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Summary: This is a post departure fic, and picks up where all the season finales left off. The three groups are linked to each other because of their past and the friends they made in the present. Angel’s role may seem small now, but he will become more important as the story progresses.

Authors’ note:
Alrighty we are gonna try to incorporate everyone into this as much as we can. Also Maria here is a huge Isabel fan so she will play a big role in this fic. Now this is our first fic we have ever posted so tell us what you think! Look for it under either Maria (IcePrincess2100) or Katie (Sugarplum7). Both of us are dreamers, so we insure all the readers that this will have a happy ending for all those involved, especially Buffy and Angel, and Max and Liz. Wow, do we have a thing for star-crossed lovers or what?!

Parts 1-15

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico

Liz was lying awake in her bed thinking of everything that had happened in the last two days. God! within twenty-four hours Max had told her he loved her twice. Now that Tess was gone they could be together but she couldn’t bring herself to get back together with him. Not yet. Yes he did think she slept with Kyle but really that’s just an excuse. The truth was Max couldn’t forgive her for what he thought she did. He claimed he loved her but couldn’t forgive her. So how could she forgive him for something that he had actually done? She had to remind herself to breathe every time she thought about Max.

Earlier they all met at the Crashdown after Isabel and Max got the tape they made from Jim. The former Sheriff had been filled in on everything that happened. The poor man looked so awful when he learned the girl he thought of as a daughter was a murderer. She noticed a new closeness between Maria and Michael. She didn’t know why but she felt like Maria was different somehow. God she hoped that after everything that happened everyone would be okay. She was becoming tired and her last thoughts before she drifted to sleep were of Max.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Max and Isabel were sitting on her bed talking. “So I guess you and Liz can get back together huh?” she asked her brother.

“I dunno Izzy. You know I love her but I’ve hurt her so much. I don’t know what to do.”

“Max it’s gonna take time for her to trust you again. You broke her heart. It will take time for her to come to terms with everything that happened, but you have to let her know you love her. You can’t give up on her. I know what it’s like to lose the person that you love and it’s harder than you can ever imagine. I don’t want you to let what you have with Liz go. So promise me you won’t give up on her.” Isabel said with so much sadness in her voice. Her one regret was that she didn’t take advantage of the time she had with Alex.

Max looked into his sisters eyes and smiled sadly at her “I promise.” He replied and she smiled.

“Good because I have a feeling that Liz is not gonna be won over to eas--- OH GOD!” Isabel screamed and clutched her hand do her chest.

“Iz! Isabel! What happened? Isabel!” Max was shaking her, but she was in her own world.

“Something’s wrong Max!” she said. She had no clue what happened but she felt the pain rip through her entire body. It was so real. It wasn’t hers but someone who she’s connected to somehow.

“What was it Isabel?” Max asked concerned.

“Max the pain was so real but it wasn’t mine Max. Something’s happening to me” she said scared.

Sunnydale, CA (This is happening at the same time as Isabel experiences the pain.)

Buffy looked at her sister. She realized that this was what she had to do. She had to protect her. She was her sister and she loved her too much to let anything happen to her. She finally understood that this was what she was born for. This moment was what her destiny was. To save her sister and in the course of that the world. This was her gift. Death. Death so Dawn could live so everyone could live. She said her good byes to Dawn and quickly jumped into the portal and ended her life.

Part 2

Los Angeles, California

Willow waited in Angel’s building for him to return. There were a million thoughts flowing through her mind. ‘How do you tell someone that the love of their life was dead?’ At that moment Angel and everyone walked in. He took one look at a distraught Willow sitting on the couch and he knew.

“It’s Buffy.” He said before Willow could get a word out.

Willow took a deep breath and began “Umm . . . Buffy she a . . . I don’t know how to say this.” She said she took another deep breath and willed herself to calm down so she could say what needed to be said. “She died.” She felt the tears in her eyes and didn’t fight them.

“How?” Cordelia asked.

“Glory opened a portal and the only way to close it was Dawn’s blood because she’s the key. Instead Buffy jumped into the portal closing it. We all thought that everything was ok until we saw her, Dawn without Buffy, and then her body lying on the ground.”

“Is Dawn okay?” Angel asked Willow.

“No. She’s blaming herself for everything. She lost her mother and sister in less than two months.”

“Umm . . . I don’t want to intrude or anything but I think I may know how to save your friend.” Fred said nervously.

“Who are you?” Willow asked.

“That’s Fred,” Gunn replied.

She smiled shyly. “Hi . . . umm . . . when I worked at library I came across this book.”

Part 3

Roswell, New Mexico (picks up where it left off)

“Isabel what happened” Max asked his sister, clearly concerned.

“I don’t know. Look Max, it’s ok I’m alright it’s probably just stress or something. You have enough to worry about this is nothing. I’m tired, so I’m just gonna go to bed now okay.” Isabel said forcing a fake smile.

Max wasn’t convinced but he didn’t want to push her “Ok but since I promised you something now you have to promise me something.”


“If this happens again I want to know the second it happens okay. I don’t care where I am you let me know.”

He saw the ‘you have got to be kidding me’ look on her face.

“I’m not kidding Isabel.”

“Alright if it makes you feel better I promise.”

“Good,” he said kissing her on the forehead.

“Night Max.”

“Sweet dreams Izzy.”

As Isabel relaxed on her bed she had this nagging fear that something was wrong with her. She had only experienced pain like that once before and that was at least five years ago and it only lasted seconds. This was something different. Something stronger. She was scared. Tears were forming in her eyes and she didn’t fight them. Soon she was sobbing and when she finally drifted off to sleep her dreams were anything but sweet.

Part 4

Isabel was in a dark room alone. There was no one there and she was beginning to get scared. She knew she was dreaming and when she tried to wake up she couldn’t. It was like someone was holding her there.

“Isabel.” A female voice that she didn’t recognize called out to her.

“Who are you?” Isabel yelled into the darkness.

“You know me Isabel. Try to remember,” the figure stepped out of the darkness and faced Isabel.

Isabel looked at the woman and studied her for a minute. There was something vaguely familiar about her but she just didn’t know what.

“No I’m sorry but really I’ve never seen you before.”

“Not in this life you haven’t. I have so much to tell you. Stuff I don’t even understand. I’ll tell you everything but first you have to go to him.”

“Go to who?” Isabel asked confused

“Angel. You have to convince him that he can trust you. You two are the only two who can save me.”

“Save you from what?”

“Death” Buffy replied simply.

Isabel shot straight up out of bed. That was freaky. Who was that girl in her dream? Was it real or just her imagination? She had no idea what to do or think and she needed to tell someone. Alex. She needed to talk to Alex. She hurried around her room and got dressed as quickly as she could. She left the house quietly so Max wouldn’t hear her and started the walk to the cemetery.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Liz was sleeping soundly in her bed. Her dreams were happy until the figure that has haunted her every night for since he died was there.

“Alex?” Liz said in a low voice.

“Lizzie hi I need your help.”

“With what? I’ll do anything.”

Alex looked at his best friend and smiled “I know.”

“Alex I miss you so much” Liz said as she felt the tears building up in her eyes.

“I miss you too Lizzie. I need you to do me a favor okay.”

She shook her yes. “Anything.”

“Go to the cemetery and find Isabel. She is on her way there now. She needs you Liz.”

“Alex I think maybe it should be Max or Michael. She’s never let me in before. Why do you think she will now?”

“So much has happened Liz. Things you don’t know about. No one knows what ‘things’ yet. You will remember though, and so will Isabel. When you do you two will need each other.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will though Liz. I know right now you’re confused but remember to always follow your heart. Believe what it tells you. Sometimes your mind sees things differently.”

“Umm I’m really, really confused right now but I trust you Alex, so I’ll go.”

Alex smiled at Liz and embraced her in a hug “I love you Lizzie. Thank you.”

“I love you too” she replied and he was gone.

Liz awoke startled. That was strange. Alex told her to follow her heart just like grandma Claudia did. Well her heart was now telling her to find Isabel. She jumped out of bed and headed towards the cemetery.

Part 5

Los Angeles, California

Everyone in the room was staring at Fred waiting for her to elaborate.

“And?” Cordelia asked.

“Well I’m not really sure if it’s the same circumstances the book displayed but I have a feeling it is.”

“Ok well what did the book say?” Angel asked anxiously.

“Alright it’s kind of a long story so here goes. It’s really just a legend. It tells of a girl who was unlike all others. She was different. Her best friend was a princess. They were inseparable since birth. The one gave her life to save her sister and the princess gave herself to save her best friend. In doing this she betrayed her family. She thought what she was doing was right, but it turned out she was used as a pawn and used against her beloved brother. Now it says that they all died but were reborn to fix their past mistakes. The two girls won’t ever know of each other unless something bad has happened to the other. They could save each other. That’s really all I can remember it was a long time ago when I read it. But the strange thing was that at the end of the English part of the book there was a whole other section written in what looked like a Native American language.”

Roswell, New Mexico

Liz made her way to the cemetery and sure enough there was Isabel by Alex’s grave. She slowly walked over to Isabel.

“Izzy?” Liz asked tentatively.

Isabel looked up to find Liz standing above her “What are you doing here Liz?”

“I thought maybe you needed a friend.”

“Yeah? Well, thanks, but I’m okay.”

Liz sighed and sat down next to Isabel. She smiled at her and started to talk.

“I know these last few weeks have been really hard. And I realize how difficult losing Alex must have been for you. It was terrible for me, and then when I think how Max almost left . . . Okay I have a point here and it’s just . . . I know what it’s like to lose the love of your life, and if you ever want to talk about anything I wanted you to know I’m here for you Isabel.”

Isabel looked at Liz and couldn’t decide if she should blow her off or let her in. She really needed someone to talk to so she chose the latter.

“Thank you. That really means a lot to me Liz. This has all been too real ya know. I mean losing Alex and everything about Tess. God if I ever see that bitch again she won’t live to tell about it.”

Liz smiled at this and replied “Not if I see her first!” They both laughed, breaking the tension.

“I can’t believe I ever trusted her! It seems like the second she came to town everything started to spin out of control.”

“I know what you mean.”

“I really still don’t trust her. With everything that has happened how do we know she was actually pregnant? We don’t know anything now.”

“I want to believe that there is no baby but there is. I just never imagined Max having a child that wasn’t . . . ours.” Liz said sadly.

“He loves you so much Liz. That’s why I don’t understand why he would even consider sleeping with her. I know you were with Kyle but that was so long ago and for some reason I never believed you actually would hurt my brother like that.”

“That’s because I didn’t. Isabel what I am about to tell you, you can’t tell anyone only Maria knows and I’m planning on telling Max but not yet. Okay?”

“Okay” Isabel said thinking what on earth Liz was talking about.

“It all started when Max came back from the future. . .”

Los Angeles, California

“We have to get that book,” Wesley said to break the silence.

“Your right so we’ll get the book and head back to Sunnydale to figure this all out.” Angel said.

“One problem” Cordelia said raising one finger in the air “We have to find this princess best friend or it’s a no go.”

“We’ll worry about that later let’s just go get the book and we can talk about finding the girl on the way.” Willow spoke up for the first time since Fred stopped talking “I’ll call Giles and tell him were on our way back. I think I’ll wait to tell him about the book until we know for sure. He just lost his ‘daughter’ tonight and I don’t want to get his hopes up just yet. Okay?”

“Let’s hurry” Angel said and they headed out the door.

Roswell, New Mexico

“That’s unbelievable. God Liz I am so sorry” Isabel said through tears. She couldn’t believe that Liz gave up her whole life’s happiness for her and the rest of the world.

“It’s ok really I just wish it didn’t hurt so much. I kept telling myself I did the right thing by letting Max go that I was saving the world. Instead I almost got you and Max killed and I did get Alex killed.”

“No Liz there was no way you could have known that Tess would do that.”

“I know Iz, it’s just really hard to know that your best friend who is now dead would have danced at your wedding until you changed the course of history.” Liz said fighting back the urge to cry.

“Alright lets make a pact right here and you have to swear you’ll keep it” Isabel said seriously with a slight smile on her face.

“What is it?” Liz asked curiously.

“We won’t let Alex’s death be for nothing. When we see Tess again we’ll make her pay. She doesn’t deserve to live! So you and me are gonna tear her apart next time we meet.” Isabel’s voice rose as she stated this pact.

“It’s a deal but we might want to let Maria in on this. She’ll want to take a swing at Tess too.”

“The more the merrier!” Her voice was light and then turned serious. “Thank you Liz. For everything you did. I don’t think I could have been that selfless. So thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“Ya know I had the strangest dream tonight. It’s why I came here.”

“Me too.”


“Yeah, you go first”

Isabel told Liz about the pain she experienced when she was talking to Max. And then the dream and how she was supposed to find someone named Angel to save this girl from death.

“After that I really needed to talk to someone and Alex has always been so good at listening to me.” Isabel said.

“Wow. That’s really strange. Do you think we should maybe look for this Angel guy?”

“Yea . . . I actually do, but where do I start? A first name isn’t really a lot to go on ya know. Now what about your dream?”

“Oh yeah! Okay it was kinda weird but what hasn’t been weird these days. Anyway Alex was in my dream and he told me to come here to find you. He said that we were both going to need each other for what was to come. He said we were going to learn about something but he didn’t say what.”

“Good old Alex always looking out for us,” Isabel said with a grin. “So, we should probably tell everyone about this.”

“You’re right. Tomorrow we should have a meeting or something.”

“Yeah. Hey listen I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to sleep so if your up to it why don’t you come over and we’ll watch a video and go over what were gonna say at the meeting tomorrow?” Isabel smiled and hoped she’d say yes. She really wanted a close friend but was always afraid to let anyone in.

“That sounds like fun! I really didn’t want to go home yet anyways.”

They got up and walked back to Isabel’s.

Part 6

Isabel and Liz got to the Evanses’ and were now both sprawled out in front of the TV asleep. Isabel rolled over and her hand was lightly resting on Liz’s arm. The second Isabel touched Liz their dreams became intertwined.


They were both standing in the background watching the scene play out. From what they gathered the two women sitting there were themselves in a past life.

“Vonnie! Come on! You have got to be kidding me!”

“I’m not I saw him looking at you today and I almost smacked him!”

“I’m sure, the King looking at me! This?” she said pointing to her face “Uh huh I’m not believing that one!”

“Oh stop it Hailey! You know what? That’s it! I think it’s time to take matters into my own hands and get you two together already.” Vilondra smirked at the look of pure dread in Hailey’s face.

“Noooo Vonnie please! You can’t say one word to your brother! Promise me! Besides what about Avaria?”

“Oh please Avaria? Like that’ll happen! Zan has been in love with you forever, and if you don’t speak up soon then my parents are going to force him into marrying her.”

Before Hailey could respond another girl walked up to the two “Sooo what are two up to?”

“Nothing,” Hailey responded quickly.

Vilondra let out at a laugh “Well, your cousin and I were discussing a possible suitor for her.”

“Talking about Zan again huh? You know Hail I’m starting to get tired of you two pining away for each other. He wants you and you know it so go to him already!”

“Well Corrine I appreciate the advise but he is currently with Avaria so I can’t possibly tell him how I feel.”

“Oh please?! Avaria? Like that’ll happen!”

Vilondra and Hailey started laughing at that.

“What!” Corrine demanded.

“I said the exact same thing!” Vonnie said.

“Best friend telepathy I guess!” Corrine smiled and continued “I don’t trust Avaria. Something is way off about that chick.”

“Yea well that’s ‘cause Hailey is your cousin and Avaria seems determined to make sure no one but her gets a chance at being with my brother. Besides what could be more off about a girl than one who’s part of the royal court by day and demon killer by night!”

Corrine hit her playfully on the arm and glared at her.

“Riiiight Vonnie” Hailey said “Your just saying that because you have a thing for her brother Kivar!”

All three girls burst out laughing and started into another conversation.


Isabel and Liz both sat straight up in their sleep. “Oh my god!” Liz exclaimed “Iz did you see it?”

“Yea but what the hell was it?” Isabel asked Liz with panic written all over her face.

Just then Max walked out into the living room. He thought he heard someone shout and he could have sworn it was Liz. He pushed that thought out of his mind and decided to just make sure nothing was wrong. Imagine his surprise when he found his sister and Liz having a slumber party. He took one look at their faces and knew something was up. There was worry written all over them.

“What happened,” he demanded.

Isabel and Liz kept passing each other looks. It looked like some sort of nonverbal communication. It looked they were deciding something when Max broke the silence.

“Could one of you please explain what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing Max. Liz and I were engulfed in girl talk and we didn’t realize how loud we were being.” Isabel smiled sweetly and hoped Liz would play along.

“Yea Max were really sorry we woke you up we promise to be quiet. Okay?”

“So you guys are just having a pajama party? That’s it?”

“Yes Max no evil alien bitch’s . . . Cough . . . Tess . . . Cough . . . have attacked, nothing strange and unusual happening here. It’s just me and Lizzie having some good old fashioned girl talk. Now if you don’t mind you weren’t invited to this party so move it along” Isabel said and laughed at the face her brother was making. This was too easy.

Max stood there for another minute staring at Liz. He hurt her so much and now he was going to make it up to her. No matter what he would find a way to make it better. He smiled at Liz then turned to glare at Isabel before he retreated to his room.

When he was out of earshot Liz looked questioningly at Isabel.

“What? I didn’t think that you would want to tell him that you two were in love on our home planet and bring all that soul mate stuff up now!”

“Or did you not want to tell him about your crush on our enemy?” Liz asked with a smirk on her face.

“Right” she rolled her eyes “So Liz, how the hell were you on Antar before?”

“I have no idea.”

Part 7

(The next morning)

Liz and Isabel slowly woke up from their sleep around 12:00. After their dream neither one went back to bed until 5 and by that time the sun was starting to rise.

Liz realized she never told either of her parents she was at Isabel's. “Oh god!”

“What? Did you have another dream?” Isabel asked concerned.

Max heard Isabel’s question and walked into the living room “What dream? You guys said everything was ok!”

“No I just forgot to let my parents know where I was and they are going to kill me!”

“I can give you a ride home if you want?”

“No! I mean if they see you bringing me home they’re never going to believe I was over here for Isabel. Maria has to work in 20 minutes so I can have her pick me up.”

“Why don’t you use the phone in the kitchen I’ll be right there” Isabel suggested.

“Okay, thanks” Liz slowly walked out of the living room and made her way into the kitchen.

“What’s going on Iz?” Max questioned.

“Nothing Max. God I told you yesterday we were just having a little girl bonding.”

“Isabel since when do you bond with anyone?”

“Fine Max I’ll tell you the truth, but I don’t know if you can handle it” Isabel said in a serious tone.

“Try me.”

“Liz and I are now together. Like together as in a couple. Last night we decided to give up on you men since really you’re all assholes and what can I say I guess Liz really likes our family!” Isabel tried to hold back her laughter. ‘He was such a sucker!’ The look on his face was priceless. ‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I never have a camera when I need one!’

“What?” Max said his voice was barely audible.

Liz heard what Isabel told Max and decided to have a little fun and play along. She walked into the living room and stood next to Isabel “I’m really sorry Max. I wish you wouldn’t have found out this way.”

Max had a million things running through his head. Okay, he knew he hurt Liz really bad maybe beyond repair but to give up on all men completely? And Isabel did just lose the guy she loved but did that really mean she wanted to be with women now?

Isabel and Liz looked at Max’s face and then back at each other. He looked dumfounded. That was really the only word to describe it. They couldn’t contain their laughter any more and both of them collapsed into a fit of giggles.

When Max heard them laughing all thoughts stopped. He realized they totally played him.

“Your. . . your face . . . priceless!” Liz said trying to catch her breath. They heard the doorbell and Isabel went to answer it. Maria walked in to find Isabel and Liz laughing hysterically and Max who had a pissed off look on his face.

“What happened here?”

“I’ll explain on the way” Liz said “Bye Max. Bye Izzy! Oh I almost forgot we’ll meet at the Crashdown at nine. I’ll call Kyle. Don’t be late!” Liz said as she was walking out the door.

“Ok bye baby!” Isabel exclaimed. Her and Liz started laughing all over again.

When Maria and Liz were outside Liz was still laughing.

“Okay I don’t think I want to know,” Maria said and got into her car.

Inside the house Max was glaring at Isabel.

“What?” she said and started cracking up. Max stormed out of the room and slammed his door. Isabel laid back down in the living room and laughed. Her brother was so gullible when it came to Liz Parker. Soon she was back asleep.

Part 8

(Isabel’s dream)

Isabel was once again standing in the darkness alone. This time though the darkness wasn’t as unnerving as her last dream. She stood there in silence for a little while until she heard a familiar voice.


“Alex,” she said barely above a whisper.

“I’ve missed you Izzy.”

“I’ve missed you too Alex. But I don’t understand any of this. Can you help me understand why Liz and I are sharing dreams and why I have to help a stranger who’s visited me in my dreams? And it’s not like the ones where I saw Laurie Dupree. This is different.”

“You’re right this is different. I can’t tell you why this is happening but I can tell you that this will change everything that you think you know. About everything. Right now I know you’re confused but I know you can handle this. You’ll know what this is about soon and I’ll be here to help you.”

Isabel looked at Alex and smiled weakly. This made absolutely no sense to her. “Well, thank you Alex. I just wish I knew what the hell was going on.”

“I know you do, and you will soon. I have to go now Iz. I’ll see you again soon.” Alex smiled sadly. He wished so much that they could be together for real. Not in her dreams. But he knew that this was the way things were supposed to be. But a guy could wish right?

“Bye Alex,” Isabel said as he disappeared. Soon another figure appeared. It was the girl from her earlier dream.


“Who are you?”

“You don’t remember yet do you?”

“What are you talking about! No I don’t remember and I want to know what the hell is going on! Now!” Isabel shouted.

“Calm down. It’s ok. I’m Buffy Summers. I need you to help me Isabel. You have to find Angel.”

“How? And why me? Why do I have to find this Angel?”

“Because it has to be you. Do you remember anything about your past life?” Buffy asked.

“A little. Bits and pieces of it. Wait, how do you know I’ve lived before?”

“I know this because I was there too. I didn’t know it until I came here. That’s how I knew I had to find you. You or my cousin.”

“Liz? Is Liz your cousin?”

“Yeah. I had to find one of you. I knew if I found you then you guys could help me."

“How do we help. And Liz is human how was she from Antar?”

“It’s a long story and I don’t have time to tell you it. You’ll remember soon enough.”

“Okay well let’s say I believe you. Where can I find Angel?”

“I think he should be in Sunnydale by now. But you have to hurry. I don’t have much more time here. If I don’t get out soon then I’m stuck here. So please Isabel hurry. I have to get back,” Buffy pleaded. “I have to go Isabel. I’m sorry.” Buffy faded out leaving a very confused Isabel standing in the dark.

“Wait! Buffy come back! Wait!” she shouted.

“Isabel? Izzy?” She was shaken from her dream and found Max standing over her.

“Max?” She asked sitting up.

“Yea Isabel what happened?”

“What time is it?”

“What? It’s five thirty why?”

“I have to find Liz. Let’s go to the Crashdown.”

“Now? We’re supposed to go at nine.”

“I know but I need to tell Liz something.”

“Okay what’s going on? Why are you all the sudden confiding in Liz?”

“Look I don’t want to fight so can we just go?”

“Yea come on,” Max said while he went to get his keys.

(The Crashdown)

“No you didn’t!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well Isabel did it and I went along you shoulda seen Max’s face!” Liz said smiling as Michael walked into the kitchen to start his shift.

He gave Maria a quick kiss and turned back to Liz “What did Isabel do?”

Before Liz could respond Maria started “Liz spent the night there last night and when Max wanted to know what was going on she told him that her and Liz were a couple.” Maria said smirking.

Michael looked at Liz and then Maria and smiled “And he bought it?”

“Well,” Liz started, “it didn’t really last long because the look on his face was just too damn funny. We started laughing and he caught on.”

“Don’t look now because here he comes,” Maria said and walked out of the kitchen. “Hi Max, Isabel.”

Max mumbled a hi and Isabel pushed past her into the kitchen.

“What’s up with her?” Maria looked at Max for an answer but he just shrugged and followed Isabel into the kitchen.

“Liz! Oh my God! It happened again! I saw her!” Isabel exclaimed.

“Saw who?” Kyle said while walking into the kitchen.

“Kyle, what are you doing here?” Maria asked.

“I came for dinner but I saw everyone back here.”

“Ok I want to know what the hell you two aren’t telling us!” Max yelled.

“Max I thought they told you. They’re dating now so it’s ok for them to have secrets,” Maria smiled at Max.

“What?! Isabel and Liz? Okay I think I’ll get dinner at home. I’ll see you guys later,” Kyle said as he started to walk out of the room.

“Kyle stop,” Max said. “Isabel and Liz are going to tell us all what’s going on right now!” He demanded.

“Isabel and Liz aren’t telling you anything Max! You can’t order us around! This has nothing to do with you!” Liz said while glaring at Max.

“I have no idea what’s going on here but we have a restaurant full of people waiting to be served,” Michael cut in.

“No! I want to know what is going on, and I want to know now!” Max said forcefully while looking at Liz.

“I don’t have to answer to you! You’re not my king! So why don’t you go back to trying to save your son and leave me alone!”

“So you’re going to throw that back in my face huh? Look, Liz this isn’t the time to talk about that! I just want to know what is happening to you and my sister!”

Everyone was quietly watching the scene play out in front of them. They saw people looking into the kitchen and realized Max and Liz were getting a little loud but no one dared interrupt them.

“This is the perfect time to talk about that! God look at us! We’re dysfunctional! All of us! We’ve only talked about this once and that was only to fill Jim in on all this shit! I think its time to face responsibility here Max! This is tearing all of us up inside and no one wants to talk about it. Everyone wants to pretend that things are still okay, that nothing happened. Well guess what? It did happen, and I am sick of pretending everything is normal!” Liz shouted and tried to hold back her tears.

“Ya know what? Forget it! Maria close early I’m going to bed!” Liz turned and ran up to her apartment.

“Wow.” Kyle said “So her and Isabel huh?” He said looking at Michael.

“OH SHUT UP KYLE!” Maria yelled.

“Um . . . excuse me” a petite red headed woman casually walked into the kitchen interrupting them.

“Who the hell are you?” Michael asked.

“God Michael rude much?” Isabel said weakly smiling at the stranger “I’m sorry sometimes he doesn’t think.”

“Sometimes?” Maria said smirking.

“No it’s ok I heard all the noise and wanted to see if everyone was okay. My name is Serena.”

“OH MY GOODNESS!” “HOLY SHIT!” Maria and Isabel exclaimed at the same time while everyone in the room looked at them like they were nuts.

Part 9

Sunnydale, California

Everyone was now at Buffy’s house. It had been a few hours since Angel and everyone arrived. They were now discussing how to decipher the book.

“It diffidently looks Native American.” Giles said while studying the book.

“Can you translate it Giles?” Dawn asked with a little bit of hope in her voice.

“I don’t know. I mean we’ll try of course but Dawn please don’t get your hopes up about this. We’re not even sure if Buffy is this girl.”

Angel walked up to Dawn and engulfed her in a hug “If she can be brought back then I swear to you Dawn I will bring her back to you,” ‘And to me,’ he thought sadly. They wasted so much time apart but that was how it had to be. They were different and he could never give her the life she wanted.

“So who’s up for ice cream?” Xander asked trying to lighten the mood.

Roswell, New Mexico

“What?” Serena asked looking at the two girls.

“Umm . . . We . . . ah . . . Isabel?” Maria said. Liz had told her Isabel knew about the whole future thing so hopefully she could think of an excuse.

“Oh it’s just Liz is really upset right now, so Maria and I are just gonna go check on her.”

“Right! We’re gonna check on her.” They both started to turn and leave when Michael spoke up.

“Stop.” He looked at Serena “Listen we’re all okay so if you don’t mind you can go now.”

“So I guess some things never change huh?” Serena smiled at Rath . . . or . . . Michael . . . whatever . He was exactly how she remembered him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” An extremely confused Kyle asked. It was bad enough he walked into this conversation and was now stuck here. All he really wanted to do was get dinner and maybe catch a game on TV.

“It’s just that your Michael here is exactly like Rath.”

“Talk now!” Michael commanded as he stared icily at this woman in front of him.

“I have to wait for her first.” Serena replied as if that was enough of an explanation.

“Who?” Max finally spoke up. He felt really bad about how he talked to Liz but she was just to damn stubborn sometimes. Didn’t she know he only wanted to protect her? Did she not realize that she was everything to him? Of course she doesn’t he thought bitterly. How could she when he was busy with Tess. Now that in itself was this whole other problem he didn’t even want to think about now.

Serena’s voice drew Max out of his thoughts “Hailey” she said simply. “Wait let me guess your next question is going to be who is Hailey? Am I right?” The smile on her face was really starting to really piss Kyle off. He wanted to make sure Liz was fine, and then go home. He realized that was not going to happen anytime soon. Not with this chick beating around the bush for the past 15 minutes.

“Wow you guessed it now answer the damn question today already! Some of us have better things to do than stand here and play twenty questions.”

“Liz. She’s waiting for Liz,” Isabel said dazed.

“Huh?” Kyle said exasperated. He decided to stop trying to make sense of this when he heard Isabel.

“You remember?” Serena looked to Isabel starting to get excited.

She slowly nodded her head. “Bits and pieces. Liz does too.”

“Good. I need to speak with you and Liz right away then.”

“Ok I want to know what the fuck is going on here!” Max said in a tone that was mixed with anger and confusion.

“Max you’re right you do need to know what’s going on. But right now I think that we should give Liz a little while to cool down before we explain anything” Maria stated calmly.

“Right so whatever! Maria we’ve got to get back to work. We’ll continue this discussion later,” Michael said.

Maria and Michael went back to work and Max, Kyle, Isabel and Serena sat in one of the booths. They sat in silence at first until Max’s voice broke it. “I’m leaving. Call me when you decide to stop lying to me Isabel.” He got up and started for the door. He heard her call his name but decided to keep on walking.

Isabel felt torn. She wanted to tell her brother everything but found it really wasn’t her place to tell Liz’s secrets. She was brought back to reality when she heard Serena and Kyle fighting. ‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘This is just what I need! Another Maria and Michael!’

Max came home to an empty house. His parents were out to dinner in Clovis with some clients, so they wouldn’t be home for a while. He reached his room and fell onto the bed. He was really confused right now. Not to mention the fact he to find a way to save his son. Max cringed at the thought. Quickly scolding himself for doing so. It’s not the baby’s fault he had been born to the wrong mother. He believed the child should have been Liz’s baby.

“I am never gonna get her back,” he said to himself in a defeated tone. He knew he should let her go. Move on. But he couldn’t. He needed her, and he was going to make it right no matter what. He got up to go back to the Crashdown when someone knocked on his window.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Liz felt miserable when she got upstairs. She burst into tears regretting the way she spoke to Max. ‘He was just worried,’ she told herself. She had to find him though. She had to make it right between them. So here she was knocking on Max’s window.

Max opened the shades and found a red eyed Liz staring back at him. He quickly opened the window and pulled her into the room. No words were spoken she just fell into him and held to him tightly as she started to cry. Max wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair, letting her soak the front of his shirt with her tears.

Part 10

Liz slowly pulled herself out of Max’s arms and tried to calm down. She looked into his eyes and started to cry harder.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered through her tears, “I had no right to say that to you, and I’m sorry.” She knew that Max had treated her badly when Alex died, and he was pretty mean to her, but she just didn’t feel right about exploding at him like she did at the Crashdown.

Max felt awful. Here she was apologizing for something that he felt was his fault. He had everything to be sorry for. He deserved anything that she threw at him. “No, Liz, you had every right. I shouldn’t have pushed you like that.”

“You’re wrong. You just wanted the truth. You deserve the truth, the whole truth.”

“Whenever you’re ready I’ll be here okay.”

She sat down on his bed, dazed. “I ruined everything. It’s all my fault.”

“What are you talking about? I messed up not you or anyone else it was all me.”

She reached for his hand and guided him to sit next to her. When he sat she placed both of her hands on the sides of his face and looked into his eyes. “That’s my fault too.” She said sadly.

“Li-“ she put her finger to his mouth to silence him.

“I’ve been keeping things from you for a really long time now Max. I thought what I was doing was for the best.” She paused for a minute while thinking about what to say next. She stood and crossed the room while she went into the speech she’d rehearsed in her head millions of times since Future Max came. Only right now it didn’t feel so rehearsed.

“This is really hard for me so please just let me say it before you say anything.”

What could she possibly have to tell him that would make her think that everything was her fault? He didn’t want to disagree with her so he just nodded his head, and she began.

“The night you sang to me another you from 14 years into the future came to me. I know, I know” she said holding up her hand to stop him from talking.

“It wasn’t a shapeshifter. It was you I’d know you in any timeline Max. He wanted me to make you fall out of love with me. So I said those horrible things to you.” Tears were starting to fall down her face but she didn’t wipe them. She continued her story between her sobs. “Every insecurity you . . . you had about being different and how what we have could never be normal I used. I hurt you. I said I wouldn’t die for you but you know I would. I wouldn’t even think twice. God . . . I . . . I love you so much. So much! And I hate that! I hate that even though you’ve hurt me more than words can even describe I still love you. I still want you.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “And it’s not right that I feel this way. I’m not supposed to feel those things about you but I do.”

“Liz please.” Max didn’t know what the hell to think. He didn’t think that he would ever tell her to make him stop loving her. Didn’t he know that that would never work? And she still loved him. That thought alone made him feel like maybe they did have a little hope left.

“I’m not done yet. Where was I? Oh yea so when that speech didn’t work and the set up with Tess failed I made you think I slept with Kyle. I did all this so Tess wouldn’t leave. I pushed you right into her waiting arms and she killed my best friend. I killed my best friend.”

Max was still confused as to what she was saying. If a future version of himself came then wouldn’t he have known that Tess was working against them.

“Liz you didn’t kill Alex. Tess did.”

“No don’t you see?! I killed him! I changed the future! And for what?! Tess is still gone and I'm short a best friend and a husband!”

“What?” Now he was really confused. What was she talking about?

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She still hadn’t told him everything yet. And the next part of this was going to be the hardest to tell him.

“You and I got married. At nineteen in the Elvis chapel. I think that vision in Vegas was real. And that’s how I know I killed my best friend because Alex was at our wedding.”

“Liz I-“ he didn’t know what to say. They were married in that other life and the purpose of him wanting to change the future was still lost on him. They needed Tess to stay but obviously she didn’t want to in either time so why was it such a big deal that she was here.

“I gave up a lot of things. Everything that we experienced in that other life. Our first time would have been the night of the Gomez concert. I gave up a lifetime of happiness to save the world. And what so great about this world anyway? What’s the purpose of this life? All you ever get is pain and suffering. People live and they die. Big deal. Big fucking deal!”

“Liz, I don’t understand.”

“Right how could you. Well you see here’s the icing on the cake. I caused all this pain to save the world. In the end you guys needed Tess. Her powers. Now the worlds still gonna end and I feel like it’s my fault.”

“We could find Ava. Maybe she would help.”

“Yea she’s different. I mean she’s not like Tess at all. I felt like I could trust her. I know it sounds strange but I felt connected to her in a way.” Liz was rambling on about how finding Ava might actually help, but Max stopped listening. He was lost in his thoughts.

“So you did all this because I asked you to?”




“It didn’t work. I never fell out of love with you. I never will.”

“No! don’t say that! Please don’t say that.” She pleaded with him. “If that’s true then you slept with her when you were in love with me, and I can’t handle that. It would be easier if you had hated me at the time.”

“I don’t know why I did it. She was just there I guess. I am so sorry. I wish this could all be different.”

“So do I.”

“I don’t know what I can do to make this right but I swear to you I will do anything. I need you. When I was with her it was like I wasn’t myself. You weren’t the only one I treated badly. Isabel, I was terrible to her.” He said in a defeated tone.

She walked back to the bed and sat beside him. “I don’t know if you can make this right Max. But I want to forget for a couple hours. I want to pretend for a little while that things are back to normal. So do you think you could just hold me while I fall asleep? I just want to feel your arms around me right now Max. I need to feel safe again.”

He smiled at her and took her hand in his. They climbed under the covers and she leaned her back into his chest while he wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the top of her forehead and whispered in her ear.

“I love you. I will do anything and everything to make this up to you. I promise.”

She didn’t respond to him instead she just smiled and fell asleep. Neither noticed that Max was slightly drumming his fingers against Liz’s waist when he fell asleep.

Part 11

Maria closed the Crashdown and her and Michael were finishing cleaning up. Isabel, Kyle, and Serena were sitting in the booth talking.

Kyle and Serena had been flirting/fighting all night long. Isabel was sick of listening to it. Why was she always the one who got stuck hearing all this? First it was Maria and Michael and now it was Kyle and Serena. She wouldn’t ever admit it but in a way she was jealous. They all had someone. Sure Kyle and Serena weren’t really a couple but still. Maria and Michael seemed closer than ever and well she really didn’t envy Max and Liz right now. But she knew that in time they would work it out.

“Ok ya know what we’ve been sitting here for like three hours. I have had to listen to the two of you nonstop and I think I am going to lose my mind soon so I’m just gonna go wake Liz up so we can find out what the hell is going on. Kay?” She said as she plastered on a sweet, fake smile and walked to the back of the Crashdown.

“What’s up her ass?” Serena looked at Kyle waiting for his answer.

“That’s just Isabel sometimes she’s a bitch but she’s not too bad,” he smirked at her.

“So did you and Isabel ever. . . ?” She let her words hang in the air.

“Ever what?”

“Ya know were you guys ever a couple or anything?”

“Well no,” he replied, and when he saw her smile arrogantly he added, “We just fucked a couple of times.”

Her eyes widened at what he’d just said. She saw the smile that formed on his lips and whacked him on the side of the head. “Jerk,” she mumbled and got up.

Just then Isabel came back into the room looking a little worried. “Liz is gone. She’s not in her room.”

“What!” Maria shrieked. “She’s gone? Oh god Liz wouldn’t just take off without telling me. She’s too smart for that. Someone probably got her. What if one of your little alien enemy’s kidnapped her or something!” She was babbling on and on about different things that could have happened to Liz when Michael interrupted her.

“Or she could have went for a walk. Liz is a big girl Maria she can leave the house by herself you know.”

“I don’t care. Let’s go get Max, and we’ll go look for her” Maria said and headed out the door.

“So I guess were going to get Max” Michael said as he, Isabel, Serena and Kyle watched Maria retreating. They quickly followed her and headed to the Evans’ house.

Sunnydale, California

Everyone except for Angel, Spike and Giles went to get the ice cream Xander suggested.

“I should call Faith” Angel said.

“What? I thought she was in jail?” Giles said a little confused.

“No she got out a month or two ago. We’ve been calling each other here and there just to check up on things.”

“So you got thing for slayers don’t you Angel?” Spike asked as everyone arrived back at the Summers’ home.

“Shut up Spike, or should we tell Angel about your little Buffy bot?” Anya said smirking at Spike.

“Buffy what?” Cordelia asked.

“Long story. Now, what about you calling Faith?” Spike’s reply was nearly drowned out by the amount of ‘what’s’ ‘I thought she was in jail’ ‘are you crazy?’ and things like that.

“Angel that can’t be the best idea” Wesley said.

“Faith’s that chick you were talking to who was in jail right?” Gunn asked.

“Listen I know she’s not your favorite person but she’s the only slayer right now and we are going to need her. I promise she won’t get in the way. You guys need to give her a chance she’s not that bad.”

“This coming from a dead guy,” Xander quipped.

“So I guess you should call her then,” Willow said.

Roswell, New Mexico

Maria burst through the Evans door the second Isabel unlocked it.

“Max! Max we can’t find-” she stopped mid sentence when she opened Max’s bedroom door and saw he and Liz asleep on his bed looking peaceful. At that moment her heart really ached for her best friend. It was so unfair that those two had so much against them yet they loved each other more than anything. Michael walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yep it looks like she was kidnapped by an alien alright Maria” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Shut up!” Maria huffed and Max and Liz slowly woke up.

Liz slowly sat up and looked at Max and smiled radiantly at him. He returned the smile and leaned in and kissed her for the first time since he told her they were leaving. This kiss was different though. This kiss wasn’t merely a goodbye kiss. This was filled with promise and love. It was starting to get more passionate when they heard someone coughing. They pulled apart and standing there in Max’s room were their friends and someone Liz had never seen before. ‘What’s she doing here?’ She thought to herself.

“Hi umm not to sound rude but why are you guys here, and who the hell are you?” Liz asked completely bewildered.

“Well we’re here because Maria was convinced you were abducted by an evil alien, and I guess in a way you were,” Kyle smirked at Max, and Max glared at him.

“Yes, and I’m Serena. I see you’re very much like your brother Liz. He said the same thing to me.” Serena smiled at them while the other six were staring at her in shock.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Liz is an only child” Maria said as understanding dawned on her. “No, come on! You cannot be saying Michael and Liz are siblings! NO way.”

“I have a lot to tell you all,” Serena replied. “Do you remember your pasts? Any of you?”

“Well first I need to tell everyone something before we start,” Liz said and went into the story of future Max leaving a few things out. After everyone was done questioning they got back to the conversation with Serena.

“Liz and I have had this dream that was like a memory, but that’s it for me. Except for this weird dream I’ve had, but I don’t think it has anything to do with our past life.”

“Anyone else?” Serena asked.

“The one with Isabel, and Max and I just had one,” Liz confessed.

“So that’s what the kissing was about! ‘Cause I was like damn let him off easy,” Maria exclaimed.

“I haven’t had one at all,” Michael said a little disappointed.

“It’s okay. Now this is a long story so I suggest everyone get comfortable.”

Part 12

Everyone decided that it would be better to talk in the living room so everyone could sit and relax a little. Max and Liz sat in the love seat while Isabel and Kyle sat on the couch. Maria sat in Michael’s lap on the recliner, and Serena remained standing.

“Okay well first of all what were these dreams about?” Serena asked looking from Max to Isabel and finally resting on Liz.

“Well,” Isabel started, “I guess I’ll start. The one I had with Liz was like a memory of something. We were sitting in a garden just talking. Nothing major. We were talking about Zan and then someone named Corrine came. I said something about her being Liz’s cousin and we mentioned the name Avaria. That’s basically it. It was just girl talk.” Isabel shrugged and looked at Serena waiting for her to respond. When she didn’t she continued “But before that I had a dream where this woman, her name is Buffy, told me to save her from death. She said to find someone named Angel and then she was gone. I had another dream about her earlier today. That’s why I rushed to the Crashdown. So I could tell Liz. Buffy said that her and Liz were cousins.” She decided to keep the part about Alex being there to herself. Maybe she would tell them later but right now it was her secret.

“Yeah I had one earlier that night too. Alex told me that I needed to find Isabel. He said that we would need each other for what was to come. So Isabel and I went to her house and we fell asleep and we both had that dream,” Liz said trying to make sense of everything. She seriously thought her head might explode from all the thoughts running through it right now. Michael was her brother? That really threw her for a loop because they hardly ever talked and when they didn’t it wasn’t exactly polite conversation. He was usually telling her to get lost. Okay so maybe he was her brother? That aside she didn’t know what to do with Max. Yes she did just kiss him minutes ago but that was because she was still reeling from that dream. They were so happy. Only now she was starting to remember the whole he-slept-with-Tess-and-now-she’s-pregnant thing. All she knew was that when this conversation was over she needed to have a major talk with Maria over ice cream. Her best friend could always cheer her up no matter what and right now she really needed to be cheered up. The sound of Serena’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

“What about the one you had with Max?”

Liz looked at Max and smiled at him. That dream was like a fairy tale to her. She nodded her head to let him know she wanted him to tell everyone.

“It was of our wedding,” Max said smiling as he remembered the events of the dream. “It was in the palace and it was a typical royal wedding. It was extravagant and there were so many people there. I remember seeing her walking towards me and she looked so beautiful. The ceremony was long and we woke up after the priest said you may now kiss the bride” Max grinned looking at Liz.

“That’s what the kiss was about. It seemed appropriate.” Liz said

“Wait a second!” Maria yelled “Ohmygod! Liz!”

“What?” Liz asked her best friend confused.

“You did it!”

“Maria?” Liz gave her a look that said ‘what are you talking about.’

“Well once everyone stops looking at me like I’m crazy I’ll continue.”

“Maria you are crazy.”

“Shut up Guerin” Maria gave him a pointed look and continued. “Now, what I was saying is that somehow you gave Isabel and Max those dreams. It’s the only explanation. I mean why hasn’t Michael had one? You probably pulled them into your dreams.”

“That’s partly true” Serena said “Isabel and Liz are having them because of Corrine. Max had one because Liz pulled him into her dream.”

“Huh? Serena can you please explain everything here cause I’ve got a major headache trying to piece all this together on my own,” Kyle said exhausted.

“Your headache is only gonna get worse. Here goes.” She said and went into the long story she had to tell. “I guess I’ll start from the beginning.”

“That would be a nice,” Kyle said and Serena glared at him then continued.

“On Antar Vilondra and Zan were siblings. I think you already knew that. Rath and Hailey were also. Corrine was their cousin and Vilondra’s best friend. I was Vilondra and Zan’s cousin, and Hailey’s best friend. Zan and Rath were best friends also, and Rath was his second in command. So, Zan and Hailey had always known each other but they admired each other from afar. They were both too shy to tell each other they had feelings for one another. Then there was Avaria. She was always getting in their way. She and Zan went on a few dates because his mother was pressuring him to choose a bride. His father had died and he was now king, so his mother wanted him to be married. He was going to give in to his mother by taking Avaria as his bride when Hailey finally approached him. It was so funny. She was so nervous, but Vonnie and Corrine made her do it. She came to me horrified when they told her either she did it, or they were going to.” Serena smiled at the memory.

“Vilondra and Corrine were always getting themselves into trouble. But anyway, after that things between them moved pretty fast. A month later they were engaged, and when Avaria heard she was outraged. She went to her brother Kivar and they planned a rebellion. They plotted to kill Hailey after the wedding. They figured Ava could comfort Zan and then his mother would eventually insist on him remarrying to produce an heir, and ensure the throne. Their plan ended up involving Vonnie and Corrine more. Corrine was what they call on earth a slayer. She fought demons and such. Her sister was also different from everyone. She was special. She was the key to opening portals between the dimensions. It was a legend on our planet, and no one knew that the key actually existed. Only a few of us knew about it and Kivar had learned from Vonnie. She didn’t tell him though. He mind raped her to find out the information he needed about the inside security that would be at the wedding, but instead what he learned would change his plans completely. Now on the night of the wedding Ava and Kivar were in attendance. . . .”

Part 13

Sunnydale, California

Everyone was still gathered at Buffy’s house. They decided to let Angel call Faith because like it or not a slayer was still needed.

Angel hung up the phone and walked back into the living room where everyone was now sitting talking casually. Anya was telling everyone about how her and Xander were engaged and going on and on about things like that.

“Ok she’s on her way” Angel said interrupting Anya

“Great!” Xander said sarcastically.

“Hey it’s not like she wanted to come here either but she is so try not to give her too hard a time” Angel replied.

“Oh right I’ll try not to give her too hard a time next time she tries to kill one of us either” Xander said.

“She scares me” Anya said dipping in the conversation.

“Have you even met her?” Cordelia asked.

“Well that’s beside the point.”

“She scares you? Oh come on you were a demon for how long? And this slayer scares you?” Spike asked amused.

“Shut up Spike. Ya know maybe she doesn’t have to come here at all. Spike could just put the Buffy bot-“ Anya was cute of by Spikes hand across her mouth.

“Get your hands off my fiancé.”

“Anya are you gonna shut up?” Spike asked looking down at her.

“What the hell is a Buffy bot? It’s not . . . no way I mean . . . Spike did you make a Buffy robot?” Cordelia asked.

“Good going Anya” Spike said.

Cordelia burst out laughing when she realized that, that’s exactly what he did. “Why?” she managed to choke out.

“Think about that one Cordy,” Xander said, giving her a look that said ‘duh?!’

“No” she said her laughter died down and now she was trying to figure it out. It couldn’t be what she thought it was. Spike hates Buffy.

“Yes” Willow said.

“Oh God . . . ewww” Cordelia exclaimed and then started laughing again. It was just too funny in a disgusting kind of way.

Angel was fuming. What the hell did Spike think he was doing? Buffy would never stoop as low as Spike. Riley maybe. But not Spike. Right now he wanted to pound on Spike for disrespecting Buffy that way. That was sick. He looked at Spike and voiced his opinions.

“If I ever find out you about you disrespecting Buffy that way I swear to I’ll kill you. That’s disgusting Spike. Besides she would never go for you ever.”

“She doesn’t seem to be going for you either now does she? I recall her being heartbroken about G I Joe leaving her.”

“Spike you don’t know anything about my relationship with Buffy.”

“Oh Angel come off your high horse. When are you going to realize she deserves better than you.”

“Why the hell do you think I walked away from her? I know that but if you think you’re what she deserves your wrong.”

“Who’s been here for her when she needed someone? Not you Angel.”

“Stop it! I can’t take this! She is gone! Why the hell are you fighting over her? She’s gone! This is pointless. You two are fighting over someone who is now dead! Do guys get that?!” Dawn yelled standing up from her seat on the couch. It was the first time she’d spoken since Angel said Faith was on her way. She sat listening to everyone around her and finally she snapped. They were talking as if Buffy was on vacation or something.

“Dawn?” Willow went to touch her arm but she refused and moved away from her.

“No. You think this book could somehow bring her back and instead of trying to figure out that all that shit means you’re standing here arguing over my sister” She was going to break down and soon. This was all too much for her. As if the god’s hadn’t put her through enough the doorbell rang.

Gunn went to the door to find a woman with dark brown hair that rested on her shoulders staring back at him. “You must be-“

“Faith” she cut him off and walked into the house “Whoa why all the sad faces? Aren’t you glad to see me?” She said smiling at everyone “Wow tough crowd.”

“Faith” Xander said and nodded his head.

“Xander” she said returning the gesture. That was when all hell broke loose. Everyone started talking at once. The room was filled with noise. Everyone was having their own little conversations throwing out questions to have them answered by anyone who knew the answer to it.

Soon they were all fighting over how to go about translating the book and Cordelia had filled Faith in on the Buffy bot thing so those two were laughing and Xander was fighting with Angel. Gunn was talking with Fred since both of them were practically clueless about what was going on. While Giles argued with Wesley about how to decode the book, Anya and Willow were fighting like always and that left Dawn sitting in her own world.

After Faith came she sat back down and tried to calm herself down. It wasn’t working. She stood abruptly and stormed out of the room and marched up the stairs leading to her room. She was going to go lay in her bed but as she walked past her sisters room she decided to lay in there.

When she laid down on the bed she realized how tired she was. She soon fell asleep.


She awoke to find herself outside in an extravagant garden. She wasn’t alone though.

“Noelle! Noelle come on” she heard someone yelling.

She turned around and realized that they were yelling at her. Was she Noelle?

“Corrine let’s go. Hailey hurry up! Noelle are you coming or not?”

“Vonnie I’m coming hold on. Sister dear are you gonna get a move on? Come on” Corrine said smiling at her sister.

“Let’s go!” Serena said.

Dawn was now just an observer in her dream. She was no longer Noelle but for some reason she could feel all of Noelle’s feelings while she couldn’t feel the others. The five girls walked along the garden path until they came to a secluded area. Corrine took out the blanket and laid it down. While Vilondra and Hailey took the food out of the picnic basket.

Soon the girls were sitting on the blanket eating their lunch while gossiping.

“Hailey you know Zan was asking about you today” Vilondra said with a mischievous smile.

“Vonnie stop it. Please how many times do I have to tell you Zan is not interested in me like that” Hailey pleaded.

“Besides Rath would kill him if he was” Corrine said while taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Rath would not. I think he would be happy” Serena commented.

“Ya know you and Zan would make a handsome couple.” Noelle grinned at Hailey.

“Thank you guys but no. He doesn’t even know I exist. Not like that anyway. To him I’m just Rath’s little sister.”

“Hailey I live with him. Believe me I know he has it bad for you. He’s always asking me questions about you thinking I won’t catch on that he’s in love with you” Vilondra told her friend.

“Yesterday when I was out in the gardens at night I heard him talking with Avaria” Noelle said smiling.

“You see. He’s with Ava!” Hailey exclaimed.

“No he’s not” Noelle said.

“Noelle what did you hear?” Corrine asked her sister.

“He was telling her that he thought it would be better if they were friends. He said that he didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t be with her. She asked him if there was someone else and he got really quiet. Then she started yelling about how he was cheating on her and he told her he wasn’t. He said that there wasn’t anyone he was with but someone who he couldn’t get off his mind” she explained excitedly.

“He LOVES you!!!” Serena exclaimed happily.

“Who loves who?” A confused Rath came up behind them.

“Nothing!” Hailey said quickly and gave her brother a reassuring smile.

“Well I hate to break this up but Zan wanted to talk with you Hailey.”

The other four girls smirked and Hailey blushed. “Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know. He asked me to come find you so I did. Come on Hal I don’t have all day.”

“I’ll see you guys later” she said looking at her four friends while standing up.

As she and Rath walked away the remaining four girls started to laugh.

“Vonnie did you ask your parents about not having to marry Rath again?” Corrine asked seriously.

Vilondra took on a sad look “Yes. They won’t budge either. It’s insufferable really.”

The dream switched scenes and this time Dawn was all alone in a dark room.

“Dawn” a voice called out to her.

She knew that voice. That was Buffy.

“Dawn” Buffy repeated.

“Buffy?” she asked weakly.

“Yes it’s me Dawn.”


Dawn shot out of bed like the sheets had burned her. ‘What in the hell was that all about? That was freaky. What could it possibly mean?’ she thought This was all to much for her to handle. She could hear voices downstairs but they seemed so far away. That was her last thought before she slipped into unconsciousness.

Part 14

Everyone was too involved in their own arguments to notice a very distraught Dawn leave the room and head upstairs. Pieces of the various conversations could be heard throughout the house. If someone were to enter the house at this very moment they would describe it as noise. The clashing of the laughter from Cordelia and Faith, mixed with the raised voices of Wesley and Giles, mingling with the shouting of Xander, Angel, Spike, Anya, and Willow, was a sound that could only be described as noise. They kept fighting like that for hours.

Fred was the first to notice Dawn’s small figure missing from the room. They were all too wrapped up in their own conversations to notice her leave the room, or where she went. Did she go outside? Did she go upstairs?

“Uhm . . . guys?” Fred asked in a loud whisper. She was still unaccustomed to being back on earth. She was used to staying hidden, not making her presence known. Gunn was the only one to hear her because he was the one talking to her. Everyone here knew one another. The only two new people to join the group were he and Fred, so it was natural that they would talk to one another.

Gunn knew that Fred’s voice was not loud enough to be heard. He decided that he would help her get the attention that she needed to make the announcement that she wanted to make. He brought his thumb and index finger to his mouth. The shrill whistle drew everyone’s attention away from the conversations at hand and brought it to Gunn. “Fred, was there an announcement that you wanted to make?” Gunn asked now sure that they had everyone’s full attention.

“Yeah . . . uh . . . well does anyone know where Dawn went because she is not here in the room anymore? She was in here when Faith arrived, but she is not here anymore,” she said, unsure of how this boisterous group would take the news that a teenage girl was now missing. After Fred finished the statement everyone surveyed the room looking for Dawn’s face. Soon everyone noticed that Fred was right. Dawn was missing.

There was no time to lose. Faith had to go on patrol, and a lot of time was wasted arguing over how to decode the book when they should have been researching and exploring all options. Angel, Spike, and Gunn accompanied Faith on patrol, while the rest of them searched to try to find a lead on the book and its contents. Xander was the one who offered to check around the house to see if Dawn was there or if she left a note explaining where she went.

Xander checked Joyce’s room first. Finding it empty he moved to see if Dawn was in her room. He slowly opened the door to find her bed empty. His last hope was that she went to Buffy’s room. It made sense that she might feel safer in Buffy’s room than her own. He opened the door to find Buffy’s bed vacant. His stomach dropped when he saw her body sprawled on the floor next to the bed.

“Dawn,” he yelled running to her side. He saw the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest and listened to the slow and steady sound of her breaths. She was all right. He knew that she did not fall asleep on the floor decided to wake her up and find out what happened. He shook her lightly trying to bring her back to consciousness. When that failed he decided to shake her more firmly.

Dawn’s eyes fluttered open after a few forceful shakes from Xander. She looked at her surroundings trying to place where she was. Buffy’s room. She thought after recognizing that she was in her sister’s room. She sat up, and was immediately hit by a wave of dizziness. “Xander,” she whispered, “what happened?”

“I don’t know Dawnie? Why don’t you tell me? We noticed that you were not in the living room, and did not know where you were. We are searching outside and inside the house right now looking for you. I guess I won the prize because I was the one that found you. Why were you passed out on the floor?” He asked wondering how she ended up on the floor, when it is obvious that she was in the bed.

“I remember coming upstairs to get away from all your fighting and when I saw Buffy’s room I thought that I would feel . . . closer to her. When I fell a sleep I had this really weird dream.”

“Was that it Dawn? Was it just a weird dream?” Xander replied not knowing what to think. “How did you end up on the floor?”

“OhmyGod!” Dawn whispered quickly. She jumped to her feet, pulling Xander’s arm, forcing him to stand as well. She looked up into his eyes and said, “I saw Buffy.”

“What is so weird about a dream with Buffy? You’ve been through a lot, and. . . .” He trailed off when he noticed that Dawn was not listening to a word that he was saying.

She ran out of her room so fast. You would have thought that Satan himself was at her heels, and she was running to save her soul from his clutches. Rushing down the stairs, not caring that her thunderous footfalls were echoing throughout the house. She turned to face the group in the living room.

They were busy trying to concentrate on researching on researching the symbols that were found in the book. They heard the sound of a person rushing down the stairs. Expecting to see an excited Xander, they were surprised to see Dawn on the landing. The same expression was mirrored on everyone’s face: surprise. Dawn was a mess. Her hair was a tousled from sleep, and her clothes were wrinkled. The most noticeable aspect was that she was not able to stand still. She was hopping from one foot to the other. She looked like a little girl that needed to go to the bathroom. She was a bundle of nerves. Something has happened to her that made her this uneasy and anxious.

Nothing could have prepared them for what she then said.

“I saw Buffy.” She said excitedly. She continued on immediately not waiting for their response. “I had this dream, and then she was there. She was not there, but at the end she was there. Well, the there that I saw her in was not the there of the dream. She was in the dream, but not in the dream. I saw her. I saw my sister. I saw Buffy. Not dream Buffy, but Buffy Buffy. She was real. I think she wanted to tell me something. I’m not sure. She only said six words. She didn’t say ‘six words,’ but a total of six words. I don’t know what she wanted to tell me. They weren’t a good six words. Three of the words were my name. There must be a reason why she wanted to tell me something. I wish that she told me what, but it’s not her fault I was the one that woke up. Why did she have to scare me like that? I guess I fainted after that because Xander found me passed out on the floor. That was a weird dream. The dream without Buffy was already weird, but then Buffy came and made it weirder. I don’t even understand the dream at all. I saw Buffy. Do you guys hear me?” Dawn did not take a chance to breathe in between the sentences of her rant, leaving those in the living room stunned, and a speechless Xander behind her. They were barely able to retain the information she divulged.

“What?” Cordelia said, voicing the one thing that all the others thought.

“Don’t you understand what I told you?” Dawn said growing tired of talking. She said her next three words calmly and slowly “I . . . Saw . . . Buffy.”

“Cordelia, call Angel. Let him know that we found Dawn, and that she is here. Sunrise is approaching so they will be heading back anyway. Let them know that the sooner they get here the better. Dawn has an announcement to make,” Wesley said.

“Okay, hopefully he remembered to turn on his phone.” Cordelia said as she left the living room and headed to the kitchen.

“Dawn, why don’t you take a seat on the couch? We will wait for the others to arrive, and then you can fully explain your dream to the entire group at once, that way you don’t have to say it twice.” Giles said, while leading Dawn to the couch.

“Can I help with anything?” She asked. “You don’t expect me to just sit and wait for them to get here do you?”

“Of course you can help. Right now we are searching through various texts trying to find a connection to the Prophecy in the book, or Native American symbols that look similar.” Giles answered handing Dawn a couple of texts.

“Thanks,” she said taking the books from Giles’ hand. Opening the book, she prayed that this could hold some information that could bring her sister back to her. She could not complain. At least they were not fighting anymore.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The entire group waited in silence for Dawn to begin her explanation of what happened in her dream. Everyone’s attention was fixed on Dawn and what she had to say. No one was arguing. No one was laughing. They were all interested in what she had to say, giving her their undivided attention. She liked the silence, but most of all she liked the attention they were all giving her.

“Before I start I want to apologize to all of you. I was inconsiderate to leave the room without telling you where I was going. I just couldn’t stand the noise. I wanted to get away, so I went upstairs to take a nap, and I thought that I would feel closer to Buffy if I was in her room.” She said calmly before getting in the dream.

“That’s okay,” Willow said. “We understand. We never bothered to think how the arguing would affect you, and for that we are sorry.” Willow said, speaking for the group. “Just promise to never do that again. If you do go somewhere let someone know where you are going, kay.”

“Okay I promise,” she paused, giving her a few seconds to center her thoughts. “Now, I don’t know where it came from. The only word that I can think to describe it is weird. I was in this huge garden. There were flowers all around me in every color imaginable. The pinks were soft and the reds were vibrant. The blues were rich and the purples were deep. They were absolutely beautiful. The fragrant flowers scented the air, and the grass was so lush. This was like the most incredible place that I have ever seen. The weird part is that it seemed familiar. Like I should know it. I don’t know why because I have never seen it before. The sky was clear and the sun was shinning brightly.

“Then I heard this girl calling. She looked like she was calling me, but she was calling me Noelle. Then they started walking down this path to a secluded area off to the side. There were five girls including Noelle. I could always feel what she was feeling at the time, but only her. I could not feel anyone else. There was a girl named Vonnie. She kept teasing another girl, Hailey, that Zan, Vonnie’s brother, loved her even though he was with this other girl, what was her name. Ava. He was with this other girl, Ava. This Hailey had an older brother. They said his name was Rath. He came to take Hailey to see Zan. The Noelle girl had a sister that was there on this picnic, her name was Corrine, but the fifth one’s name was never revealed. I have never met anyone that went by those names before. I never really saw faces, only like shapes. The only thing that was clear was the landscape. They were having this girl talk, when suddenly the scene changed.

“It didn’t feel like a dream anymore. It felt a lot more real. The garden landscape disappeared in to a black void. That was when I saw Buffy. She called to me twice, and then I said ‘Buffy?’ She answered me, and then I woke up. I must have been totally wigged because I jumped out of bed. I don’t know what it was that she wanted to tell me, but I do know that she wanted to tell me something, something important.

“Then, the next thing that I remember is waking up on the floor with Xander shaking me. Thanks Xander, now I have this killer cramp in my neck. On top of the headache that most likely got from hitting my head on the floor,” Dawn said while rubbing her neck then moving to massage her temples.

The group did not know what to say. Her dream was weird. What else would you call a dream where people are amorphous shapes, and your dead sister talks to you from beyond the grave? How did she come up with that? Where in her subconscious, were those images coming from?

“Giles?” Willow asked trying to get his attention. “What do you think that could have been?”

“Well . . . uh . . . honestly I haven’t the slightest idea. I don’t quite know where to begin.”

“Do you think that maybe Dawn can go back to sleep and try to see if it happens again? I mean if it does then it must mean more than just a dream. I could be wrong, but then . . .” Fred trailed off, noticing all the attention that she was getting.

“That might work. No one else has any ideas about what we might do to explain what it was that happened.” Wesley said.

“I can’t. I am way too amped to go back to sleep,” Dawn said. It was true. All the excitement had her adrenaline flowing through her veins. This might be the first step to getting her sister back.

“I could sing you a lullaby, I have always wanted to do that,” Anya said jumping into the conversation.

“That is not necessary Anya. Dawn can help us with the research. We all need to work on decoding the symbols of the book. That is our strongest lead. When Dawn tires of researching she can go and try to sleep. We should not rush this. The dream happened unexpectedly. If we try to push her it most likely won’t resurface.” Giles said to the group, knowing that Dawn did not want to hear Anya sing. He looked around the room to find relieved expressions from the group. Apparently they did not want to hear Anya sing either.

“Yes, well, shall we return to researching then?” Wesley added. They did not have a lot of time to do this. He knew it and so did the rest of them. Soon they were all looking through books and on the web, searching for any clue that they could use to decode the symbols of the prophecy.

Little did they know, that the answer that they were searching for could be found on the web or looking through books. There aren’t books or websites that help to decode an alien language. Dawn’s dream was the best link and strongest clue that they had to discovering what the contents of the book were. That dream was a link, the link, to Buffy.

Part 15

Roswell, New Mexico

(Evans’ house)

“So, Kivar got the information about the wedding that he wanted to get from Vonnie, but he also learned of the legend of the key. I am going to guess, that you don’t fully understand the legend, am I right?” They all nodded in response. “Okay, For now we will put the story on pause, and I will explain the key, and its importance. The legend was that there were two girls who could unlock a great power. Each girl was as important as the other. The vessel of power is the granolith. To keep the power out of the wrong hands there was a catch. Because the key was split into two halves, each half is useless in unlocking the power of the granolith. Do you all understand?” Serena looked around the room to see nothing but blank stares from everyone except Liz.

“Yeah, I get it. It is actually quite simple when you think about it,” Liz replied. “Come on guys don’t you get it?”

“No! Come on Liz I am not the science princess or whatever you call yourself in the lab,” Maria replied.

“Okay, forget about the past for a minute. Now lets say that the granolith is a car. How do you start the car?”

“Put the key in the ignition,” Kyle replied.

“Good, okay, so lets say that I cut this key in half, one part is the top and the other is the bottom. Can you start the car? No, because if you insert the bottom you can’t turn the key to get the engine to start. And for the other half, there is nothing to insert into the ignition. So, to put this back in terms of the granolith, If you have one girl without the other you can’t unlock the power. Understand?”

“Oh, I get it, why couldn’t you say it like that Serena?” Kyle said.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that your level of comprehension was so low,” Serena responded.

“Hey. I resent that.”

“Come on Kyle you know it’s true,” Maria interjected. “Can we get back to the past now that we know what this legend is all about? Is it get back or go back. Maybe it is neither . . . never mind. You all know what I meant.”

“Okay, back to the explanation. After Kivar got the wedding information from Vonnie, he discovered the truth of the key. He knew of the legend, but that was what he thought it was, a legend. When he found out that this was real he wanted to possess the power for himself. Unfortunately for him Vonnie didn’t know much about this. She was not into the technology or science of our world, so she did not bother learning about neither the key, nor the granolith. He did know that Hailey loved science and technology, so he went to her to get the information that he needed. On the day of the wedding He and Avaria were in attendance like I said.

“Before the ceremony Kivar led Hailey out to the gardens. He said that he wanted to give her something before the ceremony. Zan trusted him so his motives were not questioned, and it was felt that she did not need her guards with her. When they were alone he mind raped her. He learned who the key was, that the key is made up of two individuals that must be used together, how to use it with the granolith to unlock the power, and that Corrine is the slayer and protector of the key. He planned on killing Hailey, but decided it would hurt Zan more if she died later on, after they were married. He figured that there would be more trouble to get what he wanted if she was dead. Are you all with me so far? I think that you should know that the other part of the key is you Isabel. For a quick recap, Kivar wants power, plain and simple. Ava wants Zan. Noelle, Corrine, Rath and Hailey are family. Corrine is a slayer. Noelle is one half of the key, and the other half was Vonnie.”

“I was the other half of the key?”

“Yes and no. Yes you were one half, and no you weren’t. You still are.”


“To get back to the topic at hand. So Kivar had Ava mind warp Hailey into thinking
that she and Kivar had talked, and when she came back she had a bouquet of flowers. Zan and Hailey were married and everything was perfect for months. Then Kivar made his first move. He kidnapped Hailey and Noelle. Zan was busy with government affairs, so Rath was watching over his sister. Hailey and Noelle went to the courtyard outside the palace walls to play a game. I guess that you could say that it is the Antarian equivalent to tennis. Vonnie, Corrine and I were at the shops. You always complained that he never let you go anywhere alone,” she said looking at Liz. “He was with you and Noelle when Kivar’s men attacked. He died trying to protect you two.” She paused for a moment. There was so much to say, and this is going to be the hardest part of the story. ‘How can I tell them the story of their deaths? I even hate hearing it, and it was not even me who died,’ she thought.

“Kivar had a note delivered to the palace for Zan and Corrine. He knew that they would come for you, and they did. Hailey and Noelle were there with Kivar when they arrived. Then something that he didn’t anticipate: Vonnie came in. Kivar thought Zan would never allow her to come but she did. They were involved for a while, and this was after Zan and Hailey‘s wedding. Kivar was using Vonnie to get closer to Zan so he could put his plot in motion, but he ended up falling in love with her.”

“Oh god,” Isabel groaned.

“He was very possessive of her. At first she liked the attention she got from him, and she was glad to have someone. Vonnie didn’t love Rath and she was being forced to marry him by her mom, just like Zan was with Avaria. Things between them moved very fast. She was betrothed to Rath so they had to keep their affair secret. No one but Hailey and Corrine knew.

“There were always palace functions, and at them Rath and Vonnie had to present themselves as a couple. At one of these Kivar witnessed Rath whispering in Vonnie’s ear while caressing her hand. It wasn’t anything romantic. She and Rath were close friends, but Kivar accused her of cheating on him even though she and Kivar weren’t even allowed to be couple in public. They argued and he hit her. She broke it off soon after that. When Zan found out what happened he forbid Kivar from coming to the palace or being anywhere near his family again. Kivar wanted Vilondra back, and he wanted the granolith’s power.

“He thought if he killed Zan, Hailey, and all the rest of those who are at the head of the government he could rule over Antar with Vonnie by his side. Anyway, when Vonnie came in Kivar faltered at first. I don’t know what was said in that room. I wasn’t there. All I know is what Zan told me when he returned to the palace.”

She took a deep breath before continuing. The rest of the group knew what was coming next, but there was not much that prepared them for what was said.

“Kivar killed Hailey. Zan never elaborated, and I never pressed him for more information. I did care about her. She was my best friend, but I did not want to hear the gory details and have to imagine what happened in my mind. I know that is why he never told me. He was the unlucky one to have to have witnessed everything that occurred. After Kivar killed Hailey he was going to kill Noelle but Corrine came to her defense. She was no match for Kivar. He injured her badly, and he was about to finish Corrine off when Vonnie sacrificed herself. She didn’t think about the consequences. She just felt like she had to try to save Corrine.

“After Kivar killed Vonnie he must’ve gone into shock, because he ran out of the room and went into hiding. By the time that Zan realized that he had to try to save Corrine it was too late.

“Zan’s mother urged him to remarry because their people needed a queen and an heir. Zan only agreed because he no longer cared. Hailey was the only thing he lived for. He loved her so much, and the fact that she was pregnant when she died only added to his grief.”

When Serena said this Max and Liz exchanged a look and they held each others gaze. Liz was the first to look away.

“He had lost his wife, his unborn child, his sister, and two close friends in one day. It was a lot to deal with, so when his mother pressed him he agreed to marry Avaria. He was only a shell of his former self. He no longer cared. He did not even really live. He acted as a machine. Hailey was his heart, and a part of his soul. Without her he was . . . well, he was nothing. Because their people needed a queen, Zan agreed to marry Avaria but Zan wouldn’t perform the duties of a husband. Their marriage was never consummated It was only for show. He didn’t want to be with any one but Hailey.”

“Huh well I guess some things change” Maria said nonchalantly giving Max a pointed look. Everyone else chose to ignore it while Serena looked confused.

“Right. Well, there were only the three of us left from our circle. Zan, Noelle, and I. Kivar soon came out of hiding and his troops raided the palace and we were all killed. When I was recreated I was given all my memories of that life. You all have them but for now they’re locked away somewhere in your brain. I am not sure where, but is in an area that is not used. The only time that you will remember them are when you are going through a stressful time. They did not want you to remember them. You were supposed to live this life without your past mistakes or deaths controlling the decisions that you made.

“I bet you all are wondering why you never knew about Noelle, Corrine, and Hailey. The reason is that they were sent in secret. I am not sure about all the details, but they wanted you, us, to correct the mistakes that had happened in the past. Others, your mother is in this category, wanted you to be recreated just so that you could come back to the planet and stop Kivar. They were rushed when they created them, and were not able to create the pods that you were in. So they altered Hailey, Noelle, and Corrine. Because there were no pods, you had to be born in the tradition al human fashion. That is why you were altered. You three were sent as all human. That way they would not be any different than others on this planet.

“You three were sent after the ‘royal four’ were sent. You each had a guardian who was sent to make sure that you were safe, and created. Two out of the three guardians came back to Antar and said that you were created. They were Corrine and Hailey’s guardians. What happened to Noelle is another story. No one really knows what happened to her. Corrine’s guardian said that she was separated from Noelle’s guardian when they were on Earth. We wanted to keep them together, especially because one set of siblings were already separated. We do know from the last transmission that was sent to our planet by Noelle’s guardian that he had her created, and was sent to a slayer on this planet in the hopes history was repeating itself and this slayer was Corrine. If not he knew that she would keep her safe.”

“What about my dreams? I mean okay so now we know our past but do you think these dreams have anything to do with it? Not the memory ones but the one of Buffy. She said I had to find Angel that we could help her.” Isabel said.

“I don’t know but I think Buffy may be Corrine,” Serena admitted.

“So now what?” Kyle asked “I mean do we devote all our time trying to figure out this whole Buffy/Corrine thing or do we try to find a way to save Max’s son?” He regretted mentioning the baby when he saw the look on Liz’s face.

“What?” Serena said confused. “Max has a son?”

“Yes well Tess was Ava on our home planet and now she’s pregnant with Max’s child” Isabel explained.

When Serena started to laugh Isabel continued “The baby couldn’t survive here on earth so we were planning to go home when we found out she was the one that killed our friend Alex and she was planning to deliver Max, Michael and I to Kivar when we returned” Serena kept on laughing until Isabel finished her next statement “She left in the granolith and now we have no way of saving the baby.”

Serena got very serious at the mentioning of the granolith “You let her take the granolith! How could you do that? Do you have any idea how powerful it is?! Now Kivar has it!” She exclaimed.

“I couldn’t let him die” Max said looking to Serena.

“Who?” she said confused again.

“My son.”

“God! Max what son! You have no son! At least not with Ava or Tess whatever. When you were recreated the scientists made it so the only one who would be able to carry your child is Hailey. They wanted a true heir and the only true heir would be both yours and Hailey’s baby. Therefore you cannot get another woman pregnant. Human or alien. Sorry buddy but your basically shootin’ blanks unless your with Hail, uhm, Liz” Serena chuckled.

Liz listened to all of this and stood abruptly “I have to go” she said quickly while everyone watched her bolt out the front door. Max followed her out the door, which left everyone else in the room in utter confusion.

“Wow, talk about birth control,” Kyle said receiving glares from Maria and Isabel.

Outside, Liz was walking down the driveway when Max called her “Liz.” He said and she didn’t respond “I know this is really confusing but please don’t shut me out. Please Liz.”

“Max I’m not shutting you out. I’m taking a walk and then I’m going home. And your damn right this is confusing! God so you slept with Tess but she’s not pregnant. Am I supposed to be relieved? Ya know what I can’t talk about this now.” She turned to walk away again.

“You can’t just walk away when things get rough Liz.”

“Max could you give me some credit here? I mean I just learned that I am an alien . . . well . . . sort of, I was your wife on another planet, and that I was murdered while I was carrying your child. What do you want from me? I need time alone to think. I really don’t know what to do with any of this. So please let me walk home in peace I need to think. Okay?”

“It’s not safe. What if something happens to you? Please just comeback inside. There is still a lot to talk about, and when we do you can go. Please?”

Liz looked into Max’s eyes, planning on saying that she need to be alone. But when she saw him looking so desperate she couldn’t refuse him. “Okay. I’ll come in,” she replied. ‘What did I just say? I can’t go back in! I have to go. I should run away, go back home,’ she thought.

They slowly walked back into the house to talk over the other things that needed to be resolved.

“Okay,” Serena said as Max and Liz sat down. “I know that you have to have some questions that you will need answered. So . . . shoot.”

“I have one,” Isabel said. “So Liz is all human, not a hybrid like us,” she said pointing to Max, Michael, Serena, and herself, “but does she have any powers?”

“Yes, and no. She like you was programmed, for lack of a better word, to be more evolved than other humans. Her mind is capable of doing all the powers that you can do, but there was a block that was put on her, as well as Noelle and Corrine. We did not want you to expose yourselves unknowingly.”

“Then why do I have one?”

“You what!?!” Serena exclaimed. ‘There is no way that she can have her powers they weren’t supposed to get it until they reached twenty-five in Earth years.’

“Yeah, uh . . . I guess you could say it is astral projection. I only did it once and I needed Isabel’s help. What happened was Rath and Lonnie came to bring Max to this big intergalactic meeting, and Max brought Tess. They went to New York, and something happened and they were going to kill Max. Ava was here with us and told me that I was ‘changed’ and I could save Max. So I connected with Isabel and together we were able to save him.”

“The reason that I was so surprised was that your powers weren’t supposed to surface until you reached your mental peak. For humans that is at twenty five. Something must have happened to the block that was created. I don’t know what it could be though.”

“Oh . . . my . . . God!” Maria said. “I sooo know what set it off, and so do the others, but I want to say it. Please can I say it. I want to feel really important. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.” she begged.

“Yes you can. Just sit down and stop jumping,” Michael said.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou,” Maria said. She calmed down and explained her thought to Serena. “Okay. I’ll give you the short and sweet version. About a year ago Liz and I were working in the Crashdown when she was shot. Max was there and he healed her, sending us down this path that we have gone down to meet at this point,” Maria said smiling afterwards at her contribution to the meeting.

“That is what happened. Of course it should have been obvious. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. What happened was after the connection your souls recognized each others. When Max brought you back from a point so close to death he sorta meshed with you, causing the block to be weakened. In other words the connection, meshing of souls, created a crack in the block. I am guessing that the block has been slowly crumbling away. That was slowly making her powers surface. Have you tried to do any other powers?”

“No, I only did this once. I thought it was Isabel that did the work. I just thought of Max and then suddenly I was on the streets of New York. Wait . . . Are you saying that I have other powers?”

“Yes you do, but that will have to wait until later. We need to figure out what to do. And just so I am thinking straight the Rath, Lonnie, and Ava that you mentioned are the duplicates.”

“Yes, they are. I don’t know why but Ava was really nice, whereas Rath and Lonnie weren’t, and Tess was well, Tess was evil.” Liz said.

“Hmm . . . that is interesting, but we have gotten off topic. I came to find you because Corrine is in danger. We have to save her. She is very important to the fight against Kivar, and so is her soul mate. She never found him on Antar and the prophecy said that he was the pivotal person in the battle that is fast approaching. The confusing part is that it does not mention which side he will be a part of. All I know is that we have to find Corrine, and I think that this Buffy girl is her. We have to find her and save her or else Kivar could win the battle. We are running out of time, and now that Kivar has the granolith. Things don‘t look good. I hate to have to say it, but by the way things are . . . Kivar could win.”

MAX: I know. Tess is missing.
MARIA: Oh, boo-hoo.

MARIA: Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this...this Michael-worshipper here has to say?

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