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Title: Crazy Life
Author: Miranda(Roswellian1⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: Max and Liz of coarse!
Disclaimer: I dont own anything.
Authors note: This is nothing like Roswell. Im pretty much just using their names.

Im Liz Parker and My life has changed drastcally within a month. This is the first time I have written in here since my parents died one month ago. I use to live in a small town called Roswell. It is known for the alien theme that almost every store holds. After the sopposed crash of 1947 the town went crazy and started obbsessing about the existence of real aliens. They never found prof but once in awhile a person claims to be abducted. I have written all this info in here before but I feel like reciting it again because life has changed so much. I just feel like a different person. Where should I begin? In the begining I guess. Before my parents died I was a normal teenage girl complaining about boys and being spoiled rotten by my parents. I worked at a movie rental place in town. Well I still work there once in awhile but not half as much. My best friend is Isabel Robbins. We met in kindergarden and have been the best of friends since. I practically lived at her house. Well I should say mansion because thats what it is. Her mother, Diane Robbins and her husband Dave Robbins have been good to me. They have been there when my parents would get stuck in another country when my birthday or Christmas would come around. So when my parents died it was only natural for them to take me in. I'll be 18 in one month so the Robbins made it so I only lived with them. They never really signed papers claiming I was now legaly theirs. Isabel has a brother. His name is Max. Diane shared with us one time and told me and Isabel that she was once married before Dave to a man named Phillip Evans. She only had pictures of her son Max when he was a baby. Diane just told us that they got a divorse when Max was three and Phillip got Max. She remarried to Dave and had Isabel not long after. Isabel is 17 so im guessing Max is about 20. Anyways my parents died in a plane crash. It wasnt big like a airliner. They had their own private jet. I moved in with Isabel in the masion which is located right outside of town. Isabels parents are both lawyers too they are never home. They come home about once a month. Its just me and Isabel and Jeff the buttler. We have fun though. We go shopping all the time. My parents left me alot of money in their wills so Im a millionaire. Me and Isabel are both going to the local college that way we dont have to move out of here. Me and Isabel are both pretty excited. Max's father died in a car accident and Max is coming here to move since Diane practically begged him. He finally agreed after Diane told him he can live in the small house by the outside pool. He will be here next week. Once I found out he had a girlfriend and that she was moving with him I was alittle disapointed. Dont ask me why because I have stayed up all hours trying to figure that one out. Isabel keeps picking on me saying I like her brother that neither of us know. The Robbins are coming in town long enough to have dinner with Max and then they will leave agian. Thats pretty much what has happened lately.
The big day is finally here. Diane and Dave got in town this morning and Max and his girlfriend will be here any minute. Isabel cant stop shaking, she is so excited. I just laugh at her and try and hide my excitement. Like I guessed Diane and Dave are leaving late tonight after dinner. I guessed pretty correctly about how old Max is. He is nineteen.

Max called and said his flight has been delayed till tomorrow so Max wont be able to meet his mother till...well I really dont know. Whenever they come back home again. Since me and Isabel both got dressed up we decided to go to a party some kid is having. Diane left not so happily about a hour ago. Dave doesnt seem to mind. He just followed her out the door. After staying out till 4 in the morning drinking we had to call the house and have the our nice butler drive the limo out and come and get us.

Liz slammed her hand down on the alarm clock and left like kicking herslef for forgeting to throw the damned thing away. It was the summer after all who needs one? The lights shined through the window and Liz glanced at the clock and it was six in the morning. She would have went back to bed if she didnt have a mind blowing head ache from the alcohol.

She stumbled out of bed in her white panties and white tank top. She opened her door and stumbled out in the hall keeping her eyes closed from the offensive light. I bet your wondering why she is in the hallway in her underwear. Well they always did it. Jeff didnt get up till around ten and if he did it would be embarrassing but he is like fifty! Isabel and Liz have ran by him in their underwear a few times when he got up earlier then usual. What was any different today? She just needed to get to the kitchen to get some asprin out of the cabnet.

Liz guided herself down the long hall with her hands on the walls and eyes closed. She stumbled down the stairs that led to the kitchen but kept her eyes closed. She heard talking in the kitchen and it sounded like Isabel. She stumbed in the kitchen with her hand on her head and eyes still closed. "Damn it Iz why do I let you talk me into staying up late drinking alcohol?" Liz groaned and walked in the kitchen alittle farther. She expected to hear Isabel to have a smart come back but she heard a gasp instead.

Forcing her eyes open she stumbed and gasped. There stood a very handsom man with a blonde girl attached to his arm shooting death rays at her. Liz wondered why and then remembered she was standing there in her underwear. "Fuck im sorry." Liz stumbled to the wall and got a apron and wrapped it around her hips. Just dont turn around and you'll be fine. Max gave her a devilish smile trying to hold back laughter. Liz got the asprin and chugged down the water.

"If your not Isabel then who are you?" Liz stumbled over to the table they sat down at. "Im a friend of Isabels. I live here. The name is Liz Parker." Liz reached her hand out and shook his hand. Liz felt a current go through her. "Max Evans." Liz looked over at the blonde girl and held out her hand. The girl didnt shake her hand. "Tess Harding, Max's girlfriend." Liz rolled her eyes. "It was nice meeting you Max but im going back to bed to sleep off this damned hang over. I'll talk to you later when I can actually think." Max smiled "Trust me the pleasure was all mine." Liz turned around and the back of Liz's panties were see through. Max and Tess both got a good look at her ass as Liz went back upstairs.

"Max stop looking at her ass!" Tess shreiked. She covered his eyes with her hands and glared at the back of Liz's retreating head. "Sorry babe wasnt expecting that." Tess smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Once Liz got in bed she remembed thinking this arrangment is going to be very fun. There is no way She and Tess could live in the same mansion.


Liz was shook out as sleep as Isabel shook her. "Come on girl you gota meet my brother!" Liz tried to pull the covers up but Isabel ripped them off the bed and out of Liz's gasp. Liz glared at Isabel. Isabel pulled her out of bed and noticed Liz was only in her panties. Isabel threw her a long T-shirt and dragged her downstairs.

Liz was behrly awake and Isabel was husling them down the stairs."ISABEL SLOW DOWN!" Isabel paid no attention but kept pulling her. She pulled her through about 50 rooms and then they were outside in the blasting heat. Liz covered her sleepy eyes and the next thing she knew she was screaming. Isabel threw Liz into the pool right at Max and Tess. Tess ducked but Max wasnt as lucky.

HOLLY SHI.." Max was cut off as Liz slambed into him dunking them both underwater. Liz came up completly awake and extremly pissed off. Liz was holding onto Max without even realizing it. Everything thing happened so quickly. Next thing she knew Tess was in her face. "get you gross hands off MY boyfriend." Tess screamed at Liz.

Liz then relized she had her legs wrapped around his waste and one arm around his shoulders. She was in no mood for Tess. Liz kept her hold on Max. "God girl get a life. I just got thrown in the pool. I didnt relize I was holding onto YOUR Max." Liz rolled her eyes and smiled sweetly at Max. Liz kissed him on the cheek.

"You my lover need to get yourself a new woman." Liz knew it was pissing Tess off. She glanced at Tess and her blue eyes clouded over. Liz pointed at Tess. "You could do soooo much beter!" Liz said to Max. Tess dived at Liz and Liz jumped out of the way and Tess punched Max right in the nose. Liz came up from under the water, and waited till the water was at waste level. Tess was apologizing to Max as he held his nose. He finally pulled his hand away.

"Hey Max" Liz shouted his name. Max and Tess both looked at her. Liz pulled up her shirt and flashed Max her tits rather slowly. She lowered her shirt and smiled sweetly at Max then blew him a kiss. Max smiled and Tess tried to go after Liz. Max held her back as she screamed not so nice words.

Liz rolled her eyes as she walked past a shocked Isabel "What a loser! Someone needs to put a chain on that dog!" Liz ran in the house and went to get some dry clothes on. Damn that water was cold. For the rest of the day Liz kept saying sexual things to Max when Tess was around. Tess flung herself at Liz a couple of time but always missed.

Max was sitting in the dark bedroom he and Tess shared while Tess was in the shower. Liz walked in and sat beside him. Max turned to her. "Do you like me or are you trying to piss my girl off?" Liz smiled sweetly. "Both" she answered sweetly. They didnt say anything else. After sitting in the dark for a few minutes Liz sat on Max's lap. Max smirked at her. "Your aweful forward arent you?" Liz acted like she was thinking about it. "Yeah" Max didnt say anything else.

Liz bent down and licked his lips. Max opened his mouth and Liz slipped her tongue in his hot mouth. Liz moaned and turned till she was strattling him. Max places his hands around her hips and pulled her closer.

Liz moaned again when she felt his hard cock agianst her. She grinded into him and the kiss got more passionate. His tongue thrusted into her mouth over and over. Max leaned back. "Your lucky my girl is in the other room." Liz smirked.

"Oh and why is that? Max gripped her ass and grinded her agaisnt him. He nippled at her ear. "Cause I'd fuck you right here...but you couldnt handle me." Liz laughed lightly. "Are you sure about that?...Why dont you come to my room after Tess is asleep and we will see what you are really made of?" Liz wagged her eyebrows and grabbed his cock."Thats if you think your big enough." The shower shut off and Liz skipped out of the room. Max groaned and fell back on his bed about to start acting like he was sick.

Liz walked into her room and looked around. She had a bunch of undergarments on the floor. Liz walked around picking up everything. She threw her dirty clothes into the laundry shoot that led down to the basement. One of the servents would do them.

She was nervous. Of coarse she slept with guys before but Max was diffrent some how. Liz ran around cleaning her room. She would have vacumed the floor but one of the maids must have done it allready. Her carpet was pure white. She had matching silk curtains and blankets. Liz walked over to her computer and booted it up. She got on AOL and checked her mail. Nothing important just junk porn mail.

Liz went and got a shower and when she was done she put on a lacy white teddy with garders that held up white stockings. She went over to the fire place and turned the switch and the fire came to life. The wood started buring and it made a crackling sound that always calmed her. She grabbed the remote and turned the radio came on. Pink's, You make me sick just came on and Liz couldnt stop her body from moving. Soon her hands were in her hair and she was swaying her hips. She ran her hands up and down her body occasionally she cuped her breasts.

Tess walked out the bathroom wearing nothing. Max was sleeping but not for long Tess thought. She climbed into bed and grinded her body agianst his. Max turned away from her. Hump! Well that wasnt very nice. Tess tried again. She ran her hands up and down his back. Max moved away alittle more and Tess moved closer. She ran her hand down his chest and her hand went farther and farther. Her hand got to his boxers. Her hands slid down and Max grabbed her hand.

"Tess Im not feeling so hot. Im not in the mood. Just go to bed." Max took her hand and placed it against her chest and he rolled back over. After about ten minutes Tess was snoring. Thats what he forgot! He forgot his ear plugs. He tried socks in the past but they only seemed to make her louder.

Max wanted to make sure she was sleeping so he turned over and and placed his hand on her stomache. He wiggled his fingers and she didnt budge. Yep she was asleep. Tess is extremely ticklish. The first time they had sex he brushed her stomache and she started laughing really hard. It so ruined the moment. Max climbed out of bed slowly. He grabbed his robe and threw it on.

Max opened the door and walked towards Liz's room. The closer her got he heard music seeping out the door. Nice song Max thought. He pushed the door open and gasped. There she stood. Wearing behrly anything not to mention she was dancing. Her eyes were closed and she was swaying her hips. Her hands were in her hair. Max stood there watching. She released her hair and ran her hands down her body slowly. The teddy was see-through. Max could see her round breasts and nipples. Then farther down he could see the little patch of dark curles. Max felt his cock spring to life.

Liz ran her hands down her body. She ran her fingers over the inside of her thighs then farther up. She cupped her breasts from under neither and squeezed them. She moaned softly and pinched her nipples. She gasped.

Max walked up and ran his index finger inbetween her breasts and down her stomache. Liz's eyes opened and she smiled at him. "I thought you were a no show." Max pulled her body against his. "Never, I have a few things I'd like to prove." Max picked her up and Liz wrapped her legs around his hips. Max walked over to the bed and fell on top of her. Her hair fanned around her face.

Liz slid the robe off his shoulders and Max took it the rest of the way off. He wasnt wearing anything under it. Liz looked down and gasped. Holly mother of God he was huge! Liz grasped his cock in her hand. "Well look at what we have here." Liz stroked the whole nine inches and when she got to the tip she pinched it softly. Max jerked and moaned. He looked down at her. "Lets get you out of that."

Once they were both naked Max touched every inch of her body. Liz's soft moans turned him on. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and Liz cried out and arched her back. His mouth moved down her soft stomach and he burried his nose in the curly hair. Liz bent her knee's and spread her legs. Max massaged her inner thighs. Max finally gave her what she wanted. He flicked his tongue over her clit applying just the right amount of pressure. Her hips buckled into his face. He traced her lips and plunged his tongue into her hole. Liz cried out and pulled him back up to her.

"I cant wait." Liz said as she lined him up. Max sunk in slowly as her tight walls squeezed him. When Liz thought she couldnt take anymore she looked down and he was only half way in. Liz wrapped her legs around him and ran her hands down his back. She pushed him down and she buckled her hips up. He sunk in fast and she cried out. Max thought she was tight...too tight. "Are you ok?" Liz smiled and thrusted her hips up. Max groaned as he sunk deeper. He pulled out and thrusted back in. Her back pushed up and she wrapped her tiny fists around the headboard. Max pumped and pumped and pumped. "I want you harder" Liz begged between moans. He plunged in faster and thought he was going to loss it. His skin smacked agianst hers and the sound of her moans brought him over the edge. Liz cried out and fell with him.

Max pulled her closer. Neither of them thought anything when they fell asleep naked in her bed in each others arms.

Part 4

Tess stumbled out of bed naked. She wondered where Max was. He never refused her when she wanted him. She had to admit though. He never seemed into it. He didnt even really moan. Tess grabbed her robe and walked out the door. Maybe Max was downstairs eating breakfast.

Tess walked down the stairs leading to the kitchen. She expected to see Max but it was his snotty sister Isabel. Her and that bitch Liz needed to get smacked around Tess thought. Especially that Liz! She showed HER Max her ass and tits within the first day they got there. She wondered what liz was up to now.

Isabel was sitting at the table eating when Tess came down the steps. Isabel started laughing when she saw the girls hair. It looked like a rat moved in. It was all knotted and looked like a rat nest. The girl had absolutly no style either. She wore clothes that didnt even match the first day she got here. Her blind grandma had beter style than Tess. At least her clothes matched!

Tess came over to the table and sat far away from Isabel. Tess then ordered the maid to get her breakfast. Isabel felt like knocking her out. Nope she would let Liz do that. She didnt want to brake a nail! After this thought Isabel looked at Tess's nails. Isabel cringed. Eww they were all bitten off and the bright red nail polish was all cracked and only remained on a few of her nails.

Isabel looked away in discust. Isabel left the table and went upstairs to wake Liz up. There was music playing in the room. Isabel pushed the door open with her foot and almost screamed. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked away. She so didnt want to see Max's behr ass. She thought about waking them up but there was no way she was going into that room. Isabel almost shut the door but she left it open. Tess had a surprise comming her way.

Isabel opened the door to her room and sat down on her bed to fix her nails. Time for a diffrent color. Isabel pulled out a silver color and started on her nails.

After Tess finished breakfast she started hunting around downstairs for Max. She checked all the rooms three times but he was no where in site. Maby he went to get me a rose or a present for depriving me last night.

Tess walked up the stairs and she heard music comming from the door down the hall from hers. She walked past her room and looked inside. "AHHHHHHHH" Tess screamed. There in that bed laid HER NAKED Max on top of a naked Liz. When Tess screamed Max buried his head in Liz's neck and Isabel down the hall peeked her head out of her door. Show time!

Liz legs were wrapped around Max's hips. It looked like they fell asleep as soon as they got finished. This thought cause the blood to pound through Tess's veins and her face turned red in anger.

Max shifted on the bed. He pushed up in his sleep and his now hard member grew when Liz's walls squeezed him. Liz moaned when he pushed farther into her. He never withdrew from her last night. They slowly rocked their bodies thinking they were having a dream.

Tess grew even mader and she stormed into the room and pulled Max away and out of Liz. They both groaned when Max pulled out of her and Liz woke up. Liz didnt have time to react cause the next think she knew Tess jumped on top of her and pulled her hair. Liz rolled over and pinned Tess under her. Tess was still pulling Liz hair but stopped when Liz raised her right arm and punched her right in the eye. Tess screamed in pain and Max finally woke up. He got off the floor and Liz and Tess were rolling around on the bed pulling each others hair out. Max almost laughed cause Liz was naked.

Max cringed when one of Liz's fists made contact with Tess's face. He didnt know how long they were going at it but Liz's right eyebrow was cut and her bottom lip was bleeding alittle. Tess's left eye was allready turning black and blue and she had a stratch mark on her cheek and her nose and lip was bleeding. When Liz landed another punch Max jumped into action. He pulled and pulled on Liz trying to get Liz off of Tess but she was hanging onto Tess's hair for dear life. Max finally got her off and dragged her out of the room while Liz jumped and yelled for him to let her go. Max carried a fighting Liz all the way outside naked and threw her into the pool. Liz screamed when she saw the water and she grabbed Max and they both fell in.

The freezing water cooled Liz down quickly and she started shivering. Max swam over to her and noticed the blood running down her face from the cut on her lip and eyebrow. Max said he was sorry for throwing her in the pool but he had to get her to calm down. Liz laughed. " Atleast I didnt go in alone." Max dunked her underwater and they got into a wrestling match.

Tess finally got off the bed and stumbled to the door. She had a huge head ache from Liz's steal fists. She saw Isabel laugh then slam her door closed. "There's a first aid kit in your bathroom." Isabel screamed through the door.

Isabel brought out a robe for Max and Liz. She heard them laughing and when she got outside she turned her head. Damn that was the second time she saw her brothers ass. She screamed Liz's name and they both swam over breathless. Liz followed the steps out of the pool as Max's eyes were glued to her ass. Liz took the robe from Isabel and slipped it on.

Isabel and Liz were use to seeing each other naked. They sun bathed naked almost everyday. They both worked very hard to keep their bodies fit as they were. They had there very own gym with every machine you could think of. Liz also took kick boxing classes once a week. She wouldnt need to go anymore. She found a new punching bag. Which I bet you all can guess who?

Liz walked over to a chair beside the pool and took the robe back off when she warmed up alittle. She layed down naked and closed her eyes, sheilding them from the sun. Max waited till Isabel left and he got out quickly and pulled the robe on. He walked over to Liz and he was going to play with her a bit. Thats until he saw the cuts on her face.

Max ran back inside and got a first aid kit. He saw Tess coming down the stairs as he went up. She had put clothes on and she had her suit case with her. Max cringed when he saw the number Liz did on Tess's face. They met in the middle of the stairs.

Max was going to say something but Tess cut him off. "Wait, before you say anything let me talk. I'm sorry it has to end this way but I know this is going to hurt you but...." Max was going to say that he didnt mind but she cut him off agian. "No Max...I said it is over and I mean it." Tess walked past Max. Down the stairs and out of his life. "C-ya Tess.". Now what was he doing before she rudly interupted him? Oh yes the first aid kit.

Max ran upstairs and got it he then ran back downstairs to the pool. Liz was still laying where she was. He touched her arm and relized she was sleeping again. He set to work on her face. He smoothed her hair out of her face and cuts. Her lip was bloody but it was allready dried. Max got the rag and cleaned the dried blood off her face gently trying not to wake her.

Max then started cleaning out her eye brow. That cut was alittle deep and it was still bleeding a little. After cleaning it out with all the supplies he started putting the butterfly stiches on it. After he put them on he checked her face again and when he was satisfied he picked her up and took her inside. He didnt want to move her but she would get sun burnt.

On his way upstairs Isabel stopped him as he went through the kitchen. "Hey after you put her to bed why dont you come down and eat lunch with me?" Max smiled. "Yeah sure. I'll be right back down."

Max tucked Liz in and laughed when she wouldnt let go of his robe. Max just stripped right there and put on real clothes. After he was dressed he kissed Liz on the forehead and headed down stairs to talk to his sister.

They talked for nearly three hours filling each other in on each others lifes. They found out some intresting things about each other and some things they had in common. Max was wondering why Liz lived there.

"Oh well...her parents died not long ago in a plane wreck." Max gave her a look saying go on. "We were always best of friends. We grew up together. Her parents were always away on business and so were mine. Then when her parents died mom let Liz move in. They didnt adopt her or anything so you guys arent related in anyway." Max let out a breath. "whew you had me worried there!" They both laughed.

5 years later.

"Max, hun come look at the view!" Max walked up behind Liz and kissed her on the cheek as he looked over the ocean. It was their honeymoon. Max turned her around. "I like this veiw much beter." Max said as his hot eyes racked her body. He licked his lips and started pulling her to the allready rumpled bed. Liz laughed when she relized they were going to make love ONCE again. Not that she minded but damn he had stamina. Max ran his finger over her hard nipple. Liz giggled and gasped. "Mr. Evans!" Max laughed and smacked her ass playfully. "Mrs. Evans!" Max said mocking her..

Liz didnt say anything else because they were both now laying tangled in each others arms. How did he manage to make every time as special as the first. He knew how to make her beg, moan, scream, and pant for more. He spent many nights driving her crazy with need as he explored every inch of her body. He kissed places she didnt even know she had. Oh and did I tell you how much I love his tongue ring? Well its actually a barbell. Who cares really but when he goes down on me and that cold metal twirles around my clit. It sends me into a orgasmic frenzy. Dont get me wrong his tongue is just as great without it.

Liz shivers as Max's hot tongue works it's way down to her navel. Max thrusts his tongue in and Liz buckles her hips. Max slides down and places her thighs on her shoulders. Liz tangles her hands in his hair bracing herself for the rush of feirce pleasure that will flood through her body. Max sucks and nibbles on her thighs as they tremble. Max runs his tongue the whole length of her and growles. She always tastes so sweet and spicy. Liz groanes as his tongue vibrates against her clit when as he moans. God she was thankfull that he loved this just as much as she did. Max slid his tongue between her slick folds and ran it down to her entrance.

He plunged his tongue in fast and held it there while Liz arched. Liz groaned when he didnt move. "Max....dont!" Liz shuddered. Max moved his tongue inside her once and Liz almost jumped off the bed. Liz tried to thrust her hips but Max held her thighs with his strong hands. "Max please!!!!" He slowly started pumping his tongue in and out. Liz cried out over and over. He withdrew his tongue and looked up at her. Her body shined with sweat and her hair was crazy around her face. Liz finally looked down and met his eyes when she didnt feel his tongue anymore. Max kept his eyes on hers the whole time. "Do you want me baby?" Max asked as he bent his head and flicked her clit with his tongue.

Liz gasped and moaned. "God..yes!" She started tugging on his hair. He slid up her body and her legs fell from his shoulders but landed in the crease of his elbows. They stared intensly into each others eyes as Max slipped inside her. Liz pulled him down and sucked his tongue into her mouth. This caused Max to speed up on his thrusts. He pulled away and watched her face. This was his favorite part. He watched as her tongue slipped out and licked her lips and she pumped under him. He could never see into her soul through her eyes beter than he could now. She never looked away and neither did he. Soon the pace was lightning fast and her long nails scratched down his back. They both exploded and arched against each other as the waves after waves of pleasure crashed over them. Pulling them into the world where they only existed.
"I'm going to love you forever." Liz said as she kissed him sweetly.
"I'm gonna love you even longer." Max said as they drifted asleep.


Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
Attention may cause dizzyness and uncontrolable drooling.
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