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Title: Love, Life, and True Destiny
Summary: Max and Liz discover that their true destiny is with each other…
Background: Immediately after Surprise…Everything happened just like in the show up until this point, with the exception of the last 10 minutes with Isabel in the cave. Instead she went home and went to bed…
Category: M/L/NC-17
Rating: PG-13- NC-17
Author: Anne
E-mail: dreambehr⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims, and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this wonderful story. I’m just borrowing them!

Part 1

Max Evans approached the Crashdown, allowing a short sigh to escape through his lips. It had been a long hard night for everyone, and Isabel in particular had gotten the worst of it. It was sad…everything had started out so well, and then in the blink of an eye it all just fell apart.

It was Isabel’s birthday today, or at least the day they celebrated as her birthday since no one knew the actual one, and what a present she had received! In the middle of her surprise birthday party, Isabel had a vision. Their…well…sometimes friend, Tess, has been kidnapped by the skins, and Isabel had gone in alone to save her. It turned out that Congresswoman Whittaker was a skin. She was the one who killed Nasedo, and she was about to kill Tess too, when Isabel struck back and killed her.

It was safe to say that Isabel’s surprise party had been a total failure. She disappeared halfway through it, and after her experience with Whittaker, she was in no state to go back. So Max had to make up an excuse for her.

As he approached the Crashdown, Max could see that the party was over. His mom was inside with Liz cleaning up, but everyone else had gone home. Even Alex… Max chuckled at the thought. Alex was probably avoiding Mrs. Evans, after her reaction to his strip dance.

The light tinkling of the bells on the front door of the Crashdown caused both women to look up at Max when he walked in.

“Hi.” He greeted them softly.

“Max! Where have you been?” Diane Evans cried out. “And where is Isabel? You both just disappeared! I’ve been worried!”

“I know…I’m sorry mom. Isabel isn’t feeling very well. Those headaches were bugging her more than she wanted to admit. I took her home and put her to bed. She really just needs a night of rest.”

Diane looked at her son in alarm. “The headaches were that bad? That’s so strange! Isabel is usually so healthy.”

“It’s probably just a one time thing. I wouldn’t worry about it. She’ll probably be fine tomorrow. Why don’t you head home too, mom? I can help Liz finish up here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Okay…I’m pretty beat myself. I’ll probably take Isabel’s lead and get some rest. I’m just going to take some of these presents for Izzy…she never finished opening them!”

“Yeah, good idea. She’d probably like that.”

Diane started fumbling through the stack of bright, colorful packages, giving Max a chance to finally turn and focus on Liz, who was trying to clean all of the dirty dishes from the night. He grabbed a second tub of dishes, and followed her back into the kitchen.

“Is everything okay?” Liz asked once they were in the kitchen. “Did you guys get to Tess in time?”

“Tess is fine.”

“That’s good.”

“Listen, Liz…Congresswoman Whittaker kidnapped Tess…and she’s the one who killed Nasedo too.”

“You mean she’s a skin?” Max nodded. “And I’ve been working for her…”

“Liz…it’s killing me to know that something more could have happened to you on account of me. You’ve been in danger, and none of us even knew it.”

“Nothing happened to me though, Max.” Liz reminded him.

“I know, but what if she had been after you.” Max protested.

“Nothing has happened to me.” Liz responded firmly.

“And nothing will happen to you, Liz. Isabel killed Whittaker.”

Liz looked up at Max in surprise. “What? I suppose she had to, didn’t she? How is she holding up?”

“She’s not doing very well. A lot like Michael did after Pierce. She just wanted to be alone, wallow in her miseries. She did the right thing, but that doesn’t change that fact that it’s hard on her.”

“What about you? How are you holding up?”

“I don’t know…it’s complicated. Would you be willing to listen, Liz? I have a lot on my mind, and…well…you’re the easiest person in the world for me to talk to.”

“I don’t know, Max. Things are just so complicated between us.”

“Please, Liz? I swear, for just one night I won’t try to win you back or anything. Just you and me, talking like friends, like the way it used to be before we kissed or anything.”

“Okay, I can deal with that. Lots of sexual tension, but no action.” Liz resolved. “So where do you want to start?”

“I want to start by getting out of here…out of town a little ways. There’s too many ears here.”

“Okay…lets go.” Max led Liz out the back door of the Crashdown, and down the alley to where his jeep was parked on the street.

Diane Evans grabbed her purse and rushed out to her car outside. There was a wild, nervous look in her eyes, and she was shaking emotionally. She had been standing by the counter between the kitchen and the dining room, and she had heard every word between Max and Liz. What was going on? Isabel had killed Congresswoman Whittaker? Her daughter was a murderer?

The emotions ran rampant through Diane Evans’ mind. What had she done wrong? Was she a horrible mother? How do parents cope with this…finding out that their children, who they love, have done something horrible? She would have never guessed that Isabel would have ever done something like this. Maybe there was a logical explanation? There had to be. She just needed to find out what it was.

Diane started her car, and leaving the lights out to hide herself, she followed after Max and Liz. Maybe she could find out more about what her children were mixed up in.

Part 2

Mrs. Evans followed Max’s jeep straight out of town and towards the desert. Where was he going? What were her kids mixed up in? She had to find out…she needed to help them, or protect them. Whatever it took to ensure that her family was safe.

Diane took a look around on the highway, and it hit her in one shocking moment just where they were. They were on the same highway where she found Max, all those years ago. What would lead him back here?

When Max turned off the road and drove dead into open desert, Diane’s nervousness flared up even more. Where was he going? Didn’t he know that he could get lost alone out here at night? But he seemed to know right where he was going…

The jeep stopped at a huge rock formation that awed Diane at first sight. She stopped her car a short distance away and slipped out, following the kids on the path leading up the rocks.

Diane had to quickly hide around a corner, when the two of them stopped about halfway up, and turned to face the rocks. She peaked her head around just in time to watch Max place his hand flat against the rocks, and suddenly a huge rock door shifted open. Her jaw dropped in shock…what was this? Once they were inside, she sneaked in behind them, just before the rock face slid back into place, locking her inside.

She quickly slipped between two rocks to hide, before poking her head out and taking her first look around.

“Oh my God.” Was the only thought running through her mind. The cave was like something out of a bad science fiction movie. The central focus of the room was a huge device in the middle of the room with four pod-like things in it. There was a green glow emanating from the pods, casting a soft light around the room.

Max and Liz stood in the center of the room, both sets of eyes glued on the pods in the middle of the room. The silence was deafening, as Diane waited for them to talk.

Liz was the first to break the silence.

“It’s so weird being here. I’ve only been here once before…in May…and then…well, let’s just say that I really wish I could forget about that day.”

“Everything changed that day.”

Liz looked up and met Max’s eyes, a serious expression deep in her eyes. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? How your entire life can fall apart in a matter of minutes?”

“Yeah…” Max agreed softly.

“So, Max…you haven’t told me yet. How do you really feel about your destiny?”

“How do I feel about it? I…I don’t know to be honest with you, Liz. I don’t want it. All I have ever wanted in my life is to just be normal, to have a normal life, to be with the normal girl that I love, to not have to deal with being different. But then suddenly this huge burden is thrown on me. There’s an entire race of enslaved alien people sitting and waiting for me to come rescue them and be their leader, and it’s like that whole fantasy of my future has been completely taken away. And, I mean, I don’t know anything about being a leader, Liz. I can’t even keep things peaceful with Michael right now! And now we’re fighting a war. It’s small right now, Liz, but eventually this whole thing with the skins is going to blow up, and get worse and worse, until we can’t even lead a normal life any more.” He stopped and stared at her for a moment.

“It’s okay, Max…just let it all out…” She nudged him on.

“I’m scared, Liz. There’s only four of us, and an entire race of them. How are we supposed to win? And how can we stay the good guys? I’m the only one who hasn’t killed someone now, Liz. How long is that going to last? Will I be able to do it when the time comes? Or will I just let them kill me? Everyone is looking at me expecting me to direct them and make decisions, but I have no idea what to do.”

“I think you need to listen to your heart, Max. At least that’s what my grandma always told me to do when I was uncertain about anything. Your heart will always guide you down the right path.”

“But my heart isn’t listening to my mind at all. My heart just keeps screaming at me not to let you go.”

Liz turned away from Max and took a few steps away to compose herself. Staying away from Max…it was so hard on her. She’s giving Max advice that she isn’t even following herself. Liz’s own heart was screaming for her to throw herself in Max’s arms. Together they could forget about the whole destiny fiasco. Only together would anything ever feel right…they could be complete. But she couldn’t. It wasn’t meant to be.

“Liz…I’m sorry. I promised.”

“No, it’s okay. I told you to let it all out. You did.”

They settled into a few more moments of uncomfortable silence, both teens unwilling to look at each other for fear of what they would see in each other’s eyes. Liz’s eyes rested on the pods in the middle of the room. The pods…where Max was born. Where all of this began.

“Which one is yours?” Liz asked softly.

“What?” Max responded, surprised by the question.

“Which pod is yours? I want to know where you were born.”

Max nodded, and walked towards the pods. He stared at them for a moment, before reaching out and placing his hand on one. Liz gasped as it glowed in reponse to his touch. It was almost as if the pod recognized Max…

“This one.” Max responded softly, staring in awe at the green light emanating from the device beneath his palm.

“Obviously.” Liz agreed. “Do they all do that?”

Max touched the other three pods with no response. “I suppose it’s because it’s mine…it’s like it knows me or something.”

She walked towards him, eyeing the pod beside his.

“It’s no wonder, though. I mean, you spent, what, 40 years or more inside of this thing. Wow…it’s kind of amazing, that these things could sustain you for so long, and keep you so young at the same time. Your people must have so many technological advances that we can’t even begin to imagine.” Liz reached out to place her hand on the pod she was staring at, and gasped aloud.

The pod glowed in response of her.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 3

“What the hell?” Max gasped out as the pod glowed green underneath Liz’s soft touch. She pulled her hand back as though it had burned.

“No…” Liz exclaimed. “This just isn’t possible. Whose pod is this, Max?”

“It’s Tess’s.” Max explained in a distant voice. “How is this possible? That pod shouldn’t respond to anyone other than Tess. Wait a minute…touch it again, Liz.”

Liz touched it again, with the same response. A slight glowing emanated from deep within the pod, as if it knew Liz intimately, inside and out.

“What’s going on Max?” Liz asked him nervously, as she racked her brain for possible explanations for this.

“The pod responds to you, but it doesn’t respond to Tess.”

“What do you mean?”

“A few weeks ago I came here with Tess and the others. She was being normal Tess, going off on how we needed to follow our destiny, and saying that this all happened for a reason. She touched that pod to emphasize her point. It didn’t glow. The pod doesn’t know Tess…but it knows you, Liz.”

“But Max…I’m not alien. I’m human.”

“Yeah, I know.” Max rushed up to the pods to grab the two orbs that they had stored there since they had been activated. “Liz, will you try something with me? Maybe we can get some answers.”

“Okay…what do you want me to do.”

Max held out an orb in each of his hands, reaching them out towards Liz. “Take an orb, Liz.” She slowly took one from Max, and followed his lead, as he held his orb out towards her flat in his right hand. He covered her hand with his left one, and she in turn did the same to his, so that each of them was holding one of the orbs, and each other.

“Now, concentrate on the orbs, Liz. There is nothing, but you, and me, and the orbs.”

“But, Max…I don’t have powers. And we already know that you can’t activate them alone.”

“Just try…please Liz? There is a possibility that there is more going on here than we think.”

Liz nodded in agreement, and focused her gaze on the orbs. She remembered back to the first time Max ever connected with her. “Take deep breaths and let your mind blank out.” He had asked her. She did the same now. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, Breathe out.

Suddenly, just like that day in May, a bright light erupted from the symbol in the orb, casting a blue glow all around the two teens. And just as that day in May…the figure of Max’s mother appeared before them. She smiles softly at them, before starting to speak.

“We have been watching you for a long time now, and we are all so glad that you have found each other. You two are each other’s destiny. On our world, you were married, a marriage filled with the most beautiful, pure love in existence. You, Liz, are Max’s love and inspiration. You have always kept him going when the fighting gets rough, and helped him out in all times of trouble. You are true soulmates. Without one, the other cannot exist. So when you died on our world, we sent you here together, in hopes that you could find each other in this life. Only through your love, can you have the strength to defeat the skins, and save our people. Liz, you were recreated in a purely human body, because your role in this war is to support Max. Without your support, he cannot survive. We did not give you special abilities, in order to make his stronger. You are a part of each other. What we give one directly effects what we gave the other. Because of this, your period in the pods was significantly less that the others, so you came into this world a few years earlier than Max. The one you know as Tess is a skin who was planted in the pod chamber by our enemies, in an attempt to come between your love. They knew that this was the key to your destruction. Be wary of her. She will do anything to defeat you. To help yourselves in the war, you have the power to retrieve the memories you lost from your past lives. Your pods are the key to the past. And remember, your love for each other is your strength. Cherish it, and each other always. I look forward to the day when I can be with you both again, and welcome you back into our world.”

Max and Liz watched in silence as the figure faded away, and the blue light settled back into the darker green glow.

“We are meant to be…” Max cried out in awe, staring at the spot where his birth mother had just stood. He turned to face Liz, and saw a desperate, fearful look on her eyes. “What is it, Liz? Are you okay?”

“My entire life has been a lie…my parents have been lying to me…” Liz gasped. She was numb from shock at everything she had just heard. She was an alien too. Not in the same sense as Max, but still…her entire world had been turned upside down. She couldn’t even think about Max and her at the moment.

“I’m sorry, Liz. Why don’t I take you home? I know you probably need time to think, to let all of this settle in. Take all the time you need…I’ll be here for you when you’re ready.”

Liz nodded, speechless, uncertain of how to take any of this. Home…yes…she needed rest. She silently let Max lead her out of the pod chamber, and down the path towards the jeep.

Diane Evans watched her son speed away in his jeep, and waited until he was out of site before getting in her own car and heading back to Roswell.

All of her questions had been answered…that was for sure. Her kids were aliens, sent to earth to fight a war against some people called the skins. They weren’t murderers…they were just trying to protect themselves. And she would do the same. Whatever help they needed, she would give them.

Diane shook her head in amazement. Wasn’t this what being a teenager was all about? Hiding your real life from your parents? She doubted that most teenagers had to deal with this much…it seemed like her kids had grown up…and she hadn’t even been there to watch.

She wouldn’t make that mistake anymore. She would give Max some time to sort things out with Liz, and then Diane would talk to her son about everything, and make sure that she could be a part of his life from now on.

Part 4

Liz Parker had never been able to call herself emotionless before. Throughout all of the twists and turns that had become her life with Max Evans in the past year, never once had she given up hope, never once had she retreated back into her shell, afraid to let herself feel anything. She could remember a hundred different emotions that she had experienced: fear of Max’s secret being discovered, anger and hurt when he had first broken up with her, intense, horrible pain when she saw him kissing Tess, and love…so much love.

Right now there was nothing. Liz felt completely empty.

After their experience in the cave, all night Liz just felt like she was going through the motions, watching herself as Max walked her to her front door, reminding her softly that he was there to listen when she was ready. Somewhere down the line she had gotten into her pajamas and crawled into bed.

Now she just lay on her back, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling as she tried to figure out what had happened to her life. The loud clap of lightening outside didn’t even phase her, and the steady drumming of the rain on the balcony outside, that she normally found so comforting did nothing for her, as her mind drifted away to places it had never ventured before.

Who was she? All of her life, Liz had thought that she had herself, and her life, all figured out. She was Liz Parker, human girl, on a direct path to success as she earned A after A in school. She had two loving parents, amazingly loyal friends…her life was perfect.

There had been a slight sway in the course of her life after Max had entered it that fateful day in September, but in time Liz had come to realize that she didn’t need to change the direction of her path towards Max, rather just widen the road so that there was room for Max to walk beside her.

But now…Liz had just been told that everything she had worked for her entire life was pointless. She had a destiny, a purpose, to support Max as he fought a war for the freedom of his people. No, wait. That had changed too. Their people.

Their people…

Liz wasn’t even sure what to think of her own status anymore. Was she human? Or was she an alien? Her body was completely human. There was no question in her mind about that…but Liz was beginning to realize that her soul was something else entirely…something very not-human. She was beginning to understand why she and Max had been so drawn to each other from the start…their souls were connected…in a very alien way.


Suddenly Max’s actions in the past all made perfect sense to Liz. He had been watching her, in love with her, since they were little kids. That was just unnatural. And he threw all logic out the window to save her life…it was almost as if he instinctively needed to protect her.

Liz began to realize at that moment, that regardless of what Max Evans’ mind had believed all this time, his heart and soul had always known the truth. He and Liz belonged to each other.

It had been almost six months without any real interaction with Max. They hadn’t touched, hugged, or kissed in so long…and Liz was beginning to ache for him, more than she ever had before. It had taken every ounce of will power within her to stay away from him this long. She had thought he was Tess’s. And now…she had just been told that all of her efforts were pointless. Max was hers.


They were meant to be together. They had been married in a past life…in ALL their past lives. They were soul mates, one soul in two bodies. Without each other’s love, they were incomplete. This knowledge gave Liz strength. She didn’t need to run from the feelings inside her anymore. In an instant, Liz gave in, and she embraced the longing deep within her soul. The longing intensified into a powerful hunger for Max….one that Liz knew that she couldn’t ignore.

Liz sat straight up and stared out her bedroom window towards Max’s. She needed to see him. She needed to FEEL him. It was almost as if she didn’t have a choice…not that she would fight it if she could.

A mile away, Max was also having a restless night, as he lay in his bed in his usual boxers and tank top, listening to the rain as it pounded into the roof above him. He was worried sick about Liz. He had never seen her so upset before. Her entire life had changed on her in a matter of minutes, and the entire incident left her shell shocked.

Max desperately wanted to climb out his window and rush over to Liz’s, grab her up in his arms, and take all of her pain away. But he couldn’t. All Max could do was lie there and wait for her to be ready to come to him. Once she was ready, Max would pull her into his arms and kiss her breathless, and then he would kiss her some more.

He grinned at the thought, and amazement rushed over him once again. Liz Parker was his…forever. His soul mate. They were meant to be together. No one could argue it anymore. Nothing could change it. It was their destiny.

All he had to do was wait until she was ready, and he would wait…as long as she needed.

A slight tapping on the window interrupted Max’s thoughts, and he sat straight up in bed. Who could it be? It was pouring rain out… Michael? No…that was weird. Michael never came to Max’s window anymore…not since he got his own place. The skins? Unlikely.

Max cautiously made his way to the window, and opened it, only to find himself immediately attacked by the single most dangerous weapon in the world for Max…Liz Parker’s hot lips pressing up desperately against his own.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 5

The kiss shocked Max at first. His eyes widened in surprise as they met Liz’s, before passion overtook him as he realized what this meant…Liz was ready. He grasped her face in his hands, pulling her into a more passionate kiss, while she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. Max shifted to try and get closer to her, only to find himself kicking his bedroom wall…Liz was still outside in the rain!

Without breaking the kiss, Max grabbed Liz under her arms, pulling her up and through the window. Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s waist, desperately trying to get as close to him as possible. The feel of her surrounding his whole being pushed Max off the cliff, as he tumbled out of control, shoving Liz up against the wall for support, as he devoured her mouth to the fullest extent. They kissed each other hungrily, desperately wanting more, and never seeming to get enough of each other. Liz plunged her tongue into Max’s mouth, passionately dueling with his own.

Max’s mind began to shout desperate warnings at every feeling of sweet pleasure that tumbled through his body, and he pulled away quickly as he eased Liz down to stand on her own.

“Liz, honey.” Max started, bringing a hand up to cup her cheek gently. “Are you sure that you’re ready? I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“Max, this is what I’ve always wanted. Earlier, in the cave, the whole thing just threw me into shock. Since you dropped me off at home, I’ve been thinking about everything, and the reality of what this all means finally hit home. We belong together, Max. And I for one, am sick of fighting what I’m feeling. We’re going to be together forever Max. I love you.”

“What about your…” Max started to ask her when Liz cut him off by pressing a finger to his lips.

“I don’t want to think about that right now. Tonight I want to concentrate on you and me. The rest can wait.”

Max sucked Liz’s index finger into his mouth, relishing in the sweet taste of her for a moment, while his eyes roamed her body.

“Liz…you’re soaking wet.” Max realized with a start.

“I am?” She asked softly. “I didn’t even notice…all I could think about was getting to you…”

“You could get sick…” Max chastised her lovingly.

“I don’t care.” Liz responded.

“Well I do.” Max told her. Reaching up, he threaded his fingers through the damp strands of her hair, and combed through them, all the way down to the tips. When he removed his hands, her hair was totally dry. Next Max reached for the sopping wet tank top. Running his hands down the length of her torso, and all the way down her flannel pajama pants, the water evaporated beneath his fingertips, leaving Liz tingling with the sensation of what Max’s hand were doing to her…her body was on fire, the blood boiling in her veins everywhere Max’s hands roamed. Everywhere that he wasn’t, Liz ached desperately for his touch. She couldn’t get enough of Max Evans.

His lips found hers again, and she responded strongly, their lips melting together in hunger and need.

“Max…” Liz gasped out desperately against his lips.

“What is it?” Max asked, as his lips roamed down her jaw towards her throat, blessing it with kiss after sweet kiss.

“I want…more.” She murmured.

“More?” Max asked, pulling back and studying her face closely.

“You know…more.” Liz emphasized.

“Are you sure?” Max asked gently, at the same time as Liz slid her hands under his tank top, and massaged his chest for a moment before slipping it up, and over his head. “I mean, we just got back together…are you sure that you’re ready…for this?”

Liz met Max’s eyes earnestly, replying. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I love you, Max. I want to share everything with you. We don’t need to be afraid of this, Max. We’re ready for anything, as long as it’s together.”

Tears came to Max’s eyes, as he pressed his lips against hers firmly. “God I love you.” Max whispered passionately.

Max’s breath caught in his throat, and the world seemed to slip into slow motion, as Liz’s hands reached for her own shirt. Inch by inch, more of Liz’s torso was exposed to Max, until finally her tank top was out of the picture, and he was left standing face to face with his own personal bare-chested goddess…it was all Max could do to keep from passing out.

“God you’re beautiful.” Max gasped out.

“And I’m all yours.” Liz swore to him, pulling his face down to hers for a sweet, but firmly passionate kiss. As their lips dueled, Max’s hands found their way to Liz’s bare chest, and he first cupped a breast in his hand, before rolling his thumb over one tight nipple, capturing it between two fingers and rolling it around. Liz gasped out in ecstasy as Max’s lips focused on her throat once more.

Somehow they made their way to Max’s bed, and he slowly eased Liz down onto the soft blankets, as he leaned over her and kissed his way down from her throat to her shoulder, then down to her chest, where he sucked lightly on each tight peak.

He moved his attention down to her stomach, concentrating on the spot where he had healed her, just a year earlier, he kissed it lightly. Max placed his hand flat across the spot where his print had marked her as his own that day. He looked up and met Liz’s eyes, which had glazed over from the passion of Max’s explorations. Liz’s hand slid over Max’s, and they lay there for a moment, their minds reveling in all the different directions their lives had turned in this past year. All of it was leading up to this one moment.

Max’s hand slid lower to the elastic waistline of Liz’s flannel pajama pants. Her skin tingled, and her breathing grew rushed, as Max reverently began to slide down her remaining articles of clothing, leaving Liz lying completely exposed to Max in every way.

Max sucked in his breath at the sight of her, his eyes drinking in the image of his beautiful Liz lying on his bed, completely ravished and aroused, waiting for his most intimate touch. He knew, without a doubt, that this image would be forever imprinted in his mind.

Max’s groin tightened even further when he felt Liz’s tiny hands grasp for the elastic waist of his boxers, and she hurriedly shoved them down towards his ankles. He stepped out of them, and looked up to find Liz staring at him, her mouth wide open in amazement.

Max grinned at the innocent look on his love’s face, and took advantage of the moment to capture her lips again, plunging her tongue into her open mouth. His kiss was all it took to knock Liz back into action, and this time it was Max who was left in shock, as he felt Liz’s hot little hands tighten against his straining erection.

Max groaned and threw his head back at the sensation, desperately trying to hold on to his last ounces of control so that this wouldn’t end before they both wanted it to. He reached down and covered Liz’s hand with one of his own, intending to pull her away, but instead he found himself helping her along, showing her the perfect rhythm to drive him crazy.

A single drop of silvery liquid slipped out from the tip, and Liz gasped, and pulled their hands away to wipe it away slightly. When she reached back for him, Max managed to stop her, taking her hand and bringing it up to his lips to suck lightly on her fingertips.

“Liz, honey, if you don’t stop, it’ll all be over.”

Liz nodded, and sighed as Max pushed her back down to the bed, and settled himself over her, attacking her lips once more, capturing them, and claiming them as his own. He reached down, stroked her wet heat once, before plunging a finger into her depths, trying to ready her for him. Anything, to try and make this perfect for her.

Liz moaned, and quivered under his touch. “Max….please…Max.” She begged him, and Max knew he couldn’t wait another moment. He positioned himself over her, and slowly slid into her, inch by inch, keeping his eyes locked on hers for any sign of pain.

He stopped suddenly when he saw her eyes tear up.

“Liz…am I hurting you?”

“It’s okay, Max. It feels good….I’m just…overwhelmed. You’re inside of me Max. We’re a part of each other.”

“It’s amazing…and it feels so right.” Max replied, focusing on the waves of pleasure flying through him, and the feeling of Liz’s tight walls surrounding him. “God Liz, this is incredible!” Max cried out, his own eyes tearing up. He leaned down, and cupped her face in his hands, kissing her deeply as he set himself in a rhythm, pulling out and plunging back in slowly, lovingly…

Their minds opened up to each other, and Max cried out as the feelings of Liz’s pleasure mixed with his own pleasure washed over his mind, and the mixed feelings of love swept over them both.

Tears ran openly down the lovers faces, as the exploded within each other, stars flashing through their minds, as they gave each other all of their love, knowing for certain that what they had would last forever, both in this life, and the next one.

Part 6

Liz awoke the next morning with a smile on her face, as she felt the slow, gentle caress of Max’s hand stroking her hair lovingly. She peaked her eyes open just enough to see Max propped up on his elbow above her, smiling down at her, all the love inside of him pouring out of his eyes to her.

Liz smiled contentedly, and snuggled in closer to him, drowning in the feel of his bare body pressed up against her own.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Max whispered to her with a slight chuckle.

“Hi.” Liz peeked up at him again. “Have you been awake long.”

“Hours…” Max responded. “I was watching you sleep…it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You glow, even in your sleep Liz.”

“That’s because I knew you were there.” Liz told him. “You seem to bring that out of me.”

He rolled them both over so that he was on top, and covered her lips with his own, sucking them into his mouth as he proved his undying love to her.

“Mmm…I could get used to waking up to this.” Liz moaned before Max plunged his tongue into the depths of her mouth, slowly making love to every inch of her tongue with his own. Their kisses grew more desperate, as the desire grew between them, and soon Liz could feel the extent of Max’s desire pressing against her thigh.

Liz met Max’s eyes with a gaze of undying love, as she shifted her legs open, allowing him access to the depths of her womanhood. In an instant Max had slid home, burying himself in her inner caverns. Slowly, he began to give all his love to her again, as she moaned out her love in sweet agony again.

They were so wrapped up in each other, that neither of them heard the knock on the door.

“Max, I really need to…Oh my God!”

Max and Liz jumped apart in an instant, turning to see Isabel staring at them in shock, her face pale, eyes wide.

“I’m sorry!” She cried out, as she whirled around, closing the door behind her, and running to her room, desperately trying to wash the image of Max and Liz from her mind. Isabel threw herself on her own bed and let the tears flow openly down her face.

It wasn’t fair…she was in the middle of a crisis…she KILLED a woman the night before, and all the while her brother was shagging up with Liz Parker in the next room, like he didn’t even care about her well being.

Isabel knew she should be happy for her brother…just that afternoon Liz was avoiding him like the plague…something good must have happened for him. But she couldn’t…it was wrong, dangerous. He and Liz didn’t belong together.

Max and Liz sat there in shock for a moment after Isabel left, staring at each other in shock, desperately trying to get control of their bodies again.

“Shit.” Max whispered. “I completely forgot about Isabel after all that happened between us last night. I should have been here for her.”

“I’m…I’m sorry.” Liz stammered, staring at him painfully.

“Oh no, Liz…honey…please don’t think that I regretted this. I didn’t. What we’ve shared together was the most beautiful, amazing experience of my life. I could never regret it. I'm so happy that we’re…us again.”

“I am too.”

“I should probably go check on her.” Max whispered.

“Yeah…go.” Liz replied. “I should probably get home anyways...if my parents realize that I never came home last night, they’ll kill me. I’ll see you later?”

Max nodded and pressed a firm kiss on her forehead, before sliding out of bed and slipping on some boxers and a t-shirt, and helping Liz back into her pajamas, and out his bedroom window.

“Iz…can I come in?” Max asked as he gently knocked on her door.

“No.” Came Isabel’s agonized response through the door. She was obviously in tears…it tore Max’s heart out.

“Come on, Iz…” Max pleaded softly.

“Can’t you just leave me alone?” Isabel sobbed.

“It’s not going to happen.” Max replied. “I’m coming in whether you like it or not.”

Max slid his hand over the lock, and it clicked open, allowing Max to enter. Isabel was sitting on the back of her bed, leaning against the wall, her face buried in a pillow on her lap, as violent sobs racked through her body. Max crawled up beside her, and sat there for a moment just letting her cry, while he stroked her back comfortingly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Max asked gently as she began to calm down.

“No.” She replied shortly.

Max sighed. “Iz…you’re not going to loose me to Liz. You’re still my sister, and I need you just as much as you need me. I’m always going to be here for you when you need me, and right now, I’m really worried about you, Iz. I know last night wasn’t easy for you.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you were really worried about me while you were screwing Liz Parker.”

Max sighed. “You’re right…I’m sorry. Last night after I left you…I was upset. And I was so scared for you. It was tearing me up, and I needed someone to talk to. Liz was there for me…she was being a good friend. We went to the pod chamber to talk about stuff…and a lot happened, Iz. We learned a lot…I can’t go into it all right now, but as soon as I can, I’ll tell you and Michael everything. One thing led to another, and…well…you know what happened. But you’re right…I wasn’t thinking of you in the end. And I’m sorry for it, Iz. Please forgive me for not being there for you. I don’t regret what happened between Liz and I, but I wish you hadn’t been hurt in the process.”

Isabel nodded slowly in understanding.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Max asked again.

“No.” Isabel whispered. “Not yet.”

“Okay…I’ll be here for you when you’re ready.” Max swore to her.

“I know.”

Max reached over and pulled Isabel into a tight, supportive hug, and Isabel clung to him for a moment before pulling away.

“Thank you.” Isabel told him softly. “For believing in me.”

Max stared at Isabel quizzically for a moment, uncertain of what that had to do with anything.

“Sure Iz…I’ll talk to you later.”

Concern flickered across Max’s face as he shut the door behind him on his way out. Isabel wasn’t holding up very well, and she wasn’t opening up. Max had no idea how to help her.

He slipped into the shower, and his heart fluttered as he began to wash off the evidence of his night with Liz.


She was absolutely incredible. A few days earlier, Max didn’t think it was possible for him to love Liz any more than he already did, but now… Her entire life had changed in the past 12 hours, and through it all, she had still come back to him…she completely ignored the rest of it, and came to him, begging him to love her completely, and he in turn gave himself to her. It had been the most amazing experience of Max’s life.

Today though…it wouldn’t be as easy to ignore the rest of it. Max would go to her, and he would support her however she needed him. He’d do anything…for her.

Max finished showering, and dressed in a hurry. He wanted to get back to Liz as soon as possible. He grabbed the keys to the jeep and headed to the door.

“Max, are you leaving?” His mother’s voice calling from the kitchen stopped his departure.

“Yeah.” He called back.

“Do you want breakfast?”

“No thanks, I’ll get something at the Crashdown.”

“Oh! Are you going to see Liz?”


“How are things going with her?” Diane asked curiously.

Max couldn’t help letting a smile flicker across his face. “Good.”

“You’re getting back together?” She asked.


“I’m so happy for you Max! Liz is such a nice girl.”

“Yeah…she’s amazing.” Max replied, a dreamy look on his face.

Mrs. Evans chuckled at the lovesick expression on her son’s face. “Well, I’m not going to keep you from her! Have fun!”

“Bye mom!”

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 7

The jeep rolled to a halt in front of the Crashdown, and Max stepped out of the driver’s seat, looking up top Liz’s window indecisively. Should he just go up to the window like normal? Or should he knock on the door and greet her parents?

His eyes darkened angrily at the thought of the guardians who had lied to Liz throughout her entire life. It wasn’t fair to her. What they had done was wrong. As an orphan himself, Max could imagine the anger and pain that Liz was probably feeling right now…and he desperately wanted to take it all away.

Max finally turned to the familiar ladder, buried in the alley beside the restaurant and began climbing. Liz came first…and right now she’d be in her room alone.

Max crouched down beside her bedroom window to look inside, and was unsurprised to see Liz curled up on her bed, frantically writing in her journal. He watched for a moment as her brow furrowed in concentration, and her eyes races after her pen as it flew across the paper. He gave a start though as he watched a single, stray, silvery tear escape from her eyes and quickly rush down her face.

It wasn’t right…an amazing creature like Liz didn’t deserve all of this pain. Max reached down and slid the window open, dropping inside. Liz looked up and met his eyes with her pained ones, and Max’s heart went out to the woman he loved.

He was beside her in an instant, sitting on the edge of her bed, and sliding one arm over her shoulder, pulling her up against him.

The moment Liz felt Max’s comforting touch, all of the pain and fear from the night before came rushing out, and she collapsed against her love, sobbing openly as the tears fell freely down her face.

Max shifted slightly so that he could pull her into his lap and wrap both arms around her tightly, stroking her all over comfortingly: over her arms, her hair, her face… She buried her face into his chest as she cried, and he pressed kiss after loving kiss on the top of her head, whispering softly into her ear: “Shhh…it’s okay…just let it all out. It’s okay…I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

It was a long while before Max felt the tremors in Liz’s body begin to ease, and he loosened his protective grip on her so that she could shift and look up at him.

“Thank you…” Liz whispered. “I really needed that.”

“It’s okay…I told you I’d be here for you whenever you need me. I wish I could stay by your side always.”

Liz couldn’t help releasing a small smile in response to his sweet words. “I love you.” She swore to him.

“I love you too.” He responded with all the love inside of him. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I’m just…I can’t even look at them, Max. I’ve been hiding in here ever since I got home, and I’m afraid to talk to them. I feel so betrayed. They’ve been lying to me since the day I was born, pretending that they’re my real parents, when they’re not. I don’t even really know who I am anymore. Am I human? Am I alien? I’m so confused.”

“You’re Liz. That says it all.” Max insisted. “You are the most incredible person I have ever known Liz. You’re so strong and so brave. I don’t think I could ever be that brave. Your world crumbled to pieces last night, but you’re still here, and you’re still going strong. It’s amazing.”

“And I owe it all to you, Max. You’re the one who’s keeping me going right now. Your love…” Liz cut off her own words as she pressed her lips up against Max’s in a desperate, passionate kiss. “Thank you.” She whispered against his lips before digging in for more. Their lips attacked each other hungrily…they couldn’t get enough of each other. Max’s tongue plunged into Liz’s mouth, desperately trying to taste the furthest reaches of her hot mouth. She moaned under his caress, as their bodies rubbed against each other, Liz still being perched on Max’s lap.

“Oh my God!” A voice cried out from the doorway, for the second time in an hour, and Max and Liz leapt away from each other again, looking up in shock at Mrs. Parker, who stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at the two of them. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Liz met her mother’s angry gaze with a defiant one of her own. “I’m making out with my boyfriend, what does it look like?”

“Excuse me? It looks like you’re going too far!”

The anger and frustration behind all of Liz’s newfound pain flared up at her mother’s words, and it all exploded out in one angry moment. “What do you care?” Liz screamed out. “You’re not even my real mother!”

Nancy’s face paled at her daughter’s words, and Max stared at Liz in surprise for a moment, before taking a step towards her and taking a hand and squeezing it tightly in comfort.

“What are you…How did you find out?” Nancy fumbled, desperately looking for an answer.

“It doesn’t matter how I found out.” Liz retorted. “I know… You’ve lied to me my entire life. And I didn’t even know it. You claimed to love me, but you were lying to me.”

“We wanted you to be ours, so we did everything we could to try to make it so.”

“But you still lied to me, and led me to believe that I was someone that I’m not all my life.”

“Liz…we’re still your parents…”

“No.” Liz cried out angrily. “You’re not. You never were.”

“Liz, just…”

“No!” Liz interrupted again. “God, I can’t even stand to look at you right now. Just…leave me alone. No, wait? Don’t bother. I’m leaving!”

“What?” Mrs. Parker gasped out in shock at the same moment as Liz stalked to her closet and pulled out a suitcase.

“I can’t stand to be near you right now…I need to go somewhere else for a while.”

“You can’t!”

“I can and will!” Liz retorted as she began to throw her clothes into a suitcase. “Just…let me go! I need some time to sort this all out in my head.”

“Please don’t go.” Nancy begged her softly, tears forming in her eyes.

Liz met her gaze evenly, all of the pain inside of her evident as she looked squarely into the eyes of the only mother she knew. “I’m going. Don’t try to stop me.”

Liz slammed the suitcase shut, and grabbed it up, her anger feeding her physical strength, as she climbed out her window and down to the jeep below, Max following silently, amazed once again at his girlfriend’s strength, and desperately wanting to ease her pain.

Part 8

"Oh my God, what am I doing?" Liz cried out as Max drove the jeep further and further from the Crashdown. "I can't survive on my own. Where am I going to go? What am I going to do? I still have school." Liz trembled and stared up at Max in fear. "Have I just made everything worse?"

Max pulled the jeep into the parking lot of the local park, and turned to face Liz, stroking her hair comfortingly.

"You did what you needed to do, Liz. Nothing more. You need some time away from them to calm down. They owe you that much. You don't need to go back there until you're good and ready, okay?"

"But where am I going to go in the meantime? I didn't plan for any of this. It just happened."

"You can stay with me." Max told her.

"With you?" Liz couldn't help letting a smile flicker across her face. "Max, that would be a dream come true, but your parents will never agree to it."

"They can't agree to something they don't know about."

"Are you sure?"

"We can pull it off. They won't even know you're there. Liz, I already feel like you're my wife in here." Max took Liz's hand and placed it over his heart. "Even if we're not married in name. I want to be able to support you right now…I need to. If you go somewhere else, wherever it may be, I'll still be by your side constantly. But I want to give you a home right now. Please come home with me."


"Okay?" Max asked, barely believing his ears.

"Okay. There's nowhere else that I would rather be."

The jeep's engine roared back to life, and Max drove them home. They sighed with relief that no one was home…it would make getting Liz moved in a little easier. Max took her suitcase inside, and hid it in the back of his closet.

"So…" He started uncertainly, turning to face where Liz stood awkwardly in the center of the room, shifting her weight back and forth. "Now what?"

"Now…I want to find out as much as I can." Liz stated, a firm look entering her eyes.

"About what?"

"About everything…my past life, our destiny…everything."

"What about…"

"The adoption?" Liz finished his question for him. "I don't want to think about that right now. I'll never be able to accept all of that if I don't even know who I really am."

Max nodded. "Let's go to the pod chamber. That's the only place on earth that we'll find the answers."

They turned to head out to the jeep, when Liz suddenly pulled Max to a stop.



"I want to do the memory retrieval."


"Your mother…in her message to us…she said that using the pods we can retrieve all of our memories from our past life. I want to do it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes…it's the only way to get all the answers I'm looking for."

Max nodded in agreement. "We'll do it together." He promised, cupping Liz's face in his hands, and rubbing his thumbs over her cheeks in a loving caress. "Let's go."

They drove straight out to the desert under the warm, late morning sun, on the now familiar route to the pod chamber. And then they were there, standing before the pods, clutching each other's hands, drawing strength from their love.

"Are you ready?" Liz asked him softly.

"Yes." Max responded quietly. "Are you scared?"

"Yes." Liz admitted. "Are you?"

"Yes. But I'm ready to know the truth. I've heard so many different versions of my destiny now, I don't know which ones are real. I think I need to remember what really happened, what I'm really here to do. What about you?"

"I'm so confused, and it's scaring me so much, but I need these answers. I think that they'll bring me peace, to know where I really stand in the world. I'm ready for this, Max. Let's do it."

Together they stepped forward until they were directly in front of their pods, and Liz couldn't help reaching her hand out and running it over the now latent and broken pod, which glowed to life beneath her touch.

"I can't believe that this is where I was born." Liz marveled, as her eyes took in the glowing pod.

"Where we were born." Max corrected her. "Both of us."

Liz looked up and met Max's loving eyes. "It's time." She whispered.

Still holding each other's hands for strength, Max and Liz both placed their free hands flat on the sensor panel beside their pods, and concentrated their attention where their hands met the metal.

The panel flickered to life beneath their touch, and began to glow brightly. The light spread into their hands, and soon it engulfed both Max and Liz's bodies in a bright, blinding glow.

Liz gasped loudly as images began to enter her mind.

It started out slowly first, with images of their far off home, and faces of her loved ones, mixed with the emotions that came with each image, as if introducing Liz to each person and place for the first time. Suddenly, quick flashes exploded into Liz's mind so quickly that Liz was almost unable to register each one from the next.

Images of playing in her childhood home flashed into Liz's mind first, and then suddenly she was an adult, being courted for the first time by Max. And then it was their wedding day, and Liz felt all the joy and love within her as they swore their undying love to one another, while she was crowned as Max's queen. She experienced their wedding night, when they truly made love for the first time, and pleasure swarmed through Liz's blood, as if she was in the act of love at that moment.

Pain ripped through the pleasure suddenly, and she was experiencing the process of childbirth. Liz could almost feel the tears dripping down her cheeks, as she first laid her eyes on Max and Liz's beautiful twins, one boy and one girl.

Then the skins came…and their beautiful, happy world fell to pieces.

Liz's mind screamed out in pain as she absorbed all of this at once. It was too much… The glowing around her and Max winked out in an instant, and they flew backwards, hitting the ground a few feet away, completely unconscious.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 9

“Max?” A voice called out, edging with worry. “Max, buddy…come on, wake up!”

Slowly Max lifted his heavy eyelids and looked up at the face looming above his own.

“Michael?” He asked with a groan in his voice as he slowly sat up.

“Careful…don’t hurt yourself. What happened?”

“Liz…” Max mumbled suddenly. “Where’s Liz? Is she okay?” He whirled around to see Isabel helping Liz sit up a few feet away.

“What happened to you?” Michael asked again, as he watched Max weakly crawl over to Liz. He reached her, and immediately took her face in his hands, looking deeply into her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Max asked frantically.

“I’m fine.” Liz groaned, leaning against him weakly. She placed her own hand on his cheek, trying to express with her eyes just how okay she was.

“What happened?” Isabel demanded.

“I don’t know.” Max responded a little too quickly. “But everything’s fine. We’re okay. That’s all that matters.”

“But what if it was the skins?” Michael shot back at him.

“It wasn’t.” Max insisted, before pushing himself to his feet with a groan, and helping Liz up. “Liz and I really should go rest. What are you guys doing here anyways?”

“We were just looking for a place to talk.” Isabel told him. “And you said that you and Liz found something here last night, so we thought we’d check it out. We found you two instead.”

Max headed towards the entrance of the cave and was shocked to discover it was night.

“How late is it?” He asked them.

“It’s, like, 8pm…why?”

“We’ve been out all day!” Liz gasped.

“What?” Isabel asked.

“We came here about an hour after I talked to you this morning, Isabel.” Max explained.

“Jeez!” Michael exclaimed. “Are you sure you guys are okay? Whatever hit you must have hit you hard.”

“We’re fine.” Max insisted. “Right now I just want to get home.”

“Are you strong enough to drive?” Isabel asked as she watched Max stumble slightly from exhaustion.

“He’s fine.” Liz told her. “Don’t worry about us…really.”

Isabel sighed. “Okay…whatever you say.”

She waited until Max and Liz were in the jeep, peeling away from the cliffs until Isabel turned to Michael.

“Something is going on with those two.”

“Yeah…and I don’t like it.” Michael agreed.

Max and Liz both stayed silent the whole drive back to Roswell. They were both exhausted, their energy drained, and they were lost in thought, trying to organize their thoughts and sort out the new memories stored in their minds right beside their old ones.

Max smiled as he felt Liz’s head snuggle into his shoulder, and listened as her breathing evened out to the steady rhythm that came with a deep slumber.

Liz woke up the next morning, and immediately smiled at the feeling of Max’s arms wrapped tightly around her. She snuggled closer to him, happily content to stay in bed with him forever.

Max always laughed at her, telling her that their marriage had made her grow lazy. Before they lived together, she would always be up at the crack of dawn, eager to start her day, but now she was content to lay in as late as possible. Anything as long as his arms were around her.

Liz sat straight up in bed, startled. The sudden movement knocked Max awake, and he stared up at her, concern etched across his otherwise groggy face.

“What is it?” He asked absorbing the startled look on her face. “Are you okay, honey?”

“I just…I’m sorry for waking you up.”

“You know it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong, love?”

“I woke up, and all I could think about was how wonderful it is that we’re married and can wake up together whenever we want…and then I remembered.”

“It’s okay, Liz.”

“It just scared me for a moment, Max. Is this the way it’s going to be from now on? For a moment I didn’t even feel like me…this life just wasn’t there, and it felt natural, until everything came flying back.”

“I don’t know, but I think…we’ve just got all this new stuff in our minds, and we’re still adjusting to it. Right now I think we’re going to be going through a lot of changes, as we meld who we were with who we are. I think it’s going to be a little scary, Liz. But we’re going to do it together, and we’ll come out stronger in the end.”

“You’re right… I know you’re right. It was just…weird.”

“Yeah, I know. Come here…” Max whispered, pulling her back into his arms. They just lay there for a while, silent, just feeling each other, where their bodies were pressed together. It felt so right…they were so complete together.

“Do you…remember everything, Liz?” Max asked suddenly.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Our wedding?”

“It was beautiful…we were married out on the bluff over the ocean a few miles from the palace. Everyone was there.”

“And then that night you were publicly crowned my queen in front of all the people, and they were so happy. They adored you, almost as much as I do.”

“We have kids Max.” Liz whispered suddenly. “A boy and a girl…they were born just before the skins came, and everything changed. I just remember looking at them for the first time, and crying because I was so happy, and then just as quickly, it was all taken away from us. The were hidden among the people so that the skins couldn’t find them. Do you think they’re still alive, Max?”

“Probably…” Max pondered. “They’d be older than us right now.” He laughed.

“Your mother said that our people are all slaves…does that mean that our children are slaves too?”

“Probably.” Max replied again angrily.

“We have to save them, Max. We were never given a chance in our last life to be a family with them…we have to try in this life.”

“We’ll save them, Liz. We’ll fight until our people are free, and even longer if necessary. We can do it.”

Max cupped Liz’s face in his hands as he spoke, and then his lips were on hers, sealing his promise with a sweet kiss. Liz’s arms went around his neck, deepening the kiss, as she snuggled into Max’s arms, head falling back to his pillow.

“I was right you know.” Max suddenly chuckled.

“About what?” Liz asked with a smile.

“Marrying me did make you lazy!”

Liz laughed, and smacked him playfully, while his lips locked with hers again in a passionate kiss, filled to the brim with the knowledge of how much he had loved this woman for not one, but two lives.

Part 10

Showering was an interesting experience that morning for both Max and Liz. They both had to get in and out in half the time as normal, leaving the shower on as they switched, so that it didn’t draw any unwanted attention to the fact that there were three teens in the house that morning instead of two.

Liz grinned as she stepped out of the shower to find Max waiting, holding a towel open for her. He wrapped it around her, patting her dry, before slowly running his hands through her hair, drying it with his powers.

“Thank you.” Liz whispered. “Get in, I’ll be waiting in your room.” She kissed him lightly on the lips before slipping out of the bathroom, and sneaking down the hall to Max’s bedroom.

Once safely in his room again, Liz pulled her suitcase out of Max’s closet, and picked out clothes for the day, letting the towel drop to the floor, before dressing quickly.

Diane Evans grunted slightly as she picked up Max’s laundry basket, and headed down the hallway. The water was still running in the bathroom, so she knew she didn’t have to worry about disturbing him…she just needed to drop his laundry off, and head to make breakfast for him and Izzy.

Diane smiled softly. She didn’t care if her kids were practically adults…or that they were reincarnated alien leaders fighting a secret war against their people’s enemies…she still loved mothering them.

When she opened Max’s bedroom door, all thoughts of mothering her kids flew out of her head as she gaped openly at the site before her. Her eyes drank in the image of Liz Parker folding her pajamas into an open suitcase on Max’s bed.

Liz froze in the middle of folding, and stared at Mrs. Evans in fear.

“Mrs. Evans! Oh my gosh…I…um….” She fumbled with her words, desperately trying to find a feasible excuse for her presence in Max’s room, but completely unable to come up with one.

“Liz!” Diane exclaimed in shock. “What are you doing here?”

“Well…um…you see…” Liz sighed finally. “It’s a really long story.”

Diane eyed the nervous, flustered girl standing there in the middle of Max’s room, and thought back to the events of Isabel’s birthday, which had been plastered in her mind ever since. She had overcome the shock of it all now, accepted it all as truth, but she hadn’t been able to talk to her son about what she knew yet.

She took in the fear in Liz’s eyes as she waited for Diane to react, looking very vulnerable. Diane’s eyes softened to her. This girl was Max’s destiny…his wife in the past, and most likely the future too. Her motherly instincts kicked in, and she desperately wanted to put the girl before her at ease.

“I have time, if you need someone to listen…I can make you a cup of tea if you’d like, and we can talk.”

Liz nodded, and smiled softly. “That would be nice.”

“So what’s going on?” Diane asked Liz gently, as she led the girl to the kitchen.

“Well…I just found out that I’m adopted…” Liz started, as she followed Diane out of the room.

Max stepped into his bedroom after getting out of the shower, and looked around wildly, seeing it empty.

“Liz?” He called softly.

Max sighed softly…she must have decided to leave. He wondered why. It wasn’t like her to not wait to say goodbye to him.

But why did she leave her suitcase out? If his mom saw that she’d flip out… Max zipped it shut, and hid it back in the closet before getting dressed, and heading to the kitchen. He stopped in his tracks a few feet before reaching the kitchen at the sound of soft voices coming from the room.

When he reached the kitchen, his heart pounded nervously in his chest at the sight before him. Liz and his mother were sitting at the table sipping on tea, as they talked softly.

“Max.” Diane greeted him cheerfully as he stepped into the room. “Come join us. Liz was just explaining to me why she’s staying with you.”

Max stared at Liz, a curious expression on his face, and Liz shrugged sheepishly in response. “She walked in on me in your room.”

Max nodded. “I’m sorry for not asking…” He started, before Diane cut him off.

“I must admit, Max, I’m appalled. You know that you can come to us when your friends are in need. I’m really disappointed that you felt the need to sneak around behind my back.”

“I know…I’m…”

Diane cut him off again. “But, I’ll forgive you if you and Liz can forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what?” Max asked, an inquisitive look flying across his face.

“For…” Diane paused and took a deep breath, her gaze turning serious. “For following you two to the cave on Izzy’s birthday.”

“What?” Max gasped out in shock.

“On Izzy’s birthday…I overheard you two talking in the kitchen at the Crashdown. The things you said…I was so afraid that my kids were mixed up in something horrible, so I followed you when you left for the cave.”

“What did you hear in the cave?” Max asked, his voice openly trembling.

“Everything.” Diane replied, confirming Max’s biggest fear. “I was kids are mixed up in something horrible, but if I understood everything correctly, you’re fighting the right fight, and nothing I could ever do could stop you or protect you.”

Liz looked wildly between Max and his mother, and recognized the look of raw fear in Max’s eyes. She could tell that he was in no place to initiate anything more in this conversation, so Liz continued for him.

“How are you feeling about all of this, Mrs. Evans? I mean…how are you taking it?”

“Honestly…it’s every mother’s worst fear, that their kids are leading some secret life right behind your back, one that you can’t have any part of. I just keep hoping that I’m going to wake up and find out that it’s all a dream or something.”

“It’s no dream.” Max finally spoke up. “I’m an alien…the leader of a planet far from here. And I’m leading the few people I actually have here in a war against a very powerful alien race, that has enslaved my people at home. It’s not even a secret life, mom…it IS my life.”

“I know.” Diane whispered. “Hearing you say it just confirms it for me, I suppose.”

There was a long moment of silence as Diane let Max’s words sink in.

“Max…” Diane finally started slowly. “I’ll support you in this. I want you to know that. You don’t need to sneak around behind my back anymore.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Now…about Liz being here…I’m very disappointed that you didn’t even ask, or let me know. But I was there in the cave too, and I heard everything that was said. You and Liz are as good as married.” Diane chuckled softly. “Now that’s something I didn’t expect to be dealing with for a few more years. But who am I to stand in the way of destiny?”

Max met his mother’s eyes with a questioning gaze.

“Does that mean?” He asked in amazement.

“Liz can stay with you.” Diane confirmed for them. “I’m not one to turn away someone in need, and talking to Liz just now, I can see that you’re what she needs right now. Just…please…promise me you’re being careful.”

Max and Liz were both blushing furiously as Diane finished.

“We’re being careful.” Max replied, embarrassed to be talking about that with his mother.

“Good.” Diane sighed. Max and Liz turned to leave. “Max, can I talk to you alone for a moment?”

“I’ll go get our stuff for school.” Liz suggested, as she headed back to Max’s room.

“What’s up?” Max asked his mom curiously.

“Do Liz’s parents know where she is?”

“No…I don’t think so.” Max replied sadly. “Although I’m sure they could guess.”

“I can’t imagine how they must be feeling right now.” Diane sympathized.

“Well, they shouldn’t have lied to Liz.” Max defended.

“I agree…but they can’t change their actions now. Why don’t you go talk to them today? Just let them know that Liz is okay, and try to help them understand what she’s going through. I think it would help.”

“Yeah…that’s not a bad idea.” Max agreed.

“Are you ready?” Liz asked, peaking her head back into the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Max replied. “Bye mom….and thanks for everything.”

“Bye Max…I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

“Have a good day.”

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 11

Helen Jamieson stared across her desk at the two teens sitting opposite her, studying them closely before turning back to the two file folders sitting in front of her on the desk. She had been the guidance counselor at West Roswell High School for nearly a year now…ever since the mysterious disappearance of Kathleen Topolsky…and never once in that year had she found herself in a situation like this before.

The two student’s records were impeccable…they were both top students, active in extracurricular activities, never in trouble. There was nothing out of the ordinary on their records….but still…

“This is highly unusual.” Mrs. Jamieson commented. “I know that in my experience, students never just walk into my office, hand me their records, and tell me that they want to enroll in school.”

“I’m sorry.” The boy, Matthew, responded. “It’s just that this move came up very suddenly. Our dad was given an immediate transfer, so there was no time for our records to be mailed, so our old high school just handed them over.”

“We don’t want to be any trouble.” The girl, Alyssa, replied. “We just wanted to get started here as soon as possible. The longer we wait before getting going in school, the longer before we can start to feel like we fit in here.”

Mrs. Jamieson smiled. “Yes, I suppose I can understand that. It’s a natural adolescent desire to feel like you belong somewhere. It’s going to take me a few minutes to arrange schedules for you two. Why don’t you sit outside and wait. I’ll call you in when I’m ready.”

“Of course.” Matthew responded.

“Thank you so much Mrs. Jamieson!” Alyssa gushed warmly.

Mrs. Jamieson smiled back. “Welcome to West Roswell High.”

The two teens slipped out into the hallway and slunk down on the bench outside the counselor’s office.

Matthew let out the breath that he was holding and sighed in relief. “Well that went well.” He muttered softly.

“Everything is going to be fine, Matt. They’re here, somewhere…at this school! And today we’re finally going to be face to face with them.”

“Are you ready to meet them, Alyssa?” Matt asked his sister softly.

Alyssa slowly met her brother’s eyes, surprised by the question. All of this time, they had slowly been working towards one goal, that was finally going to be fulfilled today, putting all of their time and energy into it, and never once had Matthew asked her this question.

“I don’t know.” She honestly replied. “I haven’t really thought about it until now.”

Alyssa fell silent for a moment, letting the question fill her mind. A queasy feeling entered her stomach. “I’m so nervous, Matt. What if they don’t let us in…give us a chance?”

“They will.” Matt comforted her. “I know they will…it might take some time, but eventually they’ll let us in.”

“I really, really hope so.”

A bell rang out from somewhere within the school, and suddenly the hallway was filled with students rushing from class to class. Alyssa and Matt fell silent, as they studied the people swarming through the hallways, who were to be their peers from now on.

A couple slowly walked through the hallway, the only two people who didn’t seem to be in a rush at the moment. They stopped across the hallway from the new students, causing Matt’s attention to zone in on them.

His eyes locked on the site before him. “Lis…look.” He whispered, before realizing that she had already seen them too. Both of them took in every movement between the couple in amazement, the way they talked to each other as if they were the only two people in the world, the way their hands clutched to each other’s, as if clinging to their only lifeline, and particularly the raw, burning love pouring openly from both their eyes. Suddenly, the boy pulled the girl into a tight, protective hug, kissing her softly on her forehead, before pulling away. She headed into a nearby classroom, while the boy turned in the opposite direction, down the hallway.

“That was them, wasn’t it?” Matt asked his sister in awe.

Alyssa nodded in agreement. “Did you see the way they looked at each other?”

“And the way they couldn’t stop touching each other.” Matt added in eagerly. “They’re so in love…”

“It’s just the way things are supposed to be.” Alyssa sighed happily.

“Alyssa? Matthew? You can come back in now!” Mrs. Jamieson called from inside the office, breaking the moment for the twins. They met each other’s eyes one last time, sharing a determined smile, before heading back into the counselor’s office.

Max pulled Liz to off to the side when they reached the door to her second period British Literature Class.

“Hey, I have a few things I have to do, so I probably won’t see you again until lunch.”

“Where are you going?” Liz asked him curiously.

Max grinned mischievously in response. “It’s a surprise…I’ll tell you about it at lunch.”

Liz laughed with him for a moment, before looking up into his eyes, a serious expression penetrating her gaze.

“I’m going to miss you.” She sighed in frustration. “God, when did I become such a baby? I can survive a few hours without seeing you.”

Max gently took her hand, squeezing it tightly in his own. “Hey, you’re not a baby…don’t think things like that. Trust me…I know exactly how you feel…”

“You do, don’t you?” Liz murmured softly.

“Yeah…I’m going to miss you this morning too…I’ll be thinking about you constantly, actually. I really wish it was possible for us to be together constantly…but it isn’t…not yet. We have plenty of time for that later though…our whole lives…well, our whole second lives.” Max chuckled softly. He pulled her into a quick, tight hug, kissing her softly on the forehead. “Get to class…I’ll see you at lunch. I love you.”

“I love you too…bye.”


Max waited until Liz was safe within her classroom, before turning and heading towards the exit doors, a nervous twitch entering his stomach as he thought ahead to his upcoming talk with the Parkers.

“Okay, do you have any questions about your schedules?” Mrs. Jamieson asked the two new students

“Nope.” They both shook their heads.

“Okay, then what I’m going to do is assign a student guide to you two, to show you around school, help you find your respective classes, and just help you get acquainted to school here. Let me see…” Mrs. Jamieson fumbled around in one of her desk drawers, before flopping another folder in front of her and opening it. “Yes…here’s the list of volunteers….”

Alyssa shot her brother a insistent look, before turning to focus her mind on a stack of papers on the edge of the counselor’s desk. She gave the papers a slight tap with her mind, and immediately they went toppling over, hitting the floor.

“Oh good lord!” Mrs. Jamieson cried out in frustration, before leaning over to clean up the mess.

“Oh my gosh!” Alyssa feigned surprise. “Let me help you with that.”

While Alyssa kept Mrs. Jamieson distracted on the floor, Matt quickly swiped his hand over the student volunteer list, changing the top name to “Liz Parker”.

“Thank you for your help, Alyssa.” The counselor smiled sincerely at the girl, before returning her gaze to the list on her desk. “Okay…it looks like Liz Parker is going to be your student guide. As soon as I can get her in here, you can be on your way.”

Matt smiled. “Thanks Mrs. Jamieson, I can’t wait to get started.”

Part 12

Tess Harding sat in her SUV watching as Max Evans got into his jeep and pulled out of the school parking lot, a disgusted look plastered onto her face.

He was such an idiot…plain and simple. He was so clueless and gullible…he sucked up every lie that she ever told him, and just accepted it as truth, never wondering if there was a possibility that she was wrong, or something wasn’t right.

In other words he was playing right into her hands.

She hadn’t seen him in a few days…not since she had faked her own kidnapping with the help of Senator Whittaker. She had hoped that Max would come to her rescue. Perhaps seeing her weak and broken might help her in her attempts to seduce him. Apparently Whittaker had other plans though. It wasn’t Max she was trying to lure in, it was Isabel.

Tess supposed that her plan was pretty ingenius. She was trying to break the group apart from the core of it: Max and Isabel’s close relationship. Things were already falling apart with Michael…the two stupid boys allowed themselves to begin their stupid rivalry even before she had arrived into their pitiful world. If they managed to break Max and Isabel apart, things would completely fall to pieces.

Still, as intelligent as the plan was, Whittaker deserved to die for going against Tess’s explicit orders…and that whole beating her up, thing. It was supposed to be just a mind warp, but Whittaker was known for taking things too far…she claimed that the mind warp wouldn’t fool anyone. It had to be real.

It was real all right… And Max had been forced to heal every cut, bruise, and broken bone.

It was worth it, though. Tess would do anything for her people.

Including, when the time was right, kill Max Evans.

Max was no leader. He was a disappointment to their whole planet. His people sat at home, waiting for him to come and free them from slavery, but it would never happen. Max Evans let his human emotions rule him, consume him. They made him weak and easy to conquer.

Every day since she arrived, Tess had pulled him a little further into her void, and away from his true destiny. When the time was right, she would take him home, and execute him openly in front of all of his people, so that they knew that all of their hope was gone.

She smiled softly, an evil grin spreading openly across her face.

Waiting until Max was out of sight, Tess turned on the motor of her SUV, and pulled out of the parking lot in the opposite direction that he had headed. He went into town, while she headed straight out into open desert.

A black, unmarked sedan waited along the highway a few miles outside of town, and Tess pulled up behind it, leaving a trail of dust flying up into the air when she pulled off the road. She got out, and steadily made her way to the other vehicle, slipping into the front passenger seat.

“You’re right on time as always, Tess. What is your status.”

“Everything is going according to plan. He’s still being stubborn and pursuing her. It’s almost as if some part of him is rejecting everything Nasedo and I have taught him about his destiny, and still going to her. But it won’t take long to turn him around. She, on the other hand, is stupid. She believes everything she hears without question, and keeps pushing him away from her…to me. He’s still resisting me, but the way I see it, he can only fight so long before he breaks down and gives in to me. After all, he does believe that I’m his destined mate, even if he doesn’t want me.”

“And once he comes to you, you know what to do, right?”

“I’ll eliminate him.” Tess responded instantly, without hesitation. She chuckled evilly. “I’m looking forward to that day. He’s so…irritating.”

“I’m sure. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with…them.” The man replied in disgust. “I’ll pass your status report along to the leaders. You need to get back there before he notices you’re missing. He can’t grow suspicious of you, otherwise all of the years we’ve spent on this filthy planet were all for nothing.”

“Don’t worry…it won’t be pointless. Max Evans is as good as dead. I won’t fail.”


Tess slid out of the sedan, which immediately pulled back onto the highway, roaring away, leaving her in a cloud of dust.

Climbing back into her SUV, Tess sighed. Soon…she’d finally be able to fulfill her own true destiny, and murder the one time ruler of her home planet.

Then…for the first time in 50 years, she’d finally be able to head home.

Cutting a u-ie, Tess headed back towards the high school.

It was almost lunch time. She’d be able to put more work into the Max-project then.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 13

Max took a deep breath, summoning all of the courage within him as he silenced the engine of the jeep in front of the Crashdown.

He was nervous… Max couldn’t deny that. It has been over a year since he had saved Liz’s life, opening himself up to her for the first time, and openly falling in love with her. Never once in that year, had he faced Liz’s parents alone, without her by his side. She had faced his own mother that very morning. Liz knew where she stood with his parent, but he had no idea what Liz’s parents thought of him, and now he was going to find out.

What Max was there to do, in and of itself, was easy for him. He was there to support Liz, to protect Liz. That was easy…it had been coming naturally to him for two lifetimes now.

Max looked up towards the flashing Crashdown sign. Nervous as he may be, Liz needed this, and he would do anything for Liz.

He stepped out of the jeep, and headed for the restaurant door, determination in his stride.

Jeff Parker sat at the counter in his restaurant, his financial books spread out in front of him, as he calculated his earnings of the previous day, like he did most mornings.

There was so much work to be done. Once he finished balancing the books, he needed to do a supply inventory, and prepare the food order for the next week.

All of it was work that Liz normally helped him with.

Jeff sighed, and set down his pencil, rubbing his brow in frustration.

He had been trying to get his work done, but he wasn’t accomplishing anything. His mind kept drifting back to his daughter.

They hadn’t heard a word from her since she left, and he was worried sick about her. Where had she gone? What was she doing? Could his baby girl survive on her own without their support? Was she still here in town…or had she left Roswell to get away from them.

Jeff desperately wanted to contact the school to see if she showed up today, or her friends. He wanted to find her and bring her home.

But he didn’t have the right.

He and Nancy were the ones at fault here. They were the ones who lied to their daughter. They had pushed her away, without even meaning to, by a decision that they had made when she was just a little girl. They didn’t even think of the way that decision would effect her in the future.

It was their fault. Liz had every reason to hate them.

Jeff truly believed that all they needed to do was give Liz some time away from them to calm down. When she was ready, Liz would come back to them.

Nancy fought him bitterly about it, claiming that they needed to bring Liz home and keep her here. They were her parents, even if she was adopted, and she belonged home with them, but Jeff put his foot down, ending the discussion.

The bells on the front door jingled as someone walked into the otherwise empty café, and Jeff turned to greet them. His jaw dropped in surprise at the sight of Max Evans walking towards him, a determined look in his eyes.

Jeff stood, abandoning his work, and turned to the boy.

“Max!” Jeff greeted him, relief edging into his voice as he firmly shook his hand.

“Mr. Parker.” Max responded in that quiet voice of his.

“Call me Jeff.”


“How’s Lizzie…is she doing okay?” He asked desperately.

“She’s about as well as can be expected, considering the circumstances.” Max replied, his eyes darkening with emotion.

Jeff nodded in understanding, amazed at the protective tone he heard in Max’s voice.

“What can I do for you, Max? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

“Yeah…I needed to talk to you though, and I figured this would be the best time…when there’s no one around.”

“Okay.” Jeff gestured towards a nearby booth. “Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Soda? Alien Blast?”

Max chuckled softly as he slid into the booth, remembering Liz’s idea of an alien blast.

“No, I’m okay. Thanks though. Let’s just talk.”

Jeff sat opposite him, and searched the boy’s eyes for any sign of what was going on.

“Does she know you’re here?” He asked.

“No…not yet. But she will. She and I don’t keep any secrets from one another.”

“Like I do.” Jeff responded sadly.

“I wasn’t insinuating that.” Max protested gently. He didn’t want to give Liz’s father the wrong idea. He didn’t come here to place the blame. He came here to help them understand what she needed right now.

“No…it’s okay.” Jeff sighed. “It’s true.”

Max nodded in agreement. “That may be so, but I didn’t come here today to throw accusations at you. I just want to try and help you understand what she’s feeling right now.”

“And what makes you think you can do that?”

Jeff and Max both looked up at the bitter voice that jumped in on them, surprised to see Nancy Parker standing near the door of the café.

“Mrs. Parker.” Max greeted her, desperately trying to keep his voice pleasant. “Why don’t you join us? What I have to say is for both of you.”

Jeff slid over, allowing Nancy to sit beside him, and immediately Nancy turned her suspicious eyes on Max.

“What makes you think that you can possibly understand what Liz is feeling right now? How can you possibly be so bold as to claim to represent her best interests?”

“Because I do understand where Liz is coming from. I’m adopted too.” Max explained. “Liz never told you that about me, did she?”

“Lizzie never told us much of anything about you.” Jeff told him. “It seems like every time we brought you up in the conversation, she just locked up, dropped silent. She never talked about you. The little that we know we practically had to wrestle out of her, and even that isn’t very much.”

Max nodded. It made sense. Everything about his relationship with Liz was based on secrets. It was the nature of their lives because of who and what they both were. They could never tell their parents the story of how they fell in love, because it was based on secrets. Everything that tied them together were things that they had to keep concealed from the world. It was impossible for him to even begin to explain to them the depths of their love for each other, because their connection was completely unnatural. The Parkers would never believe him, or even be able to understand what he and Liz shared.

Max could tell them something though, a little bit of the history of his ‘human life’. Maybe that, if nothing else could help them understand where he and Liz were coming from.

“When I was six, my parents…my adoptive parents…found me and my sister, Isabel, wandering along a highway in the desert. They took us in and raised us as their own children, loving us from the moment they found us. I don’t remember anything about my life before that day. The only thing is that my parents were always open with me about my past. But I know that if they hadn’t been, and I found out the truth, I’d be feeling really angry and confused right now.”

“Is that how Liz is feeling? Angry and confused?” Nancy asked.

“Angry, confused, and hurt, to put it simply. I think her feelings go beyond that though.”

“It’s understandable, Nancy.” Jeff reminded his wife. “She did just find out that we’ve been lying to her all of her life.”

“We did it to protect her!” Nancy protested.

“That doesn’t make it right.” Jeff insisted.

Tears filled Nancy’s eyes, and she wiped them away angrily. “I know.” She whispered.

“What can we do for her?” Jeff asked Max. “I mean, is there anything?”

“Just give her some time.” Max suggested softly. “She loves you both very much…that’s why this is hurting her so much. She just needs time to let it all sink in, and to cool herself off. She’ll come to you when she’s ready. Until then, all I can do is promise you that I’m taking good care of her…I won’t let anything bad happen to her.”

Nancy’s head shot up, and she sent Max a sharp, piercing look. “She’s staying with you?”

Max sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He hadn’t meant to tell them that, but he didn’t want to lie to them.

“Yeah…she’s staying with me and my family.”

“And your parents are okay with that?” Nancy asked, knowing full well that she would never in a million years let Max move into her home.

“My dad doesn’t know, because he’s out of town on business, but my mom’s okay with it. She knows how important Liz is to me…she’s the one who suggested that I come and talk to you, in fact.”

“Will you thank your mom for us?” Jeff asked. “And let us know if we can do anything more.”

Max nodded. “Of course.”

Nancy shot up out of her seat, staring at her husband in astonishment. “Jeff, you aren’t possibly going to support this? Liz is only sixteen! She shouldn’t be living with her boyfriend!”

“Nancy…” Jeff soothed. “It’s out of our hands. We don’t have any say on what Liz does right now…we won’t until she comes back to us. We gave up that right the day we lied to her. Maybe Max is what she needs right now. We have to trust our daughter. We may have made some mistakes, but we did raise her to know what’s right and wrong, and we have to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She’ll come home when she’s ready. Until then…just let it be.” Jeff turned his gaze back to Max. “Take care of our daughter for us, Max. Although if you love her as much as I think you do, that should be easy for you.”

“I will.” Max promised.

Part 14

“Mrs. Jamieson?” Liz asked as she peaked her head into the guidance counselor’s office. “You wanted to see me?”

“Oh good! Come on in, Liz.” Liz slipped into the office, shutting the door behind her. “I hope you don’t mind that I pulled you out of class.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t mind.” Liz noticed the two teens sitting across from the counselor, and nodded at them in greeting, curious as to what she had to do with them. “What’s up?” She asked Mrs. Jamieson.

“I’d like you to meet Matthew and Alyssa Johnson, two new students.”

“Hi.” Liz smiled warmly at them. They returned her smiles, but Liz couldn’t help but notice a strange look in their eyes…they were staring at her really intensely…she found it slightly discomforting.

“Would you mind showing them around a little bit? You know, giving them a tour of the school, introducing them to people…just help them get settled in here?”

“Yeah! Sure! It’s not a problem.”

“Thank you, Liz. They have their schedules already so you guys are good to go.”

“Thanks Mrs. Jamieson!” Matthew leapt up, pulling his sister up with him.

“Yeah, we really appreciate all of your help.”

“No problem. You kids have fun settling in.” Mrs. Jamieson turned to Liz with a smile. “They’re very eager to get going.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.” Liz smiled warmly at them. “Bye Mrs. Jamieson!”

Liz led the two new students outside and turned to talk to them.

“So…” She started slowly. “I’m Liz.”

“I’m Alyssa, and this is my brother Matt.” The girl greeted.

Liz nodded to the boy, who was standing there silently beside his sister, and was surprised to see him staring at her with a funny look on his face, as if he were studying her, looking for something in particular.

“Where did you move here from?” Liz asked curiously, trying to ignore Matt’s penetrating gaze.

“Oh just from a boring little town up north…nowhere special.” Alyssa responded.

“Well, welcome to Roswell…home of alien themed tourist traps…and not much else.” Liz joked. Alyssa chuckled softly at the joke, but a dark expression passed through Matt’s eyes.

“Well, it’s better than things were back home.” He responded bitterly.

Alyssa eyed her brother for a second before slipping a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“But we got out of there, Matt. It’s behind us for now.”

Liz was startled by the twins’ reactions to talking about their home. Whatever they had gone through there must have been terrible. She’d have to remember not to bring it up again, and to try and make them comfortable here.

Liz didn’t know why, but for some reason she already felt an instinct to help these two, protect them, make them happy. It was kind of unnerving to her. She had barely met these two five minutes earlier. Alyssa seemed really nice and really sweet…Liz was looking forward to getting to know her better, but Matt was so quiet and mysterious…kind of like Max.

The realization hit Liz suddenly. That must be it…Matt reminded Liz of Max. Protecting Max was one of the most important things in the world to Liz. His life was so complex, so dangerous. He was such a good person, he deserved better than the life he was forced to lead, and Liz intended to give it to him whenever she could.

But these new kids didn’t have to deal with anything like she and Max did. They didn’t know that aliens exist. They weren’t constantly fighting some intergalactic war. Their lives were simple compared to hers and Max’s.

“So, show me your schedules!” Liz exclaimed, trying to get her mind back on the actual issue at hand. “Maybe we have some classes together!”

They produced their schedules, which Liz examined.

“Let’s see…Alyssa, you’re in my gym class, and my science lab. Oh! And you have history with my boyfriend, Max. And let’s see…Matt. Hey, you’re both in the science lab! Cool! And you’re in my British Lit class. Oh, and in Max’s math class too. Cool, that will help.”

Liz smiled genuinely at the new students. “Come on, we have about 20 minutes until lunch. I can show you around a bit, and then at lunch I’ll be able to introduce you to everyone.”

“Everyone?” Matt asked curiously.

“Yeah. Max, my boyfriend, and the rest of the gang: my best friends Maria and Alex, Max’s sister, Isabel, and his best friend, Michael. The six of us always hang out together.”

“Wow! That’s really cool!” Alyssa commented, filing the names away. She assumed that the rest of the royal four was included in that list somewhere…she just didn’t know who. They’d know, of course, the moment they met them. Their entire childhood had been filled with stories of royal four, and how they were going to save them someday.

Someday was coming soon now…the skins were now among them, and so were Alyssa and Matt, and they fully intended to help them defeat their enemy, so that maybe the rest of their people could someday have the freedom that they had won for themselves.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 15

Max walked into the courtyard at school, and smiled, drinking in the sight of Liz, sitting at a table in the far corner. She looked radiant, with the sun shining in her hair, and a huge grin on her face as she smiled and laughed with the people beside her.

His gaze was averted by the strangers sitting beside her. That was odd. There were two other teens that Max didn’t recognize at the table with the rest of the gang. He noticed Isabel, Michael, and Tess eyeing them nervously, while Alex and Maria smiled awkwardly at them. It was sad to admit, but because of their unusual situation, their circle of friend weren’t normally very open to outsiders.

What was strange though was Liz. She smiled openly at the strangers…a open, genuine smile on her face. These two seemed to occupy Liz’s entire attention…she hadn’t even noticed him standing across the quad yet.

She was incredible. The past few days her entire life had been turned upside down: she found out that she was alien in a sense, destined to be Max’s wife, she had run away from home, and yet she could still try to bring new people into her life, and be happy…that was what blew Max away the most. She was completely happy, as if she had forgotten all of the trauma from the past few days.

Max’s gaze drifted across the table from Liz, and he frowned, the peace he had found from Liz’s smile slipping away. Liz may not have noticed his entrance yet, but someone else at the table had.

Tess was staring at him from across the quad, her icy blue eyes locked on him. He shivered, knowing the things he did now. She was a skin, his enemy. He needed to be wary around her.

“Ignore Tess”, He pleaded with himself. “She’s nothing as long as you have Liz. Concentrate on Liz.”

Max locked his gaze on his angel, perched on the bench, as she smiled and gestured wildly to accentuate some story she was telling to the two strangers, who had their backs to him. He glided across the quad towards her, changing his course so he could come up behind her.

Reaching the table, he produced a single white rose that he had been gripping since arriving back on campus, and he slid it over her shoulder and in front of her face.

Liz squealed softly, a natural reaction to her already cheery mood and shot Max an electrifying grin, as he slid onto the bench beside her, slipping an arm over her shoulder.

“Hi.” He whispered softly into her ear.

“Max! I’m so glad you’re here!” She responded eagerly. “Hey, I want you to meet the two new kids that I’m showing around, Alyssa and Matt.”

“Hey.” Max responded, trying to keep a friendly tone in his voice. He had noticed before how the others had responded to the new kids, not necessarily unfriendly, but definitely untrusting. Liz obviously liked them, so Max would do his best to help them too. “Welcome to Roswell.”

“Thanks.” Matt responded with a nervous smile.

“So you cut two classes just to get me a rose?” Liz asked with a slightly seductive grin.

Max chuckled softly. “Okay, you got me there. The rose was just an extra treat. I was taking care of something…we’ll talk about it tonight at home, okay?”

“Excuse me?” Tess interrupted, as her steely gaze swept from Max to Liz, and back again. “At home?”

Max and Liz turned to the rest of the table. They had forgotten that half the people there hadn’t seen either of them in days…not since Isabel’s party. Only Isabel and Michael knew that they were back together, and only Isabel knew about their current living arrangement. Maria and Alex were staring at them with their mouths hanging open in shock, and Tess was glaring hatefully at them. The two new kids on the other hand were grinning openly, almost as if they were thrilled to hear about Max and Liz’s current relationship.

Max and Liz met eyes, throwing slightly ackward, nervous glances at each other, before Max finally spoke.

“Okay, well…Liz and I got back together after Isabel’s party. A lot happened that night…a lot of stuff that I don’t really want to get into right now…” He shot them a look that screamed: Later, and the others knew that it was alien stuff.

“Anyways…” Liz continued. “At the same time here, I’m having some issues with my parents, and I kind of…ran away from home…and moved in with Max. I’ve been living with him the past few days.” Liz looked up and met Max’s eyes, before professing with certainty. “He’s been absolutely wonderful, the way he’s been helping me through it all. I wouldn’t have made it without him.”

As they spoke, completely wrapped up in one another, they barely noticed Tess’s face get redder and redder, as a furious, murderous rage entered her eyes. She suddenly leaped up and turned to the happy couple, screaming aloud.

“You two have no idea what you’re doing! She suddenly leaped up and turned to the happy couple, screaming aloud.

“You two have no idea what you’re doing! You’re ruining everything! I am not going to let you get away with this!” And with that as her final word, Tess turned and ran away from the table, shaking with fury as she headed straight to the parking lot. She needed to get as far from Max Evans as possible…

A worried gaze flew between Max and Liz, as they realized what they might have just done. They were the only ones at the table that knew what Tess really was, and knew what she was truly capable of. They may have just brought a great deal of danger upon them.

Later that afternoon, the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, and one by one the students filed out of the school, heading off to homes and jobs all over Roswell.

Two students headed out on foot, to the old abandoned soap factory on the edge of town. It was the only place they had found where they knew that they could live without attracting unwanted attention.

Alyssa and Matt stepped inside, made sure the building was secured before they began to talk openly.

“I think things went really well today.” Alyssa immediately exclaimed with a smile.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, we’re enrolled in school, no questions asked, and we’ve established contact with both of them.” Matt agreed.

“She was so nice to us, don’t you think. She accepted us right away, without any hesitation.” Alyssa sighed happily.

“Yeah, and I think he is as well…probably because she is. Did you see the way he looked at her? He’d die for her…without question.”

“And she’d do the same for him.” Alyssa agreed.

“Tess is definitely going to be a problem though.” Matt ventured cautiously.

“But we knew that from the start.” Alyssa reminded her brother. “Skins are always dangerous. I don’t think she knew who we were though, that’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, it will help in the future. The longer she goes without knowing our identities the better. Hopefully we’ll be able to take care of her before she figures us out.”

“Yeah…if the skins find out we’re here…”

“Everyone would be in greater danger…not just us, Max and Liz and everyone else too.”

They fell into a quiet pensive silence, thinking carefully about their position. They had escaped their slavery back home, and now their dream was finally coming true. They were in a position to help Max and Liz in their quest to save their people, and fight the skins.

“God Matt.” Alyssa gasped out in amazement. “Can you believe this is actually happening? I mean…we’ve finally met them…our parents.”

“I know.” Matt agreed. “It’s amazing.”

Part 16

Liz squealed in surprise as a pair of warm hand wrapped around her waist, halting her in her path, and pulling her up against a warm, hard body. She sighed contentedly as she leaned back against Max’s chest, and closed her eyes, drinking in the sensations that swam through her: the feeling of him, his scent. She felt completely safe and at peace when she was with him.

“Hey.” He greeted her softly. “You busy?”

“Of course not.” She replied warmly. “I was just looking for you. Should we head home?”

“Actually, I had something else in mind…come on.”

Max slid around her to walk beside her, keeping one arm slung over her shoulder as he led her out of the school, and towards his jeep.

A half an hour later they had parked the jeep at Buckley Point, and Max was leading Liz off through the woods. It was a beautiful autumn day, with the afternoon sun peaking through the thinning leaves on the trees. Many of them had already lost their leaves, and the couple found themselves giggling as they crunched through the brown foliage lining the forest floor. They had walked nearly a mile before Max finally began to speak.

“Liz…I brought you out here because I wanted to tell you something, and I’m not sure if we’d have any privacy at home…Michael and Isabel are still waiting to hear about everything we learned back in the cave, and I know that we need to tell them. Especially now that we have Tess to worry about.”

Liz nodded, gesturing to Max to continue.

“Okay…today, when I left school I went to see your parents at the Crashdown.”

Liz gasped in surprise. “Max! You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know…but my mom asked me to let them know that you’re okay, and I wanted to. I wanted to make sure that they saw things from your point of view, Liz.”

“Do they?” Liz asked pensively.

“I think they’re starting to. Your dad definitely does, although your mom took some convincing. They agreed to give you some time to cool off. So take as long as you want, Liz. You don’t have to go back there until you’re ready to.”

“You know…the thing is Max…so much has happened since then already. I mean, we got our memories back from our past; I feel like a completely different person. I feel so completely at home with you, that I almost forgot that it wasn’t where I’m supposed to be. I’m not angry with them anymore. I’m hurt; I wish they didn’t lie to me, but I’m not holding a grudge or anything. I suppose I’ll never get over my hurt if I don’t go and talk to them…but the thing is…I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you, Max.” She fell silent for a moment, hesitating before continuing with her next question. “Do you want me to go home?” Liz asked him cautiously, obviously fearing his answer.

Max stared at her in disbelief. “God no! Liz, how could you ever think that? I love you more than life itself. Having you with me every hour of the day is heaven to me. God, if I didn’t have you right now, it would be torture…I mean, knowing what it was like being married to you and living with you, and not being able to actually live it…I would be suffering, but having you with me all the time…I thank the stars every day for bringing us together in this life. Do I want you to go home? Never. Your home is with me. Do I want you happy? Yes, and I have to explore every possible option of keeping you happy, even the possibility of you wanting to leave me to go home.”

“That’s not possible either, Max. Your home is my home. It’s where I want to be. I may leave you because I have to, but as long as we’re allowed to stay together, we will.”

They walked a little further, consumed by silence, as they listened to the early evening sounds of crickets humming, and the crunching of their feet in the leaves.

“I don’t want to go home until I have to, Max, but maybe going to see my parents will help. If I can talk to them, then maybe things will be a little less tense. Maybe I can start with small steps. Going to visit them, and maybe working at the Crashdown some more. I can see them without actually having to move back in with them.”

“That’s a good idea. Do you want me to come with you?”

“Yeah, I do, but I should probably do it alone. It’ll make things better on my parents I think…not to see us together right away.”

Max chuckled. “Yeah, they seemed pretty shocked at the idea of us living together…but they knew that they had no control over what we did, so they just gave in.” Max’s gaze grew serious. “They probably feel pretty defeated by us, Liz. Maybe that’s why they accepted it all so easily.”

Liz nodded in agreement. “Maybe…” A thoughtful look flew across her face as she made her final decision. “We’d better get back, Max. We need to talk to everyone about everything we’ve learned…and figure out what to do about Tess. And tomorrow after school I’m going to go see my parents.”

Liz slid an arm around Max’s waste, and she curled herself closer to his body as they headed back to the jeep, and eventually back to their home.

Afternoon had slipped into evening by the time Max pulled the jeep into the driveway, and the first stars were beginning to twinkle softly in the darkening sky.

Max and Liz made their way back to their room, unsurprised to find Michael and Isabel lounging there waiting for them.

“We’ve been waiting for you all afternoon.” Michael complained as Max and Liz entered the room.

“Hi to you too.” Max shot back in frustration, as he flopped down on the bed.

“We had a few things we needed to talk about first.” Liz explained. “But we’re ready to talk to you now. I’ll call Maria and Alex. We should only have to explain this once.”

“What about Tess?” Isabel asked.

Max and Liz shot each other nervous looks before Max answered. “Tess can’t hear any of this. Some of it has to do with her…you’ll understand once we explain.”

Ten minutes later the six of them were all assembled, and everyone listened intently as Max began to speak.

“After Isabel’s party, I was feeling pretty lost…needing a friend, and Liz was there for me…we went out to the pod chamber to speak…since it’s the safest place we know. While we were there, I touched my pod, pointing it out to Liz, and it glowed, almost as if it recognized me from my time there. I tested this theory on the other pods, and none of the other three responded to me. But then, by fluke, Liz touched Tess’s pod…and it glowed too.”

“What are you saying, Max.” Isabel asked him.

“Liz is one of us.” Max told them bluntly. “She’s my destined mate. Not Tess. Tess is an impostor, a skin, planted there to get close to us, and eventually eliminate us.”

Everyone sat there staring at them, particularly Liz, in shock, trying to process what they were telling them.

“How do you know for sure?” Michael asked. “How do you know that this isn’t just one of your horny teenage fantasies come to life. I mean, she’s totally human. She doesn’t have any powers. We all know this.”

“It’s true.” Liz agreed. “I am totally human. I don’t have any powers. They created me that way on purpose.”

“How do you know?” Isabel asked again.

“Max had an idea…he wanted to try to activate the orbs again, just the two of us. We tried, and it worked. We received another message from your mother. Everything that she told us the first time around is true…she just was cautious because Tess was there too…she couldn’t warn us at the time. She confirmed everything we told you, and explained the no powers thing. As each other’s mates, we create a symbiotic relationship with one another. You and Michael were created with a certain amount of power in you, and so were Max and I. My purpose in this mission is not to fight, as yours is, so in order to increase the power given to Max, they decreased the power given to me, recreating my essence in a completely human body, while you all have human bodies mixed with alien abilities.”

“Wow…this is all so surreal.” Maria marveled as she stared at Liz in amazement. “You’re so lucky Liz…you and Max get to be together after all.”

“Yeah, it’s wonderful.”

“Wait a minute.” Maria exclaimed. “That means you’re adopted too?”

Liz’s face dropped, and she frowned softly, the hurt slipping into her eyes. “Yeah…” She replied.

“You mean your parents have been lying to you all your life?” Maria asked softly.

“Yeah…” Liz confirmed.

“Which explains why you moved in with Max.” Alex realized, as he and Maria both closed in on their best friend, wrapping their arms around each other in a small group hug. The three friends sat there for a moment in silence, while the aliens watched them uncomfortably. Finally they broke apart, and returned to the group.

“That must have been really, really hard.” Isabel sympathized softly to Liz. “If you ever need a…” She hesitated before continuing. “…A friend, I’m in the next room.”

“Thanks.” Liz smiled softly at her.

Max cleared his throat, trying to save Liz from the spotlight, and calling the group back to his attention.

“So, we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the situation. We all need to be particularly cautious around Tess, especially since her big blow up at lunch today. We’ve made her mad, and she’s capable of doing almost anything to us. We need to figure out how to handle her. Nobody do anything to her unless she makes the first move. We don’t want her to know that we’re on to her.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, before breaking for the night. It had been a long day, and a lot of new information had just been thrown in their faces. They all needed time to process it on their own, leaving Max and Liz alone.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 17

The next day, Liz walked through the hallway at school, her lips curled upwards in a slight smile, as she strolled past her classmates, heading for the girls locker room to change for gym class.

She smiled remembering that the new girl, Alyssa was in her gym class. Liz was really looking forward to seeing her again, maybe getting to know the girl a little better. There was something about her…Liz wasn’t sure what it was, but she felt like the girl was a good person…the kind of person that Liz looked for in a friend.

Liz frowned suddenly, remembering who else was in her gym class…Tess. Liz shuddered at the thought of the skin who had tried to squirm her way into her husband’s pants.

The thought shocked Liz, and she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the hallway, drawing several strange looks, as she shook her head slightly, trying to clear her thoughts.

Her boyfriend…not her husband…not yet at least.

A dreamy smile slipped back onto Liz’s face as she thought back to the past few days with the love of her life. She and Max were spending almost every second of the day with one another…whenever they weren’t in class, but it still didn’t seem like enough time together. Moments like now when she wasn’t with him, Liz missed him so much that her heart ached, wishing he was right there beside her.

Every moment she spent with him was like a cherished treasure which she held dearly close to her heart. After everyone had left the night before, they found themselves alone in Max’s room. No words were needed…they just took comfort in each other’s presence, as they sat silently doing their homework, and casting dreamy gazes at one another, until they couldn’t take it anymore…then they made beautiful love to one another reverently, praising every inch of one another, making sure to show each other just how much they were in love. They fell asleep in each other’s arms…sleeping soundly in each other’s presence, until they woke up in time for school this morning.

Ever since they had found out that their true destiny was to be together, there were no more hesitations between them, no more doubts. They were finally operating as one, two halves of a whole. When they were apart, everything just felt wrong…but every moment that they were together, it was as if everything seemed right in the world, in their lives.

Even if the reality was far from perfect.

After a dodgeball filled period, Liz found herself in front of the mirror in the locker room, brushing out her hair and reapplying her make up. Her next class was science lab, with Max…and Liz wanted to knock him off his feet when he saw her.

Gym had definitely been an ackward class. Tess had been glaring at her the whole period, sending her deathly murderous glares…and Liz knew to take them seriously. Tess was capable of anything. She hadn’t confronted Liz face to face yet…but Liz could almost feel the upcoming war that would rage…just the thought of it made Liz shiver.

“Trying to make yourself pretty for Max?” A snide voice broke into Liz’s thoughts, and she whirled around, preparing herself for a confrontation.

“Tess…” Liz greeted her evenly…her mind whirling a mile a minute, as she realized all at once that the confrontation was going to happen here and now…and there was nobody here to protect her except herself…and Tess was capable of anything.

“Now, what I want to know…” Tess started, as she began to circle Liz, staring at her like a predator eyeing it’s prey. “…is what initiated this change of heart, Liz? A few days ago you were desperately pushing Max away, completely aware that he needs to follow his destiny…to me. Now, why would you stupidly go back to him now, knowing that he belongs to me?”

“He doesn’t belong to you, Tess.”

“I’m his destiny, plain and simple. How can you even try to fight something that strong? Do you like knowing that you’ll never be enough for Max? He may claim to want you, may pretend he’s happy…but deep down inside of him, he’s always going to have an underlying desire for me, Liz. You may control his human side, but his alien side will always belong to me.”

“Really?” Liz asked incredulously. “I don’t know what you see Tess, but when Max and I are together, he’s like a completely different person…he’s happy, complete. He can do anything. In the 4 months that we were apart I didn’t see him coming crawling to you for comforting. Why do you fool yourself into thinking that there’s actually something between you two, Tess? Anyone with eyes can see that there’s no comparison.”

The hatred in Tess’s eyes darkened more, making her look almost murderous, and Liz swallowed nervously. Why had she said that? Tess was capable of killing her with a touch, and Liz couldn’t protect herself. She should be trying to keep Tess from getting angry, not pushing her to her limits.

But inside she knew why she was doing it. She wanted, no, needed to fight for Max. She loved him, and he deserved her absolute loyalty on everything. By denying what they had together, it would be like betraying him, even if it was to protect her from the snake standing beside her.

Tess opened her mouth to speak again, but was interrupted by another voice approaching them from behind.

“Hey Liz, Tess! Liz, we’re going to be late for class if we don’t go now!”

Tess’s evil eyes whipped around to face the intruder, and narrowed on the new kid at school….Alyssa Johnson, or something. She refocused on Liz, knowing that this was over…for now.

“Don’t think I’m going to let you get away with this. You’d better watch your back…because one day when you least expect it, I’ll be right there to shatter your idealistic little world.”

Alyssa watched Tess stalk away angrily, with a concerned look on her face.

“Are you okay, Liz?” Alyssa asked her new friend. “What’s her problem anyways?”

“I’m fine…don’t worry about Tess. Just stay away from her. She hates me because I have something that she wants, but don’t worry...”

“Okay…well let’s get to class…you wouldn’t want to miss an hour of sitting with Max, right?"

Liz grinned at her new friend, who was chuckling mischievously at her.

“Come on.” She insisted, pulling Alyssa down the hallway towards the lab room.

Part 18

Max paced around the lab room anxiously, waiting for Liz to show up for class. He didn’t know why, but for the past ten minutes he had a feeling inside of him, like a nervous twitch deep inside of him, screaming at him that something was wrong, something was going to happen, and of course his mind immediately turned to Liz. She was his everything, and if he let anything happen to her, he’d never forgive himself for it.

Things were just so crazy right now. There were so many dangers lurking on the horizon, so many questions left unanswered. Not to mention so many things happening in their personal lives.

It seemed as though they’d been running in circles like headless chickens ever since the summer ended, first with Congresswoman Whittaker’s sudden interest in them, and then the death of Nasedo, to the appearance of Brody with his new search for aliens in their midst. And then there was the whole fiasco on Isabel’s birthday, which indirectly led right to where they were today, with him and Liz being soulmates, and Tess being their enemy.

Now there were so many questions running through Max’s head, like what all of this meant? Was Tess the one who killed Nasedo? Was she in league with Congresswoman Whittaker? They were both skins after all. Did Tess suspect that they knew the truth about her? What would she do when she found out? Who would she target? Liz would be a good guess…so Max had to do everything he could to keep Liz safe.

He looked up at the clock, and sighed, running his hand through his hair in frustration. Liz was always early to the lab…it gave them a few moments alone together before they had to focus on school again, but class was going to start in two minutes, and she hadn’t shown yet…furthering the anxiety plaguing Max’s mind.

When the door flung open and Liz and Alyssa rushed in, Max was on them in an instant.

“Where were you? Is everything okay?”

Liz looked up at Max, her gaze flying between him and Alyssa. She really wanted to talk to him about what had just happened, and what they needed to do about it, but now was not the time. They couldn’t say anything in front of their new friend.

Liz threw a look at Alyssa, asking her not to say anything about their run in with Tess, and was surprised. She was expecting to see her friend surprised by Max’s obvious concern for her, but instead she found a funny smile on Alyssa’s face, as she watched Max, almost pleased by his overprotectiveness.

“Yeah, Max. Everything’s fine. We just got held up in the locker room. No big deal.”

“Held up by what?” Max pushed, studying Liz’s face for anything he needed to know.

“By Tess.” Alyssa butted in, saying the exact thing that Liz didn’t want Max to hear.

“Tess? What happened Liz? Are you okay? Did she hurt you?”

“Max!” Liz sighed in frustration. “I’m fine. She didn’t hurt me. We’ll talk about it later.”

Max searched her eyes carefully. At the moment he wanted nothing more than to drag her outside, get into the jeep, and take her as far away from Tess as they could possibly get…but he knew he couldn’t. It would draw too much attention to them. Tess still didn’t know that they were onto her, and they needed to keep it that way as long as possible.

“Okay.” Max finally agreed. “We’ll talk about it later.”

“Thanks.” Liz responded lovingly, leaning up to press a firm kiss on his lips. They made their way over to their lab table. Once Liz was sure that they were clear of any unwanted eavesdroppers, she leaned up and whispered in Max’s ear. “We should talk about it this evening with the whole group anyway. We need to figure out what we’re going to do about her.”

“So she openly threatened you is what you’re saying?” Michael asked angrily.

“Yeah, pretty much. She told me to watch my back…and I fully intend to do just that.” Liz explained cautiously to the group, as they lounged around in Michael’s apartment, eating pizza and discussing the current ‘Tess situation’.

“What I don’t get…” Maria started, speaking up to the group, “Is doesn’t this mess up her plan? Ever since that day in the cave, Tess has been pushing destiny on you guys, and focusing on trying to get you to change and do what she wants. She’s never done anything to make us suspect her…wouldn’t threatening Liz do just that?”

“I would have never thought that Tess would be openly hostile to me before now…but now knowing that she’s a skin? I dunno, she’s probably capable of anything.” Liz confirmed for them.

“We’ve got to be especially careful right now.” Max cautioned the group. “She may realize that her old plan failed, and try something new. It seems that most of her energy is focusing on Liz and me, but she could change her attention to any of you. Everyone keep a close eye on one another. Make sure that you’re never alone with Tess. We have to watch for her next move. Remember, that she’s extremely dangerous. She’s not the girl we always assumed her to be. She could be just waiting to kill any one of us.”

“Why don’t we just kill her first?” Isabel spoke up carefully.

“Because we’re not killers. Every time someone has lost their life against us it’s been from their own actions. We’re not going to go out and just hunt her down. That’s not like us. We’re better than that. No one do anything to her unless she acts first.”

The whole group nodded in agreement, and broke to go their separate ways. Max helped Liz into the jeep, and silently started the motor, a determined grim expression on his face as they headed back home.

“Max?” Liz asked softly. “You’re keeping something inside…what is it?”

Max looked over to the love of his life, and his expression softened, as he lost himself in the love he saw pouring openly from her eyes. How could he ignore her?

“It’s just…I’m really scared for you, Liz. She’s already approached you once…she’s more than likely to do it again. I just don’t want to see anything happen to you.”

“Nothing is going to happen to me, Max.” She told him matter of factly.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because…I know you. You’re not going to let me out of my sight if you can help it. You’re going to protect me at all costs. I trust that you’re not going to let anything happen to me, Max, because I love you and you love me, and that’s all that matters.”

“You do know me.” He chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, Liz. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know.” She smiled brightly at him.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 19

Liz’s heart fluttered nervously as she watched the hands on the clock slowly dance around it’s face. The day had been slow and uneventful so far; she hadn’t run into Tess even once all morning…and she liked it that way. But her next class was gym…and it was the only class she had with Tess that didn’t have Max, Isabel, or Michael in it. She hated admitting it, but she was scared. She knew it was the likely time for Tess to make her move on Liz, if she was going to do anything, and she didn’t know how to protect herself.

Max had been doing wonders, helping her out. He hadn’t left her side all day, except for her class periods. Having Max there for her made her feel safe, protected. She wasn’t afraid of anything when he was there.

But how could he protect her from Tess in gym? It just wasn’t possible.

The bell finally rang, signifying the end of the class period, and Liz smiled brightly when she walked out of her World History class to see Max waiting for across the hallway, leaning up leisurely against a locker.

“Hi.” She greeted him softly, leaning up to capture his lips in a short, sweet kiss.

“Hey.” He responded lovingly.

“So, how do you do it?” She asked him in amazement.

“How do I do what?” Max grinned back at her.

“How do you manage to be waiting for me at the end of each and every one of my classes right when the bell rings? Don’t you have classes of your own to be in?”

“I went to class!” Max protested.

“Then tell me, Max! What’s your secret?”

Max smiled innocently. “Secret, Liz? What secret? Didn’t you know? I’ve got this…uh…problem. Anyway, we don’t need to go into detail about it, but to make a long story short, I’ve got a signed doctor’s excuse that I need to be allowed to go to the bathroom whenever necessary. Especially five minutes before class ends! That always seems to be when my problem hits. Strange…”

Liz laughed and punched her boyfriend playfully.

“You’re awful, Max, do you know that?”

Max’s jubilant expression suddenly fell serious. “No…not awful…I’d just do absolutely anything to keep you safe.”

“I know.” Liz replied. “And I love you so much for it.”

“I love you too, Liz.” Max swore, sealing their vow of love with another gentle kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight, protective embrace, pressing another kiss on her forehead.

Liz felt a warm glow spread throughout her body as she marveled in the feeling of Max’s embrace. She didn’t know how she managed to get so lucky, finding a guy like Max, who not only loved her, but also would do absolutely anything for her without question. Liz knew though, without a doubt that she’d do the same for him, because he was her other half. When she was with him she felt complete. The rest of the world seemed to fade away and there was nothing except her and Max and their love. And when she was without him, the world seemed darker, drearier. She felt empty and lonely inside.

She had become a Max-addict. That was all there was to it. And Liz was one Max-addict who was never going to be looking for any therapy. She loved this addiction.

After what seemed like an eternity to any passerby’s, but was much too soon for Max and Liz, Max pulled away, ending their embrace. He took her hand, and led her down the hallway.

“Max,” Liz suddenly realized. “I have gym next. It’s in the other direction.”

“I know.” Max replied.

“So where are we going?”

“Liz…gym is your only class alone with Tess. There won’t be anyone there to protect you from her, and after what happened yesterday I’m not going to risk anything happening to you! Especially not for a class that has absolutely no academic importance! So you’re not going to gym.”

“So where am I going?” Liz asked, slightly irritated with Max’s overprotectiveness, although thrilled at the same time that he loved her that much.

“It’s a surprise! You’ll see when we get there!”

“Another surprise?” Liz asked. “Gosh, if you keep this up I might just have to keep you around!”

Max stopped in his tracks and whirled around to face Liz in surprise.

“What?” He asked, only to be met with a chorus of laughter from her.

“Kidding! Come on. Let’s go.”

Max helped Liz into the passenger seat of the jeep, before bouncing around to the driver’s side, and heading out of the school towards the desert.

As they left the school, Max and Liz were so caught up in each other, that they didn’t notice several pairs of eyes watching their departure, or the SUV that followed a safe distance behind them.

Part 20

“I love coming out here so much!” Liz cried out happily, before taking another bite of her turkey sandwich.

Max had brought her out to Buckley Point once again, this time with a blanket and a picnic lunch. Now they were lounging around together under a tree, a short walk away from the jeep, talking and enjoying their meal.

“Yeah, it’s really pretty out here this time of year.” Max commented as he looked up at the beautiful trees, shading them from the hot autumn sun.

“It is pretty.” Liz agreed. “But that wasn’t what I was talking about.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked curiously, putting down his sandwich, and focusing his attention completely on her.

She paused a moment before continuing. “It just seems like our lives have become so crazy back at home. We’re always dealing with some crisis or another, but when we come out here…it’s like leaving all of the troubles of the world behind us. When we’re out here, I’m just Liz Parker, and you’re just Max Evans, and we’re just two crazy kids in love.”

“Yeah.” Max agreed. “You know, Liz. It IS awfully quiet out here…and we ARE awfully alone…” He grinned mischievously at her, pushing their lunch to the side, and turning to face his love.

Max reached over and cupped her face in his hand, stroking her cheek gently, as he stared deeply in her eyes. They shines brightly back at his, slightly glazed from unshed tears of love. His eyes dropped to her lips, and she licked them in anticipation of their impending kiss.

Max groaned softly at the sight of her little pink tongue running over the flesh that he so desperately wanted to taste. His lunch now forgotten, Max was just hungry for Liz.

Their eyes met one last time, and Max spoke the three words that brought Liz a sense of ecstasy like no other words could.

“I love you.”

And Max finally brought his lips down on hers.

They kissed leisurely, wanting to savor every moment, every sensation, every feeling that surged through them, knowing that they had the rest of their lives and more to love each other so completely. Their kisses were slow, but hungry. They were drowning in each other’s touch, and neither of them wanted to be saved.

“Well isn’t that the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!” A snide voice called out, breaking the moment, and causing Max and Liz to jump apart like they were burned.

Max’s eyes darkened angrily, as they fell on the owner of the voice that had so rudely interrupted them.

“Tess.” Max growled.

“Oh Max, when you say my name like that it just turns me on.” Tess shot back, attempting a seductive smile that just made Max’s blood boil in hatred.

She slowly began to pace closer to them, and Max inched closer to Liz with every step the monster took, desperate to protect her from the horrible creature standing before them.

“What do you want?” Liz asked cautiously.

“Well isn’t it obvious?” Tess laughed evilly. “I want Max to be mine to control, and I want you dead.”

“I won’t let you hurt her!” Max insisted, clutching Liz closer to him.

Tess just laughed again.

“Oh Max, you’re so naïve. What makes you so sure that you can protect her from me? How do you know that I’m not mind warping you right now. I could be killing her as we speak, and you wouldn’t even know that the thing you’re clutching onto so desperately is just a figment of my mind, misleading you.”

Max turned to Liz wildly, realizing that Tess was capable of everything she said.

“Don’t listen to her, Max. It’s the real me.”

“I know!” Max promised her. “Tess may be capable of recreating the image of you, but she can’t mirror the feelings that I can only feel with the real you.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet I think I might shed a tear. Now shut up!” Tess screeched at them.

Tess smirked evilly at the couple, and held out her hand as it began to glow.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time.” She cried out, pointing her hand towards Liz. “So much for destiny!”

Max began to gather his own power, ready to protect Liz at all costs. It would be difficult. Tess was raised alien, unlike him. He knew, without a doubt, that she was stronger than him. But he had the potential to destroy her effortlessly, he just needed to find the ability deep within himself.

Before he had a chance, though, Tess flew to the side, as if hit by a blast of powerful energy…that didn’t come from Max. She crumpled to the ground a few feet away, lying lifelessly in the dirt and leaves.

Max sat there in shock, staring at Tess’s still body, waiting fearfully for her to leap up and strike at them again.

She remained still.

Liz searched around for where the blast came from. She assumed it was Michael…he probably followed them out here on his bike, wondering what they were up to. Energy blasts did seem to be his strongest power.

Her jaw dropped in surprise at the site of who was standing a few feet away.

It was the two new kids at school, Alyssa and Matthew.

And Matthew’s hand was glowing.

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 21

“Are you guys okay?” Alyssa asked, approaching Max and Liz and crouching beside them, while Matthew made his way towards Tess’s still form a few feet away.

“Is she…” Liz asked, her voice fading off.

“She’s dead.” Matthew confirmed. He looked over to see three pairs of eyes locked on him. “You guys might not want to watch. I’m going to get rid of the body, and it isn’t going to be pretty.”

Matt waved his hand over the body, and broke down her molecular structure, as her body slowly decombusted, fading into the ground. He made his way back over to his sister and their parents, and sat down beside Alyssa.

“You probably have questions.” Alyssa stated, running her gaze back and forth between Liz and Max.

“Where are you…I mean, are you from…” Max stumbled over his words, unsure about what to say.

“We’re from home.” Alyssa confirmed with a laugh.

“What are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Max asked in amazement, the reality of it all finally beginning to slip over his mind.

“Whoa…slow down!” Alyssa chuckled again. “We’ve only been here for a few days…our first priority on arriving was to enroll in school…to get as close to you as possible.

“As for why we’re here…” Matt took over for his sister. “We’re here to help you.”

“But why?” Liz asked in awe. “Why would you come all of this way. And aren’t our people trapped in slavery? How were you able to escape?”

“It’s a long story.” Alyssa told her. “Let me explain.”

Liz nodded for her to continue.

“Yes…our people are bonded as slaves to the skins. Matthew and I were slaves all of our lives. The skins are so horrible to our people…it’s really not a very pretty sight. Many of our people have died.”

“But we haven’t….we’ve endured all of it.” Matthew told them proudly.

“Anyways…” Alyssa continued. “We were raised with stories of the Royal Four, and tales of your life back home…how great our planet was under your rule, Max, until the skins invaded…stuff like that. Your mother is a great woman, Max. She went into hiding after the skins came, and they still have been unable to locate her. She leads a secret rebellion against the skins, the major action of which was to recreate the royals who were executed during the invasion, and send them to earth.”

“In other words all of our lives right now are thanks to her rebellion.” Liz confirmed.

“Yes. She’s been monitoring all of your lives, since the day the ship landed on earth. In fact, she’s probably watching us right now.”

“Alyssa and I used to go down to her safe house when we could and watch with her.” Matt told them, a half smile etched on his face.

“We were all so worried when we realized that the skins had found you, and murdered your protector. Your powers still haven’t developed to their full potential, and we were afraid you’d be unable to protect yourselves.” Alyssa continued.

“So we begged your mother to let us take his place.” Matt finished. “We wanted to be able to help you. So the rebellion arranged to have us sent to earth, and here we are.”

“Thank you.” Liz responded warmly. “For caring enough to help.” She leaned over and pulled Alyssa into a tight hug, and then switched over to Matthew, before settling back down in Max’s embrace.

Max’s mind was reeling. He couldn’t believe the things that they were telling him. His mother was leading a secret rebellion against the skin, and he was the main tool in that rebellion. He couldn’t help feeling incredibly proud of her for being so strong…and incredibly lucky for being alive at all…but on the other hand, the idea that she was just out there somewhere watching everything he did…it was kind of creepy.

“We’re going to have to tell everyone else.” Max reminded them quietly.

“Of course.” Alyssa agreed.

“Do you guys know where we live?” Max asked. Matt nodded in confirmation. “Why don’t you come by around eight tonight? I’ll explain everything before you get there…so that I can calm Michael down before you arrive.” Max explained with a laugh. “Then they’ll probably have questions and stuff…”

“Michael is really slow to trust new people.” Liz explained.

“Okay…we’ll be there.” Matt confirmed.

“We’ll let you finish your picnic now.” Alyssa grinned.

“See you later!” Liz called out as they left.

Max smiled softly, turning his full attention back to the angel snuggled up beside him as soon as they were gone.

“So…where were we?” Max laughed, before bringing his lips down on Liz’s.

“So what do you think?” Matt asked his sister, as they headed back to school in their borrowed car.

“I thought it went well.”

“Do you think we did the right thing by not telling them about us?”

Alyssa sighed. “I really, really want them to know. More than anything. But I’m not sure if they’re ready yet.”

“It might weird them out.” Matthew agreed.

“God, how do you say something like that?” Alyssa cried. “Hi, we’re your 50 year old children from your past life. You’re our parents that we never knew, even though you’re younger than us? Too weird.”

“Yeah…I know what you mean.” Matt agreed.

“But when she hugged me…it felt so right! Motherly…even though she doesn’t know.”

“Yeah…it was just the way I had always hoped it would be.” Matthew agreed.

“I really want to tell them, Matt.”

“So do I, Lis, but we can’t…not until we’re a little closer.”

Part 22

Max paced back and forth in front of his bedroom window, taking a deep breath as he tried desperately to muster up the courage to explain everything to the people congregated in the room.

Michael stood in the corner, leaning back against the wall, as he put an air of boredom around him, even if inside he may have actually cared what Max had to say. Isabel sat in Max’s desk chair, leaning back, as she twirled the bottom few strands of her hair around her fingers. Alex sat on the floor, leaning back against the bed, his eyes glued to Isabel, while Maria and Liz sat cross legged on Max’s bed, waiting for him to start speaking.

Nervously, Max met Liz’s eyes, and she immediately smiled encouragingly at him, giving him the strength to begin.

“Okay…there’s a lot going on that you all need to know about. A lot happened this afternoon. First of all…Tess is dead.”

“What?” Maria gasped. “How? What happened?”

“She followed Liz and I out to Buckley Point this afternoon and attacked us…she threatened to kill Liz.”

“So you killed her?” Isabel asked uncertainly. “I thought you said we wouldn’t do that.”

“No…actually. I didn’t.” Max sighed.

Four sets of eyes whirled around to stare in shock at Liz…she was the most unlikely killer, probably in the whole group.

“No! It wasn’t Liz either!” Max shot out quickly, unable to stand the shock and accusation in their eyes, directed at his innocent love.

“Well who was it then?” Michael growled.

“It was that new kid at school…you know, Matt? Liz has been showing him around. It turns out that he and his sister, Alyssa, are from home. They were sent here to replace Nasedo as our protectors. It turns out that since they showed up at the beginning of the week they’ve been watching us…and Tess…very closely. And when she made her move this afternoon, they were ready.”

“That’s unbelievable.” Maria commented, shaking her head is disbelief.

“I know.” Liz consoled, placing a comforting hand on her best friend’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Not only did the resistance back home have them sent here, but Alyssa and Matt volunteered. They’re here because they want to help us…and I think that I’ve known since the first time I saw them. I’ve been drawn to them…I didn’t fully understand it until this afternoon, but that’s probably why. Because they’re different…like us.”

“I feel it too.” Max agreed softly.

“I don’t though.” Isabel commented. “This is a complete shock to me. I would have never guessed.”

“Neither do I.” Michael argued, suddenly moving from his spot in the corner to pace around the room. “How do you know that they’re not pulling you both in with some mind warp or something. I mean, we know nothing about these two…they could be any kind of aliens.”

“It doesn’t feel like a mind warp.” Max explained calmly. “It feels natural…like something coming from deep inside me.”

“Almost like an instinct.” Liz murmured in agreement.

“Whoa….” Alex muttered. “I just got the chills. So why would Max and Liz feel all of this so powerfully, but Michael and Isabel sense nothing at all?”

“Maybe Max and Liz knew them in their past lives?” Maria suggested.

Max and Liz shot each other reluctant looks before continuing.

“No…we didn’t.” Max sighed.

Isabel turned a sharp look on them. “What? How do you know for sure?”

“We…we went through the memory retrieval process together.” Liz explained softly.

“We both remember everything about our past lives.” Max added in.

“Your mother told us about it when we spoke to her in the cave that night.” Liz continued. “If we knew them in our past lives, we would have been able to recognize them…even with shape shifting aside.”

“You remember everything?” Isabel asked, her voice trembling.

“Absolutely everything.” Liz affirmed. “Our births through our deaths. That’s what we were doing in the cave the day you found us unconscious.”

Isabel’s face was pale, and she stared at Max with an overwhelming fear in her eyes that blew his mind away.

“Oh God…I need to process all of this.” Isabel stammered, as she stood and quickly moved towards the door. Turning and eyeing Max fearfully one last time as she flung the door open, she gasped out. “I’m sorry…” Before rushing out of the room.

Max didn’t even hesitate. He was after her in an instant, following her to her own room. The horror and self loathing in her eyes had torn at his heart, and he needed to help…he didn’t know what was wrong, what was bothering her, but whatever it was, he needed to ease her suffering.

“Iz?” Max murmured in a calm, comforting voice as he let himself into her room. “What’s wrong? Talk to me…please?”

His pleadings made her heart clench in agony, and Isabel turned her tear stained eyes from where she stood, staring blankly out the window, to meet Max’s concern filled orbs.

Isabel gasped aloud as she met her brother’s eyes. It had been a few days since she had the opportunity to be alone with him, and somehow in that time she had missed how the changes he had experienced over the past few days had effected him.

She knew that he had been happy…at peace…two things that she knew were entirely thanks to Liz’s renewed presence in his life…but there was something else new too…a confidence, a depth, that hadn’t been there a few days earlier. And Isabel now knew just where it came from…the memories of a lifetime worth of experiences that were now not only stored in his brain, but a part of his whole existence.

Regardless of what Max appeared, he wasn’t just Max Evans, a seventeen-year-old boy, anymore. Max had grown, matured, with the experiences he had gained this week.

“Max…” Isabel sighed, knowing she needed to talk to him about it at some point. “What do you remember about me…from that other life?”

“About you?” Max asked with a chuckle, a faraway gaze entering his eyes, as the memories came sweeping over his mind. “What do you want to know? About you and Michael? It was an arranged marriage. You loved each other, but not romantically. You were happy with him, but not entirely fulfilled. You had to come here, and find Alex, to find that kind of love.”

Isabel smiled softly, unsurprised at what she was hearing. Her heart already knew the answer to that question…but it wasn’t what she wanted to know.

“What about you and me, Max?”

“Us…we were close, Isabel…just like we are in this life. We picked on each other on occasion. You always made fun of me for being so hopelessly in love with Liz…but I know you didn’t mean it…maybe you were a little jealous of what we had, but you loved us both so much…you would do anything for us, Iz.” Max focused on her once again, noticing the way she clung to every word falling from his lips. “Iz…what’s this about?”

Her gaze faltering, Isabel sighed, knowing she could tell Max. “The other night…when everything happened with Senator Whittaker…she told me that I betrayed you…that everything that happened, our deaths, was all my fault. I couldn’t remember anything from my past, Max…I didn’t know whether she was telling the truth or not.”

Anger flickered into Max’s eyes. “She was lying to you, Isabel. She was probably trying to cause a rift in the group…anything to make us weak. Don’t believe anything the skins say.” Crossing the room, Max pulled his sister into a tight hug. “Trust me, Isabel. I remember it all. We were close, happy. You would never do anything like that. My sister was by my side straight through until the day we both died.”

“Thank you, Max…I believe you.” Isabel gasped, as tears streamed openly down her cheeks.”

“You know…Isabel…your memories are locked in the cave too. Anytime you want you can go down there, and remember everything.”

Isabel paused, as she pulled back and wiped her eyes clean with her powers.

“I don’t know if I want to know.” Isabel finally burst out. “I think your word is enough for me for now…if I ever change my mind, I can…but for now, I think I’m happy just being me.”

Max nodded in understanding.

“Was the decision that easy for you, Max?” She asked him cautiously. “Did you really want to know that badly?”

“It wasn’t a matter of wanting to know.” Max explained softly. “It was a matter of needing to know. Liz and I needed those answers…and we did it all together. I think I would have been scared without her there…but she experienced it all with me.”

Isabel nodded. “I guess I can understand that. So should we go back?”

“Actually…there’s one more thing…before we go back…”

Isabel turned and faced her brother curiously. “What’s up?”

“There’s something else that you need to know…that no one else really needs to deal with other than you…Iz…Mom knows everything.”

Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise at Max’s words, and her heart pounded.

“You told mom?” She asked him in shock.

Max chuckled under his breath. “Not exactly…Mom kind of told me, actually. She followed Liz and I to the cave on your birthday…the night that all of this started. We didn’t even know she was there, until she sat us down and talked to us the next morning.”

“Oh my God…” Isabel cried with a huge smile. “I can’t believe this…this is incredible! I’ve always wanted her to know…now I can finally talk to her about it! Thank you, Max!”

Max grinned. “Happy Birthday, Isabel.”

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 23

Michael sighed as he shut Max’s bedroom door softly behind him, leaving the soft sounds of Liz, Maria, and Alex’s chattering, as he strode into the kitchen, opening up the refrigerator and pulling out a carton of orange juice.

Without even thinking twice about it, Michael opened the carton and took a big gulp of juice, a natural reaction to living alone…not having to share with anyone else. He didn’t have the life experience of a family and friends the way Max and Isabel did. They were all he had…until Maria, but things were even tense there at the moment. Because of him…because of all that he was afraid of.

And all of these new developments in his life, among their group, was bringing all of his fears right back to the surface. It was reestablishing all of his previous fears…that no matter how hard he tried…no matter how much Max and Isabel tried, he, Michael Guerin, was truly an outsider in this world…even in their small, tightly knit group…he had no true purpose.

The whole world seemed to revolve around Max. Max was the king…he was the purpose in sending them here in the first place. Isabel was sent as his sister, his blood relative, second in power only to him back on their home. And Liz was his love, his destiny, his strength…without her Max was empty, unable to function.

But what about Michael? He was sent here as Isabel’s husband, but he wasn’t…not really. They weren’t in love. They didn’t belong together. And Max’s second in command…what was that? Someone to pick up the slack and do Max’s dirty work. He wasn’t there out of love, or devotion, or anything else…he was just there to be an extra set of hands to protect Max…

Only now there were two more sets of hands to share that job with him, so where did that leave him? The two new protectors came from home…they were more powerful then him, more knowledgeable than him…more prepared for their position, while he was just left fumbling for a clue. And to make matters worth…Max and Liz both felt a connection to them…a primal connection…one that Michael didn’t understand and could never be a part of.

Growling, Michael crunched the orange juice cartons in his hands, throwing it violently into the trash can to relieve the tension building up within him.

He wanted answers…and maybe the two new protectors would be able to answer them.

---- ---- -----

Liz giggled as she flopped back on the bed, using Alex’s chest as a pillow, and he groaned in mock pain as Maria joined the two of them, three friends comfortably resting in a tangle of limbs.

“So…Liz…” Alex started. “Are you doing okay? I mean it seems to me that these changes are effecting you more than anyone else.”

“Yeah, how are you holding up, babe?” Maria asked. “I mean, a week ago you thought you were human, and now not only are you the newest member of the Pod Squad, but you remember your past life, and have a weird freaky connection to some new aliens in town? I know I’d be flipping out!”

“Yeah, well, actually…I’m okay.” Liz replied easily.

“You’re kidding, right?” Maria asked.

“No, I’m not kidding!” Liz insisted. “Seriously, you guys…I think I’ve always known. All of this…everything that’s happening to me…it just feels right. The only thing that really freaked me out was the thing with my parents…”

“Even the whole Tess thing didn’t freak you out?” Alex asked curiously.

“No…not really…because Max was there keeping me safe.”

“So what’s it like?” Maria asked. “How does it feel to have all these new memories running around in your head?”

“I don’t know…it’s really hard to explain.” Liz sighed. “It’s like…some of the time I become this, I don’t know, this perfect meld of both Liz’s, where both sides of me are completely connected together. That’s when I can remember both lives so clearly, like there’s no difference between the two…but that’s pretty rare. Most of the time the me that you know, from this life, is in complete control, and the other stuff just kind of feels like a long lost dream.”

“Has there ever been a time where the other side, the alien side, has been in complete control?” Alex asked cautiously.

Liz paused briefly before carefully replying. “Yeah…once.”

“What happened?” Maria asked, as she rolled over, and propped her head up on one elbow to face her friend.

“It was the other morning…” Liz explained. “The first after Max and I went through the memory retrieval. I woke up and saw him lying beside me in bed, and it just felt so normal, so right…like we had woken up together every single day of our lives. For a few moments, I forgot that he wasn’t my husband…nothing even felt strange until I remembered everything.”

“Wow...” Alex joked. “Sounds like you had a real ‘alien encounter’”

Liz chuckled at her friend’s bad joke, but couldn’t help noticing that her other best friend had fallen uncomfortably silent.

“Maria…what is it?” Liz asked gently.

“Nothing…I’m just being stupid.” Maria sighed, rubbing at her eyes. “Just ignore me.”

“No, Maria…if it’s something you’re feeling than it’s not stupid. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…for those few minutes where you became pure alien Liz…you didn’t even know that I existed. What if it happens again, Liz? Your alien side is becoming stronger every day. Liz…what if…” Maria’s voice trailed off as she found herself unable to even say what it is she was thinking. Liz understood immediately anyway.

“What if I don’t need you anymore.” Liz finished quietly. “Maria…that isn’t even a possibility. I need you…both of you…in my life. Max…my heritage…none of those things can ever replace you. You guys are my best friends…you’re a part of me…one that my alien side is just going to have to learn to live with.”

Maria nodded, and Liz reached forward and pulled her into a tight hug. A moment later Alex joined them, and soon the three friends were just a tight group hug, a tangle of arms, legs, and tears, right in the center of Max’s bed.

--- --- ---- ----

Michael nodded to Max and Isabel as he met them in the hallway in front of Max’s bedroom, on their way back to rejoin the group.

“Everything okay?” Michael asked quickly.

“Yeah.” Isabel replied quickly.

All three heads turned quickly at the sound of a loud knocking on the front door behind them…

“You guys head back in.” Max suggested. “I’ll get the door.”

Isabel nodded quickly, and pushed Max’s door open as she and Michael disappeared inside.

“Hey guys.” Max greeted quickly as he opened the front door. “I figured it was you…come on in.”

“Hey Max.” Alyssa greeted him. “We figured everyone would have questions once you told them…you could probably use some help in answering them.”

Part 24

Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex sat in silence, absorbing the story they had all finally been filled in on. There were no more doubts in any of their minds that Alyssa and Matt were for real. They truly had spent their lives, growing up within the resistance. Their entire lives, Alyssa and Matt had learned to support Max, to fight with him to the death, and so when the opportunity to come to earth and be at his side had been presented before them, they had leapt for the chance.

It blew the whole group away to know that so many people, so far away, that they didn’t even know, felt so passionately about their lives for so long…while the aliens had only known their purpose for a few months. It was refreshing…to know that they had support out there…somewhere.

“Thank you.” Isabel finally responded, breaking the deafening silence. “Thank you for caring enough to want to be here for us.”

“You don’t have to thank us.” Alyssa responded quickly. “We wanted to be here.”

“No…this isn’t right.” Michael suddenly blurted out. “Why us? Why go to the trouble to recreate us? Anyone could do what we do…anyone with powers. What’s so special about us?”

“You’re the Royal Four.” Matt replied simply. “The people loved you.”

Michael stared at him like he was crazy for a moment, before Alyssa’s soft, steady voice cut in, trying to explain more clearly.

“When the skins came and took over, we were a peaceful, happy race under the rule of the Royal Four…of you in your past lives. There are many people, even outside of the resistance, that long for the return of that peace, and even to today are still secretly loyal to you. The resistance has a lot of sympathy because we keep the hope of your return alive.”

Alyssa paused, her eyes penetrating deeply into Michael’s as she emphasized the words that changed everything for him.

“You four have the capability to do something that no one else could ever hope to do, to reestablish control back home. Khivar rules the people by fear, but you could rule through love and honor and loyalty. The resistance could try all it wants to raise another leader, but no one could do it the way that you four could.”

Michael nodded as she finished, finally understanding his purpose, for the first time in his life. He wasn’t useless as he had always lowered himself to believe. He was a part of the team. Together, the whole team can be strong, but separately, alone, they were nothing.

Regardless of the fact that Michael had no true blood connection to Max, or that he and Isabel weren’t in love, he was still one of the Royal Four. He still belonged with the team.

“I have a question too.” Isabel added in.

She glanced quickly towards Max and Liz, where they stood silently in the corner, observing the interactions in the rest of the room, while still partially off in their own little world, as they were wrapped up tightly in each other’s arms. Max’s eyes were closed as his face was buried in Liz’s hair, breathing her in deeply.

“Max and Liz were telling us that they feel a connection to you both.” Isabel continued, her eyes flashing in concern as both Max and Liz’s heads shot up at the sound of their names, as they began to focus completely on the discussion at hand. “They said that a part of them both knew that you were one of us before you told them, but Michael and I feel nothing. Do you know why that would be?”

Alyssa and Matt met eyes in shock and surprise, as Alyssa’s glazed over, tearing with emotion. Unable to help herself, Alyssa turned her eyes openly on Max and Liz.

“You do?” She asked shyly.

“Yeah.” Liz nodded. “I didn’t understand it entirely until we found out about you today, so I just blew it off as nothing. I’m guessing it’s because you guys are aliens like us…but that still doesn’t explain why Michael and Isabel don’t feel it.”

“So why is that?” Michael asked shortly. “That Max and Liz feel this thing and Isabel and I don’t?”

“Well…um…” Alyssa stammered, looking desperately at her brother. She was completely at a loss at how to explain this without blowing their identities.”

“Alyssa and I had sort of a connection with Max and Liz’s past selves.” Matt explained, saving his sister quickly.

“A connection?” Isabel asked, confused. “What kind of connection?”

Max and Liz traded looks of surprise and uncertainty, both racking their brains, searching for some slim memory of the two aliens standing before them, neither finding anything that they recognized for certain.

Trading frustrated glances, Max finally entered the discussion.

“We didn’t know you.” Max replied with certainty. “Liz and I both recently gained our memories from the past, and neither of us can find any hint of either of you in them.”

“You wouldn’t.” Matt replied softly. “It was so brief, and we were too young. Alyssa and I were barely born when you and Liz died…and we never met Michael and Isabel. That’s why they wouldn’t feel whatever you are both feeling.”

“Oh my God!” Liz suddenly gasped, all the eyes of the room turning to her.

Understanding swept into Liz’s eyes, as her memory flashed back to the only time in the days before their death, when she and her husband had interacted with children…with their own children.

It was right during the first hostile attack of the skins…the palace walls were shaking and crumbling under their attack, and the forces were fighting hard in defense, while Max and a very pregnant Liz buried themselves deep within the central fortress. Their hearts were pounding in fear, as the danger became apparent…right as Liz went into labor.

She gave birth to two beautiful babies, twins, a boy and a girl. Liz could remember the utter joy that filled her and Max’s connected hearts as they coddled them for the first few hours after their birth, as they realized what dangerous targets their children had instantly become.

It broke both their hearts, but for their security Max and Liz ordered their children to be hidden away from the world…to be kept safe until the skin threat had been neutralized.

Two days later the king and queen were murdered.


Maria’s voice broke Liz from the haze of memories she had caught herself in.

“Are you okay babe?” Maria continued, but Liz’s eyes remained locked on those of her daughter’s.

Tears filled Alyssa’s eyes, as she processed the recognition in Liz’s, the pure love and astonishment shining openly from her heart.

“Can you guys give us a minute alone?” Liz asked, her eyes never roaming from Alyssa’s.

Michael’s suspicious eyes flicked around nervously for a moment before Max eased his concerns.

“We’ll explain everything in a few minutes.” Max insisted, as he caught up with Liz, his gaze shifting in amazement between his son and daughter. “We need a few minutes alone with Matt and Alyssa.”

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."
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Part 25

Emotion ran rampant through the bedroom, electrifying the air, as the four aliens stood silently, Max and Liz staring in awe at Matt and Alyssa, who were both in near tears at the recognition apparent in their parent’s eyes. Words had yet to be spoken, but so much was said just through the feelings expressed just through their gazes…love, fear, honor, marvel, hope…all strong, powerful, undeniable emotions that said more in that moment than any words ever could.

Liz took a single step towards Matt and Alyssa, before suddenly freezing, shocked into place, when in response to that one simple gesture, Alyssa broke down openly sobbing, the tears running down her cheeks in a massive flood, as in a choked voice words began pouring from her lips.

“I’ve wanted to tell you so badly.” Alyssa cried, gulping for air between her tear filled words. “I wanted you to know from the first moment I saw you, but I was afraid…so afraid. I didn’t know how you would react, or if you would even want us here at all.”

“Don’t say that!” Max gasped, quickly rushing to her newfound daughter and gathering her up in his strong, comforting embrace, as he gently stroked her hair, while rocking her body against his soothingly.

“Shhhh…it’s okay.” Max whispered gently. “We’re here…and we’re not going anywhere…not ever again. We’ll always be here for you for the rest of your lives. There is no way that we will ever loose you again.”

Tears filled Liz’s eyes as she marveled at the way Max held Alyssa, comforting her in such a fatherly manner. It was all so natural to him…while Liz wasn’t even sure how to react. She was so happy, so awestruck, she couldn’t even find the words to express all that she was feeling. But she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak…she couldn’t find the right way to tell her children how much she longed for this day, how much she loved them, missed them…and especially how sorry she was for abandoning them all of the years before. Guilt filled her heart at the way she and Max had just given them away…even knowing that a few days later, they would have been dead.

Still, Liz stood there in amazement, her gaze shifting back and forth between where Max and Alyssa stood embraced, and where Matt stood watching, as she was, a few feet away.

Liz could barely believe that this was happening to them. It was like a dream come true…for all of them.

The tremors surging through Alyssa finally began to slow, and Max reluctantly allowed her to slip from his arms, when immediately Liz surged forward to take his place, hugging her daughter warmly.

Liz’s mind raced as she held Alyssa close for the first time in this lifetime…and through it all one feeling became unquestionably clear.

It felt so right.

Ever since going through the memory retrieval, Liz found herself having moments where she was consumed with a sadness and longing for her lost children. Her first talk with Max was just one of many times where Liz had found herself wondering about them…if they were alive or out there somewhere…only to discover that they were right in front of her the entire time.

Suddenly Liz knew without doubt that even if Alyssa and Matt never admitted it, Liz would have known…she would have felt it in the way she reacted to them, so protectively. She would have felt it the first time they hugged like this, assuming their ever-building friendship grew that far. It would have been impossible for this to remain a secret for long.

Pulling away from Alyssa, Liz turned to Matt, squeezing him tightly in her arms, before returning to Max’s comforting arms, uncertain where this was all to lead.

The reunion over, Max knew it was time to get to the serious discussion, so he said the first thought that overtook him, as he remembered the last time he had seen Matt and Alyssa, when they were tiny little newborns, crying in his arms.

“I just want you both to know that giving you up was the hardest decision Liz and I ever had to make.” Max cried in frustration.

“We wanted you so badly.” Liz agreed. “But the danger was so great…you were targets. We had to keep you away from us.”

“I’m so sorry that we were never there for you.” Max sighed sadly.

“You were.” Matt whispered gently, attempting to ease his parents concerns. “Maybe not physically, but your spirits were always with us as we grew up…thanks to the rebellion, and their loyalty to you, and their stories about your rule. It was the best place for us to be, if we couldn’t be with you.”

“And then when word came through that your pods had hatched, it thrilled us to know that you were out there somewhere, and that someday we may finally get to be together.” Alyssa added in.

“Since that day, it was always our goal to be by your side…somehow, in any way possible.” Matt responded. “That’s why we volunteered for this mission. It was an opportunity to finally be with you.”

“Thank you.” Liz cried, her voice hoarse with emotion. “For taking that chance and giving us this opportunity. It means the world to us both.” Liz squeezed Max’s hand, knowing that he felt the same way…they were so completely in tune with each other.

“I don’t know what to call you anymore.” Alyssa chuckled nervously. “Are you Liz? Are you Mom?”

Max spoke up, always the leader, taking charge of the situation.

“I think you’d probably better stick to Liz and Max. At least as long as we’re here on earth. It will seem way too suspicious if someone catches us in public, since we all look to be about the same age here.”

Matt and Alyssa both nodded in agreement.

“Age.” Liz suddenly whispered. “God, you guys are about 60, aren’t you?” Matt nodded in confirmation. “60 years without parents…” Liz mumbled, shaking her head sadly. “I haven’t even been alive half that in this life.”

“No…” Matt agreed. “But you have the experiences of two lifetimes. That’s something that Alyssa and I could never have.”

“You guys ready for us yet?” Michael popped his head back into the room, interrupting the family moment. After a few exchanged glances, Max nodded, and everyone filed back into the room, staring expectantly at Max and Liz, waiting for an explanation.

Taking a deep breath, Max let the story come flowing out of him.

“In our past life, Liz and I had children…two of them, a boy and a girl. We never got a chance to know them, because they were born right in the middle of the conflict that we died in. It turns out…Matt and Alyssa are our children.”

Part 26

Liz sighed as she sat in the jeep beside, the top down so they could enjoy the last warm rays of the autumn sun, before the weather cooled, settling into the cool winds and rains of winter.

Liz could barely remember a time when everything wasn’t complicated anymore. Ever since Tess had shown up over six months earlier, their lives had been consumed with one tragedy after another, constantly, non-stop.

But now, for the first time in a long time, Liz felt as if things were finally settling down.

After an instant of shock, the rest of the gang had been quick to accept Matt and Alyssa’s roles as Max and Liz’s children, and now, a few weeks later, they were trusted members of the group, without question or hesitation by anyone, even Michael.

Max and Liz were shocked to learn that their children had been living in the old, abandoned soap factory, and instantly set about changing that. Matt now resided in the guest room at the Evans’ home, while Alyssa took Tess’s old bedroom at the Valenti’s. Liz desperately wished that she could have found a different place for Alyssa…like her own bedroom, but with things still tense with her parents, that option remained unavailable. Kyle complained on occasion over the lack of a bedroom, but for the most part, he just let it be.

Still…Liz couldn’t help regretting how things had ended with her parents. It was the one thing left completely unresolved. Liz needed to make peace with that part of her life in order for things to be completely perfect again.

So she and Max sat in the jeep, parked across the street from the Crashdown, as Liz gathered her courage to go inside and confront her parents one final time.

“You don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.” Max reminded her gently, as he held her hand loosely, offering his support.

“No…I need to do this.” Liz replied with certainty. “I just…I’m not sure what to say. I want to make peace with my parents…but I don’t want to go back to living there, Max. I want them in my life, but I want to be able to be with you, all the time. The last few weeks have been like a dream come true in that sense.”

“In only that sense.” Max laughed, thinking about everything else that had occurred.

“Yeah.” Liz agreed with a chuckle.

“I’ll be right here waiting if you need me.” Max reminded her softly, as Liz stepped out onto the street.

“Thanks. Who knows…I might need it.” Turning to face the restaurant, Liz sighed. “I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without going in there. It was kind of weird…I miss it.”

“That’s why you need to do this.” Max reminded her. “They’re a part of you…this place is a part of you, just like my parents in this life are a part of me too.”

Liz nodded. “I know.”

Taking a deep breath, Liz gathered the strength within her, turning away from Max and crossing the street, back towards her past. As she entered the Crashdown with a jingle of the bell, Liz could feel the eyes of her one time coworkers on her, but she paid them no heed as she continued straight past them, into the back room and up the stairs to her parent’s home.

Pausing, Liz placed her hand on the cool metal of the door knob, and stared at it for a moment. It felt strange, alien, to be standing here. It had only been a few weeks, but those few weeks were enough time that Liz knew, without a doubt, that she was a completely different person than the young, naïve girl that grew up in this house. She had changed…and she hoped that her parents could accept that.

Turning the handle and pushing the door open, Liz sucked in her breath, and stepped inside.

“Mom? Dad?” She called out nervously.

Her parents quickly rushed into the room, staring at Liz in shock.

“Liz?” Her mom cried.

“Lizzie!” Her dad exclaimed, before approaching her and pulling her into a tight embrace. “Oh God, Lizzie…we’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too.” Liz replied honestly. “And I’m so sorry for running off like I did. I was so hurt that I forgot what an important part of my life you are.”

“Liz, you have nothing to apologize for.” Nancy Parker insisted quickly, glancing over at her husband as they exchanged a look that held something that Liz didn’t understand.

“I don’t?” She asked quietly.

“No, you don’t.” Jeff agreed. “Your mother is right, Lizzie. We brought this upon ourselves. It was wrong of us to lie to you the way we did. We were very much in the wrong. And we’re more sorry that you could ever imagine for what we did.”

“We just wanted you to be ours so badly, that we did everything possible to try to make that desire a reality.” Nancy explained softly.

“Oh mom, dad!” Liz gasped, as tears filled her eyes. “I am yours…I always have been. Just because it isn’t in our blood doesn’t make it any less true. You are my parents…the only one I’ve ever known in this lifetime. And I will always love you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

“Oh honey…we love you too!” Nancy cried, as she moved forward to pull Liz into her arms, and cradle her close to her. Together the two women cried, while Jeff watched on, his own eyes beginning to sting from the emotional moment.

Finally, Liz forced herself to pull away, wiping at her tear stained eyes, as she smiled at her parents.

“So are you back for good, sweetheart?” Jeff asked hopefully.

Liz’s eyes dropped guiltily as she answered. “Actually…that’s what I need to tell you. I’m not going to be moving back in.” Her parents jaws dropped to argue, but Liz rushed on, before they could speak. “I know it seems irrational, and I don’t blame you for wanting to fight me on this, but I’ve found my place, with Max. I’m happy with him…happier than I’ve ever been anywhere in my life. You can talk to Diane…she’s comfortable with me being there…she understands that Max and I are a permanent fixture in each other’s lives. It’s just…I can’t stand the idea of being away from him anymore.”

Liz fell silent, watching and waiting as her parents shared a nervous, frightened look, obviously both trying to adjust to the idea of her and Max living together permanently.

“Is that really how you feel, honey?” Jeff asked lamely.

“It’s really how we both feel.” Liz replied honestly. “Max and I both know that we’ll be together forever. It doesn’t make me any less your daughter. I swear to you that I won’t disappear again…I’ll come by and visit every day if you want…I can bring Max by to get to know you better…but I’m staying with him. He’s my world.”

“It sounds as if your mind is made up.” Nancy murmured. “And your father and I both know how stubborn you are…there will be hell to pay if we even try to change your mind. It doesn’t sound like there’s much we can say, but we love you and we’ll try our best to support your decision…even if it kills us at times.”

Liz gasped loudly, surprised by her parents open reaction. She turned to her father to see him nodding his head in agreement with Nancy’s words.

“You really mean it?” Liz asked in amazement. “You guys will support Max and I?”

“Yes…we’ll support you.” Jeff confirmed. “You pretty much forced us to accept it when you ran away and moved in with him…not to mention when Max came to confront us about you. That took a lot of guts on his part. That boyfriend of yours impressed me, Lizzie. Maybe he’s not as bad an influence on you as I thought he might be.”

“He’s not!” Liz grinned. “He’s an amazing person, dad. Once you get to know him better you’ll see it too.”

“I’m sure we will.” Jeff agreed. “Speaking of Max, where is he?”

“Umm…downstairs in the car waiting.” Liz admitted with a shy smile.

“Well, you didn’t let him go far even now, did you?” Nancy chuckled. “Well, you’d better not keep him waiting, sweetheart. But promise me you’ll bring him by tomorrow night for dinner.”

“I will!” Liz grinned. “Bye mom, bye dad…and thanks again.”

“Bye sweetheart.”

Part 27

Liz grinned, surveying the room around her with a satisfied nod, studying the two dressers, side by side, the new pictures hanging on the wall, and the empty boxes that Max was carrying out of the room.

It had been a week since she had made peace with her parents, and since then, life had grown frantic again, as Liz and Max made plans to make Liz’s residence in the Evan’s home a permanent change. Together they planned, plotted, and with the help of the whole group eventually moved Liz right into Max’s bedroom that very afternoon.

The result was apparent all around them, as the room no longer reflected just Max’s personality, but Liz’s too. It became a perfect mix of the both of them…almost a physical representation of their entire relationship…a relationship which was born and thrived on the constant mental connections and mind melds that made Liz and Max so perfectly in tune with each other all the time.

Sighing contentedly, Liz allowed herself to flop backwards onto the bed, where Max collapsed a few minutes before, resting from the day’s physical labor. Her head fell gently on his stomach, using him as a pillow, while his hand instantly began stroking her hair gently, combing through the silky strands, before cupping her cheek, caressing it lovingly. Liz turned her head slightly so she could brush her lips gently across his knuckles, before they returned to their worship of her hair.

“This is amazing, Max.” Liz sighed happily. “Like a dream come true.”

“A dream come true for the both of us.” Max agreed. “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.”

Sitting up, Max surveyed their surroundings, with a half smile on his face, which gave her a warm, content feeling inside. That smile always made Liz melt with happiness, because it was such a rarity on Max’s normally serious face.

“You know…this is so right.” Max exclaimed with certainty in his voice. “Our room, I mean.”

His voice softened, as a distant look filled his eyes, as his memory flashed back to the many years he spent alone in this very room. In a sad, almost wistful voice, his feelings came pouring out to her.

“I never really felt completely at home here.” He explained softly. “My entire life, I always felt that home was somewhere else, out there. And then I found you, and being with you was like coming home for the first time. When you first came to stay with me here, I was so happy, so at peace…I knew this was right. But it still wasn’t felt empty in a sense, because it wasn’t ours. Now, looking around this room…at all of our belongings, at you. It’s just right, Liz. This is finally our home.”

“I know.” Liz replied simply. “I’ve been imagining this from the first night I slept in your bed. And now it’s finally become a reality.”

“I know what you mean.” Max agreed softly, as Liz sat up turning to face Max, as she rubbed her hands up his hard chest, circling them around his neck, before pulling his lips down to meet hers.

“Welcome home.” Liz whispered against his lips, before closing the final distance with her soft kiss.

Max moaned against her mouth, and it was only moments before the kiss deepened, became hungry, wild…primal. As he devoured her mouth, Max began to slip his hands beneath her loose tank top, pulling it up quickly, breaking the kiss just long enough to slip it over her head, before his lips crashed down to hers once again. Her bra didn’t last much longer, and soon Max’s hands were meeting bare, sensitive skin in a possessive, demanding manner that left Liz breathless, and desperate for more.

Mirroring Max’s own desperation, Liz began to tug his T-shirt up and over his head, while somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that their desperation stemmed from how long it had been since they were able to find time alone like this. With all the new developments in their lives, there was little time to focus on each other.

It wasn’t long before they were both completely bare, Max positioning himself above Liz, as he pulled back from her lips, staring down into her eyes with complete and utter devotion shining straight from his heart into her own.

“I love you.” Max whispered, before quickly taking possession of his past and future wife, sliding to his home within her.

Liz gasped at the familiar, beautiful feeling of her and Max becoming one…the way they were meant to be. As he began to move within her, Liz felt herself drifting off into the familiar oblivious ecstasy that came whenever he worshipped her body, as he was right now. There was nothing except Max, and the beautiful pleasure that came with his love, as he filled her whole world with nothing but him.

Moaning his name, Liz felt herself meet his thrusts demandingly, as together they slipped over the edge of oblivion, clinging to each other desperately as they rode out the waves of pleasure as one.

As the haze faded and they returned to reality, Liz sighed, snuggling closer to where Max now lay beside her, on the bed they had slept in for weeks, but beneath the familiar blanket that had donned Liz’s own bed for years before.

“I guess we christened the new room.” Liz joked, as Max wrapped his arms around her in a tight, possessive manner.

“Yeah, I guess we did.” Max agreed softly.

“Do you feel like everything is perfect, Max?” Liz suddenly asked. “I mean, it seems like things have finally come together. We’re secure in our relationship, living together with the support of our parents. We have our friends nearby, our children…and we’re safe Max…for the first time in a long time we’re safe.”

“Safe for now.” Max reminded her softly. “It won’t be long before the skins send someone else after us.”

“I know…but until then…lets just enjoy this perfection.”

The End???

"Life's a journey, not a destination..."