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This story is NC-17. You must be 18 years old to read this fic.
Contains some Slash, Some het, CC and UC. This one's pretty much all over the board. 

It is a continuation of Shadowgrl's story "Initiation". If you haven't read it, I recommend that you do because it was awesome. It's not necessary for understanding of this story. By the end of Chapter Two, everything will have been explained. 

And, in a strange twist, some of the guys took exception to being left out of the fun in this Liz and Maria centric fic, and have demanded equal time. So, as a result, we have Plotless Nookie, companion pieces inspired by TD,TTG. They will be added in throughout.

Category: Slash/het
Pairings: Umm, everybody?
Disclaimer: I own less of this one than usual. The characters etc belong to Jason Katims and UPN. The premise belongs to Shadowgrl without whom this story would not exist.
Summery: Picks up where Initiation left off.
Author’s Note: I want to thank Shadowgrl from the bottom of my heart for giving me permission to write this. Also, thanks to Plu for the wonderful job she did beta reading it for me. 

This is my first NC-17 fic, first UC fic, first Slash fic. I’m practically a virgin here and so I’m a little nervous about posting this, but what the heck. Bring on the feedback, I can take it. LOL

If you haven’t read Initiation yet, I recommend that you do because it was awesome not because it’s necessary. You can find it, among other places at:

Chapter One

It was his first time sitting with the group since his initiation. He’d been nervous about coming here this morning. Not sure what to say or how to act. It was odd… Knowing that nearly half the people around him knew every intimate detail about him. About how to please him, how to make him cry out in unbelievable pleasure - and vice versa. He’d expected it to be awkward, and it was, but in some ways it wasn’t. In some ways this coming together was completely comfortable, like a favorite robe. The whole situation was confusing as hell.

Alex was sitting sandwiched between Isabel and Max. Isabel was half turned toward him, cuddling against his side. He loved the feel of her breasts pressing against him. Her scent was washing over him, reminding him of last night when she’d finally let him in. Into her heart. Into her soul… into her body. His own body grew semi hard at the memory of what she’d said and done to him in those long, long hours he’d spent with her in her bed. He was amazed at how unreserved she’d been. When Isabel decided to commit herself to him, she didn’t do it in half measures. Of course, she’d known what he’d had to go through to get to where he was and that knowledge was an added security blanket for her. She knew that prior to coming to her bed he’d had to spend an evening with Max and Michael in his. She knew, of course, because she’d sent them to him.

And therein lay part of the reason for the awkwardness this morning.

Max had his arm stretched out along the back of the booth, his fingers idly brushing against Alex’s shoulder in a feather light caress. Alex was not surprised to find he was ok with that. He’d learned a lot about Max the other night, and, first and foremost, Max was a sensual person. He liked to touch, stroke, fondle, kiss, lick or bite anything within reach. Michael was more of the rough and ready kind. Michael would fuck you until you thought you were going to die of bliss. And then he’d fuck you some more. Max was more gentle. More persuasive. More seductive. Alex couldn’t decide which he preferred, and was glad he didn’t have to. Max and Michael were both his. The same way that Isabel was his. And he was theirs. Like he said, comfortable.

The rest of the reason for Alex’s awkwardness was sitting across from him in the booth.

Tess had her arms around Kyle and was happily nuzzling his neck. Kyle was as lost in the embrace as she was, but it hadn’t started that way. When Max had slid into the booth next to him with a soft, “Hi”, across the way, Kyle had raised his eyebrow at him in question. Alex had blushed.

It was one thing to do all the things he’d done with Max and Michael during his initiation, but it was another to sit across from someone – an outsider to the event - who knew, too. And there was no doubt that Kyle was aware of every hot, lusty thing he’d been a party to two nights ago. Kyle knew that the two aliens had come for him to take him into the amazing realm of hybrid sex and that Alex had enjoyed every single heart-stopping moment of it as the two aliens tag- teamed him into orgasm after orgasm. Alex knew that Kyle knew, because Kyle had been initiated, too.

Through his blush, he raised one eyebrow in return and squeezed Isabel’s hand a little harder, reminding himself why it had been necessary. Looking steadily into the other human’s eyes, his own full of the knowledge that Kyle himself had spent a similar evening, he watched as the other boy’s eyes turned away and wave of hot embarrassment rose up his face.

Tess, sensing her chosen one’s discomfort, set about distracting him.

Kyle was in the same boat as Alex. Torn between extreme shame and satiation he wasn’t sure which way to go. He was Kyle Valenti, class stud, all around sports hero, the “Bo knows” of W. Roswell High. If anyone ever found out that he’d gone willing down the path of faggotty degradation with their two resident aliens… Ok, maybe, it wasn’t willingly at first, but he’d been theirs to do with as they pleased after the first fifteen minutes. Someone must have used Hoover parts in the construction of Michael Guerin, he’d decided. That guy could suck dick like nothing he’d ever felt. Less than ten seconds after the alien’s lips and tongue had wrapped themselves around his erection, Kyle had stopped struggling. His arms had stopped trying to push the other boy away but instead had pulled him closer as he’d thrust eagerly into his hot mouth. His only lingering embarrassment came from the knowledge of how fast his first orgasm had ripped through him. It was almost without warning. Michael had been ready though and had eagerly swallowed down every drop of the moisture he’d called from him.

And Kyle discovered his world had turned on its axis – again. Damn aliens.

On the other hand, now there was Tess. Tess, who’d apparently decided she’d wanted him and only him for all future ‘wick trimmings’. The fact that he’d been able to go to her only after receiving King Max’s seal of approval didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would. And she’d been incredible. They’d hardly left his/her room for the last 24 hours. She was insatiable and he’d been there with her every step of the way. There wasn’t an inch of her delectable body he’d hadn’t kissed or licked since he’d finally been allowed free reign to all of the desires burning inside him for the small waif who’d found her way into his heart as easily as she’d come into his home.

He felt like dropping to his knees in front of Max and giving him the thanks he so richly deserved for initiating him into their family – into their pack. And the best thing was that, since the other night, he knew exactly the kind of thanks Max would appreciate most and that on his knees would be the best position to be in to give it. Kyle felt his cock throb an “amen” to that. He growled in his throat as he pulled Tess tighter into his embrace.

“Aren’t you two past the lovey-dovey stage yet?” Michael groused while watching the two of them out of the corner of his eye. He was sitting on Tess’s other side in the booth, and their sudden groping was making him uncomfortable.

“Bite me, Guerin,” Kyle ground out, shooting the alien a look over Tess’s shoulder.

Michael’s eyes flashed in sudden heat as he sent a half smirk at him, but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to. Kyle froze as the words “be careful what you ask for” rolled around in his head. And the amazing thing was, he didn’t know if the implied retort was meant as a threat or a warning of pleasure to come. Kyle had to swallow past a sudden tightening in his throat before he could look away. Taking Tess’s hand, he relaxed in the booth.

The jingling of the bells over the entrance door to the CrashDown caught everyone’s attention and they looked over to see Maria walk into the diner. Spotting her friends, she quickly stepped over and pulled up a chair near Michael.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Her tone reflected a slight concern. It wasn’t often the whole group gathered like this. And when they did, usually it was a bad thing.

“Absolutely nothing,” Alex answered with a grin.

Max told her, “We’re just sitting here enjoying a stress-free morning. No evil aliens or government agents to worry about. It’s almost weird.”

“So, what were you talking about?”

“Pretty much nothing,” Kyle joked. “Without our two favorite topics of conversation, we’ve discovered we don’t have anything to say to one another.”

“Now that I can believe.” Maria slipped off her windbreaker and hung it over the back of her chair. Michael’s eyes were drawn straight to the nice display of cleavage she’d given him. Her cotton t-shirt was snug as usual and clung to her tiny frame, emphasizing the rounded curves of her breasts.

Michael licked his lips, which had become mysteriously dry as Isabel complemented Maria, “That’s a cute top.”

Maria met her gaze for one second before blushing and whispering, “Thanks.” She grabbed Michael’s hand and clung to it like a lifeline.

Alex found himself scrutinizing the girl he’d been friends with for as long as he could remember. There was something different about her today. He couldn’t tell what it was. Her hair looked the same as ever. No piercings or tattoos to mention. Whatever it was, he couldn’t put his finger on it. She was… she was just, pretty, he guessed was the word he was looking for. Yeah, that was it, Maria looked especially pretty today. He wondered why.

He found himself surreptitiously looking at Isabel out of the corner of his eye. The other night when they’d come over, Max and Michael had let it slip that Maria had been initiated into the fold a while ago. Alex had been pissed to think that Michael had allowed Max to sleep with Maria, but they’d set him straight immediately by telling him that Isabel had initiated Maria. His beautiful, loving Isabel, who’d exhausted him to a near comatose state with her passionate demands, had spent a night seducing Maria into the family.

All of a sudden his brain was flooded with images of the two women wrapped over and around each other, bare limbs tangled as mouths and hands sought to drive each other to a higher state of completion. Isabel’s sultry voice calling Maria’s name as she had his only a few hours ago rang soundlessly in his ears. He had to blink to clear his vision. What the hell? He’d better put a stop to that immediately. Maria was Michael’s, and Alex no more wanted to even think about her naked as he would Liz or his mom. Even if it was with Isabel in every man’s fantasy. Maria was his friend and nothing more. Taking a deep breath, he made an effort to cool his rampaging libido. That’s it, he decided. No more sneaking a peek at the porn channel when his parents weren’t around. It was the only explanation he could come up with for his sudden voyage into nympho dreamland.

Completely in tune to the human sitting beside him, Max felt Alex’s sudden discomfort and was able to guess at its cause. He brought his warm hand to the back of Alex’s neck and began to lightly rub his tense muscles, sending small currents of soothing energy into him and in no time, Alex was once again completely at ease and relaxed, the incident almost forgotten. It was done so casually that no one except Isabel noticed. She smiled at her brother while lightly tracing small patterns against the back of Alex’s hand.

Maria stood saying, “I’m thirsty. Anybody want anything?”

The whole group nodded, and she stepped behind the counter to the soda fountain.

While she was gone, Kyle asked, “Is it just me, or does she look different today?”

So much for Max’s efforts. With warning bells sounding the alarm in his head, Alex sat up and asked, “What do you mean ‘different’?”

“I don’t know. Just different.”

Michael and the others shared a brief look before he said, “No, she looks the same as ever to me.” His dark eyes held a mysterious glow as he inspected his pixie girlfriend from the top of her golden head past the alluring curves of pert breasts, past her belly and the beautiful curve of her hip. Down, down, down the long length of her legs to her delicate ankles. And back up again. It was a wonder she didn’t ignite from the heat of his gaze upon her.

“How can you not see it?” Kyle asked. It was as plain as day. Now more than ever. There was something off about Maria. “She’s…” Again an exact definition of what was different about her eluded him. “She’s… well, I don’t know. She’s something, that’s for sure.”

Tess said gently, “Kyle, I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Alex stuck up for him. “No, Kyle’s right. I noticed it, too.”

Max shot Michael a dark look full of command. Michael reluctantly complied and turned his head away from his perusal of Maria’s gorgeous attributes and concentrated on… Well, there was the old stand by – Mud.

“I’m telling you,” Kyle insisted, “she’s…” and then it suddenly struck him what was different about her. With a click, his mouth snapped shut and he tossed a hesitant glance Michael’s way. It had been on the tip of his tongue to announce to the room in general that Maria looked different today because she was beautiful. Her full, pouty lips begged to be ravished. Not just kissed as in a hello-it’s-nice-to-see-you way, but plundered as in an I’m-gonna-fuck-you-hard-and-deep-until-you-cum-screaming way. He could see the outline of her nipples even through her t-shirt and bra. They weren’t standing up calling attention to themselves, but he could see them just the same and he wanted to see what they look like when they were hard nubbins pressing against her shirt, her bra, his hands and his lips. Her hair was slightly mussed from the wind blowing outside, but he was certain if it were even more mussed, like it would be against his pillow after a round of hot sex, it would be even sexier than it was now.

Oh shit. He wanted to sleep with Maria DeLuca. What the hell was happening to him? He’d never wanted Maria in that way in his whole life. Now, after a sexual marathon first with Michael and Max, then Tess, he suddenly wanted every girl he sees? Oh fuck. What if there was something wrong with him? What if something happened during the initiation and now his libido was permanently switched on? What was he going to do? What is Tess going to say when she discovers he’s going to drool over everything with breasts and legs that walked by for the rest of his life? Kyle thought in a panic.

“Kyle, what were you going to say?” Alex asked, his concern for Maria growing.

“Nothing. I don’t know what I was saying. I’m sure there’s nothing different about her. I mean what could be different? She’s just Maria. You know, the same ole Maria she’s always been, right?” He couldn’t hide the desperation in his voice.

Max, after shooting another look at Michael who’d nodded that he’d done all he could, said calmly “I still don’t see anything different. Kyle, look at her again. It’s just Maria, like you said.”

Hesitantly, Kyle shot a glance toward her, then frowned as he looked harder. Max was right. She was back to being the way she always was. Maria. Liz’s best friend. Not the lusty sex kitten he’d perceived a few moments ago. Praise Buddha. He was quick to shove the erotic fantasies that had sprung forth unbidden back into the dark recesses of his brain.

Alex looked, too, and was surprised to see that Max was right. Maria had gone from being a glorious temptress back to being his friend and confidante. He sincerely hoped she’d stayed that way. He wasn’t sure how long he could stand having to deal with the other one.

Unaware of the havoc she’d caused during her absence, Maria came back over to their table carrying their drinks on a tray. She set everything down, slipping into her waitress mode. Without being asked, she plunked a bottle of Tabasco sauce down in front of Michael.

“Thanks,” he mumbled without looking up.

She sighed in silent misery as she sat down next to him. Michael always blew so hot and cold around her. When she’d first arrived, she could have sworn on a stack of Bibles that he’d been glad to see her. But now he was back to being his old distant self. Sometimes she didn’t know why she tried.

Even the initiation thing was a bust for them. He didn’t say anything but she knew she’d somehow failed that little test. She must not have pleased Isabel enough. Little surprise there, she told herself unhappily. ‘I mean, look at you compared to her. You’re short, no breasts, not slender and petite like Liz.’ She’d been naturally insecure right from the beginning, even after Michael explained that before they could be together she had to go through a trial run with Isabel first. It reminded her of those palace slaves who had to taste their master’s food before it was deemed worthy to be passed on to him.

Maria had obviously been found wanting by the Ice Bitch because despite Maria’s participation in the initiation, she and Michael hadn't yet had sex. Part of her was hurt, wounded, and another part was humiliated. When she remembered everything she’d done to Isabel’s beautifully curved body, and everything she’d allowed her to do to her own, her cheeks burned with shame. What had she done wrong? Had she not fucked her hard enough, long enough? She remembered Isabel’s passionate cries ringing out in the stillness of the dimly lit bedroom. Had she been faking it?

Neither Isabel nor Michael ever actually came out and said she’d flunked the test. Maria supposed she was grateful for that. After all, what could they say, “I’m sorry Maria, but you’re not a good enough lay for Michael”? So Maria pulled in her pride, put her chin up and decided, ‘to hell with the both of them, then. Who needs them?’

The truth was, she did. She wanted to belong to Michael – in every way. To be a part of his family. To belong to the group. She supposed that was what kept her coming back to him despite however many times they pushed each other away. They always came back together like two magnets. She needed him. She needed him to need her.

One day, she swore to herself, one day soon, she was going to go to Isabel and beg for another chance. And this time, she was going to get it right. Maria chewed her lip as she contemplated her next move. She was going to need some help, she knew, but she wasn’t sure how to ask for it. It was this uncertainty which had held her back all these months. She and Liz were as close as sisters, but they’d never crossed the line with each other before. They’d had Alex for their kissing practice buddy, but she couldn’t go to him for this one. She needed another woman, if she was going to learn how to please Isabel, and the only person in the world she could turn to was Liz

Maria had been at a loss at how to broach the subject. It wasn’t exactly an everyday topic. “So, how’d you do on that Trig test? And by the way, will you let me make love to you? You see, I need the practice.” Which is why she was still sitting here, close enough to touch Michael, but unable to do so. Because she was unworthy.

She looked to where Isabel was sitting so close to Alex. There was an air of intimacy about them that caused Maria’s heart to drop. From the looks of things, Alex had been initiated and he’d passed. Maria squashed the jealousy that accompanied the realization. Of course Alex had known how to please her. He was a man, Isabel was a woman. He could go with his instincts. Maria had been completely out of her league.

The full dynamics of the initiation rite hadn’t been explained to Maria when Michael had brought Isabel by his apartment that night. All he’d said was that they couldn’t be together until she’d been accepted by Isabel first. Maria was just thankful it hadn’t been Max with Michael that night. While it would have been easier, less awkward for her, Maria just knew she couldn’t have done it. There was no way she could consent to something that would devastate her best friend as soon as she found out about it. It somehow seemed less sinful to be with Isabel than it would have been to be with Max. She didn’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out why that was.

Seeing how happy Alex was now, Maria decided that it was time to screw up her courage. She wanted Michael and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to get him. It was time to talk to Liz.

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Chapter two

As if on cue, the door leading to the kitchen opened and Liz stepped into the diner. Max spotted her first and his eyes drank in the sight of her.

Liz was in a short summery dress that left her tanned legs bare. It nipped in at her waist revealing its tiny circumference. Her breasts swung freely underneath the fabric and friction against the cloth had caused her nipples to stand out proudly. She had pulled her dark glossy hair up and back with a large clip which revealed the delicate curve of her neck. Her dark eyes were drawn across the room to Max immediately, but when she caught him watching her, she looked away quickly.

Spotting her friend, Maria jumped up and went to her.

There was a stunned silence at the table. All six eyes were trained on Liz’s small form as she turned to greet Maria with a welcoming smile. Michael, Isabel and Tess were the first to look away. Michael had his fists clenched tightly and he appeared to be fighting an internal battle.

Alex dimly noted this as he tried to remember to breathe. Liz Parker, his best friend since the fourth grade, was a goddess. There weren’t enough words to describe her beauty. She was innocent, sexy, alluring, and he wanted nothing more than to push Max out of his way, go to her and capture her mouth under his. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, than he was plunged into a fantasy the likes of which he’d never forget.

He could feel Liz’s surprised reaction to see him standing so suddenly in front of her. Without giving her time to guess his intentions, he dropped his lips to hers and pulled her into his arms. The kiss was violent with need and she seemed unable to respond at first, but soon her arms were snaking around his neck to pull him closer. His tongue thrust greedily into her mouth. She welcomed it with a sound of desire which only added fuel to the already raging fire inside him. He allowed his hand to run up and down her sleek body. Coming to her breasts, he cupped them softly, the first sign of gentleness from him. She moaned loudly as she pressed even closer to him.

Uncaring of their audience or location, Alex ran his hands down her legs to the hem of her short skirt and back up again taking the cloth with him. He briefly stroked the rounded globes of her ass through the cloth of her panties, enjoying the satiny texture and the heat of her skin, before tugging the small scrap of fabric away, pushing it down her body as far as he could reach. With a small movement, she allowed gravity to finish the job, and her underwear fell to the floor. Through it all, the kiss went on and on.

With one arm under her butt, the other around her waist, he picked her up easily and deposited her on the edge of one of the bar stools at the counter. He dimly noted that her hands hadn’t been idle and his shirt now hung open and she was running her fingers across his chest in an eager caress. When she brushed against one of his sensitive nipples, he gasped.

Her lips freed from his, Liz quickly began a series of nibbles and bites down his neck and across his collar bone.

Reaching under her skirt again, he pushed the fabric completely out of his way so he could gaze down at the dark curling hair that hid her most private secrets from his eyes. Parting the hair gently with one hand, he pulled her hips even closer to the edge of the stool with the other. Her position had become precarious, and her legs clung to his hips even harder. His erection was thrusting painfully against his jeans and he wanted nothing more than to free himself and press it into her receptive body.

‘Slow down, Whitman,’ he cautioned himself then nearly laughed out loud. It was too late to slow things down. He was going up in flames, and so was she. The hand between her legs explored her sensitive flesh delicately. She was wet and waiting for him. His name on her lips was both a cry and a plea. She wanted him, he was certain.

Eagerly, he reached for his zipper.

“Maxwell!” Michael growled and kicked his friend for good measure causing Max to jump. The disturbance brought Alex out of his reverie as the alien’s warm body next to him jostled his own suddenly overheated body. Alex sat there in a haze of desire, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Looking around the table, he assessed his friends trying to see if they’d noticed his sudden departure to Lustville. Michael was breathing heavily, his eyes closed. Kyle seemed to have the same shocked/puzzled look on his face that Alex just knew was on his own. Every muscle in Max’s body was tense and a quick peek told Alex that the alien’s cock was throbbing against the fly of his pants. Tess and Isabel seemed to be unaffected, for which Alex was grateful. Apparently, Isabel didn’t know he’d suddenly been lusting after his best friend, Liz. Thank god.

What was wrong with him today? he wondered. First Maria and now Liz. His mind quickly came up with the explanation. Of course. The initiation. Max and Michael had told him that having been engineered as an alien/human hybrid had created some interesting side effects. One of which had been the cause for the initiation. In order for him to be with Isabel, he’d had to be accepted by the other males in the foursquare, namely Max and Michael. Max had said that they each wanted heterosexual mates/partners/lovers – whatever you wanted to call it, but before they could become intimate with their chosen one, that person had to be fully accepted by the members of the same sex within the group by way of an all night orgy. First Maria, then Kyle had gone through the process. Alex had had his turn last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning.

But there had been something else Max had said. Because Isabel had wanted him, her desire for him had been planted in the other three aliens. So, since Isabel wanted him, Max, Michael and Tess wanted him, too.

Everyone in Roswell knew that the one person Max wanted more than life itself was Liz Parker. Somehow, Alex realized, he was feeling Max’s desire for Liz, and earlier had felt Michael’s desire for Maria. If he’d felt it, then that meant… “Isabel?” he’d asked softly.

“Yeah.” She answered his unspoken question. “You sorta have to get used to that.”

“You’re kidding me right? I mean, that was… and I…” At a loss for words, he grabbed her hand and placed it against the hard flesh straining against his fly. “Tell me how I get used to this. And that was Liz. Liz!” He repeated as if just by saying her name, he defined how wrong the whole thing had been. “This isn’t right,” he stated just to make it clear.

Across the table, Kyle was able to piece together what Alex was saying. Apparently, the other boy had had the exact same reaction to seeing Liz that he had. Kyle was secretly relieved he wasn’t alone in this, even though it meant he wasn’t going to be able to walk anytime soon. He looked at Max in amazement. “Christ, Evans. That was you?”

Max flushed and looked away, studiously keeping his eyes away from where the two human girls were chatting at the counter.

Tess rubbed his back and said, “It’s ok, Kyle. Isabel’s right. You just get used to it after awhile.”

Ignoring her, Kyle looked to Michael for support. “Does… does that happen often?” he asked softly.

Michael sighed and let the last of the tension flow out of his body. He nodded and said, “Every time.”

Alex and Kyle both had the same comic look of stupefaction on their faces as they repeated, “Every time?”

The resigned look in his eyes was answer enough. Alex asked tentatively, “And do you… get used to it?”

Shooting a burning glance at Max, Michael growled, “No,” before he stood and left the CrashDown without another word to any of them.

Alex and Kyle locked eyes, silently communicating the panic coursing through them. This wasn’t good. No, this was very, very bad.

Just then, the girls came over.

“What happened to Michael?” Maria asked.

“He had to go,” Isabel replied. “You know Michael. He can only take social outings in small doses.”

Forcing his voice to return to some semblance of normal, Alex asked, “So where are you two off to today?”

“The mall. There’s a big sale at the music store,” Maria replied.

Liz offered, “Isabel, you can come with us if you want.” Realizing she was being rude, she turned to include the girl who was sitting next to Kyle, “And you too, Tess,” she said with a forced smile.

No one was fooled.

“No thanks. Kyle and I have already made plans. Thanks for offering though.”

“Isabel?” Liz questioned Max’s sister.

“Sounds like fun, but I’m making dinner for Alex tonight, so maybe next time?”

Liz smiled at her friends. She was surprised and a little hurt when neither Kyle nor Alex would meet her eyes. “Sounds great. Well, ah, we’d better get going. See ya guys.” She gave Max one long lingering look. “Bye, Max.”

“Bye, Liz” he answered, his eyes screwed tightly shut. He knew if he dared to look he’d be unable to tear his eyes away from her face until she turned around. He realized poor Alex and Kyle must be pretty freaked right now, and he was trying to control himself for their sakes. He listened as she went out the door with Maria at her side.

Kyle and Alex once again found the air knocked out of their lungs as desire coiled fiercely inside them. Max didn’t even have to look at Liz for his raging hormones to spill over into the other two boys. Just the husky sound of her voice had done it.

As soon as the girls were out of earshot, Kyle gritted his teeth saying, “shitshitshit.”

Alex whole-heartedly concurred. He reached out and placed a hand tentatively on Max’s arm, half afraid of being rebuffed. “Max, why don’t you do something about this? I mean how long has this been going on?”

“Since the shooting,” Isabel answered when Max didn’t. “We’ve always had the desire for her, but it’s only been this intense since the shooting. Proximity makes it worse. Being in the same room with them like this…”

“What can we do?” Kyle asked.

Tess offered, “It would get better after the initiation, but…”

“What do you mean ‘better’?”

“I’m not having any urges to beg Alex to do me this morning, which is a nice change.”


Isabel was nodding, “Yeah, same thing for me with Kyle. The desire is there, but not as sharp.”

“Oh my god,” Kyle buried his hands in his face.

Alex pushed back images of Kyle and Isabel in order to ask, “If it’s been this bad, why on earth haven’t you initiated her yet?”

Tess flushed guiltily. “That’s my fault,” she admitted. “Isabel alone can’t accept her, remember? It has to be both of us. You saw how she is around me. There’s no way she’d let me get that close to her, and Max refuses to ask.”

“Wait a minute,” Alex said, remembering everything Tess had done to break up Max and Liz upon her arrival in Roswell. A look of confusion crossed his face.

Tess, realizing where his thoughts had gone, quickly explained, “Nasedo didn’t realize that being a hybrid would cause us to have different needs from either the people of his planet or humans. I didn’t know anything except what I was told: Max and I belonged together. When I first came to town, I could feel his desire and assumed it was for me. I told myself he was fighting his feelings. Then we started having these dreams over the summer. All of us. They were confusing but eventually we came to realize what our psyches were trying to tell us. That we were different than either species we resembled. It took a little getting used to.

“We screwed up with Maria. We didn’t realize that it had to be both me and Isabel with her, so her initiation didn’t work. She and Michael still can’t be together.”

“Couldn’t you, I mean, if you… What if you skipped the initiation for now? You could do it later after she’s feeling more comfortable. Maybe that would help. You know, take the edge off,” Kyle suggested.

“We can’t,” Max said. “We can only go so far, then everything shrivels up. My psyche won’t let my body complete the act.”

Max remembered a whispered conversation he’d had with Liz at Michael’s apartment one night:

‘No, Max. We can’t do this.’

‘I know.’

He hadn’t realized yet how prophetic the words were. As much as he’d wanted to, there was no way his body would have let him make love to Liz the night they’d found the orb.

Kyle didn’t bother making a joke about Max’s prowess as a lover. He knew from first hand experience that the alien didn’t have any trouble getting it up and keeping it up and besides, this was too important. His sanity was at stake.

“What can we do?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Max said with a sigh. “I can’t force her. In fact, I’m afraid to tell her. You know Liz. She was raised with strong morals and a good sense of right and wrong. I can’t see her agreeing to this, and I don’t want to lose what small part I have of her by asking.” He stood up, suddenly wanting to get out of there. This conversation was depressing the hell out of him. “Look, I’ll see you guys later.”

With that, he hurried out the door and into the lazy New Mexico sunshine.

“Come on, Alex, I told mom we’d stop by the grocery on the way home.” Isabel pushed her boyfriend out of the booth and stood next to

“Yeah, we should get going, too.” Tess said as she and Kyle slid out of their seats.

Kyle and Alex shared a look that clearly said, ‘We’ll talk about this later’ before allowing themselves to be hauled out of the CrashDown.

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Chapter three

It was nine thirty that night when Alex answered his phone. “Hello?”

The caller didn’t bother to identify himself. “So, what’d you come up with?”

Alex ran a hand through his short hair as he sighed, “I don’t know. Nothing that’ll work, I guess.”

“Geez, Whitman. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one here - aside from Liz of course.”

“Can it, Valenti, unless you’ve got something…?” Alex couldn’t help the hopeful tone of his voice. Even the mention of Liz’s name caused a twitch in his nether regions.

“As a matter of fact, I do. As I see it, we’ve got three separate problems: Lack of trust and too much desire are the first two. Liz doesn’t trust Tess. She would rebuff any attempt on Tess’s part to get closer. That means no initiation. And secondly, Max wants her so much that he’s afraid of losing her so he won’t even tell her about the initiation. And lastly, and this is the big one, there’s Liz’s modesty. I just can’t see her unbending enough to let Tess and Isabel get that close to her.”

“Yeah, I’m with you so far. What’s your plan?”

“What are your plans for tomorrow after school?”

“I was gonna hang out here with Isabel. My folks are in Florida visiting my aunt, so we’ve got the house to ourselves. Why?”

“The way I see it, we can kill two birds with one stone here by making Liz spend some quality time with Tess and Isabel. That way she can get to know the girls a little better, you know, work on the trust issue. Why don’t you invite Liz to join you guys – for a couple of hours?” he hurried to add before Alex could make some sort of comment about cramping his love life. “While she’s there, I want the both of you to invade her personal space. If we can get her used to Isabel and Tess’s presence then maybe the idea of the initiation won’t be such a shock.”

What do you mean by ‘invade her personal space’?”

“What do you think, Whitman? Just go slow. Don’t scare her off.”

“What about you?”

“I’m going to invite her over to go swimming on Thursday.” Alex could see the possibilities there. “We’ll keep going at her until she’s completely accepting of Tess and Isabel in her circle. Then we’ll worry about Max and getting him to agree to the initiation. What do you think?”

“It could work. Let’s give it a try.”

* * * * * *

Maria nervously led Liz into her bedroom and firmly shut the door. The sound of the lock was loud in the hushed stillness. She’d invited Liz back here because people didn’t tend to barge in on her unannounced as much as they did to Liz.

“Ok, Maria,” Liz said as she set her purse down and sat on the edge of the bed. “Spill. You’ve had something on your mind all day.”

Maria didn’t answer right away. Instead, she stepped over to her window and made sure it was locked before pulling the curtains tightly closed. Turning on the small desk lamp that barely illuminated one corner, she turned back to her friend. “Liz, I have this thing and I really need your help with it. Now I know it’s a lot to ask, but we’ve always shared everything every since we were in grade school and I know it’s a terrible thing to put on you, but I really need your help.”

“Maria, of course, whatever it is, I’ll help you. Is this about Michael?”

With a sigh, Maria nodded. “I want to be with him so badly, but I can’t, I mean he won’t let me. And I know it’s because I’m not good enough for him, Liz and I just can’t stand knowing that one day, he’s gonna leave me and find someone who is worthy of him,” she ended on a whisper, “just like my dad.”

Liz rushed to embrace her friend. While she stroked her hair, she reassured her, “Of course you’re good enough. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to Michael Guerin and he knows it, Maria. He isn’t going anywhere.”

“You don’t know that, Liz. You don’t know what happened.”

“Tell me, “ Liz implored.

Maria thought about telling her everything, but in the end decided against it. “I can’t. Please just trust me on this one. You don’t want to know.”

“How can I help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong?” Liz asked.

Maria moved out of the warm circle of her arms. It didn’t feel right asking what she was going to ask her friend while standing in the warm comfort of her embrace. Taking a deep breath, she let the words rush out of her before she changed her mind. “I want you to show me how to be a better lover.”

“WHAT?” Liz was shocked and not a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I need…” Unable to find the words she needed, Maria stepped forward and taking Liz’s face between her warm hands pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

Liz’s reaction was swift, and exactly what Maria had been expecting. The shorter girl jumped away and backed toward the door. “What was that?” she asked.

Maria licked her lips. God, she could taste Liz’s strawberry lip gloss. Her best friend was staring at her like she was an alien. Maria almost laughed at the thought. Ten to one, Liz had never looked at Max the way she was looking at her now. Turning away and sitting dejectedly on the edge of her bed, Maria whispered, “I’m sorry, Liz. It was a stupid idea. Just forget it.” She hid her face in her hands and added, “Please just go. We’ll pretend that none of this happened.”

Liz couldn’t bear seeing her friend like this. Slowly she took a tiny step forward, then another until she was standing next to the bed. “Maria, I want to help you. I do, but I can’t do what you want me to. I mean, I just can’t.” Her voice pleaded for understanding. “We’ve been friends forever and I know some girls are close like this, but I’ve never wanted… I mean, the only person I want is Max. I can’t pretend otherwise.”

“I know.” She raised her wet eyes to her friend’s. “I’m so sorry, Liz. I just couldn’t think of any other way. I want him so badly, I’ll do anything. I shouldn’t have brought you into this.”

“No, it’s ok. We just need to figure out another way.” She wanted to hug her friend in reassurance, but suddenly, she felt awkward to be near her. Trying not to think about it, she focused instead on the problem at hand. “Let me just get this straight; what you need is to learn how to be a better lover. And we’re not talking specifically about pleasing Michael in particular.”

Maria nodded.

“OK. Let me think about this tonight, and we’ll talk some more tomorrow. And Maria,” Liz said while reaching out to stroke her soft hair, “no matter what, I’ve got your back, ok? We’ll figure this out.”

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. Liz had spent a restless night but the answer to Maria’s problem had finally come to her about four in the morning. She couldn’t wait to talk to her friend, but there was someone she needed to talk to first. Grabbing her books for first period out of her locker, she went in search of the person who could be the answer to Maria’s prayers. Spotting him talking to Isabel by his locker, Liz hurried over.

“Hey, guys.”

“Hey, Liz.”

“Parker.” Alex said by way of greeting. “Where’s DeLuca this fine morning?”

“Are you kidding? The first bell hasn’t rung yet. She’s probably just now getting out of bed.”

Alex grinned at that accurate guess.

“Look, Alex, I need you to do me a really huge favor. You know how you get every channel on the planet? Would you mind if Maria and I went to your house for lunch today? There’s a program on that we need to watch for a project, only we don’t get the channel at my house. Please?”

“Well, sure. My folks are in Florida and you know where the spare key is right?”

Liz hugged him enthusiastically. “Alex you’re the best.”

“That’s what they keep telling me,” he said, waggling his eyebrows at his girlfriend. She rolled her eyes in return.

“Oh,” he said, “We wanted to invite you over tonight. We were talking and decided that although we know you’ve had good reason, you’ve been pretty distant lately, and it’s time to stop hiding and rebond with your friends.”

Liz blushed, “I know. I’m sorry, Alex. It’s just with…”

“The destiny thing?” Isabel finished for her when she trailed off.


“Liz, trust me when I say you don’t have to worry about that. Tess and Kyle are officially going out now. There’s nothing standing between you and Max but your own stubbornness.”

“I’m not sure, Alex.”

Isabel hurried to assure her, “Max is not invited. Just you. This isn’t a trick, Liz. We miss you and it’s time for you to rejoin the group.”

“So,” Alex broke in, “You are expected to be on my doorstep at six o’clock sharp and we’re not taking no for an answer.”

She smiled at him, at both of them, and said, “Well, since you put it that way, and I feel so welcome…” she couldn’t help but tease, “Ok. I’ll see you guys at six.”

After she walked away, Alex turned to hug his girlfriend. “Thanks Is. You’re the best.”

“Well, it was your idea. I have to admit, this is better than anything Tess and I came up with.”

“Oh really? What were you two thinking?”


Alex nearly fell over.

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Chapter four

“Tell me what we’re doing here again.”

“You’ll see. The answer to your problem lies inside these walls.”

“Liz, we’re at Alex's,” Maria felt compelled to point out. She was pretty sure that Alex didn’t have anything that would help with the current situation.

Liz just smiled at the disgruntlement in her friend’s voice. “Would you just trust me? This is gonna work. Come on.” Liz opened the front door with the key the Whitmans always left under the flower pot by the garage.

The two girls snuck into the house and Liz led the way up the stairs and into Alex's bedroom. Maria climbed onto the bed and fluffed the pillows against the headboard while Liz fiddled with the TV remote control. “I realized what was fundamentally wrong with your suggestion yesterday, that I should help you become a better lover…”

“What, that I was insane to think it?”

“No. Well, yeah. Besides that,” Liz grinned at her friend. “The problem was that I don’t know any more about what’s good, you know, sexually, than you do. What possible help do you think I could have been? What we need is a little professional advice.”

With that, Liz turned on the TV and quickly flipped through the channels until she found the one she wanted. The moaning and panting assured her it was the right one.

She looked over her shoulder to watch Maria’s reaction. “Liz!” she squealed while hiding her face in her pillow.

Liz stole it away from her and pushed it behind her back as she found a comfortable position next to her best friend. “Come on, Maria. You can do this. Geez, you were calmer while trying to make a pass at me yesterday.”

“That was different.” Maria said as she peeked one eye open then froze. Whatever she’d been about to say died on her lips. On the screen, a woman who looked similar to Isabel – tall, blonde, beautiful – walked seductively over to a man sitting at a bar. Without a word, she sat down next to him and reached across him for an ashtray making sure her breasts brushed his arm in the process. And the seduction had begun.

Maria felt her own nipples tighten in response to the woman’s erect breasts. When the man removed her shirt in order to feast on her bounteous flesh, Maria had flashes of herself doing the same to Isabel’s beautiful skin. Their voracious kisses had Maria licking her dry lips in response. Soon the man had moved between her thighs and was eagerly pumping away to the sounds of delight falling from the woman’s lips. Maria’s own hips were moving in accordance to what she was watching on the screen, but she was completely unaware of it. Her clit was being stimulated by the stiff fabric of her jean shorts and the slight movement created a delicious friction. Maria could feel the secret parts of her body growing damp, but she didn’t care.

As the interlude came to its inevitable close, Maria turned to Liz only to find her friend in the same state she was. Arousal was stamped on her face in large letters. Seeing Maria looking at her, she quickly jumped up and stammered, “I’m just going to get something to drink. Why don’t you just stay here and… take notes or something.”

Maria wanted to object but knew it wouldn’t do any good. Instead, she focused on the screen again, only to find two women in this new scenario. Maria watched avidly as the two of them quickly went from ‘hello’ to ‘I want you’. She memorized every movement the two women made as they each pleasured the other. Again, flashes of her and Isabel floated across her subconscious, but she ignored it. Her own body was again responding to the stimulus she was getting from the screen and with a quick glance at the closed door, Maria slid one hand down her front to bury it between her raised thighs. It was difficult to rub her clit in just the right place with her shorts in the way, but she was afraid of Liz interrupting. Her friend had been subjected to too many shocks in the last two days for Maria to want to push her luck and have her catch her with her shorts pulled down. So, she made do.

Liz slowly made her way up the stairs with a glass of ice water in her hands. She’d puttered around downstairs for a few minutes, trying to regain her equilibrium. For one teeny tiny infinitesimal moment, as she lay next to Maria, she’d thought about yesterday’s kiss. Then, she turned her head to find the other girl looking at her, her eyes lit with passion. An urge to cross the space between them and press her mouth against Maria’s full lips had come over her and Liz had obeyed an urge to flee. She hoped she was sufficiently back in control now as she reached for the door handle to Alex’s room.

A quiet moan stopped her. That didn’t come from the TV. Holding her breath, Liz quietly turned the knob and pushed the door open just an inch or so. She spotted Maria on the bed just where she’d left her. What was different was Maria’s hand quickly stroking between her legs. She moaned again and Liz felt an answering throbbing start in her own core. Somehow, watching Maria get off even through her clothes was more exciting than watching the strangers in the show. Careful not to make a sound, certain that Maria would stop if she knew Liz was nearby, she watched her friend try to bring herself to completion.

The final peak was eluding her and Maria was nearly insane with need. She knew the problem was her shorts. The thick denim was muffling the sensations but Maria was too afraid of Liz walking in to remove them. She was never going to cum and she needed it so badly. Just the thought of returning to school and having to make it through the rest of the day before she could go home and finish this in the privacy of her own room was enough to make her scream in frustration. She wildly tried to come up with another option.

Seeing the bathroom door, she was struck with an inspiration. With a groan, she flung herself off the bed and rushed into Alex's bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Quickly, she stripped off her shorts and underwear. Laying a clean towel on the counter, Maria hopped up and picked up where she left off. Only now, instead of watching the TV, Maria found that she was watching herself in the vanity mirror directly across from her. It was exhilarating. Holding her nether lips open, her slowly pushed two fingers into her soft opening, biting the inside of her lip to hold back the moan from the burst of pleasure. Forcing her eyes to remain open, even though they wanted to slide closed in bliss, she watched her glistening fingers work in and out of her core. Bringing her other hand into play, she quickly stroked her sensitized clit. It was just a matter of moments before she was drowning in wave after wave of pleasure as her much needed orgasm rippled through her.

Slowly, she slipped her fingers out of her tingling flesh and brought her knees together. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought, meeting her own eyes in the mirror. ‘What was that?’ ‘That, my friend,’ she answered herself, ‘was incredible.’ A soft giggle escaped her as she climbed down from the counter. Turning on the faucet, belatedly realizing that maybe she should have left the water running the whole time to help muffle the sounds she’d made, she washed her hands as thoroughly as she could using the bar of soap that was sitting there. She wet down a washcloth and gently wiped away the moisture between her legs.

She redressed, grimacing at the soaked condition of her undies, and tidied the room before, as casually as possible, returning to the other room. Liz was sprawled on the bed, eyes glued to the set, seemingly unaware of what had taken place less than ten feet away from her.

Without looking up, Liz asked, “You wanna go? We've got time to watch another if you want.”

Maria came over, aware in some new way of the seductive swinging of her hips as she walked. Climbing back into her former position, she said, “Oh, I guess we could stay. If you don’t mind, that is.”

With a ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin Liz replied, “I don’t mind, but I get the bathroom next,” causing Maria to blush.

The two girls were an hour late getting back to school because Liz had insisted on taking a turn in the bathroom before they could leave. Both girls were thankful that they happened to have spare underwear in their gym lockers.

* * * * * * *

That evening, at the Whitman’s Isabel came over to Alex, who was fixing a snack in the kitchen, and said with a teasing grin. “Hey, I didn’t know you got the porn channel.” School had gotten out over an hour ago and they were killing time waiting for Liz to show up.

“WHAT?” he practically shouted with a blush stealing up his cheeks. Quickly, he stammered, “Yeah, well, we’ve got it, but I don’t watch it. I mean, I’ve got you, not that I think of you as a porn star, what I meant was…”

“Alex,” Isabel kissed him to cut off his babbling. Soon he was gripping her tightly as she rubbed her hands over his shoulders and down his chest appreciatively. “I’m not mad, you know,” she said as they finally broke apart.

“You’re not?”

“Of course not.” She leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I think it’s kinda sexy.”

Despite his blush, Alex smiled at her, “Oh really?”


“Hmm, something to keep in mind, you know, after Parker leaves.”

“Why wait? Liz won’t be here for another hour or more,” Isabel pointed out while allowing her hands to run lower until they were brushing his sudden erection through his pants.

She didn’t need to say it twice. Alex had her by the hand and was pulling her up the stairs and into his room. He didn’t even notice that his usually straight-as-a-pin bed was rumpled before laying Isabel down on it and they proceeded to make the most of the next hour.

By the time Liz knocked on the door, Alex was back downstairs, and Isabel was getting dressed after a quick shower.

Alex pulled open the door with a big welcoming smile, “Hey, Liz.”

She stepped inside, saying, “Hey, Alex.” She looked around and asked, “Where’s Isabel?”

“She’s in the bathroom.”

Liz couldn’t stop the blush that rose up in her cheeks. The phrase, ‘in the bathroom’ had taken on a whole new meaning this afternoon. She and Maria had teased each other unmercifully about it until school ended.

Alex watched her reddening cheeks in amazement. “Uh, Liz? Care to share?”

Blushing even more, Liz just shook her head.

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Here it is, the first intermission in the story - you guessed it - PLOTLESS NOOKIE #1

Part One: Isabel Evans, porn star

From Two Down, Two to Go – Chapter Four

That evening, at the Whitman’s Isabel came over to Alex, who was fixing a snack in the kitchen, and said with a teasing grin. “Hey, I didn’t know you got the porn channel.” School had gotten out over an hour ago and they were killing time waiting for Liz to show up.

“WHAT?” he practically shouted with a blush stealing up his cheeks. Quickly, he stammered, “Yeah, well, we’ve got it, but I don’t watch it. I mean, I’ve got you, not that I think of you as a porn star, what I meant was…”

“Alex,” Isabel kissed him to cut off his babbling. Soon he was gripping her tightly as she rubbed her hands over his shoulders and down his chest appreciatively. “I’m not mad, you know,” she said as they finally broke apart.

“You’re not?”

“Of course not.” She leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I think it’s kinda sexy.”

Despite his blush, Alex smiled at her, “Oh really?”


“Hmm, something to keep in mind, you know, after Parker leaves.”

“Why wait? Liz won’t be here for another hour or more,” Isabel pointed out while allowing her hands to run lower until they were brushing his sudden erection through his pants.

She didn’t need to say it twice. Alex had her by the hand and was pulling her up the stairs and into his room. He didn’t even notice that his usually straight-as-a-pin bed was rumpled before laying Isabel down on it…

When he would have knelt over her, she suddenly stopped him with a hand on his chest. Alex, worried that she’d changed her mind, asked, “Isabel?”

Looking into his eyes, she asked huskily, “Do you think I could be a good porn star?”

His eyebrows shot up. Was this a trick question? If he said ‘yes’ she might think he only thought of her for sex, or that he had some sexist view of her now that they’d become intimate. On the other hand, if he said ‘no’ she might worry that he thought she wasn’t sexy enough or something. With wasn’t true. Quite the opposite in fact, Isabel was sexy enough to set ice on fire. How should he answer? Yes? No? Either way was going to get him into the doghouse, he just knew it. Talk about a no win situation. She was obviously waiting for an answer. Closing his eyes, he took a stab in the dark at being sensitive. “Umm, no?”

The teasing grin that had lit her face at his silence disappeared instantly. “No?” she questioned.

Alex flinched, afraid to look. If her tone was any indication, she was pissed. He knew it, just like he knew that day in the seventh grade when Maria had asked him what he’d thought of her new cowboy boots. He thought they’d looked a little too Annie Oakley and had said so. As soon as the words had left his mouth, he’d wanted to call them back but it was too late. Maria hadn’t spoken to him for a full week. Why did girls always have to ask guys questions like that?

He felt his erection fizzle away: there would be no nookie this afternoon or any other afternoon in the near future. Unless… Trying for a quick recovery, he said, “What I meant was, you would definitely be better than good. You would be a *great* porn star, the best. No one would be better than you would. The whole world would stop and stare while you… you… you know, did your thing. There would be nothing to compare you to. Men all across the nation would swoon at your feet at just the thought of you.” Had it worked? Daring to look, he peeked an eye open to gauge her reaction.

Nope. She was still pissed.

“Is that right?” she asked darkly as she climbed off the bed. “We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

“Isabel,” he half pleaded.

“Na uh, you’ve asked for it now,” she said as she pulled him off the bed. Leading him over to his desk chair, she commanded, “Sit down, no moving.”

“Yes… yes ma’am.” He sat.

Turning her back to him and walking back toward the bed, she couldn’t suppress a naughty grin. An EVIL, naughty grin. It was gone by the time she turned back around. “Now, if I was a porn star, the first thing is: I’d have to realize I’m dressed all wrong. I should be wearing a skirt or robe; something that’s easy to get out of, or just move aside.” She looked down at the comfortable jeans and shirt she was wearing and said, “This won’t do at all,” and in no time, she was standing in front of him in nothing but her bra and panties.

“Better?” she asked him, barely able to keep a straight face.

Alex, who had once again come to attention behind the fly of his jeans, croaked out, “Yeah.” He had to clear his throat before trying again, “Yeah, that’s… much better.” His eyes feasted on her luscious body as she sashayed back and forth in front of him.

“The next thing is: I, as the world’s best porn star, should be responsible for is setting the proper mood, and that means music, right? There’s always sexy music playing in a porno. That’s important. Now, I know lesser girls don’t worry about such things, they let the director or editor chooses whatever they want, but not me. I’m the hottest commodity on the market and I want creative control. Is that too much to ask?”

Swallowing hard, Alex shook his head ‘no’.

“I didn’t think so.” Isabel turned and pointed a finger at Alex’s stereo, causing it to turn on and a CD began playing. The song was sexy: guitars and horns set to a sultry Latin beat. It wasn’t one from his collection, he noted, not really paying attention to it as she walked toward him. She stopped so close to him that he could feel the heat of her body. He had to force himself to look at her eyes only. His hands were fisted in his lap and he didn’t dare to move them. She seemed to be on some kind of mission and he wasn’t about to interrupt.

“Lastly, and this is the part that is overlooked by the general population, the best movies aren’t about lust. You know, the basic bump and grind, sweaty thrusting of animalistic sex. (They aren’t?) No. They’re about sensuality, seduction, passion, in that order. I would understand that if I were a truly great porn star. I would use it to my advantage to, what did you say: ‘Cause the world to stop and stare at me’.” She leaned in close so that her full, pink lips just barely grazed the outside rim of his ear as she whispered, “Let’s see if I can make you swoon.”

She walked back to the head of his bed and when she turned around, she had a rose in her hand. She held it to her nose and breathed in its light scent. As her body began to sway in time to the music, she ran the rose down the side of her face to her lips, holding his eyes all the while.

Alex half stood as comprehension hit him. She’d planned all this, the minx. When she’d come downstairs to get him, this was exactly what she’d had on her mind the whole time. The music, the rose, her question… it had all been designed to get him where he was right now. Turned on and at her mercy.

He sat back down. He wasn’t going to complain. If his girlfriend, the sexiest girl on TWO planets, wanted to play, then who was he to spoil the fun? It might kill him, but he was gonna stay here enjoy the ‘show’.

His eyes followed the rose as it traveled down her body, across her breasts, still clad in their supportive fabric. Around each nipple it went causing them to respond and tighten. “Ooo,” she said, probably more for his benefit than hers. Her voice was like silk as she said, “That almost tickled. Almost.” She smiled at him and asked, “Do you think it would feel better without the bra?”

“Yes,” he squeaked out.

“Hmm, me too. Let’s find out,” she said as she reached for the front closure. When her breasts were bare, he took the time to marvel at her. She was exquisite. Her soft, creamy flesh was topped by nipples so pale in color they almost blended in. When she brought the rose up to her bounteous curves again, Alex suddenly wished he had the ability to stop time. He wanted to freeze the moment. To live in it forever.

Her supple body, still keeping up the rhythm of a song he could barely hear, moved a little closer so he could see every tiny detail about her as the beautiful fragrant rose again drew circles around her erect skin. “Mmm, yeah, that does feel better,” she informed him huskily, as if there were any doubt.

She smiled at him, her eyes lit with humor and pleasure over his obvious enjoyment of her game. It gave her the confidence to keep going. She wasn’t sure if he’d be into this kind of thing, and she was very pleased that he was. Excellent. It was time to move on to phase two, she thought with an inward grin.

The rose left her breasts and headed slowly, slowly down her abdomen. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, she slid them down her legs all the way down to the floor, where she stepped out of them lightly. Watching his face, she backed up a few paces until she felt the bed behind her. Holding the rose in her teeth, she made herself comfortable against the headboard. After setting the flower down next to her, she took the opportunity to rub her hands across the soft skin of her chest, cupping the ample globes to squeeze and stroke them for a few minutes. She pinched and twisted her own nipples and knew by the look on his face, Alex was wishing it were his hands against her, making her moan in pleasure.

And she *was* moaning, she realized. Here she was, getting herself all worked up while her handsome boyfriend sat less than three feet away and watched. It was heady stuff.

Retrieving the neglected bloom, Isabel ran it all the way down the outside of one leg and up the inside of the other, parting her legs accordingly. She heard a strangled sound from the foot of the bed, and decided to repeat the action, only more slowly this time. Down went the rose past her knee, past her calf to her painted toenails, then it inched it way back up. It tickled against the inside of her thigh, before it finally, finally grazed the neatly trimmed patch of dark curls.

Daring to peek at him to gauge his reaction, Isabel nearly swooned herself. Need was stamped on Alex’s face. A dark flush had climbed up his cheeks and his eyes were focused *there* with such a burning intensity she was surprised her skin wasn’t smoking. She was tempted to stop playing and attack him, but this whole plan seemed so deliciously decadent when she’d come up with it that she wanted to see it through to the end. It’ll give him something to think about the next time he’s flipping channels and comes to the porn channel.

--Accept no imitations.--

Alex was hers and she didn’t want him even thinking about lusting over another woman, even a fantasy one - ever. He’d given himself to them, gone through the initiation, and now she felt very possessive of him. It was more than just the sex, it was primal in a way she couldn’t describe or define. She felt, however incorrectly, that by accepting and being accepted by them, he’d burned his bridges to having a normal life. If she could, she’d stamp ‘Property of Isabel Evans’ on his ass just to make sure they were clear on the subject. She didn’t think he’d go for that, so she’d come up with this as an alternative. She’d stamp it on his psyche.

Spreading her legs wider, she rubbed the rose against the petals of her womanhood. It was a light caress, barely there at all, but it was enough to send a jolt through her. Her hips circled in response, and she made a small sound in the back of her throat. Bringing her other hand into play, she spread apart the protective folds of her skin and repeated the motion. Alex’s groan of desire was louder than hers in the still room. Enough was enough. She set aside her toy and brought her hand down her body to rub her clit.

Pleasure exploded across her senses and her hips jumped in response. She hadn’t realized how worked up she’d gotten just from teasing him. She was practically dripping wet with her juices. Her fingers were already slicked up as she experimentally pressed two inside her waiting softness. “Oh, god,” she breathed. It felt so good that she did it again. And again until she lost count.

She has lost on a sea of sensation, but still heard the jingling of Alex’s chain and pried her eyes open just in time to see him returning to his chair with the deserted rose in his hands. Catching her look, he smiled at her. “Souvenir,” he said by way of explanation. She grinned back, but the smile didn’t last long as she brought her fingers to her clit and began torturing herself with a long, drawn out massage. She’d done this before many times before and knew exactly what she liked, when and where she liked it. What was different this time was that she had an avid audience of one and she wanted to put on a show for him.

She didn’t hold back any of her reactions, and time after time, her voice sounded out in the room as she either stroked her G spot or rubbed her clit. Her back arched and her thighs quivered. Perspiration broke out on her body forehead but still she kept it up.

Watching, Alex had to lick his dry lips. He could practically feel her against his own overheated skin, the memory of the last time they’d made love still fresh in his mind, made real again by his overactive imagination. He wanted to move over her and claim her as his own, but he knew it wasn’t what she wanted. It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but he forced himself to stay in his damn chair and watch this scene to its finish.

And when she came, she called out his name. “Alex! Oh, god, Alex. Oh, yeah, that feels so good,” and he knew she’d been thinking of him, pretending it was his hands driving her crazy, driving her to orgasm. His own heart was racing as he watched the final tremors shake her body, her hand still stroking her most sensitive place, until she languidly came to a stop.

Pulling her legs together, she sat up.

“That was… I can’t even describe how amazing that was,” he told her. “You’re incredible, Isabel.”

“You think so?” she asked as she slid closer to him.

“Of course,” he promptly answered.

“Good.” She sent a smile full of promise at him as she announced, “Because I’m not done. Come here.”

Alex’s eyes got huge in his face as he surmised what she was planning. “Isabel…” he protested.

“Come here,” she repeated, half in invitation, half in command.

Who was he to say ‘no’ to a naked woman who wanted him? Standing, he took the two steps needed to bring himself between her legs where she was sitting on the edge of his bed. His erection, throbbing painfully now against his restrictive jeans was just about eye level. Almost. She unbuckled his belt and undid the fastenings on his pants, sliding them down his legs. He sighed blissfully at the new freedom.

She reached up to cup him through the fabric of his boxers. “A good porn star might decide to leave you like this, but not me. I know that as good as anticipation is, it’s nothing compared to fulfillment. Others might think being like this is a state of fullness. But it’s not.” Squeezing his cock, which could have driven nails it was so hard, she told him, “Anticipation is emptiness. You seem to have everything you could want but in reality you have nothing. We know that, don’t we? Fulfillment, on the other hand, once you’ve spilled every drop of your passion, when you seem to be the emptiest you’ve ever been, that’s when you’re the most full. Passion, desire, it’s a conundrum. The best porn star in the world would know that and use it to her advantage. And I am the best, aren’t I?” she asked, looking up at him with dark eyes.

“Better than the best,” he told her as he reached down and caressed a nipple.

Carefully, she removed his straining flesh from the soft cloth of his shorts. He helped her to pull them down out of her way. Holding his sex in one hand, she caressed the pendulous sacs that hung beneath, causing him to gasp. Wordlessly, she moved forward and brought her lips to him.

“Oh my god, Isabel!” Alex was about ready to explode, and she hadn’t done anything yet. He took a deep breath and tried to focus on calming down. …Until she ran the tip of her tongue over him from top to bottom.

Then she took him into her mouth, his world narrowed down to this: Isabel’s lips and hands on him, the scent of her arousal mingling with her perfume and the rose, late afternoon sunlight filtering through the curtains and Latin music playing softly in the background. Nothing else existed.

Her head bobbed gently back and forth, but there was nothing subtle about the suction she had him in. It was indescribable. He was starting to see spots as helplessly, his hips thrust slightly with her rhythm. “Isabel,” he gasped out.

She picked up her pace a little and eased off the pressure. With one hand she continued to caress his balls, with the other, she stroked his butt, thighs, belly and anywhere else she could reach. She was merciless in her assault and kept it up until a sheen of sweat covered his body.

Stopping briefly, she moved her hand to the slick surface of his staff as her lips wrapped only around the head. While either twirling her tongue over and around him, or lapping up the escaping drops that trickled from the tip, her hand was pumping back and forth bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

“Isabel,” he warned her, shifting his hands through her hair, “I’m going to cum. I’m going to…”

She pulled her mouth away from him and used her spare hand to cup his tight sacs lightly fingering that especially sensitive place behind them. It was enough to send him flying into the clouds. Tilting his head back, he let go and his seed shot from his body, splashing against her bare breasts over and over again.

The worst of the storm over, Alex tried to remain standing on his shaky legs as he attempted to catch his breath. Isabel continued to lightly stroke him as aftershocks of pleasure continued to ripple through him. It was a losing battle, and pivoting, he collapsed onto the bed next to her. “Isabel Evans, you are the most remarkable woman.”

“Yeah?” she asked with a smile. She liked seeing him like this when he was relaxed and sated.


She leaned over and kissed him lingeringly on the mouth. “Just you remember that.” Pulling away with a grimace, she said, “Ugh, I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Fine by me.” He looked over at the clock. “Take your time. Liz should be here in a few minutes, but there’s no reason to hurry.”

“I’ll be quick,” she promised and he resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Quick by her definition could mean anywhere from one to two hours.

He watched her gather up her clothes and go into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and grinned like the devil. He was certain that there was no man in the world who had a girlfriend that went to such lengths as Isabel did for him. He wasn’t sure what this afternoon had been about, but he knew she would tell him in her own sweet time. In the meantime, he could wait.

Eventually finding the energy to move, he stood and pulled his boxers and pants back up. He was wondering about the ending there a little as he dressed. It was the first time she’d pulled back from him, and while he wasn’t complaining, it seemed kind of strange. When he saw his TV remote laying next to the rose on his dresser, he remembered. The men in the porn movies always pulled out when they came. Shaking his head, he just chuckled ruefully.

Listening to the shower run, he wished they had time for him to join her, but Liz was due any minute. Idly, he picked up the poor abused rose. If it could only talk, he thought with a grin. Already, he was making plans to dry it and keep it in his box of treasures in the closet.

He brought the soft flower to his nose to inhale the sweet scent and froze. It had Isabel’s musky scent on it. The rose’s natural odor nearly drowned it out, but the smell was unmistakable. His mouth went dry as he remembered how the smell came to be there. Isabel was incredible, perfection, not unlike the rose itself. Her pick skin had a similar texture, her scent distinctive, and she was the most alluring bloom in the garden. He smiled softly. He would never be able to think of roses again without remembering this afternoon.


By the time Liz knocked on the door, Alex was back downstairs, and Isabel was getting dressed after a quick shower.

Alex pulled open the door with a big welcoming smile, “Hey, Liz.”

She stepped inside, saying, “Hey, Alex.” She looked around and asked, “Where’s Isabel?”

“She’s in the bathroom.”

Liz couldn’t stop the blush that rose up in her cheeks. The phrase, ‘in the bathroom’ had taken on a whole new meaning this afternoon. She and Maria had teased each other unmercifully about it until school ended.

Alex watched her reddening cheeks in amazement. “Uh, Liz? Care to share?”

Blushing even more, Liz just shook her head.

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Hope you enjoyed the intermission, now back to the story...

Chapter five

“Oh, that feels sooo good,” Liz groaned.

Isabel whispered, “Don’t worry, I won’t stop.” She deliberately leaned forward so that her full breasts pressed into Liz’s back. “Alex could you hand me that other one? The one with the long handle? Thanks.”

Alex struggled to bite back his own groan as Isabel’s desire for Liz slowly poured over into him. The whole initiated-connection thing was still new to him and he was trying to come to terms with the secondhand desires he was feeling for a girl he’d only ever thought of as a friend. The desire he was getting from Isabel was different than what he’d felt yesterday from Max. Softer, gentler, less focused. In the CrashDown, Max’s passion had sent him on a white-knuckle ride of need, which Alex felt he’d barely survived. Isabel’s desire, on the other hand, conjured up images of candlelight and wine and languid seductions. The contrast was startling, and in a moment of clarity, he realized how men and women were different when it came to passions of the flesh. He tucked that thought away to mull over later.

Liz was sitting sandwiched between him and Isabel.

A short while ago he had asked his friend innocently if she would mind giving him a back rub, which she had immediately agreed to, as he knew she would. Liz had long been known in their small circle for her incredible back rubs.

They’d eagerly sat down on the floor, Liz with her back resting against the sofa and he between her spread legs, and the back rub had begun. A few minutes had gone by, broken by his happy sighs and moans, when Isabel had asked, “Liz, do you think, I mean, would you mind if I brushed your hair?”

Liz had been startled more at Isabel’s uncertain phrasing than at the request itself. She’d smiled at the other girl and answered, “Of course not. I love to have my hair brushed.”

Alex had added, “Yeah, I’ve been known to put her to sleep just by brushing her hair.” Without waiting for permission, he’d jumped up and retrieved his hair brushes. Having two girls as his best friends had taught him the finer points of feminine pampering and he knew that there were two brushes needed for this chore.

He’d handed the soft bristled brush to Isabel before he sat down again between Liz’s legs after they’d scooted forward to make room for Isabel to slide in behind Liz.

Which was why he was now hearing the occasional moan coming from behind him mingling with his own. As Isabel brushed out Liz’s hair, Liz had worked on his back until gradually her hands fell limply against his sides. She softly groaned in pleasure and Isabel sensed it was time to switch brushes, so she’d asked for the stiff bristled brush that would stimulate the dark -haired girl’s scalp.

Alex idly picked up one of Liz’s relaxed hands and pressed a small kiss to its back. Turning it over, he pressed another to its palm and lightly tongued the pulse beating languidly in her wrist. It was something he’d never done before, but she didn’t seem to mind; either that or she was too far gone to notice. “Thanks. My back feels great.”

“Hmmm? Oh, you’re welcome.” Liz didn’t even open her eyes to answer him.

With a grin, he shifted position so that his head was lying in her lap. He kept a grip on her hand and ‘absently’ played with her fingers, alternately stroking them or massaging the tired muscles there.

Isabel switched back to the soft bristled brush. It was all she could do to keep from kissing Liz’s neck, throat, forehead, lips. Her hair was so soft and silky. It was a different texture than her own hair, and the fragrance wafting up from it was entrancing.

She’d been envious of Alex's back rub earlier, not jealous, mind you. But she’d been feeling a little left out. That was what had prompted the offer to brush her hair. Isabel was not regretting it. The other girl was completely relaxed, nearly asleep as Alex had warned. It was disconcerting, the amount of trust Liz had for her. Isabel couldn’t fall asleep with anyone except Max or Michael and now Alex. Even after her attempted initiation with Maria, Isabel had remained awake, watching her friend as she’d slept languidly.

She wasn’t sure what to do with Liz now.

“Alex?” she whispered.


“She’s sleeping.”

It took a moment for his thought processes to work. They couldn’t leave her sitting up like that. Alex got to his feet, picked Liz up and easily lifted her onto the sofa. He covered her up with a light blanket. Taking a pillow off the chair, he lay back on the floor with Isabel in his arms. There was a movie playing in the VCR which they’d pretty much ignored, but now the two of them watched it idly as they each enjoyed their closeness. “What now?” Isabel whispered in his ear.

“She’ll sleep for about an hour,” Alex predicted. “Then it’ll be time to send you two home. Tomorrow is a school day.”

Isabel petted his shoulders and belly lovingly. She wanted to do more, but she could imagine how embarrassed Liz would be if she woke up to find the two of them having a heavy make-out session two feet from her. Kyle’s idea had been a stroke of genius, and Isabel would be sure to tell him so in the morning. Liz had started out a little shy and withdrawn but had ended up giving in to her senses, trusting Isabel and Alex to take care of her.

Isabel knew that Kyle and Tess would have it harder than she and Alex did. First there was the ex-boyfriend awkwardness to get through, then there was the situation with Tess. The blonde alien seemed to bring out all of Liz’s insecurities. It wouldn’t be easy to surmount those two obstacles, Isabel knew. But they had time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. They had plenty of time to break down Liz’s fortress. Tonight just proved that it was possible to get behind Liz’s defenses. It was a good sign.

* * * * * * *

“Good morning, Ms. DeLuca.”

“Liz, I didn’t expect to see you this morning.”

“Yeah, I know. I was up early and thought I’d offer Maria a ride to school for a change. Is she up yet?”

“Yep, she’s just getting into the shower. Why don’t you go on back and wait in her room.”


Liz hurried down the short hallway and stepped into Maria’s room. She’d awakened with a very naughty inspiration for Maria, and couldn’t wait to share it with her.

“Liz, what are you doing here?” Maria exclaimed upon discovering her friend sprawled out on her bed waiting for her. She clutched her towel tightly around her body.

“Last night I thought of something that might help, you know, with the project. Sometimes sensuality has to come from inside you. If you feel sexy on the inside, then you’ll be perceived as sexy on the outside. Right?”

Maria sounded doubtful but she agreed, “I guess.”

“No, really, I’m serious. Did you ever hear about ‘Gone with the Wind’?”

“Book or movie?”

“Movie. They spent thousands of extra dollars on costume production because the director insisted on the women wearing real silk and satin, even under their dresses where no one would ever know the difference because he said the women would know and it would show in their performances. And he was right.”

“Is there a point here, Liz?”

“Yes. We need to get you feeling sexy on the inside so that Michael can see you as sexy on the outside.”

Maria grinned, “I like the sound of that. What did you have in mind?”

Liz leaned over to whisper her idea into her friend’s ear. Maria’s eyes got huge as she listened. “No. Absolutely not.”

“Come on. No one’s gonna know except us. Trust me.”


“Maria,” Liz warned, “Do you want my help here or not? Now, I’m telling you: you gotta do this.”

“Fine,” Maria capitulated. “But only if you do it, too.”

Blushing, Liz started to object. “Wait, now Maria…”

“You got my back or what? I’m doing this only if you do it with me.”

Liz sighed. “Fine.” She slid off the bed. “Get dressed. I’ll be right back.” The things people did for friendship, she muttered to herself as she made her way down the hallway to the bathroom with her book bag in her hand. She was blushing furiously as she returned, but as she met Maria’s equally red face, the both of them started to laugh.

Amy stuck her head in the room. “Hurry up girls. You’re going to be late to school.”

“I know mom, we’re going.”

The girls giggled all the way to Liz’s car. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Maria groused good-naturedly.

“Come on, admit that you’re getting a little turned on over there. It’s all over your face.”

“How am I supposed to get through an entire day like this?” Maria wailed in a near panic as she realized that Liz was right: she was getting turned on and it wasn’t even first period.

Liz suddenly realized she was in the same boat as her friend. She was also starting to feel a burning begin in her extremities. It was going to be a very long day indeed. She licked her lips and offered, “Alex's parents are supposed to be gone all week. We could go back over there for lunch…”

Maria tossed her a glance out of the corner of her eye, noticing how pretty her friend looked with the flush creeping up her cheeks. Not all of it was from embarrassment, she knew. “Count on it,” Maria told her.

At school, they walked with some difficulty to their lockers. Collapsing against the cool metal, Maria gasped out, “Liz, I don’t think I can do this.”

“Do what?” Kyle asked, appearing at their side.

“Hey guys,” Tess ventured when it appeared neither girl was going to answer him.

Liz was happy to swing her gaze from the burning suspicion in Kyle’s eyes to Tess’s calm blue orbs. “Hey.”

“Did you study for the science test today?” Tess asked in an effort to make small talk.

“Um, yeah.” Liz wondered at the speculation that suddenly appeared on the other girls face. She didn’t realize that her and Maria’s arousal was so obvious to the alien’s heightened senses.

Next to them, Liz heard Kyle tell Maria, “You look… different today. Good, I mean.”

She shot a flustered look at Liz before answering, “Uh, thanks, Kyle. Well, I gotta get going to class. Liz, I’ll see you later. Later, Tess.”


“What’s with her?” Kyle asked as he watched Maria walk off toward her first class. He couldn’t seem to pry his eyes away from her hips as she moved.

“Hmm?” Liz tried to play it off. She hoped Maria would settle down and enjoy herself today. At least Liz knew she was trapped at school. That had been part of the plan in offering to drive this morning. It’s not like the girl had ‘naked under my clothes’ stenciled to her forehead or something. There was no way anyone in the school could figure out that neither girl was wearing her panties, which was the only reason they’d agreed to do this.

Liz had to admit that the effect the titillation was having on her libido was more than she’d counted on. She might have to get a tampon to soak up her juices before first period began at this rate, else she was certain to have a wet spot on her shorts when she stood up after class. Turning up her lips in a secret smile, she asked, “Was there something you two wanted, or did you just stop by to say hello?”

“A little of both,” Kyle asked, a bemused expression on his face. He could feel Tess’s desire for Maria and Liz spilling over into him, but it was mixing with his own desire for them. He wanted Maria – again. He looked around, but Michael was nowhere in sight. Did that mean that he really did want Maria himself? he wondered. Well, he was a guy, he conceded, and she did look especially hot today. As did Liz, he noted with a slight stirring in his private regions. Her nipples were pebbled against her dark t-shirt and suddenly, he ached to touch them.

He chose to clench his hands into fists instead. Especially after he saw his girlfriend notice the same thing and lick her lips appreciatively.

“We, uh, wanted to invite you over tomorrow night. We’re having kinda a small pool party and we really want you to come.” Uh, was that a pun? “T-to it… with us,” he managed to stammer out.

Liz was already shaking her head ‘no’, when Tess placed her hand softly on Liz’s arm and softly implored. “Please Liz. I know we didn’t hit it off, and I know it’s completely my fault. You have every right to hate me for what I did to you and Max. I’m really sorry, and I wish we could start over. You know, try to be friends for real. I realize it was wrong to treat you like I did when I first got here and you have every right to hate me, but I’m hoping you’ll let me make amends. Please?”

Liz’s good nature wouldn’t allow her to throw Tess’s request in her face, despite the devil in her that wanted to. She found herself nodding.

The openly relieved smile that broke on Tess’s face told her she’d made the right decision.

“That’s great,” Kyle said. “So, tomorrow. We’ll see you right after school, ok? Bring your swim suit.”


The two of them grinned at her in thanks before walking off hand in hand. Liz had to hurry to take care of certain things before first period.

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Chapter six

It was about twenty minutes before lunch period when Max happened to glance out the window of his social science class, which faced the student parking lot. He watched in disbelief as Liz and Maria walked towards the cars. They were obviously intent on sneaking off a little early for lunch. Desire coiled through him and he admired the seductive sway of Liz’s hips as she walked. Then he froze, for just a moment, his eyes fixed to her ass. There was something different about her today. Her walk was more relaxed, languid. Sitting up, he peered at her more closely.

“Sweet Jesus!” he cursed as quietly as he could. As far as he could tell, Liz Parker wasn’t wearing any underwear under her snug shorts. And by the way she was walking, he could tell that she was enjoying the sensation. Just the thought that she’d been walking around the halls all morning like that had stars floating in front of his eyes. His cock was immediately standing painfully erect. He needed to get out the classroom before he did something to embarrass himself. Raising his hand, he quickly asked, “Can I get a bathroom pass?”

On the other side of the building, Alex had been standing up in front of his English class giving an oral report, when desire slammed through him so hard and fast, it nearly knocked him off his feet. ‘Shitshitshit,’ he thought as visions of Liz naked and writhing beneath him shocked him speechless. His boxers were doing nothing to contain his sudden erection, so he doubled over and began coughing like he was going to die, which he thought he might. “I’m sorry,” he croaked out, holding the book that had been the subject of his oral report firmly in front of his crotch. “Could I… *cough, cough, cough* go get a drink of water?”

“Of course Alex,” his teacher said sympathetically. “You can continue with your report when you get back.” As he fled the room, barely able to stand, he heard her calling someone else to the front of the room.

In the gym, Kyle had been working on his wrestling moves with his friend Larry when the sudden arrival of his erection knocked the wind out of him. He’d never come to attention that fast before. One second his cock had been flaccid, his mind focused on his moves, the next, his head was spinning as all of his blood rushed to a certain part of his anatomy. As he twisted away from the other boy, lust belatedly roared through him. Dimly, he heard Larry asking, “Kyle, Kyle are you ok?” Then, before he could prevent it, his friend was shouting, “Coach, Kyle’s hurt!” Soon there were sixteen guys standing over him wondering what was wrong. Kyle Valenti, their friend as well as the team’s best man, lay on the hardwood floor in apparent agony, curled up over himself.

Kyle was doing his best just to keep breathing. He’d never before been caught in the grip of this much desire. All he could see when he closed his eyes was Liz Parker’s lips, her skin, her hair. He remembered the mysteriously sexy smile she’d given him this morning before school. He remembered every kiss they’d shared when they’d been going out. Their stolen kiss in the janitor’s closet at the end of freshman year.

He had to find her *now* and bury his aching flesh inside her. He knew that only she could ease this ache inside him. He had to ride her until he owned her completely, until she called him master and came dutifully to heel.

Coach Hopkins was kneeling next to the sweating boy. “Valenti, what’s wrong? Where are you hurt?”

It was all Kyle could do to grit out between his tightly clenched teeth, “Cramp.” Which was almost true – he was having a pain in one of his ‘muscles’. As soon as he could move, he was going to kill Evans, he swore to himself, certain that the alien was completely responsible for what was happening to him. Damn connection. Damn aliens.

Focusing on the thrashing he was going to give Max next time he saw him allowed Kyle to diminish the lust somewhat. It was still there, but he could breathe again. “Just give me a minute, ’k coach?”

“Why don’t you hit the showers early, Valenti? You’re done for the day.”

“Thanks, Coach.”

Mercifully, Hopkins distracted the other boys as Kyle climbed painfully to his feet and sort of waddled to the locker room. No one noticed the bulge in the front of his loose gym shorts pointing the way.

Less than ten minutes later, Kyle saw Alex sitting morosely in the quad, drinking a cola. He jogged over, thankful in a small way that most of the mobility had returned to his extremities.

Alex grimaced at his approach, figuring out that what had happened to him must have happened to Kyle, too. “Hey, Kyle. You seen Max?”

Kyle looked at him assessingly. Finally he asked, “You too, huh?”

Alex nodded as Kyle sat down. “’Bout ten minutes ago. I was standing up in front of my whole English class trying to give a report on “Into the Woods” when ‘little Alex’ decided to make himself known. I was never so glad to have a textbook in my hands in my life.”

Kyle scoffed. “You’re lucky.”

Alex didn’t bother to comment other than by raising one eyebrow. He could easily imagine how it could have been worse. “Why? What happened to you?”

“I was in a wrestling stance over Larry Jensen. You know, completely draped over his back when, ‘hello there’.” He swallowed a drink of his soda. “You know, it’s a damn good thing that my class isn’t co-ed, or I’d be sitting in one of my dad’s cells right now.” He rubbed his hands across his face in agitation before continuing, “I didn’t know that things were going to get this weird when I agreed to this, you know.” He couldn’t stop the bitter tone in his voice. “I mean, here I am, completely in love with the sexiest girl on the planet, and I can’t stop myself from wanting…” Kyle searched for the right words to describe what he was feeling but eventually settled for, “…more.”

Alex nodded. “I know what you mean. I’m so afraid of screwing things up with Isabel that I don’t know which move is the right one. I want her more than anything but I want Max and Michael, too. And now, Liz and Maria. It’s freaky. I wish I knew what the ground rules were.”

“I wish I could tell you,” the voice of Max Evans said from behind them. They quickly made room for him to sit between them on the cement bench. “We don’t know what the rules are, either. None of us have any answers, you know.”

Alex hastily asked him, “Max, what the hell happened just now?”

The alien looked a little startled as he met their gazes. “Uh, you felt that?”

They both nodded, unwilling to elaborate. They figured it wouldn’t be the best move on their part to admit to Max that they’d both wanted to have sex with Liz until she screamed out their names in sensual release.

Max blushed and told them, wanting to be as honest as possible with them, “I saw Liz and Maria sneaking out of class a little early. They were obviously going somewhere for lunch or something.”

Kyle tried to joke, “And what? Was Maria still doing that ‘fuck-me’ walk I saw her doing earlier?”

That brought Alex’s head around, “Excuse Me?!”

“I didn’t notice Maria, but Liz sure had it down.”

“Why? What’s going on?” Alex asked. Maria occasionally walked on the wild side, but to hear ‘fuck-me’ and Liz’s name in the same sentence was disconcerting.

Max closed his eyes and remembered the exact moment he realized what was different about Liz today and his desire brimmed anew.

And rolled over into the other two boys.

“Goddamn, Max! Just spill it,” Kyle wasn’t certain if he was asking for an explanation or something else all together.

Trying to refocus his gaze on the other two, Max had to swallow past the dryness in his throat before informing them, “Underwear was apparently an optional item this morning.”

“What?” Alex asked, his amazement clear.

Kyle remembered his earlier encounter with the girls, and all kinds of steam whistles began to echo in his brain. So many things became clear. Kyle was going to explode in his shorts as his own lust wrapped itself around Max’s desire inside his body. “Holy shit,” he was barely able to breathe.

Just then a pissed-off Michael Guerin stalked over. “Damn it, Maxwell, what did I tell you about doing that in school? I got a goddamned detention because of you.” Without giving Max time to answer, he took in all of their expressions and couldn’t help but grin. “You guys, too, huh?” he asked Alex and Kyle casually.

They nodded dismally.

With a glint in his eye, he caught Max and Alex’s sleeves. “Well, come on. We’re going to be late getting back as it is.”

Alex and Max stood obediently as Kyle turned to ask, “What are you talking about Guerin?”

“I say we need to have a little meeting. We need to show King Max here that he can’t go around giving all four of us hard ons just because he catches a glimpse of Liz from across the room. Besides, do you guys want to spend the rest of the day like that?” He gestured toward their semi-erect cocks. All four of them. “Trust me when I tell you it ain’t going away and could, in fact, get worse.”

“Michael…” Max said warningly only to be ignored, not counting the burning glare Michael shot his way.

“What do you mean worse?” Kyle asked, getting to his feet.

Michael stood really close to Max and whispered, “You remember that little bottle of bubble bath you bought for Liz? Maria told me she used the very last of it last night. She even held the empty bottle under the running water to make sure that none was left inside. Nope, she didn’t want to miss a drop as she slid her naked body into the warm bath surrounded by the scent that reminds her of you.”

“Jesus, Michael!” Max said in his calmest voice, which wasn’t calm at all. Michael always knew which buttons to push…

Michael grinned unrepentantly at the suddenly choking Kyle and Alex. “See what I mean? You just have to mention the word ‘strawberries’ when he gets like this and…” he listened in satisfaction to the trio of inhalations as a wave of lust stormed the group, “bam! Here you are again. Fortunately for us, my apartment’s nearby.” He reached over and grabbed Kyle by the back of his neck as he growled, “Besides I still owe you for that ‘bite me’ crack from two days ago.”

Without another word, the four of them headed over to the jeep. Each was secretly plotting ways to make Max pay for their near-embarrassment. Even though Kyle and Alex felt no lust for one another, they figured they would have their hands too full with their alien friends to worry about being embarrassed with each other.

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Time for another intermission!!

Do you really want to know what the guys are doing at Michael's apartment? If so, then I give you:


Part Two: Punishing King Max

From Two Down, Two to Go - Chapter Six

NC-17 Warning: This part contains strong Male Slash content. Read at your own risk.

Just then a pissed-off Michael Guerin stalked over. “Damn it, Maxwell, what did I tell you about doing that in school? I got a goddamned detention because of you.” Without giving Max time to answer, he took in all of their expressions and couldn't help but grin. “You guys, too, huh?” he asked Alex and Kyle casually.

They nodded dismally.

With a glint in his eye, he caught Max and Alex's sleeves. “Well, come on. We're going to be late getting back as it is.”

Alex and Max stood obediently as Kyle turned to ask, “What are you talking about Guerin?”

“I say we need to have a little meeting. We need to show King Max here that he can't go around giving all four of us hard ons just because he catches a glimpse of Liz from across the room. Besides, do you guys want to spend the rest of the day like that?” He gestured toward their semi-erect cocks. All four of them. “Trust me when I tell you it ain't going away and could, in fact, get worse.”

“Michael…” Max said warningly only to be ignored, not counting the burning glare Michael shot his way.

“What do you mean worse?” Kyle asked, getting to his feet.

Michael stood really close to Max and whispered, “You remember that little bottle of bubble bath you bought for Liz? Maria told me she used the very last of it last night. She even held the empty bottle under the running water to make sure that none was left inside. Nope, she didn't want to miss a drop as she slid her naked body into the warm bath surrounded by the scent that reminds her of you.”

“Jesus, Michael!” Max said in his calmest voice, which wasn't calm at all. Michael always knew which buttons to push…

Michael grinned unrepentantly at the suddenly choking Kyle and Alex. “See what I mean? You just have to mention the word 'strawberries' when he gets like this and…” he listened in satisfaction to the trio of inhalations as a wave of lust stormed the group, “bam! Here you are again. Fortunately for us, my apartment's nearby.” He reached over and grabbed Kyle by the back of his neck as he growled, “Besides I still owe you for that 'bite me' crack from two days ago.”

Without another word, the four of them headed over to the jeep. Each was secretly plotting ways to make Max pay for their near-embarrassment. Even though Kyle and Alex felt no lust for one another, they figured they would have their hands too full with their alien friends to worry about being embarrassed with each other.


No sooner were they all in the privacy of Michael's apartment, then Max turned and caught Alex in an aggressive kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into the surprised boy's mouth. Alex responded instantly, throwing his arms around the dark haired alien and holding on. It had been a few days since his own initiation, but his body remembered this person, recognized his scent, and responded accordingly; within seconds, his cock went from being semi hard to completely hard and he thrust his hips forward to let Max know it.

Max would have run his hand down Alex's trim body in order to stroke him: an acknowledgement of Alex's offering, but Kyle had other plans for him.

Not intending to be left out, Kyle, standing behind Max, grabbed the bottom of the hybrid's shirt and pulled it upward. Max released Alex's lips and pulled back slightly to help Kyle remove the garment. As he did so, his amber eyes remained trained on Alex's blue ones as Alex, taking his cue from Kyle, quickly unbuttoned his own shirt and removed it. It was added to the growing pile on the floor.

Max half turned so that he could reach Kyle, too, and ran a hand over the athletic boy's muscular chest, enjoying the warm, firmness he found there. Max knew the effort it took to build the abs, pecs and biceps as Kyle had, and he appreciated the results of Kyle's labors. His eyes followed his hand as it roamed slowly, caressingly over every bump and ridge Kyle had spent hundreds of hours in creating until it came to rest upon the one bulge that Kyle had come into naturally. Even through the denim of his jeans, Max could feel the heat emanating from Kyle's hardening member.

Max's eyes flew to Kyle's and got lost there, locked in the blue depths that were looking back at him with so much longing it was humbling. Max wanted to capture that look forever. When Tess had announced that Kyle was her choice, Max had been so conflicted over it he'd actually debated trying to talk her into choosing someone else. Not because he didn't want Kyle; didn't want this, of course he did, his hybrid body would have it no other way. Instead, it was because he was worried Kyle would reject them, him, outright. Max was afraid that the tentative friendship they shared would go up in smoke. Plus, there was the fact that Kyle would make a formidable enemy should the truth about what they were, what they needed, disgust him to the point that he turned against them. Everything they'd worked hard to achieve in Roswell would have come crashing down around them so very easily.

He'd never felt so vulnerable before, not even when it came to telling Liz their secret. Somehow, telling Kyle about the initiation had seemed worse.

Max's nerves had been so tied up as he and Michael approached the darkened Valenti residence that night, he'd thought he would be sick for the first time ever.

His nervousness that night had led to a near catastrophe, as he'd botched the whole explanation of what they were doing there, and what they'd wanted from him. Kyle had gone ballistic, as Max had predicted, until Michael'd stepped in. Forgoing any further discussion, Michael had wrapped his lips around Kyle's cock, and had literally sucked Kyle around to their way of thinking. It gave a new meaning to Maria's favorite saying about being 'sucked into the alien abyss.' Thank goodness for Michael's quick thinking.

They been better prepared for Alex's initiation. Max and Michael had both felt more confident that Alex would be easy compared to Kyle. He'd had more time to adjust to the whole 'aliens among us' thing, and had spent considerably more time with them than Kyle had. Plus they had the experience of what to expect to work from, which they didn't have with Kyle. No, of the two, Kyle had been the dicey one.

Now, to see the desire, affection and friendship all shining out of Kyle's beautiful eyes made Max adore him even more than he already did. Putting both of his large hands on either side of Kyle's face, Max drew him in for a long, lingering kiss. It was as different in tone to the one he'd just given Alex as night to day. He used his lips and tongue to lovingly stroke Kyle's tongue as his fingers caressed the back of his neck. Kyle responded in kind by deepening the kiss and rubbing his hands over Max's bare chest.

So focused on Kyle was he, that Max had nearly forgotten anyone else was in the room until Alex whispered softly in his ear, “I wasn't done with you yet,” before setting his teeth lightly against Max's earlobe, causing goosebumps to chase themselves across his skin. He was standing behind Max now and slid his hands around Max's waist to undo the fastenings of his jeans.

Without breaking the kiss, Max kicked off his shoes as first, his belt loosened, then the button on his waistband came undone. He was full to bursting and beginning to throb when Alex started to slide the heavy, metal zipper down… very slowly, impossibly slowly… one… tooth… at… a… time… until Max was tempted to shove his hands away and just finish the job.

The kiss Max was sharing with Kyle changed, becoming more passionate as Kyle picked up on Max's impatience. He, also, had forgotten Alex was there, as caught up in Max's amber gaze as he'd been. Kyle was beginning to understand how Liz could stand and stare at Max's eyes for hours at a time. They were hypnotic in their intensity and openness when they were trained on him.

Air was starting to become an issue between them, and Kyle tore his mouth away from Max's to kiss path to his warm neck, searching out the sensitive places there. He moved slightly to the side to make room for Alex who was also coming around to stand in front of Max.

The alien was nearly at a loss with conflicting desires. He wanted to take charge of the seduction, to pleasure his friends until they were incoherent with need, but he sensed that today what they wanted from him most was passiveness. They wanted to be in charge, to bring him to his knees with lust for them. It took all of his will remain still under their lips and hands. There was something strange about having both Kyle and Alex petting him, but it was a good kind of strange, he decided. It felt weird being at the receiving end of the threesome. Before, during the initiations, he and Michael had been in control every step of the way, their attention focused solely on pleasuring their human friends through the long hours of the night. Today, they were intent on pleasuring him. It was a bit of a twist and Max needed to do some mental adjusting.

Speaking of Michael…

Max looked around with a frown and spotted the other hybrid relaxing on his sofa watching the three of them intently. He had his pants undone and was stroking himself while watching the three of them. What the heck was he doing over there, Max wondered. With a look, Max silently asked if he was going to join them, and Michael's answering smirk seemed to say that he was fine where he was, for now. Mentally shrugging his shoulders, Max return his attention to the two humans that were so focused on him, they hadn't yet noticed Michael's absence.

While Alex pushed the material of Max's jeans and boxers down his legs, helping him to step out of them, Kyle firmly grasped Max's cock and began to stroke him gently. They were both surprised when they felt Alex's tongue licking the tip of Max's cock, removing the small drop of precum that had collected there, causing Max's breath to catch and his hips to jut forward in an invitation for more.

As one, they both looked down at their friend who was kneeling at their feet. He looked like a beautiful acolyte in worship of their king. He looked like a fallen angel with his dark hair and blue eyes. Of course, he was neither. He was Alex Whitman, human being, and he was horney as hell. Coming back to his feet, he again caught Max's warm lips under his, thrusting his tongue deep with no apologies.

Max met him kiss for kiss as his skin heated up another notch with the dual treatment of Alex's kisses and Kyle's hands.

Kyle, wanting to taste Max's essence in his mouth again, craving it with an intensity he hadn't known since the night the hybrids had come to show him the meaning of true passion, took over Alex's former position on his knees in front of Max. As Alex had, Kyle ran his tongue slowly across the bulbous end on the cock he was stroking. Above him he heard Max groan deep in his throat, and repeated the action again before moving his hands out of the way in order to take Max's full length into his mouth. If he hadn't been ready, Max's surprised thrust forward might have gagged him, but Kyle easily allowed Max's thick member to slap against the back of his throat. Putting a hand on Max's hips to steady him, Kyle began a teasing dance of suction, nips and licks guaranteed to bring Max to the razor sharp edge of desire.

Through the fog that was beginning to cloud his reasoning, Max realized he wanted to drag Alex tighter into this… this - whatever it was. The kisses weren't enough. He reached down between their bodies and unfastened Alex's jeans, so he could shove his hands deep inside.

He rubbed his warm hands over Alex's willing flesh in a teasing caress. It was all he could do for him while Alex was still wearing his jeans. He smiled warmly at his friend's frustrated growl.

“Problems?” Max asked with a hint of laughter in his voice underlined with passion.

“Max, you are so cruel, man,” Alex complained as he shed the last of his clothes.

When he was nude, Max commanded, “Come here,” and Alex was happy to comply. Bringing his lips to Alex's neck and shoulders, Max's hands returned to grasp Alex's hard cock, relearning its shape and size. Remembering how the large vein underneath throbbed steadily with Alex's life force, Max ran a gentle finger along it, causing Alex to shiver. The vein had shocked him the first time he'd noticed it, never having seen anything quite like it before. Of course, the rest of them all had that vein as well as others on their cocks, but Alex's was the most pronounced of the group. Max and Michael could actually see it throb in time to Alex's pounding heart rate.

During the initiation, Michael had discovered it first, exclaiming, “Shit Alex! What the hell is that?” when he'd felt it pulsing against his tongue. After pulling away, he and Max had both stared at it in fascination until Alex moved to cover himself in embarrassment. Max would have none of that, and had drawn Alex's hands away, murmuring, “Alex, that's… Damn, that's amazing.” Then Michael's mouth was back, and he swirled and rubbed his tongue against it, an action which they discovered was something Alex liked. A LOT.

Max had thought about enjoying this, being able to hold and caress him again, several times since Alex's initiation, and it was everything he remembered. He wished he could put his mouth on the straining flesh he was holding, but from his current position, Max's mobility was severely limited, so he settled for using his hands to lovingly stroke Alex's erection from tip to base and back again.

Alex was in heaven as the dark-haired alien rubbed him in an erotic caress. He relearned the chiseled planes and angles of Max's chest with one hand. His other hand was rubbing small circles against the indention of Max's spine before venturing to run lower, gliding over the alien's pale ass, enjoying the rhythmic clenching of Max's muscles as he carefully pumped into Kyle's willing mouth.

As a matter of fact, Alex was enjoying it so much that, without giving it much thought, he moved the one hand from Max's chest to Kyle's head. He discovered the silky feel of the other human's silky hair, much different from his own coarse hair.

Opening his eyes, Alex let his eyes memorize this moment: the passion and need stamped on Max's face, the tightness of his shoulder muscles, the ripples flexing in his abdomen with each motion, the glistening wetness of his thick cock as it slid in and out of Kyle's mouth, the desire on Kyle's face, the strength of Kyle's hands where they gripped Max's hips, Max's gentle hands on his, Alex's, cock. All of these things were seared into Alex's brain for future reflection intermingled with the sounds of their harsh breathing and Max's sounds of pleasure and the smells of their overheated bodies.

It was beautiful, this moment. It felt so right, so perfect, but at the same time, Alex worried there was something missing. Something that would make it even better. Something that would complete them.

As Alex puzzled it over, he watched Max's golden eyes slide open. Catching Alex in the act of memorizing the expressions on his face, Max leaned over to place a soft kiss on his mouth, his tongue sliding forward to trace the outline of Alex's mouth before entering fully, stroking against Alex's tongue in a heady caress. Alex's flesh jumped in Max's warm hand, which tightened in response. Pleasure streaked through him, and Alex pushed his hips against him with a small sound.

The sound caught Kyle's attention and, opening his eyes, he looked up in time to see Max and Alex kissing. The sight momentarily arrested him and he pulled away from Max's hardness to watch their dark heads moving in counterpoint to each other's. Then, his eyes followed the lines of their chests down until he found himself staring at Alex's erection clasped firmly in Max's large hands. It was only a few inches away from his face, and he couldn't help but stare at it. Frankly, he was surprised; Alex was bigger than he'd thought he would be. Kyle watched for a moment as Max stroked up and down it's length.

The entire head of Alex's cock was glistening with moisture from Max's loving. Looking at it, Kyle felt his mouth water. Obeying an impulse he would later question, he leaned forward and licked it to see if it tasted as good as it looked. It did.

Kyle released Max and twisted around a little so he was better angled to wrap his lips around his other friend's cock.

Alex couldn't believe what he was feeling, and threaded his fingers tighter through Kyle's hair to keep him from changing his mind and taking his sexy mouth away from him.

Max, feeling the loss of Kyle's attentions, inadvertently sighed in disappointment, but he didn't say anything. If Kyle wanted to turn this around on Alex, he was ok with that; still feeling a little unsure at being object of their attentions.

Kyle heard the small sound, and had to fight back a grin. He suddenly felt as popular as the lead cheerleader on prom night. 'Sorry guys,' he thought. 'There's only room for one.' He reluctantly released Alex and quickly returned to what he'd been doing before he'd gotten sidetracked. With hands, lips, teeth and tongue Kyle concentrated on pleasuring Max, sending him closer and closer to the edge with every touch.

As Max felt his passion begin to spiral out of control, he had to make a conscious effort to keep his grip on Alex's sensitive skin light. He was forcing himself to stand still on legs that were beginning to shake in reaction. All of his muscles were tightening, trembling in readiness for the rush of pleasure that was soon to be streaking through him.

Alex was helping as he explored the tight cheeks of Max's ass, sliding inquisitive fingers between the mounds of skin. The alien obligingly widened his stance to give Alex access to his most vulnerable areas. The questing human brushed past the puckered entrance he found in that area, lingering only briefly, to arrive at his destination: the ultra sensitive spot just behind the hanging sacs of his testies. He pressed against it lightly with one gentle finger.

Max opened his mouth to loudly suck air into his lungs before saying, “Oh god! Oh, yes.”

Kyle, realizing that Max was close, opened his throat and with his hands on Max's hips, encouraged a deeper penetration. Max took his cue from Kyle, and began pumping fiercely into his friend's willing mouth, grunting with each thrust. “Kyle, yes. Take it all, man,” Max panted out between clenched teeth.

Max was just seconds away from orgasm when, with another brush of his hands against that one spot between his legs, Alex pushed him over the edge. Max chanted out his appreciation, singing praises to both of them as Kyle eagerly swallowed him down. As his hips and heart started to slow down, Max ran a hand lovingly down the side of Kyle's face. Once Kyle released him, Max bent over and kissed him lingeringly, tasting himself on Kyle's tongue.

Deciding that one good turn deserved another, Max put his hand against Kyle's shoulder to push him backward onto the carpeted floor, only, it was not to be.

Before Max could go any further, suddenly Michael was there, pulling Kyle away. “Oh on you don't,” he told Max. “I've been waiting for this one. You can have Alex.” Pulling Kyle to his feet, Michael fastened his lips to Kyle's startled mouth and began walking him backward to the sofa.

Michael, knowing that time was of the essence, stripped off his shirt and tossed it on the counter, then reached for Kyle's zipper, pulling it down without so much as a 'by your leave'. The buckle and button on his waistband didn't stand a chance, and before the human really knew what was happening, Michael was shoving Kyle's pants and underwear down his legs. He knelt and pulled the fabric off, taking Kyle's shoes with it, and pushed the other boy down onto the sofa.

Before Kyle had time to react, Michael was over him, kissing him deeply and hungrily, his tongue sliding aggressively in and out of his mouth. Kyle was drowning in pleasure as he wrapped his arms around Michael's shoulders to hold him in place. It had been days since his initiation, but he hadn't forgotten the power of Michael's kisses. Making a small sound of need, he pressed closer to the alien's warm body. Michael pushed his fingers into Kyle's soft hair to hold his head in place for the ravishment he had planned.

Back on the other side of the room, Max had happily turned his attention to Alex. Drawing the other boy down to join him on the floor, Max caught him in a close embrace. Though he was temporarily sated, he knew that Alex was on edge, and wasted no time in kissing a path down his chest to take Alex's erection into his mouth as he'd wanted to earlier. Using his mouth, his hands, his whole body, in fact, Max settled into the very pleasurable task of setting Alex's body on fire.

Back on the sofa, Michael had a different game plan in mind. When he felt Kyle's tongue enter his mouth to rub against his own, Michael let him do as he wished for a few moments, but only a few. There wasn't enough time to do this leisurely.

Without warning, he lightly sucked on the other boy's tongue before releasing it. Kyle jumped reflexively as his blood heated up. Damn, that was sexy. Deciding he wanted more, he again sent his tongue into Michael's mouth where it received the same treatment, only the sucking was harder and lasted longer. Kyle started imagining that it was his erection that was receiving that treatment, causing said member to stand at attention, as if volunteering for the mission.

Unable to resist, he just had to do it again.

This time as he sucked on Kyle's tongue, Michael's own tongue was swirling over and around it, stroking and petting its every contour. Kyle was helpless against the desire that poured through him. Just before releasing the abused organ, Michael brought his teeth down to lightly press against it. Kyle groaned as pleasure shivered through him. Moving his mouth to Kyle's ear, Michael swirled his tongue over the outer rim before tracing the curves inward until he could stab the tip inside. Returning to the fleshy outside part, Michael sucked lightly on the lobe again with a hardening pressure before lightly setting his teeth against him. Kyle tilted his head closer in a gesture that meant, 'Don't stop,' which Michael deliberately chose to ignore. Instead, he kissed his way down to Kyle's neck where he sucked and licked lightly on the tender skin there. Having moved his hands, they were now free to roam across Kyle's chest down his abs to his waist and back up again.

Kyle groaned again, this time in disappointment. He'd thought Michael was about to touch his aching flesh, but no, he'd just teased him with the possibility. Maybe Michael wasn't getting the message, he thought. After what had happened in gym class, followed by what he'd just done with Max, Kyle was primed and ready to go. This seduction or whatever Michael was doing wasn't necessary. Kyle wanted him and he wanted him NOW! His body still remembered the heights of pleasure Michael had driven it to during the initiation, and he wanted that again.

“Michael,” he implored.

Michael raised his head, his eyes practically glowing with lust as he stared down into Kyle's face. “Yeah?” he asked in feigned confusion. “Did you want something?”

You bet he did. Kyle arched his back and ran one of his own hands suggestively down his own chest to his crotch, but Michael grabbed it away before he could make contact.

With a grin, Michael chided, “Aren't we getting a little impatient?”

“Bite me,” Kyle growled in frustration. He didn't know what game Michael was playing with him, but if he didn't get serious soon, then… Well, what exactly, Kyle wasn't completely sure, but he didn't have to lay here and take this. He could always go back and join Alex and Max. Out of the corner of his eye, Kyle could see that Max had Alex in a similar position, only *he* was sucking Alex's delicious cock rather than teasing him. Watching them, Kyle's state of mind redefined the phrase: penis envy.

His wandering attention was suddenly claimed by Michael as the alien grabbed both of Kyle's hands and pinned them to the sofa over his head, an action which brought Michael's chest close enough to graze his own.

Michael again took Kyle's earlobe into his mouth and bit down lightly before releasing it and whispering, “That's the idea.” Kyle's mind had to work for a second before he came up with the explanation for that cryptic remark. Michael was getting back at him for the 'bite me' remark last Sunday in the CrashDown.

Without giving Kyle time to react, Michael again fastened his hot mouth against Kyle's neck and harshly sucked a portion of the skin into his mouth. Releasing it, he traced it with his tongue, causing shivers to march up and down the human's spine. He pulled the same patch of skin in again, this time pressing his teeth into it with enough force to imprint it. Now when he rubbed his tongue against it, he could feel the indentions he'd made. Pulling back, he gazed at the reddened skin appreciatively.

Kyle opened his mouth to object to this kind of treatment, but his words were cut off by the invasion of Michael's tongue. It stroked against his, engaging it in a duel for dominance. Kyle was determined not to lose this one, and retaliated by thrusting his own tongue deep into the alien's mouth. 'Take that,' he thought triumphantly.

Unfortunately, the move played right into Michael's plan. At the same time he closed his lips around it to suck gently as he had before, he reached down between their bodies and cupped Kyle's waiting hardness.

Kyle's mind ceased to function as lust rushed outward from its latent resting place between his legs, traveling around his bloodstream like a drug, effecting and sensitizing every nerve ending until he was twisting helplessly underneath Michael's warm body.

Michael swirled his tongue around Kyle's one last time before biting down on it, with enough pressure to put him on this side of uncomfortable. He released him immediately, but continued with the kiss, sucking and teasing the abused organ until the slight pain was a quickly fading memory.

Releasing Kyle's mouth, Michael slid down the other boy's body, tracing small patterns against his skin with his tongue until he came to a flat nipple. Michael licked the pebbled skin with hungry strokes before turning his attention to the skin directly above it. Like he had with Kyle's neck, Michael pulled the skin into his mouth and sucked hard. It was more difficult because there wasn't a lot of give in the human's taut skin, so Michael brought one of his hands up to help. The other he left where it was, stroking Kyle's cock slowly as if they had all the time in the world. They didn't, but some things take time.

He continued to give attention to the skin above Kyle's nipple, until the other boy caught his head between his hands, and urged him closer. Smiling, Michael asked, “What do you want, Kyle?”

“You know 'what',” Kyle told him, unwilling to say it.

Michael, on the other hand wouldn't relent. “No, I don't know. Why don't you tell me?”

“Bastard,” Kyle ground out.

Michael just grinned and licked the nipple beneath the spot he'd been working. Kyle's passionate response was gratifying, so Michael repeated the touch before returning to the conversation at hand. “What Kyle? Do you want to feel my teeth against you?” He sucked on the aroused flesh lightly, while brushing the abused skin with a gentle fingertip.


“Do you, Kyle?” Another kiss, another lick. “All you have to do is ask.” His other hand stopped stroking and holding Kyle's cock firmly, began a short jerking motion, which reduced Kyle's brain to a state of rapidly melting Jell-O.

“YES! Alright?! Yes.”

That was close enough. Michael brought his teeth against red spot he'd made and bit down. Kyle groaned in pleasure and held Michael's head pressed right where it was. The feeling, uncomfortable though it was, was incredible and Kyle couldn't get enough of it.

Michael looked at the teeth marks he'd made in satisfaction. But he wasn't done. Not by a long shot. He kissed, licked and sucked his way across Kyle's chest, leaving marks sporadically. Torturing him endlessly until Kyle begged him to stop, until there were angry red marks on his arms, thighs, chest and belly. All the while, Michael continued to stroke his straining cock alternating between a light touch to a harsh grip with quick motions that were driving him insane.

Finally, when Kyle didn't think he could take any more, Michael brought his mouth to the place where they both wanted it. Kyle braced himself of another round of harsh sucking, but the alien surprised him with the gentleness with which he held his most sensitive flesh. Kyle was ultra aware of Michael's teeth, carefully sheathed behind his lips as Michael went down on the entire length of Kyle's dick. Slowly, gently, he pulled his head back until just his tongue was touching the very tip, and his hand added support to the base. Then came the long, slow plunge back down again.

Michael used only minimal suction, as a reward for Kyle going along with his 'punishment'. He was thrilled at what Kyle had allowed him to do and now he was planning to be as gentle as possible as he brought his friend to completion. A quick glance at his wristwatch told him that they were all due back at school in five minutes, but he wanted to finish this, and Kyle deserved better than to have the ending rushed after that drawn out overture. Obviously, they were going to be late getting back as he'd predicted. Even if it meant another detention, it'd be worth it, he decided. They were going to take this slow.

With that thought in mind, Michael again gradually bobbed his head up and down using only a gentle pressure down and light suction back up.

It was a very un-Michael thing to do, and Kyle's swimming senses became confused. Another slide up and down, and Kyle realized that the sensation Michael was creating was nearly identical to what Kyle experienced as he slowly made love to his girlfriend. Gently, a hot pressure encased him followed by a soft resisting pull as the heat pulled away. Kyle bit his lip and tried not to think of Tess.

Turning his head to the side, he was again distracted by the goings on across the room. Alex and Max had shifted into a “69” position and were going down on each other with gusto. From the sounds coming from them, it was apparent that Alex was mere minutes away from an orgasm. Kyle had a flash again of that 'penis envy' he'd had earlier. He wanted to be sucked into a release from the sexual knots Michael'd spent the last half hour tying him up in. On the other hand, the envy went both ways. To give and receive. He wanted to be where Max was now. He wanted to be the one who would get to taste the fruits of Max's labors when Alex came. (That short taste of precum he'd gotten earlier from Alex had merely wet his whistle.) Or the fruits of Alex's labors when Max came. Max or Alex, Alex or Max, Kyle would be happy to have either one.

Michael caught and caressingly squeezed Kyle's balls, bringing the other boy's focus back to him, unaware that it had strayed. He looked up at the numerous marks he'd left on Kyle's skin, and unconsciously sucked a little harder on the upswing. Kyle made a sound as pleasure streaked through him and shifted his hips a little. Michael looked higher still and locked eyes with his friend. Kyle's gaze was slightly unfocussed, but the desire burning there had Michael's passion leaping to meet it.

His caresses got a little rougher; the suction a little stronger as he continued to minister to Kyle's aroused flesh. Michael noticed immediately when Kyle's hips began pumping in time to the rhythm he was creating. It occurred to him that this was what Kyle wanted. He'd strung the poor guy out on passion's limb too long for *nice* to get the job done now.

He'd have to save his softer side for another day.

So, without warning, he went into full suck mode as he picked up the speed of his motions.

Kyle's eyes flew open as stars danced in front of them. “Jesus!” he cried out as he reflexively pushed his hips upward, slamming his dick deep into Michael's mouth. He caught Michael by surprise, but the alien gave back good as he got, causing Kyle to exclaim, “Shit, Michael!”

A few short minutes later, Kyle was stretched out on the brink, about ready to fall into the alien abyss all over again. He was panting with each thrust, groaning, loudly. It felt so good, Michael's hot mouth sucking him down with each heartbeat. It was almost the perfect sensation. Almost. Something was eluding him. There was something he needed to drive him over the edge, and he finally figured out what it was. With his eyes clenched tightly shut, Kyle panted out, “Do it, Michael.”

Not stopping what he was doing, Michael looked at him in confusion. 'Do what?' he silently asked.

Opening his eyes, Kyle glared at him and said, “You know what. Go ahead. I want you to. Do it.”

Pulling away from him, Michael had to ask, “Are you serious? You really want…?”

“Yes,” Kyle said, his hips still thrusting despite Michael's departure.

With a burning look that clearly said, 'well, you asked for it,' Michael again slid his mouth down over Kyle's thick member. He had to adjust slightly to take him all the way down until his lips were against the dark, curling hair that grew around the base of Kyle's cock. Then he carefully unsheathed his teeth and pressed them lightly into his friend's sensitive skin.

Kyle put both hands on Michael's head to hold him still and ground upward. “Harder,” Kyle panted.

Michael ignored him and pulled upward until just the smooth tip was left in his mouth and he again lightly bit down.

Kyle was shaking his head even as he said, “No, no, no. Harder, Michael.”

Michael disregarded his plea, and instead, roughly bobbed his head up and down, sliding his mouth the full length of his friend's erection seven, eight, nine times. On the tenth downward glide, he again took Kyle as deep as he could go, all the way to the base where he again pressed his teeth into Kyle's skin.

Kyle called out, “Yes. Shit, Yes. Michael,” as he met him thrust for thrust.

The pattern was repeated; nine strokes then the bite Kyle was beginning to crave like he needed air to breathe. On the fourth repetition, Michael was on his way down for the count of nine when Kyle grabbed his head and literally shouted, “BITE ME, GUERIN!”

And so he did, HARD.

Lust shaped stars exploded in Kyle's head as he finally was pushed over the edge as he helplessly came into Michael's hot mouth. The alien swallowed down every last drop, then set about laving Kyle's abused flesh. Like a cat caring for its young, he carefully licked him from top to bottom, underside as well as top, in silent apology. As with Kyle's chest, there were now teeth marks completely encircling the base of the human's penis.


Just then Max walked up next to them. Seeing the devastation of Kyle's beautiful body, Max exclaimed, “Jesus, Michael! What'd you do?”

Quick to defend himself, Michael stated, “ME? He made me do it.”

For that piece of idiocy, Max just glared at him and ground out, “Gimme a break, Michael.”

Before Michael could say anything more, Kyle roused himself enough to admit, “No, Max, he's right. I did ask for it.” Wincing as he sat up, Kyle carefully ran a hand over his abused chest. “That'll be a lesson for me.”

Max still looked unconvinced, but he dropped the subject and said instead, “Well, get dressed, we've got to get back to school. We're pretty late as it is.” Kyle eyed Michael, wanting to stay and give the troublemaker a taste of his own medicine, but Max was right. They needed to get back. His father was still fuming over he last time he'd gotten caught skipping.

With a mental shrug, Kyle let it go. He'd get his chance with Michael soon enough, he supposed. It's not like the alien was going anywhere.

Planning his retaliation, Kyle joined the others in getting dressed. After pulling on his shirt, he heard Max chuckling at something Michael'd said to him, and took a moment to look at his friends. They'd originally come here this afternoon to pay Max back for nearly embarrassing the hell out of them at school, but instead, *he'd* gotten punished while Max had gotten off scot-free. There was something seriously wrong with that. (Gotten off? Oh, look, another pun. Wasn't he just the comedian, he thought darkly.)

But what was a guy to do? he asked himself ruefully. Nothing ever worked out the way it should when there were aliens involved.

Alex's thoughts were running along the same lines as Kyle's as he looked around one last time to make sure no one had left anything. They'd have to put off punishing Max until another day. It would be something to look forward to.

Maybe they could get Kyle to bring over a pair of the sheriff's handcuffs.

Alex was grinning wickedly as he followed the others outside and climbed into the jeep already making plans of his own.

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Did you guys make it through that? Do you need a second to cool down? I could get you some ice...

Ok, end of intermission, and back to the story...

Chapter seven

The girls giggled all the way to Alex’s room, but once they’d closed the bedroom door, they felt suddenly awkward with one another. Liz, as always, was the reasonable one, willing to tackle the problem head on – so to speak.

“Ok, look,” she said to Maria. “We came here for one reason, ok two reasons, to watch TV and to ‘go to the bathroom’.” Here Maria snickered and Liz struggled to continue. “It doesn’t have to be this big deal. Let’s just get under his blankets this time, swear that neither one of us will pay the slightest bit of attention to what the other one is doing. And, you know…,” she blushed, unable to complete the thought.

Maria tried to keep a straight face as she solemnly nodded, “Agreed.”

“Ok, fine.”

With that, the girls made themselves comfortable and Liz flipped on the TV. Amazingly it was still on the channel she’d left it on yesterday. After adjusting the volume, Liz settled back to watch. They were just in time for a new vignette to start.

There was a lady executive sitting at one end of a long, polished table in an elaborate boardroom. She was wearing dark framed glasses and her brown hair was pulled up in a bun. She looked studious. In fact, she looked a little like Liz. The dialogue was: budget this, budget that, corporate takeover, yadda yadda yadda. The girls tuned most of it out; after all they weren’t here for the dialogue. The lady stood slowly revealing a skirt so short and tight fitting even Maria would have thought twice about wearing it. She slowly, seductively walked her way to the other end of the table to where a handsome man sat regarding her.

“Hey, he looks kinda like Max.”

Nodding, Liz licked her lips in anticipation. Realizing Maria was so engrossed in the show she hadn’t seen the movement, she forced herself to say, “Yeah. Kinda.”

Truth was, if she squinted just a tiny bit, she couldn’t tell the difference. She felt moisture flood her insides as he stood to join the lady. More sexy love talk, but the girls got a feeling that while she had it bad for the guy, he was just toying with her.

Maria was the first one to say, “Don’t listen to him babe. Get out while you can. Run while you still have your dignity.”

Stepping closer, the man unbuttoned her fitted pin-striped suit jacket and spread it wide to reveal the flounced shirt underneath. It was white and nearly sheer. He wasted no time unbuttoning the pretty garment, whispering to her about how good it was gonna feel and how she had to trust him.

Did she want him?


Did she?


How much?

I’ll do anything, she promised with a sexy smile as she ran a hand over his crotch.

Anything? he asked while removing his tie. Liz and Maria were tense, certain he was up to no good. They watched him fingering the material of his neck garment suggestively. “Oh this cannot be good,” Maria whispered.

“Come on, Maria. What can happen?”

The scene shifted and suddenly the woman was wearing the necktie as a blindfold. She was now sitting on the table, her legs spread wide as the man tongued her dripping core. Her cries of pleasure rang out effusively. The man slowly pushed two fingers into her and she begged for more. So he obliged her with another as his tongue and teeth worked at her clit.

Under the cover of the blanket, Liz slowly pulled her zipper down and slid her hand inside the restricting fabric. Belatedly, she realized that she should probably remove the garment all together. “Maria, take your shorts off,” she ordered.


“Just do it, or we’ll have to explain to Alex why we had to borrow some of his later.”

“Oh,” Maria exclaimed, realizing what Liz was getting at. Their shorts were going to be as soaked as their undies were yesterday. The two girls quickly removed their bottoms, leaving the blanket intact.

Liz returned her hand to where she wanted it the most – between her legs, rubbing her clit. Her eyes were glued to the screen while she watched the guy who looked like Max finger fuck a girl who looked like her. It was intoxicating. She wished the camera would show the guy more. Was he enjoying it? Was he getting pleasure from his woman? From the sounds he was making, she figured he was, but she wanted to watch his face. The cameraman disappointed her however as the angle rarely strayed from the woman’s blindfolded face or body.

Maria was concentrating on the woman. She looked so much like Liz, she thought. In her mind’s eye, she recast herself as the guy and imagined she was the one sucking and licking on Liz’s clit. What would she taste like? Maria wondered. She’d never forget the taste of Isabel in her mouth, and suddenly she was having a craving to find out what flavor Liz came in. Blocking out all the reasons why it was wrong, Maria went with the fantasy, her body igniting as lust poured through her. Helpless against it, she slid one hand down to massage her clit, barely suppressing a moan as she did so. The secret place between her legs was dripping wet from four hours of stimulation and now this. Maria thought she might just combust.

Back on the TV, the lady was nearing her peak when the man pulled away from her. Without a word, he helped her climb down off the table. Amazingly, she was still wearing her heels. Turning her around to face away from him, he bent her forward over the table. He unzipped his fly, and pushed his throbbing cock into her soaked passage. All three girls moaned in unison. Then he was fucking her with gusto causing her freed breasts to quiver and bounce against the cold, polished surface of the table as he plowed into her from behind.

Liz had two fingers buried into her own sweet canal as she watched the screen. It suddenly occurred to her that she had a problem. She was about thirty seconds away from orgasm, but the bathroom was sooooo far away. She knew she’d never make it. Plus there was the fact that to get there she’d have to cross the room naked from the waist down. That wasn’t going to happen. Now what? she asked herself, unable and unwilling to forgo the pleasures her fingers were giving her.

Next to her, Maria was having the exact same problem. Seeing no other recourse, she finally panted out, “Liz, babe, close your eyes and cover your ears cause there’s no way I’m stopping now.”

“Ditto,” Liz ground out through clenched teeth, and thus having given each other fair warning, they both climaxed together, Liz’s dark sighs mingling in tandem to Maria’s husky cries as they each stroked themselves to completion. Opening their eyes, they slowly focused back on the screen again. They’d apparently missed the grand finale. The man was pulling his now flaccid cock away from the lady’s reposed body. He’d pulled out and cum against her back. She was gonna be a mess later, and the girls winced in sympathy for her. “Bastard,” Maria whispered.

With a delicious smile, the woman rolled over, seemingly uncaring that her lover was an insensitive jerk. Their lips met in a thorough kiss to which Maria disparaged, “Oh, so now he kisses her.”

Liz just shot her a look as the woman sexily removed her blindfold only to discover that the man who’d just had sex with her wasn’t the first guy at all. It was some nerdy, dweeby, ugly guy. The camera pulled back to reveal that the sexy Max-a-like had resumed his seat at the head of the table once the blindfold had been put on allowing the other man to take his place. He had apparently sat there and watched the whole show.

“Oh my god,” Liz breathed. “That was gross.”

“Tell me about it. I told you that guy was up to no good, Liz.”

The other girl just huffed. As far as Liz was concerned, she was ready to go. That had pretty much killed the mood for her. Maria sensed this and decided to head this one off at the pass. “Come on, the next one has to be better than that one was. And besides, you may not approve of the ending, but it certainly got the job done. Right?”

“I guess,” Liz said begrudgingly.

Maria laughed. “You guess? Are you not sure because that’s not what it sounded like to me.”

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed, humiliated now.

“What? Liz we both did it less than a foot from each other. What did you expect? Come on, I have to tease you a little. Besides, turnabout is fair play,” she cajoled.

“Fine,” Liz huffed, sinking back against the pillows. “I’ll stay but I’m not going to enjoy any more of these stupid… How can people watch this stuff?”

“Yeah, whatever,” was all Maria said. Her body was still tingling in the afterglow. Liz’s ‘no underwear’ idea had been a stellar success after Maria had gotten used to the idea. Liz had been right, she HAD felt sexier, and people around her had seemed to notice and respond accordingly. Brett James had *actually* flirted with her in second period. He didn’t usually give her the time of day.

In third, it was a trio of guys that flirted with her. Tomorrow, she decided, they were going to leave their bras at home, too.

Turning her attention back to the TV, Maria saw two guys working out all by themselves in a gym. She sat up at attention. Ooh, now this could get interesting, she thought. Beside her she sensed Liz watching, too and couldn’t hide her grin.

* * * * * *

Amazingly enough, the two girls ran into Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle in the parking lot as they were returning to school. All of them were late to their next class anyway, so they stood around talking for a minute.

“So where’d you guys go for lunch?” Maria asked, sounding causal as possible for someone who was *still* basking in the afterglow and once again in public without her underwear.

“Uh, we went to Michael’s.”

“Really?” Maria knew there wasn’t much in the way of food there, not counting cereal, so she couldn’t help but ask, “What’d you eat?”

Kyle and Alex turned an interesting shade of red, while Michael said straight-faced, “Actually we didn’t. We had a situation that needed discussing. And we discussed it.”

“Thoroughly,” Max put in with a teasing glint in his eye.

“And since the issue seems to have been resolved, than I say my work here is done.” The human boys had to agree with Michael’s assessment. They were all too sated to be drooling over anyone, including Liz and Maria.

Kyle asked, “What about you ladies? Where’d you go for lunch?”

Liz put a hand to her mouth, “Oh my god. Alex, I’m so sorry. We, uh, do you remember the project I said Maria and I were working on yesterday?” Their friend nodded. “Well, it wasn’t quite done yet, so we snuck back over to your house. I’m sorry I didn’t ask first. It kinda just came up that we needed to do more research.”

“Hey, that’s ok. You didn’t set anything on fire did you?” he asked teasingly.

Liz heard Maria mutter, “Only your sheets.” She nudged her and covered with, “No. No, nothing like that. We just watched a little TV.”

“Yeah. It was very educational,” Maria added with a slight smirk.

“Ok,” Liz cut her off. “Well, we’ve got to… and you have to… So, I guess we’ll see you later?”

“Later,” everyone agreed.

“Bye, Liz,” Max couldn’t help but add.

“Bye, Max.”

Michael and Maria just exchanged burning glances before the girls turned away.

The four guys watched appreciatively as Liz and Maria walked back into the school. They all silently agreed on exactly three things: One, neither girl was wearing any underwear. Two, Liz *was* moving her hips in a seductive fuck-me kind of way. And three, an hour and half hadn’t been anywhere near long enough to wear Max completely out.

They heard Kyle mutter, “Damn aliens” as he stomped away. The effect was slightly broken by the lack of swagger in his normally brash steps. Kyle’s body currently bore several teeth marks, including a ring of them circling the base of his tightening cock.

Michael smirked at Max, who simply raised his eyebrows in all innocence.

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Can you believe it's time for another detour?? This episode actually wound up having a little more plot and a little less nookie than I originally intended. Poor Kyle's been having some issues... So without further ado, allow me to present, PLOTLESS NOOKIE #3

Part Three: Give It to Me Straight

From Two Down, Two to Go (Kyle and Tess prior to the Pool party)

Kyle, clad only in his boxers, was standing in front of his mirror, brushing his fingers lightly across a painful looking bruise on his chest near his left nipple. A scowl marred his forehead as he contemplated its existence and how it severely complicated his life. It wasn’t alone. There was another one he could see near his collarbone and two others on his trim belly. They were a sad collection, the shameful remains of the debauchery he’d willingly participated in two days ago at Michael’s apartment.

What on earth had gotten in to him? he asked himself for the hundredth time since then. At the time, he hadn’t given it much thought, hadn’t stopped to weigh the wrongness of his actions. But now, well, an initiation was one thing, an afternoon of group sex with three other guys was something else all together. At the time, it had seemed so natural: Go to Michael’s. Experience amazing amounts of pleasure. Get back to school before the principal called his dad. Normal teenaged guy stuff, right?

Only, he’d gotten more than he’d bargained for and his body still bore the marks to prove it.

Flexing his arms, he watched in fascination as his muscles rippled beneath the bruises. He remembered vividly how each one had come to be on his skin. He mentally numbered them one thru seven in the order in which he’d gotten them. There used to be more. The first time he’d counted, there’d been eighteen all together, covering the front of his body between his neck and his knees, but the lightest ones had faded immediately. He wondered if he played connect-the-dots with them, would they make an alien symbol? Or maybe a tic-tac-toe board?

He grinned at the thought…

Until he realized that it wasn’t funny, then he went back to frowning.

There was no denying it: he was gay or bi or whatever the hell you called it when you crave the touch of another guy. Or two. No, make that three. If it had been just Max and Michael, Kyle could blame it on some alien side-effect from the night they’d brought him into the clan, but Alex had been there sharing in the pleasure, too, and Kyle had been ok with that. Actually, he’d been more than ok.

When given an opportunity to taste the other human intimately, Kyle hadn’t backed down, hadn’t given a thought to turning away. He’d just leaned over and taken Alex’s cock in his mouth, loving it the same way he’d been loving Max’s just moments before, and he discovered it tasted just as nice. And, it had felt just as right.

Oddly enough, Alex had let him, which Kyle figured meant he was in the same boat as him in this. The U.S.S. Confusion was anchors a weigh, and full steam ahead. Skipper Valenti just wished he had a compass and a map of these uncharted waters. He’d tried to navigate by the stars, but as it turned out, every star cluster over this particular sea was in a mysterious V-shape, dammit. He wondered if First Mate Whitman was faring any better.

‘Maybe we should talk,’ he thought, ‘sometime when no one else was around. You know, just lay the cards on the table.’ After a moment, he decided against that possibility because he couldn’t decide what he’d even say to his friend. “I’m sorry I started sucking your dick,” just didn’t sound right. Besides, he wasn’t sorry, not really. “I’m sorry I stopped sucking your dick,” would be closer to the truth, but he didn’t figure that would go over real well.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized, if he was gonna be laying anything on the table, it would probably be Alex, himself.

Yep. He was definitely crossing over. These were not the kinds of thoughts a straight guy had. His scowl deepened.

So caught up in his mental ramblings of tables, boats and stars was he, that the opening of the door behind him didn’t register immediately. As a result, Tess’s concerned voice caused him to jump reflexively.

“Kyle! What happened to you?”

Without thinking, he grabbed his discarded shirt and held it in front of himself protectively, belatedly trying to hide the marks from her inquisitive eyes. “What? Nothing.”

As she stepped closer, he self-consciously began tugging the shirt on while still trying to use it as a shield. Defensively, he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Now, she was the one frowning as she answered, “Uh, I live here? What’s wrong with you?”

Nervously, he turned away, answering, “Nothing, I um, I just thought you were talking to Isabel, you know, about tonight.”

“I was. We’re done. I left.” Each short sentence was full of confused hurt as he continued to hide from her eyes. Reaching out to gently touch his back, she asked, “Kyle?”

He moved away from her and, sitting down on his/her bed, hung his head in his hands. This was what he’d mostly been afraid of: Tess finding out that he was apparently switching sides on her. Oh god, he hadn’t even given her a second thought before running off with the guys the other day. Somehow, the fact that he was cheating on her – with a pile of guys no less – just hadn’t registered in his brain at the time.

Everything about it had been so wrong, but it all had felt so right. What was he going to do? He could barely bring himself to look her in the eye.

Tess was starting to get upset and a little worried. Kyle hadn’t shut her out like this for a long time. Not since shortly after she’d moved in. She didn’t know what to do. And what were those marks on his chest? If she didn’t know better, she’d think they were hickies. Of course, that was impossible. Wasn’t it?

A whole world of insecurities opened up for her in the deepening silence.

Had she done something? Said something? Were things getting too weird for him, now that he’d been initiated? Did he regret it? Did he regret being with *her*? Each question stabbed her with a fresh pain in her heart.

From where he was hiding behind his hands, Kyle knew he had no choice but to be honest with her. Besides, she was gonna find out from one of the guys anyway, but, before he could open his mouth to confess all, Tess spoke.

Unable to stand the doubts beating around in her head any longer, she asked in a small voice, “Do you…? Did you… want me… to… leave?” She could barely force the words out.

He stood and walked to face out the window. “No, no. This is your room now Tess.”

“No, not the room. I meant did you want me to leave? I’d understand if you did. I mean, I know this has all been strange. It’s too much to ask of you, I know. I was just… I was… I guess I was kinda hoping you’d want to be with me so much you would just, I don’t know, accept the rest. I’m sorry you had to go through all of this.”

That brought Kyle's head around immediately, his own guilt was forgotten. “What are you talking about?” He stormed over and grabbed her shoulders. “Of course I don't want you to leave! I can accept it! I can,” he vowed. “Why would you even think that?”

“I…” she started.

Kyle cut off whatever her explanation would have been with a passionate kiss. “Make love to me, Tess,” he demanded. He was determined to put a stop to this insanity. He was not going to lose her. Not now. He needed her. He craved her warmth and softness more than anything. He just needed to find a way to show her.

She wasted no time in pushing him back onto the bed and climbing on top of him. His mind flashed to the other day when Michael'd done the same thing, but he quickly blocked it out and focused on the beautiful girl above him. Their lips locked, Kyle rolled them over and settled between her thighs. Perfect. She fit him so perfectly, he thought. He loved everything about her: her size, her smell, her smile. She was everything he was looking for and more; and by some miracle, she loved him in return. How did he get to be so lucky?

While her hands roamed his back, his both unerringly found her breasts. Her nipples had already tightened in anticipation and he easily squeezed the tips between his forefinger and thumb causing her to gasp and arch her back. “Kyle!” she huskily exclaimed.

He loved the sound of her voice when she said his name like that. It made him want to make her say it again. So he did.

Tess clamped her legs tight around his hips, trying to force him into a tighter contact with her, but he continued to partially kneel above her, teasing her with his proximity. Deciding to give up for now, she instead focused on getting his shirt off.

She grabbed the bottom and lifted it upward. Kyle sat up and took it the rest of the way off. He turned back toward her and froze.

Tess found herself staring at his chest. Or to be more specific, at the hickeys on his chest. She reached out and touched one. Tears began to swim in her eyes as realization struck. Kyle had several hickeys on him. Hickeys that SHE HADN’T GIVEN HIM. Wishing it were a bad dream, she raised her stricken eyes to him.

Kyle’s breath caught at the look on her face. “Tess,” he started, unsure of what to say. “It’s not what you think. I mean, it is what you think, just not.” God, he was really screwing up here.

“Who?” Tess asked, her tears spilling out of the corners of her eyes. “Who did this to you?” Kyle’s mouth worked, but he seemed unable to say anything. All of a sudden, pain struck her, and right on its heels was anger. She sat up and pushed him off her. “WHAT is the NAME of the BITCH who did this to you?” she asked.

“It wasn’t…” Kyle started.

“Her name?!”

“It wasn’t some girl, all right? It was Michael, all right?” he shouted, his voice echoing against the darkly paneled walls as they stared at each other. Kyle again turned away from her and sat with his head in his hands, whispering, “It was Michael!”

Of anything else he could have said, that stunned her. But what surprised Tess more was her reaction to it.

“It was Michael,” she asked quietly, wiping away her tears.

Kyle just nodded. “I didn’t know how to tell you,” he admitted.

“What happened?”

“Something happened with Max at school the other day, and the four of us: me, Max, Michael and Alex decided to go to Michael’s for lunch to… well, to have sex.” He figured he might as well tell her everything now. There was no point in holding back. “And we did. It started out as a ‘get back at Max’ thing, but then Michael jumped in and this happened.”

“Turn around here,” she admonished. She lightly touched an angry looking bruise on his arm. “So, these are from Michael?”

Again, he nodded trying to read her reaction. She didn’t seem upset at all. Any other girl would have gone screaming from the room, he was certain. Not that he wanted to test that theory. He offered an explanation, “Remember last Sunday morning when Michael made that crack about you and me being all over each other in the CrashDown and I told him to bite me? Well, he apparently took exception to that remark.”

She was silent for a second, then nodded as if coming to a decision. “Come here,” she said softly. Reaching over, she healed each mark she saw, one by one.

“You’re not mad,” Kyle asked in confusion, still trying to read the expression on her face. His skin was starting to tingle from her healing touch.

She shook her head as she continued healing the love bites Michael had left on the body of her chosen one. “No,” she said reassuringly. ‘Not at you,’ she added in her head. Michael was going to hear from her about this. Kyle was hers, and Michael had better learn to treat him accordingly. Seeing that Kyle was still confused, though relieved, she explained, “It must be a hybrid thing. Since Max and Michael initiated you, it’s like the three of us are sharing you. Just like you’re sharing them with Alex.”

She misinterpreted his frown at the mention of Alex’s name. “You said he was there, too, but you weren’t jealous or anything when they were with him, right?” she asked.


“So, that’s it. It’s a hybrid thing.”

“So, I can be with Max and Michael and still have you, too,” Kyle asked, needing clarification. Smiling, she nodded. This situation hadn’t come up before, but she was certain that what she was feeling was right. Maybe she'd run the whole thing by Isabel to get her opinion, but regardless, Tess knew she wasn't upset with Kyle over his adventure.

Kyle’s smile faded and his frown returned. “But what about Alex?” he asked quietly.

Tess giggled, “I’m sure Isabel is going to say the same thing to him. Don’t worry, he won’t be in trouble over this.”

“That’s not what I meant. The other day, I…” ‘How to say this?’ he asked himself. There seemed to be no easy way, so he just forged ahead. “I… I wanted Alex, too. I mean,” he rushed to explain the unexplainable, “…he was there, and we were… and Max was… and I just wanted him, too.” He should give up trying to explain stuff, he decided. He obviously sucked at it.

“You did?” At his nod, Tess ingested this piece of news, turning it around in her head and heart and finally concluded, “That’s ok too. Maybe because he’s apart of the family or something, but I’m not having a problem with that.”

He stared at her. She wasn’t having a problem with the fact that he was lusting over another guy?! “What if I am?” Kyle asked, clueing her into the thoughts he’d been having when she first walked in he room.

“Oh, Kyle,” Tess whispered, hugging him. “Please don't feel that way,” she begged.

He couldn’t seem to stop, and told her so. She held him closer, rubbing his back as he gave voice to his long list of fears and grievances over what he'd been feeling since the initiation. Tess just listened, knowing there wasn't anything she could say or do to make it better.

Finally, she hushed him by kissing him slowly on the mouth, drawing out the simple contact without deepening it. When she was certain she had his full attention, she began, “Kyle, I don't know if this helps, but it's not about you or your sexuality. It's about the whole group. You only want Max and Michael because they bonded with you during the initiation. They only initiated you because I asked them to. The desire they have for you and the desire you have for them is in a way an extension of what we have together, you and me. If you guys didn't want each other, the initiation couldn't have happened, and I wouldn't be with you now. I'm sure it's the same for Isabel, Alex and the guys. We're like overlapping circles, sharing Max and Michael in the middle. You're not gay,” she stated, guessing his darkest fears. “Your feelings for the guys are kind of an extension of your feelings for me and vice versa.

“I know that doesn't really help, but I promise you, Max and Michael would never intentionally do anything to call attention to your relationship in public, so you can just forget all about them smacking you on the ass during gym.” She smiled slightly when his lip quirked up. He had said that, hadn't he? “If you'll let me, I'll show you you're still one hundred percent macho American male.” She gave him her most sensual smile, staring meaningfully into his eyes until he nodded his permission.

She stood next to the bed and took her shirt off and pulled her shorts down her trim, tanned legs.

Kyle's body reacted instantly to the sexy eye candy it was presented with. He reached his hands out and caught her hips between them. Easily, he tugged her nearer until she was kneeling on the bed, her legs straddling his hips suggestively.

He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth regardless of the thin fabric covering it. He bit down on it gently before releasing it. “No, let me,” he said, intending to take charge. Whether it was the words she'd said, or the fact she was practically in his lap, nearly naked, he didn't know, but suddenly, he was feeling much better about himself.

And he wanted to make love to his girlfriend.

Tess saw the gleam in his eyes when they raised themselves to hers, and she breathed a sigh of relief. She had been so worried he'd wanted out, but now, as it turned out, he wanted IN, and she was all for that. She leaned forward to give him a sizzling kiss that turned his brain to mush. She rocked her hips against his while rubbing the pointed tips of her breasts against his chest in a full body kiss that set him on fire.

With a growl, Kyle rolled them over so that he was once again pressing himself against her womanhood. Liking the sensation, Tess returned the favor with interest. She wished they were both completely undressed so that she could feel his skin against hers. With a slight wave of her hand, her wish was granted.

Kyle chuckled as his now unfettered cock slid across her slick folds. “Witch,” he accused gently. “Keep that up and I won't have any underwear left.”

“Then you'll just have to run around without, won't you?”

Kyle bit back a startled laugh. “What, is that some girl thing?” he asked. At her puzzled expression, he promised, “I'll tell you about it later.” Right at that moment, he had other things on his mind. Her bra had disappeared along with their underwear, and he cupped the softness of her breasts in his hands, holding them still as he suckled each one in turn.

Tess shifted restlessly beneath him. What he was doing to her felt incredibly good, but she needed more. Moving her hips, she rubbed her wetness against him, dampening his cock in the process. Her clit, flushed with desire, was standing out of its protective folds and she eagerly pressed it against his coarse hair, stimulating the millions of tiny nerve ending there.

Kyle groaned as she continued to grind herself against him. He knew she could keep that up, stroking herself with little to no help from him until she climaxed, and sometimes he was happy to let her, but not today. Today, he needed to be inside her. To feel her warmth all around him each time she came. He pulled his hips slightly away and when they returned, the length of his cock slid easily down her slick skin, straight inside her clinging heat.

The air gushed out of her lungs as her body stretched to accommodate him. That was what she’d needed. His hot erection was touching her everywhere inside. She could actually feel him pulsing with the heavy flow of his blood. She squeezed him tightly with her feminine muscles adoring the look of bliss that crossed his face as he did so. Her eyes slid closed as she did it again, savoring the sensation of locking herself around his hardness.

He was pressing her into the mattress, leaving her only a tiny amount of space to maneuver, but she took advantage of it. As Kyle hungrily kissed her lips, stroking his tongue against her own, she flexed her hips slightly upward, then clamped down around him hard, as she pulled downward. The actual distance involved was less than an inch, but the effect was stunning. She could feel him everywhere. Inside. Outside. A wave of pleasure broke across her senses and she moaned softly.

Kyle loved it when she did that.

He knew once she got started, she could bring herself to orgasm after orgasm and he was just along for the ride. All he had to do was outlast her, which was sometimes easier said than done. Every once in a while he would help with a small thrust, but mostly he was too busy distracting himself by kissing her senseless, and petting every part of her he could reach to be of much help.

Soon, Tess’s small little thrusts were coming faster. Her hips were adding a circling motion, making sure every single molecule in her dripping sheath was getting contact with his hardness. Her breaths were coming shorter and shorter while her hands ran restlessly up his back and down his arms and back again. Her orgasm was fast approaching and she was rushing to meet it.

Kyle was gritting his teeth as his eyes rolled back into his head. He was not going to cum. He was NOT. Not if he could help it. Holding himself still and hard as a statue, he fought for control of his body. He fought and he won.

With a small cry that was his name, Tess went over the edge, stroking him for all she was worth, her entire body trembling in reaction. After several long pleasure drenched seconds, the crisis passed, and she sighed deeply, relaxing beneath him. Kyle kissed her parted lips and stroked her hair. He murmured softly in her ear, telling her how sexy it was to him when she did that.

“Oh, yeah?” she asked huskily when she could speak again.

“Yeah.” He lingered over her, sprinkling kisses on her neck and chest between panted breaths.

“Good,” she said as she put her arms around him, “because I’m not done yet.” With that, she started rocking against him softly, starting the ride all over again.

“I didn’t think you were,” he smiled softly, happy that he could accommodate her. He always got such a rush from watching and feeling her cum around him. The sounds she made, the expressions that chased themselves across her face, the silky way her muscles milked him all drove him closer to his own peak. All of them were uniquely Tess, and he loved them.

She pulled his head closer so she could nuzzle against his neck and kiss his collarbone. She used her hands to stroke his back, down to his butt, where she let her fingernails graze against his skin.

With a gasp, Kyle shivered against the goose bumps that were racing across his skin. He reflexively thrust himself deep inside her causing her to exhale noisily.

Tess’s unfocused eyes opened and she smiled up at her lover. Licking her lips, she scraped her nails against him again.

“Keep that up,” he warned when he could speak, “and this’ll be over sooner rather than later.” He was beginning to pump his hips steadily in time to the rhythm she was setting.

Her only response was a grin that stated she was ok with that and she increased her pace. He was shoved a little closer to the line between his control and impending ecstasy.

“Oh, God.”

Kyle, braced on his elbows, cupped her head in his warm hands as he leaned down to kiss her, his mouth devouring hers. Every particle of his being was concentrating on the nerve endings in his penis as it stroked in and out of her tight body. He knew it would be over soon, there was no way he would last through another one of her orgasms, and by the subtle way she was tightening around him, he knew it wasn’t very far off. Without breaking tempo, he reached under the edge of the mattress where he kept his stash of condoms and pulled one out.

After opening it, he held it clutched in his hand as he rolled them over once again. He slipped out of her in the maneuver, and she whimpered at the loss. “I know baby,” he whispered. “It’s time, though.” As soon as he rolled the condom over his straining flesh, she lowered herself back down, encasing him in her heat once again.

He regretted the muting of the sensations, but that was the way it had to be. Tess couldn’t very well go to the doctor and get a prescription for birth control pills so this was the alternative. They’d pushed it as it was, but they both craved full skin to skin contact, and always put off using the latex protection until the last possible minute.

The intermission, short though it was, caused them both to lose ground in their quest for the pleasure to be found in each other’s arms. Resting his hands on her hips again, Kyle prompted her to begin the rhythm that would send them both into oblivion.

She began an up and down motion as if she were cantering along on a favorite pony. Kyle met her thrust for thrust, watching her face as he slid his hands up to the fullness of her breasts. Desire was drawing her tighter into a spiral of lust and she increased her pace, dropping herself down onto him with as much force as she could. It wasn’t enough. She needed to feel him against her clit, and the way she was sitting was making it difficult. It was time to try something else.

Kyle felt the world drop out from under him when she leaned forward to put her hands on his shoulders. Her thrusting became more of a back and forth movement so that she could drag her sensitive little bundle of nerves against the coarse hair that grew up from the base of his cock. He groaned as pleasure streaked through him like lightening. She was squeezing him so tightly now, he was beginning to doubt he’d be able to hold off his climax until she’d had hers.

No way was he gonna let that happen. He stroked her heated body with his hands, stimulating as much of her skin he could reach before returning to the full globes of her breasts that were hovering just out of reach of his mouth. He caught her nipples in his fingers, lovingly squeezing and twisting them, causing her to cry out in passion.

Her tiny inner muscles clamped down even harder, and her hips moved a little faster.

That extra stimulus was all it took. Kyle suddenly felt everything inside him wind into a hot little ball of anticipation. Tighter and smaller it became until it could collapse no more. Then it waited. One more rub against her softness and it suddenly exploded, drenching his senses with pleasure, and triggering his orgasm. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her in near violence, incoherent sounds emitting from his mouth.

Above him, Tess was also strung out, waiting in agonized stillness for something. Kyle’s climax was all it took to send her over the edge right along with him. Shaking and panting, she rode out wave after wave of passion as her much needed orgasm claimed her.

When it was finally over, she collapsed upon his sweaty chest. Leaning up to kiss him, she looked at him and said, “Wow.”

Grinning, Kyle wrapped his arms around her. “Yeah,” he agreed.

“So, I guess we can rule out any notion that you might be gay.”

“Looks like.”

Tess could tell that Kyle was feeling pretty darn pleased with himself, so she decided to tease him just a little and asked, “Are you certain now, cause I could call Michael over if you’re not sure.” Suddenly, Kyle saw Michael leaning on his chest with a satisfied smile on his face.

Kyle nearly jumped out of his skin. “Jesus! Tess! Don’t you ever do that again!” he shouted trying not to think of exactly what orifice Tess imagined his cock was buried in inside of the other guy’s body.

The image of Michael blinked out and Tess was back, grinning like the devil. “That wasn’t funny,” he informed her.

She laughed at his grumpy expression, “I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again, I promise. Well, at least we know you prefer me to Michael.”

“Tess,” his tone was a warning.

She leaned up and kissed him briefly. “Whatever you say, Buddha boy.”

He smiled in contentment as she laid her head back down on his chest. He realized that he felt a million times better than he had just an hour ago and knew it was because of the girl laying so trustingly upon him. She hadn’t left him after he’d confessed everything to her, and her acceptance of the situation caused his outlook to do a full 180. He felt confident he could deal with the whole Max/Michael/Alex situation as long as he could always have Tess to come back to. And, he thought as he tightened his arms around her, something inside told him he always would. They were bound together by the invisible ties formed during the initiation. He couldn’t escape now if he wanted to, which suited him just fine.

She was a part of him now, and he of her. It would take some getting used to, but he figured he could handle it. No matter what storm arose on the horizon, she would be the lighthouse that would always guide the good skipper home.

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Awww, wasn't that sweet? That was the last intermission until we reach the end of the story. The fourth and final installment of PLOTLESS NOKIE will follow the last chapter of Two Down, Two to Go.

Are you ready?

Chapter eight

“Are you ready to do this?” Kyle asked, rubbing his girlfriend’s back and shoulders.

She nodded, too relaxed to make actual conversation.

“’Cause we don’t have to, you know, if you’re not ready.”

Rousing herself, she propped herself up on his chest and looked down at him. “Kyle, I’m ready. Everything is going to be fine.” Looking him over, she frowned. “You’re the one who looks nervous. Are you sure *you’re* ok with this? I know it’s a lot to ask, and you’ve been great about this whole thing so far,” Tess said, gesturing to include their general state of nudity. They had been cuddling after a particularly steamy session of sex when Kyle had finally decided to voice what’d been on his mind for the last two days. “We could cancel. We don’t have to do this today if you’re not completely comfortable with it.”

“No,” he quickly denied. “Trust me, the sooner we get Maria and Liz initiated, the better off we’ll all be.”

“This is really bothering you, isn’t it?”

Kyle started to deny it, but thought better of it. “Yeah. A little, I guess. I mean I am so into you. You’re cute, funny, sexy as hell,” he growled as he leaned up for a kiss, then continued, “but this thing with Liz is freaking me out.”

“Because I have to be with Liz like this?”

“No, because I want to be with Liz like this,” he told her honestly. “And I don’t *want* to feel that way. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I want to want only you, but I don’t. I want you. I want Max and Michael, and now there’s this thing with Maria and Liz. I’m terrified I’m gonna wake up tomorrow wanting Ms. Hefler.”

Tess couldn’t contain a soft laugh. “I think you’re safe from that happening.”

“How can you be sure? The only two people I know that I don’t want to jump are Isabel and Alex.”

“It’s the same for me. This hybrid thing has me wanting Isabel and through her, Alex. I don’t want Max or Michael, but through them I want Liz and Maria. It’s very confusing.”

Kyle gently lifted her off of him and sat up. “You guys mentioned before about Alex.” He said tentatively. “And… Isabel, she said she wants me.”

Tess also sat up, holding a sheet against her bosom. “Yes. Isabel’s desire for Alex is in me, and mine for you is in her,” she clarified.

“Ok, let’s play a game of ‘what if’. What if you and Alex found yourselves in a time or place where you wanted to act on those urges. What if Isabel and I wanted to be together? How would you feel? Would it be right or wrong? I mean, maybe it’s because of the whole initiation deal, but the thought of you with another girl doesn’t bother me. But when I think of you with Alex or Max or Michael I… I just… I don’t think I’d be ok with that,” he admitted softly taking her small hand in his. “And you said you’re ok with what happened between me and the guys on Wednesday, but what if Isabel had been there? Or Liz? Or Maria?”

Tess frowned, seeing where he was going. “You’re right. I don’t think I would like that.” She got quiet as she thought it out. “I think we need to call the gang together for a meeting before we bring the girls in.”

Kyle sighed in relief. He was looking for a few ground rules. If it was ok to lust after everyone in their group, then hey, he was all over that, but if opposite sex lusting outside of Tess was a big no-no then he needed to know before the fantasies he’d been having about Liz and Maria got him into more trouble than he could handle.

The initiation had changed something inside of him. The result was leaving him confused as hell. The only thing he knew with any certainty was after having known the bliss of Tess’s embraces, he was sure as hell not going to do anything to get his passport to this new paradise revoked. To be kicked out of their group would be akin to Lucifer being kicked out of heaven. Or whatever the Buddhist equivalent was.

The ringing of the doorbell brought him out of his thoughts. Glancing at the clock, he said, “That’ll be Liz.” He quickly tugged on his swimming trunks.

Tess watched him for a moment, appreciating his finely muscled form before a frown puckered her brow. “Another thing I’m going to mention at the meeting is Michael marking you like this.” She stood and quickly healed a few bruises she spotted on his skin. Kyle still had one or two marks left from his ‘punishment’ the other day at Michael’s hands. She’d healed most of them earlier, but apparently she’d missed a couple.

Kyle grinned in embarrassment before tugging on a shirt. “Don’t worry about it. I asked for it.”

“Kyle, one ‘bite me’ doesn’t deserve the kind of marks he left on you.”

Red faced, Kyle admitted, “Actually, it was several ‘bite me’s and a couple of ‘yes’es that caused all of those marks.”

They heard Liz’s voice calling them before he could explain, so he kissed her lightly on the lips and hurried out into the hallway calling out, “Come on in, Liz.”

Tess’s mouth was left hanging open as she worked through the mental image that brief explanation gave her.

Liz was standing in the living room, clutching her bag, looking very uncomfortable when Kyle joined her.

He noticed it immediately and asked, “Are you ok?”

“I’m just… this is just a little… weird.”

Kyle didn’t say anything to contradict her. He nodded instead and said, “I know. I’m glad that you came. It means a lot… to both of us. It’s time we put the past behind us and begin moving forward, and I feel that the only way we can do that is if you and Tess work through what ever it is that you need to work through.”

Liz said honestly, “I’m not sure I can, Kyle. You don’t know what it was like for us when she got here. She hurt me and she hurt Max and I don’t know if I can let that go.”

“So why are you here?” he asked softly, already knowing the answer.

She closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them again, that determined light he knew so well was burning in their chocolate depths. “I guess I’m willing to try. It was all a long time ago. Seems like a whole lifetime ago, really. So much has happened since last spring.”

Kyle smiled his agreement with a wry turning up of the corners of his mouth. “Yeah, tell me about it.”

They stood in silence for a moment before he asked, “Can I get you something to drink?”

"An iced tea would be great.”

“Coming right up,” he said while heading into the Valenti kitchen. “Why don’t you go on out back? Tess is changing into her suit. She’ll be out in a minute.”


Liz slid open the door to the patio and crossed to one of the lounge chairs. Setting her bag down, she quickly stripped off her shorts and shirt to reveal her swimsuit and made herself comfortable. It was a beautiful day. The hot New Mexico sun was beating down onto her skin. Her body greedily absorbed the golden sunshine like it was a tangible thing. In no time at all, she felt the first trickle of sweat begin to roll out off her hair across her forehead.

As quietly as he could, Kyle crept outside and held the glass of iced tea aloft her warm body. Condensation was rapidly forming on the glass, and it was only seconds before the first cold drop dripped from the bottom of the cup to splash onto her heated skin.

With a gasp, she opened her eyes. “Kyle!”

“Sorry, did it drip?” he asked as innocently as possible.

She glared at him before answering. “You tried the same thing twice two summers ago and it didn’t work then, what makes you think it’s gonna work now?”

“Third time’s the charm?” He watched in interest as she took the glass from him and set it down carefully on the table next to her chair.

“More like three strikes and you’re out,” she warned him before leaping to her feet and shoving him toward the pool.

He was ready for her, and easily lifted her into his arms. She struggled futilely as he asked, “Now, what were you saying?”

Knowing there was no way to escape the inevitable she told him, “I was saying you were an insensitive jerk who would think nothing of taking advantage of someone smaller than you.”

“Uh huh,” was all he said as he tossed her into the cool water of the pool.

Her shriek was cut off by the sound of a large splash.

Before she could surface, Kyle was startled by the sound of the backyard gate being thrown open. Max and Michael stood there looking ready for battle.

“Kyle, what’s going on? I heard Liz screaming.”

Kyle knew he was in serious trouble. If seeing Liz across the parking lot at school was enough to cause Max to incapacitate him with lust, Kyle didn’t want to know what Max’s reaction to seeing her nearly naked and dripping wet would do to him. Hurriedly he said, “Max, you’ve got to go. Now!”

“Why? What’s going on?”

Behind them, Kyle heard Liz’s head break the surface as she gasped for air.

Max spotted her. “Liz?”

Kyle stepped between them and ordered, “Liz whatever you do, DO NOT get out of that pool.”

“Max what are you doing here? What’s going on?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Max growled.

Liz easily swam to their end of the pool, but when she braced her arms on the edge in preparation of lifting herself out of the water, Kyle barked, “Liz, STOP. Stop right there. Please, just stay in the water.”

“What’s going on here, Kyle? Where’s Tess?” Michael asked.

As if called, Tess chose that moment to step through the patio door. “Hey guys.” Interpreting the various expressions on everyone’s faces that ranged anywhere from terror to suspicion she was quick to react. “Max, I’m glad you’re here. I need to speak with you about something.” Nobody moved so she ordered, “Now.”

Max shot Kyle a look that said, ‘we’ll talk about this later,’ before following Tess into the house.

In the pool, Liz was getting worried. “Would someone tell me what’s going on?”

“Actually, nothing,” Michael said. “We stopped by to see if you guys wanted to hang out tonight. We thought you were in trouble when we heard you screaming, so we ran back here.”

“I wasn’t in trouble, unless you count that Neanderthal,” she pointed at Kyle, “throwing me into the pool.” Again, she moved to heft herself out of the water.

Kyle stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. He was keenly aware of every sensation of her soft, cold wet skin felt against his and he had to fight to keep his passion under control. “Ok, we’re going to play a game you and I,” he told her. “The game is called ‘Kyle would like to live to see tomorrow’ the rules are simple: you stay in there until Evans is gone.”

“Kyle, what are you talking about? Max isn’t going to hurt you just because you’ve invited me to go swimming.”

“Trust me, Liz. I know what I’m talking about.”

Michael’s interest was peaked. He looked her over suspiciously. From where he was standing, he could see the straps of her swimsuit top. Taking a step forward, he told Kyle threateningly, “She’d better be wearing bottoms in there.”

Overhearing, Liz was outraged. “Michael Guerin, what exactly do you mean by that?’

“I mean that if you’re half naked in there, Kyle isn’t likely to win this game.”

Her mouth hanging open in shock, Liz demanded, “What makes you think I’d go running around in public without my… without my…” she couldn’t even say it to his face. Blushing, she finished lamely, “you know.”

“You’ve done it before,” Michael retorted. “Or have you forgotten last Wednesday?”

Liz’s eyes got big as saucers. “How did you… When did… Who told you?”

Michael smirked at her, “No one had to tell me. I got eyes in my head.”

Mortified, Liz rested her head against the sun-warmed cement on the lip of the pool. “Oh my god.”

Kyle punched Michael in the arm, glaring at him. Liz didn’t listen to anything he was saying as she quickly pulled herself out of the pool. Embarrassed didn’t begin to cover what she was feeling at this moment. All she could think of was fleeing into the house away from Michael’s knowing grin.

Michael caught her movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced at her only to be frozen in place. Liz Parker’s tiny body was gorgeous. Her red one piece suit was modest by any standards, but it clung to her every curve, faithfully outlining every bit of her softness for their lustful gazes to drink in.

“Jesus,” Michael breathed.

Kyle didn’t even have the breath to agree with him.

From inside the house, suddenly Max’s voice broke them out of their spell. He was coming back outside. If he saw Liz like this… Kyle was starting to see stars just in anticipation. What to do? he asked himself. Suddenly, he had an idea. Admittedly, it was a bad one, but it was better than no idea at all.

“Shit,” Michael said and attempted to brace himself against the inevitable surge of lust he knew was coming. Belatedly, he realized why Kyle wanted to keep her into the pool away from Max’s eyes. Max was going to lose it if he saw her like this.

Kyle was in motion before Max had his hand on the knob. With his fast athletic reflexes, he leapt over the lounge chair and caught Liz close against his body.

“Kyle let go of me! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Sorry, Liz. I’ll make this up to you later, I promise,” he said hurriedly. It was all the warning she got before he tossed her back into the pool.

* * * * * * *

“You should have seen the look on your face,” Michael told her later as he reached for a slice of pizza.

“Tess, would you please tell Michael that I am not interested in hearing anything he has to say?” Liz asked haughtily. To say she was still pissed was an understatement.

Enjoying the infantile game, Tess happily complied, “Michael, Liz said for you to shut up.”

Kyle chided, “Come on Liz. How long are you going to be mad at me?”

She answered him with a glare. “That long, huh?” he asked wryly. Truth be known, he’d rather have Liz angry than to face whatever consequences would have been waiting for him had he not done what he did.

As Max had returned to the patio, Michael had grabbed his arm and hurried him out of there before Liz could catch her breath. He was still amazed at some of the things she’d yelled at him when she finally did.

It had worked out though. Siding with Liz, Tess had worked the situation to her advantage causing the girls to bond in the age-old battle between the sexes. Kyle’s explanation, which even he recognized as flimsy, was that there had been a bet between him and Michael. He wouldn’t say what it was – not able to come up with anything good, but that having lost the bet, he’d had to toss Liz into the pool – twice. It was all he could come up with on such short notice. And it put Michael in the dog house right along with him.

After having climbed back out of the pool – again - Liz very nearly grabbed her stuff and went home, but Tess took that moment to join them with some munchies and it reminded Liz why she was there in the first place. So, ignoring Kyle completely, she sat back down and began the process of getting to know Tess.

Pretending to pout, Kyle was secretly pleased with how things were working out. When Michael returned, alone, an hour later, the other boy gratefully joined him in the living room.

After the sun had set, they’d ordered a pizza, and the four of them had sat around the table in the living room, eating and making small talk. By the time they were done eating, Liz had calmed down, and he eagerly waited for the next stage of his plan to begin. Clearing away the plates and cardboard boxes, he returned to the table with two pairs of dice.

Michael asked suspiciously, “What are those for?”

“Truth or Dare, Roswell style.”

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Warning: We are heading into serious NC-17 stuff with female slash situations. Continue at your own risk.

Chapter nine

“Are you sure you want to play, Michael? This could get personal.”

“Yeah, it’s cool. How do you play?”

Kyle shook the dice and said, “Ok, I’m changing the rules a little. Everyone gets one die, and every round, we all roll. The person who rolls the highest number gets to ask the person who rolls the lowest a question. If there’s a tie for either highest or lowest, those two will roll again. If you’re really against answering the question, then you can choose to perform a dare instead.”

Everyone nodded to show they understood. Kyle continued, “Now, since this is a get-to-know-each-other-better game, each person can choose only one dare from now to midnight. And since we know that there are certain subjects that are kind of taboo, let’s roll the clock back two years. All of your answers must come from the truth as it stood before, you know, that day at the CrashDown.”

“Is this some kind of Buddhist thing?” Liz asked skeptically. “I’m not even the same person I was two years ago.”

“Yeah, but this is your chance to learn about where we all are coming from, and I think you might be surprised how much you learn about yourself, too.” He quickly passed the dice around. “Got it? Are we ready?”

There was a chorus of agreements, as everyone shook their dice and let them roll onto the table. Before they’d stopped moving, Kyle scooped them back up and pointing his finger at Tess and Michael, he said, “And your solemn promise that there will be no cheating or using of powers of any kind throughout the game.” Tess rolled her eyes with a beleaguered sigh. They both nodded. The dice were passed around again and the game was on.

It went on for hours, and they all got to know each other better. As odd as it sounded, the two year taboo thing worked out rather well. Kyle was right: Liz and the others really got to see how much they’d changed since the day Max had healed Liz in the CrashDown. They all got glimpses into each other’s lives, and it helped to dispel any lingering suspicion and anger between Liz and Tess. For the first time, Liz was getting to know the girl who was raised with Nasedo as her only family, and her heart went out to her.

The game ended abruptly at eleven o’clock, though, when the tenor of the questions changed and got decidedly personal.

It started with Tess who asked Liz, “Who was the first boy you ever kissed?”

Liz grinned as she replied, “Alex.”

Michael and Kyle both frowned. “Alex?” Michael asked. “What were you doing kissing him?”

“Practicing. You know, not all of us are just born knowing how to kiss. Some of us had to learn and practice.” She looked pointedly at Michael as she answered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You figure it out.”

Kyle and Tess shared a look. “Ok,” the blond alien said in the tense silence, picking up her die. “Let’s see who’s next.”

“No. I want an answer to my question,” Michael persisted.

“The answer is off-limits. Two year rule, remember?”

“Ok, fine.” Michael said and shook his die. When everyone rolled, he allowed his powers a tiny push and gave himself a six… and Liz a one.

“Michael…” Liz said warningly.

“What? I didn’t do it,” he lied.

Liz sighed, not sure if she believed him. “What’s the question?”

“How do I kiss? Am I a natural?”

“How am I supposed to know, Michael?”

“Well, doesn’t Maria ever say anything about it?”

“Maybe,” Liz hedged. As far as she was concerned, her and Maria’s conversations about Max and Michael were private, especially since Maria seemed to be having some sex-related problem with him right now. She didn’t feel right talking about it. “Did you kiss Maria before two years ago?” she asked, knowing the answer.


“Well then, two year rule still applies.”

“Liz, there’s no reason not to answer, is there? No one here is gonna get upset over it.” Kyle declared. “I say the rule doesn’t apply here. You either have to answer, or I guess you choose to do a Dare. Which is it?”

Liz folded her arms stubbornly. “Dare, then.” It was the first dare of the evening, and, as it turned out, the last.

“Ok, fine.” Michael agreed easily. He didn’t even have to think to come up with a dare for her. Trying not to sound too eager, he announced, “You have to kiss someone in this room other than Kyle for a full thirty seconds.”

Liz froze. “You’re kidding, right?” Michael shook his head, a naughty gleam in his eye. “But that leaves you or Tess.” He simply quirked an eyebrow at her assessment.

While the girls had been outside earlier, Kyle had filled him in on his and Alex’s plan to help along Liz’s initiation, and this seemed like as good a time as any to start breaking down some of the perfect Miss Parker’s boundaries.

Kyle glared at him. He’d told Michael that he and Tess were going really slowly with Liz for obvious reasons. This was *not* what he’d had in mind for his game, and he let Michael know it. “Guerin, that’s uncalled for.”

“What? It’s just a kiss.”

The casualness of his answer caused more heat to fill her already flaming face.

Tess leaned over and touched Liz’s arm softly. “You don’t have to. We’ll stop right here. Forget it ever came up. I’m sorry I even mentioned kissing in the first place.” She shot Michael a nasty look. They were supposed to be making Liz more comfortable not less comfortable around her.

Liz didn’t want to ruin the fun they’d been having, but this… This was strange. No way. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t kiss Michael. Maria would never forgive her. But the alternative… to kiss Tess. She didn’t think she could do it. ‘It’s just a kiss,’ Michael’s voice taunted her. Suddenly a scene from one of the pornos she and Maria had watched earlier in the week flashed through her head. Two women kissing, touching themselves and each other; their soft moans, their soft lips, their soft hands… Something about the whole thing had been extremely erotic to Liz.

‘It’s just a kiss…’ The oh-so brief kiss that Maria had pressed on her lips last Saturday had lingered in her consciousness for hours after the event. Once the shock had worn off, Liz had started thinking that it hadn’t been so bad. Then on Monday, lying next to Maria on top of Alex’s bed, seeing the look of dazed passion in her friend’s eyes just before she’d fled the room, it had stirred something in her. That same something was coming to life again right now. Looking deep into Tess’s eyes, she thought she saw an answering fire there. Somehow it didn’t frighten her as much as she might thought – if she’d ever let herself wonder about this ‘what if’ scenario.

Coming to a decision, Liz said, “No, it’s ok, Tess. I can do this.”

Michael grinned outright and said, “Kyle, you gotta be the timer. You let us know when thirty seconds have gone by.”

“You can do it,” Liz informed him. “It’s your Dare,” thus letting him know that he wasn’t the one she’d chosen to kiss. Coming to her knees, she crawled around to where Tess was sitting next to Kyle on the sofa. She glanced briefly at her former boyfriend to gauge his reaction to the odd turn of events, and was glad to see he was ok with this. In fact, he looked more than ok. Desire was burning in his eyes, and a warm flush was starting to climb up his cheeks.

Tess scooted to the front of the sofa. Wanting to pull the other girl close and devour her mouth after months of unrequited desire, she forced herself to keep her hands on the tops of her thighs.

Liz’s tongue nervously darted out to moisten her lips. ‘Can I go through with this?’ she asked herself in a sudden panic. ‘It’s just a kiss…’ She looked searchingly at the alien’s beautiful face and saw the anticipation and need stamped on her features. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was all the impetus she needed.

Cupping Tess’s face between her soft hands, Liz softly pressed her lips to the other girl’s. It was the softest of caresses, barely there at all.

Tess held herself perfectly still, waiting to see what Liz would do next, not wanting to scare her away. It was exquisite torture. All of her senses were focused on just that one place they were joined. She’d never felt anything like it.

Liz slowly moved one hand into the other girl’s soft hair, and lightly fingered the soft strands. Feeling her tremble under her touch, Liz pressed her lips more firmly against Tess’s mouth. Then she pulled back a little only to return at a slightly different angle and repeated it another time again.

Merging their mouths fully with a slight suction, Liz caused Tess to sway slightly forward, wishing she could press her body against the slender human’s warmth. Her hands slid slowly forward until she could touch Liz. Wanting to stroke her beautiful body all over, she settled for just resting her palms lightly on her hips allowing her thumbs to rub back and forth gently.

Liz moaned at the caress, a barely audible sound, and slowly rubbed small circles at the base of Tess’s head, a move she’d seen at Alex’s. Tess seemed to like it because she sighed into her mouth.

Pleasure was starting to hum across nerve endings and into Liz’s brain. She was beginning to wish she could pull Tess closer into an actual embrace, but couldn’t bring herself to move. She was frozen by her own inhibitions. Unsure how to or even if she wanted to progress, she restricted herself to touching Tess with only her lips and fingertips.

Watching them, it was everything Kyle could do not to join in. Multiple desires were swirling darkly inside him, some were his own, but some were Tess’s. A few were Michael’s. This kiss hadn’t been part of the plan, but he couldn’t say that he regretted it. Seeing the contrast of Liz’s dark hair against Tess’s light hair was something he’d never forget. The sounds they were making teased him. If he hadn’t been siting six inches from them, he wouldn’t have heard them at all. As it was, the entire world faded away until there was nothing except these two angels, one fair, one dark, caught in a delicate caress softer than a butterfly on a rose.

Kyle was so engrossed that he failed to notice the movement to his right as Michael stood. All he knew was that suddenly, Michael was kneeling behind Liz. Lightly pulling her hair away from her ear, he whispered, “Time’s up.” He gently sent his lips to her neck where he pressed a series of soft kisses accompanied by tiny nibbles. “My turn.”

With a small gasp, Liz pulled away from Tess. It was what Michael was waiting for. He turned her quickly and buried his lips in hers.

Already lost to sensation from the previous kiss, Liz threw her arms around Michael’s neck and pressed herself against him. Opening her mouth, she welcomed the hungry thrust of his tongue and reciprocated with her own.

Passion swamped her senses as she lost herself to Michael’s embrace. He clutched her hips and pulled her firmly against his arousal as his lips left hers to blaze a trail to the sensitive spot behind her ear. As she gasped aloud in pleasure, stars started to dance against the back of her eyelids. The burning points pulsed with the same rhythm of her racing heartbeat growing brighter and brighter until they coalesced into a flash of white.

As it faded, a series of images of the reclusive alien paraded themselves across her mind.

*Michael watching Max watch her. Kissing Maria in the janitor’s closet. Michael staring at her, Liz, in one of the few classes they’d shared. Michael’s pain and fear as he saw her laying shot on the floor of the CrashDown. Going to Maria the night he’d left Hank’s for good. Sneaking into her room and stealing her journal. Sitting in a motel room with Maria quoting James Joyce. Watching Liz greet Max with a passionate kiss in the CrashDown, his anger with Max for kissing Tess. Holding Liz close in comfort the night Max was taken by Pierce. Seeing Liz approach in his healing dream. Him telling Maria, “Before we can be together, there’s something you gotta do.”*

With a gasp, Michael was the one who’d pulled back. They stared at each other in shock for a several seconds before they both jumped to their feet and moved to opposite sides of the living room. “Michael, I…” Liz began, trying, wanting to tell him what she’d seen and felt in those flashes. She’d seen him. He loved Maria profoundly, every bit as much as she loved Max, but he wanted Liz, too. Passionately, deeply, resolutely. It was all so confusing. Liz needed a moment to gather her thoughts, but she didn’t get it.

Liz wasn’t the only one to see things. “What the hell have you and Maria been doing this week?” he asked, his voice harsh and puzzled at the same time.


“I saw you. I saw the two of you going over to Alex’s at lunch and what you did there. I saw you going shopping to buy lingerie, but not all of it was for you. Some of it was for Maria. What was that, Liz?”

Liz gulped.

Kyle and Tess also jumped to their feet at this unexpected turn of events. “What are you talking about? What do you mean you saw her?” Kyle asked.

“I got a flash. She and Maria have been sneaking around, doing god-knows-what this week.”

Liz put up her chin, temporarily blocking out all of her own unanswered questions and confusion to tell him, “What I’ve been doing is putting her back together after you did whatever it is you did to her - again. She won’t even tell me what happened between the two of you this time, but you’ve made her feel inadequate and unloved.” Liz was pointing at him empathetically as she spoke.

Realizing she was as close to losing her temper as she’d ever been, she continued in a quieter tone, “Now, I know you love her, Michael. How could you have hurt her like you have? She actually feels like she’s done something to not deserve you, when we both know it’s the other way around. If anyone’s undeserving, it’s you… and me.” A sickness roiled around in her stomach as she suddenly realized the enormity of what she’d done. She’d managed to betray Max and Maria at the same time, the two people she loved most in the world. Raising a hand to her mouth, she felt like she might lose her dinner. “Oh god! What have I done?” She looked at Michael and he was staggered by the pain and hurt he could read in her expressive eyes.

He took a step forward, “Liz, I…”

Shaking her head, she back up, exclaiming, “Stay away from me Michael.”

Kyle sensing that she was about to fall apart in a way that would be difficult if not impossible to repair, grabbed her arms gently, forcing her to look at him. “Liz, look at me. As far as everyone in this room is concerned, this never happened. Max and Maria will never need to know what happened here. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry I let things get so far out of control.”

“You’re wrong, Kyle. This did happen, and Max is gonna find out, there’s no way to stop it.” Shrugging out of his grasp, she snatched up her bag and fled the house.

Tess sighed heavily as she sank back down onto the couch. “I can’t believe it, but we actually made it worse. She’s never gonna forgive us for what we did tonight.”

“Alex is gonna be so pissed,” Kyle agreed.

“Are you guys kidding?” Michael asked. “You don’t know Liz at all, do you? This is better than you could have hoped. The biggest thing she and Max have in common is her willingness to step up and accept blame for almost anything. She may not like it, but she won’t be able to deny that she wanted to kiss us. It’s a place to start. She’s embarrassed now, but she’ll get over it. And then she’ll be ours.”

A short silence fell.

“Ours?” Tess spoke up. “Don’t you mean ‘Max’s’?”

Michael shook his head. “Tess, I’ve wanted Liz since the third grade. Long before I ever knew Maria. Once she’s initiated, it’ll just be a matter of time before she comes to me.”

Tess and Kyle shared a disturbed look. They definitely needed to schedule a meeting with the others and it had better be soon before this got any worse.

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Chapter ten

“So, chica, you wanna go do something tonight?”

Liz could barely bring herself to look Maria in the eyes as she answered, “Actually, I was thinking I’d stay in, you know just take a long bath and write in my journal. Have some quiet time.”

Maria rounded the corner of the counter at the CrashDown to ask her friend worriedly, “Are you ok? I mean did something happen?”

“What? No, Maria, nothing happened,” Liz said maybe a little too quickly. “What makes you ask that?”

“The combination of you taking a bath and writing in your journal usually means there’s something going on. Did something happen with Max yesterday?”

‘I wish,’ Liz thought morosely. “No. I didn’t hardly even see him. It’s not him.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s nothing, Maria. I just don’t feel like doing anything.”

“Well, I’m going out, and I guess I have four hours to convince you to come with me.” It was said in a tone Liz had heard a hundred times before. Liz was on a sinking ship and she knew it. Still, there might be time to catch a lifeboat…

“Maria,” Liz said warningly.

“Liz,” she mimicked. “Come on. You know you want to go. We’ll go to that club out by the mall. We’ll wear something sexy and have all the guys drooling over us.” Seeing her friend about to decline, Maria played her trump. “Come on, Liz. I need you with me. This will be a part of our ‘project.’ Just think of it. I’ll need your help managing all those guys.”

Liz sighed, knowing that she was defeated, lifeboat or no. So much for staying in and trying to come to terms with what had happened last night, she thought. Maria came first, especially now with all the guilt Liz had heaped on her shoulders.

“Ok, I’ll go…” Maria squealed and hugged her. Seeing a way to salvage the night and turn it into something special for Maria, Liz admitted, “I have a present for you, too. You can wear it tonight if you want.”

“A present?” Maria asked, puzzled. “What present?”

“Let’s just say that tonight we *will* both be wearing our underwear.”

Understanding dawned across Maria’s face. “Oh my god, you didn’t.”

Liz said nothing, but grinned at her best friend. The smile faltered as she wondered how much longer Maria would be speaking to her once she found out what had happened with Michael last night. Somehow she didn’t think Michael’s ‘Just a kiss’ argument was going to do her any good. A customer was approaching the cash register, and Liz hurried over to wait on him trying unsuccessfully to push the unexplained event to the back of her mind.

* * * * * * * *

The door to the CrashDown opened and Isabel and Tess entered the bustling restaurant. They quickly moved to seat themselves at the counter because someone was sitting in their usual booth. In fact, people were sitting in all of the booths. Isabel couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen the place so crowded. Wait, yes she could, it was the night she’d offered to help Maria out just before Liz’s grandma had died.

The two aliens watched their human friends bustle around waiting on customers left and right. It was a minute or two before Maria swung to the other side of the counter looking at them for the first time. “Oh, hey, guys. I didn’t realize it was you sitting here. What can I get for you?” With it being so busy, Maria didn’t waste any time or energy being embarrassed in Isabel’s company. Besides, she was coming to terms with what had happened between them. She was feeling more confident about herself, thanks to Liz and her sexual schemes this past week, than she had in a long time. She knew it was just a matter of time before she got up the nerve to approach Isabel again.

Isabel was so happy to see Maria looking at her without the customary shadows under her eyes that she couldn’t even exchange pleasantries. Her earlier argument with Michael was still ringing in her ears.

“What do you mean you didn’t tell her anything? You must have told her *something*…”

“Like what? We didn’t know at the time why the initiation had failed. It was weeks before we realized what went wrong. By then, she was barely even speaking to me. What was I supposed to say?” he defended himself. The pod squad plus Alex and Kyle had gathered in Michael’s apartment for the emergency meeting to discuss the events of the previous evening.

“God, Michael! You just let her think that somehow it was her fault?”

Isabel had drawn an accurate picture of Maria’s state of mind from both Tess’s retelling of Liz’s outburst from last night and Michael’s description of the flash he’d gotten from Liz. Isabel thought that Maria had had the right idea: she wasn’t currently speaking to Michael now either. It pained her to think of what Maria had suffered because of her.

Looking back at the one night she’d spent with Maria DeLuca, Isabel still shivered in pleasure. The small blond girl had been incredible, loving and thorough in her willingness to please her. Isabel got tears in her eyes when she realized that to Maria, that amazing night was a source of shame and humiliation. She was determined to right the wrong they done to her as soon as possible. The sooner the better.

Accordingly, she asked, “So Maria, what are your plans tonight?”

“I just talked Liz into going clubbing with me.”

“Really? Where’re you going?”

“Hanger 54.”

“No kidding? Tess and I were planning on going there tonight, too. Weren’t we?”

They’d had no such plans, but Tess easily backed her up, “Uh huh. In fact, that’s kinda why we’re here. To see if you and maybe Liz wanted to come out with us. Kind of a ‘girls night’.”

Isabel quickly added, “But if you’ve already got plans, then maybe we’ll just see you there.” She didn’t want to scare Maria away, or cause her to change their plans. The idea of getting to dance with Liz and Maria on a crowded dance floor held a sudden appeal. The four girls hadn’t danced together since that night in this very room right after Liz had returned from Florida, before Nasedo had died.

Maria looked at them, puzzled. Tess wasn’t usually a big joiner, and with the awkward state things between her and Isabel had been in, the invitation seemed a little out of the blue. The sincerity in their faces calmed her somewhat and she found herself agreeing, “Yeah, ok. I guess we’ll see you there.”

“If you’d like, Tess and I will get a table by the dance floor big enough for the four of us.”

“Sure.” Maria agreed, hoping Liz wouldn’t be too mad about having to be stuck with Tess for the evening. “We’ll probably get there about eight.”

Isabel curved her lips up into her most beautiful smile as she stood. “Great. Tell Liz we’re looking forward to seeing her there.”

Tess got up and followed Isabel out the door. She felt a small pang that Liz hadn’t noticed her the whole time she was there. Tess knew that if Max had walked in, Liz would have known instantly, and dropped whatever she was doing to rush to greet him. It saddened her on some level that Liz was able to completely block her out.

She would have been surprised to discover that the truth was just the opposite. Liz had been very aware of the small alien as soon as she’d entered the CrashDown. She still wasn’t sure where she stood with what had happened last night and decided avoidance of the issue was the way to go right now. She’d kissed Tess. Ok, it had been on a dare, but nothing would diminish the fact that Liz had *enjoyed* the kiss. So much so that when Michael intervened, Liz had needed an outlet for her burgeoning desire and had eagerly allowed it to flow into him. And to make matters worse, she’d *really* enjoyed kissing Michael.

What was wrong with her? She loved Max. Wholly, unconditionally. Despite everything that was keeping them apart at present, nothing could diminish the fact that he was the other half of her soul and she wanted him above all others. But apparently not to the exclusion of all others. Therein lay the point of all of her confusion today.

With Tess and Kyle going so strong right now, all of the reasons for why she’d been staying away from Max suddenly seemed less insurmountable. Perhaps it was time to stop pining at for him from afar, tell him what she really wanted and let nature take its course. She wanted him with every fiber of her being, and she couldn’t fight it forever. Perhaps, if she could look to Max for the love that was missing in her life, these disturbing feelings for Michael and Tess which were surfacing would disappear as if they never were.

She knew she would need to think about it more before making a final decision, and it probably wouldn’t be tonight. Tonight was about Maria, and helping her get over whatever Michael had done to her. She’d worry about the rest tomorrow, just like Scarlett O’Hara, she thought with a grin.

Thinking about Maria caused her to smile. Liz couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when her friend saw what she’d bought her from Victoria’s Secret.

* * * * * * *

Staring at herself in the mirror, Liz wondered where the modest young woman she’d always perceived herself to be had gone. Having unwittingly joined Maria on her quest of sexual awakening, Liz discovered a whole new side of herself she’d never known existed. The sexy, alluring side.

That side was on display for all the world to see right now.

On Wednesday after school, Liz had made an impulsive stop at the Victoria’s Secret in the mall to find something sexy for Maria, and had wound up buying something for herself, too. Hers was a black, lacy garter belt complete with sheer silk stockings, matching thong and demi bra. How was it possible that she was dressed, yet still felt completely nude. She’d put off pulling on her skirt and blouse until the last minute, wanting to enjoy the heady sensation for as long as possible, but for some reason, she’d reached into her closet and pulled out her nicest pair of black heels. Wearing just her shoes and underwear was the most decadent thing she’d ever experienced. It also brought to mind the vignette of the lady executive who’d managed to keep her shoes on through everything that guy had done to her. Liz had to admit she was turned on just from remembering it and wondered if anything half as sexy would ever happen between her and Max.

She piled her hair on the top of her head in a deceptively casual twist. The flattering style looked like one innocent touch would bring it all down around her shoulders, but Liz knew it would actually hold up all night. As she was putting the finishing touches on her make up, the phone in her bedroom rang. Checking to make sure the coast was clear, no dad at the door, no Max at the window, she hurried across the room to answer it.


“Hey girlfriend. You coming over or what?” Maria was getting impatient for their night to begin.

“Yeah. I’m almost dressed. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” As she spoke, she turned to stare transfixed at the vanity mirror. From this distance, the view was practically full length, and Liz was once again astonished at herself. Who am I? she wondered. The demi bra set off the curves of her breasts to perfection, barely covering her nipples. The garter belt and stockings framed the apex of her thighs and the thong was practically invisible; it was so tiny.

“What are you wearing?” Maria asked through the phone.

Absently, Liz answered, “Nothing.” Catching herself, she amended it to, “Uh, I mean I was just looking through my closet. You know, trying to decide.”

“Well, hurry up then.”

Liz could hear the eagerness in her friend’s voice and smiled. “See ya in a few.”

“Ok. See ya.”

Going to her closet, she pulled out a black leather skirt, which would reach mid-thigh, thus covering the tops of her stockings and a short red scoop necked blouse that would leave her midriff bare. It was perfect. Liz dressed in short order, spritzed herself with her favorite perfume and headed out the door, the small bag containing Maria’s gift clutched in her hand.

* * * * *

“Liz, are you sure you can’t see anything?” Maria asked worriedly.

Without looking at her, Liz assured, “No, Maria, you look great.”

Maria tugged worriedly at her shirt, whispering, “It’s just that I feel so… undressed.”

“That was kinda the point,” Liz assured her as they pushed their way through the crowd toward the dance floor.

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to *look* undressed,” she stressed.

“Maria, you look fine. Come on, let’s find a place to put our stuff down.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Isabel and Tess said they’d be coming here tonight, too. They said they’d try to find a table near the dance floor.” Looking around, Maria spotted the two blonde aliens. “There they are,” she exclaimed. Grabbing Liz’s hand, she pulled her friend over.

‘They were WHAT?’ Liz thought frantically as she was yanked across the room. “Maria!” she hissed. “You didn’t tell me they’d be here.” But then it was too late to object and there they were.

“Hey guys,” the fair human greeted them.

Isabel turned from the floor with a welcoming grin. “Hey!” Casting her eyes over Maria’s luscious form, she said, “You look great!” in a sultry tone which caused Maria to blush profusely.

Beside them, Liz and Tess looked each other over, unsure what to say to one another. They each settled for “Hi,” and let it go at that.

Looking around the table, none of them knew what the night would bring, but before the sun rose again in the morning, the score was going to be three down, one to go.

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Chapter eleven

“Hey Max, can I talk to Isabel?” Alex asked into the phone.

In the process of grabbing his keys off the counter, Max answered, “She’s not here. I thought she was over at your place tonight.” His parents were staying overnight in Santa Fe and he was off to convince Liz that they belonged together once and for all. After the revelations from the meeting earlier, Max needed to talk to her about what’d been going on with her and Maria. Plus an empty house could mean some quality make-out time, provided he could finally convince her to give up the whole break-up-with-Max-for-his-own-good scenario for a more favorable one that involved her being naked and in his bed.

“Nope. My parents are back from their trip to Florida and we’re having family bonding fun. Complete with slides.” Alex’s tone indicated it was more of a torture session than fun. “You know how it is. I was hoping she’d come share the misery with me.”

“Well, I haven’t seen her, but I’ll tell her you called.”

“Thanks, man.”

Leaving a note for his sister on the fridge, Max hurried out of the house.

* * * * * * *

With the sounds of Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon” pounding through the speaker system, Liz and Maria were happily bumping and grinding on the floor with everyone else in the place and catching quite a few eyes in the process. Maria’s long blond hair was in its customary ringlets cascading down her back. The dark blue sleeveless silk blouse she wore brought out the color in her eyes, and her tight knit skirt accented the curve of her ass and hips, as well as called attention to her long, shapely legs. She looked exquisite, especially next to Liz’s stunning appearance.

Sitting at their table, Tess and Isabel sat watching the two human girls enjoy themselves. Their eyes were glued to swaying hips and reaching arms. They each noticed every glance bestowed upon the two beauties by the hungry men in the crowd as well as the secretive smiles exchanged by the girls themselves.

“I’m a desperado underneath your window…” Maria sang along with Ricky, really enjoying herself for the first time in a long while. This was how things should always be, she thought as she rolled her hips. Shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon… She and Liz out on the town. No danger or creepiness lurking anywhere. Just the two of them, loud music and about a hundred guys to tease. “We’ll go ‘round the world in a day. Don’t say ‘No.’ No, shake it my way, oh.”

When the guy behind her ‘accidentally’ bumped into her for the third time, Maria turned to face him. With a sexy smile on her face, she danced a little closer, looking into his dark eyes. He was tall, maybe as tall as Michael, but lanky like Alex. His cologne was a little overpowering, but Maria forgave him. He seemed surprised at first when she turned around, but when it became apparent that she wasn’t going to yell at him for trying to cop a feel, he grinned wolfishly and she discovered that he had a dimple in his right cheek.

Left without her partner, Liz eyed the guys dancing on either side of her. Both of them had been trying to catch her attention for the last few minutes, but she’d ignored him. Now, she turned and backed up a step to let them into her circle.

Eyeing each other askance, both boys decided, ‘what the hell,’ and allowed themselves to be pulled into her web.

* * * * * * *

At the CrashDown, Max was surprised to see neither Liz nor Maria working. Catching Michael’s eye through the pick-up window, he waved his friend over. At his inquiry, Michael told him, “I don’t know. They both got the night off, and they weren’t here when I clocked in. They’re probably at the library or something.”

Max was about to get up to look for them there when Kyle entered the diner.

“Hey, Kyle. I figured you’d be at home tonight.”

Shaking his head, Kyle informed them, “No, Tess went out with Isabel. They were supposed to be hooking up with Liz and Maria for some girl bonding time.”

“No way,” Michael said, the possibilities swirling around in his head. ‘Are we talking bonding or *bonding*,’ he wondered, ‘and if so, which was the lucky guy who was gonna get to claim his mate, me or Max?’

“Yeah, Tess said she might be out late, so I’m on my own tonight.”

“Do you know where they went?” Max asked casually. He was afraid his plans were about to be shot to hell, but he wasn’t giving up that easily.

“Someplace to dance. That’s all I know.”

“Thanks.” He hurried out the door, mentally listing all the underage clubs in the area. There was one in Roswell, and two others not too far away. If the four girls were at any of them, it shouldn’t be too hard to find them, he thought.

* * * * * * * *

Seeing another guy join in the ever-growing circle around Liz and Maria, who were dancing back to back, Isabel decided enough was enough. Liz and Maria were *theirs* and it was about time all these Romeos knew it. “Come on,” she said to Tess as she stood up.

The two girls had to elbow their way into the group and soon they were all dancing together in time to the driving beat of the music coming through the speakers. They were delighted when the song changed to “Smooth” by Santana. The lyrics and the beat were both provocative enough to suit Isabel’s purpose.

The taller alien danced her way a little closer to Maria, who smiled in greeting.

“Hey, it’s about time you wallflowers decided to join the fun,” she chided.

“Yeah, well, we were admiring the view.”

Maria eyed the gathered crowd appreciatively. “Yeah, I bet. Anyone catch your eye?” she teased, only to be surprised at Isabel’s answer.

“One or two.”


“Yeah. I’m thinking there’s one I might even want to take home.”

That answer stunned Maria, since she was aware Isabel and Alex had gotten officially together. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Dead serious. That’s not to say I’m going to. But it’s fun to think about.” Isabel of course had no intention of taking home anyone except for either Liz or the blonde temptress in front of her, but she didn’t want to scare Maria off by admitting that fact. So she asked instead, “What about you? See anything you like?”


Isabel smiled wickedly. “You wanna really have some fun?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just watch.” With that, Isabel moved up behind Maria and lightly placed her hands on the other girl’s hips.

“Isabel! What are you…?”

“Just watch,” Isabel commanded. Sure enough, as the two of them, danced, their sleek movements completely in sync with each other, the guys who were watching practically began to drool.

* * * * * * *

It was about ten o’clock when Max entered Hanger 54, Roswell’s hottest - and only - underage nightclub. He’d spotted the Parker’s sedan and Tess’s little foreign car in the parking lot, so he knew he was in the right place. As he pushed himself through the crowds, he heard some guy say to a buddy, “Hey man, you gotta come check this out. There’s a couple of hotties getting down on the dance floor. And I mean *getting down.*”

Another guy, looking toward the dance floor exclaimed, “I am *so* in love.”

His friend answered, “Take a number.”

Intent on finding Liz, Max didn’t pay much attention to them. All he knew was that the press of bodies surrounding the floor made it difficult for him to see. Finally, he made it through to where he had a clear view of the people dancing and found himself joining the crowd of dumbstruck men in the room.

Maria and Isabel were dancing. Together.

No, Isabel was seducing Maria out there on the dance floor while a roomful of men stood around and gawked. She had the smaller girl’s arms raised above their heads, a position which emphasized her beautifully shaped breasts, while keeping their hips pressed together back to front as they did a slow grind. The position of their arms had Maria leaning back into Isabel so that there wasn’t an inch of space between them from collarbone to knee. The lighting provided an excellent view of Maria’s profile and it was no secret that her nipples were standing out proud and erect against the silk of her blouse. It was an incredible sight and, for just a moment forgetting his true purpose for being here, Max stared at them. He was wishing Michael were here to see this. They were so beautiful. Max felt his body begin to respond to the visual stimulus it was being treated to.

Maria was in trouble and she knew it. She’d started out wanting to tempt and tease all of the gorgeous men they’d attracted, but now, she realized it was she who was panting with desire. She didn’t know what Isabel was up to and she didn’t care. Somewhere in the last five minutes, Maria had fallen under Isabel’s spell. Feeling her lover’s generous curves pressing against her, she decided that she was ready to give the initiation another go. Ready, willing and able, to be more specific. After her adventurous week with Liz, she figured she was as prepared as she was gonna get, and tonight seemed to be the perfect opportunity, if only she could get Isabel to agree.

As Maria turned her head, Isabel released her arms in order to splay her hands across her midriff.

“Isabel?” Maria’s voice was husky with desire, but there was nothing she could do about that.

“Hmmm?” It was practically a purr in her ears.

“Um, can we talk? I… I mean, not here, but go somewhere – private… to, you know, talk.”

Rubbing her hand slowly across Maria’s abdomen, while their hips continued to move to the rhythm of the song playing, Isabel questioned, “Talk?”


“Sure.” Her casual tone belied the sexual tension filling her body. After hearing what Maria had been up to with Liz this week, she suspected she knew what was coming. It was sooner than she’d thought, but Isabel wasn’t complaining. She wanted Maria too badly to play games with her. If the other girl was going to ask her to take her home, Isabel would eagerly oblige her. They still needed to straighten out what had gone wrong with the first initiation, specifically the fact that Tess had needed to participate. Isabel was afraid Maria would shy away once she knew, so she wasn’t planning on telling her until the last possible second. Once Maria was nearly incoherent with lust would be time enough to spring it on her. “Come with me,” she said, releasing her hold on Maria’s body and heading in the direction of the ladies restroom.

As it happened, the song was ending, so their sudden departure from the dance floor wasn’t too obvious.

Tess and Liz watched them going, one concerned, one curious. They’d both seen their friends hamming it up for the guys around them as they’d continued to dance. Neither one had even contemplated trying to talk the other into mimicking them. Tess knew Liz wasn’t ready for that kind of show, and Liz was still unsure how things stood between them. They slowly made their way off the dance floor to their table only to find Max waiting for them.

“Max! What are you doing here?” Liz asked, stunned. This was the last place she’d ever expected to see him.

“Looking for you, actually.” He turned to the other girl. “Hey Tess.”

“Hey Max.”

“Is something wrong?” Liz asked, worried.

“No. Yes,” he quickly amended. “I needed to talk to you.”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. Do you mind?” he asked, aware that he was cutting her girl’s night short, but for what he had in mind, he hoped she wouldn’t mind.

Liz wanted to talk to him, but… “I’m here with Maria. I drove.”

Tess intervened to put her hand lightly on Liz’s arm. “It’s ok. Isabel and I will make sure she gets home.”

“You sure?” Liz asked, clearly torn between wanting to go and wanting to stay.

“Yeah. You and Max go have your talk. We’ll catch up with you tomorrow.”

She smiled shyly at the blond girl. “Thanks.”


Bending over, Liz retrieved her purse from where she’d stashed it underneath the table. While she was out of earshot, Tess gave Max a mischievous grin, before adding softly, “And you… Be good.”

He rolled his eyes. “Like I have a choice,” he muttered for her ears only. Seeing Liz was ready, he followed her outside the club where he invited, “If you want to follow me back to my house… my parents are out, and we should have some privacy.”

Liz felt a small thrill at that. Privacy was exactly what she wanted for the kind of talk she wanted to have with him. Earlier she’d been confused over the two kisses, but the more she’d thought about it, the more she realized that regardless of what had happened between her and Tess and Michael, it was Max she loved, Max she wanted. She figured this would be as good a time as any to let him know that she wanted to be with him. Maybe, she thought, if the talk went well, she’d be able to put that legendary control of his to the test. She hoped so. She was ready to claim one Max Evans as her own.

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Chapter twelve

Their talk had been amazingly short.

As soon as they were in a quiet corner of the club, Maria turned to Isabel and said, “Look, I know we never really talked about what happened between us… or what didn’t happen,” Isabel winced at the hurt seeping through Maria’s voice, “but I wanted to ask you if it was possible, that you’d give me a second chance to, you know, get it right. I know you’re with Alex and all, but he won’t mind once he understands that this needs to happen so I can be with Michael. And, that’s what this is about, right? Me getting the chance to be with…”

Isabel had heard enough. She stopped the words tumbling from Maria’s mouth by the expedient method of kissing her. Putting her hands on Maria’s shoulders, she pulled her friend closer and teased the closed seam of her mouth with her tongue. As soon as Maria let her in, Isabel slowly allowed her tongue to slide into the hot cavern of her mouth for one foray before pulling back.

Looking directly into her friend’s eyes, Isabel said, “Yes.”

Stunned, Maria asked, “You mean it?”

Nodding solemnly, Isabel said, “Of course I mean it. But I need you to know, this isn’t just about Michael. It’s about ‘us’ too. I didn’t realize that Michael did such a crappy job explaining things to you last time. I guess I should have known.” Isabel couldn’t resist rolling her eyes. “I want you to know everything about what’s happening. But not right now,” she said, indicating the crowded club. “I promise I’ll tell you everything. Do you trust me?”

“What?” Maria asked in disbelief. “Of course I trust you.”

Isabel lightly stroked down the side of Maria’s face. “Good, good. Let’s find Liz and Tess and get out of here. My parents are gone tonight, so we’ll have the house to ourselves.”

Maria couldn’t resist staring in awe at her for a moment before following the taller girl back to their table where they found Tess sitting by herself.

“Where’s Liz?”

“Uh, your brother just came in and swooped her up.”

“Did he say where he was going?”

“No, but by the looks of things, I’d say back to your house.”

“Damn,” Isabel swore. Tess sent her a silent inquiry to which Isabel nodded slightly. Maria would be theirs, if they could come up with a place to go to.

Biting her lip, Tess tried to think of somewhere they could go for some privacy. Isabel briefly considered then ruled out going to Liz’s room – since she obviously wasn’t using it; but her parents would be there, besides which there was no telling when she’d return. Same thing with Alex and Kyle. Too bad the old Harding residence wasn’t available… That left either a motel, or Michael’s.

Isabel looked at Maria wonderingly, unsure if Maria would agree to go through with this strange ritual in Michael’s apartment on Michael’s bed. It was a lot to ask.

Or maybe not. Maria had apparently come to the same conclusion, and was pulling her cell phone out of her purse. She gave Isabel a smile of anticipation as she hit the speed dial button and listened to the phone ringing on the other end.

It was answered immediately. Using her free hand to cover her other ear in order to hear over the loud music, Maria shouted, “Mr. Parker! Hi. Hey, can I talk to Michael for a minute? Thanks.”

* * * * * * *

Less than twenty minutes later, Isabel was opening Michael’s door to admit Maria. They’d dropped her off at her house and immediately pulled away to come here. They’d arrived two minutes earlier, so Maria didn’t know that Tess had hidden herself in the apartment.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Maria became the aggressor. Dropping her purse on the floor, she grabbed Isabel to her and pulled the other girl’s head down for a searing kiss. Her body, still humming from their earlier dancing, ignited and Maria wanted to drag her over to the sofa immediately, but one of the things she’d learned this week was that anticipation was part of the game. In retrospect, Maria suspected that that fine point of lovemaking was part of the reason she’d failed the last initiation. They’d rushed each orgasm, greedily claiming as many as they could from each other as the night went on and on.

Well, she wasn’t making that same mistake tonight. There was no way she was blowing this second chance because she doubted Isabel would be generous enough to grant her a third. So, she ended the kiss and stepped away.

Isabel looked at her uncertainly. ‘She hasn’t changed her mind,’ she suddenly wondered. Needing to know, she stepped forward and touched her friend’s shoulder. “Maria?”

Maria took her soft hand in her own and lightly pressed a soft kiss to its back. “There’s no hurry, right?”

Relieved, Isabel agreed. “Right.”

“Let’s make ourselves at home.”

Liking the sound of that, Isabel agreed.

Maria stepped over to the radio while Isabel pushed the coffee table up against the wall and pulled Michael’s blankets and pillows from the sofa onto the floor, arranging them carefully. There were a couple of candles scattered around, which Isabel lit with a snap of her fingers.

Impressed, Maria said, “Hey, now that’s handy.”

Kneeling down on the nest she’d made, Isabel held her hand out invitingly. “Come here.”

* * * * * * * *

At the Evans’, Max held the door open for Liz to step into his bedroom. Trying and failing miserably not to notice the most prominent piece of furniture in the room – namely, his bed - Liz had to force back a rush of longing and desire.

As Max shut and locked his door, he tried to think of the best way to approach her. “Liz…” he started haltingly.

Turning around to face him, Liz looked him square in the eye and said, “Kiss me, Max.”

Not needing to be told twice, Max pulled her into a tight embrace and buried his lips in hers.

Clutching his shoulders, she immediately opened her mouth to allow his tongue to penetrate its dark recesses. Moaning softly, she pressed closer, glorying in the full body contact after having been denied for so long. Her hands moved restlessly over his back and shoulders, enjoying the warm flex of his muscles beneath his shirt. Soon, it wasn’t enough. She needed his bare skin against her. Without asking for permission, she made quick work of the buttons she found and eagerly spread the fabric back so that his wonderful golden skin was hers for the taking.


“I can’t do it, Max. I can’t stay away from you any longer.”

It was all he needed to hear. Picking her up, he took the two steps necessary to bring them to the side of his bed where he laid her down gently. Straightening he looked at her in awe. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured. Before joining her, he stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

“Me?” she asked. “Compared to you, I’m nothing. Without you, I’m nothing.” She held up her hands invitingly. “Make love to me, Max.”

“Oh, God.” Needing no further encouragement, he joined her on the bed. He cursed the fact that he couldn’t make her his tonight. She would need to go through the initiation first, but he would make sure she had no regrets of her decision. And perhaps by giving her a glimpse of what being with him like that could mean, she’d be more willing to allow Isabel and Tess to take her through the ritual.

With that thought firmly in mind, Max covered her mouth with his, fanning the flames of her desire while his hands stroked lovingly all the skin he could reach.

* * * * * * * *

“Good Lord, what are you wearing?”

Maria giggled. “It’s a present from Liz. Do you like it?”

“Are you crazy? This is beautiful. It’s like you’ve been gift wrapped just for me, all complete with ribbons and bows.”

Isabel had just removed Maria’s silk blouse and skirt only to discover the sensuous underwear the other girl was wearing beneath her clothes. Liz’s gift to Maria was a matching bra and panty set. The red bra was sheer where it covered her nipples, so that every detail was visible, the edges of the bra were trimmed in red lace that matched the lace of the panties. The scandalous thing about the set was it was all held together by silky little ties. There were bows on either side of Maria’s hips, and another between her breasts and at each shoulder. It would only take seconds to untie each of those bows, thus rendering her completely nude. Isabel’s breath caught at the thought.

“That has to be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” she declared huskily as she reached over and lightly tweaked one of Maria’s pebbled nipples.

“T-thanks,” she gasped out.

“I’m gonna need a picture of this,” Isabel said and watched Maria’s eyes fly to hers in consternation. “But not tonight,” she added with a smile of anticipation. She lightly fingered the small bow that held the front of the bra closed.

Maria held her breath, waiting in silence. It was difficult for her to hold still, but she sensed that Isabel had something in mind and Maria had willingly switched from being the dominate to being the submissive partner. The wait was killing her, however. She groaned in disappointment when Isabel’s hand left the ribbon intact to trail down her flat abdomen. It didn’t last long, for her lover’s hand kept going south until she was stroking the lace of her underwear. With a sigh that was Isabel’s name, Maria shifted her hips, opening her legs slightly in preparation for what was to come.

Isabel’s whole body was beginning to tremble. It was time to get Tess and lay their cards on the table. Isabel’s plan was to draw Maria onto a rack of unfilled desire before making her an offer she couldn’t refuse. But first, a small bit of deception was in order. “Maria, I told you before that I was going to tell you everything, you know, about what went wrong the last time, and I am. I want to tell you right now, but I don’t think I can deal with you looking at me while I do it.”

Raising her eyebrows, Maria thought, ‘Isabel Evans, shy? Who would have thought it?’ Raising up, she asked, “So, you want me to turn around or something?”

“No. No, nothing like that. Just…” Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a silk scarf she normally used to tie back her hair. The human’s eyes widened in comprehension, and as Maria watched, she changed the color of it so that it matched her red lace underwear. Smiling seductively, Isabel asked, “Can I?”

Unable to form a coherent thought, Maria simply nodded and closed her eyes as Isabel gently but firmly tied the scarf so that it blocked her vision. Within moments, Maria found herself on her back with her arms thrown over her head waiting in agony to discover what Isabel was going to do next.

Chapter thirteen

“Michael, it looks like we’re all done here.”

“Ok, goodnight, Mr. Parker.” Michael waved to Liz’s dad as he got his helmet out of his locker in the back of the CrashDown. The restaurant was finally closed, and he could leave. Not that he could go home or anything. Michael could barely contain his happiness. Even Mr. Parker had commented in Michael’s unusually good mood this evening. Knowing that Maria was soon to be his… Thoughts of what she might actually be doing at any given moment with Isabel and Tess had kept a sexy smile on his face for the last hour (not to mention what it had done to the rest of him). Desire, not all of it his, hummed through him, pooling in his groin, which throbbed in anticipation.

He carefully climbed onto his motorcycle and pulled on his helmet. Resisting the urge to swing past his place to peek in the windows, he instead headed over to Max’s knowing he could sleep on his friend’s floor tonight.

* * * * * * *

“Tell me I’m not dreaming,” Max whispered in awe at the sight before him. “Are you real?” he asked.

“I’m real, Max,” Liz said, reaching for his hand. “I’m right here, and I’m never leaving you again.” Taking his hand, she placed it gently against her breast. He reached out with his other hand and lightly grasped her tiny waist to pull her closer to him.

A few minutes earlier, after kissing and petting each other until their lips were red and puffy, Liz had pulled back with a small, nervous smile. “I bought something I thought you might like,” she’d whispered.

“You brought me a present?” he’d asked.

“Not quite,” her grin had turned mischievous. “Close your eyes,” she’d commanded.

He’d obediently shut his eyes and waited expectantly as she left the bed. When she didn’t walk over to her purse where he figured she’d stashed it, he was confused. When he heard the rustling of her top as it fell to the floor, he frowned. When he heard the muted zipper on her leather skirt being lowered, his mouth went dry. “Liz?”

“Ok,” she answered, her husky voice caressing his ears. “You can open your eyes, now.”

When his eyes opened, he thought he knew what to expect. He was wrong. Liz Parker, considered to be nerdy and bookish by most of W. Roswell High, was beauty incarnate. There was nothing to compare her to. No way to describe his reaction to her delicate body clad only in black lacy lingerie. He was afraid to touch her. What if she disappeared, and this was all only a dream? So he had to ask her if she was real.

Now, feeling her warm flesh beneath his fingers, her heart beating against his hands, he had no doubts. She was real, and she was his. He allowed his fingertips to graze lightly over every piece of exposed skin he could reach – which was practically all of her.

At his continued silence after her declaration, Liz began to get nervous again. It had taken all of her confidence to just undress like that for him, and now, all he did was sit there, staring at her. What if he didn’t like it? Was she being too forward? She knew her body was small, her breasts were tiny, was he displeased? Was he comparing her to Tess? That last thought alone was enough to douse her budding passion. Her arms came up to belatedly shield her breasts from him and she took a half step back.

The movement was enough to snap Max out of his daze. Standing, he took her wrists in his and pleaded quietly, “Don’t.” His eyes left her body to lock with hers.

His velvety voice struck a chord in her and she obediently dropped her arms back down. Looking deep into his golden gaze, she saw there all the reassurances he’d been too tongue-tied to give her. In his eyes, she was beautiful.

Still, she needed to hear the words, and he wanted to tell her. “Liz, don’t be shy. You’re incredible. Everything about you is perfect. Even in my most erotic fantasies, I never dreamed you could look like this. I’m…” he smiled ruefully, “I’m just scared that I’m gonna wake up from this and find that tonight’s just been a strange, wonderful, sexy dream.”

Sliding her hands up his chest, Liz leaned into him fully and whispered, “If this is a dream, then I hope we never wake up.”

The warm contact of her body against his was all he needed to send him over the edge. His never-ending passion for her flared up as he grabbed her to him and began kissing her for all he was worth. Her fingers moved up to slide into his hair as she rubbed delicately against him.

Max ran his hands down the soft skin of her back, feeling the lace and elastic of her bra. He hesitated over the closure for a moment, then moved on. At her hips, he discovered the same fabric that made up the garter belt. Beyond that, he felt… skin. Warm, satiny skin. Raising his head, he looked toward his window. As he’d suspected, between the darkness outside and the bright light inside, the glass was reflecting perfectly like a mirror. He could clearly see the indention of her spine, her hair as it fell in silky strands across her shoulders, the black band of the garter belt he’d just been exploring around her waist, and the pale globes of her ass framed between black lace and silky stockings.

Puzzled momentarily, because he knew she was wearing panties, the full frontal view she’d treated him to was indelibly imprinted on his brain, Max rubbed his warm hands upward again and as they neared the belt, his fingertips, which were nearly touching on either side, encounter the thin strap of her thong across the small of her back. Enlightened, he traced it’s path back down to where it disappeared between the dark folds of her skin.

He had a whole new appreciation of the ‘more is less’ outtake on life. In this case, less was… breathtaking. “Liz,” he asked huskily.

“Hmmmm?” was her response from where she was nibbling on his neck.

“Where’d you get this?”

“D’you like it?”

“Yes,” he sighed as he moved his fingers down to stroke the tops of her stockings.

“Victoria’s Secret in the mall,” she answered his question.

“Remind me to write them a ‘thank you’ letter.”

He felt as much as heard Liz’s husky laughter. “That good, huh? I wasn’t sure, I mean, I’ve never bought anything like this before.”

He smiled into her hair. “You have no idea.” Looking at the window, Max came to a quick decision. He pulled back slightly and placed a soft kiss on her lips before saying, “But I think I can show you. Turn around.”

Obediently, Liz turned around to stare agape at their mirrored reflection in the window. For a moment, she didn’t even see herself. All she saw was Max standing tall and hungry behind her, his dark eyes burning as they met hers. The skin of his chest and shoulders gleamed enticingly at her. When he slowly brought one hand to her ribs, she finally focused on herself and was mesmerized.

Unable to help himself, Max moved the half step forward needed to press his front into her back and his erection pressed warmly into her backside. Unable to help herself, she settled back into him. At her reaction, he whispered, “See what you do to me?” She saw his reflection smile as he added ruefully, “And that’s on any given day. To see you looking like this, it’s like the beginning of every fantasy I’ve ever had about you. You’re a dream made flesh. My ideal. My dreamgirl. Mine.” He lovingly ran both hands from her shoulders to her fingertips and back again.

“You are so perfect for me, in every way,” he declared. “Look at you. I love how your head is the right height to nestle into my shoulder.” He ran his hands down the front of her arms, his skin barely grazing the dark fabric of her bra and her nipples tightened in reaction. “See how you respond to my slightest touch? Do you know what this does to me to know that I can affect you like this?” His hands came up again this time to lovingly cup her softness and lift their slight weight. He brushed his thumbs across her nipples as he admitted, “Last year when we were together, I would plot ways to make you aware of me just so I could see this happen.” ‘This’ being the way her puckered skin stood out against the black lace bra that was barely covering it. “You pretended not to notice but you could never fool me. I know you were as aware of me as I was of you and that always got my blood flowing. God,” he said, “You make me feel so alive. I never lived before you. And I stopped again after you left me last summer. I crawled into a place inside myself and only existed there until you returned.” His eyes locked with hers reflected in the window. “In all my years of hiding, I’ve never felt so alone as I did once I’d lost you.”

“Me neither,” she whispered, her voice hoarse with tears of love and regret. Turning to face him, she clutched at his middle. “I’m sorry for leaving you. I thought I was doing the right thing, what was right for you and right for your planet by letting you go. It was so hard. Everyday I wanted to die without you, but I told myself I was doing what I had to. I just had to be strong for both of us.” She looked deeply into his eyes as she continued, “We’ve wasted so much time chasing around something that didn’t even matter. I’m sorry…”

He stopped her words with a finger against her lips. “Shhh. It doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that you’re here where you belong.” He picked her up as he continued, “In my arms…” He lovingly placed her in the middle of his bed before following her down. “On my bed.” Soon, he promised himself. Soon she would be completely his, but for tonight, this would be enough.

She touched a hand to his face. “I’ll never leave you again.”

“Never leave me again,” he breathed against her skin. It was a plea and an order.

“Never,” she affirmed as she pulled his lips to hers and they kissed one another like they had a lifetime of kissing to make up for. Passion flared hotly between them once again and Max’s beautiful hands caressed all the skin he could reach.

It wasn’t enough. He rolled them to their sides so that he could get to more of her as his mouth continued to plunder hers.

* * * * * * *

Michael backed silently away from Max’s window. The perfection of Liz’s small body revealed in the lacy black nothing she was wearing was permanently etched into his brain and only added fuel to the fire that was already burning through his veins. When he’d come around the back of the house, this was the last thing he’d expected to see, and he’d stood frozen, entranced. Enthralled. She was gorgeous. And seeing them together was … indescribable.

He belatedly realized that through their connection he could feel Max’s desire for Liz coming through loud and clear. It was a palpable sensation. How could he have missed it? He had been so caught up in his own erotic fantasies over what was happening in his apartment with Maria as well as making plans for how he was gonna wake up his little love goddess in the morning that he hadn’t realized that his Max lust-o-meter was off the scales. Now that he was tuned into it, holy shit!

Part of him wanted to leave, to go find somewhere to sleep tonight, maybe the Valenti’s couch, since Tess wasn’t there tonight. He wanted to dream about Maria and bask in the anticipation curling through him. Some of it he knew wasn’t his, some of it belonged to Tess and Isabel. Had the girls gone through this waiting and wanting as he and Max had initiated Kyle and Alex, he wondered?

Another part of him wanted to stay. What would they do if Michael shoved open the window and stepped inside? Would they be shocked, outraged, or something else entirely? Would they make room for him on Max’s wide bed?

Did he want to stay? Hell yes.

Would he stay? A picture of Maria floated through his mind. Tonight should be all about her. He couldn’t let anything mar her memory of tonight and that included spending a few hours tangled up with Max and Liz however great the temptation. She would be pissed if she found out. Still, the temptation was great. From inside the house, Michael heard Liz give a small cry of pleasure and his stomach dropped as desire twisted fiercely inside him.

He backed up another step and tripped over a small ceramic goose decorating Diane Evans’ yard. Arms pin wheeling madly, he lost his balance and ended up on his ass, which did nothing to alleviate the aching fullness of his groin. He grunted in discomfort. Just when it looked like things couldn’t get any worse, there was a sound of running water just before the automatic sprinklers turned on, drenching him instantly.

Climbing to his feet, he all but ran to his motorcycle. Pulling his helmet on over his dripping hair, he gunned the engine and headed for the Valenti’s wondering if Buddha had any words of wisdom for a situation like this.

* * * * * * *

Back at Michael’s apartment, Isabel stood and motioned to Tess, who was peeking out of the bathroom to come and join them. She had already undressed down to her panties and Isabel got to see her naked form for the first time, and while she could objectively state that Tess was nicely shaped and all, she couldn’t compare to the vixen who was waiting submissively at their feet. Isabel quickly stripped down to her underwear, too and the two aliens knelt down side by side next to Maria.

Tess reached out and lightly trailed a hand up Maria’s thigh across her stomach to her breasts where she began torturing the human girl with gentle squeezes and loving circles. Maria gasped and arched into her touch, silently begging for more. Then Isabel began to speak.

“Last time you and I did this, we were still figuring out what it meant to be a hybrid. We aren’t alien and we aren’t human. We’re some weird combination of the two and we have different needs, sexually, than either species. It was our dreams that showed us what was missing. What did Michael tell you about all this when we did this before?”

As Isabel silently waited for the answer, Tess took the opportunity to lean forward and capture the nipple she’d been teasing the whole time Isabel was talking into her mouth. She lightly bit down, thoroughly enjoying the sounds Maria made as she tried to come up with an answer. Moving her mouth to the tiny bow between her breasts, Tess caught it gently between her teeth and slowly untied it. Nuzzling the cloth aside, baring Maria’s soft curves to their eyes, she pulled back to admire the view. She stroked one pale, silky globe while Isabel touched the other one.

“Maria,” Isabel repeated, “what did Michael tell you about us, about *this* last time?”

“N-nothing,” Maria was barely able to gasp out. That warm mouth had felt incredible on her skin, and she could barely think beyond the sensations crashing through her. “He… he only said t… that we couldn’t be together until I… and you… That’s all he said.” Her mouth turned down, “I know… I wasn’t good enough for you, I guess, but this time…”

“Shhh,” Isabel said before moving down to capture her lips with her own. Sucking lightly, she thrust her tongue inside. Maria started to throw her arms around Isabel’s neck to pull her in closer, but Isabel would have none of it. Holding her friend’s wrist firmly, she returned them to their place above Maria’s head.

Maria whimpered slightly as Isabel kissed a trail to her small ear. “It wasn’t you, Maria. It wasn’t. You were perfect, much more than I would have ever dreamed. Please don’t think that there was anything you did wrong that night.” As Isabel spoke, Tess trailed a hand down between Maria’s legs and began to stroke her lightly. Maria lifted her hips, trying for a deeper contact only to be denied what she wanted… no, *needed*.

“Isabel,” she implored, still unaware of Tess’s presence and maddening exploration of her body, but not for long.

Isabel moved back down so that she was next to Maria’s right hip, but still not touching her. Tess slid further down so that she was positioned between Maria’s open legs. Glancing at Isabel for permission to continue, Tess slowly undid first one tie then the other on either side of her panties.

“It wasn’t you, Maria,” Isabel repeated one more time as she enviously watched Tess stroke her lover’s mound, coming closer and closer to the seam in the middle. “Your initiation failed because of us. We still didn’t know what we needed to have happen… there was something missing, something important, something we needed in order for this to work.”

Watching Tess, Isabel lost her train of thought. God, Maria was beautiful, exactly like she’d remembered.

At Isabel’s silence, Tess took the opportunity to stroke her fingers down the path that led from vagina to clit. Spreading Maria’s nether lips with her fingers, she eagerly placed her mouth on Maria’s wetness and greedily began to lick and suck on her delicate skin. Unable to resist, Isabel’s soft hand reclaimed the breast she had been loving earlier.

Maria was in heaven. Her hips were moving against Tess’s lips of their own will. It seemed as if Isabel was everywhere. Her brain was quickly turning to mush, but she needed to make sure she understood everything this time so that there would be no mistake. Struggling to control herself, she panted, “But you’ve got it this time, right? The thing that was missing, you have it?” As if in answer, Tess thrust her tongue into Maria’s core. Maria thought she was gonna explode. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Her arms were trembling with the effort it took to keep them in place above her head.

Holding her free hand to the back of Tess’s head indicating that it was ok for her to continue what she was doing, Isabel began to speak. It was the first indication Maria might have gotten that she and Isabel weren’t alone if she hadn’t been too far gone to notice.

“You see, before Michael can be with you, all of the female members of the pack, if you will, must accept you as one of their own; to initiate you. I alone couldn’t do it.”

“Oh,” Maria panted, thinking some response was needed from her, she wasn’t sure what, though. Her mind was completely focused on what was happening between her legs, and she hadn’t really heard what Isabel had said.

Tess left Maria’s opening to search with her tongue for the tiny bundle of nerves hidden in the swollen flesh in her curls. Finding it easily, Tess drew it into her mouth and bit down gently, while sliding two fingers into her.

Maria arced off the blankets with a cry, trying to get even closer to the source of all the pleasure running through her. She was so close to cumming. She could feel it starting to build in her womb. Her sleek muscles were grasping the small fingers that were buried inside her.

Watching all this, Isabel knew that it was time to stop playing. “Maria, we want you. So much.” Isabel sucked on one of Maria’s erect nipples punctuating each sentence, driving the odds further into her favor. “Please, let us make love to you. Please, say you’ll stay with us here. If you will, then tomorrow morning, Michael will be all yours.”

“Yes,” Maria immediately agreed. “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop now.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t unless you tell us to.”

That caused something between a chuckle and a gasp to escape Maria’s mouth. “Not gonna happen.”

It was now or never. At a sign from Isabel, Tess sat back and released her hold on the other girl’s humming flesh. Isabel reached up and removed the blindfold that had hidden Tess from Maria’s sight. “Look at us, Maria. Look at us and tell us what you want.”

Maria’s heavy lashes lifted and she stared into Isabel’s beautiful face. She opened her mouth to answer, when several things clicked at once. First of all Isabel had said ‘we’ and ‘us’ in her last few statements. Secondly, she’d said something about all of the females in the pack, and thirdly, there was a small, warm hand lightly stroking one of her ankles. Lifting her head, she met the pleading blue gaze of Tess from where she sat between her spread legs.

Realization dawned as she glanced from blue to brown and back again. A hundred thoughts flew through her head. Surprise, anxiety, wonder. Anger was absent. She didn’t feel upset about the way they’d sprung it on her. Quite the opposite in fact. Judging from the looks on their faces, they were desperately worried that Maria would get up and leave them there.

Maria would have laughed if she could. The fire in her body wouldn’t let her move now if she’d tried. It was a fire they’d put there.

She wanted this. She wanted them. Although Maria had been prepared for a twosome with Isabel, the idea of Tess joining in was far from objectionable. While they’d never really been friends, Maria knew that ever since she’d fallen in love with Kyle, the small alien had been nothing but nice to the others in their group. Whether it was a sign that Kyle’s feelings for her changed her in some way, or that she was growing beyond the sheltered, not to mention screwed up existence she’d had with Nasedo as her only family, Maria didn’t know. And she didn’t care. All she could see was the result: Tess and Isabel were willing to do this for her. They knew that Maria loved Michael and in order for her to be with him, she needed to be with them first. They were here and they didn’t have to be. Tears lightly burned the back of her eyes at their generosity, even as her body thrummed with the desire they’d put there.

Leave them? Not bloody likely.

Sitting up, she trailed a hand lightly down the side of Tess’s face. Turning to look at Isabel, she whispered, “Initiate me.”

TBC - Keep reading... There's more below.

Liz’s Initiation will be in the fic currently titled “Saving The Best For Last”

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Here's an update for those of you who have been waiting so patiently, and those who have been less than patient. LOL As of today: 9/15/01 I have about 4 more chapters to write. STBFL is currently twice as long as TD,TTG, (How'd that happen?)and Shadowgrl is reading the first part now. As soon as I hear back from her, I'll begin posting the first chapters of Liz's Initiation. There may or may not be PN in STBFL. I haven't decided that yet. So far all of the nookie - and it's been ALOT!! *blush* has been integral to the plot and thus included. LOL. Anyway, that's where we are.

Come and visit me at my site:

Hope you enjoyed Two Down, Two to Go, and all of the PLOTLESS NOOKIE pieces...

And speaking of PLOTLESS NOOKIE, here is the fourth and final installment that was so completely plotless, I couldn't find a place to slip it in earlier. For your reading enjoyment, I proudly present PLOTLESS NOOKIE #4!

Part Four: House Rules

Not related to anything what-so-ever. LOL

Alex stood for a moment and stared down at her. “God, you’re beautiful,” he told her, just in case she hadn’t believed him the first 20 or so times he’d said it. They’d only been lovers for a short time, but already he was addicted to everything about her: her softness, her scent, her taste. She reminded him of a beautiful rose: every petal was perfection and he’d come to the realization that he was a bumblebee seeking out a sample of her nectar. He needed it, was starving for it.

Isabel, flushing under his intense regard raised her arms to him. “Alex,” she implored. “Come here.”

He took her hands in his and pressed soft kisses against their backs. “Just a moment, my love. Keep that thought,” he ordered before he quickly left the room only to return a minute later with a small earthenware jar in his hands, which he placed on the bedside table.

He placed one knee on the bed beside her hip and whispered, “Now, where were we?” Leaning over her, he brought his lips down to hers and began a delicate exploration. He brushed his lips back and forth, lightly rubbing the contours of her sensitive skin.

She tried to press closer, but he held her back by bringing both of his hands up to cup her jaw. His fingertips traced small circles on the delicate skin behind her ears. “Alex,” she entreated.

“Hush, love. There will be no hurrying here. The other night at your house was incredible, but I didn’t get to explore every inch of your body as I wanted to. Today I’m in charge and I say we go slow. Real slow. House Rules,” he informed her.

“What? No, Alex. I can’t wait. I need you inside me now. Please,” she pleaded. “We’ll go slow next time, I promise.”

“No,” he whispered into her ear causing shivers to run down her spine. “My house, my rules.”

“We’ll just see about that,” she said as she grabbed him. Raising slightly, she brought her mouth to his neck and began to nibble on the spot she knew would drive him crazy.

He found both of her wrists, and pressed her back down, using his body to hold her in place. She froze when she felt the hardness of his erection pressing into her thigh and he used that moment to pull her arms over her head. “I want you, Isabel,” he said, thrusting his hips against her to make his point, “but I want this, too. Let me love you. I want to so much.”

She couldn’t resist the pleading in his beautiful blue eyes. Wordlessly she nodded.

With a grin, he released her arms and returned to kissing her soft lips.

“Thank you,” he breathed between kisses, then sat up so that he was straddling her body not allowing his lips to leave her skin during the transition.

As he kissed a trail across her cheek to her ear, his hands were sliding to her shoulders and up her arms. He pulled them back down to rest comfortably at her sides, then began the enticing task of unbuttoning her blouse.

By this time, his mouth had found one perfect ear and he began to nibble on its outer contours. Isabel groaned and shifted beneath him. She loved having her ears nibbled on and he was fully aware of that fact.

He licked the lobe into his mouth and bit down gently before adding a slight suction. He nearly grinned when he felt her hips shift beneath his, but smiling was the last thing on his mind. He tongued the earring that pierced her flesh enjoying the slight metallic taste in his mouth. He was coming to understand the attraction of body piercing and wished briefly she had a few more. Was it possible to improve upon perfection?

Finally releasing her right ear, he ran kisses over each closed eyelid before moving to the other ear.

By this time, her blouse was undone and he eased the edges back to reveal her white bra. He cupped her bounteous flesh in his palms and ran his thumbs across their rosy centers.

With a gasp, she arched off the bed as her nipples tightened in response.

Catching both stiffened points between his thumbs and forefingers he began an arousing pattern of squeeze, squeeze, twist, squeeze, squeeze, twist.

Abandoning her ears, Alex kissed his way to her mouth. She was ready for him and the second his skin met hers, she thrust her tongue deep inside his hot cavern. He met hers with his own and for several minutes they pleasured each other in a foreshadowing of the kind of joining that was to come.

Isabel was going insane with need. She was wishing she’d resisted the impulse to watch the porn channel again for a few minutes before joining Alex in the kitchen. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson the last time. Once again, she’d gotten herself all worked up, then decided to see what she could do about seducing her incredibly sexy boyfriend. It had been a good plan, only it had backfired on her. Alex seemed determined to torture her with a slow, languid loving. But what a way to go, she thought, arching up under his hands.

Stifled from lying so still, she brought her hands to his shoulders and ran them down his back.

He immediately sat up with a chuckle. “Oh no, you don’t,” he admonished. “I like this shirt.”

“Then take it off,” she ordered with a smile.

In no time, he’d pulled the shirt off and tossed it across the room. “That’s better,” she said as she ran her hands down his chest.

“Yeah, and I can still wear it again, later. See how that works?” he asked with a grin. He was giving her a hard time for disintegrating his shirt the first time they were together in her hurry to get it off him. It had been his favorite shirt, too, but he couldn’t regret its loss too badly. She’d more than compensated him for it. That didn’t mean he wanted to lose his whole wardrobe, however.

“You’re looking a little overdressed at this point,” he murmured as he helped her sit up. Together, they removed her all of her clothing as well as the rest of his. The process was drawn out by their need to explore the other’s body as each item was removed. When they were finally nude, Alex commanded her to lie back.

She watched him curiously as he reached for the pot he’d set on the nightstand earlier. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was and what he intended to do with it.

“I was thinking before about how much you reminded me of a rose. Pink, perfect and in bloom. Too incredible to pluck, too intoxicating to ignore. I’m not the gardener coming to prune your leaves or snip at your thorns. Your leaves are gorgeous and I *like* your thorns. I’m more of a bee, buzzing around you, sometimes I dare to land,” he said as he traced a path from the valley between her breasts to the dark hairs below her navel. “I want to reach through your petals in search of your sweet nectar.” Her legs parted slightly as he sent one finger between her nether-lips searching for and finding the wetness there. “It reminds me of honey and I was wishing I could taste it all over your body, not just here.” He gave her a look full of burning need before saying, “And so I shall.”

He removed his hand and picked up the small wooden stick that was sticking out of the honey pot and allowed a small trail of the sticky golden treat to rain down over her pale breasts and across her tummy to her bellybutton. Satisfied that he had enough to get started, he set the pot aside and leaned down to capture one honey coated nipple in his mouth.

“Alex!” she cried, sliding her fingers into his hair to pull him closer.

“Mmmmmm” he moaned in ecstasy. She tasted every bit as good as he knew she would. He took his time, thoroughly cleaning her nipple of the sticky substance. Wanting to cover more of her skin for clean up efforts later, he trailed one finger through the pool of honey overflowing from her bellybutton and traced patterns on her abdomen.

Catching him by surprise, Isabel reached down and eagerly grabbed his hand. Bringing the honey-coated finger to her mouth, she sucked avidly causing him to raise his head. “Like that?” he asked with a smile.

“Mmm, yeah,” she breathed.

“Me, too,” he said before turning his attention to her other breast. Some of the honey had run down the soft globe to her side and he had to use his tongue and teeth to make sure he got all of it off before permitting himself to enjoy the flavor of her tight pink nipple. She gave another small cry and tried to move closer to the mouth that was giving her so much pleasure. She ran her hands restlessly over his back and shoulders, everywhere she could reach, as he had his way with her.

In less time than he would have liked, both of her breasts were completely clean, and so he began the slow torturous descent to her stomach. While he thoroughly licked away every drop of honey that surrounded her bellybutton, he sent one of his hands between her legs. With one digit, he traced around the delicate folds of her skin that hid her secret treasures. Over, around and down he went, but never touching the place where she needed him the most.

“Alex,” she sighed as she shifted her hips. It was a plea, a request, a command.

“Yes, my love,” he asked without removing his mouth from her skin.

“Please, stop teasing me,” she implored, raising her hips again, trying to stop his fingers in their play.

Sitting up, he removed his hand all together. He ignored her groan of despair as he said, “Isabel, I don’t think you understand the rules. Whose house is this?”

“Yours,” she said with a pout.

“That’s right. And whose room are we in?”


“Right again. And just so we’re clear, whose bed are we on?”


“Very good,” he said, leaning forward to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Releasing it, he growled, “Very good,” before giving equal time to the other one. “Now, since this is my house, my room, my bed, who is in charge here?”

“You are.”

“I am,” he said with a great deal of satisfaction as he stared down at her. “And I say we go as slow as I want. As slow as molasses, and what I say goes. House Rules,” he reminded her.

“I am so gonna get you back for this, Whitman,” she warned him.

He smiled as he leaned forward to kiss her mouth. “I look forward to it,” he said. “Now where were we again?” he asked, staring down at her with a frown.

Isabel ran a hand down her body. “Here,” she said, circling her navel. “And here.” She took advantage of the opportunity to rub the small pleasure bud that was peeking out of her curls.

Catching her hand, he said, “Ahh yes. I remember now.”

Isabel tried to relax and prepare for what she assumed was going to be a long, drawn out torture session, but Alex surprised her. At the same time he sent his tongue into the indent in her belly, he plunged a finger into her burning core. She arched up with a surprised cry. “Alex!”

She felt more than saw his answering smile. “Hmmm? Wasn’t that what you wanted?” he asked as he began a rhythm that matched his tongue to his finger. In, out, circle, in, out, circle. She muttered something about him being the devil. Needing to touch him, Isabel buried her fingers in his hair as her hips joined in ever so slightly. In, out, circle.

Isabel moaned loudly and, in an effort to seduce him into coming closer to where she wanted him most, she widened her legs to make more room for him. Not giving in to her plea, he continued in his task. After he’d removed every trace of honey from her body, he looked up and met her eyes. “I think that’s it,” he told her regretfully. His finger was still inside her, working its magic. Despite his care to go slowly, she was painfully aroused and panting lightly. He couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride that he’d done this to her. He, Alex Whitman had reduced the untouchable Isabel Evans into a boneless pool of desire. And he was just getting started. His eyes gleamed evilly.

Isabel, who’d wanted to rush headlong into her climax before, was now worried this delicious game was over. Somewhere in the last twenty minutes, she’d come to appreciate the finer points of anticipation. “No, there’s more,” she assured him.

“Are you sure?” he asked, running his free hand from her breasts down to her curls. There was no trace of the sticky treat anywhere. “I don’t feel any. I think I got it all.”

“Check…” she gasped out, “check with your other hand.”

Pretending to notice for the first time where his hand had gone, Alex said in a surprised voice, “Why, look at that. I believe you’re right, there is more honey there.”

She giggled lightly, but her humor was replaced by something darker when he told her in a rich voice made husky by desire, “And it’s not just any honey. It’s the best kind there is, the Caviar of honey, the Grey Poupon of honey, the nexus of honey.” As he spoke, he moved his body so that he was lying at the foot of the bed and pushed her legs apart as wide as they would go, leaving her completely open to him.

“Honey used to be considered ambrosia for the gods, traded only for the finest silks and satins…” He nuzzled against her softness as he breathed, “And spices.” She was trembling against him and he could see her flushed folds glistening with moisture. A moisture he’d put there. It was a heady sight and one he could definitely get used to. “The kings and queens hoarded their supply of it, unwilling to share their bounty with the lowly peasants who worked their fields day in and day out. But you’re not like that, are you, my sweet princess? You’ll share your honey with me even though I’m a lowly servant who isn’t worthy of it, won’t you?”

“Not worthy? Alex, you’re the most incredible person I know. You’re honest and giving,” she ran her fingers through his hair, “loving. You’re the only guy on the planet I want. No one else does the things to me that you do.”

“What things?” he gently teased, his breath warm against her waiting sex.

“You know what things,” she said as she squirmed a little closer to his hot mouth.

“Like this?” he asked as he lowered his head. He deftly caught the nubbin of her desire into his mouth and sucked hard on it for just a moment before releasing her.

“YES! Alex! Yes, like that! God, don’t stop. Please.”

He had no intention of stopping now that he had her right where he wanted her.

He scraped along the sensitive flesh with the rough side of his tongue and his teeth for several long, incredible minutes. Isabel moaned loudly, tossing her head against his pillows. Using his fingers to separate the protective folds of skin, he dipped his tongue inside her searching for more of her sweet honey.

“Mmmm,” he said against her, the vibrations stimulating her. He ran his tongue from bottom to top, pausing to repeatedly flick the pointed tip against the spot she needed it most. Time and again he returned to sip at her deep well.

“Alex!!,” Isabel cried again. She was getting so close, could feel the orgasm building inside her. Her legs tightened around his shoulders. Alex, intent on giving her a mind blowing orgasm, sucked a little harder on her clit as he pushed two fingers into her soaked passage. Having learned its location the very first time they’d made love, he had no trouble now finding and stimulating her G-spot. She nearly screamed as she arched off the bed.

Alex held on without breaking his stride. He knew his Isabel, and had been ready for her. Knowing it would be over soon, he realized that he wanted to be inside her when she came. There was nothing in the world like her muscles tightening around him in need and he wanted to feel it again. In a rush, he was up over her and reaching into the nightstand drawer.

With him finally within reach, she eagerly moved both hands to his erection. While he retrieved a condom, she stroked his hot skin, making it hotter by the second. He handed the protection to her and she rolled it over his hard flesh, turning the chore into a beautiful caress.

Settling himself over her soft body, he thrust into her without the usual niceties. It was too late for any of that. They both wanted it hard and fast and NOW, and that was what he gave them. His hips were bucking furiously, slamming into her with all his might. She was meeting him thrust for thrust, each breath sobbing out of her over-sensitized body.

Her legs raised to capture him against her, her thighs squeezing him as her insides began to wind tighter and tighter, until they exploded outward in a rush of pleasure that left her sobbing his name. It was all he was waiting for, and in three more quick thrusts, his climax broke over him. She held him as he rode out the storm.

Afterward, he collapsed on her and she stroked his back and shoulders as their heart rates returned to normal. “Wow,” was all she could say.

He chuckled slightly and raising up to peer into her face, he teased, “You can say that again.”

Groaning, he rolled away from her, breaking the contact between their flushed bodies. He disposed of the condom and pulled her against him so that her head was pillowed against his shoulder and drifted into a sated slumber.

With a happy sigh, Isabel snuggled in a little closer. Before closing her eyes, she caught sight of the honey pot sitting so innocently on the nightstand, and her cooling body heated up all over again. She envisioned what she was going to do to him the next time they were at her house. Honey, Tabasco and Alex, the perfect sweet and spicy treat. What could be better?

Oh, yeah.

House Rules. Can’t forget that. She was gonna have to come up with a whole list of rules he’d have to obey the next time he came over.

With and evil grin on her beautiful face she drifted off with her mind busily planning her retaliation.


Thanks again, guys. As always, Feedback is welcome!!


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