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“Liz, Liz wake up” Liz Parker heard these words but still found herself trying to ignore them. It was the day after. The day after Tess left, and the day after she knew that her life would never be the same. Yet here she was expected to live on. The realization finally came to Liz that this was her mom calling her and she had to go to school today. How could she face Max? After all that had happened at the rocks she just couldn’t deal with it. She just grabbed Maria and made her take her home. Where she spent the next several hours sleeping, crying and eating large amounts of Ice Cream. She knew that Max had called. She knew that Max had come by too. She just kept asking her parents to lie to him, to do whatever they had to do to make him leave. Liz just felt as if her life had been turned upside down and she couldn’t even understand it herself. She needed to sort everything out before she could talk to Max. She didn’t mean to ignore him but she knew that she had to decide what she wanted from Max before she could see him again. With this unsettling though she slid her legs over and rose out of bed, stumbling to the shower. “Yea mom I’m up” she moaned as she shut the bathroom door. The hot water felt great over her body. She only wished that the last few months had been all a bad dream and that she could somehow wake up from it. Max and Tess, the thought of it made her sick. She had sacrificed herself for Max but she never imagined that it would turn out like this. How could she pursue a relationship with Max when she wasn’t sure that she could forgive him, or even herself for what had happened. And then there was the whole Sean relationship to think about. She cared for him, but nothing close to what she felt for Max. He had always been there for her, and the last thing that she wanted to do was hurt him, or herself even more. She tried to push these thoughts to the back of her mind as she stepped out of the shower and dressed for school. How could she even concentrate on school today? Was Max even going to be there? At least if she saw Max it would be in a public place where she could try to keep control over her feelings. Liz threw on some mascara and lip gloss and headed for the door where she knew Maria would be waiting for her with all the questions that Liz had been asking herself over and over already the last few days.

Part 2
Liz just smiled at Maria as they drove to school. How could she talk like this without taking a breath. “So what is going on with you and Max” Maria stuttered. “Well you know that me and Michael ummm…” Liz just laughed. “I know I still can’t believe that you and Michael, actually had sex. So how was it?” Liz asked hoping that Maria wouldn’t bring up Liz and Max’s past with flashes. “It was, well I think the only way to describe it was amazing. I mean I don’t really know if it was different than human sex, but we did have flashes. It was as if we were completely in tune with each other, and our movements. It was in short the most amazing night of my life. I am almost glad that all this happened to have Michael appreciate me” Maria started “Oh Liz I am sorry, you know that wasn’t what I meant”. “I know Maria, I know don’t worry about it” Liz answered as they pulled into a parking space. “So do you think that our little ET friends are going to make an appearance today?” Liz asked trying to lighten up the mood. Maria smiled “Well I talked to Michael already and he said they will be here. They are all just anxious to get back to life as normal right now. Except for Max, he is anxious to get back to life with Liz”. “Oh Maria, I just don’t know what to do, I don’t even know what I am feeling” Liz answered. “I know” Maria said. “I have just the cure, a little girl talk after school, just make it through today and everything will be better, I promise. I am here for you one hundred percent”. “Thanks Maria, you always have been” Liz said as she reached over and hugged her best friend in the world. Liz held her tight for a moment, trying to gather the strength to get through the day. With that they got out of the car and walked towards school. “Well here goes nothing” Liz whispered. Just then she looked over to see Max, Isabel, and Michael walking toward the school. Maria took her hand and squeezed it, they walked that way, hand in hand to the school. Liz said a silent thank you that she had Maria with her now.

Part 3

Liz walked to her first class knowing it was going to be the hardest. It was English and she had it with Max. To make it even worse he sat right behind her. She slowly took her seat and prayed that she could be strong enough to make it through this day. Liz opened her book and tried to read, she needed to catch up in school, finals were almost here and she had done no homework over the weekend. She also hoped that reading would help her from staring at Max as soon as he entered the room. Liz took a deep breath just as she saw Max enter the room out of the corner of her eye. He walked right to her and kneeled next to her desk. “Liz, I…well I know this is really hard for you, but I just need you to know that I love you more than anything in this world and any other. I know that there is no way to make up for what has happened. I just want you to know that I will spend the rest of my life proving to you just how much you mean to me. I owe you not only my life but every moment of happiness in my life that you have brought me.” Liz tried not to look at him. “Max I…..” Max didn’t even let her finish. “I know baby.” He said. “I know its okay, we will talk, whenever you are ready. I will be here waiting until then” Liz just nodded as she felt a single tear slide down her cheek. Max swept his fingers over her cheek and wiped her tear away. Just then the teacher walked in and began to speak. Liz couldn’t believe that Max had said all of those things to her. And not caring who else heard in the room. She just tried to replay it in her mind. She couldn’t think with Max so close to her. She could feel his breath on her neck. His body so close to her. She looked at her book thinking that it looked as though it was any other language than English. Max seemed especially talkative in class which astonished Liz, particually since the topic was nothing other than Love Poems. The class seemed to fly past to Liz. She savored every moment of him being close to her. Trying to comprehend the feelings that were rushing through her.

Liz felt at ease until lunch. She didn’t have any more classes with Max and she knew that as much as Maria would want to be with Michael that she would be there for Liz. Liz walked slowly to the tables where she and Maria ate lunch, trying to remember if her mom had handed her a lunch as she walked out the door. When she spotted Maria she was unsure how she should react. Max, Michael, Isabel, and Kyle sat with her. Maria saw the look on Liz’s face. Maria met her a few feet from the table. “Lizzie, is this okay? I meant to just eat with you but everyone showed up. I mean if you want we can go somewhere by ourselves.” “No, No Maria” Liz whispered. “It’s okay really, I need to get used to normal again, whatever normal is”. Maria laughed and led Liz over to the table. Isabel was the first to greet her. “Liz, hi…look I just wanted to say on behalf of me Michael, and Max to all of you how grateful we are that you were there that day. And how grateful that we are that we have you as friends” Liz just smiled. She could gardly believe that this was Isabel Evans speaking. They had gotten along for the most part lately but Liz was still surprised by Isabel’s speech. Maria smiled “That’s what friends are for” she said. Liz’s eyes slowly met Max’s as this was said. Max just smiled. He was trying so hard to make this easy for Liz. He loved her so much and he just knew that he could never lose her again. She was his everything. And he hoped that she just needed space right now, but it was so hard for Max to stay away from her. To not take her in his arms and hold her right there. “Control yourself Evans” Max whispered to himself.

The rest of the school day seemed to go okay for Liz. She felt that maybe, just maybe the worst was over for now. Between Isabel’s thank you and Max saying that he was willing to wait for her Liz thought that maybe she could just slow down a little and for once do what was going to make her happy. She slid into a booth at the Crashdown grateful that neither she or Maria had to work today. Liz’s parents had seen how upset she had been lately so they decided to get a little more help for the Crashdown to take some of the load off of Liz. Besides she was still young, she had plenty of time to work when she got older. Maria sat across from her as Agnes took their order. Liz smiled grateful that someone else would be taking care of her for once. “So you two get service today since it is so slow” Agnes laughed as she approached the table. “What will it be” “Turkey sandwich, fries and a Cherry Coke” Liz answered. “Ummm I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a diet coke” Maria said looking at Liz. Agnes walked away to place their order. “Cherry Coke?” Maria laughed. “Yes I guess all these out of towners are rubbing off on me” Liz laughed “One in particular” Maria said as she saw Max enter the Crashdown. Liz knew without even looking that Max was here. “So girl talk” Liz said trying to keep her concentration. Just as they began talking their food arrived. Liz realized just then how hungry she was. Just as she was about to dig in she felt a arm touch her shoulder. Sure it was Max Liz spun around to see Sean. “Hey Parker can we talk” Sean whispered. “Ummm well..” Liz said looking to Maria. Maria just rolled her eyes. With that Sean knew that he wasn’t going to get an answer. Sean picked Liz up out of her seat and carried her into the back of the Crashdown. Out of the corner of her eye Liz say Max as she was being carried and nothing could describe the look of absolute jealously he felt as he saw her with Sean. Max walked over to Maria. Maria knew what he was thinking and just said “Calm down Girlfriend, Sean is nothing Liz can’t handle” Maria winked and smiled knowing that Max deserved a little jealously after what he had put Liz through.

“Sean, put me down” Liz squealed when they reached the back of the Crashdown.
“Calm down Parker” Sean laughed. He then spun around and set her on her feet.
Liz still a little wobbly tried to act angry. “Cute Parker” Sean said as he backed up and pulled himself up to sit on the counter. “Well, you know that I am pretty straight up, so heres the deal” Sean began. Liz just prayed that this was something that she could handle. “Liz, I really care for you, I have feelings towards you that I have not had for a person in a long time. I know that you still care about Max Evans, but I was wondering if you possibly cared about me. I want to be with you Liz, you know that. Not just as friends or whatever but I want to be with you, as your boyfriend. I feel like I am setting myself up to be hurt here and I just want a straight answer. It’s okay if you still have feelings for Evans, we can work through that. I just need to know what you are feeling”
Liz tried to comprehend what he had said, and even harder find a answer for it. “Sean…I…” Liz began. Sean interrupted her “Parker, its okay, you don’t have to answer me right now. I just wanted you to know how I feel. Think about it and get back to me..” Sean slid off the counter, walking over to Liz. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently on the lips. “You know where to find me” He whispered as he pulled away. With that done he walked straight out of the resturant being sure to make eye contact with Max Evans, silently saying that he would not give Liz up without a fight. Liz tried to compose herself as she walked back in the Crashdown. All at once she could feel everyone’s eyes on her. She felt her cheeks redden. She confidently walked back over to her booth and mumbled “excuse me Max” as he slid out of the booth. She could see the anger in his eyes but knew that she couldn’t address it now. Max just tried to smile and walked back over to his seat. “Spill” Maria said as soon as Max was out of hearing range. “Maria its complicated” Liz began as she told Maria what Sean had said to her. “Oh My God girl, check you out! You are such a little pimpette” Maria squealed. “Maria” Liz said as she felt her cheeks slowly becoming the color of her red tank top again. “Liz do you understand that you have two guys fighting over you! We should have a duel to the death. “Funny Maria” Liz said as she took a bite of her sandwich. Liz could still feel Max’s eyes on the back of her head.

“One day down, one million to go” Liz whispered to herself as she sat down on her balcony. Liz took out her journal and wondered where she could possibly begin to explain all of the feelings rushing through her. She pulled her blanket tightly over her shoulders wondering why she hadn’t waiting to change into the pj’s . She was just wearing a a black tank top and flannel pants.

I am Liz Parker and I am confused. It has once again been a while since I have opened this journal and written honestly. Right now honesty is all that I can promise anyone. I feel so torn between Max, Sean, and myself right now. I have been hurt and I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I feel as if there are a million different feelings running through my body at the same time. Things would be better if Alex were still here. How is it possible that one person, Tess Harding could have shattered my whole life. She took my best friend and my soulmate from me in one clean sweep. How could she have been Max’s first. I should have been. How could she have killed Alex, my sweet Alex. And worse yet why couldn’t I protect him. If I had never listened to future Max would Alex still be alive? If I had never told Alex the truth about Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess would he still be alive. How can I mourn him when my life is still in such uncertainty?

Liz stopped sure that she had heard a noise. She crept over to the edge of her balcony and peeked over. She saw Max looking up at her innocently. He was carrying A dozen red roses. “Liz…can I come up” Max whispered looking ashamed that he had been caught before he could announce himself. “Ummm okay” Liz whispered as she asked herself silently if she could control herself around him. Max quickly climed up the fire escape and pulled himself up standing next to her. Hi eyes suddenly looked over her body in obvious desire. Liz turned around quickly and grabbed her blanket from the chair. “I’m ummm sorry” Max said sure that somehow she had read his mind. “It’s okay Max” Liz whispered feeling embarrassed herself. “But what are you doing here, it’s after midnight” “ I just needed to see you” Max said as he stepped closer to Liz, handing her the roses. “Thank you Max, they are beautiful” Liz said accepting the flowers from his hands. “well its late..” Liz began knowing that she couldn’t let herself break down and let Max see her cry. Max stepped closer to her now so that they were almost touching “Liz, baby I need to know”. “Know what” Liz asked hoping he wasn’t asking her to answer him just yet about how she felt towards him now. “ Liz, why did you lie to me about sleeping with Kyle? I keep telling myself that you must have had a good reason, but it’s just that it was so painful, it’s still painful. I just need to know the truth. “Max…its’s really complicated. I’m not even sure that you would believe me” Liz began. “Liz, please trust me, I know that is really hard to do right now” “ Max I trust you with my life” Liz said talking his hand and leading him over to the chairs. “Max, you came to vist me from the future. I know it sounds crazy but you did. You said that that I needed to make you fall out of love with me so that you could be there for Tess. You see if Tess and you didn’t ummm I guess spend time together than Michael, Isabel, and everyone we care about would die. Max I mean the world would come to and end twelve years in the future.” Max just looked at her in amazement. She squeezed his hand knowing how difficult that this must be for him to understand. “Max it all happened the night that you serenaded me. I wasn’t alone then Max, you were…well you were here. I had to make you think that I slept with Kyle so that you would fall out of love with me. Max I am sorry, it hurt me just as much as it hurt you. I wanted to run after you and tell you the truth but I couldn’t I just couldn’t.” Max slowly began to speak. “Liz you are so strong. I can’t believe that you have been going through this alone. Why would I ask you to do something like that. You are my world Liz, you are everything to me. What will happen now?” Liz looked into his eyes “I don’t know Max, this future is different than what would have happened. “Liz…I does this mean that the flashes that I saw of us being married in Las Vegas are from this other future? Do you know?” “Yes Max, you gave me my wedding dance on this balcony that night. We got married in Las Vegas. God Max, Alex was at our wedding”. Liz felt a tear slid down her cheek. She was fighting to regain control. “Liz, that is the future that I want, not this. Not this one filled with pain.” “Max I don’t know if it is possible now. So much has changed.” Max prayed that he could have his true future with Liz Parker, the only one that he loved. “That is our future if I have anything to say about it” Max said as he leaned over and kissed her deeply. Liz pulled away not wanting to get pulled into anything that she wasn’t ready for. Liz just leaned against his chest, closing her eyes just enjoying the feel of his arms around her. Max just held her and ran his fingers through her hair. They stayed like that for hours. Max just held her until he was sure that she was asleep. He then took her in his arms and carried her to her bed. He layed her gently in bed and pulled the covers over her. “Goodnight my love” He whispered kissing her on the forehead. He silently thanked god for being able to hold her again as he climbed out her window and down to the waiting jeep.

Part 5

Liz swore to herself as she opened her eyes to see her alarm clock. Just sitting there, not beeping or anything. How could she be so stupid as to not set her alarm clock? “Good one dummy..” Liz said to herself as she jumped out of bed. Okay she had about 15 minutes before Maria picked her up for school. Unsure of what took more priority she jumped in the shower. Not smelling is more important that makeup she thought logically. After the hot water hit her back she knew that it was going to be hard to take a 5 minute shower this morning. As she began to truly wake up the events of the last day hit her all over again. “Max” she actually said outloud. She had falled asleep on him. Literally. How could she have let her guard down so much? And Sean what did she feel about him? All of these questions ran through her mind, unfortunetly no answers followed them. Snapping back to reality she stepped out of the shower and into her room trying to find something to wear. Just then she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Liz walked over and slid it open and peeked out. “Oh Maria, I am so glad that you are here. I have nothing to wear. I am hurrying I swear.” Maria giggled “Well hurry a little faster princess or we are going to be late for school, and we all know how studious I am”. Liz laughed “The only thing that you want to study is alien relations in the Eraser Room”. Maria tried to act surprised as she rummaged through Liz’s closet. “Here honey wear these” Maria said handing Liz some clothes. “Maria” Liz said surprised that Maria would give her this. “ I might as well wear the towel” Liz laughed looking at the tight jeans and backless tank top Maria had chosen for her. “Come on honey you’ve got to keep up that sex pot image if you want Max and Sean to duel over you” Liz looked embarassed. “Well I guess looking a little sexy never hurt anyone” Liz said as she pulled the white tank top over her head. And with that Maria grabbed a pair of shoes for Liz in one hand and Liz’s hand in the other and they left for school.

Liz stood on her tip toes and peeked into the window of her first period class before entering. Max sat there staring at her seat aimlessly. “Well here we go” Liz said to no one in particualr as she opened the classroom door. Liz Parker hated being the center of attention and that is just what she is right now being late to school. Actually Maria and Liz being late had less to do with Liz’s alarm not going off as it did with them running into Michael upon arrival. He could care less about missing class and had whisked Maria off with him. If only everything were always that simple Liz thought as she took a seat. “Oh, thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule Ms. Parker” their instructor Ms. Lowly said. Liz just smiled. She knew that Ms. Lowly was just giving her a hard time. Liz knew for a fact that she was her favorite student and she knew that Ms Lowly had no intention of changing that. Liz slid into her seat as the class looked on. It was just then that Liz realized that her whole back was exposed for Max Evans to see sitting behind her. She suddenly felt slightly exposed but also slightly mischievious at the same time. Max leaned up to whisper in her ear, “I was worried about you” “No need” Liz answered cooly back. She could take care of herself and Max Evans should know that by now.

The one thing that Max Evans didn’t know right was how he was going to win back this amazing creature sitting before him.

Later that day Liz and Maria did have to work at the Crashdown. This was okay for Liz. It seemed to take her mind off of other things in her life. Maria giggled knowning that Liz would probly have Max at one table in her section and Sean at another, this didn’t bother Maria though, it would make a slower night for her. Sure enough a little after six Max showed up taking a table he knew to be in Liz’s section. Liz walked shyly over to him, pen and order pad in hand. “Hi Max, I am sorry about last night, I must have been really tired” Liz said as she leaned against the booth. “You have nothing to be sorry for” Max said with a smile. “Well in that case, what will you have today?” “I will have a burger and fries, and..” “A cherry Coke” Liz finished for him smiling. Liz walked to give his order to Michael only to see Sean walk in the door with a smile on his face. He took a booth in Liz’s section as far away from Max as possible. “Oh this should be interesting” Maria whispered to Liz as Liz filled up Max’s Cherry Coke. “For you” Liz said with a smile as she headed towards Max. “Well here’s your soda and I will be back with your food just as soon as Michael gets around to it” Max laughed, wanting to talk with her more but uncertain of what to say he opened his mouth and just smiled. Liz took a deep breath and walked towards Seans table. “Hello beautiful..” Sean said as Liz neared him. “Hi Sean” Liz said as she felt her cheeks blushing. “ What will it be” Liz continued feeling Max’s eyes on them. “Well for right now how about a piece of Men in Blackberry pie. And for later how about an evening with you”. “I don’t know Sean” Liz said taking a seat with him at the booth. “Look Liz you know how I feel about you, I just want to hang out and spend time with you. No pressure. What do you say, come on we can go see a movie or something.” “Okay Sean..No pressure” she repeated to him as she stood to go get his pie. “Lizzie has a date” Maria teased as she walked back to the counter. “So I see that you are finally coming around to Max” Michael said easedropping on the conversation. “Not exactly” Maria said. “Her date is with none other than my cousin, Sean Deluca” “Oh Max is going to love that” Michael said stepping back in the kitchen. “Even the more reason to go” Maria whispered to Liz walking away. Something told Liz that she was playing with fire. And she just hoped that she wasn’t the one to get burned.

Liz tried to concentrate on doing her job but it was becoming increasingly more difficult as the night drew on. Finally just before closing Max stood from the table he had been sitting at for hours. He threw some money on the table and walked towards Liz. “Hey Liz” he said as he took a seat at the counter while she was wiping of the counter. “ I was kinda hoping that we could get together after you are done closing here. I really want to talk to you about what has happened…” Liz intereupted him “Max, I kinda already have plans. And I just need some time to figure out what I feel” Just then, at the worst possible moment Sean walked up to Liz He slid next to her sliding his arm around his waist. “So Liz I will pick you up in about an hour” He then leaned over and kissed Liz lightly on the lips. He then looked directly in Max’s eyes as he walked out the door. Damn Liz almost screamed. She couldn’t believe that Max had seen Sean kiss her. Max just looked at her with his puppy dog eyes. “So it looks like you have your feelings for Sean all figured out” Max mumbled as he stood and practically ran out of the Crashdown. Liz just layed her head on the counter wondering how she got herself into this mess. Liz Parker just a small town girl, and now she suddenly was the most desired girl in Roswell. Maria walked up to Liz and placed her hand on her shoulder “I know Lizzie, it is hard to have two men dying for your attention” Liz didn’t respond. She just picked up her towel and swatted Maria on the ass.

Liz stood in front of her bedroom mirror trying to make herself look presentable. She threw on jeans and a shirt. Brushed her hair out, and put on some lip gloss. “Okay that’s better” Liz said to her reflection. “Oh yea brush the teeth” she said to herself. Liz wondered if she would be kissing anyone tonight and if she was then who? Funny Liz she thought to herself. Just then she realized that Sean must already be downstairs waiting for her. She had taken way too much time.

Liz ran downstairs and slid the lock on the Crashdown door over. She slid out the door and locked it from the outside with her key. Liz looked around the empty streets wondering where Sean was. Liz had to remind herself that this was Sean not ‘don’t be on time but be early with a gift’ Max Evans. Liz stood on the corner pulling her sweater over her shoulders as she waited for Sean. Just as she was about to go inside she saw Seans bug come pulling up in front of the Crashdown.

“Hey Sean” Liz said as she climbed in the bug. “I would have gotten the door for you Parker” Sean laughed “Yea but this is a no pressure situation remember? Friends hanging out! That would be like Maria opening her car door for me! I am lucky if she slows down enough for me to jump in” Sean smiled as he put his car in gear. “Mind if I turn on the radio?” Liz asked. “No go ahead, anything you want to listen to is fine with me” Sean answered as he pulled back on the street. Liz flipped the dial until she heard a Gomez song fill the speakers. She froze for a moment and then flipped the radio off. Sean looked at her confused “Don’t like that song hun Parker?”

“Something like that” Liz answered. What was she supposed to tell him? That listening to Gomez made her think of making love to Max Evans? I don’t think so. “So whats the plan for tonight?” Liz asked trying to change to subject. “I thought that we would go see a movie if that’s okay with you” Sean answered. “I don’t know Sean, is that going to be exciting enough for you? Do we at least get to break into the movie theater?” Liz laughed “Nope we are paying customers tonight, I wanted to go out with you once in an evening that didn’t end with one of us getting arrested.” “Funny Sean” Liz laughed.

She actually felt like she was looseing up around Sean. She didn’t feel so tense around him. She wondered if it had anything to do with her having less guilt over Max finding out since she knew now what he was doing with Tess the whole time.

Liz smiled to herself as they pulled into the parking lot for the theater. This time Liz let Sean come around to her side of the car and open the door for her. What the hell? Sean was a nice enough guy and Liz figured that the only way she could see what feeling that she had for him was to spend time around him. Sure she didn’t feel nearly as ‘electric’ as she did when she was around Max Evans, but maybe ‘electric’ wasn’t nessacarily a good thing.

Liz let Sean take her hand as they walked towards the theater. They walked to the ticket booth, Sean buying her ticket like a perfect gentleman. “Two for Evolution” Sean said as he handed the clerk money. Great Liz thought to herself. A movie about killer aliens, a little close to home. Liz just rolled her eyes and tried to act normal, whatever normal was.

“So Parker, what do you say to a little popcorn and a soda” Sean said as he handed their tickets to the man at the door. “Sure” Liz said. “I am just going to go to the restroom” Sean smiled at her and went off to buy their snacks. Liz walked into the bathroom feeling more relaxed than she had in a long time. Once inside she was shocked to see Maria and Liz checking their makeup in the mirror. “Hey you guys” Liz said sliding next to them. “Liz, Hi…”Isabel said shortly. “What are you doing here” Maria spoke. “Me and Sean are seeing that new alien movie..umm I think its called Evolution, you know with the guy from the X-files” Liz said nudging Maria. “Oh how cute” Isabel said as she left the restroom.

“Whats with her” Liz asked “Well Liz, its just that, well me Isabel and Michael are kinda here with Max to cheer him up. We just saw Pearl Harbor” “Oh ⊕#%$” was all that Liz said before she ran out of the bathroom. Michael, Isabel and Max stood there waiting for Maria. Isabel was noticeably trying to get Max out the door. “Liz” Max said obviously happy to see her. “What are you doing here?” Max asked stepping away from Isabel and Michael towards Liz.

Liz didn’t have time to say anything before Sean walked up and met the group. “Hey cous “ Sean said to Maria carefully postioning himself next to Liz. “Oh I see” Max mumbled. “You are here with Sean” he slowly started to walk away when Sean said “Yea Max she is here with me, do you have a problem with that??” Maria instantly hit Sean in the ribs. Max turned around “Actually I do have a problem with that, you see me and Liz sorta have some unfinished business between us and I think that you are in the way of that being resolved.

“Where in the hell is my cedar oil” Maria said as she dug through her purse. “Well it looks to me like Liz doesn’t want to finish anything with you” Sean said stepping closer to Max’s face. “Well I think that she does” Max answered stepping even closer to Sean. Liz had never seen Max like this, she was still in shock. Liz heard Isabel whisper to Michael “We have to do something or Max is going to lose it. He might even use his powers”. This thought never entered Liz’s mind. Max wouldn’t do that would he?? Maybe she just hadn’t realized how upset Max had been lately. Michael stepped between them. “Can’t your friend fight his own battle” Sean countered in Michaels face. “Yes he could but I am afraid that he would really hurt you so I thought I would step in” Michael said coolly.

Max spoke up “Liz Parker is the love of my life and I will never let her go without a fight” Liz just looked around at the people beginging to gather thinking that they were going to get a show. Liz hoped not. “I love her like you have never even dreamt about loving someone Sean” Max continued “ I know that I hurt her and I would do anything that I could to take that back, but I can’t. My only choice now is to spend everyday trying to show her how I feel” “Oh how sweet “ Sean said sarcastically “Liz and I feel things for each other that you could never understand.

“Please just stop” Liz yelled startling both of them. “Liz why don’t you tell him that you are here with me” Sean said. “I am not here with anyone anymore” Liz said as she ran out the doors. Maria followed her and pushed her into the Jetta. “Come on Liz, I know we just need to get you home” Liz said nothing as the tears just fell down her face. In the rearview mirror Liz saw Max running after the car. “I can’t Max” Liz whispered

Part 7

Liz got home from her horrible night not wanting to face anyone, not even Maria. “Thanks Maria, I really appreciate the ride. “That’s what friends are for”Maria answered. “Are you sure that you don’t want me to come in for a while” Maria asked. “No, I really just want to be alone for a while. Thanks for the ride though.” “Sure Lizzie, I will call you later” Maria yelled as she drove away.

Liz walked up to the door of the Crashdown just wanting to make it up to her room without having to answer to her parents why she looked so upset. Luckily her parents were watching TV and didn’t even notice her entrance. Liz slid in her room and locked the door. It was then that she really felt like she could let go of the breath that she had been holding.

“Damnit” Liz said to herself as she walked into her bathroom. “I can’t take much more of this” Liz slid out of her clothes and stepped into the shower. She remembered hearing somewhere that taking a hot shower is like being in between sleep and awake. That was what she needed right now. How could they both have promised to give her space and then crowd her so much. How could they act that way towards each other, towards Liz with all those people around?

Liz knew that she would never understand exactly what was going on in the minds of these two men, so she decided to focus on what was going on in her mind. A decision to make, between Sean and Max. Maybe she would just choose neither and be single for a while.

Liz laughed at that prospect, it would be nice, but she didn’t want to let either of these guys so as it was. Liz felt that with Sean it was more about not wanting to make him feel that way that she had when she had heard that Max was with Tess. Liz never wanted anyone to have to feel that way. But that was no reason to have a relationship with someone, even Liz knew that. Max, her feelings for Max had no words to describe them, when she was with him she felt like anything was possible, anything.

She loved Max; she loved him like she had always dreamt perfect love could be like. She wasn’t even sure that kind of Love existed until she met Max Evans. He was her world, but he had also crushed it. Liz had made up her mind. All she had to do now was figure out if she could forgive Max Evans for the way he had made her feel.

Meanwhile across town Max Evans ran into his room and locked the door. “Wow you really fucked that up Evans” Max said to himself as he feel onto his bed. He switched on his radio trying to loose himself in the music. How could he have acted that way around Liz, he was sure that she was just scared of him now. He had just lost it; he couldn’t stand seeing Sean with Liz the way that he should be with Liz. He was always the cool headed one, Michael was the one with a temper, not him. But something about Liz Parker made Max loose it. He knew now that she was his destiny, he couldn’t imagine living without her, how had he screwed up so badly from the time when she was his.

Just as Max was lost in that thought. He heard a Gomez song come on the radio. He found himself smiling. “Why does this song remind me of Liz” He said outloud to no one in particular. As Max lost himself in the song he though of Liz and what it would be like to make love to her, to hold her. Max Evans fell asleep with these thoughts in his mind.

This morning Liz did hear her alarm clock blaring. The day’s just keep coming she thought. It seemed that everyday was just getting worse and worse but how could it get any worse than yesterday she wondered. Liz headed to her closet to find something to wear for what felt like her next day in battle.

“Max hello wake up” Max heard Isabel and immediately though, “what the hell is Isabel doing in my dream about Liz. Isabel then poked him in the stomach. “Hello??” she yelled Max shook his head like a wet dog and tried to bring himself back into reality. He had been dreaming about Liz all night long. He had dream after dream of them together. It had been one of those deep dreams like it was completely real; he woke up still in the same clothes from last night but covered in sweat.

“Twenty minutes until we leave” he heard Isabel say as she walked out of his room. Max had to ask Liz about the Gomez song today. He knew it most likely was just his wild imagination; but it had seemed so real. He had to see if she felt the same way.

Liz was on time today. She did not want a repeat of yesterday’s classroom Drama so she was waiting outside for Maria when she pulled up. “Hello Honey” Maria yelled out of her window. Liz jumped in the car and said “Step on it, I don’t want to be late again” with a laugh. It felt good to laugh with Maria. She knew it would feel good to explain her feelings to Maria too. She knew that Maria would be pleased that there weren’t going to be anymore make out sessions between Sean and Liz.

“Don’t worry” Maria said as they pulled into the parking lot at the school. “What do you mean?” Liz asked. “I mean about today, I have a feeling that it is going to be a lot better than yesterday. “I hope so” Liz answered praying that Maria was right.

Liz walked towards her first class with a new vigor for life. She could control her own destiny she told herself as she walked towards the English class that she had with Max. Once again she was almost late. She had to talk to her parents about buying her a car she decided, that way she could leave on time. Just as she was about to reach her classroom she felt someone grab her shoulder. “What…” she managed to get out before she was pulled into another room, not just any room, but the infamous eraser room. She spun around still trying to fight her assailant when she realized that it was Max. “…..the hell are you doing” she finished. “I just..Umm…I need to talk to you” Max whispered. “Well I need to not talk to you” Liz snapped back. “Cmon Liz, I know your mad and you have every right to be, really, I told you that I was going to give you space, and I didn’t, although I do blame you for being at the theater” he laughed trying to loosen Liz up. “Okay Max, what’s up, I really need to get to class.” I just..Well I just wanted to ask you if you like Gomez’s music” “What” Liz asked her face turning white as a sheet. “I knew it, there is something else you know that you didn’t tell me” “I just didn’t think that it was relevant” Liz answered trying to stay composed. “Oh I think its very relevant” Max said stepping closer to her.

“Okay so what I didn’t tell you is that when you came here from the future you told me that we had ummmm…well cemented our relationship the night of the Gomez concert that we were going to go too.” “How is that not relevant. Liz I heard the music on the radio last night and it made me crazy thinking of you. “That is our destiny, that is what is meant to happen. Liz that is what I want” Max said touching her arm. “That is not possible now” Liz said coolly. “Why, why not, I know you still have feelings for me..” Max began. “But you slept with Tess….with her….It wouldn’t be the same. We wouldn’t lose our virginity together Max. I would be different, you had her first.” Liz said surprised at her own honesty.

“Liz, I had you first. I never loved Tess like I love you. To tell you the truth I don’t even remember having sex with her. Besides it whatever happened was just sex, I never made love to her. I want to make love to you.” “I don’t know if it could be that way. I don’t know if I could be that open after the way I was hurt.” Liz said avoiding making eye contact with Max. “Liz, anything that ever happens between us will be nothing like anything that ever happened between Liz and I, let me promise you that. Everyday with you is special. Every moment with you is special. It means more to me than anything that I have done with Tess ever will. Just now that okay?”

Liz nodded her head without looking up at Max, she knew she would cry if she did. She could feel the tears welling up already. Max took her face in his hands and led her mouth to his. He wanted to give her space but he just couldn't he couldn’t be around her and not touch her. He had tried.

Liz didn’t fight him. Their lips met gently at first, with Max praying that she wouldn’t pull away from him. She didn’t, she couldn’t what she felt was much too strong. He pressed his mouth stronger against hers moving fast in his kisses. “Liz ..” he managed to moan as he brought his hands to the back of her neck. Liz took his mouth eagerly, wanting him as much as he wanted her. She couldn’t pull away this just felt too right. Being here with him. She slid her hands around his neck and opened herself up to him. She began to see flashes, images of her with Kyle in bed. Images of her throughout the past months when she thought he hadn’t been watching. She felt everything that he had felt when he saw these things. He had felt the pain that she had felt, the jealousy in the pit of his stomach, the feeling that she had felt when she saw him with Tess. He felt it when he saw her with Kyle, or Sean. She opened her mouth slightly and allowed him to slip his tongue inside. His tongue circled around her lips, eagerly, he wanted more of Liz Parker, he wanted all of Liz Parker, but not here, not like this. Max slowly pulled away leaving Liz eager for more. Liz suddenly embarrassed that she had opened herself to him backed up against the door. “Liz I love you..” Max said she smiled and opened the door. He swears that he heard her say, “I love you too” as she slammed the door to the eraser room leaving him alone inside.

Part 8

Max just stood in the eraser room. Trying to gather his thoughts. Why did Liz leave so quickly? Leaving him alone. He hoped that she didn’t think that he didn’t want her. In fact it was just the opposite, Max really wanted her and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to control himself with Liz once he started. He wanted to make love to her so badly, more than anything that he had ever wanted in his whole life. But he didn’t want to do it here, like this. It had to be special, wonderful, amazing, not just for him but for Liz.

Liz shut the door of the eraser room just knowing that she had to get out of there. She couldn’t control herself around Max and she didn’t want it to get out of control. It had finally come to her, her relationship with Max was more important than everything else. She loved him enough to forgive him. She was sure of it now, after feeling all the feelings that he felt for her in the flashes. She knew right now that there was no way that she could deny that Max Evans was her soul mate. They were meant to be together, no matter what anyone else said or though. With this new outlook on life Liz walked past her class and to the restroom, she knew Maria always hung out in there during first period, she hated her class.

Max gathered his thoughts and peeked out of the eraser room door. He crept out slowly knowing he couldn’t get caught hanging out in there. He walked into his first period class trying to slide in his seat while the teacher’s back was turned. He sat down and then said aloud “Liz?” the girl next to him looked at him with a smile. She knew he had it bad. She shook her head saying that Liz hadn’t come today. If she wasn’t here then where did she go? Max wondered.

Liz crept through the hallways towards the Girl’s bathroom. She pushed the door open and peeked inside. “Maria” she whispered hoping she was here. “Liz is that you” Maria said poking her head out of a stall. Liz walked to her and looked in as the door opened. Inside the handicapped stall Maria sat with all of her makeup and a hairbrush fixing her hair. “Nice place you got here” Liz laughed. “It’s better than study hall with no cute guys” Maria said as she stood up. “Come have a seat in my office” Maria joked as she led Liz over to the bathroom counter where they sat. “What’s up honey, you look much better than this morning” Maria mumbled as she put on Lipstick.

“I am better” Liz started continuing to tell Maria the events of that morning. “Wow, that is so great, I knew that you and Max were meant to be together, I was shocked that me and Michael beat you guys to a sexual relationship, you guys used to be like rabbits together” Maria said as Liz blushed. “Well things just kinda always got in the way” Liz explained. “Well If I were you I wouldn’t let anything get in the way” Maria laughed with a wink. “That’s what I have been thinking lately too” Liz said shyly as she slid off the counter. Just then the bell rang to end first period. “What” Maria yelled? “Are you and Max going to ummm” “I think I was saved by the bell” Liz said with a smile. “We will go to my house after school and talk about it then” Liz said as she left the bathroom and walked down the hallway towards her next class.

The bell rang and Max bolted from his desk. He needed to find Liz. He felt empty without her around and he was worried about her. It wasn’t like her to not come to class, late or not. Max sped into the halls hoping that he would pass Liz on the way to his next class.

Liz walked with a new bounce in her step. She had come to terms with all that had happened in her life and she felt that she could handle it. Liz thought of the old saying that you will never have more put on you than you can handle. She didn’t believe this was true until this morning. If she and Max could get through this then they could get through anything. Liz knew now that Max was her destiny, and she was hers.

Liz saw Max first, walking through the halls looking rather upset. She hoped that she hadn’t upset him earlier. “Max” she said grabbing his arm “Liz where have you been” he said as he pulled her closer to him. “Just around, I couldn’t handle English this morning” “Oh…Max said suddenly feeling foolish for worrying about her. If there was one girl in Roswell that could hold her own it was Liz Parker. “Listen Liz, I really want to talk to you about what happened earlier, in the eraser room” “Okay, why don’t you come to the Crashdown around eight and we can talk then, I’m not working tonight and my parents are going out” Liz said innocently.

Max immediately knew that he was thinking things that he shouldn’t be thinking when she said her parents would be out. He loved this girl yet right now his mind was in the gutter. Liz started to way away. “Okay eight” he said to try to delay her from leaving.

Liz walked over to Max, took his hand and kissed him lightly on the mouth, echoing his works “Okay eight” and then she walked down the hallway leaving Max to wonder if this was all only a dream.

Liz felt like she was walking on air. She was going to spend the night with Max, finally. She didn’t know if they would sleep together, but at least she could hold him in her arms all night. She just prayed that this night would be as special as she dreamt it would be. Something told her that it would.

The day seemed to fly by, every class just seemed like another thing for Liz to daydream through. When the day finally ended she climbed into Maria’s Jetta with a smile on her face. “Dare I even ask” Maria joked. “Well you know that my parents are leaving tonight for the weekend right” “Ummm, yea girl slumber party right,” Maria said already imagining the Chick Flicks they would watch. “Not so girl party” Liz said with a wink. “More like a girl/boy private party.” “Any special aliens we know going to be there” Maria laughed. “Why yes” Liz said as they pulled out of the parking lot heading to the Crashdown.

Max couldn’t concentrate all day. He was convinced that his problems with Liz were over now. Now they could be together and Max knew that he would never let her go again. When he and Isabel and Michael reached the jeep after school Max said, “Hey Is, do you mind driving” “Nope” Isabel said snatching up the keys. Max knew that Isabel was a control freak and would rather drive. Max also knew that if he was driving right now he would probely crash the jeep while he was daydreaming about Liz.

When Liz and Maria reached her the Crashdown they ran upstairs to her bedroom. On the way they ran into Liz’s parents on their way out. “Bye honey” Jeff Parker said giving his daughter a kiss. “Bye Daddy” Liz whispered. “So Maria we can trust you to stay here with Lizzie and make sure that everything is okay right honey.” “Of course Mrs. Parker” Maria said with way to much enthusiasm “Don’t worry Liz won’t be alone for a moment” With that said Liz elbowed Maria on the way to hug her mom. Liz watched as her parents watched down the stairs to their waiting car.
“Cute Maria” Liz laughed as soon as they entered Liz’s room.

When the jeep pulled up to Michael’s apartment Max jumped out with Michael. “Max aren’t you coming home” “Yea, just wait here one minute, guy talk,” Max said following Michael. “Gross” Isabel yelled. “What’s up?” Michael asked as soon as they entered the apartment. “Well I kinda need a favor,” Max said shyly. “Okay shoot” “Well would you cover for me if I tell my parents that I am staying her tonight” Max asked. “Sure, as long as you tell me where you are really going” Michael said with interest. “Well, you see Liz’s parents are going out of town…” Max began. “Enough said” Michael answered as he opened his dresser drawer and handed Max a handful of condoms. Max stuffed them in his pockets and mumbled “Thanks” as he walked back out to the Jeep.

Part 9

Liz say down on the bed, needing to have Maria talk her through the evening to make sue that she was prepared for whatever might happen. “Are you nervous?” Maria asked lying on Liz’s bed. “No, that’s the funny part” Liz answered honestly. “Okay so your parents are gone until when?” Maria said with a giggle. “Monday night, so almost four full days.” “Okay honey well maybe this is your perfect opportunity then…just make sure that you don’t do anything that you are not ready for” “Yes Mom” Liz laughed swatting her with a pillow. “What about condoms”? Maria said. “Oh…I didn’t think about that. But Future Max said that he had one in his wallet” Liz said slightly embarrassed. “Okay well that is Future Max, not out Max so we need to take a trip to the store” Maria said climbing off the bed. She grabbed Liz’s hand and led her to the door.

Max and Isabel rode home in silence. “What the hell is going on? I can’t take it anymore” Isabel finally yelled as they pulled in the driveway. “Well me and Liz are going to ummm..hang out tonight.” Max mumbled. “Hang out? Oh I get it..nevermind sorry I asked” Isabel said climbing out of the jeep. Max followed her inside to get ready for the night to follow.

“What kind should I get?” Liz whispered to Maria as they looked over the wide selection of Condoms available in front of them. “Ribbed for his pleasure or ribbed for mine?” Liz asked with a smile. “I don’t think that you will have to worry about Max’s pleasure, I sure he will do just fine” Maria laughed. “Here” Maria said tossing a pack of Trojans at Liz. “Just get these, these are what Michael has” “Ewww information overload” Liz laughed taking the Condoms. “Now we just pay and leave” Maria said leading a nervous Liz to the checkout line.

“Max, what the hell are you doing in there?” Isabel yelled as she pounded on the bathroom door. “I’ll be out in a minute” Max answered while combing his hair. “I’m sure that you are clean enough for Lizzie, all the Tess remembrants are off your body I assume” “Not funny Is” Max said stepping out of the bathroom and quickly running into his bedroom.

Liz and Maria stood in line stepping closer to the register. Liz had her money out already, trying to make this as painless as possible. She picked a line where a young guy worked knowing that he wouldn’t know her parents. You have to worry about things like that in a small town. They were now next in line. Liz felt arms come around her shoulders and pull her back. She prayed it wasn’t Max…how embarrassing that would be. She slid around to see Sean Deluca smiling at her. “Hi Liz, I just wanted to apologize for….” Sean’s words stopped as his gaze met the sexual product that Liz was carrying in her hands. “Well either I am already forgiven or I have something to worry about” Liz forced herself to look up and meet his eyes. “Sean I….” “Right, Evans” he said knowing from the look on her face. “It’s always Evans.” “I should have just bought them for you guys myself, you always run back to him, no matter how bad he treats you” “Sean, I, I’m sorry It’s not like that, I didn’t want you to find out like this.” “Well I guess that there is nothing that we can do about that now Parker” Sean said spinning around to leave. Liz threw the Condoms on the counter and ran after him.

Isabel knocked on Max’s door before walking in. “Looking Hot” she laughed as she spotted him. Max was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a button down black shirt. Max smiled looking embarrassed. “You are going to bring her some flowers aren’t you” Isabel said sitting on his bed. “Ummm yea” max answered. “Good, because she at least deserves that for giving you her virginity.” Max picked up his pillow and hit Isabel on the head with it. “It’s more than that Isabel” Max said as they engaged in a full out pillow fight.

Liz caught up to Sean outside the store getting into his bug. “Sean wait” she yelled as she jumped between him and his car door. “Please Sean, I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you I swear. It’s just that Max is the one for me, he always has been. I am so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, I didn’t want to use you. I tried not to. It’s just that you were always there. I can never repay you for being there for me when no one else was. It’s just not like that for us. It’s always been Max that I loved. That doesn’t mean that I don’t value you as a great friend. Please I hope that you can forgive me one day” With that Sean moved her aside and got in his bug screeching out of the parking lot leaving Liz there alone.

Max looked at his clock. He had just finished fixing his hair after the pillow incident and he wanted to make sure that he was early, with flowers for Liz. It was 7:00. He couldn’t wait any longer. His parents were out so he yelled to Isabel on his way out. “Make sure to tell Mom and Dad that I am staying at Michaels tonight” “Yes Lover Boy” Isabel answered as Max shut the door.

Maria ran up to Liz in the parking lot with a plastic bag with the Condoms in it. “I didn’t think that you would want to go back in there to get these.” She said as she handed the bag to Liz. “It’s okay honey, I know that you are upset, but you have to follow your heart. You were honest with Sean from the beginning; you told him that Max broke your heart. You told him everything. This is your night; don’t let him ruin it for you. Trust me Sean has been through much worse, he will be fine. Just give him some time to cool off and you guys can talk about it later.” “Okay’ Liz agreed following Maria to the car. “Now lets get home and make you beautiful” Maria said as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Max pulled the jeep up in front of the best florist in town. He walked in looking around not sure what he should get for Liz tonight. “How about some Carnations” he said to the man behind the counter. “You got it,” he said walking in back to retrieve the fresh flowers. They were beautiful and different. He knew Liz would love him. He walked out of the store with the flowers when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. A music store. Just then it hit Max what he should bring to Liz tonight.

Liz and Maria got back to her house a little after seven. “We need to hurry” Liz said glancing at the clock. “No Problem” Maria said already ransacking her closet. Liz rushed to the bathroom to do her hair while Maria picked out her outfit.

They finally agreed on a Black slip dress. “Gorgeous” Maria said seeing the final product. Liz’s hair fell down her back in waves. She wore the dress with Black sandals and a deep red lipstick. “Now get the hell out of here” Liz said seeing that it was nearing eight.. “Okay, Okay, I’m gone, just a couple quick notes. My mom still thinks that I am staying here so if she calls call me at Michaels. Also don’t forget to be safe and have fun.” Maria laughed and handed the condoms to Liz.

Max pulled the jeep up outside the Crashdown. More nervous then he had thought he would be. Instead of walking through the Crashdown he walked around to the front door knocking lightly.

Liz slid the unopened box of Condoms into her nightstand drawer making a mental note to remove them before her parents came home. She took a deep breath and took one last glance in the mirror before she heard the knock on the door.

Max stood there nervously hoping that he wasn’t too early.

Liz opened the door and took in the sight of Max. He smiled just upon seeing her. He could feel his pulse quicken. “Liz, you look amazing,” He said handing her the flower. “You too” Liz said taking in the sight of his chest where the top button was undone. She wanted to kiss there right now but restrained herself with a smile. “Thanks for the flowers” Liz said walking into the kitchen. “Let me just put them in some water” “Sure” Max said taking in her body as she reached up in the cupboard for a vase. “Let me” he said walking up behind her and retrieving the vase. He brushed ever so lightly against her as he reached down to hand her the vase. “Thanks” Liz replied blushing over the volt of electricity Max had just sent through her body with the one small movement.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Liz said taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. Max followed obediently. There was nothing that Liz Parker could tell him to do right now that he wouldn’t do. Liz instinctively led him over to her bed and they sat facing each other. “Max, I think that I need to tell you something” Liz started. “Anything” Max said moving closer.

“I have come to terms with everything that has happened between us in the last few months, even in the last year. I love you with all my heart and there is nothing that I could do to change that even if I wanted to. You are my soul mate, and I know that now. There will never be anyone else for me. Its you Max, it’s always been you. I want to give myself to you tonight. I want to give myself to you forever. I trust you now and I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life.” Max just looked at her, his Liz with tears in his eyes. He could hold himself no longer and the tears started to flow. “Liz, there is nothing else in the world that you could have said to me to make me happier than you did right now. I love you so much. I feel the same way and I want to give myself to you tonight as well..” Liz knew that he wasn’t done but there was nothing else that needed to be said. She leaned forward and met his lips with hers.

Max met her with such emotion. He could hardly believe that this beautiful creature in front of him felt the same way about him. He had dreamed of this moment ever since he had first seen her in the first grade. He had wanted no other.

They kissed lightly at first and then with more force. Max couldn’t help himself, he wanted all of Liz. And Liz all of Max. Liz moved herself closer to him to where she was almost on his lap. She ran her fingers up his chest to his neck and then ran them through his hair. She used her tongue to spread his mouth open further and swirled in around the inside of his lips.

“Wait” Max said pulling away. “I almost forgot” “What” Liz questioned wondering why for the second time in 24 hours he was pulling away from her. Max walked over to her CD player and opened the lid. He placed the CD he had bought her inside and pressed play. Gomez filled her ears. “I got this for you, for us” Max said returning to her side. Liz swung around straddling him as she mumbled “Thank you” and then took his mouth with hers.

Liz felt the music vibrate through her body as she felt her body ache for Max. As she sat over him she could feel how much he wanted her too. “Liz I love you,” He whispered as he slowly moved his hands down her body. He slipped his hands under her dress bringing them up to caress her thighs. Liz responded by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. She kissed him with a passion that she hadn’t felt in a long time. She could hardly believe that this was all really happening. She finally was having Max as she was meant to. She reached down to Max’s waist and began to unbutton his shirt. Max responded by groaning against her neck as he kissed it. When she had finished all of the buttons she pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor. She ran her hands over Max’s chest and knew that wouldn’t be enough for her. She gently laid him down on his back and crawled back on top of him. She reached down and took his mouth again.

Max felt so free. Everything just felt so right. He could smell Liz all over him as he kissed her sweet mouth. She tasted like something that he had been craving his whole life but never had. He could smell and feel her soft hair as it lay on his neck. Nothing had ever felt so right in the world to him.

Liz gently started kissing lower and lower down his neck. She paid special attention to the gentle place just below his throat that she had noticed earlier in his unbuttoned shirt. “My Liz” was all that Max could say as she worked her way down his body. Liz moved down his chest kissing every place on his body. She couldn’t get enough of the taste of his skin. Sweet and Spicy, nothing had ever tasted so good to her in all of her life.

She worked her way down his stomach to his belly button dipping her tongue in and out. She heard Max moaning as he arched his body into hers. When she finally reached the top of his jeans she paused for a moment before slowly undoing the button. “There is no turning back now,” she whispered as she unzipped his jeans. She slowly started to slide them down his body. “Wait” Max said reaching up to her. He grabbed her by the waist and turned her around under him. “My turn” he said as he ran his hands up her body. He slowly lifted her dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor. He was astonished by her beauty. He had felt her body before but never been so close to it. He could see it and smell it and taste it at the same time. “You are so beautiful,” He said as he reached behind her to remove her bra. He felt Liz tense as he unclasped her lace bra. “Are you okay?” he asked leaning closer to her face. “Yes” she whispered, “I will never hurt you” Max said as he pulled off her bra and let it settle on the floor with the rest of their garments. “I know” Liz whispered as she relaxed under his touch. Max ran his hand over her soft breast cupping them in his hand.

“My beauty” he mumbled as he brought his mouth to her to taste her. Liz arched under him. “I love you Max,” she said feeling his mouth on her. Max knew that he couldn’t control himself or his body much longer. He reached down and slid a finger under her lace panties. He slowly urged them down until she lay naked under him. He then reached down and pulled his pants and boxers completely off. “Max” Liz said stopping him. “I have something, in the drawer” “I do too” Max said pulling a condom out of his pocket.

Suddenly they both found themselves laughing at the two responsible kids giving into their desires like this. Max ripped open the package and slid the condom on himself. “Are you sure” he asked one more time, not knowing if he would be able to stop himself if she said no. “Yes, Max I am sure” Liz said meeting his eyes. Max lowered himself over her and gently began to slide into her waiting body. “I don’t want to hurt you” Max said as he paused. “You could never hurt me” Liz replied raising her hips to meet him. “Always and Forever” Max said as he slid into her. Liz winced at the moment of pain. It quickly ended bringing pleasure. They both saw stars as he began to move inside her. Their eyes were locked together just as their bodies were.

He began moving faster and faster into her. They both felt the heat taking over their bodies. They knew for sure then that they were always meant to be together. No one could fit together as perfectly as they did at that moment. Max groaned her name as he began to orgasm. Seeing the pleasure in his face brought Liz to the edge. They came together seeing things that they had never though possible. Liz seeing images of him and his love for her. Max seeing images of Liz and feeling the love that she had for him.

As they both climaxed they let out their breaths they were sure they had been holding for years. Max slid off of Liz and brought himself down next to her, wrapping her in his arms. “I Love you Liz Parker,” he whispered into her ear. “And I love you Max Evans” she whispered back. They just lay their enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies that they had been craving for so long…

Max and Liz laid holding each other for hours. Neither of them spoke. They didn’t need too. Something magical had happened between them, they were connected for life now, and they both knew it. Neither of them thought of anything in the outside world, only of the feelings between their two bodies.

Liz slowly rolled over so that she was facing Max. When her eyes met his she felt their connection growing stronger all over again. “Max” she said looking deep into his eyes. “I love you with all of my soul and all of myself” Max just smiled back at her with love in his eyes. “I never want this to end” Max answered. “I don’t know how I am going to stand being apart from you at all after this” He continued

Liz had never felt this close to another person in the entire world. She knew that she felt the same way as Max, she knew it would be simply painful to have to be apart from him after this. “Max, my parents are gone until Monday, that gives up some time to get all of this out of our system.” Liz laughed. “Liz, I don’t think that I will get my desire for you ever out of my system. You are mine, now and always” Max then pulled Liz closer to him and tucked her snuggly into his body holding her tight. They both feel asleep shortly after this in complete bliss.

Liz woke hours later, her body feeling something was wrong. She slowly raised and opened her eyes. Max was no where to be seen. “Max” she called lightly beginning to worry. He wouldn’t leave her like this would he? He wouldn’t just get up and leave. He could never act that way towards her. Liz raised from her bad pulling the bed sheet with her. “Max” she called again searching the room with her eyes that were gradually adjusting to the now dark room. Liz’s scanning eyes caught her open bedroom window. She crept over slowly hoping that she was prepared for what waiting outside.

Liz peeked out of the open window. She saw Max sitting outside overlooking the street lights that lay before him. “Max, baby are you okay” Liz whispered as she crept up behind him. She opened her sheet and took his body in the warmth. Max had just pulled him jeans on and she felt his cool chest meet her warm one. Max turned to meet her pulling her tightly in his arms. “Liz, I am sorry that I woke you” he mumbled into her hair. “Its okay honey” Liz replied. “Are you okay though, why are you sitting out here at Four am?” “I am fine baby, I am better than fine” Max said smiling, “I was just thinking out here” he said pulling away from her just enough to look into her eyes.

“What are you thinking about” Liz answered hoping that he wasn’t regretting what they had done just hours earlier. Max instictivly felt what Liz was feeling. “Liz, I will never regret anything that I do with you in my life. Last night was the best night of my life and I will remember everything about it forever. The way your hair smells, the way your skin tastes. That was what I was out here thinking about…” Max said. “What” Liz questioned.

Max pulled away from her more, coming to his knees. “Liz Parker, I love you like I could love no other. After last night I feel as though we are already promised to each other forever. I just want to make that official. Liz Parker, Will you be my wife. What I mean to say is will you marry me.” Liz just looked at him feeling tears come to her eyes. Shock overtook her body as she realized exactly what was happening here. Max Evans, the love of her life was on bended knee asking her to become his wife. There was nothing more that he wanted more in the world.

“Max, yes, yes of course” Liz yelled “But we are so young we will have to wait..” Liz started. “No Liz, I want you to be my wife today, now, I can change our Driver Licences. I want to marry you now. We don’t have to tell anyone. I just want to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that you are my wife and that we can be together soon, and forever.”

Liz looked down into his eyes not sure what to say. She was the responsible one, always the voice of reason. When her eyes met his she knew that there was no way she could say no to him ever again. “Yes, today” she whispered wanting nothing more in the world at that moment. “I…I don’t have a ring yet, but I will soon I promise, any ring that you want” Max apologized. “But I do have this” Max said pulling the pendant out of his jean pocket. “This is for you, for right now. I am giving this to you as a symbol that you are the woman that I have chosen to be with forever. Liz leaned down as he pulled it over her neck.

Max then reached up and pulled her down to him. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. He then pulled her next to him, laying on the balcony in the night. They laid like that, their bodies intertwined, looking at the stars above until the sun rose over them.