Title- L. P. + M.G.

Author- Katalina (dreamer)

E-mail- katalina_9⊕hotmail.com

Category- UC, AU, Mi/L but includes about everyone

Rating- PG-13 maybe mild R for language

Summery- UC, AU, Mostly about Liz and then Mi/L. The gang attends a boarding school. Not intense but not fluff.

Disclaimer- The characters belong to M. Metz, J. Katims, and The WB. Except for Robbie, Jared, Brenna, Lilly, Jordana, and Tammy.

Authors Note I- This is my first fanfic so feedback is needed but PLEASE be nice. Tell me what you really think, just try not to be to brutal ok!


As Liz and Michael walk down the halls to the quad with Michael’s arm around her shoulder they hear a group of four senior girls whispering.

Tammy "Are they together now?!"

Brenna "Yeah, every time I see them together she never stops touching him, I think it’s horrible how she throws herself at him"

Jordana "No, it’s not that, it’s just that when her brother got kicked out she was a mess and Michael felt sorry for her. You know how close he and Robbie are and all."

Lilly "Yeah, like he would ever be interested in Liz, she’s only a 15, who cares if she a part of the ‘it’ crowd of the sophomore class."

At hearing this Liz turns red from having people say this about them. Michael tries to act like he didn’t hear any of it because he saw how it embarrassed Liz.

Oh my gawd, I can’t believe they’re saying that. I can’t believe he’s hearing this! I know for the past 2 weeks we’ve been really close, but I really Miss Robbie. I can’t even bring myself to think about if they don’t let him come back because if I did I would start panicking.

As they make their way to they’re usual picnic table out in the quad they see Maria DeLuca one of Liz’s best friend, Tess Guerin, Michael’s little sister and Liz’s other best friend, both sophomores, and Alex Parker, Liz’s cousin who is a Junior, already sitting there. The only one missing was Jared Montego, a senior, and friend that grew up with Michael and Robbie. While they’re making they’re way over to the table, they still hear whispers from the girls who were now walking behind them and Liz just gets redder. When they sit down conversations drifts to more general things.

Liz notices something different about Maria. When she finally figures out what’s different, she exclaims, "Maria, what the hell did you do your hair!?

Maria checks her hair thinking it was out of place, making Liz think she had no idea what she was talking about. " What? I dyed it blonde, you don’t like it?"

Liz inches forward and touches Maria's hair. "I just saw you in 1st period, how did this happen between then and now?"

Maria puts the strands of hair in their place. "I skipped a couple classes. Don’t try to dodge the question, chica. Seriously, what do you think?"

Michael intervenes, "You look like a pineapple head."

Liz hits his arm. "Shut up Michael. I love it! I was just a little surprised at first. But no, I think it’s great! Wait, brilliant idea coming to me, we should do me next!"

Michael nearly yelled, "Don’t even think about it! Maria, stay away from her! Robbie would kill me if I let you dye your hair blonde."

Liz is still persistent. "You don’t know that, he wouldn’t even care!"

Michael with finality says, "Liz…. I said no."

Liz glares at him daringly. "Fuck off Michael, you can’t tell me what to do."

Michael fakes a shudder. "Ooohh, lil Lizzie Parker cussing…Never thought this day would come."

Liz pushes him off the end of the picnic bench. Michael just laughs and gets up and does the same to her but takes her seat. As this is all happening Jared had come up and sat down also so there wasn’t any more room for Liz, seeing this, Michael grabs her and sits her on his lap thinking nothing of it, but a certain four(write the numbers if they are smaller than 10) girls do and start to talk again.

Tammy pointing to Michael and Liz says, "See."

Brenna nods her head. "She’s so desperate."

Lilly is still looking in Michael and Liz’s direction. "He doesn’t even realize how badly she wants him."

Jordana couldn't believe their accusations. "You guys are just jealous."

Brenna snottily says, "Whatever bitch, she could never get him if she wasn’t giving it up."

Lilly surprise exclaims, "She is?!? Liz Parker! How do you know that?"

Brenna answers, "Just heard it somewhere"

Jordan shakes her head. "Yeah right Brenna, you just made that up now and why the hell did you say that so loud? Like 10 people heard you, it’s gonna be all over school by tomorrow."

Brenna shrugs her shoulders and innocently replies. "Who me? I didn’t make anything up, just sharing with my 3 closest friends what I heard earlier."


-7pm that same night-

Liz is walking through the main floor heading to her dorm apartment in the girls south tower. She is suppose to meet Michael in 30 minutes in her dorm to walk over to the library to get some help with her homework. Boys were allowed to be in the dorm apt. shared living spaces, just not in the bedrooms. As Liz walks past a crowd she hears snatches of the conversation.

"Did you hear about Michael and Liz?"

"That they’re fucking?"

"Yeah, and that she’s pregnant."

"I heard that they got caught doing it in Principle Ellis’ office."

"No, it was on the hood of her car."

As Liz hears this she walks through the crowd to the elevator giving them all silent glares that causes them to stop talking. When she gets on the conversation stops and everyone looks at her, she knows that they were also talking about it and gets angrier. When she gets off on her floor she walks to her apartment and sees a message pinned to the bulletin board on their door.

It says:
Miss Parker,

Please call the Smith Juvenile Detention Center as soon as possible.

The School Office

Liz fumbles with her keys getting into the apartment, trying not to panic. As she makes her way to the phone and starts to dial, a million thoughts race through her head.

Oh, no. What if he’s convicted? I can’t believe that he got caught stealing a car. We did that all the time, taking a car, cruising around, and then returning it and no one ever caught us before. This is all my fault; he did it for me. Trying to make me have a good time. I was so depressed from Kyle dumping me on my birthday.

Operator "Smith Center, how may I help you?"

Liz plays with the cord of the phone trying to ease her nerves "Yes, I am Liz Parker and my brother William Parker is there. I just got a note from my school office to call."

Operator: " Yes, hold please."

Robbie from the other end of the phone says, " Hello? Liz sweetie?"

Liz is happy to hear her brother's voice. "Oh gawd, Robbie? I miss you so much… How are you? I just got a note from the office to call, what happened? What did they decide?"

Robbie trying to calm Liz down says, "Liz hon, you gotta calm down ok. Where are you?"

Liz answers, " In my dorm."

Robbie worried asked, " Are you alone?"


Robbie wanted someone there with Liz when he told her the news. "Maybe you should go get Michael."

"No! Someone will see him coming into my dorm and I just couldn’t handle any more right now. I mean, no, he’s busy, oh no…wait…why do I need Michael here with me?! Oh Gawd…what happened?!?" Liz asked, getting worried.

Robbie tries to calm her "It’s ok, Liz, breathe. Ok, so I am going to be here for 1 year."

Liz starts crying. " A year….oh, no…that’s, no! That’s too long… I can’t live without you for a year! Tell them no, tell them you’re sorry, tell them you have a emotionally unstable sister who needs you, tell them anything but please come back Robbie."

I can’t do it, a year, 365 days without Robbie. I’ve never been away from him for over 2 weeks and that is right now. He came here to go to school, but since we lived so close I came over on the bus every weekend.

Robbie was trying his best to comfort Liz. "No, Liz, it’s okay. You’re going to be fine. You have Alex he’s family, and then Michael and Jared they’re practically family. You’ve grown up with those 3, they’ll take care of you. You always ditched Tess to follow us around trying to do everything we did. And then there’s Maria and Tess. You’ve gotten closer with Tess since you started to be all girly at like 12, and Maria, well you’re closer with her then any other girl, even Tess. You’ll be fine, you’re a Parker, you have to be strong."

And with that Liz remembered her little pep talk to herself earlier and tried to pull it together. " No, you’re right, I’m a Parker. I can do this. It’ll be hard, but when did that ever stop me. And I can come visit you. I’ll be fine, I’ll be good, I’ll at least be okay ‘til you’re out. And hold up a sec, they can take care of me?! Excuse you William Parker but I can damn well take care of myself!"

Robbie trying to give his sister courage says, " See, there’s my girl. Ok, well I gotta go Liz, I’ll talk to you soon though ok."

Liz a little more calm says, "Yes, soon."

Robbie smiles, " I love you, Liz."

"I love you too, Robbie."

Liz hung up the phone and then left the apartment, to find someone to talk to, anyone to talk to. Before she had gotten her door closed some girls walked about pointing at her.

Oh, gawd, I can’t deal with all this right now.

She went back into the apartment to grab some paper and wrote a note to Michael, pinned it on the board and walked to the elevator.


I feel like I can’t breathe, I’m lost. I’m going for a walk.

Be back later,



-3 hours later 10 p.m. the same night Michael’s dorm apt.-

Michael storms into the dorm apartment. He tired, pissed, and scared with Alex behind him and Tess and Maria waiting at the doorway not coming in. He can’t find Liz anywhere. He had heard the rumors going around school about them and had gone to go pick up Liz to help her with her homework and check on how she was doing with everyone talking when he found her note. He had been freaking out for the past 3 hours searching the whole school for her. He had the whole calvary looking everywhere they could think of. He had even sent Jared into town 2 hours ago but hadn’t seen him since so thought that he must still be out looking. As he got to his bedroom door he saw 2 people sitting on the floor in front of it. Jared was leaning his back against Michael’s closed door and Liz was sleeping with her head in his lap. They looked almost to cozy.

All of Michael’s pent up emotions for the last couple hours came out. "What the fuck are you doing here Liz? I’ve been looking everywhere for you for the past 3 hours! I can’t believe you be would be this stupid, it’s not that big of a situation. We can fix this. Are you that broken up about what they’re saying about us? Does it hurt you that much to think of us together? I know what everyone said about you and Kyle. When he was telling everyone what a slut you were, then everyone finding out that you never did anything and you were just a big tease. You are the most spoiled brat I know. You can’t just disappear for 3 hours and not tell anyone where you are!

As Liz sits and wakes up her facial expression changed from happy to see him there finally, to surprised at him being so loud, to shock at him being so mad, to sadness that he was yelling at her so harshly, to devastation that he was talking to her like that and calling her those things. She couldn’t figure out why he was so mad, or why he brought up the whole Kyle thing.

Jared couldn't believe Michael's attitude. "Shut the hell up Michael, she’s been through hell tonight, save it for some other time when she at least had the energy to fight back for herself."

Michael still angry says, "What the hell are you talking about. She’s been sitting here all night with you while I’ve been searching the whole school for her. And what the hell were you doing? Sitting here with her probably finding out just how much of a tease she was right."

Jared hadn’t know Michael could be so dense. "Damn it Michael lay off. I don’t give a crap what you say to me, but just leave Liz alone. She got a call from Robbie today, the decision was made."

Michael stops to look down at Liz.. He didn’t notice that she was silently crying the whole time he had been yelling at her and then at Jared. You can see his face change when he sees the tears stream down her face and almost hear him try to remember everything he had just said and then realize what he had just done to this girl he had loved since she was a baby.

As Michael tries to crouch down next to her, he reaches out to touch her arm, she pushes him away and he looses his balance and falls. He looks into her eyes, and sees the hurt there, but then building up and pushing that hurt aside was this huge amount of anger. He’d never seen Liz so angry before.

Liz stands up and looks down at him with cold eyes and says, "I left you the note so you knew where I’d be. I figured that when you read it you would come back here sometime soon after, so I went on my walk but everyone was out and talking about, well I guess you know better then I, they were talking about me being such a huge slut and a tease. So I came here to wait for you. I was sitting outside your apartment door when Jared came back to check the dorm to see if anyone had found me yet. He let me in and sat with my while I told him what they had decided on about Robbie. When he wanted to get up and leave to go find you, I begged him to stay with me because I really didn’t want to be alone. I wanted you Michael, but I was so sure that you would know that I would come straight here to you so we waited. Robbie gets 1 year at Smith."

With saying that she walks over to Jared’s room and closes the door and then locks the dead bolt. After a couple of seconds they can hear her sobbing. They all sit there in shock. Liz never got that angry at anyone, let alone Michael. After a couple of minutes Maria and Tess head home, Jared goes out to get food, and Alex goes to his room.

Michael walks over to Jared’s door and starts talking to Liz. "Oh gawd Liz, I am so sorry. I didn’t know…That’s not an excuse though. I mean I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I was just so scared because I couldn’t find you, and then seeing you here with Jared, well I got jealous, crazy jealous and I just snapped. Liz, you listening baby? Please talk to me….


Michael gave up. "Liz, I’ll be right back ok, I’m going to go to your dorm and get you your PJ’s."

Liz has stopped crying and now is just laying on the bed staring into space.

Michael knocks on the door. "Ok, I’m back hon, I brought you your PJ’s I’ll just leave them here on the other side of the door ok." And he waits for some sort of response before he leaves

Liz talking through the door to Michael " I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. I don’t want to talk to you, or have to interact with you in anyway.

Michael insists, " But Liz I-."

Liz cuts him off, " Michael-"

"Liz, please just listen."

Liz just wants to be left alone. "Go away Michael…"

Michael walks to his room and closes the door


Liz is in Jared’s room crying hysterically. She doesn’t know how this all happened at once. She lost Robbie and Michael at the same time. She hears Michael go to his room and gets up to unlock the door so Jared can get in. Then walks to Alex’s room and lays down in his bed while he’s at his desk doing homework. She falls asleep crying.

-11pm the same night-

Liz wakes up and goes to Michael’s room. She opens the door, steps in, and closes it. Michael awakes to the sound of the door closing. He sits up and opens his eyes to look at her. After about two minutes, she says something.

"Michael…I lied."

And takes off her jeans to go climb in his bed.

Michael feels Liz getting into his bed. " Liz I-"

Liz softly kisses him and says, "Just hold me Michael."

-about 3 in the morning-

Michael wakes up to Liz kissing him and rubbing up against him. He’s already hard before he wakes up and they can both feel him.

They make-out for awhile. Before Liz tries to take her shirt off. Michael only sleeps in his boxers. As Liz tried to lift her shirt Michael stops her.

"Liz, I didn’t mean anything I said earlier, you’re not a tease, don’t do any of this just to prove me wrong, I didn’t mean any of it."

"Michael, this isn’t about you, I really want this right now, please Michael."

"When have I ever been able to say no too you."

Liz giggles.


-The next morning-

Liz wakes up and checks the clock--it’s 7am. Good, I have time to go make breakfast for everyone before heading back to my dorm. She rolls out of bed and looks around for her PJ's he had brought for her. She finds them and they’re the little red boy shorts and a red tank top that looked more like a sports bra, both being very tight. Great, he picks the ones he knows are my favorites but the ones I always wear when no one is around too see me because I feel naked. As she walks out of the room she thinks, hehe, I sure didn’t need these last night.

While in the kitchen making breakfast and feeling a little bit self-conscious everyone slowly trickles in.

"Morning," Liz says.

Alex says as he came in. "Liz, G’morning, what are you doing here so early, and in your PJ’s When you slipped out last night I thought you went home, what are you doing here?"

Jared teased, "Oh, didn’t you hear all the noise last night? By the sound of it I would think she never left."

Liz starts to turn red.

Alex oblivious to what Jared meant asks, " What do you mean? Of course I heard all the sounds coming out of Michael’s room, I thought for sure he had snuck some little bimbo into his room trying to forget about the way he acted last night, but what does this have to do with you Liz?"

*Liz just gets redder*

Jared " Well now Alex, I don’t think bimbo is anything Liz would appreciate being called."

Alex "But I never called her…Wait, oh gawd…Liz was the noise maker…!"

With both Jared and Alex looking at her waiting for her to either confirm or deny it she turns around to try and escape when she runs smack into Michael who had been listening the whole time.

Michael steadied Liz. " G’Morning everyone. Liz you made breakfast? Damn baby, I knew there was a reason I loved you so much."

He turns to Alex and Jared with his trade mark smirk. "She sure can cook!"

And with this he turns to go sit at the breakfast bar along with Alex and Jared. As Michael looks back at Liz he realizes what she was wearing. "Shit Liz! What the hell are you wearing?!"

Liz looks what she is wearing. "What? You’re the one that brought this over for me to wear?"

Michael says as he tries to cover her. "Well, I didn’t think you would go bouncing around the apt. in it for everyone to see."

"Everyone who? It’s only you, Jared and Alex and you’ve all seen me in less." Liz defends herself.

Michael’s jealousy takes over. "What?!? When?!? How did they see you in less?!"

"See there's this thing called a bathing suit Michael, personally I wear bikini’s, and if you haven’t noticed over the years they’ve gotten smaller and smaller. Mine at the moment is way smaller then my PJ’s here." Liz explains.

Michael realizes what she says is true. "Oh, yeah, right, got it."

Then they all hear the door open and close and wonder who had a key to get in. As they all turn to look at the entry way into the kitchen a guy walks in. He looks about 17, same height as Michael, has black hair and amazing sharp dark blue eyes.

Max a bit uncomfortable since he is new there says, "Umm, hello. I’m Max Evans, your new roommate."


As Max stood there looking at them all his eyes came to rest on Liz. "Wow, I didn’t think that these dorm were coed."

Liz "Umm, yeah, well they’re not."

Realization hit Max. "Ohhh, ok, got it.

Liz feels the need to elaborate. "Yeah thanks, umm, well we’re allowed in the tower and the dorms like living room and kitchen and stuff, just not in any of the bedrooms. I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone when you see me here."

Max shrugs, "Yeah, sure, no problem, not really any of my business anyway."

Michael rudely says, "You’re right, it is none of your business."

Liz scolds Michael. “Be nice, Mikey. Oh yeah, I’m Liz Parker, this here is Michael Guerin, Alex Parker, my cousin, and Jared Mentego. What year are you?"

Max grateful says, "I’m a senior, I’ve been on the waiting list since last forever but I guess there was suddenly an opening. I got the news a week ago and packed up and well here I am. By a miracle there was an opening for another senior girl too so Isabel my twin sister also came."

Liz looks down and thinks out loud quietly, "Oh, a week ago huh, that was before the school even got the verdict, that means they were never gonna let him come back even if he wasn’t convicted."

"It’s gonna be ok Liz," Jared reassured Liz.

Liz looks up at him, then around at Alex and Michael.

Liz puts on a brave front. " Yes, of course it’s gonna be okay, I’m going to make it okay. I can do this."

She turns to Max and says "Yeah, my brother was the sudden opening, and my roommate Kari was the girls opening so I guess I’ll be roomies with your sister. It’s my 2 best friends Maria, Tess and I so far, all sophomores. We’re over in the girls south tower. There’s 4 towers in all 2 boys and 2 girls, the girls have south and east, and the boys have north and west."

Max " Well let me give you a little advice about Is, she comes off as this major bitch, but once you get to know her you realize that she really is one."

Liz " You think your own sister is a bitch…"

Michael " Liz, you can’t expect everyone to have the perfect sibling relationship you and Robbie have."

Liz " But you and Tess get along fine."

Michael " Yes, but sometimes I hate her and sometimes I want to kill her while still other times I wish she was never born."

Liz " Fine whatever Michael, me and Robbie weren’t always nice to each other. I remember the phase I went through when I would sabotage all his dates." Liz states this very proud of herself.

Michael " But Liz, the only reason you did that was because you hated having to share him with any other girl."

Liz " Yes, but it was a totally valid reason, those girls were never good enough for him"

Michael "See, your sibling-ness was perfect."

As Michael’s says this he tries to dodge Liz who was flying at him trying to hit him, they fall off the breakfast bar stool, and land with Liz on top of Michael hitting him, but he soon recovers and rolls them over so he’s on top tickling her.

After about five minutes Liz surrenders.

Liz gasping for breaths, "Ok Michael! I can’t breath, I give up!"

Michael stops, "Yeah, that’s what I thought."

Liz ignores him and sits up.

Max goes to his room to put his stuff away while Liz goes to Michael’s room and gets her clothes on.

As she walks to the living room where everyone is she enters to hear Max asking for directions of getting to the main office where he had to do a couple more things before class.

"Hey Max, I can just take you there, it’s on my way to my dorm. I’m gonna head home to go take a shower and change. I’ll see you all later,” Liz says.

Max is grateful for the offer. "Ok, thanks, that would be great. I’ll just go get my backpack."

Liz walks to the door with Michael and Max is already outside the door waiting.

Michael grabs Liz by the waist. "Ok, well I’ll see you at lunch."

"Of course, I love you.

Michael replies, "Love you too, baby."

As Liz and Max walk away they start up conversation.

Max asks, "So how long have you and Michael been together?"

"Well officially, let me think now, last night." Liz smiles as she thought about the last night event.

"Oh wow, it just seems like you’ve been together for a while now."

Liz relates her life to Max. "I grew up with him. Well actually I grew up running after him, Jared, Alex and Robbie. I would always leave Tess behind to go and tag after those four. They always seemed to be doing something more interesting then Tess. But then I guess that to a 10-year-old anything that my 12-year-old brother was doing was great in my eyes. But then when I got to be about 12 I bonded with Tess. We were both into cute boys and make-up and I was realizing that Michael was way hot. Then when Mikey, Jared and Robbie all turned 14 they came here to go to school and I missed Robbie to much I would come up every weekend to see him. Our parents died when I was 5 so he was all I had left. We lived with Alex and his parents from then on. So while those three were here I got really close with Alex for a year then he left me too. I would still come to see them all the time, and during that year I hung out with Tess constantly so that’s how we got so close. Then Tess and I came here last year and we were all back together. That was also when I met Maria who is now my best friend along with Tess.

Liz laughs, "So now that you know my life story tell me something about you."

Max thinks what to tell Liz. "Ok, well there’s just me and Isabel, and my mom and dad. We live in Chicago, and have lived there for my whole life. I play every sport you can list off but I only play on soccer, basketball, or football school teams. Yeah, that’s Max Evans for you."

"You should try out for the basketball team, Michael’s on it. Ok, well this is where I leave you, I gotta go run and get ready."

"Ok, bye Liz Parker."

"Bye Max Evans."

Liz is really nice, to bad she’s already taken. No, I don’t mean that, she’s not my type anyway. She will definitely make a kick-ass friend though.