Title: Obsession
Author: trinitystar1323
Email: misery_chick_⊕hotmail.com
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The WB owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: After Max in the City, only Max never came to visit Liz after he returned.
Category: Max/Liz
Authors Notes:

December 25, 2000
Liz pulled and tugged at the rope around her neck, gasping for any air she could get. Her fingers thrust between the ropes and her neck just enough to let her receive some air, but her attempt at getting air was soon thwarted as her attacker let the rest of the slack on the rope go, causing a strangled scream to come from Liz. She watched in horror as the bathroom stall around her turned from a distilled white to a midnight black as her eyelids fluttered until they shut completely.
November 23, 2000
It had been a long day with school and work, and Liz was tired. Everything that had been piling up seemed to just get heavier and heavier and she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Maria was constantly hounding her with questions and always making sure she was ok. Ever since Liz had told Maria what she had done to Max, Maria seemed to never leave Liz alone. By the next day Alex had found out, but Liz didn't mind too much, after all Alex was her friend as well. But it still annoyed her to be hounded with questions. As Liz continued on her way up to her room she was suddenly pulled from her thoughts by the shrill ringing of the phone.
"Hello?" No one responded, but Liz could hear heavy breathing on the other line. "Hello?" Liz asked again, hoping that the person just hadn't heard her, but there was no response. Just as she was about to hang up she heard the person begin to speak.
"You and me. You and me." A man whispered. Liz felt a chill run through her body as the man's cold tone spoke through the telephone.
"Who is this?" Liz asked adamantly once she was able to get her voice back. But she received no answer, just the click and then the sound of a dead line on the other end. She stared at the phone for a second and then shrugged before replacing it back on the hook.
After her little phone incident, Liz decided she needed something to calm her down a little. The whole day she had felt a little jumpy, especially during work. But she didn't mention it to anyone, thinking it was just her usual paranoid self.
Upon arriving in the kitchen, Liz pulled out a cup and sat it under the sink while turning on the water. As the cup filled with water, Liz retrieved a tea bag from her pantry before returning to the sink. She plopped the tea bag into her cup and then placed it in the microwave. She desperately wanted to take a shower and go to sleep, but first she needed something to calm her nerves and hopefully help abate her headache and body pains. She ached all over and Liz knew she was coming down with something.
'Great, something to add to everything else.' Liz thought bitterly.

After getting her tea, Liz retreated to her room to take a shower and then go to sleep, where she would constantly see Max, with the pained look on his face as he saw she and Kyle in bed together. That image haunted her every night, and she was becoming frightened of going to sleep now because of it.
Upon entering her bedroom Liz felt a shiver run down her spine and then through her body. She had rarely felt anything like this, only when she had been with the aliens and the FBI had taken Max, and she knew there wasn't any FBI officials in her room, so she tossed the thought to the back of her mind. Placing her cup of tea on her nightstand, Liz took off her jeans and shirt before entering her bathroom. As she flipped on the switch she unhooked the clasp on her bra but stopped abruptly and began screaming into the deathly silent night.
The reflection of the TV cast itself upon the window in the dark den as a man sitting in front of the television set shifted, smiling as he rewound the tape he had just placed in his VCR. After a few seconds he pressed play and watched as the screen jumped to life, showing the image of a young waitress trotting around a café, smiling at each customer whom entered and left. He smiled as she beamed a bright smile straight at him before heading off to fill another customer's coffee. Her brown hair hung in ponytail and the antennas bobbed on the top of her head and she moved. Then she was back over by him, handing him a glass filled with ice and coke. And then the tape went black.
Sheriff Valenti and Deputy Hanson huddled together in Liz Parker's bathroom, examining every little detail while the photographer next to them snapped a few shots of what Liz had found. When they had arrived, Sheriff Valenti had found Mrs. Parker waiting for him nervously downstairs and Mr. Parker holding his shaking daughter upstairs. Liz was crying uncontrollably, and Sheriff Valenti wasn't surprised. Anyone who found the words, 'You and Me' spelled out in someone's blood all over their bathroom would obviously become catatonic and not be able to control themselves.
Stepping out of the gruesome bathroom, Sheriff Valenti made his way over to Parker's and their daughter. Mr. Parker was still holding his crying daughter in his arms protectively and Mrs. Parker sat next to them, watching her daughter intently. Liz was still only wearing her bra, which was still only half way on, and her underwear, so Deputy Hanson had given her a blanket which Mr. Parker had wrapped around her small frame which was still trembling.
"Did- did you find anything?" Mrs. Parker asked quietly, her voice trembling. Her eyes never left her daughter or husband as she spoke. When she had first come running into her daughters room she had been blown away and floored at what she saw, causing her to scream just as her daughter had, which in turn brought her husband running into Liz's room.
"No finger prints, no hair samples, nothing. All the windows are still locked and everything is still in place, correct?" Sheriff Valenti asked.
"Yes… from what we can tell. I know the windows were locked early today when I came in to put away her laundry, and I had gone in her bathroom then and none of….th… that was there." Mrs. Parker stammered as an image of her daughter's bathroom flew through her head.
"Well, whoever did this must have come in through another entrance. I have some men dusting the whole house for prints, but so far the place has turned up clean. We'll have to get a statement from each of you, but right now I think it might be best for you all to try and get some rest." Sheriff Valenti watched as Mrs. Parker nodded solemnly. "If you would like you can come and stay at my house, we have some extra room." Sheriff Valenti offered. "Or, I can help you find someplace else to stay because we can't have you staying in here, for now."
"No… we… we can find someplace to stay, but thank you…" Mrs. Parker smiled weakly at the Sheriff's generosity.
"Well, if you need some place to stay, or if you would like me to watch Liz, the offer is always on the table." Sheriff Valenti gently placed his hand on Mrs. Parker's shoulder, trying to show some compassion. "Would you like me to help you out with finding a place to stay… I will drive you over because I doubt either of you are up to driving."
"Please…" Mrs. Parker whispered. She shut her eyes and let a few tears run down before she willed herself to be strong. She had to be strong for her daughter's sake, after all she wasn't the one who had been targeted, her daughter had been the target. Nancy wished she could make this whole situation just disappear so her daughter wouldn't have to go through it, but she knew better then to wish for things that weren't possible.
It was close to 3AM when the front door to the Valenti's house opened and a very haggard and stressed out Sheriff walked through only to see his son sitting in a chair waiting.
"What's wrong with the Parker's?" Kyle asked bluntly.
"Why do you think something happened to the Parker's?" Sheriff Valenti asked as he made his way to the kitchen. He wasn't supposed to discuss this information with anyone besides the other officers who were working on the case with him.
"I heard it over the scanner." Kyle shrugged, following his father as he moved along the kitchen.
"You know you're not supposed to listen to that, Kyle."
"You're avoiding my question. What's wrong with the Parker's?"
"Son, you know I can't discuss this information."
"Ok, so I know this is serious… you never tell me that unless it is really serious. Is it Liz? Did something happen to Liz?" Kyle asked nervously. He watched as his father diverted his gaze from him and shifted from one foot to the other. "It is... what happened dad?"
"Kyle… I can't." Sheriff Valenti shook his head sadly
"Dad, please." Kyle begged. Even though Liz had dumped him he still felt that he had to protect her. She was the only person who ever treated him like a real person. To everyone else he was Kyle Valenti, Sheriff Valenti's son, and West Roswell High jock. But Liz he was a person, and she would talk to him about things other then make-up, dates, how she looked, or jocks; as most girls did. And she would listen to him, give him advice, and tell him the truth even if she knew it would hurt. "Please… just tell me if Liz is ok."
"She's fine, a little shook up, but fine."
"Shook up?" Sheriff Valenti looked at his son sternly, but his face softened as he saw the concern etched into his son's face.
"Someone broke into Liz's room sometime today and wrote 'you and me' all over her bathroom in blood." Sheriff Valenti sighed and raked his finger through his hair. "We couldn't find a damn thing either. Not a single fingerprint, no hairs, even the doors and windows were still locked."
"But Liz is ok, right?" Kyle asked worriedly. He tried to digest what his father had just told him, but it was hard. He could never imagine someone doing something so grotesque, and to Liz of all people.
"Like I said, she's just really shook up." Sheriff Valenti placed his cup of coffee in the sink and then turned to look at his son. "Kyle, do you think you could tell Maria and Michael they don’t need to work tomorrow? I will if you can't, but I figure they might not ask as many questions if you tell them. Nancy and Jeff want to keep this as low profile as possible, so don't go telling anyone, ok?"
"Yeah dad, I'll tell them. And don't worry, I'll keep my mouth shut." Kyle sighed and then turned to return to the couch he was now sleeping on. "Hey, dad?"
"Yeah son?"
"Liz will be alright, right? I mean, this is just a one time thing, right?" Kyle already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear and believe the lie instead of the ghastly horrible truth.
"Yeah son… she'll be fine." Sheriff Valenti lied. He watched painfully as his son nodded his head and then left, his shoulder slumped over slightly and his figure bent.
November 24, 2000
The only time Kyle ever saw Michael or Maria was when he made a point to. He no longer had any classes with them, and even if he did he would usually never talk to them. But today he wasn't in the mood to talk, he wasn't in the mood to do anything. His mind had been working overtime after he had talked with his father the night before. He was worried beyond belief for Liz, wondering if she was ok, wondering if whomever had left her that message was near her, wondering how many bullets he should shoot into whomever had been stupid enough to do this, and wondering if he should tell Max. Kyle knew that Maria and Alex deserved to know, and he planned on telling them as soon as he saw them, which he would make a point to see them in the hall during one of their passing periods. But telling Max was completely different. Kyle knew that by telling Max that all hell would break loose. Max would not stand for anything to happen to Liz, and Kyle knew that, but he wasn't sure if Max would understand or even believe him. After all, Max still believed that he and Liz had slept together, which Kyle didn't understand. Kyle knew that if Liz had done the same to him he wouldn't have done as Max, he would have demanded answers, put all the pieces together and found out the truth, but Max seemed to just dawdle around with Tess by his side. And while Kyle knew he should do something about his sudden feelings towards Tess, that just didn't seem to make his to do list right now.
"Sheriff, we have a problem…" Deputy Hanson reported as he took a step towards Sheriff Valenti. They were still trying to find any type of clues at the Parker residence. The place was crawling with cops, all searching for anything that might give up some sort of clue, but so far they hadn't found a thing.
"What is it Hanson?" Sheriff Valenti asked as he inspected the bathroom tiles, hoping to find something they might have over looked before.
"There's been a murder..."
"Jesus… what happened?"
"Someone found the body right off highway 285. It was pretty gruesome. I sent a few men out to check it out and they think it might be linked to this." Deputy Hanson bent down so he was at the height as the Sheriff.
"Linked, how so?"
"First, the blood matched that of the blood used in this bathroom. And secondly the victim was a 17-year-old teenage girl, she had brown hair that reached just past her shoulders, brown eyes, and she was the same height as Elizabeth Parker. The killer even made an incision right above her eye."
"I'm not following."
"Ms. Parker has a scar over her right eye. The killer did the same to his victim."
"Geez… " Sheriff Valenti rubbed his hand across his forehead as he sighed softly to himself. "You take over here and I'll go check it out. I want you to contact the FBI and see if we can get some help here…"
"It's already been done sir. When they heard about the report last night they decided to investigate. They should have some men arriving by this afternoon."
"Good job Hanson. Also, contact the Parker's and tell them they will need to continue to stay at the Roswell Inn until we feel it is safe. Don't mention this latest find, I don't want to scare them or give them anything else to worry about."
"Got it sir." Pushing himself up, Deputy Hanson began to leave, but Sheriff Valenti's voice stopped him.
"Oh, and Hanson, one more thing. I want some men to go over to the Roswell Inn and keep guard of the Parker's. I have a feeling this guy will strike again, and if he does I want to catch the son of a bitch."
"Yes sir, I'll get right on top of it."
Upon finding Maria, Kyle was also lucky enough to also find Michael, or unlucky enough. He had hoped to be able to tell Maria what had taken place, but with Michael around he would just have to wait.
"Maria!" Kyle yelled as he ran down the halls, hoping he could catch up with her before she took off.
Maria and Michael turned and watched as Kyle Valenti ran towards them. The two then turned and looked at each other and shrugged.
"Hey Kyle… what's up?" Maria asked once he caught up with she and Michael.
"I just needed to tell you that you didn't need to work today… you know, at the Crashdown." Kyle said breathlessly. Usually he would be able to run down these halls just fine, but with his mind other places, his tiredness and worry from the night before, Kyle was anything but ready to go running.
"Oh…" Michael said and then started walking off. Kyle watched as Michael walked away and then turned to Maria.
"Ok, you better have an explanation because Mr. Parker never gives anyone time off, especially during this time of season." Maria said sternly.
"I will, but where's Whitman, he needs to hear this too and I don't want to have to say it twice." Kyle explained.

Kyle sat in the quad with Alex and Maria, both waiting patiently for Kyle to explain. Maria had told Alex about not having to work and in response Alex had become immediately worried. The Crashdown was never closed and they were always busy, especially on school days, so telling Maria and Michael- their only cook after school- to not come in was like saying that they weren't going to be open.
"Spill it, now." Maria demanded.
"Ok, but you guys gotta keep this low, no one else can know, not even Max."
"So why are you telling Maria?" Alex teased. Maria glared at him and swatted his arm lightly in response.
"No, you guys this is serious.." Once Kyle was sure he had their attention he started. "Yesterday, someone broke into Liz's room and wrote 'you and me' all over Liz's bathroom in blood."
"WHAT?!" Maria shrieked. "Oh my god, is she ok? Was it Liz's blood? No, it couldn't have been, the story would have been in the paper this morning… wait I didn't read the paper."
"I haven't seen Liz all day… is she ok?" Alex asked urgently. When Kyle didn't answer Alex or Maria, Alex grabbed Kyle by the collar of his shirt and shoved him against the pillar next to him. "Whoa!" Kyle gasped.
"I asked, now answer! Is she is ok?" Alex snapped. Maria stared on with tears in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks.
Nothing seemed very coherent right now to Liz. But she didn't want anything to make sense right now. All she wanted to do was curl up in a little ball and hide somewhere where no one could ever get to her again. Not even her parents could console her right now. Before it had been enough to have to deal with someone desecrating her bathroom, but now things just seemed to be getting worse. She knew things were getting worse because she now had three personal FBI body guards who were not to leave her site and to watch her at all times. So unless the Roswell State police had a policy of giving every person a bodyguard after something happens then, Liz knew things had t have gotten worse. And yet she couldn't pull herself out of her subconscious world, it seemed so much happier and better than what she was going through right now.
"Honey?" Mr. Parker said softly as he sat down beside his daughter's body, which was sprawled out on the bed. "I know you can hear me… don't worry honey, nothings going to happen to you. But we do have to stay here for a few more days until they are finished with the house and feel it is safe for us to return. So you just take it easy and try to put all of this behind you."
Jeff knew he wasn't fooling his daughter, he knew she was smarter then he was trying to believe, and he knew that she knew the truth. Their lives had gone to hell in just one short day and it just seemed to be getting worse every minute. As he left his daughter alone he motioned for the three FBI agents watching over to give her some time alone. There wasn't anyway to reach Liz's room unless they walked through the front door of the hotel room and then through her connecting door, and that would never happen, Jeff would die before it did.
Sheriff Valenti squatted down and inspected the body of the girl. Whoever the killer had been he had done quite a number on her. Her body was covered from the neck down in an orange membrane like substance that clung to her like a second skin, but could be peeled off easily. Beside the membrane substance the killer had also shoved her body in bleach, except for her head and hair, making sure to keep her brown tresses perfectly in tack, along with her face. He had even gone as far as to put make-up on the young girl; just a small amount of powder with a slight tinge of pink added to her lips and cheeks. Her hair had been curled at the ends, not in ringlets, but just small curls, and they had then been hair-sprayed so they would stay. Around her neck were the tell-tale strangle marks, but it had been done with a noose and not hands, though Valenti was sure that had the killer used his hands he wouldn't have left any fingerprints.
Peeling off a small amount of the orange membrane, Valenti stuck the substance in a small jar, sealed it and then placed it in a baggy. He had never seen something so horrible while working for the Roswell State Police, yet somehow he knew this wasn't going to end here. And Hanson had been right, she looked like an exact replica of Liz Parker.
"Excuse me, Sheriff?" Sheriff Valenti looked up at the person who had just spoken and then pushed himself up from the ground so he could talk with the man.
"What can I do for you?" Sheriff Valenti asked the young FBI agent.
"Agent Tom Shanks, FBI, head of this case." Tom flashed his badge for the Sheriff for verification and then tucked it away back in his coat pocket. "We would like to take a look at the report from a one Ms. Parker as soon as possible."
"Well, that will be pretty hard… especially when we don't have one yet." Sheriff Valenti replied. He didn't mean to be rude or smug, but his last experience with FBI had not turned out terribly well and he did not want a repeat.
"You haven't questioned Ms. Parker yet?' Tom asked while he looked at the sheriff quizzically.
"No, son, I haven't. She was too shook up last night to talk, and since then I have been busy looking into her case and this new finding."
"You do know that the law specifically states that…"
"I know what the law says I'm supposed to do, and I know that I'm not above the law, but I do know Ms. Parker. She is a good friend of mine, like a daughter, and I knew she wouldn't be able to give a very good report at the time."
"Very well." Tom grabbed his phone and punched in a few numbers then waited for someone to answer. "Yes, this is Agent Shanks… yes, we're going to need to get a report from Ms. Parker…. Yes, I should be there in about a half hour… sounds good… ok, see you then." Tom then took one last look at the young victim before starting back towards his car.
"Agent Shanks… you treat her right or I will report you to your superior." Valenti yelled after him. Tom nodded and then took off.
November 27, 2000
After a three-day break Liz had finally felt well enough to return to school. The Parker's were now back in their apartment, along with two FBI guards who were on a 24-hour watch. The Crashdown had been closed for four days now, but the Parker's were finally able to open it again. Nancy and Jeff were a little wary of letting Liz return to school, but when one of the agents told them he would be accompanying her they were slightly relieved. Nothing else had occurred since the incident and the Parker's hoped things would stay that way.

Liz arrived at school with Agent Sam Trencher along side. She wasn't to ecstatic to have to be by this persons side at all times, but she didn't mind if it meant being able to get away from her life and trying to return back to civilization, and if it meant he would be able to protect her. After hearing about the death of a classmate, Lisa Woods, Liz had been scared, and when she found out it was Lisa's blood in her bathroom she went straight back into her non-existent stage of just lying on the bed in the hotel and ignoring everything around her. When she had returned home the night before she still hadn't been able to sleep in her room. It was covered in police supplies and yellow tape, denying her any entrance so she instead slept out on the couch. She felt bad that Sam and Travis, her other bodyguard, had to watch over her at all times, even if they did get to trade off with John and Tom, the head inspector of the case, she still felt bad wasting their time. She wasn't anyone important, or at least that’s how Liz felt.

Everyone watched Liz and the two agents by her sidewalk down the hall. No one knew why Liz Parker suddenly had two very buff guys carrying guns by her side, but they all wanted to know. But the only problem was the second anyone would try to approach Liz, Sam and Travis would glare at the person, shooting daggers at the guys and simply glaring at the girls, who tried to talk to her. Liz felt absolutely horrible for their behavior, but she did understand. She had heard their orders straight from Tom Shanks, and according to him they were never to leave her side unless either Tom or John relieved them.

The computer lab was filled with the students from Liz's Pre-Calculus class. They rarely went to the lab, only to program equations or to practice using their already programmed equations. Because Liz had been gone she had to catch up and create a program that would be able to tell the time that a sun would rise and set on a set date and year. The task itself was simple, but creating the program was hard. Sam and Travis sat at either side of the room, watching both doors and Liz, making sure no one got in or out unless they got a good look.
Liz was just about finished with the program when her computer screen went black and then a white box popped up with the words, 'A GAME FOR LIZ PARKER PLEASE RUN THIS "FUN.AVI" FILE ON YOUR PLAYER.' Liz was unsure as to what she should do, but the curious side of her pushed her to open the file. She opened the AVI player and then the file that she was instructed to open.
Liz gasped as a picture appeared on her screen; it was she in the shower back at the Roswell Inn only a day before. Suddenly a hand emerged from the image of Liz's breast on the computer screen and moved straight towards her neck. While the hand continued to strangle Liz blood began oozing through the walls, and once the walls were thoroughly covered in blood, another hand appeared and spelt out the words, 'You and me.'
Pushing herself up and away from the computer Liz looked around the room frantically. Sam and Travis noticed Liz's behavior and could see the terrified look on her face. The two jumped up and ran over to Liz's side. As soon as the two saw what was playing on Liz's screen Sam pulled Liz into his arms while Travis pulled out his cell phone and called headquarters and then Tom.
Liz was beyond catatonic now. She didn't care that she was hysterically crying in front of her classmates, they hadn't been videotaped in the shower by some psycho stalker, and they hadn't had their bathrooms defiled by someone else, or had someone dress another person just like them and then kill them.

The school was a-buzz with TV and newspaper reporters trying to get any information they could on what had happened. FBI vehicles filled the school parking area and all other open spaces, and the students of West Roswell High were all pushed into the multi-purpose room. No one was allowed to leave until the FBI gave the say so.
Sheriff Valenti and Tom Shanks sat in the computer lab with Liz, Nancy, Jeff, Sam and Travis. While Sheriff Valenti didn't want Liz to have to see the video again he also couldn't let her go right now, they had to speak with her, and besides, she was safest when they were around.
Upon viewing the video Sheriff Valenti and Agent Shanks were appalled. They didn't have a clue how the killer and stalker had been able to get this type of footage without them knowing. Tom felt horrible. He had grilled the poor girl for any type of answers, but she none, and now after three peaceful days of nothing she was being harassed again. He turned and looked at the young woman. She was bundled up in the standard gray blanket that the FBI gave to all victims, and her father was holding her in his arms, trying to make her feel better. Tom then turned and looked at Sheriff Valenti.
"We'd better save this for evidence." Tom stated as he popped a disc into the computer. As he pressed save the computer screen once again turned black before another message popped up. 'Now you see me…' the image of Liz in the shower popped up and then it went black again. 'Now you don't…'
"Bastard!" Agent Shanks cursed out loud. Sheriff Valenti turned and looked at him questioningly. "This guy is brilliant… He wrote a self-destruct virus into the code, so it would only play until we try to copy it. Then it erased itself. It's gone..."
"What?" Mr. Parker asked angrily. "Are you saying we have nothing on him now?"
"I'm putting an extra guard on your daughter, and we're relocating your family to another house… you can stay in Roswell if you want, but I don't want you daughter in your house. We don't know what he might have done…" Tom rubbed his eyes with the pads of his fingers before continuing. "Ms. Parker, Sam, Travis, do you remember what you saw?"
"Yes sir." Sam and Travis answered simultaneously.
"Good." Agent Shanks then got up and walked over to the Parker's and their daughter. "Don't worry, we'll catch this guy…"

Maria, Alex and Kyle were worried sick as they sat in the multi-purpose room waiting for someone to tell them what was going on, though they already had a fairly good idea. Kyle was sure it had something to do with Liz. He had seen his dad walk into the school alongside some FBI agent. Maria and Alex were also sure it had something to do with Liz. They had seen her earlier with her two guards. They had wanted to go up and give her a hug, but their classes never allowed them any time, and neither did the guards.
Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess sat nervously in the corner of the room with all the other students.
"They're on to us Max, we have to leave, and now!" Michael said nervously.
"If it was they were after don't you think they would have already taken us?" Tess pointed out, but the other's fears still weren't abated.
"I side with Michael. Why else would the FBI be here?" Isabel asked. She turned and looked over at her brother. But before Max could say anything Sheriff Valenti and one of the FBI agents walked up to the podium and asked everyone to quiet down. Once all the students were settled down, the Agent Tom Shanks approached the podium and began.
"Hello, I am Agent Tom Shanks of the FBI. We have been sent down here to investigate a reported case made by one of your fellow students. Four days ago one of your fellow students was murdered, you might remember her, Lisa Woods. Before we found her body there was a report of breaking and entry and…" Agent Shanks paused for a moment, trying to think of a way to tell the students without upsetting them. "And vandalizing that same persons house. Just now, someone has broken into the school's computers and harassed the same student who's house was broken into. Now, we have called you in here to warn you and to lay down a few new precautionary laws that will hopefully help us in finding the person responsible for these horrific actions. From now on, all students are to be home by 9PM. Unless a parent, or guardian is with you, or unless you are at work after 9PM you are to be inside your home. Secondly, if you notice that one of your friends seems to have disappeared, we are asking you to report their disappearance immediately. Even if you think they may just be at the library, or finishing up a project, we are asking that you report anything that you might find to be faulty. If you do have any information on what is going on, you may talk to either Sheriff Valenti or myself. For now though, the school will be closed for two days while we further investigate the matter. Thank you for your time."

Kyle ran through the crowd, trying to reach his father and find out any information.
"DAD!" Kyle yelled. Maria and Alex were right behind him, pushing their way through the students.
"Sheriff Valenti!" Alex and Maria yelled.
Isabel and Tess felt someone fling them aside as three people rushed down through the throngs of students who were trying to make their way out of the room.
"Hey, watch it!" Tess yelled down. When she caught site of who had pushed her she was floored. Kyle Valenti had just shoved her out of the way and then ignored her when she had called after him. "Kyle!" Isabel, Max, Michael and Tess watched as Kyle, Maria and Alex ran towards the FBI agent and Kyle's father. Max wondered where Liz was, but then pushed that thought aside when he looked back down at Kyle. They could all see the concerned looks etched across their friend's faces and wondered what was going on. They pushed their way through the students who were trying to get out of the room as well.

"Dad!" Kyle yelled as he closed in on his father. "Where's Liz?"
"Son… now isn't the time." Sheriff Valenti said solemnly.
"No dad, now isn't the time for you to shut me out. Liz is very important to me, and Alex and Maria. We are her best friends, like her brother and sisters… is she ok?" Kyle demanded.
"I'll handle this Sheriff." Agent Shanks said as he put his hand on Kyle's shoulder. "Why don't we take a walk… Right now, Liz Parker needs someone who can help her, maybe you can…"
Max had heard every bone chilling word that Kyle had asked and how the FBI agent had responded. He wished he could be that someone, especially if this all had to do with Liz. Without even realizing it Max continued to just stare blankly at where Kyle, Maria and Alex had once been standing. He couldn't believe how blind he had been. When he had returned from New York he had wanted to talk with Liz, offer to be friends, try to find out the truth behind she and Kyle, but he had been to chicken to do it. Now he realized it wouldn't have even mattered, Liz was being stalked, and according to Agent Shanks, she had been since he had returned. Max wondered how he could be so stupid. Lately he had been locking himself in his room, trying to register everything that he had experienced back in New York, including how Liz had warned him. He was completely perplexed as to how she had been able to reach him while he was still awake. But still, he had been so absorbed in his own troubles that he never even noticed that Liz hadn't been ok. That's when it started to register within Max. He hadn't even seen her in the last four days, except for today, and even then he should have known something was up because she had two strange men by her side at all times.
"How could I have been so stupid?" Max asked no one in particular. He wasn't even sure if anyone even around anymore. He had been so absorbed in his own thoughts, again, that he hadn't even noticed anyone else; it seemed to be a reoccurring problem.
"What are you talking about Maxwell?" Michael asked as he came up behind Max.
"Liz." Max said forthrightly.
"Liz what?" Isabel asked as she joined her brother and Michael, along with Tess.
"This is about Liz… all of this… and I didn't even notice." Max looked down at the ground in disgust and anger. He couldn't believe he had been so dense as to let the one love of his life be harmed by another.

That night, Max decided he couldn't handle not talking to Liz any longer. As he made his way over to the Crashdown he tried to think of what he could possibly say, or how he could try to open her up. And while it still bothered him a great about not knowing the full fledged facts on Kyle and Liz, he still couldn't help but push that problem away and try to deal with this one. He had to make sure Liz was ok, otherwise Max knew he would be beating himself up later on when Liz was either hurt badly or even worse, dead.
Climbing up the fire escape of her building, Max couldn't help but think back to the last time he had come up to visit Liz like this. Had he not come he never would have caught Liz and Kyle together, in bed, laughing, and looking so guilty. Now, as he made his way up he hoped to god that he would never see anything like that again, especially involving Liz.
As he reached the top of her balcony he heard some shuffling of feet, and the next thing he knew there were three guns pointed down at him.
"Don't even think about moving, we already have someone waiting for you down in the alley." One of the agents spat out as he glared at Max.
"Where's Liz?" Max asked desperately as his worst fear began coming true. He didn't care that this same agency had hurt him only months before, all he cared about was making sure Liz was ok.
"That's none of your business. Now get up here, and move slowly… keep your hands where we can see them." The agent snapped.
"Is Liz ok?" Max asked urgently, again ignoring what the agent told him.
"I told you to get moving." The agent growled as he aimed his gun for Max's shoulder. "Or do I need to shoot you down so one of our men can drag you in?"
Max simply shook his head and climbed up the remainder of the ladder as slowly as possible. As soon as he reached the top three agents came swooping down on him, cuffing his hands behind his back while reading him his rights. As the agents pulled him up he caught a glimpse of Liz's room, which was now covered with agents who were dusting and cleaning. The door was covered with yellow police tape signifying some sort of major crime.
December 4, 2000
The next week moved by in a flash for everyone, except Liz. The Parker's were relocated into a new house with a top of the line security system, 4 guards who were on guard 24 hours a day, guard dogs, and a direct radio and phone to not only the sheriff, but also the FBI. Nancy and Jeff were thankful that someone was helping them try to protect their daughter, but it did scare them that the FBI was taking the matter to such extremes. They knew the case had to be big if they government was helping them relocate to a new home which they would never be able to afford. But The Parker's kept quiet. Liz no longer went to West Roswell High, Agent Shanks had believed it would be safer if she studied at home until they had solved the matter, and Nancy and Jeff had readily agreed. So while her mother and father ran the Crashdown, Liz would stay home with Sam, Travis, John and Tom. Surprisingly enough, Liz had grown accustomed to their presence, and had even grown to accept having two other people, men no less, staying in or just right outside of her door to her room.
When she had heard about Max being taken to jail and then being questioned about why he had come up her fire escape, Liz felt absolutely horrible. She hated not being able to tell anyone where she had suddenly disappeared to, or why she could no longer hang out with anyone for right now, but if it kept her safe she would continue to do so.
The Parker's had quickly moved to release Max, telling the FBI and Agent Shanks that Max was a family friend who often visited Liz, using her fire escape instead of the front door. Sheriff Valenti had been ready to release Max from the second he was brought in, but Agent Shanks wasn't willing to let him go. The FBI questioned Max for almost four hours before they released him. And in that time Max learned a lot about what was going down in Roswell, and most importantly, what Liz was enduring.

"Oh god, are you ok honey?" Mrs. Evans' asked as the FBI dropped Max off at his home. Diane and Philip glared at the agents, but relented when they heard one of the radios going off, saying something about finding another body.
"I'm fine mom…" Max answered laconically. He didn't really want to talk with his parents, but he knew there was no way to avoid talking about being arrested for trying to see Liz.
"So, are you going to explain or do we need to talk to the sheriff?" Philip asked his son.
"I… I just wanted to make sure Liz was ok." Max answered bluntly. He looked over at his mother and then his father, and finally he gazed over at his sister who was sitting off in the corner, shaking her head from side to side.
"Why didn't you use the front door, Max?" Diane asked.
"I never do…"
"And what made you think Liz wasn't ok?" Diane further probed into the area she was sure Max would have answers for.
"I… I just had this feeling… and I haven't seen her at school. I'm sorry mom and dad… I was just worried about her."
"And is she ok?" Philip asked, although he already knew the answer. There was no way his son would have been arrested for climbing Liz's fire escape unless something was wrong.
"No…" Max said softly.
"What is it honey?" Diane asked as she sat down next to Max.
"Someone… someone's stalking her. He's been doing it for almost two weeks… I think. And the Parker's don't even live in their house anymore, at least Liz doesn't."
"Oh honey… are you sure it's Liz that's being stalked?" Diane asked softly as she hugged her son. She could see a small trail of tears falling down his cheek.
"Yeah…" Isabel answered for her brother. She had found out by dream walking Liz after school. She had wanted to tell Max, but he had left so suddenly that she hadn't had the chance. She was in shock after she saw everything through Liz's eyes. The bathroom, the dead girl, and the computer program were more then Isabel could handle, and she wondered how Liz was able to pull through all of this.
"That poor girl…" Diane and Philip said softly as they pulled their daughter and son into a tight embrace.

It was a little after 11pm when Liz walked into her room to go to sleep. She had been playing a game of Life with Tom, Sam and her mother while her father was still working at the Crashdown. Nancy had decided to try and spend some more quality time with her daughter, especially with the recent events. So Nancy would stay home and redecorate the house, trying to make it more homely. The Parker's had had to leave most of their belongings back at their old home because Agent Shanks promised that they would be able to return some day, but until then this would be their new home.
Liz had just taken a shower, after having Tom check to make sure, for the fifth time, that no one had somehow bugged the place. While she was in the shower, Tom and Sam had helped Nancy take some things from her car, so when Liz returned she was surprised to find the house empty, and eerily quiet. It was usually abuzz with noise from the police radios and usually other people. And while it did scare Liz a little to be alone, she also knew that it was nearly impossible to break into this house. However, soon even that thought was blown away.
The ill-lit and dreary den was just past the living room and past the messy kitchen which Craig called his home. After making sure the door was locked behind him so his wife couldn't hear, Craig continued down the pathway into the brightly-lit section of the den. The room was full of high technology gadgets, one being a small TV/video set attached to a wall. On its screen, freeze-framed and silent, is a video of a pretty girl at school, smiling seductively. Craig smiled evilly before putting on his white lab coat and gloves while reaching over to turn the video recorder back on. Suddenly, the girl from school appears on the TV screen. She is strapped onto a table, her mouth taped shut. A plastic bag covers her head, but not tightly and she is now dead. Craig takes one last look at her before heaving her body over his shoulder and dropping her in a tub filled with bleach.
"I promised to come back, now didn't I." Craig whispered as he checked one last time to make sure the bag was securely around her head. Once he was sure he dunked her whole body into the tub and waited for the process to be complete.
As Liz pulled back her bead covers she felt her stomach churn and convulse. Hundreds upon hundreds of maggots were crawling around on her sheets, and in the middle of it all was a torso which was covered in blood and maggots crawling out of it as well. Her white sheets were soaked through and through with blood and there was even a small stream of it pouring down onto her floor. That's when she caught site of her next surprise; she couldn't tell what organ it was, but she was pretty sure it was the ovaries ripped out from the torso on her bed.
Her scream filled the silent night, and within seconds Tom and Sam were in her room. Tom instantly pulled Liz into his arms, burying her head against his chest so she wouldn't have to see the horrible scene before her. When Mrs. Parker came in she almost fainted dead when she caught site of her daughter's room.

Within an hours time there were over fifty FBI agents swarming through the Parker's new house. It was decided soon after that they needed some place else for Liz to stay, and after a few phone calls they decided that she would stay at the sheriffs house for the night and would then be transferred some place else, but Sam, Tom, Travis and John were not to leave her side. Even though Agent Shanks was the head investigator in this case he felt it would be better at this point to make sure Liz was safe, and then he would come back and look at the evidence. Mr. and Mrs. Parker were to stay with the Whitman's, much to their dismay, but they were happy knowing that she would have five men watching over her.
Upon arriving at the Sheriff's house, Liz was escorted in by seven different agents, three of whom left once she was safely inside and the area was checked. Because of the sudden houseguest, both Kyle and Tess were woken up, and questioned and checked by one of the FBI agents. Once everything was secure Sam, Tom, Travis, John, and Sheriff Valenti tried to comfort Liz as well as they could. Tess and Kyle watched on helplessly as Liz cried hysterically. They weren't sure what they should do, but when they started to enter the kitchen where everyone else was, Kyle's father quickly shot them a look telling them to just leave for now. Sheriff Valenti had seen the way Tess acted around Liz, and he could see they weren't very good friends, and the last thing Sheriff Valenti wanted right now was to upset Liz anymore then she already was. Kyle and Tess complied willingly and left, but only a few minutes later, Kyle's father came to talk tot hem.
"How is she?" Kyle asked eagerly.
"She's real shaken up Kyle. Um, Tess, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind… just for tonight I mean…"
"Don't worry, she can take Kyle's room." Tess said, cutting Sheriff Valenti off with her words. He looked at her for a moment and then smiled. "What happened?"
"Somehow that sick bastard got into their new house and he left some disturbing things for Liz. That's about all I can tell you kids, besides, believe me, you don't want to know what he left for her." With that being said, Sheriff Valenti returned to the kitchen and escorted Liz and her bodyguards to Tess's room.
"Wow… I never thought… you know." Tess said as she flopped down on the couch beside Kyle. They could still hear Liz crying, only now it was Kyle/Tess's bedroom, and it was slightly muffled. Tip toeing over to the room, Kyle and Tess peeked in only to see one of the guards cradling Liz in his arms while the other three stood around. Of course the three guards caught them within seconds, and asked the politely to leave, and Kyle and Tess did as they were asked, however the image of Liz completely broken down was forever burned into their minds. "My god… how long has this been going on for?"
"Since… 23rd of November." Tess gasped at Kyle's response. She was surprised and awed by the fact that Liz was still not only alive but dealing as well as she was. Sure Tess had thought she had had a hard life, but being stalked by someone, and having to be relocated and have bodyguards around all the time had to be tough.
"Do you know about all the incidents?" Tess asked as she and Kyle sat down on the couch.
"First time, the guy wrote the words 'you and me' all over her bathroom in blood, which they later found a body, who the blood had come from, and the guy had made her look identical to Liz. Then there was this computer incident at school. After the whole bathroom thing, Liz and her family stayed in a hotel, and somehow the guy was um… well able to video tape her in the shower. He sent that to her at school, except I guess he added some animations to it, but when they tried to copy it it deleted itself from the system. Again they found another body looking identical to Liz's. And then there's this, but I don't know what happened this time, yet."
"And she's been dealing with this all alone? Oh god, and I've been nothing but a bitch to her because of the whole you sleeping with her."
"Huh? What are you talking about?" The minute the words slipped from his mouth, Kyle clamped his hand over his mouth and began berating himself for being so stupid.
"Wait a minute… I knew it! You and Liz would never…"
"Hey, keep your voice down, she's stopped crying and is almost asleep." Travis snapped as he came out into the room, glaring at the two. "I'm sorry that we are inconveniencing you, and we will be gone by tomorrow, but for now, please try to keep quiet, Liz really needs to try to sleep, and Tom's having enough trouble trying to quiet her down."
"I know someone who could make her relax and help her fall asleep!" Tess said sporadically.