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Title: Coming Back to Me
Author: Annie
E-mail: Anniepoo98⊕
Summary: Max and Isabel come back to earth after a five year absence. Liz has been waiting for him with her four year-old daughter, Alexia. Read the rest to find out more...
Disclaimer: I only own the story and the characters that have not apperared on the show. the rest belong to upn, Jason Katims, and whoever else owns a piece of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13 (there might be NC-17 stuff later, but there will be warnings on those).

Five Years Later…

Part One…

It had been five years since the last time I had seen him. So much had happened since he was gone. God, I will never forget the night he and Isabel left for their home planet. When he told me he was going to leave, I could feel my heart break. He could too. He promised he would be back as soon as he had saved his son, but I didn't want to let go.
So, that night I held him. I gave him something that had really always belonged to him, my body. He already had my soul. Then he had to go. And I waited.
Michael decided to stay here. There were still enemies among us that we needed protection from. At least that was his excuse, but we all knew he couldn't leave Maria. He could never leave Maria. Michael even made it official last year by marrying her. Now, they were expecting their first child.
Kyle went to college. He received a football scholarship, and decided to attend Las Cruces University. We see him whenever we can. As a matter of fact, Kyle should be home any day now. The sheriff told me that he had graduated last week.
As for myself, I now own the Crashdown. My parents wanted to retire early, so I took over the restaurant. I have taken a couple of business courses at the community college, but I never went away to college. I never studied science. I didn't have the time. Yet, I am happy. That is the effect my daughter has on me. She is a memento of that night five years ago. She is a wonderful reminder of what Max and I have.
Yes, I mean have. I am still waiting for him. I think I always will. He is a part of me.
Anyway, this morning started out normal. I opened up the restaurant. Ran a few errands. Stopped by Michael and Maria's house to see if she needed anything. Then, I went back to the restaurant.
When I walked in the backdoor, this incredible feeling hit me. It was something I hadn't felt in five years. Some part of my brain was telling me to ignore it, but I couldn't. I knew it was him. I could feel it. I walked out front, and sure enough, he was there. In our old booth. Suddenly, I forgot how to walk, how to speak, or how to do anything else but look at him. He looked the same. Older, but still the same.
That was when he got up and walked over to me. The love that I saw in his beautiful eyes almost made me cry. Finally, I was able to find my voice again. "Hi Max."

Part Two…

Those five years of loneliness seem to melt away by seeing her again. She looks wonderful. The same long, chocolate colored hair and deep, dark eyes that I have spent years dreaming about. But why is she still standing there, across the room. I have to get closer to her.
She looks shocked. I guess I would be too. When I finally reach her, she looks like she is going to cry. Part of me wants to wrap my arms around her and never let her go. The other part of me doesn't want to push her too fast.
"Hi Max," she says as she looks into my eyes.
I can feel my heart beating faster. "Hi Liz."
The next thing I knew, Liz had closed the space between us by wrapping her arms round my waist. She laid her head on my chest and began to cry. I could tell people were looking at us, but I didn't care. I had Liz in my arms again. I would hold her for as long as she wanted me too. I could hold her forever.
"How long have you been back," she asked in between sobs.
"Yesterday," I told her as I ran my fingers through her hair. "Is there somewhere we could go to talk?"
Liz took a step back. I felt cold standing there without her. "Sure, follow me."
She led me into the backroom. "Wow, this place hasn't changed has it?"
Liz gave a little laugh. "No, I guess not."
Just then, I heard little footsteps coming down the stairs. I saw Liz wipe the tears from her eyes, attempting to look like she hadn't been crying. A second later, a beautiful little girl came bounding into the room. "Mommy, mommy. Why are you crying?"
Liz looked at the little girl, then at me, and back to the girl. Liz opened up her mouth to speak, but she didn't have to. I already understood what she was going to say.
I could see it in the little girl's eyes. It was like looking into my own. Liz bent down to pick the girl up. "Honey, this is someone I would like you to meet…"
But before Liz could say anything else, the girl let out a scream. "Daddy."
I couldn't believe what was happening. Here was my child, mine and Liz's child. She looked so much like Liz, but she had my eyes. Then, the little girl reached out to me. I took her out Liz's arms and held her close to my heart. The tears came rolling from my eyes. "What is her name," I asked Liz.
Liz took a step toward me, reached out, and started running her hands through the little girl's dark brown hair. "Alexia Josephine Evans."

Part Three… Liz's POV

I could feel my heart swell as I saw him with our child. So tender and caring that it broke my heart because this was the first time he had seen her. Deep within the recesses of my brain, I wondered if this was how Max acted with his son. No, I shouldn't try to think that with Alexia so close.
It amazed me everyday just how intuitive she was to my feelings. That was how she knew I was crying. She could feel my tears.
Max loosened his embrace on Alexia, and looked into my eyes. "She's so beautiful, Liz," he told me through his tears.
"I know." I took Alexia from him, and placed her on the floor. "Listen, baby. How would you like it if I took you to Auntie Maria's for a little while? That way your daddy and I could talk."
Alexia nodded, then turned her attention to Max. "Daddy, don't leave again. It hurts Mommy really bad here," she told him as she pointed to her heart.
Max eyes grew wet with fresh tears. He knelt down beside her and placed a kiss on top of her head. "I promise that I will never hurt your Mommy again."
Alexia hugged her father. "Baby, why don't you go pack some things to play with. I will be down here waiting."
"Okay, Mommy." Alexia bounded upstairs.
As I stood up, I could feel Max's presence behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his head into the hair at the base of my neck. "I am so sorry, Liz."
I turned quickly to face him. "What are you sorry about?"
"I sorry that I wasn't here for you, for her."
"Max, you had a son that needed you. Besides there was no way that you could have known about Alexia."
"Liz, I want to talk to about my son, about Tess."
All I could so was shake my head no. It was the first time I had heard that name in years. I could feel the control I had over my emotions slip away. And I couldn't let that happen, not with Alexia so close. "Max, we can't talk about this right now."
It was at that point that I realized his hands were still on my waist. He drew me in closer. "We have to talk about it sometime."
"I know Max. Let me take Alexia to Maria's. She will be distracted there, so she won't be able to sense my emotions."
"She can sense everything you are feeling," he asked, finally letting go of my waist. Part of me was happy that I could take a step away from him, but part of me felt so alone without him holding me.
"Yeah, ever since she was born, but it is getting to be more so now that she is older."
"Are you the only one she can sense?"
"No. I think that she can sense you. She always knew you were her father. From the first time I showed your picture to her. She can also sense Michael and Maria, now that Maria is pregnant. "
"Oh my god," Max exclaimed. "Maria is pregnant."
"Yeah," I said with a little laugh. "Alexia knew even before Maria did. I guess she can sense the baby. It helps Maria out thought."
Max got a puzzled look on his face. "How?"
"Alexia knows what kind of food Maria is craving, because the baby is craving it. She can also tell Maria how the baby is doing. Maria has been trying to get Alexia to tell her whether it is a boy or a girl, but Michael won't have any of it. He wants it to be a surprise."
Max just laughed. It was so good to hear his laugh again. Just then, Alexia came bounding in the room again. "I'm ready."
"Okay, baby." Then I see that she is carrying a plate of brownies and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. "What is that for?"
Alexia looked at me. "Auntie Mawia wants chocolate and Tabasco sauce. And she is very mad that there is none at her house."
I laugh. "Okay." Then, I turned to Max. "You can wait in the apartment. No one is up there. I'll be back as soon as I can."
Max nodded. Then he picked up Alexia and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He waved to us out of the back door of the restaurant, as we drove off to Michael and Maria's house.

Part Four… Maria's POV
"I can't believe that there no Tabasco sauce in this house. I am a damn alien's wife. There should always be Tabasco sauce around."
After extensively searching the kitchen cabinets, I decide that it is useless. There is nothing in this kitchen that I want to eat. Then I hear Liz's car pull into the driveway. Good. Alexia will know that I want chocolate and Tabasco sauce.
I get up and look out the kitchen window, and sure enough, Alexia is carrying a plate of brownies and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. I knew that there was a reason why I adored that child.
"Hey Maria," Liz yells as she enters the front door.
"Hey chicas. I'm in the kitchen." I would walk to the door to greet them, but I'm so huge and slow, it would take me an hour just to reach the door.
Alexia runs over to the table with her goodies. "I knew you wanted this Auntie Mawia."
I give her a kiss on the forehead. "Thanks sweetie." Then, I take a close look at Liz. She is almost completely white. "Liz, what's the matter?"
"Oh nothing much. Could you watch Alexia for awhile?"
"Sure, that's no problem. But I know that there is something your not telling me. Sit and spill. Otherwise I will be forced to squash you."
Liz took a seat at the kitchen table. "Maria, your never going to believe this. Max showed up at the restaurant."
Well, I nearly jumped out of my seat. "What!?! Max is here?"
"Yep. He is in the apartment right now."
"What about Isabel?"
Liz gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god. I completely forgot to ask."
"She's here," Alexia informed us as she walked over to where Liz was sitting. "I can feel her."
Liz looks like she is going to start bawling at any second. Even though I am dying to hear more about Max, I think it is time for a subject change. "So Alexia, do you think you could tell me what the baby is. I know you know."
Alexia leaves her mother's side, walks over to me, and places her hand on my stomach. "Auntie Mawia, you know that Uncle Michael doesn't want me to tell you."
I place my hand over hers. "I know sweetie, but what he doesn't know won't effect us."
Liz started to laugh. "I don't think you should use my child as a personal baby 411."
"I know, but is nice to see how the baby is doing."
"Well, last week you asked Alexia to see if the baby knew how fat it was making you."
"Yeah. I still can't believe what the baby said. He…she…it said that it knew it was making fat and it was darn proud of it too."
Alexia started to laugh. I tickle her arm a little bit. "I think my child is going to have too much of it father in it."
Liz, who was trying to contain her laughter, couldn't hold it any longer. "Serves you right. You were merciless when I was pregnant."
I nodded my head as I remember that time in our lives. Liz was so confused at the beginning. Max had left, and her parents were very upset with her. Finally, she had to break down and tell them the whole story. After that, things got easier. Her parents supported every decision Liz made. Including the one to take over the restaurant. Yet, in the end, I know that Liz only regretted the fact that Max wasn't there, nothing else.
I look at Alexia. She was such a beautiful child. I love her like she was my own. I remember the day that she was born. I helped to deliver her. Michael and Kyle were there. Also, Liz's parents. But no Max. Now, he was back. I had to talk to Liz about this. "Alexia, sweetie. Could you go into the other room for a minute? I believe that there
are some toys in the living room that Uncle Michael bought for you.
Alexia nodded her head and ran off into the living room. "What is it, Maria," Liz asks as she turns her full attention to me.
"You know what it is. After five years, the love of my best friend's life has suddenly returned to find that he has a child with her. You have to tell me everything."
"I really haven't talked to him. Alexia was too close. She shouldn't have to feel those vibes from me. She is just a child."
"I know Liz, but you are going to talk to him. There is so much that we don't know, that he doesn't know."
"Yes, I'm going to talk to him. I fact I am going to go now. Is that okay with you?"
"Of course, as long as tell everything later. Besides I have plans for this afternoon."
Liz gets up from the table and wipes the tear that has formed in her eye. "And what are your plans?"
"To sit, eat brownies with Tabasco sauce, and attempt to coax your daughter to tell me whether my child is a boy or girl."
Liz gave a little laugh. "Maria, you are evil."
I smile at her. "I know."

Part Five… Isabel's POV

After all these years, it still breaks my heart to come here. As I kneel to the ground, I see that the marker has been tarnished and weathered. There are even a couple of weeds growing around its edge. "Doesn't anyone come here to take care of you, Alex?"
I don't know why I really expect him to answer. I felt the loss of his connection years ago. Not after his death, but after I returned to my home planet. It was like it took too much for him to keep the connection up with me so far away. That's when I stopped seeing him. My heart broke all over again. But I never stopped loving him.
"Well, I am back now. I will always take care of you," I whisper to him as I start to tug at the weeds. "These will be the first to go."
Next, I take care of the stains on his grave marker, using my powers of course. It is now polished with a high shine. I get up to look at my work, and suddenly I feel a presence behind me.
A low voice reaches my ears. "Isabel?"
Without even thinking, his name escapes my lips. "Alex."
The man places his hands on my shoulders and turns me around. However, it is not Alex that is talking to me. It is Kyle. The look in his eyes is one of pure shock and surprise. In a split second his hands are off of my shoulders and he has locked me into a tight embrace. "It really is you. We started to think you would never come back."
I am really taken back at his outburst of emotion. We had started to get close before Max and I left, but I didn't know he felt this strongly about me. Yet, I could feel his emotions coming off of him in waves. Ones of love, fear, and relief, all at once.
When he lets go, I take a step back to look at him. He looks the same. "Oh my God, Kyle. You scared me."
He looked straight into my eyes. "I'm sorry. It was just that you were the last person I expected to see here."
"By the way, what are you doing here?"
"I always stop here first when I get back into town. I think Alex deserves a little visit every now and then."
"Where have you been," I asked him. "You said you were out of town."
Kyle just smiled at me. "I went to Las Cruces University. Law enforcement, of course. Not to mention, I got to play football."
I couldn't believe everything that had happened since we left. All the time that had actually passed, that we could never get back. "Went. Does that mean that you have graduated?"
Kyle nodded his head. "Yeah, last week. Dad had tears in his eyes. Amy took a lot of pictures. They are married now, you know."
"Wow." That was all I could think of to say. But that only lasted for a moment. I had to know how everyone was doing. "What about Michael, Maria, and…" I paused for a moment. Over all this time, the person I had really come to miss the most was Liz. She was the best friend I never knew I had. Liz would have given up everything she ever wanted for us.
Kyle seemed to understand what I was thinking. "Liz is doing fine. She runs the Crashdown now."
I could feel the tears in my eyes. "Is she…did she…I mean Max still…"
Kyle nodded his head again. "She waited for him Isabel. I don't think she had her choice. Everything between them had changed the night he left."
"I know. Max told be that they were together," I said trying to fight the tears back.
"It's not only that, Is. Liz got pregnaut."
I jumped back a bit. "What!?!"
"She has a little girl. Well, she and Max do."
Whatever strength I had for hiding my tears was gone. I started to cry openly, and loudly. Kyle crossed the grass, and put his arms around me. I tried to speak, but I couldn't. There was a little girl out there that was my niece. Someone I had never seen or spoken in my life. Yet, she filled me with hope. Hope for the future, a future she knew nothing about, but would play a big role in.
When I finally found my voice again, I softly asked Kyle a question that I was dying to know the answer too. "What is her name?"
Kyle smoothed my hair against my back, in an effort to comfort me. "Alexia Josephine Evans."
"Alexia," I thought. "Alex will always live on." I began to cry all over again.

Part Six… Max's POV

It feels so strange to be here again, in this apartment. When I left, I was an 18-year-old kid, trying to take responsibility for my actions. Five years later, am a 23 king who has had to make many difficult decisions. But none like the one to leave Liz.
I thought about her everyday. Now, I have come back to her. Her and my daughter. "Alexia," I say out loud. That name is so beautiful. Liz named her after Alex. I feel a tear slip from my eye for my fallen friend. He had died because of me, because I had in some way trusted Tess. I allowed her into our group, and she betrayed us all.
I remember how many nights I heard Isabel crying about losing her connection with Alex. She explained to me that even after his death, Alex came to Isabel in visions. She could talk to him and feel him, but it was all lost after we went to Antar.
Antar was our home planet, but it never felt like home. Home was here, with Liz and Alexia. God, Alexia has a future placed in front of her that she has never planned for. A destiny waiting for her. Destiny is a word that I have come to hate. I have handled mine, but now I have to drag her into it too.
Suddenly, I hear Liz coming up the steps to the apartment. "What is she going to say about all of this," I wonder.
"Max," she calls out to me.
I turn around to face her. "Liz, we really need to talk."
She walks closer to me. I can breathe in her scent. She smells like jasmine. So beautiful and exotic, that I can hardly think through all the sensations it causes me. Before I have a chance to truly think, I reach for her. I pull her close, claiming her mouth with my own. She began to struggle, but soon gave into the kiss. In that one kiss, I managed to pour out all the love, desire, fear, and pain I had felt for the past five years. When I had tasted the sweetness her lips offered, I glided my tongue across them, urging them to part. Soon she responded to my wish, and I was able to explore her mouth.
After a few moments, Liz broke away. I could see the tears coming from her eyes. She open her mouth, then closed it. When she finally opened it again to speak, her voice was soft and quiet. "What were all those images I saw?"

Part Seven… Liz's POV

I just couldn't believe all those images I saw. When he started to kiss me, I wanted to fight it, but I couldn't. I wanted him so much, to be reminded again of what his arms felt like around me. However, when he started to explore my mouth with his tongue, the connection formed, stronger than it ever had before. Not only could I see the images, I could feel them. I could feel what Max felt in experiencing what I saw.
Most disturbing of all was the carving of Alexia. I could feel Max's white-hot anger about the image, but I didn't know what it meant. Somehow I knew it wasn't good.
When I asked Max about the images he sat down on the couch. I sat down on the other end, but I never broke eye contact with him. I needed to know what it meant. Finally, Max began to speak.
"We arrive on Antar about a week after taking off," he explained. "Isabel and I had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to find my son, and get back to earth, to you, as soon as possible. However, Tess never made it to Antar. The Council suspected that she died before entering the planet's atmosphere.
I interrupted him there. "The Council?"
"Yeah. The Manchian Council. Machia is the leading providence on our planet. Actually, out of all five planets in our system. The Council was formed after Zan died."
"When you say Zan, you really mean you, right?"
Max nodded his head. "Well, in our absence, the Council led our people, made laws, and dealt with the other parts of governing. Kivar eventually began to gain power in the Council. After what happened in New York, Kivar and his followers openly challenged the Council to produce a leader. When they couldn't, he said that he could. They gave him a deadline, which he failed to meet."
This was almost too much to take in. "What do you me he failed," I asked.
"He was counting on Tess to return with my child," Max answered. "When she didn't, Kivar was trapped. Eventually, he and his followers split from the Council, and rallied an army to attack them. That was where things stood when Isabel and I arrived."
I put my hand up to keep him from continuing. Max just looked at me. While I didn't understand all of what he was saying to me, I knew there was more too it than that. Something that had to do with Alexia. I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. So I finally got the nerve to ask what that image meant. "Max, why is there a carving of Alexia on Antar?"
Max sat on the opposite end of the couch quietly. I could tell he was trying to find the right words, but I was lacking in patience at this point. "Just tell me, Max."
Max looked down at the ground. "She is the chosen leader."
"What," I screamed, jumping up from my seat. "She can't be, Max. Alexia is only four-years old. You didn't even know about her until today, so how could they have known?"
He got off the couch and walked toward me. I backed away, but he kept coming. Before I knew it, I had reached the closest wall. Max grasped my arms. I tried to break free, but it didn't matter. His grasp was firm. "Liz, look at me," he pleaded.
I looked into his eyes, and I could see tears start to form in them. "I am so sorry, Liz. I never wanted to drag you or Alexia into this. But our destiny has been chosen."
I felt my anger rise from the pit of my stomach. "To hell with destiny, Max. This is our daughter, and I won't allow a destiny that was cooked up for her by someone on a planet thousands of miles to interfer with her happiness. You used to say that we created our own destiny. Please tell me that you don't buy into this."
"I have to, Liz. She was chosen by the Granolith."
I finally broke free from him. "How is that possible? The Granolith disappeared with Tess, a year before Alexia was born."
"It happened before the pods were brought to Earth. Only a few people on my planet knew what was going to happen when we arrive here. Everything was prediticted by the Granolith; you, Alex, and Alexia. It has powers that we can't even comprehend. Only Alexia can."
"But the Granolith is gone," I yelled at him. Then, I paused for a second. "Is that why you were so angry at the image of Alexia?"
"That was part of it. See the Granolith predicted that my first child was going to be a girl. She was to be conceived my first time with my soulmate. Tess could have never known that. She mindwarped me into believing I slept with her, and that she was carrying my son. It was never true. She fooled us all."
I couldn't believe what he was saying. He never slept with Tess. She was never pregnant with his child. All of the suffering that was cause by us believing she was. I couldn't stop the tears that started flowing from my eyes. I started to shake with the sobs building up. Max caught me just before I fell to the ground. He held me as I cried, running his fingers through my hair in an attempt to soothe me. All I could do was cry.

Part Eight… Michael's POV

"Hey Joe, has the shipment come in yet," I yelled toward the backroom.
"Yeah," He yelled back. "I just unpacking the 'I know an Alien' T-shirts right now."
"Okay." Looking around this place, I can't believe how I wound up here. After Max and Isabel left, I had to tell Brody that Max wasn't coming back to work. That is when he offered me a job. A year ago, Brody left. He wanted to spend more time with his daughter, Sidney, so he moved closer to where her mother lived. But he didn't want to sell the business. He really didn't need the money. So he gave the business to me. We had become close over the years. I suspect that he knew I was an alien, but I was never sure. Who would believe that Michael Guerin owns the UFO Museum.
Just then I hear my cell phone ring. "Hello," I say as I pick it up.
It was Maria. "Hey blondie, is everything okay?"
"No Michael," she told me. "I really need you to come home."
I start to freak out. "What? Is it the baby?"
"No," she says, but I can hear now how upset she is. "It's Alexia."
"Oh my god, what is the matter with her?"
"I don't know," Maria said. "She won't stop crying."
"I'll be right home." Then, I call out toward the backroom. "Hey Joe, can you close tonight? I have to get home."
"Sure, Michael. No problem."
About fifteen minutes later, I am pulling up to our house. I can see Maria looking the window. This was totally unlike Alexia. She was usually quiet and well behaved. Maria comes waddling out of the house, and I can see that she has been crying too. I run up to her. She wraps her arms around me. "What is the matter, Maria?"
She looks into my eyes. "I don't know. Alexia won't stop crying. I am eight months pregnant, emotional, and she won't stop crying. I didn't know what to do."
"Why didn't you call Liz? She could be upset or something, and Alexia could be feeling it."
"I promised Liz that I would watch Alexia until she called me."
"Why? What is Liz doing?"
Maria gave me a little kiss. "You promise that you won't go crazy on me, Spaceboy."
I return the kiss. "I promise."
"Max and Isabel are here."
I know that I promised to be sane, but when I heard those names, something snapped. I run into the house and I see Alexia on the couch, crying. I kneel before her. "Sweetheart, can you tell me what is wrong?"
Alexia looked at me. "Mommy is very upset. She is so mad and she is crying, too, Uncle Michael. I want to see my mommy."
"Okay, sweetheart. Aunt Maria and I will take you home." I turn to Maria. "Are you up for a trip to Liz's apartment?"
Maria nodded, not budging from the door. I picked up Alexia and I carried her to the door. We all get into the car. I just can't believe that Max and Isabel are back.

Part Nine… Kyle's POV

I hold Isabel while she cries. She seems so different from the girl who left us five years ago. Her blond hair is much longer than it was before. I also noticed a long scar down her cheek and along her jaw line. It is not very bad, but it had to have been at one time.
Isabel started to pull away. "Oh. I am so sorry, Kyle. I haven't seen you in years and all I have managed to do is cry all over you. You must think I am a fool."
"No I don't," I tell her. Even after all these years, she is still as beautiful as she was in high school, even with the scar.
"What are you thinking about, Kyle," she asks after a few moments of silence.
I reached out to her and trace the scar along her jaw. "How did you get this?"
She pulled away from my hand. "It was a little present from Kivar, when he learned that I was more Isabel than Vilandra."
"Oh. So, would you like a ride to where ever it is that you're going?"
Isabel nodded. "That is really nice of you. Could you give me a second?"
"Sure. Take as long as you want."
Isabel smiled at me. Then she turned around, walked back over to Alex's grave, and knelt down next to it. Isabel mumbled something I couldn't hear, kissed her fingertips, and pressed them to the marker. After a few moments, she got back up and walked back to me. "So where would you like to go first," I asked her.
"Could you take me to the Crashdown. I would really like to see Liz, and to me my niece."
I smiled at her. "It sounds like a workable plan."
Isabel began to giggle a little. It felt really good to make her laugh. I guess that I still have feelings for her even after all of this time.


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Part Ten… Liz's POV- The Reunion

I have no idea how long we have been sitting on the floor, Max holding me while I cried. I feel like it had been hours. I really had no more tears left to cry, so I tried to pull away from Max. But he wouldn't let go. Gently, he nuzzled his mouth against my ear and whispered, "I am never going to let you go again, Liz."
I turned my head to face his and I looked him straight in the eyes. "You have to let go sometimes, Max. You cannot control everything that is going to happen." I realized then that his lips were only a couple of inches from mine. "How can he do this to me," I thought. "I am so mad at him. His destiny is not only controlling my life, but Alexia's as well. Yet, all I want to do right now is to taste those lips again."
Suddenly, I feel Alexia's presence. I manage to pull away from Max, and I get to my feet. Max begins to get up. "She is here," I tell him.
"I know," he says.
That's when I hear Michael bounding up the steps. He bursts thought the door, carrying Alexia in his arms. "Where are they," he yells after he catches his breath.
I run over to him at take Alexia out of his arms. "Mommy," she sobs as she hugs me.
"It's okay baby. I'm here. Everything will be okay," I tell her. She just keeps crying. So, I turn to Michael. "What happened, Michael," I asked him.
But he doesn't answer me. He has noticed Max standing over by the couch. The two men just stand there looking at each other. Finally, Michael breaks the silence. "Maxwell."
Now, I was scared. I didn't know how Michael was going to react to Max being back. There were times where I knew that Michael blamed Max for losing the Granolith and Tess. After Max and Isabel returned to Antar, Michael simply refused to talk to me about it. Let's just say that calling Max by his full name was not a good sign.
Then, Michael did something I will never forget. He walked over to Max and gave him a hug. Max looked as shock as I felt. However, the touching moment was short lived.
Maria came bursting through the door. "Michael, how dare you go running up here and not help me. I am carrying your child, you ungrateful alien."
Michael and Max both look at Maria as she waddles into the living room. I go over to her and give her a hug. She smiles at me, then turns her attention to Alexia, who made the tiniest little peep while getting squashed between us. "So, are you better now, Sweetie," Maria asked Alexia.
Alexia simply nodded her head and clung tighter to me. Maria then walked over to where Max and Michael were standing. She swatted at Michael before she gave Max a hug and sat on the couch. Max looked like he didn't know what to do first.
"So, how are you feeling, Maria," Max asked her.
"Fat," she replied. "If I get any bigger, I swear I will never let a certain Spaceboy touch me again."
Michael blushed, slightly, before sitting next to Maria on the couch. He looked at Max, then to me. "So, where is Isabel?"
"She told me that she needed some time by herself. I should probably go and find her. " Max started to make his way toward the door, when Michael grabbed his arm.
"Oh no. You are not getting off that easy. As much as I want to see Isabel, you have to tell us what happened back on Antar? Where is Tess and your son?"
"Subtle, Michael," Maria scolded him.
Max turned to Michael. "I will tell you everything, but let me find Isabel first."
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I walked over to answer it, still carrying Alexia in my arms. It was Kyle, followed by a tall blonde. It was Isabel. "Oh my God," I cried out as I saw her. She looked so different. I hugged her, causing Alexia to cry out again.
"Mommy, you're squishing me."
Isabel took a step back and looked at Alexia. "She is beautiful, Liz," Isabel told me.
"Thank you." I kneel to the ground and place Alexia down. "Alexia, this is your Aunt Isabel, from the pictures I showed you."
Alexia smiled and held out her arms for Isabel to pick her up. Isabel held her tight. I could see the tears coming from her eyes. I decided to change the subject before I started to cry again. I knew if I did, then Maria would, and we would never get her to stop.
"Come in. Have a seat." Isabel walked over to the other couch and sat down with Alexia. Kyle walked past me. I gave him a little hug. "Congratulations, by the way," I whispered to him. "Sorry Alexia and I couldn't be there."
Kyle shook his head. "That's okay. You do have a business to run, after all. Busy is your middle name."
I laughed as Kyle made his way over to where Isabel was sitting. He sat down next to her.
Max walked over to me, and put his hand on my shoulder. "Do you think that Alexia should hear what I have to say," he asked me.
"I don't think so, but look at Isabel with her. It seems mean to send her to her room right now. Maybe we all could have dinner, and you could tell everyone after she goes to bed."
"I think that Michael will have a different opinion."
"Maria can handle him. She is even more assertive than the last time you saw her."
"Bigger too."
I elbow him in the ribs. "If she hears you say that, she will kill you. Destiny or not."
Max quickly removed his hands from my shoulders. I realize then what I had just said. Yet, I couldn't say that I was really sorry about it. Destiny thought that our lives were a toy to play with, so why couldn't I poke fun at it. Max pulled me around to face him. "Liz, I don't want any of this to happen. All I want is to be a family with you and Alexia. Please don't hate me."
I look into his eyes. "I don't hate you, Max. I hate destiny."
He leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I know," he whispered with his lips still pressed against my skin.

Part Eleven… This part is not a POV part. The POV of the characters will return in the next part.

After dinner, Liz put Alexia to bed while Michael, Maria, and Isabel did the dishes. Actually, Michael and Isabel did the dishes as Maria directed them. Liz joined them as soon as Alexia was asleep. "You guys really didn't have to do this," she told them when she saw they were doing the dishes.
"It was no problem," Maria told her.
"Yeah, Blondie," Michael said sarcastically. "No problem for you. You have been sitting the whole time."
Isabel started to laugh, but she said nothing. Isabel had been nothing but quiet. She even missed this perfect opportunity to comment on Michael and Maria's relationship. It certainly made Liz wonder what had happened to her back on Antar. Well, that and the scar on her face.
After a few minutes of laughter, Max came in to ask everyone to join him in the living room. Kyle had to run home to drop off his stuff, and to tell his dad that he was okay. He walked in while everyone was gathering in the living room. "So are we having a meeting or what?"
Isabel laughed as Kyle took a seat next to her on the couch. Michael, Maria, and Liz took a seat on the couch opposite them. Max stood in the front of the group.
"I have already told Liz some of this and Isabel knows most of it too. While Isabel and I were on Antar, we learned a lot about what happened after our deaths there. The Manchian Council took over governing responsibilities for the five planets. Kivar was a representative from one of the planets. After he gained power and supporters, Kivar challenged the Council to produce the leader to unite the planets. They couldn't, so he told them that he would, but he failed because he expected Tess to return with my child."
Max paused there for a second. Isabel looked at him reassuringly, but Michael wanted the answers to his questions. "So what happened to Tess and the baby?"
Max looked at Michael, and then to Liz. "There was no baby. I never slept with Tess."
Now Maria was the one to react. "What," she exclaimed as she jumped off the couch. Michael stood up alongside her. "That little bi…," Maria started to say before Michael covered her mouth with his hand.
Finally, Isabel started to speak. "The Council suspected that Tess never made it into our planet's atmosphere with the Granolith."
"So why did you two stay on the planet so long," Kyle asked, confused.
"Well, Kivar rallied an army against the Council," Max continued. "He stormed the building where we were staying, and he took Isabel hos…" Max wanted to continue, but the words would not come out. Reliving the events that happened on Antar was too painful.
"He took me hostage," Isabel finished. Isabel stood up, walked over to Max, and hugged him. "Kivar thought that since I was a recreation of Vilandra that I would take his side, or love him, or something like that. He thought he could persuade me to betray my brother. But I refused. Over the months, he tortured me. It did not work. As a reminder, he gave me this." She pointed to the scar.
Everyone was speechless. After a few moments, Michael spoke. "So, was Kivar defeated? Is that how you got Isabel back?"
"Sort of," Max said. "We defeated Kivar's troops, but Kivar was gone. Luckily, we found Isabel and she was still alive."
"If you don't mind me asking," Kyle said, a little unsure about whether or not he should speak. "Where is Kivar now?"
Liz looked at Kyle then Max, and she realized the answer. "He is here, isn't he?"
Max nodded his head.
"Oh God," Maria gasped. "Is he coming after us?"
"I don't know," Max told her.
But it was becoming painful clear to Liz. "He is after Alexia."
Max looked her in the eye. "We don't know that."
Michael looked at Max, then Liz. There was more to the story, and he was determined to find it out. "Why would Kivar be after Alexia? How would he even know about her?"
Liz looked intently into Max's eyes. "Tell them, Max," she said harshly. "Tell them why Kivar wants our daughter."
Max flinched at the harshness in Liz's voice, but he understood it. "Alexia is the chosen leader of our planet. There were people on the Council that knew what was going to happen here on Earth all along; Tess's betrayal, Alex's death, Liz getting shot, and Alexia. The Granolith predicted it. It has powers that we never even knew about."
"So, what are we going to do," Maria asked.
"We have to keep Alexia safe," Isabel told her. "That is the only thing that can be done now."
"Will Alexia have to go to Antar someday," Kyle questioned. He knew that Liz must be crushed by all this news.
Max nodded his head, but Liz shouted out. "NO. I will not allow my daughter to be taken to some planet she has never even heard about. She does not deserve any of this."
Max's heart constricted. It was like she was pleading with him to not allow it to happen, but there was nothing that he could do. Isabel started to try to explain to Liz about the prophecy, but Liz just stormed out of the living room towards her room. Max followed her.
Now, unknown to anyone, they were being watched. "You follow your precious Liz, Max," a female voice dripping with hate whispered at the window she was watching. "I have powerful allies once again. Soon it will be my turn to make you all pay for what you did to me." Slowly, the woman turned and walked down the alley, her tight blonde curls bouncing behind her.

Part Twelve… Liz's POV

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. After all that destiny has done to us, Max and Isabel seemed ready to accept the card it had dealt us now. I wanted Max to be as angry as I was about it. I wanted him to fight tooth and nail against it.
I slammed my bedroom door behind me, but that didn't stop him from coming in. He shut the door behind him, quietly. I could feel all of my anger rise up. Without thinking, I turned around and started pounding on Max's chest with my fists. "You have to fight this," I yelled at him. "She does not deserve this. Why aren't you fighting this?"
Max gently, but firmly, grabbed ahold of my wrists. I looked him in the eyes. Before I knew what he was going to do, he firmly pressed his lips to mine. It was no use fighting it. I let the flashes he sent me fill my mind. However, this time I could hear a voice talking above all the pictures I was seeing.
It was Max. I need you to understand, Liz. I tried to fight this. When I saw the carving of Alexia, I knew that she was our daughter. I could see it in her face. There was so much of you in it. It made my heart break. That is when an elder of the Granolith told me the prophecy.
He told me that there was no way Tess was pregnant with my child. She was not my soulmate, you were. I chose you the first day I saw you. I sealed it the day I healed you. My first child was to be a girl, not a boy. This girl was to have power beyond comprehension. She could not only save my world, but Earth as well.
I broke away from him. "How is that possible? What does the Earth have to do with this?"
Max took a breath. It was obvious that what he had done took a lot of energy from him. He sat on the edge of my bed. "Alexia is part human. She will always have ties that bind her here. She links Antar and Earth together. The have always been alike. Now she can bring them together, but without her, both would be lost."
I sat down on the bed beside him. "How can they expect a four year old to do all of this?"
"She still has time, Liz. She will come into her own in time. Until then, she needs protection."
I turned my head to face him. "So, that is why you came back. You weren't coming back to me just to be with Alexia and I. You're here because of your destiny."
Max cupped my face with both his hands. "That is not true, Liz. You are my destiny, always have been. I want nothing more than to be with you and Alexia forever. I want you to be my wife. I want to make Alexia all over again with you. And I will. I am never leaving you again."
Having said that, Max closed the distance between our lips. This kiss was filled with pure love. I parted my lips to allow him full access to my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth, caressing my tongue in long, loving strokes.
Just then, we heard an urgent knock on the door. Max and I broke apart, and I got up to answer it. It was Isabel. She looked worried. "What's the matter, Isabel," I asked her.
"Maria," Isabel said softly. "I think she is in labor."
Max rushed to my side. "Are you sure," he asked her.
Suddenly, we hear a scream of pain coming from the living room.

Part Thriteen… Maria's POV

"Oh my God, this hurts," I gasp as another contraction hits. Michael tries to calm me down by rubbing my head. "Don't touch me, Spaceboy. Not unless you plan on losing that hand."
Michael withdrew his hand quickly. "Isabel went to get Liz and Max," he said, trying to sound sure of himself. "It will be okay, baby. I promise."
"How do you know that Michael," I yell at him. "The baby is early. Maybe something is wrong."
Michael reached over, trying to comfort me again, but it was the last thing I needed. "Don't touch me, Michael." Suddenly, I could feel another contraction rip through my body. I screamed and grabbed a hold of Michael's arm. "I sorry Michael. Don't leave, baby. Damn this really hurts."
"I know Maria, but just think. Soon we will get to see our baby. Isn't that amazing?"
"Yes, but not as amazing as a painkiller would be right now."
That's when I notice Kyle. My poor stepbrother looks like he doesn't know what to do with himself.
"Maria," Liz calls out to me.
"Hey chica," I say, forcing a small smile.
"I hear your in labor," she jokes.
My smile is going. "This is not the time for humor, Liz. The baby is early by a couple of weeks. What if something is wrong?"
"I was early, too remember. Alien babies develop quicker than human ones. That is probably why you went into labor early."
"Probably," I shout. "I am not happy with probablies, maybes, or what ifs. This is my baby."
"We will do all we can, Maria," Max tells me.
I scowl at him. "Don't patronize right now. I can still kick butts if I want to." Another contraction hits, and I scream out.
So does Michael. "Maria, baby. You're breaking my arm. OW. Loosen you grip, please."
"Michael, you are not helping. You help to put me in this predicament, now help get me out of it. All I am asking for is a little arm to hold on to."
Liz tries to get my attention. "Maria, you have to calm down. This is not good for the baby."
"Playing the baby card is cruel, Liz," I tell her. But she has a point. I have to focus on the baby right now. "What do we need to do?"
Liz took charge. "First, need Max and Michael to lift Maria up and take her to my bathroom. Isabel, fill the tub with warm water. Kyle, go get towels out of the linen closet."
Everyone did as they were told. Liz helped me out the maternity shorts I was wearing, and Michael eased me into the tub. The warm water actually felt nice. That was until another contraction came. "There getting closer," I heard Liz say. "She'll have to push soon."
Then, we hear a little noise at the door of the bathroom. It was Alexia. "Mommy, what is going on?"
Liz knelt down next to her. "Remember when I said I was going to have to help Auntie Maria when the baby was born?"
Alexia nodded. "Well, the baby is coming right now."
A big smile came across Alexia's face. "Can I help," she asked.
"Maybe later, baby. Right now would you like to play with Uncle Kyle."
Liz must have noticed how green Kyle looked. Utterly lost, he jumped at the idea of Alexia's distraction. Alexia rubbed her eyes, nodded, and took Kyle's hand.
"Here comes another contraction, Liz."
Liz turned her attention back to me. She climbed in to one end of the tub, while Michael held me at the other. "At the next contraction, I need you to push," Liz told me.
All I could do was nod. When I felt the next contraction, I began to push as hard as I could. "I can see the top of its head."
"Really," I asked.
Liz gave a little giggle. "Yes, Maria. Why would I lie to you now."
I want to laugh, but it was time to push again. "This really hurts," I cried out.
Michael rubbed my back, pushed hair out of my face, and tried to comfort me. I could tell that he was amazed at witnessing out child being born. "You're doing so good, Maria. I love you so much."
"I love you too," I whispered back to him. "But you are never touching me again."
On Liz's command, I pushed again. Finally, she looked up at me and said, "One more, Maria."
The words I had been waiting to hear. I gave one really big push, and then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world. Our baby crying. "Oh my God, Michael. That's our baby."
I could feel a warm tear hit my shoulder. Michael kissed my forehead. "Our baby."
"What is it," Isabel called from her spot in the corner. I became painfully aware that Max and Isabel were still in the room. "What the hell," I thought. "All that matters is that the baby is okay."
Max waved his hand over the umbilical cord. "It's a boy," he told me as Liz handed him to me.
"What are you going to name him," Liz asked.

Part Fourteen…Isabel's POV

It was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. A life was brought into this world tonight. Not just any life, a baby boy who belonged to two of the people I loved the most in the world. To see their reaction to Colin, the way Maria's face lit up, Michael crying for about the third time in his life. I couldn't help but be moved to tears.
After Max healed Maria, we decided to give them sometime along. Max and Liz headed out to the living room. I suspected that they had some things to talk about. I went to find Kyle and Alexia. I found them playing in Liz's old room, which was now Alexia's.
"Would you like another cup of tea, Uncle Kyle," Alexia asked, playing hostess.
Kyle was crouched next to a little table making his best attempt to hold the tiny teacup in his hand. "Sure," he replied with a smile.
I found myself giggling at this adorable sight. Kyle and Alexia turned to face me at the same time. "Is everything okay," Kyle asked with concern.
I nodded. "Yup. You are officially an Uncle to a beautiful baby boy."
Kyle got up and hugged me tight. I tried really hard to pull away from him, but he held tight, just like in the cemetery. "Is Maria okay," he asked softly.
"Yes. She's fine."
Kyle finally let me go. I looked over at Alexia. I could see the wide smile across her face. "What are you smiling at, Sweetie," I asked her.
"You guys."
"You love each other," she told us matter-of-factly.
Kyle looked as shocked as I did. "What do you mean, Alexia," Kyle asked her.
"You love her like Daddy loves Mommy. Are you going to get married?"
I saw Kyle shake his head as I ran out of the room. This was more that I could handle in one day. I needed to be alone. I ran down the hall, and out the front door of the apartment. I didn't know where I was going. I couldn't see either because of the tears forming in my eyes. I just needed to find a sanctuary. Away from all the emotions I was feeling.
Finally, my legs wouldn't run anymore. I looked around and found myself at the exact same spot where Alex and I spent the night after the prom. I fell to the ground and started to sob.
Then, I felt a presence. I presence I hadn't felt for a long time. "Alex," I whispered.
"Hi Isabel. It has been a long time."
I looked up to see him smiling down at me. "Oh Alex, it is you."
He sat down next to me. It was like he was really there. I leaned over to rest my head on his shoulder. "So, I hear you took a little trip," he whispered in my ear.
I laughed. "You still have your sense of humor, I see."
"Never leave home without it," he said proudly. "So what is bugging you beautiful?"
I began to cry even harder on his shoulder. "Is it the past? What happened on Antar?"
"How did you know about that." I couldn't believe that he had known what happened.
"I am always with you, Isabel. In your heart. However, you can't let me stop you from having a happy life. We will always be in love, but you have a big heart. Don't stop yourself from loving others."
"It's not just that, Alex."
Alex nodded his head again. "I know about Antar. Kivar can't be allowed to rule you. It that why you have this scar still?"
He ran his index finger down my cheek. "It hurts," I told him.
"Good things can come from pain, Isabel. It can bring people closer, strength can be found in it, and even that new baby boy has come from some pain."
"You know about Colin," I asked, shocked.
"Yeah. Give Maria my love and kiss that baby for me. Along with Alexia. She has a great name, doesn't she?"
"Arrogant much?"
"Proud. You know that you have to protect her, right?"
"With my life."
Alex let out a sigh. "Good. You all will have to face a lot. You need each other, including Kyle. He has turned out to be a great guy. I know how you feel about him. Let those feelings grow, Isabel. You will find strength and support in them."
I lean over further and give Alex a big hug. "I love you, Alex. Thank you so much for loving me back."
"Anytime, Isabel. Remember to watch the stars. I will be looking down on you from them."
The word stars repeated itself in my head. I could feel the tears start again. Then, I felt warm breath against my ear. "Goodbye Isabel."
He was gone. The connection was gone. I felt loss, but at the same time a release. I would always have him with me. The tears came freely. However, they were not so much from sadness as relief. Suddenly, I heard footsteps getting closer.

Part Fifteen… Kyle's POV

"Are you okay," as Isabel, when I catch up to her. I was shocked at what Alexia said, but I didn't know that it was going to upset Isabel so much. Neither did Alexia. The second Isabel ran out of the room crying, Alexia began to cry too. The most difficult thing in the world to handle is a crying four-year-old.
I left Alexia with Liz and Max and ran after Isabel. Max asked what was wrong, but the only thing I could think of was to get to Isabel. Maybe Alexia was right.
"You shouldn't be out here alone," I said as I knelt down beside her.
She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Why not?"
"No one knows where Kivar is. He could try to come after you."
Isabel shuddered at the mentioning of Kivar's name. I put my hand on her shoulder. She jerked back.
"Oh God. What did he do to you Isabel?"
The tears in her eyes grew bigger and started to fall faster. "I'm not quite sure. He mindwarped me, raided my thoughts, and messed with my head so many times that I couldn't tell what was real and what isn't."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Isabel didn't deserve anything remotely that horrible. I could feel my anger rise from the pit of my stomach. "You know it wasn't your fault, Isabel. You can let what he did to you rule your life. You're surround by people who love you now."
"Are you one of them," she asked softly.
My ears perked up at this question. "Yes." I felt so good to admit how I felt about her. I think that I had felt that way about her even before she went away. Having her here now just reminded of how strong those feelings were.
"I need time, Kyle. It is just too hard right now."
I placed my hand over the one she was using to support her weight. "Take as long as you need. I will be here."
To my surprise, she twisted her hand enough to latch on to mine. "Do you want to go back to Liz's," I asked her.
She shook her head. "No. Let's just sit here and look at the stars."
"Okay," I said as I made myself comfortable on the ground. Isabel moved closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I held her hand gently in mine.
Part Sixteen… Max's POV

Liz put Alexia to bed after Kyle ran off to find Isabel. I didn't even have to look up when she re-entered the room. I could feel when she was close, just like I could years ago. But could things ever go back to the way they were. No, life was going to be different from now on.
"You can sleep on the couch tonight," Liz said softly. "I think that Maria and Michael should stay here tonight, therefore they have my room. Isabel has the guestroom. So that leaves you the couch."
I turned to face her. "Where are you going to sleep?"
"In Alexia's room. I want to make sure she is still there in the morning."
Liz began to walk out of the room. I got up, ran over to her, and took her by the arm. "I am so sorry, Liz. I don't know what else to say."
"There is nothing else that you can say Max. But that girl is my life. She is the reason I kept functioning after you left. I am not going to let Kivar or his minions get their hands on her."
"I won't let that happen. I would rather die than to let that happen."
Liz nodded her head. "I know Max. It just is a lot to deal with right away. In twenty-four hours all of our lives have changed. It is going to take time to adjust."
I found myself looking into Liz deep brown eyes again. I could get lost in those eyes forever. "Why do you still love me," I found myself wondering.
What I didn't know was that I was wondering out loud. Liz seemed taken back a bit. "Because it's you, Max. You are my soulmate. I don't think that anything could ever change that. Not me trying to push you away, not thinking that you were with Tess, and certainly not destiny."
I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around her waist. Those words meant so much to me. To know that Liz wanted to be with me after everything that had happened. Liz ran her fingers though my hair. Each stroke sent sensations down my spine. No one else in the world could ever have that effect on me.
After a few moments, Liz knelt down beside me. She looked into my eyes. Then she leaned in and kissed me. It was the first time she had done that in years. The kiss was light and short, but filled with love. "Get some sleep," she whispered when she pulled away. "I will see you tomorrow."
She got up and I watch her disappear down the hall. For the first time in five years, I felt like I could sleep peacefully.


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Part Seventeen… This one is not a POV part…just thought I would let you know

Tess entered the empty factory about five miles south of Roswell on 285. In a corner to the left, she saw the iridescent glow of the Granolith. Some had thought it had equaled her death, but in reality it was her salvation. Because she knew the location to the Granolith, Kivar had sparred her life when he arrived on earth.
That is when a harsh voice brought Tess out of her thoughts. "Where have you been?"
"Spying," she answered without turning around.
"Are you really that stupid," the voice asked her.
Tess turned to face him. "What did you say, Nicholas? I am not stupid."
"What if you had been caught? You risked exposing us all just to get a look at your stupid obsession."
"So, you know that Max and Isabel are back."
Nicholas shook his head. "Of course we knew. A disturbance that great in the atmosphere does not go unnoticed. The great king is back, just in time to see his little family suffer."
"So what are we going to do about them," Tess asked. She had wait five years for revenge, and now it was with in her grasp. Liz would finally pay for the anguish she caused. "Alexia should have been my daughter," she thought. "Max should have loved me."
Tess could hear footsteps behind her. She turned and was face to face with Kivar. "Tisk, tisk. You shouldn’t be thinking such jealous and angry thoughts. It causes one to be careless. You will have your revenge soon. We all will."
"But when," Tess whined.
"On the eve of the little princess’s birthday. It marks when she will begin her accession to the throne. She will start coming into greater powers than anyone of us can possible understand. Either she will join us or we will kill her."
"And the others," Tess asked.
"We will kill them most likely, unless they prove to be useful."

Part Eighteen… Liz’s POV

I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I held Alexia in my arms and she was curling her fingers in my hair. But, by the time I woke up the next morning, those fingers had become permanently tangled in my hair. In fact, that was how I woke up. Alexia moved her hand and my hair went with it.
"Ow," I moaned, coming out of my deep sleep.
"Sorry Mommy," Alexia whispered.
"That’s okay, baby, but why are your hands so sticky?"
"Uncle Kyle gave me some candy," she said with an impish grin.
I rubbed the spot where some of my hair was now missing. I now noticed that the hair that was left there was a bit sticky. "Uncle Kyle is a dead man."
Alexia giggled as she rubbed her eyes. "You always say that when Uncle Kyle gives me candy."
I patted her on the head. "I know, but Mommy lost hair this time."
"Can I see the baby? I want to see the baby," Alexia told me as she got out of bed.
"Only if Michael and Maria are awake and they say it is okay."
Alexia nodded and headed toward the door. "Where are you going," I called out after her.
"Uncle Michael and Auntie Mawia are awake. So is the baby. I’m going to go see them."
I thought for a second, then called Alexia back over to me. "Baby, you can sense that much?"
Alexia looked at me curiously. "Yes Mommy."
"Are your powers getting stronger?"
"I think so. I don’t know. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m getting older."
I kissed her on the top of the forehead. "I think your right. You can go see baby now."
Alexia bounced out of the room and into mine. I went down the hall to the bathroom. After taking a shower and changing, I decided it was time to make some breakfast.
I walked down the hall toward the living room. I saw Kyle sleeping on one of the couches. I was surprised that he wasn’t at home.
That is when I notice Max sleeping on the other couch. He looked so peaceful lying there. I walked over to him, reached out, and moved a piece of hair away from his eye.
Suddenly, the connection formed. It wasn’t Max that formed it either. It was me. I saw so many images, but not ones from memories. It was like see things that had not happened yet.
I saw Isabel with Kyle, each holding a baby. Next came an image of Michael and Maria with a toddling boy. Then, Max making love to me on my bed. I could stand all of these images, but then the last one came into my head. It was Tess. She was standing with Nicholas and a man I presume was Kivar. Tess was attempting to lure Alexia away from Max and I.
The images stopped. When I opened my eyes, I found Max staring into them. "What was that," he asked me.
All I could do was shake my head. I was too preoccupied thinking about what Tess was doing in those images. How could she still be alive? And what did she want with Alexia?
I could feel my head throbbing. How did I form that connection? I had never done that before. I could feel all my energy drain from me. Max must have gotten up from the couch and grabbed me, because the next thing I could feel was Max’s arms around me.
"Are you okay," he asked, his voice full of concern.
Shakily, I attempted to regain my footing. "I don’t know. What were those images, Max? Were they the future?"
"I’m not sure."
"But, you saw them, right?"
I walked into the kitchen and sat down on at the table. Max followed me. He knelt down beside me and took ahold of my hand. "Are you going to be okay," he asked.
I smiled at him. Even after all these years, he was still worried about me. "I’m fine, Max. I just have to sit for a minute."
Max nodded his head. His hand reached up and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes, allowing myself to feel the sensations his hands caused just by touching my cheek. Then, I felt his warm lips press against mine. The kiss was short, but it was enough to take my breath away.
As our lips parted, I noticed Alexia standing in the kitchen watching us. She looked so content. Max blushed a bit when he saw her standing there, but I knew it was okay. "I’m going to take a shower," he told me as he got up and left the room. When Max passed Alexia, he patted her on the head, gently.
"So, did you get to see the baby?"
Alexia nodded as she climbed into my lap. "He was so little, Mommy. And his name is not baby, it’s Colin."
"Well, don’t we know it all," I teased her.
"Yep," she said matter-of-factly. "But I do have a question?"
"What is it, baby?"
"How long until my birthday?"
"You know the answer to this one. Three weeks remember. September 27." Then I paused for a second. "Why do you ask?"
"It’s an important day."
I began to tickle her stomach. "Is it really," I teased her again.
She giggled. "Yep."
In that moment, I could help but thinking that Alexia was right. In more ways than one, that date was important. Her birthday was important.

Part Nineteen… Michael’s POV

It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of my baby boy crying. He is so tiny and perfect. For the first time in my life I feel truly complete. I had found a big part of what I was missing in Maria, but Colin finished the puzzle.
I could immediately feel the connection between Colin, Maria, and I. Just like Liz and Alexia. When I think about it, I feel sorry for Max because of all he missed. However, it is not enough for me to forgive him. He has given into all this destiny stuff. I had hoped that Alexia would change all of that, but she makes it worse. She has a role in it now.
"What are you thinking about, Spaceboy," Maria asks as she snaps her fingers in front of my face.
I look at her. "About how you tried to rip my arm off last night."
She jabbed her elbow into my ribs. "I was in labor. Therefore, you deserved it."
"How did you come to that conclusion," I asked her.
"Easy. Eight months ago you impregnated me."
"It takes two, Blondie. In fact, I think you seduced me."
Maria began to laugh and went to jab me again, but Colin started to fuss. I picked him up. "That’s my boy."
That is when we heard Liz call out to us. "Hey, who wants breakfast?"
I yelled out to her. "We will be out in a second."
Maria threw on Liz’s robe and headed over to the door. "Are you coming Michael."
I waved my hand at her. "I’ll be out in a second." Then, I turned my attention back to Colin. "Hey buddy. It’s your Daddy, but I think you know that. I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you safe and happy. You and your mom. You both are my whole life."
Colin mustered his best baby smile, which basically means he drooled on me. I smiled back at him. Then, I laid him back on the bed and surrounded him with pillows. "Now, stay where you are. Take a nap or drool some more, but let your mom and me get some food. Then, we will take you to our home. I think your going to like it."

By the time I had reached the kitchen, everyone else was already eating. "Hey, did anyone save me some?"
Isabel looked up from her plate of eggs. "Well, you are usually the first one at the table. We’re just taking advantage of the fact that we can get some food too."
I just stood there for a second. It was the first time Isabel had sounded like herself since they got back. I saw the looks on everyone else faces. Apparently they thought the same thing. Isabel even seemed a little shocked that those words had come out of her mouth.
Alexia seemed to notice the awkwardness of the moment because she got out of her chair and climbed into Isabel’s lap. "She’s right, Uncle Michael. You eat everything."
Liz could help laughing, and soon the other had joined in.
"So this is gang up on Michael day, I see. Fine…fine. Just wait. I will get you all back for this."
Suddenly, I could feel Colin cry. So could Maria. "Michael, eat something. I’ll take care of Colin." She got up from her chair and headed down the hall. A few seconds later, she came bounding out of the room holding the baby in her arms. "They’ve been here."

Part Twenty… Maria’s POV

I had never experienced anything like that before. I had going back to Liz’s room because the baby was crying. I picked Colin up of the bed and walked with him around the room. As I passed the windowsill, I looked out the window, letting my hand graze the sill. Suddenly, I started getting flashes.
I saw Liz carrying Alexia in her arms standing in the bedroom where I was standing. Then, I saw a face I never wanted to see again. Tess. That very name filled my soul with hate. She was looking in the window at Liz and Alexia. Then, there were two shadowy figures standing behind her. I could make out one as Nicholas, but I didn’t know who the other one was. Lastly, I saw Max and Liz kissing on the bed and I could feel Tess’s jealously.
I had to get out of that room. I ran towards the kitchen where the others were. Michael stood up as soon as he saw me run in. "They’ve been here," I said aloud.
"Who has been here," Michael asked as he walked over to me.
"Tess, Nicholas, and someone who I don’t know. Tess isn’t dead. They know Max is here. They also know about Alexia."
"How do you know that," Max questioned me.
"I got a flash when I touched the windowsill in Liz’s room."
Liz walked over toward Isabel, who was holding Alexia. "And you saw Alexia in the flash."
I nodded. When I did, Liz picked up Alexia and walked out of the room with her. I could tell that Max wanted to follow her right away, but he had switched into leader mode. There were questions he needed answered. "Have you ever gotten flashes before?"
I handed Colin to Michael and walked over to Max. I made the attempt to stare him down, which was really hard seeing as how I’m about 3 inches shorted than he is. "Sometimes, but I have never opened the connection. This time it was me. But that is not the big issue right now. Tess is alive and she knows about Alexia. She knows you’re here. And let me tell you, she is pissed. I could feel it with every fiber of my being. Liz is probably in her room packing to leave as we speak. She is my best friend, and I can almost sense what she is thinking."
Max tried to say something, but I cut him off. "Do you honestly think she wants to stay here when she know Tess knows how to find Alexia. Tess killed Alex. Liz has never completely gotten over that. She still can’t visit his grave. She is not going to stick around and put her daughter in danger. Whether it is her destiny or not. You have to go to her."
Max looked into my eyes. He knew I was telling the truth. Without saying a word, Max left the room. Everyone else just seemed stunned. Either at the bomb I had dropped or that I stood up to Max. I didn’t care. I wanted to go home with Michael and Colin as soon as possible.

Part Twenty-one… Max’s POV

I realized what Maria was saying was right. I left the kitchen to find Liz and Alexia. Sure enough, they were in Liz’s room, packing. "Liz, I’m sorry."
"I don’t need an apology, Max," she said without looking up from the blouse she was folding. "I need to get Alexia out of here."
"You can’t leave, Liz," I started to explain.
Liz placed the blouse in a suitcase and turned to look at me. "I can do whatever I want Max. And right now, all I want to do is protect Alexia. Tess is still alive. She will stop at nothing to harm Alexia, you, and I. I had that flash this morning. We both know that this only the beginning."
I walked closer to her. "But that is not part of the…"
Liz started to get angry. "Don’t even say prophecy, destiny, or any of that other crap. I don’t want to hear it. Stop being a leader and think about your family. Come with us… please."
Liz was pleading with me to go with her. The tone of her voice was enough to break my heart. "I would love nothing more to take both of you away from this. But there is more to it than that Liz. Tess is alive, and that means she has control of the Granolith."
"So," Liz snapped, trying to be callous to what she was hearing.
"Alexia and the Granolith are connected. It can find her anywhere, and she can find it."
Liz walked straight over to me. "What am I suppose to do Max? Let her hurt my daughter."
"I will never let that happen." It was all I could think of to say.
"How can you stop it," Liz yelled at me. "You didn’t even know that Tess was still alive."
Suddenly, Alexia stepped out of the closet where she had been hiding. "Stop yelling," she cried.
Liz and I both turned to face her. Alexia walked over to Liz. "I wanna stay, Mommy. I don’t wanna go away. Don’t fight no more."
I couldn’t help myself. The tears started flowing from my eyes.

Part Twenty-two… Liz’s POV

I just stood there not knowing what to do. These past two days have turned my world upside down completely. Now my daughter was in danger. All I wanted to do was get out of Roswell as fast as could be. But there was Max. In some ways he was right. With the Granolith, Tess and who ever was working with her could find us anywhere.
At that point I wondered if Max even cared about us. Was he here to protect us from what was going to happen or to love us? To be part of our family.
That is when Alexia began to yell at us. It is humbling to have a four-year-old yell at you and be right. Max’s tears showed that he was feeling the same thing. Maybe it was something more. Max had started sobbing and collapsed to the floor.
Alexia climbed into his lap and gave him the biggest hug her tiny body could muster. "My daddy, don’t cry. Things will be okay. I love you."
Max wrapped his arms around her tightly, like he never wanted to let go. With tears still in his eyes, he placed light kisses on Alexia’s forehead. "I love you, baby. My precious little baby."
Alexia looked into his eyes. "I’m not a baby. I’m going to be five soon."
Max gave a little chuckle.
So what was I suppose to do? I could feel the love between Max and Alexia now. Their bond was forming, just like mine with her. Would leaving be smart? Deep down I knew the answer, but I hated to admit it. Finally, I gathered enough strength to say what I had to say. "We will stay Max. But, I promise to kill anyone who goes after Alexia."
Then, I walked over to where they were sitting. Running my hands through Alexia’s hair, I gather even more strength. She was my strength. What would I do without her? I could feel myself losing control, and I didn’t want to do that with everyone in the house.
"I have to go out for a bit," I told Max without looking him in the eyes. "Watch Alexia. Don’t let anything happen to her Max." Those words came out sort of threatening. Max thought so too. His back became ridged as they passed through my lips.
"I will," he replied.
I walked to the bedroom door, grabbed the coat that was hanging on the doorknob, and walked out. I had to get some fresh air to clear my head. I wouldn’t be gone long, but I needed to be alone.

Part Twenty-three… Alexia’s POV

I’m only four years old, but I do know when things is wrong. Mommy is scared, really scared. She thinks the bad yellow hair lady is going to hurt us. I think that’s why she went bye. Maybe its cause she’s mad at Daddy too.
Daddy is really confused. I’m starting to get his feelings too. I know he loves me and Mommy. He just doesn’t know what to do. That’s why he is giving me a big hug. I’m not going to tell him I can’t breath.
"Alexia, baby, is there something you want to do today," Daddy asks me after Mommy left.
"You want to play tea party, Daddy," I ask him. I point to the balcony. "Out there."
Daddy nodded his head. "Sure baby."
We climb through the window and sit down at my chairs. "Mommy says this was her balcony. Is that true?"
"Yes it is," Daddy told me. "She used to love to sit out here and write in a little book."
"So she could remember everything that happened to her," he said.
I wonder if Mommy wrote bout me. "Did she write bout me?"
I can feel Daddy getting sadder. "I’m sure…no, I know she did. You are the most special thing in your Mommy’s life. She loves you so much. I know she wrote about you."
"She loves you too, Daddy," I tell him as I pass him a teacup. Boy, is he holding it all wrong.
"I’m not so sure Baby. Daddy has done some things that have hurt your Mommy really bad. I think she is really mad at me."
I look into my Daddy’s eyes. "Did you mean to?"
Daddy looked at me funny. "What do you mean Alexia?"
"Did you mean to hurt Mommy? Cause if you didn’t mean to, it doesn’t count. Like when I spilled my milk one time. The glass broke and everything, but I didn’t mean to do it. Mommy was a little mad, even though she said she wasn’t. I could feel it. But she told me it didn’t count cause I didn’t do it on purpose."
Daddy got a smile on his face. "No, baby. I would never hurt your Mommy on purpose. But this is a little different."
Daddy tried to speak, but he didn’t. His mouth opened, and closed, and opened again. He was lookin for an answer, but he didn’t know where to find one.
"Mommy loves you Daddy. I can feel it here," I told him, pointing to my heart. "She missed you so much. She would cry and cry bout you."
Daddy just looked at me. Then, he got up and picked me up and hugged me tight again. I couldn’t breath again, but Daddy really needed a hug. "I love you Daddy."
"I love you too Alexia."

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Part Twenty- four… Liz’s POV-again

I left the house, knowing full well that I was a bad idea to wander around alone, but I didn’t care. I needed to think without anything or person interrupting me. I knew that Alexia would be safe with Max, even though I didn’t want to admit it.
He just made me so mad. I know that there are things he is not telling me. Max just needs to tell me everything. Otherwise, Alexia could get hurt. I am willing to fight anyone, even Kivar, to keep that from happening.
All of this runs through my head, mixed with my vision earlier and the sight of Max holding Alexia. So I just keep walking. How much of it is my fault?
If I hadn’t believed Future Max everything would be different. Alex would be alive, Tess wouldn’t have the Granolith, and Max would have never left. Would I have been married to him by now? But what about Alexia? Future Max never mentioned her.
I stop at that thought. That’s when I notice where I am. The cemetery, with Alex’s grave right in front of me. I haven’t been here for five years, since Alex died, but I could still find it somehow. I look down at the marker. It looks brand new.
"Isabel fixed it for me," a low male voice said from behind me.
Well, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned around only to find Alex standing behind me. "Alex," I gasped. "Is that you? How are you here? Are you still alive?"
Alex began to laugh. "Still the scientist, I see. And no, I am not alive, but I have a connection to you. We always have, Liz."
I reached over and hesitantly touched Alex’s form. He felt real. Before I could think twice, I jumped forward and gave him a big bear hug. I could feel the tears run down my face. "How come I haven’t seen you before? Why didn’t you help me to find your killer? I could have stopped Tess…"
I could feel his fingers rubbing my back, trying to comfort me as I cried. "You have to let go, Liz. Nothing could have saved me. This is how things were meant to be."
I pulled back to look at him. "No, it isn’t. If I had just let things run their course, you would be alive. Of course the world would have ended. So what would the right choice have been?"
Saying that was like lifting a weight off my heart. I had often driven myself crazy with that question, but I had never said it out loud. Now, I’ve sent it out to space with the hope someone would answer.
However, Alex was confused. "What are you talking about, Liz? How did you mess with the course of events?"
I hesitated for a moment. I had only told Maria about what had happened. No one else knew, not even Max. After a moment, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to tell Alex. I hated keeping the secret, anyway. I always had.
"A future version of Max used the Granolith to come back here. He told me that fourteen years in the future the world would end because Max and I were together. Tess would leave, and everyone would die."
Alex shook his head. "That’s a lie. Nothing like that would ever happen. You two were meant to be together, meant to have Alexia. She is their chosen leader and earth’s savior."
I fell to the ground. How was it all possible? There couldn’t be two separate futures. It wasn’t possible. Which was the truth?
"She mindwarped you, that is the only explanation," Alex said firmly.
"She couldn’t have, Alex. There were too many things that only Max could have known."
Alex looked into my eyes. "Liz, I don’t know how she managed it, but that is the only way it makes sense. You were always meant to be with Max, to have his child, and so much more. You have no idea how important you are."
"I’m not important, Alex. I mess everything up. In fact, the only thing I have done right is Alexia."
"No she’s not. You’re special, Liz Parker. I have always known that. By the way, thank you."
I looked at him. "Thank you for what?"
"Her name. It means a lot to me."
"You mean a lot to me, Alex."
"I know, and I am glad. But you have to face your demons, Liz. Don’t run from them. Also, allow Max to help you. You need him now more than ever. He came back for you."
"Thank you Alex."
"I love you, Liz. Remember that, please."
"I will."
As soon as I said that, Alex faded from sight. Not more than two minutes later, I heard footsteps from behind me. "Who’s out there," I call into the night.

Part Twenty-five…Max’s POV

I see her kneeling in front of Alex’s grave. She turns to look in my direction. When she sees me, she jumps a little bit with her hand pressed to her chest. "Damnit Max, you scared me. What are you doing here? I thought you were watching Alexia."
I walk closer to her. "I was, but you’ve been gone for hours, Liz. I was worried. So, I asked Isabel and Kyle to watch her, and I went looking for you."
An angry look crept across Liz’s face. "You have to protect Alexia, Max. Not me. I am not as important as she is. She has a destiny, after all."
I cross the space between us. "You’re important to me Liz. I can’t live without you. Please just trust me."
Liz stood up in one quick movement. "How can I when you don’t tell me everything? Why should I trust you, when you don’t trust me?"
I look down at my shoes. That hurt. But Liz was right, how could she trust me, after everything? I force myself to look up, to meet her eyes. And I utter the phrase I've been eager to say since I'd returned. I clear my throat. "Because I love you," I say softly. My voice cracks with emotion.

Liz crumbled, her face soft. Tears fell down her cheeks rapidly, and she wiped them away. I stepped forward to embrace her, but she backed away cautiously.
"I need to know the truth," she said, looking me straight in the eyes. "I have to know what you know. How can you say you love me, yet not be completely honest with me?"
I know that she is right. I have to tell her. "Alexia’s powers will start growing when she turns five. They will grow faster and more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. If someone wanted to hurt her or turn her away from us, now would be the time. Before her fifth birthday."
I felt a sharp sting across my face as Liz slaps me. I turn my eyes back to face her. The tears are flowing freely now. "How could you not tell me," she asked in a low tone, almost a growl. "How can I protect her if I don’t know what is going to happen?"
"I didn’t know how to tell you," I tell her as I feel the tears form in my own eyes. "I didn’t want to lose the both of you. Destiny drove us apart before and I saw it pulling us apart again. I thought that this would finish us completely. But I see that I was just being selfish, that my keeping things from you was what is keeping us apart."
"So, is that all you know," she asked, seeming like she was not quite sure she wanted to know the answer.
"Yes," I whispered. I felt so alone in that moment. I could remember a time when I was able to completely open myself to Liz. But that was years ago. So many things had happened. Most of them were my fault. I had pushed her away to keep her safe many times before. I was just my first line of defense.
But this time was different. She needed to know everything. I hated keeping things from her. However, I hated this awkward pause even more. Everything was out in the open and I was waiting for Liz to pass judgment. A judgment she had the right to make. Whether to trust and love me again or not.
The silence in the cemetery was defining. My heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute as I watched her pace back and forth. I knew she was thinking everything out, just like she used to. She needed to do this. So, I waited quietly.
"I love you, Max," she said softly, looking at me from a few feet away. It was all the answer I needed. I crossed the grass and took her into my arms. I held her in the tightest embrace I could manage. I was never going to let her go again.
She placed a light kiss at the crook of my neck, where her head had been resting. I let out the breath I held for what seemed like forever. I looked down to see her dark brown eyes looking back at me. "No more secrets, Max," she whispered.
"Never." I tilted my head down and brushed my lips against hers. She eagerly met them. It was a light, tender kiss filled with more promise than any destiny could ever hold. And whatever our destiny turned out to be, I now knew we would face it together.

Part Twenty-six… Isabel’s POV

I open my eyes. I know that it is morning, but there is still darkness all around me. My eyes slowly adjust as I register the warm body sleeping next to me. I roll over and look at the most angelic face in the world.
Over the past few weeks, Alexia and I have grown quiet close. A couple of times I have woken up in the morning to find her lying next to me. I want to stay in bed, but I know that I won’t fall asleep. So, I decided to get up and get some coffee. I quietly got out of bed, grabbed my robe, and headed to the kitchen.
I was surprised to see Liz sitting at the kitchen table. "You couldn’t sleep anymore," she asked as I walked to the cabinet to get a coffee mug.
"Nope," I told her as I poured the hot, black liquid into the mug. I then took a seat across the table from her. "How about you," I asked.
"No," she said as she took a long sip of her coffee. "I had another dream last night."
I felt my breath catch in my throat from fear. Since Max and I had returned, Liz had been getting visions and dreams left and right. So had Maria and I, but none as intense as Liz was having.
I will never forget the night Liz returned from the cemetery with Max. He had finally managed to tell her all about the prophecy. He had opened up to her. And she opened up in return. Liz told us all about future Max and what she knew about the Granolith. She also told us about Alex appearing to her. He said future Max was a mindwarp of some kind, but we didn’t know how.
Therefore, these past few weeks, we have been trying to work out the answers. All we did know is that Tess had the Granolith, she was in league with Kivar, and she always had been. We also knew that Kivar wanted to get his hands on Alexia before her 5th birthday.
September 26. Today was the final day. Once the clock struck midnight, Alexia would begin to receive all her powers, and those powers would grow at an alarming rate. I looked Liz straight in the eyes. "What did you dreams about?"
Liz returned my gaze. "The same stuff. Tess was trying to coax Alexia away from Max and I. Kivar and Nicholas are with her. The Granolith. But this time, there was a big flash of light before I woke up."
I took a drink of my coffee before grabbing the Tabasco sauce on the table and pouring some in. Liz cringed a little. "What," I teased. "It’s good, you should try it."
Liz shook her head. "Never, Isabel," she told me, sticking her tongue out at me.
I looked over at the couch in the living room. "Where’s Max?"
Liz got up from the table and began pouring another cup of coffee. "Asleep in my room. He sensed my dream and laid with in bed with me, trying to comfort me. I guess he was more tired than I was."
"That makes sense," I agreed. "He has been up night after night, worrying. He is going to make himself sick. He can’t do that if we face…"
I let my voice trail off. I knew we were avoiding this subject…of what today was. Liz sat back down in her seat. "Not if," she spoke up after a minute of silence. "When, Isabel. We both…we all know that they are coming. We just have to be prepared. Alexia is not to be along today, at all."
"I got it captain," I said, giving Liz a salute, in the attempt to lighten the mood. "Sorry, I couldn’t help it."
Liz gave me a small smile. "I know Isabel." She got up and grabbed the cup of coffee. "I think that I am going to wake Max up. Michael and Maria should be here soon."
Liz headed down the hallway, but there was one question I still had to ask about her dream/vision. "Liz," I loudly whispered down the hall.
"Yeah," she replied, turning around.
"Did you see anything about Kyle and I?"
A wicked smile grew across Liz’s face. "Yes I did. More than I ever wanted to know in my life," she teased.
I gave her a pouting look. "Liz, you’re mean. Don’t even get me started on you and Max. Talk about to much information."
Liz scrunched her face together. "I am going to wake your brother up now." With that, she turned and opened the door to her bedroom.
I sat at the kitchen table ponder things for a moment. Kyle and I… together… with a family. I could feel the smile creep across my face. I just thought about how time can heal many things, even deep scars. I hand unwilling traced the scar on my jaw. "This will heal too," I whispered out loud.
I got up from the table and walked back to the guestroom to check on Alexia. She was still asleep. I sat down on the edge of the bed, watching her chest rise up and down. Today was in one way or another going to change her life forever. I was just going to make sure it was for the better.

Part Twenty-seven…. Maria’s POV

I can feel Michael’s hand on my shoulder, urging me to let go of Colin, but I don’t want to. Time is passing and I know that each minute is precious, so I hand my baby over to my mother. Jim gives me a reassuring smile, but it is not enough.
I look at Colin one last time through the window of our car. He opens and closes his eyes while latching his hands on his left foot. He had just discovered that foot yesterday. I can feel the tears swell in my eyes. I turn to Michael. "I want to be there when he discovers his right foot, Michael."
Michael takes his eyes off the road for a moment to get me a reassuring smile, but I know that this is killing him too. "You will be. But you know that we had to leave him," he said, trying to convince himself as much as me.
"I realize that. I know that we have to be there to help protect Alexia. Trust me, I want to be there. I’m just scared that’s all. I’m scared for Colin."
Kyle leaned forward and gave me a hug from the backseat. "Dad and Amy won’t let anything happen to him. They will guard him with their lives."
Michael nodded his head. "And if there is anyone that could scare the life out of an alien, it’s your mother, Maria," he joked. "Hell, she still scares me sometimes. That is one woman who’s bad side I never want to get on."
I giggle a little bit. It was true, my mother could put the fear of God into Michael. Actually, she was pretty good at it. However, that was not enough to ease my fears for what today held. They were coming; Kivar, Nicholas, and Tess.
That name seethed through my mind like acid. I could never hate anyone as much as I hated her. She killed my best friend. She had murdered Alex in cold blood, and didn’t even think twice about it.
Michael placed a hand on my shoulder. "You’re think about Alex aren’t you?"
I look into his eyes. "Yeah, I am. You know, that is the only good thing about this situation."
Kyle gave me a confused look. "What about this situation is good?"
"Payback," I tell him simply. "Tess is going down. I am going to be there to help. Payback is a bitch, and when it comes to her, so am I."
Kyle sat back against the seat with a big grin across his face.
"I can see you in my mirror on the visor, Kyle. What are you laughing at," I asked him.
"I was just thinking that your mother is the not the only one the aliens should be afraid of."
When he said that, all three of us burst out into a nervous laughter, which faded into an eerie silence. The rest of the car ride was spent in that silence. Michael pulled the car into the alley behind the resturant.
I grabbed Alexia’s birthday gift out of the back of my car. Just because destiny was going to bite us in the butt today, did not mean I wasn’t going to celebrate Alexia’s birthday. Besides this little outfit was too cute to pass up, and it even came with a matching one for her favorite doll. She would love it.
I walked up the back staircase to the apartment, followed closely by Michael and Kyle. The door was lock of course, so I knocked. Isabel answered the door, still dressed in her pajamas. "Oh hey," she said as she allowed us in.
I looked around the room. Alexia is sitting on the couch watching cartoons, but there was no sign of Max or Liz. "Where are Max and Liz," I asked Isabel.
She walked back over to Alexia, sitting down next to her on the couch. "Liz went into her room to wake Max about twenty minutes ago, but she hasn’t come out yet," Isabel said with a slight grin on her face.
I couldn’t help laughing. By this time, we all had an idea about what Max and Liz were doing. Personally, I thought it was about time. After they both opened up to each other, things started to get pretty heated between them. I even caught them making out in the back of the resturant last week, just like they use to.
I looked at both Michael and Kyle, only to find them trying their hardest not to laugh. But that was before Alexia decided to speak.
"Mommy and Daddy are really happy," she stated.
None of us could hold our laughter in at that point. In fact, Michael fell on the floor because he was laughing so hard. Alexia just looked at us like she was not pleased with our actions.
"What is so funny," she asked.

Part Twenty-eight… Max’s POV

I could feel her getting closer. Turning over in her bed, I look up into the most beautiful face in the world.
"Good morning, sleepy head," Liz said softly. "How are you feeling this morning?"
I just stare at her in awe. The sunlight filtering through the blinds makes her face practically glow with an angelic radiance. "I am better now," I tell her.
"I see you resort to flattery," she teased.
"It’s not flattery," I said looking into her eyes. "It’s the truth. I love you so much, Liz."
She placed the cup of coffee she had in her hand on the nightstand, leaned over, and placed a kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around her as the kiss deepened, and pulled her into bed with me. I shifted until the two of us were lying next to each other. By this time, my fingers had woven themselves in her glorious hair.
"Max, we can’t," she moaned against my lips. "Not today."
Just like she asked, I stopped my assault on her lips. I looked into her eyes. They were burning with passion, but she was right. We needed to remain focused on Alexia.
I moved to get up from the bed, then I felt Liz wrap her arms around my waist. I could feel the warmth of her cheek pressed against my bare back. "What are we going to do," she asked softly. "How are we going to stop them?"
"Well, when Isabel and I were on our planet, our powers grew. I know that Michael’s powers must have too. They were suppose to grow as we got older. I can sustain a large shield with little effort now."
I could feel Liz’s warm breath as she sighed against my back. "There has to be more we can do."
"Kivar has weaknesses, Liz. Isabel being the biggest one of them."
Liz drew away from me. I shivered at the loss of her warmth. "We can’t do that to her. She has been through too much already."
I nodded my head. "I said the same thing. The months that Isabel was held captive by Kivar were some of the most painful of my life, and I know they were much worse for her. But she won’t listen to me. She wants to face him, she says she needs to."
I saw Liz wrap her knees into her arms and pull them close to her chest. "So, we use Isabel as bait and hope that everything else goes okay. Don’t you have weapons or something to take them out? Your powers cannot be the only defense we have against Kivar, Nicholas, and Tess."
I know that she is adding up the odds in her head, and I hate the fact that I don’t have anything else to offer her. Any weapon she could use to kill the people that have caused so much pain in her life. To kill the ones who are after our daughter. "I will do whatever it takes to keep Alexia safe. I promise, Liz. Nothing will happen to either of you."
A small tear slipped down her cheek. "I know that Max. I just hate all of this uncertainty. I like to have things planned. I guess that is still the scientist in me." She paused for a second, then her hand came up to cover her mouth. "Alex," she mumbled.
I was confused. "What about Alex," I asked.
"He said that I was important. More than being Alexia’s mother, that I was special. What did he mean by that?"
The only part of the prophecy that I knew was that Liz was my true love, the mother of my child. But I didn’t know if she had a further role in what was going to happen. I looked into her eyes. "I have no idea, Liz. I only know what I have told you."
Liz sprang from the bed and began to pace back and forth. "What if I have powers?"
I opened my mouth to speak, but Liz continued. "Ava said that you changed me, all those years ago. You saw me in New York, with Isabel’s help, of course. Maybe, if I have powers, they will be stronger too. I can use them to help you."
I sat on the bed processing all that she was saying. "How could I have been so stupid," I say out loud. Liz just gives me a puzzled look. "There is no way that Isabel could have projected your image to me all the way in New York without getting extra energy from someone else. Especially then because we didn’t even know full range of our powers. How could I have been so stupid?"
Liz reached out and began to caress my cheek. "You didn’t know that this was going to happen. But now we know something they don’t. We can use that to our advantage. Now all we have to do is figure out what I can do."
I was listening, but the way she was touching my face made me ignore everything else except her gentle touch. I reach out and place my hands on her hips. I could feel her shudder under my fingers.
"Max," she scolds, but I cut her off before she can say anything else. I pressed my lips firmly to hers, using my hands to glide her closer to me. I could feel her hands touching the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair. I nip her bottom lip, hoping that she will allow me access to her sweet mouth.
She does. Our kiss got deeper and deeper. Each moment bringing us to a point we have only been to once. "Max," she whispered against my lips.
"I know Liz," I reassured her. We can’t be together right now. But Liz responds to me by continuing to kiss me. We are already too far-gone to stop now.

**********************No POV**************************************

Max slowly laid back on the bed, pulling Liz with him. His hands glided under her shirt, finding her breasts, and rubbing them gently though the soft material of her bra. Liz whimpered as her lips clung to Max’s as though her life depended on it.
Max couldn’t form a coherent thought as he enjoyed the sensations of kissing Liz like he wanted to, making love to her mouth with long, languid stokes of his tongue. However, they both wanted, needed, more than just each other’s lips. They needed each other completely. Max continued to massage Liz’s breasts through her bra, tweaking her harden nipples. Everytime he did this, Liz let out a little moan, but never broke away from his mouth.
Finally, Liz wasn’t able to take it anymore. She needed to feel his hands on her bare skin. She pulled away from Max, and quickly pulled off her shirt. A second later, Max unhooked her bra. Her breasts fell free and he gasped to see this beauty before him.
"You are so beautiful," he managed to say as he brought his mouth to envelope one of her nipples. Max teased it with his tongue, making it painfully hard.
"Max," Liz gasped breathlessly.
He pulled away for a second. His chest heaving and his lips swollen from their activities. "Is something the matter? Do you want me to stop?"
Liz shook her head. "Never," she sighed. "I need you. I need you now."
Max lost control right then and there. Liz pulled off his T-shirt just before he went back to devouring her mouth. He then made his way down her neck while his fingers found the clasp on her jeans. In a matter of seconds, he managed to open them and pull them down as far as he could. Liz moved off of Max and rid herself of the jeans.
He used the moment to slide down the sweat pants he was wearing. Liz returned to him on the bed and Max positioned himself above her. All that separated them now was a pair of panties and boxers.
"Are you sure," Max asked. He knew deep down that is was probably the last thing they needed to do that day, but he could not deny the passion he felt for Liz. Yet, if she though they should stop, he would.
Liz looked intently in Max’s eyes. "Yes. I needed you inside me."
With that, Max began slowly kissing his way down Liz’s stomach, pulling her panties off at the same time. Liz’s hands ran up and down Max’s back, until she came in contact with the elastic on his boxers. She tugged on them, trying to be rid of their only barrier. Max helped her, and soon nothing separated them.
Max slowly slid into Liz’s wet heat, feeling her tight walls around him. She moaned his name as he began to move in and out of her. Max leaned down and captured Liz’s lips in a searing kiss. With each thrust, she whimpered against his lips.
After building a frantic pace, Max could feel Liz’s was tighten around his manhood, pushing him over the edge. With a one last thrust, they both peaked, crying out to one another.
It was in that moment that they both knew they would be joined forever. This was different than the first time they made love. Then it had been out of a sort of desperation. A desperation to cling to each other when circumstances were pulling them apart. Now, even with the upcoming battle, it was more about them. They made love because they wanted to prove that they would be together forever, not because they couldn’t be together.
They lay there wrapped in each other’s arms, both completely undone. That is until they heard a knock on the door. "Are you two done," Maria taunted through the door. "We have some planning to do."

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Part Twenty-nine… Michael’s POV

"I hope that Maria didn’t just walk in on them," I stated. I wouldn’t have put it past her. But her boldness is one of the reasons I love her so much.
"Why can’t Auntie Mawia see Mommy and Daddy if they were just playing," Alexia asked.
I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Isabel, on the other hand, couldn’t help herself. I have to admit that it was nice to hear her laugh. Ever since she and Max got back, her smiles were few and far between. Most of the time, it was only Kyle or Alexia that elicited one of her rare giggles. I wonder if there is anything going on between those two?
I felt Alexia pull on my pants leg. "How come," she asked.
Well, I should have remembered that Alexia was not the type to forget anything. "Because sometimes Mommies and Daddies like to play by themselves," I told her, doing my best to keep a straight face.
Maria breezed back into the living room. "They should be out in a second. And "playing." Is that what you are calling it now?"
I walked over to her, wrapped my arms around her waist, and place a light kiss on her lips. "What would you have called it," I whispered in her ear.
Maria pulled back a bit. "I don’t know, maybe the alien bop."
Kyle spit out the water he had been drinking. He managed to spray most of it across the coffee table, carpet, and himself. "Warn me the next time before you say something like that," he said as he got to get some paper towels.
"Ewww," Alexia exclaimed. "That was gross, Uncle Kyle."
Isabel motioned for Alexia to come over to her. "Sometimes guys do silly things. Uncle Kyle usually does the silliest things of all," she told Alexia as she pulled her into her lap.
"I heard that," Kyle called from the kitchen.
I saw both Isabel and Alexia began to laugh. Just then, Max and Liz emerged from the room. Maria turned around in my arms to look at them. "Did you have fun?"
Liz looked down and I could see the tips of Max’s ears getting red. Alexia jumped out Isabel’s lap and ran over to Max. "Daddy, what were you and Mommy playing? Was it the alien bop like Auntie Mawia said?"
Liz walked over and swatted Maria on the arm. I just laughed. "You are evil," she told Maria.
Max just bent over and picked up Alexia. "I guess so," he shrugged. I could tell that he just didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t like he had ever been caught in this situation before.
Then, he saw me laughing. "Just wait until you get caught in this situation, Michael," he warned. "I bet you won’t be laughing then."
I let go of Maria and walked over to the couch. The one Kyle hadn’t spit on. "I guess not, but I have some time before that happens."
Liz shook her head and took a seat next to Isabel. "Why don’t we talk about what we are going to do. I do not want any surprises that we aren’t ready to handle."
I thought about what Liz was saying. She was right. We had to handle this in a way that they, especially Tess, wouldn’t be expecting. Suddenly, I think of the perfect idea. "The UFO Museum."
"What," Max asks, giving me a puzzled look.
"We should hide out in the Museum. I renovated last year, so chances are they won’t know the layout. Not to mention, it is a bomb shelter which means only one entrance."
"But isn’t it opened today," Kyle asked, walking back into the living room.
I shook my head. "No. I had to close it because the "Alien Aquatic" display busted. It managed to flood the entire of the front of the place."
"Oh," Maria chimed in. "Why don’t you tell them why it busted."
I shot her one of those you’re-going-to-pay-for-that looks, but she chose to ignore it. "Go on," she tormented. "Tell them why the case holding the display shattered."
I rolled my eyes. "I was practicing using my powers last week when a customer came in and startled me. Next thing I knew, the whole tank had shattered."
Maria just stood where she was, giggling. "Laugh it up," I tell her. "You didn’t think it was so funny when I accidentally blew up the microwave."
Maria’s smile quickly faded. "Spaceboy, that is because the microwave is useful, where as that display was ugly."
I got up, walked over to her, and stood straight in front of her. She tried to stand me down, but it wasn’t going to work. "So, you thought my display was ugly."
She nodded her head. "Yes, I did."
I looked into her eyes, leaned over, and placed a kiss on her lips. What can I say, fighting seems to turn us on. I guess that our kiss was getting pretty out of hand because I heard Max cleared his throat. I pulled away from Maria’s lips, then turned to face Max.
He still held Alexia in his arms, but she was covering her eyes with her hands. I could also see that the others were trying their hardest to contain their laughter. Liz got up from the couch and walked over to us. "Did you guys need to go play the alien bop in our room for a bit?"

Part Thirty… Kyle’s POV

We all decided that Michael was right. The UFO Museum was the best place for us to hide. So quietly, we took shifts sneaking down to the Museum. I went first with Isabel to check the place out.
The place was dark and empty when we first entered the door. Michael had given me the key. I quickly unlocked the door, ushered Isabel inside, and locked the door behind us. Cautiously, we way down the steps. At the bottom, Isabel was the first to step on the carpet.
"Oh my God," she exclaimed in a loud whisper.
I must have jumped three feet in the air. "What," I cried out.
Isabel cringed at bit. "I sorry," she said quietly. "The water was cold and I’m wearing sandals. I didn’t mean to scare you."
I could see the color rise in her cheeks. I gave her a smile and reached out my hand to her. After pausing for a second, she took it. We then made our way to the back of the Museum.
"I think that everything is okay," I told Isabel, my voice returning to normal.
"Me too," she agreed. "I’ll head into the office and give the others a call."
I watched her as she walked to the office. Over these past few weeks, it hurt me to see how much she had changed. Her mannerisms were much quieter, more unsure than the Isabel that left us five years ago. I hated Kivar more every time I thought about it.
Isabel returned a couple of seconds later. "Max is bringing Liz and Alexia over in about ten minutes. So I guess we should just double check to make sure that everything is secure."
I nodded at her, but didn’t make an effort to move. "What," she asked after catching me looking at her.
"Are you sure you are ready to face him," I asked.
She winced at bit at the thought, but then nodded her head. "Yes. I can’t hold on to what he did to me forever. It would kill me slowly. Facing Kivar is the only way I will ever be rid of him completely… one way or another."
I rushed to where she was standing. "I am not going to let him hurt you, Isabel. I couldn’t bear it if he did."
I could see the tears running down her face. "Alexia is more important than me. She is the one who needs your protection, Kyle."
"Your important to me," I managed to say.
Isabel’s head shot straight up when she heard that, looking me in the eyes. I could see that the tears were coming faster, rolling down her cheeks, one at a time. I reached out and carefully touched her face, wiping the tears away with my thumb. I knew in that moment that Alexia was right. I loved Isabel, and I couldn’t let anything happen to her.
But I couldn’t force her, not in a moment like this. She didn’t need that. However, the funny thing was I didn’t have to. Slowly, I saw her face coming towards mine. She stopped only couple inches away from my face. I could feel her warm breath against my lips.
"Isabel," I whispered, but she pressed her forefinger to my lips. A second later, she replaced it with her lips. The kiss was light and gentle, but it was enough for me to feel the love she had inside. Love for her family, love for Alex, and her love for me. This emotion came across stronger than the others, and I could tell that this was Isabel’s way of tell me something. Telling me that she loved me.
As soon as the kiss broke, I told her the words I only just realized were true. "I love you, Isabel Evans."
Isabel wrapped her arms around my neck. I held her close, letting her cry. After a couple of minutes, I could feel her trying to speak. But I stopped her. "Isabel you don’t have to say anything right now. Just let me hold you."
I could feel her nod against my shoulder. I held her like that until we heard someone knock on the front door of the Museum. I pulled away from Isabel and walked up the stairs to see who it was.
It was Max, Liz, and Alexia. I quickly unlocked the door for them, and ushered them inside. "The place looks pretty secure," I told Max. "I think that Michael was right. This is probably the best place to hold out."
Max nodded and Liz just tightened her grip on Alexia. I could tell that it was taking all of Liz’s power right now to keep calm. During these past five years, she has become like a little sister. I know how much she loves Max and Alexia. I have watched Alexia from the day she was born. I was not going to let Tess or whatever alien power come in here and ruin the best things in Liz’s life.
"Michael and Maria are going to head over in about 15 minutes," Max stated.
Isabel walked over to him. "Did anyone notice you three coming over? Did anything seem or feel strange," she asked him.
I raised an eyebrow. "Feel strange? You guys have some sort of super alien intuition or something."
Isabel turned to me and smiled. "Yeah… sort of. Sometimes we can feel when things are off balance, when there is something not right."
"Okay," I said. "So I’ll mediate, you can do you Zen master thing, and we will kill them with our good vibes," I joked.
But that was enough to cause Liz to snap. "This is no time for joking, Kyle. Things are serious. This is serious."
I didn’t even try to defend myself. It wasn’t the time. Plus, I knew she didn’t mean it. I saw Max walk over to her, but she shook her head and walked into the backroom of the museum, Alexia in tow. I walked over to him, placing my hand on his shoulder. "She’ll be okay, man."
Max nodded at me. "I know, I just hate they both have to be in this situation."
"It sucks," I told him plainly. "But kicking yourself in the ass is not going to help. Now, kicking Kivar, Nicholas, and Tess in the ass would."
He chuckled a little bit. "I like that plan."
I turned my head to look at Isabel. She smiled at me with gratitude. "All we need is Michael and Maria, then this little party can get started," I thought to myself.

Part Thirty-two… Maria’s POV

Well, it looks like the game is the same, but the location is different. We are waiting. All of us, just sitting here. Kyle is over by Isabel, doing his best to keep her calm I think. Michael and Max went to make sure that everything is secure. They have only checked all the doors and possible entrances five times since we got here. I guess that you can never be too sure.
However, Liz is the one I am worried about the most. She seems to have shut down, focusing all her attention on Alexia. I mean she is watching every step the little darling takes. She jumps at any little peep out of Alexia’s mouth. What the hell happened to her before I got here? I know that she was tense before, but this is definitely the extreme.
Quietly, I make my way to the backroom, the last place I saw Liz and Alexia head to. Sure enough, I find Liz sitting on a couch in the office, clutching Alexia close to her. "Chica, you gotta let her breath a bit."
Liz jumped a bit and gave me a look. I am really glad that she hasn’t tapped into any of her powers because that look would have killed me for sure. "That isn’t funny," she said harshly.
I went to the couch and sat down next to her, reaching out to stoke Alexia’s dark hair. "It was a little funny," I told her, trying to cover her lack of humor. "Listen, I know that this is stressful, but you can’t stop anything by holding on to her that tight."
"I know," Liz whispered. "But I like to feel that she is still here."
I gave Liz a sympathetic look. "I would do the same thing right now if I could," I confessed. "I want to hold Colin so badly that it isn’t even funny. But that wouldn’t be what is best for him, and this is not what is best for Alexia. Look at her Liz. She hasn’t spoken a word since I got here and she is shaking like a leaf."
Liz loosened her grip, turning Alexia around in her arms. I could see the realization hit Liz’s face. I hated to point it out, but it was true. Alexia was pale as snow and she was shaking so badly that I could see if when I was standing in the door across the room. Liz let out a gasp, then gave Alexia a little hug. "I am so sorry baby," she whispered barely loud enough for me to hear.
"That’s okay Mommy," Alexia managed to say, but her voiced cracked a bit.
"Oh no baby, it isn’t," Liz continued to apologize. "But I am not going to do it again," she told Alexia, leaning forward and placing a light kiss on her forehead.
I looked at Alexia. "Would you like to play a game," I asked her, doing my best to break the current tension.
"Hide and seek," she told me, her face brightening a bit. "It’s my most favorite game."
Liz gave her a funny look. "I thought that tea party was your favorite game."
Alexia giggled a bit. "Only cause Uncle Michael and Uncle Kyle don’t know how to play right. They always play silly."
I had to laugh. Just the thought of Michael holding one of those tiny little tea cups in his hands with his pinky stuck out was an image the could make anyone laugh.
Apparently, Liz was thinking along the same lines because she laughed a little too. "Okay," Liz finally managed to say. "You hide and we will find you. But stay in the main room and find me if anything seems weird to you."
"Yeah," Alexia exclaimed, getting a little more life in her face. "Count to hundred and find me." With that, she ran off to the main room.
Liz and I followed her, counting loudly at first, but getting quieter as the numbers passed. After twenty-five, Liz turned to me. "Do you have a weird feeling," she asked.
I gave her a curious look. "What to you mean?"
"Isabel was talking about alien intuition earlier, just before you got here. She asked if anything felt off. I was just thinking about it."
"Is that why you were so upset," I asked her.
Liz sighed. "It was part of it. Kyle also made a crack about positive vibes and I sort it snapped. I just couldn’t handle jokes at that point."
"Joking is just a part of Kyle," I said, giving her a smile. "I think that is how he handles things. Yet, I know that he doesn’t want to see a thing happen to Alexia. He really adores her."
Liz nodded. "I know that, it’s just I was upset. But honestly, you don’t feel that anything is weird?"
I thought for a moment. Everything looked fine. However, deep down, my senses were telling me something was out of place. Like there was something that was altered. "I do feel a little weird," I admitted outloud.
Liz raised her eyebrow. "How? What feels weird?"
I took a deep breath. "I feel kinda like something is trying to invade my senses, but everything looks fine," I said, trying to cover up my paranoia.
"Looks can be deceiving," she told me. "I feel the exact same way." Liz closed her eyes for a moment. A couple of seconds later, they shot open, and Liz cried out. "Alexia."
We both rushed further into the room, over towards the entrance. I think that we saw the same thing at the same time. Alexia was walking towards another version of Liz, who was standing close to the door.
I knew immediately who it was. "TESS," I screamed outloud. The image around us began to flicker and the other Liz faded into the curly haired blond that I detested with a passion.
Both Liz and Max ran towards the door, the rest of us not two steps behind them. Tess grabbed Alexia. I could hear Alexia cried out. "Mommy. Daddy."
But it was too late. She was gone. Tess used her powers to shatter the glass on the door and she ran into the street. Seconds later, a car could be heard screeching away.
Liz followed them out to the street. She collapsed in the street, crying. I could feel that Michael wanted to use his powers, but Alexia was in the car and he wasn’t going to risk hurting her. Max collected Liz into his arms, but he didn’t move out of the road. He watched the car take his baby girl further and further away from him. We all did. After a couple of moments, we all began heading back into the museum. Everything had changed. We thought that they were going to bring the battle to us. Now we had to take it to them.
Isabel was the first to speak when we had gather back into the museum. "She must have been here all along. Damnit," she cried out in frustration.
Max gently put Liz back on the ground, but she held tight to him, trying to regain her footing. "She knew that this would be the first place we would hide," Liz managed to say softly. "It was exactly what we did the last time, when the skins attacked."
"So what do we do now," Kyle asked. I could tell that he desperately wanted a plan. Hell, we all did. We were playing on their terms now.
"Well, know where they took her would be nice," Michael said in frustration.
Suddenly the look in Isabel’s eyes grew brighter. She turned to Liz. "You can connect with her, just like you did with Max in New York. We can try to reverse the connection she has with you, so instead of her knowing what you are thinking and feeling, you will know what she is going on in her mind."
Liz’s eyes grew wide. "How do I do it," she asked, eager to do anything.
Isabel sat on the floor, motioning for Liz to sit in front of her. Liz did just that. Max was only a couple of steps behind her. He knelt behind her, rubbing her shoulders reassuringly, in an attempt to make her as calm as possible. Liz and Isabel connected hands as the rest of us watched. I have no idea how long passed, seconds or minutes, but they felt like hours. Finally, Liz’s eyes flew open. "I know they are taking her."

Part Thirty-four… Isabel’s POV

Sitting in the back of Liz’s car, I thought of the words Alex spoke to me almost a month ago. "You cannot let him control you." They played over and over in my mind as I tried to steady my nerves. Above all, I knew how right he was.
Then I thought of our plan. I actually couldn’t tell whether it was foolproof or foolish. In either case, it was the only plan we had.
Most of it was Max’s idea. After Liz connected with Alexia and found they were taking her to the old soap factory, Max began ranting to himself. A lot of it was incoherent gibberish. I had never seen him like this. In those years back on Antar, he had been so level headed, giving orders and adopting the role as king. That wasn’t the Max I was seeing now, pacing back and forth.
Yet, all of a sudden, he turned to face us, this expression on his face like a lightbulb went off in his head. He turned toward Kyle. "Do you remember how everyone go out of the factory when your Dad raided the party in tenth grade?"
Kyle thought for a second. "Yeah, I think so. Why?"
"Because chances are they don’t know about every way to get into the factory," Max began rambling again. "We find out which ones they don’t know about and sneak in."
Michael gave Max an unsure look. "Then what? I mean they have the Granolith and Alexia."
"All we have to do is get Alexia back," Max told him. "Then they will lose the upper hand. Forever."
I glanced over at Liz, who was now shaking her head. "No," she finally said. That one work contained more conviction than any other word I have ever heard her speak. "We get Alexia out, then we take care of Kivar, Nicholas, and Tess."
Max walked over to Liz and placed a hand on each of her shoulders. "It’s too dangerous, Liz. We can’t risk it."
We can’t risk them coming back to take her again," she told him. Liz was crying, and I could feel the emotion roll off of Max in waves. We all could tell that both of their hearts were near the breaking point. Max ran one of his fingers under her chin, raiding her face so he could look into her eyes. "Trust me Liz. I would kill Kivar, will kill Kivar, but now is not the time. Alexia is too weak. We need to get her and bring her home."
"Then what," Liz cried. "How do we know what they will go later, how often they will come back to haunt us. Please Max," Liz pleaded. "I want us to be safe."
Max took a deep breath and nodded. Liz lunged forward, clinging to him like her life depended on it. A silent understanding came over the group. Alexia was top priority, but we were to kill if we got the chance.
Looking back on this, sitting in the back seat of Liz’s car, I knew what I had to do. Vilandra was no longer Kivar’s for the taking. She had become me, Isabel Evans, and I wasn’t going to let him destroy my family again.
We parked about a mile away from the factory, got out of the car, and reviewed the basics of the plan. I could feel Kyle looking at me the whole time, but I knew if I glanced in his direction I risked losing my resolve. I couldn’t afford that now. No matter how much I just wanted him to hold me and tell me that things were going to work out, I needed to remain level-headed.
Kyle passed out the weapons he borrowed from his Dad. There wasn’t much they would do against Kivar, but they might have some luck if we into any skins. Kyle took the rifle. Maria had a baseball bat because she was staying on the outside of the factory to keep an eye on the cars.
Michael and Max decided, in the end, to stick with their powers. Max had developed the ability of throwing energy. While Michael’s power was the more powerful, Max could still pack quite a punch. Liz took a small pistol, and Kyle gave me his hunting knife. "Do whatever you have to do to keep safe, " he whispered to me as he handed over the knife.
I looked into his eyes. Those big, honest eyes full of concern. "You too," I said softly. "I need you. You know that, right?"
Kyle quickly leaned over and captured my lips with his. He felt so warm and reassuring that it was breaking my heart to think he might get hurt. I could feel a tear slip from my eye, and I pulled back from him. "Promise that we will finish that as soon as this is over," I asked after taking a deep breath.
"Okay," he promised, smiling slightly at me. "It’s a deal."
I gave him a quick hug, then walked away. Over and over again I kept repeating my part of the plan. "Be the bait. Distract them long enough for everyone to sneak in. You can do this."
As a reflex, I reached up and traced the scar along my jaw. The slight pucker that contradicted the rest of the smooth skin was just as definite as ever. "I can do this," I stated out loud.
When I reached the common entrance for the factory, I opened up my senses to see if there were any immediate dangers just behind the doors. When I was sure it was safe enough, I flung open the door and strolled in, imitating my best Ice Queen attitude. "Honey, I’m home," I called out.
I noticed the Granolith standing off to the left of the entrance. However, when I turned towards it, someone stepped in my way. It was Kivar. "Vilandra, my sweet. To what do I owe this pleasant surprise? Have you come to change sides when things weren’t going your way, just like the last time?"
I took a deep breath, filling my lungs and holding the air there for a moment or two, then let it back out. "I doubt that," I told him, stealing myself for the backlash. "As far as I can remember, I died the last time. So, if I did choose your side, it didn’t do me much good."
A flash of anger flared across Kivar’s features, then died back down again. He moved towards me. I wanted to run in the opposite direction, but my feet failed me. "Ahhh Vilandra. Did you learn nothing while you were back on Antar," he asked. The next thing I could feel was a fist balling my hair at the nape of my neck. "It is not smart to aggravate those who are stronger than you. I guess you will have to learn that lesson again, Vilandra."
I could feel my nerve slip away. I started to think wasn’t strong enough to face him. Then, something flashed into my mind. I remembered Kyle’s face just before I came into the factory. He saw Isabel, not Vilandra. My head cleared and I noticed exactly what Kivar was doing. Back on Antar, he would call me Vilandra and punish me terribly when I tried to insist on being called Isabel. He knew I was a different person. But it had taken me until now to full realize that.
With a free hand, I reached around my back and pulled out the hunting knife. "My name is ISABEL, " I yelled at him before taking the knife to his face and cutting a long gash along his jawline.

Part Thirty-three… Max’s POV

I saw Kivar grab hold of Isabel. I wanted to run out of our hiding spot that second and kill him. Apparently Kyle did too. I saw him take a step forward, getting ready to rush ahead, but Liz grabbed ahold of his arm. She held on to mine too.
I looked over at her, noticing that she was not focused on either of us. Liz was actually using us for support. I followed her line of sight and my blood boiled at what I saw. Tess was dragging Alexia away from where Kivar and Isabel were.
"Max," I heard Liz whimper from beside me. I turned to her, but a second later, we heard Kivar cry out. I watched as he clutched his face. Isabel was holding the hunting knife Kyle had giving her. She raised it again, but Kyle rushed forward from our hiding spot. Isabel saw him, lowered the knife and kick Kivar hard instead.
I ran out towards where I had last seen Tess and Alexia, Liz on my heels. Suddenly, an energy blast hit my side, sending me across the room. I opened my eyes and saw Liz running towards me. Then, I saw Nicholas. "Get away from here," I yelled at her.
She stopped in her tracks. And, as though she heard something, Liz turned around. She saw Nicholas coming towards her. I could see her struggling to move, but it was like her feet were stuck to something. A scream escaped from her lips as Nicholas got closer and closer.
Nicholas laughed. "Now you will get to watch me kill the only things that are important in your life, you highness."
Anger stirred in my belly. A primal force surged in me, and I cried out. "NO!"
The next few moments passed in slow motion. Both Liz and Nicholas turned to look at me. I raised my hand and sent out an energy blast. Nicholas backed away from Liz, and she was finally able to move. She ran towards me as the blast ripped through Nicholas’s body. He cried out in pain, but only for a few seconds. Then, he fell to the ground… dead.
"Oh God, Max. Are you okay? How did you do that," Liz asked, the questions forming faster than she had time to voice them.
"I don’t know," I told her, weakly. The world around me was blurry, and I knew it had taken most of my energy to kill Nicholas. "Go find Alexia," I ordered.
Liz bent over my head, placing a kiss on the top of it. "I’ll be right back," she whispered, then ran off in the direction we that last saw Tess drag Alexia.
I lay on the ground, trying desperately to move so I could help Liz. After a couple of minutes, Michael came up beside me. "Maxwell," he questioned, not knowing whether I was alive or dead.
I opened one eye. "Yeah," I said as loud as I could. "Where have you been," I joked.
Michael leaned over and helped me to sit up. "I was helping Isabel and Kyle take care of Kivar. Well, actually, I was killing off a few skins while Isabel beat the hell out of Kivar."
"Is he," I managed to squeak out before a jolt of pain hit my body as Michael helped me to my feet.
"I think so," Michael said.
"What about the skins," I ask, slumping over slightly.
"Kyle and I took care of them. There weren’t many." Then, Michael looked around. "Where is Liz?"
I stood up. "She ran off after Tess and Alexia. We have to get to her."
Michael nodded his head. I took off as fast as I could in the direction I last saw Liz go. Michael and I reached the Granolith. We heard shouting from around the other side, and then a shot rang out. We had got there too late.
Liz was slumped over on the ground. Alexia was pleading to Tess to let her go, so she could go to her mommy. And Tess… she was laughing. "You need to forget about her, girl," she scolded Alexia. "You should have been my child anyway. Maybe if you are good, I’ll let you live."
Alexia flinched when Tess waved pistol Kyle had given Liz in front of her face. I felt Michael gripping my shoulder, trying to keep me from acting irrationally, from rushing out to kill Tess. "Hold on Maxwell," he whispered. "You can’t risk hurting Alexia."
"But I can heal Liz…," I began to say, still trying to get out of Michael’s grasp. However, we both stop moving when we see Liz open her eyes. "She’s alive," I whisper to Michael.
I inch closer to her, but I notice that she is not focused on anything but the Granolith. Slowly, she pulls herself toward it. As she does, I get a look at her wound. Ironically, it is in the same spot as the gunshot wound that would have killed her eight years ago in the Crashdown. But that is not what I am thinking about. I’m thinking that if I don’t get to her soon, it will be too late. Without even considering what I am doing, I pull away from Michael and rush towards her.
Tess sees me coming and raises the gun. It doesn’t even register in my brain that she is going to fire it at me. Instead, I just keep running towards Liz. Liz looked over at me, then to Tess, and back at me again. "No," she cried out.
The next few moments happened so fast that no one would’ve had a chance to process them. Startled by Liz’s scream, Tess dropped the gun and jumped back from Liz, letting Alexia go in the process. Liz lunged forward, reaching for the Granolith. As soon as her fingers touched the smooth, glowing surface, the room filled up with an eerie purple light. Liz turned to Tess and raised her hand towards her. A concentration of energy flowed from the Granolith through Liz, using her like she was a conductor, and to Tess. Tess let out a high pitch scream and fell to the ground.
She was dead. The power from the Granolith had killed her. I saw the light in the room die away and Liz began to fall. I hurried the few steps between us and caught her before she hit the floor. She smiled weakly at me, whispering, "I love you."
I put my hand over the wound in her side, but it was too late. I had used to much energy when I killed Nicholas. There was no way I could heal her. Alexia took Liz’s hand, kneeling down next to me, crying. "I’m so sorry," I told them both. It was all my fault.
As though sensing my thoughts, Liz slowly shook her head. "No it’s not," she said softly. Her eyes then looked to Alexia. "I love you baby," she mouthed as her voice failed her.
The tears ran from my eyes, dropping onto her forehead. "I love you, Liz."
With that, a clock somewhere began chiming. It was midnight. Liz drew in some air and exhaled slowly, closing her eyes at the same time. She didn’t take another breath.
"Mommy," I heard Alexia whimper next to me. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling my little girl close to me. Alexia squirmed, wiggling herself away from me. I dropped my arms and watched her cling to Liz’s lifeless body.
"Alexia, baby, it’s too late," I told her, attempting to pull her away.
Alexia ignored me, placing her tiny hands over the wound. My eyes grew wide as they began to glow. Letting out a little gasp, Alexia slumped over Liz’s body. The next thing I heard was Liz taking a deep breath.

Part Thirty-four… Liz’s POV

Breathing, something so important that it’s funny just how quickly you can forget to do it. I had forgotten to breath when Tess shot the gun, as the bullet entered my side, even when I reached for the Granolith. The only thing I wanted to do was save Alexia. It’s even more ironic that she saved me instead.
The first thing I remember seeing when I woke up was Alexia out cold on my bed. Considering everything that had happened, my first reaction to her stillness was to panic. Max, who was cradling her in his arms, did his best to reassure me she was okay. "She fell asleep after she healed you. It took a lot out of her."
I curled up alongside Max. "We won," I asked, my mind racing with questions. Is everyone okay?"
Max leaned over and placed a tender kiss on my forehead, using his free arm to pull me closer to him. "Everyone is fine. Tired, but fine."
I let out a sigh of relief. Reaching out, I tangled my fingers in Alexia’s hair, rejoicing that I was able to touch her again, that she was safe. It turned into one of those instants, the kind that stay with you forever. I was here, holding my family, peacefully.
After a few minutes passed, Max broke the comfortable silence. "How did you know to connect with the Granolith, tap into it’s power?"
I looked down, thinking back on what happened. "Something that Alex told me. He said I was more important than I thought. I had a role to play. And when I was lying there, things sort of became clear. The Granolith was connected to Alexia, and she was connected to me. Somehow I just knew I could use it to get Tess away from her."
It was only then that I looked up and saw the tears in Max’s eyes. "I almost lost you, both of you."
I moved, sitting up more in bed. My other hand reached out to caress his cheek. "You will never lose me Max, not now." Then, I leaned over and kissed him.

That was five years ago, to the day. Max didn’t wait too long to ask me to marry him. Of course, I didn’t wait long to take him up on his offer. We walked down the alter about three months after Alexia’s birthday.
We weren’t the only ones. Sixth months after she confronted Kivar and killed him, Isabel finally got married… to Kyle. A year later, they had twins, James Jr. and Jerica.
What made those months so interesting was the fact that half way through Isabel’s pregnancy, Maria found out she was pregnant again. Five months after James and Jerica were born, Maria had a little girl named Catrina.
I also found out Max and I were going to have another baby right after we were married. We had another little girl, who we decided to name Taryn. Alexia was so excited to have a baby sister. Even though there is a six year difference in their ages, they are practically inseparable.
Like right now. September 27, 2011 was a perfect day, warm and crisp. Alexia wanted to spend her tenth birthday having a picnic at the park, so that’s what we are doing. As I look around, I see her pushing Taryn on the swings, undoubtedly using her powers.
Turning, I see that Max has noticed that too. "Alexia," he called out in a scolding tone. "Not here baby."
Her cute little smile faded, then re-appeared a second later when Taryn took her hand. They thought it was a secret they shared, but Max and I knew that the could communicate telepathically when they were touching. In fact, all the sets of siblings could do it. The downside was that none of the parents could pick up on what was being said.
"I think they’re plotting something," I whispered into Max’s ear as he sat back down.
Max gave me a wicked grin. "They’re our children. Of course they’re plotting something."
I started to laugh. Next thing I knew, our two girls pounced on us, tickling like crazy. Fits of giggling filled the air as Max grabbed Taryn and swung her over his head. I continued to laugh, mostly because Alexia had found the ticklish spot under my arm. Life was good, and no matter what happened, it would remain so as long as we have each other.
Now, looking back on everything that had occurred, I realize that Max and Isabel leaving was one of the turning points in all our lives. We had to lose our way before we could find it again. For those five years, we were all lost. Our family was incomplete. However, that’s changed. The family is growing, by leaps and bounds for that matter.
Watching my little segment of the group in this moment cause me to realize I had to lose Max for him to come back to me. True love is stronger than even the Granolith could possible predict. Which is why there are no true endings, only beginnings to a variety of life’s adventures. And that is our story. Well, so far.