On The Set NC17 1-10 Jason fic by Jbehrhugr7

Part 1

The ratings have been low for quite some time you know. Jason Katims said.
Wondering what the hell he could do to get those ratings up, how could he get people to watch the show? Ever since the character Liz had left the show had never been the same. Damn Shiri for wanting to pursue her dream of being a huge movie star.

What do you say about maybe bringing Liz back on the show? That would definitely get ratings up, everybody loved to see Max and Liz together, but could he find a girl that looked like Liz, since Shiri died he knew that he wouldn’t get the real Liz, besides, with all the plastic surgery that she had she wouldn’t have looked like the real Liz anyway, He always did wonder why she wanted to change her features, she was so beautiful the way that she was.

“Okay cast, gather around, I am strongly thinking about bringing the character Liz back on the show, the ratings are going down and we need to keep this show going, its been on air for 8 years and I’m not about to let it be canceled now. So just so you know, the scripts will all be rewritten with Liz in them, but hey will remain the same until we get our new Liz since you all know that Shiri is dead. I’ll notify you when we get our new Liz. Have a good day all!”

Okay, that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to bring Liz back!

“Carmen, could you please put an ad in every store downtown, every major and minor newspaper that we are holding auditions for a new Liz Parker on the show Roswell.”

“Yes Mr. Katims, I’m right on it!” Carmen confirmed.

“Thank you, Carmen.” Katims replied.

The next day at auditions

“ Look, I’m sorry, but you are not what we’re looking for.”

The young girl got tears in her eyes, but quickly brushed them away and though you should have known you’d never get any scenes with Jason anyway.” It’s okay, have a nice day, Mr. Katims,” she young girl replied.

Jason Katims was so relieved; he looked at this person’s application and knew she was the one. Her name was Marissa and she was just like Liz, a little bit bigger than her, but not by very much. She was perfect.

“Hi, my name is Marissa, I’m a graduate from Harvard Law School, I’ve just recently gotten into the acting business, and if I don’t get this job I will probably just go back to being a lawyer.”

This girl seemed so sure of herself, you can tell she is a natural actress; she’s perfect for the part. He conversed with the other producers of Roswell.

“You’re hired!” Mr. Katims exclaimed.


“Really, oh wow! Thank you!”

“You want to go meet your new co-stars?”

“Yes, yes of course!”

“Well, this is Katherine, She’s great, really nice, total opposite of the character, she’s really easy to get along with and I think that you two will hit it off right away.”

“Hey Marissa right?” Katherine says knowing the answer.

“Yep! It’s so great to se you, I’ve watched this show since I was like 14! And now I’m 21 and I’m on the show! How many people can say that?” Marissa said getting a little geek from her overexcitement.

“Maybe we can get together some time and have a coffee or something!” Katherine offered

“Sure that would be great, Katherine!” Marissa quickly replied getting giddier by the second.

“Please, call me Katie! That’s what everyone else calls me!” Katie replied.

“Of course, Katie. Bye, and it was nice meeting you!”

“I feel like such a dork here Jason…er…Mr. Katims.”

“Please, we’re on a first name basis, just call me Jason, or the not so great body Jason, just not Mr. Katims, I feel so old when you or anybody calls me that for that matter.”

“Okay, here’s the next on, this is Nick, he plays Kyle! Hey, I’m the new Liz Parker!”

Nick just looked her up and down and then finally said, “nice looking… I mean meeting you!”

Marissa blushed a little, not used to all this male attention, which she seemed to be getting a lot of here in California.

“Well, I gotta go practice my scenes with Emilie...yeah, that’s it, well nice meeting you, see you soon on the set! Bye now.”

“Marissa, I’d like you to meet your new best friend, Maria Alejandra Delfino AKA Maria DeLuca. She’s a little snippy so be careful, aren’t’ you Majandra?

“Haha, very funny Katims, no, we all get along on this set, that’s probably because that’s the way Jason Good looking Jason you know wants it, he’s a clown, but he hates it when people don’t get along. So whatever you do, if you decide you wanna bitch fight, you better make sure that Jason is not around! Trust me I remember the agent Topolsky chick, what was her real name by the way? Anyways, we didn’t really agree on a certain thing, and we started getting into it and Jason was really pissed at me for the longest time, Well, enjoy your time here, look forward to becoming friends with you again! Ciao!” Maria strutted off with an air of elegance.

“She’s just like her character, her and I are probably going to get along too, I used to laugh my ass… I mean butt off with her lines!”

“Marissa, you’re a grown woman, you don’t need to keep yourself in check around me, at least not yet! Just be yourself okay?” Katims said.

Hey, Brendan, I’m the New Liz Parker!”

“Nice to meet you, have you seen Majandra, we’ve umm… gotta practice our lines together.” Brendan said clearly not interested in Marissa.

“She’s that way,” Marissa said pointing to the right.

“They’re dating in real life just so you know. When it comes to her, he doesn’t even care about any other thing, just her.”

“Must be nice!” As she said this she ran into a very very solid chest when she looked up she saw her dream man, Jason Behr!!!!

He was just looking back at her and thinking, God, this girl is beautiful!


“Oh hi, Jason (Marissa practically sighed out)! I’m the new Liz Parker!” Marissa replied swallowing hard. He must think I’m some kind of freak or something.

“Thank God!” Jason loved the way that she said his name, it made him want to command her to say it over and over.

“what was that?”

“Oh, nothing. It’s nice to meet you. So where are you staying?” Jason was suddenly hoping that she didn’t have a place to stay so he could offer his large apartment.

“Actually, I’m staying at this one hotel just down the street, it’s only until I get my first paycheck so I can get something better.” Marissa replied truthfully.

“Well, why don’t you just live with me? Until you get an apartment that is, I mean, we are going to be playing soul mates so what better way to get to know each other! It probably won’t last very long.”

Marissa couldn’t believe her ears, was he really asking her to move in with him? Well, this Hotel was really putting a hole in her pocket. If he wasn’t kidding with his offer then she’d certainly take him up on it.

“Are you serious?” Marissa asked uncertainly.

“Yeah, so what do you think?” Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes! Jason silently repeated over and over.

“Well, the hotel is really milking me for everything that I have and I really don’t have a whole lot of money right now, so sure. How much would rent be or what would the expenses be?”

“you would just have to pay for your phone bill and whatever extra groceries that you want. Other wise it really isn’t a problem, you’re a cast member so that makes you family.”

“Okay, um... when do you want me to move in?”

“Tonight if you want, I’m off right now, so if you want we can move your stuff right now. Where is your hotel? I can meet you over there in say an hour. Just give me a little while to get changed into some more comfortable moving clothes. I don’t think that it would be a very good idea to move things in a pretty boy sweater and tight-ass jeans!”

“No, I don’t think so either! Okay the address is….”

Back at Marissa’s hotel

“Ohmigod, is this really happening? Am I really moving into Jason’s house? This has been a fantasy of mine since I was like 13!” Marissa said aloud.

Okay, calm down” she told herself. He’s going to be here any minute now, oh, I should call my mom and tell her the good news. Marissa said while dialing the phone.

“Mom, mom it’s me, you are never going to believe who I am moving in with, guess, you’ll never guess!”

Jason was standing in the doorway, watching Marissa who had her back to him; clearly unknowing that he was there already. Listening intently to her conversation, which he knew was wrong but couldn’t help it.

Part 4

On the other line*

“Marissa is that you? What are you babbling about?”

“Mom, I’m moving in with Jason! Remember, the guy who I’ve had the biggest crush on since I was like 13? Anyway, he asked me to move in with him since I was living in this stupid hotel with very bad room service if I might add. He is letting me stay there for free which is really nice. OH, how’s Hallie? Is she okay, I can’t wait until I get my own lace so she came come live with me.” Marissa spoke into the receiver while turning around seeing a very unexpected surprise in the doorway.

“Oh, Jason, umm… how long have you been there?” Marisa asked, her eyes getting wide.

“Not long. I just got here actually.” Jason lied. Immediately hating himself for lying, but glad because if she knew that he knew that she liked him she probably wouldn’t move in with him and that was not a good thing!

“Marissa! Marissa!”

“Um yeah mom?”

“Is that him?”

Yes, Mom look I’ve got to go, give Hallie my love, okay? Bye.”

“Who’s Hallie?”

“Oh, nobody, just an old friend of mine.” Marissa replied suddenly scared.

“Okay, should we start moving?” Jason asked eager to get her into his house.

“Sure, there’s not a whole lot of stuff, just a couple of suitcases, I left all the rest of my
stuff at home so I wouldn’t have a ton of stuff to move.”

“Good idea, then I’ll have to take you shopping for clothes and stuff tomorrow then huh?”

“Nope, I should be okay with the things that I have right now.”

“Really, it’s no problem, you can even borrow money if you want to.

“Really that’s not necessary.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” Jason replied defeated for the time being.

Later at Jason’s house

“Wow, this place is great!” Marissa exclaimed.

“Thanks, you can stay as long as you need.” Jason gladly stated.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I brought home the scripts of when you come back. Basically there’s a big kiss when we first meet up, then there’s this major sexual tension between us and that’s all I have so far. I thought that maybe we should practice lines since we are here together. You know get a head start.”

“Umm… sure okay, that’s a good idea so I don’t make an ass out of myself on the first day of filming!” Marissa lied, really wanting to just kiss him, if that was part of practicing to him.

“okay, let’s get started,” he said handing her a script.

“I’m just going to break the ice okay. I’m going to kiss you and get the awkward first kiss thing over with okay.”

“Hmm…what, I was reading the…” Marissa was cut off by a very nice interruption. A kiss from Jason Behr! Oh god, he’s not stopping either.

Marissa just stood there with her arms at her side, not really sure what to do. This was really weird, she knew that they would end up kissing, but this was so awkward!

Jason broke the kiss, okay; maybe we’ll be better now? Right?”

“Oh, yeah, of course.”

“Alright..”Jason looked at her lips again, sure that he could get a better response out of her, so he slowly lowered his mouth to hers once again. This time was so much better. She wrapped her arms around him and he realized that she wasn’t all that weak, she was actually fairly strong. God, this is nice. I haven’t felt this good since Katie...Oh, don’t think of her right now, think about Marissa.

“Mmmmmm… Jason, I think that we’re broken in!” Secretly unhappy about her comment. She wanted to continue kissing him forever.

“Yeah, you’re right!” What was he saying he didn’t want to stop!

Marissa quickly pulled Jason to her, kissing him sweetly, softly at first but then she decided what the hell, what do I have to lose? So she deepened the kiss, getting harder, more intimate, wanting more than just kisses all of the sudden, she felt herself get uncomfortably wet. This is not good she told herself. You can’t get too attached, you remember the last time you had sex and what happened. The best, but the hardest thing happened.

Marissa broke the kiss and Jason groaned at the loss.

“Okay, now to the lines.”

Jason was a little confused about her reaction, she just kissed me, really kissed me, not like the boring acting kisses that him and Shiri had shared, but there was emotion behind the kiss, wanting, needing. He couldn’t wait to get to the part in the script where he kissed her again.

“Okay, I open: you can say Michael’s part or I can whichever one.”

“You can. This is new to me; I don’t want to end up saying somebody else’s line when we’re filming.

“Okay, that’s fine with me.” Jason replied totally understanding where she was coming from.

The script of Roswell

“Michael, I’ve had this strange feeling, like you know what I felt like when Liz was around, I’ve had it all day. Do you think that maybe she finally came back?”

“No, not really, not when she saw you and Tess together in your room, and when she saw you two kiss at the Prom. She is highly unlikely to come back.”

“Yeah, but a guy can wish right?”

“Yeah, sorry dude, but Maria’s in dire need of me, You know she’s 3 month’s pregnant and she needs a box of crackers or something to settle down her stomach, you know how dramaqueenish she can be.”

“Yeah, I do, tell I said that I hope she feels better.”

“Okay, later.”

Jason talking to Marissa

Now I sit down on a bench and you start walking in, looking straight at me while I
feel your presence and stand up, not taking my eyes off of you.

“You ready for you first reading of the lines of Liz Parker?” Jason asked, anticipating what was to come.

Script of Roswell again


“Yeah, Max, hi, how are you?”

Jason took her in his arms and kissed her hard, their mouths dueling trying to see who wanted whom more. At this point nobody was winning.


Jason pulled her back to him and kissed her again, this time running his hands down her body. Brushing her hips, outer thighs, and up to her shoulder gently brushing her breasts on their aching journey.

Jason and Marissa again

Marissa moaned. “That wasn’t in the script!”

Jason kissed her and in between kisses he added, “ I know, but I thought it would show the need better.”

“You’re right!” Marissa said breathing hard still.

“Marissa, I have to kiss you again,” Jason said honestly.

“You can’t!” Marissa said while pushing away. “I can’t let myself get into this situation again.”

“What are you talking about? I just want to kiss you; I’m not asking to sleep with you. Although the thought has come to my mind a couple of times already.” Jason said truthfully.

“Jason, you don’t want to be with me, trust me, there’s things that you don’t know about me.” Marissa replied, shocked by his boldness.

“Look, let’s just get back to the script okay? No more not on the script stuff, okay.”

“Yeah, sure you can open this time.” Jason knew she still wanted to kiss but hey, he wasn’t going to make her. He’d just let the tension get to her and then they’d really have fun.

They continued with their lines and after they just hung out on the couch, thinking about the day’s events.

“Well, I should get my stuff in my room,” She stated while looking at her things that were still littering the hallway. “You wanna show me where my room is please?”

“Actually I was thinking that you could just sleep I my room!” Jason said waiting to see what her reaction would be.

Marissa eyes just widened in shock and she opened her mouth to say something but before she could Jason said, “I was just kidding! Come on you need to relax!”

God this guy is going to give me a heart attack; I need to get out of here as soon as possible before I do something that I’ll regret.

“Of course, um…back to the situation at hand, where is my room?”

Jason led her down the hall and to the right. Right across from what looked like his room Hmmm, this could be interesting.

Part 5

“So I take it that that’s you room?” Marissa asked secretly hoping that it was.

“Yeah, so if you need anything or have any questions I’ll be in there, okay? Goodnight…Marissa.” Jason said with his liquid voice.

“Yeah, good night to you too Jason.”

Marissa then entered her new room and set to putting away her belongings, the very few that she had.

Then she came across her feminine hygiene stuff and had to ask Jason whether it would be too embarrassing for him to put them in the bathroom, or if she should just keep them in her room.

She made her way across the hall and saw that his door was slightly ajar so she just opened it thinking that he couldn’t be doing anything too private if he had his door open.

As she opened the door she was met with a very nice sight… Jason topless, pant less, doing push-ups in nothing but boxers with little women in teddies.

She reviled in the fact that she could watch him, then she pictured him over her, doing things to her that no man had ever done before, for some reason she knew that he would take the time to make her feel good during sex, unlike the other guys that she had had sex with that would just get the clothes off then start pushing in and out at the speed of light, like if they didn’t hurry and please themselves they would just die or something. Call me a sap, but I never liked quickies, I always wanted that guy to go slow, make me want him more and more with ever deliciously slow stroke that he gave me. Oh, but who knows if I ever get that.

She hadn’t had sex since she was 14 and to tell you the truth, she really didn’t want to anymore, but seeing him like this made her want it like she never had.

She stood there in the hallway having a little daydream about him getting up and walking over to her and putting his hand on the back of her neck and pulling her towards him ever so slowly, then descending those heavenly lips onto hers once again, this time with much more passion, she could feel all the wanting go through him, and he shivered, he kept giving open-mouthed kisses and then he backed her up to his bed, taking his time to slip his hands down to the seam of her shirt, he then put his hands under it and she loved the feel of his warm hands on her flesh, then they slipped back from under her short and slowly, achingly slow he pulled it over her head, then looked into her eyes as he did it, not to her breasts right away, that turned he on even more, he put his hands on her ribs, and just left then there as the continued to kiss her, those open-mouthed kisses tat were driving her crazy. Than he finally slid his hands ever so slowly to the base of her breasts, at this time she was moaning, wanting needing to feel his hands on her, she quickly took her mouth from his and told him of her need, begging him to touch her, thrusting her breasts into his hands, then he took it slow, gracefully caressing them making her
more frustrated by the second, I want this more, not just a little teasing touch, then he touched her just right, not too hard, not to soft, not to fast and not to slow, just right and she was in heaven…

“Marissa…Marissa… hey, are you okay?”

“Hmm…what?” Marissa replied dazedly. Disappointed at the interruption of her fantasy.

“Ohmigod, I’m sorry,” She turned around and started to ask him about the hygiene products blushing all the while

“Oh, that should be okay, it doesn’t really bother me, but just clean up after yourself with that stuff, I don’t really want a bloody tampon or something sitting in the toilet.” Jason said amused at her reaction to him in his boxers.

“Marissa, you’re going to have to get used to me walking around topless, I do it all the time. Don’t tell me that you’ve never seen a man topless before!”

“Okay, first of all, I don’t use tampons (blushing), second I always clean up my messes, third, I figured that your girlfriend or something wouldn’t want me to see you like this, or maybe you wouldn’t want me to see you like this, fourth, I have already seen you topless before in End of the World! And you’re not the only guy that I’ve seen topless before either!”

“Okay, chill, sorry didn’t know you’d take it so seriously.” Jason laughed out.

“How long have you been watching Roswell anyway?” Surprised that she remembered End of the World.

“I saw that last 5 episodes of the first season and after that I was hooked, why?”

“Just admiring the fact that you’ve been watching that long (lazily smiles), oh, and to answer your little outbursts, I don’t mind you seeing me like this (Marissa blushes) and I don’t have a girlfriend …anymore.”

“Sorry to hear about that, your girlfriend that is, you wanna talk about it?”

“Not really, it doesn’t’ matter, its just we were together for a long time and it just wasn’t good for us anymore, I got sick of her crap, she just wasn’t for me. It’s for the best though, now I can pursue you.” Jason said jokingly.

“Oh yeah, really, what if I told you that I was already trying to pursue you? I’ have had my eye on you since I started watching!” Marissa said in a seductive yet joking voice.

“MMM I’ll have to keep that in mind, but I need to get back to my workout, so goodnight, again.” Jason smiled.

“Goodnight,” she said casting a longing glance his way, God he’s even better looking in person, that body, I thought that it was great on the show, its so much better in person.

“Hey, I’m glad you’re warming up to me, I noticed your nervousness when you first got here, I’m glad that you’re joking around with me now. It makes me feel better.” If she only knew that I wasn’t joking about the pursuit. She’s so beautiful; I definitely am going to need to practice my lines with her again tomorrow.

“Yeah, I feel better too,” Yeah, I feel better because I got to see him half-naked. And doing push-ups.

She then exited the room thinking of her little daydream and thinking what the hell was I thinking, I can’t even think that, no sex, or fantasies about him, you have to keep your wanting him under control.

She made her way to her room and to her bad not bothering to change into sleepwear, she laid sown and trying to get to sleep but she knew what would plague those dreams, Jason, kissing her, getting her ready for making love, oh, that body in boxers, that body in nothing.

“Mmmmmm..,” she murmured before falling into a deep sleep.

Part 6

Jason quietly walked into her room and made his way over to her bed.

“Marissa…” he whispered, wanting her to wake up.

Little did he know that she was already up, and undeniably aware of his presence.

She turned around and looked him straight in the eye.

“Jason…” she murmured, “Kiss me”

Jason lips descended onto hers, teasing at first but then becoming more passionate before his lips trailed down to her creamy neck.

“Mmm…. don’t stop, please”

He started to nibble a little bit which made her gasp.

She hadn’t been touched like this since… well she hadn’t been touched like this ever, she never felt this way before.

“Marissa, I want you,” Jason ground out.

She didn’t doubt his need because she could feel it against her thigh; she reveled in the fact that he wanted her, only her at the moment anyway.

“I (kiss) want (nibble) you (gasp) too. Mmm”

He slowly ran those amazing hands down her front. To her thighs, and back up, he got up from the bed and took her with him; he took his time while removing the hairpiece that was holding up her silky black hair. He ran his fingers through it, loving the way that it felt.

She brought her hands up to his shirt buttons and nervously started to undo them. Her hands were shaking and she didn’t know why, she had done this before, what made this guy so different? You know why, her head battled her comment, it because you feel something for him, and he seems to care about what you want like no other guy you’ve been with.

His hands descended onto hers and he asked her” What’s wrong? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“Oh, believe me I want to. Now shut up and let me get back to my fun.”

“As you wish,” Jason played along.

“You smell so good, like, like I don’t know, something good.” Marissa put out slightly embarrassed at her comment.

She had no idea how much those words affected him. He put his hand under her chin gingerly and started to kiss her passionately, letting her know just how much he wanted her.

She started at the buckle of his belt on his pants and got that off no problem, then followed the pants, and then the boxers.

She couldn’t believe that he looked so perfect; his male member looked so smooth that she was honestly thinking about giving him some pleasure, which included his lower half and her mouth, but decided not to, she needed him too much.

Jason started yanking at her jeans, trying to pry them from her body, but she whispered in his ear, “Take it slow, I want you to make love not give a quickie, I want this to be memorable. Please, for me?”

Jason groaned, “Yes, of course.”

He lowered her jeans and helped her step out of them and then he gingerly removed her shirt and lacy bra.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jason said and immediately swallowed hard after saying so.

Marissa started to blush, but before she could have any doubts he started kissing her eager to end what he started.

He lowered them to the bed and stated fondling her breasts, he was getting so tired of waiting but she wanted a special memory so that’s what he was going to give her.

He brought his mouth down to tease her breast into puckering up, which I might add, didn’t take very long. He then kissed it and proceeded to talk to it

“You know Marissa’s left nipple you look a lot like Marissa’s right nipple, has anyone ever told you that?”

“Jason what are you doing?”

“Mmmm nothing, just having fun,”

So, anyway Marissa’s left nipple, I think that you’re cute, can I kiss you?

Jason in a girlie voice>> “Why how can you ask such a thing, we just met!”>>

Regular Jason>> “I know, but I thought that you were so cute and I really want to kiss you, please, it would make my day!”

<> “I guess, but make it quick”

Jason then gave her nipple a little peck and it puckered up even more.


Jason gave it another teasing little peck the took the tip of his tongue and just barely touched her nipple


“Jason, quit it, this isn’t funny,” Marissa ground out obviously getting turned on by this action.

He lowered his mouth and completely enclosed her nipple, gently sucking on it.

“Jason, oh Jason, please, I want to feel you inside of me,” Marissa ground out.

“Not yet, I just began!”

“Jason I am not waiting, I’ve waited too long as it is,” She grabbed his shoulder and quickly maneuvered herself so she was on top of him, free to do whatever she wanted to him.

“Hey, I was just starting to have fun,” Jason pouted.

“Now it’s my turn, she started to lick up and down his chest, raking her teeth on his cute little nipples, causing him to draw in a ragged breath. Then she lifted herself up, just above his erection letting him just barely pierce her.

He groaned and tried to pull her down by her hips, but she wouldn’t let him,

“Nope, you wait until I am ready,”

Jason lowered his hand in-between her legs and slid them into her warmth,

“Oh, but you are ready, your body is screaming for me to take it, you just don’t want me to know it, your ready to go out of control and you want, no you need me to take you, but you’re just fooling yourself into thinking that you have any self-control right now,” Jason said.

“Oh, really, so what if I just got off this bed and didn’t have sex with you?” she said while pulling herself up, but Jason quickly took this opportunity to pull her down completely onto him, they both moaned at the feeling.

He started to pull her hips toward him making her move, she kept moaning and after a couple of seconds she started moving by herself.

Up, down, in out, she was getting so hot, and she didn’t know what to do with the feelings that were coming over her. She had never had an orgasm; the guys that she had been with never made her come, now she knew what she was missing out on.

“Shh, baby, just let it come.” Jason groaned out, his own orgasm threatening to overcome him, but he held it back, wanting to ride the wave of passion with her.

“Oh... Marissa’s orgasm started to shutter through her and in turn triggered Jason’s, she slumped over him, obviously tired so he pulled her down on top of him and put his arms around her.

“Have you ever had an…um… an..,” Jason asked sheepishly.

“No, guys never cared about what I wanted.”

“Well, this guy does,” Jason gave a devilish grin.

He immediately spun her around so she was on her back and lowered his mouth ever so slowly down to her still wet center, and started lapping up every little bit of juice that was there.

“Jason, oh god Jason, Jason,” she screamed

Across the hall Jason heard Marissa screaming his name and quickly went to investigate. There she was thrashing about on the bed, it looked like she was in the throes of desire, but it could be some kind of nightmare too.

Nope, the way that she was calling his name she had to be having a dream about him, a sexual dream, unless she’s got a boyfriend named Jason. He stood there watching her for a couple of minutes. Then he saw that she was finally peaked in her dream so he bent down to wake her up.

“Marissa... Wake up, Marissa!”

Marissa opened her eyes and there was Jason, a look of worry, and a sheepish little grin on his face.

“That was a dream?”

Part 7

“Yeah, what were you dreaming about? You were calling my name like a wild woman!”

“It was just a dream,” she kept repeating to herself, then realizing that Jason was really close to her she quickly moved away from him, suddenly very embarrassed. I hope that he thinks that I was just having a nightmare instead of a dream about him. She blushed and tried to cover herself up. Even though she was completely dressed.

Yep, that dream was definitely about me, he thought to himself.

“Oh, it was nothing, just a dream, I’m okay, you can go to bed now if you want.” Marissa said with a shaky voice.

“Look, I’m going to stay in here until you get back to sleep okay, just to make sure that you’re okay. Is that alright?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,”

Jason started to throw back her covers, and slip into the bed.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Marissa asked quite rudely

“Staying with you until you fall asleep!” Jason answered.

“Umm. I thought that you were just going to stay in the room, like on a chair or something, not in my bed.

“Well, technically, this isn’t your bed, it’s my bed, so I do believe that I can sleep in it if I want to.” Jason stated.

“Fine, but when I fall asleep, you go, right?” Marissa asked.

“Yes, I’ll go when you fall asleep.” Jason replied.

Marissa laid down and knew that there was no way in hell she would fall asleep, not with this man lying beside her who just made wonderful love to her in her dream, a dream that she knew could never become a reality. Damn, she thought and then let out a little sigh.

Half an hour later she was still awake, lying with her back to him. Dying to turn around and kiss him, touch him, caress him, anything, she just wanted to be in contact with him somehow.

Then she got what she wanted; Jason shifted in his sleep and put his arm around her middle, and sighed a contented sigh.

When Marissa held no objections he smiled to himself, was she even awake?

Marissa also moved her body so her bottom was flush against him. They were touching in a million places and she loved it.

Would he be doing this if he were awake she asked herself, probably not came the answer.

Hopefully I don’t start making noises again she thought just before she drifted off to sleep.

Immediately after falling asleep she was bombarded with pictures of him over her, pushing into her ever so slowly, making her come.

She turned in her sleep to face him and he quickly shut his eyes to make sure that she thought that he was sleeping if she were still awake, but then he opened his eyes a little crack and saw that her eyes were closed and her breathing was even so he knew that she had to be asleep.

He brought his lips down to her forehead and gave her a little peck there, wishing that he could kiss those soft little lips, but he knew that if he did she would definitely kick him out of her bed and he was enjoying his visit to her bed and he didn’t plan on leaving it any time soon.

He then fell asleep knowing that his girl was lying next to him sound asleep and hopefully dreaming about him once again.

Part 8

Marissa woke up to the wonderful feeling of Jason’s body pressed up against hers. She let out a contented sigh and made no move to get up. The only way that she would get out of this bed is if he got out first.

Jason was having similar feelings. How can I be so attracted to her? He asked himself. I haven’t felt like this since…well let’s not rehash the past old boy.

Jason snuggled up a little closer and went right back to sleep, to hell with the world he thought, I’ve got a beautiful girl in bed, I’m not going anywhere.

Marissa reveled in the fact that he was getting closer than he already was. Once again she let out a contented sigh, gave a little smile and then guilt washed over her. What about Hallie? What would she think if she knew what I was doing right now? Well, it’s not like we had sex she argued with herself, I’m only lying in bed with him, there’s nothing wrong with that right?

She fell asleep too, thanking the God’s that she had this man’s arms around her.
9:30 in the morning

“Oh, shit, Marissa, wake up, we’re late for work!”

“Hmm…What?!” Marissa just held his arms around her, not wanting them to leave her.

“Marissa, as much as I want to stay like this we have to get our asses to work, Katims in going to kill us, and it’s not too good for you either, with being your first day on the set!” Jason exclaimed, already extracting himself from her arms and making his way out of the room hurriedly to his room to get dressed.

She hauled ass and ran to her boxes of clothes that she never got a chance to put away, she pulled out a tank top from Victoria’s Secret and some flared Abercrombie pants. Made her way to the bathroom and found Jason in there brushing his perfect teeth, then running a comb through his oh so soft hair. I’ve never known a guy with that soft of hair, she thought to herself, then quickly snapped out of her daze, grabbing her own toothbrush and quickly working on her teeth, then ran a brush through her hair as well, Damnit, I didn’t get a chance to get in the shower, I hate going out in public without taking a shower.

She rushed out to the living room where Jason was waiting, with a couple of sandwiches in his hands.

“Thought that we might need them.” Jason said sheepishly.

“I drive,” Marissa demanded. Grabbing the keys to her Mustang.

“Alright, you know the way there?” Jason asked skeptically.

“Yes, of course, I made it my duty to know the way there from every street in this city.” Marissa said while slipping into the driver’s side.

“Buckle your seatbelt space-boy because you’re going to need it.” Marissa informed him.

“Oh shit, this should be fun!” Jason said anticipating the discovery of how well she could drive a car.

“Oh, I thought that you liked fast cars?” Marissa blurted out.

“How’d you know that?” Jason asked surprised.

“Little childhood fantasies about you,” Marissa blushed at her bluntness.

“Oh, really,” Jason smiled to himself.

“You know what it was like, don’t tell me you’ve never been obsessed about somebody before,” Marisa said while pulling the car out of the garage, spinning it around so it left black marks on the pavement. And sped her way down the street, thankfully no body was coming so she pulled a sharp turn and sped up to about 85 MPH. There were light coming up, hopefully it will turn green by the time I get there, and just as she said that they turned green. She sped through and at the next set of light she didn’t have any luck, they turned red just before she got there, causing her to slam on the brakes


“No, you kick ass, it’s like this car was made for you. I like how you ride the steering wheel,” And I’d like to see how you’d ride me he thought to himself. He could just imagine her, he knew she would be good with him, just by the way that they kissed, and he could tell that she hadn’t had sex for a while because she kissed him with so much passion, it actually startled him.

“The light turned green and she made sure nobody was coming from either way and made her way down the street silently cursing when she got behind slow driver, she weaved in and out of the lanes, trying to get ahead of everyone and made had way over to the street that they were filming on. When she noticed that nobody was there she looked at Jason quizzically.

“Wait, Marisa, today’s Saturday isn’t it? We don’t have work!” Jason replied laughing.

“What, you mean, I got all freaked out about not being there on time my first day and It turns out that its our day off?!” oh I am so going to kick your ass for this, just you wait until we get home,” Marissa exclaimed

“Well, it was fun wasn’t it?” Jason asked slightly embarrassed at his mistake.

Marissa grinned,”Yeah, it was!” She started laughing as she pulled onto the street, picking up speed, but not going as fast as she was before.

He still couldn’t get over how well she handled the car.

“Did you take driving lessons?” Jason asked amazed.

“No, but you usually get pretty good at driving fast when you have to help your brothers run from the law, my brothers and I have lost about a dozen cops when I was with them

Jason just looked at her funny.

“I’m just kidding, damn boy, cool down!” she said while putting her hand on his leg, she didn’t know what she was doing, it just seemed so natural. She looked down at her hand and quickly removed it.

Jason shifted in his seat, instantly getting hard.

“Well, we’re here,”

“Thanks for the ride, we’ve got to be late more often.” Jason said truthfully.

“Okay, but just not on my first day, okay?!” Marissa said while smiling.

“Well, I have got to get myself into the shower so lets get out of this car.”

“Marissa wait,” he grabbed her hand before she could make her way out and pulled her across the center section and started to kiss her, he just really wanted to do it and he couldn’t help himself.

Part 9

To his surprise she kissed him back, but then pulled away after a couple of seconds.

“I need a shower,” she said while taking herself from his embrace and quickly retreating into their house. His house she corrected herself, this is only where I’m staying until I can get my own apartment.

Once she got in to the house she made her way over to her room, grabbed some new clothes and quickly made her way to the shower, hoping that she wouldn’t run into him on the way there.

Downstairs in the garage

“What the hell were you thinking man?” He yelled at himself, as if there isn’t enough tension in between you already, she’s the new cast member; quit trying to get into her pants. Just because it was that easy to get into …forget it, why am I comparing Marissa to her?

He made his way out of the car and went up the step to their house.

As he walked in her heard the shower going and then he heard a loud thud, what if she isn’t okay? He asked himself. He quickly ran to the bathroom and threw open the door, and ran over to the shower quickly throwing back the door, there she was in the shower bending over to pick up a bottle of Thermasilk.

She looked up and saw him admiring her beauty and screamed and covered herself the best that she could with her hands. “What the hell are you doing?” she yelled while reaching out for a towel. “ I realize that yes this is your house and I am grateful that you’re letting me stay here, but this has to stop with us walking in on each other and this stuff with you kissing me at the spur of the moment what is up with this? And another…” she was silenced by Jason’s lips, he quickly pulled the towel from her and trailed her neck with kisses.

“Marissa, did anyone ever tell you that you talk way too much? Jason murmured in between kisses.

“No…no one except you,” she ground out trying to fight this.

“Jason we should stop this, we barely even know each other,”

“You’re right, and what would we think of each other if we had sex this soon?”

“Right, so can I have back my towel now?” Marissa asked

“Yeah, sure,” Jason handed her the towel and she grabbed it coming in contact with his hand. She quickly wrapped it around herself.

Just that little contact made her shiver, remembering how those hands had felt in her dream.

Oh, what the hell she thought while removing the towel form her body and bringing his retreating form to her body once again, kissing him passionately.

“Marissa, are you sure that you want to do this?” Jason groaned out.

“Yes,” Came the breathy reply.

Jason groaned again and pulled her more tightly against him.

Between kisses he murmured, “You’re so beautiful.”

He grabbed her bottom and pulled her up against him and she anxiously wrapped her legs around his trim waist. Then he started making his way over to her room and set her on the floor and started to kiss and caress ever little inch of her body.

“Jason!” She moaned.

She grabbed his wandering head and pulled it up to her greedy mouth, intent on devouring his mouth.

“Please!” she heard herself begging.

She tore at his shirt, wanting him to be as naked as herself. Once she had pulled it off she started nibbling down his chest. She had always wanted to do this with her other lovers but she never got a chance.

“Jason…” she murmured, wanting to feel him inside her to hell with the wanting him to go slow, she wanted him right now!

“Jason, I need you,” Marissa voiced.

“Mmm…Marissa,” Jason, started lowering her down onto the bed.

He took her body with unbearably slow strokes and when release came he stopped, wanting it to go on forever.

He was just as she suspected he would be, tender, loving, caring, but yet, demanding, and sexy at the same time, oh she loved this.

When it was over they lie there in each other’s arms, still joined at the center of their bodies, breathing hard and thinking about each other and how this was weird that they had sex this soon.

Realization hit Marissa first and she quickly got herself out of his arms and got him out of her and grabbed her robe from the side of the bed and pulled it on herself, tears coming down her cheeks and she hurriedly made her way out of the room and to the living room and sat herself down on the couch. And just let the tears fall, thinking of what a failure she was.

Part 10

“Marissa what’s wrong?” Jason asked worried that this was her first time and that he had hurt her although she had not made any move at all to stop him nor had she shown any sign of hurt through out the whole mating.

Marissa just continued to cry rocking back and forth thinking of her failure.

Jason put his arms around her and just held her, she stiffened at the initial contact but then let him hold her and once she realized what she was doing she quickly jerked away.

“No, no, this whole thing was a mistake it was all a mistake,” She said more tears coming down her face.

“What is going on? Were you a virgin? Did I hurt you what is going on?”

“You want to know what is going on?”

“Yes I want to know what is going on!”

“I have to wonder would you have had sex with me if you knew that at age 14 I had a daughter? Her name is Hallie. I promised myself that I wouldn’t have sex again until I got married or found a guy that I knew wasn’t going to ditch me after we had sex. And I kept that promise until now. It wasn’t easy because I had a lot of guys that I went out with after I had her but I stayed strong for her. Now I failed her and you’re probably going to kick me out so I guess that I’m just fucked!”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me that you had a daughter? I want to meet her I want to meet your whole family, I really like you Marissa even though we barely know each other, and I’m not going to kick you out either!” Jason said gazing adoringly into her eyes.

“I want to continue this relationship with you and if that means no sex than fine, I can live without that but I honestly don’t think that I can live without you.” Jason continued as he watched her eyes mist over anew.

“You mean it? You still like me?”

“Of course, I still like you and if you want to cool it down then that’s okay.”

“Yeah I’d like that.” Marissa smiled.

(Over the next couple of weeks they went to the Roswell set and taped, laughed, had fun, but no sex)

~ 2 Weeks Later ~

“You want to know what, I think that I could definitely kick your ass!” Marissa said out of nowhere.

“Where the hell did that come from? We were just here reading over the script and all of the sudden you say that you bet that you could kick my ass, but since you made the proposition I think that I’ll just have to show you that you can’t!”

“Oh really, we’ll just see who kicks who’s ass! Won’t we?” Marissa gloated on.

She tried to get him in a headlock and succeeded but then he quickly maneuvered himself out of her grasp, putting her over his shoulder and twirling around a couple of times.

“Please stop, Jason, come on, please stop,”

“Are you giving up by any chance?

“Yes, just stop!”

He put her down and she immediately proceeded to try and trip him by putting her leg on the back of his and pushing him and he fell but got right back up.

“I thought that you quit!” Jason stated.

“Never!” Marissa declared.

“Okay then you’re going to regret that.” Jason replied

He picked her up and laid her on the couch and proceeded to tickle her.

“Stop come on this isn’t fair Jason!”

She finally got free of his grasp and ran down the hall trying to get away from him and he followed right at her heels. When he finally caught up with her they were both breathing hard and she was scampering trying to find a way to get away from him. She ran into his room and played a little ring-around-the-rosy game with him around the bed until she finally got back by the door and ran into the living room again.

This time he caught up to her and took her hands and clasped them above her head and started to tickle her again.

“Jason stop,” Marissa, said weakly.

He looked up into her eyes those beautiful brown eyes and was immediately lost he started to kiss her passionately and couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

She moaned under his sexy assault but let him continue.

Her moan drove him on he put his leg between her legs and pushed it up until it reached the center of her femininity. Once again she moaned and started to move against it throwing caution to the wind. She was getting so hot and she knew that an orgasm was coming on but she also knew that she needed just a little bit more of some kind of sexual contact to take her all the way, she tilted her head hoping that he would start to kiss her body anywhere just somewhere.

Jason gladly took the invitation and kissed all the way down her neck to the top of her little tank top.

“Jason! We should… we should stop. We shouldn’t do this.”

“You’re so right,” he said taking his lips away from her flesh but putting them right back once he finished a word.

“But this feels so right. Maybe we shouldn’t stop.” Marissa ground out he orgasm finally hitting her. And what an orgasm it was. Who knew that she could come just from rubbing against a man.

After the shocks stopped rippling through her he removed his knee and started to back up.

“I can’t let you break your promise again.” He said clearly disappointed but accepting.

“You’re right. Umm… I’m going to go study the script okay?”

“Yeah. I think that I’m going to take a shower or something,” he said while looking down and the large bulge in his pants.

“Right, you take that shower.”

“Okay I will,”

They flew into each other arms needing to kiss again, maybe even more.