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Title: Missing Scene From Heart Of Mine
Author: Miranda(Roswellian1⊕
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: NC-17 Pure smut
Authors note: I wrote this for my fellow dreamers I know what this last epsisode did to us so I added onto the episode. I hope you guys like it. KEEP THE FAITH DREAMERS! Until the reunion read this.

BTW I wrote this in one hour tops so if you find mistakes just ignore them please. I just finished writing it and I have to leave. No time for editing. Enjoy!


I dont remember how I got here, but here I am standing outside Max Evans window in the pouring rain. I look around confused and wonder why I'm here. The stars are bright in the black sky. The wind blows and my hair slaps in my face. It's like a wake up call. I know why I'm here now. I'm here to claim whats mine.

The push his window open and wonder why he didn't lock it. For being a King of aleins he should have locked it. I climb through slowly. My wet feet reach the dry, warm carpet and I dig my toes in. I turn to the window and close it. I make sure it's locked and I pull the curtains closed.

The room is completly dark now. I can see some light coming from under his door. It's not enough so I put my hands in front of me to guide my way. My hands come to rest on the back on his chair. Somethings covering it. I feel around it and take a guess. My guess would be that its his tux jacket. I remember when we were dancing and the fabric feels the same. I pull my long T-shirt up and over my head and let it hit the floor with a dull thud. Now I only have on a pair of silk black thongs.

I go farther and my legs run into the bed. My eyes have ajusted to the dark and I can see the outline of his body. I get nervous. What if he turns me away? What if I'm too late? I push myself forward. I have nothing to loose. Screw being nervous. I'm going to be very forward so he knows exactly what I want.

I look closer and focus on his body. He doesnt have a shirt on and he is laying on his back. My luck. I crawl onto the bed and carefully stratle his hips. He stirs in his sleep and says my name. I smile. So he still wants me. Nothing is holding me back now.

I place my left palm flat down on his chest right below his neck. I run my hand down his chest until the sheet thats wrapped around his waist stops me. I really want to just reach down and cup him but thats alittle to forward right now. I find myself getting excited and decide to wake him up. I lay down on his chest. My breath hisses out when my nipples touch his. I allready know that when we do make love we are going to burn each other alive. Apparently Max agrees because a deep moan is heard from the back of his throat.

My whole body lays ontop of his and I cant help but rub my chest against his. His skin is so warm compaired to mine. It's soft but hard at the same time. I can tell that he is breathing harder now. With each deep breath he takes his chest rises and rubbs his hard nipples against mine. I shake uncontrolably. This is the power he has over me. I wouldnt take it back if I could. I love the way he makes me feel. It's time he knows it too.

I study his face carefully. I love his strong jaw and those lips. I bend down my head and peck him on the lips. I want more. A lot more. I run my hands through his soft hair and start kissing him all over the face. He starts too wake up but Im past caring what his reaction is. All I know is my body is burning for his.

I hear him gasp but I stop him from talking by covering his mouth with mine. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and moan. Finally. Soon his hands are tangled in my hair and we shift positions trying to get beter access into each others mouths. When his tongue first touched mine I felt a bolt of energy shoot all the way down to my very core. My one leg rests between his legs. I grind myself against him and moan again.

He is fully participating in the kiss now. His tongue thrusts into my open mouth again and again. I rub my chest against his even more, crushing my breasts against him. We both moan into each others mouths. His one hand works its way down my behr back and I cant imagin his hands being anywhere else in this second.

He rolls over shiftly. I'm pinned under his hard body. I can feel his erection pressing against me throught the thin sheet. He studies me with those intense eyes and I quiver. His eyes finally reach mine and for the first time in a long time I dont look away. He seams almost shocked but then a sexy smile forms on his handsome face. I smile back and swallow hard. "Well isn't this a surprise." I can see his eyes sparkling. I smile. "It's not what you think." From the look on his face I can tell he remembers our conversation last time I came to his room.

He sighs loudly and moves his body upwards and leaves little kisses on my neck. "What happened to letting go?" He breathes beside my ear. He pulls it into his mouth and traces the edge with his tongue. I forget what he said last. Then I remember and I pull his face to mine. I look deeply inot his eyes. "I cant. I dont want to. Unless you want me too." He just shakes his head. He tries to say something else but I cut him off. Im suddenly very intrested in something else. " Can we talk later?" He lets out a breathy laugh but it turns into a groan when my hand slides between us and I cup him with only the sheet seperating us.

I stroke him through the sheet and watch his breathing speed up. Mine has too. He leaves wet kisses all the way down my neck to my breasts. He reaches a nipple and sucks it right into his mouth. He flicks his tongue against the hard bud and I arch off the bed moaning. He sucks harder. Soon he goes to the other one and by the time he's done I think im going to pass out. My heart is hammering in my chest.

I flip us back over and rip the sheet away. He gasps and reaches for my panties. I sit up and pull them the rest of the way off. I sit back down on his cock and we both moan from the skin to skin contact. I cant wait any longer. He is about to know the truth. That I havent done this before. I position him and he grabs my hips. "Wait I dont have..." He moans and I gasps as I slid down his think shaft. I feel his head touch my membrain. I impale myslef down onto his hard cock in one movement and tear away my innocence...and his. I sit with my ass on his thighs and my hands on his chest. He looks at me and I can see the love shining for me and me only. I feel the connection grow deeper and I know what it feels like for him to be inside me.

"Liz you never did this..." I raise myself and lower myself slowly trying to get the hang of it. I look down at him. "Now you know." He smiles and closes his eyes. His hands run up my thighs to my hips where he lifts me up and pulls me back down. He sinks in all the way and then he lifts me again.

We take it slow at first but then my walls lossen around him some and we pick up speed. Each time I impale myself on him I feel alittle of me going to him. this is what Future Max must have meant by saying 'cemented'. I want more but I cant get enough leverage this way. I even want him deeper. If thats possible. We keep going until we are shaking with intensity. I know what he wants but he is to afraid that he is going to hurt me. We have all the time in the word to go slow. Right now I want him deep, hard, and fast. His eyes grow even darker like he heard what I thought. "I did" he voices outloud. I smile because I love the stronger connection. "Well then what are you waiting for?" I ask suductivly. I rock myself back and forth so that his cock reaches my sweet spots.

He growls and rolls us back over so he is on top, and in control. I like it beter this way. I dont feel any pain. Just really full and from the look on his face I can tell he thinks that too. He rocks back and forth with shallow strokes. His fingers found my clit and he rubs and pulls at it. I moan and dig my nails into his shoulders. I look up at him and his eyes are staring where our bodies are connected. He keeps thrusting in and out in a slow pace. I reach up and pull his whole body down on top of mine. I'v had enough of going slow. We can go slow all night if he wants but right now I want to get lost in the feelings I know he will cause in my body.

I kiss him intensly and he returns the kiss. Our tongues tangle around each other and he starts to move. I gasp and hold him tight against me. The sexy deep throated moans from him turn me on even more. I thrust my hips up hard against his. "Please Max! Deeper!" He pulls away alittle and lifts my hips up, getting easier access. He plunges in farther than I thought possible and goes faster. It drives me absolutly crazy. I still want him deeper so I dig my heels into the bed and thrust my hips up with his every downward thrust. He growls and digs his fingers into the globes of my ass, lifting my ass completly off the bed and slams into me over and over. The pleasure is so powerful that I'm afriad that I might black out. His eyes connect with mine just as I'm about to explode. I hold his gaze and arch back crying out as pleasure rolls over every inch of my body. He keeps thrusting and all I can do is pant and moan under him. He rushes down to me and captures my lips. He moans my name over and over and just hearing him say it that way pushes me off the edge again. Minutes later he rolls off me and pulls me with him. I lay on his chest and look up at him. "Do you regret this?" I ask. He smiles down at me. "Of coarse not. I love you Liz. I always have and always will." Tears stream down my face. " I love you much."

Later that night/morning
"So you saw us?" Liz nodded slowly trying not to think about it. "Liz listen. What you saw wasn't what you think. She mind warped me again. Remember last time when you saw us outside of the Crashdown?" Liz nodded. "Well she did that last time wanting you to see it. She was waiting for me. I think she knew you would see us again and run away. She knows that I cant let you go. I wont let you go so she had you see it hoping that you would hate me. I'm really sorry Liz. She wont do it again. Afterwards I was confused and just held her hand. Then it came to me. I remember what it felt like last time she used her powers on me. So I focused on blocking her out and it worked. She was shocked and embarrassed for being that desperate and being caught doing it." Liz put her finger agianst his lips. "Shhh say no more. I beleive you. I cant beleive I didn't see it." Liz put her head on his chest. Max ran his hands through her hair. Within seconds Liz was sleeping peacefully on his chest. "Thank you Liz for loving me that much. Just because I asked." Max shook his head and looked down at the incredable angel sleeping on his chest. "I cant picture myself in leather." Max said to his self. Within seconds he was asleep and Max was shocked to find Liz in his dream. They both looked around and Liz smiled. "I guess we really are cemented. Sharing the same dreams could be fun." Max said wagging his eyebrows. Liz laughed and smacked him in the arm playfully. "Max Evans what am I going to do with you?" Max turned to her with a serious look. "Dont ever leave me again!" Liz jumped in his arms. " I wont I promise!" and they lived happily every after.....with LOTS of kids.


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