to do nothing more than rush over and help Liz. But he hadn’t. He couldn’t. Instead, he had stood watching as she wiped the blood off with a tissue while trying not to let anyone see that she wanted to cry. It had broken his heart. And nothing had changed in more than 15 years. Max Evans could still not stand to see the girls he loved, getting hurt.

“Show me, sweetie,” he urged his daughter.

“I can’t,” she told him proudly.

Eyes narrowing, Max was sensing trouble. “What do you mean you can’t?” He saw Matthew edge closer to Liz out of the corner of his eye.

Flinging her arms around her father’s neck, Belle stood on his thigh so she can whisper in his ear. “It’s all better.”

“Who made it better?” Max asked her as he kissed her cheek. She was such a sweet, loving child.

“I did!” Matthew burst out abruptly, clutching Liz’s arm. He knew very well that the only person that could save him from his father’s wrath was his mother. “It was bleeding, Daddy! And-and Belle was crying.” After risking a glance at his father, Matthew was now staring at the floor, biting his lip.

This day had to come eventually.

Liz felt how tense her little boy was where he sat next to her. While Max had never raised a hand or a voice to his children, they lived in perpetual awe of him and never wanted to disappoint him. Her eyes met Max’s, and she felt his mixed emotions at what had happened. Pride at Matthew for looking out for his younger sister and worry that their children would get exposed for what they were, alien hybrids.

Kissing her five-year old on the top of his head, Liz rose. “It will be okay,” she assured him softly as his anxious eyes pleaded with her not to leave.

She had to pry Belle off her daddy. She was determined not to let him out of her sight and to not fall asleep so she could spend more time with him before he left. Finally, Belle relented after Max promised to come read her a story later. She shared a few loud and sloppy kisses with Max and Liz took her off to bath.

Identical amber eyes regarded each other after the female half of the family was out of the room. Max moved onto the couch and lifted Matthew to sit on his knee. He told his son all he was feeling. Honesty was a very serious issue in the Evans household. He told him how much he appreciated Matthew looking out for his sister when Max couldn’t. He told Matthew how much he loved him and how special he was.

And then he told Matthew EXACTLY how special he was.

Matthew listened with a bent head to his father’s story of who they were. He had known he was different from the day he was born. He had just not grasped precisely what that meant. He had never wondered why his mommy sometimes glowed where his father touched her or why his dad could make his mom better when she cut her hand last year. Or why he knew when his parents were near. Or how he had known that Belle was hurt and crying today.

“I took her behind the school to fix her,” he finally informed Max solemnly.

Sighing, Max tried to explain why he couldn’t just go around healing his sister and they ended up making some rules for when and how Matthew may use his powers.

After a tight an emotional hug between father and son, Max took Matthew to Belle-Mari’s room so he could read them a story.

Liz stood in the door for a long time, just watching and listening to Max. He had the most beautiful voice and their kids were draped all over him as they hung onto each word. Belle fell asleep first, but Max kept reading until Matthew also lost the fight with slumber. She helped him tuck in both the children before he took her hand and led her to their room.

Inside, he held her against him tightly. “I’m going to miss you all so much.”

It still amazed her that someone coming from a planet that didn’t really know love, could love so well. Because neither she nor their children wondered if Max loved them. They knew because he told them and showed them.

“I’m going to miss YOU,” he emphasized as he rested his cheek on the top of her head. “I’m going to miss touching your hair, hearing your voice, holding you.”

Shivers ran through her body as she heard his voice rumble in his chest. There was no place she felt more at home than in Max’s embrace. She inhaled his unique scent deeply, and it affected her like it always did. She pressed her lips against his neck, glorying in his heat and taste. This was going to be the longest period she has ever been out of his arms.

They kissed each other desperately, trying to get as close as possible before having to face the long weeks ahead alone. Max held her face in his hands, his mouth moving against hers deeply as she arched her body into closer contact with his.

He started unbuttoning her blouse but she stopped him. “I want to memorize every inch of you tonight,” she told him huskily. “Slowly.”

Holding his breath, Max let Liz pull him into their bathroom. He stood watching as she drew a bath, filling it with bubbles before turning to him. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

It was a languid seduction. She caressed and kissed every bit of skin she uncovered, until Max felt like he had fire in his veins instead of blood. Making him get into the tub first, she got in with him and settled herself between his legs, lying back on his chest so that the messy knot she made on top of her head tickled his nose.

How can people be satisfied with spending their lives in quiet desperation if they could be happy, Max wondered? Not everyone will meet a soulmate like he did, but everyone had it within their power to make the most of the relationships they were in, instead of hankering for something that might never be. He slid his hands under her arms and lifted her higher against him, until their cheeks rested against each other.

Quiet time with Liz. He would always ensure that his life never got so hectic that he would have to give this up. He loved his children, but he loved Liz too. And they owed each other some quality time.

Liz turned her face until her cheekbone rested against his mouth. So much was in her heart that she wanted to say, but she couldn’t. And she didn’t have to. Max felt everything she felt through their connection. “Max…” she whispered. Using his name to ward off the demons that lie in wait at the edge of her consciousness. Waiting for her to be alone so they could accost her.

His soapy hands traversed the hills and valleys of her body with familiarity. Knowing where to hover and where to skim. Knowing what made her sigh and purr. What made her arch into his touch and beg him for more.

After allowing him a few minutes of his own way, Liz finally caught his hands in hers, putting them on the sides of the tub. Then she proceeded to drive him crazy with her hands and mouth.

Until he had to stop her.

Enfolding her in a big fluffy towel after they climbed out of the tub, Max wrapped his arms around her, just holding her against him for more precious minutes. Saying good-bye was so difficult.

Back on their bed, their lovemaking was intense, but unhurried. They needed time to process each and every sensation, each and every feeling. Soft whispers of love and gentle sighs were the only sounds in the room for a long time.

Sliding inside her, Max kept the pace languorous, wanting to draw out their enjoyment for as long as possible. His hands bracketed her hips so he could dominate their rhythm. It was as glorious as always. Knowing she belonged to him, knowing she was his future.

Liz reveled in his strong and sure movements within her. It gave her a sense of security and completion to be joined to him like this. Her Max.

The end rushed upon them suddenly, enveloping their bodies in sweet release and wonderful ecstasy. Binding them even more tightly together.

Afterwards, they lay staring in each other’s eyes, talking with their souls and hearts. Saying ‘I love you’ for yet another precious time in their lives.

The farewell of the next morning was terrible. Breakfast had been a strained affair and by the time Maria came to drop off Michael, who would be going with Max, and pick up the kids for pre-school, everyone’s nerves were in tatters. Belle clung to her daddy with a trembling lip and eyes filled with tears causing Max to choke up too. He kept on kissing her sad little face, promising he’d be back as soon as he could.

Matthew was more subdued. He gave his father a hug, mumbling good-bye as he walked towards Maria’s car with his head hung low and his hands shoved in his pockets. At that moment he looked so very much like Max that Liz caught her breath.

After promising Belle that she would come pick them up at school herself, Liz managed to get the little girl strapped into her car seat. Max observed this from the patio, his heart in his throat. Belle was a little Liz, her wide eyes showing all her emotions while Matthew reminded him of himself, shutting down on emotions before they could hurt him too much.

Matthew had just opened the car door before he abruptly turned around and raced back to his father, hurtling himself against Max’s chest and into his open arms. “Bye Daddy! I’ll miss you,” he sniffled.

Max held him tightly for a few moments, having trouble controlling his emotions. “Bye Son. I love you. Look after Mommy and Belle, okay?”

Nodding against his chest, Matthew finally tore himself away and ran back to the car, wiping at his tears with the back of his hand.

As Maria drove away, Max held Liz’s hand in a crushing grip, trying to get hold of his emotions. And the hardest part, saying good-bye to Liz, was still ahead of him…

Liz drove them all to the point where they were to be picked up. It was weird doing it in the bright light of day, but the ship apparently had technology that could hide it from both radar and the naked eye. Michael, cranky because he had to leave Maria, stalked off as soon as the car came to a halt, leaving Max and Liz alone.

Not knowing what to say, Max kissed Liz for the longest time. Only stopping when Michael yelled at them that the ship was there.

Then he was gone, leaving a huge hole in the lives of his family.


After Belle had been lulled to sleep again by Liz, she lay staring at the ceiling of the room she normally shared with Max. Maria was staying with them, sleeping in the spare room, but the huge bed had been too empty, so Liz allowed the kids to sleep with her.

While Belle burst into tears at odd moments throughout the long days that Max had been gone, Matthew had retreated into a silent little world, only brightening when he was talking to Liz or Belle. He seemed to be even more protective of his sister, not letting her out of his sight unless he had to.

An unexpected tug at the edge of her consciousness nearly had Liz jumping off the bed. She and Matthew sat up simultaneously and Matthew spoke both their thoughts aloud: “Daddy!”

He had been gone for a week-and-a-half now and they had all felt the absence of their connections with him acutely. To suddenly “feel” him again was wonderful.

“Belle,” Matthew lifted his sister into a sitting position. “Daddy wants to talk to us, you have to concentrate.” He looked like he knew what he was doing, so Liz let them be.

Matthew linked hands with his mother and Belle as they all sat cross-legged on the bed. “Concentrate on Daddy,” Matthew instructed them.

A few minutes of intense concentration later, interspersed with Belle mumbling ‘daddy’, Matthew suddenly held out his one hand to the wall next to the bed and a blurry image of Max appeared.

Liz didn’t know who was more surprised, her or Max. She could see him blinking in confusion as he stared at his family congregated on his bed.

“Daddy!” Belle squealed immediately, her eyes bright with excitement.

“Hey Sweetheart.” Max had apparently recovered from his shock at being able to see them all. “I miss you all,” he told them fervently.

“We miss you too,” Liz responded. He looked so beautiful to her starved eyes. Across the light years, their gazes met and held like they always did. Talking in a language no one else had ever understood.

“I wish I could hold you now.” Max was echoing what Liz was feeling. To have been able to touch him would’ve been wonderful.

“So tell me about your weeks,” he urged their kids when he finally managed to tear his eyes away from Liz.

“I made you four pictures, Daddy!” Belle cried first, holding up three fingers.

Liz saw Max swallow emotionally. “Thank you, my baby,” he said softly.

Matthew had been quiet all through the exchange, but now he looked at his father. “Are you coming back?” he asked suddenly.

The question sounded loud in the room.

Shock registered on Max’s face as he saw the anxious look from Matthew. “Yes! Of course I’m coming back. You guys are my home,” he tried to assure his son. He looked at Liz desperately. “I love you and your Mom. I hate being away from you. I’m coming back as soon as I can. I promise.”

Matthew nodded his head and whispered. “Okay.”

Not knowing how to make her two guys feel better, Liz cast around frantically for a solution. “Maybe-maybe we can make a date for a few nights from now to talk again?”

Max threw her a relieved and thankful glance. “I would love that. What do you say, Matt? Will you help Mommy and Belle to speak to me again on Friday?”

The nod this time was so eager it brought tears to Liz’s eyes.

They chatted a few more minutes and the good-bye was supremely unsatisfying. No hugs or kisses or anything physical. But the kids seemed calmer and they fell asleep immediately.

It was another story for Liz. She was Max-deprived and she hated it. Her relationship with Max has always been very physical. Not necessarily sexual, but being in close physical proximity to him is like breathing. Holding his hand, hugging him, kissing him, touching his skin… She missed all that so much. She missed him caressing her hair at any given opportunity, she missed him brushing his lips across her forehead several times a day, the soft stroke of his fingers over the bare skin of her arm…

“Max,” she whispered into the quiet room, wondering if maybe saying his name might conjure him up somehow.

It didn’t.


The weeks dragged by with lead feet and sometimes Liz feared that time stood still to torture her on purpose. Maria was cranky and they had found out a couple of days ago that she was pregnant. On the other hand, the kids were happy now that they got to see Max regularly.

But it all made the wait worse for Liz.

She felt his absence everywhere. She felt it driving the kids to pre-school alone. She felt it in his empty space at the breakfast and dinner table. But mostly, she felt it in the empty ache in her heart and body.

“I feel HORRIBLE,” Maria wailed as she finally appeared for breakfast. Going up to the fridge, she looked at the calendar Matthew had stuck against the door, marking off the days until his daddy will come home. “Only five more days before I can wring Michael’s neck for getting me into this condition.”

Liz grinned at her. “You know it takes TWO, right?”

“Liz, babe, I feel crappy. Don’t make me hurt you because you’re taking Space Boy’s side!”

Holding up her hands up, Liz conceded defeat. Nothing really pacifies a grumpy pregnant woman anyway. “What do you want for breakfast then?”

“A whole plate of pancakes.” When Maria saw Liz’s raised eyebrows, she shrugged. “I’m eating for two, you know!”

“You’re WHAT?!” Michael bellowed from the door, causing both women to jump in fright.

The next moment, two screaming kids came running into the kitchen too. “Daddy! Daddy’s home!”

It was complete chaos. Michael and Maria were arguing about whether or not she should have sent him a message through Max to let him know she was pregnant and Max was being smothered by two clinging toddlers.

Standing to the side, Liz clutched the back of a chair, trying to keep her emotions in check while what she really wanted to do was chase away everyone but Max. They had come home early!

Eyes meeting over the heads of their kids, Max and Liz said 'hello' and 'I love you' without words.

After a few minutes, Max said firmly that he needed to greet Mommy too and walked over to Liz with a child on each hip. Leaning over, he kissed her tenderly, leaving it to Liz to put her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. It was too short and not at all satisfying, because it didn’t take long for Matthew and Belle to complain about the lack of attention from Max.

Michael ended up dragging Maria off to their place, but not after she insisted Liz give her pancakes to take along. Max sat at the table with Matthew and Belle-Mari and listened to three weeks of tales of their lives.

And every time Liz passed him, they shared a soft kiss or he held her hand.

It was exquisite torture. They wanted each other so much they could taste it, but real life dictated that they could not just run off to their room to be together. So they sat at the table, had breakfast with their kids and afterwards drove the kids off to pre-school together. All the while trying to hide from their perceptive children how they really felt.

Realizing the kids needed reassuring that he wasn’t going off again, Max told Liz he would walk them in to their classes. He promised them that he would pick them up that afternoon and they would go out for ice cream. This pacified both Belle and Matthew, because they knew one thing. Their Dad always kept his word.

Getting back in the Cherokee, Max gave Liz a long look before cupping her face in his hands and giving her a deep, hard kiss. “Phone your office and take the day off.”

She grinned at him and waved her cell phone in the air. “Already done.”

Max took a deep shuddering breath. “Let’s go home then.” His eyes burned into hers, setting liquid fire racing through her veins.


Back at their house, Liz followed Max inside. Desire throbbed inside her as fast as her rapidly beating heart. Deprived and lost were the only words she could think of to describe how she’d felt these past few weeks without Max.

The minute the door slammed closed behind him, all her feelings came rushing to the surface. She wasn’t sure who turned first, who reached for whom first. It didn’t matter because his arms were around her and his mouth came down hard on hers. She welcomed the firmness of his lips and the sweeping thrusts of his tongue because she’d been without it for too long.

She ran her fingers through his hair, holding his head, silently pleading with him not to stop. Not to leave her. He groaned and pulled her closer, aligning their bodies so she could feel him, hard and full, throbbing against her. Liquid heat pooled inside her and trickled between her legs.

She whimpered and he moved his hand and cupped her intimately, knowing and anticipating her need. “Max.” Somehow, she found the strength to separate their lips.

With an agonized groan, he met her gaze. But he didn’t move his hand and thumb rubbed in lazy circles over the soft denim covering her, until her breath came in shallow gasps and the dampness increased.

“What is it, Liz? Tell me what you want.” It was an irrelevant question, asked more to tease.

She wanted the ache to ease. The throbbing to stop. And she
never wanted it to end.

She wanted him.

But he knew that.

She tipped her head back and realized she was braced against the wall, her legs bracketed between his strong thighs. He stared back at her with a heavy-lidded gaze. “Talk to me,” he murmured. “I missed hearing your voice.”

But one of his fingers was tracing her moist lips and the sensation was both sensual and hypnotic. Clearing her mind wasn’t easy. She wasn’t even sure why she needed to speak when he could read her mind just as clearly. “I missed… I wanted… I…” Her voice trailed off as his wet finger moved from her lips to her jaw, to her collarbone, settling finally in the soft V of her top.

His gaze never left hers and that same finger pushed down on the elastic, exposing her breast to his heated gaze. Her stomach muscles contracted with need.

He sucked in a ragged breath that matched one of her own. “I missed making love to you,” he muttered.

He cupped her chin and tilted her head for a gentle kiss. A hard, demanding one would have been more welcome.

Her sigh spoke volumes. She leaned towards him and bucked her hips against his painful arousal. “Me too,” she whispered in his ear.

Only then did Max let himself look down at her breast filling his hand. He brushed his thumb over one tight peak and felt the pull straight to his own groin. He dipped his head for a taste, her moan ringing in his ears.

Her unique scent filled him as he pulled the tight bud into his mouth. He flicked and teased with his tongue and then his teeth, until her hips rocked so insistently against him, HE was in danger of losing control. Driven beyond thought or reason by weeks of abstinence from her, he reached for the snap of her jeans and between the two of them, her pants hit the floor, then his, then their underwear followed.

Lifting her, he told her hoarsely to wrap her legs around him. She did, and as he lowered her onto him, her body took him deep inside.

A muffled sound broke through his ecstasy and he opened his eyes in time to catch one lone tear drip down her cheek.

“I missed you so much, Max.” Her legs grasped him tighter and she contracted around him. He let out a groan.

Leaning forward, he licked the salty tear off her cheek. The motion had the effect of grinding the lower bodies together. The wave crashed and eased. Her soft sigh was music to his starved ears.


“Hmmm?” he asked through clenched teeth.

“Any slower and I might have to strangle you.”

He grinned at her, but despite his amusement, his body was hammering for release. And she’d just given him the okay.

He meant to move then, but she beat him to it, turning their union into a rocking, twisting motion that had the effect of drawing him into her, body, heart and soul. The tempo increased and they moved against each other until the swaying and twisting had their bodies reaching… cresting… peaking on a wave so strong, everything inside them was swept away.

They had made a great life together with good jobs and wonderful kids, but here, in this place that only the two of them shared, they were complete.

They were home. With nothing missing from either of them.


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Author: LivE
Synopsis: Set in the (happy) future. Max and Liz got married after school, had children some years later and are still very much in love and lust! (Part of my “Experiment” universe.)
Rating: NC-17
DISTRIBUTION: Only here and on Faith’s site, please.

NOTE: All my fics (and in the right chronological sequence) are on Faith Evans’ site I Shall Believe at this link:


He knelt next to the tub, slowly running his hand down her bare, wet arm that was resting on the side, and watched her body’s reaction with hooded eyes. She trembled, her nipples hardening to peaks that begged for the touch of his hand or his mouth. But... not yet.

Her breath was coming in little tortured gasps and she had to fight to stop her eyes from drifting shut in ecstasy. She wanted to watch him watch her. It was indescribably erotic. His eyes were devouring her body with such heat that it felt like she was burned everywhere they went. He hadn’t done anything but touch her arm yet and already the ache low in her stomach was becoming unbearable. “Please Max...”

Her plea turned into a low moan as his hand drifted from her arm, across her flat stomach. He trailed his fingers lightly over her womb under the water, causing her to inhale sharply and arch towards him. Her hands clutched desperately at the sides of the bath, where he had placed them earlier. Her shaking increased and she wondered how long she could stay still under this gentle torture.

Leaving one hand resting low on her abdomen, he brought the other up to slide through her dark tresses. He swept the strands over her shoulder, smoothing them down until they almost covered her nipples. He brushed his trembling fingers over the silky swath repeatedly, but always stopped just before touching her breast.

The only thing that kept her from disobeying his orders about not moving her hands from the rim of the tub, was the profound effect all of this was having on him too. The snug fit of his jeans did nothing to hide his arousal. His face was flushed and his breathing ragged. But, as usual, it was his eyes that did her in. They were almost black with desire as they swept her body restlessly.

“Touch me...”

His gaze snapped up to hers, getting snagged in those doe eyes like it always has. Her eyes were speaking of her needs and her love. Slowly he let his fingers slide the last few inches down her hair to brush across her breast.

“Oh God...” His slurred voice surprised both of them.

‘PLEASE!’ Her scream echoed in his mind and galvanized him into action. He cupped her breast in his hand, caressing it urgently.

Her head fell back as she arched desperately closer to his hand, needing him to increase the pressure and tempo of his touches.

Sliding his thumb over her nipple, he reveled in the different textures of her breast. In the instinctive reaction of her body to his touch. Even after all these years, it humbled him that he had such power over her. That she would so trustingly, eagerly, put her body in his hands. Rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he watched every movement of her body with hungry eyes. Listened for every small sigh and every helpless moan he wrung from her. Her responses always brought him as much pleasure as her hands on his body.

Leaning forward, he ran his open mouth down her arm, sliding his tongue over her smooth skin. Little ripples under her skin followed his touch. Even my skin recognizes you... She had told him that a few times and it was a heady thought. That he was so ingrained in her that she didn’t need to see or hear him to know it’s him. You’re my other half, that’s why... He reached her hand and licked her fingers, each one individually, curling his tongue around them and sucking until she cried out his name.

He loved that. Hearing her call his name. It was such an instinctive thing to do. No thinking about it, just “Max!” It confirmed his possession of her¼ heart, mind, soul and body. And yes, he liked that. That she was his. That she had only ever been his. That no one else had ever seen her like this. That no one else’s name had tumbled from her lips in a moment of abandoned passion.

“Max...” A sigh.

How many ways she said his name! And each time with so much meaning...
“Max!” I’m so happy to see you!
“Max...” Please hold me...
“Max.” You need me, even if you won’t admit it.
“Max!” The kids need you!
“Max!” It’s time to stop being gentle!
“Max...” My lover, my love...

Kiss me! Her eyes were begging him. I need to feel you lips on mine. Her eyes were luring him in. Following his every movement and every breath with a heated gaze. He moved closer, sliding his arm between her shoulders and the tub and lifting her closer to him while his other hand continued its torturous caresses on her breasts.

She parted her lips in anticipation, slowly moistening them with her tongue. Hearing his gasp, she tore her gaze from his mouth and glanced in his eyes. They were almost black now. Dark with desire for her. He was watching her intently, studying her every response. She felt her chest starting to heave as she fought for breath. He was so close... She could feel his heat scorching her, his breath feathering across her lips. But still he didn’t kiss her. He just watched her with those amazing eyes. Watched her anticipation and desire increase. Until every pant from her included a whimper.

Her eyes widened as he moved his hand from her breast down to her stomach, leaving it to rest fleetingly against that place where he had healed her so many years ago. Against her womb with which she had given him his son four years ago and his daughter two years later. I love you. He didn’t say it, but she heard it clearly in her head. She still marveled at the fact that in moments of intense emotion, such as this, they could talk to each other telepathically. She didn’t have time to ponder it for long though, for his hand was sliding lower, brushing over the curls between her legs before finding her center.

At the first slide of his fingers on her moist core, she nearly came out of the tub, her cry ringing in their ears. He was still staring at her face, his eyes heavy-lidded and intense. Knowing exactly what he was doing to her. Knowing how the lust was slamming through her body only to converge in that one point where his fingers were caressing her. She pressed herself against his hand shamelessly, striving for that ultimate release he had made her so addicted to. The release that meant the end of all rational thinking, and the beginning of a few blissful minutes of only feeling.

She was wet and hot and her movements mesmerized him. Her eyes clung to his as she arched against his touch rhythmically. He let his fingers mimic what his body would do to her later until he felt the first fine tremors start deep in her body. Moving his hand slowly back to her stomach, he waited for, and heard, her moan of disappointment. “Not without me...” he whispered against her lips.

He twisted her hair around his hand, holding her head prisoner as he teased her mouth with his. Rubbing his lips over hers with the barest of touches before tracing her them with his tongue. Her hand curled in his shirt, her fingers bunching the material together urgently. His mouth drifted over her jaw to her ear and he blew softly before sliding his tongue over the whorls.

“Oh god, Max! Please!”

“Please what?” His spoke softly in her ear, his breath tickling the places his tongue had just wet. “Please stop?”

“Noo!” It was a helpless moan. “Please... more... I need more!”

He lifted her even closer, nuzzling her face before running his tongue over her lips again. When he spoke, she could feel each syllable against her moist mouth. “I never could say no to you... or stay away from you.”

He was torturing her purposely, but his hoarse voice indicated that he too was affected by his game. His eyes moved to her mouth, watching as she struggled for breath for a few seconds, before he dipped his head and captured her lips forcefully. Both of them moaned at the contact. It was still as electrifying as that first kiss on her balcony so many years ago, only now it was intensified by the added physical knowledge of each other. Their tongues dueled, sliding across each other intimately, knowingly. Hungrily.

He kissed like he made love. With total absorption and such wonderful expertise. It had been like that for all the years she’s known him. There never was “just a kiss” between them. It drove their friends mad that they always got so lost in each other. But for however long Max’s mouth was loving hers, they were the only two people in the universe...

Visions of the two of them flickered behind her closed eyelids. Visions of them kissing, making love, getting married, of a planet she’s never been to, the tears in his eyes when he held his son for the first time... So many happy memories that they once feared they would never have.

And through it all he kept on devouring her mouth, catching her little moans of pleasure with his lips and rewarding her with his sighs. His hands cupped her face, a gesture she had come to know as being so very Max. His fingers slid into her hair as his thumbs caressed the corners of her mouth. ‘Give in, Liz! Give in before I do...’

She heard his thoughts clearly and curled her hands more tightly around the edges of the tub. ‘Oh no, Max Evans, I’m going to win this--’

But she didn’t. He did. Like he almost always does. He won by tearing his mouth away and leaning his forehead against hers before saying: “I want you Mrs. Evans” in that rough, sexy, only-you-can-do-this-to-me voice of his. The one that made her feel like he had traced her naked spine with a feather, causing her to shiver violently. Oh, his voice...

She startled him, so quick was her surrender. Abruptly giving up her efforts to keep her hands off him, she turned her whole body towards him, throwing her arms around his neck. His white shirt was getting soaked in the process, but neither of them cared. He half-lifted her from the tub, his breath hissing from him as her naked breasts came in contact with his chest.

“Liz!” She had been made to fit him, her body filling all the spaces in his. Having her all wet against him was incredibly erotic. His hands slid over the slick skin of her back until they could cup the cheeks of her behind. Slowly getting up, he pressed each new inch of her that was freed from the tub and the water against him, feeling the cold places where their bodies had not been touching before staring to heat up. Her scent was intoxicating. It was so... Liz. He could find her with his eyes closed.

She nipped his throat with her teeth. He tasted like heaven, so very male. His skin was salty and hot, just like the rest of him. She rubbed herself against him languidly, his wet shirt providing little impediment for her to feel the lashed steel of his muscles. Hard all over, that was Max. She felt the flex of those muscles against her as he lifted her out of the tub with one arm before letting her slide to the floor gently. But he wasn’t finished with her yet.

When he was sure she was standing on her own, he pressed his hand flat between her shoulder blades, bringing her flush with his body. He stood resting against her for a few precious moments. This was home.

She looked up into his face as he started combing his glowing hands through her hair, drying it until it lay in a smooth wave down her back. When he was finished, adoration had joined desire in her eyes. “Thank you.”

“It was for me,” his voice was still raspy, sexy. He arched her lower body into his, pressing her against his arousal. “I don’t know how I made it. All those years ago, without this...” He rubbed her against him, closing his eyes in ecstasy as she moaned.

“Oh God, Liz!” He trailed his fingers up her back tracing the indentation of her spine until a long shudder racked her body. He could smell the scent of her arousal, it filled the air around them, making him drunk with desire.

Liz was reeling from all the sensations assailing her. His magic touch, his whispered words, his heat, his excitement, his love, his expertise, his... everything.

He turned her around unexpectedly, aligning her back to his chest and slowly spun them until she could see their outlines in the misty full length mirror. It was a stark contrast: her small frame dwarfed by his size, his tanned hands against her pale skin, her nakedness against his shirt and jeans.

She tilted her head backwards until it rested against his shoulder, but kept her eyes open, watching him seduce her. He swept his hands down her sides, his fingers nearly meeting when they reached her tiny waist. But he didn’t stop there. Slowly, he inched his hands down until they had traversed her hips and found her thighs. He curled his hands inward, his fingers finding the insides and gently nudged her legs apart. She didn’t have a solid bone left in her body. Or a rational thought in her mind. So she blindly did what he was urging, opening her legs until he could slide one of his hard thighs in between. Thankfully he did, or she would have melted to the floor.

He trailed his hands back up, gliding them under her arms until he could lift them up to wrap around his neck. She clung to him helplessly, her fingers tangled in his hair and her breath heavy and tortured.

He was fascinated by the signs of arousal in her body. It was so obvious with men, but so subtle with women. His hands found her nipples again, his palms rotating against the stiff peaks as he watched her writhe against him.

She bit down a moan, not wanting to break the silence yet. The silence that was already filled with the sounds of their breathing and the shared thoughts in their minds. She pressed down against his thigh, trying to assuage the ache in the pit of her stomach, the sharp pain of need at the juncture of her legs.

Please, her mind was begging, please, please, please... “Oh please,” it spilled out of her lips.

And he gave in. A little. Moving his hand between her thighs to that place that ached to be filled by him. She arched into his hand shamelessly, opening her legs wider in anticipation.

His fingers found her center. It was hot and wet and slick. He groaned as his fingers parted her folds and entered her. He heard her cry out his name in momentary relief. He gloried in the rush of moistness covering his fingers. I did this to her. Me. My touch. My caress. Continuing the rhythmic slide of his hand against her, he lifted his other hand to her face, urging her towards him so he could kiss her. He used his tongue and fingers in sync, driving her to the brink of sanity. Kissing and touching her until she moaned with every breath.

“My name. Say my name again,” he pleaded with her, suddenly needing to hear her voice when it was filled with the passion he incited.

They stared at each other until he circled the small nub at the top of her folds with his thumb. She shuddered violently and gave him what he needed.

“Max...” It was a moan. A long drawn out moan filled with need and formed by a voice husky and low with desire. It nearly broke his control. He kissed her hard then, crushing her lips underneath his in a frenzy of lust. His tongue invaded her mouth urgently, tasting her, communicating his own needs. It was more than a kiss. It was a stamp of his ownership.

She twisted in his arms and tore at his shirt, ripping off buttons in her haste to get it off him. He didn’t help, his hands were still occupied with her body. “Max!” This time his name was an illustration of her frustration and he let go of her long enough to allow her to push the shirt from his shoulders. She slid off his thigh next, and her fingers dug into the waistband of his jeans, finding the button and working it open. His hands dropped to his sides as he drank in her every movement, her every expression.

Her eyes were glazed and heavy as she worked his zipper down with clumsy and uncoordinated hands. She slid to her knees in front of him, clinging to his thighs and moving with him as he stumbled back against the wall in reaction.

“Liz, honey...” His fingers speared into her hair, holding on for dear life as she tugged his jeans and boxers down his legs. Her nails scratched the skin of his thighs lightly, causing the muscles to jump. He kicked the clothes out of the way impatiently, his hands trying to urge her back up, but she resisted. So he gave in to the inevitable, putting his hands against the wall behind his back and praying that he would be able to stay upright.

She traced him with her eyes first. Following the length of him with her gaze until he was sure he was going to explode before she even touched him. She watched every flicker and pulse and every drop of response that he couldn’t control.

A moan started forming deep inside his chest when he saw her reach out her hand and it burst out when her finger traced the vain running on the underside of his arousal softly.

Now it was his turn to beg. Touch me, Liz! His mind cried helplessly. Please...

Her hand encircled him, carefully increasing the pressure until he jerked against her, unable to do anything but react. His breath rushed out of his lungs frantically as she leant in, nuzzling him before touching the tip of her tongue to the moisture glistening just above her fingers. He threw his head back, closing his eyes and gave himself up to her ministrations. His body went on autopilot, moving into her hands and mouth rhythmically until they both felt him tightening in preparation for release.

Her hands and mouth were suddenly gone, the air chilling the places she had just touched. Their eyes found each other and she whispered: “Not without me...”

He couldn’t play this game anymore. He needed to be inside her with a desperation bordering on insanity. Sweeping her up into his arms, he carried her into their bedroom of many years and placed her in the middle of the bed. He knelt next to her, staring down at her until she held out her hand. He let her pull him down to her and he carefully covered her body with his.

He wanted to complete his possession of her, but first he wanted to taste her. She gasped when he bent his head to her breast, letting his lips trail around her nipple. Her skin was soft and enticing and smelled of him. His tongue skimmed the line underneath her breasts, and he rested his head in the valley between them breathing in their shared scent. He knew every inch of her breasts, it was, after all, the first intimate place of her he got to know way back in high school. Her breasts have changed over the years as she went from being a teenager to an adult, from a wife to a mother and he had made it his business to learn each minute difference with a passion. He had watched her breast-feed their children with envy, having trouble sharing this part of her that he felt he owned even with his own children. He touched the tip of his tongue to her nipple, swirling it around her areola and marveling at the different textures. He kept his caresses up until her whimpers became louder.

He nudged his thigh between hers and she parted her legs wordlessly, allowing him access to her core. But he didn’t enter her immediately. Instead he moved slowly until his arousal just pressed into her heat. She was starting to arch off the bed now, silently begging him to fill her, staring into his eyes, her gaze glittering with desire.

He loved watching her while they made love. The flush that covered her whole body, the small movements she made against him so instinctively that aroused him even further. Hearing her sighs and moans, feeling her slick heat take him in inch by torturously slow inch. Seeing her eyes widen when he finally slid home, penetrating as deeply and completely as he could. Watching her eyes drift shut as she gave herself up to the sensations racking her body.

She wrapped her legs around him, locking her ankles around his thighs and urged him into her.

He resisted only for the seconds it took him to whisper: “I love you,” before making himself a part of her so resoundingly that it felt for a moment as if they would never be two separate beings again. He felt her body contract around him, welcoming him and he held himself perfectly still. He always did that, waiting for her to make the first move.

All it took to hurl him into frantic action was a small shift in her body that increased the angle. She dug her nails into his shoulders, holding on as he moved inside her with barely restrained violence. He braced one hand on the bed next to her head and curled the other around her waist, his hand finding the small of her back. He arched her into his thrusts, harder with each plunge.

She was moving against him desperately, striving for release. But he knew her too well. Knew every nuance of her body and the meaning behind every little movement she made. He wielded that knowledge expertly, holding off that final oblivion so her explosion was mind-blowing and hard.

He watched with hooded eyes as she climaxed, riding out each shuddering contraction with her, listening to her cries with every convulsion. And only after she had started quieting down, did he let himself go.

It was truly awesome experiencing him out of control and in the throes of an orgasm. He gave himself up to it with the same single-mindedness with which he loved her. Completely, totally, overpoweringly. His body arched into hers, his eyes squeezed shut and her name tumbled from his lips like a litany. She loved splaying her hands over his back, feeling the play of his muscles with every move.

They clung to each other afterwards, enjoying the little tremors that still coursed through their bodies. With their urgency dulled, they shared soft kisses, whispering of their love and their happiness. Their eyes smiled at each other, enjoying the fact that they had had some alone time before Maria would drop off the kids from pre-school. Liz didn’t even ask. She knew Max had come home from work early with exactly this in mind. They had made a promise to each other when their kids were born that they would make an effort to still be lovers. That this special relationship between them would not get lost in the responsibility of parenthood and careers.

“I love you, Max Evans.” Seeing the way his eyes still light up at the words made her blink away a few stray tears. “Thank you for saving me that day.”

“No, thank you, Liz Evans. For saving me every day since. For making me human and being my destiny.” He rested his forehead against hers tenderly, relaxing with her as they waited for their children to come home.

They had walked a long and hard road to win this peace and joy. And they would never take it for granted.


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TITLE: An Evans Valentine
E-MAIL: lieselvw⊕
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing related to Roswell, only a vivid imagination…
SUMMARY: Set in the (happy) future. Max and Liz got married after school, had children some years later and are still very much in love and lust! Liz is planning something special for Max for Valentine’s Day. (Part of my “Experiment” universe.)
DISTRIBUTION: Only here and on Faith’s site, please.

NOTE: All my fics (and in the right chronological sequence) are on Faith Evans’ site I Shall Believe at this link:


“Daddy!” Max tried not to smile as his daughter’s stage whisper drifted towards him from the side of the bed. He had woken up when Liz got up earlier and had dimly heard his wife and children doing something in the kitchen. He knew he had to pretend to be surprised when they came in later, or Liz would kill him for disappointing their kids.

“Daddy!” A little louder.

“Hmmm,” he mumbled dutifully.

“You have to wake up now.” He felt the small body of his 3-year old daughter climbing onto the bed behind his back.

“Why?” He managed to still sound sleepy. He could feel Liz’s mirth through their connection.

“Cause mommy said I must give you a BIG kiss for val-valem-valemday,” Bella-Mari announced proudly.

He heard an exaggerated sigh from the direction of the door. “It’s valemTIME day, Belle!” It was his five-year old son Matthew.

Turning over onto his back, his breath caught in his throat when he saw his precious little family. All he ever wanted in this life.

His beautiful miniature version of Liz was regarding him with dancing chocolate eyes before climbing onto his stomach and pasting sloppy kisses all over his face. While hugging her to him and sitting up, he smiled at his son who was holding his wife’s hand. Just like his father, Matthew liked holding hands with Liz. “Did you give Mommy a kiss, Matt?”

Matthew nodded his dark head earnestly and held up two fingers. “I gave her TWO!”

Meeting Liz’s loving gaze, he asked: “Is it my turn to kiss mommy now?” She was still wearing her silk pajama’s that clung to her curves.

“Uhm…” Matt sounded hesitant, he knew how his parents got when they kissed and he really wanted breakfast. “Okay, but… but only one kiss, daddy.”

Max got up, still cradling Belle and walked over to the love of his life.

They kissed with warm lips, gently sliding into the familiar territory of each other’s mouths. Max curved his free arm around her waist, arching her against him as she wrapped her free arm around his neck.

Liz parted her lips and deepened the kiss by pulling his head down to hers harder. Their tongues slid over each other, tenderly caressing and communicating for long minutes. Eventually, she pulled back slightly to whisper: “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”

Not having had nearly enough of her sweet mouth, Max kissed her again, but a small voice interrupted the second kiss. “Daaaaddy! I TOLD you only one kiss!”

He leant his forehead against Liz’s with a sigh and then broke away to meet her gaze. “Later,” he promised her.

“Oh definitely,” she replied, her eyes smoldering. “I have plans for you…”

“You do?” he asked as he took her hand and walked them all to the kitchen.

“Ohh yes!” she grinned. “You better have a good breakfast.”

“We made cakes, daddy,” Belle told him.

“Pancakes, sweetie,” Liz corrected her gently as Max settled the apple of his eye at the breakfast table. They ate pancakes with various toppings of honey and Tabasco sauce. And after breakfast, Matt told his parents to stay at the table for a few minutes while he dragged his sister off.

“Have I told you that I love you yet?” Max asked as he leaned over to run his fingers up and down Liz’s bare arm, watching her shiver under his touch.

The kids came back with their hands behind their backs before she could answer. They went up to Liz first.

“We love you, Mommy!” Belle-Mari said, giving Liz a drawing of the four of them standing next to a house with lots of flowers.

“Yeah,” Matt chimed in. “You are the bestest, prettiest mommy in the world.”

“Yes, you are,” Max smiled as she hugged her children and looked up at him with moist eyes.

They came to stand in front of Max next and Belle gave him another drawing of the four of them, only this one was filled with stars and planets. “We love you, Daddy!” Belle cried and jumped into Max’s arms. It was clear that Matt had coached her on her part of the announcements.

Matt held back a little, his serious eyes meeting those of his father. “You are the bestest daddy in all the stars,” he stated slowly. For a fleeting moment, Max and his son stared at each other in absolute understanding. Matt knew his daddy was “different” and that he was too as a result. He also knew that his daddy was a very important man. But in spite of all that, his daddy was just his daddy. Someone who played with him in the back yard, who healed his scrapes when he fell, who read him stories about pirates and space men before bed and who hugged him when he cried.

Max gave Belle a kiss on her cheek and knelt on the floor so he could hug his son with his free arm. “I love you both too. You are special gifts to mommy and I.”

After more kisses were exchanged, Liz said: “Alright, everyone go get dressed.”

Matt hurried off to his room while Liz took Belle-Mari to hers and Max cleaned up the breakfast mess quickly. Liz found him in the shower a few minutes later.

Hearing the shower door open, Max swung around to find Liz staring at him hotly. She ran her eyes over every naked wet inch of his body so that it felt like she was touching him with her hands. She was still wearing the silk and he could see the hard tips of her breasts clearly. “Liz…”

She stepped into the shower, her eyes clinging to his, and was drenched in seconds. Max had never seen any thing so erotic in his life. The water made the silk nearly transparent and it clung to her from breasts to thighs. And he stood there like a statue, completely frozen as his desire increased.

Taking his hand and placing it over her breast, Liz stepped closer and moved to tiptoe. “This is a teaser for later,” she told him huskily and ran her tongue over his lips. His body came to life in a second and he dragged her against him, covering her mouth with his and plundering her depths.

Allowing them to kiss for a few brief moments, Liz broke away from him and stood in front of him. They were both panting and Max’s eyes were drawn to the agitated movement of her breasts. He lifted his hand towards her again, but she stepped away.

“Later, Mr Evans.”

Max could only stare after her stupidly as she exited the shower stall and the bathroom. How the hell did she expect him to go to work after this?

Liz had no idea how she was going to concentrate at work. She had made all the arrangements with Max’s secretary the day before, and now she only had to live through the morning. She wanted to surprise Max and make him hot. But in the process, she was exciting herself too. Goodness, she never had been able to see Max all wet and glorious and NOT react like a horny schoolgirl!

They finally managed to get themselves and the kids into the Cherokee and Max drove off to the kids’ pre-school first. He kept giving Liz the evil eye for her games, so she increased her teasing. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she placed her hand high on his thigh.

“Liz!” He sounded strangled. “This is SO not fair!” He ran an agitated hand through his hair. “And I’m going to crash the car of you keep that up.”

But he didn’t stop her. He let her grope him to her heart’s content while he gripped the steering wheel tighter and fought to keep his breathing normal.

At the school, Liz got out with the kids after grinning at Max impishly. He was trying to get himself under control before he actually had to enter his own office so he did not walk the kids in like he normally did. Instead he lifted Matt and Belle onto the front seat with him to give them hugs and kisses before watching them clamber out and walk into their school holding onto Liz’s hands.

The teacher was looking out the window when she saw Mrs Evans get back in the car with her husband. Her husband who immediately kissed the daylights out of her. Her small gasp drew Matt’s attention. “My daddy and mommy kiss A LOT,” he told the teacher helpfully after also spying the kissing going on in the car. The teacher shook her head and watched as the Evans’ finally drove off. They depressed her with their happiness. They were great parents, always there to watch their kids taking part in school activities. The only times Liz came alone was on the few occasions when Mr Evans was away on business. They had beautiful kids and they still looked seriously in love. Maybe one of them is having an affair, she soothed herself. Such joy is just not natural.

Arriving at the lab he had quietly bought a few years ago, Max parked the Jeep in his spot and came round the front to open Liz’s door. She was wearing a dress of sheer floral-print material that ended just above her knees over a tight-fitting sheath dress. She looked good enough to eat. He held her hand as they walked into the building and enjoyed a fleeting moment of pride in his lab. He had unexpectedly found out a while ago that being an alien King meant having a lot of money and he decided to start up this lab to do some research that would assist aliens on earth, as well as alien hybrids like his children. He was mostly doing administrative and management work now, while his clever wife worked in the lab. Most of the other scientists working in the lab had been carefully screened and now knew exactly what they were doing. They were pioneers.

Liz left Max at the entrance to his office with a wink to his secretary and practically danced off to her own office. She was stunned when she got there. The room was filled with white roses and on her desk lay a simple white sheet of paper with Max’s distinctive scrawl on it. It said simply: “You own my heart.”

The morning couldn’t pass quickly enough after that.


Just before lunch, his secretary brought him a large red envelope and just grinned when Max looked at her quizzically. Inside was a key to a hotel room, a note… and a red lacy thong. Max was glad the secretary had left before he had opened it, because his arousal from this morning had come roaring back. He stuffed the thong into his pocket and opened the note.

Meet me at the Plaza at 12h00. And bring your fantasies…

Glancing at the clock, he saw it was a quarter to twelve and he hurriedly grabbed his jacket and the room key. Finally, some alone time with Liz! He threw a hasty goodbye in the direction of his secretary, who was laughing by now, and took off.


The heavy drapes in front of the windows were drawn, casting the room into semi-darkness. Liz had lit candles and had dressed in a transparent white teddy, over which she wore a short white silk robe. This was their afternoon for fantasies. No threat of kids interrupting, no phones ringing, just Max. Max with his dark eyes and magic hands.

She heard the key in the lock and the hesitation as Max probably found the single white rose petal she had left him on the doorstep. Straightening, she opened the robe to allow him a glimpse of what she wore underneath.

Both of them held their breaths as the door swung open and Max entered the room.

His eyes were black when they found hers, sending an involuntary shudder through her body and a rush of heat pooling between her thighs. He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. The way his dark hair fell over his forehead, his mesmerizing eyes, those kissable lips, the strong lines of his body, they all made her mouth water.

He took a step closer, shedding his jacket and letting it drop to the floor. Shoving his hand into his pocket, he pulled out a ball of red lace. “Can I put this on you later…” His voice was low and thick.

“You’re going to have to undress me first,” she replied, walking towards him with softly swaying hips.

“Okay…” His eyes were drinking her in thirstily, charting every inch of her body.

She reached him and started untying the knot of his tie. When it was undone, she pulled him forward by tugging on the ends. “Kiss me, Max…”

Max slid his arms around her waist underneath the robe and arched her into his body. He let his lips graze hers lightly and slowly ran his tongue over her top and bottom lip, wetting them. He felt the puffs of her breathing against his skin and brought her closer between his legs with a groan.

The kiss instantly deepened as they hungrily devoured each other’s mouths. Max pushed the robe from her shoulders and moved a thigh between hers, reveling in her moist heat that he could feel even through the layers of clothing.

Liz whimpered and he gentled the kiss, teasing her with light touches of his lips and tongue until she pulled back.

“Tell me your fantasy,” she whispered, causing such a riot of lust in his body that he shook with the force of it.

“You are.”

Licking her lips, she smiled a sultry smile. “Tell me your fantasy ABOUT me then.”

He groaned. Was she kidding? He had so many fantasies about her that he wouldn’t know where to start!

She licked his lips. “What do you want me to do to you, Max?”

“Oh god…”

Another lick. “What do you want to do to me?”


He crushed her mouth underneath his, filling his hands with the softness of her bottom and pressing her against his hardness urgently. She arched her neck as he rubbed her against his arousal and he attacked the long sensuous line of her throat, nipping and sucking at her skin so he could hear more of the little mewling sounds she made.

He loved hearing her moan. It was such an involuntary sound. A helpless sound that indicated just how deeply he was arousing her.

Reaching the valley between her breasts that the plunging neckline of her teddy revealed, he slowly dragged his tongue around the edge of the lacy material hugging her curves.

Another low moan erupted from her.

He had just covered her breast with his mouth when she pushed him away. “This is YOUR gift,” she lifted her hands and fluffed her hair, knowing all too well he would have trouble deciding where to look: the wet material of her teddy or the sexily tousled hair he loved so much.

“Tell me,” she urged him throatily, causing his temperature to climb another few grades.

He cast around desperately for something to ask from her. Something that wasn’t too kinky and could be done in a hotel room without getting them arrested. His eyes fell on a big bowl of strawberries sitting on the bedside table. “I-I want you to-to eat strawberries and cream off me.” He flushed. Had he really said that aloud? “Uh… wearing this…” He waved the red thong at her. Well, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.

Her eyes were starting to glitter.

“If-if that’s okay with you?” He watched her anxiously.
Liz had to stifle a moan. Was he kidding? Who would NOT want to eat off his glorious body?

“More than okay.” She tangled their hands together and pulled him towards the bed. “But we have to get you out of these clothes first.”

She undressed him leisurely, running her hands and her mouth over every part of skin she exposed. By the time she was finished, he was very, very aroused.

He stopped her when she moved to take off the teddy. “I want to. Please.”

He dropped to his knees in front of her, caressing her calves first and then her thighs before grabbing her rear and bringing her closer to his mouth. He kissed her quivering stomach through the thin material, all the while inching lower and lower until he reached the moisture between her thighs, making Liz moan. He teased her lightly with his tongue while unsnapping the teddy and allowed himself one last intimate kiss before standing to his feet and dragging the teddy up her body.

Lifting her arms dutifully so he could slide the garment off her, Liz wondered how she was going to live through her promised strawberry seduction. He was way too clever for his own good and she was just this side of release after his sensual undressing as it is. She sighed his name as his hands came back to cover her breasts immediately after tossing the teddy away.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her in a gravelly tone, snapping her out of her erotic stupor.

Putting her hands over his, she pulled them away from her body and pushed him down on the bed. He looked up at her with a mixture of lust and amusement. “The thong, remember?”

Damn, she had forgotten. She gave him a stern look and found the scrap of red lace on the floor.

He took it from her hands gently and held it out for her to slide her feet into. Leaning her hands on his shoulders, she made a show of getting the thong around her calves, hearing his soft curse with relish.

He made her pay, though. He dragged the material up her legs excruciatingly slowly, trailing his fingertips over her heated skin. Rounding her hips, he moved the thong in place carefully, taking his time to tuck it in all the right places, in the process driving Liz even more insane.

She caught his wandering hands. “Stop that, or we’ll never get to the strawberries!’

She waited until he had settled on the bed before crawling over him to straddle his thighs. Lifting up the bowl of strawberries, she ate one with relish, sucking the succulent fruit before biting it in half. Max’s eyes had widened as he watched her and she saw him clench his hands into fists by his sides.

Giving him a sultry smile that made him groan, she rubbed the fruit over his chest and leaned down to lick it off him. His breathing was becoming labored while he watched his wife’s dark hair spill over him as her tongue followed the path of stickiness over his body. She moved inexorably lower, halting every once in a while to kiss his mouth. He wasn’t sure which was more arousing, her mouth on his skin or her strawberry kisses.

Liz paused to rub more strawberry juice on his upper thighs, adding some cream too. She looked up at Max. He was lying back with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands gripping the sheets furiously.

“Max?” she called him softly. “Look at me.”

A groan was torn from deep inside his chest. “I can’t…”

A few deep breaths later, he spoke again. “Please, Liz. I want to be inside you when I… Don’t make me…”

“I won’t,” she promised him as she swooped her mouth down again.

The combination of cold cream and Liz’s warm mouth was lethal. He felt a shaking start deep inside his gut and spiral outwards until his whole body was trembling. Her lips teased him, took him in and promised him heaven.

And he was helpless in her thrall. Helpless to stop the involuntary movements of his body and helpless to stop the shuddering calls of her name tumbling from his lips.

She kept her caresses up until they both felt the anticipatory tightening of his body. He lifted her over him then, challenging her to take what she wanted, how she wanted. He was there for her, primed and positioned, and his hands slid to her bottom, squeezing her, urging her into aggressive action.

She took him, lowering herself slowly, feeling her muscles convulse around him in response to the exquisite sensation of him moving into her, deeper and deeper.

She closed her eyes and lifted herself, reveling in the reverse slide, wanting to feel it all over again, exulting in the control he had given her. His hands stroked up her back and lifted her hair forward, over her shoulders. As she moved over him, he curtained her breasts with the long silky tresses, caressing them through the soft texture in the same rhythmic movement she used on him, evoking a wild eroticism that dove her into moving faster, until suddenly she was shaking, unable to direct anything.

Max whirled her onto her back and took command, poised over her with his powerful body and the stroking inside her was different now, hard and urgent and fast. It pushed them to an incredible peak and burst into an explosion of intense melting sweetness and fused their bodies together and left them collapsed on each other, saturated in heat.

The only sounds in the room for a long time were their heavy breathing and the gentle slide of skin against skin.

They would take a shower soon, maybe make love one more time before they had to go pick up the kids.

Max pressed his forehead against Liz’s. “Wow. Thank you.” He kissed her softly, still not able to remove himself from the heaven of her embrace and her body. “I love you.”

Liz just smiled against his throat. She had probably enjoyed that more than he did. Her life was perfect.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Max.”


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TITLE: Poor Liz
E-MAIL: lieselvw⊕
DISCLAIMER: Nothing Roswell is mine.
SUMMARY: Dreamer fluff! This short fic is written from the POV of Liz’s new college roommate, Michelle. They have been sharing a dorm room during the first year at college. Liz is at university alone since Max left for his planet after their senior year. Yes, I know this has been done to death, but I’ve had this reunion scene in my head for ages and wanted to put it on paper. Max and Liz play a little deception on her overeager friends. So sue me!
DISTRIBUTION: Only here and on Faith’s site, please.

NOTE: All my fics (and in the right chronological sequence) are on Faith Evans’ site I Shall Believe at this link:


"Leave her alone, she's missing her boyfriend," I tell my friends as we enter the dorm room I share with Liz Parker. I could see her lying on her bed, clutching that book that she’s always writing in. I hear my friends giggle, but Liz remains on her bed with her eyes closed.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I really like Liz and we get along great, but she refuses to lead a normal college girl life. She won’t date any of the steady stream of guys who are interested in her and she spends her time studying, going to the movies or talking on the phone with her friends back home, Alex and Maria.

She has a boyfriend, she tells me. One that loves her very much and without whom she has trouble living. I feel terrible for her. I suspect she has dreamed up this guy, because he seems too perfect. Not that she talks about him much. I don’t even know what his name is. Just that he used to give her white roses and that she knows he misses her like crazy.

What?! He misses her? Yeah right! This very invisible boyfriend never calls or writes and she won’t even show me what he looks like. She claims he is out of the country. Well, where could he be that he couldn’t find a phone to call her for a whole year? I think he either doesn’t exist or he is a jerk. And Liz deserves better.

I actually thought she was crazy at first. Then I got to know her and realized she is one of the most level-headed girls there is. She wrote home to her parents and she got amazing grades. Everything was normal apart from the whole boyfriend thing.

I tried several times. "You actually are a really pretty girl, Liz, why don't you wear more make-up and go out with us on Friday? You will meet someone…"

But she always declines. And I know she still waits for this supposed wonderful guy to remember she exists…

My other theory is that he is, well, you know, butt ugly! Maybe that’s why she won’t show me his picture. Or he could be a mousy bookish type. As intelligent and smart as Liz, just… plain. The whole thing intrigues me to no end and my friends and I have endless debates about ‘poor Liz’ and her phantom boyfriend. Liz is not one of the really stunning girls on campus. There were enough cheerleading types hanging around that she could blend into the background. But there were guys that liked her. Why couldn’t she get out there and date them like a normal girl?


Chem class was finally over and a bunch of us are walking back to the dorm, talking like only 19-year old girls could. Liz is quiet though. She seemed jumpy the whole morning and I wonder what was going on with her now. She has these days when she just seems to retreat into her own little world. I would normally find her in tears then. Once I even found her crying in front of the mirror, her hand on her bare stomach. I had a wild thought that she was pregnant, but realized that was impossible.

"Wow! Who is the hunk?" It is Jenny, practically drooling.

Jenny was a consummate flirt, so at first I don’t really pay attention to her. But when all the girls at the front stop to stare at whomever it was Jenny has seen, I turn to look too.

He is sitting on the hood of an old Jeep, wearing faded old jeans and a white T-shirt, his boots resting on the bumper. Gorgeous was the only word that came to mind. Even from this distance I can see the muscles of his arms move.

His eyes are on our little group, checking and discarding each one of us methodically like he is looking for someone. He even skips the blonde and busty Jenny. He has mesmerizing amber eyes. My interest is definitely piqued.

Liz, who has been tagging along at the back of the group, suddenly pushes Jenny out of her line of vision, her mouth opening in a small ‘oh’ as she sees Mr. Adonis. Well, well, well, little Lizzie Parker is not blind after all!

The guy straightens when he sees Liz, causing a very pissed off gasp from Jenny.

“Do you know him?” Jenny asks Liz as she and the hunk keep staring at each other. It feels like the air around them is zinging and I wonder what on earth is happening here.

“I’m going to,” Liz says firmly, shoving her books into my hands and shocking all of us speechless.

Mr. Hottie slides off the hood of the Jeep as Liz walks closer and eats her with his eyes. There is no other way to describe what I am seeing. He watches every little move she makes hungrily, and it very much seems like he is mentally removing Liz’s demure knee-length skirt with the slits in the sides and her fitted button-down blouse. I bet Jenny is having a coronary, but there was no way I am looking away from this scene now to find out!

We follow Liz as she goes towards him, never taking her eyes off him. It seems like this stranger will manage in a few seconds what we have been trying to do for months, make Liz forget about her missing boyfriend. I have to admit that I understand her sudden willingness to give up the other loser. This guy is bloody gorgeous and seems totally taken with her.

They stop in front of each other, close enough to touch. The staring thing continues.

“My name is Liz,” she tells him with a sweet smile.

“I’m Max,” he smiles back crookedly. Can this guy get anymore sexy?

“What brings you to our campus?” Way to go Liz! Although, who are you and what have you done with our quiet and serious Liz Parker!

His gaze travels down her body one more time and I can see how she gets flushed and starts trembling.

“I came to find a special girl.” He has a voice like warm honey, I think dreamily.

“Yeah? Anyone in particular?” Liz is being flirty! My shock increases tenfold.

“I think I’ve found her.” He steps forward and brushes a strand of Liz’s hair behind her ear. It is the most tender thing I have ever witnessed. Figures, tiny Liz will bring that out in a guy. “Will you come with me?”

Now I start to worry. We know nothing about this guy. He could be an axe-murderer, a blood-sucking alien, anything!

“Liz!” I hiss at her. “What are you doing! You don’t know this—”

“Yes,” she informs him breathlessly. “Yes, I will go with you.” She didn’t even hear me. This man in front of her has taken over her whole reality.

He puts his hands on her face and she flings herself into his arms. We all gasp at her audacity. And gasp again as they practically devour each other in front of our eyes.

He lifts her up in his arms and plunders her mouth as if he has done it a thousand times before. In spite of my alarm, I see how perfectly she fits against him. It is the most scorching kiss I have ever seen. Liz moans and presses herself so tightly against this… this stranger, that it’s hard to tell where he ends and she begins.

“Liz!” I cry again, what has gotten into my normally rational roommate?

I hear him groan her name against her throat and we all watch in stunned fascination as he trails kisses down her throat while his hands find her behind and curve her closer to him.

When they break apart both of them are panting and they stare at each other again. “Let’s go,” he finally tells her and I see Liz nod eagerly.

“No Liz!” I tell her firmly, trying to grab hold of her arm, but he has swung her up in his arms and deposited her in the Jeep before I could get to her. They drive off, leaving all of us standing in front of our dorm with open mouths.

“What the hell was that?” Jenny fairly shrieks. “She just throws herself at some stranger? And how could she leave with that creep? He jumps the first girl that shows interest in him? What kind of guy is that?”

I stare at the quickly shrinking taillights of the Jeep and can’t help but think something has happened here that we all are completely clueless about.


Liz, dragging Max behind her by the hand, arrives in our room the next morning. She is positively glowing and if I weren’t so angry I would’ve enjoyed her finally coming to life. She looks… completely LOVED, is all I can come up with. But I spent a frantic night worrying that her mother will call and I won’t know what to tell her. “Where WERE you?” I lay into her, but it was clear where she’s been. And who she’s been with.

They blink at me in incomprehension.

“With Max,” she tells me as if that should explain everything.

“I can SEE that! How could you just go off like that? Are you insane? Do you know what can happen to single girls nowadays?”

Max pulls Liz against him and enfolds her in his embrace. “Don’t worry,” he tells me seriously. “I will take good care of her. And thank you for worrying about her and looking out for her.”

I am struck speechless. He is in love with her! He is in love with her after spending one day in her presence. It screams from the way he watches every little move she makes as she flings things into a bag and the soft way he touches her and talks to her.

They are out the door before I gather my wits. I run to the window and see them get in the Jeep. Max leans over and kisses Liz. His hands cup her face as he brushes his lips over hers tenderly.

Turning back to the room, I see the shambles she has left her side in. Clothes are strewn all over haphazardly, but I notice one thing. She has taken that book she always writes in…


Maria calls late Saturday night. She always calls at the time normal girls would be out on dates, because she knows Liz would be home.

“She left with a guy,” I tell Maria curtly.

This is met with a long silence. Then: “You’re kidding me!” She sounds even more shocked than I would’ve expected. “How? What?”

I decide to give her the condensed version. “We get home from class yesterday, she sees this hottie waiting outside for who knows whom, she throws herself at him and they drive off into the sunset. I’m telling you, the real Liz was abducted by aliens!”

Maria laughs hysterically suddenly and I start wondering if everyone from Roswell was insane. “What is so funny?”

“So, she fell for a hottie at first sight, huh?”

“Apparently,” I answer, wondering why Maria has bounced back from the shock of her life-long friend’s strange actions so quickly.

“Was he by any chance tall, dark and handsome, with stunning amber eyes and answered to the name ‘Max’?”

I gape at the phone, a horrible suspicion taking hold of me. “Yes…”

The earsplitting shriek coming down the phone-line almost deafens me for life. I hear her yell to someone on her end. “Alex! They’re back!”

“Maria,” I scream, hoping to get her to talk some sense to me. “Who’s back? What are you going on about?”

“Max! Max is back,” she finally tells me breathlessly.

Max is back? “You mean Max is…”

“What? She never told you about the love of her life? Max Evans? Her boyfriend of three years? Veritable hunk?” Maria sounded incredulous now.

“No.” My mind still had trouble coping with the incredible news. Liz really had a boyfriend. And he was neither ugly nor boring!


The next time I saw them was three days later. I came home from class to find them in our room, making out heavily. They were kissing each other like only two people with a LOT of practice could. Nothing awkward or tentative about it. Their mouths knew each other, their hands knew each other and I would rather not know what else of theirs knew each other. They looked like two halves of a whole. And I could swear I saw a bluish glow where Max’s hand was brushing Liz’s arm? Goodness, I must be losing it!

I give Liz a death glare when they finally notice my presence and stop kissing. Lord, the guy was gorgeous as it is, but you should see him when he’s all flushed with passion!


“You could have TOLD me,” I yell at Liz. “I thought you were going off with some murderer or something! I was so worried.”

“Sorry,” she tells me, looking anything but.

Max puts Liz on her feet, and again I notice how he keeps handling her like she is something rare and precious. My envy of her climbs another few notches. He holds out his hand: “I’m Max Evans. Liz’s husb— Liz’s boyfriend.”

“I know that NOW,” I retort sulkily. But I shake his hand anyway. Whoa, the man had an electrifying touch.

“She’s coming to live with me,” he informs me. “I’ve been without her too long and…” He turns to look at her with such emotion that I have trouble not choking up. “And I can’t be without her ever again.”

That’s it, I’m going to Roswell for my next holiday. There must be some more of him around! “Uhm, okay?” I say uncertainly. “But what if your parents call?” I ask Liz.

She glances at Max quickly. “They won’t. They’re going to know he’s back on Monday.”

And I’m left wondering what was so special about Monday.


Well, nothing could’ve prepared me for what she meant. For on Monday, there was a huge announcement on national TV. Aliens were living among us. The King of another planet being one of them and after a huge war on his home planet, he has returned to earth to be with his human love and wife of just over a year.

Max Evans, holding the hand of my former roommate, was standing next to the President of my country, with some sort of entourage behind him. ‘Poor Liz’ was the Queen of a planet called Antar. I wish you could’ve heard Jenny’s scream!