Windows to the Soul by Tweetybird34

Crossover fic Roswell/Spike BTVS
Rated PG

I had another story out but I couldn't find it. If you remember it and want me to continue tell me. Conquistador and Where are you.
So I am starting another story. A crossover that involves spike
Part One

He cruised the streets in his black sleek car. The wind blew through his dark raven hair and his hazel eyes stared straight ahead. He liked the speed and the beauty of the machine. The gears shifted and the speed increased. Hell it's what he enjoyed out of life.
The kill. The passion.
He thrived on it. The danger.

The night surrounded him with glimpses from the streetlights as he passed them. It seemed that he attracted the darkness whereever he went.

He'd just left the club. Dinning on his third meal. A woman of about twenty. Her long golden hair slipped through his fingers as he held her to him. Ahh she was soft. So soft. Melding her to him he drained the life out of her. Closing his eyes as the blood coursed through him. Savoring the moment. Taking a step back he looked into her arctic blues that had attracted him to her. They were staring back at him. He didn't feel remorse. He didn't feel anything except the excitement and rush.

She wasn't the first and she wouldn't be the last. He'd spotted her outside of the club standing alone. The gentle breeze picked up her hair and she ran her fingers through it trying to keep it out of her face. She was beautiful like all the others and seraphic. She reminded him of angels. OF the angels he'd prayed to when he thought that he was going to die.

He cranked the speed a little higher. The lights coming faster. He was almost home.

When he'd almost died. It was so long ago, back in Chicago, lying in the alley, grasping for his breathe Dying as the man with eyes as black and cold as the dead stood over him. He was stunning. Even at the brink of death he noticed his beauty. A smile came to his face. As he thought about his beginning.

Finally he reached his destination. Maybe he'd grab a snack.

A devilish grin adorned his face.

Liz walked steadily to her car. The night air whipped around her. Unusually cold for an afternoon in June.

There was no one outside when she left the office. Working late was not something she enjoyed. Of course she could be home curled up on her couch with Mariah, her pet cat but what fun would that is. Who else could she go home too? She could hear the gravel and rocks crunch under her feet. She glanced around noticing a black car approaching the warehouse across the street.

Reaching the car she caught her reflection in the window. Her black hair was pulled into a bun and little brown glasses on her face. She turned away thinking she had all the appeal of a Librarian and there was no one to disagree with her. The lonely nights sitting.......shaking her head she dismissed this train of thought and concentrated on finding her keys. She looked around again. She had the feeling that someone was watching her. It crept over her. Creepy she thought. Fidgeting with her purse fumbling through the papers slips, compacts and other trash she pulled out her keys accidentally dropping them.

She didn't hear anyone coming. Didn't hear the gravel or rocks crunching under his feet. She only felt her self-being snatch away from the car and then suddenly the darkness enveloped her as she slipped into unconsciousness.

So what do you think???
Should I continue?
I know that Max is kinda dark but it's different