Rain/White Roses/Truth * UC NC-17

Author: DMartinez
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Rating: NC-17 (Pure Smut)
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Summary: sorry you'll have to read it.
Notes: I just had to get this out of my system. I was watching some American Psycho but don't worry it won't get like that...


Liz answers the door just as I suspect she will, although I know she's supposed to be at work but isn't. She's wearing a robe, something I do not expect. She's wet and the silk clings to her curves. Her nipples stand out, straining against the fabric, calling to me. I feel my cock harden at the sight of her steamed skin. I can smell the 'rain' from her bath. Her hair is piled on top of her head, the ends wet from where they had no doubt dipped into the water. Her chocolate eyes rake over my body.

She steps aside to let me in. I'm dripping wet from the rain and she still lets me in without a word.

"Thanks." I mumble. She is just so beautiful that it's hard to form words.

"What brings you by? I really didn't think..."

That one question and I break down. "I couldn't stay away. I know I shouldn't be here but I can't not be here."

She nods and takes my hand, drawing me further into the apartment. Our mouths meet, hungry. It has been so long. Her tongue dances with mine, her arms around my neck, my hands on her waist. Liz pulls away and leads me to the bedroom. I can't take my eyes off her. "Come on."

"Where is he?" I ask the question before I insert the filter between my brain and my mouth. It reminds me that this is wrong. I should not be here. I should be home, in another place, in another city with another woman, my girlfriend. But I'm here with Liz. I ask the question when I already know the answer. He is at work. He's always at work.

"He's working late... least that's what he said." She whispers with that incredible smile on her lips. She drops the robe and slides back, onto the bed. So I undress. I'm careful. I fold every article of wet clothing as I take it off.

So, we're both naked and aching to touch each other. I get hard anticipating the events to come. I crawl up her body on the bed. I lick her navel, rimming her belly button before I move up to her breasts.

Those incredible breasts, much bigger than they were in high school. Maxwell sure knows what to do with his hands. Liz's breasts are a work of art. I should thank him for that one day.

I take a stiff nipple into my mouth, sucking it, pulling at it. She cries out over and over, unintelligible sounds that tell me she loves what I'm doing. We kiss, I thrust my tongue into her mouth the way I know she likes. Her hands run over my chest, flicking my nipples. A hand runs through my hair, I can feel it standing on end.

I break the kiss to press my face between those amazing breasts. She smells like 'rain.' I bought her that scent. I didn't think she still wore it after the way I left.

I run my hands down her body, that sweet body, between her legs to feel how hot and wet she is for me. A turn of my head and my eyes catch my reflection in a floor to ceiling mirror. Liz catches me looking at it and explains. "He likes to watch what he does."

I have to admit that it turns me on. I slide two fingers into her and rub against her upper wall, finding that spot just a little further up...

"Michael!" she screams. She purrs and archs against my hand. I am so hard that her moans make me ache. I remove my hand and thrust into her hard.

It might sound as if I'm bragging but I always have to stop to let her adjust. I never get tired of how tight she is around me. She grimaces as she always does the first time I push into her tight, tight pussy. I let her get used to me before I move.

I taste her skin as I move in and out of her tight body. It's been so long since I've been with her like this. Soon her body bucks beneath mine. I can do nothing but stare at her as she comes undone, screaming my name.

I locked eyes with my reflection as I come. That mirror allows me to see myself come. Thrusting into her as I spill myself in her. I can see why he likes to see himself come, too.

I force myself not to collapse on top of her. I pull out and roll onto my back beside her. It's still raining outside. I can hear it pelting on the window. I shouldn't be here. I should not have just had sex with her again. I shouldn't be here.

The ozone from outside mingles with her 'rain' scent and the smell of sex. It's heady. It's relaxing. Too relaxing; I shouldn't but I relax all the same.

Liz lays there for a moment. I tilt my head back and I see the top of her head in the reflection. God there are three mirrors in the room. Her chest is still heaving, trying to catch her breath. "I've missed you Michael."

I barely turn my head and I see her rubbing her inner thighs. Her legs are still spread wide and in the reflection I can see her slit dripping with her cum as well as mine. Every mirror I see shows me something that I want. Something that I want and know that I shouldn't have.

She rolls to face me. "You get used to the mirrors after a while."

"I didn't realize I'd been gone long enough for him to redecorate."

"It's been a long time. Too long." Liz's breasts are brushing against my bicep with every breath she takes. Our bodies are drying but the smell of sex still hangs heavy in the air. I feel my cock stirring again. She knows what I want. Liz's mouth touches my neck, licking me. Then she slides down my chest. My cock hardens against her stomach.
Her mouth burns me.

I see her ass in the reflections. She's kneeling over me so I can see her puckered opening just above her pussy. I harden painfully. Then her mouth closes over my cock. Her tongue swirls around me. I buck up into her mouth. Then she's gone.

Cold shocks my aching cock. I turn to find she's on all fours beside me. Yes, that's what I want. I kneel behind her, my legs between hers, guiding them to spread wider. I slam into her dripping pussy from behind. She leans forward to rest her head on her crossed arms, giving herself the leverage she needs to match my thrusts in both speed and force.

I grip her hips and watch my reflection fuck her. Her cries are muffled but they urge me on. I know I should check whatever it is that moved out of the corner of my eyes but I'm so entranced by my reflection and Liz's keening and the sound of our sweaty bodies slamming together that I ignore it.

I feel her thighs trying to close but my thighs keep them far apart. I keep thrusting into her tight, tight pussy. Finally I come, frantically pounding away until I'm spent crying her name. "Liz!"

That's when my eyes slide away from my gratified reflection to his reflection. Back to Liz's reflection, our eyes meet and return to his reflection. He's standing in the doorway behind me, just staring at us.

Max has a bottle of champagne in one hand and a bouquet of white roses in the other. I don't know how I could have forgotten their anniversary. Now I feel like a complete ass.

------------------------------------------------------------ White Roses

Max just stands there. For a minute I think he's angry that I have just ruined his day but then I see the bulge in his pants. I shouldn't be here but now I know I will stay a while longer than I had planned.

I pull out of Liz and lie back on the bed. She rolls into my arms to see him like I do. Max repeats the process that I did upon entering the room. He undresses and folds his clothes, much neater and drier than mine.

"I thought you said you were going to be working." Liz accuses him, resting her head on my chest.

"Like I was going to get any work done today. I passed on Liv Tyler's ass to be here." He smiles as he climbs onto the bed, handing Liz the roses. They kiss. "Happy 10th."

"Happy 10th." She whispers back, sniffing the roses before tossing them off the bed.

"Happy anniversary guys." I mutter.

"Been a long time, Michael." He tells me.

"I know." I sigh. I really shouldn't be here. I shouldn't have come in the first place. I've ruined any plans they had. I'm forever screwing things up and they act like that's what they had planned all along.

"Now, have you completely worn out my wife?" He asks me, even as they kiss again.

"I just need a while to recharge for round three." She tells him.

"Round three? My, my, have we been a busy boy, Michael?" He's got that twinkle in his eye, completely amused. Then he lies back. Liz kisses him and I watch as her tongue thrusts into his mouth the way he likes. I can't stop myself. I slide off the bed.

Then I crawl back on between his legs. I'm not gay. I can't be gay because this is the only cock that I ever even want. His soldier stands straight up before me. I remember how he tastes, how he feels in my mouth. Like he knows what I'm thinking, his cock twitches and reaches for me. I can't hold back any longer.

I take him in my hands, stroking his long, thick cock. I cup his sacs and just fondle him for the moment. I wonder how Liz can still be so tight when she has this every night. I may be impressive but Max is just... huge doesn't cover it but it will have to do.

I take him in my mouth, just running my tongue around him. That vein along the bottom throbs against my tongue. I suck him lightly. My hands rubbing those muscular thighs that clench while I suck him.

My mouth runs up and down his cock, I suck harder. In the back of my mind I hear his moans through his kisses from Liz. I glance up and I see them tasting each other's mouths, fondling each other's chests. They are so beautiful together. I have no clue why they allow me to be a part of this.

I return my attention to the prize in my mouth. I drag my mouth from the base of his cock to the tip, lapping up the droplets of precum that leak out. He tastes salty, addictive.

I stop. Max's whimper pleases me. He likes what I have been doing. I hold my hand out and a rose flies into it. I pull off the petals and let them fall over his aching cock. Tossing the stem onto the floor, I use the petals to aid me while I stroke him hard. The bruised petals release their fragrance into the air, mixing with the ozone, 'rain,' and sex.

Max's hip buck upwards. He's attacking Liz's mouth now. He's almost ready. Quickly I peel the flowers from his cock before taking him back inside my mouth. The sweet taste of the rose and the spicy taste of him... makes me drool. Adjusting my neck, I take him far into my mouth. My head bobs up and down as he slips in and out of my mouth. Fast is the pace as I suck him with vacuum force. I need to taste him.

It's time, relaxing, I stop moving but he keeps thrusting up into my mouth. Their hands tangle in my hair. I close my eyes and wait while his thrusts become more frantic. Max is on the edge. The very best place for Max to be is on the edge.

There he goes, all the way into my mouth and into my throat, jizzing down my throat. It's hot and salty, the very best of Max. I swallow everything he gives me. His hips still and his cock goes limp in my mouth. I lick him clean and then look up.

The expression on his face is priceless. He's relaxed and sated for the moment. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open, his chest is heaving, his body limp.

Liz is kissing on his chest and lying on his right so I slide up and lie on his other side. Her lips meet mine over him. The both of us are so tired and we know it will be a while until Max will be mobile again.

Max pulls on me until our mouths meet. His kiss is gentle and transmits how much he's missed me. Now I know that I shouldn't be here. I should probably go now. If I don't leave now in this moment... I will never leave again.

I get up and I hear him sob. Liz is holding him but it's not a great comfort. They have never asked me to stay and maybe that's why I didn't that last time.

I just don't know if I can stay. I know that I shouldn't be here. Maria is two towns over upset because I left. She doesn't know where I am or that I have been here before. She and I are like oil and water. We don't mix and it's futile to even try. She wants what Max and Liz have but she doesn't understand.

It's never been just Max and Liz. It's always been Max, Liz and me. The three of us. She wants what they have. 10 years of marriage following nearly 6 years of dating. She wouldn't understand if we told her where I fit into the equation.

It's been two years since I was last in their presence and I'm on the brink of leaving again. I hurt them last time I left. I said things that hurt us all.

"Michael... I love you. Don't go. Please?" Max whispers. My back is to him but I see his reflection and they can't see mine. I stand here in front of my stack of wet clothes, debating if I can go back to Maria. Liz pleads. "Please Michael. We love you. Stay?"

"I can't do it." I whisper, again forgetting to make sure the filter between my brain and my mouth is in place. I bent over to pick it up and I hear the sobs. They misunderstood.

I pick up the champagne and I return to them. I surprise them both. "I can't do it. I can't leave."

Their arms come around me. I share kisses with them both. I know what kept me from picking up my clothes and leaving. They asked me.

------------------------------------------------------------ Truth

I didn't even feel Liz get up. I woke up because the empty champagne bottle was digging into my back. Max is lying next to me, snoring. I have to shower and think, so I leave him alone.

As the water beats down on me, I let my mind wander. I stayed last night. It means that I am ready to commit. Damn, how strange is it that I can't give Maria what she wants no matter how much I try but the two of them, Max and Liz, ask nothing more than to stay? Am I being a coward? Am I taking the easy way out?

That can't be right because being with Max and Liz is much more complicated than trying to keep Maria happy. This threesome is not just about sex, there are emotional ties that I will never understand. I can remember when it started.

We were staking out a potential threat and it was just the three of us in a hotel room senior year. Max and I had been trying to deal with the way we were drawn to each other. While Liz was taking her turn in the shower, I kissed him and he kissed me back.

Later it was my turn and then Max's, leaving Liz and I alone. They must have talked while I was in the shower because she kissed me. It was then I realized the pull wasn't just to Max. They are one complete soul. I can't have Max if I don't have Liz and vice versa. That night in the hotel was one of talking and kissing, barely anything more.

It was strange. After a weekend of being close to them, going to school and pretending nothing happened was torture. It was unspoken but we were going to make it work. Liz had to trust me, so we spent a lot of time together. We became like the 3 Musketeers. No one really questioned it. After Max and Liz became physical, it was extended to me.

I kept up with Maria because... I didn't know what else to do. I still don't. When they got married, I moved in with Maria. She became my security blanket. When things got too intense with Max and Liz... I ran to her.

When I get out of the shower, Max is gone. I find him in the kitchen. "Morning."

"Morning." I say and without thinking or even taking a good look at the table, I go to him and claim my morning kiss. If I had looked at the table, I would have seen her purse.

"Max... What the hell?" Maria's voice breaks us apart. "Michael? Where are your clothes?"

"Maria--" I just don't know what to say.

"Michael? You didn't tell her?" Max turns to me, a hurt look in his eyes.

"No... You two are not together. Max. What about Liz?" Maria shouts.

"She knows." Max answers, he stays by my side.

"Let me get this straight. I came all the way over here to ask you where my boyfriend was and he was here the entire time? He was with you and Liz knew?"

"Yeah." I answer her.

"How long has this been going on?" She asks. She doesn't even have tears in her eyes. I never have a clue what's going on with her.

"You don't want the answer to that." Max jumps in. "I thought you knew. I really did."

"Liz is just okay with this? She just lets her husband and his best friend... whatever?" She's mad, angry, upset... but not sad.

"Let us? She joins us." Where the hell is that filter?

"No." Her green eyes close. "Liz would tell me, she wouldn't do that to me."

"I knew you wouldn't understand." I say and go to get dressed. She follows me, so I keep talking. "This isn't just sex. It's about love and respect."

"How can you love both of them but you can't love me? Huh?"

I yank on my clothes. "I don't know. I just do. They have something that can't be replicated. Some of that just happens to spill over to me. I give them what I can and they accept it, me for who I am. When have you ever done that?"

"All the time."

"No you don't. You have only succeeded in making me feel inadequate and alien. They... make me wonder why they find me worthy." I say. It's the most that I've said to her in weeks. "You're always trying to change me into something that I'm not. I can't give you 6 nearly perfect years of dating followed by 10 perfect years of marriage."

"Why not!"

"That's not what I want. Excepting the past two years, when I haven't been with you. I've been with them."

She spun on her heel and walked out to Max. I stood there and listened to their conversation.

"I need him, Maria. The last two years without him have been hell. Liz hasn't been the same either. I really thought you knew... that one of them had told you."

"I can't believe this. How long, Max?"

"Since high school."


"Stakeout in Pheonix."



"No. When he came back, we... talked and months after we... made love for the first time."

"So did we."

I had to step in. "Maria."

"What?" She didn't look at me.

"Remember the rave sophomore year?"

"Of course I do, you ass."

"What did you tell me?" I know what she said. I knew I was going to hurt her that night but the lack of faith in that conversation made a lasting impression.

"'What we have is not true love...' Fine." Maria nods to me. "Fine."


I guess I just want to put that past me. I admitted to myself that I wanted to stay. I admitted to Maria what was going on. I guess that moment of truth stuff is real.

"I'll find a job here. Won't be too hard." I tell Max.

"Max, he'll be fine. Not everyone wants to work on old actress asses like you." Liz laughs, hugging me.

"Hey, I gave you those. I can take them away." Max threatens her. I turn slightly to give her breasts a squeeze, reminding Max what fun they are.

"But it'd look suspicious if I showed up at the lab, flatchested and didn't ask for a day to recover." Liz teases. We've already settled into a routine.

"Fine, keep them. Not like I had to perform surgery to get them anyway." Max sighs. It's just the three of us in the living room, eating popcorn and ignoring the nightly news. He clears his throat. "Maria called me. She's mailing you your stuff. We can throw it in the extra room."

That's the last we talk about her. We're happy. For me that's a real first. Knowing just how this situation works... it's delicate and difficult but feeling this complete doesn't come another way.


I am actually planning a prequel to this, dealing with that weekend in Phoenix mentioned in the last part. '-)