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Make A Wish - (M/L) - Part 1/1
Disclaimer: I own nothing in regard to Roswell.

Summary: This is just a short story about Max and Liz.

The breeze blew softly across Liz as she sat on her balcony looking up into the night sky. The stars shined brightly in the cloudless night. The whole world faded away as Liz watched the stars. Nothing mattered right then. In her perfect night there was no Tess. There were no lies of sleeping with Kyle. She was seventeen years old and free to live her life without worry over her actions causing the world to come to an end. This magical night was for Liz and Liz alone.

“Liz, I’m here. You said you needed a friend,” Max said as he cleared the top rung on the ladder. Liz didn’t move she just watched the stars. Max moved closer to Liz, and he felt his heart skip a beat at the beautiful vision in front of him. The moonlight made her skin glow. She looked just like an angel to him. Remembering his place in their current relationship, he stopped short of reaching his hand out and caressing her face. Max took a seat on the lounge chair with Liz. Looking at her beautiful face, he said,” What’s wrong Liz?” He saw a small smile cross Liz’s face. She continued to look up at the stars above. Max took in a deep breath. He could smell her flowery scent. Shaking his head he tried to look away from Liz, but he found he could not. Her beauty and her scent had control of him. “Liz, speak to me.” Max pleaded.

Without taking her eyes from the stars, Liz said,” I saw a shooting star Max. She heard Max say you did. Liz turned her eyes from the stars to Max and continued,” I made a wish Max.”

“ What did you wish for Liz?” Max asked.

Liz raised her eyes to meet with those of Max and found herself lost into their depth. “Liz,” she heard him say. “Tell me your wish,” Max said again. Liz didn’t answer him, she just moved over in the chair and told him to move up so they could both lean back and see the stars. Max did as she asked. He placed his right arm around Liz so her head could rest on his shoulder. Neither of them moved nor spoke for what seemed like hours. Each was content in the closeness they shared.

“Which star do think you came from Max?” Liz asked. Max told her that he had no idea, but when he was a small boy he picked one out and pretended that it was his home. Liz raised her face up to see Max’s face and asked him to show her the star. Max raised his left arm up to point to a small star and told Liz that one. Liz unable to pick it out from the others asked him again to show her which one. Max leaned down closer to Liz until his face was touching hers and pointed again to the star. Liz looked at the star and said,” Thank you Max. I see it.” Max didn’t move away. He couldn’t he wanted to be this close to Liz. It had been too long without her. Liz felt Max’s body shiver. “ Are you cold?” Liz asked Max.

Max smiled a half smile and said,” No, Liz I’m not cold. “ However, he tightened his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. He had her almost on top of him. Her head rested on his chest and her right thigh was thrown across his thigh. He could feel the softness of Liz’s breast pressed against his chest. He shivered again. He felt Liz cuddle closer to him and sigh contently. He couldn’t help what was happening to his body at her contact. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to will his body to calm down that Liz was only his friend now. He could never get his body to listen when Liz was concerned.

Liz could feel her own body respond to Max. She knew Max could feel it too because she felt him tighten his arms around her holding her closer. “Max do you have the ability to make people forget?” Liz asked Max. He thought for a few minutes and told her that he and Isabelle had been practicing that ability with some success. He turned his face toward hers and asked her why she wanted to know that. Liz didn’t answer right away. She finally turned her face up to him and she told him to make her forget that she ever loved him. She added that she wanted to forget everything about how they fell in love. She didn’t want to know what he was or what had happened to them for the last two years. She just wanted to forget.

Max ignored everything she just said except the part that she loved him. “You still love me Liz?’ he asked. Liz didn’t answer she brought her lips up to his and he felt the electricity spread on contact. While Max flipped Liz beneath him to return her kiss, Liz heard Max say,” I take that as a yes.” She didn’t get a chance to speak because his lips were on hers and she felt his tongue slide over her lips asking for permission to enter. The visions hit them both; they hit hard and fast. When Max pulled back from the kiss, they were both breathless.

“Will you do it, Max?” You saw the visions we can’t be together ever. So I can’t live with the pain anymore. Will you make me forget that I love you.” She pleaded. Max didn’t answer her. He just asked her if that was the wish she had made on the falling star. Liz looked into Max’s amber eyes and held his gaze while she said,” No, I wished to have at least one night in your arms before you leave me for Tess.”

From behind the counter at the crash down Maria turned to Liz and said,“ Liz, Max Evans is staring at you again.”

Liz turned to look at Max in the booth he shared with his friends and then turned to Maria and said,” I think we have science together. He is cute, but I don’t know him that well.”

The End

What happened to the air?
Category: M\L
Disclaimer: I own nothing in regard to Roswell.

Summary: Just a short story after visiting the spoiler board.

What happened to the air? Part1/1

Roswell High School buzzed with the sound of students filing in and out of classrooms. Liz leaned back against her locker with her books clutched close to her chest. She thought that the air seems different somehow. Oh, It smelled the same. It seems that all schools smelled alike, but the air it seemed so different. Her life had done a 180 degrees during the last year. Last year she was secure in the love she felt for the love of her life Max Evans. But now, well now she was alone. Only Maria knew of the secret she must take to her grave. Her perfect life, perfect love was stolen from her by the very object of her affection. She had gone from ordinary Liz Parker to a changed person by her once love back to just ordinary, alone Liz Parker again. She took in a deep breath of the air around her and glanced down the hallway to the figures hurrying by her. The air stilled as she saw Max and Tess walk by. As he walked, Max had his hand on Tess’ shoulder and he was looking concerned into her blue eyes. Tess looked like she had been crying. Her eyes were swollen and red rimed. Liz felt the air leave her lungs and quickly turned her eyes away. Like the love of her life, the air in the school was gone now. What happened to the air?

Liz knew this was how it was suppose to be. Destiny always finds its way. But, the knowledge did not help ease her pain. Only Max could ease her pain. But now, Max was only her friend. She supposed that she should thank her lucky stars that he was still in her life at all. That little inkling of hope when she saw him flash her a smile always made her heart skip a beat. The flames of hope died quickly as the reality of the pending future splashed cold water over her aching heart. She heard the rumors spreading through the school like wild fire. The rumors said that Tess was pregnant with Max’s child. Oh how she wished she could breath. The air is so thin in this school.

Liz felt the halls go silent and knew she had to move. The bell must have rung out because the halls were empty now. Breath Liz, she kept telling herself as she moved at a snails pace down the hall to her science class. He would be there. She knew that he would. He was her lab partner. He would be so close. As she entered the classroom, her heart constricted when she saw his face turned toward her. His eyes they looked different, sad maybe.

Liz took her seat next to Max. “Liz.” Max whispered. Liz remained facing forward to keep her eyes anywhere but toward Max. “Liz.” She heard him whisper again. She knew that it was a conspiracy of the school system to remove the fresh air from around her when she needed it most. She felt his hand when it clasped around her upper arm, and her head shot quickly facing him. She watched his head tilt toward hers and whisper,” Liz we have to talk.” Oh God, she needed air.

“Max we have nothing to talk about.” Liz found herself saying. Where did that come from she thought. Dejected, Max squeezed her arm tighter and whispered that he needed a friend right now. “Right,” Liz found herself saying. Yes that was all she was now just a friend. She looked into his sad eyes and tried to fill her lungs with air she then said,” Meet me after school Max, we can talk then.” Max didn’t release her arm just then he held on like she was his lifeline keeping him from sinking into the sea of hopelessness.

Liz looks toward the school parking lot and her lungs again strained for air when she saw him. He was leaning back against his jeep. His eyes cast down to his feet. She wanted to run in the opposite direction. She wanted to run away from Max and everything that hurt her right now. No, she wanted to run into his arms and make his hurt go away. But, she was his friend. She had to be there if he needed to talk to someone.

“Tess is pregnant.” Liz heard Max say. His eyes were still watching his feet. Liz gasped because now she knew the rumors were true. Her gasp caught Max’s attention and his eyes quickly darted toward her.

The air was becoming so thin again. “Max is it yours?” she heard her own voice say. Her legs felt weak waiting for his answer. His eyes began to shine with tears and he nodded yes. “ What happened to the condom you carry in your back pocket? Why didn’t you use it?” Liz asked. Her voice was weak and hurtful now. She needed air. She needed to leave. She needed as far away from Max as she could get. No, she needed Max to say it was not true. She needed Max to hold her until all of their pain went away.

Where did the air go? Max had Liz crushed in his arms; He was crying into her neck and hair. Liz found her own arms wrapped around his torso. She stroked his back with her hand. She didn’t know where the words were coming from. Her voice kept telling him not to worry that everything would be fine. She knew that wasn’t true. But, friends lie to make you feel better don’t they? Friends hold you in their arms and cry with you till the pain subsides. Yes, that’s what any good friend would do.

The End

I will remember you

Disclaimer: I own nothing in regard to Roswell.

I will remember you. Part 1/1

Summary: I did it again, I visited the spoiler board. Just another Short Story. Somebody stop me need time please!

Part 1/1

Has the sky always been this gray? She didn’t know. It seemed that maybe it had. It had for at least the last year. Would it ever clear up outside or inside her aching heart? Maybe, she heard herself answer. Its time Liz, she tells herself. Yes it is time. Time to move on. You saw with your own eyes what the future holds for you. There is no love of your life included. It is just you. Yes its time. Move on, Liz. Don’t look back Liz, move on, she tells herself. His destiny has found him and he just let it. He doesn’t want you Liz. Move on. His destiny is what he wants now. You can’t fight destiny. Your born and then you die. It is all preset I hear.

Maria looks worried as I slowly move around the diner. She shouldn’t worry there is nothing she can do. I’m fine, I hear myself say. Go on have fun. I’m fine, I hear myself say again. Michael is waiting for you. Go on. Maria looks toward Michael and flashes him a smile. When she looks back to me, her smile just fades away. Michael is waiting Go, I tell her again. No one waits for me. Maybe some day some one will. Well, maybe not.

Why did I fool myself into believing that there was ever a hope, a possibility, and a dream that his love was as pure as mine was? I remember when it was. Maybe I just thought it was. You have to move on Liz, I tell myself

I saw Max today. He looks the same, on the outside anyway. There is no love in his eyes for me anymore. He holds that spot in his heart for Tess now. They are cute together. Well, if it didn’t hurt so much to see them together maybe I would think that. He was smiling into her eyes the way he used to do to me. No one smiles at me now. He tells me that he remembers the life that he and Tess once had together. He added he wanted that life again. I understand. I hear myself say to him. Don’t worry Max you and I we were over a long time ago. I don’t love you anymore. I hear myself lie. Good. I hear him say. That would make it hard to be friends right? He asked. Right Max I hear myself say. Go, I tell him. Go find Tess she is waiting for you.

No one waits for me. I remember when Max used to wait for me. It dose not seem that long ago. Maybe it does. I don’t know anymore. Time doesn’t matter much when you alone.

Isabelle I’m fine you are the one that I should worry about. I tell her that Alex loved her. That I know. She is crying again, and I hold her and I tell her that it will be fine, just cry. Alex like my once love is gone. Neither will ever be coming back. Max is gone from my life and I feel so alone. There is no one to hold me and tell me that I will survive the loss of my friend. No he holds his new love now. Not that she would cry for Alex. Well, Tess and Alex they didn’t get along. No Tess would not be shedding any tears for Alex of that I’m sure.

I remember when I looked forward to school. There was school today; biology class came up first period. It took a lot of doing, but I did it. I convinced the instructor to give me a different lab partner. Oh Max didn’t seem to mind. He welcomed Tess moving up into my place by his side. It seems that she took my place all the way around. But, you can’t fight destiny. He belongs to her. I belong to no one. Maybe I never will.

I remember when the sun would shine when Max smiled at me the way he smiles at her now. I remember when the touch of his hand in mine made my face shine with love for him. I remember when he loved only me. I remember when, I had Alex in my life to help protect me from the hurt that just living produces. Oh yes Alex, I will remember you.