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Title: Are you ready!!!
Author: Tina Katselos
Summary: All eight teens are accepted into Harvard and proceed to have a ball, its AU, no aliens, just some good old fashioned romance.
Rating: PG 15
Disclaimer: Not mine, what I would do with Jason if he were mine... I can dream cant I?
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Part One

Elizabeth Parker stared at the letter in front of her, just wondering why on earth it was so hard for her to open it. She did not understand, this is what she had been waiting for since she knew what the words "Harvard University" meant. All she wanted in life was to study hard, get the best grades she could, get accepted into the Molecular Biology program at Harvard University and hopefully one day become the head of Molecular Biology at the same University as to where she finished her degree. That wasn't so bad was it? In fact Liz thought she had a pretty good life to look forward to. Sure at the moment things were not very exiting but the future was all she cared about.

Being the only child of fairly respected parents in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, even Liz had to admit that her dreams of Harvard were not completely her own. She was sure her parents did not mean to but they somehow made her feel that she had to succeed in life. She knew that the weight of high expectations had been placed on her shoulders. Ever since she had brought home her first report card from junior high, which consisted of mainly A's and a few B's that was it. She saw the pride beaming on the faces of her parents. They told all their friends how intelligent their daughter was. In the beginning it Liz liked it, she received. But after a while it became a little tiring. She still studied hard, still got great marks but it now felt that she did not do it for herself, she did it for everyone else. Not many people knew how she felt; only her two best friends, Maria Deluka and Alex Whitman. Liz did not feel sorry for herself though; she had no reason to. She felt lucky that her parents wanted for her what she wanted for herself. But still, she was afraid of what she held in her hands. This would make or break her future and she could not get her fingers to slide under the opening of the envelope and just read the darn thing!

"Helloooo, earth to Liz, stop staring it, open it and read it."

The chirpy and annoyingly bubbly voice of Maria Deluka broke Liz's train of thoughts and brought her into her current situation. Maria had come over about fifteen minutes ago carrying her acceptance letter into Harvard’s Professional Writing course grinning from ear to ear. She walked in on Liz sitting in the same position that she was in now.

Liz just gave Maria a painful look and handed the letter over to her.

"Can you open it? I, I cant."

"Oooooh Kaaay, Liz are you feeling right?"

"Yea I am Maria, I'm just a little nervous that's all."

"Understood, so here we go, I'm opening the envelope, I'm taking the letter out of the envelope, I'm unfolding the letter, and I'm reading it."

While Maria was babbling on Liz felt her fists go numb because she was clenching them so hard. Her face could have been slapped and she still would not have blinked and eyelid. Her eyes were glued to her friend face looking for a sign. She felt like she was waiting for ages until Maria spoke.

"This sounds weird Liz."

Liz nodded at Maria telling her to continue.

"I mean... forget it let me just read it out loud, OK where were we? Oh right here. We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted into our Molecular Biology department here at Harvard blah blah blah. Sounds strange don’t it?" Maria said with an infectious grin on her face.

Liz's face lit up and Maria thought she was going to be blinded the smile that lit up the face of her best friend, that's how bright it was!

"If your lying Maria I will kill you, you know that don't you?"

"Really? Your so nice Liz, your eloquence touches me it really does."

"Give me the letter Maria."

"Do you want before or after you kill me?"

Liz sighed; Maria was the queen of sarcasm.

"C’mon, its killing me here"

"Alright, alright relax, geez you'd think there was a time bomb in there!"

Maria passed Liz the letter and she read it. She read it seven times before she let what she read register into her brain, then out of no where Liz let out a loud "Wooooo hoooooo, Maria we are not working tonight, we'll give away our shifts because we are going to party baby, ohhhh yea"

Both Liz and Maria worked at the Crashdown. The Crashdown was an alien themed restaurant owned by Liz's parents that fit right into the crazy little town of Roswell New Mexico. They served alien related food and wore adorable alien (or more so space cadet outfits). Sure they didn't mind their jobs, it was just the work they hated!

Maria stared at her friend in amazement, then she too joined in the fun. They were jumping around Liz's lounge to imaginary music, just at the moment loving life.

"Liz what's going on down there?" When the girls heard Jeff Parker yell out to them they stopped.

"Nothing Dad really, its not a big deal, I mean Maria and I just got out letters from Harvard telling us that we've been accepted into out dream programs, but other that not much"

"Nancy, did you hear that?" Yelled Liz's father.

"Yes I heard it" Nancy, Liz's mother came rushing down the stairs, the
laundry forgotten and hugged both the Harvard girls.

"This is fantastic, we have to tell everyone, I'm going to start calling everyone."

Liz just smiled at her mother, it was her moment too.

As she was slowly being tightly squeezed to death by her father, Liz managed to get out one request.

"Dad, do you think that Maria and I could get the night off, you know to celebrate?"

"You know I'd love to Lizzie but you and Maria are all I have for tonight, Betsy's has a wedding, Christine has and engagement and Agnes has a christening to attend. Unfortunately they are all tied up at receptions tonight so you'll have to work."

The girl's faces fell. They both groaned and sank into the couches bellow them.

"Well Liz, you know what?"


"Life sux?"

"You can say that again"

"Life sux?"

Part 2

Max was nervous, he never remembered being this nervous before, except of course from the times that he passed Liz Parker in the halls. He has a huge crush on her. But he could never admit that to anyone. He and Liz associated in completely different circles. They were both popular in their own way. Liz was intelligent, loyal and generous. People knew her as being Miss Nice, Max even heard people snicker behind her back and calling her Miss Too Perfect. But to Max she was perfect. While on the other hand Max was your typical jock. Well he was almost your typical jock except for the fact that he had a brain!

Max was what could easily say one of the most popular guys in school. But that was not the reason he had not approached Liz, the main reason was that he already had a girlfriend by the name of Tess Harding. She was pretty, funny, sarcastic and sweet. She also had a big attitude when things did not go her way. She and Max's sister Isabelle were co-captains of the Roswell cheerleading squad and they were both stunning! But Max just did not have strong feelings for her. In the beginning when they started dating he didn't think they would have lasted this long. But over the course of a year they were still together. People expected them to be together, Max the Captain of the soccer team and Tess the co-captain of the West Roswell High cheerleading squad. The perfect couple people called them.

The reason that Max was so nervous was because he held in his hands he and Isabelle's future. They were letters from Harvard University. He had applied to Harvard's Molecular Biology course and Isabelle had applied to Harvard's law program. Isabelle wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents who were both successful lawyers and Max; well Max just really loved Biology.

Max climbed up the stairs in his house up to his sister's bedroom. He knocked on the door four times before deciding to just walk in.

When he entered her room he saw why she had not heard him knock. She was lying down on her bed reading a magazine and listening to her Walkman at the same time.

He approached her and tapped her on the shoulder. Isabelle jumped,

"Can't you just knock?" Isabelle replied acidly.

"I did knock, like ten times"

"Yea what ever, what do you want?"

"Is that how you talk to someone who has these?"

Max held his had up showing Isabelle what was in them.

"Oh my god, Oh my god I totally forgot about those, give them to me."

Isabelle snatched the letters out of Max's hand and opened the first one out of the two. Not caring that it was Max's and that he wanted to open it himself.

As the read the letter Max tried to snatch it off her.

"Relax Max, I'm doing you a favour. It would take you at least and hour to open it and another hour to read the contents of it so stop giving me that stupid look and just thank me ok?"

Really there was nothing Max could do. This was typical Isabelle behaviour, me, me, and me.

Isabelle's voice broke into Max's thoughts.

"Ok you got in to Molecular Biology, now let's look at me."

"Please don't act like you care Isabelle, I mean it’s only my future".

"Shut up I'm reading my letter and... YES, YES, I GOT IN, I GOT IN MAX CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, I GOT IN"

"Do you want me to congratulate you"?

"Of course I do you're my twin brother".

"Only if you congratulate me first"

"Ok Max you sook, congratulations big brother of seven minutes"

"Congratulations little sister".

Part 3

Liz, Maria and Alex met up at the Crashdown the same day half an hour before the girls were due to start work. Alex was glowing because he was accepted into Harvard's Information Technology program and all three were happy that they were going to be together at University too.

"It's just too bad that I won't be sharing a room girls". Alex said with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Alex Charles Whitman you are a sly one aren't you"?

Alex spun around startled at the voice he only heard in his dreams.

"Isabelle... hey, how are you"?

"I'm fine Alex".

"How do you know my name, I mean my last names"

"It's in the acceptance letter right in front of you Whitman".

"Oh of course, of course silly me".

"So Harvard, the four of us have been accepted into Harvard too"

Isabelle pointed the threesome sitting in the end booth. Max, Tess and Michael, Max and Isabelle's first cousin.

"Hey that guy is the painter right"? Maria asked while pointing at Michael. Maria was secretly thinking to herself that Michael was one good-looking specimen.

"Yea that's right"

"So you were all accepted into Harvard". Asked Liz who just could not stop looking and Max and his wonderful backside.

"Yea Michael was accepted into Graphic Designing, Tess was accepted into Performing Arts, I'll be struggling through Law and my dear brother over there will be dorking himself out in the Molecular biology program".

"Molecular Biology! That's what I'm doing and it's not that dorky". Liz blurted out.

"Relax Liz I was only kidding".

"I'm relaxed, I was just stating a fact".

"Liz luuurves her facts". Maria said sarcastically. "That's weird you
know, and very coincidental, Liz, Alex and I were accepted into Harvard too. Liz as I'm sure you know is doing Molecular Biology, (Isabelle smiled at this and wondered why she never took the time to talk to these people because they seemed really nice), Alex is doing nothing other that Information Technology and Mwa is doing Professional Writing."

"Wow that's great," said Isabelle, at least we'll know people when we get there, I am so nervous".

"Believe me we all are" said Maria.

"Any way" Isabelle cut in, "the reason I came up here was because I wanted to order".

"Hey were waitresses" said Maria, "that's our job"

"Well we were waiting for like fifteen minutes to be served but you guys didn't look like you were going to stop gas bagging so...”

"Ok point taken, what would you like"?

Part 4

Maria, Liz and Alex made sure that the summer before they embarked on a whole new life was to be a summer they would never forget. They went out almost every night. They went out so much that their parents now
complained that they forget what their children looked like!

But the three made sure that wherever they went they went together. They were inseparable, they always had been. On a Friday afternoon the trio went to the beach, the girls wanted to go to catch up on their tans and Alex wanted to go so he could check out the potential, so he called it. The first thing they did when they got there was lay down their towels. It was not surprising that the beach was packed, it was their summer vacation. The girls applied sunscreen on themselves and laid back. They were enjoying the silence until Alex stood up, causing sand to fall all over them.
"ALEX" Maria yelled, "What are you doing"?

"Forgive me your highness but me thinks that this tummy of mine is a tad empty so I shall go to the kiosk and so my best to fillith up".

"While your there grab two waters Ok"?

"Am I now worthy of supplying you with water"?

"Just get it Alex, I'm thirsty, now hurry along loyal servant, my throat is feeling a tad dry".

"Coming right up oh higher one" said Alex as he started walking towards the kiosk.

The girls were watching him as he slowed down his pace and approached the group that was sitting on towels under a beach umbrella.

"Who's Alex talking to"? Liz wondered out loud.

"Let me get a better look, oh I think he's talking to Isabelle and that".

'Isabelle and that' were how the three referred to the foursome that
consisted of Isabelle, Max, Tess and Michael.

Automatically Liz put on her special radar and zoomed in on Max.
Unfortunately zooming in on Max also meant zooming in on Tess. Tess had her head resting on Max's shoulder and was laughing at something Alex was saying. At that moment Alex pointed in their direction and Isabelle turned and waved. The girls waved back. Just then Liz felt someone touch her shoulder. As she turned around she noticed Kyle Valenti standing before her. Kyle Valenti was one of the jocks that associated with 'Isabelle and that'. He was the Captain of the football team, he wasn't that bad looking either. Not really Liz's taste but good looking all the same.

"Kyle, hey"

"Hey Liz, how've you been"?

"Great Kyle how have you been"?

Liz wondered why Kyle was approaching her now. Sure they knew each other but its not like they were friends or anything.

"Yea I'm great, hey I heard that you were accepted into Harvard,
congratulations, I was accepted into Harvard too, Pre Med., who would have thought, me Kyle Valenti going to College and not just any college but Harvard".

"I'm really happy for you Kyle, but how did you know about my acceptance"?

"You know how small towns are... your dad told my dad and my dad told me"!

"Understood and yes I think I know pretty well how small towns are"

"Any way Liz the reason I came over was because I was wondering if it was alright for me to call you, you know to out and catch a movie or something"?

Liz thought about it and could not think of a reason of why she should say no, there wasn't any, so she looked at Kyle straight in the eye and said:

"Sure why not, a movie sounds great".

"Great I'll call you soon".

"Yea soon, bye Kyle"

"See ya Liz".

From the other side of the beach two faces where watching the interaction going on between Liz and Kyle and both Max and Tess were secretly fuming on the inside.

Part 5

Liz and Kyle walked back from the cinema, they had just seen the movie
'American Beauty' and were playfully arguing about it.

"What do you mean you didn't like it, it was so deep, dark funny and moving".

"In other words Liz it was down right boring".

"How could you think it was boring, just because there was no machine guns or a muscle clad Sylvester Stallone calling himself Rambo, it does not mean that it was boring".

"Hey who said anything about Stallone, I was thinking more of Arnie myself".

Liz laughed at this, and thought about how much she had enjoyed herself tonight. Sure there were no fireworks between them, but as her Grandma Claudia had said once 'everyone wants to find their soul mate, but there's so much time for that'. And there was, Liz thought. Kyle was fun and funny. They had a good time together.

Kyle insisted on walking Liz home and when they reached her front door they both spoke at the same time.

"So Liz, how about..."

"I had a great time tonight Kyle..."

They both smiled at each other, a little uncomfortable.

"Well goodnight Kyle".

"Yea, yea right goodnight, listen Liz would you like to do this again sometime"

"I'd like that"

As she said that Kyle leaned towards her and kissed her. It was a soft, lingering kiss and it was nice. Liz has been kissed before but she never experienced those things that you only read about. She never saw stars and things never exploded. This time was no different. As Kyle leaned back the smile on his face was comforting.

"I'll call you soon Liz, goodnight".


Liz closed the door behind her, and went straight to the Crashdown because she knew Maria was working.


"You kissed Kyle Valenti"?

'Isabelle and that' were in their usual booth at the Crashdown when they all heard Maria's outburst.

"Liz and Kyle" Isabelle said, "unconventional but cute".

"You think their cute together"! Tess exclaimed, they are so mismatched it's not funny.

"I know, I mean Kyle's like... Kyle and Liz is like so nice" Max followed.

As Max and Tess went on about Kyle and Liz Michael and Isabelle just stared at them in amazement.

Finally Michael spoke, "you act like you guys are jealous or something"

"Don't be crazy, Michael" Tess replied.

"That's one of the stupidest things I've heard" Max put in.

Michael replied by saying, "well if you don't care then stop talking about it".

Max and Tess went quiet and just stared gloomily over at the other end of the Crashdown where Maria and Liz were.

"Jeez Maria do you have to be so loud"?

"Sorry Liz I'm just surprised that's all, I mean Kyle Valenti, son of Jim Valenti, correction Sheriff Valenti. I don't know it just sounds weird to me".

"There's nothing weird about it Maria, he's a nice guy and he's fun".

"Do you really like him Liz"?

"He's all right Maria, I mean its not love, but I'm eighteen, I'm not
looking for love".

As Liz said this, her gaze slid over to Max and she caught his eye. They both smiled and Liz felt something like an electric jolt almost vibrate through her body. She saw Max too shudder. Suddenly Tess said something to Max and he broke the eye contact between them.

At that moment Maria whispered to Liz, "I see Max Evans is staring at you again".

Part 6


"So how are things going with Kyle any way Liz" asked Maria "you don't talk about that much".

"What's there to talk about" Liz replied, "we go out, we have a good time, there's not much else".

The girls had just closed the restaurant for the night and were delaying the inevitable. PACKING. They hated packing. But in a few days they were due to leave for Cambridge Massachusetts, and venture into their new life as students at Harvard University.

"You are a weird one Parker, I mean do you realise that this is your boyfriend that your talking about"?

"Maria, calm down, I mean he's not even really my boyfriend, were only seeing each other, it's casual, completely casual".

"Right that's why you see him like... every day".

"Liar" Liz chided softly.

"Ok then, every second day, but still Liz... speaking of the devil". Liz turned her head at the sound of a faint taping on the window that overlooked the street. The tapping, Liz discovered was caused by Kyle's car keys.

"Well who do we have here, no-one other than lover boy".

Liz gave Maria one final glare before walking towards the door and opening it for Kyle.

The moment Kyle walked in he enveloped Liz in a warm hug and said, "How's my girl"?

Liz gave Kyle a small kiss on the lips and was about to say something when she saw Max walk out of the UFO center across the street, the place where he had been working at for the past two years. At first he did not notice the couple embracing in the Crashdown, but once he did he stopped in his tracks.

Liz saw this and automatically felt guilty. Thought about pulling out of Kyle's embrace but checked herself. Max had a girlfriend of his own, there was no reason for her to feel guilty. But still ever since she could remember, every time she was around Max she would feel something that she never felt around any one before. She'd feel the hairs on her arms stand on end and she'd be at a total loss for words. This time was no different.

They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity until Kyle spoke and broke the spell between the two people on opposite sides of the glass.

"Liz, where have you gone"?

Liz snapped out of her daze, sparing one last glance outside until she realized that Max was gone. If she did not have Goosebumps in the middle of summer she would have been certain that she had imagined the whole thing. But she did have Goosebumps and it was hot!

"What do you mean Kyle I'm right here"?

"Now you are but your mind seemed like it floated somewhere else".

"Sorry Kyle I guess I'm just thinking of all the dreadful packing I have ahead of me, believe me I am not looking forward to it".

"I know how you feel, I have to pack too, I just dropped in to say hi, and see how you were".

"Thanks Kyle I'm glad you came" Liz said and wondered to herself when she had become such a good liar.

"Anyway Liz I'm off to pack, I'll call you tomorrow there's a new Arnie movie that I really wanna see and I know how much you love action movies" Kyle said with a cheeky grin on his face.

Liz gave Kyle a look that said 'what ever' and Kyle just chuckled to himself as he walked out the door, but not before giving her one last peck on the cheek.

"See you cutie, good night Maria".

"Night Kyle", both girls said in Unison.

As Kyle walked out the door Maria turned to Liz ready to say something but Liz gave her the look that said 'not now, I'm not in the mood. So the girls worked in silence until they finished, Maria respecting the fact that Liz had a lot on her mind. The girl was a stress ball Maria thought, laughing to herself. She'd never loosen up.

As the girls drove in silence Maria out of nowhere said something that
surprised the hell out of Liz.

"Why are you with Kyle"?

Liz turned and gave a sharp look to Maria but she kept on talking.

"I mean your more like friends than anything else, there's no romance,
there's no spark".

"I really don't feel like talking about this"

Maria pretended not to hear her and kept on going.

"I saw what happened with you and Max earlier.

Liz's head snapped back and she almost lost it.

"Look Maria stop grilling me Ok? It's none of your business anyway"!

Maria felt as if she had been slapped across the face. Liz never spoke to her like that before.

When Liz saw the expression on her best friends face, she instantly regretted what she said.

"Maria I'm sorry, but I don't know what's happening. I feel so weird I mean, here I am dating this great guy and all I can do is think about someone else".

Maria heard the desperation in her friends voice and knew that Liz did not meant what she said or how she said it. She prided herself on being mature enough to realise that Liz was feeling emotions that were completely alien to her that's why she reacted the way she did. So she pulled over to the side of the road and gave Liz a hug. Liz clung to Maria relieved that she could finally share her pain and confusion with someone else.


"I mean here I am dating this great girl and all I can think about is
someone else".

Instead of going home after work, Max went to Michael's. He really needed to talk to someone, and since Isabelle was Tess's best friend she was defiantly out of the question.

"I knew you liked her, I just knew it" Michael said with a satisfied smile".

"Look Michael, I'm not in the mood for any of your 'I told you so's'. I want some advice".

"You’re asking me for advice? Since when did you think that I'm some expert on romance, because let me tell you Maxwell I am not".


"Ok, ok you want my advice"?

"That is why I'm here".

"Break up with Tess and ask out Liz".

It was so simple when Michael said it but Max knew it was way more complicated.

As Max drove home from Michael's he could not get their conversation out of his head. It wasn't that it just hard to do what Michael said but he just did not want to hurt Tess. Although he didn't love he still cared about her.

He thought about the look that he a Liz shared outside the Crashdown. How even if he has the chance he still would not have has the ability to have said anything. That's how he was around her, speechless. He remembered one time when he was walking down the school halls, he turned the corner and bumped straight into Liz. Books, pens and paper flew everywhere. They hurriedly picked up everything but by accident Max put Liz's biology book in his pile of books. As he handed it to her their hands touched and they both pulled back awkwardly. Max just stared at her and tried to say something.

"Biology. Book. Yours". Max blurted out.

"Huh". Liz replied, feeling like a complete idiot.

He pointed to the book he gave her and she smiled and just stared at him. Her butterflies in her stomach felt like they were on some kind of adrenaline rush.

"Instead of taking my biology book I took yours, yours is in much better condition so..."

As Max was speaking he knew he sounded like an idiot so he just stopped in mid sentence.

"I have to leave, late ... for... class, bye"

"Bye Max"

The way she said his name caused his heart to flip, and he found himself whistling as he went to his next class.

Max broke out of his thoughts, pushed his foot down on the pedal and sped all the way home. He needed to pack.

Part 7


Although Liz and Maria signed up to be roommates, for some reason it did not happen that way. Their rooms were right next to each other but they were not sharing.

After carrying their suitcases to their rooms and exchanging one last worried glance at each other, they each went into their own separate rooms. In typical Liz fashion she got there early hoping that her roommate, whoever she was, was not there yet. She wanted to get a feel of the room before having to share it with a stranger. Even though she was early, she was not early enough!

The room was large, with a window over looking the campus. She could see people walking around and talking on campus. She couldn't help thinking how early people were. Of course there were two beds. One near the window (that was the bed that Liz wanted), and another bed up against the wall. The bed up against the wall had an attractive, tall, blonde and surprised girl on it. The attractive, tall, blonde and surprised girl on the bed walls none other than Isabelle Evans.


Maria's room was very similar to Liz's, except for the fact that instead of Isabelle lying down on the bed it was Tess Harding.

Maria was shocked. It wasn't that she did not like Tess; it was just that she did not know her. They were never close. She knew she was going to Harvard but Harvard was a big school. She didn't expect to see her so soon, let alone be sharing a room with her!

"Well isn't this interesting"? Tess said with a smile on her face.

"Interesting is an understatement, how about trying downright weird"!

"Why is it weird"? Tess asked, her attention shifting between Maria and the newest edition of Cosmo.

"C'mon, you don't think its weird? We’re roommate's girl, out of all the girls in Harvard they put us together! I'm not saying it's a bad thing, actually it's a good thing, but it's too much of a coincidence to me".

"Actually, now that I think about it, your right Maria. But who cares, were roommates and that's all that matters. But I just want to know one thing".


"Do you like... leave a mess behind you"?

"Sometimes, but I'll do my best to be a tidy person, ok"?

"No I didn't mean it like that, it's just that I'm a totally lazy and I tend to leave like a mess everywhere".

"Thank God" Maria replied, "to tell you the truth I wasn't looking forward to being neat".

The girls smiled at each other, just knowing that the year ahead was going to be great!


"A party, we've been here for five minutes and you already have a party to go to".

Liz was shocked. Isabelle could not have arrived long before she did and already she had a party to attend.

"I don't have a party to go to, WE have a party to go to"!

"I don't think so, I'm not really into that sort of thing"

"I'm not taking no for and answer. Look at it this way, you won't be
lonely, you can invite Kyle and ah... Alex, Isabelle said the last name in funny tone that Liz caught, as if she was embarrassed. She must have been mistaken because Liz could never imagine Isabelle Evans being embarrassed about anything. Tess and Max are going together and Michael's even coming".

Great, Max and Tess together, that was the last thing Liz wanted to see.

"Isabelle, I'm really not in the mood, I have to unpack, and I want to see the University a little...”

Liz was cut off by the sound of a knock on the door, Isabelle ran to open it and to Liz's surprise both Tess and Kyle were there.


"Believe Maria, with Isabelle on her case Liz will definanlty go".

The two girls were getting along marvellously, once Tess got into her room she immediately called Isabelle on the cell (there was no way she was getting off her ass and walking to the next room) to tell her the good news about her roommate. When Isabelle told Tess who her roommate was, Tess could not believe it. As if it was fate, Destiny. Tess shivered when that thought came into her head. She hated that word.

"You think so Tess? Because I know Liz, great big drinking parties are not Liz's thing".

"Isabelle knows that, I mean I think everyone knows that, but Isabelle's smart".

"What do you mean, Isabelle's smart".

""There is no way that Isabelle would tell Liz that there's alcohol at this party".

"I don't know about this Tess..."

"Trust me Maria, it will be great, I mean what's college for any way"?

Maria smiled at her new friend, Tess was right. Maria wanted to have a
blast, and that she would do.

"I'm going to see what Isabelle is up to. When I come back we can pick out what were going to wear tonight".

As Tess walked out of her room she saw Kyle heading into Liz's room.

"Kyle hey, I think you have the wrong dorms, because these are for the

Kyle stared at the girl in front of him. He's known Tess for years. They were friends, but all of a sudden he was seeing her in a new light. Oh but she was beautiful. He quickly collected his thoughts. He came to his girlfriend and here he was checking out some other chick!

Tess felt her mouth go dry. The way Kyle was looking at her made her
nervous but exited at the same time. She was about to say something when Isabelle opened the door. Kyle and Tess were stunned. Both upset at the intrusion, but hiding it.

Part 8

By the time Liz arrived with Maria, Tess and Isabelle the party was in full swing. The guys had arrived about and hour before. But Tess insisted that they arrive fashionably late. So arrive fashionably late they did.

The first thing Liz saw was a bowl of punch surrounded by food on the one of the tables.

"C'mon girls I'm thirsty, lets get some punch".

"Good idea my throat is dry,” replied Tess.

Isabelle and Maria said they weren't thirsty so Liz and Tess went alone. At first Liz was uncomfortable. She did not think that she would like Tess. Liz knew the reason. Tess was with the man if Liz's dreams. She was determined not to get close to the girl. But she couldn't help it; she was beginning to like her damn it! By the time they got to the punch bowl Liz was practically in stitches. She never would have thought it, but Tess had a great sense of humour. But why should she be surprised? She and Tess had never really spent any time together. But now that they were Liz was finding that she really liked her and that they had more than just Max in common.

As they reached the punch bowl Liz became a little apprehensive.

"Do you think there's alcohol in this"? Asked Liz.

Tess bought the drink up to her lips, realizing that there was vodka in this. But the punch was so sweet that Liz would probably not taste it.

"No I don't think so, tastes fine to me".

So Liz drank the punch.

"Umm tasted good,” Liz said.

Tess smiled, Liz was great and she could not wait to see her loosen up a little.


Two hours later Liz was having the time of her life. She and Tess had not stooped dancing. Every song that came on was better than the last.

"Tess I am having the greatest time"

"You are"?

"You sound surprised".

"I'm not its just that..."
"Its just that what" Liz said.

"Well I don't know how to say this but, I think the punch was spiked" Tess
could not help herself. She felt guilty. Here she was becoming friends with Liz and she lied to her about the punch!

"Do you think I'm stupid"? Liz said with a grin. "I knew the punch was spiked when my head started spinning".

Both girls laughed, Tess was relieved to have the guilt taken off her
shoulders. Then Liz surprised Tess once again.

"Let's get another drink"

"Ok" was the only thing that came out of Tess's mouth.


"Liz and Tess look like they're having fun" Maria said to Isabelle.

"See I was right Maria, I knew Liz would love it"

Isabelle and Maria were with Alex and Michael just standing around and
talking. They weren't dancing but they were having a great time all the same. Maria could no take her eyes off Michael and those delicious lips.

"She looks drunk to me,” Michael said in a bland voice.

"She is drunk Michael" Maria replied "I mean when else would Liz dance like that any other time"?

"I think she's very drunk Maria, if she keeps on drinking were going to have to carry her out of here".

The way Michael said her name made her shiver, he was so sexy! She has to make a move and soon or else she'd regret it. As Maria was thinking up a plan to get Michael outside he surprised her.

"So Maria do you want to go for a walk or something, you know like get fresh air"?

Michael had wanted to get Maria alone since she'd walked into the room. She looked too good in her extra tight black hipster pants and her even tighter cream off the shoulder top. His mouth was watering just at the thought.

Maria was taken back. Here she was hoping that she would not sound
desperate by asking Michael to go for a walk and he asks her. Ecstatic was the word that described Maria at the moment. If nothing happened between Michael and herself tonight she would be severely disappointed.

"Sign says, stay away fools, cause love rules at the lo-o-o-ve shack"

Liz and Tess were still going strong, they just stated on their drinks when the song 'Love Shack' by the B52's started blasting through the speakers.

"I love this song", both girls said in unison, they downed what ever was in their glassed and returned to where people were dancing.

"I'm heading down the Atlanta highway, looking for a looooove getaway,
heading for a love getaway".

Liz was mouthing the words to the song, not noticing how Max was staring at her. He was almost drooling. Just then he noticed Liz stumble a little. He was stumbling somewhat himself. Not only was he drunk because of the alcohol, but Liz had that affect on him too. While looking at Liz he saw Tess wave over to him, motioning that she wanted him to dance. As he walked over he did his best to keep his eyes off Liz. She was mesmerizing. As he was walking towards Tess he saw that Kyle was going in the same direction. What he saw perplexed him. Kyle was going out with Liz but his eyes were glued on Tess. If wasn't so drunk he might have cared. What was he saying, even if he was sober he would not have cared! He knew what he had to do; he had to break up with Tess. This relationship was getting nowhere. As friends they were great. But as a couple they sucked. They hardly even kissed anymore. Let alone sex. He could not imagine ever having sex with Tess. Whenever he thought about sex, a particular brunette came into his thoughts. That particular brunette was now dancing right in front of him, unaware of his presence. When he was about to say something she backed into him, and almost tripped over.

Liz turned around startled. As she moved back she had no idea that anyone was behind her. When she saw Max she was happy and not nervous like she usually was. She did something that she never thought she would so. She leaned close to him and whispered into his ear.

"You shouldn't go about sneaking up on me like that, you might give me the wrong idea" she smiled against his cheek and grazed it with her teeth as she pulled away. It was done so subtlety that no one noticed. Max felt himself stiffen and he stopped breathing for a second. Liz looked straight into his eyes and turned to Kyle. She was surprised to see Kyle and Tess dancing together and laughing. When they turned towards her their faces were a little too guilty for comfort.

Part 9

When Tess saw Kyle walking into her direction she felt as thought they were the only two people in the room. She felt that everything around her was fading into background. The whole thing was so surreal. Kyle looked as though he was walking in slow motion. She stood still for a while just waiting. Waiting for what? She did not know.

Kyle had been watching Tess the whole night. He could not keep his eyes off her. When she first walked in with Liz, Isabelle and Maria it was all he could do from not going straight towards her and... and what? What was he going to so take her in his arms and kiss her senseless? In front of Liz and her long time boyfriend Max? He didn't think so. He felt like a senseless bastard. He was not a single man and Tess was not a single woman. Under any other circumstances he would have homed in. Not spared a second thought. What really got to him was that it looked she and Liz were getting pretty chummy. Kyle tried all he could to keep his testosterone in balance, but when he saw how seductive Tess was dancing he could not help himself. He decided to approach Liz and just watch Tess from the corner of his eye. But as he was walking towards the girls he could not help but catch Tess's eye. They watched each other as if they were the only two people that existed. Suddenly he broke the eye contact and turned towards Liz. Liz was saying something in Max's ear and it looked as though it was very important from the look on Max's face. Once again he focussed his attention on Tess.

When Kyle turned back towards Tess she just pulled him closer and started dancing. Tess could not help thinking that Kyle was a great dancer. Tess could just bet that Kyle knew all the moves.

"You're a great dancer," Tess said to Kyle.

"You think so? Well I have been practicing", Kyle responded with an
adorable grin on his face.

"Keep on practicing baby, you may be good, but you can never be good

"Is that a challenge"?


They both started laughing because somehow they lost track of what they were talking about. When Max and Liz faced them they felt guilty, they felt guilty because they wanted it to be just the two of them and they should not have been thinking that.


"Max, Liz you have to see this"

Both Max and Liz turned around at the sound of Isabelle's voice. They
walked over to where she was with Alex.

"What is it Is"? Max asked.

"Alex" Isabelle could not stop giggling "can join his arms and twist them behind his back, it's so funny".

"So now you're calling me a freak"? Alex said in a somewhat hurt voice.

"No, no of course not but..." Isabelle could not stop laughing "oh my god"!

"What"? Max said alarmed.

"Behind you"

Max and Liz turned around to the most unexpected thing. Kyle and Tess were kissing.

Liz stormed towards Kyle, sure she was thinking of breaking up with him, but she would never kiss another guy while she was still with him!

Liz stood with her hands in her hips, waiting for them to finish. Suddenly as if feeling her presence they turned around.

"Liz" Kyle said, after ungluing himself from Tess's lips.

"Max" followed Tess. Only then did Liz realise that Max was behind her.

"You bastard" Liz said in a low but dangerous voice, "and you" she pointed to Tess. "I thought we were becoming friends and you do this, you kiss MY boyfriend. You could both disappear off the face of the earth as far as I care".

Liz walked off, leaving Max there. She did not know what she was angrier at, the fact that Kyle kissed Tess or the fact that she was relieved. She felt like a fool. Only then did she realise what a mistake it was getting involved with Kyle. They were more friends than anything else. As she was walking back to her room she heard footsteps behind her. She knew she should have been scared but for some reason she knew she was safe.

"Liz, Liz wait"

It was Max, he was running after her, trying to catch up to her.

Liz turned around, waiting for him.

"Hey" Liz said to Max in a soft voice.

"Hey" he replied, "that was ah... interesting"

"Very" Liz replied in a sarcastic voice.

"Sorry, its just that I was relieved that it happened, I mean tonight,
before any of this happened I was thinking of breaking up with her".

"You were? Tess"?

"Well, how many girlfriends do you think I have"?

"Right, understood" Liz sighed and put her head on Max's shoulder, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"It's weird," Liz said as Max put his arm around her shoulders as they
continued to walk. "I was relieved too".

"Its not 'cause your drunk is it Liz"?

"No I think I sobered up after I saw Tess and Kyle".

"Why did you want to break up with him"?

"We were just friends, I mean there was nothing there, no fireworks,

"That's exactly how it was with me".

Liz looked deep into Max's eyes and gave a light kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the ear Max, but I need some sleep".

"I'll walk you".

"Really there's no need" Liz protested.

"Don't be stubborn Parker, I'm walking you and that's that".

"Ok Evans".

Max walked her to her room. All the way with his arm around her shoulder and her head leaning against his. They needed no words. What they were feeling was enough.

Part 10

"Oh Michael, Michael"

Maria and Michael were kissing outside of where the party was taking place. Although the music was way too loud they didn't notice. Well in the beginning they did. They were trying to talk to each other but it was pretty hard to hear since Michael decided to stop right outside the window where the main speaker was. As Maria leaned in closer to Michael's ear he turned around and looked her square in the eyes. They could hear each other's breathing, neither spoke when Michael leaned in close to Maria and gave her a light kiss. When he pulled back slightly Maria gave him a cheeky smile and leaned in for more. Not only did his lips look sexy, but she was glad that he knew how to use them too!

Michael could not believe his luck. The last few years of high school there were no shortage or women in his life. But they never really did it for him. He always had his eye on one particular blonde. He could not help remembering how in the sophomore year of high school he liked short hair on girls. Maria always had short hair in the early years of high school. But when she grew her hair long, he decided he liked long hair. What a stubborn man he was. Not acknowledge what was right in front of him. He would never tell Maria though. That was too much power to give a woman. Michael came from a background far from normal. Yes, his parents were super rich. No, attention never came his way. His parents were never fit to be well...parents. They were so wrapped up in each other and their own lives that there was never really a place for him. Thank God he was an only child. One child fending after itself was enough in one family!

When Maria finally broke the kiss she was surprised to see Max and Liz just staring at them. There was no noise until Liz said:

"This night is full of surprised don't you think Max"?


"Alex, where are you going"? Isabelle asked.

"Well in case you have not noticed, everyone is like... missing".

"I'm sure they're somewhere Alex, stop being a stress ball. Now loosen up and dance with me already".

"C'mon Isabelle, you want me to dance to this song?"

"What's wrong with this song? You can relate I'm sure," she said with a

"Not much, ok, I'm a little independent, but I'm not a woman".

"Improvise then"

Isabelle's favourite song blasted through the speakers. It was from Destiny's Child. This song was uplifting and it had a great beat. She notices Alex stop protesting when she stated dancing. She smiled the secret smile, the smile that all women know.


Tess could not believe it. She had kissed Kyle. What had gotten into her? She never did things like this. She never acted impulsively. And that was what she had done. She acted impulsively. For once, she saw what she wanted and grabbed it. Was she happy she did it? No. Was she proud of herself? Again no. Then why did she do it? Tess did not have the answer to that question. All she knew was that what she felt for Kyle was different than anything she had ever felt before. It wasn't instantaneous; it had been building up for a while. They'd been friends for ages. They hung out in the same crowd, she'd been cheerleading at all his football games in high school. It wasn't until just before high school finished that she realized that she had feelings for him. Her car had been in the garage getting a service and Max was supposed to give her a lift home. When she'd gone to find him he was talking to Kyle. She over heard him say that soccer practice had been running behind and he could not take Tess home. Kyle had told Max that it was not a problem. That he would take her home. So that's how it began. The ride home Tess saw a whole new side of Kyle, he was funny, sensitive. He insisted on taking her to the garage so she could pick up her car.

"Its too much Kyle really, I'll walk there later"

"Tess, c'mon, what's the use of that, I'm here, I'll take you. I mean what are friends for anyway"?

When he spoke those words Kyle looked at her in a way that nobody else ever did. Not even Max.


Wow, Kyle felt that he was in some deep shit! Not only did he kiss a girl who had a boyfriend who was HIS friend too. But his girlfriend saw the whole thing. After Liz left, Max too started on Tess and Kyle. But he couldn't blame him. It was weird though, the way that Max wasn't angry for too long. Kyle even sensed a little relief in him. That was crazy, Kyle thought. Tess was a dream, of course Max was upset, yet still...

After that whole scene with Liz and Max, Tess said that she needed some air and walked outside. Kyle should have followed her. Although everything else was stuffed, the least he could do was give her some comfort. He had really strong feelings for the girl. Surely they could be together. Even if everything else was shot to hell at the moment. Being with her would make it that much better.

It seemed like a dream. At first, they were just dancing. Then they started getting closer and closer. Until soon their faces were just a breath apart. Tess looked up to Kyle and saw a challenge in his eyes. Never one to back away from a challenge she leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the lips. As she drew back, she felt an arm snake around behind her and pull her closer. All of a sudden they forgot where they were and kissing like mad. It was not until they sensed someone staring at them did they stop. When they turned and spotted Liz, both felt as though they had been slapped hard across the face. How could they have been so stupid? Kissing in front of everyone, at their first college party!

"Big night" Liz said to Max as they reached the door to her room.

"You can say that again". Max saw Liz look at him with a funny expression, he hoped that he didn't notice his staring complex. He couldn't help it. He could not get his eyes of her. She was stunning. The most beautiful creature he'd seen in his life. He decided to take the bull by the horns and just get it out there. "Anything wrong"?

Liz felt guilty, after making such a huff and puff about leaving the party she wanted to go back. She'd been having such a great time. She also wanted to talk to Tess. Liz forgave her about five minutes after the whole thing happened, but she wanted her to sweat it out a little. If they were to become good friends, Tess had to realise that Liz could not be stepped over.

"No, not really, its just that... forget it".


"It's nothing Max, really".

"You want to back don't you".

Liz's head snapped back, she was shocked that he just read her thoughts like that.

"How... how did you know"?

"I just knew, anyway I wouldn't mind dancing a little myself".

"OK, lets go".

Max and Liz were laughing, preparing to see Kyle and Tess all over each other. But if they were truthful they would admit that they really did not care. As they were about to walk back into the party Liz heard noises, like kissing noises. Not wanting to feel like a pervert she ignored them until she heard:

"Oh Michael, Michael"

"Max". Liz whispered, 'that sounds like Maria"

"With Michael"? Max replied.

Liz shrugged her shoulders and walked over to where the noised were coming from. Sure enough the culprits where none other that Maria Deluka and Michael Guerin.

Tonight Liz felt that she was out for shock value so she raised her voice and said, "This nights just full of surprises isn't it Max"?

Maria spun around at the sound of Liz's voice.

"Hey Liz, Michael and I were just ah..."

"Sucking face" Isabelle said from behind them.

"Isabelle, what are you doing here"? Liz asked.

"Well" Alex said, coming into sight, and speaking for Isabelle, "Is' was getting me too tired on the dance floor and I was in desperate need of fresh air". Isabelle smiled at, thinking of the feelings she was having. It was weird, she never went for the intelligent, funny type. In the past she would only date those who had looks and status. She never thought she'd find herself falling for someone like Alex. But here she was, Isabelle Evans, having intense feelings for Alex Whitman. She thought back to what her mother once told her, "You've heard the saying dear, you cant choose your friends... and you cant choose who you fall in love with. It will be unexpected dear, you can never be prepared". Isabelle listened to her mother but thought that it meant she would meet her future love when dropping food at the supermarket. She thought that she and her beloved would reach down and grab it together, then a blossoming romance would begin. Although things did not turn out that way, she was ecstatic with the way things were going now. She only hoped that Alex felt the same way.

Max looked at his sister curiously, she never let people speak for her and all of a sudden she had Alex finishing her sentences for her? Something was definanlty up with that girl. He'd talk to her later. Right now he was thinking why his best friend did not tell him anything about Maria when he was spilling his guts about Liz to him!

"Great the whole crew's here. What do you want, cant you see were busy"? Maria said in very sarcastic tone.

"Yea, we saw you, and you did look busy" Liz replied.

"And you're standing around because"?

"Well, what can we say Maria", Alex joined in "were intrigued, don't mind us, keep doing... what you were doing, we could just watch".

"Ok were leaving" Isabelle said.

Isabelle and Alex were the first to go, followed by Liz and Max.

"Finally, I thought they'd never leave" Michael said, before once again his lips descended down onto Maria's.

Part 11

“Of course I’m going to dance! I didn’t come back for nothing. But I’m not going to drink anymore, well not much anyway”, Liz said with a completely innocent face.

Max laughed and gave her an adorable, sexy smile. “Not much Parker? I saw you before, you were drinking and dancing up a storm. I know you, when you like something you do it, you’re a wild one”.

Liz was surprised, not many people saw that in her, but those closest to her. What a lot of people did not see was that she loved danger. Sure she looked innocent and level headed but always took chances. The fact that Max saw that was disturbing. Really, they weren’t that close…yet.

Max instantly realised what happened. He said too much. Now she would know that he followed her around at a distance. Always watched he when he believed no one was looking. He felt like an idiot. The next thing that Liz said or did was vital. He did not want to show her too much too soon. He wanted their paring to be perfect.

He was shocked at what happened next.

Liz looked deep into Max’s uncertain eyes with her own smiling ones. The smile reached her eyes as she reached up and brushed her fingers against his forehead, then she traced his nose with light piter pater fingers. He stared at her in awe just waiting and hoping. When she started tracing his lips he exploded. Pulling her to him in a passionate kiss.

Liz did not know what happened at one moment he was looking into her soul and the next they were kissing.

She did not see stars, and there were no fireworks. Yet what she was feeling was so much better.

She felt a passion that she never even knew she possessed. She clung to him as if he were the air feeding her lungs. As his tongue pushed passed her lis she accepted it with a sigh. His lips were hard yet soft at the same time. She wanted him in a way that scary and exiting. It did not matter to her. This was chance she knew she had to take.

All of a sudden Max slowed the pace of the kiss. It was no longer passionate. In its place was a fantastic feeling of sensuality. They kissed slowly, savouring the feel of each other. Liz felt warmth spreading though her whole body. She pulled back and looked at him. She happiness she felt was mirrored in his face. She gave him one last kiss and hand in hand proceeded into the party.


Kyle felt as though he had been looking for Tess for hours, when in fact it would not have been longer than twenty minutes. He’d searched inside the whole party, asked a girl standing outside the bathroom if she could call out Tess’s name. Apparently she was not in there either. Now he was looking outside. He’d searched the back and now searching the front. He was almost about to give up when he heard someone take a deep breath. He looked around but could not see anything. He walked to corner of the house, with every step telling himself that he was imagining things but hoping that he was not. When he reached the corner he Tess standing against the house with a faraway look in her eyes.

“Hey” Kyle said softly.

Tess turned and faced him, she said nothing, and she did not need to. Everything she was feeling was clearly etched into her face. She held out her hand, a gesture that showed him that she felt the same way that he did. Their feelings were strong, not to be denied, yet at the same time they were both afraid to classify them. Both afraid to admit even to themselves the truth. That they were in love.

He took her hand and held it tightly. It was comforting it was right. Kyle ran his fingers through her hair and said “So where to from here”?

In reply Tess said the only thing she knew, “wherever it is I hope we go together”.

Tess had vulnerability in her eyes that Kyle never expected to see. “It will be Tess, it will be”. Their lips met in a union that was both passionate and promising.


The rest of the night passed quickly for all four couples. Kyle and Tess left early, Max and Liz socialised and danced mostly, Maria and Michael were busy outside and Alex and Isabelle had left early and gone for a walk. As they were walking and talking about insignificant things, Alex startled Isabelle by saying, “So are you like seeing anyone”?

“I see a lot of people all the time, my eyes are in great working condition” Isabelle said with a laugh. Alex felt silly, he was about to ask Isabelle out on a date and she was making jokes.

“That’s funny, yea…” Alex said in a sarcastic tone.

Isabelle instantly regretted was she had said. But it wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t used to feeling this way, she couldn’t help it, she was nervous. Nervousness was not an emotion Isabelle was familiar with.

“Forget it” Alex responded, “It was a stupid question anyway”.

“Alex no really”

“Isabelle, I said forget it”

“I just..”

“No, please, I feel lame enough as it is…”

Isabelle shut him up by placing her lips on his. When she leaned back Alex said, “Well I guess I don’t feel to silly after all” he leaned in ad they kissed once again, and again and again…

Part 12

“So I guess its goodnight, right?” Maria could think of nothing else to say. It was late, the party was over and everyone retired to their rooms (well almost everyone). Michael had just walked Maria to her door and they were both feeling quite awkward. Maria realised that she and Michael had spent almost the whole night together, but talk much they did not. Was all Maria was to him? Someone who stimulated him, but not in the mental sense?

Michael’s words interrupted her thoughts. “Yea right, goodnight Maria”.

As Michael walked away, he surprised Maria by turning around and saying, “Breakfast tomorrow nine o’clock”

“No way buddy, you better make that lunch, a late lunch, say two okay”?

“Sure tomorrow”

“Tomorrow” Maria repeated.

As Maria closed the door behind her, she leaned against it and smiled. The world to her was a great place.

As Maria was getting ready for bed she heard Liz’s voice in the hallway. From what she could hear she gathered that she was with a guy. But unless she was mistaken that guy’s voice did not belong to Kyle. As she listened closer she realised that the voice belonged to Max Evans.

That’s weird, Maria thought, why would she be with Max? Unless Kyle is there too but Max and Liz were dominating the conversation. Sick of second guessing herself, Maria walked out if her room to be confronted by quite a sight!

Max was giving a giggling and drunk Liz a piggyback! Maria blinked, sure that was she was seeing was merely and illusion induced by Michael’s magical kisses. But sure enough when she opened her eyes the image in front of her did not waver one bit.

“Liz, what are you doing”?

“Oh hey Maria, um well I’m doing nothing… my feet hurt, so Max insisted on giving me a piggy back, I don’t think it bothers him because he is so big, strong and just full of muscles…” As Liz said this she ran her hands down Max’s arms, savouring the feel of him. Maria caught this and smiled.

“So where’s Kyle and Tess”? Maria asked.

“Who knows, their probably doing the wild thing” Liz replied in a giggly voice, “you should have seen them Maria, they were all over each other, and I mean like really”.

“What”! Maria let out incredously.

“Its true” Max interrupted, holding Liz’s legs and looking very happy with himself indeed. “It seems like they really liked each other”

“Don’t you care”?

“In the beginning I did for like five minutes, but then I realised that it was a blessing in disguise, right Max”? As if to set the seal on her words she bit Max’s ear.

“Right Liz” Max said, while turning his head and abruptly catching her mouth with his own. As they kissed Maria cleared her throat louder than she needed to.

“Um, um, Liz we need to talk like now”!

Liz slid down of Max and gave him one last kiss. “Bye” they both whispered at the same time, as Max walked off, Maria swore that she could hear him whistling.

Liz then turned to Maria and said, “well I’m just gonna hit the hay”

“No way girl, you know what this calls for”


Returning from the store to Liz’s room half and hour later, with a tub of peppermint ice cream and plastic spoons, Maria and Liz dug in to the delicious flavour. Liz filled Maria in with all the gossip of the night, telling her everything. From Tess and Kyle making out on the dance floor, to her own incredible kiss with Max. Maria did the same, telling Liz what happened with Michael.

After the tub of ice cream was finished Maria went to throw it in the bin. While walking the short distance Maria said, “so what did Isabelle and Alex think about this”?

“Think about what”? Isabelle said from the doorway. Looking a little flustered but still stunning.

“About everything that happened tonight” Maria explained.

“Oh yea well… you know”.

“You know what”? Maria waited.

“I didn’t see much, I mean I saw Kyle and Tess, I saw you and Michael, and may I say I hope you make him smile, every now and then” Isabelle said while pointing at Maria, moving the direction of her hand to point to Liz she said, “I saw Max before and he filled me in, he was beaming”

Liz blushed and Isabelle smiled, “just make him happy ok? Its great really, everything turned out for the best, I don’t have to be mad a Tess because my brothers happier now than he was before” Liz could not erase the smile from her smile; if the wind changed she’d have a permanent grin on her face.

“So where were you”? Liz asked Isabelle.

“I was… ah… with Alex”

Liz and Maria looked at each other, smiling, “and” they both said in unison.

“And were going on a date, tomorrow night”

In typical Maria fashion, she said, “it must be something in the water”.

Because Liz knew that Maria was lunching with Michael, she felt that it was the perfect time to talk to Tess. So she walked to the next room and tapped on the door.

“Its open”, she heard Tess say from the other side. Gingerly, Liz opened the door, Tess’s look of surprise told Liz that it was not her that she was expecting.

“Bad time”? Liz asked.

“No, not really, its just that I thought it was…”

“You thought it was Kyle”? Liz said with a smile.

“Yea” Tess said, sounding surprised.

“Hey, look Tess, the reason I came here is to tell you the truth”.

“What truth?” Tess was anxious, she had a feeling that what Liz was about to say would make or break their extremely frail friendship. Hopefully it would make it. Tess did not understand, but for some reason it was important that Liz accept her. ‘Please don’t hate me’, she thought.

Liz wanted to tell her the truth, the truth being that she forgave Tess, she wanted to tell her about Max, she wanted their friendship to be based on truth, not lies and deceit, and the sooner she got it all out the better. “Well Tess it’s a long story”

“We have time, Kyle said he would be over, but he didn’t mention a specific time”.

Liz laughed, “I don’t even think Kyle’s up yet, any way Tess here it goes” Liz took a deep breath then continued. “Ever since I could remember there has been this guy that I was always aware of. A guy who could always make my heart beat by just looking at me. A guy who could cause the butterflies in my stomach to go on over load the giving me even the weakest of smiles. When all that drama happened last night with you and Kyle it made me realise the truth. It made me see just how special this guy is”.

“Oh god Liz I’m so sorry”, Tess spoke guiltily, “but I can’t stop, you see I love Kyle too”.

“You do”! Kyle’s astonished voice was heard from the doorway.

“That was just way too soon” Tess replied

“Hey guys”, Liz interrupted. “Stop jumping top conclusions, I’m not in love with Kyle, I never was, sorry Kyle” Liz said with a grin. “What happened yesterday was forgiven and forgotten, because the guy I was talking about before was Max”.

“WHAT”! Both Tess and Kyle exclaimed at the exact same time.

Kyle followed it up by saying, “So all this time that you were with me, you had feelings for another guy, you were like cheating on me”!

“As I recall it was the other way around,” Liz said heatedly.

“Guys stop” Tess said. “Kyle Liz came over to set the piece and your aggravating it, so take a pill and get over it”!

“Really”? Kyle looked at Liz for conformation.

“Its true” Liz said answering Kyle’s question, “I forgive you and in a way I even thankyou. Because of what happened last night everybody’s so much happier. Also I wanted our friendship to be based on truth, I mean I cant explain it, but I think I would really hate it if we were not friends”.

“I know exactly what you mean”

“Very touching girls”, Kyle once again interrupted the conversation, “but I came here to take Tess somewhere, so if you’ve finished being, well… cheesy, I’d like to do that”!

Queen of Sheeba!!!

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Title: Are you ready!!!
Author: Tina Katselos
Summary: All eight teens are accepted into Harvard and proceed to have a ball, its AU, no aliens, just some good old fashioned romance.
Rating: PG 15
Disclaimer: Not mine, what I would do with Jason if he were mine... I can dream cant I?
Feedback: Hell Yea, its what I live for
Email: jbehr181⊕

Part 13

“You’re Kidding”! Michael, in the lame sense was in a state of astonishment. He and Maria had just finished their pizza and were downing their drinks all the while with Maria telling all previous nights events to Michael.

“What can I say”, Michael said in bewilderment, “Max is a lucky dog”, then as if he was thinking about what he said, he took Maria’s hand in his and spoke in an even a gentle tone, “but he’s not as lucky as I am, you see last night I was with this girl and well… she blew my mind”.

“Its funny you should say that”, Maria replied, “last night I was a great night for me too, you see I was with this guy that I’ve had my eye on for a while and well about twelve hours ago I got what I wanted”.

“No kidding”!

“Do I look like I’m kidding”?

Still holding Maria’s hand in his own Michael said, with a sexy little grin, “then I guess its sage to say that we both got what we wanted, but I have a feeling that the fun has just begun…

“Hey Isabelle”, Liz said as Isabelle walked into their room.

“Hey Liz, what’s up”?

“Nothing much, just some shopping”

“Shopping”? With that one word, Isabelle’s eyes took on a certain light, “Well let me see, what did you buy?

“Nothing much, just some shoes, a skirt, two tops and an exfoliater”.

“Show me, show me”, Isabelle said excitedly, she was going through Liz’s stuff commenting on every one of them. Liz was happy that they were good comments, Isabelle was the queen of fashion, and Liz was glad she approved.

“Hey great stuff Liz, too bad were not the same size…”

“I wish I had your body”, Liz said wistfully, “Everything looks great on you”

“Well its not great when almost every guy you meet is shorter that you are, its so not good for the male ego”

Liz eyes took on a gleam, a gleam that appeared when she realised she could fish for information. “Well that’s not a problem any more, Alex is pretty tall”, Liz turned away from Isabelle, trying to contain her smile.

“Stop fishing Liz, my lips are sealed… for the time being anyway”

Both girls laughed and Liz was the one to break it. “Hey Is? I cant find my cell have you seen it”?

“Yea its right here, you must have forgotten it”

“Did anyone call”, Liz asked hopefully, not wanted to say anything, but she hopped that Max would have called.

“No, not your phone, sorry”

Liz’s face fell, apparently last night a one-night thing for him, basically, Liz was devastated. She sunk down onto the bed and lay there staring at the ceiling.

“But” Isabelle interrupted Liz’s depressing state, “Max called me like ten times today, he didn’t have your cell number so he called me instead. I gave it to him after the tenth call, he told me to tell you to call him once you got in”.

Suddenly, Liz forgot her past worry and even forgot that she was upset at all. “He did”? Liz shot up out of bed.

“Yea he did, then when and hour went by and you didn’t call he came over to check, he’s very paranoid, he was born that way. Anyway he left to get something from the vending machine he should be back any second, oh, here he is”. Isabelle said as Max entered the room. “My long lost brother, here you are, in the flesh”. Isabelle realised that no one was listening to her. Liz and Max were just staring at each other.

“I’m gonna go” and with that, Isabelle grabbed her purse and headed over to see Alex.

After Isabelle left, Max started walking towards Liz, his hands in his pockets. His shy, Liz thought. That’s so sweet. The Captain of the soccer team was shy around her! “So”, Max said, “tomorrow we have to sign up for our classes and I figured since were doing the same course that we could do it together”.

Liz could not help staring at Max, he was so sexy. She could not tear her gaze away from his moth thinking about the pleasure it gave her last night. So was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she did not even respond.

“Liz”? Max said.

“Yea, yea right tomorrow”.

“You looked so far away”

“No, I was… I was just ah thinking”

“About what”?

Rather then tell Max what indecent thoughts she was thinking, she decided to show him. She ran her fingers down his t-shirt and straightened up to reach up and kiss him.

Max could not for the life of him stop himself. Things were going to fast too soon, he told himself. He did not want to stuff up in anyway. He did not want Liz, to feel that she was being taken advantage of in any way at all, but damn, it wasn’t his fault that she was unbelievably sexy, seductive, or that… or that he was falling if not already fallen in love with Elizabeth Parker. He’d fallen, so hard, so deep for this beautiful, perfect woman.

Part 14

After Michael walked Maria to her door and gave her one last lingering kiss she walked into her room. Although things were going along fine for her, she would not let herself be totally happy. As much as she did not want to think about it she just could not shake the feeling that Michael was going to leave her someday. The only man that she trusted totally was Alex, and that was because they were friends before she realised that men don’t stick around. Shaking her head and trying to get those depressing thoughts out of her mind she looked around to see if Tess was there. Maria was feeling a little down was in major need of cheering up. She really felt like a laugh. When she saw that Tess was not there she decided to go next door and annoy Liz some.
Max and Liz were necking on her bed. Hands and mouths were everywhere. Max’s shirt was gone and judging by Max’s hands, Liz’s was about to come off too. As soon as her Singlet came off Liz felt as though she could breathe so much better. She wanted to her and Max’s skin to touch as much as possible.
“Max oh Max, we have to stop”.
“Your right”, Max replied in a low and breathless tone. Yet still he did not stop this sweet torture. His lips were trailing soft kisses down Liz’s neck and followed the path back up too her mouth. When he reached it he said, “I wont do anything you don’t want me to do”.
“That’s the problem Max, I want you to do so much”.
“Well Liz if there’s anything I can pride myself on is that I have a lot of self-control” But I don’t think a lot is enough, Max thought to himself. “When we feel were going to far, too soon I’ll stop” he said as his lips descended down to hers once more. Lost in the moment they did not hear the knock on the door and they certainly did not heat it open.
“OH MY GOD”!!!
Both Max and Liz turned to where the loud outburst came from, their faces frozen when they saw it came from Maria.
Both Liz and Maria were sitting on one of the benches in the grass area of the Harvard University. They were talking… more like Maria was lecturing Liz.
“Liz this isn’t you”.
“Yes Maria, this is me, I'm sitting right next to you”
“Liz please, I mean this could be dangerous, what if like something bad happens, like I don’t know… you get pregnant and then like you have twins, Max leaves and there you are studying for exams and then the kids wake up and want to be breastfed, I mean you know that can happen. I really don’t think that you could handle that”.
“Jeez Maria, I’d hate to be dramatic”!
“Liz, just think for a minute, the female spiders can bite off the head of the male spiders after mate and get what they want and poof”!
“What are you saying Maria that Max is just gonna to like… bite my head off”?
“No, it’s just that… what if his just like… using you”?
“Using for me for what Maria”! Liz was getting angry now and her voice was getting louder.
“You know Liz, the same thing that all guys want… sex”!
“It’s not like that Maria”
“How do you know”?
“Because, it feels right Maria, it feels right like nothing like nothing has ever felt right in my life before” And with that Liz got up and walked away. How could she explain to Maria what she could not even explain to herself?
Alex was getting ready for his meeting with Isabelle. He was not sure what to call the meeting. Was it a date? Was it just two friends just spending time together, Alex had no idea. Ever since they kissed his mind had been everywhere. He did not know what to think. It seemed so surreal that Isabelle, the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on was interested in him. Maybe she just felt sorry for him, she probably thought that she would take him out on a few dates, make him feel better about himself and then dump him. Or worse, maybe she wanted to be ‘just friends’. He didn’t think he could handle another attractive girl wanting to be just friends with him. The last thing he wanted to do was talk about Isabelle’s menstrual cycle when they were together. He got enough of that from Maria and Liz!
Still obsessing over his thoughts he decided to talk with himself in the mirror, that always helped. Thank god his muscle obsessed roommate ‘Mr just call me Al’ was gone, otherwise he would not have known to handle the situation.
“So Alex” he began, “how do you view this situation between your self and Isabelle”?
“Well Alex that is a very good question, hmm, ok… I really don’t know what to think, I have a feeling that she sees me as a friend and nothing else, which is quite sad actually because not only do I think she’s hot, but she has this magnificent brain, I could listen to her talk for hours
Whitman you have it bad
I agree Whitman, I do have it bad”
As Alex kept on going he did not realise that Isabelle had witnessed the whole scene until he heard her little giggles. As he looked around he saw her in the doorway. “Oh great, this is just great”!
Isabelle sobered up, ‘great, I'm giving him the wrong impression again’. Alex you are the greatest guy… but you can be quite thick too. I don’t want you as just a friend, I want you as my boyfriend silly”.
“Well thank my lucky stars for that”, he said as he approached her.
Isabelle held out her arms and fell into them gratefully. It felt so good to hold her like this. To know where he stood. To know that this was not a dream. To know that this…her, and what she was felt about him, was real. He could not remember being this happy.

Queen of Sheeba!!!
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Part 15

Maria was still sitting on the bench where Liz had left her, thinking about everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours. It seemed so surreal, so dreamlike. It seemed as though last night was one of those nights where certain situations just exploded. Relationships were both destroyed and forged, but most importantly they were forged. Still Maria was worried. It seemed too sudden, so coincidental that in these two groups of friends they all found a suitable partner. She could not help thinking about Liz. She’d never known Liz to act so impulsively, so recklessly. She knew that Liz had a dangerous streak to her but she never thought she’d so…brash. Sure she’d known Max for years but they were never close. Were they even officially together? Maria just hoped that for the sake of her friend that Max wasn’t using her. She was certain that Liz thought she loved him and if he was using her Maria did not think that Liz could handle that.

She and Michael on the other hand were a different story all together. They both knew what they wanted and there were no illusions. She couldn’t help but think he was using her, but she didn’t mind because she was using him right back. Soon enough the passion in their relationship would fade and there would be nothing left.

She tried to think about what it would be like if she and Michael ended up in a long-term relationship and was surprised at herself. Usually she got an uncomfortable feeling, uneasy whenever she thought about getting ‘serious’ with a guy. Ever since her father left she only had three close relationships and none of them were romantic. Her mother and her two best friends was all Maria thought she needed but now things were changing. “NO”, Maria said to herself, “don’t start thinking like this, you’ll only get hurt in the end”. Romantic entanglements were not for her5. Maria felt that falling in love was just setting yourself up for a major fall. But now, while thinking about ‘long term Michael’ she did not get that familiar feeling of dread. She felt happy even. A dangerous emotion was happiness. It was dangerous because it was too painful when it all ended. And if there was one thing that Maria knew all to well was that all good things come to an end.


Before Liz went to sleep that night, she took out a book with empty pages out of her shopping bag. Lately with everything that was happening, she had the urge to write things down. So when she saw the book before her, she knew that this would where she would write down her most personal thoughts. So Liz stated her first Journal entry…”I'm Liz Parker and lately I’ve been having these feelings…these feelings are strong and undeniable, their like…chemical”.

When Liz was finished she placed her journal down and contemplated what she wrote. The feelings she was having were completely new to her. Sure she knew about sex, she’d talked about it with her friends, the media was obsessed with it, but she never really had those feelings herself. Until recently she’d never been with anyone who could make her feel things so strongly. But now, now things were different. Now that Max was in the picture things had changed. Not only did she feel certain things, but she wanted certain things. She knew that she should be scared, but she wasn’t. She was exited.

Liz awoke to the sound of Tess and Isabelle chatting. When she turned her head she saw them laughing at something one of them had said. Liz was happy to see how things had turned out. That everything really did turn out for the best.

“Look at who finally decided to join the land of the living”, Liz heard Isabelle say.

“Hi girls” Liz replied in a sleepy voice.

“Gooooooooooooood Morning Liz” Tess said in a humorous tone.

“It’s a little early don’t you think”? Liz said.

“Yea it is, but have you forgotten what today is”? Isabelle said, “Today we sigh up for our classes”.

Liz shot up out of bed immediately and looked at the time. “Oh…my…god! Max is going to be here in like any second! Oh my God, Oh my God” Liz chanted as she gathered her things and getting ready for the shower.

Isabelle was the one who spoke next. “Well what you waiting for Sleeping Beauty? Get up, shower and put on your face”!

“My face”? Liz replied, somewhat confused.

“Your make up” Tess and Isabelle corrected.

“Right” Liz said, “great thinking girls”.

Max was walking towards Liz and Isabelle’s room, whistling all the way. He knocked on the door and stopped whistling when Tess opened it.

“Tess” Max said surprised, he’d almost forgotten about his ex-girlfriend.

“Max” Tess replied casually.

“How, how are you?

“Great, you”? Max forgot how great Tess was in situations like this, she handled this like a pro. She was so uncomfortable, but no one knew it.

“Cant complain” Max said relaxing some. "Can’t complain at all actually”.

“Yea I heard”.

“What do you mean”? Asked Max.

“Don’t be stupid Max I know you, I mean were friends right”? Tess said, although she already knew the answer. Max was a softie and she knew it.

“Yea were friends, of corse we are, that’s all we ever were Tess”.

“I know it’s too bad it took us so long to figure it out”.

Max grinned, Tess thought he had a great smile, she always did. “I like when you smile Max, you look different”.

“What do you mean, I always smile”, Max sounded hurt.

“No… I mean, yea your lips would move up around the corners, but you never really smiled, I understand Max, your happy now, and I'm happy for you”.

“I can see your pretty happy too, how is Kyle by the way”?

“Very funny Max, I take it you’re here to see Liz”?

“I get it, I get it, no more questions right”?


“Since you mentioned it, where is Liz”?

“She’s in the shower”.

“As Max walked further into the room he heard Isabelle say, “she slept in so she’s running late, take a seat, and wait. Tess and I are leaving so, ah… amuse yourself”.

“Your sick”, Tess said to Isabelle on their way out.

“Merely making him uncomfortable dear, you know what Max is like when he’s nervous”.


When Liz walked back into her room half an hour later, her hair done and her face in place she found Max lying down on her bed, his back facing towards her. She saw that he was looking in her edition of the new Cosmopolitan magazine. She snuck up to him and took the magazine from his hands. She looked at the article he was reading and read the title out loud. “Women on top: What men really want”, Liz frowned at this, wondering if he’d ever slept with Tess. She didn’t have the right to ask, but she wanted to know. “Is that true Max”?

‘I wouldn’t know” Max said sincerely.


“Really Liz”,

“Yea well… neither would I”.

“That’s good to know”.

“But you never know until you try it”.

Max’s eyes widened at what Liz was implying, did she mean…? No of corse not, it was just wishful thinking. His imagination was definantly going over board. Sure they were together but Liz was well…Liz. Maybe she thought he was a passing thing. Max found it hard to believe that Liz felt the same way about him that he did her. But for the sake of argument he was going to go along with it. There was no way that he would deny her anything, ever.

Max’s puzzlement was furthered when Liz straddled his chest with her legs. ‘Is this really happening? Is she serious?’ He hoped she was because he was certain that she could feel the evidence.

Liz was surprised at even herself! She was never this forward but then she’d never been in love before. ‘Wait”, Liz thought to herself. What was she thinking? In love? Where did that come from? ‘Calm down Parker, you’ve only just kissed the guy and now you think you’re in love with him? Wow! If that’s not fast then I don’t know what is?’

‘Wow’, was exactly what Max was thinking. He was most likely, the luckiest guy on earth! Enough about that, Max was over thinking, he just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Liz leaned down and kissed him, a kiss that enticed his soul to no end. A man could get lost in Liz’s kisses. Max was living proof! As Liz ran her hand down Max’s face she opened her eyes to look at that perfect face of his, while doing this she looked at the time on her wristwatch. She shot up, a worried expression on her face. “Max, do you know what the time is”?

“No, what is it”, he said while pulling her down for another kiss.

As much as she did not want to, Liz backed away and showed him the time.

“Shit”! Max said, only then realising that they were running out of time. Max forgot why he came here, but Liz always being organised reminded him. They had to sign up for classes. She was so great, no wonder he loved her! ‘Wait’, Max thought, ‘calm down Evans…’
After everyone signed up for his or her classes, the gang met up at a nearby pub. They were all nervous about starting their classes. “I heard”, Maria said “that we have to read like three novels a week, THREE NOVELS A WEEK, can you believe it”!

“I don’t even want to think about the work load that I’ll be getting” Isabelle replied.

“C’mon guys”, Liz spoke up, “don’t you miss studying, you know the deadlines, the challenge of finishing a piece when you never thought you would even get past the introduction. Don’t you miss solving things, being in control of what you do or write?”

“Oh man”, Tess replied, “you have really lost your marbles”.

“Guys, if you hate studying so much why are you hear at University”? Liz defended herself.

“I don’t know about anyone else” Maria chipped in, “but I want to be rich and independent by the time I'm twenty-eight”.

“Here, here”, Alex said while holding up his glass.

“Here, here” followed everyone else holding up their glasses and clinking them together.

Any onlooker would have looked at the Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Tess, Kyle, Isabelle and Alex and seen eight happy young adults going into a life that would be full of surprises. At the moment they all looked happy and carefree, but one onlooker was studying them with a knowing eye, an eye of experience, an eye that had been there and done that. These kids did not know what real heartache was like. She hoped they never would. But she knew, she knew that life was full of surprises, both good and bad and that along the way heartache there would be a plenty. Thank god her life was blessed with more good and bad, and she just hoped that that the eight people in front of her had more happy experiences than sad ones. Yet from what she could see these eight friends would be happy, she hoped.

In the midst of all the excitement Maria turned her head and caught someone looking at them in a peculiar manner, like she was studying them or something. Ignoring that thought Maria turned to study her friends herself. She could not believe the way things had turned out, they were all so happy, she was so happy! Although there was still some doubt in her mind concerning Michael and the whole issue of trust still she was…happy. She turned to Isabelle and Alex, she never would have thought but they were really great together, they balanced each other out. Isabelle would liven Alex up some and Alex could take the edge off Isabelle, yet Maria loved Isabelle’s ‘don’t mess with me attitude’. She then turned to Tess and Kyle, Tess and Kyle were both pretty out there, they complemented each other. They were very similar. Both sarcastic yet deep down caring, (in Kyle’s case very, very deep down). She then turned to Max and Liz, her earlier anxiety about Liz going to fast dying down somewhat because of the way that Max was with her. She could see in the very way he looked at her that he respected her and maybe even fallen in love with her, she couldn’t see Max hurting Liz intentionally and vice versa. Liz was smitten yet still managed to contain her what Maria would call ‘woman power’. Finally she thought about her own budding relationship with Michael, what was in the future she did not know. Maria was better at analysing other people than herself but if she had to guess she would say that well… they might just end up all right, they all would.

And so the story goes of eight people looking for love and finding it, looking for friendship and finding it but most importantly looking for happiness and finding it in the most unlikely places.

Queen of Sheeba!!!