Author: Sineya
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: (Liz takes Tess’ place as the fourth alien.) If the other three Roswellians are her true family, then why is she so different? When duplicated versions of Michael, Max, and Isabel end up in Roswell years later, Liz’s questions are answered.
Rating: R (Strong language)-Will become NC-17 in later parts
Couple: Liz/Zan (UC)
Author’’s Notes: I started this story a long time ago, but never finished. Then I read DM’’s, The Secret of Zan, and got inspired

I'd also like to state, I love Max beyond a shadow of a doubt, but Zan...ooooooh.

Prologue -One Short

"Yo, we can’t go to the summit without a fourth."

"We can get a fourth."



"What about the other three, ya know-- our dupes?"

"Don't worry 'bout it."

The three smirked at each other.

Part 1 -Alien among Aliens

Five teens stood outside the Crashdown café, waiting impatiently for their sixth member.

Max and Isabel Evans, along with Michael Guerin were the only aliens present. The former two were waiting impatiently, while the latter sighed acceptingly, he was used to his sister's non-punctual nature.

The other two, Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman were the only humans in there little group of six. Maria, the hyper human, tapped her foot and danced around, also waiting impatiently for the last member. Alex, like Michael, was waiting silently as he leaned against the building.

Finally long, slim legs encased in black, leather pants sauntered up to them.

Arms bare, excluding the black tattoo on her arm. A tight, black halter top moved as she walked, inching up her stomach with every step, showing off her silver belly-button ring. Tall, black, combat boots fitted snugly over slender ankles. Her thick, brown hair hung down her back, blue streaks glimmering under the streetlight..

Her face was exquisite, as if each feature was carefully molded and placed perfectly. Various piercings were strewn across her face, a tongue, an eyebrow, and if you looked close enough, you could see a tiny hole on the left side of her nose.

She looked out of place in front of the brightly-attired teens she was approaching.

"‘Sup?"Liz Parker looked at the five people as she stopped. Lighting her cigarette, she smirked around it.

"Your late." Max said, frustration coloring his voice.

"So."She blew a trail of smoke at him. "What’’s the problem this time?" She smirked at the two humans, "One of you get a hangnail?"

Maria looked indignant,"We have a serious problem here."She looked at Max,"It is serious, right?"

"Well...."He looked tense."A red giant exploded last week."

"You brought us here to talk about some stupid star?"Walking closer into the circle, she could see the two humans back away a little. Chuckling, she walked up to Max, and threw her half-smoked cigarette on the ground.

"Later, hubbie." She wiggled her fingers as she left.

They stared at her retreating figure, Max looked over at Michael, raising his eyebrow in question.

"Yeah, yeah, I’ll go after her."Michael took off, leaving the four behind to discuss Max’s latest


Liz walked steadily towards the park, hoping to finally get some time to herself. Although knowing Max, he'd probably sent Michael after her. She heard rustling behind her,*Yep.*

"Liz, wait up." Michael shouted. Running to catch up with the female alien.

She sighed, stopping at a nearby bench, and sat down. Michael walked over and planted himself to her left. They were silent for a few moments before he spoke up.

"You can’t do this anymore."

"Do what?"

"You can’t distance yourself from everyone but me."He glanced over to see her reaction, hoping she’’d say something. Her face was set in stone, her lips a straight line. "I’m the only one you talk to, you have to give the others a chance."

She stood, pacing in front of him.

"Why?"She asked."Because Max was my husband? Because Isabel was supposedly my best friend back on Antar? Because Maria and Alex are our only connection to the human world?" She stopped in front of him, and took his hands.

"Michael, you’re my brother, and I know you--I love you."She sighed."But I don’t know them, and I sure as hell don’’t love them." She pulled her hands away, hugging herself. He stood, reaching for her, and pulled her into a comforting embrace.

"I just feel like I don’t belong here."She looked up at him."I feel like an alien among aliens." He rubbed her back soothingly. *If only the others could see her like this.* They thought she was some tough-ass bitch who could take anything, who had no feelings.

"Maybe if you’d open up to them, they’d gi-"She cut him off. He asked her this every day, and everyday she told him the same thing.

"I don’t wanna play share your feelings, I don't wanna hold the talking stick just to gain their pity."She pulled away."I don’’t wanna know them––I don’’t even like them."She pointed to herself, then to him, arching her brow.

"Look at how different we are, Michael."She grabbed his hand again."You even got the better deal, being adopted along with them." Her eyes were blazing."What the hell did I get Michael, huh? I live by myself in a rundown
apartment, and why is that again?" She voice cracked.

"Because I was sick of living in fear, so I took care of the damn Hank problem."Her voice was furious."And they condemned me for it."

"I’m so sorry Liz."His voice was filled with regret and sadness."I never meant for any of this to happen."He hugged her again, holding her close. He had worried about her for so many year, but he wasn’t able to prove their familial relationship, not without revealing their alien status."I never meant for you to be so lonely."

But she was his sister, and he would do anything for her. He had wanted to kill Hank all those years, and when she had finally done it, the others made snap judgements about her. *They never even asked why.*

"I know, it wasn't your fault."Liz said as she pulled away.
"But....you guys don't even remember what it was like back on Antar..."She sighed, and stared into his eyes.

"I remember everything -Zan, Rath, Vilandra."She shook her head."Max isn't like Zan at all, Isabel will never be Lannie, and even you, you're not like Rath."

She stood, dusting herself off."It's better for you, Rath was so cold.....but the others, they were like family...Zan was my husband, I loved him. *But he's gone now, Max isn't anything like him.*

She left him standing there, contemplating her, himself, and the other two unearthly beings.

Duplicity Part 2-Why Is The Glass Always Half Empty?
Song-Fiona Apple, Never Is A Promise

The air in Dulcie’s Pub was thick, and cloying. But the customers payed it no attention, used to hot, New Mexico nights. They were too caught up in the woman singing anyway.

~You'll never see - the courage I know
Its colors' richness won't appear within your view
I'll never glow - the way that you glow
Your presence dominates the judgements made on you //
Throaty, dulcet tones ran throughout the bar. She rarely sang, but when she did....it was pure honey.

//But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights
The shades and shadows undulate in my perception
My feelings swell and stretch; I see from greater heights
I understand what I am still to proud to mention - to you~

She sang a song by a popular artist, but few people recognized it. They’d say it sounded familiar, but they couldn’t place it. She gave the song its due though, her voice reveling in the depressing lyrics. Her soul cried whenever she played it.

~You'll say you understand, but you don't understand
You'll say you'd never give up seeing eye to eye
But never is a promise, and you can't afford to lie~

She sees them. They’re all sitting in the back, draped in shadows. They don’t want her to know they come every each time she performs, they don’t know she knew from the start. They would never guess that this is the only place she feels a part of, don’t know this is the only time he seems like her true love. That they seem like her family.

~You'll never touch - these things that I hold
The skin of my emotions lies beneath my own
You'll never feel the heat of this soul
My fever burns me deeper than I've ever shown - to you~

In an old, rundown bar she sings. And she remembers what it was like to taste the sunrise, to smell the sky. She remember the caress of soft, white rain, and a light, pink breeze. She remembers laughing and running, playing as a child. She remembers meeting him, and feeling pangs throughout the years as they fell slowly in love.

She remembers their wedding days, and their funerals.

~You'll say, Don't fear your dreams, it's easier than it seems
You'll say you'd never let me fall from hopes so high
But never is a promise and you can't afford to lie~

It is only in this little bar that she truly feels alive. And only in this bar, that she can look at him and see her true love. Maybe it’s the way the shadows fall across his face, or the way his eyes seem to, for once, see her.

~You'll never live this life that I live
I'll never live the life that wakes me in the night
You'll never hear the message I give
You'll say it looks as though I might give up this fight~

Sometimes she wishes it could be different, that he could be different. That he could be the same, could be her husband once again. He has so many of the same mannerisms, the same ideas. But when she looks into his eyes she doesn’t see love.

She sees duty.

She sees pleading.
And she wishes for love.

~But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights
The shades and shadows undulate in my perception
My feeling swell and stretch, I see from greater heights
I realize what I am now too smart to mention - to you~

She can see the wishing in his eyes too. But his wishes are so different. He wants her to listen, to understand, to agree. So she puts up shields, builds walls around herself. Makes the decision to stop wishing for both of them.

He is the King, and she may have the title of Queen-- but she had never felt more like a servant.

~You'll say you understand, you'll never understand
I'll say I'll never wake up knowing how or why
I don't know what to believe in, you don't who I am
You'll say I need appeasing when I start to cry
But never is a promise and I'll never need a lie~

Maybe if she saw her wishes in his eyes, she’d stop running. Maybe she’d rise up, and stand tall, proud of her position.

Maybe not.


Liz stood up, exiting the stage. As her three secret spectators exited the bar. She didn’t know how they thought they could hide from her. She was the master at silent observing, they were pure amateurs.

She could feel their presences lingering outside *Maybe they’re actually gonna stay this time?* Perhaps they’d each grown a pair. Even after all these years, her own brother hadn’t said anything about her singing.

The it hit her, a wave of pure rage-coming from Max. She jolted out of her thoughts, and walked calmly out the backdoor, lighting a cigarette on the way. *No sense in rushing out their all bull-headed, nope that’s something Michael would do.*

But even with all the anger she felt towards the others, she’’d still do anything in her power to protect them. Although they didn’t know that, since the opportunity had never struck.

Then she felt a sharp tug from Michael’s mind, he was in pain. That got her feet to start moving.

She arrived outside, hand already raised.

Then she saw them.

Max, Michael, and Isabel were lined up to her left.

And two duplicate Michael and Isabel's were standing to her right, sharp white lights were emitting from the Michael look-a-like. Seemingly burning her brother. Her brother.*Okay, now I’m pissed royally pissed.*. She saw her brother in pain, and her former husband in an unholy rage.
They hadn’t noticed her yet, too engrossed in making some sort of public spectacle in a deserted alley, behind a rundown, old bar. Who they were showing off for, she had no idea. The only thought running through her head was kill, kill now.

Kill the one hurting Michael.

She raised her hand, a furious glare marked her face. An angry purple glow started to rise in front of her outstretched hand, finally gaining their attention. They turned to her, gasping at the sight before them.

Liz, in all her glory.

She flicked her wrist, and saw the Michael dupe fall, grabbing his throat as he felt her hand, choking him. Michael also fell, hands were pressed to his chest. She lowered hers, ignoring everyone, and ran over to him.

He stared up at her, smiling shakily. She heard him speaking telepathically, and frowned. He only did that when he was in great pain. She looked up at Max, for the first time in her life pleadingly.

“Heal him, he’s hurting.”Max nodded, and kneeled beside her, placing his hand over Michael’s chest, as he concentrated on reforming his molecules back to normal. A few seconds later, Michael opened his eyes and grinned reassuringly at them as he stood.

The grin turned menacing when he faced his twin. They were all silent.

Until Liz stood and turned, stopping dead at the sight before her. Her angering slowly ebbing away, replaced by shock and wonder. She looked over at Max, who was watching her expression cautiously, she saw the eyebrow creep up questioningly and laughed. The eyebrow arched higher.

She shook her head, chuckling now.”Its just, when you do that-thing, with your eyebrow, well....the look is pure Zan.” She closed her eyes softly, remembering the same look on a face, a lifetime ago.

Then she felt an overwhelming presence creep up behind her. Her chest tightened, and she closed her eyes, breathing in a familiar scent. It seemed to envelope her, and she turned slowly. Hoping against hope what she felt was real.

It was.

He was standing before her, his face mirroring hers. He dropped the duffel he was holding, his arms limp at his side. Finally they reached out, each whispering reverently at the same time.



Part 3 -Your Greatest Strength Is Always Your Greatest Weakness

They stood staring for what seemed like hours, hands touching softly. Everyone was silent, somehow knowing not to interrupt the delicate reunion. Somehow knowing that there was far more than going on than the surface suggested.
And there was.

As Liz and Zan stood, hands touching, and eyes melting into one another they shared. Memories passed throughout each mind. Memories of their years apart, of their years together.

//She stood on a hill, crouched down and weeping. Lost and alone in a world that she could never feel a part of.//

//He jumped out of his pod, glancin’ ‘round and seein’ the others. Walking to ‘em, embracin’ in a cold, dank sewer.//

//Moving from home to home, family to family. Never quite fitting in, never what they wanted. Finally, being taken in by a drunken old man. A trailer that smelled of alcohol, a bed that wept cockroaches.//

//Walkin’ the street with the others. Watchin’ with old eyes as people were raped nearby as he slept, runnin’ with young feet to escape the noises ‘o death.//

//Meeting a brother. A brother who apparently already had a family, who didn’t need her. Turning away from everyone, closing herself off to human emotions.//

//Stealin’ candy bars and soda from a 7-11. Watchin’ as his family became more inhuman as the days passed. Leadin ‘em, followin’ ‘em down the same route.//

//Years later, she lay in bed. Whimpering when he entered her room, screaming as he came closer, crying as she killed him.//

//Slicin’ a richie’’s throat for ten measly bucks. Laughin’ along with ‘em as he wept, beggin’ for his life.//

//Growing up. Living alone, dreaming of him. Hoping maybe one day he’’d come, wishing she could love the king she knew.//

//Wonderin’ why she never made it, yellin’ at her in dreams. Screamin’ until his throat was raw for her to come back to him. Memberin’ her empty pod. Cursin’’her for leavin’ him alone.//

//Wishing he’’d come, hoping every night. Waking up drenched in sweat, body shivering from heated dreams.//

As there minds gave and received, they took in all. Never denying the other’s memories, reliving both good and bad.

Finally, they gasped and tore apart. Eyes shut tightly as new memories entered and swallowed their minds, turning their bright vision to a murky black.

Liz felt hands on her back, Michael’s, as he caught her before she could hit the ground. Zan was unlucky, slamming hard into the pavement and smacking his head into the flat, gray cement.

She sat up in Michael’s arms, groaning as more memories overtook her mind. It was excruciating and she felt as if her body was being torn in half.

She could hear him groaning in pain, his sister finally coming to his aid. She and Rath kneeled next to him trying to calm him down. She herself lay in Michael’s arms, body convulsing and head jerking.

She finally managed to pull away from him, and stand, body shaking as she moved. Max had come forward, walking slowly over to her. He looked at Michael who nodded.

He moved so suddenly, that in her injured state she couldn’t have stopped him. Placing his hands over her temples he let his power flow through her, trying to ease the pressure on her mind.

“Let me go!”She shouted at him, trying to pull away.”I don’t need your help!” He finally let go, as most of the strain was lifted off her. She pointed over at Zan, who was still laying on the ground––holding his head.

“If you want to help, help him.” Max, nodded, turning towards Zan who’s eyes were now opened. He stood shakily, grinning.

“S’ok , I’m cool.”He looked over at her, now smiling silkily.”Yo, Eilis, nice ride.”

She stared back silently, searching his face for something. She felt Michael behind her, his comforting presence at her back. She spoke to him, silently.<> She heard the question in his voice as he answered.<>

<>She shouted forcefully at him, she could almost see his wince.

<>Her head whipped around, as she stared harshly at him, willing him to go. He looked at her set face, nodding slowly turning towards the parking lot.. Glancing over at Max and Isabel she gestured with her head to their parked cars. They followed him uncertainly, glancing back at her repeatedly, finally getting into their cars.

As they drove away, she turned back to Zan, Rath, and Lannie. All of who had been silent during their exchange. She looked at Zan once again.

“Name’s Liz.” She crossed her arms over her chest, and looked at them all.”Now why don’t y’all tell me why you’re here?”

Zan smirked, walking over to her, and caressing her cheek softly.

“Easy.”He leaned down, now cradling her face between his hands.

"We came for you.”

Their lips touched softly, deepening into a welcomed embrace. Sparks started to fly.


Part 4 -All Is Sometimes What It Seems

Bodies molded as if they were built for each other, quivering flesh touched softly. Sparks bounced. The two once-lovers seemed to be immune to the heat of the red-hot sparks, as they flew sharply off their burning bodies.

Lannie and Rath were not as lucky. As the sparks flew they landed on the two spectators and the nearby parking lot. The smell of burning flesh and melting tar seemed to permeate the air.

Zan and Liz were oblivious of everything until Rath’s harsh voice broke their spell.

“Yo, could you’s two cool it?”He jumped as final spark hit his cheek as they slowly slid apart.

Liz opened her eyes and stared up at Zan, sighing as his hands stayed where they were, wandering down her back. “What was that?” He smiled down at her, trailing one hand up her shoulder, to brush her dark-blue streaked hair behind her ear.

“That’s ‘cause we ain’t seen each other in so long.”He smiled down at her,”Our bodies need to uh..reacquaint ‘emselves ‘fore the sparks can stop.”He smirked, eyeing her curvaceous form. He remembered the way she moved under him,*I need to feel her again.*

She was eerily silent as she backed away. Everything she wanted was standing before her. Everything she’d dreamed of each night of her life. Every memory was entwined with him.

Everything that she needed..

So what the Hell was wrong?

Lannie stared at her, with surprising concern.”Yo, Eilis––uh, I mean Liz--you cool?” She moved towards her, stopping when Liz lifted her hands and nodded.

“I’m fine.”Straightening herself and steeling up her spine, her arms folded across her chest once again.””Now you guys gonna tell me why you’re here, because I’m not buyin’ the whole––you’re here for me--thing.”They all moved closer, Zan leading.

He looked at her, “It’s the truth––-we need you.”He reached for her but she quickly stepped back.”We ain’t got a fourth.”

“Yo, it’s like this.”Rath held up his hand.”There’’s this meetin’, called the Summit, with the other leaders of Antar, and they need all of us––-the whole Royal Four.””

Lannie nodded, “Yeah, and since we ain’t got a fourth––we need you.”She smiled sweetly, a hint of anger peeping out from behind her brown eyes when she saw Liz’s skeptical expression.

Liz grinned, it did not reach her eyes.”So where’s your fourth?”She grinned cruelly,"She just up and leave, or did you guys kill her?"

Zan was enraged, his eyes burning.”We never got an Eilis.” His arms lifted up.”You were supposed to be with us.”He grabbed her shoulders.”You were supposed to be mine!””

She pulled away, pacing violently back and forth.”What the Hell does that mean?” She stabbed him in the chest,”If I’m yours then why did they send me here--to Max?””

He growled when she mentioned his twin.”Don’t know that, but I always knew you was mine.”

Lannie’s eyes lit up, and she smacked herself in the head as she turned towards her brother.”Zan, they messed up.”She looked at Liz.

“You always dressed like that?”She questioned.”You still have memories of home?”

Liz nodded slowly.”Yeah, I’ve always been different from the others.”Thoughts flitted through her mind.”The only one I’m close to is my brother Michael.”She winced when a pained look crossed Rath’s face, a look which he covered quickly.*Guess he can feel something.*

A realization quickly floated through her mind.

“They sent me to the wrong, uh..set?”A joyous smile crept across Zan’s face as Lannie nodded.

His face was inches from hers, and he lifted her chin.”See, I was right. You always been mine.”They were soon lost as their minds melded once again, sharing a forgotten memory.

//Her lover trailed his hands over her lithe form, leaving nothing untouched. His mouth moved down, nipping at her breasts as he passed them. Her toned stomach was traced with a firm tongue-- tiny, seductive laps. He ran his heated mouth over every inch of skin he could see, could feel.

She grasped his head tightly when he reached her pleasure point, his tongue moving out to caress her bare thighs as he slowly inched up towards her dripping flesh. She gasped loudly, her eyes flashing open, glowing bright, white as his tongue darted out to taste her essence. His tongue flicked slowly across her engorged clit, then slid down to bury itself deep inside her body.. He groaned blissfully as her juices slid over his tongue, coating his mouth. She tasted of pure ambrosia, and he was a starving man.

She arched above him, purring with pleasure, as an intense orgasm flooded through her system. He was relentless, his pointed tongue sliding in her over and over, as his fingers rubbed her clit millimeters above. Her eyes flashed in a rainbow of colors as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. Finally her body gave way, only able to handle so much pleasure at once.

He rose up, grinning triumphantly into her eyes. She could feel his throbbing flesh against her, and finally cooled down enough to reach over and grasp him. She watched as his grin disappeared, replaced by a look of hungry lust.

He pulled her caressing hands from him, and positioned himself above her. The tip of his rock-hard cock above her melting opening. He grasped her hands, placing them above her head, and he slammed into her. Her back arched up at the sudden invasion, taking them to deeper heights.

They groaned in unison as he lifted her legs up, placing them over his shoulders. The new position deepening their pleasure. He seemed to touch her womb, as his huge penis rammed into her violently. She leaned up, biting his nipple harshly, and he let go of her hands with a shudder.

Her arms coiled around his neck, pulling him down for a harsh kiss, as her hands buried deep into thick, black hair. Their tongues entwined, copying their movements down below. He reached down, pulling her clit between his fingers, and she screamed, her body tightening around him like a vice.

“Zan!”His name emerged from her lips, her eyes turning fully white and stared up at him. He looked back unseeing as his too glowed white.

His hands dug into her hips as he answered her,”Eilis!”Her golden flesh was now colored with passionate bruises.

She milked him completely, as he emptied himself inside her. Their arms wrapped around one another as they finally collapsed. Both were sated, both satisfied.

Both utterly happy.
She looked up into the eyes of her husband, and sighed deeply as she tightened her hold on him.”I love you.”

He rolled over, his new bride falling atop him.”Happy Birthday, my love.”//

Liz gasped closing her eyes tightly, as she collapsed into Zan’s waiting arms. Her chest was heaving as an vision-induce orgasm ran through her. Finally she opened her lids and stared angrily into his hungry eyes, as Lannie and Rath laughed loudly behind her.

“That was nice.”She nipped at his earlobe and backed away.

She walked calmly over to her bike, then smiled sweetly at them

“If any of you touch the others, I will kill you.”She started the engine and winked at Zan, her parting words flying through the air as she drove away.

“If you need me so much, you’ll have to find me.”

Zan looked stone-faced at Lannie, then at Rath.

"Let’s go.”

And they walked.

Part 5 -Home Is Where The Heart Is

As soon as Liz was out of their range her calm facade dropped.

Crying silently and shaking as her bike sped down the highway. She was blinded by her tears, and almost drove off the rode.

*I need Michael.* She swerved, avoiding a nearby car, driving straight towards the highway. She arrived in town only minutes later, due to her erratic driving.

She was soon at her brother’s house, and she cut the engine, jumping off her loud bike. Running up to the door, she pulled held a trembling hand over the keyhole and opened it.

She could hear Michael, and unfortunately the other four, but she couldn’t bring herself to care that they were there. Although she was thankful that the Guerin’s were away for the week. She rushed up to his room, tears flowing down her face. She slammed on his door, yelling loudly.

“Michael.”Her voice broke with every sob. ”Michael!!”She stumbled through the doorway as it opened, and frantically glanced around, noting each member of the group was there.

She didn’t care of they saw her cry, she needed her brother. He reached out and she fell into his waiting arms. His hands were clasped behind her, comforting her. She buried her face in his chest, her body shaking with every sob.

Michael looked at the others, and nodded towards the open door. They stood, faces filled with shock as they exited the room. They had never truly known Liz, had always thought she was emotionless no matter how much Michael protested.

The two left in the room were silent, as Liz continued to cry. Michael’s shirt was drenched when she finally stopped. She looked at him apologetically as she pulled herself away.

She smiled shakily,”Sorry.” And ran her hand across his chest, drying the soft, white cotton. Running her other hand across her face to wipe away any traces of leftover pain. And although she could remove blotchy skin, and tears track, she couldn’t remove the look fo desolation.

He squeezed her hand.”It’s okay, kiddo.”Tugging her hand, he pulled her with him and they sat on his messy bed. Hooking an arm over her shoulder, he cradled her face once again to his chest.”Now tell me what’’s wrong.”

She sighed, her body and mind tired from the events of the night, but she needed to get her tale out.”They..they, said I didn’t belong here.” She looked up at him.”They said I’m not supposed to be your sister.””She sat up abruptly, pulling herself from him and standing.

“They were right Michael, they were right!”She slammed her fist into the wall.”I’m not your sister!” She strode violently across the room, her shoulders starting to shake as angry tears welled up in her eyes.

“The one thing I had––THE ONLY THING-and they took it away!”She lifted her hands, and the door splintered and flew open.”I’ve been waiting for him my whole life, and he finally comes––and tells me the only person I’’ve ever loved in this life isn’t really a part of me!”

He jumped up, grabbing her forcefully, shaking her. She collapsed once again into his arms, sobbing. “Why couldn’t you be my brother, you’re the only one who’s ever loved me, why can’t...you..be...my....brother?”Her body was now quaking with sobs as he lifted her chin and stared into her eyes.

“Liz-“She tried to pull away, but he held her fast.”No, listen to me––you’re my sister, and nothing––-nothing--can change that!” Tears glistened in her eyes, diamonds dripped down her face at his words.”Blood doesn’t bind us––trust does, love does.”

He pulled away, hands his big hands engulfing her tiny fingers.”You will always be my sister--always.”He embraced her once again, his eyes now brilliant with unshed tears,*She will ALWAYS be part of my family.*And he let them go, falling down his face.

Max and Isabel stood in the doorway, watching the emotional scene before them. Never had they seen this side of Liz. Or Michael for that matter. They might have been close to him, but he had never once cried in front of them, never held them like he was holding Liz. They were ashamed and saddened. Thinking her heartless all these years, their opinions solidifying when she murdered her foster father Hank. They had never truly know Liz, or what had happened that day.

Liz was finally calm, Michael soothing ministrations calming her down. She was ready to tell him what happened.

Stepping away from him, she noticed Max and Isabel in the doorway, watching them. She was too emotionally drained to put on her uncaring mask, too tired physically tired.

She sat down heavily, on Michael’s desk, reaching into her pocket to pull out a cigarette. Lighting it, and exhaling shakily, as she looked the three in the room.

“You might wanna have Alex and Maria come in, it’s a long story.”She inhaled her cigarette deeply, the nicotine soothing her body. She saw the surprised looks on their faces as she said the humans could listen in.

She arched her eyebrow, the tough attitude streaming to the surface.”Well?”She flicked her cigarette onto the floor, ashes falling softly. The routine was comforting and stable. She laughed silently at her unusual thoughts.

They turned quickly, their footsteps echoing as they ran down the stairs.

“That wasn’t very nice.”Michael voice was disapproving, but his eyes were twinkling humorously.

She stared stonily at him.

”I’m not a nice person.”

Then ruined the tough girl persona by giggling mischievously, ashing her cigarette in an empty soda can as the others entered the room.

“Okay, everyone sit down.”They obeyed quietly, even the outspoken Maria, resting in various places throughout the room.

She looked down at her hands, then back up at them, taking a deep breath.

“Okay, see it all started when......”

Part 6a ––Sleepy Time

And I told them.

About kissing Zan, about the memories we shared. I told them about Rath and Lannie, about life back on Antar. I told them about the sparks, and the orgasm-inducing vision.

To say the least they were shocked. About the orgasm that is, in fact, all but Max blushed.

Hmm, maybe he wasn't such a prude. Now that's food for thought.


Then I told them the plan.

The plan the others-who I had affectionately termed the Dupes––had made.

The plan to kill Michael, and Max, and Isabel.

Then I told them about MY plan.

I don’’t think they liked it.


Dreams are supposed to be private. Supposed to be a way for people to escape from their tedious lives, and live out fantasies.

Isabel could dreamwalk. She went into peoples dreams every night, saw their innermost wishes when she closed her eyes and slept.

She thought she was the only one.
She wasn’t.

Max could heal. His touch was like a hot, Summer breeze that floated the pain away.

He thought he was the only one capable of this.

He wasn’t.

Michael could kill. HIS touch could melt you completely--or turn you to ash, depending on his mood.

The thing was, he KNEW he wasn’t the only one.

He was right.

I had a variety of everyone’s powers, plus a few of my very own powers (See: Hypnosis, visions, thought transferral), and somehow that made me more powerful than the three of them.

Gee, I wonder why?

Anyway, so there I was ready and willing to do anything I could to save Michael and the others, when he seduced me once more.

Through dreams.


Dreams are tricky creatures, like fate.

Like prophecies.(I think I heard that on Buffy once.)I know what you’re thinking an alien that watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What can I say, it brought some normalcy into my life. I know, I know an alien finding vampires and demons norm---

Sorry, sorry––back to the dream thing.

Okay, so I’m conked out on Michael’s floor. That night had brought fatigue on pretty early for me, so the sandman stopped by around midnight, which was actually early.(I usually started ZZZing at three a.m.)

I thought I’d be safe, that Lannie would be too afraid to invade my subconscious.

She was.

Zan wasn’t.

He was somehow able to dreamwalk me through her. I guess since I had never thought of letting Michael try that, and had no recollection of doing it from my past life––so it hadn’t crossed my mind.

My dream was...how can I put this....stimulating....to say the least.

The very least.

Part 6b -Inner Dreams

Liz blinked, opening her eyes slowly. Her head felt fuzzy and heavy, which was an unusual feeling while you’re dreaming.

Usually you don’’t feel anything.

She lay her head down and reached for her light to turn it on.

Or tried to reach. Her hands seemed to be stuck.

And she couldn’t move her arms and legs.

At all.

She could arch her back, and roll her torso around a little. But other than that.....

She was up shit creek without a damn paddle.

This wasn’t a familiar dream. Usually her nights were filled with memories of she and Zan, of days back on Antar.

Not being tied down to a bed––

A bed?

Her eyes opened slowly again, and she stared up at an orange ceiling. An orange ceiling covered with purple clouds and little, bright-green men.

What the Hell?

She stared around, the entire room was bright green––all but that orange/purple ceiling and her.

She was not green.

In fact, she was practically naked--a black, lace thong and a silky, black, covering only the bare essentials bra her only items of clothing.

If they could even be called that.

She tried to twist her wrists around a little, but they wouldn’t budge. Then she tried to smack herself in the head for her own stupidity.

She was an alien with the power to manipulate molecular structures.

She could melt the damn chains around her.

Closing her eyes and concentrating on liquefying the metal, she felt it slither over her skin seconds later. And she sat up sighing, and leaned over to undo her ankles.

Then she stood and walked over to a green door, and opened it.
And stepped into a bar.

A practically deserted bar, albeit for one factor.

Zan was sitting cross-legged on a table, wearing a smile and a pair of tight black leather pants. In his hand he held a deep, purple Rose.

He was so beautiful.


“What are you doing here, Zan?” Liz was startled, this was her private dream getaway. A secluded bar where she could sing to her heart’’s content. Where noone could judge her.

He got up, shadows bouncing off his chest as he moved towards her. “I’m here for you.”” He handed her the Rose, which she smelled appreciatively. Then gently tugged it out of her hand, and placed it behind her ear, leaning closer.

“You’re so beautiful.”He whispered, caressing her cheek softly with the back of his hand.”You’re skin’s so damn soft.”

She breathed in his scent, like thundering clouds and a dark, gray sky. Had he always smelled this like this--so heady, so strong? She couldn’t remember at the moment, to much in his thrall.

She looked up into his hungry eyes,”Is this my dream?”

“Yeah.”His gaze slid down her body, taking in the skimpy lingerie. He looked back up at her thoughtfully."Could definitely be mine though."

“How are you here, I know you can’t dreamwalk.” She tried to pull away, but his arms were bands of steel around her waist. He buried his face in her hair and smiling at her familiar scent.

“Went through Lannie.”His face slid down, into the crook of her neck and he bit down on the tender flesh there.

“Th-ro––ugh Lan-n-ie?” She gasped brokenly as his teeth nipped her shoulder, his goatee caressing her skin silkily. His hands were busy trailing across her shoulders, and down her spine.

“Used her powers.”His hands moved frontwards and unclasped her bra, bearing her supple breasts, fingers grazing to rub her aching nipples.”No more questions.”

“But-“He tugged at her pointed flesh, her gasps soon became moans under his skilled fingers.

“You’re beautiful.”He whispered again as his hands ran across her toned stomach. His head once again nuzzled the side of her neck, and she let the words take her further and further away from herself.”Beautiful, and so sweet...and sexy....”

He lifted her up suddenly, sitting her onto a small round table. They both groaned as his engorged penis slammed against her heated flesh through layers of lace and leather. She ground her pelvis into him, causing the friction to become more intense. His mouth was now over hers, his tongue plunging into her in an endless battle.

He pushed her flat onto the table, causing her breasts to rise up. Pulling his mouth away from hers, he slid sinuously down her body, scoring every heated inch with his tongue. Kneeling in front of her, he tore her thong from her body, throwing it across the room.

Her legs were wide open, spread-eagle in front of his face. Her moist center inches away from him, and he licked his lips in anticipation. How he craved her, he had gone so long without her taste. He leaned in, breathing deeply as his tongue flicked out.

Her eyes flew open, glowing a burning red, the feel of his tongue playing with her overwhelming. He sucked harshly on her clit, tugging with his teeth. Her hips rose high off the table, throwing his body off balance and causing him to tumble onto the floor.

He was on the hardwood floor only second before Liz leapt off the table, landing on top of him. She ripped his leather pants off, snickering when she saw his commando status. She looked up into his eyes and leaned down slowly, hair cascading around her head, tickling his thighs as she took him in her mouth.

“Fuck!”Her heated mouth enveloped him, and she scraped her pearly whites across his silken flesh as she slid her lips over him, taking him deep into her mouth. He grabbed her bobbing head, and thrust into her mouth, her forehead rubbing his sculpted abs.

Finally, he couldn’t take any more. He pulled her head away, pre-cum oozing out of his cock, and pulled her atop him, she sank deeply onto him. A growl erupted from his mouth when he was surrounded by her burning walls. He brought her mouth down to his, tongue plunging in an imitation of their moving bodies.

Zan started to flick her clit, wanting her to come just as hard as he was about to. She stiffened in his arms, and tightened her legs around him as she came, screaming into his mouth. Seconds later she swallowed his hoarse shout, exploding inside her as she pulled away to bite down on his shoulder. Liz shuddered, having come a second time, while he was in the throes of his own orgasm.

He was purring as she came down from her high. She ran her hands up his glistening chest, and brought his face up to hers for another passionate kiss. Zan leaned his forehead against hers, she slid off him, turning to lay against his side. She snuggled against his hard body, trying to get comfortable on the hard floor.

He pulled her closer, tracing circular patterns over her sweat-covered back, soothing her tired form.

“S’ok, rest now.”

She sighed contentedly against his cheek,”Isn’t this a dream?””Her head was perched against his chest.”You can’t sleep in a dream.”

He laughed at that.”Sure, you can.”

She lifted her head looking up at him,”You won’t be here when I wake up.”Her slim fingers trailed across his mouth, tracing his smooth jawline.”You’ll be gone.”

“I’ll be around.”He said, pushing her head back down gently.

“Okay.” Her eyes closed sleepily, and she yawned.

He tugged her closer, curling her body around his.”I love you.”

“Love you too.” She snuggled into him as she drifted off to sleep.

Part 7a -Prophetess

Liz woke up screaming.

Zan’s name erupting from her lips. She needed him so badly, her soul felt like someone was continuously stabbing it with a pitchfork. She was filled with emptiness, more so than ever.

Was this Zan’s influence?

Had she been so wrapped up, and content with him in just a dream, that when reality burst upon her she couldn’t handle it?

He was drug. An addiction. She needed to find an alien rehab clinic to purge these feelings out of her. She shouldn’t want to feel this, she shouldn’t need to ache for him.

But she did.

Shivers ran down her spine, her body chilled to the core. She was literally shaking with want.

Going through Zan withdrawals.

Her ears picked up a distant sound of the creaking door. *Them....* Her mind whispered, quiet in her foggy mind.

*They want to take him away.....* She could hear ghosts as they passed throughout her mind.

“Liz?”Michael’s concerned tone made little impact on her present state. She looked up, her eyes completely white as she whispered the same word repeatedly.

“Zan, Zan, Zan, Zan, Zan,Zan....”Her voice trailed off, incoherent mumbles spewing forth.

Michael lifted her up, shaking her shoulders roughly.”Lizzie, honey–what’s wrong?”She kept rocking in his arms. Her voice suddenly became louder, she screamed loudly.

“Zan, Max, Eilis, Liz, Zan, Max, Eilis, Liz....”Her screams were harsh, and her eyes wild as they frantically stared around the room. She yanked herself out of Michael’s arms, jumping foreword.

Straight into Max’s arms.

She looked up at him, eyes fading brightening to red. She clutched his shirt between her fingers, bunching the cotton in her hands. More words spewed from her mouth.

“The first King gets the Queen first. First, last King is he.”Her tone was now eerily silent.”The last King gets his Queen first. Last, first he shall be.” Her head was thrown back as she chanted softly.”Queen, Queen gets King, she is sewed together at the seams.”

She fell kneeling at Max’s feet, her arms dangling at her sides. Her eyes now fading to a their chocolate brown.

“She is one and one is she.....
Together they cannot succeed....
Apart some time they will be...
Till they have met separately.”

Her eyes rolled back into her head, as she passed out after she breathed the last word.

Max rushed down, and odd tenderness flowing through him. She felt different, yet the same as always. He reached out his hands, trying to heal her jumbled mind. He was only able to pass along a smidgen of his strength when she regained consciousness.

Her eyes opened slowly, and she stared at them all.

“Granolith–take me there” Her voice was gravely, and thick before she passed out once more.

He glanced up at Michael, who was near tears.

“We need to get her there soon.

Michael nodded hurriedly, and leaned down to take Liz in his arms. Max grabbed his coat, and followed everyone out.

The Dupes were put on the back burner.

Healing Liz was their first priority.

Part 7b -I Love You Two

The Dupes were waiting outside.

They ran down the stairs, and pulled open the Guerin’s front door, and the Dupes were waiting for them.

Zan, Lonnie, and Rath stood on the front lawn, arms crossed, and mouths curved.

Smirking evilly.

Then Michael walked forward holding Liz.

The smirks disappeared.

Zan howled.

“What the fuck!”He stomped over to her unconscious form in Michael’s arms, and tried to pull her from him.

“Don’t touch my sister.”Michael’s voice was filled with hatred and pain. He was on near his breaking point, if Zan had done this.....

Rath and Lonnie strode over, standing next to Zan.

“Yo, she’s my Goddamn sister–not your’s!”They tried once more to detatch Liz from his arms, but she seemed glued to him.

Michael tried to move forward, but they were like formed a wall in front of him.

“Get the Hell out of my way.”Michael said, eyes flashing dangerously.”I swear, if you guys did this too her–“

“We didn’t do squat!”Zan cut in.”I’d never hurt her.”He looked down at her unmoving body, reaching out to stroke her hair.”Never.”

Michael nodded,”Fine, then let us pass–we need to help her.”

“How you gonna do that?”Lannie asked.

“You don’t need to know how, you just need to let us go.”He tried yet again to move forward, but still they stood.

They all started arguing, yelling and shouting at each other.

And Liz woke up.

And they didn’t notice.

At least, they didn’t until she jumped up out of Michael’s arms and ran straight into Zan’s.

He grabbed her struggling form, pulling her head up to look at him. Unknowingly mimicking Max’s actions back in Michael’s room.

He gasped when he saw her eyes.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” She kept wiggling, trying to get away from him.

She stared up at him, into his worried gaze, and stilled. He ran a hand through her hair, and she buried her face in his chest, eyes clearing slowly.

“Let them take me, Zan.”She looked up at him, whispering weakly..”They’re the only ones who can help.”

“Why–what happened?”He stared down at her.

“Need Granolith.”Her eyes were closed as she brokenly coughed out the words.

Lannie’s eyes were incredulous as she glanced over at Max.”You guys got the Granolith?”

“Yes, it was entrusted to us.”

Zan looked at his cornball counterpart.”Bring us to it.”

“No, we take only Liz.” Max said, his voice had a steel-like quality to it.

Liz stepped back, falling instantly.”Take them too.”She whispered to Max, before she was pulled back out of consciousness.

Everyone stared down at her fallen form, her last words echoing throughout eight minds.

Then eight bodies walked to their vehicles, and got in.

All speeding to the same destination.


They stood, eight teenagers, in front of a big rock.

A big rock that hid the Granolith.

Max placed his hand against the side, the area glowed, forming the shape of his hand.

Then the rock opened up, and a cave was revealed.

Everyone treaded silently as they walked into the Pod Chamber, staying quiet until they entered the room where the Granolith was stored.

The three New York aliens were fascinated by the cone-shaped objet.

Their eyes were filled with reverence as they gazed upon it, a sort of awe glowing within’.

They seemed to be the only ones affected by it.

Michael, Isabel, and Max remembered the way Liz had looked when she had first seen it.

They had the same look about them.

Michael placed Liz on the floor cautiously, and placed a hand on top of her head to wake her.

“It’s so beautiful.”Rath said, the words seemingly out of place coming from him.

Liz’s eyes blinked open at his words, and she looked up at Lannie.

“You have the purple crystal?”She asked. The blonde princess stared at her uncomprehending for a moment and then nodded slowly.

“Yeah, we got it.”She walked over to her brother, and unzipped a side pocket on his backpack, pulling out a pointed Purple crystal.

The Eilis Crystal.

The only thing that could help Liz.

“Give it to me.” Lannie handed it to her, and when it touched Liz’s skin it glowed brightly.

It was finally home.

Liz felt strength flowing into her, healing her body.

If not her mind.

Everyone but the Dupes watched in amazement as she stood and grinned.

“Now why didn’t I think of this before we got here?”She smiled seductively at Zan.

“Hey baby.”He smirked at her, and started walking towards her.

She felt her body convulse, and her head snapped towards Max. She could feel her face smile sweetly at him as she spoke.

“Hi Max.”Her body curved invitingly towards him.

Then she shook her head, watching as Zan tensed, an angry expression gracing his face.

“What the fuck Ellie?”Her childhood nickname sprang from his lips as he shouted at her.”Why you starin’ at that cornball like that?”

She stared up at the Granolith, and became silent, her face pensive. Then she looked around at everyone and told them calmly to-

“Get the Hell out.”

Needless to say they needed a little persuasion, especially Zan and Michael, to leave.

But leave they did.

After she threatened their very existence that is.

“Okay, get ready.”She said to the empty room, trying to reassure herself that she wasn’t insane.

That this would work.

She held her crystal, and stared at it. It seemed to hum as she moved closer to the huge cone in the center of the room. She gently placed the object into a hole on the bottom of the Granolith.

Her eyes were wide as a purple light started emitting from it, filling the room.

She reached out her hands towards the deepest glow.

The minute she touched the pulsing object, she felt a torturous pain run throughout her body.

She felt as if her limbs were being ripped apart.

Then all was black.


Liz woke abruptly minutes later to a pounding coming from outside the room.

Her eyes opened slowly, and she stared down at herself.

She was naked.

Her entire body was sore, and she had a piercing headache. She just wanted to get her clothes and get out.

So where in the hell were they?

She glanced around the room, searching for her trademark black leather.

She could still feel all her piercings, and her tattoos were untouched.

But her clothes were nowhere to be seen.

Then the Granolith started to hum again, and she looked up at it.

Something seemed to be merging from the center.

It fell to the floor.

She leaned over picking it up.

It was a dress.

Wait, no two dresses.

They were beautiful.

One black, one white.

Both made of a silky smooth, flowing material. They were long, ankle-length and had iridescent patterns embroidered into them. The black one seemed to cling to her body, almost as if alive.

She reached for that one, pulling it over her head.

It clung to her curves like a lover. Caressing every inch of her skin, she shuddered at the feel of it against her.

Then she heard a groan.

A familiar groan.

“Where in the Hell’s the Mac truck?” Why did that voice sound familiar.

She walked over to the other side of the Granolith, and peered over the edge.

Her naked twin was laying on the floor.

She threw the white dress into her hands.

“Her Eillie.”She grinned at her Duplicate.

“Hey Liz.”

They smiled at each other.

They were finally apart.

She laughed as Ellie stood shakily, taking her first steps in her new body.

She pulled on the dress and preened at Liz.

“So how do I look?”

“Pretty hot.”

“So do you.”

“Well, we are identical.”

“Nope, I don’t have all those uh... piercings and tattoos.”She pointed out every single one and giggled when Liz stuck her pierced tongue out Ellie.

“Yeah, you’re right–I look much better than you.”Liz grinned at Ellie.

“Uh uh, yeah right.”

They were talking and laughing when the others entered the room.

The two looked at their respective loves and smiled.

“Hey baby.”

“Hi Max.”

They spoke simultaneously, then laughed at everyone's bemused faces.

"Guess we should explain."

"Maybe you should sit down."

Part 8 -Confused Bemusion

Liz stood up, walking closer to Zan.”’S like this-“She held up her hand.

“We wasn’t supposed to be stuck together.”

Ellis stood and moved next to Liz, copying her motions perfectly.”Back home they didn’t have enough of our..”She stared at her sister,”Essence?”

Liz nodded,”Yeah–we was supposed to be like you’s.”She pointed to Max and Zan.”But thegrand pompou-ya motha-didn’t have enough for two bodies.”

“So she stuck us in one.”Ellie added.”I mean she couldn’t have Fed Ex’d my body after sending down Liz’s or something..”

“But we’re different.” She grabbed Ellie’s hand, and a purple light emanated from their intertwined fingers.”We sisters.”They pulled their hands apart, and the glowing stopped instantly.

Ellie nodded.”Yes, unlike you guys, we’ve been together for years.”She sighed.”I’ve just been dormant ‘cause of Liz’s dominant personality.”

“Can I help it if I’m more powerful, yo?”

“Yes.”Ellie answered.”Anyway, the only way we could be separated was when Liz finally met her destined mate.”

“I’s supposed to meet him years ago, but he neva came.”She glared at Zan. “I’s stuck here with these cornballs for years.”She looked at them and snickered, but quickly sobered when she saw Michael grimace.

“Yo, I didn’t mean you Mikey.”She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.”You the only one who been real with me.”

“Hey, sis get your hands off my brother!”Ellie shouted, a smile in her voice.

“He ain’t jus’ yours.”She shouted back, and pulled away.”You want me to be stuck with only that wack job for family?!”She pointed her finger at Rath, who was laughing loudly at her comment. This was definitely the Eilis he remembered.

She stared at Max and Isabel,”I can’t say I’s sorry to you’s, ‘cause all you done is treat me like shit for somethin’ I had to do.”Their mouths opened to speak then closed quickly when she held up her hand.

“Liz...”Her sister warned, pain leaking into her voice.

“I’m cool, I’m cool.”She sighed, and looked up at them.”But ya gotta know that me and El we ain’t the same, she ain’t a killer, or a thief, she ain’t nothin’ like me.”

“I’m sorr-“Max started.

“No, no apologizin’, we ain’t never gonna see each other after today.” Liz said, glancing over at her sisters silent form.”I’m goin’ back to New York with my mate and crew for the Summit.”

Cries of dismay bubbled up throughout the room from the Roswellians.

“Chill, chill.”She reached over and hugged her twin.”You get this dork instead.”

“Hey!”Ellie grouched as Liz gave her a noogie, messing up her flawless hair.

She pulled away and moved over to stand next to Zan, Rath, and Lonnie. She reached for Rath’s hand and squeezed it tightly, for some reason his presence was now comforting her.*Maybe it’s because we’re family.*

“This my true family.”She gestured to the Dupes.”This where I belong.”

Ellie ran up to her and embraced her tightly, everyone gasped when the two became translucently purple.


>I know, I love you.>

They pulled away from each other, sadness blazing around them.

“So, you’s got any questions?” Liz looked around the room, stopping at each face.

Maria stood, “I’d really like to know why you’re talking like that?” She looked confused.

Everyone turned towards Liz, awaiting her answer. They really were curious.

“We was built, not born.”She thumbed her nose.”I’s supposed to grow up in New York with these fools, and ‘fore we were sent they programmed everythin’ we needed to know in here.” She said, pointing to her head.

Everyone nodded.

Liz gave them a small smile, and turned towards Zan.

“Wanna go scratch that itch now?” She smirked up at him, and got an answering expression in return.

“Yo, let’s do that.”He reached for her hand, and snickered when a spark shot out hitting Rath’s forearm.

“Dammit, why the Hell you always do that to me?”

Hysterical laughter was heard as Zan and Liz exited the cave alone, intent on finding someplace to get down and dirty.

They didn’t go far.

Part 9 -The Beast With Two Backs

“Babe?”Liz looked up at Zan.


“Close your eyes.”

He obeyed.

When they had arrived outside the cave, they’d moved to the far east side, the big rock formation blocking them from all spectators.

Or so they thought.

Liz stared up at Zan to make sure his eyes were actually closed.

They were.

She turned lifting her hands in front of her. Her thick, black eyelashes softly met her cheek as she closed her eyes, concentrating.

*Black, silk, wood, curved, hard, soft, heavy, light, clean, smooth, metal, square...*

She opened her eyes.

And grinned.

Her bed stood before her.*Ah, the perks of being not of this earth.* She could form anything and have it appear anywhere for her use. On of her many powers.

She turned back to her awaiting mate. He looked tense.

Very tense, clenched hands and all that.

She moved towards him, stopping a breath away from his form. She leaned up, her breath hot against his ear as she spoke.

“You can open your eyes.”

His lids quickly jumped, and he pulled her flush against him. The bed going unnoticed.

“Don’t ever make me wait again.”His voice was muffled as his mouth found her neck.”I’m gonna explode if we don’t do it soon.” She smiled against his spiky head, then gasped when his tongue trailed around the rim of her ear.

Running her fingers through the silky hair at the back of his neck, she pulled his head up to mine, laving his bottom lip with her tongue. His mouth opened, allowing her tongue entrance. Carefully,
she explored his teeth, his gums, traced every corner and crevice of his mouth. Their tongues dueled wildly, until his hands gripped her upper arms tightly, holding her away from his body.

“Do you wanna kill me?” He asked, his eyes black with hunger.

She smirked up at him. His hand moved towards her face, and he cupped her silky cheek. His thumb rubbing across her bottom lip. “How the Hell you so beautiful?” His other hand traced circles over her palm.

Then the thin silk of her dress was no more as his eyes deepened to a dark red and he melted them off. “Can I have my wicked way with you now?” He whispered, his whispered words causing a shiver to trail down her naked spine. As he spoke softly, he lowered his hips, brushing his pelvis against hers.

She curled her leg around his calf, bringing their bodies even closer. She moaned, and pulled his head down for another deep. It turned passionate, desperate, as the flame of their arousal grew even brighter. Her hands tugged hid sleeveless tee from the waistband of his pants, then ran over his back, her nails teasing him and making him shudder. She squirmed against his clothed legs, pressing her bare dampness against the bulge in his jeans.

Finally frustrated with the usual undressing methods, she closed her eyes, and melted his clothes off his body. His bare flesh finally coming into contact with hers, and they groaned at the sheer bliss of the feelings that erupted.

“Za...”Her gasp was cut of by his hungry mouth on hers, as he pushed her blindly onto the bed behind them. Her lips opened, and her legs spread wide, and he thrust his tongue inside her waiting mouth as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

He was mad for her, starving. He needed to be inside her.

Rolling one of her hard nipples between his fingers, he brought his lips down and sucked her other unattended nipple deep into his throat. She could feel the cold, hard metal of his tongue piercing against her sensitive skin, and she arched her back, her hips grinding into his, and he entered her, burying himself inside her.

Liz bit her lip harshly, drawing blood, and arched her entire body against him, her golden arms wrapped around his neck as she moved with him, grinding her throbbing clit against his pelvis. Zan moaned hoarsely, his body out of control. She was so hot and tight, he’d kill to be inside her forever.

She felt so full, like he had taken every available inch of her body and filled it with him. Waves of pleasure, and burning hot lust ran throughout her.

“Look at me.” Liz gasped, her hands clenching around his head.

Zan made his way, swimming through layers of mind-numbing pleasure as he stared down at her. Her eyes were open, locked with his, filled with every deep emotion that lovers felt. They told each other everything with that one look.

“I love you.”His voice rasped in her ear. Her heart sped up, and she clenched around him tightly.

“I love you.” She peppered his face with kisses, her hands clawing at his back, deep scratches forming. He pulled back slightly, and then plunged home once more.

His thrusts picked up speed, their bodies moving in unison. She could feel the knots in his back, the molded way his muscles moved as he slammed into her body. Her nails dug more deeply into them, and her legs pushed as she held on as he moved within her, growling her name.

“Uhhhh...”At the sound of her voice, throaty and full of need, Zan snapped his head back, and thrust harshly, deeply. His climax came forth, overwhelming him. Hers followed seconds later as she came loudly, her scream swallowed by his swollen lips.

They lay that way for what seemed like hours, before he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back. Their breathing finally calmed, and they sighed in unison.

Liz looked over at Zan, and smiled seductively, her hands running down his stomach, grasping his now-hardening flesh.

“Wanna go again?”

“Bring it on.”

Meanwhile back at the Ranch....(or cave, whichever you prefer)......

“So, Max, do you have a girlfriend?”

He smiled at Ellie,”Not at the moment, but that can change anytime.”

“I hope so.”

“Are you guys flirting?”Isabel groaned,”Oh God!”

Back to the lust bunnies......

“How do you want it?”Liz asked, her breath puffing against his cheek as she slid onto him.

He answered by impaling her on him, hissing as her wall surrounded him. Liz moaned as the sensations enveloped her, and they moved in a rhythm that was pleasurably painful. She lifted herself off of him, only to slowly, teasingly, slide back down. He hissed and reached up to grab her hips, forcing her to go faster, until they were practically slamming against each other.

She fell forward, keening her pleasure as he thrust inside her, her orgasm fast approaching. As her lover laved her breast, she whimpered, arching her back until her hair fell across his thighs. The new position threw them both over the edge completely, as they came together.

Their shouts of fulfillment echoing throughout the desert.

She collapsed atop her lover, and moaned once more as she felt his flesh harden yet again inside her.

“One more time?”He asked as his hand trailed up and down her spine. She smiled against his neck, inhaling his delicious scent, and felt the familiar heat jump into her womb at his hoarse question.

“One more time.”

Meanwhile back at the ranch.........(or cave..haven’t we already been over this?)

Elllie smiled up at Max, Liz was right she REALLY wanted him.

“So, we have Biology together, right?”She watched intently as his beautiful face moved up and down.

“Uh huh.” he griined at her.”So, you’re really staying?”

“Oh yeah.”Her mouth curved upwards,”I most definitely am.”

They grinned at each other, their eyes alight with deep emotions.

Maria was astonished and she looked over at her best friend,”They just met!”

Alex smirked,”When ya got it, ya got it.”

Then they all looked up as a keening cry was heard from outside.

Lannie and Rath grinned at each other.

They knew what was up.


The lust bunnies........

He aroused her completely.

Soon she was writhing beneath him, and he ducked his head to suckle at her breasts. She gasped brokenly, trying to push his head down, but he growled; she shook at the primal sound, her belly tightening as he moved lower, his tongue dipping into her bellybutton, skimming around the tender flesh.

He growled again, the sound slowly rolling into a purr. “What do you want?”

“Fuck Zan, you already know.”

“You gotta tell me.”He whispered against her stomach, and she moaned as he sucked lightly on her smooth, toned skin.

“Goddam...”Her voice trailed off as his mouth moved closer and closer to her heated flesh.

“Tell me...”His tongue traced circles over her thighs, his hands caressing her ass, kneading.

“Touch me,” She moaned as his tongue flicked once across her swollen nubbin.

“Here?”He bit her tender flesh, and a wave of hazy lust ran through her.

“Yessssss.”She hissed, her breath coming in pants as he sucked her into his mouth.

He smirked, as his tongue stroked her swollen flesh, he ran his hand across her thigh, plunging three fingers into her. As her moans increased he thrust his faster, adding a fourth finger as his teeth nibbled on her distended clit. He quickly found a rhythm that left her aroused and wanting. His eyes darkened as his eyes moved up to her face, seeing the wanting expression that flashed repeatedly across her face.

Liz was in such glorious pain. Every flick, every thrust threatened to give her release, but didn’t . He tortured her, bringing her closer and closer, then pulling back. Finally she couldn’t take anymore, and she gasped out the words he was waiting to hear.”Please....”

"Please, what?"

She shouted the words hoarsely,”Fuck me, dammit!”

He grinned against her dripping core.”If you really want it...say it.”

“Say...what?”She panted brokenly.

“You know what.”Hi fingers thrust sharply into her, and she shrieked loudly.


“Fine what?”

“Fine--I’m yours!” She groaned, need overcoming pride.”I’m yours, now fuck me you asshole!”

He pulled away from her, and crawled up her body, kissing her deeply as he positioned himself at her burning entrance. She pulled his body onto hers as he slammed into her once more.

She leaned her head up, and ran her tongue around the shell of his ear.

”But you’re mine too.”She purred, and he growled back, because she spoke the truth. They belonged to each other, always had, always would.

Zan grunted, as her tight walls clenched around him. Her smell was wafting through his body, and he buried himself deeper. She cried in desperation, needing so badly to come, and he slammed into her. He was nearing the edge and he reached down, pinching her clit between his thumb and forefinger. With a keening shout she came, bucking up into him. He waited for her to calm down, and thrust into her three more time, allowing himself release.

“Shit, baby...”He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, still deep inside her. She slowly came to, her heartbeat slowing down, and she pulled away from him.

“We gotta go now.” She said, kneeling above him, she closed her eyes, concentrating on them both.

When she opened them, they were both clothed. She in her gauzy, black gown. He in his leather pants, and sleeveless black tee. Zan groaned, pulling her back down.

“Do we gotta?” She curled around him, smoothing her hand over his moving jaw.

“Yeah, we do, the others are waitin’.”

He opened his eyes, and looked up, seeing Lannie and Rath’s forms standing some distance away. He could see their smirks even from where he and Liz were laying.

“They watchin’ the whole time?”He questioned curiously.

“Nah, they don’t wanna see their sibs gettin’ it on.”She smiled down at him, then pointed above his head.”But them two was watchin’ that last act.”

He sat up, and turned around. Grinning at their flushed spectators.”I think we got ‘em horny.”

She laughed,”They was already horny to begin wit’.” She got up, and pulled him after her.”Ellie wanted his shit first time she saw the dude.”

“How you know that?”

“Look at him, he’s one hot dude.” She could admit it now that she had said her piece.

“What?!”She laughed at Zan’s angered tone, and looked up at him.*He so damn possessive.* He had always been like that, sometimes it was funny, sometimes not.

This was one of those funny times.

She embraced him, running her hand down his back.”You know you the only one for me, Zan.” She looked up at him, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.”Ya think we ask can ask him to join us, I could have both of ya’s at the same time.”

He growled at her playfully.”Only if we can get your sis to join us.”

They chuckled together, and turned towards Rath and Lannie.

“Let’s go.”She curled her arm around his waist, and his fell across her shoulders, hugging her body close.

“Let’s do this.”


Liz grasped Michael and Ellie close to her, magenta seeping out of them astheir three aura’s aura melted together.

“You gonna visit?”Michael asked, looking down at his Liz.

She looked up at him,”I’ll find a way.” She looked over at Ellie and smiled.”You know how, you can fill bro here in.”

Ellie nodded,”Yeah, I’ll tell everyone.”She grabbed Liz’s hand as she moved away.”You be careful, okay?”

“I will.” She pulled completely away, and turned, heaving her duffel bag onto her shoulder.

She walked towards Zan, clasping his hadn’t as he took her heavy bag and threw it the trunk of their stolen car.

The three Dupes, and their new family member filed into the car, Zan and Liz taking the front. Lannie and Rath stuck in the back.

Ellie and Michael watched as the car sped off, leaving a trail of dust behind.

Neither could explain the chill that ran down their spine as the moving vehicle grew smaller and smaller.

The End

Author’s Notes II: Wait, wait, before you freak out over that strange ending you must know something! I’m writing a sequel at this very moment A tale chronicling Liz’s adventures in New York, and Ellie’s adaption to Roswell. So don’t kill me just yet.

I have one question though, should I post it part by part like this story, or wait until the entire thing is finished? You decide, and please voice your opinion in the form of FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!