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Summery: AU Michael and Max are head of their mob families and enemies. Liz and Michael are brother and sister. In this story Liz is the artist of the family.
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Rating Pg-13, maybe more Later
*Authors note* This is my first fic, feedback would be nice. Don't worry dreamers, no Tess.

Max "Alex, did you see this invitation we got in the mail today from Mr. Guerin himself, what do you think of it?"
Alex " Rumor has it Michael is getting all the bosses together to calm them down a little bit."
Max "Yeah, well after that little stunt he pulled we all need to calm down."
Alex " Having his men beat up two of your body guards is not going to help make peace between the families."
Max " So where is this meeting being held?"
Alex "At Michael's house downtown."
Max "Hmmm, that's interesting."
Alex "So do we except?"
Max "Yes."

~~~~~~~At the Guerin Household~~~~~~~

Michael "Kyle, did you arrange everything for the meeting tomorrow?"
Kyle "Yeah, Hanson, Evans, Pierce has all confirmed that they are going to show."
Michael "I want you to give Maria and Liz a few extra body guards because of the stunt Evans pulled. Know matter how much Liz or Maria complain about it. Got it?"
Kyle "Yeah, considerate done. So what do you expect tomorrow?"
Michael " Well first, I'm going to tell Evans to keep his boys in check and then try to make peace."
Kyle " whatever you say boss."
"Did you do everything like I said?"
"Yeah, boss everything is set perfectly."
"Lizzie, these paintings are adoribal."
Liz " Yeah, my kids and I decided to try something new."
Maria "so..... are you seeing anybody?"
Liz " Maria, you know how Michael gets when I even mention the word date.
Maria "Believe me Liz, I know, I'm married to the guy."
Liz "Are we still on for the movie tomorrow night?"
Maria "Yeah, Michael wants us out of the house tomorrow. He is having a meeting and doesn't want us in the vicinity of the house. Maybe, we could look for a guy for you?"
Liz " MARIA, please, when I find the right man I'll know it."
Maria " Whatever you say chica."

Part 2

Michael "So where are you and Liz going tonight?"
Maria "We decided to do a little shopping and a movie."
Michael "What movie?"
Maria "Just a chick flick nothing you would want to see."
Just then Liz walks in the room
Liz "Michael I don't need another bodyguard! Nick and Joey I can tolerate, but I will not have two more brainless idiots following me around watching everything I do and everyone I meet!"
Michael "Liz I will not budge on this issue you are just wasting your time. I'm sorry, but when it comes to yours and Maria's safety I take no chances."
Liz "Michael, Maria and I are big girls. Maria aren't you going to back me up on this one?"

Maria "Liz I totally agree with you, believe me I already tried to get Michael to stop acting like an overbearing baboon. But he's standing firm on this."
Liz "ARGH!"
Liz walks out of the room.
Maria "Michael"
Michael "Maria don't start."
Maria "Michael I know the reason your doing this is because you don't want to lose the only family you have left, but Liz is not a child, she's twenty-one years old."
Michael "Maria please, I'm asking you to do this for me. I love you."
Michael leans down and kisses Maria tenderly.
Maria "ok."

~~Evan Household~~

Alex "Max, hurry up or we are gonna be late."
Max " I'm coming, I'm coming. Hopefully we won't hit traffic."
Alex "Yeah"

~~~~Philidelphia traffic~~~

Alex "So much for not hitting traffic."
Max "Calm down Alex, we got plenty of time to get there."
Alex "Max are you sure about not bringing any body guards?"
Max "Yeah, I want to make this as friendly as possible, anyway I know you would take a bullet for me." Max said with a smirk.
Alex "Don't be to sure on that one." Alex said laughing.
Max "oh, you know you love me."
Alex "uh huh"

Liz and Maria are walking down South street in and out of stores.
Liz "Maria how bout we ditch the watchdogs?"
Maria "I dunno Liz.........."
Liz "Common Ria, Pleeeease?"
Maria "Ok, but how?"
Liz "Ok lets go into the coffee shop, XandO, then we go into the bathroom and slip out the window."
Maria "Brilliant Chica!"
The girls walked into the coffee shop and went into the bathroom. They slipped the window open and jumped onto the street. They took off running, all while laughing about how the "dogs" where gonna look when they released they had been tricked.
Maria "What are we gonna do now?
Liz "Hmmm....... Let's go clubbing!"
Maria "Yea, we haven't done that in such a long time, but not in these clothes lets go home and change."
Liz "with Michael in the meeting we can just sneak into our rooms and sneak out."
Maria "Ok lets go."

~~The Meeting ~~
Michael "Well now that we are all finally here, lets get down to business."
Pierce "Well I for one am sick of all this petty fighting."
Michael "if someone would keep to their own territory and stay away from my people we wouldn't have a problem."
Max "You got nerve, your boys attacked two of my guys!"
Hansen "Hey lets calm down."
Pierce "He's right, we're here to try to make a little peace."
Michael "If Evans can keep a rein on his boys then I have no problem"
Max getting very angry.
Max "I can't believe you have the nerve to sit there and tell me what to do, you should be taking your own advice."
Michael "Listen you"
Max "No you listen."

Alex "Hey!! Stop this, Max I think it's time we leave before you say something you might regret"
Just then Michael's Cell phone goes off.
Michael "Excuse me gentlemen, Yeah? They did what! Find them now or your ass is dead! Michael turns to the group, I'm sorry but I have an emergency, I'm cutting this meeting short.
Max walked out of the room and into the hall. Hearing a soft laugh his eyes come across two woman walking down the staircase. That's when he saw her. She had creamy skin that reminded him of a porcelain dolls, and long chocolate colored hair that cascaded down her back. All he could think of was wanting to run his fingers through it. She was an angel.
Liz was walking down the staircase when she suddenly felt someone staring at her. Looking around she came across a pair of the most amazing amber colored eyes she had ever seen.

Part 3
Maria "Busted."
Liz had not heard one word anyone had said. She was too busy staring at the mysterious man before her.
Maria "Liz, Liz"
Liz breaks out of her staring contest.
Liz "Sorry Maria, what did you say?"
Michael "Where the hell were you?"
Liz "Michael we"
Michael "Save it, we'll talk later, upstairs both of you!"
Max watched as his angel slowly turned around and walked up the stairs, all while never breaking eye contact with him.
Michael "Gentlemen I think it's time we say goodnight."
With that Max and Alex walked to the door and bid goodnight to everyone and left.
"Looks like we've found a weakness that will bring both Evans and Guerin down. Now all we have to do is wait for our opportunity."
'Right Boss"

Max "Alex who was that girl Michael was yelling at?"
Alex "Maria, or Liz?"
Max "The dark haired beauty."
Alex "Ahh, that would be Liz, Michael's sister."
Max "Sister, how come I've never heard of her?"
Alex "Michael is very protective over Liz after what happened to her. See when she was fifteen she was coming home with her parents from an evening out, when all of the sudden two gunman shot her parents. The car crashed before the gunman could shoot her. She was thrown out of the car and ended up with severe back injuries."
Max "How do you know all of this?"

Alex "Liz and I went to the same school, we where friends. So now you answer me a question Max, why are you so interested in Liz? I think it's kinda obvious though, I mean the way you two were staring at each other. Your lucky Michael was too busy yelling to notice you two. He would have killed you just for looking at Liz like that."
Max "Alex don't be so mellow dramatic."
Alex "This is Michael we are talking about here, you know break bones now ask questions later."
Max "Anyway, what does Liz do, I mean Michael does let her out of the house right?"
Alex "Man you've got it bad for her."
Max "I don't know there's just something about her that draws me to her, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Alex "Well, Liz is an artist. She has a studio down on fifth Ave. She sells her paintings downstairs while upstairs she paints and gives classes to children. But, only to children. Max, you should see some of her work, it's amazing."
Max smiled as Alex told him this. He knew he had to meet her, to talk to her.
Alex "Max I would try to warn you to stay away from her, but I know you won't listen, just don't hurt her ok?"
Max "Alex I would never hurt her."
Alex "Well I've got to get home, Isabel is waiting up for me."
Max "Tell my sister hello for me ok?"
Alex "Ok, you know she would really like for you to come to dinner sometime."
Max "Is she cooking?"
Alex (Laughing) "No."
Max "Then I'll be there, just tell me when."
Alex "Ok, Later Max."
With that Alex left, Max started doing some work, but found that he couldn't keep his mind off a certain raven haired beauty. 'Tomorrow I'm going to see her' he thought. With that he retired to bed with a smile on his face.

~~Back at the Guerin House~~
Michael "Liz I can't believe you did that! Do you know what could've happened to you?"
Liz "Michael I'm sorry, okay?"
Michael "No Liz it's not okay."
Liz "Michael you don't understand, I want to be able to go out without four guys trailing me."
Michael "Liz you should know better then anyone what can happen when you don't have bodyguards!"
"Don't you dare bring them in this Michael," Liz wispers. Michael sighs. "Liz I'm sorry ok, I didn't mean to say that, but you have to realize everything I do is just to protect you and Maria." "I know Michael." "Liz how about I make a deal with you, three bodyguards. But you have to let them do there job, no more giving them the switch, ok?" "Ok Michael." "Come give your brother a hug." Liz walks over and hugs Michael.
Maria "Awww. Isn't that cute"

Michael "Don't you start I'm still mad at you!"
Maria "No your not, you can never stay mad at me!' Maria walks over to Michael and starts to kiss him. "Forgive me now?" Michael looks at her and laughs, "Yeah I forgive you, but I don't want to have to hear about this happening again, ok?" "Yes" Michael the girls said in unison.
Michael "I have to go and bust some heads."
"Aw, don't be so rough on them" Liz calls after him.
Liz "Maria, who was that man in the hall tonight?"
Maria "oh, you mean Mr. tall, dark, and handsome that you couldn't keep your eyes off of?"
Liz "yea, do you know who he is?"
Maria "That would be Maxwell Evans. Head of the Evans family, and the one man that can really get under Michaels skin." Maria watches as Liz goes into thought. "Lizzie you like him, it's obvious."
Liz "Maria he just has these eyes that melt my insides. I get a chill just thinking about him. But it can never be."
Maria "You don't know that."

Liz "Maria, please first of all do you think Michael would go for his little sister dating the head of a rival family? And besides I don't think that Max even likes me."
Maria "Girl your crazy, did you see the way he was looking at you? Of course he likes you!"
Liz smiles "Really?"
Maria "YES! And you were to busy staring back at him to notice that Alex was with him."
Liz "Aw, I wish I did, I haven't seen Alex since High School. So he works for Max Evans now."
Maria "That's not all, he's married to Max's sister Isabel."
Liz "Really? I have to get together with Alex sometime for lunch, but right now I have got to go to bed I have work tomorrow."
Maria "Goodnight Lizzie."
Liz "Night Ria."
Liz went to her room and couldn't help but think about Max. 'I wonder what he doing right now' she thought. She drifted off into sleep with a smile tugging at her lips.

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Part 4

Liz awoke the next morning with a smile on her face. She dressed in casual black pants and a lavender tank top that showed a bit of her midriff. Liz didn't ware makeup when she went to work, she really didn't need it anyway. She grabbed her keys and shoulder bag. Liz drove herself around, there was no way she was going to have someone chauffer her around when driving was something she enjoyed doing. Liz walked down the stairs and came across Michael.
Michael "Hey Lizard, going to work?"
Liz "Yea, Mikey G."
Michael "Maria give you that one?"
Liz (laughing) "Yeah, bye."
Liz goes and gives Michael a kiss on his cheek.
Michael "Bye."
Liz walks out of the house and to the garage with her three bodyguards. She unlocks her car and they all get in.

Liz "Alright, let's get one thing strait I don't appreciate having another guy following me around. So just stay out of my way and we'll be fine."
Nick and Joey are smirking as they watch the look Liz gives her new bodyguard Tony. Liz drives out of the gates and goes towards her studio.
Nick "You gonna make your stop at Wawa today?"
Liz "Yup, I need my usual cup of caffine."
Liz pulls up to Wawa and gets out. She walks over to get a French Vanilla Cappuccino.
Liz "Hm... So many Tasty Kakes."
Liz grabs the butterscotch Krimpets.
Liz "Ok, ready to go?"
Nick "Yea."
Liz gets to her studio and opens up. 'My studio, the one place that I can do whatever I want' she thought. "ok let's see what I'm doing today." She grabs her daybook and sees she has a class at nine. Looking at her watch she notices it's eight thirty.

Liz "Hey Joey don't stand near the door, you scare the kids when they come in."
Joey "Ouch, that hurt Liz."
Liz "Well you do. Can't you go for a walk, hey I've got an idea why don't you check the perimeter for some evil men who are going to come and get me!"
Nick "Liz"
Liz " I have to get ready for class."

The Evans House

Max was busy with his new project that morning. He was in the process of building a nightclub. After the endless paper work he decided to take a break. Looking at his watch he saw it was around eleven.
Max " Alex I'm gonna and get some lunch. I'll be back later if you need me I'll have my cell wit me."
Alex "Tell Liz I said hi."
Max (smiling) "Sure."

Liz was finishing her last class of the day when she heard the bell ring for the front door of her store ring.
Liz "okay guys I think we are just about done for today."
Liz heard a chorus of ows, and smiled. She walked the seven kids to the front of the store. She looked up and faltered in her step. There was Max Evans looking extremely hot in a Navy Blue suit. He was at that moment arguing with Joey.

Joey "What are you doing here Evans?"
Max "I'm here to buy a painting, and it's none of your business anyway."
Joey was just about to respond when Liz cut him off.
Liz "Stop harassing my customers Joey."
Max turned and looked and saw his angel standing before him. She was wearing black pants and a lavender tank top with a man's shirt over top that was covered with paint. She had some kids standing with her.
Liz "Alright guys I'll see you next week."
A chorus of byes and see you next week followed. The kids left and it was just Max, Liz and Joey.
Liz "Where's Nick and Tony at, not that I'm sorry there not here?"
Joey "Nick's doing his usual check of the building, and Tony went to get some lunch."
Liz turns to Max who was staring at her.
Liz "Can I help you?"

Max 'I certainly hope so' he thought. "I'm just kinda looking."
Liz "Oh, okay."
Max "So your Michael's sister?"
Liz "Yeah.
Max "Last night was the first time I ever saw you."
Liz "Michael is overprotective of me."
Max "I can tell, last night you must have done something bad to make him get that angry."
Liz "Chuckles, yeah Ria and I kinda ditched our bodyguards."
Liz walks over to the shelf and takes off her painting shirt. "Oh, I see" Max says smiling. Just then Nick walks back in. Nick turns to Liz. "Is there any problems here?"
Liz sighs. "No. Mr. Evans and I were just having a conversation."
Liz motions for Max to follow her to the back of her studio.

Liz "This way we can talk without two extra sets of eyes on us Mr. Evans.
Max "Please call me Max."
Liz smiles at Max, "Call me Liz."
Max was amazed how easy it was talking to her. It was like they've none each other forever. He decided to take a chance and ask her to lunch, he just hoped she said yes. "So Liz I was just heading to lunch, would you like to join me?"
Liz smiled brighter, but then it disappeared. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that's a good idea."
Max looked at Liz, she seemed disappointed.
Max "Listen Liz I would really like to get to know you better. Let's just forget who you and I are, ok?"
Liz "I'm sorry, even if I wanted to I have lunch plans already."
Max thought for a minute. "How about dinner then?"
Liz hesitated "I don't know....."

Max looked Liz strait in the eyes, "Please?" Max's heart pounded why he waited for Liz to answer him.
'How can I refuse him when he's looking at me like that' Liz thought. "ok" she whispered.
Max's heart stop completely. 'she said yes' he thought. After coming out of his stupor Max realized he had just been staring at Liz.
"That's great, um how about I pick you up at your house around seven?"
Liz "oh, I don't know if that's such a good idea, um how bout I meet you?"
Max knew why she didn't want him to pick her up. He decided not to push it. "Ok, I know this great Italian place, Gina's Bistro."
Liz "mmmm...... that sounds great."
"ok so I'll see you at seven?"
Liz "yeah."

Part 5

Max left Liz's studio with a smile from ear to ear. He felt like he was walking on air. Max arrived home to see Alex waiting for him. "hey Max, I take it from that smile on your face that things went well." "You could definitely say that. I have a date with Liz tonight."
Alex "Really how did you pull that one off?
Max "With my charms."
Alex "so how's Michael taking this?" Alex looked over at Max who was now busying himself with business papers. "Oh no, don't tell me he doesn't know!" Max just looked at Alex. "I would pay money to see the look on Michael Guerin's face when he finds out that Max Evans is dating his baby sister!"

Max "Alex it's not like Liz is a child. She's a grown woman who can make her own decisions when it comes to her life."
Alex "You know that Michael is going to see this as you using Liz to get to him, that's when he finds out about this. And believe me Max sooner or later he's gonna find out."
Max "Alex I would never do that."
Alex "I know that, and you know that. But Michael is not going to see it that way."
Max "I don't feel like talking about this anymore. I mean I haven't even gone out with Liz yet."
Alex "I'm just letting you know what you are getting yourself into. I mean don't get me wrong, Liz is great. I just don't want either of you to get hurt.
Max "Thanks Alex.

Maria walked into Liz's studio and immediately saw the smile Liz was wearing. "Hey Lizzie, what happened to you?"
Liz "What do you mean?"
Maria "You have a smile as big as Michael's hair." Liz laughed at Maria's comment. "Well Max Evans stopped by today." "Girl, don't stop there, what happened?" "Well, we talked a bit and he asked me to dinner tonight!"
"Oh My GOD! Details, Liz." "Well he's taking me to Gina's Bistro at seven tonight."
Maria "Liz I so happy for you!"
Liz "Thanks Ria."
Maria "Oh, Liz what about Michael?"
Liz "What about him?"
Maria "Liz I don't think, wait I KNOW Michael won't be happy with this development."
Liz "That's why I'm not gonna tell him, and neither are you!"
Maria "Liz I don't think that's a good idea. I mean he will eventually find out, and when he does he is going to be so mad at you. And even more upset with me for not telling him!" "Ria please, I know it's a lot to ask. But I really want to see where this goes without Michael being, well Michael."
Maria "Liz, be honest with Michael you never know what might happen."

Liz "I know exactly what would happen. Michael will forbid me to see Max, and he'll do something to Max."
Maria "Liz I think your forgetting something. You know those three wonderful men who follow you night and day!"
Liz "Well I was thinking......"
Maria "NO Liz I won't be part of this."
Liz "Common Maria, all you have to do is make sure Michael stays away from my room tonight and I'll handle the rest, Please?"
Maria "Oh I can't believe I'm about to agree to this."
Liz starts jumping up and down. "Thank-you Thank-you! I love you Maria."
Maria "Yeah, yeah. I just know this is gonna end badly!"
Liz "Did you bring lunch with you? I'm starved."

After Maria left it gave Liz time to think. 'I just hope Maria isn't right when she says this is gonna end badly. I really want to get to know Max better.' Liz closed her studio and went home around five. She arrived home with all three stooges in tow. She went to Michael's study and knocked on his door.
Michael "Come in."
'Please let this work' Liz thought as she walked into Michael's study.
Liz "Hey Michael. I'm just gonna head up to bed now. I'm not feeling to well."
Michael looked up from his papers. "what's wrong, maybe I should call the doctor."
Liz "No, no that's okay, it's just a touch of the flu. I'll grab some soup and head up to my room for a goodnights rest and be good as new by tomorrow."
Michael stood up and walked towards Liz. "ok then, but if your still feeling bad tomorrow tell me and I'll call the doctor. Ok?"
Liz gave Michael a reassuring smile. "ok."
Michael gave Liz a kiss on her forehead.
"Goodnight Michael."
"Night Liz."

Liz left Michael's study and gave a sigh of relief. She felt guilty lying to Michael. After all he was just trying to protect her. But she knew he would never let her go out with Max tonight. 'ok now all I have to do is sneak out of the house with out anybody noticing, and be back before anybody notices that I'm not in bed sleeping.' Liz went to her room and started the debate on what to wear. She knew the place they were going was semi casual. In the end she decided on a tight pair of black dress pants with a red sweater that fit her curves nicely. She grabbed a shower before getting dressed and blew dry her hair. Liz decided to keep her hair down. By now it was six o'clock and the sun had just set. Liz locked her bedroom door and went to her balcony. She started to climb down the ladder she had placed there earlier. She went to her car in the garage and quickly left the house.

Part 6

Max was patiently waiting for Liz at the restaurant. It was a little after seven and Max was starting to wonder if Liz was going to show. After checking his watch for the tenth time he looked up to see his angel standing before him. She was a vision. She had kept her hair down, and was wearing a red sweater that had tiny buttons. All Max could think of was wanting to rip them off.

Liz glanced around the restaurant. She was late and she hoped Max had not left thinking she had stood him up. 'Damn traffic' Then she spotted him. He was glancing nervously at his watch. He looked amazing. He was wearing black suit pants and a button down white shirt with the top button left open. He suddenly looked up and gazed right at her. Her heart stopped beating for a minute. He rose out of his seat and walked towards her. She finally got her heart to start working and made her way over to him.

Max "Hey"
Liz "Hey"
Max "I was starting to get worried you had decided not to show."
'I would have walked if that meant I could could've come and see you' "I got stuck in traffic, sorry"
Max "That's ok, I know how bad the traffic can be. Shall we sit."
Liz "Yea."
Max and Liz walked over to the table Max had been sitting at. Max pulled out Liz's chair and she sat down. He took his seat and looked at Liz. 'God you're so beautiful'
Max "Alex told me to say hello."
Liz "How is Alex, I haven't seen him since graduation."
Max "He's doing great. He works for me, and is married to my sister, Isabel. They have a two year old son named Colin."
Liz "Wow, I heard he was married but I didn't know he had a child."
Just then the waiter came over and gave them their menus and took their drink orders.

Max "Yea, he's a cute kid, looks a lot like Alex."
Liz "So what do you recommend?"
Max "Well they have excellent pasta, the best in the city."
Liz "Hmmm... The Pasta Aldente sounds really good."
Max "That's an excellent choice. I think I'll have the same."
The waiter came back and took their orders.
Max "Liz tell me about you."
Liz "Well I went to St. Mary's High School. I met Alex freshman year and we became friends immediately. I was a big science nerd.
Max "Really."
Liz "Yeah I loved biology, chemistry, physics you name it. I had even planned on going to Harvard to study Molecular Biology. "

Max "How did you get into art then?"
Liz "Well my sophomore year I got put into an art class by accident. My guidance counselor told me to keep the class. Telling me it would look good on my college application. So I kept the class, and found out that I had a talent for it. My art teacher also noticed it. He showed some of my work to art schools, and that's how I ended up owning my own studio and giving lessons to neighborhood kids."
Max was truly amazed. Liz was not only beautiful, but smart also. "Wow, that's really amazing."
Liz "Tell me a about you. What's Max Evans story."?
Max "Well I grew up with my twin sister Isabel. I had a pretty normal childhood, well as normal as I could with my father being head of a family."
Liz "I know what you mean. I try to ignore what my brother does, but sometimes it's hard." Max noticed how Liz avoided the subject of parents.
There food came and they started on a safer subject.

~~The Guerin House~~

Kyle "Hey Michael I just got finished talking to Nick."
Michael "And?"
Kyle "It seems that our good friend Mr. Evan's stopped by Liz's studio today."
Michael "WHAT!"
Kyle "Yeah apparently he and Liz talked for a bit and then he left."
Michael "I can't believe she didn't tell me he stopped by!"
Maria was walking by Michael's study when she heard him shout.
Maria "What's all the noise about spaceboy?"
Michael "I just found out that Liz was visited by MAX EVANS!"
Maria "Calm down Michael, I'm sure it was just a harmless visit. He was probably just asking Liz about art."

Michael "I don't think so, I think I should go up stairs and find out what happened."
'Oh no' "Michael I don't think that's such a good idea" Maria was desperately trying to come up with a reason why.
Michael "Your right, I almost forgot she wasn't feeling well today. She was sweaty and looked a bit pale. Yeah, I just have to wait and talk to her tomorrow."
Maria smiled and gave Michael a kiss. Come on how about we go to bed early?
Michael "I'll be up in a minute I just have to finish up something."
Maria "ok, but don't be too long."
Maria left and went upstairs. Michael looked at Kyle "I want you to tell Nick to keep an eye on Liz, and I want to know if Evans comes near her, ok?"
"Yeah no problem Michael"

Max and Liz were having a wonderful night. After there earlier conversation they had moved the topic of discussion to other things. Liz and Max laughed as they talked about childhood experiences. Max found that the more he heard Liz's laugh the more he craved to hear it. He couldn't believe how great she was.

Liz was also having a great time. She loved Max's smile. Her breath caught in her throat whenever he did it. Liz loved how easy it was to talk to Max. He was so open minded to everything she said.

The night had gone to quickly for both there liking. Max walked Liz to her car. "I had a wonderful night Liz, and I was thinking Isabel and Alex invited me to come over to dinner on Friday. Would you like to come with me?"
Liz looked at Max and smiled. "I'd love to." "That's great. How about we met at my house, and we'll go together?" "That sounds great Max."
Max took Liz's face in his hands. He slowly descended down to Liz's lips. At the first contact there was fireworks. Max's tongue probed the entrance of Liz's mouth until he felt his tongue slid into her mouth. Liz moved her hands to Max's neck. They finally broke apart gasping for air. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours.
Liz "I should probably be getting home."
Max placed a sweet kiss on her lips.
"Goodnight Liz"
"Goodnight Max"

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Part 7

Liz awoke the next morning with a smile on her face as she recalled the previous nights events. She found she had a lot in common with Max. Liz loved just being able to talk to Max and have his full attention on her. Her smile suddenly disappeared when she thought about the lying she had done to Michael last night. She honestly didn’t want to, but she knew that if she told him where she really went he would flip. And also not let her see Max. After last night she knew she couldn’t let that happen. She felt a connection to Max that she had never felt. Liz got out of bed and got ready for work. She put on a floral print skirt and a white button up shirt. She went down stairs to be greeted by a peeved Michael.

“Liz, I have to talk to you”
‘Oh no he found out’ Liz thought. Liz remained calm. “What about Michael.”
Michael “First how are you feeling? You look a lot better.”
Liz “Yeah, I feel great, now what did you want to say?
Michael “Max Evans.”
‘Oh My God!, no no no this can’t be happening.’
Michael “Nick told me he stopped by your studio yesterday.”
Liz almost gave a sigh of relief. “Oh, yeah he did.”
Michael “Well what did he want?”
Liz “Michael he stopped by to look at my art work.”

Michael “Liz don’t be so naive. He was there to try to use you to get to me.”
Liz was outraged. “You don’t even know him Michael! How can you say such things.”
Michael “You have one conversation with him and you know him! I don’t think so, he’s just going to hurt you!”
Liz “Max was a perfect gentlemen, we had a nice conversation. He treated me with respect and complemented me on my work!”
Michael “Oh come on Liz he’s just conning you! Open your eyes.”
Liz was not going to take anymore of this. Without a word to Michael, Liz turned around and walked out of Michaels study and went to work.

Max had a permanent smile plastered to his face as he got started his work the next morning. He could still smell the vanilla from her lips, and the strawberry shampoo from her hair. Alex walked in to see Max grinning.
Alex “So I take it your date went well.”
Max “Alex Liz is so amazing. I invited her to dinner tomorrow. I hope that’s ok?”
Alex “That’s great I’ll finally get to see Liz again.”
Max “Just let Isabel know ok?”
Alex “Sure.”
Max suddenly thought of an idea. Max picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Alex what type of flowers does Liz like?”
Alex thought for a moment and smiled. “White Roses.”
Max “Thanks.”

Liz arrived at work near tears. Her and Michael fought all the time, but never this bad. She opened her studio and got ready to do some painting. She put on her Sarah Mcglaclan cd and painted. An hour later she was interrupted by Nick.
“Liz, there’s a flower delivery guy here for you.”
Liz walked up front and saw a man holding a dozen white roses.
“Liz Parker?”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“These are for you.”
Liz signed the paper and gave the man a tip. She grabbed the card and read it.

Dear Liz,
I just wanted to thank-you for a wonderful night. I think you are an amazing person and I can’t wait till the next time I see you. I hope you like them. They are beautiful, but nothing compares to your beauty. See you soon.

Liz was so engrossed in reading the note that she didn’t hear Maria walk up behind her.
“Hey girl, whatcha got there?”
Liz turned around. “Lets go to the back room to talk in private.” Maria nodded and followed Liz to her painting room. Maria noticed the newly painted canvas. It was a portrait of woman. She looked a lot like Liz, but there were a few differences.
Maria “Liz it looks just like her.”
Liz broke down and cried. “Maria I miss her so much. I need her so much right now.” Maria went over to Liz and pulled her into a tight embrace. “Shhh. It’s ok honey. Let it all out. Tell me what’s troubling you.”
Liz “I had a terrible fight with Michael over Max. it was horrible he accused Max of using me. The thing is Maria after we talked I started getting doubts. That maybe Michael was right. Then Max sends me my favorite flowers and I feel horrible for doubting him.”

Maria “Liz what is your heart saying to you? Do you think Max is using you? Don’t let Michael cloud your judgment.”
Liz “I think Max is genuine with his feelings. I had a wonderful time last night. And the note he sent me, it made me smile.”
Maria “Well then you’ve got your answer. Just stick to it ok? Don’t start to doubt Max. So… can I read the note?”
Liz laughed “Sure.”
Maria took the note and read. “Aww. Lizzy, girl tell me all about last night.”
Liz went and told her everything. When she got to the goodnight kiss, “Ria it was amazing. It was like fireworks. And tomorrow I have a date with him. I’m going to dinner with him at his sisters. I’ll get to see Alex.”
Maria “Liz that’s great, really it is. But how are you going to get out of the house?”
Liz “Tomorrow is Friday, the day when you and Michael go out on your weekly date. So when you slip out so will I.
Maria “I hope your right.”
“So the princess went out with Evans last night, looks like she had a good time from the looks of these pictures. Good job keep tailing her.”
“Ok boss.”

Part 8

Liz was getting ready for her dinner with Max when she heard a knock at her door. She had not talked to Michael since there argument. “Come in”
Maria poked her head into Liz’s room. “Hey I just wanted to say we’re going no.”
Liz “Ok, have a good time.”
Maria “Liz why don’t you just talk to Michael?”
Liz “I will not talk to Michael until he apologizes to me, which from the looks of it will be when hell freezes over.”
Maria “Liz I just want you to be happy.”
Liz “I know Ria, that’s why I love you.”
Maria “I love you too, well I better get going. Have fun tonight ok?”

Liz “I will. Bye.” With that Maria left. Liz finished getting ready and left to Max’s house. When she arrived she went and knocked on his door. Max opened the door with his shirt, open, wet hair, and a smile from ear to ear. Liz looked at Max’s muscular chest and couldn’t help but want to run her hands up and down it. Max watched as Liz looked at him as though he was her next meal. He looked at Liz. She was a vision. Liz was wearing a form fitting light pink shirt with a black skirt that showed her shapely legs.
Max “Hey, sorry I’m runnin a little late. Come in”

Liz looked up, and Max saw a hint of sadness in her eyes. “Hey, that’s ok.” Max “I’m gonna go up stairs and finish getting ready, I’ll be down in five minutes, ok?” ‘Then I’m going to find out what’s putting that sadness in your eyes and try to fix it.’ Liz “yeah, that’s fine.” Max “Make yourself comfortable.” As Max walked up the stairs Liz glanced around the Living room. She noticed how homey it was. There were pictures everywhere. Liz looked at them. She saw pictures of Max and a blonde girl who she guessed was Isabel as kids. There were pictures from school plays, picnics, graduations, and Christmases. She came across a picture of Max and Isabel at the beach. She started to giggle. Max was lying on the ground covered in sand rubbing his back. Isabel was standing over him laughing. Max came down stairs to hear a laugh from Liz. “What’s so funny?” Liz looked up to see Max coming towards her. “This picture of you and

Isabel.” “Oh, this was when Isabel tackled me to the ground after I ate her ice cream.” Liz started laughing again. “Hey, it wasn’t funny, I landed on a jelly fish and broke out in hives.” Liz was now hysterically laughing. Max guided Liz over to the couch. “Liz what’s wrong? I can see it in your eyes.” Liz looked at Max. “I just had a fight with Michael.” “About Me.” “Yeah.” “Well tell me what he said.” “He said that your were just using me to get to him.” Max looked at Liz.
“Liz I would never do that. I think you’re a beautiful and intelligent person. I’m so enchanted with you. Michael couldn’t be further from the truth.”
“Thank-you Max for saying that, I believe you when you say that you wouldn’t use me. Your too good of a person to do that.”

Max was so happy that Liz had faith in him. He lent over and gave her passionate kiss. Liz returned the kiss eagerly. When they broke apart Liz talked first. “Thank you for my flowers, how did you know they were my favorite?” Max smiled “That’s my secret. We better get going.” He took Liz’s hand and walked her out to his car. He opened her door for her and helped her in. As they drove over to Isabel’s Max and Liz kept a light conversation. They talked about the area sports.
Liz “I’m a hockey girl, so I think the Flyers are going all the way.’
Max “Hockey good, but the Sixers are the best.”
They continued their conversation and before they knew it they were at Isabel’s. Max took Liz’s tiny hand and put it in his before they knocked on the door. The woman Liz had seen earlier in the pictures opened the door.

Isabel “Max, it’s so good to see you.” She gave him a hug. Max “It’s good to see you too Izzy, I’ve been busy sorry.” Isabel turned to Liz. “And you must be Liz, I’m Isabel Whitman.”
Liz “Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Isabel “Come in, Alex just went to the basement to grab some wine. I hope everyone likes chicken Parmesan.”
Liz “It sounds wonderful, do you need any help?”
Isabel “No don’t worry about a thing. You’re a guest in my home.”
Just then Alex comes into the living room.

Alex “Lizzy!” Alex goes over and gives Liz a big hug.
Liz “Alex it’s great to see you. You look the same since I last saw you.”
Alex “Thanks, I think”
Max “Hey Alex” “Hey Max.
Isabel “Well why don’t we go and eat.”
They all went to the dinning room and sat down. They passed around food and made chit chat.
Alex “Liz how is Maria?”

Liz “She’s doing really good. She is the choir director over at East High. She really loves her job.”
Alex “That’s great. I always knew Maria would do something with singing.”
Isabel “So Liz what do you do?”
Liz “I’m an artist. I also teach some children’s classes at my studio.”
Isabel “Wow, wait a minute. Where is your shop at?”
Liz “By Fifth Street.”
Isabel “Oh my god, your Parker.”
Max and Alex looked at Isabel and Liz.
Max “Someone want to fill us in.”
Liz “I sign all my paintings with the name Parker.”
Isabel “Why, if I may ask?”

Liz “Well do you know when you go shopping or out to a restaurant and you pay the bill. People see the name Guerin, and they stare at me like I’m some sort of illusion. And a lot of people wouldn’t come in my studio let alone buy a painting with the name Guerin on it. My real name is Elizabeth Guerin though.
Isabel “But wait how did you come up with Parker?”
Liz “My mothers maiden name was Parker.”
Max saw the sadness in Liz’s eyes when she mentioned her mother. It killed him that there was nothing he could do to stop it. Liz brightened up a bit and looked at Max and gave him a smile. She turned to Isabel.
Liz “I’m curious what painting did you buy?”
Isabel “Here let me show you.” With that Liz and Isabel got up from the table and went upstairs. Max and Alex followed. Isabel took Liz to a door and told her that this was her guest room. Liz went into the room and immediately remembered the painting. It was an ocean scene with stars everywhere in the sky.

Max couldn’t believe Liz had painted this. It was amazing. The details she took in making this, he was at a lose for words. She had the waves crashing to the shore. But the sky is what really caught his attention. She had painted tons of stars in the sky. There where all different kinds. Big, small, bright, dull.
Isabel “As soon as I saw this I feel in love with it. It truly is gorgeous.”
Liz blushed as Isabel gave her complements. “Thanks.”
Just then a wail broke into the room. Max turned to Isabel. “Let me get him ok? I haven’t seen my nephew in a while.” “Sure, go ahead.”
Isabel “Why don’t we go downstairs and have some coffee.”
Liz “Isabel where is your bathroom?”
Isabel “Down the hall second door to your right.”

Liz walked off as Alex and Isabel went downstairs. After Liz found the bathroom she heard a babies laugh. She turned a corner and saw Max with Colin. He was playing airplane with him. Max was right when she said that Colin looked like Alex. He had the same hair color hair and smile.
Max “okay buddy time to go back to sleep. I’ve got to get downstairs and see Liz. You would like her. She’s so pretty and friendly. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m falling in love with her. Shh. It will be between us okay?” Max looked down and saw Colin had fallin asleep. “Goodnight Buddy.”
Liz was shocked. She couldn’t believe what
Max had said, because she was feeling the exact same thing about him.

Max was startled to see Liz standing there outside the door.
‘Oh no, she probably heard what I said. I probably scared her off. Damn It!’ Max thought. Liz “You’re great with him.” Max looked at Liz. “How long were you standing there?” Liz “Long enough.” Max “Look Liz I’m” Liz “No Max, it’s ok, I feel the same way.” Max pulled Liz flush against him and kissed her. He probed the entrance of her mouth until he gained access and searched every crevice of her mouth. Max came in contact with her tongue and they dueled for mastery. When they finally broke apart gasping for air. Max still kept a tight hold on Liz as he leaned his forehead against hers. Max looked down at Liz. Her lips were bright red and puffy from there kiss. Max laughed and gave Liz a quick sweet kiss. “Come on they’re probably wondering where we went.” He reluctantly let go of her and they made their way down stairs.
The rest of the evening went well. Liz and Alex continued to catch up, while Isabel would tell Liz funny things Alex had done. All while Max just watched Liz. Around eleven Liz and Max left Alex and Isabel’s. As they were driving home Max asked Liz something. “Liz I think you should tell Michael about seeing me.” Liz looked up startled. “Liz I know we’ve only known each other for a little while, but I really care for you. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be able to call you, and have you go out with me without having to sneak out.” “Max I want that too, but I’m really scared. What if Michael won’t let me see you. I don’t want anything to come between us.” “Liz it won’t happen, ok? No one will ever keep me away from you.” Max gave Liz a gentle kiss. “I’ll give you some time, but Liz we can’t sneak around forever ok? “Thank-you Max” With that they rode the rest of the way to Max’s house in a comfortable silence.

“So the princess and Evans had dinner tonight. Humm…. I think it’s time big brother found out what baby sisters doing.”
“You want me to give the pictures to Michael?”
“I think……………….”

Part 9
Liz’s Saturday consisted of shopping with Maria. “Maria, I walked in on him playing with Colin. And then he-”
Maria “Wait who is Colin?” “Colin is Alex’s son.” “Wow, I didn’t know Alex had a son.” “Yea, but he was talking to him and he said that he was falling in love with me. And I told him I was too.”
Maria “Oh My God, Liz. Don’t you think this is soon?”
Liz “No Maria I don’t. I like the person I am with Max. He makes me feel special. And I like that he is always touching me in some way, even if it’s just holding my hand.”
Maria “Wow Liz, it sounds like your in love.”
Liz “Ria, every time I see him my heart beats faster, and I hate at the end of the night when I have to go home where he’s not.”
Maria “Yup, definitely Love. Do you have plans tonight?”
Liz “Yeah we are going to the movies.”
Maria “Well what are you going to do about Michael?”
Liz “I’m not sure. I have to work up the strength to tell Michael, I’m just not ready yet.”

Later that night while Liz was getting ready for her date when Michael knocked on her door. Liz looked at Michael and gave him an annoyed look. “Listen Liz I just wanted to say I’m sorry for calling you names, I just wanted to look out for you. I know you’re a grown woman and that you can take care of yourself. But I feel responsible for you” “Michael I understand that, but you have to realize that I can make my own decisions. If I wanted to move out you couldn’t stop me.” Michael looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Michael I’m not moving out, but one day I might want to.” Michael “I know, it’s just you’re my sister and I feel the need to protect you.” “Michael you’re to protective.” “I know, but are we good again?” Liz smiled. “Yeah.” Michael left and Liz finished getting ready. She decided on a pair of dark jeans and a red button up shirt. She grabbed her keys and purse.

When she arrived at Max’s he immediately pulled her in and gave her a mind-blowing kiss that she returned. When they broke apart Max smiled. “Sorry I had to do that.” “That’s ok, I like when you do that.” she laughed. Liz looked at Max. He was wearing a pair of Kakis with a gray sweater. He looked simply great. Max “Lets go.” When they got there it took them twenty minutes to decide what to see. Max wanted to see the Mummy Returns, while Liz had her heart set on Pearl Harbor. Liz “Ok, why don’t we see one movie this week and go see the other next.” Max “That sounds good, wait how do we decide which movie we see this week?” Liz “Well have you ever heard of the expression ladies first?” Max “Hmm.. Sounds familiar, but I don’t think so.” Liz was laughing. “I had to try. Well it looks like the only way to settle this is to use the ultimate deciding weapon. Max gave Liz a strange look. “I’m scared to find out what this ultimate deciding thingy is.” Liz gave Max mind blowing smile. “Rock, Paper, Scissors of course.” Max was laughing hard now. Liz “What?” Max “You should have seen your face when you said that, like it was life or death.” Liz “Hey don’t make fun of it. Ok you ready.” Max “Yup.” Liz “Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot.” Liz gave a shriek. “Yeah, we go see Pearl Harbor.” Max “Well I guess.” Liz “You have to, I won, rock beats scissors.” Max “Ok”

Max really didn’t care if he won or lost. He was just happy to have her with him. He thought it was cute when she came up with the game. Max went and bought the tickets. They went and got their popcorn and drinks. When they got into the theatre it was pretty packed. They found seats and waited for the movie to start. Max took Liz’s hand in his and brought it to his mouth and kissed the back of it. Liz leaned over and gave Max a kiss. It was brief but it gave Max a happy look. Liz got as close as she could to Max without actually sitting on his lap. The movie started and Liz’s attention turned to the screen.
From time to time Max would take glances at Liz. He would see the emotion running through her eyes. All Max could think about was how much he wanted to be with her. The movie ended and Max and Liz got up and left. Max saw the tear tracks on Liz’s face. Liz “That movie was so good, but really sad.” Max pulled Liz into a hug. “Yeah, I actually liked it.” Liz “See I told you.” They started walking to Max’s car. Max “Are you hungry?” Liz turned to Max “Not really.” Max “I don’t really want this night to end yet.” Liz “I’ve got an idea, why don’t we go for a walk down by Penn’s Landing.” Max “That sounds great.”
Not wanting the night to end they walked around very slowly. Max kept his arm around Liz’s waist while they walked. They didn’t talk. They just enjoyed the presence of each other. Every now and then Max would lean down and kiss Liz. She would smile and kiss him back. They came across a bench and sat down. Liz snuggled closer to Max as they stargazed together. Max pointed out a group of stars. “Do you see that?” Liz looked where Max was pointing and nodded. “That’s Orion. And do you see that one over there that’s Venus.” Liz looked at Max, “How do you know so much about constellations?” Max looked down at Liz. “When I was little I always wanted to be an astronomer. Finding new Planets and stars. I remember telling my mom this. She looked at me and smiled. She told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. But my dad had other plans.” Liz looked up and saw the sadness in Max’s eyes. “I remember when I told my mom I wanted to be a scientist. She looked at me with such pride in her eyes. I loved her so much.”

Max looked down and saw the tears threatening to spill over. “Hey, we don’t have to talk about this okay?”
Liz “I want to. I’ve never really talked about what happened.”
Max “No one? Not even Michael” Liz “No. We just seemed to have this unspoken agreement not to talk about it” Max “That must have been lonely. I mean not being able to talk about it.” Liz “It was, but I’ve just tried to move on.”

Max “Liz, you can tell me anything. I’ll listen to anything you have to say.” Liz looked up at Max and smiled at him. “Thanks Max. Just being here with you is enough.” They stayed together on the bench for a little while longer until Max realized that Liz needed to get home. He drove them back to his house. As he walked Liz back to her car she suddenly turned around and gave Max a fierce hug. “Thank-you Max.” Max kissed the top of Liz’s head. “Your welcome” Max brought Liz’s head up and slanted his mouth over hers. Their tongues dueled till Max pulled back. Liz gave a whimper, “Don’t stop.” “If I don’t stop know I won’t be able to let you go.” Liz smiled, “Maybe I don’t won’t you to let me go.” “Liz…” “ok, Sweet dreams Max.” “Sweet dreams Liz.” And with one last kiss Liz left.

Part 10

Michael walked to Liz’s room. He was a man on a mission. As he rounded the corner he almost knocked Maria on her butt.
Maria “Wow watch where you are going.”
Michael “Sorry, I gotta go talk to Liz. It’s important.”
Maria started to panic. Liz had already left to see Max. She had to cover for her. Maria “Liz is busy.” Michael “What is she doing?” Maria “She’s um… sleeping, yeah she had a migraine and decided to go to bed early.” Michael “Oh, well I guess this can wait.” Maria “What is it you had to tell her.” Michael “Just that I saw her name in this magazine for top artists in the city. But I can just show it to her tomorrow.” Maria let out a sigh as Michael turned around. ‘Liz you owe me big.’

Meanwhile Liz had just arrived at Max’s. He opened the door and pulled Liz to him. He ran his palm around her jaw line. “Your late” He said with a grin. “I’m sorry, how can I make it up to you?” “Hm… Let me think.” Liz started placing butterfly kisses on his jaw and neck. “Better?” Max looked down at his angel. “A little bit.” Liz reached up and placed her arms around Max’s neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and tugged at his head until his lips were on hers. The kiss was explosive. Max pulled Liz up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved them to the living room without breaking the kiss. Liz was to distracted by Max to even notice they had moved. It wasn’t until her back touched the couch that she realized where they were. Max started kissing Liz down her neck and over her breasts. Liz let out a moan as Max’s mouth gently sucked on them. His hands were on her stomach kneading the flesh he came in contact with. Liz started to grind against Max. Things were getting out of control fast. Max pulled back. “Liz we have to stop.” Liz was disappointed but nodded her head. They weren’t ready to do anything more. Max sat up. He wrapped his arm around Liz and kissed the top of her head. “Why don’t we watch a movie?” Liz nodded. “Ok.” Liz snuggled closer to Max as he pushed the play button. Liz didn’t care what movie they watched. She was just content to be there with Max. She closed her eyes and before she knew it she was asleep. Max looked down at Liz and his heart constricted. She had her head on his chest and she was sleeping. Max gently stroked her back. Liz moved closer to Max. He decided to let her sleep. But before he knew it he fell asleep….

Max awoke with a start. He went to look at his watch and felt something on his chest. Looking down he saw it was someone, Liz. He looked at his watch. “Damn it.” It was six in the morning. Max hated to wake Liz up he looked so peaceful. But he knew he had to. “Liz, baby wake up.”

Liz awoke and felt something hard under her. She looked up and saw Max’s amber eyes staring back at her. She smiled and then realized that she was still at Max’s house. “Oh My God.” Max “You better get going.” Liz “Max I’m so sorry, I was just really tired.” “Hey you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. I liked waking up with you in my arms.” Liz smiled. “I better go.” Max nodded and helped Liz up. He walked with her to the car. Liz reached up on her tippy toes and gave Max a sweet kiss. “Thank-you Max, I know I wasn’t good company.” “Hey, don’t worry about it. Spending anytime with you is good time.” Liz hugged Max and gave him another kiss. “Liz get out of here before I throw you over my shoulder and never let you go!” Liz just giggled. “Bye Max.”

Liz broke all the speed limits and drove through many stop signs to get home before Michael woke and found her not in bed.

Michael decided he couldn’t wait to tell Liz about her name being in the magazine. He started walking down the hall towards her room.

Liz ran to her balcony and started to climb.
Michael rounded the corner and knocked on her door. “Liz.”
Liz ran through her window just as the door opened. She stood in the middle of the room as Michael walked in. “Liz didn’t you hear me knock? And why are you wearing clothes from yesterday?” Liz “Um, I was in my bathroom. I slept in my clothes last night.” At least it wasn’t a total lie she thought. “Oh, well I wanted to show you this. I was going to get my coffee, and I saw this article on uprising local Philly painters. Guess whose name I came across?” Liz squealed. “Oh My God, this is amazing.” Liz grabbed the magazine. She read the article and was smiling from ear to ear. “Lizzy I’m so proud of you. I know mom and dad would be too.” Michael hugged Liz and left.

Three Weeks Later

“Now’s the time to send the pictures. Evans has become attached to Ms. Guerin. I want you to give Michael the pictures, tonight.
“It’s as good as done Boss.”

Liz could hardly believe the last three weeks. She had spent almost all her nights with Max. And she loved every minute if it. They had done everything there was to do in the city. Well almost. Liz had finally, after a lot of begging, got Max to go dancing with her. She laughed as she remembered the look on Max’s face when she suggested it. He looked like she had just committed a deadly sin. He then told her in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t dance. She just laughed and told him that she would show him how. He finally agreed. Maria entered Liz’s studio and saw the smile Liz was sporting. “Hey Lizzy, another great date with Max last night.” Liz looked. “Maria! Not so loud. I don’t want frick and frack over there hearing.”
Maria “Sorry.” Liz “And for your information I wasn’t thinking about Max.” Maria “Lizzy you’re a horrible liar. So what are you two doing tonight?” Liz “I’m taking Max dancing.” Maria “Wow Max can dance?” Liz “No….” Maria “Girl you are bad, all I got to say is poor Max.”
Maria walked over to Liz’s easel. “Liz, this is incredible.” Liz “Thanks. It’s a present for Max. His birthday’s coming up soon.” Maria “I’ve seen this before.” Liz “It’s Penn’s Landing, and you see that bench?” Maria nodded. “It’s where Max and I sat and watched the stars. “ Maria “Awww, Lizzy that is so cute. How long have you and Max been going out?” Liz “Five weeks.” Maria “Don’t you think it’s time to tell Michael?” Liz sighed “Yeah, I can’t lie to him any longer. And I don’t want to have to hide what I have with Max. I’ll talk to Max tonight about it.”

Max was busy at work. His new club was due to open in a couple of months and there was already a lot of problems. Max “Alex I want you to call the construction company and tell them I’m unhappy with some of their work. Give them some sort of threat. Tell them it would be wise to get their asses back in there and do the job right.” Alex “No problem. So what are you and Liz doing tonight?” Max mumbles he was going dancing. “What was that I didn’t hear you.” “I said Liz is taking me dancing.” Alex almost grabbed his stomach he was laughing so hard. “Does Liz know you have to left feet?” “Ha ha very funny Alex. I did tell her I couldn’t dance well. She’s gonna teach me.” “Well I remember Liz in high school could dance really good, to say the least.” Alex continued laughing as he left. ‘What did I get myself into?’ Max thought.

Liz finished getting ready. She had on a pair of leather pants and a pink tube top with sparkles. She left her hair down and grabbed her keys. She drove over to Max’s house. Liz walked right into Max’s house. They had become really close. She walked past Max’s bodyguards and into his kitchen and got some water. Max heard his front door open and knew Liz had arrived. He had made a decision earlier. It was time to tell Michael. He was going to wait till after they went dancing. Max’s breath caught in his throat. Liz looked sexy as hell. Her pants were tight fitting, and her shirt wasn’t covering her midriff. Max walked up behind Liz and pulled him flush against his front. He leaned down and kissed her neck. “Hey beautiful. You look great, stunning. I’m not so sure I want to go out and have other guys looking at my girl.” Liz turned around and kissed Max. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans and a blue button down shirt with three of the buttons opened. “ell you don’t look so bad yourself, I don’t want all the girls drooling over you!” “That’s ok, only one woman holds my heart.” Max leaned down and kissed Liz. “We better get going.”

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Part 11

Max and Liz entered the club and immediately Liz pulled Max to the dance floor. “Liz couldn’t we just get a table? Let me go get us a drink.” “No Max. You promised me dancing. Come on. You can’t be that bad.”

Boy was Liz wrong. After the tenth time her toe was stepped on she decided Max wasn’t catching on fast enough. Liz turned around so that Max was facing her back. She turned her head. “Max put your arms around my waist.” Max complied. “Now just let your hips follow mine. After a couple of minutes Max caught on. Liz turned around in his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. “See your doing it.” Max looked down at Liz and smiled. “I had a great teacher.” “Well I won’t argue with that, I am pretty good.” Liz laughed.

Max leaned down and kissed her. Liz moved her leg up Max’s. She kissed her way from his jaw to his exposed chest. She suddenly had a wicked idea. She kissed over to his nipple and gently bit down on it. Max gave out a gasp as she continued to suck on it. Liz her Max groan and she smiled. Max tugged Liz’s head up towards his mouth. He immediately toke her lips and his and thrusted his tongue in her mouth demanding mastery. Finally pulling back, Max lead them off the floor and over to a private table. He pulled Liz onto his lap and started kissing her neck. He lightly sucked on it leaving a red mark and then moved to kiss her jaw. Max kissed Liz everywhere but her lips. “Max, stop teasing me. “Max looked at Liz and smiled. “Tell me what you want baby.” “I want you Max.” Max raised an eyebrow. Liz could no longer stand it and framed Max’s face with her hands and kissed him. Max’s hands roamed Liz’s back and he moved his hands under her shirt. Liz moaned when she felt Max’s hands on her behr skin.

Liz pulled out of their kiss and pecked Max on the check. She knew she had to stop it before they got out of control. “Can you get me some water? Please.” Liz gave Max a pouty look. He reluctantly pulled away from Liz. “Sure, anything for my girl.”

Max returned with a bottle of water for Liz. She gave him a thank you kiss but before he could deepen it she pulled him towards the dance floor and Max groaned.

~~Guerin House~~

Michael was in his study working on his dock project. He heard a knock at the door. “Come in.” Kyle walked in holding a manila envelope.

Kyle “Yo boss this was in the mailbox. It’s unmarked, except for your name.”
Michael took it from Kyle. “Did you look in it?”
Kyle “No.”
Michael opened it up and looked through the pictures. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Liz and Maxwell Evans. TOGETHER.
Kyle watched as Michael turned beat red. He threw down the pictures on his desk and walked out and upstairs to Liz’s room.
Michael walked into Liz’s room and found it empty.

~~Back at the Club~~

Max felt like he had been dancing for hours. He didn’t know how Liz did it. She was like the energizer bunny. She just kept going and going. Max told Liz he needed a drink. Liz nodded and smiled. She kept on Dancing.

Max wondered over to the bar and got a drink. He looked over at Liz and saw red. Some guy was dancing with Liz and had his hands on her. No one touched Liz but him. Max walked right up to them.

Liz saw Max approaching. He looked pissed to say the least.
Max walked right up to the gut and tapped him on the shoulder. “That’s my girlfriend you’ve got your hands on. I suggest you remove them from her. Now!” Liz was startled she had never heard Max talk like this. The guy backed away seeming to realize who he was dealing with.
Max turned to Liz and pulled her to him as a slow song came on.

Find me here speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that’s leading me to the place
Where I found peace again

He felt that Liz was tense. “Hey, I’m sorry for scaring you.” Liz looked up. “You could never scare me. I’ve just never heard that tone of voice.”

You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You’re everything and how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better then this

Max “That’s my jealous possessive voice. I just think of you as mine, and I don’t want anyone else to touch you but me. I know how bad that sounds, but it’s how I feel about you.”

You calm the storms and give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won’t let me fold
You still my heart when you take my breath away
Would you take me in deeper in now.

Liz was at a stand still. She was upset with Max for overreacting, but she also liked how possessive he was of her. It made her feel wanted. “Max we were just dancing. But I think I understand. I would be jealous if you danced with another woman.”

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better then this

Max tightened his arms around Liz’s tiny waist. “Why don’t we go back to my house. I want to have time with you all to myself.”

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better then this

Liz looked at Max and nodded.

Cause you’re all I want, you’re all I need
You’re everything, everything

Max smiled as Liz rested her head on his chest. He brought his hand up and stroked her hair as they continued to dance.

You’re all I want
You’re all I need
Everything…. Everything

Max stood there and listened to the song as he danced with Liz. He loved her. Maxwell Evans was in love with Elizabeth Guerin.

Max escorted Liz through the crowd. He was going to tell her how he felt, tonight. They walked out of the club and walked towards his car. Max noticed Liz was rubbing her arms. Max took off his leather jacket and placed it on her shoulders. Liz looked up and gave Max that special smile she reserved only for him. “Thank-you” Max put his arm around Liz and they continued to the car.

They arrived back at Max’s house. They walked in the door to be greeted by a very anxious Alex.
Liz “Hey Alex”
Alex “Hi Liz, Max I gotta talk to you. In private.” Alex gave Max a look.
Max “Ok, Liz go and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be there in a sec.”
Liz nodded and gave Max a peck on his cheek. Liz walked to the living room and Alex motioned Max to his office.
Max “What’s up. I assume it’s important since you’re at my house this late.”
Alex “Max listen I got a call tonight. It was from Vinny. Max the club it burnt down tonight.”
Max couldn’t believe it. After all the hard work he had put into the club. And now it was gone. “I’m gonna go and say goodnight to Liz, and then we’ll finish this conversation.” Alex nodded and Max walked out of his office and into the living room. He saw Liz lying on the couch with her head on the armrest and her eyes closed. He knelt down in front of her and kissed her forehead. Liz opened her eyes and smiled at Max. “Everything ok?”
“Not really, I’m sorry but something important came up and I have to cut out evening short.”

Liz “That’s ok. I’ll just go home and let you take care of your business.”
Max lightly stroked the side of Liz’s face. “Let me have some of my bodyguards escort you home?”
Liz sighed. “Max I’ll be fine.”
Max “Just do this small thing for me. Please. I just want you to be safe.”
Liz “Max if this is none of my business just tell me. But what happened tonight?”
Max “The club I was working on opening burnt down.”
Liz “Oh Max, I’m so sorry. I know how hard you’ve been working on the club.”
Max “Liz I just don’t want to lose something else that is important to me. So just humor me. Ok?”
Liz smiled and turned to kiss Max’s hand that was on her cheek. “Well I’ll do it, but you have to make it worth my while.”
Max was relieved. He thought Liz would fight him on this. “Let’s see how about this.” Max leaned his head and kissed Liz with a passion. When he pulled back Max grinned. Liz’s eyes were closed and her lips were all red and puffy. Liz opened her eyes and saw Max smiling at her.
Max “Was it worth your while?”

Liz “Yeah, it’ll do.” Liz laughed at the face Max made. She gave him a sweet kiss and stood up. “I better get going.” Max stood up and grabbed Liz’s hand. He led them to his study where Alex and some of his bodyguards were. “Anthony, Danny I want you to escort Ms. Guerin home. Make sure she gets home safe and sound.” Max gave them a look saying if anything happened to her there would be hell to pay. They both nodded and walked out of the room. Max turned to Liz and pulled her in to his embrace. “I want you to call me when you get home, ok?”
Liz “I promise to. Have dinner with me tomorrow. I want to talk about something.”
Max “Sure.” Max gave Liz a gentle kiss.
Liz “Bye. Later Alex”
Max “Bye.”
Alex “See ya later Liz.”
With that Liz turned and left.
Max “Now tell me everything.”

Liz walked to her car. She really wanted to talk to Max about Michael. But she knew it had to wait. She would just have to discuss it with Max tomorrow at dinner. Liz knew it upset Max to hide their relation. It bothered her to. She didn’t want Max to think she was ashamed of what they had. On the contrary she was happy what with they shared. It was truly bliss to have Max as a boyfriend. He always showed her how much he cared for her. Liz continued her journey home with a smile on her face. It wouldn’t last.

Alex “The fire marshal hasn’t officially come out and said it, but when he talked to me he said that it was definitely arson. He’s gonna officially say it when he types up his report.”
Max “What’s the word on the street?”
Alex “That a couple of Michael’s guys were seen driving away from the club.”
Max closed his eyes and sighed. He rubbed his eyes in frustration. This is not what he needed. He was gonna have to make a decision, retaliate against Michael, or try to make peace with him. Then there was Liz. How could he do something against Michael and it not get back to Liz. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t let Michael get away with this. But what if Michael wasn’t responsible and he made a move against him. Then all hell would brake lose.
Alex “What are you thinking Max?”
Max “I’m thinking about what the hell I should do about this mess. Do you know what I should do? Cause I have no freaking clue what to do.”
Alex “Well the fact is all evidence points to Michael. And you can’t just let him get away with this. I know you’re worried about how this is gonna effect Liz, but you can’t. This is business Max. I mean Liz is my friend and I love her like a sister, but it can’t effect your business.”
Max sighed and nodded. “Do it.”

Liz started to climb up to her room. She was still wearing Max’s jacket and that brought a smile to her face. She could smell his scent all around her. She walked through her window and went to turn on her light. She jumped three feet in the air when she saw Michael sitting on a chair in her room.

Michael “So have a good time with Evans tonight?”

Part 12

Liz "Michael-"
Michael "Save it Liz. You've been lying to me. Sneaking around with Evans for god knows how long. I'm so disappointed with you. With all the guys in Philly and you have to pick Max Evans! Do you realize that he is just using you. I can't believe that you where that stupid to fall for his games. Look he even sent pictures."
Michael threw a manila envelope at Liz's feet. She bent don and picked it up. She looked and saw pictures of Max and her. From their first date at Gina Bistro to the night they took a stroll at Penn's Landing.

Liz had tears falling down her cheeks. She couldn't believe Michael was saying these things. Her sadness soon turned to anger. "How dare you Michael Guerin. You have no clue what Max is really like. Max would never use me. He cares for me. Max has always treated me with the up most respect"

Michael "Are you that blind? Wake up Evans is just playin you."
Liz was beyond mad at this point. "Shut the hell up Michael! I'm not going to stand here and let you talk about what Max and I have like it's something to be ashamed of, because it's not. I LOVE MAX!"

Both Michael and Liz stood silent. Liz walked out of the room and started running down the steps. Michael "LIZ!"
But all Michael heard was the slamming of the door. "Nick, Joey!"
The two men ran into the room and saw Michael standing at the top of the steps. His face was beat red and he looked like he wanted to kill someone. "I want you to go and bring Liz back here NOW!"
Nick didn't want to but he asked the question anyway. "Where was she headed?"

Alex had just left and Max wondered into his living room. He wondered if he had made the right decision tonight. Max didn't have to wonder he knew it was wrong. He had ordered a couple of guys to go and jack up Michael's lackeys.

Max just hoped that none of this would affect Liz. Thinking of Liz he looked down at his cell phone and noticed she should have called him by now. His bodyguards had returned already. Max started getting worried. Liz always called when he asked her to. Just then the doorbell rang. He saw his bodyguards grab for their guns and walk towards the door. "Danny, Anthony. I've got it." They gave Max a nod and stepped back.

Liz broke every speed limit to get to Max. She needed to say that she loved him. And for him to say that he loved her too. For him to wrap his arms around her and tell her that everything would be all right. She knocked on his door hoping he was still up.

Max opened his door to see a distraught Liz standing before him. Before he could ask what was wrong Liz flung herself in Max's arms and cried. "Liz baby, what's wrong." Liz started sobbing. Max picked Liz up and carried her to the living room. He sat down on the couch with Liz on his lap. He gently rubbed her back till she calmed down. He looked her strait in the eye. "Please Liz, Tell me what happened." Liz laid her head on Max's chest. "I came home tonight and Michael was waiting for me. Max someone sent him pictures of us. He told me that you had the pictures sent to him." Before Max could say anything Liz continued. "I knew you would never do that, and I told Michael that." Max "Michael must have loved that. What happened, he didn't hurt you?" "No, Michael would never do anything like that. We just yelled at each other and I ran out."

Max hugged Liz to him. "I'm so sorry." Liz "Max don't be sorry. I was the one who hid this from Michael." Liz bent her head down and a few tear ran down her cheeks. Max put his hand under Liz's chin and raised it till she looked into his eyes. "Liz lets not place blame on anybody. It's done know. We'll just have to talk to Michael about how we feel about each other." Max tucked a stray piece of hair behind Liz's ear and rubbed away her remaining tears with the pads of his thumbs.

Liz "Max I love you."

Max felt on top of the world. Liz Guerin had just told him she loved him. Before he could say anything the doorbell rang. He placed Liz on the couch. "I'll be back in one second. Stay right here."

Liz started to cry again. Max didn't love her. He hadn't said anything to her. Maybe Michael was right. She heard angry male voices that sounded familiar. She wiped at her cheeks and walked out of the living room.

Max opened the door for the second time that night. He came face to face with Liz's two bodyguards. "Well what do we have here? Can I help you boys with something?" Max gave them a smirk.

Nick "Cut the crap Evans we know Ms. Guerin is here. We're just here to take her home."
Max "We'll then I'm sorry to tell you that Liz doesn't want to go home. So I suggest you turn around and get the hell off my property before I have you removed."
Nick "We aren't playin games. I'll take her by force if I have to. I have orders." Nick and Joey made a move to enter Max's house.
Max pulled out his gun and aimed it at them.

Max "Don't you move one more step. You won't touch Liz."

Max's two bodyguards came up behind him. "Danny, Anthony I would like you to escort these men off the property." They nodded and Max turned around, before he shut the door he heard Nick shout. "This ain't over Evans. Not by a long shot."

Max put his gun away and looked over at Liz.

He walked over to Liz and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. "Are you ok?" Liz nodded and pulled back she ducked her head and spoke. "I think I should just go home."

Max stood dumb founded. Where had this come from? Had he scared her with pulling out his gun? "Liz I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I just didn't want them to take you. "

Liz "It's not that. I just think it would be best if I left."

Then it hit him. He hadn't told Liz he loved her back. "Liz I can't let you go till I tell you something. But you have to look at me." Liz looked at Max. "Good." He cupped Liz's face with his hands. "I never got to respond when you told me-"

Liz "Max 's ok you don't have to-"

Max "Liz let me finish. When you told me you loved me I wanted to do a cartwheel I was so happy. I was shocked that you could actually love me. Liz when I was dancing with you tonight I realized something." Max looked right into Liz's eyes and smiles. "I love you. I love you so much it hurts. Your perfect in everyway. Your laugh that warms my heart. Your smile that can light a room, and when you bite your lower lip when you get nervous. You are truly amazing to me." Liz had tears running down her cheeks. But for the first time tonight they were happy tears.

Liz jumped into Max's arms and started kissing him everywhere. Max groaned and pulled back. "Stay with me tonight?" Liz looked into Max's amber eyes that where almost black with passion.

"Take me to bed Max."
Part 13

Max bent down and put his arm under Liz’s knees and pulled her up high on his chest. He turned towards the stairs and made his way up to his room. Liz started to kiss Max's neck.

She heard him groan and smiled into his neck. Max kicked his bedroom door open. He entered and gently put Liz down on the bed.

Max saw Liz’s tiny figure lying in the middle of big bed and his heart contracted. He would do anything for this woman. Liz watched with hooded eyes as Max stared at her. She sat up and moved back. Max crawled onto the bed. He hovered over her and kissed her. “Are you sure?” Liz’s next words were Max’s undoing. “Make love to me Max.”

He started to unbutton Liz’s shirt. Leaving a trail of openmouthed kisses on her exposed skin. He opened Liz’s shirt and slipped it off her creamy shoulders and down her arms. He tossed it aside and went back to kissing Liz in the valley between her breasts.

Liz’s hands weren’t idle either. She started unbuttoning Max’s shirt and caressing his muscular chest. Liz suddenly gasped as Max put his mouth on her breast and started to gently suck. While his other hand was softly massaging the other one. Liz put her hand on the back of Max’s head and pushed his head closer. Max suddenly pulled back and put his arms around Liz’s back. He undid the clasp of her bra and slipped it off her arms. Liz’s nipples instantly hardened. Max shuddered in a breath. He bent his head and took her rosy nipple in his mouth.

“Oh god, Max. Yes!”

Max switched to the other one and repeated the process. Liz moved her hands to his pants. She unbuttoned them and put her hands on Max’s arousal. She started to stroke him. Liz loved the feel of Max. He was hard and silky all at the same time.

Max felt like he could come right then. Liz’s hot little hands running along his shaft was driving him crazy. He had only dreamed of her doing this. Max grabbed her hands and pulled them to his mouth and kissed her palms. “I need to see all of you Love.” Liz nodded and Max put Liz’s hands behind her head.

He undid her pants and Liz lifted her hips as Max slid them down her sexy slender legs. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs before hooking his thumbs in her underwear and sliding them off her legs too. Max sucked in a breath as he saw her glistened dark curls. Liz started to squirm under Max’s scrutiny. “Oh God Liz you are so beautiful. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how beautiful you truly are.” Liz gave Max a shy smile.

Liz pushed down Max’s pants and boxers. He kicked them off and his manhood stood at attention. Liz pushed Max unto his back and straddled his hips. She started an exploration of his body. She scraped her teeth over Max’s nipples. He gave a groan of pleasure.

Liz ran her nails down his taunt stomach and kissed his around his jaw line. She moved up to his ear and her tongue snaked out and licked his outer shell. Liz lightly blew on it and smiled in triumph as Max shuddered.

Max didn’t know how much longer he could take Liz’s teasing. He could feel how wet she was and all he wanted to do was flip her over and bury himself within her. Max felt Liz slid down his body. He almost lost it when he felt her mouth on his arousal. “LIZ!”

Max looked down and saw Liz’s chocolate head bobbing up and down. He tugged at her shoulders trying to pull her up. Liz would have none of it. She wanted Max to come in her mouth. Max finally let go and came. Liz took all of his juices until every last drop was gone. She decided that she loved the taste of Max. Liz looked up to see Max staring at her with awe. Liz moved up his body and kissed him.

Max tasted Liz with his juices mixed in and lost it. He flipped her over and licked and sucked his way down to her core. Liz squirmed when she felt Max's warm breath on her.

Max parted her folds and licked around her clit.

"Max Please!"

He gave in to her pleas and sucked on her bundle of nerves. "Oh Yes! Harder Max." Liz dug her nails into Max's hair and pushed him closer to her heat. Max felt her about to come and pushed his finger in and out of her. Liz gave out a moan and Max was thrilled. He loved how he was bringing her this pleasure. Max inserted two fingers in her and seconds later Liz tumbled over the edge.

Max climbed up her body and held her till her tremors subsided.
Liz licked at the sweat on Max's collarbone and gave him a sweet kiss.

Liz felt Max's arousal on her tummy and rubbed against it. Max groaned and moved in between Liz's legs. He slowly entered her heat.

Max couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling. She was so tight. It was like he was made to be inside of her. Max continued his journey into her while Liz gripped at his shoulders.

Max suddenly came to a halt when he felt her barrier. He froze. "Liz I-" But before he could finish Liz pushed up into him. He saw the tears in her eyes and held her tight. "Love you should have told me. I would have been gentle."

"You where Max." Max and Liz traded sweet kisses while waiting for her pain to subside.

Liz started to rock her hips and Max took the hint and started to slowly set a pace. Liz rocked her hips faster and Max took the hint. He pumped in and out of her till he felt he was about to go over the edge. He wanted her with him.

Max found her clit and started to furiously rub it until he felt her come. She let out a shriek and lost total control. Her hips met Max’s thrust for thrust. Max felt Liz’s silk walls clamp down on him and he too came. He fell on her and Liz wrapped her arms around him as they rode out the waves of pleasure together.

After a while Max realized he was probably crushing Liz. He rolled over taking her with him. He grabbed the down comfiture and pulled it over their naked bodies. "I love you Max." He looked down and saw she was already asleep.

"I love you too Liz" He saw the smile tugging at her lips and kissed the crown of her head that was resting on his chest. He stroked her cheek and watched her sleep till he drifted off himself.

Guerin Household


Maria walked into Michael's study and saw him pacing. "What's wrong Michael?"

"How long have you know about Max and Liz?"

‘Oh fuck’ Maria thought. “What do you mean?”

Michael “Maria don’t play games with me. I know all about Liz and her forbidden attraction to Max. Now I want you to tell me how long my wife, who isn’t supposed to hide things from her husband has known.

Maria “Michael I’ve known all along.” Getting angry. “And you know what? I begged Liz to tell you. I told her that you would take it better then she thought. Thanks for proving me wrong. You don’t even know what they have.”

Michael “Maria you are just as naïve as Liz. Can’t you see that Evans is just using her.”?

Maria “Damn you Michael. Have you seen how happy Liz has been over the past two months? No, to busy with business to even see the change in your sister. I haven’t seen Liz this happy since before your parents died.”

Michael “That’s enough Maria.”

Maria “Why Michael? Don’t want to talk about it? I thought you called me in here to talk.”

Michael “Maria cynical bitch don’t suit you.”

Maria gave out a laugh. “Well I hope the couch suits you, cause that’s where you’re going to be.”

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Part 14

Max awoke to find an angel in his arms. He wanted to get down on hands and knees and thank whatever providence that had brought Liz into his life. Max smiled as he thought about the previous night. He couldn’t believe she was a virgin. Well the way Michael kept her under lock and key, he could. He tightened his grip on her waist. Michael. Things where going to get ugly. And soon.

Max was so deep in thought he didn’t see Liz’s eyes open. She kissed his chest and he looked down.

Liz “A penny for your thoughts?”
Max “Morning Beautiful.”
Max tugged at her lips for a kiss but Liz pulled back. “Hey, don’t I get a good morning kiss?”

“Not until you tell what’s got you so distracted.”
“It’s nothing, I was just thinking.”
“Come on, just one kiss.”
“Max, please.”
“Alright, I was just thinking about Michael”

Liz looked down. “Oh.”
Max “I was thinking maybe we should talk to him.”
Liz perked up. “Really?”
“Yeah, Now I still want my kiss.”
“Getting demanding aren’t we?”
Max flipped Liz over and was hovering over top of her. He started to tickle her sides till she begged him to stop.
“Okay Max I give, just please stop.”
Max stopped and lowered his head till his lips touched hers. He sucked on her lower lip till she opened her mouth. He thrusted his tongue into her mouth and caressed and explored every part.

Liz raked her nails over Max’s shoulders and pushed their lower bodies together. Max pulled back and smiled as Liz gave out a groan.
“We have to stop.”
“Cause you’re not ready for this right now.”
“Max believe me I’m ready, and from the feel of it so are you.” Liz rubbed against Max’s arousal.
“Liz, baby please. I’m hanging on to the last of my control here.” Max strangled out.
Liz reached her hands around Max’s head and pulled him down for a quick kiss. “Fine.”
Max “Why don’t we shower and go see Michael.”
Liz “Only if we shower together.”
Max raised an eyebrow. “Only if you behave yourself.”
Liz gave Max a shocked expression. “I always do.”
She got out of bed and took a step to the bathroom and winced. Max saw this and immediately got up and picked her up.

“Max I’m ok, you don’t have to carry me.”
Max gave her a concerned look. “Don’t start with me Liz. Just humor me, ok?”
Liz gave Max a peck on his check. “Ok.”

Max set Liz down on the counter and started a bath. She sat there and watched his ‘assets’ as he found the perfect temperature. He turned around and picked Liz back up and placed her gently in the bath. The warm water felt soothing as it hit her sore area. She turned to Max. “Aren’t you going to join me?” Max nodded and Liz moved up to give him room to get in. he settled in behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach and kissed her shoulder. “Feel better?”

Max picked up a washrag and put some soap on it and started to rub it on her arms. He moved down to her legs and up her stomach purposely missing her sensitive area.
Liz had her head on Max’s shoulder and her eyes closed. Max moved up to her breasts and gently massaged them with a rag. Liz gave out a gasp. Max moved his lips to Liz’s neck and gently sucked. Liz turned around and threw her arms around his neck and attacked his lips.

Max pulled back. “Liz, we can’t Love, I won’t hurt you.”
Liz “Max I feel better, and you could never hurt me.”

Liz grabbed Max’s manhood and started to stroke him base to tip. Max grasped the side of the tub in surprise. He gave out a low growl as she gently squeezed his straining shaft. He removed his hand from the side of the tub and moved it to Liz’s heat. Max parted her folds and rubbed fingers along the inside, making sure not to touch her clit. He felt Liz increase her speed and he inserted two fingers into her matching her pace. Max felt himself start to cum and rubbed her clit without mercy. They came simaltamisouly but Max continued to rub her clit. She came over and over until she begged Max to stop. She rested her head on his shoulder while the tremors subsided.

Max smoothed back her hair and whispered loving words into her ear.
“I love you Max.”
“I love you Liz.”

~*Guerin House~*

Michael paced around his study waiting for Kyle. He hadn’t had a goodnights rest and his back was killing him. Sleeping on the couch in his study did that. He decided to apologize to Maria and try to get back in her good graces. He also decided to talk to Liz. Maybe if they talked with calm heads they could reach a resolution. Who was he kiddin. Max Evans was just tryin to hurt Liz. She just needed to see that. But one problem at a time. He had gotten a call from Kyle saying he had bad news for him.

Kyle walked in the study and Michael stopped pacing and looked up.

“Well what’s so important?”
“Michael, Johnny, and Luis got jumped last night.”
“WHAT! Where are they now?”
“Johnny’s ok, just some bruises. But Luis wasn’t as lucky. He’s in a comma.”
“Oh my god. Luis is like a brother to Liz. And to me for that matter. Damn it. Who?
“Max Evans.”
“Damn him.”
“Where’s Liz? She’ll want to know.”

Michael turned red and started cursing at Kyle’s question.

Part 15

Liz walked into Max's room with a towel wrapped around her body. She started to laugh at her predicament.

Max came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle and kissed her exposed neck.

"What's so funny?"

Liz turned around and put her arms around Max's neck.

"Well I can't find my clothes."

Max gave out a laugh. "Hmm... Well I like what you're wearing."

Liz looked down to the towel that was scarcely covering her body.
"I bet you do, but I might get a few looks if I go out in this."

"Yeah your right. Anyway, nobody gets to see your beautiful body but me."

"Possessive are we?"
"Uh huh." Max looked down at Liz with emotion filled eyes. He spoke with a soft voice. "Liz, I have to tell you something about last night."

Liz froze. 'Oh god, what if I wasn't good?'

Max saw the look of fear pass through her eyes. He didn't understand why it was there. "I just wanted to say that it was incredible. And I love you."

Liz gave Max a shy smile and she ducked her head.

"Max I was ok right? I mean you weren't disappointed."
Max was floored. The same woman who was so forward and giving him pleasure last night was now doubting herself "Liz I can't believe you asked me that."

Liz "It's just I'm not experienced"
Max "Liz, I love the fact that you where a virgin."
Liz "Really?"

Max lifted Liz up till she was eye level with him. "Yes, really. Liz knowing that I'm the only one to have had the honor to love you like that it just blows my mind." 'And I will be the only one to have you.' He thought to himself.

Liz "I love you, so much Max."
Max "I love you, more."
Liz smiled and Max leaned his head and captured Liz's lips with his own.
Liz pulled back and Max reluctantly let her down.

Liz "So about my clothes..."
Max "Well if I remember correctly." Liz watched as he walked over to the side of the bed and retrieves her clothes from the floor. "Looking for these?"
Liz walked over to Max and took her clothes from him. She started to walk away but Max snaked his arms around Liz's waist and pulled her against him. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Liz smirked but turned around and put an innocent face. "No all my clothes are here." Max gave Liz a look and she started to laugh. "Thank-you, Max." She gave him a peck on the cheek and turned around. Liz put on her clothes and turned to Max. He was just finishing putting on his shirt.

Liz "Max."
Max looked up. "Yeah Liz."
Liz "I'm scared."

Max walked over to Liz and pushed her towards his bed. He sat down and pulled her unto his lap. "I know you are. I am too. But as long as we're together we'll be ok."
Liz "Thanks Max. I know I'm just being a baby."
Max "Yeah, you are."

Liz smacked Max on the chest. Max "Ouch, that hurt. I was kidding. Your one of the strongest people I know. "

Liz gave Max a sweet kiss. "Thanks. Well, it's time to face the music. Ya ready?"

Max "With you always."

Liz gripped Max's hand as they walked up to the door. They gave each other a final look and walked into the house.

Liz saw Maria walking down the steps towards them.

Maria "Hey, Lizzy, where were you last night? Like I even have to ask, though." She smiled at the way Liz blushed.

Liz "Maria, I want you to meet Max Evans, my boyfriend. Max, this is my sister-in-law, Maria."

Max and Maria shook hands. "It's a pleasure to finally meet the man responsible for Liz's smile these days."

Max "Likewise, Liz has told me a great deal about you."

Before Maria could continue Liz interjected. "Ria, where is Michael?"
Maria "He's in his study."
Liz "Thanks, I think we better go see him before I lose my nerve."
Maria "You probably don't want to hear this but he's not in a good mood."
Liz sighed. "When is Michael ever in a good mood?"
Maria "That's true, but, he made me angry so he slept on the couch last night. Plus, Kyle just went in there and he didn't look like he had good news."
Liz "Thanks for the heads up."
Maria "We'll I'm just gonna run to the store. Max, it was great to meet you, Liz, lunch tomorrow?"
Liz "Sure. Come to my studio around twelve."
Maria "Sounds great."

Maria walked out and Liz turned to Max. "You don't have to come in if you don't want to."

Max "I want to." He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. Liz gave him a grateful look and proceeded to the study.
Part 16

Michael looked up when he heard a knock at his door. He looked to Kyle who just shook his head.
“Come in.”

He watched as his baby sister walked in with Max Evans. Michael just about lost it when he saw their entwined hands. ‘If Evans thinks he’s gonna take my sister away from me he’s got another thing comin.’ He thought.

Michael “What do we have here.”
Liz “Michael can we talk to you, in private.”
Michael looked over to Kyle. “Anything you gots to say to me can be said in front of Kyle. He’s been wit us for years. Have you forgotten your family already?”

Liz “Michael I didn’t come here to argue. I came to tell you I’m sorry for lying to you. I should never have hid the fact Max and I are together.”
Michael “Are you finished?”
Liz “No I’m not finished. Do you even know how hard this was for me? Having to sneak in and out because I couldn’t tell you where I was going.”
Michael “Liz-“
Liz “And you know why I couldn’t tell you? Cause I knew you would react like this. Playing judge, jury and executioner. Not looking at how happy Max makes me. No, just seeing how this affects you. That’s how it’s always been though. Remember what I’m talking about Michael?”

Michael “That’s enough Liz.”
Liz “Why because you say so?”
Michael “Yes that’s exactly why.”
Liz “Well I got news for you I’m not a child. I can do and say whatever the hell I want to.”
Michael “Liz your acting like a child.”

Liz “God, look at us Michael. We are actin like children. I came over to work this out Michael. And all we can do is argue and throw names at each other. We’ve always been close. I don’t want to lose that.
Michael “Liz I thought we were close. But I don’t even know you anymore.”

Max had been standing there letting Liz and Michael work it out. But when Michael started attackin Liz he couldn’t stay silent.
Max “Michael don’t do this to Liz Michael. She doesn’t deserve it.”
Michael “Evans don’t you dare lecture me on what I should and shouldn’t do. With a few words to Liz I can destroy what you have.”
Max “Don’t you dare Michael. One thing has nothin to do with the other.
Michael “Oh really? Do you think Liz will see it that way?”

Liz was baffled. They where havin a conversation about her, not realizin she was still in the room. Putting an end to it she spoke up. “Hey, would anyone like to fill me in on what you’re talking about?”
Max and Michael look at each other. Michael smiled and looked at Liz.
Michael “Well since your boyfriend isn’t talking I guess I will.”
He turned to Max. “What’s the matter don’t wanna tell Liz what you’ve done?”


Michael “See Evans over there had a couple of his goons beat up Johnny and Luis. Johnny’s ok, but Luis is in the hospital in a comma.”
Liz gave out a gasp and turned to Max. “Is this true?”
Max looked down.
Liz “Look at me damn it. I asked if this was true!”
Max had never heard Liz use that tone of voice. He looked up and saw the hurt and anger in her eyes. He nodded.

Liz turned around. “ Oh My God.”
Max “Liz I can explain.”
Liz turned to Max and the anger he saw in her eyes made him want to hide. “Explain what to me exactly? How the hell can you explain this?”
Michael sat back in his chair and watched with interest. “That’s something I’d like to know.

Liz turned around and gave Michael a death look. “Don’t you even. I know you’re not innocent in this. I’ll get to you later.” She turned back to Max. “I’m waiting”
Max “Liz it was just… business.”
Liz “And that makes it ok?”

Max “Yes, No. Liz Michael burnt down my club. I had to retaliate.”
Michael jumped up. “You have been moving in on my territory.”
Max looked at Michael. “No, I haven’t touched your territory.”
Liz looked between Michael and Max. “You are two of a kind do you know that. I’m leaving. Being around you two is damaging. All you do is think about yourself, and not the people around you. You hurt anyone you touch with no remorse.”
With that Michael and Max watched as she departed.

They looked at each other and Michael spoke first. “Stay away from my sister or I will kill you.”
Max walked right up to Michael and got in his face. “Don’t you dare threaten me. I will do whatever the hell I want. As far as Liz is concerned I will not leave her alone. So just try and stop me.”
Michael “You’re askin for trouble Evans.”
Max “If you do anything, and I mean anything not even Liz will be able to save you.”

Michael watched as Max left. He turned to Kyle. “Well that went well.”
Kyle “What are you going to do?”
Michael “About Evans?”
Kyle “Yea.”
Michael sighed. “Not sure. See what he does.”
Kyle “Are we talkin bout business or Liz?”
Michael “Both. What would you do Kyle? I mean bout Liz?”
Kyle “If I found that Evans was anywhere near Liz I would break him.”
Michael gave out a laugh. “You are so in love wit my sister it’s pitiful. Must have killed you to see her walk in wit Evans.”
Kyle just looked down.
Michael “Why haven’t you tried to ask her out? You’re the one guy I wouldn’t mind bein wit my sister.”
Kyle looked up. “I did, about a year ago.”
Michael “Well what happened?”
Kyle “She obviously turned me down.”
Michael “Did she say why?”
Kyle “Yea, she told me that she just saw me as a friend, nothing more.”
Michael “Well maybe things have changed. With this whole Evans mess it’s the perfect time to try again.”
Kyle looked at Michael and nodded. “I think I will.”

“Everything seems to be falling into place nicely. Evans and Guerin are at each others throats.”
“Yea, and it’s all thanks to Princess.”
“What’s our next step?”
“We wait, for now. See what happens. If I’m right Evans will try to reconcile wit Princess. Guerin will get pissed and then they will fight each other. Then when they destroy each other I pick up the pieces and take over both of their territories.”
“I don’t know, what if they work it out? Or they agree to leave each other alone?”
“Then we take their prized possession.”


Maria walked into Michael’s office as a woman on a mission.
Maria put a finger up. “Don’t say a word. Kyle leave, now!”
Kyle scampered from the room.

Maria “Now tell me what the hell happened I saw Liz pull away in a hurry, and Max follow not five minutes after. What did you do?”
Michael “I’m hurt what makes you think I had anything to do wit them leaving?”
Maria “Don’t play dumb with me Michael. I’m not in the mood for it.”
Michael “Liz and Evans came over for a little talk. They didn’t like what was said.”
Maria “Michael what did you say to Liz and Max?”
Michael “The truth. I told Liz some business that Max has been doing.”
Maria “I can’t believe you. What

Liz walked into her studio with a bag of clothes. ‘Home sweet home’ she thought. She flipped on the lights and gave out a scream.
“Damn it Nick you could give someone a heart attack. Why are you at my studio in the dark?”
Nick walked over to her. “I just go here actually. I was looking for the light switch.”
Liz “Well that still doesn’t answer why you are here.”
Nick “Liz do I really have to answer that.”
Liz gave out a frustrated sigh. “No. Even with all my quarters in the Love Park fountain would I be able to lose you as my bodyguard. So where are the other two? Joey is out back takin a look around. And your other one was fired.”
Liz “Really?”
Nick “Yup, but don’t get too excited his replacement will be here tomorrow.”
Liz “Oh.”
Nick “Are you ok?”
Liz gave Nick a small smile. “No, but I’ll live.”
Nick pulled Liz into a hug. “With me as your body guard you will.”
Liz gave a laugh and pulled back. “Thanks.”
Nick “No problem. So I’m guessing you’re staying here.”
Liz “That would be correct. I’ll just crash on the third floor. It’s got a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. It’s small, but it will work.”
Nick “Does it have a couch?”
Liz “No.”
Nick “You know you can’t lie. Your eyes give you away.”
Liz “So I guess you’ll be sleeping there.”
Nick “You got that right.”
Liz “Well I’m going to bed.”
Nick “Night Liz.”
Liz “Goodnight.”

Max threw down the file he was holding unto his desk. ‘How can I focus on work when all I can think of is Liz. And how the hell am I going to get her back?’

Alex walked in to see Max in his own world. “Earth to Max. Max. MAX.”
Max looked up startled at Alex’s presence.
Max “How long have you been here.”
Alex “Not long. What’s up?”
Max “Short version, Michael found out about Liz and I. We tried to talk to him. He threw business in my face. I threw it back in his. Liz got upset, walked out.”
Alex “Sorry man. I was really pullin for you and Liz.”
Max “Who where the guys we sent to beat up some of Michael’s guys?”
Alex “Frankie, Tommy, and Mickey. Why?”
Max “Well they went to far. One of the guys is in the hospital, in a comma.”
Alex “Wow, I told them your exact instructions.”
Max “I know you did. I’ll deal with them later. You know what makes this so bad is that the guy, Luis, was like a brother to her.”
Alex “I’m assuming Liz.”
Max “Yeah.”
Alex “So that’s why she’s so upset.”
Max “Uh huh, I didn’t help things though. I have to talk to her. Now.”
Alex “I wouldn’t do that. I would let her cool off. Talk to her tomorrow. After she’s slept on it.”
Max “Yeah you’re right. I just hate this. Last night she was with me and now I don’t know if she will even talk to me.”
Alex “Listen I know Liz it will take her some time, but she loves you it’s obvious.”
Max smiled at Alex’s words. “Yea, you’re right. I need to get some sleep.”
Alex “Alright, I’m out of here. Later.”
Max “Later.”

Max had a restless night. He couldn’t stop thinking about Liz. He took small comfort in knowing that he would talk to her tomorrow. He just wanted to hold her. Have her in his bed. Max pulled a pillow to his chest. He took a breath and smiled. It smelled just like her. Vanilla and Strawberries.

Liz was fairing little better, if not worse. She couldn’t get passed what Max had done. But she loved him, so much. What was she going to do? How do you forgive something like this? All these thoughts went through her head as the night passed by.

Part 17

Liz sipped her tea while reading the morning paper. There was an article on Max’s club on the front page. It had pictures of the ruble. She flipped through the paper and found it.

“Man Found Brutally Beaten.”

She continued to read the article. It said that Luis Cursanca, twenty-eight, husband and father was found beaten near death. That he laid in a comma and doctors weren’t to optimistic. Liz was still reading the article when Nick interrupted her.

Nick “Liz you got a visitor.”
Liz “Who is it?”

Just then Maria walked past Nick and made a beeline to Liz.
Maria “Nicky how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t need an interdiction.” She looked at Liz. “I swear good help is good to find.”

Liz gave a small laugh. “Nick you can leave us.”
Nick “Alright, but I’ll be around.”
Maria “Does he not realize that my husband pays him?”
Liz “I guess not.”

Maria “Aw, Hun I’m sorry. I would’ve come last night but I was too busy chewing Michael out. He had a wonderful nights rest on the couch again by the way.”
Liz “It’s ok. Good he deserves it.

Liz looked down at the paper and held it up for Maria. “Did you hear about Luis?”
Maria “Yea. I called Rosa this morning. She told me there was no change.”
Liz “Oh God that poor woman. I’m going to see her today. Maria they’ve been like family to me. Rosa was the first, after Michael to visit me in the hospital. She let me cry on her shoulder. Luis was one of my mom’s bodyguards. All this happened because of Max.”

Maria “Liz you know its not all Max’s fault.”
Liz “How can I forget Michael.”
Maria “Liz when I married Michael I made a promise to myself. Not to get involved with any of Michael’s business. Because I knew I couldn’t get Michael to leave. I can’t change the way he is. Believe me I’ve tried.”
Liz “Maria I respect that, but it just sucks.”

Maria “I know it does. But I wanted Michael. The business is just part of the package. You have to decide if Max is worth it.”
Liz sighed. “Max. How do I deal with him? Do I forgive and forget. Cause I don’t think I can do that Ria. The hardest part is I love him.”
Maria “It always is.”

Liz “Ria I slept with Max.”
Maria “Oh My God! When, where?”
Liz “Maria calm down. After Michael and I fought I went to Max’s, and we ya know.”
Maria “Aw Lizzy you’re blushin. So how was it?”

Liz “It was painful at first, but nice. And Max was so sweet to me. Which confuses me even more. How can there be this sweet and caring guy who I can’t resist, and then this cold heart, ruthless man. Tell me how can they be the same person?”
Maria “I don’t know Liz.”
Liz “Why do I have to deal with this?”
Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “It’s gonna be ok.”
Liz “I just wish I could believe you.”

Liz and Maria brook apart when they heard commotion downstairs.
Maria turned to Liz. “Why don’t you go get dressed and go see Luis. It might make you feel better.” Liz gave her a questioning look.
Maria “Don’t worry I’ll take care of whoever is downstairs, ok?”
Liz gave Maria a hug. “Thanks I don’t know what I would do with out you.”
Maria “I know I’m just so great. Kiddin. I’ll stop by for lunch ok?”
Liz nodded and walked to the bathroom.

Maria walked downstairs to see Max, Joey, Nick and some of Max’s bodyguards squaring off.

Max had woken up that morning and knew he had to see Liz. He had behrly slept and couldn’t till she was with him again.

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Part 17

Maria walked up to where they were squaring off. “What’s goin on here?”

They all turned to see a pissed off Maria. She had her hands on her hips and was expecting someone to speak.

Maria “I’m waiting.”

Max took the opportunity and spoke. “I just came to talk to Liz.”
Nick “And I told you she doesn’t want to see you.”
Max “Well then let her tell me that.”
Nick “Evans I’m gonna-“
Maria “Alright boys calm down.” She turned to Max. “Liz is in the shower. Why don’t you take me out to breakfast?”
Max smiled. “Why I would be honored to have a beautiful woman like yourself accompany me to breakfast.”

Nick “Ms. Guerin I don’t think your Michael would approve.”
Maria turned and gave Nick a death look. “In case you haven’t noticed I don’t seek his permission for anything I do. Now get back to your job and keep your nose out of places it don’t belong.” Maria walked over to Max and gave him a smile. “Ready?”
Max smiled to himself. “Uh huh.”

Maria and Max walked over to a nearby restaurant. After ordering Max looked at Maria. She was attractive. A spitfire for sure, but a good friend. He could see how Michael and Liz were drawn to her. “So how is she doing?”

Maria looked at Max. “Honestly Max not good. She’s so hurt right now.”
Max “She blames me.”
Maria “Rightfully so.”
Max gave out a laugh. “I love your brutal honesty.”
Maria “Max if it makes you feel any better she knows Michael’s not innocent.”
Max “No I won’t feel better till she with me again.”
Maria “I’ve got to tell you got your work cut out for ya.”
Max “Thanks.”

Maria “Havin the people she cares for beat up so bad that they end up in a comma in the hospital is not the way to go.”
Max gave out a sigh. “Maria I had no idea. I would never- ”
Maria “Max it doesn’t matter. You could have had it done to anyone else but the result would still be the same.”
Max “I’m not following. I though Liz was upset because she was close to Luis.”

Maria “That’s true, but that’s not all of it. Max Liz has seen first hand what violence and family feuds can do to people. She doesn’t want to lose you or Michael just because you two can’t make nice. Liz loves you both.”
Max “Maria tell me about Liz’s accident. Alex gave me the short version.”

Maria took a deep breath. “Ok. Liz and her mom had this amazing bond. Since Liz was so sheltered she didn’t have to many friends. So her mom was her best friend.”
Max “So when she died Liz was terribly upset.”

Maria “Max Liz was devastated. I was dating Michael at the time and Liz and I were pretty close. Liz had convinced her dad to take some time away from his work and go out. They ended up going to dinner and a movie. Driving home someone shot through the windows. She watched both her parents get shot and before it was her turn the car crashed. Physically Liz hurt her back so bad that even today she still takes pain pills for it. Mentally was worse then anyone could have imagined. Max she was a shell of a person after the accident. She thought that she should have died with them and also blamed herself for her parents death.”

Max “But that’s ridiculous. Liz didn’t kill her parents.”
Maria “That may be true, but Liz thought if she hadn’t coaxed them into going out to eat that they would still be alive.”
Max “That is absurd.”
Maria “I agree with you, but it took Liz a year and a half of therapy to realize that. It was the worst year of my life. Watching Liz go through so much pain and sadness.” Maria shuddered. “I promised myself I would never let anything hurt her again. But Max I broke that promise, cauze you and that man I call husband hurt her. So what are you planning to do about it?”

Max took a deep breath and let everything sink in. Liz had endured so much already. Should he even try? Maybe it would be best if he just left her alone. ‘Who am I kiddin. I can’t live without this woman. She is so amazing. I have to try.’ He thought.
Maria watched as Max pondered her question. She watched as his eyes lit up and looked to her.
Max “I’m planning to fight for her. I won’t give up on her. I love her and I’m going to prove it to her.”

Maria gave Max a hundred watt smile. “Now that’s what I want to hear. But I caution you, it won’t be easy and if you hurt her anymore I will be forced to use my connections.”
Max didn’t know if Maria was serious but he didn’t want to find out. “Maria I won’t hurt her again.”
Maria “Good.”
Max “Maria tell me how you got passed Michael, well being who he is.”
Maria “You mean Michael being the boss to one of the most powerful families in Philadelphia?”
Max “Yea.”

Maria sighed. “Well it wasn’t easy. I was a girl from a small town called Roswell New Mexico.”
Max laughed. “The alien place?”
Maria rolled her eyes. “Yes the alien place. Anyway, I moved here when I was seventeen. My mom had just passed away and I was staying with some distant relatives.”
Max “I’m sorry.”

Maria “It’s ok. I knew it was coming. She had been battling cancer for the last year before she died.”
Max “It still must have been hard.”
Maria “It was.”
Max saw a tear slip out of the corner of Maria’s eye. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”
Maria “No it’s ok.” She wiped at the tear and gave Max a smile and continued her story. “Well I met Michael at a local coffee shop. I had been in the city for all of one day and knew nothing of who he was. We started dating and I eventually found out. I was angry at first, but then I realized it was still my Mikey. So we kinda compromised. He promised to keep his business and family life two different things. That one would not mess with the other.”

Max “Kinda like a see no evil hear no evil thing.”
Maria “Exactly. I know it’s not politically correct. But I love Michael and it’s just better being with him. So I tolerate the rest. Besides he wouldn’t last two minutes without me.”
Max smiled.

Maria “Max let me ask you something. If Liz made you choose between business and her what would you do? I’m not sayin that she will, but if Liz said to you “Max I will be with you if you quit the business” would you? ”
Before Max could answer their breakfast came.
Max played with his French toast while he thought about what Maria had said.

Maria watched as Max played with his food. He looked to be in deep thought. She smiled. Maria knew Max would win Liz back. She just gave him so food for thought. ‘Now all I have to do is work on Liz’ she thought.

Liz walked up to the nurse’s station and asked for Luis’s room.
“312” The nurse replied.
Liz “Thanks.”

Liz exited the elevator and made her way to Luis’s room. She stopped outside of it and took a deep breath. Liz entered and saw Rosa sitting next to Luis who would’ve looked to be sleeping peacefully if not for the bruises on his face. Rosa turned and looked at Liz and smiled.

Rosa “You came.”
Liz “Of course. How are you?”
Rosa “I’m doing ok. The doctors aren’t sure he’s going to make it. ”
Liz “I’m so sorry Rosa.”

Rosa pulled Liz into a hug. “Liz you had nothing to do with this. Luis picked his carrier. In the back of my mind I always knew this could happen. Don’t blame yourself, or Michael. It’s just a hazard of the job.”
Liz “But I can’t accept that.”

Rosa “Liz I was like you when I first married Luis. I wanted him out altogether. But Luis told me there where risks at any job he took. So what did it matter.”
Liz sighed. “I understand that…”
Rosa “Liz you cannot feel responsible. Luis picked this life. He knew the risks.”
Liz “I know but-“

Rosa “No buts. The only thing now we can do is pray for him and put it in god’s hands.
Liz nodded. “Where is little Luis?”
Rosa “At my mothers. She’s going to bring him in today. Well I’m going to go and get some tea. Do you want anything?”
Liz “No thank-you.”

Rosa left and Liz sat down beside Luis. “I’m so sorry. This shouldn’t have happened. Not to you. I remember when I was twelve you started working for us. You came in my house and immediately came up and introduced yourself, a perfect gentlemen. Ever since that day you always looked out for me.” Liz laughed. “I remember one day you found me crying. You wouldn’t go away until I told you what happened. So I told you about how some boy at school had made fun of me because of my bodyguards. And you promised to beat the kid up for me. You made me laugh. But the best part was the next day at school that boy came in with a black eye. And I swore you had done it. Though now that I think about it I think that kid got into a fight. Anyway it doesn’t matter. But from that day on I knew you would always look out for me.” Liz had tears falling down her cheeks. “I’m just so sorry.”

Maria entered the room and saw Liz crying. She had heard the tail end of her story and her heart went out to Liz. She walked up to Liz and put her arms around her. “Liz you have nothing to be sorry for.”

Liz was first startled but then calmed when she realized it was Maria.
“Yes Maria, I do.”

Maria “Liz we have to talk. Let’s go for a walk.”

Liz stood up and walked towards the door. Rosa walked back in saw Maria.
Rosa “Maria. Hello.”
Maria walked over to Rosa and engulfed her in a hug. “Your in my prayers.”
Rosa “Thank-you.”
Liz “I have to be going. Call me anytime, day or night. Even if it’s just to baby-sit. Ok?”
Rosa “Thank-you”
Liz and Rosa embraced and said goodbye.

Maria and Liz exited the hospital. “Maria should I get a cab?”
Maria “No, lets walk back to your studio. We can talk.”
Liz “Maria do you know how far that is?”
Maria “Liz babe we got a lot of talking to do.”

Part 18

Maria “So guess who took me to breakfast this morning?”
Liz “I don’t know who?”
Maria “Max Evans.”
Liz “What? Why?”
Maria “Well when I went downstairs to see what was up I came across Max and Nick going toe to toe.”
Liz “Oh My god. He was at my studio!”
Maria “Yup”

Liz “He better not come around again. Doesn’t he realize that I want nothing to do wit him?”
Maria “Liz, you and I both know that’s total shit. Let’s be honest here, ok?”
Liz “Arr… Ok the truth is I miss him like crazy.”
Maria had a smile from ear to ear. “Now that’s what I want to here. If it makes you feel any better he misses you too.”
Liz broke a tiny smile. “Really?”
Maria “Uh huh.”

Liz “What does it matter, I’m still upset with what he did.”
Maria “Liz, it makes all the difference. You want to know what happened?”
Liz dropped her head and gave a small “Yes”.
Maria “What was that?”
Liz “Yes!”

Maria “Ok then. We talked about you. Why you where so upset with him.”
Liz “Wait, he doesn’t know why I’m upset wit him?”
Maria “Liz, he knows why. Max just didn’t understand why you got so upset about it.”
Liz “Luis is family to me.”

Maria “Exactly. Family that could have been killed. Which reminds you of your parents and their death.”
Liz “Maria this has nothing to do with my parents.”
Maria “Yes it does. Whether you wanna admit it or not it is. Liz think about it. Your parents were killed by the mob. You don’t want to lose anyone else. The reality of it is that your scared Max is gonna get killed.”

Liz “Maria… you’re right. Wow you’re right.”
Maria “Liz you have to realize is that what Max and Michael do may not be right, but it’s what they’ve been raised to do. You either accept it or you don’t. How much do you love Max, and how bad do you want to be with him?”
Liz stopped walking and turned to Maria. “I love Max. That’s not even an issue. I want to be wit him so bad my body is aching.” Liz continued to walk.

Maria caught up with her. “Well I don’t question whether or not Max loves you. He adores you. Max would do anything to make you happy.”
“I know Max loves me.” Liz thought about their night of lovemaking. How gentle he was and… I have to stop this train of thought.
Maria “And he told me he doesn’t plan on givin up on you.”
Liz just sighed.
They walked the rest of the way in silence. Maria smiled when they turned the corner and there stood Max Evans.

Maria “See I told you.”
Liz looked over and saw. ‘No No No.’ she thought. “Great”
Liz watched Maria walked over to Max. She whispered in his ear and Max smiled. He said something that Liz couldn’t make out and she watched as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Liz was outraged who did Max think he was.
Maria saw the demeanor change in Liz and just chuckled to herself. She walked over to Liz. “Well I better be going. Looks like you’ve got company.”
Liz nodded and walked to her studio door. She ignored Max and unlocked her door. Max walked in and grabbed Liz’s arm. “I’m not giving up. You can’t ignore me.”
Before Liz could sleep Nick and Joey came in.

Nick “What the hell are you doing here Evans?”
Max released Liz and turned to Nick. “I thought I made it perfectly clear I don’t take orders from you. The only way I’ll leave is when Liz asks me to.”
Nick turned to Liz who ducked her head.
Max “Liz do you want me to leave?”

Liz looked up and was lost in his eyes. Before she could stop herself she whispered no. She looked at Nick. “Max and I will be upstairs, I’ll call if I need you.”
Nick “I don’t think Michael would approve of this.”
“I don’t care, this is my studio and I will do what I please.” Liz stated in an angry tone.
She walked up stairs and Max followed.

Maria was on a mission. She had decided that Michael needed some tough love, and she was just the girl to do it. He had to see how much Liz was hurting and needed Max and Michael in her life.

She walked in his study only to find Kyle looking through some files and no sign of Michael. “Where’s Michael?”

Kyle looked up startled and shut the folder quickly. “Um… I think he went out to the veranda for lunch.”

Maria “Oh ok. Thanks.” She gave Kyle a once over and he seemed a little nervous, like he was caught. “You ok Kyle?”

Kyle “I’m fine.”
Maria “You seem a bit jumpy.”
Kyle “Just business stuff nothing you got to worry ya self over.”
Maria decided to let it go. “Um… ok, well I better go. Later.”

Maria walked out to the veranda to see Michael wit his feet on the table, a paper in his hand and a pair of sunglasses on that made him look like a street punk. “Ya know if Ms. Emiline saw you like this she would have a stroke.”

Michael cringed at that. Ms. Emiline, or Satan as he commonly referred to her as, was the teacher of his etiquette class Maria made him take. She had whined that he had the manners on a pig, but Michael didn’t care. Maria finally told him that if he went she would make it worth his while. He smiled, she sure had. He put his feet down and turned to Maria. “Don’t even say that woman’s name.”

Maria laughed. “At least you learned something out of it.”

I sure did, he thought. That evil woman had a horsewhip that could strike anytime anywhere. Then she would say in her English voice “Elbows off the table, Mr. Guerin”, or “Michael slurping is for the dogs” and his favorite was “Michael slouching promotes laziness” Many a nights he came home and soaked his beet red hands in ice for hours.

Maria “Well I’ve come to talk, which means you don’t. Now I’ve talked to Liz and Max.”
Michael “You what! I don’t-“
Maria “ I said NO TALKIN!”
Michael shut up immediately.

Maria “Now let me finish. Unless you want to sleep on the couch again.”
Michael grumbled out a no.
Maria “Good. Now like I was sayin, I talked to Liz and Max. Michael they love each other so much. If you would have seen the way he talked about Liz, Michael you would know it’s for real.”

Michael “Listen I just can’t trust Max Evans.”
Maria “Do you trust me?”
Michael sighed. “Maria of course I trust you, but-“
Maria “No buts. Trust my judgment. Please, for Liz’s sake.”
Michael “Maria… I don’t know.”

Maria “Do something for me, go and talk to Liz. See for yourself how much your sister adores Max.”
Michael “Ok, I’ll talk to Liz, but no promises.”
Maria smiled and leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the check.

She suddenly frowned and gave Michael a death look. “I strongly advise you not to upset Liz with any statements that might make Max look bad.”
She leaned in closer. “Cuze if ya do, I will make you regret it. Your life will be a livin hell.” She then smiled and gave him another kiss and left.

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Part 19

Max watched as Liz paced her small kitchen. She looked so cute he thought. “I didn’t know you had a place here.”

Liz turned to Max. “Um, yea. I never really used it. Ok Max I guess we should talk. I just don’t know where to start.”
Max “Let’s start with I’m sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. Liz you have to believe I would never hurt you.”
Liz “I know you would never intentionally, but you did.”

Max “I missed you last night, this morning, every second you’re not with me. ”
Liz “Max...”
Max “Liz I can’t stand not bein with you. I’ll do whatever it takes.”
Liz “Max I’m just so confused right now.”
Max “Liz do you love me?”

Liz “Yes. But it’s not about love. ”
Max “Then tell me what it’s about.”
Liz “Max this is about your dangerous life style, that you hurt people for a livin. This is about me needing to feel safe and not scared that I could lose anyone at anytime who is close to me.” Tears slipped from her eyes.

Max couldn’t stop himself from pulling her into his embrace. He couldn’t stand her tears. “Shh. Liz tell me what you want.”
Liz pulled back, much to Max’s displeasure. “I want sometime. Please. I think we need this. Max you and I need to think about what we want.”

Max gave out a frustrated sigh. “I know what I want, I’ve always known. But I’ll give you the time you need.”

Liz gave a small smile. “Thank-you.”
Max walked closer to Liz and placed his hand on her check. “I’ll wait for you forever if I have to.” He leaned in and kissed her forehead. “I love you.” Max turned and started to walk to the door.


Hearing her call his name he immediately stopped and turned. Liz ran over to him and jumped in his arms. Their mouths fused together instantly. Max’s hands traveled over Liz’s back and crushed her to him. Liz’s hands where playing with the hair on the nape of Max’s neck, all while their tongues dueled for mastery. Liz pulled back for oxygen, and rested her forehead with his. She closed her eyes and hugged Max with everything she had. “I love you too.”

Liz slowly untangled herself from Max and quickly walked away before she ran back to him.

Max walked out of her studio with a small smile on his lips. Waiting was gonna be hell on him, but he would do anything to make Liz happy.


Liz stood back from the canvas and admired her work. After six months she was finally finished. Liz was so engrossed in her painting she didn’t hear Michael come up behind her.

“Oh My God Liz. That’s incredible. It looks just like her.”

Liz jumped and turned to see Michael. “Don’t scare me like that,” she said as she hit him.
Michael “Sorry, Liz how long have you been workin on dis?”
Liz “You really like? Bout six months.”
Michael “Liz it’s wonderful. Mom would love it.”
Liz “Thanks.”
Michael “What are you gonna do with this?”
Liz sighed. “I’m not sure.”
Michael “How much?”

Liz smiled. This was a game her and Michael played when they where younger whenever Liz they would get in a fight. Liz would paint or draw a picture and Michael would come to apologize by offering to buy her work. “A million dollars.”

Michael “Pretty steep.”
Liz “Well your dealin wit a world class painter. Everyone wants a piece of my work.”
Michael “ok, I accept your price. But only if you accept my apology.”

Liz smiled faded. “Michael how could you? I’m so upset wit you and Max.”
Michael “Liz no one is more upset then me. I never wanted anyone to get hurt, especially not Luis.”

Liz “I know, but you did. Michael the thing that gets me is that this could’ve and should have been avoided. If you hadn’t been so bull headed, and just talked to Max. You know find some common ground. Mutual respect with each other. Because this feud you both have is just gonna hurt people. Look at what’s happened already.”

Michael “You’re right. Liz I’m gonna try wit Evan’s, for no other reason then I want to see you happy. Just tell me something. Do you love him?”
Liz “Yes I really do. He’s amazing. And he makes me feel special, like I could do no wrong in his eyes. ”
Michael “Ok then. So I heard he stopped by today.”

Liz “Nick really needs to get a life and stay out of mine.”
Michael “See I pay him to be in your life. Now what happened.”
Liz “He came we talked he left.”
Michael “Liz…”
Liz “I told him I needed time.”
Michael “Now wait a sec, you just told me you loved him and how great he was.”

Liz sighed. “That’s true, but I don’t know if I can live with the fact he hurts people for a living.”
Michael “How do you live wit me then?”
Liz “That’s different and you know it.”
Michael “No it’s not.”
Liz “I don’t know.”
Michael “Seems to me like a double standard. That you want Max to got legit.”

Liz “Wait why are you siding wit Max?”
Michael “Listen I talked to Maria, or rather she yelled at me. Anyway. She actually spoke some truth. Maria opened my eyes. She showed me how happy you’ve been while you’ve been wit Evans. And contraire to belief I just want to see you happy. So if Max makes you happy then I hope you can see past this.”
Liz “Me too Michael, me too.”

Michael “Liz I there’s something else, I would love it if you came back home.”
Liz “Michael I don’t think so. I need this time to think.”
Michael “Ok, I understand, I don’t like it. But I understand. Just know the offer is always good.”
Liz “Thanks Mickey.”

Michael walked over to Liz and gave her a kiss on the check. “I better get goin. I have some calls to make. Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight? That way you can tell Maria I didn’t upset you.”

Liz laughed. “Let me guess she threatened you?”
Michael “Yup, and yea know I’m supposed to be some big mob boss, but when it comes to Maria I’ll do anything to stay in her good graces. Hell hath no fury like Hurricane DeLuca.
Liz “okay, um bout seven?”
Michael “Yeah that sounds good.”

Liz showered and changed to a pair of jeans and long sleeved shirt. She went to the closet and grabbed a coat. For the beginning of October it was pretty cold. That’s when she saw it Max’s jacket. She remembered she never got to give it to him back. Liz grabbed it and brought it to her nose. It smelled so Max. ‘I have to stop this’ she thought. She shoved Max’s coat back in and grabbed hers.

Liz walked in the house and saw Kyle. “Hey Kyle, how’s it goin?”
Kyle “Not to bad, yourself?”
Liz “Could be better.”
Kyle “Aw, Liz I feel like kickin myself. I’m sorry.”
Liz “Don’t worry about it.”
Kyle “Hey, would you maybe wanna go and get some dinner tomorrow? I mean we haven’t talked in a while. It’ll give us a chance to catch up.”
Liz “I don’t know Kyle. I’m really busy wit my work.”
Kyle “Come on, it’ll be fun. How long have we known each other?”
Liz “Okay.”
Kyle “Great it’s a date. I’ll pick you up at six.”

Before Liz could say anything Maria came in and interrupted. “Lizzie you’re here. Come we have much to talk about.”
Liz “Wait I-“
Kyle “I’ll let you two alone. See you tomorrow.”
Liz “But-“
Maria “Later Kyle.”

Liz gave out an exasperated sigh as Kyle left.
Maria “What was that about?”
Liz “THAT, was Kyle thinking the dinner I agreed to is a date.”
Maria “What!”
Liz “Kyle asked me to go out to dinner with him tomorrow. I agreed thinkin it was a just friends thing.”
Maria “Ow, What are you gonna do?”
Liz “I guess go out wit him but let him know that we’re just friends.”
Maria “Liz let the guy down easy, cauze in case you haven’t noticed Kyle has been in love wit you forever.”
Liz “God, could my life get anymore complicated?”

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Part 20

Liz slipped on a pair of black pants and a sweater. ‘Perfect. A classy, yet comfortable look.’ She was really dreading tonight. But the first thing she had to do was tell Kyle that they where just friends. That this was not a date.

Suddenly Nick was standing there. “Geeze you scared me!” Liz said.
Nick “Sorry, Kyle’s here.”
Liz “Ok I’ll be down in a sec.”

Liz grabbed her purse and keys. ‘Here goes nothing.’ She thought.

Liz walked down stairs and saw Nick and Kyle talkin. Kyle stopped once he saw Liz. He walked over. “You look great Liz.”
Liz “Thanks.’
Kyle “Ok, let’s get going.”

The ride to the restaurant was filled with friendly chitchat. When they got there Liz almost had a heart attack.
Kyle “I figured we couldn’t go wrong wit Italian. And I heard this place is great.”
Liz finally breathin again nodded. “Yea, I’ve been here before.”
Kyle “Really, great.”

Liz took a deep breath and entered the same restaurant that Max had taken her to for their first date. ‘God must be punishin me’ she thought.

They seated and Kyle grabbed Liz’s hand. “I’m really glad you agreed to come wit me tonight. I know you and Evans were seein each other and it ended badly, but I think we could really make it work.”

‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.’ Is what kept runnin threw Liz’s mind. “Um Kyle This isn’t a date. It’s just us as friends.” Liz said as she pulled her hand back.

Liz felt bad as she saw Kyle’s reaction. He looked like he lost his best friend. “Liz, I thought… I thought you and Max broke up?”
Liz “No, we haven’t I just needed some space to think. Kyle I’m in love wit Max.”

Kyle did not want to hear that. “Oh, okay. I think we should go.”
Liz “Kyle I don’t want to leave it like this. You’re a dear friend and I don’t want to lose that. I’m sorry.”
Kyle “I understand.”
Liz “Why don’t we have dinner, as friends.”
Kyle “Yea that would be nice.”

Max walked up to the Guerin household with hesitation. Michael had called him and asked to speak wit him. He decided not to bring a bodyguard, tryin to keep things friendly. Michael had said it was about Liz. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Maria walked to the door wonderin who would be comin over at nine o’clock at night. “Max, what are you doin here? You know Liz is stayin at her studio.”

Max “Yeah I know, I’m here to see Michael actually.”
Maria “Oh, he’s in the study.”
Max walked up to Maria and gave her a hug.

Maria “Hey I’m a married man buddy” she said while laughin.
Max “I’m sorry. I just wanted to thank ya for talking to Liz. I think it’s gonna work out. I just need to give her some time. But I think your talking to her helped a lot and I just wanted to thank-you.”
Maria “Aw. No prob. You two belong together.

Max walked to Michael’s study and braced himself. ‘Ok just gotta be civil. Think of Liz.’ He knocked on the door and heard Michael say come in.

Michael “Glad you came.”
Max “You said it concerned Liz.”
Michael “ I’ve talked to Liz and for some unknown reason she really loves you. And I’ll do anything to keep my sister happy. Now I have one question for you. Do you really love her?”
Max “Michael I love her, she is amazin, beautiful, smart-“
Michael “Ok this I already know. So I’ve come to a descion. I’ll give you my blessin to see Liz, but you have to promise me something.

Max “What?”
Michael “You better take care of her.”
Max “It’s as good as done.”
Michael “That’s good to hear. Cauze if anything happens to her…”
Max “I would die before I let anything happen to her.”
Michael “Then we have an understanding.”
Max “Yea.”

Michael “Now one more thing.”
Max “Let me guess, business.”
Michael “Yes, we need to stop our feuding. Let’s stop the bullshit. So I say here and now we make an agreement. We coincide with each other. Stay on our side of the city. And if we have a problem we come to each other.”
Max “I think that would be excellent.”

Maria walked in and smiled as she saw the two most powerful men in Philly shaking hands. “Aw isn’t that cute. I got them to play nice.”

Michael “Can it Maria.”
Maria totally ignoring Michael went up to Max. “I’m happy for you. Now, I think you should go and speak to Liz. She deserves to hear about this monumental revelation.”
Max laughed. “Thank-you Maria” Max turned to Michael. “You’ve got a great lady here Michael.”
Michael “Don’t I know it.”


Max waited outside Liz’s studio. She wasn’t home. Which was strange since it was late. ‘Where could she be?’ he thought.

Much to Liz’s dismay Kyle insisted on walkin her to the door. She almost died when she saw Max standing there. He didn’t look happy either.

Kyle smiled and grabbed Liz’s hand.

Max was furious. How could Liz be out with another guy? They hadn’t even broken up. I have to calm down before I lose it. There’s probably a good explanation. Though Kyle better move his hand, and quick!

Liz turned to Kyle and removed her hand. “Thanks Kyle I had fun.”
Kyle “Sure Liz. We should do this again, soon.”
Liz “I don’t know, I have a lot of work to do.”
Kyle “Ok well see ya later Liz.

Kyle leaned into Liz and she moved back. “Goodnight Kyle.”
Max walked up to Liz pissed to say the least. He had saw Kyle try to kiss her. He walked past Liz and was about to go after Kyle and set the record strait when he felt a tug at his sleeve. “Max don’t worry about him.” The sweetest voice he’d ever heard say.

He turned around and saw the pleading look was givin him to not go after Kyle. He took a deep breath and spoke. “What were you doin wit him?”

Liz “Just havin dinner, as friends Max.”
Max “Did you tell him that, cauze I don’t think he knows you two are just friends. ”
Liz “Max Kyle knows we could never be.”
Max “Why is that?”
Liz “You know why.”
Max “Tell me.”
Liz “Because Max you own my heart.”
Max started to feel like a jackass for accusing Liz. “I’m sorry for bein a jerk. It just drives me crazy when I see other guys wit you. I just forget that you’re so beautiful and smart that everyone loves to be around you.”

Liz didn’t know weather to be angry at Max for bein a jealous fool or haul him upstairs and show him how much she loved him and that she would never be wit another guy. She pulled him into a hug and kissed his neck. “You make me feel beautiful and smart.”

Max just closed his eyes and relished in the fact that this incredible woman was in his arms. He ran his hands threw her silky hair and kissed the crown of her head.

Liz pulled back after a bit and looked into Max’s soulful eyes. “What are you doing here anyway?”
Max “I just came from your brother’s house.”
Liz was confused. “What were you doin there?”
Max smiled. “We came to an agreement tonight.”
Liz “About…”
Max “You and me, Michael and I have resolved our feud. He gave me his blessing to see you.”
Liz was taken back. “I don’t understand.”
Max “Well with the help of Maria, we came to realize how important you are in our lives. And how much it was hurting you to have the two men in your life not be able to be in the same room together without arguing. And I came to realize how much I love you and I can’t live without you.”

Liz was crying buy the end of Max’s speech. She threw her arms around Max’s neck and hugged him tight to her. “Thank-you Max.”
Max “Don’t thank me, or even Michael. It was Maria who got us to see the error of our ways.”

Liz pulled back and wiped at her tears. Max stopped her movements and gently kissed away the remaining tears. “Liz I know you still need sometime, but I want you to have something.”

He pulled out a small box wrapped in pink paper with a bow on top. “When you’re ready to be with me I want you to give this to me, but you can’t open it till then OK?”
Liz nodded. “What is it Max?” He just smiled and gave her a sweet kiss and left. Liz shook the box but no sound came. She walked up to her studio baffled by the box.

Little did Liz and Max know a pair of eyes had seen their interlude. With clenched fists he spoke. “You may have turned me down tonight Princess, but our time will come. I’ll show you that we belong together…”

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for there life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. –Whistler ~Becoming~

Part 21

Three Weeks Later…

Liz was pacing as she waited for the timer to go off. ‘How could I have let this happen?’ she thought. Suddenly she heard the timer beep. ‘OK the moment of truth.’ Liz walked to the bathroom and her stomach gave out. “I’m Pregnant.”

She ran over to the phone and dialed. “Maria, it’s Liz I need you to come over right now. It’s really important. Okay, thank-you.” Liz hung up and started pacing again. A part of her was excited. She was pregnant with the man she was in love wit’s baby. But a part of her was scared. What if Max didn’t want children? They had never discussed this. She had already decided to get back wit him. Liz knew she couldn’t live with out him and she didn’t want to. It all came clear to her last week when Luis woke up. They had a long talk that really helped her. She was going to call Max when she started getting sick. At first she though it was just a touch of the flu, but then she realized she was late. And she was pregnant.

A sudden knock on the door brought Liz out of her thoughts. “Come in.”
Maria walked in with about six shopping bags.

Liz “Maria what’s wit all the bags?”
Maria “Oh these, just a shopping spree Michael is treating me too.”
Liz “Aw that’s so sweet of Michael.”
Maria “Hey I didn’t say he knew about it.”
Liz gave out a laugh and then started to cry.

“Lizzy what’s wrong?” Maria said as she put her arms around Liz and pulled her into a hug.
Liz “Everything. Maria I’m… I’m pregnant.”
Maria “WHAT! OH MY GOD. Have you told Max?”
Liz shook her head no.

Maria “Liz you have to tell him. You can’t keep something this big a secret.”
Liz “I know I know. It’s just I’m scared.”
Maria “What do you have to be scared about? You can’t possibly think Max wouldn’t want this child.”
Liz ducked her head.
Maria “Listen chica I think I know Max pretty well, at least when it comes to you. Liz he is going to be thrilled. He loves you so much. I bet he asks you to marry him on the spot.

Liz paled at Maria’s words. “What if he asks just because he feels a sense of duty to the baby? Oh no I can’t let that happen.”
Maria “Liz don’t be stupid. Have you been listening to anything I’ve been sayin? MAX LOVES YOU! He will see this as something wonderful.”
Liz sighed. “You’re right. I’m sorry it’s just I keep havin these doubts.”
Maria laughed. “It’s okay, just your hormones kickin in.”

Liz “Maria how could this have happened. I mean I only freakin slept with Max once!”
Maria “Well I know you weren’t on the pill, so I’m guessin you didn’t use a condom.”
Liz “Well we kinda, um it never really…”
Maria “Basically you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other long enough to think about protection.”
Liz turned bright red.
Maria “Liz do you regret this?”
Liz “NO! I could never regret this child. Its just wow, I’m going to be a mom. I’m gonna have the responsibility of another life. It’s scary, but wonderful at the same time.”

Maria walked over to the fridge and got a glass of water. “So have you been to the doctors yet?”
Liz “No, I’m gonna call my doctor later.”
Maria “Good get one soon. Just to make sure you and the baby are ok. I don’t want anything to happen to you two.”
Liz walked over to Maria and gave her a hug. “Thanks Ria.”
Maria “No problem. So when are you gonna tell Max?”

Liz took a deep breath. “I’m gonna call him today and ask him to have lunch with me tomorrow.”
Maria “Good, cause you know he’s gonna want to go wit ya to the doctors. Speaking of which, have you decided what you are gonna do?”
Liz “About what?”
Maria “Max. Are you gonna be wit him?”
Liz smiled. “Before any of this happened I decided I couldn’t live without him.”

Maria gave out a shriek. “Liz that’s great! You two are perfect for each other. So how did you finally come to your senses?”
Liz “Maria I just released that everyone has their flaws, and I can’t let that stop me from bein with Max.”
Maria “I think you are just to curios and want to know what’s in that box he gave you.”
Liz laughed. “That too.”

Maria walked over to the counter and picked up the box. “I can’t believe you haven’t opened this yet.”
Liz “Believe me it’s been tempting.”
Maria “Well I’ve got to go Lizzy. Take it easy ok?”
Liz “Don’t worry, I think I’m gonna take a nap.”
Maria “After you call Max right?”
Liz laughed. “Yup”
Maria “Good.”
She walked over and gave Liz a quick hug. “Congratulations Liz, I’m so happy for you.”
Liz “Thanks Ria.”

Liz walked over to the box Maria had been holding. She picked it up and inspected it. ‘What does Max have in here.’? Liz asked herself for the hundredth time. She placed it down and went to her room. Lying on her bed Liz picked up the phone and dialed.

Max watched as Colin played with his blocks. It had been three weeks and no word from Liz. It was driving him crazy. Isabel walked in the room and saw her brother deep in thought.

Isabel “Hey whatcha thinking about?”
Max sighed. “The same thing that always consumes my thoughts. Liz.”
Isabel “Still no word.”
Max raked a hand through his hair. “No. And I’m starting to lose patience.”

Isabel “Calm down Max. Liz loves you, she just needs some time.”
Max “Isabel it’s been three weeks.”
Isabel “Max you said you’d give her time.”
Max “Yeah I know. I talked to Maria last week and she told me Liz has been throwing herself into her work. The only time she’s gone out is when Luis woke up.”
Isabel “I didn’t know he woke up. That’s great news Max.”
Max “Yea it is.”

Isabel decided not to press the subject of Luis. She knew it was Max’s biggest regrets and he held himself responsible for it. Isabel stood and walked over to where her son was playing.

Max watched as his sister played with her son. Their smiling faces and laughter rang through the living room. He wanted this with Liz. A family with her would be a dream come true. Suddenly his cell phone rang startling him. He stood up and walked to the entryway. “Evans.”

Liz took a calming breath and spoke. “Max, it’s Liz.”
Max almost had a heart attack. Liz, his Liz was on the phone. She had called him. ‘Say something you idiot before she hangs up.’ “Hey, how are you?”

Liz closed her eyes. She hadn’t realized how much she missed Max. “I’m doing ok, um I want to see you. Do you think we could have lunch tomorrow?”
Max wanted to jump for joy. “Yeah, that would be great. Just tell me where and when.”
Liz “How about the café on South Street. You know the one we went to on our second date.”
Max smiled. “I remember, that sounds good.”
Liz “Okay how about twelve o’clock?”
Max “Perfect.”
Liz didn’t want to hang up. Neither did Max.

Max “Liz I’ve missed you.”
Liz “I’ve missed you too. I- I better go.”
Max sighed. “Okay, oh don’t forget the box I gave you. That is if you haven’t opened it up or thrown it away.”
Liz laughed. It was like Music to Max’s ears. “No I haven’t.”
Max “Good.”
Liz “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She hesitated and said the three words that made Max the luckiest guy in the world. “I Love you.”
Max “I love you too. Bye.”
Liz “Bye”

Max walked into the living room with a dopey grin on his face. Isabel looked up and was shocked. Was this the same Max who was just moping around? “Ok what’s wit you?”

Max “That was Liz. She wants to met wit me tomorrow.”
Isabel stood up and gave Max a hug. “I’m so happy for you. See I told you so.”
Max smiled at his sisters chiding. “Well I’m gonna head home.”
Isabel “Wait don’t you want to stay for dinner? Alex should be home wit it soon?”
Max “I’m sorry but I’m to excited to eat. I don’t even think I’ll sleep tonight.”
Isabel “I understand.”

He gave his sister and Colin a kiss. And left.

“I think we should make our move.”
“I agree. Tomorrow we grab her before she meets wit Evans.”
“I’ll call Pierce and tell him we’re putting the plan in motion.”
“Excellent. Everything is proceeding perfectly.”

Part 22

Liz woke the next morning and ran to the bathroom. She proceeded to hurl the contents in her stomach. Liz put her hands on her abdomen. “We have got to rethink this whole morning sickness thing, cauze between you and me its no picnic. Her voice went soft and gentle. Today’s important. We’re gonna meet your daddy. You’ll love him, and he’s gonna love you.” Liz smiled and got ready.

Max smiled as he drove to the café. He was going to see his dream girl in less then twenty minutes. Max got a table outside and waited. It was like Christmas morning waiting to open a present. He looked at his watched. Ten more minutes.

Liz walked down South Street with a jump in her step. She was nervous but excited about seeing Max. ‘Everything will be fine. Max will be happy about this.’ She kept repeating.

Max caught sight of Liz and had to remember to breathe. She was glowing. Positively beautiful with her light pink turtle neck sweater and her long chocolate hair sparkling in the November sun. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flicker of movement.

Liz was so caught up in meeting Max she didn’t see the man that stepped in front of her until it was to late.

Max jumped over the café railing and started running to get to Liz.

The attacker grabbed her and coved her mouth with a cloth. Liz started to struggle but it was no use. She started to feel sleepy.

Max watched helplessly as the man pushed her into the car and drove off. “LIZ!” He dropped to his knees and saw it. Liz’s cell phone, and next to it was the box he had given her. ‘I’m going to kill who ever took her.’

He grabbed the items and took off to the one person who could help him. Michael.
“We’ve got her. ”
“Excellent bring her to the warehouse down by the water front.”
“Got it.”

Max walked into the house and went right for Michael’s study.

Michael “Evan’s didn’t your mother teach you any manners?”
Max “Listen we’ve got no time to waste. Someone took Liz.”
Michael “WHAT! Who?”
Max “I’m not sure.”
Michael “What the hell happened?”
Max “She was coming to meet me for lunch. I saw her walking down the street and then a black car pulled up and grabbed her.”

Michael “And you just sat and watched?”
Max “Yeah that’s exactly what I did.”
Michael gave Max a look.
Max “I ran as fast as I could to her but was to late. And where the hell were her bodyguards?”
Michael started to get angrier by the minute. He grabbed his phone and dialed up Nick’s number.

Nick “Hello.”
Michael “Where the hell is my sister?”
Nick “Michael listen we got jumped. I think it was Pierce’s guys.”
Michael “I can’t believe this. I pay you thousands to protect my sister and you can’t even do that. You and Joey get your asses over here.” He clicked off his cell and looked to Max.”

Michael “They got ambushed.”
Max “That doesn’t excuse them.”
Michael “I know that okay! Damn it.”
Max took a deep breath. “Michael we’ve got to work together here. Now we’ve got figure out who took her.”
Michael “Pierce. Nick told me he recognized some of his goons.”
Max “Ok we know who. But why would Pierce take Liz?”

Michael “My guess is he’s tryin to get something from us. He probably knows that you are seeing Liz.”
Max “I guess he figures we’ll give him anything for Liz.”
Michael “And we will.”
Max “Then we’ll make him fish bait.”
Michael “Exactly.”

Liz awoke with a start. She went to touch her head, which was throbbing but realized her hands were tied behind her back. ‘Please god let nothing happen to me or my baby.’ Liz’s eye’s adjusted to the light. She saw someone approaching her and froze.

Kyle “Well look who finally decided to wake up. I was starting to worry about you.”
Liz “How could you?”
Kyle “Very simple my dear. I want what your brother has.”
Liz “Kyle you’re like a brother to Michael. And you just go and betray him like this?”
Kyle “Liz I’ve been working for Michael for eight years and what has it got me? Nothing. So I’ve decided to take what I deserve.”
Liz “I can’t believe you. We’ve treated you like family. Don’t you remember Christmas, Thanksgivings and all the other holidays we’ve had you over for?”

Kyle “Do you remember all the times I’ve asked you out and you turned me down?”
Liz “So this is what it’s really about. You can’t have me so know one else can?”
Kyle “Yup.”
Liz “I’ve got news for you Kyle. I will NEVER love you. Hell I don’t even like you. You are a selfish lowlife bastard that deserves what my brother and Max do to you when they find out you have me!”

Kyle laughed. “I always did love your spirit.”
Liz “Do you really think your gonna get away with this? Michael Guerin and Max Evans are right now looking for me. That means that every person they have in this city is looking too. They’re gonna find me and when they do it’s bye bye to you.”
Kyle “Do you think I’m scared of Michael and Maxy Boy?”
Liz “You’re terrified. And with good reason. Max loves me and when push comes to shove he always ends up on top.”

Kyle “God don’t you ever talk about anyone else? Max this and Max that.”
Liz “Jealous? See I actually love him.”
Kyle “You think you love him, but you don’t even know him.”
Liz “I know him well enough that he will do whatever it takes to get me back.”

Kyle “Even kill. See that’s the real Max. A cold blooded Killer!”
Liz “STOP IT!”
Kyle “A ruthless killer who lies, cheats, and steals! And your brother is the same way!”
“Go to hell” Liz said in a deathly tone.

Kyle “What’s the matter Lizzie can’t take the truth?”
Liz “Lies, its all lies.”
Kyle “Sorry to disappoint you but it the truth.”

Kyle got closer to Liz and put his hand down her face. “So beautiful, but disillusioned.”
“Get your hands off me” Liz seethed out.

Kyle kissed her on her check and walked away. “Keep a close eye on her.” He said to the guards watching her.

Liz started to cry as soon as Kyle left. ‘I’ve got to calm down. He’s just trying to get to me. And he did.’ She thought. ‘Max and Michael will come for me. I’ve just got to be patient and not let Kyle get to me.
Please hurry Max.’

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Part 23
Part 23

Max paced as Michael made a phone calls to his contacts. ‘Please be safe Liz.’

Michael put the phone down and turned to Max. “I just talked to an informant and found out so info. Word on the street is that Pierce has Liz.”
Max sighed, “We already know this. What else did he say? Does he know where she is? ”
Michael “He doesn’t know where she’s being held. But he gonna do some lurking, he told me he get back to me.”

Max “Damn it that wasn’t any help to us at all.”
Michael “Hey Max calm down. I know how you’re feeling; she’s my sister. But you have to keep a level head. If not my sisters good as dead. And that will not happen! So it’s time to got to work.”
Max nodded.
Michael “Now I was thinking, you have Liz’s cell phone right?”

Max “Yeah.”
Michael “Is it turned on?”
Max “No.”
Michael “Turn it on. I’m guessing the people who have her are gonna try to contact us. Liz’s cell phone is probably there route in doing so.”
Max “Okay it’s on.”

Max “Michael I was thinking. Pierce knew where Liz was. How?”
Michael “Well he could have just been following her.”
Max “I don’t think so. I think he knew exactly where Liz was going.”
Michael “Why do you say that?”
Max “The car pulled up and there was a guy behind her and in front of her. Kinda like he was waiting.”

Michael “If what you’re saying is true then either one of two things happened. A he bugged her phones, or B he has an inside guy.”
Max “Let’s get a guy over to Liz’s apartment and check for bugs”

Michael picked up his phone and called Joey. “Yea change of plan, I want you to go and check for any phone taps on Liz’s phones. I want a report ASAP.” He clicked off the phone and looked at Max. “We should know in ten minutes.”

Liz tried desperately to get free of her ropes before Kyle came back in. The two guards who were supposed to be watching her were sleeping. ‘Idiots’

She heard a door slam and a man walk into the office where Kyle was. Liz couldn’t see his face, but she could hear bits and pieces of his conversation with Kyle.

“What are you doing...supposed to be watchin…. You better not screw this up…”

That voice. It sounded familiar. Where had she heard it? She wracked her brain but couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly the office door slammed and the mystery man left. And much to Liz’s displeasure Kyle came out.

Kyle walked over to the napping men and yelled for them to wake up. He walked over to Liz and smiled. “Looks like brother and boyfriend are already tryin to find you.”

Liz “What did you expect. I bet Max and Michael already have figured out where I am and are coming to get me.”
Kyle laughed. “Sorry Princess but that’s not gonna happen.”
Liz “I wouldn’t be to sure of your self.”
Kyle “Oh but I am. Right now I’m on my way to see your brother. He will probably want his right hand man to help him out finding his sister. All while I really help him to his death.”
Liz “You sick bastard!”

He traced a hand down her face and Liz shuddered. “Get your hands off me.” She said in an irate voice. Kyle leaned in and kissed her. Liz tried to move her head so he couldn’t get access, but it was useless. She came with and idea. Liz opened her mouth and Kyle was surprised but pleased. “I knew you would come around,” He said before continuing to kiss her mouth.

Suddenly he flew back with pain. She had bit him! “You BITCH!” He lost control and slapped her.

Liz winced in pain, but didn’t regret biting him. The feel of his mouth mauling her made her want to vomit. “You will regret that.” She said in a deathly tone.

Kyle was furious. He walked over to her and grabbed her hair. “I would watch it Princess, you don’t want to push me to far, you may not like what you get.” He let go of her hair and walked out of the warehouse.

Michael picked up the phone and talked quickly to Joey. “All right, thanks.”
He clicked the phone off and looked to Max. “They didn’t find a bug, which means he has a body on the inside.”
Max shook his head in agreement. “He probably overheard Liz talking about her plans and just waited for her.”

Michael looked up. “Maria.”
Max gave him a look. “You think Maria’s behind this?”
Michael “No, I trust my wife. She would never betray me. I was thinking she might know something. Maria said she stopped by and saw Liz yesterday.”
Max nodded and Michael shouted for Maria.

Maria walked into Michael’s office and saw a distressed Max and Michael. “What’s wrong?”
Michael “Have a seat. What I tell you can’t leave this room Maria. It’s very important. Liz’s life is at stake.”
Maria was petrified. “Oh my god. Where’s Liz? What happened to her?”
Michael “Calm down Maria. Liz has been kidnapped. She was on her way to meet Max and someone grabbed her. We have a pretty good idea who has her. But we don’t know where she is at.”

Maria “Who has he?”
Michael “I can’t tell ya.”
Maria sighed. “What do you need from me?”
Michael “You told me you visited Liz yesterday.”
Maria nodded.
Michael “What did she say?”
Maria decided it was best not to tell about the baby yet. “Liz just told me that she had decided to get back with Max.”

Michael “Anything else? Did she mention anything unusual?”
Max “Please Maria think really hard.”
Maria “No, I’m sorry Max.”
Max “It’s ok.”
Maria walked over to Michael and gave him a hug. “You have to find her Michael.”
Maria rubbed her back. “I will nothing is gonna happen to Liz, nothing.”

Kyle chose that moment to walk in. “What’s going on here? Why is Evan’s here and why is Maria crying?”
Max gave him a look of pure hatred.

Michael “Liz was kidnapped this afternoon.”
Kyle faked his best surprised looked. “What do we know?”
Michael shook his head motioning to Maria. “I want you to call Joey and he will fill you in, ask him if he’s got any new information for me. Report back to me in ten minutes.”
Kyle nodded and left the room. A small smile tugging at his lips.

Max “I don’t trust him.”
Michael “Listen I’ve known since I became head of my family. He’s trust worthy.”
Max “Michael there’s just something about him.”
Michael “Max don’t let his feelings for Liz cloud your judgment on his abilities.”
Max “That’s not it at all.”
Michael “Well I trust him. Besides we need all the help we can get to find Liz.”
Max “Fine.”

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Re: Part 23
Hurry up and update! You can't just leave us hanging like that.

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Parts 24 & 25
Part 24

Michael “Maria I want you to go and get something to eat.”
Maria “I’m not hungry.”
Michael “Please, just humor me ok? I really need to talk to Max alone.”
Maria “Fine, but I want to know the minute you hear anything about Liz.”

Before Maria walked out Liz’s cell phone started ringing.

Michael “Answer it Max.”
Max picked up the phone and hit the send button. “Hello?”

“Hello this is Dr. Brown’s office calling for Liz Parker.”

Max looked to Michael and shook his head. “Um she’s not in right now can I take a message?”

“Sure I’m just confirming her prenatal check up for tomorrow.”

Max was speechless. “Uh ok I’ll tell her.” He hit the off button and dropped the phone. Liz was pregnant. Liz was pregnant with his child. Liz was pregnant with his child and was being held prisoner.

Maria saw the look of astonishment pass through Max’s eyes. “Max who was on the phone?”

He looked at Maria with sorrow filled eyes. “That was Dr. Brown’s confirming Liz’s appointment. Maria she’s pregnant.”

Michael dropped the papers he was holding. “What did you just say? Cauze if I heard you correctly you knocked my sister up?”
Max was to busy looking at Maria who had her head down, to care what Michael was spouting.

Max “Maria you knew didn’t you?”
Maria looked up and nodded. “She told me yesterday.”
Max “Why didn’t you say anything before?”
Maria “It wasn’t my place to tell.”
Max “How long has she known?”
Maria “She’s suspected for about a week. Liz took a test yesterday and it confirmed it.”

Max put his head in his hands. Maria walked over to Max and knelt down in front of him. “Max listen to me, Liz needs you. Your baby needs you.”

‘She’s right. I need to stop pitying myself and save the two most important people in my life.’ Max thought. He looked up and smiled at Maria. “Thanks.”

Maria gave him a hug. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you hear anything.” She walked out of the study and ran into Kyle. “Kyle! You scared me.”

Kyle “Sorry, I was just on my way in to see Michael.”
Maria eyed him suspiciously. “Oh he’s in wit Max. What are you doing out here? ”
Kyle “Oh I was just headin in.”
Maria “Really…”
Kyle “Yea, um I better go.”

Maria watched as Kyle walked quickly away from her and into the study. ‘Hm… There’s something off about him. I’m going to keep an eye on him. Maybe I should mention something to Michael.’ Maria walked into the kitchen all thoughts of Kyle lost when she saw her Mud Pie sitting on the counter waiting for her to eat. ‘Mmm… chocolate.’


Michael looked at Max and frowned. “What do you plan on doing?”
Max “I plan to get Liz back.” ‘And never let her go.’ He thought.
Michael “And? Have you forgotten that you got her pregnant?”
Max “NO I haven’t! And when we get her back we will discuss it. I think for now we should be working on getting her back.”
Michael “Fine.”

Kyle walked in and saw Max and Michael in a heated discussion.
Michael looked up and saw Kyle. “Did Joey fill you in?”

Kyle “Yea, Joey told me that he’s still waiting for his contact and he’ll call you as soon as he hears something.”
Michael nodded. “Max what do you think?”
Max sighed. “Knowing Pierce he’s probably got Liz held up in some warehouse. He does it all the time. Not very original. So we send some men to check out the local waterfront warehouses and the inner city ones. Most likely Liz is held up in some place where there’s not a lot of people around.”

Michael “Sound right. Kyle I want you to take some guys and look around where Max said.”
Kyle “ok.”
Michael “Kyle I’m trusting you wit the life of one of the most two important people in my life. Don’t fail me wit doin something stupid. If you find Liz call me ASAP. Don’t be a hero.”
Kyle “I got it.”
Michael “Good. Check in wit me in an hour.”
Kyle nodded.

Michael gave Kyle a once over and noticed a black and blue mark on his lip. “Kyle what happed to your lip? Someone pop you? ”
Kyle rubbed his lip. “Ah this it’s nothing. Just something I picked up. No big deal.”
Michael “ok.” He had more important things to worry about Kyle could take care of himself anyway.

Nick walked in as Kyle left.

Michael “Ah just the person I want to kill.”
Nick “Listen Michael-“
Michael “No you listen, I assign you as head bodyguard to my sister and you can’t even keep her safe?”
Nick “Michael I’ve been guarding your sister for years and this is the first time Liz has ever been threatened.”

Max “And that makes it ok?”
Nick “I didn’t say that.”
Max “No you’re just tryin to cover your ass. Well if anything happens to Liz I will personally make sure you’re fish bait in the Delaware River!”

Michael “I’m in agreement wit Max on this Nick. If anything happens to her you’ll be dead. Now that we got that settled, I want you to go wit Kyle and check out the local warehouses. You better pray we find her, unharmed.”
Nick nodded and left.

Michael “This is the hard part. Waiting.”
Max “Yea.”
Michael “Why don’t we try to contact Pierce?”
Max “Uh uh. We can’t let him know we are on to him, if it’s even him.”
Michael “You’re right. We all him and it would probably just back fire.”

Michael looked over to Max and decided to try and take their minds off of Liz’s situation for a bit. “I never did hear the story of how you and Liz got together.”
Max gave Michael a look. “Maybe cauze you didn’t care to know. You just want Liz and I apart.”
Michael “That was before I knew you as a person. (I stole that line from sixteen candles. ) It’s in the past.”
Max gave him a skeptical look. “Well you remember the meeting you set up in September?

Michael “Yea.”
Max “Well I first saw her at your house.” He laughed. “You where yelling at her and Maria for sneaking out and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She’s so beautiful. Anyway I knew I had to meet her, so I did. The next morning I went to her studio and we hit it off. I asked her out, and Liz was reluctant at first.”
Michael “Really…”

Max “Yea, she knew you would never approve and didn’t want to get involved with your enemy.”
Michael “Smart girl, but let me guess you convinced her otherwise.”
Max “Uh huh. I got her to go to dinner wit me. I even offered to pick her up. But she didn’t want to start off wit trouble I guess. So we dated in secret.”

Michael “Until I found out and tried to put an end to it.”
“You almost did.” Max said in a grave voice.
Michael “Yea we both made mistakes.”
Max “Yea, but I plan to make everything right.”

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Part 25

Kyle walked in the warehouse and right up to Liz. “Well, well, well princess looks like you’ve been hiding something from me.”

Liz sat frozen in fear. ‘Please let him not know about the baby.’
Kyle “Little Lizzie pregnant! Imagine my surprise when I heard this.”
Liz thought fast. “What are you talking about Kyle? I’m not pregnant!”
Kyle “Nice try Liz, but I heard Maria tell Max about your conversation yesterday.”
‘No No No.’ Liz thought.

Kyle “I can’t believe innocent Lizzie slept wit big bad Max Evans. So how was it Liz?”
Liz “You’re a disgusting pig.”
Kyle “That bad. And now you’re stuck wit his bastard child.”
Liz was fuming. “Fuck You Kyle! You’re just jealous that the child isn’t yours, and that I would actually give myself to Max willingly. Because you know I would NEVER sleep wit you!” Liz was shocked. She never had used those kinds of words. Liz took some deep calming breaths. This wasn’t good for the baby.

Kyle “Well look who’s learned some bad words.”
Liz ignored Kyle. She wasn’t going to let him get to her.
Kyle “Not talking to me now?”
Liz turned her head.
Kyle “Don’t you even wanna know what big brother Mikey is up to?”

Liz looked to Kyle. “Why? Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.”
Kyle “Ouch. Well you’ll just have to take my word for it. Michael is looking for you.”
Liz “Like I would even doubt that.”
Kyle “But the interesting thing is that he’s joined forces wit Max. Max is a smart one. He figured you’d be held up in a warehouse. But see where Max was smart Michael was dumb. He sent me to check out the warehouses.”

The warehouse door slammed and Kyle stood. “Looks like we’ve got company.”

Liz watched as he walked over to the office and shut the door. She threw her head back and cried. Max knew about the baby. So did Michael. She wasn’t sure who she was more worried about. Michael would be furious wit her. But she hoped Max wouldn’t be angry with her. Damn it. Why did Maria have to say anything?

Kyle walked in the office and saw him. “Listen there’s been a complication. Ms. Guerin is pregnant wit Evans child.”
Kyle “Do we tell Pierce?”
“No. If we tell Pierce he’ll try to use it as leverage.”
Kyle “Wouldn’t that be good?”
“No, Michael isn’t stupid. He’ll realize that he’s got a leak.”
Kyle “Which would screw you and I.”
“Maybe, maybe not. I’m not gonna chance it though.”

Kyle “So what do we do now?”
“I’ll call Pierce. Tell him that he should call Guerin.”
Kyle “What do we do wit Princess?”
“Nothing. Leave her here for now.”
Kyle “I better go check in wit Guerin.”

Michael watched his clock tick by. It had been a little over an hour and still no word from anybody. The silence was deafening.

Max was no better off. He had made some calls but no one had heard anything. It was all in Pierce’s hands, and that scared him. Pierce was a guy with a short temper. He had to be handled like fine china; any sudden move could break him.

Michael and Max both jumped when Michael’s phone rang. Michael answered it and ran a shaky hand threw his hair when he realized it was only Kyle. “Kyle I told you to call me in an hour. By my watch that was ten minutes ago.”

Kyle “Sorry boss I had to check out another lead.”
Michael “Did you find anything?”
Kyle “No, I checked out most of the waterfront warehouses, but found nothing. Sorry.”
Michael “Ok, thanks.”
Kyle “What do you want me to do now?”
Michael “Just stay put I’ll call you back in a few.”
Kyle “Ok.”

Michael clicked his phone off and looked to Max. “He didn’t find anything.”
Max “Damn it.”

Before Michael could interject Liz’s cell phone went off.

Max picked it up. “Hello.”
Pierce “Evans, it’s Pierce.”
Max looked to Michael and mouthed Pierce. “Pierce what are you doing calling my girlfriends cell phone?”
Pierce “Max lets not beat round the bush, we both know why I’ve called. I assume Guerin’s there wit you?”
Max “Yea Michael’s here. Now what do you want?”
Pierce “Simple I want Michael’s waterfront property, and your waterfront property all signed over to me.”

Max “I’m gonna need sometime.”
Pierce “Fine. I’ll call you in two hours. But Evans I would comply with my demands, otherwise your girlfriend is dead.”
Max took in a calming breath. He couldn’t loose it. Otherwise Liz could be hurt. “I understand.” He said.
Pierce “Good. Two hours.”

Max clicked off the phone.
Michael “What did Pierce say?”
Max “He wants the waterfront property you and I own.”
Michael “What! Max if we give him the property he’ll turn Philadelphia into the biggest drug import!”
Max “Don’t you think I know that? But I’m not gonna risk Liz.”

Michael “Listen you and I are both clean players when it comes to the drug scene. That’s the thing I respect about you.”
Max “Thanks.”
Michael “But we can’t let Pierce have that property. He’ll pay off customs and the city will go to hell. Uh uh.”
Max “Michael he will hurt Liz if we don’t fulfill his request.”
Michael “I say we agree to his terms. Then when we meet him we take him out.”

Max “I don’t know. That’s risky.”
Michael “Yea it is, but if we plan it out right we might be able to swing it.”
Max “You know Alex Whitman?”
Michael “Yeah, smart as hell. He went to school wit Liz. Was a real good friend, a real stand up guy. ”

Max “I trust him. He’s married to my sister and is loyal. I wanna bring him in on this.”
Michael “Ok. That’s a good idea.”
Max “If we can get a location from Pierce tonight then we might be able to work your plan.”
Michael “Call him.”
Max “But it’s just the three of us.”

Michael “I wanna bring Kyle in on this.”
Max “NO. It’s to risky.”
Michael “Evans put your jealousy aside. Kyle is my right hand man. I trust him.”
Max “I don’t. Listen we’re not gonna agree on this, so lets comprimise. We use Kyle, but we don’t tell him the plan just what he has to do. ”
Michael “Fine.”

Part 26

Alex arrived at the Guerin house to be greeted by Maria. “ALEX!” she screamed as she hugged him.
Alex “Maria, wow I haven’t seen you in years. How’ve ya been?”
Maria released Alex from her death grip. “I’ve been doin good. You?”
Alex “Same. I’m married to Isabel Evans and I have a son named Colin.”
Maria “That’s great.”
Alex “Yea.”

Maria “So I guess you’re here to help find Liz.”
Alex “What? Where’s Liz?”
Maria “You mean you don’t know?”
Alex “Max just called me and told me to get here fast.”
Maria “oh, you better go. There in the study.”
Alex “Thanks.”

Alex walked in and saw Michael and Max in deep conversation. “Hey Max, Michael.”
Max “Alex I’m so glad you’re here.”
Michael “Alex nice to see ya.”
Alex “Ya you too. I just saw Maria and she mentioned something about Liz being missing?
Max “Liz was kidnapped, by Pierce. He called and made some demands.”
Alex “What did he want?”
Michael “All the waterfront property that Max and I own.”
Alex shook his head. “Can’t do that.”
Max “I know. We have an idea, but we need your help.”

Alex “Sure anything.”
Michael “Great. We need you to draw up some papers giving Pierce the titles to the property. But they need to be fake.”
Max “Find some way to make them invalid.”
Alex “Ok I can do that but what else are you planning?”
Michael nodded.
Max “Pierce is gonna call us in about fifteen minutes. I’m gonna agree to the deal, but I’ll try and get him to let me speak to Liz first. Then he should give us a meeting place.”
Alex “Max he’s gonna kill you, or try at least.”

Max “I’m counting on that. This is where I really need you. I want you to get Liz out.”
Alex “Ok Max say I get Liz out what about you and Michael?”
Max “Michael and I will take care of Pierce once and for all. So will you do it?”
Alex “You know I will.”
Max smiled. He then gave a small frown. “Alex it’s very important that Liz is out immediately. Don’t under any circumstances let Liz go back in for Michael or I. I mean it. If you have to drag her away do it.”
Alex “I understand.”
Max “ok, can you get those papers drawn?”

Alex nodded. “I’m gonna need a computer.”
Michael “Here you can use mine.” He moved from the desk and let Alex have it.
Alex “You have internet access?”
Michael “Yea.”
Alex “I’m gonna need your account information.”
Michael blushed. “Um.. it’s Maria’sCutiePattoie.”
Alex couldn’t help the laugh that erupted. “I’m guessing Maria had something to do wit that one.”
Michael “Yea, I’m not one for computers and Maria won’t change it.”
Max covered his mouth with his and turned away.
Alex turned and got to work.

Pierce walked in and saw Kyle. “Where’s your partner?”
Kyle “He’s busy right now.”
Pierce “I’m gonna call Max. Tell him I want to talk to him when you see him.”
Pierce walked over to Liz and gave the girl a once over. She was pretty, he could see how Evans liked her. “Liz Guerin we finally meet.”

Liz looked at Pierce. He was tall with dark hair, but his eyes seemed to be laughing at her. She shuddered. “Pierce I presume?”
Pierce “That would be correct.”
Liz “It’s nice to put a name wit the face that my brothers going to destroy when he find you.”
Pierce gave out a laugh. “Kyle warned me about you.”
Liz “Kyle’s an idiot.”
Pierce “I have to agree wit you there.” He leaned in close to Liz. “But he is very useful to me right now. He has your brother’s confidence. And when I finish with Michael so is Kyle.”

Pierce’s words shook Liz. It wasn’t just what he said it was the way. Like he cared for nobody and nothing. It terrified her. She watched as he picked up his cell phone and dialed.

All three guys jumped when Liz’s cell phone rang. They all look at each other and Max picked up the phone.
Max “Hello.”
Pierce “Hello Evans. Have you made a decision?’
Max “Michael and I will agree to this but I want to talk to Liz first.”

Pierce thought about it, and walked over to Liz. “Fine.” He looked at Liz. “Your boyfriend wants to talk to you.”

Liz’s heart pounded in her chest. ‘Max. She was going to talk to Max. She had to find a way to hint about Kyle.’ Pierce lowered the phone to her ear.

Max just about lost it when he heard how tiny her voice was. She was scared. “Liz, baby are you ok?”
Liz “Yeah Max I’m ok. Remember the night you gave me the box?” she watched as Pierce motioned for a guard. She had to make this quick before he took the phone away.

Max knew Liz was tryin to tell him something. “Yea I remember.”
Liz “I didn’t like the restaurant you took me to.”
Max was dumbfounded. “Liz I never took you out Kyle did.”
Liz closed her eyes and gave a little smile. “Yea it wasn’t right, SOMETHING WASN”T RIGHT.”
Liz noticed Pierce getting suspicious. “Max I love you, I’m sorry.”
Max heart clenched. “I love you too sweetie, be strong ok?”
Liz was near tears. “Ok.”

Max “I love just remember that I won’t let anything happen to you.”

But Liz didn’t hear that. Pierce picked up the phone. “Aww that’s so sweet Evans. Now what do you say?”
“Michael and I agree to your terms.” Max said in a grave voice.
Pierce “Excellent.”
Max “We’ll have the papers drawn up by tomorrow.”
Pierce “Tomorrow seven pm at the abandon warehouse on the corner of twenty-sixth.”
Max “Yea I know it.”
Pierce “Good till tomorrow.”

Max clicked off the phone. “We have a location.”
Michael “Ok this is good. How’s Liz?”
Max put his head in his hands. “She’s terrified.”
Michael clenched his jaw. “What did she say?”
Max “Well she said she was ok, and she said something strange. Liz reminded me of the last time I saw her and me that she didn’t like the restaurant I took her to. But the thing is I didn’t take her out to dinner, Kyle did.”

Michael gave Max a strange look.
Max “Yea, I told her that it wasn’t right.”
Michael “What did she say?”
Max “Liz said that something wasn’t right. Then Pierce took the phone.”
Alex spoke for the first time. “What do you think she meant?”
Max “I don’t know, but…”
Michael “What?”
Max “I think she was trying to say that something wasn’t right with Kyle.”

Michael decided to take the calm approach. Nothing would be accomplished if he lost it. “What makes you think that?”
Max “Michael think about it. Liz wanted me to know something about Kyle, I’m positive of it.”
Michael “It doesn’t add up.”
Max “I know you don’t want to believe that Kyle is a traitor but think about it. Pierce’s guys knew about Liz’s whereabouts. Only someone who worked for you would know.”
Alex “Michael it makes perfect sense. Kyle works for you, he’s been wit you for years. He practically family. Kyle knows you like a book, and knows how to get around the security you have for Liz.”

Michael just shook his head. “How am I supposed to believe that after years of working for me that he is responsible for this?”
Max “Michael think about it, I mean go for a walk go for a drive anything.”
Michael walked out of the room and into the Kitchen. He grabbed his keys from the wrack and was about to leave when he say Maria at the counter. ‘I need to talk to Maria about this, she can read people.’ Michael walked over to the counter and sat next to her. Maria was busy eating her pie to notice Michael. “Maria I need your help.”

Maria jumped three feet in the air and knocked over her plate. “Jesus Michael you scared me! Oh look what you made me do.” Michael smiled as he saw the frown that covered her face when she went to pick up her pie from the floor. “I’ll get you another piece.”

“Damn right you will.” Maria muttered.
Michael cut a huge piece and walked back over to Maria. “Here.”
Maria dug in to her pie and mumbled a thanks. Michael grabbed another fork and helped himself. “Maria I need your help” he said again.

Maria stopped eating and turned to Michael “Okay I’m listening.”
Michael went on to explain the about Kyle, and how he was supoieivly involved. Maria put down her fork after Michael finished. “I have to tell you something.”

Michael groaned. “Something tells me I don’t want to hear this.”
Maria “When I was leaving your office earlier I bumped into Kyle and he was standing outside your office, kinda like he was snooping. I didn’t think to much of it. But now… Michael I know Kyle is family to you, but if you’re asking if I believe Max and Alex about Kyle the answer is yes.”
Michael ran a hand through his hair and looked to Maria. “I know, I think I’ve always known. I just didn’t want to believe it.”

Maria “I’m sorry.”
Michael “Me too.”
Maria “What are you going to do?”
Michael “Well I’m going to hide the pie so I can get a piece later.”

This earned him a smack from Maria. “Michael I’m worried about Liz and I can’t think of nothing else to do ok?” She was in tears as she finished. Michael pulled her into a tight hug and whispered in her ear. “Hey I promise to get Liz back.” He pulled back and wiped the remaining tears. “Promise?”
“I swear to god I will bring Liz back.”
“Michael I have to beg and plead with you to go to church and then only sometimes you go so don’t swear to something you don’t believe in.” Maria said with a small smile.
“Maria I never said I didn’t believe, it’s just you go to early Sunday Mass.”
Maria “Michael ten o’clock is not early Mass.”
Michael “Fine, when I get Liz back my ass will be in church every Sunday with you okay?”
“Ok.” Maria pulled Michael into her embrace. “Thanks Michael.”

Part 27

Max watched as Alex drew up the documents. He never realized how good Alex was with the computer.
Alex “ok, all I need to do is print and we’re all set.”
Max “Now this document won’t hold up in court, not that Pierce will be able to go to court. I just want everything covered. Just as a backup.”
Alex “Don’t worry. Even if Pierce survives, and from the look on your face I don’t think he will. But just in case this contract would never hold up in court.”
Max “Exactly want I want to hear.” Max saw Michael walk in the study. “Michael-“

Michael “Max let me talk.”
Max nodded his head and Michael continued.
“I’ve thought about it and you’re right. Kyle is helping with this I didn’t want to believe it but I know it’s true. I’m just sorry this happened.”
Max “I’m sorry too. Kyle is family to you and it’s unthinkable for him to do this.”
Alex “The question now is what do we do about him?”
Michael “Simple, we utilize him. We keep making him think that we don’t know.”
Max “How do we use him?”
Michael “Let him lead us to Pierce. Which will lead us to Liz.”
Alex “I’m confused how will he do this?”
Michael “I know Kyle and I know how much he wants Liz. So he knows where Liz is. Kyle has probably been watching her.”
Max clenched his fists. He wanted to kill Kyle. He WAS going to kill him. Max’s blood ran cold when he thought of the things he could have done to Liz. Oh yes he was going to die, a long and slow death. “So what is your plan, I mean you obviously have one.”

Michael “Yea I send Kyle out on some ghost mission and we follow him. Hopefully he leads us to Liz.”
Alex “Sounds good but what about Pierce?”
Michael “We keep everything quiet. If I’m right Kyle will lead us to Liz, probably wit some of Piece’s men watching her. My idea is we keep one alive and use him to tell Pierce that everything is ok. Then when the time comes we meet Pierce and trap him. Since he don’t have Liz we’ve got nothing to lose by killing him on the spot.”

Max “I like the plan. It’ll work as long as Kyle goes to Liz.”
Michael “Trust me Kyle has be in love wit my sister for a long time. He’ll go to her.”
Alex “We know what we’re doing, but when is this thing gonna happen?”
Max “Right now, Michael call Kyle.”
Michael “Wow Max we have to go over what we’re gonna do. We can’t just go barging after Liz with guns and no plan.”
Alex “Max he’s right.”
Max “Michael I’m giving you one hour.”
Michael “Let’s get to work then.

Liz was near tears. Her back was throbbing with pain. She was confined to a metal chair and it was excruciating. Deciding she couldn’t take it anymore she yelled for a guard.

“What do you want?”
“I need to use the bathroom,” Liz said in a timid voice.

The guard gave her a once over and decided she wouldn’t be trouble. He untied her and led her to a door. He opened and pushed her in. “I’ll be right outside, I wouldn’t do anything funny.”

Liz nodded and he left. The first thing she did was rub her back and stretch. ‘God it feels good to be up.’ She took in her surroundings. It was the filthiest place she had ever seen. Dirt and grim everywhere, she shuddered. Where the hell was this place? Liz started searching for anything to help her. She almost jumped for joy when she saw a window. ‘Thank you God.’ She pushed the window up. “Damn it!” There were bars keeping her from getting out. Liz frantically started to push against them, but it was no use. The doorknob started moving and Liz moved away from the window.

“You done yet?”
Liz “Yea.”
The guard took her by the arm and tied her back to the chair.

Michael took a deep breath as he picked up his phone and dialed the familiar numbers. “Kyle it’s Michael I need you to come over here, ok .”
Max “Well?”
Michael “He’s on his way.”
Alex “Alright Max and I will go and wait in the car.”

Michael nodded and Max and Alex left him to wait for Kyle.

*Fifteen minutes later.*

Kyle walked in the study to see a pensive Michael. “Hey any news yet?”
Michael looked up. “Maybe, listen I got a lead. It’s a remote possibility but I want it checked out.”
Kyle “Yea of course whatever it takes to get Liz back.”
Michael “Good glad to see that we’re on the same page.” He waited to see if Kyle would react, he didn’t so Michael continued. “The place is on Delaware Ave. Here’s the address.”

Kyle took the paper. “If you don’t mind me asking where’s Evans? I mean I would think he would be jumping to go and look for Liz.”
Michael “He’s meeting with some informants. He should be back soon if you want to wait for him to go wit ya.”
Kyle “No thanks.”
Michael “Didn’t think so.”

Kyle “I’ll call you as soon as I know.”
Michael “Thanks Kyle, it’s really good to know I can count on you.”
Kyle gave Michael a nod and muttered ‘thanks’. He left and Michael rushed out to Max’s car.

Max “Did he say anything?”
Michael “Nope he was very cool about this which makes me wonder if I’m wrong about this.”
Alex “Michael we’ll find out tonight.”
Michael “That address is real right?”
Max “Yea it’s a supply house that I own, but I doubt Kyle will be going there.”
Michael just nodded.
Alex “Max he’s leaving.”
Max “Here we go.”

They followed Kyle as he waived his way through the city.
Alex “He’s not going to Delaware Ave.”
Michael “Yea that son of a bitch has my sister.”
They watched as Kyle slowed and turned down to the waterfront.
Alex “Max keep back we don’t want him to know someone’s following him.”
Max watched as Kyle parked his car and walked into a warehouse. He was ready to jump out of his skin. Liz was so close.
Michael “We ready?”
Max “Let’s go.”

They made their way quickly to the warehouse and peered through a window. What Max saw made his blood boil. Liz was in the middle of the room tied to a chair. He watched as Kyle made his way to her and started talking.

Max “Kyle’s talking to Liz. We do this now while he’s distracted.”
Alex “How many?”
Max “Four including Kyle.”
Michael “Max you and Alex take the back entrance, I’m going through the window.”

They separated and made their way into the warehouse.

Liz watched as Kyle made his way over to her. ‘Wonderful’ she thought.
Kyle “Lizzie are we in a better mood now?”
Liz gave him a cold stare.
Kyle “I guess not. We’ll I just came from your brothers, and he still has no idea where you are.” He said with a laugh. “It’s funny really watching him search the whole city for you and coming up wit nothing.”

Liz tried to block Kyle out. He was trying to get something from her and she wasn’t go to play his little game. She turned her head when something caught her eye. It was Michael! Her heart started racing. Michael was here to get her.

Michael made eye contact with Liz. He motioned towards Kyle. Liz nodded in understanding.

Liz “Kyle I really could use a drink.”
Kyle “What’s the magic word?”
Liz gritted her teeth. “Please?”
Kyle “Sure anything for my girl.” He motioned for a guard.

Max watched the scene and looked to Michael who gave him a nod. He grabbed his gun and motioned to Alex. Max quietly followed the guard into a room he shut the door. The guard turned around startled. “Who are you?”

Max raised his gun. “Turn around and put your hands up.” The guard complied and Max cautiously walked forward. He raised the gun above the mans head and brought it down with a painful blow. The guard went down unconscious and Max tied him up.

Kyle “Where is that idiot with your water?” He motioned to the two other guards. “Go and find out what he’s doing.”
They left and Kyle turned to Liz. “Good help is so hard to find.”

Two minutes later they returned and gave a Kyle a look. “Well where is he?”

They glanced nervously between each other. “We didn’t find him.”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
“We checked the office and he wasn’t there.”
Kyle "Alright you stay here and keep an eye on Liz, and you come wit me."

Kyle walked over to the office and gave a look. "Check outside." The guard nodded.

Meanwhile Max, Alex and Michael all watched as Kyle left Liz. Max nodded to Michael and Alex and they took off after Kyle and his accomplice leaving Max to get Liz.

Michael motioned to Alex to follow the guard leaving him to Kyle. He watched as Kyle walked around the room. Michael seized the opportunity and approached him from behind. He grabbed his gun and shoved it into his back.

"Well well well. If it isn't my right hand man Kyle Valenti. What are you doing here? Could it be that you've been playin me?"

Kyle froze when he heard the sound of Michael's voice. He thought fast and turned around with his hands up. "Michael I was just going to call you and tell you I found Liz."

Michael "Oh really? Then explain to me why I saw you giving hose lackeys orders? It seemed as though you where the boss of this operation. Which would mean you've crossed me. That wouldn't be good for your health Kyle."

Kyle "No listen to me Michael I showed up and I saw Liz and those guys holding her and I just decided to played it off like Pierce sent me."

Michael saw Kyle was getting desperate. "Ok lets say I believe you Kyle. That means you disobeyed me by going in to get Liz and could have gotten her killed. Plus if I'm not mistaken I sent you to south street."

Michael watched as Kyle tried to pull out another lie. "Save it Kyle I know your lying. You've been plotting wit Pierce on this."

Kyle "Michael let me explain-"
Michael "Kyle there's nothing to explain. You, my right hand man, helped the enemy to kidnap my baby sister. Now you're gonna pay for that wit your life."
Kyle "Michael Please I...I'm sorry."
Michael "Begging will get you nowhere. So atleast have the decency to die like a man."

Alex walked in and saw Michael pointing a gun at Kyle. "Michael I took care of the guard, he's tied up and in the office wit the other one."

Michael spoke with out looking up. "Good work, come over here and tie up Kyle."
Alex grabbed some rope and slowly walked towards Kyle.
Michael "If you try anything I'll kill you"

Max watched as the guard paced around the room. He took out his gun and silently made his way towards the bodyguard.

Liz caught sight of Max and her heart sped up. Max was here! He was going to free her. She kept calm trying not to give away Max.

Max quickly made his move. As the guard turned around Max walked up behind him and put his gun to the back of his head. “Don’t move.”

Pierce’s man froze as he felt the gun on the back of his head.
Max “Get on the ground now.”

Liz watched as the man lowered himself to the ground. Max walked around him and tied him up. He put his gun away and quickly made his way to Liz. “Are you ok?” Max said as he untied her. Liz jumped into his arms. “Better now that you’re here.” Max held Liz tight against him, relishing in the fact she was safe in his arms where she belonged. Max pulled back and saw the pain in Liz’s face. “What’s wrong love?”

Liz saw the concern in his face and gave him a small smile. “My back hurts.”
Max “ I’m sorry, why didn’t you say something sooner? Where is your medicine?”
Liz “Um it’s in my purse.”

Max took a quick look around the room and caught sight of her purse. He retrieved it and handed it to Liz. “Let me go find Michael and Alex and then I’m getting you out of here.”
“Max don’t leave me here alone.”

Max saw the distrested look in her eyes and pulled her gently into his embrace. He shouted for Michael and Alex, deciding against leaving her alone.

Michael emerged and went strait to Liz. Pulling her from Max’s arms and into a hug. “Liz are you ok?” Liz just shook her head. Michael looked to Max. “Take her home, stay with her.” Max nodded. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” Michael kissed the crown of Liz’s head and stepped back. “Keep her safe Maxwell.” Max proceeded to pick Liz up placing a kiss on her temple as she snuggled her head into the crook of his neck. Max gave a nod to Michael and left with the most important thing in his life.

Part 28

Max shut the door to his house and carried a sleeping Liz upstairs to his room. There was no way she was staying anywhere else tonight, and if he had his way she would stay here with him forever.

Liz awoke as Max set her on his bed.

"How's your back feeling?" Max asked with concern. "Much better now." Liz made a move to sit up but Max stopped her by placing a hand on her stomach. "You should rest."

A silence engulfed the room as they stared at Max’s hand resting on Liz’s stomach.

“I know Liz, I know.” Max said breaking the silence.
Liz looked up at Max and saw the guarded expression Max had on his face. “Maria told you…”
Max “No she didn’t. I had your cell phone and your doctor called it confirming your appointment.”
“Oh.” She said while looking down.

Liz raised her head to Max’s. “Are you angry with me?” Liz asked in a timid voice. She had been through so much and if Max was angry with her she would just lose it.

Max snapped his head up. “NO!” He said while pulling her into his arms. “I’m sorry if I made you feel that way, Love.” Liz buried her head in Max’s neck while he stroked her back.

“Max are you…Do you regret… ” Max pulled away from Liz and cupped her cheeks with his hands. “Elizabeth Guerin I could never ever regret our child. I’m so happy right now that I can’t find words to describe it. You’ve given me something that I could only dream of getting. I want to spend the rest of my life making you and our baby happy.” He said in a strong but gentle voice.

Liz melted at Max’s words. She leaned up and took his lips with her. Max dropped his hands to her waist and pulled her unto his lap, his mouth never leaving hers. Liz moved her hands to the hem of Max’s shirt and started to push it up.

Max froze when he felt Liz’s hands on his shirt. “Liz we shouldn’t do this tonight.” Liz nodded and started to leave a trail of kisses down his jaw. “You’re right” she said. “Liz its not that I don’t want to it’s just-“ Max lost his thought as Liz licked the outer shell of his ear.

Liz stopped her torment of Max and took his face in her hands. “Max your not going to hurt me, this is natural. But if you don’t make love to me right now I’m going to get angry, and you don’t want to see me upset do you?” she said with a grin.

Max gave Liz a smile. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make love he was just worried about her. She had been through so much. But he was not going to upset her further he thought with a grin. He pulled her back to him with a sweet kiss. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too Max.”

Max lowered Liz to the bed following her down. His lips sought out hers while his hands began to unbutton her shirt. Liz tugged at Max’s shirt pulling away from him to push it up over his head. She raked her nails down his chest taking pleasure in the moan Max gave out. “I want you so bad right now, Liz” Liz saw the desire radiating from Max’s eyes.

“Then take me Max.”

And that’s just what he did. Caressing and loving every piece of skin he came in contact with. Max reveled in the cries of pleasure Liz gave out urging him on. Their union started slow and unhurried but soon grew to wild abandonment. Both were moaning each other’s names when their release came.

Max stroked Liz’s hair, as they lay tangled in each other’s arms. He bent his head and kissed her shoulder. That’s when he saw it. She had a slight bruise on her cheek.

“Liz what happened?”

Liz opened her eyes and was confused. She had been basking in Max’s warmth when he pulled back. It was when she felt his hand on the side of her face that it registered.

Max watched as Liz buried her head into his chest trying to duck the question. “Liz did someone hit you?” She gave out a sigh and raised her eyes to Max.


It was bearly audible but when Max heard it his blood boiled. Someone was going to pay that was for damn sure.


Liz jumped at the harsh tone that came from Max’s mouth.


‘That son-of-a-bitch. He’s dead.’ Max sat up and grabbed his pants.

Liz was terrified. She could feel the anger coming of Max in waves. He was going to hurt someone if she didn’t do something. Max made a move to stand but Liz pulled at his arm.

“Max don’t leave me here alone.” Liz cried out.

Max whirled around and saw the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. He silently cursed himself. She had just been through so much and here he was running off leaving her alone when she needed comfort. Max lay down next to Liz and pulled her into his arms.

Liz gave out a sigh of relief as Max lay down next to her. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I just wanted to make him pay for what he did to you.” “Max just forget about Kyle.” “Liz I’ll leave it be for tonight, but believe Kyle will pay for laying a hand on you especially when I tell Michael and Alex.” Liz knew Kyle dissevered what he got but it still left her with the chills.

Max tightened his hold on Liz’s waist. He knew she was having conflicting emotions about Kyle. Deciding it would be best to distract her, “I’ll have some people pack up your belongings and bring them here.”

Liz was brought out of her thinking by Max’s voice. “Oh and what makes you think I’ll be moving in with you?” Max looked right into her eyes. “Because I love you so much and I couldn’t stand not having you in my arms every morning when I wake up. I want to watch the changes your body makes for our baby and be there when you get sick or have a midnight craving.”

Liz was near tears when Max finished his statement. She was just teasing him about not moving in. “I would love to move in to your home Max.” Max shook his head. “No Liz’s it’s our home now.”

Max swooped down and covered Liz’s lips with his own. His tongue licked her bottom lip seeking entry into her mouth. She granted his request and opened her mouth. Their tongues mimicked their earlier lovemaking. Liz pulled back when the need for oxygen became too great. She gave him a hot look and grinned when he gave out a groan.

“Liz don’t look at me like that. You need your rest.” Liz let out a sigh and rested her head on Max’s chest. “I promise to sleep if you hold me.” Max pulled her higher against him and kissed the crown of her head. “What the lady wants the lady gets.”

Liz awoke to find Max stroking her stomach talking quietly. She remained quiet and listened to what Max was saying.

“Don’t you worry I’ll always be here for you. Whenever you need me. And I’ll protect you with my life. No one will hurt you. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. Be good for mommy. Love you.” Max kissed her stomach and crawled back up. He was startled to see her awake and wearing a hundred-watt smile.

“I didn’t hear you wake up.” Max said after he kissed her lips.

Max saw the love shinning in Liz’s eyes and his breath caught in his throat. Never in his wildest thoughts did he think Liz would love him like this. And now with the baby, she made his life complete.

Max looked at the clock by his bed and life reared its ugly head. “Liz, baby I have to go.” Max wanted to die when he saw her face drop. “Don’t look at me like that it tears me up.”

“Max don’t go, please just stay here with me.”
“Liz you know if I could I would, but this is important.”
“Max just let it be, please.”
“I can’t do that.”

Liz nodded her head and turned away from Max. He heard her crying and pulled her against him. “Liz you know if I could I would stay here in this bed with you forever. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“But that’s just it Max how do I know you’re gonna come back to us?”

Max turned Liz around. “Liz I will come back to you, I have so much here waiting for me.” He rubbed away her remaining tears and got up and dressed.

Liz watched and wanted to scream and through a fit. Making Max stay here with her. But instead she remained silent knowing it would do little good.

Max finished and walked back over to the bed. “Now I want you to stay in bed and rest until I get back ok?” Liz just nodded not meeting his eyes. “I love you Liz, and I WILL come back.”
Liz pulled Max into a desperate kiss. Liz pulled away but her lips where still touching his when she spoke. “I love you too Max, you better go.”

Max gave her a sweet kiss and lowered his hand to her stomach. “Bye baby I’ll be back soon.” He gave Liz another kiss and quickly left before he couldn’t.

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Part 29

Michael walked into the warehouse and quickly spotted Alex. “Hey here’s some coffee.”

Alex “Thanks.”
Michael “Did they give you any trouble?”
Alex “Nah, they were pretty quiet. When’s Max supposed to get here?”
Michael “He should be here within the hour.”
Alex nodded.
Michael “Listen Alex I want to thank-you for helping me out. I don’t think I could have saved my sister without you.”
Alex “Hey I love Liz like she was my sister and I would do anything to help her.”
Michael nodded. “Listen I better call Maria and tell her Liz is ok, cause I betting Max didn’t take her home.”
Alex “Knowing Max that’s a pretty good venture.”

Michael grabbed his cell phone and dialed Maria as he walked outside. After three rings Maria picked up.

“Maria it’s Michael.”
“Michael where are you? Is Liz ok? Oh My God she’s hurt isn’t she? Damn it Michael why didn’t-“
“MARIA calm down. Liz is safe. Max took her home with him.”
“Thank god. When are you coming home?”
“I have something to take care of, probably late tonight. Listen Maria I’ve got to go. I love you.”
“Michael no! You get your ass home this-“
“Bye Maria Love you”

He hung up before she could protest anymore. He knew she was gonna be pissed at him, but he had to take care of this. He ran a hand through his hair and went back to the warehouse.

Alex “Michael, Max just called, he’s on his way now.”
Michael “Good, where gonna have to talk wit Kyle. I think he was working with someone.”
Alex “Really? I don’t think he’s gonna give the person up, I mean he knows he’s goin to die either way.”
Michael “Well just have to given him his options. Kyle can die quickly, or I can make it a long and drawn out experience.”
Alex “Still Kyle’s not goin to give in easily.”
Michael “Oh I’m hoping he doesn’t. That prick deserves to be in large amounts of pain.”

Max “More then you know.”
Michael and Alex looked over to see Max walking towards them.
Michael “What are you talking about?”
Max “It seems Kyle thought he could hit Liz.”
“He hit Liz!” Michael screamed in outrage.
Alex “That bastards going to die a long and slow death.”

All three men shook their heads in agreement.
Michael still reeling from what he heard spoke first. “Before we do that we should get rid of Piece’s men.”
Alex “Alright but we have to keep one just in case Pierce calls.”
Max “Alex call Tony and Steve. Tell them I need two taken care of now and one later.”
Alex “What about Kyle?”
Max “For him I want you to call Carlos.”
Alex nodded. “I’ll see to it.”
Max “Good.”

Michael “Who are Tony and Steve?”
Max “Two of my muscle men. They’ll dispose of Piece’s men for us.”
Michael “Ok, but who is Carlos?”
Max “He’s a ship hand.”
Michael “Now I’m confused why would you call a ship hand to kill Kyle, especially when I planned on killing the bastard myself.”
Max “Carlos is not going to kill Kyle. Michael when I saw the bruise on Liz’s face I wanted to tare Kyle apart piece by piece. I want to make him suffer so much he pleads for us to stop. Then I want to put him in a barrel with cement bricks tied to it and have him at the bottom of the Atlantic. That way I know that fucker will never lay a finger on Liz again.”
Michael “I see.”

Alex “Max everything’s set, Tony and Steve will be here in ten minutes. Carlos said he’s launching in two hours.”
Max “We better get a move on then. You two wait for Tony and Steve. I’ll convince him to help us.” He said pointing to Pierces man.
Alex and Michael grabbed the two guys and pushed them towards the back door.

Max circled the third like a hawk. “You have two options. One I call Michael and Alex in here and they take you with the others to die, or two you help me.”

Piece’s man looked to Max with wide eyes. Max took off the tape that covered his mouth and the guard started talking. “I’ll help you, just don’t kill me.”

Max nodded. “What’s your name?”
Max “Dominic when does Pierce check in?”
Dominic “We’re supposed to call him later this morning.”
Max “Ok here’s what I want from you, call Pierce and tell him everything’s okay. If he asks for anyone else tell him they stepped out. If you sell me out you’ll have two bullets in your brain understand?”
Dominic nodded.

Max untied him and gave him the phone. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him. “Call him.” Max watched with a close eye as he dialed.

Dominic “This is Dom… Just checkin in… Everything’s quiet… Yea no trouble... Okay.”

He clicked off the phone and handed it back to Max. “What did he say?” “He said that there’s a meeting set for tonight between you and him, and to hold Ms. Guerin here till it’s over.”

Max was tying him up as Michael and Alex walked in. “Their gone, Tony said he’d be back in a couple of hours.”

Max “Pierce is all taken care of. Alex you stay here and watch Dominic, if he tries anything shoot him.”
Alex “Where are you going?”
Max “Michael and I are going to deal wit Kyle.”

Liz flipped through the TV stations but found nothing to help keep her mind off Max. ‘Like anything’s going to help’ she thought. She was so scared for Max, Michael and Alex. Anything could go wrong and she would be making funeral arrangements for them. ‘No, I have to think positive.’ Liz grabbed the phone and dialed the one person who knew what she was feeling.

“Maria it’s Liz I’m at Max’s. Can you come over I really need someone to talk to.”

Liz gave out a sigh of relief when Maria agreed. She got out of bed and quickly showered and dressed before Maria got there. Liz opened the bedroom door only to run into a hard body.

“Ms. Guerin, what are you doing up? Is there something I can get you?”

Liz gave him a puzzled look. “Who are you?”
“I’m Vinny, Mr. Evans assigned me to guard your door.”

‘I should have known Max would do this.’ She thought dryly. “Well Vinny I’m just going downstairs my sister-in-law Maria Guerin will be here shortly.”

Vinny “I don’t know. Mr. Evans told me to make sure you rested.”
“Well I have rested and know I’m going downstairs to wait for Maria.” Liz saw him debating whether or not to actually let her do this. “Listen if Max says anything to you, I’ll just tell him I forced you to or something like that ok?”
Vinny “Ok, you’re on tough broad you know that Ms. Guerin.”

Maria arrived ten minutes later; they embraced and sat down in the living room.

Maria “Do you know what that asshole brother of yours did to me?”
Before Liz could even answer Maria continued.
Maria “He hung up on me! Can you believe it!”
Liz “Maria breathe.”
Maria “Sorry I was just so worried about you and when Michael called and left me this cryptic message sayin he would be home late.”

Liz “Maria that’s what’s worrying me. Max, Michael, and Alex are meeting Pierce tonight. I’m scared that there gonna get hurt or worse.”
Maria “Liz they’ll be ok. We just have to wait it out, which really sucks. I mean you don’t know where they’re meeting him do you?”
Liz shook her head. “I wish I did.”

Maria “Well why don’t we get something to eat, since we’re both eating for two now!”
“Oh My God Maria!’ Liz shrieked. “How far along are you? Why didn’t you tell me?”
Maria “Well I ignored all the warning signs, but when I woke up the other morning and heaved out my stomach I went to the doctors and he told me I’m two months pregnant.”

Liz “Maria that is so great!” she said pulling her into a hug. “Have you told Michael yet?”
Maria “Nope before I could all this went down, so I figured I would wait.”
Liz just shook her head.
Maria “Lets go girl I’m starved. Hey does Max have any Mud Pie?”

"I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter. I had to fall to lose it all, but in the end it doesn't even matter." ~Linkin Park.
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Part 30

Max and Michael entered the small office and looked to Kyle with pure hatred in their eyes. This was the man who had hurt their sister/girlfriend. And he was going to pay with his life. But first they needed answers.

Michael ripped the tape covering Kyle’s mouth off. “You listen to me Kyle. I know someone else helped you, and I want to know who.”

Kyle just laughed. “No one helped me, and if someone did do you honestly think I would tell you?”
Michael “You don’t know how glad I am you said that.”
With out warning Michael slammed his fist into Kyle’s face.

Max watched as Michael used Kyle’s face as a punching bag, wishing it were him bringing Kyle pain and not Michael.

Kyle “Ok stop, Stop! I’ll tell you.”
Michael grabbed a towel hanging from his pocket and wiped at the blood that was covering his hands. “Go on.” Michael said motioning.
Kyle “It was Isabel Evans Whitman, Max’s sister. She planned everything, she’s wanted to run the family for years.” He finished wit a smirk.

Max saw red. No way was he going to let Kyle get away wit this bullshit. Michael saw the pissed off look Max had and just shook his head at Kyle. “Now that was very stupid Kyle. You just made Evans here angry.” Michael gave a nod to Max and they switched roles. Max looked at the bloody mess Kyle’s face was and decided to give him some real pain. He seized a metal rod that was on the floor and brought it to Kyle’s ribs.

Whack. Crack. Snap.

Michael watched as Max broke Kyle’s ribs. Max seemed to be taking pleasure in it. Well who could blame him? Kyle had threatened the life of Liz, the mother of his unborn child, and said that his sister had been plotting against him. Kyle had it coming. After about five minutes, or six ribs, Michael stopped Max.

Michael “So Kyle have you changed your mind?”
Kyle “Yeah, now that I think about it, it was Alex.” He said in between panting for breath.

Michael gave Max a look asking if it was possible. Max just shook his head. There was no way Alex would ever do this. He had been wit him for years, he was married to his sister, and he loved Liz like a sister. Nope, Kyle was lying.

Michael “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. This is getting old. Now for lying again I’m going to have to break your legs.”

Michael grabbed the rod Max was holding and brought it down again and again on Kyle’s legs. Kyle gave out a cry each time. Michael stopped his assault after sometime and looked at Kyle. He was a mess. He had dry blood on his face, his eyes were swollen shut, and he was groaning from the pain.

Max wanted this over wit. He knew Kyle had suffered, now he just wanted to get him out of their life. “Michael lets just kill him he’s not going to talk, and I want this worm out of our lives for good.”
Kyle perked up at the sound of Max’s voice. He decided to get his last punches in while he could. “Aw what’s the matter Max, afraid Liz will leave you and go to a real man.”

Anger boiled through Max. He walked over to Kyle and took him by the throat. “Don’t you ever say her name again, understand?” Kyle gave a tight smile. “You should have seen when I kissed her. I made sure she enjoyed it though.” He choked out.

Michael watched this with disgust. Kyle was a fucking idiot. And he was going to be dead real soon by talking about Liz to Max like that. And there was not a damned thing he could do to stop it.

Max closed his hands around Kyle’s neck tighter. This bitch was going to die. Max let go of Kyle and snatched his gun. ‘Three in the head, you know they’re dead.’

Alex watched as Michael and Max emerged from the small office.

Max “Kyle’s dead.”
Alex “So I heard. I’ll call Carlos and tell him that we’ll be there soon.”
Max “One of us should stay here and watch him.” He said pointing to Pierces man.”
Michael “Yeah, Pierce might try and call.”
Max “Why don’t Alex and I make sure Kyle gets takin out to sea, and you stay here and watch our friend.”
Michael “Ok sounds good.”

Liz and Maria ate there pie in silence both where thinking about there significant other.

Liz “Hey why don’t I call Isabel, and tell her to come over here? That way you can meet Colin.”
Maria “That would be great.”
Liz found her phone and dialed Isabel they talked briefly and Isabel said she’d be over as soon as she packed some toys for Colin.

Isabel trekked up the steps to her brother’s house with Colin in one hand and a huge bag filled with everything Colin might possible need. She hit the doorbell with her elbow and patiently waited for someone to answer.

Liz opened the door to see Isabel with her hands full. “Isabel you could have just come in.”
Isabel “Yeah I would’ve except I couldn’t open the door.”
Liz “”Oh, here let me help.”

Liz grabbed the bag out of Isabel hand and ushered her into the house. “Maria’s in the kitchen raiding the fridge. I don’t think you’ve met her have you?”
Isabel “No I haven’t had the pleasure. Let me put Colin in the living room.”

Liz walked in the kitchen and saw Maria eating leftover Chinese. “Maria hun, Isabel is here why don’t you put the food away and come meet her.” She said with a smirk.
Maria “Shut up Liz, you know the whole I’m eating for two rule goes in affect.”
Isabel “Liz I would be careful in a couple of months you’re going to be doing the same thing.” She turned to Maria. “Hi I’m Isabel Whitman.”

Maria put down her fork and introduced herself. “I’m Maria Guerin.”
Liz “Isabel are you hungry, I’m sure if you ask Maria nicely she might share.”

The afternoon continued like that, Isabel and Maria getting aquatinted. The three found themselves talking like old friends. It proved to be a wonderful distraction when Colin woke up and showed the three women all the toys his mama had brought.


Max and Alex sealed the cask and walked toward the approaching figure.

Carlos “Ok I’ll drop it in the middle of the Atlantic.”
Max “I’ll have the cash dropped by your place.”
Carlos “Five thousand.”
Max “That’s what we agreed on.”
Carlos “He mosta done somethin pretty stupid to end up here.”
Max “You could say that.”
Carlos “Well I need to be settin off.”
Max “Carlos it was a pleasure as always.”
Carlos “See you next Saturday?”
Max gave a chuckle. “Maybe, I got to see who pisses me off.”

Max watched as Carlos set off down the Delaware. He very rarely used Carlos. But Kyle deserved to spend eternity with the fishes. It gave him comfort knowing he would never again hurt his Liz.

"I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter. I had to fall to lose it all, but in the end it doesn't even matter." ~Linkin Park.
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Part 31

Max arrived back at the warehouse to see an antsy Michael.
Max “What’s wrong?”
Michael “Pierce called while you where gone. He wants to meet us in an hour. I was starting to worry you wouldn’t make it back on time.”
Alex “What did he say?”
Michael “He gave the location, an abandoned building on Tioga Street. I told him I wanted Liz there and he said as soon as he gets the papers he will call and have her delivered safely home.”

Max “Ok so we need someone here just in case.”
Michael “Yeah.”
Alex “Well the logical person is me. Pierce will be expecting you two. He won’t miss me.”
Max “Ok, we’ll leave as soon as soon as I call Liz. I just wanna make sure she’s okay.”
Michael “Yea good idea.”

Max walked outside and dialed his house phone. He was shocked when Isabel answered. “Is? What are you doing at my house?”
Isabel “Nice to talk to you too brother.”
Max “Sorry.”
Isabel “Liz called me, her and Maria where here and decided to invite me over.”
Max “How is Liz? She’s not overdoing it is she?”
Isabel “Max calm down she’s playing with Colin. They’re building a castle for Maria. But if you’re so worried talk to her yourself.”

Liz “Hello?”
Max “Hey beautiful, how ya feeling?”
Liz “I’d be better if you were here wit me.”
Max “Soon. You’re taking it easy right? No overdoing it now.”
Liz “Max I’m fine, really. I just want you home.”

Max smiled. She had refered to his house as home. It gave him a warm feeling to know that. “I promise to home as soon as I can.” He looked at his watch. “Liz sweetheart I’ve got to go, I love you.”
Liz “I love you too. Please be careful Max, whatever you’re doing just be careful.”
Max “I will. Bye Love.”
Liz “Bye Max.”

Max walked back in to see Michael and Alex conversing.
“Hey I just got off the phone wit Liz, but Isabel and Maria are at my house wit her.”

Alex “Well at least we know they’ll be okay.”
Michael “Did you talk to Maria? Was she angry?”
Max “I don’t think so, Isabel told me she was playing wit Colin.”
Michael “Oh okay.”
Max “Why?”
Michael “Let’s just say I’m facing hurricane Deluca when I get home.”
Max gave a smirk.

Alex “You better get going. I’ll call Tony and Steve and have them pick up our friend over here. Do you want me to come to the warehouse?”
Max “No. We’ll have plenty of bodyguards, what I want from you is to stay here just in case anyone shows up and notices that Liz and Pierce’s men aren’t here. I’ll leave some guys here with you.”
Alex “Ok.”
Max “Alex I want you to make the phone call in a half hour, ok?”
Alex “Max are you sure about this? It could backfire.”
Max “This is the way I want Pierce to pay. I’ll be ok.”

Max turned to Michael. “Ready?”
Michael “Let’s do this.”
Liz paced through the house as she waited for Max to come home. She was worried sick about him, and Michael. How would she live if one of the two most important men in her life didn’t make it? The front door slamming made her jump.

Maria “Liz calm down it’s just me. Isabel said thanks again for inviting her over. Wasn’t Colin such a cutie? A real charmer like Alex.”
Liz “Yea he was…”
Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “They’ll be okay Liz. I just know it.”

Max and Michael walked in side by side to the warehouse. Their cold eyes the only emotion on their stone faces. It was time to go to work.

Pierce “Evans and Guerin, what a sight this makes.”
“We’re here to get my sister back.” Michael said in a cold tone.
Max “Where is she?” Playing dumb.
Pierce “First things first. Do you have my papers?”
Max pulled the documents from his pocket and gave them to Pierce.

Pierce motioned to someone behind him. A nervous man in his thirties emerged from the group of men behind him and took the document.

Pierce watched for any reaction from Max or Michael, but didn’t get one. They kept their same cold expressionless face.

Though it didn’t show, Max was panicking. ‘I hope to god Alex made those forms believable.’

Michael kept a close watch on Pierce’s men. They seemed to be antsy and ready for a fight. Well he would be ready. He knew Pierce was going to try something, he just hoped that Max’s plan would show up before anything happened.

The man gave a nod and gave the document to Pierce before quickly walking to the safety of Pierce’s men.
Pierce “Well it looks like everything is in order. All I need to do is sign and your warehouses are mine.”
Max ‘I wouldn’t be to sure on that.’ “Where is Liz?”
Pierce gave an evil smile. “Evans you and Guerin didn’t think I would actually give Ms. Guerin back did you? As a matter of fact you two won’t make it out of here alive.”

Michael “You little prick! I’m-“ Before Michael could finish the door slammed open and police filled in like ants.


Maria “You know if I wasn’t married to Michael I definitly would marry Dr. Ross.”
Liz just shook her head. “I always went for Carter. I mean George Clooney is good looking, but Noah Wyle is hot.”
Maria burst into giggles. “You would think that Liz.”
Liz looking affended. “Hey what’s wrong with Noah!?”
Maria “Well-“
Liz “OMG. Maria look at the TV.”

Newscaster “We interupt this broadcast for breaking news. Steven Pierce, Michael Guerin and Maxwell Evans were all arrested tonight. We only know that Pierce was arrested on drug charges, it is still unclear what Evans and Guerin will be charged with. Will have more news for you after this progamming.”

Maria “I can’t believe this! They’re in jail. I swear to god…”
Liz “Maria calm down. What are we going to do?”
Maria “Well I for one am going to collect my husband. He has some explaining to do. You coming?”

Maria and Liz walked into the police station. There were people everywhere. Liz watched as Maria took a deep breath and yelled at the top of her lungs.


Everyone stopped what they where doing and looked to Maria. “Now that I have your attention. I’m looking for my husband Michael Guerin.”

It was like watching Moses part the sea. And at the end of the line was Michael sinking as low as he could into his chair with his hand rubbing his forehead.
Part 32

Liz couldn’t believe Maria’s audacity. The girl really had no limitations. But Liz had other issues to deal with, like the unhappy looks Max was sending her way. She took a deep breath and followed Maria towards the guys.

Before Liz could say anything Maria started her assault.

Maria “Whose in charge here? I need get my poor excuse of a husband dropped of these charges. And what exactly is he being charged with?”
Michael “Maria!”
Maria turned around and faced Michael. She gave him a long and cold stare. “I’ll deal wit you later. Now who is in charge here?”

“Ma’am if you could just lower your voice I would be more then happy to help you.”
Maria “And who the hell are you?”
Brian “I’m the arresting officer-“
Liz “Brian Maines.”
Brian looked past the fiery blonde to see a petite dark haired woman. “No, that can’t be Liz!?!”
Liz walked over to him and gave him a hug, much to the displeasure of Max. “How have you been?! You’re a cop now?”

Brian “Yea I’m a Sargent actually. I’ve been pretty good. Wow you haven’t groan an inch.”
Liz smirked. “Your mouth still hasn’t caught up with the rest o your face, it’s as big as ever.”
Brian “Ouch, that hurt. What are you doing here?”
Maria “We’re here to get out our significant others, so why don’t you be a dear and go and get what ever papers we need to sign.
Brian “Sorry it doesn’t work like that.”
Maria “Excuse me?”
Brian “We still need-“

Maria “No, No this is unexceptable. You get your ass in your office and fill the paper work out. NOW.”
Liz “Maria-“
Brian “Ma’am you’re working my last nerve. I’d be careful if I were you.”
Maria gave out a laugh. “What are you going to do? Throw me in jail? I don’t think so you aren’t man enough!”
Liz “MARIA!”
Brian “Oh really? Smith get over here and Arrest Mrs. Guerin for disruption of the Peace.”
Liz “Wait Brian she didn’t mean it.”
Maria “The hell I didn’t.”

Liz gave Maria a hard look.
Brian “Sorry Liz but I think a few hours in lockup will do this one good.”
Maria “That’s what you think buddy.”
Liz put a hand over her face as a young officer with blonde hair came over with handcuffs.
Maria “What’s the matter wit you Bri? Sending a boy who’s still wet behind the ears to do your job. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

Max watched as Maria continued to harass the officer. ‘Good.’ He thought. He didn’t like the way the cop was looking at Liz. Max watched the young officer try to cuff Maria as she continued to agitate the Sargent.

Michael didn’t know how to react. He was angry, happy, embarrassed, and scared all at once. Watching the officer man handle his wife finally got him talking. “Alright that’s enough, you’ve proved a point. We all know my wife has a big mouth.”

Brian turned to Michael “Don’t think you can tell me what to do.”
Michael “Listen you-“
Liz “OKAY, Brian can I talk to you? In your office.”
Brian’s eyes never left Michael. “Yeah lets go.”

Max fumed as Brian put his hands on the small of Liz’s back and led her to his office.

Michael “I don’t like that asshole.”
Max “Yea, I know what you mean.”
Michael “Damn it. Max things are changing; the girls should’ve never showed up. I don’t want them involved.”
Max rubbed his eyes. “Michael we stick to the plan they can’t hold us on anything. As for Liz and Maria, well they don’t know anything. You and I will be out of here anytime now and we can take them home. We’ll that’s after you bust Maria out.” He finished with a smirk.
Michael “Yeah don’t remind me. Do you think they’ll let me just leave and keep her here for the night?”
Max “I doubt it.”
Michael “Yea, I got a lot of shit to deal wit anyway. No point in delaying the inevitable.”

Before Max could respond Brian and Liz came back and walked over to them. “You’re free to go. Just sign your statements. We’ll be in touch so I wouldn’t go anywhere.” He turned to Michael. “You can go and collect your wife now. She’s in cell three.”
Michael looked to Liz. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz gave him a quick hug and he left to get Maria.
Liz “Thanks again Brian.”
Brian “No problem.”
Max “Liz let’s go.”

Liz “It was good to see Brian.”
Brian “You too, maybe we can get together for lunch sometime?”
Liz “Yeah that would be great. Bye.”
Brian “Bye.”
Max gave him a deadly stare, just daring him to say something to him. He didn’t.

Michael took his sweet old time walking back to Maria’s cell. When he got there he wished he had just went home. Maria was bothering the guard on duty with her earsplitting talking. “Maria would you leave the poor man alone, I’m getting you out as we speak.” He turned to the guard. “Could you give us a few minutes?”

“Sure take all the time you want.” The guard said relieved to get away from Maria.

Michael walked up to the bars and leaned down. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
Maria “What do I have to say for myself? Is that all you have to say to me? I should be saying this to you! You Michael Guerin call me and tell me you’ll be home late tonight and hang up me! Then to top it all off your ugly mug interrupts my show saying you’re in jail. So being the wonderful, loyal, concerned wife that I am I rushed down here to save your ass and all you ask me is what do I have to say for myself?!”
Michael “Are you finished?”
Maria “I’m pregnant.”
Michael “WHAT!”
Maria “Ya going deaf now, I said I’m pregnant.”

Michael couldn’t believe it. Pure shock was running through him. When he came from his stupefaction he shouted for a guard.

Michael “Get my wife out of there now!”
“I need to get the keys.”
Michael “Well what the hell you standing here for go get them, NOW!”
The guard ran off and Maria gave out a laugh.
Michael “This pregnancy is going to kill me isn’t it?”
Maria “Do you even have to ask?”

The guard returned and let Maria from her cell. Michael swept her up in his arms and twirled her around. She let out a shriek.
Michael “I love you, you know that right?”
Maria “Yeah. I love you too.”
Michael “Lets go home.”
Maria “Well you have to put me down first.”
Michael “Not a chance, you’ll likely end up in jail again.”

Liz watched as Max drove her black Alero through the streets of Philadelphia. He hadn’t said a word to her since they left the police station.

Liz “Are you going to talk to me?”
Max “What do you want to talk about?”
Liz “Don’t patronize me. You know damn well. ”
Max “Well what I know is that I told you to stay home and rest not to come down to the police station and flirt with the Sargent.”
Liz “So that’s what this is about.”
Max “Huh.”
Liz “Max you have to stop this jealously nonsense. I’m wit you! No one is going to change that. Brian and I went to school together, and he was and is just a friend.” Liz sighed and turned her head to the window.

Max felt like a jerk. He knew it was ridiculous to get jealous. Liz was with him. “I’m sorry sweetheart. You’re just so damn beautiful. I know I acted like an idiot. You forgive me.”

Liz “Yes. But Max this stops here. We’re not even married.”
Max ‘That will soon be changed’ he thought to himself. He grabbed her hands and brought it to his mouth and kissed her knuckles. “How are you feeling? Does your back hurt? When is your doctors appointment?”
Liz “Okay Maria, calm down.”
Max gave her a look. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”
Liz “I’d be a lot better if you didn’t get arrested. Max are you in trouble?”

Max “Don’t worry I’m okay.”
Liz “Max you were arrested I don’t think you’re okay.”
Max “Liz I planned to get arrested tonight.”
That stopped her cold. “Why?”
Max sighed. “Because that way Pierce will rot in prison.”

Liz “Wait I’m confused.”
Max “I know how much Pierce hates prison. Being in a sixteen by sixteen cell would make him crazy. Well tonight I just made sure he’s in there for life with no chance of parole. And no chance of ever hurting you again. ”
Liz “Oh my god. What did you do?”
Max “When is your doctors appointment?”
Liz “Max.”
Max “Are you hungry? We could stop and get something?”
Liz sighed. “I’m not hungry. I called my doctor today and my appointment is set for tomorrow at twelve.”
Max “I’ll take you to lunch afterwards okay?”
Liz smiled. “You’re gonna come with me?”
Max “Of course. There’s no place else I would be.”

Max pulled into the driveway and parked Liz’s car. He leaned over and took her lips with his. The kiss started slow but turned into passionate quickly. Max broke the kiss and put his forehead against Liz’s. “Let’s finish this upstairs okay?” Liz nodded and Max got out of the car and made his way to Liz’s side. He helped her out and steered her by the waist to their bedroom.
Part 33

Max pulled Liz against him as he shut the door to his room. He laid his head on her shoulder and just inhaled Liz’s sent. Her vanilla and strawberry sent intoxicated him. He gently nudged her towards the bed, pulling at their clothes as they went. Max picked Liz up, clad only in her undergarments and laid her on the bed. He followed her down and their lips found each other’s immediately, fusing together and loving. Max broke the kiss gasping for oxygen. He leaned down and kissed the tip of Liz’s nose. Looking into her desired filled eyes his heart sped up.

Max’s thumb stroked her cheek. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”
Liz squirmed under Max’s words. No one else had ever said that to her. Sure people said she was ‘pretty’, but never beautiful. Liz looked to Max expecting eyes and gave the smile she reserved only for him. “You make me feel beautiful.”
Max “Let me show you how beautiful you are.”
Liz gave her affirmation with a passionate kiss.

Much to Liz’s displeasure Max broke the kiss and went to the foot of the bed. He tentatively picked up her foot and brought it to his mouth. “I love your dainty toes.” Max moved up her legs trailing his fingers and mouth over them. “And your long and slender legs, especially when they’re wrapped around me.” He said in between kisses. Max stopped at her stomach and let his hand rest over her womb a goofy smile on his face. “And your tummy that hold our baby is perfect.”

“It won’t be in a couple of months.” Liz said with a trace of sadness in her voice.
Max placed a kiss on her stomach and moved up eye level with her. Cupping her checks with his big hands, “Liz I can’t think of anything more sexy then you heavy with child.”
Liz “Really?”
Max smiled. “Really.”

He grabbed her lips with his and kissed her with all the desire he had. It left them gasping for breath and furling the fire for each other.

Liz “Max, please.”
Max slowly entered Liz moaning at the sensation of her tight walls. “Oh god, Baby.”
Liz pushed at Max switching their positions. Max was taken back by Liz’s burst of strength but wasn’t complaining as she started to ride him. He grabbed the side of her hips helping to set the rhythm.

Max felt the beginnings of his release and reached to where they were joined, finding Liz’s nub Max rubbed it till she screamed out in pleasure. Max feeling Liz’s walls clamp down on his member came instantly. Liz fell on Max’s damp chest, spent.

Max pulled the sheets over their cooling bodies’ content with the angel in his arms. He looked down to see her doe eyes looking up at him with love shinning through them. “I love you Liz.” Liz smiled. “I love you too Max.”

Max watched Liz yawn and grew concerned. She had been through so much the last couple of days and being pregnant she was probably exhausted. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and whispered in her ear. “Get some sleep, Love.” Liz kissed Max’s chest and closed her eyes snuggling close to Max. He watched as her breathing evened out and perceived her with awe. She was perfection. Max didn’t know how he had gotten her love, but he knew he would never take her for granted. She was his life, and love and he vowed to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Max fell asleep with a smile on his lips and the woman he adored in his arms.
“Damn it Evans got Pierce and Kyle, but he won’t get me. I’ll let him think he’s won, and when he least expects it I’ll get him and his Princess.”

Max awoke to the sounds of Liz retching the contents of her stomach. He dashed into the bathroom to find her lying her head against the cool tiles looking pale. Max walked swiftly over to Liz and picked her up hugging her to his chest. He placed her gently on the bed and went to retrieve a washcloth. Carefully sitting next to her he brought the washcloth to her face, delicately wiping.

Liz opened her eyes as the cool cloth hit her face. She saw the concern etched in Max’s face and raised her hand to his brow massaging out the worry lines. “Max I’m okay, this is normal.”

Max still frowning. “I just don’t like to see you like this.”
Liz “Believe me I don’t like to feel like this, but it will be worth it in seven months.” She finished with a smile.
Max smiled. “Yeah, but I’m glad we’re going to the doctors today. How’s your back?”
Liz “It’s a bit sore but I’ll survive.”
Max nodded. “You want some pancakes? Or I could make you eggs?”
Liz felt herself get nauseous at the thought of food. “That’s really sweet Max but if I even smell food I’m going to get sick.”

Max nodded. “How about some tea? Maybe it will help settle your stomach.”
Liz nodded gratefully. “That’s sounds perfect.”

Max and Liz walked into the doctor’s office hand in hand, smiles adorning both their faces. Liz signed in and sat with Max waiting patiently.

The nurse called them back and Liz changed into a gown. Max helped Liz unto the table and held her hand. A couple minutes later a woman in her forties came into the room, much to the comfort of Max.

“Hi, I’m doctor Peters. How are you doing Ms. Guerin?”
Liz smiled warmly to the doctor. “I’m doing good.”
“Liz I’m going to give you a pelvic exam and then I’ll draw some blood, take a urine sample and then we’ll do a ultra sound.”
Max “Is there something wrong?”
“No, No. We’re just covering the basics, especially with a first time mother.”
Max calmed down and smiled to Liz.

The doctor continued with the examination, making idle chit chat. The doctor ran all the tests and started to prepare for the ultra sound.

“Now it’s too early to determine the sex of the baby, but your going to hear a whooshing sound.-“ As the doctor said this the room filled with a rapid noise.

Max “What’s that?” he said with alarm.
“Relax, it’s just your baby’s heart beat.”
Max and Liz looked at each other with astonishment.
Liz “But it’s so fast!”
“A normal baby heart beat is much faster then yours or mine. Don’t worry everything seems to be good regarding your health and your baby’s.”

Max leaned over and kissed Liz, smiling from ear to ear.
“Well I’ll let you get dressed Liz, and I’ll be back with your test results and any questions you need answered, ok?”
Liz nodded with a smile illuminating her face.

Max helped Liz dress taking special care around her stomach. He buttoned up her shirt and cupped her face and kissed her till she was breathless.

Liz “Behave yourself Mr. Evans.”
Max “I’m sorry you’re just positively radiant.”
Liz “Such the charmer.”
Max brought Liz in for another kiss before the doctor walked in. Max sat down bring Liz down with him and resting his arms on her still small stomach.

“Liz I was looking at your results and everything checks out normal. Though I do have some concerns with your back. The medications you’re on is not recommended for pregnant woman.”

Liz paled at the doctor’s words. “I-I took a dose, is my baby going to be okay?”
“Liz one dose is fine, it’s becomes a problem with long term use. We’re talking like using it for two or three months, at full dose. You have nothing to worry about.”
Liz and Max both relaxed at the doctor’s words.
Max “So what the problem with Liz’s back then?”
“Well for now nothing, but when Liz starts to gain wait and show it’s going to put a strain on her back, causing her pain.”

Max “What can we do?”
“Well here are some medications, and rest. But let’s wait till we get there. I didn’t mean to frighten you, I just wanted to tell you to expect this, ecspically with Liz’s back problems.”
Liz nodded. “Thank-you so much doctor.”
“If you have any problems call me. I’ll see you in a few weeks, and start taking those prenatal vitamins as soon as you can okay?”
Max “Don’t worry she will.” Max stock out his hand. “Thank-you doctor.”
“No problem” She said returning his handshake.

Max and Liz walked out of the doctor’s office hand in hand dreamy smiles upon their faces, stealing kisses and wondering if life could get any better.

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Part 34

Liz “Maria I still can’t believe you did that.” It had been a couple of day’s sense Liz’s doctor appointment and she decided to stop by Maria and Michael’s.
Maria “Liz you know I speak my mind and when that cop guy started giving me lip-“
Liz “Brian, Maria his name is Brian. And he’s a very nice person I may add.”
Maria gave her a look. “Anyway Brian gave me lip so I gave some back.”
Liz “And you where put in jail for it.” She finished with a laugh.

Maria “ANYWAY, how was your doctors appointment? Everything okay?”
Liz smiled. “Everything is wonderful. The baby is perfect and healthy.”
Maria “I’m so happy for you.”
Liz “Hey what about you?”
Maria “Well I have an appointment today actually in like a half hour.”
Liz “Oh well I’ll go then, don’t want you to be late.”
Maria “I’ll walk you to your car.”
Liz “Is Michael going with you?”
Maria “Yeah he’s gonna meet me their he had to do meet his lawyer. So how’s Max?”
“Terrific.” Liz beamed. “Maria he’s been so great to me. Like this morning he made me breakfast and brought my vitamins for me. And when I was at my studio he called to say he loved me.” She gushed out.

Maria “So Max has been Prince charming ever since he found out, and you thought he would be angry with you.” She said with a shake of her head.
Liz “Maria everything is perfect for me right now. I’m scared I’ll wake up and it be just a dream.”
Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “Liz you deserve all your happiness, don’t even think like that.” Maria pulled back. “Besides you’ll probably be Mrs. Maxwell Evans soon.”
Liz froze. “I don’t think Max wants to marry me.”
Maria sighed. “Liz don’t think. If I know Max he most likely has your ring and is racking his brain on a way to propose to you.”
Liz “But he hasn’t even mentioned it Maria.”
Maria “Liz Hun, Max just wants to surprise you.”
Liz “Yeah you’re probably right.”
Maria “Probably? No Liz I AM right. Just wait and see.”
Liz “I hope you’re right.

“Max I’m home.” Liz shouted as she unbuttoned her coat. She hung it up on the rack, and that’s when she noticed it. The box Max had given her a month ago was sticking out from her purse. Liz grabbed it and made her way into Max’s office.

Max looked up to see Liz walking in. ‘She looks radiant’ He thought to himself. “Hey beautiful I thought I heard you come in.” Max dropped the stack of papers in his hand and made his way to Liz. How was your day? .

Liz “It just got a lot better.”
Max pulled her firmly against his hard body and rested his hands on her waist. “Let me take you to dinner tonight? I got reservations for us at Georgine’s.”
Liz smiled. “Hmm…And why should I let you to take me to the most elegant restaurant in Philadelphia?”
Max “Well because I love you so much and you have to eat, so why not?”
Liz “Well when you put it like that… Of course I will.”
Max “Good. Now go and get ready we have reservations in two hours.”

“I only have two hours to get ready!” Liz said while trying to keep a strait face. “I’ll never be ready in time.” She burst out laughing at the look that crossed Max’s face. “Kiddin’ Max.”

Max smiled and kissed her lips. He broke away and gave her a push to the door. “Go and get ready Love.” Liz started to leave when Max stopped her. “Oh Liz, bring the box I gave you ok?”

Liz gave him a curious look and nodded before leaving. Max sat down on his chair and let out a breath. He couldn’t wait for tonight to be over with. Max was being stupid and he knew it. Liz loved him he didn’t doubt that for a second, but would she agree to be his wife? God he hoped so. He would be crushed if she said no. No he had to think positive or it this would be a nervous wreck all night. Liz loved him and she was going to have his baby, and hopefully be his wife. The thought left a smile on his face.

Liz took one more glance at her appearance in the mirror. She had on a burgundy dress that ended just below her knees. She smoothed down the satin material and pushed some loose hair behind her ears. Liz walked quietly down the stairs and saw Max pacing nervously back and forth. She cleared her throat and he immediately looked up.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw the beauty before him. “You’re gorgeous.” Liz blushed. “You don’t look to bad yourself.” Liz took in Max appearance. He looked good enough to eat in his black suit pants and white shirt with his leather jacket.

Max took Liz’s hand. “We better get going.”

Max walked behind Liz; his hands resting on her waist as the hostess led them to their table. He pulled out her chair and kissed her temple before going to take his own seat. Dinner came and went with Max and Liz sharing their food and kisses.

Max looked down at his watch. “We have to go.”
Liz gave him an inquisitive look. “Ok, where are we going?”
Max just smiled. “It’s a surprise.

They quickly made their way from the restaurant and Max drove them to the river.

Recognition dawned on Liz’s face as Max led her to the bench where they had looked at the stars on their first date. Max seated her and dropped to his knees. He placed his finger on her lips. “Before you say anything let me talk.” Liz nodded her head and Max continued. “Can I see the box I gave you.” She retrieved it from her purse and handed it to Max.

“Liz I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you at Michael’s. You’re perfection from your silky hair to your beautiful chocolate brown eyes. The way you walk into a room and just seem to glow. I’ll never be able to live another single day without you, and I don’t ever want to.” He placed the box in her hands. “Open it.”

Tears sprung in Liz’s eyes as she removed the paper and outer box to reveal a velvet jewelry box. She opened the box and gasped. There was a gold band with three sparkling diamonds in the center.

“Elizabeth Parker Guerin will you marry me?”

Liz “Yes.”
Max slipped the ring on to her finger and picked her up and twirled her around, reveling in the shriek she gave out. He stopped and gave her a passion filled kiss that left them both breathless.

Liz “Max I can’t believe you’ve had me carrying around my ring.”
Max smiled. “Well I didn’t want to lose it.”
Liz giggled. “What would you have done if I lost it? Then you would’ve been in trouble.”
Max “Nah, I knew you wouldn’t.”
Liz “Max I think you can put me down now.”
Max “Not a chance, I love the feel of you in my arms.”
Liz “Max let’s go home.”
Max “I’ve got a better idea, why don’t we spend the night on that yacht over there.”

Liz “Are you serious?”
Max just walked over to the dock with Liz in his arms and boarded the boat. He walked through the entertainment area and back to the master bedroom, which was illuminated by candles.

Liz “Max I can’t believe you did this for me.”
Max “Why not, you deserve this and so much more Liz.” He gently lowered her to the bed and ran his hands through her hair. “I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy and loved. You don’t deserve anything less. I love you, so much it hurts.”

Liz “I love you to Max, now make love to me.”
Max grinned. “I think I can handle that.”

They spent the rest of the night showing each other their love for one another, until they collapsed in each other’s arms.

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Part 35

Liz snuggled closer to Max’s hard body as she awoke.
“Good morning beautiful.” Max said as he stroked her back.
“I love waking up like this.” Liz replied while planting kisses on his broad chest.

Suddenly she stopped and her face fell to her ring finger. “I still can’t believe I’m going to be Mrs. Evans.” She said in a quiet tone.

Max “Well believe it because I want to marry you as soon as possible.”
Liz “Me too, no more wasted time apart.”
Max pulled her closer to his body and tightened his grip on her. “Yea, no more wasted time. So how about next week?”
Liz gave him a doubtful look. “Uh uh. I’ve dreamed of my wedding for a long time and I want time to plan it to perfection.”
Max “Fine two weeks.”
Liz “Six weeks.”
Max “Liz you’re killing me here.”
Liz “Fine a month.”
Max sighed. “Alright a month from now we get married.”
Liz gave out a giggle. “I can’t believe it, in a month I’ll be Mrs. Evans.”
Max “I like the sound of that.”
Liz “ Let’s see we have to get my church, a list of people, a reception hall, and my dress! What do you think about an afternoon wedding?”

Max “I think whatever makes you happy is just perfect.”
Liz “So if I decided to have us get married at the water docks wearing lobster suits that would be okay wit you?” she smirked.
Max “Hey if that’s what you want…”
“Max!” Liz said in an exasperated voice.
Max “How about this, you handle the wedding details and I’ll handle the honeymoon.”
Liz thought it over for a minute. “Okay, but I’m still going to ask for your opinions since this is your wedding too.”

Max kissed her head. “Good, now how about we get a head start on our honeymoon.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Max walked into his study with a permanent smile plastered on his face. He had just dropped Liz off at her studio and chuckled as he thought about it. Max had tried to convince Liz to skip work and come home and spend the day in bed. But she was adamant about her class she had to teach.

Alex “What’s so funny?”
Max “Jeez Alex you scared me. I was just thinking about Liz. ”
Alex “Well from the smile on your face I’m guessing she said yes.”
Max “That would be correct. On December 24th Elizabeth Guerin will become Elizabeth Evans.”
Alex walked over to Max shaking his hand and pulling him into a brotherly hug. “Congrats Man. You and Liz deserve each other.”
Max “Thanks, but I do have one more thing to say, well ask.”
Alex “What?”
Max “I was wondering if you’d be my best man?”
Alex “Max I’d be honored.”
Max “Thanks.”

Alex “Before we get to business, Isabel asked about Thanksgiving. She said she wouldn’t mind having it again.”
Max “You know what Alex, every year Isabel does it. Well tell my sister this year to come here.”
Alex gave him a look. “You sure about this?”
Max “Yea, I’ll invite Michael and Maria. It’ll be nice.”
Alex “Ya know if someone would have told me five months ago that you and Liz Guerin would be engaged, and you and Michael sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving I would have laughed in their face.”

Max “It’s funny how things change. But I love my life right now, and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.”
Alex “Well your life’s about to get even batter.”
Max “Pierce?”
Alex “Yea, his trial is set for two weeks.”
Max smile left his face for the first time since he had gotten home. “Alex I want him locked away for life.”
Alex “Don’t worry he will be. Max relax, we set this up perfectly there’s no way he’s getting off.”
Max visibly relaxed. “Okay.”

Maria “Ya know I hate to tell you this but… I told you so!”
Liz giggled. “I know, and for once I’m glad your right.”
Maria “That good huh.”
Liz “I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”
Maria “So when’s the big day?”
Liz “Christmas Eve, and Maria would you be my maid of honor?”
“I thought you’d never ask.” Maria squealed as she threw her arms around Liz and gave her a bone-crushing hug.
Liz “So I take that as a yes.”
Maria “Of course, I mean did you ever have any doubt?”
“No.” She said laughing. Liz looked down and took on a serious tone. “Maria I want Michael to walk me down the isle, do you think he’ll do it?”

Maria “Liz he wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Liz “Where is he?”
Maria “He’s in the office, why don’t you go in and tell him the good news. I’ve got a couple of errands to run. So give me a call and well start shopping for dresses!”
Liz “Ok, that would be great.”
Maria “Bye.”
Liz “Bye.”

Michael sorted threw a stack of papers and gave out a frustrated sigh. Just then a timid knock came from the door. “Yeah, come in.” he said gruffly.

Liz “Well it looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
Michael gave a small smile. “Sorry I’ve just got so much work to do it seems endless right now.”
Liz “Well it’s a good thing I’m here to give you a break.”
Michael “Yea, now come over here and give your brother a hug.”

Michael engulfed Liz in a tight embrace. “It seems like forever since I last saw you. How are you doing? I heard you went to the doctor, everything ok?”
Liz pulled back and took a seat across from Michael. “Well I went to the doctor and she gave me a clean bill of health, though she’s a bit worried about my back further along in the pregnancy.”
Michael shook his head in understandment. “Well I’ll have to make sure you take it easy.”

Liz “I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Max is already protective as it is. I thought living with you was bad.”
Michael “Sorry kiddo, you aren’t getting any sympathy here. Evans better keep you safe.”
Liz gave Michael a pointed glare. “Anyway, Congratulations Maria told me the good news. So how does it feel knowing you’re going to be a daddy in six months?”
Michael gave a smile. “I’m so excited. It’s crazy to think Maria and I are going to be parents.”
Liz laughed. “Yeah that is a scary thought. That poor kid!”
Michael “Well all I know is if it’s a girl and has Maria’s vibrant personality god help the world.”
Liz laughed. “Then I hope you have a boy, cause the world’s not ready for another Maria.”
Michael just laughed.

Liz “Michael I have something I have to tell you.”
Michael “Why do I not like the sound of this.”
Liz “No it’s good news. Max asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”
Michael “I was wondering when Evans was going to get his act together. Another couple of days and I would’ve had to go and beat some sense into him.”
Liz “Michael!”
Michael “Hey no sister of mine is going to have a baby out of wedlock.”
Liz “You know if I didn’t love you so much I would be angry with you right about now.”

Michael “Seriously Liz I’m happy for you. Max for some odd reason makes you happy, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. It’s good to see the sparkle in your eye back, it suits you.”
Liz had tears in her eyes as she hugged Michael. “Thank-you, you don’t know what it means to have say that. But I have something to ask you.”
Michael “What’s that?”
Liz looked up. “Will you walk me down the isle?”
Michael smiled. “I’d be honored to.”
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Part 36

Liz felt a pair of warm lips on her neck as she lay on the couch flipping threw a bridal magazine Maria gave her. “You know my fiancé is going to be home soon.” She felt Max smile on her neck.

Max “Well then will just have to be quick.”

Liz turned and took Max’s lips in a sweet kiss. “Finished working?”
Max “Yea, I’m all yours now.”
Liz “I like the sound of that.”

Max went around the couch and sat down, bringing Liz on his lap. “How was your day?” He said while nuzzling her neck.
Liz “It was great. I stopped by my brother’s house and talked with him and Maria. Oh Max Michael’s going to walk me down the isle!”
Max gave Liz a squeeze. “That’s fantastic.”
Liz “And guess who’s also pregnant?”
Max “No…”
Liz “Yup. Maria’s due in May.”

“I don’t think this world is ready for a pregnant Maria Guerin.” Max said with a laugh.
Liz “Laugh all you want Mr. Evans, but when I’m seven months along and as big as a house and snapping at you for everything you do we’ll see who’s laughing then.”

Max pulled her in for a passion filled kiss. He broke away and rested his forehead against hers. “Impossible, at seven months you’re going to be so beautiful and you won’t be asking for anything because I plan on giving you anything and everything you’ll ever want or need.”

Liz had tears running down her cheeks. “Max what did I do to deserve you, you shouldn’t even be with me. Oh my god, you’re just with me because of the baby!” She made a move to get off of Max but he quickly grabbed her waist and sat her back down.

Max “Liz sweetie, you know how much I love you. Baby or no baby I would’ve married you. And it’s me who should wonder how I got your love and affection.”

Liz went to wipe at her tears but Max beat her to it placing both hands on the side of her face and swiping away the tears with the pads of his thumbs. “I’m sorry Max, see it’s already started my hormones.” She finished with a small smile.

Max “Don’t apologize baby, I know you’re going to be a little crazy with your emotions. And that wasn’t so bad. One down, a couple more hundred more to go.”
Liz laughed “Oh god I hope not that many.”
Max “Now that’s what I like to see, keep showing me that beautiful smile.”

Liz laid her head on Max’s shoulder, just reveling in his affection.
Max “Hey I was talking to Alex today, and I told him we would have Thanksgiving here. I was thinking we could invite Maria and Michael too. What do you think?”
Liz “That’ll be perfect.”
Max “You’ll get to meet my Mother.”
Liz “Your mom’s coming up from Virginia.”
Max “Yea, we always spend the holidays together, though normally they’re at Iz’s house. But I figured this year we should spend the holidays with our whole family.”

Liz ”Max does she know we’re engaged? Or that she’s going to be a grandma?”
Max sighed. “No, I just didn’t feel right telling her over the phone. I mean she knows about you, and how I am absolutely in love with you. And with all the things that where going on at the time, it just wasn’t right.”
Liz “I understand.”
Max “You know the holidays were always such a lonely time for me. I mean I would spend them with family, but Isabel had Alex, and my mom would be fussing over Colin and hassling me over when I was going to get married and have grandchildren.” He smiled and rested his hand over Liz’s tiny stomach.
Liz “I know what you mean. Every year Maria tries to cook Thanksgiving dinner but always ends up burning the turkey, or undercooking it as she did one year.” Liz laughed as she recalled her journey to the hospital for food poisoning. “Michael always ends up ordering Pizza. And the next day he’ll make the most mouth watering Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever seen. You know Michael could have been a chef, he’s actually really good around the kitchen. But I always felt like I was missing something, someone. ”

Max “Well this year will be different for both of us, I know I have the love I’ve been dreaming of.”
Liz “I love you so much Max.”
Max “That’s good because I’d be lost without you.”

Maria walked into the living room to see Michael lying on the couch reading the Daily News.

Maria “So did Liz talk to you?”
Michael “Uh huh.”
Maria “And?”
Michael “I agreed.”
Maria “Of course you did, did she say anything else?”
Michael “No.”

Maria sat down on Michael, crushing his paper in the process.
Michael “Maria! Can’t you see I’m reading the paper.”
Maria “Can’t you see I’m trying to have a conversation?”
Michael folded his paper and sat it down next to him and crossed his arms over his chest. “Ok you’ve got my full attention now.”
Maria “Well Liz just called and she invited us to Thanksgiving at her and Max’s. Though I did have Thanksgiving planned out already. I found these great recipes online; there’s this apple pumpkin pie that sounds great! ”

Michael “You know I think we should just go over Liz’s. I mean this is her first time living away, so you know…”
Maria smirked. “You just don’t want to eat my cooking.”
Michael “Well I would like to actually have thanksgiving on thanksgiving, and not make our annual trip to the hospital.”
Maria “Stop exaggerating, you only had to go to the hospital once!”
Michael gave her a pointed look. “Sweetie, I love you. But when it comes to cooking you should just stay out of the kitchen!” He finished with a chuckle.

Maria smacked Michael on his chest. “We’ll see who’s laughing when we have dessert, because I volunteered to make it.”
A pained expression crossed Michael’s face. “C’mon Maria, you know how I feel about pumpkin pie. Just do me a favor and go down to the bakery and order a couple.”
Maria “Nope. I want to show you that I can cook, and am pretty damn good at it!”

With that Maria left with a huff. Michael just shook his head. “There goes thanksgiving pumpkin pie.”

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Part 37A

Liz “Max, what time do you have to pick up your mom tomorrow?”
Liz’s breath caught in her throat Max walked into the bedroom clad in only a pair of boxers.
Max “Her flight comes in at ten, but with the holidays we probably won’t be home till about eleven, eleven thirty. ”
Liz took a calming breath. “And Isabel, Alex and Colin are coming over about that time. Maria said she and Michael would be here around twelve.”

Max walked up to Liz and engulfed her into a hug. “Sweetheart calm down. Everything’s going to be great.”
Liz sighed. “I know, I’m just a little nervous meeting your mom. I mean what if she doesn’t like me or something?” She buried her face in his chest, knowing how ridiculous she sounded.

“Babe my mother’s going to love you, believe me when she finds out she’s going to have another grandchild she’ll be even more ecstatic.” Max said in a comforting tone.

Liz “I’m sorry, I just really want her to like me. I mean we’re going to be married in a little less then a month!”
Max “Liz my mom knows how important you are to me. She wants to meet you.”
Liz took a calming breath, something she had been doing a lot lately. “You’re right I need to relax, god I’m never like this. It’s like I’m a totally different person.”
Max smiled. “Let’s get you to bed sweet, you need your rest.”
Liz “You’re to good to me.”
Max scooped her up and deposited her on the bed. He lay down beside her and pulled her into his arms. Liz fell asleep almost instantaneously. Max lay awake though, fingering a piece of her hair and watching her intently. “How I ever got someone as beautiful as you to love me I’ll never know, but I’m never going to give you up. That I can promise.” He kissed the top of her head and joined her in sleep.


Liz woke up to the sex sight of Max. She looked at the clock and saw they had a few hours till they had to get up. She licked her lips as her eyes raked over his exposed sculptured chest. A wicked grin passed her face as she straddled Max. She kissed a trail of hot openmouthed kisses up his chest while grinding her hips into his rapidly hardening member.

Max snapped his eyes open and was pleasantly surprised at his position. “Liz—

Before Max could finish Liz silenced him with a hungry kiss that left him breathless. She kissed a path to his ear while moving her hand down to his arousal. “Do you want me Max?” She asked in a low husky voice while fondling him.

Max “Oh God yes!”
Liz moved her head down to his nipple and bit down hard, while squeezing his sensitive sacs. He gave out a low hiss as Liz continued to torture him. She moved back to his ear. “Tell me what you want Max.” She increased the speed of her strokes on him.

“Fuck Liz.” He gasped out.

Liz stopped her actions and licked Max’s collar bone thriving in the shutter he gave. “I’ll think about it.” She whispered seductively.

Max had enough of Liz’s playing and flipped positions with her. He found her opening and slammed his member into her. He grabbed her thighs and bright them up to his hips while continuously thrusting into her. All that could be heard where Max’s grunts and Liz’s cries of pleasure. Max moved his lips to Liz’s ear, “Tell me who you love.”

Liz “You Max, always you.”

He slammed into her one last time and they both came while screaming each other’s names.

After their bodies cooled down Max rolled off Liz and she curled up to him like a kitten. Max worried that he might have been to rough with her, but he looked down at his love and saw she had her eyes closed and an immense smile on her lips he knew she was ok.

Max “That’s what I a wake up call!”
Liz opened her eyes and looked up at Max. “What can I say I saw my soon to be husband looking sexy as hell and I couldn’t help myself.” Her smile never leaving her face.
Max “I’m not complaining.”
Liz looked at the time. “Max we have to get up, you have to go and get your mom and I have to finish dinner.”
Max sighed. “I don’t want to get out of this bed.”

Liz laughed at him. He was pouting like a little boy. “Max we have the rest of our lives to be in bed together.”
Max “Ok, but only because I love you so much and my mother will kill me if I’m not there to get her.”
Liz “That’s the spirit.”

Liz opened the oven and inhaled the wonderful smell of thanksgiving turkey. She quickly closed the oven after basting it and checked her watch. Max would be home in Two hours. Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel would all be here in a half-hour. Everything was going smoothly…

Michael and Maria arrived at Max’s house a little while later.
Maria handed Michael the pies she had baked, and knocked on the door. She turned to Michael and pointed her right in his face. “Listen good Michael there are two rules you will follow. One be nice to everybody. And two no shop talk. Comply with these rules and I might reward you.” She finished with a smirk.

Michael “What kind of reward?”
Maria leaned in close and kissed him senseless. Michael was stunned and almost dropped the pies quickly recovering in time to save them.
Maria “That kind.”
Michael grinned. “Ok.”

Alex opened the door seconds later and with a relieved look pulled Maria inside.
Maria “Alex what’s wrong?”
Alex “Liz. We got here about five minutes ago and she was sitting in the kitchen crying her eyes out while the fire alarm was going off.”
Maria “Oh my god. Where is she?”

The three made there way to the living room and saw a sniffling Liz being comforted by Isabel.
Michael pulled his sister in a hug. “What happened Lizzie?”
Liz “I was doing really well, dinner was almost done when I realized I forgot the cranberry sauce. So I went and got it out and opened it, and then I got nauseous. I ran to the bathroom and left the pots on the stove on burning the vegetables and sides. Now thanksgiving is ruined and your mom’s going to hate me Isabel.” She finished her rant by crying into Michael’s shoulder.

Michael rolled his eyes and wanted to laugh but thought better of it when he remembered Maria’s threat.
Isabel “Liz my mom’s going to love you, and dinner can be fixed.”
Michael “Yeah remember all the times Maria messed it up?”
Maria “Hey!”
Liz looked up and laughed with the rest of the group. She looked at her watch and gasped. “I have to finish dinner, they’re going to be home soon.”
Maria “I’ll help you Lizzie.”

“NO!” Liz and Michael shouted at once.
Maria gave them a look.
Michael “I’ll help Liz, otherwise we’ll be in the hospital again.”
Maria “Once! That happened once.”
Michael helped Liz up and they made there way to the kitchen.

Alex turned to Maria. “Don’t feel so bad, the only reason we have a good thanksgiving is because Isabel knows a really good caterer.”
Isabel “Hey!”

Max drove home glancing at his mom and smiling.
Mrs. Evans “So Isabel tells me you and Liz are really close.”
Max squirmed in his seat. He didn’t mind answering questions about him and Liz, but he wanted to tell his mom with her. “Mom I’m going to be honest, I love Liz with all my heart. She’s just this amazing person that keeps on suprising me.” He chuckled at the memory of earlier in the morning.
Mrs. Evans “She sounds like a wonderful woman.”
Max sighed. “She is mom, I know you’ll love her.”

Diane was very intrigued by Liz Guerin. From what Isabel told her it was love at first sight for the two. And she could already see the changes in Max. Gone was the quiet boy who rarely smiled to this happy, not a care in the world man. She could already see herself with a daughter-in-law soon.
Part 37B

Max helped his mother out of the car and took her arm while leading her to the house. He opened the front door and went to the living room where he heard voices.

Isabel “Mom!” She scrambled up from the floor where she and Maria had been playing with Colin.
Mrs. Evans “Izzy!”
Isabel pulled her into a crushing hug that was only stopped by a tugging at Diane’s pants. “Grandma!”
She pulled back and scooped up little Colin. “How’s Grandma’s favorite little boy?”
Colin giggled as she twirled him around in the air.

Max looked over to Isabel and mouthed, “Where’s Liz?”
Isabel motioned to the kitchen.
Max nodded, and watched as Isabel made her way to the kitchen.

“MOMMA!” Alex shouted as he grabbed Dine into a bear hug.
Mrs. Evans laughed. “Alex, how’s my favorite son I didn’t give birth to doing?”
Alex released his hold on her and gave Diane his trade mark thumbs up. “Very good.”

Just then Isabel walked back in the room with Michael and Liz trailing behind her.
Max “Mom I’d like you to meet Michael and Maria Guerin.”
Mrs. Evans “It’s a pleasure.”
Maria “Like wise.”

Max walked up behind Liz putting his hands on her waist. “And this is Liz.”
Liz stuck out her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Diane ignored the handshake and pulled Liz into a hug. “I finally meet the Liz who’s won my son’s heart.” She turned to Max. “You didn’t tell me she was this lovely.”
Liz blushed profusely.
Max kissed Liz’s cheek and hugged her to him.

Liz took hostess role. “Mrs. Evans can I get you something to drink?”
Mrs. Evans “I’d love some tea, but please call me Diane.”
Liz smiled. “Diane, cream and sugar?”
Diane “Please.”

Max released his hold on Liz as she got up and made her way towards the kitchen. Diane watched as Max got up and followed Liz. She turned to Michael. “So your Liz’s brother?”

Michael was startled to have Mrs. Evans address him. “Um, yeah all her life.” He finished with a smirk. Maria hit him upside the head. She turned to Mrs. Evans. “You’ll have to excuse Michael not even charm class has helped him.” Everyone laughed.

Liz almost dropped the teacup in her hand when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her stomach. “Max! What are you doing in here?”

Max turned her to face him. “You didn’t think I’d let you do everything by yourself. I’m here to offer you my services.”
Liz gave him a coy smile. “Hmm… Now what can I have you do for me?” She said with an amused smile.
Max gave her a stunned look. “Ms. Guerin get your mind out of the gutter, I was simply implying that you could use a big strong man to help you carry in the drinks.”
Liz “You’re right, why don’t you go and send in my brother.” She tried to keep a strait face as the shock hit him.

Max quickly recovered. “Oh you think you’re funny do you Ms. Guerin.”
Liz gave him an innocent look. “Mr. Evans I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Max “Maybe this will remind you.”

Before she could react Max started tickling Liz unmerciful. “MAX! MAX!” She shrieked. Max “Who’s the strongest, devastatingly handsomest, man you know?” “You, you are.” Liz managed to get out between laughs. Max gave her his patent smirk. “I know.” He continued his onslaught until Liz dropped to the floor bumping her head on the way down.

“Ouch” She said while rubbing her head. Max got down on the floor with her, concern etched into his face. “Are you okay? I’m sorry baby.” Liz rubbed the sore spot on her head. “I’m ok.”

Max started to gently message her scalp. He gave her a sweet kiss that soon turned heated. Max cradled her head and moved her so that she was lying on the floor with him hovering over her body. They continued with their passion filled kisses. Liz moved her hands to the button on Max’s pants quickly unfastening it and pulling down his zipper.

Max felt Liz’s hands on his sensitive flesh and almost came on the spot. “Liz.” He hissed out. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and he knew he would render anything she wanted. “I need you inside me.” She said in between kissing him.

Max pushed up her skirt and tore down her panties. Liz pushed down his pants over his hips and Max quickly entered her. Max gave a smile at the sigh that escaped Liz’s mouth. He bent his head and took her mouth with his demanding entrance to her mouth. He stopped when Liz started rocking her hips and Max took the hint giving long, hard fast strokes.

“MAX… Harder… Yes!”
Max silenced her with a hard kiss slanting his lips over hers. He kissed a trail to her ear. “You have to be quiet baby.”
Liz nodded, biting down on her lip.

Max felt the beginning of his release but was determined not to cum till Liz did. “Liz look at me sweet” Liz looked at Max’s amber eyes and saw the desire running threw them. Her head fell back in ecstasy. Max covered her scream with his mouth. He let go shooting his seed into her.

Max rolled over bringing Liz to rest on him, both panting for breath. Liz spoke first.

“I can’t believe we just did that.”
Max turned his head. “I know with all our family right out in the living room, they could have walked in on us at anytime.”
Liz gave him a wicked grin. “Up for another round?”

Maria looked down at her watch. “Jeez, what’s keeping Max and Liz with the drinks?”

An eerie silence feel over the room. A loud moan was heard from the kitchen. Isabel, Maria, and Alex covered their lips trying to suppress the urge to laugh. Mrs. Evans was to stunned to do anything.

While Michael turned beat red. He didn’t know what to do. It’s not like his sister wasn’t sleeping with Max she was pregnant for godsakes. But damn he didn’t want to have to be in the same house when she was!

“Maybe someone should go get them.” Alex got out between laughs.
Michael gave him a scowl. “Why don’t you do the honors Whitman.”

Before Alex could answer Max and Liz emerged carrying a tray, both looking disheveled.
Alex “So what took you so long?”
Both Maria and Isabel smacked Alex over the head.
Liz turned her head down hoping to cover the blush she was wearing.

Max “We couldn’t find the tea bags.”
Maria “Oh, well you might want to get the lipstick off your face.”
Max wiped the back of his hand over his face that was now bright red.

Liz wanted to get down on her knees and thank god when the timer went off signifying dinner was done.

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Part 38A

~~ Two Weeks Later ~~

Liz threw down her paintbrush and picked up her painting, tossing it out the window. She watched as it fell onto the street and then promptly get run over by a delivery truck. The last two weeks had been taking a toll on her. Planning a wedding, working, and being pregnant was just too much for her to handle. And to top it all off it seemed Max was always too busy to spend time with her.

~* Flashback ~*

Liz walked into Max’s office sitting on a chair opposite him. She waited till he looked at her. And waited. And waited. After ten minutes Liz cleared her throat and Max looked up from his computer startled to see her there.

Max “Liz sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
Liz “Nothings wrong, I just came to see if you where going to eat dinner with me.” ‘Since we haven’t really talked all week’ She thought to herself silently.
Max “I’m sorry Liz, I’ve got so much work to do. Go ahead and eat without me, I’m going to be in here late finishing this stuff.”
Liz closed her eyes and nodded. Trying not to be angry she smiled at Max and left.

~* End ~*

That had been the story all too often now. Max doing work and Liz left feeling alone.

Maria “Ya know that’s littering, and this city already has enough trash on the streets.”
Liz jumped at the sound of Maria’s voice. “Oh, hey Maria.”
Maria “What’s wrong chica?”
Liz “Nothing.”
Maria “uh huh girl, don’t make me beat it out of you.”
Liz “It’s just. Grrrr!”
Maria “Liz did you just ‘Grrr’?”
Liz covered her face with her hands. “Yea.”

Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “Okay Lizzie tell me what’s bothering you.”
Liz sat down and leaned her head against the window. “Maria I’m just majorly stressed out. I mean this wedding is getting to be too much. The guest list is already up to three hundred people, and I’m still getting responses. And the reception hall called, they’re closing down. So I now have to call all three hundred people and tell them the new location, but I don’t have one to tell them yet! Then there’s Max who’s too busy to talk to me, let alone help me. And I still haven’t found my wedding dress. I can’t even fuckin paint. ” Liz shouted.

Maria pulled out her cedar oil. “Here Liz sniff, and take deep calming breaths.” This was bad, very bad. Liz rarely cursed. “Ok this is what we’re going to do. I have to run and grab some things to help us. When I come back we’ll have your wedding planned.”
Liz “What am I supposed to do?”
Maria “Stay here and paint.” Maria walked over to her stereo and put in her Linkin Park CD. “Here this will help now paint. I’ll be back soon. And I don’t want to come back and see people ducking from flying paintings, ok?”
Liz gave her a small smile. “Ok, thanks Maria.”
Maria raced across town back to her house.
“Mikey G!” She shouted.
Michael feel out of his chair as the peacefulness of the house came to a halt by the blaring voice of his wife.

Maria walked into the living room. “Michael what are you doing on the floor? Never mind. Listen I need your help…”

I wanna run away and never say goodbye
I wanna know the truth instead of wondering why
I wanna know the answers no more lies
I wanna shut the door and open up my mind

Liz used powerful angry strokes as she listened to the music. It was actually making her feel a little better. It wasn’t even the wedding that was upsetting her. It was Max. He’s obsessed with his work. She wanted her Max who stopped by to say he loved her, and the Max who couldn’t keep his hands off her.

I wanna run away and never say goodbye
I wanna know the truth instead of wondering why
I wanna know the answers no more lies
I wanna shut the door and open up my mind

Maria and Isabel walked through the door carrying about five bags each.
Maria “Ok Lizzy, I’ve brought help and everything we need to plan your wedding.
Michael walked into Max’s study. ‘This is becoming a daily assurance.’ He thought.

Max looked up startled to see Michael Guerin in his office.
“Michael, hey what are you doing here?”
Michael “I’m here to kick your ass Evans.”
Max “What?”
Michael “Maria tells me Liz is upset. So I’m here to make sure you fix it.”
Max “Michael what are you talking about.”
Michael shook his head. “Max, Max, Max, you have so much to learn. Let me explain this to you. In my house if Maria’s happy I’m happy. Now if Maria’s unhappy, I’m in return going to be unhappy. You still with me?”

Max gave him a look. “Yea.”
Michael patted him on the back. “Good. Now when Liz is unhappy Maria is unhappy, so you can sure as hell bet I’m going to be unhappy. Max listen I really don’t want to get into you and Liz’s relationship, but Maria has already threatened no sex if I don’t. So fix this now.”

Max let it all sink in. He had been acting like a real jerk all week. Damn it. Liz has had so much on her plate and he had just been submerging himself into his work. They hadn’t even slept together in a couple of days. Nope this was unexceptable and he had no one to blame but himself. He had to find a way to make this up to Liz.

Max “Thanks Michael. I didn’t even realize.”
Michael “It happens, but don’t make this a habit. My sister is not second best, never was and never will be. So don’t make her feel like that. Especially when it’s to the business. Believe Max it’s not worth it.”
Max “I know, I feel like an idiot. Liz is not second best. I should kick my ass for treating Liz like that. I’m sorry”
Michael “That’s nice man, but I’m not the one you should tell.”

Part 38B

Isabel “First we have to figure out where you want your reception.”
Liz “I don’t know. I really want it to be somewhere special.”
Isabel nodded. “Alright what can we rent on Christmas Eve…”
Suddenly her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “I know the perfect place. The Art Museum.”
Maria “Isabel that’s perfect, what do you think Liz?”
Liz “Isabel you’re brilliant, but do you think we can get it? I mean the weddings in two weeks and I bet it’ll be expensive.”

Isabel just smirked. “We’ll I can pull a few strings, I help run the charity events they have their. And so what if it costs a lot of money. Max deserves it from what Maria said.”
Liz just nodded with a sad look on her face.
Maria “Well now that we’ve got a new place we have to call the guests and tell them the new location.”
Isabel “And the caterers.”
Maria “Why don’t we divide up what needs to be done.”

Liz “Wait before we do that, I have two things to say. First and foremost I want to thank you both so much for all this, I don’t think I could’ve handled this by myself.” Tears where in her eyes as she finished.
Maria “Aw, Lizzie don’t cry.”
Isabel “Hun, we love you. No thanks required.”
Liz “Well would two be my maids of honor?”
Maria and Isabel grinned. Maria “Only if we have say in our dresses.”
Isabel “Yea, no peach, or sea green.”
Liz just laughed. “Ok.”
Maria “Group hug!”

Max walked into the flower shop spotting his man. “Benicio.”
Benicio “Maximillion. What can I do for you this fine afternoon?”
Max “I’m here to buy flowers.”
Benicio “What did you do?”
Max “Let’s not go there, but I need two dozen white roses and one red one.”
Benicio whistled. “Two dozen roses, you must’ve done something really bad.”
Max “Yea you could definitely say that.”

Max loitered around the store waiting patiently till Benicio returned.
Benicio “Maximillion your flowers.”
Max “Thanks” He handed Benicio the money and made a quick exit.

Isabel “Well that looks like all of it.”
Liz “I don’t know how I can ever thank you both.”
Maria “Lizzie seeing you happy is reward enough.”
Isabel “And for what my bone head brothers been putting you through, it’s the least I could do.”

“Yea.” Liz said in a small voice.
Isabel “Well I’ve got to go pick up Colin. We’re still on for Friday right?”
Liz “Yup, one o’clock at Rosetta’s.”
Maria “I better be going too. Liz I’ll see you Friday, and call me later okay?”
Liz nodded and gave each woman a hug.

She walked around her studio picking up the debris their planning had left. Even though she was thrilled to have most of the wedding planned, she was still upset over Max’s behavior all week. If this was how their marriage was going to be like, she didn’t want it. No matter how much she loved Max.

Max walked up the stairs a man on a mission. He had just run into his sister and Maria and heard an ear full from both. They had yelled at him for ten minutes on his stupidity. Well he was going to fix this. He walked into the room and if he hadn’t felt bad enough the scene before him tore at his heart. Liz was crying, no doubt because of him. Max walked up to the window and slid his arms around her waist.

Liz nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the muscular arms wrap around her stomach. “MAX!” She cried wiping at her tears. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have work to do?”

Liz’s words cut into Max like nothing else. He sighed in frustration. “No I’m right where I’m supposed to be, with my love.” Max picked Liz up and carried her to the couch sitting down and arranging her on his lap. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes that where still red. “Liz you don’t know how sorry I am. I never ever wanted to make you feel unimportant, because without you my life is nothing.”

Liz “Max I’m not going to lie I hated this week so much. I felt like you where to busy to even talk with me. It had me wondering if this was going to work out…”

Max “Liz don’t even say that.”
Liz “Max I don’t want to, I love you so much. But I can’t and won’t have our marriage be like this.”
Max “What do you want Liz?”
Liz “I just don’t want a repeat of this week, ever. I want a promise that you’re not going to put your work ahead of your family.”
Max “Liz, before I met you work was my life. The only social things I would do would be dinners at Isabel’s and random events. So when I was home I would work. I don’t want to do that anymore. I promise that I’ll never put you or our child second, if you promise to make sure I don’t slip into that again. What do you say? ”

Liz smiled making Max’s heart warm. “I say yes.”
Max closed his eyes and leaned his head onto shoulder. “And we’re still going to get married in two weeks?” He said while opening one eye.
Liz kissed his nose. “We’ll your sister, Maria, and I just spent all day organizing this thing. So I guess…”
Max “Oh you guess. We’ll I’ll take what I can get when it comes to you.”
Max watched as Liz’s eyes lit up. “Max I have so much to tell you.”
Max “I’m all yours baby, but first I want to give you something.” He stood and grabbed the flowers he dropped once he came in and saw an upset Liz. “These my beauty are for you. I know they don’t make up for this week, but I figure it’s a start.”

Liz inhaled the sweet scent and gave him a questioning look. “There’s one red rose in here.”
Max “We’ll I know you love white roses, but red represents love so…”
Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck bringing him in for hot kiss. “I love you Max,” She said after she broke the kiss.
“And I love you too, so much.” He replied. “Now why don’t I take you home and we get something to eat and you can tell me all about your day.
Liz “I like that idea.”
“Michael I’m home!” Maria screamed as she walked into her house.

Michael had been enjoying the tranquility of the house and for the second time that day it was interrupted by his wife’s earsplitting voice. He landed on the seat of his pants scrambling to get up.

Maria walked in to the sight of her husband getting off the floor. “You know Michael I don’t understand your need to sit on the floor. Must be one of those weird male things. Anyway, I wanted to thank-you for helping your sister today I saw Max on my way out from her place. Looks like you knocked some sense into him.”
Michael just shook his head in mirth. This was his wife. His beautiful, loud, and sexy wife. “You could say that. With the threat that was hanging over my head did you have any doubt I wouldn’t?”

Maria pretended to think about it. “Um… nope! Which reminds me, I should reward you.”
Michael “I think most definitely!”
“So we got all the guest list situated, and your sister came up with a ingenious idea for where to hold the reception.” Liz said in between bites of her General Tso Chicken. She sat perched on Max’s lap holding a Chinese take-out box and fork.

Max “So what’s this brilliant idea?” He watched as she tucked her hair behind her ear and put down her container. “Well she mentioned the art museum, and I really really like the idea Max.”

Max saw the hope and excitement radiate in Liz’s eyes. He set down his container and wrapped his arms around her. “So what do we have to do?”
“Really? You’ll do it?” She said in an ecstatic tone.
Max “If you want it, then well have our reception there.”
Liz jumped up. “Oh Max I do, I really do!”
Max “Well like I said before, tell me what I have to do.”

Liz jumped up and down in her excitement. Max watched as she did a little happy dance while putting the forks in the sink. He couldn’t resist himself any longer and he pushed her up against the fridge and kissed her.

“Do you realize we haven’t made love in three days?” Max said as he started to unbutton her sweater.

Liz just nodded her head as she removed Max’s already loosened tie and worked at his shirt, frantically working to get it off. There joining was quick and frenzied. Both working to their ultimate goal. As their bodies cooled Max heard Liz say the three words that made him the most luckiest man in the world.

“I love you.”

~* So what’s the cure for family invading your house and annoying you up the wall? Answer: Run to your room watch the BTVS marathon and write a new part. I hope you like. BTW You’ve all seen that Rocky seen, you know the one where he runs up the steps and throws his hands in the air in triumph. Well that’s the Philadelphia Art Museum, which is so beautiful. Thanx to Zansbitch who gave me the idea.

Part 39

~ December 19th – Four days till the wedding. ~

Liz awoke early in the morning and snuggled closer to Max’s hard body. Excitement coursed through her body. In four days she was getting married to the sexiest man alive. The caterers where booked, the guest list was set, and true to his word Max had gotten her the art museum for their reception. Well with a little help from Isabel and a charitable donation he put in her name they had secured it for Christmas Eve. ‘Now if I could only find my dress.’ She thought sourly.

Max stirred to find his angel awake, and with a frown marring her beautiful face. He brought his hand to her cheek breaking her reverie.

Max “An exquisite woman like you shouldn’t be frowning, ever.”
Liz gave him a small smile and sighed. Max wrapped his arms around Liz bringing her even with his eyes. “Don’t think your getting off that easy, what’s wrong baby?”
Liz “It’s just everything’s set for our wedding but… I still haven’t found my wedding dress.”
Max “Liz don’t worry I know you’ll find it.”
Liz “Max our weddings in four days! Maria, Isabel, and I have trekked all over Philadelphia and every mall within in a hundred miles of the city and we haven’t found anything.”
Max “Liz honey, aren’t are standards a bit high?”

The look Liz gave him you would have thought Max went crazy. “NO, Max this is the day every girl dreams of and I can’t find my dress.” Liz finished with tears.
“I’m sorry baby, don’t worry you’ll find your dress.” He soothed.
“You think?” she sniffled out.
Max “I know you will.” He kissed away her tears and stood up with Liz in his arms.
Liz “What are you doing?”
Max gave her his lopsided grin that made her weak in the knees. “Well my love you can’t go out looking for a dress without a shower now?”

All that could be heard was Liz’s laughter as Max whisked her to the bathroom. With Max thriving in the fact he had accomplished his goal to make Liz laugh.

Several hours later and many pruny fingers, Liz finally rondavoued with Isabel and Maria.
Maria “It’s about time chica.”
Isabel “Max keep you busy?” she said with a smirk.
Liz “Ha ha. Sorry I’m late. But I can’t help it if my fiancé loves me.”
Maria “More like adores you.”
Isabel “Well I’m just glad he wised up, no more of that working himself to death crap.”

Liz smiled wistfully. “Ever since that horrible episode he’s been great. As soon as I walk through the door he stops his work and doesn’t give it another thought. And the other day he stopped by the studio with lunch for both of us.”
Maria “Aww, that’s sweet. Maybe Max and Michael should get together and talk.”
Isabel “Yea, Alex has been lacking in the husband department lately too.”
Liz “Guys I promise to lend Max out later, but now can we please find me a wedding dress.”

Liz returned home with a heavy heart. Nothing she saw today screamed out “I’m the one”.
Max walked up behind Liz and gently pulled the coat from her shoulders, bending to give her a kiss on the cheek. “No luck huh?”
Liz just shook her head, tears threatening to spill over any minute.
Max “Hmm… Well why don’t you go into the living room, someone’s here to talk to you.”

Liz gave Max a peculiar look but did as he asked. She walked into the other room only to see her brother sitting on the couch holding something wrapped in plastic.
Realization dawned on her face as she brought her hands to her mouth. “Michael that’s…Oh my god where did you get it.”

Michael stood making his way to Liz. “Maria told me the trouble you where having finding a dress and so I thought this might be of use.”
Liz took the garment out of Michael’s hands delicately fingering the plastic. “Do you think she would have wanted me to wear this?”
Michael “I think Mom would have been honored.”
Liz lost it and broke into tears.
Michael pulled Liz into his arms, halting Max’s move to go to Liz.

Michael “I know it’s not the dress you had in mind—“
Liz violently shook her head. “No, it’s the exact dress I had in mind. I just wish she could be here to see me in it you know?”
Michael “I know me too. But she will be. Every step you take down that isle Mom will be there with you. She’s in your heart Liz. And as long as you know that she’ll be there.”
Liz “You know your getting so much better at these talks.” She whispered out.

Michael “Yeah well Maria’s going through these hormonal things too. Oh man the other day she turned on the TV and watched ER. I come in ten minutes later and she’s bawling. She mumbled something about Doug and Carol breaking up? I don’t know but it took me ten minutes to drill in her head that they where fictional characters. And then when I finally got her to calm down she yelled at me for being insensitive.”

Liz ducked her head sheepishly. “Poor Max has to walk around egg shells with me. It’s a wonder he still wants to marry me.” She said while looking over to Max who was leaning up against the door watching the seen with happiness in his eyes. “Do you think mom would approve of Max?”
Michael “I think mom would have seen the way he treats you like you’re his everything and would have been thrilled for you.”
Liz “Thank you Michael for everything. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

Michael “I think I do. I love you Liz and I just want you to be happy.”
Liz “I am, so very much Michael.”
Michael “Well then my mission in life as a big brother has been accomplished.”
Liz laughed bringing music to Michael and Max’s ears.

Michael “Well my good deed is done. I must now return home to my wife.”
Liz “Michael I would take home some Mud Pie she was craving it all day.”
Michael sighed. “Man she certainly has an addiction to that. I was sent on a run a couple of days ago at ten thirty at night, and she didn’t even offer me a piece ”
Max chuckled from the doorway.
Michael “laugh all you want but Liz will be doing it soon.”
Liz “Well it has to be better then morning sickness, that’s still putting me through the ringer.’

Max jumped up and walked to Liz. “You didn’t tell me your still getting sick.” He said with worry etched on his face.
Michael “And that’s my cue to leave.” He released Liz after giving her a hug and kiss turning her over to Max.

After Michael left Max steered Liz to the couch. He kneeled in front of Liz with her hands clasped in his hands. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked in a soft voice.
Liz gave an exasperated sigh. “Max I knew you would freak, and besides it’s normal nothing can be done to stop it.”
Max “Yea but I could’ve done something.”
Liz “What would you have done Max?”
Max raked a hand through his hair. “I don’t know, anything.”

Liz got down on the floor with him. “Max you do plenty. This whole wedding has really been stressing me out—“
Max “Liz I told you I would’ve hire a wedding planner.”
Liz “Yea but then it wouldn’t have been our wedding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Max nodded his head in understanding.
Liz “Like I was saying this wedding has been stressing me out but you’ve been there through it all making it better every time I freak out. Max I love you.”

Max “And I love you.”
Liz tried to stifle a yawn. Max took that as a sign and picked up his lovely soon to be wife and took her up stairs for some much-needed rest in his arms of course.

Part 40a

~ December 22nd, Two days till the Wedding ~

Alex walked into Max’s office slamming the society section of the newspaper on his desk.
Max picked up the paper and scanned the front section. His eyes grew wide as saucers as he read the article on the front page. He threw the paper on the ground in disgust and rubbed his eyes in frustration.
Alex “I’m guessing this is the first you’ve seen of this.”
Max “That would be a pretty safe bet. What the hell is this reporters name?”

Alex “That would be your good friend Mr. Williams.”
Max “That prick. What the hell does he think he’s trying to pull with this shit?”
Alex “My guess is too stir up some trouble.”
Max “All this is going to do is upset Liz. And fuck she doesn’t need this, not now two days before the wedding. She’s had it too rough. If I get my hands on him Alex I swear to god…”
Alex “Max calm down.”
Max “CALM DOWN? No see you don’t understand, this son of a bitch writes an article about my wedding saying that it’s a ploy for me to take over Michael’s organization. He smearing Liz’s good.”

Alex “Max Liz will understand, I mean I know this pregnancy is messing with her hormones. But understand this Max Liz is a very strong woman. She’ll handle this, probably with some tears though.”
Max “I know she can, but why should she have too? Alex this is just a reporter who’s been trying to put me behind bars for years.
Alex “Max Liz’s last name is Guerin. I think she’ll understand.”
Max “I have to go see her. I’ll be back in an hour.”
Alex nodded his head. “Alright, I’ll stay and finish these papers. Take your time Max.”
Max “Thanks Alex.”
Max arrived at Liz’s fifteen minutes later only to see her smiling at a group of kids. ‘She must not know about this’ he thought. And frowned at the displeasure of having to tell her. Max was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t realize they were alone. Liz walked behind him wrapping her slender arms around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder. “Hey handsome, whatcha thinkin bout?”

Max turned his head, kissing the side of her cheek. “I was thinking about my lovely fiancé.”
Liz “Such the charmer.”
Max “I try.”
Liz “So spill.”
Max “Spill what?”
Liz “Max you can’t lie to me, I can see it on your face. Something’s wrong.” She brought her hand to her mouth. “Oh god, is it Michael?” Terror filled Liz’s eyes.
Max “NO Nothing like that. Come here.”

Liz stood in front of Max, worry still evident in her eyes. Max cupped her face, gently stroking her.
Max “Liz there was an article in the paper today…”
Liz made an ‘oh’ face, closing her eyes thankful it was nothing serious. “Max if this is just about some silly article-“
Max “Liz’s it’s more then that. Let’s sit down.”

They made their way upstairs to the loft and sat down on the couch. “Liz the article was about you and me.” Liz gave him a look of amusement.
Liz “I kinda figured that one out.”
Max “Yea I know, this is just hard to say with everything we’ve been through.”
Liz “Max just say it. Because no matter what some silly second rate reporter writes about you and me it makes no difference. I love you, and you love me, nothings going to change that.”
Max “You’re amazing you know that?”
Liz “So I’ve been told. Max just tell me.”

Max “It said that I was marrying you to gain control of more business. That damn reporter has been out to get me and this was just a little dig.”
Liz took a deep breath and smiled. “I don’t care.”
Max looked at her completely awestruck. “Liz maybe you didn’t hear me but—“
Liz “Max I heard you just fine. But I don’t care.”
Max “Liz I don’t under—“
Liz “Max I’m not going to let this get to me two days before our wedding. You’ve shown me over and over how much you love me. That piece of trash will not ruin one of the happiest days of my life.”

Max crushed his lips to hers reveling in the sigh she gave. He pulled her body closer to his and worked his hand under her sweater kneading at the soft skin he came across.

Liz pulled back reluctantly taking Max’s wandering hand in between hers. “Max you promised…”
Max “Liz you can’t be serious.”
Liz “Do I look serious?” She said raising an eyebrow.
Max “Liz we haven’t made love in over a week, I’m starting to go in withdraw here baby.”
Liz cupped his cheeks and kissed his pouting lips. “Max it’s two more days, and besides you promised you’d wait till we get married.”
Max “Liz, sweetheart, angel—“
“Your sweet words won’t work Mr. Evans. You already knocked me up before we got married you can wait two teeny days.” Liz said in a teasing tone.

Max sighed in defeat closing his eyes briefly before opening them and putting his hands’ around her stomach. “And how’s the little one doing today?” He said while lifting up her sweater and placing a kiss on her still small stomach.
Liz “The little one is doing quite well.” She said in a taunting tone.
He lifted his head and brought his hand to her face. “And how is mommy doing?”
“Much better, the morning sickness has been letting up.” She patted her stomach lovingly. “Much to my delight.”

Max gave her his lope sided grin. “Why don’t I take you to lunch beautiful?”
Liz “Let me get my purse.”

Liz arrived back from lunch grinning from ear to ear, only to see Maria waiting patiently for her.

Liz “Maria I’m so sorry, Max took me out to lunch and then on the way back we pasted this baby store and so I just had to stop—
Maria “Liz hun, it’s okay. I’ve been waiting here for about two minutes I was running late. Liz wait till you get into the second trimester, hun it’s all about the lovin ”
Liz burst out laughing. “Maria ”

Maria “So what did you buy?”
Liz “Well just a teddy bear, but I saw so many things. Our baby’s gonna be spoiled. Maria you should have seen Max he was worse then I was. Like a kid in a candy store.”
Maria “The first time Michael and I went into a kids store he got a little sparkle in his eye, it was so cute.”
Liz “Have you started decorating a nursery yet?”
Maria “Nope, we’re going to wait till we find out the sex of the baby.”
Liz “Yeah I want to know what color to decorate the room.”
Maria “Isn’t this wild? Our children are going to grow up together.”
Liz gave a grin. “I’m just so excited.”

Maria “And your getting married in two days ”
Liz “Which reminds me, can I stay at your house the night before? I mean I know Max and I are anything but traditional but I really want to stick to this. Max and I don’t need anymore bad luck.”
Maria “Aww Liz of course you can. Don’t think like that, you and Max are going to be fine, no better then fine wonderful excellent great superb—
Liz “Ok I think I get it Maria, but thanks I needed that.”
Maria “Anytime chica. You know sticking with tradition we should throw a bachelorette party ”

Liz “No Maria I already warned Max, Michael and Alex the repercussions of any bachelor party.”
Maria “I’d personally castrate those boys if I found out they had strippers. But no nothing like that, I was thinking just like a little girls night deal.”
Liz “I like that.”
Maria “Good I’ll invite Isabel over and we’ll rent some good movies, maybe have some ice cream and maybe if we’re really feeling wild we’ll have some drinks…”
Liz “Right Max would have a conniption, and so would Michael ”
Maria “Yeah, okay cross out the drinks, but everything else stays.”

Liz “Ok, but Maria I need your help on something else.”
Maria “What?”
Liz “I need to get Max a wedding present, and I need to get him a Christmas present. But I’m not sure what.”
Maria “Hmm… Well what does Max like? What are his hobbies? I mean when he’s not catering to you.”
Liz “Well he works, he plays basketball, and we go out.”
Maria “Okay we can work with this, what do you do when you two go out?”

Liz thought about all the special moments they had shared together and it hit her. “Maria you’re a genius I know the perfect gifts for him.”
Maria “I know, it’s a gift. Now spill girl.”
Seven year old Andy was playing hide and go seek with his friends. 'I've got a perfect hiding spot' he thought to himself. 'They'll never find me.' He ran into the old abandonned building across from the park. He walked into one of the back rooms and saw a fresh cement wall, but what really got his attention was the finger sticking out of it...

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS.
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Part 40B

~ The day before the Wedding ~

Liz paced up and down her living room doing checklist of the wedding details.
Isabel “Liz come here sit down, and relax. Everything is all done.”
Liz “I’m just excited and nervous at the same time. My stomach is a huge mass of butterflies.”
Isabel “Liz don’t worry everything has been checked, and double checked. Don’t worry, just think by this time tomorrow you’re going to be Mrs. Evans.”

“I for one can’t wait.” Max said strolling into the room.
Liz “Max what are you doing here? I thought you had to go and take care of something.”
Max “All done beautiful, now all I have to do is be with my lovely soon-to-be wife.”
Isabel “That’s so sweet Max, but not gonna happen.”
Max made a pout. “Why not?”
Isabel “Max that face hasn’t worked since we were kids. And anyway Maria and I are taking Liz out for her bachlorette party.”
Max “What are you going to do?”

“We’re taking Lizzie out on the town, get her drunk, maybe find a couple of hot buff guys that can give her one last hurrah before she ties the knot.” Maria chimed in as she entered the living room.
“Absolutely not.” Max said in a stern voice. “You will not corrupt my woman.”
Liz arched her eyebrow. “Excuse me, did you just say my woman?”
Max “I—

“Maxwell you have so much to learn and such a short time to learn it in.” Michael said while slapping him on the back.
Alex walked in the room and headed to Isabel giving her a quick peck before turning to Max. “It’s all about keeping them happy and giving them what they want.”
Michael “Don’t worry, Whitman and I will teach you all the information you need to survive this marriage.”

Maria snorted. “Max listening to Michael will land you in two places; the dog house and couch.”
Alex gave a chuckle but quickly shut up when Isabel glared at him.
Isabel “You’re one to talk Alex, you’re well aquatinted with the couch.”
Max walked over to Liz and kissed her softly, pulling her into his arms and holding her tightly. “You are mine, just like I’m yours. Nothing will ever change that.” He whispered in her ear.
Liz “I like the sound of that.”

Maria smacked Michael upside the head. “Now why don’t you ever do that for me?”
Michael messaged his head and glared at Max.
Isabel turned to Alex “Ditto.”
Alex “Max, buddy, pal could you stop that your making us look bad here.”

Max kissed Liz on the nose before releasing her. “Be good tonight.”
Liz “I’ll say the same to you Mr. Evans. I’ll make sure you’re all castrated if I here about any strippers ” She said turning to Michael and Alex, giving them her best menacing look she could muster.
Max pulled her back against him. “Baby you don’t have to worry I’ve got all the woman I can handle right here.”

Michael “Alright Maximillion that’s enough, that is my sister you’re talking about.”
Alex Pulled Max from Liz dragging him to the door. “Let’s jet Mikey”
Michael nodded giving Maria a kiss goodbye. He walked over to Max and Alex. “Whitman you ever call me Mikey again I’ll kick you’re a—

“Watch your mouth Michael Guerin ” Maria said sternly.
The laughs of Alex and Max could be heard as the guys bid goodbye to there wives and made a hasty exit.

Maria “All right girls time to party ”
Maria, Isabel, and Liz sat on Liz’s bed eating ice cream, downing Oreo’s and telling stories about there past.
Maria “There was this one time when Michael and I first got married he decided to surprise me with a gift, and he brought me home an outfit. Oh my god it was the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen I’m talking puke green with baby blue designs and these black pants with faux fur down the sides.”

Liz and Isabel where hysterical with laughter. Maria “But wait that’s not the best part, he was like so what do you think? And I just lost it.”
Isabel “That reminds me of when I was pregnant with Colin, Alex brought home a moo-moo for me.”
Liz “He didn’t.”
Isabel “He did, I swear. I was so shocked I wasn’t sure weather to cry or be angry.”
Maria “Aw, Michael would have been dead.”

Isabel “Liz you’re so lucky to still be so thin, when I was in my third month I was already starting to show.” She said stuffing another spoon full of Ben and Jerry’s in her mouth.”
Maria “I know I’m in my fourth month and I already have the fifteen pounds to prove it ”
Liz “Well my doctor said with me being small, and this my first child it probably take about my fourth to fifth month for me to really start showing.”

Maria “Damn look at Brad Pitt, I swear if I ever saw that man. Let’s just say I can’t be held responsible for my actions ”
Isabel “I know, I would seriously just kiss him.”
Maria “Ha, I would rape the man.”
Liz “MARIA, down girl.”
Isabel “I wonder what the guys are doing?”
Maria ‘If they no what’s good for them, nothing.”
Michael, Alex, and Max sat around the bar table drinking beer, doing shots and playing poker.
Michael “So Max, ya scared of marrying my sister?” He slurred out.
“Nope, she’s my dream girl.” Max said with a dopey grin plastered to his face.
Alex “I fold, Max the girls aren’t here you can stop now.”
Michael “Alex leave Max alone.”

Max “You know I think I’m drunk” He giggled out.
Alex rolled his eyes before falling off his chair.
Michael ignored him. “Show ‘um.”
Max threw down a pair of two pair of Aces and Michael groaned in defeat.
Michael “Dammit Maxell that’s the fifth game in a row you’ve won.”
Alex finally got himself of the floor and put in his two sense. “I think he’s cheating.”
Max “Am not, you guys just suck.”

Michael got angry and picked Max up by the collar. Alex watched with amusement as cards fell from Max’s pockets. “Ha, I knew he was cheating.”
Max gave a laugh before his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he passed out.
Michael dropped him on the floor with a loud thud and looked to Alex.
Alex “I say we pay him back.”
Michael “I like your thinking Whitman. What should we do.”
Alex gazed wondered over the room, and his eyes lit up when he saw a big bald biker guy walk in with tattoos and piercings. “I know the perfect idea…”

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Part 41 The Wedding!

Liz smoothed down her satin gown giggling like a little girl. Everything was perfect. Her gown was strapless, with pearls around her bust line; it showed her curves before flowing out. Her hair was pulled back in a mass of curls behind a small tiara making her feel like a princess.

Isabel “Liz you look beautiful”
Maria “I second that you look amazing ”
Liz grinned. “Thank-you, now what are we waiting for?”
Isabel and Maria shared a nervous laugh.
Maria “Liz Hun, we’ve still got a half hour.”
“Oh.” She said disappointed.
Isabel “Maria why don’t we go check in on the guys.”
Maria gave Liz a hug before departing with Isabel.

As soon as they where out of ear shoot Isabel spook. “What are we going to do Maria? The wedding is in less then a half hour and Max, Michael and Alex are no shows.”
Maria “I don’t know. But it’ll kill Liz if Max doesn’t show up, she has enough self doubts as it is.”
Isabel “Where the hell are they?”
Maria “I don’t know but I swear to god when I get my hands on them…”
Isabel “Alright agreed when we see them we kill them, but first we find them.”
Maria “Ok, I’ll start calling around the local bars. My guess is there somewhere sleeping off their hangovers you keep trying there cell phones.”
Isabel “Ok.”
“Detective Maines.”
Brian looked up from the mound of paperwork on his desk. A short man with sandy hair that appeared to be in his late thirties. “Yes can I help you?”
“I’m Agent Stevens, FBI.”
Brian “What can I do for you Agent?”
Stevens “I understand your heading the John Doe case.”
Brian “That’s correct.”
Stevens “It’s also my understandment that you found a dark hair on the body.”

Brian “Yea, we sent the hair to the lab and it should be back sometime tonight.”
Stevens “Good work detective, if this is what the bureau thinks it is you’ll be moving up in rank real quick.”
Brian nodded. “So the FBI has moved in here now, why?”
Stevens smirked. “You know why. The FBI has been after Evans and Guerin for years.”
Brian “Fine, but this is my case and everything goes through me.”
Stevens “You run the show.” ‘For now.’ He thought to himself.

Max’s eyes slowly fluttered open, he looked around to see Michael and Alex passed out in his car. He looked down and in his hand was a bottle of vodka. ‘What the hell did we do last night?’ he thought to himself. He started to get up and his hand flew to his head. “Oh god.” Max heard the groans of his fellow men and shook his head. ‘The girls aren’t going to like this’ he thought.

Max “SHIT Michael, Alex get up NOW ”
“Damn Max some of us are trying to sleep off this hang over.” Michael grumbled.
Max “Get up we have to get to church now ”
Alex “Oh shit, Max the wedding starts in twenty minutes.”

Michael scrambled up and searched frantically for the keys. “Who’s got the damn keys?”
Max and Alex searched for the keys.
Michael “Well?”
Max “I don’t have them.”
Alex “Me neither.”
Max “Fuck.”
Michael “We’ll just have to walk then.”
Alex took a look outside the car. “First we have to figure out where the hell are we.”
Max groaned as he took a glance out the window. “We’re about twenty miles from the church.”

Isabel ran quickly over to Maria. “I called them and the guys must have turned them off.”
Maria “I found out they were at Wes’s Bar at about one this morning. But after that Wes says he doesn’t know.”
Isabel “What are we going to do?”
Maria “Stall the wedding.”
Michael, Max, and Alex jogged through the streets praying a taxi would come by.
“Guys we have to find another way, I don’t think I’m gonna last much longer.” Alex wheezed out.
Michael clutching his side shook his head in agreement. “Whitman’s right.”
Max stopped and a small smile forming at his mouth. “Look it’s the train, is we hurry we can catch it.”

The guys took of sprinting barley catching the train. Alex got on his knees and kissed the train floor. “I love the you so much.”
Max shook his head trying to suppress a smile.

The train conductor came by signaling for the guys to take their seats. As they sat down Max started searching his pocket for his wallet. “Ah Alex, Michael does anyone have money?”

Between them they came up with twelve dollars and thirty-seven cents. The train conductor came over asking for tickets.
Alex “How far will this get the three of us?”
Conductor “Thirtieth street station.”
Alex gave him the money and turned to them, “We’re still gonna have to run a mile or two to get to the church.” He said with a grim face.
Max “WE can do this, we have to.”

Maria walked up to the minister with a bright smile on her face. “Father could I have a word with you.”
The priest “Sure.”
Maria “Here’s the deal the groom hasn’t shown up yet-
The Priest “Oh dear, poor Liz. Do you want me to talk to her?”
Maria “No, No. We’re hoping that he’s just late, or unconscious somewhere.”
The Priest “I see—
Maria “What I would appreciate is that you could maybe stick around for a bit, maybe calm the crowd out there assure them that everything’s fine and the wedding will start shortly.”
The Priest “But that would be lying, and I have strong morals—
Maria gave him a menacing look. “Listen buddy I don’t care if you are the freggin pope. Get your ass out there and stall damn it ”

The priest jumped back. “Ok” he stuttered out.
Maria gave him a charming smile. “Thanks I really do appreciate what you’re doing.”
The Priest “Sure” He said while taking a step back from her.

Maria turned on her heels and made her way to Liz’s chamber.
‘God help the man who’s married to that one’ Thought the priest as he watched Maria’s retreating form.
Alex “Ok, We’ve got five minutes before the wedding and three miles.”
He said while looking at his watch.
Michael “We’re screwed. Damn it, I’m going to be sleeping on the couch for months and it’s going to be ugly when Maria gets her hands on me.”
Alex grimaced. “Isabel will definitely be right behind Maria.”
Max “Common I’m not going to miss my wedding.”

Alex and Michael watched as Max took off running toward the church. They just shook their heads and started running after him.

Maria entered Liz’s chamber who was grilling Isabel.
Liz “My wedding should have started by now. Isabel what’s going on, I can see it in your eyes.” She turned to Maria. “Tell me.”
Maria gave out a sigh in defeat. “Lizzie I’m sorry, but Max hasn’t shown up.”
A numbness settled over Liz’s body. ‘He didn’t want to marry me.’ Tears trickled down her face as she sank to her knees and sobbed.
Maria and Isabel rushed over to Liz, their hearts breaking watching their friend in tears.
Maria “Liz it’s okay something just probably came up.”
“Face the facts Maria, Max came to his senses and realized that he didn’t want to be tied down with a wife. God I was such a fool to even think—
Maria “Liz stop. Michael and Alex haven’t showed up either.”

Isabel “Liz I know for a fact that my brother loves you more then life itself. When you broke up he was devastated.”
But Liz would here none of it. “I don’t want to here it. Please just leave me be.”
Maria and Isabel started to protest but Liz silenced them. “Please.”
They nodded their heads and left vowing to kill Max, Michael and Alex the minute they saw them.
Max arrived to the church fifteen minutes later gasping for breath. He saw Isabel and Maria talking by the doors.
Isabel “I guess we should go in and tell everyone the weddings off…”
Max “NO ”
Isabel “MAX. Where the hell have you been?”
Maria “Liz is in there hysterical. How could you do this to her. I mean of all the idiotic things. And where the hell is Michael and Alex?”

Max didn’t answer Maria but ran to the bride chamber where Liz was. He had to explain what happened and beg her to marry him.
Michael and Alex made it to the church three minutes later riding pink bikes with pink ribbon hanging down from the handlebars.

Maria and Isabel stood looking at them, their mouths hanging open not believing the sight before them. “MICHAEL GUERIN ”
Maria walked up to Michael grabbing his ear yanking him off the bike before he could say anything. “First you’re late to the wedding breaking your sisters heart, and now you arrive fifteen minutes late on a ten year old girl’s bike What the hell is wrong with you? I swear you where dropped on your head as a baby ”

Max knocked on the door gently before entering. The site before him made him want to kick his own ass. Liz sat in the middle of the room crying into her hands. Whit satin swirled around her giving her an angelic look to her.
Liz “Maria please just let me be for a little bit.” She sniffled out.
She looked up to see Max and her eyes went cold. “Get out of here.” Liz wiped at her eyes refusing to let him see her cry.
Max shut the door and walked over to Liz. “Not until you let me explain—
Liz “What, that you didn’t want to marry me? I think you’ve made that perfectly clear.”

Max started to put his hand to her cheek. “DON”T TOUCH ME ” Liz seethed out.
Hurt flashed through Max’s eyes. “Liz please I do want to marry you—
Liz “Don’t worry Max you’ll get visitations rights.”
Max “Damn it Liz that’s not it.”
Liz “You sure as hell better know that this baby will live with me ”
Max “Listen Liz, I love you. No one else. I passed out last night after drinking way too much. This morning we woke up in my car somewhere in the Northeast. Liz you have to know how much I tried to get here on time. I even ran the last couple miles. I know it’s no excuse, but I’m so sorry baby. You have to know how much I want to marry you.”

Liz thought it over. It was a poor excuse. And she had every right to be angry. ‘But she I love him.’ She thought. And no matter, she wanted to wake up for the rest of her life in his arms.

Max was caught off guard as Liz threw herself in his arms. He closed his eyes and squeezed her tightly to him, sighing in relief. “I’m so sorry baby. I promise to make it up to you.” He said as he kissed her temple.

Liz “You can start by marrying me right now ”
Max gave a small chuckle. “You got it angel.”
Liz pulled away. “Max what’s under your shirt?”
Max raised an eyebrow in confusion. Liz pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a nipple ring. Max “Oh my god.” He scrambled up to the mirror and turned around when Liz gave a gasp. “What?” He questioned.

Liz bit back a laugh. “It seems as though you had a busy night. Max glanced in the mirror and on his back was the words “LIZ’S BITCH” “Michael and Alex are dead ”

Michael and Alex walked into Liz’s chambers with Maria and Isabel still berating them.
Max “What the hell is this?” He said gesturing to his back.
Michael and Alex broke into laughter. Alex “That would be your new tattoo and piercing to go with it ”
Max went whit as a ghost.
Michael “It was a punishment for cheating in cards.”
Maria “Michael I can’t believe you ”
Isabel turned to Alex. “You are in big trouble.

Michael “Ladies relax, The one on his back is temporary.”
Max “What do you mean the one?”
Liz “There’s more?”
Max looked down at his arms and saw the words ‘Liz’s property’”
Liz walked over kissing his muscle. “I think I like this one.” She said in a quiet voice.
Max gave her a smile and whispered. “Me too.”

Maria “Alright Max get out of here and go get dressed. We still have a wedding.”
Max watched as his Love walked slowly down the isle towards him a smile sprayed on her lips. He took her arm gently from Michael’s, and watched as he placed a kiss on her cheek turning to Max. “Take care of her.” “With my Life he replied.” Michael nodded his head and took his seat next to his wife.
Max slowly uncovered her veil and took her hand leading her the rest of the way to the alter.

“Do you Max Evans take Elizabeth Guerin to be your wife…”

“I do”

“And do you Elizabeth Guerin take Max Evans to be your husband…”

“I do.”


Brian “Oh my god, no I won’t do this. It’s impossible.”
Stevens “Don’t worry I’ll do it, as of now it’s FBI jurisdiction.”
Brian “You son-of-a-bitch.”
Stevens “This is working out better then I could have hoped for.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Here’s a link if you want to see what the art museum looks like.
“I know present to you Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Evans.” Applause was heard as Max and Liz made their way to the head table. Max leaned over and kissed Liz pulling back and smiling. Liz EVANS may I have this dance?”
Liz “You may Mr. Evans.”

Max pulled Liz out to the center of the room and Ginny Owens ‘If you want me to played.’

Max “Liz I promise I’ll spend the rest of my life cherishing you and our baby. I love you.”
Liz “Max I promise to love and adore you as much as you do me.”
Max leaned down and took her mouth with his before pulling back and wrapping his arms tighter around her waist. “Have I told you how beautiful you look today? I had to remember to breathe up there.”
Liz “Well you don’t look to bad yourself Mr. Evans.”

As the song finished six men walked up to Liz and Max flashing their badges. “Elizabeth Guerin?” one of them asked.
Liz “What is this?” She saw Brian standing near the door with remorse written all over his face.
Stevens “You under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used…”
Max “What the hell, get your hands off my wife.”
Michael ran up. “What is she being arrested for?”

“Murder.” Stevens said with a happy gleam in his eye.

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Part 42

Max and Michael ran into the police station with Maria hot on there trails. Shock, anger, and terror written over their faces. Max by far was the angriest. He’d watched them man handle his wife, scaring her into tears. Someone was definitely going to pay.

Max walked up to the desk demanding answers. “Where the hell is my wife? What have you done with her? What is this ridiculous charge about?”

Maria glanced over the room and her eyes narrowed in a scowl when she found the one person that would give them answers. She marched over to Brian, who was sulking in the corner. Maria pushed him into the wall. “Brian you tell me what the hell is going on. Why do they have Liz locked up, and what do you have to do with this?”

Detective Maines looked down in shame, as Max and Michael caught sight of Maria and made there way over to her.
Michael “This is my baby sister, my only family left. So you’re going to tell us what this is all about.”
Detective Maines “Alright, A little boy found a body in a cement wall. We recovered the body and we found a hair follicle on it. We assumed since it was dark it would be yours or Evans, or someone in your family. But shook on us when it came back a match to Liz. You have to believe me when I tell you I never wanted any of this to happen.”
Max “You never wanted this to happen? You never wanted this to happen!?”
Maria “Calm down Max.”

Maria turned towards Brian. “Let us see Liz, please.”
Detective Maines. “I don’t know…”
Maria “Brian Liz is sitting in the cell terrified in about what’s going to happen. This is her wedding day and it’s already been ruined, please.”
Michael “Detective Liz is pregnant, this can’t be good for the baby and I know you wouldn’t want to be responsible for my sister having a miscarriage.”
Brian snapped his head up to Michael “Liz is pregnant?”
Max “Yes she is.”
Brian “I can only take one of you with me right now, I’m sorry.”
Max “Lead the way.”
Max rushed over towards Liz’s cell unprepared for the sight before him. He expected to see a crying, distraught Liz, but instead found her on the cell floor staring off, still clad in her wedding dress. Max fell to his knees and went to grab her hand, but she was too far away.
Max “Liz I’m here baby.”
Max watched as Liz still didn’t look at him. “Liz talk to me please, yell scream cry, anything just talk to me.”

Liz kept her eyes to the floor as she spoke. “When I was a little girl I used to play in my mothers rose garden. It was so big, she would spend hours out there weeding and watering. No help was aloud to touch her roses. The garden was enclosed with a six-foot stonewall and in the center was a stone house where she’d keep her supplies. One day I wondered into it. I remember pretending to be a ballerina. The next thing I know the door shut and locked. I was so scared that I didn’t move. Finally I ran to the door pounding on it screaming for help. But no one heard me. I screamed and pounded on that door for hours but no one would let me out.” She finished with tears in her eyes, but they never had a chance to fall.

Max “Come here Liz.”
Liz still didn’t move or look at Max. He grabbed the end of her gown and pulled her over to him. Taking her hands in his he frowned. “Your hands are like ice.” He took of his coat and placed it over her shoulders. Max placed his hands on her face, bringing it up to finally meet his eyes. “Liz I will get you out of this. I promise you.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Liz said in a cold whisper.

Max was taken back, before he could respond an angry voice pulled him away.

“Your not supposed to be in here!”
Maria watched Max’s sullen form walk back over to them.
Maria “How’s Liz?”
Max “Not good. It’s like she’s in shock but not.”
Michael “What are you talking about?”
Max “She wouldn’t touch me or really let me touch her. She wasn’t crying or yelling, just looking to the floor. And she told me this story about when she was little how she got trapped in your mother’s garden house.”

Maria “What’s happened?”
Michael “Liz was only six when this happened. She was playing in mom’s garden house and somehow got locked in it. We found her three days later in there. She had bruises on her hands from striking the door over and over again.”
Maria “Oh god, what are we going to do? We have to get her out of there now!”

“What you’re all going to do is sit tight and wait for the bail hearing.”
Maria “And just who the hell are you?”
Max “Maria this is Allison Davis, my lawyer.”
Maria eyed the leggy blond with suspicion. “I’m warning you-
Michael closed his hand over Maria’s mouth. “Excuse my wife, we’re all worried about Liz and she’s taking it to heart.”
Allison “Mrs. Guerin I assure you I graduated top of my class at Princeton. If anyone will get her out it’s me. You should be glad I was at the wedding instead of off on vacation like normal.”

Max “Enough tell me what’s going on.”
Allison eyed Maria and Michael.
Maria bit Michael’s hand effectively removing it from her mouth. “Oh no you don’t sister. Michael is Liz’s brother, and I’m her best friend. What you tell Max you tell us.”
Max nodded his head in agreement.
Allison “Her hearing is set for December 28th.”
Michael (who’s hand was swelling to the size of a pineapple, and had the coloring of a cherry) spoke up. “This is ridiculous. So Liz just sits in jail till then. No this is fuckin unacceptable.”
Allison “I know. I called in some favors and got the hearing moved up to an hour from now.”

Max “Allison that’s great-
Allison “Before you go thanking me let me say this. I’ll get a bail set that’s a guarantee. But it won’t be cheap.”
Max “I’ll pay whatever it takes.”
Allison nodded her head. “Well I have to go and prepare. Is there anything I should know that will help me?”
Maria “Liz is a perfect citizen, she’s never had so much as a speeding ticket. She’s constantly doing charity work and helping the children in her local studio neighborhood.”
Allison “That’s a good start, anything else?”

“She’s pregnant.” Max said in a soft voice.
Allison’s eye’s widened. “ H-how far along?” She stuttered out.
Max “Three months.”
Allison “I see.”

Maria for some reason had a strong disliking for the woman in front of her spoke. Maybe it was the looks she was giving Max. The girl definitely had it bad for him. Or maybe it was because she kept referring to Liz as ‘her’. And who the hell wears black to a wedding? ‘Time to put her in her place’ Maria thought. “Well that’s wonderful. But how about going off and doing some work to get Mrs. Evans off.” She said, stressing the Mrs. Evans part.
Allison looked to Max. “I’m going to go see if we can hurry her—
“Her name is Liz. Elizabeth Evans. Do you need me to spell it out for you?” Maria said in a frosty tone.

Max “Maria please-
Maria “No you don’t Max. This little girl over here wants you, and could care less if Lizzie gets off. Or maybe that’s her plan.”
Michael “Maria let’s go get you something to eat.” He said placing a hand on her back steering her away from Allison. Before he left he gave Max a warning look stating he agreed with Maria.

Max “I’m sorry Allison.”
Allison “Don’t worry about it.”
Max “No Maria just is really close to Liz. There like sisters and she just sees you as a threat.”
Allison “Well three months ago she would have had reason.”
Max “Allison I love Liz, nothings ever going to change that.”
Allison “I know. I saw the look in your eyes when you where with her tonight. She’s very pretty, and what we had is in the past.”
Max started to speak but Allison cut him off.
Allison “Max I’m going to work my hardest to get Liz off, I won’t let any old feelings get in the way.”
Max “Thank-you.”
Max, Maria and Michael watched as the bailiff brought Liz in. Maria grabbed Liz in a fierce hug, holding back tears.

“Lizzie hang in there ok. This will be over soon.” Maria whispered.
Liz nodded pulling back and sitting in her chair before Max and Michael could hug her.


Judge “You may now be seated.”
“Case number 122537-3B The people vs. Elizabeth Evans.”
Judge “D.A. what do you have to say.”
D.A. “Your honor this is a murder case where the defendant’s hair is on the victim. She also is a flight risk. Under these circumstances I must say that Mrs. Evans remain in jail.”
Judge “Ms. Davis.”

Allison “Your honor Elizabeth Evans is a standout citizen. She sponsor’s numerous charities and gives free painting and drawing classes to the children in her studio neighborhood. Her record is clean and I see no reason why Mrs. Evans should remain in jail.”
Judge “Is that all?”
Allison “No your honor, Mrs. Evans is also three months pregnant.”
The District Attorney stood up immediately. “Your honor many woman have been in jail pregnant.”
Judge “You sir may take a seat and will wait to be heard.”

Allison “That maybe true but it doesn’t make it right. There are cases against the California Court about this going on right now. I could have a— ”
Judge “That won’t be necessary. I’ve made my ruling already. Elizabeth Evans your bail has been set for $250,000— “
D.A. “Your honor I object—“
Judge “Also if and when you are released you will be forced to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor your movements at all times. Any failure to show up in court or if there is even a hint that you might run I will not hesitate to through you back in jail. Is that clear?”

Liz “Yes your honor.”
Judge “Good. Your next trial date has been set for two weeks from now where you will enter a plea and a trial date will be decided. Court is adjourned.”

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Part 43

Max guided Liz into the house. She had yet to talk to him.

Max “Why don’t you go lay down.”
Liz nodded her head not looking at him. She quickly and quietly made her way up the stairs.

Max sighed and made his way into his office where Alex and some of his men waited patiently for him.
Alex “How’s Liz?”
Max “Let’s not go there right now. I want to concentrate on finding out the bastard who did this.”
Alex “Max the body was disposed of—“
Max “In a damn piss poor way.”
Alex “Max I’m not disagreeing but—“
Max “NO. I’m done being mister nice guy. Things are going to go back to the way it was. You screw up your done.”

“Now that’s the way to run it Maxwell” Michael said while walking in and clapping his hands.
Max turned to his boyz. “You spread the word that Max Evans is not going to deal with this shit anymore. One slip of the mouth, or fucked up job will result in funerals round here. Understood.”

They nodded their heads mutely.
Max “GO.”
Alex and Michael watched in amusement as they scampered out to spread the word. Max Evans was back and no bullshit was going to be tolerated.
Michael “Welcome back Evans. Glad to have you with us.”
Max “Being with your sister has made me soft. I was starting to be sloppy and let things go. Look at this damn mess Liz’s in. No, Stone wall Evan’s is back and I pity the fucker who tries to mess with me or my family.”

Michael “This is all good Max but get one thing strait, you will continue to treat my sister with the love that she deserves. You will not be a cold around her. Or she will be out of here so fast…”
Max “Never. I would never treat Liz like that. I’ll cherish her till my last breath, but I’ve let the happiness I feel with her mix into my business.”
Michael “Which is screwing us all over.”
Max “Yea.”

Alex “Max I’m glad you’ve come to this epiphany, but we should talk this situation over. Find out some ways to get Liz off.”
Michael “Whitman’s right. This is so fucked up. Liz is so good and she has all this shit to deal with.”
Max motioned for them to take a seat. “Do you think she was framed?”
Michael “Yeah. You get Liz you’ve got the both Max and I.”
Max “But the question is who, and what do they want?”
Michael “Well we know Pierce is in jail. But that doesn’t mean one of his cronies couldn’t have done it.”

Alex “Guys I think your forgetting one important thing here.”
Michael “What’s that?”
Alex “Liz was kidnapped. Which means this John Doe is most likely one of her captors.”
Max “So the hair was on him when he grabbed her. Damn it.”
Michael “Max didn’t you have one of your guys take care of Liz’s kidnappers?”
Alex “Max you had Carlos take care of them.”
Max shook his head. “When I get my hands on that son-of-a-bitch…”

Michael “Ok we know who and how but we still need to find a way to get Liz off.”
Alex “As I see it you’ve got two obvious choices. One you admit to having this man killed. Two you admit Liz was kidnapped and this was the guy. But the draw backs are you’ll be convicted of murder and end up in jail.”
Max raked a hand through his hair. “If it’s a choice between me or Liz then I want you to take care of Liz, and both of you to control my business for me.”

Michael “Hold up there. Before you go locking yourself up and throwing away the key, why don’t we find some alternative way. I mean damn Max in less then six months your going to be a father. And Liz’s is going to need you.”
Alex rubbed his eyes and looked down at his watch. “Gentlemen why don’t we meet tomorrow ten thirty here. Give us each a nights rest to think it over.”
Michael “Sounds good.”
Alex “It’s late and I know Isabel’s up and waiting for me. She kept calling me wanting to know how Liz was. Goodnight.”

Max “Night Alex.”
Michael “See you tomorrow.”
They watched Alex gather his coat and shuffle to the door.

Michael turned to Max. “Yea how is my sister doing.”
Max “Straight?”
Michael “Uh huh.”
Max sighed scrubbing at his face. “Bad Michael. I told you already the scene at the jail. But on the way home she’s wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge anything that was happening. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to push her. Cause this shit is would be hell on us. But we’ve always known deep down this could happen. But Liz is innocent. Never in a million years would anyone think this would happen to her.”
Michael “Which is why you giver her sometime and everything she wants. Lizzie will come around, but don’t push her.”

Max “okay I can do that.”
Michael “That a boy Max. Now what’s with this Allison chick? I saw the looks you where giving each other. Don’t make me have to kick your ass Evans. Make no mistake about it; Liz will never play second best to some blond bimbo with legs.”
Max rubbed his temples. “Michael Allison is a friend of mine, and my lawyer. I’ll admit in the past we where once something. But Liz is my wife. No one will ever be better then her, she’s the only one.”
Michael slapped Max on the back. “Good to hear. But I will have my lawyers assisting working with her. Just a little assurance for me. And contraire to belief I like you Max. You do what has to be done and you treat my sister the way she should be. You’ve earned my respect and not to many people have that.”

Max “ Ok I’ll tell Allison and thanks.”
Michael “Alright enough of this emotional crap. I better get home and make sure Maria’s not eating me out of house and home. I’m telling you Max once Liz hits the fourth month all she’s gonna wanna do is eat.”
Max chuckled. “Good. Liz is so tiny she worries me. You wouldn’t think she’s pregnant by her look.”
Michael “Don’t worry I’ve been reading all those Good Parenting and Nine Months books, and it says that the fourth and fifth month is when the pregnancy starts to really take off.”

Max raised an eyebrow. The picture of Michael reading ‘Good Parenting’ just made him laugh. But he knew he would be at the stores shopping for those same books soon. “I hope so.”
Michael “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Max ascended the stairs to his bedroom. He slowly opened the door and saw Liz curled up in a ball on the bed, still in her wedding dress. He made his was over to her and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked so peaceful sleeping. He raised a hand to her face and stroking her cheek.

“Oh baby what have I done. I was so engulfed in our love that I just let everything fall apart and now your being convicted of murder.” He whispered as he started removing the pins holding her hair. “You make me forget everything. You have me wrapped around your finger and you don’t even know it. All you have to do is smile and I’ll give you what you want. Anything.” He put the pins aside and started undoing her gown, gently taking it off her as not to wake her.

“But ever since you’ve known me these terrible thing keep happening. It makes me wonder if maybe you shouldn’t be with me. That maybe this is my punishment. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m so damn selfish that I won’t give you up. I want you so much and I’m being a bastard in not taking in the consequences.”

Max froze momentarily as she shifted in her sleep. He waited till she stilled and finished getting her dress off her. Leaving her in a silk teddy. Max placed her gown over the back of a chair and walked back over to the bed. Removing his own clothes as he went. “Even now I look at you and can’t help but want you so bad it hurts. You’re so beautiful, if we have a girl and she has even half your looks I’ll have to beat the boys back.”

Max climbed into bed next to Liz, but not touching her. “I’ll give you all the time you need angel. But I’m not going anywhere. I love you to damn much to walk away. I want to raise our child together. Watch he or she grow up and graduate. And I want to grow old with you. But first I have to figure out a way to get these charges dropped. I will sweetheart, have no doubt about it. Even if it means going to jail for you I will.”

Max kissed her cheek and rested his head on his pillow watching her chest rise and fall. He watched her into the wee hours of the night trying to find away to make their troubles go away.

Alex walked into the door and sure enough Isabel was up puttering around. She caught sight of her husband and immediately pounced.

Isabel “How’s Liz? How’s Max? What are the charges about? Is Liz going to be convicted? Maybe I should make her a pie.”
Alex shook his head and sat his wife down on the barstool. “Isabel listen I can’t go into much detail but Liz’s hair was found on a body and now she’s being convicted of murdering him. She’s taking it as well as can be expected. Max is trying to get it together for her. And I don’t think a pie would help any, but if you want to bake it for me I suggest a blueberry with the crust on top.”

Isabel visibly relaxed a bit and smacked Alex. “I’m just so worried for Liz.”
Alex “I know and I love you for it. Honey what Liz needs right now is a friend. Someone who she can let it out to. From what Maria was saying at the station Liz isn’t copping too well.”
Isabel “I can do that.”
Alex “I know you can. Why don’t we go upstairs and I take your mind off of this for a bit?” He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Isabel let out a laugh and pulled Alex upstairs.

Michael walked upstairs and to his surprise Maria was still up.

Maria “Hey how’s Liz?”
Michael “I think you should talk to her tomorrow.”
Maria “I was going to anyway.”
Michael “Good. From what Max was saying she’s still in shock.”

Michael watched as Maria started bawling. He quickly made his way to their bed and pulled her into his arms. Soothing her with comforting words. Maria continued for ten minutes before calming down to hiccups. Michael wiped her tear tracks and quickly undressed laying down and pulling her into his arms.

Maria “I’m sorry it’s just with Liz and these damn hormones…”
Michael “Yeah I know all about your hormones. I hope you know I have to go to the doctors and get a rabies shot. Just look at my hand it’s twice the normal size!”
Maria couldn’t help but giggle.
Michael “Go ahead laugh it up. I’m glad my pain amuses you.”
Maria “Oh it does!”

Maria suddenly stopped and grabbed for Michael’s hand.
Michael “Maria what’s wrong?”
A grin broke across Maria’s face. “Michael the baby just kicked.” She lowered his hand to her round belly and Michael felt the sensation against his hand.

Michael couldn’t help the smile that lit up his face. He took Maria’s lips and gave her a kiss showing her the awe and wonder he felt for her. He pulled back and looked her in the eyes. “Your amazing.”
Maria “Your just figuring this out now?!”

Michael just shook his head and cupped her face kissing her.
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Part 44

Max awoke his hand immediately searching out Liz. His eyes snapped open as his hand discovered the cool sheets. Jumping out of bed and throwing on some clothes Max raced downstairs calling out to Liz. A bad feeling churning in the pit of his stomach. When she didn’t respond Max started searching all the rooms growling in frustration when he discovered her car keys where gone.

Max “Danny”
Danny walked into the kitchen and saw the angry look on Max’s face. Remembering the warning last night he prayed it had nothing to do with him. “Yea boss?”
Max “Where is my wife?”
Danny “I don’t know, I haven’t seen her all morning.”
Max clenched his jaw. “Her keys are gone. Where are Johnny and Vinny? I assigned them to protect her.”
Danny looked around nervously. “They’re ah in the dinning room.”

Max raised an eyebrow. He walked into the dinning room grabbing his gun as he went. Max walked up to the two men who where sitting down chatting.
They stopped talking and looked up at Max who was pointing a gun at Vinny.

“Where is my wife?” Max said in a deadly voice.
Johnny “She hasn’t come down yet.”
Max “Wrong. You mean to tell me my little hundred pound wife eluded the two men who are assigned to keep her safe?”

The two men said nothing. What could they say? They had failed at watching the most important person in their boss’s life. Holding their head in shame they awaited their fate.

Max debated over what to do. On one hand they had failed, but normally they where very capable men. Which led Max to believe Liz had snuck out not wanting to be followed. But nonetheless they should have been more alert. Coming to a decision Max spoke.

“You have one chance to redeem yourself. You find Liz and you find her now. I don’t care what you have to do. If you fail me this time I guarantee that you won’t be happy.” Max lowered his gun and exited the room and heading to his study to call the one person who might have an idea where Liz might be.

Liz walked into the same place she had for many years. St. Christopher’s Church sat on the corner of Chestnut and Seventeenth Street. The same church her parents would take her and Michael every Sunday morning for mass.

“Liz what a surprise.”
Liz turned and offered a smile that didn’t reach her eyes to Rev. Caricuzzi.
“I’ve come for confession, if that’s okay.”

The Rev. nodded taking pity on the girl in front of him. He had known her since she was a baby, watching her grow up into the lovely young woman that she was today. He had married her last night and saw the anguish when she was arrested. “Of course my dear. Come this way.”

Liz clutched the rosary she had been given when she was a child and walked towards the confessional booth. She sat down and waited till the tiny door slid open.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned it’s been…” Liz paused as she tried to recall the last time she had sat in this same seat. “It’s been four months since my last confession.”
Rev. “Continue my child.”
Liz “I’m so lost. All my problems seemed to have started the day I met Max. Max and I are so different, but yet the same. Yea we come from the same type of family but where I’ve tried to distance myself from the whole business he’s right in the middle of it.”
Rev. “But you still came together.”

Liz “Yes. Through it all Max won my heart and I love him. I don’t think I could imagine my life without him or his love.”
Rev. “But…”
Liz “But circumstances have put us into an impossible situation right now.”
Rev. “What are these circumstances.”

Liz took a deep breath and decided to say it all. “A few months ago I was kidnapped. Someone was trying to get Michael and Max’s territory and used me against both of them. They saved me and from what I know they got rid of everyone involved.”
Rev. “I assume you never went to the police.”
Liz “No. Max and Michael took care of it by themselves.”
Rev. “This bothers you.”
Liz “Very much. I’ve never liked the life that Michael and my father led. I always thought I would marry outside of this whole mob thing.”

Rev. “Do you regret your choice now with all the problems you’re going through now?”
Liz “I—I don’t know. I think if I could go back and start fresh I would change the way things started between Max and I. But I wouldn’t change us getting together.”
Rev. “I see.”

Liz “Last night when I was arrested I was shocked and scared. By the time I got to jail I was angry. I was angry with Max and Michael. I blamed them for putting me in this situation. I’m still angry. I don’t know how to get past this. How to go through this with my marriage still intact when it’s over. Because I know that Max and Michael had the man that I’m on trial for murdering killed. How am I supposed to live with this sin? With the sins Max commits daily. How do I teach our baby right and wrong when it gets older when its father is committing crime and having people murdered?”

Rev. “Liz I wish I could tell you to say a hundred Hail Mary’s and everything will be right, but the only solution to your problem is to speak to Max.”
Liz “I’m scared.”
Rev. “Of Max?”
Liz “No. Max would never hurt me. I’m just scared I’ll hurt him and then I’m scared he’ll tell me that he likes his business and that we shouldn’t have married.”
Rev. “Child you must make a choice. Only you can make it. Do some soul searching Liz.”

Liz “I feel just as lost then when I first came here.”
Rev. “Liz you have to find your path and no matter what the perils on it stick with it. You’ll succeed child, it’s not in you to fail.”
Liz “Thank-you.”

Max slammed the phone down frustration. Maria wasn’t sure where Liz would be at this time of the morning. He had already tried her studio and her assistant had told him she had not been in. Max rubbed his eyes.

“Where are you Liz?”

Liz walked slowly up to the two graves kneeling down and placing the Red roses on the snow covered ground under their headstone. She took of her isotoners and traced the two names carved into the cold stone.

Liz “Mom, Dad it’s me Liz. I know I haven’t been here in a while but things have been so busy. I’m married now, to Max Evans.” She said with a smile

“But what a mess I’m in. I’ve been accused of murder. And I’m so scared.” She wiped at the tear that where escaping. “Look at me crying like a baby. I just wish you were both here to tell me what to do, because right now I have no clue what to do. Mom how did you deal with Dad’s life style? Help me I’m so lost.”

Liz attention was drawn to a little bird that had started chirping on a nearby branch. He seemed to be talking to her, yelling at her was more like it. Liz chuckled and looked back down to the grave.

“Ok I get the message. I have to talk to Max and tell him what I feel even if it means he doesn’t want to be with me.”

Liz stood up and grabbed went to grab her gloves when a hand grabbed her arm. She automatically pushed back falling on the ground in the process. Liz looked up to see Johnny the bodyguard Max had assigned to her.

Johnny “Mrs. Evans you need to come with me right now.” He said extending his hand to help her up.

Liz pushed away his hand and stood up giving him a menacing eye. “Don’t you ever touch me. I’ll do what I want when I want and you will not order me around.”
Johnny “Mrs. Evans I’m just following orders.”
Liz just glared at him and quickly made her way to her car not even bothering to wait for Johnny.
Max put the phone down relief spread through his body. Johnny had found Liz and they we’re on their way home.
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Part 45a

Liz walked through the door and headed strait to Max’s study with Johnny hot on her heals. She didn’t bother to knock as she burst into Max’s office.

Max gave a sigh of relief as he saw Liz enter his study. He watched as she took a seat and looked strait at him waiting. Her chin raised ready for his yelling.

“Get out ”

Liz jumped at the harsh sound of Max’s voice. She closed her eyes briefly before reopening them to see Max’s eyes almost black with anger, but there was something else too. A hint of fear lay within them.

Max waited till Johnny scampered out of the room before turning his gaze back to Liz. Her eyes were closed and she was clutching something tightly in her hand. Suddenly her eyes opened and she was staring straight into his eyes, like she was looking for something. Max jumped out of his chair and started pacing the room like a caged tiger.

He was lost right now. All he wanted to do was take Liz in his arms and kiss her senseless. ‘But you’re supposed to be angry with her.’ How could he stay angry with her when one look from her chocolate eyes made his knees quiver? ‘She could have gotten hurt’

Liz watched Max’s inner battle play out as he continued to pace. She was sorry for leaving without saying anything, but it was something she had to do for herself. Max abruptly stopped and spoke in a calm voice.

“Where were you?”

Liz “Confession.”
Max was relieved. She was finally talking to him. And of all the places she could have been alone at least she was at the safest one. It still didn’t excuse her sneaking out and not telling him though. “Why didn’t you leave a note, or wake me?” He was trying to stay calm but scenarios of what could have happened to her kept running through his mind. “You could have been hurt or worse killed.”

Liz “Max I just went to church. All I wanted to do was go to confession and not have people constantly watching what I was doing.”
Max “They’re there for you safety Liz. You know how easy it is to have someone get you.”
Liz “I refuse to live my life in fear. I want to do what I want when I want and I’m not going to have three of your lackies following me.” She said raising her voice.
Max counted to ten and thought about what Michael said about not pushing. Deciding to try another approach Max spoke gently. “Liz sweetheart I just want you and the baby to be safe and happy.”
Liz’s demeanor softened before she shook her head. “Max I won’t let you sweet talk your way through this. I can’t live like this, I really thought I could but I can’t.”

Her statement rocked Max to the core. “Yo—You don’t want to be with me?”

Liz eyes filled with tears. “No Max I want to be with you. I love you so much. But look what’s become of me. I’m on trial for murder Max. I could go to prison for the rest of my life. All I’ve ever wanted to do is paint. Have my own studio where I could set my own hours and do what I pleased. I have that Max. And I don’t want to lose that. And I don’t want to lose the baby. I’m terrified that I’ll never know my baby. That I’ll miss everything important that happens.”

Max “Liz that’s not going to happen I won’t let it.”
Liz “You can’t promise me that I won’t go to jail for this. Even this is out of your hands.”

Max “NO. You will not be going to prison Liz. I will come forward and confess before that happens.”
Liz “So now instead of not having a mother the baby loses its father. It’s a lose-lose situation.”
Max “Liz we can make this work. We’ll find a way.”
Liz gave him a bittersweet smile. “Why do we even have to find a way at all?”
Max “Liz I’m asking you to have faith in me. Let me get you out of this mess and then it’ll just be the three of us.”
Liz “Don’t you mean the four of us?”

A bewildered look crossed Max’s face. “Liz what are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about your business Max. It’s apart of us, of you. And no matter how hard you or I try it’ll always be like that. ” She said in an angry tone.
“So what do you want Liz? Tell Me what the hell I’m supposed to do ” He shouted.
Liz “Don’t yell at me I’m just being honest Max.”
Max “You—

Michael and Alex picked that particular moment to walk in.
Michael “Did we interupt something?”
Max “No, Liz was just going to lay down.”

Liz gave Max a look saying that they weren’t done by a long shot. She stood slowly and made her way to the door only stopping to give Michael a hug before leaving.

Michael watched as Max raked a hand through his hair before lashing out in anger and throwing the papers off his desk.

Michael “What happened?”
Max “We’re not here to discuss my marital problems.”
“When my sister is upset is does concern me, so don’t act like an—” Michael said in a raised voice.

Alex jumped in deciding to play peacemaker. “Guys we’re here to clear Liz. Let’s stop this bullshit right now.”
Michael and Max sized each other up before backing off.

Michael “What do we do?”
Alex “I came up with a way to get Liz off.”
Both men snapped their head up to Alex waiting for him to continue.
Alex I was thinking this morning and it came to me, remember Sonny Cessna?
Michael “I’ve heard the name before. Wasn’t he an old boss in New York?”

Alex “Yea, he was also accused of killing two men from rival families. The DA had a pretty tight case against him too.”
Max “So what happened and how does this help Liz?”
Alex “Well one day before trial a man named Adam Jones walked into the court room and confessed to the murders. Cessna got off clean and free.”
Michael “Who was Adam Jones?”
Alex “An average man he was married and had five kids. He was also very poor and about two hundred thousand in debt.”

Michael “So he goes to jail for Cessna and gets his debt payed off.”
Alex “And his family taken care of for the rest of their life.”
Max “So you think I should pay someone to take the blame for Liz.”
Alex “Max think about it the DA will be out for blood. No doubt it’ll be a nasty trial Liz’s name is going to be trashed and they’ll do and use anything to get a guilty verdtic. Now do you really want to chance it?”
Michael “Liz will never go for it if she knew.”

Max “That’s why we don’t tell her.”
Michael “Max I’m telling you do this and Liz finds out you will lose her.”
Max “I’ll lose her if she’s in jail.”
Michael “I don’t want my sister to go through a trial any more then you do, but ruining someone’s life. That seems wrong even to me.”
Max “I don’t care.”

Michael “Max don’t do this. Not yet anyway. Why don’t we wait and see how the trial goes before we do this.
Max turned to Alex needing his opinion. “What do you say?”
Alex thought it over. “I say let’s see how the trial goes. If things are looking bad, than I’ll get in touch with my contact.”
Max nodded his head thinking it over. On one hand he really didn’t want to screw up someone’s life, but on the other he would not stand for Liz in jail.
“We wait. But at the first sign of trouble we use your contact Alex.

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Liz started up the steps before coming to halt in midstep. What was she doing? She needed to talk to someone not go and lay down like some trained housewife. Liz turned around and walked back into the kitchen grabbing her purse and keys.

She made it as far as her car before someone called her name out.

“Mrs. Evans ”

Liz whipped her head around to see her two bodyguards Johnny and Vinny approaching her. “What?” She snapped. Liz was in no mood for there bullshit.

Johnny “Where are you going?”
“It’s no of your damn business.” Liz retorted.
Vinny “Mrs. Evans your husband just wants to keep you safe. He hired me and I’m the best there is. Mrs. Evans from what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen Mr. Evans will do anything to insure your security. And between you and me I don’t want to be on his bad side because the man can be down right scary when it comes to you.”
Liz gave him a small smile.
Vinny “Listen just think of me as someone who gets the joy of spending his time with a lovely woman.”

Liz studied the man carefully and decided she like him. He was unlike any other bodyguard she’d had. He seemed very friendly, but he also had this authority about him saying don’t mess with me. “We’ll if I have to have a bodyguard I guess I could tolerate you.”
Vinny “That’s a relief. I’m Vincent Ferro but you can call me Vinny Mrs. Evans.”
Liz “Vinny it’s a pleasure to meet you, but call me Liz please.”
Vinny “I think I can handle that. Now where were you off to Liz?”

Liz “I was heading to my brothers house to see Maria.”
Vinny “Well what are we waiting for lets go.”
Liz nodded and made her way to the car. She turned around as she saw Johnny start to open a door to get in her car.

Liz looked him square in the eye and scowled. She had not forgotten their earlier incident. “I don’t think so.”
Johnny “What?”
Liz “I said Vinny could follow me around not you. So don’t even try to enter my car.”
Vinny decided to play peacemaker and intervened. “Johnny I think it would be better if you followed us.”
Johnny “But—
Vinny “No. I said you follow us. Now you have problem ensuing my directions maybe we should take it up with Mr. Evans.”

Johnny “Mr. Evans assigned both—
Vinny voice began to rise. “Did Mr. Evans hire you to manhandle his wife? I saw what happened in the graveyard. I know for a fact Mr. Evans will have you dead before you could even cry for your mommy. So get in your car and follow us
Vinny turned and smiled at Liz before getting in the passenger seat.

‘Definitely not one to mess with.’ Liz thought as she stepped into her car and took off to Maria’s.
Liz entered the house and hurried into the kitchen to find Maria.

Maria looked up when she heard someone enter the kitchen and gasped. “Lizzie ” She dropped her fork and ran over to Liz pulling her into a tight hug. “How are you doing chica?”
Liz “A little better. I’m sorry for worrying you the other night, I just……”
Maria “Freaked out.”
Liz ducked her head embarrassed.
Maria “Liz if it makes you feel any better I would have been the same way if not worse.”

Liz “So what are you eating?”
Maria “Ah. How did you know to find me in the kitchen and that I’d be eating?”
Liz laughed for the first time in a couple of days and it made her feel good. “Michael told me that ever since you’ve hit your fourth month all you’ve be doing is eating. He swears you alone keep the fast food and bakery places open.”
Maria “That jerk I don’t eat that much…”
Liz raised her eyebrow and just laughed.
Maria “Ok so maybe I do eat a lot but I’m pregnant so it’s aloud. And you shouldn’t be talking if I’m not mistaken in a two weeks you’re going to be in the same boat as me.”

“God I hope not. I’m already beginning to show. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve already gained ten pounds plus my jeans don’t fit me anymore.” Liz finished with a sad sigh.
Maria laughed. “Lizzie I stopped fitting into my jeans a month ago. Plus it’s healthy weight I read it in one of those parenting books Michael has. But I bet it makes Max happy to see you’ve gained weight. I remember him saying he worried about you being too skinny.”

Maria watched as Liz became dejected when she mentioned Max. “Liz what’s wrong.”
Liz “Nothing.”
Maria “Girlfriend you can’t lie to me so stop. Now I know it has something to do with Max. Did he say something to you? I mean he has been hanging around with Michael and that’s always a bad thing. Maybe Michael rubbed off on him and he’s—
Liz broke into Maria’s ramble. “Maria breath. No he didn’t say anything to me.”
Maria “Well what did he do?”

Liz “It’s not even him. It’s me. I’ve distanced myself since I was arrested. I haven’t let him comfort me or really even touch me for that matter.”
Maria led Liz over to the counter and handed her a cup of hot coca. “Why Liz?”
“I’ve looked at what’s become of my life and it’s a double edged sword. I’m so happy to found the love of my life, married to him, carrying his child, and have a successful art studio. But at what price has that come at? I’m on trial for murder and not but a month and a half ago I was kidnapped. To top it all off I have to bodyguards whose sole job is to follow me around like dogs. I hate it Maria. I just want to live a life with Max with no cloud hanging over our heads.”
Maria “Have you told Max this?”

Liz “I tried but…….it just wouldn’t come out.”
Maria “Liz if you don’t tell him then nothings going to change.”
“I know.” Liz said dejectedly.

Maria sensed her friends depressing mood and decided to change it, if only for a while. “Lizzie an amazing thing happened yesterday.”
Liz perked up thankful for her friend’s distraction. “What?”
“The baby kicked ” Maria squealed with delight.
Liz “oh my god Maria that’s great.”
Maria “I was sitting in bed having another one of my hormonal breakdowns and all of the sudden bam I felt a little kick.”
Liz “Aw Maria that’s wonderful.”

Maria “It just made it seem more real. Like I was now really pregnant. Liz when it happens to you you’ll understand. And then your brother put his hand on my stomach for forty-five minutes and was talking to it trying to coax the baby into kicking again. He finally gave up, and I swear Liz as soon as his hand left the baby kicked again I was laughing so hard. And poor Michael sat there with a miserable expression on his face and said ‘This kid is definitely it’s mothers child. Not even out of the womb and not listening to me ’ Liz it was so funny.”

Liz couldn’t contain her laughter. “Poor Michael. That’s too funny.”
Maria “So what are you up to today?”
Liz “You know what I think it’s time we had some good old fashion fun.”
Maria’s eyes gleamed. “What do you have in mind?”
Liz “A shopping trip.”
Maria “Oh this is going to be so much fun. We can find us some stylin’ maternity clothes. Not those moo moos they try to pass off. And maybe we can find you some sexy number and show that Allison chick who Max wants.”

Liz “Maria what are you rambling about?”
Maria bit her lip. She really hadn’t meant to say anything to Liz. Oh well she had to find out sometime. “Allison something or another is your lawyer. Well she’s Max’s lawyer and let me say she has it bad for him. She’s this leggy blond who used to be involved with Max. Don’t worry I put her in her place.”
Liz was taken back. It made her uneasy to think of Max with anyone else. She shook off the feeling deciding to deal with it later. “Maria let’s go shopping.”

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Part 46a

Michael sat down and waited patiently for Max to come back from seeing Alex out. He had been meaning to speak to Max about Liz’s bodyguards. Max came in and sat across from Michael, starting up his laptop.

Max “What did you want to talk about Michael?”
Michael “Liz.”
“What a surprise.” Max said in a sarcastic tone.
Michael “Listen Max I know things aren’t good with you two right now, but I’m not here to try and patch things up between you. But I will say this. If you want things back the way they where then you two better start talking to each other. Fight for her Max.”

Max took a moment to process Michael’s words. They made sense. If he wanted to get his love back then he needed to get off his ass. Breaking himself from his trance Max looked up to Michael. “Thanks. So what did you want to speak to me about?”
Michael “I wanted to know about Liz’s bodyguards.”
Max “Vincent and Johnny are protecting her. Why?”
Michael sighed. “You remember Nick? He used to protect Liz.”
Max “How could I forget him.”
Michael “Yea I picked up on the tension between you two.”

Max “There’s just something I don’t like about the guy.”
Michael “Maybe it’s his relationship with Liz.”
“No. She’s mine. I have her and I always will.” Max said with a mix of jealousy, possession and anger in his voice.
Michael “Anyway. Nick wants to continue to protect Liz.”
“No.” Max said flatly.
Michael “Listen Max you may not like him but he is the best at what he does.”
Max “If he was the best then Liz would never have been kidnapped.”

Michael “Max that’s not fair.”
Max “Michael it’s the truth.”
Michael “Max he’s protected her since she was a kid.”
Max “No.”
Michael “Max I’m just asking you to think about it. Liz knows Nick and is comfortable with him. Plus he’s good. You can’t deny that. He’s rep alone makes people cower in fear.”

Max sighed. “I’ll think about.”
Michael “I’ll take that.”
Max “Anything else?”
Michael “Just fight for her.”
~* Couple hours later ~*

The sound of laughter floated through the house and into Max’s study. Max put down his laptop and made his way into the entryway. The sight before him humbled and angered him at the same time. Liz was laughing as Vinny vainly tried to carry in her bags. Max watched the interaction between the two and his blood boiled.

“Vinny let me help you.” Liz said in between fits of giggles.
“No…I got it.” Vinny gasped out. He dropped the bags on the floor and took in a deep breath. “Liz you must have at least twenty bags there. What did you buy?”
Liz “Stuff.”
Vinny let out a laugh. “Stuff huh?”
Liz smiled. “Yea. The combination of Maria and I at the mall is dangerous.”
Vinny “So I noticed.” He said in a dry tone.

Max had had enough. He made his presence known and cleared his throat.
Liz and Vinny turned around startled anyone was in the room.

Max stared into Liz’s chocolate pools. “Where were you?”
Liz “I went shopping.”

Vinny looked between Liz and Max. You could’ve cut the tension with a knife. “Well I think I’ll take these bags upstairs.”
Liz “No I’ll do it.”
Max “No you won’t. I want you to go upstairs and rest, and this time actually go there.”
Liz narrowed her eyes before sighing in defeat and making her way upstairs to their room.
Max turned his attention to Vinny. “We need to talk.”

Vinny sat down in Max’s office. To say he was nervous was an understatement. Max Evans was known for his cool nature and harsh punishments. When he talked people listened. Even though Max was ten years his junior the man still had an air about him that screamed power.

Vinny “What did you want to talk to me about?”
Max “You and my wife seem to be getting along.”
Vinny wanted to laugh. Max Evans was jealous of him. Sure Liz was attractive, damn right beautiful but anyone could see that she was in love with Max. “Yea. Liz is sweet girl.”
Max chose his next words carefully. “She’s my sweet girl remember that.”
Vinny “Yea I get it.”
Max “Good.”

Vinny continued to sit in Max’s office. Max raised an eyebrow. “Was they’re anything else?”
Vinny “Yea. It’s about Johnny.”
Max “uh huh.”
Vinny “I think you should reassign him.”
Max “Why?”
Vinny “Let’s just say you’ll have a happier wife if you did.”

Max brow furrowed. “What happened?”
Vinny “I don’t really know what started it, but those two can’t be in the same car without fighting. Liz gets very defensive in his presence and starts flipping on him.”
Max “What does Johnny do?”
Vinny “He argues back until I intervene.”
Max nodded. “Thank you. I’ll deal with this.”
Vinny nodded and made his way out.

Max made his way to the stairs and laughed. At the foot of them were Liz’s shopping bags. He stopped laughing though when he tried to pick them up. They weighed a ton ‘What did she buy’ he thought to himself as he made his way up the steps juggling the bags.

Liz walked out of the bathroom and watched as Max struggled to put her bags down next to the bad.

Liz “Here let me help you.”
Max “No, I got it.” He said dropping the bags.”
Liz and Max stared at each other before Max broke the silence. “So between you and Maria you probably made the mall rich today.”
Liz “I used my money if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Max wanted to kick himself. He had meant for it to be a joke. “No Liz I didn’t mean for it sound like that. Sweetheart you could max out all my credit cards and I wouldn’t care. I just… God I hate this ” He yelled in frustration.
Liz “I hate this too.”
Max “The tell me what to do to fix this because I can’t live without you.”
Liz “I-I don’t know.”
Max “Please Liz…”

Liz looked into Max’s amber colored eyes and saw the pleading look he was giving her. Suddenly her wedding vowels rang through her head. ‘For better or worse till death do us part’

“For better or worse…” Liz mumbled.
Max “What?”
Liz looked up at Max and smiled at him for the first time since their wedding night.

Max went weak at the knees watching Liz look at him like that. God how he missed her smile, her beautiful smile.

Liz “Well get through this together.”

Liz ran over to Max and threw her arms around his waist. Max backed stepped from the force of it, but locked his arms around her kissing her temple and rubbing her back. Liz lifted her head and kissed the sensitive patch on Max’s neck.

Max looked lovingly down at his angel and swept her off her feet carrying her to the bed and gently laying her down before covering her mouth with his. He sucked her tongue into his mouth while his hands massaged her body. Liz pulled back and moved her hands to his tie removing it and working her way down to his shirt slowly undoing the buttons.

“You know technically this is our honeymoon.” Liz replied in a coy voice.
“Yea.” Max said in a husky voice.

Liz finished her task and pushed it down his broad shoulders planting kisses on his chest. Max shrugged off his shirt and turned back to who Liz made a movement to his pants. Before she could unbutton them Max stopped her movements with his hand.

“Your turn.” Max said with a smirk on his face.

Liz smiled back to Max and watched as he carefully pushed her shirt up kissing and nipping at each new patch of skin he uncovered. Liz sighed under his ministrations and threading her hands threw his hair urging him to hurry. Max removed Liz’s shirt taking in a breath as he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her perky breast reveled to him made his pants suddenly very confining. He bent his head to take one in his mouth loving the moans that escaped her lips. Max switched to the other to Liz begged him to stop.

Liz furiously pulled at Max’s pants pushing both them and his boxers down over his hips letting his erection spring free. Liz licked her lips and watched as Max kicked his pants off before removing hers quickly.

Liz “Max please.”

Max heard Liz’s soft plea and slowly entered her little by little. He had missed this and now that he was here he was going to saver it. Liz had other ideas though, as she wrapped her legs around his hips pushing him in deeper. Max groaned and increased his thrusts. He could no longer control himself as he pounded into Liz.

Liz “Max…Yes…Yes…”

Max felt the beginnings of his release but was determined to wait for his love. He felt Liz give out a silent scream and tumble over the edge digging her nails into his back. Max lost it then and let him self go falling onto Liz.

After several minutes Max rolled over letting Liz rest on top of him. He smoothed down her hair while she rested her head on her hands, both gazing into each other’s eyes.

Max was the first to break the quiet spell. “What made you change your mind?”
Liz “I thought about our wedding vowels and followed my heart.”
Max “Liz I promise you that everything will work out. I’m gonna fight so hard. Just promise to stay with me.”
Liz “I promise.”
Max closed his eyes and smiled before opening them and kissing Liz soundly. “I love you angel.”
Liz “I love you too.”

Liz shifted her hips and felt Max stir within her. She sat up and started riding Max watching the look of pure ecstasy that crossed his face. He reached his hands up and Liz took them in hers and quickened her movement.

Max “God Liz… Baby…mmm…”
Liz “Max I’m gonna…”

Before she could answer she felt Max’s release that triggered hers. She fell on top of Max smiling into his chest.
Max raised his head and looked at the glimmer in her gorgeous eyes.

Liz “I think I like the honeymoon so far.”
“It’s only beginning Sweetheart.” Max whispered in her ear with a glint of teasing in his voice as he flipped her over…

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS.


Liz awakened to the feel of Max all around her. Their legs were tangled together while Max’s arms wrapped securely around her chest and stomach.

He was holding her like he was scared she was going to disappear.

‘I’m not going anywhere my love. You’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.’ Liz thought to herself as she snuggled closer to Max. Liz felt Max’s strong hands take hold of her hips turning her around so that she was facing him.

“Morning Beautiful.” Max murmured into her neck.
“Morning.” Liz said running her hands up and down his back.

They lay there enjoying the feeling of just being together when Liz’s stomach gave an unfeminine growl. Max raised his head and arched his eyebrow at Liz as she kept her eyes tightly shut.

Liz opened one of her eyes. “Max tell me that was you.”
Max chuckled. “Sorry Angel but that was you.” A sudden thought occurred to him. “Liz when was the last time you ate?”
Liz thought back through yesterday. “When I was at Maria’s.”
Max’s protective instincts kicked in. “Liz that was almost twenty four hours ago.”
“I know. But Ria and I went to the Mall and shopped, and when I got home eating was the last thing we wanted to do.” Liz said with a smirk on her face.

Max couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face as he thought back to the previous night. They had made love over and over again until they fell asleep spent. “Still Liz it’s not healthy for you or our little one to miss meals.”
Liz nodded, still smiling.
“Common I’ll make you some pancakes.” Max said pulling Liz out of bed.

“Pancakes! Mmm… Max I love pancakes.”
Max slipped on his sweat pants and walked up behind Liz resting his head on her shoulder while helping her button up his shirt she was putting on. “You’ve never really had pancakes till ya taste mine. And you won’t leave the table till I think you’ve eaten enough.”
Liz just laughed at his over protectiveness. “Ok Michael.”

“Hey I finally understand why he kept you under lock and key.”
Liz turned around so she was facing Max. “Really? So tell me the reason why Michael kept me under lock and key.”
Max “Because your exquisite. Any man could take one look at you and fall in love. Michael would have to fight them off. And if they where lucky enough to actually meet you they would see the lovely person you are and just fall deeper in love.”
Liz “You think.”

Max cupped her face. “Sweetheart I know.”
Liz reached up and kissed Max wrapping her arms around his neck. But Max pulled back before it got to intense. Liz gave a mew of protest.
Max “You need to eat.”
Liz sighed in mock exaggeration. “Fine but you owe me Mr. Evans, and I plan on collecting.”
Max swooped down and picked Liz up raising her even with his behr chest. “I have no intention letting you forget Mrs. Evans.”
Max placed Liz gently on the counter before he made his way through the kitchen grabbing ingredients.

Liz “So what are you doing today?”
Max “I’m doing it.”
Liz “You’re not going to work?”
Max stopped his movements and walked over to Liz, standing in between her legs. “No, today’s all about you. Anything and everything you want is yours.”
Liz clapped her hands in excitement. “Even if I said I wanted to go down town and shop all day spending all your money?”
Max groaned. “If that’s what you really want…”

Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder. “No I’m all shopped out from yesterday.”
‘Thank-god’ Max thought inwardly. “So what do you want to do then?”
Liz thought it over for a second. “Max I wanna go to Tyler State Park.”
Max “Two questions, what is it and where is it.”
Liz “It’s this park in Newtown. This place is so big and beautiful Max. I used to go there and draw the scenery.”
Max “It sounds like a good idea but it is winter time. I don’t want my girl getting sick.”
Liz pouted. “I’ll wear gloves and a hat. Please Max?”

Max “How can I resist you.”
Liz “You can’t. Now go finish cooking.”
Max kissed Liz’s nose. “Yes ma’am.”
Liz sat perched on Max’s lap as they feed each other, stealing kisses as they went. Their breakfast was short lived though as one of Max’s guys walked in the room causing Liz to give out a sigh of frustration.

Max turned in anger to the intruder feeling Liz’s distraught. “What.” He shouted in anger.
“Th—the contractors on the phone.”
Max “You disrupted me for that? I gave explicit instructions I was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.”
“He said it was an emergency.”
Max “I doubt it.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s shoulders and laid her head on her shoulder. “Max if you have to work it’s ok, I understand.” She whispered into his ear.

Max gripped Liz tighter. “NO. I said I would spend the day with you, and only you.” He turned to the cowering man. “All my calls are to go directly to Alex. All problems or questions got to him today. Now get out of my sight.”

Liz “Whose afraid of the big bad wolf…”
Max “What?”
Liz lifted her head. “You have grown men who are probably older and stronger then you running in fear.”
Max “You think they’re stronger?”
Liz rolled her eyes.

Max “Let me go call Alex and tell him he’s in charge today. I won’t be more then five minutes ok?”
“Ok. I’m just going to go and shower. That is if you think I’ve eaten enough.” Liz said remembering his earlier threat.
Max looked from their plate to Liz and back again. “I don’t know I think you have room for one more bite.”
“Maaxxx. I’ve had enough. Look see how big my stomach is from eating all your yummy pancakes.” Liz said placing Max’s hand on her stomach.

Max sat there in awe as he felt Liz’s stomach. She was getting bigger now. Her tummy was now noticeable and much fuller. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her stomach. “Alright go shower, but only because you said my pancakes were good.”

Max closed his study door before dialing a very familiar number.
Alex “Hello?”
Max “Alex, its Max.”
Alex “Max, what’s up.”
Max “I’m leaving you in charge for the day. I’m spending the day with Liz and I don’t want anything interfering.”
Alex “Sure no problem.”
Max “Thanks Alex you don’t know how much I appreciate this.”
Alex “I think I do, have a good day Max. You and Liz deserve it.”
Max “Thanks. We will.”

Max clicked off and searched for Michael’s number. His next call was one he was not going to enjoy.

Maria “Hello?”
Max “Maria hey. I was looking for Michael, is he in.”
Maria “Before I let you talk to Michael there are some things I wanna know.”
Max smiled. “And what would they be?’
Maria “First have you realized the error of your ways and begged forgiveness from Liz?”
Max “Something like that.”
Maria “Did Liz forgive you?”
Max “Yea, we’re gonna work through it.”

Maria “Good, for a minute there I thought I might have to come over and smack the hell out of you till you did.”
Max chuckled. “Maria you are one of a kind.”
Maria “Yea I know.”

Max heard a commotion in the background. “Maria give me the phone.”
“Michael I am having a conversation with Max. Now unless you want the couch as your permanent residence I suggest you shot your trap.” “There’s Mud Pie in the fridge.” Max listened to the silence for a minute before Maria spoke again. “Max got to go. We’ll finish this later.”

Max was still laughing when Michael got on the phone.
Michael “Don’t say anything Maxwell. I assure you in about a month you’ll be going through the same thing. Damn hormones.” “Ouch Maria that hurt!”
Max “I don’t think will ever be as bad as Maria.”
“True, you did get the easier less tempered woman. So what did you want?” Michael said cutting to the chase.

Max “I want Nick to guard Liz. Starting tomorrow.”
Michael “That’s great. What made you change your mind.”
Max “Don’t think I’m happy with this, or that I even like Nick. But I can’t ignore his rep. And I want the best protecting Liz.”
Michael “I understand, and I’ll tell him.”
Max “Good, now there’s one more thing.”
Michael “Yea.”
Max “I want to take Liz somewhere she’ll enjoy tonight. You know to get her mind off things. It’s gotta be some place she loves.”

Michael “Maxwell you are one lucky man. It just happens I have four tickets to the Hockey game tonight. And believe me my little sister loves hockey.”
Max brightened. He remembered back to their first date when Liz told him about her love for the Flyers. “Michael that would be great. What time?”
Michael “Well the games at seven, so we’ll meet you there. I’ll have the tickets sent over.”
Max “Sounds good. Thanks Michael.”

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46 C

Max and Liz walked hand in hand through the park. It was huge, with trails leading for miles on end. The snow-covered trees lined the paths.

Max “So how did you find this place?”
Liz “Michael. Back when he thought he was a bad boy he and some friends would come here and drink. One night he came home trashed and my parents flipped. So as punishment he had to spend four Saturdays with his sister.”
Max “Michael got off easy.”
Liz “Not really. Michael was sixteen and I had just turned eleven and he was at the stage in life where he was to cool to hang with his sister. Back then he behrly talked to me.”
Max “I find that hard to believe. Michael is always so protective of you and always looking out for your happiness.”
Liz “You have to understand Max I was my parents baby girl, a perfect angel to them. So Michael was jealous and ignored me. So my parents used this as a way to bring us together.”

Max “I see it worked.”
Liz “Yup. Michael and I realized we had a things in common and we kept our Saturday hang out.”
Max wrapped his arm around Liz’s waist bringing her closer to his body. “So Michael realized that you were a perfect angel who everybody adored.”
“Pretty much.” Liz said trying to contain her laughter, but failing miserably.

Max pulled her into his arms kissing her sweet lips. “Have I told you today how much I adore you?”
Liz “Nope, I don’t believe you have.”
Max “Well I do…Kiss…So much…Kiss”
Liz “You’re spoiling me.”
Max “Sweetheart I haven’t even begun.”
Liz “Oh really.”

“Yes really.” Max said as he kissed the sides of her neck.
Liz “What do you have in mind Mr. Evans?”
Max “You’ll just have to wait and see.” He said with a smirk on his face.
Liz pouted her lips. “Tell me.”
Max kissed her lips softly. “You look so cute when you pout, but I’m not telling you.”
Liz smacked his chest “You jerk.”

Liz stalked away not really mad at Max. “Liz.” She heard him call but she ignored him just walking faster. “C’mon Baby.” Liz stifled a laugh at Max’s pleading voice. She heard him start to walk faster and Liz broke into a jog.
Max caught onto her game and broke out into an all out run after her. He smiled when Liz gave out a shriek and ran into the woods.

Liz hid behind a tree and waited until she was sure Max was no where in sight. She took a tentative step out and screamed as two hands wrapped themselves around her middle. Max and Liz tumbled to the snow covered ground with a thud.

Max gave her a concerned look as she kept her eyes closed. “Angel you okay?”
Liz opened her eyes and started laughing. “I’m good.” She said in between laughs.

Liz’s laugh was contagious and Max found himself grinning like the Cheshire cat. Their laughing quieted down and they just gazed into each others eyes. Max loved these moments. When he could just openly watch Liz with admiration. She was impossibly gorgous inside and out. Max reached out and traced her eyebrows, down to her nose to her soft lips.

“So beautiful…” Liz looked down still not used to hearing those words. Max watched her and frowned. She was such a contradiction. At times she was this wild sex goddess and other times she was shy, quiet and timid. He loved them all, but it saddened him to watch her doubt his words. ‘I’ll just have to spend the rest of my life proving to her how beautiful she is.’ He thought.

Liz looked up at Max. “I think we should get up before we get soaked.”
Max just shook his head. He bent his head and kissed her till they were both gasping for air.

Liz “Max we can’t do this here, someone could walk by.”
Max gave her his trade mark smirk. “I think we can. It’s the middle of winter not many people are out walking.”
Liz “But what if—
Max “You’ll just have to be very very quiet.” He said with a teasing smirk as his hand wandered down under her jeans and into her glistened curls. Liz gave out a moan. “You’re insatiable.”
Max “Only when it comes to you.”
Liz threaded her fingers through his jet black hair and brought Max’s head down to hers……

*~An hour later~*

Max drove back towards the city with one hand on the wheel and one hand entwined with Liz’s.
“I can’t believe we did that.” She said breaking the silence.
Max “I’m glad we did.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows. Liz just laughed and Max brought their hands up kissing her knuckles.
Liz “So Max where did you say we were going?”
Max “I didn’t, don’t start pouting we’re liable to be late.”
Liz perked up. “So we’re going right now?”
Max “Yea, now no more questions.”
Liz couldn’t hold back the grin that spread across her face. “Max I love you I love you I love you ”
Max watched as Liz jumped up and down in his arms. “Well if this is the reaction I’m going to get from taking you to a hockey game I’ll have to do it more often.”

Liz dragged Max into the building getting right to their seats.
Liz “Maria Michael What are you guys doing here?”
Michael “Common I wouldn’t miss the chance to watch the Flyers kick the Rangers ass.”
Maria “And I’m always up for some hot Canadians. Speaking of hot Canadians I brought your Gagne jersey.”
Liz “Thank-you Maria you’re the best.”
Maria “Max you better be careful I think Liz would divorcee you in a second if she could have him.”
Max just shook his head and laughed at Maria’s antics.

Michael “This is going to be a tough checking game.”
Liz “Well I hope McGillis checks Lindros through the glass…

Max just watched as Liz became so animated talking to Michael about the aspects of the game. Her face was lit up and she was making wild hand gestures. She looked positively lovely.

Part 47

*~One Month Later~*

“Max I know you just want to protect Liz, but she has to do this if you want her to stay out of jail.”
“Michael Liz has been happy and normal for the past month and I’m not going to upset her over this.”
“Maxwell listen up and listen good. Liz has to meet with her lawyers and discuss the up coming trial. I understand you reluctence with her being almost five months pregnant, but if we want a chance in hell she needs to know what to expect and do.”

Max sighed in defeat. He knew this day would come but things were just so perfect. “I’ll talk to her.”
Michael “She’s with Maria and Isabel right now. I suggest you don’t wait on this. She needs to meet with them as soon as possible.”
Max “Set up a meeting with all the lawyers for tomorrow morning.”
Michael “It’s as good as done.”
Isabel “Liz, Maria Look at you two you’ve gotten so—
Maria gave her a dirty look stopping her from saying that evil word.
Isabel “Pregnant, you look really pregnant.”
Liz laughed. “ I know we’re huge.”

Maria watched as Liz rose from her chair, wincing in the process, making her way to Isabel and giving her a hug.
Maria “Liz is your back bothering you?”
Liz “A little, it’s not too bad.”
Maria and Isabel gave her a doubtful look. “Liz I saw you wince when you went to hug Izzy.”
Liz “Maria it just started bothering me the past week. It’s no big deal.”

Isabel “I wonder if Max will think it’s a big deal?”
Liz “Iz you wouldn’t ”
Maria “I agree wit Isabel Max needs to know. And you need to go to the doctor.”
Maria “Yea maybe she can prescribe something to help relieve the pain.”
Liz “Okay. I’ll go, now stop bulling me.”
Isabel and Maria gave Liz a group hug. “Chica we just want to keep an eye out for you.”
Liz “I know. But things with Max have been so good lately. No business problems, and I’ve finally gotten past the morning sickness stage. I’ve now been eating everything in my sight. And Max has been wonderful about it. I think he enjoys waiting on me hand and foot.”

Maria snorted. “I think we need to switch men. Cauze all Michael does is bitch and complain when I ask him to get me something.”
Isabel “ I remember when I was pregnant with Colin and had Alex running 1 am runs to fast food places.”
Liz “I feel bad ordering Max around—
Isabel “Don’t Liz. You’re the one who carries the baby for nine moths and you’re the one who will be in labor for countless hours.”
Maria “Yea good point Iz. I think our men should be happy they don’t have to go through this.”

Maria “Well speak of the devil.”
Liz gave her a peculiar look, when two arms slid around her waist and a smile washed over her face. “Max”
“Expecting someone else?” He said with a glint of humor.
Liz turned her head and kissed his cheek. “No, but what are you doing here?”
Max “Just checking up on all the woman in my life. Iz, Maria how are you?”

Maria “Hey Max. I’m fat and pregnant and it’s been weeks since I’ve seen my feet. To top it all off I’m married to the most insensitive person in the world. How do you think I’m doing?”
Isabel “Ignore her Max, she just hasn’t eaten in the past fifteen minutes.”
Max “Ladies I’m just here to steal my wife.” Before they could object he added, “Michael and Alex are expecting you two for lunch at the four seasons.”

Isabel “Well Maria and I should be going then, Liz I’ll call you later ok?”
Maria “Yea Chica I’ll catch up with you later too.”
Liz nodded her head and turned to Max with a raised eyebrow. “What’s up?”
Max moved Liz to the couch sitting her on his lap with his hand running through her silky tresses. “We have to talk about your trial.”
Liz sighed. “I’ve been waiting for this.”
Max “The lawyers want to meet with you, tomorrow.”

Liz “Do they know the truth?”
Max “Yes, everything.”
Liz nodded. “What are they planning?”
Max “To tell you the truth I’m not sure, they’re keeping everything hush hush. But from what Allison says you should be fine. They just want to talk to you and get your personality.”
Liz nodded. “Ok. What time tomorrow?”
Max “Around ten.”

The silence that engulfed them was filled with tension. It’ was obvious Liz had something on her mind but Max was not going to push her. They sat there for awhile until Liz snapped her head up to meet Max’s gaze. “Who’s Allison.”

Max “What do you mean?”
Liz “Maria told me Max. I know that you and her where involved.”
Max “Yes, we were. Past tense. I’m married to you and I only love you.”
Liz “Did you sleep with her?”
“Once.” Max said quietly.
Liz “What happened?”
Max “Liz why do you want to know? It’s over and it’s been over for years. She’s my lawyer and nothing else.”
Liz “I’m sorry it’s just I have these doubts.”
“About me?” Max said in a hurt tone.

Liz “No, god no. About me. I know you love me and I love you. But sometimes I wonder why you’re with me. I’m just this young naïve person who constantly doubts everything and everyone. Even though deep down you and I are forever.”
Max “Your damn right we’re forever. I’ve never felt this way about anyone Liz. I don’t care that you’re younger then me. And you’re not naïve. Look at the past year you’ve held yourself with poise and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Besides it’s only five years.”

Liz “I love you.”
Max “I love you more.” They kissed briefly and Max moved his head dwon to kiss Liz’s stomach. “And how’s the baby?”
Liz laughed at the tone of voice he used. “Well besides kicking up a storm and making me eat constantly, the baby’s doing good.”
Max “And how is Mommy’s back?”
Liz “Have you been talking to Maria?”
Max frowned. “No. Liz has your back been hurting you? You remember what the doctor said don’t you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Liz “Max calm down honey, my back recently started actin up and I was going to tell you.”
Max “Well I’m calling the doctor and your going to be checked out.”
Liz “You know you’re cute when you get like this.”
Max smiled. “Well you’re just plain cute all the time.”
Liz “Mr. Evans flattery will get you everywhere.”
Max brought his lips to hers giving in to his need to touch her.
Liz and Max walked into the conference room hand in hand. They noticed Michael and Alex where already there with a bunch on men in suits looking over briefs. At the end of the table Liz spotted Allison. She was your typical blonde, complete with big breasts and long legs. She was everything Liz wasn’t, or would want to be.

Max steered her to a chair and she sat down on the cold hard metal. Max took a seat right next to her grabing her hand and entwining it with his. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “You ok? You want a drink or something to eat?” Liz shook her head and smiled. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Allison watching with interest. Liz leaned over and kissed Max who was pleasently surprised.

Michael watched on with mirth in his eyes. He knew how his little sister’s mind worked and she was just showing Allison who Max belonged to. Not that Liz needed to because he saw how Max only had eyes for Liz.

Allison “Why don’t we get started?”
“Sounds good.”
Liz turned to the sound of the deep voice. “Jim?”
Jim walked over to Liz and gave her a hug. “It’s been a while. What are you here for?”
Jim “Well I am Michael’s lawyer and he asked me to help.”
Liz “Well I’m glad you’re here. Jim I want you to meet my husband Max Evans. Max this James Valenti, long time friend and lawyer to my family.”

Max and Jim shook hands “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I was at your wedding but we didn’t get to meet.”
Max “Yeah things where crazy that night. I’m happy you’re here helping.”
Michael “Alright let’s get down to business. Lizzie these men, and Ms. Davis are going to just ask you a few questions if you feel unconfortable then just say so.”
Liz nodded with a small smile and Max griped her hand tighter.

*~Three Hours Later~*

They had asked her every question imaginable. From community work to speeding tickets, to her kidnapping. They never comented on her answers just wrote little notes on their note pads and nodded. It was getting on her nerves. So was the way Allison kept looking at Max. She felt like screaming ‘He’s mine you husy, go find your own ’ But she remained calm and would instiate some form of contact with Max and she would look away quickly. They had decided to break for a few minutes to regroup and see if there was anything else they needed.

Liz stood and immeditaly regreaded it when she felt the excrustating pain in her back. Max looked up from his conversation with Michael and Alex and saw the look of pain on Liz’s face. He was at her side in an instant.

Max “Baby is your back hurting you?”
Liz shook her head. “Yea.”
Max started messaging her back, kissing the top of her head. Allison walked back over to them. “Guys they’re ready to start.”
Max “No. Liz is done for today she’s hurting and needs to rest. They have enough.”
Alex knew not to argue with Max when it came to Liz’s welfare. But Allison didn’t.

Allison “Max we need to get this done.”
Max “You have enough. The rest you can find out from Alex or Michael. But my wife needs to rest.”
Allison “But—
“You have enough.” Max said in a deadly tone.
Allison immediately shut up and sat down dejectedly. Liz on the other hand had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop from smiling. If she had any doubt left what Max felt for Allison it went right out the window.

Jim took charge. “Max I got the trial moved up to three weeks from now. We really have everything we need. I’ll keep in touch.”
Max and Jim shook hands before wrapping his arm around Liz and leaving.

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Part 48

“Mrs. Evans how are you today?”
Max “Her backs been bothering her.”
Liz gave Max a look. “I’m doing ok. I finally stopped the morning sickness and I’ve started to gain weight. But my back started bothering me last week.
The doctor smiled at the young couple. “We’ll I’d like to run a few tests just to see, and I want to do a sonogram.
Liz “What are you looking for in the sonogram?”
Doctor “Mrs. Evans I just want to be sure the baby is not in distress. In all likely this is normal pregnancy back problems, probably stronger due to your past back history. But if there something more serious to this I want to catch it and treat it before it becomes more of a problem.”

Liz nodded biting her lower lip in worry.
Doctor “I’m going to go prep, I’ll be back soon.”
Max “Thanks.”

Max sat beside Liz rubbing her back soothingly. “Sweetheart everything’s gonna be fine.”
Liz “I hope you’re right Max, because if something happens-
Max “Shhh don’t think like that angel. Our baby and it’s mommy are gonna be just fine. I won’t let anything happen to either of you.”
Liz “Thank-you I needed the reassurance.”
Max “Just remember how much I love you both.”
Liz “We love you too.”

Their lips touched briefly before being interrupted by the doctor. “Ready to begin?”
Jim stared at the lawyers in front of him. They had two and half weeks to build a solid case for Liz. “Lady and gentlemen we have a little over two weeks to build a case that’s gonna keep Liz out of jail. So far we don’t have much support for her case. We need to change that, and now.”

Lawyer “How? We’ve been wracking our brains for the past two weeks and have little to show.”
Jim “Well lets talk about what we do have. One is Liz’s reputation. She’s a model citizen who has never so much as jay walked.”
Lawyer “But who’s married to one of the most influential men in the Philadelphia mob.”
Jim sighed. “True, but we’ll object every time the prosecutor tries to bring it up.”
Lawyer “It won’t matter people know who he is.”

Jim “There’s nothing we can do on that front but keep objecting. Now lets talk about the murder itself.”
Lawyer “I for one don’t believe she did it.”
Allison “Really? Why is that?”
Jim raised an eyebrow but kept quiet.
Lawyer “Well for one she’s small.”
Allison “You’re basing your conviction on her size?”
Lawyer “You mean to tell me Mrs. Evans, whose around five feet two inches could kill a man who was six feet four inches? That’s more than foot difference. Then look at the fact of her build and his. She’s petite and he could be a contestant in the world bodybuilding competition.”

Allison “This is absurd.”
Jim ignored the comment. “I think you have a point. Liz’s size is a handicap for her to commit murder. Though since he was shot the prosecution could argue it doesn’t matter.”
Lawyer “True…”
Jim “Wait a minute, what angle did the bullet enter?”
The lawyers flipped through their reports frantically searching.
Lawyer “Here it is, it entered the side of his head from a downward motion at a close range.”
Allison “How is this supposed to help us?”

Jim “Liz couldn’t have shot the man with her height at a downward motion. It would be impossible at a close range for her to shot him.”
Allison “But what about the hair follicle?”
Lawyer “Yea, how do we explain the hair follicle on him?”
Jim “This is the DA’s strongest point. We have to come for some scenario.”

Lawyer “We’ve overlooked something else too. Look how the body was disposed of, in a cement wall. Now since there was no blood or gun hot powder found in the house the body had to be taken there. Now again Mrs. Evans size factors into this. The man was close to three hundred pounds and I’m guessing Mrs. Evans weighs about a hundred.”
Jim “This is exactly what we have to drill into the juries head, over and over to we’re sick of hearing it. Right now I want you to find expert doctors and prove our earlier point.”
Allison “What about the hair follicle?”

Jim “I have an idea.”
Doctor “Mrs. Evans your test are in.”

Max continued rubbing Liz’s back in an effort to keep her calm.
Liz “And?”
Doctor “Good news is your baby is perfect.”
Liz closed her eyes in relief. “But what about my pain?”

Doctor “It’s normal pregnancy stress. But with your past problems it’s more painful. Now I can offer you a mild painkiller that won’t be harmful, but it won’t be as affective. Unfortunately you’ll still get pain.”
“So what can she do?” Max asked.”
Doctor “The only other solution is bed rest.”

Liz “WHAT! I have to be in bed for the rest of my pregnancy?”
Doctor “No, not completely. I’m saying you need to cut down on stress. Don’t be on your feet for long periods of time, and if you feel pain then go to bed rest.”
Max “Don’t worry doctor she’ll be getting plenty of rest.”
Michael “Jim hey what’s up?”
Jim “Michael we’ve come up with a strong case for Liz.”
Michael “That’s great, I knew I could cunt on you.”
Jim “Michael before you started praising me, we still have one problem.”
Michael “What?”
Jim “The hair they found on the victim. It’s crucial we have an explanation for it.”

Michael “Or we could just get rid of it.”
Jim “Michael No. If the hair sample just disappears it will look bad for Liz. No I was thinking something along the lines of Liz admitting knowing him. When Liz was arrested she used her right to remain silent, and has continued so since. We can use that. Say that he pulled her into his car threatened her to get to Max, who’s a successful business man.”
Michael “But won’t that give the DA a case against Max?”
Jim “No. It will give him motive, but with no hard evidence there is no case.”

Michael “So what do we have to do?”
Jim “Convince Liz and Max to do this. It’s the only way to save Liz.”
Michael “I’ll do it.”
Jim “Good, and Michael.”
Michael “Yea?”
Jim “Time is of the essence.”

Liz “Max your going to throw out your back carrying me around.”
Max “Sweetheart don’t be ridiculous.”
Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder as he ascended the stairs. “You’re just saying that so I don’t get angry.” She grumbled.
Max laughed. “Love you know I worry about you being too skinny.”
Liz “Really?”
Max kissed her cheek. “Really.”

Liz smiled as Max laid her gently on their bed, smoothing out her hair and gazing into her deep chocolate eyes. Liz pulled on his tie. “Come lay with me.”
Max groaned. “Angel if I lay with you it’ll turn into more and you have to stay stress free.”
Liz grinned. “But I won’t be stressed. I’ll be satisfied.”
Max nearly crumbled at her words. “God what you do to me.”
Liz pulled on tie bringing his lips to hers. The annoying sound of the phone interrupted them.

Max “I swear I’ll kill who ever that is.”
Liz laughed pushing him away.
“What?” Max yelled.
Michael “Good to talk to you too Maxwell.”
Max “Michael what’s up?”
Michael “I was talking with Jim and he has a good case.”
Max “That’s just want I want to hear.”
Michael “But we still have a problem.”
Max “What?”

Michael “It’s something we need to discuss in person.”
“Can this wait?” Max said looking at his wife who was currently looking at him like her last meal.
Michael “Do you want Liz to go to jail?”
Max rubbed his face. “No. Where do you wanna meet?”
Michael “Twenty minutes at Jim’s office.”
Max “Alright see you in a few.”

Max clicked off the phone and looked with disappointment to his wife. “Baby I’m sorry but I gotta go.”
Liz “Max-
Max “I know. I’m sorry. I promise to make it up to you when I get back. I won’t be too long. Until then I want you in this bed. When I get back I expect to see you resting comfortably.”
Liz gave him a mock solute. “Yes sir!”
Max rolled his eyes. He watched Liz try to stifle a yawn. “Take a nap Sweetheart.”

Liz nodded as Max removed her shoes and helped her under the covers before kissing her. Liz smiled before closing her eyes and drifting off.”
Max “Love you.”
“Love you too”

Part 49

Michael and Jim stopped their conversation as Max entered the office, shaking hands with Jim and nodding towards Michael.

Michael “Maxwell I’m going to get right to the point. Jim tells me that they have a strong case except for one thing, the hair they found.”
Max “So what do you want from me? To get rid of it?”
Jim jumped in. “NO. No. That will look suspicious. And they have the results anyway.”
Michael “What we need is a plausible explanation for why the hair was found on him.”
Max “How do we do that?”

Michael “We’ve come up with a story. We admit Liz has seen this guy.”
Max opened his mouth to object.
Michael “Max let me finish. We say that he grabbed her off the street making a threat to pass to you. Now as far as the government and law go you are a big legal businessman. So we use that saying they wanted some property and used Liz to get to you.”
Max “I don’t know Michael.”
Michael “Max if you’re worried about getting prosecuted you can’t. The DA doesn’t have any solid evidence against you.”

Max “Michael that’s not what this is about and you know it! I’m not worried about my own ass; I’m worried about Liz. Say I agree to this story. They’re going to question why we never came out with this earlier. And Liz is another problem. Do you think your sister is going to lie Michael? Cauze I know she won’t go for this.”
Michael “Max if we show her this is the way, and besides it’s not a total lie. Most of what she’ll say will be the truth.”
Max turned to Jim “What is your say in all of this?”

Jim took a deep breath. “Max I understand your concerns. If my wife was on trial for murder you bet your ass I’d be checking every angle. But I think this is the way to go.”
Max “ It’s just going to look like Liz was withholding evidence, or she’s lying.”
Jim “Well I found a loop whole in that.”
Max “What?”
Jim “It kind of fell into my lap. The police called. Apparently Liz never gave her statement. Now she doesn’t have to give one, Liz could take the fifth. But I say we use the chance and tell the story.”

Max thought it over. “That night was so crazy, I just wanted to get Liz home and she never spoke a word to the police. Jim I’m asking you man to man here. As one husband who loves his wife more then life to another. Should we do this?”
Jim “Yes.”

Liz turned over and snuggled closer to Max’s pillow. She breathed in is unique sent and slowly awoke, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Liz nearly jumped five feet in the air when she spotted a figure sitting on a chair.

“Max! God you scared me!” Liz watched as Max sat there quietly staring at her. “Max? What’s wrong?” She watched as Max slowly made his way to her sitting next to her on the bed. He lifted his hand and caressed her face.

“We have to talk.”
Liz took in his disheveled appearance. His tie was half hazardly loosened, his hair was sticking up on ends and the first few buttons of his shirt was open. “Max what’s wrong?”

Max “Jim came up with a way to win your trial.”
Liz smiled. “Max that’s wonderful!”
Max winced at her enthusiasm. “Liz you’re not going to think that when I tell you what they want you to do.”
Liz’s smile slowly faded from her lips. “What do they want me to do?”
Max “Make a statement to the police.”
Liz “You mean a false statement.”
Max “Yes.”

Liz pulled back from Max and leaned her head against the headboard. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “What do they want me to say?”
Max “Say that you knew Pierce’s guy. That you’d seen him before.”
Liz “How?”
Max “That he had pulled you off the street, which is true. But instead of kidnapping you he threatened you to get to me.”
Liz opened her eyes and stared intently at Max. “Is this the only way? Honestly?”
Max “Liz I would never lie to you. This is the best way. This will insure you a not guilty verdict.”

Liz crawled over to Max and sat in his lap with her head resting in the crook of his neck. “Ok.” She whispered softly.

Max wrapped his arms securely around her. “This will turn out right Sweetheart, I promise.”
One week later……

Officer “Mrs. Evans I’m officer West I’ll be moderating. This is the District attorney he’ll be asking questions. The man standing over there in black is agent Stevens and the woman sitting is here to record your statement.”
Liz nodded her head. “These are my lawyers Jim Valmont and Allison Davis.”
Max “And I’m her husband.”

The DA let out a snicker and Max raised his eyebrow.
Officer “Mr. Evans it be best if you waited outside for this.”
DA “Yea. There’s no reason for you to be here.”
Max shot him a nasty look before turning back to Liz. Max looked to Liz who nodded her head. She was told to expect Max to be sent out and her to be in there on her own.

Max leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. “You can do this baby, you’re the strongest woman I know.” He whispered in her ear before exiting the room. But not before shooting Allison and Jim a look stating take care of her.

Officer West motioned for them to take a seat and Jim helped Liz sit down before taking his own seat.
Officer West “Now Mrs. Evans this is not a formal interrogation. The DA and Agent Stevens will ask you questions but you can chose not to answer them. And I want to remind you anything you can be used against you in the court of law. Do you agree to continue?” He finished with a small smile towards Liz.

Liz smiled back and nodded.

Officer West motioned for the DA to start. He started with informal questions like what she did for a living and so on. After a half-hour they had worked there way to the subject at hand. “Mrs. Evans did you know the deceased?”
Liz took a deep breath and remembered the last week of coaching she had received. “No I didn’t know him.”
The DA had to bite down on his smile. She was falling right into his trap. “Oh, then how did your hair sample happen to be found on him?”

Liz “I never said that I hadn’t meet him.”
DA “You’ve meet him?”
Liz “Yes, the end of November I was walking to a restaurant to see my husband and he grabbed me.”
The DA was in a stupor. This changed the complexion of the case. “What happened? Why didn’t you ever go to the police?”

Liz “He threatened me. He was trying to get my husband to relent and go into a business deal. He yelled at me and threatened my life and the life of my family before releasing me. Obviously he touched me and that’s how I assume he got a follicle of my hair.”
DA “NO you’re lying. You’re fabricating this whole story!”
Jim “You will treat Mrs. Evans with respect and not raise your voice to her.”

West “Gentlemen enough.”
Liz turned to officer West. “I’ve said all I needed to. Now if you don’t mind I’m a bit tired and would like to go home.”
Officer West “Of course Mrs. Evans I understand. My wife gave birth to our second child a month ago.”
Liz walked with him to the door. “Aww. What was it?”
West “Our second son.”

Max stood as soon as he saw the door open. He as at Liz’s side in an instant checking her over making sure she was okay.
“Max I’m fine.”
Max nodded steering her towards the door before shooting Jim and Allison a look stating he would talk to them later.
West made his way back into the room where the DA sat dumbfounded. He turned his angry eyes to West. “Why didn’t you offer her a ride home why you’re at it?” He said in a condescending tone.

West “I’m going to be honest with you. You’re a fucking idiot. You think that if you get Evans wife you got Evans. Wrong. Have you looked at her charity work? Or the list of names on the character witness list?”
DA “Fuck you.”
West “No you’re the one who’s fucked and you know it. You and I both know she didn’t do it. The jury will take one look at this small woman who’s pregnant and feel nothing but sympathy for her. Hell I feel sympathy for her. Being pregnant is a job in it’s self, but going through a murder trail? You’re a damn fool to think you’ll win this case.”

The DA sat their quietly rubbing his temples and contemplating his next move…
Max lowered Liz unto the couch and started taking off her shoes.
Liz “You spoil me too much.”
Max “Not enough Love.”
Liz pulled on his tie bringing him up to her. “Come here and give me a kiss.”
Max smiled as his lips descended on hers. Max pulled back before they could deepen it. “Before we get carried away tell me what happened.”

Liz stuck out her bottom lip and pouted. “Noooo, play now talk later.”
Max “Liz we should real-
Liz attacked him before he could continue. She crushed her lips to his while slipping her hand into his pants. She made a trial of wet kisses down his neck to his pulse point where she nipped at his skin.
Liz “Enough talk.” She grabbed his hardened member in her tiny hands and started fondling him.
“I agree” Max said before rolling her unto her back…

Part 50

Max caressed Liz’s porcelain skin while she napped on his behr chest. He grinned at the thought of why she was so tired. His little minx. She was so complex for lack of a better word. One minute she was this bold sexy woman who would attack him until she gave in to her. Which didn’t take long. But then other time she was this shy sweet person who made his heart ache with love. He loved all of her, and he had a fierce need to protect her and their unborn baby. He bent his head and placed a chaste kiss on her shoulder. He would protect her at any cost.

Max was so deep in thought he never saw Liz open her eyes. Only when she cupped his cheek did he realize she had awakened.

Max “Did you enjoy your cat nap?”
Liz snuggled closer to Max’s body. “Very much.”
Max leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. “We have to talk about today,” He said regretfully.
Liz closed her eyes tight. “I know.”

Max continued to rub her back until she felt comfortable enough to talk.
Liz “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Officer West was very nice to me and made me feel at ease.”
Max “He better have.”
Liz “Max what do you mean?”
Max turned his head away from Liz. “Nothin.”
Liz “Max.”
Max “Baby you don’t want to know.”
Liz “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.”
Max sighed. “He one of my guys.”

“Oh.” Liz said wishing she never asked.
Max decided to change topics. “So what did the prosecutor ask?”
Liz “He started off with silly questions like where I worked and what I did for a living. He then gradually moved to my brother and you and about my knowledge of the guy.”
Max motioned for her to continue. “I told him the story and he was shocked to say the least. He hadn’t planned on me saying I knew the guy. He asked me more about it and then I said I was tired and West let me go.”

Max closed his eyes and smiled. Things were starting to work out.
Liz grabbed Max’s wrist and saw it was after two. She sat up disentangling herself from Max and wrapping the blanket around her while looking for her clothes, while Max slipped his boxers on.

Max pulled Liz by the waist back to his hard body. “And where is my beautiful wife think she’s going?”
Liz “To my studio for a couple of hours.”
Max “Uh huh.”
Liz turned around and stared down Max. “Excuse me?”
Max put his hands on her ever-growing stomach. “You know what the doctor said not a lot of activity and this morning was plenty.”
“Max I’m not an invalid.” Liz huffed.
“I know sweetheart but it would make me so happy if you just stayed in bed for the rest of the day.” He said in between planting kisses on her shoulder.

Liz “Max I have an obligation to my kids to show up.”
Max “Liz do you think that’s a good idea right now?”
Liz “Max I’m not going to let this trial ruin my life. This is part of my regular week and I won’t cancel it just because you think it might not be a good idea.”
“Liz I’m just trying to look out for you!” He said raising his voice.
“Well don’t!”

Liz stood abruptly gabbed her clothes and fled to the bathroom. Max groaned in frustration. He jumped up and ran after Liz determined not to let this go. He heard her sobs before he even entered the bathroom. Max entered the bathroom and saw Liz sitting on the floor with her head in her hands. He kneeled besides her bringing her unto his lap.

Liz pushed against Max, but he just held on tighter. “Leave me alone Max.”
Max “No Liz. I love you and just want to keep you and our baby safe.”
Liz stopped resisting Max and rested her head on Max’s shoulder. “I know. I just hate having my life dictated by this trial. And my crazy hormones aren’t helping either.” She said with a small laugh.

Max kissed the top of her head. “Baby I just want you happy and healthy, and if going to the studio is want you want to do then go ahead.”
Liz “Don’t be shady, what’s the catch?”
Max smiled. “You know me to well. Promise me tomorrow you’ll spend the day in bed.”
Liz “Only if you spend the day with me.”
Max chuckled. “But then you won’t get any rest and that would defeat the purpose.”
Liz stuck out her lower lip and pouted. “Please Max.”

Max groaned. “Sweetheart don’t look at me like that you know I can’t resist.”
Liz smiled “I know.”
Max “Oh you know huh?” Max started tickling Liz.
“Max….stop…ok ok I give,” She said in between fits of laughter.
Max stood above her and just gazed at her beauty. “I love you. I can’t tell you enough.”
Liz gave him a full-blown smile. “I love you more.”

Max “If you love me that much then you’ll stay home?”
Liz shook her head. “Nice try Evans.”
Max stood and helped Liz up.
Liz “I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”
Jim walked into the room and surveyed the group within. Max and Michael both looked to him with determination in their eyes. He turned his head and saw Alex talking on the phone with a smile tugging at his lips. Then there was Allison sitting in the corner with a notebook on her lap with a look on her face he couldn’t quite place.”

Jim “Guys the trial is officially in two weeks and I can honestly say it looks good. I read the DA’s report and Liz did an excellent job.”
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Max “So what’s are next step?”
Jim “We wait. There’s nothing more you guys can do. Right now Allison and I will be going over and reviewing witnesses and questions.”
Michael “Will Liz be testifying?”
Jim “I’m not sure. Right now I’d rather not put Liz into a situation where it might upset her.”
Michael, Max and Alex nodded in there agreement.

Jim watched Allison try to hide her face of disgust. He ignored it for the time being and continued on. “But Maria has said she wouldn’t mind testifying for Liz.”
Michael immediately shook his head. “No.”
Jim “Michael I understand your fears but think about it. Maria and Liz are as close as to can be. And the DA can’t ask any questions about what you do.”
Michael “It’s not that I don’t want her to testify to help Liz, I mean Christ she’s my sister. But Maria is almost seven months pregnant and I don’t want her to get upset by this. I mean ‘m still trying to get her to not go to the trials.”

Max “I understand if the situation were reversed I’m not sure I would let Liz do it ether.”
The guys continued to talk about strategies and witnesses ignoring the glares Allison was throwing their way.

‘Why doesn’t he notice me?’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m so much prettier then that mouse he calls a wife. I guess I’ll just have to make him notice me…’

Jim “Well that’s about it gentlemen. If you have any other questions just give me or Allison a call.”
Jim and Michael walked out saying their good byes. Alex turned to Max. “Isabel called earlier she got Maria to baby-sit for us tonight.”
Max laughed. “How did she swing that one?”
Alex “Actually Maria offered, she said something about it be a good experience for Michael.”
Max shook his head. “Poor Michael he has no idea what he’s going home to.”
Alex “I know! Alright I better go before Isabel flips.”
Max nodded. “See you tomorrow.”

Max watched Alex leave and looked at his watch. He frowned when he saw it was almost seven. Where was Liz? She had said a couple of hours. Max was so caught up in his worry for his wife he missed Allison sitting on his desk.

“Allison, hey what’s up?” Max said with a note of surprise in his face.
Allison shook out her hair from the confines of the clip. She walked up to Max all but shoving her cleavage into his face. “Nothing just wanted to see how you’re doing?”
Max ignored her movements and side stepped her making his way to his desk. “I’d be better if Liz was home right now.”
Allison walked up behind Max. She trailed her hand down his chest and whispered in his ear. “Why don’t we forget about her.”

“Max I’m home. I know I’m later then you expected me but I got started on this painting-

Liz stopped in mid sentence as she took in the sight before her. Her husband was standing behind his desk with Allison’s paws all over him. “What do we have here?” She said in a menacing voice.
Max “Liz sweetheart this is not what it looks like.”
Allison “Oh come on Max she needed to find out sometime.”
Max pushed away from her with disgust and pure hatred in his eyes. “Liz don’t listen to her.”

Liz threw down her purse and keys making her way to Allison. “Listen you bitch, I’m not going to sit here and listen to the lies that fly from your mouth. Get this through your thick skull, Max is MINE. He’ll always be mine, all your cheap perfume and push up bras will do you no good.”
Allison “I had him before and I’ll have him again.”
Liz let out a condescending laugh. Raising her left hand and shoving it in her face. “Do you see this? This means I own him. He’s mine in every way possible. I’m carrying his baby for god’s sake. You’re severely deluded if you think you can have him now. And as for your past fling, it means nothing. Max loves ME. It’s my name he screams at night not yours!”

Allison “Listen you-
Max had had enough. “Allison get out, you’re fired. And I would curb anything you wish to say to my wife before you regret it.”
Allison grabbed her brief case and made her way out the door with a huff. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”
Max pulled Liz into his arms and kissed her temple. “I’m missing nothing, I’ve got everything I need right here in my arms.”

Liz turned around in Max’s arms. “You are so lucky my hormones didn’t get the better of me. This could’ve gotten really ugly.”
Max “I’m sorry about her. I didn’t realize…”
Liz stood on her tiptoes and kissed Max’s crinkled brow. “It’s over, I know you would never cheat on me.”
Max “Your damn right I wouldn’t.”
Liz “Yeah Michael would have a field day with the possibilities he could do to you.”

Max feigned a wounded look. “You would let him do that to me?”
Liz “You bet your ass I would.”
Max “And by the way I’m the one who should be angry with you! What time is it?”
Liz ducked her head sheepishly. “AS I was saying when I walked in on you and that bimbo, after my class I got some sudden inspiration and finally finished up my painting.”
Max scooped her up in his arms kissing her soundly. “I’m happy for you.” He said after breaking the kiss.

Liz’s stomach growled. Max looked down at her in amazement.
“Tell me that wasn’t you.”
Liz laughed. “Mr. Evans I suggest you feed me before I eat you!”
Max wiggled his eyebrows. “Promise?”

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Part 54

“Not Guilty”

Liz breathed out a sigh of relief as she heard the juror. She felt Max behind her and turned around crushing him to her in a hug.

“I told you everything would work out.”
Liz let out a small laugh. “Yes you did.” She closed her eyes and sighed, taking in Max’s unique sent.

Judge “Order. Order in this courtroom. Thank-you members of the jury you are now excused.”
“All rise.”

Max waited till the judge exited before jumping over the divider and giving his wife a proper hug and kiss. He held her in the crook of his arm as he shook Jim’s hand and gave thanks.

Jim “It was my pleasure. I’m just glad everything work out.”
Max “If there’s anything I can do don’t hesitate.”
Jim “Thanks, but seeing the way you treat Liz is reward enough. Liz your dad would’ve been thrilled to see you with a man who cares so much for you.”

Liz wiped at her tears as she gave Jim a hug. “Thank-you for everything”
“No problem sweetie.”

Maria “Lizzie!”
Liz broke away from Jim and faced Maria.
Maria “Come here I’m next.”

Liz and Maria gave out a squeal as they hugged. “This is so wonderful, I just knew everything would work out for you.”
Liz “Me too.”

After about a dozen more hugs Liz and Max finally made it out of the courtroom and to their car. Max gave Liz one last kiss before helping her into the car and buckling her in. He made his way to the other side of the car and got in, taking her hand in his as he started the car.

Liz “I think I’m going to start the nursery today.”
Max “Yeah?”
Liz “Uh huh, I mean ever since Mia came it’s kinda be like a wake up call. I mean in two months our baby will be here.”
Max smiled. “I can’t wait. And now that your trials over and everything worked out. It just makes it all seem so much better, you know?”
Liz “I kept putting off doing the nursery because I was scared I’d never get to be part of the baby’s life.”

Max “Oh Liz, honey lets not even think about that any more ok?”
Liz shook her head as she wiped at the few tears that had escaped. “Ok.”
Max “I have an idea, why don’t—
“Max look out!” Liz screamed as a car blew the red light and headed strait into them…
Michael and Maria ran down the hospital corridors and headed strait to Max who had his head in his hands.
Maria was in hysterics. “Max, Max what happened? Where’s Liz?”

Max lifted his head, not even bothering to wipe the tear tracks on his face. Maria gasped as she saw the gash on Max’s forehead.
Michael “Max what happened?”

“We where heading home and this car ran a red light, it hit us from the backside of the passengers seat.” Max said in a quiet voice.
Maria “What happened to Liz?” Tears streaming down her face.
Max “I immediately called out to Liz but she was slumped over her head on the dashboard and she just wouldn’t wake up. The ambulance came and then they took her through those doors and haven’t come back.”

Maria embraced Max. “She’s gonna be ok, she has to.” Max lost it and started to sob.
“I can’t lose her, god please make her alright.”
It seemed like hours before the doctor came through the doors. “Mr. Evans?”
Max shot up like a rocket. “How my wife?”
Doctor “Mrs. Evans sustained a concussion. It’s mild, but in her condition we’re monitoring her and the baby closely. Also a fractured wrist and some bruised bones.”
Max “How is the baby?”
“The baby will be fine. I’ve contacted Liz’s doctor.”
Max “What did she say?”

“We feel that with Liz’s history it be best for the remaining two months that she have bed rest.”
Max nodded. “That’s fine, is she awake?”
The doctor nodded. “And she’s been asking for you”
Max gave a small smile. “Can I see her?”
Doctor “Yes, but not to long she does need her rest.”

Max slipped into the room and saw his love laying on the bed with her eyes closed. She had a bandage over her left eyebrow, and her left wrist was in a cast. He gabbed the closest chair and pulled it close to her bed taking her hand in his.

“Max?” Liz said in a groggy tone.
“Shhh. Rest honey.”
Liz opened her eyes and gave Max a weak smile. “Nothing can ever go smoothly huh?”
Max “Don’t say that.”
Liz inspected Max and gave out a gasp at the gash on his head. “Max you need a doctor.”
Max “I’m fine, I’m more worried about you right now.”
Liz “Well except for being sore, and a little hungry, I’m fine. Oh my god, how’s the baby?!” She asked in almost a frantic tone.

Max “Calm down Sweetheart. The baby’s ok, but you need to keep calm. And the only way to keep you stress free is bed rest my love.”
“Max.” Liz whined out.
“Hey now none of that. The doctor said bed rest and that’s what you’ll do.”
Liz raised an eyebrow. “Getting authoritative our we?”

Now it was Max’s turn to whine. “Liz please, for once just listen to me.”
Liz laughed “As long as you’re asking and not telling.”
Max gave a chuckle. “Your as stubborn as Michael, you know that?”
Liz “Well he is my brother.”
Max “Hmm…”

Liz “So when do I get to leave this horrible place?”
Max “Tomorrow if everything checks out.”
Liz “Max I’m fine. Tomorrow I’ll be able to go home. So don’t beat yourself up over this. It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident.”
Max “I know. What makes it worse is I can’t blame the woman in the other car because it wasn’t her fault ether.”
Liz “What happened?”

Max “Her brake failed and she couldn’t stop.”
Liz “I think we should just be glad no one was killed.”
Max nodded. “I want you to sleep. I’ll go tell Michael and Maria you’re ok.”
Liz and get checked out by a doctor.”

Max chuckled. “Yes.”
Liz “Good.”
Max leaned over and kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes.

“She’s ok.”
Michael and Maria gave a sigh of relief.
Max “I’m going to take her home tomorrow, but she’ll stay over tonight so they can keep a good eye on her.”
Michael shook Max’s hand and told him they talked to him tomorrow, as Max went to look for a doctor.

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Part 55

“Max I’m fine, would you stop.” Liz gave an exasperated sigh as Max fluffed her pillows while asking her for the hundredth time if she needed anything.

“I just want to make sure you comfortable.”
Liz gave him a glare. “I’d be better if I was up and doing something, not lying here like some beached whale!”
“Liz you know—“

“Yes I know what the doctor said but Max listen to me. I’m fine, except for my wrist I am perfectly fine.”

Max wanted to laugh at the look his wife was giving him. She had her arms folded across his chest and was sticking her lip out slightly giving him a pouty look. Any other time he might have caved, but with everything that had happened he as determined.

“Liz you don’t have much longer on your pregnancy and—
“Max it’s two months! How can that not be long.”
“Liz it will fly by I promise. I’ll make a deal with you. Next week if you feel better, I’ll help you start the nursery.”

She wanted to say she felt fine now but held her tongue. “Fine. But what am I supposed to do for the time being? I’ll be all by myself with nothing to do.”

“Liz if you need me just tell Vinny or Nick, they’ll be right outside your door.”

Liz wanted to protest further but decided against it. It was useless anyway. She turned on her side away from Max and buried her head in his pillow.

Max heart nearly broke as he heard the sniffles coming from his wife. “Sweetheart, now don’t be like that.” Max crawled into their bed and spooned her back resting his head on her shoulder.

“Just go.” She croaked out.
“I’m not leaving you like this, now turn around so I can see your beautiful face.”

Liz kept her back to Max. She was not going to make him feel better while she was stock in this bed. Uh Uh, no way, no how.

Max smiled as an idea came to mind. “You know I think we have some of those home baked chocolate chip cookies you like so much, and gee look what time it is I think Rosie is on.”

Liz let out a laugh and turned to Max. “No fair that’s cheating.”
“Ah Mrs. Evans I never said I played fair.”

Max cupped her cheek giving her a chaste kiss. “I’ll send them up. Now you behave. I’ll be back later to check on you. Oh and Maria said she was gonna stop by today, so expect her soon. K?”

Liz nodded and Max leaned over and kissed her lips again groaning when she deepened it. He pulled back and leaned his head against hers. “Love you.”
Liz “Love you too.”
“I swear to god Nicholas if you don’t stop harassing me I’m gonna….”
Liz heard a deep laugh and Maria give out a shriek as she walked into the room slamming the door promptly on Nick’s face.

“That man is so AHHH! He just likes to get on my nerves on purpose. To rile me up and ruin my day. He’s just like Michael sometimes.”
Liz chuckled. “Hey you didn’t bring my niece?”

Maria paled and ran to the door flinging it open to reveal Nick holding the carrier.
“Don’t say a word.” She seethed.

Nick laughed as Maria slammed the door, waking a sleeping Mia. Maria sighed.
Liz “Let me hold her.”

Maria handed her over and Liz settled her down rocking her back into a fitful sleep.

“You’re a natural.”
Liz smiled “Thanks, but when my baby gets here I’m sure it will be a different story.”
Maria “So how are you feeling you gave Michael and I quite a scare, not to mention you obsessive husband.”

Liz groaned. “I’m fine really. I just bumped my head and bruised my wrist and Max acts like I’m paralyzed with no hope of ever walking again. He treats me like glass.”
Maria “Well with everything that’s happened can you say you blame him?”
Liz “Maria accidents happen and luckily no one was seriously hurt.”
Maria “Yea but Max loves you so much. I mean anyone can see how much he adores you.”

Liz smiled. “I mean on one hand it is kinda nice to have him dotting over me, but I hate being copped up in this room in this bed.”
“Well it doesn’t look like it’s so bad.” She said gesturing to the remains of cookies and remote in Liz’s hand.
“But what am I supposed to do now when you and Mia go and it’s just me? You know I can only take so much TV”

Maria “Well I did bring you something…”
Liz saw the evil glint in her eye. “What?”
Maria “It just so happens I have this bell from when Michael was sick last year. You remember when he kept ringing it ordering us to get him things.”

Liz couldn’t hold in her laughter. “Oh my god, I remember. You finally went up stairs and told him if he rang that bell one more time you were gonna shove it so far up his ass it come out his nose!”
Maria smiled. “Hey it worked didn’t it?”
Liz nodded still laughing. “You know Max is gonna kill you when he finds out you gave this to me…”
Alex walked into the study to see a pensive looking Max.
“Hey man, how’s it going?”

Max sighed. “It could be better.”
Alex “Well think of it this way Liz got off and in two months you’ll be discovering the joys of parenthood.”
Max cracked a smile. “True my friend, very true. Ok back to business now.”
Alex “Well every things been quiet.”

Max “Really.”
Alex “Yea, my guess is everyone was waiting to see how the trials came out before making any noise.”
Max nodded. “So what about now, I mean who’s been sniffin Pierces territory?”
Alex “No one. Hansen’s kept his nose clean, as well as Donato and Mirabelli. And Michael obviously.”

Max “That’s good. But I waiting to see who makes the first move and how. I mean if any of them are smart they ask for a meeting and we divide from there. But someone might get anxious and start taking what’s not theirs. “
Alex “Who do you think will try that?”
Max “Donato and Mirabelli are old family. So I can guarantee they’ll do the gentlemen thing and wait, but Hansen’s younger and not too bright. But we wait and see.”

Alex “Why don’t you just call the meeting?”
Max “I want to see who’s really loyal and who’s just plain greedy.”
Alex nodded taking in Max’s plan. “So—

Before he could start a loud bell could be heard from the upstairs.
Max “What the hell is that?”
Alex “Hey man this is your house.”
Max gave him a dirty look and high tailed it upstairs.

He barged into the master bedroom only to see Liz holding onto a large brass bell shaking it for all that it was worth.

“What the hell is that?” Max panted out.
Liz smiled. “This is a present Maria gave me.”
Max just rolled his eyes and groaned as his wife gave out a laugh that made him think she was a she devil…

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Part 56

Three Weeks Later

Ring Ring Ring

Max sighed as he heard the familiar sound of the bell Liz had go off. For the last two weeks she had been making life hell for him. Every two seconds she would call him up for something different. He had even painted her toenails the other day. But he was putting up with it because he knew how much it killed her to be lying in bed all day. This had to stop though.

Max pushed himself away from his desk and heard the chuckle of his friend and business partner Alex.
“Man has she got you doing tricks, never knew she had it in her.”

Max “I swear to god next time I see Maria…”
Alex “You’ll thank her profusely for the bell.”
Max muttered something under his breath before making his way upstairs to see his wife.

He opened the door to see Liz shaking the bell as if her life depended on it.

“Took you long enough. Can you get me some chocolate milk? But this time easy on the chocolate. Last time it was like drinkin syrup.”

Max let out sound that sounded like a cross between an ape and lion.

Liz looked up at Max and started laughing. “Max darling am I getting on your nerves?”
Her voice dripping sacasim.

Max rubbed his eyes. “Liz enough.”
Liz “Then let me out of this freakin bed.”
Max “You can’t”

Liz nodded. “You know what screw this.” She threw back the covers and stood up giving Max a triumphant smile.

Max let out a throaty laugh. “Elizabeth Evans get you butt back into bed before I come over there and put you in it myself.”

Liz raised her eyebrow daring Max to keep his promise. Max had had enough and made his way over to Liz. Shock was clearly written on Liz’s face before she took off ducking Max’s hands.

Max froze putting his hands in the air. “Alright you win. Just stop Liz.”
Liz was so caught up in her mini triumph that she didn’t see Max slowly making his way to her before it was too late. He scooped her up into his powerful arms and dropped her unto their bed with an oomph.

Max leaned over Liz holding her hands above her Liz’s head, effectively pinning her down. “Now Mrs. Evans I believe its time for you to listen to your very smart husband and rest!”

Liz gave Max a coy smile; rest was the furthest thing from her mind. “Sure honey what ever you say.” She said while running her foot over his groin area.

Max let out a strangled gasp and glared down at Liz. “Liz no we can’t.”
Liz nodded but continued her ministrations. “LIZ” Max whined out.

He grabbed her foot freeing one her hands, which Liz used to her advantage, Grabbing his tie and pulling him down for a searing kiss. Max pulled back and started to lift the hem of Liz’s T-shirt.

Liz wanted to give a sigh of relief that Max wasn’t going to protest. She needed this so much…
Max and Liz lay silently in their bed enjoying the aftermath of their lovemaking. Max looked down at Liz who was fighting hard to stay awake. “Rest Love, I’ll be back in a bit.” Liz nodded already slipping into sleep.

Max bit back a laugh and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead before retrieving his clothes and making his way downstairs.

Alex looked up in surprise. “Do I dare ask what took you so long?”
Max gave a blush before ignoring the comment and making his way to his desk. “Anyway, Alex I’ve been thinking and I need your opinion on something.”
Alex “Yea?”
Max “I’ve decided to go legit.”

Alex dropped the documents he was holding and turned to Max giving him his full attention. “Are you serious Max?”
“Alex I’m dead serious. I’ve been thinking lately and it’s time I do the right thing. I want my kid to grow up and be safe. I want Liz to not have to look over her shoulder every time she leaves this house.”

“Max I understand, but this is something that can just be done. You know as well as I do what can happen.”

“Alex I know, but I have been thinking this out and I have a plan.”
“Well don’t stop you seem to be on a roll.”
Max smiled. “First it’ll be a bit easier with Michael at my back. But I also have a lot of shit on other families. So if I make a promise to keep everything to myself about them, and they in return leave me and my family alone then it has to work.”
Alex nodded. “It’s still gonna be tough Max. But you got my support.”

The two men shook hands.

Liz walked around the nursery pleased at what had been accomplished. The furniture was all moved in and Liz had just finished the final touches on the decorations. Stars, moons, suns and clouds adorned the walls all in soft pastel colors.

She felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and she smiled.
“What are you doing out of bed? I thought we had this argument already.”
“I was just finishing the border.”

Max nodded bring his head to rest on her shoulder. “It’s beautiful Liz. You really out did yourself.”
Liz smiled at the compliment and nodded her head in agreement. “Now all we need is our baby to get here.”
“Yea, but we can wait. It’s not to long now anyway.”
A week later

“Lizzie the nursery is gorgeous.”

Liz smiled up at Maria as she held Mia. “Thanks Ria, so where is my brother at he said he was gonna stop by today?”

“He’s downstairs talkin with Max and Alex. So how are you holding up hun? I know this must be tough.’
Liz sighed. “Yea it is. But let’s just say if Max wants me in bed he finds ways to exhaust me.”
Maria let out a laugh. “Girl you are too much.”

Liz “God I can’t believe how much she grew in a month and a half.”
Maria “Oh I can. This girl eats like her father, and throws little temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her bottle. Don’t ya sweetie.”

Max and Michael walked into the room both with serious expressions on their faces.
Maria “Hey did somebody die?”
Max “No, not yet anyway. Maria I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my wife that wonderful present.”

Maria let out a laugh. “I thought you would like it Max.”
Max rolled his eyes, as Michael stood there with a curious expression on his face.
Michael “What has Maria been up to now?”

Liz “She gave me your sick bell.”
Michael looked to Max and laughed.

With all the commotion going on little Mia woke up in a fuss.
Liz “I think someone wants her daddy.”
Michael took the baby gently rocking her until Maria handed him a bottle. “Here it’s your turn to feed her.”
Michael sighed before sitting on the bed and feeding Mia.

Liz “You’ve got him trained.”
Maria “Huh I wish! I still can’t get him up late at night when she cries.”
Liz “Here Maria take the bell, I’m sure you can get him up now!”
Maria laughed slipping the bell into her purse before Michael could protest.
Maria “You know I’m hungry too, Michael come on lets go.”

Michael and Maria left leaving Max and Liz to themselves. Liz wiggled her finger signal Max to come closer.

“And what does my beautiful wife want?” Max said lying down next to Liz.
“Just a kiss, please.”
Max “Well since you did ask so nicely…”

The kiss started off sweet before turning very steamy. Max pulled back groaned. “We can’t Love I have to go and run an errand.”
Liz gave let out a groan. “Fine just go.”

Max pulled Liz to him in a crushing hug. “Don’t be like that Sweetheart. I love you and I’ll be back before you know it.”

Liz nodded giving Max a peck on his cheek.
Max “That’s all I get?”
Liz “Think of it as an incentive to get home.”
Max “Alright.”

A little while later Nick walked in carrying a glass of milk and Liz’s vitamins.
Liz “God not you too.”
Max “Sorry Bosses orders.”
Liz nodded taking the pills and downing them with the milk. “There happy?”

Nick nodded making the move to leave.
Liz “Wait Nick stay. I mean we haven’t really talked like we used to.”
Nick took a seat on the edge of the bed. “Yea since everything happened.”

Liz “So how are you?”
Nick “Actually Liz not good. There’s something I have to tell you. I’ve been beating myself up over this and…”
Liz “Go on Nick, you know you can tell me anything.”

Nick “Liz I’m responsible for everything that happened to you, the kidnapping everything.”
Liz smiled. “Nick you did what you could don’t beat yourself up over this.”
Nick “NO, I made a deal with Pierce Kyle was just a pawn I used.”
Liz “What? Why?”

Nick “Because I’m your brother Liz. Half brother to be exact.”
The tears where streaming down Liz’s face. “I don’t understand.”
Nick “Liz your father was involved with my mother before he married you mother. It was arranged for you parents to get married. But your dad never broke it off with my mother. I was born and that’s when he wanted nothing to do with my mother or me. Don’t you see I was his first born I should have been head of the family, not Michael. Liz I’m sorry I never thought it would have turned out like that.”

Liz started thinking about all the past times they had shared. He had always been like a big brother protecting her and watching out for her. Making a descion she snapped her head up to look at Nick. “Go, you have to go.”

Nick “What?”
Liz “You have to leave Philadelphia, no leave the country. Go off to another country and start over. Here take my savings and withdraw as much as you need.”
Nick “Liz I don’t understand.”
Liz “Nick if they find out what you did they’ll kill you. And you’re my brother and I can’t see this happen anymore. So please just go and never come back.

Nick “I’m so sorry Liz.”
Liz “Just go and be safe and happy and forget all about this place.”
Nick took the card and gave Liz a quick hug. Before exiting the room.

Vinny walked in curious. “Hey where did Nick run off to?”
Liz “He went to my studio, can you get me Max. I really need him.”
Vinny nodded going to call Max’s cell…

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Part 57 Conclusion/Epilogue

Max walked into his house with a smile plastered on his face. He had done it. Finally, he was free. No more looking over his shoulder and wondering if today could be his last. He walked into the kitchen and dropped his keys before making his way up to the bedroom that held the most dear and precious thing to him. When he got upstairs he saw a panicked Vinny, and no sign of Nick.

Max “What happen? What’s wrong? Where’s Liz?”
Nick “Thank god your home. I’ve been calling and paging you. Something’s up wit Liz.”

Not needing to here anything else Max pushed past Vinny and made his way into the bedroom. The sight that greeted Max tore at his heart. Liz was curled into a ball, and little sniffles could be heard.


Liz turned to Max, rubbing at her tears. “Hey.” Max made his way to the side of the bed, kneeling before her. His hand stroked Liz’s face coaxing her into calming down.

“What’s wrong baby?”

Liz shook her head vigorously refusing to meet Max’s prying eyes. Instead, she pulled at his arm motioning for him to join her. Max slid in behind her wrapping his strong arms around her.

“Shhh. It’s ok, whatever it is I promise it’ll be okay.”
Liz woke first a smile adorned her face as she felt Max’s hard chest beneath her. Her smile slipped from her lips as the reality of what happened yesterday came crashing back. Nick was her brother. Her half brother that almost got her put away for life. Liz was so caught up with her thought she didn’t see Max open his eyes.

Max rubbed his hands up and down Liz’s back, effectively snapping her from her thoughts. Liz looked up into Max’s amber eyes.

“Now are you ready to tell me what’s wrong?”
Liz sighed. “Yes.”

Max pulled her up so their heads were even with each other’s. “Go on Love.”
Liz “Before I start I want you to make me a promise. I want you to promise me you’ll wait to hear me out. Don’t interrupt or go rushing off.”
Max nodded whirly. “Ok.”

“Nick is my brother, my half brother to be exact. My father had an affair. He cheated on my mother.”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise. “Does Michael know?”
Liz “I’m not sure.”
Max “God Liz I’m sorry.”
Liz “There’s more.”

Max “Go ahead sweetheart.”
Liz “Nick was behind everything. He used Kyle and Pierce to get to you and Michael. Nick was jealous of Michael because he had everything Nick should have had. He wanted revenge.”
Max made a move to get up. But Liz held him down. “Max you promised.”

“Liz how can you expect me to just sit here and take this. Nick is a problem that needs to be taken care of.”
Liz “I thought you would say something like that. Max Nick is gone.”
Max was taken back. “What do you mean?”
“I gave him money and told him to leave and never come back.”

Max stood up and paced the room, furious. “Liz how could you have done that? Do you see that he could come back at any time and hurt you? What about Michael and Maria, maybe one day he comes back and hurts them.”

“He wouldn’t do that.” Liz sobbed out.
Max raised an eyebrow. “Because he almost put you behind bars, or have you forgotten everything he’s done?”

Liz “You would have had him killed Max, I couldn’t let you kill my brother.”
Max “God would you listen to your self. Liz he hated you and Michael—
“No he didn’t he— Before Liz could finish she turned as white as a ghost and fell to the bed.

“Liz? Liz! What’s wrong baby.”? Max rushed to her side mentally beating himself up for fighting with her.

Liz started to return to her natural color, much to Max’s relief. “Liz what happened?”
“I’m ok now Max, my blood pressure just shot up.”

Max “Come on I’m taking you to the hospital.”
Liz “No Max I’m fine. Really.”
Max pushed Liz back down so she was resting. “Max we have to talk about this.”

“No, it’s done and over with. We can’t change it.”
Liz shook her head. “You have to promise me something Max, promise you’ll leave this Nick thing alone. I know he won’t come back, I swear he won’t.”

Max saw the earnest look in Liz’s eyes begging him to let things lie. “Against my better judgment, I promise.”
Liz closed her eyes and smiled. “Thank-you Max.”

Michael and Maria walked hand in hand into the living room and took a seat across from Max and Liz.

Michael “What’s this all about? I get this creepy message saying to come over right away.”
Liz and Max exchanged looks before telling the whole story…
Maria sat there with a dumb founded expression. “I can’t believe this. Nick is your brother!”

Liz watched Michael’s reaction. “You knew Michael, didn’t you?”
Michael turned his head down. “Yea I knew.”
Liz “What? How?”
Michael “Dad, he told.”
Liz “Did Mom know?”
Michael “No she didn’t.”

Liz sighed. “I don’t know whether to be angry at you or what…”
Michael got up and walked over to his sister engulfing her in a hug. “Liz he didn’t want you or mom to know, he knew it would brake both your hearts.”
Liz pulled back and wiped at her eyes. It did, but Nick had always been like an older brother. I can see dad in him. I just never put it together.”
One Month Later

Liz awoke with a start. She looked over at the clock it was just after three. Liz nudged Max who sprung up out of bed, and automatically reached for his pants.

“Vanilla with hot fudge?” Max mumbled out.
Liz wanted to laugh. “No, but you might want to grab my overnight bag and call the doctor.
Max still half asleep replied. “Why?”
Liz “Because my water just broke.”

Max was fully awake and rushed around grabbing things as he went before rushing out of the room, forgetting Liz. She laughed and counted to ten before he ran right back in.

Liz “Forgetting something?”
Max grinned sheepishly and helped Liz out of bed before picking her up and taking her.

*~~Three Hours Later~~*

“God this hurts, I can’t believe you did this to me!” Liz screamed out.
Max wanted to scream out himself as Liz clawed and grabbed at his hand.

Doctor “Come on just one more push.”
Liz “I can’t it hurts too much.”
Max “Sweetheart I know you can do it you’re the strongest woman I know.”
Liz bore down and gave an agonizing scream a few seconds later a small wail was heard. Liz fell back unto the bed and started crying as their son was placed on chest.

Liz “He’s so beautiful.”
Max was too choked up to say anything, instead he kissed Liz hard. “I love you, thank-you for our son.”
Max sat down on Liz’s hospital bed. She had been moved to a private room. Max had just finished talking with Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex. Showing off his son like a proud papa.

Liz opened her eyes, smiling up at Max. “Hey. Everyone go home?”
Max nodded. “Yea they all send their love.”
Liz “I can’t believe how perfect Luke is. Our son, can you believe it?”
Max just shook his head. “I have a present for you.”
Liz started to look around the room. “What is it.?”

“You are looking at a completely ligetamite business man.”
Liz felt like crying for the fifth time that day. Instead she threw her arms around Max revealing in the perfection her life had become.
A high pitched wail was heard over the baby monitor and Max woke up quickly shutting it off and making his way into the nursery.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong.” Max said lifting him out of the crib and onto his behr chest. Almost immedialy he began sucking on his chest. “Ah, now I know. Sorry Luke Daddy’s not gonna give you want you want.”

Luke started crying realizing he wasn’t getting what he wanted. “Ok we’re going to get mommy. Shhh. Don’t cry.”

Max walked into the master bedroom and Liz was already awake. “Sorry I tried but apparently I don’t have what he’s looking for.”

Liz laughed. “Give me my son.” Max handed over Luke to Liz as she opened her shirt. Luke latched on and Max and Liz laughed.

Max “What I wouldn’t give to be him.”
Liz leaned over and kissed Max. She gave a yelp. “Well he has your mouth.”
Max blushed. “Well he has your eyes and temper.”
It was Liz’s turn to blush.
Liz “I love you so much, thank-you for making my life complete.”
Max “I should be the one thanking you. I love you, and I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you.”

Before the could kiss they were interrupted by a cry.
Max “Luke we have to talk about your timing…