posted on 30-Aug-2001 6:52:26 PM
Author: Chrissy
Rating: R / NC-17
Background/Summary: This story is a little different from the show. Just think ‘Pilot’; except Liz was never shot, and the secret of the alien’s being alien’s was never revealed. Max is still secretly in love with Liz, adoring her from afar.
So pretty much everything’s the same. Max, Michael and Isabel are still keeping to themselves. Everyone is in the middle of their senior year.
But here’s the catch: It seems that once the three aliens hit puberty around the age of 13; One day out of every year since, there alien side kicks in, and there burden down with the need to mate. I guess their desire and needs kick into overdrive and their powerless to control it(in other words). This one day a year was when they would reproduce on their planet.
Oh,… and the best part: No Tess!!!

When you see **** (four stars) it means the past. And I'm only going back within a two mouth span. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.

Part 1

The tiny droplets of rain were beading down the glass of her window, and suddenly Liz Parker took an immediate interest. Her life had instantly changed from normal, to complete chaos. She softly traced the droplets of rain with her index finger to see if she could connect the dots and make a picture. She new what she was doing. She was trying anything possible to get her mind off of the situation at hand. At this particular moment, her parents were on their way over to the Evans house, and more then likely going to kill Max once they saw him. And the sad part about it all, ....was that he had no idea what was coming his way.....

****Two months earlier....

“If my calculations are correct,…. Tomorrow is the day!” Isabel said as she looked her brother and only friend in the face.
Michael sighed loudly as he sat back in his chair. “I hate this.”
“You’re not the only one.” Isabel chimed in.
“Well,.. were just going to have to lock ourselves in our rooms again.” Trying to lighten the mood, Max felt reluctant, and knew this was going to be the hardest night of his life, especially when all he thought about was a petit brown haired girl.
Michael sighed again, before stuffing a chip in his mouth covered in Tabasco sauce.
“Great,… just great. I had tickets to the Metallica concert.”
“You’re going to have to cancel Michael.” Isabel voiced.
“No Shit!”
“So! What do you say?” Maria was so excited.
“I don’t know Maria.”
“Come on Liz, it’ll be perfect. We can go to the club, I can meet a hot guy, and we’ll come back here, no one will ever know what time we’d gotten home.”
“I wouldn’t be to sure about that.” Liz voiced as she continued to wipe down the counter.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Her foot was tapping a mile a minute, as she steadied her hands on her hips. “You’re parents are going out of town … right?”

“Then what’s the problem?”
As if on cue, Kyle Valenti, walked into the Crashdown. “Need you ask?” Liz whispered as she made her way into the back room, and out of sight.
Maria turned to follow,… “I still don’t get it.”
“Maria, he stalks me,… everywhere I go.”
“Tell him to stop!” She was so direct at times.
Liz turned to Maria, and looked to her like she was crazy. “Yeah,.. Okay Maria, .. I’ll go tell him now.”

“No Liz, .. I’m serious.”
“Maria, He still can’t get over why I broke up with him last month.”
“Duh,.. it doesn’t take a genius. … Oh Come on Liz,…. Don’t let him ruin our good time.”

“Maria,… I just don’t feel like dealing with him. I’m running out of patience, and I’m about to flip out on him.”
A smile covered her face. “I’d give anything to see that.”
“This isn’t funny Maria.”
“No, your right,.. I’m sorry! But Please, We only get to really have freedom, and live when you’re parents are out of town,… And God Liz, I didn’t think they would ever go out of town again.” Liz let out a giggle, then turned to her friend. “Fine Maria,… I’m in.”
Maria started to jump up and down for joy, smiling ear to ear.
“But, I’m warning you,….” Her gaze suddenly turning serious. “Keep Kyle away from me at all costs.”
She shook her head, and brought her hand to her forehead in a salute manner,..
”aye-aye sir!”
Even though he himself could never have her, he was secretly glad that Kyle couldn’t either. Max couldn’t help the resentment he had whenever he witnessed her in Kyle’s arms in the past.
The boy was a fool to think he could lie about the two of them to his friends, and when Liz found out that she was at the center of gossip thanks to Kyle’s lies, she had broke it off with him. A sly smile covered his face, as he remembered overhearing her tell him off. To say she was pissed was an understatement, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he heard Kyle beg for forgiveness to take him back. He was proud that she stuck to her guns and avoided him, even though Kyle, still wasn’t giving up.

“Order up!” Jose shouted out , as Maria picked up the plates of food and carried them over to the customers.
“An Order of Saturn fries for you, … A will smith burger for you, and another will smith burger for you as well.” She stood up straight, and looked to the three of them. “Will there be anything else I can get for you?”
“No thanks!” Isabel responded without even looking up at her.
Right before Maria could walk away, Liz came to her side in an instant grabbing onto her arm to whisper something to her.
Max could feel his body tighten at how close she was to his table.
“What’s up chica?”
He could hear their conversation perfectly. And yet Liz didn’t even notice he was there. ‘She was perfect,… Way to perfect for him.’
“Please Maria!” She voiced low, as she nodded her head towards Kyle’s table.
“I got this Liz, don’t worry about it. I owe you anyway for tonight.”
“Thanks!” Relief flooded her face, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Max. She turned her face in his direction, noticing that he had heard their conversation, and before he could wipe that happy reaction off of his face, Liz had witnessed it. She smiled back at him, and headed on her way into the back room.
He felt like he had been hit full force in the chest, she had seen him, …had seen his smile after overhearing her rejecting Kyle. But then she had smiled back at him, and that was something he wasn’t expecting. His own smile grew even wider at the knowledge that she had noticed him.

“Max!… What are you smiling at?” Michael asked point blank.


“Are they gone yet?” Maria asked as Liz opened the door for her to come in.
“Yes! They left about an hour ago.”
Maria let out a sigh of excitement, “So, You like?” She asked as she took off her coat to show Liz her outfit.
She wore a pair of Black hipsters, with a fitted red and orange shirt, that hung low around her neckline.
“You look great.” Liz commented.
“Okay, so why aren’t you dressed?”
“Uhhh,…. I am.”
Maria turned to her as she entered Liz’s bedroom, and set down her bag. “Liz?” voicing her disapproval.
“Maria,… it’s nothing special. It’s just a club.”
Walking over to her closet, Maria started skimming through her clothes. She pulled out a cranberry fitted shirt, and a pair of faded hipster jeans that fit her perfectly. “Put these on!”

She stood back to look at Liz’s new look. Bringing her index finger up to her lips, and tapping it lightly,…”Hummmm, something’s missing.”

“A Belt. You need a belt. .. do you have one with a big buckle?”
She pulled one out of her closet and held it up. “Perfect!”


“You wanna hang out at my house tonight?” Michael asked Max, as he pulled the jeep up to his apartment. “We could play Nintendo or something?
“I don’t know. I’ll Probably go crazy sitting in my room all night.”
Jumping out of the jeep, and heading up to the front door, Michael turned to Max, “Well,.. it’s up to you, See-ya!”
As he pulled away from the curb, He looked to Isabel. “Are you going to be okay tonight, if I do go over Michael’s?”
“No, … But theirs nothing you can do for me anyway. It’ll probably do you and Michael both some good to hang out tonight. Just don’t leave his apartment.”
“What,… and leave the chance open to grope over every girl that passes my way?” He said with humor.
“Glad to see you see this as funny!”
“It’s anything but, Isabel. I’m just trying to lighten the mood. This is hard on all of us. Once tonight is over, then we can go back to normal,… “
Looking at her brother “Max, this is anything but normal,… and normal is something we will never be!”
Maria was becoming inpatient more and more by the minute. She turned her head to the side to get a better look at how long the line was to get into the club. “I can’t believe this. We’ve been standing here for an hour!” Her foot thudding on the concrete below displaying her irritation. “We could always leave!” Liz voiced with a smile.
She turned her head and forced a smirk. “Not a chance!”

Finally the line started to move some, allowing Liz and Maria closer to the entrance.
Maria noticed Liz’s face lighten up as she caught a glimpse of the bouncer at the door.
“Awwwe, Liz, … what’s with the bright smile?” Maria cooed in a teasing way.
“I know that guy.”
Straining her neck to get a better look, Maria turned back towards Liz. “The bouncer?”
“Yeah, … His name is Jake. He comes into the Crashdown a lot.”
“He does?” Maria had an idea. “JAKE!!!” She yelled out.
“Maria, What are you doing!?!” …”Shhhhh!”
“Getting us into the club!” She began waving her hand towards Liz, when Jake turned to see who was calling his name.
When his eyes landed on her, his smile grew. “Liz! Is that you?”
“Yeah.” She felt so embarrassed. Her face turning bright red, and Maria tried all she could to cover her smile. “Mission accomplished.”
Jake started to make his way over to Liz, Shifting people out of his way. It wasn’t hard at all for him, considering his huge frame.
“Liz, … I didn’t know you came here.”
“Well, it’s actually my first time coming here. My friend Maria, and I have been waiting to get in for like the past hour.”
“Well, you should’ve told me earlier, I would’ve let you in.”
Her cheeks were hot, and her throat became dry. “Thanks!”

“What are those?” Maria asked, as she pointed to the wrist bands he was carrying.
“Oh, these are for those who are twenty-one and older.”
“And you need one of those to drink in this place?”
“Yeah, exactly.”
Liz turned to look at Maria, wondering what was with all the questions.
“You know, today’s Lizzy’s birthday.” Maria said with a straight face.
Liz spun around to look at Maria with wide eyes.
“Oh yeah?” Jake asked with a wide smile.
“Ummm, … ummm, “ She was speechless, no good at lying.
“Just turned twenty-one today.” Maria was a pro at lying.
“Well in that case,…..- “ Jake removed two wrist bands from his grasp and give them to Liz and Maria. “Drinks are on me tonight.”
Maria thought she had died and gone to heaven. “Really?”
“Sure, but if anyone asks, I asked for I.D. Okay?”
Liz shook her head in confirmation, as Maria went on…”Oh … of course.”
Jake escorted the girls to the front of the line, and opened the doors to the club, Waving them to go inside.. “Have a good night ladies,… oh and Liz… Happy birthday!”


At first Liz could handle the amount of drinks Maria was ordering for them, but when she started to order shots, Liz knew that things were slowly getting out of control. “Maria, we need to slow down on the drinks.”
“Come on babe, lighten up.” Maria set a shot of vodka down in front of her, and handed her a lemon. “Here, take this.”
Liz reached for the salt, and poured it on her hand. She had watched Maria do it enough to know how to do the shot. She licked the salt, drank the vodka, then bit into the lemon.
Her face showed that the vodka was strong, and instantly she felt the affects.
“You liked it,… didn’t you?” Maria watched Liz, and knew she liked the taste, no matter how strong it was.
“Let’s do another……

Liz couldn’t stop laughing at Maria. Every time a guy tried to approach them. She started telling guys about how Liz and her were in the army, and how they fought in dessert storm. And yet, her speech was way off, Liz laughed the most when Maria had stood to go to the restroom, and fell flat on her face.
Sitting up on the floor, Maria looked up to Liz, who was laughing hysterically.
“Lizzzzz,…… I’m soooooo drunk!”
Liz continued to laugh all the more. She felt her head spinning, and knew that they had both had enough to drink. Liz bent down to help her friend up. “Come on Maria, it’s time to go home.”
“Maria, it’s three in the morning, and where both drunk out of our minds.”
…”Oh” …”Well, I told Alex, we would stop by.”
“Maria, Alex is more then likely asleep.”
“But I promised him.”
“What for?”
“He talked to Brian Anderson for me today, and I need to know what was said.”
“Your out of control Maria.”

Liz looped her arm with Maria’s, and made there way out of the club, and towards Alex’s house.

Liz tapped lightly on Alex’s window, but couldn’t stop her and Maria’s laughing.

Rubbing his tired eyes, Alex made his way to his window, opening it to see a very drunk Liz and Maria. “Oh my God,….. You’re drunk!”
“Alex” Maria yelled as she threw her arms around his neck.
“Shut up!… You’ll wake up my parents.”
“Alex, were hungry.” Maria voiced.
“No ,…your hungry.” Liz replied.
“Okay, both of you, be quiet.” Alex began to help Liz and Maria in threw his widow. Maria went straight towards his bed to lay down. “Alex, what did Bryan say today?”

As soon as Alex began to talk about his conversation with Bryan, Maria was fast asleep.
“Unbelievable! She just had to come over here right away to know what Bryan said, and she passes out.”

“It’s okay, you guys can just crash here tonight.” Alex went to cover Maria up with the blankets.
“I can’t, I need to get home. My Parents will call and check up on me bright and early.”
“Are you sure?” Alex didn’t like letting Liz walk home alone.
He went to grab his coat.
“Alex, I’ll be fine. I’ll just cut through the park, and be home in five minutes.”
“I don’t know Liz. It’s really late.”
“I’ll be fine Alex. Don’t worry.”
After looking at her briefly, debating weather or not to walk her home, Alex pulled her into a hug. “Okay, but be really careful Liz. There’s a lot of strange people out there.”

Part 2

Tossing and turning, Max Evans was going out of his mind. His body was overheated, and his mind thinking of Liz Parker in a way, that wasn’t appropriate. He was seriously starting to doubt weather or not he was going to make it threw the night.
If his body didn’t get what it desperately wanted, he didn’t know if it would just shut down, or what. Each year, it got worse. His cravings to make love to somebody. To want to feel that feeling so bad, it literally scared him and made him think that his body would shut down, if it didn’t get the attention it was screaming out for.
His temper was flaring, and his body humming. He quickly grabbed his T-shirt, and put it on, then bent down, and put on his shoes.
He looked behind him at the clock, sitting on his night stand, reading 3:20 AM.
He knew it was late, but he had to get out of his room. The walls were closing in on him fast, and he felt like he couldn't breath.
He decided he would go over Michael’s, and maybe get his mind off of his situation. Or at least try. He figured it was late enough, that no one would be out. That he wouldn’t slip up, even if given the chance.

“The quickest way to Michael’s is through the park.” Max thought to himself, as he turned into the parks entrance.
Making his way around the trial, Max could hear someone in the distance.

“Stop Kyle!… Leave me alone!”
He knew that voice instantly, and started running off towards it.
“I mean it Kyle. I just want to go home!” Liz knew it was just her luck to run into the one person she tried so hard to avoid.

“Just listen to me Liz… Please! I have something to tell you.”

“Kyle, Please! I have to go home.”

Kyle could feel his anger starting to arise. All he wanted to do was talk to her, and she wouldn’t even give him the time.
As she passed by him once again, trying to get away from him, Kyle grabbed her arm aggressively, and started to pull her towards his car.
“Stop,…. leave me alone!” No matter what, she couldn’t get away from him.
“I just want to talk Liz!” He continued yanking her towards his car.
Tears began to drip from her eyes, as she pleaded with him to let go of her.

He seen him dragging her towards his car with force, and it was at that moment, that Max Evans seriously thought about killing someone. He rushed across the field in their direction…..

He was going to talk to her one way or another. All he wanted was a chance to explain to her why he said all those lie’s about them. Finally reaching his car, he released one hand from around Liz’s waist to open the car door.
As he was about to shove her inside, Kyle was caught off guard by an arm engulfing him from behind, and pulling him down on the ground.
Liz felt someone pull her from his grasp, and push her to the side. She brought her eyes up to focus on who was helping her, but she couldn’t recognize him from the back.
He was on top of Kyle, punching him multiple times in the face.
When she noticed that Kyle couldn’t take anymore, and that he wasn’t a threat, Liz bent down to pull the stranger off of him.
“Stop,…. He’s had enough.” Liz voiced as she pulled the guys arms, trying to make him stop throwing punches.
Max looked back at her, and stopped pounding on Kyle.
“It’s you!” Was all Liz could say.

Max stood, his eyes never leaving hers. “Are you okay?”
She was transfixed on his beautiful eyes. She had known Max Evans, but not enough to the point of knowing how beautiful his eyes were. A place that obviously held all of his emotions. “I am now!” She replied, as she bent down to pick up his jacket. “Here!” handing him his jacket, Max took it from her hands, still holding her gaze.

Standing in complete silence for a few moments, Liz started to feel uncomfortable as the staring match continued.
Clearing her throat, Liz removed her eyes, from his gaze. “I better get going. It’s really late.”
Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Max tried to act causal. “Yeah,…..

As she turned to walk away, Max noticed her stumbling. He instantly pulled her towards him, in an attempt to catch her fall. “Are you okay?”
Feeling very embarrassed. “Yeah,… I think I’ve had to much to drink.”
“Oh!, well then, I’ll walk you home.”
“You don’t have to..—
Max cut her off mid sentence. “I know, But I want to. Besides, it’s late, and you shouldn’t be out here all alone.”
She wasn’t going to object again. She was secretly happy to have him walk her home. And maybe, just maybe, she would find something out about him. Then,… possibly put all those rumors about Max Evans being a mystery to rest. -

His whole body was perspiring, as his eyes hung low and heavy with craving. He shouldn’t be
here, shouldn’t be in her room. Of all nights, of all the times to be alone with the object of his
desire it was now, the one night he had no control over his temptations, over his wants and
fantasies. It was the one night he had no jurisdiction over his self control. She could barley walk
straight, and needed help taking off her heavy sweater. He finally approached her and helped
her with her sweater. She turned her heavy eyes to him, and thanked him. Her words were as
light as a whisper, leaving him even more breathless. “I should go, … you’re safe now that
you’re home.” He needed to make a clean break, he was slowly dying just being in her
presence. He turn to exit through the window,…. “Please Max,…. don’t go!”
Her plea alone made his heart stop. She really didn’t know the hold she had over him, and yet
somehow, she was able to pull him along on a string and have him under her command. She just didn’t know it. “It’s just that Maria was suppose to stay with me, … my parents are away for the night, and I don’t want to be by myself.”
“Oh!” What else was he suppose to say,….’ Yippie!’ He was scared of not only her, but what he would do with her being alone… just the two of them. He could feel his whole body thudding at the mere glimpse of her. And yet he could not deny her request. He had to keep his distance,… in some way.
“Umm,…we could watch a movie or something,…. Please, I just want some company.”
She knew she was asking a lot. Her head just kept spinning, but she felt real good, her buzz was still strong, and she felt no fear at all. Max Evans was a boy she new little of. She knew he would often stare at her, then look away shyly when she would meet his gaze. And tonight maybe,… just maybe she would know a little bit more about him. He was a mystery she was dying to figure out.
“O-Okay! I guess I could just hang out for a little bit.”
“Thanks!” She replied as she started towards the bathroom, and slipped on a shoe laying in this middle of her room.
Max rushed to her side to help her up, but found it hard. Her body was of dead weight, something that often happens when one is intoxicated.
She couldn’t stop laughing, and knew she must look silly. Her head kept spinning, as her laughter broke forth.

This was going to be a long night…..

Every time Max tried to help her stand, she started her laughing again, which made it hard for Max to pull, when he himself laughed every time he heard her. His whole face crinkled up as she smiled brightly.
He noticed how white her teeth were, and how beautiful she was when she laughed. He hadn’t seen her smile much, let alone laugh like she was. It touched him so, to see her share this side of herself with him, even if she was acting silly because she had been drinking.
As he tilted his head back in laugher, Max felt a deep twinge arise within him. His laugher quickly turned to seriousness, as the all to familiar feeling was starting to take it’s toll on his body. He tried to pull on his strength for self control, and yet it was failing him quickly.
He talked down to Liz, getting her attention. “Liz, … Umm, I really need to get home.”
She stopped laughing, when she heard his words. “Oh, o-okay. Could you please help me up.”
“Sure.” He pulled her up off of the floor, using most of his strength, But as she used her legs for leverage, The force of her coming off of the floor, sent her flinging right into his arms. The two fell back from the force, and landed on her bed.
Liz was suddenly sprawled out on top of him, panting heavily near his lips.
“Liz” Her named made it’s way off of his lips in a moan.
“Yeah.” She whispered softly, leaning closer to his mouth. He remained silent, as he brought his lips up to join hers.
He couldn’t help it, couldn’t fight it. And to be honest, in the heat of the moment, he just didn’t care. She relaxed herself in his embrace, as she looped her arms around his neck.
The moment his tongue was granted access to her mouth, his hands started to roam her body. And he knew that things were never going to be the same again…

She knew she was playing with fire. Max Evans was a boy she hardly knew. Someone she didn’t know at all. She knew of him, but that was about it. She had heard how he avoided all the girls who ever tried to get remotely close to him. Never taking their calls when they tried to call him, and always walking in the opposite direction when they ever tried to approach him. He was known as ‘unapproachable.’ Leaving many girls only to want him all the more. But Liz never bought into that. She always looked at it,..
‘Hey, if the boy wants to be left alone,….. then leave him alone.’ But to most of the girls, they choose to see this as a challenge.

He was becoming impatient with his hands. Wanting so much to explore her body. He wanted to see her, wanted to know her in every way. He roamed his hands from her sides to the top of her shirt. “Please.” He moaned, wanting so much more of her.

She shook her head in response to his plea, granting him permission to undress her. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt, leaving him more and more visual contact to her skin. The feel of her was driving him to the edge. Her skin was so soft to his touch, and the moans coming from her mouth as he caressed her skin was edging him further into a frenzy.
The passion that brewed between the two was not taken slowly, but more of a rush to fill the hunger between the two, that could not wait any longer.
She started to tug at his shirt, wanting him to remove it. He held up his hands and broke contact long enough to get his shirt off, then replace his hands back where they were, loving and caressing her body.
Pulling her shirt off of her shoulders and onto the floor, Max felt helpless from the sight in front of him. Her silky skin, her bare chest, only covered by her crème bra.
He wanted to see more…
He continued to kiss her with urgency, as he reached his hands around her back to unhook her bra. Pulling the straps down her shoulder blades, Max pulled back to look at her. Lust clouded his eyes, as he peered intently to her uncovered body.

The look in his eyes was driving her over the edge. The way he wanted her, the way he touched her, made her want him all the more.

He brought his arm around her back, and leaned her back onto the bed. Arching up her back with his arm, Max closed down on her breast, Taking it into his mouth.
He couldn’t help himself,… couldn’t stop himself. He was out of control.

She loved the feel of him and what he was doing to her body. The way she was left wanting more. An experience she had never had. No one had ever left her wanting and needing something so much, as Max Evans. She couldn’t breath, couldn’t think rational. She just wanted him so bad, her self control had died the moment he kissed her.

Her body was becoming his playground, and it left him wanting to explore it more and more. He continued suckling on her breast, as his hands wondered down to the zipper on her jeans. He unzipped her pants, and began tugging them off of her, She lifted her hips to accommodate him
Throwing her jeans to the floor, Max quickly pulled off his jeans, and laid back on top of her. He could feel her wetness through his boxers, and it drove him even wilder, He took her lips once again, then giggled into her mouth as he felt her small hands tug on the elastic of his boxers.
He pulled back and plastered a smile on his face, as he looked her in the eyes, giving her the go ahead to do as she wished.
She pulled herself up on the bed, Kneeling eye to eye with him, as she reached down to remove his boxers.
Her eyes grew wide at the site of him.
“No fair!” He whispered full of emotion.
Confused, with a lump in her throat, She was distracted by his beautiful body. “Hugh?”

He looked down, bringing his eyes up her body,… “Well, I’m completely naked,… and you still have clothes on.” His deep soulful eyes, gave away his desire for her.
She leaned back, resting her arms over her head, as she looked up to him, completely bare, with only a skimpy pair of panties on. “Come here.” She whispered.

His heart stopped beating the moment she whispered to him. The beauty that was penetrating off of her, was an image that would be burned into his mind.
He sprawled down on top of her, taking her mouth with his. The heat between their bodies, was almost agonizing.
He wanted her so bad. All of her.
He drew his fingers down her stomach, then tucked his thumbs into the sides of her panties, pulling them down, …never breaking contact with her mouth. He thrust his tongue even further into her mouth, tasting all of her.

Body to body, flesh to flesh, heat to heat,… There was nothing in their way.
He tangled his hands into her hair, as he tilted her head further back, then proceeded to kiss down her throat. Her soft moan, was music to his ears.
He pulled himself on her, positioning himself to her opening, but first looked down to her, and into her eyes. “You Sure?” He whispered, almost unable to hear.
She took her hands to his hips, and pressed down on him, sliding him into her.
The deep moan finding it’s way out of his throat, was indescribable. The feel of her, was beyond feeling. It was mind blowing….

He moved slowly within her, getting her use to his feel, as he tangled his tongue once again in her mouth.
She couldn’t get enough of the passion he was giving her. His taste alone was setting her over the edge, but the feel of him, inside of her body, was beyond words.
She found it hard to believe that she could attain all of him. Everything about him was perfect. The way he touched her, the way he kissed her, the way he moved inside of her. She gave her body completely to him, not holding back anything.

He was making love to Liz Parker. ‘say again’… He was making love to Liz Parker.
And his body was going into overdrive. He wanted to take his time with her, but he was too far gone. He didn’t want to rush, but he was so excited, so drawn, that he couldn’t stop. He continued his dance in and out of her body, and loving the feel of it. The way she was calling out his name in slow hushed moans was pure heaven to his ears.
He could feel her walls tightening around him, looking down on her, he wanted to remember the way she looked as she let her body be pleasured by his.
Her head was thrown back in pure ecstasy, as she griped on the sides, holding tight to the sheets, till her knuckles turned white. Her mouth kept repeating his name over and over again, until he was thrown completely over the edge.
The sweat that covered their skin glistened from the moonlight peering in through the window
His alieness was stirring and humming inside of him, beckoning him even further.
“Look at me!” He whispered to her. As she looked into his eyes, she felt him emptying himself into her.
He continued to stare into her eyes, blinking as he noticed the tears coming to her ears.
It touched him very deeply to see the effect he had on her.
As he slowed his pace down, then stopping slowly, Max leaned up to kiss her forehead.
He laid down beside her, gathering her into his arms. “Are you okay?” He asked, almost scared to hear the answer.
She shook her head yes, then leaned in for a reaffirming kiss. “Thank you.”
His eyebrows lifting… “For what?”
She wiped her falling tear.. ”For tonight.”
He was speechless, In complete awe of her.
He pulled her down, close to him, kissed her on the top of her head, and began to soothe her hair back from her face.
Silence began to take it’s toll, and he could hear her drifting to sleep. Her steady breathing becoming even. He gently kissed her softly on her still lips. Breathing in a breath of gratefulness, for this night with the only girl he ever wanted.
“Thank you Liz Parker!” He whispered softly, as he allowed his eyes to close, and welcome sleep.


Part 3
Max Evans was slowly coming out of his hazy sluggishness, with a smile covering his
face. He had the best dream ever, He dreamt he and Liz Parker had make the most
beautiful Love, and wished that he didn’t have to wake up from it.
His eyes slowly fluttered open, but squinted quickly from the bright sun shinning in
through the windows. And at that moment, He knew he wasn’t in his bed. He hastily
Opened his eyes once again, as reality was quickly setting in. His eyes traveled down to
the dark brown hair that was covering his chest. His eyes shot up to his surroundings,
as he quickly recalled last night. ‘Liz Parker… Oh God!’ The thoughts were pounding
like a hammer in his heart. He wasn’t dreaming, He had indeed made love to her,
and it was wonderful. No,…It was breathtaking. ‘Oh, this is bad,… this is very bad’
He peered down once again, as she curled herself around his body. Her hair splashing his
Chest, as her arms were wrapped around him. He could see how the white sheet that was wrapped around their naked form, still left a lot of her skin bare for his eyes to roam. Her Creamy olive skin was almost glowing translucent, as her delicate face looked peaceful.
‘Did she remember what they did last night?’ The thoughts were bombarding him like a freight train. ‘She was drunk!’
His world was spinning out of control, and suddenly he realized what he was feeling.
Anger! He was angry. …… Angry, because he was what he was, and that entitled him no happiness. ‘Liz Parker wouldn’t have came within two feet of him, if she knew the truth.’
He felt like he was suffocating, and needed to run….. anywhere!
He gently removed himself from the tangles of her, and quickly pulled on his boxers, followed by the rest of his attire.
He stood over her, peering down onto her delicate features, as tears came to his eyes. He wanted this so bad, wanted her, and everything and anything that had to do with her. And yet, he was denied. By what he was, and how he was different.
His tears started to grow heavier, as he kept feeding to his resentment on who he was. He proceeded towards the window, and stopped short to turn to her one more time.
His eyes couldn’t stop staring, and his heart was soaring high. He had made love to the only person who had ever occupied his thoughts, his fantasies, and his dreams. And this moment would be his only memory of that. It had indeed been real…..

She could feel him move from under her, trying his best not to wake her. Fear raced
through her heart at the mere feel of him against her. 'What had she done?!' Doubt started
clouding her mind, and yet she kept her eyes shut, giving the appearance that she was still
asleep. She wasn't sure of his thoughts at the moment, wither or not he regretted their
love making. And finally, she had to admit it to herself.
That this time, she had gone to far….

Present day...

She turned from her window and walked over to her bed. Sitting down on the edge, Liz slumped over and held her head in her hands. Her tears started to fall once again, and she did nothing to stop them. She turned and laid in a fetal position on her bed as she held a raggedy old doll close to her chest.
She opened her tear streaked eyes, and stared into nothing. Her dazed glare stinging her eyes, Liz felt completely hopeless.

“I came by your window late last night, … You weren’t there.” Michael commented rather harshly. He leaned forward across the table. “Where were you?”
Isabel stood in the corner observing, as she started to bite her nails. Something she only did when she was nervous.
Max eyed the two, and tried to steady his heartbeat. He didn’t know if he should lie or be honest.
Isabel slowly approached him with caution, pulling out a chair to sit next to him. She gently placed her hands on his, and spoke with high emotion. “Max,… Please!”
His eyes turned downcast.
“Oh my God!” Michael had a bad feeling. “What did you do Maxwell?” His voice raising higher and higher.
“You didn’t…… didn’t..” Isabel couldn’t form a coherent sentence. As she studied her brothers eyes,… those eyes that betrayed him every time…. “Oh God….” She lifted her hand to her mouth in shock.
“What did you do Maxwell.” His voice shouting at him like he was a child.
“Michael,.. calm down!” Max pleaded.
Michael sat down, as he remained focused on Max’s face, the both of them eyeing the other with caution, with Isabel on the verge of tears. “We need to know what you did Max! It’s our lives at stake also… remember!”

His eyes turned guilty, … “I messed up!”
Isabel’s tears finally exploded as Michael dropped his head down and buried it with his hands.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan on-

Michael cut him off. “Who was it!?!”
Max remained silent.
Michael exploded as he slammed his fist down on the table with such force.
“WHO WAS IT!?!” Isabel grew scared at the authority in his voice, something none of them had heard before.

Max turned his eyes to Michael with conviction in them. “Liz Parker.”

“Liz Parker,…… You slept with Liz Parker!…. God Max, what were you thinking? We got to leave, we can’t stay here.”
“Calm down Isabel! We don’t have to go anywhere.” Max was trying to assure his sister.
“What makes you so sure,… I mean, You had sex with the girl, I’m sure she has some idea that your not normal.” Michael blurted with such harshness.

“She was drunk.” He hadn’t meant for it to come out that way.
“You took advantage of her?” Isabel piped in with wide eyes.
Max threw his hands up in defense,…. “Trust me… It was nothing like that. I would never do that.”

“So Your saying she may not remember.” Michael started to calm down (a little)
Shaking his head,.. “That’s what I’m saying…. Yes!”
“How’d this happen Max?” Isabel asked.
“Uhh, well,…. You see, when a boy and a girl-

“Shut Up !… You know what I mean!” She was growing angry right along with Michael.
He let out a loud sigh,… “I was on my way to Michael’s, I just couldn’t stand the site of my room any longer. I thought I could just go straight to Michael’s and not run into any trouble.”

“Well you did…” Michael cut in, then looked to Isabel and seen her annoyed look at him for disturbing Max while he explained. “Continue.. ”

“Anyway… I was cutting through the Park, since it is the quickest way to your house, and that’s when I seen her. She was so drunk, and she was trying to push Kyle Valenti off of her. He was trying to make her go with him against her will, and she was trying to get away from him.”

“And that’s where you,… I mean Lover boy stepped in?” Michael was throwing every shot he could at Max. He had pissed him off royally.

“I couldn’t just let him do that to her Michael.”

“It was none of your business Max!”

The shouting started up once again… Isabel stood from her seat, and put up both of her arms to keep the two apart.. ”Calm down.. NOW! Look, what’s done is done.” Isabel turned to Max with seriousness… “Max, You have to stay away from her.”

“Isabel, I can’t just---
Max tried to plead his case.
“Do you want us to get caught?”
“No!.. But-

“Max, …I’m sorry!… I know that you like her, but it’s not safe. Not for you- “ Isabel looked to Michael then back to Max.. ”And not for us! You’re putting our lives at risk too. You have to end this!”
Michael was shaking his head in agreement with what Isabel had said. “Stay away from her Max!”

“How can I just stay away from her after what we did.”

“That’s not our problem!” Michael stated as he picked up his jacket and walked to the back door. “Ignore her if you have to,… Hurt her feelings,… I don’t care! Just stay away from her.”
He left, slamming the door behind him.


Part 4

She slowly climbed out of bed, not wanting to face the day. She was holding her throbbing head with her hand, as she held the white sheet tightly around her naked body. She draped her head down, causing her hair to cascade down and around her face, hiding her sadden features. She could still feel his hands burning into her skin, kissing her everywhere.

She had no idea what to except from him come Monday morning. She even contemplated acting like it never happened, using that she was drunk as an excuse, But she knew deep down, she didn’t have the guts to do it. She wanted something from him, his affection, his love, his heart. Anything. She would take anything he was willing to give her. ..

Max had been dreading this morning for the past two days. It was Monday, and that meant the weekend was over, and it was time to go back to school. Correction! Time to face Liz Parker, and act like nothing ever happened. It was physically impossible to do that, .. So, Max, knew that the only way to stay away from her, was to make sure he didn’t run into her. And that would be fine, except fifth period. Biology. He had the same Biology class as Liz Parker. Granted he sat at the back of the class, and she sat at the front, But, that just didn’t make it any easier.

Picking up his back pack, Max Evans started making his way out to his jeep, with Isabel in tow. He felt her staring at him, ever since he came down stairs. He knew she was worried about him, or maybe worried that he would make contact somehow with Liz. Either way, it was annoying the hell out of him. “Stop it Isabel!”

Looking to her brother with wide eyes. “I’m just worried about you.” Her voice growing with emotion.
“I know,… but don’t be.”
The ride to school was silent, as Max parked the jeep, and him and Isabel joined a waiting Michael out front of the school.
He could feel his heart racing, and even started contemplating going back home, and playing sick. “What brings you to school today, Michael!” Max voiced only to get a dirty look from Michael.
“Remember what we discussed.” Michael reminded Max as he stared him down.

“Not now, Michael!” He wasn’t really in the mood for him today.

After his second period ended, Max started to feel a little relaxed. He hadn’t run into Liz at all today, and started to form a plan on how to get out of fifth period Biology.
Grabbing his English Book, Max shut his locker, and headed down the hall. As he turned the corner, his eyes locked with an approaching Liz from the opposite direction.
He started to back track slowly, cursing his feet for not moving faster. His eyes were glued to her face, and he knew that once she lifted her head, she would see him.
Thoughts started to swarm around in his mind, as he continued to walk backwards very slowly.
Michael stood to the side, watching the event unfold from a distance. He was curious to see exactly what Max was going to do. He could tell that Max was trying to flee away, but was having a hard time removing his eyes from her face. ‘He’s worse off then I expected.’ Michael mumbled to himself.

Walking up the hall, while trying to organize her History notes, Liz was in a hurry to her next class. As she rounded the corner, she felt goose bumps rising on her arms, and down the back of her neck. She had the weird sensation that someone was watching her. Lifting her head to observe her surroundings, Liz was caught off guard by the intense stare of Max Evans standing at the end of the hall.
Her heart started racing, as her face grew hot. She hurried up her pace to catch up to him, Hoping that they could talk. She stopped dead in her tracks, when she noticed him turning from her, and quickly walking in the opposite direction.
She felt tears sting her eyes, with the growing sensation to vomit intensifying in her stomach.
She turned and backtracked into the girls bathroom. Running into the nearest stall, she locked herself in and finally let the tears fall.

He didn’t look back, just kept walking; and walking till he found himself in the parking lot of the school. He bent down on the ground, and let out a thunderous roar. His face turned blood red from resentment, as tears streamed down his face. He couldn’t control his unleashed anger, and knew he couldn’t go back into the school, so he picked himself up off of the ground, and headed home.

He walked passed his Mother standing in the hallway and didn’t even acknowledge her.
“Max!… What’s going on?” She was in shock to see her son walking into the house with the way he looked, when he was suppose to be at school.
“Not Now!” Never meeting her focus, Max continued up the stairs and towards his bedroom.
She grew worried at his tone, knowing something was very wrong. Max had never acted the way he was acting in all the time she cared for him. She debated weather or not to follow him up the stairs or give him some space.
Finally settling on the later, Diane Evans returned to the kitchen to finished reviewing the work she had brought home to do. She would give him his space, but would defiently have a talk with him later.

He locked the door behind him, threw his back pack across the room, then slammed himself onto his bed with force. He ran his fingers threw his hair, pulling on it, hoping to feel some amount of pain, that could relinquish his hurt at walking away and avoiding Liz. He grunted out his moans of pain, making his face boil with redness once again, grief stricken at the amount of pain crashing over him in waves.
He was growing to hate himself more and more everyday. The thought of what he was putting Liz through tore at his heart, and he wanted to die for the pain the both of them were enduring.
He balled up his fists tightly, cutting off the circulation in his fingers. His teeth grinding together, signs of his fury and a feeling he hated to feel. But this anger was out of control. It was going to far, and he couldn’t control it, or suppress it. He stood from his bed, and went into the bathroom. Opening up the medicine cabinet, Max opened a bottle of Aspirin, that caused drowsiness. He needed to sleep,- anything,… just as long as he wasn’t awake to feel pain. He popped three aspirin into his mouth, and cupped water from the faucet to his lips with his hand. Turning off the light, and going back into his room, Max used his powers to lock his door securely so Isabel couldn’t get in. He needed to be alone, and seeing Isabel or Michael would only remind him why it was he hated himself so much.

She curled herself into a fetus position, wrapping her arms around her knees tightly. She couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t remember ever hurting as bad as she was ever in her life.
His rejection had tore a hole in her heart, and she blamed herself for it. She kept replaying over and over in her mind what had happened between the two, and what they shared. It had meant so much to her, and it was beyond painful to realize, that it hadn’t meant a single thing to him.
The one night that made her feel so alive, was killing her. She kept replaying over and over in her mind what she could do to get over him, and move on, But only leading back to the fact that she wanted something she couldn’t have so badly.
She started blaming herself, thinking she must not be pretty enough for him, or maybe not smart enough. She rolled over on her bed, staring up at the ceiling as her tears once again fell from her eyes.


Part 5

She turned to face the light streaming in threw the windows, as she pulled the blankets closer to her chest; losing herself in her thoughts of earlier in the week.
It had been two weeks of ignoring and avoiding each other, when Liz Parker finally realized she couldn’t take anymore. She built up her nerve, and picked up the phone. Her chest was pounding, and her heart felt like it was about to rip out of her chest. ‘What am I doing?’ She asked herself, as she was about to slam the phone down, only to be greeted by a woman on the other end.
“Hello?” Ms. Evans answered.
She had to ask for him now, and she would soon regret her leap of faith, in trying to clear up the tension between her and Max.
After hanging up the phone, Liz fell back onto her bed and cried. Ms. Evans told her that Max couldn’t come to the phone, and that it wasn’t a good idea to call past 9:00PM.
She knew it was Max’s doing. Maria never called her ‘ears’ for nothing. She heard Max whispering to his mother in the background, coaching her on what to say.

She couldn’t take much more rejection, knowing that her feelings for Max were betraying her, and reaching out to him, even though her mind was telling her not to. She couldn’t trust herself with these feelings. For the past two weeks, depression was overtaking her, causing her frequent breakdowns, and uncontrollable crying. She managed to hide her emotional state, but lately, Maria started asking questions.
She quickly wiped her tears away with the palm of her hand, as she slowly started to pull herself away from her bed. It would be so easy just to stay wrapped up in the sheets, and never leave your comfort zone to face the day, But Liz knew that she had to start living again, and get on with her life. Two weeks was long enough to mope and cry over a guy, but things needed to change. She could feel her sadness and depression start changing to anger, and it helped in some way. She remembered back to all the wise things her Grandma Claudia use to say to her. She never understood why she would say such things to a nine year old girl, but the more she reminisce on the wise sayings of her dead grandmother, that’s when she felt the comfort come. - ‘Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself.’ - She smiled to herself, reflecting back on old memories. At the time, she never understood her grandmothers words of wisdom, but now, ….. Well, now was a different story. She needed to look out for herself. If Max Evans didn’t want her, then she needed to deal with it. She tried all she could for him, even putting her own pride on the line to call him, after he avoided her everyday. She swallowed her pride, and still lost, and now she needed to deal with it and move on.

“Liz, I’m worried about you.” Maria eyed up her best friend as they pulled in the school parking lot.
“Maria, please,….. I’m fine.” She avoided looking into her eyes. Maria always had Liz radar, and knew when she was lying.
“I know that you like to deal with things alone,… But I only worry because I care so much. I want to help Liz.” She could see that Maria put off her questioning as long as she could, and now she was seriously worried. Liz just stared at her best friend, battling in her mind weather or not to open her can of worms. It was much easier to just sweep it under the rug for Liz, but it didn't work that way for Maria. She dealt with her problem’s head on, and Liz loved that about her friend. A quality she wished she possessed.
“Liz,…. I know I can help with this. I may not be able to fix your problem, but I can offer some comfort, and a shoulder to lean on.”
Liz felt her tears pool in her eyes from Maria’s touching words. “It hurts so bad Maria.”
“Come here!” She pulled Liz to her, and hugged her tightly. She knew something major was going on in Liz’s life, having never seen her friend so emotional. “What happened Lizzy?” She didn’t want to pressure her friend, but opening up was the first step to recovery.
Crowds of people started looking in through Maria’s car window, as they made their way to the doors of Roswell High. Maria could feel Liz’s uneasiness, so she started her car back up, and pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the road. “Maria, what are you doing?” Liz questioned stunned by Maria’s behavior.
She looked to her friend, and smiled,… “No School today. Let’s get some ice cream.”
Liz started to Laugh as the tears that pooled in her eyes finally fell down her cheeks.

“You had sex with Max Evans two weeks ago!!” Maria was shocked,.. stunned,… couldn’t believe what her friend was telling her.
Setting her cup of ice cream down, Liz looked around making sure no one heard Maria’s out burst. “Keep it down Maria!”
“oh,… Sorry!” Covering her mouth with her hand, Maria just stared at Liz wide eyed, continuing to listen to Liz’s story.

“I can’t believe he’s treating you like this.”
“Maria, please, calm down.”
“No Liz,…. I’m going tell him what I think!” She stood from her chair, ready to leave.
Liz grabbed a hold of her arm. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you Maria!”
Maria sat back down, and looked in Liz’s eyes. “It’s my fault.”
“It’s my fault! I should’ve never stayed over Alex’s house.”
“Maria, you were drunk.”
Maria reached out for Liz’s hand, and held it. “That was my fault to. I talked you into going to the club. If I never did that, none of this would’ve happened.”
Liz could see the wetness forming in Maria’s eyes.
“Maria,… Stop! None of this was your fault. What I did with Max, was my choice. Yeah, maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly, but I wanted him.”
Her boldness earned her a sly grin from Maria. “You wanted him! Well Elizabeth Parker, I didn’t think you had it in you.”
“This,… this-“ She waved her hand in the air,.. “This side of you, is something that I’ve never seen. I’ve never heard you talk about wanting a guy like this.”
Liz’s face turned downcast. “I’ve never felt this way before-“ She paused for a moment, then continued. Pulling her face up, and locking eyes with Maria. “And that’s what scares me.”
“Your scared?” The moment turned serious again.
“I’ve always been in control of my feelings.”
“And now you’re not?” Maria finished her sentence with sad eyes.
Liz shook her head in confirmation, her emotions running high made it hard to talk.
Maria sat up straight. “What can I do?” She wanted to help, and knew her way of helping wasn’t Liz’s way.
Liz thought for a moment. “I need you to not mention his name. To help me keep my mind on other things.”
Maria gave her a look, but Liz continued. “You know, …. ‘Out of site, out of mind.’”
“You really think that’s going to work?” Maria asked with a raised eyebrow.
“No,…. But it’s the only thing I can do right now, without breaking down, And I don’t want you talking to him Maria. He’s avoiding me, so I’m going to give him what he wants.”
“And,… what’s that?”
“I’m going to stay away from him, and I need your help to do it.”
“What can I do?” Maria still didn’t understand her part in all this.
“Get me back to normal!” It was more of a plea, then a request.
“It’s deep isn’t it?” Referring to her hurt, Maria needed to know what she was dealing with.
“Deeper!” Liz replied with serious eyes.

“Has she called you again lately?” Michael asked Max, as he put his books into his locker, and retrieved his Biology book.
“No, she hasn’t.” Max replied with disgust, giving Michael a dirty look.
“Lose the attitude Max.”
“Shut up Michael. I don’t need this right now.”
“Relax, Biology won’t be that bad.”
“What do you mean?” Max asked squaring his eyes into Michael’s.
“I mean, she’s not here today.”
“How do you know?”
“I seen her and that friend of hers Maria, I think her name is, that drives that Jetta.”
Max started waving his hand in the air, gesturing him to get to the point.
“Anyway, they were in the parking lot this morning, and it looked like they were in a deep discussion, and then all the sudden, Maria,… that girl,- pulled out of the parking lot, and left.”
Max felt his heart clenched, at the sound of Liz’s situation. “Well, what was wrong? Did it look like Liz was upset?”
Michael patted him on the shoulder, and started to walk away. “Get to class Max, you’ll be late.”
“Dam it Michael.” Max uttered, pulling him back by the arm. “Just tell me!”
Michael was caught off guard by Max’s reaction, and stared at his friend. “You need to get over her man. This isn’t healthy.”
“Healthy!.. Healthy! Your going to tell me this isn’t healthy! No shit Michael! I hate this as much as you do. Having feelings for someone that can’t be controlled. So please,.. for once,… could you consider my feelings, instead of your own.”
Walking away from a wide eyed, stunned Michael, Max punched a locker out of anger before turning down the hallway, towards his Biology class.


Part 6

Liz looked over at Maria, laughing to herself, as she tried to remember a song on the radio, singing it to herself. Sometimes she could just sit and watch Maria do her everyday things, and just laugh. She was a true comedian and everything she did made her smile. Reflecting back on one of her Grandmothers wise sayings- ‘Your companions are like the buttons on an elevator. They will either take you up or they will take you down.’ - And Liz knew that Maria definitely took her up. Just being in her company lightened the mood.

“My mother is seriously starting to scare me!” Maria voiced breaking the song she was singing.
Laughing out loud, Liz turned to look at her friend. “Why you say that?”
Waving her hand in the air, while the other hand stayed firmly on the steering wheel, “She’s really starting to get serious with the sheriff. It’s making me sick.”
Liz laughed harder. “Just think Maria, If by some chance you would ever get arrested, you could always call your new father. I’m sure he would have some connections.”
“Ha – Ha! Very funny Liz.”
Liz continued laughing as she looked out the window. Stopping at a red light, Maria looked in her rear view mirror. “Oh great!”
“What?” Liz asked.
“Uhhh, nothing!”
“What Maria?”
Maria turned to look at Liz, then looked back into her rear view mirror.
“Who’s behind us?”
Turning to look at her friend again. “You told me not to bring him up.”
Liz closed her eyes, and turned her face downcast.
A slight smile covered Maria’s face as an idea ran through her mind.

At the sound of a horn blowing behind them, Liz opened her eyes, and noticed that the light was green, but Maria wasn’t moving. Instead she was looking in the mirror fixing her makeup.
“Uh, Maria!” Liz spoke only to be cut off.
“This dam eyeliner. It always smears.”
Liz moved her eyes to look out the side mirror, and noticed that Michael Guerin was bending over Max, pounding on the horn. She couldn’t help smiling, as she noticed Max looking around ,embarrassed.
As the light turned Yellow, Maria peeled wheels, and went through the light, leaving an angry Michael, and embarrassed Max to sit through another red light.

She couldn’t stop laughing as she drove up the street, holding her stomach with one hand as the other gripped the steering wheel.
Shaking her head at Maria, Liz had to admit, the stunt she pulled was amusing.
“Girl, he looked pissed.” Maria muttered still laughing.
Liz just continued shaking her head. “Trouble maker.”
Her eyes grew wide, as she turned to Liz. “ME!… trouble maker. Please! Michael Guerin needs to lighten up. He walks around like he has a pole stuck up his ass.”
Turning her laughter into a sly smile, Liz nodded her head in agreement.


For the first time in almost three weeks, he didn’t avoid her stare. After hearing Mrs. Miller’s request of her assistance, Liz couldn’t help but look in his direction.
“Liz? Did you hear me?” Mrs. Miller asked for the second time.
Swallowing the lump in her throat she reverted her eyes from Max, back to her teacher.
“Yes, Mrs. Miller, I heard you!” Thinking for a moment before she spoke, Liz didn’t miss the worried look in Max’s eyes, and it left her dumbfounded.
“I just assumed you could take Kyle’s work home to him. I was always under the impression that the two of you were close friends. If it’s a problem, I could send his school work home with another student.”
“That won’t be necessary Mrs. Miller, I can do it!” She answered quickly, noticing Max;s eyes growing wide out of the corner of her vision.
“Wonderful, just stick around after class, and I’ll give you his assignments.”

She had hardly noticed that Kyle hadn’t been in school, since the confrontation between him and Max almost three weeks ago. She hadn’t seen or talked to Kyle, and knew that taking his school work home to him, would set the atmosphere for her to apologize for what happened. Even though Liz didn’t like the way Kyle had always bugged her about their relationship that had went soar, she never felt threatened at all by him. He had just become a nuisance to her, plucking her last nerve.
She turned her attention downcast to focus on the lesson being learned in class, when the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She tilted her head up and turned it in his direction, only to see Max still staring at her. His features turned to agitation, when he heard her agree to take Kyle’s school work home to him.
He hated the tension between them, and wished that they weren’t in the predicament they were in. He wanted to love Liz Parker publicly without any obstacles, but it wasn’t possible. He was different, weather he liked it or not, and it was something he had to live with. A pain that plagued him daily, taking away the things he wanted most in life. But it wasn’t just him it affected. It affected his sister and best friend as well, and he didn’t have the right to choose things for himself that would cast a life changing effect on their lives as well. He had to suck it up, and live with it. Liz Parker would always be that hole that hurt his heart, tasting briefing what it would be like to have her, but not being able to keep her.

Still, ..the thought of Liz around Kyle sickened him, and he had to make sure she was safe at all costs. He would watch over her secretly if it came to it….


Part 7

“Are you out of your mind?” Maria asked as she sat beside her at the lunch table.
“Keep your voice down!” Looking around at her surroundings, Liz moved closer to Maria, trying to keep their conversation as private as possible.
“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Look Liz, I know your trying to get over Lover boy, but…’Kyle’..-“ Voicing his name in a distasteful way, Maria clearly showed her feelings.

“It’s complicated,.. Okay!”

“No doubt Liz. But come on!” Leaning in closer towards Liz, Maria looked her square in the eyes. “Why are you really doing this?” Flexing her eyebrows, Maria wanted the truth.
“Are you trying to make Max jealous?”
Liz laughed a little to loudly, leaving Maria smiling.
“NO, … that’s not it at all.”
“What ever Liz!”
“Seriously Maria. Kyle and I,… were,…. “ Maria eyed in on her. “Your what?”
“Were friends. Okay!”
Wrinkling her eyebrows, “Since When?”
Picking up her books, and standing to her feet, “We always have been Maria!”
Liz walked away, leaving Maria smiling wide… “Yeah right.” Shaking her head to her friends newly scheming ways,….. ‘your going about it all wrong.’ Maria voiced to herself, following in the same direction as Liz.


Rejection was an emotion she couldn’t handle much more of, and in spite of her previous dealings with Kyle Valenti, Liz knew Kyle would never make her feel rejected.
She silently encouraged herself to do what she came here to do, and finally she lifted her hand to knock on his door.

The door opened slowly, and Kyle’s eyes grew wide at the sight he saw. Liz Parker was the last person he thought he’d see today, and here she was in all her sunshine glory.
“Liz?” he spoke hesitantly, Not sure what to make of her appearance.
She lifted her head slowly to greet him, as she noticed a slightly faded bruise that occupied his left eye. Changing her demeanor, Liz winced at his face, as she noticed all the markings left from Max’s punches.
“Kyle..” She whispered as she brought her hand up to touch his face, only to have it pushed away . “Please don’t touch me.” He looked around at his surroundings, then back at her face. “Who knows what Max Evans will do to me if he finds out.” His sarcasm piercing.
She tilted her head to the side, and narrowed her eyes pleadingly, ..”Kyle…”
“Liz, what are you doing here?” Kyle got back to the point again.
Clearing her throat, Liz reached into her book bag to retrieve his homework. “I brought you your school work.” Handing him his books, Kyle took them, and started to close the door.
…”Kyle .. Please!”
It wasn’t the plea lingering in her request,.. but the brokeness pouring from her voice that gripped his heart.
He opened the door the remainder of the way, and peered into her downcast eyes.
For so long she held his heart in the palm of her hand, treating it the way she wanted, as he continually followed her around like a little lost puppy. He always wished she loved him, the way he loved her, but hated himself for always turning their relationship into something it wasn’t. Something it could never be. Forcing things upon her, making up stories to brag about to his friends, all for reasons that contradicted his actions.
He had never seen Liz Parker so crushed before in his life, and knew that now wasn’t the time to be playing his games. “Liz,….. What’s wrong?”
She place the back of her hand to her lips as if forcing her sobs to stay inside.
“Liz!” Kyle softly spoke her name again, as he pulled her inside his house gently.
She stood still, her arms surrounding her small frame, as her head hung low.
Her eyes carried a depth that was new to Kyle, something that had recently happened to her, that he had no knowledge of. “Liz,… D- Did…I do something to..”
She shook her head quickly, cutting off his notation that he was to blame for her sadness.
“No!” Her simple reply was all she could get past the forming lump in her throat.
Kyle gently encased his hand around hers, and led her to the couch in his living room.
“Here,.. sit down, I’ll go get you something to drink.” He quickly went to the kitchen to fetch her some water, giving her some time to calm down.

“Here!” Handing her a glass of water, Liz thanked him with a small smile, then brought it to her lips to taste. “Thanks!”
“Liz!….. What’s wrong?”
Setting her glass of water down on the coffee table, Liz turned to look at Kyle. “A lot of things. Everything.”
Lifting his eyebrows to show his confusion, .. “You don’t want to talk about it, do you?”
She displayed a small smile for him,… “You can still read me like a book.” Changing her features to show her seriousness,… “I just really need a friend right now Kyle.”
“No problem!” His gentleness evident in his mannerisms.

“Really,.. because-
Kyle lifted up his hand to stop her from finishing her sentence,.. “Liz,… Liz,… Please, .. you don’t have to worry about my pursuing. I’m done!!! That’s it!! Message received loud and clear.” He focused his eyes on hers to show his honesty,.. “I’m over trying to be your boyfriend. …. I wanna be your friend.”
“Thanks Kyle.” She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him . “Thank you!”

“Dam!” Max pounded his fist against his steering wheel for the third time. He could clearly see that she wasn’t at work yet, as he peered in through the full front windows of the Crashdown Café. He wondered if she was still over Kyle’s house. The thought of it made him sick to his stomach, and filled him with jealousy. He turned down the block and headed back towards Kyle’s house again. He made up his mind. If she was still in his house, he was going in to get her.


Part 8

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that it literally consumed your senses, controlled your thinking patterns, and caused insane insomnia? Max Evans was passed the point of rational thinking. He was being denied the one thing he wanted most in the world. Liz Parker! He’d give anything to trade places with a normal guy, just so he could love a normal girl, ..freely. And yet, he lived with the terrible knowledge of what he was, was the reason he couldn’t be with whom he wanted. Life was that cruel for him, and Isabel and Michael reminded him of that everyday of his life.

He rounded the corner of Kyle’s street, and pulled his jeep to a stop a couple of houses down from his house. It kept him out of sight, yet gave him full view of the house in question. He wondered what was going on behind the closed door, and curse himself for his position in life yet again..

Liz Parker absent mindedly rubbed her stomach as the familiar flutter feeling started to dance across her belly, “ugh..”
“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked as he closed his biology book.
“I guess I’m just hungry. But nothing seems to taste right.”
Kyle looked at her with curious eyes.
“I know, that sounds weird, but it’s true.” She smiled to him, as she tucked her hair behind her ears.
“Not even some of Amy’s famous peach cobbler?” Kyle asked as he wrinkled his eyebrows.
“You have some of Amy’s peach cobbler here?!?” Her voice giving away that it was her favorite. But it was only Amy’s pies that tasted the best.
Kyle stood from his seat and walked to the kitchen, talking all the while,.. ”You know how close Amy and my dad have been lately,.. right?”

Liz let out a giggle. “I hear it all from Maria. She’s really stressing over it.” unfolding her hands from her stomach, Liz stood from the chair, and walked over towards the window. The sun was shining in, and Liz closed her eyes and marveled at the feeling of the sunshine dancing across her face. Such a simple feeling to endure, Liz breathed in the warm feeling that captured her skin. Kyle stood from the kitchens entrance with a plate that occupied the piece of pie, and watched her graceful movements. He knew when Liz had serious issues on her mind, and by the way her eyes glistened in the rays of light streaming through the window, Kyle knew that she was keeping whatever pain she had bottled up tightly.
Clearing his throat, Liz opened her eyes and turned towards Kyle, her eyes growing wide at the sight of her most favorite pie. “Thanks Kyle!”
“No problem.” He handed her the plate along with a fork, and sat down at the table with her. She wasted no time plowing the fork into the golden crust and shoving it into her mouth. Bringing the fork back out of her mouth, Liz’s face crinkled up at the taste of the pie. “Even this tastes different to me.” She voiced as she set the fork down, slumping back into her chair.
“What!!! Different!!! I just had a piece before you got here, and it tastes exactly the same.” Kyle looked confused.
She shook her head, not able to understand her taste buds. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m practically starving to death, and can’t eat, because nothing tastes right.”
“Maybe it’s your nerves, or stress Liz. I mean, you don’t look too good.”
Liz gave him evil eyes, in reference to his comment. Kyle threw up his hands, “I just mean, you can tell you haven’t slept from the circles around your eyes, not to mention how you keep spacing out.”
“Spacing out?” She questioned.
“You just seem like you’re in a different world. “ Kyle started to grow more and more concerned.

She sighed, as she rubbed her hands in a circular motion on her eye lids. “What time is it?”
Kyle looked at his wrist, reading the time from his watch. “4:30, why?”
She yawned and scooted her chair out from the table. “I have to go, my shift starts at 5:00.”
“Your going to work?” He asked in a high voice.
“Yeah… why?”
“You need to go home and get some sleep Liz. It’ll do ya some good.”

She formed a smile with tight lips, as she piled her books into her book bag. “I wish, But I really need the money. Saving up for a car.”
“What ever,.. Just make sure you take it easy.”
She smiled brightly for him. “Thanks Kyle!”
“For what?”
“For caring. I just really need to feel that feeling right now.”
“I’m here for you Liz. … A friend!”
She continued displaying her smile, before voicing her goodbye and exiting through his front door.

She sighed pulling her book bag tighter upon her shoulders, and headed down the street towards the Crashdown.

Her retreating form grasped his heart, as he started up his engine, and eased out of the parking spot. He knew she didn’t notice him, and wished more then anything that he had the nerve to approach her. This was crazy, not even three weeks ago, his hands were roaming her bare flesh, touching her the way he pleased, and now he was petrified to even approach her. Didn’t have the guts to face her after the way he avoided her, and more then anything he didn’t want her to hate him. He quietly eased down the street, and onto the highway without her even noticing.

Liz Parker was dazed in her own world, not giving any acknowledgement to the world around her. Walls were being built around her heart, and a lesson roaming in her mind, that she was the only one who was going to look out for her. …Herself! The only person she could count on, -was herself. Not that she couldn’t depend on her friends, or her parents, but the feelings that she was experiencing was something that would stay with her for a long time. Pain was never so torturous for Liz Parker, and her grief never felt so lonely.


Part 9

“I can’t take this anymore!” Maria voiced as she formed her hand into a tight fist.
“What’s wrong Maria?” Liz walked over towards her friend to see what she was looking at.
“Michael Guerin, that’s who!” Maria voiced his name with venom, as she started to clean off the table that Michael had occupied just moments ago. Liz peered over her shoulder and seen what had gotten her friend so worked up. ‘When I order my food, I expect it to be hot, …no tip today!’ .. was written out on a napkin.
“He’s just a jerk Maria, don’t pay him any mind.” Liz rubbed her tired eyes and stifled her yawn.
“Ugh,… Pee-u,… Here Liz ,.. Take this for me, Please.” Maria handed Liz, Michael’s left over scrapes of fries and a piece of hamburger bun, drench in Tabasco sauce. ”He’s got some major issues with eating…. Tabasco sauce, that’s just sick.”
Maria continued to hold her nose as she handed the plate to Liz. The smell of the Tabasco lifted her eyes, and opened her nostrils. Her stomach started to growl again, and the urge to taste the Tabasco was intensifying. She quickly made her way into the back kitchen, as Maria continued to clean up the mess and close up for the night.
Liz set the plate down, and continued to eye the drenched french-fries soaked in Tabasco from a distance. The thoughts of confusion roaming her mind, as she continually questioned herself of what was happening to her. Her stomach growled again, and Liz dashed towards the plate, and dipped her finger into the Tabasco and brought it to her mouth to taste. Her eyes lit up in shock when she tasted the spicy sauce. She quickly went to the large refrigerator and took out some fresh strawberries, and a new bottle of Tabasco off of the shelf. She poured the strawberries into a large bowl, then turned the bottle of Tabasco upside down and poured the contents of the sauce over the strawberries. She licked her lips in satisfaction of the aroma, and picked the strawberries up by her hand, to eat. Her eyes closed in triumph as she indulged on the strawberries dripping with the red sauce. “Finally, something tastes right!” She smiled to herself as she continued to pile the fruit into her mouth.

After Maria and Liz finished closing up the café, Liz Locked the doors behind Maria, and went back into the Kitchen. Taking two bottles of the Tabasco sauce off the shelf, and picking up the bag of food she quickly made for herself, Liz retreated off up the steps to her bedroom.

Closing and locking her bedroom door behind her, Liz quickly sat down on her floor, and unfolded the crisp white bag of food. The aroma of the french-fries and Cheese burger didn’t smell so tempting until she nearly emptied a bottle of Tabasco all over it.
She brought the burger to her mouth and bit down, swallowing the gooey sauce along with it. She couldn’t believe how much better the food tasted with the Tabasco. And even though she couldn’t understand the strange things happening to her and her taste buds, Liz simply couldn’t hold off any longer on divulging on her new food kick. Feeding her cravings and feeling her strength coming back as the food entered into her system.

“I tell you Liz, -“ Maria voiced as she pulled away from the café after picking Liz up. “I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do once we graduate.”

“That bad huh?” Liz peered towards Maria with sympathy.

“She’s never home Liz,… We got into another argument this morning. She told me her and the sheriff are talking about Marriage.”

“What?!?” Liz replied in shock. She never knew that Amy and Sheriff Valenti were that close. She knew they were dating but Marriage!

“Yeah, … tell me about it. I have a feeling she’s going to be moving into his house sooner then I think. And where’s that leave me Liz,.. huh?” Maria was clearly thinking out loud, as she continued to lay her problems out to Liz. “I mean, there’s absolutely no room for me and my stuff at the Valenti’s house. Not to mention Kyle!!.. I will not live under the same roof as that doofus!”

“Maria!” Liz voiced with a high pitch, covering her mouth with her hand to stifle her laugh.
“I mean it Liz! I can’t take this relationship between them. She’s never home anymore, we never talk.” Maria continued as she pulled into Roswell High’s parking lot.

“I thought you hated the mother daughter talks between the two of you. You always said that she needed to know a little too much information about your life, and it drove you crazy.”
“Well,.. yeah it does,.. but—“

“But, what?” Liz asked with a perched eyebrow.
Maria turned towards Liz with seriousness. “Where does this leave me? I mean, there’s no way I can live with the Valenti’s, Liz!”

“Well, what about just staying where your at.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked curiously.

“Your mom has that house paid off Maria, Graduation is in less then a mouth, and you’ll be able to work longer hours.”

Waving her head in confusion…”And”

“And, maybe you can keep the place and make it yours. You know, live on your own. You know you love your freedom. And with the extra hours you can keep up on the bills. That way your mom won’t have to sell.”

Maria’s eyes went up in wonder at the idea, then quickly turned downcast. “But to live all by myself, That’s kinda scary knowing that I’d be home at night all by myself.”

Liz turned to look out the window, and seen Alex approaching the car. “What about Alex.”
Maria turned to look at Alex along with Liz, and wrinkled her eyebrows. “Alex!”

“You know he’d do anything for you. Plus he could help out with the bills.” Liz hinted.

Shaking her head in question… “Alex!” As if having a conversation with herself, Maria’s face turned into a huge smile. … “Alex!” Saying his name as if she had made up her mind.


Max could feel that ever knowing feeling once again, as his eyes fell on the back of Liz. Her shiny hair cascading down her back and around her face, shielding it from his eyes. She occupied his thoughts once again, of the brief time they spent together. A moment he would hold onto for the rest of his life. He knew that things would go back to the way they were, when he sat at a distance and admired her from afar. Only this time, it was a lie. The things she believed about him, and the way he hurt her. He knew she thought the worst about the two of them, and he only hoped one day that he could make her see just exactly what she means to him.
He reverted his eyes from her form, and noticed Michael staring him down. He quickly grabbed his books from his locker, and make his way down the hall towards his next class.


Part 10

Swirling her finger around in the sauce, then bringing it to her lips to taste, Liz Parker closed her eyes in sweet bliss to her new found likeness to Tabasco sauce. She couldn’t explain the changes she had been experiencing over the last mouth and a half, nor did she have the time to question them, being as she was graduating in less then two weeks. With a valedictorian speech to write, and her future to plan, Liz found little time to do much at all. She threw herself into her school work, in hopes in taking her mind off of other things, or shall I say, other people. And even though she was on the long and narrow road of recovery, Liz still couldn’t get him completely out of her mind.

Maria had calmed down a lot in regards of her mothers upcoming wedding to the sheriff, and even though it came faster then expected, Maria had been seeing it coming for a while now. She had finally convinced her mother to let her stay at the house and have Alex move in as a roommate to help with the bills and responsibilities. It took many heart to heart conversations between the Mother and daughter, to finally convince Amy that Maria could handle the responsibility of owning a house, and yet it broke her heart, that Maria was not interested in moving in with her mother and the sheriff, Amy had finally decided to give Maria the house as her graduation present. It was completely paid off, and renovated, and all that Maria and Alex had to do, was keep up with the mouthy bills, such as electricity, water, and so forth.

Liz sighed to herself, as she brought her finger back down into the sauce to taste again…
She put her bowl down on her desk, and turned to her biology book once again. Letting out a moan to display her disgust for the subject, Liz began to study her notes. She once loved biology with all her heart, and now it only reminded her of him. The class that was pure torture every single day. And even though it had been almost two mouths since their moment together, it still stung like a fresh wound to see him everyday. She realized a few weeks ago, that she had fallen in love with him. Hating herself for giving her heart to someone who clearly didn’t deserve it, and by no means was it her choice, but she couldn’t deny that it had happened. Max Evans possessed her heart weather she liked it or not.


He continued to stroke her warm arms with the palms of his hands. He closed his eyes to relish in the feel of her flesh, as he moved closer from behind. Pressing himself closer to her backside, Max breathed in her scent, bringing his mouth close to her ear, as he whispered his heartache,… “It kills me not have this freedom with you.”
She turned hooded eyes in his direction and laced her arms around his neck. “You have your freedom now!”
He swallowed the lump in his throat as he closed the distance between them, and pierced her lips with his own. “I need you.” He formed the words against her moist lips before deepening the kiss. Her hastiness met his at the plea of his voice, and Liz moved her tongue more fervently within his mouth, increasing the desire to new heights. He swiftly picked her up into his arms and carried her to his bed and laid her down gently before moving on top of her. He slowly kissed down her throat before gently placing his fingertips atop her cleavage that peeked out of her fitted crop top. He kissed along the edges of her shirt, before tugging down the thin straps that adorned her shoulders. She closed her eyes to relish in the emotions he was sparking up in her, as she lovingly
laid there for him, like a treasure chest about to be open.
He was captivated by her beauty, the love so evident, as he continued to touch her like a rare jewel. The more he seethed his fingertips across her skin, the more she burned with the intensity of raw need for him.
He proceeded in removing her top with care, as he returned his focus on her bare shoulders and continued to rake his eyes further down her chest. He licked his lips before taking her breast into his mouth and sucking it gently. Her firmness so evident to his touch, she began to dig her nails into his bare back from the intense desire raking her body. As his mouth continued it’s assault on her breast, his hands took on a plan of there own, as they moved down her body, to her pants. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans and removed them, before bringing his hands up to her hips, and tucking his hand inside her panties.
Her moans escalated into deep huskiness, as Max dipped his finger inside her, stroking her delicately. He removed his mouth from her firm breast to take her lips once again, as he felt her climax coming from the feel of his fingers dancing within her.
“Max!” Her moans calling out his name from deep within his mouth, he hastily removed his fingers from her, and tugged her panties completely from her body, before waving his hand over his jeans to make them disappear from his body.
Her mouth hung agape from his impulsiveness and urgency, to be within her.
She held onto him tightly as he took himself into his hand, to deliver to her entrance. He Sled into her slowly, releasing the breath he held onto, to enjoy the feeling of her.
He quicken his pace, holding her tightly by the hips, as she kept her arms looped around his neck, her head hanging back with eyes closed tightly. He couldn’t control his breathing, as he continued to take in large breaths of air, letting his emotions go to enjoy the feeling erupting through their bodies. He continually called out her name with each loving stroke in and out of her body. Holding tightly to her as he felt their completion come to a head, Max opened his eyes, at the feel of their climax, only to be blinded by a vision of a dark raven haired little girl, standing in a lighted tunnel staring at him.
Her emotion filled eyes peering deeply into his.

He sat up hastily, sweat pouring off of him, from the dream he wished he could return to .
Emotion gripping his heart from the delusion, he so wished was real. He wiped the perspiration from his brow, as he turned to glance at his bed side clock. ‘5:00 am’,
Sighing reluctantly, Max realized there was no way he could get back to sleep, after what
he had just experienced.
He laid back down with force, letting his head crash into his soft pillow. He felt annoyed that he could only dream about her and that was it. He continued to stroke his hair away from his forehead, as he breathed in and out with a sigh. It wasn’t the first time he had dreamt about Liz Parker in such a way, but the thing he couldn’t understand was what happened towards the end of the dream.

‘The little child he saw.’ … “Who was she?” He sighed to himself.

He stayed in such a state for a few more moments, before turning over and pulling the blankets back up his body. releasing his breath again, Max closed his eyes, trying his best to relax and fall back to sleep.


Part 11

Her head wouldn’t stop spinning, as she desperately needed to sit down. “Maria, Maria, wait. Please!…sit down for a second.” Liz pleaded with her friend, as she sat down on a nearby bench.
“What’s wrong Lizzy?” Maria asked with raised eyebrows.
“I’m tired. Please,… let’s take a brake.”

Maria crossed her arms in front of her chest, as she released a sigh. “You sure have been tired a lot lately.”
“What are you talking about?” Liz looked at her suspicious.
Shaking her head, and waving her arms in the air as an act of expression, Maria explained. “Just that you’ve been tired a lot lately. Not acting yourself.”
Liz turned her head away looking at the passerby’s. “I just have a lot on my mind.”
“I understand that Liz, but it’s starting to take a toll on your health. I’ve not only noticed the tiredness, you know!” She expressed with distaste.
Liz gave her a look, before turning away, once again.
“Liz, talk to me!” Maria aligned her body frame to face Liz’s as she tried to communicate with her best friend.
“I’m fine Maria,…. Promise!” She tried her best to convince Maria, but found it hard, simply because she was trying to convince herself. The fact was, Liz had been starting to grow worried herself. The strange things that were happening to her, were starting to take it’s toll on her body. She found herself fighting fatigue, and was starting to feel dizzy spells when she would skip meals. Not to mention her new eating frenzy. Mixing foods together that was repulsive, and embarrassing. She found herself eating alone more and more, simply because she knew people would stare, and ask questions.
Her parents had started to notice a change, especially when her mother was picking her clothes up off of the floor to do a load of laundry, when out of nowhere bottles and bottles of Tabasco starting rolling out in every direction from underneath her bed. But It was her best friend who knew her better then anyone, and started to asked more questions.

Maria was growing tired by her friends sudden secrecy, and decided now wasn’t the time to grill her for information. She threw her hand up in truce and ended her questions.
“Look Liz,… whatever’s going on,.. or whatever your going through, … just know that I’m gonna be here for you. So whenever your ready to let me in, I’ll try my best to be patient.” Her eyes glimmered with seriousness, and Liz hugged her for backing off.
“Thank you Maria!”


“Excuse me!!!” Michael called out as Maria walked past his booth, acting as if she couldn’t hear him. “I’ve been sitting here for like 40 minutes now! Is anyone going to wait on me?!?”

Maria walked passed him once again to go into the back room, when Michael grabbed her by the arm. “Did you hear me?” He voiced loudly with wide eyes.

Maria pinched her lips together to form a fake smile. “I heard you!”

“Well, … are you going to wait on me, or what?”

“Sure!” Maria said with giddiness, as her eyes began to dance with mischief. “I’ll be right with you in just a moment.”

Michael removed his grip from her arm and returned to his seat. “Well, it’s about time.”

Pushing threw the revolving door that led into the back room, Maria plopped down onto the worn out sofa with a thud. Her arms crossed against her chest, as she released a loud sigh.
“What’s wrong with you?” Liz asked as she turned from her locker .
“HIM!” Maria screamed with distaste, pointing her finger towards the door.
Liz walked over towards the door, and peered out the window. “Oh!” She whispered as she seen Michael sitting at a booth. “I see!” Liz walked over towards her friend and took a seat beside her. “You know Maria, he sure is here a lot!”

Huffing to herself, Maria clearly was agitated. “No shit! … If he doesn’t like the service here, why don’t he go somewhere else and eat. “I’ll tell you why?” Maria answered herself. “Because, it would make my life a lot easier.”
Liz just continued to giggle.
“This isn’t funny Liz.”
“Your right, I’m sorry!” She said with a straight face. ”You know,-..” Liz looked at her watch. “Isn’t it time for your break!”
Maria’s eyes lit up. “YES, I believe it is.” Jumping off of the sofa, Maria removed her apron. "Are you going to wait on asshole, out there.”
“NO!” Liz replied.
“Huh,… but-“ Maria was clearly confused.
“He can wait until you come off of break.”
“But he’s been waiting for 40 minutes already.” Maria commented.
“And?” Liz could care less how long Michael waited. All she knew was that she wasn’t the one who was going to wait on him. She clearly had more fun watching the fireworks explode between her feisty best friend, and the guy who clearly got under her skin.
“Hey,.. Whatever you say.” Maria threw her apron down, and walked outback for some fresh air.
Liz finally made her entrance into the café, as she began to fill up cola’s to deliver to the new customers. Turning from the soda machine at the sound of the chiming bell that hung over the door, Liz’s face lit up when she seen Alex approaching.
“Hey Liz.” He looked around the restaurant. “Where’s Maria?”
“That’s what I’d like to know!” The sound of Michael’s voice caused Liz and Alex to turn around. “She said she’d be right with me to take my order.”
“Hummm…” Liz placed her index finger to her bottom lip as if she had to think where Maria was. “:Let’s see.” She continued to stall Michael, clearly seeing it was frustrating him. “I believe, she is taking inventory,.. No – no, that’s not it. ..Counting receipts,.. no, nope that’s Jose’s job. Oh Yes, that’s right,.. She’s on break!” Saying the last sentence quickly, Liz hurried and turned around to finish filling the cola’s.

“What! She left me sitting this long, and then went on break?” Michael was clearly pissed off, and wasn’t hiding it.
Liz turned back around to face Michael, and noticed Alex trying his hardest to stifle his laugh. “Yes, I do believe that’s what she did. If you want, I can get Edna to wait on you.” Liz offered with batting eye lashes.
Michael shook his head,.. “No! I want Maria to wait on me.” Venom spiking his voice, he turned , and walked back to his booth, clearly forming a plan in his mind.
“What was that about?” Alex asked with a laugh.
“Oh, …Nothing more then a boy who is afraid to admit his true feelings.” Liz said with sarcasm.
Setting down her dish rage, Liz looked Alex in the eyes. “So, How’s the move going?”
Letting out a puff of air, Alex rolled his eyes. “Well Amy is all settled in at the sheriff’s place now. It took us all day to move her stuff out and once we were finished, I was too tired to begin moving my stuff in. So,… I’m going to start moving little things over here and there over the week, and move my heavy furniture in this weekend.”

“I have off Saturday, so I can help if you’d like.” Liz offered as she placed a cold soda down in front of him.
“That would be so great Liz. I’d really appreciate it. My parents aren’t helping me move anything. There still pissed that I’m moving out before graduation.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. Graduation is in one week. What’s the difference in one week.”
Rolling his eyes, Alex shook his head. “I have no idea.” Taking another sip of his coke, Alex set the drink down. “Hey,… you know there’s an extra room. You should move in. It’d be cool Liz. The three musketeers. No Parents, no rules, just pure freedom.”

“Yeah, well I can kiss my scholarship goodbye if I ever left home. My parents couldn’t function without me. When I told them I wanted to live on campus, they freaked. That’s when they finally agreed, to get me a car, and all I have to do is pay the insurance. No way am I moving out and giving that up.”

“Suite yourself.” Alex replied then headed into the back room to find Maria.


Liz quickly stuffed the last piece of her Tabasco covered pepperoni pizza into her mouth. Wiping the corners of her lips with a napkin, Liz felt a rumble from her stomach. She quickly pushed against her belly with her hand, wondering what was wrong with her stomach, when she felt something move.
Pushing thoughts to the back of her mind of what it could be, Liz tried her hardest to stay calm.
Maria watched from a distance and notices the panicked look that covered Liz’s face, and just stood silent and watched her actions.
Liz brought her hand up to her mouth, and quickly ran out of the kitchen and up the back stairs towards her apartment.


She couldn’t control her breathing as she vomited up the food she had just ate. Her face was perspiring and her strength completely gone. She reached for a towel to wipe her face, as Maria barged into the bathroom to attend to her friend.
“Lizzy, what’s going on?” Panic evident in her voice.
“I don’t know. .. I don’t know!”
Maria bent down to help her off of the floor, and carried her to her bed. Laying her down gently, Maria ran back into the bathroom, to get a cool washcloth for her face.
Sitting at her bedside, Maria continued to wipe her face with the clothe. “Lizzy, you need to go see a doctor.”
Liz shook her head no, as she pulled herself up off the bed. “I’m fine Maria!”
Maria stood her ground. “Liz, if you don’t go see a doctor, I’m going to your parents what happened.”
Liz stared at her best friend in horror.
Maria lifted her hand in defense,.. “Now, I’m sorry, But I’m really worried about you.”

Liz let the tears stream down her face, as she slumped back down on her bed.
Maria quietly sat back down beside her, emotion raging within her voice. “Liz,… what’s going on?” Her sincerity apparent.
Liz continued to let her tears fall. Finally lifting her face to her friend, Liz pushed past the large lump forming in her throat. “I – I think I’m pregnant!”
Her eyes grew wide, as she stood to her feet. “What!” Her voice growing by the minute.
Liz let her face fall downcast once again, as the sobs racked her body.
Maria sat down again, and embraced her tightly. “Are you sure?” She spoke softly.
Liz shook her head no. “I’m not positive.” Liz raised her head,.. “I’m so scared Maria!”

“Okay,… Okay,…. Everything’s going to be alright Liz.” Maria started to pace the length of the room, as Liz trained her eyes on a nervous Maria. She stopped suddenly, and turned her focus back on Liz. Lifting her finger in the air,… “First we need to find out for sure.”
Liz shook her head,.. “I know! I’ve just been putting it off, because I’m in denial.”
Maria grabbed her purse from Liz’s desk and proceeded towards the door.
“Where you going?” Liz asked above her sobbing.
“The drug store. We find out today Liz. No more putting this off.” She eyed her best friend in the whole world, giving her the feeling that no matter what Liz faced, Maria was going to face it with her. “I’ll be right back!”

Closing the door behind her, Maria made her way down the stairs, and to the drug store to purchase a pregnancy test.


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Part 12

Wringing her fingers together with sweaty palms, Liz fidgeted as she paced her bedroom floor. Maria sat casually on the edge of her bed staring at her wrist watch as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Liz, …sit down PLEASE!”
Liz stopped pacing and faced Maria. “You do realize that my life may chance forever in a matter of –“ Liz picked up Maria’s wrist to look at her watch. “five minutes. Don’t you!”

Maria threw up her hands in a calming gesture. “Liz, I understand that, but you need to calm down.”
Liz nodded her head, and swallowed the large lump in her throat. Sitting next to Maria on the bed, Liz stared into nothing. “My parents are going to kill me.”
“You don’t know that.” Maria sighed.
Shaking her head with wide eyes. “Oh,… yeah I do.”
“Liz!” Maria smoothed out her skirt before talking again. “Just please don’t assume anything until we know for sure.”
“Easy for you to say, you life isn’t about to change.”
Maria showed a glimmer of hurt. “Liz, what ever that test reads,.. I with you.”
Liz’s forehead wrinkled up. “I’m sorry!”
“Don’t be! - Liz?”
“If the test is positive, what are you going to do?” Maria asked with nervousness.
Liz covered her face with her hands. “I don’t know! I’m so scared Maria.”
Maria pulled her into a hug, and smoothed her long dark mane back from her shoulders.
Her light sniffles made it apparent that Liz had began to cry again. “My parents will be so disappointed in me. And Max,.. God –“
Maria cut in.. “Hey, first off, I just want you to know if things get to bad with your folks, you know you have a room waiting for you at my house. No strings attached Liz. Alex and I make enough money together to take care of things. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything.”
Liz dried her eyes with the palms of her hands, as she smiled for her best friend. “It’s so comforting to know I have you and Alex behind me. Thanks so much Ria.” Liz pulled Maria in for another tight hug before releasing her to look into her green eyes.
“Well, it’s now or never.” Liz stood to her feet and reached down towards Maria’s hand to hold. Two best friends walked into the small bathroom together holding onto each others hands tightly.
Liz about to discover how her world was about to change forever….


“Hey Max, how’s the paper work coming?” Phillip Evans asked as he pulled a chair up to his son’s desk.
Holding up his application, Max smiled. “It’s coming together. I turned my applications for NMU, and I start classes one week from Graduation.”
“I’m proud of you son. It’s always best to get a head start on your career path.”
Max handed his newly filled out paper work to his father. “Here’s my medical forms and benefits. I finally finished filling them out.”
“Great, I’ll hand these in to Bob tomorrow, and get you ready for work. Bob said you can start anytime.” His smile was evident that he was delighted to have his son work with him.
“Dad!” Max grew serious.
“Yes son.” Phillip focused all his attention on his son, as he noticed the seriousness in his voice.
“I just wanted to thank you for helping me land a great position at your work. Not to many kids are making what I’ll be making right out of high school.”
Phillip placed his hand on Max’s shoulder. “Not to many kids are responsible like you Max. Their to busy partying at their new found freedom. But not you. Your starting college early and willing to work full time to establish a good working mode.”
Max smiled. “Just trying to learn the ropes. I’m just glad to be learning from the best. Majoring in Law with be tough, but I’ll be able to learn a lot from you Dad. Thanks for taking me under your wing.”
Phillip smiled and pulled Max into a hug.
Looking up from his Dad’s embrace, Max noticed Isabel peering in from the doorway.
Wrinkling up her face, Isabel was mocking Max silently. Mouthing Max with her mouth, ‘I’m an ass kisser.’
Isabel thought she was going to be sick and quickly walked away.


Liz started to cry impetuously, as Maria pulled her tightly in her embrace. “Oh God,… Liz- God-“ At a loss for words, Maria just stayed silent, and held her best friend close.
Staring down at the pink cross, Maria blinked her moist eyes, unbelieving what she was seeing.
“What’s all the noise about.” Nancy Parker voiced as she suddenly opened the bathroom door, at the hearing of her daughters uncontrollable crying.
Jumping at the sound of her mothers voice, Liz looked to her mother in horror, as Nancy noticed the pregnancy test laying on the sink.
Her eyes grew wide as she covered her mouth with her hand. “Liz …no,… Oh God!!” Nancy Parker was in shock.


Part 13

“Mom!?!” Liz Parker was truly scared! Her Mother peered at her with deep emotion searing from her eyes. Hurt, anger, confusion, pain, sadness.
“Liz?” Her name said as a question, Nancy Parker walked over to the sink, and picked up the pregnancy test that clearly display the bright pink cross. She looked at it as if she couldn’t understand what it was, or what it was doing in her house. She looked from the positive test to her daughter, and stared intently into her eyes.
“Liz? Is this yours?” Her mother peering between the two girls who stared back with wide eyes.
“Mom, Please!” Liz held up her hands in a gesture of calmness

“Liz!” Her voice growing, and her temper short.

Maria felt like a fly stuck to a piece of sticky tape. She slowly leaned over to whisper into Liz’s ear. “I’m going to go and give you some privacy to talk to your mom. Remember what I said earlier.” Liz looked into Maria’s eyes and shook her head. “I meant it Liz!” The offer to Liz still stood and always would, if she ever needed a place to stay. She was always welcome in Maria’s home. “Thanks Maria!” Liz hugged her best friend, before watching her turn and walk away. She felt like her lifeline had just been severed, as she heard her bedroom door shut.
She turned her gaze back to her mother, and lifted her chin higher. She was ready.! Ready to face whatever it was that her mother was about to throw her way.

She was in shock, as she rocked her body back and forth, her eyes shut tightly. But that didn't stop the tears from fighting it’s way out.
“Mom.” Liz uttered her name as a silent plea.
Her mother finally opened her eyes, and looked to her scared daughter. “Get dressed, and meet me in the kitchen!” She turned without giving away her manner, and walked out of Liz’s bedroom, slamming the door on her way out.

She slumped down the wall, pulling her knees firmly to her chest, and sobbed loudly for the situation she was in. She was only a teenager. Her eighteenth birthday was still months away, and the thought of what she was soon going to become terrified her. ‘Mother’, - she was going to become a ‘Mother’. She felt weak, not to mention, a failure, Something that Mothers weren’t suppose to be, and yet, the purpose of her being sent her into even more confusion. She always had high expectation of herself. Not because her parents always had her high on a pedestal, but because, she was never put into a position that she didn’t know how to get out of. She always got the good end of a deal, never having to struggle with problems like the one she was facing now, and Liz Parker never felt so much alone at that moment in her life.
In that one moment, the knowledge of her responsibility of another life scared her to the very core of her being. Her eyes quickly dried, as they widen in acknowledgement, to the very thought of her child. She took her hand and rubbed her belly lightly, a gesture that was so very new, as she pondered on her train of thought even longer.
This child that grew within her started to compel her selfish thinking. In that very instant it turned from a problem to a promise.
“I promise baby-“ She continued to rubbed her belly lightly. “Everything’s going to be okay.”
She didn’t know how she was going to make it okay, but she would find a way. She knew she was young, maybe to young to do what she made up her mind to do, but she would find a way. She knew she had nothing, no real money, no real home to call her own. Only what her parents provided her with, and that was something she couldn’t call hers. It was borrowed, not legally hers.
She picked herself up off of the cold tile, and headed towards her closet to get dressed.

She walked quickly into the kitchen, pausing as she seen her mother sipping from a coffee mug she held close to her face. She was deep in thought, looking out the kitchen window, when she turned at the noise of the floor boards creaking.
“Mom!” Liz uttered softly.
Her mother pointed to the table, a gesture symbolizing a long talk ahead. She was thankful to have this moment to talk with her mother alone about her situation without her father around.
Nancy set her coffee mug down in front of her, as she entwined her hands together. Looking her only child in the eyes, Nancy held back the tears. “Talk to me Liz!”

Liz could see the disappointment in her eyes and she cringed. “Oh God Mom, I’m so sorry. I-I’m still in shock myself. I can’t believe this is happening to me. You gotta believe that!”

Nancy shook her head. “How far along are you?”
Liz closed her eyes, as she thought back on the best night of her life, that caused her so much pain. “About two mouths.”

“Two Mouths! Liz how could you not of known before now?”

Liz closed her eyes as she spoke. “I suspected earlier, but I was in denial. I thought something like this couldn’t possibly happen to me.”

“Oh come on Liz, Please tell me your smarter then that.” Nancy’s voice began to grow, but soon declined as she seen the effect of her words on her daughter. She was very upset and disappointed in Liz, but one thing would never change, and that was her love for her only child. She would die for Liz, would lay her life down for her daughter, and now was the time that she could clearly see Liz’s pain.
“You have options you know!” Nancy stated firmly. Liz lifted her head to her eye level.

“Yeah, Option?” Nancy repeated. “There’s adoption, abortion.-
Liz throw her arm quickly into the air. “I’m not killing my baby!”

“Liz, I only want the best for you. A baby is such a huge responsibility.”

“I know Mom, I do.” Liz turned her eyes downcast. “I’m so scared!”
Nancy’s heart stopped at her daughters honesty. “What about Kyle. Does he know?”
Liz raised her face and widen her eyes. “Kyle?” She was confused. Did her mother think Kyle was the father?
“I presume Kyle is the father, right?” Nancy was starting to get confused. Kyle was the only guy she ever seen her daughter around.
Liz shook her head no, as she stared into her mothers eyes. “Kyle’s not the father Mom, I was never with Kyle,.. I – I mean, Kyle and I dated and all, but we never, - ugh, never..”

Nancy held up her hands,.. “Okay, Okay I get it Liz, but if it wasn’t Kyle, then who? I mean, I’ve never seen you around any other boys.”

Liz shifted in her seat, then finally opened her mouth to speak. “Max Evans is the father!” She made her statement boldly, laced with a pain that was hidden.

Nancy mouth hung agape. “Max Evans? Phillip and Diane’s boy?”
Liz shook her head in confirmation.
Nancy was even more in shock. Max Evans was the last boy she would’ve ever thought her daughter would get involved with. “Well does he know?”

Liz shook her head no.
“Well why not?”
“Mom, I just found out myself, and were,.. were not together!” Her voiced was low, and tinged with sadness.
“Your having sex with a boy, for what Liz! For the joy of it. You know it figures your in a situation like this. I can’t believe you Liz. I thought I knew you better then this.”

“Mom.” Liz cried out. Her mother had gotten the wrong impression of her, and it sent her spiraling down that road of depression even further. She crouched at the sudden pang in her belly, grasping for air, Liz felt her dizziness come in bouts.
Nancy hopped from her chair, and rush over to her daughter, helping her breath. “Liz, oh baby, I’m so sorry. “
Nancy picked her daughter up and carried her to her room to lay down.
She went into the bathroom to get a warm cloth to lay over her forehead, and patted the sweat away from her brow.

Liz looked up into her mothers worried eyes. “I loved him Mom! I still do!”
Nancy formed a tight smile. “I’m sorry Liz. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to get you so upset.”

“I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to get myself into this situation.”

“It’s going to be okay Liz. We’ll work through this. Your father gets back from his business trip tomorrow. I’ll sit him down and talk to him then. In the mean time you try and relax.”


“Liz Parker?”


“No Way!”

“Yes way Alex!”

“I don’t believe you!”


“Oh My God! …..Your Serious!”

Throwing her hands up in the air from agitation, Maria was about to scream.
“Dead Serious!”


“Yes!” Her voice was growing by the minute.

“Pregnant!” Each time the same word came out in a different tone.

“For the love of GOD, Alex, YES, Liz Parker is PREGNANT!”

“Noooo!” Shaking his head in a subtle way, Alex still couldn’t believe what Maria was telling him. Digging deeper into the bag of chips in his hand, Alex placed another chip into his mouth. “Besides that would mean that Liz was having sex, and she just doesn’t do that.”
Maria rolled her eyes, and sighed loudly. “You are so stupid, you know that.”
Setting the bag of chips down on the counter, Alex looked closely at Maria. “Pregnant?”

“I give up!” She screamed and stormed out of the kitchen.
Following behind Maria, Alex was quiet for a few moments, as he pondered on Liz’s situation. Sitting next to Maria on the sofa, Alex looked over to his new roommate.
“She’s really pregnant?” He was in shock, and Maria could understand.
Shaking her head in confirmation, Maria gave him a sad smile.
Relishing in his thoughts silently once again, Alex’s eyes remained wide. “By who?”

“Max Evans!”

“Who?” He was in shock, and it showed.

“Max Evans!” She repeated herself.

“Get out!”

“Seriously.” Maria commented.

“Max Evans! As in Isabel Evans Brother?”

“That’s him!”

“But he never talks to anyone, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the boys voice before.”

Maria shook her head in wonder. “I know!”

“Max Evans!” Saying it as if trying to convince himself it was true, but clearly getting on Maria’s nerves.


“Sorry Maria, but Max Evans? What happened to Kyle?”

Rolling her eyes with distaste, Maria let out a huff of air. “That is so old news. God, Alex, don’t you keep up with anything. Geesh!”

Looking to Maria with still wide eyes, the news of his other best friend being pregnant was something that was hard to sink into his brain. “Pregnant! Max Evans!”


She couldn’t sleep, as the realization of her current life drama kept reeling in her mind. She still couldn’t believe she was pregnant, couldn’t fathom the idea of knowing she was going to become a mother. She looked up at her bedside clock, and debated weather or not to call Maria. She had forgotten to call her earlier and knew Maria wanted to talk about the new found situation, and how things went down between Liz and her mother.

She picked up the phone, and dialed Maria’s number, and wasn’t surprised when Maria picked up on the first ring.

“It’s about time you called girl, I’ve been waiting forever.”

“I can’t believe your still up, It’s 4:00 in the morning. I thought for sure you would chew me out for calling so late.”

“Nah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep. And with everything that’s going on with you, I couldn’t sleep myself.”

Liz laughed lightly,.. :”Your unbelievable, you know that!”

“Taking from the sound of your voice, things didn’t go as bad as I thought they would.”

Switching the phone to her other ear, Liz laid on her side. “Oh, it wasn’t pretty, but we talked and talked, and finally my mother is supporting me. It’s my father that I’m worried about.”

“He still doesn’t know?”

“My mothers going to tell him tomorrow when he come home from his meeting, and believe me, I plan on being out of site at the time.

“What do you think he’ll do?” Maria asked.

Letting out a sigh, “I have no idea. I could pretty much always read my mother, but my father,… well, that’s a different story.”

“It’ll work out girl. Five years from now, your going to look back on this time and laugh.”

“I don’t think so Maria.” Liz was silent for a few moments. “I’m going to tell him tomorrow in school.”


“Yeah,… I need to tell him.”

“Yeah, you do. What’ll think he’ll do?”

Liz let out another sigh,.. “I have no idea. And that’s what’s scaring me to death.”

“I got your back Lizzy. It’ll all work out. Trust me!”

“I hope your right Maria. God, I hope your right.”


Nancy Parker was pacing the length of her kitchen floor, watching the clock with eyes slightly closed. She was finishing up on her fifth cup of coffee, debating just how to break the news to her husband of their daughters pregnancy.
She tossed and turned all through the night, contemplating the dramatic change this pregnancy would have on her family. It was a change she was worrying how her husband would take. Jeff had always had high goals for Liz, always pushing her to excel to new and higher depths in her studies. Teaching her to never be afraid to grab a hold of a promising future.
Nancy wiped the sweat that was forming at her brow, and turned quickly to the sound of the front door opening.
She held her breath, and prayed a silent prayer before going into the living room to greet her husband, and welcome him home.

Part 14

“It’s going to be okay Liz!” Maria uttered as she patted her friend on the shoulder.

Liz looked to Maria with sarcasm. She had gotten through most of the day without fighting fatigue or dizziness, but the thing she was mostly trying to prevent was a breakdown. Today was the day she would tell Max about the baby. Having little time to divulge on the reality herself, Liz had trembling hands and a pounding heart all day.

“When are you going to tell him?” Maria asked as the two rounded the corner and walked down the hall to their next class.
Stopping in front of Liz’s biology class, She turned towards Maria. “I have this class with Max. I’m going to talk to him afterwards.”

“Do you think he’ll talk to you?” Maria asked looking into the classroom to see if she seen Max inside.

Liz looked inside the classroom with her, and seen him sitting in his seat going threw his notes. “He won’t have a choice. I’m going to approach him sternly, and drag him to a private place to talk.”

“Eraser room!” Maria voiced hastily.

Looking confused, Liz shook her head. “What?”

Maria reverted her attention from Max to Liz. “The Eraser room. You can’t get much more private then that!”

“Oh, yeah … right!” She was in a trance like state, as she started to walk into her class. Her heart rate picked up a faster pace, and Liz thought she was about to have a heart attack.
Maria looked to her friend with sad eyes. “Don’t forget. I’m here for you Liz!”

Liz smiled for her friend, and walked into class to take her seat. She felt stiff, unable to move. She knew she had exactly forty-five minutes to build up what little nerve she had to tell Max about the baby. Thoughts roamed her head, as she contemplated the harsh things he could do to her, and with all the doubts she had, and with all the fear she felt, she knew she still had to tell him the truth. If he didn’t want anything to do with her, then fine, she could learn to deal with that. But if he completely turned his back on this baby, she knew she would have a complete breakdown. This baby that they had both created was innocent, and didn’t deserve not to grow up without a father.

She steadily open her folder to analyze her notes for the upcoming quiz before casting one more glance at the clock that hung high on the wall. 30 minutes left till class ended and she confronted Max about the baby. As she reminded herself, she felt her stomach flutter with nervousness. She turned back in her seat to cast a glance at Max, when she was interrupted by the knocking on the class room door. She moved her gaze to the front of the class room, as the teacher opened the door to the visitor. It was a student aid who handed a note to Ms. Miller. She carefully read the note, then lifted her head to speak.

“Liz,… Your needed in the office. Please take your things, it looks as if you wont be returning today.”

Liz was confused, she didn’t know what to think. As she piled her things into her backpack, she stood and slumped her bag over her shoulder, turning to push in her chair, she caught Max staring at her. She stood still, holding his gaze for a moment, before the teacher interrupted their moment.
“Liz!” Ms. Miller addressed.
“Coming!” She concluded before removing her eyes from Max’s .

“Dad Please, calm down!”

“This isn’t going to happen Liz!”
Nancy took a seat on the sofa, and watched her husband and daughter go in rounds. It was going just as she suspected. Jeff blowing up, and Liz standing her ground.

“It’s done Liz, I’m calling Dr. Elmore, first thing tomorrow morning. I will not let you ruin your future over this. We can keep this within the family, you said yourself that you haven’t told the Evans kid yet.”

“His name is Max, and he has a right to know. I will not let you do this Dad, it’s my body.”
“Dad, I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you. I’ve disappointed myself. And If I could put off what’s happening to me another ten years, I would… But,.. I can’t. Please, can’t you just please try to have an open mind about this. I can’t change what happened, I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

He shook his head in unbelief. “I’m sorry Liz, but I can’t except this. Please don’t ruin your life over this honey. You have your whole future ahead of you.” He gestured with his hands in the air, as he tried to reason with his only child. He couldn’t let her just throw her life away. “I’m sorry Liz, but I’ve made up my mind. Your still a child, and until your eighteen,--

Liz cut her father off,. ”If you make me do anything to my baby, I swear to God Dad, I will never forgive you!”

Nancy looked to her husband with wide eyes…

He stood still for a moment, his face hardened and free from emotion.
“You think you’re so grown, that you can decide to bring a child into this world,… and raise it. “ His words came out in uneven pants as Jeff continued his words of anger,.. “Then I want to see you get out there and do it!”

“What?!” Liz uttered, her eyes wide.
“That’s right Liz! You think you know it all, know what it takes to raise this child, because Lord knows, you’ll more then likely be a single parent with no help from the father.”

“What are you saying Jeff?” Nancy asked with confusion.
Jeff ran his hand threw his hair, then looked his daughter in the eyes. “If you decide to keep this child, then you need to leave my house.”
Nancy’s gasp was loud, as she brought her hand up to cup her mouth.

“You’re kicking me out!” Liz shouted to her father.

Jeff turned from Liz to Nancy. “Nancy, get your coat!”

“What!.. What for!” Nancy hated being in the middle, of her fighting Husband and daughter.

“Were going over to the Evan’s house to pay Max a visit.”
Liz’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her father. “You stay here until I return.”
“What are you going to do?” Liz asked feeling terrified.

“I stand by what I said, but if you think you can raise this child on what you make, your sadly mistaken."
“Jeff!?” Nancy reached out to his arm, and lightly tugged on it, “Please Honey, let’s talk about this some more!”
“No Nancy, This boy needs to take responsibility for what he’s done to our daughter.”

“But I’m just as much to blame.” Liz uttered.

“Yes, You are!” He said angrily, And that’s why you’ll be the one stuck raising the child by yourself. I’m going to make sure he at least pays for this child. Trust me, he’s getting off allot easier then you.”

“Jeff, you don’t know that. He may want to be a part of the baby’s life.” Nancy encouraged the situation.
“Come on Nancy, do you really believe that? He’s a teenager, Do you really think he wants to take responsibility for a baby, when he didn’t even want to stick around after what he took from our daughter. He got what he wanted from Liz, and never looked back.”
Nancy looked from Liz to Jeff with hopeful eyes, yet remained silent.
Liz let her face fall downcast, as her shoulders slumped back. Her fathers words stung her to the core, as she realized he was right.

Jeff looked back to Liz, and narrowed his angry eyes at her. “I’m not finished with you yet.” Grabbing his wife by the hand, Jeff left by the front door.


She couldn’t stop crying, and wished to god she had told Max first. Everything was falling apart, not just with her condition, but also by the way the whole situation was being handled.
The tension between them was to much to bare. The way he ignored her after what they shared was heartbreaking in and of itself, but to not be able to tell him before her parents, was just down right iniquitous. She was now feeling all the regrets she had, on how she handled this whole situation.

And the tears fell……

She wiped her tears with the palm of her hand, as she tried to convince herself, she could handle this on her own. She didn’t need Max’s help, even if her parents were going to go after him for child support. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him at this point. She felt off balance, not knowing weather she hated the father of her child, or if she loved him. Was it because it was his child inside of her, was it that bond between the two of them that drew her to him. It sure wasn’t the way he treated her. He still hadn’t said one word to her since that night when they made love, and conceived their child.
‘Was he ashamed?’ ‘Did he regret it?’ ‘Had he no idea what he was putting her through?’ The questions swarm around in her mind, as her tears fell.

She walked over to her desk, and removed a piece of paper and began writing a letter to her mother.
As she finished her letter, she folded it and tucked it into an envelope before writing her mothers name on the front of it.
Wiping the remaining of her tears that dripped from her eyes, Liz picked up the phone and dialed Maria’s number.

She choked back her sobs as she swallowed the large lump growing in her throat.
“Maria, It’s Liz! Please come get me!”


The loud banging on the front door, made Isabel drop her glass of milk all over the kitchen floor. Diane Evans spun around in place as the loud banging continued. “Who in the world could that be?” Diane wondered.

“I’ll get it!” Phillip Evans reassured her as he bypassed her and made his way towards the door.

As he opened the door, Phillip was met by an angry Jeff and a nervous Nancy Parker.
“Where is he?!?” Jeff Parker shouted, making a stunned Diane walk towards the shouting.
Isabel remained close towards the back door, as she listened intently to what was being said.

“Max Evans!… That’s who!” Jeff shouted, as Nancy pulled on his arm, trying her best to calm him down.

“I’m so sorry to intrude on you like this,… May we please come in.” Nancy looked around at her surroundings and noticed all the neighbors looking out their doors, and windows to see what was going on.

Looking stunned to the Parker’s. “Yes, Please come in.” Phillip cast a glance at Diane, and shook his shoulders at her wondering gaze.

Jeff was still upbeat, as he looked around once they were inside.

“What’s this,… about Max? And why are you so anxious to speak with him?” Phillip questioned.

“He ruined my Lizzy’s life. That’s what he did.”

“Ruined? What do you mean?” Diane Asked.

“Well he got what he wanted out of her, then left her, and now she’s pregnant!”
“Jeff, calm down!” Nancy piped in.

Isabel gasped as she held her hand over her mouth in shock. ‘Liz Parker is pregnant!’
She had to get to Max, before they did.
She quietly reached for her purse and slide out the back door. Once outside, Isabel removed her cell phone from her purse.

“Hello?” Michael answered.
“Michael, oh thank god,… Is Max with you?”
“Yeah, … What’s wrong?”
“Please, ….Just keep Max there, I’ll explain everything once I get there!” Closing the phone, and shoving it back into her purse, Isabel started jogging towards the park, and towards Michael’s house.

As he hung up the phone, Max turned to Michael. “Who was that?”
“Isabel!… She said to keep you here.”

“Why?” Max asked confused.
“I don’t know, she’s on her way.”


Part 15

Max and Michael continued to stare at an out of breath Isabel, as she slumped over the counter in Michael’s Kitchen.
“What’s going on?” Michael asked as he settled his hands on his hips. Max was behind him, staring on as Isabel held up her hand to signal that she was out of breath and to give her a minute.

She turned to face Michael and her brother, still gasping for breath. “Max….. Liz’s parents came to the house.”
“What!” Max voiced and a wide eyed Michael looked at him in wonder. Isabel was still gasping for air, as she tried her hardest to explain. “What are you talking about?” Michael asked, as Max continued to question her.
She positioned her palm over her heart, to feel how fast her heart was pumping. Walking over towards the sink, Isabel filled a glass of cold water, and proceeded to drink it. Max’s patience were wearing thin, as thoughts started to clout his mind. “Iz,… Please!”

“Okay,…. Okay!” Isabel set the empty glass into the sink, and turned toward her worried brother. “Max, your not going to believe this, but Mr. And Mrs. Parker are over our house at this very second, demanding to speak with you.”

“What for?!?” Max could feel his blood racing, as his heart pounded against his chest fiercely
Isabel raised her head, to look her brother in the eyes. . “Their claiming that Liz is pregnant, and you’re the reason.”
His eyes grew wide from shock, as he stumbled back until he fell on the coach.
“Max!” Isabel voiced as she ran to his side. “Are you Okay!”
He shook his head no, as he drew his hands to cover his face. He couldn’t think, couldn’t slow his thoughts down fast enough to concentrate on one thing.. He rubbed his hands over his face multiple times, “Oh my God!” Was all he could say.
Michael walked over and sat beside him on the couch, and just laid back looking into nothing. “This is now way out of our control.” Michael mumbled as he turned to look to Max.
Max shook his head, and stood to his feet. “Out of Control!….. Out of Control. What the Hell are you talking about. Liz is Pregnant. PREGNANT MICHAEL!” He couldn’t stop shouting, as he started pacing the floor back and forth.
“Max,… calm down!” Isabel voiced from Michael’s side. “This is hard on everyone.”
Max turned towards his sister, as his face grew angry. “Hard on everyone! Is that what you think?” His voice growing louder with each word.
Isabel looked to her brother in panic. “Max,… I just meant that-
“Shut up!…. Just shut up!” Cutting her off in mid sentence—
Max continued to pace again, as thoughts swarmed his mind.
Things weren’t just happening to them, It now involved Liz’s safety, and that scared Max to death., --Max picked up his coat, and headed towards the door.

Michael stood up, and headed in his direction. “Wow,… wow,.. Where you going?”
“I’m going to see Liz. I need to see her.”
Michael held up his hand to stop Max from leaving. “Max, please, I know this is a shock, but we really need to talk about what’s going on.”
“I’m through talking Michael.”
Michael tighten his grasp on Max’s arm. “Please Max,….. Please!” Displaying a sincere look on his face, Max agreed to talk. “Fine, but we get something straight right now. I’m not keeping my distance from her. I will be there for her.”
Shaking his head in agreement, Michael released his grip from his arm. “Fine….. Fine.”

Setting a cup of coffee in front of him, Max lifted his red eyes to his sister. “Thank you!”
Smiling at him, Isabel took a seat at the table, as Michael continued to pace in front of them.
Running his hands threw his hair, Michael wanted more then anything to blow up, but knew that wasn’t the option. No matter how far things had gotten out of hand, his best friends life had changed, even if it was costing them their lives. Questions were coming to mind, that Michael needed answers to, before they even thought about what move they needed to approach next. One thing was sure, Liz was human, and the knowledge of her carrying a half alien baby was something not to be taken lightly.

“Max.” Michael stopped pacing and stood in front of Max. Lifting his downcast face, Max met his gaze.
“She’s going to know about us for sure now.” Michael was being very calm under the circumstances, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Isabel or Max. But Michael knew that if he wasn’t calm, Max would just walk out, without thinking twice.
Shaking his head, “I know.” Max had already thought about it, and it made him even more nervous. Telling Liz the truth about himself was something he daydreamed about many times, and yet his daydream always had a happy ending, he knew in reality, things were a lot different.
Max suddenly sat up straight as his face fell into a hurt status.
“What is it Max?” Isabel asked as she noticed his change in appearance.
“Two months.” He whispered as he continued to look into nothing.
Isabel stayed silent, as Michael squinted his eyes. “Two months?”
Max turned his head to Michael’s question. “She’s two mouths pregnant.” He turned his gaze downward towards the floor. “How long had she known? I mean,…… she was all alone,….. I wasn’t there for her. I should’ve been there for her.” Max continued to talk as Michael and Isabel watched him have another break down.

“Okay well look,… We first need to find out if she’s seen a doctor, or if odd or weird symptoms have occurred.” Michael narrowed his eyes toward Max. “Max, this takes us into a whole new territory. It’s not about the three of us anymore.”
Max shook his head in confirmation. “I have to tell her either way, she needs to know about me, it’s her safety at stake. I can keep you two out of this. I’m telling her about me, but I don’t have to bring up your names. It’s your choice.”
Max continued to stare at the two, as Michael and Isabel exchanged glances.

Michael released a loud sigh. “Where in this together. But is there anyway I could convince you to just kidnap Liz, and the four of us leave town, and never come back?” He asked with raise eyebrows. Even though he was joking, the idea wasn’t half bad.


Max rushed out of the Crashdown Cafe in frustration. Rubbing his eyes with his hands, Michael looked over towards him with wonder. “What happened?”
Max had tried to convince Michael and Isabel to stay at home, but the two quickly disagreed. They couldn’t sit at home and wait to find out the fate of their future, so Michael and Isabel followed along, and waited out front of the restaurant till Max was done meeting with Liz, not caring how long it took.

“I went up to see Liz, but her mother told me She left.”

“Left! What do you mean she left?” Michael asked in confusion.

Shaking his head, Max tried to calm down, He needed to find Liz. “I don’t know, she was whispering the whole time. I think she didn’t want Mr. Parker to know it was me at the door.”

“He’s pissed!” Isabel chimed in.

“Ms. Parker said something about her moving in with Maria.” Scratching his head in wonder…. “I think that’s her friend,.. you know that blond headed girl, I always see her with.”

“Yeah, that’s her!” Michael said out loud. Isabel gave him a look.

“This is just great!” Max uttered his frustration, kicking the side of the jeep.

“What’s the big deal?” Michael was getting agitated.

“I have no idea who her friend is. How in the world am I going to find Liz, when I don’t know where to look.”

“You said she moved in with her friend Maria, Right!” Michael asked.
“Well, Let’s go to Maria’s!” Michael said like it was the easiest thing to do.
“No shit Michael. I don’t know where she lives.”
“Oh!” Michael said with easiness. “I do!”
Max and Isabel turned to look at Michael with a questionable look.
“What!? Look we don’t have all day, and we going or what?”

Looking up at the house, Max took a moment to calm himself down a bit. He looked back at Michael. “Are you sure this is the place?”


Letting out a breath of air, Max turned back around. “Okay!” Rubbing the palms of his hands on his jean legs. “If I take too long, just go home, and I’ll meet you later!”

“What ever!” Michael uttered before stretching his arms out across the seats.

Turning back towards the house, Max started walking up the steps that led to the front door.

He Knocked on the door and took a step back as he waited for someone to open the door. He swallowed past the forming lump in his throat before stepping forward to knock again. Growing inpatient, Max stuffed his hands into his pockets hastily, as he started to tapped his foot against the concrete underneath him.

Maria could see him through the peep hole, as she turned to Alex with wide eyes. “It’s him.”

“Max?” Alex asked. His question confirmed by the nod of Maria’s head.
“Go ask her, if she wants to talk to him.”

Alex quickly ran down the hall way and turned into Liz’s new room.
He didn’t have to ask his question, as Liz stood from the bed.
“It’s okay Alex, let him in.” She knew why he was here, He had found out about the baby.
He nodded his head, and made his way back to Maria.
She stood still by the door as Max’s persisted knocking never ceased once.
Finally opening the door to come face to face with Max, He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “You knocked!” She greeted.

Shaking his head, Max fidgeted, clearly showing his nervousness. “Is Liz here by any chance?”
“You know she is!” Maria’s direct comments made Max feel uneasy, something she didn’t have to try hard to accomplish.
“Oh, … umm,.. May I speak with her please?”
Maria held the door open for him to come in, as she pointed to the location of Liz’s room. “She’s in there.” Maria turned to face him. “Break her heart, I’ll break your face!” Alex stood beside Maria, standing proud and tall.
Max blinked by her sudden aggressiveness, as he cleared his throat. “Thanks!” And made his way to Liz’s new bedroom.

He peeked his head in threw the doorway, and easily seen her silhouette outlined by the light shinning in threw the window. She looked distant at first glance, and Max felt his heart simmer with the want to hold her tightly to him.
He cleared his throat to give knowledge of his presence, as Liz turned to the sudden noise.
He let his eyes turn downcast from the shame he felt, as Liz stood from the widow seat to approach him.
“Hi!” She whispered, at a loss for words. The moment felt tense, and unreal, almost like the situation the two were facing at becoming new young parents.
She bit her lip at the thought that it took her getting pregnant to finally get his attention.
He lifted his eyes to look at her, and felt his throat tighten. “How you feeling?” He sincerely wanted to know.

She looked around to her new surroundings, then back to him. “Strange!”
He walked further into the room, to get a better look at her, before stuffing his hands back into his jean pockets. “I went to your house, but your mother said you moved out.” He voiced with sad eyes.

She let out a sarcastic giggle. “More like, got kicked out!”

Swallowing past the lump in his throat. “Because of the—

She cut him off, “Yeah!” She shook her head in tiredness as she continued to peer out her window. “My father wanted me to have an abortion.”
Max’s eyes grew wide, and he felt his first emotion as a new father… Pain! “Liz!” He voiced her name in compassion. More for her benefit then his.
She turned her head from the window to him. “I’ll understand if you want nothing to do with the baby. I’m willing to take full responsibility for it.” She turned her face back towards the view through the window. “I just couldn’t bare to do what he wanted me to do.”

He tightened his hands into a fist, as he struggled with his next words. He needed to say what he wanted in a right way. The thought that she had about him not wanting anything to do with a baby that he was thrilled about hurt him in a way, that was troubling. She really had so many wrong thoughts about him, about his actions, and everything about him. It was only natural, since he gave her that impression. God – He was so in love with this girl,… who was turning into a woman right in front of his eyes. She was carrying his baby, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t ecstatic about it. Scared, but happy non the less. This child would bound them together in some way for the rest of there lives, and that knowledge made him feel so secure.
Yet here she was standing in front of him, at a distance. She was different somehow, more alert, stronger somehow.

He cleared his throat as he moved closer towards her. Standing straight in front of her, Max rubbed his hands together, before tucking them back into his pockets.
“I’m here….. I’m not going anywhere!” God, he wanted to say so much more, if only he could calm his heart down some. The racing feeling going through his body felt like it was pulling him in every direction. His heart, his blood, his adrenaline, … He felt like he was about to explode.
She smiled slowly as he continued to look into her eyes. “That’s good! I’m glad you’ll be here for the baby!” His eyes were still trained on hers, as she broke eye contact to look back out the window.

There it is again, the difference he noticed before. Her distance, her newly built walls that were blocking every entrance way into her heart. It saddened him to finally acknowledge the difference, and to know that he was probably the one who caused it. He knew he shouldn’t of expected anything, he would be a fool to think otherwise, but Max was always a dreamer…..

He decided to try a different approach, a way to get her to at least open up, and be friends. Some sort of a start to ignite some kind of a relationship.
He calmed his heart again, and knew there was a long road ahead of the both of them. If she wasn’t going to be open, then he was about to open himself up to her, and show everything he had inside. Something that scared him to death, …something he had never done in his life.

He twiddled his fingers together as a walked around her new room, looking at everything. “Have you been to the doctors yet?” He asked a more serious question, something she knew nothing of. Her answer would be much more life impacting than she could ever imagine.

She turned from the window once again, her newly escape goat. The truth was, she felt the tension from just being in the same room with him, and she was trying her very best to keep a straight stance. The mere image of him in her eyes, sent her into shivers, and boggled her mind. “Not yet!” She turned her head downcast, with sad eyes. “I have no insurance, and I know my father won’t cover the charges.”

“Give me some time, and I’ll put you on my insurance.” Max replied.
She looked up at him with shock on her features. “Really?”
Shaking his head,.. “Yeah, I just got a really great job, and I already handed in my benefits. I just need some time to change them and have them reprocessed.”
She continued to stare at him in wonder. He really was a mystery. She really knew nothing about the father of the child she was carrying, and she wondered if she ever would.

He knew he had bought some time in telling her about him. He knew he should just do it now and get it over with, but he was scared straight out of his mind. He would tell her, just not today.
She whispered his name. “Max!”
Looking up at her in shock to his name on her lips. “Yeah?”
“Are you mad?”
He narrowed his eyes at her in confusion. “Mad?” What did she mean.
She placed her hands on her belly. “About the baby?”
His mouth hung open to the affectionate way she was caressing his child that laid nestled inside of her warm body. The first gesture the proved real of the baby that they had created. Closing his mouth, his eyes began to water. He shook his head no, as he looked deeply into her eyes. “No Liz, I’m not mad! I’m just sorry that you were the one who got hurt.”
She looked away from him, not sure how to take his mannerisms.
He continued… “I’m sorry Liz!”
She looked back at him, after hearing his apology.
“I’m so sorry for the way I’ve treated you. Not to mention making you a mother at such a young age.” He started what he wanted to really say, and tried with everything in him to not stop, but continue in showing her what was really in him. “I-It wasn’t at all what you think. It wasn’t what it appeared to be.”
She looked at him in confusion, but didn’t dare Interrupt him.
“There’s things about me Liz, that I was scared to show you. And after we did w-what we did that night two mouths ago,… well,.. you gotta believe that It meant everything to me.”
She still stared, unable to interrupt and ask the millions of questions she cried about every night.
“What I did Liz,…. The way I treated you afterwards, … I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t want it to be that way. Really!”

“Then why?” The first time she interrupted him.

He paused and closed his eyes. He knew she would ask. It was only natural to know why.
“It has to do with me Liz. About who I am….. Who I really am!”
“I don’t understand!?” She murmured, still confused at where he was going with his answers.

“I know, It is confusing!” He turned from her, as he scratched his head with his head. He walked over to the bed, and sat down. He brought his hands up to his mouth as he carefully thought out his choice of words. He felt at a stand still. Should he tell her, or shouldn’t he. He know he had to approach the subject sooner or later.
He thought about Isabel and Michael. And how they had been his only real family up to this point. Was this situation a God send in disguise?

Liz could tell he was in turmoil. She turned from the window, and walked over towards the bed to take a seat next to him. She kept her face turned from him, still not able to look at him. She desperately needed answers from him, yet, she didn’t want to push him. She could tell this was difficult for him.

“Liz!” He turned on the bed to face her, and even though she kept her face turned straight, he continued to talk. “There’s allot I need to tell you. Things that I’ve never told anyone before.”
She shook her head in confirmation that she was listening to him.
“It’s really hard for me to tell you these things when you won’t even look at me.” He was honest, and had to be.
She turned her head in his direction and glared hard at him. “I understand that you feel the need to explain yourself to me Max, but the way you treated me,… changed me.”
“How?” He asked softly. He wasn’t questioning her, but rather needed to know where she was emotionally.
She turned her head away again. “It hurt!” Her answers were short, and to the point.
He looked down at his shoes. “I know! I hated hurting you Liz!”
She shook her head, and kept silent, willing her tears to dry before they fell.
“It hurt me too!”
She rolled her eyes and sighed. “What are you talking about?”
“Trust me when I say it wasn’t my free will to treat you that way.” His voice was dry and emotional.
“Wasn’t your free will? Max, do you know how that sounds?”
Shaking his head… “Yeah, … but it’s true Liz!”
“Okay Max, then tell me, What was the reason why you had to treat me the way you did?” Her full attention was on him know, and he stared at her with wide eyes.

Still not saying anything, Liz stood from the bed. “Just what I thought. Look, this isn’t about us anyway, our conversation needs to stay on what’s important.”

Max stood from the bed next, and peered at her. “I’m going to tell you Liz. I’m just scared, Please,… give me some time.”
Liz turned to him. “Time? You need time to grow balls and tell me about your little secret.”

“Liz please, it’s not just about me.”
“What?” She was really confused. Was he with someone else. Was she just a side fling or something? Questions started flying. ”Did you use me Max?” Her eyebrows flared in anger.
Max held his hands up in defense. “No … No way Liz! It’s nothing like that at all. Look, Michael and Isabel are right out front.”
“What? Why” She was confused.
“Liz, they are the others that are involved.”
“Okay, now I’m really confused.” She narrowed her eyebrows tightly.
Max rubbed his index finger across his lip as he thought about what Isabel and Michael said earlier. That they were apart of this as well. He reverted his attention back to Liz with seriousness. His heart racing a mile a minute.
“Are you sure your ready for what I’m about to tell you?”
His seriousness scared her. “Yes!”
He walked back towards her door to exit.
“Where you going?” She asked.
He stopped to look at her. “To get Michael and Isabel. They need to be here when I tell you about us.”
‘About us!’ That didn’t sound right, she thought to herself, as she followed him out of her bedroom, and into the hall way. She continued to follow him to the front door, and watched as he waved Michael and Isabel in.

Alex and Maria stood in the kitchen entrance and watched with wonder…..


Part 16

Maria gasped as she seen Michael walk into her house. “What the hell?” She uttered grabbing everyone’s attention.

Liz and Alex looked on in confusion.
Max looked at Michael and Isabel. “I wanted the both of you to be here when I tell Liz the truth.” Isabel nodded, and Michael looked uncomfortable. “Here!” looking around at all the eyes on him, Michael noticed Alex and Maria staring.
“Can we go somewhere private Liz?” Max asked in a low voice.
Liz was still confused. Everything was happening so fast. “Liz?” Max called her name again, trying to show her how important this was, he was desperately putting himself out there for her, especially while he still had his nerve.

Coming out of her trance, Liz shook her head. “Oh yeah, about here?” She pointed towards the living room.
“Max!” Michael called out, almost in a warning tone.
Max looked back at Michael and glared before pulling Liz by the arm to talk to her to the side. “Liz, I don’t think you understand. What I have to tell you is very private.”

“I understand that Max.”

Max looked around. “Maria and Alex can’t know.”
She pulled out of his grasp, and Maria’s voice was heard. “We don’t keep secrets in this house.” Alex could be seen standing by her side shaking his head. “That’s right.” He concluded.
Michael rolled his eyes, as Isabel continued to bite her nails.
Turning back to Liz with wide eyes. “Liz,… please!”
“Max.” Liz sighed,… “When no one else was there, Maria was. Alex has went out on a limb for me as well. They are the closet two people in my life.”
Max flinched by her words, wishing he was apart of that core group closest to her heart.

“You don’t understand!” Michael piped in, with his stern voice.
“Oh Please!” Maria voiced with her hand on her hip. “You think you can walk into our house, and order who can and can’t hear your little secret.”

“Max!” Michael voiced in an agitated tone, before everyone started to argue.
“Shut up!” Isabel’s first words.
All eyes shifted to Isabel. She turned her attention on Liz. “Look, if your gonna be mad at anyone for the way Max treated you, then be mad at Michael and I!”
“What?” Liz uttered, before looking at Max. “What do you and Michael have to do with Max and I?”

All eyes remained on Isabel. “We had forbidden him from seeing you.”
“Forbidden?” Liz voiced in distaste.
“Isabel, don’t say anything else!” Michael ordered. Isabel glared at Michael. “Oh come on Michael, think about it. As soon as we tell Liz, she’s going to tell them.”

Maria and Alex shook their heads. “She’s right!” Maria voiced with sarcasm.

Rubbing his forehead with his hand, Max looked to Michael. “It’s your call, But I agree with Isabel.”

“Why is it his call?” Maria asked. “Who died and left him in charge!”

Everyone turned towards Maria, after her outburst.
“Because it’s his life at stake also!” Isabel uttered.
It was apparent that this left Liz, Maria, and Alex very confused.

Michael looked at Max. “I hope you know what your doing!”

“So do I!” Max voiced to Michael, before walking into the living room, leaving everyone else to follow.

He took a deep breath before turning to look at the three faces staring at him. Max was scared, it was now or never.
Maria, Liz and Alex all sat together on the couch, waiting to hear what was a life changing secret.
Isabel remained by the large window that over looked the front yard. Her fingers still in her mouth as she continued to bite her nails.

Letting out a breath of air. “Michael, Isabel and I,…. Were not from around here! We,…. Umm,.. well, were different!”

“Different, .. how?” Liz’s eyes narrowed in on the father of her child. So many emotions were swirling around in her heart. Confusion and fear at what she knew she was about to hear, Happiness, that Max was here, now ,… Making what ever sort of effort it was, to be apart of the baby’s life. And dare she hope, … apart of her life as well.

He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans for the second time that day. “Well see, this is the hard part!”

“Just spit it out!” Maria voiced sternly, glimpsing Michael rolling his eyes at her outburst.

Michael stood to his feet. “Were aliens!” Getting right to the point. He couldn’t lie, he was scared himself, and knew that it had to be said the way he said it.
Maria and Alex started to laugh, as Liz looked to Max confused. Isabel, Michael, and Max looked to each other when they realized they didn’t believe them.

Isabel walked away from the window. “He’s serious!”
Alex stopped laughing, as Liz’s squinted her eyes in irritation.

“Shut up!” She was angry. They were putting her through this,… playing with her, telling her jokes, and she just wasn’t in the mood. She didn’t have time for pranks.

“It’s true Liz!” Max spoke softly. His world at that moment was pushed in high gear. Everything revolved around Liz at that moment for him, and he was feeling flushed and edgy.

Maria kept quiet just staring at the others, as Alex looked at Liz, as she unleashed her feelings. .
“This isn’t funny Max!” Liz was furious.
Max walked over towards Liz, and bent down on his knees in front of her. “Liz, don’t you see, this was why I was so scared to get involved with you. It’s because of what I am, of what we are.”

“Are you like really green and slimy!” Maria asked, she wasn’t sure if she believed them or not, but she felt really goofy at the notion.

“No, What you see is what you get!” Isabel answered, as she stared at the three humans.
“Maria, there lying!” Liz screamed at her friend.
Max pulled her face towards him, with his hands, and looked into her eyes. “Liz, it’s true!”

She broke out of his embrace, and stood to her feet. “When your ready to be serious with me, then we’ll talk!”
She was about to walk away, but Michael grabbed her by the arm. “We’ll prove it!”

“Prove it?” Alex chimed in. “How?”
Michael looked towards Max. “Change something!”
Max shook his head, and walked over towards a small statue sitting on the mantle.
He changed the appearance from a blue porcelain dolphin, to a green frog.

“What the f—“ Alex was in shock…
Cutting him off in mid sentence, Maria stood to her feet. “How’d you do that?”
Max turned to look at Liz, who appeared to be standing frozen. “We can change the molecule structure.”
“Molecule what?” Maria asked, Feeling for her cedar oil in her pants pocket.

“Oh my God!” Liz was freaking out, as she ran away and into her room, shutting the door forcefully.

Max was crushed, as he closed his eyes, and let his head fall downward. Isabel stood to the side taking everything in, as Michael continued to talk. “We can change the appearance of objects.”

Maria stood still with her mouth agape, still unsure of how to act.
“Your serious!” Alex uttered.
Isabel and Michael shook their heads, as they watched Alex and Maria sit back down on the couch, flabbergasted.

They needed time to endure everything they were hearing. Michael was surprised that Maria was silent for the first time since knowing her.

“What else can you do?” Alex asked.
“You mean, your not scared or grossed out by us?” Isabel asked, stunned to his reaction.

“I’m not sure how I feel, but I’m not grossed out by it!”
Isabel was shocked, …still timid, but shocked. She always thought that her real identity would gross people out.

Maria hit Alex on the arm. “Ouch, what was that for?” Alex uttered as he rubbed the area Maria had just hit.

I’ve been your best friend in the whole world, besides Liz since kindergarten , and when I tried to tell you that Liz was pregnant, it took you forever to believe me. And these,.. these-“ Maria circled her hand in the direction of Michael, Max and Isabel. – “these alien people, or what ever they are, - that you hardly know by the way, … come in here and tell you they are aliens ,..and you believe them right away.”

Alex just looked at Maria. “They had proof. They changed the molecule structure,.. thingy over there.”

Rolling her eyes back as she threw her arms in the air. “Unbelievable!”

“Give her some time Max!” Michael said, as he put his hand on Max’s shoulder.
Max shook his head, and took a seat in the chair by the corner. He sat back and kept silent, listening to all the questions Alex was asking. He seemed to be the only one taking the news of what they really were, well. He wanted to go to Liz so bad, explain his reasoning to her, but knew that she needed this time to herself.

He was living in his own private hell, as he sat and wondered what Liz was thinking about him. ‘Did she regret their child now, knowing that it was part alien?’ ‘Did what he was, sicken her to her very core?’ The thoughts bombarded his mind, and he hated what he was even more.

“How did you get here?” Alex asked.
Isabel and Michael looked towards Max to explain.
Max looked up, and could hear Liz’s door open. He knew she was listening from a distance. He gave her the piece of mind of thinking that he didn’t know she was listening from down the hall, and continued in explaining to Alex about how they got here on Earth. He quickly calmed his nerves before beginning.
“We were in the 1947 crash, only we were placed in incubation pods.-
He continued to tell the tale old story of how they ended up here on earth, Alex looked fascinated, but Maria looked like she was on the verge of panic.

After everything was said, Max knew Liz was still listening to everything that was being said. “Max?” Maria called his name.
“Is Liz going to be okay?” Swallowing past the lump in her throat. “I mean, the baby, it’s part … well, part you!”
Max turned his face downcast. “I know!” He whispered softly, ashamed of what he was once again.
Maria continued. “Will this baby hurt her in some way? I mean, she’s human, and she’s carrying a baby that’s not quite like her.”
“We thought about this as well.” Isabel voiced. “We don’t know if it’s safe for her to carry this baby.”
Michael looked at Isabel and Max with worry, before turning his attention towards Maria and Alex. “Some of us, don’t think it worth the chance of her even carrying this baby to term.”
“Michael!” Max voiced his name in a warning tone.

“Well that’s too bad, because I’m going to have this baby!” Liz’s voice caused everyone to turned at her appearance.
Max looked up at her in surprise.
She stood her ground. “I don’t know what to think about you three yet, it’s all so unreal, but I believe you are what you say you are.” She had all sorts of emotions running through her.

“Liz,.. Please!” Max uttered moving closer towards her.
She held up her hand to stop him. “It’s been a long day! I think I just need some time.”

“Time?” Michael asked in agitation.

Liz turned towards Michael, not in the mood for his ignorance. “It’s not everyday that someone finds out that they lost their virginity to an alien, only then to discover their having a half alien baby.” She was stern, and growing quit tired of the way people were treating her.

“Okay,…. that was just a little to much information!” Alex replied with squinted eyes, as he scratched his forehead with his index finger.

Isabel looked at everyone with scared eyes. “I know that this situation is surreal, but please, …. We really are just as much human as you three.” She let her face turn downcast. “At least, I would like to think so.” Lifting her head high. “And would like to know what it feels like, for once,… not to have to look over my shoulder every second, in fear of our secret getting out.”

Alex spoke softly. “I’ll never tell anyone!” Everyone turned to look at him for his sincere words. Isabel glared at him with wet eyes, before walking out of the front door.

Maria was still speechless, remaining quiet as she continued to sniff her oil.

Liz turned her focus towards the floor tile, as she felt Max’s presence come up beside her.
“I’m sorry for who I am. I always new that what I was, was never good enough for you.”
He stared intently at her face, as she raised her head to meet his gaze. The things he was telling her, she knew he truly felt by the searing emotion in his voice. It suddenly became oddly apparent to Liz, that these were the things that tormented and plagued
Max Evans.

“I just need time. Just please,.. give me some time!” She whispered for him to hear, as Max shook his head in confirmation. “Of Course.”
He wanted so much to hug her before he left, to go home and face the drama from his parents. He continued to stand there and stare at her.

“Coming Max?” Michael asked, as he waited by the door.
Breaking eye contact against his will. “Yeah, be right there!” He turned his attention back to Liz. “If anything weird happens, or if you need me-

Shaking her head.. “Yeah, … I-I’ll call you!”
He stared point blank into her eyes. Something so personal to do, and yet, he wanted to get as personal as possible with her. He wanted to learn every intimate detail that made her who she was. But that would be an ongoing process, something that would take time to learn.
Shaking his head, feeling confident in the answer she gave him. “Okay!” He whispered before slowly following Michael out the door.

He hopped up into the drivers seat of his jeep, and started the engine. He turned sideways at the feel of someone’s hand on his shoulder. “It’s going to work out Max. I think she just needs time to digest everything that she learned today.” Isabel voiced with a tight voice.

Max shook his head, knowing that deep down, …she was right!

Part 17

He slowly closed the front door behind him, as he glared into the kitchen. Seeing his parents sitting at the kitchen table, knowing they were waiting for his arrival, Isabel turned to her brother lovingly. “I can talk to them with you, if you’d like?”

He smiled for his sister. “No, .. this is something I need to face myself.”
She hugged her brother tightly before starting for the stairs that led to her bedroom.

He sighed deeply to himself before walking into the kitchen. His father stood from his seat as he seen his approaching son. Diane turned in her seat to look at her son, evidence of crying on her face.

“Mom, Dad!”

“Sit down son, we need to talk!” Phillip was not happy.

Max pulled the chair out and sat down. His face hardened by the new turn of events in his life. He knew he should feel bad, feeling he was letting his parents down, but the truth was he was going to be a father. He felt like he should be handing out cigars instead of hearing a lecture from his parents.

“The Parkers were here a while ago!” Phillip added, as Diane kept a straight face.

“I know Dad. I’ve done talked to Liz,… I know everything.”

“And!” Phillip was confused. He couldn’t tell how his son was feeling, but most importantly he had no idea what to say to Max. He never expected this to happen to his son at such a young age.

Max fidgeted in his seat. “And, I’m prepared for the responsibility.” He was at a loss for
words. What do you say to your father, at a time like this. Max felt like he had to apologize about something that made him ecstatic.

Phillip felt like his eyes were about to bulge out. “Max! … Your only 17 years old!”

“Dad, I’ll be 18 in less then a mouth.”

Phillip began to pace the floor. “I can’t believe this,… Diane say something!”

Caught off guard, Diane’s eyes grew wide. She suddenly turned her sad eyes towards her son. “Max!” Her words were laced with hurt. “This situation, .. It-it completely took us by surprise. We never even knew you were in a relationship with the Parker girl.”

“Her name is Liz, Mom, and,… well our relationship kinda confused me as well.” Max didn’t want to go into detail about the night his child was conceived. He was ashamed how he treated Liz, but most important he wanted his parents to except this pregnancy.
“I know it’s shocking,… believe me, I’m shocked myself. I totally didn’t see this coming, but please believe me when I say that I’m going to take full responsibility for my actions.” His face was contorted from his pain. “And, …. I’m going to work extra hard to give my child a good life, I know I’m young, and I can’t change what happened, All I can do is except it, and go on.”

Phillip continued pacing. “Max, How can you possibility go to College full time, work at the firm, and raise a child. It’s too much Max.”

“What are you saying Dad? Your acting like your trying to talk me out of being the father that I am, like I have a choice.”

“I’m just trying to show you how difficult this is going to be.”
“I already know that It’s going to be difficult, Dad. It’s also going to be demanding, and more then likely I wont be able to sleep for another four years, but that’s life. I’ve accepted my responsibility.”

“What about Liz?” Diane asked. “What does she want to do?”

Diane saw Max’s face change from the mention of Liz’s name. “She got the worst end of the deal.”

Phillip stopped pacing. “What do you mean?” His eyebrows narrowed together.

Max raised his face, looking his father in the eyes. “Her father kicked her out.”

Diane gasped, as Phillip widen his mouth in shock. “She got kicked out? Where she staying?” Neither Phillip or Nancy could believe the outcome of Liz’s fate. They were angry at there son for being so careless, but never could they be so cruel as to kicking him out.

“She’s living with a friend. She’s okay now, but there’s no way she can go to the college she was going to attend now. This pregnancy is really going to change her life, but she’s excepted it, and I’m going to help her the best I can.”

“Good honey, I’m proud of you.” Diane voiced with sincere eyes.
Phillip glared at his wife. “What?”

Phillip shook his head. “I’m just not happy about this!” Phillip voiced with frustration.

“Do you think I am?” Diane moaned to her husband, as Max watched the two. “But what’s done is done, we can’t very well ground him Phillip.”
Shaking his head in agitation, Phillip was at a loss on how to handle this situation. He felt like he had failed his family, that he hadn’t guided his only son the way that he should’ve.

Max eyed his tormented father. “Dad,.. Please. I didn’t mean to let you down, I-I just really need to have you behind me on this. Because if you’re not, well,… it’s going to make this whole situation even harder on me then it already is.”

Phillip started pacing the floor again, as he let his son’s words sink in.

Max continued. “You’re the one person in my life that has confidence in me Dad! And that means a lot to me. It kills me to know that I’ve disappointed you, as much as I have, but please, …You have to know that you’ve taught me enough to take this situation and make it work out. I don’t know yet what’s going to happen, or how it’s all going to turn out, but I’m going to make it work. I’m going to take care of this baby, and take the responsibility seriously. Something you’ve always taught me to do.”

Diane started to tear up at her sons heartfelt words to his father.

“This baby is innocent, and doesn’t deserve the treatment that Liz’s parents are giving. Please, …don’t treat my baby the same way.” Max blinked back his tears, as he pleaded with his parents. His parents were speechless, so he continued. “I love you both so much, but this is my baby, my blood, someone that I created, and I already love this child so much.”

Nancy spook as her tears seeped from her eyes. “Max! We would never do that. Your father and I would never turn our backs on you, for any reason. I admit that I feel to young to be a grandmother, and that I would rather attend your wedding before the birth of your first child, but I would never dare treat you or this baby in such a manner. Please,.. you have to know that I love you … unconditionally!”

Phillip was at a loss for words. He had never seen or heard Max speak so personally or emotionally about anything before. It was very apparent where this child laid claim in his heart. “Your mothers right Max! “ He rubbed his face with his hands, before stuffing them into his pants pockets. “Where here for you always. That includes this baby as well.”

Max stood from his chair. “Thank you!” Uttering his thankfulness, Max pulled both of his parents into his embrace.

Diane pulled back from her son to speak. “Also, I would really love to get to know the mother of my grandchild a little better.”

Max smiled. “I’ll see what I can do.”


Setting the hot cup of Tea down in front of her, Liz continued to stare into nothing, lost in her thoughts. Her dark raven hair still wet from the shower she had taken earlier, Liz pulled her white cotton robe more snug to her cold body.
“How you feeling, Chica?” Maria asked, as she took a sip of her tea.

Liz slumped her shoulders. “I don’t know. Confused, Lost, “ Turning her head in her friends direction. “Scared!” Liz narrowed her eyes, in reference to her last word, showing how true it was.
Maria shook her head, showing she was listening. “I bet! Well, I can understand the scared part, but,… What’s confusing you?”

“Well, It’s almost like I feel much better knowing the reason for the way he treated me the way he did, after sharing.. umm” Liz cleared her throat,.. “After what we shared, Knowing that it wasn’t his feeling that turned him away from me, but rather something much more life impacting.

“Yeah?” Maria listened intently.

Liz continued,… “He certainly had a good reason for how he treated me. I’ll give him that,…But an alien……” Liz made a face that clearly showed she was still in shock.

Shaking her head,… “For real!” Maria was definitely on the same page with Liz’s thoughts. “How does that make you feel?”

Liz had to think about that question for a moment. “I don’t know!”

Maria extended her hand out to cover Liz’s. “Does it make you love him less?”

Liz was still a moment. Then started to speak slowly. “I don’t think so. It just puts me into a whole different situation. I mean, …… I’m starting to question myself. Do I really love him? I mean, I really don’t know anything about him Maria!” Liz narrowed her eyes, showing her agony.

“Well,….. Why did you think you loved him before?”

Liz thought for a moment. “I think I loved the way he handled me.”

“Elaborate on that Please!” Maria was to the point.
Scooting her chair closer towards Maria’s, Liz continued. “That night,… God Maria, it was awesome.”

Setting her cup down. “I see!” Still listening, Maria knew that her best friend and her were about to go into personal territory, and she couldn’t lie, She loved it.

Liz started swinging her hands in the air, gesturing her emotions. “It was like, ….like,… we didn’t care if we didn’t know each other, we just wanted each other badly. We wanted to feel the other in a way that wasn’t wrong. It’s so hard to explain it Maria, but it was a moment that I’ll never forget.”

Maria stared at her friend, completely lost in what she was saying.. “Go on!”
Listening to Liz was like reading a romance novel, only it wasn’t cheesy.
She kept her face propped up on her hand, as she listened intently to Liz’s words.
Hanging on to each one.

Liz smiled. She sat back in her chair and sighed. “It was a moment that was short lived.” She sighed again, as she brought her hand to her belly to rub. “And it brought life changing consequences.”

Maria frowned. “There’s no doubt that Max hasn’t fallen for you.”

“Maybe?” Liz voiced. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m carrying a half alien baby,… and it doesn’t make this situation any less scary for me!”

Maria lifted her hand in the air, showing she was about to make a point. “No!,… But it does mean, he’ll be here for you. You may be scared Liz, but you’ll never be alone. And I’m not talking about me, because you know I’ll always be here. But I’m talking about him. Something tells me, that this baby means everything to him.”

Liz leaned forward. “What gives you that idea?” Maria always had a way of reading people.

Scratching her eyebrow, Maria looked to Liz like she was blind. “Come on Liz! Think about it. This boy never had no one who knew him completely except two other people that fate threw at him. Two other people who are just like him. It certainly wasn’t his choice to have the life that was destined for him.” Placing her palms on the table, Maria leaned forward. “But now,…. Now, the tables have turned for him. Suddenly the girl he had always admired from afar knows about him, and is carrying his baby that will be his family. His true family. Someone that he doesn’t have to hide who he is from. Someone that he can love unconditionally. And yet it is the girl who he had always wanted who is giving him this gift.”

Liz narrowed her eyebrows .

“Face it Liz, he may be scared shitless, just like you,… But Max Evans is on cloud nine…. No,… scratch that,… cloud ninety-nine.”

“Noooo!” Liz couldn’t believe what her friend was saying. “This baby only puts a damper on his life.”

Maria took another drink of her tea. “If you really believe that Liz, then I feel sorry for you!”


“Because, if you keep feeding yourself that lie for too long, you may just miss your chance at the only happiness life throws your way.”

Liz looked at Maria, yet remained silent.
Part 18

It’s not professed to know how to handle things thrown your way in life, and yet you’re suppose to do the best you can. Handle life’s flaws that make there way into your life, claim them, then turn them into your strengths. And some how, in some way,… you move forward.
Liz rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes, as she dipped her toe into the hot bubble bath that awaited her. She slowly slide down the white porcelain tub, until she touched bottom, and released her long awaited sigh. Somehow, it seemed as if she had held it in all day.
Right now, at this moment, she was relaxing in a wonderful hot bubble bath, when she really was suppose to be in Biology class. It was Monday, and Graduation was Saturday,
And the week in between, was basically a week to say goodbye to your friends, and teachers, and also to make sure your lockers where cleaned out. She really didn’t see the point why Maria, and Alex continued to go.
Liz breathed in deeply, rubbing her hands up her shoulders, as she dipped her head back. The steam from the water started to envelope her, as Liz fell into a haziness…
She hadn’t ate properly in two days, mainly, because the things she liked, Maria didn’t have in the house. She needed to go to the grocery store, and buy a boat load of Tabasco sauce, and pig out. And she would, …as soon as she had her moment of relaxation.

Thoughts of him invaded her mind once again, and she wasn’t sure yet how to feel about him. With her heart, she still felt so much love for him, but with her mind, … that voice, … just kept reminding her how different the two were. She wasn’t scared, wasn’t disgusted by the notion, but more like,…. lied to.
She rubbed her eye lids with the tips of her wet fingers, as she kept her eyes closed. The talk she had with Maria the other day played over and over again like a broken record player. The thing that scared her was not what she already knew, but what else she didn’t. If she felt this strongly about Max, how much more could she feel once he did show her everything else about him. You certainly can’t learn all there is about a person in a short amount of time. She soon began to wonder what he smelled like after a warm shower, how he looked when he woke up in the mornings, and what was his favorite color.
It was the simple things that stumped Liz Parker. The small things in everyday life, that so many seem to over look. She wanted to know those things, feel those things, and be apart of those things with Max Evans.
The hard part was letting herself. Everything seemed to be right there at her fingertips. The things she had cried over night after night because she wanted them, but couldn’t have them. Suddenly, Max Evans let her into his secret world,… Only it happened a little to late. The walls were already built, the tears had already been spilled, and the brokeness already endured. It was the strongness that outlined Liz Parkers existence. Put there because her trust was abused, and trampled on, only crumbled and waiting for her to fix it some how. And she did, but with a consequence. It made her hard, stern, with a heart, protected by many yield signs.

She soon began to think about this baby that linked her to him. This precious child, that she was giving her dreams up for. She knew it was worth it, and she would fight to her death to protect her baby. It saddened her, that her father wouldn’t support her on this. It made her feel even more rejected, and insecure in herself. It’s the fathers love that a girl needs. That acceptance, and understanding. She only hoped that Max could provided that for this child that she was carrying.
A light smile swept across her face as she wondered about the sight of Max and their baby together. She wondered what kind of father he would turn out to be. He was young, and so was she, …and she could only hoped that they would do the best that they could.

“Maria?” Max tapped on Maria’s shoulder.
Turning away from her locker , Maria smiled for Max. “Hey Max, what’s up?”
He smiled, glad that the tension was gone between the two. He relaxed some before releasing his breath.
“I was wondering where Liz is today? I didn’t see her in Biology. Is everything okay?”
Maria could see the concern on his face, and knew that he was worried, only he did a poor job of hiding it.
“She’s okay. She’s just…. I don’t know,…. I just think that this place is depressing her.”
“But she loves school.” Max replied.
Shaking her head, “Yeah, ….she does.”
Suddenly his eyes grew wide. “Is this because of her scholarship?”
Maria gave a sad smile. “I think it is, but she wont admit it.” Maria turned to put the rest of her books in her carrying bag, as Max walked around to her side.
“Why is it that she can’t go to school, I mean, there’s lot’s of students attending UNM, Who are excepting.”

“It’s more complicated then that.”
Max crossed his arms in front of him. “Explain it to me!”
Maria sighed, then place her book down, to give Max her full attention.
“It all boils down to her parents. See,…. Her parents were providing her with her transportation to and from college. And, her scholarship didn’t cover the cost of her books, and some other items.”
“So, that’s it!” Max felt bad.
Maria placed her hands on her hips. “I think she’s also scared to be in public with this pregnancy.”
“What!” Max felt hurt, ‘Was she ashamed of carrying his baby?’ The doubts started flying.
Maria threw her hands up. “Calm down Lover boy!” Maria looked around at her surrounding before speaking again. “I think that she’s scared that abnormal things may happen with this pregnancy. I mean,… none of us really know what to except…. Once this is done, and she gives birth, I’m pretty sure, she’s going to proceed with College then.”

Max turned his face downcast. “She’s really dealing with a lot. I’m worried about her.”

“Yeah, so am I!”

Max looked up at her again. “Did you tell her I called last night?”

Shaking her head, “Yes, and the night before, and the four times that day.”
Looking at her with sarcasm. “So, I should be taking the hint, huh?”
“No!” Maria grabbed Max’s arm. “Don’t you dare give up on her. I know she’s a tough cookie, but if you give up on her too, then I’m scared of what may happen.”

“Help me out here Maria, … What should I do.”

“Exactly what you’ve been doing. .. Look!,… Liz is going through a lot. Her future plans have changed, she’s pregnant, her father disowned her, and she has no source of income. She feels like a failure Max. I mean, … think about it, I know that the only thing that brings a smile to her face right now is this baby.-

Max cut in,.. “She’s really happy about the baby?” He was hopeful.
“Yeah, … she talks about the baby all the time. It still seems surreal to her that she’s going to be a mother, but she’s happy nonetheless.”

Max smiled, and Maria looked at him funny. “Your whipped!”
Max turned to her with wide eyes. “What!”
“You heard me!” Maria uttered, before shutting her locker.
“Where you going?” Max asked, following behind her.
She turned her head. “Home to check on Lizzy! ….Wanna come?”


“Yeah, come on. I’ll just tell her that you gave me a ride home, so that Alex could use my car to drive himself home after school.”
“You mean lie?”
Shaking her head. “Pretty much!”