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Title: Oh baby, its me
Author: Miranda(Roswellian1⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What happens when a dream becomes reality?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I did have Jason but I lost him under my bed. Cant find him anywhere. :
Authors note: This DOES contain SPOILERS to a degree. I changed the spoilers around though. Those of you that do read spoilers then you'll know what I mean but if not I dont think it will do any harm. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Anyway this takes place after the ep called Heart Of Mine which airs 4/16/01.

One more thing. I know I need to finish my other stories but I just cant right now. I actually FELT the urge to write this so I had to.

What we call nookie is in this first part but it isn't going to be in every part. I'm actually going to try and write without A LOT of love makin. Its a challenge. : Watch me fail misserably. Not that any of you would mind right?

Part 1
Morning after prom

Liz awoke to the annoying sound of her alarm clock. She reached for the snooze button but kept missing. The damn thing wouldnt shut up so she flung it across the room and it smashed against the wall. Liz groaned and grabbed her pillow and covered her head. Since when did the sun start rising so early? It was never this bright before. Nancy knocked twise on Liz's door and before opened it up. She heard the bang all the way downstairs. She raced up the stairs thinking Liz had fallen or hurt herself only to find the alarm clock by the door in little peices and Liz smothered in her blankets and pillows.

Liz rolled back over and removed the pillow and looked at her mother. Nancy pointed at the what was a alarm clock. "Was that necessary?" Liz groaned again. "The damn thing was giving me attitude." Nancy gasped when she heard Liz say damn but she didn't mention it. Liz hid the smile with her pillow. If mom gasps when I say a simple word like 'damn' I wonder what she would do If I told her about *all* the makeout sessions Max and I had in the eraser room.

"Liz you need to get up. I just finished breakfast. Plus you need to tell me how prom went. I know you went with Max." Liz glanced up at her mother and noticed the secret smile on her face. "One I'm not leaving my bed. Two Prom sucked and three Max and I are just friends. He made that painfully obvious last night. So if you wouldn't mind Id like to go back to sleep and never wake up." Liz threw the covers over her head and within seconds she was sleeping again.

Nancy sighed and closed the door behind her quietly. Nancy didn't like to see her daughter upset. She could tell that Liz was very upset. Last night when she came home in her dress she just mummbled that she was tired and went straight upstairs. She hasn't been out of that room yet. Nancy also wondered what Max did. She knew Liz wouldn't tell her, but that wouldnt stop her from finding out.

Nancy walked out into the kitchen where Jeff was seated reading his newspaper in his suit all ready for work. Nancy bent over and kissed Jeff on the cheek softly. Nancy giggled when Jeff threw the paper and pulled her into his lap. They shared a long kiss. Jeff finally pulled away breathless. "Now thats what I call a good morning kiss." Nancy got up and placed his plate in front of him. After eating for a few minutes Jeff noticed Liz was missing.

"Wheres my girl?" Nancy put her coffee down. "Oh she had a fight with her alarm clock and I dont think she is feeling well." Jeff raised his eyebrow about the second part. "A fight with her what!" Nancy giggled. "She said quote on quote that the damn thing was giving her attitude. So she threw it across the room" Jeff laughed. "I guess she isn't feeling well." Nancy just nodded. She hated lying but if Jeff knew Liz was upset enough not to go to school then he wouldn't go to work and he would drive Liz nutts. She knew Liz would thank her later.

Jeff stood up and put his plate and glass in the sink. "I'll see you later." They said thier 'I love you's' and Jeff was out the door. Nancy walked over to the sink and did the few dishes up and wiped down the counters and table. She then moved to the living room and dusted the wood work.

Liz tossed and turned in her sleep. Her breathing was heavy. A few moans escaped her mouth as her dream took over.

Max's hard body pinned her soft one to the bed as he attacked her lips. Liz sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and stroked it with the tip of her tongue. She released his lip and did the process all over again. Her fingers traveled over his strong back and she rubbed herself against his leg that was between her legs. Liz titled her head back as Max's hot mouth sucked on the soft skin there.

Liz pulled the shirt from out of his jeans and worked her hands up his back. Max groaned and sucked on the side of her throat harder. Liz was sure there would be a hickey there. The thought of him marking her as his turned her on even more and she moaned his name against his insistent lips. His one hand worked its way into her soft hair and he pulled her head closer trying to get as much access into her sweet mouth as possible.

Liz titled her head and almost passed out when his sizzling tongue touched hers. She buried her fists in his hair and pulled his face closer wanting more...a lot more. They kissed fast and hard. Max lifted his body slightly trying to get more contact. Liz wrapped both of her legs around his waste and moaned loudly when Max's erection came in contact with her swollen clit. Max groaned and kissed her faster.

His one hard worked its way under her shirt and braw until he cupped her fleshy mound in his hard. Liz unbottoned his shirt quickly and ripped one of the botton off in the process. "Take it off!" Liz insisted breathlessly. Max sat back and pulled her shirt up and over her head. Liz unblucked the back of her brawl before she rested on the bed again. Max pulled the garment off her arms and dropped it on the floor. "Your more and more beautiful everytime I see you this way." Max said hoarsely.

Liz wanted his mouth in the worse way. She pulled his head down to her breast and Max gave an experimental suck and Liz arched up and a strangled cry came from the back of her throat. Max smiled against her breast and continued switching between nipples. Her skin tasted so good. It was sweet and salty. Liz started thrusting her hips against his and Max groaned and started thrusting his hips forward. Liz ripped at his shirt and soon that was on the floor too.

Suddenly Liz fliped them over so she was on top. She looked into his eyes and Max was shocked to see that much desire in her eyes. She looked like she was about to attack him. Her eyes where almost as wild as the hair around her shoulders. She licked her lips and Max groaned as her hot tongue made its way down his throat to his chest and she nibbled at his nipples.

It was Max's turn to arch off the bed. He kept groaning as Liz took her time tasting and exploring his gorgeous chest. While Liz sucked on him she slipped her sweats and panties off without Max noticing. Her tongue soon made its way to his navel and she swirled her tongue round and round and finally slipped it inside. Max growled and squeezed the sheets. Her hands undid his pants quickly and slipped inside. She layed on her stomach between his legs with her breasts pressed against his thighs.

Soon she had his jeans and boxers off. She had to taste him. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock while she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Max jumped and gasped. She knew she would take him in her mouth but she wanted to tease him. While she worked on his head she started stroking the large length on him with her hand. Liz was enjoying it so much that she started moaning and her tongue vibrated against him.

She ran her tongue under his cock from base to tip. She was rewarded with a drop of liquid on the head. She licked it off and moaned. it tasted just like Max. Very addicting. She had to get more. She wrapped her lips around the head and worked her way down his shaft. On her way back up she sucked hard and Max thrusted forward. Liz worked her other hand down to her aching center and started rubbing her clit.

She moaned more and the vibrations nearly pushed Max over the edge. Max looked down once only to see her head bobbing up and down. He looked back up afraid of lossing it then and there. Liz went on and on. Max reached down for her. "Liz you have to stop I'm gonna..." Liz held his hand and bobbed her head faster. His hips thrusted up and she relaxed her throat muscles and took all she could.

Max groaned and moaned her name. His sperm shot into her mouth and down her throat. Liz moaned and kept sucking. She removed her fingers from her soaking heat and moved on top of him. She sat down on his cock and rocked her hips back and forth. Max groaned as she rubbed her heat against him.

Liz sat up and placed him at her opening. She sat down slowly until he was fully inside her. She put her hands on his chest for balance and started moving up and down on top of him. She moved faster. Max opened his eyes and watched her. Her head was thrown back and her breasts bounced. He gripped her hips and grinded their bodies together. Liz's moans intensified and her muscles tightened around him. She cried out his name and fell on top of him breathing hard. Max flipped them over and lifted her hips. He thrusted forward and sunk in deep. He started going faster and Liz was moaning below him, digging her heels into the bed. Her hands gripped his ass as she pulled him hard against her. He was afraid he was hurting her but one look into her eyes told him everything he needed to know. She contracted around him again and this time they both exploded at the same time. He kept going till she squeezed every drop out of him. Later Max was roaming his hands over her naked body. He gasped and Liz looked down to where his hand rested on her stomach. "Watch!" Liz watched as Max moved his index finger around her stomach. What she saw next brought tears of joy to her eyes. There on her stomach was a little glowing hand print like the one Max left on her so many years ago. The difference was that this one was little and it moved wherever Max's finger went. Liz pulled Max to her and they cried. "After five years of trying we finally get pregnant." Liz whispered. Max only nodded. " I didnt think it was possible."

Liz shot out of bed shaken both physically and mentally. Sweat ran down her face and she could feel it tickle down her back. Her whole body was shaking uncontrolably. Tears where still streaming down her face from the dream. She knew it was more than a dream. She could feel something inside her. Liz's eyes widened when she remembered what they were talking about in the dream.

She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and her cheeks were flushed red and she still couldnt stop her body from shaking. She knew it was all real when she saw the hickey on her neck. Liz's shaking got worse and she pulled her shirt off and touched her stomache. Waiting to see if she could see the handprint. Nothign happened but she remembered that in her dream only Max touched her stomache. SO maybe it only happened when he touched her.

She couldnt wait for school to let out so she would have to go to him. It would drive her insane not knowing. She ran into her room and pulled a roswell logo T-shirt on and a pair of grey sweats. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and washed her face. The shaking still didnt stop and she was running a high fever. She ran into the living room and Nancy jumped out of her chair.

"Liz are you ok? You dont look so good." Nancy walked over to Liz and put her hand on her head. "Your burning up!." Liz moved her moms hand. "I feel fine mom. I need to get to school." Liz walked past Nancy to the door. "Liz 8th period is starting in fifteen minutes." Liz forced a smile. "I know I have a huge test 8th period that I dont want to miss. Can I borrow the car?" Nancy nodded.

Liz got into the car and drove to school quickly. Once she got to the school parking lot she glanced at the clock. 7th period would be letting out in 5 minutes. Maybe she could catch Max in the hall before 8th period. She really didnt want to cause a scene. With that she ran up the stairs to the school and walked into the girls bathroom waiting for the bell to ring.

Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
Attention may cause dizzyness and uncontrolable drooling.

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Title: Oh baby, its me
Author: Miranda(Roswellian1⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What happens when a dream becomes reality?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I did have Jason but I lost him under my bed. Cant find him anywhere. :
Authors note: This does contain spoilers to a degree. I changed the spoilers around though. Those of you that do read spoilers then you'll know what I mean but if not I dont think it will do any harm. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Anyways This takes place after the ep called Heart Of Mine which airs 4/16/01.

One more thing. I know I need to finish my other stories but I just cant right now. I actually FELT the urge to write this so I had to.

What we call nookie is in this first part but it isn't going to be in every part. I'm actually going to try and write without A LOT of love makin. Its a challenge. : Watch me fail misserably. Not that any of you would mind right?;

Part 2


She splashed her face with cold water and took deep calming breaths. She still looked the same. Cheeks still red and she still felt really hot. She cursed at herself. Why was this happening? Why now? If she was pregnant then would the pregnancy be normal? Plus can you actually get pregnant from a dream? I think not but thats what my mind is telling me. My heart is telling me something entirely different. Why would I be carrying Max's child when we aren't even aloud together?

A girl came in and Liz got a idea. "Sam...It's Sam right? Do you have a peice of paper and a pen I could use?" Sam looked at Liz concerned and nodded. Sam put her bag on the counter and pulled out a pen and a tablet. Liz wrote a breif note to Max and ripped the sheet out of the tablet. She handed back the pen and tablet. "Thanks alot." Sam nodded. On the way out the door Sam called to her. "Hey are you ok? You dont look so hot." Liz gave a small smile. "I will be." and with that Liz was out the door and into the hall.

She ran down the hall reading the numbers and finally stopped at Max's. she folded the note and slipped it in through the vent. Liz ran off and the bell rang just as she got safely into the eraser room. Thank God she did'nt interrupt anyone making out.

Max sat there in class glancing at Liz's empty desk beside his. He decided that when the bell rang he would go to the crashdown and see how Liz was. He was really worried because Liz never misses school. He glanced up at the clock and thought about using his powers to make the time go faster. Longest five minutes in his life. He caught Tess's eye and frowned. He looked away quickly.

Why did I kiss her? he asked himself that same question over and over. He felt nothing for her but friendship. He would have to tell her that. Max remembered back to the time when he kissed her outside the crashdown and suddenly his eyes clouded over with anger. Yes he would definetly have to have a talk with her.

The bell finally rung and Max went to his locker. He opened it to get his jacket and a peice of paper fell on the floor. "What the hell?" Max looked around and bent down to pick it up. He opened it and automatically recognized Liz's neat hand writing. Why is she in the eraser room? Max stuffed the note in his pocket and turned to go to the eraser room only to run into Tess.

Tess pointed at his jacket. "Where are you going?" Tess flinched when she saw the anger in his eyes. "I'm going to Liz...she needs me." Max walked past Tess. "Max didnt that kiss mean anything?" Max spun and glared at her. "Oh yes that kiss. That wasn't a kiss. A kiss is when two people want to kiss. I dont want to kiss you. You used your damn mindwarp on me again!" Tess lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry it wont happen again." "Oh I know it wont. I know now what it feels like when your in my head. It wont happen again. I wont allow it. All I'm ever going to be to you is a friend." Tess nodded. "I understand. To be honest Max I now know how you feel about Liz. When I kissed you I got flashes of you and her. I'm sorry for screwing up your relationship with her. It wont happen again. I just wish I could find love like that."

Kyle walked up and stood by Tess. "Ready to go to class?" Max looked at Tess. "I think it might be standing right in front of you. But I think you allready knew that." Tess smiled and nodded. "I think you may be right." Max walked off leaving Tess and Kyle with their flirting. Sure Kyle keep telling yourself you think of her as a sister. Max thought to himself

Max looked in both directions before opening the door to the eraser room and closing it quietly and quickly behind him. Liz was sitting on a long table shaking and at first he thought she was cold until he stepped forward and put his hands on her arms. He jerked his hands back. "God your burning up! You should have stayed home in bed. Come on I'll take you home." Liz just simply followed as Max lead her down the hall with his hand on the small of her back.

Max walked Liz over to her parents car and ran over to the jeep and threw the keys on the seat so Isabel would have a ride when school let out. He ran back over to Liz's car and jumped into the drivers seat. "Max I dont want to go home. I feel fine really. I just had this dream and well it really shook me up." Max nodded "Do you want to tell me about it?" Liz nodded. "Yes, but not now. I need to think." Max nodded not wanting to push her. For not being sick she sure looked it. "Have you eaten?" Liz's stomach grumbled and they shared a laugh. "I guess thats a no." Liz only nodded. "Can you take me to that little mexican restraunt just outside of town?" Max started the car. "Sure. I havent eaten there in about a whole year."

On the ride there Liz had a thousand thoughts running through her head. She didn't want to say anything to Max unless she was possitive that it was a possibility. Her heart told her that she had something growing inside her but her brain kept saying that getting pregnant from a dream was impossible. She also had to remind herself about aliens actually walking among them. One is sitting right beside me. He may be alien by blood but he was also the most human person she knew.

Another thing that drove her nutts was that in her dream Max looked just like Future Max. He had the long hair...her thoughts flashed back to the dream when she was pulling his hair as he thrusted deeply into her. Get your head out of the gutter Parker. Nows not the time. How could something from a dream become reality? Liz looked into the mirror and she moved her hair from her neck. She ran her finger over the hickey and glanced at Max. In the dream Max had given her this same hickey. Maybe it is possible. If so life is about to get really complicated! Liz felt like laughing at her next thought. Dont you atleast have to have sex to get pregnant?

Soon they were there and they walked over to the counter and ordered. Max orded three burritos and Liz got two. They got there food and walked over to a table and sat down. Max remembered when he came here with Isabel and Michael. He had told them that Liz knew the truth and Michael blew a fuse insisting that they had to leave town. Max told them that Liz wouldnt tell and here he was sitting beside her and she hadn't told anyone. Well she told Maria and Alex but she didnt tell anyone that could threaten their existence. He watched her take little bites and smiled.

Liz was so busy eating that she didnt notice Max staring at her. She was trying to eat the burrito but it didnt taste right. So she took little bites at a time trying to figure out what was wrong with the burrito. She raised her eyes and caught Max's eye. He looked away blushing because she caught him staring. Liz wiped her mouth with her napkin. "What?" Liz asked thinking she had something on her face. Max shrugged. "Your just so beautiful. I dont tell you that nearly enough. You should hear it every day." Liz blushed and looked away. "Thanks Max." Max shrugged and lifted his burrito to his mouth. "No prob."

Liz watched as Max took a bite a look came over his face. "Yuck!" Liz jumped. "It wasn't only me! these things taste aweful!" Liz replied quickly. Liz watched as Max pulled out his little bottle of tabasco and poured a lot on all three burritos. He took a bite. "Yum...I just forgot tabasco." Liz frowned and glared at her burrito. She was so hungrey and her stomach growled again. She usually could force herself to eat something she didnt like at all when she was hungrey but for some reason she couldnt this time.

Liz looked over and watched as Max inhaled his food. She stared at his burrito as he kept taking big bites out of it. She could see the tabasco run down the side and onto his middle and index finger. She licked her lips. She couldnt take her eyes off that tobasco covered burrito.

Max looked over and stopped his self from taking another bite. "What?" He almost groaned when her little pink tongue slipped out and ran across her top lip. "Can I have a bite?" even as she said it she took it out of his hand and lead it to her mouth. "Liz that has tobasco all over it!" He tried to warn her but it was allready in her mouth and she took a big bite.

Max winced when he saw tabasco run down her chin. He was sure she was going to spit it out in any second. Her eyes closed and she moaned as she chewed her big mouth full. Max sat in shock as she inhaled the rest of the burrito. She shoved the last corner into her mouth and chewed and shallowed with delight.

She licked her fingers off slowly making sure not to miss a drop. She then licked her lips and looked at Max...and his fingers. Max groaned when she inserted her fingers into her mouth and sucked them off slowly and gently.

When she turned her eyes on him. He moved around in his seat trying to get comfy with his raging erection. She moved closer and picked up his hand. Max glanced at his hand and saw the sauce there. His eyes almost came out of his sockets as she raised his hand to her hungrey mouth.

Her hot mouth closed over his big long middle finger and she inserted it in her mouth all the way untill her lips where touching his knuckles. She lashed her tongue at the creases between his fingers. Max gasped as she rolled her tongue around his finger, sucking gently. She held his hand with both hands and withdrew his finger slowly. She sucked hard taking all the sauce off. Max did groan when she inserted his finger again only to withdrawl it again to make sure she got it all.

She moved onto his index finger and gave that one the same threatment. Max could help thinking if she sucked on his fingers so well then she must give one hell of a blow job. He wondered if she knew the affect she was having on him.

Liz pulled away and gave him a big innocent smile. "Your right that was yummy." Max couldnt beleive it. She looked like she had no clue about what she just did. Damn the girl loves tobasco more than I do.

Liz reached for the tobasco. "May I?" Max smiled and pushed it in her direction. "Sure. Here." Liz popped the cap off and drenched her burritos in tobasco. Max sat shocked once again as she inhaled them in less then 5 minutes. She turned to him and pointed at his last burrito. "May I?" Max only nodded and she picked it up.

She added even more tobasco then what he put on it. Damn she acts like she is eating for two people! Maybe more!::wink::

Liz finished and Max was releived when her complection returned to normal. She still felt alittle hot but not half as bad as before. Her shaking had completly stopped and he swore that he never seen her eyes shine as brightly as they were now.

Crazy as it sounded he could swear that it seamed that the tobasco cured her. Even in her sweats and 'Roswell' shirt she looked like a goddess.

Max reached for the half empty tabasco bottle and put some into his coke. "Since when did you become a fan of tobasco sauce?" Liz shrugged and smiled. "I never tried it before...I think I have been missing out. That stuff is great!" Max had to agree there.

"Yeah I remember when me and Isabel were first adopted. Everything tasted way off to us. We tried to eat it but it just wouldnt go down. One day I stumbled across a bottle of that at a restraunt and I remember how I practically drooled over myself when I smelled it. Ever since then It goes everywhere with me. You should see the stock of this stuff in our house!". Liz laughed and smacked him on the shoulder.

"You probly make your parents go broke with that stuff! Iv seen how much you three put down a day! I dont think its healthy." Liz joked. "Yeah well why do you think we come to the crashdown so much? Free tobasco sauce baby!" Liz hit his shoulder with hers. "Your such a jerk. Here I thought you came to stare at me." Max laughed. "Yeah well that too." They both laughed.

"You should laugh more often. The last time I saw you this carefree was when you were drunk." Liz said laughing. "Oh no I dont want to know what I did that night!" Liz shrugged. "Nothing dangerous. You were quit the comedian." Liz shook her head remembering that night. "It wasn't so much what you said but what you did and the expressions on your face."

"Ok what did I do?" Max was curious now. Liz laughed. "I'm not telling. my lips are sealed. I like having something over a king." Max poked her in the side. "If you know whats good for you Miss Parker than you'll tell." Liz shook her head no and then started laughing when Max started tickling her sides. "Ok Ok I'll tell! I'll tell!!" Liz said between laughter.

"You came to me and told me all your fantasies. Like how you wanted to bend me over a counter and...Oh Oh then there was this one about you licking tobasco off my...then the best part is when you did a strip tease for me and you made each and every one of those kinky fantasies come true!" Liz let out a sigh and covered her smile with a dreamy smile. "I must add Max that you have a very very nice tongue. Oh and those long fingers of yours should be regestered as weapons. If you get my drift" Liz wagged her eyes brows. "It's a shame you dont remember anything. You would have loved the look on my face when you brought me so much pleasure that I nearly blacked out." Liz shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "Well your drunken self did. You told me so."

Liz looked over at Max and he sat completly still. His eyes took a black color and he was nearly undressing her with his eyes. His hand was squeezing the side of the table so hard that his knuckles where white. Liz gasped at the sexy way he was looking at her. She meant to get him all hot and bothered not both of them. She should have known. He had that power over her.

Max felt like benting her over the table now. If only all these people were gone. He had so many emotions running through him. First he was shocked that innocent Liz Parker was talking to him that way. Then wonder shot through making him wonder if it really happened. Then lust poured through him. He wasnt sure if she was telling the truth because he knew he acted wild that night. Kyle never let him live it down. How did she know he had fantasies like that? Depression started taking its toll. He finally did all those things and he didnt remember a damn thing.

Liz was going to tell him the truth but seeing him like that cracked her up. She'd wait just alittle longer. Max cleared his throat and changed the subject. "You never did tell me what Flordia was like. It must have been great. I'v allways wanted to the see the ocean." Liz took a sip of her soda. "It's not a big deal to me. I'v been there way to many times. It rains like almost everyday then they got so many of those damn bugs that are so annoying. It's really not all that great. The ocean is the only thing I like about that place." Max nodded.

"Then why did you go?" Liz cringed and looked into his eyes. "You know why Max. I didnt leave to hurt you. I just couldnt stay. It killed me that you have a destiny that doesn't include me. I can deal with it now but I couldnt then." Max saw the tears coming and he felt like kicking himself. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Liz didnt try to move away. How could something thats not meant to be feel so right? She didnt know but she didnt want to think about it. She wrapped her arms around his waist and burried her face into his neck. Max felt the hot tears on his neck and he rubbed her shaking back. His other hand worked its way into her hair and he massaged her scalp.

Liz pulled away minutes later and rubbed at her tears. "Thanks I really needed that." Liz gave him a small smile. Max stroked her cheek. "Are you sure your ok?" Liz grasped his hand. "I am now. Thank you." Max smiled. "Anytime."

After spending the whole day there they decided to head back to Roswell when it got dark. It became to dark and Liz didnt want to leave Max just yet. On the way back they played a game of singing to music. They put the radio on one station and every song that came on they had to sing it. Even if they didn't know it. They did alot of mumbling the verses.

Some rap song came on and it was a new one so neither knew the song at all. They caught some words and just threw them out. By the end of the song Max had to pull over because they were laughing so hard.

Liz and Max were both having fun and were glad that they still had 45 minutes before even reaching Roswell. The commercials came on so they had a conversation about nothing. Just chatting about homework and teachers they couldnt stand. "Oh man I dont get this problem. Do you think you could help me?" Max laughed. "Liz are you telling me that YOU want ME to help you?! I'm always the one that comes to you."

"Well yeah I havent been able to concentrate in class. Plus you would know that last week I fell asleep in class and missed all those notes. Do you think I could copy yours?" "yeah your lucky that I brought home that note book. We just need to run by my house and get my bookbag out of the jeep then we can go to your house and do all the studying you want." Liz smiled "Thanks Max. Your a life saver."

They both turned there attention to the DJ as a girl requested a song.
"Hey there where you from?" the DJ asked. "Roswell." "And what song would you like to request?" There was a slight pause. "I want this next song dedicated to my EX-boyfriend Mark. " The DJ laughed. "You would be who and whats the song?" "My name is Pam and the song is short dick man by Gillete." The DJ busted up laughing and Liz was laughing right with him. Max looked confused and then he started cracking up.

The song started up and Max and Liz were laughing so hard that Max had to pull over again. Of coarse they were singing it and that made them laugh even harder. When the song went off Max pulled back onto the highway. The rest of the songs they knew pretty well so it was easy.

They pulled into Max's driveway and Liz moved over to the drivers seat. Max went inside to get the keys to the jeep and talk to his family. She sat there humming to the song that was on the radio. She drummed her hands off the stiring wheel as a rock song came on. Pretty soon her head was bobing and soon after that she was head bagging. Her dark hair flew all around her and the drumming on the stiring wheel got louder and harder.

"Mom, Dad I'm home." Max yelled as he closed the front door behind him. "Where in here honey." Diane yelled from the living room. As Max got closer he could hear laughter. He stood in the opening and watched as Isabel and his mom and dad played Monopoly. "Hey son you wanna play?" Max shook his head no. "Im going to Liz's to study. I just need my keys and my bookbag." Diane smiled. "Ok but dont be home to late." Max kissed his mom on the cheek and walked out the front door.

Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
Attention may cause dizzyness and uncontrolable drooling.
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Part 3(Iv said that what three times now. lol)

He walked over to his jeep and started it. Liz didnt even notice because she was too busy head banging. Max honked his horn and Liz jumped three feet in the air. Max busted out laughing and Liz was really embarrassed. "Nothing to be embarrased about. Your a cute little head banger." Max said laughing. Liz stuck her tongue out and pulled out of his driveway. Max followed her and soon they were behind the crashdown.

Max carried his bookbag over his shoulder as Liz lead them up her latter. They crawled through the window and Max sat on the bed. "I'll be right back. Gota see what moms doing."

Liz shut her bedroom door behind her and followed the sound of music coming from her parents room. Liz stood in the doorway watching her mom throw things into her suit case. "Mom what are you doing?" Liz asked. Nancy jumped and held her hand over her heart. "You scared me! Your Aunt is having her baby even as we speak." Liz smiled then remembered her little *problem*. "Well Im guessing that you and dad are going out to Chicago? When will you be back?" Nancy closed the suit case and walked over to Liz.

"About a week. I'll call you when me and your father get there. Be good and please dont throw any parties." Liz laughed and walked outside where her dad was allready putting suit cases into his car. She hugged and kissed both parents and waved to them as the car dissapeared down the road.

Liz ran back upstairs and found Max where she left him. "Lets go downstairs and study." Max nodded greatfully and they moved downstairs to the couch. "So did you find your mom?" Max asked looking around while he sat down on the puffy long couch. He had a flashback of the time when he and Liz were in the middle of a heavy makeout session and they forgot where they were. He almost had her shirt off when they heard her mother at the front door. They both gasped and Liz pulled her shirt back down and they ran into her room. It spoiled the moment but they both found it funny.

"Max?....Max?" Liz touched his shoulder and Max jumped. "Sorry I was daydreaming." Liz smiled and laughed. "You do that all the time!" Max looked affended. "I do not!" Liz laughed harder. "Yes you do! How many times this year has Mr. Lynn broke you out of one of those daydreams? Dont say he hasnt because I sit right behind you." Max shruged and he remember why he always zones out in class. Liz sat right behind him and he could smell her strawberry scented hair and it sent him into orbit. "See! See! Your doing it again!" Liz was laughing so hard her side hurt and her eyes were teary. Max shook his head and his face turned red. There he was denying it and then he has another one. "Oh god thanks Max." She said when she calmed down. "For what?" Liz smiled. "I havent laughed like that in a long time. Well besides the thanks." Max smiled and placed his hand on her shoulder. "No problem." Liz gave him her award winning smile and pointed to her books. "Well lets dig in!" Liz said with excitement and Max laughed. Thats Liz for ya.

A hour later Max rubbed his eyes from reading the small font and leaned back into the couch. Liz rubbed her temples. "God I think my head is going to explode!" Liz groaned. "Hey you never did tell me where your parents are. Its after 10 shouldnt they be home?" Liz shrugged. "Oh they left. My aunt is having a baby." Liz suddenly rememberd her problem and as much as she wished it wasn't true a peice of her wanted it to be. "Now's who daydreaming?" Liz shook her head. "Hehe sorry." Max really didnt want her staying alone. "How about I call my parents and tell them Im staying here. I really dont want you staying here alone. I think they would understand." For some reason he had this powerful urge to protect her. More so then before and it shocked him. "Well if you want to." Max was allready out of his seat and on the phone.

"Here I'll sleep on the couch and if you need anything just come down." Liz nodded and smiled. "Thanks for doing this Max. I feel safe with you around." Max smiled and pushed her to the steps. "Now go to bed young lady." Liz laughed and started up the steps. "Good night Max." "Night Liz."

Once Max heard her bedroom door close her sighed. Why am I putting myself through this? I cant sleep in the same house as her! I might attack her or something and from the way she was acting earlier I dont think she would stop me. Thats what bothered him more. Nowing that he could be up there making love to the most beautiful woman in the world and she would let him. It didnt help his ever growing 2nd head. Down boy.

He took his shirt off and kicked his sneakers off. He layed down on the couch in his wife beater and jeans. He shifted trying to get comfortable. He put his arms under his head and stared at the dark ceiling. He didnt know how long he layed there but he jumped off the couch when he heard Liz's ear shattering scream.
PART 4!!

After Liz said goodnight to Max she made her way upstairs and closed the door behind her. She leaned up against the door and blew her breath out. She was definetly not going to get any sleep with him sleeping downstairs. She wanted to run down there and crawl under those covers and sleep with him. Not sex but just sleeping with him. Those two times they had slept together in the past wasn't nearly enough.

Matter of a fact ever since they slept together out in the desert she wanted to sleep with him. It was like he was a magnet and she had to touch him everytime he was around. Before when they were still together it was easier to just reach out and touch him whenever she needed her Max fix as Maria would call it. It gotten a lot harder lately. She no longer had the right to just walk up to him and attack his mouth.

Now she had to be sneaky about it. Like when they were in class and she sat across him she would *accidently* drop her pencil on the floor between them and when he bent over to pick it up she would too and there hands would brush. Just the smallest touch from him sent her into orbit. It was'nt that strong before but then she touched him everyday. Now she had to wait days sometimes and when they did touch it sent a spark through her so powerful that she would forget where she was and just swim in the feelings she got from him.

If it was'nt for those little touches then she most likely would'nt have kept this secret going as long. Or when she walked down the hall towards him she would drop her books *accidently* and Max being the gentleman he is would stop and help her pick them up. She'd get a cheap feel and feel complete for alittle while but then it would be back again. She couldnt help herself and she knew she was pathetic.

When they danced in Vegas she thought she was going to die from sensory over load. She went from sneaking touches to being in his arms. It was a fast change and when they were dancing she though her legs were going to give out. His smell surronded her and begged for her to tell him the truth. She was going to but the moment was spoiled when Maria stopped singing. Ever since then her need to touch him grew by leeps and her cheap feels got more daring.

She also noticed herself getting more flirty. Not so much talk but a lot of body language. They would be doing a lab together and when she past him she would rub her whole body against him like she was squeezing past him but it was a different story when there was nearly ten feet between him and the next table. He never seamed to notice but then again Max is good at hiding his feelings. Or just maybe he liked her touch as much as she liked his. Did he crave it as much as she did? She never noticed him do something stupid to touch her.

She remember the time when she was so deserate for more than a brush of arms or fingers skimming each other she actual lied to touch him. It was normal for Liz to get a hundred on a Physics test but that day when she walked out of the class with the test in her hands and noticed Max walking in her direction with Tess beside him she could stop what she did. Maybe it was the way Tess was walking beside Max like she owned him or maybe she wanted to rub it in her face. Either way she did it. She looked down at her test and a huge smile covered her face. She ran down the hall shuving people out of her way and yelling his name.

When she had his attention she yelled that she got a 100 on her test and did the boldest thing ever. She jumped into his arms so hard that he stumbled backwards and wrapped his arms around her waist trying not to drop her and from lossing his balance. She wrapped her legs around his hips and squeeled again that she got a 100 on her test. Everyone was staring at them and she loved it. Especially the look on Tess's face. She wanted rumors about them being together to go around so she grabbed his head and layed the biggest kiss on his lips.

It wasnt a passionate kiss or even a romantic kiss. Either way she had to stop it from being one of those or she would blow her cover. Max was more than shocked. She jumped down and gave him a behr hug and waved her test in his face. She knew he wasnt mad when the biggest smile covered his face. He hugged her back and over his shoulder she spotted Maria staring at her with huge eyes. Everyone was staring at them with huge eyes. When she went to her next class that day the rumor was allready flying that she and Max had wild monkey sex.

She wished. She had walked down the hall that day strutting. Oh-yeah-I-slept-with-Max-Evans look covered her face. Sure it wasn't true but hell they didnt know that. All the girls where jealous because it wasn't as secret that he is the most handsome man there. She even had Maria fooled. Tess looked like she was a little dog that lost her owner and Liz loved every second.

Anyways after she released Max to make her excitement look real, She ran and hugged Maria, nearly knocking her over. Maria followed her around the whole day attacking her with questions about the rumors. Liz just smiled and hummed to herself while she mopped the crashdown floor, driving Maria absolutly insane. Till this day everyone at school thought they had sex. She was building herself a reputation but she could care less what those people thought.

Liz sighed and went into her bathroom and stripped down and stepped into the streamy shower. The hot water pelted at her sensitive back and she moaned lightly as the water washed away every thought. After she washed her face and hair she decided she wanted to take a bath so she plugged the drain and switched the water so it came out the fauset. It filled quickly and soon she was resting in the hot water. She closed her eyes and sunk under the water. The water burned her face slightly and she stayed under as long as she could hold her breath.
She released the water from her lungs and it came out her mouth and bubbled to the surface. She came back up and whipped the bubbles off her face. First thing that regestered in her mind was where was that cold breeze coming from? The second thing was that the door was wide open and she could see her window in her room wide open. That was closed. She knew it was. She swallowed hard, afriad to turn around.

She could feel someone in the room with her so she sunk into the water a little farther trying to cover herself. Her hands coverd her stomach without a thought. "Max?" She prayed to god that it was him but she knew it wasnt. Max would never violate her this way. When she got no reponse she said his name again. "Max?" Her voice was scratchy. "You wish I was Max...too bad for you he isnt here to save you again." Her head spun around when she recognized his voice. "Sean!" He started walking towards her and she crawled into the corner of the tub away from him covering herself.

She wanted to jump out of the tub and run for her life to Max but from the way Sean was looking at her he would enjoy it too much. She would'nt give him the satisfaction. "Get out of here now!" She said strongly but her voice wavered. He gave her a evil smile and stepped closer. "What do you want?" He cocked his head to the side. "To kill the heir to the throne of coarse." He said like it was no big deal. "What are you talking about?" Liz lied. He confirmed it for her. She is pregnant. "Oh Lizzy dont play this game with me. It's really tiring." He got closer.
"Please dont." Her hand tightened over her stomach and if she was'nt so scared she might have noticed the glow from her stomach getting brighter and brighter. Sean raised his hand and a red light shot out of his hand. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH MAX!!!" She screamed and as fast as lightning her right hand raised from her stomach and she held it in front of her as protection. Her left hand still covering her stomach.

The white light in her stomach grew and soon it traveled up her chest and through her arm. Her fingers tingled and a bright flash of white light shot out of her hand and hit head on with the red light. The look on Sean's face grew from a evil smile to being horrified. With a flash of her own anger. "Your not hurting my baby!!" She screamed at him. She pushed harder and her own energy shot out of her hand. The bright purple color swirled around the white light and they mixed and grew even stronger. Sean stumbled back and with the last of his power he pushed hard enough so when he jumped out of the line of fire he didnt get hit. It happened so quickly. Sean ran out of the bathroom.

She slumped back and covered her stomach with both hands. Her stomach throbed and the bright glow soon tuned down into a dim glow. She knew the baby was resting now. She felt emotionally and physically spent. She couldnt get out of the tub if she tried. She felt her eyes closing and she didnt fight it. She needed to rest for her and the babies sake.
Max ran up the steps two at a time. His heart hammered in his chest. Something was happening. He pounced through the door just in time to see Sean Deluca running out of the bathroom like the devil himself was chasing him. Sean's eyes grew wide right before Max right fist slammed him so hard in the face that he went flying through the air. Over Liz's bed and crashed into Liz's desk. He crashed to the floor and her computer fell on top of him. Max was scared for a second that maybe he killed him but he was shocked when Sean jumped to his feet and picked up the computer moniter and threw it at Max.

Max raised his sheild quickly and the moniter stopped in mid air and fell on the bed. Sean ran out of the window and Max was right behind him. Max watched as Sean just jumped over the ledge and by the time he reached the wall he looked down and saw Sean running off. No human could survive that punch her landed to his face. No human could have thrown that moniter at the force he did. No human could jump over that ledge and land without braking his legs.

Fear grew inside Max and he ran into the bathroom and found Liz laying in the water still. "Oh god! Liz!" He ran to her thinking she was dead and getting ready to heal her. He checked her pulse and a huge smile covered his face. She's not dead! He touched her cheek and a flash ran through his head. He saw Liz covering her stomach and it glowing brightly. Her hand raised in the air and white and purple bright lights coming out. Her saw her power and *gasp* Sean's red power battling. Her power was winning and he could feel someone elses power helping her. He saw Sean run out of the room from her eyes and finally her covering her glowing stomach and falling asleep.

When the flash was over he flew back from the power of it and gasped. Their connection was never that strong. He felt the water and it was getting cold. He got a towel and without thinking about looking at her body he picked her up out of the tub. She sighed his name and held on tightly to him as he wrapped the towel around her and carried her to her bed. He kicked the moniter off the bed and waved his free hand over the bed removing the thick glass from the screen off her bed. Once he was sure he got every peice off he layed her down and tucked her under the covers with only the towel covering her. Sure he felt attracted to her but protecting her came first.

He knew from the flash that she was building strength at the very same moment. He left her side breifly but kept glancing at her to make sure she was alright. He waved his hand over her desk and the one that was laying on the floor snapped in half and broke legs was now standing up like it was never touched. He scanned his hand over the moniter and fixed that. Next was the tower and that was alittle harder to fix. Once he had everything where it should be he closed and locked her window.

Still not satisfied he waved his hand over it and it sealed closed. He crawled into bed with her and with her under under the covers and him over the covers she curled up against him. As much as he wanted to wake her up and question her he knew it wasnt the right time. She needs rest now and he could wait forever for her. The next thing he would do would be making Sean or whoever he was pay for even trying to harm his Liz...and the baby. Max thought wildly. It just poped into his head right then. Shocking the hell out of him. Definetly not getting any sleep tonight. He was in watch mode.

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Here part 5

Im not sure about this part so definetly tell me what you think.

(Miranda throws rocks at the WB and roses at UPN...our NEW home!!


Max awoke to the feel of Liz running her fingers over his behr chest. He opened his eyes slowly and saw her hand under his shirt drawing little patterns. She didnt notice that he was awake yet because her head rested on his shoulder with her eyes closed.

Her index finger ran over his nipple and he sucked his breath in. Liz's eyes opened and she smiled at him. "Good morning sleepy head." Liz teased. Liz pinched his nipple and Max jumped. "Ouch!" He covered her hand with his own.

Liz giggled and moved her free hand to his other nipple and gave it a pinch. "Ouch! Not so hard!" Max said as he grabbed both her hands. Her little hands got free and she dug her fingers in his ribs tickling him. Max started laughing uncontrolably. "Liz...Liz" Max gasped out between laughter. Liz tickled him none stop and laughed along with him. Suddenly Max was the agressor and he rolled over quickly pinning her small frame under his large frame.

She fought back but he was too strong. He held her hands down above her head with one hand while he teased her with his other. "No! Max! pleeeease dont!!!" Liz shreiked when Max's hand gently attacked her blanket covered ribs. She squirmed under him. She buckled her hips trying to send him flying forward. He flew forward and banged his head off the wall with a loud thud. "Ouch! You little witch you!" Max said while regaining balance and rubbing the top of his head.

Liz saw the devilish smile on his face and she started kicking her legs. Finally she pushed her hips up and wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled him backwards. Liz jumped up quickly and pinned him to the bed. "Damn your flexible!" Max exclaimed. Liz noticed that Max's eyes glazed over with lust. Just to spite him she pinched his nipples with both hands and jumped off him and ran out of her room with the sheet around her.

With a "Ouch!" followed by a low growl Max was up and chasing her out the door. Liz shreiked as Max's hand brushed her arm. The apartment was full of their laughter, pounding feet and a shreik when Max finally caught her.

Max finally left Liz's place a hour later. Liz said she was going to call Maria over so he wasn't to worried. He made Liz promise that she would call him on his cell if anything happened. Like if Sean showed up again. He decided against talking to Liz about being pregnant at the moment. She might not even know herself. He'd wait alittle longer.

"Hey Maria can you come and pick me up? I need to go to the store."
After Maria hung up Liz put her shoes on and waited for Maria to show up. I didnt take long.

When they got to the pharmacy Liz ditched Maria and ran over and purchased a pregnancy kit. She looked at it and laughed. Who would have thought Liz Parker would purchase one of these so soon. She felt weird when the cashier studied her when she rung up the test. Oddly Maria didnt say a word to Liz about her running off. On their way back to the crashdown they stopped off and rented 3 movies for the night.

It didnt take long for Liz to convince Maria to stay the night. Liz didnt want Maria staying there by herself just in case Sean tried something. Maria also knew Liz was hiding something so Liz had to tell her something.
"THAT ASSHOLE DID WHAT!?" Maria yelled while pacing. Liz stood up and rubbed Maria's back. "Hey its ok...I'm fine."
"What did he want?"

Liz almost told her about the possibilty of being pregnant but held it back.
"I'm...not really sure he just used his powers on me and I used mine on him. I was stronger than him so he ran and in the process he ran into Max in my room and Max beat the crap out of him."

"Wait! Max was in your room!" Maria said with a smile. "Aww so cute! Your knight and shining armor!" Liz blushed. "Ahhh you said you used your powers! You have powers too?" Liz nodded and Maria frowned. "Thats not fair! I want powers! Hey do you think If I go out and get myself shot then have Max heal me then Id have powers?"

Liz smacked Maria. "Dont you even think about it!" Liz and Maria giggled. "Liz how am I sopposed to shot myself when I cant even stand needles?" Liz nodded her head in agreement.

"Hey Max. What are you doing here?" Michael asked as he stared at the TV. Max closed the door behind him quietly. He had to talk to someone about this. "You think I could tear you away from that game for a minute. I need to talk to you." Muchael nodded his head and started yelling at the TV. Max grabbed the remote and shut it off. "Max what the he..." Michael finally got a good look at Max.

His face looked pale and his eyes red from crying. Michael was more than concerned. "What happened?" Max ran his hand through his wet hair and leaned back on the couch. "If I tell you something promise me you wont say a word to anyone. Especially Liz." Michael nodded. "So this is about Liz?" Max sighed and got up and started pacing.

"Isn't it always." Michael said answering his own question. Soon the whole story came out about Liz and Kyle and every single detail about seeing her in bed with him. Then he went on about how Sean attacked Liz and how she had powers and finally her stomach glowing.

"So you think she's pregnant?" Michael asked gently. Allready knowing it was really hard for Max to talk about. Max only nodded and Michael shocked Max by pulling him in for a hug. They wernt on the best terms lately but besides Liz, Michael was the easiest to talk to. His bestfriend. Finally the wall crumbled and all his emotions and anger came flowing out of his heart in loud sobs. Michael just held onto Max and patted him on the back.

He felt weird hugging Max but Max needed him now. He saw the door open and Tess's face. Before she could say anything he lifted his hand and the door slammed shut. Max didnt even hear it. He just kept crying and crying. Michael felt his eyes start to get misty from the feelings that flowed off of Max. Max finally pulled away embarrassed. "Sorry about that...I...umm" Michael smacked him on the back. "Hey thats what friends are for."

thirty minutes later
"Ok so if she IS pregnant than that still doesnt explain her stomach glowing." Michael said. "Plus we dont even know if she IS pregnant." Max sat back. "What If I said I KNOW she IS pregnant?" Michale gave him that look that said go on. "I was helping her into bed and suddenly I felt it...I just knew..." Michael was confused now. "You felt...knew what?" Max sighed. "I felt my mind." Michael's eyes got big and he choked on a chip. "Well Maxwell the only way to know for sure is to ask her." Max cringed. "I know but I'm afraid to actually hear her say it." Michael nodded.

Liz and Maria just got finshed watching Scream 3. They looked at each other. "HATED IT!" they said in unison and started laughing. "That one was even worse than Scream 2!" Maria said. Liz couldnt take her eyes off the small white bag on the stand. "Hey I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Liz said. Maria nodded and put 'Volcano' into the VCR. Liz grabbed the bag and walked into the bathroom.

She locked the door behind her and pulled the test out. Before she could change her mind she pulled everything out and took the test. Now she only had to wait three whole minutes. She tapped her foot and kept staring at the stick. "Please be a minus" repeated over and over in her head.

She wanted to have Max's child badly but not now. It's too soon. She kept glancing at her watch and when the time was up she started laughing at herself.

Here she stood three minutes staring at the stick and wishing it would hurry up but now that its time she didnt want to go near it and she looked everywhere BUT at the stick. She pulled the box out of the can to see how accurate it was.

It better be accurate for twenty-five dollors. On the label it said it was what hospitals used. "Yeah right." Liz said outloud. Liz closed her eyes and picked up the stick. She opened her eyes slowly and she sighed...

Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
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Part 6

"Hey where you going?" Michael asked as Max put his wet jacket back on. "I'm gonna take a walk...then go and talk to Liz." Max said as he opened the door. "Are you crazy? It's pouring outside!" Max actually laughed. "Hey you cant say I'm going to catch a cold cause we dont get sick and plus I like the rain." Michael shook his head as Max closed the door. He finally turned the TV on, glad that he could catch the end of the game.

Max walked down the quiet streets. Everyone always go inside when it rains. Well except for the kids that like to jump in the mudd puddles. Dark was coming soon. He finally reached the park and just stood there thinking about Liz. He had planned on getting back together with her even if she did sleep with Kyle. He needed her to much. Now her being pregnant was a whole different story.

He couldnt bring his mind to beleive that Kyle got Liz pregnant. Liz is going to have Kyle's baby kept repeating through is mind. He jumped when he heard someone yell his name. He turned around hoping it was Liz but allready knowing it was'nt. God does she stalk me or something? Max thought.

Tess yelled Max's name and ran up to him. After seeing Max crying on Michaels shoulder she had to find out what was wrong.

Max watched as Tess ran up to him and he almost gaged. The girl tried way to hard. If she thought all he cared about was the size of a girls breasts then she didnt know him at all. Well he allready knew she didnt know him. The shirt she was wearing now made him afriad that she was going to fall out. Not what he wanted to see at all.

"Hey Max." Tess said in her cheery voice. She noticed that his eyes lost that sparkling shine. He didnt respond just stared at her wondering what she wanted. "I saw you at Michaels and I just wanted to know if you wanted to talk?" Tess knew for sure he would talk. Lately he turned to her when he was going through something. You can imagin her shock and anger when he said no.

"No thanks I talked to Michael...I'm just thinking." Max said as the rain poured down on him. "Thinking about Liz?" Tess asked allready knowing the answer. He didnt answer her. She allready knew the answer was yes and she also knew that Max knew she knew. Sounds confusing huh? She just stood there next to him while he took a trip into his own world. When he sat down on a bench she sat down too. He finally looked at her. "Tess I'm not being rude but I'd like to think...alone." Tess sighed and clunched her fists on her jeans.

"MAX!!" Max shot his head up.

Liz picked up the stick with her eyes closed and she slowly opened them and sighed. "IM PREGNANT" shouted through her head and finally reality and truth consumed her and she started to shake. The stick fell from her hand and bounced off the floor. It was a positive mark. Confirming what she allready knew was true. I'm 17 and pregnant. My parents are going to kill me. No no they are going to kick me out and dis-own me. Her eyes started to fill with tears and they poured down her face.

A sob escaped her throat and she grabbed the box and threw positive stick inside. She ran into her room blindly and pulled her pajama's off. She grabbed a pair of cotton khaki pants that her mother bought for her that were to big and threw them on. They hung snugly from her waist but the only part big was the length of the legs. She liked them. The tears continued to pour but she stayed silent. She distracted herself by remembering where she got her clothes from while she got dressed.

She pulled the white tank top over her head that Maria bought for her. She never wore it because she thought it showed way to much clevage. It wasnt a V-neck. Instead it was a straight line across that was really low. She didnt know the technical term for it. She didnt like having to worry about if she was going to fall out. Right now that did'nt matter though.

She looked around and picked her jansport bookbag off the floor that she talked her mother into buying. Her mother didnt want to buy it because it was a boys bookbag but Liz had to have it cause Max had the same one. Liz dumped the books out on her bed and threw the pregnancy test in. Dont want anyone finding it! She zipped it shut and whirled around her room until she saw her old black leather jacket hanging on the corner of the chair.

It was the same one that she wore when Max and she went out into the desert searching for that stupid orb that interupted them. She pulled it on and sat down on her bed and put on the closest pair of shoes. They happened to be her new work shoes. Adidias to be specific. Those blue/green ones that matched her uniform just couldnt cut it anymore. Great her new completely white shoes in the rain. It was the least of her problems.

She got up and threw her bookbag over her shoulders and ran down the stairs as fast as she could with tears pouring down her face. Maria jumped off the couch when she saw Liz practically breaking down in front of her. "Maria we have to go." Liz said and grabbed the keys off the table and ran down stairs. Maria looked down at her pajama's and groaned. She ran down the stairs after her. "Liz wait up! Whats wrong?" When Maria got outside in the rain and finally made it to her car Liz was in the drivers seat and the car was started.

Maria jumped in and Liz burned out. "Hey watch the tires!"

15 minutes later
(They allready tried Max's house and now on their way to Michaels place.)

"Liz maybe you should let me drive." Maria stated. "Liz you have to tell me whats wrong! Your scaring me." Liz glanced over at her quickly and looked back at the road. Maria sighed. "I'm sorry but I cant. Not right now." Liz said hoarsly. "Fine will you tell me why we are driving around in this weather like a mad woman just to find Max?" Liz shifted in her seat and glanced at Maria again. "Listen we can have this really long talk afterwards but right now I really need to talk to Max first." Maria sighed and hoped that they would get to Michael's in one piece.

They finally got to Michael's and Liz slammed on the breaks causing the tires to squeel. Liz jumped out and ran inside the building. "Damn she should join the track team or something!" Maria sighed and ran inside yelling the whole way as the cold rain pelted her on her bear shoulders.

"Damn dont you people knock!" Michael yelled because he had to stop watching the game. Maria came in after Liz with her hair matted around her face and her clothes drenched. Liz looked like the rain didnt even touch her. He couldnt really tell because her hair was in a loose french braid anyway. She looked like she has been crying...a lot. She probly knows she's pregnant Michael thought.

"Michael where is Max?" Liz asked quickly. "Oh um he said he was going for a walk. So he's probly at the..."
" it." Liz filled in and ran outside the door. Maria rubbed her arms and Michael made her sit down beside him and wrapped a blanket around her.


Liz ran for the park as fast as she could. The rain stung her face and her chest. Her open jacket flew behind her as she sprinted for the park. Once there she ran around looking for him. She wanted to find him before dark came. The last thing she needed was being in the park when its dark when Sean is allready trying to kill her.

She stopped running when her stomach started hurting from running to much. She needed to catch her breath anyways. Liz whirled around and finally spotted Max...with Tess. Oh well she can just get lost. This cant wait. I have to tell him.

"MAX!" She yelled as loud as she could over the rain and wind and started running towards him. His head snapped up with a worried look on his face. He stood up and took a step towards me but I was allready there. The tears where still flowing but the rain drops where also streaming down my face. I dont think he has noticed yet.

"What? Is it Sean?" Max asked urgently. Tess jumped up. "What about Sean?" Liz didnt take her eyes off of Max. " nothing like that." Liz said slowly. "Liz are you allright?" Max asked worried. "No...Im not...I need to talk to you..." When Tess didnt move Liz looked at her for the first time. "... alone." Tess finally took the hint and got up and walked away with her tail between her legs.

Max walked closer and stood in front of her looking down at her. She was shivering. "Sure right after I get you inside. It's too cold out her Liz." Liz didnt move. "Your out here." Max smiled. "I dont get sick. Remember?" Liz looked away. "Oh yeah thats right. Well I have to tell you now or I may never have the guts to tell you that I'm...well Max...I'm..." Liz was having a hard time getting it out. "Pregnant." Max finished for her. Max felt his own tears come when Liz nodded her head yes.

" did you know? Did you have the same dream?" Liz said thinking outloud. Max shook his head. "No I felt it..." The biggest smile reached Liz's eyes and she stepped closer. She looked hurt when Max took a step back. "Look Liz I'm sure you want to talk about this with me but cant you talk to Maria about it...I just dont think I'm going to be much of a listener right now. I'm happy for you and Kyle." Max finished and stepped back farther. Liz searched her head for what Max was talking about.

Happy for me and Kyle? Oh my God he thinks I'm pregnant with Kyles baby! He still thinks I slept with Kyle. Liz felt like smacking herself. Liz ran up to him. "No Max not Kyle..." Max cut her off. "SOMEONE ELSE!!??" Max yelled. He couldnt beleive his ears. Liz grabbed him by his arm. Stopping him from walking away. "No Max it's confusing...Oh god how do I even explain this?" She looked up at Max and the tears continued to flow.

A sob escaped her throat and she pulled his head down ruffly to hers. A spark flew when thier lips touched. Max tried to pull away but her hands tangled in his wet hair. Her lips attacked his ruffly. To the point where Max was sure they would be bruised. She sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and a moan escaped his throat. Max wanted to kiss her back badly but it was wrong. He still fought her.

Liz felt him getting away so she wrapped her thighs around his waist and locked her legs behind his back. "" Max said with her lips still against his. "Please Max...I want you too see." He couldnt resist her anymore. He grasped the sides of her face in his hands and started kissing back. Liz moaned when she felt his lips moving against hers. She thrusted her tongue into his hot mouth and Max nearly lost it. With a growl he shuved his tongue into her mouth to mate with hers. Liz moaned and tightened her grip on his hair. Lightning and thunder lit the sky. They kissed and kissed and kissed.

Max felt the connection coming and he didnt fight it. Liz felt free. No more lies. Only truth. Max swam through her mind and soon images where flying past him.

Future Max coming to her window

"I need you to help me fall out of love with you."

"How could I tell him I wouldnt die for him when he's the only reason I'm alive."

"Good you got her to wear that top."
"So you like that top."
"we have to play every card we have."

"Dont look at him...make him come to you...make sure he see's the book...tell him Steinbeck is your favorite author."
"You got him to sit down with her!"
"Rah rah"

"We eloped. We were nineteen."
"Wow thats young. Thats too young."
"Thats what I said...but you said Romeo and Juliet were even younger."

"I need you help."

"No undergarments stay on!"

Liz and Kyle laying in bed talking then Max showing up.

"Dont you know what you are to me? You are the love of my life. There will never be another you. Everyone will be second best."

"Will you dance with me?"
"I want to have my wedding dance."

Liz and future Max dancing

"I dont want you to hate me."
"I need time."

Liz crying laying in bed

Liz seeing him kissing Tess

Max left all her pain and tears slid down his face. The kiss went on because he felt some thing else coming. These images came like he was watching a movie.
Liz's dream flooded his mind and body and they started kissing harder.

Max pressed her back against the tree and started moving against her. Liz moaned and arched her back. He pumped against her harder and they both exploded quickly and together.

"After five years of trying we finally get pregnant." Liz whispered. Max only nodded. " I didnt think it was possible."

"What do you want?"
"To kill the heir to the throne of coarse."

Finally the flashes came to a end and Max couldnt stop the sob that exploded from his chest. He burried his head in her neck. Liz couldnt hold back the sobs anymore. She didnt want to. Soon Liz was crying right along with Max and they held onto each other tightly.

Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
Attention may cause dizzyness and uncontrolable drooling.
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Michael pressed Maria into the couch as he laid down on top of her. The game long forgoten. He sucked on her neck and she wiggled under him. His hands slid up and cupped her breasts. Maria gasped and started moaning his name.
"Michael...Michael...Michael.....Tess." Michael jerked up.

"WHAT!" Maria looked behind Michael and whispered, "Look."
Michael jumped from between Maria's legs to the floor. He ran his hand threw his hair in frustration. "Havent you heard of knocking?" Michael asked rudely. Tess backed out of the door. "Sorry I'll just leave." Michael walked towards her. "Thats crazy its storming out there. I'm sorry just a lot of people have been just walking in lately." Tess nodded and shut the door behind her.

"Sorry it's pretty bad out there." Maria sat up so Tess could sit down. "What were you doing out there anyway?" Maria asked curiously. "I was talking to Max but then Liz ran up and said she needed to talk to Max alone so I left. If I knew you guys were um...busy...I wouldnt have came." Tess finished with a blush on her face. Maria blushed too and Michael shrugged. "Its no big deal. We are just making out." Maria's face grew redder. "MICHAEL!" Maria yelled beyond embarrasment. Tess just laughed.

Max looked into Liz's eyes and he smiled and pecked her on the nose. Liz giggled softly and wrapped her arms tighter around his waist. Her hands roamed up and down his back in a soothing manner. Max wrapped his arms around her shoulders and held her to him tightly. Liz rested her cheek against his chest. His heart beating calming her down quickly. Max rested his chin on the crown of her head and kissed her there.

Liz sighed and rubbed her cheek against his wet T-shirt. Her eye's slowly closed. She hadnt realized how tired she really was. She felt emotionally and physically spent. The warmth and smell of Max just fed the fire and soon she drifted off into a light sleep. Max sensed this and kissed the top of her head once more before gently picking her up into his arms. "Max." She whispered softly next to his ear and moved her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Her legs instinctevly wrapped tightly around his waist even in her sleep.

Max wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and held her close. He began walking through the rain and wind. Sometime during the flashes it got dark. He wasn't sure how long they had been standing outside. Max cursed hoping she wouldnt get sick. This thought made his legs move faster so he could get her out of the rain and into dry clothes.

Michael, Maria, and Tess sat on the couch. The two girls rolled their eyes when Michael started yelling at the TV yet again.
"What the hell?" Michael said as a emergency broadcast came over the screen.

"Michael we should go find them. It's getting really bad out there. I cant even see through the rain! It's like a sheet." Maria said.
"I cant drive in that stuff. Not even with my powers." Tess said as she also looked out the window.

"Thats why you two are staying here tonight. Just wait guys we will give them 5 more minutes. If they arent back by then we will go look for them. I'm gonna call Isabel and make she's ok." Michael said as he picked up the phone.
"Damit it! The line is dead!" Michael cursed.
"Here Michael use my cell. It's working." Maria said. Michael took the phone and called Max's house.

"Isabel's fine. She yelled at me for interrupting her game of monopoly with her parents." Michael said and rolled his eyes.
"Yeah I just called Jim's house and he and Kyle are both good. Jim said we should cover the windows. They might brake from the wind" Tess said worried.

Max ran down the street fighting the big gust of wind that blew at him. The rain stung his face. He held the back of Liz's head making sure her face was buried in his neck sheilding her from the rain. Her warm breath blew softly on his neck. He ran faster keeping her body tighty to his.

She had herself wrapped so tightly around him that when he ran her body moved right along with his. She didnt bounce and it made running a lot easier. Her weight didnt effect his movements at all. Max was surprised she didnt wake up. He knew she was fine but somehow she slept right through it. He finally reached Michael's apartment building breathing hard. He pushed the door open and shut it quickly behind him.
"I was getting so worried about you guys." Maria said as she walked over to Max and Liz.
"Whats wrong with Liz?" Maria asked.
"Everything's great. She's just sleeping." Max said as he gave Michael a look saying everything was indeed great. Michael smiled.
"You have got to be kidding me! She's sleeping!" Maria said laughing.
Tess looked at Max holding Liz and she had to stop herself from barfing. Not only was he holding her but he's holding her in a very sexual way Tess thought. Her eyes got big when she saw Max's hand cup Liz's bottom and pull her closer to him. She looked away quickly but not before Max saw her looking.

Max felt Liz starting to slip. Her legs lossened and she started to slowly side down his body. Without thinking he cupped her bottom and pulled her back up. He saw Tess looking but she quickly looked away. Liz whimpered and tightened her legs again. She moaned against his ear again and pecked his wet neck with her hot lips. He gasped and felt his cock jump and come to life. The way Liz acted so innocent in her sleep while she did this only served to turn him on even more.

"You all are staying here." Michael stated. It wasn't a question. He was relieved when no one argued. He looked over at Max and Liz and noticed how drenched they were.
"I'll go get you two something to sleep in. I hope Liz doesnt mind sleeping in my clothes." Michael said as he lead Max back to his room.

When they got to Michaels room Michael started pulling clothes out. Max whispered Liz name and she slowly woke up and looked around still very tired. Her eyes finally focused on Max's
"Sorry for waking you. Michael has some warm, dry clothes for you too change into. We have to stay here tonight. It's really storming outside." Max said softly. She looked so cute. Liz yawned and let her legs drop to the floor. She held onto Max until she woke up enough so she could stand on her own.
"Why dont you go change in the bathroom while I change in here?" Max asked. Liz's smile made his heart pound in his chest. How could she do that?
"Ok. Thanks Michael." Liz said as she walked into the bathroom.

Michael waited until the bathroom door was shut before diggin it.
"So Max what happened?" Michael asked as Max pulled his wet clothes off. When he was down to his boxers he waved his hand over them and they dried.
"Oh can we talk about it tomorrow? It's a really long story." Max said. He didnt want to talk to Michael about this yet. He hadnt even asked Liz all the questions he wanted. All he knew was Liz loved him with all her heart, a future version of himself visited Liz, She didnt sleep with Kyle, and she's pregnant with his child. A smile spread over Max's face.
"Now why did you just dry your boxers and not everything else?" Michael asked amused. "Oh who wants to sleep in jeans?" Michael nodded. "Not me!"
"Hey Michael?" Liz yelled.
"Yeah?" Michael yelled back.
"I'm going to use your shower ok?"
"Sure no problem."

Max pulled a black shirt over his head and a pair of cotton blue shorts over his boxers. Max heard the shower start on his way into the living room where Maria and Tess sat.
He knocked on the bathroom door.
"Could you save some hot water for me?" Max asked planning on getting a shower after her.
"Sure no problem. I wont take long."

Liz emerged from the steamy bathroom fifteen minutes later wearing one of Michaels HUGE t-shirts and a pair of shorts she had to roll up 5 times.

Liz walked into the livingroom and Michael started laughing at her.
"What?" Liz asked as she pulled the shorts up only to have them start to fall again. This caused Max to start laughing too. She glared playfully at them and stuck her nose in the air. Max laughed and smacked her on the ass as he walked towards the bathroom. Liz yelped and jumped. Max gave her a devilish smile and laughed when Liz rubbed her butt. "I'll be back" he said as he shut the bathroom door behind him. Liz looked at Michael and came up with a good come back.
"Hey it's not MY fault your so FAT!" Liz said as she stretched the shorts out. "I could fit 5 of me in here!"
"Oh good one!" Maria said as she started giggling with Liz.
"Did you just call me fat Parker?" Michael asked as he rose out of the chair.
"Oh gee I think I did." Liz said as she rolled her eyes. She watched as Michael aproached to her slowly. He dodged at her and Liz ran before he could catch her. She ran behind the couch with Michael right behind her. Maria jumped up as Liz passed and she grabbed Michael tackling him to the couch.

The room turned into laughter as Michael tried to get up. Liz stuck her tongue out and all of a sudden Maria was on the couch alone. Liz shreiked and ran back the hall. Without thinking she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. She heard water running and the bathroom filled with steam. Her eyes widened when she turned and saw the outline of Max's body through the clear shower curtain. She didnt hear Max call her name.

Liz watched as Max's head poped out. Water dripped off his nose and ran over his full lips. "Sorry...I um well Michael was chasing me so I ran back her. I wasn't thinking about you being in here." Liz babbled waving her hands around. She never once took her eyes off him. A sexy smile formed on Max's lips.
"Your babbling." Max stated. Max saw her eyes roaming so he pulled the shower curtain open alittle farther so she could see his chest. He watched her lick her lips and her eyes glazed over with lust. He almost groaned when her little tongue slipped out and wet her lips again.

When Max pulled the shower curtain open wider she almost past out. Drops of water ran down his chest and over his six pack. Her mouth suddenly felt very dry so she kept licking her lips. Her cheeked flushed as her body heated up. She looked into his eyes again and blushed. Max smiled gently. "Come here." He camanded ruffly. When he talked to her that way she had no choice but to do as he asked.

She walked slowly to him and stood in front of him. His wet hands grasped her face and he pulled her lips to his. Liz moaned and pulled him farther out of the shower as she wrapped her arms around him. She wanted to get closer but she found herself kicking the bathtub. Max lips kissed her cheeks and her chin. Liz dropped her head back and closed her eyes. Max ran wet kisses from her chin all the way down her throat. Her grip got tighter and he worked his way over to the most sensitive part of her neck.

Liz gasped and started rubbing her legs together, trying to stop the ach between her legs when his lips locked onto the side of her neck. She trembled when he nipped at her then licked the light sting away. Her breathing picked up when he started teasing her. He would leave little pecks on her neck when all she wanted was for him to leave hot, open mouth kisses all over. She wanted to be sucked on. She felt herself getting wetter and she pressed closer to him no longer caring if she got drenched. That damn tub still getting in her way. "Max....please." Liz gasped
"Please what? What do you want Liz." Max said gruffly next to her ear. Liz gasped when he pulled her earlobe between his full lips and pulled on it.
"Oh...God...Max please...I want you!" Liz said breathless
"I want that too...but we cant...not here. It should be somewhere special." Max said as he licked the underside of her jaw. Liz was beyond thinking at this point. Her hand ran down his chest and grasped his erection and started pumping up and down quickly. She wanted him to loose all control and bang into her.
"I dont care." Liz said. Max couldnt think for a second. He grabbed her stroking hand with the intention to stop her but he found himself helping her. His hand wrapped around hers and he showed her how hard to squeeze and how fast he liked to be stroked. He groaned next to her ear and his mouth opened and latched onto her neck. Liz moaned when she felt his mouth start sucking on her neck hard and his teeth scraping her tender skin. She was sure she would have a hickey but she found herself wanting one. To be branded by him in anyway. She squeezed his cock harder and Max jerked. "OH GOD!." He yelled uncontrolably.


"OH GOD!" They heard Max yell and Maria started giggling. Michael looked like he was gonna get sick and Tess looked like she was about to blow up. All that smoke steaming out of her ears. Maria looked at Tess and laughed harder.

"Oh yes MAX!" Liz cried suddenly and Michael jumped and cringed. Maria laughed harder then ever before and started snorting. Tess's face turned red and she stood up quickly and walked to the door. "I'll be waiting in the hall." She said with anger and shut the door behind her. Michael and Maria looked at each other and he couldnt help but laugh at the way Tess responded. He only laughed harder when Maria continued to snort.
"Be quite you pig!" Michael said laughing.
"Oink Oink baby!" Maria said before busting out into laugher again.

Max pulled Liz's shirt over her head quickly and groaned and licked his lips when he saw her soft breasts for the first time. His hands cupped their weight and he pinched her hard nipple.
"Oh yes MAX!" Liz cried. Max smiled against her cheek. Liz's shorts fell from her hips completly and Max gasped. She stood completly naked in front of him and her breasts pressed against his hard chest. She pushed forward and Max stumbled back and hit the wall with a loud smack. Liz flew in and jumped into his arms. She attacked his mouth drinking in his taste again. She thought she'd never taste and feel him again. Max groaned and grabbed the back of her thighs and Liz wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock rubbed agaisnt her hot folds and Max spun them around crushing her back to the wall. Liz arched her back as his tongue made its way down to her throat to her breasts. Her heels dug into his hard ass as she tried to raise herself over his cock.
"Oh Max I need you...please touch me." Liz gasped with frustration when she couldnt get him inside.
"What do you want Liz? Besides me. I cant make love to you here." Max said as he pulled her closer. Liz knew what she wanted but she couldnt make herself say it. Max saw her struggling.
"What do you want Liz?" Max repeated while squeezing her ass cheeks.
"I want you too make love to me Max...why cant you? Dont you want to?" Liz asked rubbing against him.
"Oh coarse I do! When we do it Liz its going to be on a bed and I want us to be all alone so I can hear you moaning my name...loudly. Because what I have planned for you is definetly going to rock your world." Max said in a tight voice laced with want. Liz gasped with want and kissed him again.
"I'll ask you one more time. What do you want Liz?" Max said against her lips. He looked into her eyes. She met his gaze steadily and licked her lips. If she couldnt have all of him then she wanted some of him.
She licked her lips again. "I to...finger me..." Max gasped at her choice of words and felt his cock twitch. "As you wish...but I do have one request.' Max growled as his fingers slid from her ass farther down. His fingers found her anus and she gasped. "Whats that?" Liz finally asked. His fingers worked forwards. Past her anus and to her wet heat He traced the outline of her lips. Liz quivered in his arms. He looked into her eyes and held her stare. "That you be quite..." he lined his middle finger up with her opening"...and look at me the whole time." Max said as his eyes burned into hers and he thursted his finger deeply inside her. Liz moaned and arched her back. Max clenched his jaw when he saw her face etch with pleasure. "shhh" Max whispered and withdrew his finger only to plunge it back inside. Her back arched everytime until his figer moved so fast that she stayed that way. Seeing her arching with pleasure made him start to loss control. Bringing her pleasure brought him pleasure. He felt himself start to orgasim. "More...please more." Liz begged. Max slid his index finger in also and Liz cried out. She started moaning, getting louder and louder as he pumped his fingers inside her. He felt her walls clamp on his fingers and she moaned his name loudly "Oh GOD yes!! MAX!!". Her saying his name that way snapped his control and he jerked as his orgasim ripped through his body leaving him tired and happy.

"Oh GOD yes!! MAX" was heard all through out the apartment and Michael jumped up looking at the door to the bathroom. He could handle a few little moans but then he heard something bang up against the wall and knocked down one of his paintings. Either they are deflowering his bathroom or trying to kill each other. Then Liz's throaty moan "Oh GOD yes!! MAX!!" slammed through his ears and he was sure Tess heard it. Having enough a evil smile spread over his face and he walked to the power box and pulled it open.

Maria saw the look on his face and ran over. "Michael what are you doing?" Maria asked loudly. Michael turned to her and smiled devilishly. "I think the two rabbits need to cool down." Michael said and Maria looked at what his hand was on. "You wouldnt!" Maria started laughing. Michael shut the hot water off and waited. When nothing happened he turned around only to come face to face with a very happy looking Max. "I know you too well." Max said as he wrapped his arms around a very happy Liz and winked at him. "HAHA you got me." Michael said sarcastically. "Look were really tired so were going to bed." Liz said and smiled up at Max. "Yeah you should be tired. After all that screaming and banging up against my walls!" Michael said and Liz turned as red as a tomato. Michael started laughing and ruffled Liz's hair as he walked past her.

Jason Behr should have a warning label because he is hazerdous to my health.
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Your right.

Here's parts 8 and 9

Part 8!!

Michael stepped out of the apartment and into the hallway. He looked both ways and then he spotted her. He was about to walk down the hall to her when Maria grabbed his arm.

"I will handle this." Maria pushed Michael back inside and shut the door in his face before he could say anything. Maria smiled triumphantly before rubbing her hands together. Her smiled faded when her eyes landed on Tess.

Great now what was she gonna say to her? Good idea Deluca. Tess looked at her and Maria quickly smiled.

"Why dont you come inside? I made a bed for you. It's the floor but-"

"I'm just gonna go home." She said cutting Maria off.

"Are you sure? It's really bad out there. I mean we want you to stay."

Tess laughed. "Whatever. Tell Michael I will see him at school." Tess said coldy before going outside.

Maria huffed and crossed her arms. "Well screw you too" She said outloud.

A breeze of cold air hit her so she quickly went back inside.

"Where's Tess?"

Maria sat down on the couch beside him and he wrapped his arm around her.

"I told her I made a place for her to sleep but she blew me off and she she was leaving. Oh yeah and she will see you in school."

Michael nodded slowly. "Ok." Maria was waiting for him to yell at her for letting Tess leave. Michael felt her stiffen up beside him.

"Hey whats wrong?" he rubbed her shoulder trying to get her to relax.

"I just thought you would be mad..." Michael turned her head and made her look at him.

"Mad? Why would I be mad?"

"Cause Tess left and I know how protective you are with her. I tried to get her to stay but it's hard when I dont like her very much because of what she did to Max and Liz. If you would have seen how upset Liz was when she saw Max kiss Tess last year. She was crying her eyes out and all I wanted to do was rip Tess's hair out. She comes here and acts like she owns Max. It bad enough that I dont trust her but it's worse because she has that power that can screw with your head majorly. Make you do things you dont want to do. She scares me." Maria took a deep breath. Finally getting out what she thinks about Tess.

Michael listened to Maria babble. What she said made sence. He could see why she would be afriad of her.

"I agree that what she did to Max and Liz was so wrong. She's not like us at all. She's stuck in a life we use to live. As for you being scared of her. It's totallly understandable. You dont have to worry though. I will always protect you."

Tears filled her eyes. This was the Michael she loved. She could take all of his stonewall crap just as long he kept saying things to her like that.

"Thank you." Michael patted her shoulder.

Maria got up and shut the lights off. Michael layed down on the couch and moved over to give her room. He held the covers up and Maria slid under them. She turned on her side she they could face eachother. Maria burried her face in his neck and took a deep breath.

"I love you, Michael."

Michael heard her sweet words. She said them like she was afriad he was going to close up on her.

"I love you too. Even though I never show it."

He heard Maria take a deep breath. He could feel her breath on his neck. Then he felt tears. He rubbed her back. He kissed her hair.

Maria turned her head and their lips touched. God how he loved her lips. Michael opened his mouth and their tongues touched. Maria moved closer, trying to swallow him whole.

Michael rolled her over. He rested his body between her legs. His lips moving from her lips to her neck. Maria sighed and then moaned softly when she felt his teeth nip at her skin.

Clothes were removed as they explored eachother. Their bodies tangled together as they reached the point in their relationship that changed everything forever.

After saying goodnight to Michael and Maria they retired to Michael's bedroom.

"Max I know you really wanna know everything but can it wait till tomorrow? I'm so tired."

Max knew Liz wasn't just trying to avoid talking. The shine in her eyes wasn't as bright. She looked like she was spent.

"Sure. You look tired. Do you feel ok?" Max pulled the covers back. Liz climbed in and Max tucked her in.

"Yeah I'm just really tired." She yawned loudly.

"OK. I will be right back. Got to go to the bathroom."

Liz mumbled something he couldn't hear. He ran his thumb along her cheek and her lips turned upwards. She sighed his name softly. Even in her sleep she thought about him.

Max pulled away quickly before he wouldn't be able to at all. He reallly didnt want to leave her but he had no choice.

Max opened the bedroom door slowly. Hoping not to wake Maria and Michael. Once the door was open enough for him to go out he squeezed through. Damn loud doors!

The hall was dark as he guided himself towards the bathroom. As he got closer to the main room he could see alittle better because of the street light shining through the window. He reached the bathroom and did his thing.

When he walked out he was daydreaming about his son. He could actually feel his presence right now! He could feel Liz even more! The connection they shared doubled for some reason and her soul slammed into his. He took a deep breath and almost fell to the floor from the impact.

He seen her soul before but he never was actually tangled in it. God how beautiful she truly was. He walked back to the room totally out of it. Not seeing or hearing Michael and Maria.

He climbed into bed with Liz and wrapped his arms around her body. She amazed him more and more everyday. Such a kind soul. Oh and the love that she felt for him. Simply amazing.

Tess drove home in the rain slowly. When she got there she went straight to her room. After changing she layed down in bed. Damn Liz Parker.

She jumped when suddenly a figure came through her window.

"Sean." She sighed. "You scared me to death."

"Tess I need your help." He sat on the end of her bed. Soaking her covers.

"With what? She asked. She felt excited for some reason.

"I need you to help me destroy Liz Parker."

A pure evil smile formed on Tess's lips.

Part 9

"Not that I'm not gonna help but what did Liz Parker do to piss you off?" Tess asked. She got out of bed and flicked the lamp on. She sat on the edge of her bed.

"She's pregnant with Max's lovechild when it should have been mine." He wanted to say she was pregnant with the heir and he was the one to impregnate her if he wanted to win this war. With her having Zan's child he stood no chance. Tess couldn't know his alien status.

"WHAT!!! Your not serious! I'm sopposed to have his child." Tess was fuming. When did they get the time to do it? She made sure she was always with Max.

"I'm very serious. That bitch is gonna pay for using me." That wasn't true either. The truth was she was gonna die before the heir is born in one month.

"Well what do you have planned?"

"Let's make her life a living hell. Hurt her in everyway possible."

"Deal. So whats the plan?"

Michael and Maria stepped out of the shower.
"Are you ok? I didn't hurt you last night did I?"

"Well it did hurt alittle bit. It was soooo worth it though."

"Can we keep this between me and you for now? Not our relationship just the sex?"

"Sure spaceboy."

"Thanks biotch!" Maria twisted her towel and smacked him on the ass with it. Michael shreiked like a girl before tackling her to the floor.

"Ugh! Get off me!" Maria said laughing. Michael acted like he was gonna tickle her and Maria wiggled around.

"If you keep wiggling like that..." He trailed off as they kissed.

Max never even fell asleep. His hand roaming over her bear stomach. Sometime during the night he pulled her shirt up so he could touch the soft smooth skin of her stomach. He touched her everywhere while she held onto him tightly.

Then suddenly his son's hand showed up again. Max grinned a big dopey smile. He slid down her body and studied the little hand. He gasped when it gave alittle push and her stomach moved. Her tight stomach stretching as he pushed.

Tears filled Max's eyes as his heart filled with more love. He placed his hand over his son's and gasped as the connection formed. He could see him floating in his mother's womb. He kept kicking. Wide awake from his sleep. Right when it regestered to Max that he was hungrey Liz woke up. She covered his hand with hers. Opening the connection more to include herself.

Good morning Liz said through the connection. Max heard her in his head.

As soon as Liz regestered he was hungrey she broke the connection. Max did to. He looked at Liz.

"I'm very hungrey."

Max rubbed her stomach. "So is little man."

Max helped Liz out of bed. They opened the door and Liz bolted into the kitchen. "FOOD!" She yelled behind her. Max shook his head laughing.

Max ran after her. Then it hit him that she smelled the food from all the way back there. Michael and Maria stood in the kitchen cooking. Max leaned on the wall and watched Liz.

When Liz reached the kitchen she went straight for Maria. Maria had just gotten the sausage from Michael. She went to put the plate full on the table when Liz practically attacked her. Well the plate.

Liz went to grab some sausage links but Maria slapped her hands away before she got any. Liz growled and ripped the plate from her hands. Maria stood in shock as Liz stuffed her face.

"Did she just growl at me?" Maria asked a amused Michael. "Did she just growl at me?" She repeated.

"I knew my cooking was good but damn."

Max walked up behind Liz and wrapped his hands around her waist. He rubbed her belly softly. Suddenly her face turned almost green. "Liz! whats wrong?" Max asked worried out of his mind.

"I spoke to soon." Michael said only to receive a elbow in the ribs.

Liz opened her mouth. Food almost falling out. "tabasco." She bearly said. The light went off in Max's had. She has to have tobasco. The baby is craving tobasco.

Michael reached for the bottle off the stove and threw it to Max who then gave it to Liz. Liz popped the cap and put her head back as the tobasco poured into her mouth. Drenching the half chewed up sausage.

Max and Michael shared a look. "We have to talk." Michael mouthed. Max just nodded.

Liz suddenly became aware of how she just acted. She looked at the plate in her hand. Then at Maria who looked like she was gonna get sick or pass out. She put the plate down slowly. "I'm sorry." Her eyes filled with tears. She covered her face with her hands and ran down the hall.

Max yelled her name and ran after her.

Michael looked at Maria. "Hey why dont you go on home. I will take you to school on my bike if you want. I can pick you up in about a hour?"

"Yeah...sure." Maria said before getting her purse. She kissed Michael before going out the front door.

Michael walked down the hall to his room. "Guy's we need to talk."

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