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"One Night Stand"
Part 1

Dear Journal,

My name is Liz Parker and tomorrow is my wedding day. After 9 years I am finally going to marry my high school sweet heart. 'About dame time' to quote Maria. Yes my life is looking pretty good. Theirs only one problem; I'm not in love with Kyle. I know what your thinking, 'so why are you marring him?' Well that's the easy part; I'm marring Kyle because it's what's expected. Maria's been planing this event ever since she found out that kyle and I were going steady. My parents love him, although I don't know why. He's loud, rued, arrogant, and insensitive. But threw all the bad he has always been beside me, never wavering not even for a moment. Maybe that's why I feel so bad. Although I'm not in love with Kyle I am in love with someone else. I'm in love with a man that I only knew for one brief moment in time, but yet that one moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. I only knew him for one night, the most incredible night of my life but still one night.

Yes the perfect Liz Parker had an affaire. The really bad part is that even though I feel sorry for Kyle I can't bring my self to regret that night. I've never told any one about what happend. Not Alex and sertainly not Maria, to this day he remains my perfect secret. Maybe I should tell you how it all started.

It was Spring Brake of my softmore year in college. Deciding that I needed a brake from my dull life, a couple of friends and I drove up to Phoenix for the weekend. Maria was to inthroled in her curend boyfriend to come. What was his name, Brendan I think? She had so meny it got heard to keep track. So we rented a few hotel rooms and set out to a little club we spotted on the way. It was like any club really; music so loud that you can't hear you're self-think, an excess of hot sweaty body's crammed into a tight space, and it was exactly what I needed. For the next two hours we danced, had a little wine, overall we just had fun. After a wile my friends started to pare off with some random guys, but I didn't. It's not like I couldn't have had any one of the many men who asked me to dance; I was dressed to kill after all but none of them really interested me. That's about the time he walked in...

This part isn't NC-17 but it will be soon. Well hear we go.

CHapter 2

...That's when he walked in...

There were three of them, two men and a woman. The two on the out side where for lack of a better word beautiful. The woman had shoulder length sun kissed hair, perfectly tanned skin, and a body that would drive any man crazy. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, in a dangerous kind of way that is. They all were. On the other end was a tall man, his dirty blond hair spiked all around his head. His eyes were dark and intense, he was with out a doubt the loner of the group. Out of all of them it was the middle that commanded my undivided attention. His very presence radiated power and mystery. He moved with the grace of a panther throw the crowd, his strides controlled and leathal. He was the leader. His beauty was dark and unforgiving. His eyes were an almost inhuman shade of amber and gold that burned with an unquenched desire. I was more than 15 feet away yet I could see his eyes with perfect clarity as he stared unseeing at nothing and everything. My blood screamed throw my veins as my eyes roamed eover his flawless body shamlessly. He was slightly shorter than the other but no less intimidating. His body was perfect in his tight black tee-shirt and soft looking black leather jacket that clung to his musmuscular biceps. A long neck lead to expertly chiseled features. His face so beautiful in the dim light. His jaw and full lips pleaded for my kisses. His tousled hair like black silk fell over his entrancing eyes. Humans were never meant to look like that.

Capturing the attention of almost the whole club as the trio moved from the door way to sit at the bar. I found that I couldn't tare my eyes away from him. As if sensing my stare he turend and our eyes locked. My breath caught in my throat, I was frozen under his stare is if by some unseen force. Time seemed to stand still as I stared in to his endless pools of amber, then with a blink of my eye he was gone. I scanned the crowd desperately for any sign of him, but I couldn't see him any where.

I almost screamed out when I felt two large hands slip around my waist and pull me against a hard chest. I relaxed instantly when I herd a deep velvety voice call to me.

"Dance with me."

It wasn't a qustion, it was a command, but one I was powerless to deny. His hands griped my waist and in one swift motion I was face to face with this magnificent creature that had captiated me so. Slowly the music began to change, in seconds the air was filed with a deep sensual rhthm. Our bodies began to move in time to the beet. I could feel his hands all over my body, touching, caresing me, but they hadn't moved from my waist. His intoxicating sent filled my senses, making my head swim as the beet slowed and anfd the words filtered throw the heated air.

I want to move in time with you
I want to breathe in rhyme with you
I want to feel the deepest kiss
And I want to know you feel like this

I felt every thing. His hands slowly running up and down my spine making my head spin with thoughts of him soft lips on mine. His sweet breath on my neck as he lightly brushed his lips across my ear sending delightful shivers up my spine.

For this one time,one time
Let my body do what it feels
For just this one time one time
Let this fantasty become real
Because I am not afraid to let you see this side of me

I wasn't afraid of anything in his arms. Some distant voice in side of my head waas telling me that this was insane, but I just didn't care.

I want to feel your hand in mine
And I want to feel the rush to my spine
I want to wear the sent of you
And do all the things you want me to

For this one time one time
Let my body do what it feels
For just one time one time
Let my fantasy become real
Because I am not afraid to let you see this side of me

I wanted everything. I wanted all of him. I wnated more of him. more of his hands, his mouth. I wonted him inside of me.

"What's your name?" His voice was barley a whisper over the haunting melody playing all around us.

"Liz." I breathed; surprised I could speak being so close to him. I could feel him smile against my ear. His hands became bolder now, brushing my sides seductively. Creasing the sides of my breasts throw the thin material of my dress. I couldn't help but moan under his ministrations. My hands moved from his neck across toned shoulders over his arms down his strong back over his tight ass and up again. I could hear his breath ketch as my hands contiued to roam over his back and down again. A low growl sounded from deep within his chest as I ground my hips into his groin seductively. I couldn't help but gasp in exsitment as I felt his hardness press persistently against my stomach.

I had no idea what I was doing as I contiued to torcher him. I had never been this forward with any man, not even Kyle. There was something about him that called to me, leading me away form my safe world and in to a raging fire of pure desire. I knew once I crossed that threshold I could never go back, but I didn't want to go back.

With lightning speed his dark head dipped down and captured my mouth in a hard, hungry kiss. I gasped into his kiss and he used the opertuniuty to thrust his seeking tong inside my willing mouth. He yanked me closer, pressing me more tightly to his body, kissing me with moore passion and need then I thought possible.

I feel the danger, the separation
I want to take your invitation
This separation it's all around
I need this side of me

I want to move in time with you
I want to breathe in rhyem with you
I want to stitch my clothes in sin
And in the dark
I want to find that door and go within

When he finally pulled back, he gazed down on me with hungry devouring eyes. Our breathe coming out in gasps and moans as he rested his forhead against mine all the wile staring deep with in my eyes. Mesmerized by his stare I struggled to understand his murmured words.

"Max, my name is Max." His husky voice sending heat coercing throw my body. How could he do this to me? I didn't know anything about the man theat heald me within his arms, but I couldn't find the strength to leave.

For this one time one time
Let my body do what it feels
For just this one time one time
Let this fantasy become real
Because I am not afraid to let you see this side of me

"Come with me, now! If we don't go now, they'll stop me. Please!" Desperation and need echoed in his deep voice, calling to my soul. Past rational thought I blindly nodded and followed him out of the club. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my friends staring disbelieveing as Max raped his worm arms around me as we exitrd the the club in to the crisp night air. Swiftly moving to a dark blue Mustang, Max quickly opend the door fro me and then climbed in huim self...