Title: Unexpected Surprise
Author: Jbehrhugr1
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own anything related to Roswell

Part 1
Liz thought about the past and wondered what she was going to do with herself.” You need to get over him!” she told herself. But in her heart, she knew it would take death to get her to get over him. Him, the man (well alien actually) that had saved her from that gunshot wound, that alien who showed her such passion and love, that alien who stole her heart and she couldn’t get it back from him.

What she needed was a drink, but she didn’t drink, and yet again, she thought about him when he got drunk off a sip of liquor with her ex, Kyle and came to her and made her life brighter literally by making those street light do those things, he told her things that made her heart ache for him to take her in his arms and never let her go. And then he kissed her finally and he forgot everything that he had told her. She pretended to not act like her heart had just been crushed like Max had seemed to be getting extremely good at lately.

Even though he did all of this stuff to her, she still loved him unconditionally and that, she knew would never change. “UGH, get over it girl,” Liz told herself once again.

I need to talk to Maria! Liz quickly brushed her brown hair and again she thought about him running his hands through it “No, I’m not going to do this!” She grabbed some clothes and was on her way downstairs to talk to her best friend when she felt something uncomfortable in her back pocket, it was a picture of her beloved Max and she felt her eyes mist over. She immediately put it back in her pocket and continued downstairs.

“You look like shit,” Maria said as she saw her best friend since from like the womb.

“Thanks, Maria” Liz said getting quickly annoyed.” Look, I came to talk to you about something really important and I really need a friend to talk to okay. So shut up, quit the shit, and listen okay”

“Okay, sorry chica, jump on my ass why don’t you.” Maria said.

Liz started to leave.

“Okay, sorry, spill girl, I’ll shut my mouth, promise!”

“ Look, you haven’t run into any of the Czechs have you?”

“No why?”

“ Good, then you’re lucky. Look to make a long story short, Isabel and Max’s mom came in this message through the orbs and she told them that Max and Tess are supposed to be together, they were married in their other lifetime and I figured that must be why Max felt that strong attraction to her.”

“Oh my god girl, I am so sorry! I feel like such an ass. Please forgive me?” Maria started to give her brokenhearted friend a tight hug.

“ But that’s not it, I was shocked at first, but then, by the time their mom stopped talking, I made the decision that has me in this state, I decided to let him go to his real destiny, I know now that I was only fooling myself with the thought that an alien would be destined to be with me. So I did what any girl who truly loved someone would do. I gave him a tender kiss, hugged him, and said goodbye.”

“No you didn’t. You know that he loves you, Liz. And personally I think that he’s going to come after you. I think that you know it too.”

“ Then I’ll just tell him that we can’t be together because he’s married to someone else!” Liz cried out.

“Liz, you know that he’s stubborn, he’s not going to let go of you just like that!” Maria fought back.

“ But he has to, and so do I. God, why did he have to save me, and why did I have to fall in love with him? Why God, Why?”

“Because you guys are meant to be together, whether you believe it or not”.

“No, Maria, you don’t understand, He’s supposed to be with that blond bitch. God, if she would have never come to Roswell, Max and I would still be together. Stupid bitch!”

“Are you saying that you would like me to kick a certain little tramps ass?” Maria said hoping to make her friend laugh, didn’t work, damn,”woo hoo! Maria’s gonna have fun tonight!”

“Maria, quit trying to make me laugh, I am so not in the mood.

Good, then maybe you’d rather see your new ex?”Maria asked.” Because he’s just about to enter the Café.”

Part 2

“What?” Liz whipped around to see Max come up the sidewalk to the Crashdown Café. “ Look, I gotta go, I was never here, okay?”

“Okay” Liz demanded getting impatient.

“Okay, take care of yourself girl, alright?”

But Liz didn’t hear her, she was concentrating on getting to her room and burying her head in a pillow and never coming back to the Crashdown where Max saved her, where Max always waited for her, where Max kissed her, held her, oh no, she could feel he tears coming down again. She quickly wiped them away.

Downstairs Max saw Liz flee the booth where she and Maria had been talking, and he bet that it was about him. God, it hurt him to see her. How could she walk away from him, and how could he let her just leave him standing there in the desert staring after her. He remembered all of the good things that happened to them, all the bad, all the in-between good and bad things that happened to them, how did she expect him to live without her? He had to see her, make her listen to him, make her love him even more. Now he knew why he should have made love to her, he had the urge a couple of weeks ago to make sweet love to her and have her carry his child. Just the thought of her legs wrapped around him sent shivers around and down his body. Okay, Max, in order for you to do that, you have to get back together with her. So quit these fantasies and talk to Maria, she definitely knows what is going on with her.

“Max you should leave, now” Maria warned, before Max could even get a word in.

“ But I need to know if Liz is okay, is she? I need to talk to her, and if I can’t, then I want you to tell me everything. And I am so not kidding, I’m not leaving until you tell me or until I talk to Liz.”

“ Okay, you poor excuse for a Romeo,” Maria said sarcastically, “ just know that you’re going to be sitting here for a while, because I’m not talking to you, and Liz sure as hell is not going to talk to you any time soon!” With that she turned around and was starting to leave, but she whipped around and told him “ Okay, sit little boy” She demanded.

Max had no choice but to do what he was told if he wanted to get back with Liz.

“ Okay this is the way that I see it, you made yourself the good Samaritan by bringing Liz back and for that, I am eternally greatful,” she said While putting her hand to her heart, “ But, I am so sick of you wrecking her life, I mean why did you bring her back if you were going to do this to her, I mean, is this some fun thing that you aliens do at your
home planet to get kicks? I see what happens between you, I was the first to know when you had your first kiss, when you told her all that stuff when you got drunk everything, I know practically everything that happens between you two, and it seems like every other week, no I take that back, every other day, you are breaking her heart, or that bimbo Tess is trying to break you up or something, and you wanna know what she finally succeeded, you’re now officially hers, so you aren’t by any chance here to issue an invitation to the wedding of Maxwell Evans and Tess Harding are you, because I don’t think that anyone here really cares to know about it okay?!” Maria, was breathing hard now, maybe he’d leave now she thought.

“Everything that you say is true I have hurt her, but I never meant to I swear”. Max said defensively

“Yeah, I heard that one before” Maria shot back. “ You know what is it with you aliens and those phrases? I think that I’ve heard that one from my ex alien about a million times.”

She got a little flicker in her eye and Max knew she was thinking about Michael saying goodbye and telling her that he loved her too much to stay together with her. She must be torn too.

“Look, I don’t deserve that, and as for Tess…”

“Oh bitch magnet you mean”

“ As I was saying, I don’t like her either, she is as low as they go, she has been trying to get into my pants since she got here and…”

“And we’ve enjoyed it haven’t we? Let’s see, you kissed her in the rain while Liz was watching I might add, you had SEXUAL fantasies about her for God’s sake, and you’re supposed to be in love with Liz, I think not”

“ Look, I’m trying to explain myself so shut up” Max said starting to get aggravated,” I love Liz and I am going to do everything to get back together with her, I love her and she loves me damn it!” Max slammed his fist on the table.

People started to stare at him and he really didn’t care, he might lose Liz if he didn’t get to her soon, but he had to talk Maria into letting him go upstairs to Liz’ room where he knew she was crying into her pillow thinking about all the memories they shared.

“I’m going to her now, and don’t try to stop me, because I need to see her.”

Maria didn’t know what to do, so she let him go up to her. She secretly hoped that Liz would take him back. But shh!

Max was outside her door, he knocked and nobody answered so he just opened the door, it looked like nobody was home so he went to her room and silently opened the door to see Liz’ skinny frame against the bed with her head buried in a pillow like he knew she would be.

Oh no, Max was here, she didn’t have to raise her tear-streaked face to tell that he was here, she could feel his presence and smell his musky scent. Maybe he’d go away. Then she felt the hand on her shoulder and thought shit! God, all that she could do was smell him, she tried to think about him breaking her heart, when he got drunk, her diary, anything that could keep her from throwing herself into his arms and telling him that she loved him and always would. Then he was turning her over and she held her breath, dreading the thought that he could look at her with such sincere feelings that she knew he felt for her, be strong Liz she told herself.

“Liz we need to talk” Max declared.

“No we don’t, It’s over, you have Tess and I have all the memories and that’s it” She sniffled.

“That’s not how it’s going to happen, I love you Liz, only you, I’m not going to lose you.”

“You have to let go, go to Tess, she’s your destiny, not me”

“We chose our own destiny remember?” Max said for the millionth time.” Liz, Tess can never be you, I can never love Tess, That was my old life, a life that I can’t even remember, and you’re my new life.”

Liz felt herself being pulled into his arms, she remembered these arms, they held her tight, made her feel safe and right now they were making her feel so many things. Then she remembered that this was wrong, but how could it be wrong when it felt so good? She struggled, but those strong arms held her fast against his chest and she forgot all about his real destiny and let herself melt into him. She knew she would regret it later, but it was now. And that’s all that mattered.

Max felt her lose the tension and let him hold her. He was relieved, he wanted to kiss her, but he’d let her start that, she might not be ready for it yet. He was just happy that she let him get this far. He rested his chin on her head, and was content for about five seconds when he started to think about his fantasies of her, Liz wrapped tightly around him, he started to shift hoping that he wasn’t getting an erection, but he could never hold it back with Liz.

Liz looked up at him puzzled, she looked into his eyes and couldn’t resist kissing him, she put her lips to his softly, just barely there, Max was getting annoyed, he wanted so much more than this. So much more. Quit this Max, you’re not some horn-dog, when did you get like this? Since you met Liz he told himself, you’re lucky she isn’t tearing your hair out.

The kiss went on forever and he got sick of it so he deepened it, Little did Max know that Liz was thinking the same thing, she wanted so much more than what she was getting. What was she thinking? She was Liz, Lil’ miss Science whiz, the one who always tried to do the right thing, but that was just it, she felt like this was the right thing, so she got up to her knees, without breaking the kiss and straddled him, Max groaned and broke the kiss.

“What are you doing?”Max asked quizzically.

“Nothing” Liz said with a sexy, all-knowing smile.

She was killing him; he always thought that he could stay in control with her, but this was proving him wrong.

She lowered herself just a little more onto him and he groaned again, he put his hands behind her back to the end of her t-shirt and pulled up. They had to do this; he wouldn’t live any longer if they didn’t.

Liz felt the same thing. She let him remove her shirt. She did the same to him. She was heaven right now. Then he touched her, a hesitant touch, she knew he was nervous, but then again so was she.

“It’s okay,” she told him, “I trust you completely. Touch me please.”

So he did, but he was still hesitant. So Liz showed him what felt good. She took his hands, kissed them and put them just over her bra, all the while, staring him in the face, she made him cup her breast and as he did she moaned, a smooth primitive moan from the back of her throat.

This urged Max on, he explored her breasts, felt them tighten through her flimsy, but very sexy bra. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her, but then he knew that all along didn’t he? Yes, he knew, but the fact that now he could feel it in one of her most private places was so exhilarating that he couldn’t explain it.

As he touched her more she writhed against him, needing more, wanting more, taking more. This movement made Max groan and he kneaded her breasts harder getting himself harder in the process.

He had to taste her lips against his so he took them, he planned on it being a tender kiss, and it started out that way, but it quickly went to a fierce but sexy kiss, showing Liz how much he wanted her. She gave him back just as much as he gave her, she even gave him more a couple of times. He loved this, her straddling him with just a few barriers between his manhood and her womanhood. Those few barriers that he planned on removing a very short period of time.

Then he felt her soft hands trailing down his back, a soft caress that drove him crazy. He loved this, he wanted to keep her here just like this forever, well actually he would rather have her completely naked, but this was good enough. For now.

Liz broke the kiss and Max immediately started to kiss her neck, this turned her up to a fever pitch. She craved this.

Max craved this too, the taste of her, her scent, she was letting him in and he was greedy, he wanted it all. If he didn’t stop this now he’d never be able to stop. So he took his lips from her flesh and told her what he thought.

“We should stop, any more of this and I won’t be able to stop” he said sincerely.

“ Yeah, you’re right,” She said a little annoyed.

She started to get up, but then decided what the hell, she loved him, he loved her, why not. So she sat back down started to kiss him passionately and pulled him down to the bed with her.

Max thought are you sure? Yes! what was that? Did she just say something to me through my mind?

He pulled back looking at her quizzically “did you just send me a message? I heard you say something I swear.”

“ Yes, now shut up and make love to me” Liz demanded.

Max didn’t need any further encouragement. He started to kiss her and let his hands roam down the front of her reveling in how great it felt to have her skin next to his. His hands went to her back to pull her up so he could unclasp her little wisp of lace somebody had the nerve to call a bra. It was made for seduction, but with Liz, Max didn’t need a lacy bra, all he had to do was look at her and he instantly had an erection.

Liz felt his hands on her bare breasts and felt herself get wetter and a tug at her stomach that connect her breasts to her core. She felt so womanly so alive, Max was her love and she was going to prove it tonight.

She wanted to touch him but she didn’t know where to begin, should she kiss his neck? Should she suggest a bath together? Or should she….? She decided on the latter.

Liz started to kiss down Max’s face to his strong chinbone to his muscular neck, to his shoulders, to his chest and his manly nipples where she kissed them and nipped at them a little and heard him groan. He liked this! Good, she had to take note of this; she kept exploring the things that he liked. He liked it when she nibbled his ear and whispered I love you and you feel good in his ear, he liked it when she ran her hands down his muscular back, the list could go on forever.

Liz finally realized that as she was stimulating Max, she was in turn stimulating herself, just pleasing him made her ache more and more, so she started to go to the button and fly of his jeans. She hated to take them off because she loved the way his butt looked in them. She got up and held out her hand for him to take to get up so she could take his pants off easier and she took her time reveling in the fact that he was already hard and she had done so little.

After she had removed the jeans she started on the boxers, but his hands stopped her, he didn’t like the fact that he would be completely undressed and she would still have her pants on so he took her hands and put them at her side and proceeded to take her pants and panties off. As he pulled them down she let out a little gasp. Her little sounds were music to her ears.

He swallowed hard at the sight of her.
Liz noticed that he was staring at her and she started to squirm at the scrutiny. She started to grab for a sheet to cover herself. But he grabbed her hands and put them around his waist he started kissing her with more passion than usual. She was ready.

“Max, I want you, please, make love to me now” Liz pleaded.

Max shed his boxers and pushed her towards the bed, he slowly descended slowly covering her inch by beautiful inch. He let his mouth roam to her breasts wondering what they tasted like. Would they taste like her lips? They tasted different, equally pleasing to her lips; they tasted of honey, sweet succulent honey.

He inserted his fingers into her moist warmth and nearly lost himself. He had to calm down a little until he was sure that he would actually last. He was ready; he positioned himself just at the center of her warmth and told her that it might hurt, but she wasn’t listening, all that mattered was having him inside of her. She was surging her body upward to guide him to the heaven where he belonged.

And finally he let them meet, she cried out in the pain, but Max quickly covered her mouth with his own to try and apologize for hurting her. But then she was moving with him, at a seductively slow pace.

She heard herself begging him to go a little faster, a little harder. Wanting him more and more, but she felt this weird feeling coming over her and couldn’t figure out what it as, but Max knew, she was about to head to bliss, she was about to have her first orgasm, and he got her there, only him. This made him more driven to get her there. When she was there he finally let himself go.

They just lay there for a while, still connected breathing gradually returning to normal. And a pleasing thought came over max. What if she got pregnant? A little smile came to his face and left when Liz looked up at him wanting a kiss. She didn’t have to say anything; he could see it in her eyes.

So he gave her the kiss that she wanted and she just smiled afterwards. Max then pulled her on top of him so they could sleep peacefully.

Liz stayed awake long after Max fell asleep, ohmigod! What if I got pregnant? Liz screamed in her head. They hadn’t used any protection! It was only her first time; there was no way that she could be pregnant. She felt herself drifting to sleep. Dreams of Max filled her head and all was good with the world once again.

Max woke up with a good feeling, he had Liz on top of him and he was still wrapped in her tight warmth. Oh this was the good life. He felt himself getting hard again.

Liz stirred, she felt something getting hard inside her, and then she noticed the unbearably sexy chest underneath and realized that it was Alien Max. Oh this felt good, they had a nice repeat performance of the previous night and then they got in the tub and washed each other, further exploring each other.

Then Max said that he should go although he really didn’t want to leave, but he knew his parents and sister were worrying about him. And if he wasn’t home this morning, they would probably send out a search party or something.

As he left, Liz grabbed him, gave him a kiss like she never kissed him before, looked deep into his eyes and told him that she loved him. And to call her tonight or once he got home whichever one.


“There’s no way that can be!” Liz whined. “You have to be wrong, I can’t be pregnant. I’m only seventeen!”

Part 3

“I’m afraid that these test results are quite accurate. We always have them done twice to make sure that we aren’t wrong. Look, I’m really sorry, but look on the bright side okay. I’ll have the receptionist set up an appointment for you for one month from now. I’ll see you then. You know, I can give you the number for a clinic if you want.”

“What kind of clinic?” Liz asked confused.

“An abortion clinic.” The doctor said amused.

“There is no way in hell that I’ll have this pregnancy terminated, how can you ask me such a question?” Liz was getting pissed, why would she end a innocent baby’s life just because she was only seventeen. She could never do that, especially since she was carrying Max’s baby. She knew if she even thought about an abortion Max would kill her.

“Oh God,” Liz whined, “What am I going to tell Max? He’s going to kill me. I can’t tell him.”

*Later at her house

Liz hears a noise outside her window and sees her worst enemy looking her straight in the eye.

“Shit” she mumbles.

“What is that babe?” Max growls, desire in his tone.

Oh no! He wants to make love! What excuse can I use…? But then she felt herself being pulled into those strong arms, she started to struggle, she knew that sex wouldn’t hurt the baby, but if she told Max would he still want to make love to her? Would he leave her and their unborn child? Would he be happy and ask her to marry him? Well, if he wants to leave, let’s at least have him leave after he’s made love to me once more.

Max felt Liz tense and wondered what was wrong, was she still sore from yesterday? He started to pull away, but then he felt Liz start to melt into him so he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her strawberry flavored lips.

Liz let herself mold to Max’s body. It felt like it was made to fit against hers perfectly. Like two halves to one whole. She’d have to tell him later. She needed to feel him inside of her again.

“Liz, I love you” Max whispered into Liz’s ear.

“Will you love me forever no matter what?” Liz questioned.

“Yes, of course, what brought this on? Are you having doubts or something?” Max asked starting to get worried.

“No, It’s just that I need to know that you’ll stay with me no matter what happens between us. Liz said suddenly getting pale.

"Don't worry, I'll be here, promise, now can I get on with making love to you?” Max asked getting impatient.

Liz started to kiss him and he immediately quit his bitchin’. God he loved how she kissed, she had an oddly erotic way with her kisses. And what made it better was the fact that she seemed to unknowing about the sensual kisses she gave. Before he had made love to her he knew that he could be content to just kiss her and never stop.

Liz still couldn’t get the thought that she should tell Max about the baby before they made love again. But what will it matter if I wait to tell him a couple of hours?

Max, started to take off Liz’ Shirt, all the while kissing every delicious inch that he uncovered.

Liz started to groan and she forgot about the baby for these precious moments.

“Liz, let me be inside of you please!” Max pleaded.

“Yes, now please!” Liz was getting close to going over the edge. She had had one before, after they had made love, but now she was about to be there again, it and felt more wonderful then the first time.

Max realized that she was and decided to escalate the feeling. He swept her shirt completely off, removed her bra and started to suck on those honey-flavored nipples.
Then he started to laugh because he was remembering when he was watching 10 Things I Hate About You when Heath Ledger asked if Bianca had beer flavored nipples.

“What are you laughing about?” Liz asked getting a little annoyed at the fact that he was disturbing her orgasm, because now, she was no longer ready to go over the edge.

“Just this one thing that I remembered from a movie,” he said honestly.

“Well, you just totally disturbed my perfectly good orgasm. Damn you!” Liz screamed.

“Well, I’ll just have to make up for it won’t I?” Max said flashing his seductive smile.

They went on with their four-play for a while, but then they finally got around to the actual lovemaking. He felt himself pour into her and he once again smiled at the thought that he might have made her pregnant.

“Max, I have something that I have to tell you. I just hope that you won’t be mad at me. Remember that you promised that we’d always be together.” Liz said talking extremely fast.

“Liz, what are you trying to say?” Max knew in the back of his mind what it was, she was pregnant, but now he felt like he didn’t want her to be pregnant, how could that be when just a couple of minutes I was smiling at the thought? Man, am I fucked up!

“Well, I’m…. I’m Well….” Liz stuttered.

“Just say it”Max yelled.

Liz started to curl up in a protective little ball. Max could see the tear racking her delicate little body, and immediately he felt disgusted with himself for doing this to her. He took her into his arms and waited until the tears stopped before asking her what he already knew.

“What is wrong honey?” Ha said in his sweetest tone possible.

“I’m pregnant!” Liz said, unsure of what would come of her announcement.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening! Why didn’t you tell me right away?” Max yelled.

Liz started to cry all over again, he’s going to turn away from us. I should have known. I’ve got to get out of here now. She started to get up and get dressed. Then she walked right out the door and to her best friend Maria’s house to tell her everything, tears streaming down her face the whole way there, the showing of her once again broken heart. That she once again got from Max. Would she ever learn?

Part 4

Liz got halfway down the street before she burst into tear, she should have known that Max wouldn’t take the news very well. But a part of her hoped that he would tell her he loved her and be really excited. I mean, I was thinking marriage and all that he could think was holy shit! Okay, just get to Maria’s and get there quick so he can’t see what you’re feeling right now.

Knock knock.

Door opens with Maria’s diva like face at the entrance. She immediately saw the look of anguish on Liz’s face and she knew that damn alien must have done something wrong once again.

“Okay chica what the hell did he do now? Should I kick his ass now or later?” Maria said seriously.

“Maria, It’s not his fault this time. It’s my fault. Can I come in?” Liz asked quietly.

Maria noticed how rude she must seem, standing in Liz’ way of entering her house.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry babe. Let’s go to my room, k?” Maria said sincerely.

Liz just nodded.

Maria made the way to her room, closed the door locked it, pulled down the shade to her window just in case a certain Michael Guerin decided to stop by for a quick make-out sesh that was so not on her mind right now…. Well, maybe it was, but Liz really needed her right now and her priority was to her.

“Okay, you can start any time you want, okay, you can just sit here and cry if you want, it’s up to you.” Maria didn’t want to rush things, Liz was really hurting, she didn’t think that she saw Liz so tore up before.

Liz just hurled herself into Maria’s arms and started to sob. Maria just stroked her hair, and let her empty those tears that she knew really needed to come down. But still if she could do anything to make Liz feel better even if it meant giving up a once in a lifetime chance to make out with Michael Guerin than so be it.

Maria noticed that the tears were coming down less and less, until she was just giving a couple of sobs every minute. She was really curious as to what was going on, but she knew better than to ask her. Just then a weak voice started to pour her heart out.

“You know that day when Max came upstairs, after we first broke up, well, he caught me crying and he took me into his arms and said that I was his true love, that he’d never let me go and that he could never love Tess, and then he pulled me closer and he started to kiss me and I tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let me, and then things just… they just… Maria, oh my God… Maria we made love. I never told you because I didn’t know if you would tell anybody and if you did and it got out to Tess she would be really pissed and.... and….I went to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling very good and he told me I was pregnant.

Maria just took a really deep breath and waited for the rest to come out.

And I was just in shock and when Max came over earlier today, we were supposed to talk, but one thing led to another and we ended up making love before I even got a chance to tell him, so when we were done, we were just laying there, so content in each other’s arms and I was so happy, but then I told him and he got so mad, I just left. And before we made love I asked him if we would be together forever and I made him promise me that we would never break up no matter what and then he just got…he just got so…. so cold, It was all a lie Maria, all of it. He doesn’t really love me. God, how could I be such a fool?” Liz cried out.

The sobs started to rack her body and Maria felt tears coming to her eyes too. God, how could he do this to her?

Just then they heard a knock on the door.

“Maybe they’ll go away.”

They heard the knocking go on and on.

“Shit, Look, I’m going to go see who it is and get rid of them, okay, I’ll be right back I promise.”

“Okay,” Liz said weakly.

Maria walked out of the room to her front door, silently bitching the person who interrupted their conversation. As she neared the door she yelled out “Whoever the hell it is better have a damn good reason to be here, because I am so ready to kick somebody’s ass!” Maria yelled sincerely.

She whipped open the door and a look of utter surprise went on her face when she noticed that it was. None other than the dick head himself Max.

Part 5

“And just what the hell do you think that you’re doing here?”

Max tried to push past her and she didn’t like that idea so she kneed him in the groin.

Max choked, totally surprised at what his fairly good friend had done to him.

“Shit Maria, what the hell was that for?”

“What the hell do you think dumbass, I talked to Liz, and she told me everything. You are supposed to be in love with her! You have sex with her and are thinking “Oh, this is cool, I’ll just fuck little hottie Liz, just to see what it’s like with a human, and then hehe, I’ll run to Tess and fuck her, find out what that’s like and see who I continue to bed. But, guess what, you never contemplated the fact that one of them would get pregnant did you? By the way how is the slut Tess anyway, you wanna know what, I don’t even care. What I care about right now is my chica, who is pregnant! Pregnant, do you know what that is? Ya know, when you have a baby!!! A baby, the little dependant things that like to keep you up all night ya know?”

“Just….” Max started

“Look, asshole, I’m not done here so I suggest that you shut up until I’m done okay” Maria took a breath. She was really getting used to bitching out Max.

Max took Maria’s breath as a you can talk sign.

“Okay, where…” Max was interrupted once again, but not in such a nice way. All he felt was a girls fist connecting with his jaw, and to tell you the truth that little stick of dynamite had some power, which surprised him.

Max worked his jaw and then asked, “What the hell was that for? I mean the kneeing in the dick that was enough but…”

Max was ye again hit in the face but this time it was on is nose and he bent over since he was now bleeding, and when he looked up he saw Liz glaring at him. And then she started to leave and he tried to get to her, but Maria held him back, but he quickly fought her off. Running after Liz, but he was too late, she had already on her way down the street at a dead sprint.

All Max could think is what if that hurts the baby, her running like that. Liz, running away from him once again. When he found out his destiny she ran away from him, but not this quickly. He could understand why too, but why did he have to be such an ass to her. He quickly ran to him Jeep, turned the key and sped down the street to her. He pulled up a couple of feet before her so he could catch her just in time. He grabbed her and nearly had to tackle her to get her to stop.

“Just leave me alone Max, God, can’t you get a clue, we,” She said pointing to her belly, “Don’t want anything to so with you okay? So just leave us alone. Go to Tess, she can give you what you want, what you really want.”

“Liz, don’t leave me!” Max cried.” You can’t take that baby away from me.

“And what the hell do you care Max, I mean, I’m surprised that you didn’t kill me, or that you haven’t tried to pass it off as someone else’s.”

“It is mine isn’t it?” Max asked curiously.

“You wanna know what Max, no it’s not yours if that’s what it takes to get you to leave us alone.” Liz said with tears streaming down her face. With that she started running towards her home, the Crashdown Café.

Max just let her go.

Part 6

At the Crashdown

Liz made it all the way home thank God! I just hope that the baby is going to be okay, running shouldn’t hurt him in these early stages. Liz already had an instinct that the child that she was carrying was a boy. Please Lord, don’t let him get a girl pregnant and then get horrified when she finally tells you about it. With that thought she broke into tears once again, remembering all of her hopes that she had. She actually thought that he would propose to her. Isn’t that a laugh?

Just then she heard a door open to her house and immediately went to investigate. Were her parents home from Cancun already? Just then her door opened and she saw Max.

“What the hell are you doing breaking into my house?” Liz hissed. “You have no right to be here.”

“I have every right to be here. You’re carrying my child Liz!

“Oh, so now it is your child? I remember you questioning whether I was being faithful or not. So how’s that nose of yours?” Liz asked smugly.

“Liz, why are you shutting me out? This is my baby too, I love it.”

“Ha! You don’t even know him!” Liz cried out.

“It’s a he?” Max asked getting a soft look in his eyes.

“I think so… that’s besides the point! You really should leave.” Liz said shakily.

Max could see that something was wrong, but he wasn’t sure what it was. And then he saw Liz start to fall towards the floor, but he reached out to her and when he saw that she was pale, he lifted her up into his arms in one fluid movement and laid her on her bed and then headed for the kitchen to grab a cool washcloth. Please God, let her be okay. I love her.

Little did Max know, but Liz heard his silent prayer. Just hearing it made her want to cry. Maybe he was just shocked when I first told him.

Max walked back into the room and put the washcloth to her forehead.

“Are you okay?” he asked with sheer concern in his eyes.

“Yes, Max, what do you really think about this pregnancy? I’ll listen to you I promise.” Liz said sincerely.

“Liz, I think that this is the worst thing that you could do to me! You didn’t tell me when you knew, I mean, I should have been there with you! Why did you keep this from me for so long? I had a right to know!”

“Max, I just found out today!” Liz yelled back.

“Liz, don’t yell, he can hear you. So why didn’t you tell me before we made love?” Max asked.

“Because I wasn’t sure how you’d take the news and I wanted to have at least one more time in case you hated me and never wanted to see me again!” Liz exclaimed.

“Now that really hurts, you actually think that I’d turn my back on you!” Max said, truly hurt.

“Are you going to tell me that that isn’t what you just did? You started to panic! When I got up to get dressed you just let me leave! You didn’t even move your ass when I slammed the door! And you say that you didn’t turn your back on me for that amount of time?” Liz argued.

Max just looked down. She had a point there.

“Max, why don’t you just leave us alone, you don’t want this baby, look, I have to go.” Liz started to walk away.

Max grabbed her arm “Where are you going?” Max demanded.

“I’m getting away from you, you know, you’re not the only one that just found out about this today. You’re acting so damn self-centered that it isn’t even funny. Did you ever stop to think about my feelings? I’m the one who’s going to be getting the morning sickness, that’s going to gain who knows how many pounds, the one who is going to have to go through the awful food cravings, I’m the one who’s going to have to go through labor, and last but not least, I’m the one that is going to have to raise this baby, and alone!” With that Liz whipped around and made the way to The Crashdown.

Max didn’t know what to do, he needed to get to her, but something told him to let her calm down, she’d probably kill him if he went after her right now. You know, pregnant women and their raging hormones. He’d go to her in a couple of hours or minutes, depending on how bearable the time would be.

Liz ran up the stairs straight to her mom’s room, plopped herself down on the bed, buried her head into the pillow and just let those damn tears that enjoyed plaguing her fall. Then she remembered when she had cried this same way when she had learned of Max’s true destiny, he’d pulled her into his arms and made her forget everything. And those marvelous hands, oh they could make her blood rage through her veins, making her do things so wantonly that she couldn’t control herself. But she always knew that Max was there, if she needed anything he’d help. Especially if it was a need of sexual healing. Max was always there before, but now with a baby, would he still be there, a couple of days ago, she would have said yeah of course, Max would never leave me, no matter what. But now she realized just how wrong that she was.

Knock knock. “Liz can I come in?” Max asked cautiously.

When he heard no answer he just tried the handle but it was locked smiling to himself he thought, “Don’t you ever learn, remember my power?” Max used his powers to unlock the door and entered the room.

Once again Liz’ head was buried in a pillow, God how can I continue to do this to her? Just then he got an idea that made him smile to himself, why didn’t I ever think of this before? Smack, he hit himself in the head, then used is powers to make the most beautiful ring that he knew Liz would adore all the years that they spent together. He then went to the side of her Mom’s bed and started to talk.

“Liz, please look at me, because if you don’t I might lose my nerve and never do what I want to do right now.” Max said shakily.

When Liz didn’t try to move he put his hand on her shoulder and made her look at him, then he bent on his knee and started a little speech:

“Liz, I know that I’ve hurt you numerous times, and every time you’ve taken me back and to tell you the truth I can’t imagine why you’d want to be with me….forever. But I’m asking you to forget all the bad things, and remember all the good things. The day that I saved you, the day that you saved me in New York, our first kiss, the first time we made love. Liz, will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive? Forgive me for all the mean things that I have done to you?”

Max was looking for some kind of softening in her eyes but couldn’t see anything, it was like she didn’t even care that he was proposing. She was actually glaring at him!

Max was looking for some kind of softening in her eyes but couldn’t see anything, it was like she didn’t even care that he was proposing. She was actually glaring at him!

Part 8

Max finally saw what he was looking for: a softening in the eyes. Thank God he thought, but then just as soon as that softening came, it was gone. Shit he thought.

“Oh, you are so low Max, you don’t even want to marry me, your mouth is just running off with you. Max can you actually look me in the eye and tell me that you want to marry me?”

Max looked her straight in the eyes and told her “Liz I love you, and I love this baby, my baby, and I need you to let me slip this ring on your finger. Please let me back in Liz.”

Liz just sat there contemplating everything that she just heard. A million thoughts were going through her head: Does he really want to marry me… will he really be there for the baby… will he cheat on me because of how fat and ugly I will be in a couple of months…what about this destiny…These thought kept going through her head. She just wasn’t sure of what to do. She loved Max and would stay with him forever there was no doubt to that, but what about Max, would he love me forever?

Meanwhile, Max was getting impatient and nervous waiting for what Liz would say. Then a thought came to his mind why didn’t you think of it earlier! Then he put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her off the bed and to him, he then placed her hand over his heart, and slowly lowered his mouth to hers.

Liz knew that she shouldn’t let him kiss her, but she had to feel his lips on hers. She needed this, craved this, loved this. Just then she felt him connect with her and she started to feel what he was feeling. And what she felt was overpowering love for her and her child, their child she silently reminded herself. He really does love me, and then the flashes came to her.


The day that he was told of his destiny with Tess and the horror he felt at the fact that he was actually married to that gerbil looking slut.


The first time that they made love. The feelings he felt, how scared he was that he’d hurt her, the joy at the thought that she might get pregnant.


Seeing Liz at school and wanting to take her to her room and make love to her over and over and over.


When Liz asked him if he would love her forever. The way her eyes looked when she asked it, he knew that something was wrong, but he just got caught up in the moment, and when he started to kiss her everything seemed to get better.


Holding Liz after they made love. Thinking about spending their lives together.

The surprise when Liz told him that she was pregnant. The shock, joy, worry when she told him.


Watching Liz getting dressed and seeing her walk out of her room. The feeling of utter horror at what he had done to her. The feeling of disgust at himself for breaking her heart.

-End flashes-

The kiss was broken. Liz whispered “Max,”

“Do you believe me now?” Max asked worriedly.

“Yes, and I’ll marry you!” Liz said excitedly.

Part 8

“Do you mean it?” Max asked hesitantly.

“Yes!” Liz exclaimed getting as giddy as a little five year old who just got a gallon of ice cream for a treat.

Max immediately took her in his arms and kissed her again.

Then he slipped the ring on to her finger.

“It’s so big!” She exclaimed. Looking at the large diamond on her finger.

Max laughed, “I remember you saying that about something else of mine too.” Max said his eyes filling with desire.

“Max, look, I’m really hungry right now, and I don’t really feel like it, maybe after I eat I will feel more like it. Okay?” Liz whined.

“Okay, but you’re going to pay for making me wait!”Max joked.

“Oh, can’t wait!” Liz replied.

Okay, let’s get downstairs okay?” Max offered.

Downstairs at the Crashdown at Liz; and Max’s booth

Maria saw her friend enter the Crashdown from the back staircase that led up to her house. But the problem was that she was with the dick head Max.

“Okay, chica, you’ve been my best friend since like the womb, you come to m house and tell me about the meeting with their mother, then you come crying on my door step about this asshole breaking up with you or whatever when you tell him that you were pregnant An with by the way you never told me that you guys had sex, so excuse me for not staying b to chat I guess that I’m just a little flustered.

Max and Liz watched her walk away.

“You know, she’s right, she had a right to know when we first made love, she has been my best friend for a long time. Look, we have to tell her everything when she comes back. If she does, oh, I just forgot, she never took my order. Then when she comes with my order we can tell her.

“Hey Maria, can I get a double cheeseburger with a large, no, make that an extra large order of fries, oh, and make sure they’re extra crispy, oh, and Hun, don’t you forget the Tabasco!” Liz called over in Maria’s direction as she walked away

Over by the kitchen

“Okay space boy, I need this order immediately!” Maria annunciated.

“Why, they’re going to have to wait just like the rest of the customers,” Michael replied.

“But Michael, you don’t understand, I need this order, or my ass is going to be grass!”

“Well, in that case, I’ll make sure that it’s the last order that I do!” Michael joked.

“Mikey G, (The name that Maria always used when she was getting impatient with him) if you do not get that order I swear to God that I’m going to…”

“Going to what?”

“Michael, just get me the damn order okay!”

“Maria, why is this so important, I mean what can make this person any more important than the other loyal customers of this place?” Michael replied sarcastically.

“Because it Liz and she’s pregnant you space boy ass!” Maria yelled.

Part 10

“What you mean to tell me that they had sex and we never knew about it? Did you know? Liz is your best friend, she must have told you.” Michael said

“Nope, she didn’t tell me, because she didn’t want it to get around to Tess! Now she’s pregnant, and its only a short while before she finds out, I mean it’s not like she’s going to stay small for the whole time she’s pregnant!” Maria said.

Yeah, the shit’s really going to hit the fan when she finds out, with her ‘its our destiny, its our destiny’ broken record shit, oh, that pisses me off.” Michael added.

“Okay, orders up Maria. Find something out for me, anything okay?” Michael asked.

“Okay, one double cheeseburger, an extra large order of fries, and a bottle of Tabasco. Anything else?” Maria asked.

“Yeah, a banana and peanut butter shake! Thanks Maria!” Liz exclaimed, greedily digging into her burger.

“Weren’t you going to tell her about us?” Max asked. Watching Liz amusedly devour her hamburger, then his mouth went dry as she licked a dribble of ketchup on the back of her hand.

Liz saw this and immediately began to blush.

“Look, I’ll tell her when she comes back.” Liz stated.

“Hey Maria, you wanna sit down for a little while? I have to tell you something.” Liz swallowed hard not really enjoying the thoughts of how she would take the news.

“What, are you guys planning on running off to Vegas and eloping or something? “Maria said jokingly.

Liz cast a worried look at Max.

“Oh no chica, don’t tell me that you guys are going to get married!” Maria said her eyes getting wide.

“Actually…” Liz stammered.

“Ohmigod! Really, you’re going to let me be maid of honor right? I mean, Liz what are you thinking? So am I going to be your maid of honor huh, huh? Come on talk to me, if I’m not then I’m seriously going to be pissed!” Maria said quickly forgetting the fact that she should be acting like a mother toward Liz doing this crazy thing of getting married so young.

“Okay, Liz since you so nicely asked me to be your maid of honor, I am forgiving you for not telling me about you two doing… well, you know what I’m talking about! But you sir are still under interrogation. So is this the way that you plan on getting some ass? By proposing to a pregnant girl?


Maria put her hand up.” Liz, let me finish. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Maria questioned.

“Nothing except that I love her and she knows it, and she knows that I’m sorry for the way that I first reacted. Don’t you sweetheart?” Max asked looking Liz in the eye.

Liz simply answered him with a sweet kiss. Followed by a little groan when she left his lips.

“Well, if this is what you wan then there’s nothing that I can do is there? But I swear to god, if you hurt her again, I will personally see to it that your little alien dick gets blown back to Antar. That would be a nice souvenir for some little green alien up there huh, the kings male attribute! Well, my job here is done. Gotta go, oh and make sure you tell me when you want to do the measurements for the bridesmaids gown for your wedding.”

As Maria turned around she ran straight into none other the evil gerbil!!

Tess just looked at Max in disbelief and ran out of the Crashdown leaving a foul mood with Max and Liz.

Part 11

Tess couldn’t believe her ears, she knew that she should be mad that her destined lover was getting married to someone besides her and that someone was also a human to boot, but for some reason she really didn’t care, she was actually kind of happy because of it. She couldn’t figure out why though. Don’t lie to yourself, you know why you don’t care, it’s because you really don’t love Max, you love Kyle! You’ve been trying to keep your feelings hidden in a part of you that even you can’t find until now. You’re free! Free to love Kyle and be with him! WOOHOO!!!! She quickly made her way to her car and sped down the road towards home where her and Kyle would have a very long talk.

Back at the Crashdown

“What do you think that she’s going to do?” Liz asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, she’ll get over it though, she knew from the beginning that I loved you and some stupid destiny isn’t going to make me love her.” Max replied.

“You don’t think that she’s going to like mind warp you into thinking that you’re walking into like a shopping mall when you’re really getting close to walking off of a 5,000 foot high cliff?” Asked Maria, getting worried about her chica and her soon to be god-baby (well, they hadn’t discussed it, but she knew that Liz would pick her, even if she had to kick her ass in order to get Liz to let her be there at the baptism).

“If she did then I’d personally kill her!” Max said getting defensive right away.

“Look Max, I don’t think that you’ll have to worry about it, I think that deep down she really doesn’t love you, I think that she has feelings for Kyle to tell you the truth. So no more talk of killing people okay?” Liz said sincerely.

“Okay, let’s talk abut names! What do you like for boys, since you’re pretty sure that it’s going to be a mini me instead of mini you.” Max said feeling good that he was actually going to have a baby! And with Liz! That was his ultimate fantasy.

“Okay, all done with the burger. Mmmmmm, that was really good! I’ll have to tell Michael how good it was. Hey, you want a fry?” Liz asked

“Sure!” Max replied.

“Too bad! They’re all mine! Ha ha!”

“You little brat!”

“Fine, you want a fry here you go.” Liz took a long fry dipped it in tons of ketchup brought it up to his lips then smeared it all over his cheeks making it look like he had put some liquid clumpy blush on his cheeks, then she took the fry and drew a line on his forehead. She couldn’t help the giggles from emerging from her mouth. It was so funny looking at her fiancé’s look of shock.

“I’m so gonna get you!”Max cried finally realizing what had just happened

“NO!” she screamed and started to get up from the booth and ran towards the stairs to her house.

When she made it just beyond the door he had finally caught up with her and held her from the back not letting her go no matter how much she squirmed.

They stayed there like that for a couple of seconds before Max’s male anatomy started acting up once again.

Liz felt it and started to moan, thinking about the first time they made love, everything was so sweet, so achingly slow, and she thought that she would explode.

She slowly turned around and said,”Max, let’s go upstairs,” she breathed against his cheek.


“Okay, should I go pay for the food first?”Max asked hoping that she would say no.

“No, I can’t wait that long. Besides it’s my parents place anyway!”
Liz said quickly before kissing him like it would be the death of her if she didn’t.

He gently picked her up not even daring to break the kiss and carried her up the stairs finally he thought we can finally make love, after watching that beautiful mouth eat that hamburger made him wish that he could be it for just a few sensual seconds. What am I thinking I want to be a sensual hamburger? Nice wording Max! I’ve got to be losing it!

They finally reached her room and he gently lay her down on the bed, the bed that they had first made love on, that they had made a baby on.

“Max, oh Max, touch me!”

Needing no further Coaxing he gently started rubbing his hands down her so delicate body. I n ways that he new drove her crazy. He knew that it was impossible for her to have like 15 orgasms in row, but a man could try right? Tonight is all about her, no more pleasing just yourself, tonight is going to be based on her, just her.

Slowly, Unbearably slow he lifted her shirt and as she reached to undo the buttons of his shirt, he stopped her. And then replace her hands with is own and started to unbutton them himself although he would much rather have her do it but it was her night, remember Liz’ night, Liz’ night, her kept repeating it over in his head. Quit being such a horn dog and just make her feel good, really good.

His hands ran up and down her body almost on their own accord.

He couldn’t get enough of her body, but he forced himself to stay in check for her sake. Then a horrible thought came to him, what if I hurt the baby when we make love?

He reluctantly took his hands from her body and pushed her slightly away from him. She groaned from the loss.

“Liz, what if I hurt the baby?” a hopeless look on his adorable face.

“Max you won’t trust me, people have sex all the time when they’re pregnant. Just let go, and make love to me.” Liz demanded.

She brought his lips to hers and kissed him with a fevered passion. She practically ripped his shirt off him. Wanting him like she never wanted him before.

“Mmm…Liz. I love you.”

Liz’ response was to kiss him harder and put her hands to his zipper, wanting him inside of her right now.

“Liz, leave it. I want to make you feel good, tonight’s your night he said while slowly sinking to the end of the bed, intent on removing her jeans. He hoped that he would be good at this; if nothing else he knew that she liked the way he made love to her with his male attribute, let’s just hope that she likes the way that I make love to her with my tongue.

He slowly pulled down her panties and jeans. Then he looked up to her face and saw a look of utter confusion, then knowing came to her eyes and they widened, suddenly scared of what he was about to do.

“It’s okay, if you don’t like it then I will stop, I promise.”

“Okay,” Liz answered shakily.

Max put his lips to her womanhood and just gave it a little kiss. Just to see how she would react, when she seemed to be okay he continued, moving up to kiss her clitoris.

She started to squirm and he wondered if she was getting uncomfortable.

He looked up at her and asked her with his eyes if he could go on.

“Why did you stop?”

“I felt you squirm, I thought that you were getting uncomfortable.”

“I was getting kind of uncomfortable but that’s only because I want it more. So…”

Max just lowered his head in between her thighs and started to suck on her clit, then he felt her juices come in. They were coming in a steady flow, which only increased as he stayed there licking, sucking, kissing her most private place.

He couldn’t believe the taste of her, it was bittersweet, and nothing could really describe how she tasted to tell you the truth.

He felt her start to shake and he gloried in the fact that he’d at least get one orgasm out of her.

He kept his mouth on her flesh through the aftershocks, and then a little longer after that, and then slowly removed his mouth.

She groaned out, still a little breathless” Will you do that again sometime?”

“Of course!” Max replied hurriedly, he loved tasting her, making her come with his mouth.

“Max, I need you to kiss me.”

Max quickly obliged, the only thing that he loved more than the taste of her womanhood was the taste of her sweet lips.

He quickly took off his pants and crawled back into the bed next to her. He set himself on top of her kissing her neck, nipping here and there, wanting her to burn for him, she was hot right now, but he wanted her at a feverish pitch. And she was getting there quickly. H nibbled his way down her neck, to her breast, barely brushing them making her shift so she could make his mouth come in contact with at least one, but he pulled back before it could happen. He then resumed his path and went down her cute little stomach and drew lazy little circles around her cute little belly button. Then he went back up and kissed the underside of her breast, then one side, then the other, then the creamy top, and then he very slowly kissed to her dark pruned up nipple. Then he flickered hi tongue out on it for just a millisecond, just so she could get a little taste, but that wasn’t enough for her, she pulled his head back to her breast, silently commanding him to suck on it lick it, anything so he would quit this torment.

She finally got what she wanted, he closed his mouth around her taut nipple and gently suckled then after a couple minutes of that he raked his teeth against it and proceede3d to do the same with the next nipple until she was crying, begging, pleading, needing to have him inside of her.

He repositioned himself at the center of her femininity and slowly impaled himself into her, taking achingly slow strokes for himself and for her, she wanted so much for him to go faster, she pronounced her need over and over but he wanted her to be like this, begging for release, and when it came he knew it would be like no other that she had ever had.

The strokes stayed slow for the longest time and Liz was getting impatient she took her feet and put them at the back of his calves pushing down with all of her might, trying to make him go faster to bring this release to an end. He was driving her crazy, she thought that she would explode if he kept this up. But he kept it up and they took it slow, then finally after and hour of slow aching stokes he decided that it was time to quicken up a little, but the plan was only a little bit harder, a little bit faster, but when he felt her tighten and loosen, tighten and loosen, he lost control and flung himself into to her harder and longer with each coming stroke. Until they finally reached their heaven together. Liz was so relieved that she didn’t have to go through that any longer.

“I love you, Max”

“I love you” Max said back and he fell asleep with himself tightly wrapped in her warmth.

And all was right with the world for once.

Part 13

Later on that night

Liz woke to feel a very nice little part of Max still buried inside of her.

“Mmmm…” she groaned when she felt him shift, and then all of the sudden he became hard and she knew that she was definitely ready for him.

He had said this was her night so she decided to pull him under her and she leaned over her breasts hanging down, just waiting to be caressed.

Max knew exactly what she wanted but her wasn’t sure if he would give in to her every little desire whenever she wanted it.

Wait a minute, giving her pleasure means giving me pleasure. What the hell am I thinking, here titty, titty, titty!

“Mmm” Liz finally felt what she was longing for, Max’s hands on her.

Then she started grinding her hips into his and the sensation of his hands on her and him moving inside of her was almost unbearable. But she kept going intent on making herself and Max come, but she knew that she would probably go overboard anytime soon so she figured that she should probably find a way for him to come and do it quickly before she lost it.

She thought about it and finally came to a conclusion, while still riding him gently she brought her lips down to his neck and started to give little open mouth kisses that she knew he liked, every time she had given them to him before they started making love he would instantly get hard. Which always caused her to laugh, but that’s another subject.

Then she felt him get a little bit harder and so she decided to trail her lips down to his shoulders, then down even lower to his nipples, gently raking them with her teeth and then sucking on them. Making them taut and he groaned.

Max could feel his release come and he quickly made a connection with her to make sure that she knew of this. He wanted her to feel how much he loved her, how good it felt to have her, and the knowledge that she was his, and only his. He wanted her to know that she would never have to worry about him, that he would always love her.

Then she sent him all that she felt, the scared feeling when she first found out she was pregnant, the hurt of when he disowned the baby, the joy when he finally accepted it, the need for him to make love to her when he finally accepted the baby. Max felt everything and loved all that he was feeing except the part about him disowning the baby. He’d make up for it. Come hell or high water he’d make up for it.

“Liz… oh god Liz, he put his hands on her hips and guided her down farther onto him, wanting her to take all of him, he needed her to come so he could get on with his next order of business that he had planned for tonight, one that he thought that she would enjoy very much.

They rode out the wave and oh what a wave it was!!! As they lay there thinking about everything that might happen and wishing that they could stay like this forever without having to worry about their parents or the people at school, let alone Tess…oh, forget about Tess, Max told himself, if she doesn’t like that I’m with Liz then she can go suck a dick.

“Max, I want to know what you think of names for the baby. I was thinking along the line of Elijah Jacob for a start, what about you?”

“Actually I don’t know! I guess we could call him stud if he looks like me!” Max laughs.

“Come on Max, get serious,” Liz said while trying to stifle a laugh.

“Okay, I like Elijah, but what about girls, what do you want for a girl?”

“I’m pretty sure that it isn’t a girl, but if it is, I like Marissa Mae,”

“Nah, I like Mae Lynn, that’s nice,”

“I guess that would be okay, at least it has part of the name that I wanted in it.”

“Liz?” Max called for her.


“I’m so sorry about me acting the way that I did when you first told me that you were pregnant, I was just really shocked I guess,”

“Liz, you want to explain this to me! Since when are you pregnant, and since when did you start having sex with Max?” A very angry Jeff Parker screamed at the two lovers in Liz’ bed.