"Nowhere Fast" Part 1 New,mostly M/M

Title:"Nowhere Fast"
Author:Thief Lying Awake
Catagory:M/M,M/I and some I/A & M/L
Rating*tongue*G-13,but will probably go higher in future parts.
Disclaimer:I own nothing Roswell oriented except this plot,the rest is property of The WB,Jason Katims,and the woman who started it all Melinda Metz.
Feedback:I'm new and would love to know if I should continue with this or not.Leave me a message after you've read this please.
Spoilers:Takes place after VLV, but will have little to do with any large episode events.Michael questions the women in his life.Other than that just read on.


Title inspired by the Incubus song of the same name.You may later on see lyrics incoporated into the story.

Part #1

It was constant,steady,almost reliable.Michael could hear so clearly the tiny clang it made against the steel.

And why was it that silence could become so deafening?That when he actually let himself think, really think about things...that every sound drove him crazy.

His eyes flicked towards the living room as the phone ran over and over the machine picked it up finally.
He listened.

"I'm not in right now,so if you really think it's neccessary leave me a message."

That's what his own voice echoed back to him.
'Neccessary..'He thought.

"Um..Hi Michael it's me again...Maria(pause)Look I just wanted to check and see if you were in.We need to talk..you know this and find the time pencil me in.(sarcasm)Look I'm sorry...I'm actually saying it,now it's your turn."

The machine cut off the message.

Michael exhaled slowly from where he layed on the messy bed,rumpled sheets and clothing scattered carelessly.
It was funny how if you stared at the ceiling long enough it wasn't that annoying off-white color anymore. You started seeing the patterns.

'Or I'm losing it.'He thought. He forced himself up. His hair a mess, sticking up this way and that. He padded on bare feet into the other room.

A red blocky number six glared at him from the machine,five messages from Maria and one strangely enough from Isabel.
The clock read 2 am.

*Will I ever get to where I'm going?...*

So the world had pretty much declared that Michael Guerin had turned on the jackass sign....again.

He knew he'd treated Maria unfairly,as usual and words were exchanged. Unpleasant words.Ever since they'd gotten home from the trip to Vegas she'd wanted to know just exactly where this was heading.Were they a couple?Was he using her?Or was this so-called relationship completely undefined.

*Will I ever follow through with what I've planned?*

'Can I get a fourth option..'Michael thought scrubbing his hands over his face warily.He padded over to the fridge and opened it.He picked up the milk carton shaking it, half left. He opened the lid and inhaled the scent.Still good, he tipped his head back and drank a few strong gulps of the cold liquid.


Michael returned the milk to it's frosty home and cast his tired gaze to the sink.Pressing his hand against the faucet he concentrated. His hand glowed with a crimson light and presto...fixed leak.

Michael moved back to the machine. He hit the button and yawned.Skip,skip,skip..the first three were from Maria.He'd already heard them enough for now.

*I guess it's possible that I have been a bit distracted..*

The electronic voice monotonely informed him.
"Message recieved, Wednesday , 12:47 am.."

"Michael..pick up!I know you're screening for DeLuca phonecalls."

Michael smirked.

"(pause)Fine..look I've been thinking about...well..the 'D' word..but that's all I'll say now. Call me..or I'll come hunt you down."

Michael bit his lip. Where had this come from? Yes, fact. They were supposedly meant to couple up,but he was somewhat sure he wanted to be with Maria.

*..and the directions for me are a lot less in demand.*

There were feelings there for Isabel, sisterly feelings...he thought so anyway.


He sighed annoyed and went to the door.

'Not again..'He thought. He pulled open the door. There sat the stray beagle who'd been nosing at his door for at least a week now.

At the sight of Michael it tilted it's head at an angle and raised it's floppy ears.Tail thumping happily.

*Will I ever get to where I'm goin'?*

"No vacancy,remember?"Michael grumbled annoyed.The dog pawed at him and grumbled back it seemed.

"No food..go home...go..play in traffic.."Michael said a little louder.

The dog barked once at him.He knew this much about the animal,it was male,no older than a year,a stray and the more it payed Michael a nightly visit for who knew what reason the harder it was to get the thing to leave.

"Go.Chase.A.Car...try biting the tire..it's fun I swear."Michael said sarcastically.

*If I do,will I know when I'm there?*

The little spunky beagle growled and snapped his jaws shut on Michael's sweatpants leg.

"Alright..fine..come in..don't piss anywhere or you're going to doggy heaven,got it?"

The dog yipped in victory and trotted in as if he owned the place.His tail swishing back and forth. The dog jumped onto the couch.

Michael picked it up and plopped it on the floor. "No..my house..my rules."

*If the wind blew me in the right direction would I even care?*

The dog followed him as he headed to his room.He gave the animal a deadly stare and it tilted it's head at him giving him the sad puppy eye routine.

"Whatever."He rolled his eyes and picked up the dog and layed back down on his bed, the dog settling in beside him.

*I would.*

As he fell asleep he thought about Maria and the fight they'd had.Then Isabel..Alex..then naturally thought of the Max and Liz,"stare into my eyes,I love you more than life"relationship they seemed to be slipping back into.

Things just never got easier on him.

*I take a look around; it's evident the scene has changed.
And there are times when I feel improved upon the past.
Then there are times when I can't seem to understand at all.
and yes it seems as though I'm going nowhere...
really fucking fast*

Best Regards,